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Greenlands and Guardians | Trees and Flowers | Miscellaneous Flora

The Hall of Greenlands and Guardians is a jungle surrounded by a large grassland. This grassland is a peaceful respite for gods to visit, while the jungle is a constantly humid area of tangling plants full of exotic fauna. In all, it forms a duality of both the serenity and the power plant growth can bring. Because its oft-visited, environmental laws are very strict and anyone who litters risk being banned from the house.

Be wary of those who guard the jungles and grasslands. Most are good people, but they do not tolerate those who'd seek to damage the house. A road has been made for the jungle areas, after too many complaints of people getting lost

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Greater Gods

Mordremoth, God of Deadly Jungles (Elder Dragon of Plant and Mind, Jungle Dragon, Morty)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: Tangled thorned vines.
  • Theme Song: Dragon's Stand, Mordremoth Battle, Mouth of Mordremoth
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Bad of Heart of Thorns, Covering Lands And Corpses With His Plants And Vines, Elder Dragon, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Sounds Deep, Gigantic Serpentine Physical Form, Green Thumb, Imitating Creatures With Plant Matter, Reptilian And Amphibian Minions, The Jungle Itself, Usage of Parasite Zombies
  • Domains: Dragons, Nature, Mind, Corruption
  • Heralds: The Mordrem
  • Allies: Durathror, Exdeath, Flowey, Audrey II, Venomancer, Ridley, Nurgle
  • Rivals: Zhaitan, Deathwing, Nefarian, Alduin, Acnologia
  • Enemies: Ventari, Grenth, Rexxar, Nathan Drake, Kurama, Shaymin, Treebeard, Venusaur, Malfurion Stormrage, Tarzan, Viridi,Bahamut, Spyro, Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax, Maya Fallegeros, Lord Tirek, Vol'jin, Donkey Kong, Sand King, Tusk, Ornstein and Smough, Malygos, Shub-Niggurath
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ysera
  • Interested In: Tyrantrum, some of the Monsters
  • Terrifies: Deities made out of or has a lot of magic within them (Such as deified Undertale monsters, Equestrian deities, Xerath, Reinforce Zwei)
  • It was an ominous day when a large jungle appeared in the Pantheon out of nowhere in close proximity to the House of Plants. Curious but cautious, Vol'jin decided to explore the jungle with a bunch of his fellow trolls. Not too long after the expedition began, Vol'jin's group got ambushed by plantlike monsters and humanoids, some killed and some captured by them. Vol'jin ordered the remaining trolls to fall back and escape the jungle while he investigates the last parts alone. After braving poisonous air and fighting dangerous monsters, Vol'jin finally discovered that the jungle is host to a massive jungle dragon, and he managed to learn its name before escaping from the jungle. His friends was relieved to see that he's alright, but he brought news of a new deity, whose name provoked a "Oh, Crap!" reaction from Grenth. Mordremoth, the Elder Dragon of Plant and Mind, has ascended.
    • Ancient, powerful beings of unknown origin, the Elder Dragons awaken to balance magic (it's been estimated that they awaken roughly every 10,000 years) and will consume everything on Tyria and eventually reduce it to a low level of magic before going to slumber once more. The magic will then bleed out to the world, eventually restarting the cycle. Elder Dragons are thus attracted to magic, something that scares deities who're made out of magic.
    • The Maguuma jungle was already a horrible labyrinthine death trap, filled with Demonic Spiders, death by missteps and poison hazes that kills in seconds. Then Mordremoth woke up. Now there's patrolling Mordrem, Mordremfied Demonic Spiders, thorned vines making navigation difficult (there's even tendrils that will attack on sight), and poisonous vines threatening trespassers. And on top of that, Mordremoth IS the jungle.
    • While the Elder Dragons are akin to forces of nature, they still hunger like any mortals. What Elder Dragons feed on, however, is magic. When Lord Tirek heard of that, he tried to use Mordremoth as a source of mana to drain from. For his trouble, he suffered from corruption and an extra-unhealthy dose of Body Horror, and had no choice but to empty himself of mana to save himself. Tirek has since sworn vengeance against Mordremoth for this humiliation.
    • In order for his Mordrem to grow, they need to capture living creatures to starve to death and study. Then when they die, their bodies become fertilizers for plant matter. The matter is then used to grow imitations of the captured creatures. Even strong heroes can be imitated. For this reason, powerful deities are hesitant to fight Mordremoth and his minions, for if they get captured, the Elder Dragon may very well get a massive advantage. Alternately, Mordremoth's plants takes over corpses to provide minions.
  • Of the House of Plants, Mordremoth is the only deity of that house who does not have his temple within it, instead having it located inside his jungle nearby. Speaking of the House of Plants, some of the more villainous plant deities has become his allies, though it's uncertain if they're allies out of respect or out of fear.
  • Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer practically fell in love with the poison hazes within the jungle, and performed research to see if he could incorporate them into his abilities. While there was some resistance from Mordrem, Lesale made short work of them with his deadly poison. Not in the mood to fight, Mordremoth offered the Venomancer a deal. Lesale helps him out when he needs it, and he gets to research all the jungle poison he wants. Venomancer accepted the offer.
  • With the fall of his dragon champion, Mordremoth is also scouting for a new champion. At the moment his eyes are on Ridley, a dragon who's often second-in-command and used to getting physically changed and drastically so. If the plans works out, the Pantheon might encounter a Mordrem version of Ridley. BE VERY AFRAID.
  • Nathan Drake is very unnerved by the dragon, especially since he had a near-capture experience when he explored the jungle and barely escaped with his life. It doesn't help that Mordremoth's voice sounds like a terrifying and deep version of his own...
  • Rexxar is staying away from Mordremoth's territory after hearing that Mordremoth has made minions out of wyverns and wolves.
  • An unlikely ally showed up in the form of Flowey the Flower. When Flowey offered an alliance with the jungle dragon, Mordremoth stared silently at the flower for five seconds straight before telling him to be gone for wasting his time. However, Flowey warned him that in a few hours, there would be a secret surprise attack north from the jungle. Mordremoth had trouble believing him, but had some Mordrem stationed there just in case. To his surprise, the flower was right and there really was a surprise attack. Now intrigued instead of dismissive, Mordremoth learned about the ability to SAVE from Flowey, and decided that the small and seemingly innocent flower might be worthwhile after all.
