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Greater Gods

Demogorgon, the Unholy Spreader of Madness (Prince of Demons, The Deep Father, The Sibilant Beast, Master of the Spiraling Depths, The Imprisoned One)
  • Greater God.
  • Theme Music: This theme.
  • Symbol: The Symbol of Demogorgon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
  • Portfolio: Resistance to Magic, Desire to destroy all things in his way, Focusing on fighting fellow Demons and the Devils over anything else, Evil Is Bigger, Figurehead of an evil religion, Drives those to madness just by looking at him, Having two heads with distinct personalities, Ability to inflict strange effects on those he hits, Driving those around him into a state of rage, Having a vaguely ape like appearance, A lesser god of evil, Seeking to bring ruin to the material plane by twisting it, A Demon of the Abyss.
  • Domains: Insanity, Power, Slaughter, Madness, War, Chaos, Corruption.
  • Allies: Diablo, Molag Bal, The Joker, Kefka Palazzo, The Demons of Inferno.
  • Enemies: Drizzt Do'Urden, The Hawkins Party, The Grand United Alliance Of Good and Law, Jyggalag, Meridia, Alexandra Roivas, Doctor Stephen Strange, The Belmont's, Zafina, Sparda
  • Rivals: Orcus, The Shadow Monster, Sheogorath, The Forces of Chaos, Malebolgia, Fortinbras
  • Interested In: Delirium of the Endless, The Seven Mortal Sins.
  • Opposes: Satan (Shin Megami Tensei)
  • The exact origins of Demogoron remain mystery that few can understand. According to some, he was a mortal who found his way to the Abyss and was corrupted by it. Others claim he was a Primordial who, after the Abyss was formed was turned into one of the first Demons by its energies, wherein after fighting against many of the first Demons, he emerged as the strongest of the bunch. Regardless of how he came to be, Demororgon emerged from the origins of the Abyss and Demons as the Prince of Demons, and its most powerful creation.
  • His temple in the Pantheon can best be described as an Eldritch Location. Few have wandered into it for fear of whatever madness leaks from it, but those few who do are almost always permanently scared and become mad forever. Few mortals dare to ever approach his temple for fear of this, those who do only do so with the assurance of help from other powerful deities. Its rumored that inside his temple is a portal connecting to his layer of the Abyss, the Gaping Maw. Many heroes have hoped to one day assault his temple and drive him into said portal in the hopes that, once there, they can slay him and end his evil for good.
  • Demogorgon has two heads; Aameul is his left head, and Hethradiah is his right head. Both are insane and try to usurp power over the other. Despite them hating each other, they are able to work together, which makes it all the more frightening when they agree on something.
    • Do not call his heads Dingus and Dongus! Once he finds out whoever gave him such a name, expect there to be chaos in his wake!
  • On the rare occasion he leaves his temple, all hell breaks loose in the Pantheon. Like other Demon Lords, the longer he remains outside of the Abyss, the more the land transforms around him, meaning that unless defeated quickly, he'll warp the Pantheon itself. When he does leave, the Grand United Alliance of Good musters all their strongest and hearty warriors and pushes him back with all their might, fully aware that he will return and try again one day.
    • The threat of Demogorgon is such that members of the Grand United Alliance of Law are also willing to stand and oppose him, out of fear that his chaotic nature would disrupt the flow of the Pantheon itself.
  • Despite his desire for destruction, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction refused to include him among their ranks. As strong as he is, they recognized his madness would bring about chaos in their ranks, and Nekron does not want to include such a Wild Card that would probably attempt to overthrow him.
  • The Hawkins Party were terrified when they learned of his ascension, being big Dungeons & Dragons fans, they know exactly what kind of stuff he can bring to the table. Demogorgon finds them insignificant, as even with their knowledge, they are but ants to squash beneath his feet. He is interested in the being they called Demogorgon from their world, but only because he wants to kill it.
    • The Shadow Monster however earned his attention due to its attempts to influence their world. Its one of the few beings Demogorgon actually feels is a challenge to his power, and desires to slay it and use that hole left by it to continue destroying what he can.
  • His relationships with the Daedric Princes is complicated.
    • As a being of madness and chaos, Demogorgon sees Sheogorath as a rival to his power. While their types of madness are different (Sheogorath is more of the Mad God type while Demogorgon is more Axe-Crazy), their similarities are enough to where even the insane Daedric Prince recognizes how insane Demogorgon is.
    • Naturally, Jyggalag holds him in contempt and singled him out as one of his greatest foes in the Pantheon. While Demogorgon is more focused on fighting other foes, the threat of Jyggalag is enough to where if the Daedric Prince ever stepped forward to stop him, Demogorgon would prioritize him above all else.
    • Meridia also stands against him, though not for the same reasons as she does Orcus. Primarily, the reasons she opposes him is because he's too much of a threat.
    • Molag Bal is one of the few Daedric Princes to actually get along with Demogorgon, though calling them friends is a big stretch. The shared love of destruction and ruin makes them able to work well together, though neither fully trust the other.
  • The Joker was one of the few beings who seems almost immune to the maddening effects of Demogorgon, something that interests him greatly since the clown is stark mad as it is now. To that end, Demogorgon has attempts to convince the clown to enter into a pact with him in exchange for power, but the mad clown has no interest in his power, since if he had godlike power, it would be boring. For similar reasons, he has an interest in Kefka Palazzo.
  • The Delirium of the Endless is one of the few beings that actually confuses Demogorgon. She's a being of such raw chaos that even he, a being of chaos itself, has trouble understanding what her goals, motivations, and actions are for. His interest in her seems routed in wanting to corrupt her to his side, but few can tell given how insane both of them are.
  • The Forces of Chaos don't exactly like Demogorgon, seeing him as a rival to their power. Their one of the few groups Demogorgon would be willing to work alongside his fellow Demon Lords to overthrow, if only because he knows he couldn't defeat them all collectively.
  • There are a few mortals the Demogorgon has taken notice of.
    • He has not forgiven Drizzt Do'Urden for defeating him once. As such, he has sworn to track him down and slay Drizzt for his insolence.
    • Doctor Stephen Strange caught his attention because of his goal of safeguarding Earth from threats behind. Having not heard of Earth before, Demogorgon has kept an eye on the man in hopes of bringing him to madness and bring ruin to Earth.
    • Although he isn't a Vampire, The Belmont's have made sure to keep Demogorgon in their sight, as he presents such a threat to the world that needs to be stopped. Demogorgon is wary of them, as while they are simple men and women, their knowledge and their famous whip present a problem he would prefer be taken care of.
    • Zalfina hates Demogorgon, primarily reason being he reminds her of Azazel, the being who has possessed her. Demogorgon is interested in usurping control of her for himself.
    • Took an interest Shinji Ikari due to the potential the boy has in causing destruction if he should lose control of himself.
  • One of the only houses he seems to like going to is the House of Slaughter, mostly as an excuse to find things to destroy and bring ruin to.
