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The "upper-class" neighborhood of the House of Crime, where fancy houses that serve as headquarters for mob leaders and their subordinates can be found alongside shabby buildings where rampant drug-dealing takes place. Aside from that, illegal business establishments like brothels and casinos (which are controlled by the aforementioned mob leaders) are the norm here, with the streets being largely populated by Gang Bangers who are ready to assault anyone that invades their turf.


Deities from the Grand Theft Auto universe are frequently seen here (even if they aren't part of the House), as are the likes of Kazuma Kiryu, Donquixote Doflamingo and the Kingpin.

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Greater Gods

    3rd Street Saints Leader 
The Leader of the 3rd Street Saints, God/dess of Gangsters (Playa, The Boss, The Butcher of Stilwater, That Mute Motherfucker, Local Psychopath, Nolan North, President of the United States, Imperator of the Zin Empire, God-Emperor for Life of the Universe)
Male Version
Female Version
  • Greater God/dess
  • Symbol: A purple fleur-de-lis
  • Theme Song: "Power" by Kanye West
  • Alignment: Switches between Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic Evil (Occasionally Chaotic Neutral) (first three games), Chaotic Neutral (fourth game).
  • Portfolio: Being a gangster and loving it, Gang Bangers (formerly), Heroic Sociopathy, Those Without a Past, One Man Armies, Badass Crews, President Evil, Galactic Conqueror
  • Domains: Crime, City, Travel
  • Heralds: The 3rd Street Saints (Johnny Gat, Shaundi, Pierce Washington, Oleg Kirrlov, Kinzie Kensington, Angel de la Muerte, Zimos, Vice-President Keith David, Benjamin King, Matt Miller, Asha Odekar, CID),
  • Followers: The Coney Island Warriors
  • Allies: Giorno Giovanna
  • Uneasy Alliances with: James Moriarty and the Corleone family
  • Rivals: the PAYDAY Crew, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Carl Johnson
  • Enemies: Zinyak, The Combine, Good-aligned deities in the House of Crime, the House of Justice
  • Was once in the House of Villains, where s/he really disliked sharing with the other villainous deities until the opening of the House of Crime where s/he is pleased that his/her new crib puts all previous ones in Stilwater and Steelport to shame.
  • The Leader of the Saints has an ever-changing appearance. One day s/he may be male, another female. Some days s/he is dressed in nice clothing, others s/he dresses in the weirdest get-ups you have ever seen. S/he can be anything from a muscular Scary Black Man, to an Asian woman with a gruff Cockney male voice, to morbidly obese with metallic blue skin, to so thin you'll wonder if s/he's anorexic. No one is ever around when his/her appearance changes, nobody knows whether it happens consciously or unconsciously on his/her part, and the Saints all act as if he/she has always looked that way. Taking a picture seems to cause some kind of Glamour Failure and reveals the Boss to be a medium-built Caucasian male with slicked-back black hair, though whether or not this is his/her true form is still in the air. This Glamour also seems to be slightly less effective on those who spend considerable amounts of time in the Boss's presence, as lieutenants and other high-ranking Saints do notice that the Boss does indeed look different, but all seem to arrive at the same conclusion that s/he just changed his/her hairstyle.
  • Is aware of the situation between the GUAE and the GUAG and was given offers from both sides to join, instead the Leader of the Saints decided to try and take both of them on in order to have control of the pantheon. Because in his/her words, "being in charge is better than being a bitch who kept his/her mouth shut and does what s/he's told."
    • Has expressed some interest in GUAC on the ground s/he would have more freedom then s/he would've had with the other Alliances but still doesn't like the idea of having some outrank them, i.e. Lucifer. But the very real threat to their position should the GUAL win in the end may force him/her to put aside that matter until the threat has been dealt with.
  • Any lower deity, follower or enemy mook that displeases him/her is punished by being forced to star in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax. Also, any lower deity, follower, or enemy mook that pleases him/her is rewarded by being allowed to star in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, since anyone the Boss likes would probably enjoy being on the show as much as s/he does. While the show itself is frowned upon by the Good-aligned gods and goddesses, Marge & Tsunade make a hefty bundle placing bets on players' survival chances.
  • In his/her universe, s/he has been elected to the position of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. What this will do to his/her ego in the Pantheon remains to be seen.
    • As if being the above was bad enough for his/her stature, he/she overthrows Zinyak and earns the allegiance of the most advanced and militaristic army in their universe, needless to say, the threat he/she presents now is something that the other gods are growing exceedingly wary of.
      • Was given the title of "God-Emperor for Life of the Universe" in their home universe after taking over the Zin Empire. This, plus the amount of power and influence they now have in their universe, netted him/her a promotion to Greater God/dess.
  • Insists that s/he is a "puckish rogue", rather than a sociopath. Whether or not s/he's aware of it, s/he's actually correct, since s/he cares too much about the Saints to be a genuine sociopath.
  • There's one thing s/he values more than his freedom, that being his/her crew. That purple Fleur-de-Lis worn in the name of the Saints is a sign that the boss will go through Hell and back to help you.
    • Although speaking of Hell, Satan did kidnap him/her, forcing Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington to go rescue their friend and dear leader.
  • Since the Zin invasion, the Boss has been slipping away from Villain Protagonist and becoming an Anti-Hero at best and Chaotic Neutral at worst. The Boss' response to these claims was "I'm just looking out for my crew, fuck what anyone and everyone else thinks of me, it all comes down to me and mine." This outlook has made some of the gods of Friendship and Family consider giving aid to the Saints if they need it.
    • He's also become a fair bit more responsible as a leader since his stint as President of the USA. Many were surprised that despite his hedonistic choices while in power, he was still fairly proactive and wielded enough [[spoiler:political clout to either permanently end cancer or world hunger (a decision that many gods have noted is surprisingly one of the hardest in video games, despite the lack of impact). He also notes the importance of tackling bigger issues, such as apartheid.
  • Originally envied Carl Johnson's fame and accomplishement but now that he's ascended, Carl recognizes that the Saints accomplished way more than him.
  • A squad of Zin espionage agents have informed the Boss that they have discovered a universe where Pierce is the biggest, baddest crime boss in Stilwater. The Boss's response was to burst into laughter for a solid twenty minutes and then nominate the squad to replace the Pythons as Gods of Comedy.