  • Many within the Pantheon was surprised to hear that Mordremoth has formed an alliance with Nurgle, of all people, with many assuming that Nurgle's disease and decay would hurt the more nature oriented Mordremoth. As Magnus the Red explained, however, Mordremoth and Nurgle are actually more similar than most would initially think, as both embody nature in their own ways (okay, so one's less obvious about it but still). After all, disease and decay is natural. Not to mention that both can inflict Body Horror on people.
  • The Catachan Devil has apparently decided that Mordremoth's jungle should be its new home, and promptly lived in. Surprisingly, it hasn't been attacked by the Mordrem ever since it moved in. Seems like that Mordremoth has decided that there's no reason to convert it when it can already take care of any possible intruders and thus let his Mordrem pay attention to more important matters on hand.
  • It's been noticed that a good chunk of Mordremoth's minions tend to be saurian. Perhaps that's why he's interested in Tyrantrum and some of the deified monsters, who're certainly reptilian and looks like good material for Mordrem to be formed out of.
  • Mordremoth's corruption also tries to spread to the House of Earth and Metal, seemingly unhindered by the sand and rocks. Its initial invasion point is on the Sand King's desert area, meaning that Crixalis has been working hard lately to keep the corruptive vegetative off his favorite spot on the Pantheon. Vicious sandstorms and earthquakes has become more common on Crixalis' territory as a result.
  • When Ymir the Tusk heard that there's Mordrem Bristlebacks, he immediately dashed to the jungle, erroneously thinking that Mordremoth captured his rival somehow and is making clones out of him, only to find that it's an entirely different kind of Bristleback. Though relieved that he was mistaken, Tusk has become aware through his own experience that Mordremoth poses a genuine threat.
  • As one would expect from the duo, Ornstein and Smough tried to take on Mordremoth. While they did reasonably well against the jungle and the Mordrem, they turned around and fled when they saw just how gigantic Mordremoth's physical avatar is.
  • When Malygos heard of Mordremoth and how the Elder Dragons feeds on magic as a natural cycle of life, Malygos thought that maybe the jungle dragon could be a strong ally since their goals are seemingly similar. That is, until Malygos learned that mass extinctions occur when the Elder Dragons awaken and begins devouring magic, at which point Malygos changed his mind about Mordremoth. After all, it reminded him of how his dragonflight almost went extinct because of Deathwing.
  • Ysera is utterly baffled at the fact that a being like Mordremoth can even exist. Worse, he represents everything wrong about what she stands for (Both Her's and Mordremoth's powers are very similar). Mordemoth on his part is interested in the Dream Weaver and has special plans for Emerald Dream (He wonders particularly if it's connected with the Dream of Dreams somehow) if Ysera tries to do anything funny.

Intermediate Gods

    Malfurion Stormrage 
Malfurion Stormrage, God of Druids (Shan'do, The Archdruid, Furion, Prophet, The Druid, Ramp Druid and variants of "X" Druid, Malfurion the Pestilent)
Malfurion the Pestilent 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: a Antler headed Night Elf
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Druids, Friend to All Living Things, Weather Manipulation, Blow You Away, Green Thumb, Healing Hands, Horned Humanoid, ShapeShifter
  • Domains: Good, Nature, Wind, Healing, Strength
  • Allies: Tyrande Whisperwind (His Wife), Alexstrasza, Thrall, Baine Bloodhoof, various Radiant Heroes, Nozdormu, good deities in the House of Nature, Ventari, Harth Stonebrew, Orion
  • Enemies: Hexxus, evil deities in the House of Nature especially Mordremoth, Looten Plunder, Girahim, Diablo, Fortinbras, Satan, The Beast, Lucifer, Griffith, Gul'dan, Terrorblade.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Illidan Stormrage, Lord Kroak
  • Is highly respected by everyone in the House of Beasts due to his respect for nature.
  • While he considers himself an enemy of demon kind (hence his list of enemies), due to his tolerant nature, he's willing to give the Dark Is Not Evil amongst their kind a chance.
  • Lucifer managed to piss Furion off by saying that Chaos philosophy is inspired by nature. Alas, many who suscribe to Chaos don't fully understand nature's way. Nature isn't wanton or cruel, it just does what it has to in order to survive.
  • He along with Alexstrasza have had their hands full trying to keep a lid on Viridi's temper. Given the threat her Reset Bombs pose, they have proposed to keep the harm to nature under control before it gets out of hand.
  • Was once counted amongst the Defenders of the Radiant Ancient as the Prophet. However, Furion has since retired to concentrate on druidism and the problems in Azeroth. He did leave a successor, a prophet called Tequoia, who eventually styles himself as solely Nature's Prophet.
    • There was once a belief that he used to be the father of Anti-Mage. While there was no ill-will from Furion's side, he chose to keep the memory hidden within the Emerald Dreams and lets Anti-Mage go around with his magic-hating spree, including hating Furion for druidic magic.
  • Eventually, feeling nostalgic over his time as a Defender of the Ancients, Furion has also registered himself to a battle arena between Blizzard deities. As the archdruid, not prophet!
    • Afterwards, he has also kept his eye on Usagi Tsukino, wondering if his wife Tyrande has been watching her too much...
  • Once while traversing the forests, he got tied up to a tree and pronounced 'Man and tree' by Lyralei/Windranger. To her surprise, Furion smiled and responds, "Why, yes, child. I do love this tree. And every trees in the wild."
  • He eventually reunited with his rogue brother Illidan thanks to participating in the battlefield of Blizzard deities. While he certainly felt nostalgic on the times they actually fought together as brothers, he just worries if his brother gets into trouble again.
  • Hates Rose Potter due to how violent she is and renounces that she is NOT a druid.
  • One of his favourite hobbies is playing the sax. He usually challenges various gods in his free time and always beats them easily. Many have taken lessons from him to learn how he manages to perform so perfectly. When someone doesn't perform well he always remark them:
    "That's not how you sax, bro..." *cue sax*
    • Gul'dan has challenged him to a sax duel given that the Orc is actually pretty good at the sax too. Many are eagerly waiting for these two behemoths to cross paths.
    • Another one of his hobbies is playing a card game with other of his fellow Blizzards deities... and Garrosh.
  • At one certain time, Malfurion heard that the House of the Sun under Amaterasu was under attack. But he was too late to participate, although he heard things worked out well. What took his notice that it seems he sensed a piece of power falling to the mortal world, and to his shock... it fell to a certain 'Darnassus'... Turns out, it heralded the ascension of his wife. Cue a very much heartwarming reunion.

