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    The Ebon Dragon 
The Ebon Dragon, God of Hindering Heroic Actions (The Shadow of All Things)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A black disc so dark that it seems to suck away all light
  • Alignment: Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Heroes Act, Villains Hinder, Embodiment of Betrayal, Vice and, The ABSOLUTE LACK of Virtues, Lack of a Real Sense of Self, Dark Is Evil, Our Dragons Are Different, Created the Unconquered Sun to Have a Foe to Define Him, Satanic Archetype, Inherently Pathetic Due to Embodying Vice and Failure, Stupid Evil, The Corrupter, Zero Valor, Always Lying, Shadow Archetype, For the Evulz, To Create a Playground for Evil, Physically Incapable of Selflessness
  • Domains: Treachery, Darkness, Shadow, Vice, Failure, Evil, Ruination
  • Interested in: Dark Villains, The House of Betrayal, Raditz, Lord Drakkon, Omega
  • Fond of: Those with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (particularly the treacherous), Walder Frey, Peter Pettigrew
  • "Allies": Dis, Angra Mainyu, Nyarlathotep (Persona), Dharkon, Yuuki Terumi, Barbatos, The Dark Knights, Tzeentch, Death (Final Destination), Grima, Nightmare Moon, Vaatu, Molag Bal, Aku, Pride the Arrogant
  • Rivals: Darkseid, Damien Thornnote , Chernabog
  • Enemies:
  • If the Exalted are divine representations of positive qualities and victories, then the Ebon Dragon is the Anti-Exalt, a being who exists to deprive victory. The embodiment of all vice and corruption, the Shadow of All Things is defined by existing to befoul and ruin others' hopes and dreams. It is inherently difficult for the Ebon Dragon to act proactively, his motives being to spitefully hinder others and deny their victories. As long as he comes out ahead of everyone else, he could lose everything and still be happy.
  • Long ago, the Ebon Dragon once held the role of Shadow Archetype, which he is meant to represent to... well, everyone and everything virtuous. Though present early in the Pantheon's history, he and his Exalted brethren fell out of favor. With the Unconquered Sun no longer present, the Ebon Dragon has chosen to define himself as the Arch-Enemy to Amaterasu, due to also being a Sun Goddess of Good. And Cosmos for good measure.
  • By default, the Ebon Dragon is enemies to all who represent good. He particularly despises those who are light oriented. As the absolute antithesis of virtue, perhaps more so than the Kingdom of the Emperor Dolorous (who at least started out as beautiful), he is one of the only beings that The Love That Moves The Stars genuinely hates. He really hates the pure of heart, the embodiments of virtue, ect. However, even villains like Leonard Snart detest the Ebon Dragon, as long as they have some set of virtues to speak of.
  • Villains who think they're doing right, be it their intention, goal or standards, regard the Ebon Dragon as an abomination. Zamasu hates what he represents, yet in his self-righteousness fails to realize how deeply monstrous he is. The Ebon Dragon mocks Zamasu, pointing out he is a deep traitor to the gods and to his role in the cosmos. Zamasu angrily screamed "YOU HAVE NO PLACE TO TALK!", though most believe he did.
  • Once dwelt among Melkor as one of the Four Horsemen, but as time passed he proved more irrelevant. The Ebon Dragon's first thoughts on his return were absolute rage at being replaced, especially by the Falcon of Light. In general, the Ebon Dragon hates light, good or evil. He soon called Melkor a traitor, causing him to laugh uproariously about the absolute hypocrisy of the Ebon Dragon complaining about treachery. Of course, the Ebon Dragon has no virtues, so lacking integrity isn't surprising from him. Though as they entered the initial alliance knowing they'd try to backstab each other, the Ebon Dragon might be more angry about being kicked out the Four Horsemen.
  • The reason why the Unconquered Sun believes Dark Is Evil. And all benevolent darkness users loathe him for it. Amara, a force of cosmic darkness and Primordial Chaos, doesn't care for him due to having made up with her equal and opposite. That doesn't mean the Ebon Dragon likes the malicious light users, due to being of other things a force of darkness. However he does like the evil dark users such as Dharkon. Chernabog, however, had the official position of Dark Is Evil, something that he wants and is competing with Chernabog for it.
  • So long as he is restrained in any way whatsoever, he is completely incapable of taking any action that does not have the ultimate goal of trying to free himself. And it's obvious he regards morality as such a restraint. As such, the Ebon Dragon doesn't like those who represent order, even malevolent forces like Yaldabaoth and YHVH. However that doesn't mean he's liked by Lucifer, who while respecting the desire to be free regards the Ebon Dragon's actions as loathsome and finds him a deeply hollow figure.
  • Isn't welcome in the House of Dragons for how unfathomably evil and antagonistic he is. Io and Bahamut regard him as a disgrace to dragons, as does Daenerys Targaryen and Tiki. The Ebon Dragon considers Dany's TV Face–Heel Turn hilarious. That said, Grima is such a monstrous and evil dragon that to some extent the two get along. Much to their surprise Tzeentch got along with the Ebon Dragon, due to the fact their plans and goals are byzantine, chaotic ploys that by their own nature are often set against themselves.
  • As the Ebon Dragon lives to deny and ruin victory, he is considered antithetical to the House of Celebration. He is mostly opposed by the House of Gaming, however many griefers, cheaters and trolls there are less apprehensive about the Ebon Dragon. On his end, he hates Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson on the principle of "being stuck playing in the same moral sandbox as everyone else and he absolutely fails at it". Or to be less tactful, he's butthurt about failing the game and blames the guys who made it.
  • Betrayal is part of the Ebon Dragon's very nature. He'll betray his allies for no reason whatsoever. He'll betray himself by screwing himself over with Stupid Evil acts. He only has one physical body because multiple will betray him, and his own component souls will betray him if he ever he gets out of Hell. For this reason, he has a vested interest in the House of Betrayal, and claims to be its de facto leader. Most of the gods there ignore him.
  • If he admires anything, it is the worst of traitors. Peter Pettigrew for his absolute cowardice in turning against his friends, and Walder Frey for violating perhaps Westeros' most sacred rite for the petty motive of being angry at his marriage arrangement being rebuffed. That, and those without zero redeeming factors whatsoever. He also has a curious fondness for Raditz, due to being a cowardly loathsome figure who set up much of the plot, reflecting to the Ebon Dragon's desire to be more important in spite of his limitations. Raditz isn't pleased by this.
  • As much as he is capable of alliance, the Ebon Dragon supposes Barbatos and the Dark Knights are good allies. Barbatos argued that the Dark Knights are a superior example of the Shadow Archetype, and to some extent the Dark Multiverse is as a whole for being where dark paths never taken in the Light Multiverse occur. The Ebon Dragon supposes this might be the case, but would never admit it. Though happy to have his claw in the pie of mass destruction and degradation, Barbatos believes that the Ebon Dragon is fatally lacking in the proactive spirit.
  • Though no longer his official role, he retains a vested interest in those who represent the Shadow Archetype or are generally darker versions of the virtuous. Lord Drakkon and Omega are two, but he really seems to like Nightmare Moon's status as a bringer of eternal night; she's a real thorn in the side of solar deities. The Ebon Dragon also happens to enjoy those doomed to die, and those who's deaths will change the world. As such, he likes the cruel deaths that the Death of Final Destination pulls on those who cheat it.
  • Dis and Angra Mainyu are the gods who the Ebon Dragon can relate to the most. As Dis has purposefully voided every virtue of his in his absolute opposition to his creator, and Angra Mainyu is the original God of Evil who seems only to exist to oppose all that is good, this isn't surprising. The Ebon Dragon is by nature an underhanded, sneaky and subtle God of Evil, thus catching the attention of Molag Bal for being a great force of corruption. And his inherent inability to be anything but selfish and cruel is something Aku found himself relating to. Darkseid and Damien Thorn however have declared him to be a pathetic figure and not worth their time, despite the Ebon Dragon seeing himself as a superior rival among the forces evil. And they're right, as his evil is expressed by having bad Virtue scores. Anyone on his level with virtues can kick his ass, though he never ever fights fairly.
  • His wildest fantasy is to become a shinma, one of the defining forces of the universe. As such, he is eagerly eyeing up the Throne with the hope of becoming the fundamental Law of the cosmos and subject all creation to his whims. A horrifying prospect that the various Hadou Gods are making sure never happens, except Hajun who's too egoistic to really care. Not that they'll team up to stop him, and they probably won't need to. To get an idea of how horrifying the prospect is, know that the Ebon Dragon wants you to be at the absolute nadir of despair, your dreams crushed, your life ruined, and your body wracked by continual agony. Yes, you specifically. Also everyone else specifically. Ponder that for a few minutes.

"You are too late, his return is nigh!"

Galakrond, Draconic God of Major Villain Resurrections (Father of Dragons, Progenitor of Dragonkind, The Dragonlord, The Ur-Dragon, The Nightmare, The Unspeakable, The Wretched, The Unbreakable, The Tempest, The Apocalypse, Azeroth's End)
Galakrond before his death
Galakrond, the Nightmare 
Galakrond, the Unspeakable 
Galakrond, the Wretched 
Galakrond, the Unbreakable 
Galakrond, the Tempest 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His claws
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Abusive Precursors, Evil Is Bigger, Absurdly Sharp Claws, Back from the Dead, Giant Flyer, Rush Boss, Dracolich, Monstrous Cannibalism, Necromancer
  • Domains: Dragons, Hunger, Death, Resurrection, Evil
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On good terms with: Harth Stonebrew
  • Millennia ago, Azeroth was a world were life has just started to flourish after the Pantheon had defeated the Old Gods. Proto-dragons, the distant ascenstors of dragonkind, were one of several creatures living in the planet but one would rise above all others and terrorize his kind to no end. Galakrond the Dragonlord and Progenitor of Dragon-kind was infamous among Proto-dragons for his ferocious apetite and massive size, he would devour anything in his path and no one could oppose him. Until five proto-dragons banded together and fought him with all their might, Galakrond would meet his demise and the 5 brave souls would become the Dragon Aspects. But fate would have more plans for Galakrond, after all there was a new group seeking to resurrect the massive draconid and they succeeded in bringing him into the pantheon after recovering the essential material from Uldum.
  • Galakrond was summoned into the pantheon by the League of E.V.I.L. and the dragonlord was as hungry as he was in the past, feasting on anything that came across his path. Eventually, the combined might of several GUAG members and other involved parties managed to subdue the dragon enough to be able to drive him away and stop his rampage, but considering what transpired, Galakrond was here to stay. The reason? The League of E.V.I.L. cleverly stole one of the several unused titles (Thanks to Rafaam's habit to break the fourth wall) and used it to summon the Dragonlord to the pantheon as an official deity.
  • Galakrond is easily one of the largest dragons in the pantheon, only second to Io himself and he is also one of the few that can challenge him to a fight and prove his worth. Io has grown a begrudging respect for Galakrond considering he is a pretty ancient dragon and also like him a progenitor but his brutish tendency to devour everything tends to get on his nerves, especially because the Dragonlord has actively tried to eat him, possibly in order to raise him as a Dracolich.
    • The Dragon Aspects were horrified to see him return considering how hard it was to take down but now that other powerful dragons reside in the pantheon that also oppose him, he is not as likely to go unnopposed as he was in the past. He even has many evil dragons who consider him far too dangerous to work with.
  • Not all dragons have avoided Galakrond as he did in fact find a few allies willing to aid him in his mission to cull the world of the weak and feed endlessly. Grima and King Ghidorah find the Ur-Dragon to be the perfect ally to rally behind and cause endless mayhem and oddly enough, Deathwing of all people is willing to put aside all differences if it means bringing forth the Cataclysm once more, even if in the past he did aid defeating Galakrond.
    • The alliance with Grima quickly made Galakrond a prime target for the deities that come from his universe and so many who have fought dragons and actually defeated them tried their luck in slaying Galakrond. Even divine dragons such as Tiki got involved but they were not prepared for Galakrond's followers as well as the brood of Proto-dragons he commands, forcing several of the lord to retreat. Even then, not all was lost because the League of Explorers as well as other factions from Azeroth were willing to help them stop Galakrond after hearing of their brave attempt at taking him down.
  • When asked about his awakening, accounts of the events tend to differ. In one version, Rafaam succesfully raised him from the death, defeated the League of Explorers and went on too lay waste to all of Azeroth, destroying the Alliance and Horde in the process before betraying Rafaam and ultimately losing to him. On another account, him and Rafaam were ultimately defeated by the Explorers spearheaded by Reno Jackson whose exposure to Dalaran and Galakrond's presence ultimately revealed his true nature as a blue dragon. While nobody sure what version is true, Galakrond is a bit annoyed but willing to work with the League of E.V.I.L. once more. He does however want to eat Rafaam for being loud and annoying.
  • It is said that the Dragonlord's hunger is unmatched, and he will consume everything, even his own kin, to satiate his hunger. Many have compared Galakrond to Deviljho if it actually was an Elder Dragon and even bigger, but the ur-dragon scoffs at the comparison, considering the mindless beast to be below his notice.
    • The one monster Galakrond does respect is the Fatalis, an Elder Dragon that is considered one of the most dangerous of its realm and the infamy of the Fatalis is comparable to the Dragonlord's. The alliance between the two was formed out of convenience, since the two share common enemies but once everything is taken care of, they wouldn't hesitate to strike the other one. The Monster Hunters have tried their best to strike down Galakrond following the news of Galakrond's arrival but he proved way beyond their league and his sheer destructive power make other Elder Dragons look like chumps in comparison.
    • And given the similarities to the Elder Dragon type monsters, it was a matter of time before Nergigante decided to challenge the Ur-Dragon to a duel but even if Nergigante is a fearsome creature in and of itself, Galakrond's sheer might quickly overwhelmed it and it had to retreat before being struck down by him. Some are glad that the Nergigante decided to bail out as one wonders how dangerous a reanimated Nergigante with Galakrond's necromantic abilities could be.
  • Several adventurers and heroes have tried to test their mettle against the Dragonlord but Galakrond was a tough foe to put down and easily considered one of the toughest dragons to slay. In fact, the threat Galakrond poses has made unlikely alliances happen just to keep him at bay, making several wonder how Rafaam could even defeat him by himself that one time. Ornstein and Smough, notorious for their hatred of dragons and trying to appease their master Gwyn, made a truce with the Dovahkiin in order to potentially end Galakrond considering he was far more imposing that the dragons from either universe and even if they put up a good fight, the flock of proto-dragons surrounding Galakrond as well as his powers made it easy for the proto-dragon to overwhelm the dragonslayers. Gwyn has been for a while planning to form a team in order to end the menace that is the Ur-Dragon.
    • Miraak, seeing the opportunity to upstage the Dovahkiin and claim the achievement of defeating the Progenitor of Dragons by himself, tried to use "Bend Will" on Galakrond but it failed spectacularly as he was not affected in the slightest. Being a dragon so ancient that he wasn't even considered an actual dragon gave him the advantage to ignore the shout and complete crush Miraak like he was nothing.
  • Another figure nobody expected would try to challenge Galakrond was the Taken King, Oryx. He was one of the first to give the Dragonlord some trouble, as he had experience taking out even greater foes and one of them being Akka, the one that gave him the power to create the Hive. Oryx and Galakrond duked it out with the Taken King being able to withstand the onslaught the proto-dragons were dishing out and ultimately traded blows with the Progenitor himself but was unsuccesful in actually slaying him or even swaying to his side. The bestial nature of Galakrond makes it hard to mind control and other factors such as him being a constantly hungry creature with necromantic capabilities has made Oryx despise him, even if both share the Social Darwinist mindset.
  • Galakrond can assume 5 different forms depending on who invokes his name, giving him a wide array of abilities as well as being one of the main reasons he's been a constant problem for GUAG and even other alliances. Ranging from Fel manipulation, void powers or even harnessing the elements, Galakrond is a force to be reckoned with. And to make matters worse, he can get even more powerful and the League of E.V.I.L. has been trying to find a way to have Galakrond assume all five forms at once. Only the Grand United Alliance of Destruction has entertained the wish of Rafaam and the others to go through that plan.
    • The aforementioned forms can be assumed by Priests, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors in the Tavern, dubbed the Unspeakable, the Nightmare, the Tempest, the Wretched and the Unbreakable respectively. Galakrond prides itself as one of the most powerful entities in the Tavern and oddly enough, he behaves well for the most part since he is content with causing mindless destruction in the field.
    • Speaking of which, the forms of the Unspeakable is said to be one designed by Madame Lazul, a servant of the Old Gods. Considering the sheer mental strain Galakrond can induce in that form, the Old Gods have tried to manipulate the Ur-Dragon into working for them but it has shown no interest in freeing them. They however, do share common interests and is willing to bring destruction in their name as long as they help him get stronger and get rid of his enemies.
  • Gets along with Amon the Dark Voice, hailing from universe with passing familiarity as well as the two being Abusive Precursors to their respective kinds. Amon tried to convince Galakrond to continue his plan of fusing the Zerg and the Protoss into a single race but Galakrond was uninterested in the Xel'naga's plans, only bothering to act as an enforcer instead.
  • For all of his imposing presence, some people have mocked his incredibly tiny arms, which is a common trait in proto-dragons. Anyone who mentions this to his face (And isn't Rafaam) will be obliterated in seconds.
  • "My rebirth begins the cycle of the world anew."
  • Can also be found at Manners of Revival.

