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Because of an overload of deities, the Characterization sub-house had to be split further into Extrovert Characterization and Introvert Characterization.

Extrovert Characterization represents anyone characterized by their interaction with people, places, things, and other outside factors.

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Intermediate Gods

    Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri 
Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri, The Gods Not So Different from Each Other (Drizzt: The Hunter, The Warrior Incarnate | Artemis: Barrabus the Gray, Belmer)
Artemis to the left, Drizzt to the right
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: Both of their blades, depending on the alignment.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for Drizzt, Lawful Evil for Artemis
  • Portfolios: Archnemesis to each other, Master Swordsman, Back-to-Back Badasses, Dual Wielding, are forced to team up more often than not
  • Domain: Magic, Combat, Cold, Good and Darkness (Drizzt), Evil and Poison (Artemis)
  • Allies: Roronoa Zoro, Link, Arche Klein, Lor'themar Theron, Oberon, Titania and Puck, Ezio Auditore
  • Enemies: Trollkaiger, Barney Stinson, Zed, Sauron (Drizzt)
  • Uneasy Relationship: Varsuuvius
  • Not So Different from: Kyo and Iori
  • Before it was only Drizzt in the Pantheon. He was formerly the God of Dark Elves, which put him in an odd predicament. While he was the most popular of the drow, much of his kind has moved on to other deities in the Pantheon. Many have tried to force him out of the Pantheon, but the Court of the Gods won't budge on the matter. Disagreements with their kind was inevitable with the growing number of good-aligned dark elves in the multiverse.
    • His kind succeeded in eroding his support so much that the Court of the Gods forced him to choose a new title or leave the Pantheon. Just as Drizzt was about to call it quits, his arch-nemesis Artemis broke in. An intense brawl followed that took a while to break up. Oddly enough, the battle gave defense attorney Phoenix Wright an idea. He proposed that Drizzt can stay on the condition that Artemis shares a temple as the two are more similar than they realize. The two protested, but Drizzt knew he had no choice but to comply.
    • The two agreed to build a single building, but kept themselves mostly separate from each other. Thus, they amasses completely different followers, and yet they all have counterparts on the other side. The assassin and the dark elf have learned to get used to work together.
  • Needless to say, Drizzt holds no ill will towards the gods who took his old temple. At least he does; Artemis would rather that he got his own temple. The fairies Oberon, Titania and Puck compensated by giving them tribute, though they are understandably wary of the assassin.
  • As such his followers most consist or Chaotic Good scimitar-wielding, dark elf rangers to follow in his footsteps. Many of them were created by gamers in his honor. Drizzt has been mostly neutral in such regards. While it is good that his followers are improving the reputation of his kind, their presence has been increasingly ridiculed by others, especially Trollkaiger. Even Barney Stinson joined in mocking their backstories.
    • Not everyone sees it that way. More of his kind mean more potential Dual Wielding followers under Zoro's wing. He may have mastered the technique, but acknowledged Drizzt and Artemis for popularizing the technique. Any chance to prove who is the superior swordsman is bleak, as Drizzt is too subdued and Artemis too uninterested for any battle to materialize.
  • To make things even more odd, he tends to get along perfectly well with Dwarves. Durkon didn't seem to mind at all and the two kept in touch in the subhouse. The holder of said title has no animosity towards him, though he made no attempt to visit the dark elf. Durkon's death, seering and resulting servitude towards Hel angered him greatly. He would gladly help the Order to get revenge and hopefully bring the dwarf back to the land of the living.
  • Artemis' allies on the other hand consist of mercenaries and assassins keen to do his bidding. And yet they aren't as ruthless as many other evil-aligned followers in the Pantheon. Artemis can't help but pick those with a hint of good in them
  • Lor'themar Theron sees Drizzt as a valuable ally. Despite the differences in culture, they share history as rangers and as those who hope to steer their kind away from darker paths. Though Theron wasn't able to keep him in the House of Others, he was glad the dark elf was able to stay in the Pantheon.
  • Gets a more lukewarm reception with Varsuuvius. He understands the elf's concern, since her rival pretended to be on the side of the Order before betraying them. He won't take credit with Zz'dtri's death, but hopes that it would warm relations between the two. Elan is more receptive, as Artemis admits to housing a friendly ninja half-orc.
  • After the move, even more evil-aligned drow flocked to other gods. The most popular among them is Zed, as his shadow powers work nicely to their spell-like abilities. It makes fighting them all the more annoying to Drizzt.
  • Link may have a dark counterpart in the Pantheon, but that won't get in the way of supporting Drizzt. The hero of time firmly believes the dark elf's adventures are enough to redeem him.
  • May well be the only elf Arche Klein would hang out with. She understands his struggles of acceptance as she had to defend half-elves from persecution as a mortal.
  • While slightly peeved for someone having the same name, the Greek goddeess Artemis can at least sleep happy that the newcomer is nowhere near as good with a bow and arrow. The assassin Artemis considers any sort of comparison to be meaningless.
  • Ezio admitted Artemis was one of his more difficult followers to influence. With that said, the assassin has seen Artemis improve as a person. Just don't expect Artemis to admit such a thing.
  • There was one time when the two were confronted by Kyo and Iori. Turns out the flame users managed to set aside their differences to challenge the duel wielders to a fight. It later turned out to be a test to see how strong they are. That and the four are under a similar predicament.

