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In order to accommodate the increasing number of physicians in the Trope Pantheon, the Physicians sub-house was founded. Part of the Ward section of the House of Health and Diseases, this sub-house is made up of the doctor's offices of the large hospital, large enough to be considered temples. Suffice to say, most of the Pantheon's doctors, nurses, surgeons and veterinarians work here or at least have a secondary practice here. Patients should be careful as there's a good number of physicians with an unsavory reputation or are downright evil. Fabius Bile is considered the main reason why people don't want to come here, but there are plenty of good doctors to balance it out.


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Intermediate Gods

    Black Jack 
Black Jack, God of Surgery (Hazama Kuroo, Dr. BJ)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A scalpel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Do-Anything Doctors, Dr Jerks, Badass Longcoats, Morally Ambiguous Doctorates, Knowledge That It Never Gets Any Easier, Doing Anything He Possibly Can To Save People, Kicking Biology's Ass via Rule of Cool, Badass Bookworms, Screwing The Rules With Money, Televisually Transmitted Diseases, Proving That Someone Could Survive That
  • Domains: Craft, Healing, Knowledge, Retribution
  • Followers: Derek Stiles, Prisoner CR-S01, Markus Vaughn, Valerie Blaylock, Dr. Asada Ryutaro
  • Allies: Pinoko, Dr. House, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya
  • Enemies: SCP-542
  • Sprung fully formed from the brow of Osamu Tezuka and later ascended as part of a deal with O-Haruhi-Sama for operating on the cancerous mole on the back of Kyon's neck. Dr. Hazama works in conjunction with Dr. House, God of Medicine, on his holy mission to preserve life.
  • Black Jack is capable of operating anytime, anywhere, on anything, and under any conditions, period. Every character who has miraculously escaped death did so because Black Jack's intervention. He is to life what Ezio is to death.
  • He has the power to grant those he deems worthy the Healing Touch. All Caduceus facilities have shrines to him.
  • Took in a young woman to help him out with the GUAG Medical Division. Little is known about the woman; even her name is classified, and she mainly goes by her title (The Receptionist). But she seems to very important to not only Black Jack, but also to the pantheon as a whole.
    • She was later revealed to be Kairi.
  • When the Friendship Asylum came to be, Riku went in to put an end to this madness... but was critically wounded within the walls when his corrupted friend, Sora, bit him in the arms multiple times. Black Jack stepped in to operate on Riku in the hopes of putting him back into fighting shape, but the vermin from Sora's fangs got into Riku's blood, weakening his immune system during the surgery and ultimately allow a corrupted Sly Cooper to corrupt him with his All-Star Power. Black Jack blames himself for not being able to save Riku, but has agreed to prepare the GUAG Medical Division for anyone else wounded from that awful place.
    • As expected, several gods would need Black Jack to save them. One of these gods includes Sora, who nearly lost his leg in an explosion. Sora, who can see the goodness inside the otherwise stern doctor, is truly grateful for not only saving his leg, but also for protecting Kairi from the Darkness Proxy and reversing the damage he did to Riku while corrupted.
    • Another patient during this madness was Takatora, who was crushed to death by the Iron Giant and revived by Princess Peach.
  • Black Jack has absolutely no respect towards Caius Ballard for (in addition to destroying time in his universe) crushing Sora's crippled leg and burning down Dante Sparda's temple. He's sent the immortal guardian the bill for the resulting leg operation Sora had to go through after Riku and Dante explained the whole story.
  • Has come in contact with Hiiro Kagami, a Kamen Rider and fellow surgeon. Black Jack is very impressed that someone so young hold the title of greatest doctor in his own world.

    Fabius Bile 
Fabius Bilenote , God of Medical Experimentation (The Primogenitor, The Clonelord, Chem-master, The Manflayer, Pater Mutatis, Fabulous Bile, Bob (call him that at your peril))

