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Intermediate Gods

    Cassandra Sandmark/Wonder Girl III and Rose Wilson/Ravager 
Cassandra Elizabeth "Cassie" Sandsmark and Rose Wilson Worth, Co-Goddesses of Atonement-Forgiving Refrainment (Cassie: Wonder Girl | Rose: Ravager)
Cassie Sandsmark (New 52/Rebirth Era)
Post-Crisis Cassie
Rose Wilson (New 52/Rebirth Era)
Rose (Unmasked)
Post-Crisis Rose
  • Intermediate Goddess (Cassie), Lesser Goddess (Rose)
  • Symbol: The Double Letter W with Star Outlines (Cassie), Her Mask Perched on to of one of her Katanas (Rose)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Tendencies (Cassie), Chaotic Good with Neutral Moments and Lapses into Chaotic Evil when Induced in a Split-Personality or under the Possession of Drugs/an Ancient Hmong Warrior-Queen (Rose)
  • Portfolio: Relationships where Atonement is Unwilling to be Reciprocated With, Heroic Bastards (Occasionally for Rose)
  • Domains: Teenagers, Heroism, Lineage, Family, Dysfunction, Distrust
  • High Priest: Enji Todoroki/Endeavor
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork:
  • Enemies: Trigon the Terrible, Ares, Darkseid, Nekron, Lord Recluse, Himiko Toga, William Stryker, Relius Clover, Rain, Ozai, Azula, Rafe Adler, Syndrome, Father (KND), The Child Abuse Supporters, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, Lester/Bullseye
  • Interests: Charles Xavier/Professor X, Max Eisenhardt/Magneto
  • On Good Terms With: Hod (Rose)
  • Complicated Relationship: Each Other
  • Odd Friendship: Atreus (Cassie)
  • Commonality Connection: Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Rose)
  • Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark was a girl born to a well-known archaeologist, Helena Sandsmark and since her days as a child, she developed a strong interest and association in the field of archaeology as well as a fascination for the ancient superhero, Wonder Woman, desiring to be like her someday. However, Helena's profession meant that Cassie was not one to have a stable, normal childhood, having to constantly travel around the world with Helena in discovering sites and artifacts, which caused Cassie to become annoyed about the fact that she couldn't properly settle down and attend her own interests properly as well as school, leading her to take up traits of a rebel delinquent and cause trouble in some way or another, such as stealing artifacts. It also didn't help that Cassie had to move schools several times.
    • In the Post-Crisis Universe, Cassie had met Wonder Woman during a museum period and was eager to aid her. Her first day as a hero happened when a Doomsday clone was fighting against Diana during which Cassie created a costume for herself as well as took possession of a pair of ancient Amazonian artifacts, the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas to spring up and aid her inspiration in battle. After the fight, Zeus granted her permission to use her possessions if she desired to become a superhero, which Helena begrudgingly accepted. Since then, Cassie took notes from her idols, Diana and Donna Troy, and struggled to live up to the mantle of being the next Wonder Girl. Thankfully, she proved to be a capable hero over time when she found a place within the Young Justice and, later on, the Teen Titans and was made a significant member of, as well as a capable leader at certain points. Finally, Cassie would learn later on that her father is the Greek God ruler, Zeus, though this was something that she always suspected.
    • In the Post-Flashpoint timeline, Cassie's frustrations with her life being constantly invaded by her mother's professions led to her becoming a criminal who broke into museums and stole artifacts as a means to give her life some events. She found a partner in another thief named Diesel and even started dating, if mainly as a way for Cassie to cope with the lack of a social life. One day, when exploring Cambodia, Cassie and Diesel stumbled across a temple where they found a strange sort of liquid and a pair of bracelets. While the metal acted hostile to Diesel, the bracelets enveloped Cassie in magically constructed armor as well as identifying the liquid as an alien parasite. This broke Cassie and Diesel's relationship, however, the temple collapsed with apparently only Cassie escaping. Instead of being a hero, she resumed being a thief and while she was dubbed Wonder Girl, she dismissed the title as she felt that it was putting too much weight on her reputation. That changed when she became the target of the organization, N.O.W.H.E.R.E. where her supposed capture in their attempts to study and harness Metahuman powers for themselves was intervened by Tim Drake. Initially not interested in an alliance, Cassie and Tim were forced to work together in fending off N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s attempted captures. Eventually, she would finally decide to use her powers for good, doing her best to live up to the Wonder Girl title as well as finding out about her ancestry, namely that her father was the Greek God, Lennox, which in turn, made Cassie a granddaughter of Zeus.
