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Live to drive, drive to survive!

"Wisdom is a circle, Dr. Tezla. What you receive... you must give back."
Vert Wheeler

Hot Wheels: Acceleracers is a CGI-animated saga created by Mainframe Entertainment, known for the launcher of CGI animation after creating ReBoot, and endorsed by Mattel, creator of the Hot Wheels toy franchise on which the films are based. The movies ran as specials on the Toonami block of Cartoon Network.

Continuing after the events of Hot Wheels: World Race, former multiversal grand prix competitors turned street racers, Vert Wheeler, Taro Kitano & brothers Kurt and Markie Wylde find themselves teaming back up with Dr. Peter Tesla. Gelorum and her army of Racing Drones have reappeared to take back the Wheel of Power and are accessing the Racing Realms. The Racing Realms have tracks that are dominated by specific elements that make for severe driving conditions (such as the Fog Realm for driving in, well, fog conditions). Those who conquer a Realm gains an Accelecharger which allows a car to drive with no complications in the conditions of the associated realm. With the help of Dr. Tezla, the racers enter the realms to obtain the Accelechargers before Gelorum's Drones do. However, the racers find themselves vexed by the sudden emergence of a mysterious fourth group dubbed the Silencerz, whose enigmatic motives are masked behind private communications and incredible technology. With a new potential enemy lurking in the shadows, the situation grows more complicated as the drivers attempt to find what lies at the end of the Accelerons' creations.

The movies stand as follows:

  • Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – Ignition (Released January 8, 2005, 60 minutes)
  • Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – The Speed of Silence (Released March 19, 2005, 60 minutes)
  • Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – Breaking Point (Released June 25, 2005, 60 minutes)
  • Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – The Ultimate Race (Released October 1, 2005, 60 minutes)

A much more detailed synopsis of all four movies that originally was part of this page's description can be found on the Recap page.

All four movies were released to shelves over the course of 2005, but for unknown reasons, the series was Left Hanging at the end of the fourth film. This was due to a switch at Mattel's internal staff that lead to the new executives cancelling the shows planned Second Season.

Unfortunately, a large period of time has muddled the presence of AcceleRacers, as it is never seen beyond the internet these days. However, when a film hits the YouTube community, it gains notable viewership. Until the cliffhanger is resolved (Which is very unlikely given the films' age), this series floats in limbo. More recently, Vert Wheeler's character reappeared as the lead character in Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, but that series has no connection to World Race and AcceleRacers and is part of a Spiritual Successor production in a separate continuity.

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers provides examples of:

  • Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Vert's jumping off the track and falling down several dozens meters to catch up to Gelorum in the Cliffside Realm should have destroyed his car on impact. Possibly justified, however, since the Accelerons might have tweaked with gravity in that realm.
  • Alien Geometries: Downplayed, but a number of tracks throughout the Racing Realms all follow with this in mind: with a number of racetracks located in impossible locations or still clearly intact despite how the environment of the realm could have just as easily destroyed these tracks through erosion or constant exposure. Some of the biggest examples would be the track in the Storm Realm which is suspended in midair around a constantly-churning thunderstorm, or the Cosmic Realm which is located in space which is constantly bombarded by asteroids, is located close to a wormhole, and the track itself encircles around a planet several times.
  • All Just a Dream: At the beginning of the Speed of Silence, Dr. Tezla without his biosuit is an indication that the attack by Gelorum and the drones on the Acceledrome is only this. In hindsight, so is the green-glowing symbol as it never appears on the hologram at any other point.
  • All There in the Manual: There was a collectible card game released as a tie-in to the movies which provides various bits of info about the setting of Acceleracers, especially the realms. Some interesting Realms shown in the series include the Micro Realm, where the racers are shrunk to the size of toy cars, the Warped Realm, where Reality Is Out to Lunch, the Reactor Realm, which takes place in what's left of a nuclear power plant, the Blizzard Realm, which has the worst of the Ice Realm turned up to eleven and the Solar Realm, which is a massive lap around the sun as the racers avoid the occasional sunspot that lands on the track.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: The Accelechargers, and just like the World Race, Nitrox-2.
  • Art Evolution: Some of the characters from Highway 35 look different. Most notable are the changes to Taro and Lani.
