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Clockwork, The Chronologically Displaced God (CW, Ghost of Time, Master of Time)
Clockwork's appearance shifts between the above three
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A golden gear with a purple center that bears the bright blue letters C and W overlapping each other vertically
  • Alignment: Somewhere between Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mastery of Time (Including Stopping It, Slowing It Down, and Travelling Through It), Not Existing Normally in the Flow of Time (His Appearance Even Rapidly Shifts Between Ages), Having Knowledge of Everything that Was/Is/Will Be/Could Be, Perceiving the Flow of Time Differently, Having Unlimited Power but Mostly Doing Nothing with It, Intending Well and Ensuring a Good Future for All, No Matter What, Overseeing All of Time and Stepping In to Interfere when Necessary, Being the Ghost of Time (With the Expected Powers)
  • Domains: Time, Good Futures, Ghosts, Responsibility, Knowledge, Existence, Time Travel
  • Allies: Danny Phantom, Yuyuko, Youmu, Casper, Nozdormu, The Doctor, Future Trunks, Dialga, Present Trunks, Emmett L. Brown, Koume Shirasaka, Bill & Ted, Chronos, Knight Gundam
  • Respected by: STARSET
  • Opposed by: The Ghostbusters
  • Pities: Sans, Oyashiro, Silver, Gasper, Yuno Gasai
  • Conflicting Opinion: Nozdormu, Dio Brando
  • No Comment: Homura Akemi
  • Complicated Relationship: The Bride
  • Enemies: Dark Danny, Mephiles, Xehanort and all his incarnations, Flowey, Nox, Bernkastel, Ex, Lord English
  • Clockwork was perfectly fine with just chilling in his fortress in the Ghost Zone, watching over time, when he was given notice of ascension to the Pantheon proper. Upon taking his place in his temple, a very convincing replica of said fortress, he merely gave a mysterious smile and proclaimed...
    Clockwork: "I will do what must be done, as all other things."
  • He gets along well enough with other ghostly deities, being on good terms with most of the House of Ghosts (good terms here meaning he is perfectly tolerant of them insofar as he has no reason to reject them). Certain evil phantasms, not the least of which is Dark Danny, on the other hand...
    • Danny Fenton has come to request his advice and assistance many times, especially with regards to his evil future self. He was not very accommodating, instead speaking to the young ghost in riddles.
    CW: "Inevitability, though terrifying, can also be quite comforting. Time can be cruel, taking everything you hold dear, but it can also be generous, giving you much-needed insight and preparation."
    • Casper, in particular, is completely smitten with him. It helps that he isn't interested in scaring others, though his social skills aren't all that great either. Still, the Friendly Ghost considers him a friend and looks up to him as a sort of elder-figure.
  • Many have tried to kill him, but with his mastery of time and its state he has never suffered even a scratch. Some believe that he is truly immortal, incapable of dying so long as the concept of time exists, and his confidence helps that image. Save for a very rare few in the Pantheon: all who are capable of destroying time itself.
    • He is very wary of Mephiles the Dark for this exact reason: Mephiles is, was, and always will be a being seeking to reunite with his other half to become Solaris, the Time Eater and God of the Sun. This is one of the few beings that Clockwork will go out of his way to interfere with, as he genuinely does not want such an end (regardless of whether or not it is fated to happen).
      • This came as a total shock to The Powers That Be, as almost no other deity aside from Mephiles himself had shown to have complete knowledge of the events involving Solaris. For his part, Clockwork merely gave a coy smile and made a very cryptic remark.
    CW: "Most others see time as a parade, moving in sequence on a linear path. I see the parade from above, all the twists and turns it might or might not take."
    • Another individual who tried to end him was The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo, who upon hearing his voice thought he was Bill. Of course, Clockwork knew she would confront him and set things right. She doesn't trust him and is at least on neutral terms with him. The Pantheon dreads the day that Bill himself is ascended.
  • Although they are allied, Nozdormu had quite the talk with CW upon his ascension. It was mostly in regards to how he pushed his responsibility over Dark Danny onto him, even manipulating Dan's ascension accordingly. Of course, they both knew that he would one day ascend anyway and The Timeless One was simply irritated at how CW went about it.
  • He has a bit of a strained relationship with The Ghostbusters. On one hand, they have tried to capture him many times, on the other hand, he has made it clear to them that he means no harm and is merely just trying to watch over time to ensure its stability. They've since stopped trying to catch him but still don't completely trust him.
    • Future Trunks is considered an underling to him by virtue of being a member of the Time Patrol. They're on good, if mostly professional, terms and have collaborated a few times on certain chronological distortions.
  • It needs to be clarified that he has absolutely no issue with anyone capable of Time Travel, so long as they try to avoid altering events from what they should have been (unless that would result in something genuinely better for anyone). In fact, he is on very good terms with deities like Bill & Ted, The Doctor, and even Doctor Emmet L. Brown and has been known to offer to take them anywhen they wish to go from time to time.
