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This Sub-House was commissioned after there was a realization that Rock Music and Heavy Metal were becoming rather prominent representatives for the House of Music. As a result, many of the reps decided that it was time that they were given a place that was exclusively about their own genres.


May or may not be the loudest Sub-House in Music (which is saying something) and perhaps of all the Sub-Houses if other Houses are taken into account. It has a tendency to attract massive crowds who hunger for live performances and events. While the Sub-House is designed akin to a gigantic stadium or concert, there's enough room to host a recording studio where rock and metal artists often go to if they want to record new music.

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Intermediate Gods

Dethklok, Gods of Death Metal (William Murderface, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Nathan Explosion, Pickles, and Toki Wartooth)
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A guitar with lightning and a bunch of flame decals
  • Theme: "Deththeme"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Those Powered By Death metal, Crossing the Line Twice, Serious Business, Gorn, Music being made entirely of Nightmare Fuel, Fake Bands that became real, Death Metal, Nightmare Fuel Station Attendants
  • Domains: Death, Domination, Metal (duh!), Time, Prophecy, Fate
  • Enemies: Ronnie James Dio, Hokago Tea Time, 765 Production
  • Originally, they held the titles as the Gods of Rock before being dethroned from the Pantheon. They have since reascended as the Other Gods of Death Metal thanks to (albeit unintentional) assistance from Chuck Schuldiner.
  • It is however a known fact that the true power lies with the individual Charles Foster Ofdensen, a man that many of the higher deities would steer clear from.
  • Dethklok is kept under control by Ronnie James Dio, whom he has forced them to stop making Tenacious D do their dirty work. The only objectors to this are Dethklok themselves.
  • For some weird reasons, Dethklok absolutely hates Hokago Tea Time and their music due to them being incredibly sugary and that their popularity will eventually Dethrone Dethklok's influence as a Global Musical Superpower. Nathan Explosion, the band's leader, is trying to have a Battle of the Bands between Dethklok and Hokago Team Time set up, which is pending for approval by Wiz, Boomstick, Charles Offdensen and Ronnie James Dio.
    • So far, the battle has been approved, much to Dethklok's expectations, as a poster of the battle has been posted throughout the Pantheon. However, they are still waiting for a date for when the battle will occur.
  • With Anal Cunt's ascension, the band has teamed up with them to form "Dethkunt", with the goal of defeating the Hokago Team Time since their influence is driving out Dethklok's. Which ironically led to the latter's ascension.
  • Originally believed to be an incarnation of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and Pickles), new developments have revealed they may actually be god-chosen saviors who are prophesized to use their music to kill an Eldritch Abomination.
  • None of them know what to make of Detroit Metal City.
  • Huge fans of Batman, specially ever since Bat Metal (which in turn the Dark Knight prefers not to comment on).

    Eddie Riggs 
Eddie Riggs, God of Roadies and Patron Saint of Heavy Mithril
  • Intermediate God, but'll claim to be a mere Demigod if asked
  • Symbol: The Separator and his guitar Clementine crossed against each other
  • Theme Song: The Chosen Roadie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good, depending on who you ask.
  • Portfolio: The Reliable One, Supporting Protagonists, Genius Bruiser, The Power of Rock, getting the job done without hogging the Spotlight, Hot-Blooded, Heavy Mithril, Born in the Wrong Century, Half-Human Hybrid, Living Macguffin
  • Domains: Darkness, Creation, Liberation, Metal, Productivity, Humility
  • Herald of: Ormagöden
  • Allies: Dethklok, I-No (who's "Kinda sexy in a weird way" by his admission), Raz, Elite Tauren Chieftain, Po
  • Rivals: Japanese-based performers like Miku Hatsune, Houkago Tea Time, and the Mermaid Princesses (none of them outright stated), Haruko Haruhara
  • "A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good. Keep someone else safe. Help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing right, you don't even know he's there. And once in a while he might step on the stage to fix a problem. To set something right. And before you even realize he was there, or what he did, he's gone."
    • For that reason above, as well as his adventure in his game, Eddie Riggs used to be the God of Roadies in the House of Music. However, due to it not being a trope, he was shafted to the Rework section until a better trope can be found for him.
    • Because of the fact that not many people are familiar with Ormagöden, his influence has begun to wane. Seeing his herald Eddie stuck in the Rework section because of the fact that Roadies is not a trope, he decided to sacrifice his title in order to bring Eddie back into the Pantheon proper.
  • Has served Dethklok and helped train their roadies.
  • Although he'll serve any musician without complaint, he has barely-hidden contempt for the J-Pop genre and their Idol Singers (though he knows not to complain) and can be seen Face Palming backstage during concerts.
    • His rivalry with Haruko Haruhara is considerably more friendly, or at least as friendly one can get with the likes of her.
  • His followers maintain the Pantheon's instruments when their users are not performing.
  • Once met with Po and looked at him weirdly, mostly due to having similar voices. Po is in awe at Eddie's rock and roll skills, while Eddie does admit that Po is pretty okay as a kung-fu fighter, which is then taken to the next level as the panda learns chi.
  • Given his music, he's garnered contention with Reinhardt.
  • In honor of the god who sacrificed his place in the Pantheon for him, Eddie rebuilt his shrine into the likeness of the Eternal Fire-Beast Ormagöden.
  • "Where I come from, this guitar makes noises. Here, it blows stuff up!"

    The Guy (Disturbed
The Guy, God of Metal Band Mascots (The Hand of God, The Dark Messiah, The Vengeful One, Morbus, "Superman")
As The Vengeful One 
His True Form 

Sabaton, The Great Skalds of Historical Metal
The post-Carolus Rex lineup.

