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Greater Gods

    Broly (DBS
Broly, God of Characters Incorporated into Canon (Broly: BR, The Exiled Warrior, Brolly, Broli, Brolli, Broccoli, Male Kale, S Broly)
Wrath State Broly 
Super Saiyan C-type Broly 
Super Saiyan Full Power Broly 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity in his Wrath State, Overdeity as a Super Saiyan C-type, especially if at Full Power)
  • Symbol: A green Fur Pelt, belonging to his former friend, Ba
  • Theme Songs: Broly's Rage and Sorrow, Blizzard (alt. official English version) and A Saiyan Survivor; Gogeta vs. Broly when fighting against Gogeta
  • Alignment: True Neutral, becomes Chaotic Neutral when enraged
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Badass, Adaptational Heroism, Adaptive Ability, Adorkable, Anti-Villain with a tragic backstory, The Berserker, Nice until provoked, Breath Weapon, Covered in Scars, Dark Is Not Evil, Befriends Goku after being beaten, Banished by King Vegeta out of jealousy, Hair-Trigger Temper, Implacable Man, Mutant, Nice Guy, Non-Malicious Monster, No Social Skills, Reluctant Psycho, Unskilled, but Strong
  • Domains: Power, Canon, Rage, Family, Survival, Combat
  • Heralds: Cheelai and Lemo
  • Alternate Self: The original Broly
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Illysaviel von Einzbern (both versions), Atlanta
  • Complicated Relationship: Paragus (his father)
  • Enemies: Frieza, The Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, William Stryker, Melkor, anyone who seeks to use him or sees him as a tool
  • Under watch of: Beerus and Whis
  • Broly is a Saiyan that was born with an extraordinary power level, so strong in fact that King Vegeta couldn't believe his power surpassed that of his prodigy son and decided to exile Broly to a distant planet out of jealousy. His father Paragus caught wind of this and decided to follow his son's pod to Vampa, the planet Broly was sent to and got stranded there for about four decades. His exceptional power and his father's desire to exact revenge on King Vegeta is what got both of them recruited into Frieza's army after being rescued by two of his subordinates and once they reached planet Earth, Broly wasted no time in engaging the local Saiyans Goku and Vegeta. The fight escalated to the point that both Saiyans had to fuse in order to defeat Broly's increasingly uncontrollable power. Ultimately, Broly almost died but was rescued in the nick of time by his newfound friends Cheelai and Lemo and sent back to planet Vampa via the Dragon Balls. In the end, Broly's immense power caught the attention of Goku and the latter ended up befriending him, becoming a potential rival for the future.
  • Brought to the Pantheon through a portal secretly installed in a mirror within the makeshift capsule home Goku brought to him and his companions at the end of the movie, the current Broly is a very different animal than the original version that is known as "The Legendary Super Saiyan". Though they both had overwhelming and consuming power, and issues with both their father and background, the original Broly was a psychotic monster who embraced his evil while the new Broly is gentle at heart but has a temper. They do not like each other, though they don't outright hate each other either. Amusingly enough, the new Broly became friends with Goku who even revealed his Saiyan name as Kakarot. This only embarrasses the old Broly.
  • While he'd rather not bring it out that often, the new Broly is stronger than the old one. The old Broly simply replied with "just wait until the games give me a new form, they love me." He got along with Kale much better, as she's the more sensitive of the three and feels bad for him.
  • Has met both versions of Illyasviel von Einzbern, which turned out friendly as he feels he has some things in common with the two of them. The Holy Grail vessel commands a heroic Berserker and has some fondness for him because of it, and the Magical Girl is a result of Adaptational Heroism much like him. They also share his dislike for the original Broly's psychotic nature, especially as it reminds the original Illya of how she started.
  • Both Brolys were compared to the Hulk, as usually passive figures who hulk out into bulging rage monsters when angry. The new Broly is even more similar to Bruce Banner due to being much more morally sound and having a more realistically abusive father. There's also been a comparison made to Tarzan and Mowgli.
  • His enormous power comes from both having to survive on a Death World for most of his life, and an abnormal mutation that made him stronger than the Saiyan Prince Vegeta as an infant. Because of this, Professor X wants to help Broly learn to control his mutant powers and help him fit into society. Unfortunately this has led William Stryker to hate him for being a mutant with the potential for destruction, but fortunately, it'd be suicide for him to try anything funny against the Saiyan.
  • He retains his original incarnation's hatred of abusive family, though unlike the original Broly he still loved his jerk of a dad (he was the only person he had for 40 years) and went absolutely ballistic when he died. He despises the Child Abuse Supporters who'd desire even worse treatment of kids than his father did to him, and upon hearing about Relius Clover he proceeded to hurl him up into the stratosphere in disgust.
  • Do not use Broly for one's own ends. He'll eventually catch on and be majorly pissed. Frieza tried it and would end up being pummeled by the guy for an hour. God only knows what he'd do if he learned whose "stray" energy beam hit Paragus. Melkor thought it would be easy to bring out his dark side, only for Broly to start wailing on his forces as he's not the same Broly the Dark Lord of Arda is familiar with.
  • Very fond of Shouto Todoroki, and it's easy to see why. Like him, Shouto was used by his abusive father in order to fulfill his ambitions vicariously through him. And both have a lot of issues, though Shouto is trying to convince Broly that his father is not someone who deserves his love or to be mourned. He's trying to be delicate in this conversation.
  • Broly seems to get along with Atlanta, likely due to his own feral upbringing. He also understands and sympathizes with Carrie White and King Kong's rage, and how Killyu Zoldyack was used to kill. On a lighter note, some jokes have been made over how Broly has a massive bulge and is a 40-year-old virgin. It goes over his head, due to his childish personality.

    Dagon (Ben 10
Dagon, God of Abominations Through Adaptation (The Dragon, The Old One, The Great One, The Knowledge Bringer, Dagon the Destroyer)
Dagon's true form
Dagon as St. George's dragon
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A mural of him
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination of St. George's Dragon, Survived His Encounter With George, Dimension Lord and Multiversal Conqueror, Reality Warper, Sealed Away And Having His Heart Removed, Deal with the Devil, Energy Being, Manipulated and Hijacked by Vilgax
  • Domains: Invasion, Power, Domination, Abominations, Adaptations
  • Heralds: The Esoterica and Lucubra
  • High Priest: The Entity
  • Followers: The Moonchild, Ego the Living Planet, Karkull
  • Allies: Mag'ladroth the Void Dragon, Grima, Cthulhu, Unalaq, Vaatu
  • Rivals: YHVH, other Multiversal Conquerors (Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Nicol Bolas, The Shadow Monster), Yuri (Red Alert)
  • Enemies: Saint George, The Emperor of Mankind, all Ben 10 deities (especially Ben Tennyson and Vilgax), Saint Martha, Linkara, Makuta Teridax, Doctor Doom, Daenerys Targaryen, The Dovahkiin, much of the Hall of Dragons, Dr Gero, either Majin Buu, Elpizo, Shang Tsung, Anna Marie/Rogue, The Wisps, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Lake Guardians, Zelenin
  • In times past, a great and terrible dragon faced off against Saint George. The legend states he slayed the dragon, but in the multiverse of Ben 10 the dragon is something worse; an octopoid Eldritch Abomination who has taken over a hundred universes, and who was merely sealed with his heart removed. Venerated by the Esoterica, Dagon sought to dominate the Earth and its universe. He was a powerful foe for Ben Tennyson and friends, only to have his power and self usurped by his supposed servant Vilgax, who was eventually defeated once again by Ben.
  • Dagon is not the only example of St. George's dragon being so much worse; that'd be the Void Dragon, Mag'ladroth. He was immediately interested in their parallels and was intrigued by it possibly being the Machine God, as it reminds Dagon of how he poses as a savior to the Esoterica. The two have decided to share power for now, considering it better than fighting.
  • Dagon is seen with contempt by most of the Hall of Dragons, being an invasive Eldritch Abomination who once took the form of a dragon. Not that he cares what they think, other than being annoyed at the Dovahkiin's continued attempts to slay him like other dragons. Grima is fine with him, though it's more an appreciation of his vision and wanting someone to consolidate his power.
  • Rests in the Hall of Otherness Abominations, interested in the variety of beings there while also being cautious on those more powerful than him. Dagon is confident in his own power, but not to the point of being blinded from potential or known threats. Due to being inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, Dagon is affable enough with Cthulhu, another octopoid Eldritch Abomination.
  • He was surprised that Linkara put him on his hit list, however, this comes from how he has also faced an Adaptational Abomination in the form of Dagon's High Priest, the Entity. Dagon is intrigued by this, though would like to remind the reviewer that he does not suffer self-doubt and he can't pull a Talking the Monster to Death. Linkara's response?
  • Saint George was absolutely livid to learn that his Arch-Enemy had ascended to the pantheon, as was the Emperor of Mankind. It's believed that the Emperor counts Saint George among his many past identities. The Esoterica's hope to increase contact with aliens, and their connection with him, further frustrates the xenophobic Imperium. It is worth noting that the Esoterica believe Dagon is a benevolent force, but ignorance can be as deadly as intentional maliciousness.
  • Dagon wasn't happy to learn that his old foe was in the Pantheon either, and that he had ascended with Saint Martha. She's a dragonslayer as well, and even tamed the dragon known as the tarasque. He would like to remind her that he is far deadlier than her "pet", and nobody masters him. Martha pointed out Vilgax just to annoy him.
  • A Reality Warper, Dagon turned almost everyone on Earth into a member of the Esoterica. To spread his influence, he wants to establish his cult of the Flame Keeper's Circle in the pantheon, which has inevitably made him a roadblock to YHVH's own ambitions of being a Multiversal Conqueror. Dagon seeks control of Zelenin's will for mind controlling more servants. Unalaq, while a Dark Shepherd, was more accepting of Dagon as a means of achieving his own goals. As was Vaatu, though it's ultimately an alliance to fulfill their own ambitions and there is little trust between them.
  • Desires domination of as much of the multiverse as he can manage, and is not the only one with that ambition. On Dagon's mind are Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath and Nicol Bolas. While Dagon is outclassed by Gorath, he has more of a shot with the other two. He is rivals with the Shadow Monster as well since the Mind Flayer has a desire to shape the world to its vision and desire.
  • Its minions are the Lucubra, eldritch in their own right. They can feed on the thoughts of humans, resulting in mind control. And yet these beings are insects to Dagon. As such, he sought to dominate Yuri in order to use his mind control devices and status to spread his own will before entering the world. However, as Yuri only wishes to be supreme himself, he regards Dagon as competition and refuses to kneel.
  • Dagon is power incarnate, however that serves as an Achilles' Heel; Vilgax absorbed its power and thus itself. As such, Dagon steps on eggshells when it comes to any being with the power to absorb energy and power. Either Majin Buu have the opportunity to assimilate him as well. He is wary of Makuta Teridax and Doctor Doom as like Vilgax they have hijacked the power of greater beings.
  • Though he was possessed and his power stolen, do not expect Dagon to give any consideration to the Wisps. Far from it; he seeks their Hyper Go-on energy for the same reason as Dr. Eggman-mass mind control. Worryingly Dagon seeks to dominate the wills of the Lake Trio, as since they embody spirit by hijacking them he should be able to control the souls of those from the Pokémon universe.

