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One of the most comfortable areas in the Health and Diseases house is the sub-house of Healers. While not licensed physicians, the gods here are often sort out to cure any number of ailments. It's less professional than Physicians however, and seems to be more popular with the child deities. Franken Fran's presence does put some people off, but that's usually remedied by just not visiting her or her helping out the physicians.

They have a shared garden where medicinal herbs are grown, and a makeshift chemical lab to develop antibiotics. There are reports of members of the House of Crime and Transgressions using this chemical lab to make drugs.

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Intermediate Gods

Asclepius, God of Healing Serpents (God of Medicine, Hepius, Vediovis, Caster)
A statue of Asclepius
Asclepius as a Heroic Spirit
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The rod of Asclepius
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Healer God Born from a Dead Woman, Associated With And Symbolized With Snakes, Was Capable Of Healing Death, Enemies with Death, The Medic, Started As A Demigod, Was Struck Down For Curing The Dead
  • Domains: Medicine, Healing, Divinity, Physicians, Snakes, Revival
  • Heralds: Epione (his consort), the Asclepiades (his daughters), the Aesculapian snake
  • Special relationship with: Apollo (his father)
  • Interests: Seviper and Zangoose, Lisa Simpson
  • Interested in: The Hall of Forms of Immortality
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Camp Half-Blood, Guts, Dionysus, Quetzacoatl, Maria Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog, The Final Destination protagonists, Alice (Monster Girl Quest), Miia
  • On speaking terms with: Kratos and Atreus (his uncle and cousin respectively), Death of the Endless, Death (Discworld), Ereshkigal, Anubis, Gerald Robotnik, Qin Shi Huang
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: Nurse Ratched, Dr Orin Scrivello
  • On poor terms with: Most of his divine relatives, Orochimaru, Fran Madaraki, Mr.Ludwig/the Medic, Qyburn, Death/the Wolf (Puss in Boots)
  • Pities: Victims of his divine family's antics (especially his father and grandfather's), SCP-1440
  • Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine, and a patron god of physicians. He was the son of Apollo and Coronis, he killed believing she was unfaithful. However, he was struck by guilt and saved their unborn child. Trained under Chiron, Asclepius had snakes help him in healing pilgrims at his temple. Some myths even say he learned healing from a snake. His symbol, the rod of Asclepius, His symbol, the Rod/Staff of Asclepius is still a prominent symbol for medicine and health care around the world. He was so good at his craft he could bring the dead back to life, which enraged Hades and he had Zeus strike him down with a thunderbolt for defying the natural order. Apollo tried to avenge his son by killing the cyclops who made the thunderbolt, but that just got him kicked out of Mt. Olympus for a time. Still, Zeus wasn't without sympathy and made Asclepius the constellation Ophiuchus. Apollo would revive his son by elevating him into an outright deity.
  • Asclepius ascended to the Trope Pantheon because of the reverence that he had from many physicians. The god of medicine, he is a respected figure within the health side of the House of Health and Diseases. Only a few physicians get on his bad side; Fabius Bile because of his egregious violation of medical ethics makes even evil physicians sick, and to a lesser extent the Medic, Fran Madaraki and Qyburn who certainly respect Asclepius' healing abilities but the Greek god isn't fond of the extremes they go to in their field. He's not a fan of Nurse Ratched or Dr Scrivello either for cruelty in their field. Some of the physicians he has a notable fondness of are Ai Haibara for wanting to seek out a cure, and Antonio Trussardi for making his absolutely delicious food have healing traits.
  • Being a Greek god, his relationship to his family is complicated. He has the dubious honor of being one of the onlynote  beings to piss Hades off in the original mythology as he was taking away his subjects. Despite hating each other, both Hades see this as a sticking point to hate Asclepius and he is still pissed that he got to become a deity and part of Mt Olympus. Asclepius really doesn't like his grandfather for killing him, and he doesn't accept being made into a constellation as an apology...which Zeus considers him being ungrateful. Recently, Asclepius has had a falling out with his father as he hates how he killed his mother for infidelity. Still, Apollo does care about him, but his careless and sometimes callous nature has hurt his relationship with his son.
