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Intermediate Gods

    Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone 
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, Gods of Action Movies (Arnold: Arnold Strong, Der Governator, Ahnold, Arnie) (Sylvester: Sly)
Left: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Right: Sylvester Stallone
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Both of them shirtless, holding up machine guns.
  • Alignment: *insert law scale here* Good
  • Portfolio: Action Hero, One-Man Army, Lots of shooting, Pre-Mortem One-Liner, Heroic Build, The Ahnold (named after Arnold, but sometimes both are targeted, Papa Wolf (Arnold)
  • Domains: Theater, War, Justice
  • Avatar of: The Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, Douglas Quaid (Arnold) Rocky Balboa, John Rambo (Sylvester)
  • Allies: Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, André the Giant
  • Oppose: Damon Killian, child abusers
  • There was one time that they descended to the mortal realm during the religious event that is Contra, in which they agreed to pose as the mortals' models for the hero. Thus, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean became avatars of Arnold and Sylvester.
  • If you see Arnold with a kid, don't mess with the kid or Arnold will fuck you up so hard you're gonna need more coffins to bury your remains.
    • Note that while we never see Sylvester do it with a kid, it's not a good idea to assume that he doesn't do it.
  • One day, while Sylvester was busy eating cookies in the House of Food, Arnold called him, but Sylvester was still munching his cookie (not on purpose), causing Arnold to yell "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!". That line became a hit and it was adapted by the House of Music into a Voice Clip Song.
    • Turns out that Arnold was trying to warn Sly that Revolver Ocelot had poisoned one of the cookies. Good thing Sly put it down before it's too late.
  • Once, a fight was organized to see who was stronger. It ended in a double KO.
  • After stumbling upon Excalibur's theme song, Arnie immediately passed down a law in California to NOT let Excalibur enter the state, for the sake of his and the people of California's sanity.
  • While Ben Richards hasn't ascended yet, the villain of The Running Man has, and approached Arnold to become a co-host of Pantheonic version of his game show as he could just see the enhanced appeal of such a Celebrity Endorsement (even if by a guy who played his killer). He preferred not to have any involvement with it at all, and Stallone also rejected Killian's invitation.
  • Arnie is also known for his gigantic "SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPP!!!!"
  • Stallone was also known to have once possessed the rights to portray Judge Dredd. However, due to the lackluster reception, even Stallone can understand why Dredd would rather forget that one time he showed his face to the public, even if it was Sly's face. (Arnie also has a deity who wouldn't admit being played by him in Mr. Freeze)
    • With his signature characters Rocky and Rambo ascending, Sly is happy to finally be directly represented in the Pantheon.
  • Arnold has big preference on chopper's for aerial transportation. He tends to tell people to "GET TO DA CHOPPA"
  • Arnold grimaced to find André the Giant in the House of Combat. Why do you ask? He explained that the two found themselves at the same town and decided to go out for dinner. However, André was known to insist on paying for all meals he was in, and Arnold tried to do the paying once while André was in the bathroom. When the giant found out, he carried Arnold away like he was a child and went to pay the bill. Needless to say, no one has ever tried the trick after that. In the meantime, many of the taller deities are volunteering to replace Wilt Chamberlain in a recreation of this picture.
  • The extraterrestrial deities who were unfortunate enough to watch Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot went to Stallone to say he was right in calling it "one of the worst films in the entire solar system".
  • Sly is grateful that Jensen "Frankenstein" Ames likes him, as one of his first big roles was being the main competitor of the original Frankenstein, and he would not like to be the target of an intergenerational (or inter-remake) grudge.

Carol, Goddess of Hating Celebrations and Mean People With Kind Personas (Mom)

    Christian Bale and Tom Hardy 
Christian Charles Philip Bale and Edward Thomas 'Tom' Hardy, The Gods Who Undergo Radical (And Insane) Changes For Their Roles
Left: Christian Bale; Right: Tom Hardy
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A Photo Of Hardy and Bale As Bane and Batman
  • Alignment: Varies, Depending On The Role
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: British/Welsh Actors, Films, Heroes and Villains
  • Ascended Characters:
  • Other roles:
  • Allies: Most of the House of Theatre and Spectacle, Adam West
  • Enemies: Who doesn't like these two?
  • Honorary Membership In: House of Heroism and Leadership for Christian, House of Crime and Transgressions for Tom, House of Villainy for both men.
  • In General:
    • Plans to ascend both men into the Pantheon had began following Christian Bale and Tom Hardy's portrayals of Batman and Bane in Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, of which Hardy's portrayal of Bane was met with great acclaim. In the one time that both men agreed on anything, Batman and Bane themselves had put forth their endorsements, Bane being a fan of Hardy's work, while Bruce enjoys Bale's films, quite possibly the only thing those two agree on.
    • In fact, the first visitor to their temple was Bane himself, who shook Hardy's hand and thanked him for doing his character justice on the big screen. "Gracias, Señor Hardy. Gracias." Hardy was thankful of the praise, given that he was a fan of the comics. While people tend to rip on Hardy for not adopting Bane's signature accent, Bane found it...interesting, yet amusing and menacing at the same time. The downside is that Hardy had actually damaged his body whilst bulking up for the role of Bane.
    • Both men played their fair share of villains, the most infamous being that of Patrick Bateman and Walter Wade for Bale, whereas Hardy's known for playing the Kray Twins and Bane. For their works, both men were given honorary membership in the House of Villains.
  • Christian:
    • Met Adam West in the Pantheon the day after his ascension. Like many others, Bale mourned his mortal passing. He was also humbled when Adam praised his portrayal of Batman in the Dark Knight Trilogy.
    • Sean Bean was the next person who visited Bale. Both men worked together in Equilibrium, and congratulated Bale on his ascension. Sean also voiced his desire to work with Hardy on a film project (and one hopefully where he doesn't die in). Hardy look forward to the day.
    • Bale received an unexpected visitor...make that four in the form of the March sisters. Turns out that one of Bale's acting gigs was that of 'Laurie' Lawrence in the 1994 film version of Little Women. The March sisters were expecting a boy, but instead found a grown man. Had it not been for the fact that Bale is a happily married man, then the sisters would've tried their best to court him for their own.
    • Pocahontas gives Bale odd looks whenever he is around her. Maybe it's because he sounds a lot like Thomas, who was John Smith's best friend and fellow colonist.
  • Tom:
    • For the record, Hardy considers his role of Shinzon as his Old well as his Berserk Button. The last person who had mentioned that to Hardy, he donned the Bane mask and broke the poor schmuck's spine. Picard agrees it's best left forgotten.
    • Most of the members of the House of Crime and House of Villains are huge fans of Hardy, given his portrayals of the Kray Twins and Charles Bronson (the prisoner, not the actor). So much so that the deities of the House of Crime has made Hardy an honorary member of both houses, with all the privilages.
    • His role of Mad Max had won him recognition on par with his portrayal of Bane. The post-apocalyptic deities (i.e., The Courier, The Sole Survivor, the Four Hokuto Brothers, to name a few) love the film so much so that there is an unspoken rule that none of the deities harm Hardy.
    • The Venom Symbiote has become excited whenever Hardy got by, as the actor is the closest to his soulmate Eddie Brock in the Pantheon.

    Kenji Fujikido/Ninja Slayer 

Kenji Fujikido, God of Introductory Awesomeness (Ninja Slayer, The Machine of Vengeance, Bane of Soukaiya)
  • Theme Song: Back in Black; Naraku Within (whenever he's in battle)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though he will not align himself with evil beings.
  • Symbol: A stylized version of his face engraved on a red shuriken
  • Porfolio: Ninja who Hunts Other Ninja, Big Entrances and Exits, Red Is Sorta Heroic, Struggling to Fight with an Inner Evil, Seeking Revenge and Enjoying It, Complete Lack of Subtlety in Ninjitsu, YEEART!
  • Domains: Wrath, Vengeance, Possession, Death
  • Heralds: Nancy Lee, Dragon Gendoso/Roshi Ninja, Dragon Yukano and Koki Yamoto
  • Allies: Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu, Scorpion, Naruto Uzumaki, Ragna the Bloodedge, Torin, Garterbelt, Inferno Cop, Afro, Kratos, Batman, The Bride, Guts
  • Neutral Towards: Any ninja who is good or has good leanings
  • Enemies: Any ninja who is evil or has evil leanings, Quan Chi, Naraku, Diavolo
  • Not so different from: Sasuke Uchiha
  • Unknown Rival: Might Guy
  • Fujikido Kenji was the victim of an attack that resulted in his wife and child killed. He would have been permanently dead as well had it not been for a ninja soul called Naraku Ninja. Thanks to that, Fujikido has become the ruthless Ninja Slayer. Everytime he gets involved in battle, things will get violent and hammy (the latter mostly because Ninja Slayer usually is the one to introduce himself to his foes before they start battling).
  • The former High Priest of Ragna the Bloodedge, Ninja Slayer made his entrance to the Pantheon with an explosive entrance and followed up his greeting by screaming "YEARRT!" and assaulting some poor ninja mook, cuing another explosion. He was given the title of Incoming Ham almost instantly after that.
  • Currently on a quest to kill every evil ninja in the Pantheon. Several have told him to forgo vengeance, but he's not budging. What he doesn't know is that they're trying to tell him that he's in a place where Death Is Cheap.
  • Even though his temple is in the House of Theater, he spends part of his time (aside from fighting other ninjas, obviously) stealing sushi from the House of Food and resting in various other locations where not much is happening. Many have reported to seeing birds perch on his scarf every so often.
  • The only kind of people he hates more than evil ninjas are those who hurt children, as well as those who pick on the innocent. Doing so will incur his wrath and bring about an excruciatingly painful death.
  • One of the only ninjas he's on good terms is Scorpion, who also knows the feeling of losing those he loves and trying to avenge them. He also likes his use of his grappling rope, which reminds him of his spear. The fact that he's technically undead curbs any remaining ill will Ninja Slayer has for the specter.
    • Another ninja he has befriended is Naruto, whose actions of heroism have changed his opinion on ninjas. Naruto himself thinks that Ninja Slayer can make peace with his Enemy Within, much like his resolve with Kurama.
  • Is well aware of Sasuke's descent into madness for reasons similar to his, though he doesn't feel like Jumping Off the Slippery Slope anytime soon.
  • Hates Naraku, since he shares the same name as the force inside him who's trying to make him give into his bloodlust. There's something else that he doesn't like him, but he doesn't know what...
    • Another person that he despises is Diavolo, whose plans to kill his daughter completely go against his quest to avenge his family's deaths.
    • Despite sharing the same voice as Naraku and Diavolo, Ninja Slayer gets along much better with Torin, who's trying to make him abandon his quest for revenge and use his powers for more altruistic reasons.
  • Guy is currently preparing a match between him and Ninja Slayer to see who's better at making a Dynamic Entry, though Ninja Slayer hasn't really been paying that much attention to him compared to some of the other ninjas.
  • Has been noted to sound like a few others, most of all like Garterbelt. When the priest heard about the similarities in their voices, he hired Ninja Slayer to hunt ghosts, and he obliged. On one of his missions he found Scanty and Kneesocks having sex, to which he promptly responded:
  • Found a good friend in Inferno Cop, who sympathizes him for reasons similar to his own. The two often have friendly sparring matches, complete with explosions, though most who watch them fight have no idea what they're watching.
  • At some point in time, he came to hear of Guts, another man driven by revenge who has fought evil in a terrible world and had to deal with his own Enemy Within that wants to turn Guts into an absolutely ruthless killing machine. Both Guts and Ninja Slayer have become fairly good friends due to that, though the latter wonders if the world that Guts resides from is potentially even in a worse state than Neo-Saitama.
  • Some have pointed out that he is a bit similar to Batman, Kratos, and The Bride, in addition to the aforementioned Scorpion and Ragna. Ninja Slayer is on good terms with them, partially since vengeance served as a key factor in their own adventures.
  • While no one has asked him yet, he has made it clear that he doesn't want to join the White Hats. He's an assassin, not a hacker.
  • YEEART! explosions