Intermediate Gods

    Bucciarati's Gang 
Bucciarati's Gang, Divine Group Of The Friendly Mafia (Giorno Giovanna: The Fifth JoJo, GioGio, Gio, Haruno Shiobana, Gang-Star, Don of Passione, Bruno Bucciarati: Bluno, Bruno Buccellati, Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, Pannacotta Fugo: Cheese Boy)
From left to right — Narancia, Bucciarati, Abbacchio, Giorno (Front), Fugo (Back), Trish and Mista.

    The Toppat Clan 
The Toppat Clan, Divine Organization of Criminal Groups with Gimmicks
The Toppat Clan, featuring key members like Reginald Copperbottom (The Leader) and his Right Hand Man
Right Hand Man Reborn 
Sven Svensson 
  • Intermediate as a whole.
  • Symbol: A Top Hat with "Toppat" written on it
  • Theme Song: Infiltrating the Airship (Toppat Theme), Tickets Please! and Toppat Launch Site
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Nebulous Evil Organisation, Army of Thieves and Whores, Collect a wide variety of rare and stolen valuables, Brotherhood of Evil with funny hats, Cool Airship, Operate purely on hedonism, Leadership tends to change a lot either by usurpers or by their leaders being taken out, Pretty low standards when it comes to recruits, N.G.O. Superpower
  • Domains: Crime, Theft, War, Space, Technology, Hats
  • Special Relationship: Henry Stickmin, Ellie Rose and Charles Calvin (Determinant on the first two, though Charles is definitely an enemy)
  • Alleged Members: Mario, Luigi, Hat Kid, Snoop Dog
  • Allies: Benny, Kano, The Mafia of Cooks, Lord English
  • Enemies: The House of Justice, Raiden, Frisk, Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie, Peacock
  • Confused for: Killian Experience (Sven)
  • The Toppat Clan is an infamous criminal organization that is believed to have committed several crimes and said to have been around for centuries. The Toppats have been a thorn in the side of several of the world's governments and that all came to a head when Captain Galeforce decided to recruit notorious thief Henry Stickmin in order to bring the clan down, or at least arrest their leader Reginald Copperbottom. Whether Henry actually succeeded in taking them down, joining the Toppats by becoming their leader or just decided to steal their Ruby is up in the air but the Toppat Clan was still planning something big by trying to launch a station into space. Given that every single member wears a hat and are possibly one of the silliest yet most dangerous groups out there, they were "chosen" to represent the trope.
  • Their relationship with Henry is a bit complicated. Henry can actually be their latest leader if he took up Reginald's offer to spare him but either is betrayed by Reginald during an attempted escape from The Wall which ends with the whole clan's destruction following Henry's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Henry being overthrown by Reginald because of him leaving behind Ellie (which makes her involvement and alliance with Henry all the more confusing) or they simple adore him as a pretty good leader, none of the aforementioned events are exactly 100% canon, they are all in fact. Then there is also the fact that Henry could either side with the Goverment and just be a potential enemy (this also applies to Ellie if she is allied with Henry) or Henry simply stole their Ruby and they simply dislike him for that. The only consistant relationship with the trio is that Charles, being a goverment agent, will always oppose the Toppat's no matter what (Things got very personal over time).
  • Officially, their leader is Reginald Copperbottom as he seems to have regained his status as Toppat Chief even considering the other paths his story can take. Historically the Toppats have had a tumultuous history in the leadership department, as many of their leaders ascended to the position by force and many had varying philosophies (Reginald wearing the hat of the former chief, notoriously one of the worst in Toppat history). The Right Hand Man and Sven Svensson, another high ranking member, can potentially take over should Reginald go missing or gets captured and potentially Henry can become the Toppat leader if he takes Reginald offer. We did say it's complicated....
  • Several of the Pantheon deities have been alleged to be members of the Toppats, which they have tried to deny their involvement. For example, both Mario and Luigi have been allegedly spotted by both Henry and Ellie during one mission to take down the remaining Toppats and they were among the ranks but they have stated neither would ever join a criminal gang like the Toppats (Though some speculate Henry and Ellie might have spotted the SMG4 Mario instead). The only one that actually doesn't mind the allegations of being a Toppat is Snoop Dogg, who finds them to be cool enough though for security reasons, he goes by "Sleepy Dogg" as a Toppat.
  • Obviously tend to get a lot into trouble with the House of Justice given that the Toppats have been involved in a wide array of criminal activities the second they set foot in the Pantheon. And like in their universe, the Toppats have been narrowly avoiding capture and have fought back against any form of Pantheonic Authority that have tried to arrest them. They even somehow managed to launch their Orbital Space Station into the House of Time and Space but given there are far more effective ways to reach space in the Pantheon, the operation hasn't been exactly succesful.
    • The Toppats also refuse to join any of the Grand Alliance, neither Evil nor Chaos are to their liking and they share traits of both sides to boot. It's believed that having literal deities lording over them goes against their principles, or many suspect Reginald doesn't want to lose control of the Toppats after the so-called Henry Stickmin incident.
  • Depending on the path Henry chooses, Reginald's Right Hand Man can become a cyborg following a near-fatal encounter with Henry. In this mode he is far stronger, can fire lasers from his eyes and can fly. He sometimes can take over from Reg if the latter is captured or unavailable and usually has it out for Henry for destroying him, usually leading to bad results for the RHM. Given his ties to a criminal organization and being a fellow cyborg, Raiden saw it fit to challenge the Right Hand Man and destroy the rest of the clan but Raiden has been trying to work a less destructive way after learning of one of Henry's attempts at revenge and not ending as well for....well everyone involved to say the least.
  • The recruiting standards for the Toppat Clan have been historically very very low. You can be small time criminal or slightly angry citizen and the Toppats will take you in no problem. Firstly, given the Right Hand Man resembling him a lot, Kano sought to make an alliance with the Clan and his Black Dragon Clan and it went mostly right. Though most people are aware that Kano is a notorious traitor and have kept a close eye on him should things turn sour. Similarly, Benny has also found a job among the Toppats and unlike Kano he's been a lot more forthcoming about finding people that would at least employ him even if they are a bunch of silly stick figures. That said, having heard of the constant rapid promotions the Toppats have, he did think he could maybe try it himself but knows he would be quickly executed if he isn't careful and so far he hasn't tried his luck. That said, the fact that Benny has to wear a silly hat to be a Toppat does bother him a little since it tends to mess up his hair.
  • Apparently Hat Kid has had several run-ins with the Toppats because the latter think she is one of their own as there is actually a member that goes by Hat Girl, probably from the same place as her. Hat Kid, while on friendly terms, prefers to not partake on Toppat affairs (unless dancing is involved, she loves Henry's dance after all). The Toppats ultimately did take in one of the Hat Kid's friends, the Mafia of Cooks who while trying to reform have once again fallen to the side of crime and the Toppat Clan has surely provided an opportunity for them, even as far as becoming a secondary branch to the Toppats. This also had the unfortunate side effect of becoming the targets of Mustache Girl, someone who has some history with the Mafia of Cooks and really hates criminal organization like the Toppats, considering what the former has done to her. They usually brush her off as a nuisance but there have been times where she has sneaked into their temple AND Airship, which has certainly alarmed Reginald since he thinks Mustache Girl wants to usurp his position.
  • Similar to the incidents with Mustache Girl following the recruitment of the Mafia of Cooks, friends of said girl who share a similar hatred for mafia groups learned of the Toppat Clan ascension and wasted no time trying to take them down. These friends were the notorious Skullgirl Bloody Marie and another cyborg nuisance in the form of Peacock, both victims of a mafia family called the Medicis who the Toppats certainly remind the two of them. The chaos that ensued when the two invaded their temple was such that the CCC got involved (and no Henry Stickmin in sight). Once the chaos got contained, Peacock's friendship with Henry got a bit strained after learning that he can potentially be the Toppat Leader in certain paths but he as likely to oppose them as she is so at the least they have remained friends.
  • Easily one of the clan's most powerful allies they made in the Pantheon was Lord English, who commands a similar group called the Felt. English felt that the Toppats have a lot of potential and use for him and Reginald was smart enough to form a truce with him because a fair amount of deities have tried to arrest the Toppat Clan and he could use some help if he isn't going to join a Grand Alliance.
  • There was a time where Frisk tried to peacefully communicate with the Clan in order to try and stop their crime spree in a peaceful manner. But then they unfortunately tried to attempt this with Mr. Macbeth first, one of the Toppats higher ups and their train conductor. Once he saw the kid trying to spare him and have mercy on the Toppat, he thought the kid wasn't taking him seriously and he HATES not being taken seriously. Luckily the child made it alive and since then the Toppat have it out for the poor guy.
  • A lot of people seem to think that Sven Svensson, one of the potential leaders should Reginald and the Right Hand Man be available, and the Killian Experience are the same person. The latter later clarified that he isn't Sven though he wouldn't mind becoming Sven's twin rocket announcer that also happen to be a handsome doctor in a future installment.