  • Asclepius would rather avoid much of the BS of his family as possible. Though a god in both pantheonic terms and literally being divine he doesn't like being referred to as a god, and he has come to hold disdain for gods in recent years. Mainly, as a Servant. He prefers to be remembered as a doctor and physician first. There are members of his family he's on unambiguous good terms, though; even though in some myths Apollo ordered Artemis to kill his mom Asclepius is close to "Aunty Artemis" as she helped him with his dream to conquer death. Chiron helped raise and mentor him so he's cool, and Hestia is Loved by All members of the Greek pantheon. There's more complex interactions with other members of his and other pantheons
    • Prometheus sees within Asclepius some of himself; someone who wants to help people regardless of the order of the gods. Asclepius is surprised that the Titan could ever forgive his grandfather, which he admitted "not entirely". While Prometheus is on more difficult terms with Camp Half-Blood because he had sided with Cronus' forces during the Second Titanomachy, Asclepius is still well accepted within the camp as he acts as a physician there. He was quite impressed by Leo Valdez for creating his own version of the Physician's Cure to revive himself after Gaia's attack. Dionysus is another relative chummy with Asclepius; they have a similar tragedy in how their mother died, though the former is on much better terms with his dad, and Dionysus is one of the friendly deities. That being said, Asclepius wishes he stopped bugging him about that hangover cure.
    • He was worried that meeting Zagreus would just rile up Hades even more, but it turns out the lord of the underworld doesn't mind the two becoming friends so long as Asclepius doesn't "mess with things not meant for him". The two like sharing stories and talking about issues with their family. As a Greek god, he naturally was asked what he thinks about Kratos and his boy. Asclepius can understand why Kratos has a lot of issues regarding the Greek pantheon, but he prefers to leave him be and not make the same mistakes many of his relatives made dealing with the Ghost of Sparta.
    • Outside of his pantheon, Asclepius was able to make friends with Tawaret. She's the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and pregnancy, he's the god of medicine. Tawaret naturally saw the benefit of a trained, divine physician being on good terms with her and Asclepius has asked his daughters to help Tawaret with delivery and childbirth. Within the Aztec pantheon, he tends to keep his distance as many of them have a strange sense of right and wrong, though he is more cordial with Quetzacoatl as they're one of few deities not demanding Human Sacrifice. They're also a serpent and a Servant in the same series, so they have that in common.
  • Asclepius scoffed when he learned of "Whacking Day", feeling that it was a barbaric practice and he's glad Lisa Simpson fought against it. Being a know-it-all she was interested in the god of medicine due to his historical impact, though she's skeptical of the claims he's a deity. He's relieved by this as he doesn't like his divinity being pointed out. The son of Apollo has a strong affinity for snakes, and there was even a species of snake named after him which he's let join his wife and daughters as a herald. Asclepius isn't blind to the negative reputation snakes have, with Apophis being the most stand-out example. Voldemort and the Basilisk aren't in his good books either due to their crimes, and the poor terms they're on have been made poorer by Voldemort wanting to force him to make an elixir of Complete Immortality.
  • Seviper wasn't one of these bad snakes, but she is quite the opposite of a Healing Serpent. Still, she was interested in a snake-handling doctor and to her anger, her eternal rival Zangoose was interested too. By studying them Asclepius has developed an effective anti-venom for Seviper's poisoning, and a better understanding of the Toxic Boost ability. Chansey and Audino were more interested in Asclepius as they are healer Pokemon, and they wanted to offer up their Softboiled and Heal Pulse to aid him. Nurse Joy wondered where they had gone off to, and once she found Asclepius asked for his autograph...this pleased him. He was also asked for an autograph from Orochimaru, which he was less OK. Orochimaru is trying to not be the villain he used to be and is genuinely interested in Asclepius' abilities as a healer, but Asclepius isn't sure if he can trust him yet.
  • Surprisingly enough, Asclepius and Moses get along. They didn't think they had much in common given Moses is a monotheist originally from Egypt, and Asclepius a Deity of Human Origin, but Moses also rocks the serpent staff. When Moses inquired to God about how to treat this, he was told to create an effigy of a snake on a stake and all one needed to do to be healed of the poison was to look at it. Moses is generally chill and religious differences asides he liked learning about the physician's craft, and it helps that Asclepius doesn't see himself as a god. Professor Slughorn got along with the divine doctor as he represents a positive side of snakes, which is refreshing for him given how often House Slytherin is labeled as "the bad guy house". He carries out potion making which cures petrified students, relieves the symptoms of lycanthropy, and cures a student of the effects of a love potion. Harry was interested in learning with Slughorn, as he felt comfortable speaking parseltongue if it meant talking to Asclepius' snakes.
