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    Destiny of the Endless 
Destiny of the Endless, God of Blind Prophets (Pothos)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His book
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Fate, You Can't Fight Fate, Knows Everything, The Stoic, Blind Seer, Captive to His Own Awareness, Old as Time, Non-Linear Character, The Fettered, Fate and Destiny Personified, Prescience Is Predictable
  • Domains: Destiny, Freedom, Ambiguity, Prophecy, Knowledge
  • Allies: His siblings, Dream, Death, Desire, Destruction Delirium and Despair
  • Enemies: Everyone who wants to Screw Destiny (Maybe. How the Book pf Destiny actually works and how many "paths" there are is left very open).
  • Beyond yet apart from the gods are the Endless, basic embodiments of the most fundamental concepts. The eldest of their rank and inevitably the last thing in the universe to die is Destiny. This ancient being is blind, but can see everything. It is said that his book contains the universe, and knowledge of everything that has ever happened or will happen. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but many gods who have approached him more politely have been allowed to read parts of his book for themselves.
  • Considered the unofficial leader of the House of Prophecy, though, in reality, he shares the position with the other Prophets. They still look up to him as an elder voice of authority and reason though.
  • Technically speaking, he's one of the most powerful beings in the entire Trope Pantheon. However his complete awareness chains him figuratively and literally to his book; he can't help but do things because that's what the book and his own knowledge says, and in a very real sense he doesn't have free will. Doctor Manhattan pities him because of this.
  • Multiple attempts have been made by other gods to steal his book so they can read it, or destroy it. Mostly, they have been unable to find him due to his being The Omniscient and gave up.
  • Is the only person in existence who managed to get Samael, stubborn Cosmic Entity of infinite pride, to change his mind.
  • Most of the Pantheon is unsure what to think of him, due to his rarely speaking or interacting with others, even his own family, and only doing what his book tells him to. Usually does not interact directly with the rest of the Pantheon, staying in his garden unless someone is coming to try to destroy him or his book.
  • One of the few coherent things Dalek Caan has said between babbles is that, through the Time Vortex, it managed to read Destiny's book. It's unclear if it's being truthful, but it might be another explanation for why it is out of its mind.
  • His garden can be reached via any of the mazes in the Pantheon, through a sort of "universal path" that eventually leads there.
  • Enrico Pucci seeks Destiny's garden in an attempt to fundamentally alter destiny, to finally achieve his dream of humanity knowing their fate. The GUAG has been doing its damndest to make sure he doesn't step 50 feet in it.
  • To what extent his book defines fate is unknown; Delirium has, during her saner moments, stated that there are paths "outside Destiny's Garden" to other members of the Pantheon. Many take her words to be proof that one can indeed Screw Destiny.

Greater Gods

    Meruem and Komugi 
Meruem and Komugi, God and Goddess of Blind and Monstrous Pairs (Meruem: The King, The King of the Chimera Ants, The Illuminating One, Supreme Leader)
Right: Meruem; Left: Komugi

Ultraseven, God of Game-Breaking Injuries (Stationary Post Observer 340, Dan Moroboshi, Ultra Seven, Seven, Ultraseven X, The Red Giant)
Dan Moroboshi 
Ultraseven X 
Dan Moroboshi in an Alternate Universe with the Ultraseven Suit 
  • Greater God; Lesser God as Dan Moroboshi; Intermediate God as Dan Moroboshi with the Ultraseven Suit
  • Symbol: His Ultra Eye
  • Theme Songs: Ultraseven no Uta (Alt. Ver. by Project DMM, Ultraman Orb version), 6 Ultra Brothers (shared with the original Ultraman, Zoffy and the three unascended Ultra Brothers); Alt Ver. by Project DMM, Battle of Seven (when in battle mode); Another day comes (as Ultraseven X)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Constantly Sustaining Grave Injuries, Aliens Among Us, Anatomy Arsenal, Temporarily Took a Level in Jerkass, Action Dad, Fell in Love with a Human Woman, Old Soldier, Iron Woobie, Breakout Character, Fountain of Expies, Iconic Sequel Character, Initially Came From an Alternate Universe to the 1966 Series
  • Domains: Injuries, Trauma, Toku
  • Heralds: Anne Yuri (his love interest/wife) and the other Ultra Guard Members, his Capsule Monsters (Windom, Agira, Miclas, Sevengar), Masaki Kazamori and Jin (human hosts in alternate worlds)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Sympathy for: The Alien Baltans (except the Powered Alien Baltans)
  • Feared by: The Illuminati
  • In 1967 Ultraseven arrived to Earth as a scout of the Space Garrison that was exploring the Solar System. He took a liking to the planet and to blend in among humans he imitated the form of a hiker he rescued, naming himself Dan Moroboshi and eventually joining Earth's defense force at the time, the Ultra Guard, so as to help defend the planet and even fell in love with one of the team's members, Anne Yuri. Unlike his predecessor, Ultraman, Seven fought mostly against the threat of invading evil aliens and did not have a three-time limit thanks to being able to use the sun as a power source, but unfortunately his injuries from every fight carried over to his next ones and so forth until the world-wide threat of the Alien Gos and the mighty Pandon proved to be his last for the time being, as while he won he was too exhausted and injured to stay on Earth any longer and had to leave back to his home planet, leaving his human life behind.
    • Later on, Seven would return to mentor the young Ultraman Leo. Stuck in his human form of Dan Moroboshi after his Ultra Eye was damaged, he became the new Ultra's teacher and took on a rather harsh mentor role due to his perceptions of invaders and threats being serious. His device was eventually repaired and he returned back home. Eventually he would witness the redemption of his once disgraced and exiled son, Ultraman Zero, and to this day continues to be an active force of the fight against evil.
  • Ultraseven ascended into the Pantheon following his various adventures in the main M78 Universe and many others. With his ascension came along his friends at the Ultra Guard, his Capsule Monsters and his human hosts in alternate timelines/universes as heralds. He was glad to see many of his Ultramen allies in the Pantheon and was interested in exploring the greater Multiverse that he had just come across, usually looking for any problems that he can lend a hand to, as well as keep the Land of Light communicated with other organizations/worlds of good.
  • Upon ascension he met back up with a few old friends and foes that he had not seen for a long time, notable among these old faces were the Double Riders and Godzilla, as Seven had teamed up with them to combat a slew of enemies that included the nefarious Gigan in one alternate world, Seven respects his fellow veteran heroes and occasionally joins Hongo in his wanderings around the Pantheon. On the topic of Godzilla, the King of the Monsters' more benevolent attitude means that the Kaiju is on good terms with Seven, especially given his latest more heroic outings to protect Earth and even humanity, though Seven will no doubt fight him if Godzilla goes rogue and attacks mankind; they've also been seen teaming up to deal with the less-than-good Godzillas such as GMK and Earth.
    • On the side of enemies he also met back up with Shocker, an evil organization that had teamed up with Gigan on their encounter. Shocker views Seven as a massive threat to them, thanks to his expertise in dealing with alien invaders and other monsters. Similar Kamen Rider villains were Evolt and Killbus, aliens who love to destroy planets for the hell of it and earned Seven's ire for it, both are more confident about fighting the Ultra compared to the other villains of their Multiverse, as their experience destroying planets gives them an edge over most of them but still watch out for Seven regardless. In a similar place stand King Ghidorah and SpaceGodzilla alien invaders who tried to conquer and/or destroy Earth and are rather sadistic monsters with a penchant for causing death for their own amusement. Finally there was Mechagodzilla, a robotic doppelganger of Godzilla who in its original incarnation was made to be a weapon of conquest and to have Godzilla look like a bad guy after the latter had a Heel–Face Turn.
    • As for other benevolent Earth guardians, he found some in the form of Mothra, King Kong, Gamera, Toto, Raleigh and Mako. The latter two particularly caught his interest for being members of an Anti-Kaiju attack force and having a lot of will serving as their driving force for their Mech vs. Beast fights; that they also fought against Kaiju controlled by alien masterminds further gave them a good reputation with Seven, who was once up in similar incidents himself.
  • Seven once ended up in an alternate world, forced to take a human host, named Jin, to move around undetected in order to uncover a conspiracy of invaders known as the Graykess that attacked his world and failed, causing them to retreat back to their home Universe and Seven to follow them. He succeeded and was eventually able to return back to his own world. Other deities who had to Save Both Worlds or ended up trapped in alternate worlds to their own made allies with Seven over it, among them stood out the various Digidestined who had to travel between the Human World and the Digiworld to combat many threats to both worlds along with their partner Digimon, even at times getting caught up in conspiracies like Seven did. Their use of Mons to fight also made this alliance gain more ground than most. His stopping of said conspiracies earned him major fear among the likes of the Illuminati, who so far fear that Seven might find out about them and end their plans personally.
  • During his stay on Earth he ended up romancing one of the Ultra Guard's members, a woman named Anne Yuri. Though in one world they ultimately didn't get together, in some others he's had much more luck with her, even marrying her in some of these universes. This got him allies in extraterrestrial deities who have had romances with earthlings and those deities that resulted from such relationships. One of the more notable ones was Rose Quartz, formerly known as Pink Diamond, especially because it was her romance with Greg that made her gain genuine empathy for other living beings and see humans as more than just playthings or funny animals; Seven also has congratulated her on her willful turn to good after realizing the consequences of her actions and the Diamonds' in general across the planets they conquered and terraformed. As for Steven, Seven can understand the weight of battles and trauma on both the mental and physical health, as he himself suffered a lot due to his continuous injuries and temporarily Took a Level in Jerkass when training Leo, turning into a ruthless yet well-meaning mentor to the once young Ultraman.
    • Among the deities fathered from an alien parent was Mark Grayson, better known as Invincible, a half-human/half-Viltrumite man who not only helped his once evil conqueror father turn over a new leaf, but also ended up being the key to reforming the once corrupt Viltrumite Empire into a force of good with a prosperous future. Seven congratulated Mark on his efforts to make the world a better place and even consoled him when Mark shared how his father died in his last grand fight.
  • Seven has clashed with various evil aliens during his adventures on Earth, as such those evil races or groups bent on conquering Earth are among his number 1 enemies in the Pantheon. The most prominent were the likes of the Martians, the Harvesters, the Pod People, the Combine, the Shroobs and many others. Seven has taken a vow to stop them should they try to launch any large-scale attacks, and isn't one to be bluffing with his threats. He has also clashed with the small Irken soldier, Zim, who is perfectly capable of destroying reality itself with his shenanigans. Zim himself views Seven as one of his greatest nemesis, but to Seven he's just a somewhat dangerous invader and doesn't exactly ranks too high on his enemies list.
  • He finds himself sympathizing with the majority of the Alien Baltans in their plight of wanting to find a new homeworld to live in after theirs was destroyed, as he had to contend with aliens who weren't truly evil but took extreme measures to find a new home. That said, he does not condone their more destructive acts such as trying to take over Earth by force. And also opposes the Powered Alien Baltans, who are ruthless evil conquerors with no Freudian Excuse or legitimate reason for their actions besides a lust for power and territory.
  • Many questioned who Seven had Zero with. While many sources have claimed that it was a blue Ultrawoman, some have raised even more questions, wondering where she has gone to and why she and Seven seemingly separated. Others have theorized that Anne Yuri (who is his True Love across many realities) might be Zero's mother herself, though the timeline makes that a little hard to think of as a concrete answer. Seven himself prefers not to talk about this question at all.
  • Seven might not be as powerful as his son, Zero, but that does not mean he's a slouch in a fight at all. Seven can more than hold his own against even the mightiest of foes and with his experience in many worlds can outfight even some of the greatest warriors around. He got an ally out of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, particularly the former as while Naruto surpassed him, he's still a respectable and formidable martial artist all on his own.
  • He's a wanderer who might ocasionally appear younger and armed with a katana and a mecha suit instead of his Ultraman arsenal. In one of his travels he met Samurai Jack and had a friendly duel with him that Jack ultimately won, he came to respect his resolve and will even with the odds against him once they exchanged tales. He also lamented that he temporarily lost his love, Ashi, before events allowed them to reunite.
  • He greatly respects how the Iron Giant was able to reform from his original role as a planet-killing weapon due to finding the beauty of Earth too great to destroy, Seven himself grew to appreciate the planet as a second home despite initially just being a scout sent there to map it. Seven also appreciates how the Giant sacrificed himself (temporarily) to stop a nuke, seeing such determination in the face of apparent death to be something few can attest to having.
  • Seven died at the hands of Ultraman Belial during the latter's second rampage, a death which he was later revived from. Ever since Seven's remained one of Belial's biggest enemies, further amplified by Zero being the one to defeat Belial multiple times in the future. Due to Belial's presence in the Pantheon, Seven has remained on high alert for the possibility of his long-time enemy springing back into action. Similarly other foes such as Alien Empera and the eternal Yapool have made him stay even more wary of their possible next move, especially Yapool as he believes the immortal being is planning to create a second U-Killersaurus but with even more powers stolen from other heroes in the Pantheon to make it a deadlier foe this time around.
  • Seven has occasionally been corrupted by darkness, as such he opposes the Dark Matter Horde known for taking over entire planets and corrupting them with their evil essence. Their tendency to attack peaceful planets also helped in making him an enemy of them. This has sparked some interesting interactions with Kirby, who has an Eye Slugger-like attack in his Cutter form. Seven himself likes the little pink deity for his bravery and fighting for justice when needed to. At the same time he's met the other Dreamland folks and has made something of a small rivalry with Meta Knight due to their swordsmanship (at least when Seven takes his Moroboshi self) but hold each other in a respectful light always.

