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    Homura Akemi 
Homura Akemi, Goddess of Retroactive Preparation (Homerun, Homu, Homuhomu, Homurika, Homulily, The Nutcracker Queen, Devil Homura, Homucifer)
Homura's Original Appearance 
After Madoka's Ascension 
Devil Homura 
  • Is loathe to get into fights against Master Xehanort's "Young" incarnation, as his unique nature and abilities render him immune to her Time Stop power; the one time a fight between Good and Bad deities took place where she and he were among the opposing combatants, she responded to his startlingly fast Keyblade charge by pausing time to try to get a different angle-of-attack on him, and she nearly got her head taken off when he was 'pulled in' to Stopped Time with her and kept right on rushing at her as if nothing had happened.
    • Asuna Kagurazaka is also immune to it, due to her Anti-Magic. The one time Homura tried to escape an uncomfortable situation with Asuna nearby, she was startled and flummoxed as the redhead was seemingly pulled into stopped time with her, and subsequent attempts met the same result. Asuna, for her part, just flicked Homura on the forehead and told her to knock it off.
  • Since the Great Upheaval, Homura's already-friendly relationship with the Master Chief has grown by a significant degree; the Head Spartan and God of Super-Soldiers has declared himself her protector against the more militant Sisterhood members and any other deities who harbor thoughts of harming her, standing by her and providing her with badly-needed companionship and emotional support; some even say he has become her Living Emotional Crutch. As a result, Homura has developed an extremely high opinion of him (perhaps even close to that she holds for Madoka), reacting very badly to insults or actual attacks against him (as a few bitter Sisterhood members almost learned the hard and painful way). It's rumored that, on some level, she has even come to see him as a father.
  • Among those who sympathizes with Homura is the self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe. As someone who also traveled back into time over and over in order to save his best friend/Love Interest, Okabe has tried many times to comfort her, but Homura has pushed him away every time. While she admits she's happy for him, she still holds guilt over her own actions.
  • Penelope Mouse is considered to be Homura's polar opposite, and it shows. Both are definitions of selfish love, but while Homura is the embodiment of love and generally cares for Madoka, Penelope is the embodiment of ambition, and doesn't love Bentley at all. Homura wants Madoka to have the happy life with her family that she deserves, even if it causes their loss of friendship and possible enmity, but Penelope just wants to control Bentley for his skills, and is willing to go as far as to murder his Family of Choice, leading them to become enemies. In the end, Homura becomes a self-hating Anti-Villain who admits her crimes, while Penelope becomes a straight up Classic Villain who refuses to accept fault for her actions.
  • "Don't forget. Always somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."

Greater Gods

    Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash 
Professor Eobard Thawne, God of Making History Go Horribly Wrong (Professor Zoom, Reverse-Flash, The Black Flash, Adrian Zoom, Tyrant Thawne, The Flash of the 25th Century, The Man in the Yellow Suit, Harrison Wells)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Reverse-Flash emblem
  • Theme Song: "The Man in the Yellow Suit"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Screwing with Barry Allen's Life and History, Petty Murderous Spite, Super Speed, The Arch-Enemy and True Complete Opposite of The Flash, Mad Scientist, Jackhammer Fists That Break the Sound Barrier, Absolute Ego and Selfishness, Thought He Was Barry When His Mind First Broke, Will Do Evil Just for Kicks and Gloat About It, Killed and Erased His Own Brother, Is Envious of Barry, Destroys Women Who Reject Him, Is Trying to Destroy the Source of His Own Powers, Has ZERO Empathy, Completely deprived of any moral standards
  • Domain(s): Speed, Time Travel, Villainy
  • High Priests: The Time Breakers
  • Followers: Kin and Gin, Doris
  • Allies: M. Bison, Master Xehanort, Dio Brando, Porky Minch, Tenjuro Banno, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, Dabra
  • Rival: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
  • Headbutting Villains with: Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
  • Enemies
  • Respected by: Bernkastel
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Syndrome
  • Fears: Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan
  • Before he was Barry Allen's enemy in the 20th/21st century, Eobard Thawne was an obsessive fan of the Flash in the 25th century, to the point he replicated the conditions which connected Barry to the Speed Force on himself and used plastic surgery to look like Barry. Then he travelled back in time to run next to his hero and instead landed a few years after Barry's death and discovered that Barry's archenemy... was Eobard Thawne. His mind, already tortured by his own Flash obsession and the side effects of time travel, went mad, causing him to think he was Barry for a while until Barry's successor, Wally West, defeated him and sent him back to his own time.
  • Though the memory of the incident left him, he was still left with an instinctive hatred for the Flash. So when a time capsule with a Flash suit came into his time, he wasted no time in experimenting to make it go faster — incidentally changing it into the reverse-colored form he would wear to this day — and then using it to go on a massive crime spree. To no one's surprise, Barry came back to retrieve the time capsule and ended up fighting and defeating him for the first time. And from that point forward, he accepted his destiny as the Flash's greatest villain.
  • Out of sheer hatred for Barry Allen, when Thawne discovered the existence of the Pantheon and the fact that Barry had ascended into it, he resumed his Tachyon experiments on his suit and even re-stole the 25th-century version of the Cosmic Treadmill to restore its ability to jump dimensions. After a few months, and a dimension-hopping visit from Towa, the sultry scientific villainess in charge of the Time Breakers, he was able to figure it out and treadmill his way into the Pantheon.
    • Though she declined to go with him at that moment, Thawne plans on helping Towa and her creation/"husband" Mira ascend at some point as well, which is exactly what she was counting on. For now, the Time Breakers are counted as his high priests.