Lesser Gods

Epica, Sextet Gods of Symphonic Metal (Sahara Dust [former band name])
The Band circia 2017
  • Lesser God(desse)s
  • Symbol: The Band Logo; An Inverted Triangle enveloping a capital E and the triangle encircled by a Snake.
  • Signature Song: Cry for the Moon, Chasing the Dragon, Kingdom of Heaven
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Members: Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Issac Delahaye, Coen Janssen, Rob van der Loo, Ariën van Weesenbeek
  • Portfolio: Symphonic Metal, Being Hard about their Messages (Sometimes a bit too Much), Epic Rocking, Having Long Orchestrated Introductions, Five-Man + One-Woman Band (Said Woman being the Fromtwoman), Being more Darker than Bands from their Genre, Dual Clean Vox and Death Growls, Being Experimental with Each Album, Having Power Ballads and Songs Criticizing Religion
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Symphony, Orchestra, Vocal Duality, Perseverance
  • High Priest: Nightwish
  • Herald: Kamelot
  • Followers: Within Temptation, Delain, Sirenia, Sonata Arctica
  • Allies: Metallica, Megadeth, Sabaton, Eddie Riggs Christopher Lee, Neo, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Akerman, Kousei Arima, Lain Iwakura, House of Costumes (Given Simone's secondary job as a Makeup Artist)
  • Friendly Rivalry: Dethklok
  • Opposes: YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Judge Claude Frollo, Agent Smith, Maestro Forte, Masama Eiri
  • Opposed By: Mayhem
  • Mark Jansen is a musician who initially played for the band Kamelot. However, his creative choices tended to butt heads against the other band members and hence, he decided to quit the band in early 2002 to instead look for other musicians to create his own. He soon formed Sahara Dust later that year. Initially having vocalist Helena Michaelsen of Trails of Tears fame, she was later replaced by Simone Simons, then-Jansen's girlfriend. In a little while, Sahara Dust would soon change it's name to Epica, taken from Kamelot's sixth album of the same name and paving it's way to becoming one of the most sought-out and respectable bands in the Symphonic Metal genre.
  • Much like the more influential artists beforehand, Epica made it's way into the Pantheon thanks after a formal invitation was sent by Ugo. The band announced a Pantheonic Tour, starting with the House of Music and Theatre and Spectacle to much acclaim and success. It's going to take a while before Epica is fully settled into the Pantheon, given that they're just introduced to whimsical and bombastic nature of the world.
    • In a rather odd perspective, Epica isn't actually the most influential band in it's genre, though they are among the most acclaimed and respected. That title goes out to Nightwish. For that reason, Epica chose to have them as their High Priest as a form of respect and appreciation.
  • Not surprisingly, Epica chose to have Kamelot as it's herald, though there are a lot more deeper reasons than that. It turns out that the latter's keyboardist, Oliver Palotai, is married to Simone and the two have a son together. As a result, it's an uncommon sight to see Simone and Mark take their child Vincent G. Palotai to the House of Family, preferably in the Houses of Childhood and Adolescence and Offsprings where he gets to play with the residing children in the Pantheon in the hopes that he has some sort of social interaction and friends during their time in the Pantheon. This gesture has Simone and Oliver earn the respect of the House of Family.
  • They have a series of long and drawn out tracks, some of which clock at 10-13 minutes. Not that anyone has a problem with it. They have some influences from Progressive Metal, a pretty well-respectable trait given how much effort it takes to construct such tracks from the sub-genre. Metallica respects them for that (They themselves have influence towards Progressive Metal with some of their more notable tracks) and have even allowed Epica to join along in their Pantheonic tours every once in a while. They also understand Simone wanting to spend time with her son, given that all of Metallica's members are fathers themselves.
  • Epica is not afraid to showcase criticism towards religion as much of their discography displays. Naturally, this didn't bode too well for the Grand United Alliance of Law, with YHVH considering many of their songs to be a direct insult to him. This made Epica very unpopular towards the GUAL and it's members. Lucifer, on the other hand, finds this pretty amusing and shows a modicum of respect towards Epica for having songs about having to stand up for one's self.
  • While Dethklok tends to be rather critical towards most music artists at worst and simply ambient at best, Epica seems to be a strange exception. Maybe it's because of the dual vocal style with Mark Jansen partaking in the occasional death growls, adding a layer of aggression and abrasiveness that's pretty rare in Symphonic Metal. Heck, they even don't seem to mind touring with them, though circumstances have gotten in their way, especially regarding Dethklok.
  • They have a track called "Beyond the Matrix". Contrary to belief, it's not about the film, though the lyrics describe a theme and setting that is similar to said film. Neo finds this interesting and sees Epica as good friends in return.
    • On a similar note, they've covered tracks about humanity's resistance against a horde of titans. Eren Yeager and Mikasa Akerman have taken notice of it and have appreciated their gesture of paying homage to them. That said, Epica isn't involving themselves in their battles for obvious reasons.
  • Simone has a part-time job hosting a beauty and lifestyle blog known as SmoonStyle, detailing her personal life, promoting and talking about her sets of cosmetics and fashion design. This won her over in the House of Costumes and some of the residential deities there are happy to give her tips, advice and a few collaborations here and there. Conversely, some metalheads are not happy with Simone's choice of secondary work and think it heavily contradicts with the tone of her music.
  • Are intrigued by the story of Lain Iwakura and Masami Eiri and their contrasts with one another. Epica are interested enough to consider writing a track about them, a fact that Eiri doesn't like as he thinks a song about them is obviously going to be against him narratively. Lain on the other hand, is honored by Epica's gesture. Though Epica have stated that their tale is something that simply interests them a lot and they've dome a few tracks similar to it.
  • While not to the same extent as say, Metallica and Megadeth, Epica have proven to be a celebrated act in the Pantheon. Though they're not exactly immune to criticism as Mayhem have demonstrated (Though that is more on Euronymous than anyone else). Epica is unsurprisingly close friends with Sabaton, with both bands having even toured together in their mortal lives anyway. They've currently planned out their tours for the Houses of Music, Heroes and Technology. Simone considered Family and Love, but felt that Jansen's death growls might intimidate some listeners somewhat. Not that Jansen has a problem with it.

    Green Day 
Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything, all at once?