Intermediate Gods

    Hunter Zolomon/Zoom 
Hunter Zolomon, The Mentally Disturbed God (Reverse Flash II, Zoom)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Cowl, featuring a unique pair of eye lens
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Massive Psychological Issues and pitiable Past that drove him to Villainy, Former Friends and Partners With Wally West, Former FBI Agent until Grodd rendered him Disabled, His Superpowers Eliminated his Disability of immobility, Heavily Deranged, Alien Sense of Perception and Morals, Ability to Manipulate Time as a perceptive Illusion of Super-Speed, Incredibly Sympathetic Villain with a neglectful past and an Abusive Father, Tries to Mentor Wally West, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Believes that Tragedy and Pain are the best form of Character Development, The Second Reverse-Flash (And Chronologically the First), Loves his wife Ashley, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: Disability, Time, Misery, Cynicism, Villainy
  • Allies: Bizarro, Scott Shelby, Madara Uchiha, Regime Superman, Dr. Doom, Albedo Piazzolla, Magneto, Goro Akechi, Archaon the Everchosen, Odio, Darth Vader, "Hero Killer" Stain
  • Rivals: Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Enemies: Gorilla Grodd, Barry Allen/The Flash, Beast Boy, Norman Jayden, Clarice Starling, Will Graham, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dio Brando, Koba, Kronika
  • Complicated Relationship: Wally West/Flash II, the House of Love and Affection
  • Respects: Heroes and Villains who went through Tragedy
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents
  • Opposed by: The House of Justice
  • Hunter Zolomon had an... unpleasant life. His parents were neglectful towards him to the point of often ignoring Hunter's presence. Even worse, his father was a Serial Killer who killed several women. Hunter's father killed his wife in front of him before being gunned down by the police. The event made Zolomon interested in Psychology wanting to learn how serial killers operated and how their personalities functioned, culminating in him becoming an FBI informant. He became friends with Wally West, often helping him out in crime-fighting as his personal informant. All this came to a crashing halt when he was attacked by Gorilla Grodd who snapped his body, rendering Zolomon paralyzed and destroying his job ventures. After being refused help from Wally to revert him back healthy, Zolomon took matters into his own hands and used the Cosmic Treadmill. It exploded; Zolomon came out of the explosion healed from his injuries, but the experience damaged his already-declining mental health so badly he became a deranged madman. With the ability to manipulate time and believing that heroes must suffer from some kind of tragedy to become better, Zolomon christened himself Zoom, becoming Wally's greatest nemesis and in his view, a teacher to make him a better person.
  • Zolomon heard about the Pantheon during one of his villainous stints. He became interested in hearing about several heroes, many from his universe and others he had no knowledge about. The sheer amount of residents there was enough to make Hunter consider making his entrance. Furthermore, he was pleased to hear that numerous residents went through a personal tragedy that made them heroes, which Hunter believes is fundamental. At the same time, he became aware that there were those who became heroes without tragedy, which irritated Zolomon and the number of villains there were immense. Joining the Pantheon, Zolomon is now making plans on which heroes and villains to approach, because, in his view, he'll be the teacher they need...
  • In contrast to the Flash family and the Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon doesn't actually have Super-Speed as his main power. Instead, his primary ability is to control and alter time as he sees fit. And with using his abilities everything around him stops thus giving off the illusion that Zolomon is travelling in Super-Speed. On an additional note, Zolomon is granted an empowered physique, including superhuman strength, stamina and reflexes. His preferred attack is to snap his fingers, triggering a massive concussive wave around his environment to cause massive damage.
    • Due to his experience as an FBI Agent and his studies in psychology and criminology, he is intellectually impressive in figuring out tactics and determining one's mindset and beliefs, which heavily contrasts his incredibly warped and deranged moral views.
    • Thanks to certain events, Zolomon was able to access the Speed Force and gain the superhuman speed the Flash Family were known for, though in doing so, he separated the Speed Force from the time-stream, disabling the ability to Time Travel.
  • Zolomon's relationship with Eobard Thawne is a rather polarizing one. They are both the greatest and most personal nemesis towards a member of the Flash Family (Wally West and Barry Allen respectively). The two have worked together, but their views on accomplishing their objectives and their overall personalities are at constant odds with one another. Both have abilities distinct from the Speed Force; Zolomon can manipulate time whereas Thawne is connected to the Negative Speed Force. Zolomon is chronologically the first Reverse-Flash, was a personal friend of Wally, was Driven to Villainy due to events that were out of his control and genuinely believes he is doing a good thing, in addition to having some degree of remorse occasionally. In contrast, Thawne was the first known (But not THE first) Reverse-Flash, was a overly-obsessed fan of Barry, decided to pursue villainy exclusively for self-benefit and is easily the most deranged, psychotic and bloodthirsty foe the Flash Family has ever faced with no redeeming quality.
    • Sees Leonard Snart as counter-productive in the sense that his actions don't necessarily help Wally become a better hero, instead seeing his actions as annoying instead. Snart, however, states that Zolomon's method of teaching heroes is "absolute bonkers", which frustrated him. That said, the two have admitted to respecting Wally and Barry, albeit in their own ways.
  • Cannot join the Grand United Alliance of Evil, as his goals and views contrast what Melkor wants to represent. YHVH and Cosmos aren't optimistic about him either, Has no interest in Machinery plus he isn't an Omnicidal Maniac like Nekron. Eventually, he decided to settle being accepted by Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Lucifer felt intrigued by Zolomon's philosophy about bettering heroes, going along with his own view on morality rather well.
  • Not exactly someone who would be able to make allies, and it doesn't help with his manic expressions and bizarre standards of morality. That said, Zolomon does have some companions such as Scott Shelby, Magneto and Darth Vader as he is able to relate to them in the sense that they all are a product of constant tragedy and the loss of a loved one which bought them to villainy. He also feels rather sympathetic for Goro Akechi, Archaon the Everchosen and Odio as they too were Driven to Villainy because of events out of their control.
    • Found great company under "Hero Killer" Stain as his philosophies align with Hunter's own rather well. Stain is impressed in that Zolomon is intensely dedicated to his cause and that his past experiences with life are valuable lessons in becoming better people. To everyone's shock, himself included, he's actually cordial with Albedo Piazzolla. Then again, Albedo is incredibly angsty about his immortality and love for his brother, so Zolomon feels his tragic past makes for a relatable ally.
    • He insulted Bizarro at one point. It'd normally be a suicidal move towards someone with Superman-level strength and abilities, but Bizarro took it as a compliment, courtesy of the clone's underdeveloped intelligence. Oddly enough, Zolomon treats Bizarro like a genuine friend, often hanging out with him in case Bizarro needs a friend for company.
  • Decided to form an alliance with Regime Superman and Madara Uchiha. The fallen Man of Steel sees Zolomon as a relatable figure who agrees with his views on how heroes should be bought up, whereas Madara sees Zolomon as an excellent example of The Power of Hate, in addition to all of them being Tragic Villains. They're working on taking on Kronika and her allies, in the intent of taking over her hourglass. Zolomon intends to use the hourglass to create a world where heroes will always experience tragedy and pain, which he believes will make the world a better place.
  • Him and Wally West have an interesting dynamic. While it is certain they are each other's greatest enemies, they do not really hate each other, even after Zolomon caused the stillbirth of Wally's children at one point. Rather, Wally feels sympathetic for Zolomon and genuinely wants to help him out. Zolomon, however, does have a degree of nostalgia regarding his teamwork with Wally before his turn to villainy, but feels he can't really come back to his old ways. They'll fight each other time and again, but every time they do, there's always a lingering thread of melancholy and angst between the two.
    • Considering he isn't too personal with Barry Allen, he's a more traditional foe for him. Zolomon is, however, respectful of Barry in the aspect that he was a hero molded and motivated by a past tragedy, despite not showing it. Barry obviously considers him a threat to be stopped, especially after Flash War.
  • If Hunter Zolomon was to be asked who his worst enemy was, his answer would not actually be Wally or any of the Flash Family, but rather Gorilla Grodd. Considering it was Grodd that resulted in Zolomon's culmination to insanity and villainy, no one can blame the latter's seething hatred of the xenophobic ape. His ascension into the Pantheon actually caused some distress for Grodd, who figured that Zolomon would want to kill him brutally when they meet. Koba isn't any better, with Zolomon seeing him as a completely warped and unapproachable figure like Grodd (Despite Zolomon himself being just as deluded and deranged).
  • As a former FBI Agent, he found enemies under Norman Jayden, Clarice Starling and Will Graham, who while sympathetic about Zolomon's past and misfortune, are not going to let his villainy slide past. Zolomon, however, doesn't pay much attention to them as he knows he can easily kill them if need be. Though this may also be because he himself used to be like them, he doesn't feel like wanting to harm them, reminiscing about the time he decided to painlessly kill off a group of policemen rather than torturing them because he used to be like them beforehand.
  • Dio Brando seems impressed by Zolomon, but the latter dislikes the former, full stop, citing the vampire as sick and demented for him to work. Not helping matters are their similar abilities involving time-stopping. Dio, however, treats Zolomon like a Friendly Enemy because his existence intrigues him a lot. He was further enthralled to learn of Zolomon's abusive upbringing. Unfortunately, Zolomon isn't going to reciprocate at any moment.
  • Finds Beast Boy and Sonic the Hedgehog to be incredibly annoying to deal with. Zolomon hates Sonic because he believes the latter hasn't suffered from any tragic event, yet is baffled to hear that he is the greatest hero in his homeworld.
  • Don't remind him of Abusive Parents. Considering Hunter's parents never really looked after him, and that his father was secretly a Serial Killer, Zolomon obviously feels sensitive and upset whenever this topic is bought up. He will personally go out of his way to kill any abusive parent he finds, considering them one of the very worst kinds of people in his perception.
  • For all his faults, he does genuinely love his ex-wife Ashley, her being the only person aside from Wally that Hunter has any emotional attachment with. In fact, one of the things he wishes to do with Kronika's hourglass is to mend his relationship with Ashley and remain a married couple. And after getting access to the Speed Force and crushing Barry and Wally's relationship in addition to his own, Ashley may very well be the only person he has left to live for.
  • Has heard about an alternate version of himself somewhere. Hunter does NOT want to see him as that, seeing him as way too different and just as much of a nutjob as Thawne. And he is really wishing he does not ascend to the Pantheon.
  • "Destiny has brought us here, Flash. From friend to foe."

    Siebren de Kuiper/Sigma 
"Gravity is a harness."

Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, God of Barefoot Lunatics (Sigma, Subject Sigma, Sigma Balls)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Hyperspheres
  • Theme Song: Sigma's Melody
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Manipulated by Talon without his knowledge, Barrier Warrior, Suffered a lab accident that gave him his powers, Gravity Master, Genius Bruiser, Constantly hears voices, laughter and a melody, Large Ham, Mad Scientist, Mind over Matter, Power Floats, Lost his mind, Shoulders of Doom, Straw Nihilist, The most morally upstanding of the Talon characters, Tragic Villain, Hold it together, hold it together, hold it together, hold it together
  • Domains:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Reploid Sigma
  • Enemies: Sirius, The SCP Foundation, Pinbacker, The Meta
  • Interested in: Mei-Ling Zhou, Ochaco Uraraka, Kat
  • Admires: Enigma, Palkia
  • Complicated Relationship: Winston (They get along but Sigma being Talon makes it hard for the two to work together)
  • The universe and its mysteries has fascinated mankind for centuries and this is what motivated the eccentric Dr. Siebren de Kuiper. He was a brilliant astrophysicist who for most of his life dedicated to find out how humanity could harness the power of gravity and the essence of a black hole considering them but a "harness". However, once the required preparations were set, the end results were beyond disastrous for de Kuiper. He gained the power to control gravity but his mind and his reality were shattered and beyond repair, imprisoned and isolated far from civilization since they feared his powers would create havoc if unchecked, stripped of his name and referred to a Subject Sigma. The isolation only worsened Siebren's grasp of reality as he slowly succumbed to his delusions and the enthalling call of "the melody" he constantly hears, until he was liberated by Talon. Fred from his prison, de Kuiper kept his designation as Sigma and became a member of Talon, unaware that the reasons for his liberation were far from well-intentioned.
  • Sigma was ascended by his Talon peers, they believing their influence was slowly deteriorating thanks to the efforts of Overwatch from keeping them out of Pantheon affairs. de Kuiper history was reviewed and the thing that caught the attention of the court was his desire to go barefoot, indicating that Sigma indeed wasn't someone with the best grasp of reality but most surprisingly is that even beyond that he was well-mannered and even more willing to cooperate than his Talon co-horts. He was then given a temple in the Hall of Insane Behavior, a place he would rather not stay since it reminds him of the time he was isolated.
  • While he can be usually seen in his own temple relaxing, he doesn't like to spend time in the Hall of Insane Behavior, being a grim reminder of when he was locked up. He spends most of his time in the House of Time and Temporality, where he claims the melody is heard the most.
    • Sigma also holds a huge amount of respect for Palkia, Guardian of Space and another source of knowledge for the secrets of the Universe. Dr. Kuiper was honestly baffled that mere children could capture and control the powers of Palkia as if they were a mere pet and considering what happened to him when he tried to do the same with his experiments, he is honestly a bit jealous that those people didn't suffer from any notable side-effects.
  • Sigma used to be his subject designation, a reminder of the time he spent imprisoned while reality slowly drifted away and became incoherent madness. But once freed, he decided to take it as his callsign, which tends to get him confused with the other Sigma. The reploid feels insulted that a human would dare to take his designation while Dr. Kuiper is mildly fascinated by the advanced nature of the kind of robot Sigma is but his constant antagonism does put the two at odds. Doesn't help that appearance wise, the two tend to get confused if nobody is paying attention.
    • There was also an AI called Sigma, who ended up manipulating the entity known as the Meta into becoming a real person. de Kuiper feels a bit unease when the Meta is around, particularly because the AI has attempted to manipulate him before.
  • Some wonder why he is even barefoot in the first place. One group believes that he didn't quite mentally left his confinement and still struggles to adapt to a regular enviroment, not helped by being surrounded by Talon operatives. The second group argues that because he is able to float, he doesn't need to use footwear and prefers to float freely to wherever he wants to.
  • Detests the SCP Foundation for their methods, reminding him of his own captivity in a way. Dr. Kuiper's disdain for the Foundation ended up causing a series of events that nobody could have anticipated, starting with one of the Foundation's nemesis, the Chaos Insurgency, becoming interested with de Kuiper and trying to induct him as another SCP-like being but considering they would be at odds with Talon, they opted to formally propose an alliance with the unstable doctor. Then Sigma heard Dr. Robert Scranton, someone who too went mad thanks to his isolation and the two became kindred spirits. Scranton condition fascinated de Kuiper, comparing him that of his own albeit with possibly even worse results.
  • Quickly learned that he wasn't the only blessed with the gifts of Gravity and decided to find out the origins of said deities' gravity manipulation. First one was Ochaco Uraraka, who at first was understandably scared of Sigma asking her weird philosophical questions about the universe and if she too could hear the melody but Sigma left once he figured she was born with said powers and how the people from her universe developed powers overtime. Then Sigma found about Kat, someone who gained her powers after making contact with a strange-looking cat and Sigma grew curious about the significance of said creature and if he could probably reveal the secrets of the universe the good doctor is desperate to find out. Neither of the two girls particularly understood what Dr. de Kuiper wanted but felt sorry for him after learning of his mental condition and how he is being manipulated.
  • For a time he's been also following the progress on technology that can also bend gravity, most notably the Tobelstein Core technology employed by Zarya and Orisa, although he finds them quite faulty. Then there is Sirius, an EM with the ability to control Black Holes and considering harnessing the power one left de Kuiper in a poor mental state, its no wonder Sirius has gone mad with power. He considers Sigma below his notice but de Kuiper is both against and a bit scared of Sirius considering how much havoc the power of a black hole can have.
  • While Sigma has the personality and behavior of a Mad Scientist, he doesn't really have a good relationship with the other of his kind. He is on relative good terms with Professor Paradox. While on the side of good, Paradox can relate to being the victim of a Freak Lab Accident but overtime he grew Bored with Insanity and changed for the better and has tried to sway de Kuiper away from Talon but he hasn't been succesful.
    • On the other hand, Sigma is often seen visiting the Think Tank, as their eccentricity and weird experiments match Sigma's behavior quite a lot. de Kuiper's field being astrophysics interested the group and his accident only increased said interest and the fact that he is not stuck in a Brain in a Jar certainly helps but they are aware the he is a bit on the insane side. Sigma relates the most to Dr. 8 because he is only one of the group that is actually interested in figuring out the melody that the doctor constantly hears and his field of knowledge could help discover if the universe is indeed singing to him.
    • On a less serious note, some thing he resembles Gru in a way. Neither of them knows how to react to that statement but weirdly enough they are friends (one of the few "bad guys" Sigma is the most friendly with).
  • He and Pinbacker can't stand each other. As both are victims of Space Madness one way or another, de Kuiper is insulted that he couldn't appreciate the beauty of the Universe and succumbing to religious fanatism to escape the reality that the Sun and by extension the rest of the cosmos is a truly beautiful (but cold) thing. Pinbacker just laughed at de Kuiper's silly phylosophical rants about Space, making him an example of the failure of mankind tampering with the nature of space but he knows better that provoking Sigma knowing he can actually bend gravity.
  • "There is no obligation for the universe to make sense to you"


    Wolfgang Schreiber 
Wolfgang Schreiber, God of Evil Eunuchs (LDO XII, Hrozvitnir, Anna Schreiber, Schreiber of the Sturmwind, The Ashen Knight, Einherjar Albedo)

Lesser Gods

    Barbara Gordon/Batgirl II 
Barbara Gordon, Goddess of Former Handicaps (Batgirl, Babs, Oracle)
In her role as Oracle 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Bat Symbol, colored yellow
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girls, Combat Stilettos, Fiery Redheads Ascended Fangirls, Tragic Accidents, Admiring Her Father in High Regard, Cowl-Wearing Heroes, Hot Librarians, Badass Bookworms, Throwing Off the Disability That no Ordinary Person Involves. Formerly Crippled Geniuses, Mission Control, Knowledge Brokers, Handicapped Badasses.
  • Domains: Superheroics, Knowledge, Leadership, Hot-Bloodness.
  • Heralds: Stephanie Brown (her successor during the time she worked as Oracle) and Bette Kane (the original Batgirl).
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Asuka Langley Souryuu/Shikinami
  • Complicated Relationship: Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Enemies:
  • Barbara used to co-hold the title of Fiery Redheads alongside with Asuka Langley Souryuu/Shikinami. However, after a few discussions which resulted in disagreement, she left the temple. As a result, given the fact that she's no longer handicapped since the New 52, Barbara gained a different title: Throwing Off the Disability. Interestingly enough, Babs still remembers the events of The Killing Joke, and is coping with it.
    • Due to respect towards her former life as a disabled knowledge master, she prefers not to share the treatment with anyone who has similar disabilities, as she accepts them as they are.
  • The (possibly adopted)note  daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon became Batgirl after inadvertently saving Bruce Wayne from a criminal while dressed in a feminine bat costume she'd made for a masquerade ball she was attending, completely unaware that Bruce was her idol, Batman. After a year in the role, she was brutally shot through the spine by the Joker, crippling her from the waist down. Unwilling to give up on the mission, Barbara withdrew from field work and used her advanced computer skills to become Oracle, an information broker for heroes and leader of the Birds of Prey. After three years, she finally submitted to surgery that restored the use of her legs, allowing her to become Batgirl again. Her leg strength is still recovering, due to the fact that she used to be in a wheelchair as Oracle in the House of Knowledge.
    • Many of the Deities say that Babs would return to her very iconic role... however, it's a question of time if she gets crippled again or not. Until then, Bentley has taken the helm as God of Crippled Geniuses. They remain friends, though.
  • Spars frequently with Satsuki Kiryuin, because of their similar fighting style.
  • As one of the post-release inclusions in an alternate world where Superman becomes a tyrannical ruler, Babs saw her alternate-self fighting against said ruler because he murdered Alternate!Babs' father in cold blood. In an ironic twist, Alternate!Babs started as Oracle before becoming Batgirl.
  • Is one of the few Batfamily to be a bit understanding of Jason Todd's situation. Though, she doesn't approve of his methods.
  • Barbara and Starfire are often considered Dick's most prominent love interests. There has been known ship wars on who he should end up with.
    • Speaking of bat romance, there was one version of Barb who actually had a romantic relationship with Bruce Wayne. Many deities were squicked about that.
  • Does not like Fiddlesticks. It's because she is reminded of the Scarecrow who once inflicted her with bad case of his fear toxin. Her fear? Being dead and having her father raging a war against Batman and seeing both men she care about dying.
  • Became really close to both Twilight Sparkle and Bubbles. The three do find it strange, however, that they kind of sound very similar. On the flip side, Bab didn't like that Harley Quinn also shares the same voice as her's.
  • Her best friend is Kara Zor-El alias Supergirl. It is not unusual to see Babs sitting on Kara's back as she flies across the sky. There has been rumors about the exact nature of their relationship.
  • Properly, Babs was thrilled when Kara ascended to godhood.
  • Barbara heard rumors that Pre-Crisis Kara and Dick got married in an alternate future. She doesn't know she feels about this. On the one hand she is jealous of her friend although she wants them to be happy. On the other hand she pities Kara because dating Dick Grayson is such a headache.
  • After hearing the chaos Love Machine cause trouble back in his world and in the Pantheon, Babs' Oracle instincts kicked in, and she's been brushing up her cyber cracking skills to counteract him.
  • While Barbara may be the most well-known Batgirl, she isn’t the first to bear the Batgirl Cowl. In fact, Barbara is the second Batgirl. A very long time ago, there was a young woman who wore the cowl and fought crime before Barbara did. That woman’s name was Bette Kane and she was the Golden Age Batgirl. Bette isn’t in the pantheon and she and Barbara don’t interact often, if at all, but they do respect each other for their work. As the original Batgirl, Bette considers Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie to be worthy successors to the Batgirl mantle...and even better Batgirls than she ever was. Still, the three successive Batgirls do gather from time to time to pay their respects to Bette for what she had started all those years ago as Batwoman’s sidekick.
  • One day, Barbara met and worked with the Phantom Thieves of Heart. She got along on good terms with all of them, but she hit it off especially well with Futaba. They found that they both shared a lot in common (apart from sharing the same codename of “Oracle”, of course). Being both redhead vigilante hackers who lost their mothers, who were both trained by other vigilantes dressed in black and who both went through great pain and trauma, they naturally became friends pretty fast. Futaba looks up to Barbara and Barbara sees Futaba like the little sister she never had.