  • Thawne is one of the pettiest people to ever exist. Everything he does is simply to screw over someone or another, usually Barry, out of spite, and he has even completely erased people from existence for getting in his way — including his own brother.note  The Winchester Brothers dislike him because they would never do that to each other of their own free will, plus his eyes remind them of a certain Yellow-Eyed Demon who frequently targeted their family.
    • Through the M.O. of travelling back to cause people to die early or even be erased altogether, he managed to twistedly work his way up to become the professor of the Flash Museum in his time. This is where he gets the Professor Zoom nickname from.
  • Will occasionally align with Captain Cold when it comes to taking down Barry or any of his Justice League friends who happen to get in the way, and he has some respect for Cold's strategic brilliance, but considering Cold's pragmatic codes of honor, they don't like each other very much.
  • Being that they're all powerful, smart, skilled, 100% proud unadulterated evil, and don't have any clashing ambitions to stop getting along over, Thawne gets along famously with M. Bison and Xehanort. They even call him by his preferred nickname of Professor Zoom instead of Reverse-Flash like the heroes do. While he's declined full membership in either man's organization, Thawne has helped drive a three-man alliance wherein they can each assist on some of each other's schemes and projects.
  • Chun-Li, Guile, and Nash instantly proclaimed Thawne and Xehanort wanted criminals the moment they learned of this alliance. Sora, Riku, and Kairi are training even harder now that Thawne and Bison are factors in their struggle. As for the Justice League…
  • Pretty much of all of the Flash's Justice League friends have encountered Reverse-Flash at least once and know exactly how dangerous he is. Not to mention he's the one who went back to when Barry was a child, killed Barry's mother, and framed his father for it, just to try to ruin his future out of petty revenge. Aside from being the mark of a truly evil bastard, the temptation to undo this event constantly hangs over Barry's head — leaving the DC timeline under near-permanent threat of a ruinous Flashpoint Paradox specifically because of Eobard Thawne. And yeah, they're also closely watching his allies now.
  • Speaking of Flashpoint, he wants payback on Thomas Wayne for killing him in that timeline as its darker alternate Batman, whether by gun or by sword. Seeing Thomas and Martha happy and healthy in the Pantheon, he has an opportunity to do just that — by holding their lives over the actual Batman's head to keep Bruce from stopping him. Time will tell when he needs to do this.
  • On that note, several of the other time-travelling deities don't like him either.
    • Future Trunks thinks, with good reason, that the Time Breakers may have gotten their "screw everything up" modus operandi straight from him.
    • The Dahaka sees Thawne as a perfect example of why it goes after those who would change history. Thawne is also cautious of the Dakaha considering how in a certain continuity, he is eventually hunted down and erased by a similar entity in the Black Flash.
    • Homura and Nox, both of whose time havoc was entirely predicated on undoing mistakes and protecting loved ones, both find the existence of a man who would travel back so he could be the reason things are screwed up in the first place to be especially heinous.
    • Hiro sympathizes with the Flash's temptation to go back and save his mom from Thawne despite the ill-effects this could have.
    • Related to both Trunks and Hiro's reasons, his threat to the timeline has also gotten on the radar of Dialga, the mythical Pokémon of Time.
    • Despite their occasional disagreements, Nozdormu and Clockwork, plus the former's apprentice Chromie, are on the same page when it comes to Thawne: this man alters time to do evil and is a direct enemy to the flow of time.
    • Oyashiro and Rika Furude oppose Thawne for similar reasons as Homura. That "Groundhog Day" Loop they kept attempting to avert? He'd probably create that situation for someone in a heartbeat over some small issue.
  • Bernkastel, on the other hand, loves seeing Thawne go back to try and make people suffer, not to mention the absolute irony in all of it. She's considering inducting him into Trollkaiger but has yet to approach him with the offer.
  • Porky Minch is a fan of Thawne's approach toward realizing the apocalyptic chain reaction set off by Flashpoint: totally worth it to make Barry suffer. They are now comrades in evil-for-fun time shenanigans.
  • He and Dio Brando also plan on working with each other as soon as the appropriate mutual benefits arise, seeing that one man who can speed through time and another man who can stop time could make for some deadly tag team partners.
  • Discovered that the Flash managed to make enemies with a kindred spirit of his: Tenjuro Banno, AKA Kamen Rider Gold Drive — the gold-colored Evil Knockoff to the scarlet Kamen Rider Drive just as Thawne himself is to Barry. Thawne proceeded to seek out Tenjuro and quickly join forces against Barry and Shinnosuke Tomari. The fact that Tomari is a cop just like Barry also pisses him off.
  • Speaking of Kamen Riders, when he heard that Kyochiro Kuroi once altered time by killing Riders 1 and 2, allowing SHOCKER to rule the world, he was impressed and saw Kuroi as a proper potential ally. But then he heard that Kuroi regretted and ultimately reversed these actions to become a "true" Kamen Rider and his view quickly turned to disgust at the sentimental idiot.
  • Was greeted by Deadpool at one point and found his questions and comments utterly annoying. However, the Merc With a Mouth made an offhand joke about him being "The Reverse-Sonic", which pointed him on to Sonic the Hedgehog (since Sonic's fur color blue is the opposite of yellow). Sonic is now on his radar for destruction as well, not just for being another intrepid heroic speedster with a quality life, but also because he's so cheesy and happy-go-lucky it nauseates the petty and vile Professor Zoom.
  • Wants to capture Supergirl as part of a plan to piss off Superman, Flash, and the Martian Manhunter and lure them into a trap, but he's still trying to figure out the details. Lex Luthor and Darkseid, who he's allied with in the past, have offered to help, primarily because they want to take out Superman as well. Vandal Savage also, though mainly because he senses a potential opportunity to steer Thawne away from his alliance with Shadaloo and towards the Illuminati, by proving their superior ability to help him torment Barry. Recent events in the Street Fighter universe give merit to Savage's cause on this one.