    Nicolas Cage 
Nicolas Cage, God of Bad Movie-Saving Overreacting (Nicolas Coppola, Peter Loew, Edward Malus, Big Daddy, The Superstar)

    Samuel L. Jackson 
Samuel L. Jackson, God of BMFs (Samuel Leroy Jackson, Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson)

    Yakko, Wakko, and Dot 
Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, and Dot Warner, Gods of Animated Acting

Lesser Gods

    Asagi Asagiri 
Asagi Asagiri, Goddess of Alternating Voice Actresses (The Wandering Protagonist)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Pair of handguns and a large flail
  • Theme Song: Asagi GO FIGHT!, Asagi Metamorphism, Rockin' Princess, Asagi My Love, White Canvas (after the success of her fan club)
  • Alignment: Seemingly changes between Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral (actually just Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: The Unreleased Star, Guns Akimbo, Constantly Changing Voices, Split Personality and/or Multiple Asagis (Actually just the latter), She WILL Get Her Game, Early-Bird Cameo, Pretty in Mink
  • Domains: Guns, Cameos, Unreleased Games, Voices
  • Followers: Many other characters who have a change in actors.
  • Allies: Killia, Usalia, Adell, Flonne, The Prinnies, Valvatorez, Nova Terra, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, μ's (Partiuclarly Kotori Minami, one of her voice actresses), Teana Lanster, Mami Tomoe, Noel Vermillion
  • Opposes: Zetta
  • For a long time, Asagi was hailed as the Goddess of Vapor Ware, and eventually ended up in The Fallen, but was moved to the Purgatory due of the support of her fans. Everyone waited for the arrival of the fabled Makai Wars... until one day, Asagi decided to try to take over the House of Gaming, demanding that she needs proof of that. What was weird was that Asagi was also in the Purgatory at the same time. Eventually the Asagi got sick of waiting and almost blew up House of Gaming... until she got shot by another Asagi.
    • As it turned out the third Asagi was the real Asagi. She then explained that all of her supposed Hostile Show Takeovers, the reason why she was thrown in the Fallen, was not her doing, as she has been stuck in Veldime due of a curse placed by Zetta what prevents her from becoming the main character until she becomes stronger. Instead, all of the Asagi cameos outside of Makai Kingdom, Disgaea 2 and Disgaea 5 were clones who have been trying to take over her spot as the true Asagi. When judges noticed that how different the real Asagi is for the clones, they decided to release the Asagi from Purgatory (Identified as "Prinny Asagi") and placed the real Asagi in the Pantheon.
  • If her title wasn't clear, she has had many, many different seiyuus voicing hernote . And while most of them are due of her many clones, not even the real Asagi can decide on one voice.
  • Nova Terra was rather glad to see that she managed to finally find her way out of the Purgatory, even if she doesn't have her game yet. Asagi was happy to hear about the compliments.
  • She gets along with other magic-oriented gunwomen like Teana, Mami and Noel.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders were a little upset that they had to say good bye to the Asagi they've known for so long. especially since said Asagi turned out to be rather heroic and sympathetic, clone or not. That said, they still ended up befriending the real Asagi and will continue to support as they did her clone, congratulating her on her ascension and hoping that she eventually gets her game. Asagi herself is touched by their kindness and sees their newly earned Cutie Marks as an inspiration and hope for her future game.
  • To say that she hates Zetta would be an understatement. Not only did he get her game cancelled and got her stuck in Veldime for a very long time, but his actions ultimately lead to her clones running lose among the Nippon Ichi multiverse and the Pantheon. Zetta doesn't really understand how any of that is his fault.
  • There was a long-lasting question how one of her Evilities, "Main Character R.", works. As in, what does it means to one be an Overlord? After some testing, it turns out it means that the target needs to have a title of Overlord note .
  • After years of her not getting her game, she seemed to have finally gotten her chance... as a mobile game. Her opinion can be summed as "Screw it, I take it regardless."

    Christopher Lee and Sean Bean 
Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee and Shaun Mark "Sean" Bean Divine Duo of Actors Likely to Die Onscreen (Christopher: Count Dracula, Count Dooku, Francisco Scaramanga, Saruman, etc.; Sean: Eddard Stark, Alec Trevelyan, Boromir, Odysseus, Lord Not-Ned, etc)
Christopher Lee
Sean Bean

    Krusty the Clown 
Herschel Schmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofsky, God of Jaded Performers (Krusty the Clown, Rory B Bellows)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pacemaker scar across his chest
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Good in a really good mood)
  • Portfolio: Jaded Actors, Crusty Exteriors with Soft Interiors, Depraved Kids' Show Host as a result of his Fantasy-Forbidding Father, Used To Be As Jovial as His Persona, Sad Clown, Dirty Middle-Age Man, Mood-Swinger, Doesn't Know How To Spend, Non-Ironic Clown (sort of), OSHA hates him
  • Domains: Suffering, Trade, Trickery
  • Followers: Baby Herman
  • Heralds: Melvin Van Horne/Sideshow Mel and Mr. Teeny.
  • Allies: Bart Simpson (for saving him on numerous occasions), Homer Simpson (for saving his life once), Lisa Simpson, Kyle Brofloski, N, Pacifica Northwest, K.K.Slider, Mario, Luigi, Nigel West Dickens, Norma Desmond, Cinderella, Rubella
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mr Burns, Dracula
  • Rivals: Tom and Jerry
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob (for both framing him and trying to kill him), The Joker, Needles Kane, Kefka (for the bad image they give clowns), Bowser and his son, Billy, abusive parents (especially Lady Tremaine), Dr Eggman, Vito Corleone
  • Opposes: Tommy Wiseau, Nero, Chester A Bum
  • Opposed by: The House of Food, Ned Flanders, Billy
  • In public, Krusty the Clown is a jovial clown, Friend to All Children and general fun guy. This is an act; Krusty the Clown (true name Herschel Krustofsky) is a bitter, jaded celebrity. Though once passionate about being a clown, the decades of the job have made him a cynic and general sell-out.
    • He is allies towards the Simpson family for helping his business, his family issues, getting him out of jail and even saving his life. Granted, he often forgets this, but hey, what are you gonna do.
    • Sideshow Bob hates Krusty's guts, due to wasting his talent on being a sideshow. Despite literally being at each other's throats, Krusty at least gets his ratings to skyrocket when it happens.
    • He's a member of the Springfield Republican Party, along with Mr Burns and (of all people) Dracula. Dracula doesn't try to bite him, since all the drugs make his blood toxic to vampires.
  • Because of his Jewish background, he gets along with Kyle Brofloski. You can also usually see him have a drink with Norma Desmond, mainly out of pity.
  • Despite his jaded personality, Krusty actually likes being a clown. Even if it hurts, he wants to make people laugh. It's for this reason he abhors The Joker, Needles Kane and Kefka for making clowns scary. He is determined to improve that image, while Billy freaking out at him serves as a motivator.
    • Gets along with Linkara due to wanting to break out of the Monster Clown stereotype. He also likes K.K. Slider, who's passion for the art he loves remind Krusty of his younger, more optimistic days.
    • Due to his lack of passion, a lot of his merchandise is hazardous. Even his trademark Krusty Burger cannot be analyzed for what its made of, and half the time ends in stomach pumping; he had to be barred from the House of Food for this. However, even he thinks Dr Eggman's amusement parks are a danger to everyone (though this is probably just him trying to get rid of the competition).
    • He's been sharing notes with Nigel West Dickens in how to sell crappy merchandise.
  • As a relatively harmless clown, Krusty was allowed to take the spot when he thought he was auditioning for a big-budget Hollywood production called "My Slice of Heaven". He soon realized that he had been tricked when neither Elizabeth Taylor nor any of her ex-husbands showed up to congratulate him, but was happy to learn that his new role moved him to a bigger house (rent-free!)
    • Feeling sorry for him, Rubella decided to comfort Krusty and try to restore his passion in clowning. Together, they plan to improve to PR for clowns everywhere.
  • Krusty spent his childhood being disapproved of by his father, which puts him at odds with the abusive parents of the pantheon(though he'll make exceptions like Homer who actually care for their kids). He hates Lady Tremaine above all of them for her haughtily abusive treatment of Cinderella.
    • Often can be seen protecting the abused N and Pacifica Northwest, who get to have 12% off on any of his products. Well, until Reshiram and Zekrom voiced their opinion and he changed it to 30%.
    • Though the House of Children loves him, there is one child who has become his enemy; Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr wanted Krusty all to himself, and got his dad to steal him away. Krusty spent 200 hours continually entertaining him, sustaining himself only on dark coffee. He'll be forever indebted to Mario and Luigi for saving him.
  • Krusty the Clown considers the likes of Tom and Jerry a threat to his showings of "Itchy and Scratchy", though he remains unaware which came first.
  • Tries to avoid the House of Luck and Fortune as much as he can, due to being a terrible gambler. He had the misfortune of ending up in loan to The Godfather.
  • He doesn't get along with Tommy Wiseau, since the one time he was a guest animator this is what he got. Only Wiseau knows what the Hell was that.
  • Wants Chester A Bum off his property for pestering him and freaking out whenever he sees him(on account of the Bum being scared of clowns).
  • "Hey hey kids, Krusty the Clown's on the Trope Pantheon now!"

