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Clockwork, The Chronologically Displaced God (CW, Ghost of Time, Master of Time)
Clockwork's appearance shifts between the above three
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A golden gear with a purple center that bears the bright blue letters C and W overlapping each other vertically
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mastery of time (including stopping it, slowing it down, and traveling through it), Not existing normally in the flow of time (his appearance even rapidly shifts between ages at random), having knowledge of everything that was/is/will be/could be, Perceiving the flow of time differently than most, Having unlimited power but mostly doing nothing with it, Intending well and ensuring a good future for all no matter what, Overseeing all of time and stepping in to interfere when necessary, Being the ghost of time (with the expected powers)
  • Domains: Time, Good Futures, Ghosts, Responsibility, Knowledge, Existence, Time Travel
  • Allies: Danny Phantom, Yuyuko, Youmu, Casper, Nozdormu, The Doctor, Dialga, Future Trunks, Present Trunks, Doctor Emmett L. Brown, Koume Shirasaka, Bill & Ted, Chronos, Knight Gundam
  • Opposed by: The Ghostbusters
  • Pities: Sans, Oyashiro, Silver, Gasper, Yuno Gasai
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nozdormu, Dio Brando
  • No Comment: Homura Akemi
  • Complicated Relationship: The Bride
  • Enemies: Dark Danny, Mephiles, Xehanort (and all his incarnations), Flowey, Nox, Bernkastel, Ex, Lord English
  • Clockwork was perfectly fine with just chilling in his fortress in the Ghost Zone, watching over time, when he was given notice of ascension to the Pantheon proper. Upon taking his place in his temple, a very convincing replica of said fortress, he merely gave a mysterious smile and proclaimed...
    Clockwork: "I will do what must be done, as all other things."
  • He gets along well enough with other ghostly deities, being on good terms with most of the House of Ghosts (good terms here meaning he is perfectly tolerant of them insofar as he has no reason to reject them). Certain evil phantasms, not the least of which is Dark Danny, on the other hand...
    • Danny Fenton has come to request his advice and assistance many times, especially with regards to his evil future self. He was not very accommodating, instead speaking to the young ghost in riddles.
    CW: "Inevitability, though terrifying, can also be quite comforting. Time can be cruel, taking everything you hold dear, but it can also be generous, giving you much-needed insight and preparation."
    • Casper, in particular, is completely smitten with him. It helps that he isn't interested in scaring others, though his social skills aren't all that great either. Still, the Friendly Ghost considers him a friend and looks up to him as a sort of elder-figure.
  • Many have tried to kill him, but with his mastery of time and its state he has never suffered even a scratch. Some believe that he is truly immortal, incapable of dying so long as the concept of time exists, and his confidence helps that image. Save for a very rare few in the Pantheon: all who are capable of destroying time itself.
    • He is very wary of Mephiles the Dark for this exact reason: Mephiles is, was, and always will be a being seeking to reunite with his other half to become Solaris, the Time Eater and God of the Sun. This is one of the few beings that Clockwork will go out of his way to interfere with, as he genuinely does not want such an end (regardless of whether or not it is fated to happen).
      • This came as a total shock to The Powers That Be, as almost no other deity aside from Mephiles himself had shown to have complete knowledge of the events involving Solaris. For his part, Clockwork merely gave a coy smile and made a very cryptic remark.
    CW: "Most others see time as a parade, moving in sequence on a linear path. I see the parade from above, all the twists and turns it might or might not take."
    • Another individual who tried to end him was The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo, who upon hearing his voice thought he was Bill. Of course, Clockwork knew she would confront him and set things right. She doesn't trust him and is at least on neutral terms with him. The Pantheon dreads the day that Bill himself is ascended.
  • Although they are allied, Nozdormu had quite the talk with CW upon his ascension. It was mostly in regards to how he pushed his responsibility over Dark Danny onto him, even manipulating Dan's ascension accordingly. Of course, they both knew that he would one day ascend anyway and The Timeless One was simply irritated at how CW went about it.
  • He has a bit of a strained relationship with The Ghostbusters. On one hand, they have tried to capture him many times, on the other hand, he has made it clear to them that he means no harm and is merely just trying to watch over time to ensure its stability. They've since stopped trying to catch him but still don't completely trust him.
    • Future Trunks is considered an underling to him by virtue of being a member of the Time Patrol. They're on good, if mostly professional, terms and have collaborated a few times on certain chronological distortions.
  • It needs to be clarified that he has absolutely no issue with anyone capable of Time Travel, so long as they try to avoid altering events from what they should have been (unless that would result in something genuinely better for anyone). In fact, he is on very good terms with deities like Bill & Ted, The Doctor, and even Doctor Emmet L. Brown and has been known to offer to take them anywhen they wish to go from time to time.
    • That said, even with all of his knowledge he can sympathize for certain individuals who have had bad experiences with what is perceived as "chronospacial shenanigans". These include Sans (who was forced to suffer with the knowledge that he was at the mercy of an entity capable of screwing with his verse's timelines) and Oyashiro (though only because of how she was later perceived by her own worshippers).
  • His original status as keeper and watcher (perhaps even overseer) of time has caused quite a lot of confusion since his ascension due to the presence of many deities who are personifications and embodiments of time itself. He had to clarify:
    CW: "It's true that my duty is to watch over time and ensure its prosperity, but that doesn't mean I have to babysit all of those who are time manifest in their respective universes."
  • The one deity he absolutely refuses to remark upon or deal with in any capacity is Homura Akemi. Nobody is sure why, and only those deities with close connections to time manipulation are even remotely aware of what transpired between them. Homura herself refuses to comment and is known to deliver a time-stopped beating to anyone who pushes the subject.
    • Although he was once a follower of Dio, he doesn't actually see eye-to-eye with the vampiric time-stopper. He doesn't outright oppose him, but would prefer not to deal with him more than he must.
  • He gave Knight Gundam quite the lecture not too long after his ascension, but ultimately relented in agreeing that the latter's actions were for a noble cause. CW, however, warned Knight Gundam to be more cautious of his chronological shenanigans from now on.
    • Ex, on the other hand, is high on his list of Zero Tolerance deities. CW does NOT like what the former has become and would be more than willing to undo him if he were ever asked to.
  • Bernkastel attempted to troll him one day after hearing about him. The particulars of this encounter are unknown, but she now fears him and avoids him like the plague. His only response when questioned about this? A coy smile and the following:
    CW: "She now knows just where she stands in the grand structure of time."
  • Doesn't think all that much of The other Clockwerk in the pantheon. While he is mildly impressed with his finding ways to cheat death through his mechanization, he gave a sad shake of his head when Clockwerk mentioned, "Revenge is the prime ingredient in the fountain of youth." For his part, he just called his owl shared namesake "A bird who got stuck in the past with his anger."

Mercurius, God of the Repeating Cycle (The Snake, Longinus Dreizehn Orden XIII, 4th Heaven, Kichi, Omega Ewigkeit, The Allfather and master of all existence, Acta Est Fabula, Karl Erst Krafft, Alessandro Cagliostro, Hermes Trismegistus, Count of St. Germain, Michel de Nostredame, Paracelsus, Johann Georg Faust, Christian Rosenkreuz, Albertus Magnus, Theophrastus von Hohenheim, NEET)
Click here to see Mercurius' Law 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A caduceus with two snakes encircling the Earth
  • Theme Song: Ω Ewigkeit, α Ewigkeit and Jubilus
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: God of the Multiverse, Being the embodiment of his Law, Endlessly repeating timelines, Seeking Death, Created his own enemy, Likes to run his mouth, Speaks in ornate prose, Bored of Omniscience, Hated by nearly anyone who knows him, Old as the universe itself, Carefully planning out and manipulating everything and everyone
  • Domains: Time and Space, Magic, Knowledge, Manipulation
  • Herald: Marguerite Breuilh, Reinhard
  • Allies: The House of Knowledge in general, especially the Analysis & Records branch, Dio Brando (Heaven Ascended Dio specifically), Rachel Alucard, Homura Akemi, Monika, Beatrice, Yukari Yakumo
  • Enemies: Hajun, The Dahaka, The Living Tribunal, Captain America, Yuuki Terumi, Doc Scratch, The GUAD
  • A man of unknown origin, he once desired all the knowledge in the world and to know everything at any time. As a result, he rejected the law of the world and created his own law, a law where the souls of everyone would endlessly cycle back to their inception upon death, including his own and in turn the universe itself, reliving their lives time and time again allowing him to attain the knowledge he so sought. With this law, Vive Memor Mortis - Acta Est Fabula, he ascended to the Throne at the heart of reality and emanated across the multiverse, becoming the 4th Heaven after dethroning Satanel the 3rd Heaven, the Thrones prior holder. Due to how his Law works and its paradoxical nature, he is also responsible for the creation of both alternate universe and timelines as well as turning the Throne from a regular reality altering device into something that holds dominion over all of creation.
  • This law is also the source of the phenomenon known as Déjà Vu that affects some individuals, making them sense as if things have already happened before.
  • He eventually grew bored of this endless knowledge as there nothing left to learn and as such hatched a plan to end his own existence using the one being that was outside the influence of his eternal recurrence, Marguerite Breuilh, as well as allying himself with the infamous Reinhard Heydrich of the Third Reich to facilitate her growth. This started a chain of events that eventually lead to the Battle of the Three Colors that would finally end his reign.
  • Upon his ascension, Mercurius quickly drew the ire of the Dahaka due to his constant use of time manipulation to alter the course of history on top of him already defying is very being as a god of Eternal Recurrence. Him restarting the recurrence and reversing time to undo Hajun's ascension to the Throne is a particular sore spot. However due to the immense power-disparity between the two, there is little the Dahaka can do. His animosity towards Mercurius remains however.
  • Similarly, due to his use of the Throne, The Living Tribunal holds him accountable for disrupting and manipulating the multiverse, especially due to him doing so for personal gain. He also earns additional ire for trying to repeat the process again by making Marguerite Breuilh use the Throne as well as being at least partially responsible for the Battle of the Three colors, a battle where no less than three laws vied for supremacy, putting the multiverses integrity in jeopardy.
  • As a result of having allied himself with the infamous hangman of the Third Reich, Captain America have more than one thing to say about Mercurius. And while he is only using Reinhard to meet his end goals, the means he goes about it and allowing Reinhard to have such immense power still puts him on the Captains shit-list.
  • He has however earned some favor from the House of Knowledge thanks to the endless amounts of knowledge he has gained over the numerous eons he has undergone his cycle. Knowledge that Mercurius is all too willing to share. Additionally, he he also found great enjoyment out of the vast amount of knowledge from beyond even his own time and world present in the House. He does however keep quiet about both the existence and nature of the Throne, mostly to avoid a repeat of the time Hajun rose to power.
  • Due to his flair for theatrics and extensive use of prose, he can often be found in the House of Theatre, often either enjoying plays or planning his own. (The later of which some are on the fence about due to Mercurius tendency to mix plays with his scheming.)
  • One deity that ended up really catching Mercurius' interest ended up being none other than Dio Brando, an individual that reminds him a lot of his lone true friend Reinhard, both in terms of charisma and way of thinking. Especially after Dio became Heaven Ascended Dio, Mercurius can't help but feel that he is someone he can speak to as an equal.
  • Maintains a mutual if a bit of an uneasy alliance with Rachel Alucard. She is aware of Eternal Recurrence brought about by him and understands his reasons for trying to end it to allow the world to advance. That said, the uneasy part comes from the fact that she thinks he perhaps enjoyed his little "opera" a bit too much, something Mercurius doesn't try to deny. One thing they both unquestionably share however is a strong dislike for Yuuki Terumi.
  • With all the things he has done in the name of his love for Marie, he has quite some sympathy for Homura, noting the things one can do can be impressive indeed. Homura's unpredictable actions that lead to her attaining greater power however ended up completely elating Mercurius, providing him with an ever so tantalizing taste of the unknown he so craves.
    • Similarly, as he is no stranger to being alien and a prisoner in his own world as well as doing some extreme things in the name of love, he has similar sympathy for Monika. He has also expressed hope for her that she will be able to find her own happy ending. In fact in some ways, just as with Dio, she reminds him of his own dear friend as has even go so far as to try and invite her to become part of his LegionNote on Legion's .
  • Despite what may be initially believed, Mercurius loathes Doc Scratch in spite many of their shared similarities. As Doc Scratch seeks the death of the universe to bring about his master, he is by definition an enemy of the universe that Mercurius sought to entrust to his beloved Marie.
  • He has also allied himself with both Beatrice and Yukari Yakumo for some mysterious reason. When questioned regarding the alliance, none of the three individuals provided any satisfactory answers, frequently either dodging the question or answering in extremely cryptic ways.

