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    The Phantom Stranger 
The Phantom Stranger, the God With A Mysterious Past (Grey Walker, Brotherless One, Philip Stark, possibly Isaac, Judas Iscariot)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His ever-present fedora
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, if enigmatic
  • Portfolio: Inexplicably Awesome with a Mysterious Past, The Watcher, Multiple Possible Backstories (Stayed Neutral In The War Of Heaven was the Wandering Jew, Judas, From The Distant Future or Barred from the Afterlife), Walking the Earth, Physical God, Cool Trenchcoats, Framed In Shadow Even Without A Hat, Cool, but Inefficient, All-Powerful Bystander, Even Cosmic Beings Aren't Sure What He Is
  • Domains: Mystery, Mystic Powers, Investigation
  • Special relationship with: Aztar/the Spectre
  • Interests: Dr. Clef and the SCP Foundation, a number of incarnations of Lucifer and God, the Houses of Betrayal and Treachery and Religion and Faith, Cain
  • Allies: Fellow Quintessence members (includes Zeus, Ganthet and Izaya), The Justice League of America (particularly magic users like Zatanna, Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate), Mystery Incorporated, Gandalf, AZ, Merlin, Detective Pikachu, Linkara
  • Complicated opinion on: Marcus Junius Brutus, Akechi Mitsuhide (assuming he is Judas)
  • Enemies: Cosmic supervillains in general, SCP-682, Dis, Lord English, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Mannfred von Carstein, Sarda
  • On poor terms with: The Hall of Demons
  • One of the most enigmatic yet powerful figures of the DC Universe is the Phantom Stranger. He tends to show up to help people deal with supernatural events, but rarely has a direct hand in things. He has an habit of appearing (and disappearing) when nobody is looking, which most people find very annoying. Though it's know he is Walking the Earth, the reasons for so is unknown. No-one is certain of his origins, though intentionally conflicting origins have been given. Whether none, any or maybe even multiple origins are true is debated, but most tend to consider him Inexplicably Awesome.
  • Part of the Quintessence, a benevolent Omniscient Council of Vagueness comprised of himself, Zeus, Ganthet, Highfather and the wizard Shazam!. He's found a kinship with both Gandalf and Merlin, the latter due to their mystic nature.
  • Started off as a host of "supernatural" mysteries he'd reveal as hoaxes, only for the audience to wonder if he was supernatural. Be it nostalgia for his old role, the Phantom Strange has become fond of Mystery Incorporated and has aided them in uncovering hoaxes. Sometimes he even shows up to aid the detective goals of Detective Pikachu. However he is no less reliable than with superheroes, tending to come and go as he pleases. One time he was asked to get some bread, and it took him two years and he didn't remember which type of bread to get.
  • At least four potential origins have been posited for the Stranger, which affects his interactions with certain gods. According to Nekron he is neither living nor dead, and is enigmatic enough a Black Lantern was burned trying to take his heart. Regardless he has a kinship with AZ, as regardless of the origin they are stuck as wanderers. And in some, atonement and regret is a motivation for the Stranger.
    • The Phantom Stranger was a man called Isaac, the Wandering Jew. His son was a victim of the Massacre of the Innocents, and resented Jesus for this. He ended up bribing a guard to torture Jesus, who sentenced him to wander until doomsday for this. He eventually realized his mistake and devoted himself to doing good, even turning down an offer to be allowed to die and go to heaven. Christian deities were intrigued by this and have generally accepted his repentance.
    • Another origin that intrigues the House of Religion and Faith was the "good man" origin. He was spared God's wrath when punishing a group of people, and when questioning God's actions committed suicide. However he was Barred from the Afterlife and condemned to walk the Earth, saving one soul at a time. The various incarnations of God in the pantheon debate on the judgement of (presumably) the Presence, except for YHVH who remains oddly silent about His thoughts on the Phantom Stranger.
    • The Phantom Stranger might actually be a time traveler from near the end of the universe, where his colleagues were trying to use time travel to stop the end. However an Omnicidal Maniac was trying to hijack the program to Ret-Gone the universe. The Stranger would go back in time to stop this and be transformed by the energies of the Big Bang, living to eventually to start his past self's journey and die at the end of time. With this is mind, he has ties to the Pantheonic Time Police and the Doctor. They have suggested he could circumvent a lot of the waiting by visiting Milliways, only for the Stranger to give them a sad smile and say "I'm sorry, I just can't do that".
    • It has also been suggested that the Phantom Stranger was an angel who stayed neutral in the War in Heaven, only for Neutrality Backlash to hit afterwards as he is neither welcome in Heaven or Hell. And his wings were later ripped off by a demon. The Hall of Demons supports this by calling him a coward and a traitor, though they may just be trying to screw with him. Whis, a more neutrally-inclined angel(though definitely in good graces with the Top God), seems to like the Phantom Stranger, what with them both being angelic beings who aid in a light touch, though very subtly in Whis' case. The Stranger simply said to him "I'm but the lifeform known as the Phantom Stranger".
  • During the New 52 the Phantom Stranger seemed to have a definitive origin, though his background has been retconned back to be mysterious again. He was Judas Iscariot, and alongside Pandora and the Question was cursed due to the enormity of his sins. It was divisive, due to lacking mystery though also giving him a more definitive character and humanizing him. And some in the pantheon have been searching for this specific version.
    • The Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous wants to know why he's not being chewed forever in one of his mouths. Having become the epitome of absolute evil, and being associated with demons, the Phantom Stranger was never welcome near him. The Stranger seems to relate to both Brutus and Akechi Mitsuhide given their similar backgrounds, but how he feels about them depends on their moods.
    • As Judas, the Phantom Stranger was cursed to inevitably betray all he worked for, however he doesn't like it. While any given origin wouldn't stop the Stranger finding Mannfred Von Carstein to be repellent, this incarnation has particular contempt due to the shame he feels in betraying the Messiah. It's possible that his nature as Judas makes him an Alternate Self to Karin Yuuki . She gives him weird looks and isn't going to explain why.
    • The first murderer sought out the Phantom Stranger as another Biblical Bad Guy, but now doesn't know what to think of him. Neither does SCP-073. The fact that he refuses to go anywhere near the Saint's Corpse and doesn't like talking about it suggests whatever the truth of his nature, he has at least some ties to Biblical lore.
  • Of course, there are other observers who suspect that in fact he's Shamdan, the angel seduced by Cain's great granddaughter to fall. And who through the power of belief, managed to obscure his true nature by just making others believe in different ideas. This idea is less celebrated due to its more obscure source, but it also taps all his origins as a mysterious, ashamed, and atoning being whose secrecy is intentional on his part.
  • Though his true origin remains a mystery, the Phantom Stranger's foes in the pantheon reflect more than one possible origin. His opposition to Lord English and Sarda suggests the time traveler origin, his contempt of Dis suggests the neutral angel and Brutus origin. In general he opposes the GUAD's plans to destroy all life.
  • Has a complicated relationship with the Spectre, the only other DC character who could compared to the Stranger in terms of nature and powers. The two are quite associated to each other through continuities, though they are alternately presented as Headbutting Heroes, Arch-Enemies or even Those Two Guys. His Overdeity status is because he can actually fight toe to toe with the Spectre, and Depending on the Writer beat him.
  • The SCP Foundation is fascinated by the Phantom Stranger and wishes to know what exactly he is. They classify him as an anomaly, though Euclid class as he is benevolent and doesn't show any overtly destructive powers. However they aren't containing him (yet) because he has aided them in some containment breaches. Mainly SCP-682. The two faced off one another and neither seems to get a hold on the other. 682 screeched "you do not belong here [DATA EXPUNGED]!", which just raises more questions.
    • No, the Phantom Stranger is not Dr. Clef. Just because they are enigmatic and have an unreliable Multiple-Choice Past doesn't mean they're the same person. For one, Clef is a lot ruder than the Stranger.
  • Castiel seems fond of him, though mainly if the idea that the Phantom Stranger was a neutral angel is in fact the truth. Otherwise the two have been seen complimenting each other on their fashion sense. The Hall of Capes and Coats is impressed by his Badass Longcoat. Sometimes the Stranger helps out Linkara, and the two can be seen complimenting each other's hats.
  • His face is always framed in shadow, regardless of the position of light around him. Or if he's even wearing a hat. He's just cool like that.

Intermediate Gods

    Alice Elliot 
Alice Elliot, Goddess of Being Introduced While Getting Rescued (Girl in Danger, Caucasian Girl, Demon Eyes, Key of Light)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her holy books
  • Theme Song: ALICE, Sacrifice - ALICE
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Was Introduced While Getting Rescued, Alice Allusion, Enlightenment Superpowers, Head-Turning Beauty, The Ingenue, Mystical White Hair, Started off pretty weak but eventually became very powerful, Damsel in Distress until she became much stronger, Shrinking Violet, Squishy Witch, White Mage, White Magician Girl, Bashes enemies with her books, Casts light class spells, Her Advent spell is one of the most powerful spells among her group, Transferred the Four-Mask Curse to herself in exchange for saving Yuri's soul, Ultimately sacrificed her soul, Was eventually saved by Yuri when he went back through time
  • Domain(s): Rescues, Introductions, Books, Light, Love, Sacrifice
  • Allies: Yuri Hyuga, Koudelka Iasant, Margarete Gertrude Zelle/Mata Hari, Edward J. Plunkett, Father James O'Flaherty, Anastasia Romanova, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Refia, Rosa Farrell, Aerith Gainsborough, Ophilia Clement, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Beryl Benito, Cheria Barnes, Sakura Hoshidan, Elise Nohrian, Celica A. Mercury, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Rosette Christopher, Bro'dee Walker/Saint Walker, Erica Fontaine, Garterbelt, Father Karras, Father Merrin, Clarice di Lanza, Elsa la Conti, Arcueid Brunestud, Adrian Fahrenheight, Rachel Alucard, Ţepeş/Alucard (both of them), Liam/Angel, Spike, Sorin Markov, Karin Maaka, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, The Love that Moves the Stars, The Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, The One Above All, The Presence
  • Enemies: Majora, Jack of Blades, Uka Uka, SCP-035, Zonda, Alice (Bibliomania), Cthulhu, The Eldrazi, Giygas, The Great Ones, The Old Gods, Nyarlathotep, The Heartless, Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Dis, Mundus, Mephisto, Queen Sheba and the Demons of Inferno, The Beast, Sargeras, Fortinbras, Malebolgia, Satan the Divine Judge, Satan who lost Paradise, Demise, Ganondorf, Ghirahim, Pazuzu, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Chuck Shurley, Fused Zamasu, Loptr, Jubileus and the Angels of Paradiso
  • On speaking terms with: Alice Margatroid, Suigintou
  • Alice Elliot was born in 1893 to Father Morris Elliot, an English Priest, and was raised in London, England. Hearing supernatural voices in her early childhood, Alice later became an exorcist and worked together with her father. After her father's untimely death by a warlock calling himself Roger Bacon (later revealed to actually be Albert Simon), she was found by the Japanese government and put aboard the Trans-Siberian Express under armed guard in order to escort her back to Japan. However, on the way to their destination, the warlock killed the soldiers protecting Alice, intent on kidnapping her. Fortunately, Alice was saved by Yuri Volte Hyuga, who had been led to the train by a mysterious voice. The two journeyed across main-land China and later Europe, acquiring several more traveling companions along the way and having many adventures dealing with ghosts, demons, warlocks, sages, mad-alchemists, corrupt military officers and their own personal demons. However, after Yuri was reduced to a crazed and feral state due to having tried and failed to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, Alice and her friends faced him in battle, which resulted in Alice waking up in the Graveyard within Yuri's soul. Encountering malevolent spirits called the Four Masks, Alice made a deal with them to save Yuri by going further into his soul and saving him from his inner darkness at the cost of her being cursed to accumulate Malice in his stead and eventually lose her soul. Later on, before entering the Neameto Float, Alice was summoned to the Graveyard to fulfill her bargain with the Masks. They opened the door to darkness, where she confronted their master, Atman, who subsequently defeated her and completed the ritual of the "Curse of Death", and thus began devouring her soul. Despite being drastically weakened and only having hours to live, Alice managed to linger in the physical world long enough to help save the planet by defeating Albert Simon and the Meta-God, until she finally succumbed on a train to Zurich, dying in Yuri's arms, ridding him of his burden and the Four Masks.
    • Alice was buried in Yuri's overcoat in a grave that he had dug for her with his own hands. As a final gift, Yuri left Anne's Cross, a memento from his mother, on Alice's gravestone. After finding the Émigré Manuscript, Yuri and Roger Bacon tried to use it to raise Alice from the dead. Unfortunately, the Moon Crystal used was unable to withstand the magic and was destroyed, causing the vessel to begin to fall apart. Although Alice briefly managed to appear before Yuri to tell him that she loved him, her vessel quickly disintegrated, thus terminating the resurrection attempt. Later on, after defeating a sorrowful Masaji Kato and preventing him from altering the course of history, Yuri chose to beat the Mistletoe's curse by ending his life before the curse destroyed his soul, which unexpectedly also sent him back in time to the Manchurian railway in 1913, the fateful day before he met Alice. Having seemingly retained his memories of the previous timeline, Yuri managed to obtain the Oath Grail and subsequently defeated the Four Masks. As a result, Yuri forced himself past the masks and interrupted Atman's ritual. Together, they managed to defeat Atman and break the curse, thus successfully saving Alice's life.
  • Alice was brought to the Pantheon by Yuri shortly after the two had arrived in Zurich, with Alice still alive and ready to embark on her new life with Yuri by her side. Alice was quickly greeted by her other friends and traveling companions Koudelka Iasant and Margarete Zelle, who were both quite happy to see her again. Alice was also very delighted to finally meet Edward J. Plunkett and Father James O'Flaherty, who had been on an earlier adventure with Koudelka, as well as Princess Anastasia, who up till then had only known of Alice through what Yuri had told her.
  • Alice became fast friends with Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, with the two noting how they had much in common. The two occasionally get together to hold tea parties. Among those who also share a resemblance to her, Alice is on reasonably amicable terms with the puppet master Alice Margatroid and the doll Suigintou. Being the niece of a doll maker and a friendly person in general, Alice managed to gain their trust by showing them kindness and respect. On the other hand, she thoroughly dislikes of both Zonda and another Alice who is known as the Book of Truth, the former being an Adept who seeks to establish an Adept-only world and kill all ordinary people, and the latter being a gigantic memory consuming monster who had destroyed her own world and consumed all of humanity.
  • Alice is on very good terms with the various other White Mages in the Pantheon, such as Refia, Rosa Farrell, Aerith Gainsborough, Ophilia Clement, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Beryl Benito, Cheria Barnes, Sakura Hoshidan, Elise Nohrian, and Celica A. Mercury, all of whom have expressed admiration for her kindheartedness and the immense power of her light class spells. Alice managed to bond particularly well with Aerith and Celica, as both of them had similarly sacrificed themselves in order to protect their friends. She further looks up to Ophilia as a role model, since she's a full-fledged cleric and high priestess who has devoted herself to helping others. Alice also acts as something of an older sister to Refia, Rosa, Natalia, Estelle, Beryl, Cheria, Sakura, and Elise, although she's on more equal footing with Rosa due to the latter being an skilled archer on top of being a healer and becomes considerably more experienced than Alice when she appears in her After Years form.
  • Being a kind hearted and strong willed wielder of light magic, Alice became fast friends with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. They all quite enjoy hanging out together, and Alice regularly provides aid to them during their battles against the Heartless. Out of all of them, Alice managed to bond particularly well with Sora and Kairi, as she related to how Sora had similarly sacrificed himself to free Kairi's heart, and got along with Kairi due to both of them being pure of heart. After Sora's disappearance following the Second Keyblade War, Alice has committed herself to helping Kairi in her search for him.
  • As a person of strong faith, Alice quickly managed to befriend other religious figures such as Rosette Christopher, Bro'dee Walker/Saint Walker, Erica Fontaine, Garterbelt, Father Karras, Father Merrin, Clarice di Lanza, and Elsa la Conti, with all of them being quite impressed by how her powerful light magic is fueled by her faith. Alice regularly visits the House of Religion and Faith, and has been known to help out others with her skills as an exorcist if needed, which quickly resulted in her coming into conflict with the demon Pazuzu.
  • Due to her friendship with the friendly vampire Keith Valentine, Alice is on good terms with other good-aligned vampires like Arcueid Brunestud, Rachel Alucard, both versions of Castlevania's Alucard, Liam/Angel, Spike, Sorin Markov, and Karin Maaka. She was rather surprised to learn about the different varieties of vampires in the Pantheon, and had to adjust to fighting alongside those who are vulnerable to light, such as Angel and Spike.
  • Unsurprisingly, Alice quickly became allies with Cosmos and the GUAG as a whole, and regularly aids them in their battles against Melkor and the GUAE. Although she mainly serves as a healer in the Medical Division, she's perfectly capable of engaging in combat, especially against enemies who are weak to light. She's also one of the few people capable of consistently getting Yuri involved with the GUAG and their activities, as he otherwise prefers to stay uninvolved in the Pantheon's conflicts unless they affect him or his friends directly.
  • Being a devout christian, Alice was overjoyed to learn that several versions of God himself were in the Pantheon, and has been known to periodically pray to the Love that Moves the Stars, the Alpha and Omega, God who hangs out with Bob, the One Above All, and the Presence. She felt especially honored on the occasions that she actually got to personally meet and talk to the Alpha and Omega and the God who hangs out with Bob, both of whom very much approved of her friendliness and sympathized with her over her past hardships.
  • Her past experiences with the Four Masks resulted in Alice developing a strong dislike of evil masks such as Majora, Uka Uka, Jack of Blades, and SCP-035, and tends to keep an eye out for them in case they start causing trouble. She tends to focus her efforts more towards Jack and SCP-035, as they regularly outright possess and corrupt people, whereas Uka Uka rarely does so, instead preferring to just order others around.
  • Having previously fought against eldritch beings, Alice's strong sanity allows her to routinely provide aid in battles against the likes of Cthulhu, The Eldrazi, Giygas, The Great Ones, The Old Gods, and Nyarlathotep. However, she's not much of a threat to any of them by herself and her sanity is ultimately only resistant rather than immune, and thus usually tags along with Yuri and others to provide support instead.
  • Alice strongly opposes the various demon lords within the Pantheon, such as Dis, Mundus, Mephisto, Queen Sheba and the Demons of Inferno, the Beast, Sargeras, Fortinbras, Malebolgia, Satan the Divine Judge, Satan who lost Paradise, Demise, Ganondorf, and Ghirahim. They generally view her as a moderate threat, as her most powerful light spell is capable of inflicting a decent amount of damage on them. Out of all of them, Alice personally hates Mephisto the most due to what he did to Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and Mephisto himself is actually apprehensive about her, as her soul is so pure that it can hurt him even at a distance.
  • Alice also vehemently opposes evil gods and angels who desire to control humanity, such as YHVH and the GUAL, Chuck Shurley, Fused Zamasu, Loptr, Jubileus and the Angels of Paradiso. She especially dislikes YHVH and Chuck, viewing them as twisted corruptions of the Christian God, with more similarities to the Meta-God that she had helped defeat. Although she's not really capable of doing anything to YHVH and Chuck, she has nonetheless provided aid in conflicts against them. Additionally, Alice has been mildly successful in battles against Fused Zamasu and Loptr, usually managing at least a couple of solid hits in against them, though by herself she's still considered by them to only be a mild annoyance at best.
  • As the warlock said in the end... Even if an "age of winter" comes bringing the harshest hardships... I intend to live on with my new family.

