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Greater Gods

    Broly: BR 
Broly, God of Characters Incorporated into Canon (Brolly, Broli, Brolli, Broly (BR), Broccoli, Canon Broly, Male Kale)
In his "Rage" Form 
As a Super Saiyan 
In his Super Saiyan Full Power Form 
  • Greater God (Borderline Overdeity when Raging. Overdeity as a Super Saiyan, especially if at Full Power)
  • Symbol: A Green Fur Pelt belonging to his former friend Bah.
  • Theme Song: Broly's Theme and Blizzard
  • Alignment: True Neutral, goes Chaotic Neutral when he is enraged
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Badass, Adaptational Heroism, Adaptive Ability, Adorkable, Anti-Villain with a tragic backstory, The Berserker, Nice until provoked, Breath Weapon, Covered in Scars, Dark Is Not Evil, Befriends Goku after being beaten, Banished by King Vegeta out of jealousy, Hair-Trigger Temper, Implacable Man, Mutant, Nice Guy, Non-Malicious Monster, No Social Skills, Reluctant Psycho, Unskilled, but Strong
  • Domains: Power, Canon, Rage, Family, Survival, Combat
  • Heralds: Cheelai and Lemo
  • Alternate Self: The original Broly
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Illysaviel von Eizenburn, Atlanta
  • Complicated Relationship: Paragus (his father)
  • Enemies: Frieza, The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, William Stryker, Melkor, anyone who seeks to use him or sees him as a tool
  • Under watch of: Beerus and Whis
  • Broly is a Saiyan that was born with an extraordinary power level, so strong in fact that King Vegeta couldn't believe his power surpassed that of his prodigy son and decided to exile Broly to a distant planet out of jealousy. His father Paragus caught wind of this and decided to follow his son's pod to Vampa, the planet Broly was sent to and got stranded there for about four decades. His exceptional power and his father's desire to exact revenge on King Vegeta is what got both of them recruited into Frieza's army after being rescued by two of his subordinates and once they reached planet Earth, Broly wasted no time in engaging the local Saiyans Goku and Vegeta. The fight escalated to the point that both Saiyans had to fuse in order to defeat Broly's increasingly uncontrollable power. Ultimately, Broly almost died but was rescued in the nick of time by his newfound friends Cheelai and Lemo and sent back to planet Vampa via the Dragon Balls. In the end, Broly's immense power caught the attention of Goku and the latter ended up befriending him, becoming a potential rival for the future.
  • The current Broly is a very different animal than the original version that is known as "The Legendary Super Saiyan". Though they both had overwhelming and consuming power, and issues with both their father and background, the original Broly was a psychotic monster who embraced his evil while the new Broly is gentle at heart but has a temper. They do not like each other, though not enough to outright hate each other. Amusingly enough, the new Broly became friends with Goku who even revealed his Saiyan name as Kakarot. This only embarrasses the old Broly.
  • While he'd rather not bring it out that often, the new Broly is stronger than the old one. The old Broly simply replied with "just wait until the games give me a new form, they love me." He got along with Kale much better, as she's the more sensitive of the three and feels bad for him. He feels he has some things in common with Illysaviel von Eizenburn, as they are both beneficiaries of Adaptational Heroism.
  • Both Brolys were compared to the Hulk, as usually passive figures who hulk out into bulging rage monsters when angry. The new Broly is even more similar to Bruce Banner due to being much more morally sound and having a more realistically abusive father. There's also been a comparison made to Tarzan and Mowgli.
  • His enormous power comes from both having to survive on a Death World for most of his life, and an abnormal mutation that made him stronger than the Saiyan Prince Vegeta as an infant. Because of this, Professor X wants to help Broly learn to control his mutant powers and help him fit into society. Unfortunately this has led William Stryker to hate him for being a mutant with the potential for destruction, but fortunately, it'd be suicide for him to try anything funny against the Saiyan.
  • He retains his original incarnation's hatred of abusive family, though unlike the original Broly he still loved his jerk of a dad (he was the only person he had for 40 years) and went absolutely ballistic when he died. He despises the Child Abuse Supporters who'd desire even worse treatment of kids than his father did to him, and upon hearing about Relius Clover he proceeded to hurl him up into the stratosphere in disgust.
  • Do not use Broly for one's own ends. He'll eventually catch on and be majorly pissed. Frieza tried it and would end up being pummeled by the guy for an hour. God only knows what he'd do if he learned whose "stray" energy beam hit Paragus. Melkor thought it would be easy to bring out his dark side, only for Broly to start wailing on his forces as he's not the same Broly the Dark Lord of Arda is familiar with.
  • Very fond of Shouto Todoroki, and it's easy to see why. Like him, Shouto was used by his abusive father in order to fulfill his ambitions vicariously through him. And both have a lot of issues, though Shouto is trying to convince Broly that his father is not someone who deserves his love or to be mourned. He's trying to be delicate in this conversation.
  • Broly seems to get along with Atlanta, likely due to his own feral upbringing. He also understands and sympathizes with Carrie White and King Kong's rage, and how Killyu Zoldyack was used to kill. On a lighter note, some jokes have been made over how Broly has a massive bulge and is a 40-year-old virgin. It goes over his head, due to his childish personality.

