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Intermediate Gods

    AJ Styles 
Allen Jones "AJ" Styles, God of Popularity Power (The Phenomenal One, The Original Mr. TNA, The Face that Runs The Place, Mr. Olympia III, The Best Wrestler in the World, Prince of Phenomenal, Uncle Bow Wow, Uncle Allen)
  • Theme Song: Phenomenal for promos, Styles Clash when it's time to get dangerous, Evil Ways in his Lone Wolf persona, Demi-Gods, Get Ready to Fly in his more clean-cut days
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The AJ Initials in an old-English style or a circle and stars design depicting "P1" in the middle.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on his own, but will go Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil if he needs to bring friends
  • Portfolio: Lightning Bruiser, "I Am" Song, Popularity Power, Very Talented Superstar, Determination, Light Is Good (Most of the Time), The Styles Clash, Being The Face of TNA for 11 Years Before Returning to Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Finally Joining WWE.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Popularity, Style
  • High Priests: All members and associates of Bullet Club (except for The Elite)
  • Heralds: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Mentors: Ric Flair, Christian, Shawn Michaels
  • Allies: Son Goku, Ryu (Street Fighter), Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Noire, Dante Sparda
  • Rivals: Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Edge (friendly, for now)
  • Hates: YHVH and most of the Grand United Allegiance of Law
  • Worthy Opponent: John Cena (yes, seriously), Kofi Kingston {The New Day}
  • Respects: The Rock
  • Respected by: Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, Barney Stinson
  • Friendly Rival to: Bayley (Heavy emphasis on friendly, see below)
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Opposed by: Nero (Devil May Cry)
  • Opposes: King II, Lars Alexandersson
  • Additional Relationships: Jax Teller, Bryan Fury
  • Not to be Confused With: AJ Lee, Applejack (aka AJ)
  • Commonality Connection With: Ash Crimson
  • From his days as the heart and soul of TNA/Impact Wrestling's first eleven years, AJ Styles has been known as a master in the craft of professional wrestling, combining a penchant for incredible high-flying athleticism with respectable abilities in all other facets (grappling, striking, submission, clever tactics, etc.) to be considered one of the best if not THE best wrestler in the entire world. Because of this, his understated endearing nature, and his ability to be remarkably honest in his reasons and put his all into anything he does, Styles has remained incredibly popular with the audience whether acting as a straightforward good guy or if he found himself amidst factions of malcontents such as Christian's Coalition and Ric Flair's Fortune association. No matter the role he takes in the wrestling ring, the fans will gravitate to his skills and to his cause.
  • While not the very first to ascend to the Pantheon outside of Vince McMahon's auspices (Colt Cabana beat him to it), Styles became the harbinger for original talents of both TNA and Ring of Honor, as nearly every other ascended wrestler to that point had been a product of Vince's World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment "Universe".
  • Though verily impressed to see both the Hardy Brothers as well as Cabana in the Pantheon, Styles is not so sure about Matt's BROKEN phase. He doesn't want to know how he'd react if the crazed Hardy tried to come after him and he was forced to fight BROKEN Matt in a "Final Deletion"-esque setting.
  • After enough ridiculous trials and tribulations hampering his career at Impact, not the least of which to be attributed to two men he once considered his best friends, Styles found himself at a low point which caused him to take a hiatus to do some soul-searching. This culminated in him abandoning his usual clean-cut image to become a darker, more unkempt "lone wolf" type of person, focused only on winning to make money and feed his family. Despite this, fans still loved him, and he couldn't help himself stepping in to help stop the Aces And Eights biker gang from taking over Impact or calling out TNA president Dixie Carter on her many blunders and distorted attitude to running the promotion. Though this resulted in him getting ousted from "The House That AJ Styles Built" in an over-the-top conspiracy of power, it wasn't the end of AJ Styles.
  • In addition to returning to Ring of Honor, he found his way into the top Japanese promotion, New Japan (Shinnihon) Pro-Wrestling, thanks to a certain gang called the Bullet Club, where he instantly became their champion. Styles and his friends at the time, The Young Bucks, helped spearhead Bullet Club's rise to superstardom and the beginnings of NJPW's expansion into the West — until The Bucks and Kenny Omega took advantage of an opportunity and ousted him from Japan to take the helm of BC. To the shock of, well everyone, he officially joined Vince McMahon's WWE Universe as the third entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble, with Roman Reigns staring in disbelief in the middle of the ring. While unfortunately eliminated near the end, Styles later had a rivalry with Chris Jericho, before fellow key Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke "DOC" Gallows followed him into WWE. They now currently sit as the Heralds of his temple.
  • Has no regrets for his time working with both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, in fact he still maintains a healthy respect for Flair despite their falling out at the end of Fortune. However, there's one person AJ prefers to not bring up: Dixie Carter. He seemed to be reconsidering the Carter matriarch after she apologized for her past faults, even shutting up her own entitled nephew Ethan Carter III, but ultimately does not have much glowing praise for her or Impact management in general at the end of the day.
  • Also still gets along well with Edge and Christian, although the latter isn't sure what to think about his Club allegiances. Funnily enough, some of his hooded vests have similar studs to Edge's later-career trenchcoat(s).
  • When he ventured into the House of Personality one day, he was honestly confused as to why gods kept saying "AJ is best pony". Then he met with Applejack and just slowly nodded his head as if fully understanding it. From then on, the two make sure to call each other by their full names. Similarly, upon meeting AJ Lee, the wife of one of Gallows' best friends who he has a history with, he calls her "April" while she takes a cue from The Club and calls him "Uncle Allen".
  • As a Christian, he absolutely 'detests YHVH for perverting the idea of faith itself and has sworn to never be involved in the GUAL. Upon finding that God was in the Pantheon though, he made his way to his temple and performed the sign of the cross out of respect.
    • Because of this, he does not like it whenever someone makes fun of his religion. Upon hearing Steve Austin quote his famous "Austin 3:16" speech, apparently not even knowing what it actually was, he stormed toward to Austin and stated:
    ''Don't you ever… EVER mock my Jesus."
    • He later realized what the line really meant and apologized for it.
  • Has told John Cena that he will never be as good as The Rock in the movie business or himself in the ring, and has taken offense to Cena wanting to beat him and become a 16-time world champion as that would have him tied with Ric Flair's official recognized title stats. Later came to see Cena as a Worthy Opponent after John accomplished the feat.
  • While he takes wrestling losses well (sometimes, at least), video game losses are a whole different story. He's known to be a bit of a Sore Loser in that regard and has been known to smash controllers in fits of anger. The House of Gaming looked on in worry at something called the "Six Days of Smashmus" that was him celebrating via destroying video game controllers with an absolute fury.
  • Has gotten very very aggravated at being the target for a Groin Attack. The next person who does it is getting punched in the face. A punch to the face is also how he plans on greeting any member of CHAOS who ascends to the Pantheon.
  • Has gained respect for Kofi Kingston of the New Day after Kofi ran through a hellacious Gauntlet Match for over an hour, pinning the likes of Daniel Bryan (the World Champion at the time), and Jeff Hardy, all before going against Styles. AJ implored Kofi to stand down, telling him that he had proved his worth, but Kingston refused, stating that he's waited eleven years for a chance like this and dared AJ to fight him. The two had an epic brawl that, after Styles finally defeated Kingston, caused the audience to applaud in a standing ovation.
  • Styles became involved in a schism over the future of the Pantheon Wrestling Federation and whether it would continue to be controlled by Vince McMahon's whims and the Court of the Gods' ascension protocols or wrestlers would have more freedom to enter without ascending or being facilitated by WWE. As a result of this, he found himself faced off with WWE veteran and lifer Randy Orton at WrestleMania 35; his victory over Orton helped the pro-expansion side, which ultimately won the day. Immediately after this, AJ found himself set for battle against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. While he made a great contest of it, Styles ultimately lost and then reluctantly showed the champion respect after the match. However, Bullet Club stands with Styles again. This can only mean trouble's coming.
  • On the subject of Bullet Club, he has the respect of Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner, as Dom and Brian see The Club as having a sense of urban/global brotherhood similar to their own crew and feel that AJ's keen sense of loyalty is one of the primary causes of this. Despite this, they rejected his offer of a Turkish Wolf too-sweet, having no intent to cheer The Club engaging in dirty tactics or unsolicited beatings.
    • Barney Stinson, on the other hand, pretty much begged for a too-sweet, making no secret of the fact he prefers Styles with The Club to Styles going solo. AJ took it in stride.
