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Greater Gods

    James Heller 
Sgt. James Heller, God of Angry Black Men (Jimmy)
  • Greater God, especially after consuming Alex Mercer
  • Symbol: A featureless icon of his face, depicting only his bald head, his eyes, and his collar
  • Theme Song: Resurrection
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Never Claims To Be A Hero, Sir Swears-a-Lot, Smarter Than You Look, Shapeshifter Weapon, can call on Brawler Hunters with the Pack Leader ability, Boisterous Bruiser, Cursed with Awesome, Deadpan Snarker, Determinator, Empowered Badass Normal, Hates Alex Mercer For Infecting Him, Hopeless with Tech, Papa Wolf, Lightning Bruiser, Plague Master, Superior Successor to Alex, Viral Sonar, Biobomb Ability, Horrifying Hero, Devours Alex Mercer In The End
  • Domain(s): Anger, Black Men, Viruses, Vengeance, Fatherhood
  • Herald: Amaya Heller (his daughter)
  • Followers: Brother Mouzone, Curtis Metcalf/Hardware, John Shaft, Abdul, Valygar Corthala
  • Allies: Rick Taylor/The Terror Mask, Luke Cage, Labrys, Ken Kaneki, Commander Shepard, Fluttershy, Alucard, Asura
  • Enemies: ALEX MERCER!, Albert Wesker, Shiro Tagachi, The Gravemind, Pestilence the Horseman, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, Cioccolata, William Birkin, Alex Wesker, the Infested, Eren Yeager, Nemesis, Mr X., Jimenez
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Reverend Garterbelt
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kratos
  • James Heller was already in the Pantheon for quite some time now as a follower of Rick Taylor a.k.a. The Terror Mask. Given the serious concerns with Alex Mercer being…updated with the terrible sequel's events, it was decided that it was time to find a spot for Heller, given he already defeated Mercer and consumed him in that timeline, so that there's someone on call who can match him.
  • Here's one thing you should take note of regarding James Heller; everything Alex Mercer can do, he can do, too. Sometimes more, and sometimes better. Anyone he isn't in good terms with should exercise extreme caution, as much as they would in Alex's presence. Fortunately for the GUAG, he's on their side, though he's not really used to having allies who can fight by his side yet. Fortunately for the rest, he also possesses the same weaknesses, minus perhaps a few.
    • Speaking of Mercer, there are two popular theories regarding Alex's behaviour in he sequel. Either Real!Alex resurfaced and took control, or Virus!Alex was deliberately trying to create a warrior strong enough to one day fight against PariahWho? . It might actually explain his strange behavior in the Pantheon. In any case, Virus!Alex would either be grateful that Heller defeated Real!Alex, or otherwise glad that he accomplished his goal of creating a warrior stronger than himself. Either way, no matter the reasoning, because of the casualties he's mounted (not that he can call him out on that given his own actions), Heller still wouldn't particularly like him.
  • As Mercer's top enemy, he's gotten acquainted with the Blacklight Virus's enemies as well. Some who oppose Heller, and those who try to get along with him.
    • Among his new allies are Ken Kaneki, Labrys, and Fluttershy (he gets too annoyed by Discord). As for Eren, not so much, especially in light of his actions as Kruger and his willingness to turn on his former allies and harm children to reach his goal. He's also gotten acquainted with Commander Shepard, Master Chief, Doomguy, and Isaac Clarke, though so far only Shepard is most open with befriending the infected "hero".
  • As someone who's rebelled against his "creator", Alucard understands James in that regard, even if the latter's case is less literal.
  • Given he's also seemed to abandon his humanity just like Mercer, he doesn't like Jimenez either. Sure, the transformation was an emergency, and he chose to have it happen, but that's not the issue here.
  • As video game protagonists who are driven by anger, he's been compared to Asura and Kratos. He understands the former for his quest to save his daughter (at least the multi-armed god knew she was alive the entire time), while his opinion on the latter is a little mixed. For one, the god slayer did inadvertently bring his world to ruin, but he's also since turned his life around and raised a son.
  • Heller wouldn't approve of the fact that Garterbelt has a thing for children and would be particularly iffy of him having apparently been a member of the Ku Klux Klan at some point in the past. But the two would get along for the most part.

Vulkan, God of Scary Black Men (Primarch of the Salamanders, The Hammer of Salvation, The Promethean Fire, Lord of Drakes)

Intermediate Gods

    Amadeus Cho 
Amadeus Cho, God of Asian Nerds (Mastermind Excello, Prince of Power, Freelancer of All Things Science, The Seventh Eighth Tenth Smartest Person On The Planet, Iron Spider, Hulk)
  • Intermediate God (with the potential of becoming a Greater God due to his hypermind)
  • Symbols: His Vespa scooter and his Adamantine Mace
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Can Perform Extremely Complex Calculations In His Head But Needs A Lot Of Sugar For It To Work, The Brains To Hercules' Brawn, The Chosen One According To Athena, The Hero's Journey, Insufferable Genius, Science Hero
  • Domains: Intellect, Korean-Americans, Fugitive
  • High Priest: Grant Imahara
  • Followers: Ryan Choi, Mei Ling, Sheldon Lee
  • Not To Be Confused With: Lie Ren
  • Allies: Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Jennifer Waters/She-Hulk, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Shikamaru Nara, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Domino, Miles Morales
  • Opposed By: The Deified Members Of S.H.I.E.L.D., primarily (Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Reed and Susan Richards)
  • Not On Good Terms With: Laura Kinney/X-23 (after she gave him a hard boot-to-da-junk)
  • Scouted By: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Sonya Blade, Ken Masters, Robert Garcia, M. Bison, Albert Wesker, Talia al Ghul (albeit unwillingly for these three), Big Boss, Wiz and Boomstick
  • Enemies: Kratos
  • Worthy Opponents (intelligence-wise): Bane, T'Challa/Black Panther, Asuka Langley Soryu, Lex Luthor, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, Light Yagami
  • For the ascended members of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, mainly Tony Stark, Reed and Susan Richards, the news passed to then from the Main House had left them not amused in the slightest bit. Amadeus Cho has ascended, meaning that while he was pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a mortal (with Susan actually being successful in capturing him), they can't actively pursue him in the Pantheon. Of course, that doesn't mean that they can monitor the guy just to make sure that he doesn't do anything funny.
  • Amadeus isn't a mutant. To say that he's a genius is an understatement. He has a "natural ability to identify the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation." In other words, he's a supergenius. Reed Richards states that he was the seventh-smartest person on the planet. Hank Pym disagreed, saying that he was the eighth. In truth, according to Bruce Banner, Amadeus ranks at No.10. The downside of having a super-brain is that he needs a lot of sugar for it to work, otherwise his thoughts become muddled.
  • Amadeus was originally be a Lesser God, but after explaining to the Main House the reason why he should be a rank higher via his aforementioned super-brain, they granted him Intermediate God status. When Cosmos asked why he didn't go higher, he replied: "There's a difference between ambition and limitation."
  • The reason why Amadeus is on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s shit-list? He found out that the Illluminati (save for Namor, Professor X and Black Panther) had shot Hulk out into space, and became a fugitive when he supported Hulk after he returned to Earth. Oh, and he deflected a rocket fired from a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter by using his scooter's mirror to deflect the laser targeting system. Granted that the rocked ended up landing on Bruce Banner, but still, impressive.
  • Hercules once recalled a past incident with Medusa, which led to Herc's now-legendary meme: "Cool story, bro!"
  • Just how smart is Amadeus? His Calvin Klein suit has an A.I. built in that enables flight, super-strength, and the ability to generate forcefields. Oh, and that old-school Nintendo Gameboy you see him carry around? That's actually an extremely advanced computer of his own design.
  • While Amadeus is not on good terms with S.H.I.E.L.D., that does not mean that he's being scouted by some of the Pantheon's many entities due to his extremely high intelligence. Aside from employment, they're offering immunity from prosecution from S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, now S.H.I.E.L.D. is offering Amadeus a place within their organization...if only to keep a closer eye on Amadeus.
  • There was that one time that he did join up with S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Punisher to stop terrorist organization Leviathan (no relation to Talia al Ghul) from selling stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. tech on the black market.
  • Amadeus is friends with Illyasviel von Einzbern. This came about due to their past exploits, the former during her time during the 5th Holy Grail War and the latter during his time on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. It also helps that they both have connection with Hurc.
  • He doesn't like Laura Kinney very much. Granted that his scheme in trying to get X-23, Thunderstrike, Power Man (Victor Alvarez) and Spider-Girl to form a new team of superheroes didn't go as planned, the kick to the groin by Laura was uncalled for.
  • Due to Amadeus being Herc's sidekick, the other Greek deities thought Amadeus was gay. That was proven false, given Amadeus's past relationship with Delphyne Gorgon. However, due to her being named the Queen of the Amazons, their relationship was put on hold.
  • Delphyne has heard of Amadeus's ascension to the Pantheon and is very happy for him. Of course, Amadeus had to make sure to tell the other gods who are known for hunting the supernatural that Delphyne can't turn people into atone, as she is not descended from Medusa's bloodline. Hera is considering allowing Delphyne to resume her relationship with Amadeus, as it will allow her own influence to increase.
  • Like his buddies at S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor is not happy upon hearing of Amadeus's ascension. First off, Amadeus has access to energy reflectors, of which he used against Thor. Second, that damned Adamantine Mace hurt like bloody blazes when Amadeus smacked him on the head with it several times.
    Thor: I hate you.
  • Found an intellectual rival in the form of Lex Luthor. The fact that Amadeus doesn't think too highly of Tony Stark is an added bonus. It's also through Lex that Amadeus meets Bane. You know you done something right when you earn praise from The Man Who Broke The Bat, who is impressed with how Amadeus managed to elude S.H.I.E.L.D. for so long.
  • As he needs sweets to keep his super-brain sharp, Amadeus is a frequent visitor to the House of Food. He admits that while Hanzo Hasashi is known for chopping and tenderizing various meats, he can make a pretty mean cake.
    Amadeus: No. I know what you are. But let's talk about the hypercomputer...capable of performing simultaneous infinite calculations...taking into account not just the binary of 0 and 1, dead/alive, black/white, German/Japanese...but the whole panoply of probabilities in any given situation, every possible quantum state...and through that act of measurement, that act of observing...he can determine the state, however unlikely, most favorable to him! ... You're not just trying to prevent me from finding this "hypercomputer," Pythagoras. You're trying to prevent me from realizing...that that's what I naturally am.

