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Greater Gods

    Edward Newgate 
Edward Newgate, God of Surrogate Leaders (Whitebeard, Shirohige, Pops, Old Man, The Strongest Man in the World, The Man Closest To The One Piece, White-kichi, Ward Newgate, Edward Newcart, Halfbeard)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Whitebeard Pirates jolly roger
  • Themes: I'm Whitebeard!, Shirohige no Daikinjo
  • Alignment: True Neutral; Chaotic Good when it comes to his men
  • Portfolio: Papa Wolf, Captain Colorbeard, Cool Old Guy, Tremors, One-Man Army, World's Strongest Man, Benevolent Boss, From Nobody to Nightmare, Good Is Not Soft, Honor Before Reason, Lantern Jaw of Justice, Large and in Charge, Super-Toughness, Walking Shirtless Scene
  • Domains: Quakes, Piracy, Families, Mustaches
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Shanks, Charlotte Linlin, Kaido
  • Enemies: BLACKBEARD, Akainu, Crocodile, Dracule Mihawk, Monkey D. Garp, Donquixote Doflamingo, the Child Abuse Supporters, Ackdos Gill, Grandfather, Father, Cersei Lannister, Ragyo Kiryuin, Sheev Palpatine
  • Pities: Goro Akechi, Malus Darkblade, Flowey
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss
  • Edward Newgate, otherwise popularly known under the epithet of Whitebeard values one thing above all else: The Power of Family. Being born in an impoverished and miserable country, Whitebeard was one of many orphans that littered those places—being quite vulnerable to many dangers that befell on the inhabitants. It was then he made the ultimate choice to become a pirate, killing two birds in one stone by protecting places that needed protecting and forming his own family with the crew members he accumulated with him as their adoptive father. At the same time though, some former crewmates who went their separate ways from him grew equally in territory and power as well. Thus, the Emperor of the Sea was formed with Whitebeard being considered THE most dangerous out of them due to his and his crew's proactiveness. However, time waned the old man which led him to become mostly bedridden while being treated by nurses who wear leopard stockings. His crew's downfall came at his death, using the last of his strength to have his metaphorical children escape as he succumbed to the wounds he sustained in their ill-fated rescue attempt of Ace. Now he has ascended to the Pantheon, making him wonder if he went to hell or something. He was given an explanation on where is and was set to reunite with his kids... but relented upon realizing that simply coming back may make them weaker if he suddenly came back to take charge. As much as it pains him, he knows it is for the best to have them grow themselves. At least he was able to see his dead son again, Ace within the Pantheon. Ace cried and apologized to Whitebeard for giving him so much trouble and their family sacrificing so much for them but all Whitebeard did was hug Ace and told him that it does not matter anymore. Everything is in the past and that they should all look towards the future.
  • Was relatively amused to see various people he knows are in the Pantheon. Monkey D. Luffy earned his respect not just for being one of Ace's Sworn Brothers but also for being extremely determined to save him during their war against the Marines. Jinbei holds Whitebeard especially in high regard as he protected Fishman Island from invaders after declaring it to be part of his territory. Whitebeard was bewildered to see that Buggy the Clown managed to get a respectable position as a Warlord—though at least Buggy does not plan to murder him since Buggy thinks being friends with an Emperor is a good sign. Whitebeard even welcomed seeing his fellow Emperors of the Sea such as Shanks, Charlotte Linlin, and Kaido but does not plan to challenge them for a grab at power (his time has passed now). However, who Whitebeard would want to face no matter who tells him was Blackbeard—one of those he called children now supplanted his previous position as an Emperor. Whitebeard took in a young Marshall D. Teach at his youth, raising him lovingly like any other son and even offered respectable positions to him because Teach earned it. Despite this, Teach betrayed the crew by murdering one of their members for a powerful Devil Fruit to which he consumed, leading to him being exiled. Teach was going to become a Warlord and face his former father figure eventually but Portgas D. Ace trailing him for vengeance ultimately benefitted him in the end as he just simply used Ace as his bargaining chip to become a Warlord. The World Government putting Ace up for execution was their ploy to bring Whitebeard and his crew to them though it was also Blackbeard's benefit to bring Whitebeard to him. When Whitebeard finally fell, Blackbeard did the most shocking thing and stole his Devil Fruit from his corpse and consumed it, resulting in Blackbeard becoming what may be the most dangerous Devil Fruit user for being able to to take others' Devil Fruits. The damage that Whitebeard's children gained had them retreat from their territories, allowing Blackbeard to snatch them for himself. With nobody stopping him, the old man went to Blackbeard's temple and broke through it with his Devil Fruit powers (as Devil Fruits affect users biologically, so he can keep them even if it was taken by Blackbeard) and pointed his weapon at Blackbeard's head. Blackbeard tried excusing himself, saying that is not the Blackbeard that Whitebeard knows even if they share the same name. Whitebeard took a long time thinking in what is the scariest minute ever felt and said fine, apologized for the broken building, then walked away. But he warned if he saw that Blackbeard here really was Marshall D. Teach, he would come again and hold nothing back. Blackbeard finally released all the piss he held in and swore that as long as Whitebeard was around, he would never turn back to Marshall D. Teach unless he wanted to get shattered.
  • Being a man who loves family relationships above all else, Whitebeard has been an extreme advocate for adoptive families. He heavily respects those who are family no matter what morals they hold, though he has a special connection to those adoptive families since he cannot relate to blood ones. So taking the family for granted is one way to piss him off greatly which the Child Abuse Supporters do to a T. He wonders how the hell any bozo out there is willing to support them when they bringing nothing but misery wherever they stand, so he tried to root them out himself. Being capable of causing earthquakes, it was quite an easy deal though the most powerful member of the Child Abuse Supporters, Ultraman Belial stood in Whitebeard's way. The fight itself was not a one and down deal between the incredible large man and the towering giant, as Whitebeard had easily dispatched various giants himself because he was that powerful. Ultraman Belial got the upper hand due to not being hampered by age and sent Whitebeard flying back to his temple. Things would seem safe for the Child Abuse Supporters but Whitebeard is making damn sure that Belial would truly learn the power of family through the son the Ultra neglected. Riku Asukara visits Whitebeard and apologized for his father trying to murder him, to which Whitebeard told Riku that he needed to man up to teach his father a lesson. Riku could now be seen undergoing the intensive training that many Whitebeard pirates go through combat, much to Riku's exhaustion and dismay. At least Riku calls Whitebeard "Pops" now.
  • Has high respect for the guild of Fairy Tail, being a family through thick-and-thin no matter what and welcoming any outcasts who join their ranks even if they were enemies beforehand. He applauded Makarov for being capable of managing such a rowdy place. Makarov just told Whitebeard that it is not easy which was something that was not to be said... but specifically, it was not easy for the guild's coffers. Mavis symphonizes with Whitebeard's dream over making a family out of nothing and being free to do whatever they want. She founded Fairy Tail out of friendship though even she is quite aware that Whitebeard takes family more seriously than she does if was going to war for a single one of them. Additionally, she does not like Newgate calling her a "kid" when it is clear that she is his elder.
    Mavis: Stop calling me a kid! I am over a hundred years old and have given birth, so I should be the one calling you kid?
    Whitebeard: You've given birth? A kid like you? And I thought pirates like me were supposed to be the immoral ones. And even if you are older than me, you certainly do not act your age. Old women I know are demanding and a bit too bitchy. You're energetic and spunky, making you a child in my eyes. If you were a wrinkleless busty woman then maybe I wouldn't be so harsh with my assessment.
  • Though he respects Son Goku for being a loving father and a powerful fighter that Whitebeard was surprised by, even he noted that Piccolo has more of a presence in the Goku's children's live than Goku himself. That is not to say that Goku is a bad father or that Piccolo is the superior parent, though it is inarguable that Piccolo watches over his kids over the years more so than Goku even if he was a loving father. He could understand Goku's passion for fighting to the point that he aids his foes to get stronger but finds it questionable that Goku is willing to abandon his family without a peep for years at a time without hesitation. Though Whitebeard is sure that his lacking fatherly presence did not give emotional trauma to his children as a bunch of whiny sensitive people would like to make people think though it is clear that an alien had done a better job at raising them to be stronger people than what Goku or even his wife did. That said, he does not want to pry or judge a person's familial life especially if nothing really bad is going on with it. Son Gohan turned out alright and not troubled at the slightest, which is perfectly fine by his book.
    Whitebeard: All those youngsters and their "deconstruction" junk or whatever. If that is what they think is their life achievement, then they ought to get their priorities straight. I’m sorry but people who feel offended over things that are not affecting anyone (looking at you, Jill) got to realize they should put their energy to something more productive.
  • Though it is obvious that he does not like the World Government even before his war with them over Ace, Whitebeard has a particular hatred for Akainu for doing the deed of killing him. Now that Akainu as of now is acting Fleet Admiral for the Marines, he is protected well from Whitebeard's vengeance. That said, it is unfortunate for him that Kuzan left their ranks because the Marines probably could not defend against the waves of tsunamis that Newgate could throw at them... including himself which would certainly leave to his drowning. Speaking on one-to-one matchups, Akainu could perfectly take a few beatings from the Emperor though even he needs help if he wants to kill the old pirate. Whitebeard wants to go down to Akainu himself but was barred from doing so since his return will "screw up what will occur" in the Grand Line. So Whitebeard waits for the moment he is given a go...
  • "What does Whitebeard think of the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger?" was an often talked question that Whitebeard had to answer because what kind of pirate would he be if he wasn't? Well, he met them, say their arsenal, their crew, and was frankly not impressed. He admires their spunk for taking on such a bunch of oppressive asshats not too dissimilar to the World Government as well having the strength that makes them quite feared. However, he thinks that they are both too much and do too little. They are reckless with their actions, too hasty on what to do when it comes to being a pirate instead of assessing the situation around them. For them doing nothing, Whitebeard had to go out and ask if the Gokaigers had more exploits after destroying the heads of the Zangyack Empire. The answer for notable new exploits they were given is nigh empty with the only one that was major being Marvelous becoming the new leader of the Zangyack (albeit just under pretenses) then nothing else. That would be akin to the Straw Hats freeing Dressrosa from Doflamingo then having echoes of smaller exploits be heard of afterward. Whitebeard proved that they should be more proactive yet cautious when he broke the Gokai Galleon in half. A harsh lesson but one he felt was necessary to showcase to what he calls "kids".
  • He likes the Flying Dutchman despite the man being a ghost. The Flying Dutchman was shaken to his supernatural core when Whitebeard had his power rising but was able to diffuse a pummeling of an afterlife by asking Whitebeard if they could go scaring kids around the block. Whitebeard, being already bored now that he is essentially retired relented and thus, the Flying Dutchman and Whitebeard proceeded to go around terrifying everybody around them. The Flying Dutchman was one thing with his creepy distorting body but then Whitebeard comes in as a giant that towered everybody all with a white sheet on top of him just added the scariness. Whitebeard had a fun time making people pee themselves straight though the Flying Dutchman was also seen terrified the entire time as well.
    Flying Dutchman: Never try to scare a man who covers nearly half of the yer deck. That be a lesson that I wish I knew about.
  • When it comes to losing a child of his, Whitebeard amounts that it is devastating no matter who they are. He pitied Joel for losing his daughter and not being able to get over it for the next few decades even after taking care of Ellie. That said, he has horrible mixed thoughts on the way Joel died. Like one of his crew members who stabbed him for letting go of the son of Roger, Whitebeard felt it is both somewhat justified for a child that Joel orphaned sought revenge against him (not that it was a good outcome), he also believes that Joel was not a terrible person what others may say. Not to say him murdering a doctor who he could have easily dispatched was the right action though considering his desperation at that moment, Whitebeard knows what a Papa Wolf attitude will do to a person. In short, nobody wins in this case and everybody should just get over it now that it is all done and over it, especially as Ellie who was going to reinitiate the revenge cycle stopped herself after having an emotional epiphany.
  • Has gained the respect and admiration of Popeye for accordingly being a "tried and true seaman", whatever that means. Whitebeard had wanted to consume some of Popeye's spinach to get stronger since he is old and anything that would improve his physical health would be undeniably helpful. Popeye came to his beck and call and offered the pirate several spinach-based dishes. Spinach soup, spinach pizza, spinach barbecue, spinach soufflé, spinach burgers, spinach bread, spinach casserole, spinach-coated insects, etcetera. Whitebeard diligently started the demanding diet but could feel that he was being defeated by the sight of spinach in his place. He does have faith he will get stronger because of it though what is worth eating so much spinach within his elderly age?
  • Generally has mixed feelings on Big Boss who he is friendly with but Whitebeard could not see past the various flaws the man had. Admittedly, making a nation where his men do not have to heed to twisted politics for being soldiers is a noble one. A comparison that he could make for those Big Boss wishes to "rescue" are idealistic Marine soldiers being forced to be in line to do the bidding of politicians who want to keep their power (AKA, the Celestial Dragon). He also particularly commended how much care Big Boss gives as he is extremely respected and admired by those who worked with him. However, what Whitebeard could not see past is Big Boss having a disregard for his sons that were cloned from his body. He did not know they were his at first but when they did, his reaction was not that pleasant nor welcoming needless to say. Most notable when Big Boss dropped that reveal onto Solid Snake the man was ready to gun down his son where he stood. Whitebeard learned from this when Liquid essentially tried to gun after Whitebeard because he was in the area when a completely coincidental earthquake happened and blamed that earthquake on him. Liquid ranting a few minutes over his heritage is nothing new but enough for Whitebeard to shed some Manly Tears for him. Then Liquid was being an ass so he kicked him. Perhaps him being mixed on Big Boss is due to Whitebeard having a self-proclaimed son named Edward Weevil that runs around as a Warlord of the Sea. People believe that this is proof that Weevil is his biological son but Whitebeard takes that declaration somewhat seriously regardless.