    Morgan Le Fay 
Morgan Le Fey, Goddess of Being Related in the Adaptation (Morgaine, Morgain, Morgana, Morganna, Morgant, Morgana Pendragon, Berserker, Fairy Queen of Avalon, Winter Queen of Faerie Britain, Ruler, Aesc the Savior, Tonelico, Caster, Rain Clan Witch, The Water Princess, the Dark Enchantress, Peanut (when she was turned into a mouse by Merlin, long story))
Morgana Pendragon 
As Berserker 
The Dark Enchantress 
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity as a Lostbelt King)
  • Symbol: A Green Pentagram
  • Theme Song: Morgana Le Fay, To Morgana
  • Alignment: Difficult to Determine (the most probable is Neutral Evil, however, she has displayed several moments of Neutral Good and True Neutral, Lawful Evil as a Berserker, Lawful Good as the Rain Clan Witch, Lawful Neutral as Aesc the Savior, Lawful Summer as The Water Princess)
  • Portfolio: Evil Matriarch, Jealous of Guinevere and Envious to Arthur, Lady of Black Magic, Evil Sorceress, The Cain to Arthur's Abel, Corrupting Mordred, Part Fae, Composite Character, Hot Witch, Has Varying Versions and Characterizations, Sometimes being more Heroic in some Adaptations
  • Domain: Magic, Witchcraft, Jealousy, Betrayal, Scheming
  • Allies note : Professor Venomous, Jack and Annie (her apprentices), Cain, Bowser, Prince John, Azula, Set, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Kai
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Child Abuse Supporters, Morathi, Sofia Lamb, Shadow Weaver, Maleficent, Lord Voldemort, Shang Tsung, Dio Brando, Cia, Mother Gothel
  • Rival: Ganondorf
  • Enemies note :
  • Varying Relationship: Merlin (Usually enemies, though have been Allies in one iteration)
  • Pitied By: Jonathan Joestar
  • Opposes: Lord Tirek, Sauron, Kefka Palazzo, Nagash, evil-aligned fairies (especially those in the House of Fairies and especially Oberon)
  • Opposed By: Malekith, Maisie Farange, Shoto Todoroki, Zuko, Leah, Malus Darkblade
  • Complicated Relationship: Doctor Doom, Count Draculanote 
  • Commonality Connection: Orm the Ocean Master, Loki Laufeyson
  • Fears: The House of Insects
  • Morgan Le Fay is a mysterious lady with a strong connection to King Arthur Pendragon and above all else, desires to be with him forever. However, these ties and background become a lot more intense and fantastical upon further inspection; Morgan is actually half-Fae, a race with a strong and powerful affinity to magic and a masterful manipulator who wanted to assert her power and dominance over Camelot. To ensure her success, she wanted to appease King Arthur, though soon began to fall in love with him. This actually ended up becoming a source of her villainy as Arthur instead began a relationship with Guinevere, whom he married and had a happy association with. Ever since then, Morgan would do anything to eliminate her competition and take Arthur for himself, cementing herself as one of the greatest and most persistent enemies in Arthurian Mythology.
    • According to some sources and versions of the story, Morgan is, instead, the sister of King Arthur, a relation that was initially held by her sister, Morgause. In fact, things get further complicated; they once bedded and even had a son together, named Mordred. Her constant deceit and manipulations towards Mordred caused him an emotional breakdown that made him want to kill Arthur, which ended in a Mutual Kill with one another. In other stories, Guinevere starts a relationship with Lancelot du Lac, which Morgan saw as an opportunity to document as a way to get her rival to be eliminated in the hopes of getting together with her brother. More contemporary versions see her as someone who just wants power and wants to overthrow Arthur to take over Camelot for herself.
  • Morgan's reputation as an ancient villain has been one of intrigue and revisions. While undoubtedly a formidable foe, how she has been seen has gone through several changes and revisions. Some have made her more sympathetic, others a lot more malicious and vindictive. She's even become a heroine at times. The Pantheon had certainly kept records of Morgan's legacy preserved, especially considering that Arthur himself, along with some of his closest allies were a part of it. So it seemed inevitable that an adversary of theirs would make it there as well and Morgan made her entrance by unleashing powerful magic to assert and remind others of her incredible strength and domineering nature. She's wanting to make sure that no matter what he does, Arthur will still have to contend with Morgan, whether it's in Camelot or in another realm.
    • The Morgan in the Pantheon, however, sparked up another question; just which version of the character is she? Her behavior, goals, personality, and her perspective on things have been noted to be very unpredictable, according to those who associate with her. According to some, she loves King Arthur, others say she hates/is jealous of him and desires to humiliate and/or overthrow him, she either wants to protect or conquer/destroy Camelot to suit her own vision, she is well-respected or disliked by her peers, no one can fully grasp onto a singular version. The most accepted theory is, surprisingly, the most outlandish and bizarre one; the Morgan in the Pantheon is a series of compilations of every known version of the character. Why so? No one knows, but the fact that the Pantheon has a record of so many worlds and universes, many of which Morgan is a part of, resulted in some kind of magical paradox. Even Morgan herself finds it confusing, albeit pretty humorous at the same time.
  • Morgan's defining trait is her convoluted characterization and her relationship with King Arthur. So far, she does genuinely have feelings for him, but to see Arthur be really content with the life that he had had means that Morgan herself didn't really much to him. She, being his sister, didn't really do much to help Morgan emotionally, but it did further her motive and desire to have Arthur. That said, she has expressed surprise and intrigue for much of the Pantheon, particularly regarding all sorts of fantasy worlds that took some kind of influence from Arthur's story. All the more reason for her to explore and learn. After all, if Arthur is so beloved even beyond his people, then Morgan may try to find companionship as well. Arthur is still a top priority though.
    • It is a rare thing, but there have come moments where the roles are reversed; Arthur is the villain whereas Morgan is a hero,though reasons can vary very wildly. In one such fictional world, Arthur was corrupted into becoming the Green Knight. Morgan (as Morgan's) was still an evil witch, though several circumstances ended up changing her ways and she was forced to sacrifice her life to stop him from ravaging further chaos to Camelot. It's become a sore spot for Arthur to remember those actions and Morgan sees why. In fact, whenever they're enemies, Morgan and Arthur don't reflect on the times when the latter was the Green Knight. Perhaps Morgan cares enough about Arthur to not tread into darker memories, even if the catalyst behind it was Guinevere's death.
  • If there is one relationship that can topple King Arthur regarding notoriety, it may well be that of Mordred. Interestingly, Mordred didn't start off as Morgan's son, or even Arthur's offspring for that matter, it just so happened that this became a common and popular depiction that stuck to the public audience's mind. One thing did remain consistent though; Mordred is the most infamous victim of emotional and psychological abuse via Morgan's lies and deceit, which caused him to turn on Arthur and mutually killing one another. Of course, with Mordred not being happy about his mother's(?) presence in the Pantheon, he's anticipating the day he crosses paths with his mother and wishes punishment and retribution for putting himself in a miserable position.
    • Saber of Red was another version of Mordred who was, indeed, conceived by Morgan and Arthur. In this case, however, Arthur was a female named Arturia and the circumstances of Saber of Red's birth were partly to do with the involvement of Merlin. While she may not be the same Morgan that she was familiar with, Saber of Red still expresses nothing but grief and rage over the fact that Morgan never really acknowledged her and played a role in Saber of Red having a poor working and familial relationship with Arturia. Morgan, on the other hand, found the story about Saber of Red to be interesting, yet awkward, given how Saber of Red's conception came from the magical acts of one of her biggest foes. Morgan does see Saber of Red as her own child in a sense but is willing to battle her to the death if that's what either of them desires.
    • Morgan also has another son in Sir Gawain, who was conceived with King Lot of Orkney. Unlike Mordred, however,the enmity between Gawain and Morgan isn't as intense, considering that while Gawain does have to put up with the fact that his mother killed his master, he wasn't a victim of emotional manipulation and lies that drove Mordred mad with disbelief and grief. Even so, the fact that she's back in the Pantheon means that Gawain would have to be ready and prepared to fight against his mother again, though Morgan has other urgent issues to tend to. That said, the fact that Morgan sometimes goes through a drastic personality change does cause her to be affectionate towards Gawain like any loving mother, which often complicated matters.
  • Merlin is an interesting case. Typically, he and Morgan are sworn enemies towards one another and their reputations have become just as legendary as there are many parallels between the two practitioners of magic, especially regarding their relationship with Arthur. The amount of times Merlin killed Morgan has been well-documented and it's not surprising that Morgan seeks retribution for this. In a strange twist of fate, there have also been occasions where Merlin and Morgan were good allies who supported one another in times of crisis. The Pantheon has lent a hand in further complicating their relationship with one another. While they are enemies, there are moments where they can end up being complementary, even platonically tender to one another. Curiously, they even share a few mutual enemies and Morgan concluded that while Merlin is someone she will fight against, there are times where there are worse threats. Merlin himself is rather curious about how his relationship with Morgan has become more mysterious than it initially appeared to be.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters took intrigue and interest towards Morgan, believing that her magical prowess and skills in trickery and placing doubt can be really useful and give them an edge against the Heroic Protectors of Family. When they did meet with Morgan, they did strike an alliance... and it turned out that they didn't exactly mesh well with one another. The problem was, most members, especially its representing leaders, cared more about wanting to torment or kill their children than actually wanting to aid one another, not to mention how Morgan sometimes develops conflicting feelings on whether to work with them or not and the Supporters haven't been keen about that perspective.
    • The most relatable of the Supporters was Scar, a vicious and cruel lion who expressed jealousy and rage towards his older brother, Mufasa, for having the throne of the Pride Lands and was to be succeeded by his son, Simba. Nevermind the fact that he killed Mufasa and drove off his nephew, believing that he had Simba, to take over the Pride Lands, Scar proved to be an ineffective and careless king who deprived the lands and began to alienate his own servants and followers. While Morgan can associate with the evil lion, as well as gaining a new enemy in Simba, she and Scar don't really get along either way as, despite their cunning and manipulative nature, Morgan found Scar to be ineffective in charming and tricking others. Plus Morgan seeks to be proactive, not reactive, unlike Scar, who normally relies on his hyena cohorts to do his dirty work for the most part. That said, Scar does respect and takes caution of Morgan's powers, so he does his best to remain as cordial as he could with the Fae Enchantress.
    • Beyond the Supporters, Sofia Lamb and Morathi also found Morgan to be someone whom they felt can be worked with, with the enchantress herself tagging along as she felt that Sofia and Morathi may be useful allies in her end schemes of getting back at Arthur. Yet still, this working relationship was strained at best; Sofia is concerned more about creating a "utopia" exempt from free will, and Morathi, despite being more similar, is dedicated to finding a way to usurp Ulthuan whilst partaking in any hedonistic activities possible. Morgan finds those goals tertiary, though she does seem interested in the magic that Ulthuan practices.
  • Among other allies that she was able to gain were Set, Azula, Prince John, and Kai, all of whom had aspirations of wanting to take over something in their own vision; Set killed his brother, Osiris, for ruling over Egypt, Azula was groomed by her father, Ozai to be his successor in governing the Fire Nation, Prince John was not happy over having to see his brother, King Richard Lionheart take over the throne of England, and Kai clashed against his surrogate brother, Master Oogway over how to use Chi which resulted in the two parting ways with Kai becoming a future adversary for the future Dragon Warrior, Po. Azula, John, and Kai admitted to being inspired by Morgan, seeing as she can be considered a historical archetype for sibling and monarchal betrayal, and Set does acknowledge the Fae Enchantress as a worthy ally in spite of preceding her. To ensure that this new quintet works out as effectively as possible, Morgan has taken steps in learning and improving her leadership skills in order to guide her allies effectively, especially Azula, seeing as she had daddy issues against Ozai and Morgan, acknowledging her less-than-average relationship with Mordred, seeks to avert the manipulative and abusive demeanor that the former Phoenix King showcased towards his daughter.
  • Due to her confusing and complicated alignment, Morgan has found it difficult to find proper allies to work with, as several heroes had already opposed her due to her treachery and some of the evil deities had differing goals that were too obsessive about them or had quirks that Morgan did not appreciate. One of the few true allies that she was able to work with was Cain, the infamous biblical figure who was most famously with sibling jealousy that led him to murder Abel and be cursed to live in shame as the world's first murderer. Not only did they get along and understood each other pretty well, but Cain saw himself admiring Morgan's magical powers. Morgan herself felt that because Cain's story is chronologically among the oldest, she may have been inspired by him, which she was intrigued by. They also admitted some remorse for their actions, where they sympathized with one another about though they agree that this should not be of detriment to them in the Pantheon. The fact that the two of them have been working together since has been a point of concern by many, especially Arthur and his allies.
  • Outside of Abusive Parents themselves, Morgan is a rather unpopular figure for those who've had difficulty dealing with questionable parents who instilled control and torment on their children, either physically or through manipulations. One of these is Malekith, Mortahi's son and a victim to someone being manipulated to turn against the very people he fought with. The Witch-King of Naggaroth was already aware of Morgan's reputation before she entered the Pantheon and warns that death will be the inevitable conclusion if they ever meet. The fact that Morathi is working with her is a point of contention for Malekith as well, which furthers his already vitriolic relationship with his mother. Maisie Farange also dislikes Morgan as her abusive relationship with Mordred was somewhat similar to her being emotional leverage by her parents and steers clear whenever she hears of the witch's presence. Another pair of offsprings, Shoto Todoroki and Zuko, came to immediately see Morgan as a threat, and the fact that she reminds them of their abusive relationship with their fathers, Enji/Endeavor and Ozai, only makes things worse. Morgan has little to say of the matter, though she does admit that Malekith is the one that she is wary of.
  • Princesses and Queens, especially those who exhibited strong romantic feelings towards a Prince or a King is a sore subject for Morgan because whenever she stumbled across something similar, it reminds her of Guinevere, and oddly enough, the absence of Guinevere was something that she had a mixed reaction on. On one hand, aside from Merlin, Lancelot, and Galahad, she doesn't have much competition against getting to Arthur. On the other hand, there's no option to take revenge and Morgan feels as if a lack of catharsis would undermine her efforts. As a result, she is conflicted about whether Guinevere should ascend to the Pantheon.
    • On the topic of female monarchs, those like Princess Peach, Princess Zelda, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Estellise Sidos Heurassein have proved themselves to be contentious figures for Morgan to think about, even though they never intended to bring it up upon her. Not to mention how they've been more than successful in gaining the romantic interest of their saviors and generally being loved by their subjects for their kindness and generosity, which didn't do Morgan favors. As for their enemies, only Bowser happened to end up being open enough to accept a partnership with the Fae Enchantress as the Koopa King likes a good and competent ally to work with, though he does find Morgan's relationship with Mordred rather questionable. As for others, Morgan wasn't on board with Ganondorf due to his own knack of manipulating and usurping other villains' positions and Morgan wasn't going to take that risk, which ended with her becoming a rival to the Great King of Evil. Maleficent and Mother Gothel are in a partnership if mainly because they respect one another's trickery, however, Morgan finds their pettiness and fixation of spiting Aurora and Rapunzel to be too annoying and detrimental, despite her own insistency to focus too much on Arthur and Camelot. Morgan does, however, compliment Maleficent's prowess as they are an added bonus to her usefulness, the same cannot be said for Gothel, who barely has any combat skill to make up for her manipulations.
  • Despite her reputation as a villain, there are a few good beings that actually see Morgan as a friend. This seems to be the case for Jack and Annie, a sibling pair who go to a treehouse enchanted by her, where they are magically taken to several different places, either in fantastical realms of historic times. The Morgan they knew was a compassionate and motherly being who provided guidance and support to Jack and Annie, in addition to having been in good touch with Merlin. In the Pantheon, things are a bit complicated, but to everyone's surprise, Morgan comes to see Jack and Annie in a positive light, to the extent that her villainous attitude is strangely absent whenever she's in the sibling's presence. Jack and Annie would simply like to spend time with her and Morgan are open to doing so and she'll defend them from any incoming threat.
    • Further note about the two, Jack and Annie are the only ones allowed to give her the nickname of Peanut. Long story short, the Morgan le Fay in their world had been transformed into a mouse by Merlin and Annie gave her that nickname prior to the two learning that said mouse was their mentor.
  • Morgan is also a denizen on both the DC and Marvel Universes, where her status as one of the most powerful and fearsome magic-users still remains consistent in her reputation. In the former, she was an immortal being who maintained this by sucking up the souls of the youthful... at the cost of not being able to maintain her youth as she lives on, prompting her to garb herself in A suit of golden armor as the other way to make herself look attractive. In the latter, she actually ended up being associated with Doctor Doom, as in they had a romantic relationship and had a child. Though circumstances did not allow for this to last long, though Doom and Morgan aren't in a hateful relationship and respect one another. Still, this doesn't stop them from trying to kill one another if they ever get in one's way.
  • As a sibling who wanted to usurp the other one for a throne, Morgan, and Orm the Ocean Master quickly saw a lot in themselves when they became familiar with one another. Morgan was intrigued to discover the underwater city of Atlantis, whose throne was something Own desired for in his life while the Ocean Master expressed some surprise about Morgan's relationship with King Arthur and her proficiency in magic, as Orm himself was also a practitioner of magic, though not as adept as Morgan's. There's also the fact that Orm and Morgan do love their siblings, even though it's buried beneath a series of battles and events that further cement their reputation as villains. To mention their many adaptations have made them far more complicated, though their villain selves remain more consistent That said, both had goals too specific for one another to be true allies with one another, but Orm does express some sort of respect for Morgan's trickery and magical prowess whereas the Fae Enchantress seeks to deepen her knowledge about Atlantis in the hopes that she could learn something that may be of use in her plans.
  • Morgan may be a villain, but one thing is clear about her; she wants to rule, not destroy, or at least destroy indiscriminately or everything. While her status as a malicious Lady of Black Magic has made her a controversial figure, to begin with, even Morgan thinks Jadis the White Witch is too much for her to stomach. She does want to rule Narnia, but considering how she completely destroyed her former home realm of Charn and everyone who ever lived in it by muttering a Deplorable Word, and all because she lost the throne to her sister, Morgan thinks she's too much of a risk to work with and chances are that Jadis may envy and turn on her due to Morgan's mastery in magic. Jadis herself feels as if Morgan is wasting her talents in not fighting alongside her, but there was also the fact that both are too obsessed with what they want to gain to properly devote time to work with each other, though Morgan and Jadis do express some interest in Narnia and Camelot respectively. By principle, Morgan opposes the Grand United Alliance of Destruction and is open to forming an Enemy Mine with her foes if it means stopping them.
    • Speaking of evil witches, Maleficent is easily one of the most infamous and was just as driven to her goals. Both she and Morgan found that they were motivated by jealousy, though Maleficent was more focused on a young heir that was cursed into sleeping eternally unless said curse was broken, courtesy of Maleficent herself, who did out of revenge for not being invited. Morgan saw this as something she could associate with, given that Arthur's love for Guinevere overrides any moment Morgan could have spent with him from there on out. That said, Maleficent still had a similar problem in that she was too invested him her goals to be in a solid partnership with Morgan. There is some level of respect though.
  • For all of her strengths and skills, Morgan was not amused to discover that in one iteration, the monster card that is based on her, Morgan, the Enchantress of Avalon, is just Level 3, suggesting that she is not impressive at all. Considering that most of Morgan's depictions showed her as a powerful figure, regardless of her alignment, she never really thought about the idea of being depicted as being somewhat of a wimp, especially compared to the many other monster cards that had a higher level than her. Morgan now further seeks to display and demonstrate why exactly is she one of the most feared witches in fiction and wants the card to be forever disregarded, not being able to stand being humiliated in strength and reputation.
  • She once met Dracula before coming to the Pantheon, where the two met up thanks to time travel whereupon the two teamed up to fight against King Arthur. Morgan turned into a vampire against her will and despite putting up a fight against her jilted lover, her natural element of Earth rejected her, causing Morgan to grow weak until she died, though she contributed enough for Dracula to win. Upon entering the Pantheon, Morgan realized that she would anticipate Dracula having been there before she did. What Morgan didn't realize, however, was that there wasn't just one particular Dracula in the Pantheon...
    • The Original Dracula and the Lord of Castlevania may have been the closest to align with regarding Morgan, though relations with the former was contentious as the original Dracula, despite his ferocity, didn't really stick out compared to the others and his magical talents, while good enough, was lacking in comparison. The Lord of Castlevania, on the other hand, was motivated by love and hate, albeit rather than jealousy and need, was grief and rage. Morgan found him the easiest to associate and work with and the Lord of Castlevania sees Morgan as a good ally to work with if it means battling against his adversaries. That said, Morgan does stay wary of her new ally's might and prowess as the Lord of Castlevania is a Demonic Vampire whose strength at full power is enough to destroy the world if left unchecked.
    • The other Draculas were either not so assuming or interesting for Morgan or they naturally came to oppose her for being a jealous-hungry witch. The Owner of Hotel Transylvania, much like the Lord of Castlevania, was driven to hate humanity due to seeing his love get killed by vengeful humans, but ended up getting his faith back with the help of his daughter Mavis developing a healthy romantic relationship with a human. He felt that while Morgan's affections may be genuine, he doesn't buy into her schemes and considers her a terrible mother for what she did to Mordred. Alucard doesn't really care and only wants to see how powerful Morgan is, whereas she keeps wary of him due to Alucard's battle-hungry nature and his crazed demeanor whenever he either gets excited or aggravated. Beyond opposing her for obvious reasons, Soma Cruz and Gabriel Belmont don't elicit any strong thoughts for Morgan, she just sees them as usual, if very powerful enemies to be aware of.
  • In the Warhammer World, Morgan expressed surprise to see that the land of Bretonnia had a "Fay Enchantress" known as Morgiana and that she was a dedicated and loyal fighter and representative for the land. Being in Bretonnia is one of the few places where Morgan ends up displaying a kinder, noble side of her where she instead becomes protective and honorable. While content to see that Bretonnia has returned in some capacity, she is also upset to learn that because a proper representative hasn't ascended into the Pantheon yet, the populace is left functionally extinct until someone of Bretonnian heritage ascends into the Pantheon. It is also here where, in a shocking moment to everyone, Morgan and Arturia put aside their differences and work to defend Bretonnia once the former learned that the latter has dedicated herself to protecting Bretonnia until a leader from the lands finally ascends to continue where they left off.
  • Because of her nature as a composite being in the Pantheon, her morality has seen constant fluxes and changes either in many random occurrences or if she's in a place or with someone of familiarity. Because of this, Morgan's allies and enemies have constantly been changing and although villains tend to be a more consistent package, they still tend to be wary about this, given that there can be a moment where Morgan can suddenly change in an instant and instead end up helping the good guys, much to their dismay. Even when she's being heroic, many heroes and good-natured deities still remain cautious of Morgan due to her mastery in tricking others. That, and regardless of trying to help for a greater good at times, this doesn't improve her reputation, especially those who have either had monarchal and/or familial troubles in their mortal lives. All this has added to Morgan being one of the most polarizing deities in the Pantheon. The Fae Enchantress knows this but acknowledges that she has to contend with it, regardless of whether it irritates and upsets her at times.
  • There also exists another version of Morgan that in a timeline where Briton was ruled by Fae, she happened to not just be both Morgan and Morgause, but also the fairy of the lake Viviane/Nimue as well, and happened to be summoned as a Berserker. This version of Morgan also happened to a Ruler-class servant summoned by Beryl Gut as one of the Servants towards the Crypters in an attempt to erase Proper Human History and returning the world to the Age of Gods. However, the Lostbelt Beryl was assigned to was barren due to being void of life, and to change the present of the Lostbelt through using the Tree of Emptiness to influence her past self, the Folk Hero Aesc from that Lostbelt, while killing her own Master to prevent any interference from shaping that Lostbelt. The backstabbing of the Fae she continuously saw throughout her attempts to save Briton combined with the memories of her Proper Human History self led her to becoming a tyrant to improve conditions over, but sadly she was once again betrayed and left to die over an angry group of Fae.
    • Because of this, she holds a deep resentment towards evil fairies, and as a result, is one of the few things that can cause her to cooperate with the Knights of the Round Table, in particular she tends to target Oberon due to him manifesting as Oberon-Vortigern, one of the Six Great Calmities.
    • She's also done her best to not confuse Princess Aurora with the head of the Wind Clan Fae, Aurora, because she knows that this version of her isn't likely to plot against her and usurp the throne from her.

