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Greater Gods

Izanami-no-Mikoto, Goddess of Death by Childbirth (Izanami-no-Okami, Goddess of Creation and Death, Matron of the Death)
Izanami as she appears in Shin Megami Tensei
True Appearance 
  • Symbol: The entrance of Yomotsu Hirasaka
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic Evil if she switched into this)
  • Portfolio: Death by Childbirth, Woman Scorned, Mother to Most of the Gods, Used to be married to Izanagi, Non-Human Undead
  • Domains: Creation, Motherhood, Death, Underworld, Redemption
  • Allies: The Demi-Fiend, Flynn, The Sumaru City Persona-users, Emily
  • On good terms with: Amaterasu, Susanoo'o, Chibiterasu, Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi, Masao Inaba, Yusuke Kitagawa, Tagna the Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Lambda-11, Hakumen, Anubis, Hades, Thanatos, Persephone, Hel, Sasuke Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Yami, Tiamat, Zeus, Hera, Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki,
  • Opposes: Izanami, Ah Puch
  • Pities: Nu-13
  • Uneasy Relationship: Lucifer, Yomi
  • The first gods Kunitokotachi and Amenominakanushi created two siblings known as Izanagi and Izanami to task them to create an island and gave them a spear to do so. Eventually, they wanted to be mated and gave birth to two children, however, they were not considered as deities. Realizing that the male deity should do the first speaking during their marriage ceremony after asking the other deities what they did wrong, they eventually corrected it and their marriage became successful, giving birth to more islands and deities. Izanami eventually gave birth to a fire deity known as Kagatsuchi, however, his birth caused her to burn in flames and died. Mournful, Izanagi set out to Yomi to bring her back, however, his wife ate food that made her become one with Yomi and could no longer leave the place, but decided to ask for permission first. During her sleep, Izanagi removed her comb that bounds her hair and set it alight, and before his sight is his wife now no longer a beautiful figure he loved her as but as a rotting corpse. Full of fear and his love for her replaced because of what he saw, he ran away from her and put a boulder between the land of the living and the dead. Shrieking, Izanami promised him that she’ll kill a thousand men, which he retorted back with that he’ll create a thousand, five hundred more, annulling their marriage.
  • Having wanted to make amends with her ex-husband and in some universes, have actually tried out their relationship once again, she hopes to do the same thing with his children and hearing that they are in a place called the Pantheon, she made her entrance and went to the temples of Izanagi’s currently ascended children to formally apologize to them and to patch up their relationships. Amatarasu took everything easily and even accepted her as a mother, while Susano’o is wary of her respective change, but in the end, decided to accept it since he doesn’t want to be harmed by her. Izanami decided to petition for her ascension in the Pantheon since she wants to make up for the things she did and also ultimately longs for friends that she never got to have due to being trapped in Yomi for so long.
  • Being the ruler of Yomi, she wanted to do her proper job as a Goddess of Death since she used to mostly focus on her vengeance on humanity. As such, she consulted Hades (the mythological version at least), Thanatos, Persephone, Anubis, and Hel and asked them for advice on it. All of them are glad to see that she took a change of heart since her vengeance could being imbalance between life and death and gave her the advice she needed, thus all of them are on good terms.
  • Izanami expressed her surprised when she saw Amaterasu turn into a wolf and that her son is also one. But she personally loves him and thinks that spending time with him would help make up all the things she did in the past. Being that she no longer opposes Izanagi and his children, Chibiterasu easily accepted her company and spends time with her if his mother allows it.
  • Like Izanami’s two children and his daughter’s son, she became enemies with Yami, being the original source of evil, angry that one of his pieces tried to kill Chibiterasu, since he really grow on her. Seeing that she is in some way, his arch-enemy’s mother, Yami hated Izanami in return and wants to destroy her with Izanami hoping to see Amaterasu eliminating him for good.
  • Being that he’s a much more evil version of Susano’o, Izanami hates Yuuki Terumi and his personality when he became his true self made her feel guilty of herself and is ashamed that he shared some past aspects of her. Terumi could care less about her, but he also hates her since she is in good terms with his sister.
    • Due to sharing the same name as their Izanami, Ragna, Noel, Lambda-11, and Hakumen were about to attack until they realized that Izanami is a completely separate person. She stuck on good terms with them, with Noel expressing sympathy on her and can understand Hakumen on how much they want to amend for the things they’ve done. While she doesn’t like Nu-13, her opinion towards her is much more express in pity rather than hatred since they are both trapped in a dimension and the person they love rejected, which caused both of them to hate humanity. Aside from being interested that she is called the “Sword of Izanami” because of the similarities, she hopes that Nu will get a wake-up call and redeems herself someday.
  • She doesn’t like Tiamat because she believes that what she is doing is a blessing to humanity as a mother and not wanting to see them progress as a society since Izanami now loves humanity and made some new human friends along the way. She wants to see her be imprisoned in the Underworld again if it wasn’t for her ascension.
  • While she really wants to gain friends and tries to be as friendly with them as possible, she can be clingy about it. Being a corpse like her who wanted to be loved, Emily could easily relate to Izanami about that since they are both stuck in the underworld for a long time and she is glad that the goddess changed her ways. The two have become friends since then and Emily hopes that Izanami could hopefully reunite with Izanagi someday.