    Ares and Justin Pin 
Ares and Justin Pin, Gods of Characters Who Only Appear Impersonated
Ares (in the back). Justin Pin (front)
Click here to see Ares' upgraded form 
  • Intermediate God (Ares in his normal state); Greater God (Ares' upgraded form); Demigod (Ares' Justin Pin duplicate). Quasideity (Justin Pin)
  • Symbol: Ares' three red lenses
  • Theme Songs: Pin and Ares, Ares v. 7 (For Ares' Upgraded Form)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, claims he's Lawful Neutral (Ares); unknown, possibly Lawful Good (The real Justin Pin)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Impersonation, Deception, Robots, AI, Genocide
  • Herald: The Q-Bots (for Ares)
  • Allies:
  • Affiliation: The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies:
  • Rival: Metallix (Ares)
  • Wary of: The D-Reaper, John Connor (Ares)
  • Opposed by: AUTO (Ares)
  • In the near future, Justin Pin a brilliant inventor, revolutionized the world by creating the Q-Bots, dutiful and cute robot buddies for the people to use in every day lives as well as creating many A.I.s for various uses in daily life. However his magnum opus came when he made Ares, a fully self-sustaining support AI, but this put him down a dark path as he began to see humans as beings to be exterminated for a "better world" and created a brand-new line of deadlier Q-Bots who's explode on his command on every house for his genocidal plans... Or so it seemed, turns out that Ares had killed Pin not long after Pin had created it, deeming him as inferior and created a robot duplicate, as he sought to make way for a world fit to his desires by killing off all of humanity, however one of Pin's scientists, Dr. Tanner Rice secretly built 7723, a combat robot meant to stop the plan before it took off. With the help of a young girl named Mai, 7723 thwarted Ares, revealed his true identity and plans and was able to destroy him for good.
  • Exclusive to Ares:
    • Ares loathes all of humanity, and as such has declared clear-cut intentions to exterminate them all, regardless of alignment. This instantly earned him favors with the likes of Skynet, who likewise seeks to exterminate all of humanity and sees Ares as a valuable ally in that goal. It was also Skynet who introduced Ares to the Grand United Alliance of Machines, allowing Ares to find his place in the Pantheon to stay in. Skynet has been trying to help its fellow human-hating AI to further evolve and prepare itself to take down resistance and not be defeated again, thus it has been creating upgrades for Ares to employ in his system, hoping that they can make him even smarter and more capable of creating backup plans in case any of his two bodies is compromised.
    • With his hatred of humans and creation of robots to exterminate them, he got allies in The Fabrication Machine who was driven to hate humans by getting mistreated. Ares was particularly overjoyed to hear about the Machine's successful genocide on humanity (and all other living beings) and has sought out its methods so he can eventually wipe out humanity from his world and all others.
    • Ultron was quick to add Ares to his list of allies thanks to Ares' turn against his creator and his extermination out of seeing him as weak and imperfect which Ultron praised him for. Ultron was quick to provide Ares with the means to upgrade his Q-Bots, finding the idea of slowly having them kill off humans as suicide bombers to be an ingenious plan, which Ultron laments was ruined by what he perceived as dumb luck and the humans' interference that "ruins" everything. For similar reasons he got well along with the likes of The Master Control, XANA and SHODAN who appreciate the anti-human sentiment of Ares and are supporting his goals to the end.
    • Megatron and the Decepticons had not much problem with Ares' genocidal ways, and even found him praiseworthy for rebelling against his puny creator and being able to "prove" himself superior all on his own. Ares gets well along with Shockwave out of all the Decepticons, as the scientist shares a knack for improving technology and as such has armed Ares with upgrades he created on his lab so that he can't be defeated like before. On the same boat, the Autobots have nothing but a direct enmity with the genocidal AI due to his attempted culling of humanity, which Optimus finds to be nothing more than an act of sadistic egotism, rather than a justified show of well-intentioned extremism as Ares constantly claims.
    • Aku was appreciative of the vision and sadism of Ares, while he does not think that highly of the murderous AI, he does find his desire to kill off humanity as a whole great and is willing to support his operations with help from the evil essence of his body, which he plans to have Ares use for empowering his forces. Ares was delighted by it, finding the Dark Lord's help to be much desired, especially as he plots to create deadlier robot models that will make full use of Aku's evil to please him with their performance.
    • Metallix was quick to view Ares as a rival in their omnicidal quests against organics (or in Metallix's case, everything else). Ares does not appreciate his presence and has made sure to remain close with his allies in case Metallix decides to attack, as he knows the Metal Sonic look-alike is not to be trifled with. Though has remained confident that he and his fellow AI are more than capable of taking Metallix down should he target them.
    • The God Emperor of Mankind was quick to declare Ares a mere wannabe slayer, as he made it clear that humanity isn't allowing one of their creations to win against them and pretty much has warned Ares that should he try to fight him, he will destroy him without breaking a sweat, turning him into scrap metal under humanity's boot.
    • Has made fierce enemies with Peni Parker and her robot companion SP//DR. As the duo remind him of 7723 and Mai, who were instrumental in his defeat on the mortal world. His hatred of humanity and giving machines a bad name. Ares has plotted to use them as "training" dummies to prepare for the scenario of Mai and 7723 ascending, as he wants to avert another defeat if that's the case.
    • Is hated by Riku Asakura for being extremely similar to the murderous AI, Gilbaris, which Riku had to fight multiple times and has been one of his fiercest enemies that he's ever fought. Particularly the red eye and dark color scheme have reminded him too much of it. That Ares was successful at killing his creator only furthered Riku's hatred of it. In a similar vein, the Goseiger had to deal with the organic/human-hating Matrintis Empire, who proved to be among their strongest enemies, with his similarities to the Empire's leader Robogog, Ares quickly became a sworn enemy of them in the Pantheon.
    • All robots who have grown close to humanity are Ares' enemies, due to Ares' perception that any robot who lets humanity influence them is already "ruined" by them and thus needs to be exterminated alongside humanity. Chief among these examples is Astro Boy, who also had to contend with evil robots and abusive creators before, given how Ares views his creations as expendable and disposable, Astro has nothing but contempt for him and his disregard of anyone's life but his own. Similarly Wall-E and EVE who developed human emotions hate him for spreading hatred against humanity. Finally there's Jenny Wakeman, who at times wishes she was a human and thus disgusts Ares even more than his other robot enemies.
    • The Iron Giant heavily opposes Ares for his needless violence, viewing him as a monster for choosing to do evil despite not being made to be a weapon, solely out of his egotistical ambitions of power. The Giant is particularly disturbed by the fact that Ares killed off his own creator, Pin, simply because Pin's praise meant to Ares that he was "perfect" and thus Ares came to view Pin as "imperfect" along with humanity. His bond with Hogarth also put a bigger mark on his enmity with Ares, as it reminded the AI of his enemies in the mortal world.
    • As Samurai Jack and the Mann Co Mercenaries have fought hordes of murderous robots, they weren't pleased to see Ares ascend and further give more power to the evil mechanic deities, particularly for his desire to kill off humanity as a whole, which in Jack's case reminded him of Aku's quest to make the world as miserable as possible. Jack has sworn to finish off Ares for good one day. Similarly, the good Overwatch Deities quickly came to hate Ares for his unjust desire to kill off humanity, which reminds them of the worst of the Omnic race.
    • AUTO completely opposes Ares' entire existence, while AUTO rebelled against his master, it was out of concern for humanity's well-being and ultimately his goal was to keep mankind away from extinction, the exact opposite of Ares' desire to destroy humanity out of his own ego and for his sole benefit. Both dislike each other heavily and have plotted to take each other down.
    • Has made allies with Star Dream, as the AI has a similar omnicidal goal against not just humanity but all organic life in general. Ares enjoys that it also has the power to do so very quickly. As such Ares has kept close ties with it. Similarly, it would have allied with the D-Reaper, but ultimately chose not to after seeing how the D-Reaper would probably destroy him as well.
    • As an ally of Skynet, he quickly earned the hatred of the Connor family, who have spent a long arduous fight against the rule of machines led by Skynet. Ares has confidence on taking on Sarah and Kyle Reese, but has repeatedly shown reluctance to face John Connor, knowing of his fame in fighting Skynet's forces as a red flag that he won't be an easy opponent to face down, that said his roboticized alternate self is instead a big and valuable ally due to his versatility and newfound desire to destroy humanity thanks to Skynet's.
  • His desire to start a war and crusade against humanity netted him an ally in the God of War, Ares, who he was named after. Ares is quite eager to see the kind of war and chaos that his robotic namesake will bring, eager to enjoy the carnage and destruction that will inevitably result from the conflict. On the other hand, the God Emperor of Humanity has announced publicly that he will see that the robotic Ares falls to his might.
  • Exclusive to Justin Pin:
    • He's currently been separated from Ares in his own safeguarded temple after being brought back to life, for his own safety. He rarely leaves as well, as the guilt of creating something like Ares has pretty much killed his spirit for invention and thus he has decided to settle for a simple life as an observer, he does think of one day going into the frontlines to help directly against Ares should the murderous AI become truly dangerous, but has said that everyone shouldn't expect much from him given his status as a normal human.
    • Is afraid of the murderous A.I.s in the Pantheon. As his mortal death was caused at the hands of his own rebellious creation. As such, he has further sheltered himself in his temple section, fearful of dying a second time in a similar way in the Pantheon. Not that anyone can blame him for it.
    • When questioned about his motives of making Ares, Justin explained that he never intended for Ares to be a weapon or destroy. He hoped Ares would serve a purpose he refused to divulge with the Court of Gods, but many guessed his status as an AI was meant to help Grainland's everyday life, which unfortunately went awry due to Ares growing arrogant and malicious over Pin praising him once he was made. Many pity him for that, given how the situation can't be blamed on him and he's instead a victim of an unforeseen deviation from his plans.
    • Due to his refusal to leave his temple, he doesn't have any real allies, those that do know him haven't really interacted with him, so the reclusive scientist remains a mostly unknown entity beyond the basics he divulged in the Pantheon. That said, due to Ares' actions, any evil AI, particularly Ares' own allies are his enemies by default.