  • Rose Wilson Worth is the daughter of "Sweet" Lili Worth and the supervillain mercenary, Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke the Terminator. Due to Slade's profession, Lili felt that it would be best that Rose's existence is kept hidden, which allowed Rose to live a relatively normal childhood life. That is until her teen years where her parentage as Deathstroke's daughter was leaked in some way or anothernote . Her attempts to communicate with her father were difficult at best as Slade preferred to keep his distance out of fear of putting his daughter in harm's way. Instead, Slade decided to take Rose to the Teen Titans in the hopes that she could be mentored into becoming a fighter and a better person than he was. There, she led a tumultuous and strainful life as a member as while some of the members, particularly Dick Grayson and Tim Drake were willing to train her, the fact that she was the daughter of the team's Arch-Enemy led to mistrust. In fact, Rose herself was conditioned into becoming the next Ravager after a play conducted by Deathstroke to have Ravager kill her for $100,000. The end result was instead Slade to get Rose to take up the Ravager mantle by killing DeFarge and subsequently being injected by the same serum that gave Slade his peak-human powers and latent superhuman abilities. And since then, Rose has been leading a tough life as a vigilante, sometimes playing the role of an Anti-Hero or as a ruthless mercenary, as well as facing difficulties working with the Titans as well as frequently being used by Slade as a means to further his own agendas.
  • Both Cassie and Rose were two of the most well-known members of the Teen Titans and have worked hard to earn their reputations. However, what is also well known is that while Rose has proven to be difficult to work with, it is Cassie who holds the most distrust and caution towards her, finding it either very difficult to or even refuse to believe in the fact that Rose might want to atone for her past actions and make an effort to move on from her family ties and be seen as more than just Deathstroke's daughter. To their surprise, and to Cassie's dismay, both girls ascended into the Pantheon together whilst sharing the connection of somebody (Cassie) who is not willing to accept the forgiveness and/or atonement of someone else in particular (Rose). The most that they could have done is to give a very awkward sign of acceptance that they're going to have to deal with it. At the very least, most of Cassie's and Rose's associates and close ones were also in this new realm, so they've at least got someone to go back on. However, they would realize that the Pantheon is a much more different place than the one they're from and that they're going to have to get used to it. For now, Cassie and Rose are doing their own thing with the rare occasion of working together when the situation calls for it, but at the moment, they'd like to see where they would potentially belong in the Pantheon for now.
  • Being descended from the Greek Gods, Cassie is naturally gifted with all sorts of special powers as well as artifacts from the Amazons that she would promptly use if it means they can potentially help and save others. While currently looking petite and young in the Pantheon, Cassie does retain memories of her past iterations and plans on using her experience to do the best she can for the Pantheon, though she admits that she has doubts on how to prove herself distinct from her predecessors, considering that she's not had the most spotless past when growing up. She's at least happy to see that there are those who are supportive of her and she's trying to make sure to live up to their expectations. On the other hand, Rose is an effective mercenary who also happens to possess a pair of katanas that are capable of cutting through most objects with ease. Her situation in the Pantheon is quite jittery; she will often work as a Professional Killer for any organization so that she could be able to provide for herself and it helps that she enjoys the experience of hunting and fighting. Other times, she can try to be a heroic figure and she does credit Dick and Tim positively for training her and trying to make her belong in the Titans. Doesn't stop her from having social complications, but when your father is a Supervillain, it's hard to lead a stable life. She can hope the Pantheon can give her a good experience in the long run.
  • While both Cassie and Rose have one of the most vitriolic relationships in the Pantheon for various reasons, some deities have differing thoughts about the situation. While some believe that Cassie is right that Rose's dark familial ties and her vicious nature are a reason of concern, some also think that Cassie is being too judgemental and/or not giving Rose enough time to owe up to her actions, and this may actually further contribute to Rose being better off a villain. Regardless, arguments about this remain large and a topic with strong opinions on both ends. What's even striking was that they shared a High Priest in the controversial hero, Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor. This interested Enji's son and another upcoming hero, Shoto, to personally confront Cassie and Rose. He came to respect Cassie's committment as a hero and welcomed himself to be an ally wheneer he's needed, which Cassie was eager to accept. Regarding Rose, Shoto can see why she's so conflicted and angsty about her family, given that his own relationship with Enji wasn't a pleasant one either. Either way, Shoto is willing to try to help Rose in his own way, hopefully getting to ead her to a better path, though her lust for fighting and bloodshed is proving that route to be quite difficult.
