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Greater Gods

    The Snatcher 

"Oh, it's you."

The Snatcher, God Of Creepy, Demonic Voices
The Snatcher Himself
His old self 

Ultraman, God of Annoying Critical Indicators (Shin Hayata)
Click here to see Shin Hayata 
  • Theme Song: Ultraman no Uta
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His color timer within The Science Special Search Party emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Japanese equivalent of The Cape, Symbiotic Possession, Superpowered Alter Ego, Creepy Monotone (only in his first appearance), Energy Weapon, Memetic Hand Gesture
  • Domains: Void, Law, Good, Artifice, Protection
  • Allies: The Duck Hunt Dog, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, The Lone Ranger, Clark Kent/Superman, Mothra Leo, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1, The Iron Giant, Viewtiful Joe, Anguirus, Baragon, Jaden Yuki, Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb, Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed
  • Rivals: Godzilla, King Kong
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, Deathwing, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, The Colossi,
  • America is familiar with the likes of Superman and the Lone Ranger as The Cape, the character filled with optimism and adhere to a code of honor For Great Justice. Japan has its own version of the character... only he may not look the part. And yet Ultraman has spent millennia fighting kaiju and aliens. It eventually made his way to Earth, but it was also where he reached his highest popularity. It was only a matter of time before he was reward with ascension.
    • Expect many of those from Japan to to perform the Specium Ray hand pose as a gesture of gratitude. But the most famous thing he is known for is the ramblings about the potential end of his life; how "he will never rise again" when that three-minute time limit is up. And yet the Japanese didn't mind this one bit, and the many of the Japanese deities were able to successfully argue for his place in the pnatheon.
    • It probably explains why he can tolerate the Duck Hunt Dog's laughs.
  • The ascended form of Ultraman is the very first from a long line of Ultras from the Land of Light. The mortal that can summon him is Shin Hayata and is the form he assumes within his temple. He unsurprisingly shares the same morals as his Superpowered Alter Ego.
  • His Colour Timer appears to be well-known to many video game deities. While it is annoying to deal with the warnings, it does provide ample time to find out if one's about to die. For that the House of Gaming reserves judgement on Ultraman for now. They occasionally ask him to tone down some of the more annoying instances of this trope.
  • His ultimate rival is Godzilla by far. The God of Kaiju isn't inherently evil, but often has to battle with Ultraman over the city. Expect massive brawls with collateral damage whenever they met, followed by a team up against a more powerful threat. These fights make Ultraman recall fighting a monster remarkably similar to the King of the Monsters.
    • Perhaps not surprisingly, Ultraman has a lot more in common with Mothra Leo. The butterfly god has informed Ultraman not to vanquish Godzilla, seeing the kaiju as a reluctant ally at times.
    • The fact that he sees Baragon as an ally has raised a few eyebrows among some of the Japanese deities, as a few recall him fighting three monsters very similar to the tunneling god. Perhaps Ultraman does not think of Baragon in the same light as them.
    • Among those reasons: King Ghidorah. By far the most dangerous kaiju in the Pantheon, Ultraman proved to be no match for it in his first bout. It was only with a teamup of Godzilla and Mothra Leo that they were able to defeat the kaiju.
    • There was one time when Ultraman suspected Godzilla was responsible for the destruction of Osaka. After a brief tussle, the Showa Mechagodzilla ambushed the two of them, thinking they were weakened enough to defeat them. Both Ultraman and Godzilla proved it wrong by making short work of the Robeast. Gigan also gives him problems, but it is less personal.
  • One can add King Kong to that list of rivals, especially his much larger counterpart. Though this one is to a lesser extent. King Kong is more benevolent than Godzilla. Still, Ultraman stands ready to drag him out of Tokyo if the gorilla ends up there.
  • Thankfully he is nowhere near short on allies in the Pantheon. He has been intrigued with the duo of Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, impressed with their jaeger and strategy. With more kaiju on the horizon, Ultraman is willing to fight alongside them.
  • As stated before, he is one of the most righteous beings in the his native Japan. The likes of Superman see him as their Japanese equivalent and treat him as such. Just don't confuse him with Superman's evil counterpart from Earth 3. That version has been itching to be ascended for some time. Having someone else use his name is insult to injury. Both heroes want to make sure that neither he not his Crime Syndicate friends ever make it in the Pantheon.
  • Is good friends with those from the Kamen Rider universe. He has actually met Takeshi Hongo in a crossover. With those two combined, the kaiju that fought them stood no chance.
  • Ultraman respects that not every giant being wants to fight. As such, he was proud of Iron Giant's actions. The approval pleased the Iron Giant greatly, seeing as Ultraman has the clout of Superman in Japan.
  • As a fan of tokusatsu in general, Viewtiful Joe was elated to see a venerable member of that group in the Pantheon. He quickly asked to do that famous pose sign, complied Ultraman complied. Finding foes that both of them can fight has proved difficult, given the immense size difference.
  • Jaden sees Ultraman as an inspiration for his ace card.

Intermediate Gods

"Come, child. Let us wreak havoc."

Aluneth, Divine Talking Weapon (The Greatstaff of the Magna)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good intentions
  • Portfolio: Awesome, but Impractical, The Cynic, Deadpan Snarker, Energy Being, At the side of good even if he doesn't show it, Time Abyss
  • Domains: Magic, Power, Arcane, Time, Control, Sentience, Talking
  • "Allies": Khadgar, Medivh, Kalecgos, Harth Stonebrew, Red and the Transistor
  • Rivals: Excalibur
  • Enemies: Sargeras, The Old Gods, Deathwing, Malygos, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Anti-Mage, Lord Tirek
  • Opposes: King Togwaggle
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The SCP Foundation
  • Annoys: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna, is a powerful Magic Staff once wielded by Aegwynn, the Guardian of Tirisfal. Withing the staff you can find bound an arcane elemental that was said to be incredibly powerful and was sealed by Aegwynn to gain its power. The essence of Aluneth still lingers and whispers from him can be heard by the wielder, encouraging to destroy and unleash their power. These tales eventually brought Aluneth to the pantheon, given that bonding with it will subject the mage to a constant string of whispers from Aluneth, it was suggested by a few ascended members of the Kirin Tor to have it around the pantheon to study its effects outside Azeroth.
  • Many confuse Aluneth for a misplaced treasure, as he would feel more at home in the Treasure Vault. The reason he was given a separate place (Besides regulations forbidding any sapient entity to reside in the Vault anyway) is to see if it was possibly to unbind him from the staff. While the process was almost successful, it was deemed that keeping him trapped was for the better. He instead is used as a training tool for mages and wizards interesting in learning unstable magic and powerful but unreliable spellcasting, hoping to find a suitable deity that can handle the destructive power of Aluneth.
  • Considering his anomalous properties, Aluneth is frequently visited by the SCP Foundation. Given the lack of magical personnel, the Staff rarely if ever treats them with any respect and constantly berates who ever is near its proximity. There have also been a few incidents where Aluneth decided to implode on purpose to hurt the SCP members, usually being an unlucky D-Class caught in the aftermath. The Foundation almost labelled him a Keter and gave Aluneth a designation until Khadgar came around and retrieved it to teach the SCP Foundation how to properly use it, with the results almosts making reconsider making Aluneth a Thaumiel, even if he is very unlikely to cooperate outside the assigned user.
  • Doesn't like King Togwaggle or any kobold for that matter. The reason for that is that he was one of the several weapons that were hoarded by the Kobolds kept in the catacombs for any adventurous Mage that managed to find it. He stuck around with mages in the Tavern as a Mage weapon and despite it's rude nature, Aluneth is pretty friendly with the Inkeeper.
  • Quickly discovered that he is far from the only talking weapon in the pantheon. In fact, they consider him to be fairly chill compared to Excalibur and considering how quickly he can infuriate others it left Aluneth impressed. Of course, the staff believes he is a far superior weapon and constantly berates Excalibur for his siliness, which easily devolves in a heated argument to who is better.
    • Speaking of living weapons, he heard plenty of stories about people and their relationship with their Weapon of Choice but he never heard one having a strong romantic connection like Red and the Transistor. The staff finds them laughable but he shows an uncharacteristically display of pity towards the Transistor, after all he can understand how it feels to be sealed but frankly both it and Red the arcane elemental fully deserves his imprisoment. That said, they don't mind visiting it just to hear the staff demand them to take it for a spin.
  • Even if it's fairly destructive, the entity isn't actively malicious. Far from it, he serves the will of the Titans from his universe, after all he used to be an arcane elemental. He firmly opposes anyone that dared to unmake all the work of the titans, primarily the Burning Legion and the Agents of the Void Lords and considering the presence of said groups in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Aluneth holds the same animosity for that faction.
  • In the past he used to be researched by the Blue Dragonflight considered Aluneth was an outstanding Arcane Elemental in terms of magical powers and they took care of the staff long after the last Guardian of Tirisfal fell. That said, the increasing Knight Templar attitude of Malygos, the former head of the Blue Dragonflight, and what he wanted to with the Magical Ley Lines in Azeroth is something that Aluneth cannot accept, even for his standards.
  • Aluneth seems to be drawn towards a particular deity and ironically that is none other than Kiritsugu Emiya, the Magus Killer. Mostly having to do with how similar both sound, which brings a trollish side from the sealed elemental by just tormeting the mage to unleash his potential and wreak havoc, fully knowing that he despises reckless mages. Emiya just ignores him but one point he almost destroyed the staff, only relenting after realizing that it would just unleash the elemental to the pantheon and that would not end well.
  • Naturally, as a magical staff it's no secret that Anti-Mage despises Aluneth, both the staff and the arcane elemental. He's been prevented from destroying the staff and as alternative he tried absorving the power of it and containing it under something more secure but that also failed after he faced opposition from the house of Magic.
  • Doesn't like Lord Tirek, mostly because he could be one of the few ways to destroy the entity sealed in the staff for good. Tirek seems Aluneth as a ticket to regain his powers again but considering the staff was purposedly put way beyond his reach, he hasn't been able to get ahold of it.
  • "I am infinite."

