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Health and Diseases

The House of Health and Diseases was created as a means to establish a core medical center and lifeblood in the Pantheon. Considering the grand scale of an ever-expanding realm and a seemingly endless battle being waged between different factions who believed in varied reasons, it was near-universally decided that a central hub regarding physical, and mental aid was set up to provide essential support for those who are unable to properly involve themselves in many mundane activities, as well as the terminally ill and severely impaired.

The initial plan was to set up a hospital that linked strong ties to different sections of the Pantheon, especially the Houses of Death and Postmortem, Life and Vitality, and Knowledge. The core concept persisted and the Magnam Caelestis Medicinae Centrumnote , better known as "The Grand Medical Pantheon Centre" to the public, was built in a large designated patch of field where travel and communication were easy to access. The Medical Centre has several blocks dedicated to housing large rows of rooms for patients to attend and a research hub dedicated to studying, understanding, and developing cures for several different sorts of diseases and conditions. As time went on, the Magnam Caelestis Medicinae Centrum became the icon and centerpiece of a business district that includes various drugstores, pharmacies, and clinics, whereas the main medical centre adopted the informal title of The Pantheonic Medical Hub. Some of these have been licensed and sponsored by the hub, though some have remained independent and, if successful enough, were even funded and sponsored by other Houses. It should be noted that not every medical company and store is located in the House of Health and Diseases, but are either, or exclusively, located in other places for differing reasons, usually because the hub has disapproved of them.

In addition to the Magnam Caelestis Medicinae Centrum, another area was designated to contain the various diseases, elements, and beings that possess the potential of causing an outbreak and a Quarantine Containment was planned, approved, and built as a means to enact on preventing any sort of medical outbreak and to ensure that potential panics and issues don't arise from what it's supposed to be looking after. Unlike the Medical District that the hub has established, the Quarantine is mostly isolated, only linked by heavily monitored roads and tunnels and blocked from view by large sturdy walls and an overly concerned batch of security guards and officers who have been taught, trained, and educated to understand the severity and dangers of the elements and beings that they're to look after and prevent from escaping. Despite the tough and dedicated security, The Quarantine's isolated nature does make it one of the more unsettling and scary places in the Pantheon.

The House has since been serving under a "Neutral" stance as several in the forces of good, evil, and the in-between, see certain benefits and supports that can be received here and don't want to ruin their chances. As a result, most of the alliances choose to not put the House of Health and Diseases as a major priority in their battles and the more antagonistic factions have chosen to save it on a later date for a takeover, if mainly for pragmatic reasons. The sole exception to the stance is the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who do not discriminate anything in their desire to obliterate all traces of existence, Houses included, not to mention that with most of the members being undead, they see no desire to visit the House, to begin with.

The Medicinae Centrum has featured Asia Argento, Florence Nightingale, and The Spring Spirit as their official mascots and leading figures for those who wish to seek whatever medical treatment possible, be it immediate, short-term, or long-term. Of course, most of the other workers look up to the trio for making an attempt to inspire others with their actions, though there are a few who, while good-natured in their goals, are too aloof or don't hold them up in too much regard, instead choosing to pursue their profession for their own gains. On the other hand, the Quarantine Containment doesn't have an official representative, but Anton Arcane and Thrax decided to take it upon themselves to run the business regarding the terror and fear of diseases and outbreaksnote . Nurgle independently asserts a massive influence there thanks to his oddly friendly nature and his vast influence due to his own nature as a Chaos God. It should be noted that Anton and Thrax operate as a duo while Nurgle acts on his own accord, though they're usually branded as a trio, much to the former two's dismay.

