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Profession and Jobs

Jobs, careers, and work are a major factor in providing a vital source for society to function as well as a centerpiece in the creation, development, and withdrawal of money and cash. As a result, nearly everybody who comes to a certain age is obligated to take it up for themselves to find and start a job in a career that they either want to specialize in or whose skills and working facilities correlate best with what they were taught in college and university. And with an ever-increasing number of workers, also comes the corresponding increase of job opportunities and demands, all of which serve to create competition as well as further motivation for people to work harder in earning more for themselves.

The House of Jobs and Profession is the Pantheon's response in an attempt to create a centralized district that symbolizes, represents, and promotes the spirit and ethics of working for one's self. Being a celestial representative of that field, the House has dedicated itself to providing and showcasing every single possible job that can be offered to the common personnote , which is to say, there has been an establishment of hundreds of job centres in the House itself as well as some more in other Houses and locales in the Pantheon. This is to help create a connective hub where job applications and offers are recorded and archived as quickly and effectively as possible, as well as making sure each place manages to sustain a decent business operation that could allow each and every House to thrive on a financial perspective.

The House's main landmark as well as the main job center's headquarters is a building simply known as the Pantheon Universal Center of Jobs and Opportunities (short for PUCJO), where embassies, long-term events, and high business meetings are held on a yearly basis to discuss about the rate of jobs, income, and payments in the Pantheon and to assess whatever success, improvements, and changes that have occurred or can be implemented in the future. The PUCJO headquarters is among the largest buildings in the Pantheon with a massive width length ranging up to a mile as well as maintaining around 50 stories worth of heights. It is characterized by its slanted, yet practical design choice, as well as rows of flags and banners to reference different Houses and job careers.

This is one of the most practical and important Houses in the Pantheon for many reasons, the main one being that a lot of residents, mortals and deities alike, are reliant in finding and maintaining a job with which they could generate and manage their earnings to maintain their own livelihood in the new realm as well as hopefully scoring high enough to earn a job promotion in the Pantheon, which they would see as a blessing. The House of Jobs and Profession is also incredibly influential to the extent where it has ties to most other Houses simply because of its practicality compared to most of them, with the House of Commerce being its main collaborator and fundraiser. That said, due to the sheet size and scope the House has presented itself, work ethics here tend to be taken very seriously and managing each and every nook and cranny, as well as general maintenance for the House has proven itself to be a tough challenge, in spite of the importance to keep the overall environment and conditions clean and pristine.

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The Managers

    Bartz Klauser 
Bartz Klauser, God of the Job System (Butz, Warrior of Light, Mimic, the Wanderer)

    Leonardo da Vinci 
Leonardo da Vinci, God of Renaissance Men (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, The Renaissance Man, Caster, Rider, Ruler)
Arcade Rider 
  • Demigod (normally), Intermediate God (as a Servant)
  • Symbol: The Mona Lisa painting
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Good in the Fate version
  • Portfolio: Man of many talents, Can't focus on any of his work, Omnidisciplinary Scientist, famed painter of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, which is known for being parodied
  • Domains: Science, Math, Engineering, Invention, anatomist, painting, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, writer
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, The TMNT, Master of Chaldea, The Doctor, Mario, Dexter, Tony Stark, Batman, Tails, Ami Mizuno, Asami Sato, Jack and Annie
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Griffith, Goetia
  • Painter, scientist, architect, anatomist, inventor. He has many professions during the Renaissance era where art and science is reborn. While he may not be the first of these Renaissance Men, he is recognized as one of the greatest artists in history.
    • Because of his multiple disciplines, he resides as guardian of the House of Profession and is willing to aid those within the House of Craft, Health and Diseases, Knowledge, School, and Technology.
  • He's one of the Assassin's Order's prominent member in Italy and one of Ezio's closest allies, as he aided him in unlocking the secrets of Altair's Codex and providing some inventions that aided him.
