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The Calmness Sub-House

Upon the massive expansion project done in the old House of Emotion, a lot of Deities there have settled in various sub-houses. This particular one has a bit of an eerie atmosphere since it's practically silent. A perfect place for the deities included below.

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Greater Gods

    Ainz Ooal Gown 
Ainz Ooal Gown, God of Lost Emotions (Momonga, Satoru Suzuki, Momon, Papa Bones)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of Nazarick
  • Theme Music: Clattanoia
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with a slight lean on Lawful Neutral (seen as Lawful Good by his subjects in Nazarick)
  • Portfolio: evil main characters, spooky scary skeletons, liches, instant death spells, powers over the dead, lots and lots of spells, rarely unleashing one's full power, formerly normal people turned into monstrous forms, losing one's emotions, having no empathy for those who are not part of his allies, but being kind to those who are, turning into one's "character", incapability of recipricating sexual affections
  • Followers: The Great Tomb of Nazarick
  • Domains: Skeletons, Liches, Evil, Dark Magic, One Hit Kills, Suppressed Emotions
  • Allies: Kel'Thuzad, Arthas Menethil (strained), The Keeper, Gravelord Nito
  • Enemies: All who specialize in hunting undead and most of the House of Heroes, especially all Hot-Blooded heroes who are disturbed by his lack of emotions and empathy, Death Phantom, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Flood
  • Rivals: King Leoric, Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi, Ostarion the Wraith King
  • Opposes: any cruel and oppressive rulers in the Pantheon
  • Good Counterpart: Yomi
  • Has conflicted sentiments about his ascension. While being a bona-fide deity is hardly a bad deal and makes him even more amazing in the eyes of his subordinates, he also has far more powerful enemies in the Pantheon than he did in the New World.
  • With his special skill "The Goal Of All Life Is Death", he can One-Hit Kill anyone and anything (though with a 12-second delay). This includes the undead, inanimate objects, and potentially even the most powerful Gods, which means that the Pantheon gives him a wide berth. However, due to his very long cooldown on the skill, he usually keeps it for emergency situations. At the same time, the sheer threat of the skill keeps potential enemies away. To date, he has not used it even once in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being a fellow lich, he considers Death Phantom an enemy due to his omnicidal tendencies which could harm him and his fellow residents of Nazarick. This enmity extends to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, of which Death Phantom is an active member. Similarly, Ainz is utterly disgusted by The Flood, as its goal of trying to assimilate, enslave all of creation, and crush all hope is far too vile for his tastes and would threaten Nazarick in an even worse way than the Grand United Alliance of Destruction.
  • Although he has an alliance with Arthas and his Scourge, he remains wary of them and thinks they give the undead a bad name. Ainz himself would rather remain a Villain with Good Publicity in the eyes of the mortals as opposed to being Obviously Evil. Arthas, meanwhile, has a distaste for Ainz due to him having several demons among his followers, which remind him of the Burning Legion, which the Scourge defected from. This makes relationships between the two somewhat strained.
  • On the other hand, he apparently gets along with Gravelord Nito, First of the Dead, and even looks up to him as a sort of paragon of skeleton-kind.
  • He may be a villainous sorcerer and ruler, but he does have standards and a code of honor. Attacking innocents who are incapable of fighting back in his presence is a surefire way to guarantee yourself a brutal death, as it will remind him of the time in Carne Village when he saw two fully-armed knights attempt to hunt down and slaughter a defenseless Nemu and Enri Emmot. He is also very protective of his realm and treats both Nazarick and his conquered subjects relatively well, and as a result disdains those who treat their subjects cruelly.
  • He has an eye out for Leoric's position as the God of Skeletons. Leoric, meanwhile, sees a potential threat in Ainz due to his ability to instantly kill even that which cannot normally die, which makes him a potential threat to his unlife. However, the two have not come to hostilities yet. What's more, they are both taking an active role as allies in the "Skeleton War". Ainz has been quoted as saying, "The Fuckboys will not be winning this year."
  • Hoping to consolidate his power and position within the Pantheon, he also has an eye for the Shikis' portfolio as Gods of One Hit Kills, but while his skeletal body would normally provide him with protection from being stabbed to death, he is not so sure he can go up against someone who can stab abstract concepts to death.
  • He and The Keeper regularly have prolonged conversations regarding new and creative ways to make their respective dungeons as unforgiving as possible to intruders. The Keeper respects Ainz greatly because The Great Tomb of Nazarick is said to have once withstood an assault by over 1000 experienced heroes, and is particularly interested in Victim.
  • One God Ainz is particularly wary of is Ostarion the Wraith King, former Skeleton King. Due to his undead nature, Ainz' necromantic One Hit Kills would have no effect on him unless he uses "The Goal Of All Life Is Death"… but Ostarion is able to resurrect himself instantly to bypass that. Ainz is already formulating strategies to deal with the Wraith King in case he decides to add the Great Tomb of Nazarick to his kingdom.
  • He seems to have a bit of a soft spot (as much as that's possible for an emotionless lich) for Takane Shijou and Yumi. When asked about it, he said that their voice reminded him of his greatest servant, Albedo.
  • Many of his worshipers have a bone to pick with Kirito, holding the belief that he gives Trapped in Another World narratives a bad name, and wish for Ainz to grasp the hell out of his heart. Ainz himself finds Kirito too inconsequential to really bother with unless he decides to interfere with Nazarick directly, and as their paths have very little overlap (Kirito is trapped in a virtual reality, while Ainz was transported from a game into a physical world), Ainz has no need for Kirito's position in the Pantheon.