Greater Gods

    Caius Ballad 
Caius Ballad, Destroyer of The Flow of Time (Caius of the Ballads)

    Dark Danny 
Dark Danny, God of Evil Future Selves (The Ultimate Enemy, Dan Phantom, Evil Danny, Dark Phantom, Dan Plasmius)
  • Greater God
  • Symbols: A white Stylized "D" on a black background with a "P" in the center.
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Completely off his rocker, Having utter disregard for others, Being an evil future form who despises his past self, Once a hero but no longer, Being a fusion of two ghost halves, Unwittingly causing his own Start of Darkness through his loved ones' deaths, Being hated by EVERYONE, Having countless powers, Wearing an awesome but wicked cape, Facial hair that is cool but evil, Speaking in a creepy and dull tone except when gloating and admitting to his evil, Flames for hair, Red eyes of evil, Ghostly Wail
  • Domains: Evil, Bad Futures, Destruction, Chaos, Villains, Death, Depravity
  • Followers: Maestro, Old Joe, Quint
  • Allies: Spooky, Terumi, Vanitas, Ex
  • Conflicting Opinion: High-Councilor Kal-El, Kessler
  • Worthy Opponent (one-sided): Akuma
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom, Hisako, Yuyuko, Youmu, The Ghost Busters, Sans, Undyne, Nozdormu, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, Axel/Lea, Xion, Knight Gundam, Coop, Fat Buu, Raiden, Sakura Matou, Hoopa, Rika Furude, Ichigo Kurosaki, Link, Artoria Pendragon, Dust, Erma
  • Although captured in the Fenton Thermos by his past self and given to Clockwork, it was inevitable that Dark Danny would one day escape. Of course, Clockwork knew this would happen, and so he had made arrangements for the evil ghost's ascension into the Pantheon where he could be kept in check by the myriad powerful deities present there.
  • Luckily, he has made enough enemies in the Pantheon to keep him distracted from seeking revenge on himself for defeating him and putting him in the Fenton Thermos. However, he has attempted multiple times to confront Danny even if they are intercepted.
  • He is not well liked by many ghostly deities. In fact, the only ones who don't seem to hate him are indifferent to him in general. Most of the Sub-house of Ghosts abhor him for what he did to Casper soon after his ascension. Needless to say, it took quite a while for Casper to recover from the traumatic encounter.
    • Of course The Ghost Busters have made him one of their highest priority targets. They have attempted multiple times to capture him, only for him to slip away with ease. Nobody is quite sure why he didn't try to kill them, but he's not going to give any reasons any time soon.
    • The only ghost in the entire pantheon who actually LIKES him is Spooky. But only because Spooky believes that he is everything a ghost should be: terrifying, ruthless, and completely devoid of compassion. He's willing to tolerate her if only because he needs some place to recoup after his failed attempts to find and destroy his past self (though beyond that, he does find her a bit of a brat.)
  • Grandfather Paradox took an odd interest in him. This may have to do with the fact that Dark Danny is actually Danny's evil future self, or that he now exists outside of time. Either way, it makes most of the Pantheon very nervous. Dan doesn't seem to really care.
    • High-Councilor Kal-El (Regime Superman) is also a point of contention for Dark Danny. On the one hand, this alternate Man of Steel is yet another nasty version of a superhero (Kal-El/Superman) but on the other hand he stands for tyrannical law and justice, both of which Dan could care less about. The Phantom does have a begrudging respect for the sheer amount of damage that Regime Supes can dish out, though.
    • Kessler shares the distinction of being the villainous future self of the (mostly) heroic Cole MacGrath and though he also caused quite a lot of death and destruction for the sake of his future, he wanted to make sure his past self was ready and able to defeat The Beast when it awakened. For this he is at odds with Phantom.
    Dark Danny: "You lost everything you ever loved, and you ran away from it. I get that. But then you went back in time so you could change your past and alter your future!"
  • Terumi really, really, REALLY likes Dark Danny. From the fact that he loves destroying and killing everything around him, to the fact that he is a being immersed in such despair that it only made him worse through the years. Terumi can dig that kind of thing, and so has formed an alliance with Phantom. Dan doesn't really dislike Terumi so much as he just doesn't care what he does, so that helps.
    • Speaking of despair, Ex has taken a liking to Phantom due to just how much despair he has caused and experienced. Dan doesn't really care much for Ex's ways, though the Pantheon has been shitting themselves pantsless over the idea of what these three could accomplish if they ever decided to truly cooperate.
  • Nozdormu was originally the one that Clockwork requested to keep an eye on Dark Danny, but has sided fully with Danny against him due to being reminded of his own evil side, Murozond.
    • This goes for any other deity who has/had an evil side or evil version of themselves. Those deities dislike the very idea of his existence and are more than willing to help Danny keep him at bay when necessary.
  • He has found a rather shockingly kindred spirit in Vanitas, as both are the darkest/worst parts of their respective selves (though Dan is from the future).
    Dark Danny: "You. There's not an ounce of light in you, is there? I chose to be what I am now, but you didn't have that option at all."
    • His association with Vanitas made him an enemy of all the KH deities, but ESPECIALLY Sora and Aqua.
  • When Dust learned of his existence there was yet another occurrence not unlike with Casper. Dust learned all too soon that Dan was too consumed by the wretchedness of his Plasmius half to be reasoned with. There is either too little or none of Danny's original heroism to ever result in a friendship between the two merged beings.
    Dust: "I thought I could get through to him because we're similar, but he's too far gone. All that hatred and sorrow, it warped his very being..."
  • Akuma has become a rather fierce and unwanted opponent for Dark Danny ever since the day the two faced off. The bout was devastating to their surroundings, and Akuma attempted the Shun Goku Satsu....but it failed to do anything for some reason. In Dark Danny's own words:
    Dark Danny: "That technique attacks the soul, but being a ghost doesn't mean that I have one."
  • Alma Wade once struck a deal with him that if he ascended some deities from her own universe she'll aide him in his destruction. While he was very excited to get her help, his dedication to destroying the already ascended Danny and his allies has led to him not caring much for this and assuming she'll just be violent always. He counted his chickens before they hatched, to put it in terms of a metaphor, as Erma, another powerful ghost deity, not only found her way into the Pantheon, but also into Alma's good graces as well. He was just about to pressure her into causing destruction by fighting only to see to his surprise that Alma was already behind her, ready to back her up. He promptly surrendered and was given one last chance earn his alliance with Alma, or else she'll force him to be Erma's babysitter within the Pantheon, with instructions that says to NEVER have her upset or hurt, or face her wrath. Needless to say, it's been pretty effective, and Dark Danny has been hitting the books that have information on Alma's requested deities. Some deities whom overheard this conversation see it as a race to ascend them before Dark Danny, thus denying him of his reward.

