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Describe Wataru Takagi here-CRASH!

Er, ahem, step back and let me handle this.

The name's Wataru Takagi, 56 years old (born 1966)...

...and I am a great voice actor.

Great Seiyuu Takagi: ((Roll OP))

Episode One: In Which A Seiyuu Is Described

Alright, basically I'm this Japanese voice actor from the Chiba Prefecture, but I do some stage acting on the side. Most well-known roles? Gotta be Valgaav from Slayers, Genta Kojima and Detective Me in Case Closed and the titular character in, well, of course...

Did I mention that I also did a lot of work in most of Capcom's old video games? They couldn't get enough of me, I guess.

Not related to Motoki Takagi — their surnames are written with different characters.

Characters portrayed by Great Seiyuu Takagi