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    La Muerte and Xibalba 
La Muerte and Xibalba, The Deity Couple (La Muerte: Mi Amor, Muertita, La Catrina, Mary-Beth; Xibalba: Balby, Guicho)
Left: La Muerte Right: Xibalba
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: A red heart in front of black wings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (La Muerte) and True Neutral leaning to Evil (Xibalba)
  • Portfolio: God Couple, Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them, Beast and Beauty, Opposites Attract, Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, Jealous of each other chasing other people, Having Unique Forms of Flight, Having Mortal Disguises, Compulsion to making numerous bets
  • Domains: Love, Divinity, Balance, Memories
  • Herald: The Candlemaker
  • High Priests: Fu Xi & Nu Wa
  • Followers: Kami-sama and Ansuz, Queen Jaydes and King Grambi, Marduk and Kyra
  • Allies: Cosmos, Eru Iluvatar, Manwe, Dizzy, Hector, Histoire, the Librarian, Retsu Unohana, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Zen & Rei, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Madoka Kaname, Hades, Persephone, Asura, Mithra, The Nephalem, Aphrodite, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor
  • Enemies: Melkor, Lord Chaos, Garland, Lucifer, YHVH, Nekron, Lord English, Doc Scratch, Zanza, Nurgle, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Kid Icarus' Hades, Bandit Keith, Malthael, SCP-049, Master Xehanort, The Lich, Justice (Afro Samurai)
  • Opposes: Zeus, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Opposed by: Trip & Grace, SCP-1440
  • Pities: Xion
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki, Hera
  • Not long after Hector's ascension, two divine looking beings, a woman in red with a large hat and a skeletal humanoid with large black wings were seen out on a date in the House of Love. The Court of the Gods were notified of their presence and sent messengers to summon them, but the couple show themselves up to the courtroom and introduced themselves as La Muerte and Xibalba. The Court tells them that they qualify for the God Couple trope, due to the fact that they are two deities married to each other and are still going strong despite their differences. They accept their newfound position and settled in the sub-Houses of Divinity and Couples Archetypes.
  • Speaking of Hector, he at first thought they run his homeworld's Land of the Dead. They told him that is sadly not the case, but they still have good relations with him as they sympathized with his former best friend KILLING HIM and stealing the credit of a song he wrote, as well as trying to reunite with his daughter, much like Manolo Sanchez's own problems with Joaquin and Maria. On another unrelated note, the three have noticed the similarities between their universes and decided they shouldn't be discussed further than that.
  • They have donated a copy of The Book of Life to the House of Knowledge, with Histoire and the Librarian acknowledging the transaction. Histoire in particular got along with the divine couple really well for guarding a big book of information much like their Herald, the Candlemaker who she got acquainted with swiftly.
  • They have quickly allied themselves with Cosmos, Eru Iluvatar and his second in command, Manwe who have congratulated them for giving the people of San Angel an edge in fighting the bandit king Chakal. They were wary of Xibalba and his previous actions, though the latter says he is currently redeeming himself from them by playing nice; La Muerte promises them he will not cheat again, considering she's his Morality Pet.
    • Of course, Melkor did not take kindly to their ascension so he threatens them by vowing to extinguish the Land of the Remembered just out of spite, which rubs them the wrong way and also shows that there are far more worse adversaries than Chakal. Lord Chaos and Garland are also villains the couple have been wary of, since Cosmos heavily implied she and Chaos were once an item and Xibalba feels conflicted from hearing about it.
    • The other Grand United Alliance Leaders are not friendly with them either. YHVH thinks the Land of the Remembered does not deserve times of joy, a fact La Muerte takes great offense at. Lucifer may have somewhat reasonable goals, but his penchant for anarchic chaos makes Chakal look like a wannabe. Nekron may as well top their enemies list; him wanting death and destruction makes him more dangerous than Chakal, which threatens the living and the Land of the Remembered as well. Nekron called them pathetic for giving the dead too much leeway, especially Xibalba for not being spiteful enough to go against everyone; this angered Xibalba greatly, who refutes that despite his abrasiveness towards everyone, he wouldn't stoop too low to the point of raising the dead because he has someone he cares about. Nekron then leaves disgusted at them, angered at their moral upstanding.
  • The couple have a better time with Retsu Unohana than with Nurgle. That's because Retsu cares about everyone and their safety while Nurgle thinks so, but does not realize his actions are more harmful to others. Nurgle thinks he could be best buds with Xibalba, but the latter wants nothing to do with him.
    Xibalba: Yeah, sorry buddy. I can't hang out with you, I must uh… feed my snake.
    • They cannot agree with SCP-049 and his perspective on "curing" the living. That would mean far too many needless deaths entering the Lands of the Remembered and Forgotten. Xibalba is offended that someone else with the Touch of Death never thinks about what their powers can actually do to innocents. They are also enemies with Malthael, a Fallen Angel that has powers over death and seeks to purge all living beings corrupted by demons who sees the couple as demonic.
  • Being a divine couple, they have gotten along with other couples. They see a lot of themselves in Gomez & Morticia Addams and Hades & Persephone, who welcome them warmly in their respective temples anytime. They were surprised that Kouta Kazuraba & Mai Takatsukasa were once human, and Kouta does more Divine Intervention than Mai who must always look after Planet Helheim. They were also surprised that Zen, a divine being and Rei, a human can actually get together. Princess Cadance & Shining Armor have also congratulated them (Cadance especially) on maintaining their happy marriage.
    • Zeus and Hera never had the best marriage, which disappointed La Muerte and Xibalba. Doesn't help that Zeus constantly cheated on her with other goddesses (and mortals) and Hera commends them for having a happier marriage despite giving said goddesses (and mortals) punishments for getting close to him, something even La Muerte finds too much. The other Hades is someone they're enemies with, since he tarnishes their good friend's name. Considering what they are capable of, he is treading caution while still finding a way to taunt them good.
    • Aphrodite thought Xibalba would be to willing cheat on La Muerte, but the truth couldn't be more farther than that as they love each other too deeply. This relieved her greatly and she wishes them the best, which they accept more than they do with Hera's praise. They have heard of Ato-ko Shirogane and her shtick of destroying relationships and already, they are more than happy to punish her should she do the same to them. Ato-ko herself wouldn't dare to ruin their marriage, considering that they are deities and their devotion is too strong to be broken.
    • They feel conflicted over the fact that a villainous couple like Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki could be happy together. Sure, their marriage is something they can respect, but both are willing to do bad things nonetheless. Trip & Grace feel insecure and are in denial over the fact that two deities are happier being together than they are; the divine couple tries to give them marriage advice, but they are too adamant and refuses to even listen to them.
  • Given that the Land of the Remembered needs everyone remembering their loved ones, La Muerte has befriended Mithra for managing the faith for the Trope Pantheons. Asura also got acquainted with her, finding her not as bad as the other gods he met in his adventure. He and Mithra are still intimidated by Xibalba and are wary of him, despite the latter being harmless lately.
  • They are very impressed with The Nephalem's exploits of defeating Diablo just by not being included in their prophecy. It helps that their heroic roles are just like Manolo's, though La Muerte granted Manolo the power to be Immune to Fate while The Nephalem were already granted said power from the start.
  • Since they love making bets a lot which gives them ups and downs (severity depends on their actions), they are seeking Tsunade and Marge Simpson for counseling on reducing this behaviour. Though half the time, Tsunade often ended up enabling said behaviour instead, causing Marge to Face Palm. Tsunade does note that she and La Muerte have something in common. For Marge, she at least finds solace over the fact that they are Good Parents towards their children, even if one of them (Sartana) ended up being a bad guy. Given the bad experiences of Xibalba cheating during bets, Bandit Keith is someone they consider a bad example of, even moreso than Xibalba. Keith is staying far away from them, lest he makes a bet with them and not holding up his promises like he usually do.
  • Lord English and Doc Scratch are arguably worse than Nekron in terms of wanting destruction and the couple are making preparations should their plan nearly comes to fruition again. There's also Zanza, who wants to recreate the world as he sees fit after destroying it and Yuki Terumi, whose countless atrocities involve inflicting despair and provoking weapons of mass destruction just to get back at the creator goddess that has forsaken him. Misanthropes like Shinobu Sensui and Lysandre are also enemies to look out for considering like them, Chakal hates his fellow humans too. All of them see La Muerte and Xibalba as greater obstacles to overcome so that they can achieve their goals for the end of the world.
  • They have met Madoka Kaname and find her a really sweet girl who only wants what was best for everyone. Her friend, Homura Akemi is a bit different; sure Homura's pain of wanting to see her friend again is understandable, but she also depowered said friend just so she does not lose her. La Muerte is more willing to hear her out (despite Homura not wanting to talk about it), knowing that Homura is suffering as much as everyone she has wronged while Xibalba sees it as an injustice, vowing to end Homura for good should she pull another stunt like that.
  • The Land of the Forgotten is where the dead go whenever nobody ever remember them. However, the couple has never heard of someone being instantly erased from existence; that someone is Xion. They have met her and were saddened of her fate in the mortal world. Xion also has warned them about Master Xehanort and his plans to kidnap the princesses and other girls with similar auras for his grand master plan against the entire Pantheons, which they agree to keep in mind. They then bet each other that either one of them will ruin one of Xehanort's plans.
  • They have met Dizzy, who's also a sweetheart like Madoka. Xibalba is fascinated by her black wing, Necro though he assures her that he just find him cool-looking and not provoking him until he's out of control. SCP-1440 does not like them, since he mostly stay away from death entities after escaping death, despite the couple actually pitying his current state.
  • Apparently according to their creator, they along with La Muerte's sister, La Noche and her husband, El Chamuco make bets all the time, which ended up causing every single event known in human history. Because of this, all deities (even the real ones who are still living) are now wary of them and Marge has more reasons to be exasperated at them.
  • Exclusive to La Muerte:
    • La Muerte has gotten along with other benevolent goddesses and queens like Palutena and Princess Celestia. She finds a lot of common ground with Palutena and even joins her for tea talking about their favourite people. Princess Celestia is happy that La Muerte is living proof that death is not always a bad thing.
    • She rules the Land of the Remembered, an afterlife where the dead go and stay forever as long as there is people alive to remember them. Since she shows that the afterlife is a fun place, she gets along with the good-aligned deities in the sub-house of Afterlife Entities. Her opinion on the evil ones are obvious. There is also Lord Death, who La Muerte once serve as his follower. Lord Death is ecstatic that a fellow friendly reaper is here and together, they help spread the idea that death is not something to fear.
    • She has also befriended fellow All Loving Heroes Yusuke Godai, Rushuna Tendou and Fluttershy. She is glad that Yusuke and Rushuna are fighting for everyone's happiness and Fluttershy was initially almost intimidated by her appearance, but is relieved once she find La Muerte to be quite friendly and also have met Princess Celestia.
  • Exclusive to Xibalba:
    • Finds a lot of common ground with Discord, who finds him a jolly good fellow to have fun with. It helps that they are reforming, though Celestia, La Muerte and Fluttershy are making sure that they still do so. Also got along with fellow Trickster God Loki, who also reformed though even Xibalba is making sure to be wary of his motives time and time again.
    • Has joined Death from Regular Show, Grim and Charon for their own games of poker. Xibalba feels bad about Grim's predicament of having to be the best friend of two kids (doesn't help that one is incredibly stupid and the other is scarily bossy, even for a child) and Charon being Sadly Mythtaken just like his superior, Hades. The three find him a not really bad guy, though they promise to La Muerte that his cheating habits will be punished more often than not, given they too value upholding bargains.
    • Currently under supervision of Dizzy's father Sol Badguy who helps other people who did bad things repent for their actions. It also helps (and is often irking) they have another thing in common.