    Kung Fury 
Kung Fury, Avatar of The '80s (The Cop from the Future (so to speak))
  • Theme Song: Power Move, Enter the Fury, and True Survivor by David Hasselhoff
  • Started as a Quasideity, but being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra made him into a Greater God (don't ask us how)
  • Symbol: His red Lamborghini
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bringing the Awesomeness of the 80s, From Miami, Retraux, Destructive Savior, Cowboy Cop, The Chosen One, Can Breath in Space, And Knowing Is Half the Battle, Pungeon Master
  • Domain: Police, 80s, Action, Insanity
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Red Skull, HYDRA, Millennium, SHOCKER, Adenoid Hynkel
  • After dismantling an arcade bot, he noticed a swastika insignia marked on the side. He realized then that his old nemesis, Adolf Hitler, was still out there somewhere. He needed to find any leads he possibly could, but didn't know where to begin. He consulted his closest ally, Hackerman, who explained to him that there existed a plane of existence where beings from all over, both good and evil, could be found. From there, Kung Fury could find his answers. Hackerman then proceeded to "hack" Kung Fury into the Pantheon, telling him that he will follow him there soon. As soon he reached the Pantheon, Kung Fury found himself crowned as the avatar of the glorious 1980s.
  • Reunited with Thor, one of his allies who assisted Kung Fury against the Nazis. Kung Fury commented that that he remembered Thor being much bigger the last time he saw him. Thor for his part stated that it was a long time ago since he was like that.
  • A lot of the other gods, particularly Gouken, are trying to wonder how Kung Fury gained marital arts knowledge when he had none to begin with. Some speculate that it was Thor himself who granted him his abilities.
  • Get's along pretty well with Yang, someone who also enjoys fighting and making puns. The rest of her teammates just groaned in response, seeing as how there's now a male version of Yang.
  • To his shock, Kung Fury discovered that not only did some of the remnants of the Nazis survived, but have also formed in several groups, including Millennium, HYDRA, and SHOCKER. Fortunately, he has more allies to help him bring the fight to them. It's only a matter of time before all the Nazis are brought down for good.
  • Given the era he portrays, Kung Fury has little personality aside from killing bad guys and making puns. Because of this, there were many who demanded that Kung Fury be sent to the Fallen. Kung Fury responded by "disarming" one of his critics, using the limb as a helicopter rotor, and shooting down the remainder of his critics using nothing but his pistol. Don't mess with the Fury.
  • Discovering that he wasn't the only one who originated from the 80's, he's gone to great lengths to meet those from his time period. Among those, he seems to get along with Johnathan Joestar the most. He's still trying to get Sunset Overdrive down and woe to his enemies when he eventually does.
  • Also, he as made good friends with Saitama and Dr. McNinja, who are both just as crazy and awesome as him. People dread the day the One Punch Man, Dr. McNinja, and the Fury team up in combat.

    Lord Chaos 
Lord Chaos, God of Temporal Paradoxes (Garland, Walker of the Wheel, The God of Discord, Feral Chaos)
Feral Chaos 
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Feral Chaos)
  • Theme Music: Chaos -Last Battle-, Cantata Mortis & God in Fire (if pushed into becoming Feral Chaos)
  • Symbol: The Stigma of Chaos
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (of course)
  • Portfolio: Elementally Themed Teams of Four, Transformations Amazing Technicolor Battlefields, Demonic Possession, Intercontinuity Crossovers, Norio Wakamoto, Reincarnation, Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrums, Psycho Prototypes
  • Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Diabolic, Domination, Evil, Renewal, Time, Tyranny
  • Allies: His persona Garland, Emperor Mateus, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka Palazzo, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja, Jecht, Ardyn Izunia.
  • Followers: Holds sway over a truly formidable range of minions, including, but not limited to - the Four Elemental Fiends, the Four Lords of Gaudium, Makenshi, and the Cloud of Darkness. Was at one time served also by Judge Gabranth
  • Enemies: Cosmos and all of her heralds, many Good-aligned and Law-aligned deities, possibly Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, and Discord (the case with the latter has become more definite thanks to the spirit's recent standing)
  • Ascended to godhood after Dissidia: Final Fantasy revealed he has created a time paradox that allowed him to become a god able to call any villain in the Final Fantasy multiverse to serve his whims. Not even the Killer Flying Time Monkeys could figure it out, much less do anything about it. When the Doctor was asked to explain it, he merely replied with "wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff". Conflicting information on the matter suggests that even the people who should know, including Chaos himself, don't fully understand where he really came from or how he enacted his time travel paradox.
  • Using his power over time, Chaos has summoned his former persona Garland to his side as his right-hand man. If Chaos is ever destroyed somehow, he shall be reborn through Garland and call him back to his side through time once again. Should anything happen to Garland, he has appointed Earl Tyrant and Vincent Valentine as back-up vessels. One can't be too careful when playing with the space-time continuum, after all.
    • Recently, Garland has earned his own separate throne within the House of Time and Space, though this connection is still in effect for the two of them.
  • Has an executive assistant who remains anonymous, but who Black Mage refers to as "Darko, the Dark God of the Dark". When Black Mage questioned "Darko" on whether evil had middle management, he replied "Are you kidding? That's all we are."
  • It is believed by some that after being reborn enough times and being pushed to the brink of defeat, Chaos will go berserk and transform into "Feral Chaos", gaining power strong enough to rival Melkor's but stripping him of all sanity and causing him to kill anything in his path, good and evil alike. Seeing as how the absolute interpretation of Chaotic Evil doesn't leave much room for teamwork, most of the other evil deities are wary of him in case this ever comes to pass.
  • Chaos' Garland persona contests Cloud's pre-eminence over swords.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, mistake him for the four Chaos Gods.
    • And especially do not confuse him with Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, who he shares a highly antagonistic relationship with the previously mentioned Discord due to the similarities in their names and titles. Chaos thinks Discord is an immature brat, who in turn thinks of him as too serious and grim. And due to certain events pertaining to Tirek, Discord's standing now makes him a full-on enemy of Chaos.
  • At almost any time he can be found lounging on his throne. Through the Warriors of Chaos giving him information, he remains largely up to date on all that transpires within the Pantheon.
  • More than a number of gods are confused as to Chaos' inactivity within the GUAE, some even question why he does not lead the Villains considering that his natural opposite Cosmos leads the GUAG. The God of Discord dismisses these questions with apathy whenever brought up, and reminds everyone that in terms of the nature of Good and Evil, Melkor is of course above him. Those of more inductive or deductive in nature eventually realized that a deep subconscious reasoning leaves Chaos on his throne away from the frontlines and further away from the Goddess of Harmony.

    Nathaniel Richards/Kang the Conqueror 
Nathaniel Richards, The Time-Travelling Conqueror (Iron Lad, Kid Immortus, Rama-Tut, Scarlet Centurion, Kang the Conqueror, Immortus)
Iron Lad 

Intermediate Gods

    Alison Blaire/Dazzler 
Alison Blaire, Goddess of Period Pieces Once Set In The Present (Ali, Dazzler, Disco Dazzler, Agent Blaire, Songbird, Lightengale)
Dazzler's original appearance.
Dazzler, seen in Civil War II. 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A Dazzler World Tour Poster
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Back from the Dead Multiple Times, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Everything's Better with Sparkles, Friend to All Living Things, I Just Want to Be Normal, Mutant Idol Singer That Started Out In Disco, Now A Rock Star, Mundane Utility, Outdated Outfit, Took a Level in Badass, World's Most Beautiful Woman
  • Domains: Light and Sound, Mutants, Music
  • Mutant Power: Acoustikinesis (the ability to convert sound to light beams of various forms and intensity, also has the ability to use her powers to stimulate emotional moods)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Sheryl Nome, Lord Raptor
  • Enemies: Eric Raymond, I-No
  • Fans Include: Cain Marko/The Juggernaut, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Raven Darkholme/Mystique (admits this in private)
  • On Neutral Ground With: Emma Frost/White Queen, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Listen. Can you hear it? The wind. Cars. The ocean. The laughter and the screaming and the hum of everything. This city is a symphony. And I'm her speaker.
  • The Pantheon has a thriving nightlife, with its many clubs and bars. One of which has just opened up, which coincides with the ascension of the Pantheon's newest member. Alison Blaire has come to the Pantheon.
  • Jem was the first to visit Dazzler at her nightclub/temple, and the pair got along handsomely. Jem was worried at first that Dazzler might make a play for Rico, but Dazzler knows not to mess with another woman's man. It doesn't seem to end well.
    • Eric Raymond tried to get Dazzler to sign under his label, Misfits Music. Ali politely told him exactly where he can take his contract. Now Raymond has vowed to take Dazzler down for her refusal.
  • To say that Dazzler is a huge fan of David Bowie is an understatement. He visited Dazzler's club/temple on opening night, and was mightily impressed with Dazzler's performance. After closing, Dazzler spent a couple of hours chatting David up, as she drew inspiration from him, having switched from disco to rock.
  • Has a rivalry with Black Canary not because of Canary's past as a singer, but rather that Dazzler is immune to sonic/sound attacks. Meaning that Dazzler can shrug off Dinah's Canary Cry with no problem. While Canary is the superior fighter, Dazzler has trained with the X-men and S.H.I.E.L.D., making her a threat.
  • Alison's dad wanted her to be a lawyer. She wanted to be a singer, which was a sore spot for Papa Blaine, as Ali's mom walked out on them to pursue her career. She did complete several pre-law courses, but chose to follow her dream. Jennifer Walters, on the other hand, wanted to be a lawyer. Fortunately for Ali, she's good friends with She-Hulk and is her go-to lawyer for all legal reasons.
  • She's on neutral ground with Emma Frost, due Emma's Hellfire Club days in which the Club had tried to kidnap Dazzler. The same can be said regarding Captain Marvel due to her actions in the second Civil War.
  • Cain Marko was very happy to see his favorite singer ascend to the Pantheon, as was Kitty Pryde. It also helped that both Juggy and Dazzler worked together in the past. Upon arriving at her club, Juggy swept Dazzler up in a bear hug, congratulating her on her ascension in the Pantheon. He offers his services as a bouncer for her club, which Dazzler accepts.
  • Made friends with Lynn Minmay after she heard Dazzler cover It's You, but transformed it into a Power Ballad, while at the same time found herself on I-No's shit-list after besting her in a Battle of the Bands, Dazzler rocking the crowd with her English cover of Heart of Madness (with the blessings of the Four Hokuto Brothers, Rei and Shin). Dazzler did lose to Jem in the contest, having sung Real Emotion, but for I-No, being bested by Dazzler is unacceptable.