  • Twilight Sparkle and Spike have seen what happens when a villain decides to go back in time and alter it out of spiteful vengeance. In their case, Starlight Glimmer stopped a pivotal event from occurring which had led to them meeting their friends, creating several evil alternate timelines wherein each of their world's previous archenemies would take power. Having had to personally stop her, they know the kind of danger Thawne presents and they have no intention of letting him get away with any further damage here in the Pantheon. Starlight herself isn't kind to Thawne upon her ascension either, given how she turned over to the side of good by the time it was all over.
  • As a fellow Loony Fan-turned-Arch-Enemy to a famous hero, Eobard sees a lot of himself in Syndrome. He's also impressed at Syndrome's skills with robotics and devious traps and complete lacking of scruples. However, his backstory of having been rejected as his idol's sidekick makes Thawne think this is how Barry would've treated him had his first run on the Cosmic Treadmill been successful, which irritates him because it means he himself "was once that naive." He also doesn't fully trust that Syndrome wouldn't turn on him and kill him to gain fame or power.
  • His response to Barry and Future Trunks bringing the Supreme Kai of Time and returning Sailor Pluto into the Pantheon in reaction to his arrival?
    "Of course they had to bring more friends. They know that I'm superior to every one of them. Just ask the Flash. How many friends has he had to align with over the years? The League, the Society, the Legends. Not one of them who's fought me doesn't fear or dread me. Not even Superman."
    • Towa's brother Dabra would ascend to the Pantheon, giving him a little more help from the Time Breakers. He got more enemies to contend with around the same time, as Chronoa's Time Patrol wound up recruiting the Saiyan Bardock as well.
  • For Eobard's part, he callously claims to be vastly superior to all those who object to his methods, classing them all as weak, cowardly, and sentimental, "Just like Barry."
  • He has become one of the few DC characters who retains his Post-Crisis memories after Flashpoint, though only after DC Rebirth. He figured something must have changed the timeline, and finding the Comedian's button let him try and go after the source of it. He believed that being a living paradox would let him confront the cause of it all. Said cause being Doctor Manhattan, who disabused him of that notion. Violently. Though Joker Immunity proved to be in effect, that doesn't change the fact that Manhattan made him beg for his life and that Thawne remains terrified of him.
  • Developed a good degree of animosity towards Ray Palmer, seeing as he was defeated by Oliver, Barry and Ronnie once thanks to "Nanites, courtesy of Ray Palmer". He did return the favour by forcibly extracting Ray's heart out of his chest and showing it to him before the latter died. Thanks to that, Ray hates Thawne too. It also doesn't help in that he killed Rex Tyler, causing Ray and his friends to be stranded in time for months.
  • Was surprised to hear of the ascension of his successor (Or predecessor?) Hunter Zolomon. Thawne commends him for actually managing to damage the Speed Force into disabling the ability to time travel. Zolomon, however, is more interested in making heroes better to Thawne's dismay. The two would often work together, but its strained at best.
  • "Oh, I'm not like the Flash at all. Some would say I'm the reverse"

    Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conqueror 
Nathaniel Richards, The Time-Travelling Conqueror (Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror, Immortus)
Iron Lad 

    Randall Ross 
Randall Ross, God of Time Portals (Mr. Ross, Lord Ross)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Timenado
  • Theme Songs: The Intro and The Timenado
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Constantly doing an Evil Laugh, Gaining Access to Time Travel, Wanting to Destroy All of Time because He Lost a Volleyball Game, Using the Reset Button to Heal Himself
  • Domains: Time, Destruction, Revenge
  • Allies: The Lich, Mephiles the Dark, Caius Ballad, Lord Chaos, Nerif the Oracle, Dio Brando, Emperor Palpatine, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge
  • Enemies: Mordecai and Rigby, Benson, Skips, Pops, the good Gods of the House of Time and Space, Nozdormu, the rest of the House of School, Yog-Sothoth (Aforgomon)
  • Headbutting Villains with: The other evil gods of the House of Time and Space
  • Ascended after using the time stream of his universe to destroy nearly all time with the Timenado, to the point where he brought Father Time to his knees. Technically, he was left decapitated in the Timenado and eventually Retgoned when his past self reconciled with Rigby, but Nekron was fond of the guy, so he used the Reset Button to bring the evil Ross to the Pantheon. For now, he's unaffiliated, but time will tell if that will change... that is if time hasn't been erased yet.
  • Mordecai and Rigby were very unhappy to hear that Ross had ascended to the Pantheon, and they were even more pissed when they found out it was the Ross who hadn't gotten their past selves' apology. The two are willing to do anything to make sure he doesn't succeed, even play The Realm of Darthon if they have to.
  • His temple is located on the far edge of the House of Time and Space, where it houses the Timenado, a massive vortex that sucks all time in the vicinity. Because of his possession of it, many gods in the House, both good and evil, dislike him. He has promised not to kill them, but he still attempts to take the Timenado out on a regular basis.
    • One god that doesn't fear him is Dio. While it's true that Ross' ultimate goal would render his Stand's power useless, they both can agree on one thing: decapitation sucks.
  • Has attempted to play some volleyball in the House of Sports. Whenever he goes there, they make sure that he loses fair and square and not because someone took the opportunity to score when everyone focused their attention on someone playing the saxophone poorly. Otherwise, they have a good time with him, though they are concerned with his use of volleyball bombs.
  • Because of their mutual desire to destroy all of the time, he has become allies with Mephiles. The unintended consequences of his actions have also made him a favorite of the Lich.
