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House of Revenge and Retribution Index
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Intermediate Gods

    Enrico Pucci 
Enrico Pucci, God of Villainous Vengeance (Father Pucci, Father Pucchi, Gay Priest)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God with C-Moon, Overdeity with Made in Heaven)
  • Symbol: His Stand, Whitesnake, a Stand Disc, and the Green Baby
  • Theme Songs: Dawn of Destiny and his Eyes of Heaven theme; this tune as New Moon Pucci
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Stand(s): Whitesnake, C-Moon, Made In Heaven
  • Portfolio: Becoming friends with Dio and trying to achieve his ultimate goal, Sinister Minister, being an evil who doesn't recognize how evil he is, having the belief that You Can't Fight Fate, being rather friendly, Badass Preacher, becoming the most powerful being in all of JoJo
  • Domains: Friendship, Faith, Fatalism, Vengeance, Time
  • Followers: Rei Hououmaru, Gravity Beetle, Squid Adler, Deckard Shaw
  • Allies: Dio Brando, Vanilla Ice, Caius Ballad, YHVH, Geras, Kirei Kotomine, Neopolitan, Gendo Ikari
  • Enemies: Jolyne and Jotaro Kujo, Giorno Giovanna, Remilia Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Naota Nandaba, Shinji Ikari, Alexander Anderson, Sora, Yang Xiao Long
  • Opposes: Yoshikage Kira, The Weather Trio, Nami, racists, those who were switched at birth.
  • Pucci ascended after achieving Heaven and resetting the universe, killing Jotaro and Jolyne, and almost succeeding in creating a world in which the Joestars never existed. This has made him one of the most feared and hated members of the Pantheon among of the good deities, while the GUAE and GUAL have welcomed him with open arms. Those that simply don't care about him have snidely remarked that "Gay Priest has arrived".
  • With Pucci in the Pantheon, Dio has gone into hiding in his temple, with Pucci along with him. The two spend their time hiding trying to achieve "Heaven", but numerous attempts to stop the two have made sure they haven't done that.
  • With his Stand, Whitesnake, Pucci can steal people's memories and consciousness by taking their Memory and Stand Discs, respectively. He has also been known to put CDs into people and use them as loudspeakers.
    • If Pucci ever gets a hold of Dio's Bone, he can create the Green Baby, and if he recite fourteen phrases to it, he can evolve his Stand into C-Moon, which can invert gravity and turn things inside-out. If this ever happens, expect Pucci to shout "KABUTOMUSHI" over and over.
    • Pucci can further evolve his Stand into the all-powerful Made in Heaven, which can speed up time infinite until the universe resets, in which Pucci can shape it the way he sees fit, when he is under the effects of the New Moon. The one time this happened, Yoshikage Kira managed to achieve Bites The Dust, resetting Pucci's evolution. Pucci now hates Kira for stopping his plans.
  • Even though Pucci is part of the House of Villains, he does not see himself as deserving of the position. Many have claimed that his obliviousness to his immorality is his biggest flaw.
  • Sympathizes a bit with Kirei Kotomine, who was also influenced by a blond megalomaniac to turn to evil. While Kirei isn't afraid to call out Pucci when he believes that what he's doing is good, the two work well with each other.
  • Has earned the hatred of Father Anderson, since Pucci reminds his voice reminds him of Enrico Maxwell, and the fact that Pucci works for a vampire only serves to add tension between the two.
  • Has a bit of a rivalry with Vanilla Ice over who is the more beloved of Dio's father. Pucci believes that he is better in this regard, as he is actually friends with Dio, as opposed to Ice's Blind Obedience.
  • Even though Dio is in the GUAE, Pucci has closer ties to the GUAL, as he believes that YHVH is the God that he believes in so much.
  • Has gone to the House of Lust to try to stop the promiscuous ways of some of the deities there.
    "Dick is alright, but you tried filling your mouth with the Word of The Lord?"
  • Believes that You Can't Fight Fate, and that everything is predestined, happening because of "Gravity". Gendo, someone with similar motives and goals with him, decided to ally himself with Pucci. May fear the day when a world without emotion comes to fruition because of those two.