Daidouji, Goddess of Sarashi and Intimidating Female Voices (Femtaro, Jotits, Daijotaro)

    High General RAAM 
High General RAAM, Locust God of Non-Dubbed Grunts

    HAL 9000 
HAL 9000, God of Artificial Intelligence and Patron Saint of the Creepy Monotone (Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic computer)

    The Kurgan 
The Kurgan, God of Deep Sounding Villains (Victor Kruger, Vitor, The Master of Your Destiny, The One, The Only One, The God of Kingdom Come)

Tabuu, God of Silent Villains
  • Intermediate God, though he poses more of a Greater God- to Overdeity-level threat to people inside Subspace
  • Theme Music: Subspace Emissary Boss Battle Theme 2
  • Symbol: The Subspace Emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Dimension Lords, SNK Bosses, One Hit Kills, Cosmic Whips, Eye Beams, Villains concealed behind other villains, Faceless and voiceless villains, totally unforeshadowed villains.
  • Domains: Subspace, Destruction
  • Followers: Murmur, Noro, the Gentlemen, Israphel, Curare
  • Allies: Omega, Brainiac, Polygon Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The other Nintendo villains
  • Enemies: All other Nintendo gods (particularly Mr Game and Watch, Master Hand, Galeem and Dharkon), Sonic the Hedgehog, Emmet Brickowski
  • The manifestation of the plane of Subspace, which he has total control over, but cannot leave "himself". Though initially considered the God of Subspace, subspace isn't a trope in itself and was later changed to Silent Antagonist instead. He's still involved with his old house however due to his dimension-warping abilities.
  • Once attempted to pull the world of the mortals into his own domain in order to expand his influence. His plans involved bombs and Cool Ships that weaponized spacetime. This resulted in the death of Master Hand (who will come back!), former god of Intercontinuity Crossovers, and the awakening of Mr. Game & Watch to his godly powers. He was eventually beaten back in an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny after being weakened by Sonic. Tabuu remains quite angered by this humiliation and plots his next move.
  • Tabuu is believed to be some sort of symbolic entity; if Master and Crazy Hand represent the creativity of a child, Tabuu is the part of the child who feels he/she must "grow up" and stop playing with his/her toys. That, or the father who's sick of his kids' playtime. He isn't telling.
  • Much of Tabuu's bitterness comes from his situation comes from being stuck in Subspace, becoming jealous over what he could only watch. This state of imprisonment is something he shares in common with the Time Lord Omega, who sympathizes with his plight.
  • Mr Game and Watch hates Tabuu, for making him an awful boss in Smash Bros. Tabuu's reason for doing this to him is unclear. As does Master Hand, who he controlled and ended up denigrating him to the Fallen as a result. Due to his enmity with the Master Hand and desire to be free from the Fallen, the Polygon Man has teamed up with him so as to regain his title as the God of Intercontinuity Crossovers.
    • Polygon Man managed to ascend under a different title thanks to him, but their alliance remains, with Master Hand still as their common enemy.
  • Has interest in branching out, taking the Anti-Monitor's position as the God of Crisis Crossovers. Deep down he knows he doesn't stand a chance however, and Monty scoffs at "the neon-light butterfly".
  • His desire to turn people into trophies bears some similarity to Lord Business. As such, he considers Emmet Brickowsi a possible threat.
  • He made a deal with Brainiac; he'll work to turn the Nintendo deities and locations into trophies, and give them in exchange for the Coluan giving him freedom from Subspace.
  • Rumors began to spread that he was part of Galeem's forces during the World of Light incident after Galleom, a mechanical warmonger built by his army, was spotted as one of the light god's liutenants. Turns out, Tabuu was found by the fighters as just a mere spirit amongst many in the realm of Galeem's counterpart Dharkon. This has given him great resentment against Galeem for stealing from him and being turned into a spirit, nor does he think high of Dharkon as he controlled him.

Yoshino, Goddess of Hand Puppets and Talking to Them (Hermit)