    Molag Bal 
Ahahaha! You mortals and your frail, limp, PATHETIC bodies!

Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Rape and Tempting Others to Do Evil (Stone-Fire — in Aldmeri, Harvester of Souls, God of Schemes, The Lord of Domination, The Hated One, Lord of Brutality, King of Rape, The Prince of Rage, Lord of Violation, The King of Corruption, Father of Vampires, the Slave-Lord)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: Molag Bal's emblem, the Mace of Molag Bal, his realm Coldharbour, and his statues and shrines reflecting his likeness
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Personification of Corrupting, Obviously Evil Satanic Archetype hated by everyone and he knows it, Yet still is Above Good and Evil, Big Bad of Online, Greater-Scope Villain for Dawnguard, The Social Darwinist, Satanic Archetype, Cold-Blooded Torture, Mind Rape, Manipulative Bastard, Faux Affably Evil, Bad Boss, Created vampires and by extension The Undead by violating a woman, Your Soul is Mine!, Rape, Pillage, and Burn
  • Domains: Corruption, Domination, Enslavement, Rape, Undeath, Torture, Brutality, Vampirism
  • Followers: Daedroths, Xivkyn, Daedric Titans, Soul Shriven (unwillingly), many vampire clans (provided they themselves don't hate him)
  • Allies: Melkor, Sheev Palpatine, Cioccolata, Griffith, The Joker, Gregor Clegane, Euron Greyjoy, Mephisto, Diablo, Shao Kahn, Baal, Aidan, Ethan Roark Junior, The Crimson Court
  • Friendly Rivalry: Darkseid
  • Intrigues: Slaanesh
  • On speaking terms with: Hircine, Hermaeus Mora, Sheogorath, Vaermina, Peryite
  • Arch-Enemy: Meridia
  • Enemies: Everyone else, in particular Miraak, Alduin, the House of Heroes, House of Life and Death, victims of slavery and/or rape, any good vampire or undead being in general, the entire Belmont bloodline and their allies, the Joestar bloodline and their allies, The Flagellant, The Highwayman, Dracula, Cosmos, Lucifer, YHVH, the Grand United Alliance of Good, the Grand United Alliance of Chaos, the Grand United Alliance of Law, Zamasu, Night Raid, Akame, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The White, the Fellowship of the Ring, Talion, the House of Angels, the House of Dragons, Frisk, Makoto Naegi, Madoka Kaname
  • Morality is a tricky thing when applying it to Daedra considering how beyond they are when it comes to mortal comprehension and to apply such a concept to brush them all off as simply evil demons can be seen as fallacious. "Good" or "bad", you can make the argument that all Daedra have their own virtues, and this even extends to the Daedric Princes. Sheogorath is a Mad God, but is associated with creativity and music. Boethiah's sphere of influence includes the likes of betrayal, plots, deceit, and conspiracy, yet is considered by the Dunmer to be one of the "good" Daedra. Even Mehrunes Dagon, an Omnicidal Maniac, represents change and revolution and was said to be formerly the Leaper Demon King who hid worlds from Alduin... Then there's Molag Bal. You'd be hard pressed to find a being so malevolent and so universally despised by people throughout Tamriel, and for good reason. He goes by many names: Harvester of Souls, God of Schemes, Lord of Domination, King of Rape, King of Corruption, et cetera; They all fit him like a glove, and his Pantheonic titles are no different.
    • Molag Bal is infamously responsible for the first rape. It was he who ravaged a priestess woman named Lamae Beolfag and unleashed her upon the world whereupon her passing she rose from the dead and butchered the women and children while violently raping the men as Molag did to her. She was now a Daughter of Coldharbor, the first of her kind and by extension the first of vampires and the first The Undead. Molag Bal did this for the simple purpose of spiting Arkay, the God of Birth and Death, with this perversion of the cycle. Something of which proved to be irreversible and would haunt the land forever.
    • As the Daedric Prince of Corruption he enjoys pushing people past their limits. But not just anyone, oh no, he's out to corrupt the most moral and virtuous mortals he could find. Because after all, a city hosting a massacre of its population is one thing, but it's another if the person behind it all was once noble and kind. One instance of this was when he asked the Champion of Cyrodiil to go and goad a man who forsworn violence in honor of his late wife into killing them with a cursed mace. They accomplished this by doing the one thing they knew that would be guaranteed to set him off: Assaulting the widow while praying in front of their love's grave.
  • Once the lowly follower of Bandos, many a deity's blood ran an arctic cold when Molag Bal's arrival has been heralded to the Pantheon when he possessed a Sub-House that had his shrine in it and forced its trapped occupants to slaughter each other in his name. Few more so can such a shared sentiment of dread can be felt than in the House of Heroes and House of Life and Death. A similar energy is felt throughout anyone who suffered at the hands of either rape, slavery, or both, and its not unreasonable. His goal is to see the utter enslavement and domination of every living being, their souls collected while their bodies are damned to eternal torment to his amusement and he's been known to sow conflict and strife among people to further such ends.
    • At the very top of the Hated One's enemies are Cosmos, YHVH, and Lucifer and by proxy their respective alliances. He finds the three similar to fellow Daedric Princes Meridia, Jyggalag, and Boethiah, respectively, and makes it a point to make his opinions on them very clear however grand or petty. The enmity is no less shared. It is thought that Melkor had a hand in his ascension although Molag Bal claims it was through his scheming alone did he rise above Bandos' post. Still, Melkor finds the Daedric Prince a boon for his side, questionable Daedric morality aside.
    • Zamasu, unsurprisingly, despises Molag Bal for everything he both represents and embodies for he encourages the absolute worst in the sinful mortals and his existence alone flies in the face of gods being flawless, completely disregarding how the Princes are Above Good and Evil. Since such sentiments is coming from someone like him, the Hated One simply took his disdain as a complement. And beings like him make Molag's claim of there being "worse masters than I" a bit more true.
    • Finally, Molag Bal sees the collective despair of the White as a hearty laughs to have and questions if their sorrow is so great why don't they just do themselves the service of silencing theirs forever? The White replied that they see beings like Molag Bal only further proof to end the great pain that is existence itself at all costs. Molag Bal then repeated the question, but slower.
  • His realm of Coldharbour is a world like Nirn, but a warped and defiled reflection of it, almost like a parody. It is a place of desolation and torture, where blood and excrement is a common sight and the air is deathly chill while the sky is a burning inferno. Here, there are means for souls are taken from the moment of death and the journey to the afterlives to instead be sent right into this plane of Oblivion. One could not ask for a perfect representation for Molag Bal than this realm, though depending on what you hear and believe regarding Daedric Princes as a whole he may as well be the realm itself.
  • He's the fourth Daedric Prince to lay some sort of claim to the Pantheon. Beating him to the punch are Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, and Sheogorathnote . Molag Bal wasn't exactly pleased with it and the latter made a note to rub it into his fellow Daedric Prince's face about it. Business as usual for the Mad God, basically.
    Sheogorath: "This Pantheon is truly, truly a wonderful place to visit. I'm sure everyone else would like this place if they got to see for themselves. Oh, did I forget to invite you, Molag?"
  • Given his position he has many Lesser Daedra following him and one that catches many a god's eye are the Daedric Titans: Giant, demonic-looking dragons that unwillingly serve the Prince of Rage most prominently during the attempted Planemeld. Their origins can be traced back to the dragon Boziikkodstrun, who was fleeing following Alduin's banishment and was soon found on the God of Schemes' radar. Molag Bal tricked the tired dragon into coming into Coldharbour under the guise of offering status and soon had him subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture. The Prince tried to prod for information for how the dragons dominated man, yet his captive refused to budge and soon died. To still make use of him, Molag Bal used his corpse to create Ozozzachar, the first Daedric Titan who are not only tough but capable of utilizing abilities not unlike the Thu'um.
    • Hearing the existence of these things drew more attention to the King of Corruption than before. Miraak and Alduin simply found the brutes to be pale imitations of the real deal, their use of the Thu'um especially when compared to theirs. Dragons in general tended to be disgusted by the makeshift doppelgangers and rallied against him if they hadn't already. The Fellowship of the Ring and Talion too have done so as well, finding the Titans awfully similar to the Balrogs with the Ash Titans being the most evident in such likeness. As dragons in The Elder Scrolls universe can be seen as angels due to their ties to Akatosh the Titans here can be seen as Fallen Angels it sickened the many angels across the Pantheon.
  • He, whether literally, metaphorically, or both, had his way with Vivec, the Warrior-Poet deity of the Dunmer people. Read for yourself because its certainly something alright.
  • If, somehow, his entire repertoire did not tip you off the first or following times around then consider this a definitive warning: Serving him will ultimately not end well for you. He is a Bad Boss through and through, and whatever promises he makes becomes moot once the minion in question either displeases him or outlives whatever usefulness they had. Not even family is except from this. When his "daughter", Molag Grunda, was in love with a frost atronach named Nomeg Gwai he had the Nerevarine kill them thus banishing them both to Oblivion to suffer eternally in exchange for the cure to vampirism. That being said...
    • Anyone who shares his desire is alright in Molag Bal's eyes. It is for this very reason he partnered up with Darkseid and Emperor Palpatine. It it not just the fact that they are tyrants that the King of Corruption respects them, but moreso the sheer domination they brought forth in their own universes.
    • His presence, actions, and appearances physically or depictions through statues and pictures all point toward him being a Satanic Archetype. In fact, depending on who you ask he may as well just be The Devil. It was for this very reason that Molag Bal quickly affiliated himself with Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto after hearing of the former's corruption of Aidan. Of course he also quickly drew Azmodan's ire, Diablo's brother, but Molag Bal simply welcomed it.
    • Due to the Daedra's own morality, Molag Bal can't quite be considered a Complete Monster himself but he tends to be very fond of those who do go on and sink to such lows frequently. The Prince cannot help but grin wildly as he recounted Cioccolata's crimes, which are enough for his boss to say he's a real piece of work himself. And the same can be said for Ethan Roark Junior for all the stuff he got to do thanks to his Dad's power along Griffith and the infamy he gained when he raped Casca to madness though the former is afraid at the prospect that he'll be screwed over due to the Prince's stances on the strong and weak and in the Pantheon he firmly fits the latter category. Euron Greyjoy and Gregor Clegane have little to fear what with doing exactly the kind of thing Molag Bal promotes.
      • The Joker is perhaps a definitive stand out to Molag Bal. A normal human with madness not unlike Sheogorath he may be for the most part, the Daedric Prince cannot deny the sheer carnage he brought throughout the course of time. And of the times he does the results remain satisfactory, such as his stint as Emperor Joker. Of all the crimes he committed, he especially enjoys the time when he pushed the incorruptible Man of Steel over the edge and created a world most unjust. The King of Corruption, then, is motivated to scheme up something that will surpass even that. He's got a few noteworthy candidates to go around the Pantheon to be apart of such machinations. Makoto Naegi, Frisk, Madoka Kaname, just to name a few. Its likely to tip off their respective allies, but are a few more enemies to the Hated One?
    • Overall, Molag Bal is someone who really intrigues Slaanesh and its not at all hard to see why. The rape, torture, and just about everything else about the Lord of Violation satiates the Chaos God. It is thought that if they do happen to work together it will result in something especially atrocious. That is, of course, working under the assumption if they are not doing so already.
  • As the Father of Vampires, Molag Bal has earned the permanent enmity to vampire hunters all throughout the Pantheon. Having dealt with them spanning multiple generations the Belmont and Joestar bloodlines have pledged an oath to stop whatever plots and schemes he has for the Pantheon. Meanwhile, the likes of the Highwayman and the Flagellant took to felling his followers with much of the same mercy they do to the Darkest Estate's monsters. Vampires who do not share the Prince's depravity have gone on to oppose him as well and deny any sort of connection this "Father". Alucard, Abel Nightroad, Arcueid, Rachel Alucard, and Eric Brooks/Blade for example have made their stances against Molag Bal very much clear. Yet out of all of them Dracula truly despises Molag Bal, as he has several lovers throughout the centuries who he actually dearly cared for. So it peeves him off that Molag Bal encourages Marital Rape License (and the act in general) and wants to get many vampires to oppose the Daedric Prince as well. In fact, fighting against Molag Bal is the one surefire way for Dracula and many of his normal enemies (vampire hunters and Good-aligned vampires) to temporarily join forces, since all of them are universally disgusted by his depravity.
    • Conversely, any vampire no stranger to the levels of degeneracy he represents and brings gets along with him just fine. The Crimson Court certainly does as even when human their disturbing nature new no bounds. It should be noted, however, he isn't as quite as active on overseeing the lives of vampires as Hircine is to his werewolves, however. Whereas Hircine sends out dreams to them and is even willing to take offense if enough of them are slain, you could say Molag Bal has a rather hands off approach to them unless if the most devout of them are willing to preform rituals in his name to become a Vampire Lord. Then again, considering the purpose behind Lemae's story is out of insulting another god, this shouldn't be all that surprising.
  • Though he is a Social Darwinist, this trait opens up one virtue associated with him and that its his respect for those who prove their strength. Its enough that he'll even take his great loses with stride. Though both Night Raid and the Phantom Thieves of Heart involved in opposing vile beings such as himself, Molag Bal still commends their proven strength regardless. In particular he notes the feats of Akame, who was the sole person to have killed Esdeath regardless of the adaptation, and Ren Amamiya, who is attributed to blowing a hole straight through the head of the God of Control, Yaldabaoth. He then follows up saying he'll enjoy catching up and breaking last one of them when they're finally all in his hands one day. After all, there's nothing more satisfying than when they have the will to fight back in the process of breaking them, and he has the means to take away whatever strength that have to do so.
Another man damned. Another ruined soul.