  • Hades' biggest concern with allowing Asclepius to have free reign in the Trope Pantheon is that he will discover a true cure for death, or in other words immortality. While the god of medicine does consider searching for immortality, Zeus very loudly threatened to strip his divinity if he tries it; he has enough problems with his brother when he goes all villain mode, but this is a matter his OG personality being angry at the idea. Apollo had to convince Chiron to give him a warning not to develop a permanent death cure, but he is allowed to see what others managed with it. In order to scare him straight Zeus pointed him in the direction of Tenebrae and Darth Plagueis, which backfired when Apollo threatened his own father never to pull that stunt again. This has slightly improved Asclepius' opinion on his dad, but they still don't get along.
  • Because Death Is Cheap in the Trope Pantheon, Asclepius doesn't have to worry about Hades or Zeus' immediate wrath as there are different rules here than in the mortal world...though they're still on really poor terms with the son of Apollo. Many with a hand in death are offended by the healer's ascension as they see him as a violator of the natural order, and say his claims he'll now follow the natural order are lies to placate his grandfather. Not all incarnations of death hate him, though; Ereshkigal did give him a warning not to take subjects from her afterlife, something that Asclepius took the hint. And Death of the Endless? Honestly she couldn't care; people come back to life, they can live for a long time but at the end of the day they'll eventually be claimed forever by her so why not let him have his fun. The Discworld Death, having come to sympathize with and be fond of humanity, feels Hades is being too irate at Asclepius, however he warned Asclepius he would have to interfere if his duty forces him to.
  • Nekron took perhaps the most offense to his past resurrections, but of course being an Omnicidal Maniac life in general offends him. Much to his relief, Asclepius cannot resurrect Black Lanterns, and much to Asclepius' fear the moment Nekron could potentially get at him with a Black Lantern Coronis. Asclepius is well-aware of Nekron's hypocrisy as he has permitted revivals to act as sleeper agents for his scheme, but the Lord of the Unliving thinks it doesn't matter if it gets the results he wants. Dhuum and the Death from Final Destination hold Asclepius in contempt for helping others cheat death. However Asclepius considers his true foes to be gods of disease like Nurgle and Peryite. The former especially creeps the god of medicine out because he legitimately thinks horrifying diseases is a form of love and then there's his treatment of Isha. And well, if you thought his dad and grandpa were bad partners. The Red Death is another great enemy of Asclepius due to being the embodiment of a nasty plague.
  • Compared to the others who hate his ability to resurrect, the incarnation of Death better known as the Wolf was more reasonable but still took great umbridge. He considered his resurrections "laughing in the face of death", however Asclepius defended his actions as unlike the charge he labeled at Puss in Boots he doesn't take life fact, it's his value of life which motivates him to break the laws of nature in order to preserve it. Though angry, this version of Death conceded that Asclepius isn't guilty of hubris and did respect life. However, he left him an ultimatum; if he is ever caught bringing the dead back to life again, there'll be no mercy from him.
  • The god of medicine was interested in Guts. Just like he and his uncle Dionysus, Guts was Born from a Dead Woman. It's a sign that even as a literal newborn, the man had an indomitable will to live and Asclepius can respect that. So long as he respects his field and behaves he is welcome to visit as a patient. Naturally, he's sympathetic to all the suffering Guts has had to endure. Being one of the more stable Greek gods, and being annoyed by his family's unpleasant behavior, he's naturally sympathetic to the many victims of his family. He's also sympathetic to the plight of SCP-1440; like Asclepius, the Old Man From Nowhere challenged death and paid for it. Because of his ability to heal, he was sought out by Gerald Robotnik in a moment of clarity seeking help to find a cure for NIDS. Asclepius has sworn he'll find it, but he doesn't want to work with him yet because he's not fully reformed. Maria and Shadow are welcome to talk with him, however.