Metallia, Goddess of Deadly Swamps (Metallica, The Swamp Witch, Lia)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Prone to fluctuation based on the presence of her swamp muck)
  • Symbol: Her witch hat over her broom
  • Theme Song: Dear Metallia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Personification of the Nibelheine Swamp, Wicked Witch with pitiable circumstances and occasional show of kindness, foul yet strangely censored cussing, preference for her cooler name, bad karma and betrayal for good deeds
  • Domains: Swamps, Witches, Magic
  • Heralds: The Hundred Knight, Arlecchino, Viscole Dotrish (her minions)
  • Allies: Lucifer
  • Odd Friendship with: Akko Kagari
  • Enemies: Mordremoth, Tirek, The Wicked Witch of the West, Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Opposes or Opposed by: All foul-mouthed deities, Shrek, Sgt. Roebuck, Pvt. Miller, Pvt. Polonsky, Sgt. Conlin, Gunnery Sgt. Minoso, Pvt. Gaines, and Corpsman Sullivan, Banzai Chargers, Metallica, Risotto Nero, The Crimson Court, Star Butterfly, Marisa Kirisame
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Many of the Nippon Ichi deities, Schierke, Hermione Granger
  • Impressed by: The Racing Drones
  • Conflicting Opinion: Malygos
  • Friendly Rival: Mordred
  • Metallia is the Swamp Witch of Niblhenne, a highly toxic swamp residing within a large forest in Medea. Metallia was at war with Malia the Forest Witch for 100 years, before finally turning the tides by summoning the legendary being known as the Hundred Knight. Upon getting Malia out of the way, Metallia has the Hundred Knight release the "Pillars" that keep the swamp sealed, allowing her to spread it and thus extend her power and reach. Metallia would meet Visco, a princess who was cursed to have dog-like features, Lucchini, a beastman astrologer who desires to become her apprentice, and Mani, a smart-mouthed "punk" fairy who serves as the Hundred Knight's backup guide, all of whom join her in her journey (Visco unwillingly anyway).
    • After getting back at the other witches for pranking her and forcing them to recognize her as a real witch, Metallia is invited to become the court witch of Amataya, only to be caught up in a conspiracy to frame witches as evil and exterminate them. Even though the Hundred Knight saves Metallia from execution and defeats the evil Scum Witch Belda, Lucchini betrays Metallia and helps his wicked father, Totopepe, murder everyone at Amataya's castle, including Visco. Lucchini reveals himself to be an astrologist who saw the end of the world countless times, and resents Metallia for not being able to stop it. Metallia and the Hundred Knight escape to another universe created by the former, reviving those killed except for Visco, before finally avenging Visco's death by defeating Totopepe. Metallia spares Luchini, forcing him to live with the weight of his sins before journeying underground to meet the Great Witch Uraraka for the means to revive Visco.
    • Surprised that Uraraka was the witch who raised her in her youth, Metallia learns to her horror that Uraraka created her from a seed for the express purpose of draining the swamp with her magic, with the swamp itself actually being remnants of the ancient entity of destruction, Nikke. Uraraka hoped that by draining the swamp, the Green Spots Plague and Nikke would finally be eliminated for good at the cost of getting rid of magic and sacrificing Metallia. Malia, despite being a co-conspirator, was actually trying to find an alternative to sacrificing Metallia and went against Uraraka's orders. Before any more can be done, Metallia is betrayed by Mani, who reveals herself to Aguni, a witch who was also Nikke's lover. Mani used Metallia and the Hundred Knight, a small piece of Nikke to bloom the Pillars (Nikke's Bones) and kills Uraraka to break the seal on Nikke so they can take their revenge on the Land of Medea. Metallia accepts her fate as the next seal, breaking her contract with the Hundred Knight, only for the latter to convince the former to instead fight Nikke, and the two are able to successfully kill him and Aguni, finally putting an end to their threat once and for all. Metallia sacrifices herself to revive Visco, but a seed is left behind, allowing all of Metallia's friends to plant her and restore her to life years later.
  • Her temple resembles her home in Medea's Nibelheine Swamp, a small cottage surrounded by a moat filled with swamp muck from her home world. The swamp muck is made up of highly concentrated mana that is known to kill low ranking deities. It also really, really stinks. Because of this, protection is recommended when going near her temple. High level magic resistance or Anti-Magic also helps though sometimes even that isn't enough to combat the smell.
    • Metallia, being born from the swamp itself, has total control over the mana within the swamp muck, making her very dangerous within it's proximity, possessing Greater God-level abilities when plenty of it is present. However, using powerful magic drains the swamp and being away from her swamp for too long without anything to support her can weaken her considerably.
  • Because of the nature of her and her swamp, she has restricted access to the House of Magic, fearing that the mana might actually revitalize Tirek. To say, Metallia hates Tirek is an understatement and regularly makes death threats against him. Tirek, in turn, has been taunting Metallia to make good on her threats, hoping to see her and her mana become eventually become his. In spite of this, Metallia usually backs down. She has read enough about Tirek to know how dangerous he is as he gains more mana and the last thing she wants is for Tirek to become as powerful as the destroyer god from her world. Even if there is a possibility that the swamp muck could be too much and actually kill him, she doesn't want to take the risk.
    • Moredremoth is even worse as, unlike Tirek, he isn't sealed away. Having learned about Metallia's swamp muck, he has made several attempts at trying to attain it for himself, sending minions to her temple. Metallia, having regularly dealt with enemy plant life from her mother, Malia the Forest Witch, was able to keep them at bay. Still, she finds the whole thing really annoying as it was like fighting Tirek and Malia at the same time. However, unlike her century long fight with Malia, Moredremoth is actually trying to win (Malia was just pushing her until the swamp dried up from Metallia overusing her magic).
    • Malygos will once awhile come in to help her protect her swamp but it's only to make sure the mana in her swamp does not fall into the wrong hands and it's a partnership that neither of them like. Metallia hates Malygos' for trying to reign her in while Malygos sees her as a brat who thinks magic is a toy. Not helping is Metallia trying to treat him as her pet dragon, which great annoys him. Still, he usually gets the last laugh when he calls her "Lia", resulting in Metallia trying to blast him for it. It never works and he calls her out on wasting mana on him, leading her to return to her homeworld to bring in more swamp muck.
