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Greater Gods

    The Spectral Familiars 
The Spectral Familiarsmembers , Divine Quartet of the Four Classical Elements
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Infinity Flame
  • Alignment: All Lawful Good
  • Theme Music: Eternity's End
  • Portfolio: Olympus Starter Mons, created a Small, Secluded World, Bond Creatures, Static Role, Exchangeable Character, Single Specimen Species, proficient at both physical and magical attacks, have lived for so long that they can't remember everything, can talk
  • Domains: Water (Wolf and Toad), Earth (Toad and Lion), Fire (Lion and Eagle), Wind (Eagle and Wolf), creating landmasses, immortality, Mons
  • Heralds: The Spectral Keepers; the Player (Wolf), Will (Toad), Julia (Eagle), and Leonard (Lion)
  • Allies: The Mediators of Nature, Katara, the Planeteers, Gaea, most good Mons and their handlers, the Four Holy Beasts, Will Vandom, Moro-no-Kimi, Okkoto-nushi, Xerneas, Shishigami, Tehtu, Tethi, and Esna
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Viridi, the Weather Trio
  • It's complicated: Edward Elric
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Ghetsis, Pokémon Hunter J, the entire Hall of Demons, Father, Dante of the Deep Forest
  • Respected by: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna
  • The Spectral Familiars come from a version of Earth where creatures of powerful might and magic, called monsters, have always existed. 490 years ago, there was a war between the kings of its various nations, who wanted to make technological progress, and the Monster Keepers, who wanted to preserve nature. It ended when four keepers, who had allied with the godly Spectral Familiars, heard a voice telling them to go to the Tree of Evolution. This allowed the Familiars create the Monster Sanctuary, a safe haven sealed off from the rest of the world, using powerful magic. Each Familiar is bonded to his original keeper's descendants.
    • The Spectral Wolf, familiar of the Veles bloodline, is considered the most cunning of the four. He was revered as the guardian of snowy mountains and dark forests in the Old World, and created the ones in the Sanctuary. While normally aloof from humanity, shamans called upon the Wolf to protect newborns from harm. His keepers are considered to be standoffish, but intelligent and good at settling disputes. He canonically belongs to the Heroic Mime protagonist; if the player chooses another Familiar at the start of the game, he will go to the Spectral Keeper whose familiar they chose.
    • The Spectral Toad, familiar of the Heqet bloodline, is considered the wisest and most generous of the four. Also known as the Warlock's Toad, he was said to live in forlorn places such as misty swamps and the depths of the wilderness, so practitioners of witchcraft considered finding him a perilous journey with the worthy reward of arcane secrets. He created the Sanctuary's bodies of water. Keepers of the Spectral Toad are considered to be the most knowledgeable teachers in their fields of study, and are always willing to share their resources with others. He canonically belongs to Will, who's well-versed in the Sanctuary's history.
    • The Spectral Eagle, familiar of the Thiazi bloodline, is considered the bravest of the four. In the Old World, he was considered the embodiment of the sun, and may be the "sun god" who created the Gryphonix. Since the Thiazi family were traditionally sailors, he's also associated with seafarers, so pirate captains keep colourful birds in his honour. He created the Sanctuary's underground, artificial sun, which maintains balance in order to prevent natural disasters. He canonically belongs to Julia, a Spirited Competitor.
    • The Spectral Lion, familiar of the Narasimha bloodline, is considered the noblest and most heroic of the four. Throughout the Old World, he was considered the ruler of prairies, jungles, and deserts. He was said to be very protective of those devoted to him, but would ruthlessly kill any evil-doers. He created all the stone buildings in the Sanctuary, such as the Keeper's Stronghold where most of the humans live. Keepers of the Spectral Lion always rise to the highest ranks, so the Narasimha family are considered prestigious. He canonically belongs to the prideful Leonard, but this almost wasn't the case...
  • The latest generation of Spectral Keepers saved the Sanctuary from a group of alchemists, who wanted to reshape it in their image using the power of the Familiars. Shortly afterwards, the eight of them heard a voice telling them to go to Eternity's End, a pocket dimension that can be reached from a portal at the top of the Stronghold. There, they met an avatar of Vertraag, god of time, who told the Familiars that they have an important role to play in the multiverse. He teleported the eight of them to the Court of Gods, who had discovered that the Familiars represent the Natural Elements in their world, making them eligible for the Classical Elements Ensemble. The gods gave the Familiars their shared title, and their Keepers were allowed to stay with them and agreed to be their heralds.
  • The Spectral Familiars' "temple" is more like a miniature version of the Sanctuary, being a field made of different biomes. The Wolf's corner is a snowy thicket of dark, evergreen trees. The Toad's is a swamp obscured by mists and brambles. The Eagle's is a golden tower surrounded by peaceful, flowing water, similar to the Sun Palace where his artificial sun resides. Finally, the Lion's is an underground cavern of magma.
  • After the Court of Gods directed them to their position in the House of Nature, they Spectral Familiars quickly struck up rapport with its three Mediators and their allies. Aang and Captain Planet both have power over all the classical elements (and heart), and the Wolf in particular is close to Amaterasu. Similarly, they respect Willma for leading another Classical Elements Ensemble. They also highly respect any humans who treat their fellow "monsters" with kindness. They also find common ground with a similar quartet of Olympus Mons who protect their world, the Four Holy Beasts. As the guardians of different aspects of nature, they get along with Gaea herself, who represents all of it. However, they have a complicated relationship with Viridi; while they support similar causes, they find her contempt for humanity appalling. Similarly, while they respect that the Weather Trio due to their similarities, they find them far too aggressive to get along with.
  • Conversely, they're enemies with anyone who wants to senselessly destroy nature. They're wary of Hexxus, especially the Wolf, because he wants to destroy the forests he has dominion over. Shortly after the Familiars' ascension, Hexxus and his allies tried to take over the rest of the House of Nature again. The Familiars helped Moro-no-Kimi, Okkoto-nushi, Xerneas, Shishigami, and the Nature Preservers fight back, and they've been allies ever since.
