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Tabuu, God of Silent Villains
  • Overdeity. Greater God when his wings are injured.
  • Symbol: The Subspace Emblem
  • Theme Music: Subspace, Subspace Ver. 2, Subspace Ver. 3, Subspace Emissary Boss Battle Theme 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil or Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Silent Villains, Doesn’t Screw Around, Dimension Lords, SNK Bosses, One Hit Kills, Eye Beams, Villains concealed behind other villains, voiceless villains, totally unforeshadowed villains, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Silence, Subspace, Destruction, Power
  • Heralds: The Subspace Army
  • Followers: Murmur, The Gentlemen, Combustion Man, The Captain
  • Allies: Porky Minch, YHVH, Omega, Brainiac, Polygon Man, The Death Busters (More specifically, their leader, Pharaoh 90), Bill Cipher, Typhon, The Heartless
  • Rival: Yapool
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The other Nintendo villains
  • Enemies: All other Nintendo gods (particularly Mr Game and Watch, King Dedede, Ganondorf, Master Hand, Galeem and Dharkon), Sonic the Hedgehog, Emmet Brickowski, Madoka Kaname, The Sailor Guardians, Doctor Strange, Harry Potter, Lucifer, Cosmos, Gabriel Belmont, Homura Akemi, Nekron, Son Goku, The Green Lanterns, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, All Good-Aligned Ultramen
  • Feared by: Yuuki Terumi
  • The manifestation of the plane of Subspace, which he has total control over, but cannot leave "himself". Though initially considered the God of Subspace, subspace isn't a trope in itself and was later changed to Silent Antagonist instead. He's still involved with his old house however due to his dimension-warping abilities.
  • Once attempted to pull the world of the mortals into his own domain in order to expand his influence. His plans involved bombs and Cool Ships that weaponized spacetime. This resulted in the death of Master Hand (who came back) and the awakening of Mr. Game & Watch to his godly powers. He was eventually beaten back in an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny after being weakened by Sonic. Tabuu remains quite angered by this humiliation and plots his next move.
  • Tabuu is believed to be some sort of symbolic entity. If Master and Crazy Hand represent the creativity of a child, Tabuu is the part of the child who feels he/she must "grow up" and stop playing with his/her toys. That, or the father who's sick of his kids' playtime. He isn't telling.
  • Rumors began to spread that he was part of Galeem's forces during the World of Light incident after Galleom, a mechanical warmonger built by his army, was spotted as one of the light god's lieutenants. Turns out, Tabuu was found by the fighters as just a mere spirit amongst many in the realm of Galeem's counterpart, Dharkon. This has given him great resentment against Galeem for stealing from him and being turned into a spirit, nor does he think high of Dharkon as he controlled him.
  • Tabuu is highly dreaded throughout the Pantheon for notable reasons. His silence makes it hard to know if he is planning something or not, he has an entire army of minions (some more infuriating than others), is capable of being The Man Behind the Man while not talking at all and can instantly wipe out entire armies with his most powerful attack. His Off-Waves.
  • Is a powerful Reality Warper, though is unable to leave Subspace and because of this he has to pull parts of the outside world into his realm in order to gain dominion over them. If he ever finds a way to leave subspace, he would become much harder to stop.
  • Actively seeks more pawns to control and manipulate. He has his eyes set on authority figures similar to what he did to Master Hand so he can gain unwitting soldiers without much problem due to their loyalties to who he controls and manipulates. He has a massive interest in one particular Goddess...and due to who he is, she has no idea of what Tabuu is planning.
    • Knowing he is physically stronger than Cosmos, Tabuu plans on having his armies lure her into Subspace so he can gain control over her like he did with Master Hand. He also seeks to take out members of the GUAG one by one and replace them with duplicates using his Shadow Bugs.
  • He has been working with YHVH to destroy Lucifer as Tabuu sees him as a great threat to the world of trophies he so desires. YHVH sees great potential in his power to One-Hit Kill many, even when weakened, but is disappointed that he won’t join the Grand United Alliance of Law due to Galeem being a member. Frighteningly enough, they get along like a house on fire otherwise, with YHVH even planning to let Tabuu create loyal replicas of GUAC members using Shadow Bugs once they are incapacitated to add to their forces before subverting the will of the real ones himself. It helps that Tabuu and his armies have been supplying the GUAL with Dark Cannons.
  • Sympathizes with Bill Cipher and Pharaoh 90 for their similar situations. While Tabuu is much closer to Law than he is Chaos, he’ll take what he can get. He believes Bill Cipher’s Weirdmageddon to be a ticket out of Subspace and desires to continue his plans for a world of trophies even if it happens. To do this, he wants to turn Bill and his Henchmaniacs into trophies after he is freed by Weirdmageddon and make loyal replicas of them using his Shadow Bugs.
  • Enemies with all of the Heroic Ultramen as his plan of turning everyone into trophies happens to be very similar to that of one of their foes. He was very pissed with their interference against him and wants to give every single one of them A Fate Worse Than Death. He tried using his armies to get the attention of Yapool with the intention of creating an alliance against the Ultras, but they became rivals instead as they caught him and his Choju just as they were about to launch an attack on them. However, Yapool is interested in Tabuu’s Subspace due to how dark it is there.
  • Yuuki Terumi started to become afraid of him after he and a group of other Trolls taunted Tabuu about his inability to leave Subspace on his own, only for him to send endless waves of his minions led by another Galleom that he had built by his allies as Galeem had taken control of the original. They were dragged into Subspace and eventually they were recovered by the Grand United Alliance of Evil after dark duplicates of them were killed. They refused to talk about what happened.
  • Interestingly enough, Porky Minch has appeared to serve as one of his generals during the Subspace incident. Worryingly enough, they remain on good terms in the Pantheon and even worse, one of Porky’s heralds, Fassad, frequently makes trips to Subspace to deliver technology for Tabuu and his armies to use.

Greater Gods

    Black Bolt 
Blackagar Boltagon, God of Voice Weapons (Black Bolt, The King of the Inhumans, The Inhuman King, Midnight King, The Cruel, The Merciless, Blagbult, Celestial Avatar, Celestial Messiah, Celestial Redeemer, Wishbone, Mister Quiet Man, Great White, Our Silent Friend, The Silent One, The One Who Does Not Speak, The Quiet Guy, Keeper of the Terrigen Mists, Guy With a Fork in his Head)

Intermediate Gods

    Pyramid Head 
Pyramid Head, God of Sinister Scraping Sounds (The Bogeyman, Red Pyramid Thing, The Executioner)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A rusted Pyramid Helmet, alongside a large knife and spear
  • Theme Music: Betrayal, the Silent Hill menu theme from Dead by Daylight (the latter is shared with Heather/Cheryl Mason), his chase theme from the aforementioned game
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Implacable Creatures, Memetic Serial Rapists, Things That Creep Out Just About Anyone, Giant Knife Carriers, The Dreaded, Series Mascot, Dual Boss, Judge, Jury, and Executioner
  • Domains: Fear, Evil, Law, Guilt, Madness
  • Mental Creation of: James Sunderland
  • Allies: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
  • Enemies: Chris Redfield, Cloud Strife
  • Feared by: Luigi
  • Odd Friendship with Heather Mason
  • Once lingered his way into the Pantheon as the God of Implacable Creatures. Just about nothing would deter the being from calling off pursuit. It has also caused much misery for James Sunderland, the unwitting source of its manifestation. Tired of being chased around, James sought help from Leon Kennedy as well as Chris and Claire Redfield. Together, they set a trap for the monster, setting Pyramid Head up to a satellite strike. It worked just as intended. The tale of Pyramid head appeared to have ended.