Lesser Gods

    Chris and Swagmaster69 
Chris and Swagmaster69, Divine Duo of Synthetic Voices (Chris: Christopher Gordman; Swagmaster: SwagMaster696969696969, Swag)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their uniforms
  • Theme Song: Play Me Like That Video Game
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chris) and Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Stupid (Swagmaster)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Art Evolution, Expies of Arby 'n' the Chief, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Vitriolic Best Buds
  • Domains: Voices, Guards, Retards, Jobs, Chaos, Stupidity
  • High Priests: Arby 'n' the Chief
  • Allies: SMG4 and his Mario (kinda), Princess Peach, Burgerpants, Filthy Frank
  • Enemies: James Bond, The Voice inside your Head, Ronald McDonald, Miku Hatsune
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Thor (Swagmaster)
  • These two are Chris and Swagmaster69, initially two guards working in the largest spaghetti factory in the world. The two tend to get involved in rather zany situations, mostly thanks to Swagmaster's or Glitchy's Mario's fault. Notorious for both of them speaking in Text-to-speech voices, the two eventually arrived at the pantheon after SMG4 formally requested their ascension, reasoning being that he wanted to make videos with them in the Pantheon. They later were given the shared title of Synthetic Voices only if they would work as Guards for the GUAG. Chris agreed but Swag wanted to guard the Treasure Vault and whined until Chris promised that he would take him to a nightclub in the House of Love later.
  • First thing they did was visit their creator, SMG4, who they discovered was in his avatar form and browsing memes about the pantheon. The one that welcomed them to the pantheon was Mario, not the regular Mario since they quickly learned there are various versions of Mario running around (Luckily, the actual Mario isn't stupid) and so Mario decided to give them a tour. Things went well until for some reason, Mario decided to take them to the House of War after he took a wrong turn back to the duo's temple and somehow got involved in all out war between space marines and aliens (Don't ask)
  • Being guards, the two are often seen guarding the pantheonic prisons but people say they are lousy at their job. Well, at least Chris tries, Swagmaster on the other hand has received numerous complaints and accusations saying he abuses his power too much. First thing Swag did after hearing of said allegations was Flip the Bird to his detractors. Chris had to apologize on his behalf.
  • Their models are based on GoldenEye (1997) mooks and James Bond confused them for those. Swagmaster, believing himself to be much better than Bond, decided to challenge him to a duel. A few minutes later he showed up in his temple fool of bullets in his face.
  • Swagmaster's name is unknown and whenever asked, he just calls himself by his extended name SwagMaster696969696969. The 69 handle is obvious where it comes from but Thor mistook him for the fabled Noobmaster69 and decided to challenge him to a Fortnite match. They say both were playing for hours while Chris was there baffled and facepalming at what he was seeing.
  • After being fired from working as guards from a prison thanks to Mario breaking out, the two went on to work for the A.S.S. after their universe's Princess Peach banned anime. However, they tenure was short lived given that Mario and co were able to convince Peach that anime was good (making her a weeb as a side effect) and then the two joined forces with them after finding out that Meggy, a friend of SMG4 Mario was kidnapped. Things got out of control real fast and both Chris and Swag got to fight a thousand anime characters, which left them with a soured opinion on Anime characters as a whole. While Chris has gotten over said prejudice, Swag still abhors anime to the point of becoming friends with Filthy Frank who also hates anime. The shared stupidity between the two certainly helped.
  • Shortly after their involvement in the Anime Arc, the two being jobless again decided to work at McDonalds. Thing went...less than ideal given Swag kept screwing up and things got worse once Mario got involved. Didn't help that their boss, Ronald McDonald, was very draconian in his management but thankfully they were saved by an anime version of Colonel Sanders (Yeah, don't ask). Once ascended to the Pantheon, they have done everything in their power to avoid working on fast food restaurants and avoid their former boss (who isn't as crazy as their universe counterpart....we think) and once having met Burgerpants, the divine Burger Fool, they became friends with him after relating to his struggles (At least Chris does).
  • Chris and Swag were scouted by the Voice inside your Head, believing that they would fine assets to his revenge against SiIvaGunner and destroy all anime. However, both decided to insult the Voice and promptly left, which caught it by surprise. Ever since then, the Voice has been attempting to kill the duo with no success given that most of the time, they shrug it off.
  • While the two give a very noticeable Vitriolic Best Buds vibe, do not insult or harm the other. Otherwise you will face the wrath of the other one, like that time Swag slaughtered some anime toons because they hurt Chris. In his words, Swag doesn't want him to die because who else's mother would he made fun of?
  • Originally the title was taken by Miku Hatsune before she was relocated. While officially the two were given an ascension ceremony, the only reason the two became gods is because Swag sneaked in and killed Miku to steal her title. Chris found out and he had to fix every problem Swag caused because he knew he would pin the blame on him, having had to involve his superior SMG4 as a result. After everything that happened, Miku is still mad at Swagmaster for what he did and Chris had to personally apologize on his friends behalf, but like last time, Swag just plain doesn't care, especially because Miku is "more anime trash" in his words.
  • "mario sucks pingas lol" - Swagmaster

    Claude (Grand Theft Auto
Claude, God of Silent Protagonists (Fido, Handyman, Snake Without a Tongue)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Baseball Bat or any weapon he carries
  • Theme Song: The Grand Theft Auto III theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Never ever speaking a word, Looking for revenge against the one who wronged him, Usually betraying those he works for after being betrayed himself, Getting back at those who mistreated/betrayed him, Implied muteness and still kicking ass, Limited Wardrobe, Only in It for the Money, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Never losing his cool even when angry
  • Domains: Crime, Car Theft, Revenge, Muteness
  • Allies: Niko Bellic, The Capers, Jack Sparrow, Sona Buvelle, Most of the House of Crime
  • Rivals: Carl "CJ" Johnson, Mario
  • Enemies: All of the House of Justice, Vito Corleone, Link, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Huang Lee, Tommy Vercetti, Bloody Marie, Peacock
  • Envied by: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Pities: Colette Brunel, Itsuki Inubozaki
  • Commonality Connection: Sakura Matou
  • Complicated Relationships: Active Mafia/Crime syndicate members who don't antagonize him as well as Mob Children. Specifically- Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Buccellati, and Mion and Shion Sonozaki.
  • Who is Claude and what are his motivations is entirely unknown to everyone except himself, so it's no surprise that the criminal was going to eventually find his way to the Pantheon. Because he never emits a sound and is the protagonist of his own story, he naturally got the position of Silent Protagonists.
    • In reality, he stole it from the previous holder, Link. The latter was not happy in the slightest and attacked Claude. However, the Court of Gods intervened before a catastrophe happened. After a long investigation, Claude was given the title legitimately, since Link still makes sounds.
  • Vito Corleone didn't like Claude one bit after hearing what he had done to the mafia he has worked on, so he gave a "shoot on sight" order whenever the latter is around. Claude hates him just as much, given his uncanny resemblance to Salvatore Leone, the mafia boss who tried to set him up.
  • After the above incident, Claude has considered taking down all mafia operations in the pantheon, given the fact that earning the ire of one Mafia Boss was enough to damage his reputation. This, in turn, made him the unlikely ally of both Bloody Marie and Peacock, two victims of Mafia operations in the past. They indeed don't trust Claude, but when it comes to taking down mobsters, he sure is effective.
  • Has often been hired to work with Hotel Moscow on the ocassion they need a hitman. The Russian mobsters don't trust him one bit, but he is surprisingly effective if the price is right. Claude himself doesn't care about them, and has no qualms about getting rid of them if they try something funny.
  • Gets along with Jack Sparrow, in the sense that both are men who have been contantly betrayed and hold loyalty towards no one but themselves. Funnily enough, they don't trust each other most of the time, but they consider themselves friends.
  • Being the face of one of the most succesful games to make the jump to 3D, he has developed a rivalry with Mario, given that their franchises have been going strong to this day. He wonders if Mario has connections to a Mafia given his Italian heritage.
    • Sonic, on the other hand, envies him for being succesful in 3D. Claude doesn't care about the Hedgehog one bit.
  • Not very fond of Raynare, given that Claude had a nasty and abusive relationship with his last girlfriend, Catalina. However, while he didn't say this himself, it is implied that Claude finds the fallen angel a joke compared to what Catalina is capable of.
  • It has been implied that Claude is actually mute, explaining why he doesn't talk. This actually drew the attention of fellow mute woman Sona Buvelle, who- in a strange turn of events- gets along really well with Claude. The reason why? He finds her cute and not annoying like many women that were in his life.
  • Has found common ground with Sakura Matou on the fact they both took revenge on those who mistreated them. However, Sakura is sure to be careful around Claude given his criminal background, but the latter doesn't really care about what he can do to her.
  • While Claude is already a divisive figure among crime syndicates, he surprisingly doesn't got on the wrong side of both Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Buccellati. While they are allied with Vito (arguably the one who antagonizes Claude the most), they have agreed that they won't harm each other provided Claude stays far away from Vito.
    • He is also surprisingly chill with those who come from a Family with ties to the Mafia. As such, he seems to respect Mion and Shion Sonozaki given their ties to the Yakuza (arguably the only group that didn't mistreat Claude...most of the time). The girls, however, are wary about him, fearing that he may lash out at them if their family double-crossed him.
  • Has the uncanny ability to change the moon size if he shoots it with a sniper rifle. The House of Knowledge is cracking their heads at trying to understand how he can do that. This trick can also be done by his fellow GTA ascendants, Tommy Vercetti and CJ.
  • His relations with fellow Grand Theft Auto deities varies depending on who he has to deal with:
    • He remembers meeting CJ back in San Andreas, where he lost against CJ in a race (that he got himself into on behalf of Catalina). Claude really doesn't care about the gangster, but they bonded on how intolerable she was. Carl laughed when he learned that Claude finally got rid of that crazy bitch and they left each other on pretty good terms, but they still consider themselves rivals.
    • He isn't fond of either Tommy Vercetti or Huang Lee, given their respective ties with the Mafia and Triad, which Claude was never on good terms with anyway. However, Tommy is amused that Claude succeeded in getting rid of the last remnants of power the Forellis had and congratulated him for it.
    • Niko Bellic is the only one he can tolerate to be around, given that the Serbian has also had his fair share of troubles with Mafias and Betrayal. While Niko has been off the grid for a while, they still like to hang out, even though Claude isn't very talkative (or talkative at all). Funnily enough, Claude was kind enough to lend his clothes to Niko on certain ocassions.
    • The Los Santos Crew have considered him to join on their operations. Claude would gladly work for them, if the pay is worth it. Trevor has also taken Claude under his wing after hearing about his story, though Claude has his doubts since Trevor reminds him a lot about Catalina.
  • Can also be found in the House of Protagonists.