    Sean Connery 
Sir Sean Connery, God of Film Improvement and Pointing Guns at the Viewer


    Adam West 
Adam West, God of Those Who Parody Their Roles (The Grey Ghost, Mayor West, TV's Adam West, Catman, The Galloping Gazelle, The Fearless Ferret, Proto, The Bright Knight and many more)
  • Demigod (but revered as an Intermediate God)
  • Symbol: His 1960's Batman outfit
  • Alignment: Neutral Good normally and in his Batman-esque roles, Chaotic Neutral as Mayor West
  • Portfolio: those casted in specific roles and parodying to almost Self-Deprecation levels (Trope Namer). Self-Parody.
  • Domains: Acting, Parodies
  • High Priests: George Takei and William Shatner.
  • Allies: Batman, Bruce Lee, Timmy Turner, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Johnny Bravo, many Star Trek gods. Also has favors from every Batman god, good and bad.
  • One day, Emmet, God of Lego, was preparing another LEGO Batman story, and decided to look into Batman's files. Upon watching and researching the 1960's series of Batman, he decided to get Adam West to come up. Upon seeing Batman, Adam West humbly agreed. Thus Emmet personally built him a temple in the House of Theater, even creating a special level in the LEGO Batman game to replicate the old show.
  • Adam's character fluctuates every now and then. He's either a star of an old show Batman used to watch (Grey Ghost), Mayor of Quahog (Mayor West), an old hero from a kid's show (Catman, Galloping Gazelle or Fearless Ferret), etc. Either way, it's a sight to be hold. The Council of Cloudcuckooland loves him for it.
  • Has met up with Bruce Lee, due to a time during his Batman days when Bruce was a sidekick that went by the name of Kato. When gods learned about this role, they started watching the show again just to see Lee in action absolutely shocked to believe that was Bruce Lee before he became famous. Bruce...would rather not remember that part of his past.
  • Is taken aback by many of the costumes that the Batman Rogue Galley wear: most specifically, he's amazed why the Joker doesn't have a white powdered mustache on. He also wonders why Batman has stopped dancing the Batusi, nor has shark repellent.
  • Whenever there's a production of a super hero parody in the House of Theater, you can bet that Adam West will be there.
  • Fully ascended to the Pantheon on June 9th 2017, leaving behind a worthy legacy and many loved ones. His ascension came with the Main House shining the Batman Signal across the Pantheon underneath a night sky.

    Bear Grylls 
"Improvise, Adapt, Overcome."

Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls, Great Herald of the Audience Safety Disclaimer
"Life is all about our growth, not our trophies."
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Travel Equipment. More humorously, a bottle filled with his own urine.
  • Theme Song: Man vs. Wild Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Reality Survival Show Host, Having to Tell the Audience Not to Do what He Does in his Show, Eccentric and Bizarre yet Awesome, Performing Different Sorts of Bizarre Stunts and Actions Per Episode, Television Geography, Not Really Aimed for Realism despite Being Promoted as Such, Luckily, My Powers Will Protect Me, Mr. Fanservice, Reality Is Unrealistic, Converting the Show's Stance from Survival to Adventure by Season 5
  • Domains: Adventurers, Survival, Extremity, Documentaries, Struggle, Motivation
  • Allies: Steve Irwin, Saxton Hale, Bear Hugger, The Monster Hunters, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Alan Grant, David Attenborough
  • On Good Terms With: John Hammond
  • "Pissing Competition" With: Mr. Mundy
  • Opposes: Hunter J
  • "To Avoid" List: Deviljho, Spinosaurus, Sharptooth, Sabor, Piranha Plants, Flowey, Scarface
  • Edward Michael Grylls, better known as "Bear", is a British adventurer, television host, and presenter. He is best known for his many adventures that have gone out on in the wilderness and have created a reputation with it by starring in a hit show known as Man vs. Wild where he works with his camera crew to showcase what he does in the event that he has to survive in the wild all by himself. This also comes in with the odd bonus of having to partake in numerous odd activities to ensure that he is keeping up with his physical and dietary needs in order to survive. He has since proven himself to be a successful man in the field of Survival-based Reality TV, though he is not without his detractors.
  • Bear's ascension into the Pantheon was rather unconventional. As he would, he decided to take a trip deep into a forest, equipped with his survival gear and his cameraman following him. To his surprise, Bear found an engraved note on mud that stated his name, followed by a strange marking and the title of "Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls, Great Herald of the Audience Safety Disclaimer. Curious, yet confused, Bear followed a series of tracks that led him to what he and his cameraman could only describe as a bright, white light. Seeing as there wasn't any dangerous feeling coming from it, the two ventured towards the light, only to be met upon by what looked like a giant court, not to mention they suddenly were in a hall. Perplexed, Bear asked where was he and when his name was addressed, he asked about the title that was engraved in the mud. Turned out, he was speaking to the Court of the Gods, who decided to bestow a title that made him a part of the Trope Pantheons. Bear was initially skeptical until he departed the Hall and saw that he was in a different forest and he freaked out when he saw what he thought was a unicorn. His cameraman recorded most of the footage and declared that this may be the most groundbreaking shot that they've made, a sentiment that Bear agreed on.
  • While the initial premise of his show was having to survive under extreme circumstances, Bear has since remodified it to be more about going out on an adventure in the wild, and the Pantheon, particularly the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature seemed to be the ultimate destinations where he could embark on an epic experience. That said, he was very quick in getting to learn about the Pantheon, its Houses and Halls, and its ever-expanding world at first, so that he could be much better prepared in setting off for what can be literally fantastical experience. Then again, he's someone from an ordinary world, so the idea of seeing something out-of-place in his place is something that he's going to have to get used to as quickly as possible, tough Bear himself has assured that the experience will be more than fun.
  • Given his own nature as a presenter, Bear also frequents the House of Theatre and Spectacle where he normally scouts for the best possible cameras and sets that he could loan and use for his Pantheonic exploits. He also takes training and practice sessions there, being eager to teach any aspiring survivalist, adventurer, and presenter how to deal with filming whilst in an intense moment and what sort of skills and gear would be recommended once they're in the field trying to document their own trips. So far, Bear has been feeling welcome and quickly came to enjoy his time in the Pantheon, although many also tend to quip him in the number of jokes he's made and a rather weird reputation he cultivated whilst filming Man Vs. Wild. Luckily, Bear is a good sport regarding them and takes it in stride.
  • One of his ways to ensure his survival is... urinating on any vacant water bottles he has in his possession and drinking them whenever he feels thirsty. It's nauseating enough, but Bear has done it so many times that the whole "drinking piss" remark has become a recurring gag and one of the most famous facts about him, much to Bear's own amusement. Despite the obviously questionable nature of drinking one's urine, Bear presses on with it. He's gotta find some way of making it out alive after all. And in case he can fend himself, he may as well consider collecting the urine of other creatures for use too. That said, the urine of an apex predator can be something rather useful as it can be used to ward off other predators off, something which Bear has thought about, though, of course, collecting it is a ridiculously hard task in itself.
    • Amusingly, this caught the attention of the sniper known as Mr. Mundy. Mundy has been able to weaponize urine and he throws them at his enemies as their main function to make them "lose the will to live". This fact didn't go off unnoticed for Bear who winded up randomly meeting Mr. Mundy in the House of Theatre and Spectacle. In a bet, Mr. Mundy threw a bottle of piss at Bear... who promptly signed at the disappointment that Mr. Mundy used a glass bottle. The fact that he subverted the "lose the will to live part" did shock Mr. Mundy considerably, but Bear didn't have any ill feelings and found his use of urine as pretty humorous. They decided to agree on another bet on Mr. Mundy wanting to make Bear "lose the will to live", though outside of that, the two of them don't really hate one another, rather they're quite amicable and reasonable.
  • Gets along very well with fellow adventurer, Steve Irwin, which made sense as both of them have a strong passion for exploring the wilderness and entertaining others with their shows. Still, Irwin sometimes winces at some of Bear's bizarre antics, though he doesn't really mind it. He thinks that Irwin is going to have to get used to it somehow, which the Australian adventurer had to accept. The two of them are eager to tag along and encounter a group of animals, both real and fantastical. It also helps both of them mentally, with Bear steadily learning some survival tips and tricks from Steve and Steve himself getting to benefit from bantering with Bear every now and then, though he'll shy away at any mention of drinking piss.
    • To Irwin's chagrin, Bear found himself oddly getting along with Saxton Hale, who was one of the few who found Bear's demeanour and attitude rather quirky and amusing at first sight and were interested in getting to learn from one another. As a sign of their friendship, Hale has been open in helping out Bear from time-to-time, though the latter states that he would like to do some of his adventures on his own with Hale so that the authenticity of his content can be preserved and kept intact, something which Hale appreciated. Though Bear is upset that Hale and Irwin aren't on good terms and he admits that he's not into killing animals himself, only doing so out of survival, given that he's more into, well, adventure and survival. On a different note, Bear's Pantheonic experiences also led him to becoming good acquaintances with a wilderness-living boxer known as Bear Hugger. Bear expressed a mix of respect and confusion, the former as the boxer is well-adjusted to a lush and varied wildlife as well as being approachable with whatever fauna he comes across, the latter because they share the same first name note . So whenever they need, they tend to refer to themselves with either their full names or by "Mr. Grylls" and "Mr. Hugger". Though the term "Bear & Bear" seems like a fun concept, at least for Grylls.
  • He once had a rather... interesting experience with a Deviljho. To boot, he was simply wandering around a lush forest filming with a crew, talking about the local wildlife and taking notes on how to approach them when he saw what he described as a "two-legged crocodile with a spiky pickle of a face" lumbering towards a grassy plain, eyeing on a wandering pair of Parasaurolophus. The fact that he was seeing actual dinosaurs was fascinating enough, but a wholly new creature he never heard of was not to be overlooked. Then, the Deviljho was suddenly ambushed by a group of Monster Hunters, who wound up chopping off the Brute Wyvern's tail in the midst of the battle. Bear and his crew filmed much of the fight, including how the Deviljho's predatory and offensive behavior and its tail being lopped. In the midst of the fight when the Deviljho ended up running off to the grasslands, Bear took the opportunity to approach the tail and take a sizable piece of it for himself to analyze and eat.
    • The Monster Hunters would eventually notice and encounter Bear sometime after the Deviljho fight. The Brute Wyvern was since caught and relocated to another inhospitable area where it won't harm anyone else for a while, something which Bear felt relieved hearing as he admitted that the Deviljho really creeped him out, for very obvious reasons according to the Hunters. They approached Bear's filming crew and they generally felt rather chummy with one another by sharing their experiences, but as usual, the Hunters cringe whenever they have to hear about Bear's tendencies at drinking piss. Though he did, at one point, muse about how Deviljho urine would taste like, much to the Hunters' dismay, though, due to the beast's ridiculous metabolic body system, they think Deviljho urine might be lethal, or at least pretty harmful, which did help to dissuade Bear from carrying the conversation on further. Regardless, he likes the Hunters and their dedication to keeping check of many kinds of Monsters, whereas they have taken to tolerating his presence. Bear may be a bit eccentric, but he is a good man at the end of the day, plus his presentation and adventuring habits can prove useful to the Hunters in some capacity.
  • Speaking of dinosaurs, Bear was excited about the idea of going to places where he can sightsee those sorts of creatures and hopefully try to survive them as well as get close to some. Until he becomes more experienced, Bear is just sticking to the less aggressive herbivores; he's aware enough that larger and more temperamental plant-eaters can easily kill him if provoked and to say nothing about the predatory kind. His interests led to Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Alan Grant, and John Hammond, all of whom found Bear to be pretty odd in their first encounter. Despite that Bear proved his worth by being rather good at knowing certain survival skills and despite his weird nature, being lucid enough to back off on certain situations and areas. While he did express a desire to go to Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, he respected Hammond's decision regarding not going there and having managed to pet Jack's pet Allosaurus, Hermes, an act that did surprise Bear, has helped in Bear becoming braver and more determined about his upcoming trips than he usually is.
  • He has a rather noticeable trademark, stating to "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome". Said line has since become a slogan for those who have a knack of having to think on the fly and simply come up with a plan in the middle of things if they really want to get it done. As a result, Bear ended up becoming heavily quoted in the Pantheon and his famous line has further asserted adventurers and explorers in using whatever thoughts possible to endure and carry on with whatever trip they're going through. Bear is personally proud but does sometimes worry that he may have made them rather too overconfident and is uneasy about the idea that someone dying because they took his words too much into heart.
    • Of all the figures in the Pantheon, none embody Bear's quote more than Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake. While both of them differ from Bear in that they're archaeological explorers who tend to search for historical sites, relics, and treasures, they're often forced into dilemmas where they have to come up with a plan in the middle of trouble or in desperate situations. With both of them having professional lives outside of adventuring (in addition to Drake having since retired from treasure hunting after his journey to Libertalia), they actually tend to meet Bear more than he had expected. They have fun conversing about their adventures and the perils that Jones and Drake went through and their talks have been recorded, with Jones and Drake's permission of course. Bear often muses how they must be the "two luckiest explorers that should have died way sooner, but didn't", which they complimented, though Bear has his limits and simply sticks to environmental adventuring, knowing just how disastrous and perilous Jones and Drake's travels were compared to his.
  • During his time in the Pantheon, Bear has managed to familiarise himself with a wide variety of creatures, checklisted in lists of what he could come across without worry, take caution of, immediately run away from, the list of lists carries on. Of course, when it comes to the latter, Deviljho is among the top, given his own experience with the beast and what he learned from it and the Monster Hunters. He's also kept track of other dangerous animals like Sharptoorh, the InGen Spinosaurus, Sabor, and even hostile plants like Piranha Plants and Flowey. There's certainly a lot more than that, and Beat has admitted that the list is continuing to grow, which is reflective of the Pantheon's nature of its neverending expansion. That said, Bear does sometimes enjoy the thrills the creatures from his "To Avoid" provide, as it helps in making his time in the Pantheon more fantastical and memorable for his audience, though as usual, he tries to tell them not to do some of his more extreme stuff for obvious reason.
    • On a few of his visitations to the wilderness, Bear has had a few sights of the Yautja known as "Scarface", alongside the many hunts and kills he committed towards those he targeted towards. While the end results were grisly, Scarface does actually notice Bear and his crewmen, he simply doesn't see them as beings who would be considered hunting as they seemed to look more like average people than anything. Bear felt terrified upon encountering him, though Scarface didn't really mind and departed without much fuss on his end. The footage taken regarding Scarface has seen high viewership, though the more graphic scenes regarding Scarface's kills were omitted for obvious reasons. Thankfully, after learning a bit about the Yautja, Bear doesn't feel too afraid of Scarface, though he does admit that what he does is admittedly really terrifying and it's best not to come across him.