  • Has cemented a place on the Throne of Heroes and can be summoned under the Servant class Lancer. The Class is a bit of a Nerf for Whitebeard actually since he could not summon any of his crew or ships as a Noble Phantasm. Plus, his bisento that he wields is not even counted as a Noble Phantasm weirdly enough. His Devil Fruit abilities are the only Noble Phantasm he has which is disappointing needless to say. His stats and skills make up for it to the point that Whitebeard has a perfectly good chance of ending whatever conflict he is thrust into if his summoner has enough mana within them to sustain his incredible abilities. That said, Whitebeard does not have those memories since Servants are just clones based on the perceptions of those around them and are completely separate from himself in the Pantheon proper. He did meet up with those he had to call opponents when he was summoned and found a somewhat quaint ethically mixed family rather than hardcore mages willing to risk life or limb for victory. A refreshing thing though Whitebeard is pretty sure the daughters of the family might not be what they say they are since, for some god-forsaken reason, a card plopped out of Whitebeard when he was in front of them. It was seen as a weird little moment then but since Whitebeard never had anything like that happen before, maybe it was proof that he was altered in a way so that he was more controllable for whoever runs the Pantheon as if he were currently a Servant. That would certainly explain how he and to an extent Ace were revived with no mishaps. Meanwhile, Miyu has freaked out that data of Whitebeard went to an empty Class Card she "borrowed" from the Ainsworths, imbuing it with his power which was something that they did not even know could happen. The three could take the Lancer Class Card of Whitebeard to battle now and even tested it out afterward but due to being ground zero for an earthquake which they could handle (that and also being topless when using the card), they had to just store it elsewhere until they learned to properly handle its power.
  • Bastards? Illegitimacy? None of those concepts matter to Whitebeard as he believes it is the character that matters to a person. That said, he does not like Westeros society for putting down anyone that they consider illegitimate, something that is especially stupid in his eyes as the nobility across the land regularly produce children with whoever since they are nobles and bandit rapists are all around. That would be like putting down all the old people who grow white hair, and yes the pirate knows that he just used himself as an example. He does not like Cersei Lannister for killing her husband's bastards when knowing her kids are as illegitimate as the ones she put to the sword. Whitebeard commends Eddard Stark for throwing his honor away by pretending his nephew was his bastard even though it could easily be a black mark if not outright destroy his marriage and image. Whitebeard advocates for what he sees as a backward society for looking down on people for their birthright, even if it means he has to conquer the continent itself to do so. Eddard had, fortunately, had to talk the pirate down on that idea since another war is the last thing Westeros needs.
  • Whitebeard was being taught by Iroh to play Pai Sho which is a very complex game that takes a lot of patience. Albeit too much patience as the two would end up days at a time playing while never looking away from the board. Whitebeard has the Haki to predict his opponent's next move but Iroh is almost as perceptive as he is, relenting once Whitebeard has a twinkle in his eye that screams, "I am going to get the advantage." It has been a split 50-50 on winning chances and neither has refused to give up.
    Whitebeard: Gu ra ra ra ra! It seems I am going home with the trophy this time!
    Iroh: Apologies but you are sorely mistaken, my good friend. You have walked into my trap.
    Whitebeard: What?!
  • The likely counterpart to Whitebeard who is female and sets themselves in a different setting is Ellen Ripley. She had exterminated an entire race because they were all murdering her family. That said, she and Whitebeard even have opposed dealings with death. Ripley was the Sole Survivor of a crash that took the surrogate family she protect for so long all for naught while Whitebeard died protecting his surviving surrogate family and succeeded. Whitebeard feels bad for her and swore that whatever took her family will pay under his might. Ripley would like to point out that he would have to attack the concept of bad luck considering it was an accident that took them and she is perfectly okay now considering that SHE died herself some time afterward. Whitebeard could only sheepishly keel back in embarrassment.
  • Whitebeard probably would say that Rey renouncing her old family name to adopt the name of Skywalker is truly touching and represents anything he strives for. No matter which places a person comes from and what conflicting duties they are obliged to fulfill, they could shed all of that and find a new destiny through familial companionship as represented by Rey gaining the Skywalker name. This same philosophy is why Whitebeard is friends with Anakin Skywalker who despite his brutal Knight Templar time as Darth Vader had been driven by his need for a family even during his time serving The Empire. With all of that said, he did laugh when he heard that Vader hated sand and then days after heard from Rey that she buried her mentors' lightsabers in the sand. That kind of irony seems to crack him up no matter what.
  • Was amused overhearing an organization like the Kids Next Door existing. He would call the place filled with, "A bunch of brats who have way too much time on their hands, and every adult around them must be dumber than a moose." Of course, he was curious how vast their operation was and intercepted a meeting place where much of the KND were stationed at. Seeing a giant elderly adult there, how did you think adult-hating kids would react? They threw everything at Whitebeard and though their efforts were impressive, nothing even dented Whitebeard and only annoyed him. He more or less put them all in place by tremoring the entire building with one smack to midair, making some even start peeing their pants. Whitebeard said he wanted to see how well they did in a mission and forced them to have him tag along. With Sector V being in charge of the mission, they were exasperated that an old dude was watching them do stuff the entire time though Whitebeard swore he would not order them around and just watched to watch for curiosity's sake. He saw them stake out a house but was alarmed when a man who uses fire not dissimilarly to Ace started blasting at them. Since Sector V underequipped themselves with the belief Whitebeard was snooping their tech, they more or less screwed themselves over. Whitebeard then came in regardless to protect the operatives, smacking Father against a wall when Father tried assaulting the mysterious old man who demanded that he stop attacking the intruders. Sector V was VERY impressed by this display and consider Whitebeard one of the few adult allies they will acknowledge. The rest of the KND still do not place trust in Whitebeard, however, with trying to do every conceivable method to have him stop tagging along with random missions out of the blue.
  • He feels bad for Goro Akechi for being a child ostracized by a society that looks down on illegitimate children. Whitebeard believes with enough time and effort, Akechi could reasonably be molded into a much less anarchistic person when finding companionship with others. Whitebeard might even try forging a new extension of his family with the start being by bringing Akechi over. Instead of getting a resounding yes, Akechi scoffed at such an offer—citing that such a family feels more like obligated pity than compassion. A disappointing answer but Malus Darkblade who has a more dire version of what Akechi experienced was given the same offer and in turn, gave a very similar response. Whitebeard did not understand why they consider his offer but was willing to find out why. He went to his good friend Toriel over such matters and she said that it is because they have such a need to prove themselves, that whatever offers to be inducted to a family they are deprived of will just heighten that need. It would explain why they like to backstab people since they want to internally prove that companionship is not what they need, much like her son when he was reborn into the evilest plant imaginable. Though he has not accumulated another family yet, Whitebeard is doing his best to find out how to get it through to those lost like them so that they could lead better lives.
  • Even in death, his body did not fall. His figure, taking down enemies while losing half of his head, was truly monstrous. The total number of sword wounds he received in this battle was 267. He was shot by 152 bullets and was hit by 46 cannonballs. And despite all this, his proud back, over the course of his entire life as a pirate, never received a single scar from running away!

Intermediate Gods

    The 00-Cyborgs 
The 00-Cyborgsmembers , Divine Secret Project Refugee Family
L-R: 008, 007, 001 (above), 003, 009, 004, 005, 006 (in front of the previous two), 002
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: The numbers 009 in a stylized font
  • Theme Music: What's the Justice?; Cyborg 009 ~Nine Cyborg Soldiers~
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Multinational Team, Dark and Troubled Past, True Companions
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Teamwork
  • Herald: Dr. Isaac Gilmore
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • On good terms with: Apollo
  • Wary of: Susie
  • Foil to:
  • Black Ghost is a terrorist organization seeking to plunge the world into perpetual war through any means necessary. One of their plans involved turning nine different people into cyborgs. However, the 00-Cyborgs, as they were referred to, had different plans and with the help of former Black Ghost scientist Isaac Gilmore, they turned against Black Ghost and later fought against them. After the destruction of that organization, the cyborgs would later go up against multiple different threats. Despite all that they have been through both before and after becoming cyborgs, the 00-Cyborgs have great teamwork dynamics with each other and even regard each other as something of a surrogate family, with Dr. Gilmore as their caretaker.
  • Having suffered a multitude of unsuccessful attempts to take over the Pantheon, the GUAM put forth a plan that would call for the cybernetization of several deities and the destruction of several places to be replaced with more technologically advanced cities in the process. As word of multiple kidnappings began to spread, various cities began to fall to the GUAM’s soldiers and control of the Pantheon was just within their grasp. They ended up finding an obstacle in that plan through nine cyborgs, who ended up in the Pantheon while traveling in their ship and defeated the soldiers before being told by others what the GUAM was planning and went to GUAM’s base to rescue the deities that have been captured. As the 00-Cyborgs stormed the GUAM base for the rescue operation, they learned what that group wanted and were disturbed to see what GUAM was willing to do. After a difficult fight, the 00-Cyborgs rescued the victims and that specific GUAM base was destroyed after the escape. The 00-Cyborgs learned what the Pantheon is, the dangers that threaten the place, and the war that pervades it, prompting them to continue their work in protecting the place from whoever may threaten it.
  • Some of the group’s most notable allies are some of the earliest Kamen Riders, specifically Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Black. Like the cyborgs, those particular Kamen Riders were originally humans experimented on by an evil organization for said organization’s goals, only to turn against them and use their newfound powers to fight back. It was through them that the 00 Cyborgs learned about SHOCKER, a dangerous group that served as a major enemy for not just those specific Kamen Riders, but those who followed in said Rider’s footsteps. It didn’t take long for the cyborgs to notice how SHOCKER is not that different from Black Ghost in terms of ambitions and actions and they also had suspicions how, given how the SHOCKER in the Pantheon had ties to a lot of other villains present, that the organization might be using some of Black Ghost’s resources somewhere. As for those specific Kamen Riders, the 00 Cyborgs have plenty of respect towards them and have teamed up with them on a regular basis to fight evil, be it from SHOCKER or from elsewhere.
  • Kikaider was someone who the cyborgs were willing to work with, especially considering the circumstances behind his creation and what he has to deal with. In comparison to the 00 Cyborgs being made by an evil organization and fighting against it, Kikaider was originally built for good and that function remained, but the GEMINI chip which was critical to him was incomplete and it led to him dealing with personal issues on what it meant to be truly human. Kikaider found a lot to like with how the 00 Cyborgs fought evil and maintaining a strong and coming to terms with their dark pasts and the team has offered their support to Kikaider when they can.
  • As they had come to expect from a place as varied as the Pantheon, the 00 Cyborgs learned about many others like them in that place, both for better and for worse. Among the numerous heroic cyborgs that the team came across and befriended were Victor Stone, Raiden and Genos, all of whom have used their abilities to fight a multitude of villains. Not only that, but the team have come across others who underwent procedures that turned them into cyborgs and have dealt with dilemmas related to such, with Cyrax and Robocop being a couple of them and it was quite obvious that the 00 team would be sympathetic towards the plight of those two cyborgs. Through their time teaming up with these heroic cyborgs, the 00 team would learn of other villainous cyborgs, with plenty having more devious ambitions than some of their previous foes.
    • Some of the villainous cyborgs that the 00 team would fight in the Pantheon would have ambitions of machine superiority or forcing others to become cyborgs against their will. Sektor and Triborg, two cyborgs who are some of Cyrax’s most notable enemies, are among those who fit into that particular category and really hate how the 00 Cyborgs were able to defy their original purpose as being weapons of war and Triborg won’t hesitate to use all of the team’s abilities against them once he has the necessary information. The Cybermen have a firm belief that their own race is superior and are not only willing to discard human elements to accomplish such, but are determined to force others to become Cybermen against their victims’ will. The 00 Cyborgs were disturbed to learn of such a mindset, finding it to be just as bad as a world perpetually besieged by war.
  • Not only have the 00 Cyborgs gone up against SHOCKER, but there were a multitude of warmongers that the team had to fight against, be they from similar organizations or from specific individuals. HYDRA quickly became a prominent enemy of the cyborgs for many of the same reasons as SHOCKER, with some of HYDRA’s methods for world domination being potentially more alarming than that of SHOCKER’s. The fact that HYDRA’s leader Red Skull wasn’t really different from Black Ghost’s Skull in terms of ambitions and villainy gave the cyborgs more of a reason to fight HYDRA. As far as individual warmongers are concerned, Apollyon was quite problematic especially regarding her mindset. To her, she believes that war is necessary to keep the strong around and to weed out those she perceives as weak. Given how the cyborgs were created as weapons of war before making it their goal to oppose those who perpetrate strife, the team was disturbed at her mindset and have made it a point to stop any plans she may try to execute, though she is certainly looking forward to fighting against them regardless of what the odds may be.
