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The Calmness Sub-House

Upon the massive expansion project done in the old House of Emotion, a lot of Deities there have settled in various sub-houses. This particular one has a bit of an eerie atmosphere since it's practically silent. A perfect place for the deities included below.

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Greater Gods

    Ainz Ooal Gown 
Ainz Ooal Gown, God of Lost Emotions (Momonga, Satoru Suzuki, Momon, The Dark Hero, Raven-Black Hero, Papa Bones, Sorcerer King)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of Nazarick
  • Theme Music: Clattanoia by OxT
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with a slight lean on Lawful Neutral (seen as Lawful Good by his subjects in Nazarick)
  • Portfolio: Evil Main Characters, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Liches, Instant Death Spells, Powers Over the Dead, Lots and Lots of Spells, Rarely Unleashing One's Full Power, Formerly Normal People Turned Into Monstrous Forms, Losing One's Emotions, Having No Empathy for Those Who Are Not Part of His Allies, But Being Kind to Those Who Are, Turning Into One's "Character", Incapability of Recipricating Sexual Affections
  • Heralds: the Floor Guardians, the Great Tomb of Nazarick and its loyal denizens
  • Domains: Skeletons, Liches, Evil, Dark Magic, One Hit Kills, Suppressed Emotions
  • Allies: Kel'Thuzad, Arthas Menethil (strained), The Keeper, Gravelord Nito
  • Rivals: King Leoric, Shiki Tohno and Shiki Ryougi, Ostarion the Wraith King
  • Enemies: All who specialize in hunting undead and most of the House of Heroism, especially all Hot-Blooded heroes who are disturbed by his lack of emotions and empathy, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Flood
  • Opposes: any cruel and oppressive rulers in the Pantheon
  • Good Counterpart: Yomi
  • Odd Friendship: Tanya von Degurechaff
  • Begrugingly Respects: Aqua.
  • Has conflicted sentiments about his ascension. While being a bona-fide deity is hardly a bad deal and makes him even more amazing in the eyes of his subordinates, he also has far more powerful enemies in the Pantheon than he did in the New World.
  • With his special skill "The Goal Of All Life Is Death", he can One-Hit Kill anyone and anything (though with a 12-second delay). This includes the undead, inanimate objects, and potentially even the most powerful Gods, which means that the Pantheon gives him a wide berth. However, due to his very long cooldown on the skill, he usually keeps it for emergency situations. At the same time, the sheer threat of the skill keeps potential enemies away. To date, he has not used it even once in the Pantheon.
  • He considers the Grand United Alliance of Destruction an enemy. Similarly, Ainz is utterly disgusted by The Flood, as its goal of trying to assimilate, enslave all of creation, and crush all hope is far too vile for his tastes and would threaten Nazarick in an even worse way than the Grand United Alliance of Destruction.
  • Although he has an alliance with Arthas and his Scourge, he remains wary of them and thinks they give the undead a bad name. Ainz himself would rather remain a Villain with Good Publicity in the eyes of the mortals as opposed to being Obviously Evil. Arthas, meanwhile, has a distaste for Ainz due to him having several demons among his followers, which remind him of the Burning Legion, which the Scourge defected from. This makes relationships between the two somewhat strained.
  • On the other hand, he apparently gets along with Gravelord Nito, First of the Dead, and even looks up to him as a sort of paragon of skeleton-kind.
  • He may be a villainous sorcerer and ruler, but he does have standards and a code of honor. Attacking innocents who are incapable of fighting back in his presence is a surefire way to guarantee yourself a brutal death, as it will remind him of the time in Carne Village when he saw two fully-armed knights attempt to hunt down and slaughter a defenseless Nemu and Enri Emmot. He is also very protective of his realm and treats both Nazarick and his conquered subjects relatively well, and as a result disdains those who treat their subjects cruelly.
  • He has an eye out for Leoric's position as the God of Skeletons. Leoric, meanwhile, sees a potential threat in Ainz due to his ability to instantly kill even that which cannot normally die, which makes him a potential threat to his unlife. However, the two have not come to hostilities yet. What's more, they are both taking an active role as allies in the "Skeleton War". Ainz has been quoted as saying, "The Fuckboys will not be winning this year."
  • Hoping to consolidate his power and position within the Pantheon, he also has an eye for the Shikis' portfolio as Gods of One Hit Kills, but while his skeletal body would normally provide him with protection from being stabbed to death, he is not so sure he can go up against someone who can stab abstract concepts to death.
  • He and The Keeper regularly have prolonged conversations regarding new and creative ways to make their respective dungeons as unforgiving as possible to intruders. The Keeper respects Ainz greatly because The Great Tomb of Nazarick is said to have once withstood an assault by over 1000 experienced heroes, and is particularly interested in Victim.
  • One God Ainz is particularly wary of is Ostarion the Wraith King, former Skeleton King. Due to his undead nature, Ainz' necromantic One Hit Kills would have no effect on him unless he uses "The Goal Of All Life Is Death"… but Ostarion is able to resurrect himself instantly to bypass that. Ainz is already formulating strategies to deal with the Wraith King in case he decides to add the Great Tomb of Nazarick to his kingdom.
  • He seems to have a bit of a soft spot (as much as that's possible for an emotionless lich) for Takane Shijou and Yumi. When asked about it, he said that their voice reminded him of his greatest servant, Albedo.
  • Many of his worshipers have a bone to pick with Kirito, holding the belief that he gives Trapped in Another World narratives a bad name, and wish for Ainz to grasp the hell out of his heart. Ainz himself finds Kirito too inconsequential to really bother with unless he decides to interfere with Nazarick directly, and as their paths have very little overlap (Kirito is trapped in a virtual reality, while Ainz was transported from a game into a physical world), Ainz has no need for Kirito's position in the Pantheon.
  • In a world where various Isekai casts met, Ainz met Aqua, who instantly assumed he was evil due to him being undead. Ainz didn't assume the bumbling goddess was a threat when she attacked him with Turn Undead, as low level spells like that don't affect him. He was Instantly Proven Wrong, as the attack did considerable damage, as well as knocking out his follower Shalltear, and Aqua might well have killed Ainz if Kazuma hadn't stopped her. Since then, Ainz has held a grudging respect for the goddess' power, and felt that world had massive power balance issues if a goddess could be knocked out so easily.
    • Ainz's concern only grew worse when he later attempted to use his Time Stop spell in order to cheat on an exam. However his spell doesn't effect gods, so Aqua could still move during it.
    • To Ainz's horror, he has realized that while in the pantheon his Time Stop spell is completely useless due to his opposition being gods, but the abilities of other gods to freeze time still affect him. He considers such abilities with no drawbacks to be horribly imbalanced, not realizing the irony of his statement.
    • On a related note, his encounter with Tanya briefly got off to a sketchy start. When she requested a private audience with the Sorcerer King, he was rather concerned of her anger towards him. It was later revealed that she initially thought that he was her dreaded nemesis Being X (which surprisingly elicited a Flat "What" from Ainz.) However, he managed to placate the "Devil of The Rhine" by asking as to whether she was previously a Japanese salaryman in a different life, to which Tanya surprisingly confirmed. Having realized such a commonality with Ainz, Tanya deemed him to be an okay character, even having invited him to another lunch session on the off-chance they cross paths again; Ainz does share the same sentiment, though he'd lament on not being able to enjoy lunch with her, on account that he's a skeleton, and all...