    Norn Mikihara 
Norn Mikihara, Goddess of Lore Character Reveals (Yggdrasill, Norun)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A large tree
  • Theme Song: "Final Phase"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Canon Character All Along, Adaptational Heroism, Little Miss Almighty, Master Computer, Damsel in Distress
  • Domains: Reveals, Divinity, Computers
  • Followers: Brax, Thea Queen
  • Allies: The Royal Knights, Culumon and other good Digimon deities, GUAG White Hats, Yui, Kirito and Asuna, TRON, Madoka Kaname, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Distrusted by: The Eight Digidestined and 02 Digidestined
  • Norn Mikihara is a mysterious girl who once approached four young fans of Digimon to ask them about their true feelings for the digital monsters. Although she was only with them for one day, the four children always remembered her and considered her their friend. Years later, those four became Digidestined with the task of stopping the demon lord Barbamon's plan to delete all Digimon raised by Tamers and remake the Digital World. As it turns out, Barbamon was also keeping Norn prisoner. But the truth was more complicated than a simple "evil overlord keeping the damsel locked in a tower" scenario. Norn was actually the conscience of the Digital World's Master Computer Yggdrasill, sent to the real world to investigate humans and their Digimon. With her gone, Barbamon fused with the hollow computer and imprisoned Norn to stop her from interfering. When the Digidestined defeated Barbamon, Norn was able to take back her rightful place as the true Yggdrasill.
  • Norn discovered the Pantheon when one Digimon deity, Culumon, wandered into her universe out of boredom, as he is wont to do sometimes. Norn could sense his true nature and intercepted him before he could affect the Digital World. Some other version of Yggdrasill would have imprisoned or deleted Culumon, but Norn is not that kind of computer, so with Culumon's help she managed to find her way to the Pantheon to return him. Culumon's partner Yui was relieved, and being an AI, she could recognize Norn for what she was and became fast friends with her as she showed her around the Pantheon. Norn saw that Digimon also lived in this mysterious dimension alongside several different types of beings, so she decided to stick around to study their co-existence. As more and more deities were surprised by this meek-looking girl's true identity, the Main House decided the Digital World's host computer deserved a permanent spot.
  • Although Yggdrasill is known to reach Knight Templar-levels of zeal in overseeing the digital world and its inhabitants, Norn is a lot more compassionate and willing to believe in humanity. She is very interested in all the partnerships with Digimon that have been formed in the Pantheon and has paid each of them at least one visit to learn of their feelings on the matter. She's pretty satisfied with what she has seen so far.
  • She was quick to ally herself with the GUAG's White Hats, as they are the largest and most organized force for good specialized in digital matters in the Pantheon. Both parties hope that their cooperation will lead to a better understanding between the digital and organic realms. The White Hats, particularly TRON, are also just happy that a supercomputer who's actually benevolent has ascended for a change.
    • Among the White Hats she became especially close to Kirito and Asuna due to her already established friendship with Yui. Norn sees them as similar to the Digidestined, as they also went on a life-or-death journey in a digital world without their consent, but stood up to the challenge admirably and came out as stronger people for it. And since Norn is a benevolent and compassionate AI like their daughter Yui, Kirito and Asuna also like her. Norn is also close to Lan Hikari and his partner Megaman.EXE, finding their partnership to be strikingly similar to the Digimon's, down to the Bond Creatures aspect.
  • Hearing from TRON about how valuable Omegamon and Dukemon have been to the White Hats, Norn quickly arranged to meet with the two Royal Knights. She then stated her goal of forming a new group of Royal Knights that would protect both digital and organic beings from any evil, assist in establishing good relations between the two realms, and would also not hesitate to set Yggdrasill to rights should she ever stray from her ideals, instead of blindly following her orders like past Royal Knights. She's relying on Omegamon and Dukemon, who're well-established in the Pantheon and have made many different friends, to support her in making her vision a reality. She thinks Dukemon had the right idea in finding a partner and wants to encourage all Royal Knights to do the same in hopes that they'll learn to feel empathy for non-Digimon.
    • Incidentally, the partners to Royal Knights also count as Royal Knights in her eyes, regardless of whether or not they are combat-oriented or how invested they are in the welfare of the digital world. Most of the White Hats think Norn ought to be more selective and at least steer Digimon towards picking partners that are technologically learned, but Norn really wishes to encourage the Royal Knights to follow their hearts and exercise their free will, as Dukemon had already done before her ascension. She has complete faith that they will choose their partners for good reasons and trusts that the human Royal Knights will bring new perspectives to the table and do the right thing for all the worlds in the end.
  • While she's pretty popular among the Pantheonic Tamers, the same cannot be said about the '99 and '02 Digidestined. This is because in 2005 they had to contend with Yggdrasill, who was aiming to destroy the real world for the sake of Digimon. Royal Knight Alphamon also brutalized Daisuke's team on its behalf. For these reasons, the Digidestined look askance at Norn despite her claims of wanting to live in peace and harmony with humans. Thus far, Kari has been the most willing to give her a chance, since Norn's ideals appeal to her, and they have similar personalities in how they're both gentle and warm-hearted. Norn hopes she can befriend the rest of them someday.
  • Norn is on such good terms with humans that inevitably much of her more unscrupulous computer brethren started thinking of her as a Category Traitor, especially with how she approves of human-Digimon partnerships, which they are convinced are demeaning to Digimon. The GUAM, who believe in the supremacy of machines over organic life, thus couldn't be more hostile to her. Norn claims that they are wrong and what she wants is equality for humans and Digimon. At any rate the GUAM cares little for her protests and they have developed quite the habit of attempting to kidnap her so they can reprogram her to be more like the "good, old" Yggdrasill and in line with their beliefs. Of course, with several Digimon and Digidestined more-or-less on her side and not willing to deal with another genocidal supercomputer, this mission has proven to be extremely difficult to accomplish for the GUAM.
  • Looks and acts exactly like a Magical Girl in the opinion of some deities, which makes them even more surprised when they discover she's a computer-god. Norn, for her part, thinks Magical Girl teams are fairly similar to the Digidestined in how they often have the weight of two different types of realms' safety on their shoulders, and so greatly respects them. Though the only one she has really talked to with any regularity is Madoka Kaname, who ascended to godhood in her universe after a stint as a standard Magical Girl. Their similar responsibilities and dispositions meant they got along well, and they became even closer when Madoka talked to Norn about Homura and the worrying extremes she'd go to for her sake, which Norn thought was very similar to Shou Kahara, a Digidestined who was willing to send the world to hell thinking it was what she wanted (probably out of love, too).
  • Because she bears the names Norn and Yggdrasill, she confused a lot of old Norse deities who thought she was one of their number. They were rather angry that she uses their holy names to denote herself as god, but someone interceded in her behalf, explaining that everything in the human world has an equivalent in the Digital World, so it's not as if she's committing some heresy against them. Any potential conflict was averted, and after that Norn and the Norse gods didn't have much of anything to do with each other.

Pikkon, God of Canon Foreigners Made by the Creator (Paikuhan, Paul Kuhan)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The gi of the West Kai
  • Theme Song: Pikkon's Theme, Righteous Otherworld Defense
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (may have been a different good alignment in life)
  • Portfolio: Canon Foreigner Created By Akira Toriyama, The Stoic (Usually), Worthy Opponent, Piccolo Equivalents, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, The Comically Serious, The Hyper Tornado And Thunder Flash Atack, Graceful Loser
  • Domains: The Afterlife, Combat, Heroism, Power, Tournaments
  • Followers: H.E.R.B.I.E, Wybie, Isaac McDougal
  • Heralds: Maraikoh and Tapkar (his Other World teammates)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: The House of Fighting and Combat, good-aligned Death Entities
  • Rivals: Hit
  • Enemies:
  • When a noble soul dies in the Dragon Ball universe, they get to keep their body in the Other World as a reward for their heroic deeds. In a certain continuity of that world, when Goku died for the second time, the Grand Kai was offering a tournament for the fighters in the afterlife. One of the main fighters was the West Kai's champion Pikkon, a stoic yet proud fighter. Despite his appearance, he's not a Namekian, though was heavily inspired by Piccolo.
  • As an Otherworld fighter, he is in a rather unique situation when it comes to the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon-he was dead on ascension yet is still able to be active, and remains such in the pantheon. Unfortunately, this means that if he's killed as he is, he'll cease to exist. Fortunately, he's a lot more durable in his "dead" body and more than capable of defending himself.
  • Made his debut owning Frieza, his father and even Cell when they attempted a revolt in Hell. Owning Frieza is a bit confusing given the free-roaming Filler Hell contradicts the canon stuck in a cocoon Hell Frieza was in, but he's pretty pissed either way. Upon learning the tyrant had obtained a new level of power, Pikkon plans to train further to catch up to both him and Goku.
  • While a Canon Foreigner, he was developed by Akira Toriyama as the Piccolo-like character of the Otherworld Tournament. And just like Piccolo, he's really popular despite his ultimately minor role. Some have noticed that Hit from Universe 6 has a number of similarities to him; they ended up confronting each other in the Pantheon, during which Hit tested out his abilities and found his unique skills intriguing. Regardless, he's not a fan of the purple assassin due to his career choice. Malal seems interested in the idea of using his extracanonical status to escape the Retconnian and take revenge on the canonical series, but Pikkon isn't having any of it. Malal can't even render Pikkon Deader than Dead since anyone in this state will arrive in the Retconnian anyway.
  • No-one's quite sure how Pikkon died, and for how long. Or how strong he was at death compared to what he is now. Some believe that he was killed by Broly, though it's unknown if the West Galaxy was ever targeted by him. Broly was called a rampage on Hell at least, which Goku and Pikkon had to deal with.
  • When it comes to issues of the afterlife, he'll help protect the balance. He believes that Danny Fenton's half-ghost abilities will make him a great asset to fighting off rogue spirits. He opposes the Satan from South Park due to his invasion of Heaven, though it's not that serious since he's not that impressive. He was interested in Kenny due to how he directed the fight in Heaven's favor during one of his many deaths.
  • Considers Lord English to be a massive threat. Usually the dead aren't allowed to get involved with the affairs of the living except for 1 day, but English doesn't just want to destroy the living world-he wants to kill people's ghosts and destroy the afterlife, becoming known as the angel of double death. He's an even more dire threat to Otherworld than Majin Buu. Amatsu-Mikaboshi is also a massive threat due to targeting the many afterlives of the Marvel multiverse, not just the physical realm.
  • Usually seen sparring in the House of Fighting and Combat, given he lives in what amounts to a Warrior Heaven. He was interested in Thor due to the existence of Valhalla, which given the dead are revived for further combat means he can go all-out without fear of his opponents or himself suffering a Cessation of Existence. He also likes to fight and prove himself with Hercules and Asura, and while he lost both accounts it's only motivated him to get stronger.
  • Also doing work in the House of Death and Postmortem due to his position in Other World. Most of the various grim reapers don't seem to mind him. Even Dhuum doesn't seem that bothered since he doesn't interfere with the mortal realm and cheat death. Only Nekron really makes a fuss about it, and that's mainly because exceptions are made to visiting the living world when the universe itself is on the line. The Lord of the Unliving has not made his opinion about other realms of the dead clear yet.