  • Because he shared some aspects with Izanagi except much more worse, she hates Zeus and is disgusted at unfaithfulness towards his wife and not asking for any of the women he rapes for consent. While she sympathizes with Hera and could at least understand her reasons of attacking the women he rape, she refuses to associate with her since a lot of the women she harmed didn’t willingly submit themselves to Zeus and and the latter’s illegitimate children have nothing to do with it.
  • Because their Personas are the children of Zeus, she also want to made peace with Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Yukiko Amagi, Masao Inaba, and Yusuke Kitagawa even if they never have her as a Persona to begin with. All of them accept her apology after their uneasiness was set aside and remained on good terms with her. For Sho Minamoto, she doesn’t like him because of how much of a psychopath he is.
    • Because she became one of their Personas in the Priestess Arcana and half of the members cured her sanity, she is delighted to see the Sumaru City Persona-users and became one to them once more. For their help, they are glad to see the Izanami they knew and have accepted it.
    • She doesn't really mind about the other Izanami aside from the fact they share the same name, which frustrates her since it can be confusing, but she is baffled of what she thinks is humanity's desire and even after being defeated by Yu, she still does what she believes is what humanity wants and wants to give her a wake-up call for it.
  • Because they are the ones who cure her sanity, Izanami thanked the Demi-Fiend and Flynn for making the right decision and as such, offers an allegiance to them in case they need it. The Demi-Fiend and Flynn are glad to see her again and that she is a version that they are familiar with, accepting her alliance to them.
    • Seeing Lucifer uneases her since he did capture her twice and she doesn't want tovremember the experience of what she did while being controlled because of that. Though she could see that he truly sides with humanity, she thinks that some of his actions and intentions of doing so are wrong even by her past standards.
  • Because she made love with her in her universe after being defeated with her, she became tense upon seeing Yomi since she only wants to be with Izanagi again. Yomi understands what Izanami wanted and has no desire to do anything to her and as such, doesn’t want to bother her again for that.
  • Because a lot of the Sharingan abilities are named after her and her husband and his children, it caught her interest and wants to see what they are made of. She is on good terms with Sasuke and Obito since they are redeemed like her and never desired to do what they did in the past ever again. As for Madara, since he still wants to do Well-Intentioned Extremist ways and never change for the better, she has actively oppose him for that.
    • She realized that she shared a lot of aspects with Kaguya Otsutsuki being that they armies have shared aspects of each other and being sealed in a dimension, not to mention one of her dimensions is named after Yomutsu Hirasaka, but aside from that, since Izanami doesn't hace any desire to oppose humanity, she actively hated Kaguya and thinks her reason of hating them is extremely petty because at least hers is somewhat understandable and pitiful.
  • Unfortunately, there are times where she switched to her much more vengeful side and attacked the residents of the Pantheon to fulfill it. This really saddened the people that she had made amends with and have to take drastic measures to bring her back to her lighthearted sides of herself.
    • Even if they share similar views of humanity, even this version of Izanami hates Ah Puch and his actions disgusts him. Ah Puch himself is saddened by it since he wanted to become allies with this version of Izanami and felt some kind of kinship with her for that.

Intermediate Gods

    Connor and Duncan MacLeod 
Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Dual Gods of the Last Man Standing

Nappa, God of Deaths Caused by Failure (Ghost Nappa, Grand Vizier Nappa, Mr. Clean, Vegeta's Dumbass Friend, Brawny Man, Sadistic Strongman)
Super Saiyan 3 


Lesser Gods

    Shadow Yamoto 
Shadow Yamoto, Goddess of Deadly Resignations
  • Theme Song: Black Orchid Headquarters Rooftop, either version
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Kato-style mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, originally Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Absolute Cleavage, The Best In Corporate Espionage, Combat Stilettos, Domino Mask, Hell-Bent for Leather, But She Cleans Up Nicely In A Qipao, She Knows Too Much, Stock Ninja Weaponry
  • Domains: Ninjas, Assassins, Corporate Espionage, Ninjitsu and Taijutsu
  • Allies: Black Orchid, Jago, Maya Fallegeros, Kenshi Takahashi, Ezio Auditore
  • Rivals: Kasumi Goto, Crimson Viper, Kitana, Liu Kang, The Spy, Lady Shiva, Elektra Natchios
  • Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Kano, Ra's al-Ghul, Talia al-Ghul, Vector of the Wolfpack, Reaper, Widowmaker
  • Mentor To: Cassandra Cain-Wayne and Damian Wayne
  • Odd Friendship: with Leifang (due to their shared love of Chinese-style dresses)
  • Scouted By: Both the Grand United Alliance of Good and the Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • No one in the Pantheon bats an eye when a crimson-colored cloud of smoke appears in the Pantheon, the deities assuming that it's either Batman or one of the deified members of the Batfamily. Kano, for his part, thought that it was his Black Dragon cohort, Tasia. Everyone was pretty damn surprised to see a Japanese woman wearing a Kato-style mask and dressed in a quipao emerge from the smoke. Shadow Yamoto has come to the Pantheon.