Green Day, Divine Pop Punk Gods (Sweet Children, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network)
The Band during their American Idiot Phase.
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A clenched Heart Grenade
  • Signature Songs: Basket Case, Good Riddance (Time of your Life), American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns, Revolution Radio
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Members: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool
    • Touring Member: Jason White
  • Portfolio: Punk Rock Band that firmly established Pop Punk, Very Politically Charged, Encouraging their Fans to Sing Alongside Them, Having Connectable Intros and Endings with their Albums, "Get your ass up Here!", Swearing Repeatedly, Track Transitioning with Each Album, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Billie Singing in a rather Mumbly Fashion, Love Nostalgia Songs, An Occasional Hard Scream on Billie's Part, Making Musically Varying Albums that is Bound to Have a Divided Opinion, Older Than They Look, Often Smashing their Guitars during Live Concerts, Rock Trio, Often Criticized for Being Popular
  • Domains: Punk, Rock, Alternative, Politics, Protest, Dissatisfaction, Anger
  • High Priest: blink-182
  • Heralds: Jakob Danger (a band fronted by Billie Joe's son)
  • Followers: Sum 41, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Afterglow
  • Allies: The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Metallica, Weezer, Linkin Park, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Optimus Prime, Houkago Tea Time, Kira Ford, Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, Josiah "Jed" Bartlet
  • Enemies: Frank Underwood, Cioccolata, Yuuki Terumi, Big Brother, O'Brien
  • Respects/Respected By: Rebels in the Pantheon, including Jim Raynor, Guy Montag, Katniss Everdeen, Yuri Nakamura, V
  • Green Day; a band from Oakland, California that picked up where Punk titans like The Ramones, The Clash and Bad Religion had established and proceeded to build up a new scene generation and a spurring community of newcomers that eagerly embraced that they represented. Green Day would ultimately come to herald and firmly represent the Pop Punk genre. Green Day would project its influence with two albums, Dookie which is still seen as a benchmark for the Pop Punk movement and American Idiot, which represented the strife and difficulties of 2000s United States regarding social discontent and political controversy, whilst also experimenting on creating something akin to a Rock Opera.
    • The band themselves have confirmed that they themselves went through a tough time prior to the formation. Many of the context behind their songs tend to say it; "Wake Me Up When September Ends" detailed how lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong struggled to cope with the death of his father, "Brain Stew" was Billy Joe struggling to take care of his son and "X-Kid" was the band themselves dealing with a friend who committed suicide.
  • Green Day ascended into the Pantheon after playing a gig in... Springfield where they died by drowning after their concert barge was flooded by water pollution. Still, they chose to ignore this weird notion of events and continue to play their music towards a brand new audience from several different houses.
    • Surprisingly enough, Green Day held their first tour in the House of Cultures where they immediately attracted a large audience. Despite their themes of protest, they proved popular, with Green Day later working on a new studio album based on their experiences in the Pantheon.
  • All three members of the band are family men and thus often come to the House of Family. Frontman Billie Joe's son, Jakob Danger, is an aspiring rock musician himself and fronts a band named after himself. That said, Green Day aims to play some of their softer songs and, conversely censor some of their tracks should they choose to plan a tour there.
    • The song "Brain Stew" is unsurprisingly not a popular song for families and children, something which the band expected. Billie Joe himself notes that the song itself is frustrating in nature, given that it was written in a time and was about him trying to deal with his second son crying, which made him wide awake at night. This does not stop Billie Joe from loving Jakob Danger, mind you.
  • The band is rather comfortable with some of the jokes centred around their music... except when someone tries to use the song, "Wake Me Up When September Ends" as one of them (i.e. sending alarm clocks to their temple on October 1). Billie hates this for very personal reasons; his father died when Billie was young and turning that song into a joke seems like a mockery to Billie's father. The House of Family is rather understanding about that and have made it a notice that "Wake Me Up When September Ends" not be used in a ridiculing manner.
  • They've maintained a good friendship with Linkin Park, with the band personally sending their condolences regarding Chester Bennington's suicide. Green Day themselves know how it feels to lose someone close, as can be attested to "X-Kid" and make an effort to encourage their fans to think about themselves better and to seek help if they're contemplating suicide.
    • Bassist Mike Dirnt has some respect for Metallica, citing them, especially former bassist Cliff Burton for being one his main influences for Dirnt to play bass guitar. Like Metallica, Dirnt was rather mellow to see that Cliff doesn't exist in the Pantheon, though that doesn't stop him from trying to pay tribute to him to some extent.
  • Regarding their genre, they have a fan in Kira Ford, the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger who herself is an aspiring musician. Before she and the rest of her fellow rangers ascended, Kira wanted to represent the Pop Punk genre as she personally associated her music with that the most, but then decided to lay it off, thinking someone else would be better for the representation. Surprise, the band who best represent it is the icon for Pop Punk in the Pantheon. Kira squeed in response and is eager to try to play with Green Day as a supporting act one day.
    • The Houkago Tea Time once auditioned to play s gig for Green Day during their debut, which the band allowed, much to the girl's delight. It proved successful, with Yui squeeing at the opportunity to sing out one of their songs. The other girls cringed a little after Yui began to swear via some of the song's lyrics. Not that Green Day had much of a problem, if anything, they found it rather humorous.
  • Being one of the most famous and most influential rock bands of the 21st Century, Green Day has seen numerous tributes and homages paid to the band. While most of them are generally appreciated by them, they take great insult to one of them, mainly the name of a stand wielded by a demented doctor named Cioccolata. Cioccolata himself finds the fact that he named after Green Day rather amusing, but the band themselves want nothing to do with him and they panicked for a while when they learned that Cioccolata's stand was used to create a mould that corrodes people's flesh.
  • As a Punk band, Green Day has a penchant of being loud and aggressive when it comes to their lyrics, and it's especially prominent when they decided to get political when working on American Idiot, with lyrics being directed at George W. Bush, American Politics, Mass Hysteria and Social and Societal Discomfort. It didn't take long before the band learned of the schemes and deceptions that Frank Underwood pulled off in order to become U.S. President and his terms being responsible for further schism in the U.S. plus the deaths of many lives mainly as a Pretext for War. While not much information is known about Green Day's newest studio album in the Pantheon, some have expressed that some tracks may as well be about President Underwood.
  • Have some sort of a relationship with Optimus Prime, which the band found odd. It's actually something to do with the fact that one of their songs, "21 Guns" has something to do with being associated with the Transformers, plus it sounds like something that would fit for a eulogy, which may be attributed to the Autobots that fought and died for Optimus and Earth. For that, Optimus has Green Day's approval and gratitude and the band has performed "21 Guns" in remembrance to the fallen Autobots.
  • Will often call out to someone in the crowd during their live performances and invite them to sing alongside them with the microphone. Billie Joe has done this with Kira and Yui and is happy to give it to anyone, mainly as a wish fulfilment for fans. At times, Billie Joe also asks for a guitarist in the audience, and at times he's lucky that a deity that happens to know that instrument is present.
  • Due to their political nature, Green Day is seen with respect by rebels, who feel like their musical sound and theme are, in a sense, relatable to how they tend to fight against freedom and rights. While Jim Raynor is more involved with more intergalactic affairs, he respects Green Day's musical direction, and others like V and Yuri can take some of their more aggressive tracks as a battle anthem of sorts, most notably "Know the Enemy".
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, til then I walk alone...

