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Greater Gods

Mongul, God of Secondary Color Villains

Intermediate Gods

    Darth Maul 
Maul, God of Villains Clad in Red and Black (Darth Maul, The Horned Devil, Son of Dathomir, The Shadow, Old Master)

Hiltz, God of Villainous Redheads (Hilts, Hirts)

    Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade 
Kazuma Kenzaki, God of Blue Heroes (Kamen Rider Blade, The Prince of Ondul, Joker Undead II, Ao-Rider)
Kamen Rider Blade 
King Form 
Click here  to see Joker Undead II
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in King Form or Joker Undead form)
  • Symbol: The Blade/Spade Symbol
  • Theme Songs: "Round ZERO~ BLADE BRAVE", "Elements"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Heroes Prefer Blades, They Call Him Blade, Blue Is Heroic, Modeled after the Suit of Spades and the European Rhinoceros Beetle, Ineffectual Loners, WHEY!, The Ondul Language, The Red Oni to Sakuya Tachibana's Blue Despite their suit's colors, Messiah Creeps
  • Domains: Combat, Heroism, Swords, Fate
  • Heralds: Shiori Hirose, Kotaro Shirai, Sakuya Tachibana/Kamen Rider Garren, Hajime Aikawa/Kamen Rider Chalice (his In-Universe Worthy Opponent), and Mutsuki Kamijo/Kamen Rider Leangle
  • Apprentice: Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia, Yuuki Terumi, and Izaya Orihara), Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Kirei Kotomine, Gilgamesh.
  • Worthy Opponent: Esdeath.
  • Ascended from the Toku Base's Swordsmanship Division, Kazuma Kenzaki was a memeber of the BOARD organization as Kamen Rider Blade, whose mission is to seal the Undead by defeating them through the use of the other sealed Rouze Card's powers and to protect the innocent people from danger, until all the 52 Undead were sealed, he battled his fated rival Hajime Aikawa, also known as Kamen Rider Chalice and the Joker Undead, in the final battle, however instead of sealing Hajime, he sacrificed his own humanity by turning himself into the second Joker Undead through the overuse of his King Form, so he could spare Hajime's life and continue the Battle Fight indefinitely while he must avoid Hajime at all cost.
  • Kazuma is also the mentor to a Pretty Cure named Makoto Kenzaki due to having a similar last name, their card motif being the Spade, and that they're also sword fighters.
    • After his ascension, Kazuma was spotted by Makoto who was happy to see her mentor as she is now able to fight with the Kamen Rider side by side in the pantheon.
  • He gets along well with Artoria Pendragon as both of them are blue colored heroes of their own stories and uses swords as their main weapon of choice. Needless to say that Kenzaki was amazed of her battles during the Holy Grail War while Arturia also admires Kenzaki's sheer determination during his battles as a Kamen Rider.
    • Also gets well with Sayaka Miki due to the fact that the magical girl also uses swords as her main weapon. Also, both of them shares the same ideals of being heroes who wanted to protect those who they care about especially their close allies.
  • Became allies with Sakura Kinomoto as both of them had their similar tasks of resealing monsters in a blank card and uses it to invoke its abilities. Both of them were also amazed of their similar battle preferences, with Kenzaki was amazed of her abilities with her use of Clow Cards through the Sealing Wand, while Sakura also found astonishing on how his Rider System works well with the Rouze Cards as his cards can be used in conjunction with his Blay Buckle to transform and invoke with the card's abilities through his Blay Rouzer.
  • He became friends with Roronoa Zoro due to the pirate's profession of using swords, which Kenzaki was impressed of his skills and reminds him to his fellow Toku Base member Joe Gibken, due to their similarities.