Greater Gods

    Meruem and Komugi 
Meruem and Komugi, God and Goddess of Blind and Monstrous Pairs (Meruem: Chimera Ant King, Supreme Leader)

Intermediate Gods

    Gomez and Morticia Addams 
Gomez and Morticia Addams, God and Goddess of Married Couples

    Kiritsugu Emiya & Irisviel von Einzbern 
Kiritsugu Emiya & Irisviel von Einzbern, Divine Couple of Soft Women Comforting Saddened Men (Kiritsugu: Kerry, The Magus Killer, Mage of the Einzberns, Assassin, EMIYA; Irisviel: Iri, Caster, 'Dress of Heaven')
Kiritsugu (left) & Iri (right)
Kiritsugu as a Counter Guardian 
'Dress Of Heaven' 
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Kiritsugu's gun and Iri's DOH hat crossed together
  • Theme Songs: Magus Killer or his version of EMIYA (Kiritsugu) Silver Moon (Iri)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Necessary Evil according to himself), Chaotic Evil as an Assassin (Kiritsugu); Chaotic Good (Iri)
  • Portfolio: Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl, Lady and Knight, Happily Married, Having crappy lives that did not end well
  • Domains: Warfare, Pragmatism, Sacrifices, Love, Magic
  • Herald: Maiya Hisau
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Most other heroic Kamen Riders, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Master Chief (Kiritsugu); Saber Alter, Oriko Mikuni (both)
  • Enemies: Kirei Kotomine, Zouken Matou, Araya Souren, Melkor, The Millennium, Monsoon, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Sundowner, The Joker, Esdeath, Handsome Jack, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Father Homunculus, Yaldabaoth, Master Xehanort, Gul'dan
  • Commonality Connection with: Illidan Stormrage (Kiritsugu)
  • Pities: Captain Martin Walker (Kiritsugu)
  • For the longest time, Kiritsugu Emiya have been killing mages left and right even before the start of the 4th Holy Grail War. That is until he is hired by the Einzberns to protect Irisviel, a homunculus who is groomed to be the vessel of the Holy Grail. She was also allowed to give birth, which sired Illyasviel. During their time together, they fall in love and their dynamic is exemplary; she comforts him when he's at his most broken. Needless to say, this doesn't last long as Iri got kidnapped by Kotomine and strangled to death by him when she told him about Kiritsugu's wish; after she fused with the Grail, Kiritsugu had to destroy dark constructs of her and Illya made by the corrupted Grail, breaking him even further. Their tragic story earns them their title to the Trope Pantheons.
    • Kiritsugu ascended first as the God of Pragmatic Heroes which he finds to be rather ironic, having openly criticized the Throne of Heroes for taking glory in war and finding himself in a literal Pantheon of Heroes. He's okay with his title... then he got lonely without Irisviel around. He could have spent time with Shirou and Illya but they have their own friends to hang out with, so he decided to change his title. The Court of the Gods found out his compatibility with Irisviel is unmatched compared to other couples with a similar dynamic; knowing he will not let a happier couple get in but at the same time saving them from the harsh world that awaits them, Kiritsugu accepts the change. With that finalized, at long last he has reunited with the love of his life, Irisviel von Einzbern.
  • Applies to both of them:
    • The first thing the couple did is to see their daughter Illyasviel once again. Illya is super happy that her father got her mother in the Pantheons and the three hugged each other as they cherish their new reunion. Shirou also happens to be there, and was surprised and happy to see his father once again. Kiritsugu is so proud of his growth, even commending him for throwing away his ideals to save Sakura (well, they are kind of unhealthy anyway). Irisviel took a liking to Shirou and proclaims herself his new mother figure; Shirou never had a proper mother figure since losing his birth parents in the Fuyuki Fire, so he's ecstatic to bond with her. Of course, she will not bring up her other self's tendency to sell off pictures of him to potential suitors...
      • They then meet Heracles, who has been taking care of Illya since she summoned him. Luckily, he was not a Berserker at the time so he's lucid enough to speak; anyway, the couple felt grateful for him to take care of Illya when they left her behind long ago to which Heracles accepted humbly since he's a hero and heroes got to take care of every children they were entrusted to. They were shocked and saddened that he was forced to kill his wife and child in a fit of blind rage, not unlike Kiritsugu who had to kill dark copies of his wife and child that nonetheless still psychologically broke him while Heracles understand why Illya's parents left her at the Einzbern manor. After all of this, they trust him enough to protect Illya and he too protects them by extension.
      • They are aware of Archer's real identity and Kiritsugu always made sure that he gave him a sad, but understanding smile on him. Irisviel can't help but feel somewhat uneasy towards him; not because she distrusts him, but she feels a great burden in his heart...
      • They are surprised that there's an Illya who actually lived a good life they wanted her to have. The young magical girl at first thought her parents are finally here, but then her original self told her that's not the case; Iri still took a liking to the more innocent Illya and Kiritsugu is blessed that he basically has two daughters now, even if they share the same name. They felt bad for Miyu Edelfelt, whose Kiritsugu is a more heartless man and never cared for her, to which the real Kiritsugu called him a failure of a father and resolves to be better at taking care of Miyu. As for Chloe, well... they do value her, but she has done very naughty things that they would consider un-childlike. Chloe is a little scared of them; sure they are nice to her, but she had bad memories of the other Iri kicking her ass like she's another mook for trying to kiss her while Kiritsugu has enough means to put her down lethally with his Anti-Magic Origin Bullets and a ruthless resolve to assassinate. She could nothing but shudder at their mere presences.
      • Taiga is ecstatic to see the two again for different reasons. She's got a Precocious Crush on Kiritsugu when she was younger and she met Irisviel after the latter pulled her in for the Einzbern Consultation Room gags. Kiritsugu entrusts her to keep taking care of Shirou while Iri is glad that Taiga got her out of Angra Mainyu's possession.
      • Their reunion with Saber is both conflicting for Kiritsugu and heartwarming for Irisviel. On one hand, Saber gets along well with Iri, even having fitting dynamics with her. On the other, Kiritsugu got along the least with Saber because back then, their philosophies clash greatly with Saber harboring disgust over his dishonorable actions and lack of decency despite no longer caring about him forcing her to destroy the grail while Kiritsugu considers her someone who is too bound by a romanticized view of war and chivalry to amount to much good in the world. Of course, Kiritsugu has long since been inactive in his assassination business (Maiya's not pushing it either, surprisingly) and he has entrusted his hidden ideals to Shirou entirely, so their hostilities has since reduced quite fairly; he and Irisviel are surprised that Saber and Shirou are romantically close, but they are not complaining since the two have been through a lot and they deserve some happiness after all that. Since their bitter opinions of each other crops up every now and again, their teamwork will be a last resort should everything go down the drain fast enough.
      • They both were alarmed of Saber Alter's existence, since she's basically Saber corrupted by the Greater Grail's black mud and under Angra Mainyu's control, which horrified Irisviel and unsettles Kiritsugu. Even worse is that she turned her back on her ideals, giving her a tyrant-like mentality and made her methods like Kiritsugu's. Saber Alter expresses that she now sees Kiritsugu's point of his cynicism, but since she was once the Artoria Pendragon that served him, her grudge against him didn't go anywhere; in fact it has grown a lot worse since she's now even angrier at him. Irisviel felt another of her worst nightmares have been realized upon just seeing Saber Alter, who she sees as very naive and said to her the following:
      Saber Alter: I have seen far worse, Irisviel. It is better if you have not experienced all of the world's evil...
      • They were surprised to find Tokiomi's daughters being alive and well. Rin and Sakura have finally met the adoptive father of Shirou and... were surprised to see him subdued in spite of his "Magus Killer" reputation. He's fine with them being with Shirou as long as Shirou makes them happy, but he's stopping himself from telling them everything about their family because he feels they don't have the mental fortitude to take it all in.
    • Kiritsugu feels he is not fit to be a "Hero of Justice" due to not only everything that has happened to him, but his morally bankrupt actions already stripped away his rights to be one. That's why he's fine with entrusting his ideals to someone who has the powers to do so, like to Shirou as well as Sieg, Jeanne d'Arc and Siegfried and said they could do a better job than him. The three were conflicted over his actions but nonetheless still determine to be better than Kiritsugu and Jeanne hopes he may find happiness with his family in the Pantheons. Jeanne also feel obligated to protect Irisviel since the latter is a conduit of the Holy Grail; Irisviel is flattered nonetheless and they hanged out over tea with Saber every once in a while.
      • He also considers Raiden, Optimus Prime and Yuji Sakai to be better "Heroes of Justice" than him. He sympathizes with Raiden after hearing about his past as a Child Soldier, and having experienced what war can do to a person and with Yuji after hearing that he is trying to end a war that has lasted for millennia and the war would eventually end humanity. Optimus shares Jeanne's opinion that Kiritsugu may not take back what he did, but at least he felt remorse for them and hopes he finds happiness again.
    • Kiritsugu and Irisviel may had gone through a horrible war, but they had never thought a war between dimensions can break out badly. Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiiragi and their counterparts filled in on their experiences to them and all they could express is sympathy and horror, especially that Yuya and his counterparts are reincarnations of Z-ARC; Kiritsugu expressed he would have killed one of them if he was there, but today he wouldn't want to consider that. He and Iri got along with Yuto and Ruri Kurosaki the best since they get the worst brunt of the war by the Fusion Dimension's invasion of their Heartland and they see themselves in the kids while Yuto finds Kiritsugu to be like his friend Shun, only more extreme and brutal while they oppose Yuri who revel in the war's chaos and everyone's suffering, which Yuri feels no need to refute despite turning good at the end.
    • The couple felt bad for Homura since she and Kiritsugu would do anything for the women they love, even relating their extreme methods to one another; she confided in them because they were kind to her and Kiritsugu considers her a mini-him. Irisviel wanted to console her so badly, but Homura refuses to ever talk about her regrets and feels she deserve the bad reputation she was given, further saddening the three.
    • Master Chief has some rocky relations with Kiritsugu; the Chief is a lawful soldier that follows orders and pushes himself to do what's right and not what's easy while Kiritsugu would do whatever it takes to get the job done and honor just doesn't factor into that equation. They have gotten a bit better when Kiritsugu said he does regret his actions later to the point he quitted after saving Shirou; at least they sound like each other which they decide is something they could exploit soon and agreed that War Is Hell. While the Chief would definitely like to see Kiritsugu use his methods against the Covenant, he's not so sure he could see him go against Insurrectionists.
      • The Chief was once Homura's guardian, but then tensions built up regarding the morality of her actions and they ended up becoming distant towards each other. Due to this turn of events, Homura now turn to Kiritsugu and Irisviel for more moral support; this also contested the Chief's and Kiritsugu's partnership and who knows how long it will end badly as well.
    • Oriko found Kiritsugu to be a bit terrifying at first due to his Magus Killer reputation, not helping matters that Homura Akemi was said to resemble him, but she later was told that Kiritsugu had a certain characteristic that Homura didn't have. She liked him a bit better because of this, though he commented that "her heart was in the right place, but she escalated her actions too quickly." Meanwhile, Irisviel did pity her due to her backstory and resulting actions that spiraled from it, though she found her murder of Madoka Kaname a bit too far, not helping that she unwittingly doomed Mitakihara City due to no one able to stop Walpurgisnacht, which reminded them of the unfortunate results of the 4th Holy Grail War.
    • Because his cynicism rubs idealists the wrong way, Kiritsugu had friction among most heroic Kamen Riders since they largely fight for the sight of good. The compassionate ones do feel bad for his tragedy while the righteous ones feel uneasy towards him for his actions. Kiritsugu for his part tries not to cross their paths too much while Irisviel largely defends her husband like a good wife would.