Gamera, God of Friendliness Towards Children (Guardian of the Universe, Super Monster, The Invincible, The Last Hope, The Brave, The Absolute Guardian of the Universe, The Guardian Supermonster)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His shell
  • Theme Music: Gamera's Song, Myth (by Bakufu Slump)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (sometimes Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Turtle Power, Glass Cannon, Everything's Better with Spinning, Friend to All Children, Gamera can Breathe in Space
  • Domains: Turtles, Guardians, Power
  • Herald: Toto
  • Allies: Godzilla (with a Friendly Rivalry), TMNT, Blastoise
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, Gigan, Spacegodzilla, Black Doom and most other evil aliens
  • Conflicted About: Bowser
  • Additional Relations: The Satellite of Love Crew
  • Gamera is a giant turtle monster that's quite durable and powerful. Among other abilities, he's able to tuck himself inside his shell to fly (and even functions as an additional attack) and can unleash fiery projectiles on his foes. When it comes to children, they have taken quite a liking to Gamera and in turn, Gamera has come to their aid whenever another giant monster poses a risk to them and their overall homeworld.
  • One night in the Pantheon, a mysterious object was flying across the starry skies. Some eyewitnesses assumed that a UFO had arrived, but it turned out not to be the case. The following day, a giant turtle was attacking another giant monster that was threatening others. The turtle was identified as Gamera and after some others accepted his arrival, he has since continued on with his duties as a guardian against those who threaten others.
  • A few were taken aback at how Gamera started off as a threat before later becoming a hero. Unlike Godzilla where the shifts between hero and villain happen quite a bit, Gamera being a hero became a consistent trait of his after his first fight against another monster.
    • When it comes to the King of Monsters himself, Gamera's relationship towards him is mostly friendly. A few fights are bound to happen between the two, but if Godzilla ends up having one of his bad moods, then Gamera will sometimes step in and fight Godzilla to try and prevent the kaiju from causing extensive damage.
  • In regards to other kaiju in the Pantheon, Gamera shares most of the same enemies as that of Godzilla, especially the more alien adversaries. When it comes to the Big G's allies, it's a bit different. A human acquaintance of Godzilla had to tell Gamera that the King of Monster's pterodactyl friend Rodan is nowhere near a threat to others compared to that of Gyaos, Gamera's own pterodactyl nemesis.
  • The TMNT were curious to hear about another turtle, but they were surprised to learn that this turtle is much larger than they could ever be, even without some mutagenic goo. The quartet were willing to become friends with Gamera after hearing about his heroism in a manner not that different from befriending Blastoise, another powered-up turtle. That said, they do acknowledge that given the size of Gamera and his potential foes, there really isn't much that can be done to minimize damage.
  • Because Gamera has fought against a handful of malicious aliens in the past, it didn't come as much of a surprise that he'd get into conflict against the kinds of evil aliens that were in the Pantheon. Most of these antagonistic aliens are as threatening as what Gamera had to go up against in the past, if not more so due to some of the allies and abilities that these aliens have.
  • He really isn't certain what to make of Bowser. On one hand, not only does the Koopa King partake in recreational activities alongside his frenemy Mario, he is a caring father towards his son, who could find the idea of a giant superpowered turtle intriguing. On the other hand, Bowser's attempts at conquest make him a potentially formidable foe for Gamera to fight against if Mario or his friends aren't around to stop Bowser.
  • It's possible for Gamera to get brainwashed and go on a rampage. Actually doing so is easier said than done, though a few evil aliens that are capable of brainwashing others are willing to try and see if they can get Gamera under their control. Thus far, no one has tried using Yuri nor Jervis' brainwashing trinkets on Gamera to see if those are as effective as alien technology.
  • Some of his early adventures were watched and ridiculed by Joel and the robots of the Satellite of Love. While Joel did admit that Gamera's first adventure wasn't that bad, a lot of the mocking came from Gamera's more ridiculous feats such as being a bit too acrobatic before attacking. Joel and the bots even made up a song set to the tune of Gamera's theme, though the giant turtle doesn't really care much about them to begin with. Despite claims that the bots met Gamera in the flesh, it's more than likely it was just a random guy in space passing himself off as Gamera since the real thing was more than likely somewhere else.
    • To a much lesser extent, Elvira covered one of his later adventures during a hosting gig of hers. Weirdly enough, none of the Satellite of Love crew has stated that they watched it at any point, but if comments from others are any indication, they actually aren't sure if that particular adventure is worth the time to make fun of.


Lesser Gods

    Crimson Viper 
Crimson Viper, Goddess of Mysterious Women (Maya, Ms. Perfect)

    Erica Hartmann 
Erica Hartmann, Goddess of Cool Aerial Maneuvers and Incredibly Dirty Bedrooms (Frau, Hartmann, the Black Devil)