Bolt, God of Actor/Role Confusion
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The lightning bolt on his side. Alternatively, his dog collar.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Dog, Talking Animal, Amplified Animal Aptitude, Older Than They Look, Friends with a Cat and a Hamster
  • Domains: Dogs, Acting
  • Heralds: Mittens, Rhino, Penny
  • Allies: Truman Burbank, Krypto, Pongo & Perdita, Eliza Thornberry, Hammond
  • Enemies: Diana Christensen, Damon Killian, Cruella De Vil, Katz, Claudandus
  • Avoids: Michael Bay, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, Adam West, Norma Desmond, Eve Harrington
  • Bolt is the star of his own action-adventure television program where he helps his owner Penny via an assortment of superpowers, including a bark that's far stronger than his bite. As the result of the director's unorthodox methods of making Bolt a great actor, the dog is unable to tell fiction from reality (mainly from the fact that he thinks he can use his powers in the real world) and when the show hits a cliffhanger, he becomes convinced that his owner really is kidnapped and escapes the set. From there, he encounters Mittens, a snarky but troubled cat, and Rhino, a hamster who's an energetic fan of the show and as the three travel to help get Bolt back to Penny, the canine learns that the real world is nothing like the TV show that he's been used to and learns to accept life for what it is.
  • Having gone through a hectic acting career and going on an adventure as a result of it, Bolt isnít all that interested in revisiting being an actor after getting accepted to the Pantheon, instead more content with living a normal life as a dog alongside his friends. The House of Theater being a place where deities of any kind can get an acting (or possibly forced into a role depending on what happens) has made Bolt a bit apprehensive about revisiting his acting career, though his concerns were mitigated after learning that he wasnít obligated to take on roles provided there. If something ridiculous was being produced by that place, thereís a good chance heíll know about it given his prior work in what was ultimately a silly show that got even sillier after the accident at the studio he used to work with.
  • While Bolt himself is able to talk, only other animals (and possibly other non-human entities) are able to understand him, with any typical human only able to hear barks coming out of him. It hasnít prevented Eliza Thornberry from talking to him when Bolt ended up getting lost in the jungle and while Bolt was surprised to see a human able to talk to him normally, he found her kind attitude welcoming. He learned that Eliza and her family is involved with documenting various animals and while he appreciated her offer of being a temporary companion, Bolt decided that heís had enough time being in front of the camera and would like to live like a normal pet instead.
  • Truman Burbank heard about another deity who learned about how detrimental being famous can be as a result of external circumstances and even if that deity turned out to be a dog that canít fully communicate with humans, Truman was willing to meet up with him. Bolt was able to tell that Truman meant well, even if their adventures had a few differences; mainly that what Bolt gone through resulted in him being too much like his fictional character in real life and Trumanís whole life was basically a TV show. The two hang out with each other whenever possible, with Bolt telling his animal friends about Truman and his predicament.
  • Given how demanding the director of his former show was and how it led to Boltís real-life adventure, the dog isnít all that interested in seeing the handful of movie directors that the Pantheon has. He seems more annoyed about Michael Bay than anything since the director has put out films that are similar to (and possibly exceeds) Boltís show in terms of over-the-top action and shallow storylines. James Cameron and Stanley Kubrick are additional directors that Bolt wouldnít want to meet given how their drive to create a successful film isnít dissimilar to what the director of the Bolt show did (even if their methods apparently arenít as excessive compared to the Bolt show director).
  • Bolt has nothing but pure contempt towards Diana Christensen, seeing her as an even worse version of the people that were in charge of the network that produced his former show. Bolt made an attempt to storm the UBS building to give her a piece of his mind, but nothing he said got through to her since all she heard was the barks of an annoying dog that should be removed from the place. It was during his time infiltrating the UBS building that he heard of Damon Killian, another prominent network figure who was working with Christensen in the Pantheon and the kinds of high-rated programs that he put out disgusted the dog greatly after hearing of them.
  • As the dog suspected, the Pantheon housed a number of actors, including some from the real world alongside a few from other realities. Bolt is very apprehensive about Eve Harrington and Norma Desmond given the lengths theyíll go to become famous and Bolt has no intention of trying to get back in the spotlight. As for the real-life actors, Bolt doesnít hold anything against them, though heís weirded out by Adam West from time to time. The latter (according to Timmy Turner at least) sometimes thinks heís a superhero known as Catman and seeing Catman in action thinking that trouble is afoot regardless of if there actually is any trouble reminded Bolt of his former behavior in the worst way possible.
  • Upon witnessing a deadly attack on a city and seeing Krypto the Superdog stop that threat, Bolt found it hard to believe that there existed a dog with actual superpowers outside of a fictional show after what he had gone through. It wasnít until Bolt met Krypto in the latterís home that the former dog actor wasnít imagining things, though Krypto was very understanding of Boltís predicament after being told about it. Even if Krypto was someone that Bolt imagined what he wanted to be like initially, the two get along for what they are, with or without powers.
  • While Bolt generally gets along pretty well with other dogs in the Pantheon, heís very good friends with Pongo and Perdita in particular. After learning that Bolt was a former actor, the dalmatians told him a story about how they and the rest of their family had to look for one of their puppies, who happened to admire a canine actor who played a superhero on TV like Bolt once did. They also told Bolt about Cruella De Vil, a deranged woman thatís willing to kill animals (dalmatians in particular) to make a fur coat for herself, though ultimately someone who can be outwitted with enough effort. Bolt has since become a regular conversation partner for the dalmatians and has taken a liking to them overall.
  • His initial dislike of cats was the result of his training to become a skilled actor. It wasnít until he traveled alongside Mittens that Bolt learned to let go of his dislike for cats. Even with that in mind, thereís a couple of felines that Bolt knows is bad news. Katz, being a serial killer cat with a hatred for dogs, disturbed Bolt greatly, though it was nothing compared to what Bolt learned after eavesdropping on a conversation between Katz and Claudandus. While Bolt was used to combating some crazy schemes in his former show, he was horrified to learn that Claudandus was willing to wipe out humanity so that cats can rule the earth. If Bolt actually had his powers, he would have done something about it, but since that wasnít the case, the most he could do was leave the felines alone and hope that someone more capable can thwart their schemes.
  • One day, Bolt saw a steel ball roll by itself and followed it around, thinking that it was something from his former TV show. The ball then opened up and revealed a hamster inside, with Bolt willing to talk to it thinking that Rhino would have a friend. To Boltís confusion, Hammond only responded with squeaks before the machine translated for Hammond. After learning more about Hammond and Wrecking Ball, the machine Hammond utilizes, Bolt surmised that Hammond would be what would happen if Rhino took his love of the show to a greater extent and has become good friends with him. In turn, Wrecking Ball will sometimes appear to help Bolt whenever the latter is in trouble.

