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The Hall of Prehistoric Beasts is home to many prehistoric animals of the bygone eras.

Compared to other Halls of the House of Beasts, this Hall has an extremely varied landscape, ranging from lush forests to rocky terrain. There are even a couple of volcanoes that erupt every so often.

Speckles the Tarbosaurus frequents this Hall very often due to having a great deal of allies and feeling more at home here than in any other place. The Carnotaurus Pair are also commonly seen hunting prey and maintaining a territory of an expansive field and thick forest.

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Intermediate Gods

    Kanto Fossils 
Omastar, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl, Divine Triumvirate of Reborn Fossilized Creatures (The Kanto Fossils | Omastar: The Spiral Pokémon, Lord Helix, Omstar | Kabutops: The Shellfish Pokémon, Lord Dome | Aerodactyl: The Fossil Pokémon, Lord Amber, Ptera)
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  • Intermediate Gods (Aerodactyl becomes a Greater God when Mega-Evolved and the others reach that level with Dynamax); worshipped as Greater Gods in another reality
  • Symbol: The Helix Fossil (Omastar), the Dome Fossil (Kabutops), and Old Amber (Aerodactyl)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Omastar); Lawful Neutral (Kabutops); True Neutral (Aerodactyl)
  • Gender: Male (all three)
  • Ability:
    • Omastar: Weak Armor
    • Kabutops: Battle Armor
    • Aerodactyl: Pressure (Tough Claws as Mega Aerodactyl)
  • Moveset:
    • Omastar: Surf, Ancient Power, Ice Beam, Earth Power
    • Kabutops: Waterfall, Rock Slide, Night Slash, Swords Dance
    • Aerodactyl: Fly, Stone Edge, Crunch, Earthquake
      • Z-Moves: Hydro Vortex (Omastar), Continental Crush (Kabutops), and Supersonic Skystrike (Aerodactyl)
  • Portfolio: Fossil Revival, Prehistoric Monsters, Rock-types
  • Domains: Fossils (all three), Water (Omastar and Kabutops), Flight (Aerodactyl)
  • Heralds: The unascended fossil Pokémon: Cradily & Armaldo, Bastiodon, Carracosta & Archeops, Aurorus, Dracozolt, Arctozolt, Dracovish, Arctovish
  • Allies: (shared) Tyrantrum, Red Genesect, Rampardos (a former herald)
  • Rival: Bandit Keith
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Missingno, Enel, Indominus Rex, Gwangi
    • Aerodactyl: Riptor, Sharptooth
  • Fears: Gods with Green Thumb powers (Omastar and Kabutops)
  • Special relationship: The Mob
  • These three Pokémon all have histories dating back to the prehistoric times. These three have their own fossils: the Helix Fossil for Omastar, the Dome Fossil for Kabutops, and Old Amber for Aerodactyl. Pokémon Trainers can take any of these fossils and have them revived as Pokémon.
  • They are well aware of another reality where all the fossilized Pokémon are worshipped as gods of some sort of thing. In the case of Omastar and Kabutops, they represented the conflict between chaos and order (or anarchy and democracy, as it's been described), and Aerodactyl represented the balance between these two clashing ideals. While they were confused about it when they first heard of it, they later decided to embrace these roles for the sake of more supporters. The Mob who conferred them such attributes can always be heard near their shrines.
    • The three have managed to gain some unlikely supporters thanks to this. Omastar managed to find a partner through Zaheer, who figured that the Pokémon would be of use to further his goals, and V took a liking to a God of Chaos. Eliphas saw Kabutops as another step in reforming the Grand United Alliance of Law so that it would be less corrupted. Surprisingly enough, Aerodactyl has provided aid to the Kinkou Order from time to time in maintaining balance, even now that the latter are no longer in the Pantheon...
    • That said, they have managed to gain a rival through Bandit Keith, who is also aware of an alternate depiction of him and is using it to gain more supporters.
  • All three of them are rock-types, though Omastar and Kabutops are also water-types and Aerodactyl is a flying-type. One of the very few things they share is an opposition towards Enel for a certain reason.
  • Met up with Tyrantrum, who was known as Lord Jaw and worshipped as the god of Wi-Fi in the same reality where Lord Helix, Lord Dome, and Lord Amber are worshipped. While Tyrantrum is on decent terms with the three, he usually is confused when they are talking about that reality. They would explain, but are rather amused by his confusion.
  • Omastar's shell is growing constantly, ususally slowing its movement. Through certain methods, they can go slightly faster, though it makes them lose a little bit of defense.
  • Being a type of cephalopod known as an ammonite, Omastar is rather friendly with other cephalopods such as Blooper and the Inklings.
  • Kabutops can be seen in Aquatic Life and swims fast when in water by tucking in its limbs and look for potential prey.
  • Both of Kabutops' hands are scythes. While it is useful in cutting up its enemies, this has also made it difficult in trying to hold different objects.
  • Since it's a type of crab known as a trilobite, Kabutops gets along with other crabs such as Kingler and Shen Gaoren.
  • As Aerodactyl was a follower of Rodan prior to ascension, the Pokémon has been seen flying with the Kaiju from time to time.
    • Despite not technically being a dinosaur, this hasn't stopped Aerodactyl from showing a dislike towards Gwangi, Riptor, Sharptooth, and Indominus Rex. Omastar and Kabutops are also in opposition towards Indominus, though it may have something to do with the fact that she was not naturally created. Whenever any of these prehistoric monsters go on a rampage, the Kanto Fossils are among those who stand against them.
  • Aerodactyl is the only member of the trio that can Mega-Evolve. It has been mentioned that its form resembles what Aerodactyl was originally like prior to fossilization (despite being apparently extinct when Mega Evolution was discovered). This has raised some questions in the House of Knowledge.
  • Missingno is believed to take on the form of a skeletal version of either Kabutops or Aerodactyl. Kabutops and Aerodactyl are both greatly disturbed at that notion and they, alongside Omastar, have been opposing the glitch since then.

Relicanth, Goddess of Creatures Once Thought Extinct (The Longevity Pokémon, Glanth)
  • Intermediate Goddess; Greater Goddess with Dynamax
  • Symbol: The patterns on its body, complete with the red dot
  • Theme(s): Diving (Gen III) (Gen VI)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Rock Head note 
  • Moveset: Head Smash, Dive, Ancient Power, Yawn
    • Z-Move: Hydro-Vortex
  • Portfolio: Once thought extinct until rediscovered alive, Rock/Water type, Mighty Glacier, Prehistoric Monster, Human Notepad, Needed with Wailord to uncover the Legendary Golems, Can learn Head Smash and Double-Edge, Can learn Yawn, Incredibly weak to Grass type moves
  • Domains: Oceans, Prehistory, Extinction, Rediscovery, Mysteries
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven, the Kanto Fossils, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Qwilfish, Kingdra, Ecco the Dolphin, Aquaman, Ariel, Melody, King Triton, Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, The Nature Preservers
  • Sought after by: Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket (Primarily Maxie and Archie), Pokémon Hunter J, Bruce, The Kraken, Leviathan the Tidehunter, Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Shen Gaoren and Taikun Zamuza, Moby Dick, Monstro, Liopleurodon, Lagiacrus, Urusla
  • Opposes: The Hall of Felines and the House of Plants
  • Opposed By: Sheldon J. Plankton
  • Complicated Realtionship: The Legendary Titans
  • Relicanth, the Longevity Pokémon, is an example of a "Lazarus taxon"; an organism that disappeared from the fossil record, only to be discovered alive and well in the present, similar to its real world counterpart the coelacanth. This Pokémon has been documented to be unchanged for over 100 million years, and has been found in the seas surrounding Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kanto, Unova, Kalos, and Alola, often residing in deep-sea kelp forests. The individual seen in The Pantheon is special. Not only does the species have a low encounter rate, but it's also a shiny. Its light-blue coloration was what greeted Ariel when she first met it in the Hall of Aquatic Life. She brought it to the Court of the Gods, where they learned of its close encounter with extinction and declared it was to be welcomed into the godly realm. It was given a temple, a position in the Pantheon, and when all was said and done... it was revealed to be an elderly female, evident by her smaller cheek protrusions.
