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Intermediate Gods

    Balan Wonderworld Quartet 
Balan, Lance, Leo Craig, and Emma Cole, Gods of Having Lore Explained Through External Sources
Clockwise from top-left: Leo Craig, Emma Cole, Lance, and Balan
  • Lesser Gods for Leo and Emma; Intermediate Gods for Balan and Lance
  • Symbol: The Balan Wonderworld Theatre
  • Theme Music: Final Boss Clear Musical (Leo and Emma); Balan's Bout; Lance Appears
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Balan, Leo, and Emma; Neutral Evil with good intentions for Lance (previously Neutral Good)
  • Profile: Backstory explained through outside sources
  • Domains: Dreams, Theater, Dancing
  • High Priest: The cast of EarthBound Beginnings
  • Allies: Razputin, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Ronald McDonald, Wander, Frisk, NiGHTS (Balan, Leo, and Emma); Crow (Lance); Pinkie Pie, Nagi Sanzen'in, Charlie Bucket, Charlotte LaBouff, Richie Rich, Sara Crewe (Emma); Neku Sakuraba, Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword (Leo)
  • Enemies: The Heartless, Dimentio, Joker (Pretty Cure), Kefka, Vex, Reala, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Princess Morbucks
  • Wary of: Shūkurō Tsukishima
  • Leo and Emma were two young kids who suffered from opposite problems. Emma suffers from loneliness because people talk ill about her behind her back, while Leo thinks it's better to be alone after getting into an argument with a friend. Their issues lead them to the Balan Theater, a mysterious theater owned by the mysterious Balan, host of the theater and a charismatic entertainer who sends them to Wonderworld to restore the balance within their hearts. The children explored twelve different worlds inhabited by people whose hearts were led astray by their personal issues and were corrupted by Lance, the dark counterpart of Balan. Upon freeing all twelve inhabitants from their burdens, Leo and Emma clashed with Lance, defeating him with the aid of the inhabitants before they are all send home by Balan, who shares a tearful goodbye with the two. Upon returning, Leo reconciles with his friend and bonds with a dance group he had previously shunned while Emma finds out that her servants and friends were holding a birthday party.
  • These particular four deities had a rather unusual ascension. The Court of the Gods found two different takes on their case, but one had more information about the kids, Balan, and Lance than the other did. Because of this, the Court decided to offer the four deityship over having lore explained through external sources. Leo and Emma would find themselves in the Balan Theater once again, where Balan explains how they've given an invitation to the Trope Pantheons. After accepting, the three would end up crossing paths with Lance, who also ended up in the Pantheon after his defeat in Leo and Emma's adventure. Whether he was dragged off by the Negati to parts unknown or left after giving Balan a Breaking Speech, Lance doesn't seem to be causing trouble for now, but it's still clear that he still wants what's best for humanity (even if it means trapping them in their dream world) and believes that eventually Balan will follow suit.
  • Exclusive to multiple members:
    • Leo and Emma had crossed paths with other deities that explored mental worlds as a way to deal with trauma.
      • Razputin got along quite well the two, considering how his adventures revolved around overcoming other people's personal issues and he's happy the two also managed to overcome their struggles in the real world as well. Razputin's fear of water reminded the children of Fiona Demetria, though learning about it being caused by curse (or so Razputin thought) instead of normal causes left them unsure of how they could have helped prior to him overcoming that fear. At the very least, they're glad that Razputin no longer fears water, but they are respectful when they hear he still doesn't want to master his power over water.
      • The duo learned about how the Phantom Thieves of Hearts had used their power to brainwash corrupt adults who couldn't be punished by the law into confessing their sins and beg to be punished, and they were quite shocked to learn of how many horrible adults there were for the Phantom Thieves to face, admitting that the Phantom Thieves' power really made it necessary. The children got along with all of them, but Sumire, Joker, and Futaba probably grew the closest to the three considering how horrible their backstories were to the point they could have ended up in the Balan Theater. Hikari befriends Leo and Emma due to how her traumas trapped her in an Epiphanic Prison and she needed outside help to break free from her torment and overcome her issues. Takuto Maruki's practice of forcefully trapping people in a perfect world without pain reminds them of Lance, with the latter even noting how similar he is to the human and expresses genuine sympathy. He does sense that Maruki's still resides within and warns him that the right trigger can still bring it out, just like how he grew close to humans, and it left him with pain and misery.
      • Leo, Emma and Balan would be enemies with The Heartless because of their similarities to the Negati. Though in this case, they consider the former more dangerous because not only could they manifest in the real world (whereas the Negati can only manifest in Wonderworld), but they can actually turn people into Heartless themselves. Because of this, they help Sora and his companions fight off Heartless and those who command them for their own agenda.
    • Lance had warned Balan that he gets too close to humans, he will eventually fall into despair and misery like he did and become the second Lance. This warning would get the House of Opposing Fate interested, seeing and betting if Lance would be right or wrong about Balan going down the path he did in the end. Despite Balan's insistence that won't happen, even he doesn't seem to believe his own words, though he still has friends that will keep him on the right for as long as possible until they can find the means to change fate.
    • Dimentio, Smile! Joker, Kefka and Vex are all Monstrous Magical Clowns, but unlike Lance, they have no redeeming qualities at all and are downright vile. Because of this, Balan immediately declares them as his most vile adversaries, promising to take the fight to them if they cause so much harm. The 4 clowns on the other hand heard of Lance's story and his connection to Balan, so they're greatly interested in corrupting him and turning him into the second Lance under their control. Lance in turn sees them as a threat to humanity, to the point he's even willing to cooperate with Balan to stop them.
    • Balan, Leo, and Emma learn of how Sunny used his imagination to cope with the guilt of accidentally killing his sister, which they note is very similar to how an inhabitant ends up in Wonderworld to escape from the painful reality (especially in the case of Cal Suresh, who was so blinded by his obsession with being the best chess player that he neglected his terminally ill wife until it was too late). They are saddened by his loss and guilt, but are at least glad that he is able to start taking steps forward and move on from his guilt. While they don't know how Sunny's friends reacted to his confession, the fact that the group was on the verge of recounciling suggests that there is still hope for them.
  • Exclusive to Balan:
    • Ronald McDonald, being a Non-Ironic Clown and Friend to All Children that's occasionally shown to wield magic, got along pretty well with Balan, since they both care about making their guests happy, albeit through different means. Balan occasionally comes to visit Ronald during their free time to speak about how they can entertain guests of the Balan Theater and McDonalds respectively. Ronald shows sympathy for Balan after hearing of how he grew to care for his guests and how it pains him every time they leave, reassuring him they still have to enjoy the time they had with their friends and help them as much as possible.
    • Balan would cross paths with NiGHTS after entering the Pantheon. The two became quick friends after seeing just how similar the two are. Balan was at least happy that NiGHTS would win his freedom and individuality from Wizeman, while NiGHTS was sympathetic towards Balan after hearing of his origins and how he may destined to take his creator and predecessor's place as the new Lance, promising to help him find a way to avert this fate, something that Balan appreciates very much.
  • Exclusive to Lance:
    • Crow and Lance get along very well for being Affably Evil villains, even if Lance isn't much of a villain. Because of this, the two hang out together during their off-time, discussing their relationship with their adversaries. Lance was quite shocked to learn that Crow's enemy stopped fighting Crow and taking him seriously as a threat, which led to Crow actually succeeding in his Evil Plan. Lance actually notes how irresponsible this was, especially since he left his girlfriend in Crow's clutches.
    • There were plenty of people who felt sorry for Lance after hearing of his backstory. Frisk and Wander for example wanted save him from the sorrow and misery of humans that corrupted him in the first place. Lance tells them that they should first focus on keeping Balan from falling into the same trap he did if they want to help him. The fact that the Negati have control over Lance rather than the other way around may also be something they have to factor in.
    • Reala, a loyal subordinate to the Ruler of Nightmares, Wizeman, took interest in Lance after hearing of how similar he is to himself and his master. He has attempted to recruit Lance to Wizeman's side, but Lance has refused. As extreme as his methods are, he always sought to make people happy, whereas Reala and Wizeman only cared about control over Nightopia and the Waking World. Reala scornfully tells him that he's no different from them no matter what he says, and promises he'll rue the day he spurns his offer.
  • Exclusive to Leo:
    • Leo found a kindred spirit in Neku, who also started isolating from other people and refused to connect with others until his adventure in a supernatural case. Both of them got along very well after meeting each other, talking about how forming connections with others helped them to grow as people. They also talked about a girl they formed a friendship with that mutually allowed them to change for the better (Emma and Shiki). Leo was also quite surprised to hear of how Neku got separated from Shiki, but was quite happy that he managed to reunite with her.
    • Makoto Kenzaki saw a kindred spirit in Leo, since they were both loners who found friends during their journey. This allowed the two to get along very well as they talked about how their friends brought them out of their shells, allowing them to grow as people. Makoto encourages Leo to treasure his bonds with the friends he's made, something that touched the boy's heart as it reminds him of his bond with Balan, Emma, and the Inhabitants.
    • Leo, in one timeline, had his memories of the outside world supressed by Lance after he lost to him. This made him sympathetic to those who have had their memories tampered with, and also made him view Shūkurō Tsukishima with distaste after learning of his power to rewrite people's memories. While Tsukishima isn't causing any trouble now, Leo understandably prefers to keep his distance.
  • Exclusive to Emma:
    • Pinkie Pie also thought friends were ignoring her for one day, only to find out they were planning a surprise birthday party for her, so she perfectly sympathized with Emma over her misunderstanding. Emma thought her friends and maids were talking ill about for reasons she couldn't understand, so it came off as a big surprise when found out it was her birthday. This allowed the girls to get along with each other as Pinkie promised to help her set up some parties, which Emma accepted.
    • Emma got along well with other friendly rich kids such as Richie Rich and Charlie Bucket. In Charlie's case, Emma was quite sympathetic with his plight of being a poor boy and was happy he managed to get out of poverty with his family. Being Lonely Rich Kids allowed Emma and Nagi Sanzen'in to become good friends. Nagi didn't have many friends until Hayate encouraged her, but she was saddened to hear how Emma thought she didn't have any friends due to mistaking their surprise birthday plans for harmful gossip. This allowed the two form a very close friendship in the Pantheon.
    • Emma has nothing but disgust for the likes of the Reagan siblings and Princess Morbucks due to how they treat other people from a lower class. She also can't stand the fact that they flaunt their wealth and use their status to pick on other people and get whatever they want. Because of this, Emma wants nothing to do with them and refuses to see them as friends.
    • Charlotte became quick friends with Emma after hearing of her strife and how it was because she misunderstood her situation. Chalotte becomes encouraging to the young girl, ensuring her that while friends may keep secrets, not all secrets are bad, and they can be just as good as her surprise birthday party. Emma is sincerely grateful for this and tends to hang out with Charlotte in the House of Food to discuss their daily routines.
    • Sara Crewe became Emma's best friend when the two meet each other, with Emma honored and eager to meet a princess in the Pantheon. Sara's kindness and imagination made her a good friend to Emma, while Emma's plight earned her Sara's sympathy but she's happy that Emma's dilemma wasn't really as bad as Emma though it was. Emma has invited Sara to go dancing during their free time, which Sara has accepted, while the latter has wondered if Emma and Leo have feelings for each other after seeing how close they were (though she doesn't ask this out loud).

    Bolvar Fordragon 
Tell them only that the Lich King is dead, and that Bolvar Fordragon... died with him

Bolvar Fordragon, God of Untold Stories (Highlord, Regent of Stormwind (Formerly), The Lich King, Jailor of the Damned, Lord of Icecrown, Fireblood)
As a Paladin 
As the Lich King 
  • Intermediate God (Potentially Greater God as the Lich King)
  • Symbol: The Helm of Domination (Currently)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Paladins, Bravery, Sacrifice, Undead
  • Allies: Varian Wrynn, Uther Lightbringer, Harth Stonebrew, Satsuki Kiryuin, Joshua Graham, Xul
  • Enemies: Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Onyxia, Oryx, Asdrubael Vect, Evil Demons, Evil Undead
  • Pitied by: Alexstrasza and most Good-aligned undead.
  • Opposes: The House of Betrayal (Most evil deities at least) and traitors in general
  • Once known as the brave Paladin that commanded Stormwind during the days that King Varian Wrynn dissapeared and later taking the fight to Northrend against the Lich King, Bolvar seemingly perished when Apocathery Putress betrayed his and the hordes forces at the entrance of Icecrown Citadel. However, he survived after the Red Dragons purified the plague off him with their flames, horribly scarring him as a result and becoming a prisoner for the Lich King. After Arthas' defeat and the need to find a new Lich King, Bolvar offered himself to become the new Lich King with the request of no one finding out what happened to him and only Tirion Fordring knows what happened.
  • Now ascended, his powers as the Lich King has waned, probably because the predecessing Lich King, Arthas Menethil, has established himself long before Bolvar ascended to the pantheon. But Bolvar's presence is not without drawbacks for Arthas, as he still holds a fraction of the Lich King's power in the pantheon and plans to split his army in two to reduce the amount of destruction the Scourge can bring to the Pantheon.
  • The first one to welcome Bolvar was Varian Wrynn, who was heartbroken about his old friend current condition and horrible fate, but Bolvar himself felt proud of his king after the events of the Broken Shore. Uther Lightbringer also came by and felt exactly like Varian did, especially since he became acquiantanced with Bolvar's human form.
  • Thanks to Harth Stonebrew's efforts and certain events, Bolvar can choose to use his human form whenever he is around his tavern and also switch to his "Fireblood" form (the current one without the helm). Unfortunately, Arthas possesses the Helm of Domination so for the moment, he is the true Lich King of the pantheon but Bolvar feels confident that he won't do major damages to anyone in the pantheon.
  • Many were horrified to see him being completely scarred after being burned by the red dragons flame moments before he died. Worse is that, given red dragons' healing properties he never really died in the first place and Alexstrasza feels guilty for condemning Bolvar to the grim fate that he ultimately suffered. But the former Paladin doesn't blame her, after all, she and her flight were just doing their job.
  • Having tortured by the Lich King himself but never giving up, many deities were surprised about Bolvar's determination to not fall into darkness and moreso praising for taking up the role as Lich King to save Azeroth from the Scourge's wrath. He sympathizes with Satsuki Kiryuin since she was also subjected to that, by her own mother no less, but never gave up and also painted herself as the bad guy for the greater good.
    • For obvious reasons, he holds a deep hatred for those that torture people for fun. When it comes Asdrubael Vect, he thinks he is no different than Arthas and has expressed the desire to strike him down.
  • Heard the rumors of the infamous Joshua Graham who was also horrifically burned but survived, which changed him for the better. Both men respect each other and Joshua admires that Bolvar would take the role of an undead monarch just to save the world.
  • Having been killed by a surprise attack from the forsaken during the Alliance and Horde confrontation against the Lich King, it's no surprise that Bolvar holds traitors in contempt especially when you take into account the values he had as a Paladin which he kept even after becoming the Lich King (albeit a bit twisted). Besides the fact that Arthas is residing in the House of Betrayal, he also doesn't highly of Arvis who holds a title that reminds Bolvar of how he died and how he eventually became what he is today.
  • Being a semi-benevolent ruler of the undead, Bolvar is willing to partner with necromancers and other undead that align with his goals and those of the Scourge. He is willing to work with the Necromancer Xul in the fight against the Burning Hells, given the Scourge opposes the likes of demons and such. Back in Azeroth, he also struck a deal with the Knights of the Ebon Blade and is willing to cooperate against the Legion.
  • Notorious among the undead for the terrible fate that he endured, even if as he titles states, no one in his world knew except few happened. This is something that Bolvar enforced, because he doesn't the fear that the scourge inflicted upon Azeroth to continue and to spare him from becoming a martyr. Many of the good-natured undead of course, have tried their best to cheer him up but Bolvar doesn't pay them attention.
  • "This last act of sacrifice, is mine."

NOW GO! LEAVE THIS PLACE! And never return...