Lesser Gods

    Birdie (Street Fighter
Birdie, God of Hooligans (Headbutt Happy Glutton)

    Mr. X (Streets of Rage
Mr. X, God of Attempted City Takeovers (Mr. Big)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Tommy Gun.
  • Theme Song: Final Boss and Final Boss 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Badass in a Nice Suit, Bad Boss, Big Bad, Bottomless Magazines, Combat Pragmatist, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Large and in Charge
  • Domains: Crime, Syndicates, Corruption, Guns, Fighting
  • Heralds: Mr. and Ms. Y (his children)
  • Allies: Vito Corleone, Raymond Reddington, The Black Organization, C.R.A.S.H., Brian Irons, Ethan Roark Sr., Sektor, Frost, Dr. Wily, Mr. Negative, Lord Recluse, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
  • Rivals: Geese Howard
  • Enemies: Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding, Cody Travers, Mike Haggar, Guy and Maki, Lucia Morgan, Honest policemen in the House of Justice, Peyton Westlake/Darkman, Bloody Marie
  • No relation: The T-103 Tyrant (also known as Mr. X)
  • Mr. X is the leader of a powerful secret crime syndicate that seeked to take over Wood Oak City. Their corruption and crime spree was such that it even affected the local police forces, forcing three young police officers to turn in their badges and deal with the problem themselves. That's how Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding ultimately tracked down and beated Mr. X in his own hideout, seemingly dismantling his organization but the man didn't go down without a fight and in fact, he wasn't ready to give up. Now as a pantheonic deity, his goal is the same, to take over the city and make it his own. But he also plans to spread his influence in the pantheon however he can.
  • Axel, Adam and Blaze weren't happy when they heard the news about their Arch-Enemy joining the ranks of the pantheon, but unlike in their home universe, they have the support of the GUAG this time. Still, they are impressed about how he refuses to die and keeps coming back.
  • Notably, Mr. X didn't die the first time but the second encounter he had with Axel and Blaze was after he kidnapped Adam. With the help of Adam's younger brother Skate and a friend of Axel named Max, they were able to defeat him for good. or so they thought, as he still lived as a brain in a huge robot suit. Third time was the charm and that's when X bit it for good.
  • His moniker is a source of confusion given that another deity shares it. The T-103 Tyrant deployed in the Raccoon City incident also goes by Mr. X, even if it's an unofficial designation but neither he nor the mobster have any strong feelings about the other. Mr. X at least knows that staying away from the Tyrant would be preferable, but if he could capture and weaponize it then he could use it more effectively as a lackey.
  • Heard of the potential ventures he could take in Metro City, where contacts from the former Mad Gear Gang told him that it would be the perfect place to expand his influence. He face strong opposition from the Heroes of Metro City, the mayor and former mayor included, and he tried to bribe them with riches that unfortunately they were not impressed by. He had to halt his plans after Cody and his friends devastated his goons with barely breaking a sweat.
  • Naturally accustomed to dealing with other criminals, which is why he fit quite nicely among the top crime lords of the Pantheon with Vito Corleone personally endorsing him (even if he finds him a bit too unorthodox in his more direct approach) and Mr. X was also willing to merge his syndicate with Raymon Reddington's. There was also Mr. Negative and Lord Recluse, who while tied to criminal organizations themselves they acted more as supervillains (and in Recluse's case, he turned his organization into a Supervillain empire). X only became interested in it since he could learn a few things that could turn the tide against the ones that keep foiling his plans. Mr. X even got in contact with another shady organization that behaved more line covert supervillain group than an actual syndicate and the Black Organization was willing to humor his attempts at taking over Wood Oak City, provided he would give them some power over it.
  • Mr. X even planned to extend his influence to politicians that would agree to turn a blind eye on his operations, with Ethan Roark Sr. being one of his primary backers, which impressed X on how he turned his own city into a playground for criminals. He also sought corrupt policemen to acts as enforcers for him and found the perfect candidates in C.R.A.S.H. who are already notoriously corrupt, X saw that he had to have them on his payroll to drive away the competition. He also appointed Chief Irons as his informant in order to gain more information about the law enforments that went to apprehend him.
  • Not all the crime lords were open to the idea of working with him, chief among them was Geese Howard who was not thrilled that X wanted to muscle his way into South Town. The two had an encounter in Mr. X's temple where as usual he would face Geese himself, with his Tommy Gun of course which Howard found incredibly cheap but the battle was close nonetheless. They remain rivals as that small scuffle only enforced the idea that X had to take over South Town for himself.
  • His time as a robot wasn't as pleasant as one would expect and even then he still fell against his foes and for real this time. That's why he thought that in order to improve a potential cybernetic body, he had to seek allies that knew how to handle them. Both Sektor and Frost approached him after seeing the androids he employs in use and were willing to form an alliance with him if he were to provide them with parts needed for their Cyber Lin Kuei army. He agreed but only if they would also work on a cybernetic suit for him.
    • He also managed to get the assistance of Dr. Wily, first because he thought someone stole his alternate identity as Mr. X only to discover it was someone else entirely. Then he agreed to build X machines and a body armor if he helped him take down his arch-enemy Dr. Light.
  • Many people have tried to take him down before but some of them were more unusual because he never expected them to retaliate to him directly. First one was Peyton Westlake, better known as Darkman, whose synthetic masks were almost stolen by X's goons after he took interest in them and he had to personally teach the crime lord a lesson. Another was Bloody Marie, notorious for her hatred for mafias and mobsters after suffering much at the hand of the Medici Family and after seeing another powerful criminal enter the Pantheon, she quickly tried to put him down.
  • Was succeeded by his children, the Twins Mr. Y and Ms. Y who years later tried to take over Wood Oak City themselves. He is proud that they would try to continue in their father's footsteps and occassionally has them as his heralds in order to teach them how to run an empire effectively.