  • Her temple leads to a deep-sea trench in the Hoenn Region, located just outside of Sootopolis City on Route 126. Here, she enjoys a quiet existence, swimming through the seaweed and interacting with other native Pokémon like Chinchou and Clamperl. Occasionally, deities from the Hall of Aquatic Life will come to enjoy the tranquil, warm waters and visit Relicanth, which is quite alright with her. She just asks not to be captured, but other than that she's fine with the company.
    • She gets along with most of the Water-type Pokémon found in the Pantheon, even those found outside of Hoenn. This includes the likes of Lapras, Qwilfish, Kingdra and, most incredible of all, the mighty Wailord and its feline companion Skitty.
  • Like all the Pantheon's Pokémon, Relicanth was assigned a partner to work with, and for her, The Court of The Gods selected Davos Seaworth for the job. Both share a lot in common, with their age and association with the ocean being high on the list. Whenever Davos goes sailing upon the high seas, Relicanth will be close behind him, often bringing a smile to the Onion Knight's face. Unfortunately, he had to leave her behind in preparation for the final battle against the Night King.
  • Living among actual extinct creatures seemed odd at first, but for Relicanth she got use to it rather quickly. She made a few friends along the way. She's been seen hanging out with the the Kanto fossil Pokémon, with Omastar and Kabutops being her preferred companions, and even interacted with Littlefoot and his friends from time to time. Other than that, she stays away from the Hall's other inhabitants due to their... dietary preferences.
  • Being a Rock/Water type, Relicanth is incredibly weak to Grass-type moves and as such avoids the House of Plants like the plague. She's also wary of all feline deities - save for Skitty - and will use Dive to make a splash and drive them off.
  • Being a slow-moving fish, Relicanth is rather vulnerable to predation, and in the waters of the Pantheon there are plenty of larger animals waiting to take a bite out of her. Chief among these hunters are the whales Moby-Dick and Monstro, the giant marine reptile Liopleurodon, Bruce the shark, Lagiacrus, the giant enemy crabs, and the Kraken. Luckily, she has more than her fair share of defences to keep away any attackers. Anyone who has tried to has received an Ancient Power to the face.
  • Was not happy to learn Team Magma & Aqua's leaders, Maxie and Archie, had ascended to the Pantheon, considering what they did to Hoenn by awakening Groudon and Kyogre. This is especially true with Archie, as his awakening of Primal Kyogre proved to be absolutely disastrous for the marine ecosystem. Even if they've denounced being evil and cut their ties with Team Rainbow Rocket, Relicanth isn't truly convinced and has kept her distance from the pair.
  • It turns out Relicanth primarily feeds on microscopic organisms, sucking them up due to her teeth becoming atrophied. This has put her in Plankton's bad books after he was nearly devoured by the ancient Pokémon. When Mr. Krabs heard of this, he decided to let Relicanth hang out around the Krusty Krab, as a means to deter the tiny thief from trying to take the Krabby Patty's secret formula.
  • Relicanth may not seem like much, but she, and another Hoen native Pokémon, Wailord, are key to solving an infamous puzzle surrounding the Legendary Golems, note  along with awakening their master, Regigigas. Because of her unexpected value, she is sought after by many of the Pantheon's finest treasure hunters, such as Indiana Jones, Laura Croft, and Nathan Drake, all of whom have been seen fighting over possession of the fish. It became too much for Relicanth that she eventually fled to Atlantica, where King Triton gave her sanctuary and forbade anyone from trying to catch her... unless they ask for permission. That part Relicanth's fine with. She doesn't care much for the Regis as it is but she does understand why people would want to use her so badly.
    • It's also resulted in villains like Pokémon Hunter J, Ursula and Leviathan the Tidehunter trying to catch the elusive Pokémon, all to claim the Regis for themselves. Thankfully, Triton has proven to be more than a match for all of them.
  • Is on good terms with Chuggaaconroy, due to the Let's Player using a Relicanth of his own to capture the Legendary Golems in the past. She sometimes watches the other Runaway Guys play through Mario Party and the results have been... interesting.
  • Even if it's found worldwide in its home universe, Relicanth is still a rare Pokémon and could even be considered an endangered species. As such, the Pantheon's Relicanth gets along with both Steve Irwin and David Attenborough due to their work in nature and wildlife conservation, even helping to promote the protection of the coelacanths found in the True Earth.
    • The Nature Preservers have been noted to meet the elderly fish and protect it from any poachers wanting to come and steal her, even allowing her to come to their section of the Pantheon in case things in Atlantica go south fast. She appreciates the sentiment.

Lesser Gods

Gwangi, God of Prehistoric Monsters (Gwangi the Great)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A banner that reads "Gwangi The Great"
  • Theme Song: The Forbidden Valley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stock Dinosaurs, Weird West, Super Persistent Predators, Rule of Cool, Inaccurate Dinosaur Depictions, Lost Worlds
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, The Wild West, Nature, Monsters
  • Followers: The Rhedosaurus, The Paleosaurus, the dinosaurs of Skull Island, The Carnosaurs, the dinosaurs of Ibis Island and Edward City
  • Superior: Ray Harryhausen
  • Allies: None, as Gwangi is too violent, feral, and territorial to be approached without caution. He will, however, tolerate herbivores and what he percieves as harmless in his territory and domain.
  • Rivals: Big Al, Rexie, Speckles, Sharptooth, The Carnotaurs, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor
  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, Raptor Pack, King Kong, The Monster Hunters, Mabel Pines, Alan Grant
  • Opposes: Loana, Bix, Tarzan, Revolver Ocelot, The Man With No Name, John Wayne, Applejack, John Marston, The Courier, Dumbo
  • Interests: John Hammond, Jack Tenrec, Steve Irwin, Harry
  • Deep in Mexico is an enigmatic place known as the Forbidden Valley, as local townsfolk like to call it. And among the residence of this valley, most of which happen to be long-extinct animals, none of them are as feared and recognizable as an Allosaurus known as Gwangi. Gwangi made his presence known after chasing down an Ornithomimus, who was trying to escape from an expedition team composed of a Tuck, T.J, Lope, Carlos, and Bromely. The group found themselves having to fend themselves against the Allosaurus, alongside the dinosaur also fighting against a Styracosaurus. Eventually, Gwangi is captured, though not before killing Carlos, and taken to be shown in a circus hosted by T.J. However, all hell breaks loose when a gypsie frees the Allosaurus, causing him to rampage across the town and be responsible for several deaths including Bromely. Ultimately, Gwangi is led to a cathedral by Tuck, T.J., and Lope, who injure and eventually trap the dinosaur when the cathedral is set ablaze. Unable to fight back, Gwangi is crushed to death by falling debris, roaring in agony, though despite the damage he caused, the dinosaur's fate was treated by heavy gravitas by the surviving townsfolk.
  • With Gwangi's death, came his eventual ascension into the Pantheon. Given the very abrupt (and surprisingly tragic) ending to his tale, the Allosaurus eventually managed to find a way to triumphantly return and to quickly assert dominance of sorts into his new home, which just so happened to be a domain that looked very similar to the Forbidden Valley. Not that Gwangi would have noticed the difference, after all, it was a feral creature and was very quick to get back into his usual way of living his life; being an uber-territorial beast that was prone to roaring and hunting whatever caught his eyes. Since his ascension, Gwangi was notable for becoming the most famous Allosaurus in the Pantheon, that is until Big Al managed to ascend himself.
  • Unlike most dinosaurs in the Pantheon, Gwangi is noted to act less like an animal and more like a rampaging monster that wants to scoop, munch, and devour whatever he can get his jaws up upon and thus, is one of the more feared and unpopular dinosaurs to stumble across. Despite his unusual nature, he's not really malicious and doesn't plot to terrorize others for the hell of it, but instead just keeps to his domain and patrol it as if he has absolute authority and control over it. That aspect has been a benefit for many as it meant that while Gwangi was a fearsome beast, he's not an active or recurring threat to others either and the only time the Allosaurus leaves his personal space is if he has to hunt specific prey if he can't find it on his domain, or if someone has slighted him and he's just really pissed off. Even then, it doesn't detract Gwangi from being among the most feared allosaurs in the Pantheon.
