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Yog-Sothoth, He Who Transcends Space-Time (The Gate, The Key, Tawil at-'Umr, Aforgomon, Yog Sawhaw, The Great Intelligence, Sut-Typhon)
One of Yog-Sothoth's many forms

Greater Gods

    Justice League (Gods and Monsters
Hernan Guerra, Kirk Langstrom, and Bekka, Divine Trinity of Alternate World Settings (Hernan: Superman, Son of Zod | Kirk: Batman | Bekka: Wonder Woman)
Hernan (left), Bekka (middle), and Kirk (right).
  • Greater Gods together (Hernan and Bekka are Greater Gods individually while Kirk is a Lesser God)
  • Symbol: A trio of stars arranged together in a triangular style
  • Theme Song: Gods and Monsters (Main Title), Gods and Monsters (Full End Credits Music)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Kirk is Chaotic Neutral if he becomes too hungry)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero Team, Alternate Versions of the Justice League from a Different Setting, Have Underwent and Endured a Tragic Event from their Pasts, Power Trio, See Each Other as Equal and Worthy Friends
  • Domains: Superheroes, Tragedy, Teams, Settings, Angst, Trust
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Statesman, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Enemies:
  • Complicated Opinion: Izaya/Highfather (Bekka)
  • Odd Friendship: Guts (Hernan), Hitori Gotoh (Kirk), Jonathan Joestar (Bekka)
  • On Speaking Terms With: Van (Bekka)
  • Special Relationship: Orion (Bekka)
  • The Justice League is among the greatest team of heroes Earth has ever known, with most of their members being paragons of hope who would never back out in regards to helping others and inspiring others to promote and carry out acts of heroism. But sometimes, an alternate universe might end up with a different perspective regarding the Justice League, one where things and perspectives weren't as idealized and hopeful as they looked. This turned out to be the case for a very peculiar sort of world. While the trinity existed and were Earth's greatest heroes, they were nowhere near similar to how everyone else recognized them; Superman was a cynical protector and son of General Zod, Batman was a synthetic vampire who needed blood to survive and had trust issues and Wonder Woman was a New Goddess who feels exiled from New Genesis due to her supposed marriage having gone tragically wrong. Together, these three formed a darker version of the Justice League who, regardless of their angst and struggles, would prove themselves as good heroes and ones that Earth would need in times of crisis.
    • Superman, much like Kal-El, was the son of Lara Lor-Van, who was born just minutes before the death of the planet Krypton. However, instead of Jor-El, General Zod would implant his DNA into a Kryptonian Birthing Matrix, ensuring that his genes would be mixed with Lara's to form his child instead of his primary rival's. Being born and launched to Earth just as Krypton exploded, the child's rocket would land near the borders of the United States and Mexico, where a Mexican family would adopt him and give him the name Hernan Guerra. Despite being brought up in a loving household, Hernan would face harsh events like racism, discrimination, and self-guilt, especially when he accidentally crippled his sister Valentina in a prank gone wrong. Afraid of using his powers, it wasn't until he was attacked by drunkards, his town's sheriff, and a drug lord that Hernan would use his powers to defend himself and save others with some encouragement from Valentina to use his powers to help save the world. This would pave the way for Hernan to take the path of becoming Superman.
    • Batman was Kirk Langstrom, a member of "Luthor's Boys" to signify him as a brilliant college student with excellent intellect, but an incredibly introverted man who had trouble communicating with others with his only company being his girlfriend Tina and front William Magnus. Things became worse when Kirk was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. After many tries, William would develop a nanotech that bonded together vampire bat saliva that served as a cure. Although this would cure his cancer, Kirk also physically and mentally changed; he developed superhuman physique and agility, but also a desperate craving for blood, red eyes, fangs, and claws. He was now a vampire who had to adapt to his newfound nature. While Will and Tina would get married and they promised to find a cure for Kirk's vampirism, this promise would never come as Tina would die in a supposed freak accident and Will would remain distant, leaving Kirk alone to fend for himself. He would become a vigilante known as Batman, preying and killing criminals to feed on their blood to keep himself alive. It wouldn't be until Hernan would stumble across him feeding on a rat that Kirk would finally find social company again, with the two now working alongside each other as heroes.
    • Wonder Woman was the New Goddess known as Bekka, the granddaughter of Highfather Izaya who ruled over New Genesis as a fair and just king. She fell in love with Orion, who was the son of Darkseid of Apokolips, who gave away his son as a peace treaty to keep Apokolips and New Genesis, and before their wedding, Orion took Bekka to a "special spot" in Apokolips to give her a wonderful sight and give her a glimpse of her wedding gift, a black sword made with the best technology and infused with a motherbox. However, the wedding was a ruse on New Genesis's part; Highfather took the chance to ambush Apokolips and kill all of their most notable members, Darkseid included, which angered Orion, who was mortally wounded when he rebelled back. As she saw her husband die, Bekka called out and disowned her grandfather before using her motherbox to leave New Genesis and travel to Earth. There, she would come into contact with government authorities who were willing to research Bella's motherbox on her request whilst she decided to use her time and her equipment to fight crime and worldly threats as Wonder Woman. Along the way, she would join Hernan and Kirk in forming the Justice League as well as starting a relationship with Steve Trevor as he reminded her of her former husband.
  • The trio would actually separate due to Wonder Woman having to tend to other urgent matters regarding New Genesis, but would reunite thanks to shenanigans relating to what they saw was an extra-dimensional threat that came in the form of the Coluan Brainiac, who detected signs of a version of Earth and intended to destroy it, rationalizing that this one might have a version of Superman who would oppose him. Of course, the League would oppose the omnicidal alien and battle him before the arrival of another team of heroes would drive Brainiac back. This would serve as the catalyst for Hernan, Kirk, and Bekka to directly meet Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Diana of Themyscira for the first time, though this would start off rather awkward given the number of differences and ideal contrasts each of them embodied. Fortunately, Clark would take it to personally introduce Hernan's league to the Pantheon and give them a better opportunity to define themselves as protectors as well as better themselves and overcome their personal troubles. It took a while before Hernan, Kirk, and Bekka would agree that the Pantheon would provide a greater opportunity for them and went on to become proper representatives, fully intent on protecting the divine realms and working alongside the main Justice League and a number of new alliances in their new endeavors.