  • Asclepius considers the Red Viper of Dorne an interesting fellow. Oberyn Martell is in some ways a stark contrast to him; he's a Casanova in an open relationship while Asclepius is a one-woman man, and his skills as a Master Poisoner are quite opposite to Asclepius' medicine. However the Dornish prince is well-read, charming and compassionate despite his rough edges and cruel side. For Asclepius, he's like the more positive side of his dad. The two have come to enjoy each other's company, and will occasionally be accompanied by Alice and Miia, who are two good-natured snakes...well, half-snake (lamia being the technical word). He's invited Aerith to come over and analyze Oberyn's poisons so she may improve her ability to make poison-countering spells.

Lesser Gods

    Ana Amari 
Ana Amari, Goddess of Healing Weaponry (Veteran Sniper, Captain Amari, Janina Kowalska, Shrike, Horus, The Alchemist, Grandma)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The eye of Horus and her biotic rifle
  • Theme Songs: "Old Soldiers" when she appears with Jack Morrison, "Legacy" otherwise
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Was more Lawful Good back in her younger days)
  • Portfolio: Action Mom, Alliterative Name, Badass Longcoat, Blue Is Heroic, Friendly Sniper, Cool Old Lady, Deadpan Snarker, Combat Medic, Lost her eye to Widowmaker, Eyepatch of Power, Faking the Dead, Knight in Sour Armor, Mama Bear, Parents as People, Shell-Shocked Veteran
  • Domains: Snipers, Healing, Support, Heroes.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kardel Sharpeye, Nova Terra
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Sniper Wolf, Haman Karn
  • Ana Amari was one of the founding members of Overwatch and also one of the most loved ones. Through all her career, Ana was known as one of the best snipers in the world, having succeeded in a number of important missions. Until one day she was presumed dead after a mission when Widowmaker shot her in the eye. But that wasn't the case, Ana instead went to hiding, since the stress of killing so many people had gotten to her and she preferred to leave all her friends and moments behind. And now, she is ready to return to the battlefield once more, but this time she is going to protect the one she loves the most.
  • Her biotic rifle was once intended by Mercy to only heal, but thanks to a reverse engineering by Torbjörn, Ana's rifle now is able to both harm enemies and heal her allies. Mercy is not happy that Ana has modified her weapon, but nonetheless is happy that she's now here. Though sometimes they argue on who gets to support Pharah more, much to Pharah's embarrassment.
  • Shortly after ascending, Ana was welcomed with open arms by every one of her old friends from back in Overwatch times. However, her happiness was short-lived when Reaper decided to show up. Both Ana and him have quite a history that they really don't want to talk about.
  • There has been ongoing speculation about who could possibly be Fareeha's father. Ana herself hasn't said anything on the matter, but other sources might point that this person is very important.
  • At 60 years old, Ana's is one of the oldest snipers among the ranks of the pantheon and is quite respected by the more younger generations. Her aim isn't as good as how it used to be back in her prime, but she is still is a very good shot and has caught quite a lot people off guard.
    • That said, the presence of Widowmaker doesn't amuse her at all, given how she is responsible for shooting out Ana's eye out and eventually forcing her into hiding. It's clear that Widowmaker likes to remind of Ana's fall of grace, but Ana simply doesn't take her attacks all that seriously.
    Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
    • Not that she never returned fire either. Ana was one of those people that could incite Widowmaker's actual anger, by lamenting that her friend Gerard Lacroix married someone Ana thought to be turning out to be a bitch.
  • Thanks to her egyptian heritage, Ana got to personally meet the ancient gods of the egyptian pantheon. Most deities, especially Ra and Osiris, welcomed her assuming she was a follower of Horus, given the tatoo she has under her left eye being the Eye of Horus.
  • Seems to get along a lot with Iroh, due to former military leaders who are also very capable fighters for their age. And Ana loves to drink tea, so she also a frequent visitor of his tea shop.
  • Has noticed that there are a couple of deities that happen to sound like her in certain cases. For example, one of thoses is Integra Hellsing, another white-haired, dark-skinned woman with an eyepatch who belongs to an organization that fights for the world's safety.