    Porky Minch 
Porky Minch, Herald of the Dire Side-Effects of Time Travel (Pokey Minch, King P, The Greyface)

    River Song 
River Song, Goddess of Out Of Sync Meetings (Melody Malone, Mels, Melody Pond(birth name), The Impossible Astronaut)

Lesser Gods

    Ash Williams 
Ashley J. "Ash" Williams, God of Bringing Modern Weaponry to the Past (The Chosen One, Strange One, Good Ash, The Guy with the Gun, The King, Captain Supermarket, Bruce)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Boomstick and Chainsaw in a crossed manner.
  • Theme Music: Ash's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with strong leanings to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Byronic Anti Heroic Action Survivor, BOOMSTICKS!!! (in other words, shotguns), Chainsaws, Clever Quips, From A Coward to Committing Feats of Badassery And Being More Dickish, Grooviness, Losing His Right Hand But Later Gets Replacements, Jaded Heroes, Improvised Inventions
  • Domains: Courage, Mechanus, Wrath
  • Heralds: Mia Allen, Pablo Bolivar, Kelly Maxwell and Brandy Barr-Williams
  • Allies: All good-aligned Mortal Kombat deities, Indiana Jones, Dr. Olivia Moore, Futaba Sakura, Pascal, Brock Samson, Guy Shishioh, Guts, Winry Rockbell, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Josuke Higashikata, Piglet, Horace Slughorn, Crono, Sabrina Spellman, Fin Shepard
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash the Undying and the rest of the GUAD, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Liu Kang, Kitana, Handsome Jack, Negan, The two Baals, the Baker family, Eveline, Albert & Alex Wesker, Alexia Ashford, Goro Akechi, Marcello, The Dahaka, Lavos, Lord Djibril, Muruta Azrael, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre
  • Commonality Connection with: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Respects: Sam
  • Pitied by: Rory Williams-Pond
  • Opposes: Claptrap, Xena
  • Friendly Rivals: Recette Lemongrass, Apu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mordred
  • On Good Terms With: Most gods from Marvel Comics, Boomstick
  • Ashley J. Williams was just a guy who was hanging out with his friends and sister at a cabin in the woods playing a tape that recites the Necronomicon... okay, not the smartest move for them, which is why they all died from that, leaving Ash as the Sole Survivor. Since then, he dedicated the remainder of his life hunting down Deadites that now plague his hometown. Though his adventure to the medieval times is more infamous in everyone's eyes, earning Ash the trope of This Is My Boomstick because he shown his shotgun (which he calls his 'boomstick') to the villagers, winning them over and codifying it for future stories.
    • A Deadite invasion landed in the Trope Pantheons one day and there were too many to handle for the heroic defenders at the time. At the time, Ash was unascended but he nonetheless helped them fend the Deadites off until their numbers shrink. The Court of the Gods commend him for that and grant him the aforementioned title so that he can keep fighting off future Deadite invasions.
  • His boomstick... let him show you it. Just don't try to shake his hand.
  • Got pissed when he found out that Nekron and Nagash were leaders of the Pantheon's undead and their organization, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction which seeks to eradicate all of life. They laughed at his accusations of them being responsible behind Deadite attacks both pantheonic and mortal though they have no problem calling them over.
    • However, one undead actually befriended Ash and it's Dr. Olivia Moore who assures him that where she's from, her zombies are nothing like Deadites. Ash is very grateful for her help considering her ability to gain memories from eating brains (which Ash does find weird), though his reactions to said ability's side effects of adopting personalities depends on the brain's owner.
  • Is one of the few gods who has faced off against both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees at the same time. Now that the two found out Ash is here, they decided to put off their rivalry and find a way to get rid of him for eternity.
  • Because he has triumphed over Freddy and Jason, the good aligned deities from the Mortal Kombat series are grateful for his presence and Ash himself is amazed that they save their world a number of times. It won't be long before he decided to enter their universe in the mortal realm.
    • They also warned him of the threats posed by Shinnok and Quan Chi, who rule over the undead of their world. Ash obviously doesn't like them one bit and swears to put buckshots on their faces when the time comes.
    • He was also disappointed to hear that Liu Kang and Kitana have turned their back on Earthrealm and fully embraced their new evil side. Ash ended up recalling bad memories of Evil Ash and not wanting a repeat, readies himself for their advances.
  • Artix von Krieger is a big fan of his and the two are currently in a battle to see who can maul the most undead. The war is still ongoing. Indiana Jones also got along with Ash for sharing a knack for spontaneous plans, who tells Dr. Jones that the Necronomicon is not worth archiving; Jones actually agrees with him, considering that the Ark of the Covenant is just as dangerous.
  • Has respect for Sam and quickly defended him from Claptrap's insults during a game of poker in the Inventory. Despite having newfound sympathies for Claptrap who despite working for Handsome Jack gets treated badly regardless to the point of losing his fellow units, Ash still doesn't fully accept his behaviour. Speaking of Jack, Ash now hates him for the same reasons as everyone else after hearing from not just Claptrap but other deities expressing their displeasure towards the CEO of Hyperion.
    • Also learned that he is somehow a distant relative of one former bounty hunter that goes by the name of Brock Samson, who is a follower of Guy Shishioh, shares his name with his dad and sometimes plays poker with them as well. Ash is glad that Brock finally ascends and together they slay numerous undead mooks... whether anyone will like it or not. Guy Shishioh himself commends Ash for being brave against the odds of horrors trying to kill him and destroy his hometown.
  • Also has run amok against zombie versions of the Marvel gods, who actually hold no grudge on Ash given that zombie will be a hassle to deal with in the main universe.
    • On top of that and hunting Deadites, he got along with other zombie slayers like Tallahassee, Lee Everett, Clementine, Rick Grimes, the survivors of the Green Flu, Chris & Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. All Zombie Apocalypse survivors need to stick together after all. He even hunt zombies every once in a while in Raccoon City as a recreational activity.
    • Being an ally of said survivors also entitles him to the same enemies. Ash can't forgive Negan for what he did to Rick and his fellow survivors, he finds the Bakers to be absolutely twisted and avoids going into their house if necessary, Eveline herself is another story and the Weskers' respective plans of dominating the world and finding immortality are no different than the demons from Ash's universe. Alexia Ashford gets a special mention; the thought of using offspring as a weapon just disgust Ash greatly.
      Ash: Man... you are One Bad Mother.
    • He is alarmed that there are two other Baals in the Pantheons. They may not be the same Baal from his world, but Ash will be ready to stop them especially if one of them has unlimited power. And since he has experience in deafeating Kandar the Destroyer, Ash joins Crono and his gang to defeat Lavos and his attempts of destroying the Pantheons. It helps that both Crono and Ash are involved in Time Travel.
    • At first, he was wary of Sabrina Spellman and her mistake of starting a zombie apocalypse, despite knowing that she means well and didn't mean it. But then, he found out that she is legitimately remorseful for that action and is looking for atonement. Not wanting be as heartless as the next person, Ash lends her an ear even relating to his own mistakes of unleashing the Deadites throughout his life.
  • Despite being Madden Into Misanthropy, Ash would never want omnicide on humanity; he's just very jaded from his time killing Deadites. This leads him into hating Sensui and Lysandre for wanting to kill all humans, making them just as bad as the Evil Dead.
  • Boomstick visited him to check out Ash's... boomstick once when on the search for weapons. Ash doesn't mind Boomstick, hell he even requested to be on Death Battle soon.
    • Speaking of boomsticks, there happens to be a goddess of Boomsticks; Pascal. They meet up and Ash is amazed that a staff that shoots magical blasts of energy can exist, cementing their alliance. Pascal is a bit irked that he still consider it a shotgun, though.
  • He has also crossed paths with Guts and has noted their similarities; they both lost their hands (though in Ash's case, he has a chainsaw replacing his hand while Guts has a cannon replacing his arm) and fight supernatural entities. He also wonders if his gigantic sword is Compensating for Something.
    • Speaking of his adventure in the Middle Ages, he reunited with Arthur Pendragon, who happened to have memories of said adventure and was previously called 'Lord Arthur'. Arthur can't help but feel delighted with Ash's ascension and likewise, Ash is surprised that Arthur now can hold on his own, arguably even more powerful than Ash. Artoria is also introduced to Ash; she does not approve of his current behaviour and previous mistakes but that has not stop her from being impressed at his feats of defeating threats stronger than him.
    • Ever since losing his hand which ended up getting an evil mind of its own, he has been using replacement hands over the years aside of his chainsaw; a medieval mechanical one, a wooden one, a robotic one built out of a Nintendo Power Glove and a natural-looking bionic hand. He does visit Winry Rockbell every once in a while for maintenance, who is more than happy to do so since she often maintain Ed's arm back then.
    • In one doomed timeline, Ash drank a potion that makes him use The Slow Path back to his present day... but he slept for too long, rendering his journey useless. Despite not experiencing it he still has nightmares over it, earning the sympathy of Rory Williams-Pond who feels bad about Ash since he himself also took the slow path but it ended on a good note for him. The Dahaka fully oppose Ash since he intervened in the past for too long, though in Ash's defense it wasn't his idea; he was just thrown into the past.
  • Has heard of a girl who has something to do with the Necronomicon, which leads him to said girl named Futaba Sakura who told him that no, the Necronomicon is not in her possession; just a Persona that shares its name. Ash still hangs out with her anyways since she reminds him of his little sister, Cheryl. Futaba's dad, Sojiro is a little weirded out by Ash's presence but nonetheless treats him like another regular customer.
  • Ash loves his job at S-Mart and has been working there as its most well-known employee before losing it and ended up getting a terrible job at a Value Stop. Nonetheless, he managed to get an S-Mart outlet for a non-slaying day job. From this he gained Friendly Rivals in Recette Lemongrass and Apu; the three maintain a competition to see who gets more profits than the others.
  • He once married and knocked up a woman named Candy Barr, who then sired Brandy. After their reunion, Ash tries to make up for her lost time by taking care of her while fighting the Evil Dead and still does so as she becomes one of his Heralds. To understand the plight of illegitimate children, Ash hangs out with Josuke Higashikata, who gave him the right perspective of a bastard growing up. Of course, this makes Ash opposes the evil illegimate children Goro Akechi and Marcello, who take their upbringings very badly. Artoria's kid, Mordred while usually pleasant, her twisted love for her 'father' is where Ash draws his line.
    Ash: At least Brandy's not like this...
  • Before he mans himself up, he was a coward back then and lapse back into one every time he gets discouraged. Because of this, he hates Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril for reminding him of what a pathetic man he used to be. He admired and later befriended Horace Slughorn and Piglet for being brave at least once despite their perpetual unconfidence.
  • Despite Xena meaning no harm to him nor anyone else, Ash can't help but be reminded of Ruby Knowby, who is the true author of the Necronomicon.
  • Recently, a Deadite sharknado has landed in the House of Weapons. Amidst the blades, bludgeons, bullets, blasters, and bombs, Ash came in chainsaw running, boomstick blazing and snarks aplenty. This incident led him to bump into Fin Shepard, who had experience in fighting sharknadoes. Seeing the two snark it up while blowing and hacking Deadite sharks is quite a sight and the two became good friends after that.
  • Has been seen with Spider-Man on a few occasions. Rumors abound as to why, but a few believe it's the machinations of a certain mortal...
    • He's also keeping an eye of a potential successor in the form of Mia Allen...
  • "Hail to the King, baby!"
  • Also found in Other Weapon Tropes.