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The Matrons of Mercy

    Asia Argento 
Asia Argento, Goddess of Healing Hands (The Holy Priestess (formerly), Panties Sister, Princess of the Golden Dragon Monarch, Sister, Full Armour Asia, Lively Comrade, Priestess Asia, Heavenly King (Shared with Akeno and Rias))
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with her Balance-Breaker)
  • Symbol: A Crimson Bishop Chess Piece
  • Theme Song: Kagiri Naku Junsui ni Chikai Daten - Fall Down
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, with Neutral Good leanings.
  • Portfolio: Healing Hands, Clingy Jealous Girl, Moe, Branded as a witch by the Church, Italian origins, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Innocent Fanservice Girl, The Medic, A truly lovable madame, Cloudcuckoolander, All-Loving Heroine, Eternal loyalty towards Issei, Erecting a nigh-impenetrable healing shield
  • Domains: Healing, Love, Fanservice, Religion, Dragons
  • Followers: Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore, Mimosa Vermillion, Grogu/The Child, Chiyo Shuzenji/Recovery Girl
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Raynare, Judge Claude Frollo, YHVH, Satan, Lucifer, Sephiroth, Ornstein, Nurgle, Broly, Shinnok, Gul'dan
  • Mentor: Uther the Lightbringer
  • Evil Counterpart: SCP-049
  • Ascended after much effort from Issei and Rias. The first thing Asia did upon entering the Pantheon was rush to find Issei and give him a big hug. Rias and Akeno quickly joined in, unsurprisingly, and the resulting hug made those in attendance go "d'awwww".
  • She is more than willing to lose her innocence with Issei, although he, despite being a pervert, doesn't want to corrupt her.
  • Was overjoyed to hear there is a house of Religion and Faith, skipping over to it, opening the door, and almost immediately collapsing to the ground clutching her head. There she immediately made friends with gods such as the Unconquered Sun, and was really happy upon hearing of Xenovia and Irina's ascension.
    • Despises people like Judge Frollo, who she sees as an insult to the faith. His lustful ways remind her way too much of Freed, as well. Unfortunately, her attempt to attack him ended miserably when Frollo began reciting the Lord's Prayer and she was afflicted with a pounding migraine. Upon recovering, Asia made a chilling vow: to show Frollo just how twisted and cruel a devil can truly be. The next day, Frollo found that someone had gotten up early and drank the milk delivered to his temple. Asia later confided in Rias and Issei to assuage her guilty conscience; they told her not to worry about it.
    • Her joy at learning that YHVH Himself was in the Pantheon was short-lived, as Issei quickly filled her in on the Lord's pedigree. Asia, her expression not changing in the slightest, quietly turned around and kind of drifted off into her room to be alone for a while. Rias assured her that YHVH was not the god she worshiped after she managed to calm down. Asia was relieved...then broke down crying when she realized that meant that her God was still, in fact, dead. Hopefully, Issei, with the help of Cosmos, comforted her with due ease.
  • Despite being a devil, she's not a fan of Lucifer, considering him to be heartless.
    • She also dislikes Sephiroth as she finds him to be incredibly manipulative and savage.
    • She neither stands Ornstein due to the fact that he continuously tries to kill Issei. Why? He's a half-dragon!
    • In a similar vein, she especially dislikes Broly.
  • She was the first goddess in the Pantheon to discover Shinnok's plans to steal Issei's Boosted Gear to gain its powers and become the only god of a certain position. Although she discovered it by complete accident, she quickly warned Issei about such thing. This news caused quite a fuss in the Pantheon, and has also caused Rachel Alucard to team up with Issei to help him stop the evil sorcerer.
  • Gets along swimmingly with Flonne, who has introduced her to the wonderful world of Toku. Asia's not quite sure what to make of it, to be honest.
  • Hearing of the news that Rias and Issei sneak into the House of Romance to make out, Asia would also sneak in helped by Flonne, and being the Clingy Jealous Girl she is, she would take off all of her clothes in front of the two. The fact that Akeno would also sneak in and outright beg for a threesome does not help matters for our good old Ise.
  • She gets along very well with Cosmos and Terra Branford; the former understands her Dark and Troubled Past and holds a Big Sister Instinct towards her, similar to Issei. As a result, she will go Mama Bear if Asia gets hurt, though in a different vein than Issei, who would go outright berserk, as shown with Akio (see below); the latter because they're not so different after all.
    • She has been invited by Cosmos to join the GUAG. She refused, thinking Issei could be the perfect hero for the Alliance. Thanks to this, Issei joined the GUAG Combat Division. Though after Issei's group, the Chick Magnet Quartet, has been incorporated into the GUAG, Asia became part of its Battle Harem.
  • She naturally gets along very well with Josuke Higashikata since he too has the ability to heal and is also a surprisingly Nice Guy like Issei.
  • Many seem to confuse her with an Italian actress as they share the same name. The goddess, being very detached from normality, doesn't really get it.
  • Because of her innocence, she's an easy prey of the gods of the House of Lust, especially Slaanesh and Akio. Speaking of the latter, he tried to steal Asia's virginity right in front of Issei (we mean: he tried to rape her). Three guesses on what Issei has done to Akio, and the first two don't count.
  • Suffice to say, she didn't take the ascension of Raynare to the Pantheon proper all that well: as she still remembers the time she got her Sacred Gear successfully stolen and subsequently killed by her, she had an appropriately extreme reaction. All in all, she will do her best to protect her loved Issei from his evil ex-girlfriend.
  • Ever since her ascension, the house has been under attack from Great Unclean Ones from time to time, sent as a "loving gift" from Nurgle. His reason? Asia reminds him of his wife.
  • She has befriended Wendy Marvell because of their gentle nature and healing methods. Though they were initially wary of each other thanks to the latter being a dragon slayer and she being a demon.
    • Same story goes with Konoka Konoe, with both having similar healing methods (though Konoka's pactio is much less powerful than Asia's Sacred Gear) and carefree personality.
    • The same thing can be said about Yoshika Miyafuji, who also has similar healing methods and is a nice girl. Though some reports say that Yoshika might had accidentally groped Asia a bit in their first meeting, possibly with her being half-sleep.
    • Dante Alighieri has also taken a liking towards Asia, as she reminds him of his beloved Beatrice.
  • Clarice di Lanza seems to be in good terms with her, as both of them are demon nuns (well, Asia is a ex-nun, but still). Asia is surprised that Clarice can read the Bible without being physically hurt by it, though.
  • Likes Issei's new friend Luka, due to his personality and his respect for her faith in her God despite meeting the likes YHVH. Like Irina and Xenovia, she was deeply saddened to learn that the Goddess he believed in wasn't so benevolent in the end either.
  • Has decided to join Uther the Lightbringer's training in hopes to improve her healing abilities and become a Paladin if possible. Unfortunately, she has the distintion of being one of the few people that weren't able to lift a standard Paladin's Hammer, so she instead received a smaller one for compesation much to her dissapointment.
  • Her powers are considered the exact opposite to those of SCP-049, who can kill most human deities with a single touch. However, he is not hostile towards her but rather polite and admiring of her kindness. Although many believe the reason he doesn't target her is that she is no longer human to begin with.
  • After being blessed by Ophis, Asia is now capable of summoning dragons by making a contract. Ophis later introduced her to Bahamut and Spyro, whom she immediately befriend and made contracts with. Fortunately for her, they do not need to take her panties as the price of their summoning, but are more interested with the bananas that she gave to her other dragon summons.
  • Thirty years into the future, she has a daughter with her beloved Issei, named Airi. When Uther knows this news, he is more than glad to train both of them to become a Paladin, especially after seeing what Airi is capable of doing.
  • Also resides in House of Magic.

