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This is basically a place where visitors can try out various kinds of vehicles and move them in many different ways. It will take time for visitors to get the hang of various vehicles (or maybe they won't improve at all).

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Greater Gods

Apollo, God of Swan-Based Transportation (God of Music and Light, Lester Papadopoulos)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A lyre atop a golden bow with intercrossed arrows topped with a laurel wreath
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Ace, The Casanova, Protective Of His Mother, Guile Hero, My Sister Is Off-Limits!, Solar Deity And A Lot Of Other Things, Plague Master And The Medic, Having a Vengeful Side, Light Is Good Most Of The Time, Swan Boats, Musical Assassin, Finger Firearms
  • Domains: The Sun, Beauty, Diseases, Swans, Rhetoric, Prophecy
  • Allies: Artemis (his twin sister), Chiron (his foster son), Hermes (his brother), Zeus (his father), Poseidon, Athena, Dionysus, Amaterasu, Princess Celestia, Zelda, Odette, Medli, Edward Chris von Muir, Atalanta
  • Rivals: Thor Odinson, Ra (Except when it comes to Apophis), Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Dr. Black Jack
  • Enemies: Kratos, Apophis, Odysseus, Achilles, Hera, Ares, Both Hades, Nergal, Pestilence the Horseman, Ganondorf, Regime Superman
  • Complicated Relationship: Cassandra, Rhaegar Targaryen
  • When word reached the Greek Gods that Apollo was arriving, everyone speculated which would be the trope he'd ascend on. His natural gift of music? The power over the sun? His well-known healing capabilities or even his gift of prophecy? Imagine the chagrin of everyone when it was learned that it was due to his use of swans as his mode of transport, but that didn't stop him as he arrived true to form on a chariot drawn by majestic looking swans. Still, it's wise not to make fun of his ascending on such a curious and laughable trope, or else you will feel yourself being dragged by his Across the Sky.
    • Nobody was happier to see him ascend than his twin sister, Artemis. Of course, that meant the chaste goddess had even more protection from unwanted suitors as Apollo makes damn sure to protect her. Anyone implying they have a closer relation will not just bring the huntress's fury on the foolish soul but also get a special helping of Apollo's legendary wrath. The tales of his Disproportionate Retribution on those who wrong him or his loved ones are said in hushed whispers.
    • Also he tends to get 'complain letters' from Artemis' most devout follower, Atalanta, but Apollo usually mistook it as 'love letters' since he's so good looking... but then prefers that Atalanta won't switch prayers, she fits better with his sister.
  • Many asked him why he didn't take his legendary golden bow with him when he fought in the Battleground of the Gods. All he would say on the matter is that he didn't need it. Mercury, however, jokingly spilled the beans saying he accidentally left it at home and the Battleground rules strictly said that only weapons the gods had on hand would be the only ones permitted to be wielded. Apollo swore he'd get back at his brother for that one. Still, now that the Pantheon wasn't the Battleground he has full use of the bow and its powerful Light Arrows.
  • Aside from swan-shaped modes of transport, he has quite the collection of giant swans keeping watch over things. Even though she is not a true swan due to a curse, he treats Princess Odette with respect and kindness, even giving her refuge there should she ever be in her swan form until she reverts to human form.
  • Despite being ascended for his swan-drawn transportation, Apollo has many different talents and is at home in many different Houses. Aside from the House of Music, he is also welcome at the House of Health & Diseases and Prophecy for both his expertise in medicine and diseases and his gift of prediction. Another House he is very much welcome despite trying to not be there much is the House of Vengeance. As one of the few gods who embodies Disproportionate Retribution, he is venerated within.
  • The girls scream and swoon whenever Apollo appears at the House of Music whenever he puts on a concert. Even though his instrument is the humble lyre, he is very good at it. Poking fun at his ability with it is not recommended, as tales of both the satyr Marsyas (who boasted he could best Apollo's lyre and ended up flayed alive for his blasphemy) and King Midas (who, having not learned his lesson after his golden touch fiasco, was cursed with donkey ears after saying Marsyas played better music than him) are served as cautionary tales of his legendary vengeance.
  • The question on many minds pertaining to both Apollo and his sister was where were they when Kratos stormed Olympus even though Artemis appeared to help the Ghost of Sparta during his quest to defeat Ares. Apollo sighed and told everyone that due to his gift of Prophecy he knew the dangers of Kratos opening Pandora's Box and infecting all of Olympus with its evils but was hard-pressed towards either allowing this to pass or letting Ares control Olympus and bring it to ruin. Thus, he kept quiet but made sure he and Artemis were as far away from Olympus as possible when the Box was opened and when Kratos counterattacked. For keeping this from him as well as hiding, Zeus punished Apollo by removing his divinity and sending him among the mortals for a long time.
  • Even without having faced Kratos himself, he is very upset over how he treated his fellow sun deity and friend, Helios (whom he loaned his sun chariot during his absence from Olympus). Only knowing his mistake in keeping mum about the prophecies he saw kept the Ghost of Sparta from facing his legendary wrath.
  • Many are surprised that among Apollo's talents is Medicine, both used to heal as well as to infect disease. Several evil deities such as Nurgle and Pestilence have tried to convince Apollo to join them in the spreading of disease, but Apollo is disgusted that they even consider his power of disease as something to spread without thought. That and he made a promise to Artemis in keeping his use of plague-bearing to a minimum.
  • Aside from creating diseases, he keeps a special quiver of arrows tipped with the most pain-inducing plagues he's concocted. Regime Superman learned of them the hard way when Apollo shot him with one when the Regime stormed Olympus and it was enough to stop the nearly-invulnerable fallen hero. Nergal and Pestilence would love to get their hands on one of these arrows and experiment with the disease, but Apollo has enchanted his arrows to disintegrate if anyone other than him were to touch one so they're out of luck.
  • As the original god wielding Light Arrows, he is impressed over Zelda being able to wield them just as well as he does. Naturally, a lot of evil gods who abhor light, especially Ganondorf want nothing more than his arrows to be destroyed as they are their only weakness.
  • Even he gets tired of all the attention from screaming fangirls and constant attacks by deities friendly to Cassandra's plight, so on those days he adopts a unique form. However, those who mock his child form are in for a rude awakening as he still has control of his Light Arrows and has been said to be a difficult and annoying opponent as word of mouth of the world he's mostly seen as that form can attest.
  • Despite his prowess with the lyre, even he admits that there are a few deities in the Pantheon that are quite as good as him (which, unlike the blasphemous Marsyas and King Midas, they don't boast about and that suits Apollo just fine.
    • The young Rito girl Medli is amazed at his skills and he himself enjoys listening to her Earth God's Lyric. He has given her a few music lessons on the side but she politely refused when he offered great healing magic or the gift of prophecy. The Earth Sage really didn't want any trouble out of Cassandra.
    • Prince Edward is one of the few Apollo considers both a follower and a friend. Some have even wondered if Edward's Salve ability came from Apollo's blessing but the Damcyan royal keeps mum. Still, it's been said that behind closed doors, the two have quite a laidback jam session as they play on their lyre/harp that many who have heard them say it was poetry in sound form.
    • However, Apollo's relation with the Prince of Dragonstone is quite rocky. On one hand, he considers him a brave warrior, a decent harp player, and a good husband. On the other side, his choice of both Prince Paris and Helen as high priests leaves him with a sour taste in his mouth as despite being on the side of the Troyans during the Troyan War, his cursing of Cassandra leaves him quite unpopular with them. So, unlike Medli and Edward, he keeps his distance from him.
  • The day Apophis struck Apollo, as he's one of his pantheon's sun deities aside Helios, was one the Greek god was waiting for. The snake had size and Overdeity-level powers, but Apollo had his Light Arrows and enough experience fighting giant snakes such as Python. Their battle went on for an entire day with neither opponent yielding. Apollo finally relied on a Plague Arrow and shot the Chaos Serpent right in one eye for maximum pain that allowed him to deliver a vicious salvo of Light Arrows at the open mouth. This was enough to send the Encircler retreating and giving Apollo the victory. Apophis, on the other hand, swore that the Greek god will be destroyed when the GUAD's plot comes to fruition and will have his sights set on killing every single deity related to the sun with Ra and Apollo on the top of his list.
  • Following Artemis' example, Apollo managed to accompany Paris in the form of a small sheep when the latter manifested as a Heroic Servant, this time using his powers to alter the prince's form into a far younger state. Reportedly, Achilles as well as Apollo's son Asclepius are none too pleased.