  • For whatever reason, the Pantheon does not let her swearing go uncensored, which is strange considering that most other foul-mouthed deities are allowed to cuss freely.
  • Lucifer appealed to Metallia's rather restrictive situation, claiming that joining the GUAC will aid her in keeping her swamp safe and will allow the true freedom she had been seeking for so long. While she liked the idea and the nature of GUAC appealed to her far more than any of the other alliances, she read enough about Lucifer to know the lengths he'd go through to fulfill his goals, noting that he's no better than many of the backstabbers she had dealt with in the past. She eventually chose to support him, but made it very clear that if she feels that he or anyone in GUAC is taking advantage of her trust, she will immediately turn on the GUAC. Lucifer agreed to her terms and ever since then, she's been bringing in even more swamp muck.
  • Every so often, when she has the Hundred Knight running errands for her, he will accidentally end up in Shrek's temple instead of his master's. Shrek would then grab the little guy and toss him at Metallia, telling her that while he knows his swamp is better, he would prefer it if her midget off stayed his property. Naturally, both of them end up arguing over who has the better swamp.
  • Metallia is impressed by how the Racing Drones traversed through the Swamp Realm, a deadly swamp full of Eldritch Abominations with ease. This just makes her want to raise the stakes and toy with them though.
  • Metallia is annoyed by the likes of the Marine Squads led by Sgt. Roebuck and Sgt. Conlin, veterans of Jungle Warfare who have been through their fair share of swamps, constantly patrolling her dominion in search of the the Banzai Chargers, who love concealing themselves in swamp and jungle environments. Sgt. Conlin outright wonders if Metallia is likely to get to him and his squad before the swamp or enemy do.
  • Currently, Metallia is trying to petition to be called "Metallica" instead, and is quite annoyed by how a certain band got the idea first. Metallia at least though is still satisfied with the name she has, admitting it's still better than being Lia.
    • She also has a score to settle with Risotto Nero, whose Stand's name is also Metallica. Nero on the other hand just thinks she's trying to steal his Stand's name, making the opposition mutual.
    • She opposes Chaos, not just for it's desire to destroy, but also for having a minion named Queen Metalia. Metallia really seems proud of her name and refuses to let anyone else use it.
  • The Couryard in which the Crimson Court dwell has long since been overtaken by a marsh, which is also afflicted by the vampirism curse that transformed the aristocrats into monsters, changing even the local fauna (such as mutating a Crocodilian into possessing a hive for mosquitoes in its back) and inanimate objects (such as animating a giant statue in the Courtyard into a hateful and malicious guardian). Metallia's swamp doesn't actually have mutation properties at all, but she is interested in the curse and regularly sends the Hundred Knight to gather samples from the marsh for study. This in turn earns her the ire of the Court, who make it a point to send their monsters after her and her familiar. Metallia can only chuckle how badly their underestimating her and the Hundred Knight.
  • Metallia forms a friendly rival with Mordred, aka Saber of Red. Both of them are boisterous girls who enjoy a good battle, actually fighting each other when they first met before stopping to discuss their differences. Both eagerly wait another day to spar and show their strength.
  • Metallia doesn't get along well with Star Butterfly for how she destroyed magic, considering how she was used in an attempt to destroy magic. Star dislikes her for how she used her magic previously, which is why she destroyed magic. Metallia points out how there were beings Made of Magic, and asks Star how killing them was any different from what Mina Loveberry was trying to do. Star does get angry intially, but calms herself and states at least she isn't clinically insane like Mina and would never normally consider destroying magic on a regular basis, having done that as a last resort.
  • Metallia once faced a golem that was made to counter witches via Anti-Magic. So even though she met some entities who use Anti-Magic in the Pantheon, she isn't worried at all, since she has the Hundred Knight able to counter them with physical combat.
  • Metallia tends to act as Vitriolic Best Buds with the other Nippon Ichi deities. She once crossed paths with Laharl, Etna, Flonne, and Sicily by spreading her swamp into their Netherworld. Though she doesn't get along with them (in particular, Laharl and Etna) they are willing to tolerate each other. Metallia is still perplexed when Flonne and Sicily want use air freshener to make her swamp smell better.
  • Metallia has met other witches in the Pantheon, and has different views on each one:
    • Metallia and Akko Kagari are oddly sympathetic towards each other, since they are both witches who wanted respect among their fellow witches. Akko knows all too well what it's like to be look down, and while doesn't approve of some of Metallia's actions, she does admit she's glad she found friends.
    • Metallia tends to be Vitriolic Best Buds with Schierke, insulting her whenever they can. They actually can cooperate well with each other despite there constant insults, even when Schierke disapproves of some of Metallia's actions.
    • Metallia finds the Wicked Witch of the West's weakness to water downright pathetic, calling her a loser of a Witch. The Witch in turn dislikes Metallia's insults and vows to get even with her by destroying her home and all her friends. Metallia can only laugh and dare her to try.
    • Hermione tends to argue with the Swamp Witch a lot, looking down on her foul mouth and treatment of her familiar, while Metallia tends to call her a self-righteous know-it-all. Still, the two can work together when the situation calls and they do respect each other even if they won't admit it.
  • Marisa Kirisame tends to visit Metallia's swamp in an attempt to steal something, going through every nook and cranny. Metallia is trying make things harder for Marisa in retaliation for trespassing onto her territory. Because of this, the two dislike each other with a passion.
  • Metallia once heard of how the Hundred Knight ended in an Alternate Universe where a version of herself named Lia (which is something Metallia would never want to be called) overwrote the contract between her and her servant to make the Hundred Knight her familiar. Even if it's another version of herself, she will never let anyone take her servant from her ever again, and vowed to personally stop anyone who tries to overwrite their contract.