  • They also despise people who abuse and exploit Mons, and refuse to go anywhere near Ghetsis in case he learns about the extent of their powers and tries to control them. Due to fighting against alchemists and occult monsters in the recent past, they're opposed to immoral alchemists and demons. In particular, Father and Dante both hit too close to home; their methods are eerily similar to the immortality-seeking leader of their world's alchemists, Marduk.
  • They have a... complicated relationship with the less-than-evil alchemists of the Pantheon. When they met the Elric brothers, the Familiars almost jumped to the conclusion that they were dangerous just because they were alchemists; fortunately, Alphonse de-escalated the situation before it could turn into a fight. (Lion being a cat might've had something to do with it.) They were also intrigued when they learned that the Elrics' father was a fellow immortal. However, Ed still can't forgive the Familiars for "trying to kill him", and only tolerates them because Father and Dante are their mutual enemies.
  • The Familiars are highly respected in the House of Beasts and Fauna, to the point that they're almost honorary members of it. The Wolf is often seen in the Hall of Canines; the Toad in the Hall of Aquatic Life; the Eagle in the Hall of Birds; and the Lion in the Hall of Felines. They also regularly visit Tethu and Tethi's oasis, since just like the Monster Sanctuary, it was a safe haven in a dangerous world. Since they're supernatural beings, they can see water spirits such as Esna.

    The Weather Trio 
Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, Divine Triumvirate of Land, Sea and the Sky (All: The Weather Trio, Super-ancient Pokémon | Kyogre: The Sea Basin Pokémon | Groudon: The Continent Pokémon, Kenya | Rayquaza: The Sky High Pokémon, Fug)
Clockwise from the top: Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The Blue and Red Orb respectively (Kyogre and Groudon), a green delta symbol or the Jade Orb (Rayquaza)
  • Theme Songs: Battle! Super-Ancient Pokémon (ORAS remix) (for all three of them), Battle! (Primal Reversion), Heavy Rainfall (Alpha remix) for Kyogre itself, Drought (Omega remix) for Groudon itself, Rayquaza's Descent (ORAS Remix) for Rayquaza itself
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Rayquaza), Chaotic Neutral (Kyogre and Groudon)
  • Ability: Drizzle, Drought and Air Lock (Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza), Primordial Sea and Desolate Land (Primal Kyogre and Groudon), Delta Stream (Mega Rayquaza)
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Moveset
    • Kyogre: Origin Pulse, Ice Beam, Thunder, Aqua Ring
    • Groudon: Precipice Blades, Solar Beam, Fire Punch, Bulk Up
    • Rayquaza: Dragon Ascent, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Extreme Speed
    • Z-Moves: Hydro Vortex (Kyogre), Tectonic Rage (Groudon), Devastating Drake (Rayquaza)
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Landscape, Legends, Power, Weather (all three), Cataclysm, Rivalry (Kyogre and Groudon), The Seas, Rain, Water Levels (Kyogre), Land, Lava, Sunshine, Drought (Groudon), The Sky, Dragons, Balance, Peace (Rayquaza)
  • Interests: Lilo Pelekai and Stitch (Kyogre and Groudon), Sakazuki/Admiral Akainu (Groudon)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Neith (all of them), Rexie, Hestia, Vulcan (Groudon), Benevolent Dragons like Falkor and Spyro, the Nature Preservers (Rayquaza)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Chaac (Kyogre), Melisandre of Asshai, Daenerys Targaryen (Rayquaza)
  • Rivals: EACH OTHER (Kyogre and Groudon), The Kraken, Cthulhu, (Kyogre), The Firebird (Groudon), Zeus, Giratina, Al'Akir (Rayquaza)
  • Enemies(all three): Ghetsis, Lysandre, Pokémon Hunter J, Hexxus, Black Doom, The Flood, Deathwing, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Opposes: Archie and Maxie, Roahm Mythril, Chuggaaconroy (the lot), SCP-169 (Kyogre), Lugia (Groudon), Deoxys, Diddy Kong, Fox McCloud, Arael, the Hall of Ice and Cold, Jerkass Gods and disrupters of the natural order in general (Rayquaza)
  • Opposed by: Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Kyogre and Groudon), Lugia (Kyogre), Smokey Bear, the Hall of Vampires (Groudon)
  • Feared by: Pinocchio (Kyogre)
  • Respects: Hades, Cerberus (Rayquaza)
  • Millions of years old, and said to shape the sea, land and sky, are the Weather Trio of the Hoenn region. It is said that if Kyogre and Groudon would to endlessly battle, the effects on the environment would reach apocalyptic levels, their opposing powers bringing drastic change on weather from heavy rainfall to burning sunlight, floods and earthquakes, leaving everything in ruin. And if many cried out for an end to the destruction, Rayquaza would respond, descending from the heavens and breaking the feud between the two of them.
  • Applies to some/all of them
    • Though they border on Eldritch Abomination, they do not come out of nowhere and have recognizable shapes. Kyogre and Groudon appear to be based on the legendary Biblical leviathan and behemoth, while Rayquaza has elements of the more obscure Biblical ziz. Kyogre being a gigantic cetacean has led it to find a kindred spirit with Moby-Dick, which was only fueled by Captain Ahab trying to harpoon the former. Groudon looks like a theropod or T-Rex, which may be why it has a soft spot for Rexie. Rayquaza resembles a Chinese dragon, so it tends to get along with benevolent dragons. It's also why the Dovahkiin in on its hitlist for seeing the legendary as a fearsome, threatening dragon.