    Auditors of Reality 
The Auditors of Reality, Divine Heralds of a World of Silence
  • Greater Deitiesnote 
  • Symbol: None (they don't do individuality)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Obstructive Celestial Bureaucracy, Hive Mind, Embodiment of Order, Emotionless But Hates Emotion, Omnicidal Maniac To Make Their Job Easier, Jerkass Gods, Insane Troll Logic, Weak To Actual Logic, Reality Warper, Death To Uniqueness, Kill All Life Ever
  • Domains: Silence, Drudgery, Bureaucracy, Stoicism
  • Followers: Noein, DuPont
  • Superior: Terry Pratchett
  • Allies: Nekron, Keel Lorenz, Cyrus, the Anti-Spiral, The Dark Judges, The Cybermen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: YHVH and Metatron, Big Brother
  • Enemies: All of the Endless, especially Dream (mostly one-sided), Death (Discworld), the Chaos Gods (especially Nurgle), John Preston, the House of Craft (with Emmet at the top of the list), the House of Pantheon/{{Faith]] (asides from YHVH and Metatron), Mello, the Life Entity, the House of Celebration
  • Opposes: Life, creativity, emotion, the pantheon itself on principle
  • The universe of Discworld has many a god and supernatural figure, and one of the higher, more abstract figures are the Auditors of Reality. Cosmic bureaucrats, they do the paperwork to make sure the laws of physics work the way they do. They prefer predictability and easy work, the simplicity of chemical reactions and the eccentricity of orbits. Life and the imagination it provides proves to be a major thorn in their side. They'd like nothing less than an utterly silent world and have thus joined the Trope Pantheon to ensure this happens.
  • Despite being part of the pantheon, they hate the very concept of the Trope Pantheon. They find the idea unnecessarily complicated, and difficult to sort out properly. It's a major sore spot that Dream, a living embodiment of creativity, is on the top of the food chain. Indeed, they detest every single one of the Endless for muddying laws like fate and death that should be straight forward simply by existing in the first place. Thankfully the rules set up keep them in place.
  • They are the living embodiment of order and bureaucracy, taken to its Logical Extreme. Dull and drab, they're such humorless and obstructive bureaucrats that they make the Vogons seem like the life of the party. Unsurprisingly, they detest the Chaos Gods for being on the opposite extreme of the scale. Especially Nurgle, who represents what they find disgusting in life.
  • Would like nothing more than a multiverse completely barren of all life, since life and the imagination it brings shapes things in an almost infinite amount of ways. It's this thought process that immediately led them to become "friends" with Nekron, who agrees that life has no right to exist and reality would be better off without them. As do the Dark Judges, whom the Auditors of Reality are trying to help serve as their agents and possible usurp the Discworld death.
  • YHVH seemed like He would fit into the Auditors well, desiring a silent world. However, they feel he isn't going far enough, and detest the belief He utilizes and sustains on. Still, he's one of the few beings more powerful than he is, and they both represent extremes of order/law so there's some kinship. Likewise, while they support Big Brother's desire to crush independent thought and imagination, they could without his desire for worship.
  • They'd much rather prefer all life to be gone, but tolerate "merely" the destruction of its growth, change and imagination. This is something that Keel Lorenz, the Cybermen and Cyrus agreed upon. As did the Anti-Spirals, who hope it will ensure Spiral Energy will be at its absolute minimum and the Spiral Nemesis will never happen.
  • Have zero problem with the idea of screwing with justice so as to serve their own ends, which is why they hired the Quintessons to help them out.
  • Something is only alive if it has an independent existence. All living beings die in time. Any span of time is minuscule compared to the lifespan of the universe. Therefore, if an Auditor develops signs of individual identity, it instantly vanishes. This is not the only case of Insane Troll Logic they have, as they despise living beings despite lacking emotions and joke to each other despite being a Hive Mind.
  • Despite theoretically being Overdeities in rank, the Auditors of Reality are not regarded as such because they can be defeated by chocolate of all substances. Or dreams. Or being human. Really, anything imaginative or fun is their kryptonite. Comes as no surprise that the House of Celebration and Craft screams at them, as does Mello. And they'd like nothing less than to throttle Pinkie Pie for much the same reason. Not that they really understand how craft and celebration work.
  • Slightly irritated by The White. The Auditors think the White has the right idea... it's just that they'd prefer the White to actually leave the barest scrap of featureless reality for them to remain in their tiny corner of existence.