    Vito and Michael Corleone 
Vito and Michael Corleone, The Dons of The Mafia (Vito: Vito Andolini. Micheal: Mike, Mikey. Both: Don Corleone, The Godfather)
Top: Vito Bottom: Michael
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A bottle of Genco Pura olive oil with a revolver to its side. Alternatively, a hand holding a marionette control bar.
  • Theme Song: Do you even have to ask?
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Vito), True Neutral with Evil Tendencies (Michael)
  • Portfolios: Sicilian Crime Boss, strict code of honor among gangsters, and equally respected by them, making offers others can't refuse, strategies and plans, charismatic yet vicious.
  • Domains: Law, Evil, Family, Nobility, Protection
  • Followers: The Falcones & Maronis, Tony Soprano, the Medici Mafia, Mr. Big
  • Herald: Luca Brasi and Al Neri (their respective personal bodyguards)
  • Allies: Omar Little, Tommy Vercetti, Crocodile, Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. Shaky truces with other crime bosses like Professor Moriarty, the 3rd Street Saints Leader and Balalaika of Hotel Moscow, Frieza
  • Business Partners: Melkor
  • Rivals: Al Capone, The Capers, Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, Jabba the Hutt, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Walter White, Good-aligned Equestrian deities, Bloody Marie, Tony Montana, Jay and Silent Bob, Two-Face
  • Odd Friendship: Judy and Nick
  • Opposed by: Zuko
  • Originally this position was offered to Al Capone, until Don Vito made him a much better one, something along the lines of "what right does a Neapolitan have to interfere in a matter between Sicilians", and Capone stepped down. A gang war broke out between several of the multiverse's known mafiosos in order to occupy the vacant spot until the Corleone crime family consolidated their hold and now reign over them all.
    • His turf in the House of Crime is the only place in the entire Pantheon to get an authentic Italian cuisine experience. He has personally made sure that the Italian restaurants and cafés under his protection are considered conflict-free zones and anyone who breaks the neutrality will be expelled at best or whacked at worst.
    • A rather fitting development emerged in the crime world. Vito proposed to give Michael Corleone co-ownership of their temple. Michael naturally objected, not wanting to get pulled back into the business for good. Vito merely displayed his son's journey as crime lord. It became clear that although Michael did not like the job, he shared his father's willingness to do what it took to preserve the business. Thus a rare feat occurred; Michael was anointed godhood over his objections. There was some dissent from Fredo who demanded to become The Don alongside them. Michael responded by sending Fredo on a boating trip...
    • It should be noted that Al Capone did manage to get into the Pantheon... though by more humiliating means. He competes with the Corleones over who is the greatest mafia boss of all time, but there is a lot of mutual respect between them.
  • Vito is normally a calm man until you mention drugs, which make him furious as they were the cause of his family's decline in the mortal world. He has made it clear that any known drug dealers seen in the vicinity of his turf are not welcome and may even be shot on sight. Ergo, this has made him enemies with Walter White. Walter White was said to be ironically amused at Michael's ascension to godhood, viewing it as the final step in Michael's journey which saw Michael go from scrupulously avoiding being involved in crime to one of the most feared and influential criminals in fiction, a transformation that Walter himself was famous for. Walter has been quite happy to rub this similarity in Michael's face, point out that it makes them Not So Different, and claim that the Corleones are massive hypocrites for seeing themselves as morally superior to Walter. This has only made Michael detest Walter more and made Michael more determined to utterly defeat the pantheon's premier drug kingpin.
    • The two consider Omar Little a useful ally, as Don Vito Corleone loathes drug dealers and Omar's favorite target for his robberies are drug dealers. Because of this the Corleones have often encouraged or outright hired Omar to steal from drug dealing competitors, and Omar has been more than happy to comply with this arrangement.
    • Not surprisingly, they have had less luck courting the other GTA protagonists in the Pantheon. They are all independently minded, opting to go at it on their own rather than to be under his wing.
  • Unfortunately, he does have one group of gangs that he has little control over. The 3rd Street Gang are too chaotic for his liking and are the cause of many headaches. Michael has taken a more hefty hand at things, sending their goons after them if they go too far. As the leader is the God of Gangsters, they have ample resources to stave off a gang war. Things got a bit easier after they helped defeat the Zin invasion.
  • There is one Italian that both Corleones have rejected. To them, Tony Montana is a disgrace to The Mafia name. His disastrous tenure not only caused the downfall of his group, it also glorified the drug smuggling business. Even worse, his influence has amassed various copycats from throughout the Pantheon. To Montana, the feeling is mutual. He calls the Corleones "fucking pussies" for staying back to leave their hands dirty. The two are in a constant gang war with one another with no end in sight.
  • Has been the target of the undead Bloody Marie who has a vendetta against all mafia-based gods. Don Vito has redoubled the mutual alliances with Balalaika and the Boss of the Saints to unite against her threat.
  • Does his very best to not antagonize "the Costume Crowd" of Super Heroes and Villains, as the Don understands that doing so would be bad for business for him and his family. Particular figures of note are Batman and Daredevil who often pay him unexpected visits.
    • Things got more complicated with the ascension of Kingpin. As part of his agreement, Vito has agreed to stay away from doing business with Fisk... or at least to not do so visibly. Michael, on the other hand, has been more overt in establishing ties with him. He hopes that Fisk may one day take over the business for good, allowing him to escape the title that was bestowed upon him. That has not put him in the superheroes' good graces.
  • Exclusive to Vito
    • Vito's sense of honour and his good treatment of his subordinates earned him the friendship and alliance of the demigod Tommy Vercetti, who was happy to find such mafiosi still existed, following his own misadventures in Vice City.
    • Due to an event that involved a certain racehorse named Khartoum, it has earned him the ire of the Mane Six and the Princesses of Equestria. The feeling is not mutual as Vito simply made its owner one of his trademark offers and he refused.
    • Judy and Nick has thanked one of his followers for helping them solve the case of the animal attacks. While Dredd is wary of the team-up, he has allowed things to continue for now.
  • Exclusive to Michael
    • Has a new target in the form of Jacuzzi Splot's after hearing the former raided 18 speakeasies in one night, with the possibility being one of Michael's. With assistance from Mello and Candle Jack, he's determined to catch him. Along the way, two outlaws named Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent manage to steal his precious money, thus adding him to their hit list.
    • Is not welcome in the House of Faith, unlike the House's rather begrudging acceptance of his father. Michael's actions (including organizing the wholesale slaughter of his enemies even as he stood in a church "renouncing Satan and all his works" and meddling with the Pope) were too much of an affront, even to those who do not follow Catholicism.
    • Constantly begs for Zuko to reconsider giving him a spot as a follower. The Fire Lord proceeded to give him a harsh dressing down, stating he had plenty of chances to leave the business only to willingly go back. To Zuko, Michael may claim "they pull [him] back in", but he has done that to himself. At this point, his only chance of redemption would be a revision of Michael leaving the criminal business.
  • Has taken to having wine on weekends with fellow Mafia Boss Lord Frieza of the Planet Trade Organization; though Vito is impressed by the success of the alien Don's business ventures, he remains wary of finalizing any deals with him due to his utter lack of honor and boundaries. Frieza for his part has taken a great liking to Michael, for his ruthlessness willingness to kill his own incompetent brother Fredo in order to secure his business interests.