    Plague Knight 
Plague Knight, God of Plague Doctors (Plague Butt, Plaguey (only by Mona), Dyna Knight)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Plague Doctor mask
  • Theme Song: Flowers of Antimony, The Vital Vitriol. When sufficiently infuriated, The Science Wizard
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: left-handed, utilizes customizable bombs, Giggling Villain, supposedly weak and cowardly, only looks like a Plague Doctor, looks better as a player character, litters his speech with "Hee!"s, Anti-Hero Of His Own Story, Burst Jump with various implements, Bad Boss, had difficulty expressing his feelings for Mona, gets covered in Troupple ichor for his armor upgrades, Deadpan Snarker, Difficult, but Awesome to use compared to Shovel Knight, can dance the tango, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Smoke Out, has an agenda outside the Order of No Quarter, can conjure Temporary Platforms with his Vat Arcana, talks dirty before fighting, hailed as a hero at the end of his story, tall as a boss, short as a Playable Character
  • Domains: Science, Magic, Alchemy, Explosives, Potions
  • High Priestess: The Hamlet's Plague Doctor
  • Allies: Mona His Girlfriend, Crow, SCP-049, Junkrat, The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon, Shield Knight
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation
  • Rivals: Green Goblin
  • Opposed by: Shovel Knight at least before he heard of his reasoning for his adventure, Specter Knight
  • Plague Knight ascended at the conclusion of his DLC, "Plague of Shadows". Shovel Knight was not happy to see him ascend, though Plague Knight doesn't seem to mind much aside from the fact that Shovel Knight had attacked him from behind twice after Plague Knight defeated him first. Plague Knight also called him out for not actually being the knightly paragon he is due to this and abandoning the Order of No Quarter to dangle after defeating them in a Boss Rush instead of pulling them up.
  • Upon further analysis of their tales, Plague Knight reveals that the source of Shovel Knight's relics are from Plague Knight, courtesy of trading them away to Chester, who in turn sold them to Shovel Knight. Needless to say, Shovel Knight was surprised with this revelation, and Plague Knight was a bit miffed that he indirectly helped him.
    • Plague Knight was also responsible for the destruction of the Tower of Fate, not Shovel Knight by defeating the Enchantress as previously thought.
  • As an alchemist, he's given leery stares in the House of Commerce, given that he can fake gold. Fortunately for them, gold isn't the only currency in the Pantheon.
    • Plague Knight also does a lot of work regarding chemicals, though poison strangely isn't part of his arsenal. He refuses to supply a reason as to why, but he's planning to make a few visits to the Toxicity sub-house of Nature and start by consulting with Coco of that House.
  • The SCP Foundation once mistook him for SCP-049 and thought it escaped, resulting in a brief scuffle with its agents. It stopped shortly after confirming that 049 was still in containment, but Plague Knight is still cross with them.
    • He actually did get the chance to meet up with the original SCP-049, and was thankful to find out that not only he sees Plague Knight as a fellow Plague Doctor, but it not willing to touch him, which considering the title he has, is a massive relief to him.
      • The same can't be said for his assistant, Mona, but Plague Knight can just simply touch her to "heal" her, and lead her back to his temple to let her "rest", which seems to please SCP-049 enough to consider Plague Knight Mona's personal doctor.
  • While not actually a practitioner of medicine, Plague Knight has forged kinships with a few of the Pantheon's doctors, though most of them are the… less morally-inclined, like the Medic.
  • Some nights in his temple, tango music can be heard, and shadows indicate that he dances to it. He denies all claims, though.
  • Why does he call himself Plague Knight, even though he doesn't really have much to do with disease or poison, aside from his Plague Doctor mask? "Chemist Knight" doesn't sound nearly as cool.
  • Has gained an alliance with Crow over a fondness for explosions, although Crow doesn't fully like the idea of him being an Anti-Hero. But seeing how Plague Knight was so dedicated to his own second-in-command, Mona, that he went on his adventure to get her to love him, Crow's willing to let it slide (likely because of his potential feelings for his own secretary, Becky.
  • Nobody really noticed it, but Plague Knight has been hiding in his temple and only traveled to the Court of the Gods for a while. This is because he was busy trying to ascend his herald, Mona, who is also his love interest. He was getting nowhere at first, then Shovel Knight, who overheard some heroic deities wishing for something a bit more fun in the Pantheon, to decide to petition for her ascension as the goddess of short side games, and succeeded in that regard. Shovel Knight also told Mona at her ascension to be wary of Plague Knight.
    • He was alerted of her ascension when she bombed the House of Music and had her name be readable in smoke clouds. Not too long after, within said house, he and Mona were dancing within a gentle purple fog. Some deities took notice of them, and decided to just simply leave them be. He later went to Shovel Knight and thanked him for ascending his herald. Shovel was confused at why Plague Knight was acting kind to him, only for Plague to confide in him that she is actually Plague Knight's girlfriend, as well as telling him why he went through with his own journey. It was than Shovel Knight decided to drop his suspicions of him, though Shovel occasionally warns him to not cause too much trouble. Plague Knight just rolls his eyes and goes with it.
    Plague Knight: I-I'm not out to rule the world. Heh. I just want to become stronger, and maybe then, she'll love me.
  • He was immediately excited upon the premise of a House of Explosives, but was disappointed when he found out that a good number of members there just buy their explosives instead of making their own. Because of this, Plague Knight and Mona opened up a tutoring school to teach them how to create their own bombs and explosives, and while some members of the house did indeed sign up, most just prefer their own way of explosives. He did become allies with Junkrat however, who does make his own explosives, and Plague Knight is impressed with his Rip-Tire. He and Mona also became members of the Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon.
  • One day while on his way over to the House Of Explosives, he overheard Shovel Knight talking about his trouble with trying to ascend his own girlfriend, Shield Knight, as well as what happened to her and her time as the Enchantress. Despite feeling like Shovel Knight repaid his debt from Plague Knight unknowingly giving him the relics via Chester with ascending Mona, they both felt bad for Shovel Knight and decided to help ascend Shield Knight for Shovel Knight. Needless to say, he was surprised to find out what Plague Knight did but still was thankful to him, even helping him out with how to be a good boyfriend for Mona as thanks. Meanwhile, Shield Knight is thankful for Plague Knight attacking the Enchantress and forcing her to give up some essence, essentially making Shovel Knight's fight with her a bit easier.

SCP-2295, God of Do-Anything Doctors (The Bear with a Heart of Patchwork, Kairos the Bear, The Bear with a Patchwork Heart)
SCP-2295 in an inactive state
  • Intermediate Deity by Pantheon standards. Safe by SCP Standards.
  • Symbol: Its heart pin
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Can Fix Any Organic Damage With Cloth Except For Brain Damage, Regenerative Stuffing (But Not Fabric), The Voiceless, Living Toys, Pulling Stuff Out Of Nowhere, Fingerless Hands, Friend to All Children, The Voiceless
  • Domain(s): Teddy Bears, Healing, Patchwork
  • Followers: Dr. Mid-Nite III/Pieter Anton Cross, Night Nurse (Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins, and Christine Palmer), Dr. Jack Shephard, Dr. Karin Chakwas, The Dragon Doctors (as a team)
  • Allies: Most of its neighbors in the House of Health and Diseases, but especially Dr. Black Jack, Baymax, and Mordin Solus, Dr. Tenma (since he can treat brain damage, which it can't), Ginko, Trafalgar Law, Dr. Stephen Strange, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Nurse Joy, Dr. McNinja, Pooh, The Cast of Toy Story, Kanji Tatsumi, Naughty Bear
  • Under Watch of: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: Lotso
  • Frequent Patients: Fred
  • Distrusted by: Dr. House
  • Opposes: Fran Madaraki, SCP-542, Sora Shiun'in
  • The ascension of SCP-2295 happened because of one fateful event. During a containment breach near where 2295's locker was located (actually, it was a sharknado), during the incident, Agent J ended up with several grievous internal injuries, with no medics or healers in sight. Being the closest who can do something about it, and. because its locker got busted open, 2295 immediately got into action and began operating. It was a success, and Agent J was able to recover.
    • Sometime after that event, the Court of the Gods approached the Foundation with a notice of an ascension of one of their SCPs. Given several of theirs have taken positions already, most from containment breakout, but some from other methods, this wasn't new, and after hearing which SCP was to be selected, upon hearing it was 2295, the Foundation made the necessary arrangements to move the SCP's containment location to the House of Health and Diseases.
  • It can use cloth to create perfectly functional replicas of almost any organ and replacements for damaged skin. The only thing it can't fix is damaged brain tissue. And non-human organs, but as soon as 2295 learned the intricacies of those, it was able to replicate organs of those, too.
    • (should I add this) For some reason, he's also been able to repair broken toys that are sentient. It's just that he never had a reason to since he was not given a chance to try with the other SCPs while he was in the Foundation.
  • It can pull certain objects out of nowhere, including scissors, thread, sewing needles, a crocheting hook, and a king-size chocolate bar, but it requires pre-existing cloth to make organ and skin replacements.
  • 2295 is the go-to medic for children, given him being a belevolent Teddy bear. The House of Childhood and Adolescence adores him for being so nice and playful with its residents.
  • Has once attempted to treat Raistlin Majere's incurable cough the way it usually does, but hasn't been able to get the time to do so before a child's cry for help compels it to treat them first.
    • Has expressed similar interests in helping Patchouli Knowledge with her health, though like with Raistlin, he always gets distracted by a younger deity needing medical attention.
  • Kanji finds him adorable and when he heard the bear needs cloth to heal others, Kanji would happily supply him with some cloth (given 2295 can't spontaneously make his own) since at least more kids would be a lot happier.
  • Opposes Sora Shiun'in since his deck perverses stuffed toys and thus, scaring children away.
  • Was a bit apprehensive of Naughty Bear at first due to coming across as scary, but later found him harmless once Naughty befriended him.