  • Demogorgon was not happy to learn that Orcus had ascended before him. If not for the fact that Orcus was in another House, he would have gone over and punished him for daring to do so.
  • The House of Demons is a place that earns a good amount of Demogorgon's wrath. He can't stand Devils or Demons, and its one of the places where both are encountered.
    • Sparda and him hate each other. For Demogorgon, its mostly a case of seeing him as a threat and rival, but Sparda, having ascended beyond his kinds views, sees him a monster, and the worst of Demon kind. Its inevitable that a fight would breakout if they meet, but when is anyone's guess.
    • Malebolgia being one in charge of the hierarchy of Demons and Devils angered him. Not really because he did something to offend him, but because having someone else decide the ranks of the pantheon like that is something he feels he should control.
    • Fortinbras earned his wrath for daring to call himself the Lord of Demons. To do so is to challenge his status as the Prince of Demons, and like with many other Demons, Demogorgon wants him destroyed for such insolence.

    Kefka Palazzo 

”Life...dreams...hope...Where do they come from? And where do they go...? These things... I am going to destroy!”

Kefka Palazzo, God of Madness Born From Power (God of Magic, The Mad Mage, The Madcap)
His God of Magic Form 
  • Greater God, possibly an Overdeity. He used to be an Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: His Slasher Smile layered over his Tower, with his God Form floating above.
  • Theme Music: Dancing Mad when in battle. Otherwise, his personal theme, Metamorphosis, Catastrophe, and The Decisive Battle.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demented Evil Laughs, Monster Clowns, Absolute Evil, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Straw Nihilist, Power-Induced Wings, Ascension to Divinity, Deriving Joy from Evil, Light Is Not Good, Omnicidal Maniac, The Power of Hate, Fallen One/Heartless Angel, Having Four Phases, Nucking Futs, Created the Slave Crown, Killed All Espers except for Terra, Havoc Wing, Illusions, Killed General Leo, Laughably Evil, Hyperdrive, Trine, Meteor, Light of Judgement, Forsaken, Ultima, Lean and Mean, Reality Warper, Telekinesis, Created the Monsters in his tower and revived the Warring Triad from Petrification to serve him, World of Ruin, If he dies, so does magic, Hope Crusher, Loves the Sound of Screaming, The Sociopath, Hated by All
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Evil, Madness, Spite, Magic, Nihilism, Divinity, Power
  • Heralds: The Warring Triad (Demon, Fiend and Goddess)
  • Admires: Hajun
  • Allies: Lord Chaos (his “boss”), also has a love-hate relationship with The Joker, Hisoka, Ardyn Izunia, Agent Smith, The Light of Destruction, Dimentio, Dr Weil, Sergei, The Batman Who Laughs, Black Noir, Joker
  • Rivals: Sephiroth, and to a lesser extent, the other Warriors of Discord, Yuuki Terumi, Marx
  • Enemies: The Heroes of the World of Balance, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, all heroic Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros. deities, Spawn, Discord, Fused Zamasu, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Billy, Ronald McDonald, Emperor Calus, Klonoa, Lulu, The Smile Pretty Cures, The Splash Star Pretty Cures, Madoka Kaname, Lucifer, The Mane Six
  • Kefka Palazzo was the prototype for the Magitek Knight experiment, something that gave him great power. However, this came at the cost of his sanity, and has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous men in the Gestahlian Empire. The right-hand man of Emperor Gestahl, he would eventually betray him and assume power, and eventually taking the power of godhood while destabilizing the order of things. Not that he cares, and being driven further mad rains fire and death in the post-apocalyptic World of Ruin. A deranged psychopath, he reached the position of an evil god who seeks to destroy everything.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon thanks to Melkor, who was very interested in the Crapsack World that he managed to create, and the fact that he managed to win at some points definitely got his attention. Once he ascended, Kefka razed many villages to the ground with the Light of Judgement, incinerating their inhabitants, and made himself a new tower out of the remains and rubble, all while laughing. Since the Pantheon is a big place, it took a while for people to realize something was horribly wrong. It was only due to the massive rise of people returning to life in the House of Death and Postmortem that they knew something was amiss. Hearing about the rise of a giant tower, now filled with plenty of monsters and traps, a few deities bravely stormed it, only to be killed.
    • The events above prompted others to look into people from their home universe who could be responsible for this, ascended or not. Cosmos, however, knew full well who was behind the attacks. A terrible foe with power and depravity matching and possibly surpassing Lord Chaos, known as Kefka Palazzo. Traveling to the world he hailed from, Cosmos managed to find and ascend the Heroes of the World of Balance in order to combat him, also telling them that Kefka had come back, and that the fight against him hadn’t gone well so far. They arrived, and fought with Kefka once again. However, Kefka managed to escape, taunting them by saying they’ll see a lot more of him from now on before leaving.
  • Kefka Palazzo has a reputation for being an unrepentantly awful person. Many deities greatly fear him, and considering his crimes and power, they’re right to be afraid of the clown. He’s an absolutely awful person, and happens to be very proud of that fact. From his brainwashing of Terra, to poisoning of Doma, to Genocide of Espers, to tearing the world into ruin and ascending to divinity, to trying to destroy everything, he happens to be despised by most of the Pantheon for his crimes, and these aren’t even all of his deeds.
  • He has found himself being vehemently opposed by Madoka Kaname. This all stems to the fact that two of the deities he killed upon ascending and destroying villages were friends of hers. They were Kyoko Sakura and Mami Tomoe. Kefka, however, laughed at her and declared that he’d do it again and again, knowing it would hurt her mentally. His crimes and utter depravity have elevated him to becoming one of the few deities that Madoka actually hates, and Kefka sees the fact that she values hope so greatly as well as spreads it to be disgusting, and scoffed at her. What makes things worse between the two is that both of them ascended to divinity, but while Madoka helped people, Kefka drove the world to ruin and tried to destroy everything.
    Kefka Palazzo: "Hopes aren't worth DIRT! I'm going to destroy EVERYTHING!"
  • A Nihilist in the worst possible sense, Kefka wishes to destroy absolutely everything, creating a “monument to nonexistence.” He has found a kindred spirit in Agent Smith, and Kefka finds the whole “turning people into clones of him” shtick hilarious. However, his plans ended up gathering the interest of Nekron, who decided to seek him out and give him an invitation to join his alliance. Kefka accepted, and the mad clown plans to usurp Nekron after finding a way to steal his power when the time is right to become more powerful.
  • Holds no loyalty to his “superior”, Lord Chaos. In fact, Kefka plans to get rid of him and take control of his power and abilities. Also, he’s The Friend Nobody Likes to the other Final Fantasy Villains except for Ardyn and the unascended Cloud of Darkness. Ardyn and Kefka respect each other enough to be allies, and the former knows attempting to manipulate him for his own ends is a waste of time. He knows where that got Emperor Gestahl. Also, he has a sort of rivalry with Sephiroth, but he doesn’t mind. He sees Sephiroth as a “Momma’s Boy”, though a very dangerous one. However, he has manipulated Sephiroth in the Dissidia War before, and is willing to do so again if he wants to.