  • Badass Crew: Everyone shows off their awesomeness at some point. It may be beating up robots, standing up to a tougher opponent, or just straight up being a capable driver with some serious skills. It's definitely shown in the final movie, where the two teams have finally teamed up together to save Markie from the drones. While this goes on, Vert has to race against Gelorum, who has all the Accelechargers. All of the drivers plus Lani and Tezla put in their effort and give a little somehow. With Lani giving tips to Vert that definitely helped him win the race to Monkey taking down the driver drone of the Sweeper in the Cosmic Realm, it just shows how amazing everyone is. Don't you dare mess with this crew.
  • Bag of Spilling: All of the returning cast from World Race lose their cars from the preceding movie in Ignition where they all get abandoned or destroyed in the Storm Realm (With the exception of Mark Wylde's Corvette Stingray (2003), as it was impounded by the police during the Time Skip between World Race and Acceleracers). The biggest offender is that all but one of the licensed vehicles don't return, though this may be due to licensing issues. The '70 Plymouth Roadrunner shows up in Ignition though, but it's not used again afterward.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: The Cosmic Realm and the Neon Pipeline Realm both seemingly take place in space (with the Cosmic Realms' race track encircling a planet and passing through an asteroid field close to a black hole). Beyond the low gravity on the Cosmic Realms' track, the Metal Maniacs and Teku Drivers don't seem to suffer any ill effects while driving in the two Realms. Justified in that the Accelerons had originally built the Racing Realms explicitly for Organic Drivers to complete.
  • The Big Guy: Porkchop. He's the most big and buff out of all the Metal Maniacs.
    • The Metal Maniacs (save for Monkey) are generally bulkier than the other characters.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The franchise as a whole ends on this note with the Teku and Metal Maniacs successfully rescuing Markie from the Racing Drones' HQ and becoming on much better terms with each other than ever before. Vert also ensures Gelorum's defeat by racing through all the realms using his own skills while she used the Accelechargers and she gets sent flying away by an Acceleron when she tries to attack Vert. The drones are also defeated as a whole since the Silencerz steal the Wheel of Power from the drones' HQ and acquire the Accelechargers when Vert ends up in their HQ. On the downside, Gig is forced to sacrifice himself to destroy the Acceledrome to eliminate the drones occupying it to save the humans and Vert, being in the Silencerz' HQ, is separated from his friends who want to go looking for him, but are unlikely to find him any time soon. Kadeem has also been transformed into a drone and he refuses to come back with his former allies and possibly falls to his death.
  • Blade Brake: An interesting take; rather than a conventional handbrake, some Metal Maniac cars have these instead, pulling the car to a stop almost instantly.
  • Book Ends: The first movie shows the sign to Highway 35 being knocked off its post, indicating that the good times of the World Race are long past. In the fourth movie, Markie sees the displaced sign and remounts it, signifying all is well again.
  • Break the Haughty: Both Wylde brothers went through this in Breaking Point. Frustrated that Tork doesn't let him settle his scores with Kurt, Markie challenges him for the leader title of the Metal Maniacs, to which Tork let him won. However, Markie's poor leadership skills and his tendency to let his emotions get the better of him resulted in a nasty crash and being left behind to be captured by the drones. Kurt, meanwhile, was responsible for Markie's Cynicism Catalyst in the first place by bailing out on him in a business deal gone bad, and when the furious Markie tries to get even with him, he constantly deflects the blame all on Markie himself. It wasn't until Markie got captured by the drones that Kurt finally realizes how bad he has been treating his brother, so he organizes the entire crew bar Vert to go on a dangerous mission to save Markie from the drone headquarters. In the end, the two brothers reconciled after they finally learned to forgive each other and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Butt-Monkey: Monkey. He's usually the one getting the most scared.
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Too many times to count. It's become a staple of the series for this to happen.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Move some metal! (by the Metal Maniacs).
    • Taro's "I'm going to pass you," from the World Race though he almost never says it again after Kadeem is lost because he ditched him.
  • Call-Back:
    • In the beginning of Ignition, Wylde drives off a cliff, and quickly uses a grappling hook to keep himself from falling to his death. Back in the World Race, the same situation happened with his Wave Rippers Corvette Stingray during the Ice part of the track (the Fourth Leg of the Race), heavily foreshadowing that this time around, things are serious and dangerous from the very beginning.