Intermediate Gods

    Chrollo Lucilfer 
Chrollo Lucilfer, God of Eerily Smiling and Moral Myopias (Leader of the Phantom Troupe, The Man of the Reversed Cross, Dancho, Quwrof Wrlccywrlir.)
  • Theme Song 1/13,
  • Intermediate God, Formerly Lesser God with his sealed nen by Kurapika
  • Symbol: Genei Ryodan spider symbol, his cross symbols
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Master Criminal, Nen, Bandit's Secret, Blood Knight, Skill Hunter, Combat Pragmatist, Sun and Moon, Nen Specialist.
  • Domains: Leadership, Manipulation, Profit, Books, Knowledge
  • Heralds: The rest of the Phantom Troupe or Spiders.
  • Allies: Shinobu Sensui, Juri Han, James Moriarty, Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin.
  • Enemies: Kurapika, Anna Marie/Rogue, Hisoka, Gon, Killua Zoldyck, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Yusuke Urameshi, L, Vito Corleone, Ren Amamiya.
  • Special Relationship: Hisoka, Lucifer
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Light Yagami, Crocodile, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.
  • Head of the Phantom Troupe spidaaaaaas! A group of dangerous criminals feared by many including several mobsters.
  • After losing his nen due to the actions of the chain assassin Chrollo was left to wonder alone unsure how to move on with his existence and the loss of his comrades. He thought he would never ascend beyond the world he lived in until Abengane arrived at his location. Not only was the seal on his nen removed Hisoka suggested to make a move into the pantheon. The leader of the spiders took the chance to obtain more treasures for his temple mainly books.
  • Hisoka still wants a fight with the leader but Chrollo has other matters to attend with like exploring the pantheon for allies and possible enemies. The clown does understand and despite not being a full Troupe member he still calls him Dancho. Finally Hisoka was granted his wish to battle his former leader to the death. The outcome ended in his victory, but Hisoka has become his enemy with the death of two spider limbs.
  • Chrollo isn’t too fond of Gon once he heard about his ascension into the Pantheon either but respects his power enough not to bother him.
  • Kurapika was not happy to learn about Chrollo's ascension wanting to finish him off regretting not killing him before. The thief gave one of his smiles at the Kurta survivor knowing he would come for him eventually.
  • Peter feels Chrollo gives a bad name to spiders also he feels nervous about his last name but can't understand why.
  • Kira was surprised to hear about the man's criminal history. He also feels like their voices are the same along with their unique powers from a book. Still, Kira is not above using Kurapika to kill him later and Chrollo does have Hisoka keeping tabs on him.
    • This brought up the attention of L who knows the dangers of thieves like him but he can't do much besides keep track of the hunter and tell others who have a better chance of dealing with him.
  • Sensui was surprised to hear the many talents of the Troupe head similar to his own even if he felt like the hunter was another horrible human.
  • The violent methods behind the Phantom Troupe's typical wave of crimes is why the Phantom Thieves especially their leader hate Chrollo Lucilfer.
  • Vito tried to pay Chrollo and his gang to deal with some of his annoyances. Not only did Chrollo refuse the offer he told the mob boss what happened to other mobsters who tried to kill the spiders.
    • Crocodile was not pleased to hear this and considered adding Chrollo to his list of people to kill. Even so, he was impressed by his talents and the legacy of his group reminded of his Baroque Works.
  • Lucifer was not impressed to see the man using his name in such a way. Chrollo stated he only used the name and not the legacy of the name or book it's from. The demon seems amused by this statement deciding to keep an eye on the killer.
  • After getting out of the crime boss game, the former queen of crime still had a minor relationship with Chrollo as while she loathes his methods of violence Felicia admires his skills in theft and stealing other powers.
  • Yusuke from the House of Power was sicked to hear about Chrollo's history of crime. The spider's actions in the Kurta massacre only pissed him off more. The spirit detective also could not help noticing similar traits to Sensui another deity he did not like...
  • Even with his appreciation of spiders he treads lightly around Juri Han. She finds him very amusing and would not mind going on a heist one day with the head of the Troupe.
  • "Making the abilities yours while exploring the darkness within the soul of the original owner... that's the true pleasure of 'Skill Hunter'."

