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Greater Gods

    Edward Newgate 
Edward Newgate, God of Surrogate Fathers (Whitebeard, The Strongest Man in the World)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Whitebeard pirates Jolly Roger
  • Theme: I'm Whitebeard!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fathers To Their Men, Arrogant Kung Fu Guys, World's Strongest Man, Badass Mustaches, Earthquakes, Determinator, Polearms, Surviving the impossible
  • Domains: Earthquakes, Piracy, Family, Facial Hair
  • Allies: Darth Vader, Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, Negi Springfield, Mr. Rogers, Lee Everett, Jiraya, Jack Sparrow, Kirito and Asuna, Yui Kirigaya, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Rick Grimes, Popeye
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, Sir Crocodile
  • He ascended after his death in combat against the world government, trying to save his surrogate son Ace from execution. Has never taken a wound to the back, and he died standing. Is revered by 90% of all pirates. Said he was too old to be God of Pirates and let Jack Sparrow keep the position.
  • Was the first to welcome Lee Everett, God of Zombie Survival, into the pantheons, recognizing a kindred spirit and fellow badass. Has also been seen by Lee's side, praying for Clementine's safety.
  • Is sometimes invited to Jack Sparrow and Jiraya's drinking sessions.
  • Upon Usopp and Nami's long awaited ascension, Newgate was welcomed by Luffy into the Straw Hat's reunion celebration. It was a very rowdy time, and most of the gods' followers can't really remember half of it. After the party, Whitebeard slapped Monkey's shoulder and said with a chuckle that he made a decent "stepson".
  • Like Luffy, was enraged when he learned of Akainu's ascension. Out of concern for the Pantheon, however, he deliberately avoids him to prevent a confrontation, a sentiment the Fleet Admiral returns.
    • With Ace's official ascension and him and Luffy beating down Akainu, Whitebeard roared with laughter and tears, such noises that they could have been heard within the depths. He and Luffy joined with Pinkie Pie to celebrate his arrival, as well as the fact that because of his defeat and Ace's ascension, Akainu is finally leaving them alone to form a stronger army.
  • He has taken a Great Liking to the Kirigaya Family of Alfheim Online, and regularly has afternoon tea with them. Kirito and Asuna's heartwarming relationship with their adoptive daughter Yui proves his belief that blood is of no object to having a close and loving family.
    • The trio are in discussion with former Demon King Piccolo and Dominic Torretto on forming a League of Adoptive Parents, a harbor of safety where orphaned children may seek love and shelter.
      • The League deeply respects the bravery of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, who single-handedly stormed, battled, and triumphed against an Alien Hive to protect her Adopted Daughter Newt, and invited her to take the position of the Team Mom. After some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the former Warrant officer of The Nostromo graciously accepted.
  • Given the title as the world's strongest man, he was introduced to Popeye through Luffy, and the two quickly got off to a good friendship, with Popeye even being reminded of his own Pappy from Whitebeard. By that, we mean having a destructive melee that escalated all the way from the house of combat and ended at the house of food, where Popeye needed to scarf down multiple cans of spinach to keep up with Whitebeard. Eventually, they decided to call it a draw, and quickly earned each other's respect, and are quick to call upon each other should they need help dealing with something.
    • Him berating Akainu after fighting his way into his temple also scored him points of approval from Whitebeard.

Intermediate Gods

    Belial and Nebiros 
Belial and Nebiros, Gods of Paternal Affection for the Adopted(Belial: Missionary of Depravity; Nebiros: Wandering Reviver)
  • Demon lords, equivalent to Intermediate Gods.
  • Symbols: A trident (Belial) and a puppet (Nebiros)
  • Alignment: Nominally Chaotic Evil, drifting into Chaotic Neutral (for Alice only).
  • Portfolio: Love for Innocence, Blissfully Oblivious Loving Children, Happy Adoptions, Appreciation But Not Love For One's Partner, Bonus Boss
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Fire, Illusion, Necromancy, Ars Goetia.
  • Allies: Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV, Mary Poppins, Lucifer
  • Enemies: Kazuya
  • Nobody knows for sure how they transitioned from sadistic Goetic demon kings to the fierce protectors of their loving adopted daughter Alice, herself now a Lesser Goddess in the House of Emotion. The full story is implied to be a horrific Tear Jerker, and the two of them keep it under wraps for her consideration.
  • The two of them represent part of the Goetia in the Pantheons.
  • They once got entangled in a conspiracy involving possessed phones, Alice, and Raidou Kuzunoha. Cottoning on the kid's potential, they later requested Raidou's aid via their master to weaken Alice and then rewarded him with the power to summon her as one of his demons. They saved him from her later during the case of the The Lone Marebito and returned all his things that Alice stole.
  • Nebiros is considered one of the premier necromancers of the Pantheon, and delights in fighting to prove his nigh-peerless skill. Alice herself has proven to be a most apt pupil, though both Belial and Nebiros have been kindly asked to stop her if she gets too out of hand. The sheer horror of the last time Alice exerted her powers to unleash a massive Night of the Living Mooks (which were Made of Explodium to boot) got them reprimanded. Nebiros just sees it all the more reason to better train Alice.
    • When Jack Skellington heard of Alice's powers, he wanted her to show a bit of it to him so he could use it for his Halloween acts. Belila and Nebiros immediately vetoed Jack's offer, but said that Alice could see Jack's shows as long as she behaved herself.
  • They have reluctantly called on others to allow Alice a bit more freedom with her desire for friends. Gentaro Kisaragi, Wednesday Addams, Mandy, Hansel and Gretel and Peter Pan were eventually singled out as particularly good candidates. Wishing to become better parents, they regularly consult both Mr. Koiwai and Gentaro for paternity advice.
    • To Belial and Nebiros's relief, Gentaro's trying to see if his good friend, Tomoko Nozama, would be interested in having Alice as a friend also. However, he was left astonished when he asked them about Alice's origins - both clammed up instantly. He is no longer sure he wants to pry in the matter.
      • Upon hearing about Gentaro's alternate self, and Alice's attempts to 'befriend' that Gentaro, Belial and Nebiros are worried about what would happen if Gentaro was resurrected, presumably because he'd act similar to Alice herself. In fact, they found out that when Gentaro died by Ryusei's hand, Alice revived him first, not Kengo. Belial and Nebiros weren't happy to learn that, but were relieved when Kengo used the Cosmic Switch to undo the damage and bring the real Gentaro back to life. The two made Alice apologize for her mistakes, but Gentaro and Kengo forgave her, causing the girl to cry in happiness. Gentaro and Kengo now visit her every now and then, taking her to the Rabbit Hatch and engaging in tea parties for her enjoyment.
    • With the ascension of Mary Poppins into the Pantheon, the two are relieved to find that she has been ever so patient and kind to Alice (and the fact that Alice didn't go Die for Me!! on Mary Poppins).
  • While they are trying to be good adoptive parents, this doesn't mean they are "good", period. As an example, they sometimes join Alice in her search for "friends". Sometimes they start the search by outright hunting innocents they can add to Alice's collection. Raidou and other summoners have been tasked with keeping tabs on them and stopping them if necessary... especially if they decide Alice needs more friends...
  • Despite allying with Mr. Koiwai, Koiwai states that Belial and Nebiros are not allowed within vicinity of Yotsuba. Considering what would happen to poor Yotsuba if Alice went Die for Me!, the demons agreed.
  • Both of them hate Kazuya after he refused to die for Alice, and then sealed Belial away and killed Nebiros. Kazuya hates Nebiros for killing his friend to make another friend for Alice.

    Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather 
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Patron Goddesses of Fairy Godparents (The Three Good Fairies, The Rebels (by Maleficent), Aunts (by Aurora), Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit)
Left to right: Flora, Fauna, Merryweather
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Three floating orbs of red (Flora), green (Fauna) and blue light (Merryweather); alternatively their outfits in red, green and blue
  • Theme Song: "Magical House Cleaning" / "Blue Or Pink"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for three of them, but Merryweather can slips into Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gives up their magic to protect Aurora to avoid Maleficent by raising her for 16 years, used magic to prepare for Aurora's 16th birthday led to Maleficent discovered her whereabout, has bigger role than in the original fairytale, Big, Thin, Short Trio, wearing red, green, and blue, helping Phillip to defeat Maleficent, Freudian Trio
  • Domains: Fairies, Godmothers, Magic
  • Allies: Prince Phillip (non-ascended), Aqua, Sora, Ventus, Cinderella, Link, Alice Liddell, any good-aligned children deities, Pinocchio, Altaria
  • Enemies: Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, The Crow
  • Opposed: Tinker Bell
  • Opposed by: Any evil-aligned children deities, Shrek
  • Feared by: The House of Dragons, especially the Evil-aligned ones such as Acnologia, Nefarian, Deathwing
  • Conflicting Opinion: Timmy Turner
  • Complicated Relationship with: Aurora, Nozdormu, Ysera, Alexstrasza
  • Annoyed by: Navi
  • Odd Friendship: Spyro
  • Unanimously agreed to be worthy of the position by the entire Pantheon by not only going above and beyond their call of duty to raise Aurora for 16 years to protect her without magic, but the three of them love her so much that they did all the work for Prince Phillip to defeat Maleficent - THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL, despite obviously being rightfully dead terrified of her.
  • When first heard the news that the three of them has ascended, Aurora came by and first gave them a hug; but then calls them out for lying to her about her origin for her entire life, force her to abandon her simple life to become a princess she isn't ready for AND marry someone she doesn't know! (it worked out in the end because that person is Prince Phillip, but still) After a heart-to-heart, Aurora came to understand that they have her best intention at heart and agree to atleast try building a proper relationship with the three fairies without lies this time around.
  • When ascended, they took it upon themselves to give blessing to every single children deities in the Pantheon who doesn't have their own godmother to wish them the best in life. Yes, that include the evil-aligned ones, although they aren't happy about it and frequently give blessing that will intervene or foil their most evil plans as they don't want to wish harm to the child regardless of the bad or good choices they made in their life and stoop to Maleficent's level.
    • However, they were at first confused about Pinocchio and doesn't know what to make of him as he still appears in his puppet form in the House of Personal Appearance. After learning about his temple, they gave him their blessing while Pinocchio is very excited as Merryweather is also a fairy wearing blue like the Blue Fairy.
  • Their reaction when finding out that not only their sworn enemy Maleficent is still alive and kicking, but also has a place in the Pantheon while still planning to unleash darkness upon the world by kidnapping Aurora and the other Princesses of Hearts is a mixed of disbelief, shock, anger, protectiveness toward Aurora and (for Merryweather) trying furiously to locate Maleficent to turn the evil fairy into stone while Flora desperately holds her back and Fauna trying to convince her to calm down.
    • Despite being mortal enemies, the three of them somehow almost always ended up running to Maleficent whenever they arrive late to perform their duty of giving blessings to newborns in the Pantheon. People deduce that after the shenanigan with Aurora, parents in the Pantheon have learned to invite Maleficent into special occasions so she cannot crash it and curse their children. Most of these encountered always ended up in a magical duel in both side and destroy whatever temples the occasion took place in, so the people made sure to have different time table for both side to avoid each other.
  • For the love of God, under any circumstance, do NOT mention the universe that they were forced to take in Aurora and are neglected idiots whose treatment toward her borderlines abusive if you don't want to be turned into stone. In fact, don't mention the name Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit in front of them either. Many of their followers happily agree.
  • The three of them disprove Timmy Turner as they think he abused the blessing he received from his own godparents one time too many. Having said that, the three fairies still allow their High Priest Cosmo and Wanda to visit Timmy in the Fallen but warn that even they couldn't help the couple if they were thrown into the same place with Timmy.
  • Cinderella first mistook Merryweather to be her own fairy godmother as both of them are fairies in the shape of old ladies wearing blue. While disappointed when this is not the case, she is still grateful to know that there are someone out there like her godmother using their magic for good. Cinderella sometimes visit their temple to ease her longing for her own godmother as she discovered that Flora sounds similar to the godmother in her world.
    • Because the three fairies love children and see the circumstance Cinderella went through, they came to deeply despises Lady Tremaine, especially knowing that Tremaine tries to kill Cinderella, as well as the fact that Tremaine sounds really similar to Maleficent.
  • Because both of them have red motif and the same voice, Alice was first terrified of Flora as she thought that her mortal enemy the Queen of Hearts has ascended. After a clearance from Sora and Aqua, she came to like the three of them as they love children very much and would go to great length to protect them, especially Aurora, and thus would be great help in the battle against Xenahort.
  • Was not amused when discovered about Tinker Bell's existence they feel she is too mean-spirited in her jealousy when formed various schemes to kill Wendy.
  • Link paid their temple a visit and asked for a blessing after discovered that they helped Prince Phillip killed the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent. The three fairies wished all of his versions the best in their adventure but cannot help but be annoyed by his choice of companion in Navi.
  • While only take the form of a crow, the Crow still despises them for turning Diablo into stone and immediately plotting to attack them in their small form. The three fairies also don't impress with the Crow's action either and Merryweather swears to turn him / her / it into stone if he / she / it pulls that sort of thing towards Aurora or anyone else.
  • Feared by all dragon deities in the Pantheon, especially the evil-aligned ones, as the three fairies were able to enchanted a sword to kill the Mistress of All Evil Maleficent herself when she took her dragon form. Most dragons deities stay away from their temple as the fairies can turn small and sneak attack any of the dragon if they want to. However, some of the more powerful and evil ones like Nefarian, Deathwing and Acnologia are plotting to get rid of them to remove a potential threat.
    • The only real exception among the dragons are Nozdormu, who believes that they can terminate his evil future self Murozond, and Spyro, who already had experience dealing with fairies and doesn't afraid with going near them. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather were pleasantly surprised to see some non-evil dragon deity and welcomed Spyro while feeling sorry for Nozdormu, but quietly promised they will do whatever it take to protect innocent lives when the time comes. Altaria also on friendly term with them as the Pokemon's Mega evolution is Dragon-Fairy and is presumably able to shrug off their attack. Flora, Fauna, Merryweather along with the rest of the good-aligned deites are making effort to protect the Pokemon from being captured and experimented on by Deathwing or Nefarian in their effort to get rid of the three fairies.
    • Because that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather can kill dragons, as well as the fact that they promised to kill Nozdormu when he turn evil, the three fairies are on difficult term with his sisters and fellow Dragon Aspects Ysera and Alexstrasza. While they respect the three fairies for making such a difficult promise and understand that Flora, Fauna and Merryweather only kill evil dragons, the two Dragon Aspect still keep their guard up.
  • Surprised to see Klefki in the Pantheon, as the Pokemon is the only fairy who isn't humanoid and cannot use magic to attack. They are even more surprise and confused when learned that the Pokemon is Steel / Fairy.
  • Shrek isn't their biggest fan due to his bad experience with fairy godmothers. Having said that, he understand that these fairy godmothers are the good guys.
  • They also share a position in the House of Otherness.

    Lilo & Stitch 
Lilo Pelekai and Stitch, Gods of True Companions (Lilo: Little Girl, Weirdlo; Stitch: Experiment 626, Abomination, Trog, Little Monster, Kenny, Stitch Pelekai)
  • Intermediate God (Stitch) and Demigoddess (Lilo)
  • Symbols:
  • Theme Song: "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" by Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu and The Kamehameha Schools Childrenʻs Chorus. Alternately, "Aloha, E Komo Mai" (Lilo & Stitch: The Series theme song) performed by Jump5 and (partially) Stitch himself.
  • Alignment: Both are Neutral Good, although they teeter on the edge of Chaotic Good, especially Stitch, who was Chaotic Evil before he met Lilo.