    • That said, even with all of his knowledge he can sympathize for certain individuals who have had bad experiences with what is perceived as "chronospacial shenanigans". These include Sans (who was forced to suffer with the knowledge that he was at the mercy of an entity capable of screwing with his verse's timelines).
  • His original status as keeper and watcher (perhaps even overseer) of time has caused quite a lot of confusion since his ascension due to the presence of many deities who are personifications and embodiments of time itself. He had to clarify:
    CW: "It's true that my duty is to watch over time and ensure its prosperity, but that doesn't mean I have to babysit all of those who are time manifest in their respective universes."
  • The one deity he absolutely refuses to remark upon or deal with in any capacity is Homura Akemi. Nobody is sure why, and only those deities with close connections to time manipulation are even remotely aware of what transpired between them. Homura herself refuses to comment and is known to deliver a time-stopped beating to anyone who pushes the subject.
    • Although he was once a follower of Dio, he doesn't actually see eye-to-eye with the vampiric time-stopper. He doesn't outright oppose him, but would prefer not to deal with him more than he must.
  • He gave Knight Gundam quite the lecture not too long after his ascension, but ultimately relented in agreeing that the latter's actions were for a noble cause. CW, however, warned Knight Gundam to be more cautious of his chronological shenanigans from now on.
    • Ex, on the other hand, is high on his list of Zero Tolerance deities. CW does NOT like what the former has become and would be more than willing to undo him if he were ever asked to.
  • Bernkastel attempted to troll him one day after hearing about him. The particulars of this encounter are unknown, but she now fears him and avoids him like the plague. His only response when questioned about this? A coy smile and the following:
    CW: "She now knows just where she stands in the grand structure of time."
  • Doesn't think all that much of The other Clockwerk in the pantheon. While he is mildly impressed with his finding ways to cheat death through his mechanization, he gave a sad shake of his head when Clockwerk mentioned, "Revenge is the prime ingredient in the fountain of youth." For his part, he just called his owl shared namesake "A bird who got stuck in the past with his anger."

Greater Gods

    The Sentinels 
The Sentinels, Unholy Heralds of the Bad Future (Hunters, Latviathans, Master Mold, NimrodAliases , Sentinel Mk X, Mango Sentinel)
A group of normal Sentinels
Master Mold 
Sentinels Mk X 
  • Collectively Greater Deities (as a whole). Lesser Deities (the normal models prior to Mark X). Intermediate Deities (Mark X Sentinels). Greater Gods (Nimrod and Master Mold).
  • Symbol: The various heads of the Sentinels, saying "Halt Mutant".
  • Theme Song: Children of the Atom theme, Marvel vs Capcom 3 theme, Sentinel Suite.
  • Alignment: Programmed to be Lawful Evil. Neutral Good (an alternate version of Nimrod).
  • Portfolio: Killer Robot, Mecha-Mooks, Sometimes will Take Over the World, Hero Killers at their strongest, Took Over Earth in an Alternate Future, Turned against humanity in the Bad Future and under Master Mold's directive out of Zeroth Law Rebellion, Strong as They Need to Be, Humongous Mecha, A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Artificial Stupidity.
  • Domains: Futures, Extermination, Machines
  • Allies: Colonel Stryker (provided that they don't turn on him), Venjix, Skynet, Ares (less so in his case), AUTO.
  • Enemies: Most other Marvel Comics Deities (especially any and all Mutants), The Azure Striker Gunvolt Series Deities (especially Zonda and the Seven and Copen Kazimono), All My Hero Academia Deities, John Connor, Kyle Reese and Sarah Reese, T-800, Danny Phantom, The Boys, Aya Brea, Kipo Oak, Aang, Korra, Chronoa, Future Trunks.
  • Opposed by: Colonel McCullough.
  • Source of interest for: Nazi deities in general (especially Red Skull).
  • One often says that humanity's destructive potential has no limits, and the Sentinels might be proof of that. Built by the nefarious and bigoted Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels were presented as the perfect Anti-Mutant weapon, being robots programmed to track down and kill all mutants. While the Sentinels were often not threatening enough to put all of mutantkind on the run, a few bad futures have been made where the Sentinels grew too smart, too powerful and too numerous to be controlled, especially after deeming that as mutantkind's ancestors, mankind should also be their targets. Enslaving humanity and wiping out both heroes and villains alike, the Future Sentinels' threat became bad enough that the only way to stop such a grim future was to make sure it never happened to begin with which Kitty Pride did by going back to the past in either 1980 or 1973 (depending on the version) ensuring that the creations of the evolving Sentinels due to Magneto assassinating either Senator Kelly or Bolivar Trask (again, depending on the version) never came to pass by stopping him, she succeeded and so came the end of the terrible future that would've awaited Marvel's Earth, even if the Sentinels persisted and continued menacing heroes and villains alike in their quest to exterminate mutants.