    Heero Yuy 
Heero Yuy, God of Stoicism and Patron Saint of Ineffectual Death Threats (H.R. Lowe/Odin Lowe, Jr., Black Alpha, Zero One, The Perfect Soldier)

    Rei Ayanami 
Rei Ayanami, Goddess of Emotionless Girls (First Child, GNR, Giant Naked Rei)


Lesser Gods

    Gustavo "Gus" Fring 
Gustavo Fring, the Divine Being of Composed Rage (Gus, The Chicken Man, Chicken Wings)

    Inaho Kaizuka 
Inaho Kaizuka, The God with Nerves of Steel (Nao-kun, Orange, Eggs, Inaho Jensen, Solid Inaho, Scrambled Eggs, Inahole
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Orange Slepnir
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good in 2nd Season.
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Awesome by Analysis, Guile Hero, The inability to emote, Surviving after being shot in the eye, Having an unknown mental disorder.
  • Domains: Mecha, Emotions (lack of)
  • Allies: Heero Yuy, Rei Ayanami, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Trowa Barton, Setsuna F Seirei, Kai Kitamura.
  • Enemies: Slaine Troyard (non-ascended)
  • He ascended after encountering Mako Mankanshoku and managing to not bat an eyelash at her signature rants.
  • The other alliances have more reason to fear the color orange, as Inaho now joins Naruto, Aang, and Goku in the ranks of ultimate orange-clad asskickers. He probably terrifies people more, as he is not the World's Strongest Man, and yet is highly adept at discovering weaknesses and exploiting them with calm ruthlessness.
  • Despite Urobuchi's involvement in his series the Urobutcher has claimed that Inaho is not his subordinate.
  • He has been targeted by the Trollkaigers in an attempt to break him in an attempt to get him to react and are currently staging a kidnapping with the help of Vaas. Fortunately for him, he has managed to push them back everytime with some help with the same apathetic look across his features.
    • The Trollkaigers were so frustrated they demanded that he gives a fuck. He replies by whispering no.
  • He has been compared Jermiah Gottwald, thanks to their orange motifs near death and cybernetic implants. Other than that they couldn't be more different as he is downright emotionless and the latter is very bombastic.
    • He has also been compared to Solid/Old Snake and Adam Jensen as well only because of the implants.
  • He thought he had heard his sister after he ascended but it turned out to be Erza instead.
  • He finds it strange how Harry Potter sounds very similar to Slaine and he's tried to analyze it with his cybernetic eye to little success.
  • Has an odd friendship with Kai Kitamura, another badass mecha pilot who specializes in using mook-level units to humble superior opponents.

