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Greater Gods

Nebby, Divine Wormhole Walker (Cosmog: The Nebula Pokémon, Child of the Stars; Cosmoem: The Protostar Pokémon, Cosmovum; Solgaleo: The Sunne Pokémon, The Beast That Devours The Sun; Lunala: The Moone Pokémon, The Beast That Calls The Moon)
Nebby as Solgaleo and Lunala respectively under a sunny/night background
Nebby's original form
  • Greater Deity, Quasideity as Cosmog and Cosmoem (was capable of briefly becoming a Lesser Deity in emergency situations)
  • Symbol: An orange, stylised sun as Solgaleo, a blue, stylised crescent moon as Lunala
  • Theme Songs: Battle! (Solgaleo / Lunala / Necrozma), Cosmog's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Gender: Genderless (considered male as a Solgaleo, and female as a Lunala)
  • Ability: Full Metal Body (Solgaleo) or Shadow Shield (Lunala). Used to have Unaware and Sturdy as a Cosmog and Cosmoem respectively
  • Moveset:
    • Pre-evolved moveset: Splash, Teleport (Cosmog), Cosmic Power (Cosmoem)
    • As Solgaleo: Sunsteel Strike, Zen Headbutt, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun
    • As Lunala: Moongeist Beam, Calm Mind, Psyshock, Moonblast
    • Z-Move: Searing Sunraze Smash (as Solgaleo), Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom (as Lunala)
  • Portfolio: Thinking Up Ultra Wormholes, Celestial Body, Curious as a Monkey, having a habit of escaping from bags, Mind over Matter, Being an evolving Legendary Pokémon
  • Domains: Time and Space, Beasts, Nature, Otherness, Personal Appearance, Shape, Travel
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Blacephalon and the Ultra Beasts, Team Rainbow Rocket (especially Ghetsis), Hunter J, Ragyo Kiruyin, Father(FMA), The Unbidden, The Bringers Of Everlasting Night, those who would abuse its power
  • Wary of: The House of Otherness Abominations, Rick Sanchez, Shinyru (in general), the House of Ghosts (as Lunala, oddly enough)
  • Nebby's appearance in the Pantheon was rather dramatic, marked by the appearance of an ethereal, dark blue wormhole from which it emerged before immediately falling down unconscious. With few knowing who or what this strange new being was, it was fortunate that word immediately reached Professor Kukui who had experience with Nebby and was able to care for it. By the time that it had recovered from the strain of summoning the Ultra Wormhole, it was decided that such a display made it worthy of ascension for the trope associated with its power. Nebby floats around the Pantheon and brightens up people's day with its antics.
  • The Doctor likes Nebby a lot for the creature's playfulness. The TARDIS normally can't travel into other universes and Nebby can't time travel, so combined and with Time Lord science to enhance its stamina the two had adventures across the multiverse. Aurelion Sol thinks that the Child of the Stars is adorable, and has shown it more of the beauty of the universe.
  • Nebby has something of an affinity with Solrock and Lunatone, both as a having a physical resemblance to a given cosmic phenomenon (nebulae) and, perhaps more overtly, being a far more powerful manifestation of the solar and lunar power that the two Pokémon possess as Solgaleo or Lunala. Solrock and Lunatone look up to Nebby for the latter reason and get very excited when it is around.
  • Once raised by Lillie, she let Nebby be free to give it the freedom and adventure she as a non-trainer could not give it. Nebby deeply misses Lillie and hopes to see her join the Trope Pantheon one day. Ultimately the Greek Gods of the sun and moon offered Nebby a light in its adventure as a partner, being that Solgaleo and Lunala are the emissaries of the sun and moon respectively. A partnernship with the two was natural, but who is their partner varies on Nebby's status. Helios is the partner when Nebby is Solgaleo, Selene is the partner when Nebby is Lunala.
  • Many in the Pantheon have pointed out Nebby's resemblance to the Animal Mecha Liger Zero as Solgaleo. Bit Cloud has declared that the Legendary Pokémon would be a Worthy Opponent to the two of them (despite Solgaleo being a good deal smaller) and suggested that they have a battle at some point. The results remain to be seen. As a Solgaleo, Nebby is the emissary of the sun and champion of all solar deities and a hero to those who support the sun's continued presence. As Pinbacker and the Grand Duke of Owls loathe the sun, they loathe Nebby as a Solgaleo.
  • Lunala is the emissary of the moon and champion of all the lunar deities. Nebby does not take kindly towards Dr Eggman's act of destroying half the moon, or Nightmare Moon being a malevolent representative of the moon.