    • The final battle with the Drones takes place in the Drones' Headquarters, in the ruins of Hot Wheels City, where the World Race last ended with a battle against CLYP.
    • When Kurt and Mark fight Kadeem, there's a brief moment where Kadeem is hanging by his hands over a long drop. The last time this happened was back in the World Race, where Kadeem fought Kurt for the fake Wheel of Power.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The drone (a.k.a Sparky) that comes through the portal with Vert gives Karma knowledge on how the Racing Drones operate. Kurt's plan in the Ultimate Race couldn't have happened without Taro in the Water Realm and his Miracle Rally attempt that lands him in the Drone Headquarters.
    • Chekhov's Boomerang: Sparky provides the distraction Vert needs to drive Reverb in pursuit of Gelorum in the Ultimate Race, and then eventually clues the other drivers that Vert is alive at the end of the Ultimate Race.
    • Chekhov's Gunman: Shirako is this as a driver. If he shows up inside the Realm, he's going to do something very important plot-wise. This usually entails screwing up the track's plan (done in the Swamp, Cavern Realm, and Junk Realm) with Bassline. If not, he's shown having his vehicle transport destroyed (Nightlife in the Pipeline Realm, Baseline in both the Cliffside Realm and the Drone HQ) for something plot relevant. He also gives Monkey the Drone legs that become the bottom half to Sparky at the end of the Junk Realm. His Cliffside Realm maneuver is even copied by Vert in the Ultimate Race.
  • Collectible Card Game: They made one where you get through racing realms using cards.
  • Continuity Nod: Kurt's time as Zed-36 under Gelorum. Kadeem beating Kurt in a fight during the World Race.
  • Contrived Coincidence: In The Ultimate Race, Gelorum led a raid on the Acceledrome just after most of its drivers left to save Mark Wylde from the drone headquarters. Her goal is to collect all of the Accelechargers to trigger the titular Ultimate Race in order to confront the Accelerons. Luckily for her, none of Tezla's drivers were taking the Accelechargers into the realm, as Gig revealed he overrode Tezla's suit to switch them for fakes while he hid the real ones back at the base. Meanwhile, the Silencerz agents happen to infiltrate the Acceledrome at that exact moment and happen to carry the rest of the Accelechargers. The drones collected them all and jumpstarted the Ultimate Race. Then, just when it seems like Gelorum's plan will go off flawlessly, Vert Wheeler happens to be the one driver remaining behind due to a broken leg he suffered just a race ago, which happens to heal off completely just in time for him to join the race itself. Finally, after Vert won the Ultimate Race, he made the decision to go back to save his friends (who happen to arrive back at the Acceledrome right then) instead of moving on to the Acclerons' homeworld, which allows the Silencerz to capture him later. Either the Silencerz are the ultimate masters at Batman Gambit, or these are some really extreme cases of contrived coincidences.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Teku have blue, white and orange, Metal Maniacs have muted tones and red, Racing Drones have black and green, and the Silencerz have purple and silver.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Most all the drivers have a set color palette for their cars, (if the car is not destroyed) , to help memorize who is driving what, along with the aforementioned Color-Coded Characters. note 
  • Condescending Compassion: In the third movie Kurt praises the Metal Maniacs for dealing with the Sweepers without a leader. This is likely a jab to how Markie "leads" the team.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: The true fate of the lost driver Kadeem. After getting lost in the Storm Realm the drones take him and mess him up quite badly. He's only part-human now.
  • Darker and Edgier: Very much so. Dr. Tezla is maimed in the opening scene. Two drivers undergo Unwilling Robotization (one of them apparently to the point where it destroys his old self). Nolo's brother dies in a flashback. The Wylde brothers are violently estranged, and the danger is a lot tenser. Watching Hot Wheels: World Race will not leave the average moviegoer expecting any of this.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Monkey's full name, Mitchell Mcclurg. To a smaller extent, Porkchop, Deezul Riggs.
  • Doomed Predecessor: The first movie briefly mentions that Dr. Tezla sent other drivers into the Swamp Realm before the main cast (unbeknownst to them) and that the original drivers couldn't find a way out. A scene or two later, the car of one of those drivers (a secondary character in World Race) is seen half-submerged in a swamp (although according to Word of God, another faction secretly rescued the lost drivers).