    Auditors of Reality 
The Auditors of Reality, Divine Heralds of a World of Silence
  • Greater Deitiesnote 
  • Symbol: None (they don't do individuality)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Obstructive Celestial Bureaucracy, Hive Mind, Embodiment of Order, Emotionless But Hates Emotion, Omnicidal Maniac To Make Their Job Easier, Jerkass Gods, Insane Troll Logic, Weak To Actual Logic, Reality Warper, Death To Uniqueness, Kill All Life Ever
  • Domains: Silence, Drudgery, Bureaucracy, Stoicism
  • Followers: Noein, DuPont
  • Superior: Terry Pratchett
  • Allies: Nekron, Keel Lorenz, Cyrus, the Anti-Spiral, The Dark Judges, The Cybermen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: YHVH and Metatron, Big Brother
  • Enemies: All of the Endless, especially Dream (mostly one-sided), Death (Discworld), the Chaos Gods (especially Nurgle), John Preston, The Auditor (not one of them), the House of Craft (with Emmet at the top of the list), the House of Religion and Faith (asides from YHVH and Metatron), Mello, the Life Entity, the House of Celebration
  • Opposes: Life, creativity, emotion, the pantheon itself on principle
  • The universe of Discworld has many a god and supernatural figure, and one of the higher, more abstract figures are the Auditors of Reality. Cosmic bureaucrats, they do the paperwork to make sure the laws of physics work the way they do. They prefer predictability and easy work, the simplicity of chemical reactions and the eccentricity of orbits. Life and the imagination it provides proves to be a major thorn in their side. They'd like nothing less than an utterly silent world and have thus joined the Trope Pantheon to ensure this happens.
  • Despite being part of the pantheon, they hate the very concept of the Trope Pantheon. They find the idea unnecessarily complicated, and difficult to sort out properly. It's a major sore spot that Dream, a living embodiment of creativity, is on the top of the food chain. Indeed, they detest every single one of the Endless for muddying laws like fate and death that should be straight forward simply by existing in the first place. Thankfully the rules set up keep them in place.
  • They are the living embodiment of order and bureaucracy, taken to its Logical Extreme. Dull and drab, they're such humorless and obstructive bureaucrats that they make the Vogons seem like the life of the party. Unsurprisingly, they detest the Chaos Gods for being on the opposite extreme of the scale. Especially Nurgle, who represents what they find disgusting in life.
  • Would like nothing more than a multiverse completely barren of all life, since life and the imagination it brings shapes things in an almost infinite amount of ways. It's this thought process that immediately led them to become "friends" with Nekron, who agrees that life has no right to exist and reality would be better off without them. As do the Dark Judges, whom the Auditors of Reality are trying to help serve as their agents and possible usurp the Discworld death.
  • YHVH seemed like He would fit into the Auditors well, desiring a silent world. However, they feel he isn't going far enough, and detest the belief He utilizes and sustains on. Still, he's one of the few beings more powerful than he is, and they both represent extremes of order/law so there's some kinship. Likewise, while they support Big Brother's desire to crush independent thought and imagination, they could without his desire for worship.
  • They'd much rather prefer all life to be gone, but tolerate "merely" the destruction of its growth, change and imagination. This is something that Keel Lorenz, the Cybermen and Cyrus agreed upon. As did the Anti-Spirals, who hope it will ensure Spiral Energy will be at its absolute minimum and the Spiral Nemesis will never happen.
  • Have zero problem with the idea of screwing with justice so as to serve their own ends, which is why they hired the Quintessons to help them out.
  • Something is only alive if it has an independent existence. All living beings die in time. Any span of time is minuscule compared to the lifespan of the universe. Therefore, if an Auditor develops signs of individual identity, it instantly vanishes. This is not the only case of Insane Troll Logic they have, as they despise living beings despite lacking emotions and joke to each other despite being a Hive Mind.
  • Despite theoretically being Overdeities in rank, the Auditors of Reality are not regarded as such because they can be defeated by chocolate of all substances. Or dreams. Or being human. Really, anything imaginative or fun is their kryptonite. Comes as no surprise that the House of Celebration and Craft screams at them, as does Mello. And they'd like nothing less than to throttle Pinkie Pie for much the same reason. Not that they really understand how craft and celebration work.
  • Slightly irritated by The White. The Auditors think the White has the right idea... it's just that they'd prefer the White to actually leave the barest scrap of featureless reality for them to remain in their tiny corner of existence.

Intermediate Gods

    Heero Yuy 
Heero Yuy, God of Stoicism and Patron Saint of Ineffectual Death Threats (H.R. Lowe/Odin Lowe, Jr., Black Alpha, Zero One, The Perfect Soldier)

    Rei Ayanami 
Rei Ayanami, Goddess of Emotionless Girls (First Child, GNR, Giant Naked Rei)

Lesser Gods

    Gustavo "Gus" Fring 
Gustavo "Gus" Fring, the Divine Being of Composed Rage (The Chicken Man, Chicken Wings, The Chilean)

    Inaho Kaizuka 
Inaho Kaizuka, The God with Nerves of Steel (Nao-kun, Orange, Eggs, Inaho Jensen, Solid Inaho, Scrambled Eggs, Inahole
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Orange Slepnir
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good in 2nd Season.
  • Portfolio: The Stoic, Awesome by Analysis, Guile Hero, The inability to emote, Surviving after being shot in the eye
  • Domains: Mecha, Emotions (lack of)
  • Heralds: The Mustang Platoon, especially his older sister Yuki Kaizuka.
  • Allies: Heero Yuy, Rei Ayanami, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Setsuna F Seirei, Ken Kaneki
  • Enemies: Ren Hakuryuu
  • He ascended after encountering Mako Mankanshoku and managing to not bat an eyelash at her signature rants.
  • The other alliances have more reason to fear the color orange, as Inaho now joins Naruto, Aang, and Goku in the ranks of ultimate orange-clad asskickers. He probably terrifies people more, as he is not the World's Strongest Man, and yet is highly adept at discovering weaknesses and exploiting them with calm ruthlessness.
  • Despite Urobuchi's involvement in his series the Urobutcher has claimed that Inaho is not his subordinate.
  • He has been targeted by the Trollkaigers in an attempt to break him in an attempt to get him to react and are currently staging a kidnapping with the help of Vaas. Fortunately for him, he has managed to push them back everytime with some help with the same apathetic look across his features.
    • The Trollkaigers were so frustrated they demanded that he gives a fuck. He replies by whispering no.
  • He has been compared Jermiah Gottwald, thanks to their orange motifs near death and cybernetic implants. Other than that they couldn't be more different as he is downright emotionless and the latter is very bombastic.
    • He has also been compared to Solid/Old Snake and Adam Jensen as well only because of the implants.
  • He thought he had heard his sister after he ascended but it turned out to be Erza instead.
  • He finds it strange how Harry Potter sounds very similar to Slaine and he's tried to analyze it with his cybernetic eye to little success.
  • Has an odd friendship with Kai Kitamura, another badass mecha pilot who specializes in using mook-level units to humble superior opponents.