  • Most dinosaur interactions have been antagonistic, which is no surprise given how Gwangi has become the residential stereotype for Prehistoric Monsters. One such encounter with The Gang of Seven had the Allosaurus chase down the young dinosaur septet once they made their presence in his domain known. Despite his ferocity, Gwangi found himself unable to defeat or even land a bite on any of the young dinosaurs. Turns out, The Gang of Seven have dealt with all sorts of giant carnivorous dinosaurs (or Sharpteeth, as they would like to call them) in their many adventures and unfortunately for Gwangi, he was far from a new threat the septet had fought against. They were able to fend off and knock Gwangi out with a convenient boulder in their surrounding environment. Gwangi has since recalled the experience with utmost annoyance and seeks to one day hunt down The Gang of Seven for defeating him.
    • On a separate note, Gwangi also had to deal with a bull Apatosaurus named Bron, who just so happened to be the father of Littlefoot, the leading member of The Gang of Seven. That said, Gwangi is actually unaware of Littlefoot and Bron's relationship, only seeing them as separate prey, not to mention that Bron has his own herd of Longnecks that he leads and travels with. The Allosaurus initially thought that some of the infants, including Shorty would make for easy prey, but having to deal with a herd of sauropods proved to be much harder than he had anticipated. Despite Gwangi's persistence in trying to land a bite on Shorty, Bron's fatherly instincts proved too much for Gwangi, who was bruised and repelled by the Apatosaurus without much of a fight and driving the Allosaurus away in a humiliating defeat.
  • When Big Al ascended into the Pantheon, Gwangi didn't acknowledge the event, if anything, he was unaware of the younger Allosaurus's presence, considering his own nature of just minding his own business. That changed with Big Al himself ended up stumbling across the older Gwangi. Both of them, amusingly, didn't recognize each other to be the same speciesnote , so the two naturally came to see each other as rival predators. Though Al showed bravery, Gwangi won out by his bigger size and more intimidating demeanour, forcing the younger Allosaurus to back away in annoyance. Since then, the two have come to intensely compete against one another, with Al proving to find himself more quick to settling into the Pantheon without antagonizing others, unlike Gwangi, even finding some luck in earning noticeable kills. That said, Al is aware that Gwangi would win if they fought against one another, so the former tends to hunt and patrol at places and times when the latter is absent.
  • Of course, Gwangi was not the only overtly vicious theropod roaming the Pantheon. Among others were the famed Tyrannosaurus, Rexie, a pair of oversized Carnotaurus, and a Tarbosaurus named Speckles. Unlike Gwangi, they instead came off as more naturally adjusted animals who usually minded their own business, took to partaking in mundane animal activities to pass the time and only hunting and killing prey when necessary. Given that it spent it's mortal life as an apex predator, Gwangi was quick to challenge their authority and prove himself superior. The Allosaurus quickly found out that they were not really pushovers at all, especially when the Carnotaurs working in a pair and Rexie's overwhelming might proved too much for Gwangi to handle on his own. As for Speckles, while certainly close in size, the Tarbosaurus has dealt with larger predators himself, and the fact that he has a son to protect made him a dangerous rival for the Allosaurus to deal with. They'll still have a bloody fight, though these tend to end in stalemates.
  • A Spinosaurus cloned by InGen proved to be among the few dinosaurs who had a nature just as ferocious and monstrous as Gwangi's. That said, unlike other predators, there has been little signs of the two having met each other, unlike the other predatory dinosaurs that Gwangi tends to encounter. It has been said that this could be because of a combination of factors, such as the Spinosaurus patrolling the more wet and monsoon parts of the Pantheon whilst occasionally prowling dense jungles whereas the Allosaurus prefers the badlands. That, and the Spinosaurus is much larger than Gwangi himself. It hasn't stopped the latter from roaring against the former out of defiance and pride, but he did realize that the Spinosaurus was probably too much of a hassle to deal with, much to his own frustration. While Gwangi isn't happy with how this new rival seems to be better, some think that he's actually lucky as Gwangi still gets to be the apex predator of his own turf. Not that the Allosaurus would recognize such.
    • There was also a pair of villainous and unpopular Tyrannosaurus known as Sharptooth and One Eye, both of whom also shared a brutal and fearsome reputation as Gwangi did. That said, unlike Gwangi, Sharptooth and One Eye were more persistent, as well as vile, in their approach to hunting their prey and seeing others as potential rivals and enemies. Gwangi once fought Sharptooth when they stumbled across one another in a forest and tried to take the surroundings for themselves as a territory, though it ended in a draw. However, One Eye proved to be more troublesome, as he was able to prove himself a crafty and deceptive fighter, often trapping Gwangi and incapacitating him. It didn't help that Sharptooth and One Eye found a sort of kinship with one another and support each other, either during hunts or sharing mutual enemies, something that Gwangi lacks, despite having similar foes to contend with. Despite this, the Allosaurus would much rather keep his distance from the Indominus and Indoraptor, both of whom have proven to be too temperamental and voracious, even by his standards, and is aware that at least the Indominus would be a pain to confront with on a head-on fight, considering that Rexie herself had trouble fighting against her.
  • Despite having been hunted down, captured, and killed by cowboys, Gwangi personally doesn't concern himself with them all too much for the most part. That said, the sight of a cowboy in his territory does drive him to a perpetually persistent rage towards them and he would not stop until he either kills or drives said cowboy out of his lands. Such cowboys, such as The Man With No Name, John Marston, and John Wayne have had their scuffles with the Allosaurus they're they're open to tell stories about with their friends, claiming that he was like "not like any other sort of thing they've ever seen". Gwangi has also had to deal with the elusive Courier, given that some of his delivery treks somehow end up with him traversing through Gwangi's territory. Incidentally, they ended up being one of each others' most persistent foes, though The Courier's tales of dealing with Gwangi has further helped with his mysterious and legendary status as a messenger in the Pantheon.
  • All things considered, there is some pity to be shown towards Gwangi as he was forcibly captured and then sent to a circus to be displayed as an exhibition, something which, of course, went horribly wrong. Dumbo the Elephant does feel bad for the circumstances the Allosaurus went through in that situation, but there's only so much he can do regarding pity, otherwise the young elephant does his best to simply stay away from him. It doesn't help that Gwangi killed a circus elephant after making his escape, something which made Dumbo scared of the idea of ever confronting the vicious dinosaur. Thankfully, Gwangi doesn't really pay that much focus on Dumbo or the fact that he's a famous circus performer, only that he likes to be in his personal home. That said, he has no qualms about killing an elephant, child or adult, if he ever sees them in his territory, though Dumbo's wariness and his home being in a well-established circus means they're unlikely to really meet.
  • Despite his fearsome reputation, there are a few deities, such as John Hammond and Jack Tenrec, who instead express some form of interest towards Gwangi. Hammond wants to provide Gwangi a place where he could comfortably thrive in, and while his intentions are in the right place, he has faced some criticism in that front, given how Gwangi has proven himself too dangerous to manage. Jack, being a lover and protector of nature, wants to find a way to protect and conserve Gwangi whilst also being careful enough not to attract the dinosaur's attention to wanting to chase down and eat him. The fact that Jack has a pet Allosaurus named Hermes has him feel as if he has some obligation to try helping out Gwangi in his own way, something which is contested by his partner and on/off lover, Hannah Dundee. Of course, there are some critics, such as Alan Grant, who feel as if Gwangi should just be left alone if he needs to properly thrive. On the other hand, Loana and Bix aren't too fond of Gwangi either, with the former having had to deal with various predatory dinosaurs trying to kill her and her tribe and Gwangi being no different from them and the latter feeling as if the Allosaurus violates some of the most incremental rules of Dinotopia and thus, isn't an approachable figure to come across. Gwangi, on the other hand, doesn't care about any of what they think, either seeing them as prey in case they wander into his fields, or just visitors that he can ignore in favour of more interesting prey.

