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Intermediate Gods

    Ajani Goldmane 
Ajani Goldmane, God of Selfless Magical Empowering (Ajani Vengeant, Caller of the Pride, Mentor of Heroes, Steadfast)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His double-ended axe, separated in half and crossed together.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cat Folk, Panthera Awesome, Good Scars, Soul Power, All of the Other Reindeer, Misery Builds Character
  • Domains: Naya, White Magic, Social Outcasts, Friendship
  • Followers: The leonin tribes on the planes of Alara and Theros.
  • Allies: Aleph, Eugene Gallardo, Alphonse Elric, Yu Narukami {Investigation Team}, Black Panther, Sol Badguy, Makoto Nanaya, Kai (Mortal Kombat), The Maiden in Black, Android 21
  • Enemies: Nicol Bolas, Xenagos, YHVH, Scar, Yhwach
  • Opposes: All Evil and Jerkass Gods.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Rengar
  • Pities: Kasuyoshi Usui
  • Supported by: Android 16
  • Following the Great Upheaval, the House of Magic came to realize that they were lacking a defender who specialized in magical enhancement. They agreed that should the Pantheon be threatened again, a god who could bolster their own natural power would be an invaluable ally.
    • Ironically, Ajani's mortal enemy Nicol Bolas was the one responsible for his ascension. Hearing of the House of Magic's plight, he half-jokingly mentioned that he knew of, "...a one-eyed furball whose magic was capable of protecting everyone except himself and those he loved." The House of Magic took this to heart, and shortly after Ajani Goldmane ascended under the sub-house of Support Magic.
  • Openly distrusts the House of Faith (with the exception of Aleph), due to his first encounter with gods prior to his ascension resulting in the death of his closest friend and ally Elspeth Tirel.
    • YHVH in particular has earned a considerable amount of contempt from Ajani, whom he considers to be even worse than Heliod.
  • Was enraged to learn that not only had Xenagos survived his defeat at Elspeth's hands, but had managed to force his way into a position of godhood once more. Ajani has vowed to find a way to permanently dethrone the Unwarranted God of Revels.
  • Frequents the House of Heroes to mentor and train the younger and less experienced members.
  • Ajani was noticeably disappointed when he found out that Black Panther is not an actual panther, but greatly admires his intellect and leadership abilities. He hopes that by spending time with him among the House of Royalty, he will learn how to become a better ruler for his own pride back on Naya.
  • He has found a kindred spirit in Eugene Gallardo. He muses that he sees a lot of himself in the feline warrior, and the two have quickly formed a strong bond.
  • At some point he noticed Alphonse Elric, who in the Pantheon has been allowed to transfer his soul back and forth from his recovered human body to the vintage armor his soul was bound to in he and his brother's adventures through use of remnants of a Philosopher's Stone. Despite Al's carefulness about shifting due to not wanting to deplete the souls, the Stone was beginning to run out. Ajani managed to enter and work his own magic within Truth's realm to empower Alphonse to not have to use the Stone anymore. Even though Alphonse still channels the power through Amestrian alchemy, the source is different enough that this escapes the forbidden note of human transmutation, enabling both men to go unpunished.
  • He has taken an interest in the Maiden in Black, curious about her own Soul magic. While unnerved by the fact that she uses and refines the Souls of the fallen to awaken the dormant powers in others, he sees great potential in the two of them working together for the forces of good, and has offered to assist her by purifying Souls and evoking their essence.
  • During his free time, Ajani can often be found meditating deep in the jungle forests of the House of Nature. When asked about it, he said that it reminds him of his home and the familiar smells and sounds help him relax and focus.
    • It was during one such meditation that he first encountered his doppelganger within the Pantheon, Rengar. He barely had time to grab his axe before the Pridestalker was upon him, seeking to test if Ajani could match him in combat as well as appearance. After a brief skirmish the two withdrew to their respective Houses, begrudgingly commending the other's skills. While Ajani acknowledges that Rengar's strength and cunning is without peer, he worries that his obsession with the hunt will only lead to ruin.