    Killzone Squad 
Col. Jan Templar, Shadow Marshal Luger, Sgt. Ricardo "Rico" Velasquez and Col. Gregor Hakha, Divine Quadrumvirate of The Conflict Between Emotions and Stoicism
From left to right: Jan Templar, Luger, Rico Velasquez and Gregor Hakha
Click here to see Templar in Killzone 2 
Click here to see Rico in Killzone 2 
  • Lesser Gods and Goddess
  • Symbol: The ISA logo
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Templar), Lawful Neutral with Neutral Good tendencies (Luger) Neutral Good (Hakha), Chaotic Good (Rico)
  • Portfolio: Emotions vs. Stoicism, The Squad, Badass Crew
  • Domain(s): Emotions, Stoicism, War, Soldiers
  • Allies: The Normandy Crew, All Heroic Gundam Pilots, Luke Skywalker, Jim Raynor
  • Enemies: The Helghan Empire, Scolar Visari, Mael Radec, Gihren Zabi, Charles zi Britannia, Führer King Bradley, Sheev Palpatine, Wilhuff Tarkin, Arcturus Mengsk, Red Skull, Millennium, The Dalek Emperor, The Xenomorphs
  • Annoyed by:
  • Conflicting Opinion: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • During the outbreak of the Second Extrasolar War, the Helghan Empire launched an invasion of the planet Vekta. ISA Captain Jan Templar took part in the frontlines, defending the trenches outside Vekta City. Afterwards, he was sent on a mission to rescue Colonel Gregor Hakha, a spy, who had knowledge of how the invasion bypassed the SD Orbital Defense Platform. Over the course of the mission, Templar teamed up with Shadow Marshal Luger and ISA soldier Rico Velasquez. The three eventually rescued Hakha from the Helghast, and were surprised to find the spy to be half-Helghast. Despite the initial animosity between Rico and Hakha, the team continued their mission and hacked into the ISA mainframe to extract information on the SD platform. They discovered that General Stuart Adams, the appointed military commander of Vekta's orbital defense network, was a traitor working for the Helghast. While on their way to a facility that held a transport to the platform, they intercepted and killed Third Army commander General Joseph Lente before taking his shuttle to the nearest orbital transfer station to the platform. Upon arriving at the platform, Templar personally confronted and wounded Adams after killing his Helghast guards while the rest of the team successfully worked towards shutting down the platform. After narrowly escaping the platform on a shuttle, the team watched as the UCA fleet destroyed the platform. Afterwards, the team were awarded the Silver Sun for stopping Adams.
    • In the two years that followed, Templar and Rico continued to fight against the Helghast and got promoted to the ranks of Colonel and Master Sergeant respectively. Colonel Templar was put in command of Operation Archangel, the ISA's counter-invasion of Helghan, while Rico was put in charge of the newly-created Alpha Squad, an elite special forces squad that also subsequently participated in Operation Archangel. The objective was to quickly end the war by capturing Autarch Scolar Visari and replacing the Helghast regime with an easily controlled government. However, the ISA underestimated the tenacity of the Helghast and failed to accomplish their goals, costing nearly the entire loss of their invasion force. Colonel Templar was ultimately shot and killed by Colonel Radec, although he still managed to crash the New Sun, his flagship cruiser, unto the petrusite grid and thus eliminate the petrusite defenses. Rico and the rest of Alpha Squad subsequently fought their way into Visari's Palace. After severely wounding Colonel Radec, who then committed suicide, and thus avenging Templar's death, Alpha Squad entered Visari's main chambers in order to arrest him. However, when Visari gave a gloating speech about how they would be defeated by the Helghast regardless of whether or not he was arrested, Rico fatally shot him out of anger, consequently ruining the ISA's chances of ending the war.
    • Six months later, Alpha Squad discovered a plot by Helghast corporate chairman Jorhan Stahl to bombard Earth with hundreds of irradiated petrusite warheads, thus killing or irradiating millions of people on the UCN capital world and causing the UCN to capitulate. Alpha Squad, along with the remaining ISA forces, hijacked Helghast strike fighters and ultimately destroyed Stahl's cruiser, causing it to plummet and then explode in low orbit over Helghan. The cruiser's destructive payload of irradiated Petrusite missiles then detonated due to secondary explosions, with the resulting wave of energized radiation incinerating the entire Helghast invasion fleet, a large space station, and violently irradiating all life on Helghan in what became known as the Terracide.
  • When looking for ways to better combat the forces of the Helghan Empire, the Gods looked up the history of the Second Extrasolar War and learned of the heroic actions of Templar's squad. After some deliberation, it was agreed to ascend the squad as the deities of Emotions vs. Stoicism, as the four of them frequently clashed with one another over the course of their mission due to standing on both sides of emotion and stoicism.
  • The squad's reaction to seeing each other again upon their ascension was rather mixed. All of them were happy to see Templar again, as they all had missed him following his death. However, Rico received a lot of criticism from the other three, particularly from Hakha, for his killing of Visari and especially his involvement in unintentionally irradiating most life on Helghan. Rico, for his part, fully accepted responsibility for the part that he played and is still haunted by it. After a while, Luger and Hakha decided to ease up on Rico, as they clearly saw the guilt that he felt and, due to the fact that they had both been absent during those events, agreed that neither of them could fully understand what Rico and his squad had been going through at the time.
  • When the Helghan Empire learned of the quartet's ascension, they quickly staged an assault on their temple. Due to his involvement in killing Visari and accidentally nuking Helghan, Rico became the prime target of the assault, with Visari himself having order for Rico to be killed by any means necessary. Colonel Mael Radec, having previously expressed a desire to face Templar on the battlefield prior to killing him, was excited to finally have a chance to face off against him. The squad, with the help of several other gods, successfully managed to barely fight off the attack and subsequently installed defenses around their temple in order to better fend off any future attacks.
  • While looking for allies, the squad learned of the exploits of Commander Shepard and the Normandy Crew, a Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits who nonetheless managed to form an effective team and save the entire galaxy. Having never encountered actual aliens in their home universe, the squad were quite amazed to meet the non-human members of the crew. Although they're all on good terms, Shepard occasionally has friction with Templar when in Renegade mode, as Templar does not approve of Renegade Shepard's more extreme methods.
  • Due to their experiences in fighting the Helghast, the squad quickly befriended the various Gundam pilots in the pantheon as well as rebel leaders such as Luke Skywalker and Jim Raynor, all of whom have similarly fought against evil human empires. This also resulted in them becoming enemies with Gihren Zabi, King Bradley, Sheev Palpatine and Arcturus Mengsk, all of whom strongly remind them of Visari.
  • Unsurprisingly, the squad are strongly opposed to nazis, as the Helghan Empire strongly emulates their ideology and clothing style. As a result, they have frequently clashed with the Red Skull and Millennium.
  • The squad also opposes any aliens who are actively hostile towards humans, which ranges from Scary Dogmatic Aliens like the Daleks and their Emperor to parasitic Chest Bursters like the Xenomorphs.
  • They're not sure what to think of the God-Emperor of Mankind and the Imperium of Man as a whole. On one hand, they appreciate his love and dedication to humanity, but, on the other hand, the Imperium's extremely dystopian and tyrannical nature, constant espousing of the superiority of humanity and Absolute Xenophobia make them incredibly reluctant to associate with the Emperor unless they have no other choice.
  • Exclusive to Templar:
    • Being the squad's leader and their only unambiguously and consistently heroic member, Templar quickly befriended other heroic soldiers such as Master Chief, Dwayne Hicks, Johnny Rico and Marcus Fenix. Similarly, commanding officers such as Captain Kirk and Commander Adama have developed a liking for him and the three frequently work together.
  • Exclusive to Luger:
    • As a Shadow Marshal, Luger was employed by the ISA as a covert assassin and saboteur. As such, she frequently works together with spies such as Nick Fury, Black Widow, Solid Snake, Sam Fisher, James Bond and Austin Powers. However, she prefers to mostly remain an independent operative, as she feels more comfortably working alone. During the times that she works with the other spies, she generally shrugs off the flirtations of Bond and Powers, although the fact that Templar, with whom she was previously in a relationship, shows signs of jealously whenever it happens amuses her greatly.
    • Luger is rather annoyed by Mr. Mundy/The Sniper, a Cold Sniper a Cold Sniper like her but also a Friendly Sniper depending on the team, making him an odd case. However, unlike her, he is a mercenary who gets hired to kill no matter the alignment of his client. Although she aknowledges his skills and has occasionally worked with him, the fact that he can just as easily become her enemy depending on who hires him makes it so that she can't trust him.
  • Exclusive to Rico:
    • Out of the entire squad, Rico is definitely the most contentious figure. Some gods even accused him of being outright sociopathic and undeserving of being called a good guy. Having aknowledged the criticism, Rico hopes to be able to redeem himself in the pantheon. Due to having been labeled a war criminal by the Helghast for his involvement in accidentally nuking Helghan, Rico tends to stay in the squad's temple the most out of the four. When not in his temple, he tends to team up with other Military Mavericks, as he works quite well with those who don't always stick to the rules. This has resulted in him frequently working alongside the likes of the Doom Slayer, B.J. Blazkowicz, Captain Titus, Tristana and Captain Hawkeye Pierce.
  • Exclusive to Hakha:
    • Due to his knowledge of Helghast weaponry and technology, Hakha has been responsible for several victories against the Helghan Empire. Any uncertainties about his loyalties due to his Half-Helghast heritage were quickly put to rest when he informed everyone of how his brother had been killed by the Helghast in retaliation for his defection. Although Hakha genuinely desires a better future for his people, he believes that this goal cannot be achieved as long as Visari and his loyalists remain in control. His defection from the Helghast resulted in him forming a friendship with fellow defectors such as Torin and Zuko. His Half-Human heritage made him get along with Alucard and Spock, the latter especially liking Hakha for his similar adherence to logic. Hakha has also on occasion reluctantly teamed up with Lelouch vi Britannia. Although he doesn't particularly like Lelouch, Hakha nonetheless views him as a worthwhile ally against the Helghast.