Intermediate Gods

    Ardyn Izunia 
Ardyn Izunia, God of Dub Personality Changes (The Chancellor, The Usurper, The Accursed, Ardyn Lucis Caelum, Adagium)

    Asajj Ventress 
Asajj Ventress, Goddess of Character Overemphasis Of One Trait (Ventress, Little One, Mistress, The Bald Banshee, Supreme Leader)
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  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A split-saber
  • Theme Song: Ventress the Nightsister, The New Ventress
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil under Count Dooku)
  • Portfolio: The villainess who joined the Sith under Count Dooku, known not to fight fair at all, a dangerous woman (even after leaving the Sith), a fervent member of the Nightsisters, has a grudge against Dooku, the last living Nightsister after Grevious' massacre and defected from the Sith altogether, developed much more in character after growing up as a slave and lost her only "family", shows some respect against her enemies under certain circumstances, expert in lightsaber combat even without the Force, dies as a neutral anti-hero
  • Domains: The Force, Dark Ladies, Hatred, Bounty Hunters, Anti-Heroes
  • Heralds: Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters/Witches of Dathomir, Ky Narec (her Jedi Master), Quinlan Vos (brief apprentice and later lover)
  • Allies: Very few but some notable mentions are Boba Fett, Lo Wang
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cal Kestis and all other Jedi, Galen Marek, Akame and Night Raid
  • Rivals with: Esdeath, Katarina du Corteau, Shego, The Baroness, Azula, Selvaria Bles, Genji Shimada, most Bounty Hunters, Desperado Enforcement LLC, Daidouji
  • Additional Relationships with: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Gamora, the Tenno, the Houses of Hatred and Rancor and Anti-Heroism
  • Enemies: The Sith Empire but most especially Count Dooku, Darth Maul, General Grievous, The Slavers, Ethan Roark Sr. and his son, Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • The Sith have no shortages when it comes to masters and members, thanks to the lure of power and hatred that fuels the Dark Side. It makes for many stories from the rumored past of the Legends, battles from the Clone Wars and the fall and rise of the Jedi. One of which was this Sith assassin who was notorious for her ruthlessness that originated from her past as a child slave and loss of her Jedi master Ky Narec. Succumbing to the Dark Side, her natural affinity with the Force led her to be discovered by Count Dooku and recruited to his cause. However, her growing power came at a cost: her increased strength and aggressiveness made her a problem to the Sith and was nearly disposed of by Count Dooku on Palpatine's orders. At the same time, she discovered a cult of Nightsisters (her species) and began adopting their lifestyle, only for them to be destroyed in a slaughter by General Grievous. That moment turned her away from the Sith to find a new purpose in life, ultimately killing her in the end whilst getting her revenge. That person you may ask? That is Asajj Ventress, one of the most infamous figures of the Clone Wars era.
  • Her ascension was a thought out plan by Palpatine after his final defeat to reconsolidate his forces while the Empire was still up and running in the Pantheon with his own members, especially Count Dooku. Ventress was among the Emperor's personal picks, one Dooku was opposed to knowing his history with her but under Palpatine's orders, decided to get her ascended anyway. What was supposed to be an easy extraction turned into a bloodbath as Ventress escaped soldiers in her intent to kill Dooku, though she was overpowered by the Emperor before she could do so. Having tired of life as a dark side acolyte, she found a new haven in the darker corners of the Pantheon. The very next day, storm trooper scouts revealed she set up shop after consulting with some of the Pantheon's higher ups, granting her permanent residence in the Pantheon, all without the Sith's assistance. Palpatine's disappointment and anger at the failure could not have clearer, compounded with Dooku's replacement to Anakin Skywalker, who would later become Darth Vader.
    • While you may be wondering that her looks, skills and color scheme, she may be still partly Sith, but that is partly false. She was a Sith that was taught the way of being powered by hatred, but a few betrayals here and there as well as Count Dooku's persistence to get rid of her, led to her defecting and becoming neutral, even so much as to side with the Jedi when the opportunity arises to kill the one who nearly killed her during the days as a Sith member, as well as passing profession into a bounty hunter. For those wondering what side she is now, it is a doozy but she will remain neutral, albeit somewhat of a jerk to others.
  • Now that her ascension went underway, the Sith has unexpectedly created another enemy in the midst, though that is what you get when you attempt on killing someone out of power and suspicion. Even with her opposition to the Sith, the Jedi have not considered her into their ranks, and she doesn't take it offense on that because on her realization, she has no intention of joining the Jedi as she was a student of their order until her master was killed, so the feelings are mutual when she has no consideration to rejoin them, or some would think otherwise.
    • Regarding her ascension, people pointed out that before Ventress took over, Daidouji happened to be the owner of Imtimidating Female Voices, but uncovering the full story, it seems like Ventress taking over her spot was more of a desperate situation for her to set up a place in the Pantheon before the Court of the Gods intervened and no one knew about this until members of Hanzou Academy found their teacher in hiding. The reports lead to the Court's intervention and after council meetings with the two, Daidouji decided to let go one of her positions to Ventress, just to avoid more misinformation and conflict.
  • The first sight of her arrival was her target of revenge: Count Dooku. Yes Palpatine's formerly right hand man, responsible for nearly terminating her and as well as the mastermind for wiping out the Nightsisters was the cause for all her misfortune and forcing her to fend for herself in the galaxy, without no help whatsoever. Even as a bounty hunter and teaching her lover Quinlan Vos the ways of lightsaber combat, it was not enough to hide the wounds Dooku has placed upon her. She also has not forgotten that he finally killed her with Force Lightning, at the sight of Vos no less. Since then, she has been plotting his next move and has even allied with the Jedi, albeit with conflict, in an attempt to satiate her revenge, some even commenting on her ruthlessness to either have not changed or have gotten worse.
    • This especially goes for two specific Jedi who she has fought against in the very past, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano, with the former especially the one Ventress had a rough history with and Ahsoka being possibly the counter-opposite to her. The only reason why she hasn't cut their heads in half is because of her intentions to kill Dooku at any price which the two have rather agreed unwillingly to side with. Even hearing that Anakin cut his head off, she still wants his head under her platter, especially when Anakin became Palpatine's next right hand man.
  • Past her forced teamwork with the Jedi, she has taken measures to other people in the Pantheon who follow her ideal not to follow in the path of hatred, especially in the realm of revenge, where she secretly thrives in despite wanting no part in the greater Galactic War. There she met both Akame and her team Night Raid in a bar after Ventress took multiple shots and was drinking. As the two were conversing with each other, the two have similar thoughts on revenge, but not until she sensed suspicion among her group's own members. When Akame told her to knock it off, she hesitated and deployed her lightsaber, with the rest of the group mobilizing against her. The results were not pretty: the bar was thrashed and so did the rest of the group until it was Akame and Ventress the ones left standing. Following the fight and Akame retreating after being nearly beaten by her, she notes how Ventress' anger has not changed and made her a tough pick to join, but under the right circumstances on revenge, can she and Night Raid effectively team up with her.
  • Business-wise, she is not done yet especially against General Grievous, as his slaughter of the Nightsisters still has him under his sights. With the slow rise of the Confederacy however, she can only sneak up on him or risk being shot at by multiple droids. If a bounty does arrive on Grievous, chances are she'll be the first to take the opportunity among others.
    • Much information later from the House of Knowledge, there might be some clues that history between Ventress and Grievous are albeit closer. She was there alongside Dooku observing if the General was fit to lead his army and became an obstacle to prove his worth, with him wiping Ventress off the floor which resulted to her slowly going insane and as well as adding him to her scheme of posterior revenge. The outcome of Dathomir also differed with her defeating Grievous with ease, that was until he cheated and ordered the droids to start killing anyway.
  • The other Jedi members, in particular Mace Windu, have also denied any idea of reinstating her to the Jedi Order, seeing that she is already deeply filled with hatred to be even under consideration. She doesn't mind this because after hearing Ahsoka being abandoned by the Jedi Order, she stated that the Jedi are no different from the Sith at all. It was this idea that led her to become a bounty hunter instead.
    • As for bounty hunters, hearing that Boba Fett arrived way before her annoyed her as he still proves he is the better hunter than her. Outside of that, the two are often found in bars or hideouts while waiting for the next bounty, where they will race to see who gets their target first.
  • Outside of her profession, whenever she is free, she is either drinking some shots just to wallow on her former life or hanging around the Houses of Combat and/or Anti-Heroes. She says those places are often her go-to areas whenever she is just free from work, either to reflect on her endless hatred, desire for revenge or perhaps both.
    • As for her opinion on Hatred in general, she has been clear about her intentions to never go back to such path again. Even after years of leaving as an exile away from the Sith, the veins of hatred still flow through her and after explaining her partner Quinlan Vos about how the Dark Side feeds on endless hatred and power to the point of self-consumption. Yet even after that, her path of revenge still remains clear as the only way she might gain some closure is to kill Dooku.
  • When analyzing her power, some may have seen as to why Palpatine ordered Dooku to kill her as soon as possible. Her affinity of the force is so strong that is starts manifesting to other forms, hence her growth of power. Some even were scared seeing her feats such as defeating Plo Koon while half-armed, being able to fight toe-to-toe with Anakin in a starfighter battle, being a nightmare to many Jedi in her early missions, and eliminating the remnants of Darth Plagueis' rumored Echani Sun Guard. Not to mention her added Nightsister powers such as reanimating the dead making her one of the most terrifying figures in the Clone Wars era.
    • Her Force powers is what made her a comparison to Galen Marek, who just like her grew up under the teachings of the Sith Empire was one of the most adept Force users to ever grace the galaxy as well as defect the Sith after a few switch of events surrounding their lives. However, Galen might be much more powerful than her, thanks to his overreaching power from the Force, at the same time making him more unstable emotion-wise.
  • It seems that the Pantheon has no shortage when it comes to women with dangerous fighting feats, often lumping her into the same category. When she met the similar girls, Shego, Katarina and Selvaria, her comments on all of them were sloppy on their fights, only for her visitation to be shortened with Shego's punches, Katarina's blades and Selvaria's army-wiping power. Her response? Cutting their bodies in half by her lightsaber and force-choking all of them at the same time.
    Ventress: Do you think you'll still be able to beat me up even after I've separated your bodies in half?
    • That all changed with Esdeath, who managed to be able equalize her in raw power and skill, as the Mahapadma froze her but was nearly saved thanks to her Force manipulation. Then it became a war between witch-zombies and ice warriors until Ventress was heavily injured. In an act of retreat, she teleported herself out of her presence, signifying a defeat for the Nightsister. With the battle over, Esdeath took it upon herself to see who Ventress was, and after seeing the similarities between the loss of her clan, and her high rank within the Sith, saw her as a worthy addition to her side, even though her sadism is often rivaled by Ventress' own ruthlessness.
    • There is one woman that also once fit a female cohort, but this one was far more insane than the rest. Azula greeted Ventress by trying to burn her but that simply did nothing but immediately engage her from a duel. With both fire and lightsaber clashing, the smokes showed that Ventress held Azula at near death, showcasing that Ventress still reigned a true warrior compared to her.
    • Even past her evil looks, some pity her following her sudden shift from being the separatists' lieutenant to a bounty hunter due to betrayal and some pondered her fate following her exclusion from the Sith, leaving her to by her own means. This was what Gamora felt following her sudden meeting with Ventress, with her looks, change of character and combat skills akin to her sister Nebula. It further helps that both betrayed their own masters and further sought revenge against them, with Nebula on Thanos and Ventress on Dooku. Comparisons aside, Ventress was not interested meeting this 'Nebula' as she knows all too well what the two have in common and would rather not delve much into her past.
  • Hearing the adventures of Cal Kestis brought her attention, not on the Jedi himself, but on one of his crew members of the Mantis, notably Nightsister Merris. Seeing that she is one of the last few surviving Nightsisters following Grievous' genocide, she has been visiting her on the Mantis, giving only weirded sights by the rest of the members who have been worried that a Sith entered their premises. She has no intention of harming either, but she has warned Cal that the moment she dies, she will have his head under her lightsaber's blades.
    • Then news of her name also connected her dots to her fellow Nightbrother Darth Maul, as much like her, joined the Sith and defected for revengeful reasons. The two have grown sympathies for each other as the last remaining Dathomirians, but did not last seeing what she and the Nightsisters did to his brother, Savage Opress, leading back to his rage and became neck on neck against each other, demanding her surrender for the torment she inflicted on his brother. Since then, Ventress has not apologized for her torment on Opress, and Maul will not forget what she has done to one of his own brothers.
  • Her past is something she would not share but portions of it have been told be Ahsoka who knows Ventress' past. Outside of being nearly killed by the very side she joined and taught herself in, she was a child slave and a victim of such, with one instance where she was hired to protect a "package" only to see inside being a slave girl just like her. And it seems like other traffickers did not learn this lesson until the Slavers at one point tried to hire her to protect their human trafficking line, which did not end well as she not only freed the slaves but also wiped the entire trio with ease. This also became her warning against those who hire her for such professions, but that did not stop her on her rampage against those who would do the same, such as Calvin Candie, Stephen and the Roarks, of which all four of them faced Ventress' wrath and freed their prisoners. She remarks that she detests their kind and will be more than glad to wipe them out with ease.
  • Outside of Boba Fett, most bounty hunters are often on the fence against her as they know that she outpaces and outskills most of them when it comes to her profession. Her Force powers and lightsaber skills also point out how threatening she is on the job. Yet one bounty hunter stood out on her, Lo Wang. Both have tried to talk about what made both of them somewhat similar which was revealed from their motifs, as hired bounty hunters who served either as assassins or bodyguards by an organization, and in Ventress case she has worked with numerous conglomerates. Her culture also reflects on it as she follows ninja/samurai culture and the way she fights. Wang also mentioned how her name somewhat rings a bell.
    • Samurai-alike members have taken notice of her style, after Lo Wang's conversation with her sparked more interest on her life outside the Sith. There she noticed a few who approached her, Genji who thought her alignment could match with Blackwatch, which she declined. Confronting her one last time, he pondered if there can be at least some closure on her life as samurai often need some sort of end to their tale, which she has not spoken about, but deep inside, she knows the only way to bring her closure is either revenge on Dooku or disappearance from the Galactic War to the fullest.
    • Suddenly, her temple was visited by a bunch of cyber-ninjas known as the Tenno that heard of her and was told by the Lotus to locate, which she perceived as a threat. It was shut down when the Tenno showed that they have no intention to kill her but to see if they can bring her as helpful to their cause. When she identified certain aspects of the Tenno from their samurai/ninja attacks and mastery of close/long range combat to their often mercenary work that reflected on her status. After much thinking, she decided to ally with the Tenno, possibly thinking that mercenary work with a bunch of space ninjas might bring better fortune on her own.
      • After working with the Tenno for months, she started to notice aspects of them that remind her of the Force like how the Warframes have Operators and have links to the Void, an unknown power where the Tenno's powers are drawn upon. This, compounded with them known as Betrayers for their experience from betrayal by a certain Sentinel, has her thinking if teaming up with the Tenno might be good for her or might hamper her in the long run, especially with suspicion on their leader The Lotus.
    • Working as a mercenary is no easy task and she knew such case would happen when Desperado Enforcement LLC took her reports seriously and started taking her contracts. Not wanting to lose an opportunity, Senator Armstrong took interest with her and gave her a contract that would allow her presence from the LLC. She denied by having Armstrong nearly beheaded by her lightsaber and withheld as soon as possible, remaining shadowy for the LLC to pursuit her.
  • There are different reports on what was Ventress' fate because there are differing sides: one stated that she died on Dooku's Force Lightning while saving Quinlan Vos. On the other hand, she faked her death and disappeared alongside the galactic scene entirely, with hints that with her unresolved fate, she may have not stuck around as bounty hunter, as well as one where she faces her death against an enraged Anakin in his time as a Jedi. She refused to comment on both sides about her conclusion as to her, anonymity is her suite.
  • "Now you fall. As all Jedi must."