    Bentley Turtle 
Bentley Turtle, God of Crippled Geniuses (Spex-guy, The Brains)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A turtle icon with glasses
  • Theme Song: Thieves in Time (shared with Sly and Murray)
  • Alignment: Borderline Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Fighting villains while being in a wheelchair, wielding a crossbow, the brains of the group, Deuteragonist, making strategies, high-tech wheelchairs, romance with someone of a different species (formerly), Heartbroken Badass, Did Not Get the Girl, hacking, always loyal to his friends, dealing with explosives, Having his franchise canned in the middle of a major cliffhanger
  • Domains: Turtles, Genius, Hacking, Wheelchairs, Strategies, Friendship.
  • Allies: The Cooper Gang (current members ascended: Sly Cooper, Murray Hippo, Panda King, Dimitri Lousteau, The Guru), The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, half of the House of Machinery and Technology, Sora, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Phoenix Wright, Crash Bandicoot, Queen Elsa and Anna
  • Friendly Enemy: Carmelita Fox
  • Enemies: Penelope Mouse (ex-girlfriend and team member), Clockwerk and Neyla, Clu, Prince Hans Westergard, the Master Control Program, Sark
  • When Sly ascended to the Pantheon for more challenges, Bentley followed suit. Despite the group being called "The Cooper Gang", Bentley is the true leader of the group as it is due to his strategies that Sly has been able to make his successful heists.
    • The embarrassing truth is that he took over the spot from one of the most respected members of the Pantheon, Oracle. Sadly, after The New 52, she abdicated on account of no longer being wheelchair bound. Bentley has modestly agreed to share the spot should Barbara Gordon ever get crippled again, but for now, he's it's sole occupant.
    • When Barbara returned as the Co-Goddess of Fiery Redheads, Bentley finally came to respect Babs' decision. When she then was moved to a new seat celebrating overcoming her own disability, he was actually pretty happy for her.
  • Has been in a wheelchair after the incident with Clock-La, whose powerful beak clamped onto his legs. Despite this, he has made many modifications to make him a formidable threat to all foes who don't think twice when it comes to attacking him.
  • Spends a lot of time in the House of Technology and chats with the likes of Lain, Kengo Utahoshi and sometimes Ed on occasion. He's currently made plans for a working time-machine so he and the rest of the gang can go through more and more adventures.
    • He is also the current bearer of the Thievius Raccoonus and the treasure of the Cooper Vault, making the security system so tight that no one could steal and pilfer all of the treasure inside.
  • Gets along well with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He usually is seen with Donatello discussing on adventures, machines and new inventions they're working on.
  • When Spyro the Dragon ascended into the pantheon, he spotted Bentley's name in the "Book of Gods" and mistook the turtle for a yeti of the same name.
  • He, Ed and Otacon have decided to dub themselves as the "Hacking Trio." after the three went on a humongous hacking challenge with no clear victor.
    • Shiena Kenmochi and Estonia have since joined the trio in their hacking challenges. As a result, the group is now called the Hacking Quintet. They have now been incorporated into the White Hats.
    • Their Arch-Enemy is the Master Control Program, who has a habit of zapping them into a computer and sending Sark to deal with them. During one hack, Bentley decided to teach the MCP a lesson by tricking him into zapping Murray in, who them proceeded to trash the prison with his fists. The damages left in the prison, and even on Sark, would be a reminder of the MCP to not take the quintet and their allies for granted.
  • When Bentley first met Sora, he was quite jealous towards him for managing to physically enter a computer world and befriend a program. No matter: he finally got to enter a computer and meet Tron.
  • While in search of a RC expert for a caper, Bentley met a young mouse named Penelope, who joined them following a Dogfight Competition in Holland. After a few adventures and following her intimal crush on Sly, the two became a couple and began to work on a time machine together. Unfortunately, Bentley found out that Penelope was mainly using him for weapon dealings, and had intents of using the money made from then to Take Over The Pantheon. She also had plans to murder all of his friends, especially Sly and Murray, to keep Bentley to herself. This leads to their nasty break-up.
  • Bentley also holds a strong hatred towards Prince Hans Westergard for the fact that his evil plan (marrying Anna and then committing regicide on her and Elsa to steal the latter's throne) reminds him about Penelope. This also causes Bentley to theorize if Penelope was Evil All Along and was only using him and the gang to get the vast wealth from Sly's ancestors before switching to weapon dealings. It doesn't help that both Penelope and Hans have "frozen hearts".
    • Bentley grew to hate Hans even more after the latter became Sköll, and attacked Arendelle with the intent of eating its light, and started to fear the same will happen to Penelope. She went the same way as Hans, forcing Bentley to kill Penelope's Heartless, the Avaricious Muis.
  • Phoenix Wright offered Bentley moral support after Penelope's betrayal. He knew what Bentley was going through, and had suffered it himself at the hands of Dahlia Hawthorne. Phoenix has promised to help Bentley if he wishes to get revenge on Penelope, as well as acting as defence attorney should the Cooper Gang be falsely accused of a crime.

    Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley 
Jonathan David "Jon" Moxley, God of Being Diagnosed by the Audience (Dean Ambrose, Mox, Jonathan David Good, The Lunatic Fringe, The Death Rider, Titty Master, DEAN FUCKING AMBROSE, JON FUCKING MOXLEY, International Purveyor of Violence, The Moral Compass of WWE)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An hourglass in a circle (secretly the letters "MOX" blended together); alternately, the "DA" initials stylized to resemble an Anarchy symbol
  • Theme Songs: Death Rider, Unscripted Violence, previously Retaliation
  • Alignment: All around the Chaotic spectrum (Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies as part of The Shield)
  • Portfolio: Being Crazy is Cool, Diagnosed by the Audience, Violent Insanity, Having a Balance of Skills, Messy Hair, Wild Cards.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Craziness, Mentalism.
  • Heralds: Renee Young (his wife), Shota Umino, Mitch the Potted Plant
  • Former Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Seth Rollins (they've been allies, enemies, back and forth and again… It's Personal, basically), Roman Reigns
  • Allies: Wreck-it Ralph, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Hyodo Issei, Aladdin (Magi), Jason Brody, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: John Cena
  • On speaking terms with: Nick Fury
  • Rivals: AJ Styles, Kane, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan
  • Enemies: YHVH, Lucifer, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family, BROKEN Matt Hardy
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • Other Relationships: Mokuba Kaiba (former Big Brother Mentor to the boy, see below), Seto Kaiba, Noah Kaiba
  • Jon Moxley comes from a hellish life in the rough streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, raised by a mother struggling with prostitution and drugs. Professional wrestling appeared to him as a therapeutic outlet, and he would not shy away from the craziness that his life left him with in the way that he approached the wrestling world. This penchant for sickness led him to become a mainstay in the ultra-violent, perpetually-bloodletting deathmatch circuits of the northeast and midwest United States, particularly making his name as a champion in the infamous Combat Zone Wrestling promotion, before ultimately finding himself down south at Florida Championship Wrestling.
  • It was during his time in Florida that he finally met Tyler Black, a revolutionary wrestler looking to create change, as well as Leakee, one of the latest up-and-comers at the time in a long wrestling and sports lineage hailing from Samoa. Black presented Moxley and Leakee with an opportunity in 2012 to raid Vince McMahon's WWE Universe as a paramilitary force on a mission of "justice"; Moxley accepted, changing his name to become Dean Ambrose. Very quickly, Ambrose and his partners in The Shield, now going by Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, became a force to be reckoned with in WWE; most importantly, they became so good at enforcing their brand of mercenary justice that no combination of Superstars could beat them before they got a place in the Pantheon, and very few managed the job in the years afterward as well. However, due to corrupt forces getting in Rollins' ear, Rollins betrayed his own team, leading to a blood feud between Rollins and Ambrose which took over two years to resolve. With The Shield disbanded, he's relocated here, although none of them abandoned their call names. Yet.
  • Ambrose has a strong sense of hatred towards Seto Kaiba. He thought that the whole Quantum Cube incident was outright mean (particularly to when he learned that Kaiba went to the afterlife and left his younger brother alone without knowing whether he'd make it out alive), and the original characterization of him wanting to put his own brother in a Shadow Game and deriding him for losing was an absolute dick move in Ambrose's opinion. Hell, he personally went to the mortal plane to comfort Mokuba. This probably stems from Ambrose's own Dark and Troubled Past and he honestly hopes that Mokuba can properly ascend, allying with Noah to find a proper place for the boy. It took some doing, but seeing as the boy still worshiped his brother (despite Kaiba being a bit of a dick in Ambrose's honest opinion), Noah and Ambrose were able to get Mokuba the title of Big Brother Worship and Ambrose has made a promise to keep an eye on the younger Kaiba. Seto, for his part, just thanked the Lunatic Fringe for the assistance while paying no mind whatsoever to his opinions. Well, until...
  • No one can really medically pin down what if anything is wrong with Ambrose. Sometimes he really is a raving lunatic who thirsts for bloody violence, other times he's just a mellow, well-grounded chill dude. Does he have anger management issues? Does he hear voices in his head? Is he even clinically insane at all, or is he just eccentric and self-aware about it? Honestly, the answer is yes. For his part, he'll just tell you he's an "all-around sick son of a bitch."
  • For awhile his biggest target was Rollins, the aforementioned traitor. However, the competition between the three ex-Shield partners concluded with Ambrose getting his revenge, and after experiencing a betrayal of his own, Rollins became sympathetic to the others and eventually expressed remorse for his actions. Ambrose kept his thoughts on this quiet for a long while, moving on to facing other competitors.
  • Many Goddesses are impressed that he's outright handsome. However, Ambrose himself knows that his heart belongs to Renee Young, an interviewer-turned-Combat Commentator who is now his wife, leaving many Goddesses disillusioned.
  • Also has an intense hatred towards YHVH, who he thinks may have corrupted Rollins. Lucifer approached him in order to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. Ambrose declined and as a result, is now under Lucifer's black list.
  • Is verily known to say "Nope" each time he denies a question.
  • Gets well along with Hyodo Issei, the other Aladdin, and Paio Li because of his infamous nickname... and then gods found out from Roman Reigns who Ambrose was talking about — apparently the nickname came out because Ambrose and Big E. Langston were constantly fighting each other on a tour. This eventually became confirmed when Big E ascended (along with his fellow New Day buddies) to which Ambrose just rolled his eyes.
  • Never liked the Wyatt Family nor Randy Orton and knew that things would go wrong when he learned that Orton sided with the Wyatts. The only thing he could say about it? "This Is Gonna Suck". And when he learned that Orton tricked Bray in order to set fire to Sister Abigail's remains? Grimaced as he knew that even that was going a bit overboard and stated, "This Is Gonna Suck even more." It did suck, but... in the sense of being underwhelming rather than being dangerous.
  • Does NOT like BROKEN Matt Hardy. Sure, Ambrose is insane but he admits that he is, and the idea of sending three fillies into Limbo was unnecessary. When "The Ultimate Deletion" with Wyatt vs. BROKEN Matt occurred, Ambrose just groaned in annoyance.
  • In what surprised various wrestlers, Ambrose eventually forgave Rollins for selling out and the two united to defeat Sheamus and Cesaro to become Tag Team Champions at Summerslam 2017. Then Sheamus and Cesaro decided to target Roman Reigns, leading to Ambrose and Rollins reconvening with him... and reforming The Shield. Time will tell as to how long this will last, but he's happy and that's all that matters.
  • In response to some wonders if Nick Fury's movie incarnation has a white father similar to how the comic version has a black son, Dean has decided he's totally calling the two father and son if that's the case.
  • Related to the two above points, there's also a bit of curiosity about the association between The Shield and S.H.I.E.L.D. MCU!Fury has called the Hounds of Justice a "rogue element", hinting at the likelihood of something off-the-books. Ambrose ain't talking.
  • One day Kamen Rider Ryugen woke up Ambrose and Reigns to tell them Rollins was kidnapped by the leaders of a drug cartel operation. They found themselves joined by Jason Brody, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, who told him that Rollins had discovered the cartel making plans for the Pantheon and helped them ruin said plans. They successfully rescued Rollins with little to no harm done. Aside from finding a new friend in Brody, Ambrose was now more willing to forgive Mitsuzane for his role in the Alternate Gentaro incident, realizing that Micchy and Seth were coming from the same place.
  • Can be a very mischievous prankster if he wants to be, thus getting the attention of LOL Ranger for his antics, like the time he booby-trapped the Money in the Bank briefcase to spray green paint on whoever opened it, or disguising himself as a cameraman, bursting out of the trunk of a car, etc.
  • After winning the Tag Team Championships against Dolph Ziggler, Ambrose assaulted Rollins in front of a shocked crowd — this all came on the same night as the heart-breaking news of Roman Reigns leaving wrestling due to battling leukemia. No one knows whether it was due to Ziggler's mind-games or the grief of losing a good friend, but everyone is on their toes.
    • In later weeks, Ambrose revealed the truth. He'd been getting sick of the corrupt corporate creative structure of the WWE Universe for years at that point, having a mile-long list of grievances mainly centered around Vince McMahon and his office stooges, as well as became disillusioned over time with the reality of The Shield, feeling that their motives were no longer centered around any kind of justice. On both points, he felt Rollins was still "too corporate" to fully trust, citing The Architect's constant reliance on "that lunatic joke the office keeps throwing around" as well as apparently never contacting him when he was out with injury (though Rollins disputed this point). He also earned an intense round of questioning in Nick Fury's office when he flippantly exposed classified information:
    My name ain't Dean Ambrose, it's Jon Moxley! Dean Ambrose was a fake name created by the three of us along with some lady in a suit called Victoria Hand!
    • Moxley spent the next two months heatedly clashing with Rollins over their differing viewpoints and eventually claiming the Intercontinental Championship from him.
    • Mokuba Kaiba, surprising everyone, declared his support for Rollins in the two men's conflict. The Kaiba boy reasoned that Dean was crossing dangerous lines with his actions and didn't have a shred of guilt about them, in contrast to Rollins never abandoning his own Shield call name during the time he was the traitor and even weakening The Authority from within by stretching their resources thin for his own benefit serving as tells of his own guilty conscience before he'd ever known it. When Renee brought this to Jon's attention, because whoever wanted to bring it up had to leak it out to her instead of having the guts to come to him in person, he smiled and offered the following:
    Moxley: The boy's growing up! I don't need him to kiss my ass. He wants to come talk to me, he'll come talk to me. Heh, I'm actually proud of the kid.
    • Due to this, both Seto Kaiba and Noah Kaiba agree that Mokuba is better off associating with Seth. Noah is the one hit most by the betrayal though and is glad that came to his senses earlier on.
    • For awhile he and Reigns had yet to speak to each other since then, so it was unclear what Roman thought about any of this, although Mox continued to affirm that he and Roman were good and Reigns' leukemia was obviously the tipping point that set him off. However, when Reigns came back and announced he was back in remission, he immediately moved to bring the boys back together for one last reunion before Mox's contract ran out. After convincing Rollins to move past their issues because life's too short, the two eventually got through to Moxley after helping him out of an ambush, allowing for one short final reunion. Finally ending things on good terms with his brothers, he's since traveled to promotions such as All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling on a personal mission, as he describes it, "to reclaim [his] soul."
  • Since leaving WWE, Moxley has been at the forefront of a paradigm shift in professional wrestling, winning the IWGP United States Championship twice in NJPW and warring with Kenny Omega, an overt fan of several deities and a former peer of AJ Styles, in AEW, before rejecting an invitation into Chris Jericho's Inner Circle at AEW. Moxley, as he did when they feuded in WWE, defeated Jericho when it counted most: in this case, claiming Jericho's AEW World Heavyweight Championship for his own and ending the title's inaugural reign.
  • Is rather conflicted after watching Roman Reigns recapture the Universal Championship by employing the counsel and tactics of Paul Heyman. On one hand, his brother-at-arms finally returned to action after several months of self-imposed exile and recaptured the crown his illness had forced him to abdicate. On the other hand, Roman had stopped communicating much with him since Renee left the company as well a short while beforehand, and now he was taking a dangerous step towards becoming another Brock Lesnar. Mox is currently watching to see how this develops.
    • Then came reports from a website related to some Persona teenagers confirming that the Kaiba brothers already saw this coming and had decided to wash their hands of The Shield long before this happened. While relieved that KaibaCorp won't be coming after Roman, this also meant he wasn't the only one who Roman had been acting oddly distant to as of late. Needless to say, Jon became a bit uneasy about The Big Dog changing for the worse. Said unease was profoundly justified when Reigns proceeded to use his championship to absolutely torture and break his own cousins The Usos over the following months in order to assert his place as the Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i clan.

    Edward Scissorhands 
Edward Scissorhands, The Grotesque God (Ed, Eddie)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His scissor hands
  • Theme Music: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Quiet Ones/Beware the Nice Ones, Bittersweet Ending, Would Do Anything for Kim, The Grotesque, Hero with Bad Publicity, Looks Like Cesare, The Quiet One, Star-Crossed Lovers with Kim, Dead "Father"
  • Domains: Love, Craft, Otherness
  • Allies: Quasimodo, Lydia Deetz, The Addams Family, The March sisters, Belle and Beast, Romeo and Juliet, Hinata Hyuga, Emily (Corpse Bride), Jack Skellington, Ben Grimm/The Thing, Pinocchio, Mary Lennox
  • Enemies: Biff Tannen, Judge Frollo, Gaston
  • Pitied by: Elphaba Thropp, Amélie Poulain
  • Commonality Connection with: Frankenstein’s Monster (backstory), Jack Sparrow, Mad Hatter (appearance)
  • Edward Scissorhands was created by a very old inventor who died before he could give him hands, leaving him with scissor hands in their place. He has lived alone until a kind lady named Peg Boggs discovered him and welcomed him to her home. There, Edward shows his true talent by cutting hair, grooming pets and making beautiful ice and topiary sculptures. He also falls in love with Peg's beautiful daughter, Kim. At first, everyone welcomes him into the community, but soon things begin to take a change for the worse.
    • His physical state, as a lover who cannot touch his beloved, is just as isolating than a deformed face, if not more so. Edward was always willing to sacrifice himself for his Kim, and though he could successfully have been argued as acting in self-defense he accepted exile as punishment for taking a life.
    • According to one source, he was created after his inventor saw his son being electrocuted while holding scissors, prompting him to create another “son”.
  • Granted godhood as a reward for his selflessness, he now provides snow to the entire Pantheon as he channels his emotions into art. (How else do you think he got all that ice?).
  • He gets along well with Quasimodo due to both of them being grotesque creatures who have been shunned due to their appearances. Also gets along with the Addams family due to them being misunderstood freaks in the eyes of society.
  • Sometimes visits Romeo and Juliet’s temple as his relationship with Kim is a bit similar to their own relationship. His story is also seen as a gothic version of Beauty and the Beast. Belle and the Beast sympathized with him upon hearing how his story turned out by the end and sometimes visit his temple to help him out.
    • He is also acquainted with Emily and the two bonded over lost loves. For Emily, something about Edward reminded her of her former lover Victor.
    • Was also visited by Hinata Hyuga due to their similar devotion to those they love.
  • Upon encountering Lydia Deetz, he mistook her for Kim due to their similar faces. After that confusion was cleared, she became good friends with him as she found another person who’s just as strange and unusual as her.
    • The same thing happened when meeting Jo March. She and her sisters ended up enjoying Edward’s company.
  • Several gods have felt sorry for him upon hearing about his story. Elphaba Thropp also felt a duty to protect those who were shunned out of fear due to their appearances (including Edward himself). He was also visited by Amélie, who was determined to help him find happiness.
  • Of course, he had several detractors as well. Notably from Judge Frollo, who believed that Edward is evil and has tried to convince others of this.
  • Doesn’t like Biff Tannen, seeing how he faced another Jerk Jock in Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Jim. The same goes for Gaston for how he treated Belle and the Beast.
  • Mary has also taken a liking for the man after hearing how he was brought to another household after his “father” has died. He can be seen doing some hedgework in her garden.
  • Gets compared with Frankenstein’s monster due to both of them being man-made creatures misunderstood by the people around them. Both also have a desire for love and companionship, but neither are able to gain the life they desire.