    Anton Chigurh 
What's the most you ever lost in a coin toss?

Anton Chigurh, Unholy Patron of Terrifying, yet Calm Dispositions (Sugar, Psychopathic Killer, The Ultimate Bad-Ass)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Captive Bolt Pistol
  • Theme Song: Blood Trails
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Fatalistic Übermensch, Absolutely Remorseless and Incapable of Empathy, Dissonant Serenity, Devoid of Any Humanity, Works in a Completely Incomprehensible Set of Ethics, Will Do Whatever it Takes to Get his Job Done, Basically a Human Terminator, The Dreaded, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Professional Psycho for Hire, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, Genius Bruiser, Creepy Monotone, Normally Quiet and Direct
  • Domains: Hitmen, Stoicism, Sociopathy, Sadism, Persistence, Morality
  • Working Relationship With: Melkor, Darkseid, Vito and Michael Corleone
  • Rivals: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, John Wick, Agent 47, Jimmy, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot, The Original T-800, Mr. Mundy the Sniper
  • Enemies: The House of Justice, Gunvolt, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Hit, Akane Tsunemori, Shinya Kogami, Chris Jericho, Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, The T-800 Mark 2
  • Commonality Connection: Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Respected By: Shogo Makishima, Johan Liebert
  • Anton Chigurh is a hitman hired by the Mexican Cartel when the latter's $2 million briefcase is lost, following a shootout between them and local Texas sheriff, Llewelyn Moss. There, he decides to take matters into his own hands and proceed to collect the money and kill Llewelyn himself. The two then duel against another in a brutal fashion across the street and the motel, whilst also killing several bystanders and once they are unable to get each other, Anton proposes a threat to kill Llewelyn's wife, Carla Jean Moss, if he doest hand him the money. Unfortunately, Llewelyn is killed in a shootout, without the money. Anton then proceeds to find the briefcase holding the money himself and kill Carla Jean, though, during his departure, he is struck by a car and left with a splintered left arm. He manages to convince two teenagers to give him money and force one of them to lend him his shirt for Anton to use as a sling. He leaves before the ambulance can arrive.
  • Whatever happened after his arm ordeal is not known to anyone, though some may speculate that Anton may have gone back to being a hitman shortly after or that his injury might have caused a dent in his career. Or, he may have managed to avoid the authorities in capture by the surprising virtue of finding himself in a completely different setting. It started with a normal day for a lone shop when suddenly, Anton suddenly stepped in to talk to the cashier. He waxed on what was a series of incomprehensible talks about chance and death before revealing a coin and telling the cashier which side to choose, who responded with tails. Anton then flipped the coin, which landed on heads. He promptly unsheathed a gun and shot the cashier dead with a headshot. During the ordeal, Anton also caught a glimpse of a news report about a place called the House of Commerce and how some of its members are planning a business treaty to provide for the other Houses. Unfazed, Anton walked out of the shop and embarked to unknown territories. He was to make a mark in the Pantheon...
  • Upon arriving in the Pantheon, it didn't take long before Anton became widely feared and for a pretty good reason. Sanding aside the fact there isn't an ounce of humanity to be found within him, Anton is also insanely dedicated to his goals and is far smarter, creative and analytical in his job. It mainly stems from his ideals that whatever choices he makes dictates his life and that he should follow it all the way to the grave. He is also far more brutal and sadistic than he makes himself out to be, in spite of his deadpan expression.
  • For understandable reasons, hardly anyone is actually willing to enlist Anton on their paycheck. After all, he did go rogue against the Mexican cartel whom he was supposed to work for and then killed them off before deciding to find the $2 million briefcase himself. Melkor and Darkseid, however, are willing to open up to Anton about undertaking a few tasks to benefit themselves. Both the Fallen Maiar and the Lord of Tyranny commend Anton for his ruthless, yet effective approach as a hitman and they don't wrestle against each other because Anton could hardly care less about their intense competition against one another. Both Melkor and Darkseid are actually okay with this, if for purely pragmatic reasons.
    • Outside of the aforementioned, the only deities who are willing to put Anton on a paycheck are Vito and Michael Corleone as, like Melkor and Darkseid, they think Anton is the best hitman they can afford when it comes to getting some of their Dirty Businesses done and dusted. Unlike Melkor and Darkseid however, Vito and Michael are legitimately human and are just as vulnerable as anyone Anton has killed, so they tend to take extra precautions in what to offer Anton and prepare themselves if the worst was to come towards them. So far, Anton hasn't asserted any offensive front on them, but it's still a nervous sight as Vito and Michael tend to think what he might be thinking at the moment.
  • He is not the only hitmen around the Pantheon to strike incredible dread. Once, he was tasked with hunting down and killing John Wick by a mysterious assailant in the House of Crime and Transgressions Anton was able to track down Wick in the House of Ambiguity where the two suddenly entered a vicious fight against one another. Armed with a silenced shotgun, Anton killed whoever got in the way whilst trying to get a shot on John, who was able to outmanoeuvre Anton in physical combat. Eventually, the two began to tire out, after which Anton decided to call it quits and departed. He's since sought for a rematch.
    • Another group of hitmen were Agent 47 and the mercenary, Deathstroke. Agent 47 has kept silent about Anton, only working together if they have a similar target to take down, otherwise, Agent 47 finds Anton's lack of humanity to be rather nauseating to watch and tends to not get involved in his coin tosses. With Deathstroke, the latter thought the former would make a great asset in fighting against his enemies, particularly Batman, but instead, Anton insisted that things be done his way, to Deathstroke's chagrin. They've since either fought against one another and worked together in killing targets marked for assassination. Otherwise, expect Deathstroke to groan whenever Anton starts to talk about his view on morality and the world. Oh, and Deathstroke has prepared himself on the occasion that Anton decides for his co-workers to flip a coin.