    • Unsurprisingly Kyogre and Groudon don't get along as the two have been feuding for supremacy since before civilization begun, and they really don't care for Team Aqua or Magma for trying to exploit their power to expand the sea/land. Ultimately, neither did Archie or Maxie. To bolster its advantage Kyogre allied with Poseidon, god of the seas...and earthquakes, all to beat Groudon at its own game. The Ground type was out of luck when denied Gaea's endorsement, who declared their squabbling "hopelessly childish". Instead she gained an alliance of convenience with Rayquaza, who both serves as deterrent to the vengeance of her ex-husband of the sky, and to wrangle the chaos of forces of nature into order.
    • With their chaotic or high-minded personalities, the trio only really agree on three shared "Poke-foes"; Hunter J (who sees them as profit margins no matter how important they are), Ghetsis (who's incapable of not exploiting any Pokemon he can) and Lysandre (who'd all but destroy the world). Archie and Maxie learned their lesson so they only get contempt. Due to their power and frivolous/aloof nature, they only have a few notable connections with other Pokémon or those within the Pokémon series. Kyogre finds Manaphy adorable due to being the Prince of the Sea and a smaller, nicer version of itself. Rayquaza is naturally revered by the Draconid Zinnia and the help it gave her, though it still doesn't see her as worthy of riding it. On the other side of the coin, Rayquaza and Giratina are often seen arguing over how the world should be balanced, as Giratina can be rather nasty in doing so. Lugia straight up dislikes Kyogre for being a chaotic Lord of the Ocean while it chooses to keep itself in the deep of the sea to contain its stormy power. Rayquaza naturally approves of Lugia.
    • The three hold Hexxus in contempt due to being a destructive force of pollution and natural degradation. Hexxus immediately called Kyogre and Groudon hypocrites as they cause a lot of environmental destruction with their fights, only for them to defend their actions by saying they balance it out by expanding and developing their element for future generations, and they do not cause environmental cataclysm just for its own sake. Rayquaza isn't going to award them any brownie points, however. Despite being natural forces Captain Planet and the Planeteers consider Kyogre and Groudon headaches, who serve as key reminders just because something's natural and necessary doesn't make it benevolent.
    • There are very few gods that the trio fear of, but one of the gods that frighten them is the Gaming god, Chuggaaconroy, who actually captured all three gods in one of his Let's Play. Groudon especially fears him since Chuggaa used a Nest Ball, as the deities in the House of Knowledge noted that the chances of that succeeding was around less than 1%. They were even more amazed to find Kyogre being captured with a Net Ball and Rayquaza by Chuggaa being Mexican. On a similar note, of them were pleased with RoahmMythril, who didn't even bother to capture them and defeated them with a team of non-evolved, first-stage Pokémon. They are straight-up mortified by the Flood due to their ability to infect water, and are more than capable of possessing Kyogre due to their nature.
    • Lilo and Stitch are interested by Kyogre and Groudon because they're the "god mode" versions of two notable experiments, Yin and Yang (or Experiments 501 and 502). Unlike them and despite what Jumba feared, Yin and Yang find their water and lava powers complimentary and their one true home is developing the Hawaiian Islands more. Rayquaza hoped this example would lead the other two members of the Weather Trio to trust each other more...only for the two to argue over which experiment did a better job. At least, that's their initial opinion. Over time they wondered if Lilo had a point, and the two decided to communicate with Neith. One of the primordials who weaved creation, they were interested in learning more on developing the world through their respective element. They aren't on good enough terms to not start fighting with each other in Neith's company, but almost no-one could.
  • Applies to Kyogre only
    • The Sea Basin Pokémon is a mighty Sea Monster who expands the seas by bringing about a rain. It is a bestial equivalent to Chaac, Mayan god of rain, and if for whatever reason Drizzle or Primordial Sea is denied or replaced by Groudon's ability Chaac will be there to back it up. Being a stormbringer, the Sea King benefits a lot from working alongside the legendary. When it was pointed out that Sea King is evil, Kyogre stated it does not care as it and Groudon are forces of nature, unbound by morals. Kyogre gives equal boons to Arthur Curry as he is a guardian of the seas. However it will help out his anti-hero at best brother Orm, as while the two disagree with each other Ocean Master wants to protect the ocean. This said, Kyogre recognized Aquaman as the rightful ruler and with Poseidon already bonded to Lugia Kyogre chose Aquaman as his partner.
    • The Kraken mistook Kyogre for a sperm whale at first when it swam into the tentacled monster's territory, and began trying to constrict it. The two appear to have an ego about this conflict as Kyogre refuses to accept it can be bested by another Sea Monster, though there isn't that level of heat between them that can be found with Groudon. In spite of the Kraken being Poseidon's pet, he allows the two to fight each other as they seem to enjoy getting into a "wrestling contest". An even greater matter of ego is Kyogre's anger at SCP-169; it cannot stand the sight of a Sea Monster so continental in sizenote  its sleep murmurs can cause earthquakes, as such a being can make it feel inadequate.
    • The great and powerful Kyogre resembles a killer whale, like the Orca. The two get along, as Kyogre can sympathize to his path of revenge for the death of his mate and unborn calf. Being a mighty Sea Monster, the legendary finds itself relating more to other great sea monsters. Asides from Moby-Dick, the Pokémon likes to go out for hunting expeditions with Monstro. Due to his experience with the latter Pinocchio is more than a little bit scared of Kyogre, though it doesn't think it would be much of a meal. Kyogre can show friendliness to sea divers who could be easily intimidated like the Diver, though this is more it being curious about his explorations of the deep sea than real sympathy.
    • There are a couple gods of sort that are associated with water, who also got Kyogre's attention. One of these was Cthulhu, though he lurks in rather than governs the ocean. And like Kyogre waking him up is a very bad idea. However Cthulhu's true arising when the stars are right would bring a far less negotiable apocalypse, and Kyogre feels the Great Old One violates its ocean space anyway. Sobek, a proper god of water (rivers/the Nile), found a lot more in common with them being mercurial, neither good nor evil forces of water. While not a full-on god, Chaos and Kyogre would find some kinship in their powers and expressions of wrath. Kyogre also is a friend of might sea monsters Lagiacrus and Caedeus, though this is more due to their similar nature than anything.