Intermediate Gods

    Caim and Angelus 
Caim and Angelus, God and Goddess of Dragon Riders
Older Caim and Angelus 

    Captain Falcon 
Captain Falcon, God of Nitro Boosting (Douglas Jay Falcon, The Bounty Hunter, "Famicom", Bart Lemming, Andy Summer, "Captain Hotdog", The Supersonic Slugger, Supersonic F-Zero Pilot, Number 11)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A golden falcon emblem.
  • Theme Music: Mute City (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Remix), alternatively Theme of Captain Falcon (F-Zero GX)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bounty Hunter, Badass Driver, Adaptation Personality Change, Cool Helmet, Blue Falcon, Falcon Flyer
  • Domains: Speed, Personality, Competition
  • Allies: Ryu Suzaku (his successor), Lucy Liberty, Mario (with a friendly rivalry), ProtonJon, Solid Snake, Otacon, Kirby, Green Biker Dude, Ymir the Tusk, Mario, Tawna and the Nitro Squad, Eva Wei
  • Rivals: Samus Aran, Lobo, Gondar the Bounty Hunter, Chrom (one-sided), Johnny Cage
  • Enemies: Black Shadow, evil members of the House of Crime
  • F-Zero is a futuristic racing competition where the stakes are high and the prize is grand. Captain Falcon is just one of several contestants and probably the most recognizable one out of these races. Speed is important and utilizing boost power can help get him and the other races closer to glory. That said, it's not something that can be used indefinitely and if they run out of boost power, they're at a greater risk of getting their vehicle destroyed during the race.
    • With how fast the cars go and how aggressive the racers can get, F-Zero competition is definitely difficult, especially for those that are trying it out for the first time. Falcon has had plenty of experience on the circuit and has sometimes given advice to those who are interested in this high-speed competition.
  • Even though he's a popular racer in the F-Zero contests, Falcon's probably even more well-known for taking part in the Smash tournament and has been a fighter in that since it was first established. What's surprising is that although he's generally stoic during the races, he's much more hamtastic during these Smash matches. It's hard to say why that personality change happens.
    • It's during these competitions that the notorious "Falcon Punch" came to light. A lot theories have been made out of what it is truly capable of and even Ganondorf decided to utilize a slower, yet stronger version of that move. The Falcon Punch move has proven to be quite popular among spectators of the Smash tournament and its fans include Solid Snake and Otacon. Furthermore, those who had no involvement with that tournament (such as Ymir the Tusk) took a liking to that move to a point where those fans made their own version of the Falcon Punch.
    • Chrom has a heated one-sided rivalry against Falcon due to the latter allegedly shutting out Chrom of the Smash competition and even making Chrom look like a loser because of that. In Falcon's defense, he probably didn't intend for that to happen, but the damage has been done.
      • With Chrom coming in for the 5th Smash Tournament, Captain Falcon is ready for Chrom to show him his moves.
  • His Blue Falcon machine is fairly well-balanced compared to other F-Zero machines and is also quite useful for launching anyone not in a vehicle into the air under certain circumstances (but don't ask how it can drive by itself without a driver). That machine has become popular enough to have decorative replicas made and even a kart-racing version of it was created for Mario's racing contests.
    • As for the plumber, Falcon gets along with him fairly well, but seeing Mario's karts capable of anti-gravity racing made Falcon a bit jealous (though he got over it). Falcon needed to get used to watching slower vehicles in action, though.
  • The Falcon Flyer is another of Falcon's vehicles and has been used on a few occasions. It has been used as a fighting platform quite often and since Falcon has fought on top of that machine before, it's safe to assume that the Falcon Flyer has an autopilot option.
  • One of Falcon's obstacles both on the track and off was an evil clone known as Blood Falcon. Because of that, the Captain has become opposed to a fair number of evil knockoffs that are in the Pantheon.
  • If he isn't racing or engaging in over-the-top fights, then there is a possibility that he is fulfilling his role of a bounty hunter. Although a number of people rarely see him actually do that job, he has found himself going against other bounty hunters such as Lobo and Gondar.
    • His relation with fellow bounty hunter Samus has been one of high interest. There have been missions involving bounty hunters that often have the two involved (one of them involved incapacitating Bowser) and some tend to bet on who will clear that objective first. At the same time, Falcon and Samus has been considered a popular pairing in the Pantheon.
    • A prominent racing rival of Falcon's was Samurai Goroh, who is also a bounty hunter. When it comes to some of the ascended samurai of the Pantheon, Falcon seems to be reminded of him based on his encounters with the more aggressive samurai.
  • Falcon does have a gun with him though he very rarely, if ever, uses it, leading others (mostly gun-users) to wonder why he would carry around something like that to begin with.
  • Most of Falcon's targets during his stints as a bounty hunter tend to be criminals, including evil ones from the House of Crime. The House of Justice also heard of a rumor that Falcon used to be a police officer. Whether the officer past is true or not, Falcon's been effective at keeping enemies in check off the racing track.
  • There's been a theory going around that Captain Falcon is secretly Batman. When it was traced back to its original source, it turned out that came one of ProtonJon's ramblings.
  • You don't win by being lucky - you win by being bold!
  • Was amicably challenged to a podracing match by Anakin Skywalker, with Captain Falcon winning. Anakin keeps on insisting that it was a close race, while Captain Falcon won't comment at all.
  • While doing a shoot at the Big Blue, Johnny Cage proclaimed that the upcoming Captain Falcon film will star himself as the titular racer/hero. Said racer/hero provoked by the actor's choice of words describing the role, insists that Cage show Falcon his moves; to bear the honor of even pretending to be the Falcon, he must first defeat the real deal. Cage decided they would duke it a simulated battlefield arranged by Wiz and Boomstick; both being heroes, there was no need for unnecessary deaths. Falcon won the battle, and Johnny was forced to recant his claim.