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains:
    • Both: Family, Friendship, Love (in the platonic sense), Hawai'i
    • Lilo: Voodoo (she tries), Weirdness
    • Stitch: Genetics, Mischief, Space
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Within their own universe, Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, Leroy, and Experiment 627. Also, basically anyone who hates the concept of family and/or are willing to harm families, whether it's their own families or otherwise (especially The Child Abuse Supporters) and evil-aligned aliens who the two cannot convert (including the aforementioned aliens from their universe). Oh, and Gideon Graves, too.
  • Odd Friendship with (Stitch only): Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Conflicting Opinions from (all towards Stitch): Ariel, Aladdin, Belle and The Beast, Simba, Cinderella and most other Disney deities
  • Observed by: The Men in Black
  • Ascended when the Pantheon contacted the United Galactic Federation to inform the human-alien duo about their ascension, to which they held a special council meeting for—ah, who are we kidding… Lilo found out about the Pantheon when she was using Dr. Jumba Jookiba's computer one day, got interested in it, and got Stitch interested as well upon telling him about it. After he found out exactly where the Pantheon is after just seconds of research, he took Lilo aboard The Red One and flew the ship to where the Pantheon is using its hyperdrive. How he managed to even figure out the Pantheon's coordinates so quickly (considering that's top secret information) is beyond anybody's comprehension.
  • With a strong belief in her father's teachings about ʻohana, and using Elvis Presley as an example of a "model citizen", Lilo rehabilitated Stitch, changing him from a destructive being who only cared about himself to the still mischievous yet caring friend he is today, forming a new family of humans and aliens consisting of the two, her older sister Nani, "Uncle" Jumba, and "Aunt" Wendy Pleakley. Later, they would save Stitch's 625 prior "cousins" from the clutches of Jumba's former partner Dr. Hämsterviel and found a "one true place" for all of them to use their abilities for good. The duo were given their role based on how they managed to improve themselves and the lives of their extended family for the better, which is rather impressive for a young girl and a reformed artificially-created alien.
  • Stitch is trying to get his "cousins" ascended into the Pantheon as well. So far, Sparky (Experiment 221) has managed to ascend to the Pantheon,note  who also brought Zap (Experiment 603) as his Herald. Sparky was then followed by Reuben (Experiment 625).note  Later on, Angel (Experiment 624) would also join them in the Pantheon, much to Stitch's delight. They took an unintended break afterwards, thanks to both Stitch going on frequent dates with Angel and both him and Lilo helping to successfully (re-)ascend Elvis Presley (and befriending him big time, of course). But then Hämsterviel ascended and so did two experiments the duo did not want to see in the Pantheon; Stitch's successors Leroy (the original one, specifically, who is Stitch's twin brother) and Experiment 627 (Stitch's completely evil rival and immediate successor "cousin"). From that point on, they went right back to working on getting more of their ʻohana ascended, successfully managing to bring in Felix (Experiment 010) and Nosy (Experiment 199) at the same time shortly after 627's ascension.
    • That said, it's still taking a long time for him and Lilo to ascend the rest of the extended Pelekai family, although they are allowed to visit to help reinforce the "Nobody Gets Left Behind" part of ʻohana. In the meantime, the other "cousins" are scattered all over the Pantheon as followers of various deities under Lilo's suggestion. She did it before in the mortal realm, so she could do the same in the Pantheon.
  • Although Stitch is Lilo's adopted pet under State of Hawaii law, their relationship is much closer to that of loving siblings rather than just a girl and her alien "dog". Even though they do get emotional if they're forcibly separated from each other, they are just the best of friends and nothing more. Lilo is even completely content with Stitch's relationship with his "boojiboo", Angel, despite that the human girl and the pink experiment initially did not get along.
    • On the topic of Angel, for some reason, he once thought his girlfriend ascended into the house of Singers & Performers, only to be disappointed to learn she wasn't there. However, he still checked out the temple of the goddess and was awe-strucken with her voice. When she found him smiling widely at her sight and voice, she just took it in stride, even reassuring Lilo who was chasing after him that no harm was done. Thus, Stitch became one of Margaret Moonlight's biggest fans. Little did he expect though that Margaret would actually help him get Angel ascended sometime later.
  • It's possible that Stitch can find his way into any universe he dang pleases to enter. This has caused some friction between him and some of the other Disney characters that are in the Pantheon. Expect him to mess with something and ruin a good moment upon ending up in another world.
    • Ariel didn't like how Stitch surfed in riding a huge wave while she was singing the reprise of "Part of Your World". She threw a sea star at his face for doing so.
    • Stitch almost crushed Belle and the Beast while they were dancing in the ballroom when he climbed on the chandelier. His added "molecular density" on the light fixture brought it and him crashing down on the floor below. Belle became perturbed and went back to her room, telling the alien to "Get [his] own movie."
    • While Aladdin and Jasmine were riding on Carpet together, Stitch pulled up next to Carpet in The Red One, charming the princess with his superior spacecraft. Needless to say, Ali was not pleased to see his girl joyriding with the alien afterwards.
    • He somehow swapped places with baby Simba when the lion was supposed to be formally introduced to the Pride Lands. Rafiki mistakenly raised the alien high above Pride Rock until either Timon or some random warthog (not Pumbaa) pointed it out from the crowd watching below. A stampede of animals escaping the vicinity of the rock formation followed.
    • When he escaped to Florida one time, he pretended to be Prince Charming and broke into Cinderella Castle, disturbing the titular princess. He then proceeded to TP and graffiti the castle afterwards, forcing her groundskeepers to clean up the mess overnight.
    • For his part, Stitch has since apologized for the above incidents, although he did secretly gave Jasmine another go-around in The Red One sometime later. Also, he now considers the ride based on his Floridian escapades to be an Old Shame, considering it tarnished his reputation big time among Walt Disney World fans. In fact, it's an emotional trigger for him whenever that ride is mentioned in a negative light (as it typically is by just about anyone in some form of emotion—especially fans of that ride's cult classic predecessor—whenever it's mentioned); he will strongly make it a point to everyone that it does not represent who he is today, and will point to a different ride as being a much better and closer representation to the real Stitch.
  • The duo were happy to see some of the people they've met before in the Pantheon, such as T.J. Detweiler (who met them while he was vacationing in Kauaʻi) and Kim Possible (who helped Lilo rescue Stitch from Dr. Drakken one time), and they've maintained their friendships with them.
  • Some gods thought that Stitch left Lilo and ended up with a different human girl in Japan. He was shocked and upset to even hear the idea of him leaving Lilo behind, and strongly reaffirmed the tightness of his ʻohana. (i.e. He went on an emotional rampage threatening to tear apart anyone who dare suggests that he does not like or care for any member of his family anymore.)
    • Rumors rose that Stitch was captured by alien mercenaries who wanted to use him to make their own experiments, but he managed to escape to China, becoming friends with another human girl over there, and that supposedly all this time he has metamorphosis abilties that could even cause him to grow into a giant. Considering that he was already ticked off from hearing about him leaving Lilo the first time, the gods kept these new rumors to themselves this time around. Or at least, they tried to; Stitch managed to find out on his own accord (nobody can hide anything from that super-intelligent, hypercognitive, little monster) and went on another emotional rampage around the Pantheon.
    • As much as Lilo doesn't like the idea of being separated from Stitch herself, she finds Stitch becoming bad again out of negative emotions to be even worse. Much Cooldown Hugging from her and the "cousins" had to be made, especially after the second rampage.
  • Lilo's skills in calming troubled individuals and helping to give them a new purpose in life (or "one true place" as she calls it) has led to her becoming a popular life coach, although she works better with non-humans. Like the experiments back on Kauaʻi, she regularly checks up on those she helped out.