    Chaos Insurgency 
The Chaos Insurgency, Divine Group of Varying Characterization (The Insurgency, C.I., Red Right Hand)
The Chaos Insurgency Logo
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their Logo (pictured right)
  • Alignment: Unknown, but tethers between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nebulous Evil Organization that is Shrouded in Myth, Villain with Good Publicity, Evil Foil to the Foundation, Multiple-Choice Past
  • Domains: Secrecy, Variance, Backstory, Evil, Investigation
  • Allies: Lucifer and The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, HYDRA, The Chaos Gods, The Illuminati, Keel Lorenz, Spooky, Senator Armstrong, The Dark Brotherhood, Albert Wesker, The Reverberation Ensemble
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, YHVH and The Grand United Alliance of Law, The Men in Black, The Question
  • Interested in: All ascended SCPs, Frisk, Flowey
  • Opposes: The House of War
  • Originally devised as a splinter group of the SCP Foundation by the O5 Council to handle the ethically questionable elements and other black op related operations, the Chaos Insurgency actually went A.W.O.L. in 1924 and managed to retrieve several elements from the Foundation, including many SCPs, and set up as a separate group. Widely considered the more evil Foil of the SCP Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency is shrouded in mystery, since their goals are not clear to both the Foundation and even their own members, constantly changing on the go. They've been lurking in the shadows ever since the Pantheon was created, but their presence has been since outed by The Question, who managed to catch on to their activities, forcing them to officially reveal themselves to the Pantheon and gain a spot.
  • Many can agree that the Chaos Insurgency seeks to dissolve the SCP Foundation and they even have SCP of their own. Unlike the Foundation, C.I. uses them for investigation and possibly other more harmful activities, after all they don't shy away from terrorism. When asked why they want to take down the SCP Foundation, the Insurgency insists that they are going to reveal all their lies and make humanity stronger by the use of anomalous items.
  • Naturally pledged their allegiance to Lucifer, who wholeheartedly approved of their methods and welcomed them to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, ironically as their own splinter group. Their insertion to the group caused a boon to the Insurgency, allowing them access to more items that could benefit their cause and while the Foundation is not aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Good, they nonetheless have contacted them to plan for countermeasures.
  • The Grand United Alliance of Law considers them a huge problem for them considering they could have equal resources to that of the Foundation and given their ties to GUAC, it could prove troublesome for the goals of absolute order, not to mention that a group called the Chaos Insurgency is blasphemous for them. YHVH in particular seeks to terminate them in its entirety but is wary of how to approach considering that they have been able to imprison divine entities before.
  • It is widely believed that they are behind one of the Foundations biggest containment breaches by having a mole on the inside (and it seems he met an unfortunate end at the hands of SCP-106). It is possible that they ended up capturing one particular D-Class that has mysterious properties but nobody is sure if that's what actually happened.
    • What caught the attention of CI the most was that the strange powers that D-9341 exhibited could be replicated in the pantheon. Mostly, a variant of it called "Determination" was used by two deities: an ordinary human child named Frisk and a living flower named Flowey. Attempts at further investigating and experimenting with the child have been proven unsuccessful since they were heavily protected by all their allies. While the Flower has been more cooperative with the CI, results have also been fruitless since Flowey prefers to just mess with them.
  • The Foundation wasn't the only secretive group that opposed the Chaos Insurgency, having also received some opposition from the Men in Black groups, particularly agents J and K. The CI overtime grew more interested in alien lifeforms which eventually made them a huge target of the former groups, but attempts at neutralizing them have failed.
    • It seems in an attempt to not being the undone, the GOC decided to crack down on the CI influence, not really out of any altruistic motive or even just to destroy dangerous SCPs like they usually do, but because they don't want to be outdone by the SCP Foundation and the Chaos Insurgency proved to be close enough for them to get their job done. Even with all their power, they were unable to successfully shut down the CI and only managed to destroy a couple of their SCP they used. The backing of GUAC had made the CI much bigger than they used to be to the point that the GOC endless UN funds weren't enough to wipe them off.
  • Often works alongside other big Nebulous Evil Organizations, most frequently with the likes of HYDRA and SEELE since their goals, shrouded in mystery as they are, often align with their interests. The Illuminati is also closely studying the CI methods to understand how they operate but remain on friendly terms with the group.
  • Some versions suggest that the Chaos Insurgency is a Well-Intentioned Extremist crew that seeks to end war by conquering the world and eliminating any opposition in order to achieve true peace (hence the motto). While this side of the CI is not well regarded among its GUAC peers, Senator Armstrong saw them as the ideal group that could fulfill his wishes of a truly great USA where War as a business no longer exists. The CI and Armstrong have made a stable alliance ever since, with the CI and the Desperado PMC working closely together on some unknown new schemes.
  • The Chaos Insurgency and The Dark Brotherhood made a truce shortly after the former established itself in the pantheon. Apparently, in an attempt to secure certain key anomalous entities, the CI saw the Dark Brotherhood as a perfect way to drive the attention away from them. The order has for the most part fulfilled most the contracts the CI have requested but that had the side effect of the SCP Foundation becoming aware of their actions and their ties to the CI. The only reason that the Brotherhood still works for the Insurgency is because they have been providing them with useful tools and a good stable payment to carry on their work but some rumours suggest their relation has become strained overtime.
  • A more unlikely partnership formed when they learned of a ghost girl who got on the wrong side of the Foundation after she attempted several times to steal some SCP from her mansion. The girl in question, Spooky, was aware that the Foundation had powerful enemies and sought the CI to propose a truce to take down the SCP folks. They agreed on the grounds that they would take over the overseeing of the Specimens that Spooky holds in her mansion and she agreed on the condition that she still has the final say on how things go in her home. They begrudgingly agreed after she was insistent on her conditions.
  • Their logo is often confused for a Umbrella Corporation offshoot but they time and time again have shot down any connection to the former. That said, Albert Wesker turned out to be another of their allies after he himself was sought out by the CI himself, interested in trading information about B.O.W. and Wesker was happy to share the info in exchange on some of the SCP the CI had stolen.
  • "Creating Logic out of Illogic"

    Final Fantasy III Party 
Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus, Gods and Goddess of Replacing Featureless Protagonists (The Onion Knights, The Onion Kids, The Orphans, Warriors of the Light | Luneth: The Light of Courage | Arc: The Light of Kindness | Refia: The Light of Affection | Ingus: The Light of Determination)
From left to right: Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus
  • Intermediate Gods (Luneth, Ingus), Lesser Deities (Arc, Refia)
  • Symbol:
    • Luneth: His vest
    • Arc: His silver belt buckle
    • Refia: Her cross-shaped brooch
    • Ingus: His green pendant
  • Theme Songs: Battle 1 (DS version), Battle 2 (DS version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Luneth, Arc, Refia), Lawful Good (Ingus)
  • Portfolio: Replaced the original Onion Knights, Born on the surface world and raised on the Floating Continent, The Chosen Many, Four Orphans, Wield the four crystals of light, Don't remember being from the surface world
  • Domain(s): Protagonists, Orphans, Destiny, Light, Balance
  • Heralds: Onion Knight (shared with Cosmos), Sara Altney, Cid Haze, Desch, Alus Restor, Doga and Unei.
  • Allies: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Enemies: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus were four orphaned youths that lived on the Floating Continent. When they found the Wind Crystal, it chose them as the Warriors of the Light and granted them its blessing and power. They were then instructed to restore balance to the world by defeating the power of Darkness that intended to destroy it.
  • The youths ascended into the Pantheon mostly through the efforts of Cosmos and the GUAG, as she wished to recruit more allies. Although the efforts were successful, Cosmos had a rather confused reaction upon seeing the youths, as she had expected the warrior known as the Onion Knight to be among them, but none of them had any knowledge of having previously fought alongside Cosmos and her Warriors. It's speculated that the Onion Knight who fought among the Warriors of Cosmos might be from an earlier version of their world from a previous cycle, or perhaps a composite being that resulted from some kind of merger between them. Not helping matters is the fact that the Onion Knight has occasionally been seen wearing Luneth and Ignus' outfits. Whatever the case may be, the Orphans as a whole were quick to ally with Cosmos, her Warriors, and the GUAG, being perfectly happy to help in their fight against Melkor and the GUAE.
  • The youths are on friendly terms with other magic-using teens who had to deal with destinies, such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez and Nico di Angelo. They've managed to bond with Harry in particular to him also being an orphan.
  • They also quickly befriended various light deities and heroic light-associated warriors such as Ezalor, Danielle Baptiste, Apollo, Baldr, Sora, Kairi and Riku. Their friendship with Sora and the Seven Guardians of Light quickly resulted in them becoming enemies with the Heartless as well as Master Xehanort, "Ansem" and Xehanort, whom they've since regularly fought against to prevent the creation of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness.
  • They're also on good terms with other child orphans such as James Henry Trotter and Madeline, as well as most members of the House of Childhood and Adolescence, who highly respect them for their heroic deeds.
  • Their battle against the Cloud of Darkness has resulted in them becoming enemies with evil darkness deities such as the Chaos Knight and Chernobog, who came to regard them as serious threats upon learning of their prior victory against the Cloud of Darkness.
  • Exclusive to Luneth:
    • Luneth was raised as an orphan in the remote village of Ur by the priest Topapa and his foster mother, Nina. When he was very young, Luneth and his biological parents lived in the surface world below the Floating Continent. While traveling on Cid Haze's airship they were engulfed in a thick, vast darkness and crashed on the Floating Continent. Luneth's parents died, but Luneth survived together with Cid, who took him to Ur and gave him to the elder Topapa. Since then Nina and Topapa raised Luneth and Arc as their own sons. One day, Luneth was exploring the Altar Cave when an earthquake dropped him into a pitfall where he found the Wind Crystal. It choose him as a Warrior of Light and instructed him to find the other three destined.
    • Luneth quickly befriended Tusk due to both of them being known for their lack of tact. Whenever they hang out, they have a habit of accidentally angering whoever they talk to because of their tactlessness, but their friends are glad that Luneth has someone more level-headed as Tusk around to keep him from getting into too much trouble.
    • His curious and adventurous personality resulted in Luneth becoming friends with Yotsuba Koiwai and Fievel Mousekewitz, both of whom share a similar habit for curiosity and occasionally follow him on adventures.
  • Exclusive to Arc:
    • Arc was another orphan raised by Topapa and Nina, and Luneth's best friend. Unlike Luneth, he preferred reading over gamboling in the wild. His studies endowed him with great knowledge that more than made up for his shyness. When rumors of ghosts in Kazus reached Ur, Arc tried to argue with a group of children, saying ghosts did not exist, but they belittled him. When Luneth arrived after encountering the Wind Crystal, Arc was too ashamed to speak to him and fled. He decided to go to Kazus to prove he was not a coward. Although he reached the town safely, the sight of the people affected by the Djinn's curse frightened him. When Luneth followed, Arc asked to accompany him. He was chosen as a Warrior of the Light after defeating the Djinn with Luneth, Refia, and Ingus and remained with the party afterward.
    • Being primarily a Black Mage, Arc quickly bonded with Vivi Ornitier, who also shared a similar timid and shy nature. The two have since regularly hung out together.
    • Arc tends to spend most of his time in the House of Knowledge, reading the various books and lore from various different universes. He's on good terms with Histoire and she regularly gives him access to her large book.
    • As a studious reader, Arc is on friendly terms with other well-read individuals such as Yuuno Scrya, Meteora Österreich and Edward Elric, who also frequently encourage him to be more outgoing.
  • Exclusive to Refia:
    • Refia was raised in Kazus by Takka, the village blacksmith. However, she tired of her strict blacksmith training and ran away from home. When she tried to escape on Cid's ship, Luneth and Arc found her and asked for her help in making a Mythril Ring to lift the Djinn's curse, but she didn't have the skill yet, and said that they should go to Sasune as her father had made one for the king there. She begged to accompany them, wanting to help her hometown as well as travel the land to find her true self. Although she was chosen as a Warrior of the Light after the battle with the Djinn, Takka ordered her to stay in Kazus when they returned there and she briefly left the party, feeling guilty for having run away earlier and upsetting him, but soon stowed away on the airship again and remained in the party.
    • Refia quickly became good friends with fellow White Mage Aerith Gainsborough. However, Aerith would also remark that Refia's surprising physical strength reminds her of her friend Tifa Lockhart.
    • Although she still doesn't have much interest in blacksmithing, Refia nonetheless likes to occasionally visit the Hall of Workmanship because it reminds her of her home. Hephaestus/Vulcan has taken a soft spot to her, and is willing to help her out whenever she has need of his aid.
    • Refia's tendency to serve as a motherly figure within her party resulted in her being on good terms with Sally Acorn, who plays a similar role within the Freedom Fighters and also tends to butt heads with the team's more impulsive leader.
  • Exclusive to Ingus:
    • Ingus was a noble warrior served the King of Sasune. He was outside the castle training when the Djinn cursed the castle. When he returned, he found Luneth, Arc, and Refia there as well, and allowed them entrance as they were also looking for a way to lift the curse from Kazus. Ingus was also greatly concerned that Princess Sara had gone missing, and assumed she had been kidnapped by the Djinn. His fears later turned out to be unfounded, as Sara had gone on her own to try and stop the curse. After defeating the Djinn, Ingus was chosen to be a Warrior of the Light and his faith in his companions was his greatest weapon in the struggle against the darkness.
    • Ingus is good friends with the Magic Knights, all three of whom respect his skills and his heroism. Of the three, he tends to relate most to Umi, who similarly tends to be the more serious member of her group.
    • Ingus is also on good terms with Asbel Lhant, who relates to Ingus' desire to atone for a past failure to protect others. The two have routinely teamed up whenever necesarry and can regularly be seen training together.