Lesser Gods

    Axel Almer and Lamia Loveless 
Axel Almer and Lamia Loveless, Dual Deities of Mecha-Exclusivity (Axel: Captain Axel, Ahoseru; Lamia: W17, Boing-chan)

    Chosokabe Motochika 
Chosokabe Motochika, God of Implausible Boarding Skills (Sea Devil of the West, Demon of Shikoku, Arslan)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Chosokabe Clan Crest, superimposed over an anchor.
  • Theme Music: Chosokabe Fan Banner, Land Ahoy!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Implausible Boarding Skills, Kleptomaniac Heroes, Pirates, Lovable Rogues, Mister Fanservices Without Shirts, Nice Guys, Eyepatches of Power, Cool Boats, A Brother To His True Companions, Rocket Powered Anchors, Good Old Fisticuffs, Powder-Based Fire, The Owner of a Competent Pirate Parrot
  • Domains: Piracy, Camaderie, Travel
  • Allies: Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Gracia, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Monkey D. Luffy, Captain Marvelous, Daiki Kaito, Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood, Sly Cooper, Franky
  • Conflicting Opinion: Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Rival: Kunkka
  • Enemies: Mori Motonari, Oda Nobunaga
  • The anti-thesis and Arch-Enemy to Mori Motonari. While Motochika treats his soliders as fellow comrades, Motonari treats his own as mere pawns.
    • However, he regards Motonari's counterpart a lot less bitterly. He simply thinks the other Motonari is strange to deal with: Motochika can see the man's potential, but that version of Motonari dismisses it to focus on being a historian instead.
  • Don't call him "Princess" if being assaulted with an anchor isn't something you enjoy.
  • Was once recruited by Ishida Mitsunari due to said God's hatred for Ieyasu. Motochika doesn't like the idea of being in the same force as Motonari, and it did not take him long to leave.
  • He used to be the God of Kleptomaniac Heroes in the House of Crime. However, many have come to see his abandoning his old habits and has thus lost claim to the title. His skill in maneuvering on his anchor in the sea, on land, and even in the sky, have saved him as a deity, as he now resides in the House of Travel.
  • At one point, after moving to his new House, Motochika visited Franky of the Straw Hats, showing the resident god the blueprints of his own Cool Ship the Fugaku. He was amazed as Franky started pointing out the flaws in the design and the easy and effective improvements that could be made over it, all of which Motochika has made plans to address on the shortest possible notice. He also regularly pays visits to the Thousand Sunny now, coming up with new ideas to discuss with the Cyborg.
  • Tends to address his allies and followers collectivly as "sons of bitches", but please know this is a term of endearment.
  • Since leaving the Western Army and ascending, he has repaired his relations with Ieyasu. Although it took Bright Noah to get the Sea Devil to listen to reason in regards to Shikoku.
  • He usually avoids or flat-out fights Akechi Mitsuhide during his bad days...yanno, when he's a sadistic, scythe-wielding monster. But at one point, he's approached by Gracia, who begged him to help her find her an exorcist to exorcise a monster that possessed her father. Motochika nearly dismissed Gracia and told her to just face reality that her father was a monster... until he suddenly received flashes about an alternate version of himself, and the friendship he shared with the good Mitsuhide and Gracia (and also the slick shamisen skills his counterpart displayed in lieu of piracy). After that, his mood changed and he promised to help Gracia with her issue.
    • Some time later, he was the first to learn that she learned of her "two different fathers". Motochika has grown impressed with the other Mitsuhide on how different he is from the one he knows, but is worried about his conflicted-and-insecure side. He also finds it funny how that Mitsuhide is pretty much one of the only ones to use a traditional Japanese blade as his main weapon. For everyone's sake, both Motochika and Gracia are keeping their mouths shut as they fear the day both Mitsuhides will separate and engage in their fated battle for final supremacy...
      • Ironically enough, he's also baffled to find out that along with an interpretation of Sima Shi (as well as his father Sima Yi later on), during the conflict against the Demon King Orochi, his shamisen-playing counterpart happens to sound a lot like the Hideyoshi he knows of. That, and he noticed that, indeed, the guy's shamisen skills are as fine as he witnessed in that vision. The two got to talking after a while, and the shamisen-wielding portrayal ended up throwing the anchor-wielding portrayal for a loop with some confusing-yet-insightful advice. What unites the two, despire their diffrences, is that both of them are gladly willing to defy what fate has in store for them to shape their own destiny, for the sake of their homeland of Shikoku. Both of them also scoff and take pride in Oda Nobunaga's historical nickname for the original Motochika, "the bat who refuses to leave its nest".