Greater Gods

Ganondorf Dragmire, God of Villainous Scheme Hijacking (Ganon, The King of Darkness/Evil/Thieves/Disrespect, Demon King, Mandrag Ganon, Calamity Ganon, Dark Beast Ganon, Crenando, G-Cash)
Ganon, The Demon King 
Calamity Ganon 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Triforce of Power. Alternatively, a flaming effigy of his head
  • Theme Song: Ganon's Tower
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sorcererous Evil Overlords, Declaring Himself a God and having the power to back it up, Conquering Hyrule, Reviving From the Dead, Revealing himself to be the true Big Bad (over and over... and over)
  • Followers: The Archmage, Myotismon, Twinrova, Agahnim
  • Allies: Dracula, Master Xehanort, Bowser, Vaati, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Zant, Ghirahim, King Boo, Sigma, Giygas, Vanitas, Alduin, Ardyn Izunia, Sir Crocodile, Ten Commandments, Ridley
  • Enemies: Link, Princess Zelda, Mario, Luigi, R.O.B., Princess Peach, Fi, Doctor Fate, Rex, Pyra, and Mythra
  • He and Link have done battle many, many times. However, no matter how many times Link kills him, Ganondorf continues to return to oppose him. Though some have speculated it has to do with Time Travel and his standing as Link's archnemesis, no one knows how he does this. He's gotten smarter in later years and has fought Link through a network of allies and minions to conceal the fact he's still alive, but it hasn't resulted in much more success than when he did it himself.
  • Some have prophesied that when the final battle of Good and Evil is almost done, Ganondorf will rise from Melkor's ashes and reveal Melkor was an alter-ego of his, and he's been the controlling force of the House of Evil all along. Though few pay this theory any mind, Link fully expects it.
  • Has once stated that he and Captain Falcon are more similar than the Pantheon thinks.
  • There was a short time where it was debated if Ganon should keep his position after it was learned that he's merely the incarnation of the hatred of a being even greater than himself: Demise. Ultimately it was decided he would remain a god as his predecessor is dead for good.
  • With Zelda's arrival into the Pantheon, Ganondorf has redirected a portion of the GUAE's efforts into capturing her. Drawing her and Link together, Ganondorf hopes to again claim the power of the Triforce, which he believes could even overrule the collective power of the Main House. Whether this claim is true or not, no one is willing to find out.
  • Is actually opposed to the House of Crime, due to his people the Gerudo worshiping members of the House rather than worshipping him.
  • His alliance with Eggman and Bowser has the potential to draw out the fullest potential of science, magic, and brute strength within the GUAE's ranks, making this Power Trio a high target on the GUAG's agenda.
  • As the protectors of Hyrule have continued to grow stronger within the Pantheon and threatened to completely overwhelm him, Ganondorf put his faith in Ghirahim's magic studies, and has been granted even greater power and form.
  • Currently trying to figure out how to handle the legion of fangirls drawn to him by his new appearance since the ritual. While a bit flabbergasted at first, the King of Evil simply laughed and decided to weed out the worthiest of them to turn into a new society of Gerudo thieves, since his own stopped worshipping him.
  • Doctor Fate, believing him to be a reincarnation of Wotan, his eternal enemy, foiled one of Ganondorf's attempts to kidnap Zelda. Since then, Fate has been a continual thorn in his side, surpassed only by Link, his eternal enemy.
  • Where his own version of Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch might not be as powerful, he is shown with his Warlock Punch that he is a force to be reckoned with even without magic. Observe.
  • One of his alternate weapons are two giant 8-Bit dungeon boss keys... which disturbingly look like serrated Keyblades. The good KH deities look worried, while Master Xehanort and Vanitas reacted with raised eyebrows.
  • As of his latest incarnation, Ganondorf seems to have given up his humanity in exchange for raw power, becoming an abomination of (literally) pure Malice, known as the Calamity Ganon. This form also came the closest to total victory of any of his incarnations, nearly killing Link, successfully killing the four other Champions, turning the Guardians against their creators, and plunging Hyrule into a Dark Age for over 100 years. As such, comparisons have been made between Ganon's new form and Giygas, who also traded sanity for power, and to Vanitas, who is interested in testing whether Malice is related to the darkness that he himself is made out of.

    Hades (Kid Icarus
Hades, God of Playing the Field (Lord of the Underworld, Jerk, "Go Home")
His Devastation Ensemble 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His "representative" symbol from Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Theme Music: Hades' Infernal Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Planning In Circles Around other Divinities, Holding Legitimate Godhood, Seeing All Allies As Cannon Fodder, Manipulating Another God For Two Games, Being A Dangerous Riot, Putting Tim Curry To Shame, Continuously Feigning Kindness, Being Second-Strongest In His Universe, Constantly Mocking Everything That Moves, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Death, Chaos, War, Evil
  • Followers: Medusa, Pandora
  • Allies: Grima
  • Rival: Yuuki Terumi
  • Enemies: Pit, Palutena, Viridi, Dark Pit, Dyntos, most everyone in the GUAG, Ruby Rose, Grenth, Zagreus
  • Worthy Opponent: The other Hades, Poseidon,
  • Ultimately seeks to turn the entirety of the Pantheon at ends with one another to collect the most powerful of souls. Sadly—for him—he does an absolutely terrible job at concealing his intentions.
  • When confronted by the other Hades of the Pantheon, the Hades here promptly laughed and mocked him for being defeated by a single punch. Even upon being informed the punch had been delivered by Hercules, he did not waver from his initial statement. For THIS Hades to be defeated it took having his heart destroyed, getting cut in half, getting his head crushed, and FINALLY getting hit by a large Wave-Motion Gun to kill him, and even then, he survived as a disembodied voice.
    • However, he was genuinely impressed when he saw that Hades' true form and what he could do, actually commenting he would probably have to bring out his Devastation Ensemble to even the odds. As such, whenever the two of them cross paths nowadays, Hades just gives his counterpart a lazy wave and occasional taunt. From him, that's high praise indeed.
  • Notable for being able to tolerate Excalibur.
  • Hades was initially legitimately surprised that Yuuki Terumi had already claimed the position of Trolling God. However, Hades was just as quick to laugh it off and comment that he was "merely keeping his crown warm for him".
  • Works with Grima in experiments involving souls, and together they have created several new types of monsters.
    • Also helped remake Grima's body after he decided to show that he could survive an attack from Asura.
  • He and Viridi were recently in a battle sparked after he commented that she and Pit should get married. They destroyed half of both the Houses of Nature and Villains and most everything in between.
    • His words on the subject afterward? "Yow, she's a feisty one!"
  • He can sometimes be found speaking with Excalibur over a cup of tea. Supposedly, Hades is trying to find new ways to annoy people and is receiving education from Excalibur. He denies this, though, claiming he's simply learning about his "friend's" world and history. Regardless, most gods leave the room whenever they start talking.
  • Recently, Hades spent several days keeping pressure off of his back. While he has refused to disclose any information to most anyone who asks, eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Excalibur has revealed that it was related to an unseen bout between him and the recent-recruited Bowser in the Underworld.
  • Was offered a place in the Usurpers faction in the upcoming Pantheonic Rebellion by Satan, but declined. For now, he's content to just sit on the sidelines and watch events unfold (and maybe harvest some fallen souls in the meantime).
    "Look at you, scurrying around behind old Melky's back and betraying him. It's classic. Besides, the Pantheon is my flower to plunder, not yours!"
    • He may or may not be planning to harvest all of the Usurper's souls if they fail. To this end, he has been seen consorting with Yhwach recently, likely to make some sort of deal on that end to lay off of them.
  • Shown here, he is not a fan of the adventures of Ruby Rose. Whenever the two encounter each other in the Pantheon, Hades quotes this video at the girl to troll her. Though the mortal who made the video with Hades agrees with him, he acknowledges that her series was at least trying).
  • Was absolutely pissed when he heard that Dyntos ascended, still incredibly incensed at his "interference" allowing Pit to kill him.
  • Zagreus never thought that he could meet a more despicable version of Hades, his father, until he gave a look at his Kid Icarus incarnation, seeing Hades' waste of souls doomed to his version of the Underworld as utterly unforgivable. For once content to follow his father's instructions to get rid of this version of Hades, Zagreus works to ensure that Hades can't pose a threat to his father and the rest of the Underworld.

Orcus, Demonic Lord of Inactive Villainy (Lord of the Undead, Prince of the Undead, Prince of Undeath, Blood Lord, Tenebrous)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Wand of Orcus or his Demonic Rune
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonic Lord of the Underworld, Practitioner of Necromancy, Constantly Fights against other Villains to the Point where he Doesn't spend time Fighting against Heroes, Red Is Violent, Having a Humanoid Appearance with Bull-Like Features, Was Once A Mortal, Seeks to Destroy All Life in the Multiverse, God of Evil, Evil Overlord, Cares About Nothing but Himself, Wants to Spread Evil and Discord, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Demons, Evil, Undead, Genocide, Deicide
  • Heralds: His Cult
  • Allies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Nagash, Count Orlok, Konrad von Carstein, Zhaitan, Kel'Thuzad, Undying, Gul'dan, Molag Bal, Trigon, Clown/The Violator, Malebolgia
  • Rivals: DEMOGORGON, Griffith, The Godhand, Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, Sauron, Lord Voldemort, Lord Recluse, Miraak
  • Enemies: Meridia, Drizzt Do'Urden, Link, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, King Arthur, The Hawkins Party, Lucina, Usalia
  • Respects: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, The Demons of Inferno
  • Opposes: Death of the Endless, The Maiden in Black, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, The Angels of Paradise
  • One of the reigning gods of the Forgotten Realms is Orcus, Lord of the Underworld who practices teachings of necromancy and personally leads an army of Undeath. However, before his reign as a Demonic Lord, he was once a mortal being with sinister desires for magic. After he died, his Chaotic Evil alignment meant that he was banished into the Abyss to become a demon, though Orcus wasn't ready to submit defeat. He worked his way up from a lowly larvae to a Balor in many years before ultimately becoming a Demon Lord. His quest for power, however, led Orcus to butt heads against many of the other Demon Lords who were vying to become the Prince of Demons and wanting to usurp the position from Demogorgon and facing a rival in the form of Graz'zt. The three demons became arch-enemies against one another, in addition to Orcus becoming a true God.
  • Thousands of years of fighting against other demonic lords meant that Orcus did little to nothing when it came to opposing heroes. All things considered, when he discovered the Pantheon, he was surprised to see a massive collection of evil beings and demons united with one another against the forces of Good, though the concept of villainous deities facing off against one another wasn't lost either. If anything, Orcus spends his time exclusively fighting other villains.
    • He initially found interest in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, feeling that Melkor may approve of what he does. Then, he switched gears once he realized the presence of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Beating and trampling his way to Ryut and confronting Nekron, Orcus demanded that he become a member, so that he can provide a new military asset on their side. Impressed by his determination and power, Nekron nominated him a spot in the GUAD Black Hammer.
      • However, he still has some sort of admiration for the GUAE, given that he is a demonic lord after all. Still, the GUAE has a lot of notable demonic beings there who champion themselves above all, most notably Griffith. Orcus would like to show the White Hawk who's the greater demon one day, but for now, he has other plans to conduct with Nekron and the GUAD.
  • Orcus is well known for the fact that he does absolutely nothing when it comes to fighting against heroes nor stopping their progress. To his credit, Orcus is too caught up on his wars against Demogorgon and Graz'zt that he can't simply turn around without being blindsided by an attack. However, maybe the GUAD could change this notion, seeing as Nekron spends just as much of his time fighting against heroes as much as villains. That sort of notion has gotten Orcus rather excited and is ready to kill to amass the GUAD's army.
  • As a demonic god who started out as a mortal being before working his way up to legitimately claim Godhood, Orcus has a few things in common with Nagash. As a fellow conspirator to the GUAD, the two would often spend time together in trading military equipments, corpses for reanimation and their insatiable nature towards evil. Nagash, however, may be trying to use Orcus for his own ends, but then again, the Demonic Lord of the Underworld may be plotting the same to the Great Necromancer.
  • Being a demon meant that he was automatically opposed by the Angels Sub-House the moment he announced his presence. That said, he's more focused towards the Angels of Paradiso and he wants to make sure that they don't get to kill anything they come across. In his own mind, Orcus gets to do it, and he wants to kill for his and his army's benefit.
  • Taking notes about the various different demons dwelling in the Pantheon, Orcus quickly became rivals with many of them, especially Griffith and the Godhand for having a large success rate in thumbing their control of their home universe. Orcus, however, states that unlike those five, he's more ambitious in that he's aimed for multiverses and that Griffith and the Godhand should take notes.
    • A similar rivalry also exists between him and the Prime Evils. He credits Diablo for inspiring fear within his enemies, Baal for his destructive potential and Mephisto for his devious mind and also finds it amusing how the three of them like to fight and take advantage of one another when it comes to who gets to take over Heaven and Hell. Still, Orcus sees Griffith as being somewhat better than them, which also means he's more cautious towards the Godhand.
  • As a necromancer, he seems to be most at home in the House of Undead, given that he could freely travel there and feel serene about the multitude of corpses strewn around the fields. Of course, he has gotten himself very acquainted with the numerous undead residents there and, more than once, has tried to win them over for his leadership. Though he may be strong, he can plan out when he feels like it.
    • Of the vampires that he could meet up, the only ones he could see as true allies are Count Orlok and Konrad von Carstein. Mainly because the two of them have no moral scruples to hold them back and that Orcus can use them as attack dogs of sorts. That said, Orlok and Konrad have their own ambitions to look forward to, plus Konrad is a little difficult to command due to his raving insanity.
    • Of course, he gets along pretty well with fellow necromancers such as Kel'Thuzad and Undying and trying to make an attempt at working together and spreading discord at the Pantheon. So far, Kel'Thuzad prioritizes Arthas Menethil over anyone else, so Undying seems to be the Necromancer that Orcus works with rather frequently.
  • Not surprisingly, many heroes oppose him for being a raving beast of a god whose only desire is total destruction and spreading evil. Link and Lucina sometimes get vibes of Ganondorf and Grima respectively due to Orcus's desire To Create a Playground for Evil and for aspirations to destroy the multiverse. The Hawkins Party dislike him on principle that he's a D&D antagonist that they've played against, though even with Eleven at her full strength, they know they're powerless against the Evil Overlord.
  • Nekron is amused and fascinated about Orcus being in the House of Villains, despite his allegiance to the GUAD. To Nekron, Orcus can take advantage of any corpses found there and salvage them to Ryut or other GUAD designated territories to resurrected as undead automatons under their services. The God of Evil, however, finds this annoying and seeks a means to eliminate Orcus by any means. However, with the Lord of the Underworld being granted a means of fast-travelling to GUAD-designated areas, he's got the means to make his escape if needed.
  • He has a rivalry with Miraak partly due to the two of them having a cult that worships them and are just as much as feared and reviled. However, unlike the Godhand or the Prime Evils, Orcus doesn't really think much of the First Dragonborn whereas Miraak shot back stating that he's a coward by sitting all day and not doing anything against the forces of good. As far as he was concerned, Orcus replied that he intends to be the Prince of Demons before attacking everyone else, though he's seeking to change the status quo for quite some time.
  • Has managed to impress Molag Bal for his ruthlessness and his skill in necromancy and the Hated One has made arrangements of one day working with Orcus at some point. Naturally, this caught the attention and ire of Meridia, not only sees Orcus as an enemy but seeks to condemn him painfully because of his ties to necromancy and the undead.
  • Orcus flew into a rage upon learning that Demogorgon, the current Prince of Demons, has ascended to the Pantheon, although their positions in different Houses makes it difficult for them to act against each other. However, the fact that he ascended before the Sibilant Beast is a point of pride for the Prince of Undeath.
I will be the last creature when I am done. The cosmos will then be perfect, free of the braying abominations that are all other living things.