    Garfield Lynns/Firefly 
Garfield Lynns, God of Pyromania (Firefly)

    Kenshi Takahashi 
Kenshi Takahashi, Celestial Patron of Blind Swordsmen (Blind Kenshi, Keanu [by Cassie Cage]; The Telekinetic Daredevil; Restorer of His Family's Name; Sexy Face Two, Straight Outta Earthrealm, Sword Man, Badass With A Sword, Two-Eye Blind, Outta Sight, Best Friend [by Johnny Cage])
The Netherrealm Timeline (left) and the New Era (right) incarnations of Kenshi.
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: His Crimson Eyeband Wrapped Around His Sword, Sento
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Blindness, Kombat, Organized Crime, Swordsmanship, Telepathy and Telekinesis
  • Followers: The Takahashi Clan and Suchin, his lover
  • On Neutral Terms With: House Of Crime and Transgressions (for the most part)
  • Family: Takeda Takahashi (son - Netherrealm Timeline)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Heishiro Mitsurugi, Haohmaru, Samanouske Akechi, Jetstream Sam Raiden (Metal Gear)
  • Enemies:
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Ermac
  • Person Of Interest To: Frank Castle/The Pumisher, Amanda Waller, Tatsu 'Katana' Yamashiro
  • Odd Friendship: With Jason ' Red Hood' Todd, Ichi, Guts and Anakin Skywalker
  • Pities: Carrie White
  • Kenshi Takahashi. There are conflicting reports as to the origins of the blind swordsman who fights for Earthrealm. One such report details him as descended from a lineage of Eurasian Warrior Kings. Another has him working for Special Forces, seeking revenge on the Red Dragon for the murder of his lover, while reconnecting with his son, who Kenshi had left in the relative safety of Hanzo Hasashi and the Shirai Ryu. The most recent reports are of Kenshi not being from a warrior king bloodline, but a former member of the Yakuza, descended from a clan long thought to have been destroyed centuries past, now seeking to redeem his clan. But there are several things thar can be confirmed regarding Kenshi. He has an intense hatred for Shang Tsung (as he was the cause of his blindness in the first two timelines), in all three reports, he lost his sight (the first two due to the aforementioned sorcerer, the third to Mileena driven mad by her Tarkart affliction), Kenshi acquired Sento after losing his sight, his encounter with Ermac resulted him in learning telepathy, and he has strong ties to Earthrealm, primarily with Special Forces. For some folks, the ex-Yakuza angle is more believable.
    • While his background in the first two timelines is well-known, it's his background in Liu Kang's New Era that's drawing attention on Kenshi. The Takahashi were originally known as the Taira Clan, one of ancient Japan's most honored families. However, the Taira were nearly wiped out during the Siege of Aomori. To make things worse, the ancestral sword, Sento, was lost in the battle. Their numbers few, the surviving Taira changed their surname from Taira to Takahashi, and sought protection from the Bakuto, the predecessors to the Japanese Yakuza. "From first family to crime family," as Johnny Cage put it when Kenshi came for Sento, as it had been in Johnny's posession. Johnny refused to hand over Sento (as he paid $3 million for it), but relented after Kenshi saved his life, at the cost of a berserk Mileena gouging out his eyes. With Sento now in his posession, Kenshi plans to redeem his clan, to seperate them from their past ties to the Yakuza. But even in Liu Kang's New Era, it won't be easy.
  • Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Makima, and Kimiko Yamaguchi are quite possibly the only Yakuza deities that Kenshi is on good terms with. Neither Kazuma or Yankumi did not bear any ill will towards Kenshi for leaving the Yakuza, as he had to put his clan first. Goro did criticize Kenshi for his decision, but understood Kenshi's reason behind the decision. But there are those who are not entirely convinced that Kenshi changed his ways. The fact that he was part of the Yakuza is more than enough for Frank Castle to try and put a bullet in him, and Castle has killed more than his share of Japanese mobsters over the years. But Kenshi is protected, and is actively working in protecting Earthrealm. With patience honed from his time as a Marine sniper, Frank watches Kenshi, waiting for the day he relapses. When Kenshi does fall back into his old ways, Frank will be there to punish him. On the other hand, Amanda Waller sees Kenshi as a high value recruit for the Suicide Squad. Of course, given that it's Waller we're talking about, her method of recruiting involves cranial bombs and the threat of her detonating them being her modus operandi.
    • Interestingly enough, the main factor why Frank doesn't put a bullet in Kenshi's head is because of Kenshi's friendship with Professor X and Jean Grey. In the days following his debut, Kenshi sought instruction on how to better control his telepathy, and you can't go wrong with Professor X and Jean Grey as your teachers. Tatsu Yamashiro also has a 'kill-on-sight' policy in regards to any Yakuza she comes across. Given that her family had been butchered by her Yakuza brother-in-law, one cannot fault Katana for her violent response. But, as Katana had bear witnessed, Kenshi's attempts at redeeming the Taira and being a good father to Takeda are indeed genuine. Plus, killing someone with ties to Special Forces and under the protection of Earthrealm's gods (be it Raiden or Liu Kang) would look bad on Katana's part, hence the wielder of Soultaker adapting a 'wait-and-see' approach with Kenshi.
    • Despite getting the blessings of Michael Corleone, Yankumi, Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima in leaving the criminal life, Kenshi knows that there are those opposed with Kenshi leaving the Yakuza. Ryuji Yamazaki is a Yakuza hitman and dojo buster who went in a rage upon hearing the news (big surprise, as pretty much anything will set Yamazaki off). For Yamazaki, Kenshi leaving the Yakuza is the same as an Italian wiseguy becoming an informant to the FBI, and has has vowed to kill Kenshi on sight. Any of Kenshi's Allies from Liu Kang to Johnny Cage that try to stop him will be nothing more than collateral damage. The Slavers also have personal issues with Kenshi, even going as far as to threaten to give Suchin and Takeda a fate worse than death should they get their hands on Kenshi's loved ones. If there was anyone Kenshi would be more than happy to kill aside from Hotaru and the Joker, it's these three.
  • Is Kenshi a deadbeat dad for abandoning Takeda to the Shirai Ryu? It's actually kinda complicated. Yes, Kenshi admit that he left Takeda in Hanzo's hands, but given that the Red Dragon had just murdered his lover and that both he and his son are high on Daegon's hit list, his choice of leaving Takeda with the Shirai Ryu was the best decision Kenshi could have made under the circumstances. This has garnered some measure of sympathy from those parents who were forced to abandon their children for their own safety. Speaking of his son, Kenshi was righteously enraged once Jacqui told him that The Joker had all but confirmed that he had given Takeda the Jason Todd treatment (i.e., beaten with a crowbar). Kenshi is more than happy to kill the Clown Prince for that. Of course, Jason Todd told Kenshi to "get in line," as he wants nothing more to use Joker for target practice. Kenshi has vowed to give Joker the same courtesy as he had given to Takeda, only with Sento in lieu of a crowbar.
    • But if there is one person that Kenshi hates with the fury of a patient man, it's Shang Tsung. In both timelines, Shang had played to Kenshi's ego, convincing him that he could find a sword worthy of his skill. Shang wasn't lying about the sword. All it cost was Kenshi's eyesight and Shang consuming the souls of his warrior king ancestors. Shang would also claim that he would consume Kenshi's own soul, Kenshi having made his final stand against the denizens of Shang's Island fortress. Kenshi denies the claim. However, the deified Seidan fanatic, Hotaru, hates Kenshi with the same intense passion as Kenshi has towards Shang Tsung. It probably has something to do with Kenshi bisecting him from gullet to groin following Onaga's return, thus saving Kuai Liang's life. As Hotaru sees Kenshi as a threat to Order in general (never mind that Havik had nearly killed his son), Hotaru has no problems in killing Kenshi if given the opportunity.
  • During the Netherrealm Timeline, one of Kenshi's variants is simply named Posessed, where Kenshi summons demons from his ruined blade to attack his opponent. It's the last one that worries Sigfried Schtauffen. Given that he was corrupted into becoming Nightmare upon taking Soul Sdge for himself upon touching the cursed sword, his concerns are not without merit. Fortunately, Kenshi hasn't used the Posessed variant in a while, and only uses it as a last resort, putting Sigfried at ease... mostly. On the opposite end, the living avatar, Nightmare, seeks to possess Kenshi's body due to his use of the Posessed variant. As it turns out, Siegfried wasn't the only one that was concerned about Kenshi using demons to attack his opponents, as both Heishiro Mitsurugi and Haohmaru also approached Kenshi regarding his attacks of choice. Samanouske Akaechi actually thought that Kenshi was a Genma agent, until Kenshi talked Sam down. As the reason why Kenshi knows these three rōnin? It's because that he himself was a wanderer in the first two timelines, which is how Kenshi had met the other three men. Every once in a while Kenshi would reunite with Haohmaru, Mitsurugi and Sam, where they compare stories and opponents. The last time they were together was at the Pao Pao Cafe, during Kurogiri and the Villain Pub's attack on the establishment, as they wrecked the four deified swordsmen's 'sake-and-chill' session. Kenshi, Sam, Mitsurugi and Haohmaru - nicknamer Team Rōnin - teamed up and aided the assortment of heroes - and some villains - in fighting off the invaders,
  • Kenshi is on friendly terms with John 'Baba Yaga' Wick and Beatrix 'The Bride' Kiddo. One thing that the trio have in common is their former ties to organized crime, Kenshi being an ex-Yakuza, John and Beatrix being former assassins, and the three leaving their previous lives to forge new paths... with varying levels of success. Of course, given that her former teammate went on to lead the Tokyo underworld, Beatrix was on her guard. Kenshi put her at ease, stating that while he and his clan knew of O-Ren Ishii and of the Crazy 88, the Takahashi clan had no dealings with them. Due to Kenshi's Yakuza past, he has past dealings with the House of Crime and Transgressions, and his news of trying to go legit has mixed reactions. What was shocking was that Michael Corleone had wished Kenshi luck in going legit, as he himself knows full well of the difficulties of trying to shift his family from organized crime to more legitimate activities. Yet, Don Corleone (along with Kazuma and Yankumi) made Kenshi swear that he would not come after them. So long as their activities don't threaten Earthrealm's safety, Kenshi agreed. Kenshi is lucky that most of the criminals - even some of the irredeemable ones - in the House of Crime hate the Black and Red Dragons as much as he does.
  • Found himself on the radar of the deified Jedi and Imperial deities, as they mistaken his telepathy for the Force. Chirrut Îmwe of Rogue One was certain that The Force had radiated from Kenshi, but was mistaken. Despite this, Kenshi is on friendly terms with the blind warrior-monk. John Wick couldn't help but to notice that Chirrut had an uncanny resemblance to the retired (and blind) assassin, Caine. But Chirrut had given Kenshi some advice on how to proceed when dealing with the deified Sith. "Eventhough your powers is not that of the Force, Kenshi, the Force is indeed with you," the blind warrior monk intoned.

    Matt Murdock/Daredevil 
Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock, God of Disability Superpowers (Daredevil, The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, The Man Without Fear, The Most Emo Superhero Ever)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Two Red Ds
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Disability Superpowers, Empowered Badass Normals, Being Blessed with Suck, Those With Doomed Love Interests, Blind Upholder of the Law, Never managing to hold on to happiness for very long, Has a really, REALLY shitty life
  • Domains: Law, Protection, Heroism, Justice, Misery
  • High Priest: Terezi Pyrope
  • Herald: Franklin "Foggy" Nelson (his best friend and law partner)
  • Followers: Gyomei Himejima
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Bullseye, Killgrave, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Kevin, Albert Wesker, Voldo, Manfred von Karma, The Houses of Villainy and Crime and Transgressions especially Vito Corleone and Lex Luther
  • Respects: Atticus Finch
  • Few superheroes in the Pantheon associate their civilian life with their superhero life. As Matt Murdock, he is a lawyer who does his best to both defend clients and bring corrupt defendants behind bars. And if that doesn't work... he switches over to his other persona. The Man Without Fear ironically puts fear in the eyes of those who cross paths with him.
  • Daredevil doesn't "see" per say; he instead uses radar sense to map out the shape of his environment. He may not be able to make out color or words, but it helps give him a 360 degree view of his world.
  • It may not be well known how, but he hid his abilities from the superhero community for a long time. For example, when Hawkeye tried to blind him with a flashing light arrow, he had to pretend that the trick worked. Needless to say, it caused a lot of awkward moments before he told them the truth.
  • Shares a similar relationship with the Black Widow. People see her as an unstable ally, but he gives her more of a benefit of a doubt than with most of his friends. With that said, he hopes that she doesn't stick around his life for too long. It has a way of bringing misery to many.
  • Can also be found in the House of Justice working together with Phoenix Wright and She-Hulk in his civilian identity. As a lawyer, Matt has a fair amount of dignity and restraint, but he can still get carried away during an exciting case.
  • Is well versed on dealing with The Mafia. As one of their members killed his father for not throwing a match, he takes things personally with the Corleones. He can only hope that they don't decide to bring the Kingpin into the fold...
  • It's safe to say that Murdock HATES Bullseye with the passion of a raging firestorm. The assassin was responsible for killing two of his girlfriends (one of which is in the Pantheon), ruining his life multiple times and even pretended to be Daredevil for a short period of time. Expect any encounter between the two to be a brutal, nasty affair. He can only hope that Kingpin does not arrive too, but that did indeed happen leaving the Pantheon as another battlefield between the devil and the king of crime.
  • All of this points to a startling conclusion; Matt may well be one of the most unlucky superheroes in the Pantheon. He was one of the first to have his identity found out by his archnemesis who used this to completely break him. It may be why he prefers to have a tight circle of friends, seldomly using his Avengers membership card. He has learned to use his friends more effectively.
  • Was the first superhero Netflix adapted to become a tv series. It was thought to be one of the greatest superhero shows of all time... until the second season reduced the quality a lot. He hopes to have better luck in the third season.
  • Due to fairly similar last names, he and Jeff Murdoch have been confused. Being a sensible man, Matt tries to take care of it by explaining, but Jeff's flailing and red face tend to balance that out.
  • Shockingly not the only lawyer in the Pantheon. He shares that role with the timid Jennifer Walters, who transforms into the voracious She-Hulk when fighting crime. They usually work together in their cases though neither is above competing for clients or even being on opposite sides of a court case.
  • Is seen as the quintessential street level superhero of the Marvel Universe. He stares that title with Spider-Man who is a good friend of his. The duo have shared various adventures with him (as well as tussled at times, with Matt managing to win one exchange).
    • Among the other heroes from the streets are best buds Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The three along with Jessica Jones plan to meet up to become the latest incarnation of The Defenders. They all proceeded to make fun of Danny's subpar avatar.
  • Toph Beifong once shared the title with him, but she didn't want to be known as a co-deities. She eventually managed to get a temple of her own to rule. Several times various gods have tried to reintroduce him to Toph, but they keep missing each other somehow. Before long, most came to believe this is intentional as they both have ways to track each other. It eventually came out that the two of them do still keep in touch along with Kenshi Takahashi, with Toph in fact being responsible for introducing Matt and Kenshi to each other. One of the few to see all three of them together was the assassin Hit, and that was because they had detected his presence moving through the House of Power with his Time Skip ability. This resulted in the Living Legend of Universe 6 deciding to test their talents with a little friendly sparring, obviously holding back much of his otherworldly power. Still, Super-Speed and Time Skip aside, the three blind fighters used their well-honed senses and combat skills to put on a front that forced Hit to think fast, impressing the purple mercenary. Despite the fact that he is a paid killer, Matt finds him far less unpleasant than Bullseye, given his clean professional approach, respect for strong and honorable fighters, and actual care for the condition of his universe, in contrast to Lester's sadism.
  • Daredevil would rather not hear this song. It just brings out bad memories. Also don't talk about the playground scene. Some things are just better off buried. Even Batman, who has one particular reason among many to bond with Matt, avoids the subject.
  • Was very disappointed to hear about the version of himself known by Spider-Gwen as the Kingpin of Earth-65 who has allied himself with The Hand. He hopes that she can take down his alternate self someday.
  • Wesker never got over being put on trial during the merging of his world and Matt's homeworld, so he felt like getting even with the attorney in the Pantheon someday.
  • While not a state attorney, he holds a lot of respect for Finch. Someone who does that kind of work in that time period has to have a lot of guts.