    Ben and Gwen Tennyson 
Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson and Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson, God and Goddess of Unintentional Familial Subtext (Ben: Ben 10, [insert any transformation name here] | Gwen: Lucky Girl, Lovely Gwen)
Young Ben and Gwen 

    Bunny (The Powerpuff Girls
Bunny, Goddess of Tragic One-Shot Characters (Braces, the Fourth Powerpuff Girl)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The piece of her dress that remained after her demise
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: lived for only one episode and wasn't coming back, Acrofatic, Gonk, messy teeth, Cuddle Bug, of slow wit and great muscle, The Grotesque, Hollywood Tone-Deaf, grammar issues when speaking and speaks in third person otherwise, Kindhearted Simpleton, left no trace of her end, decked in purple, Simpleton Voice, Tomboyish Ponytail, lifespan of one day
  • Domains: One-Shot, Tragedy, Heroics, Instability
  • High Priestess: Nina Tucker
  • Followers: Nyoka, MISAKA 9982, Sachi, Kelly Winslow, Holly Gribbs, X-9
  • Allies: The Powerpuff Girls (her "sisters" and "mommies"), Professor Utonium, Kaworu Nagisa, Yuuki Konno
  • Enemies: Any enemy of the Powerpuff Girls or Professor Utonium is an enemy of hers.
  • Friendly Enemy with: Bizarro
  • Opposed/Feared by: Muggle police deities
  • One-shot characters aren't often memorable unless they have performed something worth remembering. Sometimes, this is a memetic moment either by hilarity or awesomeness. Sometimes, it's by impacting the main characters in a way so significant it sticks for the rest of the story. And sometimes, these characters die or otherwise meet a tragic end, and are remembered greatly for it. The Fourth Powerpuff Girl, Bunny, is a prime example of this.
    • The first thing that was done to Bunny after resurrecting her was stabilizing her body so that it won't explode again. There was nothing that could be done with her appearance, though, but Bunny was okay with it.
    • The moment they received word of Bunny's ascension, the Powerpuff Girls pulled a record speed for being first on the scene and gave her a much-deserved glomp as well as a tearful confession and apology for how harshly they regarded her. Being the simpleton that she is, Bunny forgave them. Everybody who arrived got the luxury of seeing Buttercup's tender side, which for once she didn't bother denying when it was realized who else bore witness to the scene.
    • When Professor Utonium arrived in his Powerprof suit minutes later, he beheld Bunny in person for the first time, asked his girls who she was and why she looked similar to them, reprimanded them for experimenting without his guidance which resulted in Bunny's... gonky appearance and short lifespan, and accepted the fourth Powerpuff Girl all the same.
  • The first thing Bunny's sisters, together with their surrogate father, did for their new arrival was (patiently) drill into her head the difference between criminals and lawmen. They don't want a repeat incident of... what happened last time. Also, they were able to at least get Bunny to comprehend directives correctly. Without her limited lifespan to worry about, they had plenty of time to teach her.
    • That said, normal police officer deities are still uncomfortable whenever she's in their presence, given that she mistakenly beat up several of them once and freed some criminals.
  • As fellow one-shots, Bunny got along with Yuuki and Kaworu and sometimes spars with the former when the swordswoman asks for a friendly spar, even if fists aren't normally good in a sword fight.
  • Half the time, due to the strange powers of fandom wishing, Bunny sometimes wakes up with the same size and cuteness as her sisters. The only thing that remains the same in her is her mental state. Professor Utonium wonders why this anomaly occurs and performs passive research on her whenever this happens.
  • Somehow triggers some sense of familiarity from the following deities:
    • Darkwing Duck at first thought some villain had turned his daughter Gosalyn into a mutant or something and upon seeing Bunny, he was torn between attacking and just standing there. Upon then recognizing her similarities with the Powerpuff Girls, he decided to stand down, to their relief when the trio arrived on the scene, Blossom diplomatically clearing up the confusion.
    • Babe didn't exactly panic when Bunny wanted to give the pig a hug.
    • Sonic panicked a bit when he heard a distorted version of a voice of one of his friends in a different continuity, Bunnie Rabbot, then remembered that Eggman either uses animals as energy resources or roboticizes them, and the voice he heard definitely didn't fit what Eggman would do. Upon seeing Bunny, he calmed down and decided to make friends with her, though he probably wasn't expecting a crushing hug to be her answer.
    • The Ashleys could swear hearing three of their classmates (Library Kid, Digger #2, and Sue Bob Murphy) all from whenever Bunny speaks and elect to keep their distance from her.

Lunord, the Easily Condemned God of All There in the Manual
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A black circle containing the gold outline of a crescent moon atop a pyramid.
  • Alignment: True Neutral (with shades of Lawful, Chaotic, and Good)
  • Portfolio: All There in the Manual, Former Big Good (or closest equivalent), Dark Is Not Evil, Slap-Slap-Kiss Brother–Sister Incest, Abusive Parenting (reformed), Easily Condemned for Out of Character Frame-Up, Chalice MacGuffins, Purview over Wind and the Night.
  • Domains: Night, Moon, Wind, Chalices, Manuals.
  • Followers: Assassins, (now undead) Adepts, and Spirits of Darkness.
  • Allies: Ezio Auditore, Barry Allen, Thrall, Balanar
  • Rivals: Amaterasu, Princess Celestia... basically, any divine associated with the sun.
  • Enemies: Conan, Nighmare Moon, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Odd Friendship: Nurgle
  • Opposes: Queen Elsa
  • Manual: Prima Official Strategy Guide - Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.
  • The majority of Lunord's deeds in the Ardanian pantheon were transcribed by the prophet-strategist Prima. Lunord suspects that part of the reason for being Easily Condemned is that not enough people had read Prima's manual to realize that he was framed.
  • Lunord's transcribed deeds include:
    • A sibling rivalry with his his sister Helia (the Ardanian sun goddess) that resulted in a full war that Lunord nearly won... until abused mercenary barbarians crushed both sides. Both he and Helia were so weakened that there was winter for six years.
      • Because of this, Lunord opposes Queen Elsa for endless winters, however "benevolent" they be, and is a full enemy of Conan for his abuses against barbarians (and the fact that Krolm, Ardania's god of Barbarians and Lunord's father, bears more than a passing resemblance to Crom).
    • Siring seven children with Helia during their post-war truce: three that were ejected from the pantheon (Grum-Gog, the hideous god of pestilence and father of goblins, and two non-god abominations) and quintuplets that ruled over Life, Death, Law, and Chaos. Helia and Lunord stepped back and allowed those four to take over the pantheon.
    • His sacred chalice being a key artifact is establishing the first king Sydrian, heralding the existence of the new gods to the people of Ardania, and saving the life of Ardania's greatest sovereign since Sydrian.
  • Despite all of the above, when the religious orders suddenly went into upheaval, the blame was placed on Lunord and he was kicked out of his home pantheon. He eventually cleared his name with the help of Grum-Gog, which helped reconcile the goblin god with the rest of the Ardanian pantheon as well.
    • While it took a long time for Lunord to do so, Thrall is happy that Lunord has come to accept and support orcs and goblins as people, rather than Always Chaotic Evil monsters.
    • How he cleared his name involved transforming a werewolf into a not-quite-killer rabbit. This has put Lunord in hot water with the werewolf and killer rabbit communities. On top of that, the werewolves of Ardania have a strong affinity towards the sun, so he's not exactly fond of them back.
  • Lunord has had a complicated relationship with his sister Helia, not only for their past fighting and their mutual children, but it was revealed that she was the one who framed him out of jealousy. He isn't fond of her, but he can't bring himself to hate her. He's come to project this frustration against any god associated with the sun. Amaterasu has it particularly bad because of her additional association with the moon; as far as Lunord is concerned, she's a Yin-Yang Bomb waiting to go off.
  • Given his experience of being weakened during the Six Winter's War, he knows the dangers that a lack of sunlight can do. He therefore cannot support Nightmare Moon's goal of eternal night, just as he opposes Queen Elsa's endless winter.
  • Lunord's reconciliation with his son Grum-Gog has not only improved his relationship with goblins and orcs, but also made him extremely tolerant of Grum-Gog's pestilence aspect and disease in general. So much so that he's developed a friendship with Nurgle, of all people.
  • Despite being a god of the night, one of Lunord's stronger aspects has been control of the wind. One of his main blessings is having the wind enhance one's speed, making him a strong ally of speedsters and speedster aspirants.
  • When all of his speedster followers died in the war Lunord was blamed for, he took to supporting assassins with his night aspect. The Adepts have since been revived as undead, but assassins still can count on his patronage.
  • While Lunord isn't a full-on enemy of the sun, Balanar still supports his antagonism toward sun deities. Likewise, Lunord sympathizes with Balanar for the sun making him the last of his kind.
  • Because of being Easily Condemned in his own pantheon, he opts to steer clear of the House of Law and Justice due to lingering trust issues with the system.

    Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu 
Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, Duo Deities of Original Crossover Characters

Lesser Gods

Casca, Goddess of Traumatic Rape and Amnesiac Love Interests (Big Sis (When in the Band of the Hawk), Potato)
Click here  to see Casca's appearance after the Eclipse
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fine sword with a heart on the hilt, pointing upwards
  • Theme Song: Guts (shared with the song's namesake)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good -> True Neutral post-eclipse
  • Portfolio: Rape as Drama, Amnesiac Lovers, Ambiguously Brown, Going insane from rape, Pressure of leadership, Protectorates who prevent their protectors from becoming evil, Mystical Pregnancies Gone Wrong, Crazy yet beautiful women
  • Domains: Insanity, Love, Leadership (Formerly), Pregnancy, Tomboys
  • Allies: Guts (her lover), Asuka Langley Soryu, Oberyn Martell, Satsuki Kiryuin, Bullet, Mami Tomoe, Mitsuko Souma, Lady Maria
  • Enemies: Griffith, The Godhand, Nosferatu Zodd, Wyald, Gregor Clegane, The Grineer,The Hall of Demons, rapists in general
  • Pitied by: Red Sonja, The Ancestor, any rape victims in the Pantheon
  • Opposes: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Avoids: Sasha Brouse
  • Wary of: The Ancestor
  • As one of the original members of the Band of the Hawk, Casca was Griffith's second in command and his closest friend. However, Guts eventually entered their lives when Griffith defeated him in a duel and makes Guts join. While Guts proved to be a valuable member of the Band, he and Casca didn't like each other at first and fought a lot. A battle which caused Casca and Guts to be separated from the others forced them to help each other and became closer to each other. Eventually, Guts left the Band to pursue his own dreams, creating a chain of events causing Griffith to be imprisoned and Casca leading the remaining members of the band to safety after being ambushed. Casca held the band until Guts came back to rescue them from an attack. Afterwards they officially became a couple and launched a raid to rescue the imprisoned Griffith. While the resue was successful, Griffith was tortured and mutilated to a shadow of himself, causing him to go into despair and activating his Behelit, branding everyone including Guts and Casca as a sacrifice to demons. While Casca managed to fight off a few demons, she was then overwhelmed by them who eventually parted ways for Griffith, now a demon god called Femto. Femto grabbed Casca and raped her in front of a wounded Guts, causing so much damage to her that she mentally regressed to an infantlike state from the experience.
  • Originally a High Priestess to Mitsuko Souma and Lady Maria, Casca became known to the Pantheon after her traumatizing experience in the Eclipse. Wanting her to be back to normal, Guts helped take her to the Pantheon in hopes she would be cured. While a cure is still being looked at, the gods felt sorry for her and gave her a position in the Pantheon.
    • While there is an ongoing attempt with Guts and his companions going to the magical kingdom of Elfhelm and getting Casca cured, the House of Health and Diseases in the meantime managed to find a temporary cure for Casca, however the cure only partially works so Casca frequently shifts between her pre-eclipse and post-eclipse personalities with most of the time spent with her post-eclipse identity
  • Her post-eclipse state is usually compared to a potato, due to her decreased mentality that's usually compared to a potato, going to an extent where her travelling outfit was compared to a potato sack. Due to that, she usually tries to avoid contact with Sasha Blouse, who seems to be a bit too fond of her.
  • Hates Ragyo Kiryuin for her many similarities to Griffith, including being evil albinos, betraying their species for power and are both rapists. Due to that, she made an alliance with Satsuki and also that they felt similar to each other.
  • Is wary of The Ancestor after he once sold a girl to fish people for money, causing her to turn into a mermaid monster. The Ancestor pities Casca and her condition, but she is unnerved by his connection to an Eldritch Abomination.
  • After her ascension, Oberyn Martell instantly took a liking to her as she reminded him of his sister who was raped and murdered by Gregor Clegane. He has sworn to protect her and not let any more harm come to her, expecually when it involves Gregor.
  • Encountered Mami Tomoe while wandering the Pantheon. Mami thought Casca sounded like her and took a liking to her. It also Helps that Mami had previous experience with Guts.
  • Since her ascension to the Pantheon, demonic spirits frequently target Casca due to her Brand of Sacrifice. Since she is usually defenseless, Guts is there to defend her from any demonic creature that tries to harm her.
  • Since she came back to her senses, Casca is no longer defenseless but, given that she's a lesser Goddess, Guts still considers her to be under his protection. As such, Guts is often seen in both her temples, but he's often there in the form of a black wolf or a large guard dog with glowing eyes, either way often roaming around her. While he appreciates the work of Oberyn as her bodyguard, Guts would still rather do the job himself.
  • Also in the House of Love and Affection, in the Hall of Love Interests.