Iowa, The Over-The-Top American Goddess (BB-61, The Big Stick, The Grey Ghost, First Lady of the 3rd Fleet, Burger-Boat)

    Monet St. Croix/M 
Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix, Goddess Of Inconsistent Skin Tones (M, Penance)

    Piotr Rasputin/Colossus 
Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, God Of Burly Russians (Colossus, Peter, Petey, The Juggernaut, War, Peter Nicholas, the Proletarian, Little Brother)

Lesser Gods

    Amanda Waller 
Amanda Waller, Goddess of Boxed Crooks and Strong Black Females ("The Wall")
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Belle Reve Prison.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with some Lawful Evil tendencies
  • Portfolio: Heroic Sociopaths, Black-and-Grey Morality, Sociopathic Soldiers, Anti Heroes, Doing What Must Be Done, Da Chief, Sassy Black Women, Black Boss Ladies, Magnificent Bastards, Evil Versus Evil, Working Alone
  • Domains: Criminals, Reformation
  • Heralds: Rick Flag, Jr. (her Number Two).
  • Allies: Ascended members that joined the Suicide Squad, namely Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn and Floyd Lawton/Deadshot (Not really. Deadshot, Harley and most of the squad dislike Amanda and in the comics, Deadshot said that he's planning to kill Waller himself someday. They only follow her because if they don't, they die. Amanda is aware of all of this, except for the part about Deadshot planning to kill her himself. In fact, Deadshot hates Waller so much that he killed other squad members who also planned to kill Amanda because he wants to kill her himself.)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Enemies: Every supervillain (they're afraid they'll be drafted into the Suicide Squad), many Lawful Good deities and many Chaotic Good deities
  • Opposed by: Most Lawful Good deities (the Squad is... controversial) and the Nostalgia Critic
  • Rivals: Nick Fury
  • She is especially hailed as being one of the few thinkers who vocally dared to comment "Maybe we shouldn't just keep murderers who can fire atomic blasts behind non-atomic-blast-proof walls". Amanda was named leader of the very seriously titled Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad, and immediately got the supervillains placed under her custody doing actual community work (destroying terrorist organizations, destabilizing controversial regimes, etc.). When she ascended, she took the Squad with her and convinced the Justice gods to let her deal with supervillain reformation duty. To this day, most supervillains sweat at the prospect at being left to Waller's mercies.
  • Amanda ascended by dint of being noted as one of the very few people who can take on the Batman and Lex Luthor and actually manage to defeat them in terms of planning. As mistress of the Suicide Squad, she is also by necessity tough enough to deal with most supervillains, regardless of power level. The Suicide Squad bombs implanted on most of her agents ensure their full compliance. For everything else, her Co-Dragons Bronze Tiger and Rick Flag are there for her. Most find preferable to annoy Batman than Waller, because the Bat is, whether he likes it or not, going to leave you alive. Waller gives no such guarantee.
  • She also draws power from being one of the very few goddesses of color, age, and size. As of late, some upstart young thing tried to impersonate Amanda. You Do NOT Want to Know what Amanda did to her...
  • Much to her annoyance, she occasionally is forced to visit Al Bundy, in his shoe shop. Both hate each other, but find the experience of trading barbs and belittling and spiting each other as highly therapeutic, especially now both have each other's measure and know exactly which buttons to push.
  • Despite her standards, her and Captain America have a... complicated relationship. Amanda's methods make Cap infuriated, considering what happened the last time there was a villain team fighting for good in his universe. He's also quite angry at her for abusing her power and killing innocent government officials for no reason in the movie. Amanda for her part considers Rodgers sentimental, and not willing to do what needs to be done fighting the GUAE. For that matter, that's probably why she has some good ties to the GUAL as well. In fact, she's considering switching full time there but is held back because she's loyal to a country, not to its leaders.
  • Annoyed by Nick Fury, who's not fully sold on the idea of using captured supervillains for underground wetwork tasks. When pressed, Waller snorted and responded that some tasks are better left to disposable operatives rather than valuable manpower, and chided Fury for his use and abuse of Life-Model Decoys. When Fury asked her to explain her dislike of the robots, Waller challenged him to name every incident in which his vaunted machines had gone rogue ever since the program started. He replied by saying that said robots saved his life countless times and that they helped him out of many problems, which more than made up for the possibility of them rebelling. However, he did acknowledge that said possibility could prove to be a big problem. He also said that the LMDs usually go rogue only via being hacked and reprogrammed, like most mass-produced robots.
  • Her past is quite surprising; few could have ever expected that Amanda Waller was once an ordinary housewife and homemaker. However, the loss of her husband and two of her children to crime, well into her forties, lit a fire in her. Too proud to accept help from extended family or from welfare, she clawed her way up to get her surviving children, and later herself, through college. Exploiting instincts she never imagined she had, she became first a congressional aide, setting her in the path to become the infamous Amanda Waller. An interview with her sister revealed that she is worried Amanda may be consumed by her dark side. It's not known how close Amanda is to the rest of her family, but at one point, she did get her daughter and son-in-law to resolve their differences during a squable through sheer attitude, so she at least continues to watch out for them.
  • A few deities, especially the Nostalgia Critic, seem to think of her as an incompetent moron, especially because in the movie, she caused more harm than good by creating the Suicide Squad. According to the Nostalgia Critic's review of the movie, if Waller hadn't tried to create the squad or if she took more precautions to prevent the Enchantress's escape (instead of just letting one guy guard her in a hotel room), then the world wouldn't have been endangered and the people who died during those events would still be alive. In other words, what happened in the movie is entirely her fault, according to them.
    Waller: ...'You finished?
    Critic (sighing): Yeah, I'm finished.
    Waller: 'You feel better?
    Critic (quietly): ...Yeah, I do.
    Waller: *sighs, and pats him on the back* Come on, let's just hope the new Wonder Woman movie's better.
  • Can also be found in Wardening.
  • "I am fat, black, cranky and menopausal. You do NOT want to mess with me!"