  • To many surprise, he created many plans of inventions that wouldn't be invented for many years. Those include armored tanks, automatic machine guns, flying machines, parachutes, etc. However, since he only made plans on them and never tested them, it is unknown if they are practical in use.
    • However, when he was forced by the Borgia family to create war machines for their war efforts, he warned Ezio of creating a machine gun, naval cannon, an armored tank, and an advanced flying machine capable of dropping bombs. Ezio manage to claim them to destroy the Borgia's operation as well as destroying the weapons themselves to prevent further use.
  • He is rather inspired when he met Leonardo, whom was named after him by his master.
  • Some claimed that he was an alien because of his high intelligence and plans of inventions that wouldn't be invented for next hundred years. One claimed that he was seen still alive in the future and he hailed from a planet full of smart people, and he's the dumbest one.
  • He's friends with the Doctor when they were staying at Florence at one point.
  • He's happy to see that two of his paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, are remembered to this day, though he questioned why people are plagiarizing them.
  • He's believed to be one of the Servants, however, in that case, he is a woman because his painting, the Mona Lisa, represents the ideal beauty she pursued so she doesn't feel shameful of becoming that woman. But she is very greedy of wanting to sell the painting for a high price.
    • Although he doesn't mind becoming the Mona Lisa because he thinks it captures a perfect beauty.
    • Additionally, there exists a child variation of her in the Rider class. Created as a sort of backup body for by the adult in case she perished, while containing her memories, she's considered a different entity of her own, comparable to other alternate forms of Servants summoned in Chaldea. She was awakened after the adult da Vinci died at the Lostbelts incident, taking on her reins.
  • He's speculated to be gay because of one document of him getting into trouble. When Ezio once told him to not get distracted with pretty women when the Mona Lisa was still work in progress, he told him that woman "provide little distraction" to his work.
  • Good-aligned zombies volunteered to being dissected by Leonardo so that he and them could see why they are still animate despite being dead. He also want to dissect odd-bodies like one with four arms and wings to see how they function.
  • To answer people's questions, no, he did not leave behind clues of the Holy Grail in the Last Supper painting.
  • It is believed that he's Stewie Griffin's ancestor.
  • At one point in time, a clone of da Vinci was in Italy and due to him not having much longer to live, the clone tried to do an Assimilation Plot that would have him copy his mind onto that of the citizens of Italy. It failed due to Lupin III being there at the time. Da Vinci really wasn't happy when he learned about what the clone was trying to do.
  • Was delighted to find Jack and Annie in the Pantheon as he remembered the day that they arrived at his workshop and let him fly like a bird. Jack and Annie frequently visit his workshop to see his new inventions or to listen to one of his lectures.

    Nick Fury 
Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury, Divine Spymaster of the Pantheon (The One-Eyed Man, Patch, Scorpio, Nicky Boy | 616: Nick Fury Sr., Original Fury, Doyle, Man in the Mystery Mask, Gemini, Sgt. Fury, Agent A-1, The Man on The Wall, Mr. Anger, Mr. Ollen, Rudolf Valentino, The Unseen | Ultimate: Nick Fury Jr., Marcus Johnson, Modern Fury, 100% Red-Blooded Earth Man, Mr. Furry, Foxtrot, Chucky Furystein, Nathan Fitzgerald, Jacob Veech, The Spy, Son of a Bitch, The Most Paranoid and Dangerous Man on the Planet)
Fury Sr., The Earth-616 version
Fury Jr., The Ultimate/MCU version
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolios: Black-and-Gray Morality, Smoking Is Cool, Eyepatch of Power
  • Domains: Law, Cooperation, Espionage, Leadership, Defense
  • Followers: Paul Crocker, M, Jack Bristow, Mr. Waverly, the Order of Whispers
  • High Priest: The Master of Whispers
  • Heralds: Phil Coulson (MCU), his second-in-command Maria Hill, his son Nick Fury Jr., "Dum-Dum" Dugan and the Howling Commandos
  • Underling: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley
  • Rivals: Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: H.Y.D.R.A, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Ultron, Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro
  • Opposes: The Black Organization, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns
  • Opposed by: Amadeus Cho
  • Odd Friendship: Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Avatar: Samuel L. Jackson (MCU)
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Judge Dredd
  • Respects: Nico Yazawa of μ's
  • The ascension of Nick Fury was marked by the arrival of the Helicarrier No. 64, a massive flying aircraft that can house thousands of personnel as well as various equipment. The temple is helmed by an aging man with grey hair and a bald black man with the face of Samuel L. Jackson, both of whom use it as their base of operation alongside various S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
  • To the surprise of many, this is one spymaster that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty, in either incarnation. That puts him at an advantage over his followers. Tales of his adventures can be found in various comic books and movies, only overshadowed due to the many, many other badasses that populate his universe.