  • The trio are mostly similar in comparison to their Earth Prime counterparts when it comes to their surface impression; Superman is an alien with impressive powers, Batman is a feared vigilante of the night, and Wonder Woman is a graceful yet formidable warrior of martial prowess. Of course, their differences couldn't be any more obvious either, owing to the fact that rather than being alternate versions of Clark, Bruce, and Diana themselves, these three are divergent counterparts of different Earth Prime individuals they would come to know who happened to be brought together by circumstances to fill their roles in the universe. Hernan was a cynic due to his personal past in dealing with racists and being part of a migrant family which meant seeing a lot of bad events in his earliest experiences, not to mention his birth father being an infamous war criminal. Kirk is a vampire who kills his victims, entirely criminals and rodents, to just feed himself, not to mention a social wreck with self-esteem issues even before this happened. Bekka, thanks to a peace treaty gone wrong between ruling families, is a widow from a world of gods who feels like an exile from her race and finds it difficult to relate with the denizens of Earth.
    • It's for these reasons that the trio are close with one another, but they also serve as darker counterparts to how the Earth Prime wielders of their heroic titles could have potentially turned out, even with their many contrast. Still, Clark has been able to look past that and assert that they have the capability to do and become better. He even cited their actual Earth Prime selves, more on them as we go on below, who had their share of troubles but were more than capable of goodness in their own right, stating these three versions of those same people were their world's Justice League. They may be different, but they have a good heart after all. Bruce and Diana have concurred with Clark's judgment, though in Kirk's case they're also trying to find a cure for his vampirism, or at least a way to mitigate it to where human blood isn't required sustenance for him.
  • As their universe had a more middling reputation surrounding heroes, Hernan's Justice League was a bit surprised to see how the Pantheon (and a few other universes) had a more positive reception towards these archetypes to the point where they were universally beloved by others. This is most evident with the Earth-0 Superman who would introduce the trio to the Pantheon and Hernan feels that he's a good example to follow, especially when the Man of Steel is always open to offering lectures and advice, something that Hernan never really did during his superheroics. Toshinori Yagi, better known as One For All was another figure that caught the trio's attention as he was very much like Kal-El in always aiming to inspire and provide the best for everyone, as did his protégé and intended successor, Izuku Midoriya, who strived to be the best possible hero in honor of his idol and his group of friends and companions. Bekka came to quickly like Clark, Yagi, and Midoriya for their compassion and determination, likely being reminded by why she fell in love with Orion in the first place whereas Hernan and Kirk feel that they'll be taking some lesson from them if possible, although Kirk is a bit nervous about how they would perceive his vampirism. Clark and Midoriya are adamant that regardless of his condition, he's still at least a good man, even if they feel a bit conflicted about dealing with his forced predatory diet.
  • There were also a number of heroes who, much like themselves, didn't really have much in the way of beloved receptions and spent much of their time being ostracized and even condemned by the very people they wanted to protect. This is all too familiar with Hernan as he's been in that position before his battle against Will Magnus and is very curious about their predicaments and seeing if they can bond with one another. He's had luck with the X-Men, a band of mutants who have been fighting for equal rights for their kind since their exception, and the Son of Zod sympathizes with their plight, even becoming good friends with Professor X and hoping to learn more about teamwork and advocating for equal rights. Charles is a bit wary of Hernan due to his unscrupulous nature reminding him a little of his Friendly Enemy, Magneto, but hopes that he would prove himself a heroic contrast to his father, which Hernan states that he's working on it. On a similar note, Kirk would end up meeting with Spider-Man, albeit they would fight against one another due to miscommunication and confusion before Spidey would recoil upon learning that he was fighting a Batman, as he was personally friends with Bruce. After that, the two would cease their battle with Spidey offering an apology, to which Kirk stated that he would have gotten confused as a villain due to him being a vampire and his reclusive nature doesn't help. Spidey would quip that Kirk reminds him of another vampire like him, creation and all, which piqued the latter's interest, but aside from that, both could relate to their struggles of being unpopular and the loss of loved ones and they can work out each others' difference if they have time to manage. Although Spidey's quips regarding Kirk, and consequently, Morbius can be a little irritating, the vampire admits that they can be a little humorous.
  • Being an iteration of the Justice League, albeit a very different one compared to their Prime Earth version, they figured that they would end up making new enemies in the Pantheon. Besides those that the League have and will continue to face, such as Darkseid and Brainiac, the trio have also ended up making foes against those such as Big Brother, the SIBYL System, the Anti-Spiral, and Sofia Lamb. Given their goals of wanting to destroy individuality and enforce an oppressive system governed solely by themselves, they remind the trio a bit too much about Will Magnus's goal of doing the same and Kirk often laments about how he has to be reminded a bit too much about his own bad luck while Hernan feels how they end up convincing him that his initial intent on subjugating Earth would have been a bad idea. Given Kirk's own profession as a scientist and the team as a whole being familiar with sciences, they're also in opposition against mad scientists and heinous creations like Dr. Gero and Cell respectively, though the latter is mainly just interested in testing his might against Hernan and Bekka before considering to spread despair and destruction towards their loved ones.
  • The team is known for how bizarre their friendship is towards one another. In comparison, Clark, Bruce, and Diana all have a similar drive for justice, have pasts that while dark and troubled are the expected norm for many superheroes, and make it a point to be a symbol of heroism regardless of their differing styles on aesthetics and abilities. Hernan's Justice League are all dysfunctional on a varied level and aside from their intent to be heroes, have almost nothing in similarity. Kirk himself wonders why Hernan would be friends with him despite their differences. As a result, the trio feels that most of their newfound friends and allies in the Pantheon would have rather awkward undertones to them as while they would be known for their monikers, their personalities provide a very different sort of character. Their friendship proved a rather popular topic of discussion for the House of Friendship and Camaraderie because of this, though the trio have differing, if mostly positive comments regarding the place, with Bekka being very open to conversing with its residents while Kirk is a bit more apprehensive and hesitant due to his bad luck in friendship, though he is at least willing to give it another shot with Hernan and Bekka regardless.
  • During his time in the Pantheon, it was only natural for Hernan to learn about and eventually acquaint himself with the Superman family, even being a little humbled about their nature and reputation. There was a bit of tension given that Hernan was Zod's son, albeit not consensually and his ambition and dismissiveness weren't too far from his father, but Hernan exerts that he's been trying to prove himself a better man than his old man. He initially had trouble bonding with Kara Zor-El given her own insecurities in trusting others, but would relate with each other in how burdened they can feel and Hernan is open to the idea of mentoring Supergirl if he can manage alongside seeing if she can teach him something in return. His time with Connor and Jon Kent has been rather unique in that Hernan has taken to look after and train them, which caused him to really appreciate the younger generation for their quirky nature and their innate potential, which was reciprocated in kind as Connor and Jon saw him as a Cool Uncle of sorts. Finally, Clark's Lois Lane, despite being a journalist like the Lois Hernan knew, came to be more accepting and considerate about him in spite of her own headstrong nature thanks to Lois's inquisitive nature and knowing a lot more about Kryptonians with her personal experiences with them. Despite his personal demons, Hernan admits that he intends to be a part of this family and although he has done a number of bad things in his past, Clark and the others are willing to see him change for the better, though Hernan thinks this is going to be a difficult road.