  • Cody Rhodes, a member of The Elite faction which at one point had taken over Bullet Club's Japan operations, has been around as a follower of Vega. Styles and Cody have ran into each other at the Pantheon Square on days prior to big shows at the Garden; while the two were cordial, the tension between the two for their separate allegiances was clear. Vega himself thinks Styles has an air of grace with his soccer-mom hairstyle and the way he fights, but considers his Georgia accent and redneck pride to be ugly.
    • Nero, who has been compared to Cody looks-wise, thinks Styles could almost pass for a less-impressive human version of his uncle Dante. As such, he roots for The Elite to beat Bullet Club when they finally clash in the Federation, hoping to score one over on Dante.
    • Oddly enough, Styles ran into Dante and the subject came up of a few of his Heralds talking about storming Area 51. Dante is interested in having his team take up the job of helping them do it, and is currently trying to haggle the Phenomenal One for two million of The Club's dollars.
  • Has a rivalry with the Huggable One, Bayley because both of them have their eyes on one of Seth Rollins' High Priests: Prince Devitt aka Finn Bálor. For AJ Styles, Finn is his old Bullet Club buddy and for Bayley, she and Finn became very close friends in NXT at Full Sail University. This doesn't mean that AJ won't accept a hug from Bayley every now and then. Many gods are curious to see who gets to ascend him first.
    • That said, he's not sure what to think of Bayley's Face–Heel Turn as of late but thinks that betraying her Avatars of Friendship is something that he wouldn't consider. When The Prince returned to NXT and revealed his true mettle as a heel once more, however, he was much more certainly excited to see Devitt stop holding back. Devitt's enthusiastic support for heel Bayley surprises him, though.
  • AJ and many of his former Impact peers have kept a close eye on the exploits of SAMCRO over the years, and one of his last feuds there was with the aforementioned Aces & Eights, of which Luke Gallows was a member before both went to Japan. After the organization's last former president Jax Teller ascended to the Pantheon following his death, AJ met him when Jax returned from a probation check with the Court. AJ seemed to like Jax for his attitude, seeing him as the type of guy that could belong in the Bullet Club. Jax respected the gesture, but politely declined, stating that he'd rather wait until his probation ends. That said, AJ does occasionally meet up with Jax for a quick hang-out, with Jax even getting to be quite amicable with Anderson and Gallows.
  • Sometime after his departure from NJPW, the company became a co-sponsor of the seventh King of Iron Fist tournament, with Bullet Club, CHAOS, and the Shinnihon core unit each having shirts for sale to the participants as well as picking one special contestant to represent them. Naturally, AJ took displeasure at seeing Lars Alexandersson and King II sporting similar entrance gear and emulating the moves of his biggest rivals in Japan, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada. That said, Bullet Club's special representative, the Replicant psychopath Bryan Fury, is also a bit of a sore point for AJ, as he primarily took after Kenny Omega at the time. Styles is still not happy at how that man ousted him from Japan and then tried to transform the covenant he stood for, and even though Bryan remains more fit for BC than The Elite following the schism that put the two groups apart, he's not sure even The Club can trust this guy.
  • After losing a gauntlet match in Saudi Arabia to surprise final entrant The Undertaker, AJ began goading Undertaker and claiming he was the greatest performer in any era. This prompted Taker to interfere in his and The OC's business, to which Styles reacted by casting aspersions on Taker's marriage to Michelle McCool, which had largely been kept private up to that point. Claiming the only reason Mark Calaway ever returned after his losses to Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar was Michelle's desire to milk him dry, he challenged Undertaker to a Boneyard Match on the first night of WrestleMania with the intention of bringing back and then destroying the fearsome Deadman for good. What he and The OC found instead when they battled Taker in the boneyard was that Undertaker had finally achieved The Unholy Trinity, combining his Deadman powers with his American Badass persona and his own pure humanity. The OC was overwhelmed, Styles was buried alive, and Gallows and Anderson's failure to protect him left them with no cause to stay in the WWE Universe. As such, by the time AJ found his way back a month later, The Good Brothers were gone, leaving him and Devitt isolated in WWE.
  • As of recently, he gained an interesting connection with Ash Crimson, of all people, mainly for the fact that both are Well Intentioned Extremists in order to achieve their respective goals.
  • "I AM the House of Popularity. This is The House That A. J. Styles. Built!"

    Hayden Tenno 
Hayden Tenno, God of Following Popular Trends
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Technocyte Glaive
  • Theme Song: Dark Sector Title Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral initially, nowadays he is either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Infected with the Technocyte Virus, Barrier Warrior, Deadly Disc, Has Congenital Analgesia which is why he doesn't go insane from Technocyte exposure
  • Domains: Agents, Viruses, Missions, Morality, Betrayal, Popularity
  • Allies: The Tenno, Alex Mason, Alexei Stukov, Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima, Ikoma and Mumei, Marcus Fenix, Leon S. Kennedy, The Merchant
  • Enemies: The Technocyte Infested, The Grineer, The Corpus, Alex Mercer, Nikita Dragovich, Albert Wesker, Edward Richtofen
  • CIA Agent Hayden Tenno has been deployed in the eastern european country of Lasria with the orders of gathering information about an epidemic known as The Technocyte Virus, which has driven all people infected to mutate into metallic monstruosities which is extremely painful and drive them insane. Agent Tenno was unfortunate to get infected by the mysterious Nemesis stabbing his arm and transforming it, but given his lack of pain reception he was able to resist the mental strains of the virus and use it for his advantage. What happened to Tenno after he succeeded in his mission is unknown but after years of being missing, he showed up in the pantheon, looking for a place to relax.
  • It is believed that Hayden could very well be the first Tenno, even though the group weren't even created until centuries later. But after learning of Hayden's existence, the Tenno welcomed him to their ranks and consider Hayden to be an honorary member of their faction.
    • However, they were worried that the virus that inhabits Hayden's body is the Technocyte and they already a different group called the Infested before. Hayden wasn't even aware that the virus evolved and was used by the Orokin empire, but it works very differently. They are glad that at least Hayden can control his infection and even opposes the influence of their universe's Technocyte Infestation, going so far as to kill many of their numbers when they tried to take him by force.
  • Needless to say, given his ties to the Tenno, that Hayden has also been targetted by both the Grineer and the Corpus. One because they see interest in a seemingly human individual who happens to control a variation of Technocyte and use it for their forces while the Corpus are solely interested in acquiring a sample of Technocyte and sell it to the highest bidder.
  • Given his control over his infected arm and taking advantage of other perks the Technocyte Virus has brought to him, Hayden actually made quite a few allies who possess a Beneficial Disease just like him.
    • The strangest one would be Alexei Stukov, him being russian would certainly bring some animosity between the two but surprisingly, since both were screwed over by others and had to deal with their respective mutations, they hold a great deal of respect for each other.
    • He finds Mamori's and Mirei's virus to be unorthodox and fairly bizarre but he sees that it can be useful and so they have trained together from time to time, not to mention they are trying to mimick Hayden's control over his glaive.
    • Then he also met another duo in the form of Ikoma and Mumei, who also are came into contact with infected creatures and are now immune to their effects, even able to use some to their advantage just like him. They find his fighting style impressive and decided to take some pointers from him
  • As his title would imply he takes a lot of inspirations from different popular characters, with Marcus Fenix and Leon Kennedy being the biggerst influences for Hayden. He sympathizes with Leon given they status as goverment agents and understand Marcus on how war can mess someone up.
  • Suffers from Congenital Analgesia, which makes Hayden be unable to feel pain or at least be aware of it. This is actually the primary reason why the Technocyte didn't mutate him all the way, since it's implied that the virus is very painful to those infected by it.
  • Fellow CIA agent Alex Mason became a close friend of Hayden after learning about their similar pasts about failed missions and being guinea pigs for other people, particularly their respective antagonists. Considering how he brainwashed Mason and the history behind his use of Nova 6, Nikita Dragovich is someone Hayden detest with all his heart.
  • Usually gets his weapon bought from a Black Market weapons dealer but he has been unable to contact him in the pantheon. Luckily for him, he ran into the Merchant, who has access to all the weaponry Hayden never even thought of getting his hands on. Since he heard good things from his buddy Leon, he often looks for the Merchant whenever he needs to get a new weapon.
  • Many theorize that Hayden's virus could very well be similar to that of Alex Mercer, something that didn't go unnoticed by the later. In fact, he is very curious about Hayden and could possibly benefit a lot from absorbing him. Unfortunately, Tenno proved to be too elusive for the Prototype and has escaped him numerous times, something that infurates Mercer.