  • Hates, hates, hates any deity with weather powers. This is because his Long Lost Sibling, Weather Report, who caused his sister's death, along with his ultimate defeat, had weather powers. He has tried to steal some of these deities' Stand Discs to try and incapacitate them, but his plans have bore little fruit.
  • Tried to persuade Giorno to join his and Dio's attempt to reach Dio's ultimate goal, just as his brothers have. Giorno wants nothing to do with Pucci, and believes that his Gold Experience Requiem can stop Made in Heaven.
  • Despite the fact that his master is well-known for his time-stopping abilities, Pucci dislikes most of the rest of the House of Time and Space. This is because Pucci is afraid that their abilities can reset Made In Heaven, as evidenced with his encounter with Kira. The exception to this is Caius Ballad, whom Pucci can sympathize with, since his relationship with Yeul reminds him of his desire to keep his sister's memories.

Hisako, Goddess of Vengeful Spirits (Avenging Ghost, Eternal Child, Chiharu, Shin Hisako)
Shin Hisako 

    Thorgrim Grudgebearer 
Thorgrim Grudgebearer, God of Upholding Grudges (High King of the Dwarfs)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Great Book of Grudges and the Throne of Power
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Lawful Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Dwarf, The High King of the Dwarfs, Oldest of the dwarfs, even by their standards, Badass Beard, Sits on the Throne of Power being carried by four Thronebearers, wields the Axe of Grimnir, wish to avenge all grudges in the Book of Grudges
  • Domains: Dwarfs, Grudges
  • Allies: Karl Franz, Muradin Bronzebeard, Harth Stonebrew, The Fortress Dwarves, Gillius Thunderhead, Odin, Weiss Schnee, Scathach, Cu Chuclain, Rias Grimory, Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper
  • Enemies: The Chaos Gods, Ghazghkull, Gork and Mork, Skarsnik, Gul'dan, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Garrosh Hellscream, Redcloak, Dr. Boom, Carl the Invoker, Twitch, Ratigan, Tyranids, Techies, Eric Cartman, Illidan Stormrage, Asdrubael Vect
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Jareth, Didymus, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Arche Klein, Merrill, every other elves
  • Opposes: Drizzt Do'Urden, Drow Ranger, Ren Hakuryuu
  • He is the current High King of the dwarfs, a dying race, many of whose lands are being held by Orcs and Skaven. Sitting on his Throne of Power and bearing the Great Book of Grudges, he wish to avenge every grudge written in the Book and bring the Dwarfs back to their glory.
    • In his temple in the House of Vengeance, he found himself writing and avenging the grudges after his ascension to the Pantheon after his death in the End Time.
  • The dwarfs in the Old World are known for being vengeful, and never forget grudges against those who would treat dwarfs poorly. They keep these slights against their people in the aforementioned book of grudges, and strike them out when avenged. To drive the point home, vengeance is considered sacred, and in their language, there is no word for "forgiveness." Sometimes, the obsession can be downright absurd, like when the Dwarfs sacked a fortress after an elector court reduced the payment for their workers. The amount of payment not given? Two and the half pennies.
  • Thorgrim HATES orcs and goblins, for they brought ruin to his race's empire. Though there haven't been any Skaven in the Pantheon (yet), just seeing a rat that walks on two legs would rouse his ire. It certainly doesn't help that he was assassinated by one Skaven Deathmaster Snikch; stabbed in the back, thereby forced into a dishonorable death.
  • He found many dwarfs/dwarves in the Pantheon, and initially believed that his race survived and continued a legacy of retribution. However, the Fortress Dwarves' stupidity and tendency to get themselves killed makes them more frustrating to deal with than the most stubborn dwarf trying to avenge an unworthy grudge.
  • Like most dwarfs/dwarves, he doesn't like elves, but his case is the reason why the two races are now Vestigial Empires in his World. They were tricked by the Dark Elves and, in addition to the high elves' arrogance and the dwarfs' stubbornness, it led to the War of the Beard/War of Vengeance, and the two races still hate each other.
    • Because of this, he has no compassion and mercy to EVER forgive Drizzt Do'Urden for being a drow (a dark elf), and despises Asdrubael Vect for being too similar to the dark elves.