    Norn Mikihara 
Norn Mikihara, Goddess of Lore Character Reveals (Yggdrasill, Norun)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A large tree
  • Theme Song: "Final Phase"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Canon Character All Along, Adaptational Heroism, Little Miss Almighty, Master Computer, Damsel in Distress
  • Domains: Reveals, Divinity, Computers
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, Culumon, GUAG White Hats, Yui, Kirito and Asuna, TRON, Madoka Kaname, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Distrusted by: The Eight Digidestined and 02 Digidestined
  • Norn Mikihara is a mysterious girl who once approached four young fans of Digimon to ask them about their true feelings for the digital monsters. Although she was only with them for one day, the four children always remembered her and considered her their friend. Years later, those four became Digidestined with the task of stopping the demon lord Barbamon's plan to delete all Digimon raised by Tamers and remake the Digital World. As it turns out, Barbamon was also keeping Norn prisoner. But the truth was more complicated than a simple "evil overlord keeping the damsel locked in a tower" scenario. Norn was actually the conscience of the Digital World's Master Computer Yggdrasill, sent to the real world to investigate humans and their Digimon. With her gone, Barbamon fused with the hollow computer and imprisoned Norn to stop her from interfering. When the Digidestined defeated Barbamon, Norn was able to take back her rightful place as the true Yggdrasill.
  • Norn discovered the Pantheon when one Digimon deity, Culumon, wandered into her universe out of boredom, as he is wont to do sometimes. Norn could sense his true nature and intercepted him before he could affect the Digital World. Some other version of Yggdrasill would have imprisoned or deleted Culumon, but Norn is not that kind of computer, so with Culumon's help she managed to find her way to the Pantheon to return him. Culumon's partner Yui was relieved, and being an AI, she could recognize Norn for what she was and became fast friends with her as she showed her around the Pantheon. Norn saw that Digimon also lived in this mysterious dimension alongside several different types of beings, so she decided to stick around to study their co-existence. As more and more deities were surprised by this meek-looking girl's true identity, the Main House decided the Digital World's host computer deserved a permanent spot.
  • Although Yggdrasill is known to reach Knight Templar-levels of zeal in overseeing the digital world and its inhabitants, Norn is a lot more compassionate and willing to believe in humanity. She is very interested in all the partnerships with Digimon that have been formed in the Pantheon and has paid each of them at least one visit to learn of their feelings on the matter. She's pretty satisfied with what she has seen so far.
  • She was quick to ally herself with the GUAG's White Hats, as they are the largest and most organized force for good specialized in digital matters in the Pantheon. Both parties hope that their cooperation will lead to a better understanding between the digital and organic realms. The White Hats, particularly TRON, are also just happy that a supercomputer who's actually benevolent has ascended for a change.
    • Among the White Hats she became especially close to Kirito and Asuna due to her already established friendship with Yui. Norn sees them as similar to the Digidestined, as they also went on a life-or-death journey in a digital world without their consent, but stood up to the challenge admirably and came out as stronger people for it. And since Norn is a benevolent and compassionate AI like their daughter Yui, Kirito and Asuna also like her. Norn is also close to Lan Hikari and his partner Megaman.EXE, finding their partnership to be strikingly similar to the Digimon's, down to the Bond Creatures aspect.
  • Hearing from TRON about how valuable Omegamon and Dukemon have been to the White Hats, Norn quickly arranged to meet with the two Royal Knights. She then stated her goal of forming a new group of Royal Knights that would protect both digital and organic beings from any evil, assist in establishing good relations between the two realms, and would also not hesitate to set Yggdrasill to rights should she ever stray from her ideals, instead of blindly following her orders like past Royal Knights. She's relying on Omegamon and Dukemon, who're well-established in the Pantheon and have made many different friends, to support her in making her vision a reality. She thinks Dukemon had the right idea in finding a partner and wants to encourage all Royal Knights to do the same in hopes that they'll learn to feel empathy for non-Digimon.
    • Incidentally, the partners to Royal Knights also count as Royal Knights in her eyes, no matter how not-badass they are or even if they're not particularly invested in the welfare of the digital world. Most of the White Hats think Norn ought to be more selective, but Norn believes her Royal Knights choose their partners for good reason and trusts that they'll do the right thing in the end.
  • While she's pretty popular among the Pantheonic Tamers, the same cannot be said about the '99 and '02 Digidestined. This is because in 2005 they had to contend with Yggdrasill, who was aiming to destroy the real world for the sake of Digimon. Royal Knight Alphamon also brutalized Daisuke's team on its behalf. For these reasons, the Digidestined look askance at Norn despite her claims of wanting to live in peace and harmony with humans. Thus far, Kari has been the most willing to give her a chance, since Norn's ideals appeal to her, and they have similar personalities in how they're both gentle and warm-hearted. Norn hopes she can befriend the rest of them someday.
  • Norn is on such good terms with humans that inevitably much of her more unscrupulous computer brethren started thinking of her as a Category Traitor, especially with how she approves of human-Digimon partnerships, which they are convinced are demeaning to Digimon. The GUAM, who believe in the supremacy of machines over organic life, thus couldn't be more hostile to her. Norn claims that they are wrong and what she wants is equality for humans and Digimon. At any rate the GUAM cares little for her protests and they have developed quite the habit of attempting to kidnap her so they can reprogram her to be more like the "good, old" Yggdrasill and in line with their beliefs. Of course, with several Digimon and Digidestined more-or-less on her side and not willing to deal with another genocidal supercomputer, this mission has proven to be extremely difficult to accomplish for the GUAM.
  • Looks and acts exactly like a Magical Girl in the opinion of some deities, which makes them even more surprised when they discover she's a computer-god. Norn, for her part, thinks Magical Girl teams are fairly similar to the Digidestined in how they often have the weight of two different types of realms' safety on their shoulders, and so greatly respects them. Though the only one she has really talked to with any regularity is Madoka Kaname, who ascended to godhood in her universe after a stint as a standard Magical Girl. Their similar responsibilities and dispositions meant they got along well, and they became even closer when Madoka talked to Norn about Homura and the worrying extremes she'd go to for her sake, which Norn thought was very similar to Shou Kahara, a Digidestined who was willing to send the world to hell thinking it was what she wanted (probably out of love, too).
  • Because she bears the names Norn and Yggdrasill, she confused a lot of old Norse deities who thought she was one of their number. They were rather angry that she uses their holy names to denote herself as god, but someone interceded in her behalf, explaining that everything in the human world has an equivalent in the Digital World, so it's not as if she's committing some heresy against them. Any potential conflict was averted, and after that Norn and the Norse gods didn't have much of anything to do with each other.