  • Nebby has or, at least, the members of its species have a long and somewhat rocky history with Alola's Guardian Deities. What is clear is that that relationship is now one of trust and friendship - as far as the Tapus can be trusting and friendly, that is - and that the Tapus are more than willing to come to the Nebula Pokémon's aid when it is threatned or stand at Solgaleo or Lunala's side on the battlefield. This relationship is similar to the one it has with Zygarde, the latter having come to Alola to defend it from some oncoming threat...that threat seemingly being the Ultra Beasts, fellow creatures of Nebby's native plane, Ultra Space. As Solgaleo or Lunala - nobody is sure - Nebby stood against them when they came to Alola to wreak havoc upon it. The eldritch beings and Nebby remain on poor terms in the Pantheon.
  • Because of Nebby's opposition to the Ultra Beasts, it naturally has no love for Ragyo Kiryuin who reminds Nebby of the worst of Lusamine and the Ultra Beasts. It also keeps a close eye out for the House of Abominations since it's filled with eldritch abominations. As a Lunala, Nebby has increased fear of ghosts due to its 4x weakness as a Psychic/Ghost-type. The irony that Lunala is a ghost hasn't crossed Nebby's mind yet.
  • In some universes, not only did the Ultra Beasts appear but also a shadowy being called Necrozma who ate light, the latter immediately possessing Nebby in its final evolutionary stage in an effort to feed. As it turns out, Necrozma had originally been a magnificent light-bound dragon whose true form had been stolen from it and was driven to the possession by enraged desperation. As a result, Nebby appears to have accepted it - so says Kukui, at least - though some who experienced possession themselves have expressed some concern that it is being subjugated outright.
  • Nebby's wormhole summoning ability have proven capable of long-distance and cross-dimensional travel, something which has naturally intrigued the USS Enterprise's crew given their mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. Unfortunately, said ability exhausts the poor Nebby, potentially critically, which forestalled their plans until they were informed that Solgaleo and Lunala had no such limitations. In either of these forms, Nebby has seemed happy enough to take them through Ultra Space to observe the many bizarre worlds within.
    • Spock has reported that Nebby as a Cosmog is two orders of magnitude cuter than the average cat.
  • Some people have wondered why Solgaleo is a Steel type despite representing the sun. This is due in part to alchemical influences, specifically the alchemical lion devouring the sun. There is some speculation on Lunala's potential alchemical origins. Father of the Homunculi is very interested in this, mainly because he wants to use Nebby's wormhole powers and potential alchemy combined to obtain and contain the power of God. The Elric brothers helped Nebby avoid capture.
  • Has found many new and strange realities traversing the House of Other Dimensions, far more capable here than in its native cosmos. Some of which scare Nebby. The legendary had a particularly traumatic stay in the Unbidden's realm of hyperspace, which it still refuses to talk about. Rick Sanchez considers Nebby an amateur in the field of interdimensional travel, which just annoys the Pokémon.
  • Has some sort of hatred for bags, and has declared that none can hold it. Especially now that it is an 11 or 13 foot legendary. Somehow it could be contained as a Cosmoem despite weighing almost a literal ton and having a completely ludicrous density. Helping its case though is the fact that it's floating, so…
  • "Pew!"

Sirius, God of Black Holes
  • Greater God (at least when it comes to himself)
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Theme Music: Black Hole Server
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Holes With Electromagnetic Waves And Storing All Sucked-In Things, Bringing EM-Beings Back to Life, Energy Being, Faux Affably Evil Manchild, Galactic Conqueror, Physical God, Frickin' Laser Beams, Lack of Empathy, Eyes Always Shut, Light Is Not Good, Our Angels Are Different, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Black Holes, Manchildren, Light, Lasers
  • Allies: He doesn't really consider anyone being an "ally". Just "playthings". Though he does look at The Neuroi with glee.
  • Enemies: Geo Stelar, Solo, Brainiac, Superman, other Galactic Conquerors in general
  • Rivals: Evolto
  • Worthy Opponent: Shou Toramaru
  • The Black Hole Server is a large black hole which can travel and appear in space. Not only does it have electromagnetic waves in it, but the things it suck are kept safe in a sense. However, there is only one being who can truly access Black Hole Server's true power: Sirius, who mainly uses this to essentially play toy soldiers for his amusement.