Undyne, the Goddess Who Takes On Any Challenge (Captain of the Royal Guard, strongfish91, The Brave Heroine Who NEVER Gives Up, The Heroine, Undyne the Undying)
Undyne the Undying 
Undyne without her armor 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in her Undying form)
  • Symbol: Her spear
  • Theme Songs: Undyne, Run!, NGAHHH!!, and Spear of Justice, But the Earth Refused to Die and Battle Against a True Hero as Undyne the Undying
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Good and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Never Backing Down from a Challenge, Flame-colored Hair (with matching personality), Being a Fish-woman, Made of Magic, Summoning Spears, Battle Enthusiasm, Negligible Armor, Being an Awesome Lesbian, Amazonian Warrior, Bad at Cooking, (Almost) Always Smiling, NOT. GIVING. UP., Powered-Up Form, Able to Generate Determination (Though Not Without Consequence)
  • Domains: Challenges, Passion, Combat, Weapons.
  • Allies: Alphys (Her girlfriend), Frisk, Papyrus and Sans, Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel, Napstablook (Her neighbour), Mettaton, Son Goku, Ichigo Kurosaki, Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki, Viral, Murky, Zeus, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, Pearl
  • Odd Friendship: Tidehunter, Aquaman, Rikuo, Kyoko Sakura
  • Rivals: The entirety of the Houses of Combat! and Weapons, Ornstein
  • Friendly Rivals: Pyrrha Nikos, Cu Chulainn, Maka Albarn/Soul Evans, Shirou Emiya, Travis Touchdown
  • Enemies: Omnicidal Maniacs, Flowey, Dolores Umbridge, YUUKI TERUMI, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Aizen, Tsukishima, Akainu/Sakazuki, Orochimaru, Shiro Tagachi
  • Undyne ascended only because of Papyrus, as he had remained in contact with her even after his own ascension. He off-handedly mentioned how awesome it was to be a god and expressed doubt that she would ever get into the Pantheon. She did.
  • Undyne hardly ever spends time in her own temple, instead preferring to wander around the Pantheon trying to pick fights with the various deities regardless of their ranking, ability set, or even motivation. There are only a rare few who have seen her "Undying" form, however.
    • She is found mostly in the Houses of Combat! and Weapons, in order to challenge and duel their respective residents with every ounce of her soul.
  • She was ecstatic when she met the various deities hailing from anime, as she had been told by her girlfriend and Frisk that anime wasn't real. She gushed over each and every single one she met....and then tried to fight them, as she is wont to do.
    • Various shonen anime protagonists (such as Goku, Ichigo, Luffy, Naruto, etc) are at the top of her friend list... though they're also rivals. They get along extremely well despite it, though. It helps that they share certain traits. Also, they care about their loved ones to the point of being willing to give their lives for them.
      • Reasons like this were why she joined Luffy and Ace in their new group, "The Brotherhood" as the team mom. More on that below.
    • That said, various shonen anime antagonists (such as Freeza, Cell, Aizen, etc) are enemies to her. She doesn't hold anything personal against them (heck, she was fine with trying to help her king achieve a goal similar to some of theirs), she simply opposes them out of necessity.
  • Like Sans before her, she holds a special animosity for those who murder others remorselessly. Especially those who harm children.
    • Of note is Dolores Umbridge. Undyne doesn't just dislike her due to her status as the most despicable deity, she absolutely abhors her for her willingness to inflict physical and mental trauma upon others regardless of their innocence.
    • This has caused some friction between her and Raiden, as while she feels sympathy for his tragic past and believes him to be a good person at heart, she despises his "Jack the Ripper" persona. Raiden has assured her that he can keep Jack under control, but Undyne is keeping her good eye on him all the same.
  • Undyne is on Pyrrha Nikos' good side for disregarding her celebrity status and taking her seriously as a fellow amazonian spear wielder/hurler. Although good friends, their rivalry is one of the fiercest - Pyrrha is exceptionally skilled and Undyne doesn't possess any metal (she long discarded her armor and her spears are made of solidified water) that can be manipulated. Additionally, Pyrrha has asked Undyne for relationship advice many times... which isn't any good. And when Undyne heard about Pyrrha's fate, she ran all the way to the House of Weapons to give her a hug.
  • She has gotten herself into countless competitions with Shirou Emiya, to see who can manifest and hurl more of their respective weapon. There is no clear winner, as both always tire out simultaneously. Every. Single. Time. They also have bonded through cooking, although Undyne isn't exactly the best cook.
    • Relevantly, Undyne is no longer allowed within 50 yards of the House of Food. Unlike Papyrus before her, when she was offered a chance to improve her skill at cooking... well, let's just say it took days to put the fires out.
  • Strangely enough, despite her personality, Undyne is unerringly hospitable to those who visit her whenever she's actually at her place. Even if she's not extremely fond of the person, she will treat them with the utmost respect until they leave.
    • Terumi has taken advantage of this countless times, inviting himself into her temple and messing with her sword collection (none are legendary or cursed, of course) countless times. She absolutely HATES him but will treat him well regardless. This has invariably earned her the favor of Zeus, who is absolutely impressed that such a volatile creature does justice to his oft-forgotten domain.
      • However, with the ascension of Alphys, she managed to finally get him off her back. The solution; challenging Undyne to cook the hottest meal ever for him. After Terumi's last visitation, fire now permanently resides in her temple, and even the coldest water users can't put it out. As such, Undyne has unofficially "moved" temples and is now bunking with Alphys. As she is her girlfriend, she really doesn't mind it, even saying she would've probably done that sooner if it meant moving in with her. Terumi is peeved as this means since Undyne isn't technically in her home, she can be as violent as she wants with him. Once more, Zeus is impressed with the lengths she went to in order to be freed from his trolling.
    It seems like only fire lives here now...
  • She has designated herself as Murky's older sister figure since meeting him, vowing to protect him and to help him fulfill his revenge (she's not outright against killing humans in general but will spare those who are innocent). This has also made her an odd friend in the form of Tidehunter.
  • Although she doesn't live in an aquatic or even oceanic environment, Undyne gets along strangely well with Aquaman and Rikuo. She considers them good friends, even if they don't share her boisterous tendencies. Papyrus thought the latter was a distant relative of hers.
  • She is known as "Undyne the Undying" in her powered up form. She has been compared to both Nagash the Undying and Undying due to this, but she is neither undead nor a skeleton (she knows them through the Bone Brothers, however).
  • Due to her granted title, she is compared to The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse. They... actually get along, strangely enough. Always up to taking on any challenge issued to them.
    • She has also been compared to Dragonslayer Ornstein by virtue of their respective suits of armor being nearly identical. Undyne still has hers but prefers not to wear it most of the time, though an aspect of it does appear on her when she's in her Undying form. She does see the resemblance but is only interested in his skill at slaying dragons.
  • Once she heard that Papyrus and Sans had joined the Brotherhood, she went straight up to Ace and Luffy, declared herself the Team Mom, and promised to kick the asses of anyone who tried to hurt them. They accepted her without a second thought.
  • Was overjoyed to finally convince Alphys to come into the Pantheon as well. She heralded her ascension with a tackle hug into the ground. The crater still exists to this very day where she tackle hugged her.
  • During a friendly soccer match the Human Child had with Steven Universe, she got acquainted with Pearl, one of the Crystal Gems. A few choice words regarding training resulted in an argument, and like anything with Undyne, a good old-fashioned fight. Frisk and Steven managed to stop the fight a minute before either could hey beaten up too badly, and for the kids' sakes they called off the fight and became friends.



    Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck 
Drake Mallard, The God Who Knows When to Get Dangerous (Darkwing Duck, D.W., Dark, The Terror That Flaps in the Night, Darkwing Dork, Dorkwing, [insert a nickname from his Mad Libs Catchphrase here])
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Thunderquack, D.W.'s personal aircraft
  • Theme Song: Darkwing Duck
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Incoming Ham, Smoke Bombs, Getting Serious at Dramatic Moments, Attention Whore, Super-Protective Fathers, Badass Normal, The Ratcatcher, The Thunderquack, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Determinator
  • Domains: Ducks, Heroes, Ego
  • Allies: Launchpad McQuack, Gosalyn Mallard, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, & Louie Duck, Bryan Mills, Batman, Spider-Man, Tails, Shinnosuke Tomari
  • Enemies: The irredeemable members of the Houses of Crime and Villains, Abusive Parents (especially Norman Osborn), Syndrome, The Plutonian, Reaper, Randall Boggs, Bernkastel, Regime Superman
  • Annoyed By: Johnny Turbo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kent Allard
  • In the city of St. Canard, there lives single father Drake Mallard, alongside best friend Launchpad McQuack and adopted daughter Gosalyn Mallard. Since that city is often overrun by crime via a diverse selection of villains, it's up to Drake to clean up crime as the masked hero, Darkwing Duck. Initially, he doesn't appear to be that competent given how much of an ego he has expecting fame of any sort, but if something becomes dire all of a sudden (like Gosalyn being in danger), then Darkwing is more than willing to "get dangerous" to prove his worth as a hero and beat up the bad guys.
  • Some villains were running around causing chaos in the Pantheon. Those villains aren't incompetent, but they aren't extreme threats compared to some other evildoers. A duck made his entrance, announcing himself to be Darkwing Duck, in front of the criminals and after some difficulty, he was able to defeat them after declaring "Let's get dangerous!" While Darkwing wasn't pleased with the fact that there wasn't much attention to the incident and how he stopped the thugs, he decided to continue to stop evildoers from causing trouble after learning about just how much trouble there could be with the variety of bad guys around.
  • At one point, he ended up in a world inhabited entirely by humans (or as he put it, "hideous beakless mutants"). Considering that the Pantheon is inhabited by a number of humans in addition to ducks and other beings, it took Darkwing a bit of time after arriving there to get accustomed to humans, though he's learned to at least accept some of them.
  • Even though Darkwing lived in a world that was different from where Scrooge McDuck and Donald's nephews had their adventures, the only thing that they had in common (aside from being adventurous ducks) was that they had a pilot named Launchpad McQuack helping them out on their journeys. Mr. McDuck found Darkwing to be a bit on the weird side, but placed his trust on him in making sure things are fine.
  • Many deities have compared him to Batman. The Caped Crusader has taken an interest in Darkwing for obvious reasons.
    • On the other hand, Kent Allard is not that impressed with him, citing the duck's desire for fame and his foolish tendencies as getting in the way of Darkwing being a truly effective crime-fighter.
  • Has sometimes ended up working with a hero called "Paperinik"... not realizing that "Paperinik" is actually Donald Duck in a superhero disguise.
  • A number of times, Darkwing has expected to get a lot of positive attention but to not much success, something that annoys him a bit. Regardless, he doesn't like a lot of villains that turned to evil due to reasons relating to attention (or sometimes the lack thereof) and has made it a point not to end up like them. It also applies to bad guys who want fame for themselves.
    • The duck does get along with Spider-Man since they had to deal with a lot of bad press despite their experience in cutting down crime, though Spidey has told Darkwing to not get too hungry for fame. Weirdly enough, Darkwing once managed to gain spider-like powers for a short period of time despite it causing some problems for him.
  • While crimefighting is his primary occupation, he has done some detective work in order to get closer to a crime and then fight against it once everything has been figured out. Of detectives that he works fine with (in addition to Batman obviously), Shinnosuke Tomari is one of them due to a similar tendency to get serious at the right moment (Tomari is less of an egotist and more of a goofball whenever things are normal though).
  • It doesn't happen often, but Darkwing will sometimes find himself with some sort of superpower (such as the aforementioned spider-abilities) whenever he is trying to catch a certain bad guy. Predictably, these "power-ups" don't last long and disappear once Darkwing's work is done for the time being.
  • One of the easiest ways to get on his bad side (and thus make him an actually competent crimefighter) is to put his daughter Gosalyn in harm's way. It's Darkwing's dedication to keeping his daughter safe that earned him the goodwill of other deities that take great offense at harming a family member. And with her now in the Pantheon (the same house that he's in, to boot), he's gotten even more determined to keep her safe.
    • To get that point across, Darkwing has opposed those who are terrible parents to their children. One of the deities that he hates the most is Norman Osborn as not only is Norman a horrible parent, but he is just as bad, if not worse, as the supervillain known as the Green Goblin.
  • Like many other heroes, he has gotten into conflict against an evil version of himself. Two of them, in fact. Both named Negaduck for some reason. One was an Enemy Without created when Darkwing's personality was split into good and evil halves, and the other was his counterpart from a Mirror Universe where everyone good is evil and vice-versa. The latter became a recurring threat to Darkwing since after conquering his own universe he had his sights set on conquering Darkwing's. Darkwing found out about a lot of those kinds of deities and he definitely wasn't happy with how they reminded him of either Negaduck or how they could be potentially worse than those villains.
    • And then there's Darkwarrior Duck, a Bad Future version of Darkwing that lost his daughter and became a ruthless dictator as a result, enforcing death as punishment for even the most minor of "crimes". It's very obvious that Darkwing doesn't want to go down that path; moreso after learning about, through the Dark Knight, a version of Superman that became corrupted by the loss of someone he cared about. Even if Regime Superman is from an alternate universe and Darkwarrior is from an alternate future, a corrupted hero is still a corrupted hero, as Batman said to Darkwing.
    • Bernkastel is one of the deities that Darkwing despises fully, not only for being a sort of Enemy Without of an existing girl, but her trollish tendencies have gotten on Darkwing's nerves quite a bit. Her willingness to psychologically torment children made him infuriated, as he doesn't want Gosalyn to go through even worse trouble than before.
  • Darkwing has essentially given himself a lot of nicknames due to his Badass Boast. That list of self-given nicknames is only going to get larger thanks to him thinking up of more introductions to the also-increasing number of evildoers he'll have to confront.
  • He decided to try and write a comic book about his adventures, but ended up getting a lot of unwanted help from others, resulting in his comic book being a disaster when he sent it for review. It's possible that he tried getting a movie about himself made, but that likely ended in failure as well.
  • Whenever he isn't fighting crime, there is a decent chance that Drake will tell Huey, Dewey, & Louie about his exploits as Darkwing Duck. That said, he never directly tells them that he is Darkwing, in keeping with the secret identity shtick.
  • He unwittingly earned the ire of former NEC mascot Johnny Turbo due to a particularly bad game adaptation starring him on the Turbografx 16. But since he hasn't attempted to physically confront him on it so far (merely resorting to petty and extremely transparent slander about how he's a closet agent of Sega on the internet), Darkwing doesn't consider him a real foe, but merely a pitiful nuisance. Darkwing has a much better relationship with The Angry Video Game Nerd, who also played the terrible Turbografx 16 game, but unlike Johnny he blames the developers and not DW for its awfulness since he has also played a Darkwing Duck game done right. However, DW would really like the Nerd to stop deliberately mispronouncing his catchphrase of "Suck gas, evildoers!" as something decidedly less family-friendly.
  • In one universe it's said that he does not actually exist, but is instead a TV show character played by actor Jim Starling. The Launchpad of that universe happens to be a huge fan of said show. Time will tell if that Darkwing turns out to be Real After All, though. Eventually, another actor by the name of Drake Mallard, who was due to star in a Darkwing Duck Franchise Reboot movie and was himself a fan of the show, would become that universe's Darkwing Duck for real after the movie's cancellation put him out of work. Jim Starling, meanwhile, after going ballistic over the movie casting someone other than him to play DW and trying to take over the role for himself, culminating in a fight against Mallard that destroyed the set and caused said cancellation, would become that universe's Negaduck.
  • I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares! I am Darkwing Duck!

