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Greater Gods

    Flandre Scarlet 
Flandre Scarlet, Goddess of Being Locked Away Due to Being Unstable (Sister of the Devil)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A complex crest composed of her jeweled wings and her wand superposed over a rune circle.
  • Theme Song: "U.N. Owen Was Her?"
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but with a heavy leaning to Chaotic Neutral (many thinks she is Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Vampires, Weakpoint Destruction, Cheerful Creepy Child, No Social Skills, Immortal With a Child's Mind, Does Not Know Her Own Strength, Stronger Sibling, Bonus Boss, WAY Crazier in Fanworks, Ensemble Dark Horse
  • Domains: Vampirism, Children, Destruction
  • Allies: Remilia Scarlet (her sister), Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge, Hong Meiling, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame,
  • Enemies: Terumi Yuuki, Dracula, Dio Brando
  • Sparring Partner: Yellow Heart
  • Flandre Scarlet is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet. Like her sister, she has thrown away her ability to grow mentally and physically to gain eternal life. Unlike her sister, though, she has a hard time acting like anything else than a child. And combined with her inherent powers, she is really dangerous when unchecked. As such, she has spent most of her life stored away in the basement of Scarlet Devil Mansion, though she herself is fine with the arrangements.
  • Flandre has the power to destroy anything and everything. Or to be more specific, she has the ability to remove an object's tension point AKA it's "eye", pour her energy into it and then crush it in her hands, destroying the target. All she needs to do is go "squeeze" and the objects goes "kaboom". It can destroy entire meteors in one swoop and leave nothing behind from living creatures (including their blood, making her hard to hunt anything on her own terms).
  • She ascended into the Pantheon without anyone else from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, leaving her really lonely, but also really dangerous as she isn't good at talking to other people. And even when Meiling, Patchouli and Sakuya managed to ascend, the intervention of Dracula and Dio Brando made things hard for all of them to reunite, as they had captured Remilia, thus creating a gap between everyone. It wasn't until everyone and Seija Kijin decided to repel against the two vampires that Remilia was saved and the gap between everyone was bridged.
  • She used to been called "Ax-Crazy Badass Adorable Extraordinaire", but was dropped due to Remilia's request, with her saying that the rumours that her own sister is some insane maniac are completely false.
  • When Flandre had a moment to dwell in the Pantheon, she thought that her being amongst other "gods", it means she could go all out on people without worrying what might happen. As she soon found out, things aren't as simple. The first few "playmates" ended up getting seriously injured due of her actions, which she feels sorry about. While she is perfectly capable of accepting any Non-Lethal Warfare methods, she does wish that she would have a playmate who would either not die easily due of her raw power, or could recover from it. Even Ryouna says that she wouldn't make a good playmate, as she would break in seconds.
  • The SCP Foundation once tried to contain her due of finding her too dangerous. It failed miserably. Needless of say, the rest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion inhabitants were mad at what they were trying to do.
  • Some people have compared to her powers as being a long-ranged version of Killer Queen's power. Though she and Kira have never met before.
  • The rod she carries around is commonly called Laevateinn. Though whenever it is the real name of it is unknown. All that people know is that Flandre has a spell card with similar name that has her creating a giant Flaming Sword.
  • There has been a question on if she's one of strongest vampires in the Pantheon. The common idea is that she definitely ranks high up in terms of raw power, but the unrefined nature gives her problems and has undefined magical powers to properly rank her on that regards.

Intermediate Gods

    Kefka Palazzo 
Kefka Palazzo, God of Power-Induced Madness (The Mad Mage, The Madcap)

Lesser Gods

    Micolash, Host of the Nightmare 
Micolash, God of Insanity Gained From The Truth (Host of the Nightmare)
  • Leitmotif: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • Lesser God, though keeps insisting to be branded as Greater.
  • Symbol: The Mensis Cage he wears.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Talkative Loon, Necromancer, Creepy smile, Skilled in spell casting, Unskilled, but Strong, Can partially summon Ebrietas, Fucking Insane, Dead All Along, Chose to stay after knowing he is in a dream
  • Domains: Insanity, Eldritch Knowledge, Sorcery, Truth
  • Great Herald to: The Great Old Ones
  • Allies: The Old Gods (especially C'Thun), Cho'gall, Pontiff Sulyvahn, The Master
  • Huge Admirer to: H.P. Lovecraft, The entire House of Abominations minus the Slender Man, and probably even Double.