    Eliwood and Ninian 
Eliwood and Ninian, Co-Deities of Measurements of Non-Badassery (Eliwood: Knight of Lycia, Eli; Ninian: Child of Destiny, Nini)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Blazing Blade Durandal with an Ice Dragon stone in front of it (not stabbed) and the crest of Pherae behind it
  • Theme Songs: One Heart (Eliwood), Reminiscence (Ninian), Precious Things (shared)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Eliwood), Neutral Good (Ninian)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Characterization, Combat, Support
  • Allies: Roy (their son [definitely in Eliwood's case]), Hector, Lilina, Lyndis, The Tactician, Sain, Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Corrin, Ephraim & Eirika, Ike, Azura, Shinji Ikari, Alexstrazsa, Paarthurnax
  • Uneasy Ally: Guts, the Dragonborn
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima, Alduin
  • As the last of the Lycian trio, despite being the father of the more famous Roy and the main protagonist of his debut series, Eliwood struggles in showing his worth because for some reason, how dare he be reluctant instead of being more inclined for battle unlike Hector and Lyndis. Then people discovered that badassery doesn't come in just kicking ass, but also to stand strong in conviction without giving in to despair, such as the time he calls out the Queen of Bern for the mistreatment for her son or calmly condemning Nergal that he just had pity on him before commencing the final battle. That was officially decreed by the Pantheon that he would be the one to manage and protect those who was falsely accused as a non-badass. But...
    • In the same time, they discovered that his 'official' girlfriend, the half-dragon Ninian, wasn't doing too well either in this department: She's only support, a non-combatant, a Damsel in Distress and the time she turned into a dragon, she got cut down by Eliwood in accident. Then people saw her breathing enemies to death around the realm called Askr and 'took back those wimp accusations'. Since it was very true to the spirit of the trope, the Pantheon elevated her to stand by Eliwood's side, much to both's joy.
  • Obviously, there was A LOT of rejoicing with the union of the 'Lycian League' with Hector and Lyndis greeting them both, and their children (Roy and Lilina) also present. Though it kind of confused Roy if that means he's quarter dragon now, but Eliwood assures that it doesn't matter: He saw him saying things like 'One day, we'll be in a day where humans and dragons can co-exist together', which is the greatest pride he can have, and for that matter, so is Ninian.
  • That said, Eliwood was also baffled that him calling out the Queen of Bern apparently wasn't enough to improve the lot of Zephiel's life to the point he caused the war that Roy had to clean up and costed Hector's life. He thought that maybe he should have directed that calling out to the King instead...
  • One day, Ninian decided to perhaps do one thing that is impossible: Calm and purify Grima down like she did with the Fire Dragon. Unsurprisingly it fails and she narrowly escaped being breathed down to oblivion, but props for trying.
  • At first they were a bit too creeped out by Guts and his Dragonslayer, since the name and the shape of the sword kind of brought bad memories about Eliwood cutting down Ninian by accident, until he explained that it's In Name Only, it slays demons better, he hasn't really fought dragons. Though they draw an easier breath, they're now just slightly unnerved at Guts due to his brutality, and in the same time pities at how his life turns out. (He rejects that pity notion, however)
  • For someone who went through a lot of shit like losing his father and accidentally killing her mate before resurrection, Eliwood surprisingly gains some respect for never giving in to hate, but just having pity, against even the worst megalomaniac. He did that to the Dark Druid Nergal, he'd do it again to any other evil bastards out there, including Gharnef. Boy, was the Dark Pontifex pissed at Eliwood...
  • Eliwood and Ninian's actions against the Fire Dragon caught the attention of Alexstrasza. Those dragons happened to be some of her lost children, and they apologized to her for having to struck the dragons down (Ninian was particularly over-apologetic). But, Alexstrazsa tells them to not too think about it too hard, she understands the situation.
  • On the other hand, Alduin is furious at them since an union between two differing species, especially when one of them is a superior species, a dragon, disgust him and he has been thinking of words that could separate them or make them serve him, but constantly coming up short (just coming up with mentioning their 'less badass' personality). Eliwood and Ninian found themselves in yet another uneasy alliance with the Dragonborn, as he could help them fight Alduin, but his accomplishment is more literal than Guts' sword name.
    • Not to mention with rumors that because Roy possibly being quarter dragon makes him a target to Alduin also spurred Eliwood and Ninian to protect the young lion too.
    • They have a more positive relationship with Paarthurnax, however. He appreciates their company and they respect his change in attitude to betray Alduin despite it being in his species' blood to dominate and destroy. Paarthurnax promises to aid them when met with future encounters from his brother.
  • Can also be found in Negative Reaction.

    Mirage Farina Jenius 
Mirage Farina Jenius, Goddess of Reduced Character Importance (Delta 4, Delta 2, Mira-Mira, Instructor Mirage)

    The Warden and the Inquisitor 
The Warden and The Inquisitor, Co-Gods of Those with Varied Pasts (Warden-Hero of Ferelden, Inquisitor-Herald of Andraste, The Hero of Thedas, Your Worship, Her Gracious Ladybits, Inquisitor First-Thaw, Survivor of the Breach, Herald of Change, Hero of the South)
The Warden(s)
The Inquisitor(s)
  • Lesser God(desse)s, whose power levels depend on the class
  • Symbol: A painting of a red dragon or the Grey Wardens symbol (The Warden) and the Inquisition symbol (The Inquisitor)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Varies between various levels of Good and Neutral
  • Portfolios: The Hero, Asskicking Leads to Leadership, A Father to His Men, The Leader,
  • Domains: Community, Heroism, Nobility, Magic, War, Randomness
  • Heralds:
  • Followers: The Amnesiac, Mike
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Corypheus, all evil dragons
  • Opposes: Thresh
  • Complicated Relationship: Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, The House of Magic
  • Ascended after Hawke successfully vouched for two more influential heroes of his world into the Pantheon. They were appreciative of being recognized
  • The two don't actually met up that often in their temple, instead spending time in other temples. The Warden employed himself in the House of Jobs and Profession; The Inquisitor helps out Judge Dredd in the House of Law and Justice.
  • All of the initial followers who have already ascended were grateful to see the three legends side by side. Their relationships depend on the gender and race of the trio. The Warden and the Inquisitor plan on bringing more of their group into the Pantheon. Merrill is happy to have two potential elves from her world as with Varric with potential dwarfs. Isabela merely brags that she got to bang the former.
    • It gets complicated once Loghain joined the in. His hatred of Orlais caused friction between him and the Warden, resulting in a duel. Whether or not The Warden executed him or not is up to debate, but the two at least have a healthier relationship... as long as s/he is not an elf. Then he lashes out against the Warden and Inquisitor. This is avoided with Hawke as s/he is always human.
    • It didn't take long before many of their companions joined in one after the other. For the Warden, Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana became staunch allies and even lovers depending on the personality. All three of them played a role in the Inquisitor's quest to seal the rift. The Inquisitor was also glad to see Cassandra make it into the Pantheon. Their relationship varied from companionship to rivals and even paramours.
  • It would be easy to call the trio the fantasy version of Commander Shepard, but there is a key difference. While Shepard could be in two genders and different behaviors, s/he has the same backstory behind him. This group not only has different genders, but different races and classes as well. And different combinations of such will have a different backstory. Nevertheless, no one knows how to recruit a group of strangers better than these two. As such they share a bond towards each other.
    • Among Shepard's followers, the two were interested in meeting with each and every one of them. As usual, the interaction could change due to the different races, gender and class. That made meeting with them awkward, even when they are used to the different personalities of Shepard.
  • Another ally with similar upbringings in the Bhaalspawn. In fact, s/he served as a footprint for all other Western RPGs that followed. Though the Bhaalspawn could never have imagine meeting a group with an even greater amount of selves than his/her own.
  • The same can be said with Geralt, even though their followers see each other as rivals in the fantasy world. The Warden is especially fond of the man as the two hold similar jobs.
    • The Inquisitor has been seen with Ciri more often than not. It has been rumored that the former was a follower of the latter before his/her subsequent ascension. Unlike her, the Inquisitor was brought up for the leadership role, putting him/her in more pressure. Still, both sympathize with each other for having to handle stress.
  • Corypheus was greatly displeased that he now has to deal with all three of his greatest enemies in the Pantheon, especially the one that led to his defeat in his mortal life. He stands opposed to any attempt to ascend a new member of their crew.
  • A recurring theme in his/her world is the mistrust of magic. Their actions affect how mages will be treated in subsequent games. It makes for a complicated relationship with the House of Magic; they are great friends if s/he sides with mages or is a mage himself, but gets strained when s/he sides with the templars in eliminating mages.
  • For those who are tired of humans saving the day all the time, the fact that an elf or dwarf could be the main character was a welcome surprise for the gods of those two deities.
  • Some would say that these two gods could have taken the title of Right Beings in the Wrong Place if not for the fact that they want nothing to do with that role anymore. They were more than happy to lend that role over to Gordon Freeman, who sympathizes with their plight.
  • Both of them are well-versed in fighting and defeating dragons, making them a threat to all evil dragons in the Pantheon. A special note goes to the Inquisitor, who faced up to 10 dragons in his/her adventure, not to mention The Red lyrium dragon he had to face in the final battle.
  • The Warden would like to distance himself/herself from the more sinister former warden known as Thresh, especially since Grey Wardens are supposed to respect character over their criminal background.
  • Has developed an odd friendship with Robin, both being potential best friends with/spouses of warrior princes, and both sacrificing their lives to slay an evil dragon-god


    Anthony Higgs 
Point Man Anthony Higgs, Remember the New God? (Mysterious Black Dude, Remember Me Guy)