    Florence Nightingale 
Florence Nightingale, Goddess of Medicine (The Angel of Mercy, Angel of Crimea, The Lady of the Lamp, Berserker, Mercedes, Seventh Ruler of Judgement, Santa Archer)
A real-life photo of Nightingale
As a Berserker 
As a Santa Archer 
  • Quasideity, Intermediate Goddess as a Servant
  • Symbol: A woman holding a lamp
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Chaotic Good as a Servant)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Nurses, Dedication, Legacy, War
  • High Priest: Asclepius
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nurgle, Peryite, Light Yagami (and by extension Misa Amane and Teru Mikami), Nurse Ratched, The Joker
  • Pities: Harley Quinn
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Medic, Tsunade Senju
  • Florence Nightingale is a compassionate woman born from a wealthy family who dreams of becoming a nurse refusing her parents’ refusals as it is viewed as a low-class job at the time. Her compassion and sympathy towards the injured, determination, and hard work influenced nursing as a career that deserves recognition and respect. Despite the fact she became bedridden, she continued to do her job until she inexplicably died at her home in London.
  • During the old days of the Pantheon, Retsu Unohana had been managing the House of Health & Diseases for a while, and she had been thinking of spending her downtime for real. But she couldn't dare to fully abandon her duties either, so she set out to find a worthy replacement. During a lunch with Eirin Yagokoro (who would eventually take a temporary departure later on), she explains her predicament to her and Eirin recommends her the woman that revolutionized modern nursing: Florence Nightingale. Inspired, she makes her case to the Court of the Gods and they accepted; now, the Angel of Crimea has ascended to bring proper health to all.
    • As the years go by, Retsu & Florence would learn that Eirin had decided to leave the Pantheon on her own terms. While they were saddened that a close colleague of theirs would step away, they would pick up much of the work she did and continue forward. That is, until the Lunarian returned to the Pantheon in the weeks after the Tenkyuu Uprising, coerced in by the Youkai Sage Yukari Yakumo. Eirin would eventually visit her fellow physicians and catch up on what had transpired during her absence, resuming their friendship.
  • She can be summoned as one of Chaldea’s Servants as a Berserker. In that form, her Madness Enhancement is so insane that she is willing to kill her patients and proceeding to revive them. She is happy to serve her Master once again before reprimanding him about the things that he should do first. The Master decided to listen to her as he fears that her Mad Enhancement could get out of nowhere. Dantes is happy to see her as well thanks to the fact she resembles the woman he once loved. Rama is mortified upon hearing her ascended even if he is glad to see her and proceeds to run away to not deal with any of her antics. Sita thanked Nightingale for taking care of her husband throughtout the American Singularity, who stated that it’s her job as a nurse to take care of him.
    • She is also respected and dreaded in many ways in this form, where she gains a complete clean-freakiness that would disinfect everything in even foods to the point it didn't taste as good (but it's very hygienic and sometimes nutritious!). Additionally, she's sometimes called in to teach about CPR, and while the methods are correct and effective... she's too much hands on in practicing it in front of the students. And the worst part? Her answer to every kind of illness was apparently "Amputate that."
  • As a doctor who participated in war, she respects the Doctor Kamer Riders as they have medical professions who also fight for the greater good. Although he never got it in the original, she actually has her own Eyecon and when she heard about it, she allowed herself to lend her power to Takeru Tenkuji after a discussion with The Master of Chaldea.
  • She feels bad for Dr. Watson of having been forced to retire due to suffering from an injury as it could hinder his abilities in combat. Nontheless, she respects him of working with Holmes on solving crimes as she believes that it means that there will be less deaths occuring.
  • She is impressed with Black Jack's ability to cure anyone of any disease that he could operate, wishing that she could have the same skill as him just so she could save as many patients as possible. She is baffled that he doesn't have a medical degree considering his skills as a surgeon. He admires her resolve as a nurse but thinks that her determination to do so is a bit ridiculous.
  • She hates Nurse Ratched as she knows that she puts a bad example on nurses. Her sadistic pleasure is what puts her off and hopes to erase her off in existence as she knows that her presence will cause much more deaths. Nurse Ratched is simply off put that she has an another enemy to take care of who is also the founder of modern nursing.
  • She has nothing but hatred towards Nurgle because he is the opposite of what she stood of and is baffled at his obscured thinking. Because he thinks what he is doing is good for his people, he doesn't hold any animosity towards Nightingale and thus the animosity is one-sided. She also opposes Peryite for the same reason and being the Anthropomorphic Personification of The Plague doesn't help.
  • Has come to despise Light Yagami, Misa Amane and Teru Mikami for being the killer Kira who commit themselves to murder criminals and people who they consider as a threat to their cause using the Death Note to create a new world with Light as their God and since she is a nurse dedicating to saving people's lives, she considers them to be a huge threat at her cause. She despises at what the Death Note is all about, as it can kill anyone as long as the current owner has the correct name written in the notebook and face they are imagining, with the ability to manipulate the victim's actions before their death, manipulating what time they are going to die, and how will their death happen. It makes things worse when Misa and Mikami have Shinigami Eyes, which has the ability for them to see people's lifespans and names, thus they only need a person's face to kill, which makes it easier for them to kill people at the cause of half of their lifespan. After hearing all about it, she considers the Death Note to be such a dangerous weapon to be around with and vows to destroy it before the three of them or someone else is using it to kill thousands, if not millions.
  • She doesn't like romantic relationships between a doctor and a patient as she believes it could intrfere her work and possibly endanger the patient, which is why she never committed herself to romance. This is why she pitied Harley Quinn as being Joker's psychiatrist causing her to become corrupted and beared a lot of abuse from him. She's glad that Harley Quinn has moved on but believes that she still has a long way to go.
  • While she's glad to see an another medic, she isn't thrilled at The Medic's practices. He is mostly using his medical background for experimental purposes, which isn't exactly ideal in her book as he isn't actually doing it just to save his teammates. Also, she doesn't like it when she founds out that The Medic tricked the Devil to sold his teammates' souls just to make him immortal.
    • She did, however, see how the Demoman used the Ullapool Caber, and integrated that into her combat arsenal.
  • Hearing about medical ninjutsu, she wanted to visit Sakura Haruno to see what are it’s capabilities. When she showed her the demonstration, she was throughly impressed and wants to hire her if ever Nightingale is understaffed, which she accepted. She doesn’t like Sakura’s mentor, Tsunade. While Nightingale could admit that she really is dedicated to saving lives like her and is really good at it, her drinking lifestyle and obsession with gambling made Nightingale refusing herself to associate with someone like her and is willing to teach her the dangers of it, but so far it’s not working.
  • "For the sake of saving lives, I will do whatever it takes! That's right... Anything!"

    Spring Sprite 
The Spring Sprite, Goddess of the World-Healing Wave
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A dead tree renegerated
  • Theme Song: "The Firebird Suite"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Regeneration, Nature, Life
  • Portfolio: Restoring nature after the Firebird's destruction, Fertile Feet (and hands, fingers etc.), healing tears, embodiment of spring and nature, based on the the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen and how quickly life returns
  • Allies: The good gods from the House of Nature, Xerneas, Bambi, the good-aligned cast from Dragon Ball, Yveltal, SCP-1440
  • Enemies: THE FIREBIRD, the House of Toxicity (except for Coco), Ragnaros the Firelord, The Lich, Deathwing, Zhaitan, Darth Nihilus
  • Opposed by: The ascended mortal cast from World of Warcraft
  • Her ascension to the Pantheon is a very memorable one because it came with a Pantheon wide massive regeneration wave that restore the damaged made from her recently ascended mortal enemy the Firebird's destructive wave that killed anyone that has lesser power than him. Because of this incident, the Firebird was furious that all of his hard work is gone because of her and swore to hunt the Spring Sprite down until he can kill her so he can continue his work of destruction.
  • She is also the one that restore the House of Nature after brutal battle there because of the Firebird's rampage. This impressed many good deities reside there and she frequently visiting the place to learn more about herself and her own power.
  • Because of her uncanny ability to restore life that were destroyed, especially those by fire, she became mortal enemies to any Omnicidal Maniac gods that destroy things through fire and explosion such as Ragnaros, the Lich, and Deathwing.
  • Because she is the embodiment of life and nature, she doesn't enjoy standing near the vicinity of anyone from the House of Toxicity. The only person that she can being near is Coco, mostly because he doesn't exhume any poison or toxins himself.
  • She also got along with Xerneas and Bambi because they remind the Sprite of the elk that awoke from her slumber and helped her during the attack of the Firebird. This is especially true with Bambi because of the Green Aesop his work also had.
  • Surprisingly, the ascended mortal cast from World of Warcraft are very suspicious of her considering their own bad experience with the re-origination device in Uldum, which set Azeroth back to its "virgin state" and destroyed every living being.
    • However, the ascended good-aligned cast from Dragon Ball are very grateful for her because of how frequent they used her temple's power whenever they wished with the seven Dragon Balls.
  • To the surprise of everyone, she allied herself with Yveltal, despite the Pokémon is also a bird-shaped creature that can destroy the world by fire. When asked, Yveltal stated that the Spring Sprite held no contempt to death itself (as she understands that death is necessary for life to return stronger) but the fact that the Firebird's excessive destruction and the action of actively hunting her down right after his awakening, which can potentially ends the ability of life returning to that area. The Spring Sprite even took the effort to visit the Pokémon whenever it form a cocoon so she can utilize her power for life to recover from Yveltal's absorption and to let nature flourishes even stronger than before.