    Brian O'Conner 
Brian O'Conner, God of Characters That Surpassed Their Portrayers
  • Theme Song: "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.
  • Demigod (Lesser God when teaming up with Dom)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with Lawful shades
  • Portfolio: Lasting Longer Than His Own Portrayer and Retiring from the Automobile Scene With Praise, Former Protagonists, Nerves of Steel, Showing the Middle Finger, Irish Names, FBI Agents, Obfuscating Stupidity, Becoming the Mask.
  • Domains: Law, Good, Cars, Trickery, Travel
  • Followers: Coach, Graham Jarvis, Agent Philip Jeffries
  • Heralds: Mia Toretto (his wife), Jack (his son), Tej Parker, Roman Pierce (crew members)
  • High Priestess: Sarah Jane Smith
  • Allies: Dominic Toretto, Luke Hobbs (Avatar of The Rock), Kurtis Stryker, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Kyoichiro Kuroi/Kamen Rider 3, Omar Little, Mulder and Scully, Iroh, Aku, Zato-1/Eddie
  • On Good Terms With: Every Good Deity in the House of Justice
  • Enemies: Every Evil aligned deities in the Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Justice
  • On the Hit List of: Rosco P. Coltrane
  • Annoys: Inspector Clouseau
  • Respects: AJ Styles and the Bullet Club (to an extent)
  • Formerly a detective for the LAPD, Brian was sent undercover to investigate a series of heists later revealed to be the doings of a street racing crew led by Dominic Toretto. However, his work eventually developed into a brotherly bond with Dom and a full-blown relationship with Dom's sister Mia. Ultimately he abandoned his own cover to call for medical attention for a wounded crew member, though this left him on the outs with the Toretto clan for years while he climbed his way into the FBIÖ until he sacrificed his own career to bust them out of confinement, returning to the family and eventually having a son with Mia.
  • His ascension is unusual, given the final fate of his portrayer. The man who provided his avatar died in a high speed crash, while Brian himself quietly retired with the blessings of the rest of the Toretto crew. He was welcomed by his best friend and honorary brother Dominic, who was overjoyed to see his partner again. Things were a bit strained as Brian was disappointed with his brief FaceĖHeel Turn:
    Brian: Roman told me what happened with Cipher. I still can't believe you of all people went heel on our guys. You're the one who's always talking about the importance of family.
    Dom: Did he also tell you my son was on the line?
    Brian: He did. But Dom, you could've at least given Letty a heads up before you made your move. Especially if your big counter-plan was to go to the guy who killed Han and ask his family for help.
    Dom: The Shaws had a score to settle with Cipher. I may be a hardass, but if building a bridge with an enemy can benefit my family, I got you in a second. You know that. Besides, you can't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing for Jack and Mia.
    [Taking a moment, Brian chuckles, conceding the argument.]
    Brian: Yeah. Glad to be one.
  • He's no longer running the streets through automobiles, but he's still good friends with those who run with them, including Dominic, and therefore is now condecorated as an honorary member of the House of Travel.
  • Developed an Odd Friendship with The Rock who shares an avatar with Luke Hobbs, a more recent addition to Toretto's group. While they may not be the same, the wrestler occasionally joins in on the fun. A little muscle couldn't hurt.
  • His position is highly respected and has bipartisan support. Many heroes and villains alike have had their avatars die before the characters could. It's the reason that Iroh and Aku can agree upon the choice.
    • The Doctor is unique in that he is so old, he is forced to regenerate between different avatars. Naturally, many of his older ones are unable to survive his existence. Even his previous forms have to be played by different actors. It gets even weirder when Brian chose companion Sarah Jane Smith as his high priestess. The Doctor was grateful to see his old friend in person once more.
    • Zato underwent a transformation as a result of a death of his voice actor. During that time, the parasite took complete control over him. It was with Brian's help that he was able to truly outlive his creator and become Zato once more.
    • One of the few people who was not pleased with his fate was Inspector Clouseau. It was revealed that due to the death of his avatar, he underwent plastic surgery and became a villain instead. Oddly enough, his reboot version helped alleviate that blemish on his record.
  • O'Conner has a very strong sense of justice, and therefore dislikes corrupt authority figures. As a FBI Agent, he sends every report to the House of Justice. Even when he temporarily worked with criminals, he received a standing ovation when he first entered the area. Even Judge Dredd himself was complimentary towards him... a rare feat indeed.
    • Gets paired with Dirty Harry a lot as a result. Unlike most cops, he has no qualms about breaking the law in order to arrest criminals. Just don't make him admit that Brian's the better driver.
    • Kurtis Stryker likes his rough and tumble style of police enforcement, even if it means getting involved with certain criminals.
    • Not everyone was happy with the ascension. Rosco insists that the man should be arrested for reckless driving. His accusations were met with a steady stream of condemnation, pointing out his own failings as a cop.
    • Miko's strict adherence to the law compels her to arrest the man as well. Unfortunately, her steed is far too slow to ever hope to keep up with his car.
  • Certain Kamen Rider deities respect his driving skills to the point that Kuroi and Tomari are even willing to team up with him. Brian oddly doesn't feel out of place in that world. His world has put him through increasingly outrageous stunts.
  • A rarity among those who work in the House of Justice, Brian is able to move freely in the House of Crime with little difficulty. Much of that help comes from Omar Little, God of Justified Criminals. Some of his followers are associated with the Toretto clan's operations and were happy with Brian's efforts to make them more acceptable citizens. As such, anyone who wants to go after Brian will have to go through Omar. That's a threat no one in that house is willing to defy.
  • One thing that still confuses him are supernatural elements. There was a time when a couple aliens hijacked his vehicle. Thankfully, fellow FBI agents Mulder and Scully were there to help him out. After that adventure, Brian offered his services to them.

The Freaks, Divine Performers of Freakshows
Hans and Frieda
The rest of the Freaks
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A goblet filled with liquor (which they give to drink by those they consider one of them)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Freakshow, The Grotesque, True Companions, decent people, but don't mess with any of them or you may very well get a Fate Worse than Death
  • Domains: Circuses, Deformity, Discrimination
  • Heralds: Many of their fellow circus performers
  • Allies: The Phantom of the Opera, Dumbo, Edward Scissorhands, Quasimodo, The Elephant Man, Christiane Génessier, Belle and the Beast, Luna Vachon, Elsa
  • Enemies: Gaston, Hans Westergard, Ludwig von Tokkentakker
  • Feared by: Sir Daniel Fortesque
  • In older, less kind days, people born with deformities that severely impacted their daily life and the way they were perceived by others often had sideshow attractions as the only form of employment that would take them. This profile is about a group of such people. Their leader is Hans, a man with dwarfism. He was once smitten with a beautiful acrobat called Cleopatra, who humored him but barely concealed her disgust for him and his "kind" and, alongside her lover, the strongman Hercules, planned to murder him for his money. Hans wised up to Cleopatra's schemes quickly enough and made her pay with the help of his friends, disfiguring her into a "chicken-woman".
  • The Freaks drew the interest of Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, who could relate to the prejudice they had to face, given he himself was a target of virulent mockery due to his disfigured face, which drove him into seclusion. Erik met with Hans and made a business proposal in which he'd sponsor the Freaks' activities if they'd come to live in the Pantheon, a place where they wouldn't face as much discrimination as they did in their world, and help him out with his plans once in a while. Hans decided it was worth a shot.
    • It's not as if Hans and the rest of the Freaks have become Erik's lapdogs, though; Hans is a pretty moral person and deeply regrets Cleopatra's grisly fate despite what she was going to do to him, and the rest of the crew still see him as their leader, not Erik. Hans doesn't always go along with Erik's schemes without question and tries to dissuade him from committing truly evil acts. Since Erik respects Hans, he occasionally listens to him, provided Erik isn't beyond being reasoned with at the moment.
  • Besides the dwarves and leaders of the troupe Hans and Frieda, the group consists of siamese twins Daisy and Violet, a man with no legs called Johnny and another dwarf called Angeleno who are Those Two Guys, several people with microcephaly (called "pinheads" at the time), a hermaphrodite, a man with no arms or legs, an armless woman, a bearded lady who's married to an extremely thin man known as the Human Skeleton, and two women whose unusual bone structure led them to be called Bird Girls. For better or worse, Cleo is also around, in her "chicken-woman" state.
  • Many of their other circus colleagues are also around as Heralds, as they're some of the few people in their universe who treat them as human beings, but their lack of deformities means they don't qualify for this particular godhood. They include Venus, an animal trainer, and Phroso, a clown; these two became a couple after Venus was scorned by Hercules in favor of Cleo. There's also Roscoe, a stuttering clown and Daisy's husband, and Madame Tetrallini, who's a Team Mom to the Freaks.
  • Since the Freaks trade in the circus arts, they often work together with other circus performers in the Pantheon to put on great shows. Dumbo is one performer who drew their special attention and friendship given the baby elephant was derided for having unusually large ears; the Freaks were quick to consider him one of them, and Dumbo was happy to meet other people who celebrate his "defect". Although they skipped part of their ceremony since Dumbo is still a baby and there were some strange effects when he accidentally drank alcohol. Anyway, now a popular highlight of Pantheonic circus shows is having Frieda fly on Dumbo.
  • Edward Scissorhands and Quasimodo are two deities the Freaks are highly protective of, as their appearances have caused them to be shunned by society at large and forced into seclusion, which is something the Freaks strongly relate to. At least Quasimodo was eventually accepted by the people in his world and has a reliable circle of friends, which means the Freaks have to worry about him less than Edward, who never could quite overcome people's fear of him and remained isolated until he got into the Pantheon. The Freaks want to make sure Edward knows he can always rely on them for support.
  • Have great sympathy for the couple of Belle and the Beast. They're not that taken in by the fantasy that The Power of Love can fix an undesirable appearance, but they have great respect for how Belle, a "normal" and beautiful woman, treated the Beast like she would anyone else depending on the context, and freely admit that the Beast's initial behavior wasn't a good one even if it was due to his despair. Since Belle and the Beast were both outcasts in their world, they understand how the Freaks feel to an extent.
  • Conversely, they hate Gaston, whose good reputation stemming from embodying the ideal of masculinity and which overshadowed his bad character for a majority of people reminds them of Hercules in a bad way. Gaston is unsurprisingly disgusted by the Freaks and enjoys spreading libel about Belle and the Beast's alliance with them, which really incenses the Freaks.
  • They've also come to despise Prince Hans Westergard, who manipulated a girl's infatuation with him to achieve his selfish goals, something that reminds the Freaks of what Cleo tried doing to their leader Hans. Hans (the dwarf) is understandably more than a little miffed that he has to share his name with scum like Prince Westergard. And of course, the Prince was all too willing to feed the fears people had about Elsa's unusual powers, which is another thing the Freaks can't forgive him.
  • A certain evil ringmaster by the name of Tokkentakker would have liked for his carnival to include the Freaks, especially after hearing of the fate they dished out to Cleo. His carnival already has quite a line-up of horrifying beings, but he's still fascinated by the cruelty the Freaks are capable of. The Freaks by their turn have no interest in working together with Tokkentakker in any capacity, and would actually prefer to find a way to set his creations, in which they see something of themselves, free.
  • Their ascension was a cause of alarm for Sir Dan Fortesque, who has bad memories of getting attacked by a freakshow's members in his adventures. These Freaks in particular won't attack anyone without provocation, though the horrible fates of those stupid enough to cross them still keep Dan away. There's no way of knowing how they'd react to a literal undead skeleton visibly wielding a sword, after all.
  • They were bemused when the House of Memes came to thank them for creating the "One of Us" meme. For the most part, they're indifferent to the appropriation.
    • Of course, they then learned that there were gods of that trope...The New Day. The meeting was somewhat awkward due to the New Day's positivity, but The Freaks find them very friendly enough to give them tickets to their performances.
      • Another wrestler appeared, this one being Luna Vachon. Luna explained that she used to be part of stable that was based off of them. Luna is quite proud of being freaky and not like many other divas and the Freaks are truly supportive of her.