  • In case you're wondering, both the aging white man and the bald black man are Nick Fury. In fact, the black man is an alternate-universe counterpart of both the white man himself and his mixed-race son and successor. Because of this, many have begun asking if not outright assuming that black Fury is white Fury's son even in his own worlds, and it's not uncommon to hear the white one referred to as Fury Sr. and the black one be called Fury Jr. to differentiate them both in the Pantheon. One or the other tends to appear depending on the company they're expecting. Some deities may prefer one over the other, and due to the hectic nature of the Pantheon both are likely to be needed at once, which is probably why both decided to ascend. Both brought a herald to help sort out the paperwork, though Coulson and Hill have started to work with both their bosses.
  • Shortly after the ascension, the two met separately with various secret agents throughout the Pantheon. Whichever Fury appeared, all agreed to work with him to a varying degree. Some like James Bond work completely under him. Others like Kim Possible are given assignments but are not completely under his wing, treating it as a freelance occupation.
  • Their relationship with superheroes varied wildly over the years. Sometimes they're willing to work hand in hand with them. Other times one Fury or the other gets chided for trying to coerce them to do his dirty work. Once in the Pantheon, most superheroes have complied to work with the man.
  • Fury Sr. has still not forgiven Norman Osborn for the damage he had wrought during his time as Director of H.A.M.M.E.R. When criticised for his absence during that period, he scoffs it off, saying he was busy at the time.
  • The fact that HYDRA already has a presence in the Pantheon before they arrived was a troubling discovery. That puts the Furys at a disadvantage, as HYDRA has more experience exploiting the system. They hope to quickly close the gap, tracking their members down before exposing them.
  • HYDRA isn't the only evil organization Fury battles. S.H.I.E.L.D. also constantly butts heads with COBRA as well as former associates Baroness and Destro. They call for Duke whenever these villains are involved.
  • They were intrigued that there was a woman who had similar connections in the DC Universe. The only difference is that she sends criminals and villains to do the dirty work for her. It's not a tactic that they are comfortable with (Tony Stark pulled a similar stunt with disastrous results), but do acknowledge it has its advantages. Amanda Waller has no qualms over the arrival of S.H.I.E.L.D. ...just as long as they don't get in their way. Surprisingly, the trio work together more often they are comfortable with.
  • The Furys are on better terms with the mercenary Big Boss. FOXHOUND may be shady in its dealings with S.H.I.E.L.D, but he at least values his agents and the ideal of making the word a safer place. He's one of the first people to defend S.H.I.E.L.D on its actions. It took longer for Solid Snake to agree with this.
  • As a being who thinks no one should be above the law, Judge Dredd observes Fury's actions with disdain. The only reason he hasn't actively sought after the men is that they do just as good of a job catching bad guys as other members in the House of Justice.
  • Many were shocked to find out Fury wasn't even in consideration for the title God of Eyepatches. The Furys point out that as much of a badass as they are, they still don't compare to the historical feats Date Masamune has under his belt. The director may not be as excited for parties, but each is willing to hire Date for missions. As if that's scary enough, the three can be seen fighting together.