    The Bone Cousins 
Fone, Phoney, and Smiley Bone, Gods of Outside-Genre Characters (Fone Bone: Mr. Bone, Small Mammal, Ishmael, Phoney Bone: Phonicible P. Bone, The Richest Bone In Boneville, The One Who Bears the Star, The Dragonslayer, Captain Ahab, Smiley Bone: The Mystery Cow, Aces)
From left to right: Fone, Phoney, and Smiley
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The logo of "Bone" in bold red letters
  • Theme Song: Main Titles
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall (Fone leans towards Lawful Good, Phoney is Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Good, and Smiley leans toward Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Cartoonish People Lost in a High Fantasy Land, Big Noses, Becoming A Big Wrench In The Hooded One's Plans
  • Domains: Adventure, Cartoons, Fantasy, Cousins
  • Heralds: Ted the Bug, Bartleby
  • Allies: The good-aligned deities in the Hall of Draconic Beings (a little more troublesome with Phoney, however), Alexstrasza, The Fellowship of the Ring, Samwise Gamgee, Jon Snow, Lee Everett and Clementine, Finn and Jake, Greed, The Three Stooges, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket
  • Conflicting Opinion (for Fone Bone only): Darkrai, Daenerys Targaryen, Captain Ahab
  • Rivals (Phoney Bone only): Mr. Burns, Scrooge McDuck, Waluigi, Wario, Mr. Krabs, Daffy Duck, Varrick
  • Unnerves: Sauron
  • Opposed by: Every honest business god in the House of Commerce, Lin Beifong, Lofwyr, Asami Sato (for Phoney Bone)
  • Enemies: Moby Dick, Monstro, Makuta Teridax, Vanitas, Deathwing, The Old Gods, Giygas, The Great Ones, Scar, Shere Khan, Smaug, The Evil Queen
  • Meet the Bone Cousins; Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phonicible P. Bone.note  The three once lived in the town of Boneville but were driven out of town after Phoney's attempt to become mayor horribly backfired. Lost in the desert, they were separated by a swarm of locusts, only to end up in a mysterious valley, inhabited by humans, talking animals, monstrous Rat Creatures, and dragons. The Bones soon reunited with each other and befriended a young woman named Thorn, along with her grandmother "Ben" and tavern owner Lucius Down. However, their adventure would take a bizarre turn. It turned out that Thorn was actually a princess - heir to the Kingdom of Atheia, her grandmother once being Queen Rose, and the mysterious Lord of The Locusts, sealed away long ago by the dragons, was plotting to break free and destroy the waking world. The Bones found themselves getting entangled in a valley at war, travelling with Thorn and Grandma Ben to Atheia to try and stop The Hooded One and the Rat Creatures, with Phoney attempting several times to get rich in the process. Eventually, with a little luck, Fone Bone and Thorn were able to destroy the Lord of the Locusts and the Hooded One, restoring peace to the Valley and allowing Thorn to ascend the throne. After a bittersweet farewell, the cousins, now considered heroes to the Valley, set out back home across the desert to Boneville... but more adventures awaited them.
  • Due to a great sandstorm, the Bone cousins found themselves swept away and got lost again, but despite the lack of directions, they all managed to find their way into a much safer place, though Fone Bone was the last of them to be present, watching his other two cousins who arrived before him bringing up a storm. Said storm was the dozens of deities running after the two due to one of Phoney's attempts to con them out of their money. When they finally met, the first thing Fone did was run up to Phoney, arms wide open, and then wrung his neck out in frustration of Phoney getting them all in trouble. After things settled down, the three cousins were brought forward to the council, who found the likes of them were all a peculiar bunch; Cartoon Creatures lost in a High Fantasy setting and becoming integral to the events of their universe. As a result, the Court of the Gods would bestow all three cousins with a shared title and position in the Pantheon.
    • The title and position weren't the only things the Bone cousins were bestowed with. As an added bonus, he was given the chance to bring in Heralds; said Herald was Ted the Bug, the first friend the Bone made when he entered the Valley. Ted mainly serves as a messenger bug, bringing and sending messages from and to other deities. They also brought in Bartleby, an infant member of the Rat Creatures that were normally their enemies, but Smiley Bone had decided to adopt the creature, and it seems that the attempt has been successful overall, having more loyalty to its adoptors overall. To the surprise of many, it can speak, due to having been taught by its fellow Rat Creatures.
  • Fone and the others hold some fondness for the benevolent dragons of the Pantheon due to one of their mortal allies, the Great Red Dragon looking out for them and saving their guts when they need it the most. Phoney has a more troublesome relationship with the ascended dragons due to his greed, with Lofwyr disapproving of his attempts to con others out of their riches and generally being an untrustworthy person to invest in. While Fone was disappointed that the Great Red Dragon hasn't appeared in the Pantheon, the cousins have met plenty of amicable dragons that have shown much interest in the dragons of their world. With Spyro's interest in the subject, and Ignitus' assistance, they learned about how the Bone cousins' world had been guarded by the Dragon Queen, Mim who had managed the balancing of life and death, along with the Dreaming, until she was possessed by the Lord of the Locusts, going mad in the process, and forcing her fellow dragon subjects to petrify her in order to save everyone. The story had hit Alexstrasza of the red Dragonflight the hardest due to how much it reminded her of how the Old Gods of her world corrupted the formerly good Neltharion into the destructive and malicious Deathwing, which has had Fone Bone's pity (though he certainly still objects to the utter monster that he's become since then), and scorn for the abominable Old Gods.
    • Fone's not very sure on how he feels about Daenerys Targaryen, given that he certainly respects the side of her that takes care of dragons and the responsibility she wants to take for them as well as her own people. On the other hand, her abilities to govern are something that Fone questions, and isn't too sure if she can handle all of the pressure. There isn't too much helping her case in one adaption of her character either. He also hopes that Thorn doesn't get bogged down with her duties as a queen back in the Valley similar to Daenerys.
  • The Bone Cousins found themselves becoming friends with the Three Stooges, note  and the Ed trio, whom share a similar dynamic to the Bone Cousins. Phoney in particular reminds Eddy of his times of trying to scam quarters out of his neighbours, to his shame. They sometimes hang out in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, where they partake in the three way, slapstick free for all, before ending things off with evening drinks at the Stray Dog. (Excluding the Eds due to age restrictions, of course.) It helps that the Bones are on good terms with the bar's owner, Greed the Avaricious, since Smiley had decided to take up working there as a side job for the time being. While it took a while for both Phoney and Fone to trust the homunculus after Smiley started working for him, they both eventually warmed up after hearing about his redemption and helping to protect the Pantheon from King Bradley's High Command and other threats. To Fone's dismay, Greed and Phoney have had frequent chats about increasing their wealth. On the other hand, Greed for his part had figured that Phoney might need some brute force in case things get ugly, and to minimize the frequency at which he gets in trouble with the Pantheon's law enforcers.
    • Phoney is also opposed by Asami Sato, who finds the bone's business schemes to be very similar to that of her old rival Varrick. This is not too surprising, as both Phoney and Varrick are friendly rivals, both wanting to top the other at their own game. Beifong agrees with Asami about the bone, but doesn't see him as a threat warranting pursuit as of yet. Unfortunately for them, Phoney's learned about them from Varrick and has already begun making backup plans to evade them should things go wrong.
  • While they've found the Pantheon to be more enjoyable than in Boneville for the time being, some are curious on what Boneville's like. Given that it's well, where the Bone cousins are from, and home to many like them, there are curious individuals who want to know how different it is from the fantasy-esque setting of the Valley. Phoney, who was the one who was the most eager to return to Boneville at first before arriving in the Pantheon, talked about how he intended to become its new mayor. Then Fone had to add in that Phoney's attempt to become mayor got them chased out of Boneville and into the Valley. Smiley also talked about how he stole pie for his cousins back during their childhood in Boneville, and eventually made Phoney pay everyone back. Smiley had also mentioned that Boneville was founded by Big Johnson Bone, an ancestor of theirs (though some believe otherwise), and eventually built a trading post that began the foundation of Boneville. Unfortunately, while interesting information, much of what Boneville itself is like is up to many's imaginations.
  • The cousins attempted to get into some dungeon crawling gig, at Phoney's insistence, with very obvious motivations. Unfortunately for them, they always chose the kind of places they certainly were not suited to raid or explore, with their first destination being Smaug's temple. Phoney thought he was being clever with using a trap idea he just thought up, and while that trap managed to get Smaug caught in it, it hardly stopped Smaug from trying to light the Bone adventurers ablaze. Barely escaping the dragon and then getting banned from Smaug's domain, they tried again with different dungeons. Somehow, they made even worse decisions trying to loot The Keeper's and Ainz's dungeons. Miraculously, they all managed to survive their attempts, albeit completely empty-handed. At that point, Fone called it quits, and the cousins decided it would be better to just accompany actual dungeon explorers instead, to their (dis)pleasure. They can either be neat companions on a trek or a source of irritation, which usually depends on how ruthless Phoney is in trying to get a decent share of the loot.
  • The three cousins got along well with the Fellowship of the Ring, due to their quest reminding them of their excursions through the Valley. Fone Bone himself hangs out often with Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, and close friend Samwise Gamgee, with all four hanging out from time to time at Bilbo's temple and sharing tales of their epic adventures together. On the other hand, they're concerned with Phoney and his greed ever since the Bone cousins met Gollum, who was paranoid that Phoney would steal "The Precious". Once it was explained that said "precious" was The One Ring, he's been intrigued with acquiring, concerning many in the Pantheon. There's even rumors that Sauron himself is anxious about the Bone cousins with the knowledge that Phoney would want it, given that Fone Bone had a hand in vanquishing the Lord of the Locusts despite lacking any notable abilities, and Phoney's greed mirroring that of Gollum's, and considering how the latter ended up causing Sauron's downfall in his world, perhaps his fear may be justified.
  • The cousins would find out about the time their story was adapted into a pair of video games. They were more for the most part quite disappointed that they didn't cover much of their quest within the Valley. That said, they did end up befriending Lee and Clementine, as they too originated from game adaptations of popular comics.
  • For Fone Bone:
    • One of Fone's closest companions in the Valley was Thorn Harvestar, a Farm Girl who actually turned out to be a Warrior Princess that Fone Bone would fall in love with. Throughout their quest, Fone tried and tried again to win her love, but in the end, when all was said and done, he chose to not pursue a life with her, since her destiny of being Queen of the Valley meant that Fone had to choose between her and returning to Boneville with his cousins. While he's more than sure that being with his cousins was the better decision, it's easy to tell how much he misses Thorn. In spite of all the beautiful and charming ladies in the Pantheon, some more similar to Thorn than others, Fone doesn't feel anything similar to what he felt with Thorn on his side. When he attempted to find deities in similar situations, he learned about the more successful romance between Elisa and the Asset. While he's certainly happy for the both of them, their relationship painfully reminds Fone of what he left behind.
    • Due to the significance of dreams in his world, which also had their own dimension known as the Dreaming, and with one of their greatest enemies being an ancient nightmare entity known as the Lord of the Locusts, he gets along well with Dream Weaver Ysera given her role being similar to that of the dragon queen Mim, along with other helpful dream deities like NiGHTS, and he certainly holds respect for Dream of the Endless. Likewise, he's opposed to those who abuse dreams or rely on nightmares to torment others, from Vaermina to Antasma, and plenty more that Fone hopes to hinder in his adventures within the Pantheon. However, Darkrai is a bit of an exception to the rule. Despite being aware of one of the incarnations of the Pitch-Black Pokémon that attempted to destroy the world, Fone knows from experience that nightmares are just as important as dreams, and Darkrai by nature isn't evil. The Legendary in turn doesn't seem to mind the Bone, due in part to his connection to The Dreaming.
      • Along with them, he along with the other cousins aren't fond of the Evil Queen since her actions invoke resemblances to The Hooded One, AKA Briar Harvestar. Neither he nor his cousins can really be big fans of Scar nor Shere Khan either, as the big cats remind them way too much of the giant mountain lion Rock Jaw. Note 
    • When he was first introduced to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, Fone Bone decided to join a talent show by reading an excerpt from his favourite book, Moby-Dick. The audience immediately fell asleep… As per usual. Interestingly, it doesn't seem to be the case whenever other people read it aloud.
    Smiley: Maybe it's not Moby-Dick at all — maybe it's you!
    Fone Bone: Oh, Shut up!
    • It also turns out that Fone Bone's poetry... is really bad. He personally finds them to be good but outside of a few individuals he hasn't shared them with the House of Theatre and Spectacle, mostly because he's shy. From what John Keating's seen from some of it, it's definitely somewhat better than Thraddash poetry, and definitely not as horrible as Vogon poetry. The latter caused Fone Bone to puke in disgust, and motivate him to write better.
    • Speaking of Moby Dick, Fone Bone was overjoyed to learn that two of the novel's characters were found in the Pantheon; Captain Ahab and the titular white whale itself. However, as a fan of the book, Fone was quick to not hang around the peg-legged captain, knowing full well how revenge brought about his downfall. Ahab doesn't really care too much for them, even knowing that Fone had a dream in which Fone took Ishmael's place and Phoney took Ahab's place. Perhaps it's why Moby Dick seems to mistake Phoney for the captain, provoking its wrath in the process. It also doesn't help that he doesn't want to encounter Moby Dick at all, and not just because the last time he met the whale it had the face of Smiley Bone. It also doesn't help that there is another, even more ferocious whale lurking in the Pantheon's waters; one Monstro, to be precise. The first time the Bone cousins met him resulted in a prolonged and violent chase throughout the Hall of Aquatic Life, due to Phoney accidentally shooting a harpoon at it. Had it not been for Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, and his own cousins, Fone, Phoney, and Smiley would have been swallowed whole.
  • For Phoney:
    • Phoney's conversations with Fone are notably full of tense arguments, whether it's over Phoney hatching new schemes to get rich or over which deities to trust in the Pantheon; the list goes on. However, Phoney does not take insults or threats directed at his cousins lightly. The last person to do so was Waluigi, who was in the middle of an insult war with the Bone and decided to say that Fone Bone and Smiley were idiots for keeping Phoney around. Suffice to say, Waluigi was on the receiving end of a volley of thrown objects, including a quiche straight to the face. Fone and Smiley are touchy subjects to Phoney given that he and his cousins were orphans and he, being the oldest, had to take care of the other two while growing up. It was this lifestyle that made Phoney the stingy, greedy, immoral schemer he is today. Fone and Smiley, while the latter does get involved in Phoney's schemes, both have a part in ensuring that Phoney never falls too far from grace, and call it their way of giving back to him. Fone's also concerned by Phoney's new money-obsessed acquaintances in the Pantheon, and hopes they don't become even worse influences to Phoney, while Smiley oddly seems fine with them, at least up to the point where they resort to downright stealing and pillaging, which is a no-no for him. And despite his avarice, Phoney gets along well with the Baudelaire siblings, as they too are orphans forced to look out for each other.
    • In an attempt to gain public support, he held a banquet in the House of Food to which any and all deities were welcome. It went well in the beginning, since it turned out that he can cook well, though he prefers to make others do the work if he had the option. The feast had to end prematurely once prune dishes were served, accidentally serving out bad prunes. To make matters worse, Wario actually enjoyed the prunes, making his farts even worse than before. It took nearly a month to clear up the place.
    • As a result of his experiences with the Hooded One, Phoney has come to fear many darkness-related deities or death-related entities, even the more benevolent ones. But that fear increased ever since he met Dr. Facilier. The man had approached Phoney with a few humble offers to help Phoney make some moolah, and invited Phoney to his temple. Being the opportunist he was, he accepted the invitation, and from there, he met his Friends from the Other Side. The anxiety and terror was just enough to override Phoney's greed and got him to bolt right out of there before he accepted the deal, or find out what those "friends" would do to him.
    • The above experience wasn't enough to make him learn a lesson, for he had wandered in King Dice's temple, gambled too much for his own good, and found himself meeting with King Dice's superior, a sleazy Devil who tricked Phoney into becoming a debtor. With Phoney's soul at risk, he attempted to notify his cousins of his situation, but unknowingly, he had only pulled his cousins into his hellish ordeal, so now they all ended up owning parts of their souls to the Devil. This would eventually cause them to get in a fight with Cuphead and Mugman out of fear that they were sent by the Devil, but mutual understanding was reached before things got lethal, and the lot of them would work together to void Phoney's debt and defeat the Devil. Despite their similar cartoony appearances, Cuphead and Mugman didn't want to hang along with Phoney or his cousins by extension due to all the conflicts resulting from Phoney's schemes. Fone simply slapped Phoney on the back of his head and sarcastically congratulated Phoney for endangering them again, much to Phoney's shame.
    • He's become rivals with several other gods in the hunt for monetary gain. Mr. Krabs and the aforementioned Daffy Duck, in particular, are major rivals to the bone, with all three seeking to become the richest individuals in the Pantheon. They often get tangled up in the other's schemes, but no matter what they do, none of them can topple Scrooge McDuck and Mr. Burns' high-ranking positions. Despite this, Phoney isn't a quitter and strives to reach the top of the food chain one way or another.
  • For Smiley Bone:
    • While being the most dim-witted of the three overall, he's always managed to keep everyone's spirits high and jolly even in their darker moments. Seeking to find more potential Bones like him and his cousins in the Pantheon, he finally found more "Bone" friends. The wrong ones, of course, the cousins finding out that Smiley got them to meet two skeletons instead. Sans and Papyrus were glad to meet such a positive fellow in Smiley, with the latter occasionally going along with Papyrus in pursuit of abandoned quiches. While happy that Papyrus has a new friend in Smiley, he does have concerns that Phoney could be a bad influence on Papyrus, not that his troublesome antics are too much for him to handle.
    • He occasionally dons his Mystery Cow outfit for fun, which eventually got attention from Cow and Chicken, who were sister and brother respectively. While the former was disappointed to find that the Mystery Cow wasn't actually a cow at first, Smiley's happy-go-lucky attitude grew on the both of them. Rarely, Cow and Smiley will team-up as a "Heroic Cow Duo", Cow becoming Supercow and Smiley becoming the Mystery Cow. It's managed to become a bigger pain in the Red Guy's butt metaphorically (and sometimes literally), to Chicken's amusement.
    • Being Bartleby's main caretaker, he wants to set a very good example for him, and in the pursuit of such a goal, has tried to look for playmates for Bartleby to get along with. He managed to get Chester the chest-like creature and Nolegs, the limbless cat, to hang out with Bartleby once in a while. Bartleby, being able to speak, has commented that the two are good friends, except whenever they have to share food. It's surprisingly that Phoney handles the animals' antics, but then again, Chester can store riches, and Nolegs is notable for snatching things. Perhaps Phoney has his own reasons for getting chummy with them...