  • Likewise, Stitch is very much a caring being when given the chance to be friendly. He is more than willing to help out, play with, and give hugs to those who don't reject him. That being said, he is still very mischievous even after Lilo reformed him, and is just as more than likely to join other tricksters like Dennis Mitchel, Bart Simpson, and Hoopa in pranking others.
  • Stitch's status as an artificial creature has also garnered the attention of some gods known for dealing with genetics and other scientific fields, especially the Mad Scientist and Evil Genius gods who are more interested in the alien's original function. Considering that he was upset by the fact that he was originally designed to be a destructive monster, and that he once suffered seizure-like glitches that reverted him to his evil programming, which almost ruined his relationship with Lilo, he naturally does not want to be reminded about his old self. He prefers to be seen as a good person that Lilo knows him to be. That and also cute and fluffy, not mean and scary.
  • There have been some debates by the other gods in the Pantheon about which of the two is truly the weirder one. While Stitch's wacky behavior is obvious, Lilo has a lot of strange habits of her own, such as feeding a fish (one named Pudge) a peanut butter sandwich because she believes it controls the weather, and taking lots of photos, especially of tourists and especially overweight people (the more rotund gods in the Pantheon are annoyed by this habit of hers). Her behavior is sometimes so odd that even Stitch has to keep her under control sometimes. Nevertheless, the gods agree that for all of Lilo and Stitch's strangeness, their hearts are in the right place.
  • The House of Food was not happy with Stitch. He frequently ate the dishware that meals are served on and tended to take a lot of food from the pantry, becoming quite a nuisance as a result. It got worse when coconut cake and coffee were involved. With help from the House of Technology, the House of Food tried every measure to secure their coffee and dessert stock, but Stitch managed to figure out how to bust or circumvent everything they had in place, and even mocked them on security camera footage for trying to outsmart the one and only Experiment 626.
    • They did consider using his main weakness of water to stop him, but decided against it. Why? 'Cause one, water is used to make both cake and coffee (among many other foodstuffs), and thus they don't want to risk ruining the food stock should something go horribly wrong; and two, they're not going to be that cruel to him, even if he is a trouble-maker (and they also don't want to get Lilo upset by having her think that they want to try to drown him).
    • However, Stitch's food-snatching escapades eventually stopped thanks to an unlikely individual; his immediate predecessor and older "cousin", Reuben. One day, when Stitch was just entering the pantry for another round of pigging-out, he and Reuben (who was getting ingredients for a massive Dagwood) saw each other face-to-face for the first time since the latter's ascension. Naturally, Stitch was very happy to see his cousin again and immediately hugged Reuben, who was also pleased to see his younger brother-like cuz and hugged him back. That said, since he was informed from the other House of Food gods about Stitch's frequent pantry raids, Reuben politely (though with some snarky banter on the side) told Stitch that taking so much food from the House of Food's pantry was not a good thing to do. Stitch realized that his cousin was right and apologized to him, promising not to do it again. Reuben, being the relatively reasonable guy that he is, accepted the apology on the House's behalf. He then quickly made Stitch a foot-long Fool's Gold Loaf and also gave him a cup of coffee and a slice of pre-made coconut cake, and Stitch thanked his cousin for the meal before leaving. Now whenever Stitch visits the House of Food, he always goes to see Reuben first, who always has a plentiful meal (whenever it's made by him or not) prepared for his always hungry cuz.
  • When Lilo and Stitch met Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, the two duos were both intrigued of how similar they were, having such close friendships between a young, caring human and a cute, yet powerful creature, and for befriending many other strange and fantastic creatures like the ones they know. The human children got along well pretty quickly, but Stitch and Pikachu took a while longer to get used to one another. The yellow Pokémon was initially weirded out by the blue alien's strange appearance and even stranger behavior, while the alien was suspicious about how the Pokémon was similar to Sparkynote  and may have been jealous of the Pokémon's adorable looks. However, when the two saw how the other got along nicely with the creatures they know (especially their best friends) and how they fight in battle, the two then decided to become friends. They even made a promise to one another to protect the other's best human friend should they end up with or switch places with them.
  • When N heard about Lilo's closeness to the experiments, reminding him about his closeness with Pokémon, he asked her how was she able to do rehabilitate so many once-evil creatures. She explained her ʻohana thing, which upset N as he and his cruel father never got along, unlike Lilo with her late parents (especially her father, who came up with and enforced the ʻohana motto). Lilo and Stitch were greatly disturbed when N told them his story, and were horrified to hear that a family member would be so cruel to their relative. Lilo then told N that he is welcome to join her ʻohana, and N happily accepted. He now hangs with the experiments at least once a week, oftentimes with his Pokémon, and is pleased to see them enjoying life and being mostly kind to others.
  • When Lilo found out that her idol Elvis was not in the House of Music, she tried to get him to ascend to take on the role of the God of Rock and Roll as "the King" rightfully deserves. At first, the House of Music gently told her that he had ascended there before, but has since left the building, so she headed back to her temple where she lied down on the floor depressed and played his "Heartbreak Hotel" on her record player all the rest of the day that day. However, being the ever-plucky girl that she is, she then went to work on what would be a massive rally campaign to get him ascended, with Stitch and the experiments helping her out. They threw a concert where Stitch got back into his Elvis outfit and rocked away to the King's tunes on his guitar. Many of the Pantheon's best singers were there to back the duo up on stage; Angel in particular sang a moving rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" with her boyfriend. After suddenly receiving so many demands for Presley's return, the House of Music eventually decided to bring Elvis back into their halls. To say that Lilo and Stitch were thrilled to finally meet him would be an understatement.
  • Stitch is one of several deities that Sora can summon in combat (the others being Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Genie, and Bambi). However, the Keybearer's opinions are conflicting, since Stitch once played a nasty game of "hide and seek" on him, Donald, and Goofy, leading to them being captured by the Master Control Program.
    • At least Stitch will always greet Sora with a lick in the face upon being summoned. It's said that Ash once compared that to Karl being greeted in a similar fashion by his grandfather's Mightyena. (Oddly enough, Mightyena's National Dex number is 262, which is the reverse of Stitch's experiment number, and also the experiment number of his superheroic cousin, Ace.)
  • Some gods were surprised to find Stitch being friends with Dr. Doofenshmirtz, considering the two never actually met in either of their universes. Apparently, one time they met during a camping trip and they teamed up during a talent show night performing (and talking about the lyrics of) "Blackbird" by The Beatles. The families watching were pretty entertained by their performance, even though... well, let's just say Angel should give her boyfriend and Doof some singing lessons.
  • The Men in Black are aware of Stitch and the aliens' presence on Kauaʻi, including their connections with Lilo and her family. However, Cobra Bubbles, one of their members who is a good friend to the Pelekai ʻohana, has assured them that there are no problems with the presence of them on the island and nobody's memories need to be wiped there. He also assists the United Galactic Federation in keeping the family in check, and makes sure that the rest of the United States government does not interfere with the family's intergalactic relations.
  • Due to having similar believes on finding "one's true place", the duo became good friends with The Cutie Mark Crusaders who help gods find their meaning in life. When Lilo visited their temple and found the myriad of photos with the Crusaders' good "Vampire wrestling caretakers", she immediately said that she wanted to visit them. At that point, Gangrel—having been bombarded with the Crusaders' good-hearted attempts to give him some new friends—was THIS CLOSE to kicking Lilo out until Lilo started fangirling over how awesome he was from his ring of fire entrance, his entrance theme, his blood baths and more. Gangrel lightened up after that and Luna Vachon finds Stitch to be absolutely "adorable" (and fluffy!). Lilo now joins the Crusaders whenever the trio wish to watch an all-night horror movie marathon in the House of Ambiguity.
  • Stitch became fans of Scott and Ramona's love story and how Scott had to battle Ramona's evil exes. He, alongside Angel, sometimes go on double dates with Scott and Ramona to see who can fight through the most people within the house of Combat. Also helps that they are repulsed by Gideon Graves and his actions, willing to jump into the fray should he be a threat to anyone that they care about.