  • Understandably, good portion of the gods are afraid of this guy. However, Sirius has promised that he has no intention to suck the Pantheon into the Black Hole Server; he finds the eternal conflict in the Pantheon too amusing to watch, and thinks that he couldn't recreate them. However, if he gets too bored...
  • He rarely exists Black Hole Server, instead re-creating EM-Beings to send into the Pantheon for them to investigate about the latest events.
    • The very few times he leaves his realm is when he wants to test the deities in the Pantheon. One particular deity he likes to play with is Shou Toramaru due of their preferred way of attacking. He also likes to dispose of various Neurois, but he actually likes those things. So much that he has all the intention to let them feast on the Pantheon as much as they like until they decide they have feasted enough. He doesn't need the whole planet or anything like that.
  • Brainiac hates this brat. Where he can find some similarities on him, he thinks that he is wasting so much useful knowledge he could use. This also makes him enemies with Superman, especially since Sirius destroyed (well, finish it off) Planet AM, the planet where Omega-Xiz came from, like how Brainiac destroyed Krypton.
    • Darkseid and Thanos, heck, Galactic Conquerors in general, hate this child for the fact that he can conquer entire planets, yet is too childish to actually use them for anything beneficial. They are keeping their eyes on him just to be sure.
  • Like Shu before, he doesn't have control over the Black Hole. Where Sirius finds the team-ups between the different Precure teams entertaining, he feels disappointing that none of the villains team up to compensate for that. He wishes to see a great war between the Precure heroines and villains, even if he has to suck everyone he needs into the Black Hole Server.
    • However, he does wonder if uniting all of the Precure villains together would actually be interesting. If the Pantheon proper only hosts one Precure villain, he wonders if every villain are jus that unremarkable to really create anything interesting.
  • After the failure what was controlling Apollo Flame, he seems to be searching for a new main "herald" of sort. He seems to have his eyes on Utsuho Reiuji.
  • He is a highly-sought by Grand United Alliance of Destruction due of how potentially dangerous he can be. However, he himself has no interest of joining them, as he doesn't see himself as a great destroyer, just as a collector for his own interest.
    • Some other gods outside of GUAD like Exdeath and Shinryu have interest in him as well, but he hasn't commented on it as of yet.

    The Doctor's TARDIS 
The Doctor's Type 40 TARDIS, Goddess of Dimensional Transcendence (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, Blue Box, Idris, Sexy, Old Girl, The Ghost Monument)
Click here  for her as Idris
  • Greater Goddess (can create Overdeities)
  • Symbol: The Eye of Harmony
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: The Alleged Car, Living Space-Time Ship, Bigger on the Inside, Euclid Is For Losers, Perception Filter, Translator Microbes, Sentient Vehicles, "Married" To The Doctor, Bond Creature, Super-Dimensional Perspective, Robo Ship, Stuck In A Police Box Form, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Eldritch Abomination, Most Wonderful Sound
  • Domains: Time and Space, Travel, Shapeshifting, Dimensions, Machines, Blue
  • Married to: The Doctor
  • Allies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Jack Harkness
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Paradox people
  • Perhaps the greatest time machine in the multiverse, and the pride of the Time Lords is the TARDIS. An acronym for "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space", it is capable of travelling almost anywhere in the space-time continuum and able to be Bigger on the Inside. Very big-its true weight would break through the Earth, and may be as or more roomier than a planet. However, it is the Type 40, Mark 3 TARDIS that the Doctor pilots who is the most well known, the most adventurous, and in the pantheon's eyes the best fit to represent the trope. To put it another way, while there might be many TARDISes, there is only one which is The TARDIS.
    • Doesn't have a name per-say, but she does go by Blue Box, Old Girl or Idris. She is also called Sexy, but only in private with the Doctor.
  • She was initially in the House of Treasures, however she wanted to be an actual god; after all, she has a mind and will of her own. Her path to godhood was considered upon "The Doctor's Wife", where she was displaced in a human body and finally got to talk to the Doctor. It was revealed that she allowed the Doctor to steal her in order to venture the universe, and has been as much a hero as the Doctor, always bringing him where he needed to go. Eventually they gave permission for her ascension thanks to the works of the ascended Doctor Who deities.
    • Gaea is absolutely gratful towards the TARDIS, since she and the Doctor have saved her more times than they can count.
  • Her "temple" isn't so much a temple as it is an empty room, since she is a place in of itself. She is locked off from evil time travelers who may try to exploit her time travel abilities or use her to hold a paradox together within herself, though this hasn't stopped Dark Danny and Doctor Eggman from trying to barge in.