    Eustace Bagge 
Eustace Bagge, Master of the Red Armchair, Patron Deity of Furniture Ownership (The Farmer, "Useless" Bagge)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chair
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Jerks Who Get Killed or Severely Injured Most of the Time, Evil Old Folks, Big Eater, being the product of a bad childhood, Egotism, Greed, Villain Protagonist/Token Evil Teammate (after a while).
  • Domain: Ownership, Furniture, Selfishness.
  • Allies: Greed, The Janitor
  • Rivals (one-sided): Courage (Stupid dog!), Fix-It Felix, Jr., the Farmer.
  • Enemies: Archie Bunker
  • Special Relations: Muriel Bagge (his wife)
  • Eustace ascended after the incident at Klub Katz, and the events leading up to it. He did not want to stop sitting in his chair, not even for a vacation. So Eustace brought the chair with him onto the cruise ship. Later, he was unwillingly turned into a wrecking ball and went on a destructive Roaring Rampage of Revenge when he noticed Katz (the establishment's manager) sitting in his chair. With such utter devotion to his chair, Eustace ascended not long after.
    • Of course, the chair was brought along with him.
  • His (wife's) dog, Courage, was not especially happy about Eustace's ascension. But without Muriel in the Pantheon, the two have little reason to be near each other, so they don't cross paths.
  • Eustace prefers not to be approached by anyone else in the Pantheon, or he'll pull out his crazy monster mask and go, "OOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!"
  • Since Muriel can't always make dinner for him, due to living in different houses, Eustace has taken to going to the House of Food every night. One night though, he went to Greed's Bad-Guy Bar (built into his temple), and the two got to talking. Eustace appreciates Greed's... greed and the two have formed a friendship.
  • Has also formed a friendship with the Janitor. The two fondly share stories of the times they've messed with people they didn't like.
  • Despite being equally devoted to their designated seats, Eustace and Sheldon Cooper do not get along. Given their personalities, that was to be expected.
  • Eustace fancies himself a handyman who can fix anything in the Pantheon if it breaks. But he's actually not as skilled as he boasts. This is a genuine sore spot for him, and makes him intensely jealous of Fix-It Felix, Jr. Similar jealousy also puts the Farmer on Eustace's blacklist.
    • Equally spirit-crushing for him is when he's reminded of his brother's hunting abilities. In a fit of random jealousy, Eustace grabbed a gun and went on a rampage in the House of Beasts to try to bag the biggest animal he could find (to the tune of "In the Hall of the Mountain King"). Luckily, no one was hurt (except for Eustace). He's not allowed back.
  • Eustace has been killed or otherwise severely hurt on numerous occasions since ascending, though after an amount of time equal to one commercial break, he automatically restores to his normal state. He's been likened to Kenny for this reason.
  • Many gods were interested with how Archie would interact with Eustace. Turns out the two loathed each other. A verbal bout to determine who had the better chair exploded into a shouting match, accumulating in the two walking away in anger. Archie would later say that not even he would put Courage through that much abuse.

    Hermes Conrad 
Hermes Conrad, God of Anti-Stereotypes (Eleven-Inch Conrad, Inspector Number 5)