  • Has a pretty decent relationship with the Joker, but this became a bit strained when Kefka learned of the Batman Who Laughs. Kefka, despite knowing of the Emperor Joker incident, knows that the Batman Who Laughs’ transformation into the Darkest Knight and goals match his far better than Joker’s, but he and the Clown Prince of Crime are still in contact with each other. While initially disappointed that Laughs no longer has his Darkest Knight powers in the Pantheon, Kefka and him get along. Both are well aware that they’ll eventually betray the other, and the two have been preparing for that day. Given how much Joker hates and is disgusted by Laughs, he’s planning on helping Kefka knock him down once the day inevitably comes.
  • Kefka is universally hated by absolutely EVERYONE in his multiverse that’s isn’t allied with him. His Arch Enemies have very personal reasons for opposing him, especially Terra, Cyan, Celes and Strago. He’s also disliked by Cloud and Tifa for giving Sephiroth the idea to attack her. Hell, even Kuja hates him, and this is all because of the fact that Kefka’s screwed up some of his plans in the Dissidia War. However, he was surprised to find himself opposed by the heroic deities of the Super Mario Bros. multiverse, as well as Bowser. This is because that they had been menaced by a similar foe called Dimentio, who tried to conquer the multiverse, much like Kefka did to his world. He also attempted to destroy all of creation, and betrayed his superior like he did. As expected, they get along like a house on fire, but the God of Magic is more likely to set it ablaze than Dimentio.
  • Tends to visit the House of Hatred and Rancor every once in a while due to the amount of hate the place practically radiates. He has hit it off with Dr. Weil and found himself opposed by none other than Zamasu. Zamasu is disgusted that a mortal ascended to divinity by hijacking the power of Goddesses. Kefka, however, finds it funny to screw with the Mad Kai, and wants to obtain a similar form of immortality to that of what Zamasu possesses, an idea which caused most to shudder. He sees Kefka as one of the worst examples of what could happen if a mortal became a God. However, he and Weil have formed a sort of Villainous Friendship over their hatred of life and belief that ideals are worthless.
  • The Splash Star Pretty Cures find him similar to Gohyan in that he usurped his superior when they saw no more use for him, and happen to be absolutely insane. However, the Smile Pretty Cures dislike him even more than the Splash Stars, as he reminds them of Joker, both villains being maniacal, sadistic and sociopathic Hope Crushers who wants to destroy everything and happen to be both a Villainous Harlequin and a Monster Clown. Kefka, however, beats out Joker in the Nihilism department. Regardless, Joker and Kefka Palazzo have become allies, which didn’t sit well with the Smile Pretty Cures at all.
  • The Light of Destruction, an evil being made out of light, gave Kefka it’s approval, liking what he did to the world, as well as his Light of Judgement, due to the massive destruction and countless amount of death caused by these plans. Sergei loves his mass slaughter of Doma, the Espers and, when he ascended to divinity, most of his world‘s inhabitants. Also, he absolutely loves Hajun, but fortunately for all, an alliance between the two is likely never going to happen. This is because of Hajun being too self-centered to recognize anyone or anything else, no matter how much in common they have.
  • Is actively feared by Lord Tirek, who would normally want to take Kefka’s great power for himself with his Mana Drain. However, Kefka knew this, and landed both Fallen One and Havoc Wing on him when he first tried after an escape from his temple before he could do anything. This ended with Kefka killing Tirek with little effort, sending him straight to the House of Death and Postmortem. Tirek has refused to go near him since. He also finds the ponies that oppose him to be completely stupid, and when they kept talking about love, harmony and friendship during encounters with him, he scowled and responded with this.
  • His temple is an exact replica of his tower stationed in an uninhabited wasteland littered with monsters and enemies from his world, and good luck fighting him, letting alone making it through all of the dangers on the way to the Mad God without being killed. Kefka loves snuffing the life out of anybody he possibly can that enters his tower, and loves laughing and gloating about it to their loved ones and allies for kicks.
  • Plans on poisoning the Hall of Water and Moisture to repeat what he did to Doma on a larger scale for shits and giggles. This has earned him the ire of every deity there. As far as hatred goes, the only deities who are disliked more than him happen to be Zamasu and Terumi. Thankfully, Terumi’s ego prevented him from allying with Kefka. Though initially disappointed, Kefka does laugh at some of the things Terumi does, and will occasionally throw a wrench into his plans to screw with him.
"Life...DREAMS...hope...where do they come from, and where do they go...? NONE of that JUNK is enough to fulfill your HEARTS! DESTRUCTION! DESTRUCTION is what makes LIFE worth LIVING! Destroy, destroy, DESTROY! LET'S DESTROY EVERYTHING!"

Lesser Gods

    Micolash, Host of the Nightmare 
Alright, who's ne-

Kos, or some say Kosm, do you hear our prayers?

Micolash, The God Who Went Insane From The Truth (Host of the Nightmare)
  • Lesser God, though keeps insisting to be branded as Greater
  • Symbol: The Mensis Cage he wears.
  • Leitmotif: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: An extremely talkative scholar who spends most of the time babbling on the Great Ones, hosts a creepy smile, responsible for the Mensis Ritual, uses his spells and skeleton puppets, wears the Mensis Cage, can partially summon Ebrietas, fucking insane, chose to stay after knowing he is in a dream, actually dead in the first place
  • Domains: Insanity, Eldritch Knowledge, Sorcery, Truth, Rituals
  • Active Herald to: The Great Ones
  • Huge Admirer to: H.P. Lovecraft, the entire sub-House of Abominations except the Slender Man and Double
  • Rivals: Bill Cipher, Lunatic Cultist, The Radiance
  • Simiar Scenarios with: Sephiroth, Archaon the Everchosen
  • Enemies: The Hunter, Colette Brunel, Wilson, The Knight (Hollow Knight)
  • Intrigued with: Lady Maria, Mugen Yogoruma, the Ancestor, Hermaeus Mora, the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares
  • Opposed by: Cyrus Albright, Promestein
  • Banned from: The House of School and Knowledge
  • Yharnam, a bustling city with a Victorian-esque backdrop, one would enjoy the gothic architecture and cultures, but underneath all that glamorous looks lies a secret race of knowledge of the unknown. While the citizens are busy doing their usual days, other opportunistic people saw something far more... grandeur that is beyond the norms of common human understanding. Three organizations, working in tandem with each other, witnessed something within the Pthumeru labyrinths. The witnessing of such led a group of scholars to discover what was the source of all eldritch knowledge and eventually began the race to find the truth in all this eldritch understanding. The Healing Church, Yharnam's religious sect, began their research to control the power of the cosmos and kickstart the new evolution of humanity through blood ministration. The Choir, a more scientific sect of Yharnam, followed suit but was more into experimentation and were among the highest of all positions within the Healing Church, using orphanages as a source of research. And then, there was the School of Mensis. Originating from Byrgenwerth, the college responsible for the studying of such insight, this sect was working in collaboration with the two. However, there was a divide amongst the Choir and the School of Mensis as while the Choir was into scientific research, the School of Mensis was far more inhumane method-wise, often kidnapping unsuspecting citizens for their sake of harvesting their organs in order to fuel their rituals and were even openly hostile towards their other peers. When the Scourge of the Beast occurred within Yharnam, the School of Mensis were creating a blasphemous ritual, one that would entail the usage of an eldritch object, all formed by one member of the School would send their collective consciousness into a nightmare for the sake of an audience to a Great One.