  • There were tales of an alchemist who was part of a group of heroes tasked by a lord to defend his castle from the Mad Scientist Dr. Junkenstein and his minions. Ana can't quite recall those events, but she stated that she has no idea how alchemy works.
  • Being a mother, Ana is quite known for being protective of the younger members of the pantheon, especially those from the House of Childhood and Adolescence. That would explain why she doesn't want her daughter Fareeha to join Overwatch, even though she is already an adult.
  • Once upon a time, people visited Ana because they were severely annoyed at that certain "HO HO HA HA" Sniper. Ana responded by administering a sleeping dart mid laughter on him. Written on that dart: "Go the Fuck to Sleep".
  • In recent times, Ana has been summoned into the Nexus. She has befriended other Blizzard deities there and still showed her combat prowess even at her age.
  • "Never stop fighting for what you believe in"
  • Can also be found in the House of Other Weapon Tropes, usually testing her marksmanship.
  • Roland of the Crimson Raiders once tried to contest her title, claiming he would make a better God of Healing Weaponry since any gun can heal when wielded by him. The Court of the Gods denied his claim, but neglected to give a reason. Rumours that they had been bribed with "grandma candy" circulated for a while.

    Fran Madaraki 
Fran Madaraki, Goddess of Harmful Healing (Franken Fran)

Haze, Goddess of Healing Winds (Kasumi, Fan la Norne, Goddess of the Praetorium, Master of low-key shade)

    Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki 
Kaito Kirishima and Ichika Takatsuki, Divine Couple of Intimate Healing
Kaito on the left, Ichika on the right
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Kaito's camera
  • Theme Song: "Vidro Moyo"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Interspecies Romance, Intimate Healing, Unable to Confess Their Feelings Until Much Later
  • Domain: Love, Healing, Filming, High School
  • Herald: Maron (Ichika's pet)
  • Allies: Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Agent K and Agent J, the Jedi, the Blorg
  • Respect: Sheryl Nome
  • Enemies: Harbinger, the Combine, Brainiac, Sheev Palpatine
  • Pity: Heinz Windermere
  • Avoid: Dr. Dala
  • Intimate Healing is a very complicated trope, subject to a lot of misrepresentation. The Pantheon's higher-ups decreed that for that trope to be accepted, it would require two representatives to provide proper context: one that does the healing and one that gets healed. Fortunately, Kaito and Ichika were the perfect candidates and their story provided a good justification for the trope: as an alien from a super-advanced civilization, Ichika possessed technology that saved Kaito from the brink of death, as well as unknowingly giving him the ability to have vision induced from such tehnology. Their ascension was performed without much issue.
  • Their ascension was a major boon to the young lovers. In the mortal plane, Ichika was forced to leave Earth as The Federation prohibited contact with underdeveloped species. Fortunately, no such limitation existed in the Pantheon, allowing Kaito and Ichika to happily reunite. The House of Narrative questioned whether or not it was still too early for them to ascend, as their story had an open ending that offered the possibility of a continuation. Kaito and Ichika replied that while that possibility still existed, they were happy enough with their ascension. Whether or not their story continues, only time will tell.
  • Happy to learn the Pantheon was more lax about Interspecies Romance than their homeworld. As they were young and still had much to learn about relationships, they visited Superman and Lois Lane, whose love famously produced their herald Jonathan. Seeing much of themselves in Kaito and Ichika, Clark and Lois offer comfort and solace whenever the young lovers need it.
  • Surprised to learn there was already a Federation in the Pantheon, just not the Federation Ichika came from. Instead, it was a Federation formed from the best and brightest of humanity, such as James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer. The four captains warmly welcomed the young lovers into their exploration missions, teaching them that in time, humanity would find a place in the stars. Understanding Kaito's desire to advance humanity into a spacefaring species, they have recommended him for Starfleet Academy.
  • Many non-human deities were baffled questioned Ichika about her culture, such as the fact that members of her species had human appearances and referred to themselves with human names. Ichika had kept mum on the matter.
  • Thanks to his love for filming and cameras, Kaito became good friends with Peter Parker and Yuu Haruna, often spending time with them filming documentaries about the happenings on the Pantheon. It's mostly for entertainment, but sometimes the House of School requests their help for educational purposes.