    Lois Lane 
Lois Lane, The Goddess That's Going for the Big Scoop (Lois Lane-Kent, Lois Kent, Lois Luthor, Lois Lane-Luthor (It's a Long Story), Lois Elliot, Superwoman, Red Tornado (It's Also A Long Story), Lois White)
  • Mostly Demigoddess but can change to Lesser or Intermediate when she is empowered
  • Symbol: The Daily Planet symbol
  • Theme Song: The Lois & Clark Main Title Theme
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good but can be Chaotic Good if that's what it took to get a good story
  • Portfolio: Intrepid Reporter, wavering between an unlikable Damsel in Distress to varying degree of badass, (mostly) Brainy Brunette, one of the oldest and longest Interspecies Romance in narrative history, in love with Superman, being the Trope Codifier for Tsundere, frequently suffered in Elseworld stories
  • Domains: Profession, Personality, Love, Knowledge
  • High Priestess: April O'Neil
  • Followers: Lotta Hart, Madison Paige
  • Allies: CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN, Jor-El, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, any good DC deities, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Jade, Frank West, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Carly Nagisa/Carmine, any gods that received a lot of Die for Our Ship, Shana, Kotone Shiomi, Mitsuru Kirijo, Rena Mizunashi
  • Enemies: Any evil DC deities, The Council Of Shadows, High Councilor Kal-El/Regime Superman, The Joker, Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Diana of Themiscyra/Wonder Woman, Kara Zor-L/Power Girl
  • Ascended because the gods are impressed when Lois decided to go undercover into the Pantheon with a pistol in hand and Superman on speed dial for a hot scoop despite knowing full well this is a place filled with powerful interdimensional beings. After her ascension, her husband / looooooooong-time boyfriend Superman decided to carry her off bridal style only for her to interrupt and tell him that she is still in her working hours.
  • The oldest childnote  of Sam and Ella Lane, Lois and her military family lived a volatile life relocating to and from various army bases all over the world where Sam was stationed. Over time, the life experience, as well as the training she received from her father, developed her into the tough, hard-working, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist that she was long before the Man of Steel ever came into her life. Independent and competent to what may be a fault, it should come as no surprise that she was the first to secure an interview with the one she dubbed "Superman".
  • Quickly made friends with April O'Neil and Jade because of their similar profession and a desire for truth no matter the cost. All three of them made it their personal mission to report everything of note going on in the pantheon and quickly made enemies with the Council of Shadows as Lois frequently sticks her nose into their business.
    • Sympathizes with fellow reporter Carly Nagisa as both of their love interests are frequently away and what unfairly happened to them when their universe moves on.
    • Despises Sally Floyd and thinks she is a sorry excuse for a reporter, citing the fact that all of her arguments are completely idiotic and nonsensical.
  • Has mixed feelings about Wonder Woman. While Lois herself doesn't have any personal grudge against the Amazon Princess, she avoids any kind of contact with Diana unless necessary after Lois found out from the House of Love and House of Life and Death that a disturbing number of alternative versions of her got killed or mistreated in order for Diana to "comfort" Clark.
    • After this revelation, she gained a lot of sympathy for Mary Jane Watson after she found out the whole "One More Day" incident. It helps that their followers are civil toward each other.
    • Then, she found out that this is because a group thinks she isn't "tough enough" as well as not being able to "handle" Clark so they prefer Clark with Diana instead. The entire Pantheon is still in a silent agreement to not mention this incident to Lois ever again because despite her facade, she is still using every resource she has to track down the group and is seething inside. People know better to anger the woman who once flipped off Brainiac.
      • Was absolutely FURIOUS when she found out about the New 52, grumbling that the heads at DC are "screwing around with me and Clark." She and Wonder Woman finally came to an understanding after Diana pointed out, "Well you still have Man of Steel and Smallville."
    • She became a contact of Rena Mizunashi for Black Organization info. Rena is imploring Lois not to bring the matter to her husband.
  • Was conflicted when she learned that in an alternate universe, Clark is a tyrant because he accidentally killed her and their unborn child. While Lois was horrified and tried to corporate with other heroes to come up with back up plan to help Clark as well as took a few self-defense classes and hired a few bodyguards with superpowers, many people were flabbergasted when they learned that a very, very, VERY, small part deep, deep, DEEP inside of her felt oddly flattered over Regime Superman's motivation because this assured Lois how important their relationship is in her Clark's life. Of course, this caused her to avoid any kind of contact with the Joker as well as exasperated that in this universe, Clark tried to move on with Diana AGAIN.
  • Has mixed feelings about Supergirl, too. Although she treats her husband's cousin as family — and sometimes as a daughter — she has not forgotten than sometimes Supergirl thought her relationship with Clark was going nowhere and tried to hook him up with another woman. However, Kara Zor-El usually supports her cousin and Lois's relationship.
    • Their relationship got strained when Supergirl almost accidentally killed Lois's big sister Lucy, who had become the evil Superwoman. Though, because Lucy actually tried to kill Kara and aided and abetted General Lane in committing genocide, Lois sided with Kara.
    • Feeling disturbed about certain…rumors about Superman thinking his cousin would be the ideal woman and Supergirl feeling flattered by his interest, Lois confronted both Clark and Kara about it. Both cousins utterly refused to talk about the issue, though, and Lois had to eventually drop it.
    • Their relationship got better when Lois learned that Earth-149 Lex Luthor did manage to kill Superman and forced her to watch, but that universe's Supergirl ensured that Luthor would not get away with his crime.
  • Has a complicated relationship with Power Girl. On the one hand, both women haven't really got acquainted with each other. On the other hand, she knows Earth-2 Clark Kent and Lois Lane adopted her and her Earth-2 counterpart thought of Kara Zor-L as her daughter.
  • Rumor has it that after her ascension, Shana requested a private meeting with Lois in order for her to became the goddess of the Tsundere temple while she herself became her high priest because Lois is the Trope Codifier for Tsundere, not because Shana is excited to work with her or anything! Shut up! Lois just laughed and declined the offer as she thinks being married to a Kryptonian superhero, running a temple of her own on top of being a reporter eats up enough of her time as it is. She did however offer to run an advice column with Shana during her off days in English and Japanese to help their young followers navigate their feelings. Clark mentions that the column is so successful that Lois got a raise from their boss Perry to not quit her job at the Daily Planet, which she doesn't plan to do anyway as Lois loves the thrill of being a field reporter.
  • During her ascension, Lois was stunned into silence for the first time in her reporting life when Bernkastel and Terumi decided to troll her by forcing her to answer in public if, given her status as the famous example of Loves My Alterego and Two-Person Love Triangle, does she truly love Clark Kent — the awkward timid normal reporter — or Superman — the ultimate paragon of heroes and goodness. Thankfully, Clark flew in and saved the day by declaring that while Lois's feelings for him may have changed over the years and universe, she still loves him even after he revealed his secret to her, thus proving that her love for both sides of him is real in some capacity and that's all that matters. Cue the sound of "Awwwwwwww" from the House of Love and Manly Tears from everyone else.
  • Lois ended up with many look-a-likes, such as Princess Giselle or even between different versions of herself such as her own mother or as her husband's secretary.
  • The Houses of Heroes, Love and Family had a collective celebration when Clark and Lois revealed that, against all odds, they were able to conceive a child: a boy named Jonathan Samuel Kent. It happened when Clark and Lois were involved in an event simply known as the Convergence. Jon also serves as a herald for both his parents.
    • Supergirl publicly vowing to mercilessly rip apart whoever threatens little Jonathan has helped strengthen both women's relationship.
  • Was approached by detective Shinnosuke Tomari about some oddities regarding two deities called "Minato" (actually Makoto Yuki) and "Minako Arisato". Their pseudonyms, powers, and histories dictated that they should have some connection to each other, but they had completely different hair and eyes, didn't know a thing about each other, and newspaper clippings of the car accident that had supposedly claimed both kids' mother and father only indicated one car had burned and one child had survived his/her parents. She'd initially presumed they were related and thought nothing of their likenesses, but was now just as curious as he was, so she helped out his investigation. They went straight to the police station in the deities' town to look through CCTV footage, and immediately caught sight of a few red-colored tapes, which they played over and discovered footage of the girl with her fellow S.E.E.S. members (except for Makoto) addressing her by the name of Kotone Shiomi.
    • Instantly they went straight to "Minako's" temple and asked why the fake name, and she revealed that since the Court of the Gods gave her that instead of her real name when she ascended, the others decided to go with it to see who could figure it out and when, as a possible clue into the cause of the mistake. Allowing Shinnosuke to leave and continue his fact-finding elsewhere, Lois joined Kotone's phone call to S.E.E.S./Shadow Operatives leader Mitsuru Kirijo about the discovery, following which the three ladies went straight to the Court with the evidence to get her name officially changed and put an end to the "Minako" charade.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Profession.