    • When a person tries to gather as much eldritch knowledge as possible, it would be obvious that they would lose their minds. However, some may get the truth of the world they live in as well as the things they are trying to observe with little effects. In the case of extremism towards the latter, that is where Micolash, a scholar of Mensis falls into. Since the School are after eldritch knowledge of the highest degree, even far more than the Choir and the Healing Church, he is no different. After collecting what was left of the School of Mensis, as well as forced cooperation to those who disagreed with his methods evidenced by the cuffing of other scholars and even kidnapped citizens of Old Yharnam, he and the entire collective created a ritual that would gain them an audience towards the Great One Mergo. However, the artifact that Micolash used, a third of an umbilical cord, resulted to the entire crowd becoming stillbirth in ascension. This resulted in him being the only survivor and therefore, "Host" of the Nightmare of Mensis. And what did he get after such ritual? The realization that he is living in a dream all along.
  • Pantheon Denizens were not comfortable following the arrival of Micolash. When he was brought up within the Court of the Gods after a sudden ritual gone wrong that led to him ascending without the approval of the council, Micolash was incessantly harping of godhood and unknown beings. Ignoring his pleas, he was about to be cast off, until a sudden crash was heard within the House of School. To the shock of most deities, an unknown school appeared and with it were the frenzied inhabitants. Before security could arrive however, Micolash disappeared from capture and suddenly realized that he has links to this Nightmare. This forced them to call the Hunter to dispatch and kill him before any more damage had been done. To the fear of everyone, it turns out the scholar himself planned this ascension and brought with him his main place: The Nightmare of Mensis.
    • Those who observed the Great Ones heard a call from one of its own kin, Amygdala, which may have links towards Micolash. A possible explanation or perhaps link is that upon communication of a higher plane of existence, the Host of the Nightmare responded by ascending himself and the entire Nightmare of Mensis through the Mensis Ritual, an unholy ritual that resulted to the creation of the Nightmare. Eager to see his great beholders, the ritual succeeded and turned the heads of most Pantheon residents, realizing that the loon was commanded or perhaps convinced that his presence towards the subservient Great Ones were needed. With the forced installation of the Nightmare of Mensis, it became clear Micolash was not going anywhere, especially if it means serving them.
    • One question that is often pointed out is whether Micolash controls the entirety of the Nightmare, to which most would say no as his title "Host of the Nightmare" does not mean control, but rather, the title given to the person responsible for its creation so in a way, he is the owner but does not possess power over the dimension.
  • Eldritch Truth is one of the few things people are not interested in knowing unless you tempt them. Micolash, wanting more subjects to finish the Mensis Ritual, has tried his hand at kidnapping people left and right. Not much of a success but he has managed to capture a few citizens here and there. The experience was traumatizing for some of the survivors as the "temple" he brought them in, the Nightmare of Mensis, filled with eldritch phenomena unseen by most men. This includes a huge brain that will slowly drain your life as you proceed through the nightmare, unknown beings such as Winter Lanterns and even merged animals of different forms. What lies above the nightmare is perhaps the Great One he wanted to commune with, Mergo and above it as well is none other than Mergo's Wet Nurse.
    • Because of the Nightmare, many people have deterred most tourists not to visit it whatsoever as the risks of death are rather high. That did not stop unsuspecting visitors that were nearly got killed while traversing the House of Insanity after one went through the House of Insanity without a guide. This led to forced intervention through the SCP Foundation, where they immediately cordoned off all entrances to his temple. However, occasionally, the Foundation will still find incidents of people visiting his temple with no warning.
  • With the Hunter's intervention, Micolash has set to protect the Nightmare of Mensis in the opportunity that the Hunter tries to silence Mergo. Seeing that his commune may be in vain, he has set his eyes in defending the Nightmare to retain his commune towards the infant Great One. Meanwhile, the Hunter must deal with the scholar's necromancy and his spells, most notably an ability that allows him temporal access to Ebrietas and as well as a call to the beyond, the latter of which is far more devastating considering its' arcane power.
    • Meanwhile, his observation towards the Hunter lead to another Hunter under his observation: Lady Maria. Her presence has peaked his attention thanks to the Astral Clocktower being another entrance to the Great Ones' "temple" and that her role in protecting the Fishing Hamlet, which eventually leads to Kos' corpse. On the other hand, Maria is not amused with Micolash either, but his presence has haunted her of the reminder of Byrgenwerth and its atrocities. The other thing that Micolash has great interest about her is her not knowing that the place she resides in is also a dream, further implanting that for all things considered, Hunters have such 'beastly idiocy'.
    Micolash: (evil laugh) Ooh! Majestic! A hunter is a hunter, even in a dream.
  • The Micolash you see is not the same as you would think. Underneath that human shell is his mind possessed or at least, "given eyes" to a Great One. This may explain his hazy speech and nonsensical babblings that he mutters all throughout the House of Insanity so much that his sentences can be heard outside of his temple like an echo chamber. Despite this, he often appears in other people's temples such as Lovecraft's temple, and by extension the entire House of Abominations. An admirer of anything eldritch, he visits Lovecraft out of curiosity, asking every single question of anything cosmic, though it should be noted that Lovecraft sees even fear towards Micolash, as he sees his existence as a sign of those who expose themselves to such horrors.
    Lovecraft: You do know the essence of stopping, do you? Even for a single second?
    Micolash: Minds are like deep wells. Is there even such thing as a limit to one?
    Lovecraft: It seems your sense is long gone. There is something that controls you now. I ask, who are you really?
    Micolash: Who am I? Well, I am not sure. I have powers, a mind and knowledge of a Great One, yet hosting a body of beastly idiocy. So, no matter what form I am, I am still one with my inner curiosity. Be my judge.
    • Insight is perhaps the main driving force for him to continue his dedication the Great Ones and perhaps most beings of similar nature. However, some do not follow the same logic even with such Insight. This may explain why he has no capabilities to understand the Slender Man, as the entity's unknown origins makes it defy the logic of Insight, meaning the effects it does towards other humans still takes effect against him. The same can be said towards Double though it is more of the latter immediately engaging him before he could take a single step towards her.
  • The sudden summoning of the Nightmare of Mensis, coupled with his forced entry have deterred his presence into the House of School, seeing that the damage towards the entire House itself alongside the amount of time it took to get the entire sub-dimension out was massive. The most damning offense he has done towards the place however is that his presence may have sparked the presence of Insight towards the students, leaving most at a comatose state and others at such a frenzied state. Many deities especially the Men in Black took a large amount of time to clear out such knowledge from them and even then, such cannot be erased by a single Neuralyzer, let alone a large one. The House of School called the ban against Micolash for harming the students at such a mental state.