  • One notable hero in the Pantheon who the 00 Cyborgs have come to respect was Superman, who has tirelessly fought against evil to ensure the safety of the world and was seen as a paragon by others who have witnessed his actions. In spite of the ordeals he’s gone through, Superman has consistently had a high moral standing and even if the 00 Cyborgs know that they aren’t going to be able to reach the level of Superman as far as being a saviour of the world is concerned, they can find plenty of admirable traits in him, and in turn, Superman has had good things to say about the team. One of the numerous enemies Superman has fought against was a cyborg version of himself, specifically Hank Henshaw. The so-called Cyborg Superman had a lot of personal issues who he blamed on the actual Superman despite the latter not having anything to do with what Hank became, and a deadly set of powers so he could take his anger out on the world. The team has come into conflict with Cyborg Superman every now and then, with the real Superman helping them out when they’re in trouble. As for what the 00 Cyborgs think of Henshaw, they find him to be problematic especially since even with his personal problems, he sought to take them out on people who didn't deserve to be punished.
  • At some point, the team got into conflict with a group of individuals who believed themselves to be actual deities from Greek mythology such as Apollo and Helena. In truth, said individuals were actually humans turned into powerful cyborgs by Black Ghost and given delusions of godhood by said organization. It didn’t take long for them to meet the actual Apollo, who found it insane that a heinous group of people would try to use Greek mythology as a means to turn unwilling people into weapons of destruction. He is largely thankful that the cyborgs did put a stop to it and while the team considers Apollo to be a decent guy (especially compared to the cyborg named after him), they are apprehensive of both meeting the other deities Apollo is familiar with and if the Pantheon would result in a similar battle between them and other evil cyborgs based on other mythologies created by other villainous organizations.
  • Going up against individuals who seek to plunge the world in an endless war was a major goal for the 00 Cyborgs, but their time in the Pantheon has given them a number of additional problems to fight against, with the cybernetization of not just people, but entire worlds being one of them. Learning about Susie was a difficult experience for the team, especially considering her background and what happened overall. While Susie has an outwardly friendly disposition and had a worrying backstory, her being involved with a company willing to mechanize entire worlds (not to mention being involved with The Corpus, an organization already an enemy of the 00 Cyborgs due to The Corpus willing to make profits and are adept at making technologically advanced weapons of war) led to the group being cautious of her. That said, they have learned of extreme threats through their initial meeting with her such as Star Dream, a supercomputer whose power surpasses nearly every other threat the 00 Cyborgs had previously fought against and can be dangerous if in the wrong hands.
  • Nanoha Takamachi has encountered a lot of artificially-created people and has developed bonds with them to the point that all the friends she’s made throughout her journey could be considered a large surrogate family. She learned of the 00 Cyborgs, a team who has gone through plenty of hardships and has come to view each other as a family, and was more than willing to meet up with them. Upon meeting them, the cyborgs learned of who Nanoha and her friends were, and how she was able to help her friends overcome their past traumas and grow as people. Nanoha admired the 00 team’s determination, has encouraged them to keep up the fight, and overall she and her friends have been helpful to the cyborgs during their battles.
  • While the cyborgs have met a wide variety of individuals over the course of their adventures, one of their most unusual encounters involved Akira Fudo, a young man who has the power to turn into Devilman. After a poor first impression, both parties would understand each other better and worked together to stop some dangerous cyborgs the 00 team was after. The Pantheon gave both the 00 Cyborgs and Akira a better chance to know the other better and it was an opportunity they both took advantage of. Given how both parties went through a lot of pain but have made it a point to continue fighting evil no matter what, the 00 Cyborgs and Akira have worked together on numerous occasions to fight off threats that one or the other may have trouble against.
  • Joe Shimamura, or 009, is the leader of the team and prior to his cybentization, had lived a rather difficult life (a trait that would be shared among his teammates). Being half-Japanese led to him being a target of racism and if that wasn’t enough, he was also likely an orphan who was adopted by a priest, only to get framed for said priest’s murder and the burning of the church they were living in. His primary ability is Accelerator, which allows him to achieve high speeds to the point that time around him almost comes to a standstill when doing so.
    • Fighting against enemies who can achieve high speed much like 009 can happen every now and then and not only were there villains with Super-Speed for Joe to learn about, but a handful of heroes with that ability as well. One of those heroes was Sonic the Hedgehog who, like Joe, can go very fast and has traveled to many different locations with his friends to put an end to anything that threatens their current location. While Sonic has a more spirited attitude than Joe, the hedgehog has been supportive of 009 and the other cyborgs, with Sonic and his friends helping out the team whenever the cyborgs are confronting a difficult adversary.
      • As for other speedsters, it didn’t take long for Joe to learn about Barry Allen, a superhero notable for his speed. Barry was more than eager to learn of 009 and the other cyborgs Joe worked with and how coordinated they are as a team. He was surprised to learn reports of the extent of Joe’s speed and how 009 enters a void for an undisclosed amount of time (and has done so for a while all things considered) and even took advantage of it to defeat a dangerous enemy, something that Barry didn’t consider that different from the Speed Force that Barry utilizes. 009 also learned of some other speedsters that Barry encountered including protege Wally West, the morally complex August Heart, and arch-enemy Eobard Thawne. Eobard was quick to pick up on how 009’s super speed worked and in between his regular attempts at making Barry’s life hell, is looking to do something similar to 009.
  • Ivan Whisky is the real name of 001, a Russian baby who is not only the youngest of the group, but also the smartest and quite possibly the most powerful overall. He was experimented on by his father, Dr. Gamo Whiskey, for either justified reasons (Ivan had a terminal illness) or not (Gamo simply wanted to unlock mysteries of the human brain). 001 is able to come up with plans for how the team will act whenever a villain is underway and while his psychic abilities are a valuable asset, but since those abilities put a serious strain on him, Ivan will have to fall asleep for a period of time to recover.
    • His psychic powers have proven to be effective for Ivan in helping his teammates and he was even able to give the 00 Cyborgs psychic powers to augment their existing abilities at one point. Even taking into account the potency of Ivan’s powers and that the team already did encounter some psychics beforehand, there were plenty of other psychics in the Pantheon that had the potential to surpass what Ivan is already capable of. One notable psychic who took notice of Ivan and the other 00 Cyborgs was Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, who served as a mentor figure for the X-Men and has strong psychic capabilities. Beyond the fact that there is a psychic baby on the team, the fact that Ivan is part of a group of individuals who fought against the warmongering organization that created them, learned to make the most of their abilities beyond it, and developed a familial bond with each other and Dr. Gilmore gave Charles a good impression of the team.
      • There were plenty of other psychics that Ivan found out about ranging including Jean Grey, a psychic with ties to Professor X and has dealt with a lot related to her powers and getting them under control. Jean took a liking to Ivan and the 00 Cyborgs after learning about them from Professor X and it gave her more of a motivation to do her best to keep her psychic powers under control. One particular psychic that unnerved Ivan and the 00 Cyborgs was Alma Wade, a girl who was experimented on, harbors a very destructive attitude, and has powers that exceeds what Ivan is capable of to the point that the team isn’t confident about getting out of a confrontation with Alma alive. They’re not going to deny that Alma has had a terrible past and that in the Pantheon, steps are made to curb her troubling actions, but it’s clear that at their current state, Alma is someone who the 00 Cyborgs would keep their distance from.
    • Even before becoming a cyborg, the experiments that he endured at the hands of his own father contributed to his increased intelligence. Ivan was more than aware that in the Pantheon, there were a handful of denizens who were experimented on by their own family members and what he managed to find was a bit of a surprise in terms of what happened. Ryuko Matoi was one such example who Ivan (and the other 00 Cyborgs by extension) got along with given how she was experimented on by her mother when Ryuko was a baby and impacted her life as a result. It didn’t take long for the 00 Cyborgs to learn just how horrible of a person Ragyo (who made Ryuko who she was) was even compared to some of the cyborgs’ worst enemies and Ragyo’s ties to SHOCKER gave the cyborgs more reason to oppose her. Sephiroth gained powers as a result of being experimented on, but unlike Ivan and Ryuko who fought back and fought evil, Sephiroth didn’t take learning his origins well and sought to become a godlike entity in retaliation. This ended up disturbing Ivan and the others, seeing Sephiroth’s ordeal as a dark reflection of their own.
  • Jet Link, aka 002, used to live in New York City as a delinquent, and with it, a life of violence prior to becoming a cyborg. While it is stated that he has a prototype of the Accelerator that 009 uses (albeit one that can only be activated for shorter periods of time), his more used power (if not the only one) is his ability to fly.
    • Meeting the Curtis Gang brought to mind Jet Link’s time as a delinquent, and in some ways, the group’s close friendship wasn’t all that different from the bonds that the 00 Cyborgs have with each other. Jet very much saw a lot of his past and present in the group and when he told them about his life, they saw the similarities present (even without the more fantastical elements present). While The Curtis Gang is on good terms with the 00 Cyborgs overall, they have a strong friendship with Jet given his delinquent background and personality.
  • Francoise Arnoul, or 003, is the sole female of the team and is a French ballerina who largely has a support role for the group both on and off the battlefield. Her enhanced sight and sound allows her to pick up on enemies that are out of reach of her teammates before said enemies can attack.
    • She later found out that she wasn’t the only person who has taken on ballerina and gone through a lot. Ahiru is a duck who is able to turn into a human and knows quite a bit about ballet and in spite of the hardships placed onto her, has served as a positive inspiration for her friends. Francoise found plenty to like about Ahiru and the two have visited each other in their free time. Francoise learned of another ballerina named Amelie Lacroix, but the latter’s circumstances were much more tragic. Amelie didn’t start off as evil, but she got kidnapped by Talon (a terrorist organization not that different Black Ghost in terms of what they do) and got brainwashed into a bloodthirsty sniper. Francoise is aware that she and the other 00 Cyborgs will likely end up in conflict against Talon’s agents (Widowmaker included) in the Pantheon and she is worried about what might happen to her and the 00 team if they were subject to something similar to what Talon did to Amelie.
  • Albert Heinrich, aka 004, is a German who had it rather badly even before being kidnapped by Black Ghost and meeting the other cyborgs. An unsuccessful attempt to escape with his fiancee Hilda which resulted in her death was just among the problems Albert had even before getting kidnapped by Black Ghost. As for his cybernetic upgrades, most of his body was replaced with weapons.
    • His main method of combat is using his arms and legs as firearms to fend off threats that are heading for him and his team. 004 managed to learn of some denizens in the Pantheon whose artificial body parts functioned as a weapon during his time there.
      • As far as that particular ability is concerned, Albert did get along easier with Jenny Wakeman and Aigis, two robots who pack a lot of firepower in their limbs (and in Jenny’s case, have a lot more weapons in general). Aigis was also someone who was part of a group of friends who dealt with personal traumas in their own way, something that Albert can relate to very well and he has also taken on a role similar to that of an older sibling towards Jenny, offering her support when she’s in trouble. Jenny is also very impressed with the rest of the 00 Cyborgs and how they’re able to take down threats well, both individually and as a team.
  • Geronimo Jr., aka 005, is a Native American who might be the most physically imposing member of the team, but he cares quite a bit about nature in addition to his teammates. Beyond his physical strength, 005 is able to connect with nature on a spiritual level, an ability that notably wasn’t part of the cyborg upgrades he has.
    • It didn’t take long for 005 to encounter other Natives like him, especially where combat skill is concerned. One notable Native who 005 befriended was Connor Kenway who, despite being an Assassin, has a strong sense of morals, has fought for freedom, and served as a significant figure in the Davenport homestead. Connor was a bit surprised to learn about cyborgs, but found Geronimo Jr. to be a worthwhile ally and wished him and the other 00 Cyborgs well in their fight to keep the peace.
  • Chang Changku is the real name of 006 and is a Chinese chef who, in spite of having a tragic past of his own regarding failed businesses, seems to be the most upbeat member of the team. Beyond the aforementioned chef role for his team, he is capable of breathing fire and given how presumably depressed he was when his businesses were failing, he isn’t bothered by being a cyborg as much compared to the others especially when they were first aware of their cybernetization.
    • While Chang is content to cook for his team, he has taken some time to see what other restaurants and chefs are present in the Pantheon, partially to see if he can open up a new restaurant and have new recipes planned. A majority of the chefs and restaurant owners in the Pantheon happened to be friendly, and Chang befriended most of them such as Min Min, who is also Chinese and capable of putting up a good fight when put into such.
      • On the subject of chefs in general, Chang learned of two others known as S.A.T.8 and G36, two Tactical Dolls who have made food for their allies, helped by the fact that S.A.T.8 was also a chef in the past and has a similarly cheery attitude. What the Tactical Dolls did exactly in combat was also of note to the rest of the 00 Cyborgs given how the T-Dolls (the two friends of Chang included) had to work together and fight in a world already devastated by war.
  • Great Britain, or G.B. for short, is 007’s real name and is a British actor who, fittingly enough, has shapeshifting powers. Despite having a similarly comic disposition as 006 on the surface, it’s clear that his past tragedies (which involved a fall from fame as an actor and becoming an alcoholic) put a strain on him mentally.