    Charlotte Dunois 
Charles/Charlotte Dunois, Goddess of French Beauties (Charl)

    June Lin Milliam 
June Lin Milliam, Goddess of Those Who Don't Look Foreign

    Karin Kanzuki 
Karin Kanzuki, Goddess of Caucasian-Looking Japanese People (The Rich Bitch, Perfect Victor)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Blue Hair Ribbon
  • Theme Songs: Simple Rating, Seeking Worthy Challengers, Alarm Force, or The World Warriors depending on what she's doing
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lovable Rich Bitch with a Heart of Gold, Badass Adorable, "In Everything, Be Victorious", Introduced the Counter-Attack to Street Fighter, Cute Bruiser, Type-II Ojou, Heiress Ringlets, "Oh-hohohohoho!", Screwing the Rules Because She's Rich, Her V-Trigger: Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata, Big Good of Street Fighter V
  • Domains: Wealth, Combat, Attitude.
  • Heralds: Ishizaki and Shibasaki (her butlers)
  • Allies:
  • Business Rivals Include: Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Lex Luthor, Geese Howard, Seto Kaiba
  • Enemies: M. Bison, HYDRA, Eliza and Neal Reagan, Princess Morbucks
  • Opposes: Heihachi Mishima (as he reminds Karin of her own father), Ranma Saotome (for insulting her laugh)
  • Unknown Rival: Gill
  • So how did Karin earn a spot in the Pantheon? She... donated an obscene amount of cash to the Pantheon. Chump change for her, as she owns the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, but it was more than enough to secure her ascension. Her temple is the Kanzuki Estate, as seen in an upcoming event.
  • Of course, Sakura Kasugano was not surprised as to how Karin had gained her ascension. "It's Karin, after all." She said of her friendly rival. "She wouldn't had done it any other way."
    • Unlike Sakura, Karin already safeguarded her schoolgirl uniform after her graduation. Though time will tell if she will put the uniform again, albeit optionally.
  • Karin had expected a cool title to go with her deification. The Powers That Be decided to grant her the post of Mukokuseki. Karin was going to object, but seeing as how she looked Caucasian but had a Japanese name, decides that the title was good enough for her.
  • In order to not only secure her position as heiress to both the Kanzuki fortune and the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, her parents, Daigenjyuro and Nadeshiko Kanzuki, gave her the following three tasks:
    • When she was nine, she was dropped off in the wilderness with little food and water, with the task to return home safely. Or else she would be disowned. It took her father two weeks to return home. Karin did it in four days.
    • The second test came from her mother. If Karin could not woo 5,000 men (at the minimum), she would lose the family fortune. Karin passed thus test as well. It is said that Nadeshiko herself had charmed over 50,000 men, her husband included, just to see if she was worthy of becoming his wife.
    • The final test required Karin to stop a stampede of 50 wild bulls single-handedly at the age of 14. Her father stopped 49 bulls. Karin broke his record by one.
  • It's not exactly known what the Kanzuki Zaibatsu does, but it's for certain that Karin is one of the more wealthier deities in the Pantheon. It is known that Karin has a Kill Sat (as Bison found out the hard way) and a her own little hideaway on the Moon. Ironically enough, she had seized control of the Zaibatsu from her father in a hostile takeover.
  • Due to her immense wealth, she finds herself at odds with Lili Rochefort, who also comes from a affluent background. Some say, though, that Karin is wealthier than Lili, which really ruffles the latter's feathers.
  • The same with Jin Kazama, the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. But it is said that her wealth is on par with Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries and KaibaCorp.
  • Ranma Saotome got on her bad side when the divine aquatransexual said that Karin laughed a lot like Kodachi Kuno.
  • Her laugh gained a lot more popularity (or is that infamy?) after her Street Fighter V appearance, especially during tournament play. Any time she breaks out into that laugh, expect her followers to follow alongside her.
  • She does have a bad habit of looking down on those who are not as well-off as she is, but Karin can't deny the fact that some of them are highly-skilled in martial arts. And if they come from a wealthy family, then it's an added bonus.