    International Rescue 
International Rescue note , Holy Rescue Squad of Epic Launch Sequences
From left to right: Gordon, Virgil, Scott, Alan and John
Jeff Tracy
The Thunderbirds 
Live-Action Iterations 
  • Lesser Gods, though the Thunderbirds are capable of feats leveling those of an Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Thunderbirds
  • Theme Song: Thunderbirds Theme Tune (Film Version by Busted)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Science Heroes, Launch Sequences Far Grander than Usual, Badass Crew/Badass Family, Masterful Piloting Skills, Named After the Mercury Seven, Nice Guys, Having Very Precise Shots, Funded by Jeff's Astrologist Exploits, Lantern Jaw of Justice
  • Domains: Rescue, Family, Vehicles, Establishments, Take Offs
  • Heralds: Grandma Tracy, Lady Penelope and Aloysius "Nosey" Parker
  • Allies: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Fantastic Four, The Incredibles, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Team America, Shirou Emiya, Hawkins Party, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Ness, Lucas, Sei Asagiri
  • Enemies: Sundowner, Lex Luthor, Red Skull, Darryl Revok, ADVENT
  • Respected By: The Houses of Heroes, Family and Technology
  • Odd Friendship: The Satellite of Love Crew
  • Allegiance: Grand United Alliance of Good (Situated under the GUAG Kibou Go)
  • Wary of: Cameron Vale, Lucy
  • S.O.S! Heralded members of the GUAG as the sudden appearances of three giant aerospace craft took to stopping an emergency when a battle between the GUAG and the GUAE left civilians on the brink of danger. Two of the aircrafts managed to avert the danger by saving everyone before a potential tragedy occurred. This was the opening call of the Thunderbirds, who managed to make an impressive first impression in the Pantheon in a way most heroes would approve of.
  • The Thunderbirds are operated by the Tracy's, a multi-billionaire family consisting of a grandmother, the patriarch, Jeff who was an astronaut with several instances of space travels and fame and his five sons; Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan. Together, they use the Thunderbirds, aerospace vehicles specifically designed to contain as much collateral damage as they possibly could and save civilians from danger. These actions have made the Tracy's some of the most celebrated heroes in their world as they've always put themselves on life's line if it meant benefiting for the greater good. The list of vehicles are as follows:
    • Thunderbird 1: Piloted by Scott and the most frequently used of the Thunderbirds. It resembles a missile and takes off like one vertically, but flies and lands horizontally during missions. Also the fastest of the vehicles.
    • Thunderbird 2: Piloted by Virgil. Large plane that houses many vehicles themselves, one of which being Thunderbird 4. Houses with pods, usually with specialist rescue equipment.
    • Thunderbird 3: Piloted by Gordon and used for direct contact with Thunderbird 5 alongside space-centered missions.
    • Thunderbird 4: Piloted by Alan. Housed under Thunderbird 2 and is used for underwater missions.
    • Thunderbird 5: Piloted by John. The largest Thunderbird, it is a space station used to receive transmissions from all around the world to alert the team of ongoing crisis and disasters and sending distress signals.
  • The International Rescue team is celebrated and highly respected by the Houses of Heroes, Family and Technology. Reasons behind it very depending on the House, but Heroes are impressed by their effectiveness and their dedication to helping those in need and being their world's paragon, Family sees them as a trustworthy group of a father and his five sons who value one other highly and Technology see the Thunderbirds as one of Earth's most impressive vehicles and are interested to experiment for similar projects and craft at some point.
  • The Thunderbirds do have an Arch-Enemy in The Hood, a terrorist with Psychic Powers and committing acts that the Thunderbirds often have to go out and clear. As a result, International Rescue are pretty aware of those with similar powers to the Hood. That said, they don't have any prejudices against those who are morally good, and are even willing to befriend them if it means sharing the common goal of simply helping others.
    • They're opposed against Darrel Revok and ADVENT because their Psychic Powers remind the Tracy Family of The Hood. However, as bad as Revok is, ADVENT is worse primarily because the stronger members of it's army have potent psychic uses that is potentially more harmful than The Hood's. As a result, Thunderbird 5 is doing it's best to keep in track of any ADVENT forces it could find in case they initiate an attack.
    • They are, however rather sympathetic towards Professor X, who as a mutant, is trying to take steps to leading his race to a better future. Additionally, International Rescue have also gotten along with Ness, Lucas and Eleven, kids who possess psychic powers and have used them for good. As an extension, they're friends with the Hawkins Party who often appreciate the science and craft of the Thunderbirds, even wishing to fly one someday.
  • International Rescue are very close allies with the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers as they share a very similar work that revolves around helping people and it also helps that the Rangers' High Priests (their Super Sentai counterparts) are an actual family too. That said, The Lightspeed Rangers are more combat-experienced and they're willing to aid the Tracy's in that aspect.
    • They also get along with Shirou Emiya and Sei Asagiri in this aspect. The former will always try to find a way to help others, even if it proves counterproductive at times and the latter's experience in working with the White Knights has led her to try working with those who genuinely want to help others, with the Tracy's being a good way to settle for it and with Sei being willing to rush into burning buildings and defeating a haywire robot on her own, they're willing to accept her help at anytime. Additionally, her bodyguard status to Stella Hoshii reminds International Rescue of Penelope and her butler Parker.
  • They were immediately taken in by the Grand United Alliance of Good, mainly because of their dedication to helping others and their overall experience in it. While they can be offensive during field missions, their main priority is to minimize as much damage and save as many people as they possibly could, which is what the Thunderbirds are meant to do as envisioned. As a result, they are placed under the membership of the GUAG Kibou Go since their work is essentially to provide a sense a hope towards others in times of strife and danger.
  • As heroes, they're well received by Superman, who champions them as proper heroes and praises their family dynamics. Batman is a little bit complicated, given his gruff and aloof demeanor. That said, he is willing to give the Tracy's a helping hand and even provide for their tech, the Thunderbirds included. They've been generous since.
  • Tony Stark was impressed by the technology and design surrounding the Thunderbirds and all the other vehicles and devices the Tracy's possess. Him and Reed Richards have, much like Batman, offered to help provide them with more tech and resources to help them out, given the fantastical and often destructive nature of the Pantheon. As a gift for their partnership, Stark has also presented the International Rescue with individual Iron Man suits, telling them that they may need it someday. Although they've accepted Tony's gift, the Tracy's are actually yet to use the suits, thinking that it's for a last-resort situation.
  • As a rescue team, they oppose beings like Sundowner, Lex Luthor and Red Skull due to their terrorist-esque activities, the latter two's attempts to Take Over the World and the former wanting to instigate war to build up profit. Because the Thunderbirds are primarily built to rescue, not to battle, they're fought by other heroes, though the Tracy's will waste no time trying to at least help those caught in the crossfire.
  • Often times, Scott will be seen in the House of Food alongside his grandmother. It's because he really likes her apple pie and wants to introduce them to Gordon Ramsay. Though he's been cautious about it, given Ramsay's demeanor of being incredibly critical and verbally aggressive about food quality and fears that he may scare or upset his grandmother.
  • Alan, being the youngest in the family can be seen around the House of School doing jock-based activities like basketball and driving cars. He's pretty popular with girls, though he has a specific crush on Tin-Tin. So far, any attempts to get to be with her are indefinitely delayed, usually because he's needed for a lot of rescue missions. Alan is actually comfortable with it, given that he prioritizes his work and his family more than his own interests fir the time being.
  • Due to the Pantheonic Seas being filled with numerous beasts capable of wrecking even strong vehicles apart, such as Lagiacrus, The Meg, Gyarados and Moby Dick, Thunderbird 4 has been commissioned to be upgraded as soon as possible, given that those beasts are easily capable of wrecking ships apart. They're also considering upgrading the other Thunderbirds, given the very nature of the Pantheon and the destructive results it could potentially ensue.
  • Due to the presence of several planets with sentient life, Thunderbird 5 has been upgraded to receive transmissions and messages from different areas around the galaxy. This has proven beneficial to many space-operating groups, such as the Jedi Order, Starfleet Command, The Z-Fighters and their allies and many more. However, International Rescue are in development to create a portal that could utilize interdimensional travel between different planets for Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 4 to enter.
  • There is apparently a Thunderbird 6, a vintage Tiger Moth biplane that was once flown by Alan. Nowadays, it hasn't really been bought up all that much, not even by International Rescue themselves. There are apparent rumors that it's stashed someplace in Tracy Island, but the family haven't gotten to talk about it for now.





Thunderbirds are GO!