  • Unfortunately for Tenno, he has been hit by a surprise attack from both Albert Wesker and Edward Richtofen in an attempt to get ahold of the Technocyte and use it for their nefarious purposes. Luckily, the Tenno were alerted and came quikcly to the aid of Hayden, fighting off both Wesker and Richtofen until they were forced to retreat. Both swear that this is not over and that Hayden Tenno will become theirs eventually.

    James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine 
James Howlett, God of Hand Claws and Character Publicity (Wolverine, Logan, Best There Is At What He Does, Wolvie, James Logan, Huge Jackman, The Vicious Anti-Hero of the X-Men)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His fist pointing upward with his Adamantium Claws extended
  • Theme Music: Professional, Extremely Sharp "Logan Through Time", "Where To?"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Code Names, Breakout Characters, Genius Bruisers, Those Who Shoot the Dog (Not his brother), Those Who are Fueled by Rage, Those With Endlessly Convoluted Histories, Those Who Are Fortunate Enough to Recover From Anything, Retractable Claws on Hand
  • Domains: Beast (Wolverines, Wolves), Chaos, Darkness, Fury, Wrath, Death, Life, Art (martial), Survival, Regeneration, Melee, Claws, Warrior Poets, Shamanic Warriors, Honorable Savages, Paradoxes
  • Followers:
  • Allies: X-23, Professor X, Molly Hayes, Thor, Human Torch, Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Cable and Domino
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hulk (In Savage Mode), Cyclops, Emma Frost, Spock, Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel
  • Friendly Enemies With: Magneto
  • Enemies: The Sentinels, Apocalypse, William Stryker,Quinton Beck/Mysterio
  • Annoyed By: Deadpool
  • Special Relationship: Jean Grey/Phoenix
  • No X-Men is as well known as the Canadian killing machine known as James Howlett, also known as 'Logan' and codenamed the ‘Wolverine‘. This popularity is often for better or for worse. On the one hand, he has brought about unprecedented popularity for his team, especially during The '90s. On the other hand, he is seen as the poster boy of what's wrong with the current state of comics: a character who wishes for The Dark Age of Comic Books while changing little in how to deal with people (with his claws through someone's guts, bub). As such, he can be seen as both a popular ''and'' unpopular figure. This does not mean he has his moments of brilliance. He has had popular runs in both the comics and films. It will be up to him and his creators if he can properly balance his savagery with Character Development.
  • Despite his questionaly publicity, Logan will always be associated with the X-Men and the mutants associated with it:
    • It may come to a surprise to many when he states that he wasn't wasn't an original member or that he didn't even debut in an X-Men comic. He was instead part of a new team of X-Men to save the old guard. This group has proven to be a popular bunch, with Nightcrawler and Colossus ascending after him. He is still friends with all of them in differing ways; He considers the 'elf' to be one of his best friends. Ororo helped to calm him down during his berserker states and has even dated him. And Pietro has enjoyed the camaraderie between the two.
    • Of course no rivalry has shaped him than that of Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops. It has ebbed and flowed throughout their time together. In some instances, they are able to tolerate each other. But there has more than a few instances where their rivalry exploded into exchanging blows. Among grievances include pinning over Jean Grey (with the pairing with Logan and Jean gaining popularity after the Ultimate X-Men and live action films), Logan's callout against using kids as weapons leading to the Schism of the team and Logan's allegiance to the Avengers over the X-Men when the two teams battled it out. The cusp of it all is that Wolverine's popularity was coming at the cost of that of the X-Men (and especially Cyclops in particular). Logan responded that Scott was just too boring to carry a team by himself. As of right now, the two are trying to regain traction after disappearing for a while.
    • As stated above, his relationship with Jean Grey is... complicated. It also depends on the medium they were in. There have been an increasing amount of mediums depicting them as a couple. Both decided that it would be better for the two not to pursue such a thing in the Pantheon, if only to keep things within the X-Men relatively relaxed.
    • Avoids Magneto whenever possible (while they're not allying). Man with metal skeleton trying to fight man who controls metal generally means a one-sided fight. Erik even tore off his adamantium skeleton at one time (revealing that it's his claws and regeneration that's his mutant powers).
    • Despite his gruff nature, he has a definite soft spot for teenage girls. He's more protective and considerate of them than of anyone else, starting with Shadowcat and continuing with Jubilee. Both achieved ascension and hang out with him on occasion.
    • Is one of the few X-Men to call out Professor X whenever he does a morally ambiguous act. It's not because Wolverine necessarily thought it was wrong, it’s just that he wishes the telepath to set a higher standard than himself.
    • Rogue counts as that as well... depending on the medium.
  • Many find his rivalry with Spider-Man amusing. As far as cameos go, Spider-Man is the only one in his world that can match the number of times Wolverine has teamed up with someone. Of course, they don't really like pairing up with each other. Spider-Man can get on a lot of people's nerves, but he just happens to know how to raise Wolvie's blood pressure.
  • Logan's relation with Captain America is... complex. It was rumored that the two had met even before Cap froze in ice. While Logan is thankful for handing a spot in the Avengers, he laments Caps insistence in not killing anybody, even those he believes deserve it.
  • His first adventure was a bout against the Hulk. The two made amends later on, but the two remain distrustful of each other. It shows with their subsequent fights between each other.
    • Oddly enough, they were amiable enough to work with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider to replace the Fantastic Four when they thought the group died. The group was formidable, but none of the four think they could keep up as a team without under duress.
  • Molly Hayes has stated that Logan was her favorite X-Men. Even when she was disappointed about his attitude when they first met, she still tries to visit him.
  • Wolverine was one of the first superheroes Ms. Marvel visited upon her ascension. She has constantly stated how Logan is one of her favorites in her world. The appreciation wasn't exactly mutual for him. While he has learned to tolerate her, he tries his best to avoid the inevitable superhero teamup.
  • Baraka holds a similar position for his blades, but Logan doesn't like the Tarkian at all, especially for his insistence on conquering Earthrealm. One can expect the two to fight many times.
  • Worked with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise when they were confronted by the Imperial Guard. It was there that he had an altercation with the Vulcan Spock. A tussle ensued, and he was laid low by the Vulcan Neck Pinch... for a few seconds thanks to his regeneration abilities. The two haven't traded blows since, but neither like the others' company.
  • He usually just retort to an annoyed eyebrow raise when people think his theme song sounds like the Power Rangers theme song.
  • Once went on an adventure across Los Santos with Joel.
  • Was chosen as a combatant to fight Raiden to the death. Wolverine is confident about his victory, although he is also wary of Raiden's HF blade lest it can weaken his Adamantium skeleton's molecular bonds. Too bad it does cut through Adamantium, and thus Wolverine's head would have got cut by Raiden's Blade Spam into pieces, but Logan still pwned his ass (even faster and brutally than he did Satin’s).
  • Some nerds wonder if his claws can cut Superman. He likely can, though at best it merely means Supes is not invulnerable to Wolverine's claws. The Man of Steel might still be able to overpower Wolverine, though.
  • Biologists are also baffled by the size of Wolverine's claws in proportion to his body (not that they'll say it in his face). Of course, given his attitude and his history as a test subject, nobody's willing to ask him to lie down and be researched.
  • Domino and Logan both confirmed that Dom got "lucky" with him during a case with the Hand and the Assassin's Guild. The motel room was trashed, but both parties were left very satisfied. Logan went on record saying that he's up for a repeat performance...just without people shooting at him. "Ruins the mood, an' it makes me grumpy," he said.
  • Also present in House of Weaponized Appendages.
  • "I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice."

    Rion Kugayama 
Rion Kugayama, Goddess of Implied Relationship Scandals (Seraph of Despair)
Click here to see her in her idol outfit. 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess when taken over by the Angel-type Grim Greed)
  • Symbol: SPiKA's logo.
  • Theme Songs: Seize the Day, X.R.C., Shooting Star of Love, Wish Wing, Possibility Flaps.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Bi, Blow You Away, Contractual Purity, Covert Pervert, Extremity Extremist, Genki Girl, Hidden Depths, An Ice Person, Idol Singer, One-Winged Angel, Our Angels Are Different, Paper-Thin Disguise, Pink Means Feminine, Power Gives You Wings, Ramming Always Works, Ship Tease, The Tease, Tsundere.
  • Domains: Idol, Singing, Greed Hunting, Wind, Spirit (Ice), Angel.
  • Followers: All members of the Xanadu Research Club (X.R.C.), which includes Sora Ikushima, Yuuki Shinomiya, Shio Takahata, and Towa Kokonoe.
  • Heralds: All SPiKA members; Haruna Tendou, Reika Kisaragi, Wakaba Yuzuki, and Akira Nanase.