  • Despite being somewhat unreliable, her ability to travel just about anywhere/when and massive interior made the TARDIS an extremely valued asset to the GUAG. Malcom Reynolds in particular has found it done wonders for his big damn heroism. To try and counter this, Melkor has ordered the Master to get his own TARDIS(also known as Melkur).
  • She is more or less married to the Doctor, being his one constant companion. Yes, this is despite being a machine. She approves of robots finding love, such as the Robo Ship holders of Wall-E and Eve. It's an open marriage, as she has no issue with all the subtext with his companions. Plus she ended up having a child with Amy and Rory...sort of . Some snarky gods believe the Master cannibalized her into a Paradox Machine in part because he wanted the Doctor to himself.
  • Although the standard TARDISes are capable of altering their outer appearances to blend flawlessly into their surroundings, this TARDIS is unique in that it's outer shell is permanently locked into the form of a blue police telephone call box as could be found in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s. Although the Doctor has on occasion managed to overcome this and temporarily change the outer shell, the TARDIS will normally revert to this setting very quickly.
  • Though the most well known phone booth, Bill and Ted have their own phone booth time machine that may have been made with the TARDIS in mind. Sometimes the Doctor invites them over to hang out with historical figures.
  • SKYNET had a devious smile from ear to ear upon learning that the Doctor's TARDIS was a god in the pantheon. Along with SHODAN and XANA, the AI sought to take the TARDIS' body for itself. The three squabbled over it, however SKYNET out-virtual muscled them and starting trying to hijack her. Apparently he did not know that House tried the same trick, and SKYNET screamed in agony, fleeing in desperation through a Wi-fi connection.
  • Due to her nature as a dimensionally transcendent living machine, the Doctor's TARDIS has a different perspective on time. This Time Dissonance may be in part why she hasn't been able to say much. It is something that some gods can understand, like Doctor Manhatten and her fellow "time-friends" Clockwork and Chronos. As can Yog-Sothoth, however she really doesn't like the Outer God for the shit it pulled as the Great Intelligence.
  • It is possible to detonate the TARDIS, but this is a terrible idea as it'll create cracks in space-time and eventually un-do all of time. The Silence made the mistake of believing it'd just blow up. The Court of the Gods has declared this knowledge to remain secret from all gods who belong to the GUAD, for obvious reasons.
  • She once mistook Ms Frizzle's bus for being some sort of prototype TARDIS, but was proven wrong. The two still get along, due to their love of adventure. She also gets along with Nyarko as they're both manic pixie dream girls.
  • Much like the Doctor, she's somewhat prejudiced against those that don't make sense.

Intermediate Gods

    Mr. Game & Watch 
Mr. Game & Watch, Avatar of Hammerspace (Master of Two Dimensions, Number 26, Mr. G&W, The secret guy)
  • Intermediate God.
  • Symbol: Mr. Game & Watch himself. Alternatively, his bell.
  • Theme Song: Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hammerspace, Use of everything From Torches to Turtles to Fish to Buckets of Oil and Everything In Between, Flat Characters (literally), Secret Characters, Hyperspace Mallets
  • Domains: Darkness (he is monochrome, after all), the 2-D realm
  • Allies: All ascended deities who were born in 2-D gaming, most famously Mario, Link, and Samus, Pac-Man, 9-volt and 18-volt, Cranky Kong, Henry Stickmin, Bendy
  • Enemies: Tabuu, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposed by: Symmetra
  • Before Mario, Donkey Kong, but just after Nintendo’s career of creating playing cards, there was Mr Game And Watch. A standard jack of all trades, appearing on handheld games tasked to do various tasks to increase points. One of the very first games of all time, it was only a matter of time before he finally officially ascended, the question is for what? Upon seeing how he keeps spawning items to use in battle from his body for Master Hand’s Tournaments, it was decided to give him the title of Hammerspace.
  • Mr. Game & Watch spends much of his time trying to catch up to Tabuu and get his revenge for Tabuu making him the worst boss ever.
    • While he did get angry at Galeem and Dharkon for ascending for what they did before, he does admit he was happy to find somebody take control of Tabuu. He now just hopes to set up a situation where he can force Tabuu to take part in a agonizing fight against several spirits.