    • Hernan would figure that General Zod would be in the Pantheon and sure enough, their first meeting was more intense and complicated than he would have expected. Upon learning about Hernan as well as during their earliest encounter, Zod was surprised that he had a son with Lara to begin with, even if it took place in the Multiverse, even if he was already a father to Lor-Zod. Hernan would admit that there once was a time when he looked up to his old man as a hero, but that is no longer the case and affirms that despite their blood, he doesn't intend to carry on with his father's legacy… as a terrorist and would-be dictator. Zod was mostly disappointed as he quickly realized just how similar he was to his son and saw that he would make a good heir or subordinate to have on his side, not to mention this isn't the first time he's seen an offspring oppose him. Zod affirms that he doesn't intend on killing his son as much as he would wanting to get Hernan to his side, but he will resort to lethal force if there's no other option left. Regardless, both father and son see each other as disappointments, and battles between them can be incredibly ugly, more so than Zod against Kal-El. Even so, the two do admit to needing to work together against certain mutual enemies and even then, they admit to hating the very idea of such.
  • Much like Clark, Hernan grew up with a loving family who adopted him without issue and who tried to instill good morals in him. Unlike Clark, Hernan was raised by traveling immigrants who had to deal with persecution and being disrespected, in addition to inner family turmoil, especially when Hernan accidentally crippled his younger sister and his parents forced him to not use his powers, which came with grave consequences when Hernan decided not to save a crashing plane despite his parents' insistence on doing so with Hernan pointing out the hypocrisy in such. Even then, it was his younger sister who inspired him to become Superman and Hernan admits that his occupation as a superhero is mainly as a way to honor Valentina and atone for injuring her, even if Valentina herself bears no ill will towards her brother for it. As a result, in spite of his issues, he has a soft spot for the House of Family and Relatives and would sometimes visit there as an honorary member of the Heroic Protectors. This also led Hernan to develop an Odd friendship of his own with Shoto Todoroki, a fellow superhero with a strong family matter of his own and harboring daddy issues, with which the two bonded. Still, with the knowledge that Todoroki's father and famed superhero Endeavor is trying to make up for his abusive treatment, Hernan stated that he better do his best and at least pay him more respect than he would for Zod because of it.
  • One of the more cynical among those with the Superman mantle, Hernan admits that it does feel weird to be seen as the "gruff" among a type of hero that's said to be the main source of hope and inspiration for everyone, including other superheroes and he's very much mentioned the irony of such multiple times. Yet even then, he finds Statesman to be rather cumbersome to deal with due to the latter's high standards for heroism and his having difficulties in working with those in the Superman mantle despite their mutual role of being archetypal capes. Though this is especially apparent in Hernan as he was an anti-hero with rather unpopular opinions and approaches in his heroism, so it seems he and Statesman are going to have a hard time with each other regardless. Even so, the son of Zod would come to be on good terms with a few who were cynical like him, such as Ragna, B.J. Blazkowicz, and Sergeant Calhoun, who have first-hand experiences with dark and traumatic events that shaped their pessimistic views, though overtime would dedicate their efforts to doing good and even becoming more optimistic over time. That said, Hernan still feels that he's still got a long road to go before he legitimately feels like a hero, but he is willing to see what the three of them, especially Ragna, can offer him in regard to camaraderie and hopes he can learn from them.
  • There is a Kirk Langstrom in Prime Earth... who was a literal human-bat mutant known as Man-Bat. This was something that the vampiric Batman was rather befuddled and even more surprised by when he realized that Man-Bat became the way he is because he made himself the test of an experimental serum meant to cure blindness and deafness, especially as Man-Bat was afflicted with the latter. When he asked Bruce about this, the latter explained that while they have fought a couple of times, there's no true animosity between them and, if anything, Man-Bat would rather be human again and spend time with his wife, Francine. Kirk felt a bit happy for his alternate version as at the very least, he had a loved one, unlike himself and he feels that his own nature as a vampire makes him even more of a monster. Thankfully, the Batfamily, especially the younger ones like Damian Wayne and Cassandra Cain, are willing to look past his condition and instead see him as part of the family. Kirk has admitted that his desire to kill is a very hard one to overcome, especially given that blood is a necessity to his diet and survival, but he does intend to try being less lethal for the sake of Hernan and his newfound friends, even if he's going to remain among the most brutal of the Batfamily. That, and he would be interested in meeting with the Kirk of Prime Earth should he ascend into the Pantheon.
  • Kirk is not happy about his newfound nature as a vampire. He was already troubled enough, but the fact that he has to kill in order to survive makes him mostly melancholic and at one point, he felt that he wasn't going to have any friends until Hernan decided to save and look after him. His vampirism is rather unique in the Pantheon; he's a scientifically created example, can see himself in the mirror just fine, and sunlight doesn't affect him, though he still prefers to prowl in the night as a vigilante, much like any other Batman would. A couple of vampires like the Chosen Revenants, Genevieve Dieudonné, Vampirella, and Arcueid Brunestud were not only sympathetic to Kirk's plight and circumstances, but we're also willing to look past them and recognize him as a good person in spite of his flaws. Needless to say, Kirk was rather surprised by their good gesture, though he admits that he does struggle to properly talk to them given his crippling shyness, even if he makes an effort to try to be more expressive and open about himself. Despite his nature, Kirk would rather spend his days in the House of Science, befitting of his interest and occupation as a scientist, but Arcueid has often baited him to the Hall of Vampires in her attempt to get Kirk to lighten up and have fun, much to his complication. And in spite of his broodiness, Genevieve thinks Kirk is honestly more attractive than he lets on, but respects his privacy and his grievance for Tina, choosing to instead work with Kirk as a friend and as a fellow crime fighter against crime and other malicious vampires.