    • He also caught the attention of Caius, what with being the God of erasing time. Upon further interaction, however, Caius became sick of Ross; because his desires were ultimately well-meaning, he found Ross' motives pathetic and trivial. Ross eventually won him over however, when he posed this question:
    "Listen, we have the same goal and the same motives. Yet you're calling me craze-o? How would you like it, if everything you had, everything you did, amounted to nothing?"
  • One of his favorite things to do is go to the House of Villains and perform an Evil Laugh of someone there. A good deal of the GUAE are annoyed by his impersonations, but they still consider him a good potential ally.
    "Everybody hates your laugh."
  • Palpatine was quite amused when he heard that Ross' base of operations was reminiscent of something he would own. The two are known to trade with each other.
  • As someone who strives to destroy all of time, Ross has gained the enmity of Nozdormu. Ross does not care what the dragon thinks of him but has tried on occasion to erase his fate from existence just to mess with him.
  • Decided to use his control of the time stream to amass an army for himself. He has since then gathered a large cause, certainly enough to rival the likes of Iskandar's. The only drawback to his idea is the fact that he enlisted people who don't know how to use laser guns or pilot spaceships.
  • Because of his attempt to kill Mordecai and Rigby when they were just high school students, he has gained the contempt of everyone in the House of School, Trunchbull being the exception.
  • Does not want to be associated with those known as The Problem Solverz, even though they were almost successful in destroying their universe.
  • Ross has become much more inactive with the ending of Regular Show. He was visited one last time by an older Mordecai and Rigby. Ross was not able to intimidate the older duo, especially snce they've saved the universe for good now. The older Rigby shuts down evil Ross with an Armor-Piercing Question:
    Epilogue Rigby: I get you're still upset. But if you're so good at time-travelling, why didn't you just time-travelled back in time to save your game or call a timeout instead of trying to destroy everything?


Intermediate Gods

    Hiro Nakamura 
Hiro Nakamura, God of Time Travel (Carp)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Takezo Kensei sword. Alternately, a Nissan Versa.
  • Theme: The ''Heroes'' Ending Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fan Boys (especially Those Who Have Ascended), Geeks, Teleporters, Nice Ones to Wary of, Time Master, Waffles, Kid Samurai, Adjusting Your Glasses, Katanas Are Just Better, Badass Pacifist, Future Me Scares Me, I Just Wantto Be Special
  • Domains: Air, Courage, Time, Travel, Law, Good
  • Followers: Monica Raybrandt, Stocke
  • Allies: Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Mohinder Suresh, Sam Beckett, Future Trunks, Kitty Pride, Jotaro Kujo, Crono, Emmett L. Brown, The entire House of Heroes and the GUAG Superhero Division
  • Enemies: The Master, Dio Brando, Victor von Doom, Kang the Conqueror, Porky Minch, Caius Ballad
  • Rivals: Sakuya Izayoi
  • An avid follower of the Doctor, he was awarded with ascension as he developed from an Idiot Hero to the badass time traveller he is today. Yatta! The Doctor himself was the one who formerly deified him for his deeds.
    • Stories of his adventures have reappeared in the form of a limited series. He was tasked with protecting and raising one of two next chosen ones of his world. Sadly, he had lost his powers in the process and performed a Heroic Sacrifice to save them. From there, he was released of his mortal coil and reclaimed his title.
  • When he found out there was a House of Heroes, his "Yatta!" of glee could be heard throughout his temple. He immediately teleported there afterwards, getting to meet all of his favorite superheroes.
    • Sees a lot of himself in Kitty Pride, as the two underwent character development in order to become one of the most powerful members of their respected groups. Shadowcat was quick to point out that he quoted the wrong issue where her future self went back in time.
  • Of all the deities he geeked about, none excited him more than meeting with Trunks. Many gods agree that many traits transferred over to Hiro, from the existence of a Future self to the use of Cool Swords.
  • Switching to another manga he loves, he befriended Jotaro. The two often team up when dealing with the time stopping Dio Brando.
  • One of the most fervent supporter for Crono's ascension, given he loved Chrono Trigger and even referenced him once, Hiro was ecstatic once the game hero finally got his spot in the Pantheon. He would also try to ascend Vaan of Final Fantasy XII if not for the significant number of deities against the decision.
  • Never a fan of human time travelers to begin with, The Master holds an especially high contempt for Hiro personally. Much of this hatred stems at the fact that Hiro is not only capable of singlehandedly stopping his plans, but can even defeat him in combat. The Master knows that intense preparations are in order if the Time Lord wants to permanently knock Hiro off the Pantheon.
  • Doctor Doom also set his eyes on the time traveler. He himself is not at risk as he already set parameters against pesky time travelers attempting to prevent his ascension. However, a being that can stop and move through time at will is an interesting tool. Doom hopes to steal this power of his in order to become the true master of time, even surpassing the Doctor himself.
  • His fellow Heroes deities have a falling out with many of their followers, namely due to the deteriorating quality of the show. A five year gap did little to please them. As a result, many deities have lost their divine powers. The remaining deities are currently discussing their next move, whether there are more to add or which ones to cut.
  • Kang wasn't pleased with his ascension. A time travel of that magnitude could easily uncover his future, and thus reveal his true intentions. He plans to go back in time and erase Hiro from the timestream. Those plans have hit a snag, as the Doctor saw to it that Kang doesn't succeed.
  • Often gets chided by Dr. Brown for constantly changing the future, creating paradoxes as a result. Granted he does get better at this, now making sure not to drastically change the timeline whenever he goes through time.
  • Swore to make sure that Porky's apocalyptic future doesn't come to pass, turning to the Earthbound gods for information. Porky secretly despises the traveler's optimistic nature, seeing it as a slap in the face for those who has seen the horrors time travel can induce.