    The Herd 
The Herd, Divine Prehistoric Mammalscurrent members  (The Herd: Sub-Zero Heroes | Manfred: Manny, Manny the Moody Mammoth, Manny the Melancholy, Jungle Jim, Bro-Dad, Landlubber Blubber | Sid: Sidney, Lord of the Flame | Diego: Tigey Wigey, Lord of "Touch Me and You're Dead", Dingo, Mr. Adventure Guy, Bucktooth | Ellie: Sneaky Sneaky Minx | Crash and Eddie: Zap Heads | Buck: Buckminster, Super Weasel | Shira: Kitty, Whiner | Peaches: Little Ellie, Possum Girl, Fuzzball | Julian: Bro-Kid | Roshan: Pinky, Bone Bag, Ice Age Baby)
The Herd's current members (from left to right: Crash and Eddie, Buck, Brooke, Sid, Diego and Shira. In the back, from left to right: Manfred and Ellie)
The Herd's former/temporary members (top row from left to right: Gladys and Peaches. Bottom row, from left to right: Julian and Roshan) 
  • Collectively Lesser Deities, though they have Intermediate influence. Manny, Ellie, Diego, Shira and Buck are Lesser Deities on their own. Sid, Brooke, Crash and Eddie are Demideities on their own.
  • Symbol: The Ice Age Films Logo; alternatively, cave paintings of them
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall; Diego and Shira were once True Neutral and Neutral Evil, respectively; Buck, Crash and Eddie are Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Mammoths and other Megafauna of the Ice Ages, Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits, Fire-Forged Friends, Family of Choice
  • Domains: Groups, Megafauna, Mammals, Ice Age
  • Heralds: Rudy (for Buck)
  • Allies: Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Gin, Hana and Miyuki, The Penguins of Madagascar, The Gang of Seven, Neweyes' Dinosaurs, Bix, Harry and his Dinosaurs, Queen Elsa, Olaf, Caesar, Hunter and Bianca, Babar, Gadget Hackwrench, Otis, Mike and Sulley, Firestar, Simba, Hagen, The Zoosters, Ganesha, King Kong, Po, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear, Paddington, David Attenborough, Aslan, Tod and Copper, Baloo and Bagheera, Rowf and Snitter, Balto, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Steve Irwin, Elizabeth Tornberry, Hazel, The Guardians
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Shere Khan, Scar, Zira, The Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, One-Eye, Dag, Dawn Bellwether, Sabor, The Sharptooth, The Meg, The Spinosaurus, Gwangi, Riptor, Atriox, Mammoth Mongul (present self), Mojo Jojo, The Hyenas, Zaius, Napoleon, Koba, King Louie, The Carapceons, The Kraken, Lord Fredrik, Bruce, The Liopleurodon, Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Rajang, Plesioth, The Akantor and Ukanlos, General Woundwort
  • Varying Relationship: Scrat
  • Commonality Connection: The Master, Marlin, The Orca
  • Respects: Gammoth, Padak (Manny)
  • Annoyed by: Rutt and Tuke (only Manny)
  • The Pleistocene epoch, which lasted from 2.58 million to 11,700 years ago, is often characterized by two distinct phenomenons. First, a series of recurring glacial periods known as the "ice ages", and second, the rise of the Megafauna; mammals, birds and reptiles weighing over 44kgs (100 lbs). Among the most iconic of the Megafauna was the woolly mammoth,note , cold-weather relatives of modern elephants that travelled in large herds across the Northern Hemisphere... This herd's a little different. Started by the reluctant team of Sid, a ground sloth who sought protection from big animals that he provoked, and Manfred, a mammoth who initially wanted nothing more than to be left alone; the Herd grew when they were joined by Roshan, a human baby who got separated from his tribe and Diego, a Smilodon who was meant to bring the baby to his pack so as to kill and eat him as revenge for the deaths of half of the pack members. Deceiving Manfred and Sid into letting them make him their guide to the humans who were moving North, Diego led them to the rest of his pack so as to get them killed with the baby, but along the way he bonded and came to care for them especially after seeing Manny's backstory of his family's death at the hands of humans, eventually turning against his pack and sacrificing himself to save Manfred from them. After Soto, the pack's leader, was killed Manfred and Sid were able to return Roshan to his family and eventually reunited with Diego, who turned out to have survived, the trio then went South to warmer territories.
    • Later on, with the looming threat of a terrible flood with only a giant bark serving as the "ark", Manny met Ellie, a female mammoth who believed herself to be a possum due to being raised by one alongside a pair of brothers Crash and Eddie, convinced by Sid to let the three go with them. Manny and Ellie eventually fell in love and after the flood ended, got together. They will later have a baby girl named Peaches. In other adventures they were joined by the adventurous weasel Buck who helped them escape from the world of Dinosaurs, a female Smilodon named Shira who defected from an evil group of pirates, Sid's grandmother who was left behind by her family along with Sid out of malice, Ethan a mammoth who was Peaches' fiancé, and a female sloth named Brooke. After they saved the world from complete destruction, with Sid's grandma leaving, as well Peaches and Ethan marrying and preparing to explore the world together, the Herd nonetheless has remained together and so will as long as they live.
  • As a whole, the Herd found themselves in the Pantheon once their final adventure of saving the world from an asteroid was finished. Their temple is a massive continent-sized place where they can explore and is designed after the many landscapes they had encountered in their adventures. They were very taken aback when they saw Rudy brought in as Buck's herald to continue their rivalry, though have decided to let them be as long as Rudy doesn't try and hurt them.
  • The Herd rarely separates beyond the usual process of everyone going on with their day, Manny is usually on the lookout for threats, though now that Peaches has gone off on her own to explore their home universe's world he is a little more relaxed, though the increasingly dangerous threats of the Pantheon have prevented him from letting go entirely of his protective attitude.
  • As inhabitants of the ice ages who have enjoyed entertaining themselves with the cold climate, they made allies with Queen Elsa, whose ice powers when fully under her control bring joy and harmless snow, which for Sid, Eddie and Crash is a blessing. The rest don't really care that much about said powers, but do at least find Elsa to be friendly and nice. Sid also befriended Olaf and introduced him to the rest of the herd, extending this friendship to them.
  • As they had to fight off sea monsters in the form of Cretaceous and Maelstrom, the Herd as a whole is wary of the many sea monsters in the Pantheon, such as Lagiacrus, Bruce, the Kraken, Liopleurodon and Plesioth. Moreso with Liopleurodon, as the 25 meter long pliosaur can easily kill them all if they come close to its domain, as such they avoid the Hall of Water and Moisture and Aquatic Life at all costs unless there is no other choice but to visit or go there in an emergency. The other monsters' powers also make them targets to avoid.
  • Manny, Sid's and Diego first adventure of trying to return a human baby to his tribe made them allies with Gin, Hana and Miyuki who also took care of a baby and went on a journey to bring it back home, their tragic pasts of each also resonated with the Herd, especially Sid who knows what it is like to be abandoned by your own family and loved ones, recalling how the Herd was the first time he had real friends and companions. Other deities who took care of a human baby were James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski who went through hardships to send Boo back to her home, Sulley particularly found common ground with Manny and Diego, who both let go of hatred or resentment against humans once they went through Character Development, not too different from him learning that humans were harmless to monsters and that they didn't need to be feared.
  • Due to their experiences fighting dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, they've grown wary of particularly aggressive dinosaur deities as well as of outright evil ones. Among these stood out Gwangi, the Indominus Rex, Indoraptor and Spinosaurus, as all three reminded them of an enemy they had, Rudy the Baryonyx, especially Indominus and Spinosaurus, as both are well-known to be extremely aggressive without much cause; another dinosaur deity that earned their scorn was One-Eye the Tyrannosaurus, an evil T-Rex who enjoyed killing for the sake of it and went out of his way to destroy Speckles' life by killing many of his family members, this point in particular earned the sadistic Rex an eternal enmity with Manny, who knows what it feels like to lose his family.
    • That said, benevolent or neutral dinosaur deities are excluded from this, as Manny and the rest are willing to let bygones by bygones if they don't go out of their way to kill others. Benevolent dinosaurs did befriend them, such as Neweyes' dinosaurs and the Gang of Seven who are friendly and intelligent dinosaurs that have similar standards to the Herd, such as accepting predators' role in nature even if they defend themselves from them, to the point that the Gang even befriended a baby t-rex, which reminded Sid that he raised the three T-Rex babies he took from the Dinosaur World.