    The Delightful Children From Down the Lane 
The Delightful Children From Down the Lane, The Gods Who Speak in Unison (Sector Z)
From left to right: "Ashley", Bruce, David, Constance, Lenny
Click here  to see Sector Z
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their suits and dresses and blue eyes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, (formerly Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Creepy and Evil Children, The Dragons/Dragon-in-Chief, Strongly Dressed Children, Wicked Cultured, Jerkasses, Troubling Unchildlike Behavior, Unrelated Brothers, Think Alike and Speak Alike, Permanently "Delightfulized", Formerly Sector Z "Delightfulized"
  • Domains: Unison, Children, Creepy, "Delightful"
  • Allies: Father, Yuri
  • Enemies: Kids Next Door Sector V, Jimmy Hopkins, Lieselotte Achenbach, Annie Hastur, Billy, Cartman, Hansel and Gretel, the Human Child, Steven Universe, Pinkie Pie, Cream the Rabbit, Tails, Chiyo Mihama, Yotsuba, Rika Furude, Usalia, Nanako Dojima
  • The Delightful Children is a "single" entity as they appear to speak with perfect synchronization and formation. They are the "perfect" Delightful Children who are obedient to adults and wish to grow up someday.
  • They are the Arch-Enemy of the Kids Next Door, in which their agenda are to destroy the organization for adult supremacy. They are especially despised by Numbuh 1 and 5 since they were responsible for causing the former's baldness.
  • Once in their birthday (five times a year since, you know, five kids), they would have a delicious cake and refuse to share their cake to any children while forcing their "guests" to watch. Of course, Sector V have always had missions known as Operation: C.A.K.E.D. to prevent the Children from eating the cake.
    • Pinkie Pie does not like how the Delightful Children would selfishly keep the cake for themselves, as in her mind, birthday cakes is most delicious when shared with others.
  • Though they speak simultaneously which give off some unsettling nature of themselves, they are not speaking with an echo to show their nature. Although, they end up being frightened by Ermac due to having an echoed voice from billion of souls within him.
  • They are despised by many children deities in the Pantheon for being cruel toward their own age and allying with evil adults that wants to control them. The Children viewed them with inferiority compare to them who are the "perfect" image of obedient children.
  • Their creepiness is rather notorious in that even Lieselotte thinks that they are creepier than her. The fact that she has since phased out from a cold-hearted assassin have made her antagonistic toward them.
  • They don't like Billy for the one time that he thought that the Delightfulization Chamber was a bathroom and created a Delightful Reaper along with the idiot. Though they thought about recreating the Delightful Reaper again but found the process to be difficult.
  • Despite their villainy, not many of the evil children in the Pantheon cares about their accomplishments. It is likely because they don't care about their goals of adult supremacy and sometimes even goes against them. It doesn't help that the Children have low opinions of them anyways.
    • They were disgusted that Cartman murdered a teen's parents and cooked them into chili, in addition, they found him to be so vengeful and hateful that he is practically immune to delightfulization.
  • One day, they felt like kicking puppies and decided to steal Tibbers from a girl named Annie. Big mistakes as Annie not only incinerated them but also found out that Tibbers could transform into a colossal beast and he clobbered them.
  • At first, Yuri didn't care about the Children's agenda. However, he realized that delightfulization is similar to mind controlling and thought that controlling the youths may help him control the future for world domination. As the result, they were able to commission him in improving the Delightfulization Chamber in order for the device to delightfulized children with better effects.

    N. Gin 
Doctor N. Gin, God of Mechanical Voices (N-Gin)

    Nonon Jakuzure 
Nonon Jakuzure, Goddess of High Voiced Cuties (Naked Snake, Miss Nonon, Non-Athletic Committee Chairwoman)
  • Theme Song: the second half of goriLLA蛇L (Gorilla Jaru)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Monkey Skull Surrounded By Music Notes.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Initially pretended to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Cat Smile, Being Friends With Satsuki Since Kindergarten, Little Miss Badass, Little Miss Ego, Arrogant But A Little Nice, Nice Monkey Hat, Really Close to Satsuki, Using Music For Battle, Giving Others Nicknames.
  • Domains: Music, Appearance, Sound
  • Undying Loyalty: Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Allies: Ira Gamagoori, Houka Inumuta, Uzu Sanageyama, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Mako Mankanshoku, Mikisugi Aikuro, Miki Sayaka, Curious George, Chris Yukine, Suite Precure, Solid Snake, Susan Storm-Richards, Haruko Haruhara
  • Hero Worship: Mozart and Beethoven
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Arael, Jinx, Quan Chi, Dio Brando
  • Rival: Rainbow Dash, Charlotte E. Yeager
  • Odd Friendship: Michelangelo, Peacock
  • While Nonon Jakuzure might just look cute at first glance, her voice has been described as raspy, growlly, and squeaky. Others think she sounds catlike, which her peculiarly-shaped smile only excarberates. Funny enough, many think her high voice makes her even cuter. Because of this, the Court decided to ascend her to the pantheon.
  • Was livid that it took the Court of the Gods so long to ascend her. It didn't help that that Idiot From Osaka with those gaudy golden teeth ascended long before she did. Ira Gamagoori's smirk as he states that he was the first of the Elite Four to ascend also gets on her nerves. But above even those things, she was livid that Lady Satsuki was imprisoned by the GUAE. She swore that she would rescue her Satsuki-chan in the loudest, most bombastic manner she could think of.
  • Will hold that she is the only person in the pantheon to ever call Satsuki Satsuki-chan and will not let others call her that. With the exception of Satsuki's sister, Ryuko Matoi. Though, Ryuko assure her she will never get that mushy.
  • To the surprise of many, Nonon became fast friends with Sayaka Miki because of their shared interest in music. They also found out that when they speak English, they kind of sound alike.
    • On the sound similar side, she really dislikes Jinx for being a laughing psychopath, in much the same vein as Nui Harime. Peacock, on the other hand, is tolerated (with no small amount of reluctance) since she is technically a hero.
  • While Nonon has no problem with using classical music as she renders a [[Pun sound thrashing]] upon her opponents, she was absolutely disgusted when "Hallelujah" was heard every time Arael would Mind Rape someone. Such classics should never be associated with such a heinous act.
  • Was able to, with no small amount of effort, rescue Satsuki along with Ryuko, Senketsu, Ira, and Mako from the clutches of the GUAE. This was her first action after being reunited with Satsuki.
  • The Dai-Gurren crew were a bit disturbed that in her first Symphony Regalia Goku Uniform, she had a skull that looked just like Kamina.
    • Others have often mistaken her as Galactus' new herald when she wore her second version of her Symphony Regalia, because her headgear looks exactly like his.
  • Not that many were surprised when Nonon became friends with Jigglypuff. Pink, small-statured cuties with plenty of hot air should always stick together.
    • Nani Sore?
  • Has been affectionately called Naked Snake by some. This is because when she wore her Nudist Beach Uniform, she was shown to use a combat knife pretty well, which reminded others of a different Snake.
  • Many have mistaken Nonon's smirk as a Cat Smile. It isn't. It's a snake smile.
  • While Nonon is known to be a bit jerky, she couldn't help but gush over Curious George. She can't help but hug the primate.
  • Made friends with the Suite Precures and acts sometimes as their music conductor. She also likes to hang with Chris Yukine. The two do complain about their teammates, even if they do care about them.
  • Funny enough, despite giving many deities unflattering nicknames, she expects them to call her by her full name or even Miss Nonon. Not that many do.
  • Found very common ground with Haruko Haruhara, including voices, and became allies with her. Until Haruko badmouthed big eyebrows, which Nonon takes offense to, since her Satsuki-chan has quite the impressive eyebrow game.
  • Proud of herself as being "Queen of the Sky". So naturally she considers all deities who also command the air like Rainbow Dash and Charlotte E. Yeager as her rivals.