    Mitsuru Kirijo 
Mitsuru Kirijo, Goddess of Ice Queens (including those who defrost) (Mitsuru-senpai, The Imperious Queen of Executions)
  • Theme Music: Missions for the Brilliant Executioner -Game Version-
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Kirijo group badge, held proudly by her Persona Artemisia
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Domineering, Cold, Efficient Ladies (That Hide a Very Warm Heart and Protective Soul), Execution, Absurdly Powerful Student Council President, Ojou-sama, C'est Magnifique Fighting Style, Badass Bookworm, Ice Magic, Fixation on Fathers.
  • Domain: Emotion, Fate, Combat.
  • Mentor: Philemon, Igor
  • High Priestess: Lana Skye
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, The Reaper, Sigma
  • Opposes: The likes of the Medic
  • Her history is… interesting. She was once merely holding a position for Absurdly Powerful Student Council, but someone installed a new Goddess for it without her consent, she took residence in the House of Prophecy afterwards, even if she's not bitter at that Goddess. Over time, she has amassed enough power and maturity, when a new property laid vacant, she took it.
  • Said to be a figurative counterpart to Queen Elsa.
  • Always one to put up a super cool and no-nonsense personality, but she's actually hiding a very warm heart. The one who first saw it was a certain individual reputedly named Makoto Yuki, who recently ascended to Godhood.
  • She is well-feared amongst the Pantheon as she is able to induce a really really horrible fate that would make other beings just want to forget that it ever happened… Thus she keeps in touch with the House of Justice, as she could really think of super-humiliating punishment for those who are Complete Monsters
  • Has a gigantic, indomitable will, she's able to stare and yell at the face of death without fear and is rumoredly able to get away yelling at one rumored to be Nyarlathotep for impersonating her.
  • Coinciding with the fall of Relius Clover, Mitsuru visited Litchi Faye-Ling's house, because she learned that one of the former's 'fashion' assistants based one of her outfit with the latter's. At first, she was cold and stern in reprimanding Litchi from giving in to her selfish desires, but it led to Litchi revealing her ailing status and how much she was in grief over losing her friend that she became desperate. Ignoring that she's actually younger, Mitsuru instead pulled off a Cooldown Hug and promises that she'd stay with her as a friend and it's okay for Litchi to not hide her troubles and say she's not okay, she'll listen. This was due to how much Litchi's grief reminded Mitsuru with a similar problem happening to her friend Yukari and declared that she needs help.
  • Kira Yamato actually stumbled upon her when she was bathing one day, since he got lost in this house while looking for Lacus Clyne, and he mistook Mitsuru's voice for hers. He ends up frozen inside his Gundam for his troubles, but she was kind enough to request Heero to escort him back to his realm. Were it not for her defrosting, she could have killed him with more ice.
  • Aside of strong combat skills, she is fairly good in support role. Just don't think she isn't afraid of using Marin Karin constantly.
  • As you might have guessed, she has executed Yuuki Terumi numerous times. One particular time stands out of the others, as Terumi, out of retaliation, actually uses one of Mitsuru's techniques against herself. According to Terumi, seeing her face after he had pulled it off was Worth It even after he froze to near-death.
  • Despite her Nerves of Steel, there is one thing that will break Mitsuru's composure with relative consistency: doctors, particularly the likes of the Medic, who show a disregard of the Hippocratic Oath. It's been hypothesized that she may have been a victim of her grandfather's experiments as a child, and this led to her phobia. No one dares to ask. Don't think for a second she'll stay frozen with fear when confronted with one, though. She's quick to gather herself, and quicker to Bufudyne the offender with extreme prejudice.
  • She was recently trained by Guile in the art of Charged Attacks and having two special moves. Her keep-calm approach reminds the soldier of his best friend Charlie Nash, who taught him his fighting style. This training came in handy when she and her friends pursued a lead only to walk right into the P-1 Grand Prix tournament.