  • His battles with Caius have been harrowing. Even with his time stopping powers, Caius always seems to know where he would end up. His summons and sheer power are also more than enough to match his katana skills. Good-aligned deities have since advised him to seek help if Caius is up to no good.
  • As a gaming fan, he is also familiar of the Bullet Hell game known as Touhou. Among them is another deity known for stopping time. The two aren't nearly as hostile ever since she left the GUAG, but they are far from friends. Sakuya thinks little of the human gods, while Hiro is appalled at how nonchalantly the speaks about feeding humans to her master.

    River Song 
River Song, Goddess of Out Of Sync Meetings (Melody Malone, Mels, Melody Pond (birth name), The Impossible Astronaut)


Lesser Gods

    Emmett L. Brown 
Emmett Lathrop Brown, Maker of Time Machines (Doc Brown)

    Project Splinter 
Project Splinternote , Sextet Gods of Underestimating Time Travel (Cole: Otter Eyes, Morris Morrison | Cassie: Amelia Morrison | Ramse: The Traveller)
From Left-to-Right: Katarina Jones, Ted Deacon, Cassandra Railly, James Cole, Jennifer Goines and Jose Ramse
  • Lesser Gods (Cole, Cassie, Ramse, Jennifer, Deacon), Demigoddess (Jones)
  • Symbol: The Time Machine, as proposed by the Splinter Project.
    • Deacon: The West VII insignia
  • Theme Song: I Am The Clock, The First Splinter, The Final Splinter, Don't You Forget About Me (Cover by Kelsy Karter, Original by Simple Minds)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall (Cole, Ramse and Jennifer were initially Chaotic Neutral, Cassie was Neutral Good and Deacon was Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Time, Space, Apocalypse, Paradoxes, Survival
  • Heralds: Hannah Jones (Jones' daughter and Cole's mother, Sam Ramse (Jose's son), Elena, members of the West VII scavengers, Dr. Lasky, Dr. Adler, Marcus Whitley, Athan Cole (James and Cassie's son)
  • Allies: The Pantheonic Time Police, The Doctor, John Connor, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, Lucina, Caesar, Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade, Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O, Wesley Collins/Red Time Force Ranger, Barry Allen/The Flash, Yuuri, Chito, Rick Grimes, The Courier, The Sole Survivor, Iroh, Zuko, Doc Brown, Marty McFly, Hiro Nakamura, Rintarou Okabe, Homer Simpson, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Chibi-Usa/Sailor Chibi-Moon
  • Enemies: The Army of the 12 Monkeys, Zamasu, SKYNET, Lord English, Dr. Gero, Cell, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Koba, Biff Tannen, The Dahaka, Randall Ross, Solaris, Death Phantom
  • Odd Friendship: The Mane Six and their Friends (Jennifer), Shizuo Heiwajima, Jill Stingray, Bartender Bob, The Tapper (Deacon)
  • Respected By: Dr. Gregory House, Maki Nishikino (Cassie), The Heroic Protectors of Family, Nox (Jones, Nox is one-sided on his end)
  • Commonality Connection: Bulma (Jones, applies to her future counterpart), Carl and Ada Clover, Maisie Farange, Shinji Ikari, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Lillie, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Adora and Catra (Deacon)
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters and Abusive Alcoholic Parents (Deacon), The Vex
  • Avoids: Funny Valentine
  • In the mid-2010s, a deadly airborne virus is spread around, killing 7 billion people and dismantling society into their most primal instincts and feelings for survival. The survivors of the plague were immune to the virus and decided to spend their lives building up their own communities and fighting one another for survival. One of those survivors, Dr. Katarina Jones was working on Project Splinter, an idea that she was helming with her husband before the plague, the end result being a time machine. In 2043, he recruited a pair of scavengers and defectors of West VII; James Cole and Jose Ramse into her ranks of keeping their base fortified. James volunteered to be taken back into the past via 2013 and 2015 to make contact with Dr. Cassandra Railly, who specifically mentioned Cole in an audio log before her death in 2017. The mission's primary objective was to kill Leland Goines, the CEO of the Markridge Group, which specializes in biomedical engineering and potentially could have been the source. Cole was able to kill him but soon realized that a bigger party was in play, The Army of the 12 Monkeys, led by two people known only as The Pallid Man and The Striking Woman, who themselves were responsible for spreading the virus.
    • Cole and Cassandra eventually agreed to work together in stopping the 12 Monkeys by whatever means necessary, with Cole himself hopping through different time zones in different parts of the past and to his present, where tensions would rise between him and Ramse, attacks coming from West VII leader Deacon and developing an odd partnership with Leland's daughter, Jennifer, who later turned out to be a Primary; beings who have a special connection with "Time", able to see them and help it think. Eventually, with the involvement of a gang of mysterious beings known as The Daughters, led by an older Jennifer and Ramse defecting from Project Splinter to join the 12 Monkeys in an attempt to save his son Sam, Cassie is bought to 2043 where she begins training to become a fighter, establishing a good partnership with Deacon and allowing him and West VII to begin working with Project Splinter, alongside Ramse returning to Cole after the former saves the latter from dying from a gunshot inflicted by Cassie. Along the way, they discover the 12 Monkey's true goals; to "paradox" certain figures in the past, which involves killing them via stabbing them with a knife made from their breast bone in the hopes that they can create a time paradox powerful enough to destroy time itself. Allying with West VII and the Daughters, where Jones's daughter, Hannah was revealed to have survived, and Jennifer herself managed to make it to 2043, Project Splinter discovered the existence of Titan, an unknown city and the base of operations for the 12 Monkeys. An attempt to storm it and find it's leader, The Witness, failed as it was revealed too late that the city itself was a time machine. As Cole and Cassie consummated their relationship earlier before the latter was stranded with them upon taking off to another period of time, Cassie became pregnant and was forced to see her son, Athan, be taken away from him to be raised as The Witness.