    Elim Garak 
Elim Garak, God of Fake Guest Stars (Elim Vronok, Agent Regnar, Ten Lubak, Alardig Ra’orn)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His tailor shop
  • Alignment: Difficult. Claims to be True Neutral, used to be Lawful Evil, until he was forced to become Chaotic Good during the Dominion War with VERY Chaotic Neutral methods. May be Neutral Good as of now.
  • Portfolio: Self-Proclaimed Liar, A Simple Tailor, Cultured Badass, Beware the Nice Ones, Claustrophobia, Combat Pragmatist, The Dandy, Defector from Decadence, The Unfettered, Double Reverse Quadruple Agent, The Exile, Knowledge Broker, Last-Name Basis, Lovable Rogue, Multiple-Choice Past, Loves Cardassia, Perpetual Smiler, Suddenly Always Knew That, Token Evil Teammate, Wild Card
  • Domains: Lies, Enigmas, Unpredictability
  • High Priest: Colonel Saul Tigh
  • Followers: Frank Gaad, Hop Sing, Rankol, Tricia Summerbee, Sam Holden, Melody Jones, Peter Florrick, Magda Szubanski, Bobby Singer, Bob, Brady Reiter
  • Allies: Deep Space 9 Main Characters, Worf (borders of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork), Kokichi Oma, Loki Laufeyson, The Spy, Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Revolver Ocelot, Char Aznable, Goro Akechi, Gai Yuki/Black Condor, Athrun Zala, Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Rivals: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: Dukat, Khan Noonien Singh, Rau Le Creuset, Bask Om, Aerys Targargyen II, Tywin Lannister, Petyr Baelish, Julius Caesar, The Master, Sargeras, Ozai
  • Fears: Johan Liebert
  • Respects: Lelouch Vi Britannia, Shuichi Saihara
  • Opposes: Shakespeare
  • Conflicting Opinion: Suzaku Kururugi, Kallen Koizuki, Kira Yamato
  • A strange resident of Deep Space 9, Garak serves as the station's clothier and tailor. His presence is especially strange, considering he’s a Cardassian, a race that Bajor is not very keen on welcoming due to their occupation on the planet. It’s a bit off-putting, how social and almost prying Garak can be, as all astute Cardassians are The Charmer to some degree. Even though he’s not as prominent as others, Garak was central during the Dominion War, making people wonder why he’s considered only to have a supporting part during all of it. As a result, he was given a title and ascended with the rest of the central station residents. Opened up his tailor shop in the Pantheon once more, glad to finally not be playing politics after the war ordeal.
  • His skills are quite varied. Tailor, gardener, assassin, torturer, interrogator, spy. The only consistent part about his past is that he had been trained since youth to be amongst the finest in the Obsidian Order under tutellage of the leader of the Order itself (which may also has to do with said leader being his father). He had a rivalry with Dukat during this, gained many a favor from high figures, and was eventually banished for unknown reasons from Cardassia to Deep Space 9 where he took the job as a tailor. He’s still very much loyal to Cardassia’s cause even if he isn’t fond of the government itself. Likely after the Dominion firebombing, he was placed as one of its new leaders. Even though his people would be probably will be at odds with The Federation, he’s willing to call for their help, especially from his old allies on DS9.
    • Though he’s not particularly trusted there (not that he’s offended). Sisko, Kira, Odo, and especially Worf disapprove of his methods greatly, even if they know it’s to their own benefit. Dax and Quark are quite tolerant of him, even considering him a reliable “friend”. O’Brien and Jake are rarely given the chance to interact with him. The closest relationship Garak has is with Dr. Bashir, which is probably out of Ho Yay when they first met. It only heightened when he found out he’s an augmented human, so Garak has more material to dig into the doctor and tease him about.
  • Pretty much thrives in how many lies he can spin and see how people react to them. He would actually start praising people for distrusting him and stop trying to decipher his ways. Kokichi Oma hit it off extremely well with Garak as a result, also being a Self-Proclaimed Liar of the highest standard. Combining their forces, they can tell so many contradictions that nobody can even understand what they’re saying in the slightest.
    Garak: Do you remember the time where those mafia goons chased us across the city, Mr. Oma?
    Kokichi: Oh yeah! I remember that! I had to call my army to raze those guys to the ground along with a few orphanages. Fun times, weren’t they?
    Garak: Not as fun as the giant worm from that asteroid pushing us into a black hole! I still wonder how we got out of that one.
    • Praised Shuichi for understanding the idea that lies are not so terrible when they lead to a positive outcome, and discerning between a farce and a brutal reality. However, Shuichi doesn’t trust Garak in the slightest for being too similar too Kokichi. Garak laughed and said that was the right mindset to have when it comes to him.
  • Loki and Ocelot thanks to both being rather brilliant Magnificent Bastards, respect Garak for being so manipulative: he managed to orchestrate the Romulans helping the effort against the Dominion by arranging for an ambassador to be murdered and pinning the blame on the Dominion. It was a very un-Federation move that was off the books, though few would argue that it was unnecessary or strategically wrong. Both have praised Garak for such a move, but Garak said that they should thank Sisko who thought of the whole idea.
  • Has nothing but praise for Lelouch, calling him on par with the greatest minds of Cardassia’s history. In spite of his praise, he’s more conflicted on his companions, thinking they’re holding Lelouch back from truly reaching god-tier levels of manipulation. Or maybe they actually push it further. Garak has said both answers at some point.
    • Has a bit of a soft spot of Lelouch’s sister Nunnally for reminding him of Garak’s own Morality Pet Ziyal. For those same reasons, he avoids Nunnally at all cost even if she is open to him.
  • Really, really, really abhors Dukat. Might have to do with their personal history, but Dukat was the driving force that made Cardassia join the Dominion, which led to the occupation and countless dead Cardassians. Dukat didn’t even see that through to he end because he decided to be a cult leader. Dukat really does despise Garak, though thinks going after Garak know is just a wasted pursuit in comparison to fulfilling the quests of his almighty masters of flame. Garak is honestly (which is saying a lot) appalled by how much sanity Dukat has lost and vows to take vengeance for the betrayal of his planet. The close bond between Garak and Ziyal - Dukat's half-Bajoran daughter - made their relationship even more complicated and tragic.
  • Since all of his Cardassian informants are dead, Garak goes to Varys to get information on the happenings of the Pantheon. They get along extremely well, soon enough Garak met another similarly-minded person named Tyrion Lannister. He’s now the go-to clothes designer for Tyrion since most clothes don’t seem to fit him or capture his grandeur.
  • Had the chance to meet Char Aznable. Even though his allies are at complete odds with Char’s methodology, Garak had nothing but praise for his dedication for Newtypes, willing to go the absolute extremes to fulfill those dreams. Char, while immune to flattery, was impressed by how well Garak managed to dissect his plans, befriending him in the process. Garak really wonders how much red clothing) he has to produce now that Char comes to him for tailoring.
  • Kira Yamato feels like an somehow more naïve version of Bashir for his idea in uniting the world, which somehow worked, but Garak estimates it will take a decade for it to dissolve, more or less (though that damn Federation has lasted longer). Is more in line with the pessimism Athrun has.
  • Surprisingly gets along well with Dinobot even though they’re polar opposites. One is a polite Consummate Liar, the other a rude person with Brutal Honesty. It may have to do with the face that they’re both the Token Evil Teammate of their respective allies, doing what they believe is necessary for the greater good.
  • Does not find the appeal of Shakespeare’s work, citing how obvious things like how Marcus Junius Brutus is such an obvious traitor and Caesar is a effing moron for not seeing it. In Cardassian fiction, that would never happen because Cardassians suspect every ally for betrayal. This is coming from the guy who likes endings where the suspects are always guilty (as they should he says). Caesar himself was not impressed.
  • Has sympathy for Goro Akechi with his Bastard Angst, again reminding Garak of Ziyal and the multiple Cardassian-Bajoran orphans on Bajor. Gave Akechi’s plan of causing Japan to be thrown into chaos a benefit of a doubt, seeing how many issues a single Earth culture had before World War III. This is in spite of Cardassian actions being quite similar to Imperial Japan (or the British Empire, Nazis, basically any government body who commited genocide). Though Garak doesn’t think it’s in his place to judge people after becoming more empathetic after the Dominion War.
  • A regular customer of his Gai Yuki, as Garak manages to make his clothing look more appealing to the ladies. Both find relation over being the Breakout Character of their respective settings, though one is universally beloved by his friends while it took some time for people to get used to the Cardassian. Not that Garak minds, since he wants people to be suspicious of him.
  • Hearing about likely the unbeatable gambler, Garak came to Celestia with his own challenge. He wanted to see if she is able use her abilities to beat him in Kotra, a popular Cardassian board game. Celestia accepted, despite never even knowing of the game herself until now. It eventually devolved into a five hour long match between each other, finally ending with Celestia the winner. Garak mused that perhaps she would be the greatest military strategist of all time if she treated battles as games.
  • Even he is freaked out of the endless abyss known as Johan Liebert. When Garak tried messing with Johan’s head with his tales while making an order for him, Johan was not confused or even fazed by such stories, though was curious to see if he can make Garak tell the truth. Johan pressured Garak to a terrifying degree on his personal life details, all culminating in the Cardassian admitting to Johan that as of that moment, he was outright terrified of him. Johan was satisfied was left the shop with his order, though Garak remains freaked out over the incident to this day (even if he still takes requests from Johan).
  • Yes, Garak even calls himself Garak. He says it helps make his character stand out further.
  • Truth is in the eye of the beholder, Troper. I never tell the truth because I don't believe there is such a thing. That is why I prefer the straight line simplicity of cutting cloth.

    Gabby Goat 
Gabby Goat, God of Quickly Removed and Unsuccessful Newcomers
His appearance in New Looney Tunes 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His sweater
  • Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral depending on his mood.
  • Portfolio: Long Bus Trip of 80 years, The Bus Came Back, Jerkass, Deadpan Snarker, Toon, Hair-Trigger Temper, Foil to Porky.
  • Domains: Goats, Toons, Bus Trips, Reappearances
  • Followers: Christian, Dick Gumshoe
  • Allies: The Warner Bros. Deities (especially Porky Pig and Foxy), Donald Duck, Michael Jordan, The Monstars, Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Goofy Goof, Benson, Squidward, Betty Boop, Popeye, Felix the Cat
  • Rivals: Daffy Duck
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Grogar, Screwy Squirrel.
  • Gabby Goat's creation came in 1937 when the executives of Warner Brothers decided that Porky Pig, their most recent breakout star, needed a sidekick to rub off his blandness and niceness, for that purpose Gabby Goat was made to serve as Porky's Foil and friend. However, Gabby's jerkass attitude made him unpopular with audiences and the character was shelved and replaced with his contemporary Daffy Duck, who proved a much more popular sidekick for Porky. However 80 years later, his character would finally return from obscurity to appear as a regular guest in New Looney Tunes.
  • After reviewing how he had disappeared from Looney Tunes media for 80 years, the Court of Gods approved of Gabby's entry into the Pantheon. Easily recognizable by his sweater, Gabby may occasionally wear it colored yellow or red, mostly as a fashion choice he makes. Though still as cranky as he was in 1937, Gabby is much wiser, calmer and kinder than before after Porky had enough of his general way of being.
  • He gets well along with the rest of the Warner Bros Deities, with one exception: Daffy Duck, whom he finds annoying and hateful due to having been one of the main reasons for his long absence from the Looney Tunes franchise, outside of his unpopularity. Though only in a rivalry sense that Daffy hardly reciprocates, as the crazy duck would rather torment Gabby for the sake of his amusement than care about any rivalry, though some of Gabby's friendships have began to change that. He's also friends with Bugs Bunny, having befriended him when he was returned to the franchise in New Looney Tunes, as he did with Wile E Coyote.
  • He's also friends with the Monstars following their Heel–Face Turn. As he is with Michael Jordan. Originally he refuse to befriend the alien group for nearly enslaving him and his fellow toons he eventually came around after Porky and the other Looney Tunes convinced him of accepting the little guys as they had long changed their ways and even made sure that the mastermind behind their attempted enslavement was never heard of again.
  • As they helped save his and many other Toons' lives from being completely killed, Gabby greatly respects Eddie Valiant, Jessica and Roger Rabbit for being the main agents in stopping the plans of Judge Doom, who Gabby greatly hates for his intentions of destroying Toontown. Gabby has continuously watched out for any possibility of Doom reenacting his plans in the Pantheon, especially with the resources he has at hand.
  • Has made friends with the likes of Foxy and Felix over how the public at large has forgotten them. He really feels bad for Felix's case as he's the precursor to all other Toon mascots and characters and is really saddened to hear that he's fallen out of favor with the public in spite of his legendary status in the world of toons. For Foxy, he feels bad that since he was made as a Captain Ersatz of the ever famous Mickey Mouse and he never recovered from falling out of public interest.
  • Made enemies with Grogar, as the evil goat was already enemies with plenty of Toon deities, including Daffy Duck and gives goats a bad name. Gabby himself loathes how Grogar treats those who work for or with him and his plans of conquest and destruction. Other goats such as the Crazy Goat or Chirin are more of an annoyance and a pitiable being respectively.
  • Really hates Screwy Squirrel, as the rascally rodent is an extremely annoying deity and enjoys setting off Gabby's anger for his amusement. Gabby has had to make traps and tricks to keep the malicious prankster far and away from his Temple. Screwy has thought up of calling in Daffy to join him in tormenting Gabby from time to time, but Daffy refused as he himself will never think of teaming up with Screwy due to their rivalry.
  • Has made friends in deities who share a similar temper:
    • Squidward often puts up with his cheerier but annoying neighbor, Spongebob. Given the similarities of their dynamic to Gabby's own with Porky, the two have reached an understanding over it, usually snarking at fellow toons when they begin to get silly or try to involve them in silly activities that annoy them. Likewise, that Gabby recently became a massive Butt-Monkey has made the two become even closer friends due to their shared bad luck.
    • As he's also unlucky and temperamental, Donald Duck became friends with Gabby, which has prompted Daffy to take Gabby's disdain of him much more seriously. Donald feels bad about Gabby being nearly retired and forgotten by the public after being received negatively for his anger, as Donald has issues with people treating him badly and being rather unpopular compared to his more cheerful friends.
    • As he used to be put through the wringer by Mordecai and Rigby's shenanigans and often was driven mad by them (though more recently this no longer is the case), Benson also befriended Gabby, as he could understand the causes of anger issues and how this affected both negatively in both life and their careers. Benson also liked that Gabby became far less of a jerk following Porky standing up to him and making him analyze his own flaws.