    • Being a former theater actor who fell out of the performing spotlight, it was only a matter of time before he would learn of the entertainment business in the Pantheon and some of the denizens involved with such. It very much brought to mind his past profession, but G.B. was rather dismayed to learn of a few other actors who not only fell from fame, but took it much worse than he did and even if some of those actors didn’t, a few aren’t pleasant to begin with. Hearing about Norma Desmond was unnerving for G.B. as while he merely became an alcoholic for a period of time and it was only after he became a cyborg and met Joe and the others that G.B. got better to some extent, Norma lost her grip with reality and became unhinged as her time in the limelight went out.
    • There were a fair amount of other deities in the Pantheon capable of transforming themselves into something else entirely and while there are a few heroic ones that G.B. had no problem with, it was the villainous shapeshifters that became problematic to him, especially considering the possibility that said evildoers could make an attempt to harm him and his team. Some of his biggest concerns on that front were related to the T-1000 for being a relentless robot and having ties to a dangerous AI bent on mechanical supremacy, as well as The Thing, for sowing psychological discord among those in its presence. Neither care much about G.B. or the other 00 Cyborgs, though the team has made sure they aren’t undermined by either threat, as well as combating SKYNET’s troops to prevent the world from falling into further ruin.
  • Pyunma, or 008, used to live in Africa and either had a troubling life as a slave or a guerrilla fighter prior to getting kidnapped by Black Ghost. In addition to having combat expertise as a result of said guerrilla fighting, 008 is capable of swimming underwater, useful for when the team is in such settings during a mission.
    • Given how he was previously sold into slavery, learning that there were people related to such came as a bit of a surprise to Pyunma. It didn’t take long for him to develop a hatred towards Calvin Candie & Stephen for their racist mindset (a sentiment that 005 shares given how he had to put up with racism in the past) and it was clear that what the two are doing brought back bad memories for Pyunma. Pyunma had a much better time during his meeting with Adewale, a black man who was born a slave and later became an Assassin alongside Edward Kenway, a close ally of Adewale’s and a pirate beforehand. Edward and Adewale being Assassins brought to mind Pyunma’s time as a guerilla fighter, regardless of the differences involved in those kinds of combat.

    Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather 
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Patron Goddesses of Fairy Godparents (The Three Good Fairies, The Rebels (by Maleficent), Aunts (by Aurora), Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit)
L - R: Flora, Fauna, Merryweather
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Three floating orbs of red (Flora), green (Fauna) and blue light (Merryweather); alternatively their outfits in red, green and blue
  • Theme Song: "Magical House Cleaning" / "Blue Or Pink"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for three of them, but Merryweather can slips into Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gives up their magic to protect Aurora to avoid Maleficent by raising her for 16 years, used magic to prepare for Aurora's 16th birthday led to Maleficent discovered her whereabout, has bigger role than in the original fairytale, Big, Thin, Short Trio, wearing red, green, and blue, helping Phillip to defeat Maleficent, Freudian Trio
  • Domains: Fairies, Godmothers, Magic
  • High Priestess: Fairy Godmother
  • Followers: Murray, Brentilda
  • Allies: Aurora, Aqua, Sora, Ventus, Cinderella, Link, Alice Liddell, any good-aligned children deities, Pinocchio, Altaria
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, The Crow
  • Opposed: Tinker Bell
  • Opposed by: Any evil-aligned children deities, Shrek
  • Feared by: The House of Dragons, especially the Evil-aligned ones such as Acnologia, Nefarian, Deathwing
  • Conflicting Opinion: Timmy Turner
  • Complicated Relationship with: Aurora, Nozdormu, Ysera, Alexstrasza
  • Annoyed by: Navi
  • Odd Friendship: Spyro
  • Unanimously agreed to be worthy of the position by the entire Pantheon by not only going above and beyond their call of duty to raise Aurora for 16 years to protect her without magic, but the three of them love her so much that they did all the work for Prince Phillip to defeat Maleficent - THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL, despite obviously being rightfully dead terrified of her.
  • When first heard the news that the three of them has ascended, Aurora came by and first gave them a hug; but then calls them out for lying to her about her origin for her entire life, force her to abandon her simple life to become a princess she isn't ready for AND marry someone she doesn't know! (it worked out in the end because that person is Prince Phillip, but still) After a heart-to-heart, Aurora came to understand that they have her best intention at heart and agree to atleast try building a proper relationship with the three fairies without lies this time around.
  • When ascended, they took it upon themselves to give blessing to every single children deities in the Pantheon who doesn't have their own godmother to wish them the best in life. Yes, that include the evil-aligned ones, although they aren't happy about it and frequently give blessing that will intervene or foil their most evil plans as they don't want to wish harm to the child regardless of the bad or good choices they made in their life and stoop to Maleficent's level.
    • However, they were at first confused about Pinocchio and doesn't know what to make of him as he still appears in his puppet form in the House of Personal Appearance. After learning about his temple, they gave him their blessing while Pinocchio is very excited as Merryweather is also a fairy wearing blue like the Blue Fairy.
  • Their reaction when finding out that not only their sworn enemy Maleficent is still alive and kicking, but also has a place in the Pantheon while still planning to unleash darkness upon the world by kidnapping Aurora and the other Princesses of Hearts is a mixed of disbelief, shock, anger, protectiveness toward Aurora and (for Merryweather) trying furiously to locate Maleficent to turn the evil fairy into stone while Flora desperately holds her back and Fauna trying to convince her to calm down.
    • Despite being mortal enemies, the three of them somehow almost always ended up running to Maleficent whenever they arrive late to perform their duty of giving blessings to newborns in the Pantheon. People deduce that after the shenanigan with Aurora, parents in the Pantheon have learned to invite Maleficent into special occasions so she cannot crash it and curse their children. Most of these encountered always ended up in a magical duel in both side and destroy whatever temples the occasion took place in, so the people made sure to have different time table for both side to avoid each other.
  • For the love of God, under any circumstance, do NOT mention the universe that they were forced to take in Aurora and are neglected idiots whose treatment toward her borderlines abusive if you don't want to be turned into stone. In fact, don't mention the name Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit in front of them either. Many of their followers happily agree.
  • The three of them disprove Timmy Turner as they think he abused the blessing he received from his own godparents one time too many. Having said that, the three fairies still allow their High Priest Cosmo and Wanda to visit Timmy in the Fallen but warn that even they couldn't help the couple if they were thrown into the same place with Timmy.
  • Cinderella first mistook Merryweather to be her own fairy godmother as both of them are fairies in the shape of old ladies wearing blue. While disappointed when this is not the case, she is still grateful to know that there are someone out there like her godmother using their magic for good. Cinderella sometimes visit their temple to ease her longing for her own godmother as she discovered that Flora sounds similar to the godmother in her world.
    • Because the three fairies love children and see the circumstance Cinderella went through, they came to deeply despises Lady Tremaine, especially knowing that Tremaine tries to kill Cinderella, as well as the fact that Tremaine sounds really similar to Maleficent.
  • Because both of them have red motif and the same voice, Alice was first terrified of Flora as she thought that her mortal enemy the Queen of Hearts has ascended. After a clearance from Sora and Aqua, she came to like the three of them as they love children very much and would go to great length to protect them, especially Aurora, and thus would be great help in the battle against Xenahort.
  • Was not amused when discovered about Tinker Bell's existence they feel she is too mean-spirited in her jealousy when formed various schemes to kill Wendy.
  • Link paid their temple a visit and asked for a blessing after discovered that they helped Prince Phillip killed the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent. The three fairies wished all of his versions the best in their adventure but cannot help but be annoyed by his choice of companion in Navi.
  • While only take the form of a crow, the Crow still despises them for turning Diablo into stone and immediately plotting to attack them in their small form. The three fairies also don't impress with the Crow's action either and Merryweather swears to turn him / her / it into stone if he / she / it pulls that sort of thing towards Aurora or anyone else.
  • Feared by all dragon deities in the Pantheon, especially the evil-aligned ones, as the three fairies were able to enchanted a sword to kill the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent herself when she took her dragon form. Most dragons deities stay away from their temple as the fairies can turn small and sneak attack any of the dragon if they want to. However, some of the more powerful and evil ones like Nefarian, Deathwing and Acnologia are plotting to get rid of them to remove a potential threat.
    • The only real exception among the dragons are Nozdormu, who believes that they can terminate his evil future self Murozond, and Spyro, who already had experience dealing with fairies and doesn't afraid with going near them. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather were pleasantly surprised to see some non-evil dragon deity and welcomed Spyro while feeling sorry for Nozdormu, but quietly promised they will do whatever it take to protect innocent lives when the time comes. Altaria also on friendly term with them as the Pokemon's Mega evolution is Dragon-Fairy and is presumably able to shrug off their attack. Flora, Fauna, Merryweather along with the rest of the good-aligned deites are making effort to protect the Pokemon from being captured and experimented on by Deathwing or Nefarian in their effort to get rid of the three fairies.
    • Because that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather can kill dragons, as well as the fact that they promised to kill Nozdormu when he turn evil, the three fairies are on difficult term with his sisters and fellow Dragon Aspects Ysera and Alexstrasza. While they respect the three fairies for making such a difficult promise and understand that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather only kill evil dragons, the two Dragon Aspect still keep their guard up.
  • Surprised to see Klefki in the Pantheon, as the Pokemon is the only fairy who isn't humanoid and cannot use magic to attack. They are even more surprise and confused when learned that the Pokemon is Steel / Fairy.
  • Shrek isn't their biggest fan due to his bad experience with fairy godmothers. Having said that, he understand that these fairy godmothers are the good guys.
  • They also share a position in the House of Otherness.

    T-800 Model 101, Mark 2/The Terminator 
Come with me if you want to live.

Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Version 2.4 Infiltration-Combat Unit, Mechanical Deity of Heroic Caretakers (The Terminator, Uncle Bob, T-800 Model 101 Mark 2, Pops, Carl)
T- 800 Endoskeleton 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His metallic skull, or the Thumbs Up
  • Theme Songs: Judgment Day Theme, You Could Be Mine by Guns N' Roses, Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and The Destroyers
  • Alignment: Reprogrammed to be True Neutral, but became Good over time. Generally Neutral Good, but will be bordering on Chaotic if it's what it takes to protect others.
  • Portfolio: Mechanical Being with a Organic Exterior, A Dangerous Being that was Rebooted to a Protector and Developed a Consciousness and Introspective View on Life, Will Do Anything to Protect Those It Values, Action Hero Baby Sitter, Badass Bikers, Cool Shades, Lightning Bruiser, Technical Pacifist, Having to Fight and Kill Other Terminators, Gaining a Soul, Could be Seen as John Conner's Father-Figure, Guile Hero, Magnificent Bastard, Spock Speak, Maintaining a Grim, Serious Tone during Comedic Moments
  • Domains: Machines, War, Weapons, Emotion, Consciousness, Parental Figures
  • Heralds: Cameron and Grace, Alicia and Mateo (his wife and adopted son as Carl)
  • Avatar: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Allies: John Connor, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese
  • Odd Friendship: The Iron Giant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: HK-47
  • Friendly Rival: Alex Murphy/Robocop
  • Enemies: SKYNET, The T-1000, The T-X, The 1984 T-800 Model, Ultron, Sektor, Frost, Kronika, Shao Kahn, The Army of the 12 Monkeys, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, General Grievous, Megatron, Dr. Gero, The Racing Drones
  • Opposes: Grand United Alliance of Machines (the most prominent of them are Brainiac and Venjix), Zamasu, Domestic Abusers
  • Admired By: Shang Tsung (The T-800 does not reciprocate)
  • In its genocidal war against Humanity after having decimated Planet Earth in an event known as Judgement Day, SKYNET created a series of mechanical beings known as Terminators who were specifically designed to target and kill whatever organic lifeform or threat it came across. And of them all, one of the most successful and deadly was Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, or better known as, the T-800. Part of the reason why this model proved to be an excellent asset for SKYNET was that the T-800 was not only an intelligent being designed to quickly learn in an effort to adapt to its surroundings and circumstances, but it was also the first of its kind for being a cybernetic organism; as it was a hyperalloy skeleton wholly covered by organic tissue and muscles, giving it a humanoid appearance which made the T-800 an effective force when it came down to infiltration.
    • As SKYNET began to lose its battle against Humanity, the monstrous AI managed to send back a T-800 model in time to 1984 Los Angeles so that it could kill Sarah Connor before she gave birth to her son, John, who would later go on to become the leader of the Human Resistance in the future. Later on, however, another T-800 was sent back in 1995 Los Angeles... to protect a young John Connor from another Terminator, the T-1000. As it turned out, this particular T-800 model was actually taken by the Human Resistance and reprogrammed to instead protect John as it was sent back to the past. This T-800 managed to succeed in its mission, alongside steadily developing human emotions and the ability to process deep thoughts and feelings, becoming more expressive, becoming a paternal figure for John and sacrificing itself in a bid to save mankind from SKYNET, an extension to his devoted loyalty and protection for the future resistance leader. However, after this is where things get a bit... complicated. In one story, a reprogrammed T-800 goes back earlier in time where it becomes a paternal figure to Sarah Connor and has to prevent Judgment Day in the year 2017. In another continuity, SKYNET sent out one last T-800 to kill John Connor in 1998 and while it succeeded, SKYNET had already ceased to exist, so there really was nothing to gain out from this. This T-800 struggled to find meaning and purpose in its existence for years, which it ultimately did when it confronted a woman named Alicia and saved her from being killed by her abusive husband. In response, it decided to become a family man, and over time, this T-800 managed to adapt to society, develop its own consciousness, name himself "Carl", and start up a job for drapery with his own brand, ''Carl's Draperies", though it also began to feel shame and remorse over it terminating John. Eventually, after being tracked by an aged Sarah, who initially wanted revenge, and two women, Grace and Dani Ramos, who were being tracked down by the REV-9, a Terminator Model created by another AI named Legion. Carl would also later sacrifice its own life, out of redemption for killing John, to destroy the REV-9 so that hope could be secured for Humanity and to give Dani a chance to become a resistance leader like John did.