  • Allies: Kou Tokisaka, Asuka Hiiragi, Mitsuki Hokuto, Shiori Kurashiki, DJ Grooves, Miror B., Mettaton, Pit, Colette Brunel, Tear Grants, Rise Kujikawa, Inori Yuzuriha, Houkago Tea Time, Rin The Synchro Duelist
  • Enemies: The Dazzlings, Ember McLain, Courtney Gears, I-No, Margaret Moonlight, Lord Raptor, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, any deity who shares the same mindset as Tomoaki Mikuriya.
  • Rivals: 765 Pro, Muse.
  • Admires: Magical Girls in-general, which includes Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Sakura Kinomoto, Fate Testarossa, Nanoha Takamichi, and Ichigo Momomiya.
  • Pitties: Magical Girls who have been through hell. Specifically Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, and Kyoko Sakura.
  • Opposes: The Incubators.
  • Rion Kugayama is the lead singer of the five-girl idol group named SPiKA. Energetic and outgoing, she puts all of her effort into her songs, as her goal is to not only gain recognition in Japan, but also the entire world. She attends Morimiya Academy much like her friends and allies Asuka, Mitsuki, and Shiori. However, when going out in public, she simply wears a pair of glasses to hide her idol identity when off-stage. She can be rather flirtatious at times, but is otherwise a very nice girl once people get to know her. She joined the X.R.C. after it is revealed that she's a host of an Angel-type Grim Greed called the Seraph of Despair, which Mikuriya forced out of her in order to control its powers. Rion has long since sealed away the Grim Greed back inside her, but the other X.R.C. members have to keep an eye on her so that the Grim Greed doesn't go berserk again. Her Soul Device is Seraphim Layer; a pair of back-mounted wings that can either control Wind or Spirit (essentially Ice), depending on the Master Core equipped.
  • Rion ascended into the pantheon because of the implications of her wanting to create a "scandal" with Kou Tokisaka just for the sake of publicity, which is a common thing in the Japanese idol industry. However, given her flirtatious nature, it's hard to tell if Rion is actually being genuine about it or is just being The Tease just to get a reaction. The last time she declared she was going out with Kou resulted in a wave of her fans in Morimiya Academy chasing after him, which she admitted it amused her a bit.
  • Because she's an idol, Rion considers the two big idol groups 765 Pro and Muse to be a worthy rivals of SPiKA, and aims to come on top of them as the best idol group in the pantheon. This could be one-sided though since both 765 Pro and Muse have been around for so long, they see SPiKA as the new kids on the block. Time will tell if Rion ever manages to succeed in that goal.
  • She has a really great admiration for Magical Girls in-general since she's a huge fangirl of the show "Magical Girl Alisa" back in Morimiya, and in fact, her idol group SPiKA performed the opening theme for that show called "Shooting Star of Love". So when she meets the actual magical girls in-person, she couldn't help but squee in excitement and cheer them on on their battles.
    • That being said however, not everything she finds about magical girls is all sunshine and rainbows. Upon learning about the Puella Magi and how they've formed a contract with the Incubators only for their Soul Gems to corrupt over time and turn them into monsters called Witches, she froze in shock, and really feels sorry for them considering Rion is not so different in that regard (being a host of a Grim Greed herself). After hearing that, she takes it personally against the Incubators for baiting and turning innocent girls into monsters.
  • Due to her powers reminding Rin of her Wind Witches deck, along with her energy reminding her of Yugo, both Rion and Rin the Synchro Duelist became friends for this. That said, Rin would like if Rion would stop teasing her about her relationship with Yugo.
  • She's not fond of deities who share the same or similar mindsets as Tomoaki Mikuriya, because she herself has been a victim to his actions once all because he wanted to selfishly prove himself to the Hokuto Group just for the sake of gaining higher political ground in Zodiac (and also looking down on idols). Special mention goes to Sir Isaac Westcott, whom Rion considers as Mikuriya's ambitions made far worse. Seeing him commit atrocities on the Spirits just to gain godhood does not sit well for Rion, which makes her all the more determined to defeat him for her sake and the sake of others affected by his actions.

Tremor, God of Playable Promotion
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Black Dragon emblem
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral off the clock)
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Affably Evil, Ascended Extra, The Big Guy, Breakout Character, The Comically Serious, Extra-ore-dinary, Even Evil Has Standards, Mistaken for Scorpion, Taken for Granite
  • Domains: Earth, Mercenaries, Crime, Playable Characters, Popularity, Coolness
  • Allies: Gaara, Diancie, Heathran, Regirock, Deadpool
  • Rivals: Scorpion, Toph Beifong
  • Enemies: Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage (Although he is willing to spare them), Kotal Khan, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kano
  • Respects: Johnny Cage, Geb
  • Odd Friendship: Leon
  • What seemed to be at first just a quirky underling of Kano, Tremor made a huge impression after he fought Jax Briggs given his earth control powers. Eventually he lost the fight and died, but he wasn't forgotten and in the new timeline, the story of Tremor took a radical turn. After Kano sent him to retrieve an item in the Dream Realm, Tremor's powers being exposed to that realm increased their strength, enough that it is said his power rivals those of Raiden and Fujin, two demigods. After that, Tremor appeared among the pantheon ranks, triumphally claiming the title of Playable Promotion.
  • For a Black Dragon Clan member, he is actually not that bad even being very affable towards his foes and even willing to let some retreat. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to crush the ascended Special Forces members Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs. He especially wants some payback with Jax given his death in the original timeline and this time he is going all out.
    • Unexpectedly, he seems to unironically enjoy Johnny Cage's movies enough to respect the man himself in combat. Cage does consider him a dangerous threat but appreaciates his support.
  • His relationship with Kano has been strained given his rather...shady ways he goes around. They seem to tolerate the other enough to at least work together, but he has quit being a Black Dragon (at least in the pantheon) and has stated that he plans to off Kano before he departs.
  • His impressive earthbending skills haven't gone unnoticed and he sometimes can be found in the House of Nature honing his skills. He considers Toph Beifong a Worthy Opponent and their bouts have ended in stalemates multiple times, most impressive is that they also have control over metal (As demonstrated by Tremor's Metallic variation and Toph's metalbending). He respects Geb for being an ancient deity of earth elementals and hopes to one day match his strength.
    • He also has Crystalline variation where he can adopt moves based on crystals. This drew the attention of Diancie who was perplexed by their similar appearances. Tremor and Diancie actually became good friends, to everyones surprises and he seems to be super protective of the Pokemon, to the point that if Diancie gets in serious trouble, he won't hesitate to come to her aid.
  • Sometimes can also be seen in the hottest places of Nature, probably assuming his Aftershock form to practice. There he also found Heathran and confronted the creature to see if it had some combat in it. He wasn't dissapointed and ended up befriending the creature, strangely enough.
    • He also heard of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, a man with a fearsome reputation and even more fearsome powers. Tremor also challenged him to a fight to see if he the rumors were true and ultimately ended on a stalemate. Though their conflict didn't end there, as Akainu clearly wants to terminate Tremor for his connection with the Black Dragon clan and won't rest until he finishes him off.
  • While he might be better and more morally upstanding than his partner Kano, Tremor at the end of the day is still a criminal and mercenary and is judged as such. He has some received some job offers from the likes of Shadaloo, HYDRA and the Regime but he usually prefers to take smaller jobs, even if those don't bother him that much.
  • Once got to work with Deadpool and surprisingly, Tremor was able to tolerate his constant talking without too much trouble. Well, until he started to bother him about his old look and Tremor decide to crush the merc with the mouth with his Stone Tomb. Of course, that didn't kill him but it kept him quite for a few minutes.
  • Used to be confused for Scorpion in the past. A lot. So it's understandable why the two are rivals, besides their contrasting elements. The next person who will mention that he resembles Scorpion will get their bones crushed though.
  • Has some degree of respect for Leon, who also like him was Saved by the Fans. Initially though Leon didn't have a high opinion of Tremor considering his ties with Kano but since Tremor showed to be quite the honorable fighter he ended up also respecting him in return.
  • He seems to be closely connected to the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, possibly since his powers increased after being exposed to the Dream Realm for so long. But the reason he visits the house is entirely unknown.
  • Can also be found in Game Characters.

Lesser Gods

    Lucius Malfoy 
Lucius Malfoy, God of Using Connections To Manipulate The Law

    The Rabbids 

The Rabbids, The Collective Gods of Stealing The Spotlight
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A Rabbid screaming its head off.