    Diego Brando 
Diego Brando, God of Efforts Being In Vain (Dio)

    Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill 
Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill, Dual Deities of the Coming Of Age Stories (Garrod: The Gundam Boy, The Mobile Suit Pilot Extraordinaire, The Pizza Delivery Boy, Judau/Duo Ver. 2)
Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill
  • Intermediate God and Demigoddess (Tiffa goes to Intermediate levels when she uses her Newtype powers)
  • Symbol: The Gundam Double X
  • Theme Songs: "Dreams", "Resolution", "Human Touch" (English version) during their romantic moments
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good and Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: All Loving Heroes, Character Development, Coming-of-Age Story, Lady and Knight, Official Couples
  • Domains: War, Mecha, Moon, Romance, Growth, Heroism
  • Heralds: The Crew of Frieden, Rick Aller and Rosa II (their successors)
  • Signature Mechas: GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X (Garrod's main mecha) and GX-9900 Gundam Xnote  (shared with Jamil Neate)
  • Allies: All Ascended Heroic Gundam Deities, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip), Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Simon the Digger, Haru Glory, Akane Tsunemori, Madoka Kaname, Makoto Naegi
  • Enemies: GUAE Mecha Cohort, Shocker, HYDRA, Gihren Zabi, Anavel Gato, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Ascended into the pantheon after the end of the 8th Space War, Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill are the two individuals who learns to become more mature during their adventures in the year After War 0015 due to their mutual connections with each other. Throughout their adventures, the two also learned to stick together as couples for better or for worse.
    • Garrod was initially an immature survivalist who has a shrewd, distrustful attitude which makes him a non-team player. Although he happens to be an idiot, he is also skilled in his job as a Mobile Suit pilot and espoinage. However, his encounter with Tiffa, whom he also develops alot of feelings for her, became the main driving force for him to pilot the Gundam X, and later, the Gundam Double X, in the first place as a means to protect her from anyone who tries to use her for their evil agendas, as well as he evolves into a more reliable team player after he spends time with the crew of Freeden while he also make a decision that he doesn't want to repeat his pasts mistakes again.
    • Tiffa was first introduced as a shy and reserved person due to the horrible things she experienced as a lab rat due to her Newtype powers. Her powers is the reason why she became a frequent target for kidnapping by various factions. However Garrod's feelings and support allows her to warm up and become more open to the crew of Freeden and their allies before she eventually falls in love with Garrod. She also possess a talent in art drawings and being able to communicate with animals.
  • After their ascension, Garrod was quickly enlisted among the ranks of the Gundam Corps after he managed to impressed his peers with his act of protecting Tiffa from any form of villains who tries to use her for their own gain. Because of this, the group also repaired his initially wrecked Gundam Double X, allowing Garrod to pilot his personal Mobile Suit in battle once again.
  • The two seems to have known Kouta Kazuraba all along after they heard of the pantheon in the first place. They also likes to hang out with Kouta's Love Interest Mai as the four of them seems to be proud of each other because they learned to become more responsible people throughout their respective stories.
  • Oher than Kouta, they also likes to hangout with some heroic Kamen Riders like Gentaro Kisaragi, Ryotaro Nogami, Shinji Kido, and Yusuke Godai, as well as Madoka Kaname, Akane Tsunemori, Makoto Naegi, Simon, and Haru Glory, because of their similar personalities. Garrod and Tiffa also start to help them in their battles against their respective enemies in the Pantheon.
  • They also like to hang out with the two-in-one Kamen Rider Shotaro Hidari and Philip as both were amused with each other after they found out that Garrod's Gundam Double X and Kamen Rider Double's CycloneJoker Xtreme bears some similarities in their respective designs.
  • Garrod also seems to have known Naruto all along as he also like to hangout with him due to the fact that they used to be an Idiot Hero before they became more mature over time.
  • Sei Iori once had an imaginary battle with Mao Yasaka, the latter cosplaying as Garrod Ran in that sequence. Unsurprisingly, Sei was quite thrilled to meet up with Garrod for real, as the Gunpla fighter takes an interest on the Gundam Double X's capabilities. Reiji became friends with Garrod as well, especially since they were able to save their respective love interests from their respective antagonistic factions.
  • It should noted that Garrod wanted to ascend as the "God of Wave Motion Guns" due to the Satellite Cannon's destructive power used by his two Mobile Suits, but he was beaten by Juzo Okita, who possess a more powerful Wave-Motion Gun in the form of the Space Battleship Yamato. Garrod doesn't mind, though, as both he and Okita respect each other since they use their respective weapons for good.
  • Tiffa likes to to hang out with Mai Misho since she is also good at drawing art like her. The two were often seen drawing pictures together since Tiffa started to attend in the House of Craft since then.
  • Tiffa also became sympathizes with Hotaru Tomoe as both of them has similar personalities while they went a lot of terrible things in their lifefime before they gotten better afterwards. She also became friends with the School Idol Hanayo as well since she was also happens to be shy until she grows into a more confident person like Tiffa.
  • Garrod is often seen being associates with the likes of Eikichi Onizuka, Eddy, and Daffy Duck since they sounded similar whenever they speak in Japanese. Tiffa also happens to be friends with Satoko Houjou, Histoire, Jigglypuff, Mio Sasuga, and Arche Klein due to the same reasons with Garrod.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has been studying their overall capabilities, particularly Garrod's piloting skills with his Gundam Double X and Tiffa's Newtype powers. However, like many deities before, they also gained their disgust towards the mad scientist, considering that Ryoma wanted to use it as a countermeasure towards them.
  • Due to his conviction of protecting Tiffa till the very end, Garrod has started to fight any villainous factions that tries to kidnap Tiffa for their own agendas. As such, he became enemies with Zeon's Gihren Zabi, Blue Cosmos/LOGOS's Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril, the rest of the Mecha Cohort, and evil organizations like HYDRA and SHOCKER, because these groups set their sights on Tiffa for their malicious schemes. It is a matter of time for Garrod to put a stop on their evil ways.
  • Garrod also became wary upon the presence of Anavel Gato since the Zeon pilot also set his sight on hijacking the Gundam Double X with his plan to use it for destructive means. Garrod has made a point put a stop on Gato from achieving his plans any further.

_iCEY._, Goddess of Being Forced Into the Plot (_iCEY._, UCEY, The Chosen One)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: her hair accessories, the symbol that appears before she performs a massive attack, or the "D" and "H" on her sleeves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: victim of Railroading and rebel of it with the player's help, Robot Girl, Boyish Short Hair, The Chosen One Double Jump, Flash Step even through steel bars, Dashing That Can Practically Be Flight, Iaijutsu Practitioner, Tron Lines, Shadow Strike ability, Expendable Clone, Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence, Grew Beyond Their Programming, Medium Awareness, Being aware of the player’s existence
  • Domain(s): Robots, Swordplay, Mission
  • Herald: The Observer, her Robot Buddy and vessel for her mysterious supervisors
  • Allies: Stanley, (Insert Name Here) and his avatars(especially The New Kid), Zero, X, Aigis, Optimus Prime, Dexter, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Old Man Henderson, Ordis, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Kenny McCormick, Genos, Raiden(Metal Gear), Blade Wolf, Neptune, Nepgear, Uni, Gwenpool
  • Enemies: The Narrator, Hastur, Cthulhu, Megatron, Makuta Teridax, all apocalypse-bringers(unless they’re of the unwilling or accidental kind) , the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Conflicting Opinion: Monika
  • Pities: Sans
  • Every story has a plot, and there are ways to keep the player on the path the game wishes them to take. Some go about it in a blatant hamfisted way, so as such, Stanley of The Stanley Parable would make a fitting representative of being a victim of Railroading…except he's already ascended as God of Action Commands. And so someone else had to be picked for the title. Finding a game with several elements from Stanley's domain, a new candidate has been found.
    • Like Stanley, she has a Narrator who tries to guide her actions every single step of the way, except 1) the Narrator's Chinese, and 2) she had no control of herself and needed the player's guidance until the true ending in response to the Narrator disconnecting her from the player in an attempt to kill her for good. As such, she gets along with Stanley, who's a little envious of her abilities, and opposes the Narrator, given his controlling tendencies and because he once managed to successfully disconnect Stanley from the player, even though it left him all alone.
    • When she first made it to the Pantheon, the first thing she did was — observing her surroundings and herself — cry with Tears of Joy and laugh, which she hadn't been able to do even when she took control of herself, and was initially overtaken with being able to maneuver in the outside world. Now free of the game she was trapped in, she's decided to roam the Pantheon on a journey to find herself. That said, because of her experiences, and because she needed something to be called by, she's identified as ICEY.
  • Wanted to personally meet the player who guided her through her game, since she prayed they would meet again after freeing herself, but the closest she could find was (Insert Name Here), who for some reason also remembers ICEY. She decided that was close enough and was glad to see them, and be able to touch their hands, feel the heat from their skin, walk with them
    • This all came off as a little romantic, much to the envy of others who came to like INH romantically, like the (Doki Doki) Literature Club. Incidentally, both were released from their game worlds thanks to the Pantheon; in ICEY's case, it's through her ascension, and in the club's case, it's through a freak Chaos Magic lightning bolt.
    • While she's only heard her game's Narrator realize how trapped he was in his own domain, she can understand what Monika felt like during her own realization, though deleting most of her world just to spend all her time with the player is sort of like when ICEY's Narrator decided to kill her to be set free from his "chains"; they're not things ICEY can approve of.
  • So she can better protect herself, ICEY's body is the same as the one in her game, complete with all of her abilities, weapon, and Robot Buddy who now continues to observe her on behalf of two unnamed individuals, whom ICEY is now aware of. She regains vitality (both health and energy shield) by destroying mechanical enemies and absorbing their power, putting her on a great advantage against them, though her skills are sufficient even against non-mechanical adversaries.
  • Her mission to destroy Judas might've been an engineered scenario, but it did teach her what she should fight for, and so she opposes any who wish to create any apocalypse, a big example being Alduin, who can manipulate the world around him through the Thu’um. Having battled several robots in her scenario, she especially opposes the Grand United Alliance of Machines.
  • As an evil-fighting robot, she gets along with fellow Robot Girls Aigis and Labrys, fellow sword-user Zero, and other human-supporting robots like Optimus Prime. One thing they like about her is that even if she was "built" for combat, ICEY knows how to show mercy to someone if it can lead to mercy being repaid by another down the line.
    • Because of these noted traits, Labrys took her to a Liberion Arcadia meeting; Ciel and Harpuia instantly approved of her, seeing shades of X in her. 2B seems to like her as well; in fact, ever since losing in one spar against her (since not only is ICEY's combat experience limited to two dimensions compared to 2B's three, she's not nearly as well-equipped or skilled as the black-clad android), she's come to see the YoRHa droid in a sort of "mentor" light. When the group became more organized after Fairy Leviathan's ascension, her protégé relationship to 2B was taken into account when Epsilon had her included in 2B's Automata Unit.
    • Speaking of Leviathan, the female Guardian of X calls her "noob chick" since she's obviously New Meat when it comes to anything involving teamwork in a fighting unit or 3D combat. Fefnir tried to tell her that that's kind of a diss, but she takes that status in stride, just eager to learn and help out. Eventually she got a little more respect thanks to her incredible dashing skills, so Leviathan started calling her "dash kitten" instead.
  • Gets annoyed when arrows appear with the express purpose of guiding her, and if the direction contradicts what she wants to do, she will go contrary to it, a lingering quirk as a result of the player's guidance.
  • Throughout her game, ICEY discovered that somehow, Hastur, the Yellow King was involved in all of it, and has located him in the Pantheon. That said, after losing to him the first time, she's come to realize that he holds a lot more power here and that she'll need allies before she can even think of taking him on.
    • This drew the attention of (and forged a kinship with) Old Man Henderson, who also has beef with Hastur, and has finished him off once before.
    • She also recently got aquainted with Kenny Mccormick. They bonded over having suffered multiple deaths and being tormented by lovecraftian mythos deities(Cthulhu for Kenny, Hastur for ICEY). After they became good friends, Kenny introduced her to The New Kid and was quite happy to find out that he/she was one of (Insert Name Here)’s avatars. She was also surprised to hear that The New Kid managed to defeat Shub-Niggurath. Kenny and Icey have already warned each other about their respective enemies and she’s keeping an eye out in case her world’s version of Cthulhu comes knocking. Aside from that, she can also be seen hanging out with Kenny and (Insert Name Here) (either as himself/herself or The New Kid) from time to time to play video games.

    Paul Bunyan 
Paul Bunyan, God of Lumberjacks and Tall Tales (Berserker)
Paul with his faithful blue ox Babe. Image by Ron Borresen.
  • Intermediate God (Goddess as a Servant)
  • Symbol: His lumber axe
  • Theme Song: His Disney theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, at least back in the day. By today's standards, he's True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Memetic Badass, Mighty Lumberjack, New Myths, Big Eater, Variable But Still Large Size
  • Domain(s): Lumberjack, Giant, Oil, Myths
  • Herald: Babe the Blue Ox
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Presea Combatir, Montana, Bear Hugger, Johnny Appleseed, Uther Lightbinger, Superman
  • Enemies: Kaldr
  • Opposed by: The Nature Preservers sub-house, all tree-empaths, especially in the House of Nature, all dark-skinned deities, Pocahontas
  • Opposes: Ice deities capable of conjuring massive blizzards
  • Tales of Paul Bunyan are Shrouded in Myth, and his feats vary wildly in terms of how ridiculous they are, but one thing is constant about him: he was a large bearded man (how large varies), carries an ax wherever he goes, Babe the Blue Ox is his pet (who is also large like him, and measures "forty-seven ax-handles and a plug of tobacco between the eyes"), and runs a logging operation that goes wherever there are trees to cut, with Babe pulling their bunkhouses from one forest to the next. Notable crew members he's had include the Seven Axmen, Johnny Inkslinger the accountant, Joe the cook, and Ole the blacksmith.
    • But, no matter who he's got working for him, or where they go, mother nature was always looking to screw them over. The weather's never anything but blistering heat or sub-absolute zero cold, with occasional flood or fog to liven things up. Trees can be so large men can spend most of their lives chopping at one before seeing it fall. Wildlife ranges from the obnoxious splinter cats and gumberoos to the deadly agropelters and snow wassets. And things like a Winter of Blue Snow or a cornstalk the size of Jupiter is tended to pop up. Paul and his lumberjacks always tackled these problems with varying measures of brute force, genuine cleverness, to the just plain ridiculous.
  • Made friends with Presea, Montana, and Bear Hugger as they are fellow lumberjacks, or at least axe-users.
  • American deities have conflicting opinions with Bunyan. On one hand, his lumber business aided in clearing land for colonization. On the other hand, deforestation is no longer a good thing nowadays.
  • Because deforestation has lost its appeal and because a lot of deities are preservers of nature, Bunyan and his lumberjack crew have difficulty finding a job (buildings are now made of concrete and/or steel
  • Heard about "The Lumberjack Song". It's true he's a lumberjack and he's OK, he sleeps all night and he works all day! But skipping and jumping, liking to press wild flowers, putting on women's clothing, hanging around in bars, wearing high heels, suspendies and a bra, wishing he was a girlie just like his dear mama? Now that's a tall tale if he's ever heard one.
  • Heard that Homer Simpson once starred as him in a reenacting of his tale.
    • And that Uther Lightbinger has an alternate appearance that resembles Bunyan himself.
  • Sly Cooper and his friends are wary around Bunyan, since he reminds them of a villain named Jean Bison, who was also a lumberjack.
  • In a different universe, Paul punched Jack Horner out of a bar for calling Babe a cow, was one of his travel companions in Americana searching Humpty Dumpty's treasure, and also ended up as part of Bookburner's army, which tried to kill the fables of the Golden Boughs Retirement Community (though whether it was through brainwashing or be became some sort of Cessation of Existence zombie wasn't made clear).
  • Given that one of his misfortunes involves a great blizzard that (maybe) lasted for several years, he really has it against the likes of Kaldr and Lissandra. He holds nothing against Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, and other ice-users, but he would rather avoid them.