  • Stitch attracted the attention of George Beard and Harold Hutchins, who, though they admire Lilo's efforts to be good and reform herself and others, are bound and determined to get her "to loosen up a little", especially after they heard a rumor that she pulled a prank on an entire beachful of tourists as revenge for them being rude to her. Lilo, for her part, admires the two boys deep friendship and creativity, as well as their efforts to, as she puts it, "manage Mr. Krupp's badness level."
  • Finally, it should be strongly noted that threatening to harm or kidnap either Lilo or anyone else in the extended Pelekai family is inadvisable, lest one wants to feel the wrath of a little blue alien juggernaut and his cousins. Should you do so anyway, then if you hear Stitch say the Tantalog words, "Meega nala kweesta!",note  you are done for.

Toriel, Goddess of Interspecies Adoption (Tori, Tu-Toriel, Mom, Queen Toriel Dreemurr, the Queen of All Monsters, Goat Mom)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Delta Rune above a pie
  • Theme Song: Fallen Down, Home (Music Box), Heartache
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Overprotective, Yet Loving Mother, Proficient Fire Magic User, Powers Representing Hearth Flame Tough, Sweet, and Cool Old Lady, Love for Snail Pie and Puns, Much Older Than She Looks, Willfully Weak, The Reason for Her Overprotective Nature, Former Queen of the Underground
  • Domains: Adoption, Love, Puns, Royalty
  • High Priest: Mr. Ping
  • Allies: Frisk, Papyrus and Sans, Undyne, Napstablook, Mettaton, all of the Good Gods of Family, Joel, Iji Kataiser, Fi, Kirito and Asuna, Luka, Adell, Alexstraza, Matt, Liam, most good-aligned Fire deities, Batman, Isaac, Pearl, Six
  • Enemies: Flowey, Abusive Parents, Most of the Evil Gods of Family, Deathwing, Most Evil Fire Deities, Lord Hater and Commander Peepers, SCP-993
  • Conflicting Opinion: Vegeta, Count Bleck
  • Complicated Relationships: King Asgore Dreemurr (her ex-husband)
  • Opposes: Jason Todd, Corvo Attano
  • Good Counterpart to: Zeref
  • When Flowey is just up to no good with his "friendliness pellets" trick on some unsuspecting children, the flower was blasted away by a goat in a robe, calling him a "wretched being tormenting the weak." Toriel has ascended just in time.
    • Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne welcomed her with open arms. Technically, Papyrus did the hugging, Undyne just said hello, and Sans made a bad pun, which angered his brother, as usual.
    • She was overjoyed with The Human Child's ascension and had been regularly visiting them and their new friends ever since.
    • Once she and Joel had met, he hugged her and she returned the favor. The two have become close friends ever since.
  • She doesn't mind being called "Goat Mom," yet she acts more upset when she is called a cow. This stems from the time where she once wore a floral print muu-muu, which people complimented on it, but she took them the wrong way, which made her dislike both the muu-muu and the saying "nice muu-muu."
  • As a former follower, she gets along well with Kitty Forman and helps her with any and all children that they think should need their help, even if they reject.
  • Many Gods wondered what her snail pie tasted like. Needless to say, most people prefer her butterscotch-cinnamon pie instead.
  • Many people wonder why she is the Good Counterpart to Zeref, and some explained that they were royalty that had the tragedy of losing their loved ones.
  • She has been getting into texting on her cell phone, yet she texts them as letters. Deadpool has been texting her with only "booby" and nothing else. She sent him a text back with an overly long note that boils down to "Really?"
    • She soon texted to Frisk that texting to Deadpool was "FOREBODEN". Deadpool only responded with:
    Deadpool: "ok sheesh"
  • On one hand, she's glad that Vegeta isn't as bad as she's led to believe. On the other hand, she really doesn't like his violent and impatient nature, which got on edge when he feels especially testy.
    "Fucking try it and see what happens, asshole."
  • She noticed that quite a few followers had loved her in a different way, attracting some attention by some Gods of Lust. She blushed at the thought stating that "they would certainly find better than an old woman like me".
    • There's also a few who wonder if her relationship with Sans isn't a bit more than just friends, something that makes her sputter and blush, but she assures people they're just that-friends.
  • She and Alexstraza get along quite well, especially since the two had tragically lost their children. As such, she is willing to help the Dragonflight out to stop Deathwing's path of destruction.
  • She is supporting Batman for his defensive behavior towards children and, by extension, the weak, even though she's a little uncomfortable about his form of mercy.
    • Both Jason Todd and her oppose each other for their methods of protecting children.
  • Nobody has had the heart to break it to her that Flowey is actually her child Asriel revived from the dead as a soulless monstrosity, attempts to inform her from more malicious villains looking to break her spirit are usually stopped by a very unamused Sans. The only time those who know the flower's secret would tell her would be if they finally found a way to give Asriel a SOUL so he could be himself again.
  • Isaac became one of her adopted "in name only" sons, after seeing how much trouble he went through in his world, and him somehow ending up in the Underground. Despite him still having his own temple, she goes down with some other Undertale deities and helps him out in his basement.
  • Six has also joined her group of honorary children. She loves her cooking, including Toriel's snail pie. Toriel even joins Six in her talks with Ashi ((along side Jack)) since she is the only one that can tell both girls are nervous around each other.
  • During an argument with a sympathizer of Asgore, Toriel was accused of hypocrisy and cowardice over her decisions and feelings regarding Asgore. While she did not approve of his actions and called him a coward for not fully going to do it, she was accused of the same cowardice when her own response was to abandon Asgore and running aware from her responsibilities as a Queen, leaving Asgore to make an impossible choice by himself. Furthermore, despite the controversy of Asgore's plan and his hesitance, not only did she fail to provide any alternative solution, but failed to take account of her husband's own feelings of loss. In addition, there were the pragmatic benefits from Asgore's reluctance-based approach; anyone who made their way to the mountain and fell in would be assumed dead by the fall and thus, there was little chance for search or potential retaliation. Lastly, she did more or less keep the children locked against their will, to where she tried to fight them to get them to say. Despite her well-intentions, it doesn't excuse her actions... in the same way she blamed Asgore. By the end of it, Toriel was utterly rattled by these accusations, especially since she could not find any counterargument. Not even Frisk could say anything in response (though they kept quiet on the matters anyway.)
    • Upon hearing this, Asgore tried to remove any potential blame on his wife and claim sole responsibility for what happened. Ironically, this has made Toriel feel even guiltier over everything.
      • It has been revealed that the person who actually said this was Count Bleck, sympathizing with Asgore over the fact that they both lost loved ones and were willing to do heinous acts over revenge, but considers Asgore to be the better man because he realized after declaring war how terrible of an idea it was, hindsight he wish he had.

    Yui (Sword Art Online
Yui, Goddess of Happily Adopted Children (MHCP-001, Yui Kirigaya, Persona Vabel)
Click here to see Yui as a Navigation Pixie in ALO 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when Linked To Administrative System ("Cardinal") of the Universe she presently inhabits)
  • Symbol: A Crystal Tear-Drop.
  • Theme Song: I Know AI
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Artificial Intelligence, Badass Adorable, Cheerful Child, Daddy's Girl, Fairy Companion, A Glitch in the Matrix, Happily Adopted, Nice Girl, Fun Size, Infinity +1 Sword, Flaming Sword
  • Domains: Happy Families, Empathy, Compassion, Hacking.