Intermediate Gods

    Dr. Facilier 
Doctor Facilier, God of Villainous Helping (The Shadow Man, Baron Samdi)
  • Intermediate God with the Friends' power, formerly Quasideity
  • Symbol: The charm from the Friends or his cane and hat with a set of tarot cards
  • Theme Song: "Friends On The Other Side"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, pretends to be Neutral Good
  • Domain: Voodoo, Trickery, Impersonation, Shadow
  • Portfolio: Helping others for his own agenda, The Barnum, Controlling Shadows, Jackass Genie, Lean and Mean, got dragged to the other side, Complete Monster
  • Allies: The Disney Villains except Judge Frollo, Bernkastel, Kirei Kotonome, the Incubators, The Other Mother, Orochimaru,
  • Enemies: Tiana and Naveen, Charlotte LaBouff, every good Disney deities, especially Ariel and Snow White, Shrek, Spawn, Commander Shepard, Goliath, Voodoo, Vol'jin, Nazeebo, Master Chief, Link, Black Panther, Coraline Jones, Crash Bandicoot
  • Respected: Johan Liebert, Hannibal Lecter
  • Interested In: Dark Link
  • Ascended because the evil deities in the Pantheons are impressed that he almost succeeds in talking both Naveen and Tiana into a deal with him just by using words alone. He is able to properly escape the Other Side and got this position because the Disney Villains want to expand their influence in the Pantheon and thus negotiated the Friends From the Other Side that Facilier is more useful in the Pantheon.
    • However, it should be noted that he is still in debt with the Friends From the Other Side and is determined to repay it. This led Facilier to be extremely dangerous to those who felt for his trick as he is very desperate to collect souls and pay off his debt in order to keep ruling in his temple.
  • Charlotte LaBouff was NOT pleased when she heard what he did to her best friend and has to be held down from attacking Facilier right after he got ascended. Tiana on her part decided to avoid Facilier as much as possible due to the fact that he still has his power but not before saying that she wished that he would dig a little deeper and finally find what he truly wants. Facilier ignores her.
  • He is grateful for the Disney Villains' negotiation with the Friends to give him a chance to pay off his debt and promised to do what he can (for now at least) to pay off this favor.
    • However, contact with the Disney Villains brought him to the attention of Judge Frollo, who condemned him for using witchcraft. This annoyed Facilier and he threatened to turn Frollo into a frog if he ever sees Frollo again.
    • Due to this alliance, he isn't very liked by the other Disney good deities but he got especially hated by Ariel and Snow White due to the fact that he operated very similar to Ursula and the Evil Queen.
    • Because of his connection with the Disney Villains, he sometimes brags that he is the love child of Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil. No one really believes him considering that the two live in two different time periods and places.
  • Because of his method of operation, he earned the respect of other magical beings who used similar tactics like Bernkastel, Orochimaru and Kirei. He is also curious about the Incubators' work and was very displeased when heard that he isn't suitable to make a deal with them due to not being a prepubescent girl.
    • He also greatly respected those who demonstrated impressive ability to utilize his temple's power even without power such as Johan and Hannibal Lecter.
  • After finding out that he is able to sound like a lot of gods in the Pantheon, Facilier would gladly take advantage of that fact in order to trick their allies into making disastrous deals with him.
    • Spawn and Goliath were NOT pleased when Facilier used their voice into tricking their loved ones into dabbles with dark magic, as well as due to the fact that they had fallen for similar tricks in their universe.
    • He also almost succeed in collecting Commander Shepard's soul by taking advantage of his similar voice to Shepard's deceased officer David Anderson and faked his appearance as a ghost to tricked Shepard through guilt into a deal with him. His plan was foiled by the crew of the Normandy and Shepard was VERY pissed off when hearing the situation.
    • Black Panther also swore to hunt him down when T'Challa stopped a scheme hatched by Facilier to convince the people of Wakanda into making a deal with him by faking the voice of a version of their king.
    • After finding out that his voice is similar to the Cat in the world of the Other Mother, Facilier attempted to trick Coraline Jones into making a deal with him. However, she was able to deduce that the Cat doesn't talk in her mortal world and foiled his plan. Coraline came to despise him ever since but Facilier scored points the Other Mother's book for his trick and similar method of operation. However, they came to a clash when neither of them want to share the souls they caught with each other and immediately parted ways due to conflict in interest.
  • Because of his usage of voodoo to trick and hurt people in such petty but horrific ways, he earned the ire of many good deities who used voodoo, which included Nazeebo, Vol'jin and Voodoo (who doesn't like the cheap tricks Facilier does), all of them swore to erase Facilier in order to cleanse the name of voodoo. They got assistance from Crash Bandicoot because Facilier both reminds Crash of his evil brother Uka Uka and tainted the good name of his good friend Aku Aku as a former witch doctor.
  • Because of his power over shadow, Facilier was very interested when he found out about the existence of Dark Link and sought to control it to do his bidding. His effort hasn't been proved successful so far but Facilier earned the ire of Link himself in the process.

    Hagatha the Witch 
Hagatha the Witch, Goddess of Evil that Corrupts Land
Swampqueen Hagatha 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Clawed Weapons
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Card-Carrying Villain, Marathon Boss, Wicked Witch, True Final Boss, Big Bad, Lady Looks Like a Dude
  • Domains: Corruption, Evil, Witches, Woods, Monsters, Magic
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Genn Greymane, Darius Crowley, Kalecgos, The Hunter, The Monster Hunters, Link, Geralt of Rivia
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thrall, Morgl the Oracle
  • Respects: Hanzo Shimada
  • Hagatha the Witch is a mysterious individual who cursed the woods of Blackwald, awakening all the nature spirits and creatures that resided nearby and twisted them into becoming her servants. Whatever drove her to do that is unknown, there are many stories that claim that she is a survivor of a fierce battle, a manifestation of the forest wrath or even an skilled shaman whose powers corrupted her into the being she became. Needless to say, the woods she cursed became a dangerous places and the nearby city of Gilneas would not stand for that. King Genn Greymane, no stranger to curses, riled up a group of unlikely adventurers and set off to find the Wicked Witch and slay her and her monsters. Thanks to the efforts of Princess Tess Greymane, Commander Darius Crowley, Houndmaster Shaw and the Time-tinker Toki, Hagatha's evil was vanquished and the woods healed. But that wasn't the end of Hagatha as her essence would soon corrupt a different realm.
  • The House of Villains wasn't strange to evil but the sudden appearance of a seemingly lifeless forest confused some nearby deities. There emerged Hagatha, seeking revenge against those who slayed her and thanks to her magical prowess she managed to find a temple to reside in the pantheon. He learned that King Greymane had a temple as well and she plans to make him pay for what he did.
  • Hagatha is proud of many of her evil qualities. She is a curse bringer, a corrupter of beings and land, mother and creator of horrible monsters but the most evil thing she is proud of is being a Hanzo Main. The man himself, Hanzo Shimada, feels conflicted by the way an evil witch respects him but he is already used with the connotation he was given to his followers.
  • It was said that Hagatha's title was once held by the Eldrazi, Eldritch Monsters no different from the Old Gods from her universe, but she managed to pull some strings and force the Court to give her the title she desired. As a result, her temple is a recreation of the cursed forest of Blackwald, complete with all the monsters that aided her like undead, spirits, reanimated trees and the Gnomenapper.
  • Powerful shamans from the Tavern can summon her, but Hagatha has proven powerful enough to overtake whoever casts her and become a hero like any other. It would suggest that before the Witchwood she was a powerful Shaman, but her dark magic is not tied with neither demons nor warlocks. Thrall and Morgl can work with her to some capacity but they have expressed some disdain for Hagatha considering what she represents.
  • Might be the reason behind the ascension of Vincent Godfrey. The undead noble once struck a deal with Hagatha to get rid of Darius Crowley, but he ultimately failed. At least both have a common enemy in the residents of Gilneas and at least Hagatha knows that Godfrey would prefer destroying them than trying to backstab her. At least for now.
  • Looks like Gul'dan's mother on a bad day, enough so that many at first assumed she was a male orc. Anyone who dared to say this to her face usually gets turned into a frog.
  • Hagatha is, well, a Hag and she heard that was another evil witch by the same name who was interested in her evil. The Hag had also a hand in corrupting the land that she inhabited and got slain by adventurers. Hagatha even suggested to her to form an alliance, the Hag agreeing to the orc's proposal.
  • Gets along with the Wicked Witch of the West, no points for guessing why. Even then, she finds her a tad bit too whimsical and incompetent for her taste but they share the same desire to spread evil so at least Hagatha can tolerate her just for that.
  • It seemed that the wicked Crimson Court found Hagatha interesting and its members sought to find her in hopes of bringing her to their side. For that, they first approached Godfrey seeing as he was a nobleman that would align with his interests and through him came Hagatha. The Witch is surprised at the amount of evil the Countess' blood has spread and she feels that combined with her magic, it could cause catastrophic results.
    • Ganondorf also took notice of the Witches evil, as he also had a similar effect in the land of Hyrule. The two formed a convenient partnership that would benefit both but that also mobilized Link into trying to neutralize Hagatha's curse in her own temple. She considers him a thorn in her side and would rather get rid of him as soon as possible
  • Of course, she is not a big fan of Hunters, since they were the ones that slayed her. The Hunter is the one that has gone after her the most, since their experience with the eldritch have made the Hunt through the Witchwood a breeze, but they still found a lot of unexpected foes on the way that proved to be strong enough to defeat them.
    • She also dislikes the Monster Hunters a lot, since they are usually hunting in her domain but some unprepared hunters have perished since the monsters Hagatha commands can be very strong and tough.
  • She ultimately managed to survive her encounter with the Gilnean monster hunters and was driven away from the Witchwood. But darker forces did see use for her skills and so Madame Lazule recruited her into the League of E.V.I.L. where she decided to unleash the imprisoned monsters and criminals so they would start ravaging the city and join their cause.
  • "Dark spirits, twist the trees, foul the lakes, and curse this land!"

    King Piccolo 
King Piccolo, God of Spreading Evil (Piccolo Daimaō, Demon King Piccolo, Great Demon King Piccolo, Dark Lord Piccolo, Evil King Piccolo, Lord Piccolo, The Original Piccolo, Piccolo Sr., Piccoro Dai Maku, Devil, King of Demons, 1st Deputy Grand General of the Morningstar Battalion)
Click here to see Old King Piccolo 