    • He is, at the moment, unsure what exactly to think of half-elves, since such a race is a radical idea in his World. For now, he just distrusts them for being familial to full-blooded elves.
  • Though dwarfs are known to hold grudges and he wishes to avenge all of them, he actually acknowledges that their unforgiving, vindictive culture led to the dwarfs' self-destruction.
    • He is rather unhappy with Ren Hakuryuu, whose drive for revenge makes the dwarfs look like children.
  • He heard that a race in the 41st millennium which resembled his own race, the Squats, were eaten and annihilated by a Tyranid splinter Hive Fleet. Furious that their potential allies were destroyed by the aliens, he wrote a grudge into the Book which calls to avenge them.
  • He learned of the Techies, who are too similar to goblins for his liking, not only in appearance, but also their underhanded tactics. He's keeping a close eye on the trio.
  • He once mistook Eric Cartman for a beardless dwarf, since he hasn't seen a young dwarf for centuries. Cartman really didn't take the comment well, and is plotting to make him pay, which isn't really helping his case.
  • His race uses magic to be infused into stones called runes, and are used to enchant armors and weapons. Thorgrim, for example, wields an axe filled with runes and wears the Armor of Skaldour which is protected by powerful runes that deflect blades. He is impressed that other deities can use runes, as his race can be very secretive about the method to creating runes.
  • Learning of the existence of a dwarf-like people known as the Keen, he chose to contact Kardel Sharpeye. Their first meeting was fine, to the point that the Sniper offered to assist him in the Old World since he didn't have anything better to do anyway. Over the coming month, Kardel had apparently done a good job, killing numerous enemies of the dwarfs, to the point that it is said that some orc tribes have started telling stories about the "Laughing Death". Thorgrim was so impressed by the Sniper's success that he allowed him to keep the dwarf engineer outfit that he requested as a reward for his assistance.
  • "A new age of retribution has begun."

Lesser Gods

Shego, Goddess of Grudges with Heroes (The Mad Scientist's Mad Assistant, The Supreme One, Miss Go, Miss Wobakoff, The Blue Imposter's Battle-Mate)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hand emitting green plasma
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, formerly Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Brilliant, but Lazy, Breakout Villain, Dark Action Girl, Deadpan Snarker, The Dragon, Dragon-in-Chief, Evil Former Friend, Evil Is Sexy, Face–Heel Turn, Fallen Hero, Fashionable Asymmetry, Hand Blast, Hypercompetent Sidekick, Improbable Hairstyle, Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, No Name Given, The only one allowed to defeat Kim, Perpetual Frowner, Punch-Clock Villain, Sarcastic Devotee, Sickly Green Glow, The Slacker, Tall, Dark, and Snarky
  • Domains: Evil, Fire, Hatred, Rage, Combat
  • Followers: Nebula, Karl Gruber, Count Rugen, Bill Cutting, Agent Ward
  • Allies: Dr. Drakken, The Baroness, Arthas Menethil, General Tarquin, Carmen Sandiego, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Azula
  • Enemies: Luxanna Crownguard, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barbara Gordan/Batgirl
  • Rivals: Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami
  • Opposes: Kim Possible, Zuko, Buffy Summers, Juliet Starling
  • Respects: The Pyro
  • A short description of Shego would say she's the Hypercompetent Sidekick of the mad scientist supervillain Dr. Drakken, completing the Evil Counterpart duo against the heroic tandem of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. However, things are a bit more complicated than that. She and Drakken each have strengths and weaknesses over the other; she is Kim's equal in terms of martial arts and physical savvy, and comes from a superhero lineage which she turned against for ambiguous reasons, but is a terrible planner, not a technological genius, and occasionally still shows signs of a conscience. Thus, it can be said that while Drakken is more evil, Shego is more dangerous.
  • The first thing she did when she ascended? Stomp straight into Kim Possible's temple and punch that goody two-shoes redhead in the face. The resulting battle caused closure of the House of School for 3 days, to the rejoicing of many kids. It's safe to say that the rivalry has been rekindled.
  • The next thing she did was to head towards Drakken's temple, which was in complete disarray as she thought. It took a while, but Shego managed to get things back in order, starting with opening that annoying jar of pickles. Many good-aligned gods fear that Shego's return just made Dr. Drakken a lot more menacing.