Neopolitan, Goddess of Adorable Muteness (Neo, Neo Politan, Trivia Vanille, Ice Cream Queen)
Click here to see her post-timeskip appearance 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol found on her soles.
  • Theme Song: One Thing, The Timeline Has Changed
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Short Yet Devastating Combatants, Combat Stilettos, Being a mute (yet still incredibly mocking), mysterious lunatic who's more skilled than her boss/partner at kicking butt with a parasol despite not looking that intimidating at first, Dance Battler, Eye Color Change, Master of Illusion/Disguise, Avenging the Villain
  • Domains: Silence, Shortness, Parasols, Sadism, Ice Cream
  • Followers: Chané Laforet, Christine Royce, Misa
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Roman Torchwick and his allies, Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Misa Amane, Talia Al Ghul, Catherine Rain Bilstein, Rouge the Bat, Belkar Bitterleaf, HK-47, Nui Harime, Makoto Nanaya, Zonda and the Seven, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, Enrico Pucci, Ren Harkuryuu, The Meta, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Hazama
  • Enemies: Ruby Rose and her allies, especially Yang Xiao Long, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu
  • Evil Counterpart To: Cassandra Cain-Wayne/Orphan II
  • Enemy Mine: Cinder Fall
  • Friendly Rivalry: B.B. Hood
  • Pities: Wile E Coyote
  • Afraid Of: Raven Branwen
  • Opposed by: Yagyuu, Chun-Li, Karen Kohiruimaki/LLENN, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Laura Kinney/X-23, GLaDOS, Mary Poppins
  • Formerly the Herald to her partner/boss/whatever-their-relationship-is, Roman Torchwick, Neo ascended to the pantheon when it was noticed how incredibly short she is in proportion to how powerful a fighter she is. Neo's height has been measured as 4' 10" (1.47 meters) in heels, and she is perfectly capable of defeating highly capable fighters like Yang Xiao Long and even holding her own against Cinder Fall for a time.
  • Don't let her looks fool you, she's as ruthless and sadistic as she is adorable. She tends to get along well with other Blood Knights, like Belkar and HK-47. Ironically, one of her biggest adversaries, Yang, fits this characteristic. She loves taunting Yang (silently, of course) about how easy it was to defeat her. Yang... never takes it well.
  • No one besides her and Roman themselves knows the exact nature of their relationship. Roman's not willing to give an answer, and Neo is obviously not talking. Numerous deities in the pantheon have come up with their own theories. Most of these theories are merely them projecting themselves onto her.
  • In the same vein, nobody aside from Roman and Neo herself (probably) is quite sure how her semblance works. As far as anyone can tell, she can create physical illusions which can be seen by everyone. These illusions can be used to alter the appearance of both herself and things which she is touching. The true extent of this ability is unknown. A few of the curious in the house of Science have been talking about capturing her and studying her semblance for themselves, but catching Neo is easier said than done.
  • Isn't exactly the type to feel pity, but what little she does goes to Wile E. Coyote. She's not really sure why, but she almost feels like she and Roman have been in a similar situation to him.
    • In fact, on some occasions she takes inspiration from Coyote and uses written signs to bypass her muteness.
  • Nui is practically like a sister to Neo. Both find it amusing that Ryuko sounds like Yang. Ryuko is just frustrated that there's two of her now.
  • Neo considers Cassandra Cain a worthy opponent, as they're both highly skilled warriors who are famously lacking in speech. While Cassandra can speak when necessary, she rarely does due to English being her second language after fighting. She also enjoys fighting those with similar fighting styles to her own, like Chun-Li's kick-based style and Yagyuu, who uses an umbrella.
    • Speaking of umbrellas, since her ascension Neo's been getting supplied all her parasols by The Penguin. And Mary Poppins disliked being compared to Neo.
  • Ever since she met Zonda, Neo's been trying to learn to use mirrors for her illusions in the same way that she does. Zonda believes she possesses a lot of potential. She, and by extension the Seven, is always willing to help her and Torchwick fight their mutual enemies, team RWBY. Zonda finds the kinship between them admirable.
    Zonda: "Though I'm not sure what type it is; platonic, familial, or romantic, I sense your love for Roman all the same. It's quite overwhelming."
  • Enjoys "talking" with The Meta using charades. It's unknown whether they can understand each other or if she's just screwing with everyone.
  • Feels really strange around Supergirl and X-23, but isn't sure why. Monty Oum says it's because she was created based off a cosplay of a genderbent Roman.
  • Has had something of a phobia of Raven Branwen ever since her sudden appearance during her fight with Yang. She's still trying to get over it.
  • Karen Kohiruimaki is incredibly irritated that someone who was blessed with the short height she wishes for would be as immoral as Neo is. Neo... doesn't really care.
  • GLaDOS does not care for Neo at all, mostly because she's an actual mute lunatic.
  • Despite being reunited with Roman after his death during the Fall of Beacon, she still hates Cinder and Ruby for their roles in his demise. After a brief battle against Cinder, she agreed to team up with her to exact revenge on Ruby. Enrico Pucci and Ren Harkuryuu fully support this crusade.
  • She once mistook B.B. Hood for Ruby, but realized pretty quickly that she was mistaken. B.B. wasn't happy being attacked for no reason, but it became increasingly clear as they interacted that Neo was a girl after her own heart. Unfortunately, B.B. wants to kill Ruby, too, so they're destined to be rivals until one achieves that goal. Doesn't mean they can't be friendly about it, though.
  • Thanks to her having crossed fates with other gods, Neo had made an ally with the god of Trolling Hazama. The two get along very well, some seeing their relationship similar to the one between Neo and Roman. It was from her she would also introduce Hazama to Roman and Cinder, spelling good news them, but bad news for everyone else.


    Captain Ahab 
Captain Ahab, God of Seafarers with Peg-Legs (Old Thunder)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His pegleg
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can easily be Chaotic Neutral when it comes to Moby Dick
  • Portfolio: Father Neptune, Revenge Before Reason, Determinator, Broken Ace, Handicapped Badass, The Unfettered
  • Domains: Revenge, Seafaring
  • Heralds: Crew of the Pequod
  • Acquaintances with: Kunkka
  • Enemies: Moby Dick, Monstro, Wailord
  • Opposed by: Carl Fredricksen, Jean-Luc Picard
  • Not so different from: Captain Nemo
  • As the Captain of the ship known as Pequod, Ahab is a very skilled and respected leader to the other members of his crew. Beneath all that, however, lies an undying hatred for Moby Dick, who attacked him previously and ate one of his legs. That leg is replaced with a peg-leg made out of a sperm whale's jawbone. Ahab is very much driven in his desire to get revenge on the White Whale, no matter what the cost may be and it's to the point that others believe that his obsession with Moby Dick is insane and dangerous.
  • It really didn't take that long for Ahab to resume his quest for vengeance against Moby Dick after being told that the whale was still around. What actually got him upset was that in the Pantheon, no one can truly die, thus his goal of killing Moby Dick is most likely never going to be fulfilled there. Despite that, his determination to go after Moby Dick remains and he's guaranteed to continue his journey no matter the circumstances of it.
  • Not only is he very much aware of Moby Dick still being around, but Ahab also learned that there were a couple of other whales roaming the seas of the Pantheon. While he doesn't consider either of them as big of a priority compared to Moby Dick (especially since Wailord isn't actively attacking others despite his size and strength), he's aware that there's a strong possibility of him getting into conflict with either whale later on. Given that Ahab was a commercial whaler before Moby Dick came along, he does have the necessary equipment needed for a potential encounter. Ahab considers Monstro to be potentially as troublesome as Moby Dick was since there were some who compared the two whales to each other, alongside the fact that Monstro has been known to not let any prey of his escape.
    • While there are a variety of other sea monsters out there that are potentially more dangerous than Moby Dick could ever be, Ahab only sees these other sea monsters as just obstacles in his path to enacting revenge on Moby Dick. Given how skilled of a seafarer Ahab is, he's likely to have some sort of measure in place should something like the Kraken attack him while trying to hunt down the White Whale.
  • Both Ahab and Captain Nemo have a bit in common despite some sort of wariness towards each other. The most prominent similarity between them is that they're skilled seafarers that are on a quest of revenge for different reasons and aren't the sanest of men despite initial impressions. There's also the fact that their desire for revenge has put their respective crew members at risk along with getting into conflict against different sea monsters, though in Captain Nemo's case fighting a sea monster was just an obstacle and not an overall goal compared to Ahab.
  • His determination in trying to find an elusive wild animal reminded Carl Fredricksen of Charles Muntz and his quest to find a legendary bird. Fredricksen finds Ahab's single-minded determination to the point of insanity to go after an animal to be eerily similar to that of Muntz' ordeal and would rather keep his distance from him, even if Ahab isn't as evil compared to Muntz despite Ahab wanting a whale dead as opposed to Muntz wanting to capture a bird.
  • Ahab found a bit in common with Kunkka, another seafarer with a rivalry against a sea creature, it being Tidehunter in Kunkka's case. Ahab found it a little strange that a sea creature would be the one to have an intense grudge against a seafarer rather than a grudge much like what Ahab is familiar with. Kunkka told Ahab that even if Tidehunter isn't part of Ahab's main goal, the Champion of the Sunken Isles is still someone that shouldn't be taken lightly given his abilities.
  • Jean-Luc Picard has a few issues with Ahab, mostly because Ahab's revenge quest reminded Picard of what happened when hunting down the Borg. Whereas Ahab remained didn't really change at the end of the journey, Picard did for the better, even if Ahab's own quest was referenced by Picard that time. There's also the fact that others have claimed that Ahab bears some physical resemblance to Picard sometimes.
  • Maiev Shadowsong, despite having a similar level of revenge against Illidan Stormrage initially, isn't really fond of Ahab's quest to hunt down a whale. It's one thing to have a justifiable reason to have revenge, but Maiev finds no justification whatsoever for Ahab to go after what's essentially a wild animal over losing a leg.
  • At one point, Ahab was very close to reconsidering his revenge hunt against Moby Dick, but such a thing never came to be. This ended up disheartening a few deities, especially those who have given up on their revenge-driven mindset. Any additional attempts by others to try and, at the very least, make Ahab calm down to some degree haven't really worked out thus far.
  • There is one God that is Lord over the earth, and one Captain that is lord over the Pequod.

    Captain Hook 
Captain James Hook, God of Hook Hands (Dark And Sinister Man, Cap'n, Codfish, World's Most Famous Crook, Jimmy, Hooky, The Hook, The Cunning King Fish, The Bad Barracuda, The Steel-Handed Stingray, The Sleazy Sleaze of the Seven Seas, Ol' Feather Head, Killian Jones, Vainglorious Vengeful Swordsman, James Bartholomew)
Clickhere  to see Killian Jones (his "Good Form").
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his trademark Hook
  • Theme Song: Presenting the Hook
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (True Neutral in "Good Form")
  • Portfolio: Hook Hand, Pirate, Arch-Enemy of Peter Pan, Disney Villain, Classic Villain, Faux Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, Child Hater, Evil Is Hammy, Terrified of Crocodiles, Likes to Make People Walk The Plank, The Only Man Long John Silver Ever Feared, Icy Blue Eyes, Quite the Manipulator, Jealous of Peter Pan's Cocky Attitude and for displaying "Good Form", Would Hurt a Child, Noble Demon, A Terrible Captain
  • Domains: Pirates, Prosthetics, Swordsmanship, Sailing, Villains, Darkness, Time, Revenge
  • Herald: Mr. Smee
  • Allies: Maleficent, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, Jafar, Hades, Cruella De Vil, Ratigan, Sir Crocodile, Risky Boots.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Cervantes de Leon, Gangplank, Euron Greyjoy
  • Enemies: Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku (former ally), Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann, Whitebeard, Guybrush Threedwood, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, The Gokaigers, Davos Seaworth, Miss Fortune
  • Fears: Davy Jones, SOBEK, any other ascended Crocodilians, Vanitas, Stannis Baratheon
  • Opposed by: Sakazuki, Terra
  • Complicated Relationship: Edward Teach/Blackbeard
  • Captain Hook is so named due to the fact that he lost one of his hands (whether it's his left or right hand depends who you're talking to) to Peter Pan. The fact that said hand was fed to a crocodile didn't help Hook in the slightest and he made it his personal mission to end Peter Pan for good. The missing hand has been replaced with a hook and it's something he considers pretty useful.
  • The last of Maleficent's council of villains to ascend, Hook was humiliated on how he was picked last again. Though seemingly a wuss due to always losing against Peter Pan and constantly being tormented by a crocodile who swallowed his hand, Hook isn't someone to take lightly.
  • Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell had mixed reactions when they learned of Hook's ascension. Wendy, understandably, was not the least bit happy about seeing the pirate captain again, especially since he held her, the Lost Boys, and her brothers as captives and then forced her to walk the plank. Tinker Bell was turning red with rage, due to being tricked by Hook into revealing Peter's hideout. And Peter himself... Never in his life was the flying boy so happy to see his nemesis again. With Hook in the Pantheon, Pan can finally resume their old battles and put the 'Codfish' in his place.
  • Despite the fact that the Crocodile that ate his hand isn't ascended, Hook did not take the news well that there were some other crocodilians present in the Pantheon. In particular, he is absolutely terrified of Renekton due to the latter's insanity. Needless to say, Hook has made it a point to stay clear of him (and other crocodiles such as King K. Rool and King Gator) at all costs. Even his alliance with Sir Crocodile is a bit tense thanks to the warlord's pet gators.
    • But none of the aforementioned reptiles could top Sobek. Upon first meeting, The Egyptian god absolutely mortified the poor captain. To make matters worse, one of his followers just so happens to be the very same croc that ate Hook's hand. With that knowledge, the captain has become even more paranoid than ever.
  • Amongst his fellow Disney villains, he is very good friends with Ratigan, given that the both of them have a distaste towards children and are known for being hammy.
  • Hook is never seen without his bo'sun, Mr. Smee. Contrary to popular belief, Smee isn't Hook's first mate; that would be Mr. Starkey (at least until he got tossed into the sea due to not hearing a splash).
    • However, Smee is the only crew member Hook even shows some respect to. The captain is an outright Bad Boss who's willing to shoot one of his crew dead (for either wrinkling his outfit or singing horribly).
  • He's not in a particularly good relationship with a lot of the ascended pirates. The more ruthless pirates, Cervantes de Leon and Gangplank, are having a hard time working with him since the two learned that one version of Hook is very ineffectual compared to the other iterations of him.
    • The more heroic pirates, such as the Straw Hat Pirates, Guybrush Threepwood and the Gokaigers, are already making it a point to stop his schemes, whatever they may be. It certainly doesn't help that Hook has made an alliance with the warlord Sir Crocodile, who shares many characteristics with the Captain. The Gokaigers are more antagonistic to Hook given that his tendencies to put children at harm reminds the group of their own enemy, Basco ta Jolokia.
  • Jack Sparrow has become one of Hook's main rivals. When the two met, both Captains were put off by the other's demeanor (Hook found Jack to possess "Good Form", much like Peter Pan, and Sparrow legitimately thought Hook was a terrible captain). After trading insults between one another, they engaged in a duel along the beaches of Neverland, to see who the superior pirate was. It was interrupted by Peter Pan and his Lost Boys, but Hook has proclaimed the duel will continue another day. To that, Sparrow simply said:
    Jack Sparrow: I'll drink to that, mate!
  • Rumors have persisted throughout the Pantheon that Hook once served as Blackbeard's boatswain. Both parties have denied the claims but do keep in touch. If there's treasure to be had, then both pirates will try to take an equal share.
  • Apparently, Long John Silver is afraid of Captain Hook. This has raised the possibility that the two pirates may cross paths with each other again.
  • After everything that transpired while serving under Maleficent, Captain Hook absolutely HATES Keyblade wielders. All of them. He hates Ventus, Sora, Donald, Goofy for ruining both his plans, Riku for turning traitor, Aqua for siding with Peter Pan, and Kairi... because she was a pain to keep around. There's also Terra, but Hook doesn't hate him as much because of his poor judgment. That being said, Hook would still take them over Vanitas any day.
  • To Miss Fortune, he is just another pirate who just got added to his hit list. She also doesn't believe that only a kid in a green outfit could beat him, though she hasn't tested that theory herself... yet.
  • Dislikes Davos Seaworth for leaving the smuggler's life behind him and serving Stannis Baratheon The feeling is mutual, as Davos feels that Hook is a terrible captain and should have just left Neverland when he had the chance. On the other hand, though, Hook absolutely fears Stannis after learning of his victories against the Ironborn of Pyke both at sea, and on land.
    • Speaking of Ironborn, Hook is hesitant to side with King Euron Greyjoy. Hell, his entire crew becomes fearful at the mere presence of the Crow's Eye. Euron doesn't seem to mind so much; he's content as long as he's got allies to help conquer Westeros.
  • As someone who very much hates pirates, Sakazuki became upset upon learning that there was another pirate to deal with. That said, the Marine plans on dealing with Hook much later.
  • For whatever reason, anytime a production of Peter Pan is performed at the House of Theatre, the actor playing Captains Hook also plays Mr. Darling. This has made further interactions with Wendy even more awkward.
  • In one timeline where Peter Pan grew up, Hook realized that he had lost his calling despite now having full control of Neverland and gotten payback on the Crocodile by turning it into a clock, and has more than once tried to kill himself out of boredom.
    • It was revealed in another timeline, that Hook survived being swallowed by the Crocodile, becoming the circus owner Ravello, and trying to make Peter Pan an adult by wearing Hook's old red coat. Many were horrified by the monster he had become and were only thankful that he returned to his normal self by getting a good night's sleep.
  • On one Halloween night, Hook teamed up with fellow Disney villains Jafar, Ursula, Hades and Cruella De Vil, to take over the House of Theatre for the fun of it. Unfortunately for the villains involved, it didn't last very long. It took over a week to simply get Jafar out of the lamp.