    Mannfred von Carstein 
Mannfred von Carstein, Vampire God of Treachery (Mannfred the Acolyte, Ruler of Sylvania, Mortarch of Night, Manlet)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword and Billhook crossed with one another
  • Theme Song: Unholy Power
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil personified
  • Portfolio: Sabotaging and Betraying Everyone to Benefit Himself, Constant Manipulation Schemes, Complete Monster, Seeking to Usurp his Superiors, Is Known for Retreating Repeatedly, Played a Hand in Vlad's Death, which led to Isabella's Suicide, Falsified Politeness, Well-Educated, Necromancer, Resurrecting Undead Corpses to use as an Army, Among the Best Vampire Mages, Evil Sorcerer, Ridiculously Petty, Third Ruler of the Von Carstein Dynasty, The Armor of Templehof, Fighting with a Sword and a Billhook, Overall Worse than his Father, Partly Responsible for Destroying the Warhammer World
  • Domains: Vampires, Manipulation, Treachery, Spite, Betrayal
  • Allies: Count Orlok, The Crimson Court, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Zouken Matou, Ramsay Bolton, Penelope Mouse, Prince Hans, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Captain Phasma
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nagash, Griffith, Dio Brando
  • Rivals: Konrad von Carstein, Starscream
  • Enemies: Literally Nearly Everyone Despises Him, Especially the Denizens of the Warhammer World, with Special Mention going to Vlad von Carstein, Tyrion and Teclis. Other Particulars include Settra the Imperishable, The Belmont and Joestar Families, Buffy Summers, Dracula, Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, Eric Brooks, Larten Crepsley, Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Artix Von Krieger, Usalia, Batman, Link, Anna, Elsa, Lucina, The Heroic Protectors of Family
  • Disregarded By: Darkseid, Melkor, Nekron
  • Respected By: Molag Bal, The Ebon Dragon
  • Opposed By: Meridia
  • Annoyed By: Killian Experience
  • Mannfred von Carstein is one of Sylvania's most feared and powerful vampires. The eldest son of Vlad von Carstein (Not biological, rather "sired" via the Blood Kiss), Mannfred has the highest claim to inheriting the throne from his father. However, arrogance took heed of him as he stole the Carstein ring from Vlad that amplified his immortality, leading to his final defeat in his attack on Altdorf and mother, Isabella, committing suicide due to the grief of losing her husband. Thus, began a series of in-fighting by Vlad's sons, each of whom tried to claim the role as their father's successor, with the battle being between Konrad, Fritz Pieter, Hans and Mannfred himself. Fritz, Pieter and Hans all died whereas Mannfred disappeared elsewhere, leaving Konrad to take up the throne. Mannfred did however, leave behind an associate to play up Konrad's paranoia while he himself decided to devote himself into killing underage virgins in ritual sacrifices alongside his ally Jon Skellan just for the hell of it. Skellan was also the one sent by Mannfred to monitor and cause discomfort on Konrad's mind. Only after Konrad's defeat and death in the Battle of Grim Moor did Mannfred return to Sylvania to claim the Von Carstein throne. He began invasions towards the Empire and despite being killed, he would return via virgin sacrifice, even flaying a witch hunter to announce his presence.
    • Soon after surviving against a joint army between Elves and Dwarves and being presumed dead, Mannfred would come to make an alliance with a revived Nagash during the upcoming advent of the End Times. Due to the sacrifices he committed to bring his master back, including Tyron and Alarielle's daughter, Aliathra, Mannfred became among the High Elves's most hated foes, but were forced to work together to drive back the Forces of Chaos from destroying the world. Mannfred however, had other plans; he betrayed the unified alliance of several races and Nagash himself to work for Archaon and the Chaos Gods before defecting them to his own devices. Ultimately, Mannfred committed his last and greatest act of spite and treachery, killing Balthazar Gelt while the Incarnates were trying to stop a world-destroying rift. The resulting action worsened the rift, depowering the Incarnates, killing Teclis and driving Mannfred insane. Immediately after, Tyrion drove his Sunfang into the treacherous vampire and ignite him from the inside, finally destroying the treacherous beast, but the damage was already done with the world coming to an end soon after.
  • Initially, Mannfred entered the Pantheon not as an ascended deity, but as a herald for Nagash. However, the fact that he had destroyed the very world which Nagash intended to conquer plus allowing the Chaos Gods to claim their victory rendered the Great Necromancer furious beyond all belief, forcing Mannfred into hiding. That is, until he was guided my a mysterious, haunting sound in his mind tempting him to approach a shrine. Said shrine was a transporter to Coldharbour where Mannfred was met by Molag Bal. Intrigued by another vampire whose depravity was without limits and had managed to screw all of his enemies and allies over, Bal decided to bestow Mannfred godhood by title. Satisfied and finally able to somewhat reel against Nagash, Mannfred stepped into the Pantheon, commanding a collection of vampires and other assorted undead into his bidding.
  • One of the most despicable acts Mannfred has committed was not one of violence or even betrayal, if anything it was his honesty. He was genuinely prideful and happy to see that his actions doomed his own world and he has no regrets about it whatsoever. Because of this, everyone in his world has him very high on their shit-list and they have no compunctions about Mannfred getting skewered anytime soon. At this point, most deities, even good-aligned ones, would rather see Vlad execute him and deliver an appropriate death. Knowing how powerful his father is, Mannfred is starting to make preparations.
  • Mannfred and Konrad have a very intense Sibling Rivalry, in fact, one of the most bloody in the Pantheon. Konrad is physically stronger and, with brute force, has more direct control over much of the House of Undead and parts of the House of Insanity whereas Mannfred has some allies from the House of Magic and his use of his falsely polite nature has swoon many unsuspecting comrades. That, Mannfred's talent and mastery in magic is a very clear contrast to Konrad's overwhelming strength.
    • That said, they will join forces if it means fighting against their father Vlad, whose since gone on to not even acknowledge them as his children and instead make other alliances. Unfortunately for both of them, Vlad is stronger than them combined and nearly killed them, the only thing saving them was an interference from Nagash.
  • Finally being ascended in the Pantheon, Mannfred was able to approach Nagash with some confidence, although he was hesitant, given he was just as much a monster as he was. Despite Nagash's very valid reasons for having doubt in him, he decided to allow Mannfred to reclaim his position and title as "Mortarch of Night". However, this also meant that he was closer to Konrad than he wanted to. Still, at least he's back to a position of notable power and Mannfred isn't annoyed about being with his brother than Konrad is.
  • Thanks to his ascension, Manfredd managed to bring Castle Drakenhof into the Pantheon and provide a residential and military base for his servants and soldiers for the future battles to come. Funnily enough, Castle Drakenhof is located in the House of Betrayal, which Mannfred found awkward as he wanted it to be at the House of Undead instead. Still, he has a personal headquarters at least.
    • The castle did bring about the attention of Nekron, who transported Mannfred into Planet Ryut to discuss a potential position in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. Mannfred agreed, but only because he doesn't have much places to go to because of his severely unpopular reception.
      • Unfortunately for Mannfred, Nekron also couldn't care less about him. This is a sentiment he shares with Nagash. That said, the two of them have decided to keep Mannfred around because with a notable backstabbing betrayer at their side, Nekron and Nagash use use this to sharpen their wits and minds and maintain focus on their allies and soldiers just as much as they do towards their enemies.
  • Amusingly, Darkseid and Melkor have nothing good to say about Mannfred. Darkseid thinks he's too pathetic to consider even working for the Harbingers of Repression given his general failure to battle against the Empire, High Elves and Dwarves and Melkor would much rather have Dracula as his representing vampire for the Grand United Alliance of Evil (which he already does, despite Dracula's position in the GUAD). He is however, seen very positively by Bal and the Ebon Dragon, both of whom are very complimentary of Mannfred's actions.
  • Made a scheme to further drive Madoka into despair just to have fun. He was stopped by Homura, forcing Mannfred to flee rather than face off against a pissed-off Magical Girl, a fact that caused Konrad to make fun out of him for some time. However, like Konrad, Mannfred hates Homura mainly because she has a pretty decent partnership with Vlad, which both brothers take very poorly. He's still devoting his time to drive Madoka mad, knowing that doing this to the Pantheon's most well-known Hope Bringer would incite panic among heroes. Madoka conversely hates Mannfred, a rare feeling for a character like her.
  • Mannfred himself has a difficult working relationship with most villainous vampires. Dio Brando is interested in having him, though he's being careful of when Mannfred would backstab him, plus Mannfred being a GUAD member means Dio can get intel from an opposite organization which could benefit him. The Crimson Court and Count Orlok are in much better working relations though as Mannfred can plan out strategies for them to take action on. Thanks to this, death rates in the House of Undead has risen considerably, a fact that the Court of the Gods aren't happy about.
    • Dracula hates him though. He genuinely thinks Mannfred is pathetic and while his mind and magical ability is superb, he wastes it all on simply trying to backstab people and look out for himself. To him, Mannfred is less a monarch leader and more an aimless wanderer who keeps backstabbing because it's a chronic activity.
  • Like Konrad, Mannfred is opposed by Lucina and Link, though he's more concerned about the Belmont and Joestar Families. Unlike Konrad, Mannfred does take the time to do some research about culture and magic and has become wary of the Vampire Killer whip, and by extension, Simon Belmont. He's also very cautious about Jotaro Kujo due to his stand abilities via Star Platinum.
  • Despite his feared and cunning reputation, Mannfred does share Vlad's hobby of reading and learning. That what he did when he left Sylvania in the wake of Konrad's reign to go to Nehekhara so that he could refine and make himself stronger through magic. Thanks to this, he can come off as being very cultured and polite.
    • For all their differences, Mannfred and Konrad do have one thing in common: Hedonism. In spite of his reading habits, Mannfred was not above killing underage virgins for fun, and immediately picked that habit up again when he entered the Pantheon. Hence, he is permanently banned in the House of Family a fact that just amuses him even more.
  • He is often seen as a source of ridicule thanks to a skit by the Killian Experience. Mannfred finds it embarrassing to see that some guy named Melvin would become the Everchosen despite his ineptitude and accidentally kill Mannfred via feeding him garlic brad, followed by Melvin turned the vampire's undead army against each other by offering them milk. Mannfred has since made it clear that any mention towards Killian will result in execution, with many starting to see that Mannfred may be more like Konrad than he admits to think.
  • Mannfred is openly despised and condemned by Meridia simply for being a vampire. However, Meridia makes a special case for him and Konrad due to being completely devoid of any redeeming qualities. Mannfred however finds the threat to be ineffectual and proudly admits that he's going to continue on with what he wants to do. He's lucky that he has Molag Bal as an ally at this point, given how Meridia outright hates Bal.
The dark is my realm! The grave, my throne!

"A New Power Is Rising!"