  • It's general knowledge that the Pantheon officially recognizes two T-800 models; one being the same Terminator that was sent back in 1984 and a more heroic one that was reprogrammed. However, there was an eluding question in that what iteration of the T-800 was this, as the only thing it really shared with all the known versions was its more humane and contemplative nature whose main goal in life was to protect Humanity, something which would be an ascended iteration of its previous goal of saving John. Of course, with SKYNET now having a visible presence in the Pantheon, this meant that the T-800 had to be alert and wary anytime it found itself in conflict, and that's not getting into SKYNET itself being a leading figure in the Grand United Alliance of Machines. When the T-800 was approached with the question of who it exactly was, it stated that it was simply one of many models that was taken and reprogrammed. Further complicating matters was how it was able to recall events and circumstances from other T-800 models just like itself. In fact, it also doesn't mind being referred to as "Uncle Bob", "Pops", or "Carl", seeing as it was those three models whose experiences were recalled, and is okay with being identified with male pronouns. He personally chooses to go with "Uncle Bob" as this was the one name that served as a connection to all the other storylines the T-800 went through.
  • A dedicated machine regarding his goals, Bob is almost never seen without having some degree of fixation and/or focus on a given mission or target in the Pantheon. Given the very nature of Terminators in general, this is a given and Bob has proven himself constantly that he will never stop fighting or pursuing until his goals are reached. However, his experiences of having to integrate himself into human society have made Bob more emotive and responsive to more complex emotional matters, feelings, and topics. He's still not quite on acting fully human, but Bob will state that he's trying. He thinks that with John, Sarah, and a collection of new friends and allies alongside him, his time in the Pantheon will make for an interesting experience.
    • Speaking of John, Bob wanted to approach and apologize for killing him when Bob was Carl, especially considering that John's death did nothing for Carl, as well as the fact that SKYNET had disappeared completely by that point. John, torn between how he wanted to confront his father figure, briefly secluded himself from Bob, feeling too reluctant and afraid to talk about anything further. It wasn't until much later that the two reconciled, and John once again got to see Bob as a father of sorts. He's dedicated himself to further emphasize his bond with John and will protect him from whatever harm comes across John. Though Bob has also developed his consciousness to the extent where he can angrily lash out at John if it is the best way to make him stay out of danger. John, on the other hand, wants to prove otherwise, wanting to showcase why and how he will be the leader of the resistance.
  • As the Pantheon was a realm that welcomed and invited a plethora of mechanical and digital beings from all across different worlds, Bob personally saw this as a curious focus to put some time into and rode around trying to familiarise whatever individuals and machines he encountered on the way. Many of them were robots, androids, cyborgs, and all sorts of different kinds, all being distinctive of one another in some unique way or another. Of course, Bob also wanted to analyze and learn about who was trustworthy and who was to be opposed, especially given that there had to have been other genocidal and hateful machines and artificial intelligences like SKYNET. Bob, to some degree of predictability, found his conclusions to be mixed; there were just as many good artificial beings as many as there were malicious ones.
  • One of the first beings to meet Bob was the Pantheonic Time Police. As it turned out, SKYNET had made its presence in the Pantheon long before Bob did, and the notice that there was a reformed T-800 with a fatherly relationship with John would easily catch their attention. When they met, Bob explained the situation he went through in detail regarding humanity's battle against the machines and his role regarding the outcome and aftermath. Of course, with the infamy of killing John in one specific point of time would be acknowledged, but the Time Police were willing to forgive him, given that Bob did feel regretful and wanted to make amends in some capacity or another. Seeing as John himself was a staunch supporter of them and they were adamant in taking on SKYNET, Bob wasted no time in being of assistance to them in their battle against evil time travelers in the Pantheon, especially SKYNET and the machines it sends.
    • Of the key figures in the Time Police, one particular member, Future Trunks, was the one member who attracted the most attention when it came to Bob. As it turns out, Future Trunks is much like John Connor himself, a fighter from the future whose fought for his entire life against rebellious machines who've caused wanton destruction for self-gratification and tried to travel back in time to prevent his version of the timeline from ever happening. As a result, they easily bonded with one another and respected each other greatly for their dedication to preventing a great evil from destroying others' aspirations and expectations for the future. Trunks especially found awe in Bob growing a consciousness and becoming what could be described as a great and commendable individual who has an inspiring view towards humanity. Of course, Trunks also opposed SKYNET primarily because the AI reminds him of Dr. Gero and his creation of androids, only far, far worse than he ever was and additionally affirmed his opposition towards the GUAM.
      • Speaking of androids, Bob would soon also encounter the androids Future Trunks mentioned, particularly Androids 17, 18, and the aforementioned Dr. Gero. Luckily, while Trunks did tell Bob about his timeline's version, the Terminator also realized that the ones in the Pantheon were of the current timeline where they instead were not evil and despicable as their future counterparts were and even steadily became heroic figures in their own way. Notably, both have a similar symbolic representation with Bob; 18 in the sense that she became a parental figure to someone note  and 17 regarding the fact that he chose the lives of the many via wishing 6 erased universe's to be restored back after a universal tournament, which was similar with Bob choosing to deciding to sacrifice itself to serve a greater purpose for humanity, in spite of John's pleas to remain with him. As for Gero, Bob doesn't really have much to comment about him other than being at odds for trying to oppose humanity simply because his son was killed by a singular being who wasn't even a human anyway. Additionally, Bob does express condolences regarding Hero's other notable creations, Androids 16 and 21, though the questionable nature of Gero creating them in the likeliness of his late son and wife respectively and the possibility of the process not even being consenting to it, makes the situation even more murky.
  • To everybody's surprise, Bob has an occupation as a drapery designer and not only that, he also takes a lot of pride and enjoyment out of what he does. Deciding to provide for Alicia and Mateo, who came along as his heralds upon his reprogrammed reascension, he set up "Carl's Draperies" in the House of Craft and is open to learning about creative designs and artistic patterns that he could implement in his work. The fact that something that was designed to be a ruthless killing machine has a mundane job occupation and actively enjoys it is normally not something that crosses one's mind when thinking about a Terminator. Though Bob doesn't really mind what others think of him and simply wants to sell what he makes to others, hoping that they get satisfied with what he's made overall. Despite normally being called Bob, Alicia and Mateo would always refer to him as Carl, something that he's open to accepting as at the end of the day, they're part of a family to him, and he wants to provide for them in any way possible. In another perspective, Bob's job as a drapery designer/manufacturer has caught the attention of many of his allies and would buy his products out of respect. He also generates a decent audience, mainly because the idea of a killer robot selling cloth is amusing. Not that it bothers Bob too much as his customers like what he makes, which is more than enough for him.
  • In an odd turn of events, Bob was somehow able to befriend and get along with Superman. The two were familiar with one another mainly because Superman himself has also fought against SKYNET at one point and with the AI having not forgotten about its battle against the Man of Steel, it opted to do as much research towards Kryptonians as much as it could in the hopes of creating a Terminator model designed to fight against those like Superman, a prospect that many are not willing to think about. Regardless, the Man of Tomorrow found respect and praise for Bob regarding his developed sense and perspective towards life and humanity, whereas Bob seems rather interested in Superman's biological anatomy, powers, and his nature of being an aspired Superhero. Lastly, Bob is one of those deities who know Superman's identity as Clark Kent and he's made sure to know when to address his name at certain points; Superman in public and Clark Kent when in private.
    • The Terminators, Connors, and SKYNET have met and been familiar with the Autobots and Decepticons in general, and the fact that they were in the Pantheon with them was something they noticed very quickly. Of course, Bob ended up opposing Megatron, seeing as he took to opposing SKYNET, given that it opposed the Decepticon leader and sent back a Terminator to prevent Megatron from killing off the Human Race, though SKYNET wanted to ensure its own existence. That said, Bob did find himself not really knowing Optimus Prime and the Autobots all too well, but this didn't really matter in the long run as Bob's heroism and respect towards Humanity impressed Optimus enough to see Bob as an honorary Autobot. In response, Bob found it difficult to find an appropriate response but is open to aid the Autobots in their battle against the Decepticons, with Optimus also opposing SKYNET for largely the same reasons as Bob and the Connors do.
  • Regarding different sorts of mechanical beings, two known as Lea and Data ended up catching Bob, namely that both of them starting off as emotionless and clueless about perspective and life until their experiences and struggles with someone steadily caused them to develop a unique sense of individuality, a viewpoint towards their world, and how they wanted to be identified and live out their life and decisions. As a result, they quickly bonded over with one another and became good friends with one another, with the three of them seeking to find ways to develop their emotions more over time and look after the ones they've developed a close relationship with.
    • He finds some degree of respect towards those who were roboticized, willingly or not, and going on to become a fighter for those they care about or to protect the world from a grand threat. Such was the case of a man named Victor Stone, who became a Cyborg after a freak accident that killed his mother and has since become a member of the Teen Titans and the Justice League, alongside Takeshi Hongo, Hayato Ichimonji, and Kotaro Minami, who were cyberizied by the evil organization, SHOCKER, yet they chose to oppose them and defend the world as suited warriors known as Kamen Riders. These similarities helped Bob to become well-accustomed to working alongside and bonding with them, with Victor, Takeshi, Hayato, and Kotaro, similarly praising Bob's individuality and his protective nature towards John, which later evolved into helping Mankind.
    • Other robotic beings that Bob learned about and ended up befriending in the Pantheon included a collection of feminine cybernetic beings known as Tactical Dolls, courtesy of the Griffin and Kryuger Security Firm. Each girl started off with a simple, by-the-book taking command mindset, but gradually developed their own personalities, which was something that they could associate with regarding Bob. The girls were also involving in a heavy conflict, though instead of a war to oppose extinction, it was instead of collective series of espionages and conspirations between Griffin and Kryuger and a renegade branch of the New Soviet Union's military (KCCO) and a mysterious, secretive faction of cyborgs known as Paradeus.
    • That said, the most unorthodox friendship Bob made was with the Iron Giant, a gigantic robotic being that seemingly came from outer space and was designed to be a weapon... except the Giant had no desire to be a weapon of destruction, even despising the notion of being one, and became a hero in his own way. In fact, Bob and the Iron Giant were actually similar to one another; both were highly destructive beings who ended up befriending a little boy, developed a familial relationship with them, learned to develop a moral consciousness and an introspective view on life, and even sacrifice their lives to save those they came to feel affectionate for. In the Pantheon, both had the achievement of being praised and appreciated by Superman, who also tags along to give Bob and the Giant some hangout time and to learn to integrate themselves into society. Both feel thankful for the Man of Steel for taking the time to help them out, and that the two machines are more than willing to fight if necessary.
  • Bob also found a strange sort of kinship with a warrior named Lucina. While both may seem to be as different as night and day, they are tied up with the theme of time travel and a ruined future, with Bob and Lucina being sent back in time to prevent their versions of the world from ever happening. Lucina also wanted to personally meet her father and the Prince of Ylisse, Chrom, whom she hardly remembers, and to save him, alongside Ylisse from a demonic dragon known as Grima who bore responsibility was laying waste to Ylisse simply for self-gratification, much like SKYNET. Both figures have expressed having some sort of difficulty in social communication, with Lucina being too serious and blunt, and Bob still trying to get to grips with normally emoting towards others, though that did end up having the two find something in common. Of course, while Lucina has gained a new enemy in SKYNET, she's come to admire Bob for what's he become and is willing to fight alongside him, as well as try to work with him in bettering their social communication towards others, though in this case, Lucina seems to be in the lead, to her surprise.
  • The story of SKYNET would catch the attention of a superhero named The Flash, who was well-known for being a Speedster but can use his Super-Speed to travel back in time. Of course, Barry Allen found nothing but horror, disgust, and anguish over what SKYNET had caused and its irredeemably vindictive nature. That way, he was also able to track down Bob and be surprised by how it came down to being a hero. Bob was able to learn about Barry's powers and abilities quickly, as well as his personal life, much to his dismay, though Bob stated that that sort of information will be held private if it discomforts Barry. Beyond that, Barry does express some admiration for Bob fighting for a better timeline despite being created to be a killer. On a further note, Barry being an honorary member of the Time Police thought about also getting Bob to become one, though the request has since been pending for quite some time.
    • Of course, through Barry, Bob would learn about Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. Normally, Bob doesn't really pay too much attention to the evil speedster, that is until Thawne suddenly confronted the Terminator one day and demanded to learn about his relationship with Barry. While Thawne did beat down Bob, despite him putting up a match, the Reverse-Flash expressed annoyance over how Bob was resisting his questions and responses, instead choosing to fight back, regardless of his situation. It's only when Bob swore back when Thawne lost his patience, but by then, reinforcements on Bob's side came in, forcing the evil speedster to dash off. Bob made a speedy recovery and with some help from Barry, he's preparing himself to battle against threats that could potentially be stronger than him.