    Axl Low 
Axl Low, God of Accidental Time Travel

    Boris the Animal 
Boris, God of Loathing His Past Self (Boris the Animal)
Boris in 2012(left) and 1969(right)
Click here  for his true form(spoilers)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His symbiote Weasel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Monstrous Humanoid, Hates Being Called "Boris the Animal" And His Lost Arm, Large Ham, Evil Sounds Deep, Despising His Younger Self (the feeling's mutual), Psycho for Hire, For the Evulz, Last Of An Incorrigible Kind, Obviously Evil, Goggles Do Nothing, Spike Shooter, Changing History For The Worse, Among The Worst The Men In Black Have Dealt With, Eyeless Face
  • Domains: Violence, Spikes, Alien Invasion, Slaughter, Time Travel
  • Banned from: The House of Love
  • Allies: Gauron, Fenrir Greyback, SCP-106, Eobard Thawne, Dark Danny
  • Psycho for Hire to: Black Doom, The Grox, The Harvesters, General Zod, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Agent K and Agent J, Griffin, The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Man, Felonius Gru, Kal-El/Superman, Ragnaros the Firelord, Jack Horner, Polpo, John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, The T-800 (Uncle Bob), Danny Fenton, every deity related to the Moon, Chronoa, Future Trunks, the Doctor, James T Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Fox McCloud, the Doctor's TARDIS, Doc Brown, Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou, Barry Allen, Clockwork
  • Opposes: Everyone else in the House of Prophecy
  • Commonality Connection with: The Tyranids, Tamatoa
  • Boris the Animal is the last of the Boglodites, a parasitic alien race who ravage planet after planet. Brought down by the Arc Net Shield, once he escaped from the LunarMax Prison he stole a time travel device to go back to 1969 and ensure it's never deployed. And he would've succeeded had Agent J not followed him. Boris proves to be a violent maniac who'll kill for little (if any reason), and packed with spikes to shoot making him a fearsome opponent.
  • There are two Borises in the pantheon-his 1969 and 2012 self. The 2012 Boris takes charge, and despises his younger self as a failure waiting to happen. It's so bad self-preservation is the only reason he doesn't try and kill the other Boris. The 1969 Boris doesn't think highly of his future self either, since he lived through his failures. This and being completely off his rocker led him to become a good friend of Dark Danny, who also hates his young self and refrained from killing him solely to not die. The main difference being unlike Danny, the two Borises are basically the same person.
  • Given the younger and older Boris have barely changed in personality, most think he's either projecting his anger at his failures on another version of himself, or is simply so psychopathic and hate-filled he can't even stand another version of himself. Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou look down on him for not being able to make peace with his past and grow as a result.
  • Both versions have some kinship towards Eobard Thawne as they make history go horribly wrong. More so the older Boris, as they're both thoroughly horrible people who're willing to cause catastrophic events just to satisfy themselves. His villainous meddling with the time machine caught the ire of the Reverse-Flash's arch-nemesis Barry Allen. It also got the attention of Clockwork, who Boris is planning to pillage his temple for more powerful time travel devices. That, and a way he could possibly murder his past self without it erasing him.
  • The older Boris lost an arm, and it's a very touchy subject. Staring at it will set off his Hair-Trigger Temper, and both of him are even more pissed off at those who call him "Boris the Animal" (IT'S JUST BORIS!). Pointing out that he doesn't do himself any favors gets him even more pissed off, yelling "I'm a violent psychopath, but I'm still intelligent!" Fenrir Greyback related to this, as while he represents the worst stereotypes about werewolves showing Fantastic Racism towards him sets him off. Also, they're violent lunatics, so they get along.
  • Doesn't like the House of Prophecy because of the role the visionary Griffin had in his defeat. That, and skilled prophets are a counter to malevolent time travelers. And he flat-out hates every single deity who is related to or in charge of the Moon in some way. He spent over 40 years in a prison on the moon, and 2012 Boris died falling into the exhaust of a launching Apollo 11. He's interested in Felonius Gru because of his shrink ray shrinking the Moon, and he wants to use it.
  • Finds the SCP Foundation to be similar to the Men in Black, which combined with their skill at sealing monsters like him away pisses him off something fierce. He's tried to break out SCP-106 as they both have a love of violence and causing pain to others. He also hates Jack Horner and Polpo, for living it up in prison. As far as he's concerned, he was treated like an animal on the Moon.
  • Him and his race is near the top of the Imperium of Mankind's shit list, and it's very easy to see why; his violent nature epitomizes the negative view they have on aliens, tried to destroy his Earth's planetary defenses and his race loots planet after planet like the Tyranids. Boris notices the Tyranids as being similar to his own kind, even being able to weaponize their body, but far more physiologically adept at harvesting worlds. He isn't going to work with them because they're animalistic, but admires them somewhat.
  • Considers his race to be similar to the Harvesters, possible even inspired from. They found his talents rather useful and have hired Boris to take out planetary defenses and prepare them for their invasion. Black Doom hired Boris for the same reasons, as did the Grox-the Boglodites wouldn't want the inhospitable worlds they live anyway, so they're safe with him plundering habitable worlds that might pose a threat. As a Psycho for Hire, him and Gauron get along.
  • Proves the right kind of psycho that Emperor Palpatine, General Zod and Sir Isaac Westcott can use to do dirty work with without him being Stupid Evil and going against them as well. Jean-Luc Picard and Fox McCloud recognize him as being similar to the Borg and Aparoids respectively, and they're not happy with that combined with how absolutely depraved he is. The House of Love hates him for callously disposing of his girlfriend once he no longer needed her.
  • John Connor and his friends find Boris to be similar to the first T-800, being a time-travelling monster trying to change history so humanity is destroyed. Naturally he, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and the heroic T-800 oppose him. He's also the enemy to anyone who protects the timestream and the Earth as a whole, such as the Doctor. He'd really like to steal his TARDIS and Doc Brown's time machine.
  • His main weapon is an insect-like symbiote called Weasel, who he can recall to his hollow right hand. It's his main source of spikes. He may have had another symbiote in his left arm, but doesn't want anyone to talk about it. He doesn't like Ragnaros the Firelord for derogatorily calling it, and by extension him "INSECTS!", as he finds it just as offensive as being called "The Animal". He also has a fondness for riding motorbikes.
  • Felt some sort of connection to Tamatoa, and while Boris was not amused at seeing a voice similar to his coming out of a jolly if giant crab, he now wonders if he can convince Tamatoa to help him in one of his evil missions.
  • The 1969 Boris got killed off early by Agent K, erasing 2012 Boris who now only exists in the Trope Pantheon. He hates his past self even more for getting himself killed early, instead of learning from the experience.