  • Apparently during the whole fiasco with Hi-No-Kagutsuchi, several shady people has been questioning her badassery, what with spending the majority of time crucified to a cross, with these guys claiming that she's been chickified into a Damsel in Distress. Before she could straight it out, it was fellow 'housemate' Lamia Loveless that stood up for Mitsuru's defense, saying that what happened to her during the fiasco is no different than what happened to her in the ODE Incident, and once freed, Mitsuru resumed whipping Shadows' asses. Both of them has remained in touch ever since, moreso for Mitsuru out of gratitude of Lamia taking care of Aigis before the latter's ascension.
  • With both Aigis and especially Labrys now entered in the Pantheon, Mitsuru studied the records in the House of Knowledge for information on potential threats which may corrupt their programming (aside from hackers, since Fuuka Yamagishi has that department covered). Out of all the possibilities she stumbled upon, one left her the most horrified: the Sigma Virus. Not only is Sigma capable of spreading his Maverick Virus to robots without the proper failsafe or vaccine applied, it can adapt itself to strains specifically tailored to certain robots' destructive tendencies, for example the "Zero Virus" that threatens to claim the Crimson Hunter and "awaken" his "true self". If a strain of that Virus was ever adapted to Shadow Labrys…
  • Sees much of herself in Parasoul. Though Mitsuru was somewhat embarrassed when she saw Parasoul wearing similar clothing to what Mitsuru wore in High School and that she sounds similar in Japanese.
  • When Kotone Shiomi was ascended under the fake name "Minako Arisato" because the Pantheon's records hadn't found her real name, Mitsuru had taken a joke from Junpei and made it serious by giving the Shadow Operatives the directive to call her by that name until someone from the outside figured out the truth. This lasted for a LONG time before she suddenly got a phone call from Kotone saying that Lois Lane and Shinnosuke Tomari had found it out and were now with her, following which she spoke with Lois and arranged a meeting between the three ladies. Going to the Court of the Gods, they presented the evidence and got the name changed, as well as started a petition for S.E.E.S.' youngest member Ken Amada to join the Pantheon.
  • With both the Sigma and Kotone cases, Mitsuru confided in Yu the details of the situations. In the former case it spurred Yu and the Investigation Team into action the moment the Machine Council made their existence and intentions known, to keep Labrys insulated and protected from any viral contact. In the latter case it was surprisingly just a new addition to a case Yu and Yosuke had already been building regarding both Kotone and Makoto.
  • When it comes to terrible food, after seeing Mystery Food X in action, she has combat applications for them in mind.
  • Of the newly-ascended Persona team called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Mitsuru is most sympathetic towards Haru, both being proper ladies and daughters of businessmen with expectations thrust upon them to marry rich executives for their companies' sakes, and ultimately rejecting the arrangements thanks in large part to their teams' leaders. However, Haru's personality is more outwardly warm like those of Mitsuru's sunnier female teammates rather than cold like herself, much to the Kirijo heiress's relief.
  • Offered advice on her attitude to another rapier-wielding Ice Queen Weiss Schnee. Mitsuru has been recently opening up to others outside her classmates, hoping to convince Weiss to do the same with her. Of course some of their followers see the two as rivals, demanding a match to decide who's the better duelist.
    • In fact, due to an upcoming battle, there may be a chance that these two can fight. Weiss has been invited, but Mitsuru has yet to receive an invitation. But due to the fights being tag matches, they need a partner. Orie Paladia offered her blade to either if she receives an invitation, and, to the surprise of everybody, Jin Kisaragi, as he admits they do have a familiar fighting style and would work well together.
    • Now, they actually CAN do battle as Mitsuru has received an invitation via DLC.