    Snake Eyes 
Snake Eyes, The Speechless God (Silent Master, Mr. Hebime)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: Was Lawful Good, but eventually moved to Neutral Good (was briefly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolios: The Abel to Storm Shadow's Cain, Determinator, The Faceless, Mighty Whitey, Sword and Gun, THE most popular god among the Joes, Dark Is Not Evil
  • Domains: Good, War, Trickery, Silence
  • Followers: Chane Laforet, Isora, Awesome Android
  • Allies: Duke, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Mai Shiranui, Taki, Daredevil, Strider Hiryu, Batman, Genji Shimada, all Autobot gods
  • Enemies: Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, Deathstroke, all Decepticon gods, especially Starscream
  • Rivals: The Marked Ninja, Deadpool
  • Snake Eyes' ascension was the day of celebration, as many have long awaited for the mute ninja to have his own temple. He has already amassed a significant following, citing his relative popularity compared to the other Joes. Duke in particular gave him a heartfelt hug. The two are now looking at ways to ascend more Joes into the Pantheon.
    • Meanwhile, Cobra have made preparations for his coming arrival. They know just how ruthless the ninja can be as a mortal. His threat level can only be greater as a god.
  • Some gods thought he would take The Voiceless title as well, but a few others pointed out that would not work. You see, Snake Eyes is incapable of talking, as his vocal cords were damaged long ago in his mortal life. Snake Eyes has kept this visage both in order to keep his title and to respect his past.
  • Communication between him and other gods can be rather difficult, as both he and all of his followers are unable to speak. His priests created cards and whiteboards to better communicate with other gods. Surprisingly, they don't appear to have any problems understanding each other.
  • Was met by Ryu, one of his greatest followers. He gave Snake Eyes a bow before disappearing out of sight. That was more than enough for the mute god.
  • Gained similar respect with many of the other ninja gods in the pantheon. Strider for example is impressed with the skillset of Snake Eyes despite not having any apparent problems. The Marked Ninja has declined any attempt to meet him as the latter's allegiance to the US government may cause the two the butt heads on occasion, though he appreciates Snake Eyes' greater appreciation to stealth than most other ninja gods.
  • Some gods mistakenly thought he was blind as well. Turns out he can see out of his mask just fine. Is also not to be mistaken for taking that shtick from Daredevil, though the two are allies.
  • Deadpool just can't help but point out the various similarities between the two, from their love of katanas and guns to their refusal to show their faces. Snake Eyes in all honesty finds the Merc with the Mouth annoying, but does feel for him at times for the scars he had to endure.
  • Can also be mistaken for being a bad guy, which makes it even more jarring when his white-clothed mortal rival works for Cobra. Snake Eyes has made a constant effort to point this out to his allies. Batman has done a lot of help clearing out potential misunderstandings.
  • Has been butting heads with the mercenary Deathstroke lately. Some believe he has been hired by Cobra to cut down their new enemy. Slade himself considers Snake Eyes a worthy opponent, as their battles have so far ended in a stalemate.
  • Starscream thought taking on the ninja would be child's play. Snake Eyes quickly reminded him that messing with ninjas is a bad idea, no matter the size difference. That has earned the hatred of all Decepticon gods. On the other hand, Optimus Prime and the other Autobot gods regard him as a valuable asset. It helps that the two were created by the same company.
  • Is one of the few people who can work along with the ninja Taki without gawking at her outfit, probably because he already is under a romantic relationship with the redhead mortal Scarlet.
  • Is one of the few ninja gods who doesn't care all that much. Some say it's due to giving fellow Joe Shipwreck his respects. Such rumors were rebuked when it was discovered he was actually a Navy Seal.
  • There was a time where Cobra successfully brainwashed him to work for them. It took a Heel–Face Turn from his rival Storm Shadow to snap him out of it. The less there is to be said about that the better.
  • Is one of the few G.I. Joe gods that do not hate his movie counterpart. It's hard to see how he could given the accurate portrayal and his various badass scenes in those films.
    • The only thing Snake Eyes dislikes is how his actor ensures a connection with Darth Maul. Many deities are trying to get the ninja an energy katana to enable a sword fight between both, if only for how awesome it would be!

    Sona Buvelle 
Sona Buvelle, Goddess of Low-Neckline Outfits and Adorable Muteness (Sona, Maven of the Strings)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her etwahl
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Etwahl, Impossibly-Low Neckline, Being Mute, Massive Twintails, That Etwahl That Always Came Back To Her, Smiling To Hide Pain, Speaking With Telepathy, Magical Idol Instrument Player, Causing Involuntary Dance, Massive Boobs
  • Domains: Music, Personal Appearance, Combat
  • Allies: Many of the House of Music, but especially Hatsune Miku, Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino, Xin Zhao, Satori Komeiji, Mordekaiser, Väinämöinen, Len, Ahri
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires), Akasha
  • Sona is an exceptional Goddess. Her music is known to soothe everyone, even some of the darker ones (just ask Darius when he accompanied Swain to her concert). Of course, if the hearer is exceptionally evil and unforgivable, Sona would turn the music into a sundering melody.
  • Because of her muteness, Sona used either telepathy or sign language or writings to communicate more directly. But, damn she's adorable with her muteness.
  • Due to her supportive combat style, Sona is usually targetted by her enemies a lot, but not to worry, there's A LOT of Gods that'll gladly protect her.
  • Amongst her fellow Music friends, Sona is most fond with Hatsune Miku, due to their similarity. She was thinking that if she's reviving the Pentakill band in the Pantheon, Miku would probably be a member. Likewise, Miku often used some of her voice to make some 'illusion' that Sona actually sings, but this is rare. Of course, Sona's boobs made Miku jealous.
    • In fact, Sona's boobs was that phenomenal, she's been scouted by Paio, Litchi and Mami as the fourth member to upgrade their group into "Boobie Quartet" (after the proposal was rejected by Sypha). Sona hasn't… written or made telepathic messages about it, but she seems to be considering it.
    • Later on, when Paio was revealed to be flat-chested and had to be booted, it was by chance that Sona gave the telepathic message to Litchi and Mami that she indeed accepted the offer for membership. And thus, the Boobie Trio stayed intact... until Sona, in memories of her old 'Pentakill' group, gave another message: She wants a five-women group and the group be renamed 'Penta Racks'. It was agreed on from get-go.
  • Sona was once in the House of Music, but on the discovery that her instrument was a one-of-a-kind type, with no hopes for a follower, Sona was unable to stay at the House of Music. She managed to find a new house here, thanks to her epic low neckline somehow attracting a lot of... followers.
  • Her Etwahl is... something. Not only that she's capable of doing soothing or deadly music with it, don't ever think of separating her from it. It always comes back to her.
  • Tends to 'speak' in emoticons. :) for happy. :( for sad.
  • She once played a song for Cao Cao and her music was praised to be 'soul-moving' with a sundering silence. For that genuine gesture, Sona let a telepathic gratitude, and it's only then Cao Cao realized why he's moved: Her telepathic message sounded like a certain musician that he cared quite a bit back home.
  • Ariel, having learned what it's like to be mute despite possessing a beautiful musical talent, has been trying to investigate why Sona was mute. She was making a guess that Ursula might have taken away her voice via a sneaky deal.
  • Apparently people are questioning her sanity when it's revealed that she's hanging around with a soul-stealing abomination like Mordekaiser and even has a history of founding a music band known as Pentakill together. Good-aligned Gods tends to stand in for her defense saying that she actually brings out a good, protective side on even Mordekaiser.
  • Sona has taken an interest in EDM, and 'spoke' with Daft Punk about getting a rig set up.
  • Lately, she didn't have the best of luck. She found out that Mordekaiser has become more and more distant to her and becoming even more unrestrained in evil, doing a lot of sadistic things. Compounding on this, during what could have been a match, her team was sabotaged by Akasha, the Queen of Pain, who kidnapped her whole team and she was wise enough to have Sona tied up and gagged in spite of muteness and wearing ridiculously lewd BDSM gear, with her expressing how she hated Sona the most amongst the 'champions' while torturing her. She was freed eventually and kept up the face that she's all right, but none knows that Sona felt like crying inside her.
  • ............ (Excuse us, there's some difficulties in conveying what she says. Let's try that again)
    • Only you can hear me, Summoner. What masterpiece shall we play today?