Garland, God of the Vicious Cycle (Chaos, Nemesis, the Stalwart)

    Honda Tadakatsu (Sengoku Basara
Honda Tadakatsu, God of Anachronistic Appearances (Sengoku's Strongest, Hondam, Iron Ox, Mighty Samurai)


Nausicaä, The Goddess of the Feudal Future (Princess Nausicaä, Daughter of Jhil, Chieftain of the Valley of the Wind, The Blue-Clad One, Princess Zandra)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The silhouette of her glider, Mehve
  • Theme: Kaze no Tani no Naushika
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (can become Chaotic Good if angered.)
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, A mother figure to her people, Can go into a blind fury when pushed far enough, Friend to All Living Things, Adventurer Archaeologist, A Princess who loves insects, Choose to possibly doom humanity to extinction once the environment is purified.
  • Domain: Princesses, Flight, Nature, Post-Apocalyptic Future,
  • Herald: Lord Yupa
  • Followers: The people of The Valley of the Wind.
  • Allies: The ascended Studio Ghibli gods, The Houses of Insects and Arthropods, Sig and Agitha, Fluttershy, Chocobos, The good-deities of the House of Air-Based Travel, Miles "Tails" Prower, Salamence, Petrie, N, Guzma, Odysseus, Avatar Aang
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: San
  • Feels sorry for: Shinji Ikari
  • Wary around: The other Evangelion gods, Guts
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Trakeena, Azula, Cersei Lannister, Griffith
  • Opposes: The Houses of Toxicity, War and Slaughter
  • Fascinated by: Coco
  • Princess Nausicaä hails from the Valley of the Wind, a small kingdom in a future one thousand years after the collapse of industrialized civilization. In this world, kings and emperors rule over the last habitable tracts of land, and wars are fought with knights, swords, and gunships. She ascended to the Pantheon following the destruction of the Heart of Shuwa, sailing upon the trade winds until arriving in the House of Time and Space. There she was greeted by the Overseers note , who felt that she was a perfect representative for the futuristic feudal system. As a result, she was given a temple and position befitting her world.
    • Her temple leads to two destinations; the Valley of the Wind, and the Sea Of Corruption. Depending on how she's feeling, she'll travel to either but more often than not, the Valley is chosen. Seeing her people cheer with joy upon her return brought a smile to many.
  • The princess was incredibly happy to reunite with her old mentor Lord Yupa, who now serves as her Herald. The pair treat each other as equals, as Yupa has full confidence in Nausicaä's abilities as a leader.
  • Nausicaä is good friends with all the Ghibli deities, with all of them respecting her for being the one to start it all. Out of all of them she is seen most often with Kiki, due to their love for flight, and Ashitaka, due to both of them being royalty of small, dwindling populations.
    • However the friendship between Ashitaka and Nausicaä initially made San incredibly jealous. It took a while, and much convincing to get the wolf princess to listen, and even then she is keeping her eye out in case Nausicaä tries anything. Not that she will.
  • Upon first encountering one of the Pantheon's Chocobo flocks, Nausicaä immediately fell in love. The sight of the flightless birds racing across the landscape reminded her of the Horseclaws, and on occasion she'll go tend to the flocks, even riding on them from time to time.
  • Her love for flight has attracted the attention of many other gods. The Dragon type Pokémon Salamence, the young flier Petrie, and many of the air-based deities are seen flying alongside her, sometimes trying to challenge her to a race. She has happily declined so far but when the time comes, she'll be ready.
  • Has a shared respect with Aloy, Lexa and Mad Max, all three being from other post-apocalyptic futures. All four often speak about the differences and similarities of their worlds and are willing to work together for a better future.
  • Once crossed paths with the Greek hero Odysseus, who mistook the young princess for the Nausicaä he encountered on the isle of Scheria. After clearing things up, the two began to share stories of their journeys, and eventually became good friends as a result.
  • Whenever she gets the chance, Nausicaä will go to visit both the houses of Insects and Arthropods due to her love for the insects in her homeworld. She's had a few close encounters with the likes of Arachne and the Terrformars but for the most part, she treats all the deities in both houses with the utmost respect. It's also how she became friends with Sig and Agitha, both bug lovers in their own rights, and former Team Skull boss Guzma, due to his specialization in Bug Type Pokémon.
  • Despite this love for insects, even she was grossed out upon first meeting Trakeena. The daughter of Scorpius did not take well to this, and has declared the princess an enemy to be destroyed... that is if she can make it past Lord Yupa.
  • Does not like those who wish to Restart the World, drawing several comparisons to Heart of Shuwa's plan to recreate the old world at the expense of the humans of her time. High on that list is Lysandre, who has considered using the Ultimate Weapon on her world, and Gendo Ikari.
    • In fact, most of the gods from the Evangelion universe make Nausicaä feel uncomfortable, especially after learning what the Evas really are, reminding her of the God Warriors of her world. That being said, she does feel sorry for Shinji's perdicament and often makes visits to his temple to cheer him up.
  • Gets along famously with N, due to their shared connection with the natural world. They've been seen in the House of Nature together, spending long hours talking about... well, just about everything. In some ways, the King of Team Plasma greatly reminds Nausicaä of Selm. Two other gods with a similar love for Nature are Avatar Aang and Fluttershy, with all three often speaking about their shared interests and trying to prevent more meaningless conflict in the Pantheon.
    • The friendship with N has lead to the princess opposing his father, Ghetsis. The feeling is mutual, as Ghetsis considers Nausicaä just another freak without a human heart.
  • Due to the responsibilities she has for her kingdom and people, it's only natural for Nausicaä to oppose the more ruthless leaders in the Pantheon. She and Princess Azula don't see eye to eye, and Cersei Lannister... Needless to say, the Queen of Westeros would be perfectly at home in the court of vipers known as Torumekia. For her part, Cersei doesn't think highly of Nausicaä, considering her a low-born peasant and not worthy of the throne to the Valley. It took a lot of patience for the young princess to hold back from fighting back.
  • Absolutely despises Griffith for sacrificing his comrades during the Eclipse, but wants to help stop him by helping Guts.
  • Considering how most of her world is a toxic wasteland, Nausicaä cannot truly come to trust the deities of the House of Toxicity, especially Hexxus due to his destructive powers. That being said, Coco was seen travelling through the Sea of Corruption without a mask.note  This has piqued the princess's curiosity as to how he is capable of doing so.
  • Though Nausicaä is compassionate and unconditionally kind, it is wise to never ever make her angry. Anyone foolish enough to do so will be faced with a brutal and rather violent princess. It takes a lot to send her over the edge, but many of her friends and allies make it a note to not anger her. But due to the fear of her own rage, along with the carnage she has seen while serving under Kushana, Nausicaä has come to oppose the Houses of War and Slaughter.
  • She has often asked people to not call her Princess Zandra. When asked about it, Nausicaä had one thing to say;
    Nausicaa: Sometimes... it's better to have no cuts than any.

    Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese 
Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Co-deities of Time Travel Romance
Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor in the original timeline
Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in the Genisys timeline
  • Theme Song: The orginal Terminator theme and the piano rendition
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A pipe bomb
  • Alignments: Neutral Good (Sarah became more True Neutral in the second film)
  • Portfolios: Shell-Shocked Veterans, Badass Normals
  • Domains: Protection, Love, Family
  • Followers: Kate & Leopold, Henry and Clare, Tim Lake and Mary, Phil and Keely
  • Allies: The T-850, John Connor (their son), The Doctor, Future Trunks, Kagome Higurashi, Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, Solid Snake, Belle and the Beast, Rintarou Okabe, Cable, Ellen Ripley
  • Enemies: SkyNet, T-1000, The House of Technology, but especially Dr. Eggman, Megatron, Starscream
  • Rivals:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Robocop
  • Part of the reason why it has been difficult to ascend the two is with their convoluted history. One timeline had the two as adults, while a more recent timeline had a slightly younger Sarah. Tired of the ambiguous timelines, The Doctor sought to end it once and for all. In the end, he managed to fix the time continuum. Sarah and Kyle survived the initial encounter with the T-800 and entered the Pantheon shortly afterwards.
  • Tend to distrust all forms of machinery in order to prevent Skynet from happening in the Pantheon. The two have been subsequently banned from the House of Technology after it was ransacked.
    • The two have their eyes set on Eggman, as they see him as the one most likely to set off an event similar to Skynet.
    • Robocop has been assigned to guard the House of Technology from further meddling. The two are are not sure what to think of this super cop. There is the chance that the Machines can corrupt his systems, but there is definitely some for of humanity left in him. They're sure to keep an eye on him for now.
    • The sole exception of course is the T-850. The former Terminator may not show it in its mechanical mouth, but many theorize it is most pleased with the couple's ascension.
  • Neither expected to have a temple in the House of Love of all places. Still, the House appreciates the additional firepower the couple possesses. Kagome in particular became one of their closes allies in the House, talking with them about her relationship with Inuyasha.
  • Although wary of Optimus Prime, they agreed to focus their efforts on the Decepticons. Megatron has them on his sights as the first humans to crush once victorious.
  • Kyle:
    • Turns out he wasn't the only god sent from the future. He was visited by a purple haired Saiyan wielding a sword. The two sat down to chat on their adventures as well as the troubles of dealing with living in the past. With a smile on his face, Trunks paid a small tribute before leaving. Kyle simply grinned back, happy to find some companionship.
    • Solid Snake made a surprising visit to the temple to talk to Kyle. Turns out he arrived to thank him for being the inspiration of his Metal Gear Solid NES cover. It wasn't long before the two realized just how many similarities the two shared.
  • Sarah:
    • Lucked out of the Action Mom title to Crimson Viper, ending up as the High Priestess. Her time there was rather strenuous, as Viper's reliance on technology to fight unnerved her.
    • Was sought out by Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott who were impressed with her evasion of the Terminators. Sarah offered her protection from the evil horror gods.
  • Gained the approval of Belle when the princess thanked her for playing her in a little known TV series.
  • There was yet another different timeline that depicted her and her mortal son preparing for Skynet. Although it was well-received by various gods, footage of these chronicles was cut shot. The Pantheon is currently searching for more footage of this timeline - a project that Cersei Lannister leads for unclear reasons.

    The Time Traveller 
The Time Traveller, The God Who Travelled To the Future, and Beyond (George, Alexander Hartdegen, Theophilus Tolliver)


D'Leh, God of Bizarre Prehistory
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Skin of Mammoth.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Prehistory In An Ambiguous Time Period, Barbarian Heroes, Chosen Ones, Meaningful Backward Names, Anachronism Stew via Rule of Cool.
  • Domain: Prehistory (Anachronized), Hunting.
  • Allies: The Genie, Honda Takadatsu, Fred Flinstone, Pyrrha Nikos.
  • Enemy: Indominus Rex.
  • D'Leh comes from a timeline where the Mammoths and Smilidons are still living it and there's an array of ancient civilizations within.
    • The Question says that the period where he lives is the result of Dr. Strange doing it and nothing is accurate in it. Dr. Strange, however, isn't responsible for that. While Nico Robin says that said innacuracy in his movie is intentional.
  • Has the support of the Monster Hunters due to his history of hunting.
    • The guardians of the House of Beasts actually control his hunting activities. They only authorize him to hunt exclusively hostile beasts.
  • There was a time when he signaled a certain group of badly-written beings who used to reside in a sparkly place (said place is now a garage dump). He had a response like this:
    D'Leh: These beings... are not true Gods!
  • Recently, they found kinship with Fred Flinstone. They get well due to their similar backgrounds.