Sektor, The God who Lacks Empathy (Ketchup, LK-9T9)
As a human 


    Jeffrey Lebowski/The Dude 
Jeffrey Lebowski, The Mellow God (The Dude, Mr. Lebowski, His Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A bowling ball and a cup of White Russian
  • Theme Song: The Man in Me or Lookin’ Out My Backdoor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Brilliant, but Lazy, The Chew Toy, Classical Anti-Hero, Cool Shades, Deadpan Snarker, Prefers to be called “The Dude”, Loves White Russian cocktails, Erudite Stoner, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Looks Like Jesus (though he doesn't exactly act like Him), Mellow Fellow, Mistaken Identity, Obfuscating Stupidity, Pinball Protagonist, Sir Swears-a-Lot, The Slacker, Vitriolic Best Buds with Walter
  • Domains: Slackers, Laziness, Mistaken Identity
  • Herald: Walter Sobchak
  • Followers: Little Bellowski, Admiral Kizaru, Marshall Mann, Huckleberry Hound
  • Allies: Kevin Flynn, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Roger Thornhill, Sully, Wander, Jake the Dog, Fred Flintstone, Dean Ambrose, Marge Gunderson
  • Enemies: Clu, Obadiah Stane
  • Opposes: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Odd Friendship with: Lady Amalthea, Barton Fink
  • Respected by: House of FAITH
  • Jeffrey Lebowski, also known as “The Dude”, is seen as the laziest man in L.A., which puts him in the running for laziest in the world. And everything he does pretty much screams "lazy": paying for Half & Half with a check, renting a crappy apartment, spending time bowling and on not much else, and getting mellow on White Russians. One day, two thugs who have mistaken him for a millionaire of the same name urinated on his rug to coerce him into paying a debt he knows nothing about. While attempting to gain recompense for the ruined rug from his wealthy counterpart, he accepts a one-time job with high pay-off. Intrigue and confusion ensues from there.
  • He would prefer if people refer to him as "The Dude", rather than Jeffrey or Mr. Lebowski, and politely requests everyone he meets to refer to him as such.
  • Is often seen in the House of Sports’ bowling alley. He was a bit disappointed that there has yet to be a god who represents that sport. Though he at least found another god who shares the same hobby in Fred Flintstone, who the Dude even finds similar to his friend Walter. He also became good friends with Roman Belic after meeting him at the alley.
  • Sometimes hangs out with Roger Thornhill due to both of them being caught in unexpected exploits due to a case of Mistaken Identity.
  • He also made friends with Sully (despite him being a monster) as his voice reminds him of his friend Walter Sobchak, only a bit kinder.
  • Being an easygoing and laid-back man, he can be seen with others who share that trait such as Jake the Dog and Wander.
  • Dean Ambrose also has respect for the man, having a similar laid-back and wacky attitude (when he’s not trying to destroy someone) as well as calling himself "The Dude" as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Is sometimes mistaken for Kevin Flynn due to their similar faces. Some even suggested that they are the same person. Even so, they managed to have a friendly relationship. Which puts him under Clu’s radar as he doesn’t like being compared to a lazy slacker.
    • Lady Amalthea has been given odd looks towards the Dude as his voice is strangely similar to that of Prince Lir, whom she fell in love with when she was in her human form.
    • Tony Stark, upon seeing the Dude, had a vague sense that he has seen him before as he looked like one of his foes Obadiah Stane. However, he’d never quite peg that they’re the same guy. After the confusion has been cleared, the two get along fine. (once Stane himself ascended, The Dude was scared of him)
  • For a particular reason, he also managed to be on good terms with Barton Fink. Although the Dude was initially uncomfortable with how Barton looks like Jesus Quintana, one of his bowling rivals.
  • Once heard a voice that sounded similar to his friend Donnie, but was startled that it came out of Randall and ran away.
  • He also caught the attention of several Equestrian deities, probably because he reminded them of a pony that resides in their world.
  • He may be a slacker, but even he is annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s idiotic antics. He hopes that he doesn’t see them pissing on the rug in his temple.
  • Was respected by the House of Faith after it found out about a religion devoted largely to his philosophy and lifestyle.
  • Apparently, the Dude has been a subject of various memes. Notably, “that’s like your opinion, man” being used as a response to an unpopular opinion.
  • Many gods have been discussing an interesting theory: that the Dude’s exploits are strangely similar to those of Alice. A video was even made supporting evidence for the theory. Though neither deity have said anything about it.
  • “The Dude abides.”