  • Understandably, Kirk would rather not talk about his experience with cancer, though he would be open to the idea of trying to develop a cure as he thinks no one should go through what he went through and, as a result, he has taken to working in the House of Health and Diseases to not only learn more about cancer and other incurable diseases but to also gain some first and second-hand experience on them. Incidentally, this created an Odd Friendship between him and the God of Thunder, Thor, as despite both of them having little in similarity, they do understand the plights of being alone and depressed, not to mention Thor's love interest, Jane Foster, having been a cancer patient and her becoming Thor actually making the disease stronger with each time Jane remained in her powered guise, something that Thor admits to angsting about. On the other hand, Kirk ended up having a stronger distaste for Earth Prime's Lex Luthor than Hernan did, considering how the LexCorp CEO would create a cure for cancer, but would never release it to the public as his way of asserting power and control, leading to Kirk claiming that Lex, for all his humanistic claims, is really just a spiteful hypocrite. That and Lex similarly has a distaste for metahumans, which he feels that Kirk would easily fit the bill as, given the latter's vampiric biology and inception. Kirk also found a relatable figure in Eddie Brock as both of them were stricken with cancer before their days as a vigilante as well as being forced to use lethal means to provide sustenance for themselves, though in Eddie's case, this was for the symbiote that made him Venom and even then, the two are trying to make sure to be better than they were before. With his friendship with Eddie and Peter, Kirk was starting to feel that he was a bit immersed in the topic and adventures of Spider-Man, expressed interest in Flash Thompson for his Anti-Venom suit possessing the ability to cure cancer and making plans to investigate and look into Norman Osborn whenever he could after getting enough information of his corrupt businesses in Oscorp and his reign as the supervillain guise, the Green Goblin, with further enmity growing once Kirk found out about his efforts to cure cancer in a bid to kill someone, namely Deadpool, even if Kirk admits that being with the Merc With The Mouth is an exercise of patience.
  • Even with his newfound nature and his friendship with Hernan and Bekka, Kirk still has trouble being open with others and admits that even when trying to work with others outside of Hernan and Bekka, Kirk finds it difficult to properly communicate, even if he can be an effective teammate. Being a vampire, a creature with a generally negative reception doesn't help matters either, though he does feel that being in the Hall of Loneliness allows him to be content and as relaxed as he could be. Incidentally, it's there where he encountered Hitori Gotoh, an up-and-coming rock singer who was also known for being incredibly reclusive to the point of bad self-esteem and being incredibly panicky at the idea of talking to others. So of course, seeing a vampire freaked her out before fainting, which baffled Kirk for how exaggerated the situation is. It would take a while before Hitori would become even remotely used to being in Kirk's company where she would be surprised to learn that he, too, is much like her when it came to social interactions and how they viewed themselves. Despite his own vampiric physiology, Kirk affirms he has no intent on harming an innocent, let alone Hitori, even if he admits that he can be scary, which was able to eventually win the girl over. Both are surprised by the fact that they became friends due to them sharing similar faults but are nevertheless satisfied about it. That, and Kirk thinks Hitori pursuing a career in music as well as steadily overcoming her crippling shyness is a better route than he currently is in, though this isn't going to stop him from trying to be a better hero either.
  • Given her nature as a New God, Bekka sometimes visits the House of Religion and Faith as a way to feel more at home with beings like her. Being one of the more heroic and even ordinary in comparison to the other gods made her feel a bit more appreciated and that was something she was admittedly delighted to experience. Much like Kirk, Bekka would also befriend Thor for their similarities as heroic deities who have also been through some personal angst, even if they're different. Thor even fought Bekka in a scheduled battle as a test of each others' skill and honor and thankfully, the fight managed to further affirm the God of Thunder's friendship with the New God and the two have made a point to support and fight alongside one another if they ever have an opportunity to do so. Bekka has considered trying to be a sponsoring member for the House as a representative for the type of god she is, but it seems that her beloved husband has been doing the same, which she is happy to learn of, even if this is an Orion from a different universe.
    • And speaking of Orion and the Highfather, things would inevitably turn out complicated for Bekka. She still felt angry towards the latter given what she's been through, which made it all the more surprising when Izaya openly expressed condolences towards Bekka, even stating that he is not the one that she personally knew of. This didn't quell Bella's bitterness, but she did her best to reign her rage when confronting the Highfather and simply showed dismay that someone as seemingly kindly and hospitable as he could turn out a monster and while she knows that the Izaya of the Pantheon is ultimately a benevolent god, her trauma still remains and she doesn't think she's ready to properly be on speaking terms just yet, a sentiment that the Highfather was saddened by, but does wish Bekka a road to recovery and that he is willing to support her. Bekka also hesitated on meeting Orion for very obvious reasons, so it was the latter who made the effort to approach and make a conversation. The event was a tearful one for Bekka, having to talk to her husband again for the first time in so long. Orion admitted that while he wouldn't know what the other version must have been like, it would have been certain he was a great individual once he saw that Bekka valued kindness and loyalty in who she loves more than anything else and makes a point that he, too would honor the Orion that Bekka once knew. On the other spectrum, Darkseid was rather intrigued to learn about another version of Bekka and seeing her combat capabilities, wondered if she would make for a potential candidate for his Furies, clearly aware that the New God is going to stand against the God of Apokolips, something that Darkseid anticipates and would enjoy taking a part of.
  • Despite her nature as a widow, Bekka doesn't mind the House of Love and Affection and even visits the place in her spare time, though she admits that she is most comfortable in the Hall of Romantic Loss. She's not really reminded of her shattered love with Orion, given that she would find a Second Love in Steve Trevor, but that the café there just so happens to give her a sense of comfort and she can enjoy a time of peace there. Even the presence of Darth Vader doesn't rattle Bekka all too much and, if anything, the redeemed Sith Lord being there somehow makes the place a lot more comfortable for Bekka to lounge in. Bizarrely enough, Bekka would meet Jonathan Joestar in the café and the two of them would end up talking with one another and even sharing their own personal tales. Needless to say, Bekka and Jonathan quickly came to like each other; the former saw Jonathan's utmost kindness and heroic spirit to be very admirable while the latter respects Bekka as a strong and honorable warrior, in addition to both having a tragic theme regarding romantic love, though they would rather not dwell on it much and instead focus on more optimistic matters. At the very least, Jonathan can be reunited with his beloved, Erina, something that Bekka wishes she could have with the Orion from her universe.