    • Unfortunately, the demise led to some unforeseen consequences. The role was filled rather quickly, eventually landing on Chris Walker, who wasted no time going after desirables. To make matters worse, James couldn't get the sound of scraping metal off his head. To him, the Pyramid Head never left. And it turned out to be true; while revisiting Silent Hill, he was confronted with the same being with a giant sword. He went to the Court of the Gods to demand an explanation. As it turns out, the dominion was able to revive the monster, who moved to a different hose to reside. Like it or not, Pyramid Head was here to stay.
  • Pyramid Head will chase after just about anyone, and when he gets started, almost nothing can stop him. He even chased after Lu Bu, despite other people's protests. They fought to a standstill (as near as one with Pyramid Head can even be called such, anyway).
  • Freddy took an interest in the being. Since it was a filament of Sunderland's mind, Pyramid was well within the realm for Freddy to control. As such, Pyramid head has become one of the dream monster's deadliest allies. The prospect of a nigh-unstoppable killing machine unnerved many, not to mention the sound of both their weapons clawing a wall can make many mortals insane.
    • Unfortunately for him, he can't seem to get Pyramid Head to attack Jason. It happens that the two have an odd respect for each other. Freddy was forced to decline from using Pyramid Head on Jason lest he loses control.
  • Though there are many debates on what it is, A demon created to torture guilty men, or a monster of the town of Silent Hill out to kill everyone.
  • Good thing is that Pyramid Head usually only resides in Silent Hill after it became one of Pantheon's domains. The bad thing is that he still appears outside of Silent Hill, making his sudden appearances even more unpredictable. Especially when he appears in such things as kart racing and sport events.
  • Might have an infernal version of himself called Gravedigger. Gabriel Belmont cannot state anything on the subject.
  • Where he usually carries around a giant knife, he is also seen carrying a spear when he needs to go faster. Oh, and sometimes there are two Pyramid Heads around. They can even turn anyone who they think fits their brutal methods of punishment into a Pyramid Head.
  • James has worked an agreement with Chris Redfield to deal with the monster. They may be rivals at sales, but the two factions are willing to set their differences aside with a common threat.
  • While the entity has no interest in the title of Giant Swords, Cloud has lost quite a few prospective followers to the being. He as will most other good-aligned deities have agreed with Sunderland to take it down.
  • Once a follower, Nemesis now hunts down victims on his own in the Pantheon. It may be hard to tell, but it seemed that the flesh monster was relieved to see its sponsor return to the Pantheon. Both seemed poised to kill member of S.T.A.R.S. as the group members were already hunting them down.
  • Luigi had a rather unfortunate encounter with Pyramid during his mansion years. One look of that giant sword was all it took for him to book it out of the room it was in. The plumber has a suspicion that Pyramid Head followers him around to this day. While no one else has been able to prove that, the sounds from his temple as well as the skid marks nearby says he may not be hallucinating.
  • Don't bring up the time Erma got a piggyback ride from him.
  • Heather Mason's relationship to him is iffy since Heather is the reincarnation of Alessa Gillepsie/Cheryl Mason, and thus the one who birthed God, that means he has respect for her and can be considered a Guardian Entity towards her. Heather would rather not be near him, although there are times (like with Leatherface) that she's grateful to have him by her side.

Tigrex, Celestial Monster of Mighty Roars (Tigarex, Brute Tigrex, Molten Tigrex, Grimclaw Tigrex, Zenith Tigrex, Flame Tigrex, Absolute Power, Roaring Wyvern (Black Roaring Wyvern, Great Roaring Wyvern, Ruinous Hook Claw, Flame Roaring Wyvern, Diorex/Diorekkusu, Coming for Dat Ass, Sean Connery as the Voice of Draco)
Brute Tigrex
Molten Tigrex
Grimclaw Tigrex
Zenith Tigrex
Flame Tigrex
  • Intermediate God (the Molten, Apex Frenzy, Zenith and Grimclaw variants are closer to Greater God).
  • Symbol: It's Hunter's Guild Icon
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tiger and Tyrannosaur Inspired Wyverns, An Incredibly Powerful Roar that Serves as an Attack, Relying Mostly on it's Strength, Speed and Tenacity, Super-Persistent Predator, Determinator, Prefers Ramming than Any Other Attack, The Berserker, Lightning Bruiser, Is More Fragile than it Seems, One of the More Notorious Monsters to Face Off Against
  • Domains: Monsters, Dragons, Aggression, Shouts, Roars, Ferocity
  • Tolerates note : Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, David Attenborough, Alan Grant, John Hammond
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Brachydios, Rajang, Rathalos, Rathian, Monoblos, Diablos, Astalos, Seltas Queen, Zinogre, Glavenus, Bazelgeuse, Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Rexie, Sharptooth, One Eye
  • Arch-Enemy: Gammoth
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, Nergigante, The Dovahkiin, Alduin, Scarface, Abhorash, Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • Opposed By: The Gang of Seven, Bron, Hiccup and Toothless, Manny, Ellie, Mammoth Mongul, Shere Khan
  • Avoids: Fatalis, Hall of Electricitynote 
  • The World of Monster Hunter is filled with all sorts of, well, monsters that range from docile, cute, and amiable to majestic, terrifying, and mysterious. Among the many types to be considered are Winged Wyverns, which take influence from the type of dragon whose forelimbs are wings. And one of the most well-known and dangerous of that kind is the Tigrex, a beast that may as well be considered the combination of a wyvern, tiger, and Tyrannosaurus. Its reputation is well-earned; Tigrex is a resilient and vicious beast who will normally not go down without a fight. Beyond that, and the fact that it is a hard hitter and is faster than its size lets on, Tigrex's most famous trait is its roar. Yes, most monsters can roar, but Tigrex goes on to weaponize and use it to attack hunters, prey, and rival beasts. And with those traits, it's certainly a famous monster that's going down as one of the toughest hunters get to face (outside of Elder Dragons, of course).
  • The Pantheon had considered the arrival of a Tigrex and gaining a notable position in the realms, given how, in addition to its notoriety, lots of other monsters from the Flying Wyvern's world had managed to make it. And per usual for these sorts, Tigrex had to make its entrance quite the spectacle. It suddenly arrived at the Hall of Earth and Rock, seeking to find a new hunting ground and it ended up confronting a Diablos there. The two fought and the ensuing fight became so hectic that Geb had to step in to quell the violence down. Tigrex's response? Attack the God Earth and then fly off in a rage. It was surprising for one thing; a monster never attacked a legitimate god, though Geb doesn't hold any animosity for it and takes the blame on himself, stating that he should have done a better job in monitoring the Hall at that moment. Meanwhile, having made its presence known in the Pantheon, Tigrex is beginning a new hunt and finding a new home for itself.
  • Tigrex is one of the more aggressive and unruly monsters in the Pantheon, with a wholly vicious attack pattern and being ridiculously persistent about its attackers and prey. That said, it spends a good deal of its time traveling and finding places to roost on, especially in deserts and rocky dunes, though some subspecies would choose to occupy volcanic coves and networks. Interestingly, Tigrex's environmental preferences help in it not being a dire threat to others, unless it's hungry or in a frenzy, though Monster Hunters and nature preservers are still adamant about keeping a check on the flying Wyvern in case things go sour.
  • Tigrex has a lot of prey enemies to consider, but its relationship with the Gammoth deserves a special mention. Being a predator, Tigrex feeds on others, and its preferred prey happens to be infant and juvenile Gammoths, which often encourages the Flying Wyvern to travel to glacial outposts to search and attack the young Fanged Beasts. By extension, not only does Tigrex have a fixation on juvenile Gammoths, but it also takes to preying upon mammoths in general, which caught the attention of Manny and Ellie. Despite the support they have from their group, the two mammoths still feel endangered by the Flying Wyvern, hence they would try to either get aid from anyone who would be willing to protect them.