  • Being members of the Teen Titans and Young Justice (with Cassie having even been a leader on one occasion), Cassie and Rose are familiar enough towards the House of Heroism, though of the two, only Cassie is really comfortable being there, and Rose feels as if she would rather hang out on her own whims. It should be noted, though, that Cassie did go off on a rough start, she was a former museum thief after all, and trying to earn the respect of her peers and others in the hero community was a hard path. One of the hardest heroes to impress was Statesman of Paragon City, who compared to others like himself, was a critic who was rather judgemental other other heroes regarding their feats and reputation, and Cassie's past meant that respect was a steep road from the get-go. Amusingly, but Cassie and Marcus Cole share a connection with Greek Mythology, with Marcus's power as Statesman being derived from the waters of the Well of the Furies. This was not lost on the two of them, and Cassie is determined to prove her worth towards the older hero. Statesman himself, while judgemental, does seem to think that Cassie can be a real hero if she tries really hard and if she allows herself to perform better than her past experiences.
  • Both share a unique physiology that stands out from a regular human's. While they're not metahumans, Cassie's Amazonian heritage meant that she inherently possessed superhuman powers and Rose being given the same serum that unlocked her father's full potential as well as turning her borderline-superhuman in her physical and mental actions caught the attentions of the X-Men head and founder, Charles Xavier and his Friendly Enemy and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto. Professor X has expressed a desire to help Cassie and Rose out, especially considering how the former was targeted by N.O.W.H.E.R.E. for her physiology and has made sure to try protecting them from further harm or discrimination if possible. Magneto also desires the same cause, though is extreme on his end, wanting to make Cassie and Rose more assertive in their opposition towards anti-superhuman organizations and acts, something which alerted Charles considerably as he feels that this could have negative repercussions for Rose. Of course, this also attracted the attention of William Stryker, who treats Cassie and Rose as subpar, likening them to mutants and desires to kill them off in his own twisted and warped psyche to rid demons off of the Pantheon.
  • While most Greek figures, sans Statesman, were easy to guess out for Cassie regarding how to approach and reason with them, she had a far harder time with this regarding Kratos, a man who gained a reputation as the "Ghost of Sparta", killing Area to claim his title and then massacring the entire Greek Pantheon out of a fit of rage, grief, and bloodlust. Much like anybody else, Cassie was wary and in opposition of Kratos, until she found out later on that he was remorseful of his past deeds and would much rather keep his distance from others partly out of shame and partly due to his own contemplative and solitary nature. This made Cassie rather pitiful and sympathetic towards him, especially after finding out about the circumstances that made Kratos the infamous figure that he was in Greece, and that he hasn't had it any better as a son of Zeus. Cassie can connect with Kratos to an extent, being bastard children who led difficult childhoods and a tough life as they grew, though their circumstances were very different. She's currently torn as to what to think about Kratos; while she doesn't condone his rageful acts and nearly destroying the world because of it, she does want to also help him with his grief.
    • Surprisingly, despite being a daughter/granddaughter of Zeus, Kratos doesn't have any animosity towards Cassie, instead seeing her as someone of the same divine lineage who is also conflicted and lost in a sense, like he himself is. When the two met, Kratos told Cassie that though he may not oppose her, it's best that she doesn't stay in his presence for long, seeing as he doesn't like to be reminded of his past. However, Kratos's son, Atreus, begged to differ, and was instead excited to meet and learn about Cassie. While the boy didn't learn about it, Cassie figured that she would theoretically be an aunt/great-aunt to Atreus and decided to go for that direction, teaching Atreus some combat skills as well as just playing around as part of their aunt/great-aunt-nephew quality time. Atreus has come to appreciate Cassie a lot since then, and even Kratos has seemed to soften his opinion towards her, though he still affirms to Cassie that she and Atreus can't hang out for long, lest they attract more enemies against them.
