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House of Legacy and Influence Index
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Greater Gods

    Evolto/Blood Stalk/Kamen Rider Evol 
Evolto, God of Needing Others to Get Stronger and Creating the Hero (Evolt, Soichi Isurugi, Blood Stalk, Kamen Rider Evol, Masakuni Mido)
Evol Cobra Form (Phase 1)
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    King Cold 
King Cold, God of Villainous Legacies (Cold the Great, Papa Frieza, Lord King Cold, Admiral Cold)
Cold in the Cold Force era 

Intermediate Gods

Aurum, The God Who Broke the Pedestal (Super Hero Aurum, Evil God Aurum, Geoffrey)
Evil God Aurum 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Evil God Aurum)
  • Symbol: The Superhero Sword, stabbed onto a construct made out of demon parts
  • Theme Songs: CosmicRays and Last World
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, used to be Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hero who Fell Out of Grace, Standing on a Broken Pedestal Before Breaking It, Just Wanting to Die, Not Understanding the Power of Love and Friendship, Purposefully Provoking Create Your Own Villain, Needing Villains to Stay as a Hero, Used as an Guinea Pig
  • Domains: Fallen Heroes, Manipulation, Butlers, Final Bosses
  • Allies: Lordgenome, General Grievous, Plutonian
  • Enemies: Mao, Almaz, Sapphire, Mr. Champloo, Teddie
  • Begrudging Understanding between: Saitama
  • There are those who have a Broken Pedestal. And then there is Super Hero Aurum, whose pedestal started cracking when he started to get tired of being the hero and just wanted to die in the blaze of glory, resulting him going after Mao's father, which broke Mao's pedestal for him. Then he utterly broke it by trying to turn Mao into the strongest and most heartless Overlord for 200 years as the butler Geoffrey so that he can either die against him, or defeat him and grow stronger. And due to Mao intentionally locking away his memories, not only did he more or less re-break the pedestal for Mao, but broke the pedestal for Almaz. Needless to say, even the demons were against him for this (Disgaea demons, but that's beside the point).
  • He was considered to be thrown into the Fallen, but judgement was postponed for a long time, due to Mao keeping him as his own personal guinea pig. However, he lost control of him after he used him as a power source for his Getter Mao, which fell into the hands of Valvatorez. He eventually got free (possibly due to Fenrich scrapping the machine), but was captured and brought to justice, where he was thrown into the Fallen.
    • However, after some revaluation, gods considered that Aurum did not deserve to be in the Fallen as he pulled off Broken Pedestal rather greatly, and was moved out.
  • Even today, Mao still tries to turn Aurum back to a guinea pig. Unfortunately for him, Aurum is making sure that he isn't going to be experimented (or brainwashed) again.
  • When needed, Aurum turns back to his Geoffrey disguise to act as a butler. Due to how prepared he is, especially with portals, he does a really good job at it.
  • Teddie really doesn't like him due to them sounding the same and due to how he thinks that friendship is meaningless. Though Aurum himself is annoyed by Kefka for sounding like someone trying to mock him and swears to kill that clown like many Overlords he has slain before.
  • Lordgenome, being a Fallen Hero himself, does sympathize with Aurum a little bit, and has tried to teach him how he could repair his pedestal. Aurum does appreciate it as he does feel a little bit bad for everything he has done.
  • Due to his twisted sense of what it means to be a hero, he is not part of GUAG, but refuses to join GUAE or GUAC. Even GUAL is out of question, not wanting to be dragged by them endlessly.
  • He seems to share an understanding with Saitama, as both of them grew into the point where neither of them were satisfied with victory.
  • Among the handful of allies that the Plutonian has is Aurum, another Fallen Hero that's had a Broken Pedestal for some time. No one can say for certain if it's true or not (and many are hoping it's not), but the Plutonian is trying to get Aurum to embrace his own powers and cause chaos.

    Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel 
Carol Susan Jane Danvers and Kamala Khan, Co-Goddesses of Lasting Affirmative Action Characters (Carol: Captain Marvel, formerly known as Ms. Marvel, Binary, "Vers" | Kamala: Ms. Marvel)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Carol, Greater in the MCU), Lesser Goddess (Kamala)
  • Symbol: Carol's insignia or Kamala's lightning bolt.
  • Leitmotif: Slugger
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Carol), Chaotic Good (Kamala)
  • Portfolios: Action Girl, Half-Human Hybrid, Super-Strength, Affirmative-Action Legacy
  • Domains: Heroism, Good, Strength, (Carol: Sun, Void, Law), (Kamala: Chaos, Rubber)
  • Heralds: Sam Alexander/Nova, Monica Rambeau/Photon/Pulsar/Daystar/Sceptre/Lady of Light/Monica Marvel/Sun Goddess/Spectrum
  • Followers: Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore/Stargirl, Michael Holt/ Mr. Terrific, Kaldur/Aqualad. There were many others... only to be replaced/killed off.
  • Allies: Billy Batson/Shazam, Avatar Korra, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Miles Morale, James Howlett/Wolverine,
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Anna Marie/Rogue
  • Enemies: Victor von Doom, Lex Luthor, Ultron, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Kang the Conqueror
  • Opposes: Raven Darkholme/Mystique
  • Neutral with: Alison Blaire/Dazzler
  • It takes a lot of determination to make a name for oneself in the Superhero Pantheon. That goes double for those who hope to take on the legacy of previous characters. Out of those, Carol may win the title of those who went through the roughest times. Her perseverance finally paid off when she took over Marvell's title of Captain Marvel. Her warm reception while replacing a male character with a female one earned her a place in the Pantheon. But she wouldn't enter alone. A Pakistani girl named Kamala Khan took her former title of Ms. Marvel. For being such a popular character while replacing a white female, Carol decided to make her a full-fledged goddess instead of a herald.
    • It was not an easy decision. Many like the two strive to become legacy characters to their inspirations, with many failing to do so. Some of their kind were either killed off or sidelined shortly afterwards. Carol and Kamala seek to help those in need, with Carol especially distraught with her followers suffering the same abuse she had endured.
  • Kamala made sure to visit every single house in the Pantheon. Twice over. Sure it left her exhausted for a week, but it was well worth it. She squeed to find not only many of her favorite superheroes, but characters she read and played games in.
  • Billy Batson put up his best smile when the two ascended, but he couldn't help but feel deflated. That's due to being involved in one of the most peculiar naming battles in the Pantheon. After Billy's stories were shut down, Carol's predecessor took the name "Captain Marvel" for himself. Once Billy returned, he wasn't allowed to use that name in his books. It got to the point where DC decided to just call him Shazam and end it there, even though he has never been called that before now. Carol and Kamala heard his plight and decided to pay him a visit, saying he could use the name whenever he wanted. A teary Billy gave the two a hug before taking them to the House of Food to eat.
  • Rumors have been swirling around the Pantheon, claiming that Danvers still has a crush on Spider-Man. Carol refuses to buy into the claim, but Kamala thinks she's lying. She even wrote a fanfic of the two together. Spider-Man takes the notion with pride and even teasing Marvel about it.
    • This has come to bit him on the butt when many pointed out Peter's thoughts indicated he may have wished the two became a formal item, successfully shutting down the Spider and causing a large blush from Carol and a squeal of excitement from Kamala.
  • Some say Ms. Marvel shares a resemblance with Korra, especially after the later cut her hair. Kamala was grateful for the compliment, but points out she usually doesn't have the physique to match. It's that some of her artists that don't know that.
    • Carol seems to have the opposite problem. Despite having a figure most goddesses would dream of, some still think of her a more thick-skinned than most other superheroes. This accusation dates back to when Doctor Doom called her a "fat cow" Doom admittedly stated that it was a Doombot that said that, as he would never resort to such childish insults. Carol felt even more embarrassed that she let that get to her.
  • Both stand opposed to the usual villainous gods in the Pantheon, particularly Lex Luthor, God of Supervillains. The GUAE have acted accordingly to counteract the threat.
  • It is almost certain that Carol is currently finding an opportunity to ascend her best friend Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, into the Pantheon. To her surprise, she previously had a seat in the House of Heroes before circumstances disqualified her from the title. Carol hopes to find a new one for her. Many deities theorized their friendship is more than that given Jessica's sexual tendencies. Both parties deny those charges. Carol even noted she was already in a relationship; that with James Rhodes, formerly known as War Machine.
  • One of Carol's lowest points as a mortal was the time when she was depowered by Rogue, forcing her to live her life with no superpowers for a long time. She may have forgiven the mutant for ruining her life, but the two still don't see eye to eye on a number of issues.
    • The reason she could forgive Rogue is that she found out she only acted on the will her former superior: Mystique. So when she found out that the shapeshifter had a temple of her own... well, saying she was angry would be an understatement. Carol flew over to Mystique and gave her a beating to remember before being restrained in the House of Justice. She may not be allowed to kick her out, but Carol is willing to make her life a living hell for what she did.
  • As such she serves as a motherly figure to all deities who felt neglected, superhero or otherwise. That attitude was why she supported Jessica Jones more than any other superhero at the later's lowest point. She was elated to find her ascended in the Pantheon.
  • After her initial tour of the Pantheon, Kamala settled down in the House of Gaming, fulfilling her wishes of playing video games. She was glad there were many other deities who were gamers like her, even willing to roleplay online.
  • As an Inhuman, Kamala respects the lone deity in the Pantheon. Black Bolt and his wife Medusa have tasked themselves in training Kamala to improve her powers.
  • It was no surprise that Kamala got along well with Steven Universe. Kamala was in contention for the title herself given how well received she has been with her fans. Her in-universe popularity... could use some work. She hopes that Steven can win back her support in Jersey City.
  • She was also a fan of her appearance in the Avengers Academy. Amusing, as she is probably the only one who appeared at their exact age.
  • Carol also placed shrines in her temple to her predecessors (and successors of the original Captain, most notably Spectrum, Monica Rambeau ( a female Afro-American who was the second Captain Marvel and the first Photon) along with Mar-Vell's children (Genis-Vell, his son who was the third Marvel before becoming the second Photon and Phyla-Vell, who became the fourth Marvel before becoming the second Quasar). All next to a shrine of Mar-Vell himself. The Vell family's shrines also serve as memorials, given their ultimate fates.
    • Kamala also made one to her predecessor and Carol's successor for Ms. Marvel, who is now She-Thing when she learned about her.
  • Some have pointed out why Carol chose to call herself Captain Marvel despite her being a US Airforce Colonel in rank and thus technically outranks Captain America himself and making her new title a demotion. She takes it in stride since she did choose the name to honor Mar-Vell though she has said that Colonel Marvel had a nice ring to it.
  • Marvel has been trying to make Carol into their counterpart for Wonder Woman, thus leading Carol to befriend the Amazonian. Both of them hit it off well, while Kamala has been spending time with both Wonder Girls.
    • Diana and Carol also find a hilarious common ground in that both of their metaphysical origins were inspired by those of Billy Batson as Captain Marvel; (For Diana, both got powers from the Greek Gods, with Diana having been made by DC to Captain Marvel back when he was with Fawcett Comics. In turn, Carol and her predecessor, Mar-Vell, were Marvel's answer to Billy.
  • Unfortunately, the two are rarely seen together nowadays as a result of the events of the second Civil War. Both heroines are also seen in much more depressed moods.
    • Fortunately, the two are able to patch things up when Carol goes to talk to Kamala and convinces her to come out of retirement.
  • During the HYDRA takeover of the world Kamala had met Illyana again, but despite their different nature as Inhuman and Mutant both joined together in the fight eventually coming to respect one another. Illyana wasn't ready to call Kamala a friend, even when she was invited over for some more sweets in Kamala's house.
  • Carol's live-action debut has brought her to the attention of some other deities. Trent Reznor, in gratitude for her wearing a Nine Inch Nails shirt, gifted Carol with a specially made one. Her portrayer made Scott Pilgrim consider Carol familiar and King Kong to take a liking to her.
  • Due to the One-Steve Limit, Khan is often confused with Kamala Harris.
  • Carol despises Kang for his villainy but mostly for what his son did to her when she was Ms. Marvel. Kang actually doesn't hold it against her as he hated Marcus too.