Terrorblade, God of Voice Deepening Power (Demon Marauder, Soul Keeper)
  • Lesser God. Intermediate God in Metamorphosis form
  • Symbol: Left half of his normal face, right half of his Metamorphosis form's face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dual Wielding Rings of Death, Gleefully Evil, Reflection, Glass Cannon Who Decimates Glass Cannons, Horned Humanoid, Upside Down Wings, Mirror Monster, Conjure Image, Metamorphosis, Sunder, So Vile Other Demons Are Abhorred At Him
  • Domains: Demons, Mirrors, Combat
  • Allies: Bloody Mary, Gul'dan, Jaraxxus, Diablo (If a vitriolic alliance), The Kurgan
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra.
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Joker
  • Enemies: Anti-Mage, Dante Sparda, Purist Thunderwrath, Tresdin, Malfurion Stormrage, Illidan Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Valla
  • Opposes: Vali Lucifer
  • Opposed by: Every Good-aligned demon and some Evil-aligned demons
  • Odd Friendship: Greninja
  • A demon amongst demons, Terrorblade stole from Demon Lords and broke every law of the seven Infernal Regions. For his crimes, Terrorblade learned that even hell has a hell. He was banished to Foulfell, where demons are sentenced to eternally gaze at the reflections of their own souls. Yet Terrorblade mastered his own reflection, and used its power to break free from the mirror prison that is Foulfell. A power so great that it even alters Terrorblade's voice when he uses it.
  • Terrorblade and Bloody Mary were quick to make friends with each other, as their status as Mirror Monsters makes them kindred spirits. While Terrorblade cannot travel through mirrors like Mary, his ability to create mirror twins of his enemies to attack them is widely considered to be dangerous as well, especially to those who're strong but frail thanks to the reflections' invulnerability.
  • Gods has drawn similarities between Terrorblade and Illidan Stormrage, right down to the flaming footsteps and the Metamorphosis abilities too. Illidan isn't too happy about the comparisons, and neither is Malfurion or Tyrande.
    • Jaraxxus and Diablo, upon hearing of this, decided to offer Terrorblade an alliance to help him out with his Night Elf problems. The Marauder accepted. That said, Diablo don't really like Terrorblade. Not because that Terrorblade is considered vile even for demons, but because his voice is rather similar to Azmodan's, a rival of his.
  • Having conquered his darkest reflection, there are speculation that there may be a connection between Terrorblade and the Persona users.
  • It was said that Gul'dan found it amusing when he noticed that Terrorblade is very similar to Illidan and yet isn't influenced by the Skull of Gul'dan. The two became allies, but Terrorblade wisely doesn't entirely trust the warlock.
  • There was an era where Terrorblade got hit with the nerfbat so hard that he ended up on the garbage tier in hero rankings for both public AND competitive matches, making him the laughing stock for a long, long time. Needless to say, when it seemed like that he had received buffs, no matter how minor they may have been, one can hardly blame him for rejoicing loudly and happily about it.
    • Because of Terrorblade's negative experience from the nerfbat, he has developed a severe hatred for nerfing and a Berserk Button about it at the same time. This has somehow resulted in a friendly bond between Terrorblade and Greninja, of all people. And a shared dislike toward Vali Lucifer for being the God of Nerfs.
  • Between his name and the fact that he has basically been to "double hell", edge has been associated with Terrorblade, much to his chagrin. Not knowing what the Marauder is like, Dante Sparda initially thought that Terrorblade was someone who could have been a friend because of that, but was disappointed to find out that that wouldn't be the case.
  • The Joker seems to be quite fond of Terrorblade for being a fellow Card-Carrying Villain. They tend to compete to out-evil the other, to the point that they're both planning to host a "Who Can Be The Baddest Guy?" contest, with them both and other villains as contestants.
  • For their status as deep sounding deities, Terrorblade and The Kurgan found it easy to befriend each other. Their penchant for evil helps with that.
  • "Foulfell has fallen, and the terror has been unleashed."

    Zebediah Killgrave 
Zebediah Killgrave, God of Controlling Voices (Purple Man, Kilgrave, Kevin Thompson)


    Commander Adama 
Commanding Officer William Adama, God of Guttural Growlers (Bill Adama, Husker)
  • Theme Song: The Adama Family Theme
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Battlestar Galactica Seal
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Commanding Coolness, Team Dad, Four-Star Badass, Authority Equals Asskicking, Cool Old Guy, Fisher King with Machine Empathy, Wielder of the Adama Glare
  • Domains: Law, Good, Void, Artifice, Glory, Community
  • Allies: Kara Thrace/Starbuck, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Honor Harrington, Sophie, Marcus Fenix, Heero Yuy, Sergeant Calhoun, Josiah Bartlet
  • Enemies: Cy-5, Triborg
  • Opposes: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
  • Annoyed by: Bender
  • Commander General of the Battlestar Galactica and veteran of the first Cylon War, Adama has a treasured record while working for the Twelve Colonies. His codename the 'Husker' is for his signature growling voice. Despite his gruff nature, he is respectful to his crew members who positively call him an old man.
  • Many are most familiar with him due to witnessing the 'Adama Maneuver', one of the greatest spaceship maneuvers in the known Multiverse. Many are awed at the Galactica was able to survive such a drop. Adama chalks it up to knowing just how much punishment his ship can take.
  • It seems that Adama's condition worsens whenever his ship takes damage. There is evidence that Adama's spirit is connected to the Galactica itself. It may explain why his temple is the ship itself rather than a building like many of his peers.
  • He may not be in the House of War like many of his peers, but he is welcome there any time he wants. Many heroic deities converse with him on strategy as well as deployment of the Galactica. The more evil generals were more or less unimpressed.
  • With some help from Sergeant Calhoun, he managed to bring his most effective agent into the Pantheon. Starbuck was thankful to get a chance to prove herself.
  • Honor admitted that she should have taken more care of what was left of the Battlestar fleet. Adama did not seem to mind, citing that it allowed them to be more creative against the Cylons. With him in the Pantheon, Honor's fleet of ships continue to grow more powerful.
  • He has no relations with the original series. There may be similarities with their roles, but he does not qualify to be his herald. That Adama will have to settle for being a follower of Wing Commander Minna.
  • With his ascension, he had hoped that he can use his newfound powers to convince Bender to stop sponsoring the Cylons. When Bender heard the complaint, he laughed Adama out of the temple. There was just no way he would shut down the production of all those hot Number 6 models.
  • Cy-5 may not be evil, but he has decided not to help Adama out. In fact, he blames humans in that world for exploiting the Cylons. That has eventually put the two at odds with each other.
  • Sophie was more receptive, and she promised to help cleanse her clergy of any Cylons. Adama is holding on the hope that she can keep her title, as she is the most vulnerable deity that could end the Cylon War.
  • The Cylon's continued use of new and improved models have increased lately with the ascension of Triborg. The machine has welcomed them with open arms. Adama has taken up countermeasures against this new threat.
  • Fenix admitted he eyed the title for himself when he was kicked out of the Pantheon. He couldn't have hoped for a better person to have the title than the commander. The two share war stories on occasion.
  • A man of few emotions, he remains cool and collected in any circumstances. He is in many ways similar to Heero Yuy one of the most famous Gundam pilots in the Pantheon. In fact, Heero was thankful to have someone like him to talk to, unlike some of his more Hot-Blooded brethren.
  • It got a bit awkward when Barlett paid a visit in the Pantheon. The bible quoter sees a bit of one of the justices he appointed into the Supreme Court. He was surprised at how stoic this version of his avatar was in the Pantheon.
  • He sees no use of raising his voice to get his men working, seeing it as a waste of time. He finds Drill Sergeant Hartman particularly distasteful, especially when he found out what happened to one of his recruits. Hartman remains undeterred by Adama's misgivings.