Falcom, Goddess of Meetings Between Future and Past Selves (Alod Christin/Adell Christine)
Ultradimension Falcom 

Jor-El, God of Giving Hope To The Future (Mr. Oz)
Jor-El, as depicted in Man of Steel

    Phil Connors 
Phil Connors, God of Time Loops

    Philip J. Fry 
Philip J. Fry, God of Grandfathering Paradoxes (The Mighty One)

    Dr. Samuel Beckett 
Dr. Samuel Beckett, The God Unstuck in Time (Sam Beckett)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Quantum Leap Accelerator
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Badass Bookworm, Leaping From Life to Life, Setting Right What Once Went Wrong, Hoping Each Time That His Next Leap Will Be the Leap Home, Hurting Hero, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Magnetic Hero, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Knowledge, Technology, Time, Travel, Good
  • Followers: Zilean, Makoto Konno
  • Allies: Axl Low, The Doctor, Dr. Brown, Hiro Nakamura, Rand al'Thor, Colette Brunel, Claire Bennet, Allen/The Flash, Rory Williams, Phillip J. Fry, Mordecai and Rigby, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Viki Princess Cadance, Shining Armor
  • Enemies: The Master, Porky, Randall Ross
  • Annoyed with: Nox
  • The mortals in the Quamtum Leap universe pondered why Dr. Samuel Beckett never returned home. In fact, he ended up in the House of Time where he was given a title and his own temple. It had long been stated that his own desire to make right what was wrong caused his leaps. With that knowledge, he gained some control over his leaping, though he laments that he can never return home. Luckily, there are plenty of deities that share his problems.
  • In fact, he's not even the first god to be accidently sent back in time. It's why Axl Low asked him whether he could help him find a way back. Although unsuccessful, he could check on his wife through leaping. Details on these journeys have been made classified except from those two gods.
  • The Doctor has been especially interested in the unique way he time travels. Sam agreed to be researched on, hoping the Time Lord can find a way to control his powers better. This garnered the interest of another time lord. The Master hopes to steal Sam's powers, making it easier to rewrite time to the evil Time Lord's benefit. Sam's been told to watch his back, lest he gets taken advantage of.
  • Was also taken into a lab by fellow doctor Emmet Brown. The two share various talents, with Beckett taking various notes as Brown's inventions were more extravagant. Dr. Brown sees Sam's method of time travel as a safer way to do so, limited range aside.
  • Despite his powers, Sam never embraced his abilities. This stood in stark contrast to Hiro, who had always wanted to have powers. It was Beckett who helped Hiro mature into a more reserved time traveler and it showed after the five year gap.
  • Sympathizes with other gods who wished to be normal. It's that reason that he befriended deities such as Rand, Colette and Claire.
  • Was picked by various deities in the House of Time to reconcile with Barry Allen, also known as the Flash. This intervention was made as a result of Barry's attempts to rewrite history, setting in motions the event known as Flashpoint. This move forever changed the DC Universe into what it is today. Sam was chosen in order to talk Barry out of future attempts to change the timeline, as the former had a lot of experience in the field. Whether the talks would yield results remains to be seen.
  • Would like to remind the Star Trek and NCIS deities that he is neither Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise nor Cassius Pride from NCIS New Orleans. He just looks like those guys.
    • Later, Jonathan Archer did ascend and they quickly became friends. Sam is one of the few time-related gods Archer genuinely likes and has promised to help Archer and his partner Janeway in any time-related shenanigans, no strings attached.
  • Rumor has it that it was Sam that found a bruised Rory, who only barely survived the London Bombings some time after WWII. Together, he managed to find the materials to fix the Auton up to shape before leaving. Neither god would confirm or deny these claims.
  • Sam has been seen of a more benevolent god to followers who strives to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. Said followers are also more wary of causing paradoxes and are more cautious of using their powers. This puts him in direct competition with Kessler. Neither god approve of the other's methods of time travel and often come to blows. Sam has to be careful though, as he's no match for the electrokinetic in a direct fight.
  • No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to teach Nox how to properly use his abilities to time travel. Despite understanding his desire to reunite with his family, it by no means justify his desire to use other people's time machines.
  • He was pleased with Mordecai and Rigby managed to settle their differences in the past, even if it meant almost causing a time paradox in the process. That got him in trouble when the perpetrator of those paradoxes ascended. Randall Moss tried to erase Sam from his own time period... only to be prevented from doing so by the stable time loop keeping him in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, the stress downgraded his status to Demigod.
  • It turns out that Sam's capabilities may be extra universal given how he (or perhaps an alternate universe counterpart) was responsible in assisting Shining Armor and Princess Cadance getting together in high school by ending up in the body of one of Shining's friends at the time, though he ended up "leaping" later than he expected. He is pleasantly surprised at seeing the royal duo once more in the Pantheon.