Lesser Gods

    Dr. Gil Grissom 
Dr. Gilbert Grissom, God of Forensics (The Bug Man, Gruesome Grissom)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A single fingerprint
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Bunny Ears Forensics Scientist, Cool Old Guy, Friend to Bugs, Innocently Insensitive, Quip to Black, Science Hero, Silver Fox, The Spock, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Law, Good, Vermin, Repose
  • Followers: Don & Charlie Eppes, QuincyME, Peter Boyd, Megan Hunt
  • Heralds: Horatio Crane, Mac Taylor, Avery Ryan
  • Allies: The House of Justice, especially and Chris Hansen, The subhouse of Insects, Spock, Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth
  • Enemies: Norma Desmond, Hannibal Lecter, The Joker, Professor Moriarty
  • Opposes: Walter White, Freddy Krueger, Gregor Clegane, The Fairy King
  • Opposed by: Jack the Ripper
  • Special Relationship: Will Graham and Clarice Starling
  • Initially offered the title Snarky Criminal Investigators, Gil initially declined the offer, waiting his time while letting others take over the organization he made famous. Now with the franchise at an end, he decided to make a spot in the Pantheon for his innovation forensics work.
  • He is adored in the House of Justice, particularly for his innovating ways to use forensics to solve crime. Some of the more cynical gods point out that these rules do not work in real life. Then again, few people care nowadays.
  • His influence spawned various amount of followers, even inspiring organizations in Miami and New York. Both of those leaders serve Gil as his heralds. A cyber division in Washington gained their own herald, even though her adventure was short lived.
  • The title for high priest was a hotly contested affair. After going through various applications, he decided on Dr. Brennan as his "high priestess". He was impressed with her stoic nature, her long-lasting series, and her brutal honesty as well as being damn good in a fight. She was also one of the few who was fine with his love of insects.
    • Eventually, he managed to find a spot for her in the Pantheon, also ascending her partner Agent Booth in the process.
  • Few in that house were more elated with his ascension than Gibbs. He sees Gil as an inspiration to his organization as well as the NCIS franchise. Contrary to popular belief, the two haven't met in an actual crossover. That has not changed with the two working together.
  • One of the first places he visited? The subhouse of Insects. The forensic scientist is a huge fan of Insects, pleasing the deities there greatly. He even volunteered to reserve a part of his temple as a sanctuary for bugs. Even the evil-aligned gods balk at harming him, realizing they don't have many human allies to begin with.
  • Over the years, Gil has become more distant at times, displaying little emotion at even the most dire of times. Naturally, that allowed him to be allies with Spock.
  • No one wants his head on a platter more than Jack the Ripper. Gil is infamous with the ease he has in gathering evidence in corpses, no matter how tiny the clue can be. His techniques have made it all the more difficult for Jack's followers to get away with murder. This cumulated with the Serial Killer attacking Gil in his temple. It was only the intervention of the House of Justice that saved Gil's life.
  • While he works tirelessly against the Houses of Crime and Villains, he holds a special place of contempt to drug dealer, pedophiles and wife beaters. While the latter two do not have patrons to the cause, the first group have Walter White to thank for their services. As such, he has no sympathy for the man despite his gradual slide into full villainry.Gil has singled out this man to persecute and put to jail, if he doesn't beat the hell out of him first.
    • There are plenty of those who qualify for the latter two, including Freddy, Gregor and the Fairy King. He works hand in hand with Chris Hansen put their followers behind bars.
  • Made an enemy of Norma Desmond after becoming a major player in her arrest. namely identifying the gun used to shoot Joe Gillis as her own. She now uses her stardom to smear his organization, though no one will give her credit to ending the CSI franchise.
  • No one has broken even his stoicism as much as Hannibal Lecter. His gruesome murders took an herculean effort for him not to hurl. The only reason he hasn't vouched for his death is due to the valuable information he gives out to Will and Clarice. He has warned them against working with the madman, but understood their reasoning. He just hopes that Hannibal doesn't end up disposing of the two.
  • He may not be able to save every girl from serial killers, but the effort is more than enough to earn thanks from FinalGirls Laurie and Sidney. Many of their surviving followers have been saved thanks to the investigation of his followers.
  • Often works with Batman one some of Gotham's more gruesome murders, many of which courtesy of the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime has not taken this man's arrival lightly. He once rigged a body with his signature Joker Venom. Luckily, Batman left an antidote for Gil to use before he laughed himself to death.
  • More than a few deities have compared him to Sherlock Holmes, a term he takes as a compliment. Indeed, the two enjoy the other's company, working together in certain cases. This comparison extends to his nemesis; Moriarty hired Paul Millander in order to mess with Gil.
  • '"Why did I join CSI? Because the dead can't speak for themselves."