  • One of the oddest partnerships is Fury Sr.'s association with the Punisher. One would expect him to stay clear from such a loose cannon, but they have been able to set aside their differences. Few Badass Normal pairings put fear in villains' eyes than the duo of Nick Fury and the Punisher.
  • After his ascension, Fury Sr. told Xander not to call himself Sergeant Fury, just not to confuse anyone. A disappointed Xander complied, though he is still giddy about his ascension.
    • Neither does Nico on that matter. Still, rumors persist that the two spend their time watching the idol singers' dance routines.
  • Rumors have long persisted surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D and the wrestling group called The Shield: what connection do these "Hounds of Justice" have with the organization Fury runs? For what it's worth, Fury Jr. has told others to consider them a "rogue element", hinting that they are connected somehow but don't necessarily take orders from him.
    • After a recent series of incidents involving Hawkeye, Black Widow, the Hounds of Justice, and others stopping a human and drug trafficking cartel from rebooting its operations within the Pantheon, which led to Shield member Seth Rollins having one of his seats moved to a different house, the speculation regarding their association has only intensified.
    • With Reigns ailed by leukemia and Ambrose swiftly betraying Rollins, The Shield was considered disbanded. Fury was just glad to not be getting asked about them anymore. However, the questions resumed when Ambrose revealed Victoria Hand helped the trio come up with their Shield names as well as officially shed his to be Jon Moxley once again. Fury was incensed, instantly having Moxley brought to his office to confront him on his flippant carelessness, only to find himself giving up in exasperation when all he got back was this:
    Moxley: I quit. I'm done with The Shield. I don't care anymore.
    • Later, Reigns came back and got Moxley and Rollins to reconcile for one last ride before Mox left The WWE Universe for good. Fury was oddly both relieved (mostly Sr.) and irritated (mostly Jr.) at the same time. Since then, both Furys came to accept the Hounds doing their own thing... until things fell completely off the hinges. Rollins became hostile to anyone critical of the office in WWE and his response to a series of failures saw his lowkey savior complex escalate to cult leader levels, while Reigns entered a temporary pandemic exile only to completely flip his personality into a despotic tribal chief all for the sake of leading his family. Moxley, whose stories both Reigns and Rollins would contradict in the press, is ironically the only former Hound of Justice that either Fury is still willing to reach out to for any occasional help going forward.
  • They freaking hate the Black Organization, since he matched the description of their second-in-command, Rum. Has launched an internal investigation to make sure his agency has no hidden sleeper agents from the Organization.
  • Fury Jr. refuses to ask how he gained his eyepatch, only stating that he let someone they trust get too close, and it ended up with some scars. The more embarrassing answer is that he got too attached to adorable kitty cat that was actually a dangerous alien called a Flerken, and one too many chin scratches caused them to scratch his eye out in retaliation. And Flerken claws are tipped with poison that won't heal.

