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Nature and Elements

Technically not a House, in the sense of everything being under one roof, although there are buildings in it. Visitors stumbling here often ask if this is the Pantheon's Garden. It isn't — they will know the glory of the Garden when they see it — but it's a forgivable mistake.

The House appears to be a vast cross-section of forests, oceans, deserts, mountains, valleys — all kinds of climates are in evidence, inhabited by all manner of plants, wild animals, minor wilderness spirits and a large variety of mons. For the most part they are pristine with only a few structures to mar the landscape. There are a few oddities, like the plain covered in fire spouts, the one where no light shines, and the clouds that can bear the weight of humans.

The Bestiary is contained within here, to make the place more survivable for visitors.

For the record, C. Montgomery Burns is banned from this House for his anti-environmental activities and his threats against the House in general. Nitros Oxide is also banned from this House for his wandering throughout the galaxy to turn planets into parking lots. And the same goes for the Grineer after their attempted siege to the House back when it was still merged with the House of Plants. Judging by the barking done by Councillor Vay Hek their campaign in the House isn't finished yet and have simply allocated their focus to other subjects of intetest. There's also been some talks about banning Lisa Simpson from here as well after she threw red paint all over Bianca for her supposed "animal cruelty" and has threatened to do the same to other Mon trainers for the same reasons.