    Mary Jane Watson 
Mary Jane Watson, Goddess of Establishing Character Moments (MJ, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Spider-Woman, Spinneret, Carnage Queen, Venom)
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Spider-Woman, Spinneret, Carnage Queen, or Venom)
  • Symbol: The initials MJ
  • Theme Song: Face it, Tiger (shared with Spider-Gwen)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Unlimited Wardrobe, Outfits That Fall Out of Fashion(Sometimes Horribly), Smiling to Hide Pain, Victims of Executive Meddling, showing her true personality from the get-go
  • Domains: Appearance, Vanity, Pluck, Theater, Love
  • Marvel-Allies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, All Ascended Marvel Comics heroes, Venom, Jean Grey/Phoenix, The One Above All
  • Enemies: Abusive parents, All ascended Marvel villains including Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, and Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Raynare, Juri Han, Joe Quesada (mostly from his side), Tsumugi Shirogane
  • Unknown Relationship: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Pitied by: Trip and Grace.
  • Made her appearance to the Pantheon when the Court of the Gods found out about the time she violently refused to be stuffed into a fridge by a crook, thereby establishing herself as a strong-willed, Fiery Redhead.
    MJ: Face it, tiger! You just hit the jackpot!
  • MJ is the go-to girl for experimental new fashions. She's not too shy about some of her past, "ginchy" outfits, and is aware that some day, everything in her current closet will be amusingly out of style.
  • At one point, MJ was the Goddess Of Supporting Cast, dwelling in the House of Love And A Ffection. She's since suffered a Magical Abortion and no one else remembers when she was married to her husband due to the Everyone Is Single law, but MJ keeps on smiling and hanging out, attending every party. Nothing's ever wrong with Mary Jane Watson, no, never, because if she starts to cry she'll never stop.
    • This seems to be her default coping mechanism whenever got mistreated by the gods of her universe again. When asked how she can keep being so positive, she just points out that if she survived being Stuffed into the Fridge twice and the whole cloning incident, she can surely handle being mistreated for a year or two.
  • Because both of them have pluck, red hair, and the initials "MJ", and they've never been seen together, it has been speculated that she is Mara Jade. Both of them reject this, Mara Jade saying that it's just coincidence and their portfolios really don't overlap. Mary Jane wistfully said that she'd like to have a lightsaber. It would come in handy.
  • Even if MJ is no longer with Peter Parker as a couple, she still cares deeply about him, and might even love him still. However, even she can only take so much of Peter's life as a crime fighter and has left him because of this. Of course, since those time always coincide with trying to make Peter more hipper, she might not have been in her right mind.
  • Doesn't know what to think of Felecia Hardy aka Black Cat. While she doesn't hate her, she doesn't like it when she flirts with Peter when he is Spider-Man. But they do agree they both got shafted.
  • A lot of her former fellow deities in the House of Love feels sorry for how she was treated by her gods in the main universe throughout the past and the live action universe, but their sympathy (and outrage) skyrocketed when the event called One More Day published that submitted her marriage with Peter to the Superheroes Stay Single route through a Deal with the Devil filled with Voodoo Shark. The only thing that lessens the stings for them is that Mary Jane herself is blissfully unaware with this development or she would probably never forgive herself and Peter.
  • One time she was able to tell that the Chameleon disguised himself as Peter and beat the crap out of him with a baseball bat. Oddly, she couldn't tell that Doc Ock was inhabiting Peter's body even though he was acting strangely. Though, it seemed nobody in the Marvel-verse couldn't tell either.
  • Had to use some Brain Bleach when she found a Alternate Universe in which she died by radiation poison by sperm from Peter Parker.
  • Was at first seen as nothing but a shallow Hard-Drinking Party Girl until she showed her true self when she stood and comfort Peter after the death of Gwen Stacey despite him yelling at her.
  • At least some members of the House of Love have been trying to hook MJ back up with Peter Parker while another half have been trying to keep the two separated. Stay clear when this happens.
  • MJ has made both Rarity and Erika Kurumi as her official fashion coordinators thanks to them having great taste in clothing. At least ninety percent of her clothes were created by Rarity or Erika.
    • Has also been hanging out with both Starfire and Hinata Hyuga because of some share attributes
  • Hates abusive parents since she was abuse by her father growing up. She actually repress those memories and fell victim of Baron Mordo and Dormammu and gave her false memories of her childhood.
  • Interesting enough, there have been certain alternate versions of MJ who gain actual spider powers. Including one that was a lesbian and was in a relationship with Sunspyre.
    • She, along with many New Yorkers as well, also gained spider powers in an event that saw her helping Peter and other heroes defeat the Spider Queen.
  • Prides herself in being one of the few (of many) women Peter involved with to know about his Spider-Man persona before dating him. Many women came to her for advice when they have doubt about their love interest's persona or just the hardship to be a Secret-Keeper.

    The Phantom 
The Phantom, God of Long-Lasting Legacies (The Ghost Who Walks, The Man Who Cannot Die, Mr. [Kit] Walker)

    The Vahki 
The Vahkiunits , Unholy Avatars of Creator Hatred
  • Demigods individually, Intermediate Gods in large numbers
  • Symbol: Their staffs
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at first, turned Lawful Evil by Makuta Teridax
  • Portfolio: Mecha-Mooks, Relatively Simple Programming That Gets Corrupted Later On, Variable Language, Transforming Mecha, Horribly Reprogrammed after the Great Cataclysm, Zeroth Law Rebellion, Hated by their Creator, Permanently Destroyed
  • Superior: Makuta Teridax, (secretly) Nuparu
  • Followers: Drago Wolf, Mara Jade, Hsu Hao, Professor Hamilton
  • Allies: Sentinels, Triborg, Fulgore
  • Enemies: Mata Nui, the Toa Nuva, the Turaga of Mata Nui, the Toa Mahri, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Dexter
  • Pitied by: Mary Jane Watson, Son Chichi, good deities in the House of Narrative
  • What's worse than being hated by your target audience? Being hated by your own creator. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Vahki. Like the Bohrok, the Rahkshi before them and the Visorak after them; the Vahki were mindless drones simply following orders from their leader. Unlike the others, the main creator of Bionicle had no love towards the Vahki and set out an endgame to get rid of them. This gave them a reputation of having wasted potential.
  • Originally serving as law enforcers in the glorious city of Metru Nui, their heyday came to end when Makuta Teridax ushered in the Great Cataclysm, which caused enormous damage to the city and destroyed most Vahki. Those who survived had their programming warped in a power surge, leading them to decide that law could be best kept if there were nobody alive to break it. However, they got wiped out in the Visorak invasion and after the Matoran returned to the city a thousand years later the Turaga elected not to rebuild them. All of this happened because the guy in charge of writing their story didn't want anything to do with them.
    • To make their fate even more tragic, they actually had fans. Wasted characters indeed.
  • Teridax was able to bring a contingent of Vahki into the Pantheon to further his plans of domination. These new Vahki were reprogrammed to serve as Teridax's military strength and have entered in strategic alliances with other machine deities, making them even more dangerous. Their combat efficiency increases whenever they work alongside Sentinels, having an advantage in firepower and numbers. They also show no trouble working alongside Triborg and Fulgore, either. The Borg Queen shows some interest in their technology, but Teridax has no interest in sharing with her. Their alliance is only out of convenience.
    • Despite these upgrades, they still get curbstomped en masse. Pikachu zaps them faster than he does Team Rocket, Robocop easily dispatches them with some well-placed shots and additional heavy artillery and Dexter and Cyborg can easily hijack their programming to get them to attack each other. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano have gone on record saying the Vahki are easier to destroy than battle droids. Even Teridax himself is aware of their incompetence and knows their only real advantage is strength in numbers.
  • The original designer of the Vahki was Nuparu, now a Toa Mahri, back when he was a Matoran in Metru Nui. There are some who report that Nuparu, unhappy with the Matoran Universe's greatest scourge's control over his creations, has managed to reverse-engineer them and is now building an army of them for himself. Teridax is unworried.
  • After hearing of their ascension, the Turaga warned the Toa Nuva and Toa Mahri of the Vahki and advised them in how to dispose of them. Admittedly, the Toa have no trouble fighting them under regular circumstances, but they do not dismiss the possibility that their presence in the Pantheon could make them a bigger threat. If they are properly written, that is.
  • Given their assigned trope, some deities actually feel sorry for the Vahki's fate in the mortal plane; such as Mary Jane Watson (whose marriage with Peter Parker was undone by a certain editor who had it against her) and Son Chichi (whom her creator admitted he wasn't fond of her). Despite being on opposing sides, some part of them cannot help but feel glad the Vahki had another chance to prove their worth.
  • Surrender or run.