Mina, Goddess of Implied Drug Users (Matsurika)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The Fairium-Z crystal or Rainbow Flower
  • Theme Song: The Poni Island theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Unkempt Beauty, Cloudcuckoolander, Acts Like An Artsy Stoner, Uses Fairy Pokemon, Big Eater, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Has A Lot Of Pink, Shows Up In Let's Go, Naïve Newcomer
  • Domains: Arts, Spaciness, Eating, Messiness, Fairies
  • Herald: Her Ribombee
  • Followers: Yax, Flo, Walana and Ramon
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Olivia, Klefki, Lilo and Stitch, Eko, Jigglypuff, Rohan Kishibe, Yusuke Kitagawa, Reuben, Jeffrey Lebowski
  • On good terms with: Snoop Dogg, the House of Fairies
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Ragyo Kiryuin, Denzel Crocker
  • Pities: Squidward
  • Mina is an inspiring artist from an early age, spurned on when the family's Snubbull accidentally destroyed a picture she made. A spacey artist, she served as the "Trial" Captain of Vast Poni Island. At least until Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, where she stepped up her game. She uses Fairy type Pokemon.
  • Acts like an artsy stoner. She's spacey, hungry all the time, unkempt and one of her Pokemon is a giant mushroom. It's kind of telling that she sometimes chills with Snoop Dogg like she was smoking weed. Sometimes seen with Shaggy, which fuels belief that she is some sort of stoner given he also has those connotations. While she acted that spacey as a child, some are still suspicious. Adding to some of the innuendo surrounding her is the Pink Petal she gives people, as it looks...another type of suspicious.
  • Generally pretty chill, so she doesn't have many enemies. Asides from Team Rainbow Rocket causing obvious problems for Alola, she doesn't like Ragyo Kiryuin because asides from her general depravity, her plan to release the alien Life Fibers on the world is similar, albeit Darker and Edgier plan to the original venom-filled Lusamine's plan to release the Ultra Beasts on the region to run rampant.
  • Her spacey nature could also reference how she's "away with the fairies", and her father has likened her to a fey vagabond. This is even more true upon stumbling into the House of Fairies, though she has only really bonded with Klefki since she has her own Klefki.
  • One of her few enemies is Denzel Crocker. The sadist teacher's obsession with FAIRIES! led him to go after her with a butterfly net. He also considers her a slacker and the kind of student he bullies more than normal. Unfortunately for Mr Crocker, he failed to realize the net only works against FAIRY! GOD! PARENTS! from his home universe and swiftly got his ass-kicked from Ribombee's Twinkle Tackle.
  • Very easy-going, and tends to chill in the House of Calmness. She seems to get along with Jeffrey Lebowski, admiring his mellow attitude. Reuben came to chill with her and give her a taste of his delicious sandwiches, which the Big Eater enjoyed. The two go to luncheons together now.
  • Mina gets along with Lilo and Stitch as well. Part of this is due to how they're from Hawaii, which Alola is directly based on. Also, Mina's eccentricities are something Lilo can relate to. She has tried to draw a portrait of the various experiments together, and has gotten a lot of paint on her in trying to picture all 626.
  • As a freelance artist, she spends a lot of time in the House of Craft and paint pictures of all the new experiences she had in the Trope Pantheon. Rohan Kishibe and Yusuke Kitagawa seem to like her, as does Eko. Mina feels kind of bad for Squidward since he never is able to sell or popularize his art, though feels that's partly his fault from his ego.
  • The pantheon was pretty surprised to learn she appeared in Kanto back when she was just a little kid. How exactly this works with the timeline is unknown.

    Snoop Dogg 
Snoop Dogg, God of Stoners (Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. Snoop Lion)

Varrick, God of Eccentric Millionaires (Sir Iknik Blackstone Varrick)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Ping Ping the taxidermy platypus-bear
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutralnote 
  • Portfolio: Simultaneous friendship and villainy, entertaining while treacherous, Self-Made Man, War for Fun and Profit, Only in It for the Money, Corrupt Corporate Executive, corrupting others, Crazy-Prepared, growing a conscience, Happily Married
  • Domains: Business, Money, Manipulation, Oddity
  • Herald: Zhu Li
  • Followers: Lory Takarada, Roberto "Bobby" da Costa/Sunspot, Donald Sinclair
  • Allies: Anyone at all so long that he can profit off them, Barney Stinson, Mr. Toad
  • Enemies: Same as his allies (besides Zhu Li), Gods that would destroy the world (thereby leaving no way to make money)
  • Opposed By: Raiden (former), Roman Torchwick
  • No one is sure how long Varrick has been in the Pantheon. When some of his associates on the mortal plane asked about it, he said, "Of course I'm in the Pantheon! You think I can be this successful and not be able to get in? You pay somebody enough money, and you can get anything!"
  • His assistant, Zhu Li, has accompanied Varrick, as he claims that he never goes anywhere without his assistant. As usual, he tells her to "do the thing" when he needs a task accomplished.
  • Despite honestly getting along with plenty of the gods in the Pantheon, Varrick's true allegiance is to money, and he'll play both sides if he has to, to make a quick buck.
    • Unless the world is on the line, then he'll likely do the right thing. This is one reason he doesn't approve of Hades and his way of war profiteering.
    • However, much of this has changed. After spending time with the Earth Empire, Varrick has started "hearing voices", and started having more concern for others. Though he's still himself, he's grown a bit.
  • There were once rumors of a war profiteering scheme going on in the Pantheon. As Sundowner is the god of that trope and an enemy to Raiden, the latter investigated and actually found out that Varrick was responsible instead. Being Crazy-Prepared and a surprisingly good judge of character, Varrick suspected Raiden would come after him and hid inside a taxidermy bear, saying that Raiden would never think to look there. Ironically for a man who's hidden in boxes, Raiden didn't find Varrick.
    • Varrick remained inside the bear for a long time after that, at least until Raiden lost interest and for about a week after that. Of course, his assistant was in the bear with him.
  • Despite being an underhanded businessman with essentially criminal methods, most gods in the Pantheon like his company, even good-aligned ones. Though the good-aligned gods' morality tends to take a dip when they spend too long with Varrick, and he manages to talk them into doing things that benefit him.
  • Whenever he gets caught red-handed and called out for all the bad things he's done, Varrick tries to make a case for all the good things he's done, but gets too wrapped up in it and starts slipping in some more bad things he's done.
  • The House of Love happily inducted Varrick into their order of married deities, having their hearts warmed by his proposal and wedding.
  • Due to his newly developed sense of right and wrong, Varrick elected not to sell his Platinum Mechs to Roman Torchwick, creating resentment between the two.