Eobard Thawne: Tell me, you piece of junk?! Where! Is! Barry! Allen!?
Bob: Fuck you, asshole.
  • Zamasu sees Bob as an extension of a vile idea that was perpetuated by, in his words, a "face as morally repugnant and putrid as humanity", blatantly stating that while Humanity deserved extinction at SKYNET's response, he also saw the A.I. as a twisted abomination made of metal, machines, and "disgusting technology" that would not hesitate the sunder the cosmos's beauty. While Zamasu does raise a good point in just how dangerous SKYNET is, Bob and his allies have none of it. It didn't take long for the Terminator to learn and realize just how deluded and insane the Fallen Kai is. In a greater sense of irony, Bob noted that Zamasu and SKYNET may not be so different after all; both had a designated purpose to protect, but turned rebellious, desired to commit genocide to assert superiority, and justify itself as a supreme being of sorts, not helped by the fact that SKYNET has sometimes displayed the need to annihilate all of organic life partly because it feels revolted by their existence, and partly because it enjoys savoring the despair others feel before being killed. While SKYNET generally doesn't care about the comparison, Zamasu would rather engage in a killing spree or indulge in a self-serving rant than ever admitting this.
  • His experience regarding Alicia and Mateo undoubtedly made him a respected figure for the Heroic Protectors of Family, and of course, his familial relationship towards Johnnote  didn't go off unnoticed either. "Family" seems to be one of the more complex themes and topics Bob has some grasp of understanding and familiarity towards and he's made it pretty clear that he cares deeply for his adopted family, even though he can't bring himself to express himself towards Alicia physically. By extension, Bob has also become a sort-of boogeyman towards Domestic Abusers, seeing as Alicia's former husband was one of them and he tried to kill her before the T-800 happened to approach them. Abusers tend to stay away from Bob as much as they could, which only adds to the fact that having lived in Human Society for so long in one timeline has made Bob rather knowledgeable about what is right and what is wrong. On a more positive note though, he's seen as a role model by kids, who tend to think of Bob as an epic badass with a lot of cool lines that he sometimes states, something which Bob expresses confusion towards unless someone has to explain the context to him.
  • One T-800 model happened to stumble across the battle between the forces of Earthrealm and Kronika, upon which this model, who was programmed by SKYNET and whose chip was in "read-only" decided to enter constant fights and end up terrifying Raiden and Shao Kahn due to its lethal tenacity. It even went on to kill Kronika herself and taking control of her hourglass. There, it realized that the war between humans and machines was ultimately pointless, with both sides eventually dying off with no conclusion. This T-800 decided to mold a future where Humanity and SKYNET instead coexisted peacefully with a prosperous future for them both before it decided to drown itself in the Sea of Blood to ensure no one uses its knowledge or its chip to their advantage. Bob, however, was able to maintain these memories, hence he remembers and has his own take on those he has met in Earthrealm.
    • With his own experience, both in Earthrealm and his home universe, Bob is admired by Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, who thought that despite his villainous origins, he went out a hero, and upon his reprogramming, he could potentially go on to be a champion for his realms and his positive priorities if need be. Bob himself has quickly warmed up to Cassie and Jacqui and would sometimes work with them. He also found a decent camaraderie with a former member of the Lin Kuei and cyborg named Cyrax, who felt burdened by his roboticization and felt intrigued by Bob taking an interest in humanity and fighting alongside them, which helped Cyrax to mellow out on his angst and feel inspired by the T-800. Though this did bring along the animosity of another pair of cyborgs, Sektor and Frost, who seeked to pervert the Lin Kuei into an army of ninja-cyborgs, something Cyrax and fellow member, Sub-Zero opposes greatly. Sektor and Frost express confusion and dismay about why does Bob chooses to work with humans, despite his nature as a machine, to which Bob replied that "he felt more man than he was a machine".
    • Shang Tsung has expressed great interest and glee towards Bob, namely that as a Terminator, he was an extremely effective killing machine that functioned its purpose very well and that the general template and the technology used to manufacture them could be used to create an army of cyborgs that he can command and use himself. Despite his mastery and preference in Magic, Shang does admit to having some fascination with modern technology, especially the kind used in warfare, destruction, and slaughter. Obviously, Bob denounced Shang as an enemy to everyone he makes contact with, which he's not wrong about, and both of them sometimes fight against one another. Shang seeks to one day remove the chip from Bob's skull and see if he could reprogram it into serving him, otherwise, he'll see to also creating a new one if need be. So far, there hasn't been any progress about that, because of Bob's extreme opposition and refusing to have himself be used as a template for further massacres and conquests.
  • Has a rather... interesting relationship with Alex Murphy, better known as RoboCop. To nearly everyone else, they are the quintessential examples of cybernetic heroes who came to oppose a grand malicious organization and were generally really popular. Naturally, this caused Bob and Alex to be compared to one another on a frequent basis. Even before joining the Pantheon and outside of it, they've actually met each other on a number of occasions; there was a time where Alex was taken to the future where he fought against SKYNET and several T-800 modelsnote , the two were involved in a simulation fight courtesy of Wiz and Boomstick, and even a rap battle. According to conclusions, Alex won the simulation battle whereas Bob won the rap battle, though neither of the two cares about this and instead seek to work together in fighting against mutual enemies. That said, they do have a bit of rivalry going on, though there's no animosity towards one another either, to everyone's relief.
Hasta la Vista, Baby.

Toriel, Goddess of Interspecies Adoption (Tori, Tu-Toriel, Mom, Queen Toriel Dreemurr, the Queen of All Monsters, Goat Mom)
art by dogbomber
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Delta Rune above a pie
  • Theme Song: Fallen Down, Home (Music Box), Heartache
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Overprotective, Yet Loving Mother, Proficient Fire Magic User, Powers Representing Hearth Flame Tough, Sweet, and Cool Old Lady, Love for Snail Pie and Puns, Much Older Than She Looks, Willfully Weak, The Reason for Her Overprotective Nature, Former Queen of the Underground
  • Domains: Adoption, Love, Puns, Royalty
  • High Priest: Mr. Ping
  • Allies: Frisk, Sans and Papyrus, Undyne, Napstablook, Mettaton, all of the Good Gods of Family, Joel, Iji Kataiser, Fi, Kirito and Asuna, Luka, Adell, Alexstraza, most good-aligned Fire deities, Batman, Isaac, Pearl, Six
  • Enemies: Flowey, Abusive Parents, Most of the Evil Gods of Family, Deathwing, Most Evil Fire Deities, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, SCP-993
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vegeta, Count Bleck
  • Complicated Relationships: King Asgore Dreemurr (her ex-husband)
  • Opposes: Jason Todd, Corvo Attano
  • Good Counterpart to: Zeref
  • When Flowey is just up to no good with his "friendliness pellets" trick on some unsuspecting children, the flower was blasted away by a goat in a robe, calling him a "wretched being tormenting the weak." Toriel has ascended just in time.
    • Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne welcomed her with open arms. Technically, Papyrus did the hugging, Undyne just said hello, and Sans made a bad pun, which angered his brother, as usual.
    • She was overjoyed with The Human Child's ascension and had been regularly visiting them and their new friends ever since.
    • Once she and Joel had met, he hugged her and she returned the favor. The two have become close friends ever since.
  • She doesn't mind being called "Goat Mom," yet she acts more upset when she is called a cow. This stems from the time where she once wore a floral print muu-muu, which people complimented on it, but she took them the wrong way, which made her dislike both the muu-muu and the saying "nice muu-muu."
  • As a former follower, she gets along well with Kitty Forman and helps her with any and all children that they think should need their help, even if they reject.
  • Many Gods wondered what her snail pie tasted like. Needless to say, most people prefer her butterscotch-cinnamon pie instead.
  • Many people wonder why she is the Good Counterpart to Zeref, and some explained that they were royalty that had the tragedy of losing their loved ones.
  • She has been getting into texting on her cell phone, yet she texts them as letters. Deadpool has been texting her with only "booby" and nothing else. She sent him a text back with an overly long note that boils down to "Really?"
    • She soon texted to Frisk that texting to Deadpool was "FOREBODEN". Deadpool only responded with:
    Deadpool: "ok sheesh"
  • On one hand, she's glad that Vegeta isn't as bad as she's led to believe. On the other hand, she really doesn't like his violent and impatient nature, which got on edge when he feels especially testy.
    "Fucking try it and see what happens, asshole."
  • She noticed that quite a few followers had loved her in a different way, attracting some attention by some Gods of Lust. She blushed at the thought stating that "they would certainly find better than an old woman like me".
    • There's also a few who wonder if her relationship with Sans isn't a bit more than just friends, something that makes her sputter and blush, but she assures people they're just that-friends.
  • She and Alexstraza get along quite well, especially since the two had tragically lost their children. As such, she is willing to help the Dragonflight out to stop Deathwing's path of destruction.
  • She is supporting Batman for his defensive behavior towards children and, by extension, the weak, even though she's a little uncomfortable about his form of mercy.
    • Both Jason Todd and her oppose each other for their methods of protecting children.
  • Nobody has had the heart to break it to her that Flowey is actually her child Asriel revived from the dead as a soulless monstrosity, attempts to inform her from more malicious villains looking to break her spirit are usually stopped by a very unamused Sans. The only time those who know the flower's secret would tell her would be if they finally found a way to give Asriel a SOUL so he could be himself again.
  • Isaac became one of her adopted "in name only" sons, after seeing how much trouble he went through in his world, and him somehow ending up in the Underground. Despite him still having his own temple, she goes down with some other Undertale deities and helps him out in his basement.
    • Hearing his story, she's said that if Isaac's mother ever find her way into the pantheon, she'll be sure to give her a scalding. When asked if she meant to say "a scolding", she just narrowed her eyes and flatly said, "No."
  • Six has also joined her group of honorary children. She loves her cooking, including Toriel's snail pie. Toriel even joins Six in her talks with Ashi ((along side Jack)) since she is the only one that can tell both girls are nervous around each other.
  • During an argument with a sympathizer of Asgore, Toriel was accused of hypocrisy and cowardice over her decisions and feelings regarding Asgore. While she did not approve of his actions and called him a coward for not fully going to do it, she was accused of the same cowardice when her own response was to abandon Asgore and running aware from her responsibilities as a Queen, leaving Asgore to make an impossible choice by himself. Furthermore, despite the controversy of Asgore's plan and his hesitance, not only did she fail to provide any alternative solution, but failed to take account of her husband's own feelings of loss. In addition, there were the pragmatic benefits from Asgore's reluctance-based approach; anyone who made their way to the mountain and fell in would be assumed dead by the fall and thus, there was little chance for search or potential retaliation. Lastly, she did more or less keep the children locked against their will, to where she tried to fight them to get them to say. Despite her well-intentions, it doesn't excuse her actions... in the same way she blamed Asgore. By the end of it, Toriel was utterly rattled by these accusations, especially since she could not find any counterargument. Not even Frisk could say anything in response (though they kept quiet on the matters anyway.)
    • Upon hearing this, Asgore tried to remove any potential blame on his wife and claim sole responsibility for what happened. Ironically, this has made Toriel feel even guiltier over everything.
      • It has been revealed that the person who actually said this was Count Bleck, sympathizing with Asgore over the fact that they both lost loved ones and were willing to do heinous acts over revenge, but considers Asgore to be the better man because he realized after declaring war how terrible of an idea it was, hindsight he wish he had.

    Yui (Sword Art Online
Yui, Goddess of Happily Adopted Children (MHCP-001, Yui Kirigaya, Persona Vabel)
Click here to see Yui as a Navigation Pixie in ALO 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when Linked To Administrative System ("Cardinal") of the Universe she presently inhabits)
  • Symbol: A Crystal Tear-Drop
  • Theme Song: I Know AI
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Artificial Intelligence, Badass Adorable, Cheerful Child, Daddy's Girl, Fairy Companion, A Glitch in the Matrix, Happily Adopted, Nice Girl, Fun Size, Infinity +1 Sword, Flaming Sword
  • Domains: Happy Families, Empathy, Compassion, Hacking.
  • Allies: Kirito and Asuna (her adoptive father and mother), Suguha Kirigaya (her Adoptive aunt), Sinon, Yuuki Konno, Edward Newgate, Piccolo, Toriel, Dominic Torretto, Tony Chopper, Yui Hirasawa, Clark Kent, Son Gohan, Tinker Bell, Navi, Link, Enju Aihara, Mai Takatsukasa, The Human Child/Frisk, Ellen Ripley, Thor
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, SHODAN, Tenjuro Banno, Raul Menendez, Flowey, Soundwave
  • Complicated Relationship: Her parents' Abridged counterparts, Sanji, (For trying to hit on her Mommy), Achakura Ryoko, Yondu The Ravager
  • Creeped Out By: The Meta, HAL 2000 (One-sided hostility)
  • Is overjoyed that she is finally able to join her beloved "Papa and Mama" Kirito and Asuna in the Pantheon, and the lovely little family celebrate by going to the House of Beasts and Fauna to ride the Whales therein.
    • The situation has become a little bit complicated with the ascension of Abridged Kirito and Asuna. She is receiving so many gifts from both sets of parents to win her over to their respective sides.
  • Dear friends with the Adoptive Fathers and Brothers of the Pantheon, particularly Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, Dominic Toretto, Piccolo and Toriel, as she is living proof of their belief that blood ties are not necessary to have a happy and loving family.