Lesser Gods

    Alan Moore 
Alan Moore, God of Arc Welding (The Cynical Optimist)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His face and hair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Master of the Deconstruction Crossover, Insistent Terminology, Sophisticated as Hell, Believer of Smart Viewers, Doing It for the Art advocating that Humans Are Flawed, ultimately with them earning happy endings as a nod to Rousseau.
  • Domains: Good, Literature, Knowledge, City, Solidarity
  • Underlings: Rorschach, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias, Edward Blake/The Comedian, Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl II, V, John Constantine
  • Allies: Clark Kent/Superman, Swamp Thing , The Spectre, George R. R. Martin
  • Opposes: The Comic Book Guy
  • Uneasy Relationship: Stan Lee, The SCP Foundation
  • Observed by: Charles Victor Szasz/The Question
  • Not to be Confused with: Grigori Rasputin
  • It was recently revealed that the folks from The DCU have decided to use property from the Watchmen once more. This time, they revealed hat Dr. Manhattan was responsible for creating the current state of the DC Universe. This was the last straw for their original writer, one named Alan Moore. He has seen his creations used outside of his original intent for the past few years and now wants to have a greater say in things. With that, he himself applied for godhood. While Stan Lee was initially against the idea, he received an out pour of support from many of his creations. He eventually relented and granted Alan Moore access to the Pantheon. The writer now contemplates what to do with his newfound power.
  • His specialty is the ability to take upon the works of previous workers and tweak them in order to create a better story as a result. He made a storied history with doing that Swamp Thing who probably owes his ascension to him. While his run on the characters were short, they were considered to be one of the signature stories of all time.
    • He also wrote some of the best stories of Superman and Batman in the forms of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and The Killing Joke respectively. As such, the World's Finest were happy about his ascension.
    • Barbara Gordon's opinion on the man has been mixed. She believed that her story was left in the cold when the Joker crippled her. On the other hand, her time as Oracle was beloved by many, even when she was able to walk again.
  • Among his DC works, he was responsible for bringing the Spectre back to relevance in his world. He would have appreciated it more if not for the introduction of John Constantine, one of the slipperiest magicians in the Pantheon. You wouldn't see the Blue-Collar Warlock singing his praises, but he does have the writer's gratitude.
  • His most beloved creation was the world of Watchmen It is considered to be one of the best graphic novels of all time and has even been studied in college. While he appreciates the recognition for his accomplishment, he lamented how the book played a part in kickstarting The Dark Age of Comic Books. He was especially miffed with how popular Rorschach became when he wrote the Anti-Hero as a cautionary tale.
  • His other well known creation in the Pantheon is the anarchist known as V. It is well known that he himself doesn't mind a few of such ideas to shake up the system. Unfortunately for him, that too became a film. He can at least smile at how it failed to impress the critics.
  • His biggest Berserk Button is with people who try to adapt the works of previous art, especially his own. That includes exploring other parts of his work without his permission. He resisted attempts by DC to create a sequel, but as he did not have the rights to the characters, the company eventually made one.
  • Of course whenever that props up, some people snark about his own adaptation of various Victorian Era figures called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While the book was well received, he got a bit of flak for the depiction of a certain number of characters, especially with Mina Harker. Alan Moore has defended his work, citing its many accolades. That too became a movie that he predicably hated (though in this case the hatred was justified).
  • His ascension brought about the potential for revenge from one particular person: The Comic Book Guy. The last time the two met, he stopped the nerd from trashing the comic book store he was at. The geek knew just how to piss him off: by claiming that the movie was the greatest comic book movie of all time. Not willing to take that slight standing, Alan Moore demanded to take this up to a debate. In the resulting debate, the Comic Book Guy unleashed a surprisingly good amount of lore to keep the writer on his toes. Ultimately, the audience was convinced that the book was the better product. The Comic Book Guy tried to attack him again... only to get his ass kicked a second time. The two are now under a gag order to keep the two apart.
  • For the last time, just because he looks like Rasputin doesn't mean he's the later in reincarnated form. How could be be if he isn't nearly as evil as his counterparts. That hasn't stopped the likes of the Question from keeping an eye on him.
  • The two may work at different genres, but GRRM shares his sentiment in regards to other people using his characters in fanfiction. This is especially true since people tend to try and revive the characters he killed off.

    The Ghost Trick cast 
Sissel, Lynne, Cabanela, Kamila, Missile, Jowd, and Yomiel, Divine Collective of Seemingly Unrelated Characters Sharing a Narrative (Sissel: The Mystery, Sissy, Partner, Spikey Haired-Mannote  | Lynne: Red-Headed Target, Miss Lynne | Cabanela: Lanky and Loose Lawman | Kamila: Little Lady, Miss Kamila | Missile: Missy, Little warrior, Ray, Ray of Light, Grandpa Ray | Jowd: Prisoner D99, Fated Jailbird | Yomiel: The Manipulator)
Going from left to right. First row: Missile. Second row: "Sissel" (actually Yomiel), Kamila, Lynne. Third row: Cabanela and Jowd. Background: Sissel. Artwork by Sii-SEN
  • Kamila is a Quasideity. Lynn, Cabanella and Jowd are Demigods. Sissel and Missile are Lesser Gods. Yomiel used to be a Lesser God but has since became a Quasideity and request to stay that way.
  • Symbol: A blue, ghostly flame in front of a black and red clock and hourglass. Alternatively, a fragment of the Temsik meteorite.
  • Theme Songs: Ghost Trick - Main Theme, Epilogue ~ The End of the Night (general) Lynne ~ A Targeted Redhead, Missile ~ A Courageous Animal, Ray ~ A Ray of Light (Also Missile's theme), Cabenla ~ A White Lovely Lanky Man, Detective Jowd ~ A Captive of Fate
  • Alignment: Sissel, Lynne, Kamila, and Missile are Neutral Good. Cabanela and Jowd are Lawful Good with Jowd leaning towards Neutral Good. Yomiel used to be Neutral Evil but has undertaken a Heel–Face Turn and became True Neutral with heavy inclinations towards good.
  • Portfolio: You All Share My Story, Anyone Can Die but not for long with Sissel and Missile's ghost tricks, Screw Destiny, Working for an happy ending where Everybody Lives
  • Domains: Death, Ghosts, Mystery, Time, Fate and its Aversion
  • Allies: Wright Anything Agency, The Main Cast of Charlotte, Miles Edgeworth, Max Caulfield, Subaru Natsuki, Frisk, Byleth
  • Odd Friendship: Kenny McCormick, Cú Chulainn, Blacker Baron (Lynne)
  • Enemies: Death (Final Destination), The Dahaka, Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira, Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, Randal Ross, The Vex, The Black Organization, The Dark Brotherhood
  • Friendly Enemy: Raphael (Cabanela)
  • Fears: The Colour Out Of Space, The Sleeper
  • Respected by: The House of Opposing Fate
  • Heralds: The many other people connected to their story. Those of particular note include the Justice Minister, the Pidgeon-Headed Man, Alma (Jowd's wife) and Sissel (Yomiel's fiancee).
  • Imagine you were greeted to a terrible scene involving a mysterious assailant about to ruthlessly gun down a woman cornered at a junkyard. Whether or not you would not allow such a thing to play out or flee is irrelevant in this case. After all, you're already dead. That was the situation our protagonist, Sissel, was greeted with after regaining consciousness as ghost. Not much he and his slumped over corpse could do... at first. Through the guidance of another ghost named Ray, Sissel was able to save the girl's life through his newfound powers and would then go on to investigate more about himself and the circumstances surrounding his untimely demise. And Sissel would have to do so fast, under the looming threat of disappearing by sunrise.
    • Along the way he'd save more people, encounter others who also have special powers like his, and find out that many of the people he met are connected far beyond just mere coincidence. In particular people such as Lynne (the girl he saved earlier), Cabanela, Missile, Kamila, Jowd, and Yomiel were key people that were involved in the events that would unfold on this particular night. Events that can be all traced back to Yomiel's life being ruined by his death and immortality, his long and destructive revenge scheme, a mystical meteor that crashed in Temsik Park, and a foreign government's interest in it along with eliminating anyone who stood in the way of their interests. By the end of it all Sissel and his fellow ghosts with their powers would be forced to undo what happened 10 years prior and pave the way towards a brighter future.
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night sometime, somewhere in the Pantheon when these group of gods ascended to the Pantheon. It's time's like these that remind one of another fateful night the day before. That one, however, was quite clear and was uneventful... for the most part, anyways. In a more urban part of the Pantheon a giant metal ball fell from a statue and was barreling down the road. Luckily, many of the denizens managed to catch on quick and got out of the way although there were a few stragglers. Miraculously though, no one got flattened. Eye witness accounts stated that the environment around the victims conveniently moved in such a way that they either gave them time to escape and/or even directly booted them out of danger. They also tend to note the presence of a Pomeranian and a black kitten running around throughout all of that.
    • Yes, as you may of guessed Sissel and Missile had a hand in those turn of events, the Pantheon granting Missile ghost tricks once again while still being. It's not like them to just let it happen otherwise. As a gift for their actions they, along with the likes of Lynne, Cabanela, Missile, Kamla, Jowd, and even Yomiel were allowed to come onto the Pantheon. As an added bonus everyone was pretty much brought up to speed with the various timelines that were created, even including the first one where Sissel wasn't convinced to help. Sissel doesn't look upon that version of himself favorably though was still thankful that everyone else proved to understand and look past that.
  • The first group of gods to ever greet them starting out in the Pantheon was the one and only Phoenix Wright along with Wright Anything Agency and Miles Edgeworth in tow. They all got along well, even including Yomiel, all likely attributing to this odd sense of familiarity. For one, Phoenix himself couldn't help but remind them of a certain detective clad in blue. Not only that but Athena Cykes bears a striking resemblance to Lynne. And they're pretty sure they've met another small dog who, while being a different breed, was coincidentally also named Missile. It's a two-way street, too: Jowd reminds them of another detective in green in the form of Gumshoe, the pink smock he wears reminds them of Larry during his stint as an artist, and even Yomiel's story eerily reminds the older members of Yanni Yogi tragedy. We could go on, but you probably get the point.
    • Lynne, Jowd, and Cabanela have worked on cases with the lawyers quite often. If Sissel and/or Missile get involved, however, then the process is simplified for them. 'Cause, you know, the murder never really happened to begin with. Meanwhile, Kamila can often be seen hanging around Trucy Wright and Pearl Fay. Usually, she's trying to impress them with some contraptions she made. Once, Trucy had the epiphany of trying to work them into her tricks but of course she had to test them out first and roped Apollo and Athena to do it. Details are a bit smudged here, but we can only assume it didn't go well. Kamila, Trucy, and Pearl laugh it off when it's brought up. Apollo and Athena can only cringe, however.
  • Those who have perished nearby the Temsik meteor are granted the powers of the dead, more commonly known as ghost tricks. Not only can be possess various objects but also travel through and interact with them in some way. Sissel could manipulate inanimate objects, Missile could swap inanimate objects should they be of similar enough shape, and Yomiel could manipulate living beings which soon evolved to include objects as well by the present day. In addition, ghosts empowered by the Temsik meteorite also have secondary abilities with all them being able to stop time by entering the Ghost World and even communicate with other ghosts and people who's fates have been averted. As for abilities unique to the different ghosts Missile could rewind time 4 minutes before someone's death if said person had been dead for less than a day, Yomiel could travel through telephone lines, while Sissel gets both. Being killed by the meteorite and having it lodged in one's body caused the body to become immortal, stuck between life and death. Yomiel was granted such a gift but in the third timeline where he never died and Sissel did the latter was granted it instead.
    • With this knowledge, they were able to get along with the Charlotte cast pretty considering their powers derived from the titular Charlotte comet as well the distress that surrounded them. Yomiel in particular could relate to that the most out of everyone in his group, even if he is now normal and has refused being granted ghost tricks offered by the Court of Gods. On the other end of the spectrum they were informed that the Pantheon has its own mystical comets in the form of the Color out of Space and The Sleeper. Digging a bit deeper they were pretty horrified hearing of their capabilities and have since opted to stay of their way.
  • When it comes to those abilities similar to ghost tricks the lot of them have managed to bond with the likes of Max Caulfield, Subaru Natsuki, Byleth, and Frisk since they can just easily grasp the concept of them. Plus, even with their powers they've still gone through quite the tribulations in the end. On the other hand they easily disapprove of those who use such temporal abilities for evil, selfish purposes such as Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira, Reverse Flash, Randal Ross, and the Vex. Many of them are quite out of their scope though it's not likely they'll cross with them what with Pantheonic Time Police hounding always them wherever they go.
  • As their story is riddled with the rewriting of fate they have earned the eternal enmity of the Dahaka. He in particualr has it out for Sissel, Missile, and Yomiel for all the changes they've made throughout the timeline with their abilities. Luckily for them, many in the House of Opposing Fate area willing to lend a hand in driving off the Guardian of the Timeline for the very same reasons he utterly despises them. The Death from Final Destination simialry has it out for the likes of Sissel and Missile when it comes to saving people's lives.
  • Having been caught in the plot of a foreign nation hunting down the powers of Temsik mysterious organizations like them are a natural sore spot of theirs. Whether they're the criminal syndicate known as the Black Organization or the ancient cult of assassins that are the Dark Brotherhood they're all the same in their eyes: Just people out to ruin other people's lives for their own benefit. For their part both the Black Organization and Dark Brotherhood have an interest in the Temsik meteor. The only reason they haven't acted on that is because of bigger, more immediate problems that demand their attention. That, and they inevitably have to clash with each other if they were to actually were to pursue getting the meteor and its powers of the dead.
  • Sissel only:
    • Sissel has quite the personality for a ghost who had trouble remembering who he was. Snarky, cool-headed, and all around pretty easy-going for a dead guy with a supposed timer over his head. Yet he still finds the time to avert the fates of others as he continues to uncover the truth behind himself and other people who turn out to be apparently connected to him anyways. Even as the truth starts to become ugly, one of which involves Lynne apparently shooting him, Sissel still develops a lasting bond with these people. All that contributes to an increasing determination which reaches its peak at undoing the death that started this whole mess. Through changing the past he ended up becoming immortal himself while Yomiel got to live a normal, non-villainous life.
      • Oh, and did we mention he was actually a cat the whole time? One who originally was adopted by Yomiel and mistook his body for his own during his death meaning his whole Ghost Amnesia stemmed from thinking they were the wrong person? Took a while to get to that truth, and it certainly wasn't something he saw coming.
    • His first act of business as a god in the Pantheon was to head over to the House of Food and snag himself a sweet potato. Sissel wanted to know what all the hubbub around it after averting fate for the final time, preferably without it launching a guy into a spike with the velocity of a bullet.
    • Since he found out that he's a cat he has grown quite accustomed to his new life. In the Pantheon he figured that he might as well meet with the Pantheon's other felines. He's an immortal kitten thanks to Temsik, but a kitten nonetheless. Sissel tends to spend his more leisurely days with the likes of Salem, Garfield, Firestar, and Sassy. Quite the interesting bunch of characters, Salem and Firestar especially, but he'd be lying if he wasn't a bit weird himself all things considered.
  • Missile only:
    • Missile is what you'd expect out of a Pomeranian: Dumb, excitable, and overall pretty cute. But there's more to meets the eye with this little pooch as he's far more crucial to the event than you would expect. Not only does he gain the powers of the dead and got quite the hang of it but he also requested to remain dead to further help his owners Kamila and Lynne. Also, Ray is actually himself, or rather a much older version of himself in the timeline where Sissel refused to help him. Thus, he took to The Slow Walk and told Sissel in the second timeline just enough information to spur him into helping, even lying about that bit about ghosts disappearing. In short, this little doggie is far smarter than he looks and, as Ray, actually managed to outplay everyone.
    • Even armed with the knowledge of the previous timelines, particularly the Bad Future where Ray came from, he's still not that different from his old self. He's seen a lot, sure, but it'll take more than that to bring down the energy of this little doggie. That, and he's a dog so he still doesn't know a lot of things either. Even so,
    • Going above and beyond the call of loyalty to one's owner has earned him some recognition in his fellow dogs. Among them, he has gotten along with Hachiko, Odie, the Dogmeats, Bolt, Shadow, and Chance. If on the off chance he's not by Kamila or Lynne's side he's probably around one of them.
  • Lynne only:
    • Steadfast and hot-blooded, Lynne is the key to helping unravel Sissel's past and the two (through a bit of effort) have decided to help one another to further each other's interests. These interests include looking into the case of Detective Jowd, who they find out later is going to be executed tonight. It's a good thing Sissel got to help her as her independent investigation leaves her quite exposed to danger by a mysterious organization and Yomiel, the man who ended up taking her hostage ten years ago and apparently blamed her for ruining his life.
    • Being the young detective that she is Lynne frequently works with the likes of Naoto Shirogane and Kyoko Kirigiri in various investigations. While they agree she still has a lot to learn (mainly for marching off into danger, apparently she passed her exams in the new timeline legitimately) they do recognize her determination, particularly when it came to trying to clear Jowd's name, briefly resisting being possession, and saving Kamila from drowning in a submarine even knowing the both of them couldn't swim. Plus, being friends with a supernatural cat and dog helps them too.
    • She is apart of the nine lives that Sissel manages to save in that fateful night, though she holds the record of having her fate averted the most numbering in a grand total of five different occasions. Quite exasperating considering only two of them came from assassins sent to kill her. She also got progressively more brazen each and every death, leaving Sissel progressively more and more dumbfounded. It's for this very reason she was able to relate to Kenny McCormick, Cú Chulainn, and Blacker Baron (stop starin') as all three have experience in dying repeatedly. She doesn't hang out with them often, but Sissel hearing she made actual camaraderie this way has left him even more dumbfounded than before. Here's to hoping her deaths don't get even more over the top.
  • Kamila only:
    • Detective Jowd's pride and joy, his one and only cheerful daughter. Once, in her mother's birthday she tried to surprise her by setting up a Rube Goldberg device to greet her but was manipulated into committing matricide. When Jowd came home he was horrified and opted to take the fall for his daughter and tampered with the scene to suit the story he told. After that she ended up living with Lynne instead and little did she know that five years later her troubles wouldn't end with just Jowd's accepted execution drawing near. Like Lynne, she'd end coming face-to-face with a mysterious organization even (albeit accidentally) kidnapped by them. As you may of noticed life isn't exactly kind to her, but all of that misfortune did get undone in the end and she got to live a better life.
    • Lynne, Jowd, and Cabanela are often made busy by work in the Pantheon and Yomiel is often on his own with his fiancee so Kamila tends to be alone pretty often if her mother, Alma, isn't around. Sure, she has Sissel and Missile but that's hardly adult supervision, even if she is quite independent herself. That changed when the android known as S.A.T.8 offered to look after Kamila in her off time as a PMC employee. It's not a big deal, really, being a nanny was one of the many jobs she had.
    S.A.T.8: In the mood for some spaghetti tonight, Kamila?
    Kamila: You bet I am!
    • Following the day her mother got shot she seemed to have lost her dexterous ability and became quite the klutz. Thankfully, this got fixed in the new timeline and continues to have a knack for complex contraptions. She got along quite well with the duos Wallace & Grommit along with Phineas & Ferb as a result and has taken note of their inventions.
  • Cabanela only:
    • Head of the Special Investigation Unit, Cabanela is quite the strange Inspector all things considered. He's quite flamboyant character with his dance-like movements and tendency to sound out his vowels. He's a ladder-climber and puts great emphasis on that spotless record of his, but there's more than meets the eye with this man in white. For one, his record is not as clean as you would believe as in the past while interrogating a man named Yomiel he'd make two grave mistakes. First, he ruthlessly interrogated him in a bid to find the truth and to impress his superiors. And second, he left his gun in the room he was in. With those two combined Yomiel ended up escaping though that mess would sort itself out after Jowd chased down Yomiel.
      • Five years later, though, he'd find out that Jowd is seemingly guilty of shooting his own wife one day. Even when he "confessed" Cabanela wouldn't have any of that, however, and worked tirelessly in the present to prove his innocence and at one point found out it was the work of a "Manipulator" and that he was working with some foreign country.
    • Even if it's a far more mundane case than that of the one involving Yomiel and the Temsik meteor he was nonetheless interested in the case revolving around the Origami Killer. Naturally, this was how he got in touch in Norman Jayden. While the FBI didn't know what to think of the Inspector at first he did come around since for as eccentric Cabanela can be he really is good at his job. It helps that they're both ultimately By-the-Book cops.
    • Ever one to dancing descend wherever he goes, to the point where his coworkers assume he actively draws power from doing it, Cabanela gets along well with the Elite Beat Agents. Once can even say he's quite the fan of their work. And his improved investigation skills thanks to their performances is something to behold. The same friendliness doesn't quite apply towards Raphael, considering he is a thief and all, but the opposition isn't anything serious.
  • Jowd only:
    • A man burdened by guilt, not only from convincing himself that he let his wife die but also the showdown he had with a runaway suspect in the form of Yomiel. Though it devolved into a young hostage situation with a younger Lynne, and Yomiel himself was killed by outside means he still beats himself up on the man inevitably dying by his hands otherwise. Quite the dark past, but he's relatively jovial and quite snide all things considered. Through Sissel saving him from an exploding electric chair, attempting to break him out of prison, and calling off his execution by proving his innocence he was able open his eyes and get him back on his feet as a detective.
    • When it comes to work in the House of Justice aside from working with Lynne and Cabanela he also is frequently partnered up with Ryotaro Dojima, a single father with an only daughter and guilt surrounding the death of one's wife. Kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it? Mind you, there's not a whole lot else that's the same, especially after the changed timelines, but things are similar enough for both men to get where the other was coming from. But back to their occupations: Watch out, crime.
    • Once a Death Seeker, and can easily sympathize with those who have or once had that mentality. Thunder, for example, had one such mindset herself. Granted, it came from different traumas than Jowd's but suffering is suffering in the end. You may think there's a bit of some dark irony in him making friends with a girl named Thunder when he was killed by an electric chair, and you would be right. And it's not lost on him, but he just laughs it off. A joke is a joke, and sometimes you have to do just that.
  • Yomiel only:
    • Once, Yomiel was a top systems engineer, perhaps even the best in the entire country if one believes his words. A government agent asked him to be apart of a project which entailed building a new system to reorganize the nation's secrets through multidimensional programming theory. Such a project would attract many a spy and he would end up being suspected as one himself. After some interrogations by Cabenela and a stand-off with Jowd he would end up being killed the Temsik meteor.
      • Reborn as a ghost inhabiting his now-immortal body, finding out his fiancee committed suicide in attempt to join him in death, and the subsequent loneliness he felt from as a result of both was what kicked off the plot in the first place. Those feelings transformed to resentment and desperation and it was what drove him into making a deal with a mysterious organization who desired the Temsik fragment's power in exchange to helping fulfilling Yomiel's desires. Despite helping him wipe out everyone who knew about the Temsik meteor, Yomiel soon found out he was included in Sith's definition of everyone and would find himself trapped in a sinking coffin of Sith's submarine, the Yonoa. With Sissel the cat and Missile's effort he'd be granted the chance to undo everything that had happened. He'd get his legs crushed by a giant rock and serve ten years in jail for taking a kid hostage, but Yomiel would still live a normal life with his fiancee.
    • Though driven partly by revenge for the majority of his story, he no longer desires it and doesn't want to associate himself with people who had famously gone down that path either. This would of course include the entire House of Vengeance, and quite honestly a House centered around such a concept leaves a bad taste in Yomiel's mouth. The few exceptions to this came in the form of Count Bleck, who was driven to omnicidal madness when his lover, Tippi, was taken away from him. He'd find out later that Tippi would be alright and she eventually got him to abandon this path of his. Certainly a lot higher in terms of sheer damage by a grand margin, but it was a destructive path nonetheless.
    • The House of Technology would allow him to continue work as systems engineer despite his previous actions, the reasoning being that he's long past that and has atoned for it. Grateful, he began work immediately and during his first day he would be surprised that two people came to visit him just before he was done for the day. These people were Chihiro Fujisaki and Kaede Akamatsu and they revealed to him that they pushed for his placement in the House having both pitied his story and realized he's a much better person now after having helped avert fate one last time and properly served his sentence. He's on good terms with the two ever since and has worked with the former often while attending concerts by the latter.
Fate Averted!