  • One day he was visited by the mysterious Android 21 shortly after her ascension. She'd heard rumor that he was one of the two primary co-conspirators in a scheme that had resulted in the creation of the Earthling Soul that had gone through three iterations of the trials dealing with her in the middle of the Dragon Ball timeline, leading to the discovery that she was not a villainess by choice, but a Tragic Monster trying to overcome a Horror Hunger imposed by genetic engineering gone terribly wrong. While Ajani denied having anything to do with this, he did understand why such rumor went around, as the omni-compatible nature of the Soul would not have fit a normal human, so magic from the Pantheon had to be involved. Still, the two became allies, and Ajani has used his power to strengthen her insides so she could keep her Majin cells and the resultant hunger at bay, but this is a temporary fix that has to be repeated every so often. He's trying to find a way to make it work permanently.

    Asia Argento 
Asia Argento, Goddess of Healing Hands (The Holy Priestess (formerly), Panties Sister, Princess of the Golden Dragon Monarch, Sister, Full Armour Asia, Lively Comrade, Priestess Asia, Heavenly King (Shared with Akeno and Rias))
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with her Balance-Breaker)
  • Symbol: A Crimson Bishop Chess Piece
  • Theme Song: Kagiri Naku Junsui ni Chikai Daten - Fall Down
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with Neutral Good leanings.
  • Portfolio: Healing Hands, Clingy Jealous Girl, Moe, Branded as a witch by the Church, Italian origins, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Innocent Fanservice Girl, The Medic, A truly lovable madame, Cloudcuckoolander, All-Loving Heroine, Eternal loyalty towards Issei, Erecting a nigh-impenetrable healing shield
  • Domains: Healing, Love, Fanservice, Religion, Dragons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Raynare, Judge Claude Frollo, YHVH, Satan, Lucifer, Sephiroth, Ornstein, Nurgle, Broly, Shinnok, Gul'dan
  • Mentor: Uther the Lightbringer
  • Evil Counterpart: SCP-049
  • Ascended after much effort from Issei and Rias. The first thing Asia did upon entering the Pantheon was rush to find Issei and give him a big hug. Rias and Akeno quickly joined in, unsurprisingly, and the resulting hug made those in attendance go "d'awwww".
  • She is more than willing to lose her innocence with Issei, although he, despite being a pervert, doesn't want to corrupt her.
  • Was overjoyed to hear there is a house of Religion and Faith, skipping over to it, opening the door, and almost immediately collapsing to the ground clutching her head. There she immediately made friends with gods such as the Unconquered Sun, and was really happy upon hearing of Xenovia and Irina's ascension.
    • Despises people like Judge Frollo, who she sees as an insult to the faith. His lustful ways remind her way too much of Freed, as well. Unfortunately, her attempt to attack him ended miserably when Frollo began reciting the Lord's Prayer and she was afflicted with a pounding migraine. Upon recovering, Asia made a chilling vow: to show Frollo just how twisted and cruel a devil can truly be. The next day, Frollo found that someone had gotten up early and drank the milk delivered to his temple. Asia later confided in Rias and Issei to assuage her guilty conscience; they told her not to worry about it.
    • Her joy at learning that YHVH Himself was in the Pantheon was short-lived, as Issei quickly filled her in on the Lord's pedigree. Asia, her expression not changing in the slightest, quietly turned around and kind of drifted off into her room to be alone for a while. Rias assured her that YHVH was not the god she worshiped after she managed to calm down. Asia was relieved...then broke down crying when she realized that meant that her God was still, in fact, dead. Hopefully, Issei, with the help of Cosmos, comforted her with due ease.
  • Despite being a devil, she's not a fan of Lucifer, considering him to be heartless.
    • She also dislikes Sephiroth as she finds him to be incredibly manipulative and savage.
    • She neither stands Ornstein due to the fact that he continuously tries to kill Issei. Why? He's a half-dragon!
    • In a similar vein, she especially dislikes Broly.
  • She was the first goddess in the Pantheon to discover Shinnok's plans to steal Issei's Boosted Gear to gain its powers and become the only god of a certain position. Although she discovered it by complete accident, she quickly warned Issei about such thing. This news caused quite a fuss in the Pantheon, and has also caused Rachel Alucard to team up with Issei to help him stop the evil sorcerer.