  • Down To The Last Driver: Vert in the Ultimate Race, Taro in the Water Realm.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The swamp monsters in the Swamp Realm, from giant mosquitos to big green gorilla like things to the giant plant monster at the end of the track.
  • Eldritch Location: Some of the Racing Realms can qualify.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: The first three movies take place over at least a few days each, but The Ultimate Race only takes place over half a day, and possibly as short as two-and-a-half hours. The movie begins with the Cosmic Realm opening and the drivers getting ready. Around 20 minutes after the hour allocated to complete the Cosmic Realm ends, Vert and Gelorum get into the eponymous ultimate race. That Vert is able to complete the race on just one tank of gas (plus the scenes showing what everyone else is doing in the meantime) suggest that it only takes one or two hours. The film ends about ten minutes after the race does.
  • The Faceless: The Silencerz. We only get to see one of them without their helmets.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: When Lani wonders how all eight of the drivers could get inside the Drone HQ, she trails off, a Gilligan Cut follows of the drivers actually doing it.
  • Foil:
    • The Teku and the Metal Maniacs are rivaling street racing groups, who contrast each other in looks/clothes, taste of music and the designs of their cars.
    • The Racing Drones and the Silencerz are the groups that oppose the Teku and Metal Maniacs. The former are distinguished by black and green, have a significant and known presence, and use mass-produced and expendable technology and equipment, while the latter use silver and purple cars and equipment, have highly advanced technology built into their cars, and rely on secrecy and stealth.
    • Nolo (young and sometimes short-tempered) and Tork (experienced and calm).
  • Forgiveness: In Ultimate Race, Tork apologizes to Nolo for Tone's death, at which Nolo finally admits it wasn't Tork's fault—it was Tone's, as he hadn't paid attention while drifting. In the same movie, the Wylde brothers also finally reconcile after Kurt organizes a dangerous rescue attempt to save him from the Drone City.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • In the Storm Realm, RD-L1 deactivates his Fog Realm Accelecharger, despite still driving in a foggy area. This is done because prolonged use of Accelcharger will damage the car shown in High Voltage.
    • Tezla's dream at the beginning of Speed of Silence foreshadows that the drones will get all of the Accelechargers, and Gelorum and the Drones will storm the Acceledrome.
    • Notice how Dr. Tezla wears purple and silver (the prominent colors of Silencerz cars and personnel), and that his car, Nitrium, resemble those used by the Silencerz encountered later in the series? It's not a coincidence, Tezla used to work for the Silencerz and their technology is the same as the one he had developed. Nitrium even has the capability to see through and remove the disguises of Silencerz cars.
    • The two "realm cars" who leave the freeway in the beginning, and trying to escape the Sweeper near the end of the Metro Realm foreshadows that the regular drivers and the Racing Drones aren't the only ones in the realm. They're the Silencerz.
    • A minor one, but in the Cliffside Realms, two Drone cars corner Shirako but don't actively attack like normal Drones would. They're also Silencerz of course.
    • The wreckage of Banjee's car seen in the Swamp Realm indicates that Tezla sent in more drivers who likely died in the realms and is not telling the Teku or Metal Maniacs about their fates and not bothering to search for the missing drivers.
    • In the fourth film, The Silencerz, for some reason, back Vert up against the drones instead of simply concealing themselves like they normally do. It's a hint that they know who Vert is, given that his father is their leader and probably didn't want him to get harmed.
    • Jack constantly insisting Vert to quit racing in the realms with Teku speaks more than him being overprotective, but also about how he's one of the Silencerz who partake in the Racing Realms for their own agendas as well while opposing Metal Maniacs and Teku.
    • During Vert's heart-to-heart talk with his dad, as Jack packs his bag, a car key that have the same purple shading as the Silencerz cars is visible, although not focused on. Jack is the leader of the Silencerz field team.
  • Gate Guardian: To reach the portal leading out of the swamp realm, the drivers have to get past a giant bog monster which ensnares vehicles in vines.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Deora II and the racing Drone at the end of the Storm realm.
  • Homing Boulders: The Drone's ram/bumper weapon is to follow the track despite not having any apparent guidance mechanism.