    • The House of Knowledge was not spared either. His knowledge made him sought a place where knowledge of any kind was placed, which the House certainly qualified. While inside however, many of the deities inside went insane after having a first glimpse of Insight. The effect was far more staggering than the House of School as it took both the SCP Foundation and the Men in Black to intervene and stop the madness. After cornering the mad scholar, he disappeared but not before leaving a single mark that has yet to be uncovered with the halls of the House. Fearing that another frenzy may occur, they have unanimously agreed to put a permanent restraining order on him to enter the two Houses. Despite this, that one mark within the House of Knowledge has yet to be discovered.
  • "Relationships" towards Micolash is more of a case of tolerance towards him not trying to attack anyone or able to withstand his zany speeches. Whatever the case is, few have tried to engage a normal conversation with him, but due to his obsession towards the Great Ones and the issue of his mind going further off the rails, it is rather a lost cause. A few eldritch-based deities may try to converse with him, if not with limited success.
    • Mugen formerly thought of Micolash as a rival of sorts, as his loony attitude and outlandish blabbering made her think he was just simply pretending, that was until she saw the truth of his behavior and his personality that his mind is "possessed" to a Great One or that in reality he is just experiencing a dream. They also have similar relations towards the beings they wish to serve although she has less tolerance towards him due to his constant moaning and referencing about the Great Ones. Despite this, she is one of the few who can handle his presence. However, only Micolash knows Mugen's true nature, and he was very much pleased upon hearing that she is a fragment of Yog-Sothoth.
    • Within the mess that was the incident regarding the House of Knowledge, what really sparked hell inside was his conversation with Bill Cipher. The two were constantly shifting topics about eldritch knowledge and attempted to contest each other by convincing others to join each side. It almost ended in a mini civil war that forced both him and Bill out but not before Micolash gave every single inhabitant a taste of Insight, including Bill himself. This, alongside his lack of tolerance for him not shutting up, earned his ire despite understanding a bit of eldritch truth.
      Micolash: Why so insistent? Oh, give this pour soul eyes. More eyes to see more knowledge. Grant us eyes, grant us eyes!
      Micolash: Grant us eyes, grant us eyes, grant us eyes.
      Bill: I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S BETTER AT KNOWLEDGE *Bill attempts at mind-controlling him, however it fails due to the presence of another being within his mind*
    • Even with his ramblings, one person has been rather accepting of Micolash's presence. The Ancestor was calm upon his first visit and subsequent visits later, his patience has not changed. He knows a thing or two about abominations in the same vein as him, although the Ancestor has a far firmer grasp towards the concept compared to the mad scholar, mainly because while Micolash may have the mind to have understood the Great Ones, the Ancestor is one himself, both in mind and body as a whole. Another thing he notes is how Micolash reminds him of the Prophet, a madman who rambled about his inner workings back when he was the heir of the estate. The difference between him and the scholar is that Micolash is fully aware of the Great Ones while the Prophet clearly was not prepared for what he had to say to him later.
      The Ancestor: The echoes of his mindless tittering reverberate maddeningly...
    • Scholars for the most part either hate or ignore him for good reasons. The School of Mensis in observation is inhumane for the most part. In Micolash's case he was responsible for his creation of the Mensis Ritual, and his manipulation of other scholars to complete the ritual. Some were even found chained to their chairs, as a sign of forced cooperation. Then came the ritual itself as Micolash may have killed the entire collective consciousness of the School of Mensis all because of a missing Third of an Umbilical Cord. This led to reputable scholars criticizing the flaws of the ritual and even his status as a "scholar". Wilson, seeing interest upon his state attempted to convince and mind control him as part of his experiment. Though when pitted with an even madder scholar, it would not end well, and it costed an unfortunate gaze upon his Insight. Thankfully, he resisted upon first meeting, but subsequent days would finally catch him and the Insight Micolash implanted on him would finally take a toll on his mental stability. Ultimately, he was forced to concede against him and has since avoided his presence.
  • There are very few people who, after seeing the truth of their lives, being sane after such discoveries. Perhaps it is why Micolash, Sephiroth and Archaon may have similar scenarios, although in the case of the latter two, both were hailed as heroes that eventually went mad at their destinies that it broke them and made them all into villains. Micolash however sees foolishness when it comes to "hero" or "villain" as what matters in his discovery is that humans, for all that is worth are nothing more, but smaller beings compared to the Great Ones and should achieve ascendance.
  • Many would say that knowledge of the unknown is perhaps what fuels researchers to discover and understand how the unthinkable works. In the world where Yharnam exists, this was an achievement, emphasis on that word, as having said thoughts are what lead to the creation of Insight, which allows people to see otherworldly beings and other phenomenon, some of which are clearly not meant to be known to a larger audience. Some scientists and even those of religious faith believe Micolash is a prime example of what happens when said truth ends up fabricating the reality they live in and in some cases they might actually be right on that aspect regarding Yharnam as a dream world]]. It was this reason why Cyrus Albright almost had second thoughts when it came to approaching him, considering a traveler like him believes knowledge of any type to be free and available for everyone, which Yharnam was intent on, though this backfired massively, showcasing that maybe some truths are better off forgotten.
    • Scientists by the likes of Promestein are also frustrated with some of the knowledge Yharnam has underneath all that architecture. While traversing the city may not be a great option for those inefficient in hunting, she believes Micolash to be a second source to extract whatever memories he may have, all to see how all the truths coincide. Unfortunately, that all would turn to waste upon seeing that in reality all his memories are so scrambled due to his insanity that it is nearly impossible to hear anything from him remotely sane. Another option for her is to surgically remove his brain but that would mean traversing through the Nightmare he resides and that is a daunting task.
    • And speaking of knowledge, one Daedric Prince, specifically Hermaeus Mora, took notice of his babbling and transcribed it to his understanding. To him, Micolash is music in his ears as his ramblings, sane or not, may have given him some new information on the Great Ones, especially since he is very interested with one Great One in particular Kos. While he may be banned in the House of Knowledge, a shadow casted by the prince still lingers within the Host of the Nightmare, listening to every word he speaks.
  • All his praising for eldritch deities were at a pause due to interruption from Lunatic Cultist, who equally sees great interest with the Great Ones. There can only be one herald though, which means both the cultist and the scholar cannot share seats for their eldritch idols. That does not mean both their idols hate each other however, if anything those chronicled by Lovecraft are amicable to their Yharnam counterparts. Still, only one can be the herald to their Great Gods.
  • The mentioned state of his mind is pretty much irrepairable for the most part, as whatever is left of Micolash' sanity is replaced by the entire truth gained from Insight. The Radiance was curious of this and tried to invade his "dream" though to anyone already familiar with the fact that Yharnam may be not as real as it looks. On the other hand, the Knight attempted to assist the scholar due to the Radiance's presence but that was thrown out of the window upon seeing that the effects the she had upon him were meaningless as his already insane mind would have never been affected by her plague. The Knight also heard of rumors of the Mensis Ritual, putting him under the watchlist for the bug knight.
