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The "upper-class" neighborhood of the House of Crime, where fancy houses that serve as headquarters for mob leaders and their subordinates can be found alongside shabby buildings where rampant drug-dealing takes place. Aside from that, illegal business establishments like brothels and casinos (which are controlled by the aforementioned mob leaders) are the norm here, with the streets being largely populated by Gangbangers who are ready to assault anyone that invades their turf.

Deities from the Grand Theft Auto universe are frequently seen here (even if they aren't part of the House), as are the likes of Kazuma Kiryu, Donquixote Doflamingo and the Kingpin.

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Intermediate Gods

    Bucciarati's Gang 
Bucciarati's Gang, Divine Group Of The Friendly Mafia (Members: Giorno Giovanna (The Fifth JoJo, GioGio, Gio, Haruno Shiobana, Gang-Star, Don of Passione, The Firstborn Son of DIO, GESU CRISTO), Bruno Bucciarati (Bluno, Bruno Buccellati), Guido Mista, Narancia Ghirga, Leone Abbacchio, Pannacotta Fugo (Cheese Boy), Trish Una)
L - R: Abbacchio, Bucciarati, Giorno, Fugo, Narancia (Front), Mista and Trish

    Toppat Clan 
The Toppat Clan, Divine Organization of Criminal Groups with Gimmicks
  • Intermediate as a whole
  • Symbol: A Tophat with "Toppat" written on it, as seen on the right
  • Theme Songs: Infiltrating theAirship Themes, Completing the Mission launch trailer music, Tickets Please and Toppat Launch Site
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Nebulous Evil Organisation, Army of Thieves and Whores, Collect a wide variety of rare and stolen valuables, Brotherhood of Evil with funny hats, Cool Airship, Operate purely on hedonism, Leadership tends to change a lot either by usurpers or by their leaders being taken out, Pretty low standards when it comes to recruits, N.G.O. Superpower
  • Domains: Crime, Theft, War, Space, Technology, Hats
  • Determinant Relationships: Henry Stickmin and Ellie Rose
  • Alleged Members: Mario, Luigi, The Spy, Hat Kid, Snoop Dogg, Gon Freeccs
  • Allies: Benny, Kano, The Mafia of Cooks, Lord English
  • Enemies: Charles Calvin, The House of Law and Justice, The Wall, Raiden, Frisk, Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie, Peacock
  • Confused for: Killian Experience (Sven)
  • The Toppat Clan is an infamous criminal organization that is believed to have committed several crimes and said to have been around for centuries. The Toppats have been a thorn in the side of several of the world's governments and that all came to a head when Captain Galeforce decided to recruit notorious thief Henry Stickmin in order to bring the clan down, or at least arrest their leader Reginald Copperbottom. Whether Henry actually succeeded in taking them down, joined the Toppats by becoming their leader or just decided to steal their Ruby is up in the air, but after that it was discovered that the Toppat Clan were planning something big by trying to launch a station into space. Given that every single member wears a hat and are possibly one of the silliest yet most dangerous groups out there, they were "chosen"* to represent the trope.
  • Their relationship with Henry Stickmin is a bit complicated.
    • Henry can actually be their latest leader if he took up Reginald's offer, but from there either Henry is betrayed by Reginald during an attempted escape from The Wall which ends with the whole clan's destruction following Henry's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Henry is overthrown by Reginald because of him leaving behind Ellie (which makes her involvement and alliance with Henry all the more confusing), or they simply adore him as a pretty good leader. None of the aforementioned events are exactly 100% canon, they are all in fact due to a multiverse.
    • Then there is also the fact that Henry could have sided with the Government by collecting enough evidence to arrest most of the Clan or by bringing Reginald in, and just be a potential enemy (this also applies to Ellie if she is allied with Henry) or Henry stole their Ruby and they simply dislike him for that. The only consistent relationship with the trio is that Charles, being a government agent, will always oppose the Toppats no matter what. (Things got very personal in one ending).
  • Officially, their leader in the Pantheon is Reginald Copperbottom, as he seems to have regained his status as the Toppat Leader even considering the other paths the story can take. Historically, the Toppats have had a tumultuous history in the leadership department, as some of their leaders ascended to the position by force and many had varying philosophies (Reginald wearing the hat of the former chief, notoriously one of the worst in Toppat history). The Right Hand Man can potentially take over should Reginald go missing or get captured; Sven Svensson, another high ranking member, can take over if neither are available, and potentially Henry can become the Toppat Leader if he took Reginald’s offer in one timeline. We did say it's complicated....
  • The Toppat Clan is on hostile terms with The Wall for obvious reasons, but a major point in this relationship is that The Wall has imprisoned some Toppats, and the Toppats have a Toppat inside the complex, disguising as a guard. Bonus points because in one timeline, the Toppats have attacked multiple guards to break Henry out of the complex, while in another timeline, The Wall attacked the Toppat Launch Site in hopes of recapturing Henry and Ellie.
  • Several of the Pantheon deities have been alleged to be members of the Toppats, which they have tried to deny their involvement. For example, both Mario and Luigi have been allegedly spotted by both Henry and Ellie during one mission to take down the remaining Toppats and they were among the ranks but they have stated neither would ever join a criminal gang like the Toppats (Though some speculate Henry and Ellie might have spotted the SMG4 Mario instead). The only one that actually doesn't mind the allegations of being a Toppat is Snoop Dogg, who finds them to be cool enough though for security reasons, he goes by "Sleepy Dogg" as a Toppat.
  • Obviously they tend to get into a lot of trouble with the House of Law and Justice given that the Toppats have been involved in a wide array of criminal activities the second they set foot in the Pantheon. And like in their universe, the Toppats have been narrowly avoiding capture and have fought back against any form of Pantheonic Authority that have tried to arrest them. They even somehow managed to launch their Orbital Space Station into the House of Space and Cosmos but given there are far more effective ways to reach space in the Pantheon, the operation hasn't been exactly succesful.
    • The Toppats also refuse to join any of the Grand Alliances, neither Evil nor Chaos are to their liking and they share traits of both sides to boot. It's believed that having literal deities lording over them goes against their principles, or many suspect Reginald doesn't want to lose control of the Toppats after the so-called Henry Stickmin Incident.
  • Depending on the path Henry chooses, Reginald's Right Hand Man can become a cyborg following a near-fatal encounter with Henry. In this mode he is far stronger, can fire lasers from his eyes and can fly. He sometimes can take over from Reginald if the latter is captured or unavailable. RHM usually has it out for Henry for defeating him and making it so he had to be rebuilt, usually leading to bad results for the RHM. Given his ties to a criminal organization and being a fellow cyborg, Raiden saw it fit to challenge the Right Hand Man and destroy the rest of the clan, but Raiden has been trying to work out a less destructive way after learning of one of Henry's attempts at revenge not ending well for everyone involved, to say the least.
  • The recruiting standards for the Toppat Clan have been historically very, very low. You can be a small time criminal or even a slightly angry citizen and the Toppats will take you in no problem. Firstly, given the Right Hand Man resembling him a lot, Kano sought to make an alliance with the Clan and his Black Dragon Clan and it went mostly right. Though most people are aware that Kano is a notorious traitor and have kept a close eye on him should things turn sour. Similarly, Benny has also found a job among the Toppats and unlike Kano he's been a lot more forthcoming about finding people that would at least employ him even if they are a bunch of silly stick figures. That said, having heard of the constant rapid promotions the Toppats have, he did think he could maybe try it himself but knows he would be quickly executed if he isn't careful and so far he hasn't tried his luck. That said, the fact that Benny has to wear a silly hat to be a Toppat does bother him a little since it tends to mess up his hair.
  • Apparently Hat Kid has had several run-ins with the Toppats because the latter think she is one of their own, as there is actually a member that goes by Hat Girl, probably from the same place as her. Hat Kid, while on friendly terms, prefers to not partake on Toppat affairs (unless dancing is involved, she loves Henry's dance after all). The Toppats ultimately did take in one of the Hat Kid's friends, the Mafia of Cooks who while trying to reform have once again fallen to the side of crime and the Toppat Clan has surely provided an opportunity for them, even as far as becoming a secondary branch to the Toppats. This also had the unfortunate side effect of becoming the targets of Mustache Girl, someone who has some history with the Mafia of Cooks and really hates criminal organization like the Toppats, considering what the former has done to her. They usually brush her off as a nuisance but there have been times where she has snuck into their temple AND Airship, which has certainly alarmed Reginald since he thinks Mustache Girl wants to usurp his position.
  • Similar to the incidents with Mustache Girl following the recruitment of the Mafia of Cooks, friends of said girl who share a similar hatred for mafia groups learned of the Toppat Clan’s ascension and wasted no time trying to take them down. These friends were the notorious Skullgirl Bloody Marie and another cyborg nuisance in the form of Peacock, both victims of a mafia family called the Medicis who the Toppats certainly remind the two of them. The chaos that ensued when the two invaded their temple was such that the CCC got involved (and no Henry Stickmin in sight). Once the chaos got contained, Peacock's friendship with Henry got a bit strained after learning that he can potentially be the Toppat Leader in certain paths, but he’s also as likely to oppose them as she is so at the least they have remained friends.
  • Easily one of the clan's most powerful allies they made in the Pantheon was Lord English, who commands a similar group called the Felt. English felt that the Toppats have a lot of potential and use for him and Reginald was smart enough to form a truce with him because a fair amount of deities have tried to arrest the Toppat Clan and he could use some help if he isn't going to join a Grand Alliance.
  • There was a time where Frisk tried to peacefully communicate with the Clan in order to try and stop their crime spree in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately, the first Toppat they tried to attempt this with was Mr. Macbeth, one of the Toppat higher ups and their train conductor. Once he saw the kid trying to spare him and have mercy on the Toppat, he thought the kid wasn't taking him seriously and he HATES not being taken seriously. Luckily the child made it out alive. Since then, the Toppats (mostly Mr. Macbeth) have had it out for them.
  • A lot of people seem to think that Sven Svensson, one of the potential leaders should Reginald and the Right Hand Man be available, and the Killian Experience are the same person. The latter later clarified that he isn't Sven though he wouldn't mind becoming Sven's twin rocket announcer that also happen to be a handsome doctor in a future installment.