  • When she was a mortal, Shadow was the darling of the Black Orchid Group, a criminal organization specializing in corporate espionage and assassination. Upon discovering that she herself would be eliminated should she fail a mission for the organization, Shadow attempted to blow the whistle on the organization. However, her mentor had gotten the jump on her and shoved her off the rooftop of the Black Orchid building, falling 101 stories to her death.
    • But her death was not the end, as she found herself competing in a martial arts contest hosted by the Eternal Champion, the prize being that the winner can return moments before their death to change their fate.
    • Turns out that Quan Chi had Shadow scouted to become one of his revenants. Fortunately for Shadow, the Eternal Champion had gotten to her first. Quan Chi's second choice? Hanzo Hasashi. Quan Chi still desires her soul in his service.
    • Liu Kang and Kitana are both pissed over the fact that Shadow had cheated death by winning the Eternal Champion's tournament, believing that they both deserve a second chance at life.
  • Her arrival has caught the attention of the deified assassins and spies in the Pantheon. Shadow is no fan of Ra's al-Ghul and his daughter, Talia, a bitter rivalry going back to her days with the Black Orchid. Even though Shadow is no longer with the organization, the animosity is still present.
  • Shadow was surprised to hear that a deity shares the same name as the organization that screwed her over. Fortunately for Shadow, Black Orchid is a good guy (with both Jago and Maya vouching for her), and while Shadow is slightly wary around Orchid, the pair have become allies.
  • Shadow finds herself in the crosshairs of both Reaper and Widowmaker, after refusing to join their team. When told that refusing them could have lethal consequences on her end, Shadow merely replied, "I died once already. It's no big deal."
  • Has a soft spot for children, which surprising. Shadow finds herself playing mentor to the youngest members of the deified Batfamily, Cassandra Wayne and Damian Wayne. Shadow actually had a laugh upon discovering that Damian was Talia's daughter with Bruce Wayne and the grandson of Ra's al-Ghul.

    Shinobu Hioka/Detec Bell and Tama Inubouzaki 
Shinobu Hioka and Tama Inubouzaki, Goddesses of Secret Concealing Deaths (Tama: Tama Shinobu: Detec Bell, Bellsie, Detick Bell)
Human form
Human form 
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Detec Bell), Lawful Evil (Tama)
  • Symbol: A bone next to a magnifying glass
  • Theme song: Tama: Peaky Wan-dafuru! (Shared with Yunael and Minael)
  • Portfolio: He Knows Too Much
  • Domains: Magic, Death, Knowledge
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Souta Kishibe/La Pucelle (Tama)
  • Special Relationship Swim Swim (Tama)
  • Ever since she was a kid, Shinobu Hioka had loved detective fiction, so when she grew up, Shinobu took the first chance she could get to become a professional.
    • When she's not in her temple, Shinobu can frequently be found at the house of Justice, furthering her detective skills and interacting with other law enforcement deities.
  • Unlike several of the already ascended maagical girls, Tama Inubouzaki isn't particularly brave nor does she have a lot of confidence in her abilities and as such, Tama never takes any sort of leadership roles and prefers to work for others.
    • Many deities who've seen the moments leading up to Tama's death say otherwise as none of them had seen someone as cowardly as Tama kill a Big Bad before.
  • After Tama had learned Swim Swim's identity and Bell had found an in-game item that would restore everybody's memories of Clamberry, they were both quickly killed off by Swim Swim and Melville to keep their secrets from spreading before their secrets becoming common knowledge would become an issue.
    • Unlike most who were killed for learning things they shouldn't, Bell and Tama were killed by MG's they were close to.
  • Not long after ascending, Tama was surprised to find that Yunael and Minael had already ascended before her. For a while, Tama was unsure of whether to tell them about Swim Swim's identity, but after a while, Tama had the idea that if she told them about Swim Swim's identity, then Swim Swim would target them as well so she decided not to tell them.
    • Tama's relation with Swim Swim is rather unusual as while Swim Swim was Tama's killer while she was mortal, Tama had always thought of Swim Swim as a trustworthy and kind leader since she followed in Ruler's footsteps and because of this Tama can't really bring herself to hate Swim Swim although she is much more cautious of her.
  • Detec Bell's magic allows her to talk to walls and get information from them if she kisses them which she often puts to good use when solving cases. The only catch is that the wall won't give any information that's detrimental to its owner.
    • Since her magic allows her to temporarily give life to an inanimate object, Shinobu developed a friendship with Elsa as she's able to give life to snowmen. Sometimes the two of them can be seen having 4 way conversations.
  • Tama's magic allows to her create a hole in any surface she scratches. What Tama can create holes in isn't limited to inorganic material either, allowing for many a Cruel and Unusual Death.
    • Because of her magic, Tama became fast friends with Excadrill and Yukipo as the bonded over their love of digging holes.
  • It's not uncommon to see Tama getting along well Shinobu Omiya, not only due to their shared voice, but also due to the both of them not being particularly intelligent.
  • After Shinobu told several deities of how she died, she became friends with other deities such as Kirito and Asuna and Shiroe as they too had been trapped in a video game.
  • Despite being a magical girl like them, Tama has no relation to the Inubouzaki sisters.