    Lord Raptor 
Lord Raptor, Demonic Rock God (Zabel Zarock)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His guitar and/or his side-kick Le Malta
  • Theme Music: His original or his remake theme.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Zombie powered by heavy metal, attacks with chainsaws, sharp bones or electricity, from Australia, Musical Assassin, plotting to usurp his superiors.
  • Domains: Undead, Zombies, Heavy Metal, Ambition
  • Allies: Spinal, Courtney Gears, I-No, Kano.
  • Enemies: Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Tallahassee, Ash Williams, Miss Sarah Fortune, Artix Von Krieger, Peacock, The Suite Pretty Cures.
  • Rival: Alison Blaire/Dazzler.
  • High Priests: The Dark Purveyors (much to their annoyance and disgust)
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Hsien-Ko, Nadia Fortune, Eliza, Squigly, Margaret Moonlight
  • Stays Far Away From: Bloody Marie
  • Herald: Le Malta
  • A heavy metal rocker in his heyday, Raptor/Zabel was also a cultist who gained favor among the demons of Makai after sacrificing the souls of his entire audience on his final concert in which he also perished. This sacrifice allowed him to come back as a zombie with demonic power in which he channels through his heavy metal music.
    • The Demonic Rock temple was contested among him and the Dark Purveyors. Even though the Purveyors had superior power and abilities due to being the sacrificial vessels of their leader and king, Killabilly, Raptor easily beat them as he had the one weapon they feared: a chainsaw. Still, he keeps them around as his high priests, which more or less means his gofers.
  • The first thing he did the second he settled in was rush over to Hsien-Ko's temple and profess his undying love to her now that they are both deities. All he did was fall victim to many boobytraps (most using heavy weights and blades) she had already set up once she heard of his ascension.
  • Being a zombie, he's naturally a target of both the BSAA deities, Ash Williams and Tallahassee. He never leaves his temple unless Le Malta spies around and makes sure the coast is clear.
  • Some members in the Pantheon know him very well as he was involved in plots to merge all worlds. Those he had allied himself with in those instances (such as Jedah Dohma) know he is an opportunist who will betray his masters to gather more power for himself. It's that reason why Lucifer and especially Melkor don't want him in their GUAs. Nekron, however, sees him an ideal member for the GUAD as in the end he'll destroy him as well as everyone else.
  • Once had the misfortune of running into Artix Von Krieger. Beaten to an inch within undeath, Raptor was saved, of all things, by Artix noticing Le Malta holding a pink teddy bear (a gift he was about to give his "sweetheart" B.B Hood). Artix immediately ceased his attack and ran in the opposite direction. Raptor decides to keep at least one pink item hidden within his body at all times now.
    • As for the teddy bear? B.B. Hood ended up shooting both it and Le Malta full of holes for his trouble.
  • After yet another unsuccessful attempt to enter Hsien-Ko's temple and setting off the latest round of booby traps waiting for him, Raptor found an unfortunate target/new love interest in Ms. Fortune. The undead catgirl initally rejected his advances until he left her with no choice but to fight. The battle ended when Nadia tried going for a Feral Edge only for Raptor to counter with a well-timed Death Voltage. He then carried her unconscious body back to his temple. The Machine immediately sounded alarm to her kidnapping, prompting Peacock and Miss Sarah Fortune to go to her rescue. What awaited them when they entered the innermost sanctum of the Demonic Rock temple was beyond their sensibilities. Peacock had to close all her eyes just to stop watching, her assist characters all turned green and began throwing up, and Sarah kept a mantra to imagine seeing Gangplank naked. Still, they eventually freed Nadia, who was so angry at being made Raptor's plaything, she pulled a enormous Fifth Of Dismember on him. Once rescued, all 3 went directly to Moe's Tavern to be served a large barrelful of Forget-Me-Shots each. Peacock, however, made sure her assistants would never take the drink as she wants them to remind them of the horror they all forgot and to make sure Raptor never gets near Nadia ever again.
    • After hearing how Raptor "sullied her future drinking fountain", Eliza immediately went to Raptor to punish him. Instead of fighting back, Raptor became lovestruck and earned yet another "suitor". Despite having him proclaim his devotion to her, Eliza was disgusted as she wouldn't even see it worth anything to keep him around as a slave and left. From that moment on, whenever he tries getting close to her, she has Albus and Horace beat him to a pulp and toss him as far away from her as possible.
  • Has made Squigly yet another "suitor". While the zombie-girl doesn't often agree with Eliza on anything, she has occasionally helped Eliza beat the crap out of him, usually with Leviathan's fire-breath.
  • Briefly had an encounter with Bloody Marie when she first ascended. Raptor originally thought she could be yet another "suitor", but Marie shot that down when she took control of his body, contorted it into a myriad of horrifying figures and poses, then cut him into pieces with her scythe before using his guitar as a gravestone. Safe to say, he has never approached her again.
  • Despite his terrible luck with the ladies, he HAS been recruited as a band-mate for I-No, Courtney Gears and Margaret Moonlight. However, the second he tried to hit on her, she warned him that if he even muttered one inappropriate thing about her he will quickly regret it. He isn't interested in chancing it.
  • He doesn't care what anyone says about his rap-skills. He still thinks his rhymes are gold even after all the years of ridicule that has passed.