Ambiguous Rank

    The Grandmas 
The Grandmas, Divine Collective of Elderly Employees
An individual cranky Grandma
The many varieties of Grandmas
The Grandmas during the Grandmapocalypse 

  • Individuals vary from Quasideity to Demigod, currently Lesser Deities as a collective but Greater Deities during the Grandmapocalypse (Grandmatriarchs may be Overdeities)
  • Symbol: A rolling pin
  • Theme Song: grandmapocalypse
  • Alignment: True Neutral, the Grandmatriarchs have an incomprehensible morality
  • Portfolio: Grandmas That Produce Cookies In One Way Or Another, Varying From The Usual Granny To Antimatter Grandmas, Becoming Ruder To The Player Over Time, From Normal To Eldritch In The Grandmapocalypse, Mark The Game's Transition From Silliness To Scariness, Becoming Freaky Flesh Beings In The Grandmapocalypse
  • Domains: Elderly, Cookies, Workers, Crankiness, Otherness, False Harmlessness
  • Allies (when the Grandmapocalypse isn't active): Dolores Umbridge, Flo, Muriel and Eustace Bagge, Jane Marple, Iroh, Charlotte Linlin
  • Feared by: Courage, Rick Sanchez, Hansel and Gretel, Hat Kid, Santa Claus
  • Oppose: The Hedgies, Queen Vanessa
  • Opposed by: The Doki Doki Literature Club, ICEY
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Complicated Relationship with: The House of Childhood and Adolescence, (Insert Name Here)
  • Source of Interest to: The Sarkic Cults
  • Enemies: The Kids Next Door, Grandfather, SCP-682, Granny Goodness
  • As their Flavor Text would tell you, these are simply nice grannies that will bake you cookies. In fact, that's all they're hired to do, being paid in cookies for the sake of making more and more cookies. And as you access more methods of cookie production, you'll find more and more types of grandmas that will bring you more cookies in their own way. While they seem to accept their role in your goal of extremely expansive cookie production, though with much snarking, your goal to optimize cookie production will lead you to find out things about the Grandmas that you wish you never know. By the time you've begun to regret your decisions, the Grandmapocalypse has already begun.
  • The Pantheon was preparing for a big feast, and so some deities decided to go hire workers to produce the necessary food to fulfill the appetites of all the ravenous guests in the House of Food. Along the way, they found an application from some elder who wanted to work to bake cookies. The demand wasn't very high, so the application was accepted, and soon enough, a grandma would appear in the Pantheon to bake cookies. Then dozens more of them arrived. Then hundreds more. Soon the Pantheon was filled with a ton of elderly women who were producing cookies, whether by traditional baking, witchery, or by somehow hacking cookies in through digital means, the other deities didn't really mind at first, since millions of cookies were being produced for them. Given that all of these diligent workers were a granny, the grandmas were all allowed in the Pantheon holding the trope of Elder Employee.
  • The Grandmas have their own unique ways of producing cookies for the Pantheon aside from traditional baking. Some grannies grow cookies like they're crops, mine cookies, creating cookies with magic or transmutation, or by producing more grandmas to bake cookies if they're Metagrandmas. There are also the Cosmic Grandmas which produce cookies in incomprehensible ways, and Antigrandmas made of Antimatter that are mean and vomit cookies, both types creeping out various deities. All of the cookies they produce are edible with no significant side effects, which has made cookies a very accessible treat for the Pantheon.
    • In fact, all the cookies that the Grandmas make can grow to excessive proportions, which makes their cookies a target of many gluttons in the Pantheon. The massive amounts of cookies being one of the few things to satisfy their appetite, the Grandmas always manage to ensure that visitors of the House of Food never leave with an empty stomach (unless they can't eat cookies, then tough luck for them). That said, the Grandmas oddly see the Hedgies as pests, especially Hammy who loves eating their cookies, though the animals always get away with a ton of cookies anyway. It's confounding that they dislike the Hedgies given how they don't mind other gluttons eating their cookies, though some theorize that it's just a "grandma" thing to not like critters eating their food in the way your average urban citizen doesn't like seeing a raccoon eat through their trash.
  • At one point, Grandfather launched a devastating assault on several Houses in the Pantheon, turning thousands of victims into Senior Citizombies. Eventually, the spread reached the Grandmas, who would seemingly be easy targets since they're all already old ladies. Unfortunately for everyone, Grandfather's abilities would only lead to the uprising of the Grandmas' dark secret. When infected by Grandfather, instead of turning into Senior Citizombies, the Grandmas were initially angered, then gradually warped themselves into larger and larger monstrosities of flesh that only barely had resemblance of the grandmas they once were. Soon enough, Grandfather's forces were overwhelmed by large tendrils of flesh and dough that began to take over much of the Pantheon. In the chaos, the Kids Next Door managed to forcefully decommission Grandfather, though the spread of the Grandmas, now known as the Grandmapocalypse continued. Before it could get any worse, the Pantheon found out how to stop the Grandmapocalypse, performing an Elder Pledge that somehow reversed all the transformations the Grandmas went through, and like that, the Grandmas turned normal again. While the damage that the Grandmapocalypse caused was conveniently reversed, the Pantheon began to realize how much danger the Grandmas could pose when unchecked for.