  • Theme Song: The Rabbids Invasion Theme Song, Bãtutã Din Moldova as well. Sanie cu Zurgalai seems to be popular among the shopping cart pushing ones, while the ones in Mushroom Kingdom is associated with Mid-Boss Mayhem.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid (Used to be Chaotic Evil), Those in the Mushroom Kingdom covers the whole spectrum
  • Portifolio: A Race of Insane Rabbits, Screams At The Top Of Their Lungs, Breakout Characters, More Popular Spin Off, Genius Ditz, Highly Customizable, Eyes Turn Red When Going Berserk, Made of Iron, Decrease In Villainy Overtime, The Unintelligible
  • Domains: Rabbits, Screaming, Spotlight, Spin-Offs
  • Allies: The Gremlins, The Goat, The Goose
  • Opposed By: The Rayman Deities, Gru, Other Rabbit Deities (Such as Judy Hops and Bugs Bunny), The House of Space and Cosmos
  • On Good Terms With: Most Mario Deities, Max
  • The Raving Rabbids are Ax-Crazy bunny rabbits who thrived on both screaming their heads off or causing chaos for the heck of it. Initially, they started as enemies of Rayman, having kidnaped both him and the baby Globoxes and forcing Rayman to compete in various strange mini games for their amusement. Afterwards, the Rabbids got more and more popular and Rayman himself was gradually Demoted to Extra until he was ejected from the series altogether for years to come. Eventually, Rayman was able to get another game and the Rabbids were separated from the franchise, but they still remain a popular series.
  • A seemingly peaceful day in the Pantheon was interrupted when reports of strange creatures in shopping carts stealing everything that isn't nailed down started making rounds. Trash, food, clothes, signs and even whole vehicles were fair game for these mysterious theives. Eventually, Rayman stepped in to figure out the cause of all of this, and one short description of the perpetrators (Small, white furry creatures in carts) was all Rayman needed for his day to suddenly become worse. He, alongside Globox, tracked down where the Rabbids were stashing the stuff and started fighting them, the Rabbids putting up a considerable fight before finally being bested by the duo. They then took one of them to the Court of the Gods for an explanation and, thanks to Rayman being able to speak their language, found out their motives: make a stack of stuff so huge, that they'll be able to reach The Moon, which is apparently their home. After a Stunned Silence from the court, they then realized that these were the creatures that Rayman was constantly complaining about, having overtook the franchise from him for a good bit before. With that, they gained the title of Stealing the Spotlight in the Pantheon, to Rayman's complete dismay.
  • Nobodies quite sure exactly where the Rabbids came from, thanks to multiple conflicting sources. Their first outing on the GBA suggests that they were peaceful creatures pushed to the brink thanks to being bullied for far too long. Go Home suggests that they come from The Moon (Any connections to the myth of Moon Rabbits is unknown), while its DS port says that they merely mistook it for a giant light bulb, which they're fond of sitting on. And the rest just throw their hands up and say, "Who knows?" Either way, what's most consistent is that they travel around and commit random acts of chaos for the sake of entertainment. In the Pantheon, they made themselves a home in the resident Junkyard, effectively claiming it as their temple, and spend their time either messing with the junk found there or resting on the light bulbs, which they seem to enjoy the frequent shocks of it.
  • Of course, essentially every deity from the Glade of Dreams opposes them. Rayman for the endless amount of grief they gave him during their time in his series, Globox for them kidnapping his children, Betilla and the Princesses for attempting to conquer the Glade, and the Teensies for being jealous of their dancing skills. That being said, what stops them from being full-blown enemies these days is that Rayman acknowledges that the bunnies have changed since he last saw them, going from actively evil menaces to simply just annoying, dumb pests. That still hasn't stopped the Rabbids from heckling Rayman and friends on occasion, mostly due to him getting in their way of their "fun".
    • They've also managed to earn the ire of his enemies as well. For context, Admiral Razorbeard and The Magician found out about the Rabbids and how they drove Rayman into obscurity, and thus figured that, if they were to get the Rabbids on their side, their combined might would be able to finally destroy him once and for all. Long story short, the alliance ended with the duo's lair utterly trashed by the insane bunnies doing what they usually do and abandoning the duo without a second thought. They declared revenge on the Rabbids for that day ever since, not that the Rabbids ever noticed.
  • Oddly enough, not all Rabbids are completely off their rockers. One particular group of them ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom of all places and ended up being corrupted by a malevolent virus, with Mario and friends teaming up with some unaffected Rabbids dressed as them to save the Kingdom. These Rabbids ended up being incredibly grateful for the plumber and became allies with him, even staying in the Kingdom while their Washing Machine was being fixed. These particular Rabbids, which include versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi, were also ascended and could naturally be seen hanging out with the Mario Bros. The other members also seem to respect the plumber as well, as they're more well behaved around him, as much of a small difference as it is.
  • As one can predict, many of the rabbit deities in the Pantheon aren't exactly fond of the troublemakers. For instance, officer Judy Hops, a bunny cop, has found herself trying to stop the Rabbids usual chaos, often struggling to keep up with their chaotic nature. At times, she even wonders if the only reason she's even sent out against them is because she's a rabbit. Another example would be Bugs Bunny himself, who in an ironic twist of fate would find himself heckled by the Rabbids, his usual tricks not working due to them being too dumb to properly trick. He's usually able to get rid of them eventually, but that doesn't stop them from returning. He does admit he finds the irony Actually Pretty Funny, though. Max of the Freelance Police, however, finds them to be "His kinda people" and has struck up a friendship with the group, thanks to the Lagomorph enjoying the chaos they bring to the table. He's recently been trying to teach them how to play cards, and is currently been making no progress whatsoever.
  • Unfortunately for the Pantheon, the Rabbids managed to make proper allies. In his quest to lead his species to civilization, the leader of the Gremlins, Brain, encountered the Rabbids playing tubas at a toilet shop (Please don't ask), and realized that the creatures were remarkably similar to his own, albeit a bit less sadistic and cruel. Realizing that another similarly chaotic race could be useful allies, as well as his own amusement towards the absurdity of the situation, he easily struck up a "partnership" with the Rabbids, promising them a trip to the moon in exchange for their aid. He'll admit that while their stupidity makes them a bit more difficult to control than a Gremlin, who are more destructive but more intelligent, their occasional bouts of intelligence has proven useful every now and again.
    • Another group that have successfully befriended the Rabbids are the troublemaking duo of Pilgor the Goat and The Goose. The former has introduced them to the art of "Uncontrollably launching your entire body at something and watching It break apart do to your very presence hitting it hard enough", an activity that the Rabbids found predictably hilarious. For the latter, the Goose has been teaching the bunnies how to properly sneak up on someone and steal stuff from them, even bringing the Rabbids to his own village to practice on the poor villagers. Many Pantheon scientists predicted that the realm has only a short time to live after finding out about this combination.
  • Many, many people have compared the Rabbids to The Minions, another group of adorably loud and hyperactive Genius Ditz who end up hogging the spotlight from the intended main characters, though in their case said characters still stayed relevant while the Rabbids ended up overthrowing Rayman. The (former) master of the Minions, went to check them out to see if they really were similar, and while he could see the similarities, he still preferred his old Minions, saying that they were more reliable than the moronic hares they were compared to. Of course, when he got back home, he found out that the Rabbids had followed him and were currently wrecking his house and lair, to his complete dismay.
  • It should be noted that, for all their faults, the Rabbids are excellent dancers, capable of performing complex and impressive moves at the drop of a hat. Alongside that, it's shown that they have a fondness of making music, as plenty of games had them dance to covers of popular songs. With this in mind, as well as their love of dancing in the first place, they can be seen at the hall of Dance, commonly showing up suddenly and busting out some moves while the others start playing covers. While initially welcomed just fine, especially since the Rabbids were on their best behavior, they slowly started gaining detractors for, of course, hogging the spotlight whenever they started dancing, not that it prevents them from still visiting since causing a few people to be annoyed by your presence isn't exactly against the rules, and even then plenty of dancers seem to like them regardless.
  • Possibly the most worrying bit about The Rabbids is that they have access to an actual time machine shaped like a washing machine, which they use to, well, travel through time. Predictably, they caused massive damage to time and space while barley even paying attention, with one particularly ambitious Rabbid planning a full-scale invasion using them. It's also how they ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Rabbids having invaded a Nintendo fangirl's house and accidentally absorbed some machinery she was creating, causing all sorts of havoc. As soon as the house of Time and Space found out, they immediately captured the machine and made absolutely sure that the bunnies were as far away from it as humanly possible, not wanting another time catastrophe on their hands.