    • While not a sniper, Anton also formed a rivalry under Mr. Mundy the Sniper as the latter happens to be an expert in his weapon of preference. The two keep their relationship with one another professional and have dueled in a few occasions, but even the Sniper has admitted that something feels terribly off about Anton whenever they make eye-contact with one-another. And after learning about his story, the Sniper does his best to keep a distance, even advising his fellow soldiers/foes about Anton's demeanour and threat.
  • Despite the above, not every hitman seems to share even a neutral relationship towards Anton. The most notable of them is Gunvolt, a man who despite his effectiveness in taking down his targets, is surprisingly understanding and interactive when it comes to those he cares about. He's come to see Anton as an opposite of everything he morally stands for and, while he certainly has superhuman powers at his advantage, refuses to even encounter Anton. It's not that Anton is a remorseless psychopath, but also for the fact that his mere presence is unnerving, even for a professional like Gunvolt.
  • His unstoppable nature has a lot of people often making comparisons between Anton and the T-800 Terminator models, if mainly because some speculate that Anton may have been inspired by the latter. Out of curiosity, Anton decided to place a hit on the original T-800 model, just to see if those claims were true. And their battle was a brutal one, with neither of them managing to stop each other until one of them was laying on the floor. Having learned about the strengths and weaknesses of the T-800 priorhand, he was able to quickly take advantage and melt his skin off, though the endoskeleton persisted. It did almost kill Anton, though he was able to use a grenade to blow the machine apart. Unfortunately, SKYNET seems to have registered the fight and have reprogrammed another T-800, this time with data pertaining to Anton. Time will tell if a rematch is to be set.
    • And yes, Anton is also familiar with the other T-800 that was reprogrammed into the side of good. However, Anton is far more careful about that particular one, if mainly because his directives of not stopping are also driven by the need to protect someone, namely John Connor and may as well be far more aggressive and determined if anyone it tends to care about is caught in harm's way. That, and it's likely the Mark 2 T-800 would have backup in the form of its allies.
  • The House of Justice is adamant in wanting to bring Anton to, well, justice, but so far, the man has proven himself to be pretty elusive in regards to his presence. Turns out, Anton has prepared himself for such an occasion, using trackers and intel gathered by the Grand United Alliance of Evil and the Harbingers of Repression to keep himself ahead. He's also got a checklist for some deities that could pose a threat, normal or supernatural and is taking the time to build some resources. So far, no one has been happy about this.
    • Attempts have been carried out by several detectives to find and apprehend Anton, including Shinnosuke Tomari, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart and John Luther. Only the former is able to properly overwhelm and defeat the hitman and that's only because of him being a Kamen Rider. The other three, although dedicated, are ultimately humans without powers and have had a much tougher time in trying to deal with him. And even then, Chigurh has anticipated the four of them, even getting back up in regards to Tomari. That said, there is some speculation that Chigurh may have some kind of luck in regards to his job, alongside just being really good at it.
  • His tendencies of flipping a coin to decide someone's fate did not go unnoticed for a certain attorney. That said, Harvey Dent does raise some concern and worry whenever he has to personally meet Anton. The hitman himself is completely indifferent to the symbolic representation between Harvey's coin and his partially scarred face, instead opting to talk about his usual nihilistic worldview and his take on a coin toss. Whenever they converse, Harvey admits to feeling panicky. It's kind of similar to The Joker, except the obvious glee and insanity is replaced with a near-total ambience with an occasional low voice, particularly that of Anton's. The two have a neutral relationship despite a notable connection, but Harvey is suspicious of the fact that Anton may try to kill him one day and needs to prepare himself for such an occasion.
  • Chris Jericho has once stated that Anton was actually one of his main inspirations in playing a Heel persona whenever he is in the wrestling ring. He did not express excitement when he heard that Anton actually ascended into the Pantheon. If anything, he was rather terrified by the prospect of even seeing face-to-face with the guy. Chris makes it very clear that his Heel persona is, for all intents, an act that he very much enjoys. He would personally never try to be as brutal, remorseless nor sadistic as the actual Anton is. Anton doesn't care about Chris at all and the idea that he was a major influence for his Heel persona means nothing to him whatsoever.
  • He ended up getting an unexpected form of success under Shogo Makishima, the reason being that Anton feels he does not have to be bound by others' expectation and instead follow with his own code of rules. Despite his own feeling that everyone is a tool to use, Shogo did think that Anton may play a good role for being fellow workers of one another, even if they can't truly be allies. Unsurprisingly, Anton doesn't have any sort of interest having a long-term partnership with Shogo, instead opting to work together if Shogo has something that he can provide Anton with as a reward.
    • Predictably, Anton came to be enemies against Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami. As fellow law enforcement officers themselves who also have strong ties to the House of Justice, they are just as determined to defeat and imprison Anton, given the high level of danger he possesses towards those in his vicinity. The fact that he was similar to Shogo in the whole Übermensch ideology doesn't help matters either. And as for Anton, he doesn't really care, per usual, unless they step in-between his goal, where he's not hesitant in killing Akane and Shinya if need be.
  • Jack Sparrow, of all people, is positively frightened of Anton, largely due to the fact that he looks like Jack's old Arch-Enemy, Captain Armando Salazar. The fact that Anton scares him even more speaks volumes of his reputation, especially given that Salazar was a literal ghost and Anton is human- by the loosest definition of "human".
Call it.