  • Likes to show off his pandimensional Mismatched Sock Collection, made up of every sock in all of time and space that has ever been lost in the wash. Most are either indifferent or confused.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT mess with this guy. Besides being able to wield all Hyperspace Mallets and control all robotic implements that are too big to fit into a robot's body, he also has many, many, favors from Mario, Link, Sonic, Pit, all who gained their greatness in Nintendo, Deadpool, (G&W taught Deadpool a number of fourth wall weaknesses), and Solid Snake. You have been warned. If you don't want in over your head, and just want to see Spongebob vs. Deadpool, you can ask him.
  • It's possible that if he really wanted to, Game & Watch could cash in all his favors, battle Batman for the title of God of Preparations, and win, proving himself one of the most powerful beings under the Main House.
  • Mr. Game & Watch is looked up to by the CPU Candidates because they also represent handheld gaming, seeing him as the father of not only gaming, but handheld gaming.
  • In a mutual respecting relationship, 9-volt and 18-volt are both fanboys of him, and he in return absolutely adores the idea of them using his games along with other older deities for his microgames. It's possible that the three of them may have been the reason Pit may have gotten a third adventure, as well as his inclusion in the third smash game. As such, Mr Game & Watch often tasks the duo to make microgames based on any old Nintendo IP in hopes of increasing awareness of them.
  • Due to being in 2 dimensions, he can only be seen when looking directly at his side. If you look right down in front of him, he appears as a thin piece of black paper. This allows him to hide in cracks or even just be Hidden in Plain Sight. He has been compiling a list of various deities secrets, possibly to rack up even MORE favors from deities.
    • During one of his times hiding, he accidentally bumped into another stick figure; Henry Stickmin. On both of their ends, they’re happy to find out they’re not the only stick people in the Pantheon and have engaged in multiple hide and seek games to hone in their stealth. The longest streak was 4 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds when Henry found Mr Game & Watch posing on a roadside advertisement for a DJ Grooves movie being replaced by the Conductor in his team stapling their own advertisement on top of him. He ended up forcing him out of the stapled on advertisement and onto Henry.
  • He ended up crossing paths with Bendy within the Dancing Devil's own ink studio. After finding a mutual love for bell ringing, the two have started to accompany many a bands and Christmas carolers to join in on their tunes with their bells. Although, some deities will easily get annoyed and two them to shut up.
  • Due to a certain...accident involving a move from Smash Bros, he has been accused of being racist and as such, has been scrutinized by Indian deities, like Symmetra.
  • For the record, it's spelled Game & Watch. Not Game and Watch. Game & Watch.

    Kat (Gravity Rush
Kat, Goddess of Gravity (Kitten, Gravity Queen, The Shifter, Sea Cat, Queen Alua)

Lesser Gods

    "Mr. Deeds" 
Mr. Deeds, God of Butlerspace
Fan-art by DanTemirov
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: SCP-662, the bell that summons him
  • Alignment: True Neutral, or whatever the ringer of his bell needs him to be.
  • Portfolio: Basically A Genie in a Bottle, Benevolent Genie, Absolute Loyalty To Whoever Rings The Bell, Will Even Kill People If Asked, Needs To Be Unobserved To Do Deliveries, No Explanation To How He Does What He Does, Always Comes Back Okay When Killed
  • Domain(s): Bells, Butlers
  • Followers: The Devil King's Butler, Eirote, Hagiyoshi, Discworld Igors, James MacGuiness
  • Allies: Whoever summons him
  • Enemies: Whoever he kills
  • Awareness of Mr. Deeds became known during an experiment where he was tasked with performing something that inadvertently required him to be present in the Pantheon proper. An investigation eventually led to the Foundation and to SCP-662. His explicit abilities made him the perfect fit for Butlerspace, as he's a servant who explicitly appears out of nowhere when needed.
    • However, there came a few legal issues. Namely the fact that for the first time in the Pantheon, it's not an SCP of the Foundation that's being ascended (or an employee or a rival organization), but rather a byproduct of one. Also, given the nature of Mr. Deeds, tests had to be made to determine whether or not a location in the sight of an omniscient entity who can see everything everywhere counts as being observed; it's not, as long as where Mr. Deeds will "spawn" is not focused on, otherwise the bell would not have worked at all since the Foundation's ascension to the Pantheon.
  • Arrangements had to be made for his temple to ensure that there is at least one completely unobservable enclosure to guarantee Mr. Deeds's manifestation. At present, SCP-662, which is how Mr. Deeds is summoned, is kept in its red velvet lined case and stored in a High Value Storage locker in the temple when not being utilized for testing or other appropriate activities. Like SCP-261, Foundation staff are on guard to ensure nobody absconds with the bell when used. They're also there to perform regular polishing to avoid tarnish.