  • He is also good allies with Mana Aida as both of them have their motifs are associated with Playing Cards.
    • Kazuma also reminds Mana of his Friendly Rival Hajime Aikawa due to both of them having the same Heart motif, while Mana reminds him of Makoto a lot, as she was also surprised that he was Makoto's mentor and both had the same family name, much to her friend's embarrassment.
  • Forms a friendship with fellow swordsmen like Cloud Strife, Finn, Squall Leonheart, Siegfried Schtauffen, Kaori Kanzaki, and Weiss Schnee, since both six of them are also heroic sword-users just like Kenzaki. Also, they often had sword fight training session in the House of Combat to improve their sword skills in their upcoming battles.
  • Also had made friends with Katniss Everdeen since both of them were adept in survival instincts and both were initially not sociable in their respective stories.
  • He is somewhat gained the admiration of Judai Yuki mostly since the duelist's Masked HERO deck resembles that of his brethren Kamen Riders, no wonder that Judai might teach him how to play Duel Monsters card game just for the fun of it.
  • Was once challenged by Esdeath in a sword fight after she learned of his existence as a Kamen Rider, which Kenzaki accepts her challenge, as they fight across the pantheon, they were severely exhausted due to the intensity of their sword fights. As the climax reaches its stakes, both had collided with their respective finishing blows, the results, it ends in a draw. After the battle, both of them see each other as worthy opponents after they put a good fight.
  • Cannot stand the likes of Kirei Kotomine due to the fact that Kotomine can deceive others through his "false reassurance", and Gilgamesh due to him being an evil prideful person, which Kenzaki reminds him alot of his old enemy King, also known as "Category King of Spades" the Caucasus Undead. Due to this, Kenzaki swears that he will stop both of them if they try to cause chaos and havoc in the pantheon.
    • Also has the same reaction towards the Trollkaigers, especially with Basco due to his actions of harming children, Terumi for being an utterly despicable human being, and Izaya for doing evil deeds for his own amusements.
  • He also hates Nightmare due to what he had done to Siegfried in the past and since he is the embodiment of the Soul Edge, Kenzaki will use his power to stop the evil sword to prevent the same tragedies Siegfried had.
  • Loathes Ryoma Sengoku a lot after he heard of his actions that caused the Helheim Invasion in the first place which causes the Forest almost consumes the majority of Earth, and the Mad Scientist's quest for Godhood through the Forbidden Fruit makes him no different from his old enemy Hiroshi Tennoji. Because of this, Kenzaki is determined to stop Ryoma in order to foil his plans.
  • He was not amused about both Monokuma and Junko Enoshima upon hearing their actions during the "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy. If they dare to reenact this in the pantheon, Kenzaki is determined to stop them in order to prevent such cruel tragedies.
  • He later became friends with Lucina and Chrom of the Shepherds, due to similar aesthetic and moral choices and their will to defy fate. This extends to their dear friend Robin, and he sympathizes with all three of their struggles: Lucina and Chrom for being unwilling to sacrifice Robin to save the world just like he did with Hajime, and Robin for willingly sacrificing himself just like he did with himself.
    • He was somewhat amused with Lucina's use of a Mask to disguise herself, as well as her friend Gerome's title of Masked Rider. He manages to get along with Gerome despite his pessimistic attitude.
  • Some say that Kenzaki said strange words in a slurred waynote  and it has become a meme throughout the internet, especially in many video streaming sites, much to his chagrin.