    • Once Grandfather regained his memories, he was furious towards the Grandmas for not only ruining his conquest but by being elders that defied his enslavement. He tried to go after them again, but the GUAE warned him that the Grandmas seem to be the pawns of a greater force outside the Pantheon known as the Grandmatriarchs, with unknown amounts of power that may be out of his control, so Grandfather stays careful around them. Additionally, during the Grandmapocalypse, SCP-682 was also a victim that was almost absorbed by the expanding mass of flesh, getting trapped within a surge of grannies, but breaking out by force. The trauma of being attacked by eldritch grandmas haunts SCP-682 to this very day, and the two sides only have one thing to say about each other.
      Grandma: Absolutely disgusting.
  • The members of House of Childhood and Adolescence isn't too sure what to think of them. Certainly, they like the cookies they bring, but the grandmas themselves are worrying. Despite rumors about their connections to the Grandmatriarchs, some still try to be friendly to the Grandmas anyways, which they appreciate. The grannies have recommended the children to call them more often or to visit them once in a while, for it would make them happy, as they claim. Iroh has also approached the Grandmas by having a tea party (he provides the tea just in case) with them, which always ends well for the lot of them. Iroh's wondering if treating the elders a bit better would somehow make the Grandmatriarchs a bit more gentle, if not more friendly.
    • As for the Hall of Mothers, some are concerned of whether becoming a grandma would potentially make them part of the Grandmas somehow. Or even worse, become vulnerable to the Grandmatriarchs and potentially being part of the Grandmapocalypse itself. The fact that there are grandmas from other universes within the collective of grannies doesn't help. As for the grandmas originally in the Pantheon before the hundreds of Grandmas ascended, they've stated that they've never felt anything strange when the Grandmas ascended. However, the presence of the Grandmatriarchs concerns them even if they're not directly in the Pantheon.
  • Due to a rather traumatizing experience with Queen Vanessa, her spine chilled at hearing about the Grandmas who also had a reputation for being rather creepy elders to be near. The Grandmapocalypse itself was also something that Hat Kid witnessed from above on a floating island, which gave Hat Kid nightmares for days. Despite the temptation of delicious cookies, Hat Kid tries her best to keep away from them, which disgusts the Grandmas. When some learned about Queen Vanessa, an individual Grandma decided to visit her temple for a friendly conversation. One trip from the House of Life and Vitality later, the Grandmas have found Queen Vanessa to be far too unhinged and emotionally instable for them to tolerate.
  • According to the Grandmas, their main employer is (Insert Name Here), who they unhesitatingly work for at times, though they don't have a lot of nice things to say about them. To the surprise of many, the Grandmas have complained that INH has sold Grandmas for cookies from time to time, which is another mark on the list of the more immoral actions that INH has done. When asked if they want some form of retribution against INH, their only responses were vague but ominous remarks like "it'll all be over soon" and "we are not satiated". And yet, the Grandmas continue to bake cookies with little need for payment, though they'd appreciate INH visiting them more often.
    Grandma: It has betrayed us, the filthy little thing.
    • Their statements on INH have gotten them in much conflict with both the Doki Doki Literature Club and ICEY who have a particular attachment to INH. While they're aware that INH has varying morality, something like selling a grandma for currency is something they can't really sit well with. The Grandmas don't really care much for their opinions, and actually lament about the ways of young love when on the topic of those deities.