Shinryu, Divine Denizen of Interdimensional Rifts (The Divine Dragon, Nova Dragon, Deliverer of Ragnarok, the Planesgorger)
  • Greater God, possibly Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Ragnarok sword
  • Theme: The Worm's Tail
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (was supposed to be True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Attacking From Chests, Dragons, Total Party Kills, Multidimensional Wandering, Light-aligned Villainy, Evil Gods, Brokered a deal with Cid of the Lufaine, Did it all just to spite Cid, Was supposed to be overseeing the cycles, Not getting away with his misdeeds for long, Shinryu Verus
  • Domains: Dragons, Power, Evil
  • Allies: Melkor, Khorne, Deathwing, Airy, Ouroboros, The Dark Brotherhood
  • Rivals: Malebolgia, Grima, Kronika, Surtr, Nekron, Zamasu
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: YHVH, Lucifer, Meridia, Molag Bal
  • Opposed by: Jyggalag, Sheogorath
  • Intrigued by: Darkseid
  • Indifferent towards: Gaia
  • Also Guards: The Expanse
  • It all started when Cid of the Lufaine, Cosmos and Chaos arrived into World B where they meet the dragon Shinryu who Cid made a deal with so that they can all go home. This results in the cycle of conflicts where Cosmos and Chaos summon warriors to their respective sides in battles and when one side won, Shinryu consumed memories of both sides to grow stronger as payment for reviving them. Over time, he also empowers Chaos to be stronger in order to become the ultmate weapon to help destroy the nation that killed Cid's wife. Of course, Shinryu did not hold up his end of the bargain because he thinks Cid did the injustice first and punished him with immortality, loss of his physical form and inability to intervene. After the 12th cycle, Shinryu revives Cosmos but left her champions (Lightning, Laguna, Kain, Yuna, Vaan, and Tifa) unrevived as they died outside the conflict's conditions.
    • On the 13th cycle, Shinryu aided Chaos and bestows him his power against the Warriors of Light after Cosmos is seemingly defeated as further revenge against Cid. Upon their defeat, Shinryu absorbs Chaos' power and escapes to the Rift with his pact with Cid complete and his crimes unpunished. Until he appears again in World B, tricked by Materia and Spiritus into coming back so that they (under a truce) can defeat him once and for all. After going through battle with Shinryu three times each with the dragon becoming stronger and darker, the combined forces of the warriors claimed victory and Shinryu faded away into non-existence for good.
  • It wasn't long until the terrible dragon comes back, a justifiable fear Cosmos had before he did. The Court of the Gods begrudingly ruled that he will be declared Divine Denizen of Interdimensional Rifts as he originated from the Rift, a realm that connects various worlds of Final Fantasy together. Shinryu cackled, as he now declares war on Cosmos, the GUAG and even Chaos and his champions once more for vengeance.
    Shinryu: I have returned! And now, you two will pay dearly!
  • As stated before, Cosmos and Lord Chaos along with their champions all now despise Shinryu for taking advantage of the conflict and not holding up his end of the bargain at times. Cosmos even said that what Cid did hadn't really violated the deal, but Shinryu refuses to believe that as he's still adamant that Cid did the injustice first. Lord Chaos even berates him for taking his strength and leaving him to die once he lost, to which Shinryu calls him a disappointment for not beating the warriors as intended. The warriors of both sides are of course not happy to see him again, seeing as he did his crimes to the point that their next superiors Materia and Spiritus called a truce to beat him and are ready to fight him again should he decided to go after them or their new allies. One of Chaos' champions, Exdeath once challenged Shinryu for his position and the latter responded by using Tidal Wave to wash Exdeath back to his seat as God of Evil Trees. He hasn't tried again since and has since focused on working with the others to defeat him instead.
    • It turns out Melkor is responsible for arranging Shinryu's return when he heard that Shinryu is stronger than Cosmos and Chaos and wanted an ally strong enough to them, especially the former. Finding Melkor's resentment towards Eru Iluvatar a lot like his enmity with Cid, Shinryu decides to become allies with him. Melkor does respect Shinryu's decision to not join the GUAE as him joining would defeat Shinryu's original purpose that he would prefer to keep exploiting.
    • Shinryu also happened to have faced the Heroes of Luxendarc... or was it another Shinryu? Either way, both parties are not happy to see each other again and Shinryu acts like he remembers them so the Heroes are gearing up to face him again should the time comes. This had led him to the Heroes' own enemies, Airy and Ouroboros who are also itching to have their revenge against the Heroes and continue their agenda of destruction to all; Shinryu joins them but only if he can get Cid around just to emotionally torture him again.
  • Shinryu has opinions on the other GUA leaders, and they're mostly a mix of perplex and intrigue. He thinks YHVH is Cosmos if one day she decided to become a megalomaniac and lose sight of her benevolent goals, thinks Lucifer is naive for believing that humans will always have a choice when he himself seeks to be the strongest on top of them. Nekron almost captures his fancy since they both wanted destruction for different reasons with Shinryu spiting Cid and Nekron wanting destruction to all, no further questions. Since he already doesn't like Melkor and Shinryu is his ally, Nekron distrusts him and settled on being a rival against his goals.
    • As for Lesser Alliances, Shinryu is interested in Darkseid, probably because he's Feral Chaos with some restraint left in him and his ruthlessness conveyed into his own tyranny and is keeping an eye on him to see if he provides enough into his plans. The same can't be said of Zamasu, who declares him a rival in extinguishing the NINGEN out of righteousness; Shinryu finds him a hypocrite because at least he doesn't justify his hatred of Cid with an excuse, he just go right ahead in destroying the warriors trapped in the cycles while Zamasu fools himself by thinking that what he's doing is right. The God-Emperor of Mankind obviously has declared him an enemy of humanity and is willing to help Cosmos defeat him when Shinryu decides to attack maliciously; Shinryu himself sees the God-Emperor as just as foolish as Cosmos and chuckles evilly at the fact that he made more harsher decisions for his empire than Cosmos did with her warriors.
    • But the one Lesser Alliance leader Shinryu is actually allies with is Khorne who seeks to benefit from the Forever War going on in the Pantheons, so that he can override it with his own empire when the time is right. Khorne promises that should Cid of the Lufaine ascend, he'll let Shinryu take his revenge which is a deal that even Shinryu can't refuse himself and both have been allies since. This also gives Shinryu more room to observe the war while he bides his time against Cosmos and Lord Chaos.
  • Shinryu's temple (which is a hall that leads to a portal to the Rift) remains empty, for the divine dragon forever wanders the multiverse and the Pantheons with no allegiance to anyone but himself. All who would travel between worlds are subject to his gaze though he remains largely indifferent to them; he only attacks them if they pose a threat to his home of the Rift. This had led him to the Expanse, also another Void Between the Worlds but connects worlds of another universe where demons originate from, anyone visiting it perceives its appearance vary by person and the White possibly hunting down said anyone visiting. Aside from his opinions on YHVH and Lucifer, Shinryu finds it rather chaotic than the Rift he knows (which he prefers anyway) but nonetheless watches over it anyway; Flynn and the Demi-Fiend still are wary of him as he can potentially enter the Expanse without using the Yamato Perpetual Reactor.