    Fred C. Dobbs 
Fred C. Dobbs, God of Death from One’s Greed

    Mio and Mayu Amakura 
Mio and Mayu Amakura, Twin Goddesses of Deciding One Twin's Death
Left: Mio, Right: Mayu
  • Demigoddesses (Mio is a Lesser Goddess with the Camera Obscura)
  • Symbol: The Crimson Butterfly
  • Theme Song: Chou
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Mio), Chaotic Neutral (Mayu)
  • Portfolio: Having A Different hairstyle for their Bangs, Age Changed in the Remake, Possess a Sixth Sense making them Perceptive to Ghosts, One is Fated to Die in the End (Both Can Survive, albeit under tragic Consequences)
  • Domains: Twins, Sisters, Cameras, Ghosts, Death, Love
  • Allies: Miku Hinasaki, Luigi, Jade, Frank West, Lois Lane, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Carol Anne Freeling, Androids 17 and 18, Lucas, Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi, Death of the Endless, Raven, Raiden, Danny Phantom, Casper, Reimi Sugimoto, Akane and Nazuna Inuwaka , The Ghostbusters, Sae Niijima
  • Enemies: King Boo, Johan Liebert, Damien Thorn, The Child Abuse Supporters, Kayako Saeki, Sadako Yamamura
  • Wary Of: The Ghosts Sub-House (They are aware that not all of them are malicious, but their personal experiences makes them nervous about the sub-house)
  • Pities: Sae Kashiwagi
  • Pitied By: Claus, Pollyanna Whittier
  • Symbolic Association: The Insects Sub-House
  • Having a twin is an experience that tends to be inseparable, given you're born alongside them. This is the case for sisters, Mio and Mayu Amakura, who would often play with one another. After visiting their favorite childhood playspot in Minakami, the sisters witness a crimson butterfly and pursue it, ending up in an abandoned village. What follows is a series of malevolent ghosts who target the sisters, followed by Mayu suddenly missing. Equipped with the Obscura Camera, Mio sets off to rescue and protect Mayu at all costs whilst also dealing with the fact that she has to witness the downfall and last day of the village.
    • Although Mio was able to uncover a ghostly spirit known as Sae as the one behind the village's downfall, she is ultimately forced to choose a sacrifice between her or Mayu. There are different choices with their own set of consequences, but it seems the one that is confirmed Canon is when Mio sacrifices Mayu, which has left her traumatized and emotionally broken. Her grief is what results in her receiving the Tattooed Curse. She was imprisoned in the Manor of Sleep due to being unable to overcome the loss of Mayu and she's made it clear that she intends to pass away so that she could be reunited with her sister.
  • Mio and Mayu's ascension was complicated. They both entered together, but their destinations were different. Mio ended up in the House of Family whereas Mayu was found in the House of Life and Death. Both houses were confused at the appearance of a dark-clad, short-haired girl, but the two were able to tell the difference between the girls by their hairstyle; while they're identical, Mio has a gap at the right side of her fringe, whereas Mayu lacks any. This cleared out the identification issue, but they were more perplexed at how both girls ended up in different places.
    • Many speculated that because Mayu died in the sacrificial ritual, she ended up in the House of Life and Death because of that. Mio being a survivor ended up at a different destination. The Court of the Gods decided to arrange a meeting with the two sisters, with the Heroic Protectors of Family and the Ghostbusters sent to pick up and escort Mio and Mayu respectively. The operation was a success and the sisters had a tearful reunion with Mio promising to never let Mayu go through the same pain and suffering that they had to go through back in their mortal lives.
    • Despite their reunion, The Court still had questions about Mio and Mayu, namely how they were able to ascend together, yet one of each ending up in different places, which felt incredibly odd as something like this hardly happens in the Pantheon. Mio didn;t have much to state, but Mayu recalled seeing a collection of "bright circles" flying over her to come with them, but she made a dash for a safe zone, sensing that they were up to no good. It didn't take long before finding out that the "bright circles" Mayu bought up were Boos under the orders of King Boo. With the situation of Carol Anne Freeling that occurred not too long before Mio and Mayu's ascension, King Boo has become a major target for accusations of torment and kidnappings surrounding ghosts and its only a matter of time before he becomes major headlines. For now, the Court has decided to place Mio and Mayu in rehabilitation in the hopes that they could recover emotionally and mentally.
  • Because of their arrival on two different houses, Mio and Mayu were given a position in the Twins and Reasons for Death sub-houses, which described the end-situation they were forced into. They winced on the prospect of their trope, but have decided to accept it. What matters more is that they're reunited and they want to spend time with one another.
  • Like Miku beforehand, Mio is equipped with the Camera Obscura, which she is able to use to stun ghosts from harming her or anyone else, in addition to exorcising them. It can also be used on benevolent ghosts as a way to communicate with them and seek guidance as a form of convenience. Learning about the presence of ghosts in the Pantheon, Mio has taken to possessing her Camera Obscura anywhere she goes to ensure she has a way of defending herself.