  • As befitting as her title could get, Cassie admires Wonder Woman and Donna Troy, both of whom were once her predecessors in the Wonder Girl title. This information was something she shared with a fellow teen hero, Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku, who saw his world's top hero, All Might as his main inspiration and was granted the powers of One for All once the boy proved his worth as a true hero towards his idol. Cassie and Midoriya were quick to note their similarities and, despite her own problems and issues with the past, Izuku was willing to overlook them and see Cassie as a fellow hero and friend. Consequently, Deku has found some interest in Greek heroes and myths and is open to letting and befriending them, even managing to be appreciated by Statesman of all people. On the other hand, Cassie was intrigued by the U.A. Academy and felt that had it existed in her world, she would have strongly considered attending it as a student. It also helps that All Might himself has good thoughts on Cassie and encourages her to be the best person she can be.
    • On a darker note, Cassie also learned about a man named Buddy Pine, whose utmost desire was to be a superhero like his main influence, Mr. Incredible, even taking on the title of Incrediboy. He was cast aside by his inspiration, mainly because of his own immaturity and recklessness, but Buddy took that as a huge bruise on his confidence and ego and decided to retaliate that people like can be heroes by killing superpowers beings by luring them to a secret island and having them fight against robots of his creation, the Omnidroids while he himself, now going by Syndrome, would use his inventions and technology to take the hero spotlight by himself. Cassie was disgusted by the lengths that Syndrome went to, solely to spite his now-hated inspiration for simply telling him off. While she was always rebellious, Cassie never would have wanted to make others suffer for what she went through and thought that what Syndrome did was beyond petty and disproportionate in his attempts to be a "hero". Syndrome himself disregards Cassie for simply being a superhuman and thinks that she "doesn't get" why he wants to be a "hero" oblivious to the fact that it's because he lacks and doesn't understand basic ethics and scruples on what exactly makes a hero in the first place.
  • Being born from two beings of wholly different physiologies, resulting in her being a Demigoddess, Cassie would have found herself meeting with similar beings. One of them was another Greek figure named Zagreus, a son of Hades who ended up proving himself to be a strong warrior with a good heart, who was eager to get along with Cassie as a cousin, though because his existence is too tethered to the afterlife, they can't hang out for too long outside of it before Zagreus gets dragged back to his natural domain, much to Cassie's own dismay. That said, she was happy to learn that Zagreus was able to get along with his family nicely, which says a lot for a lot of other demigod children sired by the Greek Gods. While she was not descended from a deity, Atalanta proved a tragic case as her refusal to let go of her love and husband, Hippomenes, resulted in her being forcibly transformed into a lion by Zeus. Cassie was saddened by her fate and instead offered her solace about herself also facing hardships in trying to deal with her own heritage. Despite being a daughter/granddaughter of Zeus, Atalanta didn't really mind Cassie and liked her for being very different compared to her father/grandfather. It helps that Cassie's currently youthful looks reminds Atalanta of her own affinity towards children, whom she noted to be quite emotional and protective about. As of currently, Cassie remains one of Atalanta's closest friends and allies in times of need.
    • Speaking of divine Greek lineages, there was also Percy Jackson, a demigod son of Poseidon, alongside his fellow friends, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace, Piper McLean and a few others from Camp Half-Blood, who have had their own fair-share of adventures that revolved around the Greek Gods, historical circumstances around them and ancient Greek artefacts of course. Both parties were interested in meeting with one another and obviously, Cassie was happy to see a couple of people whom she could relate to in a personal and biological sense. The members of Camp Half-Blood all admired Cassie's heroism and her bubbly and easygoing attitude, whilst also affirming that her past doesn't have to define her and that Cassie is doing the best she can to honor her mortal and divine family lines. That said, it should be noted that Camp Half-Blood had to deal with versions of the Greek Gods that were different from Cassie's, though this still didn't stop them from relating to each other and becoming friend in need for the Pantheon.
    • While he is not of Greek origin by enemies, the existence of a Semi-Divine being like Cassie would attract the attention of the Edenian, Rain. Unlike most of their peers, Rain's lineage made him adamant that he was destined for greatness and to be a ruler, in addition to harbouring a great deal of hatred towards his father, Argus, for lying to Rain mother about him being stillbirth, leaving her to die in despair. Cassie would have pitied Rain, but chances of those quickly washed away after seeing just how egotistical and vain he really was, to the point where he told Cassie that they should work together to bring down their fathers so that they could take leadership for themselves. Of course, Cassie saw that as a red flag and predicted that Rain would have backstabbed her to also take over the Greek Pantheon for himself and resisted his claims, to Rain's annoyance. She affirmed that even with her own troubles, she's using her powers to do what's right and to aid others, in stark contrast to Rain, who simply wants power and entitlement above all else.