    Kallen Kozuki 
Kallen Kozuki, Goddess of Attractive Mobile Operators (Kallen Stadtfeld, Q-1, Zero, Domon's Daughter, Asuka Langley Lite, Fanservice Machine, Wanko, Kallen Kasshu, Kallen Soryu / Shikinami, Serial Showerer Kallen)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Guren Key
  • Theme Song: One More Chance and Guren
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Badass Normal, Boobs of Steel, Hot-Blooded Redhead, Super Reflexes, Tsundere, Proud Warrior Race, Reluctant Sources of Fanservice, Don't Call her an Eleven or Brittanian
  • Domain: Technology, Combat, Appearance
  • Allies: Nunnally Lamperouge, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Domon Kasshu, Aki Izayoi, Simon the Digger, Asuka Langley Souryu, Shinji Ikari, Yukiko Amagi, Makoto Kino, Mai Shiranui, Captain Falcon, Anna Kozuki, Hibiki Hojo and Kanade Minamino
  • Rivals: Suzaku Kururugi, Cornelia li Britannia.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Kamina
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia, Embryo, Gendo Ikari, Ragyo Kiryuin, Shiro Tagachi
  • Complicated Relationship: Lelouch Lamperouge.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: C.C.
  • Odd Friendship: Charlotte E. Yeager, Ange, Merida
  • Ascended for her excellent handling of her Knightmare Frame Guren, combined with her attractive features.
    • Interesting enough, the Guren's cockpit design kind of looks like a motorbike.
  • Kallen's opinions on Suzaku, C.C. and Lelouch varies between them. She still consider Suzaku her rival but they haven't battled against one another...yet. Kallen thoughts on C.C. are pretty neutral enough. But despite being total opposites, they have been seen hanging out. Until recently, a part of Kallen still had conflicting feelings about Lelouch and about Zero Requiem to the point she avoided him, until a moment of clarity made her realize he wasn't his complete self, and in an alternate reality, things could have worked out much differently. Kallen forced him to fess up once and for all to his true feelings for her.
  • Was a little saddened when she found out that Ohgi was sent to the Fallen, even though she realized he indirectly led to the Zero Requiem, causing her to immediately seek out Lelouch and mend things with him. She still visits Ohgi any chance she gets.
  • Many are convinced that Kallen's father is actually Domon Kasshu base on her personality and the type of mech she pilots. While Kallen has denied it, though, she wish it was true, she has trained with Domon on occasion.
    • After meeting Domon's girlfriend Rain, Kallen is now wondering if she is Domon's daughter since Rain does sound like her mother.
  • Was mortified when she found out there were pictures of her in her bunny outfit that were being distributed around the pantheon. She has been searching every house, burning every last one of them.
  • Don't mess with Kallen. Because you don't know what this badass mother would do. Even though she isn't a mother.
  • Found out that there were many goddesses that sounded just like her including Mai Shiranui, Hibiki Hojo, Makoto Kino, Holo, Charlotte Yeager, Yukiko Amagi and Ryuko Matoi. Because of this, she is one of the few deities able to wear Senketsu because her blood tastes just like Ryuko's.
  • When she first met Aki Izayoi, she thought she was seeing double as the two look very similar from their hair color, to their choice of skintight red suit and their own family issues. Even if it did freak them out, the two did become friends.
    • She also met another girl who had her same last name this time. Kallen really didn't know what to make of this, though she did find Anna to be an interesting girl.
  • Don't ever, ever call Kallen an Eleven or a Brittanian. She considers herself entirely Japanese and is proud of that, and anybody who thinks otherwise, would most likely face her Guren's claw.
    • Kallen however has made friends with other Britannians like Nina Einstein. She has also made friends with Britannianesque deities like Charlotte Yeager, who sounds like her, and Ange, whose prejudice she faced as a Norma reminded Kallen of the Japanese of her world.
  • Became real close friends with Asuka Langley. Not only are the two hot blooded red heads, but both have serious Mommy Issues.
    • She is also friends with Shinji Ikari. She is however a bit unnerved that he sounds like Rolo.
  • Did not take the news that Refrain, a hallucination drug, might have made its way into the Pantheon. Since her mother nearly ruined her body over it and Suzaku almost used it on her as a truth serum, it's understandable that she would be upset.
  • Did not like the certain nicknames she received like Wanko and Fanservice Machine, feeling those demean her character.
    • Unfortunately, Kallen still ends up in some kind of fanservice outfit for one reason or another.
  • Thought she heard the voice of Shirley Fenette, a classmate at Ashford Acedemy. Turns out it was just Kanade Minamino. Watching her interaction with Hibiki Hojo caused Kallen to shed tears, remembering her deceased friend and what could have been ...and what might recently have, making things all the more touching.
  • Has been seen in sparing matches with Kamina. This rivalry came from the fact both pilot a Guren.
  • Had a good chuckle when she found a parody video of her beating up Suzaku... but isn't interested in studying martial arts under Geese Howard for the moment.

    Quick Man 
Quick Man, The God Who's Too Fast to Stop (DWN-012)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Quick Boomerang
  • Theme Song: Quick Man Stage; alternatively, his Power Fighters theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Rival, Battle Boomerang, Built For Speed, Not For Defense, Designed From Elec Man's Design Template, Too Fast to Stop, Lightning Bruiser, Weak To Sudden Deceleration, Incredible Jumping, Super Speed, Blood Knight
  • Domains: Speed, Boomerangs, Lightweight Materials, Robots, Conquest, Rivalries
  • Followers: Takajou, Locomotive 777, The Ambiguous Puzuma
  • Superior: Doctor Albert Wily
  • Allies: The Robot Masters loyal to Dr Wily (especially Wood Man), The Yellow Devil, Leonard Snart, Wile E Coyote
  • Headbutting Villains with: Metal Sonic, Eobard Thawne
  • Rivals: Mega Man, Bass, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rainbow Dash, The Roadrunner, Barry Allen, Metal Sonic, Speedy Gonzales
  • Enemies: Dr Thomas Light and the Robot Masters loyal to him, Bob and George, Sonic the Hedgehog, Barry Allen, King Candy/Turbo
  • Opposes: Serpent and tortoise deities, the House of Explosives, Dio Brando and deities who can stop time
  • Interested in: The Transformers deities
  • Following his first failed attempt at world domination, Dr Wily decided to create eight of his own Robot Masters to help his conquest. Using the designs of Elec Man, he created a Robot Master meant to be the fastest of them all-Quick Man. He proves very proud of his speed, which makes him a devastating opponent against Mega Man. However it also serves to be a weakness has he's a Fragile Speedster, and Too Fast to Stop. He even outruns his own vision.
  • Meant to be the original rival of Mega Man. His special status is indicated by being the Robot Master on the North American box art, and the boomerang on his head extending out of the screen. As such, he really doesn't like Bass. Due to his loyalty to Dr Wily they're not outright enemies, but has stated to him that he came first and deserves to be Mega Man's true rival. Bass considers him an outdated model, not worthy of being in either's ballparks. Often Dr Wily has to worry about the two squabbling with each other.
  • Quick Man's temple is also his level, which is difficult to get into due to its fast insta-kill force beams, which unless you have really fast reflexes will need Flash Man's Flash Stopper to get through. Of which you need enough of the weapon to deal with him. Because of his weakness to the weapon, he steers clear of Dio Brando as The World would be pretty devastating on him
  • If Doc Robot is any indication, he is also weak to Search Snakes. Doesn't like snake deities for this reason, or explosives because he's weak to the Crash Bomber weapon. He also doesn't like turtles, tortoises and snails, though it has nothing to do with any weakness. He just doesn't like slow creatures. A good point is that he makes quick decisions and doesn't sleep much, and he's a fan of racing. Bad point, he's impulsive and restless.
  • Declares himself to be the fastest android there is. He tried to put that to the test against Metal Sonic, which Dr Eggman and Dr Wily tested out. Metal Sonic won, which only motivated Quick Man to try and get even faster. Though there is a rivalry between the two, there is a certain amount of understanding in that they were created to be rivals and the fastest that there is. They'll sometimes work together against their main rivals, but their own egos often get in the way of this.
  • When Eggman and Wily officially joined forces, he was naturally one of the Robot Masters sent to go after Sonic. Sonic's speed far exceeded his own, and he has sworn to one day surpass his speed. This incident, along with the later incident with Metal Sonic, has led him to challenge others in the pantheon with super speed. Rainbow Dash seems interested.
  • Felt bad for Wile E Coyote never getting the Road Runner, and has provided services to help chase him down. He very nearly captured him, but unfortunately one of Wile's traps got in the way. He couldn't get out of the way and ended up being caught instead, prompting a "meep meep" from the Roadrunner who left the now broken Quick Man in the dust.
  • Prefers overwhelming speed, but that's not all he has. He also has the Quick Boomerang, which is the weakness against Metal Man and later Pharaoh Man. Captain Cold was amused at the idea of a speedster with the same kind of weapon as Captain Boomerang, and the two made a deal; he'd help the Rogues if he gets to prove he's faster than Barry Allen. He's also made some deals with Eobard Thawne to help his rivalry, but given Thawne's incredible ego and even Quick Man thinking he's an asshole, it hasn't really gone anywhere.
  • Loves the sport of racing, being a playable racer in the Mega Man: Battle and Chase game. His car is the Sonic Formula, and wanted to compete against his friendly rival Turbo Man. However he wasn't available. Quick Man seems interested in the Transformers deities because they remind him of Turbo Man. He has nothing good to say to the Turbo in the pantheon however, as even he thinks his ego when it comes to racing is dangerous and Turbo is not one to stand competition.
  • If Bob and George is to be believed, he's the love-child of Elec Man and Cut Man on crack, and addicted to sugar while talking like Gollum. Don't bring those subjects up with him.