    Michael Afton 
Michael Afton, God of Ambiguous Situations (Mike, Eggs Benedict, Purple Guy (not William Afton or Springtrap), possibly Mike Schmidt, the Crying Child's Brother and other security guards)
Mike before his scooping
Mike after his scooping

    Nerima Daikon Brothers 
Nerima Daikon Brothers, the Godly Trio of Repeating Actions Throughout Episodes
From the left: Mako, Hideki, and Ichiro (no, not the pandas). Not included, their Team Pet Pandaikon.

    Raptor Red 
Raptor Red, Goddess of Outdated Scientific Acceptances
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Silhouette
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animal-Perspective Stories, Had to Witness her Former Mate Die in a Failed Hunt, An Uncommonly Depicted Series Fulfilling a Common Dinosaur Archetype, Has Trouble Mating due to her Size and Ferocity, Badass Family, Contrasts Heavily Towards her Sister, Genius Bruiser, Mama Bear, Babies Ever After, Once Accurate Depictions that are now Outdated
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Survival, Migration, Family, Scientific Outlooks, Accuracy/Inaccuracy
  • Heralds: Her Second Mate, Her Offspring, Her Sister's Offspring, and one of Her Niece's Offspring
  • Tolerates: Rexxar, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, John Hammond, Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Dinobot, David Attenborough, Hall of Birds
  • Rivals: The Raptor Pack, Rexie, Gwangi, Big Al, The Carnotaurs, Speckles
  • Enemies: Riptor, Spinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Sharptooth, One Eye
  • Avoids: The Monster Hunters, Deviljho, ARIA
  • Avoided By: The Gang of Seven, Bron
  • Respected By: Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Vol'jin, Zul'jin
  • Association With: House of Family and Relatives
  • The Early Cretaceous Period, 120 Million Years Ago, was a time were dinosaurs upheld their status as the dominant animals of Planet Earth and were quickly diversifying into several new types. One of these was a large maniraptoran known as Utahraptor, whose clade quickly rose up to become one of the leading and most successful sorts of theropod dinosaurs. Even then, they led difficult and intense, as is the case of one such Utahraptor, named "Raptor Red", who was desperate to search for a mate after losing hers in a botched hunt for an Astrodon. She reunited with her sister, which ended up causing further tension as, unlike Red, her sister was irate and uncooperative. Together, they would explore North America, fighting against other rival raptors, hostile carnivores, and surviving harsh weather changes and climate, though Red's Sister proved contentious when she didn't like a consort that Red found to have as her mate and soon drove him away. This proved to be a grave mistake when, in a harsh snowy region, Red's pack was suddenly attacked by a Deinonychus horde, with Red's sister dying from injuries sustained from prior hunts and from the assault while Red was left in the Deinonychus pack when suddenly, she was saved by her niece and her second mate returning to drive their smaller rivals away. Settling in the cold regions with a cave as their home, the Utahraptor became accustomed to their new surroundings with Red bearing a batch of offspring with her new mate, a testament to the upcoming success of the raptor dinosaurs in general.
  • On one particular day, Red decided to go out on a hunting campaign with her family, setting off for open woodlands to stalk either Iguanodon or Astrodon whilst avoid the possibility of coming across an Acrocanthosaurus or another pack of raptors. At one point, the Utahraptor's managed to track down and chase an Iguanodon, though they ended up missing their prey much to their chagrin. When deciding to hunt for something else, they ended up witnessing a spire of light from a distance and the raptors' curiosity led them to sprint off there and investigate. There, they found what appeared to be an expansive beam that opened up a portal to an unfamiliar land. Red stepping foot into it was the beginning of her life in the Pantheon, with her family joining along as her heralds. Being an animal, Red only cares that there is now a new hunting ground to explore, though the Pantheon may be up for more than enough surprises for the raptor dinosaurs.
  • Raptor Red may be one of several maniraptoran dinosaurs with a position in the Pantheon, but she's certainly the only one to actually be a Utahraptor. Her species is (according to fossil evidence) the largest of her kind and were considered one of the apex predators of the Early Cretaceous Period, thanks to possessing a strong level of intelligence and familial instincts compared to other dinosaurs and being built for a combination of strength and speed. That said, the Pantheon is home to all sorts of predatory creatures, so Red doesn't really stand out. Though it doesn't change the fact that she is a fierce predator who is more than capable of killing prey thrice as big as her in case she is hunting with her family.
  • While her position isn't in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature, Red mostly makes her home and hunting trips there. Many have expressed surprise that she's set up a cave residence in the Hall of Ice and Cold as, to the general audience, dinosaurs are not exactly known to live in wintry climates, though where Red operates there is in a warmer and hospitable zone, she's lucid in that being in a colder area would deter her survival skills and kill her and her family within hours or days, not to mention that Red only arrives there if the temperature is not too cold. Otherwise, she's in your usual jungle/forest area, not having a slew of new prey to prey and feast upon.
    • Red instinctual thoughts and feelings towards her family have made her rather well-known in the House of Family and Relatives. Of course, there aren't talks to make her a patron saint as Red is an animal who certainly wouldn't understand abstract concepts and would see a lot of deities there as easy prey to kill. Despite her ferocious nature, the House has no ill will towards her and sometimes reference her in a positive way as Red has proven herself to be a dedicated and resourceful individual who has the concern of her family as a high priority, even though she did consider leaving behind one of her sister's chicks due to desperation. Speaking of, Red's sister is more of a cautionary tale, due to her more impulsive and aggressive nature, which led to her death after bypassing common sense and getting gravely injured on several occasions. The House would assert that they don't mean disrespect to Red's sister.
  • Humans are a peculiar sort of creatures for Red. She's witnessed enough that despite looking like easy species to hunt and kill, they have proven themselves to be capable of defending themselves and more, so Red takes their presence with a sense of caution, not to mention she needs to defend her family so that her kind can thrive in the Pantheon. That said, whenever she sees a human in her hunting grounds, she doesn't really mind their presence all too much as they're not all that big, and eating one isn't going to wholly fulfill her hunger, instead opting for bigger animals to kill. She will kill a human out of self-defense if they somehow pose a threat or out of desperation in a food shortage in her hunting grounds. Thankfully, the latter hasn't happened... yet.
    • That said, Red does have some tolerance for those who are not of her family or species. Some individuals, such as Rexxar, Steve Irwin, and Eliza Thornberry have shown a deal of restraint towards the raptor, a sign that they acknowledge her as a predator and also not as an enemy. The fact that all three of them would want to be appreciative and respectful of Red has caught her curiosity to some extent. She personally sees Steve's antics as weird, but rather interesting to watch, respects Rexxar's command and control of several creatures whilst being affable enough to understand their autonomy and individuality, and Eliza sometimes communicates with Red, which helps as the former can view the latter as a being who simply wants to survive and thrive in a new world and that Eliza doesn't mean any harm towards Red or her pack.
  • Jack Tenrec was a human who was generally unafraid of dinosaurs, given his own experiences in looking after them, though he does tend to be wary about the more dangerous ones, raptors included. He managed to win Red's respect, in spite of having an Allosaurus as his animal companion, though Hannah Dundee, Jack's main traveling companion seems uneasy about the raptor, which does annoy Red at times. That said, Jack and Hannah have proven to be quite helpful, looking after Red's territory and meaning well for them, which meant that they were allowed, so long as they didn't directly intrude in any of Red's hunts. John Hammond and David Attenborough also expressed interest in Red and her family, with the former seeking to have her home and territory labeled as a protected conservatory in the Pantheon, and the latter wanting to film a documentary detailing her experiences in the Pantheon. Red has no understanding of what the two desire, but ultimately allows them as she personally doesn't see them as a problem to her pack's well-being.
  • Her story was one that was written and published by a paleontologist and was well-known for vividly describing the life experience of a dinosaur without any anthropomorphizing, alongside being quite accurate (for its time, that is). Regardless of her outdated look, she is highly respected by Alan Grant, a paleontologist who specializes in studying and researching maniraptorans. It's not the first time he's admired raptors, as can be told with his experience in Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. However, because the raptors cloned by InGen were "circus freaks" according to Dr. Grant, Red is appreciated more due to being an actual dinosaur who arrived from her own period of time. Her bird-like behavior has also fascinated Grant as it's the sort of tics that he's always expected from raptors. Ian Malcolm also came to respect Red and the Utahraptors more than the Velociraptors he encountered and sees her story as an excellent example of Chaos Theory, as she was an immigrant to North America and how she laid a blueprint for the success of the maniraptorans during the Cretaceous Period.
  • A notable raptor, Red found herself competing against a quartet pack of genetically engineered Velociraptors who were known to be one of the deadliest and most feared dinosaurs in their world and in the Pantheon. Aside from being different species and having very similar prey and preferences, they don't really have anything against each other other than being natural rivals. Thankfully, they patrol different parts of land as their territory and are quite attached to them, so they don't meet all that often. It helps that Owen Grady, the Raptor Pack's alpha and herald, makes attempts to try stopping the pack from getting out of their designated fields and quarreling against another pack. Even so, Red Pack and the Velociraptors have just growled towards one another at worst during the one time they met and that was diffused when Red and her pack backed away and walked back to their field. While she was physically stronger, she's not risking her family's lives and decided to be pragmatic.
    • Riptor, on the other hand, is a more hostile raptor that Red and her family stay clear of anything she enters their presence. It doesn't help that unlike the engineered Velociraptors created by InGen as a park attraction, Riptor was created by Ultratech to be a weapon product in a line known as "Stalkers" and, by design, she is perpetually vicious and itching to kill something. She is one creature in which Red's pack and the Velociraptor pack have a mutual enmity against and, on a very rare occasion, would work together to drive Riptor out. Though things get complicated with the involvement of ARIA, an enhanced AI creation and robot of Ultratech who has close ties with Riptor.
  • Red has dealt with predators larger than herself, with her species having to compete against the Acrocanthosaurus when it came down in the food chain and evolution. Understandably, the Acros were far stronger than the raptors, who had to rely more on their wits, speed, and agility to challenge the Acros dominance. The Pantheon was no different, with Red coming to learn about large predatory dinosaurs like Rexie, the Carnotaurus duo, Gwangi, Big Al, and Speckles. Neither of them really care much for Red and just mind their own lives, though they've almost come to blows against Red and her family considering how the raptors are quite migratory at times. Of course, she doesn't want to directly fight against them, knowing that she wouldn't really stand a chance against them, so as usual, she has to rely on her intelligence to win out her struggles.
    • While some of the large meat-eating dinosaurs aren't exactly a threat to Red and her family, provided they themselves don't intrude into their territories and/or start competing for food sources, there are others that are a direct problem, mainly because they display abnormal behavior for a predator and would sometimes kill for the hell of it, such as a genetically engineered Spinosaurus, Sharptooth, and One Eye, all of whom tend to be feared by most in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature. Red always takes them seriously and would often try to find a way to outsmart them so she and her pack can at least escape from their needless rampages.
    • Even so, Red is more terrified by the likes of the Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and the Deviljho, who are ridiculously persistent and far too violent and brutal for any sort of creature. This is apparent in how the Indominus simply kills whatever gets in the way of her teeth and claws, the Indoraptor likes to toy with his prey to lull them into an unsuspecting trap, and the Deviljho is perpetually hungry and is always on the move to kill and eat something, alongside being recurringly demented and rage-driven. Red and her family can put up a brave front towards most of the other large carnivores, but she acknowledges that these three are beyond what she is capable of and simply would prefer to run away from them as far away as she could unless a member of her pack is in danger, which would instinctively cause Red to strike back at her offender.
  • She's normally indifferent towards whatever herbivores she comes across. After all, she would only hunt and kill them because raw meat is a part of her dietary need and this is how nature intended a Utahraptor to be like. Her preferred prey tends to be medium-sized ones like iguanodonts and smaller sauropods, though, in the case of the latter, she's more careful about the larger ones, given that her sister futilely tried to attack one and ended up becoming severely injured out of retaliation. Bron and a certain Brontosaurus come to mind, with Red choosing to ignore them, though the Brontosaurus immediately chose to recognize Red and her pack as a threat. Bron simply doesn't care, and the Gang of Seven tries to make as much distance as they can from the Utahraptors. Red did consider killing the juvenile dinosaurs to provide food and sustenance for her offspring, but seeing as their leader, Littlefoot, is Bron's son, she immediately backed away, not wanting to meet a similar result as her sister did.