    • Mayu has a sixth sense; a strong perception towards ghosts and is able to interact with them without the Camera Obscura. While Mio also has this ability, her affinity towards this sixth sense is weaker than Mayu's. However, this strengthened perception isn't without its faults as Mayu is more vulnerable to spirits because of it. Hence, Mio has made it clear that Mayu shouldn't rely on it too much unless she's in a desperate situation.
    • Miku has once met Mio, though this was after what the latter had to go through regarding her curse and the tribulations her uncle Kei had to go through. The two have noted their similar experiences, including the loss of their sibling and fending off a collection of spirits, hence the two have decided to keep i touch with one another and see if they can find a way to make their Camera Obscura more effective against ghosts.
  • Due to their experiences with ghosts, Mio and Mayu were able to get along pretty well with Luigi, who himself has gone through a lot to save his brother from ghosts despite his reluctance and supposed cowardice. Luigi is planning to give Mio and Mayu some advice on dealing with ghosts, malevolent or benevolent, and has even offered them a Poltergeist device for use. The sisters gently declined, but have opted to remain friends with the green plumber for extra company.
    • On a similar note, they are grateful for the Ghostbusters for helping them reunite. The Ghostbusters have told them to be careful about the House of Life and Death, now that the twins are part of it and the likeliness of ghosts inhabiting it. Mayu would often try to interact with whatever ghost that would visit, though Mio would always accompany her just to make sure she doesn't get harmed.
  • On the subject of twins, Mio became close friends with Lucas, who was able to relate with her regarding the death of his own brother, Claus and has given both sisters condolences. The Fujibayashi sisters have also taken to hanging out with them and offering them amenities to cheer them up. That said, Mayu is rather hard to deal with, being somewhat demanding about her needs and feeling the need to be with Mio all the time.
  • Due to what the twins had to go through, efforts have been made to prevent them from approaching the House of Undead. While there are good-aligned beings there, its the malicious ones that tend to dominate much of the landscape there, plus Mayu's stronger sixth sense can be taken advantage of there. While King Boo isn't actually a member of the house, he very frequently takes residence there as he feels that his Boo subordinates would be more relaxed there. And even without the presence of the Boos, there's still beings like Kayako Saeki and Sadako Yamamura that Mio and Mayu would certainly want to avoid, although they do feel sympathetic about how and why they were driven into malevolence.
  • The sisters tend to get nervous whenever they hear the name Sae, which is justified, given how it was the identity of the spirit that pursued and tormented Mio and Mayu into the emotional state that they are currently in. That said, some effort has been made to make that issue less worrying, thanks to Sae Niijima. She decided to introduce herself as Ms. Niijima so as to not emotionally hurt the twins accidentally and told them about how she had difficulty in dealing with her own sister Makoto. She's told Mio that she's a great sister and to be proud of it. She told her first name after they had gotten accustomed to Sae, after which the twins weren't too nervous about it. They soon learned about Sae Kashiwagi. They were initially not happy with how she used crocodile tears to gain attention, but soon realized that she actually feels lonely and miserable about not having friends. Mio and Mayu have attempted to try approaching her, though they aren't sure if they could properly do it without thinking about the spirit of the same name. Hopefully Niijima's influence might be able to help out.
  • The Court made contact with Casper and Reimi, residents of the Ghosts sub-house to help out with Mio and Mayu. They've managed to easily become friends and even provide them with some needed emotional support. However, because Mio and Mayu are forbidden to have access to the House of Undead without defensive company, Casper and Reimi often have to commute to where the twin sisters reside.
  • Mio and Mayu are rather elusive when it comes to the Pantheon. It turns out that since their ascension was big news, that it was similar to Carol Anne's and there was an involvement with King Boo in that regard, they're a popular news topic and gossips revolving the twin sisters don't go unnoticed, much to their dismay. Mio feels as if she might get bombarded by several people into asking about what had happened, but because of how emotionally traumatized she was during her experience, she understandably avoids crowds and urges Mayu to not get reckless in that aspect either.
    • That said, they did meet up and became close associates with Carol Anne. Given they've both went through an incredibly tough time involving ghosts and spirits. Both also use a digital device to see and communicate with ghosts (television for Carol Anne, camera for Mio), though Carol Anne can use whichever television set whereas Mio can only rely on the Camera Obscura. They share several similarities, although Mio needs to prioritize Mayu over Carol Anne as the latter already has lots of residents looking after her.
  • While Mio is approachable and can be reasoned with despite her trauma, Mayu is more difficult to work around with. Some of her actions and personality traits can be rather erratic and she isn't above injuring herself to convince others to help her out. Mio, recalling the incident when Mayu took a fall to ensure they never stay separate, told her to not do that unless others begin disliking her. Some have noticed that Mayu is a little too attached to Mio, though this might have had something to do with her being possessed by Sae. With Sae being nowhere in the Pantheon, its not as apparent as it was before the Pantheon.
  • The twin sisters were viewed with interest by Johan Liebert, who has tried to approach them with "assuring thoughts". The Court panicked upon finding out about this and have taken to a lookout in case Johan ever manage to approach them. On a similar note, Damien Thorn also wanted to pay a visit to Mio and Mayu. His intentions weren't told, but the Court knew he would be up to no good. Johan and Damien have their ow intent onn what to do; the former wants to bring Mio and Mayu towards what he thinks would be "absolute despair" whereas Damien wanted to kidnap and sacrifice them for a cult ritual to appease Melkor and the different Pantheonic iterations of Satan.