    Kaito Kuroba 
Kaito Kuroba, Divine Practitioner of Impossibly Awesome Magic Tricks (Kaito Kid, Bakaito, Phantom Thief KID 1412, Kid 1412)
KID and Kurobanote 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat and monocle
  • Theme Music: You'll see the KID
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, leans into Chaotic Neutral during some morally dubious moments
  • Portfolio: Lovable Rogue, Phantom Thief, Minor Living Alone, Voice Changeling, The Trickster, Alliterative Name
  • Domains: Trickery, Personality, Magic, Performance
  • Herald: Konosuke Jii
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Oscar Diggs, Zatanna Zatara, Dorothy Albright
  • Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, Catwoman, Rouge the Bat, Arsene Lupin, The Spy
  • Enemies: corrupt law enforcement, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.
  • Special Relations: Conan Edogawa
  • Not to be confused with: Kaito Kumon
  • Kaito Kuroba is a normal teenager with a normal life. At least, that was the case until he found out that his deceased father Toichi was a notorious thief known as Kaito Kid. With his father's murderers out to get a mysterious gem that can grant immortality, Kaito Kuroba takes on the identity of Kaito Kid in order to stop the organization from going any further with their goals. Since Kaito is a skilled illusionist, it would only make sense for that to translate into his heists, resulting in some unorthodox, yet impressive trickery. There's other forms of trickery that he does in his heists as well, such as disguising himself as another person (and yes, he can match that person's voice very well).
  • The House of Justice received a notice that the Chaos Emeralds were going to get stolen from The Great Treasury. There was a bit of surprise that Dr. Eggman wasn't going to be involved with that, but the various police officers and law enforcement decided to station themselves at the Great Treasury to make it less likely that the items in question get stolen once the potential thief arrives. Unfortunately, the officers found out that the thief already made their way inside and they had to rush to where the emeralds were at. The emeralds weren't present, but the officers could see a white hang-glider in the distance, prompting them to chase the thief. The thief was able to get away, much to the consternation of law enforcement.
    • Following that ordeal, there was a bit of surprise when it was discovered that the emeralds were returned to the Great Treasury. Eyewitness reports about the heist in question mentioned that an assortment of magic tricks was involved and that someone called Kaito Kid was responsible for all of it, including the "returning the gems" part. Law enforcement has made it a point to catch that Kid whenever he strikes again, mostly due to the notices that he sends out.
  • Of the various officers and detectives that are pursuing him, Kaito finds Inspector Zenigata to be quite amusing. Kaito is often reminded of Ginzo Nakamori, who has always targeted Kaito Kid and failed at it, whenever he's trying to avoid getting arrested by Zenigata and even finds the two to be similar in some aspects, right down to the "good at cases that don't involve their number-one target" bit.
    • While he has a decent number of recurring pursuers, there were some that he took plenty of issue with. Specifically, he has problems with the corrupt law enforcers as he felt that even if he told them his reasons for his thefts or the fact that he returns the items after a heist is over since they aren't what he's looking for in the long run, they wouldn't care about it nor his affable demeanor and just want him arrested or worse.
  • If he isn't going out performing heists as Kaito Kid, then Kuroba is probably hanging out with other magicians such as Oscar Diggs, someone who has used his profession for unconventional purposes. Zatanna Zatara and Dorothy Albright have also used their magic tricks outside of the stage. There is a possibility that there a collaboration between them is in development, though if it does indeed happen, whether or not it will be for a larger purpose remains to be seen.
  • He found a kindred spirit in Bugs Bunny, as they're both tricksters (though Bugs is a bit more selective on who to target) and known to disguise themselves as other people (though Kaito put a lot more effort in that regard compared to the wabbit). Weirdly enough, Kaito discovered that he didn't have much difficulty imitating Bugs' Japanese voice.
  • Kaito isn't fond of traditional guns, so he instead relies on a gun that can fire playing cards. This also makes him a bit more distinct from other thieves; thus if "Kaito Kid" is using an actual gun instead of his playing card gun, then it's not the real Kaito Kid that's making his escape. While some deities that are known to weaponize cards find it amusing to some degree, others feel that it's not a practical weapon to use during heists.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Kaito has a strong fear of fish and has been trying to avoid a lot of marine animals as much as he can, especially if they are threatening such as Bruce the Shark. The fear is bad enough that he winces a bit whenever he's provided seafood and tries not to eat such a food. He gets along well with Tohru because of it (although many gods find it ironic that Tohru, with the body of a sumo wrestler, can't stand fish).
  • Naturally, Kaito has come to learn of a slew of other thieves in the Pantheon. He finds the majority of them to be interesting rivals should he cross paths with them during his heists.
    • He actually heard about Lupin III beforehand, especially since that thief managed to disguise himself as Kaito Kid whilst Kaito Kuroba was watching the antics from the sidelines. Kaito was able to get back at him afterwards by stealing something that Lupin III was after before the latter arrived. The two are engaged in a somewhat friendly competition to see who can pull off more daring capers successfully.
    • The one thief that Kaito has a pronounced dislike towards is Felicia Hardy. While she has been both good and evil at different points in time, her going full-on evil and relying on a criminal organization to handle dirty work for her has gotten him rather unnerved. Even though Kaito can be a bit devious at times, he wouldn't try to put others at significant harm on purpose. While Black Cat doesn't really see Kaito as a threat, he has been keeping an eye on her in case the two were to come in direct conflict with each other.
  • Being skilled with disguises (though that only happens if the need arises), Kaito has gotten into a bit of a rivalry with other deities proficient in that field, which also included a couple of thieves. While The Spy is not a thief, his untrustworthiness is notable enough to a point where Kaito is very suspicious whenever The Spy has any involvment whatsoever during any of Kaito's heists.
  • Even though he wasn't that surprised to hear about Conana Edogawa being in the Pantheon considering that they have crossed paths a number of times in the past, Kaito finds the detective to be a worthy adversary given the skills established by such (and Conan has acknowledged Kaito's own skills). That said, they're pretty amicable towards each other even if they're trying to outwit each other.

    Emperor Nero 
Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, God of Royals Who Like Performing (Emperor Nero, the Actor-Emperor)
Nero portrayed by Peter Ustinov in the 1951 version of Quo Vadis.