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The Mediators of Nature

Avatar Aang, God of The Elements (The Avatar, The Last Airbender, Twinkletoes, Little Arrowhead, Kung-fu Action Jesus)
At age 40 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Airbender tattoos.
  • Theme: The Avatar Main Theme for when he gets started, the Ending variation for when he's fully realized.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kid Heroes, Unstoppable Rage, All-Loving Hero, Take a Third Option, Chosen Ones, Bald Mystic, Nice Guys You Shouldn't Enrage, The Elements, Instant Experts, Elemental Powers, Thou Shalt Not Kill, The Fettered, Mastery before Puberty, Not wanting to be the Avatar, Wise Beyond Their Years, Martial Pacifist
  • Domains: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit, Balance, Mercy, Peace
  • Followers: Elementalists of Tyria
  • Allies: Katara (his wife), Tenzin (his son), Appa and Momo, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Lin Beifong, Zuko (a Friendly Rival), Korra, Naga and Pabu, Asami Sato, Captain Planet, Haruto Soma, Spyro, Naruto Uzumaki, Toa Nuva, Commander Shepard, Theophrastus Bombastus Van Hohenheim, Edward and Alphonse Elric, Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist), Domino, Ling Yao, Gandalf
  • Enemies: Ozai, Azula, Zhao, Unalaq, Zaheer, Amon, Lucifer, YHVH, Ardyn Izunia, Cinder Fall, Father Homunculus, Envy
  • Respected by: All Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network and Disney Toon deities
  • Respects: Neo, Mega Man, X
  • Aang was the latest incarnation of the Avatar, the sole being that maintains balance between the nations of his world. Unfortunately, he was made a Human Popsicle when he tried to run away from his destiny. 100 years later, he returned, and upon his defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, earned a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being a Greater God at his most powerful, Aang is still relatively human nonetheless. He likes having fun, going to plays, chasing penguins and playing airball (which he introduced into the pantheon since all the flying gods could play on his level). Though he never likes to talk about his lost years.
  • After years of courtship and dating, he married Katara. They even had 3 kids; Eccentric normal Bumi (named after Aang's best friend), Smooth waterbending Kya (after Katara's mother), and stoic Airbender Tenzin. Sadly, while Aang loved all his children, as the only other Airbender on the planet, he showed some Parental Favoritism to his youngest son. Sometime after Tenzin was declared new head of the airbenders, Aang ascended to the pantheon full time, having existed for 180 or so years.
  • His successor, Korra, wants to know if she could one day replace him, though most of the Pantheon doubts it. Aang himself is supportive of Korra's continued growth, but privately considers that once you save the world, end a 100-year war, and can stand being with Captain Planet for more than a couple hours, it will definitely be hard shoes to fill.
    • Now that his spiritual connection to Korra via Raava has been shattered, he can no longer guide her due to being stuck in the Pantheon plane. That's the bad news. The good news is, this only made it all the sweeter when she ascended anyway and achieved a legacy all her own.
  • Shortly after his ascension, he witnessed the battles of Toku Base member Haruto Soma, also known as Kamen Rider Wizard, and was astonished at the fact that he was able to utilize all Four Elements like he did. He was intrigued by the Wizard Rings that Haruto used to bend the elements, and offered to train Haruto in Mastery of the Elements. However, Haruto politely declined, saying that there were others who were able to control all the Elements as well.
  • One of those people was Captain Planet. Aang often joins Captain Planet in making sure that pollution is confined. Or just because he's the only one who laughs at Captain Planet's puns. He also gets along well with Aquaman when he's in his Outrageous! mode.
  • There's an unspoken rule among the GUAG that whenever Aang is going into the Avatar State to give him extra protection. After what happened with Azula, they don't want to risk him losing this spot again.
  • Aang has shown an interest in Spyro’s ability to use various elemental breaths. He never thought other worlds would have their own Avatars, and non-human ones at that!
  • As a spirit of Balance in the world, he hates what Lucifer and YHVH have been trying to do to the Pantheon. He especially is saddened by what happened with Madoka, as he found her position as a Hope Bringer to be something he did a lot as well. As as result, he's thrown himself in with Cosmos for the Great Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • While he was initially quite pleased when Zaheer ascended, due to having another Airbender in the Pantheon, he changed his mind completely after Korra told him of his actions. He now views Zaheer as a disgrace to the Air Nomads, especially after he threatened to wipe out the Air Nation, finding him to be not so different from Sozin.
  • Often goes with Korra, Asami, and Katara to the House of Love on double dates. Sokka has been frozen in the house multiple times after attempting to sneak in to watch them.