Lesser Gods

    DiMeo Crime Family 
The DiMeo Crime Familynote , Divine Representatives of The Mafia
L - R: Bobby, Christopher, Tony, Silvio, and Paulie.
  • The Organization is roughly equal to a Lesser God due to maintaining a strong, feared and authoritative front. Individual members are Demigods at best and Quasideities at worst.
  • Symbol: A stash of guns rowed in a crate with a "Soprano" tag.
  • Theme Song: Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3 (Shared with the Soprano Family)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil as a whole. Members tend to be True Neutral either on a good day or in their Personal Lives, though Christopher and Paulie have had their moments of Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil from time-to-time.
  • Portfolio: A Modern Interpretation of the Italian Mafia, Named After Eckley DiMeo who Plays No Importance to the Series, Based on the DeCavalcante Crime Family, Often Perform Petty or Irrational Acts, Undying Loyalty Deconstructed
  • Domains: Mafias, Crime, Family, Business, Struggle
  • Heralds: In General, The Crime Family as a Whole, Consisting of Several Crews Personally Led by Core Members
    • Christopher: Adriana La Cerva, Kelli Lombardo/Moltisanti (his wife), Caitlin Moltisanti (his daughter)
    • Silvio: Gabriella Dante (his wife), Heather Dante (his daughter)
    • Paulie: Nucci Gualtieri (his aunt-acquired mother), Little Paulie Gualtieri (his nephew)
    • Bobby: Bobby Baccalieri III, Sophia Baccalieri (his children with Karen [his first wife]), Domenica "Nica" Baccalieri (his daughter with Janice, shared Herald)
  • Superior: Tony Soprano
  • Business Partners: Raymond Reddington, Al Capone
  • Allies: Vito and Michael Corleone, La Squadra Esecuzioni, Kurei, Tommy Vercetti, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Darth Vader, Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Bowser
  • Enemies: Diavolo, Cioccolata, The Investigation Team, A Majority of the Hall of Detectives, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Light Yagami, The Slavers, Lester/Bullseye 50 Blessings, S.A.T.8, The Carcano Sisters, Nicky Cavella, Yan
  • Opposes/Opposed By: Homosexual Deities in the Pantheon
  • Odd Friendship: Thomas the Tank Engine (Bobby)
  • Enemy Mine/Ceasefire Towards: Bucciarati's Gang, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, Jimmy
  • Avoids: Jason Todd/Red Hood, Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Robert Edwin House
  • Special Relationship: The Soprano Family
  • The DiMeo Crime Family was formed in the early 20th Century and operated in Newark, New Jersey. Initially led by Eckley DiMeo, leadership was passed onto Jackie Aprile before his death from cancer in 1999, prompting Corrado "Junior" Soprano to take up the mantle of The Don. Along the way, tensions begin to arise between Junior and his nephew, Tony, who was dealing with how the organization should be led and balancing this with his personal life. Eventually, Corrado was arrested for his criminal activities and Tony took over with his fellow personal workforce composing of his closest companion Silvio Dante, impulsive hothead Paulie Walnuts and his nephew (and cousin on his wife's side) Christopher Moltisanti. While a respectable and feared organization, the DiMeo Mafia was not as strong as it used to be as there was still an amicable competition they had with the Luppertazi Family.
  • The last recorded moments of the DiMeo Family was not exactly favourable in their part and there is no word about its conclusion. That said, the story of the Family's struggle in maintaining their position in the Crime Industry in New Jersey was a very memorable if a grim one and what was recorded included a surprisingly expansive tale about Tony and his companions. It was only a matter of time before five of its members, composed of Tony, Christopher, Silvio, Paulie and newcomer lieutenant Bobby Baccalieri were picked to represent the Pantheon.
  • Each member of the DiMeo are different from one another very greatly. This may be for better or for worse, depending on which member is being referenced.
    • Christopher is a man who is desperate to create a large reputation for himself in the Mafia world and looks up to Tony as a mentor and father figure the same way this was reflected under Tony and Junior. Unfortunately, Christopher has major personality faults; he was impulsive, demanding rash and incredibly trigger-happy if things didn't go his way. Furthermore, much of his experience came with one back luck against the other. Further muddying the waters is his... complicated relationship with Adriana La Cerva, even if the two loved each other. As a result, he was the member with the most mixed reactions within the organization, though the upper-ups mostly though he was more-or-less a distraction, much to his frustration. Oh, and he tried to catch a career in Film and Hollywood. While he was successful in making a film, Cleaver, it would be the only one he'd ever make.
    • Silvio, alongside Bobby, is one of the most normal and well-reserved members of the group, which helps as he gets to be Tony's top enforcer within the DiMeo organization. He's also the owner of the Bada Bing! strip club, which attracts a periphery audience of gangsters and strippers and is one of the biggest factors in the organization's finance. In spite of holding a strip club and having sex with other women, Silvio has a stable relationship with his wife, Gabriella and spends his free time as an affable man. That's not to say he is ruthless in his job, however, though being Tony's right hand, he's the closest to being his voice of reason, Tony's own family aside.
    • Paulie is... too trigger happy. He's rude, temperamental and incredibly abrasive, more so than even Christopher and he's arguably the most childish out of the group. All that said, he's still a pretty fun person to be around and even if he is the only member to have not married, he has a strong affection for his mother (actually his aunt) Nucci and his nephew Little Paulie. That and his loyalty and friendship towards Tony is almost as strong as Silvio's even if Paulie is more prone to messing up at times.
    • Bobby is easily the nicest and most affable member, which may or may not be because he's the newest addition to the representing members. Despite his aloof nature, he's surprisingly effective when it comes to the Mafia's business and quickly proved his worth as one of Tony's best allies. He also had a stable marriage life with his wife Karen and their children Bobby III and Sophia. Then Karen died in a car accident and Janice took over. They had a daughter, Domenica (or "Nica"), but this doesn't change Janice's demeanour in any way and most would agree that Bobby is unlucky enough to get married to someone like her. He also likes trains and is often seen trying to construct toy trains and miniature landscapes for them to operate on.
  • Their primary spot for hanging out is either at Bada Bing! or at Satriale's Pork Store, which uses to be owned by Junior and Tony's father, Johnny Boy. Despite its association with the mafia, Satriale's has become a recognized restaurant in the House of Food and because of this, they have managed to increase a good deal of profits out of it. That said, Pantheonic rules have stated that the DiMeo are unable to commit any crimes in Satriale's either, which they didn't mind. After all, why would they want to disobey rules if that's what's going to alienate them and disallow them from potential alliances and relationships.
  • Needless to say, every member of the DiMeo was surprised to see that they now existed in the same place as the Corleones, especially given that they are avid fans of the The Godfather franchise themselves. Vito and Michael were surprised to see and hear about the stories of the DiMeo and, seeing that they were eager to make friends decided to strike a business deal with them, with Tony even managing to secure a million-dollar contract with trades and welfare benefits, provided the two of them maintain a strong partnership. That said, Vito and Michael are aware that the DiMeo are potentially more ruthless and unscrupulous than them and that it is best if they remain cautious of a thin line.
  • To say nothing about Christopher's first days in the Pantheon. His mortal coil was shed when after a car accident, Tony suffocated him to death after realizing just how much of a burden he was. Not surprisingly, Christopher was infuriated and considered killing Tony the moment they ascended together. He had to be restrained and told the bitter truth, which pissed him off even more. It took a while, but he regained his demeanour after a while. He's eventually decided that at this point, he would need to be more careful and considerate of what he does and how to approach Tony. On the plus side, he was mourned, though Tony and Silvio were not among them (if anything, Tony was glad that he offed his nephew). Christopher and Tony's relationship, at the moment, is business and forced group work at best and the former is saddened to consider that he may never get a chance to make his uncle truly proud of him.
  • Outside of the DiMeo Family, Christopher does have a particular interest in writing and film media. He did get to meet Jon Favreau and Ben Kingsley, the former in trying to get him to work together in writing a film together and the latter when Christopher tried to get him cast for Cleaver. Both attempts failed, with the former ending so badly that Christopher ended up hating Favreau a lot. He was intrigued to discover a House of Theatre and Spectacle, though his petty murder of J.T. Dolan has made him feel pretty unwelcomed. To his credit, the House does respect Christopher's natural talent for acting and pity him for not seizing the opportunity to choose film over crime.
  • Christopher is also not very popular with the House of Love and Affection if his disproportionate relationship with Adriana La Cerva isn't any indication. While Christopher did, indeed, love her, enough to actually make her one of his heralds, he also appointed his mortal wife, Kelli and his daughter, Caitlin. At best, the House can barely tolerate him and he has to be monitored in case he loses his temper and starts lashing out towards others. Although, to his dismay, he cannot bring himself to approach Adriana, considering her death, courtesy of Silvio, occurred after Christopher told Tony that Adriana was a police informant (albeit unwillingly on her part).
  • Silvio will normally be seen at Bada Bing! where he would be conducting work and regulations for up-and-coming strippers and most seem to enjoy his presence. It's telling when out of all of Tony's lieutenants, he puts the most faith in Silvio as, while he is prone to messing things up at times, he is more competent and straightforward in getting his tasks done. Not surprisingly, he's earned an honorary place in the House of Loyalty and Servitude.
    • That said, he has a hobby of gambling. While normally composed and jolly, one of the few times he's not is when he's losing a game and, like the rest of his compatriots, is prone to getting huffy and aggressive over it. He's a bit flabbergasted about how the House of Gaming is mainly based on Video Games as he was misled into thinking it would be a place of gambling instead.
  • Paulie... doesn't have much going for his personal life. He's the only one out of the bunch who isn't married and thus, spends most of his time in the mafia. He does have relatives, namely his mother Nucci and his nephew, Little Paulie, who is also a minor member of the DiMeo. In spite of his violently impulsive and vindictive attitude, he truly loves his family. He'll often visit the House of Family and Relatives to spend some time with Nucci and expects the Mothers Sub-House to treat her respectfully. He doesn't want to think too much about thinking how Nucci is actually his aunt; his biological mother was a nun who had an affair with a sailor, which is what conceived his birth, and the resulting revelation ended up making Paulie separate himself from Nucci. They did, however, patch up sometime before she died, and Paulie is making sure he's providing for Nucci as much as he can.
  • Bobby, in addition to being a family man who happens to have good relations with the House of Family, also takes visitation hours at the Houses of Travel and Craft. He happens to have a peculiar fascination with trains and spends some time either riding or watching them in the former. For the latter, Bobby often tries to find toy stores to find and buy miniature railway tracks and stations, so that he could assemble the parts in his personal domain. Because of this, he quickly struck a friendship with Thomas the Tank Engine and sometimes dotes on the steam train whenever Thomas is on work with his friends and fellow co-workers. It apparently inspires Bobby even more in regards to his train interests.
  • Regarding other crime families, the DiMeo have made sure that there is a certain figure that they will never attempt a deal or strike an alliance with; Diavolo. While some members have done their fair share of despicable actions, they do have some principles, ethics and loved ones to look after. Diavolo has absolutely nothing going for that and is willing to allow innocents and children to die if it means keeping his secrecy and furthering his goals. Not to mention how Diavolo makes no distinction in treating his employees like shit and wants to kill his daughter out of paranoia, a fact that the DiMeo family found incredibly revolting and needlessly cruel. For all their criminal activities, Tony, Silvio, Bobby and even Christopher want to make sure their children have nothing to do with their actions and professional life.
    • Speaking of Diavolo, the DiMeo also came into contact with the La Squadra Esecuzioni and Bruno Bucciarati's Gang, both of whom have made no secret about opposing Diavolo. Bruno feels suspicious about the DiMeo, especially given that they are heavily unscrupulous in their actions and are hotheaded in nature as well. Giorno Giovanna and Trish Una do, however, express some sympathy and pity over Tony, due to his own troubled experience regarding parents. While they didn't get along, Bruno and Tony were able to secure a compromise, given that they have a common enemy and the former would make some attempt to provide supplies and resources if mainly to provide family members of the DiMeo Mafia with support. Risotto Nero, however, got along better and would often try to play some games with Silvio if they have free time, which made the DiMeo find a new business partner and ally with his gangster squad. Strangely enough, it's mentioned that Ghiaccio would fit right into the DiMeo comfortably. They do have a shared knack of being temperamental after all.
  • They met up with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro at one point while the DiMeo were trying to find potential partners and allies in the Pantheon. In the ensuing meeting, Vito and Joe had a pretty decent dinner in Satriale's and enjoyed the company provided by the gang. That said, they were displeased to hear about the many criminal activities and petty actions that they committed throughout their lifetimes. The duo also took notice of their families and commended that at least they don't try to get them involved in crime. Vito and Joe eventually decided to call a partnership, strained as it may be and potentially help each other out, which Tony decided that it would be the best possible call to make. That, and they have a few mutual enemies that they vehemently oppose.
    • While the partnership is active and not going to die away soon, another reason for it being strained to begin with is that the DiMeo have fewer morals and are more ruthless in general, in addition to holding outdated, conceited and bigoted views on some groups, particularly homosexuals. While they wouldn't say it in front of the group, Vito and Joe do pay their condolences to Vito Spatafore, given the fact that he became ostracized when word came out that he was gay and that he was murdered by a rival mafia gang led by Phil Leotardo, solely for his sexual orientation.
  • Makoto Niijima bears a strong dislike to the group, and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts aren't too enthusiastic about them either. Their positive qualities don't factor in too much either as they have a large sheet of criminal actions in their sheet. What is more worrying, however, is that each of the top members has their own personal demons that haven't really faded out, so there is the possibility of them gaining a Palace. While they do find them annoying, the DiMeo members have decided to not attack them as that would further justify them in rewiring their minds. That said, the Phantom Thieves have no intention of going after their families as they're aware that they really have nothing to do with their crimes. Still, Makoto really wants to make sure they find some sort of justice and doesn't fancy the fact that Tony would make a deal with the FBI. Oh, and Silvio's murder of Adriana was what Makoto considered "undoubtedly revolting".
  • While they are feared, they do know when to turn back and not risk themselves in getting further damaged. This is how Tony and his lieutenants felt when they learned about Jason Todd and Frank Castle and their stories about waging a violent war against crime after suffering severe injustices. The fact that they have killed hundreds of criminals in cold blood have made the DiMeo family wince in fear, and the thought of them deciding to gun them down is a scary one. That said, they did come off as somewhat better than other criminals, though Jason and Frank have reprimanded that the DiMeo are still in their watchlist if they do something out of line.
    • That said, Tony was able to secure an alliance with Oswald Cobblepot, much to Jason's anger and frustration as he himself has some personal beef against The Penguin. Tony himself hasn't done much worse and usually just hangs out with Cobblepot in thinking about old days and having fun in their criminal-owned earnings. That's not to say they are without scruples. The DIMeo have made a point to never consider an alliance with either the Slavers or Nicky Cavella. Both are absolute scumbags that make even seasoned criminals disgusted and the DiMeo clearly aren't going to work with somebody who is not only completely disregarding of loyalty or partnership, but also do what they want out of satisfaction and sadism. Cavella being a gay person results in the DiMeo often making jokes about it, but in all seriousness, the guy is so crazy and stupid that trying to make a deal with him is suicidal. The Slavers' dealings in the human trafficking of sex slaves is disgusting beyond belief and the fact that their business involves innocents is out of ethical standards for the DiMeo mafia. For once, Tony and his compatriots actually think the Punisher did everyone a service by killing them off.
  • Have struck a deal with Raymond Reddington and Al Capone in regards to business trading, assets, information and forming a professional relationship. It helps that Raymond has a legendary reputation for setting up criminal networks, though the DiMeo have stated that they have some lines they won't cross. Capone is on more favourable terms, given that he is the archetypal mafia Don and that they would give him some degree of respect on that basis. While they are ruthless, Capone does assert that they should do their best to look good to the public too, like attending charitable meetings and helping civilians if given time. That way, they'll build up support and morale, which they would need for their mafias to remain strong and persevere.
"Other people’s definitions of you, sometimes they’re more about making themselves feel better. You gotta define yourself."
Christopher Moltisanti