  • Claus is sympathetic to the sisters, knowing how Mio must have felt and despite Mayu's erratic nature, is able to get along with her pretty well. He's told Mio to make the most out of her relationship with Mayu and that regardless of the difficulty, she shouldn't regret the fact that she's trying to be a good sister. Similarly, Pollyanna Whittier also gives them visits to look into the the positive side of life and do the best getting adjusted into the Pantheon. SO far, Mio is taking their advice well, though how much impact it makes towards Mayu is up for debate.
  • Due to their association with the phenomena known as the Crimson Butterfly, Mio and Mayu have a strange association with the Insects sub-house. Initially, they tried to figure out how, until it clicked into their minds that upon her death, Mayu became the butterfly that they are associated with. They are always welcomed into the sub-house though, where the twin sisters are often associated with love, passion and death the first two feelings going along with the color with the third feeling being a conclusive arc for the two in one way or another.
  • Sometime after getting accustomed into the Pantheon, strange ghost incidents began to occur, with hallucinations, kidnappings and hospitalizations becoming more alarming overtime. Mio and Mayu were among the first deities to be noticed and questioned about it for, given their experience with spirits. The sisters have stated that they have no idea on what is going on and that they don't feel as if they are ready to confront the situation itself. For now, they're stashed in the House of Family as the House of Life and Death seems too risky. Ghost hunters and benevolent spirits have since banded to confront the situation, though they're unprepared for what's to occur...
"Didn't we always promise each other... that we would always be together?"
"Mayu, we'll be together...we will!"

    Mother Gothel 
Mother Gothel, The Goddess Whose Age Caught Up With Her (Gothel, Eloise Gardener, The Old Witch, Grim Guardianess)
Grim Guardianess 
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess as the Grim Guardianess)
  • Symbol: The magic flower
  • Theme Song: Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Chaotic Evil as the Grim Guardianess)
  • Portfolio: Really 700 Years Old, Evil "Matriarch", Manipulative Bitch, Emotionally Abusive Stepmother, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Vain Sorceress, Cares only for Rapunzel's hair, Wants to stay young and beautiful
  • Domains: Immortality, Rapid Aging
  • Allies: Evil Queen, Ra's Al Ghul, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Rival: Voldemort
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Frollo
  • Enemies: Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Maximus, Quasimodo, Sora, Sophitia Alexandra, Bryan Mills, Yang Xiao Long, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Izumi
  • Gothel was an old woman who discovered a magic flower which kept her young through a magic song. It was until soldiers sent by the King of Corona to find a cure for his ill pregnant Queen, when the flower was discovered and cured her. As the result, their child Rapunzel bears a golden hair which holds the magical properties of the flower. She uses the hair to replenish her youth but when she snipped it, it lost its power and she began aging. Thus, she kidnapped her and kept her in a tower for 18 years and prevented her from leaving outside until Rapunzel meet the thief Flynn Rider.
  • After she died from old age and turning into dust after Flynn cut Rapunzel's hair which removed the magic from it, she ascended to the Pantheon, although as an old womannote . Somehow, her ascension caused Rapunzel's hair to grow out again with its magical properties (well, usually it fluctuated between that state and her post-cut state, but Gothel's ascension made it permanent. Of course, she couldn't reach Rapunzel with everyone getting in her path, so she needs to seek another source for eternal youth, yet she has used to the flower for so many centuries that she want Rapunzel's hair above all else.
  • She is despised by parents as she kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby and has emotionally abused her into staying in the tower and never leaving outside. She also like to put down Rapunzel while complimenting herself and was willing to lock her away when she drops her facade. Especially Bryan Mills because if you did, he will look for you, he will find you and he will kill you.
  • She found a companion through the Evil Queen who is vain about her beauty. So much that she wanted Snow White out of the way so that she could be "the fairest of them all," much like her and Rapunzel's hair. Though she doesn't interact with Lady Tremaine much, she doesn't like her methods because it didn't serve any purpose other than making Cinderella miserable.
  • Though Frollo has hatred toward witchcraft and her goal of eternal youth would make it like witchcraft, they were a lot in common in being manipulative stepparent to their stepchild through emotional abuse and would view them as a tool. In fact, she and Frollo are married in one universe. Because of that, Quasimodo, also a friend of Rapunzel, hates her as well because of how similar she was to Frollo.
  • She actually approves of Ghetsis's methods as they both took a child and "adopt" them, raising them in a rather isolated environment and conditioned them for their own selfish purposes. They both have a different endgame, but other than that she's disturbing similar to him.
  • Do note that Gothel will use her people as a means to accomplish her goals, and so is prone to backstabbing people when it is part of her plans.
  • Her obsession with eternal youth and immortality caught the attention of Lord Voldemort who seeks immortality and the two end up forming a rivalry. According to him, only he can live forever.
  • Ra's Al Ghul noticed her on how she live for centuries through a magic flower and later through Rapunzel's hair while he survived through the Lazarus Pits which heal wounds and cure every ailments. Though it could drive a person insane if used too much, in which for Gothel, probably wouldn't make a difference.