    Hitomi Tsukishiro 
Hitomi Tsukishiro, Patron Saint of Color Blindness Narratives
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her left earring, a Golden Fish Painting, and a monochromatic penguin
  • Theme Songs: 17 Sai by Haruka to Miyuki, You and the Magic of Dim Light by Nagi Yanagi
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Has Achromatopsia and Desires to see Colors, Travels Back 60 Years Back in the Past where she Struggles to Adjust to the Setting, Initially Blamed her Use of Magic on why she Can't see Colors, Is Generally Gentle and Considerate, Emotionally Broken Girls, Tends to be Quiet and Reserved, Takes Part in a "Magic-Photography-Arts Club", Warms Up and Becomes Close to her Newfound Friends and the Past Version of her Grandmother, Deliberately Monochrome, Initially Weak in Magic but gets Better Overtime Alongside being more Expressive and Happy, Has to Leave Behind the Past and her Friends, but Gains More Motivation in Life and Regains her Ability to Properly see Colors
  • Domains: Colors, Monochrome, Magic, Time Travel, Melancholy, School Clubs, Friendship, Photography
  • Heralds: The Magic-Photography-Arts-Club (Kohaku Tsukishiro [her grandmother], Yuito Aoi, Asagi Kazeno, Kurumi Kawai, Shō Yamabuki, Chigusa Fukasawa)
  • Avatar: Kaori Ishihara
  • Allies: Atsuko "Akko" Kagari, Ursula Callistis/Shiny Chariot, Lilly Satou, Komugi, Twilight Sparkle, Hal, Hikari, Tomoya Ozaki, Nagisa Furukawa, Zatanna Zatara, Trucy Wright, Taki Tachibana, Mitsuha Miyamizu, Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, The Classical Literature Club (especially Eru Chitanda), Haruka Kotoura, Marty McFly, Lennon, Toph Beifong
  • On Good Terms With: Houses of Magic and Sorcery, Despondency, and Time and Temporality
  • Opposes: Abra Kadabra, Lord Voldemort, Eobard Thawne
  • Conflicted On: Star Butterfly
  • In 2078, the world is filled with the power of magic, with most people using them for spectacle and artistry. Undeniably, it's popular and is enjoyed overall. However, in the case of one individual whose lineage comes from a family of magicians, this perspective went south as the continuous usage of magic caused a physical strain that resulted in Achromatopsia, losing her ability to see colors and seeing the world in a monochromatic vision. This left Hitomi Tsukishiro sullen and depressed about her predicament as well as becoming socially withdrawn as she would bear witness to fireworks that she usually saw as a child and feel empty rather than joyous. Her grandmother, Kohaku decides to enact a plan to use her magic to send Hitomi back in time to a period when Kohaku was a teenager in the hopes that her granddaughter can regain her ability to see colors and be able to redevelop her capacity in making friends.
    • Hitomi was sent back to 2018, 60 years from the present, where she accidentally found herself in the room of a boy named Yuito Aoi. She then stumbled across a trio of students from her future high school and members of its Photography & Art Club named Asagi Kanezo, Kurumi Kawai, and Shō Yamabuki, who mistakenly thought that Hitomi was Yuito's boyfriend. Hitomi was then led to her grandmother's home where she discovered that Kohaku was off abroad in England to study education and was accommodated by her great-great-grandmother to stay at her residence for the time being. After meeting Yuito formally and seeing colors for the first time briefly via magic from him, Hitomi decided to try spending time with Yuito, Asagi, Kurumi, and Shō whilst also getting acquainted with Chigusa Fukasawa, though she ends up having to showcase them her ability to use magic, which burdens her. Once Kohaku returns, she makes it a goal to look after Hitomi and help out in improving her magical potency and communicating with others. Along the way, the seven teens decide to merge the Photography & Art and Magic Clubs to form a "Magic-Photography-Arts Club", whereupon the experience helps Hitomi in opening up to others, taking an interest in photography, developing feelings for Yuito, becoming more comfortable in using magic, and admitting her struggles in not being able to see colors. However, her time in 2018 is limited as Hitomi begins to disappear and reappear sporadically; she was creating a "time-gap" as Hitomi had desired to stay in 2018 far longer than she wanted to. The Club decided to do whatever it takes to give Hitomi a great eventful day in the upcoming Cultural Festival before she returns to 2078, with Hitomi taking the opportunity to improve her use of magic. Hitomi made the most of it and created the memorable moments she made before returning to 2078, although her magic's interference did halt the process. Only with Yuito encountering a monochromatic Hitomi and confessing their feelings with one another as well as admitting that they had sheltered themselves and their emotions were what mended the process and allowed Hitomi to return to her time, but not before fully regaining her sight of colors and saying her goodbyes to the friends she made in the past. After reuniting her time's Kohaku, who presents her with a time capsule, preserving her memories and moments in 2018, Hitomi resolves to live out her life with a newfound sense of confidence and hope, alongside her interest in magic being restored.
  • Now more optimistic than before, Hitomi was eager to see what new experiences she can look out for and desires to learn a lot from that, alongside practicing her usage in magic and remembering her friends in some capacity. Her luck came by when one day, while performing her spells, Hitomi wound up releasing a signal that alerted a mysterious being who took notice of the action and expressed interest. Out of curiosity, Hitomi sought to learn what was going on, whereupon a spell was directed at her; she was given a mail that contained an invitation to a realm known as the Trope Pantheons. She consulted with Kohaku about the situation, whereupon Kohaku encouraged Hitomi to go along with it, especially learning how there was the promise of grand experience in magic. Se decided to embark on the Pantheon with a wishing thought that she can make new friends and learn from a brand new world.
  • To Hitomi, the functionality of magic in her world is through the use of Star-sands; a peculiar sort of material that can generate different sorts of magic according to how the user develops it and store it up for future use. It is a type of sand that is exclusively found during moonlight and Hitomi guessed that the best place to find Star-sands is the Hall of Darkness and Shadow, where it is perpetually midnight. To her delight, many residents from the House of Magic and Sorcery were more than open to lending Hitomi a helping hand and have since aided in collecting her a collection of Star-sands whenever she goes venturing there.
    • As her grandmother, Kohaku, once did, Hitomi is simply content in trying to use her magic in making others happy and entertained, though she's more conservative and reserved about her usage, compared to Kohaku's liberal use of magic for some fun mayhem and chaos. Not that Hitomi likes making a ruckus, though seeing that sort of activity happening in the Pantheon makes her chuckle as it reminds her of her grandmother's youthful and spirited energy. Beyond that, Hitomi's spectacle, while flashy, is considerably more mundane than what Kohaku would come up with, such as fireworks and an occasional anthropomorphic conjuring of artworks, but it's enough to catch her audience's attention and endear them.
  • One benefit that Hitomi was able to get out from, regarding the Pantheon, was that she was given the opportunity to be upon her close ones to the new realm that she had just become a part of as her Heralds. Upon learning of the prospect, Hitomi wasted little time in wishing and asking if her fellow club members and her grandmother can come along. To her joy, this did turn out to be the case and Hitomi had a happy reunion with the friends that she had departed from after regaining her view of colors. That said, they did worry for a moment if bringing heralds from a past time would be a problem as Hitomi and Kohaku learned from the House of Time and Temporality that there are consequences to time travel, and they expressed some relief when they learned that they're safe for now. After all, they'd just like to spend their time in pace and fun.
  • While no longer depressed and moody, she still takes visitations in the House of Despondency as Hitomi's story is sometimes referenced as a way to encourage others that in times of sadness and loneliness, there's still someone of company that can be found and made that will make you happy and satisfied, an ode to Kohaku and the Magic-Photography-Arts Club. Hitomi was quick to catch that reference and it felt nice to learn that her friends and grandmother were noted to be role models. She does admit that having to feel her story can be rather nervous, especially when it comes to a large crowd, but it doesn't stop her from trying nonetheless. She'll also try to end her lectures with a firework spell, which makes the experience more memorable to the audience.
    • On the subject of angst, Hitomi found herself connecting with Gal for this very reason. It turned out that Hal was socially reclusive and hardly spoke due to apparently having selective mutism, only having two friends. Like Hitomi, Hal also had a strong interest in art, but dropped it due to a case of gaslighting that was aimed towards her, though said interest eventually came back. Their familiarity with having social difficulties endeared Hitomi and Hal and the two became friends. Hitomi would sometimes encourage Hal's hobby in art as Hitomi feels as if she can use her magic to reanimate Hal's artworks, an idea that the latter thought was interesting. Similarly, Hitomi also got along with Hikari, who suffered a case of depression due to never having her interest for filmmaking be acknowledged by her relatives and being Bullied into Depression. Thankfully, Hikari has emotionally recovered and Hitomi was thinking that maybe Hikari can join her club and see if she can further help out her, Kohaku and their friends in their club field. Hikari is willing to give a shot, to Hitomi's delight.
  • Hitomi found it personally difficult to adjust in a realm where magic, for the most part, was rather used offensively and in combat, even by those who have shown themselves to be good. As far as what position she's in, Hitomi is aware that she has no place in the Pantheon's numerous fights and instead would rather focus on her own experiences and growth. She became well adjusted with the Magical Girl Sisterhood, who was endeared by Hitomi's story and wanted to look after her. To her credit, Hitomi does enjoy seeing the Sisterhood's use of magic, in case it's got nothing to do with fighting, and is content with simply being someone who would be of company and support for the Magical Girl collective. That, and the Sisterhood have promised to improve Hitomi's skills in magic, which she eagerly accepted.
  • While not the only one with a disability regarding color blindness, Hitomi is the most recognizable being in the Pantheon with said disability as much of her story was centered around her angst and depression in not being able to see colors beyond just black and white. While her ability to see colors has since returned, the story's impact and influence remained intact for Hitomi and she's come to accept it as it's with her experience around color blindness that's gotten her associated with her friends in the past.
    • While not exactly colorblind, Lilly Satou and Komugi have had a similar struggle regarding eyesight, in their case, total blindness. Initially, Hitomi was hesitant to approach them as their story was already depressing enough and Hitomi felt too emotional about it, in addition to thinking that she may act too pitiful about it. However, when she did meet the two, Lilly and Komugi introduced themselves as optimistically and openly as they did and simply decided to talk to Hitomi about good times. Quickly enough, the three of them shared a good degree of positive events of their own towards one another, and Hitomi's made Lilly and Komugi happy that Hitomi found a drive in life and aspired to continue on with a newfound sense of confidence. Conversely, while Hitomi was pleased to learn that Lilly has been getting support from Hisao Nakai and other disabled female students, she felt disheartened to learn of Komugi's circumstances, namely that she was bound to her talents in playing Gungi and chose to die with Meruem once the latter's lifespan had expired. Komugi, however, is willing to shake off Hitomi's worries and simply try to make her happy in some way.
    • Toph Beifong was another girl with blindness. Her treatment, regarding this disability was... not exactly kind, to say the least and she ended up being ostracised for it. That said, Toph has made up for her blindness by simply being a well-accomplished Earthbender and being able to detect others' barefoot as her way of "seeing" things. Toph was happy to learn that for all that Hitomi had to go through, she was able to find satisfaction and get back one of her sights, whereas Hitomi thought that Toph being ablw to prove herself influential and strong despite her handicap was something she would have high regards to. Plus, Toph will sometimes to use her Earthbending skills to see if they can mix up with Hitomi's magic.
  • Her experience in a school club has made Hitomi appreciate those who partake in them in an attempt to make others happy and motivate them in life, so she sometimes attends the House of School to check up on how others tend to set up their clubs and use them to forge new relationships, in addition to keeping up with her studies. Unlike Kohaku, she's not too liberal and chaotic about using her magic to cause showoff and a ruckus on other students and the faculty, though it doesn't stop a few students from asking Hitomi to use some of her magical abilities.
    • In one particular day, Hitomi came across Tomoya and Nagisa, a married pair whose story was well known for melting the hearts of many, in part because of the many struggles and pains that the two had to go through in their lives. During their high school years, Nagisa had a school club that she had a lot of difficulty in trying to maintain and it was with the help of Tomoya and a growing assortment of friends that Nagisa was able to persevere and find happiness. In turn, Nagisa felt that Hitomi would have been the kind of student that would have been of company for her club, given that the other members themselves have had their fair share of issues. She herself found Tomoya and Nagisa's story to be relatable to an extent, as all three of them went through some form of physical and emotional impairment that hampered their happiness. They've since become good friends with each other, with Tomoya and Nagisa having thoughts about inviting Hitomi over to introduce her to their daughter, Ushio.
    • While Hitomi's sadness and struggles are something that she's taken to learn from and that she's become a more content person because of it, hearing about Haruka Kotoura made her wince in fright and sorrow. Hitomi never would have wondered just how bad Haruka must have had it as she was bullied and disregarded, both in-home and in school, just for being able to read minds and thoughts (which she couldn't control). It was only with the effort of a school club that she joined alongside its members that she was able to emotionally recover and become content with her life. Haruka herself learned, with her innate powers, that Hitomi was an apologetic, yet sweet girl and simply wanted to learn about her. Hitomi, in response, showcased Haruka and her friends her magic spells and entertain them to solidify their friendship. And since then, Hitomi and Haruka have kept up their friendship and the latter is eager to see more of what more can the former bring with her magical abilities.
    • Hitomi also came to learn about a quarter of school students who formed a "Classical Literature Club" where they went around their school and its surrounding areas solving a series of ordinary cases out of their own curiosity. Judging by their nature, Hitomi found their antics rather interesting and, with some help from Kohaku, decided to use their magic to give the quartet something to spend their time on. It paid off for some time, though, one of the groups' members, Houtarou Oreki, was able to trace the source of the magic back to Hitomi and Kohaku. While it wasn't enough to fully intertest Orebi, the quartet did admit that it was pretty fun and quickly endeared themselves to the two girls. Eru Chitanda, in particular, seems to get along with Hitomi and Kohaku the most, primarily because Eru herself finds herself very interested in their magic and wishes to learn it in some way or another.
  • As a performer of magic, Hitomi came to greatly admire those who used them to try to make others happy as despite her initial disdain towards magic, her experiences in the past have made her appreciate them again and she wishes to follow in those footsteps. Her time in the House of Magic and Sorcery has helped in her finding new ways in how to apply her collection of Star-sands, though she does concede that trying to commute between the Houses of Magic and Nature can be pretty taxing.
    • Two figures who immediately caught Hitomi's attention were Atsuko Kagari and Ursula Callistis, a student-teacher duo from the magical Luna Nova Academy for witches. The latter's motivation, as famed performer Shiny Chariot, was to use her magic to bring joy and smiles to others and inspired the former to become a witch herself. Unfortunately, Ursula realized, to her shock and dismay, that her performing magic actually sapped away magical potential from her attendees, which sadly included Akko, which reflected on Akko's difficulty in learning and using magic in her academic years. Hitomi felt sympathetic to the two and offered her condolences to them. Beyond that, Akko does remind Hitomi of Kohaku due to their similarly boisterous attitudes and got along rather well, though Hitomi does become try to make some effort in improving Akko's magical capabilities, even if she herself is on a learning curve.
    • She generally respects those who've used their magic to do good, such as students in Hogwarts and Zatanna, a performing witch who often has to resort to crimefighting and battling against magical threats. Hitomi found herself getting along quite well with Neville and Luna as she figured that those two were formerly among the loneliest of their classes, something Hitomi related with as she felt socially distant from people when she lost her vision of colors. Neville and Luna sympathize with what Hitomi went through and are open to giving her some tips on what to expect and do regarding her usage in magic, regardless of how hers differ from what is taught in Hogwarts. Zatanna, having learned of Hitomi and Kohaku's methods of using their magic, was open to teaching them ways in how to be theatrical and have more control over them. So far, Hitomi seems to be lenient and getting along with that, though Kohaku seems to be a chaotic challenge for Zatanna, even if they get along well.
    • Star Butterfly, on the other hand, elicited a complicated thought for Hitomi. On one hand, Star is a genuinely good girl whose proven herself a hero, plus the fact that having a tragic background and having once disliked magic was something that Hitomi could empathize and associate with. On the other hand, there was Star outright erasing magic in her own world, which consequently led to the deaths of several beings whose lifeforce depended on magic and such a thought was obviously not an easy one to take for anyone, let alone Hitomi. Interactions between the two girls tend to be rather awkward, though Hitomi doesn't hate Star for what she did. Rather, their interactions tend to be complicated because while Star does try to be as energetic and fun-going as she can be, she does admit that seeing someone with magic can make her rather rattled and nervous, hence she personally finds it difficult to approach Hitomi, who herself can be shy at times.
  • As much as Hitomi loved Yuito, she does feel low that she may never be able to spend much time with him, due to the circumstances of them being from different points of time. That said, the idea of Time-Travel Romance wasn't exactly new to most Pantheon residents, Hitomi included, and it does give her hope that maybe one day, she can find time with Yuito. Meeting up with Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, Hitomi was fascinated and endeared to learn of their story as well as wondering just how wonky time travel can get with other people, herself included. Taki and Mitsuha's story also inspired Hitomi to consider doing her best in helping others out and has since remained good friends with them, with Hitomi being open to tagging along with what Taki and Mitsuha are up to in their spare time.
    • She also became well-acquainted with Marty McFly after learning about his own time-traveling shenanigans. Despite their many differences, they accomplished a similar feat in becoming more happier and comfortable after their experience (Hitomi by opening up about herself and Marty for finding a way to have his birth parents connect with one another and stand up in the face of adversity). Marty had an idea that Hitomi might try to cast down some magic while he plays a guitar solo. She tried that... with humorous results for both of them. They've been meaning to try again with better results and the two are taking practice for it, but nonetheless, Marty enjoys Hitomi's company and vice versa.
  • Despite not wanting to play any part in violence and conflicts, Hitomi has admitted that there were a few deities in the Pantheon that she's come to dislike during her time in the fantastical realms. She did not appreciate how Abra Kadabra was obsessed with getting others' attention for his magical performances and Hitomi wasn't a fan of how he has to rely on technology to make up supposed magical spells either. On a more serious note, Hitomi admits that she's scared of Voldemort and the Reverse-Flash. Considering that both of them have used magic and time travel for nefarious and self-serving purposes, Hitomi's fears are justified; she finds Voldemort's "pure-blood magic supremacy" to be nonsensical and against how she and Kohaku want to use their talents out of joy towards others whereas the Reverse-Flash's knack of traveling back in time solely to make others miserable disturbs Hitomi a lot, not to mention how Reverse-Flash seems irked by Hitomi's relationship with Kohaku and the club members. That said, Hitomi thinks it's best if she should just focus on herself and her friends rather than worrying too much about someone that she dislikes.