  • For the most part, the Rabbids are indistinguishable from one another. However, there have been a few notable ones that pop up from time to time:
    • In their first appearance, there was Sergueï, a giant, gorilla like "Timid Rabbid" that acted as the main enforcer to the army. He's the one that captured and imprisoned Rayman, also participating in a few of the mini games he was forced to participate in. Despite this, he's rather friendly for someone like him, being described as a "Softy" and gradually warming up to Rayman. While he disappeared after the first game, the Rabbids brought him along when they ascended, joining in on their antics and acting as The Big Guy on the occasion that they need some muscle.
    • Professor Barranco 3 is the clone of the original Barranco, a Rabbid who was also the resident Butt-Monkey. Unlike his predecessor, he's the one Rabbid who is truly evil, using his relatively average intelligence to take leadership of the group and Take Over the World. He can be distinguished by the detail that one of his eyes are red, sometimes also wearing a commander Helmet and a scar by his eye. Arriving in the Pantheon, he once again schemes to overtake the realm and it's surrounding lands, a task made more difficult thanks to Rayman and friends.
    • Spawny was the result of a Rabbid fusing with a VR headset, creating a more timid, friendly Rabbid that could turn anything into a Rabbid fusion. Unfortunately for him, not only did Bowser Jr try to use him to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, he was also overtaken by a malicious virus that threatened to outright destroy the kingdom before he was stopped. Arriving at the Pantheon, he tends to stay out of his species usual antics, spending his time hanging around the Mushroom Kingdom with Jr, who he ended up befriending for real after the fiasco he accidentally caused.

    SpongeBob SquarePants 
SpongeBob SquarePants, God of Cash Cow Franchises (The Invincibubble, Dirty Dan/Pinhead Larry, SpongeBoob, Cheesehead, The Quickster, Spingebill, Destroyer of Evil, Nickelodeon's Number One Nautical Nincompoop, Our God (The last one by Wiz), Goofball, Wingnut, Knucklehead Mcspazatron)
  • Lesser God (can reach Intermediate God status as The Invincibubble, and was once turned into a Greater God by King Neptune, and when he wielded the Magic Pencil, Overdeity with sufficient Toon Force)
  • Symbol: His pineapple house; alternatively, his face on a background resembling his yellow-green body
  • Theme Music: His show's very own theme song; alternatively, Goofy Goober Rock from the first movie, Squeeze Me as the Invincibubble, Jellyfish Fields (NASB2 Remix)
  • Alignment: Varies between Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Franchises That Still Make Money, Alliterative Names, Character Titles, Life Partners With Patrick Star, Workaholics, Burger Fools, Signature Laughs That Are Also Annoying, Married to the Job, Keet, Idiot Heroes, Nice Guys, Genius Ditzies, Neat Freaks, Weirdness, Childishness, Femininity, All Loving Heroes, Healing Factor, Multiplying Oneself, Being Innocent But Also Insensitive, Crazy Driving, Inconsistent Physical Strength, Inconsistent Characterization
  • Domains: Popularity, Cartoons, Regeneration, Food, Cleaning, Laughter, Imagination, Bubbles, Water
  • Heralds: Gary (his pet snail), Patchy the Pirate (his biggest fan).
  • Followers: Pretty much every non-ascended, non-Spongebob-series Nicktoon
  • Allies: Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks Squidward Tentacles (mostly one-sided on SpongeBob's part), Mr. Krabs, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, fellow good-natured Nickelodeon deities (Aang, Korra, Toph Bei Fong, Sokka, Katara, Zuko, The Cast of iCarly, CatDog), Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Ariel, Rikuo, Dora, The Inklings, Ika Musume, Octodad, Misty, Omastar/Lord Helix, Kingdra, Ecco The Dolphin, Spyro The Dragon, The Ice King, Steven Quartz Universe, Makoto Nanaya, Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl, Dell Conagher/The Engineer, Mordecai and Rigby, Bob Belcher
  • Rivals: Mickey Mouse, Mario, Pikachu, Ben Tennyson, Bugs Bunny, The Minions, Homer Simpson and several other iconic franchise mascots; also, Tidus
  • Friendly Enemy: Plankton
  • Friendly Rivals: Undyne, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Opposed by: Cthulhu, The Kraken, Blooper, Davy Jones, Ursula, Pearl, Light Yagami
  • Afraid of: Mello, Uncle Howee
  • Mixed Opinion by: Benson
  • SpongeBob ascended after his second movie was released for a generally positive reception from critics and fans alike as well as outgrossing the first movie, showing that his franchise was still going strong. His best pal, Patrick Star, ascended alongside him for being, well, his Fat Best Friend.
    • In fact, SpongeBob had the chance to ascend even earlier as the God of Hamburgers after beating King Neptune in a cooking duel, but refused once he was told that he couldn't bring his best friend Patrick with him at the time.
  • SpongeBob is well-acquainted with all the deities originated from the Nickelodeon universe. In fact, he is even seen as a sort of leader by them, despite the presence of powerhouses like avatars Aang and Korra. This might because of all the attention he receives in their own universe.
  • Dog from CatDog is particularly loyal to him, probably because they sound similar.
    • SpongeBob's own voice has also allowed him to form Odd Friendships with Spyro the Dragon and The Ice King. It's not every day that people see a talking, cheerful sponge befriend a little, cocky dragon and an insane, old wizard.
    • However, SpongeBob appears to be scared of Uncle Howee, who he finds too creepy even for him. Even stranger is that SpongeBob thinks Howee looks a lot like his #1 fan Patchy The Pirate, which makes things even creepier for him.
  • SpongeBob has tried to befriend every cephalopod deity in the Pantheon with mixed results. Octodad reminds him of his old "pal" Squidward and they seem to get along nicely, The Inklings think he is fresh enough thanks to being "pals" with this Squidward figure that keeps popping up on street art in their world, Ika Musume likes him on virtue of him being a sea creature in the first place. SpongeBob also received a magic conch shell fossil as a gift from Omastar, using it frequently to tell him what he can do or not and occasionally worshipping it as a greater deity called "Lord Helix".
    • The more malevolent cephalopods are not very fond of SpongeBob though. Blooper dislikes sponges as one was once used to defeat its superior, Gooper Blooper. Cthulhu doesn't appear to scare him at all, and his presence annoys the ancient God. The Kraken once tried to eat SpongeBob, but spat him out for being talkatively obnoxious while inside its stomach. Ursula was busy preparing a new magic potion, but SpongeBob's well-intentioned ditziness made Ursula screw up the recipe and have it all backfire on her, causing her to send her eel henchmen, Flotsam & Jetsam, after SpongeBob.
    • The worst would be his relationship with Davy Jones. It all started when SpongeBob came to the legendary pirate in order to return all the dirty gym socks that were left inside Jones' locker, which ended up with Patrick accidentally showering the pirate with them. Davy Jones swore revenge at both SpongeBob and Patrick for that.
  • He is a big fan of Aquaman (Arthur Curry), although the Atlantian is a bit confused on why SpongeBob keeps referring to him as "Mermaid Man".
    • He and Patrick once tried to befriend Kingdra, Aquaman's partner, in order to ride her around. After several attempts and Dragon Pulses to the face, they eventually succeeded.
  • Sometimes, SpongeBob joins Ariel in spontaneous musical numbers at the House of Music. The numbers are usually a hit or a miss as SpongeBob tends to vary between being an amazing singer or an atrocious one.
  • Oddly enough, despite being a confirmed asexual (never mind about him having an actual gender in the first place. The House of Knowledge is still conducting studies about this), SpongeBob has a curious attraction for the fishman known as Rikuo, as such, he sometimes tries to act as a sort of manservant, competing with Patrick.
  • While strolling around the Pantheon one day, he eventually had a Random Encounter against Undyne, who challenged him for a duel. Unfortunately for SpongeBob, it was one of those days where he could barely lift a teacup, so he stood no chance against her. He did, however, challenge her for a rematch, which she accepted. As such, SpongeBob is now training every day by practicing his karate at the House of Combat and working his muscle mass by lifting plushies.
  • He and Patrick tend to get along with Steven really well, usually dragging him along on for some fun, reckless antics, much to Pearl's chagrin.
    • Things didn't get better when SpongeBob casually mentioned that Pearl reminded him of his whale friend who also shares the name "Pearl".
  • SpongeBob, being a lover of karate, has found a sparring partner in Makoto Nanaya at the House of Combat. He thinks Makoto resembles a lot his squirrel friend Sandy Cheeks, except for the lack of an astronaut suit.
    • Through Makoto, SpongeBob has also met Doreen Green, a.k.a Squirrel Girl, who claims that she does know his friend Sandy, having summoned her and several members of her family once in order to defeat Doctor Doom (again).