  • The best friends Kaito and Ichika have made in the Pantheon have been Ichiro Sato and Ryoko Sato, who realized they weren't all that different from each other, except for one tiny detail on Ichika's part. They enjoy going on double dates, which involve exploring exotic places, eating fancy meals, watching movies and playing video games. Kaito and Ichiro also met Shido Itsuka, protector of the Spirits, and Haruto Tsukishiro, explorer of dreams. While their own adventures don't hold a candle compared to what Shido and Haruto experienced, Kaito and Ichiro nevertheless gained trusted friends and steadfast allies in them. Their similar voices further strengthened their bond.
    • Ichika became friends with Shido's haremettes: Tohka, Origami and Mayuri. The Spirits were very sympathetic to Ichika's ordeal and offer advice in how to improve her relationship with Kaito. Ichika had also heard of Fuuka and how her destined death was averted because enough people in the mortal plane wanted her to have a happy ending. Perhaps something like that would allow her to continue her story with Kaito.
  • Kaito and Ichika's presence in the Pantheon unfortunately brought some unwanted attention. Harbinger, the Combine and Brainiac seek to obtain Ichika's technology and extend their conquests. Kaito and Ichika were further dismayed to learn of a galactic empire controlled by a cruel and monstrous human, Sheev Palpatine, who had no qualms of torturing them if it meant gaining an advantage over his enemies.
  • Agents K and J have been tasked to protect Kaito and Ichika from alien threats by their friend and fellow MIB member Lemon. The agents do not reveal Lemon's status to Kaito and Ichika, partly because of MIB protocols and partly because it would put them in more danger than they already are.
    • The SCP Foundation was worried that Ichika would be a matter of concern for world security and considered holding her for interrogation, but K and J ultimately convinced them that Ichika was harmless. This all happened without Kaito and Ichika's knowledge, further protecting the secrecy of both agencies.
  • Ichika was a bit of afraid of ghosts, particularly after a visit to a shrine, but her experiences with the Jedi, who could commune with the Force to manifest as ghosts in the realm of the living, helped her get the better of it.
  • Both admire Sheryl Nome for using her music to bring peace between humanity and the Vajra, seeing it as a sign that humans and aliens can live together as equals. Unfortunately, the case of Heinz Windermere was a bit greyer. While they understand the circumstances he was forced into, they cannot ignore the lives his actions destroyed.
  • Kaito and Ichika visited the House of Extraterrestrials, hoping to find other Federation members that had ascended as well; instead, they came across a representative of the Blorg Commonality, who was excited at the possibility of making friends with the young lovers. Although they were a bit weirded out by the Blorg's appearance, cooler heads prevailed and a friendship was born.
    Blorg: Friend?
    Kaito: Ummm... sure, we can be friends.
    Ichika: Yes; the more, the merrier.
  • Their interactions with Dr. Dala didn't go as smoothly, however. Dala, interested for a long time in the human form (specifically movement) tried to examine Ichika; her curiosity only increasing when she learned Ichika was an alien. Kaito and Ichika, having learned of Dala's actions thanks to Starfleet Intelligence, were disgusted and have kept away from her as much as possible. They have learned, however, that ultimately Dala has put her science to better use and the Pantheon has set precautions to ensure she doesn't fall back to old habits, a fitting rebalancing of the scales.
  • Also present in Romance.