  • Being a territorial beast, Tigrex will face-off nearly any monster that intrudes its territory, intentionally or otherwise. The fact that they would duke out against the Deviljho speaks volumes, even though there are moments where Tigrex doesn't always come out on top. Still, being a ridiculously fierce beast earns it some points of one-sided respect from those who think the Tigrex is really cool and awesome. Of course, this doesn't mean they want to meet one up close, as a Monster Hunter would tell them.
  • While Monster Hunters are open to wanting to hunt Tigrex either because it's a threat to a nearby settlement or that they may want to carve up parts to create more effective armor for themselves, the fact still remains that they are, in any way, not a pushover and that it's going to take a lot to beat them. Part of it had to do with a Tigrex's roar; not many would naturally be ready for a shout or roar that would be used as an offensive attack after all. Of course, battles between the hunters and the Flying Wyvern are intense and grueling. And in case a Tigrex is killed, it's a hard-earned victory and even then, it's not going to stop another one from appearing or making its presence known in the Pantheon.
  • Tigrex soon discovered that being in the Pantheon meant that he would face more competition than just Monster Hunters and fellow monsters. One such threat came in the form of the Dovahkiin, a prophesized mortal with the soul of a dragon who had the ability to absorb the souls of his world's dragonkind to bolster his own abilities and strength. While Tigrex doesn't exactly match up to what the Dovahkiin has been up against, the two have engaged in fierce battles regardless. On a few occasions, they've shouted against one another, the results being... interesting, to say the least.
    • Alduin, the Nordic God of Destruction from his world, saw some intrigue towards the Flying Wyvern and even considered the possibility of an alliance of sorts, especially as the two dragons have a shared enmity against the Dovahkiin. To the World Eater's dismay, Tigrex responded by attacking Alduin. While Alduin won the fight, mainly due to his magical prowess, he doesn't take this victory in stride, instead feeling sullied and mocked for having to be attacked by another dragon. He's since come to hate Tigrex after the encounter, while by contrast, the Flying Wyvern doesn't even care; as far as it knows, Alduin might have been invading his territory and he reacted in a way any apex predator would have done.
    • An unorthodox competition came in the form of the superheroine metahuman, Black Canary, whose main powers were to generate a powerful and devastating scream. Initially, Dinah wasn't all too interested in proving her worth against Tigrex, though the Flying Wyvern soon learned about her after getting a glimpse of her sonic scream. Tigrex, having had an experience of dealing with pesky humans, attacked Dinah, thinking that she would be a potential threat. Dinah retaliated with a scream that was strong enough to disorient and knock out the Flying Wyvern, though it did drain Black Canary's stamina considerably. She stated that she wasn't really in the mood to fight and decided to simply end their confrontation quickly, even if it meant that Dinah would feel fatigued. Tigrex has since seen her as a competition that needs to be dealt with, though Dinah has since expressed on having a "screaming match" one day.
  • While it is territorial and aggressive, Tigrex doesn't mind the presence of other creatures in its territory, so long as they don't display themselves to be exhibiting any sort of threat to the beast nor do they intrude too much in its life. Some caretakers, like Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry are wary of the Flying Wyvern but do feel inclined to look after it just in case and to preserve its home. As a result, they do get upset anytime the Tigrex is killed, though the emergence of another one mitigates that. Alan Grant and John Hammond have also found interest, if mainly due to how the Tigrex is partially based on the Tyrannosaurus. Still, they do believe it would be best if Tigrex is best left to its own devices, though Hammond does think that the Flying Wyvern should be looked after in case.
    • That said, some, such as the Gang of Seven and Bron are not fond of Tigrex, if mainly because as a carnivore, it needs to prey on large animals to sustain itself. This wouldn't be a problem, but the Flying Wyvern's sheer temper and destructive power mean that it's a big threat, especially to the Great Valley. Tigrex, on the other hand, only takes focus on Bron, seeing the Apatosaurus as food whilst dismissing Littlefoot and the gang, though this has become rather contentious as the seven child dinosaurs have done a lot to the point where the Flying Wyvern can't ignore them either. And of course, there's always the Monster Hunters to keep things managed and ensure safety for Littlefoot and his father and friends. Unless there's another rampaging monster, especially Deviljho and Nergigante, in which case, things get worse...
  • While the Dovahkiin would be more into hunting Tigrex due to his position as a Dragonslayer, there were a few other hunters who had a more practical reason for killing Tigrex. Among these are the Blood Dragons, an organization of noble vampire knights who have pledged a rule to feast on the blood of powerful warriors and beasts and to hone their swordsmanship. Tigrex, a feared and dangerous monster who has proven itself to be a difficult being to take down was one that easily fitted the description of what the Blood Dragons were looking for. Their leader, Abhorash, only seeks a good fight as his bloodthirst has since been quenched permanently, so the vampire knights aim to kill the Flying Wyvern in the hopes that its blood would not only make them stronger but also wholly relinquish their need to drink blood. A noble cause to the Blood Dragons, yes, but to Tigrex, they're yet another group of hunters that he has to fend them off against from time to time.
    • The extraterrestrial Predator, known only as Scarface, has also seen Tigrex as a being that is worthy of a challenge. He turns out to be the most annoying hunter the Flying Wyvern has dealt with, namely in the sense that Scarface doesn't really confront it directly but rather uses a series of traps and hidden gadgets to unexpectedly distract, disorient, and harm Tigrex, knowing that physically he doesn't really stand a chance. On a few occasions, Scarface has gone up and close in using his blades and brute force against Tigrex. These fights can get pretty bloody, but Scarface relishes the moment, feeling that killing the wyvern and showcasing its head would be a huge accomplishment for one from his race.
  • As the name implies, its characterization and appearance are inspired by the Tiger and the Tyrannosaurus rex. Shere Khan expresses some degree of awe when it comes to Tigrex's reputation, but does admit for all his own infamy, he probably wouldn't be able to stand a chance and prefers to keep a distance. On the other hand, the ascended tyrannosaurs in the Pantheon are more open and able in at least standing their ground against the Flying Wyvern, with Rexie having had a few skirmishes against the Tigrex. Sharptooth and One Eye often work together in combating the wyvern, though given how vile they are, most admit that they'd rather root for Tigrex to put them in their place.
  • As powerful of a beast it is and in spite of being a formidable foe towards any who dare to challenge it, Tigrex is not without its weaknesses. The most apparent one is that lightning is an element that would deal more than enough damage to the Flying Wyvern and for this very reason, Tigrex tends to keep its distance from the Hall of Electricity. Amusingly, it has a subspecies, the Diorex which actually is attuned to the lightning element. And to everyone else's dismay, Tigrex's ascension in the Pantheon also meant that the Diorex was included, and they've also proven themselves to be dangerous monsters to face off against, especially for those who think they've gotten accustomed to fighting against a usual Tigrex. And even then, Tigrex and Diorex will become uncharacteristically frightened and bolt off as quickly as they could in case they realize a Fatalis is around.