    The Adoring Fan 
The Adoring Fan, God of Comically Incompetent Companions (By Azura, The Annoying Fan)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His flamboyant hair
  • Theme Song: STAR by young scrolls
  • Alignment: True Neutral generally (but variable depending on whom he idolizes as the Grand Champion)
  • Portfolio: Irritating and Idiotic Sidekicks, Ditching His Grand Champion at the Slightest Sign of Danger, Ridiculously Shaped and Garishly Yellow Hair, Repeatedly Recovering from Stupid Deaths, Worshipping the Ground You Walk on, Intentionally Useless in Gameplay, Butt-Monkey, Carrying a Torch in Dark Places So You Don't Have To
  • Domains: Fanaticism, Partisanship, Annoyance, Stupidity, Death and Resurrection, Elves, Trees and Forests
  • Rivals: Damian Wayne, Solaire of Astora
  • Enemies: Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Adores: The Dovahkiin, Ezio Auditore, Johnny Cage, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Jaime Lannister, Riki, Dunban, Bruce Wayne/Batman, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, Link, Kratos, Gregor Clegane, Optimus Prime, Annabeth Chase
  • Fears: Alduin, Hermaeus Mora, Metal Face, Leatherface, The Xenomorph Drone, The Joker, Nekron, Zanza, Deathwing, Khorne, Kefka Palazzo, The Wither, The Beast, Fortinbras, Ghirahim, Hades (Kid Icarus), Melkor, most of the gods in the Houses of Bosses and Enemies
  • Respects: Paarthurnax, Talos, Azura, Trevenant
  • Opposed by: Syndrome
  • This nutty Wood Elf has made it his mission to pledge himself to whomever he regards as the Grand Champion, who was, prior to his ascension, the individual that was at the highest position in the Imperial City Arena, but is now defined as the deity who has made the most glorious display of strength and skill in combat (of course, he never stops to question the ethics governing their methods). Needless to say, none of these new Grand Champions have tolerated him for long.
  • After his latest Grand Champion in Cyrodiil, the Hero of Kvatch, ascended into the Shivering Isles to take their place as the new Sheogorath following their adventures in the realm, the Adoring Fan was lost, for he had no replacement Grand Champion on Nirn to follow around. It was then that he travelled to the Pantheon in the hopes of finding a new and unfamiliar individual to fawn over night and day.
    • Because his favourite hangout was once the violent and bloody Arena, he first sought employment in the Slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, this concluded in failure when he met a messy end in the entrance hall at the hands of some of the more murderous and bestial residing gods, with his remains flung thousands of feet down the doorsteps afterwards. Following his return to life three days later, he looked for guidance from Paarthurnax, who invited the Fan to meditate alongside him until the answer came to him.
    • The answer arrived shortly thereafter in the form of the Dovahkiin, who also had come to meditate. Something about the Dragonborn reminded the Adoring Fan of the Hero of Kvatch, and he asked them if he could follow them around. The Dovahkiin, who was in the mood for companionship, agreed but told him to wait in the House of Professions until they returned. The Adoring Fan jovially sprinted off towards his destination... and ran off the edge of the mountain to another death.
    • The Dovahkiin soon came to regret their decision as the Adoring Fan refused to shut up about their heroic escapades and proved himself as an unreliable ally in their daily dragonslaying. The breaking point was when the Fan asked the Dovahkiin if they wanted a backrub, prompting them to shout at the Fan to go live in the House of Characterization instead. Since then, the Dragonborn has only called on the Fan if they want to test their latest weapon or spell. On the bright side, the Fan completed his ascension to the Pantheon, although he prefers continuing to worship rather than being worshipped.
  • The Adoring Fan occasionally manages to hold a civil conversation with the Dovahkiin, including a time where they talked about what had been happening in Tamriel during the two centuries since the Adoring Fan had followed the Hero of Kvatch. Despite seeing most of the world through rose-tinted glasses, even he was horrified to hear about how the Thalmor had been treating his kindred Bosmer in Valenwood.
  • Due to being a worshiper of Daedra rather than Aedra, he has little obsession with Talos, although he still admires him for the deeds that he accomplished during his mortal life.
  • Meanwhile back in Cyrodiil, the Adoring Fan had become a minor legend. One individual, an Imperial named Cicero, acquired a fascination with his adventures and dressed as the Fan, using the disguise to slit the present Grand Champion's throat and leave him for the bears in order to fulfill his assassination contract. The Fan later took notice of Cicero and, being flattered at hearing of the man having worn his likeness (completely ignoring the fact that Cicero killed the type of person whom the Fan was and is unhealthily devoted to), decided that he would make a perfect herald.
  • His temple, a near-perfect replica of the Imperial City Arena, is built on a narrow cliff resembling Dive Rock.
  • Despite his bad past experience with the the Slaughterhouse, he sometimes visits in order to capture the classic Arena taste, watching the gods partake in their routinely gruesome killings with a tranquil smile on his face.
    • He frequents the House of Combat for similar reasons. The young Bosmer soon became enamored with Johnny Cage's fighting prowess, eagerly asking for his autograph following one particularly intense match. Cage happily obliged, but eventually gave him a fatal punch when the Fan continued to pester him for more favours.
  • He was prompted to join Deadpool in his wacky adventures when the latter told him that he was indeed the Grand Champion (he was talking about his character from his Oblivion save file but felt no need to correct his hapless new fan). Five seconds later, Wade shot him out of annoyance over his incessant chattering. He then mailed the Fan's corpse to Bethesda with a letter of complaint attached. He also sent a second letter to the people at TV Tropes demanding to know what they were thinking when they allowed this obnoxious moron into the Pantheon.
  • He had, on one occasion, a chance encounter with Azura and predictably exclaimed his infamous Catchphrase upon learning her name. He was, however, disappointed to learn that she was not the Azura that he was thinking of.
  • In a rare display of common sense, he expressed confusion as to why Jaime Lannister gets such a bad reputation for slaying Aerys the Mad King.
  • Trevenant is among the small number of gods able to tolerate him and is often happy to give the Fan time to rest on his branches until he recovers from his latest death.
  • He briefly accompanied Riki and Dunban in their travels, where he soon got on their bad side during a fight with a Mechon squad.
    Dunban: Born in a world of strife! Against the odds! We choose to-
    • The normally level-headed Dunban, who had had enough experience with being deserted by his allies, yelled at him to get his bottom back into the battlefield, to which the Fan promptly complied. The two heroes then found that the Fan was even better at drawing enemies' aggro than Reyn, allowing them to easily whittle down their distracted opponents. The Mechon were nearly finished off with a Chain Attack, which culminated in the Adoring Fan revealing his own Talent Art: a single swipe of his iron dagger... which missed. Riki and Dunban were forced to clean up the last remnants of the squad on their own, after which the former mumbled, "This is why Riki prefer Hom Hom sidekicks..."
  • While Batman finds the Adoring Fan as annoying as anyone else, he has begun trying to train him in combat so that he at least has half a chance at defending himself, which has earned him the ire of Bruce's son Damian.
    • The Joker soon learned of this, kidnapping the Fan during one of his strolls around the Houses and locking him in a warehouse with a Cartoon Bomb, with the promise that he would be allowed to live if he could dispose of it. The Adoring Fan learned the hard way that some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.
    • Jason Todd bitterly envies how quickly the Adoring Fan both recovered from his death and resumed his friendship (such as it is) with Batman despite the latter's failure to save him. As a result, Jason holds the highest death toll of the Adoring Fan in the Pantheon, becoming one of the few gods whom the Fan has a sour opinion of.
  • The Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse sometimes summon him as a phantom as a quick diversion in battles against more aggressive bosses.
  • Prior to his ascension, he once spent a period of time trapped in Mehrunes Dagon's plane of Oblivion, dying repeatedly but unable to escape. Because of this, he has developed an aversion to the House of Demons and to the members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction.
  • A few gods have started keeping Mud Crabs as pets in order to keep the Adoring Fan away.


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