  • Being a thief, Cassie would find herself stumbling across some archaeologists and renowned treasure hunters, such as Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Lemezea and Lumisa Kosugi, and Nathan Drake, all of whom have made grand stories about chasing supposed legendary treasures that also led to all sorts of traps and mystical phenomena that they've had to fend off. Someone like Cassie really intrigued the three and they quickly got to befriend her, in spite of her troublesome reputation back when she was a museum thief who did her acts out of boredom and to provide some adventure in her life. Indiana, being an archaeologist teacher in his professional life, did reprimand her a few times to be careful about what she takes, given that many of the artefacts he had to discover wound up killing his adversaries upon contact or activation. Lara and Nate are impressed by the fact that Cassie used one of her found treasures to become a hero in her own right, with Nate even geeking out about the fact that Cassie shares her name with Nate's daughter, who also happened to be named after her mother. That said, while Indiana, Lara, Lemeza, and Lumisa are willing to work with Cassie on some occasions, they're mostly relegated to historical artefacts and treasures, and while Nate is eager to tag along, he's since retired from that sort of adventuring and has to carry out excavations on a formal note. He does pay his respects and support to Cassie regardless.
  • Rose has... parental issues with Slade, to say the least. Oh sure, there are times where she would like to be reunited, and then there are moments where she despises her father above all else, no thanks to him finding ways to manipulate his daughter as a chess piece to defeat, demoralize, and/or humiliate the Titans in some way or another. Now that they're both in the Pantheon, this vitriolic relationship was going to be furthered here as well, much to Rose's dismay. On the other hand, Deathstroke was interested to learn of his daughter's presence in the Pantheon and would like to make a series of reservations for her. This doesn't mean defeating the Titans is the only objective, as Slade has seen nicer days from time-to-time, but given their relationship, most have been wary of anything Slade has come up with and would like to make sure him and Rose are monitored and checked up to prevent either a familial crisis, or a chaotic turn of events from happening.
    • Prince Zuko was one individual who has a very troublesome history with his father, Ozai, especially when back in his childhood, all he ever desired was approval from a figure who turned out to be a selfish sociopath with no capacity for love towards anyone, let alone his own son, so he can empathize with Rose on how her father had mentally messed her up in more ways than one. Her own violent tendencies also reminded Zuko of his more devious older sister, Azula, though this actually didn't stop him from managing to befriend Rose and even bonding with her over their past troubles. It helped that Zuko didn't hold any prejudice against Rose and wants to help her out in tempering her emotions and at least trying to make sure she doesn't turn out like Azula did. Goro Akechi was another figure who was used as a tool by his own father, a corrupt politician named Masayoshi Shido in a bid to take over Japan's government, though Akechi has plans to kill his father for abandoning him and treating him like shit throughout his entire life. Like Zuko, Akechi found himself associating with Rose pretty nicely and thinks that they can effectively work together on occasions as a way to make their ends meet, though given Akechi's own spotty reputation, Zuko seems to be cautious about this. Rose is personally indifferent about the matter, feeling that she can equally get along with Zuko and Akechi for all she cares.
  • She's also made contact with Night Raid thanks to her occupation as a mercenary, though this was more to do with the fact that Rose learned about the exploits of Night Raid first and decided to approach them, trying to see what they had to offer with their experience and with their Imperial Arms. She proved herself to be a capable warrior in the battlefield and she's even good at assassination, but she produced mixed results overall for Night Raid. While some like Akame, Chelsea, and Najenda can tolerate her violent nature, others like Tatsumi, Bulat, and Lubbock are either intimidated or cautious of her, and it doesn't help who her father is. That said, she's proven to be a good team player at times and Rose even admits to enjoying her time with Night Raid, feeling that being under their company can allow her to be more social than usual whilst taking on tasks in which she can enjoy slaughtering her foes.