Padres de la Muerte

    Anton Arcane 
Anton Arcane, Unholy Patron of Body Horror (Avatar of the Rot)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A slab of his own distorted flesh
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Immortality Seeker, Inflicting Horrific Body Mutations on Others and Himself, Swamp Thing's Arch-Enemy, Make Them Rot, Helped Hitler Become the Monster He is to Experiment on the Corpses, Mad Scientist, Take Over the World, So Unbelievably Evil He Was Made a Demon in Hell, Been a Psychopath Since His Youth, Evil Uncle, Villainous Incest, Experimented on His Own Brother, Evil Sorceror
  • Domains: Necromancy, Rot, Twisted Experiments, Alchemy, Depravity, Physical Transformations
  • Banned from: The House of Family
  • Interested in: SCP-682, Cell, the House of the Undead
  • Allies: SCP-106, Johann Schmidt/the Red Skull, Millennium, Nurgle, Typhus, Thrax, Fabius Bile, Cioccolata, SCP-542 (sort of), Alex Wesker, Vandal Savage, Davros, Professor Hojo, Zouken Matou
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nekron, William Hand and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Rivals: Voldemort, Darth Plagueis
  • Enemies: Basically any hero in DC Comics, but especially his Arch-Enemy Swamp Thing and Buddy Baker, the entire House of Plants and Nature Preservers, The Life Entity, Kyle Rayner, Satoko Houjou, The Spring Sprite, Ana Amari, Fran Madarki, Alexei Stukov, Frankenstein's Monster, Dhuum, Yveltal, Jack Harkness, The Elric brothers, SCP-040, Xerneas
  • Opposed by: Most of the House of Physicians (yes, even the Medic), other forces of death, anyone in the House of Science with a conscience
  • Born in the late 19th century, either in Romania or Belarus(with strong Russian ties), Anton Arcane is a brilliant yet depraved scientist obsessed with immortality and decay. His experiments would create shambling monstrosities known as the Un-Men, but desired a stronger body to keep him going forever. He saw Swamp Thing as a potential body to inhabit. In the New 52, he became the Avatar of the Rot, and took great joy extending decay to others. Having taken various forms, Anton Arcane has been a continuous thorn in Swamp Thing's side.
  • Arcane is infamous for his horrible experiments, inflicting gratuitous Body Horror on others and himself. He turned his brother into something resembling Frankenstein's Monster, re-animated dead tissue, turned himself into something resembling a taxidermied corpse and then there's what he was able to accomplish with the powers of the Rot. Upon his ascension to his House, most shuddered. Fabius Bile, however, was pleased to see someone so powerful and twisted enter the pantheon and was happy to give him some tips on mutation and depravity.
  • Could seriously rival the Joker as one of the most Ax-Crazy super-villains in the DC Universe. He's practiced a lifestyle of necrophilia, cannibalism, Satanism, mass experimentation and necromancy among others crimes against nature. When he gained Reality Warper powers possessing Matt Cable, his evil presence was likened to Trigon and it caused the Joker to go catatonic. He was so bad that he was made a demon in Hell since they were impressed by his evil. Melkor was also impressed, and was happy to offer him a position in the pantheon.
  • When he was in Hell, spiders laid eggs inside his body that ate their way out after hatching. To make things worse it was an Year Inside, Hour Outside experience. Considering he'd sent his niece to Hell before, it was too good for him. Later on he got the Ironic Hell treatment where he was sent to a peaceful realm where death and decay doesn't exist, which was torture for him. The Court of the Gods has told him they plan to send him back there if he violates the rules of the pantheon.
  • Apparently, he convinced Adolf Hitler to get into politics. It would lead to the Holocaust, and he would have access to millions more corpses for experimentation. It's also known Vandal Savage was an advisor and friend to Hitler, though it's unknown if they ever met(it wouldn't be surprising). As such he has ties to Nazi gods in the pantheon, notably the similarly depraved Red Skull. He also finds Millennium's vampire program to be a boon for him, and their goals will provide him with even more corpses.
  • SCP-542 is around the same age range as him, having been alive some time before World War 1 and like him collaborated with the Nazis for experimentation. They recognize each other, and respect each other's field. That being said, even Herr Chirurg is a bit creeped out by him. SCP-106 has no compunctions, however. Like Arcane he's utterly Ax-Crazy, has his roots in World War 1, and inflicts rot on others. The two have become very good friends, much to the dread of the SCP Foundation and much of the pantheon.
  • His desire for immortality along with perversion of death(plus his constant cheating of death) puts him in direct opposition to Dhuum and Yveltal, along with Jack Harkness as he seeks his immortal body for himself. However it does make him an ally with Alex Wesker for their mutual search of eternal life, and Vandal Savage is on good terms with him as well. Much like SCP-035, he wants to inhabit SCP-682's body. Seems interested with Cell, due to his claims of being the Ultimate Lifeform. Both Voldemort and Plagueis see him as a rival, due to only wanting immortality for himself and having standards respectively.
  • Has attempted to force Fran Madarki to help with his gruesome experiments, and harassed most of the people in the House of Science for his plans. You can imagine he's not popular with them. Healers like Ana Amari rightfully despise him as well. Arcane is more capable in the House of Diseases, and has achieved much by helping spread Thrax. Physicians in general are disturbed by him. It says a lot about Anton Arcane that the Medic took a look at his resume and went "no... just no".
  • Feels a kinship with many exceptionally twisted scientists, like Davros and Professor Hojo. They've created many grotesque monsters together by pooling their talent. Nightmarishly, he and Cioccolata get along swimmingly and he find the Green Day Stand a key to better understanding The Grey. Utterly disgusts the Elric brothers for being "Shou Tucker, but a thousand times worse" and scares SCP-040 as he seeks her Biomanipulation abilities.
  • Zouken Matou shares a lot in common with him, being a Russian/East-European Mad Scientist and alchemist looking for immortality and has inflicted horrific bodily experiments on others for that. As such, they get along nicely. Though unlike Zouken Arcane is comfortable being in a monstrous body. Also, Zouken originally had humanity that has been slowly lost into nothing but a drive to live longer. Anton Arcane was always a psychopath, he just got better at being one over time.
  • Has been banned without repeal from the House of Family. Upon his crimes against family molesting his sister, getting his brother blown up on a landmine then turning him into the Patchwork Man, and everything he's done to his niece. Satoko Houjou was horrified as he reminds him of an even scarier version of her own horrible uncle.
  • Serves the Rot, the force of decay on Earth. He twisted the world into one of endless decay in a Bad Future, which both Nurgle and Typhus were proud of. However the Rot isn't inherently evil, and Anton Arcane subverted control of it. As such, most forces of death oppose him. Arcane steps on eggshells around Nekron. Oh sure, he loves death and Black Hand shares that love of death and decay, but Nekron suspects Arcane is going to try and hijack him. Also, he wants things to stay dead, and isn't impressed by the half-life he inflicts on others. Anton Arcane is a bit of a wild canon, but the Lord of the Unliving accepts his experimentation and Rot powers is useful for Destruction's cause. He's permitted to experiment in the House of Undead.
  • Can also be found in Fearsome Archetypes.