Mayhem, Satanic Lords of Black Metal
The Band's most (in)famous lineup
  • Lesser Deities (Euronymous does not like to address himself as a God, while the other three band members are neutral about it)
  • Symbol: The Band's Font Logo
  • Signature Song: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Freezing Moon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Euronymous), Neutral Evil (Hellhammer), Chaotic Neutral (Dead and Necrobutcher)
  • Members: Euronymous (Øystein Aarseth), Necrobutcher (Jørn Stubberud), Dead (Per Yngve Ohlin), Hellhammer (Jan Axel Blomberg)
  • Portfolio: Black Metal Pioneers, Tenuous Band Relationship, The Controversial Deaths of Dead and Euronymous, The Original Lineup has Remained Popular and Infamous, Genre Popularizer, Having Long Songs And Drawn-Out Intros, Showcasing the Darkest Sides of Black Metal, let alone the Music Industry, Bad Audio Quality by Choice
  • High Priest: Gorgoroth
  • Followers: Immortal, Marduk, Darkthrone, Emperor
  • Domains: Heavy Metal, Satanism, Misanthropy, Controversy, Death, Outrage
  • Allies: Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Satan, The Beast, Damien Thorn, Yuuki Terumi, Griffith and the Godhand, (All of these apply exclusively to Euronymous), Lord Raptor, Ember McLain
  • Opposes: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, Dethklok, The Angels Sub-House (Barring Castlevania Satan), The Guy, Judge Claude Frollo, Palutena, Samael, Spawn, Eddie Riggs, μ's (Muse), Michael Jackson, Houkago Tea Time, Hatsune Miku, Rise Kujikawa
  • Opposed by: All Homosexual Deities, especially Jack Harkness, Lexa, Jill Stingray, Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, Haruka Takayama, Yuu Sonoda, Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar (Regarding Hellhammer)
  • Respects: Metallica
  • Throughout the history of music, one can barely come across as controversial, mysterious, dark and sensational as the band known as Mayhem. A Black Metal band formed by guitarist Øystein Aarseth and bassist Jørn Stubberud, whom would soon take up the stage names of "Euronymous" and "Necrobutcher" respectively, they main focus was to create music that delved into hatred, misanthropy and Satanism. They were soon joined along by vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin and drummer Jan Axel Blomberg who would take up the monikers of "Dead" and "Hellhammer" respectively. Their music was some of the most raw, darkest and most macabre in its years with distorted guitar play, devilish shrieking courtesy of Dead and their willingness to be as chaotic and violent as they could get (Dead would take shards of glass and mutilate himself during live performances, an act which Euronymous supposedly enjoyed). Then, on 8th of April, 1991, Dead committed suicide, leaving behind a note that started with "Excuse the blood". The moment he discovered his corpse, Euronymous bought a disposable camera and took photos of Dead's body to use as an upcoming album cover for a live album, Dawn of the Black Hearts. The event and the resulting reaction drove Mayhem into further controversy, with Necrobutcher feeling disgusted and leaving the band. The vocalist position was taken over by Varg Vikernes who went by Count Grishnackh. More tensions, arson attacks on churches and increasing controversy still played a role on Black Metal's lifetime, yet Mayhem would continue with it's disproportionately chaotic and dysfunctional position. Then, one of the greatest controversies in music history occurred on the 10th of August, 1993; Euronymous was murdered by Varg over a dispute. Thus, began a series of arguments that would ask whether Euronymous deserved it or not. Nonetheless, Varg was sent to prison until 2009, though he was able to make material for Burzum during his jail time.
    • Despite Euronymous's murder, Mayhem would continue and would eventually move past it's controversial nature. While the band broke up after Euronymous's sudden death, Necrobutcher would return to reform the band in 1994 eith new band members and continue working on the band ever since. That said, Mayhem would be synonymous with the dark and ominous past it has had and it hasn't escaped with Hellhammer outright praising Emperor drummer Faust for killing a homosexual man. Regardless, Mayhem has left behind a very notable and significant part of the Second Wave of Black Metal and music history, in spite of it's dark nature.
  • In his first few days in the Pantheon, Euronymous and Dead reunited, though they engaged in a brawl against one another. They kept going on, even after bystanders jumped in to break it up. After exhausting themselves, Euronymous and Dead would go their separate ways... until the latter encountered Necrobutcher who was surprised to see Dead alive after nearly three decades. Despite uneasy relations, Necrobutcher has decided to try helping him out as much as he could. His reunion with Euronymous was rather tense, though they decided to try playing a gig, even bringing along Hellhammer. Their setlist attracted Yuuki Terumi, who decided to jam in and play some Black Metal with one of the more infamous bands in it's time. It payed off; Terumi was thoroughly impressed and got along splendidly with Euronymous thanks to their misanthropic views in life.
  • Melkor decided to invite Mayhem to play at a specific venue in one of the GUAE's established settlements. They've since become one of the most successful acts playing there, with a few GUAE members even jumping in to try playing with them. However, as of now, Terumi is the only one who's got the privilege and that's mainly he's Euronymous's friend (as much as Terumi can muster and define said relationship). Despite his overall hatred for the House of Music, Melkor will make an exception for Mayhem, given their lyrics are centered around misanthropy, death, hatred and discord, all of which Melkor advocates for.
  • Euronymous has made it very clear that he doesn't call himself a "God" just because he is ascended into the Pantheon. Not for the typical reason, but because he sees it as some sort of association to the Judeo-Christian God and he's a proud Theistic Satanist. Dead, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer don't seem to mind it all too much. Additionally, Euronymous doesn't call Melkor the God of Evil either because associating the Dark Lord with the "God" label makes no sense and that Melkor should instead go by his other acquired titles, most preferably "The Supreme Dark Lord" or "Dark Enemy of the World".
    • Melkor appreciates what Euronymous states, though he does assert that God of Evil is his formal title in the Pantheon and that the guitarist has to make do with it. That said, Melkor did figure out that there are a few tracks about him made by Varg himself, a fact that Euronymous does not take kindly.
  • They completely scoff the idea of the Grand United Alliance of Law and clearly see YHVH as a "Satan wannabe" or at least in Euronymous's eyes. They're currently writing a track about how the GUAL is defeated by the GUAE with Melkor brutally mutilating YHVH to permanent death. The Dark Lord is rather pleased to see a band write about Melkor killing his enemies with style.
  • Mayhem also dislike the Angels Sub-House for pretty obvious reasons. The Sub-House, in return are pretty much adamant in Mayhem never coming to their pace if they ever considered touring. However, there is a Satan who actually likes Mayhem for their image and personality and the band have made him an exception in return.