    • The battle between Project Splinter and the 12 Monkeys became ever more personal as Cole was forced to kill Ramse after he lost any motivation to carry on after killing his own son in the future after seeing him injured during a fight against the 12 Monkeys and was to die anyway from critical injures. Travelling through time, they were able to track down an adult Athan, who battled against his parents and was revealed that he was not The Witness. The Witness turned out to be The Striking Woman, Olivia Kirschner, who proceeded to kill Athan after he saved his parents and their allies from the 12 Monkeys. Project Splinter then dedicated themselves to using whatever resources necessary to track down and stop the 12 Monkeys, whereupon they lost more allies, Deacon included, and discovered two revelations, that Hannah was Cole's mother, effectively making his entire existence a Stable Time Loop and that Cole and Cassie were forced to spread the virus themselves at the JFK Airport to ensure their own existence. Eventually discovering a plan to take down the 12 Monkeys once and for all, Cole and his team managed to assault Titan, with the help of former comrades collected from the past. They defeated Olivia and managed to prevent a global Time Crash from happening. However, due to being a paradoxical person himself Cole opted to be erased from existence after seeing his friends depart to their proper time year, though Dr. Jones, in her final moments before dying, managed to program the time machine in a specific fashion to take Cole to an alternate timeline where neither the 12 Monkeys nor the time machine ever existed. After years of fighting for a normal and prosperous world and the many sacrifices they made, the members of Project Splinter and their friends and allies finally got the ending and life they wanted.
  • In one possible scenario, while Cole did make it to an idealised world where he could live happily ever after, one version of him ended up in a strange new world. Travelling for a few hours, Cole discovered a "Pantheon" of sorts, whereupon he approached a citizen about his situation. This led him to the Pantheonic Time Police who gave him a good briefing about the Pantheon, in addition to learning about Cole's story and how he came into the Pantheon. He then became sure that Cassie, Jones and the other members of Project Splinter may be around, though, to his extreme discomfort, he would also learn that the 12 Monkeys themselves were also in the Pantheon. In a short while, Cole was able to find his close associates, friends and family, whereupon the Time Police were open in having them ascended as a means for them to combat the 12 Monkeys once again, albeit this time, with more support and aid, thanks to the fantastical nature of the Pantheon.
  • Despite the resurfacing of the 12 Monkeys, the efforts of the Pantheonic Time Police and several other forces of good have actually played a hand in making Project Splinter's time in the Pantheon more comfortable, despite the initial fear that they're at it again. On more positive notes, all of the members get to have a perfectly normal occupation that they earned for their hard work; Deacon has his own bar and has a business domain in the House of Food because of this, Cassie is a virologist and will take working hours in the House of Health and Diseases to treat sickly patients, usually, those affected by viruses, Jennifer is the proud CEO of Markridge Groups, being able to genetically create a Unicorn, Jones lives a normal civilian life with her husband, Elliot, and her daughter, Hannah, Ramse is raising his son, Sam with help from the House of Family and Cole chose to spend his time with Cassie, though he made a point to visit his friends and allies as much as he can, which soon expanded to exploring the Pantheon.
  • The circumstances of the Kalavirus were eerily similar to the ALZ-112 Virus in another world where Apes ruled. Essentially, a drug was created as a means to cure Alzheimer's Disease and worked well on primates, who developed high levels of intelligence comparable to that of humans, but was fatal to humans themselves and later, mutated into causing muteness and deteriorating a human's intelligence in case they survived. As a result, Caesar was sympathetic to Project Splinter and understood why they would have wanted to change the way things are, given that he was raised by humans himself. The Project's members were initially skeptical of Caesar due to his territorial nature but understood that he was good-hearted and just wanted to keep his group safe. The same, however, cannot be said for Koba, who was raised in an isolated and abusive environment which, over time, morphed into misanthropy and bloodlust towards anyone human, with his excuse no longer being a justification. If anything, Koba is glad the Kalavirus killed 7 billion people and would gladly do the deed of spreading it himself, which only demonstrated just how bloodthirsty and depraved he had become over time. As a result, battles between Koba and Project Splinter tend to happen sometimes.
  • Future Trunks sees the group in good regard, though he does raise awareness in just how willing they are to ensure a good world. All of the members, save for Cassie were hardened people in some way or another (and even then, Cassie would toughen up in a year-long time gap) and felt that killing one another was the best they could have done to ensure their own survival, especially Deacon who used to uphold this notion and preach it towards the West VII organization. As this no longer applies, Future Trunks can see how they became what they did, considering he himself grew up in a dystopian future and had to see what should have been loved ones get senselessly killed.
    • Dr. Jones was the one member with the biggest camaraderie to Future Trunks, mainly because she reminds him of his mother, Bulma, who, like Jones, worked tirelessly to create a time machine in the hopes of using it to prevent the Bad Future from happening and would do whatever it takes to make it happen. Unlike Future Bulma, however, Jones was willing to steal and kill, though she does admit that she wouldn't have turned out like this if fate had simply given her a more positive timeline to live in. That, and the fact that she was motivated by the loss of her husband and daughter (who turned out to have survived and be inducted into Future Jennifer's organization, The Daughters), much like how Future Bulma was motivated by the deaths of Goku via a heart disease and the Z-Fighters at the hands of Androids 17 and 18 makes it hard to ignore the many similarities the two scientists have.