    Deathmaster Snikch 
Snikch, He Who Is Shrouded in Myth (Deathmaster Snikch, Chief Assassin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Clan Eshin Flag
  • Theme Song: The Shadow & The Blade (Shared with Malus Darkblade)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Utterly Vile Rat-Man, A High Member of Clan Eshin, Stealth Expert, Has his Existence Covered Up by his Clan to Inspire Mystique, Super-Reflexes, Feared by Many, Utterly Insane, Fights and Kills for the Thrill of It, Weilds a Trio of Daggers to Compliment his Barbaric Nature and Profession and are Laced with Poison, Prehensile Tail, Among his Setting's Most Effective and Powerful Assassins, Faux Affably Evil
  • Domains: Rodents, Assassination, Daggers, Stealth, Mystique, War
  • Heralds: Clan Eshin (especially his master and Nightlord, Sneek)
  • Allies: None (Skaven have no loyalty to anyone beyond themselves, and very loosely at that)
  • Rivals: The Daleks, Ra's al Ghul, Master Chief, Agent 47note 
  • Enemy Mine: The Forces of Chaos (Archaon, Wulfrik)
  • Enemies: Basically Anybody that's Not a Skaven
  • Opposes: Nagash
  • Opposed By: Sauron, House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Interests: Melkor
  • Are you afraid of rats? Well then, good for you, the Skaven will exactly expand on that, plus more! They're not just evil Rat Men, they're literally the vilest, most evil race in a grim setting that's already filled to the brim with bloodthirsty vampires, sadistic dark elves, barbaric Norscans, warmongering Beastmen, battle-hungry ogres and orcs, and the destructive Warriors of Chaos. While not much is known about the Skaven race other than their exclusivity and their desire to conquer and destroy every race they stumble across, their extremely self-centred, cowardly, and paranoid nature has them divided their sects into clans, with Eshin representing a branch that contains assassins, ninjas, and professional killers from all fronts. Among their ranks is Snikch, who started off as an ordinary Skaven like any other, but very quickly grew into something of a legend for the race and a symbol of fear and dread for anyone who came to know him. Indeed, Snikch went on to become one of the greatest warriors the Skaven had under their ever-growing army, taking on tasks of killing and massacres whilst concealing his identity, which Clan Eshin has planned as they felt that hiding Snikch's presence would likely inspire more fear towards their enemies as well as fellow Skaven, likening him as a legend as he was christened the title of ''Deathmaster.
  • Little is known about Snikch's ascension or how he came to learn about the Pantheon. To Snikch, on the other, he doesn't concern himself with that and is simply more than eager to discover a new land that he and the Skaven set out to plunder simply for the sake of their xenophobic hatred and disproportionate superiority towards all other races. Some speculate that the Great Horned One might have discovered the Pantheon at some point, which would explain the Skavens' presence in these divine lands. Even so, many are concerned about the Skaven more than how they came to the Pantheon, speculating that Snikch's arrival would mean more Skaven may potentially become ascended beings, and they don't want an army of murderous Rat Men to start pillaging lands for the sake of it. Snikch is simply content with serving House Eshin, hence why they were bought along as his heralds and is willing to demonstrate just how far will his reputation will reach in a more daring land.
  • Snikch's reputation is well earned; as a ninja trained under Clan Eshin with the express purpose of infiltration, assassination, and murder as well as employing those in war battles if need be, he is a master in stealth and sudden attacks. He's made quite the infamy for himself, and not just towards other races, but also towards his own kind. It's not for nothing that many consider him the most dangerous rat in the Pantheon as Snikch can and will murder anybody he stumbles across without fail and still cover his tracks, helped by the fact that Clan Eshin does whatever they could to keep his identity a secret to project boogeyman tales and legends to keep Skaven in line. The fact that the Dwarfen King Thorgrim Grudgebearer was among those killed by Snikch is telling of how much of a threat he is. Wielding a trio of 'Weeping Blades, one slung onto his tail and each blade coated with poison and draped in a Cloak of Shadows'', Snikch is fully armed for the occupation of being both an agent of stealth, providing Clan Eshin with information, and taking out targets quickly and efficiently without leaving a trace behind. Even so, Snikch possesses a sense of unusual valor that contrasts a Skaven's usual cowardice and would involve himself in a head-on fight, enjoying the taste of blood and tussling against a foe in personal combat. Not that it hampers Clan Eshin much as Snikch's combat experience and gear are enough for him to win or at least make a tactical retreat. The Pantheon might be a more challenging experience for him since the End Times, but Snikch welcomes a good challenge.
  • Snikch has no genuine allies. This is more of a byproduct of the Skaven's nature to despise everyone, including themselves if they meet up to their insane standards, though his clan is someone that Snikch could get back on if mainly because they rely on each other and Snikch needs an outlet to have someone direct him towards a goal. While the Skaven, Snikch included, joined along with the Forces of Chaos to bring about the End Times, this was entirely out of a mutual goal, as there was no respect between each faction. This remains in the Pantheon, as Snikch will work alongside Archaon and Wulfrik whilst making it blatantly clear that he's in it for his own agenda and both Champions of Chaos are tolerant of him so long as Snikch knows exactly what's he doing. The Skaven themselves are too astray to decide on who to work alongside in their quest to assert dominance and Snikch has not said anything about the matter, only caring about his work.
  • Melkor and Sauron have rather differing views on Snikch and the Skaven. Given his nature as a God of Evil, Melkor generally finds appreciation for the Skaven and believes that they would make a great addition to his growing alliance of evil. The fact that the Skaven want to destroy every species and race they come across is not too different from Melkor's own desire to eradicate existence, though there's a certain difference in that the Skaven is motivated by personal supremacy and Melkor is acting out of spite and jealousy for not having ultimate power and authority. Regardless, the Great Enemy of Middle-Earth has been open about a potential alliance with the Skaven and eyes on Snikch as a useful force of strength and slaughter upon hearing of his tales as an assassin and boogeyman. Sauron, on the other hand, came to despise the Skaven. Not because of any moral standard, but because he finds the entire race to be far too chaotic and unruly for him to consider keeping control of and would rather wipe out the Skaven as he feels that they may become too much of a burden to manage. And while the One Ring might overwhelm any Skaven, Snikch included, who dares to take the ring, Sauron would rather not as he thinks they would have no idea how to keep his ring under proper grasp. Snikch personally has little to say about Melkor and Sauron's opinion of him and his race and keeps his opinion to himself.
  • His infamy as a killer did catch the attention of a few others who could match his pedigree. However, none of them are in any condition to even encounter Snikch in their spare time, let alone commend him for his skill, though Snikch himself couldn't care less about camaraderie. While the two of them are as different as night and day, Snikch did recognize Agent 47 as a skilled assassin and a Worthy Opponent when it came to reputation. On the other hand, Agent 47 has very little to say about the Skaven and would rather avoid any confrontation against him, mainly because doing so would mean himself becoming a magnet for other Skaven, which he cannot afford to do so. Even then, he does consider the possibility of killing Snikch if it's ever necessary, but that time doesn't seem to be looming anytime close. His battlefield rep also bought to mind the accomplishments of Master Chief, himself a hardened war veteran, but the two have never met and probably wouldn't. Chief has no problem killing the Skaven due to how much of a problem they could pose to the Pantheon while Snikch sees Chief as someone who would be worth a challenge.
    • Binah of the Sephirot and the Patron Librarians was one of the few killers that Snikch had a positive reaction towards, even if was more based on the fact that he saw her as a Worthy Opponent. Much like the Deathmaster himself, Binah also has a similar reputation of being a boogeymannote  under the orders of The Head during her days as an Arbiter. Also, like Snikch, Binah is a sadistic blood knight who would enjoy a good kill, but there's a clear difference in that Binah is still rational enough to be cordial and polite in spite of her shady reputation while Snikch revels in his bloodthirsty nature. Despite the weird coincidence of the Sephirot and Sneek ordering Binah and Snikch respectively track down and assassinate one another, both killers didn't express many surprises about the occasion and just went right into fighting each other, with only an unexplainable event causing the two to fall back without a victor. A thoroughly honest person, Binah admitted to enjoying her time fighting Snikch, finding the rat to be capable of backing up his reputation and be one of the more interesting members of his race while Snikch is fully intent on finding and killing Binah, wanting to settle the score and prove himself the superior fighter/assassin.
  • The idea of a rat ninja seems pretty cool, if rather radical. But when the ninja rats in question are xenophobes who want to kill everything, yeah, not so cool. That's the perspective of the Ninja Turtles when they themselves had to deal with a pack of Clan Eshin numbers who gave them a tough time. Snikch himself almost defeated the turtles, who were only saved by a timely intervention from their master and another ninja rat, Splinter. Snikch almost managed to kill Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael and fought Leonardo to a standstill, albeit with the element of surprise giving him an advantage prior hand. Though Snikch retreated before the fight could see any proper conclusion, Clan Eshin held a ceremony to commemorate their supposed victory in fighting the Ninja Turtles, in spite of the casualties they've endured. Sure the other turtles recovered, but it still took some time and a lot of stress as they were poisoned by Snikch's daggers, with Leonardo feeling somewhat disappointed in not doing enough to help his brothers and not stopping his enemy, even when Splinter told him that he did well enough. At the very least Leo intends to use his memory of fighting Snikch as a way to further train and improve himself as well as pass that down on the other turtles as well, while Snikch has committed to having a rematch and killing off the turtles to cement his superiority against them.
  • He and his race are despised by Ra's al Ghul, with the League of Assassins leader decrying them as a perversive blight to nature who should be eradicated at all costs. Ra's was also perplexed and confused about how the Skaven came to be and this came to a conclusion that because their reproduction rate is tied to the massive swath of dark magic, Ra's saw the excess of such, especially if it comes from Chaos, as a threat to nature and, consequently, to his goals. Being one of the few to have personally dealt with the Skaven and one of the even fewer to confront and survive an encounter with Snikch, Ra's has seen the Deathmaster as a dangerous foe whom he couldn't even bring to respect due to the Skaven's cowardly and treacherous nature defining their evil, though he does acknowledge that Snikch is among the deadliest foes he's met in the Pantheon, having been poisoned by him in their first duel and being forced to use the Lazarus Pit to provide ailment. Speaking of, Ra's dreads the possibility of the Skaven finding any Lazarus Pits and given their high reproduction rate is even more determined to bring extinction to the Skaven. In the perspective of Clan Eshin, Ra's and the League of Assassins are simply a similar force of violence who pose a threat to them for that very reason and task many of their members to slaughter them, with Snikch seeing Ra's as someone to test his blades against solely for his pleasure.
  • The Skaven also caught the attention of Group 1, a quintet of teenagers who were engineered to inherit psychic powers that made them living nukes, but were also conditioned to be incapable of harming another person, let alone killing them, as the psychic backlash of doing so would also mean their own deaths through an aneurysm. The Quintet have their own experiences with a Rat Men race, particularly Squealer, though the circumstances of their villainy come from historic grievances, discrimination, and desperation rather than misplaced paranoia and an irrational hate for everything. All things considered, Snikch ended up meeting Group 1 by chance, with the teens having a gruelling fight that nearly left them dead and barely avoiding the deadlier rat with the aid of Kiroumaru. Group 1 has since been trying to learn more about the Skaven in the hopes of better combating themselves and gaining more combat support from their new friends in the Pantheon while Snikch's experience caused him to send a report to Sneek to begin their own plans of dealing with psychic individuals, be it by creating their own or devising a weapon specifically designed to combat them.
  • The Skaven, Snikch included, were surprised to learn about the de Rune siblings, especially the younger one, Hugo, as he possessed the innate ability to control rats via the Prima Macula whose dormancy was a reason for Hugo's ill health throughout his life before his ailment was cured with the help of his sister Amicia. Needless to say, the de Rune siblings were shocked and terrified to learn of the Skaven as considering they were raised during the times when the Bubonic Plague was commonplace, they wouldn't want to imagine a malicious race wanting to deliberately spread that sort of disease out of hate and paranoia, not to mention Hugo only controlled rats as a means to keep him and his sister and friends safe from an Inquisition and oppose said Inquisition for their tyranny in Aquitaine. While the Skaven don't normally spread diseases and would rather directly (if cowardly) attack others head-on, they wouldn't mind the idea of using a plague for their ends. That and Snikch are rather intrigued by the idea of someone controlling rats, even if the concept does make a lot of the Skaven terrified about the idea of their own kind suddenly turning against them. Unfortunately, Hugo is unable to use his powers to make a Skaven under his control, likely due to some sort of overriding power from either the Chaos Gods or the Great Horned Rat, something that scared him, and while Snikch is relieved to learn of such, he still would want to kill Amicia and Hugo as they could still pose a threat to Clan Eshin.
  • He is opposed by the entire House of Beasts and Fauna, with every single animal being completely disgusted, terrified, or simply against what sort of creatures the Skaven are. Other rodents and rats are in the boat that they give them a bad name and even other beastly villains, including the likes of Dag and Gorilla Grodd are less appalled and more annoyed by the fact that the Skaven don't want to even consider the possibility of an alliance, which they felt didn't make sense as they think the Skaven would greatly benefit from such. Snikch doesn't care about any of this and the Skaven would rather bring the House down so they could take it over for themselves and only themselves, but he was surprised to see that Kroq-Gar and Grymloq were among the House's representing members, which ended up giving him further motivation to go against the House, while the Lizardman and Carnosaur took Snikch's presence as a further drive to assert his place as a House Guardian. On a lesser note, the Deathmaster also made enemies against Spider-Man and Captain America of all people as the two heroes have fought against a Rat Man known as Vermin and they feel that they have a responsibility to stop the Skaven. Snikch only feels more invigorated to fight the two, knowing of their status as heroic capes and that killing them would demoralise others greatly, an advantage the Skaven would gladly seize, though the Desthmaster does find annoyance from Spidey's quips and wisecracks anytime they fight. At the very least, at least Snikch doesn't have clones, unlike Vermin, a prospect that would be horrifying if the Skaven ever got a hold of the potential to create such.