    Chito & Yuuri 
Chito and Yuuri, Goddesses of Comfort In The Apocalypse (Chii-chan and Yuu)
Left: Chito; Right: Yuuri
  • As the pair continued their travels across the apocalyptic landscape that they’ve become accustomed to, they came across a large dilapidated building with a door that was about to fall off. The girls weren’t sure what was beyond that, so they decided to investigate and at first, the inside of the building looked no different from what they’re used to. As they continued to travel, they saw a light coming from the other side and once they reached it, they found a place that looked far livelier than the war-torn landscape that they have regularly traversed. They were greeted by someone and told that they were in the Pantheon, something that Chito was unsure of at first, but Yuuri seemed interested in it. After an explanation of the place and being given a card that would identify them as Pantheonic denizens, the two continued to travel in their tank, but in the Pantheon and outside of it.
  • While the Pantheon may seem to be a more idyllic place at first glance, it has been notorious for having a Forever War and one that would inevitably cause great devastation to any location that’s caught in the crossfire. Whenever any given location in the Pantheon falls into ruins, there’s a chance that Chito and Yuuri will look around the place to look for anything interesting before it gets restored back to its original state (by the deities in the Houses of Craft and Life and Death). The two have noticed that the destruction that affects the Pantheonic locations they visit is much more severe at times compared to their original world.
  • During a tour across a city that was on the cusp of being destroyed, they found a motorcycle in good condition parked near a building, leading to a possibility that someone might be around in that locale. After a bit of looking, they managed to find someone headed to their motorcycle and both parties noticed each other and it led to a conversation between them. Kino introduced herself to Chito and Yuuri as the owner of that motorcycle and that she travels around to many different locations and staying there for a fixed period of time. Chito and Yuuri then explained to Kino about their travels across a post-apocalyptic landscape, finding what they need, and the discussions about life that they had. Although both parties don’t meet with each other regularly, they’re on good terms with each other and exchange stories about their travels whenever they meet.
  • Chito is a bona-fide bookworm that carries some journals with her and is interested in any new books that she finds while Yuri is frequently hungry and will take a chance to eat whenever possible, especially when she finds something interesting. With the Pantheon having a large selection of books and food in appropriate places (and some other locations outside their respective houses), one would think that Chito and Yuri would be frequent visitors to those places. It turned out that as much as those places interested the two, they visit them on a far less regular basis than one would think as a result of their travels and simply surviving as a priority of theirs. Yuri in particular would love to set up a home at the House of Food to rest at (and possibly make rations for others given that they’ve made some back then), but given that she and Chito are moving almost all the time, such a dream isn’t going to become a reality.
  • One of their travels resulted in them seeing a mysterious figure wandering around the location they’re at. The figure jumped at great heights and it took some time for the two girls to catch up to the figure. The Robed Figure isn’t really a talker, but he did understand where the girls were coming from as far as journeying is concerned, especially after learning that war irrevocably devastated the world the girls were from and that the only thing the two could do at that point was survive. Both parties have gotten along with each other since then, even if The Robed Figure did find Yuuri to be a little weird at times and wouldn’t really want to visit their world given how perpetually cold it is there.
  • What appeared to be a strange junkyard to Chito and Yuuri when they visited it turned out to be the place for a man named Diogenes. The girls learned about his struggles as he traversed across the land in a cauldron and it was through perseverance that he was able to complete his journey. While the girls did travel across a landscape that only goes up much like Diogenes did, he doesn’t have any issue with them despite the girls having a much easier method of traveling than he does. While the less-than-bright Yuuri seems excited to try and attempt something like what Diogenes did, Chito personally finds the idea of going upwards using only a cauldron and a sledgehammer to be more scary than frustrating.
  • Having encountered a still-functioning robot in their journey, the thought of any additional robots that were still running around in their world was something in the back of the girls’ minds (mostly Chito’s). The two found a small robot in a junkyard cleaning up the mess that was there and it ended up being something that got their attention. Not only did Chito and Yuuri find WALL-E, but they also found his much sleeker looking companion/girlfriend EVE and discovered that WALL-E was originally designed to clean up a messy futuristic Earth. WALL-E and EVE were ultimately able to provide a step needed to make Earth habitable again, but were sympathetic towards Chito and Yuuri’s plight and how little the girls were able to do in their ruined world. Chito and Yuuri were reminded of the strange creatures that consumed organic matter, electronics, and ammunition through WALL-E, even if his functions were more “compact garbage” and less “eat matter and not leave anything behind”.
  • Chito and Yuuri met a couple other humans in their desolate world: a cartographer and an inventor, both of whom were simply continuing their work in a world that has changed drastically. The Pantheon had a few deities that were more straightforward in trying to survive a post-apocalyptic world for Chito and Yuuri to encounter. When they found Joel and Ellie at a ruined part of the Pantheon, the initial meeting was a bit tense due to Joel’s hardened nature, though Ellie seems to get along pretty well with the two. It came as a surprise for Chito and Yuuri to learn about what happened in Joel and Ellie’s world and in turn, both Joel and Ellie find it surprising that despite living in a world where there’s basically nothing left, Chito and Yuuri were able to keep up a relaxed disposition and make the most of their time.
    • Other post-apocalyptic survivors that Chito and Yuuri learned about were The Courier and The Sole Survivor. What the two girls found interesting about those particular deities was that they had the capacity to change things for others for better or worse. The Courier’s line of work fascinated the two girls and they’ve even encountered him a few times in their travels, with their meetings generally going smoothly. Chito and Yuuri have also wondered about the worlds where The Courier and The Sole Survivor came from, though given how dangerous those places are, the two girls haven’t really gone to those places for the time being.
  • The Pantheon did provide a possibility of creatures similar in function to the “cats” they encountered. Unfortunately, the only deities that were close to that kind of function were The Unbidden, being a race of otherworldly creatures that consume all planetary life and matter and unlike those “cats”, not only do The Unbidden have no problem performing their task on planets that still have living lifeforms, but they relish in witnessing their victim’s pain. From what the girls understand about The Unbidden, the most the two can do is avoid them to the best of their abilities as they simply don’t have what is necessary to take on even one member of The Unbidden.