  • For the record, Mr. Deeds is a short well-dressed Caucasian butler of self-proclaimed British heritage.
  • Due to the strange nature of the House of Time and Temporality, the temple is solely located at the House of Leadership, though there is a door at the former that takes traverses straight here.
  • Mr. Deeds is summoned when SCP-662 is rung, and always addresses the ringer of the bell by their appropriate title and last name (e.g. Mr. Mertens, Ms. Drevis, Mrs. Simpson, Shimada-san, Agent Carter, Dr. Jones, Colonel Sanders, President Washington, Lady Hakurei, Prince Arcadia), and ask what it is they desire. His knowledge of individuals’ last names and titles is a mystery, as he himself will purport.
    • If the individual is gender-neutral or gender-indeterminate, and holds no royal title or military rank (like King Pendragon (whether it's Artoria or Arthur who summons him) or Commander Shepard), Deeds will use an honorific that matches the commonly perceived gender (or switches between Mr., Ms., or Mrs. between summon periods), along with an apology for his inability to 100 percent determine their gender.
    • If the individual has no surname (such as A2 or Teddie), he will use their single name.
    • If the individual conceivably has a surname that merely isn't known to the public (like Agent G or the Zombieland crew), the surnames he provides will be distorted and unhearable to all except the addressed individual. Said individuals' reactions often vary.
  • Most reasonable requests given to Mr. Deeds will result in satisfaction. However, there are limits to what he can do, such as very complex items like sports cars, luxury homes, or personal jets. If he is allowed to leave line of sight and return, he is able to produce smaller, less complex items such as a ham sandwich, a glass of iced tea, or even more luxurious items like caviar or a brick of gold (though only up to 99.14% purity).
    • So far, he's been able to procure the following in Foundation tests: Nearly any conceivable kind of sandwich (except human flesh), beverages of nearly any kind (except human blood, though pig blood was okay, and served still warm), a hand grenade of modern U.S. Military grade, which performed as expected in testing, the board game Monopoly (Mr. Deeds won on the first playthrough), a bouquet of fresh-picked red roses.
  • Mr. Deeds will also perform menial tasks, such as washing vehicles, preparing food, and cleaning bathrooms. If a request is deemed unreasonable or impossible by the butler, he will kindly tell the ringer so, and offer an alternative if one may be had.
    • Among tasks he's performed in Foundation tests: cleaning of cars, dish washing of a day's worth of meals from a cafeteria, trimming of hair (but it turns out that Mr. Deeds is not in fact a very good barber), washing of laundry (and the clothing was found to "fit better" in the user's estimation), and assassinations (but not if they're too well guarded and entrenched, and could not or would not give further details).
  • Unfortunately, his origins and why he does why he does (or why he can't do certain things) are unknown, even to himself, as far as the Foundation has been able to glean from their methods. All attempts at mind-reading came up with the psychic-mental equivalent of seeing static and color bars like on television.
  • As a manservant, Mr. Deeds drew the attention of folks with similar lines of work and was summoned on separate occasions by Elenore Baker, Sakuya Izayoi, Alfred Pennyworth, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Ayasaki, and Sebastian Michaelis for conversations.

SCP-105, Goddess of Portal Pictures (Iris Thompson, FIELD OPERATIVE SK-107 "Snapshot")
Artistic interpretation from the light novel SCP Foundation: Iris Through the Looking Glass
  • Lesser Goddess with the powers of an Intermediate Goddess (Safe by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: SCP-105-B, her camera
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Portal Picture via Magical Camera, Accused of Killing Her Boyfriend, Nice Girl, Granola Girl, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Chatty On Certain Subjects, Broken Bird, Shell-Shocked Veteran
  • Domain(s): Cameras, Portals
  • Under Watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • Superiors: Dr. Sophia Light (director of Mobile Task Force Alpha-9)
  • Heralds: Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 (as a team leader), SS Agent Andrea S. Adams (her handler and only friend in the Foundation)
  • Allies: SCP-073 (Cain), Miku Hinasaki, Mio and Mayu Amakura, Max Caulfield
  • Enemies: Yoshihiro Kira, the Global Occult Coalition
  • Sometime after tending to SCP-105 yet again, one researcher was sympathetic to her situation and wanted to find a way to get better living conditions. Knowing what happened to the last guy who tried (even if the Foundation removed it from memory), she did this by way of a deity submission form to the Court of the Gods. It would get lost with all the other submission forms before being found a few years later.