"You’re only as good as your last envelope."
Silvio Dante

"How can you trust a guy who can literally go fuck themselves?"
Paulie Gualtieri

"Fuck this! It's not bad enough you wake me in the middle of the night, I gotta get my balls broken too? I got my limits too Junior"
Bobby Baccala

    The Empress (A Hat In Time
"Catch her; make it quick. one million dollars..."

The Empress, Goddess of Female Mafia Leaders

    Shelby Family 
"By order of the Peaky fuckin' Blinders..."

The Shelbys note , The Divine Criminal Family
Thomas Shelby
Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom: Arthur Shebly Jr. Polly Gray, Ada Thorne nee Shelby, Michael Gray, and John Shelby
  • Lesser Gods Collectively, Demigods Individually
  • Symbol: The Motto "By Order of the Peaky Blinders"
  • Theme Music: Red Right Hand by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Neutral and True Neutral with lots of Lawful Evil undertones, especially Tommy. Members individually go all over the Neutral Spectrum
  • Portfolio: Families In Criminal Businesses, Dysfunctional Big, Screwed-Up Family, Will Always Stand Up For and Protect Each Other in Spite of their Mutual Grievances, Siblings in Crime, Villainous Lineage, Pretty Reckless about their Riches, Struggle with Infighting and Placing Unintentional Bad Luck with Anyone Associated with Them, Brothers Struggle to Cope with PTSD and Wartime Trauma Courtesy of The Great War
  • Domains: Crime, Family, Control, Leadership, Authority
  • Heralds: The Peaky Blinders and the Extended Members of the Family (e.g. Lizzie Stark, Finn Shelby, Esme Shelby-Lee, Charlie Strong, Jeremiah "Jimmy" Jesus, and more...), Alfie Solomons, Aberama Gold, Freddie Thorne, Jessie Eden
  • Allies/Business Partnerships: The TOPPAT Clan, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vito and Michael Corleone, Lex Luthor
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Salamanca Family, Diavolo, Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, Frank Underwood, Todd Alquist
  • Opposes: The Houyhnhnms, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Hank Schrader, Domestic Abusers
  • Opposed By: Shoto Todoroki, Most of the House of Law and Justice
  • Commonality Connection: Qrow Branwen, Milo Murphy (general), John Rambo, Niko Bellic, Ted Striker (Tommy, Arthur, and John), Sakura Matou, Ellen, Tess Durbeyfield, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (Polly and Michael)
  • Respects: Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, Hall of Ungulates
  • Conflicting Opinion: The PAYDAY Gang, The Wilkerson Family, Lightning McQueen, Duc Hudson, Richard Petty
  • Pities: Jesse Pinkman
  • Pitied By: Tohru Honda
  • The Shelbys were a wealthy and influential family in the early 20th century, based in Birmingham, England, and were of Irish Traveller descent. The family was best known for founding the Shelby Limited Company, which focused on advertising and selling exported goods and antique beverages. The company proved successful, raking in large sums of money for the family as well as developing strong interests from other workers and companies and holding good relations with its employees. More famously though, the Shelbys were the governing force of the Peaky Blinders, a gang organization with humble beginnings that soon grew and escalated into the biggest criminal gang in the United Kingdom and one of the largest, most influential in the world. As a testament to their reputation, the Peaky Blinders have a hand in such working fields and industries as distillery, automotive manufacturing factories, and racetracks, just to name a few. At its peak, the organization was run by Thomas Shelby, a man defined by his no-nonsense attitude to approaching things and maintaining an authoritative and dignified approach to settling his matters. Tommy's ruthless pragmatism and sharp wits allowed him to become the leading figure of his family and the gang and company they owned, and his stern yet personable approach led to many alliances and victories, all the way to entering politics and establishing a working partnership with Winston Churchill. Despite the many losses and victories he's endured as well as the trauma of having fought in World War I, Tommy ensures the Peaky Blinders and the Shelby Family would thrive for years to come and go down as one of the most influential, feared, and powerful gangsters in the world.
  • Of course, many losses were made in the family, with John and Polly having been killed by an ambush from enemies on two separate occasions and creating an irreparable dent for the Shelbys. Michael lost his trust in Tommy upon hearing of his mother's death and became an enemy, prompting Tommy to shoot his cousin dead in their last confrontation That's not to mention other comrades and relatives that they've lost, Tommy himself having to see his first wife Grace being shot whilst trying to save him and his daughter with his second wife, Ruby, dying from tuberculosis years later. Although the family was last seen having a bittersweet dinner, Tommy himself disappeared after supposedly contracting tuberculoma, though he later discovered that his diagnosis was faked and destroyed much of his possessions. Although his fate was left ambiguous, the Pantheon was quick in recognizing the Shelbys' tale and bought into the Pantheon. The family was perplexed, to say the least, and more confusion arose when Polly, Michael, and John turned up alive and well. All things considered, their reunion was a rocky, dysfunctional one, with only Ada and Polly being able to keep their composure and only barely at that. Arthur wonders whether being in the Pantheon is something of a divine joke to him. Tommy's arrival has quelled the drama somewhat, but it's clear that tensions remain, especially between Tommy and Michael, with only Polly being the mediator that keeps the two from killing each other. The Pantheon was to be a tough time for them.
  • The Shelbys are a controversial family. They are criminals and, of course, they have ties to the House of Crime and Transgressions, but this hasn't stopped them from trying out legitimate business practices and schemes as well as Tommy having been a Labour Party MP, having met and worked with Winston Churchill in furthering his political and domestic power over the United Kingdom. This makes Tommy one of the most powerful criminals in the Pantheon if judged by authority and influence. His charm is magnetic and impressionable and his calm, eloquent tone and affability have won him much in the way of loyalty, but he's also a very ruthless man on a bad day who is willing to kill if need be. Arthur and John serve as muscles of the family and are good in combat... and getting drunk with alcohol, with Arthur even having dabbled into drug abuse, something that Tommy takes umbrage on and attempts to curb this problem for his brother's safety. Ada, the sole sister, tends to be the only one who wants to be free from the negative influence and stereotype her brothers have made with their occupation and tries to distance herself from the family as much as she could, to little success. Polly, the matriarch of the family despite being their aunt, is about the only one who could properly mentor and guide Tommy and kept their business afloat when the brothers were out fighting WWI. Polly's son, Michael, was a late addition, having been taken away from her alongside his sister, who died during childhood and being hidden away until he was 18. With that information, Michael has a hard time fitting in with his family but does prove his worth by being competent and quick learning though he would grow a sense of entitlement that would clash against Tommy later down the line. As of now, Polly and Michael have splintered off from the Shelbys, leaving just Tommy, Arthur, Ada, and John as the main representatives of the Pantheon. Many in the divine realms were kept in the dark about how dysfunctional the family is, with most of the attention going to Tommy due to his exploits as the main man of the family as well as his endeavors in both the criminal and political game.
  • With their occupation, the Shelbys were more than well aware that they were going to be dealing with a number of crime families in the Pantheon, the question was how this was going to play out for them. One of the first was the DiMeo, which was a collection of Italian-American mobs led by Tony Soprano. Tommy was a bit apprehensive about them, especially considering his own experience in dealing with Italians, but Tony was willing to play the "good man" role to the Peaky Blinders for now, not intent on making enemies and troubling matters for himself. The two have different ways of dealing with criminal activities and Tommy was not keen on Tony's subordinates, especially seeing Paulie and Christopher as loose cannons to which Tony conceded. They did share a few mutual things, mainly their love for their direct relatives and an appreciation for horses, with Tony being surprised at how Tommy had a hand in organizing race courses for horses in England back in the 1920s. For now, their relationship is entirely professional and Tommy has made it clear he has no ill intent on Carmela, Meadow, and AJ, even if they can be annoying at times and Tony respects Tommy enough to consider doing trade business with him, though also being careful about selling drugs, given how Arthur can develop an addiction to them due to his troubling self-esteem.
  • With their occupation, the Shelbys would catch the attention of such crime lords like Wilson Fisk and Oswald Cobblepot. These two would provide the Shelbys with their introduction to the realm of superheroes and supervillains. Tommy and Arthur were a bit surprised to see their next generation take an interest in characters like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, noting the irony of how someone whom the family kids would appreciate would potentially be an opponent for the adults due to being gangsters. Kingpin and the Penguin were eager to hire Tommy for some alcohol shipments mainly because they saw Tommy as a great leader and soldier and that having someone who fought in WWI would provide a useful asset in their control regarding criminality. Tommy would only accept their offer if it means having his family given protection and money. His association with Penguin would lead Tommy to Gotham City, which he felt was even more stinky and grungy than the darkest parts of Birmingham. Strangely enough, his few visits to Gotham made him one of the more popular foreign gangsters due to his affability, leadership, and flexibility in getting his tasks done without angering law enforcement too much and keeping as much distance as he could from the Batfamily.
    • The Shelbys would learn about the feud between Gustavo Fring and the Salamancas, with Walter White joining in as a third party. There was some humor in that Kingpin and Penguin have hired all three sides and have asserted enough influence to at least make sure they don't end up fighting each other too many times and extend their casualties to countless innocents alongside themselves. Of the three, the Salamancas took the most interest, with Lalo taking it upon himself to meet with Tommy to talk about business plans and collaborations regarding alcohol and drug trading. Tommy refused, claiming that he has little interest in using drugs for his business and would rather keep his operations as legal as possible. He also figured that the Salamancas have a level of bloodlust that wouldn't mesh well with Tommy's thinking if they had to work together. He also found the three-way feud to be a waste, seeing Gus as being too vengeful and caustic to properly get along with, seeing through his friendly demeanor as the "Chicken Man" and Walt as a petty, bratty manchild who mainly wants to be cool and has made his opposition against them very clear. There is a personal reason in that Arthur would likely abuse meth upon gaining ownership of a collection of them, though Tommy hides his brotherly affection well enough that only very few are able to learn of it.
  • Suffice to say, the fact that some of their core members, particularly Polly and Ada, are more pessimistic about the brothers' criminal endeavors adds to the family's dysfunctional nature. As a result, they're frequently associated with the Hall of Family Dysfunctions, though given their circumstances, Tommy and Arthur are a bit hesitant about starting therapy, especially as the former makes it clear the reason he is workaholic is because having too much free time means fewer distractions for his PTSD wartime recollection to resurface and impede his mental health. Ada has made it clear that she would want a more independent life for herself and her children and is willing to start up her own business with some help but finds it conflicting that her brothers are always looking out for her out of Ada's safety. Despite their fearsome reputation, every member has a soft spot for children as well as a degree of respect for marriage and anyone in a stable, loving one. In fact, the brothers have a not-so-fearsome reputation for finding out Domestic Abusers and beating the snot out of them, so their reputation in the House of Family and Relatives is surprisingly tame for a crime family. They may be vicious and pretty brutal towards their enemies, but they have a code of honor and their presence there has helped in maintaining some sort of control over crime in that House. It should be noted that there's a fifth Shelby brother, Finn, but his reluctance to fight and kill and not being assertive and authoritative enough led to him getting exiled by Tommy's long-lost son, Duke, hence why he's not among the family to have ascended with them, though he's in the Pantheon as a distant herald of sorts.