Saruman, God of Industrialized Evil (Saruman the White, Saruman of Many Colours, The White Wizard, Curunír, Curumo (his birth name), Saruman the Wise, Lord of Isengard, Head of the White Council, "The Boss", Sharkey, Sharku)
  • Intermediate God (currently), Greater God (before being stripped of his power), Quasideity (after being stripped of his power), but has Greater God authority
  • Symbol: The Hand of Saruman, alternatively his tower, Isengard
  • Theme Song: "Isengard Unleashed"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, initially Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good Who Turned Evil, Dragon with an Agenda to Sauron, Competent, But Outclassed By His Master Who He Wishes To Overthrow, Destroyed Much of the Fangorn Forest To Create Uruk-Hai, Dreams Of A One-Man Industrial Revolution, Evil Counterpart to Gandalf, Corrupted Wizard, Boasts He Transcends Morality, Skilled Deceiver, Has A Compelling Voice, Stabbed to Death/Throat Slit by Wormtongue and Gets Impaled On A Wheel (in the movie only)
  • Domains: Betrayal Creation, Industry, Wizards, Impurity, Greed, Corruption, Power
  • Superior: J. R .R. Tolkien
  • Avatar: Sir Christopher Lee
  • Heralds: His army of Uruk-hai (especially Lurtz and Uglúk), marked with the Hand of Saruman
  • Direct Pantheonic Superior: Sauron, though he has also chosen to work under Emperor Palpatine
  • Top Pantheonic Superior note : Darkseid
  • Allies: The Witch-King of Angmar, Shelob (somewhat), Hexxus, Lord Voldemort, Gul'dan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Mr. Burns, Mannfred von Carstein, Jadis the White Witch, Starscream
  • Enemies:
  • Villainous Foil To: Shadow Weaver
  • Opposed By: Eru Ilúvatar, Malekith, Hogwarts Students and Staff Faculty, Hall of Angels
  • On Speaking Terms With: Satan (Paradise Lost)
  • Respects: Grimgor Ironhide, Warboss Ghazghkull, Waffin Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites
  • Wary of: Melkor, Shang Tsung
  • In Middle-Earth, good and evil are very easy to spot. Some people's hearts are pure and white, while others are rotten and black. Then there are times when the heart is divided, disloyal to both sides, working entirely for itself. Grey. Saruman is an individual with such a heart, and now the Wizard of Many Colours has made his triumphant entry into the Pantheon.
    • Initially a respected Maia, Saruman soon became corrupted by the temptations of the Palantir, despite his steady determination to oppose and defeat Sauron. Unfortunately, desire overtook and contaminated Saruman's psyche and he began to turn against everything he fought for and stood with, especially his dear friend, Gandalf. In time, Saruman set up his base of operations in the Black Tower of Isengard, where using the Palantir to communicate with Sauron, he created an army of Orcs and engineered a new breed, the Uruk-Hai, to bolster the forces of the Dark Lord of Mordor whilst he would go on to uproot and destroy nearby forests, especially that of Fangorn to industrialize his army and resources.
  • Saruman ascended into the Pantheon... after being cut off from life in the most embarrassing fashion a powerful user of magic could get. Sources vary, but consistently, he was killed by Veins Wormtongue after the White Wizard's abusive nature finally pushed Grima's breaking point. Some sources claim that he suddenly had his throat slit whereas in other archives based on the events of Middle-earth, he was stabbed in the back and then fell from the top of Isengard, all the way, to be impaled by a spiked wheel and then drowned in waternote . Regardless, the White Wizard was in fumes as all his efforts amounted to nothing and are now plotting to get back in retaliation for his defeat. Though that said, because of his very character, he's now got more troubles than just "oppose the heroes and take over the world".
  • Saruman is infamous in his realms for simply not having any allegiance or loyalty to anybody but himself, as can be attested to his claims of referring to himself as "Saruman of Many Colors" and mentally admitting that working with Sauron, despite his affirmation to "rule this Middle-earth" was only a means to an end; he was plotting to seize the opportunity to take the ring for himself and overcome the Dark Lord himself so that Saruman himself could assert ultimate control. His treacherous nature towards both, good and evil alike, has more or less rendered the White Wizard extremely unpopular in the Pantheon, and ever since then, things haven't really been looking up to him. The only positive thing about him, according to others, is that he does possess incredible power and wisdom, despite the latter being contaminated by the Palantir and turning to the dark forces of Mordor. That said, and to his pleasant surprise, Saruman has managed to find a few collaborators to get along with.
  • Sometime after his ascension, Saruman quickly got back into being in service with Sauron and becoming a leading figure in the Harbingers of Repression. However, in a twist, with Sauron now having possession of the One Ring once again, the White Wizard felt inferior and annoyed that he doesn't have a chance to match up against the very being that he wanted to usurp. Even more insultingly, Sauron was now someone who was serving a much higher being; Darkseid. Upon learning of the Lord of Tyranny, Saruman felt intimidated by the stories and might of Darkseid and was tempted to find a way to bolster his own strength and resources just so he doesn't feel as if he's a liability. Darkseid personally sees Saruman as Sauron's "tool"; someone who could be of use... temporarily, a statement that didn't sit well in the White Wizard's mind.
    • Despite being bound to Sauron's services, Saruman has oftentimes, taken to aid Emperor Palpatine, given that the Sith Lord sees a lot of promise in the White Wizard and seeks to bring out his full potential. When Sauron found about about this, he... lectured Saruman about Palpatine's story and how he manipulated everyone, from friends and allies to weasel his way to become the Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Having been in the same alliance as the Sith Lord, Sauron knows well enough. That's not to say the Dark Lord was absolutely furious to learn of what Saruman was doing, but he realized that keeping the White Wizard would be practical in the long run. Ever since then, Saruman has been more discreet about working with Palpatine, though he does ask more from Sauron anyway. The White Wizard often thinks about what can he do to not incur the wrath of either two Dark Lords, let alone inviting Darkseid to his list of problems.
  • Saruman is not just a powerful wizard, he is a Maia, a celestial being that has taken the form of a humanoid wizard to help in overwatching and protecting Middle-earth, although by during this, his full power is suppressed. Unfortunately, with bow things turned out with him during the war of the ring, Saruman is now seen as pitiful to his race by some, a disgrace by others. The Hall of Angels have No Sympathy for the White Wizard either; by this point, they're already accustomed enough to see The Devil in various forms go down to hell and relinquish his title of being the greatest of angels to the most representing symbol of malice and depravity.
    • Speaking of The Devil, Saruman expressed curiosity for one iteration and sought him out. The two met with the White Wizard asking questions of how he came to rebel against God and how was he able to generate a positive reception in Hell. Satan simply stated that he be genuine about his goals and find ways to motivate and inspire his followers. Though these were advice that Saruman had already known, it still impressed Satan enough to see the White Wizard as one of promise, though as he was still rutting about what alliance to take, there wasn't a definitive answer regarding an alliance. Still, Saruman does maintain good relations with Satan from time to time.
  • While Saruman is a notable traitor, he himself was killed by another traitor, and this was after Saruman continuously treated him like trash, even when the two of them were cornered in Isengard. Obviously, he didn't bother with bringing Grima along as a herald, but to his utmost surprise, Saruman found himself working along with numerous traitors in the Pantheon, and barely any of them were respected in any sense. Two figures stood out; Mannfred von Carstein and Starscream, both of whom have attempted to usurp and prove their superiority towards their masters with varying results that, oftentimes, have made a situation worse for both heroes and villains alike. Mannfred is the most contentious; he betrayed everyone, which resulted in the destruction of his world, and upon returning to the Pantheon, felt no shame about it. Starscream can sometimes be successful or incompetent but remains a credible threat to the Autobots. Saruman thinks that Mannfred and Starscream can be worked with, but given that both are infamous for a certain reason, he often tries to look after himself to see if they're planning something behind his back. Furthering this, Mannfred and Starscream are planning to betray Saruman at some point, but lucky for him, the White Wizard has been preparing for such an occasion. Time will tell when this is going to happen.
    • While he is not a member of the House of Betrayal Saruman does get a weird feeling that he may belong there more than he does in the House of Villains, plus the former treats the White Wizard as if he's a premier example of betrayal and treachery. A similar thing also applies to Shang Tsung, however, rather than being in a tense and difficult working relationship, Saruman actually becomes warier towards Shang than any other backstabber. Learning that Shang Tsung is a lot more deceitful than he expected and that his betrayal towards everyone he works with, much like Mannfred, was on more successful terms made Saruman wince that he may be too much of a Wild Card than he thought. In fact, the idea that Shang Tsung may have become a God in one possible timeline has made White Wizard somewhat jealous and this has been something that did motivate him to work harder on his goals.
  • He surprisingly found some odd, but rather relatable connections with a being only known as Shadow Weaver. Both were renounced magical beings who turned to malice, though in Weaver's case, it was after dabbling into dark magic in order to combat the Etherian Horde's threat. Despite this, neither get along with one another; Weaver, for all her callousness, still has some affection for Adora and wanted the best for her, whereas Saruman couldn't care less about making meaningful relations, just wanting power above all else. By extension, Saruman also became enemies with Hordak and Entrapa; while both were initially members of the Horde and dabbled into evil industrialization, they've since become good and have tried to do better ever since, seeing Saruman as an example of what if Hordak never changed his ways and became too ambitious for his own good.
  • He has one of the most famous real-life avatars of all time, so it felt natural that Saruman would stumble across those that shared the same avatar as he did. Not all of them, however, had a positive thought about the White Wizard, one of whom was Count Dooku, a former Sith Lord, and Apprentice who initially worked for the Grand United Alliance of Evil before defecting after realizing just how much his personal motives clashed too much against his former alliance's ultimate goals, in addition to seeing tyrants as a dire threat as Dooku was a staunch political idealist before his fall to the Dark Side. The fact that Saruman ended up betraying his principles and becoming no less an Evil Overlord just as much as the beings he used to oppose wasn't helping matters either. Saruman shot back, stating that Dooku isn't in any position when he also betrayed what he fought for, only for the latter to respond by stating that he was at least motivated by something genuine and he realized the error of his ways, whereas the latter refused to see what he did wrong and remain unrepentant until the end. As a result, Saruman and Dooku have remained bitter enemies ever since, constantly battling one another over their ideals.
  • Saruman became enemies with a lot of beings with a strong association with magic as they personally see the White Wizard as a craven and pathetic wretch who sought to pervert his own morality for the sake of more power and they are not afraid to verbally beat Saruman by stating that he is but a fiddle to Sauron's grand scheme of things. Albus Dumbledore, a master wizard and headmaster of Hogwarts, personally pities Saruman for how his circumstances were ultimately for naught, though he clearly doesn't like those sentiments, feeling it further underwhelms his position and reputation. On the other hand, Ursula Callistis, despite her forgiving nature, is rather cautious and careful about him. While she personally wishes to try to talk sense and even redeem Saruman, she's aware that it may not work and that she has to be on the defensive in case she confronts Saruman. Akko and Diana, however, have No Sympathy and see Saruman more contemptuously than their idol, given that Saruman has threatened Ursula that he will come after the two of them if she cares to oppose him.
    • Obviously enough, neither Gandalf nor the other members of the Fellowship were pleased to see the White Wizard return, and the fact that Saruman wanted revenge was something they thought was expected. Despite their broken friendship with one another, Gandalf does lament the old times he had with Saruman and sincerely does want him to return to the side of good, even though he knows that this is likely to never happen. Saruman, of course, would rather spite and try to kill Gandalf than make any attempt in rekindling old relations.
  • Aside from being a traitor to the Maia and for his ambition causing him to want to usurp his new masters, Saruman is best known for attempting to break down and destroy the Fangorn Forest in an attempt to create a breeding ground for new, mutated orcs and Uruk-Hai, which he felt could turn the tide of the War of the Ring to his favor. Obviously an act of evil, this was seen as unforgivable by the Grand United Alliance of Nature, with Gaea expressing utmost rage over the callousness of the White Wizard going out to demolish nature for his selfish needs. Needless to say, Saruman has become the most hated enemy of the GUAN from his realms. The White Wizard, having learned of Gaea's might seeks to improve and increase his power and resources, but for now, tends to avoid conflict against the GUAN.
    • Speaking of the GUAN, Treebeard, leader of the Ents, is a renowned member and actually told Gaea about the White Wizard's foulness and wicked actions before he ascended into the Pantheon, a fact which ticked Saruman off as he realized that his late arrival meant that others were anticipating his arrival. The additional fact that those dedicated or obsessed with nature, such as Poison Ivy, Viridi, and Armadon are bent on finding and beating the hell out of the White Wizard only added to him becoming further alarmed by new enemies and finding a justification for genuine allies, which he really didn't have much in.
    • That said, there was someone who actually ended up applauding Saruman for the destruction he caused to the Fangorn Forest. Initially, Saruman didn't know what to think of Hexxus, but after learning that his sole intent was to pollute the environment for his own amusement, Saruman realized that he may have found a potential comrade to get along with and bargained him a deal, where Hexxus can go along in destroying fields of greenery, so long as they served a purpose of creating industrial grounds for Saruman to use and for Hexxus's noxious gas affinity to be used as a sort of defensive barrier. Hexxus agreed to the deal and since then, the White Wizard has seen him as one of his most valuable assets to put his faith in. This may have further angered the GUAN, but Saruman feels content in that he's got someone worthy enough to work with.
  • On the subject of industrialization, Saruman's time in the Pantheon has taught him about other kinds of that terminology and several differents ones from other worlds, such as the Industrial Revolution. While they weren't exactly the kind of "industrialization" that he was aiming for, the White Wizard did develop some interest in the kinds of devices, products, and travel craft that was developed and thought that with this sort, he can create a whole slew of weapons never seen before in Middle-earth. His beliefs were affirmed once Saruman learned of the Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elite, military personnel and soldiers whose equipment and weaponry were the result of mass industrialization, and sought to work with their superiors to Take Over the World. While their alliance was not really possible, as Nazi forces tend to be more favored by the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Saruman took notes and is making plans to expand and add new ways to his "industrialization" efforts.
  • Is strongly affiliated with Orcs and, in turn, the race sometimes sees the White Wizard in high regard, as he created the Uruk-hai and, had he been successful, would have continued to create more and more Orcs that would have proven to be incredibly powerful and effective forces of infantry and fear. Saruman saw two orcs, in particular, Grimgor Ironhide, and Warboss Ghazghkull, as the ultimate examples of the orcs that he seeks to create and, as a result, holds a deep admiration for the two, given that they've proven time and again to be some of the greatest warriors in their realms, to the point where Saruman's new Pantheonic industrialization is dedicated to creating an Orc that may rival Grimgor and Ghazghkull. That said, not all Orcs appreciate Saruman, as Thrall and Rexxar demonstrate; the former wants to preach and promote that Orcs are capable of being good and civilized towards other races and the latter, being a renowned caretaker of beasts, does not like Saruman's actions towards Fangorn Forest. Saruman is baffled to see how an Orc can display non-primal and civil traits and behavior, let alone working for the Forces of Good as, in his view, Orcs are supposed to be inherently evil and wants to assert this by killing Thrall and Rexxar. He's since sides with Gul'dan, another evil Orc and a traitor to his own kind in regards to dealing with a mutual threat. That, and the two have gotten rather fond of one another's feats and skills.
"You Withdraw Your Guard And I Will Tell You Where Your Doom Will Be Decided."

SCP-993, God of Corrupting Children (Bobble the Clown)
Still image from "Bobble's Kitchen Surprise"
  • Intermediate God (Safe by SCP Standards)
  • Symbol: A still image of his show
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: VERY Depraved Kids' Show Host, Corruption And Harmful to Minors, Monster Clown, Kids Show That Deserve Higher Than An R-Rating, Self-Aware TV Shows, Eldritch Abomination
  • Domains: Clowns, Corruption, Depravity, TV, Madness, Children (Abused)
  • Allies: Pennywise, the Joker, Johan Liebert, Asdrubael Vect, Gleeman Vox, Grimm, Cletus Kasady, SCP-682
  • Interested in: Evil children like Eric Cartman, Mandy, Hansel and Gretel. Also Arya Stark
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Fred Rogers, Uncle Howee, Mr Slave, Iroque, Agent K and Agent J, Emmet Brickowski, Barney the Dinosaur, Toriel, The Powerpuff Girls
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Childhood and Adolescence and anyone protective to kids, good members of the House of Craft
  • SCP-993 seems, at first glance, rather strange to be locked up in the SCP Foundation. It seems to be an educational TV show, run by Bobble the Clown. However not only is the TV show sentient (and allegedly existed as far back as cave paintings), but a deeply malicious Eldritch Abomination who guides children under ten on how to peform depraved acts. Cannibalism, murder, torture and [DATA EXPUNGED], it seeks to corrupt kids and was rightfully contained in the SCP Foundation. At least until the GUAE Corruption Agents decided to break it out.
  • Gods under 10 are forbidden to watch Bobble the Clown. Everyone else who is over 10 gets knocked out as the program starts. The gruesome activities kids see in the show will be ingrained in their mind. Repeated exposure can result in permanent psychotic and schizophrenic symptoms. Any broadcasts of SCP-993 are to be intercepted and recorded for future use, and anyone under 10 who watches must be dosed with a Class A amnesiac after giving a description. With his ascension into the Trope Pantheon, he has been denied any access to the House of Childhood and Adolescence, Technology or Theatre and Spectacle.
  • He is one of the very few beings to earn Fred Roger's outright hatred. As Mr Rogers is in charge of a children's show to help them out while SCP-993 wants to turn kids into psychopaths, It's Personal for him. Given his reputation, the clown would rather not get close to him. For similar reasons the normally peaceful Barney the Dinosaur is revolted by him. Uncle Howee has some particularly sadistic payback to get back at the monster.
  • Asides from performers, anyone who values kids hates his guts. Mr. Slave has a soft spot and wishes to shove him up his ass, while Toriel doesn't want his hands on any kid. Emmet Brickowski opposes his depraved crafts, and the Powerpuff Girls see him as a major villain to deal with. He's tried to control the last ones, but as they're Made of Good it hasn't gotten anywhere.
  • Was rather amused by watching Gleeman Vox. While his tastes are somewhat different, he's fine helping his show spread to all ages. Grimm is working with him in order to better despoil children's work. New episodes of Bobble the Clown have had Asdrubael Vect and the Dark Eldar join in so as to make the show even more corruptive.
  • Indigo-1 and the Indigo Tribe considers eliminating him a top priority. While they brainwash or use More Than Mind Control to redeem psychopaths, SCP-993 creates them. Bobble has sent out episodes on how to overcome them, as they're ruining his work, though it's unclear what that work would lead to other than his entertainment. According to some he may be the Horseman War, with the other three being SCP-237-7, SCP-027 and SCP-053.
  • Rather frustrated by his containment, and wants to get out. In the episode "[EXPLETIVE] YOU, [EXPLETIVE] YOU, [EXPLETIVE] YOU", Bobble the Clown angrily gives instructions on breaching containment for various SCPs and how to kill personnel there. Once he got in the Trope Pantheon, he's tried to break in the Otherness sub-house and find gods there to get at the Foundation. Also leering at the things in Maximum Security. He wants to eliminate the Men in Black as well, seeing them as similar to the Foundation.
  • Despite being barred from the House of Childhood and Adolescence, this still hasn't stopped him being interested in the children of the Trope Pantheon. He likes the malice that Eric Cartman and Mandy have embraced, initially believing that they were influenced by him. This isn't the case, and he's all the more amused by their natural cruelty. Considers Hansel and Gretel to be impressive, and was amazed by what Johan Liebert has accomplished.
  • Has shown some interest in Arya Stark, admiring her vengeance. More accurately, he hopes to pervert and mold it so that she commits atrocities worse than the likes of Ramsay Bolton. Thankfully it hasn't gone anywhere yet since she's not listening to him.
  • Seems to get along with Pennywise, to most gods' terror. They are inhumanly cruel things who have lurked around since time immemorial, and take the form of clowns. While there's an annoyance when it comes to dinner, it doesn't hinder their Villainous Friendship. He likes the brutality that Carnage inflicts, and fellow Monster Clown the Joker is amusing to him.
  • Believes that he gets a bad wrap, and has made his fans make a trope page for him to be honest. It's Blatant Lies.