  • Happy Ending Override: After Gelorum has escaped in the World Race, this was bound to happen:
    • To start, Hot Wheels City has been completely taken over by the Drones, altering it to their design and turning it into their HQ.
    • Dr. Tezla is stuck in his bio-suit indefinitely after his failed attempt to retrieve the Wheel of Power.
    • Kurt's and Markie's relationship has taken a turn for the worst during the time skip.
    • Few ex-World Race drivers have already attempted to race against the Drones (and the realms). None came back.
  • How Did You Know? I Didn't: Taro invokes this at the Junk Realm against a Silencer posing as Kurt.
  • Hood Hornament: Old Smokey is a huge flatbed truck driven by Porkchop with a pair of bull horns attached to the grill.
  • Huge Holographic Head: Tezla first appears to the other drivers as one of these, which hides the injuries he's sustained.
  • Iconic Sequel Character: For a certain generation of Hot Wheels fans, the ten Teku and Metal Maniacs drivers are the face of the whole franchise, even though only four of those ten drivers were present in Hot Wheels: World Race, which AcceleRacers acts as a sequel to.
  • Identical Stranger: Kurt for some reason finds Karma's appearance oddly familiar to Gelorum, calling it "an unusual resemblence". Luckily for us, that doesn't imply something dark...
  • Idiot Houdini: Shirako, Bassline only sustains damage once and even after Shirako bails using the EDR in the Cliffside Realm, it reappears. On top of that, even though he can't hear his surroundings due to his headphones, he never once gets caught in a trap in any Realm. Not even when he has a pair of drone legs obscuring his vision on the portion of the Junk Realm, where bad timing leads you getting swatted off the track with a giant revolving metal spike ball.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Metal Maniac cars are often equipped with deployable spears. They're more often used to hook onto a much larger vehicle than to actually impale something. The only two vehicles that have been impaled were the Sweepers that had captured a driver, and the lead Drone in the Swamp Realm.
  • Irony: At the end of "World Race", Gelorum asks how well Vert would drive with only half a car. Fastforward to AcceleRacers, Vert completes the Storm Realm with only the front half of his car, giving the Deora II the honor of being the only World Race car to be sliced in half in the realms.
    • Despite being a surfer and an ex Wave Ripper, Vert fails spectacularly in the Water Realm.
    • Banjee's car is seen, half submerged in the Swamp Realm after it fell off the track in the short cut. Porkchop, the one who doesn't need easy shortcuts, doesn't suffer the same fate.
    • None of the Teku win the Metro Realm, despite them all being street racers, and Kurt being the former leader of the Street Breed during the World Race.
  • Just a Machine: Gig has this opinion of the drones, and himself leading him to sacrifice himself to destroy the drones, rather than letting Dr. Tezla do it.
  • Left Hanging: The series ends on a cliffhanger and the only closure on the matter is Mattel saying the series is permanently cancelled. GREAT.
  • Leitmotif: The Teku are often associated with techno and bass, much to the chagrin of the Metal Maniacs (Pork Chop tends to be the only one getting worked up). Metal Maniacs on the hand often played guitar rifts like rock and metal. Both of which reflects their style and personality quite well.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Mark threatening to leave Monkey behind in the Storm Realm could be seen as coming to bite him in the ass later, as in the Junk Realm, he got left behind and taken by the drones.
  • Look Behind You: A variant by Nolo and Tork in the Metro Realm. Nolo pulls Tork down to safety, while RD-L1 turns, just in time to be blown apart by the overpass that the Sweeper is passing under.
  • Made of Explodium: Whenever a Racing Drone is forced off the track or crashes into a wall. If they're not squashed, smashed or broken into pieces, expect an explosive end for that poor robot.
  • Match Cut: Happens in the Ultimate Race, when the drone planes in the drones HQ turn into the Cavern Realm's bats.