    Kassandra and Alexios 
Kassandra and Alexios, Goddess and God of Gorgeous Greeks (Kassandra: The Eagle Bearer, The Mistios, Lamb, West Wind, Keeper | Alexios: Deimos, Champion of the Cult of Kosmos)
  • Lesser Deities (Kassandra is an Intermediate Goddess when wielding the full power of the Spear of Leonidas or the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus)
  • Symbol: The Spear of Leonidas
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Gorgeous Greeks, Grandchildren of King Leonidas, Powerful through Isu heritage, Survived falling from Mount Taygetos, Cain and Abel, One-Person Army, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Rugged Scars, Static Role, Exchangeable Character, Tyke Bombs
  • Domain(s): Greeks, Spartans, Warriors
  • Herald: Ikaros (Kassandra's Eagle partner)
  • Worship: The Greek Gods
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Hades (both of them), Medusa, YHVH, Lucifer
  • Special Relationship with: King Leonidas of Sparta (their grandfather), Aya of Alexandria (Kassandra's descendant)
  • On friendly terms with:
  • Respect: Perseus, Hercules, Achilles
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Kratos, Atreus, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace and Piper McLean, Alexander the Great, the other Medusa
  • Kassandra and Alexios were born in Sparta in the mid-5th century BCE. Their mother, Myrrine, was the daughter of the late King Leonidas and Kassandra would eventually inherit her grandfather's broken Spear, which was an Isu artefact. Kassandra's father was the philosopher Pythagoras, whose lifespan was extended due his possession of the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, while Alexios' father was Nikolaos, a Spartan general. Not long after Alexios' birth, the Oracle of Delphi gave a prophecy that a grandchild of Leonidas would lead to the downfall of Sparta. It was unknown to those involved at the time that the "prophecy" had been concocted by the Cult of Kosmos in order to wipe out the bloodline of Leonidas, as retribution for his defiance decades earlier, so despite their regal blood, the Elders of Sparta demanded Alexios' death, and he was to be thrown from the summit of Mount Taygetos. However, Alexios survived his planned execution due to the actions of Kassandra, who intervened and caused the death of a Spartan elder, which in turn led to her own failed execution and eventual exile. While Kassandra forged a career as a mercenary on the island of Kephallonia, Alexios was kidnapped by the Cult of Kosmos and grew up to become their weapon. He was re-named Deimos, after the Greek god of terror, in order to inspire fear in the Cult's enemies.
  • Kassandra ascended into the Pantheon after passing the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus on to Layla Hassan. Although she predates the Assassin Brotherhood, her opposition against the Cult of Kosmos and the Order of the Ancients resulted in her being regarded by them as one of their early precursors. As a result, Kassandra became a follower of Ezio Auditore. After a while, Ezio took notice of her and, after learning that she was also an ancestor of Aya, decided to fully ascend her after looking for a suitable title. When her ascension was approved, Kassandra requested that her brother ascend alongside her, hoping that their reunion would give her to chance to finally redeem him, given that she had killed him.
  • To Kassandra's dismay, Alexios once again rejected redemption, solemnly remarking:
    Alexios: "I cannot be what you want me to be. The weeds burrow too deep."
  • Despite sharing a temple, the two tend to stay out of each other's way, as neither is particularly keen on fighting the other due to their shared painful experiences. Later on, they learned of an alternate universe in which their roles were reversed and other variants in which Alexios was talked down and convinced to forsake the Cult and rejoin his family. After learning of these alternate outcomes, they have, on occasion, been seen having awkward dinners together in an attempt to reconnect.
  • Both of them were quite excited to meet the Greek Gods in person, although Kassandra confused them a little when she remarked that she had previously met some of them in a simulation. Kassandra quickly managed to get along with Athena and Artemis, the former approving of her wisdom and the latter appreciating her hunting skills. Similarly, Alexios managed to get along with Ares, who appreciated meeting a Greek warrior who respected him.
  • Both of them oppose the two versions of Hades, albeit for different reasons. While Kassandra opposes them due to disliking tyrannical rulers, Alexios views them as obstacles to his own goals. They also dislike Medusa, although they're a bit more conflicted about the Rider Medusa, who is much nicer and more attractive.
  • They both strongly opposed to YHVH and Lucifer. While Kassandra dislikes them due to viewing both order and chaos as dangerous is either is allowed to triumph, Alexios views YHVH as a threat to his own ambitions and is fundamentally opposed to Lucifer's ideals.
  • They were both surprised and overjoyed to be reunited with their grandfather Leonidas, who was quite saddened to learn of what had happened to his family after his death, as the Cult of Kosmos had previously threatened Leonidas not to go against their plans and tried to wipe out his bloodline after he defied them. Leonidas was particularly disappointed to learn that Alexios was unable to forsake the Cult and redeem himself and goaded Kassandra into killing him. However, Alexios insisted that his vision for the Cult was going to be better than what Leonidas had dealt with, although Kassandra and Leonidas himself expressed strong skepticism about his goals.
  • They both reacted differently to Aya after learning that she was a descendant of Kassandra. While Kassandra enjoys spending time with both her and Bayek, Alexios tends to keep his distance due to him otherwise often ending up in conflict with them, as his goals are fundamentally opposed to theirs.
  • They felt honored to meet legendary Greek heroes such as Perseus, Hercules and Achilles, especially since they regard Hercules as their ancestor. Both of them have frequently sparred with the heroes, with Kassandra having occasionally even managed to beat them.
  • They were initially very conflicted about what to think of Kratos. When they first heard of how he had wiped out the Greek Pantheon and destroyed the world in the process, they immediately went to confront him. However, when they discovered that he has mellowed out considerably and is ashamed of his past actions, their opinions of him became more complicated. Kassandra views him mostly sympathetically, as she had similarly chosen to destroy a simulated version of Atlantis in order to stop Juno's sick experiments and had lost her partner and chose to give up her son in order to protect him, thus understanding how much Kratos misses his wife Faye and his concern for Atreus' safety. On the other hand, Alexios disapproves of Kratos' attempt to leave violence behind him and try to live a normal mundane life. Alexios then tried to provoke Kratos into fighting him by threatening to go after Atreus, which resulted in Kratos beating him to a pulp. After recovering, Alexios has expressed an interest in challenging Kratos again, although he intends to get stronger first.
  • Their opinions are divided regarding demigods such as Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace and Piper McLean. Kassandra is on good terms with them and even somewhat regards them as family due to her descent from Hercules. Alexios, on the other hand, views them as competition at best and potential threats at worst, and generally prefers to avoid them.
  • Their opinions on Alexander the Great are rather divided. While Kassandra views him as a blood-thirsty tyrant who is little different from the Persians her grandfather fought against, Alexios admires his fighting prowess and successful conquest of the Persian Empire.
  • Exclusive to Kassandra:
    • Although she is regarded as a proto-Assassin and originally ascended as a follower of Ezio, Kassandra does not actually align herself with the Assassin Brotherhood. When questioned on this, she explained that witnessing Persephone's oppressive rule in Elysium leading to rebellion and Hades' lack of concern in the Underworld leading to madness has resulted in her concluding that Both Order and Chaos are Dangerous. Nonetheless, she remains on amicle terms with the Assassins and occasionally even teams up with them.
      Kassandra: "Listen to me. Order, chaos... If either triumphs alone, the world dies. I tried to bring an end to chaos, and it has only led to ruin."
    • Kassandra generally gets along with fellow female Greek warriors such as Atalanta, Wonder Woman, Xena and Gabrielle. However, her initial meeting with Atalanta was a little awkward, as Kassandra had previously hunted down and killed a simulated version of Atalanta in a simulation of Elysium. Similarly, she managed to befriend the sisters Sophitia and Cassandra Alexandra, both of whom share her devotion to family.
    • Having been granted immortality by the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus and lived for 2400 years, Kassandra managed to bond with Connor and Duncan MacLeod over the hardships of living for a long time. Similarly, she's on good terms with Scáthach and SCP-1440, both of whom are completely immortal and want to die. They were happy for Kassandra when they learned of how she lost her immortality after passing on the Staff and finally died.
    • She quickly managed to befriend Rory Williams after learning of how he had protected his wife Amy when she was inside the Pandorica for 2000 years, which is similar to how Kassandra had kept and protected the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus for 2400 years. Although Rory typically keeps his memories as the Last Centurion locked away in his mind, Kassandra regularly offers him support whenever he wishes to talk to someone about it.
    • She's also on good terms with the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are similarly all Anti-Heroes. She has occasionally gone on adventures with them and tends to engage in a Friendly Rivalry with Gamora.
    • "I always finish what I've started."
  • Exclusive to Alexios:
    • Being regarded as a proto-Templar, Alexios managed to form an alliance with Shay Cormac, as their goals generally align with each other. However, Alexios' domineering personality tends to cause friction between them, occasionally resulting in some infighting.
    • Alexios is also on amicable terms with Kazuya Mishima, who was similarly been thrown from a cliff at a young age and has a... complicated relationship with his family. The two regularly team up to find ways to get stronger and dominate their opponents.
    • "The Cult is nothing without me. Even the gods cower in my wake. Kneel or die."