    Frank Pritchard 
Frank Pritchard, God of Long-Distance Communications (Pritchard, Francis Pritchard, Nucl3arsnake, Prickard)

    Kenji Kazama 
Kenji Kazama, God of Frequent Yelling Indoors

    Shuichi Akai 
Shuichi Akai, God of The Secret Identity Vocal Shift (Shu, Dai Moroboshi, Rye, Silver Bullet, Subaru Okiya)
Click here to see Subaru Okiya 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His distinctive eye bags
  • Theme Song: This normally, this as Subaru Okiya
  • Alignment: Lawful Good but exhibits Neutral traits
  • Portfolio: Deductive Abilities On Par with Conan's, Becoming the Mask, Is A Big Brother Mentor to Ai Haibara and and will Protect Her At All Costs, Char Clone (to a certain extent), Cold Sniper, Dark Is Not Evil, Determinator, Eyes Always Shut (as Subaru), A Loner, Has No Social Skills, Infiltrated The Black Organization, Shadow Archetype to Conan, The Stoic, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Disguise, Identity, Infiltration, Professionalism, Protection, Secrets, Skills, Solitude, Voices
  • Heralds: Akemi Miyano, the Akai family (Masumi Sera, Mary Sera, Shukichi Haneda)
  • Allies: Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri, Hidemi Hondou/Rena Mizunashi/Kir (as well as her heralds, his fellow FBI agents), Tamie Nogi, Captain Alex, Shotaro Hidari and Philip, James Bond, Norman Jayden, Ahsoka Tano and the GUAG Intelligence Division, Batman, Kenzo Tenma, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Ken Kaneki, Kirito and Asuna, Yui, Piccolo, Touka Kirishima, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kira Yamato, Soichiro Yagami
  • Odd Friendship: Perry the Platypus, Moe Szyslak
  • Rivals: Rei Furuya/Tooru Amuro/Bourbon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Captain Jack Sparrow, Bardock and his Saiyan platoon, L and Near
  • Enemies: The Black Organization (especially Gin), James Moriarty, SHOCKER, Light Yagami, Teru Mikami, the Joker, Johan Liebert, Giovanni and Team Rocket, Littlefinger, Muruta Azrael
  • Commonality Connection: Char Aznable
  • Protective of: Ai Haibara
  • Respects: Sherlock Holmes, Toriko and Komatsu, Lacus Clyne, Grand Admiral Thrawn (however grudgingly)
  • Opposes: King Cold, Agatha Trunchbull, Fused Zamasu, Gilbert Durandal, Dolores Umbridge, YHVH, Metatron, Frieza, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart
  • Annoyed by: Denzel Crocker
  • On Speaking Terms with: Most of the good-aligned deities of the House of Justice, the Men In Black, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (especially Don), Nick Fury, the GUAG Robot War Division, as well as the sub-house of Medical Miscellaneous
  • Pities: Tomoko Kuroki, Misa Amane
  • Fearsnote : The Weeping Angels
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaito Kid
  • The Black Organization has been gaining a lot of momentum in the Pantheon, and they just got ascended. To combat their growing danger, Kir and Bourbon (sleeper agents in the Organization) proposed that Shuichi Akai, one of Kir's heralds, be ascended. This is because Akai is one of the greatest threats to the Organization's survival known as a Silver Bullet, and represents one of the Organization's greatest failures.
  • A British American of Japanese descent, Shuichi Akai was one of the first FBI agents to infiltrate the Organization. He forged a close relationship with low-ranking member Akemi Miyano to gain valuable intel for his superiors, but this transitioned into a full-on romance. Inevitably, his true allegiance was discovered and he was promptly expelled from the Organization after a botched attempt by the FBI to capture Gin. No one in the Organization knows why the top brass didn't have him eliminated on the spot as usual.
    • On the run from the Organization, he became a lone wolf keeping track of their plans and operations. When he willingly gave his life to help fellow agent Kir in a test of her loyalty to the Organization, he was believed dead for a time. This was faked by the FBI with Conan's help. With a voice-changing choker and extensive disguise work by Yukiko Kudo, Akai was transformed into Subaru Okiya, a graduate student from Tohto University pursuing a doctorate degree in engineering. He has since moved into Conan's house (from when he was still Shinichi) to allay suspicions of the teenage detective's disappearance.
  • Despite being an FBI agent, he longer has active ties with them, what with his facade as Okiya and all. There's also the fact that he is characterized as a loner who operates independently of his colleagues, with even his superior James Black usually being unable to contact him. His tendency to be emotionally distant and withdrawn can alienate him from others even if he means well. Even as Subaru Okiya, he does not make much effort to hide this social awkwardness, qualifying him for this trope as he relies on the voice-changing choker he wears to mask his identity, considering he shares the same distinctive voice as Char Aznable.
    • Akai and Char share quite the love-hate relationship. While they are very different in philosophies, their demeanours are pretty much identical, save Char's obvious signs of sociopathy. Both mask their identity to prevent themselves from being noticed (Char has long been exposed as Casval Rem Deikun), and are consistently The Reliable One of their factions.
    • On that topic, he also supports the formation of an investigation and law enforcement division within the Grand United Alliance of Good, since it would give people like L and Near something to do rather than languishing in the support staff. Has been closely working with Captain Alex to realize this vision.
  • With the Black Organization's hands all over the place, false paperwork had to be drafted to justify Akai's ascension without arousing suspicion. The cover story is that he was brought in as a trainee instructor for the understaffed science and engineering department of the school, a fair point given that most other engineers in the Pantheon are pursuing more important endeavours. To maintain this image, Subaru is usually seen at the Academy conducting engineering workshops alongside deities from the House of Technology. The teacher supervising him is Izumi Curtis, who has given very favourable remarks on his performance. The cracks in this facade are beginning to show since he has no apparent trope to represent him.
    • They sometimes go to the House of Combat! to spar, being more or less equal in skill. Wiz and Boomstick have reportedly wanted them to be on an episode of Death Battle for funsies, but Akai politely declined on the grounds that if it were a real fight, Izumi would win hands down as his fighting knowledge is limited to Jeet Kune Do.
    • Denzel Crocker, the teacher from the neighbouring block, tends to get on his nerves. More than once he has been forced to drop his meek behaviour and almost start shouting at him. This is obviously because Crocker keeps shouting '''FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS!''' when he should be focusing on educating and not giving students 'F's.
  • Akai is one of the few individuals who know Conan is Shinichi Kudo. With intelligence on par with Conan's, he has come to respect the Kid Detective's deductive prowess and treats him like an adult. They both share a dislike for those who disobey the law and consider murder to be tantamount to blasphemy. Such strong language, but no, this does not endear him to the more law-extremist deities, like YHVH.
    • While he was on the run, he acted on a promise he made to Akemi to protect her sister, Shiho, currently Ai Haibara, a chief researcher in the APTX 4869 project. In her first interactions with him, Haibara believed Akai to be an enemy as she felt a malevolent aura from him, similar to that of other Black Organization members, but eventually discovered he was Good All Along. After assuming the identity of Subaru, he still watches over her and addresses her as 'Princess'. Of course, she doesn't know his true identity, nor that he is now the head of her temple's security detail. She just thinks he's a lolicon.
    • Ran Mouri, Shinichi's best friend and now girlfriend reminds Akai of Akemi. Let's just say his first meeting with her as Subaru was...errr.... Now that he is in the Pantheon, he is a silent Shipper on Deck for the two of them.
    • Hardly interacts with his fellow sleeper agents, since that would be a dead giveaway for both sides. A good thing too, since Bourbon (aka Rei Furuya) blames him for the death of his partner Hiromitsu Morofushi/Scotch, who killed himself thinking Akai was going to expose his subterfuge, not knowing that Akai was simultaneously an FBI spy. He has silently made sure not to tell his fellow agents of Rei's true identity to avoid having to confront him, since Rei has a pronounced distaste for the FBI and CIA. The last time they both met in person (without disguises), they had a big fight. In addition to this, Rei seeks to turn Akai in to the Organization to raise his rank and get close to the Boss for the sake of feeding more valuable information back to the PSB (Public Security Bureau).
    • With the Akai family increasingly a big player in the war against the Organization, he has brought them in as heralds instead of having his fellow FBI agents transferred from Kir. While Mary (the mother),being a victim of APTX 4869, is confined to his temple, his sister Masumi and brother Shukichi can usually be seen outside, Masumi in the Elysium Academy and Shukichi trying to introduce shogi to the House of Gaming.