  • Gets along swimmingly with Flonne, who has introduced her to the wonderful world of Toku. Asia's not quite sure what to make of it, to be honest.
  • Hearing of the news that Rias and Issei sneak into the House of Romance to make out, Asia would also sneak in helped by Flonne, and being the Clingy Jealous Girl she is, she would take off all of her clothes in front of the two. The fact that Akeno would also sneak in and outright beg for a threesome does not help matters for our good old Ise.
  • She gets along very well with Cosmos and Terra Branford; the former understands her Dark and Troubled Past and holds a Big Sister Instinct towards her, similar to Issei. As a result, she will go Mama Bear if Asia gets hurt, though in a different vein than Issei, who would go outright berserk, as shown with Akio (see below); the latter because they're not so different after all.
    • She has been invited by Cosmos to join the GUAG. She refused, thinking Issei could be the perfect hero for the Alliance. Thanks to this, Issei joined the GUAG Combat Division. Though after Issei's group, the Chick Magnet Quartet, has been incorporated into the GUAG, Asia became part of its Battle Harem.
  • Many seem to confuse her with an Italian actress as they share the same name. The goddess, being very detached from normality, doesn't really get it.
  • Because of her innocence, she's an easy prey of the gods of the House of Lust, especially Slaanesh and Akio. Speaking of the latter, he tried to steal Asia's virginity right in front of Issei (we mean: he tried to rape her). Three guesses on what Issei has done to Akio, and the first two don't count.
  • Suffice to say, she didn't take the ascension of Raynare to the Pantheon proper all that well: as she still remembers the time she got her Sacred Gear successfully stolen and subsequently killed by her, she had an appropriately extreme reaction. All in all, she will do her best to protect her loved Issei from his evil ex-girlfriend.
  • Ever since her ascension, the house has been under attack from Great Unclean Ones from time to time, sent as a "loving gift" from Nurgle. His reason? Asia reminds him of his wife.
  • She has befriended Wendy Marvell because of their gentle nature and healing methods. Though they were initially wary of each other thanks to the latter being a dragon slayer and she being a demon.
    • Same story goes with Konoka Konoe, with both having similar healing methods (though Konoka's pactio is much less powerful than Asia's Sacred Gear) and carefree personality.
    • The same thing can be said about Yoshika Miyafuji, who also has similar healing methods and is a nice girl. Though some reports say that Yoshika might had accidentally groped Asia a bit in their first meeting, possibly with her being half-sleep.
    • Dante Alighieri has also taken a liking towards Asia, as she reminds him of his beloved Beatrice.
  • Clarice di Lanza seems to be in good terms with her, as both of them are demon nuns (well, Asia is a ex-nun, but still). Asia is surprised that Clarice can read the Bible without being physically hurt by it, though.
  • Likes Issei's new friend Luka, due to his personality and his respect for her faith in her God despite meeting the likes YHVH. Like Irina and Xenovia, she was deeply saddened to learn that the Goddess he believed in wasn't so benevolent in the end either.
  • Has decided to join Uther the Lightbringer's training in hopes to improve her healing abilities and become a Paladin if possible. Unfortunately, she has the distintion of being one of the few people that weren't able to lift a standard Paladin's Hammer, so she instead received a smaller one for compesation much to her dissapointment.
  • Her powers are considered the exact opposite to those of SCP-049, who can kill most human deities with a single touch. However, he is not hostile towards her but rather polite and admiring of her kindness. Although many believe the reason he doesn't target her is that she is no longer human to begin with.
  • After being blessed by Ophis, Asia is now capable of summoning dragons by making a contract. Ophis later introduced her to Bahamut and Spyro, whom she immediately befriend and made contracts with. Fortunately for her, they do not need to take her panties as the price of their summoning, but are more interested with the bananas that she gave to her other dragon summons.
  • Thirty years into the future, she has a daughter with her beloved Issei, named Airi. When Uther knows this news, he is more than glad to train both of them to become a Paladin, especially after seeing what Airi is capable of doing.
  • Also resides in Health and Diseases.