  • Became fast friends with Asami after they met, due their to similar personalities, and balancing out their often more hot-headed lovers.
  • Despite having lived his whole life out, he is most often seen in his child form, since it was how he looked when he first ascended to the Pantheon and ended the war.
  • Was once taken away for a few hours from the Pantheon by Death of the Endless, who offered to allow him to travel to the Sunless Lands to meet up with and say goodbye to the Air Nomads. He apparently did so, and seemed more at peace afterwards.
  • Along with Korra, has attempted to talk Amon down from his philosophy of "equalizing" benders after he ascended. The two have had little success so far.
  • Became extremely uneasy when Azula reascended, due to her killing him once. He has been practicing his lightning redirection with Zuko as a result, as well as his firebending.
  • Upon discovering that the GUAC was planning to extract Vaatu from Korra, has been attempting to warn them about what Vaatu is really after would go against their goals of freedom. However, the ones who have heard either believe he is lying to protect Korra, or do not care.
  • Sometimes seen with the Toa Nuva, working out new ways of using his bending, whether for combat, or for fun, particularly Lewa, who he sees as a kindred spirit.
  • Has been working with Commander Shepard more after he, Shepard, and Korra discovered a universe where a female Shepard was the Avatar, to see if Shepard and their crew could also learn the bending arts. Due to secrecy, if any progress has been made, it is unknown at this point. The other Alliances are nevertheless taking caution given the power of bending and Shepard's status even without bending powers.
  • As a chosen one, he has high regards towards Neo for being the representative. Neo also has high regard for the Avatar, stating he might surpass him should he disappear.
  • Gets along well with Van Hohenheim and his sons the Elric brothers, bonding with Hohenheim over being the Last of His Kind and being friendly with all three for their absolute respect for human life and desire to forge new paths. Aside from Katara and the rest of his loved ones, Hohenheim is the one who most often sees his adult form in the Pantheon, as he likes speaking to the man as an equal. He was horrified to find out about the Elric brothers' attempt at human transmutation to bring back their mother and Hohenheim's wife Trisha, but was sympathetic to their loss and glad to know they learned their lesson on the matter.
    • That said, his first meeting with Edward was actually more hostile than one would expect. The alchemist had been in a very foul mood at the time, and he thought he had overheard Aang calling him little. It escalated into a brutal fight, but just as Aang activated the Avatar State, Katara and Alphonse broke the tension and calmed them both down.
    • However, footage of the battle was caught and sent to Wizard and Boomstick, in which they doctored it into one of their later episodes, which concluded in Aang's victory by way of Avatar State. When said "competitors" watched and realized it was an edited version of their first meeting, Aang was horrified at the idea that he could've done to Edward what he almost did to Ozai, although his real intentions were to repeat what he actually did to Ozai and then reverse it later. Either way, Ed had to admit he would've been screwed were it not for their friends breaking it up. Both of them despise the two hosts after that.
    • With the ascension of the Elrics and Hohenheim's old acquaintance Scar, he has another friend whose story resulted from Genocide Backfire. He's a bit miffed at the murderous vengeance Scar tried to undertake at first, but isn't too hard on him as there have been times where he himself almost succumbed to rage were it not for Katara. (Scar's still impressed that he didn't totally give in, though.) Between this and Scar's grumpy redemption, Aang sees elements of Katara, Zuko, and himself in the Ishvalan.
  • Due to his youthful bald appearance in the time he ascended to the Pantheon, some have likened him to a human version of Mega Man especially when in the Avatar State. While he respects the good-natured Blue Bomber and his successor X personally, being a fan of their desire for peace in spite of their fighting duties and prowess, he's not too keen on being blatantly compared to unambiguous androids.
  • Due to his penchant for games, he's taken to Duel Monsters easily. He currently uses three decks, a Koa'ki Meiru deck to represent his duties as the Avatar, a Gusto deck to represent his Airbender heritage and a Elemental HERO deck to represent his heroic nature.
  • He is very happy to see his friends, Appa and Momo, arrived in the Pantheon. After years away from his best friend before the war, he is very excited to fly with his sky bison again.
  • Ling Yao was introduced to him and Korra through Zuko and Greed after he ascended. He's an ambitious fellow, but he's also grounded, dependable, and loyal to his people. The Avatars also really appreciate the concept of alkahestry and the Dragon's Pulse, being able to relate more to it through their duties and especially their travels in the Spirit World.

Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun (Ōmikami, Ōkami, Ammy, Shiranui, Origin of All That is Good and Mother to Us All, Full-Throttle Ammy, The Shining Light, Kinmamon, The White Demon of Death, Snowy, The Master Unit, Gay Sun God [alongside Apollo])
Amaterasu in her humanoid form 
When she needs to kick some ass up-close 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Celestial Brush, backed up with the Mirror of Yata and Jewel of Yasakani
  • Theme Music: The Sun Rises (Orchestra, Retro Arrangement, Shiranui)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Time of Myths, Clapping of Believers, Götterdämmerung, Physical Goddesses, Queens Of All Cosmos, Combined Energy Attacks, Big Wolves, Gods MIA, Friends To All Living Things, Benevolent Light Users, The Good Sibling To Susano-o's Bad, Mirror of Yata, Leader of Her People, Top God, Battle Grace (even as a dog)
  • Domains: Sun, Healing, Animal, Purification, Life
  • Herald/Celestial Envoy: Issun
  • Followers: Pharaoh Man, MagiShine, Daggeron the Solaris Knight, Sun Boy, The Warriors of Sunlight
  • Allies: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Volcarona, Yukiko Amagi, Chikane and Himeko, Chibiterasu (her son), Chuggaaconroy, Utsuho Reiuji, Django, Solaire of Astora, Guan Yu, The King of All Cosmos
  • Rivals: Susano'o, Zeus, Odin
  • Enemies: Yami, Orochi, Yuuki Terumi, Fortinbras, King Ghidorah, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Mako Reizei (Ammy is the sun goddess, Mako wants to sleep), Nine the Phantom
  • Special Connection with: Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion
  • Amaterasu was the deity that at first took on the concept of Gods (Try not to think about it). and claimed the seat of both sun and moon, with her Celestial Brush and divine wolf form at hand. However, over time, people started noticing that the moon once did not belong to her (it formerly belonged to her brother Tsukuyomi). And thus while she amassed followers, there were plans to strike against her...
    • And that day arrived when suddenly, a Moon deity, Diana, who thought she did not deserve the Moon, launched an attack at her. While at first it would seem that she was countered by her rival, Leona, visiting Amaterasu at that time, it turned out to be a ruse, the real attack came from behind as Yuki Terumi, with his grudge of a certain Noodle Incident against her, backstabbed Amaterasu, stole her Tsumugari sword, passed it on Diana to overwhelm Leona while he continued to maul and mock at Amaterasu, now depowered greatly with the Moon leaving her, claiming that he won't be satisfied with just the loss of the Moon, he wants her obliterated for hurting his pride from the incident.
    • When all seemed lost, however, her messenger Issun arrived in a Moon Tribe-made UFO with Chibiterasu and told her something good: Beforehand, Amaterasu was invited to participate in the Battleground of the Gods and told to mold a humanoid form. Not only Issun bore the news that the form was ready to use, he also told the whole Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Mayan and Hindu Pantheon (at least the deities that has made it to the Pantheon) that Amaterasu is in dire need of help or else she wouldn't be able to participate. Everyone, including Zeus, Odin and even Ares, started channeling their wish and support so Amaterasu will not lose. As for Chibi, he had the duty of being Amaterasu's herald and keeping her seat occupied.
    • With the Gods' blessings, Amaterasu managed to push back Terumi a little just to assume a new humanoid form, armed with just a normal katana, but empowered her Jewel of Yasakani and Mirror of Yata further and began pushing back the duo, also helping Leona on the way. Upon witnessing this, Terumi ended up retreating, followed by Diana, claiming that their purpose is done. In the end, Amaterasu survived, but she lost her rule over the Moon, although it was not on Diana's hands yet. Even so, as long as there are people who needed her help, especially her followers, she will ensure that the sun, her sun, will rise to protect all that is good.