    Litchi Faye-Ling 
Litchi Faye Ling, Goddess of Boobies and Gorgeous Doctors (Dr. Faye Ling, Boobie Lady, Boobzilla, Rackula)

    Madam Pomfrey 
Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Goddess of School Nurses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Hogwarts Hospital Wing
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: School Nurse, The McCoy, Team Mom, Prioritizes Her Students' Safety, Doesn't Ask Questions, Kept Remus Lupin's Werewolf Condition A Secret, Stops Harry From Going Further When He Needs Hospital Rest, Effective Duelist Despite Her Line Of Work, Set Off At Mud In The Hospital Wing, Alliterative And Meaningful Name
  • Domain(s): Schools, Medicine, Magic
  • High Priestess: Shizuka Marikawa
  • Followers: Nurse Krutcher and Nurse Shannon, Ahn Eun-young, Mr. Edogawa, Keiko
  • Allies: All Hogwarts staff and students, particularly Minerva McGonagall and Harry Potter, Hisao Nakai and the Katawa girls, Mikan Tsumiki, Celica A. Mercury, Asia Argento, Florence Nightingale
  • Enemies: All who would put Hogwarts or her students to harm (the Death Eaters are in this list by default), Nurse Ratched, Horde Prime
  • Opposes: Dolores Umbridge, Dementors
  • As it is known, for all its wonders, the Pantheon is rife with danger. This includes the Elysium Academy, and it was high time that a medic was on call to treat the students. Professor McGonagall knew just the one, and arranged for the ascension of Hogwarts's own nurse, Madam Poppy Pomfrey. In her eyes, there's no one more reliable than her.
  • As for who exactly she is, Madam Pomfrey is the school nurse of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, having worked there as matron as early as before 1971, where she was a confidant in regards to Remus Lupin's werewolf condition. Between that and Harry's enrollment, she's treated all manner of maladies afflicted on the students. Harry himself has ended up visiting her at least once a year due to his adventures.
  • Upon her ascension, the medical wing in the Elysium Academy got a significant revamp, and Pomfrey was familiarized with the other methods of healing present.
    • That said, due to bureaucratic policies, and because there aren't enough non-student non-teacher school representatives yet, (one of) her official temple(s) is at the Social & Recreational Work sub-House, much to her and McGonagall's annoyance. Minerva intends to change that eventually. There's also another one at the Physicians sub-house.
    • As a policy, given the strange things that tend to happen in regards to magic, and given just how much crazier things can happen in Elysium Academy, Pomfrey is known never to ask questions on how the students get their injuries, unless they tell her of their own free will.
  • Is extremely proficient in the art of healing magic and the administering of potions for treatment, and thus has a lot of ways to heal injured students. She's also a proficient enough wand duelist to defeat at least one Death Eater and survive the onslaught of many more.
  • Due to their illnesses/conditions requiring routine checkups, Hisao Nakai and the Katawa girls are regular visitors.
  • As a fellow School Nurse, Mikan Tsumiki is another of Pomfrey's allies, and the two sometimes cooperate during busier disaster days in Elysium, and it helps that Tsumiki is an extremely talented nurse.
  • While not a school nurse, Celica A. Mercury is a mage who specializes in Healing Magic and once enrolled in a Wizarding School. The Chrono Phantasma likes to help, but is usually unable to due to being unable to find the medical wing by herself.
  • Pomfrey also got to know Asia Argento and Florence Nightingale due to their similar lines of work. She especially respect the latter's influence in the importance of cleanliness for medical work.
  • Like every nurse with some sense of morality, Pomfrey loathes Nurse Ratched for her ruthless methods in treating and controlling her patients.