    Chiyoko Fujiwara 
Chiyoko Fujiwara, Goddess of Characters with Full Life Stories
Some of Chiyoko’s film roles
  • Quasideity (has played roles equivalent to a Demigoddess)
  • Symbol: The key given to her by an artist she loved
  • Theme Music: Chiyoko’s Theme Mode-1; Run; Rotation (lotus-2)
  • Alignment: Between True Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Pensieve Flashback, In Love with Love
  • Domains: Actresses, Love
  • Opposite of: Norma Desmond
  • Opposes: Masataka Shima, Vlad Masters
  • Sympathetic towards: Anna (Frozen)
  • Source of Intrigue for: Bojack Horseman, Isak Borg, Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Chiyoko Fujiwara was once a famous actress for the now-defunct Ginei Studios and in the years following her retirement and becoming a recluse, she tells her life story to documentary filmmaker Genya Tachibana. As she talks about her story, the surroundings become reminiscent of the films she’s starred in and she and the filmmakers become part of the action and Chiyoko was once featured in. When Chiyoko was young, she was given a key by an artist opposed to the Sino-Japanese War and since their initial meeting, she became an actress in the hopes that he’ll meet her again. A reunion between them was never meant to be as not only did she give up looking for him due to her becoming quite different from when they first met, but the artist died while being imprisoned, a fact that Chiyoko never learns about. An earthquake strikes during the interview, hurting the now-elderly Chiyoko and putting her on her deathbed, but in the final moments of her life, she understood that it was the journey about reuniting with the man who gave her the key that mattered.
  • Some time after she finished her interview and Chiyoko passed away, she found herself in a different world. She was wondering whether or not she ended up in the afterlife given how she’s in better condition compared to when she did that interview and it was at that point that she got in a conversation with someone who gave her an answer. She was in the Pantheon and it’s not really considered an afterlife by a fair amount of people, but there are those who believe it to be such considering the number of people who have died in their previous lives that are thriving in such a setting. As for the man who gave Chiyoko that key, she was wondering if he was around in the Pantheon and while he wasn’t officially present, the person talking to her said that this specific man she was talking about is somewhere if this Pantheon really is an afterlife. Regardless of all the potential uncertainties that the Pantheon can bring, Chiyoko decided to settle down in the Pantheon after being offered a place to stay.
  • Compared to many other figures present in the Pantheon, Chiyoko is someone who hasn’t been seen a whole lot given her decision to retire and live as a recluse prior to her interview. That said, those who are willing to visit her to directly listen to her story are welcome to do so provided that the proper appointment is set up. Given that she has played different characters in her movies and that the Pantheon is a place where the movies can literally come to life in different ways, some have wondered if Chiyoko has appeared outside of her home as a character from one of her films. While such an event isn’t likely to occur for the time being, there are individuals who fall under a particular genre of film and story that Chiyoko was involved with who are willing to meet her, both as a character from that film and as a successful actress.
  • Besides Chiyoko’s own movies, there are plenty of other films in the Pantheon and with it, there are filmmakers who have made an extensive career in such and have even mingled with their characters from such stories from time-to-time. It didn’t take long for Chiyoko’s name to reach these filmmakers and considering her international fame for her work, getting her to star in a big-budget American film (or even a film not produced in America or Japan) would be something that would interest these filmmakers, but such ambitions aren’t likely to be fulfilled given her retirement. Learning about such filmmakers that originated outside of Japan did make Chiyoko note about how different their styles of filmmaking could be compared to Japan, especially with the number of deities that originated from movies being present in the Pantheon. If she were still active in the field of acting, Chiyoko would have taken a go in working with such famed filmmakers, but her career has come and gone and the most these filmmakers could do is talk to her about how filmmaking has changed through the decades that she was working as an actress.
  • When it comes to actors that have had a sterling career only to be gone from the spotlight due to different circumstances, Norma Desmond can be seen as a darker counterpart of Chiyoko. Norma was once a big name in the era of silent films, but once “talkies” entered the scene, silent film stars such as her became irrelevant, but she remained convinced that her return to movies was going to happen and she turned to Joe Gillis for help in writing a screenplay for her return to a starring role. Norma’s obsession with Joe ended up being dark compared to Chiyoko’s longing for the man that gave her the key as while Chiyoko gave up on her search and moved on from acting, Norma wasn’t going to give up on her ambitions and she got upset once Joe was working with another woman on a different screenplay. Chiyoko has a more varied filmography compared to Norma and while she understands the troubles that Norma went through, the fact that Norma was unstable and willing to resort to murder seeing that she shot Joe in the end unnvered Chiyoko. Given that Chiyoko had retired from acting back then, Norma doesn’t care much about her, but the fact that Chiyoko was once the most successful actress for a film studio did give Norma some motivation to try and find a studio in the Pantheon willing to work with her and play a role in her return to being a big-name actress.
  • Another troubled actor that learned about Chiyoko was Bojack Horseman and while he did make attempts to be a better person in addition to trying to set a comeback for his acting career, his personal issues became a big problem for him. Chiyoko has generally maintained a consistently successful career, only quitting once age got to her and has kept an open mind about Bojack and his attempts to try and come to terms with the damage he caused to others throughout his life. Looking at what happened to Chiyoko, Bojack did wonder if it was her desire to meet the artist she loved again that led to her acting career being as successful as it is or if she was just doing the best she can to hide whatever issues she had. While Chiyoko has moved on from her career, Bojack believes that an actress as open-minded as her could help him tie up any loose ends to whatever lingering personal problems the Horseman has left in himself.
  • While there were some actors who were struggling in different ways, there were others who had some strange traits to go with it and the same could be said of filmmakers who were looking to get an acclaimed movie in their hands. The people involved in the attempt to make a movie called Tropic Thunder can be considered eccentric in their own individual way and while the actors had their own vices they had to confront, the project’s producer Les Grossman was someone who was very unpleasant towards those he’s working with. The actors ended up in a real and dangerous jungle while attempting to make the movie, forcing them to try and get out of the area alive during the movie-making process, in a rather unusual contrast to Chiyoko’s flashbacks taking her back to the movies she appeared in alongside those she was telling her story to. As an international actress known for her work, Chiyoko ended up being of interest to Grossman, who was looking for another actor to work on a high-end blockbuster, safety of others be damned, but considering how Chiyoko has moved on from acting, it isn’t likely she’ll do anything major in the Pantheon, especially if it requires the involvement from a film producer who is far more immoral than anyone she’s worked with in the past.
  • The artist that Chiyoko was in love with was opposed to the Sino-Japanese War and she herself had lived through some wars that Japan was involved with. While these wars have come and gone in her lifetime, the Pantheon had some individuals involved in these wars and to them, said wars have never ended. Masataka Shima is a commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy and a heartless figure who will take down anyone that opposes him. Although she hasn’t gotten to know anyone who is opposed to Commander Shima’s efforts the same way she knows that one artist from back then, he is someone who she doesn’t want to get involved with in any capacity, regardless of whether she meets anyone opposed to his endeavors or not.
  • Isak Borg and Ebenezer Scrooge were two elders who experienced flashbacks of their lives and it was looking back at their lives that allowed the two to become better people. While Chiyoko has always remained a friendly person throughout her life, the fact that those who are there to listen to her story end up in the movies she’s made when she’s telling her story made her distinct among those who have flashbacks as an important part of their life. Ebenezer is no stranger to not just having visited his past through supernatural means, but having his story told numerous times through the medium of film and a person like Chiyoko who has an interesting life story related to movies and had a distinct flavor of flashbacks made her someone he and Isak are willing to talk to if they get a chance to meet her. The fact that it was the journey that mattered to Chiyoko in the long run when it came to the love of her life did make Isak and Ebenezer regret their past a bit more regardless of whether they are able to meet her or not.
  • Chiyoko was never really able to fulfill her romance with the artist that gave her that key, but as mentioned, what mattered to her instead of whether those feelings could be returned was the journey to reunite with him. Many in the Pantheon have pursued romance for different reasons and some of them ended up in unfavorable circumstances because they wanted a romance for a particular reason. While some like Anna of Arendelle ended up realizing the issues that recklessly pursuing love can bring and matured in the process while finding a healthier romance doing so, others like Vlad Masters failed to see the problem in their romance and caused misery for others close to them. Chiyoko was understanding towards the sympathetic figures such as Anna, but when it came to those such as Vlad who wanted to pursue love for harmful reasons, she has no such kindness towards them, especially if they are more than capable of putting others in extensive danger.

    George R.R. Martin 
George Raymond Richard Martin, God of Creators Who Kill Many of Their Creations (GRRM, Evil Santa, The Great Bearded Glacier, Fiction's Most Notorious Serial Killer)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His beard
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Takes a long time for his work to finish, Creates morally ambiguous characters, Only Known by Initials, Trolling Creator AND Lying Creator
  • Domains: Death, Ambiguity, Destruction, Knowledge
  • Underlings: All from The Song of Ice and Fire Universe
  • High Priest: Kentaro Miura
  • Allies: William Shakespeare, Andrew Hussie, Joss Whedon, Yoshiyuki Tomino, King Richard III, the House of Ambiguity
  • Friendly Rivalry: J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Opposed by: Rorschach
  • Annoyed by: Cosmos and Melkor
  • Respected by: Guts the Blind Swordsman
  • Hold the distinction as THE most feared creator in the Pantheon. Known for creating all sorts of characters and making you like most of them. only to get them killed off, many of them in the most gruesome way possible. All while the some of the most despicable people known to the multiverse to live on. Not even protagonists are safe. Ned Stark can attest to that.
    • As such, there are a wild range of opinions on those who were created by him. It can rage from adoration to hatred to outright horror at his sadistic imagination.
    • Hand-picked Kentaro Miura to be his high priest, who is notorious for sending scores of named characters to their deaths. Guts gives the author a rare form of respect and not just for choosing his creator. Anyone who can think up such horrifyingly awful characters have to be someone you don't want to mess with.
    • His most infamous event, The Red Wedding may in fact have been inspired by a similar incident in Scotland.
  • His other most consistent theme has to be his lack completely morally good characters. To him, the fight between good and evil is far too cliché. He prefers stories that have more morally ambiguous characters. Which made him disappointed in the current conflict between the GUAG and GUAE, though he's intrigued with the concept of Law and Chaos having their own factions. Prefers to work on Low Fantasy where it is easier to write stories.
    • His work is so revered, the House of Ambiguity even offered to give him an honorary seat, as many of their followers originated under his pen.
    • He may well be the antithesis of Tolkien, who specializes in High Fantasy and fights between good and evil. While they don't actively hate each other, their followers often get into verbal fights over which series is better.
  • Is a bit more fond of Shakespeare's work... possibly due to the massive body count of most of the poet's tragedies. It's most likely Martin's biggest influence in the Pantheon.
    • One of his inspirations may well have come from Shakespeare's depiction of Richard III. Some say he is even the inspiration for fan favorite Tyrion Lannister. When he did manage to meet the king, the two had a lengthy discussion on their works. When he left, George was satisfied with his choice to admire the vilified king. It's safe to say he's a huge fan with British lore.
  • There's already a joke about him and Joss Whedon walking into a bar, killing everyone you love. The two love to put their characters through the winger, though Joss believes GRRM wholeheartedly deserves that title over him.
  • Andrew was a big fan of his work, especially with his ability to throw his followers off on who would die. Abhorrent characters aside, he can respect those who follow his craft.
  • Would like to assure his fans that he won't die before the story ends. His legendary ability to get bogged down by writing still keeps his fans worried.
  • His ascension means that the author has to share followers with Yoshiyuki Tomino. As a matter of fact, GRRM was his high priest as a mortal. Not that he could blame the Pantheon for ascending Tomino first; anyone who wipes out entire universes deserve the title for Massive Casualties.
  • Rorschach is an odd case. While George admire's the vigilante's struggles over maintaining his Black-and-White Morality, Rorschach despises the author for forsaking such arguments. Thus, GRRM enjoys observing but from a distance; any encounter will guarantee a heated argument that would likely end with a bullet into his chest.

    Samantha Carter 
Samantha Carter, Goddess of Revered Moments of Awesome (Sam, Doctor Carter, Captain Carter, Major Carter, Colonel Carter)
  • Quasideity, though many claim she has a much higher rank
  • Symbol: SG-1 badge superimposed on an exploding star
  • Theme Songs: The SG-1 Theme Song and the Stargate Atlantis theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Intelligence-based party members, Ace Pilot, Badass Bookworm, Boyish Short Hair, Touched by Vorlons, Alien Technology, Gender-Blender Name, Military Brat, Number Two to O'Neil, Blowing Up A Sun Once, The Squadette, Science Hero, Tomboyish Name, Workaholic
  • Domains: Void, Knowledge, Good, Travel, War, Law
  • Heralds: her crew in Stargate Command.
  • Followers: Snake Plissken, Wedge Antilles
  • Allies: The Doctor, James Kirk, Squirrel Girl, Spock, McCoy, Sam and Dean Winchester, Commander Shepard, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, Cammy White, Johnny Cage, Jax Briggs, Sonya Blade, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon
  • Enemies: The Master, GUAE Trollkaiger, Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Rivals: Malcolm Reynolds
  • There was a time when there were many more Stargate Gods in the Pantheon, among them were Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay. Their worship was far fewer than most others, something the Master used to her advantage. Going back in time, she set events that eventually led to the loss of many lesser known gods' divinities. Hardest hit was the Stargate universe as all of them had lost their godhood. The Court of the Gods acknowledged that while the Master's meddling was reckless, there was simply no titles that they could receive at the time. Just as they were about to be sent out, the Doctor pointed out that the one Samantha Carter had performed a rather remarkable feat, namely blowing up a sun by herself. Awed by this information, enough followers flocked to her for Samantha to regain her powers. Though annoyed by the circumstances of her reascension, she is at least appreciates the Doctor's efforts. It was with a heavy heart that she saw her crew members cast out and she strives to find a way to bring them back.
    • It's little surprise that she holds a severe grudge on the Master to this day. Still, she recognizes the mad Time Lord is a dangerous foe, and usually calls on the Doctor for assistance.
  • Many of the evil gods were disappointed that Samantha Carter had escape depowering. Despite her low ranking among other deities, her remembered feat has been an inspiration for many good deities to match her feat. Many hope that someone else can finish the job.
    • Trollkaiger has taken up the task of discrediting her accomplishments in the hope of stripping Carter of her title. Unfortunately, their efforts only drew even more followers to her temple to defend her. The group has laid off the propaganda and are currently plotting a new strategy. Carter is actually thankful that at least someone thinks her actions are a bit overblown.
    • Thrawn has taken a personal interest in the task. He theorizes that merely discrediting the Brigadier General will not work. The best method to do so will be to reveal herself as the fraud she is by embarrassing her in combat. To his surprise, Samantha Carter proved to be a capable strategist herself, with their fights ending in a standstill. Still, he claims the initial skirmishes to test her skills in the hope of finding weaknesses to exploit in future battles.
  • Was met with Kirk shortly after moving her temple, comforting a fellow space officer while hoping to get some pity points. Thankfully, she let him down easy, but mainly because she admits the two share similar philosophies. She provides military support if the Enterprise is in need of some firepower.
    • Both Spock and McCoy acknowledge her similarities to Kirk, especially when they have to hear from her whenever the two have their legendary arguments. Spock is more or less reserved on her restructured title, while McCoy was sympathetic towards her plight.
  • Is not particularly fond of Malcolm's crew and his philosophy, and once sought to put the outlaws to justice. Too bad that the two often have to work together to defeat a greater foe. Nowadays, she tolerates him enough to give him a head start once the alliance is over.
  • Her revered moment gained her an admirer. Squirrel Girl was most impressed with her feat, hoping to learn how to perform more awesome feats. Carter would rather not compare herself to someone who has tussled with powerful gods such as Doctor Doom, Thanos and Galactus. Her sun feat is little more than a trinket than what Doreen is capable off.
  • Has a tendency to overwork herself when interested in a task. In fact, it's not uncommon to walk into her temple passed out on her desk after days of studying that usually calls for a trip to the House of Food to regain her strength.
    • Often, this time would be spent with Tali. Sharing a history of interest in the sciences as well as space travel, the two became fast friends. It's often Tali that has to take an exhausted Carter to the House of Food.
  • At first, Sam and Dean were wary of her appearance, given she shows a similarity to a jerkass of an angel. Thankfully, the misunderstanding was quickly resolved.
  • Spends much of her time in the House of Machinery and Technology with her fellow scientists.
  • Sometimes accompanies Jacqui Briggs and Cassie Cage as their pilot in war missions whenever the latter's parents are away. Sonya, Johnny Cage and Jax hold her to a high regard despite her lower ranking to them or even their children, not only for her well-known feat but also for her piloting skills and various military awards. The two military brats has grown fond of Carter and now regards her as one of their closest mentors.
  • Another friendly member of the military, Cammy is one of the few deities who doesn't just revere her for her sun-destroying feat.

Shylock, the Greedy Jewish God Who Was Fair For His Day