    Blackiris and La 
Blackiris and La, Patron Deities of Kinetic Novels
La (left) and Blackiris (right)
La when she really met Blackiris for the first time 
  • Demigod (Blackiris) and Quasideity (La) La's actually more of a Lesser Goddess.
  • Symbol: Blackiris' green scarf and La's dress
  • Theme Song: Snow of Memories
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Blackiris used to be Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: lived in an isolated town while a pandemic reigns outside it, Meaningful Names, Only One Name, Snow Means Love
  • Domain(s): Memories, Amnesia
  • High Priests: The Junker and Yumemi Hoshino
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Sayori, Simon Henriksson
    • La: Other bookworms like Twilight Sparkle
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima and Monokuma
  • Visual Novels are usually stories "written" in the form of literature, but with a combination of still pictures and a few video game elements, as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure style, which gives way to multiple endings. And then are are these types; Kinetic Novels, which have zero interactivity, and is basically a short story with accompanied by visuals and audio. While not the first, the story of True Remembrance is among them (Higurashi: When They Cry and Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer precede them, but one of them already has its main characters ascended under varying tropes, while the other is an eroge, and there's a strange taboo here in regards to them; Mara's presence is already pushing the limit). Unlike Linear Visual Novels, which give an illusion of multiple endings, Kinetic Novels don't bother with that, not that that makes them portentially less enjoyable than regular visual novels. This duo, known only as Blackiris and La, come from such a Kinetic Novel.
    • Before they were ascended to the Pantheon, the two have been wandering the outside world after escaping the town that used to be their ward. That was how they were found and how they easily accepted the offer of ascension from the Court of the Gods.
  • Applies to both:
    • The world they come from is plagued by a psychological epidemic called the Dolor, which seems to inflict Psyche Corrosion, which basically drived people so deep in sadness and helplessnes that they become suicidal. The town they came from is a government-sanctioned establishment that is basically a huge psychiatric ward. Blackiris is a Mnemonicide and Guide and La was his Guest, which is another term for "patient" except she's a Mnemonicide, too, and the roles were actually reversed. Mnemonicides are people who help Guests suffering from Dolor by erasing their memories that lead to Psyche Corrosion by first seeing them, essentially transferring them into themselves, though La can do it the standard way. Additionally, a Mnemonicide's powers, barring Class Omegas, evnetually fade…when they have been "filled to capacity" or otherwise burn out. Of course, this isn't a problem in the Pantheon.
      • Don't bother asking too many questions on things about their world. Their isolation from the rest of it means several of them will remain unanswered.
      • Their world drew the attention of SCP-049. Although the Dolor's not a physical disease, more of a mental one, the Plague Doctor holds interest in curing it, though his methods mean they stay away from him whenever they can.
      • Dr. Dala also harbors interest in the disease as well, since her expertise extends to Medical Sciences. She always tries and investigates things about the disease, trying to figure out how to cure it as well. Even as the more "saner" members of the Think Tank, she's still not quite right in the head and can be a bit creepy when it comes to studying and asking questions from the duo.
      • Also, the reason why there was even an isolated town for Mnemonicides to do their work rather than them going out in the world to help people is because a Mnemonicide's powers—and their control over them—are incredibly unstable things, and they aren't even well-known to the world as a whole due to risk of a bloody uprising. Given their powers and its potential, they're pretty justified.
    • Blackiris's Mnemonicide abilities manifest by looking into the subject's eyes, though the one time he claimed that, he didn't actually use them, though he probably did use them in another instance on a hostage-taker who had La. As for La, it comes through her voice when she sings, as Blackiris can attest to. Given there are better (and more efficient) amnesiac methods in the Pantheon, however, better than Blackiris's, at least, such as Brain Bleach and the Men in Black's neuralyzers, the two are content with living what amounts to normal life in the Pantheon and will not be taking in Guests. Either of them. And La makes sure to assauge any worries that Blackiris might use his powers on a whim on anyone who looks at him the wrong way.
      • If however for whatever reason someone insists, they will do so and accommodate their Guest until the Brain Bleach is delivered or better amnesiac-inducers arrive, but Blackiris is not allowing them any housework or cleaning up; that's supposed to be his job, and La prefers to do it anyway.
      • That said, Simon Henriksson somehow managed to become their Guest after La got acquainted with him through Sayori. And after some pleading, Blackiris decided to indulge in his partner's wishes, given Simon suffered from depression and his situation worsened during his game, causing him to have a psychosis.
    • As residents of a world rife with a despair-causing epidemic, neither like those who wish to further propagate it. And top of that list are Monokuma and Junko Enoshima.
  • Exclusive to Blackiris:
    • Blackiris doesn't mind if anybody wishes to call him by any other name and would point that out, but people normally just call him Blackiris because it's easier.
    • For pastimes, Blackiris plays Go, though while he's certainly a competent, the only points of reference are La (who loses all too often) and his unascended friend Rook (who wins around one game every five they play).
    • Blackiris has experience with using guns, and is perfectly willing to use them if need be.
    • Having used to working in a polluted city and its factories before running away, Blackiris doesn't like those who wish to perpetuate that lifestyle. He's also had to scrape by before he was recruited for his Mnemonicidal abilities, which he signed up on with right then.
  • Exclusive to La:
    • Very few know this, but La's hair used to be completely black. It turned white after she absorbed the memories of Analye, her previous caretaker, upon his death.
    • Prior to her adoption by Analye, La used to live in her parents' basement, not out of malice, but because they didn't know what to do with her (likely due to her Mnemonicide powers). As such, she sympathizes with those who have had worse living conditions, such as Harry Potter before Hogwarts came to his life.
    • The two take coffee every morning, which La makes, though she never drinks hers, always taking milk. Still, she hopes to make better stuff and visits Godot to learn more on the art.
    • Having dealt with depression before, Sayori of the (Doki Doki) Literature Club visits them on occasion, mostly to hang out with La, and has even invited her to join the club. Blackiris always tags along whenever she does, mostly in concern regarding Monika and the things she's done.
    • Taking La as a hostage is a bad idea, and she would let herself be taken if it would prevent others from bcoming hostages as well. Not only would Blackiris come running, so would the friends she's made, not counting those who would respond to a hostage situation anyway. And that's if she doesn't decide/get to use her Mnemonicide powers first.

    Francis (Felidae
Francis, God of Mature Animal Stories (Clever Shit, Smart-ass)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His prominent green eyes
  • Theme Song: Felidae
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: REALLY smart for a cat, a black cat who is the hero, beware the nice cat, a very snarky narrator, kitty amateur detective
  • Domains: Cats, Adult Fiction, Mysteries, Detectives
  • Herald: Bluebeard, Sancta
  • Allies: Bluestar, Bastet, Sakaki
  • Enemies: Claudandus
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Salem
  • Respected by: Humphrey Bogart
  • Odd Friendship: Basil and Dawson
  • Francis is a domestic cat who moves around a lot with his pulp writer owner. After just recently moving into a new neighborhood, Francis found a cat murdered in a gruesome manner. Francis decided to investigate as other cats killed in a similar way kept appearing, dealing with common thugs and a cult along the way. He successfully traced the origin of the murders to Claudandus, a cat supremacist mad with ambition to create a new breed of cats and overthrow humanity, and killed him before the evil cat could do more damage. Francis would go on to solve other crimes that weren't exactly for the faint-of-heart.
  • For a while, it was a matter of debate as to whether Francis or Fritz the Cat should ascend as the god of adult-oriented, animal-centered storytelling. In the end, Francis won out over Fritz due to behaving more like an animal than the latter. Despite this, however, Fritz wasn't left entirely in the dark, as he would eventually become Francis' High Priest.
    • Occasionally, though, Fritz still expresses bitterness over the whole situation. There are times where he insists that the title should have gone to him, and that Francis should have been his High Priest instead.
  • Bastet, excited to see another feline ascend, welcomed Francis to the Pantheon with open arms. Francis' former owner, Gus, studied in archaeology and specialized in ancient Egyptian gods, so he was very interested in meeting her. They've definitely kept in touch with each other since their first meeting, and Bastet has admitted her disappointment that Francis couldn't be a member of the House of Felines. As far as she's concerned, though, Francis is an honorary member.
  • Perhaps Francis' closest friend in the Pantheon is Bluestar. Though he's never stated it, many deities think it's obvious that Bluestar reminds Francis of his deceased friend, Felicity, and that had a major part in how close they've become. Sometimes Francis wonders what his Warrior name would be. Firestar, Bluestar's successor, thinks Sharpeye would be a good one, to reflect his intelligence.
  • While working on solving a case, Francis tends to have dreams containing clues to the truth he's seeking. He has never understood why this happens, but after meeting Bluestar and some more warrior cats who were happy to tell him about their customs, Francis is starting to think that the warriors ancestors StarClan, who tend to send prophecies and warnings in the form of dreams, are watching over him too.
  • Sakaki, being the cat lover that she is, can very often be seen feeding Francis or petting him. Francis, of course, very much enjoys this treatment, and doesn't get why other cats would attack such a kind girl.
  • Even though Francis has promised on many occasions that he would not harm them, many rodent deities of the Pantheon are still wary of him. This is because Francis, being a cat, has hunted and killed many rats and mice prior to his ascension. Despite this, Francis has still managed to become fairly good friends with Basil and Dawson, seeing as they are both animals who solve mysteries.
  • Francis and Salem claim to be allies, but you'd never guess by how often they snark, bicker, and hurl flowery insults at each other. Francis isn't exactly sure how he feels about the fact that Salem was once a warlock who tried to Take Over the World 500 years ago.
    • Francis isn't sure what to think of Garfield and Big either. To a cat like him, there's just something unsettling about cats who stand on two legs and can talk to humans. Big especially is intimidating to Francis, given how big he is.
  • Humphrey Bogart very much respects Francis, seeing as his source material is often summarized as a film noir with cats. Much like Sakaki, Bogart is often seen feeding Francis or petting him. It certainly helps that the both of them share a House, too.


You have one new message.


"Hi, this is 'Jacob' from Pantheon Pest Extermination. There's an infestation of wasps in the House of Cultures. I know we already called you a couple days ago but the damn things seemed to have come back... Please hurry, time is of the essence."


Jacket, God of Comatose Adventures (The Hitman, The Masked Maniac, The Sociopath, Richard(?))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Richard Mask with his varsity Jacket
  • Theme Song: Deep Cover - Sun Araw, Simon Viklund - Breath of Death, Evil Eye
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, borders on Chaotic Evil when with the PAYDAY Crew
  • Portfolio: Adventures in Comaland, Badass Normal, Famed In-Story, The Quiet One/Silent Protagonist, Anti-Hero, One-Man Army, Saved a hooker from her abusive boss, Slaughtered countless Russian mobsters to pay back a good friend in the war who died, Spared Richter despite everything he did, Had a photo of him and his good friend, Died from the nukes being dropped, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Butchered anyone that got in the way of his vendetta, Sanity Slippage, wears a varsity jacket, Masks of Power, Unwitting Pawn, Decoy Protagonist, Pinball Protagonist, Expy of The Driver
  • Domains: Killing Sprees, Masks, Revenge, Enigmatic Motives, Silent Protagonists
  • Allies: The PAYDAY Crew, John Wick, Niko Bellic, Marv
  • Enemies: The Son, 50 Blessings, Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Kevin, Gregor Clegane, Any Russian Mobster, or Soviets
  • Opposed by: Any Deity of Russian descent, any member of law enforcement, those who don't kill
  • Sympathizes with: Suffering war veterans, Bloody Marie, anyone who got in trouble with the mafia
  • Ascended after the events that transpired in Miami, and for someone with a reputation like his, it was surprisingly discreet: He went through the entrance for his ascension and went straight to his temple, Richard Mask in hand. While some deities went about their business, others stayed the hell away after hearing some of his gruesome exploits. The Masked Maniac, nicknamed Jacket has come to the Pantheon.
  • Regarding what exactly happened to Jacket in the heat of 1989 Miami... well, it's a long story. A long, weird story. To start, Jacket was an agent of 50 Blessings, a nationalist group dedicated to destroying the Russian Mafiya and undermining the Russo-American Coalition. Jacket was one of their top hitmen, a cold-blooded killer who would not stop 'till a job was done. His life started to go off the rails when a fellow agent, known only as the Biker due to his choice in headwear, started trying to get out of the business, and Jacket was sent to take care of him. To hear Jacket tell it, the Biker massacred every employee at the PhoneHom phone company, then attacked Jacket, forcing him to kill the Biker in self-defense. But that's not what happened. The Biker gave Jacket a chance to leave, then when Jacket wouldn't back down, beat him to within an inch of his life. 50 Blessings was not happy when they heard of Jacket's failure, and sent a rat-masked assassin named Richter to kill him. Jacket came home to find his girlfriend's corpse in the living room and Richter waiting for him with a silenced Uzi. Fortunately for him, Jacket survived the shooting, and hallucinated the events of the last couple of months while in a coma, hallucinating his victory at the phone company and seeing his old friend at various stores. When he woke up, he immediately headed out to the police station to get some information on just what the hell had happened to him. Jacket traced the mysterious calls, as well as Richter's hit, to a Russian mob boss named Ivan Lebedev. Obviously, Lebedev didn't live long. Jacket went peacefully to prison for killing Lebedev and his son, thinking everything was solved...
    • Unfortunately, he was wrong. Turns out 50 Blessings had been playing him the whole time. They had sent him on a wild goose chase against the Russians, getting rid of a dangerous wild card and crippling the Mafiya in one fell swoop. Jacket was simply a scapegoat, and when the Russians nuked Miami, he died without ever knowing otherwise.
  • His temple is his old apartment back from before he was hospitalized. It's not in the best condition, although he didn't have much to work with given the state he found it in. It's said that the apartment was a lot nicer at some point, back when Jacket saved a prostitute from a sickening film producer and brought her home to live with him, but it would be in your best interest to not touch upon the subject.
  • Naturally, he's quite infamous among any Russians within the Pantheon and is automatically enemies with any Russian mobster within the Pantheon due to crippling their influence after waking from his coma. He's also automatically enemies with any Soviets due to being a veteran in the war against them. He harbors a very negative view of Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich as a result, who only serve to justify his negative view on Russians in general.
    • Made enemies with Lionel Starkweather since he reminds Jacket of the aforementioned filmmaker, whose eyes he gouged out, and has no qualms doing it again to Lionel. It happened once with Cash and it can happen again and again thanks to the Pantheon's rules on death. Jacket was pleased when he heard about that. Lionel, on his part, feigned confidence, but he hasn't gone near Jacket's temple since the killer made enemies with him...
  • The PAYDAY Crew are pleased with his ascension due to his assistance with their schemes. Some deities question whether or not the Jacket that aids them is the real deal given his attitude change after the killing sprees in Miami and that he's quite young looking for someone in their 40s to 50s. There's speculation going around says that Jacket is actually a Loony Fan taking up his visage, which isn't too crazy of a theory after what happened in 1991. Regardless, it would be heavily advised to never cross him as he's much more insane and is considerably more competent in killing. Just look what happened to this poor cloaker. Luckily, it's easy to notice the change in attitude as he communicates through a tape recorder with an absurd amount of fitting sound bytes. One wonders how he answers the pager without sounding the least bit suspicious.
    • Outside his work with them and his conflicts with general scumbags and Russian Mobsters, Jacket lives his life like anyone else would. He's seen in the House of Food or Theater after a long day to get some food, take a drink, or rent some videos. Since he no longer hallucinates the people he meets as Beard, he has little reason to stick around for long, often going straight home. Then again, he wasn't a talkative guy to begin with.
  • Respects Marv for avenging Goldie's death and for taking down Kevin and Cardinal Roark. It's not surprising to find the two hunting down the lowlifes that dwell in the Pantheon. When Jacket told him about his experiences in Miami, the latter promised to take down the Miami Mafiya for what they did should they come around to the Pantheon. Shame they've both got the wrong guys.
  • Understandably is opposed by many deities affiliated with law enforcement in the Pantheon for his slaughter of police officers after awaking from his coma, especially if he's with the PAYDAY Crew. On his regular days, he doesn't openly go after them unless they tick him off to the point of acting. Naturally, he also isn't liked that much by the House of Justice or any heroic figure who are opposed to killing.
  • Sympathizes with Niko Bellic due to his background as a war veteran and troubles with the Mafiya, something that mirrors his own experiences back in Hawaii and Miami. Jacket actually respects that he had long abandoned his criminal career since he himself doesn't actually enjoy violence that much despite being surrounded by it. This sympathy extends to others who suffered similar experiences.
    • His relationship with Marie, however, is shaky. Although she is ruthless in her hunt for mafia, she does not involve anyone outside of that and is quite iffy on his brutality on some of his victims, mainly the aforementioned sadistic producer, which mirrors her best friend's mutilation. Jacket did convey to her that his slaughter of police officers was because he REALLY needed to hunt down Richter for killing the girl he rescued despite sparing him in the end. It's uneasy, but Jacket does admire her reasons for becoming the Skullgirl, since it's no different for his conviction to pay back and avenge the soldier from the war.
  • Can also be found in Dreams and Nightmares.
  • "So this is what the end looks like... beautiful."