    The Medic 
The Medic, God of Top-Priority Target Healers (Pocket Medic, Mr. Ludwig)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Medigun on the "Über" setting, his dove Archimedes, or a Red/Blue cross on an Orange background.
  • Theme Song: A Little Heart to Heart, Archimedes and MEDIC!
  • Alignment: VERY Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deadly Doctors, Mad Doctors, Back Alley Doctors, Combat Medics, Mad Scientists, Dr. Jerk, Badass Longcoats, (lack of) Morally Ambiguous Doctorates, Herr Doktors, Ha ha haa, OKTOBERFEST, No. 1 Target
  • Domain: Healing, Life, Death, Madness, Chaos, War, Science
  • Followers: Every single Painboy
  • Herald: Archimedes, his dove
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Spy, The Pyro, Angela Ziegler/Mercy
  • Enemies: Gray Mann, Merasmus, Monoculus and the HHH, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse
  • Opposed by: DHUUM, Isaac Clarke and the likes of Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Opposes: Nurgle
  • Odd Friendship: The Inspector
  • Respects: John Carmack
  • How did the Medic ascend? Well, let's just say that many gods couldn't think of a candidate that also had Mad Scientist properties. And then, there is the Medic. A Mad Doctor, Mad Scientist with no medical license. The gods chose him thanks to his personality of being bloodthirsty with human flesh (with magic).
    • Is also the third-to-last of the Mercs to ascend (Scout and Sniper followed after). When asked, he said this:
    "Vell itz a long-story, but I vas carring loads of bodies to azzimilate my- Oo, more live subjects…
  • The Medic does not have a medical license to practice medicine. However, there's a VERY good reason for this fact. Go ahead, ask him about that one time a patient's entire skeleton went missing.
    "Eh, what zhould I care vor. I told you zhis is a side effect. Nothing else. Now shoo shoo."
    • Only one person seems to have any idea why he lost his license, and that's his 'classmate', Angela Ziegler/Mercy. Safe to say that she thought he looked more like a Mad Scientist that enrolled into the wrong school. The Medic actually remembered that one time they were actually competing about top grades of the class, but then Mercy's more compassionate attitude won the teachers over, and The Medic's continuous crazy antics got him kicked out and his license revoked.
    "Bah, zat little girl has no idea how restricting lizenzes can be in expanding ze borders ov HEALING."
  • After a short review of his profile, it was decided that Harmful Healing wasn't an appropriate title for him, and that he take Shoot the Medic First instead. He was a bit miffed at this, seeing it as pointless since he won't be changing houses, though it does leave Harmful Healing open for another deserving deity.
  • It's true that no god in the Pantheon can deny that The Medic is the fastest healer there is, being able to heal someone to fighting strength in mere seconds. However, it's also true that every god bar his good friend Heavy (and maybe the rest of the Mann Co. Mercenaries) would rather be healed by ANYONE ELSE before The Medic, and only resort to him when there's no alternatives left.
    • Unless the Medic is out fighting, in which case it's fine. It's his procedures on the operating table that make everybody else fear him.
    • Aside from that though, he is known by many enemies for his extreme healing potential and influence in battle. Unfortunately, this has gotten himself into being gunned down first. His existence practically solidifies the Shoot the Medic First rule, and that was what became his new title.
  • Hates, hates, hates Nurgle in a large aspect. The fact that his plagues have left his test subjects (and even himself) into a rotting coma already proves it. Luckily, he has been improving the Übercharge to take him down personally, though he will need help with other gods if he wants to achieve such a feat.
  • Constantly fights with Eirin Yakogoro for many reasons, being a Mad Scientist, always having live test-subjects and complaining to him that people are not toys to be played with. He just ignores her though, calling her a nuisance.
  • If its one person that fears the Medic, it would be Mitsuru Kirijo. While he has no idea why she doesn't like him, she has a heavy fear towards doctors who DON'T follow the Hippocratic Oath. And unfortunately, Medic is one of those people, having been raised in Stuttgart during an era when the Hippocratic Oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic Suggestion.
  • Practically the only Mad Scientist that everyone can handle. Unlike most of them, he isn't truly insane and still have his morals. This is the reason why he isn't being killed yet by Engineer. However, Isaac Clarke still has his sights on him.
  • He went to the House of Technology to see if there was anyone who would participate in his "weekly experiments". While it was a failure, he did have one bond with another Mad Scientist, Kokonoe.
    • Turns out, both of them have been bonding with each other after said event. Reports have confirmed that Medic is somehow testing his Übercharge technology on IRON TAGER. This made many gods very nervous as they know that a raging Tager with Nigh-Invulnerability is already enough to take down two-thirds of the Pantheon and a death-sentence to anyone unfortunate enough to be on its path.
    • Kokonoe even admitted that Medic's shenanigans have calmed her down of her revenge-ridden personality and has started becoming Medic's personal aid. After all, she is having a lot of fun with his experiments.
  • Surprisingly, he has a large addiction with money. Often, he shouts it out loud especially in the House of Commerce. The Mercs have closed his mouth every time he says this because they don't want their cover to be blown, especially since Gray Mann is in the premises. They still find it funny though.
  • Notable for being a medic while having no interest in healing anyone. It's just more convenient for his test subjects to not die on him while he experiments.
    • Speaking of experiments, there have been instances where the patient asks if the Medic seems to have an idea in what he is doing. His response:
  • We dare you, mock the Medic for his support role, or even call him useless. He's not hesitant to put your face under the edge of his bonesaw.
  • For some odd reason, whenever the Inspector is not at his work, the Medic occasionally takes his place. While he likes to insult some of the entrants, he does a surprisingly good job.
  • Is also the other leader (besides Black Jack) of the House's Surgery Team. Don't ask how or why he gained such rank.
  • Although he takes no part in creating species, he is heavily angered that the House of Beasts are complaining so much to him about a group of cardboard "species" that imitate his voice. He becomes more irritated when they keep saying that one word:
  • It should be noted that Medic is, in fact, not a Nazi, no matter how much people would led to believe based on his place of birth and the era in which he was raised.
    • Unfortunately, this became his personal vendetta since almost everyone is calling him a Nazi. Ironically though, The Red Skull and Deathshead's influence was the main reason behind this. He thanked the Soldier though, for giving them revenge on the first day of his ascension.
  • Used to be a member of the GUAE Mutation Lair. However, after he got enough resources to continue his projects, he immediately switched to the GUAC The Lab. Melkor was not pleased after losing a powerful doctor.
    • He did comment on the situation saying that:
    "Ah, I remember zhe last time I did something like zis. When I was with Gray and ze old Mercs, testing new organs and modifying test-subjects. Zhen I left, cause I got all that I needed. Niche story huh?
  • It's been revealed that Medic had made a Deal with the Devil for his monstrous medical ability, and he has re-negotiated on that deal. It's also been revealed that he somehow managed to surgically add eight souls to himself. Never mind that souls aren't the most physical thing to even hold, let alone transplant, he still managed to do it. Many evil doctors have now been making attempts to learn his secret, while the good ones are doing everything they can to keep them away.
  • The Medic been known to celebrate the first day of every month, screaming the name of day in the tune of a song. Unfortunately he got hit by a train during the celebration of may first, but he got better.
  • The Medic cherishes doves, and his favorite, Archimedes, serves as his herald. Doves as a species are his protectorate, and woe unto those who would harm the birds, as Classic Heavy learned the hard way.
  • He and Mercy once engaged in a rap battle. The rap battle kept getting interrupted by their teams needing healing and the rap concluded with both healers realizing they were getting sick of their teammates not properly assisting them and (temporarily) quitting their healing jobs.
  • While he is on generally good terms with Aerith Gainsborough, his Mad Scientist tendencies and experiments give her unpleasant reminders of Professor Hojo. In the Medic's case, the fact that he does genuinely heal people seems to be his saving grace.
    • She has managed to stay friends with both Mercy and the Medic. The two are huge rivals, yet neither could bear to put her in the crossfire. Chalk it up to Aerith for knowing how to navigate through that landmine.
  • "Now? (chuckle)… Let's go practice medicine."