    Grigori Rasputin 
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, God of Fantastical Historical Figures (The Mad Monk, Lover of The Russian Queen, Russia's Greatest Love Machine, The Magician Arcana, SCP-4680, Kirei Kotomine, Alter Ego)
A Real Life photo of him
How he's usually seen in fiction

    Kylo Ren 
Ben Solo, God of Repeating History (Kylo Ren, Benjamin Chewbacca Solo, Supreme Lord, Son of Darkness, Creature in a Mask, Monster, Jedi Killer, Leader of the Knights of Ren, Little Starfighter, Ben Swolo, Edge Lord of the Sith, Better Anakin, Ky So Serious, Gentle Ben)
Kylo Unmasked 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A shattered/decrepit First Order Symbol. Alternatively, his full-face helmet and crossguard Lightsaber
  • Theme Song: The Abduction
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, formerly Chaotic Good and returns to latter alignment
  • Portfolio: Wishes to Surpass his Father's Legacy, But ends up Repeating Tragedies similar to Vader, Emotionally Unstable To the Point of Violent Outbursts, Malevolent Masked Man Hiding a rather Young Man, The Stoic Except Not at All, Killing his Own Father Which Further Conflict's his Mind, Killing Snoke, Knight Templar, Does Love his Family, Determinator, His Villainy only brings him more Suffering, Broken Ace, Antagonistic Offspring, Eventually Becomes Good, The Last of the Skywalker and Solo Family Tree, Sacrifices himself to save Rey
  • Domains: Leadership, Control, Emotion, Instability, Conflict
  • Allies: The 501st Legion (has joint-leadership authorities with Vader), Nagato, Golbez, Vlad von Carstein, Captain Cold, Illyasveil von Einzbern, Sasuke Uchiha, Mordred (Saber of Red), Goro Akechi, Eddie Brock/Venom, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Maul, Darth Nihilus, Sauron, Darkseid, Thanos, Frieza, The Tyranids, Ezekyle Abbadon, Madara Uchiha
  • On Good Terms With: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Cal Kestis, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Raiden
  • Commonality Connection: Malekith, Mordred
  • Special Relationship: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (his grandfather and a former herald of his), Leia Organa (his mother), Han Solo (his father), Luke Skywalker (his uncle and former master), Rey
  • Additional Relationship: Henry Cooldown
  • Allegiance: Difficult to Pinpoint as Kylo works with more morally ambiguous deities. That said, his actions do tend to favor more towards the Grand United Alliance of Good.
  • Kylo Ren is the mysterious mascot and frontline general of the First Order, a remnant of the Galactic Empire dedicated to rebuilding itself to match it's predecessor's might and oppression. Kylo was the Order's most notable and feared member, being a former Jedi with a very strong affinity to the Force. In truth, he is Ben Solo, the son of Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo, heroes of the Rebel Alliance who put an end to the Galactic Empire. This also made him grandson to Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader. He has convinced himself into fulfilling Vader's wishes into restoring order to the galaxy, never really considering that Vader turned back from the Dark Side shortly before his death.
    • He was an apprentice to his uncle, Luke Skywalker, who established a new Jedi Order after the defeat of the Galactic Empire. However, tragic circumstances prompted Kylo to turn on his master and fellow students, slaughtering most of them and joining Snoke to become his personal apprentice. Despite his affinity to the Dark Side of the Force, Kylo's psyche felt incredibly conflicted. He tried to sever this by personally killing his father, but that only worsened his situation. Eventually, he would execute Snoke to take his place as Supreme Leader of the First Order. Along the way, he formed a surprisingly positive relationship with Resistance Fighter Rey and tried to convince her to join alongside him as a means of leaving the past away and starting anew. Likewise, his considerations were not reciprocated.
      • Kylo would eventually realize that he was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine throughout his entire life. He was commissioned to kill Rey, but soon after, he finally let go of the Dark Side after talking to a vision of his father Han. He would join alongside Rey in defeating Palpatine, though he gave his life to revive a dead Rey, but not before having a first and last kiss of affection.
  • Kylo was initially a herald to his grandfather in his first days in the Pantheon. That said, he was relegated to events regarding his mortal life, never really getting a chance to have an opportunity to act in a multiversial world. It was only after he shed his mortal coil that Kylo managed to ascend into the Pantheon, though his representing trope was an allusion to his sins and faults.
    • It turns out that even as his herald, Kylo never met his grandfather. Upon meeting for the first time in a military base for the 501st Legion, Vader shared his heartfelt experience about his life as Anakin Skywalker and as Darth Vader. Now understanding how it truly felt to be like his grandfather, Kylo tearfully embraced his predecessor, cursing himself for being far too reckless and angry to fully realize the path he was going down on. Vader simply reciprocated by telling him that much of his grief wasn't fully his fault either and that he could try to do something about his newfound redemption in the Pantheon.
  • In a very short amount of timespan, Kylo found himself to be a very polarizing figure; heroes aren't too trusting of him given his actions as First Order Commander, yet villains are wary of Kylo being willing to go against their orders and wishes due to his conflicted feelings towards the Light and Dark Sides. Vader, in addition to giving him joint-leadership position in the 501st Legion, nominated him to join a band of morally complex deities headed by Nagato. Kylo has since taken up the offer, feeling like this may be the crowd that he would integrate into without much issues.
    • While Kylo gets along with Nagato, given that the latter understands suffering and is willing to aid the former out in emotional aspects, Kylo's feelings towards his new companions are mixed. Captain Cold seems easy to work with given his code of ethics, but Golbez and Vlad von Carstein seem to be more difficult. Golbez seems incredibly aloof and spends more time monitoring his brother Cecil. Vlad's ruthless demeanor towards his enemies and his vampire forces renders him a very hard man to come across. Illyasveil von Einzbern seems sweet and polite, but Kylo is wary enough to not push her buttons too much lest she unleashes Berserker to wreak havok. In spite of these issues, they acknowledge Kylo's presence, power and past and genuinely see him as a valuable ally to work with. Kylo himself doesn't have any hard feelings towards them and would often send them Stormtrooper factions to provide them with additional artillery.
  • Despite his reputation however, he has managed to back in good graces with the ascended members of the Jedi Order. It helps that he was redeemed before his death and that he was comforted by his grandfather during his ascension. Still, they're wary of what the former Jedi and First Order Commander is capable of and considering for his future actions. Kylo has assured that he'll try to do better in the future.
  • Because of his conflicted thoughts, emotional nature and his redemption, Kylo is often sympathized by Raiden. He understands the burden of carrying too much expectations and drama thanks to his experiences in defending Earthrealm. That said, he acknowledges that his circumstances and Kylo's are vastly different. Still, Raiden will try to see if he can work to socialize and help Kylo open up more about his insecurities.
  • Despite his eventual turn to Good, he's still seen wielding his trademark red lightsaber with a customized crossguard. It seems to be because it is his most notable weapon and Kylo would be most recognizable ad favored with his First Order garb by the Pantheon, much to his dismay. Fortunately, he doesn't have to replicate Vader to the point of wearing a life-support armor which his grandfather is pleased to know about.
  • Despite his obvious affection, Kylo refuses to meet with his parents. Maybe it's to do with the guilt of killing his father, putting further grief towards his mother and playing a role in his uncle's death. So far, no one has asked Kylo about why he keeps distance, even if there's an obvious answer. For now, the only family he regularly meets up with is Vader, which thankfully, is on a more healthier and productive approach.
  • To his surprise, Kylo seems to find himself relatable to Malekith. The Witch King acknowledges this and poses no enmity on Kylo, despite his Friendly Enemy stance on Vader. Kylo highlights the fact that Malekith's desire to live up to the reputation of his father Aenarion is pretty similar to his past actions of trying to surpass Vader. That, and both were lulled into darkness through a series of tragedies and manipulations. They have a ceasefre for now, though Malekith has pondered about working with Kylo when it comes to fighting the Grand United Alliance of Evil, seeing as the two of them have a common enemy in mind.
    • There is also Mordred, a man with antagonistic feelings towards his father/uncle, King Arthur. While Kylo finds the situation around his conceiving to be pretty controversial, he does sympathize with him to an extent and wishes to find a way to help him out. On the other hand, the other Mordred, Saber of Red, is a straight ally as the two of them get along with their similarities of having difficult familial relationships and trying to better themselves as a person in the very end. Saber of Red has since been encouraging of trying to get Kylo to be a leader in his own unique way.
  • Kylo opposes space tyrants like Darkseid, Thanos and Frieza. It's mainly to do with the fact that Kylo himself was raised by a Galactic Conquerer and the experiences around it were not nice to say the least. Still, it's a relief that Kylo managed to stop a potential threat despite that being but a ploy devised by Palpatine himself. That, and he also saved Rey from being killed. The other space tyrants however think of Kylo as inconsequential and annoying compared to their grand scheme of things.
    • Some might see Sauron as an Evil Counterpart of his to an extent. While their settings can't be any more different, the fact remains that both Sauron and Kylo were apprentices and the top commander of their master, Melkor and Snoke respectively. The differences end there however; despite both of them proving themselves treacherous towards their masters, Sauron continued to commit evil having completely forgone whatever good intentions he may have had whereas Kylo clung onto to the fact that he may be the galaxy's best chance of maintaining order and control. The Dark Lord found this comparison amusing, but still sees Kylo as just another pest to deal with.
  • While he may be better known as Kylo Ren, it's rare to see someone actually call him by his real name, Ben Solo. Initially, his family members were the only ones to refer him by the latter, though overtime, a few of his allies have begun to do it too, either as a means of being playful or showing a sign of respect. Kylo doesn't mind it.
  • Was amused to see that the lightsaber crossguard concept was done by Henry Cooldown 8 years prior to his formal introduction. As a result, Kylo pays some degree of respect to him and is eager to one day fight against Henry to see how well he could hold up against him.
  • To a lot of people's surprise, Kylo was able to defeat and even kill the legendary Zillo Beast. Even Darth Vader wasn't able to do the deed. This has been able to strengthen the 501st Legion's morale up by some notches, given he was able to accomplish a feat that very little have managed to do. The Monster Hunters have admitted to giving Kylo some sort of respect about this in some regard and even considered inviting them for creature hunting. He declined, stating that monster hunting isn't exactly his job, but respects the Monster Hunters' wishes regardless.
  • Is linked to Rey via the Force, hence them being a Dyad. This is one of the reasons that Kylo wanted Rey to join with him in the First Order rather than killing her. Additionally, it's what redeemed him as well. While some Force users are impressed by Kylo's feat in this and him no longer being an evil threat means the Jedi don't have to worry about him too much, Maul has expressed interest in such a concept. This led to scuffles between the two every now and them. That said, Maul has expressed interest in being a Dyad with Savage Oppress, should he be ascended, an idea that Kylo couldn't care less for.
  • Kylo is apparently very muscular and fit. Not exactly news-worthy, but some took his physique and promoted it like wildfire, alongside proclaiming him as Ben Swolo. He finds this pretty amusing.
  • While he's mellowed out considerably thanks to his experience of being humbled and understanding his flaws, many simply remember Kylo for losing his shit to the point of exasperation. Didn't take long before he was declared an Edgelord, complete with a compilation of songs emphasizing this nature. Again, Kylo doesn't know what to make of it. And no, he doesn't have built-in headphones in his mask either.
  • Also in the Destinies Sub-House.
I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?