  • Mecha-Mooks: The drones.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Every car highlighted in the show was made into a Hot Wheels car for the 2005 model line (and many have been re-issued for later model lines). It's painfully obvious after the Storm Realm in Ignition. Of the 35 cars present in the World Race, only the front half of the Deora II is able to finish a Realm. Slingshot, '70 Plymouth Road Runner, Crazy 8s, Sidedraft (Dan Dresden's car), Ballistik (Banjee's car), and Switchback (Alec Wood's car) are confirmed to be lost or destroyed racing through the Realms. ( Ballistik makes a cameo in the Swamp Realm, giving it the unlikely honor of the most recent appearance of a World Race car.) Slingshot ends up overturned with a wheel snapped off, resulting in its abandonment, because there's no time to rescue it before the portal shuts. Krazy 8's has its parachute vaporized by Drones, sending it plummeting into the abyss. Taro's '70's Roadrunner has its electronics toasted by a freak lightning strike, it actually gets towed out of the realm but is never used again. Deora II almost joins the completely lost list, becoming half the car it used to be when Vert skims through the portal just as it closes, and it effectively bisects his vehicle between dimensions upon shutting. All the old cars get abandoned in the Storm Realm.
  • Miracle Rally: Taro attempts this at the end of the Water Realm. He gets out in the nick of time, merely losing half of his rear bumper.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: A rare example where this happens on the heroes side with an actually convincing justification. After Mark Wylde is captured by the drones in the Junk Realm, Tezla is finally forced to reveal the truth that there are actually more drivers who were lost in the realms before the Teku and the Metal Maniacs came along, among those numbers include World Race veterans such as Dan Dresden, Alec Wood, and Banjee Castilo. Tezla kept the truth hidden from the heroes because he thought it might discourage them from driving. Fed up with all the lies and the fact that Tezla treated them as expendable pawns, both teams except Vert (whose leg was broken and felt he's going to be a liability) decided to bail on him to go on a rescue operation to rescue Mark in the drone city instead, leaving Tezla and his goal behind.
  • Mythology Gag: Vert's dad is the son of the main character from the old 1960s Hot Wheels television show: Jack "Rabbit" Wheeler.
  • Nitro Boost: The Nitrox-2 makes a return but along the way, Monkey develops a new formula dubbed "Nitrox-3 1/2" which allows a driver to go 300 mph in reverse! This is demonstrated by Taro when he ended up in the Drone HQ by accident.
    • In The Ultimate Race, Tezla installed a Nitrox-2 Afterburner in Vert's Reverb. It seems to give more kick compared to the usual Nitrox 2 and can be used a lot less sparingly.
  • Long NOO!!!!: Monkey's reaction when Gig tells him they aren't getting paid.
  • Once More, with Clarity:
    • The last time we see the flashback to Tone's crash we see that he actually recovered just fine from Tork hitting him and then lost control while drifting. This is also when Nolo forgives Tork.
    • The first part of the cliffside realm ends with Kurt ramming Shirako off the track. The second and third parts show that a drone had damaged Shirako's car to the point where it would explode but his music was too loud for him to hear the others warn him, Kurt rammed him to force him to EDR.
  • One-Liner: "I've got trouble." —- Taro. Cue fifteen seconds later, "I've got more trouble."
  • Only the Worthy May Pass: Each racing realm has a different type of challenge to overcome. Only a racer who learns to overcome it will reach the finish.
    • Only a racer who passes through each realm using skill, and not the Accele-Chargers, may join the Accelerons
  • Plot Parallel: The Water Realm almost perfectly sums up the realms for the drivers before the Ultimate Race. Vert continues to experience sub-par driving. Markie attempts to take revenge on Kurt only for the drones to wreck it. A Teku driver uses the Swamp Accelecharger to get back onto the track. And Shirako either plays his music loudly or is unaccounted for half the Realm.
  • Poor Communication Kills: This is the major Fatal Flaw of the heroes. Several things could have turned out differently had they communicated with each other properly. Not helping is Dr. Tezla withholding critical information from them.
    • In the Storm Realm, Kadeem tells Taro that they should work with each other in order to take on the Racing Drones. Rather than heed to his advice, Taro does the usual "I'm gonna pass you" and leaves Kadeem to fend for himself against the Drones, which ends badly.
    • In the Water Realm, after Karma discovers how the Drones win the realms, she tries to give Vert advice on what to do in the Water Realm. Unfortunately, Vert was being too full of himself as he was caring more about setting a record. This leads to him crashing his car and preventing himself from winning the realm.
  • Portal Cut: Happens to anyone unlucky enough to go through a portal as it closes.