Paragus, God of Adaptation-Altered Deaths (Baragus, Paragas, Baragas, Shitstain, Saiyan Military Lieutenant, Colonel Paragus, Vengeful Survivor)
The original Paragus
The new older Paragus
Click here for younger Super Paragus 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His cape and Slave Collar or shock collar
  • Theme Songs: Paragus' Scheme, Paragus' Rage
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wants Vengeance on Vegeta For What His Father Did, Light Is Not Good, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, Dies Different Yet Cathartic Deaths, Abusive Parents, Edible Theme Naming
  • Domains: Revenge, Embitterment, Adaptations, Abuse
  • Followers: Angelica, Azog, Balon Greyjoy
  • Complicated Relationship with: Broly: BR (rebooted version of his son)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On poor terms with: The House of Royalty
  • Paragus is a former colonel in the Saiyan Army, and the father of Broly. His loyal tenure ended when his son was either stabbed and thrown into the trash or exiled to a Death World. Both of these instances were caused and commissioned by King Vegeta III, who perceived Broly as a threat to his power. He would try to use Broly as his means of vengeance against Vegeta IV, for the sins of the father. Either way, it did not end well for him.
  • Like Broly there are two versions of Paragus, or, more accurately in his case, two versions of his history, as he fundamentally remained the same person either way; this allows him to manifest as a sort of Composite Character in the Pantheon who remembers two different lifetimes. The original conquered worlds through Broly and suffered Patricide at his hands when he abandoned him. The canon version was found by Frieza at an old age and murdered by Frieza in order to trigger his son's rage. Different reasons and causes, and got what was coming to him in each.
  • One version of Broly is called the Legendary Super Saiyan. The other is not. This can largely be attributed to Paragus himself, who knew of the "myth" of the Super Saiyan, and whether he lived to see Broly transform into a Super Saiyan at all, let alone that iconic full power berserk state.
  • Revenge is a dominating factor in Paragus' personality. He is shown to visit the House of Vengeance often to learn better ways of getting back at Vegeta. He has come to realize that King Vegeta had a point at killing/banishing his son, but his hatred remains unabated as Broly was his son.
  • Sakura Matou despises Paragus for how he used his son for his own ambitions, similar to how she was used by Zouken Matou. What for it's worth, Paragus does think what Zouken did to her was repulsive. Tokiyo Mikagami looks down on Paragus for how his revenge has completely consumed him, and thinks he's wasted his life. Paragus proceeded to tell him to shove it and went on a Motive Rant.
  • He is able to relate to some extent with Captain Ahab. While they went about it in very different ways, they both had a vendetta they were never able to let go and it ultimately led to their downfall. He does not have any sympathies for the House of Royalty however, due to how he and his son were treated by King Vegeta.
  • Has attempted to get other Saiyans on his side. Nappa, a fellow Saiyan Elite, declined his offer because of his complicated relationship with Vegeta precludes the pure vengeance Paragus offers. Raditz and Turles, being outcasts of different sorts, were much more accepting to his proposal. Dr. Gero has come to understand his vengeance as something that he feels for Goku, and Babidi wants to help him brainwash Broly as part of his own plans.
    • When learning of his alliances with Raditz and Turles, Bardock confronted Paragus to discover his motives. Ultimately they both agreed that the Saiyan soldiers sticking together to become stronger was for the best, especially if they were to see through Paragus' dangerous goal of using the rebooted Broly again to defeat both Vegeta (who Bardock doesn't hate like Paragus does but would like to see humbled) and the original Broly. Bardock was even able to talk Nappa into accepting the offer for the sake of their Saiyan comrades, with the Saiyan Army remnants all uniting to become a mercenary fighting force. Though their scope of clients and jobs is not very limited, there are three things they won't accept: being told to target any of Kakarot's Dragon Team friends besides Vegeta (mainly Bardock's call, with Paragus agreeing for pragmatism's sake), accepting targets that can't give them any sort of challenge (because they're trying to both get stronger and get paid), or being conscripted into somebody's empire like Frieza.
  • Once loved his son, particularly the rebooted version who was stranded on the aforementioned Death World in an attempt to rescue his son. Once being the key word, as his heart has long since hardened and he now sees Broly as a tool for his vengeance (though his love for his son can reawaken if he thinks Broly's in danger). The Heroic Protectors of Family look at Paragus with shame, even if he underwent harsh circumstances. It makes his anger against Vegeta understandable but doesn't hold up water in terms of his abusive treatment of Broly.
  • Shoto Todoroki has become friends with the rebooted version of Broly, and has come to hate Paragus in turn. He reminds him of his own father's abusive nature and how he was used to fulfilling his own ambitions vicariously. Shoto is trying to get this Broly to break out of the abusive relationship, and not wanting to lose the loyal version of his son, Paragus perceives Shoto as a bad influence and "a kid who doesn't know what he's getting into". The Heroic Protectors of Family's response was "Says the man who resorted to mind control and shock collars to control his son".
  • Alma Wade's reaction to his bad parenting and evil nature, given what she went through, was a lot more violent that Shoto was to Paragus. Killuya Zoldack, being a de-fused tyke bomb and child forced to kill, has nothing but disrespect for what Paragus did. Maes Hughes is just as disrespectful, being a very openly loving and happy father. The Saiyan simply mumbled that "you don't understand what I went through" and left.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters had a more positive outlook on Paragus, though the only official member he got along with was Heihachi Mishima. Likely because of the struggles they've had to go through. He seems to be on good terms with Ghetsis as they both used a son to achieve their wider ambitions of vengeance and power respectively. This manipulative yet oddly prideful parenting is something he found in kinship with Talia al Ghul.
  • Can also be found in Manners of Death.

    Powerpuff Girls Z 
The Powerpuff Girls Z members , Goddesses of Characters Who Are Not Related In the Adaptation (Momoko: Hyper Blossom | Miyako: Rolling Bubbles | Kaoru: Powered Buttercup)
Left to right: Kaoru, Momoko, Miyako
  • Intermediate Goddesses as a team, Lesser Goddesses individually
  • Symbol: Their respective weapons
  • Theme Song: The first opening of the anime
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beauty, Brains, and Brawn, Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Fighter, Mage, Thief, Town Girls, Adaptation Personality Change
  • Domains: Magical Girls, Heroes, Adaptations
  • Heralds: Utonium Kitazawa, Ken Kitazawa, Peach/Poochi
  • Allies: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (well, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Buttercup), Professor Utonium, The Mayor, Bunny, Magical Girl Sisterhood, most child deities (they are mostly closed to Momoko and Miyako)
  • Enemies: Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, HIM, Amoeba Boys, Silico
  • Admires/Admired by: Every pretty boy in the Pantheon (by Momoko)
  • Pity: Arthur Read (by Momoko), the Hall of Medical Conditions (by Miyako) 
  • Oppose: Homura Akemi
  • After school, a trio of three normal girls (a boy-crazy gal obsessed with sweets, a fashionista popular with boys, and an athletic tomboy) who never knew each other were hit by a white light that turns them into magical girls. The redhead and the blonde eventually met and fought a manic mutated monkey before being found by a father and his son, while the brunette was furious by the transformation. The two earlier mentioned girls eventually found the third girl and found out that the Kitazawa family caused them to transform and other victims, who were hit by a black light, into pure enemies. As such, the three girls are tasked to protect Tokyo City and became the Powerpuff Girls Z!
  • After their final battle with HIM, the girls have arrived at the Pantheon. The girls were chosen this trope due to the fact they are not sisters and are not Professor Utonium (named Utonium Kitazawa)'s daughters, with them having their own family members and Utonium Kitazawa having a son and a pet dog instead named Ken and Peach.
  • The girls were surprised to meet an alternate reality of themselves where they are created by Professor Utonium and are not created using Chemical Z. They do get along with Blossom and Bubbles, except for Buttercup herself, because she is not fond of the idea of her sisters and especially HERSELF being magical girls.
    • They eventually did get to meet Professor Utonium and The Mayor and maintained allies with the two. While the former is shocked to see that they are not sisters or his daughters, he still acts like he's their father.
    • One day, they were surprised by the arrival of their counterparts' sister, Bunny. While hearing her story, they are saddened how her story went and wanted to comfort her, though Bunny stated that it's all in the past and that she is better now. 
    • They eventually get to meet their counterparts' villains and realized just how much more competent they are than the ones in their world. While they feel pity for Mojo's reasons for going to villainy, that doesn't excuse the crimes he commit.
  • The GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood asked them to joined their team because they are fascinated over the fact that these versions are like them and their weapons are different than the usual ones. The girls accepted their request with no hesitation, with Momoko being hugely excited being she is a magical girl fangirl.
  • When they heard the name of Peach, they thought the dog ascended, but the name that they heard was actually the princess of the Mushroom Kingdoom. They do managed to get along, with Kaoru being impressed that she was able to play sports despite being a feminine princess, Momoko sharing Peach's obsession with sweets, or in Peach's case, cakes, and Miyako due to their popularity and sense of fashion.
  • Due to Momoko's and Miyako's weapons being a yoyo and a bubble staff, most child deities would hang out to play with them. It helps that they both love children. For Kaoru, she gets along with Amy Rose for having a similar mallet and it also helps she has an adventurous and tomboyish spirit, although a little bit put off with her obsession with a certain blue hedgehog, but is glad she mellowed down a bit with her crush.
  • The girls oppose Homura Akemi because she stripped down Madoka's powers and caused a huge incident in the Pantheon because of it. While Homura showed remorse later on, the girls are still wary of her, with Kaoru wanting to take her down, although Momoko and Miyako didn't approve of her methods.
    • Momoko:
      • Momoko is known for being boy-crazy, obsession with sweets, and is a big fan of superheroes and magical girl and seinen shows.
      • Because of this, she tends to get along with superheroes, even if they were a little bit put off by her attitude. She also frequently seeks out every pretty boy in the Pantheon.
      • She frequently went to the House of Food to eat desserts. As such, she became a regular customer of the KiraKira Precures' bakery and managed to established a great friendship with them.
      • Momoko has a younger sister, whom she considers an annoyance to her daily life. As such, she pities Arthur Read because he also has the same situation as her, but she's happy he still cares for her.
    • Miyako:
      • Miyako is the team's residential fashionista. Aside for that, she is extremely popular with boys at school and ia a rich girl by her motherly grandmother
      • Because of her lifestyle and personality, she manages to get along with Charlotte LaBouff and the two occasionally went shopping together.
      • While Miyako is really popular with boys, she only has eyes for her childhood crush, Takaaki, who has a lethal heart condition, being trapped in the hospital for years. And when he was hit by the black light, he became a werewolf because of his desire of freedom. Because of this, she feels pity to the deities of Medical Condition because she feels they suffer the same fate (in terms of health) as her crush.
    • Kaoru: 
      • Kaoru is one of the school's biggest athletes and is a bit of a tomboy. This is because she was raised by her father and her brothers in her entire life. As such, she hates being girly, but has to do her job as a result.
      • As such, Kaoru established a Friendly Rivalry with the good-aligned deities of the House of Sports, but manages to struck up a friendship with them, but doesn't get along with the evil-aligned deities there.
      • Kaoru manages to get along with Asuka Kazama because she likes her feisty attitude and agrees to go beat up bullies with her.
      • Kaoru is impressed that someone like Hinagiku Katsura manages to become an athlete, is academically smart, and became the student council president. While they became rivals, they do manage to get along one way or another.

Shiva, Goddess of Mischaracterized Mythological Figures (Nix and Styria, Saint Shiva, Lady of Frost, Ysayle Dangoulain, Lady Iceheart, Gentiana, Warden of Ice)
Click here to see Nix and Styria 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess or even Overdeity as an Astral)
  • Symbol: A light-blue colored Opal
  • Theme Songs: Footsteps in the Snow and Oblivion
  • Alignment: Varies between Neutral Good, True Neutral and Neutral Evil, but she leans towards the former
  • Portfolio: Sadly Mythcharacterized, An Ice Person, Kill It with Ice, Cute Monster Girl, Gender-Blender Name, Lady of Black Magic, Logical Weakness, Ms. Fanservice, Punny Name, Red Baron, Stripperific, The Tease, Tsundere, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Narrative, Ice Magic, Shape (Nix and Styria only)
  • Heralds: Shivar (who is also her lover) and Shivalry (her Spear Counterpart)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Close friend to: Ganesha
  • Avoids: The Hall of Fire and Heat, Gill from the same house
  • Conflicting Opinion: Golbez, Gaius, Cid, Kolin
  • Annoyed by: Gilgamesh, Deadpool
  • Most deities from the Pantheon have different interpretations in some tales. But... there's a realm which is pretty much known for having deities with the same name, but different skills. One of then is Shiva, which for many, is known for being the male god of destruction. In that realm, however, she (yes, you read that right) is the female goddess of ice. While there's many other gods which share the same problem, only Shiva ascended in the Pantheon, especially considering that one of them already was known as a dragon even before coming in the realm.
    • Said one, Bahamut, is impressed by her arrival. While this Bahamut is no different of the one that Shiva is an ally, said dragon came from a different realm, which is one of the reasons was Bahamut nowadays is known as a dragon, rather than a magical fish that he was in the legends.
    • Was pleased to see the summon Odin in the Pantheon, as he is one of the recurring summons in her realm. For bonus points, both Shiva and Odin partnered two of those who defied fate (Snow and Lightning respectively).
    • On the other hand... She is not amused to see Gilgamesh again. The fact that he's a Braggart Boss annoys her... a lot.
  • While this Shiva is definitively not the god of destruction, most people, most notably Deadpool, jokes that her name is actually a pun on "shiver". She is not amused.
    • Ganesha is disappointed by the fact that she's not the god of destruction that he knew (not to mention being also his father). But he is happy by the fact that she's a helpful partner for the summoners. In fact, Ganesha even sees this version of Shiva as a close friend.
    • Coincidentally, she also shares the name with one of Mr. X's minions. This surprised Axel, Adam and Blaze. Good thing she's (technically) one of the good guys.
  • Her "race" is called by many names, like Summon, Esper, Guardian Force, Eidolon, Aeon and Avatar (not that one or that one either). In any case, while Shiva is different in the mortal world, many members in the Pantheon will remember her as the ethereal, feminine-like spirit of ice.
    • Well, speaking of "avatars", Shiva is pretty aware about the ones in the Pantheon proper. Especially considering that Waterbenders like Katara can also manipulate ice.
  • Shiva can be summoned in many forms. Either by having a Summoner Job, by having a special item or even being born as a summoner.
    • And speaking of summoners, there's three of them in the Pantheon that have the power to summon her: Rydia, Yuna and Snow. The latter in particular is a variant because Shiva not only is a motorcycle... but two girls that can morph together to form said motorcycle: Nix and Styria.
    • One of her alternate selves used to be a human. More specifically, an Elezen. She used to be in love with the dragon Hresvelgr. Eventually, she was ate by the dragon so both can stop the war between men and dragons. Consequentely, both souls had become one in the process. The same thing occured with another of Shiva's human self, Gentiana.
  • One of her powerful attacks is called "Diamond Dust". Shiva is pretty surprised by the fact that both Cygnus Hyoga and Kolin shares a similar attack with the same name. For bonus points, both are ice-themed. While she is very proud of Hyoga, her opinion of Kolin is pretty much different, given that even though she suffered a lot after losing everything that loved, ''including her entire hometown'', Shiva can't accept someone like Kolin using ice-powers for evil.
    • Kolin is not the only one that Shiva have problems (see below). Another ice-user which is truly considered an enemy and menace to her is Catherine Rain Bilstein, daughter of Evil Overlord Edward Bilstein. The reason why Shiva see her as a major enemy it's not only because of her ice-powers coming from her Plasma Powers. Rain's major plan in the Pantheon involves her kidnapping men and making them her personal slaves. This disgusts Shiva very much.
    • On the other hand, she seem to have a bit of sympathy with Kula Diamond. It's not only because of her ice-powers. It's because much like her, Shiva used to be a experiment from the Gestahlian Empire. The fact that Kula's partner K' was also experimented by NESTS members also resembles Shiva that both she and Ifrit (a fire-elemental summon) used to be both guinea-pigs for an powerful empire. This caused her to be an important ally to both K' and Kula. In the process, Shiva also gained an enemy in the form of Original Zero.
  • Due to her realm being composed of various alternate universes, her personality varies. She can be a Emotionless Girl, a Blank Slate or even a Tsundere. Also, as far as Firion's experience goes by, there's also a rumor that Shiva is a flirt. That said, she is pretty much mentioned by everyone as being the most friendly of the summons.
  • Her alignment can vary depending of the summoner in question, but she's always a neutral party. Even then, Shiva draws the line on Kefka, as he comes from a empire which explored her and many of her race. She also shares a similar feeling towards Dr. Hojo, considering that he's a Mad Scientist, not unlike the ones from the Gestahlian Empire. She also draws the line on Ardyn, and with good reason. Given that he's the one which tried to kill both Noctis and Lunafreya (not to mention that he succeeded to kill the latter one), this is justified.
    • Due to the fact that he was a scientist in her universe, Shiva has a conflicting opinion towards Cid. On the other hand, another one uses a summon materia, but he is not much of a menace, aside for her enemies, of course.
    • Shiva is also very conflicted towards Golbez and Gaius. For the former, it's because he was one of the people that worked by the fake King of Baron, the one that ordened the massacre of a village of summoners. Granted, Golbez was brainwashed by Zemus, even though it was More than Mind Control. For Gaius, it's because of his powers and his name sounds similar to "Caius".
    • As for Caius... she, or better said, Nix and Styria, are not amused to see him again, especially considering that he tried to destroy the world just to save his lover Yeul and no one else..
    • She's also in eternal war against Shinryu, not unlike her partner Bahamut.
  • Given her nature, you can see Shiva in the Hall of Ice and Cold. She is pretty friendly with the majority of the members of the hall. That said, not everyone here is her ally, like Kaldr, Lissandra, Rain and Davy Jones.
  • Not to be confused with Lady Shiva, resident Dragon Lady of the Pantheon.