    • By the time the Foundation received a notice for that submission form, the events of Resurrection were already in progress. Seeing this as an opportunity, in addition to Iris being transferred to better lodgings in the Pantheon, MTF Alpha-9 now has a "forward base" of sorts as a result.
  • For those not in the know, SCP-105 is a blonde European girl who possesses a Polaroid One Step 600 camera (designated SCP-105-B). What makes her anomalous is that when she holds a picture taken by that camera, the photo changes from a still image to that of a real-time image of the location in question. She's also able to reach through the photograph and manipulate objects within reach of the original point at which the photograph was taken. People witnessing this power report seeing a disembodied ghostly female hand (determined to be SCP-105's) reaching out from an invisible portal and carrying out the actions indicated.
    • There are some limits however; these effects do not occur when the camera or its photos are used by any other person (though it's not known if a photo taken with SCP-105-B by someone else can be used by SCP-105 herself), SCP-105's powers to manipulate objects are highly limited if the photos she's using aren't taken by SCP-105-B, and she can only focus on up to ten photos at a time, though she thinks she could do more eventually. Polaroid film brings the best results, as off-brand film didn't work as well, though it could've been an issue of quality-of-manufacture.
    • How fine-tuned is her power? With a photo of a gun's inner mechanisms, she can remove the firing pin of that gun to keep someone from shooting with it. And she can detonate claymores by hand if she's taken photos of their emplacements.
  • For the record, she was born with the name Iris Thompson, which is what this profile will address her by from this point forward.
  • Iris definitely appreciates her better living conditions and more social freedoms, though she still has armed guards around and a tracking device on her given how her powers can be sought out and exploited (and because of a certain incident, security is increased). For those reasons, Iris doesn't often have her camera with her when she goes out, and it is contained in a locked safe-deposit box deep in her temple, with the same security measures as the High Value Item Storage Facility it used to be in. Standard positive-action defenses (explosive, chemical, biological, and memetic) are in place at all times while SCP-105-B is within containment.
  • That said, portal pictures isn't her only means of self-defense or offense; from her tenure at Mobile Task Force Omega-7 (and her training in Alpha-9), she has plenty of firearms training (including undoing a gun jam mid-fight) and has killed multiple times before. If worse comes to worst, she'll do it again.
    • And we don't just mean handguns and the like. She knows how to operate a sniper rifle and can land headshots on running targets (to be precise, bodies animated by a variant of SCP-008) once per second, ammo permitting.
    • That said, do not ask about her time there in Omega-7; she lost everyone in that Task Force during a mission, and isn't too keen on getting back into the fray. Not to mention the actions of SCP-076-2, the reason behind Omega-7. She fears the day he becomes a Pantheon God. At least the currently ascended Abel is amicable enough.
  • The first to visit her was SCP-073, whom she was acquainted to in her tenure under Omega-7 and they had a warm hug together. Well, as warm a hug as Cain's metal arms would allow.
  • She's gotten acquainted with other users of special cameras such as Miku Hinasaki and Mio Amakura (plus Mio's sister Mayu) with their respective Camera Obscuras. When she tried out the Camera Obscura for herself, it showed that while Iris does have powers, they aren't psychic ones and thus have no effect on ghosts.
    • Another with similar powers as her is Yoshihiro Kira, whose powers unfortunately eclipse hers in scale. That said, given his Stand's weakness, he stays away from her, fearing that if she catches a photo of him via SCP-105-B, he would be entirely at her mercy. He even thinks the Foundation might eventually employ her just for that purpose.
    • Yet another is Elizabeth, who eventually heard of Iris's powers and is intriged by her camera.
    • While her powers aren't tied to her camera, the time-traveler Max hit it off with Iris really well, who wonders if life at Arcadia Bay (were it not for the tornado) could've been her life had her boyfriend not died and the Foundation took her. Given her own powers, Max thinks she would've had a more restrictive time in the Foundation had they captured her, and the Pantheon thankfully keeps them from trying that now.
  • According to SCP-458, her favorite pizza is a small thin crust one with olives and wheat crust.
  • In regards to her time in Mobile Task Force Alpha-9, the Foundation is officially keeping most of its activities classified, and Iris herself is keeping quiet on most matters regarding this, but here are what is known.
    • When asked how she was brought back into the fray, she just said that they'd just convince someone else, possibly even someone younger, or someone with no idea what they're getting into, and she couldn't have that.