Nurgle, God of Beneficial Diseases (Lord of Decay, Master of Plague and Pestilence, Lord of All, The Plaguefather Grandfather Nurgle, Papa Nurgle, the Supernatural Garbage Bag)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Number 7. The Mark of Nurgle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (thinks he's Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Depopulation Bomb, Skewed Morality Due To Loving ALL Forms Of Life, The Virus, The Corruption, Utterly crushing people's hopes, Driving people into the pit of despair, Offering to take the pain away and bring them into his family in exchange for their souls, Utterly Filthy, A Father to His Men, Being rather kind despite destroying entire planets with all kinds of plagues, Obliviously Evil, Feel No Pain, being a bloated, fun guy even when he commits countless atrocities, The Virus, Beneficial Disease
  • Domain: Disease, Plague, Pestilence, Decay, Despair, Perseverance, Compassion
  • Heralds: The Great Unclean Ones
  • Allies: Typhus, Albert Wesker, Mordremoth, Cioccolata, Fran Madaraki, Pestilence the Horseman, Thrax, Shub-Niggurath
  • Rivals/Conflicting Opinion: Cyth V'sug, Junko Enoshima
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Fabius Bile
  • Respects: Yuuki Konno (One sided)
  • Interested in: The Colour Out of Space
  • Antithesis: Tzeentch
  • Enemies (one-sided on their end): The Imperium of Mankind,Sigmar Heldenhamner, members of his own house not mentioned under "allies", any and all germophobes (especially Zim and Brainiac/Vril Dox), SCP-049
  • Opposed by: The Life Entity
  • One of the four Great Chaos Gods, Nurgle is the Lord of Decay. A grotesque, cosmic being, he embodies entropy, morbidity, disease and physical corruption. And yet he also embodies fortitude and determination, with his blessings having an upside. Those in his favor are diseased yet much harder to kill and they Feel No Pain. The problem is that it involves copious amounts of Body Horror, a state that drives the person to maddened despair until they come to love it. And they wish to spread their "gift" to everyone.
  • Nurgle's compassionate and friendly nature is ironically the main reason he's such a blight on the cosmos. He loves all life equally, but that includes bacteria, mold and other forms of decay. He associates himself with Friendship because he wants to "help" everyone, however, his idea of help is twisting people physically and mentally past the Despair Event Horizon so they become deranged, jovial abominations. He honestly doesn't realize most consider this a Fate Worse than Death and people have given up trying to tell him otherwise... or don't bother because he tends to break their minds.
  • Loves his followers like a father. In a twisted and cosmic sort of way, can technically grant eternal life (though not immortality). Some say that despite the way his male followers look, his female followers could end up strangely good-looking. Surprisingly one of the more jovial and good-natured Gods of the Pantheon, despite his job description. However, he has a hard time figuring out why nobody wants to come near him...
  • Diametrically opposed to Tzeentch, for Tzeentch's power derives from hope and changing fortitude while Nurgle's comes from defiance born of despair and helplessness.
  • Despite being one of the main figures in his own house, most of the members have a "terminate on sight" policy to his Daemons and avatars. However, he does have friends there aside from his Plague Marine commander Typhus. Usually, they cause plagues and diseases. He considers Pestilence to be a fellow co-worker and gave Thrax new life. And while most doctors consider him an abomination, Fran is completely on-board with his philosophy that life is sacred and that there is no Fate Worse than Death, though the Medic, who helped ascend her, is trying to dissuade her from those thoughts.
  • Has a fondness for Alex Wesker due to his use of viruses and genetic engineering. Cioccolata is fascinated by the horrible rot he inflicts and wants in. On the other hand, SCP-049 considers him an abomination.
  • Wanted to be part of the Grand United Alliance of Good initially, however because of his worldview and…everything else, they aren't letting him in. The Grand United Alliance of Evil let him in because they want to use his plagues. Of course with Nurgle, his take on "good and evil" is completely different from what most consider good and evil.
  • Believe it or not, but he's actually married to a goddess of healing who he tries to treat like a proper wife, despite the fact that she keeps giving the GUAG clues on how to cure his plagues. Considering how her other choice of a husband was Slaanesh, it's safe to say that she made the better choice.
  • Davros tried to become his High Priest by creating the ultimate virus but the Doctor stole it. He's one of the few beings Nurgle doesn't like due to being an Omnicidal Maniac that wants to use his virus to kill everything sans himself and maybe the Daleks, just to feel above the gods. Nurgles considers this insulting.
  • He has a complicated relationship with Cyth V'sug. On the one hand, there is some kinship felt between them due to their shared roles as demonic gods of rot, disease, parasites and pollution, and each grudgingly admires the other's skill in crafting parasites and plagues. On the other, besides the usual difficulty in getting chaotic entities to work together, there is also the issue that Nurgle reminds Cyth V'sug of the demons and daemons of his home corner of the multiverse, creatures he absolutely hates, as well as bitter territorial rivalry at the thought of another demon or god controlling something he feels should be his domain alone. On Nurgle's end of things, the jovial father of plagues finds the Prince of the Blasted Heath unpleasantly dour and grim.
    • Similarly, while he likes that Junko Enoshima desires to spread despair, he disagrees with her methods of spreading that despair via killing people; he loves all life, after all. Junko, meanwhile, is very interested in "Papa Nurgle" and his multitudinous sicknesses; it's not uncommon for her to end up with at least one of his diseases, which of course is rarely (if ever) a pretty sight, but she doesn't care about her looks; she enjoys feeling her own despair just as much as she enjoys causing despair in others. So bring on the diseases — the more ravaging and devastating, the better.
  • Nekron is one of the few beings he truly despises. Nurgle loves all life and wishes to keep everything alive, while Nekron wants the destruction of all life, down to the bacterium. The feeling is mutual, as the Lord of the Unliving considers Nurgle to embody everything that is wrong with life, and why he wishes to bring the universe back to its silent, lifeless state. He actively opposes the GUAD on principle.
  • Nurgle has a warm admiration and genuine respect for one Yuuki Konno, seeing her as the embodiment of his ideology to transcending despair through joy. After all, in spite of suffering for every day of her short 15 years with AIDS, one of the most painful and humiliating blights of the Lord of Decay's creation, Yuuki rose above her ordeal to become The Worlds Greatest Warrior of Alfheim and live a joyful life of loving friendship and hope. Understandably, this respect is very much one sided, as Yuuki resents Nurgle for robbing her of a chance to find true love, and have her life continue beyond her through children.
  • Does not like to bring up the time he let Slaanesh help him create a virus. The result gave those infected with it incredible powers, true, but they didn't rot and putrefy, which was boring, and their powers only manifested when they were sexually aroused, which was weird. Never one to let a good virus go to waste, Nurgle unleashed it on a random world and forgot about it.