  • They have some form of respect towards Metallica, with Euronymous admitting that he was a fan before forming Mayhem. Although he's not happy with their success, he does feel somewhat prideful in that Metallica did pay tribute to Mayhem in some way via "ManUNkind". Mayhem aren't too sure if they're able to tour with Metallica, given the latter often plays in Houses where Mayhem would obviously feel uncomfortable in.
  • Mayhem is arguably the most controversial music artist in the Pantheon, and it's not really surprising given their history. It makes the band somewhat uncomfortable, given they're a victim of sensationalism and there are plans for a film and books about the history of Mayhem. So far, Euronymous is unhappy, mainly because most of the adaptations tend to make him out as a sociopathic monster who took advantage of Dead's suicide. The other band members are also unhappy, but mainly because they feel that the adaptations don't exactly depict them accurately.
    • It doesn't help in that each and every concert they're in, Dead is resorting in macabre activities that he had also done in his mortal life. This time around, Necrobutcher is trying to make sure he's there for Dead and provides him with some sort of therapy and guidance. Dead seems rather quiet about the subject.
    • Seeing Euronymous and Dead together several years after their deaths has been a pretty creepy thought and moment for many people. Even more so is the reason that Dead simply goes on with his usual antics and plays long with Euronymous in gigs, despite the latter having a pretty good reason to hate the latter. That said, there are rumors that the two have violent fights against one another, if a few bruises and cuts from them have indicated according to a few eyewitnesses.
    • On another subject of controversy, Hellhammer is pretty much despised by any homosexual deity in the Pantheon. While Hellhammer hasn't exactly done anything towards gay people, it's the fact that he praised Emperor Drummer Faust for killing a gay man that's landed him into most homosexual's shit-list. Jack Harkness and Lexa are pretty dead-set on taking Hellhammer to the Court of the Gods. Many on the Couples Orientation Sub-House also want to beat him down as a lesson. Hellhammer isn't fazed, and instead lashed out with more insults than usual. That said, he's keeping a safe distance from the House of Love just in case.
    • The only ostensibly gay being that Mayhem tolerates is Griffith and that's because he's a member of the Godhand. Griffith sees Mayhem's works as being pretty commendable, but flaunts about the fact that he already has songs about him. Euronymous is determined to start writing a track about Griffith and the Godhand at some point.
  • Oddly enough, Mayhem hates Dethklok, mainly because despite the fact that Dethklok is a proud Death Metal band, they're also one of the most famous and most successful musicians in their world. In Euronymous's eyes, they're "pathetic sellouts who sold themselves to those bastard corporations". Dethklok on the other hand see Mayhem as tough wannabes and couldn't care less about their standards. They also have this feeling towards Gorillaz, thinking that their hopping from one genre to another only makes them tryhards in spite of them playing an entirely different genre.
    • In Euronymous's philosophy, to truly define themselves as Black Metal means to be as distant as possible from the mainstream and to embrace yourself in darkness, even through the music you're playing. Hence, he's a major contributor to many a fandom considering themselves "Trve Kvlt" in their stance in their musical preferences and list anything that goes against their expectations as garbage, even if there's a slight improvement in musical quality or commerce. It's overall a mixed bag, given that Mayhem has amassed quite the fanbase for itself, a dedicated and loyal one at that, though others see them as obnoxious and pretentious assholes.
  • Other music artists that Mayhem takes an issue against are μ's, Houkago Tea Time, Miku Hatsune and Michael Jackson. They couldn't comprehend the general personality and musical take of the former three, with Mayhem even stating that the Houkago Tea Party are "perverting" Rock music. They also see μ's attempt at saving their school to be a joke and Euronymous and Hellhammer are not afraid of taking potshots at the band members. Funnily enough, Michael is the only one who actually notices Mayhem's disdain for him; the former three are too entrenched by their popularity and the love they have for each other and their band members to really notice Mayhem's hate for them.
    • In the same House, they also dislike The Guy, although they have the more petty reasoning in that they represent Disturbed, which Euronymous obviously sees as another "joke and insult to the name of Metal". That said, they have become aware of what he is really capable of and avoid any altercation altogether.
  • Unsurprisingly, Necrobutcher is the only sane member in the band, a fact that he does not take kindly. He describes his experience with Euronymous as being "chaotic as all fuck" and the fact that he's trying to do his best possible to keep in check of Dead is an incredibly daunting task, given the latter suffers from clinical depression, self-harms himself constantly and buries his clothes under dirt. he fact that he's reunited with Euronymous just makes things worse.
    • Apparently, Necrobucher was "also on his way to kill Euronymous". Unfortunately, the way death works in the Pantheon isn't going to make the sitaution permanent, plus Varg had already done the deed before Euronymous could. Still, while he's continuing to play Mayhem, given that he's led the band since 1994, working with Euronymous again seriously pisses him off.
  • Enemies with Eddie Riggs, mainly because Eddie is a hero who happens to be a metalhead and is firmly on the side of good, a fact which Mayhem cannot get by. Conversely, they get along with Lord Raptor and has even been a guest performer in their live plays, a rare feat shared with Terumi. Necrobutcher is known to get along with Ember McLain. The latter thinks it's cool to work with some of the darkest music artists out there and has agreed to help out Necrobutcher with helping out Dead in some way. While Ember would enjoy playing with Mayhem if given the time, she has difficulty with Euronymous, who insists on telling her to become a Satanist if they want to continue playing with them. She's rather neutral about Hellhammer, though she thinks he's an asshole of the highest kind, despite his experienced and masterful drumming skills.
  • Thanks to Mayhem, demands for music venues and shows have become a possibility in areas and lands occupied by the GUAE. Euronymous has also managed to reestablish Helvete (Norwegian for Hell), a record store company dedicated to Black Metal music. Originally a small store that served as a social hub-spot for dedicated Black Metal players, It has soon expanded to other areas with occasional GUAE supporters and fans coming over to buy their albums and other sorts of Satanic souvenirs. The business-based GUAE members see this as a great opportunity to build up profit while Melkor sees this money-making business as a good means to invest for technological weaponry. So far, Mayhem haven't disclosed on what the others are thinking about the profits they themselves have earned.