    Fat Tony 
Fat Tony, God of Obvious Crime Fronts (Marion Anthoy D'Amico, William Williams, Fit Tony, Fit-Fat Tony)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A sign saying "Legitimate Businessmens' Social Club"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Affectionately Parodic Mafia Heads, The Don, Karma Houdini (Usually), Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club, Affably Evil (sometimes), Ascended Extra, Badass in Charge, Seen With A Cigar, Uses Exact Words, Killed Off for Real, My Cousin Will Live Through And Become Me
  • Domains: The Mafia, "Business Clubs" and Waste Management, Gambling, Bootlegging, Fraud and Cigarette Smuggling, Rat Milk
  • Allies: Vito Corleone, Polpo, Twitch
  • Odd Friendship with: Homer and Marge Simpson, Moe Syzlack (sometimes enemies)
  • Enemies: Squealers, any Yakuza god, Archibald Snatcher, Monterey Jack, Tsunade, Miltank, Bloody Marie, Peacock, Abadar
  • Respects: Giorno Giovanna
  • Fat Tony, also known as Marion Anthony D'Amico or William Williams, is the local mob boss of Springfield. Starting as a poor runaway he would rise to become master of many criminal enterprises like illegal gambling, cigarette smuggling, bootlegging, fraud and selling fake IDs. Reliable yet dangerous when it comes to ill-gotten gains, he hides behind a Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club.
  • Heavily influenced by Vito Corleone, even having a godfather of his own. Unsurprisingly he was awed to be in the same house, and immediately visited him to sign an autograph. Crime-wise, he works well with Polpo as they're both skilled at getting out of punishment. Despite his alliance to Polpo he does respect Giorno Giovanna, though a lot of it is out of fear.
  • Officially in charge of waste management, and can be found at his bar in the Social Club. Given how so many citizens of Springfield are idiots, corrupt or both he can get away with a lousy cover for the center of his criminal enterprise. He's still able to get away with it in the pantheon because of his deity status and manipulating the corruption in it.
  • Can manipulate others through gambling debts or bribes. He's more wary with the former given how he ended up messing with Tsunade, and he wasn't prepared for her offense. The latter failed completely against Abadar. He doesn't like squealers either, or anyone who's part of the Yakuza due to their last conflict. This is due to when Homer called Fat Tony to help Marge and he started to rub out her competition, said competition summoned the Yakuza to combat them.
  • Has butted heads with the Simpson family on a number of occasions, mainly around his Loan Shark tendencies and trying to pay him. Despite this, they have an Odd Friendship and seem to get along personally. Given his own criminal record, there's a mixed relationship with Moe Syzlack. He's more than willing to give Krusty the Clown leeway due to being funny.
  • Some more idealistic members of the GUAG have tried to convince him of the error of his ways. He usually responds by comparing cigarette smuggling to stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving family. Marge argued that he could have been a pizza man, organ grinder or leaning-tower man, only for him to cry and state "you are listing my broken dreams".
  • Despite his sway on Mayor Quimby, even he was aghast at his milking of rats since he promised "dog or higher". Proceeded to try and assassinate him. He doesn't really get this, believing that people love rats. He's pretty fond of them himself. Has attempted to capture Miltank and force her to produce milk in response. That being said he's still using rats, just disguising it as cheese. Monterey Jack and Archibald Snatcher were offended by this.
  • Being a mafia boss has made him an instant enemy of Bloody Marie and Peacock. The former despises what the mafia did to the latter; being sadistically tortured and mutilated.
  • He has died and replaced by his cousin Fit Tony, who proceeded to become fat and more or less be identical to him. The original Fat Tony is the one in the pantheon, while Fit-Fat Tony continues his role in the show.