Raditz, God of Unexpected Catalysts (Mr. Radish, Radish Boy, The Mysterious Warrior from Space, Long-haired Man, Raditz the Runt, Ruthless Invader, New Nail)
Super Saiyan 3! 
  • Intermediate God (borderline Greater God as a Great Ape or if powered by Demigra, Greater God as a Super Saiyan 3)
  • Symbol: His long hair
  • Theme Music: Move Forward Fearlessly, Fortitude ~Indomitable Spirit~, The Formidable Warrior, The Saiyan, Battle at the Edge of the Galaxy, Space, Unveiling of Power
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic or Lawful Neutral post-ascension (True Neutral in the "Fateful Brothers" timeline, Neutral Good in MasakoX's most popular hypothetical timeline).
  • Portfolio: Starter Villain, The Weakling of His Group, Evil Brother and Uncle, Cowardice, Meant to be Unlikable But Popular For Some Reason, Small Role, MASSIVE Impact, Big Brother Bully
  • Domain: Evil, Storytelling, Paper Tigers.
  • Saiyan Army Comrades: Nappa, Bardock (his father), Paragus, Turles (Teeth-Clenched Teamwork)
  • Former Ally: Babidi
  • Pities: Yamcha, Father (KND)
  • Enemies: Vegeta, Lord King Shin, Greed the Avaricious, Lin Beifong
  • Supports and is supported by: The Dragon Ball Z fanbase
  • Opposed by: Kenshiro, Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr/Power Girl, Android 21, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk
  • Fears: Frieza, Broly, Broly: BR
  • For years, Raditz had dwelled in Hell, believing his Saiyan brethren had taken vengeance. Instead, Vegeta has long since forgotten about him, and his brother hasn't even bothered visiting him. The cowardly Saiyan is pretty damn pissed about this, and with his revival in the Pantheon, he plans to get back at them both.
  • Things went worse for him when he finally saw his parents again in the afterlife, who were very disappointed with his treatment of Kakarot, their grandson, and his general attitude together. He tried to call them out on this, asking why they didn't tell him his brother was sent to Earth for his own protection, instead of slaughtering the population like normal.
  • His anger has cooled down after discovering he has a relatively large fanbase, who believe he should've had a bigger role. He's happy that somebody cares about him.
  • Once allied himself with Kenshiro's evil brother Jagi, something which Kenshiro and especially Lord King Shin do not regard well at all. He can sympathize with being the Black Sheep and comparative wimp of the Pantheon. He works together with KND's Father for similar reasons.
  • Though he hates the Z-Fighters, Raditz has nothing bad to say about Yamcha. He can feel for him being treated as such a weakling.
  • While a weakling in the large scale of things, one must remember if it weren't for him, the events in his home universe wouldn't have happened. Kakarot would've never known about the Saiyans and fought them, Piccolo might never have become an ally, Vegeta would still be under Frieza's reign (or dead), Frieza himself would still be terrorizing the universe, Kami knows what the Androids or Cell would be like, and Majin Buu would be stuck in his ball. In the grand scheme of things, he's made quite an impact.
    • Ironically, were it not for his death, neither Kakarot nor Vegeta would've become the pinnacle of his Saiyan race, the very thing he thought he could help Kakarot with by stealing his son and being a general dick to him. This has made Raditz feel slightly better about his predicament, but still cross it involved his death.
  • Babidi has seen potential in him as a minion. Raditz has chosen to submit to his Majin spells willingly, hoping to no longer be a glorified Saibaman. It won't really help him against most foes. Babidi has tried to get him a haircut, but the Saiyan was able to ignore this order despite his mind control.
  • In his search for a better life, Raditz came across an alternate timeline where he lost his memory and had a gradual Heel–Face Turn as a result. He still presumably died. The main Raditz isn't sure what to take from this.
    • He much later came across another possible exploration of a potential better life for himself. Long story short, had he been able to escape Kakarot's full nelson hold, dodge Piccolo's Makankosappo, and survive to report to Vegeta after recovering, he would've replaced Vegeta as Kakarot's link to the Saiyans and Kakarot as Vegeta's despised rival, as well as achieved both a life of peace on Earth and incredible power much like they did. This time he was much more pissed off at his own missed opportunity.
    • Since seeing this, Raditz has been trying to make passes at strong attractive female deities in hopes that one of them will serve as his key to catching up. He made a passing remark about how Karen Starr would make a great female Saiyan in a way that he knew would get spread out and catch her ears, as well as offered to serve as Android 21's assistant the minute she ascended. Naturally, these proposals have been rejected out of hand. Furthermore, She-Hulk, a friend of both of theirs, has had the message sent out that he needn't bother try with her. Vegeta and Turles note that per the usual, he's going about this in a "coward's way".
  • Once attacked Republic City on behalf of the GUAE while Avatar Korra was absent, hoping to earn some respect. However, Greed and Lin Beifong both used their powers and team coordinating skills to lead the defense of Lin's city in fending him off. Though they couldn't do much damage, they were able to stall him long enough for Vegeta to show up and send him packing.
    • This was the first time they had worked together as Beifong had previously rejected Greed's advances. Upon learning about this, Raditz was not too amused about once again being a forgotten kickstarter to other people's development.
  • Some people have joked about Raditz's hair in regard to going Super Saiyan, in particular, what Super Saiyan 3 would be like. With the recent reveal of his newly attained Super Saiyan 3 form, that question has finally been answered.
    • Vegeta's reaction to this is as follows:
    Vegeta: Hahahahahahaha! Well, it looks like the cowardly mouse has finally gained enough power to be worth some respect!
    • Overconfident of his power boost, Raditz engaged his prince in combat, only to promptly discover he was still outmatched when Vegeta turned Super Saiyan Blue. However, rather than kill him, Vegeta sent him off telling him this:
    Vegeta: Abandon this nonsense about taking revenge on Kakarot or myself, or gaining respect in the pond of scum they call GUAE. Get stronger, come back and fight me again, and then we'll see what you've got. Understand?
  • Was given the order again by Melkor to try and attack the World of Avatar, but refused this time, as he was far more interested in watching the Tournament of Power; partially in hopes that Universe 7 survives and he stands a chance at an honest revival, partially because he wants to see what the Saiyans from Universe 6 can do. He was surprised to see Frieza alongside the Universe 7 party, amused at how badly the tyrant and Vegeta got along, intrigued at the newfound strength of Kakarot's human friends and the guts of the old teacher, slightly gobsmacked at the U6 Saiyans' strength including the Broly-esque berserker Kale, surprisingly pissed throughout Frieza's entire betrayal gambit involving Gohan and playing Frost, but what truly caught him in disbelief was seeing Kakarot survive a Singularity by achieving Ultra Instinct, a power which even frightens the Dragon Ball multiverse's Physical Gods, as well as Vegeta push beyond his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan power to fulfill a promise to one of the Universe 6 Saiyans:
  • With his father's ascension, Raditz finally learned the truth in a shouting match that Kakarot being sent off-world was for his own protection, not a mission to destroy Earth. Raditz and Bardock have agreed to patch things up for the sake of the family. Bardock is currently trying to teach Raditz to be less of a self-preserving coward. Because of this and the Super Saiyan 3 development, Babidi is no longer strengthening Raditz with his spells.
  • Well after being consumed in the Android 21 incident, Nappa finally ascended to the Pantheon. The former Saiyan General was glad to see his longtime charge and teammate, and unlike Vegeta this case wasn't complicated by said former charge executing him for failure and then turning to Kakarot's side. That said, Nappa has attempted to get Raditz to formally step away from Frieza for good, since he tried to stomach that overlord's rule to survive 21's schemes only to find it wasn't worth it.
  • Later, the Saiyan known as Paragus came to him with an offer to join forces and get payback against Vegeta, even acknowledging the forgotten fact that Raditz was actually regarded as an above-average warrior within the overall ranks of the Frieza Force. Glad to finally get some respect, Raditz accepted this. Not too fond of Kakarot's doppelganger Turles, though, who holds a low opinion of him regardless. After Paragus talked Bardock into joining, and then Bardock got Nappa on board, Raditz agreed to the conditions put in place by his father and the former colonel as to the missions they would take on, which included no full-time conscription, no ineffectual targets, and no attacks on Kakarot's friends aside from Vegeta. After hearing Nappa gloat in celebration that the Saiyans had now "freed themselves" of Frieza's domination once and for all, Raditz had to admit it felt nice.
  • "A fine display of dust.. if such were your intention. Is it my turn? May I show you some real power now?"

    Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond 
Rose Quartz, Goddess of One's Absence Affecting Others (Pink Diamond, Starlight)
Click here to see her as Pink Diamond 
  • Presents herself as an Intermediate Goddess, actually a Greater Goddess (as Pink Diamond)
  • Symbol: Her sword and shield
  • Theme: Rose's Fountain
  • Alignment: Started out as Chaotic Neutral, became Neutral Good over time (with flashes back to Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Lack of Empathy, but not sympathy, Dark and Troubled Past, Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting, Nice Girl, Innocently Insensitive, Pink Diamond is Dead, Has numerous psychological issues because of how the Diamonds treated her, The Heart, Death by Childbirth, Two Aliases, One Character, Pedestals (Both Broken and Rebuilt)
  • Domains: Motherhood, Life, Leadership
  • Followers: Rachel Amber, Ellie, Joyce Summers, Lu Ten, Wakaba Isshiki, Summer Rose
  • Heralds: Bismuth, Lapis Lazuli (despite their...complicated relationship)
  • Allies: Greg Universe and Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Connie Maheswaran, Peridot, Izanami-No-Mikoto, BoJack Horseman, The Big Friendly Giant, Gaea, Maria Robotnik, Hazel Levesque
  • Complicated Relationship with: Steven Universe (her son)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Emperor of Mankind, and the other Diamonds
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Enemies: The Sleeper
  • Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond is one of the most important characters in her universe, in terms of how she has directly or indirectly influenced nearly every character in the series to some degree - in many cases, how her absence has affected them.
    • The original rebellion against the other Diamonds was started by her and Pearl, and her decision to fake her death when the other Diamonds refused to let her stop the colonization of Earth led to the survival of the human race, the corruption of nearly every other gem on Earth, the start of Era 2, and the Diamonds more or less disintegrating as a family unit.
    • Her decision to fake her death also led partly to the deterioration of Jasper’s mental state, given that Rose was her Diamond. As well as the “Famethyst” being sent to watch over the Human Zoo (though they are in a much better state mentally than Jasper is).
    • Later on, after giving birth to her son Steven, her passing was part of what caused the character arcs of the Crystal Gems in the main storyline, since she was previously their Living Emotional Crutch (a role that her son Steven took up later).
  • Her son Steven has issues with her, to say the least, considering that most of her actions came back to haunt him. While Steven knows that Rose never wanted her mistakes to cause him problems and the fact they did before he even turned 18 was more or less sheer coincidence, her attempts to fix things in the Pantheon or apologize haven’t been able to fix all of Steven’s trauma and issues with her.
  • Was previously the main thing keeping the Diamonds a semi-functional family unit before she faked her death and ran away. She claims to not miss the Diamonds, and has been avoiding them since her first encounter with them in several thousand years, when they ascended to the Pantheon at roughly the same time. They tried to talk to her. Rose's response was loud and (according to other people) expletive-filled.
    • To clear things up - she knows that they are trying to change, and was not opposed to them joining the GUAG's Ministry of Atonement. But eons of abuse at their hands has left her with very little love for them, and not much of a desire to try to mend that relationship on her end. No matter how much the other Diamonds are sorry... in the distant future, she might reconsider. But for the moment, them being sorry is too little, too late.
  • Due to the circumstances of her disappearance when she gave birth to Steven, it wasn't clear at first if she was actually dead or if she continued to exist dormant in his Gem, which was a contested subject that prevented her from ascending to the Pantheon. However, the Diamond Days arc finally concluded through the Pink Steven that emerged from Steven's Gem when White Diamond forcibly extracted it from his body that she was definitely gone for good, and so she was finally cleared as dead and therefore permissible for Pantheon ascension.
  • Is never found in her temple (which looks like her Room in the Beach House on Earth), partly because she prefers to be roaming the Pantheon and partly since she is the goddess of Present Absence.
  • Currently, she wants to spend time with Steven, since she has never had the chance to know him before. She was horrified to learn what had happened after she died, but is not sure how she can make it up to him. However, after some… initial friction… between the two, she is willing to give him his space until he is willing to approach her.
  • Don’t call her Pink Diamond or “My Diamond”. It’s not quite a Berserk Button, but it isn’t a name she wants to use anymore. Comparisons have been made that it’s similar to deadnaming someone who’s transgender. This particular fact has not helped the attempts of the other Diamonds to bond with her again.
  • The Emperor of Mankind (and thus, the Imperium) have a somewhat… conflicted opinion on her and the Crystal Gems. On one hand, they’re all aliens, but they also saved humanity despite being aliens, and in her case alien royalty. For that, he's willing to give them a pass, and if the Imperium’s alien issues ever boil over the Crystal Gems would likely be spared their wrath. Rose herself, on the other hand, sees the Emperor's treatment of the Primarchs as being far too similar to the Diamond's family relationship - and while he is more sympathetic and understandable in some ways than the Diamonds are, the Emperor is in a lot of ways the human version of the Diamonds. Considering what he is capable of and how he would probably react, she has never voiced this opinion to his face.
    • It should be noted that the Imperium’s opinion on the other Diamonds and Homeworld Gems in general is far clearer. If any of the Homeworld Gems, especially the Diamonds, ever backstabs the Imperium or betrays the GUAG, or gives them any reason to think they have done so, they will be ground to dust beneath humanity’s boots.
  • Heavily opposed to the Child Abuse Supporters due to her own history with the other Diamonds (said history of abuse is also why she avoids them even within the Pantheon despite their attempts to turn over a new leaf).
  • After learning that her sword had been destroyed by Blue Diamond when Connie Maheswaran tried to use it on her, she quickly went to speak with her, and assured her that there was no real grudge on her part. And that if she did have an issue, it was with Blue Diamond, not Connie herself. She also is trying to strike up some sort of friendship with both Connie and Peridot, since they are the newest members of the Crystal Gems in the Pantheon (not to mention, she and Connie are the only Crystal Gems in this sub-house).
    • Is also striking up a friendship with the newest members of the Crystal Gems, Lapis Lazuli and Bismuth; she started by making them her heralds.
  • While things were awkward at first when she arrived in the Pantheon with the other Crystal Gems, given that they all now knew everything she had been hiding, things are... not going back to the way that they were, but the newly arrived problems between them are being worked out. If nothing else, Pearl and Greg were both overjoyed to have her back without anything happening to Steven.
  • Currently seeing a therapist in the GUAG to help her work through her many psychological problems. Given how long said issues have had to sink in, it's slow going.
    • It should be noted that Rose currently does not seem to be capable of accessing her more destructive abilities, such as the ones used in "Pink Mode" by her son Steven. Some people think this is just due to her own regret at having cracked her first Pearl, "Volleyball", while others theorize it is a mental block she unknowingly placed on herself.
  • Has started developing a friendship with Izanami, originating at first because they both succumbed to Death by Childbirth. However, their lives being similar at several points beyond that started cementing a deeper relationship between them. Izanami herself is trying to get Rose to realize that she has changed over the years and become a better person, like Izanami herself did.
  • While she and BoJack Horseman are very different people, their similarly Dark And Troubled Pasts caused them to bond, considering they both involved Abusive Parents. Their shared self-loathing and issues with relating to other people even though they cared for them have led each to consider the other a kindred spirit of sorts. Albeit, considering said low self-esteem, their friendship has had its share of rough patches.
  • The Sleeper brings up… some bad memories, to say the least. The whole “turning everything into gems/crystal” part, and the infant Eldritch Abomination inside the Magic Meteor itself… yeah. Basically a more disturbing version of gem reproduction.
  • Nobody’s sure what Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth would do to Rose if she ever came into contact with it. Wonder Woman isn’t really in a big hurry to create additional stress for her fellow heroine, and has stated she only plans to use it on Rose with her permission.
  • Rose didn't initially understand the concept of marriage, since she didn't entirely understand human culture (and gem culture not having any equivalent of marriage, and Rose herself not being a legal human citizen). After having it explained to her, both Pearl and Greg have started to approach her on the subject. Whether she plans to marry both of them, just one of them, or neither of them, is not something she has told anyone else yet.
  • In her Pink Diamond form (which she rarely takes), she's a Large Runt compared to the other Diamonds, in addition to being their Token Good Teammate. She bonded rapidly with the Big Friendly Giant as a result of this.
  • There are more than a few gods who are... displeased with her actions in the past. While she's not a borderline The Friend Nobody Likes in the Grand United Alliance of Good like the other Diamonds are, she's not exactly Ms. Popularity, despite her Nice Girl personality.
  • Rose was Gaea’s High Priestess before she officially entered the Pantheon (before people realized that she didn't really work for the trope that Gaea represented), and while she isn’t always a fan of her methods, or an official member of the Grand United Alliance of Nature (yet), the two of them remain on good terms. Gaea is grateful to Rose herself for protecting Earth instead of trying to create another Gem colony, and if nothing else, makes an effort to treat Rose better than the other Diamonds did (whether it’s to ensure she’s semi-loyal to her, out of gratitude or kindness, both, or something else entirely depends on who you ask and/or Gaea’s mood).
  • As it turns out, someone in the Court of the Gods got things mixed up and declared Rose to be the High Priestess of Maria Robotnik as well. Rose has continued to speak with Maria after her own ascension, and the two remain on close terms. Opinion widely holds that part of the reason for this is because both of them are the White Sheep of their family. If nothing else, Rose is closer to and more trusting of Maria than she is to Gaea, her other former patroness.
  • Has an… odd relationship with Hazel Levesque. While the two get along fine, the fact that Rose was Gaea’s high priestess before the position was corrected, and her remaining on (mostly) good terms with Gaea to boot, has soured any camaraderie they might have beyond being friendly acquaintances within the GUAG.

Lesser Gods

Impa, Goddess of Legacy Characters (Sage of Shadow, Servant of the Goddess, Agent of the Goddess, General Impa)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sheikah Eye symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Member of the Sheikah, the shadow tribe, Undying Loyalty to Zelda, Last Known Member of the Sheikah, Ms. Exposition, Zelda's Nursemaid
  • Domains: Legacy, Shadow, Incarnation
  • Allies: Princess Zelda, Link, Lana, Midna, Fi, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane, Alfred
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Ghiraham, Demise, Cia, Zant, King Boo, Sadako Yamamura, Gengar, Shredder, Zed
  • Impa is a name associated with the woman of the Sheikah Tribe, a mysterious tribe who guarded the Royal Family of Hyrule (or more specifically, the Goddess Hylia). These incarnation of Impa has only one important purpose: to protect Princess Zelda and she intent to do so from any dangers.
  • Impa is constantly different from every incarnation, much like how Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. Her appearance, as one can see, can differ in age, size, and method of mentorship, even as a large, fat woman. However, there are two archetypes that are consistent in her role of guardianship: one as a young warrior who will fight for her liege, and the other as an old mentor and nursemaid who leads through wisdom.
  • As her name is passed down from the Sheikah Tribe and given to women who would be given the purpose of protecting Princess Zelda, she is found to be a more suitable to this purpose of legacy than the Phantom, where he takes up the legacy to the point of being mistaken as "immortal."
  • Strangely, as she ascended in the Pantheon to guard her lady, many Gossip Stones sprung from the ground everywhere in the Pantheon. As she is the only known deity to understanding the Stones due to owning a Mask of Truth, she knows the secret and information of the Pantheon and some of the deities.
  • It is said that she made Zelda an honorary member of the Sheikah as Zelda assumed the identity of Sheik in order to hide from Ganondorf in his seven-year reign of terror.
  • Impa respects Alfred Pennysworth due to his loyalty and servitude to Bruce Wayne, much like her servitude to Princess Zelda.
  • Due to her training as a warrior resemble that of ninjas, she earned some respect by many ninja in such. Though she doesn't respect to evil ninjas as she had to deal with a splinter faction known as the Yiga Clan who sided with Ganon and betrayed their loyalty to the Goddess.
  • Due to the reclusive nature of her tribe, much of her culture and past is left in the shadows. It is only through some word of mouth that her people used to be an advanced civilization until they were feared by the people of Hyrule which forced them to abandoned them. Despite this, Impa expected the people would both feared and be tempted by the power and dependence of the technology, much like the Triforce.
  • Impa has been in charge of dealing with evil spirits as she once sealed away Bongo Bongo in the bottom of the Kakariko Village's well. With that said, she is more likely going to destroy them as they are proven to be too powerful for simple sealing. Considering that her village is near the Shadow Temple which hosts many evil spirits and the undead, she is not taking any chances with the dead in the Pantheon.
    • It is said that her people honored the dead as her village's graveyard is the resting place of many loyal citizens, the Royal Family of Hyrule, many Sheikahs, and even the Zora King. Her people would watch the spirits of the dead, even in their eternal slumber, making it clear that she is vigilant of spirit that may cause harm to the living.

    James Potter 
James Potter, God of Flawed But Vindicated Idols (Chaster, Head Boy, Prongs)

Zhao, God of Counter-Exemplars (Captain/Commander/Admiral Zhao, "Admiral Choi", "Zhao the Conquerer, Zhao the Moonslayer, ZHAO THE INVINCIBLE")
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation flag
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: First Major Opponent of the Avatar, Firebender, Glory Seeker, Bad Temper, Prideful, Wants to destroy the Moon Spirit without consideration, Sent into the Spirit World by the Ocean Spirit, Trapped in the Fog of Lost Souls for Eternity
  • Domains: Bad Examples, Admiral, Fire
  • Allies: Ozai, Azula, Miles Quaritch
  • Enemies: Zuko, Iroh, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa and Momo, Korra, Tenzin, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Selene, Nebby/Lunala, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrawn, Ackbar, Euron Greyjoy, Twilight Sparkle
  • An ruthless officer of the Fire Nation and a dangerous Firebender, he has relentlessly pursued the Avatar in order to claim glory and spite his archrival, the then-exiled then-Prince Zuko. Through the contrast with Zuko's very real virtues, numerous standards and countless Pet the Dog moments, he ironically proves that the Fire Nation is not inherently evil.
    • His last moment in his life was the siege of the Northern Water Tribe, where he tried to kill the Moon Spirit, Tui. Though he succeeded in killing the Spirit, this moment sealed his fate as Aang and La the Ocean Spirit merged to destroy his invasion forces and was taken into the Spirit World by La (self-inflicted as he refused to take Zuko's hand out of pride). He was thrown into the Fog of Lost Souls, where he will forever wander in its mist, losing mind believing his self-glory and arrogance.
    • While he was ascended from the Pantheon, he was still insane from his experience in the Fog of Lost Souls. It was said that the GUAE rescued him from the Spirit World and recuperated him until he recovered from his mind. While he regained his arrogance, he still experienced some episodes as a result of his imprisonment, though Ozai doesn't seems to lead his rescue or even care about his fate.
  • This man is the rival of Zuko, butting heads in regards to who could capture the Avatar. He views him a failure for his exile, then a traitor upon learning that he was the Blue Spirit that freed Aang when he captured him. It becomes humiliating for him when he learned that Zuko is now the Fire Lord after Aang defeated Ozai. He still refuses to acknowledge Zuko's sovereignty out of petty arrogance and spiteful anger.
    • The Gaang are not happy to see Admiral Zhao again. Toph doesn't really seem to care all that much since she never met him once in her life, as she joined after Zhao was imprisoned in the Spirit World.
    • Tenzin recognized him as that crazy guy that he was rambling about "being a legend" and "capturing the Avatar for his lost glory" when he and his siblings were in the Fog of Lost Souls to look for his daughter, Jinora. The fact that he doesn't recognize him as a legend, not even mentioned as an adversary to his father, wound his pride quite a lot.
  • Many will not forget his "destiny" of destroying the Moon because his brash arrogance could have nearly destroyed the world as the result of the lost balance. Lunar deities of the Pantheon glare at him scornfully for murdering Tui the Moon Spirit.
    • Even Nightmare Moon was concerned with his moon-destroying "destiny" that she was willing to end opposition with the Protectors of Night and Day to prevent a disaster like that from happening again.
    • Tyrande will tear him a new one if he were to do something like what he did to Tui to her people. Hell, there is a precedent for that considering what happened to her after Telldrassil burned.
  • He is an Admiral of the Fire Navy who lead its forces for the capture of the Avatar and sieging the North Pole. However, not many naval officers took him very seriously, considering that the one time he fought Aang, he inadvertently destroyed his ships because Aang was making fun of him. Thrawn viewed this man as a disgrace to the navy for his negligence.
  • Arrogant and ill-tempered, his firebending is strong but very uncontrollable. He once tried picking fights with other fire deities in an Agni Kai, but it comes to an end when Zuko decided to put an end to his persistence. Zuko defeated him easily since he had a lot from the last year of the War, but Zhao refuses to accept his defeat from the exile.
  • Knowledge seekers were furious when they learned that when he found Wan Shi Tong's Library, he took the knowledge of the Moon Spirit and destroy much of the information stored that could harm the Fire Nation. Such disrespect practically banned him from the House of Knowledge.