    Joel and Ellie 
Joel and Ellie, Co-deities of Backstories Repeating Themselves
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A handgun crossed with a switchblade
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolios: Action Survivor, Handguns, Hates Being Alone, Huge Guy, Tiny Girl, are leads in The Last of Us
  • Domains: Survival, Community, Freedom, Protection
  • Allies: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Lee Everett, Clementine, Tallahasee, Frank West, Leonard McCoy, the entire House of Friendship, E.T
  • Enemies: YHVH, Negan, Spock, The Joker
  • Opposes: Felix, Hannibal Lecter
  • Uneasy Relationship: Earl Hickey, Otacon, Crazy Dave, Beast Boy
  • Abhorrent Admirers: The GUAD, Gul'dan
  • Annoys: Gwen Tennyson
  • Pities: Pippi Longstocking
  • There are many stories about surviving a zombie apocalypse, but there was one that intrigued the Triumvirate of Survival Horror more than most. It's the story of a man who was tasked to protect a young teen for months. The two eventually bonded, a friendship that transcended even his superiors. It is that and the striking similarities with a similar plight with his biological daughter many years ago that convinced them to bring the two to the Pantheon.
  • To Joel and Ellie's surprise, they managed to stay friends with many other zombie survivor deities. Those people of all gods know the importance of companionship. It might be the only thing that can keep you going.
    • They didn't like everyone in that house. Joel was disgusted with how Felix treated his teammates, while Ellie feared what would happen if Joel decided to follow his teachings instead.
  • Joel's decision in the end to save his surrogate daughter over sacrificing her for a cure sparked a massive debate throughout the Pantheon. Some agreed with his decision, while others called him selfish for doing such a thing. The loudest voice of opposition came from the GUAL, with YHVH vowing to rewrite his brain in order to make the more logical decision.
    • Although neither god has such a strong opinion on the matter, Spock and McCoy split their opinions the usual way, with McCoy praising Joel's decision and Spock shaking his head in disappointment.
    • The most unlikeliest of supporters came from one of their most hated factions: the GUAD. Keeping Ellie alive keeps their world in a dystopic future for the time being. However long it takes for Ellie to be no longer a factor doesn't matter to them... just as long as a cure is never found.
    • However, if one looks into how fungi and vaccines work, and look really deep, a decisive verdict can be reached: Joel was absolutely right to stop the Fireflies from dissecting Ellie's brain, because as a fungal infection, their method to cure the Cordyceps Infection by dissecting her brain was completely wrong.
  • Few things has phased Joel through his adventures... except the time when they encountered cannibals. He would be shocked again when he found out they had a god on their side. Neither have set foot in the House of Slaughter as a result, but they couldn't help but notice that Hannibal Lecter has been stalking the two as of late.
  • Crazy Dave may hunt down zombies like them. It doesn't prevent Ellie from feeling nervous around him, given he has the same name as one particular man she had a harrowing encounter with.
  • Joel can't help but take pity of Pippi Longstocking. Even though she firmly believes her father will return, he's silently prepping for the worst. Ellie on the other hand has been enjoying her company, joining her on her wacky adventures.
  • One reason to think Pippi may be right? E.T. the extraterrestrial successfully found his parents and went back home. Neither would admit it, but many gods suspected they were moved with the story. Thinking more optimistically may not be such a bad thing after all.
  • Has been seen recently with fellow zombie survivor Rick Grimes. Both characters have been through hell and back and have beards to show for it. Rick likens Joel's relationship with Ellie to his own for his mortal son Carl.
  • The Joker was none to pleased to find another with the same voice. The clown is notorious for offing characters with similar shticks. Booker on the other hand was more friendly towards the man, despite their games becoming rivals for the year. Gul'dan is merely amused with his decision to doom his homeworld. Joel was quick to denounce him afterwards.
  • Made quick friends with most within the House of Children, but formed the closest bond with bratty half pints Bart and Dennis. It's likely due to the fact that that she used to be one herself. She gained a lot of Character Development since then, but that doesn't stop her from having fun with them.
  • When she found out there was a God of Karma, she was quick to seek out Earl Hickey to ask him a simple question; was he the reason many of her friends end up dying? Earl couldn't give her a definitive answer to that question, but promises to look into the matter.
  • Ellie was pleased to find so many dog deities in the Pantheon. She made sure to visit every temple to meet with them, from the loyal Hachiko to the giant Clifford to the just plain unusual Jake.
    • When she met Beast Boy, the animorphic was hesitant to meet her. When she backed away, he apologised, explaining that her voice reminded him on his ex-girlfriend Terra.
  • Many gods were surprised at just how often Ellie resorts to swear wears. Ellie even admitted she would have followed the likes of Tiny Tina and Tony Montana if she knew they existed. Though he hesitates to meet up with the gangster, she goes along just nicely with Tiny Tina, hoping to learn more accents.
  • T.J. Detwiler couldn't help but notice how her voice was similar to Gretchen Grundler. The two naturally got along well after that. Gwen Tennyson thought she could have a similar bond with the girl... until she found out that Ellie had more in common with her annoying cousin.

    May and Dawn 
May and Dawn, Co-Goddesses of Rotating Arcs (May: Haruka, The Princess of Hoenn. Dawn: Hikari, Pikari, Dee Dee, Diamond Dandruff, Dane, Dawny)
Left: May. Right: Dawn.
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their respective headers (May's bandana and Dawn's hat)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Both have occasional bouts of Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Character Arcs that Run in Conjunction with the Protagonist's, Deuteragonists, Plucky Nice Girls who are Dangerous when Angry, Proving Themselves Either Superior and/or Inferior to other Contest Participants, Special Guests in their Following Regions, Scenes of Romantic Implications with Ash, Tomboy and Girly Girl
  • Domains: Companions, Contests, Trainers, Coordinators, Friendship, Performance, Battle
  • Heralds:
    • May: Max (her younger brother), Norman (her father and Gym Leader of Petalburg City), Caroline (her mother), Drew, Solidad (Her rivals)
    • Dawn: Johanna (her mother), Zoey, Kenny, Ursula, Conway (her rivals)
  • Pokémon Party (doubles as Heralds):
    • May: Blaziken, Beautifly, Skitty, Venusaur, Munchlax, Wartortle, Glaceon
    • Dawn: Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Quilava, Togekiss, Ambipom
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Hareta, Red, Wally, Cynthia, N, Caleb, Serena, The Other Serena, Lillie, Arceus, The Weather and Creation Trios, Lucario, Gamera/Toto, Rei, The 1998 and 2000 Digidestined, Mumble, Queen Elsa, Ariel, Melody, Aquaman, Curious George, Shiki Misaki, Rarity, μ's, Aqours, 765 Pro, LOONA, Kim Possible, Claire Bennet, Brittany S. Pierce (Glee Club), Isola (The Falcons), Carcano M91/38, Erza Scarlet, Kirby, Manaphy
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Pokémon Hunter J, Lysandre, The Great Fusili, Fatalis, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Cruella de Vil, Black Manta, Ursula, Lucemon, The Gyaos
  • Friendly Enemies: Team Rocket (Would often enter Enemy Mine situations regarding mutual enemies and the trio having standards)
  • On Good Terms With: Mewtwo
  • On Neutral Terms With: Maxie, Archie, Cyrus
  • Most are familiar with Pokémon Trainers, who seek to capture and train the eponymous creatures in the effort to challenge their regions' Gym Leaders and then enter the Pokémon League in the hopes of proving themselves to be a Pokémon Master. In the other spectrum, there also exists a specific sub-type of trainers known as Pokémon Coordinators. Much like their trainer counterpart, they too, capture and train Pokémon, but their aim is to participate in Pokémon Contests via a Contest Pass and earn themselves special ribbons to enter a Grand Festival where they compete against other trainers in both. The winner is rewarded with the Ribbon Cup and be christened as Top Coordinators of their region.
    • There were two Pokémon Coordinators of the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions who've had their experiences highly documented. Both of them had humble beginnings, much like most trainers and were travelling companions with a certain Ash Ketchum, who made it a journey to travel to every region he could to challenge their versions of the Pokémon League. The first of these two coordinators was May, the daughter of Petalburg City Gym Leader Norman, who simply happened to be more inspired about Contests than she was about entering the Hoenn League. The second from Sinnoh, Dawn, was the daughter of Johanna who was a renowned Pokémon Coordinator who dreamed of proving her mother proud and surpassing her one day. Both met Ash on differing circumstances and both involved a situation with his Pikachu in peril. Regardless, May and Dawn proved themselves selfless and feisty enough to travel with Ash alongside a specific partner; May's younger brother, Max, and Dawn's Piplup, with Brock tagging along a little later.
  • May and Dawn both had to endure the challenges of facing off against equally ambitious and tough competitors and rivals through their journey of becoming a Top Coordinator. And for all that hardship, their friends were always there, one way or another, to give them support and back. And in the end, while May and Dawn didn't succeed in becoming their region's Top Coordinator, they were happy with the experience and memories they had made with their Pokémon, Ash and Brock. Even when they ended up parting ways and deciding to enter Contests from other regions, fate would be such that May and Dawn would meet Ash again, some way or another
    • Their stories may have been similar to one another's, but they did prove themselves to have made it a memorable one, as their friends and fans determined. So it was decided in the Pantheon that May and Dawn be presented into this new domain with a whole new story awaiting them. The prospect of a wholly different, yet fantastical realm where Pokémon existed alongside other sorts of creatures was an exciting aspect for May and Dawn, as was another reunion with Ash, Brock and Pikachu. And with May and Dawn's ascension, came an announcement of Pokémon Contests opening up in the Pantheon. A coincidental event, but one that got May and Dawn more than ready to venture the Pantheon.
  • When May and Dawn ascended into the Pantheon, they were confident that Ash would be the first deity they'd meet. Instead, he was reported to have been snoring in bed loudly, much to both girls' chagrin. However, Pikachu was awake during the commotion and was overjoyed to see May and Dawn. Remembering a past action that they did before, Dawn and Pikachu decided to recreate a nostalgic moment where the Mouse Pokémon proceeded to zap Ash into waking up forcibly. Upon noticing May and Dawn, Ash quickly took to apologizing and congratulating them for finally getting into the Pantheon. Though unfortunately for Ash, May and Dawn find this particular method of waking Ash up pretty amusing and Pikachu is in agreement. They'd sometimes do it again, even if Ash hasn't overslept, much to his dismay.
  • As coordinators, May and Dawn tend to frequent the House of Theatre and Spectacle, despite it being more focused on the filmmaking side of entertainment. That said, it does help the House in a way as Contest battles and performances can be recorded and broadcasted by enthusiastic workers and fans. That, and there is an increase in the demand for more Pokémon Contests ever since May and Dawn's ascension, becoming one of the more popular attractions in the House of Theatre & Spectacle. Though security monitoring is set in order to ensure a high rate of damage isn't inflicted to the crowd and the competitors.
  • The success and popularity of Pokémon Contests led to the competition boards being asked to bring in deities as sponsors to help promote the contests and to create special opening performances for them to generate more hype and appeal. As it turns out, Idol Singers turned out to be the most popular choice, with bands and artists like μ's, Aqours, 765 Pro, Isola and LOOΠΔ being sought up for performances, plus some occasional Pokémons using specific moves to create a dazzling display that helped in generating bigger audiences.
    • May and Dawn were awestruck by the attention and aesthetics that were placed and worked on with the Pantheonic Contests. Outside of the performances and battles, the two girls would spend a good deal of their rest brakes backstage where they would meet up with special opening performers. It's there where May and Dawn became friends with the performing bands. Aqours, in particular take up a lot of interest in May's journey in Samiya (detailed below) with the members wishing to visit it one day. Like May and Dawn, LOOΠΔ themselves seem to have a grand adventure ahead of them, albeit in a more surreal sense and see May and Dawn's journey as a great learning experience for themselves to see each other as companions and collaborators. They plan of adventuring with the coordinators at some point, though they do have their own professional commitments to fulfill first.
    • Of course, aside from Idol Singers being the biggest attraction (the Pokémon battles and performances aside), there is a strong emphasis on cheerleaders, with Dawn herself often participating as one in case she isn't in a challenge. Like the singers before them, she's quickly come to talk to and become acquainted with characters like Kim Possible, Claire Bennet and Brittany S. Pierce. All of them have their own unique experiences to share, with Kim often having to state how much it's a struggle to keep up with her school and hero life, though Dawn personally finds this inspirational. She also gets some surprising help from Carcano M91/38 who's open enough to create some dresses for Dawn. This also extends to Kotori Minami and Ruby Kurosawa, who are the fashion designers for μ's and Aqours respectively. The two have admitted to finding Dawn very admirable and felt a bit estastic upon seeing her. The two have once tried to make a Idol-themed dressing for both May and Dawn. As a sign of their friendship, the two would sometimes wear dresses made by Kotori, Ruby and Carcano M91/38 during contests.
  • While their passion for contests (and by extension, performance stages) is incredibly strong, there are a few limits that May and Dawn do not dare to cross by any means. One of the more notorious examples of a performer was The Great Fusilli, whose habit of tricking actors and performers into presenting promises of fame and fortune, only to turn them into lifeless puppets was not welcomed by anyone, not even Jessie of the Team Rocket Trio. That said, The Great Fusilli is pretty damn good in convincing people, which had May and Dawn on high alert and their Pokémon are more than quick to react in disgust whenever he's around. And in a rare moment, Jessie will put aside her enmity and work with May and Dawn in stopping The Great Fusilli. After all, she does see James and Meowth as True Companions in her own right and once stopped the malicious magician from turning them into puppets, an action which surprisingly earned a rare approval from May and Dawn.
  • May is sometimes considered a patron of the Hall of Water and Moisture and her arrival there tends to be celebrated. This stems from the fact that she once came across a Manaphy that took to seeing May as a mother-figure and the ensuing chase between Pokémon Ranger Jack Walker and the Phantom for finding the Prince of the Sea. While the Seafaring Pokémon is yet to appear in the Pantheon proper, May is hopeful of seeing Manaphy again one day. Then she heard a familiar voice singing in the water calling her, "Mama..."
    • By that extension, May also earned the respect of many of the water-associated deities for her mother-child relationship with Manaphy. One of them, in particular, was Aquaman, who was intrigued to learn about the story of Samiya, particularly that bore some similarities to Atlantis. May was happy to see how Aquaman himself oversaw many of the residing water Pokémon in his domain with compassion and care, particularly after gaining Kyogre as his personal partner. By extension, May also became wary of Black Manta. Given that she had to deal with The Phantom, who himself was a pirate, Black Manta, is much, much, worse, due to his insane enmity towards the King of Atlantis and for being dead-set on destroying everything his Arch-Enemy cherishes. The fact that May is now friends with Aquaman means Manta has one more person to target and hunt solely to spite Aquaman, but luckily, May isn't defenceless, especially given that she has her own Pokémon team who will do anything to fight and look after her.
    • There was also Ariel and Melody, a familial pair of mermaids who were residents of a similar city known as Atlantica. They were interested in learning about Samiya and decided that they would like to visit it. The fact that they had a Quilfish and Keldeo as their personal partners helped as well as May was eager to challenge them in a friendly match. That said, she's told to be careful of Ursula, though she tends to put more emphasis on her grudge against Ariel, but isn't hesitant to assault May and Melody if given the chance.
  • Dawn likes to spend some time in the House of Costumes as, unlike May, she tends to wear and come up with fashionable dressings and makeup, which was a standard trait for her contest matches. Even then, Dawn is open to trying out different clothing out in the open on a lot of occasions and mainly does so in an effort to stand out among her companions. It's an emphasis on how she's among the biggest Girly Girls out of Ash's travelling companions, a fact that she isn't bothered by. As a result, she became friends with Shiki Misaki and Rarity for her clothing and dress-up interests. It helps that Shiki and Rarity are pretty impressed by what they've seen in Pokémon Contests and have given Dawn a helping hand in designing some new clothes and makeup aesthetics for the coordinator, which Dawn took as a pleasant surprise.
  • Obviously enough, May and Dawn would realize that the leaders of Teams Magma, Aqua and Galactic are now not malicious anymore and, in the case of the former two, are trying to do better as people after their botched attempts to control Groudon and Kyogre. Even then, the two coordinators keep their distance, if mainly because there's still a long road ahead for redemption. As for Cyrus, he's remained considerably silent. Dawn did react with disdain for a moment if mainly because the Cyrus she knew was was more monstrous and vile than the one in the Pantheon. While Maxie and Archie find it awkward to approach May and Dawn, given their actions, they are genuine in that they'll do whatever it takes to preserve nature, now that they're members of the Grand United Alliance of Nature. Cyrus has remained mostly quiet but does affirm to Dawn that while he hasn't given up on his ultimate goal, he's not going to risk destroying the world and emotions as of now. Dawn really doesn't know how to approach Cyrus without their conversations being incredibly awkward at best.
    • Predictably, they would become enemies with Ghetsis, who is almost universally despised by most Pokémon Trainers and loads of other people for his abusive treatment towards N and not preaching what he spouts. There's also Hunter J, who Dawn has dealt with and, alongside May, they're doing whatever it takes to stop her and her cruel and remorseless poaching of other Pokémon. Lysandre stands out in a way as he's not as despicable, but displays an incredibly twisted view of Utopia and is more insane to boot. Ghetsis couldn't really care for May and Dawn, considering he has more personal enemies to deal with, Hunter J tends to be more at odds with Dawn, though she's beginning to aggravate May considerably due to her actions and Lysandre is complementary of the two but is not hesitant to harm the girls should they dare to stand between his goals.
  • Due to evil organizations playing a hand in the creation of artificial beings, in particular, the Pokémon, Mewtwo and Genesect, May and Dawn are rather cautious of cloned beings to some extent. That said, Mewtwo has a measure of respect for the two as May and Dawn deeply adore and look after their Pokémon. The Genetic Pokémon makes a point to helping the coordinators out if they're in dire situations, such as one where they were suddenly attacked by the Indominus and Indoraptor on separate occasions. Like Mewtwo, the two dinosaurs were also genetically engineered, but we're more bestial in nature and further DNA tampering caused the two to be bloodhungry savage monsters. Evidently, the Indominus and Indoraptor are incredibly intimidating towards May and Dawn and usually try to stay clear of them, even if their Pokémons are able to stand up to them in a tough battle.
  • They eventually heard that Pokémon weren't the only sort of creatures of their type, as it did intrigue May and Dawn enough to learn a bit about the Digimon race, especially given how many tend to associate them with Pokémon to a good extent. Along the way, they came across the two groups of Digidestined and quickly took to being accommodated with one another. In particular, both got along really well with Sora Takenouchi due to a series of shared similarities that the three share; she owned a Bird Digimon, Piyomon that eventually digivoles into a much stronger being, much like May's Blaziken which started off as a Torchic and that Sora herself went on to become a fashion designer, something which Dawn takes a good interest in.
    • While not in a traditional sense, Rei himself commands three Kaijus, namely Gomora, Litra and Eleking, into battle, though in Rei's case, he mainly used them to protect the world from other dangerous monsters and hostile threats. Despite their fearsome appearances, they don't pose a threat to anyone, which is how May and Dawn were able to get along with them just fine. Rei himself commends the coordinators for their journey and commitment to their goals and encourages them to do better.
      • By extension, May and Dawn also became friends with Gamers, who was well-known for befriending children and coming to their aid and command whenever possible. They first met when May was suddenly attacked by a pack of Gyaos, and Dawn, upon hearing of it, went out to search for help, whereupon the turtle Kaiju was the closest one she could get. Regardless, Gamera proved his worth by fending and driving away the Gyaos, after which May was incredibly grateful for him. Additionally, the fact that the Gyaos themselves were a scientific experiment, much like Mewtwo, and originated from a version of Atlantis does disturb May and Dawn somewhat, particularly the former, given just how savage and uncompromising they were, even compared to other beasts of their type.
    • While evil Pokémon seemed to be a rarity, the same cannot be said for the various malicious Digimon who tend to have grand plans for worldly takeover and/or destruction. It doesn't surprise anyone that May and Dawn would immediately become enemies with them, especially Lucemon. By extension, May and Dawn have fought against those who desired to take over/destroy the world, one of which includes Cyrus, who himself sees Lucemon as too contentious for himself to handle. Due to the overwhelming nature of the Fallen Angelic Digimon, May and Dawn would default to finding any partners they could find to combat against him, even if it means being Maxie, Archie and Cyrus.
  • Both girls contrast each other pretty distinctly, but in one of the more embarrassing ones, May cannot make Pokéblocks that are edible in any sense whereas Dawn is adept and skilled at that. While it does highlight her Girly Girl traits more than May is, it's still enough for her to be welcomed into the House of Food. Luckily, May doesn't feel alienated as she was able to become friends with Kirby and Erza Scarlet due to their shared love for strawberry cake. In fact, all three of them had a situation where they had a cake lost/storm from them, prompting them to rage until they were given another/found it for them to be pacified. With all considered, it's best to just leave May with a good serving of strawberry cake, unless someone incurs her wrath.