      • There are two Riders he did got along with; Takatora Kureshima and Hiiro Kagami. Takatora felt bad for the couple and is willing to understand Kiritsugu crossing his lines while Hiiro sympathized with losing a loved one before your eyes and saw a lot of Saki in Irisviel. Taylor Herbert, who shares the same sub-house with Takatora also gained the couple's sympathy since she's just a young kid when she's Forced into Evil; Taylor herself is glad there are adults she can trust, though she does find Kiritsugu's past disagreeable.
    • Griffin feels bad for the couple because they were stuck in a hopeless war where death is inevitable and tragedy strikes at anytime. Even in a timeline where they slain the rest of Einzbern household and getting Illya safe, there is still bound to have death and tragedy. The couple didn't disagree either with Kiritsugu stating, "Even if I have the choice to turn back time, I wouldn't have changed anything. People will die regardless and I can't change that." Relatedly, Iri is amazed that Griffin can see possible timelines, which is not that different from Iri keeping memories of other Grail Wars due to being a vessel of the Holy Grail.
    • Kiritsugu and Iri have found out that there were couples who also had an ordeal like theirs. Zero and Gunvolt found a lot in common with Kiritsugu, being former cold-hearted hunters who found someone that gave them emotional security and they also took a liking to Iri, who's sad that they lost their beloved tragically not unlike her husband losing her. Joule is still alive, but she has fused with GV who refused to see her as the same person; so, his current Herald, Quinn is helping to fix that by being saved. The thing is, Joule became a new person entirely with no past memory and GV decided to give her a new life she deserves by keeping her out of his life, even if it breaks his heart. Hearing of this, Iri took GV and hugged him to comfort him and told him he's never alone anymore.
      • As for Zero's situation, the similarly named Iris, perished after being defeated while having her brother's powers, though afterwards she's alive and well in the Pantheons; she and Zero had enough heartbreak to go through but fortunately they remain amicable and Iri wished the best for each of their happiness.
      • They had a double date with Squall and Rinoa since like Raiden, Squall was a Child Soldier going through harsh training while Rinoa is a kind general's daughter. Likewise in another instance, Cloud and Tifa are Childhood Friends who also had the same dynamic with Tifa giving Cloud his emotional needs. The four were saddened that the married couple did not last very long to the end, though Kiritsugu and Irisviel assures them that it's all good now that they are in the Pantheons.
    • The couple are not happy that Kirei Kotomine and his Servant, Gilgamesh is in the Pantheons. Their reasons are understandable; Kotomine kidnapped Irisviel and strangled her to death once she expressed Kiritsugu's wish and Kiritsugu not only will never forgive him for that, but also starting the Fuyuki Fire that took away Shirou's parents and Gilgamesh enabled that behaviour, making him just as gulity. The two have been preparing for a rematch in spite of the Holy Grail War being over, yet the bad blood between them will never be truly quiet and Irisviel will NOT stop her husband for that; Saber agrees to keep Gil out of the picture should that happens.
      • They also hate Zouken Matou for torturing Sakura to the point of her not being able to be happy and Kiritsugu called it a mistake for Tokiomi to trust him. Araya Souren is also on their hit list since he's currently an accomplice to Kotomine by providing him shelter in his temple (an apartment complex). Kiritsugu and Maiya are currently looking to destroy the temple, but Araya has anticipated this however, and has erected new barriers to counter the origin bullet.
    • Ever since hearing all about Kiritsugu and how he suffers so beautifully as he's forced to lose everything he loves due to his ideals from Kotomine, Melkor is deliberately going out of his way to torment him even further with his forces of the GUAE. Yuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima, Evolt and The Joker are also following suit to ensure Kiritsugu never moves on from his despair, which he despises them for doing and considers them lower than the Mage's Association. Esdeath might top them in the sadistic department and Kiritsugu is willing to work with Night Raid in order to stop her.
      • Handsome Jack is also someone he and Iri agree to be very deplorable, not because of his pettiness, but he did monstrous actions in the name of good and that he used to be a legitimate hero which makes him an Evil Counterpart of sorts to Kiritsugu. Even worse is he murdered his own wife and abuses his daughter Angel to fuel Eridium into a Vault Key, further cementing their intense hatred towards him. Jack has a twisted respect towards Kiritsugu which he considers killing mages in cold blood to be heroic yet still considers him and Iri to be no better than Pandora's bandits, which the couple take great offense to.
    • Since he sees war as something to profit from, the couple hates Sundowner for doing so. They also hate Monsoon and his nihilistic philosophy where memes spread among people and cause great discord which they greatly disagree given their idealism. The Millennium Organization also earned their scorn due to the Major enjoying war and his subordinates are enjoying every second of everyone getting caught in the crossfire.
    • Father Homunculus has earned scorn from Kiritsugu and Irisviel due to being an evil homunculus and planning to sacrifice a lot of human souls to fuel his malevolent ends, and Illya pointed out his Philosopher's Stone is just like the Holy Grail which makes him no better than the mages of their world. Yaldabaoth is a Holy Grail himself albeit a fake one and the couple are now wary of him and his plans thanks to Saber's warnings. Master Xehanort finds Irisviel to be useful in his plans despite her not being a Princess of Heart, since he can achieve so much with the Holy Grail; Iri is alarmed and Kiritsugu angrily points a gun at him telling him to back off. Xehanort is currently biding his time to find a good opportunity to fit Iri into his plans.
    • Evil parents like Relius, Ghetsis, Hojo, Banno, Ragyo, Dr. Drevis and Dr. Lamb as well as the Child Abuse Supporters are instantly on their shitlist since they would never do that to Illya and consider them lower than Zouken. It's bad enough that Kiritsugu is considering coming out of retirement just to kill these sons of beyotches, though luckily his other allies will take care of that for him.
  • Exclusive to Kiritsugu:
    • Being a Vigilante Man, he's also close to Jack Bauer due to kind of similar method in dealing with what he considered evil, and he likes one of his theme songs. For that friendship, Jack has shared some knowledge with Kiritsugu, in particular his interrogation technique. Garrus Vakarian and The Punisher also got along with Kiritsugu for taking matters into their own hands and they are willing to take over his job of killing heartless magi when Kiritsugu expressed he's done killing anyone anymore.
    • Is considered the bane of MANY Gods and Goddesses in the House of Magic, even by Homura. None dared tried to piss him off or get on his bad side. When asked why, most followers would reply with, "Does the term Magus Killer ring a bell to you?" Kroak does, however, approve of him and his philosophy and Kiritsugu returns that respect with a quiet smile on his face. He and Touma also formed a Mage Killer duo and every magic user are now scared shitless of them.
    • Like with Saber, he's gotten bad blood with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (since he never got to say that to him when he was around). He considered the hatred he got from them to be a natural reaction; they're never going to get along like water and oil since he killed Diarmuid's Master right in front of him.
    • Thanks to his skill as a 'Magus Killer', he was eventually befriended by Tavish DeGroot since the Demoman has a large amount of hate towards the House of Magic, mostly the evil ones. Because of this, both of them do normal hunts for evil deities within the house. Ironically though, Kiritsugu didn't want to befriend him since he may get into Artoria's bad side. He still became friends nonetheless.
      • However, at one point, Gul'dan's ascension in the House caused both of them to hunt the Darkness Incarnate. The damage around the house was catastrophic, and even destroyed half of the house itself. This became the last straw for Saber and decided to place the Demoman in her Teeth-Clenched Teamwork list, with him being the THE 2ND LAST RESORT she will work with. This got both of them disappointed but still tolerable to each other. Irisviel heard about of this from Saber and forbids her husband from going out for three weeks due to that incident.
    • He was seen drinking with Spike Spiegel and Shinya Kogami and some onlookers thought three of the same people were there due to having similar looks. Spike actually relate to Kiritsugu in losing someone they loved and some gods have actually thought of a line by the words of "See ya, Magus Killer", but they pay no mind to that. Kogami also relates to Kiritsugu in the vigilante department and they made a partnership by meeting in secret since Kogami is currently on the run in his world.
    • The Magus Killer is the confidant of Commander Farsight and is willing to understand his reasons for his Zero Approval Gambits. Farsight understands Kiritsugu is not willing to kill anymore and also fills in for him in taking care of Homura despite not agreeing with Homura's methods in protecting Madoka.
    • Maiev Shadowsong, who also hates mages partnered with Kiritsugu in hunting Gul'dan and other mages and fills in for Maiya should she be out of comission for a while. Illidan Stormrage calls it a shame because he sees a lot of himself in Kiritsugu and now that he partenered with someone who wants to kill him, he will not be nice to the Magus Killer.
    • As a man who has seen through the hells of war, he felt bad for Martin Walker, and they often sharing stories on how hellish war is and how people should avoid it at all cost. Walker is a bit stunned with Kiritsugu's extreme pragmatism, though, to the point of comparing himself to him of his bloodthirsty part, though Kiritsugu has said he has quitted his hunting long ago. The Magus Killer hopes the unstable captain get some help, or else he will raze another city like what he did in Dubai.
    • There is a possibilty where Kiritsugu became a Counter Guardian should he not be hired by the Einzberns and thus didn't meet Irisviel, making him even more depressed than his regular counterpart. When Iri told him about this, all Kiritsugu could do was sigh.
      Kiritsugu: *sighs* It's better to have a family than not having one at all...
  • Exclusive to Irisviel:
    • Irisviel thinks Illya has her father's eyes even though Illya is technically a duplicate of her. Kiritsugu just plays along to have fun with her.
      • This actually got her pretty well with Steven Universe, who took after his mother a lot more than he did with his father. It helps that he's a sweet boy, willing to befriend both Illyas.
    • She looks really young enough to be passed off as Illya's sister, which makes her friends with Sanae Furukawa and Yoriko Yasaka. Iri enjoys Sanae's pastry and even bought some for her family while Yoriko finds herself another youngin' to look after since in homunculus years, Iri is quite young.
    • As an ingenue with so much more to learn, Irisviel got along well with Yutaka and Ventus. Ventus, having more experience in his adventures finds himself teaching them a lot of stuff; tiring, maybe but at least it's worth it. Amy Rose also befriended Iri because they both see a lot of good in people and provided morality to former cold-hearted people; it helps that Saber introduces Amy to Iri.
    • Asia Argento got along with Irisviel since they both are sweet people to talk to and they have healing powers to boot; Iri was saddened that Asia's church disowned her when they found out about her being a former devil, though Asia assures her she's okay now that Issei is taking care of her. Mai Takatsukasa also relates to Iri in having to embody a powerful object, often unwillingly. Mai is sad that Iri did not live long enough to see her daughter again, though in her eyes Iri is glad that in two timelines, Illya will finally have the good life she deserves.
      • Speaking of healers, Dr. Ziegler befriended Iri at Sanae's bakery and was surprised that they sound alike. Iri is amazed of what Mercy has accomplished while Mercy is saddened that her homunculus lifespan is so short though Iri said that's what makes her life so meaningful; with a short life, you can get everything you want quickly and cherish it forever once it ends. Mercy knows it's inevitable so once Iri finally passes in peace, she vows to be there to see her go.
    • Irisviel can drive, it's just that she doesn't care about traffic cues; that's because she has spent so long driving around her estate that she finds it exhilarating to go nuts elsewhere. This has her gotten along with Yukari Tanizaki, who is arguably worse than her when it comes to driving. At least Iri is aware that Ms. Tanizaki does go too far...
      • Shiki Ryougi remarked that she's basically the opposite of her husband, Mikiya Kokutou when it comes to driving; Iri drives recklessly with no regards to traffic safety while Mikiya drives safely like a normal person and considers traffic safety (which actually irritates Shiki).

    Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki 
Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki God and Goddess of Married Villains (Medea: Magus from the Age of the Gods, The Witch of Betrayal, Caster, Medea Lily, Princess of Colchis)
Medea's younger self 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Medea) and Lesser God (Kuzuki)
  • Symbol: Two intertwined black hearts stricken through by a white lighting bolt.
  • Theme Music: Medea's theme Temptation
  • Alignment: Medea: Neutral Evil, Lawful Good as Medea Lily. Kuzuki: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Battle Couple, Evil People Have Good Sex, Happily Married, Rescue Romance, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domains: Love
    • Medea: Magic, Sorcery
    • Kuzuki: Battle, Strength, Teaching, Badassery
  • Allies: Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai, Medusa Gorgon, Len, Junpei Iori, Atalanta, Mele, Boa Hancock, Charmcaster.
  • Enemies: Medusa (Nasuverse), Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Rin Tohsaka, Shirou Emiya, Emiya, Mard Geer, Tirek, Touma Kamijou, Prince Hans, Misa Amane
  • Unwanted Disciples: Sakai Minato, Mordred (both for Medea)
  • Interested In: Arturia Pendragon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Queen Elsa
  • Ascended after the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War in 2004. Originally were torn apart but eventually found each other once again.
  • Yuno and Yukiteru were not happy about the couple taking their role as the Unholy Matrimony but the duo diary holders felt they were genuinely in love so they surrendered it.
    • They also had a nice date out with each other talking about their love lives and how they met one another getting along well.
  • Caster was more than happy to hear about Saber being in the Pantheon. As it turns out, the reason she wants to kidnap Saber is to have her wear all of the many kinds of dresses she can think of.
    • That being said, she spends an inordinate amount of time at the House of Costumes doing "research", and at the Iori Hobby Shop buying figurines and tools to practice her "dressing Saber up" skills on, much to Issei's mild annoyance.
  • Medea does not trust any of the male gods in the Pantheon besides her former master and current lover... and Iori Sei, whose shop she regularly buys from (it took her a while to get used to him — before, she insisted on buying only when Sei's mother Rinko was manning the cashier).
    • If asked, Medea vehemently denies being the modeler that inspired Sakai Minato to make the Super Fumina.
    • Ever since the incident involving Mordred interrupting Medea's figure painting in Chaldea resulting in the Knight of Treachery getting a horrible beatdown from her chichi-ue, Mordred has been bugging the Witch of Betrayal to assist in her figure making, with Mordred progressing too slowly for Medea's liking.
  • Many old faces that knew these two were shocked by their arrival in the Pantheon. Rin was prepared to fight Medea once more, Arturia refused to suffer any more torture, Rider considers the duo to be prey, Gilgamesh was ready to kill the mongrels once more, and Archer chuckled at their role as lover gods.
    • However, upon seeing that the couple arriving in the House of Love were not quite what they expected, they left the couple be, but have since kept their guards up in case Medea tries to pull something.
  • Medusa was surprised to learn about Medea's history in magic. She also had to assure her she was not like the other Medusa in the Pantheon and only wanted to learn about her craft and the Holy Grail.
  • The enemies of magic are looking to remove Medea and Kuzuki. Mard and Tirek have made their hate for the former servant clear enough. Touma Kamijou might not be as evil as Mard or Tirek but he does agree about the possible elimination of Medea and Kuzuki.
  • Hans really gets under Medea's skin, though the prince does not understand why she hates him so much. She is reminded of her past dealing with men who have told lies and tried to remove her...
  • Elsa had a strained relationship with Medea and Kuzuki. Part of her understands why they love each other along with the pain of a betrayal of that kind of love. Yet she does not fully support their actions saying they need to find redemption for their sins.
  • Being the Persona of Chidori, Medea knew the feelings her owner had for Junpei and that even if they can't be together, their feelings for each other can't be severed by anyone.
  • As far as Medea is concerned, only she gets the right to say "RULE BREAKER" (or use it).
  • Medea used to be (and actually still is) BFFs with Atalanta. Because of this, Atalanta usually tried to behave whenever Soichiro is around, and if anything she's glad that Medea found a better mate than Jason (but then again, finding someone better than him is not that hard...)

    Mister Miracle and Big Barda 
Mister Miracle and Big Barda, Divine Strong Girl, Smart Guy Pairing (Scott Free and Barda Free)
Left-Big Barda, right-Mister Miracle
  • Intermediate God and Goddess
  • Symbol: The Life Equation and Mega Rod
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio(both): Our Gods Are Different, Tiny Guy, Huge Girl, Happily Married
  • Domains: Freedom, Optimism, Love, Divinity (both), Escape Artistry, The Life Equation (Mister Miracle), Warriors, Defection (Big Barda)
  • Superior: Jack Kirby
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Despite the dystopia of Apokolips and its residents seeming Always Chaotic Evil, a couple proved that even love and heroism can bloom from it. Big Barda was the original leader of the Female Furies, Miracle Miracle was the son of Highfather traded to Darkseid in a peace agreement and raised in an Orphanage of Fear. They fell in love, and ended up defecting from Darkseid's forces and becoming superheroes.
  • Their ascension did not sit well with Darkseid or the forces of Apokolips, due to two more major New Gods having risen to the pantheon to oppose him. The Love That Moves The Stars had a completely opposite opinion; He adores them for being a premiere example of how The Power of Love triumphs over evil and along with Cosmos, welcomed them with open arms.
  • Big Barda was apparently influenced by Jack Kirby's wife, which is why in the pantheon he pays special attention to her and her husband. She spends a lot of her time in the House of Combat! fighting and training, where she became a friend of Elena and Chun-Li. Scott Free is the multiverse's greatest escape artist, which makes him immune to the Anti-Life Equation. Many evil deities in the House of Mind Control grumbled at this.
  • Shockingly enough, Zamasu of all people initially acted civil on first meeting the couple. The reason for this is that they actively rebelled against an evil god's ways, and Zamasu already hates Darkseid for being an (openly) evil god, and doing it for good reasons. This almost immediately fell apart when he soon ranted about how Humans Are Bastards and his own ego, ranted that they shouldn't be hanging out with mortals, and they were disgusted by the destruction he wrought for the sake of so-called justice.
  • YHVH never even bothered with the pleasantries as while He is at least not immoral to inflict purposeful suffering, they represent freedom opposed to His dictatorial order. And as far as the couple is concerned, He is practically as bad as Darkseid. They feel the same about Palpatine and Malthael, and oppose the Divine Power's cruel ambitions for humanity.
  • Lucifer has proposed an alliance of both the two and New Genesis as a whole, because they would naturally oppose YHVH and are champions of free will and freedom, Mister Miracle literally being the god of such. They declined because they couldn't condone a number of the amoral actions Lucifer has done, though will side if it's needed to stop truly vile and powerful forces of order and chaos. Such as Yaldabaoth and Galeem or Don Thousand and Dharkon, the latter two Lucifer can't stand even if they represent chaos.
  • The God known by Bob proved much more reasonable and respectful of the couple, as did Shin. They are glad to see more benevolent and powerful New Gods ascend. Auriel ended up siding with Big Barda and Mister Miracle since she lives to preserve hope, something that puts her against Darkseid and has her agree with their own philosophy about freedom and liberty.
  • Sage Harpuia respects Big Barda for leaving the tyranny of Darkseid, as he eventually realized that Copy X was corrupt and left that dictatorship. Angel relates to her as like Big Barda, she defected for love. The two are quite well-respected by Gomez and Morticia Adams for their love. They also find themselves relating a lot to the romantic dynamic with Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki.