    Cleopatra VII 
Cleopatra Thea Philopator the Seventh, Goddess of Beautified Historical Figures (Cleo, Assassin)
An artist' rendering of Cleopatra
Click here  for her Servant incarnation
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate as a Servant, Greater Goddess as a Demon)
  • Symbol: A golden asp
  • Theme Song(s): El Helwa Di (Ancient, Medieval, Industrial, and Atomic versions)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Allegedly the World's Most Beautiful Woman, Lover To Julius Caeser, God Empress, Nepharious Pharaoh According To Some, May–December Romance, Married To Her Brother As Per Custom, Royally Big, Screwed-Up Family, The Vamp or Heroic Seductress According To Others, Violent Relationship With Siblings, The Last Egyptian Pharaoh, Driven to Suicide
  • Domains: Egypt, Royalty, Riches, Combat, Passion
  • Followers: Marie Antoinette, Maximilien Robespierre, John Smith, Anne Boleyn
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Daenerys Targaryen, Margaery Tyrell, Romeo and Juliet, The Egyptian Gods, Asterix and Obelix, [Ranged Weapons Xena]], Gabrielle (Xena)
  • Special relationship with: Her lover, Julius Caesar
  • On good terms with: The House of Persons of Desire
  • Rivals: Ramses, Anarkaris, Yami Yugi, and Marilyn Monroe
  • Enemies: En Sabah Nur, Nyarlathotep, YHVH, Akechi Mitsuhide, Caligula, Fafnir, Dante Alighieri, Apophis
  • Pities: Romeo and Juliet, Azula
  • Opposed: Nanashi
  • Disappointed in: Robb Stark, Rhaegar Targaryen, Nero
  • Cleopatra VII Philopator is the last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and the last pharaoh in over 3000 years of Egyptian history. Born in a time where the Roman power held a grip on Egyptian power. While her father Ptolemy XII was a weak vassal, she was determined to restore the might of the pharaohs and independence. She would go on to shape Roman history and become one of the most influential pharaohs in history, however would fall in battle and kill herself rather than be subject to humiliation.
  • Considered by many through history, and her own time, as the World's Most Beautiful Woman. This isn't exactly true; while not ugly, she wasn't too spectacular. However her intelligence and charm, combined with her famous seduction of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, led her to get a Historical Beauty Upgrade. She competes with many goddesses in her house for who's the most attractive. Notably had a rap battle with Marilyn Monroe.
  • Realizes that she is one of several pharaohs in the Trope Pantheon. Determined to prove herself as the greatest leader Egypt has, she competes with all of them. That rivalry is very strong with Ramses, who's in top billing for the one of the greatest pharaohs ever. She admires his desire to keep Egyptian values though believes he goes too far. Ramses considers her somewhat hypocritical as her family is Greek, yet identifies completely as Egyptian. There's no good will towards Apocalypse and Nyarlathotep however, for obvious reasons.
  • Claims to be the reincarnation of Isis, though Osiris says that's bull. Zia Rashid and a lot other other magicians in the House of Life don't have a high opinion of her since in her universe the fall of Egypt was partly caused by her failed attempt to host Isis. While she keeps Hellenistic customs, she promotes the Egyptian Pantheon. As such, she opposes YHVH like so many others.
  • She was not pleased at all to learn that the Caligula would try to rule as a pharaoh in Egypt. She considers the man a complete disgrace to the lineage of her lover, Julius Caesar. She was rather upset to learn that the last of his line in power was Nero. Not that she dislikes her, she does doesn't think she should be the final link to her beloved.
  • Had a rather turbulent relationship with her family. Granted, the Ptolemies were infamous for familial backstabbing and the more reasonable/compassionate members of the House of Family would rather her not visit. She spent a good portion of her life trying to bump off her sister Arsinoe, and spent time co-ruling with her brother-husband while at each other's throats. She can sympathize with Azula over this.
  • Competes with other famed female rules from history. Right now, that includes Elizabeth the First, Artoria Pendragon and Jeanne D'Arc. It's all a Friendly Rivalry, as the four respect each other's achievements. Is a straight up ally with Daenerys Targaryen. The two are products of Royal Inbreeding, and the last of a once glorious line of rulers. She really respects what she's done and her willpower, hoping the Mother of Dragons succeeds where she has failed.
  • Is thankful of Xena and Gabrielle for saving her life from an assassination attempt. While they couldn't prevent her death, they did keep Egypt out of Roman hands for the time being in their world.
  • Managed to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, both who fathered her children, which was one of the main reasons Rome considered her such a threat. Allegedly she sent herself to Caesar in a rolled up carpet. Her and Caesar were overjoyed to see each other once again, though they are trying to take a more professional relationship at the moment given everything that's happened. She despises Akechi Mitsuhide for his betrayal, as it reminds her of Brutus'.
  • Seen often in the Persons of Desire sub-house. In terms of consorts and seductresses, she is very impressed by Margaery Tyrell and her rise in power, especially with handling a psychopathic brat and a Puppet King. Sad to see her consumed by wildfire, though hopes her literary counterpart has a lot more success. Contrasting this is her disappointment with Robb Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen; the former for letting his Sex for Solace utterly doom him and the latter for screwing over the realm due to his love for Lyanna Stark.
  • Feels plain old sorry for Romeo and Juliet due to how their love went. Given her own relationship with Mark Antony, it stings to see how they ended up. She found it mildly interesting that like them, she was a subject that the Bard wrote about. Sometimes she joins the Virgin Queen in watching Shakespeare's plays.
  • Very rich, and refuses to let anyone in the pantheon get their hands on her treasures. When she committed suicide by asp or overdose, she managed to make sure the Romans would never get their hands on it. Became really angry when Fafnir managed to steal her gold.
  • May have some demonic influence ties to her. It's said she is a demon queen of lust, and the epitome of Fan Disservice. Cleopatra is vehemently against this incarnation due to the Historical Villain Upgrade and claims it's an imposter, though Dante does not believe this. She's a lot more pleased with her SMT iteration however. She was summoned with specific body parts of 1465 women with the hope of making a world of "peace and salvation". Despite showing a stunning amount of power in her new demonic form, she was ultimately defeated, killing herself rather than dying by the hands of the Hunter sent to defeat her.
  • Recently served as a Servant, existing as an Assassin and spirit of magical and bewitching beauty, and may have been a magical girl. Ironically, the fact that she was one of the Assassin Brotherhood's first enemies has not been overlooked.
    • When Julius Caesar ascended as a Saber-class Servant, she called out to him with a very familiar-sounding "CAESAR!!!", earning her a friendly rivalry with Joseph Joestar; once she learned about his crossdressing caper, she volunteered to help him perfect the craft. Naturally, he refused... but that golden snake hovering around her looked a lot like a Stand, which she denied, as litigation would be too much of a hassle for her.
    • Her time as an Assassin-class Servant also brought her into contact with Michael Jackson, and she's working on picking up the choreography for "Remember the Time".
  • Beerus was confused upon seeing Cleopatra. She looked distinctively like Helles, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2, and was wondering what she was doing in the Trope Pantheon when most gods of destruction are busy with the Tournament of Power. He was informed otherwise. She smirked at this, knowing her beauty is comparable to a Cosmic Entity who values beauty.
  • Has been portrayed by a number of actors, such as Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor. As such she's said to resemble Ellie Andrews, Scarlett O'Hara and Amy March. River Song once impersonated her...132 years after her death.
  • She also totally did not use pharaoh magic empowered with the work of slaves cheered by the Ouendan in order to attain her beauty, otherwise she's a fat slob. What kind of story is that!?
  • Has a good relationship with Asterix and Obelix, who once helped build a palace for her. Both are often seen complimenting her nose.
  • Can also be found in Physical Attractiveness.