    Mr. Negative 
Mister Negative, God of Literal Black and White Villains (Mr. Negative, Martin Li)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Black-and-White Chinese Dragon
  • Theme Songs: His Two Battle Themes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Neutral Good as "Martin Li")
  • Portfolio: Photoshop Filter of Evil, Draws Power from the Darkforce Dimension, Received his Powers from a Serum, Can Grant his Abilities towards Others, Split Personality, High-Functioning Sociopath, Performing "Miracles", Is Actually Incredibly Wealthy, The Corruptor, Badass in a Nice Suit
  • Domains: Crime, Villainy, Yin-Yang, Terrorism, Charity, Aid and Support
  • Allies: Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Diavolo, Ethan Roark Sr., Lord Recluse, James Moriarty
    • All of them are enemies as Martin Li.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Ethan Roark Jr., Cioccolata, Darkseid, Wild Hunt
  • Enemies: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Eddie Brock/Venom, Flash Thompson, Miles Morales/Spider-Man III, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Giorno Giovanna (And by Extension, Passione), Norman Jayden, Judge Dredd, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Akame, Night Raid, Spawn, Dio Brando
    • All of his enemies are only in his Mr. Negative guise. Martin Li is instead allied with them (Except Dio of course. There is some tension with Giorno and Passione, though nothing to do with enmity).
  • On Good Terms With: Orphan and Homeless Deities like Anne-Marie, Chester A. Bum, Oliver Twist and Naruto Uzumaki (Martin Li only)
  • Opposed By Elliot Alderson
  • Commonality Connection: Toko Fukawa
  • Little is really known about the villain known as Mr. Negative. He is a crime lord, leading an organization known as The Demons who was given powers by a serum that enabled him to tap into the Darkforce Dimension, allowing him to equip himself with the powers of light and darkness and melding them together to create all sorts of skills and techniques. For quite some time, he's gotten to butting heads against Spider-Man and his allies and his enmity has since extended to Eddie Brock as well. Hellbent on ruling the crime scene of New York City with an iron fist, Mr. Negative will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
  • Like his origins, little is even known about how Mr. Negative came into the Pantheon. One may assume that Norman Osborn may have something to do with it, but the leader of The Demons hasn't said anything on the matter. Or another crime lord had some sort of contribution, but so far, no one knows. His first documented actions, however, were noted to be gathering in a new slew of Demon recruits for him to command. So far, the Houses of Crime and Justice have been alerted by this, though for different reasons; Crime because some of them can see a great potential in working with Mr. Negative and Justice for dreading just how much damage can he spread before he can be stopped.
  • Mr. Negative is a heavily feared crime lord. Partly due to his ruthlessness in carrying out his work and partly because of the amount of potential his powers can harness. He's also the reason why the Demons have become well-known in the Pantheon; Mr. Negative can channel some of his powers to his henchmen, granting them a power boost. The villainous residents of the House of Crime were immediately intrigued by this and immediately tried to strike an alliance. However, Mr. Negative has greater ambitions beyond just maintaining a criminal empire. He's very fixated on taking down Spider-Man given that he's the one obstacle that stands between him and taking over the New York crime scene.
  • He was surprised to see how he got ascended before many of the other foes that Spider-Man had encountered such as Electro, Vulture and Scorpion (Granted, he's one of the web-slinger's most recent foes, but still). He does take pride in all of this, often boasting about how him entering the Pantheon is a signal that he's getting there as one of Spider-Man's most formidable foes.
  • Because of their shared enmity, Mr. Negative and Norman Osborn would sometimes work together when it comes to bringing down Spider-Man. Mr. Negative, however, realizes how obsessed Osborn is over his feelings towards his Arch-Enemy and is taking steps to assure his own safety. He knows that Osborn would likely backstab him once they've eliminated Spider-Man.
    • Rumor has it that Mr. Negative may actually loathe Norman for rather very personal reasons. There is an iteration who gained his powers from a laboratory experiment conducted by Oscorp, but the resulting process killed his parents and thus, Mr. Negative seeks vengeance, even risking to sully his own reputation as a philanthropist to get revenge. As it stands, the Mr. Negative in the Pantheon has not said anything about the matter, although he seems rather amused by how such an event turned out.
  • Is able to strike a working partnership with Diavolo, alongside providing him with a good amount of troops empowered by him. This has gotten Giorno Giovanna and Passione very worried as this means that Diavolo would be leading a mob with an assortment of light and dark powers. Despite all of this, even Mr. Negative feels rather repulsed by Cioccolata, though like Diavolo himself, Mr. Negative thinks that the crimes Cioccolata commits have no constructive task or a setup to a greater goal.
    • Said alliance with Diavolo also made Mr. Negative enemies against Dio Brando, who would have rather preferred it if Mr. Negative instead joined him instead of the man who tried to kill his son. Mr. Negative, on the other hand, is disappointed at Dio's lack of hospitality and stated that if anything, he would have liked to work alongside him, which Dio brushes off, stating that the fact that he was working with Diavolo is a personal attack on him.
  • To further his own causes and make investments in PR and influence, he's a regular visitor to the Dark Side Club, and hence has some ties to the Harbingers of Repression. That said, he doesn't have much care about Darkseid or his goals of robbing free will, he's simply trying to make good use of the Dark Side Club and find more potential allies to collaborate on. It also helps in that Osborn and Diavolo are also frequent attendants.
  • As a crime lord, Mr. Negative has made enemies against much of the House of Justice as his actions not only violate certain codes that individuals adhere to, but also because he won't stop in his pursuits of taking over New York plus he's already killed a large number of civilians with The Demons. He's also opposed by Night Raid given that his criminal organization is pretty comparable to that of a corrupt empire.
  • When not under the Mr. Negatve persona, Martin Li is one of the most charitable beings in the Pantheon. Bringing FEAST into the Pantheon and trying to provide for as many homeless residents as possible, Li gets along pretty well with deities like Anne-Marie, Chester A. Bum and Oliver Twist as they know how it feels like to be homeless (without a friend or family as well in Oliver's case) and it helps that Li's philanthropy comes off as genuine and inspiration at times. Even Naruto can get to show some respect for that, though he's very cautious about the Mr. Negative identity.
  • He has some form of association with Toko Fukawa as both of them have a split personality between being a genuinely caring and understanding person and being vindictive and vicious. Unsurprisingly enough, they both get along, depending on their identities; Li and Fukawa would often work together in finding homeless people with Fukawa even being made an honorary member for FEAST and Mr. Negative having Fukawa's split identity, Genocide Jack as an assassin/attack dog of sorts for the Demons. Mr. Negative also allows Genocide Jack to temporarily become a Lesser Goddess by giving her some of his powers during missions, a prospect she takes with glee.
I always like to have reminders around that there is no good he can do... that I cannot corrupt.