  • Their relationship with Scrat, an inhabitant of their world, varies greatly. Due to past transgressions neither Sid nor Diego think highly of the saber-toothed squirrel, with Diego punting Scrat away when the latter tried to warn them about Diego's pack and their ambush during their first adventure and Sid accidentally taking Scrat away from Heaven's acorn paradise when he gave him mouth-to-mouth after Scrat drowned. Manny himself had a less-than-friendly encounter with Scrat when the latter used a time travel machine, bumping into him and causing Manny to throw him away. Ellie, Crash, Eddie, Buck and Shira don't really think too much about the squirrel beyond acknowledging that the original trio has definitely not much of a good relation with him.
  • Although Manny, Sid and Diego were once wary of humans, they've been able to get past it thanks to taking care of Roshan, they met many humans in the Pantheon who'd gladly help them against harm such as Steve Irwin, Elizabeth Thornberry and David Attenborough. They sympathize with each of their backstories, and have made an effort to continue making them trust humans and know not all of them are bad. They did ask if Manny, Sid and Diego had ever seen Roshan again, and were told an answer... Which only the three human deities know as they refused to divulge it for unknown reasons.
  • Exclusive to Manny:
    • As a parent who lost his first child and wife to human hunters, he found a common ground shared with the flatfish known as the Master and the Orca, with the Master Manny bonded over being helpless to watch as their mates were killed by humans while vainly trying to stop their deaths and subsequently devolving into a nihilistic pessimist with little desire to live; as for the Orca, that they lost not only their mates but also their children (and in the Orca's case his unborn one) made Manny feel great sympathy for him, even if he disapproves of the revenge that the Orca carried out and succeeded in doing, recalling how he refused to stoop down to that level and how he opposed Diego for trying to do so, Manny and the Orca's relationship is shaky, but thanks to their shared understanding of each other's grief they've mostly remained courteous and civil with one another. His overprotectiveness also netted him an ally in Marlin, as the clownish became an overprotective father after his mate and most of his children were eaten by a barracuda, both did eventually outgrow this excessive protectiveness and as such both are great friends and bonded over these similarities.
    • While Manny will fight to his last breath to protect his Herd from predators, he's clarified that he personally has nothing against them, knowing that it's their nature to hunt. But any predators who step out of that area and begin killing for their own pleasure are firm enemies of Manny. One that stood out was Dag, a sadistic murderous coyote who in spite of seemingly doing what came naturally and killing animals for food, very clearly showed he enjoyed more the killing part than feeding, even if it brought emotional harm to those he hated such as Otis, that said Dag is very wary of making Manny angry, knowing fully well that he does not stand a chance against the mammoth even with his whole coyote pack backing him up and as such carefully picks his battles if he feels they could attract Manny's attention.
    • He shows respect to Gammoth, who has occasionally encountered Manny during his travels outside his temple as well as few times that she entered it to explore the landscape, Gammoth herself gives Manny an equal respect thanks to Manny not bothering her and will do so with the rest of the herd, even Diego and Shira, despite the Gammoth's usual aggressive behaviour towards predators. Manny at times also lets Gammoth be around their temple to keep the Herd safe from massive threats and monsters.
    • Greatly hates evil apes due to his experiences with Captain Gutt, a Gigantopithecus who kidnapped him and later took his daughter hostage in revenge for Manny escaping his clutches. Among the most hated were Zaius and Koba, human-like apes who are very unfriendly to anyone not their species or kind, and even happily resort to genocide or extermination to get their goals, especially the more unhinged and cruel Koba who'd go as far as trying to murder his brother-in-arms, Caesar, just to start a genocidal crusade against humanity and all who oppose his rule. Zaius himself is perplexed by Manny refusing to hate humans despite them being responsible for the death of his first family, Manny himself rectified his point of hating any animals who kill for pleasure in response, as he is a firm believer of the natural order of things and ultimately does not desire to harm people purely for his pleasure or vindication, but only if he has no choice out of self-defence.
    • He's been severely annoyed by the presence of Rutt and Tuke, a pair of dumb moose who once crashed into him and spent all day annoying him when he was out exploring other Houses. They proceeded to follow him to his home universe and joining the Herd in some adventures, when the whole Herd was ascended, the moose were happy to see everyone again as was the Herd... Except for Manny, who simply groaned that he'll have to endure their antics for longer now.
  • Exclusive to Sid and Brooke:
    • Sid is a seemingly dumb and selfish wimp who uses others for protection, but deep down he truly craves love and affection since his family and previous "friends" all happily abandoned him, this caused him to bond with Donkey, as the talking animal had a similar relationship with Shrek as Sid did with Manny. They also served as bit of matchmakers to them when they found love. Shrek himself also came to understand Sid's issues, as he remembers his father trying to eat him as a child and being abandoned by his family and rejected by people due to seeing him as an ugly and disgusting ogre without trying to truly know him, though can end exasperated at Sid's antics.
    • While Brooke might look young and the same age as Sid, she's actually a whole lot older than she looks, only appearing young thanks to crystals from Geotopia which make her appear young. This got them a curious friendship with Harold Parker and Maude Chardin, who are also a couple involving a young and old pair, though Maude has no means of making herself appear younger, that said the fact that Sid did not lose any of his feelings nor rejected Brooke once her true age was revealed made the other couple really happy to hear.
    • He's been noted to be a really smart and creative person underneath his superficial idiocy and occasional poor judgment of situations. These talents of his have become much more noticeable in the Pantheon, with Milo Tatch, known for being extremely endearing and smart in certain fields despite his ineptitude in many others such as social ones, Milo himself feels a bit bad that Sid has to constantly prove to his friends that he's no idiot and should be respected, but has at least told Sid that in spite of what happens he'll always be appreciated and cared for by the rest of the Herd and should not try to endanger himself or others for that recognition.
    • Due to Sid being abandoned by his parents, he has a lot of clinging issues, with his insecurities often coming out whenever he feels that his friends will ditch him and leave him all alone again. This made him gain an unusual ally in Jack Frost, who was once all alone and unloved until he met the Guardians and was accepted into their ranks, which eventually let children see him and no longer feel alone. Jack was particularly happy to hear that Sid was also capable of overcoming this loneliness and find his place to fit in.
  • Exclusive to Diego and Shira:
    • They both are predators who regardless are very noble and don't hunt beyond what is necessary for them. This earned them a bit of a rivalry with other noble predators in the Pantheon, among them was Richard Parker, the tiger, who simply follows his nature and is willing to hold back from killing when satisfied and can respect others. Occasionally the duo will have competitions to see who is the better predator overall. Other predators who have a similar somewhat friendly rivalry are Speckles, the Tarbosaurus who also has a conscience enough not to kill what he doesn't have to and has even befriended some herbivore dinosaurs, and Blue the velociraptor, the latter two are also owed up to Diego's experiences with fighting dinosaurs and status as top predators.
    • They both respect packs where respect is given, and as such anyone who doesn't show this care earns their scorn, as both of their former leaders were pretty bad to them and treated them horribly. Among these stands out Scar, as the lion is known for treating his subjects that include fellow lions, like crap as well as mistreating his hyena minions and being willing to throw them under the bus for the sake of saving his own skin. Similarly, Zira, who used her revenge wishes as an excuse to try and turn the Pride Lands into a warzone so she could "avenge" Scar, earned her enemies in both as she had no concern about her allies beyond her selfish wishes except for a few.
    • Due to their Interspecies Friendship involving predators and prey getting along they made allies with various other deities who also had this "taboo", among them were Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, whose home Universe is one where predators and prey coexist in peace for the most part and therefore have seen Diego and Shira's willingness to go against his species' usual nature as admirable especially with how both stood up for their friends against their former allies. Tod and Copper are also good friends despite their differing species and places of origins, they also like how Diego managed to keep his newly gained friendships even when misunderstandings nearly led to their end.
    • Diego's ability to face his fears of water made him an unusual ally in Finn the Human, who once had a crippling fear of the ocean that would hinder his ability to save the day, just like Diego's own fear, Finn learned how to conquer it and not let it haunt him anymore with some help of the grass blade killing the Fear Feaster, who had been making his fears even greater, though Diego conquered his fear all on his own, which Finn found admirable since Diego also learned how to swim in the process despite that not being a natural trait of saber-toothed tigers at all.