    • Piccolo in particular is fond of Yui, as her wisdom, bravery and kindness is very reminiscent of that of Son Gohan, his own stepson. Toriel has also taken a liking towards Yui since she reminds her of the Human Child/Frisk, who has also befriended Yui because of their similarities.
  • Due to her origins as a therapeutic AI, she frequently visits the House of Love and Emotions as a sympathetic shoulder for long-suffering Gods to cry on.
  • Is creeped out by HAL 2000, as his tyrannical and coldly logical disregard for life is eerily reminiscent of the Cardinal System of Sword Art Online. HAL for his part is confused, as he finds Yui to be a charming and smart little girl whom he really wants to have a challenging game of chess with.
  • Yui is also confused about what to think of Achakura Ryoko, who like her is an Artificial Intelligence who is able to take a cute and cuddly small size; on the one hand she finds her totally adorable, while on the other hand remembers she is still a psychotic assassin, albeit one that is no longer good at her job.
    • On the other hand she gets along wonderfully with Doctor Tony Chopper, as they are both highly intelligent and kind scholars who can change sizes at will, even though she constantly asks him to mind the bad-language he's used to using with his male friends.
  • Because her Daddy is a Clueless Chick-Magnet, Yui constantly makes sure he stays faithful to Asuna, and tries her best to keep women who don't meet her standards of approval (IE. Anyone who is not her aunty Leafa or Sinon) away from him. In spite of that, she is very good friends with Silica through their mutual friendship with the latter's pet dragon, Pina.
    • She is also very serious about protecting her Mommy, and is not amused when Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates decided to hit on her during their cook-off competition at one particular party that Edward Newgate invited her family to.
  • Yui is learning how to jam with Yui Hirasawa, the lead guitarist of Hokago Teatime; they are very fond of each other because when speaking in English, they sound curiously similiar.
  • Do not under ANY circumstances harm her Papa and Mama in her presence; try that and she will hack into the very fundamental laws of the universe you presently inhabit, conjure a colossal flaming sword that can cleave through the concept of invincibility, and chop you into burning confetti with it.
  • Is utterly terrified of the Meta and his "interest" in her doesn't help matters.
  • Soundwave once attempted to convert her into a cassette just as he did to Ratbat◊ in the past. Luckily for the young A.I., he was stopped by the White Hat Hackers, who transported Kirito and Asuna to their location where a quick battle ensued. Soundwave wisely retreated but he's still considering the potentials of capturing her for Megatron's use.
  • Made friends with fellow Fairy Companion Tinkerbell and Navi, and enjoys sharing over tea and cake how similar their adventures with their respective handsome male-Elf companions are. She is particularly close to Navi as Link's roguish bad-boy charm and preference for Legendary Swords is very similar to that of Kirito's.
    • Though Yui is politely suggesting that Navi stops using "Hey! Look! Listen!" with every Facebook Message to get her attention; it's getting pretty old pretty fast, she privately admits to Link.
  • She met with a particular God in the Hall of Causes of Madness and tried to help him. The sheer trauma of his past actions in both Third Impacts and the collected guilt of his involvement in the events that lead to Fourth Impact almost made the poor AI to enter into a severe Heroic BSoD until he patted her in the head and asked her to help his old comrades instead of him.
  • Has gained an ire of Raul Menendez when he attempted to brainwash her along with Sam Flynn in hopes to hack the entire system. She was glad that her parents came to rescue both of them before Raul could finish them both.
  • Yondu the Ravager is very fond of Yui, frequently visiting the Kirigaya Family Log Cabin to bring her toys from 1980's Earth, sharing tales of his latest adventure (altered to be appropriate for little-girls, of course) before patting her on the head and blasting off to another... and yet is awkward when around her Mother and Father. Far from disliking Mr and Mrs Kirigaya, the surly old space pirate admires how their loving and kind upbringing made Yui the kind, sweet and happy little girl she is; a doubly painful reminder of how his (comparatively) abusive and neglectful upbringing of Peter resulted in a cynical Manchild with a Hair-Trigger Temper for a son.
  • Has befriended Love Gorrsdottir, the mischievous adopted-niece of Thor Odinson, ever since the God of Thundre came to Kirito and Asuna for advice on how to be a responsible uncle to a child who is far more powerful than he is, much like how Yui is far more powerful than her adoptive parents. Love's mischievous nature ended up being a bad influece on the normally well-behaved young A.I, as the two godlings' resultant and literal titanic "playfighting" has caused much chaos and damage to the normally tranquil woods of Aincrad Level 22, becoming quite the handful to their respective Uncle and Parents.

Lesser Gods

    Bobby Singer 
Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer, God of Honorary Uncles (Uncle Bobby)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Trucker Cap
  • Theme Song: "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Surrogate Father, Breakout Character, Cool Old Guy, Only Sane Man, Shot His Abusive Father, Mister Exposition, Crazy-Prepared, Deadpan Snarker, Hunter of Monsters, Papa Wolf, Killed Off for Real
  • Domains: Hunters, whiskey, trucker caps, beards, surrogate parents, hip flasks
  • Heralds: Rufus Turner, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Jody Mills
  • Allies: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Sirius Black, Alfred Pennyworth, Chiron
  • Drinking Buddies With: Rick Sanchez
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Gabriel
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes of Hell, War the Horseman, Famine the Horseman, Pestilence the Horseman, YHVH, Lucifer, Satan (Paradise Lost), Pazuzu, Scar, Lady Tremaine, Heihachi Mishima
  • Opposes: Child Abusers
  • Feared By: Many deities that reside within the house of Otherness, but especially ones within the Halls of Vampires and Demons
  • Bobby Singer was brought into the world of hunting when his wife, Karen, was possessed by a demon, and when she attacked him after an argument, he inadvertently killed her. Rufus Turner later came by and exorcised the demon, but Karen died of her wounds, leaving Bobby grief-stricken and drawn into the world of hunting. At some point, he crossed paths with John Winchester and his sons, Sam and Dean Winchester, the latter two of which he would become a surrogate father of sorts to. Needless to say, Sam and Dean were thrilled when they heard of his ascension to the Pantheon.
  • He can usually found in his temple, which is an identical replica of his house from when he was a mortal, drinking whiskey and resting. Crowley often visits him, which mainly annoys Bobby, and if anyone asks, Crowley will proudly show them the picture he has of him and Bobby kissing from when Bobby made a deal with Crowley. Bobby will deny that he used tongue
  • While he and Cas get along and are friends and allies, there is some confusion about that time Castiel asked Bobby to touch "it". Castiel was referring to Bobby's soul, and it doesn't help that Castiel said he needed to touch it very gingerly.
  • As someone who was abused by his father as a child and later shot him, Bobby naturally opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, as well as any other Abusive Parents found in the Pantheon. Said parents tend to avoid him, knowing fully well that he shot his dad for being an abusive ass and most likely wouldn't hesitate to do the same to them.
  • Is friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alfred Pennyworth, Sirius Black, as they all relate to each other in terms being surrogate parents or honorary uncles. Bobby also sympathizes with Sirius, as he also had to deal with abusive parents of his own. He also admires Chiron, even if the latter is a centaur, due to how many heroes Chiron trained in his time.
  • Can sometimes be seen drinking with Rick Sanchez, although Rick's more sociopathic tendencies tend to put Bobby off a bit. And like most of Bobby's other acquaintances and friends, their relationship is filled to the brim with vitriol and banter, with Rick arguing against the existence of some of the creatures Bobby's faced, while Bobby remains skeptical of the things Rick's encountered.
  • He'd rather not talk about the time he nearly became a vengeful spirit after he died. He received a scolding from Yoda about this, though the two gained respect for each other shortly afterwards.
  • Is almost never seen without his Trucker Cap. Even when he was a ghost, in Hell, and in Heaven, he was still wearing it. Doesn't seem to be the case for his alternate counterpart, who instead wear a military beret.
  • "Idjits."

    Rem & Ram 
Rem and Ram, Twin Goddesses of Adopted Servants
Ram on the left, Rem on the right
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Their respective hairclips
  • Theme Music: Wishing (Rem); What you don't know (Ram)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Rem, between Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral for Ram
  • Portfolio: Adopted Maids, Dark and Troubled Past, Meido, Oni, Polar Opposite Twins, Theme Twin Naming
  • Domains: Maids, Oni, Love, Power, Magic
  • Allies: Subaru Natsuki (Especially for Rem), Emilia, Puck, Casca, Naminé, Xion, Sakuya Izayoi, G36, Fiona Mayfield, Rom and Ram, Masters of Spinjitzu
  • Enemies: Rom, The Vacuous Spider, The Hårga, The Fifth Church, Los Iluminados, The Hag, Saira & Kaira, Baba Yaga
  • Conflicted Opinion: Momotaro
  • Wary of: The Oni, Gluttony
  • Rem and Ram are the twin servants of the Roswaal Mansion, taken in by Roswaal after the Witch Cult destroyed their hometown and murdered their parents. They are both Oni that were born with one horn, though Ram's horn was permeantly broken off and left her de-powered. While both twins were initially distrustful and snarky towards Subaru, Rem would eventually fall in love and become devoted to him after he saved her life and helped her overcome her cycle of self-loathing. Sadly, Rem's memories and name were eaten by the Archbishop of Gluttony, putting her into a coma and erasing her from the memories of everyone except Subaru. Rem eventually awakens from her coma, but is no longer able to remember Subaru.
  • Rem and Ram ended up summoned into the Pantheon by one of the gods in the Pantheon, though who it is unknown. The twins soon met their friends from the world, but since they were summoned as they currently are, relationships have been complicated and tense. Although Rem is awake, she still cannot remember anything from her past, and her lingering feelings for Subaru only confuse her. The Gods have been searching for a way to help restore Rem's memories, but all the attempts have only worked temporarily, so Rem spends more time as her post-amnesia self, with everyone else also temporarily remembering her. That said, the few moments Rem still has with Subaru are still precious to the latter, making him all the more determined to restore her.
  • Naminé was greatly sympathetic with Rem's condition, since she was once forced to tamper with Sora's memories, causing him to temporarily forget people and for the people to forget him in turn. Unfortunately, since Rem's memory loss does not work the same way as those affected by her powers, as well as the fact that Sora never forged a bond with her, Naminé is unable to do anything to help Rem. She could only provide Subaru support and aid him to the best of her ability. Naminé promises she will do everything she can to help Subaru restore Rem's memories, which Subaru is quite grateful for.
    • Xion saw Rem's situation to be quite similar to her own, with the only difference being that Rem was still physically present. They both disappeared from the memories of their closest friends and were forgotten by almost everyone. Xion was finally brought back into existence with the help of Sora and Roxas, as well as Vexen and Saïx of all people, which also restored everyone's memories of her. Though Rem has awakened from her coma, her memory loss saddens Xion as she and Roxas promise to find a way to help her recover the lost memories.
  • Casca sees a lot of similarities between herself and Rem, since they both fell in love with a man for who they are, but suffered from a terrible tragedy at the hands of a enemy that caused them to lose their memories. Both of the love interests have made it their goal to restore them to the people they once were, no matter how many hardships they have to endure. Casca and Rem became quick friends because of this, with Rem helping to console Casca and help her on the road to recovering from her trauma, and Casca in turn wanting to help find a true cure for Rem's condition.
  • The twins have met other maids in the Pantheon, namely Sakuya Izayoi, G36 and Fiona Mayfield. G36 and Fiona both became instant friends with Rem, both her normal self and her amnesiac self, the former becoming a Cool Big Sister figure despite an initial creepy impression, and the latter becoming someone who is willing to share her burdens with Rem. Sakuya on the other hand gets along with Ram the most since they both possess great loyalty to their master and tend to talk to each other about how they best serve them.
  • Their relationship with Momotaro is complex, since he did fight Oni who stole food from his village. Even though Rem and Ram are different from the Onis he fought, Momotaro is still not exactly on the best of terms with them, especially Ram when the latter reacted with hostility towards him. Both sides prefer to avoid each other ever since.
  • Both of the twins have recently encountered the Ao Oni and have learned to fear it after it started appearing out of nowhere when they least expect it. Its presence causes Rem to reawaken her powers and turn into a berserker once more, forcing Subaru to try and calm her down once again. Ever since, the twins have avoided the Ao Oni's mansion to avoid a repeat of this incident.
  • Rom and Ram, coincidentally or not, also happen to be polar opposite twins with pink and blue coloring. Rem and Ram respectively found themselves drawn to each girl respectively for their personality. Rom and Rem became instant friends with each other due to their reserved personalities, with Rom even going so far as to ship Rem with Subaru after seeing how much she loves him. Both Rams were so similar to each other that they quickly formed a kinship.
    • The twins have learned of Rom, The Vacuous Spider from Ram's encounter with it. They learned just how dangerous it is to attack the creature, considering how it induces insanity and blindness in their attackers. The two tread carefully whenever they enter its realm, showing great caution whenever they come close to it and great fear when they end up getting attacked by it as a result of someone else provoking it.
  • The Masters of Spinjitzu were quite surprised to meet more Oni in the Pantheon, but they quickly saw that the twins weren't evil at all and were quite willing to be friends with them. While Ram is snarkier towards them (especially with Kai to the point of being Vitriolic Best Buds at best), Rem is polite and friendly towards them. The Ninja were horrified to learn of what happened to Rem and they promised to help Subaru with restoring her memories.