    Führer King Bradley 
King Bradley, God of Magical Eyes (Führer-President Bradley, Wrath the Furious, Pride the Arrogant [in another continuity], Dante's Masterpiece, Fritz Lang, The Ultimate Eye, Prospective Führer Number 12, Russell Daniel Paul Blake Joseph Allen Eric Fred Orson Trevor Richard Chaltons Christopher Benedict Garfield Polyurethane Nicholas Robert Theodore Skeet Michael Alvin Carter Bryce Geoffrey Marigold Peter Ethan Aaron Poppa Wheelie Nathaniel Orville Chuck Slippy Slappy Zippy Zappy Angel Eyes, Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kūneru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonaa no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke)
Click here to see his Ultimate Eye 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater God.
  • Symbol: The national flag of Amestris covered by an Ouroboros tattoo.
  • Theme Song: Knives and Shadows, Next Chapter
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: The Ultimate Eye, Puppet King, Wrath, His Name Really IS King Bradley, Earned both Political and Physical Power at Once, Born and Raised "Human" Weapon, Peak Human Attributes, Super Soldier, Jokester Facade, Eyepatch of Power, Likes to Wield Two of his Five Sabers, Despises the Idea of God, Implacable Determinator, Evil Action President (or Führer Ripper, if you will), Historical Hero Upgrade via Popularity
  • Domains: Augmented Eyes, Military, Swordmanship, Wrath
  • Contenders: Itsuki Iba, Lucia Nahashi, Yakumo Saito, Mary Clarissa Christie, Rayek
  • Heralds: Mrs. Bradley (his loving wife), Col. Frank Archer (his chief of staff), the original Central Command (Lt. Gen Gardner, Lt. Gen Raven, Lt. Gen Fox, Maj. Gen Halcrow, Brig. Gen Klemin, Brig. Gen Edison)
  • Superiors: Father Homunculus, Dante of the Deep Forest
  • Allies
  • Rivals: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Fritz von Meyer/Swarm, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Bill Cipher, Urien, Kolin, Charles zi Britannia
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: Solf J. Kimblee, the other Father, Prime Minister Honest
  • Opposed by: Gilgamesh the King
  • One day, a temple appeared in the Pantheon in a display featuring sparks of red electricity, along with makeshift training barracks and many different new deities (or so it seemed) with magical eyes, the last of which being none other than Führer King Bradley. The human-turned-homunculus mowed down every single one of them like a One-Man Army and then ascended to his throne, although it was noted that many were far weaker than they had any right to be and none of them showed any of their distinct personalities. Shortly after this, Guile and Chun-Li came down to investigate this temple but found themselves ambushed by Bradley, as well the Homunculi Lust, Pride, and Gluttony, only narrowly escaping death by the rescue of Charlie Nash.
  • Despite this, the truth about King Bradley and his revival were disclosed days later — not only his role as the deceptively popular Puppet King of Amestris in service of Father as Wrath (or an old woman named Dante as Pride, in another timeline), but also the details about his resurrection:
    • In response to Greed's alliance with Team Avatar and Scar's ascension to the Pantheon, Father had aligned with both Gul'dan and Master Xehanort to create the temple for Magical Eye deities, as well as golem clones of every likely contender yet to be deified with bare facsimiles of the originals' powers, all the while dragging Bradley out of the Spirit World using pockets of the Wrath still contained within Father's Stone. This was done specifically to engineer the Führer's power demonstration and ascension to his throne in full view of the Court of the Gods.
    • Most of the "contenders" whole souls were cloned have since been ascended or housed in other temples, causing their golems to completely vanish, not to mention the blood has been cleaned up. The barracks look a lot less garish and more fit for training and battle than when he first ascended. Still, Sebastian, the ascended Barian Emperors, Naruto, and Sasuke all consider this ascension an insult to at least one person whose face was cloned in the process and have marked Bradley, Father, Xehanort, and Gul'dan all as enemies for this.
  • Being a homunculus of human origin, Wrath lacks the sadistic singlemindedness of most of his arcane siblings and is more comfortable around human minions and co-conspirators. One example of this which can be seen is in the like-minded associations he's formed with power players such as Destro, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Frieza, as well as his opting to recruit allies for a team to counteract the new set of friends Greed has mobilized against Father.
    • Of those recruited, Gilgamesh was the only one who rejected, stating that both the entity he took Illya's heart to summon and Father's Homunculi already had their chance to weed out the worthy from the unworthy in humanity and failed.