    • Since Shira was once part of a group of pirates before defecting for their cruelty, she harbors hatred for all evil pirates in the Pantheon, especially those fond of murdering fellow crewmates for failure, as Gutt tried to get her killed for her failures without any remorse, among these enemies is Blackbeard, who is well-known for his cruelty towards any who fail him and his enemies, as well
  • Exclusive to Ellie, Crash and Eddie:
    • Given Ellie's initial Oblivious Adoption, any deities who've been adopted by other species found common ground with her, especially considering that she was adopted after being separated from her herd in a snowstorm and didn't know she was adopted until she met Manny. One of these deities was Po, who like her was separated from his people and taken in by a much smaller parent, that said Po was completely aware that Mr. Ping was not his biological father. Tigress similarly sympathized with Ellie over this point. Another weird commonality was found with Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who was raised by ocelots at some point in his childhood when both of his birth parents didn't show up at his birth, Ellie feels bad that Doof had to endure such bad parents and has even noted that strangely, the ocelots were far more of a family to Doof than his own parents were.
    • Ellie is the Second Love to Manny, who had lost his first family to humans. She connected with Takagi, who acted as the Second Love of Sato, whose First Love died tragically, not unlike how Manny lost his wife (and son) with Ellie serving not only as a new chance at love, but also means of Manny moving on from his past and finally having a family again. His similar personality to Manny also gave them a bit of a friendship to bond over on.
    • Crash and Eddie have gained a small rivalry with Chip and Dale, as both pair of small deities have a penchant and knack for stirring up trouble whenever possible and getting away with it. For these reasons they also gained rivals in the equally chaotic Screwy Squirrel, Daffy Duck and Jerry the Mouse, with the duo joining in on the chaos-making, things have gotten a little more annoying for the Pantheon, though Ellie tries her best to keep the duo reined in. This attitude also gained them enemies in Elmer Fudd.
  • Exclusive to Buck:
    • Buck is a weasel who ended up lost in the world of dinosaurs and forced to survive, which drove him to insanity but also helped turn him into a hardened survivalist and warrior capable of overcoming almost all adversity, as such he has found allies in similar survivalists in the Pantheon. Among them were the human Jurassic Park Deities, who have managed to survive against the odds in dinosaur-filled islands, especially the likes of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm who have managed to survive not just one but two outings to the Jurassic Park islands, Nublar and Sorna.
    • Due to his great skills in fighting and usage of eyepatch, he's gotten some unusual allies in Date Masamune, who is a sword-wielding warrior that greatly admired Buck's skills of survival in a dinosaur-filled world; Snake Plissken, a hired gun with deadly fighting skills that also found Buck's tales to be of great interest and finally, Hoss Delgado, who thinks his ability to outfight bigger and stronger opponents is great and proof of him being a true badass.
    • Buck has not been seen often lately, some speculate he's left the Pantheon to have an adventure of his own back in his home Universe, but this isn't something that anyone, even the Herd, can confirm. For now, he does pop up from time to time, but says he'll soon be busy. Eventually his adventure was had and as of that, he's left the Herd to remain in the hidden dinosaur world; Crash and Eddie went with him also further reducing the Herd's numbers to simply Manfred, Sid, Diego and their mates.


Loana, Goddess of Prehistoric Times (The Fair One)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A Conch Shell
  • Theme Song: Tumak Meets Loana
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Attractive Prehistoric Cavewoman A Million Years Ago, Ms. Fanservice, Surviving in Harsh Environments, Stone Punk, is Attracted to a Hot-Headed Caveman, is the Best-Known Part of her Film
  • Domains: Prehistory, Fanservice, Scant Clothing, Survival, Tribes
  • Heralds: Tumak and the rest of the surviving members of the Shell and Rock Tribes
  • Allies: Fred Flinstone, Dino and Hoppy, Nidalee (former follower of hers), Yoshi, Dr. Alan Grant, Rexxar, Eliza Thornberry, Manfred and The Herd, Ayla, Aloy, Conan the Barbarian
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, The Carnotaurs, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, Glavenus, Deviljho, Megatron (Beast Wars)
  • On Good Terms With: Dinobot
  • Wary Of: The rest of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts, King Kong
  • Prehistory is a fascinating topic. Beyond the fact that it's about not only an era when human civilization was yet to fully realize its potential (or, heck, didn't even exist yet), but so little is known about it that imagination has to be used to picture what it would have been like living a few million years ago. Because we tend to visualize millions of years in history as being the time of giants, particularly dinosaurs, popular culture during the 50s-60s thought of raging, territorial beasts that went around terrorizing people.
    • Enter a series of caveman tribes trying to fight against one another for land, food and shelter, followed by an Allosaurus attacking one of the tribes not long after. However, another of the tribes, the Shell Tribe, was well known for being rather cultured and more technologically advanced compared to the other tribes. One of its members, Loana, became smitten with Tumak, a headstrong, temperamental caveman from the Rock Tribe who was exiled after a failed attempt to usurp leadership from his father. Together, Loana and Tumak traversed through a land where peril lurked around every corner, said peril usually being the occasional prehistoric beast to escape or fight against. Even after being reunited, their respective tribes didn't get along with one another, and a fight ensued, only to be interrupted by an earthquake that killed many. This prompted Loana and Tumak to unite both of their tribes together in search of a new home.
  • It had been quite some time since the Shell and Rock tribes had united ever since their battle and the earthquake. Their travel for a new home led them to the Pantheon's House of Beasts, where, to their surprise, they saw a bountiful field of greenery and numerous animals coexisting relatively peacefully (certainly more than these cavefolk have seen). The tribes found this confusing; back in their homeland, the animals were nothing short of hostile, so seeing something like this was somewhat alien to them.
  • Feeling that the lush fields and generally balanced climate would cause no disturbance, Loana and the tribes quickly took to setting up supplies and a home there. To make themselves comfortable and to secure their bodily needs, they'd decided to build their settlements near a river, where the tribesmen can go out and collect water for themselves and for those in need.
    • While not opposed to them, Rexxar went to approach them to talk about why they wanted to settle down in the House of Beasts. What he didn't expect was the tribesmen suddenly grabbing their spears and hurling them at Rexxar and his tamed bear, Misha. He had to let out a loud, ferocious roar in order to terrify them into submission. Loana was the first to approach and talk to the orc-ogre hybrid. However, Rexxar didn't understand what she was saying and vice-versa. Fortunately, via non-verbal communication, he managed to convince her that he wasn't a threat and that most of the animals here won't harm them (though taking care to warn them of the few that would). For now, the mok'nathal is doing his best to maintain good relations. He gets along with Loana and the Shell Tribe remnants, though Tumak and the Rock tribe seem to be difficult to converse with, given their often violent nature.
  • To get a better understanding of them, Rexxar asked Eliza Thornberry if she could try to communicate with the cave-people tribes and see what they desire. The two of them went together to meet up with them, and Loana had a conversation with Eliza. The latter told Rexxar that the Shell and Rock Tribes (including Loana and Tumak, of course) wish to settle down and have a normal life of their own. Given their primitive nature, Rexxar decided that it was best for the cavemen to stay in the House of Beasts. Eliza did, however, tell them that the animals of the land are sacred and that no harm must come to them unless they're in danger or need enough food. Loana and Tumak have since made sure their tribes do the best they could in that regard.
  • Many members of the Pantheon who are attracted to women find Loana gorgeous. This is interesting, because not only would she not have the means to keep up her appearance in this way (remember, this was before things like hair conditioner were invented), but it wasn't even a priority compared to survival. Loana herself is pretty oblivious to this fact, though that's mainly because she isn't caught up on modern societal norms.
  • Despite her primitive nature, Loana isn't dumb by any means. It's just that all her knowledge is centered around survival, and given the climate in which she was raised, it's not hard to see why. Some have thought about trying to introduce her and the Shell and Rock tribes to the modern world, but no attempts have been made yet, given the several possible outcomes of what could happen. At least they're not outright malicious (mostly, in the case of the Rock Tribe).