  • The KND themselves don't appreciate the presence of the Grandmas, seeing them as more antagonistic adults with a sinister agenda of their own. They also believe that they may have a relation to Grandma Stuffums, an adversary of theirs that used to be in the Pantheon. In particular, they believe the Grandmas were sent by Stuffums to fill up the stomachs of kids with cookies in her place. The Grandmas themselves don't think highly of the Kids Next Door, deeming them as rather annoying children that should learn to respect their elders more.
  • Rick Sanchez once visited a world full of greasy grandmas while being chased by the Council of Ricks. While the Grandmas here certainly aren't greasy, they still worry Rick, who believe the Grandmas are related to the Greasy Grandma World somehow. Their affable yet cranky nature doesn't really help dispel his paranoia, let alone the fact that some like the Cosmic Grandmas are fleshy abominations. Taking steps to avoid encounters with them, he's warned Marty that regardless of whether they offer cookies or not, that accepting any invitations from them will lead to dreadful consequences.
  • Jane Marple decided to investigate the Grandmas for the sake of understanding how they can initiate the Grandmapocalypse. Trying to not appear suspicious around them, she appeared as another friendly old lady who wanted to play bingo. The Grandmas complied to her request and brought her to a large bingo center in their temple to obviously play bingo. While not finding their behavior abnormal at all, during a break she found a secret within the bingo center, revealing that it was some research center for "Grandma cookie production maximizing", and one particular development stood out to her: At one point, the Grandmas were given some upgrade that boosted their production of cookies but also granting the Grandmas a Hive Mind of some sort. Deciding that it was evidence enough, she brought the info to other investigators to analyze, worrying some about how "normal" the Grandmas really are. After said investigation, Marple does occasionally visit them whenever she wants to take a break from investigating, relaxing among them out of her own interest, since the Grandmas are friendly though a bit annoying toward her, and harmless outside of the Grandmapocalypse.
  • When it comes to appeasing the Grandmatriarchs to prevent future Grandmapocalypses, the SCP Foundation has taken responsibility of managing the docility of the Grandmas. To them, the Grandmas are simply another SCP for them to handle and research, and hope to understand more about the Grandmatriarchs that the Grandmas are connected with. The SCP Foundation routinely goes through with an Elder Pledge, which involves "anti-aging cream, cookie batter mixed in the moonlight, and a live chicken", according to descriptions of the ritual. There's also the option of the Elder Covenant, which can permanently halt the return of the Grandmapocalypse until it is revoked by choice, but that involves sacrificing a human infant, which the Pantheon would rather not go with.
    • Another big reason that the SCP Foundation doesn't go through with the Elder Covenant is that it can be broken by a willing party, which would put said infant sacrifice to waste. Unfortunately for the SCP Foundation, the Sarkites, who all worship the prosperity of flesh over steel want the Grandmapocalypse to occur, having witnessed the flesh of the Grandmas spread throughout the Pantheon firsthand. They don't know if the Grandmatriarchs are related to the deities they worship, but at the very least, what they grant the Grandmas under them could grant much progression to their goals. Ever since the first Grandmapocalypse in the Pantheon occurred, human grandmothers have been considered sacred to them.
  • Charlotte Linlin sent some of her minions to gather some of the Grandmas to work for her, wanting more cookies to satisfy her Sweet Tooth appetite. To her surprise, the Grandmas joined her without any resistance, and simply went to work making tons of cookies. In fact, the only issue Big Mom has with them is that the Grandmas' cookie production can go out of control sometimes, but the surplus does help whenever Linlin's on one of her hunger pangs. It also helps that Linlin herself is a granny given that some of her many daughters have been mothers themselves, so they're on speaking terms as well. The Grandmas don't really care about Big Mom's own agendas, and just want to make cookies in peace, though they participate in Big Mom's parties whenever she decides to have one.