Lesser Gods

    Hoshidan Royal Siblings 
Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura, Divine Family of Primary Color Champions (Ryoma: High Prince of Hoshido, Peerless Samurai, Lobster Lord, Lobster Nii-san, Lobster Bro; Hinoka: Warrior Princess, Thighs Nee-chan, Hinokopter; Takumi: Wild Card, Pineapple Bro, Critkumi, Killkumi, Taco Meat, Super Denning; Sakura: Loving Priestess, Staffmouto)
Starting from top left, clockwise: Ryoma, Takumi, Sakura, and Hinoka.

Pugna, God of Green Malicious Glowing (Grandmaster of Oblivion)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The icon for Decrepify.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nether Blast, Nether Ward, Life Drain, Arts of Oblivion, Skeleton Mage, Short with a Temper, Grandmaster of Oblivion, High Collar of Doom, Killed Fellow Infants at the age of Thirteen Months, Evil Genius, For the Evulz, Squishy Wizard who decimates other Squishy Wizards, Possibly an Undead Child
  • Domains: Oblivion, Magic, Anti-Magic
  • Allies: Clinkz, Wraith King, Gul'dan, King Leoric, Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: Malygos, Illidan Stormrage, Li-Ming, Kael'Thas Sunstrider, Jaina Proudmoore, Sans, Hal Jordan
  • Green evil is a description befitting Pugna, the Grandmaster of Oblivion. When the former grandmaster passed away, the regents sought to find his reincarnation. Discovering candidates among the brats of nearby villages, they brought the three to the temple and presented them the relics of the former grandmaster. After the other two fiddled with the artifacts, Pugna, at the age of thirteen months, annihilated them both to take the artifacts back. The regents thus declared him the new grandmaster. Five years later, the temple was naught but ashes, much to Pugna's amusement.
    • The Nether Reaches is one source of magic, which Pugna holds dominion over. This manifests in Pugna blasting his enemies into pieces with emerald flames, and punishing mages for using magic. Indeed, it is possible for Pugna's Nether Ward to kill mages before they even manage to cast a single spell. If a green laser hits someone trying to cast a spell, it is guaranteed that one of Pugna's wards is right nearby...
  • Seems to have gotten along quite well with Gul'dan, as they're both evil mages with an affinity for the dark arts. Gul'dan is particularly interested in the Nether Reaches, pondering if he could possibly make use of it to combat his own enemies.
  • Malygos has no hold over the Nether Reaches, since they're under Pugna's control. This means that, to the surprise of many, nether energies are capable of harming Malygos. Since then, the dragon aspect has been cautious around Pugna.
  • Demoman and Heavy find the short skeleton rather unnerving, as he has a somewhat similar voice. Demoman do appreciate that Pugna can use his magic to demolish buildings however.
  • Pugna's Nether Ward is the bane of Squishy Wizards everywhere, as whenever someone casts a spell in its presence, it will immediately zap them with nether energy, dealing magical damage based on the mana cost of these spells. It is for this reason that Pugna is despised by deified wizards with poor health. Even mages with decent health is not going to enjoy the nether ward if they use spells with high mana cost.
    • Illidan Stormrage, who doesn't use mana, is unaffected by the nether ward, much to Pugna's chagrin. His best bet is to decrepify Illidan (renders him unable to attack, and more vulnerable to magical damage) and to cast Life Drain on him should they ever engage in combat.
  • Pugna was around when King Leoric fought in the war of the ancients, so he was utmost pleased to reunite with a fellow skeleton. The two has made an agreement that when the skeleton wars come, Pugna will join Leoric.
  • When Sans initially learned that a short skeleton had entered the Pantheon, he thought that he could have been a friend... until he learned what said skeleton really is like. Normally Sans would have gone and given him a bad time, but the Nether Ward's ability to deplete mana from Pugna's enemies made him decide against it, since he's Made of Magic.
  • Surprisingly enough, he looks up to Ainz Ooal Gown, viewing him as something of a father figure he never had. While the latter appreciates the sentiment, he is understandably disturbed by Pugna being gleefully evil. Ainz has since tried to guide Pugna toward a less vicious path.
  • Naturally, Pugna joined Malum Magia when he was invited by Voldemort. The mages of the GUAG now has one more threat to contend with during the battles between the GUAG and GUAE.
  • "I renew my vows to cause the most possible suffering."

    Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott 
Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, God of White-Haired Villains (Ike, Second Spirit of Origin)


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