Lesser Gods

    Belle and The Beast 
Belle and The Beast, Gods of Love Between Behemoth and Woman (Beast: Prince Adam, Beauty's Prince)
  • Lesser Gods (Belle is an Overdeity when in-tandem with the other Princesses of Heart)
  • Symbol: A rose over a howling beast's head.
  • Leitmotif: "Beauty and the Beast", "Belle" (for Belle herself)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Belle), Chaotic Good (Beast)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Both: Love, Hope
    • Belle: Rescuing, Books, Knowledge
    • Beast: Transformation
  • High Priest: Elisa Maza and Goliath (Goliath recently obtained his own temple in the House of Otherness, though)
  • Followers: Chise Hitori and Elias Ainsworth, Mort and Princess Pitt, Briareos and Deunan
  • Allies: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Blake Belladonna, Shrek, Hellboy, Hermione Granger, Lancelot, Elisa Esposito and the Asset, and every good-aligned Disney character in the Pantheon.
  • Special Relations: The Enchantress
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort, Maleficent, Jafar, Gaston, Larxene.
  • Opposes: Courtney Gears
  • Evil Counterpart: Adam Taurus (Beast)
  • Pities: Yang Xiao Long
  • Belle ascended as part of Alice's plan to gather all Princesses of Heart should danger arise. Beast followed Belle to the Pantheon, by accident, tearing through the gates of the Pantheon because he thought they were stealing her from him. Seeing this true dedication of love, Alice decided that Beast could ascend along with Belle in the House of Love.
    • Most of the time, Belle is a Lesser Goddess, but whenever she is with the other princesses, her rank jumps to Overdeity. Any attempts to use her heart for evil will result in the Beast cutting the offender to shreds, as Alternate!Gentaro and Courtney Gears would learn the hard way.
  • There has been talk about returning Beast to his true human form, but there's no confirmations as of late.
    • Until the Enchantress ascended and decided to fix that straight away, given that she was certain the curse she put that made him look like that was already lifted. However, but after then learning of the dangers in the Pantheon, as well as what title he represents with Belle, not to mention getting in trouble with the Court for turning him back without their consent, she's instead allowed him to shift between forms if the need arises.
  • The two spend time in their temple, waltzing underneath the moonlight. They have also invited many other couples to partake in their waltzing parties.
  • Charlotte LaBouff came to the temple and was delighted to see the two together. She was exceptionally happy for Belle for finding her own happiness and love for the Beast and has been gathering books from their massive library (most of them collections of fairy tales) so she could expand her lore of princess tales.
  • Belle constantly heads off to the House of Knowledge to read any and all books there. She's read each book at least twice. She gets along well with Twilight Sparkle because of this.
    • She also found a kindred spirit in Nico Robin, who currently has her beaten by three laps on book reading.
    • Upon hearing about Jack and Annie's Magic Treehouse, she went to them and began reading them stories, letting them borrow her books so they could experience the tales that she loves.
    • Belle's love of books provided to be crucial to destroying the Friendship Asylum, and learning about the fates of Queen Chrysalis and the real Gentaro.
  • Zapp Brannigan tried to get Belle for some alone time, but was declined for two reasons. First, his ways reminded Belle a lot of Gaston. Second, Beast came in and roared in his face, causing him to retreat.
  • Master Xehanort really hates Beast due to his determination to protect Belle. The Gods were amazed at how the Beast ripped through the dimensions of reality in order to save her, not even realizing what he just did.
  • They are not happy to hear that Gaston is in the Pantheon. The former has to deal with his constant annoyance and proposals, while the latter has to keep him a sharper watch and has made a vow to show no mercy this time.
  • The Master is a sore spot for the two due to the time he turned all the humans in the pantheon, including Belle herself (despite being a Princess of Heart), into clones of himself. When Belle was transformed, the Beast became so furious with the insane Time Lord, that he single-handedly defeated the clone army to deal with The Master himself. Fortunately, Rassilon was able to reverse the transformation.
  • Beast is trying to stop dumbass mortals from doing that one facial expression. He recently finds it becoming very cheesy these days.
  • They are aware of a timeline where they are the King and Queen of Auradon, have a son named Ben, and had banished the Disney Villains to an island. Beast insists that the film's events are an Alternate Continuity, while Belle has stated she's too young to think of having children.
  • Got very well with Blake Belladonna, who is inspired by Belle and like the Beast, is partially animal. The two learned that Adam Taurus, who's named after Beast, had tried to kill both Blake and Yang out of payback for the former's Heel–Face Turn, and managed to cut the latter's arm off. Beast responded that if he were to ever meet Adam, he'd pull his arms out of their sockets like an angry Wookiee to retaliate for Yang's arm.
    • Now that he has ascended, Beast absolutely abhors Adam Taurus for a myriad of reasons. A primary reason is becaus Taurus is named after the Beast, as his name was once Prince Adam. Beast believes that due to his extremism and hatred, Taurus is dragging his name down through the mud. The pair want nothing to do with the faunus. Unfortunately for his desires, he hasn't yet had the chance to meet the faunus face-to-face.
  • Ever since their live-action incarnation, have gotten closer to Hermione Granger and Lancelot.
  • Belle gave Chise a standing invitation to visit the House of Love, saying she understands better than anyone that soulmates can meet in...unconventional...ways. After some debate, the other residents allowed it.

    Elisa Esposito and the Asset 
Elisa Esposito and the Asset, Co-Deities of Fantastic Romances (Elisa: The Princess Without Voice; The Asset: Amphibian Man, Charlie)
Elisa (left) and the Asset (right)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A bathtub filled with brackish water. Alternatively, Giles’ charcoal drawing of the two together.
  • Theme Songs: “The Shape of Water”, “You’ll Never Know”, “Elisa’s Theme” (for Elisa)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Beast and Beauty, Interspecies Romance
  • Domains: Love, Mutes (Elisa), Fish Men (The Asset)
  • Heralds: Zelda Delilah Fuller, Giles, Dimitri
  • Superior: Guillermo del Toro
  • Allies: Hellboy, Belle and the Beast, Alana and Marko, Ben and Saoirse, Rikuo, Amélie Poulain, Edward Scissorhands, Sona Buvelle
  • Enemies: Gaston, Albert Wesker, Mesogog, Hermaeus Mora
  • Pities: Elisabet Vogler (for Elisa)
  • Good Counterpart to: The Gill-man (The Asset)
  • During the Cold War in the early 1960’s, there was a mute woman name Elisa Esposito, who worked as a night-time janitor in a top secret research facility. Things changed for her when she discovered what her superiors call the Asset, an amphibious humanoid creature confined to a water tank. Elisa, out of loneliness, fascination, and sympathy for its torture at the hands of head security officer Richard Strickland, befriended and developed a relationship with the creature. They were chosen to represent Fantastic Romance after the Court of the Gods took notice of their story.
  • In many ways, they have been compared to Belle and the Beast with the most obvious being that both Belle and Elisa are in love with a monster (the Beast and the Asset respectively). Not only that, but they both stand up against their respective adversaries and end up with their true love. As such, the two couples get along pretty well. Additionally, both Elisa and the Asset have a disdain towards Gaston as his disregard towards the Beast reminds Elisa of Strickland’s mistreatment of the Asset.
  • The two seem to get along well with Hellboy, who would sometimes visit their temple. Elisa isn’t quite shocked with his appearance, having been used to the Asset. For Hellboy, something about the Asset has reminded him of his friend Abe Sapien, noting his similar looks.
  • They have also befriended Edward Scissorhands as he finds their relationship to be similar to his own relationship with Kim. Edward also understands their situation of coming from a society oppressing them. Elisa and the Asset also befriended Alana and Marko given their similar Interspecies Romance.
  • It’s no surprise that some deities believe that the Asset is related to the Gill-man, especially considering their similarities to each other. For the Gill-man, he saw Elisa as a potential mate, which led to him attempting to snatch her. The Asset didn’t take that well, and the two amphibious creatures engaged in a showdown, which ended with the Gill-man retreating. Since then, the Asset has been keeping an eye on the Gill-man in case he goes after Elisa again. On the other hand, they seem to be on better terms with another fish-like creature, Rikuo.
  • Elisa is good friends with Amélie Poulain due to both of them being quirky, but introverted women. Amusingly enough, Amélie is fascinated with seeing Elisa and the Asset together.
  • Elisa can not talk given that as a child, she was found in a river with wounds on her neck. As such, she usually communicates through use of sign language.
    • Saoirse visited the two’s temple out of curiosity. Upon encountering Elisa, she is reminded of herself, particularly due to both of them being mute (well, Saoirse was for a while) and their connection with aquatic creatures. Since then, she has been hanging out with her every now and then despite the age difference. Of course, Saoirse would sometimes invite her older brother, Ben, as well.
    • As the Goddess of Adorable Muteness, Sona Buvelle sometimes visit Elisa and the Asset’s temple to play some music for them.
    • Elisa is pretty sorry for Elisabet Vogler given the latter’s situation, even though Elisabet’s muteness comes from her unwillingness to talk.
  • Unfortunately, there are some deities who are interested in experimenting on the Asset. Among those people, they include Albert Wesker, Mesogog, and Hermaeus Mora. In particular, Wesker is fascinated with the Asset as he reminds him of the Hunter Gamma variants he has experimented on. Elisa has been trying her best to keep the Asset away from them.