  • Apparently the House of School and Knowledge were not the only affected houses, as another House has been claimed to the unfortunate implications of nightmares. The Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, curious about the so-called Nightmare that once loomed over the House of School, studied its existence and tracked it to the Unseen Village. While that happened however, terrible visions detailing the events that unfolded in the Mensis Ritual manifested within the House, strengthening Micolash and nearly merging said House with his temple. However, the presence of Rom thankfully stopped it all, negating all the effects. One has to wonder what really went down that ritual, only to consider otherwise just to retain whatever sanity is left in their minds.
  • For those who are curious as to how Micolash exists in a Nightmare who is also clearly observant of the dream world he lives in, it turns out that while he exists in the Nightmare of Mensis, the actual Micolash is dead to begin with. His corpse can be found within Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, where the ritual took place. Even the House of Knowledge was stumped to understand how Micolash still exists despite his physical form being rotten and even mummified.
  • "Grant us eyes, grant us eyes! Plant eyes on our brains to cleanse our beastly idiocy!"

    Mitsuko Souma 
Mitsuko Souma, Goddess of Rape-Induced Insanity (Student No.11, Daddy's Girl)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: The Magical Emily Ring
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Abusive Parents, Alpha Bitch, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Broken Cutie, Broken Bird, Dark Action Girl, Leader Of An All-Girl Gang, Fille Fatale, Ms. Fanservice, Girl with Psycho Weapon, Sexually Abused As A Child, Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful!, The Vamp
  • Domains: Sexual Abuse, Gangs, Murder, Schoolgirl, Trauma
  • Signature Weapon: The Harvesting Sickle
  • Heralds: Her all-female gang
  • Allies: Slaanesh, Casca
  • Opposes: The majority of Good Parents (and some of the bad ones) in the Pantheon.
  • Opposed by: Yui Ikari, Gendo Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami and Misato Katsuragi (due to Mitsuko's "interest" in Shinji Ikari), Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul (for Mitsuko's "interest: in Damian), Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage (for Mitsuko's 'interest' in Johnny)
  • Seen as a Fascinating Study by: Hannibal Lecter
  • Pitied by: Red Sonja, Kitana and Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Enemies Katniss Everdeen, Light Yagami, Saeko Busujima, Chris Yukine, Asuka Kazama, Karin Kanzuki, Sakura Kasugano, Lili Rochefort
  • Conflicting Opinion: on Komaru Naegi
  • Mitsuko Souma's ascension to the Pantheon came whilst she was participating in the Battle Royale Program from Slaanesh herself. The only catch was that she was to die in order to ascend to the Pantheon's House of Insanity. Fortunately for Mitsuko, Kazuo Kiriyama was up to the task. She woke up in front of the gates leading to the gates of the House in question.
  • There are several versions as to why she is so fucked in the head. One version had Mitsuko's mother allowing three men to rape Mitsuko in exchange for money (and tried to do it again), while another version had it only as one man who attempted to rape her and then the third version was that her mother did nothing when he stepfather raped her. In the end the sexual abuse not only damaged Mitsuko for life, but it led her to believe that 'touching makes it better.'
  • As her psychological profile states, she's so broken that she's locked in her personal hell and doesn't want to be helped.
  • She is a walking Honey Trap, which has earned her a respectable kill count in The Program, using her charms to lure her victims in. Once their guards are down, out comes the sickle. By that time, it's already too late. Her insanity is what gotten her recruited into the GUAE.
  • Mitsuko used to run an all-female gang when she was a mortal. One of her most infamous crimes was that she seduced a violent (and filthy rich) boxer and had drugged him, allowing her to rob him blind. When the boxer threatened Mitsuko, she dropped the bomb on him that he had sex with a minor. This triggered another hallucination from the drug, which led him to drive his car off a cliff. With her 'victim' silenced, Mitsuko went on a shopping spree with her crew.
    • She plans on doing the same thing with Johnny Cage. Only problem is that she has to go through his ex-wife and his daughter in order to do so.
  • Mitsuko really, really hates Katniss Everdeen. While the majority of those who had participated in The Program are followers of Katniss, Mitsuko is anything but, and would love nothing more than to drive her sickle into Katniss' skull.
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with both Shinji Ikari as he reminds her of Yuichiro Takiguchi. Similarly, there's also something about Light Yagami that bothers her, as he also sometimes reminds her of Shuya Nanahara.
  • Red Sonja absolutely pities her, as Mitsuko allowed her demons to consume her. What is even more shocking is that Kitana herself feels sorry for Mitsuko, due to the abuse she suffered. Even Deadpool pities her given the abuse she had suffered, and that is saying a lot, coming from him.
  • You know you're seriously screwed in the head when you creep out your fellow deities just from your smile alone. Yikes.
  • Hannibal Lecter has made the attempt to try and get inside her head. So far, nothing has come out of their sessions just yet...although Hannibal now has a hankering for sushi.
  • Mitsuko is of mixed opinion in regards to Komaru Naegi. The same can be said in regards to Kotoko Utsugi, only difference is that while Mitsuko has no qualms about butchering her fellow classmates in order to survive, Kotoko would rather kill off the adults.

    Shinji Ikari 
Shinji Ikari, God of Not Getting Any Mental Help (Third Child, Angel, That Idiot)
  • Lesser God (TV Series), Intermediate God (His "End" and "Rebuild" personas), Greater God (his "SRW" persona), Overdeity once he goes mad from the revelation
  • Theme Music: A Cruel Angel's Thesis, One Last Kiss by Hikaru Utada
  • Symbol: The NERV logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral or Neutral Good, verges on becoming just plain Chaotic as he becomes less and less sane (NGE). Full-fledge Neutral Good (Rebuild)
  • Portfolio: Butt Monkeys, Emo Teens, Postmodernism, Obtuse Religious Symbolism, Going apeshit on everyone after being pushed too far, Unstoppable Rage, Deus Angst Machina, Repeating a Mantra of Survival and/or Madness to Himself, The Atoner, Being a central pawn in the schemes of higher powers, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, All of the Other Reindeer, Finally got to Earn his Happy Ending
  • Domains: Chaos, Destiny, Destruction, Madness, Suffering, War, Regret, Atonement
  • Herald: Mari Makinami Illustrious (as of 3.0+1.0, his Implied Love Interest).
  • Allies: Misato Katsuragi, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu & Asuka Shikinami Langley, Kaworu Nagisa, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach, Geo Stelar, Kamille Bidan, Litchi Faye-Ling, Touka Kirishima, Epsilon, Clark Kent/Superman, Sho Marufuji, Naota Nandaba, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, The Vivid Team, Yuji Sakai, Inferno Cop, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Artanis, Whis, Hope Estheim, Ruby Rose.