Mei-Fang, Goddess of Anime Chinese Girls (Mei-Mei, China Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her headpiece/cables combo
  • Theme Music: Rising with Chivalry
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anime Chinese Girl, Playing with Fire, Robot Girl, Boobs of Steel, Thong of Shielding, Odango Hair, Humanoid Robot Who Acts Robotic, Downloaded with 4000 Years of Chinese Recipes And Various Martial Arts
  • Domains: China, Robots, Combat, Fire, Cooking
  • High Priestess: Lee-Fi
  • Superior/Creator: Mei-Ling Hua
  • Allies: Catherine Kyoubashi, Kira Daidouji, Noel Vermillion, KOS-MOS, Labrys, Hatsune Miku, Hsien-Ko, Cammy White, Yellow Heart, Alisa Bosconovitch, Tifa Lockhart, Chun-Li, Aigis, 765 Pro, Ike, Ling Xiaoyu, Litchi Faye-Ling, Leifang, Mulan, Michelle Chang, Mei-Ling Zhou, May Chang
  • Mei-Fang is a highly-advanced humanoid robot created by one Mei-Ling Hua. Her entire body is made out ether-based technology and powered by Elemental core. Not very expressive, even if she was programmed with a personality.
  • Mei-Fang has made contract with Lang-gong, an ancient Chinese wolf who turned into a fire Elemental, which allows her to conjure fire in variety of ways. She also has boosters in her limbs which boost the power of her physical attacks.
  • At Mei-Fang's request, Mei-Ling has been brought into the Pantheon. She is not a goddess per say, but since Mei-Fang generally follows Mei-Ling's orders, it would be hard to keep her around without her creator.
  • Mei-Fang gets along well with KOS-MOS, Aigis, Labrys and Alisa Bosconovitch due to all of them being Robot Girls.
  • Mei-Fang's voice also caused her to become friends with 765 Pro and Ike as Mei-Fang sounds like 765 Pro's manager and the princess who had a crush on Ike.
  • For some reason, Mei-Fang has sometimes been seen wearing the colors of Noel Vermillion, Litchi Faye-Ling, Hatsune Miku and Hsien-Ko. Noel got very jealous when she saw Mei-Fang's chest combined with her colors.
  • Ever since Mei-Fang went to the house of costumes, She's been wary around Evangeline A.K McDowell as Evangeline is interested in the possible opportunity of getting a second Robot Girl maid. Mei-Fang isn't as interested and has stated that she has no interest in serving someone other than her creator.
  • Mei-Fang once got confused when another deity said Meiling's name and Mei-Fang became temporarily happy because she thought that her creator with the same name had ascended and then she became disappointed when she learned that Mei-Ling hadn't ascended.
  • Even though Mei-Ling has to resort to military funding to finish Mei-Fang, Mei-Ling is keeping her far away from any military activity. For example, she is making sure that she doesn't get involve with the Enclave's war.
    • Speaking of armies, Liberion Arcadia once contacted Mei-Fang to ask her if she wanted to join the team. Mei-Fang refused, saying that she doesn't have the same kind of conflict with her being a robot as them to really fit in. Besides, she doesn't want to concern Mei-Ling with the possibility that she might one day turn on humanity.
  • There are some who sort of wonder what are Mei-Ling's real feelings towards Mei-Fang. She is a Motherly Scientist first and foremost towards her to the point that she really is her "mother", but considering how touchy she can seem to be with her might suggest some other things.

    Michelle and Julia Chang 
Michelle and Julia Chang, Goddesses of Hollywood Native Americans (Wandering Female Fighters | Julia: Nature-loving Beauty, Jaycee)
Top: Michelle Chang; Bottom: Julia Chang
Julia as Jaycee 

    Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow 
Natasha Romanoff, Goddess of Sensual Slavs (Natalia Alianovna Romanova, Black Widow)

    Petra Johanna Lagerkvist 
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Goddess of Sexy Scandinavians (Commander Lagerkvist, Petran)

    Remy LeBeau/Gambit 
Remy Etienne LeBeau, The Cajun God (Gambit, Remy Beaudreaux, Death, Le Diable Blanc, Robert Lord, Cajun - by Logan)

Roodaka, Goddess of Defining Her Race's Basic Traits
Click here 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Rhotuka spinner covered in swamp vines.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Action Girl, Defining her race's hat, The Vamp, Manipulative Bitch, More competent than Sidorak, Very Uncertain Loyalty, Non-Mammal Mammaries, Femme Fatalons, Shadow powers, transformations which reflect her personality, Gave Vakama leadership of the Visorak which he utilizes, Left Sidorak to be killed by Keetongu causing the Visorak to turn against her, Captured by the Order of Mata Nui and being forced to serve under them
  • Domains: Evil, Species, Shadow, Betrayal
  • Heralds: Her fellow brethren, the Vortixx.
  • High Priest: Oscar Mike
  • Followers: The Alternian Trolls, most races in Star Wars Legends, the Benthans, the Nibblonians, Sadlygrove, Guinan the Barkeep and the El-Aurians, the Goa'uld, M3 Green and the Nasat, Mr. Ray
  • Allies: Makuta Teridax, the Vahki serving Makuta, Queen Chrysalis
  • Rivals: The Spy, Lust the Lascivicious
  • Enemies: Mata Nui and The Toa, Amanda Waller, Vincent Brooks, Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Lelouch vi Britannia, Sheogorath, Izaya Orihara
  • Interested in: The FEV
  • Source of Interest for: The GUAE Mutation Lair
  • Evil Counterpart to: Brightwing
  • Roodaka is the dangerously alluring Queen of the Visorak who seeks to revive Makuta from his sealing by the Toa Metru. Later, the Visorak betrayed her after being persuaded by Toa Vakama and after her defeat, she was later captured by the Order of Mata Nui to do their dirty work. It is unknown if she was seen in Spherus Magna afterwards.
  • Makuta needed more of his influence in the Trope Pantheons and he knows who to ascend. He makes his case to the Court of the Gods that Roodaka fit Planet of Copyhats due to possessing traits that her fellow brethren also share. Not wanting to be needlessly blasted, the Judges reluctantly approve his request and Roodaka had officially ascended. Roodaka herself is glad and humbled that Makuta got her a position and now, they seek to bring Mata Nui down once and for all.
  • The Toa are not happy that Roodaka returned in their presences and are readying themselves to face her threat once more. Mata Nui is now worried that Teridax has increased his influence in order to take him down.
    • She's pretty neutral on the Vahki as long as they're being useful to Makuta and unfazed that Toa Nuparu stole back some Vahki to serve him. At least they won't leave her behind like the Visorak did before...
  • Due to her really uncertain loyalty (besides Makuta of course), Roodaka is often compared to the Spy, who also betrays anyone if it suits him. They're rivals more often than not, and you won't be seeing them getting along anytime soon.
    • She got captured by the Order of Mata Nui soon after her troubles in Metru Nui and was forced to serve them to do their dirty work. This made Roodaka distrustful of Amanda Waller, who also captures villains and made them go on suicide missions to do unfathomable objectives. Waller finds some value in Roodaka's abilities and is devising a plan to "coerce" her to cooperate, which is never happening in everyone's eyes.
  • Since she's also a vamp and Femme Fatale double package, Vincent Brooks stays very far away from her due to being reminded of Catherine; Roodaka thinks he's not worth her time. She did strike up a rivalry with Lust, since they have a lot in common but ultimately serve different superiors. They're not gonna be playing nice should their paths cross...
  • Since she turned the Toa Hagah into Rahaga for evil reasons, Roodaka gained enemies in Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen and Brightwing. Tiana and Naveen have been frogs for one adventure, and they REALLY don't want a repeat of that anymore while Brightwing is insulted that Roodaka turned good people into forms they don't even want or deserve and hopes to give her a taste of her own medicine soon.
    • The GUAE Mutation Lair is interested in her transformation powers and are considering inviting her in their group. Roodaka is flattered, but is not interested in their business since she's helping Teridax right now.
    • What she is interested in right now is Sheogorath's Daedric Artifact, the Wabbajack, as its powers are similar to the effects of her Spinner for good or for ill to the user. The problem lies in snagging it right under the Prince's nose without being on the wrong end of said staff, which is a trait easier said than done. While she is no slouch in the art of manipulation, the Mad God is perfectly capable of hatching plots to make those who oppose him look like total fools sometimes without even lifting a finger.
    • Teridax has told her about the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Its common use is turning others into hulking mutants (or simply killing them depending on the strain), though that hasn't stopped any truly horrific transformations from occurring; hearing this, Roodaka is now on board with that prospect. Though guarded in the Treasures, it hasn't stopped Evilutionary Biologists and other vagabonds from sneaking in anyways and Roodaka can simply track down specific strains from deities who have direct access to them such as the Think Tank and the Enclave.
  • Lelouch vi Britannia sees Roodaka as serious competition since she plans a lot and manipulates everyone around her like he did except Lelouch can justify it's all for reforming Britannia and protecting its people. Roodaka herself finds him a challenge since unlike Sidorak, he's dangerously competent to the max.
  • Roodaka is short on other allies... until she met Queen Chrysalis, who has a lot in common with her; the race that serve them betrays them at their final battles, they've used men in their own ways and having the same voice actress. Nowadays, their remaining loyalties now lie with each other since they don't have much allies and Teridax's okay with her too.
  • "Soon, Makuta..."

    Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva 
Sandra Wu-San, Patron Goddess of Dragon Ladies (Lady Shiva, Sandra Woosan/Woo-San/Wusan (formerly), Jade Canary, The Paper Monkey, Tengu/Tengu Mask, Master Woman, Agent Silver)

    Talia al Ghul 
Talia al Ghul, Goddess of Persian Baby Mamas (Talia Head, Leviathan, The Demon Star, Miranda Tate)


Coffin, Goddess of Sassy Black Women (Coffy, Mystique, Miss Stick)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her silhouette (take note of the afro)
  • Theme Songs: "Coffy is the Color", "Coffy Baby"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Sassy Black Woman, Afro Asskicker, Action Girl, going outside the law to eliminate drug lords, pimps and other scum, passes as a prostitute in an infiltration, a master of using the word "motherfucker", has a little sister that is not to be messed with, Blaxploitation
  • Domains: Action, Badassery, Snark, Black People, Revenge
  • Allies: T'Challa/Black Panther, Lisbeth Salander, John Hartigan, Marv, Dr. House
  • Enemies: Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, Kevin, Ethan Roark Sr. and Jr., Tony Montana, Walter White, The Son
  • Not so different from: Amanda Waller
  • Complex Relations: Jules Winnfeld, Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati
  • Feared by: Vincent Vega
  • Coffy is a whole lotta woman. She holds down an honest job as a nurse, but moonlights as a vigilante against the scum of society. It all started when Coffy's little sister was sold tainted heroin, leaving her with brain damage. Coffy tracked down the drug pusher responsible and his mob boss and brutally murdered them as revenge. She would have preferred to never have to do something like that again, but it was not to be as her childhood friend Carter, one of the only honest cops in town, was beaten into a coma by gangsters. From that point on she did not rest until she had the heads of the entire ring, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She also discovered her politician boyfriend Brunswick was in league with her targets, resulting in her punishing him with extreme prejudice and completing her revenge.
  • T'Challa took note of Coffy as an impressive African-American Action Girl who took justice into her own hands and rid society of some extremely vile people. He finds her motivation of revenge and sheer violence to be a little questionable, but he was still the main sponsor for her ascension, as characters who were significant landmarks in the representation of their people. Coffy was at first disbelieving and rather sarcastic at the whole concept of the Pantheon, but, seeing is believing. She wound up accepting her deification after hearing about all the drug dealers, pimps and assorted gangsters the Pantheon was teeming with, reasoning that someone had to clean up all that trash, and if someone hadn't done it yet, she would just have to, and hopefully that would eradicate their ilk from her universe. She's too tough to admit that she was at a loss what to do with her life after the massacre she committed, and with Carter in a coma and her sister still seriously ill.
    • T'Challa, while mostly supportive of Coffy and regularly getting her out of trouble with the law, still tends to give her stern lectures when her violent actions become too much for the superhero to take. They're mostly in one hear and out the other when it comes to Coffy though. The events in her life have made her far too cynical to go along with any caped idealism, and she is a big proponent of the "just shoot 'em" philosophy. It means her and T'Challa are often butting heads, but they're still pretty firmly on each other's side, no matter how strained it gets.
  • For starters, she learned there were quite a number of deities hailing from a certain Basin City, popularly known as Sin City due to being a deeply Wretched Hive. Sure enough, some of its most despicable inhabitants that made the city what it was are deified in the Pantheon. Coffy is determined to make them pay for their many and varied crimes and bring them down a peg or twenty, especially considering they consist of the city's mayor and his family/associates, who can get away with anything thanks to their status. Given her politician ex-boyfriend turned out to be a corrupt piece of work complicit with drug-dealers, this feels pretty personal to Coffy. Of course, the Roarks' crimes turned out to be even more monstrous than she could imagine, but this only spurs her on.
    • Fortunately it's not only trash that lives in Sin City. John Hartigan and Marv haven't lost their sense of morality, and much like Coffy they have taken up the role of vigilantes, given that was the only way to bring justice to a city where criminals are powerful enough to get away completely scot-free. Coffy isn't surprised at all that the Sin City cops are all crooked; it was the same thing where she lived, which has given her a bad opinion of cops in general. After hearing John Hartigan's story, though, she was reminded of Carter and now believes in his noble intentions. She's also unusually kind to Marv given his gentlemanly ways with women and his insecurity around them. Ultimately, vigilantes aren't really known for working in a team, but these three respect each other enough to exchange tips on targets and occasionally back each other up.
  • As the Pantheon is a place with much more advanced technology than Coffy is used to in her world, she has had to learn to adapt to it some in order to accomplish her goals. Thankfully, she proved to see eye-to-eye with a certain hacker called Lisbeth Salander after some run-ins with her, with Coffy getting impressed by the... creative ways the loner, diminutive girl dealt with criminals. Despite Lisbeth herself being rather unsociable to most people, she likes Coffy back for her no-bullshit attitude and way of doing justice, just the way the notoriously ferocious Lisbeth likes it. Therefore, the hacker is glad to teach Coffy all about new technology and how criminals take advantage of it, as well as how to use it against them. All-in-all, the two make a very fearsome combination.
  • Stopping drug-pushers from ruining people's lives with addiction is one of Coffy's major goals after what happened with her sister, so she is constantly at war with deities who are in that line of work. Deities with a place of honor in her hitlist include the following: Tony Montana, who built his empire on selling cocaine (he's also famously paranoid and therefore hard for Coffy to get to, not that it stops her from trying), Walter White, whose initial sympathetic motivations mean nothing to Coffy after his admission that he did it all for himself, and The Son, whose plans to revive his father's "business" may hit another snag thnaks to the newest vigilant in town.
  • Coffy is evidently angry that even a slave-driving plantation owner from the past century like Calvin is allowed a place in the Pantheon, and she loathes Stephen for his betrayal of his race to give himself a more comfortable position, reminding her too much of Brunswick. Once, she even schemed to infiltrate the Candie house by passing for a slave, and you bet your ass she unleashed hell in the place, including killing Calvin and Stephen. Not that death means much in the Pantheon, but it clearly sent the message to the Candie household that Coffy was going to be a sore spot for them in the long-run. Calvin and Stephen are pretty irate about a black woman getting one over on them, and plan on whipping her bloody if they can ever get their hands on her.
  • Occasionally she feels the need to stop by the House of Religion and Faith after a night of work. Once she met Jules Winnfeld by chance as he was taking a break from his usual roaming through the Pantheon. She was interested to hear his story of how he quit being a hitman for the mob after witnessing what he considered a miracle and started Walking the Earth afterwards. Jules himself had heard of Coffy and her work towards ridding the world of people like him (or like he used to be). Given his moment of clarity that changed his life, he wonders whether Coffy is living a good life killing people, even if those people are evil. He is ultimately neutral on the matter though, and doesn't stick his nose in her business. Coffy herself doesn't entirely trust him yet because of his past, though she doesn't mind talking to him once in a while.
    • She is pretty certain that his former colleague Vincent Vega is a goddamn doped-up idiot and not worth giving much thought even if he is still in league with the mob. Vincent himself is rather terrified (which Jules thinks is rather wise) at the prospect of having to deal with her at some point and has gone as far as considering calling it quits and going with Jules in his spiritual journey or whatever it is.
  • Amanda Waller has been known to visit Coffy on occasion, either to warn her to quit getting in her way with her vigilantism or to try to convince her to put her skills to use as a member of one of her taskforces. Coffy never goes along with this, obviously. She doesn't have much faith in the government, which is what Waller works for, and would certainly not appreciate having her movements controlled by her to such an extent. In fact, Coffy is not at all a fan of Waller's penchant for putting known criminals to use in important missions, firmly believing they either belong in a cell forever or with a bullet between their eyes (preferrably the latter). With that said, the two women share a lack of sentimentality and a ruthlessness that's rather uncommon in Waller's world of superheroes, and the two begrudgingly respect each other for that.
  • While in the Pantheon, Coffy has become aware that there exist gangsters who actually, actively want to do well by the people around them, and use their shady trade to that end. The whole notion seemed ridiculously contradictory to Coffy, but after being visited by Giorno Giovanna and Bruno Bucciarati, who explained to her their plans to discontinue the drug trade, she really started believing that anything was possible in the Pantheon. Mind you, she doesn't entirely trust those two, because at the end of the day they're still mafia, who're notorious for taking what they want at any cost. But there are certainly gangsters that are more important to take care of at this point and she's willing to give Giorno and Bruno time to prove themselves.
  • Beyond being a vigilante, Coffy also works in the House of Health and Diseases in her original capacity as a nurse. She's more than glad to clean up scum, but it's nice to have a more nurturing occupation to counterbalance it. The contrast of her two occupations is not lost on her. During her shifts in the House, she has grown used to Dr. House's jerkass behavior, to which she responds admirably with her own biting sass. Dr. House seems to respect her for it (and for being a competent nurse who can be a hard-ass when needed of course).