Lesser Gods

    Claude (Grand Theft Auto
Claude, God of Silent Protagonists (Fido, Handyman, Snake Without a Tongue)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Baseball Bat or any weapon he carries
  • Theme Song: The Grand Theft Auto III theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Never ever speaking a word, Looking for revenge against the one who wronged him, Usually betraying those he works for after being betrayed himself, Getting back at those who mistreated/betrayed him, Implied muteness and still kicking ass, Limited Wardrobe, Only in It for the Money, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Never losing his cool even when angry
  • Domains: Crime, Car Theft, Revenge, Muteness
  • Allies: Niko Bellic, The Capers, Jack Sparrow, Sona Buvelle, Most of the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Rivals: Carl "CJ" Johnson, Mario
  • Enemies: All of the House of Law and Justice, Vito Corleone, Link, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Huang Lee, Tommy Vercetti, Bloody Marie, Peacock
  • Envied by: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Pities: Colette Brunel, Itsuki Inubozaki
  • Commonality Connection: Sakura Matou
  • Complicated Relationships: Active Mafia/Crime syndicate members who don't antagonize him as well as Mob Children. Specifically- Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Buccellati, and Mion and Shion Sonozaki.
  • Who is Claude and what are his motivations is entirely unknown to everyone except himself, so it's no surprise that the criminal was going to eventually find his way to the Pantheon. Because he never emits a sound and is the protagonist of his own story, he naturally got the position of Silent Protagonists.
    • In reality, he stole it from the previous holder, Link. The latter was not happy in the slightest and attacked Claude. However, the Court of Gods intervened before a catastrophe happened. After a long investigation, Claude was given the title legitimately, since Link still makes sounds.
  • Vito Corleone didn't like Claude one bit after hearing what he had done to the mafia he has worked on, so he gave a "shoot on sight" order whenever the latter is around. Claude hates him just as much, given his uncanny resemblance to Salvatore Leone, the mafia boss who tried to set him up.
  • After the above incident, Claude has considered taking down all mafia operations in the pantheon, given the fact that earning the ire of one Mafia Boss was enough to damage his reputation. This, in turn, made him the unlikely ally of both Bloody Marie and Peacock, two victims of Mafia operations in the past. They indeed don't trust Claude, but when it comes to taking down mobsters, he sure is effective.
  • Has often been hired to work with Hotel Moscow on the ocassion they need a hitman. The Russian mobsters don't trust him one bit, but he is surprisingly effective if the price is right. Claude himself doesn't care about them, and has no qualms about getting rid of them if they try something funny.
  • Gets along with Jack Sparrow, in the sense that both are men who have been contantly betrayed and hold loyalty towards no one but themselves. Funnily enough, they don't trust each other most of the time, but they consider themselves friends.
  • Being the face of one of the most succesful games to make the jump to 3D, he has developed a rivalry with Mario, given that their franchises have been going strong to this day. He wonders if Mario has connections to a Mafia given his Italian heritage.
    • Sonic, on the other hand, envies him for being succesful in 3D. Claude doesn't care about the Hedgehog one bit.
  • Not very fond of Raynare, given that Claude had a nasty and abusive relationship with his last girlfriend, Catalina. However, while he didn't say this himself, it is implied that Claude finds the fallen angel a joke compared to what Catalina is capable of.
  • It has been implied that Claude is actually mute, explaining why he doesn't talk. This actually drew the attention of fellow mute woman Sona Buvelle, who- in a strange turn of events- gets along really well with Claude. The reason why? He finds her cute and not annoying like many women that were in his life.
  • Has found common ground with Sakura Matou on the fact they both took revenge on those who mistreated them. However, Sakura is sure to be careful around Claude given his criminal background, but the latter doesn't really care about what he can do to her.
  • While Claude is already a divisive figure among crime syndicates, he surprisingly doesn't got on the wrong side of both Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Buccellati. While they are allied with Vito (arguably the one who antagonizes Claude the most), they have agreed that they won't harm each other provided Claude stays far away from Vito.
    • He is also surprisingly chill with those who come from a Family with ties to the Mafia. As such, he seems to respect Mion and Shion Sonozaki given their ties to the Yakuza (arguably the only group that didn't mistreat Claude...most of the time). The girls, however, are wary about him, fearing that he may lash out at them if their family double-crossed him.
  • Has the uncanny ability to change the moon size if he shoots it with a sniper rifle. The House of Knowledge is cracking their heads at trying to understand how he can do that. This trick can also be done by his fellow GTA ascendants, Tommy Vercetti and CJ.
  • His relations with fellow Grand Theft Auto deities varies depending on who he has to deal with:
    • He remembers meeting CJ back in San Andreas, where he lost against CJ in a race (that he got himself into on behalf of Catalina). Claude really doesn't care about the gangster, but they bonded on how intolerable she was. Carl laughed when he learned that Claude finally got rid of that crazy bitch and they left each other on pretty good terms, but they still consider themselves rivals.
    • He isn't fond of either Tommy Vercetti or Huang Lee, given their respective ties with the Mafia and Triad, which Claude was never on good terms with anyway. However, Tommy is amused that Claude succeeded in getting rid of the last remnants of power the Forellis had and congratulated him for it.
    • Niko Bellic is the only one he can tolerate to be around, given that the Serbian has also had his fair share of troubles with Mafias and Betrayal. While Niko has been off the grid for a while, they still like to hang out, even though Claude isn't very talkative (or talkative at all). Funnily enough, Claude was kind enough to lend his clothes to Niko on certain ocassions.
    • The Los Santos Crew have considered him to join on their operations. Claude would gladly work for them, if the pay is worth it. Trevor has also taken Claude under his wing after hearing about his story, though Claude has his doubts since Trevor reminds him a lot about Catalina.
  • Can also be found in the House of Protagonists.

    The Dinosaur Planet Cast 
White Tip, Pod, Alpha, Dragonfly, Little Das, Buck, and Blaze, Revered Septet of Noisy Nature
Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Little Das, White Tip, Alpha, Pod, Buck, Blaze, and Dragonfly
  • Lesser Deities (Little Das, Alpha, and Dragonfly), Demideities (White Tip, Pod, Buck, and Blaze)
  • Symbol: Planet Earth with fossilized plates. Alternatively, each of the dinosaurs' skeletal silhouettes
  • Theme Songs:
    • White Tip: White Tip's Journey Suite (Mystic Odyssey, Ritual Gathering, Otherworldly Fog), Desert Run
    • Pod: Pod's Travels Suite (Clan in Peril, Carnival of Evil, Hour Glass, Sacred Lands)
    • Alpha: Alpha's Egg Suite (Crossing the Valley, Inception of the Dream, Primal Aggression, Lethal Measures, Uncertain Mission)
    • Little Das: Little Das's Hunt Suite (Behind Enemy Lines, Before the Battle, Geronimo, Foreboding Figure, Hunting for Souls, Enter the Nightmare, Predator's Return, Changing of the Guard)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Traditional Dinosaur Archetypes, Speculative Documentary, Constant Roars, Growls, and Screeches
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Prehistory, Survival, Nature, Documentaries
  • Heralds:
    • White Tip: Her newborn hatchlings
    • Pod: His pack, consisting of dwarf Pyroraptors and a dwarf Troodon
    • Alpha: A herd of Saltasaurus
    • Dragonfly: His mate
    • Little Das: His family, consisting of a mother and two older sisters
    • Buck and Blaze: A herd of Maiasaura
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Sharptooth, One Eye, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Deviljho, Pokémon Hunter J
  • Tolerates:
    • White Tip, Pod, and Little Das: Hall of Birds
  • Watched Over By: Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Alan Grant, John Hammond, Steve Irwin
  • Tolerated By: King Kong
  • Interests: Ian Malcolm, Harry, Eliza Thornberry, Kroq-Gar, House of Family and Relatives, Link
  • Opposed By: The Lilliputians (Pod)
  • Mixed Opinion From: Bix
  • Several animals tell a number of fascinating stories that are worth remembering. Of them all, dinosaurs prove to be among the most elusive and fantastical examples as because of their extinction millions of years before humans began to study them, our thoughts and ideas of their existence and how they were like have to be bought up mainly by fossil evidence and sometimes wild assumptions. Along the way, several stories of dinosaurs have been made and described, based on the findings and knowledge that paleontologists have cultivated for over a hundred years. And among these stories include a colorful cast of dinosaurs; White Tip the Velociraptor who struggles to find a mate and raise her hatchlings in the harsh Gobi Desert, Pod the Pyroraptor who finds himself washed ashore to an unfamiliar island with dwarf dinosaurs, Alpha the Saltasaurus who must keep up with her herd whilst struggling to reproduce to preserve her species and fend for herself against an Aucasaurus named Dragonfly, and Little Das the Daspletosaurus who after making a mistake that embarrassed his family, is determined to bring down a pair Maiasaura siblings, Buck and Blaze, as a way to get back into good graces with his mother and older sisters, unaware of a soon-to-be-active volcano that threatens its nearby ecosystem.