    • On another note, Chibiterasu had drawn the hearts of many during his time in the Pantheon that the Court decided to give him a seat as well; due to what he is and how he brings out the Cuteness Proximity in others, he was given the title of God of Puppies and thus promoted to a Pantheon god. Ammy couldn't be more proud of him.
  • Afterwards, Amaterasu gained the ability to switch forms between humanoid form and doggie form, though she tends to like appearing as a dog because people seem to be fond at that. In free time if she's in humanoid form, she really took her time to caress and take great care of Chibiterasu.
    • She also noted that this time around she started to sound like Vermillion, probably because those days Noel visited her and petted her as a dog, and somehow maybe sharing her troubles about lack of boobs and how everyone is bullying her, especially Terumi. It helps that Noel is essentially a part of her.
  • In dog form, she's often seen visiting the Bestiary, where none of the inhabitants, even the Catachan Devil and the Killer Rabbit, dare to attack her.
  • In spite of losing the moon power, Amaterasu still managed to gain the allegiance of both Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya, who tended to her home when she's away and in doggie form. Rumors speculate about how Chikane was kind of 'gang-pressed' by Himeko to stay.
  • Chuggaaconroy is a loyal ally of hers, because he loves her "art direction" as he puts it.
  • Volcarona has formed the Sun Quartet with Celestia, Utsuho Reiuji and Amaterasu to combat Yami and Nightmare Moon should they ever decide to keep the Pantheon in eternal night.
  • Sometimes goes for walkies with Haruhi and Kyon. Kyon's always the one who has to... ahem, clean up.
  • Toyosatomimi no Miko claims that she is a descendant of her. Ammy for the most part goes with it, knowing that all of the Japanese emperors had made that claim.
  • For her human form, she apparently took notes from what her brother Susano'o said about Guan Yu and modeled her ultimate strike as his old one and her human head a little based on another heavenly guardian Nu Wa.
    • And above all things, she values grace when it comes to combat. Even as a dog. You never ever see her pouncing at someone and then biting the hell out of her victim, it's too "barbaric" and "savage".
  • For some reason, Amaterasu has found a part-time job as a courier in the Battlefield of the Ancients, sometimes delivering items to heroes she's helping out. Some has expressed surprise that the Mother Of Us All would take such a lowly role in the battlefield, but maybe she's just not looking for such glory at the moment.
  • Has expressed her gratitude to Ragna the Bloodedge for everything Ragna did for her in his home reality, and continues to observe him ever sincenote . Ragna in turn has sworn to protect her from those who would either want to destroy her, or take her power for their own. She does feel bad about how she essentially made sure that Ragna, and just about everyone else, would never live a peaceful life. She listened to what Nine said, and understands that she's right.
  • Amaterasu has been recently investigating a phenomenon where some of her people, specifically those from the Sengoku Period, have been having cases of severely getting upgrades in evil. This investigation led her to the demon Fortinbras, and he made plans to ensure that this practice became widespread and mankind or the Pantheon would be nothing more than the nourishment for his kin, the Genma (first, just the people of Japan. Then, it'll be beyond that). Against an unrepentant evil being like that, Amaterasu swore that she will make the demon pay for messing with her people of the Land of Rising Sun. The dawn of a godly battle to decide the fate of Japan history is about to rise.