    Dominic Toretto 
Dominic "Dom" Toretto, God of Badass Drivers
  • Theme Song: "Bandoleros" by Don Omar and Tego Calderon
  • Demigod (Lesser God when teaming up with Brian O'Conner)
  • Symbol: A Black 1970 Dodge Charger SRT8 with a polished, oversized supercharger.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Drivers, Anti Heroes, Fatal Flaw, Awesome Baldness, Jerks With Hearts of Gold, Those With Troubled Pasts, Big Guys, Sarcasm, Undying Loyalty, Blood Brothers With Brian O'Conner, Being the Poster Boy of Fast and Furious.
  • Domains: Racing, Pursuit, Weapons, Cars, Caretaking
  • Heralds: Letty Ortiz (his wife), Brian Marcos (his son), Elena Neves (his Second Love), Han Seoul-Oh, Gisele Yashar (crew members)
  • Allies: Brian O'Conner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Chuck Norris, every Good aligned Deity in the House of Crime, Kirito and Asuna, Edward Newgate, Piccolo, Yui, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Kyoichiro Kuroi/Kamen Rider 3, Kazunori Yamauchi and Dan Greenawalt, Shrek, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Tawna and the Nitro Squad
  • Rivals: The Stig, Takumi Fujiwara
  • Odd Friendship With: Groot, The Iron Giant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Every Good aligned Deity in the House of Justice
  • Enemies: Every Evil aligned deities in the Houses of Crime and Justice
  • Respects: AJ Styles and the Bullet Club (to an extent)
  • Everyone in this House expected to see a former street racer turned heist master joining... the Gods of the House of Prophecy foresaw the presence of none another than Dominic Toretto, who's seen driving a Dodge Charger SRT8.
  • He has taken a great liking to the Kirigaya Family of Alfheim Online, and regularly invites them to his Family Barbeques. Kirito and Asuna's heartwarming relationship with their adoptive daughter Yui proves his belief that blood is of no object to having a close and loving family.
    • The trio are currently in discussion with former Demon King Piccolo and Captain Edward Newgate on forming a League of Adoptive Parents, a harbor of safety where orphaned children may seek love and shelter.
      • The League deeply respects the bravery of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, who single-handedly stormed, battled, and triumphed against an Alien Hive to protect her Adopted Daughter Newt, and invited her to take the position of the Team Mom. After some prodding from Yui (and Newt herself), the former Warrant officer of The Nostromo graciously accepted.
  • Upon the passing of Paul Walker, the man behind the avatar of Brian O'Conner, he's currently arranging a temple for him as a respect for Walker's career. When Brian finally ascended, Dom met him with a big hug, overjoyed to see his honorary brother in the Pantheon. Things were a bit strained for a moment, though, as Brian had heard about Dom's brief Face–Heel Turn and was disappointed in him for doing it. Even though he had a very good reason and intended to stop Cipher and come back in the end, Brian felt he still should've given someone a heads-up instead of leaving them all in the dark and relying on the Shaw family for his escape plan. After pointing out the risk in Brian's argument, Dom told him point blank that he knows Brian would've done the same thing to save Jack and Mia. Brian conceded the argument then and there.
  • He was amazed because both Groot and the Iron Giant sound exactly like him. That said, he had a hard time telling the Iron Giant to not use his cars to make sculptures, and has had trouble communicating with Groot since Groot can only say "I am Groot". And no, he's not going to tell everyone that he broke down in tears upon hearing of their Heroic Sacrifices to those they loved.
  • Scientists are baffled as to how much speed his car picks up while drifting since, if anything, they would actually be marginally slower. In fact, some of the fastest cars ever made try to eliminate drifting. That said, it does have its advantages, such as changing trajectories, or outmaneuvering other drivers, and it's admittedly fun. And the Mythbusters have tested this before.

    Jack Barnes 
Sgt. Jack Barnes, Patron Saint of Manning Crew-Served Weapons and Vehicles Singlehandedly (Barnes)

    Launchpad McQuack 
Launchpad McQuack, God of Crashing Vehicles
  • For reasons unknown, the previous holder of this title, Ibis Douglas, Patron Goddess of Safety From Plane Crashes, fell into obscurity. Launchpad's arrivalnote  also managed to bring her to light once more, although her disappearance has resulted in her losing much of her power. The pilot-for-hire/sidekick decided to take her under his wing and manage the temple when he's out flying for Scrooge or Darkwing. Her allies, Mikuru Asahina and Noriko Takaya, as well as the ascended Super Robot Wars deities, are grateful to Launchpad for bringing her back.
  • While he does constantly crash whatever he's piloting (not just planes, but submarines, land vehicles, and even a camel), Launchpad's actually an excellent pilot, capable of taking off on any surface, flying through any storm, and weaving through any enemy airspace… but he can't land without crashing. Well, there was one time he tried to do so deliberately, but ended up landing perfectly, but that's more of the exception than the rule.
    • As a matter of fact, his crash landings can actually be beneficial. Launchpad may crash all the time, but he's so good at wrecking his planes that he's an expert at crashing safely. This was exploited once to pilot a sabotaged blimp that was about to crash on its own. With Launchpad at the control, he still crashed, but everyone on board survived with minor injuries.
  • With such a streak of crashes, one may deduce from his pride in them that these may actually be deliberate. As he says (like every other pilot ever), "Any crash you can walk away from is a good one!"
  • While he may live up to his name while under Scrooge's employ (a penny a mile), he's actually better when he's Darkwing's sidekick, probably because the latter only has one plane and such needed to improve. And any crashes he suffers there is mainly when his vessel gets shot down.
  • Has offered to help Yukari in her driving skills, except he was misguided in his offers because he thought that her title as Goddess of Bad Drivers was because she crashes her car all the time. While the "Yukarimobile" is more beat up than a car its age should be, her bad driving comes from sheer recklessness, crazy speeds, and traumatizing her passengers more than it comes from crashing. Yukari still appreciates the help, though.
  • There was this one time he got launched into a contest thanks to some Reddit users and won the contest of "Greatest Sidekick Ever", defying all possible outcomes with the help of Albert Einstein.
  • For some odd reason, Launchpad has had numerous adventures involving former girlfriends. All that is known about these adventures is him coming out in different sets of armor and numerous paraphernalia stuck onto him, and that his answer to what he's done is just "Stuff".