  • While trying to collect some herbs and fruit for her tribes' children, Loana stumbled into the Great Valley. She was able to collect enough to feed the children...and then she happened across the Gang of Seven, who were confused as to why there was an unauthorized human in the valley's presence. Not sure of what to do, Loana simply ran off, leaving the gang confused and wary of her. A meeting with Rexxar cleared up some misunderstanding when he told the dinosaurs that Loana simply came to the Great Valley to collect food for her children. The Gang of Seven are thinking about how to help out Loana, but the fact that she can't understand their language makes it difficult somewhat. They have been considering, however, asking Eliza Thornberry to be translator the next time they talk to Loana.
    • To be fair, the dinosaurs that Loana encountered in her homeland were all brutal beasts with no restraint. While she may have not seen the Gang of Seven as a threat, she could have thought that their parents were nearby, hence why she ran off. With that speculation, Rexxar and Eliza are trying to make an effort to teach the Shell and Rock tribes that most of the animals in the Pantheon are good-hearted (or, at least, not openly malicious). While Loana and the Shell Tribe are willing to listen to try to do better, Tumak and the Rock Tribe find it pretty difficult to comprehend it.
  • Of course, her concerns about rampaging predators isn't without merit, as evidenced by the Sharptooth, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi and many others. The Indominus Rex and Deviljho may be the worst out of the lot, given their relentless nature to pursue anything they perceive as prey. During a trip to the House of Nature, Loana had to deal with with the Glavenus when she was out exploring new lands with Tumak. Ditto for the Carnotaurs in a barren field. Still, given their natural instincts, they are able to fend for themselves and have dealt with enough predators to the point where they're prepared for the situation.
  • It took some time, but Loana has managed to make some good friends in the Pantheon outside of hers and Tumak's tribes. Chief among them is Fred Flintstone, who often tries to introduce new activities to the Shell and Rock Tribes, and had won the favour of the latter by introducing some exercise-based hobbies for them to enjoy. Dino and Hoppy have also helped in easing the tribes' mindset towards dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, with Hoppy being willing to try out boxing with the Rock Clan.
    • Similarly, there's Ayla and Aloy, both women from impoverished times who've quickly come to befriend Loana for their times of strife. Ayla has been thinking about teaching Loana and the tribes some combat skills to better defend themselves, whereas Aloy, while also doing the same thing, also seeks to introduce technology to them. That said, she's starting slow with them, but Aloy hopes that slowly introducing them to some higher tech would likely improve the quality of the Shell and Rock tribes' lives. Given the Shell Tribe's interest in wanting to advance themselves, Loana is happy with the support.
  • Outside of dinosaurs, Loana stays very, very far from King Kong. Not that the ape itself has anything against humans, but rather because whenever he fights against a threat, he will certainly cause destruction to the surrounding environment in one way or another. Though Kong himself does benefit somewhat, especially if his enemies are predators that tend to antagonize Loana and her settlement. Manfred the mammoth is an odd, but surprisingly heartwarming case. Despite her race being (at least partially) responsible for the woolly mammoth's extinction, Manny holds no grudge against her or the tribes, and when Loana learned of the mammoth having brought a human infant back to his father with the help of his friends, she quickly saw the mammoth with quite a bit of respect. As a result, she's told her settlement to consider Manny a friend and to bring him no harm.
  • While not educated, Loana is at least intuitive enough to understand someone else not from her tribe, given that the Shell Tribe was one of the somewhat advanced groups in her world. She was initially afraid of Dinobot when they first met, but after learning about what he went through to provide for humanity and the threat Megatron posed, she began to take a liking to the robotic dinosaur.


Bix, Goddess of Evolutionary Stasis (Protoceratops multilinguous, Hog-Parrot)
Bix in the foreground, with her friends Arthur and Will Denison in the background. The pterosaur is just there.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Protoceratops skull, with the word "Bix" written in the Ceratopsia footprint alphabet.
  • Theme: "The Codes of Dinotopia."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A talking Protoceratops, A nice female dino, Fluent in seventeen languages, Non-Human Sidekick, Civilized Animal, Intellectual Animal, Good friends with humans and dinosaurs alike, fiercely protective of her friends,
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Prehistory, Intelligence, Translation, Companionship
  • Herald: Arthur Denison, Oriana Nascava
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven, Dino and Hoppy, Loana, Manfred and The Herd, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tai and Agumon, Yoshi, Anne Marie, Eliza Thornberry, Mowgli, Harry and his Dinosaurs, Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee
  • On good terms with: David Attenborough, Steve Irwin, Speckles, Dinobot
  • Curious about: Scrat
  • Enemies: Riptor, Gwangi, The Sharptooth, One-Eye, Indominus rex and the Indoraptor, Mesogog, Beast Wars Megatron
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Dinobots, Tobias, Korq-Gar & Grymloq
  • Opposes: The House of Military and Warfare
  • Complicated Relationship: Rexie, the Raptor Pack, Spinosaurus, The Carnotaurs, Liopleurodon, John Hammond
  • Bix is a Protoceratops, a genus of ceratopsian or horned dinosaur native to Late Cretaceous Mongolia and China.note  But Bix is a creature from a different time. Literally. She hails from the late 19th century, a native to the island of Dinotopia, where non-avian dinosaurs and other prehistoric lifeforms have survived seemingly unchanged for millions of years. They share the island with humans that have been shipwrecked over the centuries, cooperating and creating a diverse and thriving society together. Bix was in fact the first dinosaur encountered by British explorer Arthur Denison and his son Will when they arrived on the island in 1862. Their initial interaction didn't end well, with Arthur, unfamiliar with the small herbivore, assumed she was a threat and threw a rock at her to protect his son. She was carried off by some other dinosaurs to be patched up, and when the three met up again, she bore no ill will towards Arthur... well, minus the rocks. From there, Bix became Arthur's closest friend and companion, travelling with him across Dinotopia and chronicling its people, animals and cultures. They've traversed the Rainy Basin, visited Bix's birthplace of Canyon City, crossed The Portal and entered the World Beneath - on two separate occasions - and becoming some of the first outsiders to lay eyes on the eastern empire of Chandara. After so many adventures and mishaps, Bix and Arthur were offered a place in the court of the Microraptor Emperor, Hugo Khan, with Bix serving as a translator and Arthur charting down the east's marvels to share with the rest of the island.
  • The year was 1870 and during their time in Chandara, Arthur and Bix received a peculiar letter, written in the Theropod footprint language. It explained that the two were invited to a place known only as "The Pantheon," to chronicle the mortal and divine societies that had formed over time. They initially declined the offer but after several more invitations were sent, and with Emperor Khan's permission, the pair set off to their new destination. Travelling back to the Portal, Bix and Arthur discovered a new gateway had emerged, one neither of them had seen before. Upon entering it, they found themselves not in the World Beneath, but in an unusual land full of people and animals beyond their wildest imaginations. Then an elderly gentleman approached them and offered to show them around. His name was John Hammond, and as they made their way to a newly-built temple - Hammond spared no expense - he explained that it was Bix he had sent the invitations to; to become a Goddess within the Pantheon. Both dinosaur and human found the predicament a little bit confusing and after much discussion, Dension was allowed to stay with his companion, becoming Bix's Herald.
    • Arthur wasn't the only Herald allowed into the Pantheon. At Bix's request, another human was summoned; a musician named Oriana Nascava. She had joined Bix and Arthur on the Denison expedition and was happy to reunite with her old friends, due to her being unable to join their Chandara adventure. Both humans have shown great interest in the Pantheon's diverse cultures and histories, with Oriana speculating they have been influenced by Dinotopians, just as the cultures of their Earth were. Bix will let the two spend time together whenever possible. After all, they have a strong bond with one another.
  • Bix's temple leads back to Waterfall City, western Dinotopia's centre of arts, culture, and history. It's here that Arthur can be found in his studio close to the library, doing his research not only into the island's history but also the Pantheon's as well. Nowadays, it's filled with strange items and artifacts from the many realms, all being studied in private to avoid controversy from the Dinotopians. Bix doesn't seem to mind, but she's occupied with her own work.