Noah, High Prophet of Saving Population From Disaster (Grand Rider)

    Old Man Henderson 
Old Man Henderson, God of Plot Derailment (Eli Burning, Young Old Man Henderson Eli Burning)


    Carol Anne Freeling 
Carol Anne Freeling, Goddess of Ominous Pale Screens
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Television displaying a buffering white screen and sound
  • Theme Song: Poltergeist Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kid Hero, Pure and Innocent, Associated with the Color Blue Right down to Her Eyes, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Goes Through a Lot of Horror, Becomes Increasingly Melancholic Overtime, Moe, Tragic Heroine, Often has to be Saved, Can Become Scary at Times, Known for Posing towards a TV Screen Buzzing in White
  • Domains: Children, Haunting, Horror, Family, Possession, The Paranormal
  • Herald: Madison Bowen
  • Allies: Luigi, Miku Hinasaki, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Erma Williams, Danny Phantom, Casper, Reimi Sugimoto, The Ghostbusters, John Constantine, Clockwork, A Majority of the Childhood and Adolescence House, Nanako Dojima, The Investigation Team, Batman, King, The Hawkins Party, Ichigo Kurosaki, Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, The Morioh Gang
  • Opposes/Afraid Of: Any and All Malicious Ghosts and Paranormal Creatures in the Pantheon
  • Mixed Feelings On: Artix von Krieger
  • Pitied/Under Protection By: The House of Family
  • Horror is an experience that uproots and shocks anyone at some given point. How much impact and fear inflicted is debatable, but it certainly can amplify when one's family and loved ones begin to get involved. In the case of a family of five who move into a new home, they are suddenly and sadistically tormented by malevolent spirits, who become disturbingly associated with five year old Carol Anne Freeling, who interact with her on a TV screen. What's shown is nothing but a buzzing sound accompanied by a blanketed white screen. It is here that Carol Anne interacts with these ghosts.
    • Even after the incident and the house being destroyed, Carol Anne continued to remain in relations to spirits even when shifted to a new home, whose spirits were the victims of an evil minister known as Reverend Henry Kane. Kane would persist, even in death, when he decides to pursue Carol Anne to a high-rise building apartment away from her parents. Overall, the child's life is just filled with ghosts who stop at nothing to mentally disturb her and her family, and later on, a singular malevolent being who's made it a goal to kill her.
  • The Pantheon tends to know where to find and take care of ascended children, normally being found in the Childhood and Adolescence House and quickly becoming well-adjusted. Carol Anne Freeling... was one of the most difficult individuals to properly approach upon first notice. She wasn't in the Children Sub-House, but rather in the House of Undead. This did not sit well with several deities who immediately opted to go out and retrieve Carol Anne and also make sure she doesn't come into harms way. The Ghostbusters were sent and were able to encounter Carol Anne, who was staring blankly at a television, palms clapped towards the screen. A cackling laugh echoed, which later revealed itself as King Boo. Noticing King Boo's presence caused Carol Anne to have a sudden panic attack and faint while the Ghostbusters had to deal with the malicious ghost in a gruelling battle. Luckily, support came under the form of John Constantine who took to personally battling King Boo with half of the Ghostbusters whereas the other half picked up the unconscious Carol Anne and made their escape from the House of Undead.
    • Carol Anne woke up in a large room surrounded by several figures, consisting of Luigi, Miku Hinasaki and Danny Phantom. She sobbed uncontrollably and shrived herself to a corner, either quiet and letting out muffled cries. Luigi, Miku and Danny have tried to comfort her by trying to play with her or offering food or jokes, but nothing seemed to work. That is until a child, Yotsuba Koiwai, entered the room. She took notice to the melancholic Carol Anne and told her that she shouldn't worry. Initially, not much happened, until later on, Carol Anne began to slowly open up and talk, although she kept mumbling about what she thought was a conversation with King Boo. Yotsuba than told her that she should try to focus on now and that she shouldn't try to be sad, because in her words, "Today is always the most enjoyable day". These words took effect on Carol Anne, and she soon let out a small giggle. It seemed as if Yotsuba was able to break Carol Anne's depressing state out for a moment.
      • This was followed by Luigi, Miku and Danny making turns and finally managing to get Carol Anne to feel optimistic. Even if it took one day, it was a hard and stressful effort to get Carol Anne happy. The incident soon reached out to the Court of the Gods who were quick to issue Carol Anne as a serious topic to be investigated.
  • Carol Anne resides in the House of Narrative via Storytelling, so there isn't much of a presence in ghosts, in addition to the house having a rather amicable residence. That said, Carol Anne is well known for having a very melancholic nature and its pretty common to see her sobbing and sitting alone sullen. There have been a series of therapists who have been sent to monitor and help her out, but progress is slow, with only Yotsuba, Luigi, Miku and Danny being able to make her happy and cheerful in some way. One thing that has been made clear is that she never, ever gets to stumble across the House of Undead in any way out of fear that she gets possessed and further traumatized.
  • Is associated with the color, blue. Its doubted whether its her favorite color, but she's almost always seen wearing a shade of blue. Others have taken to thinking it represents her purity and innocence. It turns out that Carol Anne is one of the purest beings in the Pantheon, her innocence being so alluring and loving most deities are inclined to adore and look after her.
    • Conversely, said innocence is also the reason why ghosts are attracted to her, thus making it a double-edged sword. Its not too often that a ghost or two would try to get into contact with Carol Anne, though its not sure whether said ghosts are dangerous or not. Several ghost fighters have taken to look after Carol Anne as much as they can to make sure she doesn't get captured. This isn't going to stop King Boo from trying though.
  • That's not to say all ghosts are out there wanting to exploit or hurt Carol Anne for their own intent. She was once visited by Reimi Sugimoto, who felt sympathetic due to her experiences and was happy to see that she was able to make it out alive, which wasn't the case for Reimi, although the circumstances of her death were to do with a living Serial Killer. Carol Anne was initially freaked out by Reimi's dog, Arnold, but slowly warmed up to him after he became subservient on Reimi's command. Casper is another ghost who wanted to befriend Carol Anne, and he was able to grab her attention quite easily. She was able to talk and play with him for quite some time establishing a strong bond with the friendly ghost.
  • Given her age, she is one of the most frequent visitors of the House of Family where she gets easily accommodated in. She is pretty mature and understanding and immediately became wary of the Child Abuse Supporters upon knowing about them. She's often seen in the Childhood and Adolescence House playing and talking with other kids around her age. She seems to be the reclusive type, not really interacting much, but she is taking strides in being more open, thanks to the support she's been getting after being saved.
    • A majority of the House of Family are incredibly protective of Carol Anne and go out of their way to provide and protect her as much as they can. When the 456 Ambassador arrived for another kidnapping spree and attempted to kidnap Carol Anne upon first noticing her, he didn't expect such a brutal and unrestrained beatdown from the Heroic Protectors of Family, to the point where the 456 Ambassador had to take a break from his schemes. He's been vowing revenge ever since. The protection habit put onto Carol Anne is similar to how the Investigation Team looks after Nanako Dojima. Nanako is currently friends with Carol Anne and is teaching her how to dance, and the Investigation Team have developed a newfound respect for individuals like Luigi and Danny for how they stand up for Carol Anne.
  • During an instance of a mass breakout orchestrated by ghosts, Carol Anne was tempted to approach a television screen to communicate with any ghostly denizens. She was able to target the presence of King Boo, who was attempting to orchestrate a mass sealing of deities into portraits for takeover. Fortunately, she was pulled out of communication before she could be traumatized, though remained silent for a while. This allowed the Ghostbusters and Luigi track down King Boo who defeated and captured John Constantine and half of the Ghostbusters with the assistance of Dark Danny. Luigi, Danny, the remaining Ghostbusters and the Investigation Team riled up to save Constantine and the captured Ghostbusters.
    • During the hunt, Carol Anne was secured in the House of Family, where she was monitored in case she wandered towards a TV. Seeking help, Batman was called in to investigate and to see what measures can be taken, in addition to aiding the group sent off to combat King Boo and Dark Danny. Batman set up a peculiar television for Carol Anne to communicate, thinking this could turn the favor to their side. She came into contact with Clockwork, who was quick to respond politely, giving Carol Anne a friendly interaction on a TV screen for the first time in the Pantheon, and setting off to aid Luigi, Danny, the Ghostbusters and the Investigation Team in saving Constantine and the captured Ghostbusters.
    • Despite being wary of ghosts, Carol Anne is unsure what to think of Artix von Krieger. She does feel safe around him, given that Artix is known for going up against malevolent ghosts and spirits and being a general hero to his populace. At the same time however, Carol Anne doesn't like how Artix is sometimes a bit narrow-minded about ghosts in general, stating that not all of them are bad and that he needs to step back and think about good ghosts as well. Artix nowadays is thinking about how to deal with ghosts in general other than just slaying them. He knows there are benevolent ones, its just that he's so used to fighting evil ghosts that its sometimes difficult to register a ghost as good or evil, hence he's prohibited from entering the House of Undead and Phasmata and Death and Postmortem.
  • Speaking of, Carol Anne doesn't seem to be fazed by Batman. If anything, the Dark Knight happens to be rather popular with children despite his grim and terrifying nature and appearance. Carol Anne seems to chuckle and appear playful whenever Batman is around. He tries to be as interactive with her as possible, which looks difficult as despite being a father of five, Batman isn't much of an expert as a father. That said, Batman has made it clear he'll protect Carol Anne and kids in general as much as he could.
  • Hearing of Carol Anne's incident and her breakdown, Erma Williams decided to take a visit. After taking tome notes and advice from Luigi, Miku and Danny, Erma introduced herself to Carol Anne and told her that she'll do her best to look after her. She even decided to buy a television set for Carol Anne to use for wide-distance communication. On one such instance, Carol Anne managed to communicate with Erma with said television, with Erma taking to playing around and pulling harmless pranks at unsuspecting people, eliciting small giggles for Carol Anne. Since then, the two have become good friends.
    • On the flipside, now that Carol Anne is friends with Erma, a lot of residents are beginning to doubt if they're willing to antagonize her, lest they incur Erma's wrath. So far, Erma's presence has greatly helped in getting Carol Anne adjusted to the Pantheon. Also joining alongside is Ichigo Kurosaki, who with his own experiences of ghosts, is willing to look after and defend Carol Anne when he's called for.
  • Thanks to her ability to see ghosts on television sets, Carol Anne is also able to visibly notice Stands on said platforms as well, though she can't see them in real life. This caught the attention of Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar who took to investigating her. Unfortunately, Yoshikage Kira didn't take this news well, considering how focused he is to maintain a "normal life", and paired up with his father Yoshihiro to kill Carol Anne due to being able to see stands, despite not being a stand user herself. Fortunately, Kira and his father reached a stalemate against the Morioh Party and retreated. Since then, Jotaro and Joseph have asserted to the Speedwagon Foundation in looking after Carol Anne, who herself finds them and the Morioh Party to be of enjoyable company. They'd especially wouldn't want Dio Brando to get involved in this.
  • Given her experience with ghosts, its hard not to pity her. It gets worse when her real-life representative suddenly passed away at age 12. Many of Carol Anne's friends and those who are generally concerned with her are aware of this fact and think its best to not bring it up towards her, thinking she's already been through enough.
  • She is most scared of Kayako Saeki and Sadako Yamamura as they are utterly ruthless and crazed in their general demeanor and do not take kindly to the presence of others around them. At the same time, she does feel bad for them, given how they were driven into such malevolence and hopes that she could try to reason with them. Carol Anne knows however that approaching them is impossible and that its best to leave them to themselves, though even with their voracious nature, Carol Anne thinks they're not as depraved as someone like Henry Kane.
  • Because of her purity and innocence, Carol Anne is being sought after by numerous deities other than just ghosts. Some believe she may be able to represent a brighter side of morality and somehow unite a lot of factions together. Others want to use this innocence to their advantage and believe that Carol Anne's age means she still too naive in many other subjects. The Court of the Gods has decided to simply shut this off, stating that what Carol Anne needs the most is support and aid, given what she had to deal with at the age of 5. While most have agreed, some optimists still cling onto stating she should be represented for her purity whereas those morally bankrupt will stop at nothing to exploit her in some way.
Hello? What do you look like? Talk louder, I can't hear you! Hey, hello! Hello, I can't hear you! Five. Yes. Yes. I don't know. I don't know.