Ursula, Goddess of Villains Through Adaptation (Vanessa, The Sea Witch, Mistress of the Darkest Depths)

Zasalamel, God of Early Appearances in Different Adaptations (The Dark Side of Karma, Abyss)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Golden Left Eye or his Scythe, Kafziel
  • Theme Song: Time Marches On
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Has Neutral Good Goals), Neutral Evil as Abyss
  • Portfolio: Plotting and Expecting the Choices and Actions of Several Characters, Scary Black Man, Theatrical while Maintaining a Stoic Demeanor, Using the Scythe as his Main Weapon, Immortality which he Despises until deciding to use it for the Greater Good, Combining Ferocity with Meticulous Planning, Over a Thousand Years Old, Ability to Control Time and Conjure Vortexes and Black Holes, Fights Differently Compared to the other Soul Calibur Characters, Receiving Knowledge about the Future from his Future Self, Mr. Exposition, Makes his Debut in the Reboot Earlier than the Earlier Incarnation
  • Domains: Time, Immortality, Scythes, Enigma, Mentors, Knowledge
  • Allies: Grøh, Hilde, Dr. Manhattan, Guts, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, King Arthur Pendragon, The Emperor of Mankind
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, Barry Allen/The Flash, Homura Akemi, Ozymandias, The Pantheonic Time Police, Qin Shi Huang
  • Odd Friendship: Gilgamesh
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Tira, Cervantes, The Dahaka, Lord English, Emperor Palpatine, Griffith, The Vex, Algol
  • On Good Terms With: Histoire, The Librarian
  • Complicated Relationship: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Respects: Deities who believe Humans Are Special
  • Little is known about Zasalamel. A being whose age is so vast to the point it's difficult to trace back his origins and is someone whose Immortality revolves around Reincarnation, Zasalamel is mysterious in nearly every way, even his motives and goals are up for anyone's guess. That said, it is rumored that underneath the gloomy and silent man is someone who is motivated to do good, but this hasn't been disclosed as now.
    • Zasalamel was a being who actually desired immortality at one point. The extent of this interest was so high he began to dabble into arcane magic to achieve it. Unfortunately for him, his enjoyment was not to last long, as he soon realized Immortality Hurts whenever he died and that the process of being reincarnated was daunting, causing Zasalamel to fall to depression and find a means to wash away his eternal life so that he may finally die forever. He saw Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as a means to finally achieve said goal, but soon realized that humanity would grow and prosper to new heights in the future. Impressed and amazed, Zasalamel decided to abandon his old goals and seek to look for true immortality so that he could live up to a point where humankind is at a prosperous age. Overtime, he would give out his goals to an earlier incarnation so he could seek to use Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for a much greater cause.
      • Due to his reincarnating nature, it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint where Zasalamel came from. Some speculate that he came from Babylon and Akkadia, given that its flag is his nationality symbol. For now, Zasalamel has made no comment.
  • Zasalamel entered the Pantheon after receiving visions of a great battle between different factions and numerous races and settings he never knew about. After learning of Nightmare's presence there and to make sure that his influence doesn't cause further damage and corruption, Zasalamel quickly embarked into a new land, one where his plans may or may not go off unnoticed.
  • As befitting of his reputation in his world, Zasalamel is one of the more enigmatic figures in the Pantheon. No one's really sure of what to make of him and seriously doubt whether he's a villain or not. It's not helped by the fact that Zasalamel is so isolated and quiet about his reception that he rarely even bothers to try to explain his overall goals to others. Though time will tell as usual.
  • Lucifer and the Emperor of Mankind are two of the few beings who are aware of Zasalamel's goals and plans and have commended high praise for him in that regard. Zasalamel on the other hand doesn't really have much to add on to their compliments, but given that the three of them are firm believers of the uniqueness of Humanity, he accepts it nonetheless. That said, he has difficulty in seeing whether he can trust the GUAC, given that some of the members are unambiguously evil and sees the Emperor's stance on Xenophobia as somewhat problematic. He's open to working for both of them, but isn't exactly fully trusting of them.
    • On a similar note, Zasalamel is also making plans to supply information and support to the GUAG in the hopes that it could help in the battle against the GUAE and GUAD. Cosmos is somewhat wary, given that Zasalamel is rather quiet and tends to send his resources rather abruptly. Some heroes are however, willing to accept his help, though getting to find him has been a rather difficult stretch.
  • His ability to control time has made him associated with time-associated deities like Barry Allen, Homura Akemi and Lord English. Zasalamel clearly opposes the latter whereas his working relations with the other two is difficult at best; Barry is suspicious of Zasalamel's true motives and Homura is trying to keep an eye out to see if Zasalamel is truly living up to his goals. They have some common enemies to fight against for now and the two have occasionally work with Zasalamel in investigative and arcane cases.
  • Nagato is one of the only beings in the Pantheon that is willing to fully accept Zasalamel in his goals, even allowing him a position in a new organization he is planning out, composed of morally ambiguous yet good-intentioned individuals. However, Zasalamel still has ties to the GUAC and the Emperor of Mankind and is seeking to tread his relations carefully. All that aside, him and Nagato are on good terms and are willing to fight together.
  • Despite a rocky start, him and Guts get along rather well, with Zasalamel even taking to search for intel and information regarding Griffith. Guts has respected the gesture. Dr. Manhattan is another notable alliance as the true are rather mysterious and occasionally conspicuous. Zasalamel impresses Dr. Manhattan in regards to pushing forward to see a new age for Humanity and given the latter is starting to regain some semblance of human connection and relation, he sees the former as a good friend.
  • He was alerted with serious concern about the Vex, beings who manipulate time and pose an omnicidal threat to humanity and all sapient races in general. Zasalamel seeks to find as many potential allies as possible in the hopes of stopping them. He is however, perplexed to see that the Vex are among the first beings in existence and that they would have succeeded in their goal of universal assimilation/subjugation had it not been for the battles against Light and Darkness.
  • Zasalamel has a rather interesting viewpoint regarding Qin Shu Huang, who is also endowed with Immortality. On one hand, he likes the latter for attempting to preserve and protect humanity, but was disappointed in the fact that Quin Shi would deprive his people from education rendering them illiterate, something which Zasalamel sees as conterporductive and not helping in leading Humanity to a golden age. That said, he was pleased to see Quin Shi reform in some ways and be dedicated to protecting humanity. As a result, the two would often work together, although it can be strenuous at best, given Qin Shi's rather questionable acts in pursuing his goals which tend to counteract Zasalamel's more careful and pragmatic approach.
  • Some deities are rather surprised to see that Zasalamel is good acquaintances with Gilgamesh of all people. The two are known to meet up with one another and share decent conversations. It turns out that Gilgamesh is also a believer of Humans Are Special just like Zasalamel and that Zasalamel sees him as a worthy ally, given that Soul Edge is actually terrified of the King of Heroes.
    • Gilgamesh aside, Zasalamel does respect and work with King Arthur as well, given that one of his actions before his death was to influence his followers into forming the Aval Organization in order to combat against Soul Edge and the Malfested. That said, he doesn't know what to think of regarding Arthur's gender-bent counterpart, Artoria. While Zasalamel thinks she is a fine example of humanity's greatness, the fact that he is allies with Gilgamesh makes approaching Artoria somewhat difficult on his end.
  • Knowing that the Malfested are a dire threat to humanity, Zasalamel is staunch allies with Grøh and Hilde and isn't afraid of fighting alongside them when given the chance. That said, Nightmare's influence in the Pantheon has been noted to be greater than from his homeworld. He speculates that this may have something to do with the nature and presence of other great evils such as Melkor and Nekron. He spends much of his time delving into as much research as he could in the hopes of find a means to permanently stop the Malfested's presence. Though so long as Nightmare and Soul Edge are still around, it's going to be a tough fight.
  • Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Zasalamel resides in a isolated library with hardly anyone around to notice him. Secretly, he's been collecting information about the Pantheon, it's inhabitants and ascended deities, the numerous events that have gone by and knowledge about various MacGuffins and special items. It's not known how much information he has exactly collected, but it has been estimated that Zasalamel constantly updates his archives and has stashed a lot of information already, enough to provide an advantage to those who receive it first. Zasalamel has made no comment about it for now.
    • Zasalamel visits the House of Knowledge rather frequently and has consulted with the likes of Histoire and The Librarian. His hospitality has allowed him to be in good graces with them and it's been noted that he reads a lot, though some think he secretly steals books. Zasalamel also attends the House of Magic, though many of the deities there are suspicious and are not too willing to allow Zasalamel to practice his magical abilities there. Nevertheless, he's still finding other means to further his own powers.
  • Has made a goal to monitor and investigate the newly emerging astral fissures in the Pantheon due to Soul Edge's presence. The GUAC and the GUAG have taken to consider helping Zasalamel about quelling the fissures and stopping potential uprisings of Malfested. It is during these moments that the GUAC and GUAG put aside their doubts into working with with him.
  • Learning from his future self's visions, Zasalamel has learned that by combining the powers of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, he can transform into a being known as Abyss. He seeks to avoid this, but it seems that combining the two swords without the risk is rather difficult. Additionally, Zasalamel is not happy to hear that Abyss starts taking cues from some of Soul Edge's feelings. Luckily enough, now that he has this information, he knows he doesn't have to undergo said transformation without knowing it.
    • He also attempted to use his visions to stop the ressurection of the Demon Star Algol by helping "The Conduit". While he was able to stop the Great Hero King in the new era, it was only able to keep in the Astral Chaos for now. Not knowing that it made the king stronger then ever.
Let the power of my words... sink into your soul.

Lesser Gods

    Barty Crouch 
Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Sr., God of Nice Guys by Adaptation

    Obadiah Stane 
Obadiah Stane, The God Who Was Closer in the Adaptation (Iron Monger, Obie, Menacing T. BadPerson)
Comic version
Click here  for his MCU version

    Sabrina (Pokémon
Sabrina, Goddess of Adaptation-Altering Personalities (Natsume, The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon, Magic Queen Bellelba)
Click here  for her anime incarnation
Click here  for her Adventures incarnation