    Jack and Maddie Fenton 
Jack and Maddie Fenton, Divine Pair of Unattractive Men With Sexy Wives

    Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki 
Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Goddesses of Ladies and Knights (Setsuna: Secchan, Gladiara Alata, Demon Slayer. Konoka: Kono-chan, Princess of the Old World, Regina Medicans)

    Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki 
Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki, Deities of Tough Girls and Wimpy Guys (Johnny: Akiba)

    Yomi and Ceri 
Yomi and Ceri, Goddesses of Unequal Pairing (Yomi: 'Fox' (by Ceri))
Ceri on the left, Yomi on the right
  • Lesser Goddesses, with Yomi bordering on Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Yomi's Umbrella and Ceri's Sword crossing each other.
  • Theme Music: A Rose In Chains
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Yomi), Lawful Good (Ceri)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Magic, Yokai, Dungeons, Sexuality, Adventure, Romance
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Wary of: Flynn, Izanami, Kurama, all Assassins in the Pantheon (Ceri)
  • Evil Counterpart: Ainz Ooal Gown (Yomi)
  • The duo's ascension to the Pantheon began with a rather nasty misunderstanding: a routine patrol of Yomi's dungeon ended badly as a cracked warp stone caused them to be tossed into the Void Between the Worlds. Meanwhile, Flynn of the House of Personal Appearance was running diagnostics on the Yamato Reactor, and the small portal it created spit them out on the other end. Needless to say, this unexpected intrusion didn't sit well with Flynn in the slightest, particularly after the the Great Upheaval. While Ceri panicked and nearly crossed swords with the furious Samurai, which would have ended disastrously, Yomi kept her head and was able to explain they meant no ill will toward the machine, and Flynn took them to meet the powers that be so that they could work out the situation. To everyone's surprise, the interview revealed their latent divinity; having slept with so many of her servants, Yomi became the goddess of Unequal Pairing with Ceri as her 'other half', to Yomi's amusement and Ceri's mortification.
    • While Flynn has (mostly) gotten over their inadvertent 'break-in' to the Reactor Room, he still took a moment to tell the two how incredibly lucky they had been that he was the one working on it instead of the 'other guy'. The Demi-Fiend, after all, likely wouldn't have given Yomi an opportunity to explain herself, and even if he was in a good enough mood to hear them out, Ceri pointing a sword at him would have been an irrevocable death sentence.
    • While their ranks are the same, Ceri is on the lower end of the power level within that rank, and Yomi is on the higher end, reaching borderline Intermediate Goddess levels. There are those that thought that most of Ceri's power comes by being bound to Yomi, except Yomi never actually empowered Ceri as a servant, and Ceri has since been released from that contract anyway.
  • The first thing Yomi did after their temple was set up was to establish portal connection to her home world: she had already spent a length of time away after she was put under that sleeping spell, and she didn't want Sylvi, Isabella, and Charlotte to worry about her again. As soon as it was online, Yomi went to work on a new dungeon fit for a goddess: she plans to use every available resource in the Pantheon to make it her masterpiece. All except the random encounters. Those're going to be imported from her home world. Ceri helps on and off, spending most of her time exploring the Pantheon, dungeon-delving and doing odd jobs as a proper adventurer should. Among her exploits are the Keeper's Dungeon and the Death Egg. Eggman has expressed irritation with her rampages through his base: that hedgehog is annoying enough, and now he has to deal with some "cosplayer" hacking up his robots and smashing his storage containers. They HAVE lids for a reason: there's no call to break them open to get at their contents. The knight has joined a couple of raiding parties for some of the tougher expeditions, fighting alongside and befriending the likes of Bell Cranel.
    • Ceri has recently been challenging herself in what more than a few gods and goddesses consider to be one of the most brutal 'dungeons' available to the Pantheon: the madness-addled, plague-ridden, monster-infested realm of Yharnam that has partially manifested in the House of Slaughter. Even with the occasional aid of a silent, saw-wielding man in a hat and coat who crosses paths with her from time-to-time (they first met when he pulled her armored butt out of the fire during her duel with that lunatic in the graveyard with the telescoping axe), she's still been beaten down more times than she cares to count. She persists regardless: according to Ceri, challenging and improving oneself against steep odds is the essence of humanity. Yomi is worried she'll get herself really hurt one day, and to be honest she doesn't like Ceri's new friend all that much; yes, he saved her life, and for that Yomi is very grateful, but the way he doesn't speak is a little off-putting, she noticed the way his hand twitched toward his gun when he saw her ears and tail, and she gets a strange, sinking feeling whenever Ceri talks about Yharnam that there's more to the city than her lover knows. That there's something about it that the Hunter doesn't want her to find out…
    • The Hunter quickly realized that Ceri's armor was, if anything, a detriment against the horrors of Yharnam; too clunky for full freedom of movement, but too fragile to offer a proper defense, to say absolutely nothing of the big 'insert razor-sharp claw/weapon here' spot right over her goddamned heart. As such, he procured her a basic Hunter Set. Ceri was glad to have an outfit that didn't show of an exorbitant amount of skin, and Yomi offered to send it to Isabella for enchanting, so that it would offer increased protection on top of mobility. Ceri realized her mistake in accepting the offer far too late, and to her dismay the Garb came back to her with a number of unwanted 'improvements' on top of the enchantments. She's at least glad Yomi didn't tell Isabella to do anything to the hat; to be fair, Ceri's not sure exactly how one DOES make a hat erotic, but in any case, the hat is perfect exactly as it is.
    • Speaking of armor, many gods laugh at her occasional insistence to default to her standard armor for protection, given how much 'protection' it actually gives, especially in regards to the frontal area where she's expected to be attacked from the most. And because she doesn't have Isabella as readily on-hand for each and every time the armor needs repairs in the Pantheon, she's taken the time to check out what else it offers, and makes absolutely sure to keep her findings out of Yomi's hands.
    • As for other dungeons, recent additions to Ceri's (and Yomi's) list are the Darkest Dungeon, King Togwoggle's Catacombs, and the Abyss.
  • Yomi spends quite a lot of off-time in the House of Love, allowing herself to be pampered. She especially enjoys the mud pools; they come very close to stacking up to the ministrations of the Mud Girls back home. She drags Ceri along with her every so often: while the adventurer appreciates not having to fend off amorous Mud Girls, Yomi insists on sharing a tub with her, and sometimes the fox gets a little grabby…
    • Other times, she goes to the Houses of Commerce and Costumes, hoping to add to her wardrobe of suggestive outfits; some of them she's certain she wouldn't be able to get at all in her home dimension. Of course, she drags Ceri along with her on these trips, much to the knight's chagrin.
  • Once approached the Pantheon's Anubis, thinking it was her old friend. She was thoroughly confused upon finally meeting the deity, given that this one was most definitely male and had a jackal head. It took a few seconds to clear up the misunderstanding: Yomi must've mistaken the god for his little sister.
  • Despite enjoying themselves in the Pantheon overall, the two have made a couple of enemies, Aconologia being prime among them. As if Vesta was bad enough, Acnologia's a dragon who takes the hatred of humans to a whole new level, and unlike Vesta, Yomi doesn't see either of them defeating the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse any time soon. She has sternly warned Ceri not to mess with him, and Ceri has taken it to heart.
    • Also somewhat nervous around Kurama. According to Yomi, the Kitsune back in her world are a lot smaller. And prettier. And not nearly as psychotically violent. While they're not enemies, she still gives him a wide berth.
    • On the topic of the aforementioned Keeper, Yomi doesn't like him at all. He used an imp to speak to her and suggest an alliance; he could use a powerful mage like her as a minion. She politely declined at first, having heard of his 'pedigree', but the Keeper persisted, finally noting she's not much more moral than he is; both magic to force enemies to obey against their will. Besides, he wasn't asking her to join him. He was just giving her a chance to come along willingly. At this assertion, Yomi calmly opened her umbrella, shouldered it, and then vaporized the imp with a Fire Twist. When next she saw Ceri, Yomi declared she would come along the next time the knight saw fit to attack the Keeper's Dungeon.
  • While Yomi doesn't import any monsters in the Pantheon to her dungeon, she (and Ceri) still has the Capture spell for taking down rowdier random encounters (as long as they're weaker than her) and returning to her prison cells later where they're transported (and proofed against thaumaturgic magic, divine interventions (read: prayers to gods), earthquakes, fires, slimes, and even temporal portals learning from when a Succubus she once captured used a portal to access her storage room). There, she negotiates with them, and later sets them free, or they sometimes join her (and Ceri) for a while, which is usually the case for (non-ascended) Pokémon and SMT demons. And given the dungeons Ceri goes to, the knight has convinced the fox spirit to at least let them tag along as "party members"; some dungeons may be more than any of Yomi's subordinates could handle, even the ones from the Abyss dimension Vesta once had.
  • They get along quite well with Rias Gremory and her peerage: Yomi is always moved when she sees a leader who treasures the thoughts and feelings of her underlings rather than using them as tools, and emphatically supports Rias' relationship with Issei. Ceri meanwhile has found a sparring partner in Kiba.
  • Were rather unnerved to find Izanami in the Pantheon, after having apparently defeated her down in the Abyss. To make matters worse, this Izanami is at full power. At the very least, Yomi acknowledges that Izanami is not evil, simply different in terms of morality, and is pleased to note that there are plenty to keep her suppressed should she try the fog thing again.
  • The two get along rather well with Luka and his wife Alice, though she is a little wary of the latter's affiliation with what Yomi considers an extremist group; they, like Yomi herself, support human-monster friendship and are open to romance should it come down to it. Luka enjoys Ceri's company; the two of them swap stories of their adventures from time-to-time (with Yomi and Alice close by to clear up any…embellishments that slip into the narrative), and because she's human she's immune to his 'good smell'. Luka was shocked and then immensely relieved when it became apparent that it didn't cause Yomi to pounce on him either; despite the scent, she doesn't swing that way. Unfortunately, while the scent didn't attract her to the human child, it did slowly get to her, and she began shooting amorous glances at Alice instead. Nowadays they try to meet separately to avoid any awkwardness.
  • Another swordswoman Ceri has befriended is Lumi: the two enjoy swapping adventuring stories and sparring to keep their skills sharp. Yomi meanwhile has offered her own support in taking down the God of Deep Jealousy by having some of her underlings, all Cute Monster Girls and all quite powerful in their own right, go down to the parallel world to join the fight. That's not the only thing the fox spirit has offered, though; a universal truth Yomi has learned in her centuries of being alive is that gay, straight or otherwise, skimpy clothing can act as a force multiplier for a sexual relationship. To Ceri's aggravation, Yomi has offered to hook Lumi up with some outfits Youta would just adore. Needless to say, Lumi's initial impression of Yomi being a wise, classy, elegant woman has been somewhat challenged by this: as lustful as the paladin can become, she has a feeling that Yomi is on a completely different level...
  • Yomi was surprised to find a humanoid fox spirit like herself in the form of Ahri in the House of Power. The two enjoyed each others company. Oh boy did they enjoy each other's company.
  • The two had a run-in with The Dreaded Reaper, the bane of dungeon explorers. No one knows if the encounter was accidental or Ceri actively sought it out (more likely the former as Ceri's mostly gotten over her recklessness). Either way, she and Yomi barely escaped with their lives. Ceri would later say that the Reaper "made Ella and Emma look like insects".
  • Yomi is wary of Ainz Ooal Gown. Both happen to be leaders of a large gathering of monsters, have power to back up that leadership, are benevolent to their subordinates, and have mingled with select humans peacefully at some point (one or two for Yominote , an entire village, an adventuring party, and more for Ainz). The difference is that Ainz was once a powerless human before becoming what he is now, and Yomi was once very powerful before being greatly weakened by the time she was introduced in her story. Oh, and there's the whole opposing alignments deal, and how they regard humans (he looks down on them despite once being one, she finds them interesting even if she never was a human).
  • Ceri hates assassins, considering them underhanded and untrustworthy, too cowardly to face their enemies in an honorable fight, and willing to throw entire nations into turmoil with a well-placed blade for the sake of a little coin. Even relatively civil individuals like Ezio Auditore da Firenze get a wary gaze from her (he's clarified he's less a killer for hire and more like a "grand-scale freedom fighter", but this got a full-blown eye-roll from her, as she muttered "Oh, an assassin with a cause, even better..."), she outwardly admits she's genuinely afraid of those like Corvo Attano, Widowmaker, and Agent 47, and she point-blank refuses to talk about her run-in with Melona. Ezio's a little nettled at the way she strawmans his profession, but he doubts he'll change her opinion any time soon.