Lesser Gods

    The Black Queen of Sogo 
The Black Queen of Sogo, Goddess of Villains Who Protect Heroes from Harm and Untoward Attentions (The Great Tyrant, Little One-Eyed Wench, Your/Her Majesty, Slupe)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her horn
  • Theme Song: "Hello Pretty Pretty" and "The Black Queen's Beads"note 
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Saving Barbarella, lusting after her, "have sex with me or the angel gets it" (paraphrased), the raving mad queen of an evil people, swinging both ways, going undercover among the plebe, unimportant villain in the grand scheme of things, escaping punishment while being unrepentantly evil, The Hedonist, wields knives, Proud Beauty, wearing eye patches during badass moments, accidental savior of the universe, asshole aliens that are indistinguishable from humans, the dark to Barbarella's light.
  • Domains: Lust, Pleasure, Royalty, Evil, Madness, Aliens, Protection
  • Allies: Lezard Valeth, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Jareth, Caligula, Discord, Aerys II Targaryen, Gilgamesh, Gaston, Rexie
  • Enemies: Durand Durand, many good-aligned members from the House of Royalty, Cersei Lannister, all the Baratheons, Hans Westergard, Scar, YHVH, Katsuragi
  • Protectorate: Barbarella
  • Despised by: Melkor, villains in general
  • Likes: Cosmos
  • Good Counterpart: Malcolm Reynolds
  • Rivals: The Evil Queen, The Queen of Hearts
  • Scares: Miyuki-chan
  • The Black Queen ruled over the city of Sogo in the planet Lythion of the Tau Ceti system, a place where doing evil was law and a new perversion was invented every day. Despite widespread perception of her as a depraved tyrant, she ascended for saving Barbarella's life twice (albeit not with pure intentions; she's Chaotic Evil, not a charity), and the entire universe (by accident).
  • Is not actually a queen anymore, since she totalled the city-state she used to rule in order to get revenge on the man who usurped her. Still gets called Black Queen by most as few people are privy to her actual name.
  • The big reason the Black Queen is in the Pantheon is so Barbarella can have someone to defend her on a regular basis. Cosmos knows Barbarella needs the protection. As far as the Queen is concerned, this is a great chance to convince Barbarella to... reward her. Barbarella is not the least bit interested in thanking her in that specific manner, though she has done favors of another nature for her, like getting her her own Tongue Box so the alien queen can communicate with the other deities.
    • Her taste for the dramatic actually led to her not revealing her presence in the Pantheon to Barbarella until she was needed (which, given that it's Barbarella we're talking about, didn't take long at all).
  • She isn't only capable of protecting Barbarella; others can pray for her to come to their aid in case they run into trouble, though it's something of a Luck-Based Mission given her responses depend on her mood. Maybe she'll stab you right there. Maybe she won't come even if you spend hours praying. Oh, and she also expects to be rewarded for every rescue.
  • Her temple at the House of Evil Actions looks like her throne room, only a lot smaller because Melkor doesn't want to waste too much space on a villain who ascended for saving her respective heroine. The one in the House of Tainted Love resembles the Chamber of Dreams, only there's no invisible wall separating it from the outside world. She practically only lives in the latter because the less Melkor sees of her, the better. As it turns out, the deities at Tainted Love are a lot more understanding of her activities than the ones at Evil Actions.
  • Because she was usurped in her world, she really hates any usurpers in the Pantheon. She's not so great at anticipating them, though.
    • Related to this, she's a Targaryen supporter and wants Daenerys to take the Iron Throne back, but close to no Targaryens want anything to do with her because her way of ruling is similar to that of their crazier members. The big exception is the Mad King Aerys II, who thinks she's a kindred spirit and has requested that she protect Daenerys once in a while too.
    • And now Durand Durand, the one who usurped her, has ascended. She was quite enraged at the news and wanted to just march into his temple and stab him multiple times. Barbarella, ever the pacifist and hoping Durand Durand can be reasoned with, begged her not to do it. Her Majesty thinks Barbarella is simply naive, but she's decided to stick to her job of protecting her from him.
  • Her title makes her rather unpopular among her fellow villains, especially the more hardline ones such as Maleficent. Ironically, various Japanese deities have noticed that she sounds an awful lot like Maleficent anyway. They take care not to actually mention this to Maleficent though.
  • Is surprisingly fond of Cosmos. It's likely because the power of sheer goodness saved her from being digested by an evil lava lamp blob monster. Also has something to do with the fact that Melkor really doesn't like her while Cosmos is cautiously appreciative of what she does in the Pantheon. But above all:
    Black Queen: Cosmos is very pretty-pretty, too.
  • Gilgamesh was rather impressed when he heard about how she effectively used the godlike Mathmos as a nuke to make the usurper of her throne pay. He's of the opinion that someone who places herself in command of a deity so brazenly is worthy of his aid.
  • She, Lezard and Jareth relate to each other a lot because they all have amorous feelings for their respective nemeses. Jareth is also interested in the fact that the city of Sogo was surrounded by a labyrinth and wants to learn all about how it functioned.
  • Miyuki-chan once accidentaly dropped into her temple through a rabbit hole and was scared out of her mind at running into one of the people who once harrassed her in her dreams. She has avoided the temple ever since and prays that a rabbit hole won't transport her there again. Her Majesty doesn't really get it, but is happy to see that someone respects her as a villain. She insists she has never used whips in her life though.
  • YHVH considers her an irregularity that should have been wiped out with the rest of her people given that they existed outside the One World Order spanning several galaxies of Barbarella's universe.
  • As the Goddess of Villainous Rescue she's the dark counterpart to the God of the same-thing-except-heroic Big Damn Heroes, Malcolm Reynolds. Needless to say, they don't get along, though they're less enemies and more like co-workers who hate each other. Malcolm is not allowed to save Barbarella, by the way. But neither is anyone else.
  • Sometimes gets grief from the Evil Queen and the Queen of Hearts because they all have similar names to each other and it's starting to confuse the other deities.
  • Often hangs out with Discord. She finds his chaotic antics extremely entertaining. Although she sometimes feels jealous that he managed to form such a good friendship with Fluttershy when her own relationship with Barbarella is still tense at best. This occasionally leads to Discord plotting out ways for her and Barbarella to become closer.
  • Katsuragi once offered her advice: "We Earth girls use skinship to deepen our bonds. Why don't you try it with Barbarella?" No points for guessing how that ended. The Black Queen has sworn revenge on Katsuragi for it. Katsuragi is surprised it failed and thinks the Queen messed it up somehow.
  • Is close with Caligula since they're both insane rulers with some very peculiar behaviors (he's also reputedly one of her inspirations). She also looked into becoming allies with the similarly infamous Nero, but was disappointed that she doesn't live up to her reputation.
  • As unlikely as it seems, she found a lot of common ground with Gaston since they're both very egocentric and believe they deserve their love (well, in the Black Queen's case, it's lust) interests' affection. And she, too, uses anteaters in all of her decorating.
  • Stricly Just Friends with Frank-N-Furter, because despite having a lot in common with him (being aliens with lustful, hedonistic natures), she has wisened up to his jealous streak and doesn't want him to target Barbarella. Her choices in allies are already limited enough as it is.
  • Has an affinity for the Tyrannosaurus Rex since they're both tyrannical queens who had their rule challenged by upstarts and saved the day in an epic (if unintentional) fashion.

Davros, God of Destroying Your Own Kind (Dark Lord of Skaro, Imperial Dalek Emperor, Lord and Creator of the Dalek Race, The Great Healer, Dr Vaso)
Click here to see him as a child 
Click here for  his stint as Imperial Dalek Emperor

    Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin 
Wilson Grant Fisk, God of Villainous Workouts (The Kingpin, The Brain Washer, Harold Howard, Wilbur, "Fatty", Stay Puft)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white suit and cane
  • Theme Song: "Wilson Fisk"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domain: Law, Evil, Nobility, Strength, Protection
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic Don of Marvel's New York City, Badass Normal, Bald of Evil, master of Kevlard, Pragmatic Villainy, Often has Good Publicity, Rogues Gallery Transplant from Spiderman, Manipulative Bastard, Genius Bruiser, Stout Strength, ultimately a Necessary Evil
  • Underling: Lester/Bullseye
  • Allies: The House of Crime in general, especially the 3rd Street Saints Leader, Vito Corleone and Walter White (at times), Lex Luthor, Chrollo Lucifer, Mammoth Mogul, Funny Valentine
  • Rivals: Omar Little
  • Enemies: The Houses of Heroes and Justice, especially Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Captain America, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and Phoenix Wright, Agent J and Agent K, Jacket
  • Special Relationship: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Not to be Confused With: Balrog
  • Despite the various number of gangs in the Pantheon, they have usually managed to keep quiet from any overly violent rampages. That all changed when Trevor Philips killed one of Michael Corleone's enforcers. Many of his followers demanded retribution over his objections, causing one of the most devastating mob wars in recent memory. Superheroes and law enforcement alike were overwhelm over protecting those in the crossfire. Oddly enough, it was Melkor that brought forth a solution; he ascended mediator Wilson Fisk and brought him into his ranks. He managed to quell down tensions within two days. The Court of the Gods were forced to let the ascension stand over Cosmos' objection. Like it or not, the Kingpin was here to stay.
    • Daredevil was among the most who was adamant that Fisk stays out of the Pantheon. No one here has caused as much misery as that man. Kingpin set to work almost immediately, launching a propaganda campaign to discredit the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.
    • It didn't take long until Bullseye returned to the fold as Fisk's enforcer. Now back with his original boss, Bullseye now has ample resources to wreck havoc on his targets as well as heroes in general.
  • He may look like an slow obese crime lord, but many in the House of Heroes have warned that all is not as it seems. His cunning belies an immense strength that can take out many heroes in a single blow. That and the fact that his size can absorb multiple blows makes him a debilitating for street-level heroes.
  • Lawyers such as Phoenix Wright tried to tackle the man with the law. Unfortunately, the Kingpin has a formidable lineup of lawyers led by Manfred von Karma to prevent his arrest. This is one villain that will be difficult to defeat at either side of the law.
  • Captain America himself was quick to reiterate how dangerous the man is, being close to defeat at his hands at one time.
  • Believe it or not, he was originally a Spider-Man villain before moving over to Daredevil's domain. While some think that may be due to not wanting to deal with a superpowered being, Spider-Man insisted that fact hasn't fazed the Kingpin one bit.
  • The Kingpin has long been Frank Castle's public enemy number one and has tried multiple times to kill the man. His entrance into the Pantheon now means he can make a direct effort against the man. Fisk merely reminded him on how difficult the matchup is, beating Castle to a pulp every time the two faced.
  • Has also fought back against assassination attempts from Jacket, a relatively new hitman. The mask wearer has had a similar job and thought he could be as successful.
  • While he has branches in all branches of crime, he feels most at home with the Corleone family. It can be said that Fisk modeled his empire after Vito's crime ring. As per agreement, Fisk has agreed to leave much of the Pantheon's wealth to Vito, leaving him with near full access to his own world. He felt that his own sphere of influence is enough, just as long as the two can maintain order in the Pantheon.
    • He does not enjoy the same relationship with Omar Little. The Karmic Thief has robbed Fisk's crime ring just as he has many others, sometimes leaving a trail of blood in his wake. As Omar has made alliances with the Corleones and has even been hired by them to attack their enemies, Fisk has secretly considered the possibility that the Corleones could be using Omar to attack him while maintaining Plausible Deniability. As such, he is watching developments very carefully to see if he can find any concrete evidence of this theory. Should he do so, (or believe that he has found such evidence) it could lead to profound consequences.
  • Has connections with other criminals in the House of Crime to varying degrees. The more chaotic gang members are the most difficult to control, but even they understand not to mess with operation.
    • An intriguing relationship is between him and the Black Cat. The Classy Cat-Burglar works on some of his operations on occasion, mostly to steal items that were stolen or confiscated from him. He has let her interactions with Spider-Man stand for now, not wanting her to push too far away from him.
    • Walter's drugs has been a godsend for the smuggling business. With that said, Fisk is wary of fully cooperating with the man. Walter has stated to have ulterior motives himself and has a history of defying gang members at times.
  • Not everything is that rosy between him and Melkor. The Kingpin has a history of helping out the heroes in certain situations, especially against bigger threats. That has aligned him with YHVH as well, though he is also in conflict with him due to his criminal aspects. As of right now, he enjoys a rare relationship with both the GUAE and GUAL. It's unlikely he could ever be a major influence in either faction.
  • Doesn't mind being called a fatty version of Lex Luthor. At least this fatty can kick your ass without needing any technology to do so. The two have worked together on multiple occasions.
  • The fact that his avatar also played a dangerous alien bug made it even easier for the Men in Black to put Kingpin under further investigation. There's also the chance that Fisk is doing deals with the alien black market.
    • Said avatar also made the Kingpin the only deity Sgt. Hartman fears, as he reminds him of the soldier who killed him back in the Vietnam War... and makes Fisk avoid Riptor for some reason.
  • His other live action avatar has a resemblence to Balrog, though he has dismissed those comparions due to the notorious film.
  • His relationship with the House of Family is... rather strange. There are some instances where he had an abusive father he had to kill. There also multiple instances where he's had a loving mother as well as a woman named Vanessa he holds dear, proving Even Evil Has Loved Ones. In this instance, he's more likely to work with the good-aligned deities that House.
  • Despite being in a universe dealing with super-powered beings on a daily basis, even Wilson found the idea of stealing abilities through a book rather strange at first. Once he realized how much of an expert thief and crime-lord someone like Chrollo was he found another useful ally for his business. That said the Kingpin makes sure to keep his most prized items locked away to lure the thieving spider along.
  • Already a fierce opposer to his first superhero enemy, Spider-Man, Kingpin has not been amused that an entire so-called Spiderverse is out for him, and nearly all those Spider-People have ascended.


    Brian Irons 
Chief Brian Irons, God of Taking Advantage of the Apocalypse
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His R.P.D. badge
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Asshole Victim, Dirty Cop, The Sociopath, Killed a few of his men for sport, Fat Bastard, Is killed by Birkin, Obviously Evil, Serial Killer, Has many stuffed animals in his office and plans to do it with humans too, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Police, Corruption, Murder, Rape, Apocalypse
  • Allies: Albert Wesker, Prime Minister Honest, Ethan Roark Sr., Ethan Roark Jr., Lionel Starkweather, Alfred Drevis
  • Enemies:
  • Brian Irons was the last known Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department before the T-Virus outbreak began and he was notably very corrupt even if most of his dirty laundry is unknown to the public. Under Umbrella Corporation's payroll, particularly to cover William Birkin's work, Irons was responsible for a number of atrocities like running an orphanage solely for test subjects and kidnapping around eight women and murdering them, all with an uncanny resemblance to the then daughter of the Raccoon City mayor. After the T-Virus leaked into the Raccoon City water supply, Irons insanity only grew as he started to get his own men killed and even started to murder whoever he wanted be it infected or not. His spree of terror would end when he attempted to kill the young Sherry Birkin, which ultimately made him be targetted by her infected father William and become a host for the G-Spawn, which ultimately killed him.
  • Irons is easily one of the most depraved on his universe, making the zombies seem preferable by comparison. He fully intended to indulge in his debauchery but this time his deeds were known by everyone and he had to be far more careful after being stripped of his powers as the R.P.D. Chief of Police. Particularly, the S.T.A.R.S. members alongside Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin have a serious bone to pick with Irons and while he hardly cares about his former underlings, Claire and Sherry are two that he really dislikes for being responsible for his death in a way. Sherry especially pisses him off considering what she did to him back in Raccoon City and even if she grown up to be an attractive young lady, he only wants to see her dead.
  • In order to avoid the wrath of the House of Justice, Irons wasted no time in working for Wesker again. Wesker would employ him no problem since he was an useful pawn but there are two problems with that. One is that William Birkin is still his preferred partner and he also despises Irons for threatening to kill Sherry (Even if at the time he was just looking for her because of other things) and Irons too would rather avoid being "impregnated" by another G-Embryo. Another was that Irons in the pantheon wouldn't be that useful if he didn't have his status as Police Chief anymore but he promised he would try to get that position in any way he could.
  • Chief Irons in the past was allegedly accused of sexual harassment years before and it only got worse once he became the police chief. Under umbrella he's been often killing his own men for his own twisted amusement and covering his tracks whenever he was caught, like making his secretary mysteriously dissapear. He was also a notorious Serial Killer, before the Raccoon City Outbreak he would frequently kidnap young women between 18 and 23 years old, all of them with a similar appearance TO the mayor's daughter Katherine Warren. This instantly concerned most of the female deities that fitted that description as they were likely to be struck by Irons but the GUAG and other law enforcement made sure to tell them that they would take care of Irons in case he approached them.
    • Said track record was enough to impress two very nasty politicians. Both Prime Minister Honest and Ethan Roark Jr. were looking for more Dirty Cops they could have on their payroll in order to protect their interest and Irons, seeing as the work for Wesker was far from a secure one, took it with no hesitation. While most of Honest's men either don't care about him or think he is an useless fat slob, Roark on the other hand suggested Irons to provide protection for his son, who would always deal in matters that would definitely be up on Irons' alley. For the most part, Irons can tollerate Roark Jr. even if he smells awful but with him he is free to do what he pleases.
  • Often does Taxidermy in his spare time and as we all know, it's not exactly a standard hobby for him considering he is not only unnecessarily cruel to animals but also started to perform it on humans, as Sherry gruesomely found out when he was about to "stuff" the Mayor's daughter. He is also a huge fan of Dr. Drevis' work considering his work on dolls is on a whole other level and while they can work together from time to time, the doctor has warned him to avoid his daughter or else he will kill him. Irons seemingly got the hint and has avoided going after Aya.
  • The aforementioned case of "sexual harassment"? Turns out he actually raped said college classmate and got away with it. That was enough for some of the deities that suffered rape, particularly Ange and Casca, to want the chief dead. His taxidermy habits also landed him squarely in most of the deities from the House of Beast and he's been banned from that house because of that.
  • Tried to get on the good side of some of the law enforcements deities, at least the more crooked ones but found mostly people that also hate him in return. Considering he is a Killer Cop, Manny Pardo called out Irons from being negligent, complacent and actively endagering his own men during the apocalypse for his own sick amusement. Of course, Manny isn't much better but most people tend to side with Manny even if he is mostly a delusional psychopath as well.
  • In the search of a corrupt police chief that could allow him to do his films uncontested, Lionel Starkweather was ecstatic to learn of Irons' ascension, as he would feel the position that the Carcer City police chief did. Unfortunately he later found out that Irons has been stripped of all his powers as a police chief but Irons still enjoys Starkweather's work and so fully intends to support him in any way he can.
  • Both Mike Haggar and Cody Travers saw Irons as a potential danger to both Metro City and the pantheon as a whole and the two decided to pay him a special visit alongside a friend of theirs, Lucia Morgan, since she too despises the kind of police Irons represents. Having dealt with Eddie E. for quite some time, kicking the ass of Irons was pretty easy all thing considering and the fact that he had ties with Wesker, someone Haggar had encountered in the past, didn't make it difficult for Haggar to figure out that he was supplying power to Chief Irons as a way to divert attention.
  • One day, Irons decided to act on one of his impulses and try to kidnap Cassie Cage, since he was smitten by her looks. Unfortunately for him, Cassie is a total Action Girl that promptly kicked the chief's teeth the second he got close and then was joined by her friends for a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown against Irons, leaving him comatose for weeks. Cassie has the distintion for being the second blondie Irons has come to despise instead of obsses over after Sherry Birkin.
  • While most of undead have for the most part ignored Irons, the survivors on the other hand think he is a big psychopath. The Green Flu Survivors, the School Life Club and the Zombieland Gang have had a few encounters with the chief and have despised how he tends to be a specially obnoxious roadblock, since he tends to prefer messing with the survivors because he has nothing better to do. Both Saeko Busujima and Rei Miyamoto especially were scared considering Irons targetted girls like her (Though luckily neither were blonde). But there is onne who has a special disdain for him and that is Rick Grimes, who as a cop cannot tolerate seeing someone like Irons taking advantage of the zombies.