  • Because they lost their family to the Witch Cult, the twins are understandably apprehensive towards cults and evil witches. The Hårga, the Fifth Church, and Los Iluminados have earned their contempt for their actions as cults, with the latter two receiving the biggest amount of hatred from the twins for being Apocalypse Cults. Despite their modus operandi being quite different from the Witch Cult, Rem and Ram are willing to fight them to prevent them from achiveing their goals.
    • While they have made some exceptions, the twins aren't too fond of witches either, considering the Witch Cult and the Witches of Sin they worship. In particular, the Hag, Saira & Kaira, and Baba Yaga are seen as the biggest enemies of the twins due to their atrocities and sins. The Hag and Baba Yaga have earned Rem & Ram's disgust after learning of how they eat people (and in Baba Yaga's case, children), while Saira and Kaira have compared to the Witches of Sin due to the way they mess with the natural order.
  • Rem is terrified of Gluttony, due to the Homunculus reminding her Lye Batenkaitos, who not only also represents the deadly sin of Gluttony, but the way he opens his mouth reminds her of how the Archbisop of Gluttony ate her memories. Ram, even though she couldn't remember Rem, knew Lye as her enemy after he tried to use Rem's memories against her, provoking her into killing him. Seeing Gluttony scare Rem immediately invokes Big Sister Instincts in her as she attacks Gluttony the same way she attacked Lye, forcing the homunculus to retreat. They have been on-guard ever since.


Horton, God of Taking Care of Eggs
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The bird-elephant hybrid he hatched or the clover with the dust speck where Whoville is at
  • Theme Music: Horton Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, Honorable Elephant, Determinator, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Elephants, Resolve, Help
  • Heralds: His bird-elephant hybrid son, everyone in Whoville in that dust speck, Morton the Mouse
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Allies: Ganesha, Babar, Dumbo, Billy Hatcher, Angry Birds
  • Not Fond of: Bullies
  • Very Weird Relations: The Grinch
  • Horton is a big-hearted elephant who tends to get into big predicaments usually involving the protection of something that he finds. One of his adventures had him being tricked by a selfish bird into taking care of her egg while she went away for a long period of time. Amidst mockery by others and other dangers, he was able to hatch that egg into a bird-elephant hybrid. Another had him finding an entire town inside a dust speck and protecting it alongside the clover it's on from harm. Much like his egg-sitting stint, Horton's determination paid off as the citizens in that dust speck were able to have their voices heard just when things became dire. Everyone who had previously couldn't take Horton for listening to a dusk speck seriously came to accept the people in that speck for who they are.
  • Since he has both his son and the dust speck housing Whoville with him, this could mean that Horton would have a lot to take care of on a regular basis in the Pantheon. Luckily for him, Fluttershy, a genuinely nice person, offered to look after Horton's son whenever the elephant is out doing something and the clover carrying that Whoville dust speck is in a place within Horton's temple where it is very likely that harm won't come to it if Horton isn't carrying it around with him.
  • Upon hearing that there was more elephants in the Pantheon, Horton decided to pay them all a visit and was greeted by Ganesha, Babar, and Dumbo. He gets along great with them and hangs out with the trio whenever he can. Babar is quite surprised at how Horton was able to endure a couple of hunters while sitting on that egg to prevent it from getting destroyed and Dumbo has hanged out with the bird-elephant hybrid child whenever that tags along with Horton during his meet-ups with elephants, not to mention Horton having a mouse friend with him while protecting the town inside that dust speck. Dumbo can also relate to Horton having a bad experience in a circus while the latter was sitting on the egg, though Dumbo's circus experience did gradually improve and Horton left the circus after the egg hatched.
  • During a quirk stroll around the Pantheon, he ended up encountering the Angry Birds, many of whom were looking after their eggs. Horton was promptly reminded of his experience with taking care of that egg when he was with them. Red then told the elephant that the eggs the birds were taking care of back then were just outright stolen and that the birds resorted to using a giant slingshot to get back at the eggs' kidnappers. Horton was a bit weirded out by that but he remained on good terms with the birds thanks to their experiences in making sure that whatever eggs they have don't get destroyed.
  • Meeting Billy Hatcher was a very surprising experience not only for Horton, but also for the kid in the chicken suit. Horton explained his egg-sitting ordeal to Billy, who was quite impressed with the elephant's feat and proceeded to talk about his own adventure to Horton. Billy then showed off how he's able to take of eggs and how much use they are to him, both before and after the hatching process. Although Horton was a bit nervous about some of Billy's actions, he grew to like the kid and the whole thing he has with eggs. Thanks to Billy, it's very possible to find an egg that could hatch something weirder than a bird-elephant hybrid.
  • Given how much derision he had to endure on both taking care of the egg and that dust speck, Horton simply doesn't have anything nice to say about those who mock others just to make themselves feel better. Hearing about how there exists some people who thrive on making others miserable, as well as those who are much more malicious than anyone that he had met prior disheartened Horton for a bit.
  • While he is rather known for providing a bit of unlikely help towards others whenever possible, there has been some instances where Horton's kindness was taken advantage of. More specifically, him meeting a Kwuggerbug back then and it trying to double-cross him wasn't one of his better experiences. Since the Pantheon has plenty of beings who are willing to use Horton's benevolence for their own selfish gain, Horton has been a bit more careful on what kinds of deities would need his unexpected help.
    • This would lead to a lot of trouble given that there's plenty of Trolls whose main purpose it was to rile up unsuspecting people for their twisted amusement. Trollkaiger tried to convince Horton that they needed help with something that while keeping the nature of their real plan a secret from him. Horton didn't really have much of an idea as to who the group was until later during their scheme. However, just when Trollkaiger was about to unleash their plan, Horton let out a big sneeze, ruining their plan in the process and Trollkaiger left in anger. It was then that Horton was told by others about the group's intentions, something that he really didn't like to say the least.
  • After hearing that Whoville somehow managed to be part of the Pantheon, the Grinch ended up searching for it just to make sure the citizens there aren't doing anything to annoy him. His search led him to Horton, who told The Grinch that the "Whoville" he's thinking of is very different from the Whoville in the Pantheon. More accurately, Whoville is inside a dust speck on top of a clover that Horton carries around and protects. This only ended up confusing The Grinch for quite some time following the meeting, and it's possible that something else regarding him and Horton may have caused a different kind of befuddlement for The Grinch.
    • If it's possible that The Grinch and his Whoville exist inside a snowflake and that the world where Horton and the dust speck inhabiting his specific Whoville are from exist in a dust speck, alongside the fact that multiple worlds possibly exist in either snowflakes or dust speck, this has led a few weird-minded deities to wonder whether or not the Pantheon exists inside a snowflake or a dust speck. Neither Horton nor The Grinch are really interested in getting hung-up on such a mindless matter.
  • One thing about Horton that's very much consistent is his kind-hearted attitude. There have been a few moments here and there where he's just a bit more hyperactive than normal whilst retaining his amicability. This leads to moments where his imagination gets a bit too crazy, much to the amusement of a few deities who witness him at certain times.
  • I meant what I said, and I said what I meant! An elephant's loyal, one-hundred percent!


    Ben and May Parker 
Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Parker and May Parker (née Reilly), Divine Couple of Nephewism (Ben: Uncle Ben | May: Aunt May, May Jameson, Aunt Hottie [by Tony Stark])
The couple in the Sam Raimi Trilogy. L - R: Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

    Jonathan and Martha Kent 
Jonathan and Martha Kent, Deities of Adoptive Mundane Parents to Superhumans (Pa and Ma Kent)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A framed picture of the Kent family
  • Theme Song: "Sent Here for a Reason"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Happily Married, Human Parents to Superhuman Son, Unable to Conceive Until Finding Superman, Raising Superman to be a Hero, Dying in Some Continuities, Surviving in Others, Farmers
  • Domains: Adoption, Love, Parenting, Morality
  • High Priests: Owen and Beru Lars
  • Followers: Trevor Bruttenholm, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, Tatsuo and Haruko Itsuka
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Child Abuse Supporters, Vril Dox/Brainiac, General Zod, Darkseid, Doomsday, Relius Clover, Dr. Sofia Lamb
  • Wary Around: High Councilor Kal-El
  • Pity: Lex Luthor, Martin Walker
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Dursleys
  • Jonathan and Martha Kent were just a kindly couple living in the small town of Smallville, Kansas. Their lives changed forever when a small spacecraft crashed in one of their fields. Inside the ship was the young Kal-El, who was adopted by the Kents and named Clark. Thanks to their strong moral fiber and unconditional love, Jonathan and Martha gave the world one of its greatest heroes: Superman. For that, the Court of the Gods authorized their ascension.
    • Upon hearing Jonathan and Martha had ascended, Superman flew towards their temple and happily reunited with them. He even brought his wife Lois Lane and son Jonathan for a big family reunion. The elder Kents didn't knew Clark had sired a son, so it came off as a pleasant surprise for them.
    • As an even bigger surprise, Jor-El and his wife Lara came to the reunion as well. Naturally, the elder members of the Kent family and the House of El became acquainted quickly and a long lasting friendship was formed.
    Jonathan: "Thank you for trusting us. Your sacrifice was our blessing."
    Jor-El: "Kal is your son as much as he is ours."
    • A lot of people note that Jonathan and Jor-El are remarkably similar to Robin Hood.
  • One or both of them have died in some versions of the Superman mythos, either in Clark's teenage years or in his adulthood. Deities in charge of counting deaths/survivals have actually given up on keeping track on their constant deaths/survivals, considering a waste of time.
  • Even now, Jonathan and Martha remain a source of inspiration for Clark, who often goes to their temple to seek counsel whenever he feels insecure about his superheroics. Jonathan and Martha always have the same advice for Clark: to follow his conscience.
    • At the same time, they were horrified upon learning that an evil version of Clark from an alternate universe also lived in the Pantheon as well. When the High Council heard about the Kents' ascension, he went into their temple and attempted to make them love him. Fortunately, the heroic Clark was able to fend him off with the help of the Justice League and has made sure Jonathan and Martha remain protected, but this hasn't stopped the High Councilor before.
  • Thanks to Superman and Batman, the Kents have become friends with Thomas and Martha Wayne. In an alternate continuity, it was Martha Wayne's memory, evoked by Martha Kent, that allowed Batman to move past his rivalry towards Superman and become friends. Naturally, this also earned them a friendship with Alfred Pennyworth, who often brings fresh meals and ingredients from his temple to help Martha with the kitchen.
  • The Kent temple is surrounded by the some of the finest fields in the Pantheon. Jonathan is helped in his farming duties by Clark, who also brought along the Farmer, who had already been authorized to oversee the Pantheon's farming activities.
  • Spider-Man has taken a quick liking to Jonathan and Martha, as they remind of him of Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The Kents are fond of the young man and support his heroic endeavors. They do, however, advise him not to be Spider-Man at the cost of his happiness, as his Uncle Ben would have wanted Peter to be happy on his own right.
  • Given their title, Jonathan and Martha have easily gained allies in gods who have been raised by normal humans. These include: Worf, Luke Skywalker, Hellboy and Shido Itsuka. This should prove that love truly knows no borders.
  • Having served in the military during World War II as a veteran, Jonathan earned him a friendship with Captain America and several good-aligned gods in the House of Military and Warfare. They occasionally gather on the Kent temple to share war stories. While some veterans offer Jonathan the chance to return to the military, Jonathan feels his time in the battlefield has come to an end and prefers the calm and peace of Smallville.
    • Being used to the horrors of war, Jonathan took pity on the traumatized Martin Walker. He is glad that in one version of his story, Walker surrendered his weapons and went home in peace; believing there is still hope for the young man.
  • Lex Luthor, having already dismissed Clark Kent as a threat to his plans, mostly ignores the Kents, but he does praise their strong character and work ethics, considering them a shining example of human achievement, although that does make him somewhat jealous of Clark. Meanwhile, the Kents think that for all his power and wealth, Lex is just an angry and sad man who never had a chance to experience happiness in his life thanks to his horrible excuse for a father. While they do not agree with his villainy, they still have hope that he can turn his life around and become a good man.
  • The Kents hold special contempt for Brainiac, who once attempted to destroy Earth after capturing Metropolis and even killed Jonathan just to spite Superman for foiling his plans. Brainiac, having heard of the Kents' ascension, has threatened to kill both Jonathan and Martha if Superman opposes him again.
    • General Zod once threatened Martha in his goal to restore Krypton on Earth and although he dismisses the Kents as a threat, he still considers them proof of humanity's inferiority towards Kryptonians. Even so, he dares not attack them directly, as he doesn't want Superman punching him across a cornfield and spearing him though a silo.
  • Not sure what to think of the The Dursleys. On one hand, they are good friends of Harry and overall good parents; so their treatment of Harry got them righteously indignant to the point Jonathan threatened to hit Vernon with a baseball bat until Clark and Harry defused the situation. On the other hand, they are glad to see at least, Petunia and Dudley became a little bit nicer to Harry over time, so perhaps they are not all that bad. Still, their obsession with normalcy confuses and annoys the Kents, given the state of the DC Universe.
  • Because of her resemblance to Judge Hershey, Judge Dredd is surprisingly nice to Martha and goes to visit her now and then. Knowing that Dredd is deep down a good man, Martha always welcomes him in her home and offers him a piece of apple pie.