  • The tale of these particular seven dinosaurs was indeed fascinating, although all of them had bittersweet outcomes in some way or another, with them being irreparably separated from their kin and having to adapt to their new circumstances. The sole exception to this was Little Das, Buck, and Blaze, who were all killed in a pyroclastic flow alongside Dad's family and the Maiasaura pair's herd, though their lineage would continue on for another million years. The same can also be said for Dragonfly, who was killed in one last hunt for Alpha, which ended fatally for him. The Pantheon ended up being a new land for them to venture upon, with White Tip, Pod, and Alpha simply walking their way into these new realms whereas Little Das, Buck, Blaze, and Dragonfly simply reawakened here. All of the dinosaurs were welcomed into the Pantheon and saw themselves getting adjusted to new habitats and environments, which were largely similar to how their initial world looked during the Late Cretaceous. But of course, they would see new lands and new creatures, with some being friendly, and others being threats. It's a new story for these dinosaurs in the Pantheon.
  • These dinosaurs continue to live out their days in the Pantheon just like they did in their mortal lives, making them one of the more surprisingly well-adjusted beings in the new realms, with only Little Das and Dragonfly becoming more persistent in trying to hunt down Buck, Blaze, and Alpha respectively. In fact, the seven of them just mind their own business and compared to most creatures and critters, they don't really attract much attention, leading to the seven dinosaurs to have a very straightforward tale for themselves in the ascended realms. It hasn't stopped them from getting some attractions, namely from dinosaur enthusiasts and wildlife preservers, who want to observe them lead their tales and to ensure that they are content in the Pantheon without external threats endangering their circumstances. While not as notable as say, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, Indominus, or even Deviljho, they remain one of the more recognizable dinosaurs, if mainly due to their stories.
  • Their general interactions with humans mostly tend to be limited. That said, one such figure, Jack Tenrec, has proven himself to be one of the most persistent people in tracking down these dinosaurs, with his reasons being that before and during his adventures with Hannah Dundee, he's spent a lot of time looking after and protecting any dinosaurs he's stumbled across, even befriending an Allosaurus named Hermes, whom he's kept as a pet. As a result, it's common for Jack to park his car at a good distance and observe these animals grazing, herding, hunting, and resting. He's had a few altercations with Little Das and Dragonfly, though Hermes's presence lessens the chance of conflict. In one particular moment, Jack even managed to reach out to Buck and Blaze, even getting the chance to pet the hadrosaurs and feed them some berries, allowing for some tolerance between the two. Of course, Jack and Hannah do try to make sure there aren't any poachers who try to capture them, given their own experience of having to deal with them in their homeworld.
  • Upon meeting each other for the first time, White Tip and Pod immediately saw each other as a rival in regards to their food sources and territory, though they don't interact with each other as they ended up having different prey preferences as well as a habitat they would naturally stick to. Though the two of them have encountered the Raptor Pack at individual points and despite them also being Velociraptors, White Tip doesn't see it that waynote , considering they're bigger and hunt larger animals than she would. She and Pod tend to avoid the quartet as much as they can, choosing to prioritize their new pack's safety and upbringing. Owen Grady, the pack's caretaker and "alpha" instead felt endeared by White Tip and Pod and even made an effort to help them out in his own way. That said, they are more feral than his Raptor Pack, so Owen tends to be pretty careful about dealing with them.
    • They've also met other raptors like Red the Utahraptor and a wide number of Bird Wyverns, notably the Velocirdrome, Great Jaggi, and Great Maccao. Given her own experience with fighting a pack of Deinonychus, Red is wary of dealing with another smaller pack of raptors, though the fact that they live in different habitats and stick to hunting something closer to their size means Red, White Tip, and Pod could co-exist without much trouble, with Red instead having to be more alarmed about Das and Dragonfly. The Bird Wyverns were more troublesome because of their tendency toward mob mentality and often bullying and fighting against White Tip and Pod anytime they meet. Though the raptor they're most unnerved by is Riptor due to her savage nature and tendency to kill and maim, even if she's well-fed. Fortunately, Riptor has too many enemies to focus on White Tip and Pod, so their interactions are minimal at best.
    • Pod's adventures made him a rare example of a creature getting involved with dwarfism in some degree, though the Pyroraptor couldn't care less about the matter, especially when he isn't sentient enough to fully recognize the terminology. His story was, however, considered to be similar to the tale of Gulliver's Travels, though the Lilliputians themselves aren't appreciative of this fact. To them, Pod was a gigantic dragon who could lead swathes of destruction if he ever arrives at their settlement and he leads "smaller dragons" to aid in his invasions. That said, this information is kept strictly to themselves since the last time anyone else heard it, they laughed at the mere thought of a small dinosaur being seen as a terrifying dragon. Pod's tale of being washed ashore was also reminiscent of the Hylian Hero, Link, and while he was surprised by the similarity as well as their struggle to compete in a harsh adventure, he keeps some distance from the Pyroraptor, even if he treats it as an animal that simply wants to survive and live another day with his pack.
  • Alpha, despite being a herd traveler, isn't really a social dinosaur, instead of being an animal that's on a constant move from one place to another, eating leaves and reproducing offspring during mating season. As a result, she's one of the less popular sauropods in the Pantheon to come across, though she's not disliked by any means. A fellow sauropod, Bron, also happened to be a traveling dinosaur himself, leading a herd to new grounds, and his crossing paths with Alpha struck a rather interesting relationship. Alpha felt unsure of what to make of the Apatosaurus whereas Bron was interested to see a herding group of Saltasaurus who mainly minded their own business and decided to tolerate the unfamiliar sauropods as they seemingly didn't pose any threat to them. Luckily for them, the two managed to get on good terms one day when Alpha was threatened by One Eye and Bron decided to defend and fight alongside her. Though there's been an issue in the treatment of Saltasaur eggs and infants, which worried Bron as she bring it upon herself to look after them due to her migratory nature. All Bron can do is hope that the infants can somehow survive to lead good lives in the future.
  • Unlike Alpha, Buck, and Blaze, being juveniles, are not as well-equipped or brave enough to stand up for themselves in case they're hounded by a predator. That said, the two of them are welcoming of the idea of coexisting with other dinosaurs, considering that they've relied on a herd of Einiosaurus as a way of protection against Little Das and his family. Fortunately for the Maiasaura siblings, they found new companionship with Ducky, a fledgling Saurolophus and a Rampardos who enjoyed the two dinosaurs' presence. In fact, Ducky was willing to allow them into the Great Valley as a way to make them see her and, by proxy, the Gang of Seven, as friends, whereas Rampardos takes lookout duties for them at times, proving to be quite protective of Buck and Blaze, especially when the two of them came under attack by Riptor. That, and with Buck's injured leg soon making a full recovery, it seems as if their time in the Pantheon will be a better one than back in the Late Cretaceous.
