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Lesser Gods

    Kamen Rider Club 
Kengo Utahoshi, Yuki Jojima, Miu Kazashiro, JK, Shun Daimonji, Tomoko Nozama, and Chuta Ohsugi, Gods of the School Club Front (Collectively: The Kamen Rider Club, Kengo: King of the Infirmary, The Core Child, Yuki: Space Otaku, Gemini Zodiarts, Miu: Queen of Amanogawa High, JK: DJ Gene, Kaizou Jingu, Shun: Flashing Grin, Tomoko: Tomo-chan, Psychic Goth Girl, Chuta: Ohsugi-sensei)
The founding members (and Gentaro in the center) (from left to right): Tomoko, Miu, Kengo, Yuki, Shun, JK
  • Lesser Gods (Kengo is an Intermediate God, and Miu, Yuki, and Tomoko are Demigoddesses, (Yuki as Gemini Zodiarts is a Lesser Goddess) while Chuta Ohsugi is a Quasideity)
  • Symbol: Together: The Kamen Rider Club Flag. Individually:
    • Kengo: The Core Switch
    • Yuki: Her Hayabusa Plushie or her rocket tickets
    • Miu: A poster of herself superimposed with a speech bubble that says "Oops!"
    • JK: His Memetic Hand Gesture—his arms crossed and the hands forming a 'J' and 'K'
    • Shun: His Power Dizer unit
    • Tomoko: A rabbit head with bloodshot eyes
    • Chuta: His suspenders
  • Theme Song: Switch On! (shared with Gentaro)
  • Leitmotif: Kamen Rider Club (together),
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (JK can be Chaotic Neutral sometimes, Ohsugi was originally Stupid Good, and Yuki had a brief stint as Chaotic Evil as Gemini Zodiarts)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: High School, Space, Friendship, Tokusatsu, Heroism, Teachers (Ohsugi only)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Every evil-aligned Kamen Rider and character from Kamen Rider in the Pantheon, the House of Villains, Nightmare Moon, all evil gods in the House of Hatred (particularly the Anti-Spiral) and every single evil deity involved in the Friendship Asylum (they mean it)
  • Conflicting Opinions:
  • Friendly Enemy: The Ashleys (for Miu)
  • Pities: Jay Gatsby (for JK)
  • The members of the Kamen Rider Club originally had houses spread out throughout the Pantheon, until Miu learned that the School Club Front trope was not taken and thus rallied the Club members to form a temple in the House of School where she used to reside, and even made it replicate the Rabbit Hatch, their old clubhouse. Once their temple was built, they were met with Gentaro Kisaragi and Ryusei Sakuta celebrating that the Kamen Rider Club was fully formed and now they could go help befriend others and fight alongside their idols. The party that was held was incredibly loud and crowded with their friends celebrating their ascension.
    • There were also joined by their club supervisor Chuta Ohsugi, who was overjoyed to be reunited with the Kamen Rider Club once more, crying in sorrow when he learned of the horrors of "Project: Alternate!Gentaro".
  • The group were absolutely excited to find the Kamen Riders they idolized in the Pantheon, going as far as to dress up in homemade costumes of the Riders they were named after while Ohsugi was just amazed to find out that the Kamen Riders were pretty cool guys. The Kamen Riders themselves are honored by the teens optimism and energy to help others, especially since it's because of their friendship that helps Gentaro and Ryusei become protectors of justice (especially Ryusei as they were displeased to learn how Ryusei killed Gentaro to save his best friend).
    • Daisuke Yamamoto/Kamen Rider Amazon is shown to be the closest to the group, mostly because he actively went to Gentaro with a new Astroswitch for him. The two Kamen Riders celebrated by showing their signs of friendship.
  • Due to the Friendship Asylum incident, the Kamen Rider Club (and Ohsugi) are wary of Mitsuzane Kureshima and his redemption. Gentaro has buried the hatchet though, but everyone else have sworn to give him a good pummeling if he betrays Gentaro again.
  • Access to their temple is through an old locker that leads into a gateway that is on the moon. It is there that the Kamen Rider Club introduces new members with a heart-felt talk and a handshake.
  • Any friend of Gentaro is a friend of the Kamen Rider Club, so they became close with Gentaro's fellow "Avatars of Friendship". They don't hide the fact that they all (yes, even Ohsugi is in on it) believe Gentaro and Elena should be "more than friends" though. No one was happy to find out that, after the events of Limbo and the Mirror Pantheon, they have ended up in a Maybe Ever After scenario due to the amount of trauma they went through during an excursion in Limbo. They are happy that the two are still close friends, though.
  • Since they share the same creator, the Kamen Rider Club also are close allies to Dai-Gurren Lagann and thus downright hate the Anti-Spiral and its associates.