    Huang Lee 
Huang Lee, Divine Saint of Chinese Mobsters (Adonis, Rich kid, Oscar, Mr. 'Know it all', Mr. 'Junior Triad of the year', China boy, Mr. speed-date)
  • Theme Song: Chinatown Wars
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Yu Jian Sword
  • Alignment: True Neutral (often forced into Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Spoiled rich kid, Follows through honor but moves on and becomes saner than most, The Everyman, Massive amounts of sarcasm, The only good criminal in the entire Triad regime, Being motivated by his father's death and eventually realizing it was his uncle who killed him
  • Domains: Wealth, Crime, Drugs, Revenge
  • Allies:
  • Source of Interest: John Luthor, Cole Phelps, Harold Francis Callahan
  • Distrusts: Claude, Donald Love
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Revy
  • Rivals: Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Walter White, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Scar, Uncle Chan, Dimitri Rascalov, Agent 47, Chin, Tony Montana
  • The Tale of Huang Lee is a long and arduous one. Following the death of his father in China, his uncle, Wu "Kenny" Lee, called him to arrive in Liberty City, to deliver the family heirloom the Yu Jian Sword so that he may secure a spot as the Triad Leader. Things got awry when his sword was stolen and he himself was left for dead as soon as he arrived in Liberty City. What follows was a journey that forced him into the most rotten core of city, out in the need to reclaim his honor and revenge for his father.
  • After killing his uncle, who was the murderer all along and becoming the leader of the Triads, the Court of the Gods saw potential in him and appointed him as the representative for Chinese Mobsters, though Lee declined the offer the Court gave him. After the fifth time, however, he decided to accept the offer on condition of signing new documents, which he said was a precautionary method just in case he ends up in a place like Liberty City again. Turns out he was placed in a House that is arguably worse than the city itself.
  • Within his first days of ascension, he was greeted by several citizens from Liberty City who immediately recognized him: the silent Claude, the bouncer Luis Lopez, and veteran soldier turned criminal Niko Bellic. All of which have explained their grievances in the eponymous city and how all of them managed to survive. His interaction with Claude ended with complete distrust following him, and by extension, Donald Love, almost wiping out the Triad during the early days with his time in the Leones. As for Love, well, let's just say that instigating a war between the Yakuza and Columbian Cartel won't give you a good impression. The two see Huang as quite calm, despite sounding cocky and outright rude.
    • Even outside Liberty City, he has gained some reputation. Tommy sees him as a great teammate, even considering him to be more loyal than his other associates, though Huang warns him not to kill any Triads or he'll start spilling heads. Carl Johnson also sees friendship within him, mainly due to his association with another Triad within San Fierro under the name of Wu Zi Mu. When he asked as to the condition of the Triads in San Andreas, he answered that they are thriving in Las Venturas, allowing Huang to allow more support outside Chinatown.
    • Despite being a criminal and allying himself with the other GTA protagonists, he prefers not to participate in any of their crimes. He only prefers to maintain the the Triad's stature, following the entire shitshow that occurred in 2009. And that was mainly because of all the backstabbing, killing and treachery that has been happening back when his father died. Not only that, but he is rich enough, so he'll likely pass the opportunity instead.
  • Following his ascension, he was visited (and punched) by Goro Majima, who proclaimed that Huang Lee's life will be a difficult one. It didn't take long for Lee to realize why he hit him in the first place: because he is a Yakuza member (loosely though, since he only allies with Kazuma). However, Kazuma Kiryu also came in and stopped Goro before causing more damage, sincerely apologizing but also stating that he had a feud with the Triads before, hence their rivalry. The Chinese Triad acknowledged this and only had one comment following them leaving his temple:
    Huang: "Jesus, and I thought Liberty City had worse Yakuzas."
  • As with the aforementioned truth that his uncle Kenny was the sole reason behind all the events that almost broke the Triads, he has become wary to any uncles regardless of alignment. Among those he hates are Scar and Uncle Chan. The former's actions makes him closer, if not worse, than his uncle, while Uncle Chan is just plain annoying to him and his rather goofy "Chinese" accent.
    • To explain, Scar's betrayal towards Mufasa was one thing that shook Lee, because it reminded him of Kenny killing his brother so that he may have the leadership of the Triads, not to mention him framing 2 other Triad members in order to make investigation muddier. Scar could only laugh hearing that this happened because he realizes even other people still follow such intentions. Seeing this, he'll do his best to kill Scar to make him feel satisfied for his thirst for revenge.
    • On Uncle Chan's part, Huang pretty much summed it up the first time they met:
    Huang: "Can someone pick better Triads next time? I'm tired of seeing actors like this roaming around like fake-ass Chinese."
  • Truth be told, Huang also had former relations with the Mafia, having been ratted out once by a traitor who lied to him about info on the stolen blade. Because of this, he wants no relations with any Mafia, fearing that they'll throw him off with false information again.