    • Despite being a jerkass god, Kyogre does admit the Kraeken are creepy and sully the water, though this could just be distrust of the Eldritch Ocean Abyss. It and the Nuckeleeve don't get along either because Kyogre can easily whip up fresh, running water...and again, even Kyogre is disturbed by the worst of the fae. It's important to remember Kyogre can be benevolent, as it once saved people from droughts with a torrential downpour. This benevolent side is likely the reason why Chaac and Aquaman get along. One of the only times it and Groudon got along was their shared contempt of Surtr; for Groudon it was a case of "even Jerkass Gods have standards", and for Kyogre it and Surtr are naturally anathema to one another.
  • Applies to Groudon only
    • The Continent Pokémon is said to be the embodiment of the land itself. Through heat and mighty sunlight it shrinks coastlines to expand the land, and can also use magma for the same purposes. The volcanic might of Groudon was an instant interest to Admiral Akainu, who seeks its might to enforce absolute justice. As a primordial force Groudon regards the Devil Fruit user as irrelevant unless he serves its rivalry with Kyogre. In terms of the molten innards of the Earth, Groudon considers Vulcan a lot more agreeable. Vulcan won't take sides, but the heat he gets from Groudon and sheer forces helps with his blacksmithing. He's also just glad to have someone similar to him that doesn't make fun of him. His aunt Hestia, being the goddess of the hearth and comforting fire, tends to get on Groudon's good side even if she feels the Ground-type is a troublemaker.
    • The return of Groudon was one demonstrating its dramatic role: bursting out of a volcano in the Hall of Fire and Heat. Despite having a type advantage against Fire-types, Groudon is well liked there because of its volcanic powers and the benefits either of its abilities bring to them. SCP-4338 was happy to learn the lava-making behemoth was back as it wants a friend in the field of vulcanism. Also, Groudon can't make fat jokes at its SCP because its the second/third heaviest Pokémon known to exist. The reunion party had Ragnaros welcome Groudon back so they may spread the warmth. On a less destructive note, the earthbender Toph benefited from the living incarnation of the earth having come back.
    • The brilliant light of Drought and especially Desolate Land is the main reason why Groudon is not allowed in the Hall of Vampires: it is considered as destructive as Deathwing or the Firebird to them. Groudon was offended by this as despite being similarly destructive it isn't batshit crazy like the former, and considers the latter to be a more uncouth and avian version of itself. For once, Kyogre was in agreement over how its rival felt about Deathwing. Even during the night Groudon's ability will bring the sun, and for those that thrive on spreading the darkness this cannot do. Smokey Bear has criticized Groudon for overusing its power as it can easily start forest fires, however knows as a force of nature Groudon doesn't do this out of many malice. Also, the only forest rampage "Groudon" did was an abomination "fake Groudon" made from trying to recreate the legendary.
    • Despite Groudon's ability being at odds with his role as god of the night sky, Tezcatlipoca is also god of the earth as well, especially obsidian. Guess what kind of geological process is good at making obsidian? As such the Smoking Mirror reasoned to Groudon they should work together in hopes of getting Rayquaza (whom the Smoking Mirror is on poor terms with due to their alliance with Quetzalcoatl) off their back. Being sick of the dragon's interference, the Continent Pokémon agreed. However, it rebuffed a request for partnership in favor of another: Bolin. He's someone dedicated to helping out the Avatar of his time, and is notable for the ability to Lavabend. Their similar abilities and Bolin's eagerness to maintain stability and sustainability over the Earth.
    • Though a chaotic force of the land, Groudon holds contempt for Gohma Vlitra as being a magma destroyer who takes the Gaia's Vengeance to omnicidal extremes. Groudon is just as aware of how apocalyptic its solar powers are, so seeks solar-related deities to master its own. Initially, Groudon went after Sekhment, believing they could relate...only for Sekhment proving so unstable and blood-thirsty Groudon was scared of her. Helios and Apollo proved much more agreeable in helping Groudon refine its light powers. Groudon isn't simply aggressive; it once saved those suffering from floods with heat waves and light.
  • Applies to Rayquaza only
    • The Sky High Pokémon lives to stop Kyogre and Groudon's disputes, keeping order in the natural world. It has made the ozone layer a dangerous place to travel, however despite a ferocious appearance Rayquaza is truly benevolent; the exception is anyone who violates its air space. The dragon has had an ongoing feud with Deoxys for doing so, and while they usually calm down at a point they still really don't like each other. Rayquaza's usually kind nature evaporates when it's brought up Diddy Kong and Fox McCloud kicked its ass. It has told them to bug off, though this is more retaliation for lost pride and Rayquaza doesn't hate them.
    • As a keeper of natural balance, Rayquaza is rather embarrassed by the other members of the Weather Trio. It regards immature and chaotic gods as a disgrace to their domain, which is why it and Zeus do not get along. Being a skyfather, Zeus felt the dragon's complaints were "impertinent" and declared that he, not the Sky High Pokémon, was lord of the sky. The two continue to butt heads for supremacy. The legendary was pleased to know that his brother Hades and his dog Cerberus are actually responsible. Another god who stands out as the responsible one is Quetzalcoatl, who isn't straight up weird or needs Human Sacrifice. Plus he's a wind god. In terms of partners, Rayquaza chose Avatar Aang. He's an Air Nomad and bender after all and a force of keeping the peace. The dragon has become protective of the sky bison like Appo too, seeing them as kindred spirits.
    • Rayquaza eats meteorites, which is why Minior didn't last long in the Trope Pantheon. When dealing with asteroids, Rayquaza will use the ingested meteorite energy and hopes of the people to transform into the utterly brokennote  Mega Rayquaza and break it apart. Dwelling near the border between the air and space led the Pokémon to be aware of the Black Comet and Black Doom's planned invasion, which it vehemently opposes and if he resurrects the Black Comet Rayquaza is going Mega to tear it apart. As Black Doom threatens the entire world, Kyogre and Groudon actually listened to the dragon for once.