  • While the Kamen Rider Club see Kamen Riders as paragons of justice they don't know what to think of Kaito Kumon—yes, he's a Kamen Rider who fights for the side of good, but they can't see his ideals of how the strong shall survive and going against the ideals of companionship and friendship. They do agree to keep an eye on Mitsuzane Kureshima and that most of the trouble with "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" could've been avoided if Takatora kept a better eye on his brother.
    • And speaking of said project, every single god who had a hand in causing it is on their shit-list. EVERY. SINGLE. GOD. This list includes: Queen Chrysalis (she killed Gentaro by disguising herself as Ryusei Sakuta to feed off of his "love" for his friends), Funny Valentine and Enrico Puccini (For using the asylum that hosted Alternate!Gentaro to "restart" the Pantheon), Pitch Black and Freddy Kreuger (they sent Gentaro into multiple nightmares that sent him into despair), Courtney Gears (for trying to use the asylum for her plan to install a Hate Plague throughout the Pantheon) and Prince Hans ( for framing Elena with Mitsuzane's Sengoku Driver and Grape Lockseed to cause the Iron Giant's rampage). Any mention of the incident will immediately get you kicked out of their temple.
  • Being a fan of Toku heroes, Nyarko has shown to be very interested in the Kamen Rider Club since, after all, they're friends of two Kamen Riders that she's fans of! She's slightly jealous of Tomoko being the girlfriend of a Kamen Rider, and the two get along well since they both believe that Kamen Riders are paragons of justice and heroism. The same goes for Yayoi Kise, who has immediately begun to draw fanart of the Kamen Rider Club when they ascended.
  • The group gets along well with Twilight Sparkle and her circle of friends, and they all believe that "Friendship is Magic". They get along splendidly like so:
    • For Princess Luna, they were shocked to learn about her becoming Nightmare Moon and trapped in the moon for a whole millennia. Kengo has now noted that nearly being trapped on the Rabbit Hatch for a few hours is nothing to a thousand years while becoming possessed by a dark force that wanted the last...FOREVER!. Tomoko likes Princess Luna for being a Nightmare Fetishist (she wants a cape made of bats!) and for her Dream Walker abilities.
    • Rarity gets along splendidly with Miu—they both have elitist attitudes, but their hearts are in the right places. Seeing as Miu would become a fashion model, Rarity is now working on designing some outfits for the cheerleader and thinks that she and Shun are a great power couple.
    • The Kamen Rider Club have sympathized with Sunset Shimmer and have stated that what she's done now has made her past pretty much forgotten. Ohsugi also agrees that Sunset is a great example of a former bad student turning good.
    • Twilight Sparkle hangs out with them and shares all of her friendship lessons she's learned and have asked the Kamen Rider Club if they can do a class about friendship. They've agreed and are happy to write down their own friendship journal about their experiences.
    • While they're weary about Discord, they support Fluttershy's idea of giving him friendship as it is similar to what Gentaro would do. JK of all people, agrees with it since without Gentaro coming to befriend him, he'd be dead right now.
    • No, they don't know how to respond with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' "choice" of friends. When the Crusaders first brought them to the House of Ambiguity to meet with "Mr. Gangrel" and "Miss Luna", JK tried to run away, Miu said "Oops!", Ohsugi fainted and everyone else just had no idea what to think when the Crusaders happily glomped Gangrel (Except that Gangrel threatened to send them into a blood bath if they mentioned the incident). They do agree that the bond is genuine and, if you take away the fact that the wrestlers are vampires/living "Gothic lifestyles", both Gangrel and Luna Vachon are really nice when not in character. After the Crusaders and the vampires separated, the groups are at least happy that the friendship made an impact on them. The new wrestlers the CMC befriended, The New Day, are right up their alley.
  • Speaking of the Darkness and Mirrors incident, they weren't happy to find Gentaro had vanished somewhere during a camping trip to the mountains with Elena and were on an investigation to discover where they went. In actuality, they're well aware of what was going on and worked with BROKEN Matt Hardy to get Gentaro and Elena into Limbo and pretty much hiding the whereabouts of the two...meaning they were also aware that BROKEN Matt was planning to send the Cutie Mark Crusaders into Limbo and lied to the Equestrian Goddesses about what happened. Needless to say, they also got a lot of flak for being accomplices.
  • They were all horrified to learn of a timeline that appeared if no Zodiarts came about, but relaxed a little since they still became friends despite the threats of monsters not appearing at all.