    Tony Tony Chopper 
Tony Tony Chopper, God of Combat-Capable Medics (Tanuki, Cotton Candy-Lover, Dr. Chopper, Cho-niki)
Various Points 

Monster Point 

  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in his Monster Point)
  • Symbol: His fluffy pink top hat (which was once Dr. Hiruluk's)
  • Theme Songs: The doctor will see you now! (The video also contains one of the sadder songs associated with him.); for battle, "Shinkenshoubu!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Combat Medic, Badass Adorable, I Am Not Weasel, Breakout Character, Cowardly Lion, Dark and Troubled Past, The Determinator, Ditzy Genius, Genius Sweet Tooth, Happy Dance, Nice Hat, Speaks Fluent Animal, The Strategist, Swiss Army Hero, Uplifted Animal
  • Domains: Healing, Beasts, Combat, Shapeshifting
  • High Priest: Autobot Ratchet
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Crocodile, Sakazuki, Doflamingo, Eneru, the rest of the aforementioned Think Tank
  • Follower: Joseph Turner/Jericho
  • Conflicting Opinion of: Boa Hancock, Valentine, The Medic
  • Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, is also a skilled fighter, especially after having improved his transformations (which were courtesy of the Zoan-type Devil Fruit known as the Human-Human Fruit, or Hito-Hito no Mi) to become more effective. He improved them during the two years he and the rest of the crew agreed to use to get strong enough to survive in the New World. He has seven transformations: Walk Point (his full reindeer form), Brain Point (his tiny, child-like half-way point), Heavy Point (his humanoid form), Guard Point, Horn Point, Kung Fu Point (a combination of the Jumping Point and Arm Point that Chopper had before the two-year timeskip), and Monster Point.
  • He was once a reindeer calf born with a blue nose; for this reason, he was forced to stay far behind the herd. When he stumbled upon and ate the Human-Human Fruit, he was cast out entirely from the herd. For a long time, his only friends were a kind-hearted quack named Dr. Hiruluk (who died a short time after they met, much to Chopper's heartbreak) and a grouchy doctor (with a heart of gold) named Kureha. It wasn't until the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Drum Island, where Chopper lived, that the little human/reindeer would find actual friends (as opposed to foster parents like Hiruluk and then Kureha).
  • When Ace had ascended to the Pantheon, he was as greatly surprised and overjoyed as the rest of the crew, except for Luffy, who was more of both than any of them.
    • He had already met the other friends Luffy made during the period of time the crew was separated. He was grateful to them for keeping Luffy alive, though his feelings about Hancock are a little mixed. Even though she helped Luffy in a big way, she was still generally pretty rude and egotistical.
    • On the flipside, he can't forgive Sakazuki for making Luffy lose his mind by killing Ace in front of him. His opinion on all the other ascended enemies of the Straw Hat Pirates hasn't changed, except that he's rather surprised that Crocodile helped Luffy. Less so when Ivankov explained that he was holding "Croco-boy's" reputation hostage, though this did intrigue Chopper a little bit.
  • Mordin Solus is a brilliant doctor, and while Chopper doesn't have much interest in Solus's official (in the Pantheon, if nowhere else) area of expertise, he nonetheless sees the alien physician as a trusted ally in the medical field.
  • He feels a kinship with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner for several reasons: Not only are they both expert scientists, but Chopper knows what it's like to have a superpowered side that can't be controlled. Chopper has vowed to find a way to help Bruce control the Hulk to some degree, and has thus began studying Dr. Banner's gamma-irradiated cells.
  • He also feels a bond with Rudolph, for different reasons. Namely, his and Rudolph's stories are rather similar; both are reindeer that were rejected by their kind for their unusual nose. The difference is that Rudolph never happened upon a fruit that transformed him; instead, he managed to find acceptance because of his nose, whereas Chopper managed to make friends despite his nose. Either way, while Rudolph is sad that Chopper wouldn't be accepted by his herd again, he's happy the Straw Hat doctor managed to find not only friends, but a family.
    • And for those curious: Chopper's thoughts when he first saw Rudolph's glowing nose?
    Chopper: That's so coooool~!
  • Chopper isn't sure what to make of Valentine or Mr. Ludwig the Medic. On the one hand, both have done horrible things and claim to be doctors. On the other, there are the following facts:
    • In Valentine's case, Chopper has been informed — no one knows who his informant was — that she isn't as wicked as she acts. The mysterious informant had no evidence to confirm this, but Chopper is easy to convince. However, even though he's not as cowardly as he was two years ago, he's still too intimidated by her to ask her anything. It's just as well; Valentine is known for being tight-lipped.
    • In the Medic's case, Chopper is horrified by the man's...unorthodox method of surgery — not to mention the sadistic glee he takes in his profession — but he can't deny his effectiveness. He's even brought people back from the dead — in earnest, as opposed to Dr. Hogback's method. Still, the fact that this Medic makes people afraid of being healed leaves a bad taste in the little reindeer's mouth, so most of his mixed feelings are negative.
  • He found the Think Tank a bizarre group of bad people. Chopper is appalled by their amoral way of thinking, especially Dr. Dala, who is supposedly an expert in medical science. The only one among them that the so-called "Cotton Candy-Lover" could call an ally is Dr. Mobius, the most sane — and only moral — individual among them. If he ever visits the Think Tank, it's for Mobius.
  • Chopper has an unspoken kinship with Morgana.