    Conrad S. Hauser/Duke 
Conrad S. Hauser, The All American God (Duke, A Real American Hero)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The American Flag shaped as a Badge.
  • Theme Song: The G.I. Joe Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolios: American Hero, Sergeant with Squad Members, Being a A Father to His Men (in later Continuities), Goodhearted Blond Guy (Except in the Movie Continuity Where He Has Black Hair But Still Good Guys), Heroes, liking Either Scarlett (in Some Animated Series) or The Baroness (in the Movie Series), Engineers (Renegades Continuity Only), Balanced Soldiers
  • Domains: War, Freedom, Glory, Law, Good
  • Heralds: His Fellow Joes (Joseph B. Colton/G. I. Joe William B. Clayton/Hawk, Shana M. O'Hara/Scarlett, Kimi Arashikage/Jinx, Ettienne R. LaFitte/Gung-Ho, Nicky Lee/Tunnel Rat)
  • High Priest: Frank Rock/Sargeant Rock
  • Allies: Snake Eyes, Optimus Prime, Hulk Hogan, Guile, Amuro Ray, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Cammy White, Jax Briggs, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Marvin F. Hinton/Roadblock (avatar of The Rock), Nick Fury.
  • Enemies: The Cobra (Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness), Megatron, Motonari Mori, Char Aznable, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, M. Bison, Balrog, Vega, HYDRA.
  • There was little doubt over who would receive this title. Duke is often seen as the face of the American Hero defending the world against terrorist threats. With his Badass Crew of GI Joes, they protect the country against the likes of Cobra Commander and his ilk. Yet it may come to a surprise that he is in fact not the leader. That title belongs to General Hawk. The two soldiers may have similar popularity, but the subsequent movies and cartoons have supplanted him as the main Joe in the Pantheon.
    • He is also not a wrestler. While it is true that many of his followers are wrestlers, no one could truly see themselves as the All-American Face of good. While Vince Mc-Mahon congratulated the man on his ascension, he has quietly paved the way for one of his wrestlers to take the title in case Duke vacates the temple. This has has not gone unnoticed from the Joes, and while they have not gone hostile on the WWE owner, they have kept ams length from him.
    • With that said, The Rock continues to stay friends with Duke, as he did an admirable job depicting Roadblock. The same goes to Hulk Hogan, who isn't always willing to ally himself with Mc-Mahon.
    • One of his closest allies, he was glad to see his friend Snake Eyes ascend after all his years. The more popular Joe, Snake Eyes if by far the Joe's best close-ranged fighter. Both are weary of the day Storm Shadow ascends.
  • As Hasbro is their creator, they claim the same universe as the Transformers. As such, he has made acquaintance with Optimus Prime, although the two don't always see eye-to-eye. Duke is suspicious letting a bunch of aliens operate without supervision. Still, the Autobots are better suited against the likes of Megatron and the Decepticons.
  • As expected, Duke and his crew have to take on various attacks from COBRA. Cobra Commander, Baroness and Destro have all been active in the Pantheon. However, the Joes have long since expanded operations to include all evil organizations. It doesn't help that COBRA has had a tendency of teaming up with various other organizations including the likes of Red Skull and HYDRA. The Joes have cooperated with the GUAG on multiple occasions to pool their resources.
    • Was interested in exporting some mechas from pilot Amuro Ray. That sort of technology would come a long way towards helping out against Char and his terrorist organization.
  • After Nick Fury ascended, he decided to team up with the Joes as associates. The two have similar agendas after all. The two agreed to cooperate, with the Joes performing more overt military force to Nick Fury's more subtle espionage.
  • Received a salute from Hal Jordan when the two first met. The Green Lantern has long been seen as the most pro-military member of the Justice League as well as superheroes in the Pantheon. A talented pilot, he also flew a few of their planes in order to be of use in case his ring fails him.
  • Got surprised when saw John McClane being mistaken for the legendary Joseph B. Colton for one notable reason.
  • As one of the proud American heroes in history, he gets well along with the likes of Captain America, Jax Briggs, Warhead and Guile.
    • In fact, he and Guile once teamed up to stop both Shadaloo and Cobra. It seems that they will team up again.
  • Despite their military bravado, Duke respects his fellow soldiers and treats them like his friends. He does not tolerate ingrates who wrongfully insult his men. That was why when Mori Motonari scoffed at Snake Eyes for being blind, Duke sent his ass packing, never to be associated with the Joes again. Mori did not take kindly to the rejection and he actively helps out COBRA in the hopes of bringing down the Joes.
  • Usually, he's blond in every continuity he appeared, however, a certain movie continuity shows him with black hair, courtesy of the man behind his avatar: Channing Tatum.