    Jeffrey Lebowski/The Dude 
Jeffrey Lebowski, The Mellow God (The Dude, Mr. Lebowski, His Dudeness, Duder, El Duderino)


    Arthur Dent 
Arthur Dent, Divine Unfazed Everyman of the Pantheon
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The number 42 and a towel
  • Theme Song: Journey of the Sorcerer
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heroic Neutral Action Survivor, The Comically Serious, Fantastic Racism, The Watson, Pajama-Clad Hero for a while; still has a Limited Wardrobe, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Void, Curse, Tea, Travel, Earth
  • Followers: Sarah, Francesco Dellamorte
  • Allies: Leslie Knope, Iroh, Star-lord, The Doctor, Jack Harkness, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Rincewind, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mario, Link, Luke Skywalker, Spock, Yoda
  • Enemies: The Vogons, The Daleks, The Cybermen
  • Annoyed by: House of Extraterrestrials, Captain T. Kirk, Commander Shepard
  • Annoys: Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • A little-told part of the Pantheon is the culture shock that one partakes when one first enters the Pantheon. Most people there probably haven't thought that aliens, vampires and time travel even existed until they step foot in the grounds. Without others to guide them through the process, it can drive quite of few insane. Arthur Dent is not such a person. When he found out that his home planet was destroyed just to build a space highway, he hardly batted an eye. Likewise, the concept of ascending to meet other beings from multiple dimensions only elicited one reply: "Is there tea available?" Thus his jubilant reaction when he found out that yes, there is tea in the Pantheon. That was all he needed to know, and he ascended shortly afterwards.
    • Sadly for him, some things remain the same. Shortly after he made it into the Pantheon, he was slapped with a series of documents that had to be signed at specific locations and at precise moments of time. Otherwise, he would have to start the process all over again. This was the workings of the Vogons who insisted on making every moment of his ascension process as possible. Thankfully, Leslie Knope was able to help him navigate through the red tape to get past them with some sabotaging from Ron Swanson.
  • The very first place that he visited was the House of Food in the search of his first cup of tea of ages. He expected that such a deity would be British. Instead, it was Uncle Iroh, a well respected patron on the arts. While disappointed, Dent agreed that it was the best tea he's ever had. Arthur Dent frequently buys tea to stock up a supply for himself.
  • He may only be a quasideity, but he is well-regarded by many in the Pantheon. Being unfazed seems to be a stock requirement for many protagonists here in the Pantheon.
  • Dent saw a chance for him to be treated as any other normal human would in the Pantheon. He entered the subhouse of Aliens in the hopes that he would have a better start with them. Unfortunately, the deities already know that the aliens in his world refer to him as "Earthman". It's a name many of them decided to call him to this day.
    • There are a few who buck the trend though. Spock found Dent to be a fascinating case to study. Likewise, Yoda has volunteered to monitor the man to see if he could be a better man.
  • Star-lord was surprised to find someone who was abducted from Earth just like him, though his Earth is still around unlike Arthur's. There was more amusement when he found out Arthur was plucked ten years before him. It was Peter Quill who was there to fill in on what Arthur Dent had missed in the past ten years. Afterward, Arthur Dent is often dragged into adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy, often against his will.
  • When the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind sees humanity depicted with aliens, he smiles at those who are able to overcome technological disadvantages in other to prove they are just as tenacious as their counterparts, if not more. Arthur Dent... is not that kind of person. His antics did not amuse the God-Emperor one bit, especially since Arthur has started to make the human race a laughing stock of space explorers. He even thinks the series is propaganda by aliens to make humanity look bad. Either way, he can't convince others that it's not funny.
  • For others such as the Doctor, he sees the man as a potential ally. Arthur likes the Time Lord as one of the few aliens that calls him by his real name as well as being one of the closet things to being like an Englishman. The Tenth incarnation even implied that he had met the man before they were in the Pantheon, calling him a "nice man".
    • Dent has made an even closer bond with the various ascended companions along the way, all of whom are from Britain. Amy and Rory were able to fill him in on the rest of the things that he may have missed. It took a while for him to understand the nature of River Song, though. And it took a while for him to convince Jack Harkness he's not interested.
    • Of course, that got him associated with many malicious aliens such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. They don't actively seek him out because they consider him harmless for now.
  • Arthur's case of misfortune was so bad, Rincewind felt pity, and he's the literally god of those who keep getting screwed over by the universe. While there is nothing the wizard can do to help, he has often been stranded with the man in many adventures. That's one combination no enemy wants to touch. They may get screwed over, but it at least keeps them alive.
  • At least Arthur has a representative in the superhero department. Spider-Man usually represents those in the audience who struggle to balance their lives. Peter proved to be the perfect person to talk to Arthur about his grievances. Parker deals with his own version of bad luck, named the "Parker Luck".
  • Laments at the fact that there are humans such as Kirk and Shepard that were able to be respected by their alien counterparts. To him, anyone could lead a group of aliens into a battle field. Unfortunately, he has had no such luck doing so himself.