Valentine, Goddess of Deadly Doctors (Valerie, The Bloody Valentine, Medsestra)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fuchsia-coloured medical cross.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (actually more like Neutral Good)
  • Portfolio: Deadly Sexy Nurses, McNinja out of Foreign Culture Fetish, Cross-shaped Pupils, Badass Normal or Badass Abnormal, Honey Trap, though Asexual, Good All Along
  • Domains: Doctors, Ninjas, Moles
  • Allies: The Medic, Ahri, Suzune, Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Opposed by: Painwheel (oh, so much), Peacock, Litchi Faye-Ling
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: Bloody Marie, Double, Squigly, Parasoul
  • Originally this seat was held by Mordin Solus. However, further studies showed that Mordin doesn't use his medical knowledge to harm people (aside of one time, but he regrets those events). As such, his position was given to Valentine, a non-Japanese ninja who uses medical tools to bring out the pain.
  • Is good allies with the Medic. Where the former is interested by the latter's Medigun, the latter is interested how the former can bring people back up with defibrillators.
  • She and Litchi Faye-Ling don't seem to see eye-to-eye as where both share one thing in common, the former created a monster (Painwheel) where as the latter tries to save a monster (Arakune). However, since both were essentially Forced into Evil, they might be Not So Different.
    • There is also funny thing about them: both of them sound like Arfoire
    • Lately, Valentine has gained a quirk that she gained an alternate, similar voice of Tsubaki Yayoi, but in spite of Tsubaki actually escaping the grasp of villainy, Valentine didn't give a damn and prefers to continue whatever she does.
  • Is a member of GUAE Mutation Lair. However, she would rather not be here, as she isn't particularly fond of what she did to Painwheel. She hates Ragyo Kiryuin for not only sounding the same, but she thinks that her experiments are even worse than what she did. Plus, Valentine's true purpose with working with the Skullgirl is rather similar why Satsuki pretended to be mommy's good girl.
    • In reality, however, her membership there is a distraction. Her true placement is in Re-education Facility to truly turn her evil.
  • Is secretly allies with Suzune due of both history being good before turning evil after a failed mission (though reasoning varies between them) and their desire to be ultimately good even still.
  • With Marie's ascension, Valentine has once again begun working under her and with Double. Of course, Valentine has no real intentions of staying loyal and Marie and Double know this. While Marie doesn't care as long as she doesn't get in her way, it's just a matter of waiting to see who decides to betray who first...
  • Used to have red medical crosses but some real-life problems caused her to change that. Has now settled onto fuchsia ones instead (she's not happy in the slightest though).
  • Her interest in Parasoul's sister Umbrella due to her unusual connection with the Skull Heart and Skullgirl made her a quick enemy of Parasoul. Not helping is Valentine's amusement about rumours regarding pictures of her and Parasoul.



"Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

Baymax, God of Mechanical Doctors (Balloon Man)
Baymax in his "naked" and battle-ready form.
  • Demigod (Lesser God with his armor on)
  • Symbol: His healthcare chip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (just don't mess with his CPU)
  • Portfolio: Auto-Doc, Cute Machines, Powerful Peace-Lovers, Compassionate To All, Robot Buddy, Nice Guy, Good AI To The Extreme, Machine Monotone, The Comically Serious, Does Not Harm Period (just don't remove his healthcare chip or else), Kid-Appeal Character, Gentle Giant, Genius Bruiser
  • Domains: Health, Protection, Cuddliness, Pacifism, Heroism
  • Allies: The Iron Giant, Meowth, Fluttershy, Dizzy, every good-aligned member in the Health and Diseases house (particularly Ana Amari), John Connor, Astro Boy, Bastion, Android 16, Felix, Totoro, SCP-999, Sora
  • On good terms with: Most of the House of Despondency, SCP-516
  • Enemies: Being so opposed to hurting others, he doesn't have any real enemies except for Nurgle, Typhus and the GUAD. And probably Xehanort as well.
  • Opposes: Anyone who tries to use him as a weapon, any A.I that wishes to harm humans, corrupt members of the Health and Diseases house and anything sharp. Also hackers
  • Baymax is the creation of the brilliant Tadashi Hamada, and partner of Hiro Hamada and his fellow heroes. Invented to be a robotic medic, he stores massive amounts of data to medical research and over 10,000 medical procedures. Wrapped up in a soft vinyl skin, this cute, friendly machine would prove an essential member of the Big Hero 6 and an all around pleasant android.
  • It is in his nature to dislike combat, taking a second computer chip to fight. While having come to terms that sometimes one must fight to protect others, he refuses to harm and especially kill any human. One of the friendliest gods in his house and elsewhere, the House of Health and Diseases has become more popular as a result. He's particularly fond of Ana Amari for her Healing Shiv, and has added them to his body.
  • Gets along with the majority of his house, but when it comes to mad doctors and plague-manipulators he'll scold them. While understanding Fran Madaraki doesn't realize what she's doing is wrong, he keeps trying to tell her to stop inflicting Body Horror. Doesn't have much good to say about the Medic either. However he is able to actively antagonize Nurgle and Typhus, by virtue of their plagues being at complete opposition towards his reason for being. Feels the same with the GUAD, to a lesser extent.
  • Caused some awkward faux-pas in the House of Despondency, since he's designed to diagonse physical ailments. However has learned from this and tries to cheer up the gods there.
  • Was upset to learn of the numerous malevolent AI in the Trope Pantheon, particularly ones who hack or control other robots like SKYNET or Sigma. There were some who he felt a little bad though, like AUTO for his good intentions in conflict.
  • He is trying to help improve the image of AI more. Friends with good-hearted A.I like Bastion, and Astro Boy due to being a robot superhero like himself. He was notably impressed by Android 16; in spite of being a weapon made by a deranged Mad Scientist and a powerful tool for violence, yet being a kindhearted figure. He also likes John Connor for trying to bring a peace of sorts to humans and machines, and helping the T-800 gain a conscience.
  • As a member of the Big Hero 6, he wears a flexible armor that pads and protects the vulnerable vinyl balloon. Rocket busters allow super-speed and flight, along with boosting his already decent strength, being able to lift 1000 pounds already. Was at first upset it made him less cuddly and approachable, but has got over that. Tony Stark suspects that Tadashi took notes from his own mechanical suits.
  • Generally likes all animals along with humans, such as cats. He likes to take keep Meowth with him because of the good luck she's said to bring, in order to help patients out. Sometimes can be seen looking after animals with Fluttershy.
  • Fine with people cuddling up next to it, who's described it like "spooning a warm marshmallow". His design seems to be partly inspired by Totoro, and given their friendly personality they got along rather well. He was also a former follower of Haro, which isn't that surprising as he was made to be as inviting and non-threatening as possible.
  • For all his friendliness, you should not try to remove the healthcare chip. Without it all that's left is the chip designed for fighting, which will turn him into an unrestrained and merciless Killer Robot. Nothing is more horrifying for Baymax, and will Freak Out at anyone who tries to pull it out or hack him. Some evidence revealed his original body was found and corrupted by Xehanort, lacking his healthcare chip. On a lighter note he's afraid of sharp objects because they pop his vinyl.