    James Dean (Monument Mythos) 
James Dean, God of of Historical Figures With Different Roles In Different Timelines (Jimmy, President Dean, 37th President of the United States, Satan)
  • Demigod, possibly Lesser if he's anomalous
  • Symbol: His MAIZE hearing aids
  • Theme Song: The Larry Page Orchestra
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though some might argue Lawful Evil instead
  • Portfolio: Alternate History in Analog Horror, James Dean The 37th President, Charm Person, somewhat of an Action Politician, Possibly An Affable Villain with Good Publicity (at worst, a Well-Intentioned Extremist, also Ambiguously Human, Determinator
  • Domains: Analog Horror, U.S Presidents, Charisma, Alternate History, Ambiguity, Race Cars
  • Under the watch of: The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black
  • Allies: John F Kennedy, Lightning McQueen, Dominic Toretto
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Clark Kent/Superman, Theodore Roosevelt
  • Friendly Rivalry with: The Hypnotoad
  • Enemies: Frank Underwood, Funny Valentine, Apophis, the Alternates, Col. Benjamin Button, Charles Victor Szasz/the Question, Walter Kovacs/Rorschach, Johan Liebert, Senator Seven Armstrong, 50 Blessings
  • Distrusted by: Various conspiracy theorists in the Trope Pantheon
  • Pities: Richard Nixon's head
  • The world of THE MONUMENT MYTHOS is another timeline where many American landmarks and iconography have a dark, otherworldly secret to them. One of the changes to the timeline is to actor James Dean; in this universe he never died of a car crash. Instead he would eventually get into politics, and in 1968 won a landslide election against Richard Nixon. President Dean was a wildly popular president who initially focused on bringing the troops back from Vietnam, and he would legalize same-sex marriage while also supporting the Civil Rights movement. However he would deal with a domestic terrorist group called the Anti-Dean Association/ADA, who treated him like the Devil and caused a variety of incidents like mass deafness. He would serve two full terms.
  • When learning of the "main" timeline, all he had to say was "I'm surprised". As Dean likely knows where some of the multiple dimension doppelgangers come from, it could be a privately sarcastic moment. He was kind of upset to learn that his OTL counterpart died in a car accident, but he is more glad to see that OTL lacks the various anomalies causing problem for the nation. He still needs a guide to the differences between the timelines, so he has tried to get advice on the differences from Presidents Kennedy and Ford as they're the closest presidents to him timeline-wise. Dean has taken a particular liking to the former as he's a handsome, young and incredibly charismatic Democrat not afraid to let their disability get in the way of dealing with crises; Kennedy the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Dean the Anti-Dean Association terrorist group.
  • How many presidents in OTL were also presidents in the Deanverse isn't clear, asides from the obvious exception of Nixon (and by implication, Gerald Ford). He tries to be generally cordial with them, though it is unknown how he would react to George Washington since if he knows who the Horned Serpent was, he knows the evil he has potential for. Theodore Roosevelt respects him for his willingness to take a personal hand fighting American threats, though he can't say he trusts Dean outright. Ford thinks that he needs to lighten up, though maybe that's just because he has more chill than most presidents.
  • James Dean tries to be friendly with other leaders, however he shows nothing but contempt for Frank Underwood. Yes you can argue Dean is evil, and Frank is quick to point out his ethically dubious actions, but he genuinely means well and wants to help America in his own way. By contrast Frank is an entirely myopic leader who only sees America for how it can serve his interests and ego. Dean has called President Underwood a terrorist for organizing cyber attacks that lead to numerous horrible riots and accidents and sitting idly by as sarin gas is deployed against countless innocents, outright declaring Underwood an enemy of the United States just like the ADA. Dean is a lot less venomous in his response with Funny Valentine as he respects his dedication to American exceptionalism, but he disagrees on how he disregards the rest of the world to do so and considers him potentially dangerous.
  • In his timeline while Nixon lost decisively, the two remained on good terms with each and liked to race cars with one another. There's an element of tragedy considering that Nixon would survive as a god-like entity and orchestrate Dean's death in another timeline in part to try and make sure that reality doesn't suffer as his own did. While OTL Nixon was considered too controversial to ascend, his 31st century head in a jar was fair game. Dean pities how he has stewed in his resentment and became an insane President Evil, though the Earth president has no idea what he's talking about. However he was able to warm up a bit to the cyborg president with a derby race.
  • James Dean is under investigation by both the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation for the fact he may be an anomalous entity. He was able to be elected effortlessly off apparent sheer charisma and uses mere honeyed words to win the hearts of thousands. He even distracted Nixon with derby races and even when the sound was cut out of an ad, people still cheered. The thing is, however, that there is nothing that 100% proves he's not just an ABSURDLY charismatic man. In addition, President Dean believes co-operation for both secretive groups is in his best interest. He knows more about the more clear-cut anomalies than the public does, but it's unknown to what extent asides from "definitely not as much as the Foundation and Men in Black would be able to find out". He's personally asked them to help him keep an eye on the alternate 23rd president as his interdimensional Stand might give him a better understanding on the capabilities of the Special Trees
  • Magneto has his own theory for what James Dean really is; a mutant. Professor X asked "are you sure it's not just JFK like you claim", only for the former to go "it's an Alternate History, perhaps it was James instead of Jack". They're both in agreement that James Dean is not an Alternate. Asides from being from different types of Analog Horror, President Dean is actively opposing the Alternates. And it's not like the Alternates are known for infighting, or having any positive traits that Dean does. James Dean is paranoid about them because they're malevolent beings who reminds him of reports he got from Alcatraz, which assimilates and copies things. By the 2020s, it succeeds at replacing the entire U.S.
  • It's not clear how much he is aware of the Horned Serpent and its true nature, though one of the major tech companies he collaborated with (Maize Machines) is aware of a lot. Possibly that the Horned Serpent is the Deanverse's George Washington. However Dean has publicly stated that he has a special concern surrounding giant monstrous snakes like Apophis (guess why). He also isn't that comfortable with the Aztec deities also existing to an extent in the Trope Pantheon given they're known for Human Sacrifice; it's a reminder of the dirty dealings his government has felt necessary. President Dean is relieved to know Quetzalcoatl is a giant serpent not interested in sacrifice.
  • President Dean isn't outright evil and at worst he sits on the "well-intentioned" side of the Well-Intentioned Extremist trope. But he has still been complicit in morally dubious acts, which is why paragons and exemplars of the American dream look at him with a hefty bit of skepticism. The 37th U.S President has a whole lot of respect for Captain America and Superman for all their work, however they are wary of Dean. He's certainly a better president and person than Lex Luthor was, but they can't shake off the feeling he probably shouldn't be allowed the amount of power he has. To his credit, James Dean has made no moves against them in part because "I'm not stupid enough to believe getting rid of two of Earth's great protectors would ever be a good thing". To Dean's fans they applauded wildly, but cynics just thought this was a case of Pragmatic Villainy.
  • Conspiracy theorists don't like Dean since even if many think the ADA's claims he's Satan to be Malicious Slander, they do think he's some sort of Humanoid Abomination up to even more shady activity than what's been revealed. The Question is currently trying to kidnap him to find out his deal and expose whatever his real goal is. These conspiracy theories include being in collusion with The Patriots and the Enclave, but as far as any serious research into the Dean administration has considered he is merely intrigued by them. Rorschach is of a similar mind to the Question that James Dean is dangerous and must be stopped, which was fueled by his moral absolutism and reactionary/conservative political views.
  • Though the ADA aren't reliable narrators, Dean does have a dark side. He sacrificed members of the ADA, merging of all tech companies into a single government- controlled entity and erasure, and is a potent enough Charm Person that some have seen it as evidence he's not truly human. However at worst his more amoral actions were done for the good of his country, and he isn't the first that had to sacrifice people to the Special Trees and Freedom. Senator Armstrong respects this resolve in doing what's necessary, but he fears what he's doing may make America weak. James Dean isn't fond of Armstrong as he sees him as a loose cannon, but he does admit it's out of a desire to better the country...he understands that.
  • Curing deafness was an important part of his administration after the ADA terrorist attack that deafened millions, Dean included, one of his focuses was curing deafness. He succeeded doing so across America thanks to implants, however his has been met by some criticism in the Hall of Disabilities given it was also an (unintentional) erasure of deaf culture. When asked if he would try to give an implant for other deaf deities, Dean tactfully stated "no comment" as he doesn't intend to cause controversy. Ruben Stone has come to accept his disability and isn't interested in any implants. Neither are Shoya Ishida or Shoko Nishimiya; again Dean isn't going to press the issue more than he should.
  • In addition to paranormal terrorist groups, James Dean also takes umbridge with the more conventional hate group of the Klu Klux Klan. As with the OTL Presidents Kennedy and his successor, he was supportive of the Civil Rights movement and allowed a not assassinated Martin Luther King Jr to represent the cause in a speech about it. One of the main reasons the ADA opposed him is that they didn't like that he likes Jazz music and demonizes pre-Civil War slave laborers as incompetent. Col Benjamin believes that Dean is a Hypocrite; he condemns the terroristic ADA members to Human Sacrifice or turning them into the Canyon Crowns. Dean justifies this as a necessary evil, and it's not like he opposes the ADA on a racial basis.
  • Farnsworth assumed Fry had messed up and "really screwed the granny again" for there to be a president James Dean, before realizing that James Dean was in fact part of a parallel universe. James Dean doesn't know and probably doesn't want to know what he's talking about, but he likes Fry's fashion sense since he rocks the look Dean had playing Jim Stark. Also of note is that Mordecai and Rigby have wondered if somehow the Canyon Crowns he keeps under wraps are distantly related to one Gary Bobby Ferguson. Though the world of Regular Show is anything but, Dean doubts the anomalies of his world could extend that far.
  • On another light-hearted note, the Hypnotoad was annoyed by Dean's TV interviews distracting people from "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad", as the amphibian felt that Dean was stealing viewers away. The Hypnotoad confronted Dean with the intent to mind control him to humiliate the guy, but ended up seeing his ads and realizing the man's charisma is commendable. Though President Dean admitted that a sentient toad was "strange", he did reach out to the Hypnotoad by saying they could always race cars together...however that'd work with a toad. The Hypnotoad mind-controlled his chauffer to do so. On his off days you can see James Dean having fun with Dominic Toretto and trying to beat Lightning McQueen in a race. He's really gotten into Mario Kart as of late and often joins up with the Super Mario Bros. deities in their tournaments.
  • It's not known what will happen if someone as skilled at the Breaking Speech and More than Mind Control as Johan Liebert meets as big of a Charm Person as James Dean. The latter isn't taking any chances and plans to shoot him on sight, since "he's just a man...probably". James Dean has no patience for his psychopathic nihilism or his crimes, no matter what the ADA say about him. He also doesn't have patience for another jingoistic terrorist group that calls itself the 50 Blessings, as he has no intention of becoming the president who ushers war with Russia to "make America strong or some nonsense the Janitors tell themselves".
  • Two other timeline versions of James Dean are known to exist. The Nixonverse James Dean had the same life as his OTL self, but his death was caused by the Last Son. The Montyverse James Dean suffered a breakdown in his political career due to his sister's death and resigned himself to being vice president. He learned it was caused by one Howard Melrose and went on a blood path of vengeance, not knowing he was framed for what was a suicide. Grief has made him a monster.
  • "This is Jimmy, signing off."

Jor-El, God of Giving Hope to the Future (Mr. Oz)
Click here to see his scarred appearance in DC Rebirth (spoiler) 