  • Enemies: Nekron, Arael, Yuuki Terumi, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Conflicting Opinion: Haruhi Suzumiya (they buried the hatchet, though) Homura Akemi and Yui Ikari
  • Opposes: Gendo Ikari (his father, both of them has since reached an understanding at the end of 3.0+1.0), Tzeentch, any deity that brings destruction to the world, especially if it's through manipulation.
  • Odd Friendship: Jason Todd, Godzilla, Simon the Digger, Yukiteru Amano
  • Pitied by: Ryuko Matoi
  • Shinji is prophesied to bring about The End of the World as We Know It by summoning the avatar of Creator Breakdown to this world. He's not happy about this, but then, he's not happy about anything. If pushed too far, he might just snap and totally wale on everything.
  • Despite the misconception of Shinji being wimp, he does have his awesome moments. Unfortunately, more often then not, the aftermath leave things much worse then ever.
  • There has been certain alternate versions of Shinji that usually taken a level of Badassery and has effected Shinji in the pantheon. They were sadly erased thanks to Haruhi's Reset Button.
  • There's been a few deities who would be more than willing to hang out with and make him feel a bit better.
  • Despite his misgivings about life in general, he knows that one thing is for certain: he mustn't run away.
  • He may be timid, but don't piss him off. The results aren't pretty. And for the love of God (pick one), don't ever hurt Asuka or Rei, or he'll cause instrumentality.
  • Is believed by many to have once met a parallel version of himself on an extradimensional ghost train, a version that grew up to become the God-Emperor of Mankind (and an Overdeity, thereby). He grows distant when asked about it, though, and stops saying anything, so it's impossible to know for sure.
    • He did however started to pay some thought to the game after Asuka gave him a playset, he actually admited some newfound interest on it...
  • Once being the God of Psychosis and mental breakdowns, Shinji's own raw power dramatically increases the further he slides into madness, from being a mere Lesser God while sane, to being strong enough to topple Greater Gods and cause The End of the World as We Know It - at some times, even bordering on low-level Reality Warper - once he Goes Mad From The Revelation.
  • Similarly, being the God of mental breakdowns, he periodically changes between different versions of himself. His "Series" persona is usually depressed, but is also his second sanest persona. His "End" persona, however, is constantly on the brink of critical sanity failure, and is therefore tied for his most powerful persona, but is also the most volatile. His "Rebuild" persona is mid-way between the previous two in terms of mental cohesion, is tied with his "End" persona for the most powerful, and tied with his fourth version for most badass. His SRW persona is Shinji at his sanest, and tied with his "Rebuild" persona for most badass. Despite having almost no angst problems at all in this persona, he's still more powerful than his "Series" self, in large part to taking numerous levels in badass thanks to Bright Noa.
    • In fact, he was also responsible (alongside Bright) for snapping Kira Yamato out of his continuous crying.
  • He can also sympathize with Setsuko Ohara, as she is one of the few deities even more depressed than he is. If not for The Status Quo and Haruhi's trigger finger on the Reset Button, the two would hang out more and likely be good friends.
  • Some witnesses have stated that he often listens to Linkin Park songs in his SDAT Player, commonly when he is feeling depressed or thoughtful. This has resulted in him getting more then a few weird stares from people in the House of Music
  • Has been freed from Haruhi Suzamiya's constant use of the Reset Button after his mom, Yui Ikari, went on a rampage and destroyed it. She nearly killed Haruhi but was stopped by Shinji. Now many in the pantheon have thought twice about messing with Shinji if they don't want to deal with Yui-sama.
    • Shinji Kido, better known as Kamen Rider Ryuki, promised Haruhi to never toy with him again once the Reset Button is repaired.
  • Has very mix feelings about his mother adopting Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley(s). Considering his own confusing attraction to the two, it's understandable.
  • Most would think that things most deities won't let Shinji live down would-be dooming humanity. Nope, turns out they're pretty understandable with that since the poor child was being used since the beginning for this. The one thing they wont let him live down is him masturbating over Asuka's comatose body.
  • Found a kindred spirit in Litchi Faye-Ling for both are polarizing in their respective fandom for how they don't meet their expectations. Litchi has also notice that when Shinji speaks English, he sounds just like Arakune, which only makes her sympathize with the pilot even more.
    • However, their interaction has cause terrible rumors of the two. With Litchi being called a pedophile, and Shinji being called "mother humper".
  • Once ended up in a maids outfit. Many were confuse when they saw Shinji in it.
  • Seems that despite being free of the Reset Button (thanks to his mother Yui, and the new holder of it, Whis, being more responsible with it), Shinji is still suffering because his mother has joined Lucifer's GUAC while his father is in YHVH's GUAL while he is still in GUAG. Not only that but now Nekron wants Shinji to join, willfully or not, in his GUAD for the fact he caused Third Impact.
  • Has been seen hanging around Ryuko Matoi who feels bad for his crappy life that sort of mirrors her own, just the opposite extreme. Much like his friendship with Simon, he admires her courage and dedication. Ryuko, while disturbed by the thing with Asuka, also notes that he suffered like she and her sister. Furthermore, given what she dealt with when she was being brainwashed, she fully knows the pain of having parents used you.
  • Has gained a few Odd Friendship in the pantheon including Jason Todd, and Yukiteru Amano. But one of the weirdest is his friendship with Godzilla.
    • Also, despite the two are in the opposite spectrum of Badassery, he is friends with Simon the Digger. However, it becomes clear the two are opposing sides of the same coin: young men forced by circumstances into great fates. Shinji admires Simon for everything he does and deep down, makes Shinji reflect on what he could do different or what he could be. Simon meanwhile sees Shinji as someone with plenty of potential yet also reminiscent of the painfully shy and insecure boy he was once. He also views Shinji with worry whenever Shinji succumbs to his bursts of rage since it reminded him of when Simon was in his grief. Unlike Simon though, Shinji was in a far worse place and his determination being tied to his trauma is something that Simon is trying to separate.
  • He can be seen at times in the House of Food where he makes the meals for his NERV allies, most of the deities have approved of his skill in the kitchen.
  • Found out that certain deities have fights on which of his fellow EVA pilots he should be going with. Either one of the Asuka Langleys or Rei Ayanami or even Kaworu Nagisa. Amazingly, Shinji feels this the most normal problem he could have on choosing who to be with.
  • Gained a supporter in Epsilon who would defend Shinji if people called him a wuss. Both Shinji and Yui are very appreciative of the support.
  • He is now friends with Shirou Emiya with who he exchanges recipes and advice on how to deal with Tsunderes and irresponsible guardians, rumor has it that he is training under his wing.
  • He became even more depressed after the events of 3.33, ironically, with the destruction of the Reset Button, all of his actions became unerasable, with all the consequences that followed.
    • As of 3.0+1.0 he's possibly gained a new hope. Being allowed to grow up and bury the hatchet with his ogre of a father sure helped.
  • Was warned by Archer that should he become again a trigger of an Impact he would personally kill him, much to the concern and outrage of the Emiya household. He eventually amended that he felt genuinely sorry for his condition and wouldn't take pleasure of doing such thing, before he left he gave him some advice and a word of encouragement to stop him of considering making a pact with Alaya.