  • Allies: Kirito and Asuna (her adoptive father and mother), Suguha Kirigaya (her Adoptive aunt), Sinon, Yuuki Konno, Edward Newgate, Piccolo, Toriel, Dominic Torretto, Tony Chopper, Yui Hirasawa, Clark Kent, Son Gohan, Tinker Bell, Navi, Link, Enju Aihara, Mai Takatsukasa, The Human Child/Frisk
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Tenjuro Banno, Raul Menendez, Flowey, Soundwave
  • Complicated Relationship: Her parents' Abridged counterparts, Sanji, (For trying to hit on her Mommy), Achakura Ryoko, Yondu The Ravager
  • Creeped Out By: The Meta, HAL 2000 (One-sided hostility)
  • Is overjoyed that she is finally able to join her beloved "Papa and Mama" Kirito and Asuna in the Pantheon, and the lovely little family celebrate by going to the House of Beasts to ride the Whales therein.
    • The situation has become a little bit complicated with the ascension of Abridged Kirito and Asuna. She is receiving so many gifts from both sets of parents to win her over to their respective sides.
  • Dear friends with the Adoptive Fathers and Brothers of the Pantheon, particularly Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, Dominic Toretto, Piccolo and Toriel, as she is living proof of their belief that blood ties are not necessary to have a happy and loving family.
    • Piccolo in particular is fond of Yui, as her wisdom, bravery and kindness is very reminiscent of that of Son Gohan, his own stepson. Toriel has also taken a liking towards Yui since she reminds her of the Human Child/Frisk, who has also befriended Yui because of their similarities.
  • Due to her origins as a therapeutic AI, she frequently visits the House of Love and Emotions as a sympathetic shoulder for long-suffering Gods to cry on.
  • Is creeped out by HAL 2000, as his tyrannical and coldly logical disregard for life is eerily reminiscent of the Cardinal System of Sword Art Online. HAL for his part is confused, as he finds Yui to be a charming and smart little girl whom he really wants to have a challenging game of chess with.
  • Yui is also confused about what to think of Achakura Ryoko, who like her is an Artificial Intelligence who is able to take a cute and cuddly small size; on the one hand she finds her totally adorable, while on the other hand remembers she is still a psychotic assassin, albeit one that is no longer good at her job.
    • On the other hand she gets along wonderfully with Doctor Tony Chopper, as they are both highly intelligent and kind scholars who can change sizes at will, even though she constantly asks him to mind the bad-language he's used to using with his male friends.
  • Because her Daddy is a Clueless Chick Magnet, Yui constantly makes sure he stays faithful to Asuna, and tries her best to keep women who don't meet her standards of approval (IE. Anyone who is not her aunty Leafa or Sinon) away from him. In spite of that, she is very good friends with Silica through their mutual friendship with the latter's pet dragon, Pina.
    • She is also very serious about protecting her Mommy, and is not amused when Sanji of the Straw Hat Pirates decided to hit on her during their cook-off competition at one particular party that Edward Newgate invited her family to.
  • Yui is learning how to jam with Yui Hirasawa, the lead guitarist of Hokago Teatime; they are very fond of each other because when speaking in English, they sound curiously similiar.
  • Do not under ANY circumstances harm her Papa and Mama in her presence; try that and she will hack into the very fundamental laws of the universe you presently inhabit, conjure a colossal flaming sword that can cleave through the concept of invincibility, and chop you into burning confetti with it.
  • Is utterly terrified of the Meta and his "interest" in her doesn't help matters.
  • Soundwave once attempted to convert her into a cassette just as he did to Ratbat◊ in the past. Luckily for the young A.I., he was stopped by the White Hat Hackers, who transported Kirito and Asuna to their location where a quick battle ensued. Soundwave wisely retreated but he's still considering the potentials of capturing her for Megatron's use.
  • Made friends with fellow Fairy Companion Tinkerbell and Navi, and enjoys sharing over tea and cake how similar their adventures with their respective handsome male-Elf companions are. She is particularly close to Navi as Link's roguish bad-boy charm and preference for Legendary Swords is very similar to that of Kirito's.
    • Though Yui is politely suggesting that Navi stops using "Hey! Look! Listen!" with every Facebook Message to get her attention; it's getting pretty old pretty fast, she privately admits to Link.
  • In one of her visits to the House of Emotion, she met with a particular God of the sub-house of Insanity and tried to help him. The sheer trauma of his past actions in both Third Impacts and the collected guilt of his involvement in the events that lead to Fourth Impact almost made the poor AI to enter into a severe Heroic BSoD until he patted her in the head and asked her to help his old comrades instead of him.
  • Has gained an ire of Raul Menendez when he attempted to brainwash her along with Sam Flynn in hopes to hack the entire system. She was glad that her parents came to rescue both of them before Raul could finish them both.
  • Yondu the Ravager is very fond of Yui, frequently visiting the Kirigaya Family Log Cabin to bring her toys from 1980's Earth, sharing tales of his latest adventure (altered to be appropriate for little-girls, of course) before patting her on the head and blasting off to another... and yet is awkward when around her Mother and Father. Far from disliking Mr and Mrs Kirigaya, the surly old space pirate admires how their loving and kind upbringing made Yui the kind, sweet and happy little girl she is; a doubly painful reminder of how his (comparatively) abusive and neglectful upbringing of Peter resulted in a cynical Manchild with a Hair-Trigger Temper for a son.

Lesser Gods

    Bobby Singer 
Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer, God of Honorary Uncles (Uncle Bobby)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Trucker Cap
  • Theme Song: "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Surrogate Father, Breakout Character, Nice Trucker Cap, Cool Old Guy, Only Sane Man, Shot His Abusive Father, Mister Exposition, Crazy-Prepared, Deadpan Snarker, Hunter of Monsters, Papa Wolf, Killed Off for Real
  • Domains: Hunters, whiskey, trucker caps, beards, surrogate parents, hip flasks
  • Heralds: Rufus Turner, Garth Fitzgerald IV, Jody Mills
  • Allies: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Sirius Black, Alfred Pennyworth, Chiron
  • Drinking Buddies With: Rick Sanchez
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Gabriel
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes of Hell, War the Horseman, Famine the Horseman, Pestilence the Horseman, YHVH, Lucifer, Satan (Paradise Lost), Pazuzu, Scar, Lady Tremaine, Heihachi Mishima
  • Opposes: Child Abusers
  • Feared By: Many deities that reside within the house of Otherness, but especially ones within the subhouses of Vampires and Demons
  • Bobby Singer was brought into the world of hunting when his wife, Karen, was possessed by a demon, and when she attacked him after an argument, he inadvertently killed her. Rufus Turner later came by and exorcised the demon, but Karen died of her wounds, leaving Bobby grief-stricken and drawn into the world of hunting. At some point, he crossed paths with John Winchester and his sons, Sam and Dean Winchester, the latter two of which he would become a surrogate father of sorts to. Needless to say, Sam and Dean were thrilled when they heard of his ascension to the Pantheon.
  • He can usually found in his temple, which is an identical replica of his house from when he was a mortal, drinking whiskey and resting. Crowley often visits him, which mainly annoys Bobby, and if anyone asks, Crowley will proudly show them the picture he has of him and Bobby kissing from when Bobby made a deal with Crowley. Bobby will deny that he used tongue
  • While he and Cas get along and are friends and allies, there is some confusion about that time Castiel asked Bobby to touch "it". Castiel was referring to Bobby's soul, and it doesn't help that Castiel said he needed to touch it very gingerly.
  • As someone who was abused by his father as a child and later shot him, Bobby naturally opposes the Child Abuse Supporters, as well as any other Abusive Parents found in the Pantheon. Said parents tend to avoid him, knowing fully well that he shot his dad for being an abusive ass and most likely wouldn't hesitate to do the same to them.
  • Is friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alfred Pennyworth, Sirius Black, as they all relate to each other in terms being surrogate parents or honorary uncles. Bobby also sympathizes with Sirius, as he also had to deal with abusive parents of his own. He also admires Chiron, even if the latter is a centaur, due to how many heroes Chiron trained in his time.
  • Can sometimes be seen drinking with Rick Sanchez, although Rick's more sociopathic tendencies tend to put Bobby off a bit. And like most of Bobby's other acquaintances and friends, their relationship is filled to the brim with vitriol and banter, with Rick arguing against the existence of some of the creatures Bobby's faced, while Bobby remains skeptical of the things Rick's encountered.