    Captain Beatty 
Captain Beatty, God of Book Burning
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A circle with 451 in the center
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Culture Police, A Nazi by Any Other Name, Using Fire to Burn Books
  • Domains: Censorship, Government
  • Allies: The Enclave (to some degree)
  • Enemies: Guy Montag, Shogo Makishima, Wishbone, Belle, Twilight Sparkle, The Pagemaster, Ayame Kajou, Tanukichi Okuma, all ascended authors (especially Shizuku Tsukishima)
  • Source of Interest for: Big Brother
  • Mixed Relations: V.F.D.
  • Captain Beatty is Guy Montag's superior and one of several firemen involved with book burning. In order to combat what is perceived as poisonous thoughts, the government has decided to limit most media to mindless entertainment such as interactive television and nearly all kinds of books are to be burned due to being seen as a source of dissent. Ironically despite his job, Beatty does own a collection of books, but he has never read through any of what he owns. He still sees his job as a necessity to ensure the peace of mind of others, even if some people don't agree with it.
  • Beatty woke up somewhere one day in the Pantheon, unsure of what happened or how he got there. He was being treated by some doctors for burn marks, presumably as a result of getting burned one day. He was then promptly explained what the Pantheon is and what it housed. Unlike where he came from, the Pantheon had not just stories of all kinds, but lots of information and different ways that those stories can be accessed. Beatty ended up seeing the Pantheon as possibly even worse than his original world when it came to the spread of "troubling" information and stories and swore to continue his original goal of burning and censoring stories, even if such a thing would end up being harder than it was before.
  • One aspect of the Pantheon that infuriated Beatty to no end was the existence of a House of Knowledge. To him, its a place where all sorts of dangerous information can be stored an potentially be given to anyone that wants it. The kinds of information and stories that are present there are far more vast and varied than what Beatty could find and burn back then. It became more than apparent that Beatty wanted that entire place burned to the ground, a task that would be easier said than done thanks to how much opposition there was to the idea, coupled with the fact that there are deities that are much more capable than just having a flamethrower out there that can thwart Beatty's efforts.
  • Some of Beatty's major targets in addition to Montag are the various bookworms, with most of the benevolent ones having already befriended Montag. Among the bookworms that Beatty found out about were Belle and Twilight Sparkle, with Beatty attempting to burn down Belle's library at one point. The attempt ended in failure thanks to getting mauled by The Beast before escaping. After Twilight Sparkle learned about this, she went to Beatty's place for anything suspicious and was bewildered to learn that he was housing a bunch of unread books that were left to rot. Beatty saw the pony and explained why that was, an answer that Twilight was furious at finding out. While a fight didn't break out between the two, both are on really bad terms since then.
    • One bookworm that Beatty despises more than others is Shogo Makishima given how the latter attempted to bring down a dystopian leadership. Since Makishima apparently read the story that Beatty originated from at some point in the Pantheon, Makishima seems to have an understanding about Beatty and what he's trying to accomplish. Beatty's efforts to try and stop Makishima haven't been successful to put it lightly, mainly due to Makishima being a lot smarter than what Beatty has been used to.
  • Although Wishbone is very much a fan of multiple books and likes most characters from them, Beatty is someone who the dog has a large amount of dissent towards. Wishbone finds the idea of burning books and suppressing crucial knowledge to be insane as they are among the numerous aspects of life that people can enjoy and thinks that Beatty is completely wrong to attempt to endorse such merciless censorship. All Beatty saw in Wishbone was someone who has read too much and deserves to be burned alive, not caring about Wishbone is just a dog and doesn't have books encoded in his DNA.
  • The Pagemaster is more than disgusted at Beatty and his overall actions. It's one thing to learn about someone who comes from a future where not only is knowledge burned, but that person is more than willing to follow corrupt. It's another to find out that not only did Beatty originate from a literary work, but has been stated to house a ton of unopened books that are left to rot. Beatty simply finds the idea of a book wizard to be ridiculous, but is more than aware of how much of a threat he poses to the goal of burning books. The Pagemaster has spent a lot of time thwarting Beatty and will do anything to make sure that books are out of the fireman's reach.
  • His hatred of the various bookworms that inhabit the Pantheon was nothing compared to the rage he felt after learning that a multitude of authors were present as well. The hatred is mutual as these authors couldn't believe that someone is willing to go that far in ensuring that any form of books get destroyed. Beatty is more than willing to set up operations to have these authors dead and their works destroyed once their bodies are burned alive. Shizuku Tsukishima is an author who has a lot of contempt towards Beatty as she is someone who has gone through a lot of trouble to work on story only to learn about someone who callously wants it and her life burned into oblivion.
  • It took a bit of time for him to find another dystopic ruler to at least talk to given his role in the past, but Beatty was able to find Big Brother. The leadership that Beatty served for in the past was mainly focused on destroying books and the places that housed them. Big Brother's rule not only involved suppressing critical pieces of information and anyone that could threaten him, but making any potential opponents worship him against their will. Beatty thought that the way Big Brother controlled the media was a more effective extension of what Beatty had done in the past and Big Brother sees the firemen and his quest to burn books and important bits of knowledge as a sort of stepping stone in turning the Pantheon into a truly dystopic world.
  • The Enclave, wanting to find someone who can suppress anything detrimental to their goals, took an interest in Beatty and his mindset, with some of their members approaching him one day. Beatty explained his job and how he believed that it was for the greater good of the people, with members of The Enclave believing that he can be of use in burning materials that would benefit their enemies. While Beatty isn't really a full member of The Enclave, he has sometimes done work for them in destroying incriminating evidence against them.
  • While it took him a bit of time to try and find other worlds that made attempts to censor something, Beatty managed to find something he didn't really think he'd discover. He learned that in one version of Japan, they outlawed anything that was deemed sexual in any capacity, prompting someone named Ayame Kajou to take matters in her own hands (and with Tanukichi Okuma's help). Beatty approved of the measures that version of Japan did in censorship, even if others found it frivolous. Ayame and Tanukichi aren't happy to learn about Beatty and what he's trying to accomplish, especially since his actions could result in sexual material getting suppressed.
  • After learning how many deities that can utilize fire to various extents are present in the Pantheon, Beatty took it upon himself to find those who are willing to help him continue his crusade in burning what he deems troubling. The good-aligned pyromancers all justifiably rejected his offer, leading Beatty to look for some deranged pyromaniacs in the process. Compared to the firemen that Beatty was worked with in the past, the majority of these Pantheonic pyromaniacs are much more unruly and prone to damaging more than just what Beatty wants destroyed.
  • By sheer happenstance, Beatty found out about an organization known as the V.F.D. and looked into to it for more information. He learned that not only was fire associated with the group to some degree, but that there's a firefighting side and a fire-starting side, with each side having their own stance on knowledge and whether or not to keep it. Given Beatty's background, he's taken an interest on the fire-starting side of the V.F.D., but has plenty of issues with the firefighting side of said organization. It's possible that Beatty is looking to change the organization into a fire-starting organization dedicated entirely to burning any sort of knowledge, though such a task will be difficult given how much opposition is present.

    Gary Smith 
Gary Smith, God of Villainy Behind the Scenes (Gary Jack Smith)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His uniform.
  • Theme Song: Final Showdown
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Bad Samaritan, Big Bad, Deadpan Snarker, Devil in Plain Sight, Dirty Coward, Evil Is Hammy, False Friend, Jerk with a Heart of Jerk, Non-Action Big Bad, Smug Snake, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Students, School, Manipulation, Sociopathy, Insanity
  • "Allies": Eliza and Neil Reagan, Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler, Masato Kusaka
  • Enemies: Jimmy Hopkins, Hinagiku Katsura, Ferris Bueller, Zack Morris, Flash Thompson, Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, Makoto Itou, The Kamen Rider Club, Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Chihiro Fujisaki, Matilda Wormwood
  • Respects: Nazis (Yeah)
  • Gary at first seemed like a particular quirky loner, smart but not well regarded by other students and that's why Jimmy Hopkins befriended him on the first day. Turns out Gary was nothing but trouble when he double crossed Jimmy to fight the biggest student in the school and then plotted to take over the school. Ultimately he failed and in a final confrontation with Jimmy he was beaten and later expelled. Gary Smith is notable for being an actual sociopath in a school were most students are already problematic.
  • His ascension, of course, was him doing another of his manipulative schemes by tricking a poor student in the House of School into giving up their temple and so he took it for himself. Gary seemed awfully familiar with the pantheon and so tried to enter by any means, but not long after stealing a temple he stumbled upon his good old friend Jimmy, who proceed to question what was he doing here and after a series of insults directed at Jimmy, Gary was forced to run away after realizing that Jimmy wasn't the only Bully Hunter around. He did manage to stay after convincing some deities in the House of Villains to arrange a place for him, though most members of the House don't think too highly of him.
  • Gary can be often seen around the House of School, usually up to no good and taking advantage of other unsuspecting students. In the past he used to show up frequently until Jimmy caught up to him and promptly kicked him out but Gary used his wits and bribed the pantheon authorities into letting him in. He also gained some help from Biff Tannen and the Reagan twins after he convinved them that they could make a partnership and make the life of those who they hate insufferable. Of course, this is Gary Smith we are talking about, he is likely to doublecross them as he did with Jimmy in the past.
  • Unfortunately for Gary, Jimmy is the only Bully Hunter around even if he holds domain over the title. He made a lot of friends in the pantheon that like him, punish anyone who abuse or bully others, and that screamed bad news for Gary. However, he would not stand for that and devised a plan to humiliate all those friends he got, the problem was that many of those were way beyond his reach and wouldn't fall for his schemes, like the Student Council President Hinagiku Katsura, the Kamen Rider Club, Matilda Wormwood who managed to scare off a Sadist Teacher he would dream of even standing up against her and even the infamous Makoto Itou, could be very dangerous targets to tackle. At least he has plans for some of them
  • He can be considered like a dark twist to a Highschool Hustler, his manipulation skills are so good that he managed to convince many students and faculty of his school to turn against Jimmy, at least momentarily. Hopkins came to the conclusion that only a psychopath would be capable of pulling this feat and in this context, he was right. But then other of this type, like Zack Morris and Ferris Bueller, are good natured people and find Gary to be a deplorable being.
  • Heard of Flash Thompson and how he was a bully in the past, but was dissapointed that he outgrew those habits overtime, saying he became weak because of it. Of course, Gary ignored that Flash became a superhero and almost got beaten up because of this but thankfully Flash decided to let him go since he wasn't worth his time.
  • Heard of the infamous Kamen Rider Kaixa and thought that he would be a pretty useful ally for him, so he approached and using the knowledge that Masato hates monsters with a passion, convinced him to become allies so they would both exterminate them from the face of the Pantheon. Many were horrified to learn that he did indeed convinced Kusaka to join him and he plans to do something with him to get back at Jimmy. Of course, even Kusaka secretly knew what he was really doing due to his own experience of using this tactic. He's just decided to go along with it considering what have in common. Either way, both would agree that trying to manipulate the other even further would be a bad idea.
  • Bullying victims like Ichiro Sato, Ryoko Sato and Chihiro Fujisaki hate Gary because he preys on the likes of them and his sociopathy makes him a lot more heartless than others they encountered before. Gary dismissed the first two as some useless nerds that he would rather not waste time on and to Chihiro he called him an even bigger fag than Petey was. Thankfully, Chihiro was already friends with Jimmy and contacted him after Gary started antagonizing him and his friends, forcing Gary to run away since he knew Jimmy would utterly destroy him if he found out.
  • Surprisingly enough, Jin Kisaragi isn't fond of Gary. Even if he is a bit of a Jerkass himself, Jin considers Gary to be worse than him on his worst day thanks to his sociopathy. It turns out that in the past Gary may have been able to manipulate him into an alliance but Jin got softer thanks to Ragna and Tsubaki's interventions, ruining a perfectly good partnership he could have gotten, but that won't deter him from getting back at Jimmy.
  • One time dressed as a Nazi for Halloween, as if he needed to be that much more unpleasant to others. He even respects the ascended Nazis even if they don't take him seriously, but Gary himself thinks that he would be a great asset to them if they would allow him.

    Satan Jacob 
Satan Jacob, God Of Otherworldly Beings Who Embrace Their New Lifestyle (Sadao Maou, Satan, the Prince of Lies, Devil King)


Lots-o' Hugging Bear, The God of Rejecting Redemption (Lotso for short)


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