    The Think Tank 
The Think TankMembers , Avatars of The Retro Future
From left to right: Dr. 0, Dr. Dala, Dr. Klein, Dr. 8, Dr. Borous
Dr. Mobius
  • Demigods due to their weak bodies and zany personalities, but their capabilities of wanton destruction would really place them under Intermediate.
  • Symbol: A projection of an unblinking human eye on a monitor. Alternatively, the Big MT logo: Two hexagons intersecting each other.
  • Theme Song: Mysterious Broadcast Radio
  • Alignment: True Neutral (in the amoral sense) for Klein, Borous, Dala, 0, and 8 usually. Lawful Neutral for Dr. Mobius
  • Portfolio: Brain in a Jar, Zeerust, Strange Morality, For Science!, Names refer to some form of infinity, Silly yet very dangerous, Really 700 Years Old, Remnants of Research Contractors, Only Known by Their Nickname, Greater-Scope Villain, Dysfunction Junction, Mad Scientists, Crippling Overspecialization
  • Domains: Retro Future, Science!, Experimentation, Humor, Lethality, Amorality (without Mobius), Lobotomies
  • Heralds: The Sink's Inhabitants
  • Followers: The rest of their creations. All of them.
  • Allies: Moe Szyslak (Klein only)The Medic, Valentine (Dala only) Ordis, Big Band (8 only) Dexter, Steve Urkel, Professor Utonium and other benevolent geniuses and scientists (Mobius only)
  • Rivals: The GUAE Mutation Lair, Mesogog (Borous only) Robert Edwin House, The Corpus, Dr. Wily and other roboticists (0 only, one sided)
  • Respects: Albert Einstein
  • Enemies: Arthur Maxson, The Enclave, The Eliksni, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, HUNK, Albert Wesker, The Wolfpack, Moira Burton, Rebecca Chambers (In general) Bullies, Bad fathers, Communists, (Borous only)Sombra (8 only) Evil scientists like Professor Hojo (Mobius only)
  • Opposed by: Many Chinese deities (In general) Pet lovers, Canines, Soap MacTavish (Borous only) Zen and Rei (Dala only)
  • Opposes: Nigel Burke (Dala) Hackers in general (8 only)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Courier
  • America despite it's significant downs prospered before it became the hellhole it was today, and it's no secret that technology had made significant leaps despite limitations brought on by Alternate History. Vaults that could last Nuclear War, bulky automatons that could fulfill your daily needs to warfare, even various buildings withstood against the test of time itself. The Think Tank were one of those contributors, from significant advances in medicine to space-age alloys only thought possible in '50s science fiction... but like it's country, there lurked a dark side to this haven of science. Concentration camps for Chinese and Chinese-Americans being experimented on and unsuspecting American citizens using their tech as lab rats. Not only that, but experiments gone awry too many to count.
    • The Think Tank had turned themselves into floating brains in jars to outlast their mortality after the Great War. They had a much more callous regard for the lives of others and had lost a part of themselves. Mobius eventually had enough of their sinister experimentation he reprogrammed his friends to continuously loop and did all he could to contain them in the Big MT. It wasn't until there were some visitors that their ignorance of the outside world would break and seek a better place for their experiments.
      • While what transpired from the Courier's encounter with them is left ambiguous, the Think Tank that had ascended were from a time when they were convinced to stay in the Big MT where their science was put to a better cause even helping the Mojave when they needed it. They continue this even now, the group no longer pursuing to endlessly test and lobotomize those who got to close to their secrets (unless provoked). With the amount of havoc that comes from deities being picked across far and wide with varying degrees of morality and beliefs clumped up together, their help is often needed.
  • When transmissions where hijacked in the Pantheon (as usual) the listeners expected another malicious and dangerous entity in the scene. What they were greeted with was none of those things: It was originally meant to notify the denizens that they had ascended and showcase their scientific might. It got sidetracked thanks to how dysfunctional they all are. It went on for a while before Mobius took the scene, got to the point, and quickly signed off. The Courier recognized them and are conflicted about this. While understanding of their issues, even helping resolve them, they're still responsible for many horrible things like Nightstalkers and Cazadores. And Pantheon knows how much of a goddamn pain they are.
  • After hearing some comments about how they are more of an abomination than anything else, what with their weird moralities and madness, they tried to communicate with other deities like them. First they tried the Great Ones. They learned a bit about their physiology and managed to get away without any ill effects from Insight. Next, they tried the Vex. Managing to fool them into thinking they are like them, they managed to strike up conversation with them. Besides a myriad of possible futures, they also struck casual conversation such as the incorrect placement of certain Vex regiments or how the Alien Geometries were built incorrectly by a few meters.
  • They insist that you call their temple Big Mountain or Big MT and never call it Big Empty, despite the giant hole where the mountain part should be. If you ask, it got destroyed during one experiment, opening it up to the outside. They did make use for it, though.
  • Being a straight example of how volatile dangerous technology coupled with unrestricted human ambition is, Arthur Maxson has many a reason to be enemies with them. They're harmless now, but it would be disastrous if they decided to return to old habits. Considering what happened in a cut ending involving the Courier helping them leave and lay waste to the Mojave, the Brotherhood Elder's views are far from unfounded.
    • The Enclave in turn are interested in them, or more specifically their technology. In their hands, they can easily wipe away who they choose, and since the Think Tank were formerly defense contractors they believe it belongs to them. The Eliksni noticed the potential too, believing they can use their science to permanently sustain themselves without Ether. Yet they, too, are cautious of the scientists. The Courier informed them of this and have taken precautions to prevent break ins.
  • De facto leader of the Think Tank, and Chief Head Researcher of Logistical Operations and Ideaology (or Idea-ology as he puts it) is Dr. Klein. He's notable for being very condescending and full of himself, often berating his peers and acting above them all. That said, he does have an implied (though not extreme) fondness for his country and is actually glad to be working with Mobius again. Not only that, he acts as more of the anchor for them all to focus their efforts towards where they could of been much more disorganized.
    • Sometimes can be seen in Moe's bar, often venting about the quirkiness of his colleagues despite not being able to drink. Though this could be chalked up to his alcoholism back when he was human. Patrons there tend to not like him that much, since the volume of his voice is loud and he's kind of a dick, but he isn't too much of a bother.
  • Head of Animology, Beastology, and DNA-Scrambling Technology is Dr. Borous: The very bombastic and Communist hating scientist of the Think Tank. You know those Night Stalkers and Cazadors? He made them. He claims they are as sterile as they are docile which is technically true, much to everyone's chagrin.
    • He retained memories of being bullied by Richie Marcus and Betsy Bright. He hated them, and it never died down as he got older. This hatred extends to every other bullies in the Pantheon and he doesn't seem to hold bad fathers in high regard either, if his drawing of his own is anything to go off of.
    • Is prevented from being in the Pantheon's Academy due to the time where he tried to recreate the X-9 Research Facility in it, installing Hall Monitors among other services, being generally hammy on the speakers (often ranting about Richie Marcus, and taking his anger out on bullies. He claims it was to snuff out Communist propaganda, but no one listens.
      Borous: "It has come to my attention that many of you SEEMINGLY innocent children have been subverted by Red Propaganda. This is a MOST serious matter requiring the MOST serious of detentions."
    • He competes with others gifted in his field of work, regardless of alignment. Attempts are made that the creations do not start to escalate lest there be creatures even worse than his existing ones. A repeat of a cyberdog obtaining the T-Virus is heavily discouraged after one escaped his labs and turned the Pantheon's unlucky denizens into its chew toys. Who knows what he could do with the G-Virus or the Technocyte Plague? The Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City Survivors along with the Wolfpack don't hold him or the rest of the Think Tank in high regard after that incident. There's even bad blood between Wesker, although it's most likely for his own reasons.
    • Borous is vilified by practically every single pet lover or canine deities in the Pantheon. The reason being would be his mistreatment of Gabe by turning him into a Cyberdog along with feeding him Psycho. He does regret this, since he was very loyal, from comforting him after being bullied to still being loyal to him despite all the horrible shit he did. He's also hated by anyone who hates canines like Soap MacTavish after Borous heard an off-handed comment on his police dogs, sending some his way in retaliation.
  • The only female member of the Think Tank is Dr. Dala, First Head Chief of Minerology and Medicinal Sciences. She's one of the more gifted members possessing a degree in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity along with 211 other doctorates. Dala's also the more "competent" members despite their current state as brains in jars.
    • She's rather fascinated by the human figure despite the Think Tank's attitude towards it. So much so that she gets...ecstatic, when allowed to examine human body movement. She denies such urges.
      Dala: "My research does not descend into formography. It is only science."
    • If one uses the broken mirrors in her House in Higgs Village, it can be assumed she had issues with her appearance when human, even lining up Teddy Bears to act like a model runway. She feels a strange connection with those that had the same problems, but can't pinpoint as to why.
    • Going off to the House of Health and Diseases Dala frequently works with the Medic since despite his lack of medical license his healing is potent, something she wants to learn from. The same goes for Valentine, if only to let in on her research. Despite her weird morals, even she finds Nigel Burke to be a terrible surgeon. Whereas the Auto-Doc could pull off successful surgeries despite it's various problems, his operations are simply "a messy attempt at removing the skinvelope".
    • During one trip she encountered Rei, who was exploring the same House in an attempt to distance herself of fear from doctors. Dala instantly was perplexed by the golden haired girl but couldn't figure out why. After constantly asking her questions, not helped by her voice, immediately attracted Zen in the area and told the doctor to back off. A tense standoff followed, but it was diffused before Dala used her "WooEEEOooWooEEEOoo" ray. The couple doesn't really hold her in high regard but she stated she would have no reason to harm Rei. In her own words:
      Dala: "You are a very special little teddy bear. Your stuffing is unpossible, curious indeed."
  • Dr. 0, the Think Tank Scientist whose skill dabbles in creating and breaking robots, though it's mostly breaking. Compared to other Walking Techbanes, it's more accurate to describe him as "somewhat good" when it comes to robotics. He can copy other robots, albeit with a few duds. He's very envious of other, more skilled robotics engineers and was pretty pissed that House had already ascended before him, claiming that he's just spiting him at this point. House doesn't know who he is, though isn't quick to dismiss him in his calculations. People tend to point out destroying robots isn't a gift or skill.
    0: "Oh? I didn't remember asking you about your talents. Just wait until there's an alliance of robots coming for your brain then you'll wish I was around!"
    • Wants to become better at what he does, even if it doesn't always turn out the way he expects it to. If Muggy was a success, why can't any other creations be the same? He thoroughly observes how others do it in the House of Technology.
    • He's pretty prideful of his name, that issue with people thinking it's an O is resolved thanks to the Courier who proposed that he just put a slash through it. To him, it's genius, and Klein even agrees. Don't ask how, just roll with it. Having said that, he doesn't think being referred to as Dr. O as that bad either as it can be interpreted as the "Oh!" of discovery.
    • Occasionally uses terms like "breaking news" or "stop the presses" which is a result of him originally being a newscaster type of personality. Still, he has some relations to the Investigative Work Sub-house.
  • Unable to talk due to his broken voice module is Dr. 8, the acoustician in the Think Tank. While on paper it may seem unimpressive, a quick look at the Sonic Emitter and it's frequencies would make you think otherwise. He's noticeably emotional and by far the nicer out of the others which lead him to being the more unpopular one. Those able to understand him will find he's also pretty mushy despite being a member of the Think Tank. He's currently focusing his attention on the House of Music and those wielding sound.
    • Ordis, being a Cephalon, understands 8 clearly after figuring it out he's communicating in RobCo code and decided to stick together. Past the "sonjaculating" bit, Ordis pities his inability to speak clearly but is also impressed by his expertise in sound. Plus he knows what it's like to have your technology messed with, and is helping to prevent such a thing for 8's vulnerable code.
      8: "*static*"
      Ordis: "Ordis thinks we should move on from this, um, subject."
    • Met Big Band after hearing the Detective play one mean sax during his daily trip to the House of Music. Although difficult at first since 8 is practically impossible to understand, he did notice a pattern to his speech and figured out what he was saying, somewhat. Turns out they both relate to being screwed over by those they trust (Big Band from being nearly wasted by corrupt cops and 8 being left with a busted voice module). The Detective tries to steer him away from his more morally grey colleagues, with slow progress.
    • He has a poor view on hackers in general, considering the actions of one visitor in the Big MT costed him the ability to speak permanently. People who exploit his inability to communicate clearly aren't in seen highly in his eyes either, although he can at least forget the annoyances after the fact. Probably why he really hates Sombra since she's both of those things, and the likeliness of her crossing paths whether by fate or otherwise is plausible. He dreads the day it comes and is trying to do whatever he can to prevent it from happening.
  • Dr. Mobius, the Absent-Minded Professor of the group thanks to the accidental intake and of Jet and Psycho along with Mentats. He's quite grandfatherly like, giving out Mentats like candy. Of course, he was also the one keeping the Think Tank within the Big MT to prevent any sinister Science! from occuring. He did a lot to occupy them, and they were only starting to foil thanks to outside factors. Since the Pantheon is much less fragile than the Wasteland he works with them once more, though is somewhat weary even if he zones out at times.
    • He sees a bit of his friends and of himself within the Ancestor, a man who formerly had that "too-far-thing-taking" mindset that had doomed his entire world. In the mortal world he didn't cope with it as well though did still manage to guide the Heir to stop his monsters. He offered to send in Roboscorpions to help patrol the outside of the Darkest Estate, to prevent any break outs or break ins. Realizing how much of a hellhole it actually is, however, Mobius took a step further to send in supplies for the adventurers.
      • And speaking of taking things too far, Mobius does not think so highly of other amoral or otherwise evil scientists. Professor Hojo in particular is worth noting since he's very much like his friends if their amorality turned to a much darker road. Mobius frequently uses his Roboscorpion army to scout out and foiling his plans.
    • Wanting to prove that Science! is not always a vehicle for horrible experimentation and villainy, Mobius associates himself with the Philanthropists of Benevolent Scinece and other virtuous bright minds in the Pantheon. He works with them to create a more hopeful future for the Pantheon, especially with the Alliance Wars raging still even with the Lawful faction's Reformation.
  • Dr. Mobius: "There is an expression in the wasteland: Old World Blues."
    • Dr. Klein: "It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can't see the present, much less the future, for what it is."
    • Dr. Dala: "They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them."
    • Dr. 0: "Science is a long, steady progression into the future. What may seem a sudden event often isn't felt for years, even centuries, to come."

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