  • Similarly, there's also Oblivion which another Void Between the Worlds where the Daedric Princes reside in. Infinite in nature, there not only exists countless pocket realms and realities but also 16 known "planes" belonging corresponding to said Princes. For the ones that stand out, he finds the conflict between Meridia and Molag Bal to be no better than the cycles between Cosmos and Lord Chaos, only that the former two have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, Molag Bal even more so. He and Jyggalag would have been allies in being threats that both sides must band together against had it not been for the fact that the latter has bad memories of being in a loop where he would go back and forth between himself and the Mad God Sheogorath. Speaking of Sheogorath, the second one who took after Jyggalag opposes Shinryu out of preserving the Shivering Isles and bad memories of the Oblivion Crisis with Mehrunes Dagon and his cultists as the Champion of Cyrodiil due to his plans of destruction.
    • The Dark Brotherhood is a cult that worships Sithis, who is thought to be the Void itself and somehow saw Shinryu as an avatar of Sithis. Finding value in their assassination skills, Shinryu decided use their help from time to time while passing off as said avatar of Sithis. He is nonetheless curious of Sithis and hopes to meet him but for now, he's content with what he has.
  • The sword he guards, Ragnarok, is said to be one of the most powerful weapons in existence, but only one who can defeat Shinryu in combat can claim it for their own. Many gods have sought Shinryu out to challenge him for the blade — that he still has it with him should indicate how well it's going for them. This brings the dragon to the fire giant Surtr who is destined to bring Ragnarok to the Norse gods and ending their presence in the world. Surtr is flattered that Shinryu pays tribute to him but finds his reason for destroying his home multiverse petty; he does so to spite the man he forged a contract with while Surtr himself starts Ragnarok because he's fated to.
  • Even though he rebuffs Exdeath for trying to take his position, Shinryu himself is among the greatest rivals of Bahamut, one of the Gods of Dragons in the House of Beasts, because Shinryu covets his position and Bahamut considers Shinryu among the strongest of the evil dragons in the multiverse. It is said when the final battle of good and evil occurs, the skies will be torn asunder by lightning and fire as the two battle for dominance of dragonkind. Some people think Shinryu is the only dragon willing to defy Io, Bahamut's parent and while Shinryu did bragged that he can, he actually wouldn't because Io is technically stronger by base strength.
    • This is also the cause of his hatred towards Grima, as Shinryu sees him as the greatest threat to his position as Bahamut's rival and Grima is also one of the few who can fight him at equal strength. Regardless of Grima was allies or enemies with him or not, Lucina antagonizes Shinryu anyway because he's still an evil dragon who is no better than Grima. Through Grima, Shinryu got to know Deathwing who is allies with Grima yet still see him as a fool; he understands Deathwing's impulses to destroy everything though he can recognize they both have their own reasons why they do so, with Shinryu doing so out of pettiness and Deathwing because the Old Gods of his world told him to. Deathwing finds Shinryu a better kindred spirit than he did with Grima and is willing to join him in taking down Cosmos and Lord Chaos.
    • The elves Tyrion & Teclis did not like Shinryu, because considering High Elves tend to be notable tamers and riders of dragons and Shinryu refuses to tamed by the likes of them; not that they plan to as he proves vile enough to be stopped soon. Their nemesis, Malekith also has that problem but his beef goes deeper; while Malekith would rather destroy Ulthuan and the world if he couldn't get to become the Phoenix King (which he eventually did), Shinryu is willing to destroy the world to spite someone he thought had wronged him which Malekith feels is too petty. Not to mention the fact that Shinryu could possibly be as deadly as the Chaos Gods and possibly being a force of Chaos himself, in addition to his alliance with Melkor, who Malekith already hates and opposes. It pains Cosmos to say it, but she for once agreed with Malekith and in a very dire situation, they would have to team up should Shinryu goes too far.
    • As per being a dragon, Shinryu is in the crosshairs of notable dragon slayers such as the Dovahkiin and the duo Ornstein & Smough. Like the Dark Brotherhood, the Dovahkiin is convinced he's from the Void but vows to vanquish him for good instead and Ornstein is raring to kill Shinryu as he believes all dragons must die while Smough is less bloodthirsty but nonetheless finds him an interesting challenge to fight against. Shinryu welcomes these adversaries as he never had enemies that hate for what he is before.
  • Once he had heard that he broke his deal with Cid out of misplaced anger and pettiness, the Anti-Hero Spawn is quick to antagonize and finding him no better than Malebolgia nor Kronika, not to mention of his manipulation of the cycles between heroes and villains just to gain more power causes Spawn to see him as more demonic than divine as per his name. Speaking of Malebolgia, he is very conflicted on Shinryu because on one hand he also manipulated lesser people into pawns for power like him which he can admire but on the other, he has a divine-like appearance despite acting no more devilish than him and he's allies with Melkor who Malebolgia is already displeased with; he ended up settling on declaring Shinryu a rival instead, something Shinryu is okay with though he's bummed that he missed out on a true alliance with the ruler of the Eighth Sphere of Hell.
    • Through Malebolgia, Shinryu became aware of Kronika's existence and her resolve to maintain her idea of balance and order by endless cycles of war between good and evil headed by her children Cetrion and Shinnok. He would like her had it not been for the fact that Shinryu willing to destroy everything deters Kronika from allying with him fully, and that's not getting into his supposed role of being the overseer of World B's cycles.
  • Shinryu and Cid's deal is easily comparable to a Deal with the Devil: a deal with a powerful yet evil being in exchange for anything the client wanted, though in this case the devil broke the contract. Faust has bad memories of his own deal with Mephistopheles whenever he sees Shinryu and tries to avoid getting into a deal with him ever. Shinryu himself can only snicker at Faust's misery at being unable to control Mephistopheles, being reminded of Cid and his "mistakes" towards him.

Intermediate Gods

Gargos, Divine Dimension Lord
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in his own dimension)
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Theme Song: Kneel To Your God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Thinking Up Portals, Winged Humanoid, Summon Magic, Satanic Archetype, Mighty Glacier, Large and in Charge, Evil Sounds Deep, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Void, War, Earth
  • Heralds: Shadow Jago, Omen
  • Followers: Emperor Muge Zorbados, Hyperstorm, Timemaster, Yivo
  • Allies: Dormammu, Firebrand, The 501st Division, Pazuzu, Shuma-Gorath, Trigon, The Other Mother, Melkor
  • Rivals: Shao Khan
  • Enemies: Black Orchid, Fulgore, Hisako, Jago, Maya Fallegeros, Arthur, Doctor Strange
  • Opposed by: Spinal, Goliath
  • The Killer Instinct Gods had hoped that they could prevent the coming of Gargos. A dimensional devil of unfathomable power, he has been plotting to take over their world for years. Little did they know that he had an ace of his sleeve. This time, Gargos opened a portal to the Pantheon, hoping to find a connection to their world from there. This was met with a rare unified force against him. Even archenemies Jago and Ultratech settled their differences to fight Gargos off. With that said, Gargos managed to find a home for himself. Like it or not, he was here to stay.