    • General Esdeath accepted for higher command than Bradley among Father's forces (which he agreed to EXCEPT for giving any orders related to serving Prime Minister Honest); Vergil was enticed by Father's herald Lady Dante and the secrets of power she might hold; Princess Azula wanted to "test" her brother Zuko in hopes of emotionally corrupting him; and while looking for Annie Leonhart only to find she wasn't in her expected house anymore, he instead encountered the Air Defense Princess, and through her also recruited Wo-Class and Re-Class, after they found an understanding due to the similarities between the Abyssals and the Homunculi.
    • With Esdeath came even more allies; the General brought her latest friend, the Arrancar Coyote Starrk, along with fanatic justice-warrior Seryu and Fatality master Noob Saibot.
    • A certain alchemist doctor with a gold tooth turned up all of sudden and revealed himself to have been restored from his transmuted state by the GUAE Mutation Lair around the same time as Wrath's ascension, bringing his allegiance into the group as well.
  • Charles zi Britannia was another who once allied with Bradley, before the reveal of Charles' true objective and the resulting change of trope made them rivals due to his goals competing with Father's. Despite this, the two rulers share a grudging respect as both are family men in their own twisted ways.
  • Bradley can often be seen in the houses of Knowledge and War, both to study politics and to learn all he can about his enemies' abilities and tactics, both common and rare. He doesn't want to be surprised like he was when Scar used his destruction alchemy.
    • Speaking of Scar, an evil ambitious lion who also shares that nickname has allied with Wrath in hopes that the Führer can convince the other Homunculi to see value in helping him take over the Pride Lands. Considering the name of the place, Pride is the most curious about this besides Wrath himself (not surprising, given his "other life" as Pride).
  • Despises the concepts of God and of noble kings who serve their subjects due to his role as Father's Puppet King. This puts him at odds with heroic members of the House of Royalty, as well as most of the House of Faith. However, two from each house who especially stoke his fury are Gaius and Josiah Bartlet. Gaius sounds like Mustang, is an ambitious reformer like Mustang, and is no doubt friends with Mustang, while the moment he met Bartlet he caught a distinct glance from the President as though Jed knew they would soon be enemies.
  • While his rule over Amestris does take after the Nazis to an extent and he bears a great resemblance to Hitler, Bradley's relationship to the Nazi deities is a tenuous contest at best. He does what he does to sate his unquenchable anger and serve his Father's goal of absorbing every single human to achieve freedom through almighty power, so he has no regard for their idea of an "Aryan master race" among the humans. Same goes for the Illuminati's idea of "the worthy ones". Most of them don't like him much either, since he's the parallel counterpart to Fritz Lang in Lady Dante's timeline anyway (Nazis) and the Father he serves doesn't care for any "worthy" humans (Illuminati). Still, he and Azula have found themselves working with Vandal Savage and Gill behind the scenes.
  • There are those he prefers to ignore but will not hesitate to eliminate if they stand in his way. One being Kimblee, once he found out how the mad bomber betrayed the Homunculi, the others being certain "corrupt leaders" he considers complete buffoons such as Honest, and the Kids Next Door's antagonist who also calls himself Father.
  • Magneto still can't stand him, though, since he has presided over atrocities very similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Lelouch despises him for being a nihilistic dictator serving a plot to assimilate everyone, the same commonality he shares with Charles which makes them allies. He wants to eliminate Lelouch's loyal knight Jeremiah so the Geass Canceller can't be used against him somehow. He and Asura have a twisted mutual respect as wrathful warriors, but generally can't stand each other as each reminds the other of the enemies they hate most. Eren and Blade both abhor the Homunculi as anti-human abominations.
  • Satsuki Kiryuin had already learned of Wrath through Colonel Mustang and Major General Armstrong, but seeing him steal her recruitment tactics in service of an Eldritch Abomination who seeks to destroy humanity much like her mother did disgusts the successor to the Kiryuin Zaibatsu. This spurred her to lead her Elite Four into battle against Bradley and his men in his temple connected to Central HQ.