  • Also present in the House of Toxicity

    Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy 
Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, Patron Goddess of Garden Garments and Evil Gardens (Poison Ivy, The Green Queen, The Guardian of The Green, Paula Irving, Ivy Pepper, Red — by Harley Quinn)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Could potentially become a Greater Goddess if she ever learns to channel the full power of The Green)
  • Symbol: Her Garden-Inspired Lair And Her Costume
  • Theme Song: Poisoned Ivy from Arkham Asylum.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (as a villainess), Chaotic Neutral (as an anti-heroine)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villainess, Deadpan Snarker, Earthy Barefoot Character, Her Kisses Can Either Kill You or Control You, Sometimes-Evil Fiery Redhead, Gaia's Vengeance, Green Thumb, BFF's with Harley Quinn (Sometimes Romantically Involved), Defrosting Ice Queen (thanks to Harley), Always Has a Man-Eating Plant on Standby, Master Poisoner, Has a Villainous Crush on Batman, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Yandere
  • Domains: Eco-Terrorism, Plants, Redheads, Environmentalism
  • Herald: Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man (her creator)
  • High Priestess: Zyra
  • Commonality Connection: with Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride (unfortunately)
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Ororo Munroe/Storm, Nakoruru, Talim, Durathror
  • Enemies: The Joker (due to Ivy stealing Harley from him), Exdeath, Mard Geer Tartaros, Hedorah, Syzoth/Reptile, William Birkin and Albert Wesker (as both are rival scientists whose experiment on plants), Azula
  • Respects: Swamp Thing (as a fellow scientist and chosen of The Green), Aerith Gainsborough, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Opposed by: Bruce Wayne/Batman and the ascended members of the Batfamily (Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl), Captain Planet
  • Fears: All deities who use fire; particularly high up on Ivy's list are Kakashi Hatake, Onaga, Sasuke Uchiha, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Ken Masters, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, M. Bison, and Sonya Blade; exceptions include Alexstrazsa, Aang and Korra
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Odd Friendship: with Claire Redfield and Felicia (due to their work with orphans), Groot and Rocket
  • Mentor/Lover?: Kurama
  • Dr. Pamela L. Isley found an invite to the Pantheon inside her lair. As it turns out, her Siren cohorts Harley and Catwoman had been working on her ascension (it was mostly Harley's idea). Moved by the gesture from her friends, Ivy joined them in the Pantheon. The Gotham City Sirens have been reunited.
  • When Ivy's old flame Harvey Dent — who works at the Court of the Gods — heard about Ivy's ascension, he was heard saying that "one part of him wants to strangle her while the other part wants to hit her with a truck." Ivy's response?
    Ivy: We used to date.
  • Pamela Isley may not always have been Poison Ivy, but she was always plant-like from the day she was born, with a skin condition that rendered her hypersensitive to sunlight. As a child, Pamela's mother was in an abusive relationship with her husband. She would always pardon his beatings after he'd bought her flowers, and spoke of talking to her garden and having them talk back. To Pamela, this demonstrated how plants could manipulate people, and it was when her father murdered her mother in cold blood that she learned of the viciousness of man. Becoming a specialist in botany and toxicology, she was caught up in an accident that forever bound her to The Green. This connection gave her plant powers and biology, and with them, she became the plant-obsessed eco-terrorist, Poison Ivy.
    • So, what exactly is The Green? The Green is an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on Earth, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees. Aside from Ivy, several other characters are connected to nature through The Green, among them Dr. Alec Holland, better known as Swamp Thing.
  • With Ivy's ascension, there is an ongoing debate over who is the hottest redhead in the Pantheon. As of this moment, the debate is still ongoing, but it's between Ivy, Crimson Viper, Mary-Jane Watson, Barbara Gordon, Natasha Romanoff, Jean Grey-Summers, Erza Scarlet, Rias Gremory, and Stella Vermillion. The Pantheon's resident God of Photojournalism, Frank West, sees Ivy not only as an interesting story, but a candidate for his PERFECT EROTICA photo contest.
  • Seeing as her temple is an abandoned conservatory overrun with flora and fauna (some of it extremely rare), she has forbidden any fire-wielding deity to take one step onto her domain, lest they incur her wrath. Azula found this out the hard way when she incinerated several of Ivy's plants. Azula failed to take notice that Ivy has several oversized man-eating plants on hand. It took Batman, Catwoman and Harley to rescue Azula from said man-eating plant.
  • In spite of her views on humanity, she does have a soft spot for children, particulary orphans. It is because of this reason why she has mutual respect towards Claire Redfield. But one sure-fire way to piss her off is to experiment on plants. No wonder Albert Wesker and William Birkin are high on her shit-list.
  • Like fellow villainess Talia al Ghul, Ivy is torn between trying to kill Batman or trying to bone him… after doping him up with her pheromones first. But, as Catwoman (and Talia) have told her: Batman is off-limits.
  • As for her potrayal in the media, it's best not to speak of her live-action portrayal (a sentiment shared with fellow rogue Bane, as he is much more than just Dumb Muscle). She does, however enjoy both her portrayal in both the animated series and especially in The Arkhamverse.
  • Speaking of the Arkhamverse, her Moment of Awesome came in the third chapter of the series, in which she saved Gotham City by sacrificing herself to cleanse the city of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. This act is what redeemed herself in Batman's eyes, as he always knew there was still good in Ivy. Even Captain America was impressed and moved by Ivy's selflessness.
    Ivy: Nature always wins.
  • It's also a known fact that the main reason that Harley spearheaded Ivy's ascension is that both her and Harley are an item. Even Batman knows that Harley and Ivy are romantically involved. "Ivy's a better choice than the Joker," he once grumbled to Selina, who shared the sentiment.
  • As Ivy is quite literally a walking biological weapon, she thought Harley was joking when Harley told her that there was actually a House of Toxicity. But it was Catwoman who had confirmed it. Cue Ivy giving Harley one The Big Damn Kiss that left Harley dazed for most of the day. When she is not at the temple tending to her babies, she is at the House of Toxicity. While she was able to start up a friendship with Coco, she loathes Hedorah, as he stands what she is against. She also dislikes Syzoth, and has forbidden the Zaterran deity from stepping foot in her domain. Mainly because his acid keeps killing her plants, of which she can sense through the Green.
  • The ascended rogues' occasionally get together at one of their respective temples for card night, Ivy's games of choice being Blackjack and Poker. The group swap stories of their antics and compare notes on how close they came to killing Batman. Of course, the Joker is not invited, due to both his rampant cheating and his being Harley's ex.
  • The House of Plants are concerned about Ivy. Some of the more villainous members of the House see Ivy as a major threat, despite Ivy being a baddie herself, due to being able to not only create plant life but to control it as well, giving Ivy what they see as an unfair advantage.
  • What is most surprising is that Ivy is on relatively good terms with Tony Stark. Seeing as how Stark Enterprises is branching out into clean energy and biomedical research, he has sought advice from the Green Queen due to her background…after making sure she was not related to either The Hulk or his cousin.