  • Despite his rambunctious and reckless nature, Little Das is still eager to learn and become a more effective predator, which was helped by the presence of his mother and two sisters, who are still in the midst of mentoring him despite his problems. In the Pantheon, the four tyrannosaurids have had to contend with a series of new rivals, which included Rexie and Speckles, a Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus respectively who came after Daspletosaurus and were more fearsome apex predators. Das and his family were alarmed by the two tyrannosaurs' size and reputation as well as bringing down tougher prey, though Rexie and Speckles simply don't mind them too much, resulting in a minor rivalry between them. Speckles, in particular, is reminded by his family whenever he sees Little Das's pack, seeing as they were a close family and respects them for sticking and looking after each other. The Tarbosaurus would be open to helping the Daspletosaurus pack if he can, though the safety and survival of his own son, Speckles Jr. remains his biggest priority and he wants to make sure his offspring don't fall prey to other predators like many previous times.
    • Of course, they have other predators to look out for, such as Dragonfly himself, a Carnotaurus pair, and two Allosaurus, namely Gwangi and Big Al, though all of them ended up having their own dietary preferences. That said, it doesn't stop the two from competing against one another since as nature outlines it, a free meal is free meal. Dragonfly and his mate have quarreled against Big Al and Little Das a couple of times as their sizes are relatively close, though Gwangi and the Carnotaurs end up intimidating them enough to just default to smaller prey, though Little Das's family is assertive to stand their ground and fight. Even so, they all would avoid the likes of Sharptooth, One Eye, a genetically engineered Spinosaurus, and the Deviljho as they quickly realized that they were far too powerful and destructive to really consider fighting. Glavenus also applies, though the bladed Brute Wyvern is more amicable and tends to stick to hunting its own preferred prey, though not without challenging other dinosaurs for territory, prey, and resources.
  • Among other creatures, those most familiar with dinosaurs is the giant ape, King Kong, who had to deal with multiple dinosaur threats throughout his life. His opinion towards them largely remains the same, being apathetic to them, though he is willing to allow them in their territory, even Little Das and his family, seeing as they don't really pose a threat to him. As far as Kong is concerned, he's more content in leading a more serene and quiet life, with the exception of some figures that he can get along with. On the other hand, Alpha, Buck, and Blaze have encountered Kong on several occasions and although intimidated at first sight have eventually started to accept his presence. It also helps that Kong doesn't take kindly to predatory threats as they tend to be antagonistic whenever they see the giant ape. As for the raptors, Das, and Dragonfly, they prefer to put some distance from Kong after seeing him manhandle a pack of dinosaurs. Oddly enough, Kong would allow them to hunt other animals in his presence… unless they tick him off either willingly or not.
  • Much like every other ascended dinosaur in the Pantheon, they ended up catching the attention of John Hammond and Alan Grant. Of course, Hammond was intent on establishing a conservated zone for them to ensure that the dinosaur doesn't face any more danger from outside interference, something which Grant has expressed some support on. In addition to this, Grant also finds a lot of intrigue with the dinosaurs, especially White Tip and Pod, whom he saw as legitimate creatures in comparison to the raptors cloned by InGen. He doesn't personally meet them all that much, given his own paleontological endeavors, though he is open to observing the two raptors. It helps that they're less aggressive than the ones in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, though there's still the chance for the raptors to see Grant as prey, hence he tries to be careful with them.
    • The dinosaurs also attracted notice from Steve Irwin and Eliza Thornberry and have played a decent role in keeping them protected from any outside interference whilst also publicizing the dinosaurs' presence in the Pantheon. Steve has undertaken some close calls with the raptors, Das and Dragonfly which helped to have Steve to admire the theropods for their tenacity and fierce demeanor. He's also managed to almost get close with Buck and Blaze and even got to feed Alpha a branch of leaves whilst hanging from a tree. On Eliza's side, she's been able to communicate and understand the dinosaurs' thoughts and needs and has even helped Steve out on this occasion. Though it does upset her that while she would like to help the theropods out, she can't do it without being complacent with someone's death, though Steve assures her that regardless, she's done a good job at learning to recognize them as well as keep them preserved in the Pantheon.
  • They generated a very mixed response from Bix. Due to her upbringing in Dinotopia and the values and ethics she was taught, she had various doubts about the dinosaurs due to how chaotic and unruly they were in nature. Alpha, Buck, and Blaze were easy to judge and accept, seeing as they were harmless herbivores for the most part, though the Protoceratops is careful of Alpha, given that Saltasaurs can be territorial and aggressive if provoked. Das, Dragonfly, White Tip, and Pod, on the other hand, were not in favor of Bix's mind as their predatory nature and instincts clashed against what Dinotopia stood for. She understands that this is natural and that they can't be condemned because of how they evolved to be that way, but Bix affirms that they're best left to fend for themselves and are not welcomed in her domain. That said, he is open to the idea of keeping them safe and protected and would work with others on that end, even if she would be seen as prey for the four of them.
  • They also have a place in the Hall of Animal Behavior.

    Donquixote Rocinante 
Donquixote Rocinante, God of Absolute Quiet (Commander Rocinante, Corazon)

    Snake Eyes 
Snake Eyes, The Speechless God (Silent Master, Mr. Hebime)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme: Snake Eyes, Just Getting Started
  • Alignment: Was Lawful Good, but eventually moved to Neutral Good (was briefly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolios: The Abel to Storm Shadow's Cain, Determinator, The Faceless, Mighty Whitey, Sword and Gun, THE most popular god among the Joes, Dark Is Not Evil
  • Domains: Good, War, Trickery, Silence
  • Followers: Chane Laforet, Isora, Awesome Android
  • Allies: Duke, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Mai Shiranui, Daredevil, Strider Hiryu, Batman, Genji Shimada, all Autobot deities
  • Enemies: Cobra Commander, The Baroness, Destro, Deathstroke, all Decepticons, especially Starscream
  • Rivals: The Marked Ninja, Deadpool
  • Snake Eyes' ascension was the day of celebration, as many have long awaited for the mute ninja to have his own temple. He has already amassed a significant following, citing his relative popularity compared to the other Joes. Duke in particular gave him a heartfelt hug. The two are now looking at ways to ascend more Joes into the Pantheon.
    • Meanwhile, Cobra have made preparations for his coming arrival. They know just how ruthless the ninja can be as a mortal. His threat level can only be greater as a god.
  • Some gods thought he would take The Voiceless title as well, but a few others pointed out that would not work. You see, Snake Eyes is incapable of talking, as his vocal cords were damaged long ago in his mortal life. Snake Eyes has kept this visage both in order to keep his title and to respect his past.
  • Communication between him and other gods can be rather difficult, as both he and all of his followers are unable to speak. His priests created cards and whiteboards to better communicate with other gods. Surprisingly, they don't appear to have any problems understanding each other.
  • Was met by Ryu, one of his greatest followers. He gave Snake Eyes a bow before disappearing out of sight. That was more than enough for the mute god.
  • Gained similar respect with many of the other ninja gods in the pantheon. Strider for example is impressed with the skillset of Snake Eyes despite not having any apparent problems. The Marked Ninja has declined any attempt to meet him as the latter's allegiance to the US government may cause the two the butt heads on occasion, though he appreciates Snake Eyes' greater appreciation to stealth than most other ninja gods.
  • Some gods mistakenly thought he was blind as well. Turns out he can see out of his mask just fine. Is also not to be mistaken for taking that shtick from Daredevil, though the two are allies.
  • Deadpool just can't help but point out the various similarities between the two, from their love of katanas and guns to their refusal to show their faces. Snake Eyes in all honesty finds the Merc with the Mouth annoying, but does feel for him at times for the scars he had to endure.