    • During this battle, Bradley was able to isolate Satsuki one-on-one while the Elite Four defeated his guards. Doing so, however, created the opening for Solidus Snake to attack the Führer. Revealing that he'd been keeping tabs on the Homunculi ever since hearing rumblings about their conspiracy via the Amestrian soldier deities, Solidus took the fight to Bradley due to his superhuman swordsmanship skills almost matching Bradley's own and being coupled with far superior defense and firepower. Despite being outmatched, Wrath managed to avoid being skewered thanks to Esdeath and Seryu arriving in the nick of time, causing Satsuki and her team to fall back.
    • As the Jeagers and Homunculi mulled things over, they realized something crucial: Satsuki was NOT the only commander acting against them tonight. Solidus is an American soldier…just like Guile and Nash.
    "Bartlet knows."
    • When the rest of High Command were told about this, one member, Vergil, showed a complete lack of concern which left Bradley highly suspicious, instead going straight to Father and Lady Dante to study under the latter. Wrath's suspicions proved correct when Vergil left the team in disgust the next day, having learned the basics of alchemy but judged the Philosopher's Stone as lacking for his ambitions. The Führer tried to confront Vergil on his own, but soon into that skirmish a witch named Kat intervened on Vergil's behalf. His attempt to target her resulted in Vergil impaling him, before escaping with her. He quietly swore that revenge is coming.
    • Dante's ascension and reacquiring of her last body since then has enabled her to take her place as the proper second superior of High Command. Disappointed in his betrayal, she too wants Vergil dead.
  • Has an interesting relationship to Princess Morbucks. While his interest in having the little brat join his Command team is next to nil, he's decided that since his Father named him King and hers named her Princess, she should work under him. Therefore he's taken her on as a pupil in the ways of power.
    • Their arrangement comes with a "secret" understanding: her father's technology and his father's alchemy, may be able to create gold. Breaking alchemical taboos didn't stop the Philosopher's Stone, and given how Morbucks is all about money, status, and gold, it's not that hard to figure out. And yes, Greed's annoyance at her typical material avarice amuses Bradley.
  • King Bradley effectively has two temples. This temple contains Bradley's living quarters as well as the top floor and balcony of Central HQ.
    The other temple, containing the Führer Candidate Program facility, including the barracks and classrooms, can be found in the House of Personal Appearance.

Puck, God of Familiars (Pack, Bubby, Beast of the End of the Eternally Frozen Lands)

    Quentin Beck/Mysterio 
Quentin Beck, Master of Illusion (Mysterio, Gerdes, Dr. Ludwig Rinehart, Mysty, Nicholas Macabes, Rudolph Hines, L'uomo Di Misterio ("The Mystery Man" in Italian), The Next Iron Man, Interdimensional Warrior, The Master of the Elementals, The Greatest Superhero of All Time)
Syndrome: Hey Bubble Boy, why don't you take a seat next to the Mandarin over there, and come back when you're done copying me?!
Mysterio: I'm not copying you! If anything, you copied me!
Syndrome: You wish!
  • Has recently formed a friendly relationship with Peter Parker's girlfriend Mary Jane. Both Gwens couldn't trust the illusionist, but MJ admitted Quintin was sincere about helping restart her acting career much to their surprise. It also turns out he knows about a certain deal made with Mephisto and Peter involving their child however he was unable to reveal the full details at the time.
  • "I created Mysterio to give the world someone to believe in. I control the truth... Mysterio is the truth!"

Yuna, Goddess of Magical Dances (Spira's Hope, High Summoner, Lady Yuna, Yunie, Grand Summoner)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A summoner's staff overlaid vertically over a pair of crossed handguns
  • Theme Song: Yuna's theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with moments of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Summon Magic, Being Passive and Helpful, Flower Motifs, Adapting to Change, Silk Hiding Steel, Sharing Her Story With Another, Giant Waist Ribbon, Hope Bringers, Messianic Archetypes, whistling
  • Domains: Faith, Salvation, Treasure Hunting
  • Followers: Sheena Fujibayashi, Isaac
  • Heralds: Rikku and Paine.