    Zen and Rei 
Zen and Rei, Representatives of Deity and Mortal Couples (ReiZen, Zhn, Chronos, (Zen) Niko, Philé, Lei, (Rei))
Left: Rei, Right: Zen
  • Lesser Deities, Intermediate Alone, Greater as Chronos, (Zen) Quasideity Alone, (Rei)
  • Symbol: Zen's collar handmade by Rei
  • Theme Song: Changing Me
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Supernatural, Pairing, Death
  • Allies: S.E.E.S. and the Investigation Team, Marie, Kotone Shiomi, Labrys, Philemon, Igor, Madoka Kaname, Malcolm Crowe
  • Special Connection: Labrys (Rei)
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, The Reaper, Zanza, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, The White, Alice, Queen Chrysalis, The Bittercold, Johan Liebert
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Zeus, Chronos
  • Pities: The Incubators (Zen only), The Magical Girl Sisterhood, Homura Akemi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kratos
  • Oppose: Dala
  • Ascended sometime after leaving the fake Yasogami High School festival together. To their surprise, they had found themselves in the Trope Pantheons and in the face of the Court or the Gods. As for their position, which is representative of their love for one another and for what they are, as well as the reason they're even here in the first place, while Zen was confused with that reason, Red didn't care once she and Zen were told of their friends, who were here as well and were being invited to their ascension ceremony.
    • Indeed, during that, the couple re-encountered the members of S.E.E.S and the Investigation Team, who have since been reminded of the events there.
  • Applies to both:
    • They remain in touch with their old companions from that adventure, though they're admittedly a bit adverse to the idea of Yukiko cooking for them again. On the other hand thanks to Naoto's ingenuity, they believe she may play a key role in supplying him with ammunition capable of instantly killing F.O.E.s.
    • The two are often seen at the House of Food with Rei stuffing herself and Zen commonly keeping guard.
    • Utterly confused to see a deity calling themselves Chronos in the pantheon as they thought he was defeated. They're not sure if he's a future incarnation, from an alternate world or something else altogether but they're wary of dealing with him.
    • The two were surprised to learn of Kotone Shiomi's existence since she wasn't involved with the fake culture festival incident.
    • Understandably do not like Kratos but are unsure as to feel about him sacrificing himself to give hope to mankind, as well as the fact that he's a father now.
    • Greatly disturbed by Monokuma and his Mastermind Junko because of their twisted love for the despair in life being a perverse mirror of the lesson they learned.
    • Have heard of SEES's and the Investigation Team's second foray into yet another labyrinth-like place, this time with Kotone and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in the mix (and in the lead). They have reserved their opinions on the new group of Persona-users for the time being.
  • Exclusive to Zen:
    • Zen has a negative opinion of Nyarlathotep and Zanza, telling them both in the end that even they'll disappear.
    • Nobody is quite sure if Zen can regain the full extent of his power as Chronos. Most of his enemies don't want to find out as he'd readily abuse them, stopping time, rewinding it to rejuvenate himself and reducing his opponents lifespan to moments.
    • As he was somewhat emotionless himself, Zen pities emotionless deities, even Kyubey.
      • He (and Rei) also pity a large number of magical girls and respect Madoka for what she does. The two hope Homura will be able to one day truly understand Madoka's wish and the beauty of a fleeting life.
    • Reuniting with their old companions lead them to encountering more Persona-users in the pantheon. Zen was caught off guard when meeting Tatsuya Suou as the two sound similar.
    • Though allies with Eren Yeager, it did not start off well as Eren was confused by the fact that they share their voices and misinterpreting someone referring to Zen as a titan. His actions since the Time Skip as Kruger however have made a deeper wedge between them.
  • Exclusive to Rei:
    • Often always has food in hand, and can even pull more from her pockets, even if it's food normally unsuited to being kept there, such as corndogs and takoyaki.
    • Gets along well with Sasha Blouse somewhat because of their shared habits. They're somewhat amused by how similar they sound.
    • Is apologetic to a few of her old friends. Particularly Makoto and Shinjiro as they were already fated to die, making her ashamed of lashing out at them.
    • Rei is asked to stay away from Labrys for safety reasons, somewhat unfortunately as the two believe they share a connection.
      • When asked why, it's because of potential history. Rei used to be a sickly girl from Inaba named Niko who was hospitalized and had desires to go to school, but couldn't and eventually died in the surgery table, not fulfilling much in life, while Labrys' personality pattern was based on a young Ill Girl who wanted to go to school but couldn't because of her condition, yet made a difference thanks to doctors researching her terminal disease The speculation of their connection is from the theory that that girl and Niko are one and the same and that Rei simply doesn't remember due to the trauma of Niko's last moments as her surgeon failed to cure her.
      • Rei thought the restriction was stupid and eventually went (with Zen, of course) to visit, and found her in a conversation with her "younger sister" Aigis. Immediately, both androids felt something stir in their memories (especially Aigis as she began to draw the comparisons and the "mandate" to keep them apart), but they couldn't conclude anything as Rei approached them. Since she didn't see the logic of enforcing the separation now that they're in the same area, Aigis allowed the encounter to unfold as they conversed. In the end, nothing really special occured; just Rei (and Zen) making another friend.
    • Being a Big Eater, Rei understandably enjoys the feasts of her soundalike Miyu Edelfelt.
    • Perhaps surprisingly, Rei can be seen in the Houses of Otherness as well as Health and Diseases, trying to further distance herself from fears of hospitals and ghosts. During one trip to the latter, she had an unfortunate encounter with the Think Tank's Dr. Dala, who started asking her many questions not helped by her voice. Zen managed to get Rei away from the old doctor, though she clarified later that she has no intention of doing physical harm on Rei. Her studies would not be benefited by any vivasection of the sort on this "special little teddy bear". Still, they avoid her whenever they can since her disposition is closer to the Kind Doctor they met back then, and they at least want to not meet the other Think Tank members.
    • Rei is pretty disturbed by SMT!Alice, though she does have some respect for her caretakers Belial and Nebiros.
    • Heard of the TV World in the Pantheon and that her Shadow residing there. Having gotten over the fact that she had been dead (and isn't now), she's been contemplating facing it again. Having appeared in a Persona game, just like Vincent Brooks and the Dojimas, she would be able to use it out here to help Zen be better able to protect her or to protect Zen in return for all the time he did so.
      • And so a trip was arranged, with Yu, Aigis, Rise, and Labrys accompanying the couple. It was painful to hear what Shadow Rei had to say, for instead of what she had said before, she was grilling Rei of other things, such as whether or not she thinks herself worth being Zen's girlfriend, or if she really believes her tendencies to confuse certain statements with food-related words are endearing, and other such things. Unprepared for these questions, Rei quickly demied her Shadow once again, who shortly went berserk and once more transformed into Best Friend. Once more, Zen and his companions engaged it in battle.
      • After once more defeating her Shadow, Rei was given the emotional courage (mostly from Zen) to face her (not as bad as before) fears, and she was soon able to accept it, and in doing so became a Persona-user.


    Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence 
Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence Co-Deities of High-School Sweethearts
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Two holding hands under a High School sign.
  • Theme Song: Boy Meets World Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Parental Substitute for Maya, Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, Determinators
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Luck, Family, Law (Topanga)
  • Allies: George Feeny, Eikichi Onizuka, Piccolo, Nico Robin (Cory), Phoenix Wright (Topanga)
  • Enemies: Nikita Dragovich
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Uneasy Relationship: Zack Morris, Sabrina Spellman and Salem, Tashkent (Cory)
  • When the Pantheonic School needed new teachers to keep running, Feeny brought forth an unusual prospect: a mortal named Cory Matthews, how former student who has now become a history teacher. While he proved to be capable at his job, it was decided that he need to ascend himself in order to stay. Feeny had an idea; Cory would bring his wife Topanga into the Pantheon for their romance dating back to high school. Thus he got back to teaching the kids there while Topanga decided to delve into Pantheonic law.
  • Eikichi Onizuka took a liking to Cory during his time as a mortal and was glad to have more good-aligned teachers in the Pantheon. Cory tried to be a follower... but couldn't quite become the Cool Teacher he was hoping to be. It was never his strong suit in the first place.
  • The pairing was so popular, it created a spinoff that lasted three seasons. This time around, it centered on their daughter Riley. She and her brother Auggie reside alongside their parents in their temple. Maya tags along as well. While many question the decision, many in the House of Family figured that she may well be an honorary sister. Piccolo would be proud.
  • The two of them were wary of the appearance of Zack Morris and not just because of the rivalry between the two shows. It was revealed that Griff Hawkins was one of his followers. He wasn't a bully per say, but he did cause them a bit of misery. While they are in better terms with each other, he fears that Zack may have a corrupting influence on many of his students, especially Maya.
  • As parents themselves, Cory and Topanga stand opposed to Ghetsis Harmonia and his methods of raising children.
  • There was a time when they walked by a familiar duo. When Cory turned them around, he recognized them as Sabrina and Salem... which sent Cory running. When Topanga asked what got him spooked, Salem admitted that he accidentally sent the entire class into the past. They thought that they were able to wipe their memories of the incident, but it looked like their ascension jogged Cory's memory.
  • Gained the approval of Nico Robin, who temporarily took over the job after Cory's departure. While some more lustful students lamented her departure, the vast majority of them admit that Cory knows his stuff.
  • An all American boy, Cory doesn't take Communism too kindly. His daughter was almost consumed by the concept's philosophy before he managed to shake her out of it. When he found out that there was a deity for such people, Cory pinned an American flag upon Nikita Dragovich's temple. Needless to say, the Dirty Communist didn't take that insult well.
    • The first Soviet to visit him after that took him by surprise. He was visited by a ship girl calmly but firmly demanding an apology. Cory was taken aback by the kind approach but was suspicious it could be a trap. An interrogation from Topanga revealed she held no ill content. The lawyer got Cory to apologize for the rude gesture before seeing her off.
  • Cory avoids the subhouse of Water and Ice like the plague, mainly because he doesn't want to be put in a situation where he ever has to wear skis again. When one finds out why, you would understand why it's a touchy topic.
  • Topanga decided to wet her toes in the House of Justice to see just how good the lawyers in the Pantheon are. She felt most inspired by the actions of Phoenix Wright. At the least, she wished her cases were as exciting as his. At least now she gets a taste of what the Crusading Lawyer has to deal with.