    Antonio Trussardi 
Antonio Trussardi, God of Medicinal Cuisine (Tonio Trussardi, Trendy, Birth name: Antonio Volpe)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His Stand, Pearl Jamnote 
  • Theme Song: Italian Restaurant
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Supreme Chef, Nice Guy, His Stand Can Make Healing Food, Though It Has Some Gross Side-Effects, Was Suspected Of Secret Nefariousness Because Of That, Healing Magic Is the Hardest, Magic A Is Magic A, Panacea, Even His Mineral Water Is Amazing, Don't Be Rude And DON'T Be Unhygenic, Personality Powers, Face of a Thug, Getting His Backstory Explored In Secondary Material
  • Domains: Cuisine, Healing, Kindness, Professionalism, Cleanliness, Stands
  • Allies: Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, Rohan Kishibe, Takumi Aldini, Peppino Spaghetti, Gordon Ramsey, Toriko and Komatsu, Harlon David Sanders, Popeye, Spongebob Squarepants, Princess Bubblegum, Florence Nightingale, Anthony Chu
  • On good terms with: Anton Ego, Doge, Philip J Fry, any of the House of Physicians not named Fabius Bile, Dr Moreau, Qyburn, Nurse Ratched or the Medic
  • On speaking terms with: Squidward Tentacles, Bucciarati's gang
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Remy
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Sheldon J Plankton, The Mafia of Cooks, Unhygienix, "Big" Jack Horner, Brand X, Thrax, Nurgle, Typhus, Carter Pewterschmidt, The Noid, Archibald Penelope Snatcher, Diavolo
  • On poor terms with: Pannacotta Fugo
  • Antonio Trussardi was born a member of a wealthy Italian family, however he desired to be a chef for the pleasure of others. His family forbade him from pursuing his dream, leading to him running away from home and becoming a master of the culinary arts. A native of Naples, he set shop in Morioh. He's a Stand User and his Stand Pearl Jam initially seems nefarious, as it causes body deformations such as a dog throwing up its intestines. Josuke thought he was evil, but it turns out these deformations are painless and whoever has the food goes right back to normal afterwards. Or rather, their health improves. So while gross, his food corrects poor health. However he needs to know the symptoms in order to get the healing process right. He's one of few to get his Stand purely by self-training; namely his passion for cooking.
  • Antonio Trussardi's ascension was thanks to Josuke and Okuyasu promoting his restaurant with glowing reviews, who also were good enough to warn him that the serial killer hiding in Morioh was up to his usual tricks again. Antonio prefers to go by Tonio, though will occasionally use Trendy to avoid lawsuits. With how almost memetic villains hurting dogs are in his world, Doge was skeptical and wanted to be the first newcomer to test it. He burst his intestines, but felt better than new afterwards and his dysentery was cured. His review was that "it was wacky and uncharacteristic, but delicious and nutritious. 9/10 would try again".
  • As he needs to know the symptoms and can't just use any ingredient, Tonio initially couldn't find the right healing meal for anyone in the Trope Pantheon who's species doesn't exist in his universe (or at least isn't well-known, like Gengar the ghost). He intends to remedy this by studying in the House of Knowledge. However he does still make really good food, so he can still make really delicious food for most pantheon species. Due to the medicinal qualities of his food, Princess Bubblegum has sought him out in order to study Pearl Jam. Having constructed her people out of candy, she wants to see if the effects of Tonio's Stand could help her people. The Italian cook is happy to help as he's interested in her own achievements, along with the fact she's apparently a candy elemental.
  • While he can't promise to be able to fix every human deity's ailment, he'll at least try. However it's important to remember that Pearl Jam fixes, not amplifies bodies; he can't make you superhumanly resistant or immune to things. As on his own he's a normal human, Snatcher tried kidnapping him and force him to make a meal that'd cure his cheese allergy. Tonio might've complied had a) he not a lot of despicable actions beforehand and b) didn't try kidnapping him. Most deities who are not reprehensible will still get their meal without complaint. The Hall of Physicians was impressed by how, say, he was able to make chicken soup an instant cure for cold. Florence Nightingale has asked for his assistance in making hospital food for her patients. Tonio is generally on good terms with the non-wicked physicians and he finds their expertise on medical conditions very useful to his usage of Pearl Jam.
  • He specializes in Italian food, so he's not as good when making fry food or sweets. That's not to say they don't taste damn good, since again this is a man who made mineral water delicious, but he gets outclassed in those areas by some other deities. Tonio was quite impressed by the Krabby Patty he tried at the Krusty Krab, admitting he hasn't made a burger that good in a while. Tonio is quite fond of Spongebob because of his cheery personality, passion for life and love for his job, however he really wishes that he just left the Krusty Krab because his true potential is wasted under a cheapskate like Mr Krabs. He has no idea how the crustacean could come up with the secret ingredients. Despite his awful fry food he feels Squidward is also wasting his potential in part (the other part being his Pride) working there, since when Squidward baked him a dessert he found the cephalopod has talent in food he actually wants to cook.