Intermediate Gods

    Illyasviel von Einzbern 
Illyasviel von Einzbern, Goddess of Beast-Controlling Children and Heroism Through Adaptations (Illya, Ilyasviel, Ilya, Prisma Illya, Buruma, Einzbern's White Holy Grail, Caster, Alter Ego, Sitonai)
Prisma Illya 
  • Theme song: Tsuki no Namida, Die Lorelei and starlog, Shoujo Shinka (As Prisma Illya).
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, becomes Chaotic Good. Neutral Good in another universe.
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in her Zwei form)
  • Symbol:
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Magic, Homonculi, Heroism
  • Allies: Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirou Emiya (her younger brother), Hercules, Chloe von Einzbern, Rin Tohsaka, Miyu Edelfelt, Artoria Pendragon/Saber, Sakura Matou, Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Greed the Avaricious, Arche Klein, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard, Mai Takatsukasa, Gertrud Barkhorn, Illyana Rasputin/Magik
  • Enemies: Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Pride the Arrogant, Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Lust the Lascivious, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Mordred, Dr. Gero
  • Odd Friendship: Asura, Hibiki Tachibana, Haruka Kotoura
  • Good Counterpart to: Ursula
  • Illya ascended when the Court of the Gods were reviewing her performance during the 5th Holy Grail War and were impressed by her skilful control over Berserker. They also ascended her because of the big difference in her motives between installments.
    • However, Illya was surprised that said Berserker, Hercules, in the realm of the Pantheon, has the ability to turn off the Mad Enchantment and thus more lucid. But because he's such a fun Big Brother Mentor, Illya treats it as a welcome change.
  • The other gods go out of their way to avoid Illya because while she has made it perfectly clear to the other deities that Berserker will never attack unless Illya tells him to (Mostly because she doesn't want to accidentally hurt someone she cares about), they're still nervous because of his name and the typical personality that is associated with it.
    • Strangely enough, Asura and Hibiki Tachibana sympathize with Illya because they know what it's like to hurt someone you care about while you're not in control of your actions.
  • Illya was glad she got to meet Nanoha again after that one time and was also glad that Nanoha and Fate became friends before Illya met them again.
  • Illya sympathizes with Haruka Kotoura because she knows what it's like to feel abandoned by her family. She also knows what it's like to find out her parents deeply regretted their actions.
  • Ika Musume was impressed by Illya's methods of forcing others to be her servant; either hold them captive and threaten to hurt their friends or form an emotional bond with them. Ika prefers the first method the best.
  • Illya actively opposes Father because, as a possible vessel for the Holy Grail, she doesn't want him to create an object that effectively does the same thing. Her investigation into Father's plans led her into a fight between Lust and Greed. While Lust retreated, Greed, who has issues with his old man and with telling lies, proceeded to tell her everything. Having earned her trust that day, they've occasionally hung out since then. He considers her a good-natured change of pace compared to the other homunculi in his family (as well as hers once she told him a little about them), while she finds his honesty refreshing (even though he tends to be more careful what he says when she's got Hercules summoned, he still makes it a point not to lie to her).
    • Illya finds Father's once-herald Dante even more despicable, given that in Dante's timeline of that same world the homunculi were actually incomplete revived humans, most of whom she didn't even create but all of whom would be used for her selfish ends.
  • Illya once ran into Kiritsugu Emiya after he visited Shirou's temple once and she yelled at him for abandoning her and then broke down crying because she did a lot of things that she regretted. Kiritsugu replied by crouching down next to her, hugging her and apologizing. They then both went to the house of Nature to go looking for chestnuts like Kiritsugu promised.
  • The other gods find it odd that Illya loves Shirou but they're smart enough to know that they shouldn't tell her that Shirou's never going to notice her because Illya has a lot of imaginative ways to torture others such as lopping off all your limbs, decapitating you and cursing your head so you can't die or lose consciousness unless the head is destroyed. That said, there are a few who actually think she has a chance of getting his attention, Greed being among them.
