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Greater Gods

Athena, Goddess of Those Born as Adults (Athene, Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of War, Goddess of Strategic Warfare, The Eldest Daughter of Zeus, Pallas Athena)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden lance next to the Aegis Shield. Alternatively, an owl.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good at her best and Lawful Neutral at her worst.
  • Portfolio: Skipping Baby and Child Forms, Strategic Warfare Deities, Wise Badasses, Self-Imposed Virginity, The Aegis Shield, Daddy's Girls, Is Often Symbolized By and Associated With Owls, Is Protective of Her Younger Siblings and Watches Over Them, Likes Offering Wisdom and Guidance to Heroes, Often Acts As the Voice of Reason to her Family.
  • Domains: Unusual Births, Wisdom, Knowledge, War, Strategy, Guidance
  • Allies: Zeus (her father), All Saints of Athena (Ascended: Phoenix Ikki, Pegasus Seiya, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun), Pit, Aigis, several other Olympian/Roman deities, Sophitia Alexandra, Wonder Woman (her half-sister), Annabeth Chase (her daughter).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Poseidon.
  • Famous Descendants: Saori Kido, Athena Asamiya.
  • Enemies: Medusa, Arachne, Kratos (her half-brother).
  • Legends has it that Athena came into existence when she burst out of Zeus' head, complete with an already adult body and a mature mind to boot. Don't think about how she felt when in Zeus' body or how much migraine Zeus got for that, though he said it's worth it. Athena is his favorite child, and in turn, she is quite loyal to him.
    • Other sources also claim that she’s the daughter of Zeus and his first wife Metis, the original Greek goddess/titaness of wisdom.
  • Like the rest of her family, Athena has various myths and legends associated to her name. In turn, those same myths and legends come in different versions who each paint Athena in a different light due to being written and told by different people.
    • The legend of Athena and Arachne (which tells the story of a mortal named Arachne challenging Athena to a weaving contest) is a good example of this:
      • Version 1: In this version, Athena wins the contest, and the humiliation causes Arachne to commit suicide. Out of respect for Arachne's skill, Athena resurrects Arachne by turning her into a spider so she could keep weaving. This version has Athena as being gentle and honorable, seeing Arachne as a Worthy Opponent.
      • Version 2: In this version, Athena wins again, but turns Arachne into a spider for losing. This makes her look proud and unforgiving.
      • Version 3: In this version, Arachne wins the contest fair and square, upon which Athena flies into a rage and either kills Arachne or drives her to suicide by destroying the winning tapestry. Afterwards, she immediately regrets her actions and resurrects Arachne by turning her into a spider as an apology. In this version, Athena is spiteful and hot-headed, but also a Jerk with a Heart of Gold capable of regretting her actions.
      • Version 4: In this version, Athena and Arachne's tapestries are of equal quality, but while Athena wove a tapestry depicting various stories where the gods punish mortals for their arrogance (Athena’s goal is to teach a subtle lesson to Arachne about toning her Hubris down a notch), Arachne depicted the gods making fools of themselves and having all different kinds of sex (which is something that obviously doesn’t please Athena much, being a self-imposed virgin goddess and all that). Arachne then starts bragging about her skill once more, having learned nothing. Athena was obviously less than impressed and destroys Arachne's tapestry to punish her for hubris and then gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, upon which Arachne commits suicide. When she learns of Arachne’s suicide, Athena then feels sorry for her and turns her into a spider so she can continue weaving. In this version, while Athena is a stern punisher of Arachne's flippant attitude, she is also somewhat merciful and was actually trying to help Arachne by teaching her a literal lesson in humility.
    • There’s also another legend concerning her and the mythological monster Medusa. Some versions of Medusa’s origin story says that she used to be a beautiful woman, but was then turned into a hideous gorgon creature by Athena because of what Poseidon did to Medusa in Athena’s temple. However, some other versions of the legend says that Athena and Poseidon had nothing to do with Medusa’s origin at all and aren’t related to her whatsoever. In this version, Medusa was always a monster and Athena had nothing to do with her origin.
  • Don't ask why she's occasionally sporting Russian (or french) accent. It's totally Greek, seriously!
  • Pit seems to think that she's like an incarnation of Palutena, only to be corrected that if anything, Athena came first.
  • A few days after her ascension, there was a mighty scream of AAAATHENAAAAAA!!!! courtesy of Kratos, who started wrecking her temple. Athena managed to stave him off and then was told that in his verse, she was infected by Pandora's Box, the element Greed, and became a Manipulative Bitch. She's then told to check up if that element still lingers on her, and she did. The result so far was that due to the bonds she made with others, it was cleansed. Athena herself was flabbergasted as how she could sink that low and promised that she'll do her best to not get to that level again.
    • Even then, Athena would still be wary of Kratos afterwards. Not only about what he did to Zeus, she finds Kratos' rage completely dangerous to every beings.
  • As noted with the 'Famous Descendants' sections, one of Athena's descendants earned her the Undying Loyalty of the Saints. Though she would Face Palm when noted that back in her youth, Saori Kido used to be such a bratty bitch. "It's because I missed my child age that I did not know if I would do that in 'youth', yes?"
  • While her daughter, Annabeth, is able to take care of herself, Athena would release Tarturus itself if any harm ever comes to her.
  • There was apparently a lost tale where for some reason, Athena herself was kidnapped by a lesser deity known as 'Neff' in spite her prowess at strategic warfare that it took Zeus telling some centurions with shapeshifting powers these words: "WISE FWOM YOUW GWAVE", then travel to Tartarus to rescue her. Some say it's just a film made by some mortals, but most likely they did so because if someone implies it to be the truth, that someone doesn't want Athena to turn them into the next Arachne or Medusa.
    • Or is it...? There are also some tales that once she regenerated her power, Athena hunted down Neff herself and completely wrecked him off herself without those centurions' help, with statements that flukes don't happen twice, especially against one well-versed in the strategies of war.
  • It should be noted that as Zeus’s first child, Athena tends to be quite protective of her younger siblings (especially if they aren’t related to Hera), to the point that in most versions of the stories of the Greek mythos, she will help them and offer guidance to the youngest of her siblings. If she needs to, she’ll even go behind her father and Hera’s backs to protect her illegitimately conceived siblings from the wrath of Hera.
    • One example of this happened in a version of Heracles’s origin when Heracles was a baby. Hera, being Hera, wanted to kill Heracles because Heracles was the product of Zeus commiting adultery yet again. Athena decided to protect her new sibling by picking him up and tricking Hera into believing that he was just a normal baby. She convinced Hera to nurture and breastfeed Heracles, thus accidentally blessing him with godlike powers. By the time Hera figured it out, it was far too late for her to do anything about it and Athena swiped him away to safety. Athena (along with her brother Hermes) then proceeded to assist Heracles at various points during his legendary twelve labors and saved his hide on multiple occasions.
    • Another example of this can be seen in one version of her younger sibling Dionysus’s origin. Dionysus is also one of Zeus’s illegitimate children, so, naturally, Hera wants him dead too. However, unlike with Heracles, she actually succeeds in killing the infant Dionysus before Athena could intervene. Hera had a monster destroy Dionysus’s body, to the point that only his heart was left. However, Athena was determined to not give up on Dionysus and through some weird shenanigans, Athena managed to use Dionysus heart to get him reborn in a new body with some help of their father Zeus.
  • Athena is also known for discreetly providing wisdom, guidance and help to heroes on long and epic journeys. She often appears to various heroic deities in the pantheon without them knowing to watch over them and to assist them if needed. Her being the goddess of wisdom and tactical warfare is especially useful in that regard.