  • She has been praised by another plant being who felt she is similar to the siren rogue of Gotham Zyra. She's also made an enemy who felt she was unworthy of being a plant in Mard Geer. He believes since she was and still could be human she does not deserve to be part of the plant kingdom.
  • Green Arrow once asked Ivy for tips on growing tomatoes. Her reply?
    Ivy: Choke on 'em.
    Green Arrow: No salsa for you.
  • In another timeline Ivy was absent following The Joker giving Superman one really bad day, but she resurfaced as part of Gorilla Grodd's Society. This puts her at odds with Harley, who has joined Batman's team.
  • Sometime ago, she met Kurama, who could also manipulate plant life as she could. As a scientist, she wanted to see the scope of his abilities and challenged him. While she did hold her own, Kurama was her superior. Even her tactic of kissing him failed and she was surprised to hear that it had no effect on him since his abilities were demonic in nature as well as being Batman's equal in tactics and strategy. What shocked her was that Kurama offered to be her mentor in being more effective in plant manipulation and creating new flora as well. To the Pantheon's shock, she accepted.
    • When asked why she did, she said this:
    Ivy: There is something different about that man, and he's handsome.
    • Many have speculated that Pamela and Kurama's relationship evolved into something more than teacher and student. When Batman was asked to comment, his answer was, "While Pamela was better for Harley, Kurama is what Pamela needs." When Ivy was asked if she and Kurama were an item, Ivy blushed and gave a warm smile at the suggestion.
  • Also has a spot in Clothing Theme.

Lesser Gods

    Maya Fallegeros 
Maya Fallegeros, Goddess of Jungle Princesses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Enchanted Daggers, Temperance and Vengeance
  • Theme Song: Temperance and Vengeance
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Badass Hunter Who Defeated Gargos, The Sole Survivor Of Ultratech's Attack on the Night Guard, Wields the Enchanted Daggers, Vengeance and Temperance, in a Reverse Grip, Good Scars, Evil Scars, Heroine of Another Story, Monster Hunter Extraordinare, Dreadlock Warrior, Formerly a Jungle Princess, Kick Chick, Originally Had Only a Single Name, Given the Surname Fallegeros in the Reboot, Spicy Latinas, Stands at 6'2".
  • Domains: Latina Women, Enchanted Weapons, Combat, Monster Hunting.
  • Followers: Cham Cham and Tam Tam, Shanna the She-Devil, Gwanna, Ursula
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Simon Belmont, Talim, Mileena, Trish
  • Enemies Her Intended Prey:
  • Worthy Opponents: Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Diana of Themiscrya/Wonder Woman, Sonya Blade, Ryu Hayabusa
  • Once Pitied: Kitana, Liu Kang
  • The would-be Queen of Amazonia turned ace member and, ultimately, sole survivor of the Night Guard faction annihilated by Ultratech had been sought out by the siblings Jago and Black Orchid. With them, was an invitation to the Pantheon. After thinking about it for a while, Maya accepted the invitation. Jago and Orchid were pleased to see another of their allies ascended.
  • The first thing Maya did was to recreate the Night Guard's temple, the City of Dawn, and make it her own. With her ascension, she begins to rebuild the Night Guard, with herself as its patron goddess.
  • When asked about the scar on her left leg, Maya is tight-lipped about that particular incident.
  • Those enchantated daggers she wields once belonged to her primary target, the cursed Babylonian sorcerer Kan-Ra. Their names are Temperance and Vengeance. The knives not only have the powers of light (Temperance) and darkness (Vengeance), but also to trap enemies when thrown. They are also dangerous to their wielder, as not only they can affect the wielder's mind, but Vengeance has the ability to force their wielder into going on a bloody rampage. It's this little bit of info about Maya's weapons which worries Sonya Blade, her daughter and honorary niece, given Cassie and Jacqui's past experiences with cursed daggers.
    • Back when she was a mortal, Maya would endure great pain whenever she uses her daggers. Even worse, the daggers are constantly searching for their master, Kan-Ra. This is where Dr. Strange comes in, as the Sorcerer Supreme uses his magic to bind Temperance and Vengeance to Maya, not to mention that the pain from when she uses the daggers is now gone.
  • As former royalty, Maya is greatly disappointed in how Kitana, her mother, and her love interest have all fallen. Kitana has taken offense to Maya's comments, as she sees that as a revenant, she is no longer the victim. With the advent of Kronika's attempts at a New Era resulting Liu Kang and Kitana's redemption as the architects of the Korrected Timeline, Maya would come to agree that they no longer need pitying.
  • Maya is now seeking to rebuild the Night Guard inside the Pantheon, under the new title of the Night Hand. The first group which has caught her interest is Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long), while the second consists of the students from the Hanzou Academy (Asuka, Ikagura, Katsuragi, Yagyuu, Hibari, and Daidouji), and the most recent being the assassins of Night Raid (Tatsumi, Akame, Lionelle, Bulat, Lubbock, Mine, Sheele, Najenda, Susanoo, and Chelsea). The parties in question know of Maya's prowess as a fighter and a hunter. They are, however, divided on whether or not to accept Maya's invitation to the Night Hand.
    • After rescuing Blade from an assault by Riptor and getting acquainted with each other's skills and stories, she's considering bringing him in as well, but has yet to broach the subject.
  • To say that Maya hates both Alexander Anderson and B.B. Hood is like saying the Pacific Ocean is a little wet. Despite the trio being hunters, they are at each other's throats. Anderson dislikes Maya for being 'a pagan and a heathen', while Hood dislikes Maya both for her daggers and the bounty on Kan-Ra that she is pursuing.
  • As Maya stands at 6'2", she is only an inch shorter than Samus Aran, which makes her the second-tallest human female deity in the Pantheon (Jennifer Waters doesn't count, as she Hulks out to become the 6'7" She-Hulk).
  • Maya has drawn the attention of Buffy Summers through both Dante and The Hunter, who had witnessed Maya's combat prowess and hunting skills. The legendary vampire slayer knows talent when she sees it, and has extended an offer to Maya to join her group of Hunters. Maya has yet to respond, as she is still considering the proposal.
  • Maya was not very happy to find out that her twin sister was not only a vampiress, but also had ascended to the Pantheon, having been invited by the GUAE. Mira, on the other hand, is eager to confront her twin sister in a final showdown.