    • During one girls night out with Agent Adams and other friends, she discovered that her powers also work through the digital screen of a tablet computer, though she said that pushing through the screen felt like pushing her hand through tightly-packed wet sand and she can scrape herself doing it, and admittedly her powers with it are similarly limited as any non-SCP-105-B camera (though she also admits to having gotten rusty with her powers), but she can see the perks of having such a device that doesn't use film, and has been permitted the personal possession of such a phone, but with its camera function disabled to dissuade any covert naughty business. Other devices will be granted by the Foundation when the need arises.
    • Has a dim opinion on zombies (and clones, and zombie clones) ever since she went along on a mission to contain an evolved instance of SCP-008 that was able to bud its victims like a flatworm does.
    • In her first outing as a squad leader, Iris took part in an extraction mission from a facility belonging to one Dr. Joseph Greenberg. Among other peculiar things she's seen were kittens that were explosive when touched, a magic circle that can transform a man into a shark among other things (probably Joke SCPs), and a ten-year old kid who's immune to Reality Warper powers (which the "good doctor" had). The last one's probably an SCP by now just like her.
    • Had a good talk with Cain once after a mission as Alpha-9's team leader. Prior to that, she interacted with (and discovered) a certain shadowy figure "belonging" to one of the researchers.

    Violetta Mondarev 
Violetta Mondarev, Goddess of Warping Reality "Offscreen"

Captain Viridian, Deity of Gravity As A Gameplay Mechanic
  • Demideity (Lesser Deity in Indie Pogo)
  • Theme Songs: "Pushing Onwards" (or "Positive Force" during daring escape sequences)
  • Symbol: A Shiny Trinket
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Color Character, Optimism, Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence, Being Monochromatic, Gravity Master
  • Domains: Gravity, Wrap Around, Teleporting
  • Followers: Seto, Albiero Imma
  • Heralds: The other members of the D.S.S. Souleye crew (Doctor Violet, Professor Vitellary, Officer Vermilion, Doctor Victoria, Chief Verdigris)
  • Allies: Kat, Mega Man, Robert Capa, Olimar, Ochaco Uraraka/Uravity
  • Enemies: Crow, Seija Kijin
  • Pities: Siebren de Kuiper/Sigma
  • Opposes: Lambdadelta, Pain/Nagato
  • Ascended to the Pantheon by falling up to it.
    • That's what many joke about him saying. The truth is, the D.S.S. Souleye arrived somewhere in the House of Time and Space after the crew saved the dimension they got stuck in thanks to the research they found in the Secret Lab. After that, they tried getting back home, but ended up here. After negotiations, an appearance before the Court of the Gods, and a report of their journey, Viridian was nominated to represent Gravity Screw, due to it being the core mechanic of his whole adventure.
  • Despite being referred to as a "he" around here, no one actually knows whether or not if he's male or female. Officer Vermilion does addresses the Captain as "Sir", but that's likely from military regulations, which would likely require that form of address even if Viridian was a woman.
  • Has trouble navigating certain houses because of bumps of moderate heights, which he must reverse gravity to go over. Inclines make it easier for him to navigate.
  • If Viridian falls out of sight, whether by accident or another god pulling a joke, he respawns hours later back at the "entrance" to the House of Time and Space.
    • However, since Born's ascension evaluating the inconvenience of this, Viridian's respawn has been changed to "seconds after his death" and "at the entrance of any sub-House/Dominion he's in".
  • Has become good friends with Mega Man, who shares the same problem with spikes.
  • While not a Gravity Master herself, he doesn't like Seija Kijin for the times she's reversed his gravity without his volition just for kicks.
  • Kat gets along with Viridian and is often there to help him out by carrying him with her gravity powers whenever he needs to traverse somewhere with multiple elevations.
  • Viridian also sometimes gets aid from telekinetics who have enough power to carry him around. One particular case is Twilight Sparkle, who expresses some interest in the dimension his crew has ended up in.
    • Really, anybody who is courteous enough/has the time to carry him are nice people in his book.
  • Robert Capa and Olimar are other spaceship cruiser captains that Viridian gets along with, and they occasionally talk about their trips both pre- and post-Pantheon.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Shovel Knight, Sash Lilac, Octodad, Dust, Diogenes, and Gunvolt have been invited as well. And to even things out, he's been granted the ability to throw the V spikes that have plagued his adventure. Among many other bonuses.
    • As a result, he's become friends with most of them, and met someone he didn't like in Crow, the final boss of the Arcade Mode, on top of his villainy.