    • Some deities in the House of Love and Affection speculate that the two are a actually a couple. It would explain why she stuck around with him for so long. Neither would respond to such claims.
  • Shego would be a lot more successful as a villainess, if she was actually motivated to do so. She mainly seems content with lounging around and helping Drakken achieves his goals (some have noted this adds parallels between her and fellow sidekick, Ron Stoppable, both following more driven partners despite showing equal potential). Her biggest success required her future self to give her what was needed, but when she is motivated, she is completely and utterly dangerous. Kim knows that well, as one alternate future had Shego single-handedly take over her world (though this future no longer comes to pass due to underestimating Ron Stoppable). Cosmos is in talks with Kim to find ways to keep her in check.
  • Was not at all mad over Katarina du Couteau taking the Dark Action Girl title, even though she was forced to settle with being Katarina's follower at first. In fact, the two enjoy exchanging stories where they got the better of their rivals. Sometimes, one of them helps the other in such activities. Garen was not amused, and Kim has had to get help preparing countermeasures for Katarina's attacks even before Shego properly ascended.
    • What did make her mad was actually what happened when Katarina stepped away from the Pantheon and lost her temple. First she discovered that she couldn't reserve a space in her own temple to return the favor for Katarina because the Sinister Blade and her rival are secretly dating. Then she discovered that Garen was also gone from the Pantheon, so she couldn't very well take it out on him. Finally, someone made the mistake of mentioning that Luxanna, Garen's younger sister, was not only still in the Pantheon, but eating in the same restaurant as her. Shego promptly punched Lux in the face, sparking a fight that had to be broken up by Sanji and Iroh. The hatred has persisted since.
  • Also shares an alliance with the Baroness, though Shego doesn't use her looks to her advantage as often. Still, the two became close friends.
  • Many were shocked to find out that she used to be a superhero until she became bored and became evil. Arthas was most pleased with her ascension as her arrival adds one more deity to those who underwent a Face–Heel Turn. She might not have been a follower at the time, but she enjoys the fact that such a deity exists. Shego hopes that it sticks, despising those who turned to Good. That puts Zuko and his followers high on her hate list.
  • Her hatred of Kim extends to any other crimefighting cheerleaders in the Pantheon. Turns out there are quite a few of them. Expect her to disrupt Buffy and Juliet whenever they head out to hunt down the undead.
  • Was met by Tarquin in a surprised visit. The two have kept their lips sealed regarding their discussions, but many speculated the two shared notes with each other. The GUAG fears what two of the most savvy villains in the Pantheon can do if they decide to work together.
  • Back in the day, she saw Azula in a much more positive light. Fearful, ruthless and sadistic, she saw the firebending as what all female villains should strive for. It made things even more heartbreaking when she witnessed her Villainous Breakdown, culminating in her demotion to the Fallen followed by her loss of divine power. Now that she's ascended, Shego's been trying to make sure she doesn't complete a Heel–Face Turn. Many followers are actually hoping this would pass, as the two are a classic matchup both want to see. Unfortunately, both respect the other too much for such a thing... unless it was forced upon them.
    • Shego was very pleased to learn of Azula's allegiances with King Bradley and his High Command as well as her personal mission to guide Zuko back into a Face–Heel Turn instead of being won over to his side.
  • If she had ascended several years ago, she could have been good friends with Jason Todd. Nowadays the two are at each other's throats and even then the two share the same distinction of being Black Sheep within their respective communities. It's just that Jason isn't one to use that to talk Shego out of villainy, not that it would work even if he tried to.
  • Supergirl just can't stop being crept out by her voice. It doesn't help that the two share the same actress.
  • Kyo sees her as a worthy, albeit a corrupted, opponent whenever the two come to blows. Iori couldn't care less of her. As for Shego, she respects their fighting spirit... as long as they don't get in her way of world domination.
  • Is one the few gods who actually attempt a conversation with the Pyro... and not get burned in the process. She won't tell how she pulled off that feat, but if she actually managed to befriend the Pyromaniac, Kim better hire some firefighters for her temple.