    • The Heroic Protectors of Family aren't exactly optimistic about the Shelbys for obvious reasons, though their relationship is purely business at the moment, albeit an incredibly tense one. Tommy has taken it upon himself to ask them to look after the younger members of his family at times at the compensation of some regular residents of the House getting paid via charity donations. Although his stance was a stern one, he was genuine about his bargain, and the Heroic Protectors took the deal. They do have their grievances, particularly when Tommy killed a family group in retaliation for Ruby's death via a cursed sapphire that once belonged to his first wife, Grace and are wary of having to deal with him, given Tommy's willingness to kill anyone that dares to cross him. The Child Abuse Supporters once attempted to coax Tommy into a deal and alliance with the promise of more riches and resources, only to fall flat when their name made Tommy recoil and even point a gun at Lady Tremaine for even thinking about an alliance. He's dealt with an abusive father, which especially affected Arthur, and he's having none of it regarding abusive guardians, telling Tremaine and her supporters to take their beatings and stick it on themselves. Dreaded gangster and devious manipulator he may be, Tommy and Arthur despise familial abusers and are clear that not only are they welcome in their business, but anyone in their pay and employment who shows signs of said abusiveness would either get them fired or beaten under the order of the Peaky Blinders.
  • The Shelbys are not one for pity, but there have been a few times where this would play a feeling for a few figures in the Pantheon. On the subject of Walt, the Shelbys were interested in Jesse Pinkman, though Tommy quickly figured that he wouldn't make for a good subordinate due to his rebellious, loud-mouthed attitude. He was right, but Tommy still conceded that regardless, Jesse is a very capable worker and a good man, but any attempts to have a working relationship fell moot as Jesse has taken steps to distance himself from a criminal life, seeing as this, and Walt's manipulations, destroyed his past life and relationships. Tommy compared Jesse to Arthur, noting how similar they were, and sympathized with him on that front and understands why he would want nothing to do with the Shelbys. On the other hand, the Shelby Family dysfunctionality bought to mind Tohru Honda, who had to deal with and help out with the baggage of the Sohma Family as well as struggling with her own turbulence of being parentless and living in a tent, all whilst keeping up an optimistic outlook on life. As much as she would like to help them, Tohru feels intimidated by the idea of trying to help a crime family, especially one as big and influential as the Shelbys, and figures that the people in the family aren't bad, just mentally and emotionally damaged. Surprisingly, Arthur, of all people, appreciates Tohru's support and care as her open acts of kindness like giving out toys and food for the family kids and telling Arthur that he's not as bad as he or anybody else thinks. Still, she keeps some distance regarding a drunk Arthur, but it's clear that the Shelbys, Polly and Michael included are open and affable towards Tohru and generally are on speaking terms, even if she admits to being a bit scared about Tommy and being careful about pitying Polly.
  • The three older Shelby brothers fought during the Great War and predictably, they all came back with the psychological drama that plagues their minds for as long as they could. Many noted that Tommy used to be a much nicer and idealistic man before he enlisted in World War I and that the war shaped him into becoming the cold, stern, and often brutal pragmatist that he's become. Arthur cracked some jokes regarding how not much times haven't changed upon learning of World War II, The Cold War, and The Vietnam War, among others. They expressed some interest in those like John Rambo and Niko Bellic, two former soldiers whose experience in fighting in wars led to them developing PTSD and a sense of alienation for what they've participated in. They don't want anything to do with the Shelbys due to their ties to crime, but on a fortunate note, they are sympathetic towards Rambo and Bellic and would not antagonize them out of respect. Ted Striker's trauma of flying was ironic due to his occupation as a pilot, but the Shelbys still expressed their respect for keeping up with his job in spite of the baggage that came with his turmoil. Even when the brothers have some thrill-seeking regarding fights, they don't dare to be reminded of the House of Military and Warfare, though Tommy would only really visit it if it means getting weapons suppliance to further his organization's firepower in desperate situations.
  • Surprisingly, despite the reputation and infamy of their occupation, they're on good terms with the Hall of Ungulates. The Shelbys, especially Tommy, are openly fond of horses and find time to take care of them and even take part in hosting horseback riding contests, particularly Epsom Downs, which they did on Derby Day 1922. While there was a recorded instance where Tommy killed a horse, this was because the horse in question was gravely wounded and dying painfully, so Tommy opted to end its life as quickly as he could, clearly showing umbrage to his action. While Johnny Joestar would rather not get involved in the criminal life, Tommy and Arthur are generally rather complimentary of his reputation as a participant in Steel Ball Run and would like to see the young man participate in a race hosted by the Shelbys, albeit one where he doesn't have to use his Stand. The family also very much appreciated Black Beauty and they personally treated the horse very well in their first encounter, with Tommy even placing a bet that Black Beauty would win in a race and appreciating its regal, yet affable demeanor. The Mane Six were complicated as Arthur was perplexed at the idea of talking magical ponies, even describing their story as "friendship, and more fucking friendship to down someone". The ponies, especially Fluttershy, were intimidated by Tommy's cold, icy stare when they first encountered each other, but otherwise don't hate each other, especially as the sextet would have been someone Tommy's late daughter, Ruby, would have very much enjoyed being friends with and they take pity in Tommy losing his child, though they would never bring this matter up near him. The Houyhnhnms were the one sort of horses that the Shelbys came to actually hate, though that's because of their own misanthropic view towards humanity and then labeling the family as a reason for why humans are inherently bad, with Arthur calling them "high rise, pompous wankers for horses", and Tommy would just not want anything to do with them as being enemies with them would amount to nothing for him and his family.
  • Being a politician only furthers Tommy reputation as a skilled and magnetic manipulator and strategist to the point where he's been in contact with Winston Churchill before his time as prime minister, an opportunity that bolstered his influence and popularity. Tommy is a shrewd, conniving politician, willing to skirt the lines of corruption, bribery, and extortion if it means dealing with his enemies in the long game and developing his resources for the future. While most are unaware of the true depths of depravity Frank Underwood had strewn during his time as a president of the United States, Tommy is one of the few to know of such and was rather very quick in learning about this. Frank admits to respecting Tommy's cold and stern expressions mingling with his ferocious thinking, deceptive ploys, and willingness to shed blood, but otherwise, the two don't get along as Tommy was disgusted by Frank's career as president and felt like he was a threat to his political power. Lex Luthor was more complicated; while mainly a businessman with criminal ties, he was US president at one point and is very open about making ends meet with anybody so long as they benefitted him in some way. Like Frank, Lex was praiseworthy of Tommy's more unscrupulous qualities and was a man whose extreme popularity and appeal in the Pantheon greatly blanketed his true nature as a supervillain. Tommy and Lex have a business partnership involving gun trading and alcohol distribution, though Lex sees Tommy as a useful man to further his influence in the divine realms. Tommy is aware of Lex's true nature but is willing to play along with the billionaire villain so that he could find other means to provide for his family and gang whilst keeping suspicions at the LexCorp CEO from time to time. Though the less said about the Shelby kids being a bit fascinated with Superman, the better. Given how he had to deal with Oswald Moseley and the British Union of Fascists, Tommy's not fond of Nazis either, though that's mainly because he thinks racial superiority doesn't work well with his business practices and the idea of Nazism becoming powerful would go against everything Tommy and his family had built up.
  • Much like anyone from the old times, the Shelbys were surprised to see how London and, by extension, the United Kingdom had changed over the years. It took some time to get used to new everyday things like televisions, computers, phones, and more advanced cars. Regardless, the family was quick to adapt with Tommy figuring that he couldn't possibly consign himself exclusively to Victorian London where crimes were too rampant and the criminal underbelly there too violent and disarrayed to properly do business or seek alliances with. While the new sorts of technology seemed impressive and immersive, it didn't take long for Tommy to realize that dealing with them would be a detriment; there were more chances for visual evidence, and police and rival gangs would want to use said tech to put a stop to the Shelbys and the Peaky Blinders however way they want, forcing him to learn and adapt, which he did rather quickly for a man of his time. Outside of updated technology, the UK has been a lot cleaner with a boom in immigrants and much of it sporting various landmarks and attractions. For one, Arthur and John enjoy taking the family kids to the London Eye as well as any fun fairs they could find.
  • Just as much as abusers, the Shelbys are not nice towards rapists either, which is especially apparent when Polly and Michael themselves became victims of sexual abuse, especially the latter when he was a child. Needless to say, they got their revenge on those who violated them, including a corrupt police officer from Belfast for Polly and a priest from the Economic League for Michael. Said people were already bitter enemies with the Shelbys as they were an obstacle against their ambitions and were willing to destroy and kill anyone who stood in the way of their goals. While neither is willing to discuss their experiences for obvious reasons, Polly will lash out at whoever tries to pity her, even if it's for other grievances. There are victims like Helena Bertinelli, who was descended from a mafia family herself and while she's not in alignment with crime, she can relate to Polly's struggles, and there are those like Ellen and Sakura Matou who share their sentiment and Sakura herself being able to lash out at her aggressor at one point, albeit at the cost of losing her sanity as Dark Sakura for some time. Polly knows that there are victims of sexual abuse like she was, but that hardly matters; she would rather talk about her plans, goals, and her son than anything else, though she does admit to feeling pity for Tess Durbeyfield and the two are on speaking terms, even if they would never talk about their story of defilement. On a general note, the Shelbys were annoyed at how there were a number of rapists in one of the Houses they have their Domain set in, though there were just as many who were opposed to it, like them. Rapists are one of those types of people who are strictly forbidden to work for the Peaky Blinders and their members are not hesitant about killing them should they ever find out about one.
  • The family is infamous for being a magnet for bad luck, which Tommy is aware of and despises this fact. Simply put, nearly anyone who gets involved with Tommy or the Peaky Blinders will either die or have their lives ruined. The fact that his daughter caught tuberculosis due to a curse from a sapphire that Grace had and her death, later on, doesn't help matters either. This has caused the family to be quite angsty when it comes to starting relationships of any kind other than for business reasons, which is carried over in the Pantheon. Their circumstances with bad luck are similar to that of Qrown Branwen and Milo Murphy's, although the Shelbys have less luck in confronting their grievances and suffer more from it, plus they are not ones to take pity, even if Qrow and Milo feel a bit sympathetic for them despite their occupation as heroes. Tommy's luck with love is also a faltering one, having lost his first love to illness shortly after he came back embittered from WWI, seeing his first wife take a bullet for him, and cheating on his second wife Lizzie to alleviate his own stress and past grievances. He's been seen in the Hall of Romantic Loss where he calmly orders a cup of tea to reminisce about his past, though he'll sometimes bring Arthur, Ada, or some of his most trusted followers along to have proper conversations that don't involve getting drunk. Despite being a criminal leader, Tommy respects the staff and gives them a decent tip for their services. Still, his infamy assures that his presence commands a sense of fear and wariness towards any other visitors, and it's best not to bring about the subject of his first lover and his first wife.
  • Although they are one of the most successful gangsters of the 20th Century, the Shelbys do admit that balancing out their legitimate businesses and the Peaky Blinders has been a mammoth task they've struggled to deal with, and much of its success could be attributed to Tommy. The Shelbys have a hand in gin distribution, which made them a recurring supplier for the Hall of Alcohol and manufacturing motors. Their high business rate has allowed the company to be given recognition in the Houses of Commerce and Jobs and Profession where they've steadily become a bit more financially larger thanks to the increased standards of money rate. Although the Shelbys and their companies are larger and richer than ever, Tommy still intends on playing things safe; the Pantheon is an unfamiliar and unpredictable world after all and he's careful about what alliances and connections he's going to need. He's leading a gang organization after all and that makes things more complicated. Tommy also has to contend with how some see gangsters like him as being really cool and he'd rather not get tangled with wannabes, but so far, he's done pretty well in keeping his business and gang afloat and while there are some who oppose him due to his occupation and mental ferocity, the Peaky Blinders are going strong and his family is doing well despite their losses, and that's enough to keep him satisfied for now.
  • They also have a place in the Hall of Other Relatives.
"There's No Rest For Me In This World. Perhaps In The Next."
Tommy Shelby

    Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin 
Wilson Grant Fisk, God of Supervillainous Gangsters (The Kingpin, The Brain Washer, Harold Howard, Wilbur, "Fatty", Stay Puft, Wilson "Willy" Moriarty)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A white suit and cane
  • Theme Music: Wilson Fisk
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domain: Law, Evil, Nobility, Strength, Protection
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic Don of Marvel's New York City, Badass Normal, Bald of Evil, master of Kevlard, Pragmatic Villainy, Often has Good Publicity, Rogues' Gallery Transplant from Spiderman, Manipulative Bastard, Genius Bruiser, Stout Strength, ultimately Necessarily Evil
  • Underling: Lester/Bullseye
  • Allies: The House of Crime and Transgressions in general, especially the 3rd Street Saints Leader, Vito Corleone and Walter White (at times), Lex Luthor, Chrollo Lucifer, Mammoth Mogul, Funny Valentine
  • Rivals: Omar Little
  • Enemies: The Houses of Heroism and Law and Justice, especially Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Captain America, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and Phoenix Wright, Agent J and Agent K, Jacket
  • Not to be Confused With: Balrog
  • Despite the various number of gangs in the Pantheon, they have usually managed to keep quiet from any overly violent rampages. That all changed when Trevor Philips killed one of Michael Corleone's enforcers. Many of his followers demanded retribution over his objections, causing one of the most devastating mob wars in recent memory. Superheroes and law enforcement alike were overwhelm over protecting those in the crossfire. Oddly enough, it was Melkor that brought forth a solution; he ascended mediator Wilson Fisk and brought him into his ranks. He managed to quell down tensions within two days.
    • The Court of the Gods tried him for his ascension immediately, with Daredevil among the first and most adamant that Fisk stays out of the Pantheon. No one here has caused as much misery as that man. Captain America himself was quick to reiterate how dangerous the man is, being close to defeat at his hands at one time. However, this statement only gave Melkor grounds to introduce his basis for the Kingpin's ascension. He may look like an slow obese crime lord, but his cunning belies an immense strength that can take out many heroes in a single blow, and his size can absorb multiple big blows from anyone who's strength doesn't approach world-destroying. How did he get there? Formal martial arts training, and lots of actively depicted time in the gym. The Court were subsequently forced to let the ascension stand over the objections of Daredevil, Cosmos, and Spider-Man among others, as well as the Captain's own personal reluctance. Like it or not, the Kingpin was here to stay.
  • Kingpin set to work almost immediately, launching a propaganda campaign to discredit the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. It didn't take long until Bullseye returned to the fold as Fisk's enforcer. Now back with his original boss, Bullseye now has ample resources to wreck havoc on his targets as well as heroes in general.
  • Matt Murdock is not the only Marvel hero this man has crossed in a major way. Believe it or not, he was originally a Spider-Man villain before moving over to Daredevil's domain. While some think that may be due to not wanting to deal with a superpowered being, Spider-Man insisted that fact hasn't fazed the Kingpin one bit. No, it's a lot more down to his and DD's shared interest in Hell's Kitchen and the grim tones that come with that territory. And speaking of grim tones, the Kingpin has long been Frank Castle's public enemy number one and has tried multiple times to kill the man. His entrance into the Pantheon now means he can make a direct effort against the man. Fisk merely reminded him of how difficult the matchup is, beating Castle to a pulp every time the two faced. Back on the note of Spider-Man, Kingpin has not been amused that an entire so-called Spiderverse is out for him, and nearly all those Spider-People have ascended.
  • Lawyers such as Phoenix Wright tried to tackle the man with the law. Unfortunately, the Kingpin has a formidable lineup of lawyers led by Manfred von Karma to prevent his arrest. He's also fought back against assassination attempts from Jacket, a relatively new hitman. The mask wearer has had a similar job and thought he could be as successful. All this on top of the aforementioned record of dominance in combat over Castle. This is one villain that will be difficult to defeat from either side of the law.
  • Has connections with other criminals in the House of Crime and Transgressions to varying degrees. The more chaotic gang members are the most difficult to control, but even they understand not to mess with operation.
    • Some intriguing relationships he has include the Black Cat and Heisenberg. The Classy Cat-Burglar works on some of his operations on occasion, mostly to steal items that were stolen or confiscated from him. He has let her interactions with Spider-Man stand for now, not wanting her to push too far away from him. Walter's drugs, meanwhile, have been a godsend for Fisk's smuggling business. With that said, Fisk is wary of fully cooperating with the man since Walter has stated to have ulterior motives himself and has a history of defying gang members at times.
    • While he has branches in all branches of crime, he feels most at home with the Corleone family. It can be said that Fisk modeled his empire after Vito's crime ring. As per agreement, Fisk has agreed to leave much of the Pantheon's wealth to Vito, leaving him with near full access to his own world. He felt that his own sphere of influence is enough, just as long as the two can maintain order in the Pantheon.
    • He does not enjoy the same relationship with Omar Little. The Karmic Thief has robbed Fisk's crime ring just as he has many others, sometimes leaving a trail of blood in his wake. As Omar has made alliances with the Corleones and has even been hired by them to attack their enemies, Fisk has secretly considered the possibility that the Corleones could be using Omar to attack him while maintaining Plausible Deniability. As such, he is watching developments very carefully to see if he can find any concrete evidence of this theory. Should he do so, (or believe that he has found such evidence) it could lead to profound consequences.
  • Not everything is that rosy between him and Melkor. The Kingpin has a history of helping out the heroes in certain situations, especially against bigger threats. That has aligned him with YHVH as well, though he is also in conflict with him due to his criminal aspects. As of right now, he enjoys a rare relationship with both the GUAE and GUAL. It's unlikely he could ever be a major influence in either faction.
  • Doesn't mind being called a fatty version of Lex Luthor. At least this fatty can kick your ass without needing any technology to do so. Regardless, the two have worked together on multiple occasions.
  • The fact that his avatar also played a dangerous alien bug made it even easier for the Men in Black to put Kingpin under further investigation. There's also the chance that Fisk is doing deals with the alien black market. Said avatar also made the Kingpin the only deity Sgt. Hartman fears, as he reminds him of the soldier who killed him back in the Vietnam War... and makes Fisk avoid Riptor for some reason.
  • His other live action avatar has a resemblance to Balrog, though he has dismissed those comparisons due to the notorious film. Still, noting that Balrog has become more of a thug-for-hire since the public fall of Shadaloo, he's contacted the Violent Boxer for occasional jobs. When he once brought up Balrog's previous charge Ed, along with the rest of the "Neo-Shadaloo" group of Psycho Power test subjects, 'Rog became rather testy and told him to shut up about that kid. Fisk hasn't broached the subject since, as he isn't sure yet whether the boxer is disavowing his pupil-turned-rival or trying to protect him.
  • His relationship with the House of Family is... rather strange. There are some instances where he had an abusive father he had to kill. There also multiple instances where he's had a loving mother as well as a woman named Vanessa he holds dear, proving Even Evil Has Loved Ones. He's definitely more likely to work with the good-aligned deities of that House when it comes to protecting precious women (who aren't in his way, mind you), and he has no love for the Child Abuse Supporters or Heihachi Mishima.
  • Despite being in a universe dealing with super-powered beings on a daily basis, even Wilson found the idea of stealing abilities through a book rather strange at first. Once he realized how much of an expert thief and crime-lord someone like Chrollo was he found another useful ally for his business. That said the Kingpin makes sure to keep his most prized items locked away to lure the thieving spider along.