  • Bix was amazed by the sheer diversity of non-avian dinosaurs in the Pantheon, and that most of them were quite friendly. She is sometimes seen travelling alongside Yoshi, the green dino impressing the pink dino with his bizarre appetite, and although she finds Dino and Hoppy a little weird for being housepets, she will still hang out with them, seeing how well they work with kids. One such child, a boy named Harry, immediately took a liking to the ceratopsian and introduced her to his dinosaur companions. His Triceratops buddy, Trike, was the first to befriend Bix, and on occasion, Harry will come to Dinotopia to see the saurian inhabitants with his very eyes. Of course, Bix has to keep a close eye on the boy in case he goes running off.
    • Speaking of kids, Bix is surprisingly good around both dino and human children alike and will spend time teaching the resident kids about Dinotopia and its unique ways of life. She was surprised that some of these kids, such as Anne-Marie, Eliza Thornberry and Mowgli, could understand and talk to animals. The quartet will sometimes set up special classes to teach the other children in the Pantheon how to understand and speak with dinosaurs and other extinct lifeforms, and so far? Things are looking good.note 
  • Dinotopia isn't just home to dinosaurs. Various kinds of Cenozoic era mammals are known to live high in the Forbidden Mountains, including mammoths, sabre-toothed cats, and giant ground sloths. Bix became friends with Manfred, who reminded her a little bit of another woolly mammoth named Bigtusk, and sometimes tags along with him and his herd on adventures. That being said, she's still not used to the Ice Age cold, so she tends to visit Manny's world in the summer. On certain visits, Bix and Arthur will follow and watch the bizarre Scrat and chart down his many misadventures. Let's just say, they've written enough observations from Scrat to make up an entire novel.
  • To her surprise, Bix discovered that many of the Pantheon's non-avian dinosaurs could talk as well as she could. Chief among them are the Gang of Seven. Littlefoot and his friends were quick to welcome her to the Great Valley, where the locals accepted the little "Not-threehorn" pretty quickly, with Bix feeling quite at home. The grownups have expressed interest in Dinotopia's Codes and asked Bix to serve as the Valley's ambassador, to help keep sharpteeth from terrorizing the place. Bix has tried to reassure the herbivores that the sharpteeth were doing what just came naturally...
    • Only to be quickly shocked that several theropods found in the Pantheon were completely unlike the animals found in the Rainy Basin. That is to say, they're downright malicious! Gwangi the Allosaurus, and the Tyrannosaurus rex duo, One-Eye and the Sharptooth are the worst offenders, due to their exceptionally violent and sadistic nature. The first time Bix tried negotiating with them nearly ended with her getting eaten. Luckily, Littlefoot brought along One-Eye's old enemy Speckles to the rescue. Speckles has offered to help Bix out with whatever she needs and has promised not to eat her. For extra measure, he informed the local Carnotaurus pair to leave her be. They were happy to oblige, on the condition they have some fish from time to time.
  • On Dinotopia, both humans and dinosaurs are strongly against violence, to the point where one of the island's codes reads, "Weapons are enemies, even to their owners." As such, Bix looks down on the Pantheon's Forever War along with anyone willing to take part in it. She also doesn't like going near the House of War, considering the deities within have tried attacking her world. It didn't help much when Bix encountered the saurian Kroq-Gar and his faithful mount, Grymloq. Though they show no malice towards the little Protoceratops, Kroq-Gar's warrior mentality truly had no place in Dinotopia. The three still remain on speaking terms, with Korq-Gar sometimes coming in to protect the little dino from much more dangerous threats.
  • While they may have survived on Dinotopia - thanks to the World Beneath - Bix was saddened to learn about the K-Pg Extinction event, which wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs and paved the way for the mammals rise to dominance. But she came to realize it was probably for the better. After all, if it wasn't for the asteroid, there wouldn't have been humans living on Earth... which made things super awkward when she met the young Animorph, Tobias, who just so happened to play a role in the extinction event. Initially, Bix was livid to discover this fact, but she learned about Tobias' Dark and Troubled Past, as well as the reasoning for causing the calamity. She could at least sympathize with the former. That said, both could agree on one thing; the saurian terrorist, Mesogog and his desire to Take Over the World and convert humanity into reptilian monstrosities was a massive no-no. While Bix keeps away from Mesogog, Tobias will spy on him and relay info to the little dino, in case he finds the Sunstones for his evil schemes.
  • Many in the Pantheon are surprised when they learn Bix is a saurian ambassador. It surprises them even more so when they discovered she could speak seventeen different languages, including Hittite, Etruscan, and Hypsilophodont. As such, she was approached by a young man named Taichi Kamiya and a yellow tyrannosaur-like creature named Agumon, who wished to work alongside her to promote relations between Dinotopia and the "Digital World." Bix was understandably confused but she was happy to meet other like-minded diplomats, so she has kept in touch with them.
  • Bix has met various other humans who have an interest in wildlife, both modern and prehistoric, chief among them being Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, and Sir David Attenborough. Both will call upon Bix as a guide and translator whenever dealing with dinosaurs, though Bix sometimes had to keep Irwin from wrestling the giant crocodilians found in the Rainy Basin. Attenborough has her tagalong for his documentaries, and to help make sure the predators don't eat him.
    • On the subject of humans, Bix is on good terms with Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee, Jack more so due to his love for the dinosaurs of the Xenozoic Era. She spends time chatting with Jack and his Allosaurus companion Hermes, and while Hannah is more of the scientist type, she is still on good terms with Bix and is seen discussing her adventures with Arthur and Oriana.
  • Bix's opinion on the dinosaurian Transformers in the Pantheon is mixed, not only because of their constant warring with one another. During her time in the World Beneath, Bix and company had stumbled upon mechanized, dinosaur-shaped vehicles knowns as Strutters, which were built by the ancient empire of Poseidos and were powered by special sunstones. Bix has seen the Strutters, and rode in one too, so at first she assumed the Dinobots were the same; lifeless machines. But Grimlock was quick to prove her wrong. While she isn't a fan of the Dinobot's sheer brutality on the battlefield, Bix was impressed by their camaraderie and, much to her surprise, their willingness to stand up for the weak and defenceless. Besides Grimlock's team, Bix gets along well enough with the Maximal Velociraptor, Dinobot, respecting his sense of honour. A good thing too, cause Dinobot's old superior, the Predacon rebel Megatron, has expressed interest in finding the Sunstones and using them to conquer the universe. Luckily, Megatron has been denied entry to Dinotopia, but Bix has the Autobot/Maximal dinos on standby.
  • At first, Bix and Arthur didn't know much about John Hammond and why he was so interested in Dinotopia. A few weeks after moving in the pair discovered Hammond's role in recreating dinosaurs from fossilized DNA, along with the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World incidents which saw the cloned dinosaurs escape and go on a rampage. Bix was disturbed by this tampering of nature and quickly called Hammond out on it, with the elderly man explaining he only made the original park for people to enjoy, and has been trying to atone for his actions while in the Pantheon. Bix listened and came to respect his willingness to change... but she still doesn't agree with the whole dinosaur cloning process. Hammond has introduced Bix to two of his associates; Paleontologist Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm. Both humans were fascinated with the pink Protoceratops and they, along with Arthur, have spent time discussing prehistory and what humanity can learn from the past. Out of the two, Bix seems to like Grant more. Malcolm's a little too cynical for her tastes.
    • Speaking of which, the few genetically engineered dinosaurs found in the Pantheon have rubbed Bix the wrong way. Most of them, such as Riptor, the Isla Sorna Spinosaurus, Indoraptor and Indominus rex, she sees as mindless sadistic brutes; creatures that have no proper place in Dinotopia, even in the Rainy Basin, and steers clear of them at any cost. On the other hand, the Tyrannosaurus rex named Rexy and Owen Gardy's raptor pack, at least behave like regular animals and can be negotiated with. The latter two theropods will help Bix depending on the situation, mainly with confronting Indominus, and even then it usually calls for some fish to bribe them. Other than that, she keeps out of their way. If that doesn't work, she brings in Liopleurodon. And yes, Bix does know how to speak pliosaur; it's similar enough to the plesiosaur language as it is.
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