Thrax, The God With a Diseased Name (El Muerte Rojo, the Red Death, Big Daddy Thrax)

Ambiguous Rank

    The Chimera 
The Chimera, Unholy Race of Viral Infections (Daedalus: Jordan Adam Shepherd | Chrysalis: Raine Bouchard)
Hybrids, the most common type of Chimera.
An assorted list of Chimera Species 
  • Varies (Standard Chimeras are roughly between Demideities and Lesser Deities whereas stronger ones are Intermediate Deities. An army of Chimeras has power and authority equal to a Greater Deity's.)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of a Chimera's skull.
  • Theme Songs: Extermination, Can You Hear Them?, The Collapse - Chicxulub Ending, Into the Fog, Fighting the Chimera
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Hostile and Aggressive Extraterrestrial Lifeforms, Specialize in Killing and Converting Other Races into their Own, Exclusively Malicious and Dangerous, Spearheading a Grand Assault on Mankind and Coming Out Victorious for Some Time, Body Horror, Energy Weaponry, Want to Render Earth into an Inhospitable Glacial Climate, Hostile Terraforming, Hybrid Monsters
  • Domains: Aliens, Invasions, Terraforming, Armies, Conversion
  • Allies: None; they are Exclusively Kept to Themselves and Plot to covert other Lifeforms into New Chimera. Some Chimeras even Fight against Each Other for Dominance and Resources
  • Rivals: The Martians, The Shroobs, The Tyranids, The Flood, The Combine
  • Enemies: Everybody
  • Opposed By: Every Participant of World War II (yes, even the Axis Powers and Alliance)
  • Interests: Arnold Berkman
  • Admired By: Nurgle
  • Avoids: Hall of Fire and Heat
  • In an alternate future where World War I was won by the Western Powers without the intervention of the United States and History taking a different course thanks to this, World War II never occurs, or at least not in the way you would have expected. It all began in the last weeks of 1949 with reports of Russia suddenly becoming attacked and destroyed in what is called "The Angry Night" by witnesses, with reports of an infection and massacres taking place thanks to a mysterious, yet savage race, soon to be dubbed The Chimera. Sometime after what is said to be a "Deathless Plague", human armies prepare to fight back against this rising threat, only turning worse when the Chimera manages to overrun Europe and infest the United Kingdom. Despite the United States sending in trained forces to combat what they assume to be an invading Russian Army, they are unprepared for what they actually face, with the American Troops quickly being slaughtered save for one, Nathan Hale, surviving mainly thanks to being immune against the Chimeran virus and retaliating against the invading Chimeran forces before being captured and returned to the United States.
    • Despite their loss in Britain, the Chimera quickly plotted to recover and kickstart a new invasion in the western hemisphere, quickly decimating Canada and South America before attacking the United States on both sides. Despite information on the hostile race being exploited and Hale now being promoted to Lieutenant and grouped alongside a pack of like-minded soldiers to find Russian scientist Fyodor Malikov whom they think can create a cure to the virus, the Chimeran army, now led by an Angel named Daedalus, fight back more aggressively and gradually destroy the United States with little setback. Even with Malikov being found and secured, Hale's team is systematically killed during the fight, and Hale himself succumbs to the virus and becomes a Chimera after killing Daedalus, ultimately being executed by his squad's only survivor, Joseph Capelli. It's also revealed that the Chimera were not a freak viral infection accidentally released by Russia like everyone else assumed, but rather a lifeform from space that actually colonized the Earth 60 million years ago and left the planet after a devastating war against another alien race, leaving behind the Chicxulub Crater and a series of peculiar towers buried underneath certain major cities as evidence of this historical event. They returned to Earth via a virus-infused meteor hitting in Siberia 1908 before making their presence known in 1927.
    • Daedalus's death was nothing more than just a minor setback with the goal of him and fellow Angels to bring in the Pure Chimera still going ahead without hindrance. With Hale's death and the Chimera's attacks being seemingly unstoppable, the United States crumbled and billions of people lost their lives at that point, though years later, Hale's body did produce a vaccine that eliminated any chance of anybody converting into a Chimera, though by that point, the Chimera had already dominated the world and were now scouting out any remaining humans to kill whilst also planning to bring the Pure Chimeras to Earth via a wormhole to terraform the planet into their liking, even it if meant killing any other species other than themselves. Left with no other choice, Joseph Capelli made one final attempt with Fyodor Malikov to put a stop to Chimeran dominance, with part of Capelli's motivation being to provide a hopeful future for his wife and son. Despite severe setbacks and hardships, including Malikov's death, Capelli managed to destroy the central tower that sustained the Chimera's reign and seal their portal connection with the Pure Chimeras, finally severing their advantage and allowing the remaining human survivors to fight back to properly reclaim Earth from their alien invaders.
  • The Pantheon has had a rich history regarding extraterrestrials, ranging from typical bestial beings without sapience, to usual invaders and even benevolent, inspiring heroes who have earned Mankind's adoration. Even so, most of them have a defined background and origin, something that is difficult to say about the Chimera, whose origins are just as vague and mysterious as how and when they ascended into the Pantheon. The closest that can be said were recorded sights from the early days of the Pantheon's recovery period from a seemingly endless war and their response was to viciously lash out and attack whoever they encountered. Most of these sightings either led to death or survival… for only a brief amount of time before supposed survivors developed symptoms that eventually morphed them into additional Chimera. However, despite their newfound notoriety, the alien race was about to face off against a tougher army, one that would not go down as easily as the ones the Chimera forces did in the alternate history they came from. They engaged in a brutal battle, which ended with the Chimeras retreating to another planet to terraform whilst a vaccine to the Chimera Virus was created to treat patients. Though their battle and influence in the Pantheon is nowhere finished.
  • The Chimera, at first glance, appears to be what you'd expect for the generic negative interpretation of aliens; invasive, aggressive, and taking no stop in attacking others and wanting to destroy and colonize their world and belongings. And for the most part, this is true, they are feral, brutal, and uncompromising towards anyone they deem an enemy. However, one thing they are distinct for, and why they were so successful and feared, was their ability to infect and corrupt others into suddenly changing into their kind without consent and overriding their mind. Essentially, with one Chimera dead, they will infect others to add to their ranks, and their technology is as advanced as aliens can get, albeit with some degree of primitiveness, given the Chimera's warlike and savage outlook. Don't be fooled into thinking killing and infecting is everything they think; some Chimeras, especially Angels, and Daedalus himself, are exceptionally intelligent and plan events and actions ahead. With the right leadership, the Chimera are some of the deadliest aliens in the Pantheon, though that doesn't prevent them from having competition regardless.