    • Then there are more seasoned and professional assassins like Altair, Ezio, and Agent 47, who have a more sour opinion towards Rose, and that's got nothing to do with her father in this case as well. In Altair and Ezio's case, they only aim their killing intent towards their enemies, usually the Templars and their supporters and seek to minimize as much damage as they can whilst maintaining a sort of peace and harmony to their homelands. Agent 47, on the other hand, is only in it for the job and he wants to make sure he performs it as efficiently and carefully as possible. And as good as Rose is in her job as a mercenary and assassin, her enthusiasm in fighting and killing others as well as a tendency to leave behind a bloody mess after she's done were seen as a problem for the three assassins. They have worked together, of course, but whatever Rose does has left the other three assassins on very problematic situations, regardless of their objectives' success and since then, are hesitant on bringing her back along in future tasks. That said, Rose is still an available option, which Altair, Ezio, and Agent 47 are only going to call upon if either there's no one else available, or Rose is the best chance they've got to a task's success.
    • She does, however, find herself getting along with Travis Touchdown. While both of them can get crazed in the midst of a fight, they're also quite contemplative over their past and actions, and Travis personally found no reason to find himself opposing Rose, and if anything else, her found her berserker-like nature in fights to be quite amusing at times. Travis did, however, tell Rose that she does need to find a way to control her rage and temper and while they may both find some sort of satisfaction as killers, they would eventually need to find a way to seek moral support. Thankfully, the Pantheon has been treating Rose kindly on that front and someone like Travis, who can relate and empathize with her to a degree, has helped, despite having slightly different professions. She also found a good ally in Yoruka Kirihime, a killer who was able to become a better person thanks to her affections towards Lux Arcadia, though is not hesitant on employing her assassination skills when needed. They can also connect over the fact that they were ultimately used, even when they were being faithful and ended up being in a better position when being a hero (which, for Rose, is a pretty difficult task, given her reputation) and are eager to work together when necessary.
  • While it's not shown often, Rose does have a large amount of doubts and self-placed issues on herself due to her chaotically violent nature and because of her lineage. It's rare to actually see her as being mopey and despondent, though if one knows her well enough, than it seems Rose has been upset for a long time. One figure whose managed to reach out to her was Hod, a Patron Librarian and former Sephirot for the Lobotomy Corporation. Like Rose, Hod is also on aa pathway to redemption, after her past self, Michelle, committed a grave mistake when in an attempt to "cure the disease of the mind", she became distressed by human experimentations and ratted out the information of what was going on. The end result was her colleagues getting killed off on orders of the Head, which caused Michelle immense guilt, from which she hanged herself. Hod caught on with the fact that Rose wants to be a better person and is not happy with her past. While she was wary of her darker impulses, Hod regardless felt no animosity towards Rose and treated her like a friend, which surprised the latter and even gave Rose her support in trying to do better. She's since been quite thankful for Hod and sees her as a support confidant that she keeps in contact with whenever she's feeling despondent. Hod has since been making sure that Rose does become respectable and more considerate as a person in the future.
    • Strangely enough, even Deadpool was open to the idea of trying to befriend Rose. Whilst initially a bumbling loon in her mindset, Deadpool decided to once tell Rose that while he'll do anything to make his presence a fun comedy, he's also not as optimistic or jokey as he thinks of himself as, even sharing that most of the time, most people, hero or villain, don't really like him and Deadpool usually just take himself to making as much comedic one-liners and jokes as he could in an attempt to alleviate himself. It actually helped in Rose developing a better opinion of him and Deadpool has made a few comments that managed to elicit a slight chuckle from Rose. He also makes it clear that he doesn't appreciate what Slade had done to Rose and would kill him again (he already did so once in a simulated battle scenario) and would gladly volunteer to act as a mentor to Rose if need be. That said, Rose did catch on to the fact that Deadpool did once side with the Skrulls once his disrespect went too far (though that turned out to be under orders of a secret mission, courtesy of Nick Fury, so he decided to play the role of traitor), which briefly soured their relationship. In an odd turn of events, Rose and Wade Wilson ended up having an Odd Friendship with each other and they've even discovered the two make for a good mercenary duo if they ever decide to fight together. Even then, Wade wants to make sure Rose doesn't come into contact with Bullseye. Not because he's a psychopathic monster that relishes on killing others for entertainment, but also because, weirdly enough, Lester and Wade actually get along, and that bringing Rose along would not spell well for her.
"None of that matters. The only thing that is important is I have to get it back. I have to be the one who wears it... or a world dies!"