    • Spinal despises him most of all. He was forced to serve the demon for his freedom. Gargos tried to do the same, but Spinal is much tougher to capture these days. The skeleton has no intention to return to servitude.
  • It wasn't long before Gargos signed himself into the GUAE with Melkor. Having dimensional portals at his disposal will pay dividends in invasions as well as quick retreats. The God of Evil has promised to deal with Jago, Orchid and the other defenders as a show of gratitude.
  • With the ability to create portals at will, bringing his army into the Pantheon was quick and easy. And with them came his heralds: Omen as well as various shadow versions of characters. The GUAG fears that he can do the same with many other heroes in the Pantheon. Indeed, Gargos is interested in just how many other worlds he can conquer.
  • Of course, he draws inspiration from Dormammu, perennial Doctor Strange foe. The lord of the Dark Dimension may be the first, but he was satisfied to find a worthy being for the title.
    • Also visited the domain of Shuma-Gorath. That being has proven to be more difficult to make alliances with. The Oculothorax has little use to them and would rather take control itself.
    • Strange himself has kept a close watch of this new being. He has declared Gargos to be responsible for the various other dimensional monstrosities that has plagued the Marvel Universe, starting with Dormammu himself.
  • Trigon merely acknowledges his existence. Regardless, the Ravager would rather keep things to himself when it comes to claiming Raven and taking over the DC Universe.
  • As with many others in the two worlds, Gargos has developed a rivalry with Shao Khan. While the ruler of Overworld has intrigued to have another conqueror at his disposal, he has figured it would only be a matter of time before the two squabble over worlds to conquer. The two haven't gone to blows just yet, instead testing out a possible alliance. Such a teamup is unlikely to last, as both sides appear ready to backstab the other when the need rises.
  • It was first thought that Gargos was a gargoyle before his reveal as a demon, both Goliath confirmed that he has kicked Gargos out long before the Retcon. The rejection doesn't bother Gargos anymore, claiming to have bigger plans than skirmishes with gargoyles.
    • In that case, he is at least in good company with Firebrand. Another gargoyle, the demon holds a contempt for humans and is more than happy to carry out Gargos' plan of universal domination. Gargos finds it odd for Firebrand to have such a hard time fighting a knight as brittle as Arthur. With that said, Firebrand's ability to convert those he has defeated is something he hopes to replicate upon himself. Arthur for his part is willing to defeat this latest threat to the GUAG.
  • As of his latest appearance, he has amassed a sizable party of mooks to fight by his side. This has led to forming an alliance with the 501st Division, the most famous group of minions in the Pantheon. Some within the ranks are wary of them, as Gargos has a tendency of harming his own when he fights.
  • He is also known for Demonic Possession. Thankfully, Jago has learned how to resist the influence and has taught the GUAG how to do the same. Gargos responded by going to the sub-house of Demons to learn from a creature legendary for possession. Pazuzu deduced that Gargos's success could bring forth more possessed vessels to his flock and thus has agreed to give lessons.
  • Has caused much ire in the House of Gaming. His latest boss fight is considered to be one of the most difficult of all fighting games. It helps that he is backed by an A.I. designed to adapt to the player's playstyle. One has to weaken him just to stand a chance against him. Only a brave few have managed to defeat him at full strength and within his own dimension.

    Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen 
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy of Earth-65, Goddess of Alternate Badasses (Spider-Woman, Gwenie, Spider-Gwen, Deaf Leaddard, Your New Favorite, White Widow, Gwenom, Ghost Spider)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her drumsticks crossed over a spider symbol.
  • Theme Song: Face it Tiger, or To The End.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Alternate Universe Gwen Stacy Is Awesome, Outta the Fridge and Into the Suit, White Suited Heroine, Breakout Character, In the Hood, Ensemble Dark Horse, Cowgirl Cop, Typical Spidey Luck, I Let Peter Parker Die, The Atoner, Running from a Man Hunt Led by Her Father, One of Spider-Man's Several Distaff Counterparts, Lady Swears-a-Lot
  • Domains: Heroism, Spiders, Alternate Realities, Ensemble Darkhorse
  • Allies: The original Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, Venom, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Laura Kinney/X-23, Gwenpool
  • Enemies: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Tsumugi Shirogane, Quintin Beck/Mysterio.
  • Very Conflicting Opinion: Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after the war against the Inheritors. The Court of the Gods enjoyed this version of Gwen Stacy so much that they decided to give her a place her. Spider-Man, the original himself, personally vouched for her.
  • When she heard that everyone calls her the "Best Gwen Stacy in the Universe", she was more than curious and went to the House of Time and Temporality to check on the last of her counterparts.
    • The first one was her Earth-616 counterpart, the original, where the most famous event took place and almost every universe copied the events of that location: The Bridge, or what she calls it "the place where many of [her] been fridged off a bridge". Her initial personality was that of a mean girl but thanks to her interactions with Peter she became the Nice Girl that everybody knows from that point on. Gwen promised this world's Peter that she will not die and that she will watch his back... not just because he vouched for her to come here, but because she had lost her Peter Parker, which wounded her deeply.
      • Once Gwen discovered the original had been frequently impersonated by clones, the Pantheon decided to stop such exploitation of her memory by reviving her. Spider-Gwen is now teaching self-defense to her alternate counterpart.
    • Next was Earth-26496 where she was a nerd like Peter. Gwen finds this version's ability to stare at someone and make them do what she wants them to do very amusing.
    • The one from Earth-1610 she found to be most interesting. That version of her formed a Cool Big Sis relationship with the Peter of that world before eventually dating him. Sadly, that version also ended up killed, that time by Carnage... temporarily. She felt the whole bit of her Earth-1610 self becoming Carnage 2.0 to be out of whack. Even more so with the Peter of that world learning that he was immortal after a climactic fight with the Goblin.
    • Then there was Earth-120703, her most recent version. Again a nerd, but this time with a relationship so deep that she rivalled 616 Mary Jane's. Her death was not on a bridge, but on a clock tower. What's sadder is that this Spider-Man almost did save her. She was saved from the fall, but it was the whiplash from the momentum and the bump on the head that ended her. Still, she was grateful that this Gwen had given a moving speech which inspired him to continue being Spider-Man.