Ben, God of Incriminating Indifference
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His Porche or... a stuffed drawer of feminine belongings.
  • Alignment: True Neutral on the surface... Neutral Evil perhaps.
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Situation, Faux Affably Evil, Giggling Villain, A God Am I, Lack of Empathy, The Social Darwinist, Unexplained Accent, Upper-Class Twit, Smug Snake, Creepy Souvenir, Maybe a Serial Killer
  • Domains: Suspicion, Wealth, Comfortability
  • Followers: Claus von Bülow, Naoki Konishi, David Harris
  • Allies: Tohru Adachi, The Parks, Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii, Anise Tatlin
  • Enemies: Byakuya Togami, Josuke Higashikata, The Investigation Team, The Kims, John Doe, Dexter Morgan
  • Opposes: Eliza and Neil Reagan, Montgomery Burns
  • Conflicting Opinion: Rick Grimes, Wan, Keith
  • When it comes to Ben, he is a strange enigma of a man. Handsome, wealthy, charming, Ben seems to have it all even if he seems a bit standoffish. However, that was when people started getting suspicious. Is this all a facade for Ben as a means to an end? Various Court of the Gods kept tabs of Ben and discovered some pretty disturbing information about him. For one, he seems to like befriending lower-class young women, after a few days and a few months befriends another one then starts the cycle all over again. What happened to the previous woman he befriended? They aren’t seen with Ben any longer or for anybody else for that matter afterward. The Court of the Gods started digging to find out ... both figuratively and literally. Yeah, the truth of what happened to these women were not a pleasant discovery, with them wondering how Ben was able to do this for so long without a care in the world. They are not making the investigation public yet, but they ascended Ben to keep an eye on the man for the time being.
    • Ironically enough, Ben’s disregard for these disappearances ended up getting him killed when a friend of the last girl Ben had interacted became suspicious of him once that friend vanished, culminating Ben getting a knife to his stomach once his killer was pretty sure his suspicions were confirmed. Ben ended up in the Pantheon afterward, and actually had a better time adjusting here since he believed that he was one of “those kind of people” destined for a place like this.
  • Obviously, rumors and debate started spreading about Ben afterward. Is he a murderer or not? It would be incredible messed up to assume but people aren’t taking their chances. Especially when people go on to talk to Ben about this instances, he casually brushes it off as a misinterpretation of his hobby of burning abandoned greenhouses. A less severe crime, but in no way compared to freaking murder. Even though Ben enjoys his stay in the Pantheon, the looks he gets understandably annoy him. And no, he does enjoy the alternative theory of him being a sex trafficker either.
  • Even if everyone is wary of him, Ben still is quite friendly to everyone who gives him a benefit of a doubt. He’s not going to be best buds with everybody he meets, he can at least hold a decent conversation with people and seems not to be a Jerkass.
  • Is good friends with the Parks, as they see eye to eye when it comes to being out-of-touch wealthy Korean people (they just don’t see that). Ben can’t help but look down at the family that (used) to work for the Parks—the Kims. Ben likes making friends with those from a lower class than his but can’t really find their respect as Ben is a guy who leeches off the money that comes from whatever, instead of actually working as far as anybody knows.
  • Byakuya Togami looks down of Ben more so than others. Even if Togami was born into extreme wealth, he had to face off his siblings in who would became heir to the Togami family. This makes Togami disgusted by people who lay on their asses doing nothing but lay on their weath. As Togami says, “If you are part of the 1%, you better bring yourself above everybody else in that regard.” Ben doesn’t really care about Togami’s ranting, as all he wants to do is just go about his business in his Cool Car that he drives around with.
  • His outward friendliness towards those of a lower class has gained the approval of Sei P. Asagiri and Stella Hoshii who both encourage these interclass friendships. They don’t really take the rumors surrounding Ben that seriously, though do show a bit concern over Ben dropping and gaining new friends at whim. Ben excuses that as in the current Korean working world, there is rarely time for friendships. He also says the friends he makes live significantly apart from each other, so keeping up with friendships is a bit of a luxury. An acceptable answer to some but people are still suspicious of Ben regardless.
  • Anita Teslin overlooks these rumors of Ben over one thing: his wealth. As long as Ben is at least a seemingly nice sort of guy, Anita wouldn’t take even the slightest of criticism against Ben seriously. To everyone’s relief, Ben isn’t depraved enough to go after girls who look and are much younger than he is.
  • Even though Ben could be said to flaunt his wealthiness on vices, he doesn’t actively parade around that he is rich to others. Regardless, even he has to draw the line when people use their wealth for malicious purposes like Burns and the Reigan siblings. He tells them they should cool off and just use their wealth to entertain their boring lives instead of trying to make everybody else miserable.
  • Rumored to have many a Serial Killer as a friend. All of his suspected friends are sneaky when it comes to their murders. Bluebeard had murdered women he married constantly. Gilles de Rais had used his nobility status of psychotically rape-torture children (which is probably more than repulsive on Ben’s part). Ryuunosuke Uryuu is just a murderous child-killing maniac who worked under the radar for far too long. Patrick Bateman is a yuppie who manages to hide his insanity well. And then there is Yoshikage Kira, who kills women for their hands and anybody else who suspects his identity. This speculation started when people claimed that they saw Ben pass by each one of these persons at some point. Still a debated even amongst those who think Ben is a murderer, as associating yourself with known killers would not exactly be putting yourself under the radar. For better or worse, Ben is much more wiser than most people give him credit for.
    • Though a known murderer, Adachi, is actually public friends with Ben. Maybe it is because Ben relates to Adachi’s nihilism that he finds so appealing. They aren’t full-on buddies but always see each other in tthe bar and decide to just drink with each other during Happy Hour. This caused the Investigation Team also look into Ben it anything nefarious is going on with him as well. Josuke Higashikata, not wanting to repeat a murder going under the radar, goes along with the Investigation Team sometimes as well.
    • Has ironically attracted the attention of a few murderers who believe in the rumors and want to exact vengeance upon Ben for his supposed crimes. John Doe sees Ben embodying Pride for his semi-lavish lifestyle, Lust for his constant flipping through relationships, and perhaps Greed if the rumors him robbing the girlfriends he murdered are true too. Dexter is investigating Ben and seeing if he can justify tying Ben to a anvil then drop him into a river.
  • Rick is a bit disturbed that Ben looks exactly like his dear friend Glenn Rhee, to the point mistaking him for Glenn when Rick had managed to bump into Ben at a random time. However, he soon came to realize it was not the same friend who had fought through the Zombie Apocalypse together at closer inspection, as Ben is too clean and too uncaring towards the world to be that same person. Meanwhile, Wan and Keith of Voltron also note Ben sounds like them when he starts to talk in English, which makes the, extra wary of Ben as something feels off about him to them.
  • Can also be found in Criminal Punishment.
  • "Sometimes I burn down greenhouses. I choose an abandoned greenhouse and set it on fire. You can make it disappear... as if it never existed."