Shank, Goddess of Nice People Who Act Ruthless
  • Rank: Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Slaughter Race logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Acts Chaotic Evil in-game)
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Ambiguously Brown, Badass Driver, Benevolent Boss, Boss Subtitles, Cool Big Sis, Dark Is Not Evil, Expy of Gal Gadot's Gisele Yashar, Looks Almost Exactly Like Her Voice Actress, Gal Gadot, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: Racing, MMOs, Scripted Dialogue, NPCs
  • Herald: Her teammates in Slaughter Race
  • Followers: Gonard, Kile, Ayane Anno, Kyoko Mogami
  • Allies: Vanellope Von Schweetz (her fellow NPC and teammate in Slaughter Race), Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr., Sergeant Calhoun, Lightning McQueen, Dominic Toretto, Wonder Woman, Brian O'Conner, Max Rockatansky, Franklin Clinton
  • Enemies: Turbo/King Candy, Calypso
  • Pities: Jensen Ames
  • Good Counterpart to: Carol/Mom
  • Shank is one of the main bosses of an apocalyptic racing MMO called Slaughter Race. She is a ruthless woman who won't let any of the players stole one of her valuable cars and if they want to steal it, they have to get through her. Outside of the game, she's actually a genuinely caring person who cares about her teammates and considers them her family. It makes sense that she has to act like a mean person because of the game's script telling her about her actions and personality.
  • One of her teammates, Vanellope vouched for her ascencion, as she wanted to race with her in the different parts of the Pantheon and so they could hang out more often, with their other teammates as her heralds. The ascencion became successful as Vanellope is excited to see her friend and showibg the different racing sections of the Pantheon.
  • Thanks to being friends with Vanellope, she ended up hating King Candy. She thinks what King Candy did is horrible, as he stole Vanellope's position as the ruler of Sugar Rush and doesn't want him to hijack Slaughter Race anytime soon. King Candy is interested to hear that Vanellope ended up quitting her home game and joining Slaughter Race, which means that he might have a chance of ruling Sugar Rush again, however, he was banned from entering it again. He thinks that invading Slaughter Race is something worthwhile to do as it basically means he could meet real people in online identities and that there could be multiple people playing it, and wants to manipulate the game to change the rules, and could make himself popular for it. It also helps that it's actually the one of the most popular MMO in the Internet.
  • As a racer, she is of course fascinated meeting up with a sentinent car like Lightning McQueen. McQueen likes how she is a friendly person and how it differentiates her from the role she plays in-game. When she offered him a race in Slaughter Race in the Internet, he refuses, upon learning that it's an apocalyptic wasteland and how often he gets involved in accidents resulting himself in major injuries, he doesn't think he's prepared for any of that.
  • Dominic is confused what to think of her not because she looks and sounds similar to his friend, Gisele but also because she could be describe as extremely similar to her, albeit a much more friendly one. Shank is at first, skeptical of him upon hearing that he did betrayed his team, but is relieved that to see that he was actually blackmailed and he did it to protect his son. She finds a lot in common with him because they care a lot about they're friends that they consider as family and can be protective of them, and while they can be jerks (well, Shank is acting like one because of her game's script, but she still counts) and can be considered criminals, if only Shank has government officials chasing her in her game, they are genuinely nice people who care about friendship a lot.
    • Speaking of similarities, she is suprised to hear that someone sounds and looks like her, who is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is suprised to see just how utterly kind and honest she is to people and how much she values friendship as she first saw her putting on a tough girl persona. The former proposes to her if she could become an Amazonian Woman as she believes that if she abandones her tough exterior and uses her talent for good deeds, she is worthy of being one. Shank has to decline the offer, stating that she has friends to look after, which Wonder Woman understood. Despite the circumstances, the two still decded that they could be friends.
    • Due to being friends with Dom, she ended up meeting one of his teammates, Brian O'Conner. Aside from her resemblance to Gisele, Shank is suprised to hear about his former life as a FBI agent, but nonetheless supports his decision of joining his team, even if she considered it a betrayal. She admires of how much his bond with the team has progressed after joining them and hopes that he'll live a happy life after his decision to retire his outlaw life.
  • Even though she lives in a MMO where people are supposed to steal each other's cars and kill each other for ir, she doesn't support the competition that Jensen Ames was forced into. She's aware of how much he was traumatized of being forced to participate into an event that he has no free-will of quitting. That said, she doesn't want him to enter Slaughter Race as she fears that stepping into that place would have haunted him, and was relieved upon hearing that he doesn't want to participate in any races that are extremely violent.
    • Is infruriated to learn that Calypso forced Jensen and his friends to join the Twisted Metal tournament just to fill up the roster. When he heard what kind of world Shank lived in, he considers using her as a future candidate in his tournaments, considering that she is an actual gang member in-game, stole cars, actually killed online players and not to mention she is a skilled driver. Hearing this fueled the animosity even more and hopes that he may not consider turning the tournament to look like her own video game considering that he is a Reality Warper.
  • She feels bad of how much Max Rockatansky has been though. Even though she might never had family, she knew that she will be heartbroken if the friends she consider as family die as well. What makes it worse is that he lives in an apocalyptic desert wasteland. Because of her experience living there, she decided that she should at least teach him how to survive in a place like that in case he might go on an new adventure. Although he doesn't listen, he actually appreciates the gesture and with them living in similar apocalyptic places, he eventually bonded with her, with Shank trying to get him to become more sociable more often.
  • Meets Franklin upon hearing he's part of a gang like her. She feels bad of him having a crappy job of taking cars as a repo man, she will admit she's proud he got out of the job. Although she's wary of his ambition becoming a successful criminal, she doesn't seem to mind it at least. They appreciate each other of their value on friendship, loyalty on their friends, and how they try to balance out the differences of their friends even if Franklin is not the leader. Upon hearing their skills as drivers, the two promised of having a one-on-one race very soon.
  • Can be considered the good counterpart to Carol/Mom. Shank is a nice person who has to act mean thanks to her video game, while Carol is a person with no kindness who has to act nice due to being a president of a company. Carol is disgusted to see what kind of world Shank is living in and considers taking it over to clean it up, something Shank doesn't take for granted. She also hates how Carol/Mom treats her kids, but of course she never listens.


    Anthony Belrose, Adam Whitely and Bernadette Bassenger 
Anthony Belrose, Adam Whitely and Bernadette Bassenger, The Holy Drag Queens (Anthony: Tick, Mitzi Del Bra; Adam: Felicia Jollygoodfellow; Bernadette: Ralph)
L-R: Anthony, Adam and Bernadette
Click for an example of them in drag 
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A pink kite with a blow-up doll attached
  • Theme Song: "Save the Best for Last"
  • Alignment: Anthony and Bernadette are True Neutral, Adam is Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Vitriolic Best Buds, Unlimited Wardrobe, Road Trip Plot, Plot-Driven Breakdown, Travel Montage, Scenery Porn, Flashback Cut, Brick Joke
  • Domains: LGBTQ, Friendship, Travel
  • Heralds: Benjamin Barber (Anthony's son), Marion Barber (Anthony's wife), Robert Spart (Bernadette's love interest)
  • High Priests: Noxeema Jackson, Vida Boheme and Chi-Chi Rodriguez
  • Allies: Gin, Hana and Miyuki, Rarity, Steve Irwin, The Friends, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Isak Borg, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria
  • Anthony, Adam and Bernadette are a trio of drag performers who once traveled together from Sydney to Alice Springs on the request of Anthony's estranged wife Marion to put on a show in her hotel. They traveled in a bus that Adam christened "Priscilla" and repainted entirely in lavender (not purple). In their trip through the Australian outback, they met many people, some friendly and accepting, others hostile and even violent. Upon arriving in Alice Springs, Adam and Bernadette were shocked to discover that on top of having a wife, Anthony also had a son with her, Benjamin. Marion wanted Anthony to take charge of Benjamin for a couple of months, something Anthony was reluctant to do as he didn't know whether Benjamin would accept him. Fortunately, it turned out Benjamin was supportive of his father. After the three friends fulfilled Adam's dream to stand on Kings Canyon in drag, Anthony and Adam returned to Sydney with Benjamin, while Bernadette stayed to work at the hotel as she pursued a relationship with the kindly Bob.
  • Ascended into the Pantheon at the invitation of the House of Theatre and Spectacle, which had long been looking to fill the void caused by their lack of drag performers and decided the trio were just right for the job, being exuberant and hammy when performing and down to earth when not (well, that's debatable for Adam). Anthony, Adam and Bernadette are all happy to be reunited (Bernadette did make sure to punch Adam out for the last time he called her Ralph, but that hasn't made him any more likely to give up on his antics), working together on their shows and touring the Pantheon to spread their fabulousness a little bit everywhere. Adam snarks that traveling in the Pantheon isn't that different from traveling in the Australian outback, just swap out the poisonous animals that can kill you in minutes for giant ones that might eat you.
  • It's a tough world out there for people in their business and the Pantheon is sadly not quite an exception yet, as prejudiced deities are allowed to ascend same as everybody else, so they try to network with the ascended drag performers that they can get ahold of. That's how the friendship between this drag trio and that of Gin, Hana and Miyuki began, as Hana is a trans woman who used to perform in drag before becoming homeless. She is incredibly glad to see the art being given official representation in the Pantheon through the trio; watching them perform makes her nostalgic for her days performing at the Mother's Drag Queen Bar and gives her more energy for her own performances. The trio have suggested to her that they could cooperate on a show someday. Bernadette and Hana have grown particularly close due to both being trans women and suffering through their share of troubles because of it, which includes people maliciously misgendering them. That said, neither of them is the type to take such insults lying down, another commonality that helps increase the affection between the two.
  • Completely outrageous costumes are a must for drag performers, and the trio's have literally won awards, so the fashion designers in the Pantheon have their work cut out for them in supplying them with a steady stream of new costumes that at least provide the same level of fabulousness that people have come to expect from them. At least one who is glad for the chance to really go all out on her creations is Rarity, whose natural propensity for the theatrical makes her perhaps the most appropriate costume designer for a trio of drag queens. That dramatic and hammy personality of hers also means she gets along great with Adam (easily the most camp of the trio) most of the time, provided he's not being too mean-spirited. Anthony and Bernadette are a lot more levelheaded and thus react with exasperation to Adam and Rarity's antics, although they certainly admire Rarity's talent for costuming and appreciate the designs she creates for them.
  • They are some of the few Australian folks around, and probably among the friendliest after animal lover Steve Irwin, who they have indeed formed a sort of Odd Friendship with. Irwin seems to really enjoy that at least one of their acts involves donning costumes modeled after frilled lizards and thinks that's a neat and fun way to showcase an iconic part of Australian fauna. Irwin's also made clear to them he's no fan of copatriot Saxton Hale for his gratuitous killing of animals, though Adam has expressed interest in trying his chances with such a rugged and muscular man. On the other hand, upon hearing about the effects of the Australium metal element, Anthony, Bernadette and Adam all agree they're glad not to live in Saxton's version of Australia. Other Aussies such as Captain Boomerang, Kano and Mr. Mundy are too morally suspect for the trio to be interested in interacting with them, even as good-looking as the first two are (Adam has definitely noticed Kano's perpetual shirtlessness).
  • Upon learning that Mr. Bean was once locked out of his hotel room naked and had to resort to a drag outfit to cover himself, Anthony and Bernadette's reaction was simply to laugh and call that situation a whammy for the odd and silent British man, while Adam thinks he missed out on a great opportunity to go right out into the streets and live it up a little, it might have even awakened something in him. Adam is the type who loves attention and thus likes to go out dolled up in the loudest drag get-up possible in a crowded street in broad daylight, hence why he thinks Mr. Bean's predicament was not much of a predicament at all.
  • Despite often giving each other a hard time (sometimes manifesting in outright offensive behavior from Adam to Bernadette), the three have a very strong friendship that's somewhat close to family (particularly for Bernadette, whose biological family disowned her after her surgery). It's primarily for that reason that they hit it off quite well with the six Friends, who they met while performing in the same venue as Phoebe one time. There are other not-insignificant factors, like Ross having divorced from his first wife Carol when it turned out she was a lesbian, but still having a child with her, which is similar to Anthony's situation with his estranged wife Marion (also a lesbian) and son Benjamin. Anthony reckons Ross is a better man than he is in the sense that Ross stood by Carol throughout the pregnancy and was a part of his child's life from the start, whereas Anthony left Marion to deal with it on her own for years. Meanwhile, Bernadette reminds Chandler of his complicated relationship with his father-turned-second-mother, with whom he patched things up when he invited her to his and Monica's wedding. Bernadette thinks it's very good of Chandler to grow out of his resentment and make amends; it's certainly more than what her family did for her.
  • Adam is a big ABBA fan and was downright offended to learn they weren't ascended, even though so many other, in his opinion, "lesser" bands are. He will stop periodically harrassing the Main House when the time comes that they ascend the Swedish quartet. At some point, someone pranked him that there totally was a fabulous Swedish quartet in the Pantheon, and Adam assumed that could only mean one thing as he dragged Anthony and a very reluctant Bernadette along to meet his idols. His hasty assumptions were rewarded with meeting four very downbeat women living in a house with red walls; ghastly interior design sense, if you ask any of the trio. The four women, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria, were varying degrees of welcoming to the trio, from Agnes' open excitement to meet new people, to Karin's annoyance that Adam barely met them and was already visibly disappointed; Anthony and Bernadette made sure to explain their "loony friend"'s obsession with ABBA, which calmed Karin a little. After that, the two groups hit it off quite well, with the trio detecting a certain queerness in the women underneath the 19th century façade of propriety; the women were surprisingly tolerant of the trio's occupation, with Agnes in particular being curious to watch one of their shows, which Bernadette acceded to by giving them all tickets. Even Adam recovered from the shock of his dashed hopes enough to admit that the four women were indeed fabulous in their own way (mostly for the dresses) and even had the gall to tell Karin she'd make a great drag king if she wanted; she has no idea how to feel about that, though Maria's interest was piqued.
  • Meeting the above quartet also eventually led to them meeting formerly-bitter old man Isak Borg, who coincidentally also went on a long car journey that proved to be eventful and life-changing. Bernadette and Anthony are more interested in him than Adam is, Bernadette due to her own advancing age making it easy for her to relate to Isak's fears, and Anthony because of Isak's fraught relationship with his family, particularly his son, with whom Isak is having trouble reconnecting with after years of coldness between them. Hearing Isak's story, Anthony is glad for meeting Marion and Benjamin when he did and being so warmly received by both of them; if he had refused and waited until much later, he might have regretted it deeply.
  • Adam's ABBA obsession notwithstanding, the trio cultivate friendly relations with other musicians and artists, especially those with some connection to the LGBTQ+. Concrete examples would be Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, who have even had instances of cross-dressing in the videos for "I Want to Break Free" and "Boys Keep Swinging", much to the trio's delight.