  • He'd rather not talk about the time he nearly became a vengeful spirit after he died. He received a scolding from Yoda about this, though the two gained respect for each other shortly afterwards.
  • Is almost never seen without his Trucker Cap. Even when he was a ghost, in Hell, and in Heaven, he was still wearing it. Doesn't seem to be the case for his alternate counterpart, who instead wear a military beret.
  • "Idjits."

    CODEΩ 77 Stella 
CODEΩ77 Stella, Goddess of Motherhood at First Sight
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A pair of metallic cat ears
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Imprinting, Robot Girl, Super Speed, Emotionless Girl, Mismatched Eyes, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Family, Robotics, Speed
  • Allies: Mei-Fang, Chachamaru Karakuri, Aigis, Labrys, Tron, Shimakaze, Charlotte E. Yeager, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sophie, Top Speed, The Metroid Hatchling
  • While the majority of Stella's memories are of the Blue World, she was originally made on the White World, much like her much-admired upperclassmen.
  • After Amane Ayashiro accidentally activated Stella, Stella assumed Amane to be her creator, since Amane was the first person Stella saw when she activated.
  • After an incident when Stella got hurt because she went too fast, Stella thought Amane didn't actually care about her and only saw her as a tool to be used because Amane reacted violently to Stella breaking her previous top speed.
  • Whenever Stella's not in her temple, one doesn't have to search far for her, since the racecar noises her engines produce can be heard all the way from the other side of the Pantheon.
  • Because Stella's top speed exceeds the speed of sound, she gets along well with and frequently races other speed obsessed deities Charlotte E. Yeager, Shimakaze, Top Speed and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • After Stella explained about how she came to value her life and feel emotions for others, she developed a kinship with Sophie as she was created with a purpose in mind and; for a long time, didn't think about how her methods towards achieving her goal would affect her friends.
  • When Stella first met the Metroid Hatchling, it tried to suck out her energy but failed due to Stellas robotic body, after which, Stella was about to fight back against the Baby Metroid, who was suddenly stopped by Samus. Samus explained that the Baby Metroid isn't inherently bad and after telling Stella about how it became attached to her, Stella realized that it wasn't too dissimilar to how Stella came to see Amane as her mother.



Hawke God/Goddess of Caretakers (The Champion of Kirkwall)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Amell Family Crest
  • Theme Song: "Age Of The Dragon"
  • Alignment: Varies between various levels of Good and Neutral
  • Portfolio: Folk Hero, Momma's Boy, Generation Xerox, Iconic Outfit, Last-Name Basis, Only Sane Employee
  • Domains: Family, Destiny, Folk Hero
  • Followers: Anders, Aveline, Isabela, Carver and Bethany Hawke, Fenris, Sebastian.
  • Allies: Varric Tethras, Merrill, Commander Shepard, The Bhaalspawn, The Warden and the Inquisitor
  • Enemies: Corypheus, Scar
  • Hawke originally just wanted to provide for his/her family and later protect the people of Kirkwall, but events catapulted him/her into the position of Champion and then straight on into divinity. Regardless of his/her say in the matter.
  • Like Commander Shepard, only a few know Hawke's true story. Varric Tethras likes it that way, as it lets him embelish on some of Hawke's exploits. The truth is more complicated than fiction.
  • While Hawke occasionally performs... questionable actions, the Champion usually stops something much worse from happening.
  • Holds his/her family very dear, to the point of risking the Deep Roads to provide for them. Even Uncle Gamlen.
  • Hawke and Varric are nearly inseparable, even if they are technically in different domains. If Hawke goes missing for a substantial period of time, you can be sure that Varric is the one who knows where he/she is, not that he'll necessarily tell you.
  • Do not take Hawke's love for his/her family for a weakness. Hawke is extremely and violently protective of them. And it would be good to know that back in Thedas, he/she is renowned as one of the most formidable combatants the continent has ever had.
  • Was overjoyed to see the Warden and the Inquisitor in the Pantheon at long last.

Horton, God of Taking Care of Eggs
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The bird-elephant hybrid he hatched or the clover with the dust speck where Whoville is at
  • Theme Music: Horton Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, Honorable Elephant, Determinator, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Elephants, Resolve, Help
  • Heralds: His bird-elephant hybrid son, everyone in Whoville in that dust speck, Morton the Mouse
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Allies: Ganesha, Babar, Dumbo, Billy Hatcher, Angry Birds
  • Not Fond of: Bullies
  • Very Weird Relations: The Grinch
  • Horton is a big-hearted elephant who tends to get into big predicaments usually involving the protection of something that he finds. One of his adventures had him being tricked by a selfish bird into taking care of her egg while she went away for a long period of time. Amidst mockery by others and other dangers, he was able to hatch that egg into a bird-elephant hybrid. Another had him finding an entire town inside a dust speck and protecting it alongside the clover it's on from harm. Much like his egg-sitting stint, Horton's determination paid off as the citizens in that dust speck were able to have their voices heard just when things became dire. Everyone who had previously couldn't take Horton for listening to a dusk speck seriously came to accept the people in that speck for who they are.
  • Since he has both his son and the dust speck housing Whoville with him, this could mean that Horton would have a lot to take care of on a regular basis in the Pantheon. Luckily for him, Fluttershy, a genuinely nice person, offered to look after Horton's son whenever the elephant is out doing something and the clover carrying that Whoville dust speck is in a place within Horton's temple where it is very likely that harm won't come to it if Horton isn't carrying it around with him.
  • Upon hearing that there was more elephants in the Pantheon, Horton decided to pay them all a visit and was greeted by Ganesha, Babar, and Dumbo. He gets along great with them and hangs out with the trio whenever he can. Babar is quite surprised at how Horton was able to endure a couple of hunters while sitting on that egg to prevent it from getting destroyed and Dumbo has hanged out with the bird-elephant hybrid child whenever that tags along with Horton during his meet-ups with elephants, not to mention Horton having a mouse friend with him while protecting the town inside that dust speck. Dumbo can also relate to Horton having a bad experience in a circus while the latter was sitting on the egg, though Dumbo's circus experience did gradually improve and Horton left the circus after the egg hatched.
  • During a quirk stroll around the Pantheon, he ended up encountering the Angry Birds, many of whom were looking after their eggs. Horton was promptly reminded of his experience with taking care of that egg when he was with them. Red then told the elephant that the eggs the birds were taking care of back then were just outright stolen and that the birds resorted to using a giant slingshot to get back at the eggs' kidnappers. Horton was a bit weirded out by that but he remained on good terms with the birds thanks to their experiences in making sure that whatever eggs they have don't get destroyed.
  • Meeting Billy Hatcher was a very surprising experience not only for Horton, but also for the kid in the chicken suit. Horton explained his egg-sitting ordeal to Billy, who was quite impressed with the elephant's feat and proceeded to talk about his own adventure to Horton. Billy then showed off how he's able to take of eggs and how much use they are to him, both before and after the hatching process. Although Horton was a bit nervous about some of Billy's actions, he grew to like the kid and the whole thing he has with eggs. Thanks to Billy, it's very possible to find an egg that could hatch something weirder than a bird-elephant hybrid.
  • Given how much derision he had to endure on both taking care of the egg and that dust speck, Horton simply doesn't have anything nice to say about those who mock others just to make themselves feel better. Hearing about how there exists some people who thrive on making others miserable, as well as those who are much more malicious than anyone that he had met prior disheartened Horton for a bit.
  • While he is rather known for providing a bit of unlikely help towards others whenever possible, there has been some instances where Horton's kindness was taken advantage of. More specifically, him meeting a Kwuggerbug back then and it trying to double-cross him wasn't one of his better experiences. Since the Pantheon has plenty of beings who are willing to use Horton's benevolence for their own selfish gain, Horton has been a bit more careful on what kinds of deities would need his unexpected help.