  • Allies: Tidus, Lulu, Sora, Lucy Heartfilia, Cosmos, Tifa Lockhart, Laguna, Gilgamesh, Vash the Stampede, Revy, Ratchet, Clank, Bahamuts, Hatsune Miku, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Tron, Emmet Brickowski, Fix-It-Felix Jr., Jak, Daxter, Odin, Melody, Pete
  • Enemies: Maester Seymour, Judge Frollo, Mateus Palamecia, Chaos, Garland, Maleficent (former employer), I-No, Courtney Gears, Lysandre
  • A curious hiccup involving her ascension, Yuna has lost her contact to the Fayth, and is unable to summon the Aeons of Spira. However in a way to counter this, Yuna can form contracts with other gods within the Pantheon, able to summon them to her aid. She has formed contracts with this Pantheon’s Bahamut, the wandering swordsman Gilgamesh, and the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza.
    • While Naruto offered their aid, Kurama was expressively against becoming a Summon, so no contract could be made.
  • Has become sick with the House of Faith, seeing how almost half of it is comprised of malevolent abuse of faith, even Seymour holds a throne within.
  • Is curious about the summon techniques of Naruto's world, though isn't happy with the ritual, quickly casting Cure after the blood is drawn.
  • Although she has returned to her Summoning roots, Yuna is still on good terms with the previously worshiped Vash, and likes to drop in for more target practice on occasion. She also spares the time to visit Laguna while there, though makes sure to always return to her summoning garb since her usual Gunner attire lead to a rather extensive leg cramp for her friend.
  • Yuna once met up with Sora in a small fairy form of herself. She was aligned with Maleficent at the time but it was all in the hopes of treasure, not of any pure malice. As a token of good faith, Yuna gave Sora a special Keychain called the Gullwing and hopes to one day fight side-by-side with him whether be it in summoning Aeons or shooting them with her guns.
    • During her time as a fairy, Yuna also saw Pete being abused by Maleficent after his failures in Timeless River and Agrabah, and encouraged him to mutiny. Then Maleficent was in danger of being consumed by her darkness (again), and Pete, determined to save her, teamed up with Yuna and shot himself towards the evil fairy's crumbling tower in a cannon. Despite the success, both Pete and Yuna were constantly zapped by a furious Maleficent, which prompted the summoner to quit.
      • Since then, Yuna has sent a letter to the evil fairy demanding her payment in treasure. So far, all she got was a Cursed Medallion that was stolen from the (sunken) Isla de Muerta, which was returned right away at Cosmos' request. She's still waiting for her proper repayment.
  • Yuna often practices her whistling. When asked why, it's because she's waiting for "you-know-who" (aka Tidus) to come, as he promised that he would come for her if she whistled.
    • One day, while whistling in the House of Weapons, she met up with Ratchet who sounded similar to Tidus. After the confusion settled, Ratchet invited her for some target practice. Yuna obliged and now sees Ratchet frequently.
    • Yuna's wishes had been answered, since Tidus finally found his way from Spira to her side.
  • Since she and Courtney Gears are both pop singers, there's a rivalry between the two over who can wow the audience best. Of course, Gears is an Evil Diva, and has a habit of using her music to brainwash robots to follow her command. Because of this, Yuna sees Gears as more of an enemy than a rival.
    • Yuna overheard Gears' desire to help Clu with "perfecting" the pantheon by rectifying all the program and robot gods, and has sent Tron a message to pre-warn him. However, Clu later cancelled out this alliance due to Gears' alliance with the Darkness Proxy.
  • Gets along with Melody, mainly because of how they starred in sequels that have received backlash from fans (though X-2 has since gained some acceptance). It probably helps that Melody sounds like Rikku.
  • Like Tidus, she doesn't like to talk about the time she went to Arizona. All anyone knows is that it involved trying to get revenge against a certain cult leader for what he did to Tidus, only to fall victim to Sephiroth of all beings.
  • Yuna considers Lysandre to be one of her greatest enemies on account that he tried to destroy his world with either Xerneas or Yveltal as a result of insanity. But she initially paid no attention to him until reports that an alternate version of him succeeded came alight. Never again will she allow anyone to use mythological beasts, whether it be Aeons from a Final Summoning, or Legendary Pokémon, as instruments of mass genocide.

Lesser Gods

    Lucy Heartfilia 
Lucy Heartfilia, Goddess of Magical Battle Helpers (Princess)