Eveline, Goddess of Aging Quickly (E-001, Evie, The Grandmother)
Eveline's true form (SPOILERS) 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Mold Infestation
  • Theme Song: Go Tell Aunt Rhody and Daidara-bocchi
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, The Assimilator, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Big Bad, Control Freak, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Source of the Mold, Hidden in Plain Sight, Hive Queen, Humanoid Abomination, Only wants a family, Love Makes You Evil, Psychic Powers, Actually 3 Years Old
  • Domains: Bio-weapons, Psychic Powers, Infestation, Fungus, Degeneration, Family, Manipulation
  • Distant Followers: Ed's Neo-Shadaloo Faction
  • Allies: The Bakers, Alma Wade, Samantha Maxis, Poison Ivy, Mewtwo, Parasect, Lucy, Phazon
  • Enemies: Chris Redfield, The SCP Foundation, Joel and Ellie, Aya Brea, SCP-049
  • Obsessed with: Erma Williams, The Point Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Alex Mercer
  • E-001, better known as Eveline, is a genetically modified Human designed to be a B.O.W. with the mission to eliminate and exterminate anyone who her creators deem as a threat, spreading a disease while blending as a regular human. Eveline has exceptional psychic powers that made her a rather controversial B.O.W. and it attracted a lot of attention from organization like B.S.A.A. and Blue Umbrella who wanted to get rid of all Bio-Weapons, which forced her creators to transport elsewhere. However, Eveline broke out and caused the ship she was being transported in to wreck near the Baker State in Lousiana. She then proceeded to brainwash all members of the Baker family and make them her own, since what Eveline desired the most was to have a family that loved her.
  • How Eveline managed to find her way into the pantheon is unknown. It's believed that, shortly after the Bakers own ascension, Lucas was plotting something with Wesker and after pulling some strings, they managed to get her in here. The first she did was attach to anyone who would be a suitable family for her but The Baker Family, still under her influence, welcome her with open arms.
  • She is genetically altered since she was a fetus to age much more quickly and resemble a 10-year-old girl. This was regulated by being administered a medication, but without she ages up at twenty-five times of a typical human being and when Ethan found her she looked like a very old woman in her eighties, enough to pass up as the Bakers grandmother. In the pantheon thankfully for her, the medication required to keep that accelerated ageing in check is provided on a daily basis and mostly to keep her confined in her temple since the dangers of an outbreak caused by her are high.
  • The thing that Eveline desires the most is having a family of her own, that's why the Bakers are so protective of her, because she brainwashed them to care for her. She is the reason why they kidnap and kill people, so she can have a bigger family. There were some people outside of them who willingly wanted to be at least friends with Evie, one of those was Alma Wade believe or not, given their similar looks. She cares for her as if she was her own child and can even overlook her attempts at trying to force Alma into succumbing into the mold's influence (she stopped trying after taking a trip to the Almaverse). Eveline's for once is happy there is someone out there who understands her bizarre morality, even if Alma isn't the most stable person around.
    • She was later introduced to Alma's son, the Point Man. Eveline instantly latched on to him and started calling him "brother", which brought him a few flashbacks of his brother Paxton Fettel and tried to distance himself from Eveline since he thought that the girl was no different from him, even if his own mother was fond of her. For this reason, it's not uncommon for Eveline to stalk him from time to time, he is already familiar with that thanks to Alma but he finds it annoying and unsettling. At least Eveline knows better than to harm him, less Alma finds out and lashes out at her.
    • And then there was Erma, who was also close to Alma and so Eveline saw the little ghost girl as her sister and so tried to attach to her. Erma wasn't initially bothered but after Eveline started getting more insistent she starting lashing out at Evie and it didn't even help that her temples were right next to each other. At least with Eveline, the Bakers won't bother Erma anymore.
    • On a less problematic note, she actually became good friends with Samantha Maxis. Both girls like plushies and also have control over an army of infected and luckily Eveline's influence can't reach Samantha.
  • Eveline's infection comes from a special type of genetically altered fungus that can mind control any people who comes in contact with it and also can turn them into a biomass monstruosity after a period of exposure. While not as severe as her own infection, Eveline seems to be fond of the little Parasect and its little fungus growt controlling it. The same can't be same of others like Joel and Ellie, whose world fell into a period of darkness after a fungal infection nearly wiped out all of humanity and Eveline is not different from that, potentially worse.
    • Eveline and the Phazon seem to be on good terms, with raised a lot of red flags in the pantheon considering what the Phazon does to living creatures but it seems it's mostly that source of their powers come from a fungus. That, and others fear what would happen if their respective influences got combined or if the Phazon tried to take over Eveline.
    • Their source of powers may come from different places, but Evie and Poison Ivy are also on good terms, even if she is wary of the posibility of her ruining her lair.
  • Being genetically created in a lab, Eveline has bonded of other creature of similar origin, particularly Mewtwo and Lucy who share the psychic powers and shares the same desire of belonging to a family as the former did. She is also as violent as Lucy when provoked but can be calmed down if someone takes care of her as a family member.
    • Doesn't know what to think about Alex Mercer but knows that he is up to no good considering what he does. He tried to approach her and form an alliance but Eveline didn't believe him and turned him down. Strangely enough, he hasn't tried absorbing her yet, but she is expecting him to attack anytime. Of course, Alex thinks she is an Hypocrite because she does the exact same thing with other people.
  • She is unlike any other B.O.W. before, at least compared to the likes of Nemesis and Mr. X in that she has her own motivations besides what she was programmed to do, even if her views and actions are not aligned with those of human morality and she has done many things that are outright villainous. Still, Albert Wesker ,being a former Umbrella member and wanting to know more about the Connections' creations after his little chat with Lucas Baker, wants to take Eveline to his side, promising to give her the family she desires (Which it being Wesker, it's all lies) and Chris Redfield caught up to Wesker and Lucas' schemes and has contacter his buddies at B.S.A.A. to take care of this issue.
  • She has had some encounters with the SCP Foundation, which to her are no different from her previous creators on how they treated her and after having a chance encounter with SCP-049, they wanted to contain Eveline under a new temple since she could be dangerous. They were unsuccessful in containing Eveline since the Baker Family has her secured.
  • There were debates wheter or not Eveline is a justified Tragic Monster. For starters, she brainwashed the Bakers into becoming her family the second she woke up in their house and several times she has been shown to enjoy inflicting pain on others, not to mention mentally messing with people and her bizarre morality make some people believe she is not as sympathetic as she is made out to be.
  • Most families ascended (besides the Bakers) stay firmly away from Eveline. This mostly comes out that her wanting a family has made her try to force herself into others and so they are being careful with that.

Intermediate Gods

Erastil, The Elderly Immortal God (Old Deadeye, Stag God, Estig the Hunter)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A bow and arrow
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Law, Good, Community, Animal, Plant
  • Portfolio: Good Old Ways, Arcadia, Grumpy Old Man, Heroic Neutral, Horned Humanoid, The Older Immortal, Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!
  • Herald: The Grim White Stag
  • Allies: Cayden Cailean, Hank Hill, Ron Swanson, Drow Ranger and Windranger, the House of Beasts, especially Bambi, The Farmer, Rolf, Applejack, The Cabbage Merchant
  • Rivals: Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Hanzo
  • Enemies: Asdomeus, Cyth V'sug
  • Opposes: Belkar Bitterleaf, Eustace Bagge
  • Annoyed by: Calistria
  • Pities: Soldier 76
  • This god is not simply that old due to looking this way; Erastil is among the oldest deities in his world, even rumored to bring the bow and arrow to his world's humanity (both Hawkeye and Green Arrow have contested those claims). Regardless, Old Deadeye is a respected god who prefers the company with like-minded gods.
    • He is not impressed with the makeup of other Pathfinder Gods who have made their way to the Pantheon. The god he's most likely to side with is Cayden, whom he hopes will take up a more settled life. The Accidental God can only promise his followers won't make too much of a ruckus in his presence. He also tends to butt heads with Abadar over their contrasting loves for cities and the wilderness. Nevertheless, he's at least glad to have two other deities aligned with Good or Law. Asmodeus is much worse due to his potential for corrupting communities. That said, he does come in limited contact with the archdevil. That certainly can't be said for Calistria, a goddess he declared a homewrecker at best. It comes at no surprise that the Stag God hopes to bring forth more amiable deities into the fold.
  • Erastil was glad to find a plethora of gods willing to have a similar life. Hank Hill is particularly interested in his philosophy, though he's unlikely to follow that god any time soon.
    • Bob Belcher tried to have his family follow the same principles... which much less success. He still pays tribute to the Old Deadeye, but is less inclined to make his family do the same.
  • Few deities are connected to Erastil more than the Farmer. The God of Farmers has tended his crops for some time and was glad to find someone who can help him produce high yields of crops. He shares this sentiment with Applejack the apple farmer and Rolf the foreigner of the cul-de-sac.
  • As an old school god of the old ways, he seldom ventures into the more civilized areas in the Pantheon, preferring the outdoors. He was surprised there wasn't a deity dedicated specifically for that lifestyle or for that of cities. He strives to become the defacto god for the former.
  • Was impressed with the way Ron Swanson runs his temple in the House of Justice. He gives the bureaucrat advice on how to take care of parks from time to time. The two both yearn for simpler times, causing them to bond. That and Erastil has become a fan of Ron's breakfast choices.
  • Probably has one of the highest percentage of rangers in the Pantheon... other than actual rangers Drow Ranger and Windranger. When Erastil talked to Traxex about the drow, he was surprised how different her version of drow was (or that she looked more like a drow to him). He has taken care not to favor one over the other.
  • He may be one of the first to master the bow and arrow, but whether he's the best at it is arguable. Both arrow superheroes claim to be the better sharpshooter. It remains to be seen if Erastil will take up the challenge.
  • Also has some beef with Hanzo, but for a different reason. The archer has advocated others to modernized the bow and arrow to keep up with more modern weaponries, a tactic the Old Deadeye has long resisted.
  • His followers may be hunters, but he strives to have an amiable relationship with all wild creatures in the Pantheon. This made him rather popular in the House of Beasts. This is especially true with Bambi.
  • There has been a worrying amount of rangers who have been following the philosophy of a halfling named Belkar. The odd fellow has very few skills that a ranger typically does and instead develops a bloodlust for killing. Erastil hopes to put a stop to this loss of followers.
  • Has a soft spot for Soldier 76, and some theorize has been helping the vigilante on his quest for justice. Many are puzzled why the help. It is actually due to Jack Morrision's background as a child of fathers. The Stag God hopes Soldier can return to that life, but such a prospect looks unlikely for now.
  • He's tried to find the reason the Cabbage Merchant has had his cabbages destroyed so many times. His first suspect is Earl, who has denied these accusations.
  • Of course, not all farmers have earned his blessings. He has made his disdain for Eustace Bagge well known, mostly for his mistreatment of others, especially Courage. It's not like Eustace has done much to win back his approval, cursing his name before sitting back on his chair in protest.

Khadgar, God of Age Relevancy in the Plot (Archmage Khadgar, Leader of the Kirin Tor, Archmage of the Kirin Tor, Supreme Commander of the Alliance Expedition, The Apprentice, Young Trust, Lord Wizard, Keeper of the Eternal Watch, Sons of Lothar, The Wondrous Wisdomball, The Shitty Wizard, The Mage, Dadgar)
  • Intermediate God borderline Greater God
  • Symbol: The Kirin Tor Banner, arguably Atiesh, the Greatstaff.
  • Theme Song: Khadgar’s Plan and his Legion Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Meditator and Prophet of the Alliance, Badass Bookworm, from being Medivh’s Apprentice to becoming the Kirin Tor’s Archmage, Harshly honest, Magic Knight, Extremely Powerful, Younger Than He Looks, Distraught after watching the Alliance and the Horde fight each other again.
  • Domains: Magic, Mages, Aging, Leadership
  • Former Apprentice to: Medivh
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Lord Kroak, Cosmos
  • Mentor to: Rin Tohsaka, Akko Kagari
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Illidan Stormrage
  • Complicated Relations with: Sylvanas Windrunner, Garrosh Hellscream, Kiritsugu Emiya, Touma Kamijou
  • Enemies:
  • A legendary mage known within the floating city of Dalaran, Khadgar's journey from novice to Archmage was not easy. After being raised in the early days of Azeroth, he would be sent to seek apprenticeship under the Guardian Medivh, teaching him new sorceries and eventually, the basics of Kirin Tor magic. There, he would see visions of a grand war between the Orcs and Humans, create his own spells and witness a battle between a master mage and a titan-sized demon lord. However, all was not well when his master was found possessed by Sargeras and was forced to kill him, with a consequence that his life and magical energy was sucked prior to killing his master. Following the curse, his appearance, from a young apprentice to an old mage, would never change. His magical power however, did not.
  • His ascension was followed by colorful, purple glyphs which appeared from the sky, giving hints that he did not here for ascension initially. It was later discovered that he was contacted via Jaina Proudmoore who gave him a message of "a new realm with different worlds converged into one place". Following his entrance however, he would reject her assistance for the reason that she brought him was to coordinate in Alliance politics and attempted to leave the place, had it not been for a king that approached him as soon as he was about to leave.
    • The king, revealing to himself to be King Varian Wrynn, would later convince him to join the Pantheon, especially since he pointed to him a certain house in dire need of trainees. Convinced, he joined alongside Varian into the upper ranks of the ascended members of the Alliance.
  • He was overjoyed upon hearing from his alliance friends that not only did Varian and Jaina ascend, but so did his fellow Kirin Tor member Kalecgos. Knowing that he now holds the key to the Pantheon's Mana resource, he can finally help him in training new and worthy wizards to other worlds.
    • Despite siding with the Alliance, he has approached the Horde as an ally and not an enemy. Thrall and Vol'jin especially have seen a kind heart in him, considering he helped the Burning Legion following their return. Grommash also came in, with an apology, to which he kindly accepted and showed that Orcs can be good in nature. That cannot be said towards Grom's son, Garrosh, who ended up bringing his horde with an alternate version to create The Iron Horde.
  • Rather than aiming for which allegiance he would be placed into by the Horde and Alliance conflict, his ideas aim at the bigger enemies outside the usual conflicts. These include outer gods, a demonic legion, and even older unholy evils that loom around the Azeroth landscape. Seeing the bigger picture, this idea stuck by him led to his allegiance towards the Grand United Alliance of Good, with Cosmos reaching out to him. Upon meeting her, she sees great potential in him, while he sees her as an exemplar of good. She has promised a great extent to aid him in the worst possible scenarios against the battle on evil, even if it means going outside of his comfort zone.
    • Among those who were immediately spotted by him were the GUAE Malum Magia as they are the group's evil mage sect. Not only do they have Gul'dan as one of their higher ranking members but they also serve the forces of Melkor, someone who would make the Lich King blush in terms of depravity and such injustice cannot go unnoticed.
    • The evil sorcerers of the Mortal Kombat Tournament saw Khadgar as a massive threat, with Shinnok plotting ways to take him down with the his amulet while Quan Chi is attempting to contact support from Sauron. As for why, just ask the numerous times the Archmage of Dalaran closed the Dark Portal. Age can sometimes be a pain to underestimate.
    • Working as a defender of Azeroth for so long has made him deal with all kinds of Omnicidal Maniacs over the years and the existance of the GUAD is a huge concern for him, partly seen some familiar faces are among as high ranking members. That and the preservation of life is one of Khadgar's goals that he must uphold, as well as the once massive assault of the Scourge, which changed Azeroth permanently.
  • Hearing that demon hunters existed within the Pantheon, he thought to himself whether Illidan showed up prior before him, to which the latter replied by appearing right in front of him shouting YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! After the sight, the archmage would only give a large sigh, realizing that on old "friend" (read: frenemy) managed to take a seat before him. Though he is rather grateful that he and Illidan are in good terms, even with the number of times Illidan further doomed Azeroth by attempting to destroy Northrend, creating a demon army in Outland and in the third invasion, brought Azeroth closer to the Netherworld and Argus, because at least he made up for it by saving them from the Legion and for becoming Sargeras' jailor by the end of the third invasion.
    Khadgar: "Must you really repeat that same line after the actions you've done?"
    Illidan: "What? I like it and it works... sometimes."
  • His ascension would also bring the interest of his old master Medivh, who was proud to hear that his protégé has finally ascended following the events on his homeworld. Though he has no idea how to feel towards him, as he knows he killed him, resulting to his curse, all while remembering him via his spells, books, and even apparitions one which was used as a demon in disguise. His reapperance would confuse him further since he now has a teenage, cheerful set where he plays parties within the tower of Karazhan. Though he can say without a doubt is that he is glad Medivh is no longer possessed.
  • His age has always been a matter of debate but at this point in time, Khadgar is supposed to be old but he managed to look younger than he did back when Medivh transformed him into an old man. Many believe magic has to do with that, after all mages are quite long lived thanks to their magic. Mother Gothel especially is intrigued with that and she's been trying to find out how to learn from Khadgar in order to extend her life without relying on the methods she used for years. The Archmage is obviously not thrilled about this.
  • If Illidan's presence has any indication, its that Gul'dan is no farther within the sects of the Pantheon. The warlock's comments towards Khagdar are of pity and anger as he sees the archmage's attempts to halt the Legion's advance fruitless, if he wasn't an threat to deal with in the first place. With both Medivh and his apprentice in the same place, he's planning to make his moves quicker before the two could advance.
    • However, if anything is to show that Gul'dan is a pawn to the Legion, Khadgar's fear would come true when it was revealed that Sargeras, the Dark Titan and Commanding Power of the Burning Legion, the one force he has stopped numerous times, ascended within Pantheon grounds before him. This would make him determined to take down the Dark Titan down and is willing to bring both sides of the Alliance and the Horde, alongside his allies and Illidan again, to fight against the biggest threat ever known in Azeroth's history.
    • But that's not the only issue at stake, seeing as the Old Gods are too a looming presence in the pantheon and the four of them were imprisoned together in a special temple, which to Khadgar screams bad news considering how they can just manipulate and corrupt anyone from afar. And considering several of their top minions, like Deathwing, Ragnaros and Cho'gall, roam the halls of the pantheon, he thinks these shadowy creatures cannot go unnoticed.
  • For being one of, if not the most dangerous mage since Aegwynn and Medivh, his reputation has preceded him potential among other mages. Gandalf sees the absolute best in him and has hope that he will be a great ally in the war against evil, while Harry thinks of him not as a great teacher for interested mages but as a leader, considering that he was one of the main leaders when the Burning Legion began their Third Invasion.
    • Merlin however holds one of the highest honors for him, seeing his achievements as true examples of wizardry. His goals made it much better and is willing to bring him alongside the Magic Council. Though he agreed, on the condition that politics is not to be discussed.
    • When news heard that he was one of the main driving force between the Second and Third Invasion Wars, Lord Kroak applauded him, even so much as to inviting him into the Slann as a worthy member of his mage race. While he did appreciate the offer, his caution towards him rose when news of what Kroak has done towards other races reached into the GUAG, not to mention the numerous sacrifices he and his race has done.
    • Being a mage unfortunately brought in some disadvantages, chief among those were Anti-Mage and Kiritsugu Emiya being thorns on his magical prowess. While Kiritsugu has been calm towards him, he has his trust issues ever since he has connections with Illidan, who he already has a rather mixed history with. The latter for some reason always finds ways to disable his magic for a few minutes, but thanks to no part of his skills, he still can outmaneuver the Anti-Mage's attacks with counter-magic.
    • His relations on Touma were worse, as the representative for punching mages to death doesn't sound like a good bell on his eyes. While the two are on good terms (read: not trying to kill each other), the former's personality has gotten the Archmage's nerve on him rather bad.
  • Upon hearing what type of sorceries he could do, Ezreal approached him with interest seeing if he can improve his magical projectiles, as most Azerothian mages have used large portions of such like Arcane Missiles (and larger variants). Needless to say, Ezreal's magic did not disappoint him and is willing to help him out.
  • Even if he is considered one of the best mages of his time, he racked up a reputation of being kind of a shitty wizard. This is a running joke for trolls and jokesters, some people even mistakenly assumed that Khadgar was indeed a shitty wizard. He usually laughs it off but it can be grating to hear the same joke every time he shows up.
  • With several consultations with fellow mage Doctor Stephen Strange, open spots have been made for his classes where he can teach willing participants. Both have commented their rise to power and have shared several moments that changed their lives. Particularly, their power levels that made them one of the most powerful mages. This lead to a cooperative effort between the House of Magic and School, allowing him to form a magical faculty center, with efforts from Triss Merigold making it all possible.
    • After much debating, other teachers were included into the faculty. Dumbledore brought the wizardry class a demonstration on Khadgar's abilities, with much awe. Zatanna was in charge of the Magician Class, with Strange as the head counselor alongside him and Merlin. Seeing a potentially new thriving community, the Magical Faculty was made.
    • Following the sessions within the House of Magic as a new teacher, a certain female magus has contacted his presence. That magus turned out to be Rin Tohsaka, who has piqued her interest in the wizard's techniques, primarily on Mana Conservation and more powerful spells outside her knowledge. At the same time, he sees great potential on her magical skills, combined with her ability to summon Servants of her choice, though he sees her magical abilities alone to be sub-par. However he is dedicated to helping on her Mana control more efficiently, just expect Rin to be rather pushy everytime he keeps criticizing on her magic.
    Rin: "Ugh, this magical teaching is hard! Do I really need to do this?"
    Khadgar: *laughs* "I mean, you signed up for my class, and for being my first apprentice, I should credit you, but if you wish to be a better mage, you have to try harder."
    Rin: "I am! I just don't like this. Its too hard!"
    Khadgar: "Well if you wish, would you like to try another spell that is easier? Easier than your spells?"
    Rin: "Hey don't humiliate my skills! I swear I did better last time."
    Khadgar: "Then keep up."
    • Afterwards, Akko, seeking another master sorcerer sought his presence believing that he can teach her more versatile spells. He laughed the moment he met her, but seeing her the second time, and eventually the third time, he decided to take her to his wing as his second apprentice. Afterall, Akko's determination and heart is what motivated bringing her into his newly made class and has more expectations for other future apprentices in the future.
  • A frequent visitor of the Tavern, usually representing the mage class alongside Jaina and his former mentor. He is notable for also pulling double duty, being a mage minion on occasion, which sometimes led to confusion when he appears as both a minion and a hero. He brushes it off as just a mirror image gone wrong.
    Khadgar: "Impostor, I am the real Khadgar!"
    • At the same time, a call to arms was reached out towards him by his Dalaran associates towards the impending invasion of the city by the League of E.V.I.L, led by the infamous Arch-Thief Rafaam. Terrified by the idea of the city being hijacked of its magical valuables, a team-coordinated effort alongside Kalecgos has been made to ensure that anyone linked to the same group will be imprisoned (which is are the ascended founding members).
  • The Defenders of the Ancients believe he was the creator of the Pipe of Insight, formerly known as Khadgar's Pipe of Insight. He has no memory of ever creating said pipe but he decided to humor them by claiming he did it anyway.
  • He personally created a magic crystal ball, known as the Wondrous Wisdomball, that could teach novices on the way of magic or give advice in general. Overtime it grew to become pretty wacky and nonsensical with it's advices, freezing people at random or even casting spells on random targets just for the hell of it, enforcing the belief that he is a pretty shitty wizard. But other times he is been surprisingly helpful, protecting its students from harm of even saving them from a potential threat. The only flaw it has is that it doesn't really distinguish if whoever find is evil or not, so the Wondrous Wisdomball could fall on evil hands and not even realize it.
  • However, all seems lost following the Horde/Alliance wars instigated by the Banshee Queen, now Warchief of the Horde Sylvanas. With the Legion's third invasion thwarted, he hoped a better connection between the two forces, but following her bestowed as Warchief, she brought Azeroth back into the fray of the Alliance and Horde War, and seeing that all his efforts all went for nothing, he became distraught and went back to Karazhan, where he might find a solution to clean the planet away from Sargeras' Sword implanted within the surface. With the Banshee Queen's presence, he has no qualms killing her especially after what she has done after the events that have unfolded.
  • "Knowledge is power."

    Van Hohenheim 
Theophrastus Bombastus Van Hohenheim, God of Supernatural Youth (Van Hohenheim, Papa Hoho, Slave 23, Philosopher in the West, Hohenheim of Light)
  • Intermediate God (he's really a Greater God, but holds back)
  • Symbol: An alchemical flask
  • Theme Song: Rain (TV-size instrumental, full version)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kind-Hearted Blonde, Mysterious Parent, Really 450 Years Old, Half a Million Souls in Harmony, Fathers Who Disappeared In Fear of Outliving His Family, Mayfly–December Romance, Regretful of His Immortality, All-Loving Hero, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Domains: Immortality, Alchemy, Tragedy, Fathers
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric (his sons), Roy Mustang, Alex Louis Armstrong, Greed the Avaricious, AZ, Mufasa, Madame Foster, Android 17 and 18, Avatar Aang, J'onn J'onnz, The Sole Survivor, Jack Harkness, King Asgore Dreemur and Toriel, Katara, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Sokka
  • Commonality Connection with: Ermac
  • Enemies:
  • Van Hohenheim is the Mysterious Parent of the Elric brothers. A skilled alchemist, Hohenheim left the family when they were young, never sticking around to even see their mother die. However, Hohenheim wasn't simply a deadbeat father; he was an ageless, immortal being, a living Philosopher's Stone who feared both outliving his children and love. In addition, he had to deal with the machinations of the homunculi. On a side note, this also happens to be why the Elric brothers' parents weren't married. As a distant father, He gets along with Mufasa.
  • A different version of him, Hohenheim of Light, has different and more selfish motives from the main counterpart; he's a body surfer on the run from his psychotic ex-partner. The main Hohenheim was hesitant to interact with this incarnation due to stealing bodies, but felt less condemning due to his "Light"'s antonement.
    • When said psychotic ex-partner finally made it to the Pantheon, Dante presumed that he was Light and tried to coax him back into a relationship. He promptly informed her that this wasn't the case, that he already knew from Light that their old relationship was over, and that he and his sons want absolutely nothing to do with her.
  • Despite deeply regretting his immortality, when his death came the poor sod wanted to keep on living. Death gave him a nice send-off, but there was a part of Hohenheim that still wished to see his kids. With his ascension to godhood, he now gets to be a full part of their lives and never have to watch them die. He is somewhat jealous of yet incredibly sympathetic to Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel. This is because because they are guaranteed to grow old if they have kids, yet in spite of this outlived their son anyway.
  • Within Van Hohenheim exists the source of his alchemical powers; half a million souls dwell within his being. In time, he made friends with all of them, and while he's in charge they nonetheless guide him. This makes him a living philosopher's stone, and just as strong as Father in his prime. Since he values the souls in him, he rarely uses this power.
  • Due to the sheer mass of souls inside of him, Shang Tsung is just dying to get a taste of him. Hohenheim is advised to stay away from both him and Tirek, for obvious reasons. Oddly enough, some can usually see him conversing with Ermac, in hopes of learning how to give the souls inside him more autonomy.
  • The source of his immortality is a story of tragedy. He was the 23rd house slave in Xerxes, serving as an alchemist for the King of Xerxes. There, he would work with guidance from a homunculus, creating a massive transmuation circle. What he didn't know was that the ritual would kill everyone in Xerxes so the King would become immortal, and what only the homunculus knew was that he would be the one to get a strong, immortal body from all this. Being in the center, Hohenheim was given half the inhabitants of Xerxes, forced to live as the sole survivor of his land while half its inhabitants screamed in his head.
  • As the only survivor of Xerxes, he naturally gets along with the Sole Survivor and Avatar Aang. However none of this can compare to the absolute sympathy he feels for poor J'onn J'onnz, who had to deal with the death of his entire world around him. One of Hohenheim's goals in the pantheon is to try and safely restore the Martian Manhunter's people. He absolutely despises Griffith, due to his mass sacrifice and it being incredibly similar to Father's own destruction of Xerxes. He also hates Nagash the Undying, due to his desire to kill EVERYONE so that they may serve him as the undead.
  • Often spends time with Kraft and Holo, as they have the same issue of a Mayfly–December Romance. He also hangs out with Jack Harkness for an immortal companion.
  • In addition Papa Hoho became concerned with 17 and 18's love lives, due to their slowed aging. Though happy to discover they both found significant others and started families over time, his concern has since shifted to the twins' lack of contact after that. He was pleased to see them fully united again as two of the key players for Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, though briefly lamented when he thought that 17 had given his life in his attempt to protect Goku and Vegeta's fighting chance and cried Tears of Joy when he saw the boy had survived and went on to become the champion of the tounrnament. He's been cheerleading MVP chants whenever he heard them since then.
  • Once mistook Madame Foster for his good friend Pinako Rockbell. The two ended up becoming good friends over a drink though; Foster reminds him a lot of Winry's grandmother.
  • Was initially suspicious of AZ due to the whole "Ultimate Weapon" thing, but after meeting him sees the King of Kalos as an alright fellow whose actions were, if not justified, certainly understandable.
  • Is sometimes mistaken for Father, and people once believed they were the same. Though he's not Father, they do have a relationship; Homunculus first came to be due to Hohenheim donating his blood (in essence, making him a clone of Hohenheim), and used him as a template skin to survive outside his flask. As he was born out of Hohenheim's own being, Father exists as his shadow given life. Adding this a timeline where Father and Hohenheim were the same person, who planned to convert the people of Central into a Philosopher's Stone in order to free the world of sin. Hohenheim has thoroughly rejected this incarnation.
  • Considers Relius Clover revolting for what he did to his wife and kids.
  • On Alphonse's insistence, his sons passed him forward an invitation to a party to celebrate the seat transfer of Korra, and he ended up coming with Ed, Al, and Winry. He got a chuckle out of watching his sons, Korra, and the party's host Asami Sato fumble through Ed's attempt to introduce Winry to Asami when it turned out they already knew each other. Meanwhile, Van got to converse with Aang again, this time meeting Aang's wife Katara along with his companions. The Gaang took to him pretty well, with Toph even stating he reminded her of Zuko's uncle Iroh, which made Zuko feel temporarily guilty for not inviting the old man. Hohenheim just asked him to promise to introduce them later.
    • Since the party, Greed has approached him on how to converse with the souls in his Philosopher's Stone. When he inquired as to why, Greed stated that when he figured out that the Avatar and the Philosopher's Stone were both soul jars in a sense, he realized that whenever he saw Hohenheim spacing out and talking to himself, that's what he was actually doing. So far it's been a work in progress.

Lesser Gods

Alessi, God of De-Aging (Alessy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Sethan, lifting an axe up
  • Theme Music: His theme from "Heritage For the Future"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Stand(s): Set
  • Portfolio: Making Others Younger, Would Hurt a Child, Psycho for Hire, Casting a Shadow, Dirty Coward, Sadist, An Axe to Grind (To Fit His Personality)
  • Domains: De-aging, Axes, Sadism
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Basco ta Jolokia, Springtrap, Freddy Krueger
  • Enemies: Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Noriaki Kakyoin
  • Opposed by: Every single child deity
  • Alessi didn't ascend for the fact that he got affected by Fountain of Youth effect. He ascended because he himself has the power to make people younger. If someone touches his Stand Sethan, what manifests as a shadow-like being, they turn younger based on how long they have been touching it. For example, 22 something Jean-Pierre Polnareff touched it for a split second and got reduced to eight-year-old. And it can de-age someone to the point they will become a fetus. And it doesn't just de-age their body, but their mind and powers as well. And the only way to reverse the effects is to knock him unconscious.
  • Alessi's Stand benefits him greatly as he is frankly afraid of attacking adults. So not only would he hurt a child, but he practically banks on it.
    • Of course in the Pantheon he has been getting wary of how useful his Stand is so that he doesn't accidentally de-age someone to their prime like what he did with Joseph in one universe. And be careful of those who are really old. Especially after Asura came to teach him a lesson on hurting children and tanked through Sethan's powers.
  • He is quite self-aware that he is weird... but then claims that who admit them being weird cannot really be that weird, right?
  • Might be a fan of The Shining.
  • Once tried to hunt down Vash the Stampede out of his own personal reasons. Both of them came out alive, but Alessi in much worser condition.
  • While Alessi is more of a mercenary than anything, it is probably a good idea to make sure to keep him in line, as if he starts being too successful on his job, he might get overinflated ego and try to turn on you.
  • Likes to call himself and children "good boys". He is anything but and he probably doesn't mean it that much when referring to others.
  • While he might have the power to de-age people, it is probably not a good idea to outright ask him to it on one self. Mainly because he probably cannot guaranteed you get the right age you want, and that the effect can be reverted if something happens to him.

Kagura, Goddess of Maturity Based on Physical Age (The Destroyer of Yoma, Master Kagura)
Teen and Adult Kagura 
True Kagura 
  • Lesser Goddess (Child, Teen), Intermediate Goddess (Adult), Greater Goddess (True Kagura)
  • Symbol: Her flower-marked eyes
  • Theme Music: Power of the Red Orb, Future of Resolution as True Kagura
  • Alignment: True Neutral as a child, Lawful Neutral a Teen and Adult, Chaotic Neutral as True Kagura
  • Portfolio: Maturity Based on Physical Age, MacGuffin Super Person, Demon Slaying, Space Master, Will Explode If She Keeps On Fighting On Her Fully Powered State
  • Domains: Reincarnation, Space, Age, Mentalism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Orochi, The Mikami, Dougen, demonic entities in the Pantheon
  • In the shinobi world, there exist legends of a being calling herself Kagura. Having existed at least over 900 years, she has simple objectives: transform into human form from the Reincarnation Orb, grow stronger by killing yoma and eating their Reb Orbs, crystallized essences of their life force, proceed to destroy as many yoma as possible when she has fully awakened, and return back to Reincarnation Orb when her powers are too much for her to handle. This cycle will continue every 100 years until all yoma are eliminated.
    • As her power grows, so does her appearance. And with that, her mentality. In her weakest form, she started as an innocent Cheerful Child, though she later started to develop a playfully serious side. As she is growing, she turns into a mature but still oblivious teenager concern on growing stronger. As she is starting to reach the peak of her power, she becomes a somewhat arrogant adult, ready to slay yoma. If she reaches full awakening, she will become a berserker who will destroy everything in her hunt (though she has learned to not reach full berserker stage). She mainly alters between her Child and Adult appearance depending on the situation, with True form being reserved for then she needs to pull her weight and Teenager form rarely getting any use.
    • Also note that all of that are tied to the Red Orbs. She can actually grow weaker and smaller if you knock them out of her. We don't recommend eating the Red Orbs. Outside of Kagura, they have some interesting effects.
  • Her role as a demon slayer is at an interesting place as of now. She promised that she will not slay yoma anymore, as she is at stage where if she were to move on killing them, the power would drive her body to the limit, killing her and creating such heat that the after-effect would demolish the entire region of Kyoto. However, since that is only the case with yoma, she could kill other demons without any problem. Though as of now, she is mostly concerned on preventing yoma from manifesting in the first place.
  • Dante seemed to have offered her few jobs to get some off his back and see if she can slay normal demons jut fine. Kagura hasn't really accepted any of them since DMC demons tend to drop red orbs as well and she's not risking the potential reaction they would have on her.
  • Kagura is rather friendly forwards Kamui, as both of them are saviours of sort destined to awake periodically. And due the fact that Kagura decided to finally go against her fate, Kamui wonders if she can do the same.
  • She has gotten the interest of Palkia, as her fighting style mainly consist of her literally ripping the fabric of space open to create blades of energy.
  • There is some questions regarding who "the One who brings peace"/"the Almighty" she is referring to, as she claims to be the messenger of that person. Not even she is sure on it. However, considering the theming of her strongest attacks, as some of her taunts of her power, it seems that the One might be someone from the Shinto Pantheon.
    • Speaking of which, Susano'o was rather annoyed of another deity using his name for something (that being Kagura's Ultimate Ninja Art). However, when he considered what she might be, and how she killed Orochi, he isn't going to bother with her.
  • She spends quite a lot of time in House of Food, as she likes to experience new types of food, as she never had much time in her multiple reincarnations to do that.

    Kira Daidouji 
Kira Daidouji, Goddess of Improbable Age (The genius elementary school student striving for world domination, Kiraran, Swimsuit Lady, Kira Daidohji)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A figure of herself made out of blue slime
  • Theme Music: Poolside Dynamite!
  • Alignment: Fancies herself as Lawful Evil, though is more like Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: School Swimsuit, Forced To Go To Middle School Even Though She Has a PhD., Enfant Terrible, Motion Capture Blob Monster, Making a Splash, Take Over the World, Wrestling, Jerkass
  • Domains: Science, Costumes, Water, Slimes, Conquest, Youth
  • Allies: Catherine Kyoubashi, Dr. Eggman, Mei-Fang Dr. Wily, The Brain, Mao, Waldstein
  • Rivals: Kokonoe A. Mercury (self-proclaimed), Nitori Kawashiro
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Heart Aino
  • Enemies: Angelia Avalonne, Scharlachrot, world destroyers (how is she going to conquer the world without the world!?)
  • There were some discussion on what position Kira would apply to, ranging from School Swimsuit or Compulsory School Age. However, Kira denied all of those suggestions and insisted that she should get the position of Evil Child Genius. Due of her having a PhD. at a age of eleven, and already having plans to world domination (even if she has to begrudgingly help heroes constantly due of Evil Versus Oblivion), she was able to snatch the spot.
  • Tries to be with other evil geniuses in the Pantheon, but due of her needing to spend time in the Academy, she hardly ever has the time for that. As such, the only one she is really gets to spend time with is The Brain.
    • She also gets surprisingly fine with Mao. Even his "perverted" moments don't really mind her, as she already knows a professor who's a pervert. Plus the fact that two of them do have friends they care about, as much as it doesn't seem like it.
  • Fancies herself as a rival for Kokonoe, saying that ether and seith aren't that different. Kokonoe for the most part ignores her.
  • Multiple wrestling gods are surprised how well she can reform some grappling moves. Even of she needs a help of her slime to pull them off.
  • Has tried going into the House of Otherness to gather up Slimes to create new versions of her slime creation. And there is one rumour that she is trying to capture Arakune to do a similar thing...
  • Wants Tsukuyomi to keep her hands away from her. Yes, they might sound a like, but that doesn't mean she tolerates that psycho's behaviour. She seems to not have anything against Negi Springfield, even if he mistook her to Tsukuyomi once.
  • No family relation with Tomoyo Daidouji. Or the Daidouji who's in the opposite end of the size spectrum.

    Kor (Jak and Daxter
Kor, God of Evil "Wise Seniors" (Metal Kor, The Metal Head Leader)
Human Kor
Metal Kor 
  • Alignment: Apparently Neutral Good, but actually Chaotic Evil
  • Symbol: A Metal Head Skull Gem (A pulsating olive-green oval with yellow ripples)
  • Theme song: Final Battle with Metal Kor
  • Lesser God
  • Portfolio: Is a Metal Head who can take the form of a human, Has eight curved horns, Is an eight-limbed, scorpion-tailed monstrosity in his true form, Can use his tail as a weapon, Has four wings, four eyes, and is the fourth (And final) boss of Jak II, Attacks his own goons during his boss battle, Has Innocent Gray Eyes as part of his human form, Serves as the Greater-Scope Villain for the entirety of Daxter and most of Jak II, Plans on killing the Precursors and destroying all of Haven City, Uses a Huge Holographic Head to communicate with Kaeden in Daxter and Baron Praxis in Jak II, Only cares about himself and treats everyone else with indifference or cruelty, whether it be a partner, subordinate, or enemy
  • Domains: Deceit, Eldritch Abominations, Old men, Destruction
  • Heralds: Kaeden, his second-in-command
  • Allies: Xenomorph Drone, Noob Saibot, Megaguirus, The Terraformars, Shelob
  • Rivals: Beelzebub, Queen Sectonia
  • Enemies: Jak and Daxter, Samos and Keira Hagai, Ratchet, Clank, HerakleKabuterimon, Leto Atreides II
  • Feared by: Misty
  • In a binding contract with: The Old Gods
  • The chief of an ancient race of beasts known as the Hora Quan (Or as the humans call them, Metal Heads), Kor led his army against the Precursors a number of centuries ago, resulting in an unknown number of casualties on the Precursors' side. By stealing one of their rift gates, the Hora Quan were able to use it to travel to the planet where the humans lived. Hundreds of years later, Kor had succeeded in turning the once-pristine Sandover Village into a Crapsack World, led by an almost-equally immoral general named Baron Praxis, who nonetheless saw the Metal Heads as a danger to the city's infrastructure.
  • Not too long after a group of humans from the past were imprisoned by Praxis' police force after arriving in Haven, Kor had ordered his lieutenant Kaeden to begin a preliminary invasion on the city. Over the course of the next two years, Kaeden led the second-rate Metal Bugs to infest the city walls; meanwhile, the lieutenant himself stepped into the city masqueraded as a human inspector who closed down every pest-exterminating company in the city. Kaeden's reputation as an irritable and unpleasable critic sent shivers down the spine of every fumigator, for they knew his presence marked the end of their livelihoods. The very last of these businesses, Kridder Ridder, proved to be an unexpectedly strong factor in defeating these nuisances, courtesy of a certain "Daxter" fellow. Although Kaeden eventually managed to shutter Kridder Ridder as well, the Metal Bugs' invasion would ultimately flop. Kor was aware that his first wave of threats wasn't working, and announced to his subordinate that he had a brilliant scheme should Daxter overcome the Metal Bugs entirely. Predictably, Daxter was able to exterminate Kaeden and reunite with his friend, a light-haired prisoner named Jak. Little did the two of them know, the Metal Head commander had been waiting for them outdoors...
  • Kor had gone a step above Kaeden when it came to his scheme; whereas Kaeden was antagonistic and middle-aged, Kor had taken on the form of an old man and developed a much calmer persona. This allowed him to get close to the members of the Haven City Underground Movement (Which Jak had become a recruit for) for a while, succeeding in all of the fields where Kaeden had failed by not making himself look even remotely irascible. In the process, he manipulated an unknowing Jak into retrieving the last Precursor egg from the Tomb of Mar, believing he could absorb the essence inside of it to strengthen himself and bring a golden age to the Metal Heads. He also knew that while Jak couldn't open the egg because his dark eco infusion had tainted his body, his younger self had not yet been corrupted with the material and therefore was able to hatch it. With the revelation that the Precursors themselves are actually ottsels and the essences mere holograms, this leaves the true purpose of the egg a mystery, even to the somewhat-knowledgeable Kor.
  • Upon reevaluating his concept of a human masquerade and the complexity of his plans with the Precursor Stone, the other members of the House of Age & Youth elected to ascend him, giving him another chance to create a new generation of Metal Heads and find yet another way to obliterate Haven City. Not to mention, having learned from an unknown source that the Precursors were still well and alive, he aimed to tear apart their society until nothing remained. Of course, he could not simply repeat the same trick he used prior, which meant he would have to search elsewhere for aid.
    • Once Keira and Samos learned of his ascension, they immediately warned Jak and Daxter that the Metal Heads would resurge soon. Nowadays, the two of them will search the Wasteland deserts in hopes of finding the Hora Quan and ensuring they won't accomplish their goals.
  • While scouring the Wasteland outside the border of Haven, he ran into a colossal, dragonfly-like kaiju named Megaguirus, who just happened to be looking for prey someplace without being greeted by decked-out human militaries pointing their weapons at her. Kor explained that whatever her deal was, she would have to ally herself with the Hora Quan and promised that both parties would gain an advantage once they warmed up to each other. Luckily for Kor, Megaguirus didn't give them any hassle and soon allied herself and her subordinates, the Meganulon, with the Metal Head army.
  • In the weeks that followed, the Metal Head-Meganulon alliance gained traction; evil deities from the Insects and Arthropods houses like the Terraformars and Shelob, respectively, saw it as a call to strengthen their reputations and got on the boat. Strangely enough, even non-arthropods like Noob Saibot respected Kor for his dedication to ridding the universe of the Precursors, stopping by every so often to summon the forces of Netherrealm when Kor's alliance was in dire straits.
    • Not all, though, have wished to make themselves a part of this alliance. For one, there's Beelzebub; he is aware that affiliating himself with another master would mean betraying Lucifer, his current superior, — in response, he has informed the entire GUAC Lords of Chaos to oppose the Hora Quan alliance. Queen Sectonia also refuses to join because of her horrible experiences with the previously-mentioned Terraformars and her finding the Metal Heads and everyone else involved in the team-up to be just as repulsive in appearance.
    • He has also developed a potent hatred for Leto Atreides II, who like him can take on both a human and an invertebrate form (Though not an arthropod, but an annelid in Leto's case). The rationale for his hatred of Shai-Hulud are the Sandworms' generally Lawful-aligned mentality in contrast to the destructive behavior of the Metal Heads, as well as him believing that Shai-Hulud might have signed a pact with the Precursors to help them against the Hora Quan, which explains the Sandworms having acting so aggressively toward them the minute they met.
  • He's also gotten along well with a certain chest-bursting race of extraterrestrials called the Xenomorphs. This comes as a surprise to almost every other deity because of their tendency to be on horrible terms with pretty much everyone they encounter. This partnership may have come to be due to them having the same thirst for violence as the Metal Heads, their gray-skinned bodies, and Kor himself having a few things in common with the Xenomorph Queen caste (I.e. Long and thick tail, giant ovular heads, largest member of their respective races, and both capable of reproduction).
  • Given that Kor's selfishness has sparked quite a few protests from his partners already, Kaeden and the Metal Bug Hive Queens (Being more arthropod-like in nature than any of the mainline Metal Head species) have been considerate enough lately to assist with calming them down. Unbeknownst to Kor, they have long talked about overthrowing their overlord, uneasy over the fact that he will continue mistreating them and take all of the credit once he ultimately gets around to eradicating all of Precursorkind. But for now, Kaeden and company act as though they are undyingly obedient to the cause they have abided by for the past several centuries.
  • The Nerubian, Qiraj, and Mantid races eventually heard about the Metal Head conglomeration, in turn prompting them to announce to the Old Gods that siding with them would be entirely beneficial. Although one of them (C'Thun) has a close partnership with Kor's rival Sectonia, the others have agreed to allow Kor to operate as a double-agent, so long as he doesn't decide to backstab any of his partners (Which, due to Kor's tendency to view anyone other than himself as tools, is rather probable).


    Peter Pan 
Peter Pan, God of Eternal Youth (The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, Proud And Insolent Youth, Little Flying Eagle, Peter Banning, The Pan, Pan the Man, Pan the Avenger)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Shadow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with shades of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Never Growing Up due to coming to the conclusion that Growing Up Sucks, Flight, Fun Personified, using a knife for fighting
  • Domains: Children, Adventure, Youth
  • Heralds: The Lost Boys
  • Followers: Those who want to never grow up physically.
  • High Priest: Rufio
  • Allies: Tinkerbell, Sora, Miyuki Hoshizora, Aqua
  • Enemies: Captain Hook, Risky Boots.
  • Opposes: Sam Flynn
  • Friendly Rivalry: Terra
  • Conflicting Opinion: Wendy Darling
  • Neither a good nor an evil god. He enjoys luring children away to Neverland to be his playmates and never grow up. Due to his very nature he is an outcast; the children he takes never stay forever, ultimately he is the only child in history who never grew up and this can be a lonely existence. Though Peter generally shrugs this off.
  • Also works with Death of the Endless, leading deceased children to the afterlife (or to Neverland) so that they won't be scared.
  • When Miyuki Hoshizora ascended, Pan was rained with massive Squee-ing and learned that Miyuki crushed on him before ascension, long when his tales were mere fairy tale and before his ascension. Impressed greatly, she's honored with the position as one of his "Lost Children", which temporarily shocked Miyuki and had her saying, "I-I'm not lost or anything! Happupuuu~", then accept the offer anyway.
  • Was really confused at how someone (8-Bit Mickey) dressed up as him for a quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • Does not like Sam Flynn because of his resemblance to Captain Hook in his youth. Sam doesn't even know how to react, but just ignores this.
  • The House of Theater often does plays on the time Peter Pan brought Wendy Darling and her brothers to Neverland. Due to tradition, Peter is always played by a young woman. Although Wendy has long since died of old age, Peter is quite glad that her legacy will live on forever.
  • He and Sora are capable of performing the Neverland Limit Break when fighting together. Whenever they attack, expect images from their first meeting to appear in the field.
  • Was surprised to find Terra in the Pantheon. Though Terra was once tricked by Captain Hook into fighting him, neither of them hold any ill-will towards each other and even spar occasionally.
  • When word of Captain Hook's ascension reached Peter, his first reaction was to let out signature rooster caw with joy. Now that his old nemesis has arrived, Pan can resume his old battles and putting the old "Codfish" in his place.
  • Someone attempted to pin down Neverland's location and theorizes that it's actually somewhere in Earth. Specifically, Turneffe Atoll at the Caribbean Islands. Of course, Peter has no plans on confirming this nor does he care.

    Stephen and Lucy Steel 
Stephen and Lucy Steel, Divine Representatives of Marriages Between Elders and Minors (Steven Steel, Lucy Pendleton)
  • Demigods, Lucy is a potential Overdeity with her Stand, Ticket to Ride
  • Symbol: The Steel Ball Run trophy
  • Theme Song: Last Train Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Old Man Marrying a Child (actually an Intergenerational Friendship), Ugly Guy, Hot Wife
  • Domains: Marriages, Age, Friendship
    • Stephen: Entrepreneurship, Races
    • Lucy: Probability, Attraction
  • Allies: Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, Jonathan Joestar, Erina Pendleton, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, their universe’s Josuke Higashikata, Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne Cujoh, Solid Snake, Madoka Kaname, Roland Deschain, Jesse McCree, Raiden (Metal Gear), The Boss, Theodore Roosevelt, Jade Chan and Tohru
  • Enemies: Funny Valentine, Dio Brando, Enrico Pucci, Steven Armstrong, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Randall Flag, rapists, The Enclave
  • Opposes: Diego Brando, Solidus Snake
  • Arriving on horseback, Lucy and Stephen Steel reunited with Johnny and Gyro once they heard Funny Valentine returned in the Pantheon. They’re grateful but Johnny is miffed that he owes both of them a few more debts. They managed to ascend under a rather Squick title much to their chagrin. Once one hears of their backstory though, it becomes more understandable. Stephen met a child Lucy when he was going through a rough patch in his life, to which she gave him the basic rundown of the Steel Ball Run race which got him back on his feet. They met again years later but not in the best circumstances, as Lucy’s father was forced her to be pimped to a gang. Stephen hatched a plan to rescue Lucy, resulting in their marriage. Fortunately unlike some old people, Stephen doesn’t treat Lucy as a wife and the two have a strong platonic relationship with one another.
  • Applies to both of them
    • Were initially confused why there are multiple JoJos and Zeppelis, another Dio, another person who had the surname of Pendleton, and a guy named Speedwagon who looks a bit like Mountain Tim. Johnny explained to them the original JoJo universe, getting them up to speed. Though they wonder why Johnny had to include the part about the dancing gangsters. They get along with the mainline Joestar lineage well enough. They also noted how much Jonathan’s descendants contrasted with him by a mile, something that irks Jonathan until now.
    • The two were pleased to see a number of heroic cowboy deities were in the pantheon, who's convictions and geniality remind them of Mountain Tim. Given the era they come from, fondness for cowboys comes with the territories. They were also glad to learn of Theodore Roosevelt and his achievements as president from 1901-1909. It's not know if T.R exists in the SBR universe or if he becomes president, but he'll certainly try to.
    • Both are uncomfortable around Solidus Snake for being similar to Funny Valentine in some ways. The know he had good reasons for his villainy but those parallels don’t allow them to have a higher opinion on him. They find themselves siding with Solid Snake and Raiden because of it.
    • The idea of Armstrong ever becoming president is a worrying idea for them, regarding his vision for America to be a chaotic counterpart to Valentine's vision. What Randall Flagg did to the part of America he took over was particuarly hellish for them, as was the Enclave who might be even more xenophobic than what Valentine's America would be.
  • Exclusive to Stephen:
    • Stephen Steel is the organizer and host of the Steel Ball Run race, a great horse racing event. He's been interested in the various horse deities in the House of Ungulates. Centaur Man was annoyed that he wasn't allowed to participate since he's not technically riding a horse.
    • Wondered how the Pantheon’s economy works so he went to the House of Commerce to check. There he met Nigel West Dickens, a merchant from the Wild West who showed him the ropes around the place. Stephen knows that Nigel is likely trying to wrap him in some scheme but considering he got wrapped into an incident about a monkey dressed as an alien that destroyed his reputation for awhile, he’s sure he can handle whatever Nigel can cook up.
    • Is a bit miffed that there are still people who still thinks he’s a Dirty Old Man for his wife alone. He shares this with Jon Arryn who did get a wife to have an heir and the two became drinking buddies. At least they aren’t the Boltons. He's pretty creeped out by Walder Frey by, along with generally utterly contemptible and a Slimeball, being a very dirty and very old man who marries young girls. Jade and Tohru were weirded out, but calmed down and got along with the too when realizing their marriage was really an Intergenerational Friendship.
    • Bonded with Foo Fighters over their hairstyles being similar. They really don’t like it when someone makes fun of their hair and call them “eggshells”.
  • Exclusive to Lucy:
    • Lucy gained the Stand, Ticket to Ride once the Holy Corpse absorbed itself into her which practically makes her invincible. As the Holy Corpse is locked up, she doesn’t have access to this power and people whether or not it actually is her Stand or not.
    • Made friends with Haru Okumura, who was going to be married but got out of it. Also made friends with Sakura who Lucy is pretty surprised at how stable she is after all the hardships she went through in life. She and Stephen met Madoka Kaname and Lucy sees Madoka as a little sister she never had. Madoka is surprised that she and Lucy are closer to the same age than it seems.
    • Once got pregnant with the head of Jesus. No, we are not joking. She got better though and can safely say she has experienced a virgin birth. Ned Flanders went into confused panicking at how unorthodox this was to his fundamentalist Christian faith, however he remains friendly to Lucy herself. The House of FAITH wants to understand how it works.
    • Still doesn’t like Diego. Sure, the Attempted Rape wasn’t actually from him but a Diego from another reality, he’s still an asshole through and through. Still, neither of them are as bad as the OG Dio Brando. And she hates rapists due to Funny Valentine's Attempted Rape of her.


    Aemon Targaryen 
Aemon Targaryen, The Long-Lived God (Maester Aemon)

    Nana Abe 
Nana Abe, Goddess of Unclear Ages
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Claims to be Lawful Good, is actually Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: あべ なな next to a crescent moon with rabbit ears
  • Theme song: Märchen Debut and Märchen∞Metamorphose
  • Portfolio: Vague Age, Womanchild, Older Than She Looks, Bad Liar, Bunnies for Cuteness, Cloudcuckoolander, Large Ham, Maintain the Lie, Saying Too Much
  • Domains: Music, Age, Rabbits
  • Allies: The ascended Cinderella Girls, Lopunny, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Hibari
  • While she might seem like an ordinary Meido, Nana is originally from the planet Usamin to fight evil aliens and defend the least, that's what she claims. In reality, Nana's just a normal human trying to keep a facade of being an alien that no one believes because of her inability to tell a convincing lie without adding outrageous details.
  • The court of the gods ascended Nana to her position due to her skills at keeping her age a secret from everyone. Despite Nana's claims of being "eternally 17", many deities believe her to be closer to 20 because of the time her mother called her to vote. They quickly changed their guesses to be closer to 27 when Sanae implied Nana to be around her age.
  • Unlike many idols who create convincing personas for their on-stage selves, Nana's "Planet Usamin" persona is very unconvincing to many, not only because of how much Nana's character requires another person to follow along with her, but also because of her inability to keep her stories straight, frequently creating holes in her stories that she has to patch up with more lies.
  • Because of her association with rabbits, Nana gets along well with other rabbit themed deities such as Reisen, Lopunny and Hibari.
  • When not in her temple or performing, Nana can frequently be seen working as a maid at the House of Food or practicing her acting at the House of Theater.
  • Nana was surprised she didn't get a spot in the house of Extraterrestrials since she expected everyone to believe her claims that she's an alien when she's never done anything alien-like before.
  • Despite their similarly spelled names, Nana's not to be confused for a creator of multiple Pokemon species.

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