  • Worf and Picard mistook Gothel for one of their allies Anij has ascended. Not only this isn't the case, Gothel even attempted to fool them for a way to achieve immortality. This made them hate her ever since.
  • Some thought that Gothel might have actually cared for Rapunzel at times: making Rapunzel her favorite dinner, agreeing to go on a long trip to get seashell for her paint she said for her birthday, and other things that Rapunzel genuinely love. But ultimately, her vanity and selfishness overweigh these qualities.
  • Attempted to gain knowledge on Philosopher's Stones and alchemy from Izumi as an alternate youth source. To say that it didn't go well for Gothel is an understatement. After her recovery, mentioning the words "Izumi," "Philosopher's Stone, or "housewife," cause Gothel to run screaming from the immediate area.
  • There's a rumor that Gothel was Megara, Hercules's (Disney incarnation) love interest. Neither party wants to talk about it.
  • After it is made clear that she could no longer control the princess anymore, the Organization deems that she has outlived her usefulness and transforms her into a tree-like Heartless that threatens to cage all who comes across this monster. Rapunzel, despite having learned that she is not her mother at all, couldn't help but felt pity for what she had become of her. Fortunately, with the help of Sora and Eugene, Rapunzel managed vanquish the monster free her "mother" from her state.
  • People's general disgust for her grew even further when it was discovered she had a biological daughter named Cassandra, that she abandoned after she kidnapped Rapunzel.


    Marion "Mary" Crane 
Marion Crane, Goddess of Surprising Deaths (Mary Crane)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: She insists on the '57 Ford Custom 300 Fordor that she bought when she stays at Bates Motel, but her followers seem to prefer a bloody shower
  • Theme Song: The Psycho Theme Song, much to her dismay
  • Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, attempted to be Neutral Good but didn't succeed thanks to Norman Bates
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, stealing from her company ran by a horrible boss, Heel–Face Door-Slam, staying Alone with the Psycho, Redemption Equals Death, those whose death is well-known
  • Domain: Narrative, Crime, Anti-Hero, Life and Death
  • Herald: Lila (her sister)
  • High Priest: Bernard Marx
  • Allies: Prince Zuko, Aerith Gainsborough, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Kamina, Eddard Stark
  • Enemies: Norman Bates, Bernkastel, any serial killers
  • Marion was thought by the other gods to be the main character of the work in which she appeared, until she took that fateful shower and got killed horrifically by Norman Bates. The fact that she is a developed character with her own conflict and character act as well as one of the first and most shocking twist in cinematic history caused the gods from the House of Life and Death to resurrect her and put her into the throne.
    • However, true to her position, her resurrection is quickly discovered to be a side effect of an exiled Jean Grey-Summers's Phoenix Force power. The gods quickly jumped to find Jean in order for her to return to her throne in the House of Life and Death while Marion was left in the dust as she doesn't have any particular power.
    • During the aftermath, Marion has a brief crisis about being shoved out of the spotlight again and is very resentful of Jean. However, after a Rousing Speech from one of her fellow gods Kamina (and a translator), Marion acknowledge that she is graceful for her position and vows to do her best to earn her throne and redemption.
  • Her temple is a weird place: Most of her followers doesn't really realize they aren't the main characters until the narrative kill them off from their world and transported there by the House of Life and Death.
  • She has a weird relationship her killer Norman Bates: While she hates him for killing her and destroy her chance to have her own story and redemption, he is the one responsible for her ascendant to godhood in the first place. However, she despises his mother Norma for being the one responsible for his insanity and problems. She took comfort by the fact that she ascended and they did not.
  • Hates Bernkastel's guts for trying to weaponize her temple through her game piece Erika and vows to keep her from using it ever again.
  • Only using bathtub whenever she goes to the bathroom for obvious reasons and made sure her door has at least two bodyguards with special powers.
  • Strikes up an unlikely friendship with Prince Zuko as he sympathizes with the fact her journey is somewhat opposites his: He achieved main character status in his universse through his redemption while she was killed off before she can achieved hers. However, she declined his offer to make a play to explore what would happen if she has escaped Norman, citing that it would make her goddesshood entirely pointless. In truth, it was because she heard warning from Aang about how much... liberty his Fire Kingdom playwrights can took.
  • Despite being told by the other gods as unnecessary, she insists on taking some sort of punishment for her crime during the time that she was mortal. They decided to enlist her into the case of a fan community that keeps harassing Harry Potter as they think he is a Decoy Protagonist and Hermione Granger is the "real" main character of the books. Marion quickly solved the case by declare that because Harry received a large amount of plot importance and character development throughout his franchise, he therefore is a true protagonist in his own right. While the case was deemed by Marion herself and the other gods as just an excuse for her to gain some sort of closure on her crime, she gained Harry, Hermione and Ron's major point for solving an annoying problem for them.
  • Befriended her fellow goddess Aerith for the fact that their death is a well-known fact of their story. She helps Aerith keeps guard of the Book of Plot Twists.