    Katawa Girls 
Emi Ibarazaki, Hanako Ikezawa, Lilly Satou, Rin Tezuka, Shizune Hakamichi, and Shiina "Misha" Mikado, Goddesses of Disabled Love Interests
Clockwise, starting from upper left: Lilly, Misha, Shizune, Emi, Rin, Hanako

    Ludwig van Beethoven 
Ludwig van Beethoven, Divine Deaf Composer (Beethes, Lud)
As a Classicaloid 
  • Demigod (Lesser God as a Classicaloid)
  • Symbol: His signature and the first few notes of Symphony No. 5
  • Signature Song: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Classical Music, The Perfectionist, Orchestral Bombing
  • Domains: Music, Talent
  • Allies: Bill & Ted, Takeru Tenkuji, Gunvolt, Carl Fredricksen, Hiro Nakamura
  • Creeped Out by: Alex Delarge, Matt Hardy
  • Annoyed at: The Warner Siblings, The Koopalings (especially Ludwig von Koopa)
  • Other Relations: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Beethoven certainly wasn't one of the first composers of classical music, but he was among those who were highly reknowned for it. He made some pieces of music before he suddenly started to go deaf, something that shook him greatly to the point of near-suicide. Luckily, he had plenty of resolve in himself and from there, he continued working on music, putting together a series of pieces that can be referred to as symphonies. Much of his music (or snippets of it) has been integrated into multiple other works of fiction long after his death and these aforementioned snippets are very well-known.
  • There have been a handful of instances where Beethoven not only appears much different from normal, but his attitude becomes highly unusual and at times, bombastic. This alternate form of his was identified as a Classicaloid, a kind of Artificial Human that also has an odd power known as Mujik, which results when they are triggered by something significant. Depending on the composition that plays, Beethes (one of the nicknames used to differentiate this form from his normal self) can make anything happen, including making giants robots appear or having penguins show up all of a sudden.
  • It's no surprise that Beethoven's music has many fans of different kinds. For a lack of a better term, he was repulsed to find out that Alex Delarge, one such fan, was not only depraved, but has had a history of twisting around beloved musical pieces to take on an ironically dark tone, despite Delarge not actually changing anything significant about the music's composition to begin with. Beethoven has made is explicitly clear that he would not acknowledge Delarge liking his music in any way whatsoever and has avoided him no matter what.
    • Another person he's unsure of is the wrestler Matt Hardy. No, scratch that it's BROKEN Matt Hardy he's weirded out with due to BROKEN Matt's obsession with green beans, his faithful drone V-1 and such. He does respect Matt's wife, Queen Rebecca, for performing the 3rd Movement of the Moonlight Sonata for Matt's matches.
  • He is among the handful of Eyecons that's used by Takeru Tenkuji in order to fight off villains. Fitting enough for Beethoven's profession, that particular Eyecon uses music to attack an enemy and reflect any music-based attack attempted by that foe. After getting over the initial weirdness of being used as a weapon to fight off villains (and Takeru found it equally bizarre that Beethoven had an alternate form that uses music to unleash strange occurances), Beethoven got along with Takeru.
  • After hearing about the House of Music having problems with the Koopalings being named after famous musicians, Beethoven wanted to get to the bottom of this, especially after finding out one of the Koopalings was named after him. Beethoven eventually confronted them while they were attempting to steal some instruments, with Ludwig von Koopa being the one who decided to stop him just for fun. The Koopalings were surprised that the famed composer had a Classicaloid form that allowed him to fight back to some degree, resulting in the Koopalings getting driven out and swearing that it won't be the last time that they'll see Beethoven.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was someone whom Beethoven used to look up to back then until learning about Napoleon's imperial ambitions. Beethoven ended up destroying the first page of Symphony No. 3 while trying to cross out Bonaparte from the page. The composer is able to relate to a number of deities such as Gunvolt and Carl Fredricksen who used to look up to someone only to discover their idol was less than ideal, even if the circumstances were far more fantastical (and at times fatal) than that of Beethoven's own.
  • His meeting with Yakko, Wakko, & Dot is something Beethoven would rather not talk about. While that version ended up getting the inspiration for Symphony No. 5, it was more he got annoyed into writing up that composition and he'd rather not go near the Warner siblings following their meeting. He was also very weirded out by Wakko's ability to burp to the tune of various classical arrangements.
  • Time-travel is something that Beethoven is aware of to some degree thanks to an encounter with Bill & Ted when the latter two were searching for historical figures (with Beethoven among them) to help with a high-school history project. The composer had a really weird visit to the House of Time and Temporality following ridiculous rumors involving wrestling. He then found out that a strange time-space flaw resulted in him being a wrestler known as Ludwig van Bonecrusher in one universe and many concerts with other composers were settled out through wrestling matches. It certainly perplexed him when he found out about that.
  • Some deities sometimes visit him to showcase their skills in playing one of his compositions. Among those who have done such, Beethoven was pleasantly surprised by Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers' performance in playing Moonlight Sonata. The same can't be said for when Chris Redfield tried to play the aforementioned composition (and by extension, anyone that isn't good with music in general). Beethoven later found out that Moonlight Sonata needed to be played in order to solve a puzzle at Spencer Mansion, hence why Jill, Claire, and Chris know about the song.
    • On the subject of unusual applications of Moonlight Sonata, Earthworm Jim somehow recalled hearing that piece a couple of times one of his journeys, mainly when he was racing Psy-Crow at the end and when the earthworm disguised himself as a blind cave salamander earlier on. Beethoven finds it weird whenever Moonlight Sonata plays and sees Earthworm Jim disguised as a salamander.
  • There have been more than a few instances of the first few notes of his Symphony No. 5 work playing suddenly whenever misfortune of some kind befalls a deity. More often than not, the misfortune that occurs isn't that drastic, but enough to really upset someone. By contrast, if good luck happens to a deity, then it's possible that parts of Ode to Joy could play suddenly. Beethoven himself isn't immune to these instances.


    Jimmy Valmer 
Jimmy Valmer, God of Speech Impediments (Jimmy Swanson, The Bard, Fastpass)
Click here  for his alter-ego of Fastpass

    Kenji Setou 
Kenji Setou, God of Schizophrenic Conspiracy Theorists (Kenji Potter)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His glasses and a bottle of alcohol
  • Theme Song: Out Of The Loop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: He-Man Woman Hater, Cloudcuckoolander, Insane Troll Logic, Blind Without 'Em, Hikikomori, Testosterone Poisoning.
  • Allies: Hisao Nakai.
  • Opposes: Every single female deity in the Pantheon.
  • Former Enemy: Makoto Itou
  • Slightly less crazy counterpart to: Francis E. Dec.
  • Is convinced that the entire Pantheon is part of a feminist conspiracy to kill all men. He's tried to recruit people to join his army, but no one was interested (read: crazy enough) to join him. The fact that they kept screwing up his papwerwork, first placing him in the House of Mentalism, then sticking him in the House of Hatred, before settling on the House of Emotion, didn't help.
  • Claims not to hate females but feminists. Specifically people he believes to be feminists. Which translates to every female deity he knows of.
  • Isn't sure why people keep calling him Harry. He just assumes it has to do with the feminist conspiracy.
  • Some have noticed that the only person who he gets along with is Hisao Nakai, and that is the only time he every leaves his house willingly.
  • Is the only person in the Pantheon who has taken anything Francis E. Dec has said seriously, thinking that perhaps going after the feminists themselves would be a waste of time and instead they should focus on a being that could very well be their boss: this 'Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God'.
  • The House of Prophecy has advised against going on anything resembling a "manly picnic" with him to avoid an unfortunate fate.
  • While Kenji doesn't consider them a friend he believes Sakura Ogami to be an ally in his crusade. Any attempts to note him of Sakura's gender have gone over his head.
  • He still isn't exactly sure what he did in the Absol incident, but he's convinced that he's done something good towards dispelling the conspiracy....
  • Attempted to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos after hearing what Lucifer did to the Sisterhood. As such a large group of empowered females could only be part of the conspiracy, Kenji vowed to help Lucifer do whatever it takes to destroy them. Lucifer smiled, nodded, and called for Homura Akemi. When the insanely powerful girl warped into the room in a massive swirl of feathers, Lucifer asked her to take Kenji to the Labyrinth of Amala for his trial, telling Kenji that he should have his affairs in order first. At that point, whatever passes for 'reason' in Kenji's mind kicked in and he ran for his life, Lucifer taking the time to mutter something that sounded like "Imbecile..." under his breath before going back to his scheming. Kenji has not talked about this incident since.

    Nunnally Lamperouge 
Nunnally Lamperouge, Goddess of Pitiable Wheelchair-Bound People (Princess Nunnally Vi Britannia, White Witch, 100th Empress of Holy Britannian Empire)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A origami crane in her hands
  • Leitmotif: Nunnally
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Nice Ones, Deeply Cares About Lelouch, Living Lie Detector, Enhanced Hearing, The Most Innocent Member Of Her Family, Believes Peace Is Possible
  • Domains: Kindness, Disability, Royalty, Love
  • High Priest: Tavros Nitram
  • Followers: Sylvette Suede, Crutchie, Briarlight, Diana
  • Special relationship with: Lelouch Vi Britannia and Cornelia Li Britannia (her brother and half-sister)
  • Allies: Kallen Kozuki, C.C, Suzaku Kururugi, Jeremiah Gottwald, Charles Xavier, Tenri Ayukawa, Ange, Luke Skywalker, Princess Zelda, Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia.
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia (her father), Prime Minister Honest, Gendō Ikari, Isaac Wescott, Sheev Palpatine.
  • Pities: Esdeath, Light Yagami.
  • Fears: Father Elijah, The Grineer.
  • Opposes: Apollyon, Monica Towa.
  • Unlike many war-mongering deities or soldiers from her world, the former princess remained a kind, gentle soul who only wanted peace in the Pantheon. Loving not only her sight but her own mother when she was little Nunnally's world remained a dark place where she only could rely on her older brother for support. Now, the young Britannian wishes to establish happiness to those gods at odds with each other while looking for her brother and friends here. Lelouch shed tears upon hearing about her ascension considering their last meeting was during his staged execution however he couldn't be seen by his sister just yet.
    • In another reality of events, she comes across Nemo who like C.C whom she was cloned after grants Nunnally the powers of hatred to battle against her enemies.
  • Kallen and Milly were very happy to find Nunnally in this house, since the last time they met each other was follow the Zero Requiem. Milly knew that Lelouch would cry tears of joy to see her in the Pantheon bringing up good times back in Ashford Academy, and Kallen wanted to introduce her to the many new friends she's made here as well.
  • C.C invites Nunnally over to enjoy some bites of pizza while she askes the witch about her relationship with Lelouch. C.C smirked while teasing her by what she meant by that question, but she did tell the young princess how important her brother was in her immortal existence.
  • Suzaku was very hesitant to see Nunnally considering the fact he not only killed her brother, did many questionable actions while in Britannia, and now acts as Zero to the Black Knights however he did eventually muster up the courage to meet Nunnally who did seem angry when she saw him at first. The tension quickly left as Nunnally confessed that she didn't hold what happened against him at all. Suzaku cried after this while embracing the 100th empress with a hug while they knew their lives would have to move on from the past.
  • As a fellow princess of Britannia, the older sister of Euphemia was thrilled to see Nunnally once again after the war between Japan and Britannia. Speaking of the former land known as Area 11, which was a subject Nunnally enjoyed speaking about she hoped her sister could get along better with Japanese deities to put an end to her old racist ways. It wasn't an easy adjustment for the general of Britannia's army, but Nunnally knew deep down her half-sister had a gentle soul underneath her cold exterior.
  • The one person Nunnally wasn't exactly happy to see was the former emperor of Britannia who stared down at his child. Like before he treated her crippled appearance with sheer apathy stated that he didn't regret any of his actions, yet Nunnally knew that part of herself could understand why he desired to enact Ragnarok to free everyone from the pain of humanity's vicious nature.
  • Of course, the only deity that Nunnally was unable to find any redeeming qualities had to be Prime Minister Honest. Unlike Charles, his methods, actions, and overall nature horrified the young princess who found more empathy for his number one general in High Command: Esdeath and her affection for Tatsumi.
  • She was more than happy to meet Tenri despite her brother apparently getting on her nerves since apparently, he treats her like Nunnally possibly due to her voice sounding similar to the young princess.
  • At first Ange wasn't sure if she could trust Nunnally due to the horrors she endured before ascending into the Pantheon; unlike Ange's past encounters with the handicapped, Nunnally was very much sincere with her kindness towards Ange while hoping that meeting new allies and friends here will heal the pain she's had to endure.
  • Light Yagami considered Nunnally's optimism for humanity rather absurd however unlike Apollyon, his compassion for Nunnally's well-being seemed honest, even if Lelouch made sure he stayed the hell away from his sister.
    • Others like Zelda, Luke, Shido, and Lux expressed their sympathy for Nunnally's plight and hoped her dream of a peaceful utopia in the Pantheon comes true. On the other hand, people such as Monica, Palpatine, Issac, Elijah and The Grineer very much thought the opposite about the crippled Britannian's nature of empathy. Nunnally especially didn't agree with Monica considering the fact she has moved against Junko, yet still isn't willing to believe in the concept of Hope.

    Ruben Stone 
Ruben Stone, God of Dream-Crushing Handicaps
  • Quasideity, formerly a Demigod before his Disability
  • Symbol: A Pair of Drum Sticks underneath a Hearing Aid
  • Theme Song: Green by Abraham Marder
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gradually Loses his Sense of Hearing which Upsets and Demoralizes him as he Cannot Do What he Desired Most, Played Drums for a Heavy Metal Duo called Blackgammon, Is a Recovering Heroin Addict who is Enlisted into a Deaf Support Group, Goes through an Eventual Grief and Acceptance of his Disability, Innocently Insensitive, Realizes that he will never be Able to Return to his Old Life, Hobbies and that he and his Love Interest have Grown Apart, Eventually Accepts his Deafness and Silence, Bittersweet "Ray of Hope" Ending
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Drumming, Hearing, Disabilities, Despondency
  • Heralds: Lou, Joe
  • Allies: Shoya Ishida, Shoko Nishimiya, Joseph Wilson, Shizune Hakamichi
  • Opposes: Terrence Fletcher
  • On Good Terms With: Corey Taylor, Metallica, Megadeth, Epica, Energizer Bunny
  • Commonality Connection: Kaori Miyazono, George and Lennie
  • Ruben Stone was an aspiring Heavy Metal drummer who played alongside his girlfriend, Lou, as a duo band known as Blackgammon. Despite being content and happy for their career and with their relationship, something suddenly derailed everything; Ruben started to face disorientation and later an inability to hear his surroundings or his own words, which meant that his musical career was demolished. After playing more performances and further ruining his hearing, Lou tells Ruben to get checked into getting help, with Ruben being sent to a rural shelter for deaf recovering addicts. He was mentored by Joe, who was also deaf due to his experiences in the Vietnam War. Initially wanting cochlear implants to regain his hearing, Ruben initially had difficulty in adjusting to his new environment, though he later began to appreciate the community as well and learned Sign Language. Later on, Ruben sells all of his equipment and home RV to buy a pair of cochlear implants, though this came at a cost of being discharged from the shelter after Joe noticed that Ruben was behaving like an addict regarding wanting his RV and possessions back at some point. Despite the sacrifices, Ruben found, to his disappointment, that his implants only produce distorted sound. A reunion and a duet performance with Lou and her father, Richard, in Paris did nothing to offer fulfillment as the former couple realized that they've grown too far apart after their separation. Only later on his own in a park, when he removed his implants, did Ruben find solace and comfort, in silence...
  • Ruben's ascension into the Pantheon was a bittersweet one for him. While he did lose the drive to follow his personal passions for being a Metal drummer due to his sudden hearing loss, he has since come to terms with it and embraced the silence. What happened is unknown, but it is speculated that Ruben may have returned to Joe and the rural shelter where he took residence during rehabilitation and admitted that he found his place there. His knowledge about the Pantheon came through a mail that Joe received that was addressed to Ruben, which confirmed his entry and ascension to the new realm. He was initially quite nervous about it, given that his title was to represent his dreams being shattered by a handicap, a fact that was all too true for him. That said, Joe was fairly encouraging for Ruben to take up the mantle, thinking that this could help in raising awareness and support for the deaf community. This is what got Ruben to be motivated into contributing to the Pantheon, and though it may be a wholly different world compared to where he came from, he's stated that he'll try his best.
  • Ruben has a mostly neutral feeling towards the Pantheon, mainly because there simply isn't any need for him to be participating in many of the larger events that are going on there and he instead chooses to remain where he is and make an attempt to better bond with those that he is familiar with, or have undergone a similar situation as he did. He does hope that one day, his story can be used as a learning experience for those who are undergoing angst and anxiety over being deaf, though such a task has proven to be quite difficult. He's been thinking about reaching out to conversing with the Court of the Gods about the matter someday and it does upset him that he is not being responded to. That said, the Court would actually want to help Ruben out for his troubles, but they're currently caught up in one urgent situation and news to such an extent where they're in need of more members and contributors just to be able to be more open to others' problems and issues, Ruben included.
  • Given his former profession, he has nothing but respect for the Hall of Rock and Metal and is more than open to showing them support if need be. That said, he doesn't really like being pitied too much as it's less on him and more on the fact that he couldn't play drums because he can't hear anymorenote . He has been approached by Slipknot frontman, Corey Taylor, about how he's been struggling with his deafness, with Ruben stating that he's adapting to it and feels as if he's found a new version of himself. Corey, himself someone who's been through tough times and even advocates for a mental health organization, commends Ruben for being open about his experiences. Metallica has also been quite responsive and amicable to Ruben and is willing to help him out in advocating for deaf individuals. Ruben's story and experience also make for a song idea for Metallica, though they're putting the idea on hold for now.
  • Ruben is also a figure of great interest in the House of Musicality generally, though approaching him can be difficult given that, as aforementioned, Ruben doesn't really want to be pitied simply for not being able to hear and they would want to respect the way he wants to be treated like. That doesn't deter the fact that Ruben is an occasional visitor and is open to expressing his personal story of how music influenced his life and how it still impacts him, regardless of his disability. Some figures in the House are willing to visit and help out Ruben in getting adjusted in the Pantheon and he really does appreciate their gesture though he feels upset that he couldn't provide them with anything on his part. It also doesn't help matters that the House of Musicality feels too alien for Ruben due to his deafness and he obviously feels sad and angry about it. Even so, he feels as if showcasing this to everyone else wouldn't reflect well on him and hence, he tries to do his best to be optimistic and hopeful.
    • Despite his angst over not being able to play drums, Ruben does express respect and camaraderie to fellow drummers, that is if they can get along with him. Energizer Bunny was one of them, who was eager to simply hang out with Ruben and even try to learn Sign Language as a way of better reaching out to him. On another note, the bunny is also planning a gift for him, which he intends to be a newly built cochlear implant made from the House of Science in the hopes that Ruben can finally get his hearing back. He currently doesn't know about this, and at the moment, it seems unsure whether he really does want his hearing back. While not a drummer per se, Ruben has a heavy dislike towards Terrence Fletcher, due to his teaching towards aspiring drummers being too hard-line to the point of abuse and cruelty. Oddly enough, Fletcher's verbal abuses don't have an effect on Ruben due to his deafness, much to the teacher's chagrin, while Ruben speculates that Fletcher is a pathetic man if verbal and physical abuse is what he would resort to regarding control. That, and because of Fletcher's obsession with jazz music, Ruben thinks that he wouldn't know just how complex and demanding drumming would be in Heavy Metal music.
  • Given his deafness and his integration into a social group that he was forced to invest himself into, Ruben has made contact with deities like Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. Ruben was surprised to hear of the duo's story, namely that Shoya was initially a bully to Shoko in their pre-school days simply for being deaf and mute, which later led to backlash and the ostracization for the former when the latter left school for this very reason. Since then, Shoya made an attempt to amend his mistakes, even learning sign language as a means to properly interact with her. Ruben found their tale heartwarming, though was upset to learn of the circumstances that led to their troubles, including both wanting to commit suicide at some point in their lives. Ruben has since been a frequent visitor for Shoya and Shoko and is willing to support them at any given time, whereas the duo reciprocates this with respect and an acceptance for a new company.
  • Ruben choosing to return to the community shelter and making an attempt to reconnect with Joe and his peers has been welcomed by a couple of deities in the Pantheon who were also deaf or had to use sign language to communicate with others. One of them was a Teen Titan known as Joseph Wilson, who had his throat slashed. He survives, only for his speech to be permanently disabled, which also factored in a shaky relationship between him and his father, Slade Wilson, who also endured a nasty divorce. They bonded with one another after hearing how both of them got to where they were because of bad circumstances, though Ruben makes an attempt to not reference Joseph's troubles all too much, a gesture that the latter respected. Ruben also found an Odd Friendship with Shizune Hakamichi, due to their sizeable age gap. Shizune being deaf has helped in her and Ruben understanding one another's plight and her presence has been a kind one for she makes repeated attempts to see the bright side of things and to find a purpose in the Pantheon, to which Ruben responds that he's trying just that. On another note, Ruben's denial of wanting to be pitied, to Shizune at least, is quite reminiscent of Hanako Ikezaea.
  • As someone who used to be a heavy consumer of heroin, Ruben does the best he could to keep his distance from them, knowing that going back to old habits would not just send him down into a destructive and addictive spiral, bit would also alienate him from the members of the community shelter and his newfound friends in the Pantheon. He's lucid enough to know how rock artists tend to have a compulsion in doing drugs, considering that he himself was a former drummer, but that's beside the point. Joe has had to reprimand Ruben to not think too much about his desires or else he could end up acting like a heroin addict once and he's taken the lesson to heart. With that in mind, Ruben tends to avoid any sort of drug dealer in the Pantheon, and by extension, he keeps himself a lot of distance away from the House of Crime and Transgressions.
  • While he can no longer pursue a romantic relationship with Lou due to differing priorities and a change in what they want in their future, Ruben still feels obligated to see her as an important figure in his life and expresses a need to keep in contact, hence how she ended up being one of his heralds in the Pantheon, with Lou herself being uncertain about playing musical gigs. The two sometimes meet up in the Hall of Romantic Loss, where they would share a cup of coffee and have a friendly discussion about what they've been going through. Some deities there pity the two, much to Ruben's annoyance who insists that he wants to be accepted for who he is currently, be it in his homeworld or in the Pantheon. Lou has once expressed the idea of playing music in the Hall as a form of entertainment, which she relented as doing so would be upsetting to Ruben if he were ever there. She hasn't told him this, primarily because he would see this as Lou pitying him and she wants to respect her former love's wishes.
  • Though he doesn't like to show it off mainly because he doesn't want to look pitiful towards others, Ruben does have the capability to relate and empathize with others, especially when dreams are concerned. This led him to George and Lennie, who had a more simplistic dream of simply wanting a farm, only for the American Great Depression to influence a series of events that ended in tragedy for the two. Ruben knew that what George and Lennie went through must have been worse than his own, but that didn't stop Ruben from reaching out to George and Lennie. Given his own deafness and the duo's limited understanding of modern education, given that they were from the 1930s, communicating with them using sign language has proven to be difficult. George is open and appreciative of Ruben and feels sympathetic to his lost dream of wanting to pursue a musical career. However, Ruben keeps as much distance as he can from Lennie, as even if he doesn't mean any ill intent, he ends up killing whatever he can get into his palms as Curley's wife demonstrates, which does upset Lennie. George isn't offended by this, thankfully, and feels that it's his own responsibility to look after Lennie and prevent him from ever killing anyone.
    • On a more personal note, Ruben found his angst over losing his musical drive and passion to be eerily similar to what Kaori Miyazono went through, even if she played the violin rather than drums. Kaori, much like Ruben, was an aspiring musician, however, she contracted a disease that took away her mobility at a slow rate and was terminal, meaning that she didn't have much time left to live. She used much of her remaining life to lead an active and excitable lifestyle and motivate a pianist whom she idolized, Kousei Arima, to return to what he excelled in the most. Ruben found her story to be quite upsetting, though held back in pitying her, instead complimenting Kaori for making the most in life, even if she passed way too early. Kaori personally doesn't mind, even appreciating Ruben for taking a few steps in wanting to lead a vibrant life in the Pantheon despite being in a state of total silence, and is eager to try learning some sign language to hang out with Ruben more, mainly because having to constantly write about her thoughts and feelings can be tedious, to Ruben's amusement. Kaori is also making some attempts in getting Ruben to meet Kousei at some point, but regardless, the two are on good terms with one another.
  • It should be noted that while accepting his new condition and, as a result, the silence of not being able to hear, Ruben does sometimes feel sad over what he had to go through and tries to find a way to fend off his frustrations in others ways without having to resort to using heroin. In addition to Joe and the community shelter, Ruben has found himself being well-accommodated by the House of Despondency and, when there, makes an active attempt at communicating with others about his experience of going deaf and how much it impacted his life. He seeks to do this not just to reach out to others and relate to their troubles, but also as a platform to help others who have been through the same experience as he himself did. Since then, Ruben has been happy to know that the Pantheon has given him an opportunity to turn his life around and aims to take advantage out of it, in addition to reflecting on what he's been through to help others.

    Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya 
Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya, Divine Couple of Romance Involving Speech-Impeded Persons (Shoya: Shouya, Yasho | Shoko: Shouko | Both: Sho or Shou)
Shoya and Shoko
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A hearing aid
  • Theme Song: The Generation
  • Alignments: Neutral Good for both; Neutral Evil formerly for Shoya
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Reformed Bullies, Deafness, Forgiveness, Love, Couples, Suicide (formerly)
  • Heralds: Yuzuru and Yaeko Nishimiya (Shoko's sister and mother), Miyako and Maria Ishida (Shoya's mother and cousin), Tomohiro Nagatsuka (Ishida's self-proclaimed best friend), Naoka Ueno (Ishida's former bully helper)
  • Friends: The Katawa Girls, Betty Cooper, Jimmy Hopkins, Pacifica Northwest, Sunset Shimmer, Kousei Arima and Kaori Miyazono, Elisa Esposito, Violet Evergarden, majority of the Hall of Regret and Shame
  • Respected by: Majority of the House of Love and Affection and other good students from the House of School.
  • Commonality Connection with: Johnny Lawrence, Zuko, Timmy Turner (for Shoya), WALL•E and EVE, Hinata Hyuga, Sona Buvelle, Ludwig van Beethoven (for Shoko)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Bart Simpson (for Shoya), Claude (for Shoko)
  • Opposes: Gary Smith, Biff Tannen, John Kreese
  • Fears: Neopolitan (for Shoko)
  • Meet Shoya Ishida, a delinquent student who was a bully back on his high school years. After relentlessly bullying a deaf student on his school all for the sake of boredom, and being forced to move to another school for all the harassment, he is placed on the same pedestal as years of his high school life has left him a bully target, with all his friends leaving him for all his antics. Grown up, depressed and with zero friends to back him up, he was at the brink of suicide, until one fateful encounter with the person he harassed back then, the deaf Shoko Nishimiya, made him rethink his ways and go on towards a path of redemption. What followed on his path changed him and Shoko forever, as he continuously strove himself to become a better person and change the error of his ways, all while knowing the truths of her intention towards him back in the past, to the point that at the tip of the journey, he saves her attempt at suicide but puts him in a coma, allowing her to reflect on herself and decide to bring his friends back together. The end result not only brought the two back to redeem themselves, it perhaps even rekindled romantic feelings for each other.
  • One faithful day, as the two were minding their own business after attending a festival, Shoko was teleported out of existence and placed into evaluation of the Court of the Gods. They noticed that her inability to speak properly has granted her a title under her but after evaluation, she started getting worried and cry in lonely desperation. The Gods, not knowing what she wanted gave her a notebook so that she may distribute her thoughts around the court. After being suddenly teleported with no notice, she wanted to see her friends once more as she is alone. Much deliberation later and the council decided to allow to bring her love interest Shoya so that the two may share the title, a decision that made her happy and left Shoya in disarray after her sudden disappearance.
  • The two's entrance left both in awe and confusion as the Pantheon's own set of rules, coupled with the lack of possible people to speak to placed both in a rough spot almost akin to a maze. While waiting for their temple to be built, Shoko decided to explore their subhouse, looking for people similar to them. What resulted from this was her first meeting to the Katawa Girls with their own deaf Student Leader Shizune Hakamichi, exchanging notebooks as a means to communicate to each other for the first time. The moment she talked about her relationship with Shoya left Shizune and the rest of the girls giggling hearing that she also earned a relationship to a former bully. Shoya's entrance after following her ended up in a huge group hug with all the girls, and Hisao in the background giving him a thumbs up of approval for his redemption.
  • Outside of their neighboring deities, their reception was slowly received by others, even reaching out to fellow mutes and former bullies who saw the two as a shining light when it comes to forgiveness. While shy at first, especially when mentioning their relationship, they have also warmed up to other deities following their sudden entrance to the Pantheon, allowing them to form new friends and even relatable people to interact with.
  • Even with all the support the two are getting, especially to Shoko's muteness, the two still try to live with their flaws. Shoya will be often seen in the Hall of Regret and Shame as a way to ask for forgiveness for all that he has done despite being forgiven and actually succeeding in his road to redemption. He still considers it necessary to ask for penance as it still scars him to this day. Shoko's response to his guilt is often times a smile or a huge, giving some members of the House of Love a nice reaction.
  • Both of their pasts has brought them people from different places, with Shoya able to interact with people who were either bullies (or those who are often targets of such) and even those who chose a path to redemption, while Shoko managed to interact, albeit with sign language/a notebook, with other mutes she discovered. This, coupled with them bringing their friends and family as their heralds has made their stay in the Pantheon much more enjoyable, and maybe a promise for a brighter future.
  • News of Shoya's past would put him into complete guilt as his past life has been nothing but complete shame for himself and has since rectified any means to go back to such, considering it nearly killed him. Thankfully, it has been received quite well and without any harmful comments on him. It even earned him a visit from Jimmy Hopkins, who saw his redemption story to be similar to his, though Jimmy prefers to do his in a rather dirty hands scenario, which he has spoken about.
    Jimmy: "Hey, heard you changed your ways as a bully. Guess we're cool."
    Shoya: "I mean I guess so, you still fight though."
    Jimmy: "It's for those bullying chumps, don't worry."
    • Outside of Jimmy however, Pacifica Northwest has been visiting him on several occasions, seeing that another person has changed their ways. She was rather surprised when she saw his relationship with the person he once harassed, impressing her even more considering her response was that she warmed up to Dipper and Mable, though she still remains prissy at times.
    Pacifica: "I'm impressed. I guess we're both even."
    • It wasn't easy for Sunset Shimmer to tone done her actions following her defeat and reformation. To hear that he managed to go through all that pain for years and even dodge a suicide attempt has made her jealous. Nonetheless, she can only wish that his future, and perhaps those who would change the errors of their ways, remain bright after all those years of loathing.
    • Shoya's journey to all his atone has also attracted the grown-up bully Johnny Lawrence, who sees Shoya to be a shining example of a redeemed bully, perhaps even more successful than him in regards to the future. While, knowing both stories, Shoya would feel disheartened hearing Johnny's problems in life and all the massive hardships between his son, his legacy of Cobra Kai and everything in between. Understanding each other's own pains, they both agreed to help each other in times of need, and in Johnny's case, he can only wish that his new path to redemption will work out all right.
    • Zuko knew how hard it was to forgive himself after the entire Fire Nation set their world ablaze, and had to decide between his countrymen or the Avatar in the hopes of redeeming his royal right as a prince. Still, even through all the tension, the scars would still make him remember it all, a pain Shoya has felt even after earning his redemption, hence why his occasional visits for penance. The two share this plight and often meet each other in the same penance halls, hoping that their mistakes would not be followed by others.
    • Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and flowers however as some people have proven to still be arrogant, even in the test of time, and none could ever be more proven than Biff Tannen himself. The annoying bully of the McFlys caught wind to Shoya and even attempted to harass Shoko after hearing of the two's history. The McFlys saw this and helped the two evade Biff's wrath, though he knows Biff's actions will not be the end of it. It only got worse when Gary Smith intervened as well and seeing that Jimmy managed to get to him first, has placed both of them in their sights, with Gary possibly wanting Shoya to go back to his old self, a self he would rather never mention ever.
  • His first meeting with Timmy Turner was, interesting, to say the least. Seeing Timmy as an oppressed student in many ways, be it neglecful parents, an uncaring babysitter, an obsessed teacher and even the big bully of his school, he knew how both of them would reach a mutual understanding, until he saw his faries, Cosmo and Wanda, and actually pondered how Timmy's status hasn't changed. It also made him rather saddened to see that he hasn't altered himself even after the years of possible change, whereas unlike him, he had to make alot of changes and sacrifices to make sure he was no longer the same person he was. This resulted on the two getting mixed feelings towards each other, especially since Timmy has been making rather terrible wishes on his behalf.
  • Another person who also saw Shoya with similarity was Bart Simpson, who while being a jerk, is making some progress on his path to change, small in a sense that his antics are still being practiced without hesitation. In fact, he's rather annoyed at Bart for many reasons outside of his little change, while Bart on the other hand is curious to see his relationship with Shoko, something that he has tried numerous times and has failed in almost all of them.
  • Shoko's deafness brought with her alot of sympathy for many people, something that while she is greatful for, also dampens her in many ways, such that she has an extremely low opinion on herself, almost believing all the horrible things pointed out to her, regardless if its true or not. When Shizune heard of this, she understood her plight and wished to help bring her motivation back, first by introducing other people just like her.
    • This made her able to meet with those who are also mute in some way, with her first one being Sona Buvelle. While hesitant at first, when she noticed Shoko's unwillingness to try, she played a small tune of music to ease her anxiety. This allowed her to communicate first hand with signs, which prompted a response from her very easily and made it easier for the two to communicate. Thanks to the trio's efforts, they are able to communicate quite well, and for Sona, this is one of the very few times someone approached her with similar disabilities, something that as reflected in her melodies, has made her much more relaxed and happy.
    • When hearing that another deaf girl related to love was ascended, it did not take time till Elise Esposito showed introduced herself to the trio, even more as both Shoko, Shizune and Elise are related to love compared to Sona. Seeing her success at her relationship to Ishida made Elise hopeful that their relationship may go to a better future, something that she and the Asset worked hard to get.
    • The hearing aid she was gifted by Ishida proved to be very helpful, especially as after her meeting with Sona made her appreciate sound once more. This was further reflected when she heard of Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies, something which she grew to admire. Though she wonders how Beethoven managed to make symphonies of wondrous sound when he was becoming deaf, unable to hear his own sounds in the process. Still, she appreciates his honor.
    • Not all mute people are good however, and most certainly not good-spirited when talking about Claude. Her first meeting with him just left the two staring at each other, with Claude just ignoring her responses. She wonders whether he's blind but Shizune would rather not divulge on the fact that Claude is a ruthless criminal, even worse for Neopolitan, who she completely fears. Ruthless, brutal and persistent, what bothers her is that she has a confusing relationship with Roman, which is a twisted form of a relationship that she and Ishida has.
  • Outside of mute people, others have pointed out that before their relationship was established, she was extremely hesitant in approaching Shoya due to her extremely shy personality, reflected at one point where she ran away when she couldn't pronounce "I love you" correctly. Hinata saw this and felt the same way on her earlier meetings with Naruto, who also understood both of their impediments. Though in Hinata's part, her confidence slowly grew as she aged and Shoko had to go through rough edges bringing Ishida's friends back after being in a coma understanding what he means to everyone outside of her.
    • Her sweetness also caught the attention of Betty Cooper who stumbled upon her by accident on her way to her temple. They both understand each other's own sweet, modest and reserve personalities, which help towards their respective bonds. For a mute girl, she has gained a popularity spike.
  • Things would turn sour when John Kreese found that Johnny Lawrence has been talking to him in a few days. While he would scoff at him for not being a worthy student of his twisted version of Cobra Kai, he did harass him to earn more ire from Johnny, as if their hatred to each other wasn't already bad enough. This left him scarred but ultimately he learned to accept these wounds, afterall, he is still atoning to himself for all that he has done before and such physical harm would not change his mind over his past.
  • Their love story has brought much sympathy and respect as the two earned their respective relationship after all the hardships both had to get through. The two also met Kousei and Kaori, who read their journey, with Kaori admitting she cried a little seeing the two gaining romantic feelings for each other. So much so that it prompted the two to give them tickets to see their concert. After Ishida gave a hearing aid to Shoya, a celebration was made for the two duos through the House of Music.
    • Who knew that a robotic couple would be able to understand human love like the two? WALL•E and EVE greeted the duo with excitement on EVE's part seeing how she and Shoko lack speech (well direct speech for EVE) and WALL•E's shyness shares the same with her anxiety. Ishida welcomed them all after knowing that the two of them have been well-respected in the House of Love.
    • Another person suddenly took interest to the two, but as this "Doll" visited them, it was slowly paced with her speech. Talking about the aspects and meaning of love, as well as understanding their emotional hardships, the duo suddenly grew a pity for her. Said Doll was in fact, Violet who rushed to their place the moment their ascension was announced. She gave them a big hug and found herself insecurely crying for seeing their common ground, that being their attempts at suicide and Violet and Shoko's reserved emotions. At one point, she also pointed out that Shoko may have inadvertently saved Ishida's life the moment they first met in long years, making everything better for her in the long run.
  • Their original temple can be found under the House of Love and Affection, under Love Interests.