    Racing Drones 
The Racing Drones, Unholy Mook Mobile Drivers of the Pantheon (Drones)
The Racing Drones' Vehicles 
  • Theme: Racing Drones Theme
  • Demigods individually, Lesser Gods when working as a team
  • Symbol: The Racing Drones logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as a whole, Gelorum is more on Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Mecha-Mooks who drive and even transform into part of Equally expendable cars, Killer Robot, Absolutely determined to win any and all races at any cost, Having limitless numbers of drones and vehicles at their disposal, Number-coded naming for their units and vehicles, Dark Is Evil, All of their drones and vehicles colored in dark green and black, Actually being thousands of years old
  • Allies: SKYNET and its many subordinate units, AM, The Fabrication Machine, Sigma, Lumine, Ultron, The Decepticons, The Combine, ADVENT
  • Enemies: Any and all humans, especially drivers, as well as any good-aligned machines supporting humanity
  • Rivals: Nitrous Oxide, Emperor Velo
  • The Racing Drones were highly-advanced robots created by the Accelerons, a mysterious alien race known for loving to race vehicles. Their purpose was simple: to win races, no matter what the cost. And they did as they were programmed and made to do.
    • Too well, in fact. So well, that they pretty much took all the fun and passion away from racing. Because of this, the Accelerons decided to banish them to Earth and seal them the Antarctic ice sheet. There, they remained dormant for thousands of years, until humanity learned how to make advanced cars and knew how to drive them well.
    • And so, in the early 21st century, the drones, led by Gelorum, emerged onto present-day Earth, determined to Take Over the World, Kill All Humans, and defeat the Accelerons in a race and eventually overthrow them.
  • At first, Gelorum, who had assumed a human disguise, did her best to blend into humanity in order to understand how they raced as well as to attempt to steal the Wheel of Power, a device capable of giving access to the Racing Realms, worlds containing different racing tracks.
    • Her first attempt failed, and left her damaged and scarred. Following this, she rebuilt herself, with her Robotic Reveal made all the more apparent. However, she and the drones had successfully taken the Wheel of Power, and managed to thwart Dr. Peter Tezla's attempt at stealing it back. This left the genius scientist crippled and forced to wear a body brace until he can recover.
  • After a few minor setbacks in the realms, Gelorum and the drones managed to secure all of the Accelechargers, by simply storming the Acceledrome and taking the ones belonging to the Teku, Metal Maniacs, and even the Silencerz. However, her subsequent attempts to push through with her Evil Plan at taking on the Accelerons ultimately fails, with her cheating in the Ultimate Race instead of using her own driving skills. In full Sore Loser combined with Villainous Breakdown fashion, she attempts to kill the victor of said race, one Vert Wheeler, before the Accelerons banish her for good.
    • Finding out that their leader has been banished and as a result lost the Ultimate Race, the RD-L1 units took command of the Drones, and ordered them to Kill All Humans present in the Acceledrome. Their attempts were ultimately stopped when the Silencerz intervened on the other drivers' behalf, allowing Vert and the others to escape.
  • Following their defeat at the hands of the humans, the Racing Drones, including their leader Gelorum, were ascended into the Pantheon, complete with all their vehicles and production facilities. They emerged suddenly from a cave located in a mountain, where they promptly began setting up operation from within, churning out hundreds of new drones and cars within hours. However, without the Wheel of Power, they could no longer regain the Accelechargers, at least for the time being.
  • Unlike most examples of the trope they represent, the Racing Drones actually form part of and transform into part of their vehicles, specifically the roof and driver's cabs on several of their mass-produced cars. In addition, both the drones and the vast majority of their vehicles are mass-produced on an assembly line. Despite this, however, they are far from being worthless.
    • In fact, their AI programming has been shown to be some of the best when it comes to driving through all kinds of environments, being able to adapt to any foreign environment in a matter of minutes.
    • With regards to their vehicles, among other things they have come up with an adaptable tire capable of changing its texture with the push of a button, allowing them to more easily traverse through any roads. The vehicles themselves are made up of reinforced alloys, allowing several of them to house incredibly powerful engines while maintaining incredibly high speed and maneuverability. In addition, all of them, including the drones themselves, house onboard weaponry, allowing them to reduce any rival racers and their cars to dust with a single hit.
    • The only real downside is their inability to think creatively, being robots and all. It's the main reason why many a human driver has outwitted them.
  • Aside from their array of advanced racing vehicles, they also have two other notable Mook Mobile units that aren't cars. The first is a jet fighter which they use for close-air support, and is armed with the same blasters used in their cars. The second is the Sweeper, a massive Lightning Bruiser of a machine designed to capture rival racers and their cars by sweeping them into itself, then systematically dismantling their car and holding the driver in a cage.
  • Interestingly, while most of their vehicles are mass-produced, they also have a handful of Super Prototype cars in their arsenal. The most advanced of these is the RD-09, Gelorum's personal racecar. Using the latest technology and having the compatibility to mount multiple accelechargers, it is the Magnum Opus of their technology.
  • Their ascension earns them the interest of several evil-aligned deities and organizations, most of whom are interested in using the drones and their vehicles as additional firepower and manpower. Chief among them is SKYNET, who sees Gelorum's hatred of humanity as something they can form an alliance over. This is mainly due to seeing the Racing Drones' vehicles as massive improvements over the Moto-Terminator in terms of performance.
  • Gelorum comes to admire AM's hatred of humanity, and promises to hand the computer system any other unlucky humans she captures.
    • She also comes to respect the Fabrication Machine's skills at producing mooks for itself, and even offers it the chance to help her construct more powerful drones and vehicles by integrating it into the drone production facilities. She also continues to encourage it to continue its crusade against humanity, even down to giving it a drone body and a personalized car for its own use.
  • Sigma and Lumine are among the deities that Gelorum comes to respect, due to them wanting to turn against humanity much like how she rebelled against the Accelerons, her own creators. The same goes for Ultron.
  • Gelorum and the Drones find out about the Decepticons after a number of them scan and disguise themselves as a number of their vehicles. She decides to ally with them, due to coming to like Megatron's belittling of humanity.
  • Because of their alien origin as well as their hostility towards humans, XCOM, the MIB, the HECU, and even the Black Ops consider them as legitimate targets for them to oppose. The fact that they're machines gone rogue from their masters also earns them the attention deities like John Connor. Organizations like ADVENT and The Combine see the Drones as potential allies because of this, not helped by Gelorum's willingness to Take Over the World and Kill All Humans.
  • Two deities they consider as rivals rather than outright enemies are Emperor Velo and his accomplice Nitrous Oxide. Due to the Drones' programming to win any and all races at any cost, they would rather race against them and their allies to prove that they're the superior racers than work together with him. In other words, the Drones are definitely the type to accept Velo's challenge, to the point that they're willing to kill either him or Oxide just for a shot at winning.

"The Drones have forgotten the purpose of competition. The important thing is not winning, but striving to win."

"We were created to win! Winning is all there is!"