  • Freaked the fuck out when he heard of Inferno Cop's ascension, being reminded of the Third Impact when he heard of Third Destroy Finale. After much calming down, however, the two became friends.
  • After a short visit of a little AI, he was approached by Asuka Shikinami she gave him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while calling him out on his actions, he made no attempt of defending himself and was willing to let her finish the job, only to being on the receiving end of a hug, he eventually returned it and began to cry with her, not letting go of the other.
  • He visits the House of Music from time to time, be it to play the cello or the piano, it's one of the few moments he is able to smile.
  • He despises Tzeentch due to his manipulative ways and for the suffering he has caused; the fact that an aspect of him was his follower adds oil to the flames.
  • Asuka and him confused once the Hierarch of the Daelaam for their EVA units, however, that version of him was a Purifier bent on destroying biological life so they took their distance. Nevertheless, they are in good terms with the original Artanis, who they see as a benevolent counterpart to the angels.
  • Through his friendship with the Hierarch, he met James Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. Both have sympathy for him as they too were manipulated into causing the deaths of many innocents and feeling the need to atone for their sins.
  • He can perform a Combination Attack together with Asuka Langley Sohryu, though they needed to practice the last step.
  • He used to be allies with Misato Katsuragi, however it has become a one-sided alliance after Third Impact, now the commander of Wille has told him coldly straight that should he become a trigger again, she would kill him, when people ask him about his past friendship, he only can only say its all his fault. However, they eventually made up, with Misato apologizing for treating him so badly. Shinji, in turn, forgives her, with them now being close again.
  • Was surprised to find out that his own Tarot Motif is the card of Justice, which earned him the interest of some members of the eponymous house.
  • He met with Kyoko Sakura while visiting Asuka; although they had a rocky start, he quickly gained her favor after a brief conversation and a quick lunch.
    • This eventually put him in a tight spot with his redhead companion, who became more possessive of the lunches he makes her. And him, not that he notices.
  • Being a therapist (the representative deity of them, even), Frasier Crane has dedicated himself to helping Shinji get through his issues, no matter how long it takes.
  • “I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away...”


    Gregory and Paula Alquist Anton 
Gregory and Paula Alquist Anton, Dual Representatives of Gaslighting (Gregory: Sergis Bauer [his real name])
Gregory (left) and Paula (right)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Aunt Alice’s jewels
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Gregory), Neutral Good (Paula)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Abuse, Insanity, Manipulation
  • Heralds: Nancy, Miss Thwaites, Elizabeth, Brian Cameron
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pitied by: B.J. Blaskowicz (for Paula)
  • Paula Alquist is a young girl who lived with her aunt, a famous opera singer named Alice Alquist sometime during the Victorian London era. One day, the aunt is suddenly murdered and robbed by the mysterious Sergius Bauer, leaving Paula alone. Years later, while studying abroad for the ten years since the incident, she would meet a man named Gregory Anton (unaware of the fact that he’s actually Sergis), whom she would eventually marry. After returning to London, Paula began to notice strange goings-on: missing pictures, strange footsteps in the night, and gaslights that dim without being touched. It turns out that her husband had tormented her in order to send her to an asylum and obtain her aunt’s jewels. This situation brought the attention of Scotland Yard inspector Brian Cameron, who has known known Alice Alquist since his childhood; seeing Paula brought his interest in solving the case regarding Alice’s murder. After recovering her sanity, Paula would end up turning the tables as she psychologically tortured Gregory, now bound to a chair, tantalizing him with the suggestion that she might free him so he can escape arrest, trial, and execution, before calling in Cameron to arrest Gregory and take him away.
  • Upon reviewing their story, the Court of the Gods felt that they are a perfect fit to represent the Gaslighting trope, especially considering the fact that it named the trope in the first place, and it was a matter of time before the couple’s presence was brought to the court. Paula was understandably concerned with having to share the title with her husband given what she had to go through. At Paula’s request, Brian was also brought in as one of their Heralds, particularly to keep Gregory in check.
  • Paula’s experiences with Gregory led her to be sought out by other people who have had similar experiences. One person that she became allies with is Susy Hendrix, another woman who had experience being tormented by nefarious plotters. Paula admired Susy for being able to defend herself against Roat despite her blindness while Susy is happy that Paula was able to stand up against her abusive husband. The two swear to get behind each other’s back if another situation like this happens to either of them.
    • She did not expect a non-human animal like Simba to relate to her, but he ended up being another of her allies. Both left their homes when their parental figures were killed, traumatizing them, and only came back as adults. They thought the killers were trustworthy when in truth they were manipulating them psychologically for their own ends, but in the end managed to see them for what they are.
    • She also didn’t expect to ally herself with Linkara, who had his own experience with gaslighting as he recalled the time that Mechakara tried to gaslight him into suicide by making him think he was the father who abused and sacrificed his child for their dark god (the Magic Gun was that child). Adora and Catra also sympathize with her as they were reminded of being gaslit by the Shadow Weaver.
    • While B.J. Blaskowicz is not connected to gaslighting, his mother, Zofia, was a victim of abuse from his father, Rip, who only married her just to get her family's fortune. As such, he has shown sympathy towards Paula, seeing as she had to deal with an abusive husband.
  • Some people couldn’t help but compare Gregory to Uncle Charlie as they both have a preference towards strangulation when it comes to committing murder, altough their motives are different; Gregory is just greedy while Charlie thinks he's ridding the world of scum. Charlie and Gregory also seem to have intense feelings for their marks (the younger Charlie and Paula respectively). When Paula first encountered Uncle Charlie, she at first thought he was Detective Cameron, but it wasn’t until he attempted to strangle her that she realized otherwise. Fortunately, her own allies were also there to clear up this situation.
  • Paula’s experiences with Gregory led her to oppose most other gaslighters in the Pantheon, such as Mother Gothel (for her attempts to manipulate Rapunzel) and Thomas Wake (who was a gaslighter against Winslow). She also doesn’t like Akio Ohtori for being a domestic abuser, not helped by the fact that Gregory used to serve as Akio’s high priest before his ascension (and the fact that they seem to be on good terms with each other).
  • Paula was also approached by Alicia Huberman at one point as she understands her situation of being hurt by her husband's subtle manipulations (not to mention the two women sharing the same face), only in Alicia's case it was a far more physical kind of pain, and while Paula tortured Gregory in retaliation, Alicia simply left Sebastian given her love towards T.R. Devlin.
  • Given Paula was a victim of a very insidious brand of abuse at the hands of an evil man, the hacker Lisbeth Salander is interested in her safety and in making sure Gregory suffers, as men harming women is a big Berserk Button for her. So she met with Paula and made it clear that she could count on her help whenever Gregory showed even a sign of planning something against her. Despite Paula being quite taken aback with Lisbeth's appearance and manner, she was rather touched to find someone who took her plight so seriously and decided to take Lisbeth's offer up whenever the occasion arises.