Cassandra Sandsmark

"What's a girl gotta do to get in a proper brawl around here?"
Rose Wilson

    Enrico Pucci 
Enrico Pucci, God of Villainous Vengeance (Father Pucci, Father Pucchi, Gay Priest)

Hisako, Goddess of Vengeful Spirits (Avenging Ghost, Eternal Child, Chiharu, Shin Hisako)
Shin Hisako

    Thorgrim Grudgebearer 
Thorgrim Grudgebearer, God of Upholding Grudges (High King of the Dwarfs)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Great Book of Grudges and the Throne of Power
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with Lawful Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Dwarf, The High King of the Dwarfs, Sits on the Throne of Power being carried by four Thronebearers, wish to avenge all grudges in the Book of Grudges
  • Domains: Dwarfs, Grudges
  • Allies: Karl Franz, Muradin Bronzebeard, Harth Stonebrew, The Fortress Dwarves, Gillius Thunderhead, Odin, Weiss Schnee, Scathach, Cu Chuclain, Rias Grimory, Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper
  • Enemies: The Chaos Gods, Ghazghkull, Skarsnik, Gul'dan, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Garrosh Hellscream, Redcloak, Dr. Boom, Carl the Invoker, Twitch, Ratigan, Tyranids, Techies, Eric Cartman, Illidan Stormrage, Asdrubael Vect, Deathmaster Snikch
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Jareth, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Merrill, every other elves
  • Opposes: Drizzt Do'Urden, Drow Ranger, Ren Hakuryuu
  • He is the current High King of the dwarfs, a dying race, many of whose lands are being held by Orcs and Skaven. Sitting on his Throne of Power and bearing the Great Book of Grudges, he wish to avenge every grudge written in the Book and bring the Dwarfs back to their glory.
    • In his temple in the House of Vengeance, he found himself writing and avenging the grudges after his ascension to the Pantheon after his death in the End Time.
  • The dwarfs in the Old World are known for being vengeful, and never forget grudges against those who would treat dwarfs poorly. They keep these slights against their people in the aforementioned book of grudges, and strike them out when avenged. To drive the point home, vengeance is considered sacred, and in their language, there is no word for "forgiveness." Sometimes, the obsession can be downright absurd, like when the Dwarfs sacked a fortress after an elector court reduced the payment for their workers. The amount of payment not given? Two and the half pennies.
  • Thorgrim HATES orcs and goblins, for they brought ruin to his race's empire. Though there haven't been any Skaven in the Pantheon (yet), just seeing a rat that walks on two legs would rouse his ire. It certainly doesn't help that he was assassinated by one Skaven Deathmaster Snikch; stabbed in the back, thereby forced into a dishonorable death.
  • He found many dwarfs/dwarves in the Pantheon, and initially believed that his race survived and continued a legacy of retribution. However, the Fortress Dwarves' stupidity and tendency to get themselves killed makes them more frustrating to deal with than the most stubborn dwarf trying to avenge an unworthy grudge.
  • Like most dwarfs/dwarves, he doesn't like elves, but his case is the reason why the two races are now Vestigial Empires in his World. They were tricked by the Dark Elves and, in addition to the high elves' arrogance and the dwarfs' stubbornness, it led to the War of the Beard/War of Vengeance, and the two races still hate each other.
    • Because of this, he has no compassion and mercy to EVER forgive Drizzt Do'Urden for being a drow (a dark elf), and despises Asdrubael Vect for being too similar to the dark elves.
    • He is, at the moment, unsure what exactly to think of half-elves, since such a race is a radical idea in his World. For now, he just distrusts them for being familial to full-blooded elves.
  • Though dwarfs are known to hold grudges and he wishes to avenge all of them, he actually acknowledges that their unforgiving, vindictive culture led to the dwarfs' self-destruction.
    • He is rather unhappy with Ren Hakuryuu, whose drive for revenge makes the dwarfs look like children.
  • He heard that a race in the 41st millennium which resembled his own race, the Squats, were eaten and annihilated by a Tyranid splinter Hive Fleet. Furious that their potential allies were destroyed by the aliens, he wrote a grudge into the Book which calls to avenge them.
  • He learned of the Techies, who are too similar to goblins for his liking, not only in appearance, but also their underhanded tactics. He's keeping a close eye on the trio.