  • One of the biggest rules of Fate, in all verses, is that Gilgamesh is the mightiest of heroes ever and the reason why he doesn't instantly win is because he never fights with more than a fraction of his power and a piece of his attention. No one, not even Shiro, Archer or Saber had ever faced Gilgamesh at his best. Illya has the honor of being the very first to break that rule and mopped the floor with him. Cleanly. This could be a form of payback for him ripping her heart out of her chest in the UBW timeline.
  • One day Illya caught Hercules at the tail end of an uneasy conversation with Princess Diana/Wonder Woman and, curious, asked him about it once Diana was gone. She then received his confession of the terrible things he'd done to Diana and her people in the superheroine's universe. Though surprised, she didn't get mad at him like he thought she would because she instantly figured out that Hera's curses of madness upon Hercules had somehow caused this to happen.
    • Curious as to why Hera's curse would make him power-hungry and evil in the DC Universe instead of simmering within him and bursting out in a fit of uncontrolled rage as usual, Illya and her Berserker went to the house of Knowledge to do some research as well as started taking a closer look at his abilities. So far they managed to figure out that fighting under Mad Enhancement helps him work Hera's madness out of his system.
    • When Herc told her that Hera helped create the Themiscyran Amazons and probably doesn't realize her fault in this matter, she realized it would be best not to tell either Hera or Wonder Woman about it until they fully figure out what's going on so they don't get the two upset — either at him or at each other.
  • Whenever she has a chat with Greed while Hercules is summoned and follows that up with another chat where he isn't, Greed will usually have some insight about the previous conversation which he didn't have before. Normally she would chalk that up to her Berserker being intimidating, but Greed only exercises extra caution around him, he doesn't tell lies, and his follow-up comments often please Illya so it would make no sense to hide them the first time around. That, and she's heard that Hercules in his normal state is a frequent patron of Greed's latest bar, Stray Dog. So she's already figured out what's really going on: Herc stands there being scary while the three of them are together, but covertly pitches in his thoughts at Greed's bar, and Greed passes along the insight he gets out of it next time she meets with him. She makes it a point to be nice to Hercules in the aftermath of the second chats as a way of cleverly thanking him while letting him think his secret is still clear until such a time comes when Greed himself catches on.
  • Very recently Illya applied to join the Time Patrol, even dressing up in a TP jean costume for the interview. Trunks hasn't told of the results yet.
  • Illya also has a spot in the house of Heroes under Heroic Roles and in the house of Family under Children. In the latter, she's often been confused with a former member of said wing, Illyana Rasputin, in large part due to their similar-starting names. Both have gotten annoyed with the mix-up, so Illyana doesn't visit often after being moved to the house of Emotion's Sadness wing. Besides that, the two get along okay and there's no ill will between them. She does share Illyana's disgust with Dr. Gero, though considering the old man practiced mad science on a couple of teenagers to turn them into killing machines, it should come as no surprise the entire House of Children hates his guts.
  • Speaking of the Sadness subhouse, Avatar Korra was recently moved there to get her own seat separate from Touta Konoe. When Asami Sato held a party to celebrate, Greed got an invite, and took one for Illya. She met up with Hercules and it turned out he had an invitation too. At the party, noting how comfortable Illya and Hercules were with each other, Greed was surprised but glad to see that she apparently had a real friend other than Berserker, only for Hercules to give a curious reply about being the "closest thing to a monster" she knows. Olivier Armstrong's suspicions and Toph Beifong's confirmation that he told no lie allowed Edward Elric to deduce that Hercules and Berserker were one and the same.
    • Upon Greed's reaction of shock that Hercules had tricked him for such a long time, Illya finally revealed to Hercules that she'd long figured his plan out, shocking the demigod and turning the laugh at his expense. Illya then demonstrated the Mad Enhancement and spent several minutes explaining what she could about the Holy Grail Wars and the concept of Servants. Korra and Touta both decided they wanted to spar with Berserker in the future.