    The West Coast Cabbies 
The West Coast Cabbiesmembers , Divine Quartet of Crazy Driving
Left to right: Axel, Gena, Gus, B.D. Joe
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The Crazy Taxi logo (pictured)
  • Theme Song: All I Want
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Porfolio: Crazy driving, Sweet and indestructible cabs, Radical speech, Snarking at their passengers, Overlooked danger, The cool factor, Using ramps for cool jumps, No time to waste, Situational waterbreathing, Earning fares
  • Domains: Recklessness, Transportation
  • Heralds: The Small Apple Cabbiesmembers , The Glitter Oasis Cabbiesmembers 
  • Allies: Travis Bickle, Sonic The Hedgehog, Beat, Irisviel von Einzbern, Shank
  • Rivals: Homer Simpson
  • Enemies: Rosco P. Coltrane, Mr. Burns
  • Somewhere in California and other locations, many different people are looking to get to their destination as fast as possible. In order to do so, they must rely on four cabbies of varying personalities and temperaments to reach that location. Those cabbies are very skilled at driving, but have a huge disregard for basic traffic safety. In fact, those customers actually admire those acts of recklessness and will provide additional fares to the cabbies in addition to the cabbies getting to said destinations quickly. They might not offer the most practical and logical way of getting there, but their methods sure beat walking.
  • It was a peaceful day in the Pantheon, and unlike most other peaceful days that would lead to a calamity of some kind, nothing was happening behind the scenes that would threaten the stability of the Pantheon that day. A few deities got tired of walking and looked through a phone book to see if there was someone that could get them to their destination faster. Four cabbies arrived some time later and offered to take those deities to their desired places. What followed was a wild ride throughout the streets of the Pantheon as the cabbies caused near-misses and skidded across streets, but they were able to get those deities to their destination quickly. Those deities liked the cabbies' crazy style of work and made a successful request to get them involved in the Pantheon.
  • The four quickly managed to find another cabby in Travis Bickle and decided to strike a conversation with him. Travis, who mostly preferred to keep to himself, was a bit surprised to find others in the same field as he is, though the four aren't entirely aware of his life beyond being a cabby. Given the other commitments he has in addition to working with a taxi, Travis figured that the four could fill in for him whenever he's doing his other work, which the four obliged. The differences in how Travis and the four take their passengers to their desired places couldn't be more different, but the four are among the very few deities that Travis doesn't have a lot of issues with.
  • Of the four, B.D. Joe has taken some time off his job to participate in races between Sonic the Hedgehog and other Sega characters. Some of these races involved taking to the skies and sea in addition to being on the ground, with Joe's taxi having the appropriate modifications for said races. The other cabbies have noticed Joe's participation in those races and have even talked to him about having their cabbies attain the same modifications that he has so they can take passengers across the sea (driving on the sea floor is a different thing entirely) and through the air. He's certainly open to that idea and test runs have been made using these methods to get more Pantheonic denizens to their destinations, no matter what those places might be.
    • As far as the Sega characters that Joe encountered during his races are concerned, there's a few that the group have a fondness towards. It isn't much of a surprise to see them friends with Sonic, especially considering their quick mindsets and separate wild adventures they go on. The cabbies have also sometimes seen Beat and Ecco (though the latter had nothing to do with the aforementioned races) around during the aforementioned test runs on the modified cabs, with Beat sometimes tagging along with the group in his down-time.
  • While looking for some deities that could join them in delivering passengers in their own crazy style, the quartet saw Irisviel driving around wildly. They invited Iris over for a chat about driving and she was enthusiastic about her driving and wanted to have something to do from time-to-time whenever Kiritsugu is busy. The cabbies decided to let her be a part-time worker with them, though it's been noted that Iris sees driving around as comparable to running around in a playground and her average delivery time on getting passengers to their places is slower compared to the cabbies. It's not something that'll bring her down nor damper the quartet's friendship with her.
  • All four are at odds with Homer Simpson due to him having once taken on a roll not unlike theirs. While the various residents of Springfield have taken a go at that kind of driving during that time, the mostly friendly rivalry is mostly directed to Homer. Springfield's driving craze happened because Mr. Burns attempted to buy out the city's transit systems and have radioactive buses running around. The West Coast cabbies have a problem with what Mr. Burns attempted and he's more than willing to try and pull off that stunt again in the Pantheon.
  • Their antics managed to earn the ire of Rosco P. Coltrane, a corrupt law enforcer that has spent much of his life chasing after three people in a multitude of driving-centric chaos. He sometimes waits for them somewhere and attempts to ambush them to try and arrest them, but the cabbies are successful in thwarting his efforts. Some of the passengers who are with the cabbies have noted that being chased around makes being around the four even more thrilling than normal, though that's partly because Coltrane isn't that well-respected in the Pantheon in general.
  • One thing that surprised the four was seeing an Extreme Gear based on their cabs, more specifically the one used by B.D. Joe. The Crazy, as it is called, relies on Rings instead of air to move forward (though some aren't sure if other monetary values also apply). The cabbies found it a bit amusing that there's rumors of that Extreme Gear being possessed by the soul of a greedy taxi driver, especially since they've noticed that no one has been badly affected from it after using it.
  • Axel is a 21-year-old cabby who took up the job having been inspired by going on a taxi ride when he was younger. He has played the bassist in various bands, is good at picking up women for dates, and serves as a pretty good mediator for his friends. In spite of all this, he has a short-fuse and gets into fights for little reason, something that's prevented him from landing a consistent girlfriend or a permanent role in a band.
    • Some part-time musicians in the Pantheon decided to start up a rock band one day and were looking for someone to fill the role of bassist. Axel took up that job despite the concerns of Yuu Haruna, who was another bassist and was overseeing that particular project. When the time came for the band to perform, things went well until the group went backstage and someone insulted them. Axel got into a fight with that person and the end result was the band getting kicked out of the venue and later disbanded, much to the dismay of Yuu.
  • The 25-year-old B.D. Joe is a cheerful dude that enjoys entertaining people. Aside from his taxi-driving profession, he's a noted street performer whose musical skills are apparently on par with that of professional musicians. As enticing as the prospect of being a professional musician is, he enjoys being a cabby as is and making people smile is something that's more than enough for him.
    • If he isn't busy with his cabby job, then Joe might be around other parts of the Pantheon as a street performer. His street performances have led others to recommend him to the Houses of Music and Theatre and Spectacle so that he can bring smiles to more people than before. Joe has stated that being a street performer is more of a part-time thing, but he appreciated the offer regardless.
  • Gena is the sole female member of the West Coast cabbies and is someone that not only is skilled at driving (even among the other members of the group), but has done quite a bit of work on her own car. While Gena has what it takes to become a professional racer, she's more interested in street-racing due to it providing more thrills. She has also earned the attention of various guys, but doesn't really pay them much attention.
    • Having heard of her skills as a mechanic, others within that specific profession have approached her with the intent of improving her taxi further. Gena wasn't all that interested in others changing around her ride, though some of them were persistent to the point that they got out blueprints of what those improvements would entail. While she could understand a bit about Joe's upgrades he got for those races, she wasn't really receptive to what those mechanics were presenting regarding her car. Those mechanics were disappointed and later told to leave, with Gena saying that she'll know how to fine-tune her car on her own.
    • Gena's love for street racing led her to meet up with Shank, who decided to invite Gena and the other cabbies over to Slaughter Race and see what they think of it. The quartet was more than surprised to see what it was like, though Shank reassured them that she's not that bad of a person and that what she does in the game is only because of the role she has in it. While the four didn't accept the offer to join Shank and her friends, they still maintain a good friendship with her, with Gena having quite a bit of conversations with her.
  • As the oldest member of this group of cabbies, the 42-year-old Gus is the one that kick-started the Crazy Taxi trend. Before this, he was a very unruly hooligan that was determined to win no matter what. Thanks to frequent bouts of gambling (something that he does whenever he isn't doing work as a cabby), he has mellowed out and learned that winning isn't everything.
    • Gus has spent some of his free-time going to the numerous casinos and gambling establishments around the Pantheon. He managed to find a handful of gamblers during these instances and found most of them to be friendly gambling buddies. He has told some of them such as Tsunade that winning isn't everything as he learned firsthand.


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