    • Chimeras come in different forms, shapes, and sizes, ensuring that the entire army is diverse and encompassing all sorts of occupations that are relevant to their goals from engineering and planning strategies to rounding out those affected with the Chimeras Virus and participating in invasions, seized, and massacres. Land, sea, sky, every possible place is something the Chimera can somehow occupy and make a settlement under, though the most notable is a series of towers that they use to communicate with each other and house their main military operations in, though the biggest tower is designed for the express purpose of creating a wormhole to their previous homeworld with which a Pure Chimera can migrate from. To everyone's dismay, the towers have been in the Pantheon, having been buried underneath the Earth for millions of years until the Chimera suddenly resurfaced. However, the Pantheon means the Chimera can experiment and come up with new strains to diversify their army and possibly bring their fights to their favor. They're doing everything they can to make things tough for everyone involved in their battle against this hostile alien army.
  • Given their enmity towards, well, everyone else that is them, the Chimera are an enemy first and an ally to virtually no one, considering they simply want to terraform whatever planet they're in so they can colonize and conquer it for themselves. None hate the Chimeras more than the Imperium of Mankind, who have spent thousands of years fighting against extraterrestrial forces and become jaded and xenophobic as a result, regardless of their noble intentions. Having seen numerous horrific acts back in their day and while not too fazed by their actions, the Imperium quickly declared the aliens to be guilty of crimes against Humanity and made a decree that they will not stop their fight until virtually every single Chimera is dead, even those who are mildly affected by the virus and are taking treatment. Of course, the God-Emperor seeks to eliminate the threat as soon as possible, recognizing that remaining unchecked would prove a fatal mistake for humans, guessing that the Chimera are more than willing to do anything to win their fights. As a result, he personally takes it upon himself to engage in battle against the aliens, determined to preserve Humanity and their legacy, even if it means committing genocide against a universally malicious race.
  • In spite of their diverse strains, weaponry, artillery, and presence, one thing that is dependent on the Chimeras is that they prefer to be in colder climates. This is because their body temperature generates approximately 12 times more metabolism than the average human does, which is to say they expend and use up a lot of energy and body heat. In a warmer climate, a Chimera would find it difficult to adapt to their circumstance as this metabolism would prove fatal if kept unchecked. This is why most Chimeras are equipped with a cooling tank embedded on their backs to regulate their body temperature in any non-friendly climate areas they visit. As a result, the Chimeras tend to keep a distance from warmer areas of the Pantheon, especially the Hall of Fire and Heat, as they are aware that being there is disadvantageous for them. They do, however, have no problem being in cooler parts of the Pantheon, such as most of the House of Space and Cosmos and the Hall of Ice and Cold as their metabolismeans they can get used to the temperamental surroundings there.
  • Despite being one of many alien races that invaded Earth and waged war against Humanity due to the mystique and incredible danger they posed, the Chimera have also seen themselves fighting against other invasive alien races, furthering the fact that they really don't have any allies other than their own kind, and even this is debatable as more feral Chimeran strains would fight against each other and their more advanced brethren simply for the sake of maintaining their territory. For one, the Martians thought the Chimera were funny-looking, although they were rather jealous that they succeeded where they didn't regarding their attacks on mankind. The Chimera, on the other hand, doesn't particularly care about this sentiment, instead seeing the Martians as additional fodder that they can see being converted into more Chimeras, which obviously brought the two into intense conflict. Of course, it didn't help that the Chimera are willing to create any weapon they deem necessary to take on their enemies, including enhanced sound waves, knowing that the Martians are deathly vulnerable to loud sounds.
    • Arguably the closest rival the Chimera have faced were the Shroobs, a race of malicious alien humanoid mushrooms who, despite coming from a dying world, made no pretenses of laying havoc upon another world, usurping the Mushroom Kingdom and dominating anyone they came across partly to provide for themselves and to instill fear and authority in the cruelest way possible. It turned out that the Shroobs' way of converting others into their own wasn't too different from the Chimera, but neither really cared about their similarities. While Princess Shroob saw potential in an alliance, if mainly for her own self-benefit, the Chimera's savage mentality refused this notion and saw the Shroobs as an invasive group that they can't allow to let overtake. They battle against each other just as much as they do with heroes and both groups are taking interest in each others' military might and ways of sustenance, believing learning about their enemy would allow them to have a better advantage. Strangely, some have seen the rivalry as a more violent, extraterrestrial way to represent the company rivalry between Sony and Nintendo, though neither group care about this perspective in the slightest.
  • As a group of aggressive invading aliens, they naturally made enemies against many heroes who've dealt with these kinds of threats several times, such as Superman, Statesman, and Captain Marvel, though they've expressed worry about their high multiplying rate and their deadly persistence, not to mention that the Chimera are certainly going to try finding out and exploiting the weaknesses of their foes by any means necessary. Some heroes like Martian Manhunter and Eddie Brock (for a given definition) have seen the very worst of extraterrestrial malice several times and express the most concern. While Venom is willing to kill, J'onn's pacifistic mentality causes him grief that lethal force is the only action he can take against the Chimera as they have no intention of stopping their attacks and colonizing planets.