  • If she and Drakken require something stolen, they turn to Carmen Sandiego for help. The master thief has proven to be far more reliable at evading Kim Possible and her allies. With that said, she always makes sure to keep inventory of all their supplies whenever Sandiego leaves. Who knows what Carmen may have stolen right under their noses?
  • Has had many run-ins with Batgirl as of late, especially ever since she went to college. The setup along with Batgirl's red hair has quickly made her one of her most hated foes.
  • She does not like cloning, as explictly stated in her contract.
  • She also gets very annoyed when anyone mentions her past as a heroine, but has been occasionally used as a means to blackmail her out of fear it would damage her reputation as a villain.
  • While she would probably never admit it, she does still love her brothers and did enjoy her friendship with Kim, as shown when a foe during her days as a hero returned and turned her good. Even dismissing the latter, she still respects Team Possible.
  • After the alien invasion, she was seen with Drakken when he recieved a medal from the UN and it's implied both have been pardoned for their crimes and possibly may have gotten together, but no one has questioned them for this.



Kriemhild, Goddess of Vengeful Widows (Kriemhilt, Kriemhilde, Gudrun)
Kriemhild as seen in Die Nibelungen
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A falcon killed by two eagles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Vengeful Widow, All Consuming Revenge to Avenge Her Husband's Death, Despair Event Horizon, Loyalty to Either Her Brother or Husband, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Dreaming of Things to Come
  • Domains: Revenge, Widows, Princesses
  • Allies: Siegfried, Altera, The Bride, Sayo Samonji
  • Enemies: Fafnir
  • Conflicted Opinions: Brynhild
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Lucian
  • Kriemhild was the princess of Burgundy and the sister of king Gunther who eventually married to the legendary hero Siegfried. However, after she ended up exposing one of Siegfried's misdeeds what would cause a potential disaster, he was killed by one of Gunther's men, Hagen, what cause Kriemhild to seek vengeance for what he had done to her husband.
  • Since she already got her revenge by killing Hagen (and being killed herself for doing it), she is technically much calmer now. That being said, she probably isn't the sanest person after everything she went through and it is best not to badmouth her late husband around her.
  • One of things she did to seek revenge was to marry King Etzel of Huns aka Attila the Hun to gain a foothold. Which extends to the history of Altera. While the whole thing was was a political move by Altera's followers as Altera never truly cared about the marriage, the two of them didn't hate eachother. Surprisingly, Altera does seem to like the Etzel name to some extend. Also don't ask where Ortlieb comes into this.
  • She feels conflicted on Brynhild. While she can sense the same roots coming from her as with Brünhild, the woman her brother married and whom Siegfried might have either deflowered so that Gunther can sleep with her or just held in place so that Gunther can get his way with her, she acknowledges that the two of them are different people with different stories. Brynhild acknowledges this as well, knowing that she is different person from Gudrun, though since she can sense a presence similar to Sigurd in her, things can get dicey in the future.
  • Fafnir does not appreciate the wife of Siegfried being here, and would like to kill her as a payback forwards him. However, since she seemed to have carried Balmung with her into the Pantheon, he is cautious about her in case his arrogance would be his undoing.
  • She would like to try to reclaim Siegfried's treasure after Hagen threw it away so that she can't amass an army to kill him, but rumours that the gold might be cursed depending if the hoard originally belonged to Fafnir or Nibelungen (and the latter might have been cursed as well) or both has her made reconsider.
  • In trope, she is the female counterpart to Lucian. However, while Lucian's quest for revenge is at least somewhat constructive, hers was purely destructive, with it killing many good men and ruining one kingdom and heavily hurting another, with even her own brother being nothing more than a casualty and her second son something to start a war. In a span of one party, none a less.
  • Is being partly taught by The Bride how to handle a sword, partly so that if she needs to face someone, she can do it without the cost of others, so to speak.
  • While she doesn't hold anything against Siegfried Schtauffen, she does find disappointment that he's not her husband.
  • Sayo Samonji is interested in her. Or rather, he is more interested in Balmung, as he believes it carries a partial history with himself.
  • When her husband actually did ascend, Kriemhild greeted him and asked just what took him so long to ascend. What she got was... "Sorry."

    Ren Hakuryuu 
Ren Hakuryuu, God of Blinding Revenge (Hakuryuu-san)


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