  • With the formation of new evil groups such as King Bradley's High Command and the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Maya began to realize that the time to take action was nigh if not at hand. She called over Buffy's Hunter Squad and accepted their offer to join, under the condition that this team would become the new Night Hand, complete with using the City of Dawn and its resources from the original Night Guard as a base. Buffy and the others agreed.
    • Having now established Night Hand, she then altered her offer to the other groups she originally wanted to recruit; rather than becoming the new replacement members of her order, she presented an interconnected alliance between the factions, all remaining independent but open to working together against certain threats. They were much quicker to agree to this deal than the former.
    • As for Blade, when she proposed to invite him into the team, Dante backed her fully on this while Buffy reluctantly agreed. The Daywalker agreed to be counted in from time to time, much like another friend of Dante's, Lina Inverse.
    • She later invited one of Dante's Devil May Cry associates to join Night Hand. Lady still hasn't made a decision on that for the time being. In the meantime, Buffy convinced a powerful drifter called Gene to come on board in Dante's absence. While a bit of a hotshot, he is a reliable fighter, and Dante was pleasantly surprised to see him when he returned from a trip to Inferno.
  • In another one of her ventures out of her hidden city, Maya entered a magical jungle upon rumors of a dangerous cat woman. After a few days of searching, she managed to track down her prey: a giant cougar. In the ensuing battle, she found out that this cougar can transform into a woman at will. The two jungle girls proved to be evenly matched, with both of them taking a break. It turns out that the woman thought she was unlawfully hunting down creatures in her forest. Maya apologized before offering to give her place in the Pantheon. The half-cougar Nidalee accepted, hoping the newfound power of this place would further help her protect the Kumungu Jungle.
  • Also holds a position in the House of Royalty.


     Marine Squad (World at War
Pvt. C. Miller, Pvt. Polonsky, and Sgt. Roebuck, Patron Saints of Jungle Warfare (Miller; Roebuck: The Sarge; Polonsky: Kid)
Top: Miller, Center: Roebuck, Bottom: Polonsky

Roebuck: "Everything that was asked of us, we've done. Every night we lay in a filthy foxhole...Prayin' the enemy won't slit our throats. Every day we spent crawling through the mud and dirt while bullets whistled all around. This is the enemy's last stand. When we take Shuri Castle, we go home. All of us."

Tarzan, God of Nature Heroes and Vine Swinging (Tarzan of the Apes, Lord Greystoke, The White Ape, Ape Man)


    Mary Lennox 
Mary Lennox, Goddess of Those Who Bring Gardens Back to Life (Mistress Mary Quite Contrary)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A robin holding a key in its beak.
  • Theme: The Secret Garden Piano Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Children Are Innocent, Spoiled Brat No More, Defrosting Ice Queen, Starts the Story with Everyone in Her Household Dead, Fish out of Water, Follows a Robin to Find a Key to the Secret Garden, Friendless Background, Hope Sprouts Eternal, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lonely Rich Kid, Parental Neglect, The Only Girl in a Trio also Consisting of Dickon and Colin
  • Domains: Orphans, Gardens, Isolation, Happiness
  • Heralds: Dickon Sowerby (close friend) and Colin Craven (her cousin)
  • Allies: Spring Sprite, Sara Crewe, Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Heidi, James Henry Trotter, Chance the Gardener, Pacifica Northwest, Charlotte LaBouff, Crazy Dave, E.T., WALL-E and EVE, Dudley
  • Enemies: Princess Morbucks, Eliza and Neal Reagan, Lady Tremaine
  • Fears: Flowey
  • Mary Lennox grew up in India, pampered by servants. Her neglectful parents had not wanted her and did her best to ignore her, leading the servants to cave to her every whim so she would not bother the masters. Then they died, leaving Mary an orphan. She was sent to live with her absent uncle, Lord Craven, at Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire. Faced with much stricter and more dour conditions, Mary at first felt sad and lonely, but also intrigued by the house's secrets, including her bedridden cousin Colin and a garden that was long abandoned. Lord Craven's late wife had cared for the garden and it had fallen into disrepair after her death, as Lord Craven, in his grief, could not muster the interest to care about it, nor even care about his son Colin who seemed fated to die young. Mary adopted the garden as her secret place, and caring for it made her life at the manor much more bearable. Her efforts to bring a long-neglected garden back to life led to redemption and growth: for her, who went from a selfish brat to a caring and independent girl, for Lord Craven, who could finally overcome his grief and properly love his son, and for Colin, who abandoned his delusions of sickness and willed himself to become strong.
  • Mary was in her garden, tending to it as usual, when she came across a mysterious being, the Spring Sprite. While the Sprite couldn't really speak to her, Mary saw that she seemed to admire the garden very much and couldn't help but boast about how she'd taken such good care of it after it had been neglected for so long. With a bit of help from Dickon and Colin, of course. Mary is very proud of her secret garden, in any case, and the Spring Sprite was impressed enough to beckon Mary to follow her. Mary curiously did so, following a path through the maze she hadn't noticed before, and that's how she wound up in the Spring Sprite's temple in the Pantheon. Mary thought the Spring Sprite's dwellings really put her garden to shame, but the Sprite seemed to have a different opinion. The Sprite asked the Main House to ascend Mary, a request that was acquiesced to once they saw the great meaning that Mary's garden holds for her and her family.
  • It was perhaps an inevitability for her to meet Sara Crewe; Sara was certainly stoked to meet someone whom she was told she had a closer connection to than she could guess. The two became quick friends, given they're the same age, come from the same culture and share similar upbringing (both of them having been born and raised in India only to be transplanted to England due to various circumstances), in addition to the pain they went through when they lost their families (or thought they lost in Sara's case). Despite their sufferings, they both managed to pucker up and bring joy to the homes they were placed in, as well as redemption to the people around them. Pollyanna Whittier and Anne Shirley were also quickly added to her growing list of friends for similar reasons, forming a circle of likeminded people. It's generally agreed that as positive as Mary has become, she is still the surliest (some would say the most down-to-earth instead) among these girls (which isn't a bad thing as it balances them out a bit).
    • A later addition to the group was Heidi, who was first discovered by Mary in the secret garden, with the bright-eyed little Swiss girl having stumbled her way there by the will of the Pantheon. The meeting was probably fated as the two had some very remarkable similarities, being friends with a formerly wheelchair-bound child who they helped get better, as well as with a boy who taught them lots of things about nature and especially animals. Once Heidi properly ascended, she became an obvious addition to Mary's established circle of friends.