    • The only reasons Rayquaza is not an Overdeity after Mega Evolving are not becoming a Reality Warper, and still having a major sore spot for ice. Granted Delta Stream doesn't soften the Fairy-type weakness, but as regular Rayquaza ice does quad-damage. The Sky High Pokémon is more than a little wary of the Night's King, who's javelin skills killed a dragon that he later reanimated. And of course, his goal is an Endless Winter that would destroy all life, so that can't be tolerated. Due to its role in protecting the natural order Melisandre was interested in its help against the Great Other, and Daenerys was interested in it for being a legendary dragon. Though Rayquaza will work for them against environmental threats, it isn't fond of the former's whole "Human Sacrifice" element in her religion, and it considers Dany to be a loose canon. Time will tell if her book incarnation goes off the deep end as well.
    • Rayquaza's Air Lock ability means that it can suppress the weather powers of those weaker than it, which is why Enya Geil hates the dragon. This hatred isn't mutual as Rayquaza considers the Stand user irrelevant to its goals. The rest of the Hall of Weather doesn't mind this as the Sky High Pokémon only intervenes when the hall is in chaos. That said, this hasn't stopped Al'Akir from bringing the fight to the legendary as he's a wind elemental, and seeks to prove his supremacy over the element that he shares with Rayquaza. Having lived for hundreds of millions of years, Rayquaza is more than used to someone feeling their ego is challenged by it, and tolerates this rivalry so long as it doesn't conflict with its duties.
  • Also has a spot in Trios.

Intermediate Gods

    Aurora and Queen Umbra 
Aurora and Queen Umbra, Divine Representations of the Light/Darkness Juxtaposition (Aurora: Princess, Queen of Light, Umbra: Queen of the Night, Dark Queen)
Aurora's initial appearance
Aurora's grown-up form after acquiring the Moon
Aurora in the final act
Queen Umbra
Umbra's final form with her minions 

  • Exclusive to Umbra:
    • Umbra Just wants to reclaim Lemuria and Melkor managed to tempt her to his side with promises to help with that so long as she works with him to take over the Pantheon.
    • Half of the Bringers of Everlasting Night (Yami, Balanar, the Grand Duke of Owls) were impressed with Umbra's removal of the Sun. The other half (Nightmare Moon, David Zappa) aren't as comfortable given she's taken the Moon as well, and given it's one of their domains, especially for Nightmare, but they're willing to work with her.
    • Has a crippling weakness; unlike most "bosses", she has no Contractual Boss Immunity. With the exception of Instant Death, she's as susceptible to Status Effects as any Random Encounter monster.
      • As such she has a greater despisal for the Malboro than any other boss character and always makes the time to strike it down from range.
      • Another she takes great precaution in is against the Elder Dragon Vaal Hazak for its ability to cut entire health bars in half with the Effluvium it produces. Vaal meanwhile doesn’t appreciate someone with a character such as hers being able to bear the appearance of a dragon. That being said, Vaal isn’t leaving the Rotten Vale anytime soon, so the two have no reason to come into contact with another.

Katara, Goddess of Ice Water (Sugar Queen, Sweetness, Sweetie, Gran Gran, Madame Fussy Britches, Kat, The Painted Lady, Sapphire Fire)
When older. 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Water Tribe crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Waterbending, Emotional Anchors, Team Mom, An Ice Person, Those That Make Speeches, Healers, Second-in-Command, Fast Learners, Old Master, (Literally) Strong Women, People Puppets, Not Someone To Anger, Violently Protective Girlfriend, Happy In Marriage
  • Domains: Freedom, Good, Ice, Justice, Mercy, Water
  • Heralds: Kya and Bumi (her children)
  • Allies: Aang (her husband), Tenzin (her son), Sokka (her brother), Toph Beifong, Zuko, Korra, Asami Sato, Lin Beifong, Mako, Bolin, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Nami, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Alexastrasza, Edward and Alphonse Elric
  • On speaking terms with: Mr. Freeze
  • Enemies: YHVH, Azula, Zaheer, Ozai
  • Opposes: Kuvira, Strong Bad, Wiz and Boomstick
  • True to her nature, Katara's considered a motherly figure to her allies in the Pantheon, and is loved by most of the younger children gods (when she's not a stick in the mud). And true to her motherly nature, she's not afraid to defend her charges.
  • She used to have a spot in the House of Nature as Co-Goddess of Water, but decided that with Aquaman already having the position covered, she could focus more on this seat. However, thanks to some restructuring, she returned to Nature as Goddess of Ice Magic Is Water as waterbenders are able to create ice from the water they bend and vice versa.
  • Is currently angry with Strong Bad over an incident involving gelatin mix and her water-bending water. Strong Bad denies any involvement in that.
  • Goes with Aang, Korra, and Asami on double dates at times in the House of Love.
  • Despite the two being very contradictory otherwise, gets along well with Alexastrasza due to their similar personalities towards those they love.
  • Some wonder if she's in a relationship with Zuko. Katara denies it, having long since married Aang and raising three children together. But some people just can't be convinced. She sympathizes with Naruto seeing he too had to go through the same thing.
  • Was impressed by Elsa's ability to manipulate snow and ice, and has wondered if she's actually a Waterbender. The latter has yet to actually try controlling plain water, but has expressed interest in trying.
  • Is assisting Aang for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • After discovering the periodic table and what water is composed of, has started trying to bend some acids, and met with limited success.
  • Met Mr. Freeze via her friend Zuko's previous position in the House of Ambiguity. She now goes around to say hi every once in a while, and see how his wife is doing.
  • Partnered with Wailord recently; the latter often gives her rides out to sea, so she can practice her waterbending without anyone around. When she noticed Sokka about to comment, she shut him up with a glare.
    Katara: Don't even, Sokka.
  • Along with Aang, was disgusted when Zaheer ascended after learning of what he tried to do to Korra, the Air Nation, and her children. This culminated in her threatening to kill him with his own poison should he ever go after any of them, as well as Aang, Zuko, Sokka, or Toph, again.
    • Despite being on the opposite end of the order/chaos spectrum, Kuvira isn't seen in a much better light due to the tyrannical extremes she took in her attempts to solve the problems Zaheer caused, even harvesting and weaponizing Spirit Vines in order to crush Republic City and drive it under heel. While the Great Uniter claims to be atoning for her sins here, Katara has threatened to end her if she takes one step backwards.
  • Sometimes practices with both Korra and Aang, due to all three being able to bend far more effectively in their child forms, especially due to retaining all of their skills as adults.
  • Has been watching Korra carefully after the discovery that she was being threatened by the GUAC, due to their plans to extract Vaatu.
  • Once interrupted a fight between Aang and Edward Elric, showing up right as Aang entered the Avatar State and calming him down. Ed's brother Alphonse was on the scene as well, chastising both of them for their stupid hotheadedness. After everyone calmed down and Aang and Ed apologized, the four spent time together and discovered they were very similar in their philosophy and approach to the sanctity of life. Thus began the friendly ties between Amestris and the World of Avatar, which have only grown exponentially over time in the Pantheon.
    • However, said fight could have gone very differently, as they received a vivid demonstration of courtesy of a simulation using adapted footage of the encounter courtesy of Wizard and Boomstick. This version of events was doctored to end with Aang destroying Edward via full-course elemental attack. Aang contended that that wasn't even the way he would've tried to end it, instead intending to block Ed's "clappy magic" via energybending only to undo the block later, but still was as horrified as everyone else at the sight nonetheless. Katara plans on freezing Boomstick in a block of ice for this (at least Wiz had enough respect to acknowledge that Aang would hardly kill anyone like that, whereas Boomstick destroyed the moment by following up with bad puns).
  • Has made an effort to keep an eye on Aang, Zuko, and Korra after Azula reascended, especially if she is aware she's around.

    Legendary Birds 
Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, Triumvirate Deities of Ice, Lightning, and Fire (The Legendary Birds | Articuno: The Freeze Pokémon, 2.5 HOURS, Freezer | Zapdos: The Electric Pokémon, THE BEST ONE, The Arch-Angel, Battery Jesus, AA-J, Thunder | Moltres: The Flame Pokémon, LEAVE ME ALONE, Why couldn't it have been you., THANK GOD, Fire, Fiery Angel, Might of the Heavens)
The Legendary Birds. Left to right: Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres
Click here  for their regional variants. Left to right: Galarian Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A bird superimposed over a lightning bolt, snowflake and an ember
  • Theme Music: Battle! (Legendary Pokémon), Battle! Kanto Legendary (shared with Mewtwo), Galarian Legendary Bird Battle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Abilities: Snow Cloak (Articuno), Static (Zapdos), Flame Body (Moltres)
  • Movesets:
    • (Articuno): Freeze Dry, Tailwind, Ice Beam, Hurricane
    • (Zapdos): Thunderbolt, Drill Peck, Detect, Thunder Wave
    • (Moltres): Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Air Slash
    • Z-Moves: Subzero Slammer (Articuno), Gigavolt Havoc (Zapdos), Inferno Overdrive (Moltres)
  • Portfolios: Group of 3 elements, Big Birds, Olympus Mons, Numerical Theme Naming, Power Trio
  • Domains: Nature, Birds, Elements, Legendaries (the lot), Ice, Thunder and Fire (respectively)
  • Superior: Lugia
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Ho-oh, Aang
  • On good terms with: SCP-4338 (Moltres)
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Pokémon Hunter J, Giovanni, Dr Eggman
  • Odd Friendship: Akechi Mitsuhide (Articuno), The Mob (Zapdos)
  • Opposes: Rock, Ice (Zapdos), Lightning (Articuno and Moltres) and Fire (Articuno) deities
  • The legendary birds of Kanto embody Ice Lightning and Fire and as such, usually spend their time secluded from many other deities but freely interact with other deities who share their abilities. Despite wanting to isolate themselves from other deities, Articuno's, Zapdos' and Moltres' temple leads to an island in the middle of nowhere that contains a snowy mountain, a grassy field and a volcano.
  • Applies to the lot
    • The three aren't the only trio in their series with a Fire, Ice, Lightning dynamic, but they are the most powerful and famous. Unlike some legendaries they aren't a case of Single Specimen Species and since their squabbles don't cause environmental catastrophe they aren't the stronger Shamouti Island birds. Lugia still bosses them around as it feels it needs to make sure they behave, but Ho-oh treats them less condescendely and they like it more. The legendary trio are certainly more well-behaved than their Galarian cousins, who are a Psychic, Fighting and Dark/Flying trio and their power has gone to their heads.
    • There are several deities who the legendary birds refuse to interact with due to them using the element they represent for evil. For example, Zapdos refuses to interact with Eneru, Electro, Azula, and Emperor Palpatine and Moltres refuses to go near Ragnaros the Firelord and the Firebird. The legendary birds are also hesitant to go near deities who can control elements that the legendary birds are weak to, and they hate poachers like Hunter J who want them captive. Giovanni and Team Rocket count as their enemies Ever since that one time when they got fused together.
    • Ash was happy to see the legendary trio again, and as usual they get along with the Pokémon-loving Kid Hero. Charizard still boasts about the time Ash's beat Articuno, and how two of Ash's Kalos Pokémon were worthy opponents for the other two birds. Articuno snidely replied that Stealth Rocks will put the fire lizard out of commission, and Moltres responded in Pokémon Speak "same to you and me" before patting Charizard on the back. The bird trio have come to love challenging the Tao Trio, specifically the ones sharing the same type as them, as they soon noticed the three follow the same Fire, Ice, Lightning trinity.
    • They fear Chuggaaconroy since it was because of their captures that his legacy of capturing the other legendaries in normal Pokéballs began. His first attempts had him capture Articuno with only 2 Ultra Balls, Zapdos after going through 30 Ultra Balls then tossing a single Pokéball at it out of annoyance (he could be heard screaming, "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!" when that happened) and Moltres came about after Chugga gave a a sick burn on himself that Trollkaiger had an absolute laugh at. The second time was even more hectic, let's put it that way.
    • As Aang is the master of elements, the Legendary Birds feel they can safely hang out with him and request help in case the elements get out of whack. Given what happened to the Shamouti Island legendary birds the group fear they may need back-up in case Dr Eggman considers them a more reliable ancient power to control, especially as he's mostly overcome the whole "Evil Is Not a Toy" trope. Within their own 'verse, the birds get along more with Pokémon of the same type.
  • Applies to Articuno
    • The Freeze Pokémon has the rare Ice/Flying type combination, as it appears to be based of the mythical roc (giant Arctic bird). It is rather empathetic, appearing to doomed people on icy mountains...all of which makes the creature a godsend for the House of Locations and Settings. Due to its generally friendly attitude, Articuno doesn't have many enemies outside its elemental weaknesses. The legendary has shown a market dislike for Pet Shop due to being a psychotic bird who uses their ice-based Stand to cause trouble. Because of how it helps people in terribly icy weather, House Stark can count on its aid. Sadly this has also caught the Night's King's attention and he wants to add the legendary to his zombie army.
    • Articuno feels a strange kinship with Akechi Mitsuhide as they were good friends with each other in an alternate reality where Pokémon battles took a very different turn. However it prefers Jack Frost as a partner, because of his status as the spirit of winter. They met whole Jack was trekking the mountain for personal solace. Thanks to Articuno's ability boosting evasion in a hailstorm, siding with Jack proves combatively useful as well.
    • Besides Jack, Articuno tends to be friendly in general with those who use ice powers in a positive manner. Queen Elsa is usually found in frigid environments and has from time to time been offered a ride on the legendary's back. They first flew to where Gray Fullbuster was training his body and ice powers, and the legendary decided to join in for fun. Articuno also enjoys hanging out with Cirno due to her being an ice fairy. It may sympathize with her Boisterous Weakling status due to having the worst defensive typing of the three birdsnote .
  • Applies to Zapdos
    • The Electric Pokémon is said to appear from clouds while dropping enormous lightning bolts. It can freely control thunder and cause savage thunderstorms by flapping its glittering wings. Basically it's an avian version of Zeus or Thor, minus the former's notorious libido. Furthering the connection to the latter is its French name, Electhor. The former likes to flex by competing with and wielding the legendary's thunderbolts, while Thor compensates its lacking physically Electric movepool.
    • The Mob cheered to find the trio in the Pantheon, but were especially happy with Zapdos. Many gods were amazed at how the Mob somehow managed to keep the Master Ball and successfully capture Zapdos with it. Getting it out of the PC, on the other hand... They did some good work in protecting the Electric-type legendary from Gigabolt Man-O-War who tried to suck the Pokémon dry for his fix...and supporting the Next Gen Reploid cause. Bender chooses to just leave Zapdos alone, because of a bad trip he had from electricity.
    • It has developed a strong bond with Mikoto Misaka and can frequently be seen sparring with her as her control over electricity is more than a match for Zapdos' lightning. In addition of the reasons it dislikes Enel is that the legendary was trying to look for a fellow Thunderbird, only to be tricked by the appearance of one of his attacks, the 30,000,000 Volt Hino.
  • Applies to Moltres
    • The Fire Pokémon is a phoenix who's flap of its wings creates a dazzling flash of flames. It is said that its appearance indicates the coming of spring. Within the pantheon, the legendary can be seen flexing its pyrokinesis with Alexstrasza and Natsu Dragneel. If injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself. As such it will crash into SCP-4338's domain and ask for a favor when hurt. The SCP Foundation tolerates this, but only because they confirmed beforehand that Moltres' presence wouldn't affect SCP-4338's current standing. It was bemused to hear there was another firebird in the pantheon, Litra, and it likes showing off to it.
    • While mastering her craft in the Hall of Fire and Heat, Moltres visited and the two decided to test each other out. Impressed by skills with a sword, the legendary decided to join up with the Hot-Eyed Hunter. Birds aren't exactly known for their swordsmanship, so she compliments its power. Ozai had wanted to make Moltres his partner instead, as he thinks the fire bird is a perfect symbol of the Fire Kingdom's power. Given its opposition to Azula Moltres wanted nothing to do with someone as utterly villainous as Ozai. That said, at least he wasn't SCP-457 who wanted to assimilate the legendary to its will by hijacking its flames.
    • As it flaps its flaming wings, even the night sky will turn red. It may not be as effective as Volcarona, but Moltres could theoretically serve as a second sun. Naturally the Grand Duke of Owls regards it as an unacceptable bringer of light, though this only includes the ascended Moltres; he's deeply amused by Galarian Moltres. Chanticleer reached out to the legendary to help out against the Grand Duke of Owls.
    • Being a firebird and all has given it some affinity with the immortal known as Fujiwara no Mokou. Mokou, in turn, sees quite a bit of herself in Moltres, such as “dying” in order to recover their injuries (with Moltres diving into magma before rising & recovering, whil Mokou literally dies in order to revive thanks to the Hourai Elixir). With Lady Eboshi already being Yveltal’s partner, Mokou would then offer to be Moltres’, which it more than gladly accepted.


    Zia Rashid 
Zia Rashid, Goddess of Fire/Water Juxtaposition (Zia, Zebras, Doll, The Eye of Ra, Scribe of the First Nome, Mistress of the Elements)
  • Demigoddess in general (Quasideity when hosting Nephthys; Intermediate, borderline Greater Goddess when hosting Ra)
  • Symbol: Her scarab necklace.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fire/Water Juxtaposition, Action Girl, Ambiguously Brown, Playing with Fire, Badass Boast, Defrosting Ice Queen, Doomed Hometown, Parental Abandonment, Conveniently an Orphan, Talking in Your Dreams, The Power of the Sun, Resurrective Immortality
  • Domains: Fire, Magic, The Sun, Egypt, Godlings
  • Allies: Ra, Osiris/Julius Kane, Anubis/Walt Stone, Bast, Geb, Yami Yugi, Yugi Muto, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Zuko, Rashīdo
  • Forbidden Friendship: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sobek, Set, Neith
  • Enemies: Apophis, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Tom Riddle/Voldemort
  • Distrusts: Azir
  • Annoyed By: Ron Weasley
  • Respects: The Egyptian Gods, Ramses, Moses
  • Opposes: All Demons
  • The ascension of Zia Rashid was originally met with confusion since there are already gods for many major traits of hers; namely gods of the Sun (Amaterasu and Django), Fire (Recca Hanabishi), Functional Magic (Harry Potter) and many others. Ra then stepped forth in the form of a old, but muscular man and told them all how Zia was the host of Nephthys and later became his own host. Thus with it now known that Zia was the host of what could be considered a water (river) goddess and later a fire (sun) god, she became the goddess of Fire/Water Juxtaposition in the Pantheon.
    • Zia started hosting the goddess Nephthys after Julius Kane released the five children of Nut from the British Museum. The four gods Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set then quickly went to take the closest individuals with the blood of the Pharaohsnote , which left the fifth, Nephthys, to seek out the closest magician, Zia. Unfortunately Zia being a fire elementalist made her a poor host for Nephthys, and though the goddess did try to protect her from Apophis, she could have ended up killing Zia herself. Her death was prevented by Iskandar who put her in suspended animation in a sarcophagus made of water. When she was freed by Carter Kane and Bes she was quickly taken to the Nile river where she released Nephthys, who apologized for taking her as a host before she took the Nile as her new body.
      • Shortly after releasing Nephthys, Zia met a revived, yet senile and demented, Ra who gave her a golden scarab that contained part of his soul, Khepri, which Zia turned into a necklace. By keeping the golden scarab with her she allowed Khepri to protect her, though the real reason why Ra gave her the amulet was to prepare her to become his host. Before the final battle against Apophis both Zia and Ra held the scarab amulet, which created a warm glow that enveloped them both, before Ra turned to dust only to be reborn with Zia as his host. Zia/Ra then went with the other gods to meet Apophis in battle.
  • Ironically she never defeated Apophis, that was the Kane siblings. She was devoured by Apophis, and Ra along with her, though thankfully they were able to break out of him and even release the souls he devoured once the Kanes execrated him.
  • Zia stopped hosting Ra after the defeat of Apophis, and thanks to the nature of the Pantheon Ra doesn't need her as a host. That said, Ra still cares for her greatly and their relationship is comparable to that of a grandfather and granddaughter.
  • Is the only survivor of a Egyptian village named Al-Hamrah Makan, which was destroyed when her father accidentally released a monster from a red statue. She took awhile to get over this, not wanting to get close to people, until Carter Kane came along.
  • According to Carter, Zia resembles Nefertiti. Safe to assume he likes this about her, given he's now her boyfriend.
  • Zia was actually hardly therenote  for the events that took place during The Red Pyramid; instead the person who was in it was a clay construct called a shabti, specifically made to act in her place. The shabti did manage to pass at least some of its memories on to the real Zia, though.
  • Doesn't like the gods Set, Sobek and Neith for all three have attempted to kill several of her friends. It also doesn't help that Set tried to destroy all of North America by turning it into a desert.
  • Doesn't trust Azir for his codename (Seth) is a evil name. This is of course likely due to the connection with the name Set.
    • Unfortunately her reasons are justified with proof in the name of Setne.
  • Though she'd never met Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase until she joined the Pantheon, she did know of them thanks to the Kane siblings. And, though she likes them and is willing to help them at times, she is unwilling to get to close to them due to the risk of possibly creating some hybrid magic, which has proven to be incredibly dangerous thanks to Setne.
  • Like most magicians in the House of Life she holds Ramses in high regard for being one of the great pharaohs of Egypt's history. Of course, like most people from in the modern age, she's not a big fan of the whole slave thing.
    • Ironically she also has a lot of respect for Moses, since he is to date the only foreign magician to have ever defeated the House of Life.
  • Absolutely hates En Sabah Nur for being known as "The Bringer of Chaos" which goes against Ma'at. It also doesn't help that he assumed Set's identity.
  • Gets along well with Yami Yugi, though she doesn't particularly like how he used to deal out punishment, namely the "Shadow Games". It helps that he is a Pharaoh. She also gets along with Yugi Muto.
  • Being a scribe of the First Nome naturally attracted the attention of Hermione Granger who came to her to learn more about Egyptian magic. Through Hermione Zia also learned more about the rest of the golden trio. Though she likes Harry she finds Ron Weasley incredibly annoying with his terrible table manners and lack of respect for magic.
  • Though she acknowledges that there are some good demons in the Pantheon, she opposes all demons due to being beings of Chaos.
  • Sometimes practices her fire magic with Zuko.
  • Encountered another Rashid in the House of Nature, this one a street fighter known for his spinning tornado attacks. He's a friendly enough guy that it reminds her of Carter, though being a grown man, he's much more laid back and confident and far less awkward than Carter was initially. He's good at making connections, but unlike Carter he's not much of a leader. Though, he's started treating her like something of a kid sister. She's not sure how to take that. Also, after hearing it once or twice, to set him apart from herself she pronounces his name by the Japanese Rashīdo.