    • But when he received an invitation to the Corleones, his mindset on the Mafia has toned down albeit. The two see mutual respect between each other, with Huang getting good payment on their services, whereas the Corleones, especially Vito, sees great potential in him, despite being in a different gang. Overall, a bond between Triads and the Corleone mafia could spark great business ventures.
    • Then there is Dimitri Rascalov, the type of scum Huang hates. Backstabbing, power hungry and Russian. Hearing from others about Dimitri's actions made it clear that he will personally kill him if he tries to screw with the Triads.
  • Upon hearing what Agent 47 did with the Red Dragon and Blue Lotus Triads, which entails large mass killing, the junior triad could not help but feel uneasy towards the Agent. While 47 has no plans on killing Huang, time will only tell if someone pays him to get killed, then all hands are off.
  • The House of Justice rather welcomed Lee into their institution with applause, mainly for helping on a conspiracy case regarding the Triad leadership. Though he has stated that the detective who helped him was only there for the suspect, some of the others see some mutual friendship between the two. In fact, Huang gets a free pass on the house without repercussions.
    • From the numerous detectives, wardens and judiciaries, 3 members of the said house see Huang as a viable asset: Cole Phelps, John Luthor and Harold Callahan also known as Dirty Harry. They see him uncovering the truth of the Triads as a worthy assessment as an asset for their investigations. Though this was pitched as Luthor's idea, the other 2 stick with it since the results did yield greatly and not only favored in Lee's side, but also on the justice side as well.
  • While being a gang member may have its merits, such as the support from the House of Crime, it also has its fair share of disadvantages. Tony Montana is among those as he has a massive hate towards any gang member, regardless of alignment. Because the last time he "visited" Huang's palace, it was riddled with bullets.
  • As mentioned about the fact that he doesn't participate too much on crimes, he does sometimes join with others when it comes to heists just to know more some of the other deities. Unfortunately, this would force him to cross with Revy, the foul-mouthed, hard-headed Chinese-American of the Lagoon Company. Despite being similar when it comes to nationality and location, all similarities would end here. Revy thinks Huang is too soft, almost reminding her of Rock the first time he joined the company, whereas Huang considers her a crazy bitch to the point of just wanting to shoot her. Then there is the fact that Revy has dealt with triads back then with ease. Expect both of them to throw bullets and curse at each other whenever they meet in a heist.
    Huang: "Fuck me you're an annoying bitch. Never in my entire life have I met one as batshit as you, never even in China."
    Revy: "Oh look here, some pissy soft immigrant who can't man the fuck up? We can keep doing criminal work all day but you better give me a reason not to shoot you up."
    Huang: "Says the bitch who keeps putting her trigger on my fucking face!"
    Revy: "Fine then. Where is your sex life?"
    Huang: "What sex life? Never head that before"
    *punching and cursing intensifies*
    • However, he has time to sell drugs on numerous occasions, often selling them at rather ludicrous prices. When asked why, he only needed the money for it and not the crime itself. When Walter heard of this, he realized a potential rival in him that could outsell him in the drugs competition. So he decided to sell his drugs on a more affordable prices to counter Lee. This resulted in a bet between deities from the House of Crime to see who sold the most drugs in a week. Ultimately, Walter proves to be the better merchant than him thanks to his rather provocative methods.
    • The aforementioned event, however, gave him an ally in the form of Omar Little. Both would share some of their earlier times in the crime life, with him noticing Huang's low life before his eventual rise to the Triad leadership. In fact, Huang's content with Omar getting some of his money, after all, his reputation is something not to sneeze at. Omar did have a little comment regarding him though: he is one of the snarkiest people he has met in the criminal underworld.
  • Of all the people that annoy and infuriate him the most, Chin is high in that list. Chin considers Huang Lee the epitome of his objective, one that puts the idea on "kill all the fuckin' ugly reds" back into his mindset and proof that China is nothing more but pure criminal lowlife. What makes Huang so completely galled at this is that firstly, Chin looks like a Chinese, so it makes him more confused, and second, he called him out for being an idiot for not considering that a.) all of his crimes were done in Liberty City and not Hong Kong and b.) his crimes were committed in 2009 and not 1997, thus making his objective sound like complete bullshit.
    • Though Chin's hatred would get worse. Following Huang's statement on him, the mad clone destroyed much of the temple, and forced him to take direct action. While bullets did not work on him, he brought all of his allies to stop his advance and most of the higher-ups of the House of Crime to shut Chin down. After that incident, Chin has vowed to kill Huang Lee first in kill list.
  • Among all the other GTA characters, Mario hangs around with him more often than others. Not many know why, but Huang has an idea as to why.
  • Also has a spot under the House of Crime, under Nationalities.
  • "I buy ALL my friends. Makes life easier."

    Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki 
Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, Dual Deities of Mafia Children (Raku: Bean Sprout (by Chitoge); Chitoge: Gorilla Queen (by Raku))

    Raymond Reddington 
Raymond Reddington, Celestial Chairman of Criminal Organizations and Networks (Red, The Concierge of Crime)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His Most Wanted Poster
  • Theme Song: The Blacklist End Credits
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Evil to everyone else)
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, Affably Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain, Badass Baritone, Benevolent Boss, His Berserk Buttons Are Betrayal And Human Trafficking, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Consummate Liar, Consummate Professional, Cultured Badass, Deadpan Snarker, Even Evil Has Standards, Manipulative Bastard, Man of Wealth and Taste, Massive Multiplayer Scam, Pay Evil unto Evil, Sharp-Dressed Man, Stepford Snarker, Was A Naval Intelligence Officer Before Becoming A Criminal
  • Domains: Knowledge, Criminal Organizations, Trickery
  • Heralds: Elizabeth Keene/Masha Rostova and Dembe
  • Allies: Most of the House of Crime, especially Kasumi Goto, Isabella of Rivain and Vito and Michael Corleone
  • Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, James/Jamie Moriarty, [[Pantheon/The Black Organization]]
  • Enemies: Kano, Giorno Giovanna, Diavolo, Lex Luthor
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice and all of the good-aligned military deities
  • Observed by: The Machine
  • The House of Crime is abuzz with its newest addition to its family; an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man in an expensive suit, fedora and overcoat carrying a briefcase. As it turns out Hotel Moscow (mainly, Balalaika) knows who he is. The Concierge of Crime himself, one Raymond Reddington, has come to the Pantheon.
  • About 20 years ago, Raymond was a Naval Intelligence officer who was being groomed for the position of Admiral. Then, he up and vanished. When he resurfaced four years later, he was selling classified documents to the enemy. He was charged with treason and convicted in absentia as a result. Over the next two decades, U.S. assets and agents in various locations all over the world was compromised as a result of his actions. During this time, he built up a network consisting of a motley crew of spies, thieves, smugglers, drug traffickers, people smugglers, human traffickers, arms traffickers, counterfeiters, forgers, hackers, mercenaries, and assassins. Then he turned his sights to the private sector. Then, he graduates to starting wars and toppling governments and influencing politics. He became known as the Concierge of Crime due to his talents of setting up black market deals. With his ascension to the Pantheon, Red seeks to expand his influence.
    • Complicating his ascension was the reveal that he is in fact not Raymond Reddington, but an imposter who killed the man and assumed his identity. This caused a stir in his ascension process with people wondering if they could trust the man after all. But the deceit drew a near standing ovation from the House of Crime, even those who were wary of his work with the FBI. The house subsequently fast-tracked his ascension afterwards.
  • Soon after his arrival, he got to work finding associates to help handle his 'Blacklist' of associates he has worked with throughout the years. Among those is Kasumi, a shifty figure in Shepard's own network of misfits. The Master Thief had no qualms outing criminals as long as she gets to keep whatever loot they may have. And working with Red always provides her with valuable items from her victims.
  • Isabela liked his story on how he gave the middle finger to his naval crew before living a life of crime. She agreed to broker information for Red as long as she doesn't end up on the blacklist herself. There is also a bit of personal interest for her; there are certain people who have wronged her in the past and she would love to get her vengeance upon them.
  • It's little surprise that not everyone in the House of Crime approves of his betrayal. Some believe that handing out information to the authorities brandishes him as a traitor. This is no truer than with Moriarty. No one knows if the two associated with each other in the past. The only hint is with the way Moriarty grimaces whenever he hears the name. That and the fact that quite a few assassins that have gone after Red have associations with the criminal mastermind suggests a connection between the two]].
    • The Red Dragons were one of the organizations who did business with Red, and his intel made a serious dent on their operations. Kano wants to congratulate him on the hit... by ripping his heart out of his body. Red has proven to be elusive to find, so Kano has not been able to achieve vengeance just yet.
    • This has complicated things in the Jojoverse. Giovanni tried to convince Red to tell him about the location of his hated former boss Diavolo who he suspects ascended shortly after he did. Red has kept things close-lipped, not wanting to deal with such a powerful crime boss as of yet. Frustrated with this, Giovanni has made open his plan to capture the criminal on site, thinking he would do the Pantheon a favor removing him from the equation. The thing is, Red has not escaped Diavolo's attention either who plans to get rid of the man before he could reveal his activities.
  • He's also not on good terms with the deified military officers (the good ones, mostly) due to him turning his back on the Navy and going rogue. So much so that a good portion of them has a kill-on-sight order on him. This put the House of Justice on a disorganized front, with some willing to work with him to broker information and others wanting to either arrest or kill him outright.
  • Is in a ceasefire with the Black Organization, when Chianti and Korn had a run-in with some of his agents when the duo were targeting a visitor to one of the Corleone's restaurants. Suffice to say, a shootout occurred where Chianti was fatally injured. Korn had to carry her to the House of Life and Death for revival. Had the Boss not intervened, Chianti would have killed Reddington on the spot. He has reserved judgement on the Organization in lieu of the failed assassination. Time will tell.
  • There is no doubt that Carmen Sandiego has not associated with the man on account of how often the plays spoiler against him. There has been multiple cases where she steals items from under his nose once the perpetrator is caught. She purposefully keeps her network small to prevent such betrayal from happening.
  • Besides gang members, he has also come under fire from various supervillains. Red suspects that this is the work of Lex Luthor While a connection between him and Lex hasn't been found, the God of Supervillains wasn't going to give Red the chance to out him.
  • His connection with the criminal world has been followed by The Machine and its associates. Finch believes that the Machine will eventually be able to piece together all of his contacts, making his usefulness irrelevant. Until then, the Machine closely tracks his whereabouts to make sure he doesn't disappear a second time.


    The Slavers 
Cristu Bulat, Tiberiu Bulat and Vera Konstantin, Unholy Triumvirate Of Human Traffickers (The Slavers)
Top to bottom-Cristu, Tiberiu and Vera


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