    Huang Lee 
Huang Lee, Divine Saint of Chinese Mobsters (Adonis, Rich kid, Oscar, Mr. 'Know it all', Mr. 'Junior Triad of the year', China boy, Mr. speed-date)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Yu Jian Sword
  • Theme Song: Chinatown Wars
  • Alignment: True Neutral (often forced into Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Spoiled rich kid, Follows through honor but moves on and becomes saner than most, The Everyman, Massive amounts of sarcasm, The only good criminal in the entire Triad regime, Being motivated by his father's death and eventually realizing it was his uncle who killed him
  • Domains: Wealth, Crime, Drugs, Revenge
  • Allies:
  • Source of Interest: John Luthor, Cole Phelps, Harold Francis Callahan
  • Distrusts: Claude, Donald Love
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Revy
  • Rivals: Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, Walter White, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Scar, Uncle Chan, Dimitri Rascalov, Agent 47, Chin, Tony Montana
  • The Tale of Huang Lee is a long and arduous one. Following the death of his father in China, his uncle, Wu "Kenny" Lee, called him to arrive in Liberty City, to deliver the family heirloom the Yu Jian Sword so that he may secure a spot as the Triad Leader. Things got awry when his sword was stolen and he himself was left for dead as soon as he arrived in Liberty City. What follows was a journey that forced him into the most rotten core of city, out in the need to reclaim his honor and revenge for his father.
  • After killing his uncle, who was the murderer all along and becoming the leader of the Triads, the Court of the Gods saw potential in him and appointed him as the representative for Chinese Mobsters, though Lee declined the offer the Court gave him. After the fifth time, however, he decided to accept the offer on condition of signing new documents, which he said was a precautionary method just in case he ends up in a place like Liberty City again. Turns out he was placed in a House that is arguably worse than the city itself.
  • Within his first days of ascension, he was greeted by several citizens from Liberty City who immediately recognized him: the silent Claude, the bouncer Luis Lopez, and veteran soldier turned criminal Niko Bellic. All of which have explained their grievances in the eponymous city and how all of them managed to survive. His interaction with Claude ended with complete distrust following him, and by extension, Donald Love, almost wiping out the Triad during the early days with his time in the Leones. As for Love, well, let's just say that instigating a war between the Yakuza and Colombian Cartel won't give you a good impression. The two see Huang as quite calm, despite sounding cocky and outright rude.
    • Even outside Liberty City, he has gained some reputation. Tommy sees him as a great teammate, even considering him to be more loyal than his other associates, though Huang warns him not to kill any Triads or he'll start spilling heads. Carl Johnson also sees friendship within him, mainly due to his association with another Triad within San Fierro under the name of Wu Zi Mu. When he asked as to the condition of the Triads in San Andreas, he answered that they are thriving in Las Venturas, allowing Huang to allow more support outside Chinatown.
    • Despite being a criminal and allying himself with the other GTA protagonists, he prefers not to participate in any of their crimes. He only prefers to maintain the the Triad's stature, following the entire shitshow that occurred in 2009. And that was mainly because of all the backstabbing, killing and treachery that has been happening back when his father died. Not only that, but he is rich enough, so he'll likely pass the opportunity instead.
  • Following his ascension, he was visited (and punched) by Goro Majima, who proclaimed that Huang Lee's life will be a difficult one. It didn't take long for Lee to realize why he hit him in the first place: because he is a Yakuza member (loosely though, since he only allies with Kazuma). However, Kazuma Kiryu also came in and stopped Goro before causing more damage, sincerely apologizing but also stating that he had a feud with the Triads before, hence their rivalry. The Chinese Triad acknowledged this and only had one comment following them leaving his temple:
    Huang: "Jesus, and I thought Liberty City had worse Yakuzas."
  • As with the aforementioned truth that his uncle Kenny was the sole reason behind all the events that almost broke the Triads, he has become wary to any uncles regardless of alignment. Among those he hates are Scar and Uncle Chan. The former's actions makes him closer, if not worse, than his uncle, while Uncle Chan is just plain annoying to him and his rather goofy "Chinese" accent.
    • To explain, Scar's betrayal towards Mufasa was one thing that shook Lee, because it reminded him of Kenny killing his brother so that he may have the leadership of the Triads, not to mention him framing 2 other Triad members in order to make investigation muddier. Scar could only laugh hearing that this happened because he realizes even other people still follow such intentions. Seeing this, he'll do his best to kill Scar to make him feel satisfied for his thirst for revenge.
    • On Uncle Chan's part, Huang pretty much summed it up the first time they met:
    Huang: "Can someone pick better Triads next time? I'm tired of seeing actors like this roaming around like fake-ass Chinese."
  • Truth be told, Huang also had former relations with the Mafia, having been ratted out once by a traitor who lied to him about info on the stolen blade. Because of this, he wants no relations with any Mafia, fearing that they'll throw him off with false information again.
    • But when he received an invitation to the Corleones, his mindset on the Mafia has toned down albeit. The two see mutual respect between each other, with Huang getting good payment on their services, whereas the Corleones, especially Vito, sees great potential in him, despite being in a different gang. Overall, a bond between Triads and the Corleone mafia could spark great business ventures.
    • Then there is Dimitri Rascalov, the type of scum Huang hates. Backstabbing, power hungry and Russian. Hearing from others about Dimitri's actions made it clear that he will personally kill him if he tries to screw with the Triads.
  • Upon hearing what Agent 47 did with the Red Dragon and Blue Lotus Triads, which entails large mass killing, the junior triad could not help but feel uneasy towards the Agent. While 47 has no plans on killing Huang, time will only tell if someone pays him to get killed, then all hands are off.
  • The House of Justice rather welcomed Lee into their institution with applause, mainly for helping on a conspiracy case regarding the Triad leadership. Though he has stated that the detective who helped him was only there for the suspect, some of the others see some mutual friendship between the two. In fact, Huang gets a free pass on the house without repercussions.
    • From the numerous detectives, wardens and judiciaries, 3 members of the said house see Huang as a viable asset: Cole Phelps, John Luthor and Harold Callahan also known as Dirty Harry. They see him uncovering the truth of the Triads as a worthy assessment as an asset for their investigations. Though this was pitched as Luthor's idea, the other 2 stick with it since the results did yield greatly and not only favored in Lee's side, but also on the justice side as well.
  • While being a gang member may have its merits, such as the support from the House of Crime, it also has its fair share of disadvantages. Tony Montana is among those as he has a massive hate towards any gang member, regardless of alignment. Because the last time he "visited" Huang's palace, it was riddled with bullets.
  • As mentioned about the fact that he doesn't participate too much on crimes, he does sometimes join with others when it comes to heists just to know more some of the other deities. Unfortunately, this would force him to cross with Revy, the foul-mouthed, hard-headed Chinese-American of the Lagoon Company. Despite being similar when it comes to nationality and location, all similarities would end here. Revy thinks Huang is too soft, almost reminding her of Rock the first time he joined the company, whereas Huang considers her a crazy bitch to the point of just wanting to shoot her. Then there is the fact that Revy has dealt with triads back then with ease. Expect both of them to throw bullets and curse at each other whenever they meet in a heist.
    Huang: "Fuck me you're an annoying bitch. Never in my entire life have I met one as batshit as you, never even in China."
    Revy: "Oh look here, some pissy soft immigrant who can't man the fuck up? We can keep doing criminal work all day but you better give me a reason not to shoot you up."
    Huang: "Says the bitch who keeps putting her trigger on my fucking face!"
    Revy: "Fine then. Where is your sex life?"
    Huang: "What sex life? Never heard that before"
    *punching and cursing intensifies*
    • However, he has time to sell drugs on numerous occasions, often selling them at rather ludicrous prices. When asked why, he only needed the money for it and not the crime itself. When Walter heard of this, he realized a potential rival in him that could outsell him in the drugs competition. So he decided to sell his drugs on a more affordable prices to counter Lee. This resulted in a bet between deities from the House of Crime to see who sold the most drugs in a week. Ultimately, Walter proves to be the better merchant than him thanks to his rather provocative methods.
    • The aforementioned event, however, gave him an ally in the form of Omar Little. Both would share some of their earlier times in the crime life, with him noticing Huang's low life before his eventual rise to the Triad leadership. In fact, Huang's content with Omar getting some of his money, after all, his reputation is something not to sneeze at. Omar did have a little comment regarding him though: he is one of the snarkiest people he has met in the criminal underworld.
  • Of all the people that annoy and infuriate him the most, Chin is high in that list. Chin considers Huang Lee the epitome of his objective, one that puts the idea on "kill all the fuckin' ugly reds" back into his mindset and proof that China is nothing more but pure criminal lowlife. What makes Huang so completely galled at this is that firstly, Chin looks like a Chinese, so it makes him more confused, and second, he called him out for being an idiot for not considering that a.) all of his crimes were done in Liberty City and not Hong Kong and b.) his crimes were committed in 2009 and not 1997, thus making his objective sound like complete bullshit.
    • Though Chin's hatred would get worse. Following Huang's statement on him, the mad clone destroyed much of the temple, and forced him to take direct action. While bullets did not work on him, he brought all of his allies to stop his advance and most of the higher-ups of the House of Crime to shut Chin down. After that incident, Chin has vowed to kill Huang Lee first in kill list.
  • Among all the other GTA characters, Mario hangs around with him more often than others. Not many know why, but Huang has an idea as to why.
  • Huang also has another temple within the House of Cultures, under Nationality Archetypes.
  • "I buy ALL my friends. Makes life easier."

