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Health and Diseases

Sandwiched between the Houses of Life and Death and Knowledge, the House of Health and Diseases was divided into two sections; Ward, and Quarantine. The former acts as the hospital house where they treat the injured and the sick. This is where many of their doctors and healers reside. The latter, however, houses some of their deadlier diseases and viruses. It's in here where their fouler deities make their home.


This house acts as a neutral place; therefore, members of all Alliances are welcome to be treated. Because of this, there is a no-fighting policy in effect. Those who violate this will face Retsu Unohana's wrath. And nobody wants to make her angry.

The house is overseen by both Retsu Unohana in its Ward section and Nurgle for its Quarantine section. At least, this was until complaints of running out of room forced them to divide the house into five sub-houses. Both Retsu and Nurgle still serve more or less as the heads of the house as a whole

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Padre de la Muerte and Matron of Mercy

Nurgle, God of Beneficial Diseases (Lord of Decay, Master of Plague and Pestilence, Lord of All, The Plaguefather Grandfather Nurgle, Papa Nurgle, the Supernatural Garbage Bag)

    Retsu Unohana 
Retsu Unohana, Goddess of Hidden Fury Beneath Kindness and Healers (Captain Unohana, The Gotei's 13's captain of the 4th division, Captain Mom, Yachiru Unohana, First Kenpachi)
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  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A giant Manta Ray (Minazuki)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on a good day, either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil on a bad day, when assuming the Yachiru Unohana persona
  • Portfolio: Healing, Leader of White Magician Girls, Mama Bear, Doesn't look like it, but REALLY REALLY SCARY when mad, Ax-Crazy Superpowered Evil Sides, Battle Lust
  • Domains: Army, Healing, Protection, Care, War
  • Lieutenant: Isane Kotetsu
  • High Priestess: Shamal
  • Allies: Litchi Faye-Ling, Faust Baldhead, Kenpachi Zaraki, Byakuya Kuchiki, Son Goku, Hakufu Sonsaku, AJ Lee, Compa, the ToQgers (especially Mio/ToQ 3gou and Akira Nijino/ToQ 6gou)
  • Enemies: Sousuke Aizen, The Vandereich, Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover
  • It is said that merely forgetting to mention her name in briefings brings terror to the Pantheon.
  • If anyone tries to bully her followers, she will gladly stare at them, which is enough to make the bullies run away pissing on their pants. It even works on Kratos of all people.
  • Some rumors have circulated suggesting that she is somehow fond of Kenpachi Zaraki. Most of the gods also notice how she hangs around with her lieutenant all the time. These two hypotheses each have a goodly number of adherents, mostly depending on which one they believe is hotter (some believe that both at the same would be hotter than either alone).
    • This rumor once got to the hands of Aya Shameimaru and was posted into the headline of Bunbunmaru Newspaper...
  • She also would like to apologize deeply for the fans of Steve Irwin, as a stingray, somewhat similar to the form of her zanpakutou, caused his death and she couldn't save him.
  • Refuses to return to the City of Adventure after an unknown, but presumably unpleasant incident.
  • At first, she was handled with the trust to find a cure for Arakune. Unfortunately, her house was raided by both Terumi and Relius Clover and her research stolen. Unohana took responsibility of that and decided to make both of them pay.
  • It was revealed that she is both the First Kenpachi and that her real name is Unohana Yachiru. An immediate warning was given to all members of the GUAE in every house: stay away from her at all costs.
    • Rumoredly perished, in her own accord, by training Zaraki Kenpachi. Fortunately for her, she lived on, thanks to Son Goku giving her a Senzu Bean before she would truly perish like Yamamoto.
  • Also present in the House of Combat.

Dr. McNinja, God of Non-Japanese Ninjas (Doctor Patrick McNinja) visits this temple more often due to working as a doctor. In fact, he is currently employed in there.

On very rare occasions, SCP-049 is very likely to show up here after breaking containment. The presence of the "plague" it's what usually bring him to this house.


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