    Captain Planet 
Captain Planet, God of Nature (Our Hero)

Ambiguous Rank

    The Flood (Doctor Who
The Flood, Divine Collective Of Evil Water
A host of the Flood infection.
  • Rank: Varies depending on host (individual microbes are Quasideities, potential for Greater God-level infestation)
  • Symbol: The cracked skin and wet mouths of their victims
  • Theme Song: Fighting The Flood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A Deadly Infection Spread By Water, Demonic Possession, The Juggernaut, What They Do To Their Host's Face, Imprisoned In Ice Long Ago, Parasite Zombie
  • Domains: Viruses, Infections, Water, Possession
  • Interests: Babidi, Albert Wesker
  • Interested in: The Sea King
  • Covets: The House of Water and Moisture
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nurgle, Typhus, The Grox
  • Rivals: The Thing, The Pod People, The Flood(Halo), Phazon, The Vex
  • Enemies: Pretty much any being with water as part of their composition. High on the list are The Doctor, The SCP Foundation, The Men in Black, the House of Water and Moisture, The Imperium of Mankind, Zim, anyone from or associated with Mars like J'onn J'onnz, Marvin the Martians, The Mars People, The Martians (Mars Attacks), Amy Wong and Rei Hino, Ellen Ripley, those who've survived a zombie apocalypse like Rick Grimes, The Weather Trio, Percy Jackson, Rain, Chaos, Samus Aran, Rasputin Aquato
  • Dreads: The House of Ice and Cold
  • Long ago on Mars, the Ice Warriors had to contend with a viral outbreak that spreads via water. Known as the Flood, it turns its victims into a skin-cracked, zombie-like that spreads water and thus its infection. Imprisoned through being frozen in a glacier, the Flood was later released in the mid-21st century by human astronauts trying to get water for their base. And how they stopped it was a tragedy.
  • The Doctor dreaded them, in part because they remind him of one of his worst moments; the 10th Doctor breaking the laws of time and declaring himself Time Lord Victorious, all in a desperate need to stop the fixed point that was the death of the Bowie Base One crew. Captain Adelaine's suicide was what eventually snapped him out of it. The Flood barely speak, so fortunately they weren't in the mood. Instead, they were intrigued at what the House of Time and Temporality could do for spreading their infection.
  • The Flood desire to infest in anything water-related, so they count virtually all biological life as potential hosts. As such, they lack any real allies in the Trope Pantheon. Hearing they'd broken into the pantheon immediately set the House of Water and Moisture into panic mode, and has set up the strongest water filters around their temple. The Flood's first goal is to take control of the sub-house, and can only imagine what they might achieve hijacking Percy Jackson, Rain and Chaos.
  • They would love to take control of Kyogre's god-like power over the rain. This worries all three members of the Weather Trio, though for obvious reasons it's Groudon who the Flood is most concerned over. The Flood also really wants to hijack the Sea King, as the fact he becomes stronger in contact with water makes him an excellent host.
  • Because of how easy it could be spread, a number of gods have issued quarantines and warning systems while also developing an anti-microbial agent to fight off the Flood. The SCP Foundation have worked hard with the Men in Black to isolate the Flood. Death Is Cheap in the pantheon, but coming back from The Virus, not so much. Both the Imperium of Mankind and Ellen Ripley are trying to exterminate the virus that is the Flood.
  • Considered the biggest problem for its home of Mars. Good, evil or somewhere in between, Martians all over want to purge the infection from the universe. Well the Martians from Mars Attacks and Mars People initially considered weaponizing the Flood against the Earth, but that just gave the Flood more hosts. Many dread what might happen if they manage to infect the Martian Manhunter, assuming he can't just fight it off.
  • The Vex's presence on Mars, and having an infectious element through contact with their radiolarian fluid (something their technology shares) make them competition for the Flood. However they remain unconcerned with the Flood as they operate on a grander scale, being able to fully mechanize entire planets and having the ultimate goal of subverting all of existence. In fact, they've already succeeded many times before their universe's inception, and it only started to change when the powers of Light and Dark stepped in to fight each other.
  • Though they have no true allies, the Flood will work out of convenience with the Grox. The deal is that they may be spread by the Grox to habitable and watery worlds in exchange for running some errands, and as the Grox normally don't live off water this was tolerate. Normally being the key word; a few Grox worlds have liquid water, it's just the atmospheric pressure is too much for most life to handle. So there is potential for the Flood being problematic, it's just low on their list.
  • Because of their virulent spread, Albert Wesker wants to experiment on the Flood to create an agent passive to his will as part of his plans of domination. He's generally interested in their capabilities too. Babidi also wanted to use the Flood to control people, thinking he could get past the "strong-willed and/or pure-hearted are immune to his mind control" rule by using it on the Flood and then letting it spread for domination. For now their biology proves too alien for him to affect, and just like last time will undoubtedly learn that Evil Is Not a Toy.
  • They shouldn't be mistaken for the more well-known Flood infection, though they understand why people do given they're both dangerous parasite zombies. The Gravemind boasts superiority while also wondering if they're some mutation of the Flood, while the more literal Flood consider their namesake serious competition in terms of spreading themselves.
  • The Flood have also found themselves competing directly with the Pod People and the Thing in hopes of replacing/infecting people and finding human hosts. Well, it's not an infection in the Pod People's case, but the danger is similar enough that most people get why the two are rivals. Nobody knows what might happen if the Thing and the Flood infect each other, and nobody wants to know. The Flood boasts that it can deal with fire much easier, given its hosts can expel water as an attack. The Flood has also recognized they're similar to Phazon in its desire to spread and infect everything it can.
  • Though not a disease strictly speaking, the Flood's nature as a virulent infection makes them something Nurgle is proud of, and some even suspect they originated because the Great Unclean One contaminated Mars' water supply in a new way. The Flood appreciate this, however consider his pathogens and plagues potential competition. For now, they agree to work together to infect everything, then fight over who wins at the end.
  • Stays far away from the House of Ice and Cold, given how they were imprisoned in a glacier and can't be active in ice. Zim, being hurt by water, was extremely paranoid about the Flood. They've informed him that they have no interest in his Earth however, since the water there hurts him because it's polluted.

The Miser Brothers, the Gods of Self Explanatory Songs, come here often to help maintain control of the heat and cold within the Pantheon, as it is part of their jobs.