  • Gwen found Earth-616 Mary Jane was in the Pantheon. The first thing MJ did when she saw Gwen was hugging her with tears in her eyes. They talked and bonded and Gwen was glad that this Mary Jane is nothing like her counterpart, where she has the me, me and just me attitude.
  • She and Peter can be found practicing in the House of Fighting and Combat, where he does not take any chances and makes sure she has all of his skill to protect herself. Likewise, whenever he's going through a tough time and it's obviously affecting his fighting, she never fails to cut the sparring off early and get him talking through the issue.
  • Some superheroes wonder why she has a hood as part of her suit.
  • Gwen is also a drummer in a band called "The Mary Janes" which also shows the ego of her world's Mary Jane. Not only is she wicked with the drums, but she can also use those skills to beat bad guys.
  • Batman sees parallels with Gwen and Barbara Gordon, in that both are daughters who are heroes with fathers as cops, one as Commissioner and the other as Captain. He took her to the House of Time and Space to show how much George Stacy is like his friend Jim.
  • Was worried learning that Matt Murdock was also in the Pantheon, as her world's version of Matt serves as the Kingpin and was also the one who sent a hit out on her father. Spider-Man told her not to worry as the Matt Murdock he's familiar with is nothing like that. Daredevil for his part became rather depressed to find that there exists an alternate reality of himself that would stoop to crime, let alone take the mantle of his arch-enemy.
  • Gwenpool, who in a way was inspired by Gwen, idolizes her and envies how her uniform has pants. Gwen is favorable to her, even if she finds weird her view of the multiverse (namely, that it's all a comic from her dimension).
  • Has recently formed a bond with Venom to gain revenge against her universe's Rhino for hurting her father, but now she is losing control of herself much to the horror of her friends in the Pantheon. Now, she is Gwenom and they are here to stay!

    Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade 
Tsukasa Kadoya, God of Multiverse Traveling (Kamen Rider Decade, Decade, Destroyer of Worlds, The Destroyer of All, Devil, King of the Rider Worlds, The Passing Through Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Mega Man, The Great Leader of Dai-Shocker, The Guy Who Ate Sougo Tokiwa's Dinner)
Kamen Rider Decade
Complete Form
Complete 21


    The Unbidden 
Intercepted Transmission!

...feeding ground reached... prey bountiful... at long last... we shall feast...

The Unbidden, Unholy Beings of Horrific Hyperspace (Extradimensional Invaders, Shabanash, The Aberrant, The Vehement)
  • Demigods individually. Collectively, even some Greater Gods might not stand a chance against them.
  • Symbol: The Unbidden's flag, a slightly different atomic symbol.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Chaotic Evil, Deflector Shields, Energy Beings, Transparent Spacecrafts Made Entirely of Energy, Humanoid Abominations, Hard-Coded Hostility, Viewing Sapient Lifeforms as Food
  • Domains: Hyperspace, Energy, Hunger, War
  • Allies: The Combine, ADVENT, SCP-1548
  • Rivals: Darth Nihilus
  • Enemies: Aside from most sapient life in general? The Imperium of Mankind, Gordon Freeman, XCOM, The Vex, Captain Planet, all of the Nature Preservers especially Mogo
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and Omnicidal Maniacs
  • Interested in: The Chaos Gods
  • Wanting to impress deities they wanted to befriend, the Blorg worked to install Jump Drives, a device that lets spacecraft jump far into a different system within the galaxy in no time, in their ships to show off to the Pantheon. While the Blorg Commonality knew from experience that there's certain dangers with Jump Drive technology, they figured that since the Pantheon universe must be different from the one they usually exist in, the same danger can't possibly show up in this one. Three months later, a portal opened somewhere in the galaxy.
    • By the time the Pantheon was informed that there's a tear in space itself, many fleets of strange energy-based spaceships had already arrived from the portal, attacking everything in sight and feasting upon the nearest planets inhabiting life. A strike force was sent by the Pantheon and, after a long event of space battles, managed to quarantine the threat within the sector where their portal lies. Fleets were sent to ensure that this mysterious threat is kept under quarantine, with the Blorg sending extraordinarily large fleets to make up for the fact that they're kind of responsible for unleashing The Unbidden upon the galaxy.
    • The Unbidden, energy beings that feast upon sapients, are beings from a different dimension that spaceships with Jump Drive technology enters to bypass several systems in one jump to make it across the galaxy. Jump Drives has an unfortunate tendency to give the Unbidden the opportunity to open a portal out of their home dimension, endangering the galaxy itself merely by being invented. The Pantheon can take solace in the fact that not all of the Unbidden works together. At the present time, the original Unbidden forces are fighting against two Unbidden factions, the Aberrant and the Vehement. Fortunately, the Aberrant and Vehement portals opened within the quarantine instead of elsewhere in the galaxy.
  • The Combine and ADVENT was impressed by the Unbidden's technology (which includes Matter Disintegrators) and want the Unbidden to be allies. While the Unbidden does view them as food like all else, they begrudgingly acknowledge that this galaxy is far more powerful than they expected, so there might be an alliance after all.
  • Naturally, the Unbidden bear a grudge for certain members of the strike force that helped form the quarantine, notably Gordon Freeman and the entirety of XCOM. They're looking forward to eating them when they manage to break out.
  • Despite their nature, the Unbidden has a certain interest in anyone who has been touched by The Shroud, a dimension very close to the Unbidden's own realm. While there are no deities in the Pantheon who has seen and touched The Shroud, they view the Chaos Gods with the same curiosity, interest and respect, as The Warp is apparently very similar to The Shroud.
    • The Imperium of Mankind has expressed umbrage in the fact that the Unbidden comes from a place close to The Warp. The energy beings are reminders of their mortal enemies.
  • The Vex, after sufficient analysis of the Unbidden, has declared them a threat to their goals. As such, they will not tolerate the Unbidden's presence.
  • When they eat a planet clean of life, they mean it. Planets that end up victims to the Unbidden menace will become barren once they're done, all lives on it eaten clean and whole and the planet rendered uninhabitable. This has made them one of the Nature Preservers' greatest enemies, while Captain Planet swears to protect Earth and the Pantheon's world from the Unbidden's hunger. Mogo is worried about the possibility of the Unbidden targeting him for being a planet capable of sustaining life.
  • Ironically, they do not get along with the Alliance of Destruction and omnicidal deities. Not because they find their goals to destroy all lives to be awful, but because the same goals would deny the Unbidden what they view as a buffet on a galactic level. Despite this, however, Nekron has expressed desire in wanting to destroy the quarantine and let the Unbidden loose on all life.
  • So much hatred... so much fear... it is... wonderful...