  • After ascending to the pantheon, Marion enlists Sherlock Holmes's help to see if Carmen Sandiego stole the title protagonist from her movie. The detective dismisses her case and points out that Carmen doesn't steal things that would lead to killing.
  • Is frequently seen in the House of Knowledge & Technology to catch up what she has been missing from the 60s. It's reported from the House of Narrative that her favorite invention is the home release system.

    Makoto Itou 
Makoto Itou, God of Those Killed by Jilted Lovers

    Thomas and Martha Wayne 
Thomas and Martha Wayne, Co-Gods of Origin Story Fatalities and Dead Parents (Thomas: Dr. Thomas Wayne, Batman | Martha: Martha Kane, The Joker)
Thomas Wayne in the Flashpoint timeline 
Martha Wayne in the Flashpoint timeline 
  • Quasideities (Demigods in the Flashpoint Timeline)
  • Symbol: The gun that ended their lives
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Good in the Flashpoint timeline, later Lawful Evil (Thomas), Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil in the Flashpoint timeline (Martha)
  • Portfolio: Posthumous Character, Motivation for heroism, Death by Origin Story, Total Aversion of Comic Book Deaths, Dead Parents, Honest Corporate Executive, Badassery in another world
  • Domain: Wealth, Tragedy, Family
  • Allies: Bruce Wayne/Batman (their son) and the Batfamily as a whole, Alfred Pennyworth, Jor-El, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Enemies: The Joker, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash, Looten Plunder, Mr. Burns
  • In life, the Waynes were a family of kindly philanthropists who contributed to Gotham's success. However, as everyone knows, they died at the hands of a mugger named Joe Chill. Their son Bruce dedicated the rest of his life to avenge their deaths and stop the crime that killed them, becoming the hero Batman. Their opinion on this varies, but the Wayne family is still alive and working to make the world better nonetheless.
  • They have noted a disturbing (at least to them) trend of superheroes with dead parents, which they're afraid that they somehow started:
    Thomas: "My God, is every superhero's dad/mom dead?!"
    • Their annoyance at this has only been compounded with how often it shows up in other media, like shonen manga.
  • While most agree that it was a random mugging, their reason for dying varies. Sometimes their killer Joe Chill is an assassin, sometimes he's a desperate thief and sometimes it's part of an elaborate conspiracy. This has been the case in one reality, where they fell victim to. In another reality it was Jack Napier aka The Joker who shot them.
  • Entering the Pantheon has been a boon for Bruce, who finally gets to be with his parents. However, it hasn't been the first time Batman met them after their death; when Brainiac took various timelines, it finally allowed Batman to see his father, albeit from another universe again. Too bad the Joker got him killed, like he did in another reality. He will meet his mother again, at the end of his life when he is about to be reincarnated as himself.
  • Desiring his parents to be alive again, Batman has been scrawling across the multiverse for a scenario. Unfortunately, he has only discovered two realities where they survived.
    • The first is a reality where he was the one gunned down, Thomas is a far more aggressive Batman, and his mother is the freaking JOKER. Oh, and it's a Crapsack World about to destroy itself in war. And the Flash created it by going back in time and saving his mother from being killed by his arch-nemesis the Reverse-Flash, who himself had gone back in time to kill her to begin with. This reality was revisited by Bruce and the Flash while investigating Doctor Manhattan's alteration of the DC Universe. There, Thomas and Bruce met for real, but their reunion did not last long, as the Flashpoint'' world was in its final moments. Before Bruce and the Flash returned to their world, Bruce begged Thomas to come with him, as he had become a grandfather, but Thomas told Bruce to hang the cape and cowl and be a father to Damian, the way he couldn't be for Bruce.
    • The second is a reality where Batman himself intervened across the multiverse in stopping the killing. In this case, the Bruce Wayne grew up a happy son who became Batman out of awe and gratitude to the mysterious man who saved him as a child. However, as Batman had to bend the rules of reality to make this timeline work, most say it doesn't count.
  • Thomas Wayne is a fan of masquerade balls, sometimes dressing up as "the Batman." He's not a fan of rock and roll, but his son is. And he's sick of a certain reviewer claiming otherwise.
  • They may have another son, who's usually a villain of sorts. Bane thought he might be Thomas' child from an affair, but that turned out not to be the case. Both parties are trying to pretend that never happened.
  • With their revival in the pantheon, the Waynes are forming the Generous, Opulant Philanthropist Team to fund the GUAG. They have their son, Scrooge McDuck and Iron Man join.
  • In lieu of their fate, the Waynes have also built an orphanage for the pantheon.
  • Rrumors have circulated that the Waynes were actually a gangster family, and that only Alfred was clean in raising Bruce. No comment has come out of the pantheon yet for this information, though its accuracy is apparently in dispute.
  • Thomas became pleased that his old friend Jor-El had entered the Pantheon. The two engage in long conversations about their old lives and agreed their sons have become the best men they could ever hope to be.
  • Not so pleasing was the arrival of Eobard Thawne, the man whose murder of Barry Allen's mother created the opening for the Flashpoint timeline. Especially given that during the closing moments of that timeline, Thomas killed Thawne, though installments disagree on whether he stabbed him with a sword or shot him with a gun. He knows that kind of villain is gonna want payback somehow.

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