  • Can also be mistaken for being a bad guy, which makes it even more jarring when his white-clothed mortal rival works for Cobra. Snake Eyes has made a constant effort to point this out to his allies. Batman has done a lot of help clearing out potential misunderstandings.
  • Has been butting heads with the mercenary Deathstroke lately. Some believe he has been hired by Cobra to cut down their new enemy. Slade himself considers Snake Eyes a worthy opponent, as their battles have so far ended in a stalemate.
  • Starscream thought taking on the ninja would be child's play. Snake Eyes quickly reminded him that messing with ninjas is a bad idea, no matter the size difference. That has earned the hatred of all Decepticon gods. On the other hand, Optimus Prime and the other Autobot gods regard him as a valuable asset. It helps that the two were created by the same company.
  • Is one of the few people who can work along with the ninja Taki without gawking at her outfit, probably because he already is under a romantic relationship with the redhead mortal Scarlet.
  • Is one of the few ninja gods who doesn't care all that much about pirates. Some say it's due to giving fellow Joe Shipwreck his respects. Such rumors were rebuked when it was discovered he was actually a Navy Seal.
  • There was a time where Cobra successfully brainwashed him to work for them. It took a Heel–Face Turn from his rival Storm Shadow to snap him out of it. The less there is to be said about that the better.
  • Is one of the few G.I. Joe gods that do not hate his movie counterpart. It's hard to see how he could given the accurate portrayal and his various badass scenes in those films.
    • The only thing Snake Eyes dislikes is how his actor ensures a connection with Darth Maul. Many deities are trying to get the ninja an energy katana to enable a sword fight between both, if only for how awesome it would be!


    The Pink Panther 
The Pink Panther, God of Silent Snarkers
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The "Pink Panther" Diamond
  • Theme Song: His iconic song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Manly Pinkness, Cool Panthers, Silent Snarkers, Getting Voiced One-Time, Multi-Talented, Occasional Butt Monkeys, Ordinary Badasses, Episodes in Pink
  • Domains: Pink, Panthers, Cartoons, Comedy
  • Heralds: Pinky and Panky (his sons)
  • Allies: Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Dan Hibiki, Amane Nishiki, Homer Simpson, Eugene Gallardo, Francesca Lucchini, Kirby, Epic Sax Guy
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star
  • Enemies: GUAE Trollkaiger, Majin Buu
  • Pink is a color mostly associated with women. However, it's possible for men to have a liking for the color. In the case of the Pink Panther...well, that's because he is pink. It also applies to a lot of the things he's done in his career.
  • Back then, he ascended as Majin Buu's good counterpart. Since then, the Court of the Gods has removed Real Men Wear Pink from the villain, effectively making the cartoon character the sole holder of the trope. Buu is not happy at all with this development.
  • He's a guy... and he's clad in pink. Considers that not all men who wear the color usually associated with the women as fabulously gay or straight metrosexuals.
    • Ironically, he gets well along with Amane Nishiki. However, there are moments that he gets infaurated by Amane's antics.
  • He, along with Tom and Jerry, are the sole MGM representatives of Toontown in the Pantheon. This is mainly for the fact that usually, most of the Toon deities are either from the universes of Looney Tunes, Disney Toons, Cartoon Cartoons and Nicktoons.
  • He usually doesn't talk. Whenever he does talk though, some have noticed that he has an American accent.
    • The panther had a British accent the very few times he did initially talk, so no one knows what is up with the change in accent.
  • Made a pitch to the House of Food to promote a drink known as Pink Punch. It didn't work as well as he hoped for.
    • He actually did a little better when it came to selling corn flakes.
  • He has found good company with fellow panthers Eugene Gallardo and Francesca Lucchini (even though the latter takes on elements of one under circumstances). The Pink Panther is admittedly wondering how Francesca is able to sleep in weird places and not get disturbed (for comparison, he got disturbed by an alley cat while trying to sleep one time).
  • Became a target of Trollkaiger's antics. Such spats usually end with the Panther humiliated or the group getting outwitted.
  • Surprisingly enough, the panther is rather successful in promoting fiberglass wool. Some deities have been using these kinds of products during temple construction for newly ascended gods.
  • Both the panther and the diamond have the same name. Some thieves in the Pantheon confused him for the actual diamond once before leaving him alone, though some have tried to break into a safe that he owns (and somehow has locks that can be changed).
  • More than a few people are surprised to hear The Pink Panther is a father. His sons, Pinky and Panky serves as their father's heralds. Pinky gets along with everyone while Panky just follows his older brother
  • "Thiiiink Pink!'"


Retsuko, Goddess of Cathartic Screams (Calendar, Retsy, Aggretsuko)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her angry face
  • Theme Song: Aggretsuko; Aggressive Girl (Japanese)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with dips into True Neutral when angry
  • Portfolio: Beneath the Mask, Singing Voice Dissonance, Beware the Nice Ones, The Cutie, Boss's Unfavorite Employee, Rage Breaking Point, Metal Scream, Soul-Crushing Desk Job, Single Woman Seeks Good Man, Meaningful Name
  • Domains: Profession, Anger, Singing
  • Heralds: Haida (her husband), Fenneko, Gori, Washimi
  • Allies: Isabelle, Wii Fit Trainer, Mima Kirigoe, Corey Taylor, Stanley
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Napoleon, Dawn Bellwether
  • Frustrated with: Bill Lumbergh, Mr. Krabs, Michael Scott, Beavis & Butt-Head
  • Foil to: Bill Foster, Squidward Tentacles
  • Wary of: Dethklok, Mayhem
  • Retsuko is a young adult red panda working an office job that has her putting up with an irritating boss and annoying co-workers. The most she can do during this time is suppress her rage and when it gets bad enough, she turns to heavy metal to vent it all out, unleashing a deep scream in the process. Her life is very hectic in general as she juggles between hanging out with some friends off-hours, putting up with work as much as she can, and confronting a multitude of personal troubles head-on, regardless of whether she can handle all of this or not. Some issues outside of anger that she’s confronted include having trouble finding love, learning that being a popular celebrity isn’t all that fun, and running for public office despite having no political experience beforehand.
  • Life and work continued on like usual for Retsuko, until she managed to find an ad during work promising a vacation from a company she never heard of after taking a survey. She was a bit skeptical about the offer given the circumstances, but she was very much hopeful that there would be something to provide an escape from her problems. A few days had gone by and she didn’t get a response from the offer and she was getting ready to let out her anger in private moments before she got an email saying that she earned a vacation to a place known as the “Pantheon”. Retsuko then began to read up on this place and ended up getting overwhelmed by the massive scale of what’s being described. By the time she got to the part about her location (and others by extension) being connected to the “Pantheon”, she was exhausted from reading it. She gradually processed what was happening and even with everything happening, she opted to make the best out of her situation even if things get much more stressful for her.
  • While Retsuko was correct to assume that heavy metal music was a significant part of the Pantheon given how many performers focus on that genre or are simply fans of it, she didn’t expect to see how varied things are in both regards. Some metal bands such as Mayhem and Dethklok had songs focused on extremely dark subject matter and their members being unhinged in varying ways didn’t help. As much as metal music is Retsuko’s preferred way of dealing with problems, the darkness that is prevalent in both Mayhem and Dethklok meant that she wouldn’t want to get too involved with their music to the point that their influence would end up corrupting her into hurting her coworkers and friends. Retsuko has preferred to be with more stable metal performers such as Metallica and Megadeth as well as hanging out with other metalheads who are similarly friendly after Beavis and Butt-Head proved to be a little too much for her to put up with when trying to talk about heavy metal with them. Noted metal vocalist Corey Taylor was surprised that someone as unassuming as Retsuko can belt out some strong metal screams, but like most other affable metalheads and performers, he’s not complaining about it especially given Retsuko’s circumstances and the fact that Corey’s been through some rough spots of his own.