  • The Kamen Rider Club was not happy to see Bayley's Face–Heel Turn with her excuse that she's being loyal to her close friend Sasha Banks — even if Gentaro was known to be an idiot, he wasn't that stupid to being loyal to someone who was clearly toxic (with JK, the wild-card of the group stating that he wouldn't take it that far). Thankfully Steven Universe found K.O. to be a replacement until Bayley came to her senses and the young hero in training has been a delight.
  • While befriending the Dimensional Counterparts, the group had to admit that they were also part of the "Through Darkness and Mirrors" incident playing dumb as to what happened to Gentaro and Elena and their machinations nearly causing Limbo from running rampant. And then things got even worse when Gentaro and Ryusei alerted the group of an alternate world who had an underworld very similar to Limbo. Naturally, no one wants a repeat of the asylum incident with Gentaro and the group is doing as much as they can to make sure this can't cause chaos.
  • Exclusive to Kengo:
    • Kengo has befriended various gods in the House of Technology due to him being the one creating all of the Astroswitches for Fourze to use. That said he has an absolute distate for Ryoma Sengoku and his evil ways (particularly for how he vivisected Mai Takatsukasa)
    • He's apparently good at playing the drums, although he admits that he's not good enough to compete with some of the other drummers in the Pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Yuki
    • Due to her dream of becoming of astronaut, Yuki has become good friends with Shima Katase who is a student at a space academy. She also goes to the House of Time and Space as a babysitter for Rosalina's Lumas. She has learned her lesson on bringing Gentaro there—the last time that Rosalina told them of her backstory, Gentaro cried so long that the Lumas were throwing away buckets of used tissues.
    • And when she's not studying or hanging out with the Kamen Rider Club, she has a tendency to try to shove her space-related books in the Library all while wearing a space-shuttle hat. She's been kicked out many times but still keeps coming back. She also has a tendency to entertain child gods by dressing up in a homemade costume of a Hayabusa satellite and sing her song about said satellite.
    • Somehow befriended Touka Kirishima after the former heard Yuki sing her "Hayabusa" song. This is due to the fact that they look similar in a way. Yuki has felt pity for poor Touka over her Ghoul-like state, while Touka has comforted Yuki over the Gemini Zodiarts incident. It's through Touka that Yuki befriended Ken Kameki too.
    • After coming to terms with her stint as Gemini Zodiarts, Yuki decided to head to the TV World (alongside the Investigation Team and Gentaro) to face herself. The mission was a success although she is unable to use the Persona unless in the TV World. She's fine with it as long as she's moved on from the trauma
  • Exclusive to Miu:
    • Don't let Miu's elitist attitude fool you: while she may be annoyed when followers give gifts, she explains that 1) the followers who gave her the gifts didn't tune it to her tastes and 2) she has no time for praising and being fawned over. She got to where she was just by working hard, and those who work hard deserve to rise to the top. This is one of the big reasons that she absolutely despises Libby Chessler. In fact, when Libby tried to condemn Gentaro by calling him "Trashiest of Trash", Miu's response was simply this:
    Miu: I wonder if that means "Manliest of Men".
    • Due to leading a Girl Posse in the past, Miu is shown to be friendly with The Ashleys. The four Ashleys have nothing but respect for Miu's rise as Queen with nothing but her hard work and determination and think that her dancing with Gentaro at the prom was absolutely "Scandalous!" Miu has decided to mentor them—if only so that they don't end up becoming like Libby in the future.
  • Exclusive to JK:
    • JK (pronounced "Jake") is known for his parties he calls "JK Night" that he throws in the House of Celebration from time to time. Pinkie Pie has decided to combine her parties with him (and it helps that she has a temple in that House). He's also in the midst of bringing up his old radio show known as "DJ Gene's Carnival", but has learned his lesson on trying to trample on his friends for stardom. This has made him very wary Ember McLain now as her powers on the guitar and Mind-Control Music heavily reminded him of his former friend/Capricorn Zodiarts. To think that his inability to sing would actually be useful around her...
      • Princess Giselle was quite different as while people spontaneously dance and sing when they're around her, it's not out of any malice at all. Still, JK would rather not get part in any musical sequence
    • He also hates any and all Dirty Cowards and those who would use someone as a Human Shield as it reminds him of what happened during the Monceros Zodiarts incidentnote  He states that if it wasn't for Gentaro coming for him, he'd be a goner (and this was after JK set him up to be killed by said Zodiarts, mind you).
    • Feels sorry for Jay Gatsby as they have similarities (being rich and throwing wild parties but also feeling empty inside). JK is willing to be Gatsby's friend to help him ease his loneliness. Gentaro approved of the idea and after a party at Gatsby's house, Jay has shown to be quite thankful for it all.