  • Rivals: Bill Cipher
  • Enemies: The Hunter, Yuuno Scarya, Colette Brunel, Mimori Togo, Wilson,
  • Intrigued with: Lady Maria, Mugen Yogoruma
  • Opposed by: Old Man Henderson and the House of School
  • When a person tries to gather as much eldritch knowledge as possible, it would be obvious that they would get crazy. However, some may get the truth of the world they live in as well as the things they are trying to observe. And then, there is Micolash, a scholar who not only took advantage of searching the Great Old Ones' power through heavy knowledge and manipulation of his colleagues, but willingly accepted the Old One's power that he embraced it, by allowing one Great One to posses his body. The exchange? the realization that he is living in a dream all along.
    • The title was formerly owned by The Master, someone who has felt the same way after constant time travelling around the cosmos. In return, the Master gave his post to Micolash, seeing his insanity to be worth his former throne.
  • The arrival of Micolash wasn't easy, as he was so obsessed with his place, The Nightmare of Mensis. Instead, he found the Pantheon, by the calls of The Great Old Ones, who communicated in his mind about the Pantheon. Eager to see his great beholders, he barged in and failed lots of times, until he decided to use his spells, necromancy powers and a small army of skeletons. The Hunter, who was called decided to confront him, fought him once more and won against the insane scholar.
    • Which wasn't enough as the Old Ones knew this, and teleported Micolash out of Mortal Realm. Along with him is the entire Nightmare of Mensis. The Hunter was not amused hearing this.
  • Known for babbling nonsensically throughtout the hallways of the House of Emotion, he's a very noisy person. It doesn't help that his temple (which is the aformentioned Nightmare of Mensis), is filled with noisy peons all around the facility. Many ideas from the House of Craft have plans of adding anti-noise gear while attempting to enter his temple.
  • With his mind being that of a Great One, he visits Lovecraft's temple, and by extension the entire House of Abominations. An admirer of anything eldritch, he goes on Lovecraft's temple, asking every single question of anything cosmic, though it should be noted that Lovecraft sees even fear towards Micolash, as he sees his existance as a sign of those who expose themselves to such horrors.
    Lovecraft: You do know the essence of stopping, do you?
    Micolash: Well, with a mind of a Great One, why would I stop when I would want more knowledge?
    Lovecraft: Have you have no sense of who you are?
    Micolash: Who am I? Well, I'm a Great One. I have powers, a mind and knowledge of one. So no matter what form I am, I am still one with my inner curiosity. (evil laughs)
    • However, even with such Insight, he cannot still comprehend the Slender Man, as the entity's unknown origins still makes Micolash dizzy. This makes the Slender Man the second Eldritch Abomination he cannot ally with. The other one is unfortunately Double, who attacked him out of spite.
  • Mugen formerly thought of Micolash as a rival of sorts. That was until she saw the truth of his behaviour and his personality. Thanks to their relations with their master great ones, they often collaborate and see if they can gather more followers for their worship. The only thing that bothers Mugen about him is his constant moaning and referencing about the Great Old ones in almost everywhere he goes. However, only Micolash knows Mugen's true nature, and he was very much pleased upon hearing that she is a fragment of Yog-Sothoth.
  • Among the other deities he met during his ascension were the Old Gods, who he mistook for Kos. Despite this, he has made a blood pact to ensure their allegiance.
    • Oddly enough, he likes C'Thun better than the rest. Not because of being oddly similar to one of his masters, but because he got intrigued with the clan and thousands of followers joining him. Plus, he loves starring in the huge eye of it.
    • With his interest, he also made a pact with Cho'gall to solidy his partnership with C'Thun and by extension, the Twilight Hammer Clan. After all, a huge clan equals a huge fellowship.
  • Often and largely targeted by Old Man Henderson for being almost as bad (maybe even worse than Lovecraft himself). Micolash isn't really on to the man himself, seeing him as nothing more than a petty speck of dust.
  • With his knowledge, he seeks the House of Knowledge. While inside however, many of the deities inside went insane after having a first glimpse of his so-called "knowledge". Thanks to this, he's given a restraining order on entering the House again.
    • What really sparked hell inside was his conversation with Bill Cipher. The two were constantly babbling about demonic and eldritch knowledge, and attempted to contest each other by convincing others to join each side. It almost ended in a mini civil war that forced both him and Bill out. Another thing that infuriates Bill over him is the fact that he can't even shut him up.
    Micolash: Why so insistent? Oh give this pour soul eyes. More eyes to see more knowledge. Grant us eyes, grant us eyes!
    Micolash: Grant us eyes, grant us eyes, grant us eyes.
    *attempts mind controlling him*
  • Most scholars around the Pantheon either hate or ignore him for good reasons. Namely, his creation of the Mensis Ritual, and his manipulation of other scholars to complete the ritual. Yuuno Scarya especially hates his guts, criticising the flaws of the ritual and even his status as "scholar".
    • However, things got more personal upon his accidental meeting with The Hero Club as his Madness Mantra easily reminded Mimori about her attempt to destroy the world after the realization that their war with the Vertex would never end. With the help of the other members, Mimori got better, but still has those memories due to her meeting with the mad scholar.
    • Wilson, seeing interest attempted to convince and mind control him as part of his experiment. It failed, and it almost costed The Scholar as he slowly got some of his Insight. Thankfully, he didn't succumb to it but has avoided him at all costs.
    • Despite the number of opposers of the same house, one scholar has somehow became allies with him. Pontiff Sulyvahn has great interest to him, seeing his Insight being a potential of new power. Doesn't help the Sulyvahn was a former scholar who rebelled the Lothric rule in his world.
  • Aside from the House of Knowledge, the House of School hates the guy. Not by his conditions, but that one time when he attempted to convert the entire School into the Nightmare of Mensis. This unfortunately made him banned from entering the house again.
  • Among those who he observes, he finds great interest of Lady Maria, not because of her presence, but her role in protecting the Fishing Hamlet, and even Kos' corpse. On the other hand, Maria isn't amused with Micolash either, but his presence has haunted her of the reminder of Byrgenwerth and its atrocities. The other thing that Micolash has great interest about her is her not knowing that the place she resides in is also a dream.
    Maria: Oh please, I have no interests or plans for you.
    Micolash: Are you sure, do you feel... different?
    Maria: For such an eldritch scholar, you really are odd.
    Micolash: (evil laugh) Ooh! Majestic! A hunter is a hunter, even in a dream.
  • For those who are wondering if Micolash is dead or actually alive, yes. He is dead, Dead All Along. Apparently his corpse is found on the Mortal Realm, making many theorists, mostly on the House of Knowledge confused as how Micolash still exists, except that his real body is dead..
  • "Ah, Kos... Or some say, Kosm... Do you hear our prayers?"

    Mitsuko Souma 
Mitsuko Souma, Goddess of Rape-Induced Insanity (Student No.11, Daddy's Girl)

    Doctor Neo Cortex 
Doctor Neo Cortex, The God That Was Called Mad (N. Cortex, Doctor Neo Periwinkle Cortex, Bighead)

    Shinji Ikari 
Shinji Ikari, God of Not Getting Any Mental Help (Third Child, Angel, That Idiot)
  • Lesser God (TV Series), Intermediate God (His "End" and "Rebuild" personas), Greater God (his "SRW" persona), Overdeity once he Goes Mad From The Revelation.
  • Theme Music: A Cruel Angel's Thesis
  • Symbol: The NERV logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral or Neutral Good, verges on becoming just plain Chaotic as he becomes less and less sane.
  • Portfolio: Butt Monkeys, Emo Teens, Postmodernism, Obtuse Religious Symbolism, Going apeshit on everyone after being pushed too far, Unstoppable Rage, Deus Angst Machina, Repeating a Mantra of Survival and/or Madness to Himself, The Atoner, Being a central pawn in the schemes of higher powers, Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, All of the Other Reindeer
  • Domains: Chaos, Destiny, Destruction, Madness, Suffering, War, Regret, Atonement
  • Allies: Kaworu Nagisa, Utena Tenjou, Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach, Geo Stelar, Kamille Bidan, Litchi Faye-Ling, Touka Kirishima, Epsilon, Clark Kent/Superman, Sho Marufuji, Naota Nandaba, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Sakura Matou, The Vivid Team, Yuji Sakai, Shana, Inferno Cop, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Artanis, Misato Katsuragi (as of 3,33 one-sided?), Whis, Hope Estheim.
  • Enemies: Nekron, Arael, Yuuki Terumi, Ryoma Sengoku
  • Conflicting Opinion: Haruhi Suzumiya (they buried the hatchet, though) Homura Akemi and Yui Ikari
  • Opposes: Gendo Ikari, Tzeentch, any deity that brings destruction to the world, especially if it's through manipulation.
  • Odd Friendship: Jason Todd, Godzilla, Simon the Digger, Yukiteru Amano
  • Pitied by: Ryuko Matoi
  • Shinji is prophesied to bring about The End of the World as We Know It by summoning the avatar of Creator Breakdown to this world. He's not happy about this, but then, he's not happy about anything. If pushed too far, he might just snap and totally wale on everything.
  • Despite the misconception of Shinji being wimp, he does have his awesome moments. Unfortunately, more often then not, the aftermath leave things much worse then ever.
  • There has been certain alternate versions of Shinji that usually taken a level of Badassery and has effected Shinji in the pantheon. They were sadly erased thanks to Haruhi's Reset Button.
  • There's been a few deities who would be more than willing to hang out with and make him feel a bit better. As with the above, however, such periods of relative happiness for him are all too short, thanks to O-Haruhi-sama's tendency to press the Reset Button.
  • Despite his misgivings about life in general, he knows that one thing is for certain: he mustn't run away.
  • He may be timid, but don't piss him off. The results aren't pretty. And for the love of God (pick one), don't ever hurt Asuka or Rei, or he'll cause instrumentality.
  • Is the equal and opposite force to Simon, God of Drills. No hatred exists between them, but the results of Shinji's EMO and Simon's pure GAR fighting against each other could wipe out all of existence.
  • Is believed by many to have once met a parallel version of himself on an extradimensional ghost train, a version that grew up to become the God-Emperor of Mankind (and an Overdeity, thereby). He grows distant when asked about it, though, and stops saying anything, so it's impossible to know for sure.
    • He did however started to pay some thought to the game after Asuka gave him a playset, he actually admited some newfound interest on it...
  • Once being the God of Psychosis and mental breakdowns, Shinji's own raw power dramatically increases the further he slides into madness, from being a mere Lesser God while sane, to being strong enough to topple Greater Gods and cause The End of the World as We Know It - at some times, even bordering on low-level Reality Warper - once he Goes Mad From The Revelation.
  • Similarly, being the God of mental breakdowns, he periodically changes between different versions of himself. His "Series" persona is usually depressed, but is also his second sanest persona. His "End" persona, however, is constantly on the brink of critical sanity failure, and is therefore tied for his most powerful persona, but is also the most volatile. His "Rebuild" persona is mid-way between the previous two in terms of mental cohesion, is tied with his "End" persona for the most powerful, and tied with his fourth version for most badass. His SRW persona is Shinji at his sanest, and tied with his "Rebuild" persona for most badass. Despite having almost no angst problems at all in this persona, he's still more powerful than his "Series" self, in large part to taking numerous levels in badass thanks to Bright Noa.
    • In fact, he was also responsible (alongside Bright) for snapping Kira Yamato out of his continuous crying.
  • He can also sympathize with Setsuko Ohara, as she is one of the few deities even more depressed than he is. If not for The Status Quo and Haruhi's trigger finger on the Reset Button, the two would hang out more and likely be good friends.
  • Some witnesses have stated that he often listens to Linkin Park songs in his SDAT Player, commonly when he is feeling depressed or thoughtful. This has resulted in him getting more then a few weird stares from people in the House of Music
  • Has been freed from Haruhi Suzamiya's constant use of the Reset Button after his mom, Yui Ikari, went on a rampage and destroyed it. She nearly killed Haruhi but was stopped by Shinji. Now many in the pantheon have thought twice about messing with Shinji if they don't want to deal with Yui-sama.
    • Shinji Kido, better known as Kamen Rider Ryuki, promised Haruhi to never toy with him again once the Reset Button is repaired.
  • Has very mix feelings about his mother adopting Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley(s). Considering his own confusing attraction to the two, it's understandable.
  • Most would think that things most deities won't let Shinji live down would-be dooming humanity. Nope, turns out they're pretty understandable with that since the poor child was being used since the beginning for this. The one thing they wont let him live down is him masturbating over Asuka's comatose body.
  • Found a kindred spirit in Litchi Faye-Ling for both are polarizing in their respective fandom for how they don't meet their expectations. Litchi has also notice that when Shinji speaks English, he sounds just like Arakune, which only makes her sympathize with the pilot even more.
    • However, their interaction has cause terrible rumors of the two. With Litchi being called a pedophile, and Shinji being called "mother humper".
  • Once ended up in a maids outfit. Many were confuse when they saw Shinji in it.
  • Seems that despite being free of the Reset Button (thanks to his mother Yui, and the new holder of it, Whis, being more responsible with it), Shinji is still suffering because his mother has joined Lucifer's GUAC while his father is in YHVH's GUAL while he is still in GUAG. Not only that but now Nekron wants Shinji to join, willfully or not, in his GUAD for the fact he caused Third Impact.
  • Has been seen hanging around Ryuko Matoi who feels bad for his crappy life that sort of mirrors her own, just the opposite extreme. Much like his friendship with Simon, he admires her courage and dedication. Ryuko, while disturbed by the thing with Asuka, also notes that he suffered like she and her sister. Furthermore, given what she dealt with when she was being brainwashed, she fully knows the pain of having parents used you.
  • Has gained a few Odd Friendship in the pantheon including Jason Todd, and Yukiteru Amano. But one of the weirdest is his friendship with Godzilla.
    • Also, despite the two are in the opposite spectrum of Badassery, he is friends with Simon the Digger. However, it becomes clear the two are opposing sides of the same coin: young men forced by circumstances into great fates. Shinji admires Simon for everything he does and deep down, makes Shinji reflect on what he could do different or what he could be. Simon meanwhile sees Shinji as someone with plenty of potential yet also reminiscent of the painfully shy and insecure boy he was once. He also views Shinji with worry whenever Shinji succumbs to his bursts of rage since it reminded him of when Simon was in his grief. Unlike Simon though, Shinji was in a far worse place and his determination being tied to his trauma is something that Simon is trying to separate.
  • He can be seen at times in the House of Food where he makes the meals for his NERV allies, most of the deities have approved of his skill in the kitchen.
  • Found out that certain deities have fights on which of his fellow EVA pilots he should be going with. Either one of the Asuka Langleys or Rei Ayanami or even Kaoru Nagisa. Amazingly, Shinji feels this the most normal problem he could have on choosing who to be with.
  • Gained a supporter in Epsilon who would defend Shinji if people called him a wuss. Both Shinji and Yui are very appreciative of the support.
  • He is now friends with Shirou Emiya with who he exchanges recipes and advice on how to deal with Tsunderes and irresponsible guardians, rumor has it that he is training under his wing.
  • He became even more depressed after the events of 3.33, ironically, with the destruction of the Reset Button, all of his actions became unerasable, with all the consequences that followed.
  • Was warned by Archer that should he become again a trigger of an Impact he would personally kill him, much to the concern and outrage of the Emiya household. He eventually amended that he felt genuinely sorry for his condition and wouldn't take pleasure of doing such thing, before he left he gave him some advice and a word of encouragement to stop him of considering making a pact with Alaya.
  • Freaked the fuck out when he heard of Inferno Cop's ascension, being reminded of the Third Impact when he heard of Third Destroy Finale. After much calming down, however, the two became friends.
  • After a short visit of a little AI, he was approached by Asuka Shikinami she gave him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown while calling him out on his actions, he made no attempt of defending himself and was willing to let her finish the job, only to being on the receiving end of a hug, he eventually returned it and began to cry with her, not letting go of the other.
  • He visits the House of Music from time to time, be it to play the cello or the piano, it's one of the few moments he is able to smile.
  • He despises Tzeentch due to his manipulative ways and for the suffering he has caused; the fact that an aspect of him was his follower adds oil to the flames.
  • Had once an encounter with Homura in the aftermath of the Rebellion. While he does sympathize with her intention to make Madoka happy, he made it clear to her that he cannot agree with turning back on everyone else and the world as the price for saving her. They eventually parted ways, with the Magical Girl promising that they would be on opposites sides should they meet again.
  • Asuka and him confused once the Hierarch of the Daelaam for their EVA units, however, that version of him was a Purifier bent on destroying biological life so they took their distance. Nevertheless, they are in good terms with the original Artanis, who they see as a benevolent counterpart to the angels.
  • Through his friendship with the Hierarch, he met James Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. Both have sympathy for him as they too were manipulated into causing the deaths of many innocents and feeling the need to atone for their sins.
  • He can perform a Combination Attack together with Asuka Langley Sohryu, though they needed to practice the last step.
  • He used to be allies with Misato Katsuragi, however it has become a one-sided alliance after Third Impact, now the commander of Wille has told him coldly straight that should he become a trigger again, she would kill him, when people ask him about his past friendship, he only can only say its all his fault.