    • The Engineer also claims to have met a super smart, karate squirrel back in Texas, although he admits it could have been a hallucination caused by him accidentally ingesting a piece of peyote cactus.
  • SpongeBob is currently working at the House of Food under Bob Belcher, who thinks the sponge is a talented fry cook, albeit a bit too eccentric.
    • He also has a side job selling chocolate bars to deities around the Pantheon alongside his best friend Patrick. Needless to say, they had some trouble when they tried to sell some to Mello.
    • Being the workaholic he is, he also has another side job restoring certain parts of the Pantheon, working alongside Mordecai and Rigby and under Benson. The gumball machine admires the sponge's dedication to his job (unlike a certain blue jay and raccoon), although he often gets annoyed by SpongeBob's more childish traits and occasional clumsiness. SpongeBob himself loves working with Mordecai and Rigby, even though the latter two barely do any work at all.
  • SpongeBob once made a hilarious Light Yagami impression during a skit at the House of Theater, which everybody loved, except Light himself of course, who was not amused at being mocked by a talking sponge.
    Spongebob (impersonating Light): This world is rotten, and those that are making it rot deserve to die!
  • He once had a laughing contest against Tidus, which lasted for hours. There was no clear winner, as no one was really able to stand around for more than 3 minutes in order to judge.
  • SpongeBob sometimes gets into debates with other mascots about who has the most popular and profitable franchise, although those tend to get nowhere.
    • Because Sonic the Hedgehog was supporting him during his fallen times, their debates are Just for Fun.
  • Should not be allowed in the House of Travel since he is unable to get his boating license no matter how many times you have to drive it into his head. The only vehicle he's capable of driving is the Patty Wagon since "You don't need a licence to drive a sandwich".
  • "I'm ready!!"

Evan Fong, God of Popularity Boosting (Vanoss, VanossGaming, Hoodini, Bat Owl, Night Owl, Thug Owl, Chicken Man, Thvanoss, Ron-Owl McDonald)

    "Weird Al" Yankovic 
Alfred Matthew Yankovic, God of Parodies Better Remembered Than The Originals (Weird Al Yankovic, Cheese Sandwich, Wreck-Gar, Milo Murphy, Dr. Screwball Jones)
Regular Al
Cheese Sandwich 
  • Theme Song: Dare To Be Stupid
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Accordion. As Cheese Sandwich, it's his cutie mark (two halves of a cheese sandwich with gooey strings of cheese)
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody that are more remembered than the original, Satire, Parody and Pastiche
  • Domain: Parody, Accordions.
  • Allies: Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Coolio (after a long rivalry), Pinkie Pie, Optimus Prime, Johnny Bravo
  • Opposed by: Eminem, Prince
  • If there's a song to be written, Weird Al will find a way to make it funny by changing the words to include easy-to-recognize pop-culture references. He scoffs at the Friedberg/Seltzer directing team for taking the shotgun approach to parody by throwing out unrelated references to see what sticks.
  • He also has the magic ability to turn nearly any song into some form of polka mix. all he needs is his divine accordion.
  • Morrigan Aensland once tried to seduce him, but when he noticed that one of her teeth was 0.0019 milimeters smaller than the others, he simply replied with the following line before calmly walking away: "You're close, but no cigar!".
  • Al is, however polite enough to ask before he parodies the work of someone else in the House of Music, even though the Higher Gods agreed he isn't legally obligated to. Usually this is considered a high honor, as Weird Al normally doesn't parody a song unless its enormously popular. Different deities have different feelings about his making parodies of his work, though. For example, Michael Jackson always found him Actually Pretty Funny, and is happy to allow him to continue to parody his work. However, Eminem snubbed him, and instead Weird Al did a scathing parody interview.
  • Al has been petitioning to get his pet Harvey the Wonder Hamster ascended as God of Hamsters, but no luck so far.
  • His temple is modeled after the set of The Weird Al Show, and is situated twenty miles below the Earth's surface.
  • A pony version of him known as Cheese Sandwich can sometimes be seen. This version of Al hangs out with the Equestrian gods, particularly Pinkie Pie, to make amazing parties.
    • A Transformer known as Wreck-Gar has also hanged out, who has been trying to find his purpose in life. One thing is for sure, everyone knows that Wreck-Gar "dares to be stupid."
      • And now, there's a young boy named "Milo Murphy", descendant of the man who coined "Murphy's Law" that causes unexplainable mayhem wherever he goes. This avatar has become friendly with both Phineas and Ferb.
      • Yet another version of him can be seen, this one the most bizzare of them all- a banana named Dr. Screwball Jones, a villain who wants to force happiness onto others. Wander really doesn't like him.
  • Is very impressed that Joseph Joestar would know in good details about his works.
  • Alongside Don Knotts and the Blue Falcon, Al attempted to do a makeover on Johnny Bravo and his show, although the changes weren't well-received by the target demographic. Nowadays, Johnny doesn't mind Al, but makes sure to keep him away from his hairdo.


    Elvis Presley 
Elvis Aaron Presley, God of Rock And Roll Stars and Celebrities Suspected To Still Be Alive (The King of Rock and Roll)
  • Demigodnote 
  • Symbol: His pompadour
  • Theme Song: There's a lot, but for now he's chosen Burning Love
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Rock Star, '50s Hair, Southern Gentleman, Though To Still Be Alive And Possibly An Alien Or Elf, Real Men Love Jesus (So Don't Call Him The King), Too Hot for TV, Loves Bacon And Food In General, Big Fancy House, Shoot the Television, The Lisa Marie, Sabotaged Blue Christmas Yet It Became A Hit, Nice Guy, Memetic Hair
  • Domains: Rock and Roll, Fame, Idols, Bacon
  • Followers: The Kings
  • Allies: Son Goku, Bill and Ted, Lilo and Stitch, Captain Marvel, Waylon Smithers, Paul London
  • On good terms: Gods associated with rock and roll, most the House of Musicality and non-evil members of the House of Food, Josuke Higashikata
  • Odd Friendship with: Ned Flanders
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Michael Jackson, The Beatles
  • Opposes: Jerkass producers and evil mothers, Mr Krabs, Nigel West Dickens
  • Unclear relationship with: The Men in Black
  • Elvis Aaron Presley is the Mississippi born, Tennessee raised son of common southern folk Gladys Love and Vernon Presley. Surviving his stillborn twin and a devastating hurricane storm, they believed the kid was gonna be Born Lucky. As it turns out they were right; he would rise fast in the fifties as one of the greatest music artists of the era, and certainly one of the most iconic. After decades of shaking his hips for the angels(though some would argue he's been in hiding), the first true rock star returns in the Trope Pantheon.
  • Known as the King of Rock and Roll, or simply "The King". He hates this phrase due to being a rather religious man, or as he puts "there's only one God, and He sure don't dress like me". Him and Ned Flanders got on surprisingly well for someone judged Too Hot for TV, though given he's got a big Beatles connection this isn't that unexpected.
    • Furthermore, Elvis actually even rejects being called the King of Rock n' Roll. When asked who he thinks it is, he says that it was Antoine "Fats" Domino Jr. In fact, Elvis claimed the only reason his fame eclipsed that of Fats Domino (aside from the man's own shyness and humility) was because of his (Elvis') white skin.
  • Waylon Smithers is a big fan of him, taking pride in the picture that Mr Burns gave him with being next to Elvis. The latter couldn't understand a word he was saying. As Smithers puts it, "he was so good to his mother". Elvis was fine with him getting an autograph personally, though this could be in part interest in his boss' financial abilities and desire for funds.
  • Has a Friendly Rivalry with Michael Jackson, his former son-in-law. They even had a rap battle. There's a similar rivalry with the Beatles who become one of the next popular things during what he considers his wane in popularity, but like Michael there's no hard feelings.
  • Grew up a fan of Captain Marvel comics, even stylizing some of his outfits off him. It was a real treat for Elvis to meet Billy Batson in person.
  • Practically worshiped by Lilo and Stitch, who consider him an idol to look up to. They use him as an example of a model citizen, and have tried to get him ascended. They succeeded, and Elvis gladly visits their temple for songs and autographs. Meanwhile they're allowed to visit Graceland whenever they want for their help.
  • He was utterly awed by Bill and Ted. Oh sure, he popularized rock and roll but they managed to create utopia as the Wyld Stallyns. He's nothing short of impressed by them, even asking for their autographs, leading them to Squee. He's gone on a time-travelling adventure with them of late.