    King Richard III of England 
King Richard the Third of England, God of Vilified Historical Figures (Richard III, Duke of Gloucester, Richard Slysheen, "William Shakespeare")
King Richard normally
Click here  for his "British Fascist" form.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The House of Plantagenet's Coat of Arms
  • Theme Song: his Horrible Histories song
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral historically, though is often depicted as Lawful or Neutral Evil (especially under William Shakespeare)
  • Portfolio: Public Domain Character Often Portrayed As Villainous, Victim of Written by the Winners, Was In Conflict With His In-Laws And Brother George, Outliving One's Offspring, Deadpan Snarker, Warrior Prince, Really Did Die Fighting
  • Domains: History, Storytelling, Vilification, Legacy, Monarchy, Civil War
  • Varying opinion: Ned Stark (on speaking terms with the historical Richard, enemies with the Shakespearian Richard), Arthur and Artoria Pendragon (interests the historical Richard, enemies with the Shakespearian Richard), King John (Vitriolic Best Buds with the Shakespearian Richard, annoys the historical Richard), Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov (Headbutting Heroes with the historical Richard, enemies with the Shakespearian Richard)
  • Allies (in general)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Tyrion Lannister
  • On speaking terms with: Marie Antoinette, Quasimodo (historical version)
  • Enemies (in general): William Shakespeare, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I Tudor (his great-nephew and great-great niece), Prince Edmund "the Black Adder" Plantagenet (his other great-nephew (except not really)), Sergey Taboritsky
  • Opposes: Leeroy Jenkins
  • Drinking buddies with: Grigori Rasputin, Marcus Junius Brutus
  • England has had a number of civil wars, but none are as remembered as much as the Wars of the Roses (or by contemporaries, the Cousins' War). To make a long story short, it was a 30 year war over rival royal factions of the House of York, and the House of Lancaster. The victor was ultimately Henry Tudor, or Henry VII as he was later known. The last Yorkist king was Richard the Third, who was bested in the Battle of Bosworth. Richard had governed northern England during his brother's reign, and though he had nephews he would declare them illegitimate due to Edward IV's prior engagements. They disappear from the history books afterwards, which led to some speculation he was involved (but never proven; it could've been some illness). To his fans Richard was an effective monarch with legal reforms beneficial to the common folk. To his enemies he was a sinister Machiavellian kinslayer. At the very least, they can agree on him being a Deadpan Snarker with a tumultuous relationship with his brother's in-laws.
  • More so than his reign or service under his brother Edward IV, Richard the Third is remembered for being a major subject of the Historical Villain Upgrade. Plenty of controversial but not necessarily evil people have been cast as the villain, but he had a famous play of him as a scheming, malevolent hunchback determined to prove a villain. It is worth noting that the vilification began under a work by one Thomas More under Henry the Eighth...son of the same Henry Tudor who bested Richard. In other words, a Written by the Winners situation. Naturally Richard the Third holds a seething contempt for the Tudors due to how their vilification of him has never really gone away. Still, he thinks he got a better rap than his ancestor King John...especially the Disney version; Richard III considers him a straight-up embarrassment.
  • Within the Trope Pantheon, Richard the Third is akin to Jekyll and Hyde. The Jekyll is the historical Richard, a decent king who might have done some amoral stuff, but was no worse than his contemporaries. The Hyde is Shakespeare's Richard, the wicked usurper. These two personas hate each other, though if they are united in anything it is hatred towards William Shakespeare. The two believed his own Historical Villain Upgrade in Fate/Apocrypha was a long time coming. Shakespeare takes this insult in stride, pointing out when he plays the villain he plays it magnificently. Annoyed, Richard went off to eat cake with Marie Antoinette, as he is sympathetic to her for getting the Historical Villain Upgrade treatment.
  • Given his disability and smeared reputation Richard, when not in villain mode, is relatively sympathetic to Quasimodo. He will sometimes drink with Brutus, noting "we've been portrayed as vile by many, yet kinder than we may deserve by a few...and yes, I am aware there's some irony of me saying this to you". Richard drinks particularly heavily whenever Leeroy Jenkins shows up; as an effective cavalry fighter despite his disability the moronic "strategies" of Leeroy drive him nuts. And when Prince Hans showed up at the bar, Richard threw his drink at him. He was in conflict with the Woodvilles and considers Hans' schemes of marrying into royalty to be reminiscent of the worst of his in-law's schemes.
  • The wicked side of Richard the Third might agree with his more accurate alter on not liking Shakespeare, but he'd be an idiot for claiming he's not a good writer...which the historical Richard III admits. Yes, under the pen of the bard he becomes a Complete Monster, but a really entertaining one. There's obvious comparisons between him and Claudius, being fratricidal usurper monarchs with good publicity (historically it was Richard's brother George that fit the usurper part more), and with the scheming Macbeth and his wife. Together, they plot to take control of the House of Royalty. Also, while put off by the patheticness of King John, the Shakespearian Richard still sees a kindred spirit and there's a mutual agreement to maintain each other's rightful place as king.
  • The Shakespearian Richard will sometimes take and even viler form who looks kind of like Magneto...which the mutant despises. This is because that Richard is a goddamn Nazi analogue...a decision he defends as being "period appropriate" (it's a retelling set in the 1930s). Personally he thinks he's closer to Oswald Mosely. Magneto was no less disgusted and will treat him like he treats any Nazi. Still, even then Richard III is smart enough not to ally with any actual Nazis like the Red Skull, since the English and Nazi Germany got along poorly.
  • While you will never see him in public with Rasputin, both Richard III incarnations do like to go to the pub with him and talk about how they have been made victims of the Historical Villain Upgrade. That said, he's of one mind in thinking Rasputin is a pervert. Rasputin pointed out that he had two illegitimate children, only for the Yorkist king to point out that was while he was a teenager and there's no evidence of adultery on his part. Another drinking buddy is Oda Nobunaga; they're on friendly term despite Richard taking one title away from the latter. The vilified version of the two men had a good Evil Laugh as it means the two can cause even more trouble in their quest for power, while the more accurate incarnations would rather discuss policies and potential diplomatic relationships.
  • Will probably never completely shake off the reputation that he's an Evil Uncle, though it's equally likely that the fate of the princes in the Tower will forever remain unsolved. Rhaegar and Oberyn were unsettled by the whole thing as the whole "murdering kids to secure victory" is reminiscent of the Sack of King's Landing and the fate of Elia's children...though not as brutal; hard to top Amory Lorch and the Mountain in sheer cruelty. The Shakespearian version of Richard III reminds them of Tywin Lannister, though that Richard takes it as more of a compliment. Said Richard III sees more of himself in Scar however, and the two enjoy plotting to re-conquer their respective kingdoms. This is a sentiment Mufasa and Simba agree with, and have pretty horrible memories. Richard III has also counted on Hamlet as an enemy, who's entirely aware of the parallels between his uncle Claudius and the other famous Evil Uncle of the Bard's work.
  • Richard III muses that their disappearance (of which at least historically he insists he had nothing to do with) is reminiscent of Princess Anastasia. There were people during Henry VII's reign who claimed to be a surviving prince in the tower, though they were all proven or at least more than likely pretenders. The historical Richard fancies that at least one of them was real, since it might vindicate him of any wrongdoing to his nephews. This projection is probably why he supports the claims she's legit, though there is general interest. Anastasia is nervous around him due to knowing what his darker half is like, but the historical Richard has promised to keep him in check and thwart the mad schemes Sergey Taboritsky has for her; both sides of the king call him more volatile than Greek Fire.
  • Naturally interested in King Arthur, what with being an iconic English monarch himself. He did not expect a female version of Arthur to exist, nor a female version of Mordred. His Shakespearian incarnation is also interested, but in an envious and power-hungry manner. In his ambitions, he has aligned with the original version of Mordred and has even started to entertain a dream of being "king eternal of England". He's also not a fan of Robin Hood, given that his myths usually vilified King John (his former follower). Also worth noting that the historical Richard has good reputation with French deities; he's one of the few people that helps them to repel the myth of Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys that is usually associated with them, due to personal experience on the battlefield.
  • Richard the Third believes that George R.R Martin is a Rickardian because of the multiple characters he created that were based on him, though he's replied that "it's only natural when your story is inspired by the War of the Roses". The most obvious similarities are with Stannis and Tyrion. Tyrion carries the negative reputation of flirting with Then Let Me Be Evil and deformities, along with plenty of Deadpan Snarker traits. Stannis is a great military commander like Richard III and desires to prove his nephews' illegitimacy. The more sympathetic side of Richard is good friends with the two. To a lesser extent there's Ned Stark, who's reputation as a fair lawgiver of the north and being framed as a usurper are fitting of the more positive side of Richard III. However, he's less trustworthy of Richard due to the influence of his evil Shakespearian self.
  • Secondary sources state that Henry Tudor actually rewrote history to hide the fact that one of the Princes in the Tower (portrayed by BRIAN BLESSED!) apparently survived and became Richard IV after Richard the Third's death. Which wasn't due to Henry VII like he claimed, but Prince Edmund "Blackadder" lopping his head off due to mistaking him for a Lancaster soldier. Richard III's spirit has a great misliking towards his great-"nephew" and he was not impressed by how he handled himself. Granted, he was contemptuous of the guy even without that and thought he'd be great for arrow fodder. He also isn't fond of the cars in the House of Travel, as it's a reminder that a car park was built over his remains. That, and he is bewildered by "horseless metal carriages that exhale smog".
  • Of all things, he is apparently a Yu-Gi-Oh player. Hilariously, despite his hatred of William Shakespeare he may be William Shakespeare from 1597 onwards due to a bizarre time travel mishap which led Shakespeare to die in his place...maybe. He didn't mention it when they met a couple years later so the Timey-Wimey Ball could be in effect. He's grateful towards the 5th Doctor for walking him through the paradox and giving him a fair shake, as he is sick and tired of time travelers going back and anticipating him as a villain.
  • Though his deformity of being a hunchback was an invention after the fact, analysis of his skeleton reveals that he there was a bit of truth in it; he suffered from scoliosis. Due to the time period he lived in it was best for his social standing that he kept it a secret. Though they are more hesitant on having his Shakespearian incarnation as disability representation, the Hall of Disabilities is welcoming to the historical Richard the Third. Being from the 15th century Richard III finds the House of Health and Diseases to be a miraculous place, barring certain areas of course, and has become a patron of the House

    Tatsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III 

(Flamenco intensifies...)

Tatsuya Yuuki, God of Those who Became Legendary in the Sequel (Meijin Kawaguchi III, The Crimson Comet, Yuuki-sempai, The REAL Gundam Jesus)
Tatsuya, prior to the start of Build Fighters (Left); Meijin, during the events of Build Fighters Try (Right)

Tutankhamun, God of Dated History (Tutankhamen, Living Image of of Amun, born Tutankhaten ("Living Image of Aten"), King Tut)
Virtual rendering of Tutankhamun based off 3D scans of his mummy
Click here  for his death mask
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His cartouche
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Historical Domain Character made into a Mummy, Pharaoh Of Egypt, A Child Shall Lead Them, Married To His Sister, result of Royal Inbreeding, Used To Be Thought To Be Killed By His Evil Chancellor, Warrior Prince Despite His Handicaps
  • Domains: Egypt, Dynasties, Incest, Divinity, Royalty, Disability
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: Pharaoh Ramses II
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The House of Thieves
  • Pities: Oedipus
  • Respects: Wally(Pokemon), Okita Souji, young handicapped badasses
  • Avoids: Capital-G Gods
  • Tutankhamun was a young pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty, ruling from about 1334-1325 BC over Ancient Egypt. Believed to be the son of Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, he became pharaoh young and lost his life at just 18. He would've remained an obscurity had his tomb not had the fortune of avoiding graverobbing for over 3200 years. Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1922, proving one of few intact mummies and becoming an iconic figure of the times.
  • It was initially believed that "King Tut" was killed by his vizier and eventual successor Ay, however evidence shows it was probably a broken leg that got infected and malaria. The archeologists are thought to have damaged his skull. Of course, this doesn't mean he likes the evil chancellors in the pantheon. By contrast, he appreciate honest advisors like Tyrion Lannnister.
  • He also wasn't a mere inconsequential Puppet King, at least not as much as you'd expect the young pharaoh. His leather armor has marks of cuts and rust, along with various injuries suggest he was a Warrior Prince. He is quite capable of taking care of himself, though he has ailments like scoliosis. Still, he has sympathy for those like Tommen who are made puppets of those around them, and wishes he lived to become a strong king in his own right.
  • Tutankhamun respects those who are determined and tough even if they're disabled, much like himself. His disabilities are down to being the product of incest-his parents are thought to be siblings, and he married his sister. He doesn't get why those in the pantheon were grossed out by this, since Ancient Egypt haven't got much of a taboo over it, particularly among royalty. That's not to say he's insensitive to those disgusted at realizing they're related to their significant other; he finds Oedipus tragic because of how this and fate screwed him over.
  • Tutankhamun finds King Aerys II Targaryen to be a disturbed individual, and the fact like him the Mad King is the result of Brother–Sister Incest is something that worries him. King Tut's tried to console himself by pointing out that Aerys's madness was more the result of increasing paranoia and envy than genetics, and only a handful of Targaryens were truly mad. The young pharaoh doesn't care for Mordred either, being an incestuous rebel and traitor to the king/his father and uncle.
  • Much of his reign was reversing the religious upheaval caused by the Heretic Pharaoh, who he's reluctant to refer to as his father, and will get angry if people refer to him by his birth name of Tutankhaten. Ironically the monotheism that Akhenaten pursued would become a whole lot more mainstream thanks to the Abraham faiths he predates. Still, while he only truly opposes YHVH because of His inherent pushiness and desire to supplant other faiths, Tutankhamun would prefer the monotheistic gods in the pantheon to leave him be.
  • Tutankhamun understands where Ramses II is coming from and his frustration with the God of Abraham, and has respect for a fellow pharaoh not all too removed from him. However he feels his pursuit of the Hebrews goes a bit too far. He is on better terms with the more reasonable pharaohs in the pantheon, particularly Yami Yugi. And Tutankhamun was disturbed by Apocalypse(who he regards as a usurper and threat to Egypt) and Nyarlathotep.
  • Tutankhamun was welcomed to the House of Royalty. Though turned off by some madmen like King Aerys, there were good princes and royalty to meet him. As a charming and honorable prince, Tutankhamun has some fondness for Prince Eric. Due to his handicaps, King Tut is empathetic to Nunnally's wheelchair status and was impressed to see she became the empress of Britannia.
  • Was overjoyed to see that many Egyptian deities had entered the pantheon and he could talk to them in person. And he was even more overjoyed to learn they were proud of him for playing an important part in removing heretic Akehnaten's monotheism and restoring their roles in Egyptian life. Unfortunately both Apophis and Set had ascended as well, the former particularly horrifying the boy king.
  • Tutankhamun believes that Sutekh the Destroyer is some alternate form of Apophis, given they're complete omnicidal maniacs. His pharaoh association is rather sinister. Others he was quick to put on his enemy include the Spirit of the Millennium Ring and Zorc, for being Ancient Egyptian-based villains seeking to bring an end to the world. Plus the former is a graverobber, and really that gets under King Tut's nerves. Tutankhamun's there to help Ryou fight him/them off.
  • Holds contempt for the House of Thieves, and above them graverobbers like Seth Briars. Given his belief that the body needs to be preserved to have a proper afterlife, and how most pharaohs ended up being robbed, it's completely justified. The monstrous Ah Puch's treatment of the dead is absolutely horrific for Tutankhamun. The House of Revenge and Retribution believes he may have cursed those who found him given the mysterious deaths of some involved with his uncovering. However King Tut has explained that most of these are coincidences, and his mummy is being treated with dignity.
  • Tutankhamun and his father have learned of The Tomb Kings and know that they took a lot of inspiration from their own domain of Ancient Egypt. They're impressed by how they are a lot more active in death than the pharaohs. On the ascended Tomb Lords, father and son had an immediate feeling and disgust for Nagash the Undying due to how cruel, omnicidal and utterly devoid of redeeming qualities he was. Settra, however, they remain neutral on so long as he doesn't interfere with them.

    Ulysses S. Grant 
Ulysses S. Grant, God of Being Downplayed in the History Books (6th Commanding General of the U.S Army, 18th President of the United States of America, "Unconditional Surrender" Grant, Hero of Appomattox, Lyss, Mr Grant, Sam, The Butcher, Ulyss, Uncle Sam, "My Ulysses" (only by his dad Jesse), General of the Armyformerly . Birth name: Hiram Ulysses Grant)