  • Eustace Bagge considers the Grandmas to be welcome company given their similar attitudes, though even the Grandmas find Eustace to be a bit too much for them at times. His wife, Muriel, on the other hand, gets along with them all of the time, and Muriel appreciates their visits, exchanging baked foods with each other. Courage, while glad they aren't hostile to his caretakers, dreads their presence, somehow seeing through their grand-motherly facade and knowing of the Eldritch Abomination within. And Courage hasn't even met the Altered Grandmas yet!
  • Squidward likes to whine about work with the Grandmas, both having a lot of complaints to give about their job, while continually performing their work all the same. The Grandmas in turn give him cookies to eat after conversations with each other are done, which Squidward found to be notably moist, not that's a problem given that he lives in Bikini Bottom all the time. Flo is another worker who serves food all of the time, who the Grandmas all like for her work attitude, admiring her as an ideal employee that the youth should see as an example. The Grandmas are also customers at her own restaurants from time to time, and they're patient customers, although occasionally the Grandmas pay Flo in cookies instead of money.
  • Hansel and Gretel were terrified of the Grandmas, believing that their production of mountains of cookies was too good to be true. What they've heard about the Grandmatriarchs only added to their worries, and neither did some of the witch grandmas among the masses of grannies. However, when they gave in to their temptations to eat up their cookies, they snuck in and feasted upon all the cookies they found. They were found out by the Grandmas, but were mostly friendly and let them walk about as they pleased, with occasional complaints of their rambunctious behavior. They eventually left after a grandma's random remark about "moist cookies" that creeped them out a little.
  • All the cookies in the Pantheon resulting from the Grandmas' work has brought up a necessary question: Got milk? The Grandmas just collectively shrugged at the question, stating that they don't manage the milk. When asked further about who does, one replied: "Doesn't this place have some Hall for cats? Go ask them." While it made sense that cats would have some relation to milk in their universe(s), the deities from the Hall of Felines not only have no response to the Grandmas but would really prefer not to think about them either.
  • While Santa Claus doesn't exclude the Grandmas from his duties, he keeps a special list of nice and naughty deeds done by all "Grandmakind" for good reasons. You certainly won't see him drop his guard when giving gifts to the Grandmas, with said Grandmas having varying reactions to mild annoyance or at worst, going on insanity-inducing rants that may or may not instigate the Grandmapocalypse early. The Grandmas are convinced that they've done nothing wrong to warrant suspicion from Santa, but Santa does see through them, and at times he wishes he didn't. Either way, their presence means more cookies for him when he's giving out presents, and that's unambiguously great for him.
  • To the disapproval of many, the Grandmas get along with Dolores Umbridge, even if it's not a particularly notable friendship. The Grandmas seem to overlook or ignore the more nasty actions that Umbridge has done to her students, or don't find it to be a big deal to them. Usually, they chatter with each other about how their days are going, or rambling about some problematic children. While Umbridge is concerned about their connection to the Grandmatriarchs, she's convinced that it's not a problem that she'll directly deal with in the future, so she tolerates the Grandmas in turn.
    • The actions of Granny Goodness are much more harder to ignore or justify, so even the Grandmas don't really like her. Granny Goodness doesn't view them too highly either, seeing them as more people to be enslaved under Darkseid's regime. However, she too is intimidated by the Grandmapocalypse, having been one of the victims of the Pantheon's first Grandmapocalypse, and getting absorbed by them in the process.
  • During the Grandmapocalypse, there were strange fleshy creatures called Wrinklers slithering about in the Pantheon. They notably feasted on every cookie they found, and never targeted humans or anything else aside from cookies for that matter. Once the Grandmapocalypse ended, they exploded into more cookies, so large piles of cookies would be found in random areas. Members of the House of Science want to find a way to replicate these Wrinklers, seeing them as good for cleaning up the leftovers of feasts and the many cookies produced by the grannies that get left everywhere, to ease up labor for the Pantheon's janitors.

"We're nice grandmas."

Not listed, but worth mentioning: The 300 Spartan soldiers under the command of Leonidas. WHAT IS THEIR PROFESSION!?!?

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