    Shere Khan 
Shere Khan, God of Being Stronger in Adaptations (Lungri, The Lame One, The Burned Beast)
The Burned Beast 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crippled hind leg or his scarred eye
  • Theme Music: Shere Khan Attacks/Stampede; Shere Khan's War Theme; Shere Khan and the Fire
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil bordering on Chaotic Evil (a dark shade of Lawful Neutral as a businessman)
  • Portfolio: Cats Are Mean, A Name that Means "Tiger King" in Hindi, Faux Affably Evil, Highly Capable Tiger, A True Threat to The Jungle
  • Domains: Tigers, Viciousness
  • Allies: Scar, Koba
  • Enemies: Mowgli, Baloo & Bagheera, Tigress, Tigger, Incineroar, Simba, Mufasa, Caesar, Tarzan, San, Hareta, ascended gunslingers (especially animal hunters)
  • Respects: Walt Disney, Andy Serkis
  • Very Mixed Relations: Kaa, David Attenborough, Steve Irwin
  • Fears: All ascended pyromancers
  • Of the various denizens of the jungle that Mowgli has encountered, Shere Khan has been consistently a threat to the man-cub and his friends. In the original Jungle Book, Shere Khan had a crippled leg and was given a derisive nickname by others because of it. When Walt Disney adapted the book to an animated film, Shere Khan's limp leg was no more. Well after that had been released, subsequent works released by Walt's company made the tiger more of a threat than before. One of these later works included making Shere Khan the ruthless and cunning head of a company during the time Baloo was a pilot. When Disney's company decided it was time for The Jungle Book to get another shot at film, Shere Khan became far more violent and dangerous than his animated counterparts could ever be.
    • As a result, the very human-hating Shere Khan only gives a pass to two people who ensured he's considered a threat rather than the bully who was more bark than bite from the book: Disney and Andy Serkis, who created an equally vicious Shere Khan in Mowgli.
  • Rumors began to spread throughout the Pantheon of some sort of a highly valuable mythical tiger statue that got the attention of various explorers and treasure hunters. This got the attention of a few Disney villains, who believed that one of their kind was trapped inside of it and they sent out a few subordinates of theirs in order to intercept the treasure hunt. The attempt to derail that treasure hunt didn't completely work out, so the Disney villains decided to bide their time for another chance to get their hands on that statue. That time would come when someone attempted to steal the tiger statue and in the fight, the statue got flung far away and into the hands of Captain Hook, who brought the tiger statue to Maleficent. With a bit a magic, they were able to free Shere Khan from his former prison. It became clear that the tiger wanted nothing more than to get revenge of Mowgli and his friends and while he doesn't work with the group of Disney villains that much, he still checks in with them from time to time.
  • To a more pronounced degree than Mowgli and the rest of the jungle animals he's encountered, Shere Khan's exact appearance and behavior has varied quite a bit according to eyewitnesses. As mentioned, Shere Khan had a crippled leg before Walt Disney got involved and changed that leg and gave him a more suave, if still sinister, attitude. Other times, Shere Khan stands on two legs (despite his stated hatred of humans) and is more composed whenever he's a business-tiger, and as The Burned Beast, he has a scar over his eye and becomes much more violent. This isn't getting to some who have claimed to have seen him as a white tiger.
  • While he has remained consistently antagonistic towards Mowgli and his friends (though there might have been one exception to this), his relation with Kaa has been rather shaky for lack of a better term. For the most part, whenever both are Disneyfied, Kaa is the beleaguered lackey to Shere Khan, who sometimes loses patience with the python. However, whenever Kaa is a female, she apparently doesn't like Shere Khan and considers him to be problematic. That said, most of their interactions tend to occur whenever they are Disneyfied.
  • Of the Disney Villains, Shere Khan has taken a liking to Scar and the lion shares the same opinion of the tiger as well. Scar had been hoping to find additional deities to help him reclaim his position as king and Shere Khan has quite a bit of strength to help Scar in that regard. Shere Khan has also requested Scar's help in getting rid of Mowgli for good and the lion is willing to help out whenever he isn't busy with his primary goal. It didn't sit well with Simba and Mufasa, who see the tiger as not much different from Scar in terms of behavior and both are making sure that Shere Khan doesn't get far in his alliance with Scar.
  • Koba managed to find a potent ally in Shere Khan, more specifically whenever the tiger appears as The Burned Beast. Both animals have had bad encounters with humans and have a scar on their eye as a sign of how much they despise humans in general. They are also violent creatures who claim to follow the rules, but are more than willing to break them if it means advancing further in their goals. Koba more than liked Shere Khan's strength and is willing to use it alongside the primate's skills to get rid of humans entirely. Word of Koba's alliance with Shere Khan reached Caesar, who was already friends with Bagheera and willing to protect Mowgli, and he wasn't to thrilled to hear about it to put it lightly. This only gave Caesar more of a motivation to ensure the safety of Mowgli and his friends.
  • If there's one thing that Shere Khan hates just as much as humans, it's fire and how "The Red Flower" (as fire has been referred to in his own world) brought about his undoing. What unnerved him even more was that there were a multitude of deities who have control over fire, giving the tiger much more of a reason to detest humans. Of those that have used fire, Shere Khan considers pyromaniacs and those wanting to start fires out of amusement to be the worst of those fire-users, with him describing The Pyro in particular as a delusional freak.
  • Guns are another thing that Shere Khan despises and he sees these weapons as another reason to hate humans. As was the case with fire, guns are much more widespread and varied in the Pantheon and the tiger has added various deities who specialize in gunplay to those he hates. Not helping matters is that there's a number of animal hunters that are willing to go after Shere Khan for a good amount of reward money.
  • Many of the other ascended tigers don't have anything positive to say about Shere Khan, if at all. While Tigger is justifiably terrified of him, Tigress of The Furious Five sees Shere Khan as enough of a threat to try and stop him if the latter's regular arch-enemies aren't around to do so. She has even mentioned at one point that Shere Khan is what would happen if Tai Lung managed to become much worse than he already is in terms of behavior. Shere Khan found the idea of a tiger using martial arts mildly amusing, though she's made it clear that she doesn't want any association with him whatsoever.
    • While Incineroar isn't explicitly classified as a tiger, the Pokémon is as much of a big cat as Shere Khan is, only that it's standing on two legs most of the time. Although Incineroar doesn't use fire as often as a lot of other pyromancers in the Pantheon, Shere Khan still sees a big cat with an association with fire as problematic. Incineroar sees Shere Khan as a threat towards others and fights between Incineroar's wrestling-like moves and Shere Khan's bestial attacks have happened on a semi-regular basis.
  • San, Tarzan, and Hareta, deities who are associated with nature and jungles, all hate Shere Khan for his attitude regarding humans and his predatory traits that he's willing to use to enforce his power in the jungle. The tiger's hatred of humans is something the three have taken significant issue with and San in particular is upset with it and doesn't want to imagine what would happen if she ended up being raised by someone like him. Tarzan and Hareta have also taken it upon themselves to protect Mowgli from Shere Khan whenever the man-cub's friends isn't around to do so.
  • Whenever he's a business-tiger, Shere Khan has generally done his best to keep his cool and keep his hatred of humans in check. He's been able to talk to some businessmen in the Pantheon and make a few deals with them to advance his company further. That said, his business deals have happened irregularly since he is more focused on getting rid of Mowgli and for the most part, that doesn't really involve a lot of corporate matters.
  • As much as Shere Khan hates humans for a number of reasons, there were a couple of humans that ended up testing his own mindset. Both David Attenborough and Steve Irwin are known to document the beauty of nature and advocate in keeping it alive and after the latter learned of another animal who hated humans, Irwin decided to meet up with the tiger and see how things will pan out. Shere Khan was surprised to see a human try to reach out to him as Irwin proceeded to talk about nature and Attenborough, with the conversation going into detail about what makes nature beautiful and the efforts humans can do to keep it that way. Shere Khan understood where Irwin was coming from given how he sometimes advocates in keeping the law of the jungle in check (though knowing Shere Khan, he didn't mention anything about himself breaking it), but insisted that there were still humans who are willing to pose a threat to the jungle and other natural habitats. Their conversation ended up being civil, if a bit tense at times, with the most Shere Khan doing is saying he'll leave Irwin and Attenborough alone, but still won't hesitate to attack humans that threaten his jungle home. Irwin remains optimistic that he'll be able to curb Shere Khan's aggressive attitude should another meeting happen between them.


    Tod and Copper 
Tod and Copper, Gods of Relationship-Altering Adaptations
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their collars lying next to each other
  • Theme Song: "Best of Friends"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Tod, Lawful Good for Copper
  • Portfolio: From impersonal enemies to best friends through adaptation, a fox and a hound who are Childhood Friends torn apart by society
  • Domains: Friendship, Beasts, Adaptations
  • Heralds: Big Mama, Dinky, Boomer, and Tod's mate, Vixey
  • Allies: Many good Disney deities, especially Pongo and Perdita, Lady and Tramp, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Rowf and Snitter, Duck Hunt Team, Nature Preservers, Kairi and other Keyblade wielders, Off the Hook, the House of Friendship, Mr. Fox
  • Enemies: Cruella de Vil, Gaston, Pokemon Hunter J
  • Complicated Relations: Don Bluth, Mrs. Brisby
  • Tod is a fox who lost his mother to hunters as a cub and ended up adopted and raised by a kind elderly lady. He met a bloodhound puppy called Copper who lived next door and the two became best friends. At that time they didn't know that, as a fox and a hound, they made a most unusual pair. As they grew up, they started realizing what roles they were expected to take and that they couldn't go back to how they used to be. After Tod accidentally harmed Copper's mentor Chief, the bloodhound swore revenge. They fully took on their roles of hunter and hunted and seemed disposed to fight to the death, until a bear attacked and Tod nearly sacrificed himself to protect Copper, who protected Tod from his master in return. They had to go their separate ways forever, though their friendship was reaffirmed and they'd always have their memories.
  • Cruella de Vil, while researching undiscovered animal-centric worlds, set her eyes on Tod's mate Vixey's remarkably smooth and bushy fur and got it into her head to have a fox stole made out of her. Vixey was kidnapped into the Pantheon, and Tod was utterly alarmed and confused as it seemed to him like she just disappeared into nothing. Tod instinctively rushed to Copper's place to tell him what was going on and ask for his help, and Copper, though surprised, stepped up to aid his friend. They were still at a loss as to how to get to Vixey, but by that point the Pantheon had taken notice of what was going on and Pongo and Perdita showed up to open up the way for them. Tod and Copper successfully saved Vixey from Cruella's clutches and were inducted into the Pantheon to ensure no deity tried to harm their world or anyone in it again. They even made Vixey one of the pair's heralds to ensure no further harm would come to her.
  • The trope they rule over is Adaptation Relationship Overhaul, which they didn't understand why until they were told of a timeline where they were never friends and Copper chased Tod until the latter dropped dead, only for the hound to be shot by his owner shortly after (amongst a bunch of other horrid stuff Tod and Copper couldn't even imagine). This revelation was deeply shocking for both of them (they even had nightmares about it) and it strained their friendship for a while. The House of Friendship then intervened by summoning Tod's mother figure Big Mama, who, after properly introducing herself to Copper and vice-versa, knocked some sense into their heads by reminding them of the bear incident and what they were willing to do to protect each other, and there was no point in worrying about whatever happened in some alternate reality out of their control because they are themselves and no one else. With these words, Tod and Copper became more at ease and gained new confidence in their friendship. So they accepted their position in the Pantheon and, to thank Big Mama, asked her to be their Herald. Dinky and Boomer were also appointed to the position at Big Mama's behest.
  • It didn't take long for them to realize that the Pantheon is a haven for them to be and do as they want; they were constantly reminded in their world, even by Big Mama, that their natural roles would make their friendship impossible in the long run, but in the Pantheon there are many deities who are actually supportive of what they have between them. The deities in the aforementioned House of Friendship are their biggest supporters, particularly Off the Hook, an Inkling and Octoling duo. Inklings and Octolings being traditionally antagonistic, Off the Hook see something of themselves in Tod and Copper, and both duos are glad for each other that friendship ultimately prevailed over prejudice.
  • Another close ally from the House of Friendship they have is the Keyblade wielder Kairi, who feels for their story as someone who has two dear childhood friends, Sora and Riku, that she almost lost when they got older and their rivalry tore them apart before they reconciled. Sora and Riku eventually paid their own visits to the new Disney deities, but Tod and Copper's bond with Kairi remains stronger, especially after an incident where Heartless invaded Tod and Copper's world and they worked together with Kairi to clear them out.
  • Get along well with their fellow good-aligned Disney deities. Pongo and Perdita, as already mentioned, were the first ones they met. Through them Tod and Copper met Lady and Tramp, and the two friends were quite taken in by Tramp's street-smarts, thinking it'd be useful to learn some tricks from him in order to get by in the Pantheon better. If Tod and Copper are to be sincere, they feel the Dalmatians and Lady are a bit coddled. But they do value them as friends and will stand by their side against the likes of Cruella and other villains that want to make a fashion accessory out of their and other animals' hides.
    • As a prey-predator friendship, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are also interesting to Tod and Copper. Both duos talked at length about the former's old misgivings about each other and how they were able to overcome their prejudice to become true friends. Judy actually finds Tod and Copper's childhood innocence about each other to be inspiring. Tod is also glad to finally meet a fellow fox in Nick, who's glad to teach the somewhat sheltered Tod a few of his tricks. Judy ad Nick have asked them if they'd be interested in doing police work, which Copper as a scent hound would be pretty well-suited to, and Tod's natural cunning would be a welcome asset. The two are considering it for now.
  • Have complex feelings for Don Bluth, technically one of their creators. He feels similarly in regard to Tod and Copper, since he sees them as products of a company that was a shell of its former self. He also caused quite a bit of trouble for them when he suddenly left to make his own stories, leaving Tod and Copper in a slump. To Tod and Copper it feels a lot like seeing a father figure happy with some other family, and so they don't have many positive feelings for Bluth-created deities, especially their direct rival Mrs. Brisby. Not that they'd attack her or any of the others; they just avoid them.
  • They still remember that time when Copper was seriously considering becoming a singing dog at a fair instead of a hunting dog, leading to friction with Tod as Copper seemed to put their friendship second. It was a weird episode in their childhoods that they're faintly embarrassed by. For the record, Copper has no interest in pursuing that career in the Pantheon. However Tod thinks certain events would have been avoided if Copper had done so, in hindsight.
  • Even though their temple wasn't placed there, they spend a lot of time at the House of Beasts for the familiar animal companionship, which they don't get at their home in the House of Narrative as much. From there, they've become particularly good friends with Rowf and Snitter, two dogs who've lived a feral life. They weren't that surprised at Tod and Copper's friendship, since they were friends with a fox, who helped them out a lot, themselves. Though Rowf, ever leery of humans, is surprised that Tod had a human owner who he sings praises for.
  • Though dismayed at how much of a Jerkass his alternate self is, there is one thing Tod wishes he had from him, which is his craftiness that led to him being called the Great Fox. Tod is relatively new to living wild, so he hasn't had time to hone his mind, but he visits every fox in the Pantheon he can to see if he can learn something from them. Nick Wilde is one of them, as already mentioned, though he may not be completely ideal given his anthropomorphism. But there is also Mr. Fox, who's made a livelihood out of stealing chickens from farmers to feed his family. He's willing to teach the greenhorn Tod all he can to better live in the Pantheon and provide for Vixey.
  • Try not to associate with hunters too much, despite some of them trying to rope Copper into serving as a scent hound, but for the sake of his best friend, who also lost his mother to hunters, he just can't (if anything it makes Judy and Nick's offer of police work more tempting). They have a special dislike for Gaston for displaying his kills as trophies, and Pokémon Hunter J for poaching and cruel treatment. Tod and Copper will often aid the Nature Preservers in stopping their and any other evil hunters' plots to harm wildlife for motives of vanity or greed. At least Amos did it because it was a living.
  • They may sometimes be found hanging out with the dog and duck of the Duck Hunt Team, a prey and predator pair who somehow put aside their differences to participate in the Smash tournament. Tod and Copper think their teamwork is impressive, though Copper thinks it's rather disgraceful how the dog openly laughs at his hunter's failures.


    King Lear and Cordelia (the Shakespeare edition) 
King Lear and Princess Cordelia (the Shakespeare version), Patron Deities of Those Who Received Death by Adaptation (Lear: Leir of Britain; Cordelia: Cordelia of Britain)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A man sitting on a throne asking for a declaration of love from three women
  • Theme Song: "Suite"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (for Cordelia), True Neutral (for Lear)
  • Domain: Family, Royalty, Love, Death, Narrative
  • Portfolio: Death by Adaptation, Downer Ending
  • Allies: The good-aligned deities in the House of Family
    • Cordelia: Every deity who loves their parents
    • Lear: Tintin
  • Enemies: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth
  • Complicated Relationship with: British loyalties like King Arthur, King Richard III of England
  • Opposes:
    • Lear: Jack Sparrow
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • The famous father and daughter duo whose deaths by Shakespeare was incredibly unexpected, the duo was brought back to life thanks to the influence of their superior and bring into the Pantheon
  • Sometime the two can be seen as Japanese Warlords named Hidetora and Saburo.
  • Macbeth and his wife were at first tried to have contact with the two because hearing that they are also usurpers but was rejected violently by both Lear and Cordelia due to how evil and a bad ruler he is. The fact that the four of them have many look-a-like and one of Lady Macbeth's High Priest is Lady Kaede doesn't help.
  • Due to the fact that the entire tragedy started because of Poor Communication Kills, Cordelia and Lear have been trying to rebuild their relationship and establish clear communication with each other. It isn't easy because Lear has gone insane due to grief of seeing his daughter beheaded, but Cordelia determines to not stop trying. Her effort moved many deities in the Pantheon who love their parents.
  • Due to her status as an exile, married to the King of France and led a coup against the English throne to reinstall her father, Cordelia has a tense relationship with other British royalties like King Arthur and Richard III. They sympathize with her situation but not her action of threatening the crown. They also have problem with the fact that Cordelia knows that her father isn't the most stable ruler and try to re-install him anyway.
    • Their relationship with Richard III is especially on bad term considering the fact Lear and him have many look-a-like.
  • Being a relatively popular work that has a long history, the duo has encountered many interesting interaction thanks to their incarnation:
    • Every mutants in the Pantheon are creeped out by Lear due to the fact that he sounds like a Sentinels that hunt them. Lear knows this and usually appear under one of his counterpart that looks like Magneto.
      • On the other hand, Tintin really warms up to Lear after meeting him due to the fact that his voice sounds like his good friend Capt. Haddock.
    • Lear is NOT pleased when discover that he looks like one of Jack Sparrow's pirates Capt. Barbossa and has been avoiding Sparrow ever since.
  • Chrom at first thought that this Cordelia was one of the Pegasus Knights in Yllise because of their similar names. Cordelia was sadden to hear about how the other Cordelia had to lose her entire squad in order to warn him about the capital's fall and (unknown to Chrom from other sources) how Cordelia never confessed her to him.
    • She met that woman upon her ascension and that Cordelia found her story to be very tragic.