  • Despite Cole's existence being dependent on the fact that he is a Stable Time Loop due to being the son of a time-traveller who conceived him in the past, he doesn't really mind it all that much, especially given that he was ready to give his life to save the world and now, he may as well use the new life he has to experience a whole new wonder in the Pantheon. That said, he has learned a lot via time travelling, so his ways of trying to integrate into society don't bother him all too much. He's found fellow camaraderie with apocalypse survivors like Yuuri, Chito, Rick Grimes, The Courier and the Sole Survivor, all of whom have shared their experiences of how they dealt with surviving in a harsh world with little-to-no aid. Cole finds the philosophical talks of Yuuri and Chito to be pretty endearing, admires Rick for his leadership in fighting for a society in a zombie-infested world and is willing to fight with The Messenger and the Sole Survivor against mutual threats, though the two of them think Cole deserves a time of peace at the moment.
  • Dr. Jones's time machine was hard and risky to use as incorrectly handling it led to the deaths of a few other potential travellers before Cole arrived. As a result, she created a serum that enhanced the injected's physique and exponentially slowed down ageing. This was a key reason how Ramse looked the same after being stuck for 30 years and, of course, why Cole and Cassie don't seem to have looked like they were ageing. That said, the serum does have it's drawbacks, in that it doesn't prevent potential osteoporosis from happening and repeated uses of time travel in a short time-span would kill a traveller. Because of this, the members of Project Splinter are more able-bodied and physically capable than regular human beings, though are still susceptible of getting killed in any mundane fashion possible.
    • That said, a traveller cannot physically interact with their past self in any way as doing so would result in an explosive paradox that would kill both versions of the traveller. This is one of the reasons why Project Splinter stays as far away as possible from Funny Valentine, a stand user with the power to weaponize this sort of phenomena. Interestingly, Valentine himself seems complimentary of Project Splinter's efforts to save the world and supports their goals and their hard-earned victory, but his extreme actions of wanting to preserve his country and his ruthlessness deter any chances of mutual respect.
  • Their story and experience led to the six of them being seen with a lot of respect by Wes Collins. He personally gets to relate with Cassie the most, being that both of them led ordinary lives until a being from the future warned them of an impeding doom and that both had to deal with a genetically altered being. Though the difference was that while Ransik and Olivia had tragic upbringings, the former was able to let go of his hatred towards humanity and be humbled whereas the latter became too obsessed with destroying time that redemption never became an option for her. Wes pities Olivia, though solemnly wonders if she would have ended up becoming a better person if she wasn't raised to be a maniacal destroyer and was raised with neglect and a lack of care.
  • Sougo Tokiwa was an odd case. Unlike Project Splinter who did their hardest to avert fate with wholly different results, Sougo was content in letting fate run its course and going along with being Kamen Rider Zi-O because of it. That said, Sougo does hold a measure of respect for Project Splinter for their efforts whereas the team did worry about him becoming the future Demon King of Time, though Sougo decided that the lives of his friends were ultimately more important and used his powers to fix the timelines that he altered at the cost of losing his powers. This allowed Sougo and Project Splinter to be on good terms with one another as both realized that their friends and family were what mattered most at the end of the day.
  • Zamasu thinks Project Splinter and the 12 Monkeys are a prime example of humanity's "sinfulness" and personally makes it a goal to teach them a lesson (as in punishing them of death out of petty misanthropy and inability to comprehend their actions). The members of Project Splinter see the Fallen Kai as a deranged madman who fails to see just how much he does what he iterates and is just as bad as the "mortals" he despises, perhaps more so. The fact that Cole and Jones remind Zamasu of Future Trunks and Future Bulma respectively isn't helping matters for him either, and he thinks that the Kalavirus should have killed all of humanity rather than 98% of it.
    • Interestingly, Zamasu, via using the Time Ring in his Goku Black form, is a result of a Stable Time Loop, just like Cole and the 12 Monkeys. Despite the similarity, he refuses to be compared to them in any shape or manner, let alone a shared quirk. The fact that Cole pointed this out nonchalantly mas made Zamasu lose his temper on a few occasions and plans to retrieve the Kalavirus someday to complete where the 12 Monkeys had left off (even though the Kalavirus itself was a stepping point). At least Zamasu is adamant about the fact that the virus can potentially mutate to the point where even the immune wouldn't be safe from it.
  • The story of Project Splinter and the 12 Monkeys attracted the attention of Barry Allen, The Flash, who was well known for his experiences with time travel, particularly when he did that to save his mother, Nora, only to end up simultaneously creating a dystopian timeline. While Project Splinter's attempts to save the world were not exactly rooted in rules, Barry paid his regards to them, especially after seeing how they were able to succeed in their goals and lead a happy life, something which he sadly wasn't able to get in his time travelling experience. To repay the favour, Project Splinter are eager to accept Barry as a good friend and ally as his sense of justice and awareness of the timeline was stout and noble enough. That said, both Project Splinter and Barry refrain from time travelling due to its potential dangers, not to mention how the Splinter Machine isn't exactly as impressive as a few other time machines in the Pantheon.
    • Although Eobard Thawne doesn't exactly wish for all of time to collapse and be destroyed, he does take delight in making others suffer and felt that the Kalavirus did more than enough. Given that he became the leader of a dystopian society in a possible future, he muses that it would mean less resistance more enforcement on his part. Unsurprisingly, Project Splinter came to hate Thawne for his abusive and sadistic nature and using his powers of travelling through time just to torment Barry and his loved ones. Thawne himself spites Project Splinter for being friends with Barry and mocks Dr. Jones for developing what he thinks is a "pathetic device" just because "she missed her girl so much".
  • Despite her insane nature and her unpredictability, Jennifer isn't as bad as her demeanour makes her out to be. Rather, if given a push, she can be incredibly encouraging and helpful to those she would like to help. In part of being a Primary, this was how Jennifer was able to prove herself a worthwhile ally and asset to Project Splinter and be an effective leader for The Daughters after her future self was accidentally shot and killed by Deacon. She sees a lot more in the House of Time and Space than most deities could, though she instead prefers to try being a normal person after the burden of being a Primary cost too much, from an abusive upbringing via her mother to seeing an old organization of hers be killed in an explosion and enduring an apocalyptic future.
    • Once she finally found peace and comfort after defeating the 12 Monkeys, Jennifer went on to become the CEO of Markridge Groups. One of her first actions was to genetically create a unicorn, which she succeeded in, to much applause. Provided with this, she wound up becoming friends with the Mane Six, with Jennifer finding their loyalty and dedication to one another pretty endearing. Her own behaviour makes the Alicorns wary, but given how she took it upon herself to stick up for her allies, she earns their respect. Predictably, Jennifer gets along most with Pinkie Pie, given that both are zany and crazy and tend to be the most extroverted in their groups. Jennifer is open to vising one of Pinkie Pie's parties at any time.
    • On an unrelated topic, she killed Adolf Hitler during a mission to retrieve an ancient artifact in France, 1940 before the 12 Monkeys could, with the Nazi Regime just so happening to attend a conference. While his death didn't really change the timeline, with Heinrich Himmler simply taking over as Fuhrer until 1945, Nazi deities are not pleased with these sort of events and have it out on Jennifer. Her response is a loud and boisterous Bring It.
  • Deacon's tenure as a bartender in the House of Food has garnered the attention of fellow workers, namely Shizuo Heiwajima, Jill Stingray, Bartender Bob and The Tapper. While he may not be the most impressive in a fantastical sense, they did feel rather unnerved by what Deacon went through in his life, in addition to being a savage scavenger for a raiding organization. That said, he admitted that hosting a bar was a dream of his and that's what matters at the end of the day. Amusingly, Jill and Deacon have one thing in common; not liking their first names, and because of that, Deacon is straight to just calling her "Jill". Despite his vicious nature at first, Bob and Tapper are welcoming enough to hang out with him. Deacon, Jill, Bob and Tapper will often play a game of sliding their cups for fun, followed by the occasional drink.
  • Even before the apocalypse, Deacon didn't really have it great. Case in point, he had to deal with an abusive alcoholic father who always beat him and saw him as a disappointment. This was a primary stem for why Deacon ended up becoming a dangerous and territorial man during the aftermath of the Kalavirus outbreak, though despite having hardened him into a brutal killing machine, a decent man and personality still persisted within him. He developed a good relationship with Cassie after the latter found out that he was Secretly Dying of Wilson's Disease, which he never knew he had. With Cassie's influence Deacon would eventually start to work together with Cole and Ramse, even if the two were former members of West VII.
    • Taking this into consideration, Deacon hates the Child Abuse Supporters and is not hesitant about killing them off. Although, despite being an Alcoholic Parent himself, Deacon is fine with tolerating Kogoro Mouri as he's a good-hearted man doing his best as a police officer. To his surprise, Deacon found himself getting along with a lot of deities who had to deal with abusive parents, some of whom wound up doing worse things than Deacon's father ever did. He found common ground with Satsuki Kiryuin for being a fierce leader and Carl Clover for having to deal with the neglect and torment from Rellius Clover, who was responsible for turning his daughter and Carl's sister, Ava into an automaton for the boy to fix and while Carl is no longer the good boy he used to be, Deacon still offers condolences. Maisie Farange was an oddball, if mainly because the abuse she dealt with was indirect and more emotional-stemmed, though Deacon was content with knowing that Margo and Lincoln have done a good job to keep Maisie happy and content, though he thinks Susanna and Beale are idiotic, even if they loved Maisie. He outright praises Zuko for standing up to Ozai, which Deacon admittedly called "a stuck-up piece of shit" and can relate to him in the sense that both were villainous forces that eventually ended up becoming good and had tragic pasts.
  • Cassie's occupation as a virologist has her be sought out by Dr. Gregory House. He was able to figure that Cassie was a good doctor, though he admitted that Cassie being an attractive woman is something that can be used to attract hospital patients. Cassie was... miffed, but she recognized how talented and analytical House is as a medical doctor himself, so the two do have a measure of respect, even if House can be... caustic and mean. On the other hand, Maki Nishikino of μ's was openly enthusiastic about Cassie's occupation, despite her usual demeanour. While she decided to choose to be a school idol singer over a doctor as her parents wanted, Cassie was supportive of Maki's choice as she's finding another way to inspire people, like how a lot of others, Maki included, state that Cassie did the same by treating people's viruses and saving the world for one.
  • One of the most unexpected admirers for the group, but especially towards Dr. Jones was Nox. In spite of him being aggressively committed to his goals, he was genuinely praiseworthy of Good Parents and those who would do anything for them, as Jones demonstrated. This sort of feeling also extended towards Cassie who wanted to save her son, Athan and raise him properly with Cole by her side. While sympathetic, Jones and the rest of Project Splinter are not in line with what Nox wants to accomplish as he's risking the timeline to save his family. Although one-sided, Nox still chooses to see Jones and Cassie in a respectable light, even if they disagree with him.
  • Yes, all six of them are aware of the original version of their story where the virus was instead spread in 1996 and nobody got the payoff they wanted. Cole expressed his sympathies to his other self whereas Cassie was surprised to see that Kathryn (whom she was based on) was also the name of her mother. Jennifer, however, is not pleased to see how Jeffrey Goines turned out. Crazy, just like her, but that's about it, though his goal of wanting to release zoo animals was zany and fun. And at least the Leland Goines of that version wasn't as bad as the one who was Jennifer's father.

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Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Co-deities of Time-Travel Romance
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The Time Traveller, The God Who Travelled To the Future, and Beyond (George, Alexander Hartdegen, Theophilus Tolliver)


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