  • Power Glows: Whenever the Accelechargers are used during driving.
    • The Acceleron's telekinesis on Gelorum and creating a Wheel of Power.
  • Precursors: The Accelerons are sufficiently advanced beings whose members are able to create dimension portals and Wheels of Power, use telekinesis and transform existing matter into another form just by moving their fingers.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: The Teku and Metal Maniacs both defeat the drones at the cost of Vert Wheeler being captured by the Silencerz.
  • The Quiet One: Despite his loud music, it's Shirako, to the point where sometimes the plot forgets about him. He's not anywhere near Taro at the end of the Water Realm (but is confirmed to get out), despite clearly getting back on the Track.
  • Ramming Always Works: Even more prominent in comparison to World Race. Especially when you got racing robots that will literally try to drive you off the road, you might as well return the favor. The rugged cars of the Metal Maniacs has this advantage. Kurt uses this to destroy two drones in the Swamp Realm. Monkey does this with the hijacked Sweeper during the assault on the Drone HQ.
  • The Reveal:
    • Vert's dad is one of the Silencerz.
      • Dr. Tezla used to work as part of the Silencerz. Thus explaining why his car Nitrium and Gig look exactly like the other Silencerz cars and drones; he stole both from them after quitting, not the other way around.
    • When the drivers are heading into the Swamp Realm, Tork asks Tezla on which track they should take.
    • This implied that previous drivers went into the realms. It was later confirmed in the movie and later in the series that Alec, Dan, and Banjee previously went in and got lost leading to the viewers seeing Banjee's car abandoned in the swamp realm. We don't even know if any of them are alive anymore.
  • Robot War: On racetracks!
  • Robot Buddy: Gig for Dr. Tezla. Tezla cares for Gig as if he was a son. Sparky is also this for the drivers.
  • Rubber-Band A.I.: With the exception of the Swamp Realm, the drones are this.
  • Ruins for Ruins' Sake: Averted so very much. It's an actual Realm, and it gives a history of the Racing Drones and the Accelerons.
  • Running Gag: Any drone not in a car near Shirako always end up getting destroyed due to Bassline, to the point where he takes out more drones than anybody else in the series.
  • Secret Test of Character: The racing realms were designed to create "the perfect driver". Each realm teaching a different kind of driving skill. The point of the final race is not to be first. Rather to show your skill by making it through each realm over again, and not using the Accelechargers.
    • In the Storm Realm, the drivers had to focus on their driving and avoid distractions.
    • In the Swamp Realm, the drivers had to find the line with the best grip.
    • The Accelerons designed the Cavern Realm to test a driver's ability to drive in the dark while avoiding obstacles.
    • To win the Lava Realm, the drivers had to understand how the track affected their tyres.
    • The Water Realm tested the drivers' ability to maintain control while hydroplaning.
    • The Metro Realm forced the drivers to master their braking skills.
    • In the Cliffside Realm, the drivers had to master drifting in hairpin turns. Vert opted to jump off a road and skip most of the track.
    • In the Ice Realm, the drivers had to learn to negotiate slick surfaces.
    • To complete the Neon Pipeline Realm, the drivers had to learn drafting and driving at all degrees (upside down in some places) in order to win this realm.
    • The Accelerons designed the Junk Realm to test a driver's ability to hit the apex of a turn. That's where your inside wheel is closest to the inside of a turn. Where you from driving into a turn to driving out of a turn.
    • The lesson that the Ruins Realm taught driving on delicate surfaces/understanding how the weight of a vehicle affects performance.
    • The Cosmic Realm was designed to test a driver's skill in high-speed control since the low-gravity environment requires the drivers to produce as much down force as possible in order to avoid floating off the track.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here:
    • Monkey tries to get Tork to drive him out of the Acceledrome after coming back from the Storm Realm but he had other plans after hearing of what the Drones did.
    • Taro says a variation after ending up the Drone HQ by accident at the conclusion of his first go through of the Water Realm.
      Taro: "I'm out."
  • Serious Business: The Accelerons treat racing like this, given all the effort they put into engineering the racing realms.
  • Sequel Hook: A huge one, unfortunately the series is on a "Indefinite Hiatus" (read: Cancelled permanently) outside several unsuccessful fan made attempts to give the series a proper conclusion.