    Raymond Reddington 
Raymond Reddington, Celestial Chairman of Criminal Organizations and Networks (Red, The Concierge of Crime)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His Most Wanted Poster
  • Theme Song: The Blacklist End Credits
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Neutral Evil to everyone else)
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, Affably Evil, Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain, Benevolent Boss, His Berserk Buttons Are Betrayal and Human Trafficking, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Consummate Liar, Consummate Professional, Cultured Badass, Deadpan Snarker, Even Evil Has Standards, Manipulative Bastard, Man of Wealth and Taste, Pay Evil unto Evil, Sharp-Dressed Man, Stepford Snarker, Was a Naval Intelligence Officer Before Becoming a Criminal
  • Domains: Knowledge, Criminal Organizations, Trickery
  • Heralds: Elizabeth "Liz" Keen/Masha Rostova and Dembe Zuma
  • Allies: Most of the House of Crime and Transgressions, especially Kasumi Goto, Isabella of Rivain and Vito and Michael Corleone
  • Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, James/Jamie Moriarty, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Kano, Giorno Giovanna, Diavolo, Lex Luthor
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice and all of the good-aligned military deities
  • Observed by: The Machine
  • The House of Crime is abuzz with its newest addition to its family; an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man in an expensive suit, fedora and overcoat carrying a briefcase. As it turns out Hotel Moscow (mainly, Balalaika) knows who he is. The Concierge of Crime himself, one Raymond Reddington, has come to the Pantheon.
  • About 20 years ago, Raymond was a Naval Intelligence officer who was being groomed for the position of Admiral. Then, he up and vanished. When he resurfaced four years later, he was selling classified documents to the enemy. He was charged with treason and convicted in absentia as a result. Over the next two decades, U.S. assets and agents in various locations all over the world was compromised as a result of his actions. During this time, he built up a network consisting of a motley crew of spies, thieves, smugglers, drug traffickers, people smugglers, human traffickers, arms traffickers, counterfeiters, forgers, hackers, mercenaries, and assassins. Then he turned his sights to the private sector. Then, he graduates to starting wars and toppling governments and influencing politics. He became known as the Concierge of Crime due to his talents of setting up black market deals. With his ascension to the Pantheon, Red seeks to expand his influence.
    • Complicating his ascension was the reveal that he is in fact not Raymond Reddington, but an imposter who killed the man and assumed his identity. This caused a stir in his ascension process with people wondering if they could trust the man after all. But the deceit drew a near standing ovation from the House of Crime, even those who were wary of his work with the FBI. The house subsequently fast-tracked his ascension afterwards.
  • Soon after his arrival, he got to work finding associates to help handle his 'Blacklist' of associates he has worked with throughout the years. Among those is Kasumi, a shifty figure in Shepard's own network of misfits. The Master Thief had no qualms outing criminals as long as she gets to keep whatever loot they may have. And working with Red always provides her with valuable items from her victims.
  • Isabela liked his story on how he gave the middle finger to his naval crew before living a life of crime. She agreed to broker information for Red as long as she doesn't end up on the blacklist herself. There is also a bit of personal interest for her; there are certain people who have wronged her in the past and she would love to get her vengeance upon them.
  • It's little surprise that not everyone in the House of Crime approves of his betrayal. Some believe that handing out information to the authorities brandishes him as a traitor. This is no truer than with Moriarty. No one knows if the two associated with each other in the past. The only hint is with the way Moriarty grimaces whenever he hears the name. That and the fact that quite a few assassins that have gone after Red have associations with the criminal mastermind suggests a connection between the two]].
    • The Red Dragons were one of the organizations who did business with Red, and his intel made a serious dent on their operations. Kano wants to congratulate him on the hit... by ripping his heart out of his body. Red has proven to be elusive to find, so Kano has not been able to achieve vengeance just yet.
    • This has complicated things in the Jojoverse. Giovanni tried to convince Red to tell him about the location of his hated former boss Diavolo who he suspects ascended shortly after he did. Red has kept things close-lipped, not wanting to deal with such a powerful crime boss as of yet. Frustrated with this, Giovanni has made open his plan to capture the criminal on site, thinking he would do the Pantheon a favor removing him from the equation. The thing is, Red has not escaped Diavolo's attention either who plans to get rid of the man before he could reveal his activities.
  • He's also not on good terms with the deified military officers (the good ones, mostly) due to him turning his back on the Navy and going rogue. So much so that a good portion of them has a kill-on-sight order on him. This put the House of Justice on a disorganized front, with some willing to work with him to broker information and others wanting to either arrest or kill him outright.
  • Is in a ceasefire with the Black Organization, when Chianti and Korn had a run-in with some of his agents when the duo were targeting a visitor to one of the Corleone's restaurants. Suffice to say, a shootout occurred where Chianti was fatally injured. Korn had to carry her to the House of Life and Vitality for revival. Had the Boss not intervened, Chianti would have killed Reddington on the spot. He has reserved judgement on the Organization in lieu of the failed assassination. Time will tell.
  • There is no doubt that Carmen Sandiego has not associated with the man on account of how often the plays spoiler against him. There has been multiple cases where she steals items from under his nose once the perpetrator is caught. She purposefully keeps her network small to prevent such betrayal from happening.
  • Besides gang members, he has also come under fire from various supervillains. Red suspects that this is the work of Lex Luthor While a connection between him and Lex hasn't been found, the God of Supervillains wasn't going to give Red the chance to out him.
  • His connection with the criminal world has been followed by The Machine and its associates. Finch believes that the Machine will eventually be able to piece together all of his contacts, making his usefulness irrelevant. Until then, the Machine closely tracks his whereabouts to make sure he doesn't disappear a second time.