    Elvis Presley 
Elvis Aaron Presley, God of Rock and Roll Stars and Celebrities Suspected to Still be Alive (The King of Rock and Roll)
  • Demigodnote 
  • Symbol: His pompadour
  • Theme Song: There's a lot, but for now he's chosen "Burning Love"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Rock Star, '50s Hair, Southern Gentleman, Thought to Still be Alive and Possibly an Alien or Elf, Real Men Love Jesus (So Don't Call Him The King), Music of Note, Too Hot for TV, Loves Bacon and Food in General, Big Fancy House, Shoot the Television, The Lisa Marie, Sabotaged "Blue Christmas" and Yet it Became a Hit, Nice Guy, Memetic Hair
  • Domains: Rock and Roll, Fame, Idols, Bacon
  • Followers: The Kings
  • Allies: Son Goku, Bill and Ted, Lilo and Stitch, Reuben, Angel, Marilyn Manson, Billy Batson, Waylon Smithers, Tallahassee
  • On good terms: Gods associated with rock and roll, most the House of Music and non-evil members of the House of Food, Josuke Higashikata
  • Odd Friendship with: Ned Flanders
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Michael Jackson, The Beatles
  • Opposes: Jerkass producers and evil mothers, Mr Krabs, Nigel West Dickens
  • Unclear relationship with: The Men in Black
  • Elvis Aaron Presley is the Mississippi-born, Tennessee-raised son of common southern folk Gladys Love and Vernon Presley. Surviving his stillborn twin and a devastating tornado storm, they believed the kid was gonna be Born Lucky. As it turns out they were right; he would rise fast in the fifties as one of the greatest music artists of the era, and certainly one of the most iconic. After decades of shaking his hips for the angels (though some would argue he's been in hiding), the first true rock star returns in the Trope Pantheon.
  • Known as the King of Rock and Roll, or simply "The King". He hates this phrase due to being a rather religious man, or as he puts "there's only one God, and He sure don't dress like me". Him and Ned Flanders got on surprisingly well for someone judged Too Hot for TV, though given he's got a big Beatles connection this isn't that unexpected.
  • Waylon Smithers is a big fan of him, taking pride in the picture that Mr. Burns gave him with being next to Elvis. The latter couldn't understand a word he was saying. As Smithers puts it, "he was so good to his mother". Elvis was fine with him getting an autograph personally, though this could be in part interest in his boss' financial abilities and desire for funds.
  • Has a Friendly Rivalry with Michael Jackson, his former son-in-law. They even had a rap battle. There's a similar rivalry with the Beatles who become one of the next popular things during what he considers his Dork Age and wane in popularity, but like Michael there's no hard feelings, specially as the Fab Four were his fans.
  • Grew up a fan of Captain Marvel comics, even stylizing some of his outfits off him. It was a real treat for Elvis to meet Billy Batson in person.
  • Practically worshiped by Lilo and Stitch, who consider him an idol to look up to. They use him as an example of a model citizen, and have tried to get him ascended. They succeeded, and Elvis gladly visits their temple for songs and autographs. Meanwhile, they're allowed to visit Graceland whenever they want for their help, and the duo have been working to have him meet their massive ʻohana, especially Stitch's "cousins"; Presley has since met at least two of the other experiments face-to-face (keep reading below on those).
  • He was utterly awed by Bill and Ted. Oh sure, he popularized rock and roll but they managed to create utopia as the Wyld Stallyns. He's nothing short of impressed by them, even asking for their autographs, leading them to Squee!. He's gone on a time-travelling adventure with them of late.
  • Likes Josuke Higashikata for defending the pompadour hairstyle, though until he learned just why he has the hair thought he went a bit overboard with it. Initially believed it was based off his own hairdo, but Josuke's stated it's a Prince nod.
  • Official sources say he died at his throne due to heart complications and his addiction to prescription drugs. Many didn't believe this, and assume he's still alive, possibly undercover drug-busting with the FBI. Now that he's ascended Elvis seems fond of claiming this, however he's probably lying due to embarrassment over his Undignified Death.
  • Suspected to have been some sort of alien, and gone home in 1977. The Men in Black have claimed this about him, and his appearances in the House of Extraterrestrials is somewhat suspicious. Most agree he's probably human, though many alien gods enjoy his works. On rare occasions he looks pretty elvish.
  • Loves him some bacon, particularly burned bacon like ma used to make. Him and Goku bonded over their love of bacon, and was quick to take some of that heart medication Future Trunks got Goku. Was somewhat annoyed to learn that he's been trying to get rid of bacon stores in his timeline. You can often find Elvis in the House of Food, getting cheeseburgers on demand there.
    • Also really enjoys Reuben's sandwiches. Lilo and Stitch personally recommended the experiment to Elvis for his delicacies; when they first did so, Presley took the duo to the House of Food and introduced himself to Stitch's "cousin". Flattered to meet the man he's heard so much about from his cuz, Reuben whipped up a large batch of Fool's Gold Loaves and peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches, complimented with bottles of Perrier sparkling water, and joined the three gulping them all down. Presley said Reuben's sandwiches were second-to-none. He now makes weekly visits to Reuben's sandwich shop for lunch, always bringing Lilo and Stitch with him each and every time.
  • Keeping with the "Elvis and the experiments" theme here, Stitch had really been wanting his "boojiboo" Angel to meet Presley for a while, but often couldn't because of both singers' separate performing schedules. Eventually though, he caught a break and got the two to meet each other. Angel swooned over how attractive and gentlemanly Elvis is, and couldn't help but blush when he told her how much he loved her rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" after seeing a recording of one of her performances. At Stitch's insistence, Elvis performed a number of his hits for her, especially "That's All Right, Mama" (Stitch tried to get Angel to learn about the song for some time; long story). Elvis later had Stitch and Angel perform with him at one of his concerts, with the aliens' ʻohana getting front row (or should we say front section) seats for the performance.
  • Also spends his time in the House of Weapons and Travel. He has a lot of cars he wants to purchase, and feels like pulling his old Shoot the Television trick out again (he doesn't like cathode rays). He was briefly kicked out from the House of Theatre and Spectacle due to trying them out on the televisions there and pulling some pranks.
  • Proud to admit that he loves his mom, and looks down on bad mothers. He shows contempt to exploitative bosses and con-artists as well.
  • Has plenty of imposters, something he sees as rather flattering. Trying find someone to serve as the god of said trope. On his search he was pretty surprised to learn that in an alternate universe, Galactus lost his powers and essentially became the new Elvis of that reality.
  • Doesn't know what to think about the state Richard Nixon is in, who wants him to pick up the slack on the war against drugs.