    Dr. Gregory House 
Gregory House, M.D., God of Jerkish Doctors


    Iwashiro Tesshou 
Iwashiro Tesshou, God of Kindly Veterinarians
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His goggles; the R.E.D.symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A Kindly Vet who is a Friend to All Children and Living Things; Has a Perfect Pitch; A Skilled Surgeon who is Awesome by Analysis and Passionate Determination despite being an Idiot Hero; Named his pet nurse-dog, Dog
  • Domains: Vets, Keen Sense of Hearing, Passionate Idiot Heroes
  • Followers: His friends and allies from R.E.D. and Meiou University, as well as the people and animals that he had helped (though he is still scared witless of Tsukasa Ryoutou); any vet who wishes to save lives, even the smallest of animals
  • Herald: His nurse-dog, Dog
  • Allies: Many of the good-aligned Gods, especially in the Houses of Beast, Nature, Friendship, Family and even Knowledge
  • Opposes: Anyone who takes advantage of the misfortune of others, be it human or animal
  • The Gods in the House of Knowledge noted that they lacked a suitable representative of veterinary knowledge despite having a God of Medicine (a.k.a. Dr. Gregory House), and Tony Tony Chopper who can speak to animals. While they were discussing about electing a God of Veterinarians with the Houses of Nature and Beasts, which was a given as the two houses would need a good vet for the animals that live in there, Steve Irwin remembered that he had met a vet from the R.E.D. before his own ascension and thus decided to contact them to recommend a vet for ascension. Seeing no harm in it, the other gods agreed to it.
  • When the vet failed to appear at the scheduled time, the gods got frustrated and assumed that no one would come for the ascension. They got a pleasant surprise when they realised that the representative vet from R.E.D., Iwashiro Tesshou, had actually arrived earlier than expected but had ended up spending most of his time in the House of Beasts to treat the sick animals there alongside with Fluttershy who quickly accepted him as a friend. After witnessing his dedication and skills first hand, despite his book dumb nature, the gods quickly decided to make him the official vet-deity of the pantheon.
  • Although Tesshou was originally supposed to be placed in the House of Knowledge, it was decided that he would be placed in the House of Beasts instead. The reason is twofold:
    • Firstly, Tesshou's major characteristic is his determination to help sick and injured animals, not his "encyclopaedic" knowledge of veterinary work. Nevertheless, he is known to do a lot of studying so that he can better help his patients, thereby granting him an honorary place in the House of Knowledge.
    • In addition, being placed in the House of Beasts would allow Tesshou to respond more quickly to give treatment to his patients, something which Tesshou is happy to accept.
  • Given his position as a vet, Tesshou is given a considerable amount of respect, or at least tolerance, by even some of the more aggressive animals in the House of Beasts (few would want to harm one's own well-meaning doctor/vet after all). He also visits the House of Technology on occasion given his skills in modifying motorcycles.
  • As Tesshou has a bad habit of overworking himself, Tony Tony Chopper and Fluttershy volunteered to give him a helping hand so that he can get some rest. Sakaki, who aspires to become a vet, was more than happy to accept him as her veterinary teacher.

    Nigel Burke 
Nigel Burke, God of Gory Surgeries (Doctor Burke)

    Nurse Ratched 
Nurse Mildred Ratched, Patron Goddess of Unpleasant Nurses (Big Nurse)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her outfit
  • Theme: Danse Macabre
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Domain: Cruelty, Medicine, Mentalism
  • Portfolio: Unpleasant Nurse, has remarkable breast size, break people with her words, Repressive, but Efficient
  • Allies: Sofia Lamb, The Medic, YHVH
  • Enemies: Anyone who were ever a patient, The Joker, Harley Quinn, most doctors in the Pantheon, Lucifer, Alex DeLarge, Angela Ziegler
  • Opposes: Annie Wilkes, Nigel Burke
  • The head of an unnamed mental asylum in Oregon, Ratched's reign of terror allows her reputation to reach the Court of the Gods. Determined that she is one of the most iconic examples of the trope, the Court decided to ascend her to the temple. Their reasoning is that someone has to run the place and they would rather have a Repressive, but Efficient nurse rather than a Stupid Evil one.
  • Made instant enemies with almost every god in the House of Health and Diseases for her brutal methods and personality. Many of the good deities hate her for her actions while the more Neutral ones dislike her active sadism in breaking the patients. She is banned from ever working with many of them... except for The Medic who appreciates her management skill.
    • Medic was so impressed that offered her a position to be Team Fortress's psychiatric... while every other member flat out refuse to hire her due to hearing about what she did as a mortal. While disappointed, both of them keep in touch and can be seen sharing stories about their new "treatment".
    • Her alliance with Medic and her general nastiness towards her patients has made Ratched enemies with Dr. Ziegler. That did not help when Ratched points out Mercy's hypocrisy of letting her teammates die all at once so she can mass resurrect them.
  • Despises the Joker with a passion due to his insanity and the fact that one version of him looks like her arch enemy Randall McMurphy.
    • Also despises Harley Quinn. Partly because of her insanity but also because of her obsession with the Joker, something Ratched thinks as further proof of "femininity weakness".
  • Got along with another evil doctor named Sofia Lamb for their share sadism towards the people under their care. The good parents in the Pantheon are NOT pleased by this alliance.
  • On the other hand, Ratched hates Annie Wilkes despite both of them being sadistic nurses. Reasons were given that she despises Annie's insanity and obsession.
  • Suggested to the House of Health and Diseases to get Nigel Burke to be committed into her care because of the surgeries he done. This caused a fierce debate in the House about the moral line and whether or not Nigel deserves such a cruel fate.
  • After hearing about her method, YHVH is interested in acquiring her service. The two got along quite well for their obsession with control.
    • On the contrary, because of her alliance with YHVH and obsession with control, Lucifer despises Ratched.
  • Alex DeLarge threw a violent streak after hearing about Ratched's treatment of the patients under her care and almost managed to catch Ratched before he was intervened by YHVH. The two have been sworn enemies ever since.


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