  • Another surprise in food he found was the time Bender baked a cake. Normally he's awful at cooking because he lacks a sense of taste, but when he follows the recipe to the letter it works. Tonio tried taking him on to teach him how to follow his specific recipes, but had to let him go because he was causing a mess in the kitchen whenever he experimented or left empty beer cans around the place. Fry is also a slob, however he can be trusted as a delivery boy and Tonio has let him make some extra cash doing so. He was interested to learn about the Human Popsicle and his own bizarre stories. Tonio was put off by the lack of professionalism Panucci's had, but otherwise finds Fry to be a good man.
  • Is French, or Italian food greater? This is a debate he often gets into with Remy the rat. Anton Ego has critiqued both of their food and admitted it is hard for him to determine who should get the higher vote. Tonio at least doesn't have any rats to deal with, though he prefers not to bring that up for fear of "kicking down low" in his Friendly Rivalry with Remy. Antonio Trussardi was quite pleased to learn about two Italian food aficionados Takumi Aldini and Peppino Spaghetti. Tonio makes fast friends with really good chefs, having gotten glowing reviews from Gordon Ramsey, Toriko and Komatsu. Popeye was tantalized by the prospect of Trussardi's cooking and came to really enjoy his spinach, making sure to keep the leftovers for a special occasion. On another note, he bad for Anthony Chu for his cibopathy and all the terrible stuff he has to eat. He'd love to make something to cure it, but alas he doesn't know enough to make the right recipe. However he was able to experiment and make a variety of beet-only dishes. He was overjoyed to find how creative Tonio was able to get with a single vegetable, and has become a regular customer ever since.
  • Being the Supreme Chef that he is, Tonio isn't happy whenever he sees the exact opposite. For the most part he doesn't get in a row with them (and as mentioned some are only bad in specific cases), but when they antagonize him he's going to antagonize them back. He called out Plankton for his awful food by pointing out that if he wanted to make serious cash he could make a killing off his inventions, which the plankton angrily went "that's not the point! I need to beat Krabs at his own game!". Plankton plans to steal and analyze Tonio's food in hopes of recreating Pearl Jam, ignorant to the fact that's not how Stands work. He has an ax to grind at the Mafia of Cooks for just how awful their cooking as well. He also doesn't like the Noid, because he doesn't like how he ruins people's pizzas and like any good Italian that pisses him off!
  • He truly loves his job as a cook. Him and Colonel Sanders may have very different cooking styles, but they both belief in hard work, dedication to your craft and absolutely and not doing things the easy way. This passion is arguably the only thing the two shares in common with Jack Horner; evil as he is always makes sure his pies are top notch. And gleefully evil that he is, Jack plans to force Tonio into Indentured Servitude to help make his pies and other food for his business. He intends to turn him into a member of the Baker's Dozen and learn more about Stands so he can gain one, which is not something Tonio would ever want. The only other thing they share is a distaste for Brand X. The brand's desire to sell their awful products gives them an envious chip on their shoulder for any Supreme Chef, and they plot to review bomb his restaurant in a vain attempt to look better by comparison.
  • He is absolutely infuriated to learn that Carter Pewterschmidt has developed the cure for cancer and refuses to share it for the sake of making a profit on chemotherapy. Never mind he would arguably make more money and prestige selling it, It's Personal for Tonio as his girlfriend had cancer. He had to search for an incredibly rare disk abalones to get rid of her tumor. Rohan was essential in him getting those ingredients and even saved his life, and since then the two have been on good terms. Antonio Trussardi is a big believer in kitchen hygiene, which is why he is contemptuous of Nurgle and his ilk, and Thrax. Granted there's plenty of reasons to oppose them, but Nurgle loves filth and Thrax was contracted by exploiting bad health and unhygenic conditions. Despite also being good-aligned, Tonio cannot stand Unhygienex due to his Berserk Button.
  • His birth name is Antonio Volpe; his brother Massimo was part of Passione as a narcotics manufacturer and found himself on the bad end of Pannacotta Fugo trying to clean up drugs. While Antonio doesn't have it in him to hate towards Fugo they were still family. Bucciarati's gang has told them they mean nothing personally by it and are trying to clean up Italy, which Tonio is alright with. He wants to see Diavolo pay like them because he feels he was The Corrupter to his brother, along with being a piece of work in general.


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