  • He once mistook Eric Cartman for a beardless dwarf, since he hasn't seen a young dwarf for centuries. Cartman really didn't take the comment well, and is plotting to make him pay, which isn't really helping his case.
  • His race uses magic to be infused into stones called runes, and are used to enchant armors and weapons. Thorgrim, for example, wields an axe filled with runes and wears the Armor of Skaldour which is protected by powerful runes that deflect blades. He is impressed that other deities can use runes, as his race can be very secretive about the method to creating runes.
  • Learning of the existence of a dwarf-like people known as the Keen, he chose to contact Kardel Sharpeye. Their first meeting was fine, to the point that the Sniper offered to assist him in the Old World since he didn't have anything better to do anyway. Over the coming month, Kardel had apparently done a good job, killing numerous enemies of the dwarfs, to the point that it is said that some orc tribes have started telling stories about the "Laughing Death". Thorgrim was so impressed by the Sniper's success that he allowed him to keep the dwarf engineer outfit that he requested as a reward for his assistance.
  • "A new age of retribution has begun."


Kriemhild, Goddess of Crusading Widows (Kriemhilt, Kriemhilde, Gudrun, Berserker)
Kriemhild as seen in Die Nibelungen
As a Berserker
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as Berserker)
  • Symbol: A falcon killed by two eagles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Crusading Widow, All Consuming Revenge to Avenge Her Husband's Death, Despair Event Horizon, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Dreaming of Things to Come
  • Domains: Revenge, Widows, Princesses
  • Allies: Siegfried, Altera, The Bride, Sayo Samonji
  • Enemies: Fafnir
  • Conflicted Opinions: Brynhild, Sieg
  • Kriemhild was the princess of Burgundy and the sister of king Gunther who eventually married the legendary hero Siegfried. However, after she ended up exposing one of Siegfried's misdeeds that could cause a potential disaster, he was killed by one of Gunther's men, Hagen, which cause Kriemhild to seek vengeance for what he had done to her husband.
  • Since she already got her revenge by killing Hagen (and being killed herself for doing it), she is technically much calmer now. That being said, she isn't the sanest person after everything she went through and it is best not to badmouth her late husband around her.
  • One of things she did to seek vengeance was to marry King Etzel of Huns aka Attila the Hun to gain a foothold. Which extends to the history of Altera. While the whole thing was a political move by Altera's followers as Altera never truly cared about the marriage, the two of them didn't hate each other. Surprisingly, Altera does seem to like the Etzel name to some extend. Also don't ask where Ortlieb comes into this.
  • She feels conflicted on Brynhild. While she can sense the same roots coming from her as with Brünhild, the woman her brother married and whom Siegfried might have either deflowered so that Gunther can sleep with her or just held in place so that Gunther can get his way with her, she acknowledges that the two of them are different people with different stories. Brynhild acknowledges this as well, knowing that she is different person from Gudrun, though since she can sense a presence similar to Sigurd in her, things can get dicey by association.
  • Fafnir does not appreciate the wife of Siegfried being here, and would like to kill her as a payback forwards him. However, since she seemed to have carried Balmung with her into the Pantheon, he is cautious about her in case his arrogance would be his undoing.
  • She would like to try to reclaim Siegfried's treasure after Hagen threw it away from her, but rumors that the gold might be cursed depending on if the hoard originally belonged to Fafnir, Nibelungen (and the latter might have been cursed as well) or both has made reconsider.
  • Is being taught by The Bride how to handle a sword so that if she needs to face someone, she can do it without the cost of others. At least that is what they hope would happen.
  • While she doesn't hold anything against Siegfried Schtauffen, she does find him having the same name as her husband to be a bother.
  • Sayo Samonji is interested in her. Or rather, he is more interested in Balmung, as he believes it carries a cursed history within itself.
  • When her husband actually did ascend, Kriemhild greeted him and asked just what took him so long to ascend. What she got was... "Sorry."
    • She has also run into the homunculus Sieg in the Pantheon, often giving him lectures on how not to be a self-sacrificing Dudley Do-Right type of character, and would rather call him "Hans" or "Schmidt" due to this. On several occasions where he had to sit through this lecture, Siegfried would come in, try to calm her down, only for her to double down and lecture the both of them.

    Ren Hakuryuu 
Ren Hakuryuu, God of Blinding Revenge (Hakuryuu-san)