  • Likes Josuke Higashikata for defending the pompadour hairstyle, though until he learned just why he has the hair thought he went a bit overboard with it. Initially believed it was based off his own hairdo, but Josuke's stated it's a Prince nod.
  • Official sources say he died at his throne due to heart complications and his addiction to prescription drugs. Many didn't believe this, and assume he's still alive, possibly undercover drug-busting with the FBI. Now that he's ascended Elvis seems fond of claiming this, however he's probably lying due to embarrassment over his Undignified Death.
  • Suspected to have been some sort of alien, and gone home in 1977. The Men in Black have claimed this about him, and his appearances in the House of Extraterrestrials is somewhat suspicious. Most agree he's probably human, though many alien gods enjoy his works. On rare occasions he looks pretty elvish.
  • Loves him some bacon, particularly burned bacon like ma used to make. Him and Goku bonded over their love of bacon, and was quick to take some of that heart medication Future Trunks got Goku. Was somewhat annoyed to learn that he's been trying to get rid of bacon stores in his timeline. You can often find Elvis in the House of Food, getting cheeseburgers on demand there.
  • Also spends his time in the House of Weapons and Travel. He has a lot of cars he wants to purchase, and feels like pulling his old Shoot the Television trick out again(he doesn't like cathode rays). He was briefly kicked out from the House of Theatre and Spectacle due to trying them out on the televisions there and pulling some pranks.
  • Proud to admit he loves him mom, and looks down on bad mothers. He shows contempt to exploitative bosses and con-artists as well.
  • Has plenty of imposters, something he sees as rather flattering. Currently trying find someone to serve as the god of said trope. On his search he was pretty surprised to learn that in an alternate universe, Galactus lost his powers and essentially became the new Elvis of that reality.
  • Doesn't know what to think about the current state Richard Nixon is in, who wants him to pick up the slack on the war against drugs.
  • Many gods were surprised to learn that Elvis is actually proficient in karate and has showed off his moves in the House of Combat. This somehow made him gain an ally in Paul London, who is currently producing a film where he plays a karate expert Presley who is off to uncover the murder of Bruce Lee. And apparently, yes, Presley was also good friends with Bruce too so there's that.

    Linkin Park 
Linkin Park, Divine Heralds of Fan-Created Videos (Xero)
The Band during their Meteora Era
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Band Logo: A Stylised L and P conjoined together by a Circle/Rectangle
  • Signature Song: "In the End" (Hybrid Theory), "Numb" (Meteora), "What I've Done" (Minutes to Midnight), "Waiting for the End" (A Thousand Suns), "Lost in the Echo" (Living Things), "Guilty All the Same" (The Hunting Party), "One More Light" (One More Light)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Members: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Dave "Phoenix" Farrell
  • Portfolio: One of the Archetypal Acts of Nu Metal and 2000s Rock Music, Known for being really Boisterous, Differing Music and Genre Sound with each consecutive Album, Became more Mature and Wizened after their Nu Metal Tenure (2000-2003), Voracious Screams courtesy of Chester (Sometimes being Unpredictable), Have their fair share of Remix Albums, Having some Music Videos very reminiscent of Anime, Are Amicable with Digital Piracy, Occasionally having rather long Tracks, A Popular Example of Fan-Created Videos
  • Domains: Rock Music, Rap, Angst, Melancholy, Experimentation
  • High Priest: Evanescence
  • Followers: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace
  • Allies: Most Dragon Ball Deities, Optimus Prime and the Autobots, Sasuke Uchiha, Hiei, David Bowie, Elliot Alderson, Raiden, Shinji Ikari, Makato Yuuki
  • Respected By: Megatron and the Decepticons, Freddie Mercury, Anime Fans in General
  • Opposes: Johan Liebert, Yuuki Terumi, Those who Refuse Change in Music Styles
  • Opposed By: Dethklok
  • Pitied By: Those who are associated with Suicide, attempted or not (Regarding Chester)
  • Linkin Park is an American Rock band from Agoura Hills, California. They are one of the best-known Rock acts of the 21st Century, with their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora being considered Nu Metal classics by several music fans and critics. What they are also known for is the vocal duality between frontman Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda their attempt in experimenting and diversifying their sound after the mid-00s, with a more direct approach towards Alternative Rock mixed with electronics. Their penultimate album, The Hunting Party, saw them dabbling into Hard Rock and their latest, One More Light, saw a dramatic shift more akin to Pop Rock.
    • Through all of this, Linkin Park have a rather interesting distinction in being associated with Anime. They are the most common and famous examples of the phenomena known as Anime Music Videos (AMV), with Dragon Ball Z being the series that is subject to having AMV's most. The band are also fans of the Gundam franchise.
  • Chester had ascended into the Pantheon after his mortal coil had been shed in July 2017. He was first seen with the Court of the Gods with several fans of Linkin Park expressing their deepest sympathies and regards. The Court decided to put Chester into rehabilitation after it became clear that Chester's depression and anxiety were indeed true and devastating. He's been taking therapy sessions, but has stated that he doesn't see himself ascended unless his bandmates are reunited with him.
  • The band are currently setting up tour dates in the Pantheon, the House of Emotion being the first they're targeting. Given Chester's struggles and the context of Linkin Park's lyrics, it makes sense why they would want to tour there first.
    • Their angst-filled lyrics would actually fit right in the House of Hatred and Rancor, but Linkin Park has outright refused to play there, given the mostly malicious and evil nature of the house. Yuuki Terumi once tried to invite the band members to play a gig with him, but word from the Court of the Gods caused the band to stay wary of him as much as they could, much to Terumi's dismay.
  • Were initially the source of numerous jokes about their lyrics and their over-the-top vocal style. Before the band fully ascended, someone would often blurt out "CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!!!" every once in a while as a means to associate the song "Crawling" with a character like Sasuke and Hiei. After Chester's suicide, pretty much nobody is willing to bring up the jokes anymore. Despite all of this, Sasuke and Hiei are amicable with the band as is Shinji Ikari, who seems to connect with Linkin Park more than Sasuke and Hiei do.
    • That said, Chester is actually a goofball offstage. He would often involve himself in weird antics and mess around to have fun with the remaining band members. The band overall, especially Mike also tend to appreciate videos and skits parodying the band at times. The band also get along with Makoto Yuuki who can associate his mood with them and would often visit Linkin Park every now and then.
  • They get along very well with David Bowie, who himself has a knack of changing his musical style every once in a while. Bowie has appreciated Linkin Park for trying to diversify their music, though he does feel as if the backlash they got for their musical approach, even if they weren't as good as their first two albums, according to fans, was particularly overblown.
  • If there is one individual that Linkin Park actively tries to avoid above everyone else, its Johan Liebert. Considering that Liebert has a knack of approaching people with the intent of breaking an individual's spirit and manipulating the person into suicide, they have every right to be afraid. The band has taken a lot of precautions to ensure they don't cross paths with Liebert at any given moment.
  • They have a good friendship with the Z-Fighters, with Goku and Vegeta being rather pleased about the fact that numerous people have taken to recording their fights and having it showcased with Linkin Park music. Goku and Vegeta seem to like what they produce, but have decided not to let them play a song at the same time as they are fighting, considering they would likely destroy the band's equipment and stage if they ever fought at the same area.
    • Frieza doesn't have much to say about Linkin Park, but has decided not to attack them mainly because he himself has a Nu Metal song about him (By a different band, but still) and that antagonizing them would be of bad taste to him.
  • Alongside Anime, Linkin Park are also associated with the Transformers, with the band becoming fast friends with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Megatron was surprised to see that one of Linkin Park's song "New Divide" had a working title under his own name, which surprised him. Feeling that the band represents him rather nicely, Megatron and the Decepticons have decided on a non-aggression pact with Linkin Park for now.
  • Dethklok hates Linkin Park, seeing them as weak in their energy and persona, claiming them to be shameless posers in the name of Rock Music. Linkin Park however don't really mind what Dethklok has to say about them, instead being more focused about Chester's mental health, their own personal lives and what they would like to do in the Pantheon.
  • Chester and Mike have their own respective projects separate from Linkin Park; Dead by Sunrise (Chester) and Fort Minor (Mike). So far, Mike has also been taking leaps to establish himself as a solo artist with his own name, a feat which Chester is proud of.
  • Currently, Linkin Park are trying to find a way to promote their brand and plan out concerts in select Houses. They have made a point to not take involvement in anything related to the Pantheonic Forever War and are fully content with the fact that Chester is fully reunited with the rest of the band. The Houses of Family and Relatives, Friendship and Camaraderie, Cultures, Heroism, Power and Abilities, Love and Affection and of course, Musicality are the current considerations for their touring locations.