    Charles Dickens 
Charles John Huffam Dickens, God of Opinionated Writing

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern 
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Patron Gods of the P.O.V. Sequel (Rosencrantz: Ros, Guildenstern: Guil)
  • Theme Song: "Give Me Your Pardon Sir" or this
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A coin landed on Heads.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Friendship, Death, Sequel
  • Portfolio: Those Two Guys, dead by carrying a Forged Letter, Trope Namer for Hoist by His Own Petard (even though they didn't do anything wrong to Hamlet), Shoo Out the Clowns
  • Allies: Ophelia, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, Mufasa, Wade Wilson / Deadpool, Bulk and Skull
  • Enemies: Hamlet, Scar,
  • Opposed by: Caesar
  • Complicated Relationship with:
    • Rosencrantz: The ascended cast of Harry Potter
    • Guildenstern: Jules Winnfield, Mathilda and Leon
  • Superior: William Shakespeare
  • The spirits of the two friends of Hamlet being executed, the spirits of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern wondering around until stumbling upon the Pantheon. After a long time served as Bulk and Skull high priests, the Pantheon discovered the sequel that starred the two of them and the two are granted their own temple thanks to the popularity of said sequel.
  • The two of them turned on Hamlet because of his action that killed them and many more people that don't have anything to do with his father's murder.
    • On the other hand, they feel sorry for Ophelia because of the way Hamlet treats her and sometimes can be seen helping her running her temple. Of course, they don't brought up the time they tried to kill Hamlet to marry her.
  • Meet and get along well with Timon and Pumbaa given that they are the two's equivalent in their work. Especially given that the two animals have a sequel that follows their temple's power.
    • From Timon and Pumbaa, the two discover a great ally in Simba, who is a Lighter and Softer version of Hamlet and has been in contact with the lion ever since, even sometimes go to his father Mufasa's (who is pleased that his son has made new friends) temple in remembrance.
    • Of course, being allies with Simba means that they hate Scar with a passion for his resemblance to Claudius.
  • Being in a meta-fiction sequel with the power to Breaking the Fourth Wall, Deadpool decided to pay them a visit. While the two sides come to sympathize with others' situation, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, like most people, are annoyed with Deadpool.
  • Bulk and Skull were proud to have their former followers in the Pantheon, although they are saddened that they ended up dead by Hamlet's hand. Ros and Guil are quite amazed that Bulk and Skull eventually became heroes in the own right and were able to live comfortable lives after Angel Grove's Last Stand.
  • Caesar tries to avoid their temple as much as he can due to the fact that both of them looks like two of his or his counterpart's enemies.
  • Guildenstern sometimes share a laugh with the Doctor because of how similar he sounds like the Doctor when the latter is on Robot Chicken.
  • Rosencrantz has provoked... interesting reaction from the ascended cast of Harry Potter when they found out that he looks like one of the more prolific figure of the wizarding world Sirius Black.
    • He is on good grace with Batman because of how similar he looks to Commissioner Gordon and the Bat can sometime be seen around his temple trying to get a break from the vigilante business.
    • On the other hand, hates the fact that he looks like a version of Dracula and that sometimes cost him to be chased by vampire hunters. He also earns angry looks from Mathilda and Leon for resembling the cop who killed her family.

    The Scorpion and the Tarantula 
The Scorpion and The Tarantula, Avatars of Animal POV
  • Quasideities (relative to most creatures)
  • Symbols: Scorpion's stinger tail and a spider web.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Viewing the World in the Perspective of an Animal, Inhabitants of Mouse World, Dueling Player Characters, Cannibalism Superpower, Wall Crawl, Venom
  • Domains: Arachnids, POV, Combat
  • Allies: Drapion, Crixalis (Scorpion), Arachne, Ato-ko Shirogane (Tarantula, but mixed with Arachne)
  • Feared by: The Villager, The Pikmin
  • Enemies: Eachother, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Durant, Master Viper and Master Mantis, Remy the Rat, Ratigan
  • A odd pair of gods, the two of them are just a regular scorpion and a tarantula. A scorpion and a tarantula who are rather bloodthirsty, as they will try to kill any creature of their size they come across, but still. And yet against all odds, they are main characters to a video game.
  • Their "temple" are more like small shrines than real temples. The shrine is also empty most of the time, as two of them are more concern on hunting food. Doesn't help that they are hostile forwards eachother.
  • Some gods believe that the Scorpion is reincarnation of either Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion or Kratos. And honestly, no one can't really blame them.
    • On a similar note, some believe that Tarantula is the reincarnation of Spider-Man.
  • One time Ashley Williams tried to use his shotgun to get rid of the Scorpion. Not only did he survive a shotgun blast, he then proceed to stab Ash where it hurts.
  • The Scorpion has bit of a connection with Crixalis and Drapion. Mainly because he doesn't have intent to attack anything way larger than himself.
  • The Tarantula is sort of allies with Arachne, but due of how competitive she can be, she ends up trying to eat most of her other children. On other hand, she seems to grown custom to Ato-ko, even if she admits she is more of a black widow than a tarantula.
  • Probably the only deities what can make the Villager actually scared, being specimens of one of few hostile creatures from their world. Where they have captured the two before, they have had to let them go.
  • The two of them are rather common treat to the Pikmin, even if the two of them are carnivores. While the two of them have problems with some of the Pikmin, they do serve as a big treat to them. This also extends to Sukuna.
    • However, even they think that Durant are too tough for them to handle, even if they are on the similar size class. As such, all of them will make a truce when it comes to Durant.
  • The two of them have fought against Master Viper and Master Mantis in the past, as neither of them like snakes and mantises (especially Tarantula with snakes). Even though the two of them are qualified as "Quasideities", the two arachnids have managed to keep the two kung-fu masters in the ropes.
  • Aside of insects, other arachnids and small lizards, they also commonly attack rats, which makes them at odds with Remy and Ratigan.

    Shizuku Tsukishima 
Shizuku Tsukishima, Goddess of Aspiring Writers (The Original Lofi Girl)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A statue of The Baron.
  • Theme: Take Me Home, Country Roads
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Strives to be a great writer, Cute Bookworm, Plucky Girl, Wrote a translated version of "Country Roads", Oblivious to Love... (for a time), Does NOT like people making fun of her songs
  • Domains: Writing, Storytelling, Inspiration, School, Cats
  • Heralds: Seiji Amasawa and Baron Humbert von Gikkingen
  • Allies: The other Studio Ghibli deities, Belle and The Beast, Jack and Annie, Anne Shirley, Many of the ascended cat deities, Princess Anna, Rapunzel, Milo Thatch, Jiminy Cricket, Sakaki, Harriet Welsch, Barton Fink, Amélie Poulain, Alan Wake, Terry Pratchett
  • Respects: Charles Dickens, Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, William Shakespeare, The Pagemaster, King Arthur
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger, Herr D. D. Drosselmeyer
  • Opposes: Annie Wilkes, Scar (Lion King), Gaston, Mr. Scratch, The Ashleys
  • Annoyed By: Salem Saberhagen
  • Fears: GEORGE R.R. MARTIN, Kartana
  • Shizuku Tsukishima arrived in the Pantheon after a copy of her novel Whisper Of The Heart was discovered in the Infinite Library. After giving it a read and doing some research, she decided to bring the young author up for an interview. During the interview, she discovered that Shizuku wrote the novel at the expense of her grades, whilst isolating herself and getting into arguments with her family. The young writer admitted that it was a bad time but she has since learned from her mistakes. With that, the Court of the Gods decided she was good enough for the Pantheon... on the condition she study at the Elysium Academy.
    • It worked out though, as Shizuku soon joined the academy's literature club, where she made friends with Michelle Cheung, Maggie Mui, and Komachi Akimoto. Whilst all three have left the Pantheon since then, she still feels comfortable there.
  • She is fascinated by the other Ghibli deities and their stories, going so far as to draw inspiration for her own work. The others don't seem to mind, and have become friends with Shizuku as a result. The only exception are the Tanuki of Tama Hill, who are wary of the young writer due to her home being built on top of their home.
  • Following her ascension, Shizuku discovered that a variety of high-profile authors were also present in the Pantheon, all with their unique styles and techniques, which made the young writer incredibly excited. More often than not she's seen getting lessons from Sir Terry Pratchett, of who is a specialist in the fantasy genre. She's also fascinated by the techniques implemented by the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Charles Dickens. Basically, The Pantheon is everything Shizuku could ask for.
  • Gets along well with Harriet Welsch, both being aspiring writers and writing down their ideas into notebooks. However, Harriet is still vary secretive about the contents in her journal, which makes Shizuku suspicious. But both have pitched in to help another writer, Barton Fink, overcome his writer's block by presenting him with prompts and suggestions to improve on his story.
  • Will often go to the House of Theatre and Spectacle to watch the works of William Shakespeare. After stopping by for a few shows, the Bard of Avon took notice, and offered Shizuku the chance to play a small role in the House's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was basically how she met Jack and Annie, who were friends of Shakespeare. The pair have welcomed her to the Magic Treehouse, allowing Shizuku to travel to the worlds of her books. Some claim that the young girl shed Tears of Joy after her first journey.
  • It was through Jack and Annie that Shizuku befriended Belle and the Beast, who often lend out books for her to read and study during her down time. Belle was happy to meet another writer in the Pantheon, but was also quick to scold Shizuku about letting her work get to her head. After things were cleared up, the Princess of Heart offered to help with the Academy's study, effectively becoming Shizuku's aide. The girl doesn't seem to mind; Belle is often the first person she goes to for help... or to tell Gaston to piss off.
    • Thanks to Belle, Shizuku became friends with two other Disney Princesses; Rapunzel and Anna, both of whom have incredible imaginations and were excited to read Whisper of the Heart when they found it.
    • While not a Disney Princess, Milo Thatch has shared some of his research of Atlantis with the young writer, further fuelling her creative mind and expanding her horizons.
  • When it comes to cats, Shizuku gets along with pretty much all of them. Whether it be the small felines like Garfield, Firestar or Sylvester, or the big cats like Simba and Bagheera, she likes them all, mostly due to cats playing a big role in her original story. In fact that's how she met Sakaki. That said, she has trouble getting along with Salem, due to his sarcastic nature and criticisms of her work.
    • Scar, on the other hand, once tried to attack her, making him one of the only felines in the Pantheon the young writer opposes.
  • Back in her school days Shizuku wrote a cover of “Country Roads” entitled “Concrete Roads”. She has been hesitant to share it, out of fear someone will make fun of the lyrics… at least until the Trollkaiger found the song and sang it aloud for all the Pantheon to hear. To say Shizuku was furious would be an Understatement. She was later seen storming through the streets muttering to herself.
    Shizuku: Stupid jerks! Stupid jerks! Stupid jerks!
  • Gets along with both Anne Shirley and Amelie Poulain, with all three sharing their own stories and expressing how they see the world. From time to time, Shizuku will write short pieces based upon what she's heard and gives them back as gifts.
  • Has been seen in the Infinite Library taking out books for reading, often borrowing them to read in her own temple. She's made sure to return everything on time.
  • Shizuku has very few enemies, but there are two in the Pantheon who she cannot stand. The first, Herr D.D. Drosselmeyer, she greatly distrusts, due to him being an evil author who barely considered the feelings of his characters (not to mention Rewriting Reality). The other god she stays away from is Mr. Scratch, who once tried luring her away from her temple. Luckily, Alan Wake warned Shizuku about his evil doppelgänger, so she ran the other way and didn't look back.
  • While she gets along and idolizes the Pantheon's many authors and writers, George R.R. Martin legitimately terrifies her, due to the sheer brutality he has for his characters. She also is wary of Annie Wilkes, due to being an absolutely unhinged, Axe-Crazy and overall deranged fan. Can't say the same for Wilikes's creator Stephen King; Shizuku respects him.
  • She's offered to help Jiminy Cricket keep his journal updated with every new arrival in the Pantheon. The small chronicler appreciated the offer but he's got things taken care of. That said, he has stopped by her temple every so often to make sure she hasn't been straying from her studies.
  • Shizuku was surprised to discover that her story was later refined and remade into a new novel, entitled The Cat Returns. While the changes to the story were unexpected, she was still pleased with the final product and was glad to see the Baron still in the film.
  • Her tendency to tune out the world by listening to light music on her headphones as she writes has become a popular image. When Studio Ghibli objected to others exploiting this by using her writing time as a backdrop to their easy listening soundtracks, it only inspired another, unnamed girl to step forward and share her own study time with the world. This one has since become much more famous, but Shizuku is credited as the writer who started it all.
    • Since being recognized as the original Lofi Girl, Shizuku has gotten more attention at the library. Most are respectful, acknowledging her with a nod before going on their way. Still, there are those who've tried messing with her about this. Usually bringing Seiji with her is enough to warn them off, for cases like the Ashleys, per se, but if he's not there or it's someone with powers such as Bernkastel, she tends to hurry to find what she's looking for and get to the counter quickly to get them to leave her alone.
    • The Elysium Academy Literature Club has taken note of her status, though she nips it in the bud by refusing to accept any special treatmnt.