    • When Yuya Sakaki and the other Dimensional Counterparts befriended the Kamen Rider Club, it was JK who was the one who decided to be the first to extend a friendship to Yuri even before Gentaro could approach him. Yuri was flabbergasted to see the party guy do such a thing, but JK reasoned that the two were Not So Different: they were absolute pricks to everyone else who didn't understand what friendship was and were shown to be lonely despite having it all (Yuri and his dueling compared to JK and his party lifestyle). JK then stated that if Gentaro could befriend someone like himself, surely JK could become Yuri's friend. Despite the oddness, Yuri accepted JK's proposal...followed by Gentaro hugging the two while crying Manly Tears.
    • JK's father used to be a talented musician, but something happened that caused him to retire and become a fisherman. What that something is, JK refuses to answer.
    • For those who have obtained his friendship, JK will sign a JK Night poster by his true name Kaizou Jingu.
  • Exclusive to Shun:
    • Shun absolutely hates bullies as it reminds him of nothing more of himself when he had to follow his father's words for everything: his play-style in football, having to date Miu due to her status as Queen, deciding who to bench, etc. And trying to hurt women, Miu specifically? Well, good luck trying to run from a rampaging Shun in the Power Dizer.
    • Hates, hates hates Jerid Messa—to him, Jerid has no excuse of Just Following Orders to cover up for the despicable things he's done, and makes what Shun did under his father seem like child's play.
  • Exclusive to Tomoko
    • Tomoko is said to have some sort of "sixth sense", but it varies. Kengo concludes that it only picks up when it comes to Cosmic Energy-related investigations. She's also shown to like insects, especially cicadas. And while she is into witchcraft and magic, she is not willing to give her soul up to Kyubey and thinks that being a Zodiarts would be better than becoming a witch in that sense.
    • Due to being the former goddess of Perky Goth, she still has her friendship with fellow Goth Girls Sam Manson and Lydia Deetz. She's also very fond of Princess Luna's love of the macabre and finds Luna Vachon to be a really interesting sister figure for accepting her freakiness and not wanting to be like everyone else. She was absolutely saddened on learning of Luna Vachon's death (accidental drug overdose) and is happy that she at least got to ascend with her ex-husband. Luna Vachon, in return, thinks that Tomoko's relationship with Ryusei is absolutely adorable.
      • She also has a weird tendency to dump natto onto other people's food—particularly if the god in question is eating fried shrimp. She once did this to Judai Yuki who actually stated that it was delicious. She's also curious about his Supreme King side but also doesn't know what to say about Yubel except that she isn't that crazy over Ryusei. That said, she's going to join up with the GUAG Special Lovers Squad when all is said and done.
  • Exclusive to Ohsugi:
    • Ohsugi has a bit of a habit that whenever he starts rambling on, everyone seems to have vanished when he finishes talking. Many gods are also wondering how he of all teachers at Amanogawa High became the one to mentor the Kamen Rider Club, particularly when he nearly caused Kengo to be stuck on the Moon during the Pyxis Zodiarts incident due to Yuki trying to distract him from the locker that lead to the Rabbit Hatch. He apologized to Kengo for nearly causing the boy to die alone when he heard the truth.
    • And since that all happened because of his crush with a Sensei-chan named Sarina Sonada, after he learned the truth about her, he's made it clear that he no longer has feelings for her. He's struck a friendship with Yoshinoya-sensei and notes that, compared to Sonada, she's relatively normal.
      • After learning the truth of the Zodiarts, he makes it clear that he's no Sadist Teacher: the likes of Agatha Trunchbull and Denzel Q. Crocker disgust him—sure he was annoyed by Gentaro's delinquent attire and friendly attitude but Ohsugi is not a monster in any sense of the word!
    • Was absolutely overjoyed when he learned where the Kamen Rider Club ended up in the future: Kengo would continue his father's research, Yuki would become an astronaut, Miu would become a fashion model and is in a relationship with Shun (who became a successful football player), JK would get a job as a magazine reporter, Tomoko would become a children's author in a relationship with Ryusei (an Interpol agent who investigates Cosmic Energy crimes). And Gentaro? Ohsugi was amazed to learn that he would become a teacher, of all things!

    The Paranatural Activity Club 
The Paranatural Activity Club, Representatives of School Club Stories (The Activity Club)
From Left to Right: Isabel Guerra, Richard "Rick" Spender, Edward "Ed" Burger, Maxwell "Max" Puckett, and Isaac O'Connor


    Denzel Crocker 
Denzel Quincy Crocker, Unholy Granter of Impossibly Low Grades (Mr. Crocker, Dr. Crockpot, Dr. Crocktopus)



    Tamie Nogi 
Tamie Nogi, Patron Saint of Very Influential School Newspapers (Sombre Scanner)
Her in her casual wear 


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