  • One of her first male friends made in the Pantheon turned out to be James Henry Trotter after hearing how his parents were killed by a rhinoceros and he was brought to live with his evil step-aunts, who treated him like a slave and were entirely willing to kill him to conceal their abuse. While Mary has heard some of her other friends like Sara Crewe say they were forced into labor, the extremes that James' aunts were willing to take were quite new and shocking to her. She's all the happier that James still managed to find his happy ending with the help of his friends despite his particularly terrible circumstances. Speaking of said friends, James endeavored to show her the crocodile tongues that made them and a peach enormous, thinking she might like to apply them to her garden. Mary thinks it's fun to imagine what would happen, but given her garden is contained in a maze, she feels attempting to create anything larger than normal there would lead to disaster.
  • She is sometimes called upon other deities to take care of other gardens and show just how good she can be at it. Through this, she has sometimes teamed up with fellow gardener Chance, leading to them becoming friends eventually. Given Chance has a childlike manner of thinking and gardening is quite literally his entire life, he gets along pretty easily with Mary and the two often get involved in conversations about gardening that last for hours, admittedly with Chance doing most of the talking. Mary takes all he says to heart and feels she always learns a lot of useful new things for her garden in her talks with Chance.
  • Her well-kept garden has led to an unusual encounter with a couple of strange yet oddly cute creatures made of metal who seemed very interest in the garden despite the fact that nothing about themselves was organic. Mary would learn that these creatures were called robots and those specific two are WALL-E and EVE, who come from a future planet Earth that was completely ravaged by pollution and was just beginning to see the first signs of plant life in a long time, likely thanks to WALL-E dilligently cleaning the planet from trash for centuries. While she finds it upsetting to hear what the world might come to in the future, Mary rejoiced on hearing that there is still hope for a better future and it was signalled by one little sprout tucked away in a boot, which WALL-E and EVE did their best to protect. Because of this, Mary welcomes the two lovebird robots into her temple as honorary gardeners of sorts.
  • Another bizarre creature that showed a strong interest in her garden was ET, an alien botanist. Mary at first would say that he's frankly quite ugly to look at, but she changed her mind and was incredibly amazed by the alien after she saw him bring a wilted flower back to life seemingly just with the power of his mind. Being a botanist, ET is in fact quite interested in studying Mary's garden and shows scientific interest in how gardens or just the sight of a tiny plant can affect people psychologically, finding the case of the secret garden to be a particularly fascinating object to study. Mary's stance is that he's welcome to come around whenever he wants, especially after hearing about his general goodwill towards humans and particularly his friendship with a human boy called Elliott.
  • She is very ashamed of having been a Spoiled Brat in the past, and while she feels she should help others overcome this flaw before it consumes them and completely warp their view of the world, as she once helped Colin, she has come to realize that there are some who are beyond help, having no willingness to change their ways. This includes Princess Morbucks, as well as the Reagans, with Mary finding them to be intolerable even compared to how she herself used to be, since they will actively try to hurt others for whatever capricious reason. Charlotte LaBouff is great to hang out with though, as even though she is obviously very spoiled even into her adult years, she is a legitimately good person who thinks about other people's feelings; the two read stories in Mary's garden every now and then. She also met Pacifica Northwest, who was extremely haughty for a large part of her young life because of her parents' bad influence, but fortunately that changed thanks to the Pines twins. Mary can certainly relate to being brought down from a high horse and knows how both painful and self-improving that can be, leading her to become pretty close friends with Pacifica.
    • She's also making sure to not use any slurs around gods who hail from India (ie: calling them "blacks" or "pigs" or "Natives") after realizing how offensive the terms are.
  • She absolutely hates Lady Tremaine for being an incredibly callous and selfish mother who raised two spoiled brats of her own, encouraging their bad behavior and yet at the same time treating them like her minions and a stepladder to a more comfortable life for herself. Nor can Mary forgive Tremaine for turning Cinderella, her stepdaughter, into her personal cleaning lady and forcing her to do whatever task she could think of, all to put her down. Even Mrs. Medlock didn't treat Mary like that, even if she was rigid and unkind to her a lot of the time. It's a good thing that Cinderella eventually found an escape from her clutches, but Mary is personally happier about Anastasia, one of Tremaine's spoiled daughters, realizing how unhappy she was and making an effort to grow out of it and find her own way in life, away from her controlling mother.
  • Occasionally catches a glimpse of Flowey peeking at her garden before retreating underground when he realizes he's been spotted. Mary has heard of the many atrocities Flowey committed or attempted to commit in the Underground, including attempts to murder children for the hell of it, so she is very wary of him. On the other hand, she also knows about his tragic past as Asriel Dreemurr and being killed by humans, and she feels intensely sorry for him in that capacity. Turns out, she need not fear Flowey at all, since he has actually reformed in the Pantheon, but that is a secret known to only a few and she is not included in that circle as of currently. His interest in her is due to her having taken such obvious good care of her garden, and he wonders if they could someday be friends. He doesn't take it kindly when someone threatens Mary.
  • Has a healthy business relationship with Crazy Dave, who generously supplies her with all sorts of things she might need for her garden at prices that everyone considers a steal, including plants to serve as sentries against some zombie invasion or another Mary keeps hearing him rave about but has yet to experience personally. Seeing his kindness, Mary is both grateful to him and polite enough not to make remarks on his bizarre behavior to his face or to anyone else.
  • Against all odds, this little girl found her way inside the House of Combat one day after hearing the rumors of a rose garden in one of its temples. There, she met the British boxer Dudley, and admired his well-cared for rose garden. She then asked him if it was possible if she could "have a bit of earth" so she could have a patch of roses in her own garden. Dudley graciously agreed, being glad to spread the beauty of roses all around, and ever since, Mary comes every now and then to his temple to talk about the progress on that rose patch and get further advice from Dudley.
    • During a tea party with Dudley, Mary was introduced with Dudley's friend Elena. Elena was overjoyed to find the young girl working hard to bring her uncle's garden to life and invited her to meet up with her Avatars of Friendship for a hug and cake. Mary herself is awed that Elena has the ability to talk to trees and has her visit her temple from time to time for guidance on maintaining the garden as well.
  • "If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden."