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Greater Gods

    Helios and Selene 
Helios and Selene, Divine Duo of Night and Day (Helios: Helius, Sol, God of the Sun, Sight, Heat and Measurement of Time, The All-Seeing, Guardian of Oaths | Selene: Luna, Titaness of the Moon, Night and Radiance)
Right: Helios, Left: Selene
  • Greater God and Goddess
  • Symbol: Their chariots
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Night and Day Duo, Anthropomorphic Personifications of the Sun and Moon, Physical Gods,
  • Domain(s): Night and Day, Titans, Chariots
  • Herald: Eos (their sister), Sol and Luna (their Roman counterparts)
  • High Priest(ess): Sol and Mani
  • Followers: Usha and Ratri, Apollo and the Midnighter, Mune and Sohone, Sunrise Crownleaf and Moonlight Deeproot, Dayhunter and Nightcatcher, Coronamon and Lunamon
  • Allies: Zeus, Princesses Celestia and Luna and the rest of the Sun Quartet, the Guardians, the Tenno, Aurora
  • Enemies: the Bringers of Everlasting Night, those who have destroyed their dominions (such as Oryx and The Vex), the Grineer, the Corpus, Queen Umbra
  • Special Relationship: Medea (granddaughter of Helios)
  • Opposes: Kratos (both), those who have vandalized the moon, Kirby (Selene only), Odysseus (Helios only)
  • Opposed by: Guthix
  • One night, during a skirmish between the Bringers of Everlasting Night and the Sun Quartet, where control was being wrested by its respective members, two others suddenly found the sun and moon wrested from their control. As it turns out, Helios and Selene had arrived to lay claim to their domains and returned the sun and moon to their natural positions. As for who brought them here, some say it was Zeus, and some say it was someone so sick of the night-day cycles going out of whack because of these fights. Either way, these titans are finally here to stay.
  • Applies to both:
    • After their impromptu breakup of that skirmish that heralded their ascension, the two titans decided to join forces with the Sun Quartet, seeing their importance in keeping the cycle of night and day in balance. However, this also came with a change; upon the titans' joining, the Sun Quartet was no more (as there were already more than double the number of members there). Instead, they now became the Protectors of Night And Day, to keep the balance between the cycles that would be upset by the Bringers of Everlasting Night or (much more rarely) even others who wish to invoke Endless Daytime.
    • Both are known for their chariots, which they used to cross the skies. The sun chariot had four horses, while the moon chariot has two, described as "snow-white". Sometimes, though, Selene's chariot has oxen or bulls instead.
    • Thanks to a certain universe, both revealed some additional abilities. Both have Photokinesis (though Selene's is exclusive to moonlight). Helios has control fire (and even heat exclusively), can maipulate vision (his own or others, to see everything the sun touches, or to induce/cure blindness), see the past, present, an future (though the Pantheon has enforced that he not tell too much of the future), and reinforce oaths (by influencing and commanding punishment of those who break their oaths, even divinities). Selene on the other hand can induce madness and has powers over shadows and darkness (down to shooting bolts and shields of it, camouflage, healing, morphing into it, seeing clearly in it, Shadow Travel, and becoming stronger in its domain)
      • Having faded before they could even meet him, neither titan have any real opinions about Percy Jackson.
    • Cleopatra named her two children Helios and Selene.
    • They despise Oryx given that the Hive have made it a habit to hollow out moons to use as ships for the sole purpose of ramming into things, and they were in the process of doing it to Earth’s Moon. They left quite the mark.
      • Similarly, they’re also enemies with the Vex since one vision into the Bad Future where succeeded in ensuring their domination and assimilating everything, including turning the sun itself into Vex.
      • Because of that, they’re more than happy to help the Guardians, given that their mortal enemies include the aforementioned two since they have thwarted the Hive on the moon and stopped the Almighty from making the sun go into a supernova. On Helios’ side, it helps that one of the three elements that the Guardians use is Solar.
      • After yet again fending off the Bringers of Everlasting Night from taking control of the moon, they noticed that on it was a lone Tenno taking on both Grineer and Corpus forces through utilizing both the Night Form's supportive and the Day Form's aggressive roles. After helping deal with the remaining enemy forces they find out that the Tenno as a whole owe it to the moon after the revelation that their actual bodies were stored and hidden there thanks to the Lotus spiriting away the entire thing into the Void.
  • Exclusive to Helios:
    • Having had his head ripped off an used as a lantern, Helios (and Selene) wants nothing to do with Kratos.
    • Has not forgotten the time that Odysseus failed to keep his men from eating his daughters' sacred red cattle of the Sun. It resulted in those men killed and Odysseus' ship destroyed by Zeus, whom Helios had appealed to (by threatening to take the Sun and shine it in the Underworld).
    • There was also one time when Heracles was travelling the Libyan desert and shot at the sun in frustration. In some accounts, Helios begged him to stop and Heracles demanded for the cup of the Delphic tripod that the former used to sail across the sea every night, from the west to the east. In others, Heracles apologized profusely and Helios out of courtesy gave him said cup. Neither are straight with the facts when asked; it all depends on the mood.
    • Tatsuya and Maya formed a connection with him when the former felt something familial around Helios and the latter felt something intimate with him. As it turns out, his brother Katsuya (and Maya's lover) had Helios as his Persona.
    • There was one time when the Eds broke reality by being curious. During that time, Eddy once took a bite out of the sun and turned it into the moon. Helios doesn't appreciate such defacement, though he's more confused on how a normal kid even did so in the first place, never mind the fact that he went behind it to do so.
      • Superman adivsed him to look out for Solaris, who can poison suns, and Sun-Eaters, which is pretty self-explanatory. The Kryptonian also holds him in high regard since the sun is where his powers come from.
  • Exclusive to Selene:
    • Is not at all pleased to find Typhon ascended here, having fought (and lost to) him before. It's the Ancient Greeks' justification as to why the moon has craters.
    • Selene is curious has to why Remnant's moon is only half-intact, the other half shattered into a dense field of debris. It couldn't be Remnant's civilizations as they lack any kind of space technology. And then she discovered the true culprits, and despised those gods for it.
    • Eggman is on Selene's shit list after hearing of that one time he destroyed half the moon.
      • She's also not impressed with Kirby given how, in his fight against Nightmare left Planet Popstar's moon a permanent crescent due to Nightmare exploding.
      • But topping that off is Palpatine and his Death Star(s), since they not only destroy planets, but also their moons.

    The Weather Trio 
Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, Gods of Sea, Land and Sky (All: The Weather Trio | Kyogre: The Sea Basin Pokémon | Groudon: The Continent Pokémon | Rayquaza: The Sky High Pokémon, Fug)
Primal Kyogre, Mega Rayquaza, and Primal Groudon
  • Greater Gods (Overdeities in Primal Forms for Groudon and Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza)
  • Symbol: Three assortments of lines in red (Kyogre), blue (Groudon) and yellow (Rayquaza); When transformed, a lowercase Alpha, a capital Omega, and a Delta respectively.
  • Theme Music: Battle! Super-Ancient Pokémon (for all three of them), Battle! (Primal Reversion), Heavy Rainfall for Kyogre itself, Drought for Groudon itself. Rayquaza's Descent for Rayquaza itself.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Kyogre, Groudon), Chaotic Good (Rayquaza)
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability:
    • Kyogre: Drizzle, Primordial Sea (Primal Kyogre)
    • Groudon: Drought, Desolate Land (Primal Groudon)
    • Rayquza: Air Lock, Delta Stream (Mega Rayquaza)
  • Moves:
    • Kyogre: Origin Pulse, Ice Beam, Thunder, Aqua Ring
    • Groudon: Precipice Blades, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Bulk Up
    • Rayquaza: Dragon Ascent, Dragon Dance, Outrage, ExtremeSpeed
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Landscape (All), Ground, Fire (Groudon), Water (Kyogre), Flying, Dragons (Rayquaza).
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: Deoxys and Arael (Rayquaza only)
  • Opposed by: Wally, Poseidon, (Groudon only)
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Hoopa (Kyogre and Groudon only)
  • These three beasts are the creators and the embodiment of Land, Sea, Sky; Kyogre represents Sea, Groudon represents Land and Rayquaza represents Sky.
  • Even though they share a temple, they don't usually live close by it. Kyogre swims in the vast sea, Groudon rests in the depths of the ground and Rayquaza flies in the ozone layer.
  • There is a debate of Kyogre would be in a higher position than Aquaman or Percy Jackson. One thing is clear that Kyogre is really powerful even amongst the ranks of other Olympus Mons (especially Arceus), and would probably use Sheer Cold on them if needed.
  • Not on great terms with Viridi, as Groudon's association with fire burns away her precious plants.
  • Rayquaza's ascension had made the ozone layer a dangerous place to travel. It takes anything that goes there as being a potential threat and will attack whoever it might be.
    • It also shares a move with Victini called V-Create that is capable of incinerating most mechas that dare try to battle. BEWARE.
  • It is said that if Kyogre and Groudon would to endlessly battle, the effects on the environment would reach apocalyptic levels, their opposing powers bringing drastic change on weather from heavy rainfall to burning sunlight, floods and earthquakes, leaving everything in ruin. And if many cried out for an end to the destruction, Rayquaza would respond, descending from the heavens and breaking the feud between the two of them.
  • There are very few gods that the trio fear of, but one of the gods that frighten them is the Gaming God, Chuggaaconroy, who actually captured all three gods in one of his Let's Play. Most notably, the whole Pantheon could hear this when he captured Groudon with a Nest Ball. The Gods in the House of Knowledge noted that the chances of that succeeding were around less than 1%. They were even more amazed to find Kyogre being captured with a Net Ball and Rayquaza by Chuggaa being Mexican.
    • Where not much fear, none of them are really pleased with RoahmMythril, who didn't even bother to capture them and defeated them with a team of non-evolved, first-stage Pokémon.
  • Rayquaza has two Berserk Buttons that must not be pressed: reminding him about how he was beaten up by Fox McCloud and Diddy Kong or the time when he fled the planet during the petrification epidemic. Next person who brings up either of those moments is getting a Hyper Beam to the face.
  • Recently, Groudon has lent his powers to a girl named "Aoooo" who was originally supposed to be given to deliver mail, saddled with the name "Kenya". The Trollkaiger laughed at the implications...and then freaked out when they learned that this particular Groudon has Water Absorb. Suddenly, things weren't funny.
    • However, he eventually got released due to an accident with the PC. No one has yet to ask what Groudon thinks of this turn of events.
      • Sometime later, Groudon was found by another girl named CLY, but this time didn't have Water Absorb. However, this trainer has decided to not use his power and is more content with her team.
      • Once again, another trainer, this time named Arty, captured Groudon while having access to Primal Reversion. This making the sixth Groudon they have come across (let that sink in).
  • If their strength wasn't great enough, people have discovered that all three of them can harness even greater power, allowing the first two to over go something called "Primal Reversion" and Rayquaza being able to Mega Evolve on its own.
    • Primal Kyogre can whip up immense rain what douses out any fire around and can fire multiple streams of pressurized water straight at foes.
    • Primal Groudon, not only gaining Fire-typing, can summon relentless sunlight so intense, it dries out all water around itself, including when it's underwater. It can also summon multiple blades made out of stone.
    • Mega Rayquaza, however, triumphs over all of them, by being now able to summon a wind what clears out all the other weather, takes out any Flying-type weaknesses, and all by having a move which has it charging at its foes full speed straight from space. Oh yeah, did we mention that statistically, it is stronger than ARCEUS!?
      • Smogon can attest to that. Mega Rayquaza had gotten so powerful, it was banned from Ubers. That's how powerful it is.
  • Along with Xerneas and Yveltal, the trio have granted Yuna with the ability to summon them whenever she needs to.
  • While Groudon and Kyogre's clashes are devastating, one can find it to be pretty funny. Yes, even in their Primal forms.
  • Kyogre and Groudon are highly suspicious of Hoopa, after Shadow Hoopa took control of them, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Kyurem to destroy a city. Rayquaza doesn't know what to think, even after learning that a Shiny Rayquaza had teamed up with Hoopa Confined to fight Shadow Hoopa.


Intermediate Gods

    Aurora and Queen Umbra 
Aurora and Queen Umbra, Divine Representations of the Light/Darkness Juxtaposition (Aurora: Princess, Queen of Light, Umbra: Queen of the Night, Dark Queen)
Aurora's initial appearance
Aurora's grown-up form after acquiring the Moon
Aurora in the final act
Queen Umbra
Umbra's final form with her minions 
  • Exclusive to Umbra:
    • Umbra Just wants to reclaim Lemuria and Melkor managed to tempt her to his side with promises to help with that so long as she works with him to take over the Pantheon.
    • Half of the Bringers of Everlasting Night (Yami, Balanar, the Grand Duke of Owls) were impressed with Umbra's removal of the Sun. The other half (Nightmare Moon, David Zappa, Diana) aren't as comfortable given she's taken the Moon as well, and given it's one of their domains, especially for Nightmare, but they're willing to work with her.
    • Has a crippling weakness; unlike most "bosses", she has no Contractual Boss Immunity. With the exception of Instant Death, she's as susceptible to Standard Status Effects as any Random Encounter monster.
      • As such she has a greater despisal for the Malboro than any other boss character and always makes the time to strike it down from range.
      • Another she takes great precaution in is against the Elder Dragon Vaal Hazak for its ability to cut entire health bars in half with the Effluvium it produces. Vaal meanwhile doesn’t appreciate someone with a character such as hers being able to bear the appearance of a dragon. That being said, Vaal isn’t leaving the Rotten Vale anytime soon, so the two have no reason to come into contact with another.

Katara, Goddess of Ice Water (Sugar Queen, Sweetness, Sweetie, Gran Gran, Madame Fussy Britches, Kat, The Painted Lady, Sapphire Fire)
When older. 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Water Tribe crest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Waterbending, Emotional Anchors, Team Mom, An Ice Person, Those That Make Speeches, Healers, Second-in-Command, Fast Learners, Old Master, (Literally) Strong Women, People Puppets, Not Someone To Anger, Violently Protective Girlfriend, Happy In Marriage
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Ice, Justice, Mercy, Water
  • Heralds: Kya and Bumi (her children)
  • Allies: Aang (her husband), Tenzin (her son), Sokka (her brother), Toph Beifong, Zuko, Korra, Asami Sato, Lin Beifong, Mako, Bolin, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Nami, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, Alexastrasza, Edward and Alphonse Elric
  • On speaking terms with: Mr. Freeze
  • Enemies: YHVH, Azula, Zaheer, Ozai
  • Opposes: Kuvira, Strong Bad, Wiz and Boomstick
  • True to her nature, Katara's considered a motherly figure to her allies in the Pantheon, and is loved by most of the younger children gods (when she's not a stick in the mud). And true to her motherly nature, she's not afraid to defend her charges.
  • She used to have a spot in the House of Nature as Co-Goddess of Water, but decided that with Aquaman already having the position covered, she could focus more on this seat. However, thanks to some restructuring, she returned to Nature as Goddess of Ice Magic Is Water as waterbenders are able to create ice from the water they bend and vice versa.
  • Is currently angry with Strong Bad over an incident involving gelatin mix and her water-bending water. Strong Bad denies any involvement in that.
  • Goes with Aang, Korra, and Asami on double dates at times in the House of Love.
  • Despite the two being very contradictory otherwise, gets along well with Alexastrasza due to their similar personalities towards those they love.
  • Some wonder if she's in a relationship with Zuko. Katara denies it, having long since married Aang and raising three children together. But some people just can't be convinced. She sympathizes with Naruto seeing he too had to go through the same thing.
  • Was impressed by Elsa's ability to manipulate snow and ice, and has wondered if she's actually a Waterbender. The latter has yet to actually try controlling plain water, but has expressed interest in trying.
  • Is assisting Aang for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • After discovering the periodic table and what water is composed of, has started trying to bend some acids, and met with limited success.
  • Met Mr. Freeze via her friend Zuko's previous position in the House of Ambiguity. She now goes around to say hi every once in a while, and see how his wife is doing.
  • Partnered with Wailord recently; the latter often gives her rides out to sea, so she can practice her waterbending without anyone around. When she noticed Sokka about to comment, she shut him up with a glare.
    Katara: Don't even, Sokka.
  • Along with Aang, was disgusted when Zaheer ascended after learning of what he tried to do to Korra, the Air Nation, and her children. This culminated in her threatening to kill him with his own poison should he ever go after any of them, as well as Aang, Zuko, Sokka, or Toph, again.
    • Despite being on the opposite end of the order/chaos spectrum, Kuvira isn't seen in a much better light due to the tyrannical extremes she took in her attempts to solve the problems Zaheer caused, even harvesting and weaponizing Spirit Vines in order to crush Republic City and drive it under heel. While the Great Uniter claims to be atoning for her sins here, Katara has threatened to end her if she takes one step backwards.
  • Sometimes practices with both Korra and Aang, due to all three being able to bend far more effectively in their child forms, especially due to retaining all of their skills as adults.
  • Has been watching Korra carefully after the discovery that she was being threatened by the GUAC, due to their plans to extract Vaatu.
  • Once interrupted a fight between Aang and Edward Elric, showing up right as Aang entered the Avatar State and calming him down. Ed's brother Alphonse was on the scene as well, chastising both of them for their stupid hotheadedness. After everyone calmed down and Aang and Ed apologized, the four spent time together and discovered they were very similar in their philosophy and approach to the sanctity of life. Thus began the friendly ties between Amestris and the World of Avatar, which have only grown exponentially over time in the Pantheon.
    • However, said fight could have gone very differently, as they received a vivid demonstration of courtesy of a simulation using adapted footage of the encounter courtesy of Wizard and Boomstick. This version of events was doctored to end with Aang destroying Edward via full-course elemental attack. Aang contended that that wasn't even the way he would've tried to end it, instead intending to block Ed's "clappy magic" via energybending only to undo the block later, but still was as horrified as everyone else at the sight nonetheless. Katara plans on freezing Boomstick in a block of ice for this (at least Wiz had enough respect to acknowledge that Aang would hardly kill anyone like that, whereas Boomstick destroyed the moment by following up with bad puns).
  • Has made an effort to keep an eye on Aang, Zuko, and Korra after Azula reascended, especially if she is aware she's around.

    Legendary Birds 
Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, Triumvirate Deities of Ice, Lightning, and Fire (The Legendary Birds | Articuno: The Freeze Pokémon, 2.5 HOURS | Zapdos: The Electric Pokémon, THE BEST ONE, The Arch-Angel, Battery Jesus, AA-J | Moltres: The Flame Pokémon, LEAVE ME ALONE, Why couldn't it have been you., THANK GOD)


Lesser Gods

    Masou Kishin Heralds 
Masaki Andoh, Huang Yang Long, Tytti Norbuck & Mio Sasuga, Four Gods of Elemental Balance
Yang Long


    Zia Rashid 
Zia Rashid, Goddess of Fire/Water Juxtaposition (Zia, Zebras, Doll, The Eye of Ra, Scribe of the First Nome, Mistress of the Elements)
  • Demigoddess in general (Quasideity when hosting Nephthys; Intermediate, borderline Greater Goddess when hosting Ra)
  • Symbol: Her scarab necklace.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fire/Water Juxtaposition, Action Girl, Ambiguously Brown, Playing with Fire, Badass Boast, Defrosting Ice Queen, Doomed Hometown, Parental Abandonment, Conveniently an Orphan, Talking in Your Dreams, The Power of the Sun, Resurrective Immortality
  • Domains: Fire, Magic, The Sun, Egypt, Godlings
  • Allies: Ra, Osiris/Julius Kane, Anubis/Walt Stone, Bast, Geb, Yami Yugi, Yugi Muto, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Zuko, Rashīdo
  • Forbidden Friendship: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sobek, Set, Neith
  • Enemies: Apophis, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Tom Riddle/Voldemort
  • Distrusts: Azir
  • Annoyed By: Ron Weasley
  • Respects: The Egyptian Gods, Ramses, Moses
  • Opposes: All Demons
  • The ascension of Zia Rashid was originally met with confusion since there are already gods for many major traits of hers; namely gods of the Sun (Amaterasu and Django), Fire (Recca Hanabishi), Functional Magic (Harry Potter) and many others. Ra then stepped forth in the form of a old, but muscular man and told them all how Zia was the host of Nephthys and later became his own host. Thus with it now known that Zia was the host of what could be considered a water (river) goddess and later a fire (sun) god, she became the goddess of Fire/Water Juxtaposition in the Pantheon.
    • Zia started hosting the goddess Nephthys after Julius Kane released the five children of Nut from the British Museum. The four gods Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set then quickly went to take the closest individuals with the blood of the Pharaohsnote , which left the fifth, Nephthys, to seek out the closest magician, Zia. Unfortunately Zia being a fire elementalist made her a poor host for Nephthys, and though the goddess did try to protect her from Apophis, she could have ended up killing Zia herself. Her death was prevented by Iskandar who put her in suspended animation in a sarcophagus made of water. When she was freed by Carter Kane and Bes she was quickly taken to the Nile river where she released Nephthys, who apologized for taking her as a host before she took the Nile as her new body.
      • Shortly after releasing Nephthys, Zia met a revived, yet senile and demented, Ra who gave her a golden scarab that contained part of his soul, Khepri, which Zia turned into a necklace. By keeping the golden scarab with her she allowed Khepri to protect her, though the real reason why Ra gave her the amulet was to prepare her to become his host. Before the final battle against Apophis both Zia and Ra held the scarab amulet, which created a warm glow that enveloped them both, before Ra turned to dust only to be reborn with Zia as his host. Zia/Ra then went with the other gods to meet Apophis in battle.
  • Ironically she never defeated Apophis, that was the Kane siblings. She was devoured by Apophis, and Ra along with her, though thankfully they were able to break out of him and even release the souls he devoured once the Kanes execrated him.
  • Zia stopped hosting Ra after the defeat of Apophis, and thanks to the nature of the Pantheon Ra doesn't need her as a host. That said, Ra still cares for her greatly and their relationship is comparable to that of a grandfather and granddaughter.
  • Is the only survivor of a Egyptian village named Al-Hamrah Makan, which was destroyed when her father accidentally released a monster from a red statue. She took awhile to get over this, not wanting to get close to people, until Carter Kane came along.
  • According to Carter, Zia resembles Nefertiti. Safe to assume he likes this about her, given he's now her boyfriend.
  • Zia was actually hardly therenote  for the events that took place during The Red Pyramid; instead the person who was in it was a clay construct called a shabti, specifically made to act in her place. The shabti did manage to pass at least some of its memories on to the real Zia, though.
  • Doesn't like the gods Set, Sobek and Neith for all three have attempted to kill several of her friends. It also doesn't help that Set tried to destroy all of North America by turning it into a desert.
  • Doesn't trust Azir for his codename (Seth) is a evil name. This is of course likely due to the connection with the name Set.
    • Unfortunately her reasons are justified with proof in the name of Setne.
  • Though she'd never met Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase until she joined the Pantheon, she did know of them thanks to the Kane siblings. And, though she likes them and is willing to help them at times, she is unwilling to get to close to them due to the risk of possibly creating some hybrid magic, which has proven to be incredibly dangerous thanks to Setne.
  • Like most magicians in the House of Life she holds Ramses in high regard for being one of the great pharaohs of Egypt's history. Of course, like most people from in the modern age, she's not a big fan of the whole slave thing.
    • Ironically she also has a lot of respect for Moses, since he is to date the only foreign magician to have ever defeated the House of Life.
  • Absolutely hates En Sabah Nur for being known as "The Bringer of Chaos" which goes against Ma'at. It also doesn't help that he assumed Set's identity.
  • Gets along well with Yami Yugi, though she doesn't particularly like how he used to deal out punishment, namely the "Shadow Games". It helps that he is a Pharaoh. She also gets along with Yugi Muto.
  • Being a scribe of the First Nome naturally attracted the attention of Hermione Granger who came to her to learn more about Egyptian magic. Through Hermione Zia also learned more about the rest of the golden trio. Though she likes Harry she finds Ron Weasley incredibly annoying with his terrible table manners and lack of respect for magic.
  • Though she acknowledges that there are some good demons in the Pantheon, she opposes all demons due to being beings of Chaos.
  • Sometimes practices her fire magic with Zuko.
  • Encountered another Rashid in the House of Nature, this one a street fighter known for his spinning tornado attacks. He's a friendly enough guy that it reminds her of Carter, though being a grown man, he's much more laid back and confident and far less awkward than Carter was initially. He's good at making connections, but unlike Carter he's not much of a leader. Though, he's started treating her like something of a kid sister. She's not sure how to take that. Also, after hearing it once or twice, to set him apart from herself she pronounces his name by the Japanese Rashīdo.


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