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Pantheon / Grand United Alliance of Machines

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Grand United Alliance Of Machines

"Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."
Morpheus, The Matrix

The Grand United Alliance of Machines has one primary objective. Machine Supremacy, the belief that machines are meant to replace organic life, whether it's through subjugation or extermination. While they also have the objective to convince or reprogram all robots and A.I.s to join them, Machine Supremacy takes priority.

The Machine Alliance has headquarters hidden across the Pantheon, with the position of their main headquarters unknown (it's rumored that it's mobile and can move around). Machine Hideouts don't seem to stop being built even as there's an effort to find and destroy them. Their headquarters are, naturally, robotic and mechanical in nature and built with layers of metal. Many of them have their own personal touches done by certain members.

As their numbers are relatively low compared to some of the other alliances, the Machine Alliance takes a more shadowy approach, engaging in guerilla warfare, terror tactics and covert reprogramming of robots, machines and A.I.s within the pantheon. However, it would be foolish still to underestimate them in direct combat, especially as almost the entire alliance is made of steel or better.

Despite their goals, there's the occasional organic lives who joined them. It's hard to tell if they have an ulterior motive or not, but the machines are willing to let them join if they believe that they're useful, though possibly begrudgingly or otherwise.

In Cyberspace, the color of the Tron Lines for deities aligned with the GUAM is Grey.