    John Stewart 
John Stewart, God of Adaptational Traits Made Canon (Green Lantern 2814.3, current Green Lantern of Sector 0000)

    Noriaki Kakyoin 
Noriaki Kakyoin, God of Fanfic Personality Changes (Kakyoin, "The Only Reason Women Watch this Show", Mr. K)

Shiva, Goddess of Mischaracterized Mythological Figures (Lady of Frost, Nix and Styria, Gentiana)
Click here to see Nix and Styria 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A light-blue colored Opal
  • Theme Song: Footsteps in the Snow and Oblivion
  • Alignment: Varies between Neutral Good, True Neutral and Neutral Evil, but she leans towards the former.
  • Portfolio: Sadly Mythcharacterized, An Ice Person, Kill It with Ice, Cute Monster Girl, Gender-Blender Name, Lady of Black Magic, Logical Weakness, Ms. Fanservice, Punny Name, Red Baron, Stripperific, The Tease, Tsundere, Undying Loyalty, You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Domains: Narrative, Ice Magic, Shape (Nix and Styria only)
  • Followers: Shivar (Which is also her lover) and Shivalry (A male version of her)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Close friend to: Ganesha
  • Avoids: The subhouse of Fire & Heat, Gill from the same house.
  • Confliting Opinion: Golbez, Gaius, Cid, Kolin
  • Annoyed by: Gilgamesh, Deadpool
  • Most deities from the Pantheon have different interpretations in some tales. But... there's a realm which is pretty much known for having deities with the same name, but different skills. One of then is Shiva, which for many, is known for being the male god of destruction. In that realm, however, she (yes, you read that right) is the female goddess of ice. While there's many other gods which share the same problem, only Shiva ascended in the Pantheon, especially considering that one of them already was known as a dragon even before coming in the realm.
    • Said one, Bahamut, is impressed by her arrival. While this Bahamut is no different of the one that Shiva is an ally, said dragon cames from a different realm, which is one of the reasons was Bahamut nowadays is known as a dragon, rather than a magical fish that he was in the legends.
    • Was pleased to see the summon Odin in the Pantheon, as he is one of recurring summons in her realm. For bonus points, both Shiva and Odin partnered two of the defiers of fate (Snow and Lightning respectively).
    • On the other hand... She is not amused to see Gilgamesh again. The fact that he's a Braggart Boss annoys her... a lot.
  • While this Shiva is definitively not the god of destruction, most people, most notably Deadpool, jokes that her name is actually a pun on "shiver". She is not amused.
    • Ganesha is dissapointed by the fact that she's not the god of destruction that he knew (not to mention being also his father). But he is happy by the fact that she's a helpful partner for the summoners. In fact, Ganesha even sees this version of Shiva as a close friend.
    • Coincidentally, she also shares the name with one of Mr. X's minions. This surprised Axel, Adam and Blaze. Good thing she's (technically) one of the good guys.
  • Her "race" is called by many names, like Summon, Esper, Guardian Force, Eidolon, Aeon and Avatar (not that one or that one either). In any case, while Shiva is different in the mortal world, many members in the Pantheon will remember her as the ethereal, feminine-like spirit of ice.
    • Well, speaking of "avatars", Shiva is pretty aware about the ones in the Pantheon proper. Especially considering that waterbenders like Katara can also manipulate ice.
  • Shiva can be summoned in many forms. Either by having a Summoner Job, by having a special item or even being born as a summoner.
    • And speaking of summoners, there's three of them in the Pantheon that have the power to summon her: Rydia, Yuna and Snow. The latter in particular is a variant because Shiva not only is a motorcycle... but two girls that can morph together to form said motorcycle: Nix and Styria.
    • One of her alternate selves used to be a human. More specifically, an Elezen. She used to be in love with the dragon Hresvelgr. Eventually, she was ate by the dragon so both can stop the war between men and dragons. Consequentely, both souls had become one in the process. The same thing occured with another of Shiva's human self, Gentiana.
  • One of her powerful attacks is called "Diamond Dust". Shiva is pretty surprised by the fact that both Cygnus Hyoga and Kolin shares a similar attack with the same name. For bonus points, both are ice-themed. While she is very proud of Hyoga, her opinion of Kolin is pretty much different, given that even though she suffered a lot after losing everything that loved, ''including her entire hometown'', Shiva can't accept someone like Kolin using ice-powers for evil.
    • Kolin is not the only one that Shiva have problems (see below). Another ice-user which is truly considered an enemy and menace to her is Catherine Rain Bilstein, daughter of Evil Overlord Edward Bilstein. The reason why Shiva see her as a major enemy it's not only because of her ice-powers coming from her Plasma Powers. Rain's major plan in the Pantheon envolves her kidnapping men and making them her personal slaves. This disgusts Shiva very much.
    • On the other hand, she seem to have a bit of sympathy with Kula Diamond. It's not only because of her ice-powers. It's because much like her, Shiva used to be a experiment from the Gestahlian Empire. The fact that Kula's partner K' was also experimented by NESTS members also resembles Shiva that both she and Ifrit (a fire-elemental summon) used to be both guinea-pigs for an powerful empire. This caused her to be an important ally to both K' and Kula. In the process, Shiva also gained an enemy in the form of Original Zero.
  • Due to her realm being composed of various alternate universes, her personality varies. She can be a Emotionless Girl, a Blank Slate or even a Tsundere. Also, as far as Firion's experience goes by, there's also a rumor that Shiva is a flirt. That said, she is pretty much mentioned by everyone as being the most friendly of the summons.
  • Her alignment can vary depending of the summoner in question, but she's always a neutral party. Even then, Shiva draws the line on Kefka, as he comes from a empire which explored her and many of her race. She also shares a similar feeling towards Dr. Hojo, considering that he's a Mad Scientist, not unlike the ones from the Gestahlian Empire. She also draws the line on Ardyn, and with good reason. Given that he's the one which tried to kill both Noctis and Lunafreya (not to mention that he succeeded to kill the latter one), this is justified.
    • Due to the fact that he was a scientist in her universe, Shiva has a conflicting opinion towards Cid. On the other hand, another one uses a summon materia, but he is not much of a menace, aside for her enemies, of course.
    • Shiva is also very conflicted towards Golbez and Gaius. For the former, it's because he was one of the people that worked by the fake King of Baron, the one that ordened the massacre of a village of summoners. Granted, Golbez was brainwashed by Zemus, even though it was More Than Mind Control. For Gaius, it's because of his powers and his name sounds similar to "Caius".
    • As for Caius... she, or better said, Nix and Styria, are not amused to see him again, especially considering that he tried to destroy the world just to save his lover Yeul and no one else..
    • She's also in eternal war against Shinryu, not unlike her partner Bahamut.
  • Given her nature, you can see Shiva in the House of Ice & Cold. She is pretty friendly with the majority of the members from the house. That said, not everyone here is her ally, like Kaldr, Lissandra, Rain and Davy Jones.
  • Not to be confused with Lady Shiva, resident Dragon Lady of the Pantheon.

Ursula, Goddess of Villains Through Adaptation (Vanessa, The Sea Witch)

Lesser Gods

    Abraham Lincoln 
Abraham Lincoln, God of Historical Badass Upgrades (16th President Of The United States of America, Honest Abe, the Great Emancipator, the Immortal, King of Mars)
A photo of the president

    Barty Crouch Sr. 
Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Sr., God of Nice Guys by Adaptation

    Obadiah Stane 
Obadiah Stane, The God Who Was Closer in the Adaptation (Iron Monger, Obie)
Comic version
Click here  for his MCU version

    Sabrina (Pokémon
Sabrina, Goddess of Adaptation-Altering Personalities (Natsume, The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon, Magic Queen Bellelba)
Click here  for her anime incarnation
Click here  for her Adventures incarnation


    King Richard III of England 
King Richard the Third of England, God of Vilified Historical Figures (Richard, Duke of Gloucester)
King Richard normally
King Richard under Shakespeare's influence
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The House of Plantagenet's Coat of Arms
  • Theme Song: The Horrible Histories version
  • Alignment: Varying between Neutral Good and True Neutral, but definitely Chaotic Evil under Shakespeare
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, being the cause of the Wars of the Roses
  • Domains: History, Storytelling, Villany
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • Allies: Oda Nobunaga, many deities from France, Caligula
    • His Shakespeare version: Scar, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth
  • Enemies: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth
    • His Shakespeare version: Many competent rulers in the Pantheon, Ratigan
  • Opposes: William Shakespeare
  • Pities: Tyrion Lannister
  • Spiritual Successor: Stannis Baratheon
  • Followers: King John of England, George III of Britian, Mary of Scotland, Elizabeth I, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Lizzie Borden,
  • His ascension is a long fought battle from many portrayal of Richard and a society that admires him who all want to verify his reputation and separate those portrayal from the famous Shakespearean one that influenced many of the following villified ones. The Pantheon came with a compromise: They still acknowledge the Shakespearean portrayal because how influential it is, but agree to give him a temple that acknowledge him being villified.
  • Has a tense relationship with Shakespeare given that the writer is the one that doing the aforementioned version of him. Not help by the fact that Richard is significantly more likely to slip into his Shakespeare version when visiting the latter temple.
  • He and Oda Nobunaga are surprisingly on friendly term despite Richard taking one title away from the latter. Reasons were given that Oda appreciates someone else to take off the workload and sympathize with being villified. The same story happens with Caligula.
  • He has good reputation with French deities for one of the few people that helps them to repel the myth of Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys that is usually associated with them.
  • Doesn't particularly like Robin Hood given that his myths usually villified King John, one of his followers.
  • If there's one thing his Shakespeare versions and the other versions can agree on is how both of them pities Tyrion Lannister for being discriminated. More so for the Shakespeare version giving that Tyrion is based off of him.
  • Can't help noticing how similar Stannis is to him. Stannis still slightly disapproves off how Richard had illegitimate children but holds respect for his lawful methods.
  • His more sympathetic portrayals and his Shakespeare version differ widely on their relationship with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth for being usurpers. Richard's sympathetic versions are very displeased with the fact that Macbeth shares many look-a-likes with him. This also the same case with Scar.
  • The Shakespeare version of Richard and the more sympathetic version absolutely despises each other to the point that each have their own side in the temple and ban the other from entering. This has numerous incidents when one of their look a like visit and enter the wrong side:
    • Sherlock Holmes accidentally entered his temple during one of his pursue and ended up almost getting killed.
    • The Shakespeare version of Richard is seeking to destroy Ratigan because the mouse has been using the fact that their voice sounds similar to commit crime.
    • Bilbo Baggins is also on bad term because his simple personality clashes with the Shakespeare version of Richard and the fact that they share the same look.
    • Richard made an exception for Gandalf and Magneto though, mostly because that they can ignore him if they want because of how powerful they are.


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