  • Isabelle was more than fascinated with Retsuko and how she’s managed to get through working at less-than-ideal conditions and the various challenges life threw at the red panda. Despite Isabelle being prone to being clumsy at times, she remained diligent in getting work done and Retsuko managed to find someone she can talk to outside her company frequently. Hearing about Retsuko venting her anger through heavy metal surprised Isabelle who initially assumed that a cute animal like Retsuko wouldn’t approach that genre in any capacity, but given the hardships that Retsuko endured, she understood why Retsuko needed such an outlet. Not only has Isabelle offered Retsuko her support if the latter’s work starts to get more hectic than usual, but Retsuko is willing to help Isabelle with some of her projects in case the Villager that helps the shih tzu is busy with other matters.
  • Retsuko’s boss at work is Ton, a pig with a short temper who has a low opinion of her, though he has shown a couple of times to help her if things are serious enough from her perspective. One pig in the Pantheon that Retsuko was dismayed to learn about was Napoleon, a self-serving tyrant who believes in animal supremacy while being a hypocrite in some regard. She saw Napoleon as the worst of Ton amplified into a monster and clearly wants nothing to do with him. Napoleon saw Retsuko’s job at a large company (or at least the idea of animals running a business) as something to keep in mind, though not necessarily something to put into a plan yet.
  • While things between Retsuko and Ton can get dicey depending on what’s happening, there were a plethora of workplace bosses in the Pantheon that Retsuko had her own opinions towards. Some bosses such as Mr. Burns showcased over-the-top cruelty towards their employees and even if he isn’t the worst of those callous figures, Retsuko is more than prepared to unleash a metal-tinged rant about them if a meeting were to happen that would likely go poorly for her. Such musical spiels would likely also happen following potential meetings with additional bosses such as Bill Lumbergh and Mr. Krabs that have shown questionable business ethics that would test her tolerability towards them. Even well-meaning bosses like Michael Scott were prone to slipping up thanks to having a hand in causing workplace antics and his moments of being insensitive towards others isn’t going to endear him to Retsuko even if she thinks he’s nowhere near as bad as some of the other workplace bosses.
  • Yoga classes have been something Retsuko has taken up with her friends Washimi and Gori. Within the Pantheon, Retsuko hasn’t done yoga to the same extent she did back then, but still found time for it through fitness classes held by Wii Fit Trainer. There were a lot more types of exercise that Retsuko discovered through these trainers, with the red panda initially struggling to keep up with such varied and intense exercises. Even after being able to nearly keep up with it, Retsuko learned that Wii Fit Trainer was able to apply their exercise regimen in direct combat through Smash tournaments and Retsuko conceded that it would be very difficult for her to apply the trainers’ combat skills into whatever self-defense she uses.
  • Having a desk job with odd coworkers and a boss that tests her patience isn’t the best place for someone like Retsuko to be in, but there have been a few moments such as uncovering corruption within their company and her attempt at running for office in Japan that they were able to work well with Retsuko. As the red panda learned after seeing some other disgruntled job workers in the Pantheon, things could have been a lot worse. Bill Foster suffered from unemployment and went down a path of violence as he noticed just how messed up the world was around him, something that unnerved Retsuko as even with how society is treating her, she would never directly try to harm anyone around her. Despite being far less violent than Foster and having an actual job, Squidward Tentacles is none too pleased with many things around him and while Retsuko has tried to talk to him in order to make things better, Squidward believes that things have gone far too south for him for anything to be better.
    • Although Retsuko is generally understanding towards the problems that Foster and Squidward went through despite their notable issues, it was much more difficult for Retsuko to have sympathy for Dawn Bellwether. Having put up with being an abused assistant mayor, Bellwether set up an elaborate conspiracy to incite anti-predator sentiment in a move that Retsuko simply couldn’t accept given how she worked with and is friends with a lot of different animals. With how Retsuko garnered a fanbase through her heavy metal rants and how she used them in her attempt at running for office, Bellwether believes that Retsuko could have been much more if she didn’t make a lot of questionable life decisions that made her susceptible to being abused repeatedly. That Bellwether is more than willing to target Retsuko’s friends and coworkers to fulfill her own goals only added to the red panda’s animosity towards the sheep.
  • While Stanley isn’t a disillusioned office worker, the stories of what could potentially happen to him was a lot to take in for Retsuko. Stanley was left alone in a building with no one but a narrator looking over his actions and given some of Retsuko’s problems, having to act out what Stanley went through was terrifying even without a voiceover involved. As Stanley was something of a blank slate when it came to personality regardless of whether or not he follows what his narrator is saying, Retsuko was sympathetic to his plight and is willing to help him find true happiness. Whether or not Stanley’s narrator agrees with what Retsuko deems as true happiness is another issue entirely.
  • One notable side gig Retsuko took up was being a member of struggling underground idol group OTMGirls when she needed to repay the debt incurred after accidentally bumping into the van of manager Hyodo. Her involvement helped the group find success and while she had to quit the group after nearly being killed by a stalker that hated her being part of OTMGirls, Retsuko remained friends with the group to the point that they helped her with some later problems she was faced with, including providing support for her attempt at a political career. There were many idol singers that Retsuko learned about in the Pantheon and while most of them didn’t have it nearly as bad as OTMGirls when it came to finding success, she learned how Mima Kirigoe dealt with plenty of psychological trauma in trying to move away from idol music to becoming an actress. With how much Retsuko had to deal with, Mima found it odd that Retsuko has been able to keep herself in check, but given how the red panda (and the rest of OTMGirls by extension) had taken precautions to prevent such an incident from happening again, Mima accepted Retsuko as a friend and the red panda is willing to help Mima overcome any remaining doubts she has about herself.
  • Despite lacking any prior political experience, Retsuko ended up being a candidate for public office in the Japanese elections and secured a strong voter base who liked her heavy metal rants about life’s problems despite not winning in the end. Going up against Haida’s more successful brother Jiro, this election ended up being a conflict between Japan’s traditional values and the more progressive mindset of the country’s younger citizens, with Jiro breaking away from the wishes of Haida’s bigoted and ruthless father Juzo. Retsuko doesn’t have any interest in revisiting politics during her time in the Pantheon, especially since there are more qualified politicians who are willing to act in the best interest of the people when it comes to tackling various issues. Given how someone attempted to harm Haida to try and scare Retsuko out of the political race, she can’t imagine how much worse it would be for herself and her friends if she went up against politicians such as Frank Underwood that are just as morally bankrupt, if not more so, as Juzo.
  • Retsuko had a tumultuous love life that had her going through a couple of potential suitors before settling down with Haida. One was Reasuke, who was described as being generic and his inability to understand others played a role in Retsuko breaking up with him. While Reasuke more or less disappeared from Retsuko’s life since then, Tadano, a tech mogul donkey who acts more like a slacker and was unwilling to marry her, remained supportive of Retsuko despite being exes. Haida’s not without his flaws as Retsuko can attest to, but hearing about some of the other love stories in the Pantheon that involved plenty of questionable individuals that were entitled, psychopathic, or some combination of unsavory traits, was something that Retsuko felt unnerved by, especially if she ended up in a different path that involved looking for a different suitor should Haida not work out in the end. Ultimately, Haida's willingness to still stand by her side during her political campaign, even after a truck ran into him, made Retsuko realize their love for each other was genuine. Which lead to the both of them quickly signing a marriage certificate, permanently cementing their relationship.