    Norma Desmond 
Norma Desmond, Goddess of White Dwarf Starlets (The Greatest Star of All, Nora Desmond)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A shot of her "close up." Alternatively, a menacingly tied strip of film.
  • Theme Song: "Norma Desmond", "With One Look"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: White-Dwarf Starlet (Trope Codifier), Clingy Jealous Girl, Defrosting Ice Queen, Being Stuck in the 1920s Despite the 1950s Setting, Longing for Her Glory Days, Grand Staircase Entrance, Is Not Making a ďComebackĒ, but a ďReturnĒ, Large Ham, Milking the Giant Cow, Sanity Slippage, Has a Shrine Dedicated to Herself, Yandere
  • Domains: Faded Stars, Stardom, Film, Returns, Insanity
  • Herald: Max von Mayerling, her butler and former husband/director
  • High Priestess: Joan Crawford
  • Allies: BoJack Horseman
  • Enemies: Annie Wilkes, Eve Harrington, TAC-50
  • Scares: Mima Kirigoe
  • Pitied by: Charlie Chaplin, Danny & Sawyer
  • Complicated Relationship: Joe Gillis
  • Norma Desmond was a big star in the silent film era. However, the arrival of sound movies killed her career and for a long time she wasn't seen in any film. Since then, she and her butler Max have resided in a Hollywood mansion at Sunset Boulevard, where she took up writing a script in preparation for her "return" to the silver screen with Cecil B. DeMille. When down-on-his-luck screenwriter Joe Gillis arrived at her place, she asked him to review her script, which he did half-heartedly. DeMille himself found the script awful but wouldn't tell her so out of politeness, and Norma fell more and more into her delusions. When Joe tried leaving her for good, the crazed Norma killed him, and ironically got what she wanted in a way, as the murder put her back on the public consciousness.
  • All things considered, she managed to escape jail after pleading insanity, which is accurate. Afterwards, while absconded in her Sunset Boulevard mansion, she received a letter from the Pantheon inviting her to join them and become a goddess. As you can imagine, Norma was absolutely delighted by this, believing someone actually sees her for the legendary actress she is. Well, she is certainly a legend, just perhaps not for the reasons she thinks. Either way, she gladly accepted the invitation, arrived in the Pantheon with much pomp and circumstance, and was instated as the Goddess of White-Dwarf Starlets. Hearing her title left her a little unbalanced, though so far she only expresses that by writing weekly to the higher powers complaining of its "inaccuracy" and requesting a change. Other than that, she takes advantage of her position by making attempts at re-establishing her career in the House of Theatre and Spectacle and proving her title wrong without a shadow of a doubt.
  • Joe Gillis eventually got ascended himself, an event which to Norma's diseased mind is worth every celebration, regardless of the fact that she killed him. After all, now that they are both in this hallowed place, away from those wretched and greedy Hollywood studios, it must mean they are meant to work together to ensure her return is as great as can be, right? Well, Joe doesn't seem to feel the same, and in fact thinks himself cursed to have to spend eternity knowing the insane and murderous Norma is also around and there's nothing he can do about it. He tries his best to avoid her. Norma in turn tries to patch things up by putting in a good word for him and getting him work as a writer at the House of Theatre and Spectacle.
  • One of the gods she has the most respect for is the God of Silent Movies himself, Charlie Chaplin. Norma is no fan of sound pictures since it's because of them that her career ended, and Chaplin shares a similar attitude, believing silent pictures were truly universal because of the reliance on physical acting instead of language. That said, he has taken the proliferation of sound far more gracefully than Norma, which doesn't mean he doesn't pity her for how hard she took it. At the same time, he is obviously careful around her since she has proven to be capable of murder. But his compassion for her ultimately leads him to humor her whenever she invites him down to her temple and entertains him by dressing up as and impersonating his Little Tramp character.
  • Several other actors and assorted filmmakers tend to regard Norma with a mixture of pity for her faded career and resulting poor state of mind, and revulsion for her clinginess to any who show interest in her, as well as her murder of Gillis of course. BoJack Horseman is one actor who seems more willing than average to tolerate Norma and her eccentricities, as he is all too familiar with the downward spiral that being a White-Dwarf Starlet can send one into; he should know, as he had his 15 Minutes of Fame as a sitcom star, only to go on desperate attempts to recapture his former glory and end up alienating many people around him. BoJack would like to help Norma somehow, though given the extent of her delusions, he's pretty sure there's little he's qualified to do beyond being there for her to talk to when she needs it.
  • BoJack was Norma's first encounter with a non-human actor; while she found it bizarre and amusing at first, she did come to value the horseman as one of the few who truly understand her. Then there's Danny and Sawyer, two cats specialized in musicals that had to contend with Hollywood's status quo in order to get work that would actually allow them to use their talents. Evidently they don't share the same nostalgia for the good old days that Norma has, although they still pity her. Sometimes they wonder if their archnemesis Darla Dimple may become like her when she grows older, now that she's been disgraced. Norma, as per usual, remains deaf to these remarks, believing Darla just does not compare to her in any sense. She also has this annoying (to the cats) tendency to grab one of them to cuddle with, which she doesn't realize is totally improper.
  • Tends to regard any active actress as a rival, often deriding them as talentless and not having what it takes to flourish in such an unforgiving business (although deep down, Norma is insecure that she'll always be passed over for a younger actress). She has a particularly ugly relationship with Eve Harrington, who's determined to have the spotlight to herself and has no compunctions about competing for the same roles as Norma, whose situation Eve only feels schadenfreude for. Knowing that Eve had a hand in destroying the career of another actress stresses Norma out considerably, and things sometimes get bad enough that Norma physically lashes out at Eve, who's not intimidated and sometimes pulls a Wounded Gazelle Gambit. A murder is expected to happen any time now.
  • Another actress, Mima Kirigoe, became terrified of Norma after hearing her story which hits a bit too close to home, as Mima had troubles with her manager, an aging ex-actress herself, feeling jealous of her fledgling charge to the point she convinced herself she was the real Mima, terrorized her and attempted to kill her. Norma herself pays very little attention to Mima, seeing her as meek and without personality and therefore not much of a threat to her own studied greatness. This doesn't really assuage Mima's fears as she worries about what Norma might be lead to do when/if Mima hits it big.
  • At some point the House of Theatre and Spectacle announced they were looking to adapt the Misery Chastain novels into film and Norma decided to lobby for the lead role. This was not welcomed at all by Loony Fan Annie Wilkes, who thought the aging and deranged Norma playing her favorite character ever would certainly turn the adaptation into a joke. Thus Annie started mailing death threats and other unpleasant things to Norma, who, to her credit, refused to be cowed. Sadly for Norma, she was refused the lead role because, among other concerns, she demanded that the film be a silent one so she could show everybody how a real actor works. Norma thought the real reason was that Annie blackmailed them into it, thus leading to a showdown between the two, which ended with the two permanently embittered against each other.
  • Norma reminded TAC-50, a T-Doll, of a caregiver Doll who was forced to pass for a famous opera singer by the original article herself, Passadou, who was forced to retire due to Lou Gehrig's disease but refused to let go of the spotlight. Eventually Passadou's mental state worsened and she blamed the Doll for stealing her fame, as well as her husband's love, despite that the Doll was operating under Passadou's orders. Passadou would kill both the Doll and her husband in a fit of insanity. TAC-50 decided to try telling all this to Norma to see if it would ring a bell and cause Norma to reform. A wasted effort, as Norma's delusions remain securely in place. Instead, Norma made to call the police to arrest the girl wielding an incredibly large firearm who had barged into her house. TAC-50 was left sad that Norma couldn't be changed by her story, but ultimately thinks she'll try to stop her from hurting anybody else after Gillis.
  • Even if she prefers acting to music, Norma accepted Metallica's invitation to sing the female parts of "The Memory Remains", as any part is good enough! Plus, she most likely thought the lyrics about a fading star did not apply to herself in the least, but, hey, any actress worth their salt should be able to reach out and play a role she personally has absolutely nothing in common with, right? It's just part of the job, after all.
  • "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!"