  • Skewed Priorities: Dr. Tezla only started to install the Emergency Driver Return into every car when the racers began winning Accelechargers. Lani quickly realizes he cares more about the Accelechargers than his own drivers and questions what really happens if the Drones keep winning said Accelechargers.
  • Snowy Screen of Death: When Wylde is captured, Tezla and Gig show Kurt footage of the drones slowly marching towards his brother's car, culminating in this.
    Tezla: Believe this.
    Gig: This was the last transmission from your brother's onboard camera.
  • Spanner in the Works: Shirako and his usage of Bassline's speakers. The Accelerons clearly didn't plan for him blasting his music at the giant bugs and bats in the Swamp and Cavern Realms respectively. Nor for him to cause the Junk Realm piles to collapse on the track. The Drones certainly didn't plan on him either as he both dispatches a group of Drone motorcyclists or provides the inspiration for Vert during the Cliffside Realm in the Ultimate Race. If Vert hadn't done it, Gelorum would have won the race by a landslide.
  • Steel Eardrums: Shirako's. He should have gone deaf by now. This is even lampshaded in the Cliffside Realm
    Lani: Doesn't he know that listening to loud music will damage his hearing?
    Nolo: Yeah I tried to tell him, but he acted like he didn't hear me.
  • Strong as They Need to Be: Shirako's Bassline (and eardrums). In the Cliffside Realm mini-episode, a drone disrupts Shirako's boosters to point where his car will explode if he tries using them. Yet in the Junk Realm, the same thing happens and Bassline doesn't suffer any damage. The strength and frequency of the car's sound waves also varies, able to be heard without deafening the listener, and yet still be able to destroy Drone Motorcycle bots and giant bugs and bats.
  • Stunned Silence: When Taro accidentally ends up in the Drone HQ.
  • Theme Music Power-Up: Music tends to pump up the viewers based on what's on screen. 2 instances in Ignition include the catchy metal theme when Markie's car first appeared and the techno bass music Nolo played during his impromptu race with Tork.
  • Third Realm Stupidity: Vert in the water Realm, though it could've been avoided if Karma didn't speak up about the Realm's skill, because Vert was actually doing very well in the Water Realm. He panic braked when Karma told him to back off the Accelerator, forcing him into a crash.
  • This Is a Drill: The Drill Hyperpod.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Nolo has Tone's broken necklace from the crash that killed him.
  • Tron Lines: Not overtly, but they are part of the drones' design and their base of operation.
    • Some of the racing realms have these as well.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: What Gelorum has had done to Kadeem and Marky - the latter is rescued soon enough that only one of his arms is replaced. The first becomes a Gelorum-like drone.]]
  • Vehicular Turnabout: The Metal Maniacs and Teku work together in the Cosmic Realm to steal one of the Drone Sweepers to use as a Trojan Horse to sneak into the Drone HQ to rescue Kadeem and Mark in the final movie. Though the Racing Drones caught on immediately that the Sweeper was commandeered by the drivers, their plan to save Mark is successful and all of the drivers manage to escape to the Acceledrome leaving their stolen sweeper behind. After returning to the Acceledrome and being informed of its impending destruction, the drivers steal another Racing Drone Sweeper in order to escape.
  • Virtual Training Simulation: Karma is seen using one.
  • The Voiceless: The Silencerz never speak aloud while seen on screen. It's subverted at the end of Ultimate Race when Jack Wheeler reveals himself to be as one of the Silencerz to Vert and tell his son they need to talk.
  • A Wizard Did It: The Racing Realms all in some degree defy the very fundamental laws of physics despite the scientific impossibilities behind the tracks that the Metal Maniacs and Teku both end up driving on. Since the Racing Realms were built explicitly for Humans to drive upon as part of the Accelerons Secret Test of Character, it is justified. Lampshaded by Kadeem and Taros' conversation while driving in the Storm Realm.
    Kadeem: Does anybody know what's holding this track up?
    Taro: Ask the Accelerons.
  • Wham Shot: In the Speed of Silence, near the end of the first realm it shows Taro entering the drones' territory, which just means he's in a lot of trouble. He then escapes that place surprisingly easy, only to find out that he's re-entered the Water Realm, and he has to go through the whole track over again.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Silencerz provide a minor example.


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