    The Salamanca Family 
The Salamancasnote , Unholy Representatives of The Cartel (Hector: Don Hector, Tio | Lalo: Jorge de Guzman, Ben, The Boogeyman | Marco and Leonel: The Cousins)
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Hector, Lalo, Tuco, Leonel, and Marco.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The phrase "La familia es todo."note 
    • Hector: His wheelchair's ringing bell
    • Lalo: A bloody flickering candle
    • Tuco: His metal grill
    • The Cousins: Their silver axe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil overall (Tuco is Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Feared by those who Come Across Them, Are Dedicated to their Profession and are not Afraid to Go Down in a Fight, Revel in Causing Pain and Misery towards Others, Incredibly Parasitic and Antisocial People but do Care and Look Out for One Another
  • Domains: Crime, Drugs, Family, Sadism, Violence, Conflict, Fear
  • Business Associates: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin
  • Arch-Enemy: Gustavo Fring
  • Enemies: Walter White, Mike Ehrmantraut, Jesse Pinkman, Hank Schrader, Todd Alquist, Agent 47, John Rambo, El Mariachi, The Son, Roland, The GTAV Trio, Carl Johnson, Claude, Luis Fernando Lopez, Niko Bellic, Lincoln Clay, John Donovan, Alex Murphy/RoboCop
  • Respects: John Wick, Yoh Hinomura, Emu Hino, Roberta (Marco and Leonel)note 
  • Wary Of: Duke Togo/Golga 13, Beatrix Kiddo
  • Opposed By: House of Law and Justice, Vito and Michael Corleone, Jacket
  • Of all that encompasses crime organization types, very few can match the brutality and mercilessness of the Cartel, which put a tendency in their criminal activities with military-style weaponry and authority, being unfettered in their distribution of drugs, weapons, and money, and generally striking fear in whatever way possible to the extent where even innocents who would so much as glance at them for a split second wouldn't be safe from their wrath and callousness. The Salamanca Family were one such family gang who encompassed most that people would associate the Cartel with; bloodthirsty, sadistic, sociopathic, and caring nothing of who was involved with their actions. An elite part of the Juarez Cartel headed by Don Eladio Vuente, the Salamancas were led by their patriarch, Don Hector, who was proud to show off his ruthlessness and his position within the greater cartel ranks as part of Eladio's top lieutenants. Of Hector's many nephews who made for notable members of his family and the Cartel, there was Tuco, who was defined by his impulsive insanity and penchant for making sadistic threats and remarks, twins Marco and Leonel who were incredibly effective as hitmen and inspired a sense of creepiness and dread not many could exude, and Lalo, the most successful and influential member of the Salamancas who was masterful in nearly any operation and objective he took part in and was among the Cartel's most valued members. The family would face a series of crises which escalated when Hector suffered a potentially fatal stroke in the middle of an argument, leaving him horribly crippled and forced to rely on his closest nephews and lackeys.
  • Outside of their profession, the Cartel is best defined by their undying hatred and enmity against Gustavo Fring, a rival Cartel member and drug manufacturer who headed a fast food chain as a cover for his criminal operations. This infamous feud started when Hector nonchalantly killed Gus's drug partner and lover, Maximino Arciniega, which became the primary impetus for Gus's everlasting desire for revenge. Although a number of mishaps and misfortunes occurred, Gus managed to kill Don Eladio, and all of the Salamanca leaving Hector as the Last of His Kind, and permanently cripple the Juarez Cartel, but thanks to a certain Doom Magnet by the name of Walter White, Gus was killed in a self-bomb trap set up by Walt and Hector with Hector setting off the explosion. And though the Salamanca were no more, Hector did take their Arch-Enemy with him, ensuring that Gus's desire for revenge ended with his death as well. And yet, that wasn't the end for either of them, for Hector, Lalo, Tuco, Marco, and Leonel would eventually resurface in the Pantheon alongside Gus, and with both parties more than willing to continue with their feud.
  • As the Pantheon representatives of Cartels at large, the Salamancas are easily feared and treated with caution, especially since Hector has been restored to his prime and Lalo is also resuming being active in his battles against Gus, though Walt has also become a recurring adversary in spite of him helping Hector to kill Gus. With the Juarez Cartel being rejected by them as potential heralds, the Salamancas were free to align with whoever criminal they believe would benefit them in their usual business of drug and weapon trafficking and asserting their town authority in whatever territory they may occupy. However, despite their reputation, the Salamancas are rather dysfunctional, with Hector being prone to throwing condescending remarks to almost everybody and making negative racial remarks and Tuco being so uncontrollably insane to the point of attacking and killing his partners for even praising him and his reckless actions derailing whatever business plans they may make with other criminals. The Twins and Lalo are more controlled in their schemes and mentality, with the latter in particular being so effective in his job that many would believe he alone would have been the sole Cartel representative in the Pantheon had it not been for his loyalty towards his uncle. Whatever way you look at it, the Salamancas are a dangerous group that few would consider stumbling across and have asserted themselves as among the most vicious of the many gangs that have represented the Pantheon.
  • The first thing the Salamancas wanted to pursue was any alliances as a way to keep their business of trading drugs afloat as well as making sure they have a backup to rely on in case the worst happens. Wilson Fisk and Oswald Cobblepot were among the first to respond, being willing to open up a business venture in the southern parts of the United States as well as some sections of the Pantheon, which the Salamancas were overall satisfied with. While Hector's bossiness caused some problems, Lalo was able to win Fisk and Cobblepot over with his charm and suaveness and even demonstrate his skill as an assassin. Having dealt with supernatural matters on a number of occasions, Fisk and Cobblepot were not intimidated by the Salamancas' brutality and they quickly figured that they could serve as effective muscle. That said, there is a problem in that Gus and Mike are also business partners with the two crime bosses. They're actually aware of the Salamancas' hatred and enmity against Gus, but choose to have both parties for employment anyway as well as keeping tabs to make sure the Salamancas and Gus don't make any reckless actions about killing each other as that would damage Kingpin and Penguin's business. That said, they do take interest in seeing who could come out as the better Cartel gang, if mainly out of intrigue.
  • The Corleones, namely Vito and Michael, were not hesitant in asserting that the Salamancas are one of the main reasons why they don't like to partake in the drug-trading business. To them, it is a little bit about standards, namely thinking drugs are a health detriment, but its mainly because Vito and Michael think customers start becoming more dependent and eventually aggressive over these matters and that they would like to keep as much control as they could about their criminal business and activities. The Salamancas were somewhat puzzled at the idea of the Corleones not wanting to be involved in any business trading regarding drugs, especially as this was a high-profile mafia family they were looking at. Vito tends to stay clear from anything to do with the Salamancas while Michael has made it clear that he would not be afraid to kill any of them if they ever dare to threaten him, his family, friends, or his business when he once had a direct confrontation with Lalo. Lalo simply brushed the threat aside as if it was a light comment and while he's left the Corleones alone, he and Hector have admitted that they do intend to attack the Corleones if they ever attempt to interfere with their business.
  • For very obvious reasons, the House of Law and Justice aren't fond or sympathetic to the family, seeing them as a violent group whose continued presence would continue to be a danger to others. Unfortunately for the Salamancas, Lalo has an arrest warrant for the murder of attorney Howard Hamlin after details about the incident were leaked to Howard's wife by retired attorney Kim Wexler in 2010. Even so, Lalo hasn't let this deter him in his criminal pursuits and has effectively put Howard's murder behind him. Thanks to their new alliance with Fisk and Cobblepot, they have some defense and immunity against the law, and though Hector has been quite reckless about handling his criminal enterprise, Lalo has been more considerate and successful, being one of the most effective cartel criminals in the Pantheon thanks to being smart about avoiding and dealing with the police with little in the way of personal detriment. Tuco, on the other hand, has been even more reckless than Hector in that regard, being open to the idea of storming the House if it means getting to Hank, who killed him in a shootout and once had to be tranquilized to keep him from doing so.
  • The Cousins, Marco and Leonel are best defined by their quiet nature and almost-robotic stance to their occupation as hitmen, which serves to make their presence incredibly creepy and disturbing. As if that wasn't bad enough, they have a sadistic and bloodthirsty streak when it comes to killing others more personally. It's safe to say that they inspire a fearsome reputation that persists even in the Pantheon. Even so, they have a strong sense of loyalty to their family and are willing to oversee a negotiation partly as defense and as a show of respect. They've even shown a deal of respect towards other hitmen like John Wick; while not on good terms, Marco and Leonel are willing to admit that he's a match, his reputation is well-deserved, and, unless ordered to do so, would exempt him from being on their target list. Wick has a less-than-impressive view of the twins, but given his own priorities, and what he's had to deal with since his excommunication with the Continental, he hasn't clashed with Marco and Leonel, but won't show mercy to them if they ever met on unfriendly grounds. A similar sense of one-sided respect is also presented to Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino; the twins respect their profession as an assassin and were impressed by their kill-streak, but the Crying Freeman and his wife only really tolerate them because Marco and Leonel are at least level-headed enough to know when to not piss off others, unlike Tuco and Hector.
    • Despite their infamy, the Cousins are seen in high regard by Agent 47. While the Agent himself is not known for allies, he does have a sense of right and wrong, regardless of how bizarre his morality is, and simply didn't see any worth towards the Salamancas. Unlike other assassins that the Cousins developed some respect for, one-sided as they may be, Agent 47 ended up being a thorn as a number of his hits revolved around Cartel gang members, which also included ordinary henchmen and business partners of the Salamancas. Lalo has devised a scheme to take Agent 47, though the twins insist that they should carry out an assassination attempt themselves. They'll still defer to Lalo, regardless if he's open to letting them do things their way. Still, there have been other killers like Beatrix Kiddo and Duke Togo, both of whom were feared killers in their own right and while the Salamancas have taken note of their reputation, they are not in conflict due to Beatrix and Duke being focused on other matters, which the family saw as a good thing as this meant that they remain focused on other enemies for the time being. Even then, Marco and Leonel see the two as a Worthy Opponent if they were to ever meet.
    • For more direct enemies with very little in the way of respect were a man only known as "The Son" and a fixer who goes by Roland. A member of a a Russian Mafia, he was disgruntled with being overshadowed by the Colombian Cartel and, motivated by ambition and pride, decided to fight back and succeeded in killing most of them. Hector was a little taken aback by what "The Son" was capable of. The Salamancas did consider the idea of working with Jacket, another feared hitman, but he wasn't in line with the Salamanca's taste for hurting others and being petty about their enemies and grievances and wisely chose not to associate with them. Roland, once a man defined by vengeance after the death of his wife and unborn child, targeted many out of revenge, with a cartel-like syndicate known as the Middle being one of Roland's many casualties. What The Salamancas found out was that the Middle was similar to them in personal ethics; a strong belief and value towards family and brotherhood, something that Roland dismissed as a "pathetic display of brotherhood crap" as he offed said syndicate. While Roland killing off a criminal operation didn't terrify the Salamancas, they did take offense at how he disregarded a belief that they held strongly, and they do intend on shoving this down on Roland when they get a chance to kill him. Even so, Lalo would rather tend to other matters like resources and their feud against Gus, thinking that tackling Roland would end very badly for them if done impulsively.
  • While loyalty is a strong feeling in their ranks, the Salamancas only reserve this to their own family; everyone else is either a useful pawn at best or as disposable as a paper bag at worst. Furthermore, Hector is not exactly up to the times regarding his treatment of other ethnicities beyond his own. As a result, other criminals treat the Salamanca family very cautiously whereas others would simply not risk an alliance due to their cutthroat attitude and general thoughts on others, hence the family's difficulty in making other allies. Trevor Philips is someone whose psychotic attitude could match Tuco's, but despite this, he does keep a strong sense of value and loyalty to his friends and criminal partners in spite of his foul-mouthed demeanor and doesn't like being associated with racists. He and Tuco commented on each other's insanities and felt that they wouldn't work well together, which came off as humourous to those who knew the two. Even with their differences and similarities, Trevor has killed a Cartel Gang, albeit with some help, prompting Lalo to try reigning Tuco in and telling him not to go out of control when trying to deal with someone equally deranged. Only time will tell if Tuco is to heed Lalo's suggestion or ignore that in favor of a terrible fight against Trevor.
  • After the Salamancas and Gus were killed off, Walt and Jesse would deal with an Aryan Brotherhood gang led by Jack Welker regarding their meth distribution and although Mike would participate if only to provide income for his granddaughter, he was killed by Walt after an argument led to an incredibly petty response. Learning that Todd Alquist, Jack's nephew, was the gang's Pantheonic representative, the Salamancas quickly came to see Todd and the brotherhood as being below them. While racial superiority played a hand, Hector saw them as being unambitious and somewhat lazy regarding their endeavors, something that he was surprisingly right about, given that the brotherhood was willing to just be content with some million dollars and not do much in the face of competition beyond their fear factor. This incidentally led to a four-way drug manufacturing war between Gus, the Salamancas, the Aryan Brotherhood, and Heisenberg, all of whom had personal vendettas against each other for varying reasons. While the family is willing to kill the other, Lalo insists on keeping things cool and pragmatic, so that they could keep things manageable and defeat their rivals whilst ensuring their longevity, though Tuco insists on getting face-first and beating the shit out of them, something that even Hector objects. For now, this conflict has seen a stalemate thanks to the efforts of law enforcement, though tensions are still high.
  • While they're not Spree Killers, at least by profession, the Salamancas are not above-causing mass collateral damage to any place where they conduct their actions, with Hector and Lalo apparently having a penchant for burning places down either to slowly kill their enemies or for their own amusement. Even so, tales and news of One-Man Armies like John Rambo and El Mariachi do present some caution for the family. This is especially apparent as Rambo and El Mariachi have engaged in a rampage against cartel gangs and left behind a pile of bullet and blade-ridden corpses. While this presented some danger for the Salamancas, they remained unafraid of them. If anything, they decided to plan for such an event, though they agree that confronting them isn't practical and would only get in the way of their business. Killing Rambo and El Mariachi would bolster their credentials, as the Salamancas figured, but they decided on other matters and saw them as a separate issue to think about for another day.
"Family is All."
Hector Salamanca
"I'm just here to lend a helping hand, you know, make sure the business is running in order. I got a good head for numbers. But listen, don't even worry. It's gonna be like I'm not even here."
Lalo Salamanca
"Sometimes you got to Rob to keep your Riches."
Tuco Salamanca


    The Slavers 
Cristu Bulat, Tiberiu Bulat and Vera Konstantin, Unholy Triumvirate of Human Traffickers (The Slavers)
Top to bottom: Cristu, Tiberiu and Vera