    Trent Reznor 
Michael Trent Reznor, God of Industrial Metal
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The band logo (two mirroring N's with an I in between, inside a rectangle)
  • Signature Song: Closer, alternatively Head Like a Hole
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Concept Albums, Protest Songs, Dark Is Not Evil, Despair Event Horizons, Nightmare Fuel, I Am the Band
  • Domains: Rock, Metal, Dystopia
  • Herald: Atticus Ross
  • Allies: David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Linkin Park, Lisbeth Salander, Kousei Arima, The Doom Slayer, Vinny
  • Opposes: Lionel Starkweather, dystopian leaders
  • Wary of: Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • Nine Inch Nails is an Industrial Metal band that has been around since 1988 and their career has largely been defined by Trent Reznor, who has not only been the only member to stick around since the band’s beginning, but is more or less the only member of the group for most of the band's time. Although not the first to play the style of that genre, he was the one who popularized it with his albums Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral. Since then, he has done a wide variety of projects both in and out of the band, with Atticus Ross being a prominent contributor in Reznor’s later years.
  • While continuing to work on his music, Reznor heard rumors of an unusual place known only as the Pantheon, where a variety of people, including skilled musicians reside and visit. He was understandably skeptical about those rumors at first. During one of his tours, he ended up coming across a large gate and was told that he was in the Pantheon and that he was welcome there for the kind of music that he’s done. While he isn’t staying at that place full-time, he does make visits and play music there as part of his tours.
  • Isn't really amused by the fact that one of his most notable songs, "Closer" is known mainly by its legendary chorus. Plenty of beings (mainly the more brazenly horny ones) have taken the song to be about sex rather than the Obsession Song that Reznor has stated it is and have even tried to use it as sort of a twisted love song for the more intimate and mature parts of the Pantheon. While it does work for loud clubs, it’s very clear that it does not work in a romantic atmosphere at all.
  • David Bowie has generally been seen as a major influence on Reznor’s work. Not only is Reznor a fan of Bowie’s work, but he toured with Bowie in 1995, did a remix of I’m Afraid of Americans (alongside being in that song’s music video), and later did an instrumental cover of another Bowie song (Life On Mars). As far as musical tours in the Pantheon are concerned, the two have been a fairly popular pick for double acts.
    • Besides Bowie, there are a few other musicians that Reznor holds in high regard. Queen served as another inspiration for him and he’s even stated that Freddie Mercury’s death had more of an impact on him than that of John Lennon’s death. Reznor is a fan of Roger Waters’ work and was even excited when the two were being interviewed together. Reznor actually didn’t have any issue with Waters admitting to not having listened to any of Nine Inch Nails’ songs.
  • Much of his earlier work has some dark themes and lyrics, making some wonder about Reznor’s state of mind. While he is a nice person all things considered, he has had bouts of depression at some point in his life (and The Downward Spiral revolved around someone who was depressed and on the brink of suicide). He was eventually able to recover from it and his later work mostly hasn’t been as bleak as before. He’s become good friends with Kousei Arima for being another skilled musician that had to deal with a troubled life.
    • Linkin Park, a band that was partially influenced by Nine Inch Nails, had a member (Chester Bennington) that had gone through several personal problems similar to Reznor. Bennington’s story, despite going through a good career with Linkin Park and out of that band, didn’t end nearly as well as Reznor did. Regardless, Both Reznor and Linkin Park do have a habit of being experimental in their music and Bennington cited Nine Inch Nails as an influence on his work.
  • Besides making music in the band, Reznor has done his fair share of music for certain films. Lisbeth Salander, a deity having come from a film that Reznor did the score for, heard of Reznor and expressed interest in briefly meeting up with him. A meeting between the two later happened, with Lisbeth expressing gratitude towards him, and in turn, Reznor gave her a special device that had his music stored so that she can have something to listen to while at work.
  • In addition to his work on film, Reznor has done some work on video games. He has provided music for Quake I, the theme music for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, was involved with an alternate reality game based on one of his albums, and is a fan of the original Doom. He was also going to have been the sound engineer for Doomguy’s third outing, but was unable to finish his work due to time. Some people also mistakenly thought that Reznor used the actual Polybius cabinet for one of his music videos, but it turned out to be for an unrelated game of the same title and many don’t know how things will turn out if he actually did use the cursed arcade cabinet (or something similar such as Pony Island) for a music video. Speaking of games, Vinny, who happens to be a gamer and musician, is a fan of Reznor’s work and will sometimes play a song from Reznor on his streams during breaks.
  • Reznor is rather unsettled when around Master Hand and especially Crazy Hand, as a work of his, Year Zero portrays a similar entity as responsible for The End of the World as We Know It. Master Hand understands Reznor's fears somewhat, while Crazy Hand has taken to intentionally replicating The Presence's pose to scare Reznor for a few laughs, much to his and Master Hand's annoyance. On a more serious note, given the album’s theme of a dystopian future, Reznor has a pronounced animosity towards those in the Pantheon that are actively trying to turn that place into a dystopia much like what’s been described in the album.
  • One fairly dark project of his was something known as The Broken Movie, which serves as a short film based on one of his Extended Plays and can be described as something resembling a snuff film. Lionel Starkweather, who has made a living working on snuff films, saw it and believed that it fell into such a category regardless of it being used to promote music. Reznor clearly wasn’t happy with the fact that someone took the idea of it being a snuff film too seriously and was more upset at the fact that the person who believed that has made a number of them.


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