    Esmeralda (Disney) 
Esmeralda (The Disney edition), Goddess of Hot Gypsy Women and Deconstruction of the Madonna–Whore Complex (Angel, the gypsy, the siren, the devil)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Fashionable Asymmetry outfit with a tambourine
  • Theme Song: "God Help The Outcasts"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Combat Pragmatist by striking the groin, Dude Magnet (much to her discharge as she attracts Frollo's attention), Knight in Sour Armor, Barefoot Poverty, choosing to the fire over Frollo, different greatly from her source material (and much better for it)
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, Love, Personality
  • Heralds: Her family
  • Allies: Quasimodo, Riku, Sora, Princess Jasmine, Rose, Belle, Dokuro, Clopin
  • Enemies: JUDGE FROLLO, Akio Ohtori, Bambi Hughes, Gaston, Master Roshi, Garterbelt, Millennium, Johann Schmidt / Red Skull
  • Pities: Tenchi Masaki, Masaya Aoyama, Rito Yuuki, Ranma Saotome, Tatsumi
  • Pitied by: Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch, Magneto, Victor von Doom, any gods who suffered from racism and sexual harassment
  • Opposed: AJ Lee, Death the Kid (of course...)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Esdeath, Juvia Lockser, Zeus
  • Was given the house by the previous goddess of the position Rose because the latter wants to stay closer to her friend Cammy in the House of Costume, stating that managing two houses can be exhausting at time and admitted that even she can't make three men to have fallen into Love at First Sight like Esmeralda did in her time as a mortal. The two still remaining contact and friends after Rose learning about her story.
  • The aftermath of Frollo discovered about Esmeralda's ascension is... not pretty to say the least.
    • Frollo's immediate reaction is complete denial and disbelief of how a "filthy devilous siren in the guise of a gypsy" can go into this place. Esmeralda just spits in his face and then retorts that she isn't in the house where everyone visit would see how deprave and hypocritical he is. She then proceeds to kick him (repeatedly) in the crotch as pay back (due to now Frollo doesn't have any power and influence than he used to) for all the crime he did to her and her people during their time as mortal. No one's intervening.
    • Her ascension and subsequent beatdown of him now cost Frollo to increase his hatred on her (and by extension, gypsies) even more and sworn revenge. He thankfully still just planning as after learning about her story and that she is Frollo's sworn enemy, Esmeralda was offered protection from fellow Romani deities like Rose and Scarlet Witch as well as Magneto (who knows all too well how being executed for their lifestyle feels like), while Doctor Doom made sure that Esmeralda's fellow Romani friends can stay close to her and grant immunity for the crimes they did for their survival during Frollo's gypsy persecution.
  • After learning that her friend Quasimodo has a temple in the Pantheon, Esmeralda immediately goes to his temple to give him a hug as she is happy he found some place that people can accept him and look beyond his appearance.
  • Made enemies with Gaston due to how he gets along with Frollo and his harassment of Belle. This earned her point in the latter's book and the two strikes up a friendship over their share experience of having unwanted attention and being outcast because of their differences. She also bonds with Princess Jasmine after learning about Jasmine's history with Jafar.
  • Because of her history dealing with unwanted attention and sexual harassment, Esmeralda develops a hatred for any deities that have similar behaviors in their backstory. This includes Akio, Bambi, Roshi and Garterbelt. This is especially bad with Zeus as she witnessed how he frequently abuses his god status and power to commit his deeds.
  • While Esmeralda pities some of AJ Lee's backstory, she decides to stay away from the latter due to how batshit crazy she is.
  • Has mixed feeling about Juvia. While Esmeralda disliked some of her antics towards Grey, she is still very impressed that the water mage can still be friends with her "love rivals".
  • Has complicated feeling towards Esdeath. When first heard about her position, Esmeralda just rolls her eyes and assumes that she would be another deprave villain with an unhealthy lust-filled relationship. However, when she actually visited Esdeath's temple, Esmeralda discovered that she is genuinely in love with Tatsumi. Plus, one of Esdeath's action (namely botched Tatsumi's execution and whisked him away to make him fall in love with her) eerily reminds the gypsy of her own action toward Phoebus and Quasimodo towards her. However, Esdeath is such a Blood Knight and a firm believer of Might Makes Right that Esmeralda can't seem to find herself to befriend the villainess.
  • Despite the religious theme of her song and the fact that she sung it in a church, her song was not very popular in the House of Faith. Reason was given that in the song, Esmeralda bluntly admits that she doesn't truly believe in the deity she was praying to but instead just out of desperation for her people. However, it was very popular in the House of Friendship as they admired the fact that she didn't blame God for her own situation but instead prayed for others and happily adopt it into their house.
  • Got a good laugh when she saw Dokuro beating down Frollo. The two have since become friends, with Dokuro even helping to keep her enemy in line should the need rise.
  • Can also be found in Gender Roles.

Pocahontas, Goddess of Indian Maidens (Matoaka, Amonute, Rebecca Rolfe, "Playful One, Naughty One, Spoiled Child")
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The colored wind
  • Theme Song: Colors of the Wind
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Noble Savage, The Chief's Daughter, Rebellious Princess, Badass Pacifist, Dramatic Wind, famously protected John Smith, In Harmony with Nature, Outdoorsy Gal, Spirited Young Lady, Tomboy Princess, Wise Beyond Their Years
  • Domains: Native American, Nature, Wisdom, Wind
  • Followers: Tiger Lily, Cholena
  • Allies: The Disney Princesses, good deities in House of Nature, Sora, Fluttershy, Malfurion Stormrage, Thrall, Julia and Michelle Chang, Lyndis, Kallen Kozuki, Rexxar, Artemis
  • Enemies: Hedorah, Hexxus, Looten Plunder, Master Xehanort
  • Opposes: The House of War and conquerors
  • When she was chosen for ascension, she was originally going to share the title with Lyndis, however, the Court of the Gods decided that Lyndis will inherit The Chief's Daughter alone, while they considered giving her a different position. She didn't take the matter too personal as she remains good friends with Lyn.
  • Though she is one of the thirteen Disney Princesses, she doesn't appear as often as the others Princesses, in which she is not even a princess. In addition, she is a rather controversial person to the eyes of some deities and historians, so her appearing along side them could cause problems. Especially since some hooplas over her not looking Native American enough and looks a bit Asian. Regardless, she doesn't seem to mind as she is not really into royality and prefer being with the wilds.
  • Pocahontas tried to find other Native American deities but aside from other ethnic groups or fantasy equivalents, she found that there isn't really many that may be of her tribe or people. Though she did find Julia and Michelle Chang but isn't sure which group they belong to.
  • Because of her connection to the wild, she dislike those who would destroy these lands, either because they have the power to destroy it or ravage it for profit or just because. Though while she is not a warrior, she knows a lot of people that would viciously protect nature.
  • Some are speculating of how a burst of wind keep on appearing whenever Pocahontas make her appearance. According to some shamans, the wind is likely the spirit of her deceased mother.
  • Pocahontas opposes violence and war, and she will be the one to be sent to diplomatically settle things down before the conflict escalates into bloodshed. Not many of the House of Wars are happy with this.
    • She is also not proud about conquerors of other nations, as her tribe was inevitably forced out of their lands. She sympathizes all of those who have lost their lands and pride from these conquerors.
  • Her relation with the House of Love is... interesting. There is note that she was in love with the English explorer John Smith, except everyone knows that it is completely untrue. She married an English tobacco farmer named John Rolfe, in which she did recall marrying him later in her life, but aside from historians, not many people acknowledge this fact.