    Arthur Dent 
Arthur Dent, Divine Unfazed Everyman of the Pantheon
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The number 42 and a towel
  • Theme Song: The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy theme song
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heroic Neutral Action Survivor, The Comically Serious, Fantastic Racism, The Watson, Pajama-Clad Hero for a while; still has a Limited Wardrobe, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Void, Curse, Tea, Travel, Earth
  • Followers: Sarah, Francesco Dellamorte
  • Allies: Leslie Knope, Iroh, Star-lord, The Doctor, Jack Harkness, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Rincewind, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mario, Link, Luke Skywalker, Spock, Yoda
  • Enemies: The Vogons, The Daleks, The Cybermen
  • Annoyed by: House of Extraterrestrials, Captain T. Kirk, Commander Shepard
  • Annoys: Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • A little-told part of the Pantheon is the culture shock that one partakes when one first enters the Pantheon. Most people there probably haven't thought that aliens, vampires and time travel even existed until they step foot in the grounds. Without others to guide them through the process, it can drive quite of few insane. Arthur Dent is not such a person. When he found out that his home planet was destroyed just to build a space highway, he hardly batted an eye. Likewise, the concept of ascending to meet other beings from multiple dimensions only elicited one reply: "Is there tea available?" Thus his jubilant reaction when he found out that yes, there is tea in the Pantheon. That was all he needed to know, and he ascended shortly afterwards.
    • Sadly for him, some things remain the same. Shortly after he made it into the Pantheon, he was slapped with a series of documents that had to be signed at specific locations and at precise moments of time. Otherwise, he would have to start the process all over again. This was the workings of the Vogons who insisted on making every moment of his ascension process as possible. Thankfully, Leslie Knope was able to help him navigate through the red tape to get past them with some sabotaging from Ron Swanson.
  • The very first place that he visited was the House of Food in the search of his first cup of tea of ages. He expected that such a deity would be British. Instead, it was Uncle Iroh, a well respected patron on the arts. While disappointed, Dent agreed that it was the best tea he's ever had. Arthur Dent frequently buys tea to stock up a supply for himself.
  • He may only be a quasideity, but he is well-regarded by many in the Pantheon. Being unfazed seems to be a stock requirement for many protagonists here in the Pantheon.
  • Dent saw a chance for him to be treated as any other normal human would in the Pantheon. He entered the subhouse of Aliens in the hopes that he would have a better start with them. Unfortunately, the deities already know that the aliens in his world refer to him as "Earthman". It's a name many of them decided to call him to this day.
    • There are a few who buck the trend though. Spock found Dent to be a fascinating case to study. Likewise, Yoda has volunteered to monitor the man to see if he could be a better man.
  • Star-lord was surprised to find someone who was abducted from Earth just like him, though his Earth is still around unlike Arthur's. There was more amusement when he found out Arthur was plucked ten years before him. It was Peter Quill who was there to fill in on what Arthur Dent had missed in the past ten years. Afterward, Arthur Dent is often dragged into adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy, often against his will.
  • When the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind sees humanity depicted with aliens, he smiles at those who are able to overcome technological disadvantages in other to prove they are just as tenacious as their counterparts, if not more. Arthur Dent... is not that kind of person. His antics did not amuse the God-Emperor one bit, especially since Arthur has started to make the human race a laughing stock of space explorers. He even thinks the series is propaganda by aliens to make humanity look bad. Either way, he can't convince others that it's not funny.
  • For others such as the Doctor, he sees the man as a potential ally. Arthur likes the Time Lord as one of the few aliens that calls him by his real name as well as being one of the closet things to being like an Englishman. The Tenth incarnation even implied that he had met the man before they were in the Pantheon, calling him a "nice man".
    • Dent has made an even closer bond with the various ascended companions along the way, all of whom are from Britain. Amy and Rory were able to fill him in on the rest of the things that he may have missed. It took a while for him to understand the nature of River Song, though. And it took a while for him to convince Jack Harkness he's not interested.
    • Of course, that got him associated with many malicious aliens such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. They don't actively seek him out because they consider him harmless for now.
  • Arthur's case of misfortune was so bad, Rincewind felt pity, and he's the literally god of those who keep getting screwed over by the universe. While there is nothing the wizard can do to help, he has often been stranded with the man in many adventures. That's one combination no enemy wants to touch. They may get screwed over, but it at least keeps them alive.
  • At least Arthur has a representative in the superhero department. Spider-Man usually represents those in the audience who struggle to balance their lives. Peter proved to be the perfect person to talk to Arthur about his grievances. Parker deals with his own version of bad luck, named the "Parker Luck".
  • Laments at the fact that there are humans such as Kirk and Shepard that were able to be respected by their alien counterparts. To him, anyone could lead a group of aliens into a battle field. Unfortunately, he has had no such luck doing so himself.


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