    • After a lot of intense negotiation, his girlfriend Akemi was also made his herald. While fearful of the Organization's wrath if they discovered she was alive again, her love for Akai has prevailed and she had her first real date with him at the House of Romance. She currently serves as his teacher's assistant, with a blonde wig and a voice choker much like him. She hides her presence from her sister so as not to jeopardize her location to the Organization.
    • Akai doesn't know master thief Kaito Kid's true identity of Kaito Kuroba, but has managed to discern his motivation of stopping the mysterious group responsible for his father's death from getting the Pandora Gem by stealing every one he can find. Since they are the Black Organization's high priests, he tolerates Kid's existence for now, but remains aloof in his presence.
  • He despises the Black Organization on a personal level, especially the morally bankrupt Gin for killing his girlfriend. Gin is typically dismissive of Akai as a threat, but that's par for the course. Vermouth is the only one who takes him seriously and is wary of his possible survival, given all the deities in the Pantheon that have been revived from death in their home universes. To maximise intelligence efforts across the Pantheon, he, Kir and Bourbon have separate sets of contacts. While Kir and Bourbon deal with governments and detectives, Akai takes the more exotic route, with various random deities serving as his informants.
    • Information tends to circulate readily in a school, sometimes to dangerous levels. Acknowledging this, he has become the Elysium Academy Newspaper Club's faculty advisor, helping out Tamie Nogi in picking up scoops. Acting as a chaperone, he is quick to chide her for risking her life several times to get a good story, and ensures she doesn't go near the Houses of Hatred, Insanity, Slaughter, Vengeance, and Villains, since most of the deities there would atomize her if she were to start digging into their secrets.
    • Aside from Captain Alex, Jack Sparrow has an interesting dynamic with him. When he meets with Akai to share 'valuable' intelligence, it turns out to be word-of-mouth information that sounds absolutely ridiculous. That and his constant references to sea turtles for some reason. Even so, Jack has helped smuggle narcotics from the Organization on occasion, as well as the occasional rum. Moe Szyslak enjoys his company too, though he probably is exasperated at the amounts of bourbon Akai orders at times.
    • Believes Perry the Platypus deserves kudos for being able to fool everybody with just a fedora. The extensive disguise work on him as Subaru is nowhere near his level. O.W.C.A. (on the recommendation of Carl) has kindly offered its resources to help him with the Black Organization, but espionage-wise, he wants to work alone.
    • Given the revelation that the Black Organization is in league with the Frieza Force for alien munitions and supplies, via retired leader King Cold, Akai has formed relations with Bardock. He isn't impressed by the Saiyan's utter bloodlust and desire for revenge against Frieza harming his otherwise sound judgement.
  • Unlike Conan, he did not get reduced to a stammering mess when he met Sherlock Holmes, his idol. When they both separately investigated James Moriarty's involvement in the Organization as 'Smirnoff', they had a chance meeting at his latest crime scene. Holmes immediately noticed that Subaru's less-than-sociable demeanour and meek personality masked an individual deeply interested in him. As much as the great detective treats him like a fanboy, he genuinely respects Akai's wit and talent at a great many things and looks forward to helping him catch Moriarty.
  • To be more in the thick of the action (without compromising his true identity) he has considered becoming a member of the GUAG Intelligence Division to monitor the Organization's allies in the Grand United Alliance of Evil. By default, he is thus good friends with reconnaisance agents James Bond (also a role model of his), and Ahsoka Tano.
  • Things progressed very fast upon hearing of Gin's personal dealings with some of anime's most immoral deities in the Pantheon. The many superpowered deities Gin has tried to capture for the Organization's uses immediately jumped at the chance to work with the supposed legendary 'Silver Bullet'. They form a majority of his retinue of allies.
    • Became an ally of Dr. Tenma over their shared opposition to cold-blooded murderer Johan Liebert. Akai is incredulous at how an ordinary man can be so nihilistic and wants to be the last one standing at the end of the world to satisfy his own beliefs and eventually the perfect suicide. The only thing Akai hates more than outright murder is Johan's trademark act: pushing people to suicide or corrupting or condemning them to despair. Wonders if the Black Organization has a program similar to Kinderheim 511.
    • Is more divided on Gin's (other) closest partner, Esdeath. The havoc they have been able to unleash upon their enemies is unimaginable, and one shudders to think what she would do to Akai should his true identity be exposed. More than once Akai has stumbled upon the scene of one of her kills, with frozen corpses everywhere. Probably based on this, he despises the Grand United Alliance of Chaos more than the Organization's sponsors, the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Especially Petyr Baelish, a master manipulator who orchestrates events to elevate his position at the expense of innocent lives. While Akai admits to charting plans without much care for his FBI colleagues, there are moral lines he would never cross.
    • Kazuto Kirigaya has begun sharing his knowledge of mechatronics with him to defeat Nobuyuki Sugou, a technology liaison to the Organization. Like always with Sugou, Akai sees the Fairy King as a major pervert to his fiancé Asuna who should be put in jail for good. That Sugou is also an employed member of SHOCKER, the primary evil-aligned scientific employer in the Pantheon along with HYDRA, only increases his worry about how Sugou's mind control projects could result in.
    • The sudden mass production of quinques (weapons produced from a ghoul's kakuhou) by the Organization drove him to enter Touka Kirishima's temple (the cafe re:) as Subaru to introduce himself and ask some questions regarding the Defense of Tokyo. Is considering acquiring a quinque from Kir so he can confront ghoul members of the Organization, but fears that would alienate him from Kaneki and Touka given their memories of the CCG.
    • Like with Sherlock Holmes, he admires Sokichi Narumi for his sheer grit in saving others even if he didn't know them well (like with Philip) and consoles his successor Shotaro. Philip repeatedly comments on Akai's apparent lack of sleep and in typically Philip fashion, nonchalantly pesters him to relax a bit and stop being paranoid, as there are far worse threats than the Organization in the Pantheon. Akai takes it in stride though. He greatly values Philip's connection to the Gaia Library as a useful source of information as well as a kindred spirit due to his near lack of social skills (but not empathy).
    • Denounces the Death Note as one of the most despicable methods of murder in the entire Pantheon, and Light's utter god complex disgusts him, with his desire to wipe out crime as a useless excuse. Similarly hates Teru Mikami being more fanatical than Light, killing people for mere laziness. Isn't so antagonistic towards Misa Amane, since her loyalty to Kira is more of an unhealthy obsession.
    • Akai helped FBI agent Norman Jayden out of a tight spot when the man stumbled on one of the Organization's Triptocaine warehouses and was nearly beaten to death by Gin. They now maintain a close working relationship, exchanging intel about their respective cases.
  • On one of his many excursions to Organization hideouts, he stumbled on quite the grisly scene. The Black Organization was being handed a truckful of screaming children by a grey-uniformed military officer. Said officer turned out to be Earth Alliance Captain William Sutherland, herald of Muruta Azrael, who started providing brainwashed Biological CPUs and Extended pilots for the Organization to experiment on. Akai was utterly repulsed.
    "This is utterly repulsive. I've seen the Organization commit atrocities such as force-feeding drugs, kill well-meaning philanthropists, and of course my beloved. But to separate the young from their parents and force them to do such horrible things and slaughter millions on a global scale...this is the worst kind of murder."
    • As such, he has met Kira Yamato, Muruta's primary enemy to put a stop to his depraved plans. His Badass Pacifist behaviour towards his enemies, especially omnicidal maniac Rau Le Creuset. He similarly holds his girlfriend Lacus in high esteem as an equally proficient planner and politician and her desire to take the peaceful and bloodless path whenever possible. Via this, he has also forged diplomatic relations with the Robot War Division should anything more tangible happen between the Organization and the Mecha Cohort.
  • Sympathizes with one of his students Tomoko Kuroki as an antisocial person, but to extremes he could never imagine. He can't have daily talks with her like her brother can, but he still puts in a good word every now and then.


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