  • Was surprised to find out that his own Tarot Motif is the card of Justice, which earned him the interest of some members of the eponymous house.
  • He met with Kyoko Sakura while visiting Asuka; although they had a rocky start, he quickly gained her favor after a brief conversation and a quick lunch.
    • This eventually put him in a tight spot with his redhead companion, who became more possessive of the lunches he makes her. And him, not that he notices.
  • Being a therapist (the representative deity of them, even), Frasier Crane has dedicated himself to helping Shinji get through his issues, no matter how long it takes.
  • “I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away...”


    Dr. Robert Scranton 
Dr Robert Scranton, God of Isolation-Induced Madness (the victim of SCP-3001, possibly SCP-106)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: "Red", the blinking light that was his only companion
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (might become Chaotic Evil as SCP-106)
  • Portfolio: Happily Married, Companion Cube, Apparently Trapped In The Void Between the Worlds, Going Insane Because Of That, Ascended Extra, Sanity Slippage, There Being Multiple Takes On Him, Body Horror, Dying Declaration of Love Uncertain Doom, Possibly The Origin Of SCP-106
  • Domains: Isolation, Decay, Dimensions, Research, Loneliness, Void, Suffering
  • Part of: The SCP Foundation
  • Complicated relationship with: SCP-106 (potential future self)
  • Allies: The Men in Black, The Five Survivors, Flandre Scarlet, Professor Paradox, Brook, Albert Einstein, Alphys, Danny Fenton
  • On speaking terms with: Pinbacker, all who have undergone his fate
  • Enemies: AM, Ramsay Bolton, SCP-682, Dark Danny
  • Fears: Zeratul
  • Doctor Robert Scranton is an SCP Foundation researcher, behind the creation of the Scranton Reality Anchors and researcher into altered states of reality. He ended up stuck in SCP-3001, a non-dimension with absolutely nothing but his own body and red blinking light as company. Where he couldn't die. for over five years. Naturally, the experience has driven him insane.
  • Only part of Dr Scranton's body made it out, and it's unclear if the rest is still alive. Being in the void of SCP-3001 has severely degraded his body and the benevolent deities of the House of Other Dimensions are working to find and pull the rest of him out. They only succeeded with part of his head, which requires extensive new cybernetics provided by the pantheon to communicate. While "alive" here, he finds it a miserable experience.
  • One of the reasons people want to see him reconstructed is so he can further his study on altered reality and alternate dimensions, assuming he isn't too traumatized to do so. The Scranton Reality Anchors keep reality stable and normal, nullifying reality bending. With so many reality benders in the pantheon, this is pretty useful. How it compares to the likes of, say Whis is as of yet untested.
  • Albert Einstein is interested in the research Dr Scranton has put into altered states of reality and wants to compare it to his own theories of relativity, light and space-time. Alphys seems interested in helping with his research, and Scranton wants to help her as well. Both pity the man's state.
  • Professor Paradox had a similar experience of being stuck in an empty dimension alone, but for a far longer 100,000 years. And as miserable as it was, he overcame it and has become an expert at time manipulation. He wants to help Scranton escape or, if that's not possible, grow stronger from the experience. Sadly most believe it's a lost cause.
  • Those who have underwent maddening isolation or And I Must Scream situations are naturally sympathetic to him. Pinbacker, having suffered Space Madness, does pity him despite Dr Scranton refusing to devolve into omnicidal mania. Brook and Flandre Scarlet were alone for quite some time and brought them to the brink/past the brink of madness, so they feel bad for Scranton.
  • He relates his condition most of all to the Five Survivors, namely Ted. Incredibly he actually considers them worse off than him, as while complete isolation and Body Horror was horrifying being tortured by an extremely malevolent super-computer for over a century longer than his own condemnation is worse. He is horrified and disgusted by AM. Both AM and Ramsay Bolton boast that they can exceed his suffering.
  • Absolutely terrified of Zeratul, due to his Power of the Void. Given how much time he spent in a complete void and what it did to him, it's perfectly justified. And while he will research the House of Other Dimensions for the SCP Foundation, he refuses to enter in fear of falling into similar or even worse dimensions. Again, it's perfectly justified.
  • This tale suggests that he will one day become SCP-106, driven into predatory insanity from his decay and isolation. This is only one of three pasts for 106... assuming there's only one of SCP-106. Dark Danny is interested in this and wants to see this future happen, which Danny Fenton is fighting to prevent.


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