    • They also made enemies with the HECU and the Black Ops, especially considering their own experience in fighting against similar extraterrestrial threats in Black Mesa and the Combine, who eventually defeated and enslaved Mankind in their grasps, though both parties, despite their shady allegiance, continued to fight back in spite of suffering massive casualties. The fact that the Chimera were not just more savage, but had every intent on destroying civilization to replace it with their own caused both parties to make further plans and preparations in taking them on, knowing that the Chimera may be more dangerous than Black Mesa and the Combine simply because of their differing goals and their savagery. Speaking of, the Chimera also shares a rivalry against the Combine as the latter seeks a lawful if still repressive subjugation and feels that the former's more destructive terraforming and destruction would heavily counteract the Combine's goals.
  • The Chimera are largely unfamiliar with World War II, given that such an event never actually occurred by the time their invasion reached its peak. That said, the very nature and scale they established meant that they did start off a World War II, with the Chimeras being the main aggressor. For once, both Allies and Axis powers had an agreement for once in regards to opposing the Chimera. Many in Nazi Germany felt that the Chimera were a threat to their ultimate ambition of spreading their belief of the Master Race whereas Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan similar saw them as grave dangers to their overall existence. While this doesn't mean the Allies and Axis would ally themselves against a mutual threat, they will fight the Chimeras if they have to. That said, the two do wonder whether nuclear weaponry would have at least given them some advantage over the aliens be it its large destructive power and its radioactive aftereffects and if it would affect the Chimera in some way.
    • Deathshead sees the Chimera as a grand example of how the unknown is simply a bad topic to pursue regarding any sort of military, social, or financial benefit in the eyes of Nazi Germany, and that was mainly because these sorts of forces are simply too unpredictable and risky to manage. The fact that the Chimera was deemed a case of paranormal activity in Russia before their big invasion is something Deathshead sees as further validation of his beliefs, especially when one of his trusted subordinates, Helga von Schabbs, was killed by a monster during an archaeological excavation. Next to the Allied Forces, Deathshead makes it clear that the Chimera is one of the foes he's most concerned about due to their invasive brutality and the fact that their extraterrestrial nature is simply too much of a burden to fight against, let alone understand. B.J. B.J. Blaskowicz has also seen himself fighting the Chimera thanks to his own experience of fighting monsters and beasts, with even him admitting the Chimeras are a threat that needs to be neutralized after learning about their attack on Earth.
    • While not exactly the same, the fact that the Principality of Eylstadt is very similar to the cities they've conquered did pique the interest of the Chimeras and they've immediately come to agree on destroying Eylstadt so that they can build their own monuments and reproduce more Chimera to establish a potentially ruined Elystadt as their territory. Of course, this wasn't good news for its inhabitants, namely Izetta and Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, who immediately recognized the level of threat the aliens held and sought to protect their land at all costs, with the Chimera's lack of knowledge and understanding towards magic being a possible advantage. Despite sharing the desire to destroy Elystadt, Sophie came to oppose the aliens as she learned that they have no intention of spreading the influence of anything close to an alliance, let alone the propaganda of the Germanian Forces, and she seeks to destroy the alien threat before they get to steal what she feels is entitled to complete. On the other hand, Arnold Berkman expressed curiosity about the Chimera, citing their biology, physiology, nature, and their technology as unique, and wishes to collect and study them in the hopes of advancing the technological and military prowess of the Germanian Empire, though he's aware of just how vicious the Chimera are and has to tread carefully when dealing with them. As for the Chimera, everyone involved with Eylstadt, be it its people, monarch, or the Germanian Empire is prey that they must kill and/or convert to further their own goals.
  • Despite the Chimera holding universal enmity towards pretty much anyone due to their invasive nature, they did attract a certain admirer in the Plaguemaster Chaos God, Nurgle, who saw that the Chimera represented diligence, endurance, and a will to persevere. The fact that the Chimera were a race that experimented on themselves and others and practically recreated themselves by affecting others, thus making them a virus of the sort, was a splendid bonus for Nurgle as diseases and spreading something akin to a pandemic was a major theme for the Chaos God. The two treat each other differently though; Nurgle is friendly and appreciative towards the Chimera and wants to make them followers of him, stating that he would give the aliens lots of blessings if they pledge allegiance to him. On the other hand, the Chimera, like anything they know and encounter, don't care, much less reject, what Nurgle has to offer them, much to his own dissatisfaction.
  • The origins of the race, as well as their structures, can be traced back to what is known as the "Pure" Chimera, who were the first inhabitants of their kind and who originally colonized Earth 60 million years ago. While evidence, studies, and even fossilized remains have been made and discovered, they remain a mystery, even by the standards of the Chimera themselves. What makes this stand out more is that there is no known encounter of the Pure Chimera by reliable sources, be it in their home universe or in the Pantheon. That said, the existence of the Chimera in the Pantheon is confirmation that the Pure Chimera exists there too and while many assume it's only a matter of time before they reveal themselves, they've remained elusive and not even generating huge levels of concern, if mainly because of the multiple numbers of other alien threats in the Pantheon. Even so, there are plans to find and combat the Pure Chimera when they ever reveal themselves.
    • Of course, Daedalus is the most powerful Chimera, or at least the one with the most authority on Earth, and his resurfacing has made him among the more notorious aliens in the Pantheon, which is made all the more bizarre as Daedalus was once a former human named Jordan Adam Shepherd, who enlisted in the army as a way to atone for his past actions as a domestic abuser. He (and Nathan Hale at the end of his life) is not the only human-turned-chimera as proven by Chrysalis, who was originally Raine Bouchard, who converted herself in a desperate attempt to stop the Chimeran virus and failed as a result, which ended with her consciousness falling prey to the Chimera's desires and instinct. While not as powerful as Daedalus, Chrysalis still remains one of the most powerful of the Chimera and together with Daedalus, seeks to further their race's influence and power by the time the Pure Chimera publicly show up in the Pantheon.
"They are calling to us. Can you hear them? It is beautiful..."

Dr. McNinja, God of Non-Japanese Ninjas (Doctor Patrick McNinja) visits this temple more often due to working as a doctor.

On very rare occasions, SCP-049 is very likely to show up here after breaking containment. The presence of the "plague" it's what usually bring him to this house.