    Nabi and Doki 
Nabi and Doki, Co-Gods of Maligned Mixed Relationships
Nabi (left) and Doki (right)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The pro-interspecies relationships sign
  • Theme Song(s): Multiple theme songs
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Interspecies Romance, Maligned Love, Star-Crossed Love
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Boba Fett (for the trouble he causes Alana and Marko), Lord Farquaad, Gaston, Frollo, Hans Westergard, Queen Chrysalis
  • Opposes: Penelope Mouse (bordering on enemies with Doki), the House of Hatred (especially those with racist motivations), many bounty hunter deities (again, for the trouble they cause Alana and Marko)
  • Nabi and Doki were offered a position in the Pantheon after enduring severe persecution due to their interspecies relationship. Nabi's house was vandalized with a rock through the window and graffiti on the outside (this was also done to the vending machines they often meet at), he and Doki were kicked out of a cafe for PDA, Doki landed herself in the hospital after being beaten up by an angry mob who also killed her pet hedgehog, and Nabi was thrown in jail for unwittingly inciting a riot. Their relationship alone was enough to spark massive protests and counter-protests alike. Despite everything, they endured and fought tooth and nail to stay together.
  • Perhaps their closest friends are Alana and Marko because of how much the two of them reminded them of themselves. Or at least they used to be close until the whole situation with Boba Fett and the other Bounty Hunter deities. As a result, Nabi and Doki are not overly fond of the bounty hunters of the Pantheon, especially Boba Fett.
  • Among others that rub Nabi and Doki the wrong way are Gaston, Frollo, Hans Westergard, Lord Farquaad, and Queen Chrysalis. This is mostly due to their attitudes towards love or their extreme attempts to get in the way of love. They were especially mortified by Queen Chrysalis after hearing about why she was banned from the House of Love. There's also Zapp Brannigan and Glenn Quagmire, but Nabi and Doki are more annoyed by them than anything and wouldn't really call them enemies.
  • Similarly to Alana and Marko, Nabi and Doki are also really friendly with Gumball and his family. They are especially impressed with his parents, who are also a cat and a rabbit. For the same reason they have also bonded with Oswald and his wife.
  • Shrek and Scott Pilgrim really admired Nabi for his determination to stay with Doki despite all the persecution against them. They were especially impressed with his mad dash to stop Doki from leaving on a plane. They've been friends ever since his and Doki's ascension.
  • Nabi is extremely sympathetic of Emily and her situation. There was a time where he came really close to letting Doki go so that she would be happy and safe, too. They frequently bond over this.
  • Doki's love of animals has carried over from her pre-ascension days. She can often be seen caring for animals or pet sitting with Fluttershy. Just don't be surprised if your pet comes back with a green ribbon tied around its neck. Also, Fluttershy has always been curious about what happened to Doki's pet hedgehog, but so far Doki has opted not to tell her. Not only is it a painful memory, but it would also probably make Fluttershy cry.
  • Another pony Doki is fairly close with is Princess Cadance. Not only does Cadance admire Doki for everything she went through just to be with Nabi, but Doki is also fascinated by her love magic. She has suggested that Cadance become a relationship counselor, but alas, royal duties and parenthood keep the princess extremely busy.
  • Doki is also on really good terms with Angel. Not only does she find the experiment adorable, but she also really admires her for what she did.
  • From the moment she first saw him, Doki was completely enamored with Cream's Chao, Cheese. She thought he was positively precious. From time to time, Doki has been known to visit Cream. Not just for a chat (although that's definitely part of it), but to also play with her adorable Chao.
  • Nabi and Doki are not fond of Penelope Mouse for what she did to Bentley, Doki especially. They felt so bad for him, and have been really friendly with one another since they both found out the reason he and Penelope broke up.
  • Excited to see new kin in the Pantheon, Judy Hopps, along with her partner Nick Wilde, made a point to introduce themselves, and have been friends ever since. Nick and Judy were especially touched by what Nabi and Doki endured prior to their ascension. Just hearing about it absolutely enraged Judy. Doki also seems to think that Nick and Judy are a couple, or at least they should be.
  • Doki often watches Lady and Tramp from a distance. She has made it her personal mission to successfully execute a spaghetti kiss with Nabi someday.
  • Nabi has won so many bets in the House of Food pertaining to how much Doki can eat.

    Romeo and Juliet 
Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, God and Goddess of Star-Crossed Love (Tony Petrakis and Gwyneth Rhys, Igor Romanoff and Juliet Moulsworth, Romie-0 and Julie-8, Raj and Rashmi, Rosario Capomezzo and Gina Malacci, Han Sing and Trish O'Day, Romeo Gontamue and Juliet Leptoc, Star Crossed Lover (Romeo), The Holy Princess (Juliet))
  • Demigod for Romeo, Quasideity for Juliet
  • Symbol: The Veronan coat of arms
  • Theme Song: "What is Youth?"
  • Alignment: Both Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Those With Feuding Families, Suicide, Death by Poor Communication, Really Quick Marriages, Love at First Sight, Staying Together in Death, Broken Cuties.
  • Domains: Love, Death, War, Youth.
  • High Priests: Prince Syrius and Princess Malta
  • Superior: William Shakespeare.
  • Allies: Tony and Maria, Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa, Belle and the Beast, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, Simba, Artix von Krieger, Beth March, Angelo
  • Enemies: Frollo, Gaston, Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Cal Hickley, Calvin Candie, Mr. Hyde, Jack Sparrow
  • Pities: Zeref, Ophelia
  • Pitied by: Dominic Cobb, Lara Croft,
  • Oppose: Hamlet, Scarlett O'Hara
  • After their death, the two found solace in the Pantheon, where they could always be together forever. They give their blessings to any and all Star-Crossed Lovers in the hope that they all will eventually find happiness.
  • Their temple has a big balcony as a reminder of one of their most famous scene and where the couple planned to runaway together.
  • Their superior Shakespeare is annoyed that the two of them have a portion of the fanbase that see them as example of a healthy love story. Romeo and Juliet themselves are too consumed by each other to really care.
  • They were reincarnated various times, once in a modern setting, then in space and recently as lawn yard gnomes.
    • Artix met up with them and told them of their reincarnations whom a hero went to the underworld and brought them back to the living to have a new beginning. The two wept tears of joy and have been eternally grateful to the paladin.
  • The two are disgusted when learned about Judge Frollo and his sexual harassment of Esmeralda. Also don't like Gaston for his unwanted advanced on Belle. This, along with their theme of lovers who can't be together, has made them good allies with Belle and the Beast.
  • The couple is a good ally for Angelo due to being the opposite of Frollo and was compared to Romeo by his team for his relationship with Jessica.
  • They recently made a friend in a detective called Conan Edogawa due to his condition makes him unable to be with his love.
  • Has been in contact with Simba when he found out that their story is similar to that of his daughter Kiara. The couple welcomes Simba's presence because he allows his daughter to be with her love and avoiding the grisly fate like them.
  • To the surprise of everyone, the couple can be spotted engaging in a rap battle.
  • Being one of the most famous and iconic works of Shakespeare, the couple found themselves many interesting interaction within the Pantheon.
    • The couple is incredibly jealous of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth when they heard that the two of them are Happily Married to each other, despite the atrocities that they committed. The fact that both couples have many look-a-like doesn't help the matter.
    • Both of them feel incredibly sorry for Ophelia and angry at Hamlet for how abusive he is towards her. The fact that both couples have many look-a-like also helps, even if the couple has... less than pleasant encounter with Ophelia.
    • Was surprised when found out that Juliet has the same appearance as Lara Croft, of all people. Lara feels very sorry for the couple and sometimes can be seen near their temple to receive some 16th century Italian artifacts.
      • Was also surprised when found out that Juliet has the same voice as Tigress. The couple is uncomfortable when in her presence due to her no non-sense attitude and being a talking tiger and try to avoid her as much as possible.
    • The couple found kinship and similarity in their story with Jack and Rose, right down to their ending. Especially when the four found out that sometimes Jack looks like Romeo. Romeo and Juliet express disgust when they heard about Cal Hickley's action from Rose.
      • Romeo teams up with Jack in order to rescue Rose after hearing that Calvin Candie used his similarity with Jack to kidnap Rose. Since then, Romeo has increased security around his temple to avoid the same fate for Juliet.
    • Has a very... awkward encounter with Scarlett O'Hara when she faints after seeing Romeo because he looks like one of her former lover Ashley. The couple has been trying to avoid her after that when hearing about her reputation.
    • The two of them aren't very well-liked by Sherlock Holmes because he hates their impulsive and illogical actions. The fact that he sometimes looks like them just annoys him further.
    • Has been keeping an eye on Mr. Hyde, who sometimes is mistaken as Romeo and try to kill Juliet when she runs into the man and hugs him.
    • The couple and Jack Sparrow have been avoiding each other ever since they found out about each other's different lifestyle and that Romeo looks like one of Sparrow's "friend" Will Turner.
    • Juliet had a bit of a surprise upon encountering Beth March due to how similar in appearance they are to each other. The two ended up becoming friends after hearing about each other’s tragic demise.
    • Both Romeo and Juliet used to live in Gielinor's Varrok, it's best not to remind them about it. Oddly enough they can be found in another Varrok located in a alternate universe, only as disembodied heads and though they find this disturbing they actually like those counterparts best in the RuneScapeverse.
      • Romeo can also be found in a location simply known as 'Behind The Scenes' where he helped a adventurer with a actor who plays Guthix; who not only looks like Guthix, but apparently possesses his name as well. When Romeo met the actual god Guthix in the pantheon, he initially mistook him for the actor causing no end of confusion for them both.
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be tomorrow.


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