    • This would lead to a lot of trouble given that there's plenty of Trolls whose main purpose it was to rile up unsuspecting people for their twisted amusement. Trollkaiger tried to convince Horton that they needed help with something that while keeping the nature of their real plan a secret from him. Horton didn't really have much of an idea as to who the group was until later during their scheme. However, just when Trollkaiger was about to unleash their plan, Horton let out a big sneeze, ruining their plan in the process and Trollkaiger left in anger. It was then that Horton was told by others about the group's intentions, something that he really didn't like to say the least.
  • After hearing that Whoville somehow managed to be part of the Pantheon, the Grinch ended up searching for it just to make sure the citizens there aren't doing anything to annoy him. His search led him to Horton, who told The Grinch that the "Whoville" he's thinking of is very different from the Whoville in the Pantheon. More accurately, Whoville is inside a dust speck on top of a clover that Horton carries around and protects. This only ended up confusing The Grinch for quite some time following the meeting, and it's possible that something else regarding him and Horton may have caused a different kind of befuddlement for The Grinch.
    • If it's possible that The Grinch and his Whoville exist inside a snowflake and that the world where Horton and the dust speck inhabiting his specific Whoville are from exist in a dust speck, alongside the fact that multiple worlds possibly exist in either snowflakes or dust speck, this has led a few weird-minded deities to wonder whether or not the Pantheon exists inside a snowflake or a dust speck. Neither Horton nor The Grinch are really interested in getting hung-up on such a mindless matter.
  • One thing about Horton that's very much consistent is his kind-hearted attitude. There have been a few moments here and there where he's just a bit more hyperactive than normal whilst retaining his amicability. This leads to moments where his imagination gets a bit too crazy, much to the amusement of a few deities who witness him at certain times.
  • I meant what I said, and I said what I meant! An elephant's loyal, one-hundred percent!


    Jonathan and Martha Kent 
Jonathan and Martha Kent, Deities of Adoptive Mundane Parents to Superhumans (Pa and Ma Kent)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A framed picture of the Kent family
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Theme Song: "Sent Here for a Reason"
  • Portfolio: Happily Married, Human Parents to Superhuman Son, Unable to Conceive Until Finding Superman, Raising Superman to be a Hero, Dying in Some Continuities, Surviving in Others, Farmers
  • Domains: Adoption, Love, Parenting, Morality
  • High Priests: Owen and Beru Lars
  • Followers: Ben and May Parker, Trevor Bruttenholm, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, Tatsuo and Haruko Itsuka
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Child Abuse Supporters, Vril Dox/Brainiac, General Zod, Darkseid, Doomsday, Relius Clover, Dr. Sofia Lamb
  • Wary Around: High Councilor Kal-El
  • Pity: Lex Luthor, Martin Walker
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Dursleys
  • Jonathan and Martha Kent were just a kindly couple living in the small town of Smallville, Kansas. Their lives changed forever when a small spacecraft crashed in one of their fields. Inside the ship was the young Kal-El, who was adopted by the Kents and named Clark. Thanks to their strong moral fiber and unconditional love, Jonathan and Martha gave the world one of its greatest heroes: Superman. For that, the Court of the Gods authorized their ascension.
    • Upon hearing Jonathan and Martha had ascended, Superman flew towards their temple and happily reunited with them. He even brought his wife Lois Lane and son Jonathan for a big family reunion. The elder Kents didn't knew Clark had sired a son, so it came off as a pleasant surprise for them.
    • As an even bigger surprise, Jor-El and his wife Lara came to the reunion as well. Naturally, the elder members of the Kent family and the House of El became acquainted quickly and a long lasting friendship was formed.
    Jonathan: "Thank you for trusting us. Your sacrifice was our blessing."
    Jor-El: "Kal is your son as much as he is ours."
  • One or both of them have died in some versions of the Superman mythos, either in Clark's teenage years or in his adulthood. The House of Life and Death has actually given up on keeping track on their constant deaths/survivals, considering a waste of time.
  • Even now, Jonathan and Martha remain a source of inspiration for Clark, who often goes to their temple to seek counsel whenever he feels insecure about his superheroics. Jonathan and Martha always have the same advice for Clark: to follow his conscience.
    • At the same time, they were horrified upon learning that an evil version of Clark from an alternate universe also lived in the Pantheon as well. When the High Council heard about the Kents' ascension, he went into their temple and attempted to make them love him. Fortunately, the heroic Clark was able to fend him off with the help of the Justice League and has made sure Jonathan and Martha remain protected, but this hasn't stopped the High Councilor before.
  • Thanks to Superman and Batman, the Kents have become friends with Thomas and Martha Wayne. In an alternate continuity, it was Martha Wayne's memory, evoked by Martha Kent, that allowed Batman to move past his rivalry towards Superman and become friends. Naturally, this also earned them a friendship with Alfred Pennyworth, who often brings fresh meals and ingredients from his temple to help Martha with the kitchen.
  • The Kent temple is surrounded by the some of the finest fields in the Pantheon. Jonathan is helped in his farming duties by Clark, who also brought along the Farmer, who had already been authorized to oversee the Pantheon's farming activities.
  • Spider-Man has taken a quick liking to Jonathan and Martha, as they remind of him of Uncle Ben and Aunt May. The Kents are fond of the young man and support his heroic endeavors. They do, however, advise him not to be Spider-Man at the cost of his happiness, as his Uncle Ben would have wanted Peter to be happy on his own right.
  • Given their title, Jonathan and Martha have easily gained allies in gods who have been raised by normal humans. These include: Worf, Luke Skywalker, Hellboy and Shido Itsuka. This should prove that love truly knows no borders.
  • Having served in the military during World War II as a veteran, Jonathan earned him a friendship with Captain America and several good-aligned gods in the House of War. They occasionally gather on the Kent temple to share war stories. While some veterans offer Jonathan the chance to return to the military, Jonathan feels his time in the battlefield has come to an end and prefers the calm and peace of Smallville.
    • Being used to the horrors of war, Jonathan took pity on the traumatized Martin Walker. He is glad that in one version of his story, Walker surrendered his weapons and went home in peace; believing there is still hope for the young man.
  • Lex Luthor, having already dismissed Clark Kent as a threat to his plans, mostly ignores the Kents, but he does praise their strong character and work ethics, considering them a shining example of human achievement, although that does make him somewhat jealous of Clark. Meanwhile, the Kents think that for all his power and wealth, Lex is just an angry and sad man who never had a chance to experience happiness in his life thanks to his horrible excuse for a father. While they do not agree with his villainy, they still have hope that he can turn his life around and become a good man.
  • The Kents hold special contempt for Brainiac, who once attempted to destroy Earth after capturing Metropolis and even killed Jonathan just to spite Superman for foiling his plans. Brainiac, having heard of the Kents' ascension, has threatened to kill both Jonathan and Martha if Superman opposes him again.
    • General Zod once threatened Martha in his goal to restore Krypton on Earth and although he dismisses the Kents as a threat, he still considers them proof of humanity's inferiority towards Kryptonians. Even so, he dares not attack them directly, as he doesn't want Superman punching him across a cornfield and spearing him though a silo.
  • Not sure what to think of the The Dursleys. On one hand, they are good friends of Harry and overall good parents; so their treatment of Harry got them righteously indignant to the point Jonathan threatened to hit Vernon with a baseball bat until Clark and Harry defused the situation. On the other hand, they are glad to see at least, Petunia and Dudley became a little bit nicer to Harry over time, so perhaps they are not all that bad. Still, their obsession with normalcy confuses and annoys the Kents, given the state of the DC Universe.
  • Because of her resemblance to Judge Hershey, Judge Dredd is surprisingly nice to Martha and goes to visit her now and then. Knowing that Dredd is deep down a good man, Martha always welcomes him in her home and offers him a piece of apple pie.


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