  • Needless to say, the Sentinels didn't have a very warm welcome into the Pantheon and neither were they willing to be warm to most things in it, they attempted to prepare a mutant wipeout, only for them to be stopped by the joint forces of the many factions in the Pantheon, who all came to agree on ceasing hostilities with each other until the bigger threats were taken care of. As of now, the Sentinels are back on Stryker's side and the hateful colonel is making sure that when the time comes, the Sentinels shall be ready to once and for all wipe out mutants and all who ally with or defend them.
  • The Sentinels also found allies in Venjix, a human-hating virus who while ambivalent to their original purpose, nonetheless fully supports the measures they took/will take for said goals, which include outright overthrowing and oppressing humanity except for a few select that fully support their cause and aren't likely to have mutant descendants in any nearby or far future. While he plans to override or destroy them if they end up teaming up and succeeding in conquering all of humanity, he does at least plan not to make this planned course of action clear until it's too late.
  • They will seek out and destroy all deviations of the human genome, regardless of anything else about, as such they've become enemies to all of the My Hero Academia Deities, heroes and villains alike. Izuku has been particularly disgusted to hear that some humans would resort to such extreme and horrifying measures to be rid of people who are different, as he himself knows from his own world's experiences just how harshly people born differently to the majority can be treated like and how that can lead to disastrous consequences. Since the Sentinels don't care for morality, the villainous deities are equally opposed and will even team up with heroes and other forces of good if the Sentinels threaten them.
  • Their creation of a Bad Future with machines ruling supreme over humanity earned them enemies in the Connor family and their TX allies, as they have fought a long grueling over decades against the forces of Skynet. While the Sentinels were initially uncaring of their opposition, learning about the success of John Connor and his family against Skynet's takeover made them become warier of the small steps hero and prepare themselves for the occasion that they'll come to clash with him. This also led to the Sentinels, through Master Mold's directive, allying with Skynet so as to increase their influence and power in the Pantheon as well as to get help against their foes.
  • They are heavily wary of Ultron, as the robotic villain is known for his capacity to override machines with his power and influence. And while certain models like Nimrod are capable of posing a threat to Ultron, others don't do so and are at risk of being taken over by Ultron. Similarly, Ultron's much more outright destructive goals and his actions have made sure that the Sentinels remain enemies to the AI.
  • The Sentinels seek out to destroy all deviations of the human genome, one of their newest targets was the mute girl Kipo Oak, as her DNA was enhanced with animal DNA to make her a mute. Her knowledge on the horrors of persecution and oppression are a big point for her to oppose the sole existence of the Sentinels, knowing that beneath the pretense of being machines for mankind's good lies a sinister purpose to exterminate mutants out of a man's prejudice and fear of them. While the Sentinels have mostly proven to be too much for her to handle even in her mute form, she does at least make sure she helps out the X-Men, who she's allied with.
  • The Azure Striker Gunvolt deities were also very wary of the Sentinels, as they come from a universe where they are born as Adepts, differently powered people from normal humans, and have time and time again suffered discrimination and persecution for it. Gunvolt himself felt very furious upon hearing of the Sentinels' damage to the future and how their program would go if allowed to be successfully executed. Zonda and the Seven were particular standouts in this enmity due to their painful pasts involving prejudice and hatred from humans which was taken to almost murderous levels, as such the idea of the Sentinels even existing disgusts them all to no end and have been planning to be rid of such atrocities soon.
    • Copen initially felt a connection to the Sentinels given his own persecution of superpowered Adepts, only to find himself horrified at learning the extremes the machines took to ensure mutantkind's extinction which involved enslaving humanity except for those wicked enough to willingly contribute to their cruel regime. The Sentinels themselves care little for what Copen thought of them and their operations, Copen himself has even planned ahead to team up with Adepts should the Sentinels incite a mass attack, preferring to not ever let another major bad future ever happen at their hands.
  • Because Danny Fenton/Phantom had to stop a Bad Future from happening at the hands of an evil alternate version of himself known as Dark Danny, he has become another of the Sentinels' many enemies, especially because of the modifications to his DNA made by the portal that gave him his powers which has in turn made the Sentinels designate him as a priority target in their mission. Danny was particularly wary of the likes of Nimrod, whose adaptive abilities could make even his ghost powers ineffective at fighting the threat of the machines.
  • The Boys were quick to oppose the existence of the Sentinels, though Butcher was initially willing to give them a chance. This all based on the fact that while they track down evil superheroes and take them out, the Sentinels only really take down supers as means to an end of exterminating mutantkind and they're willing to endanger and kill innocents for the sake of those goals. Even moreso given their status as superpowered beings which won't jive with the Sentinels' own protocols.
  • Nazi deities have an interest in the Sentinels thanks to their modus operandi in the futures they rule supreme performed by placing mutants and their allies in concentration camps while letting evil humans or those willing to support their cause to remain in power and free under their watch. However, some of them are hesitant to work alongside the robots given that it would be the Sentinels who'd have control rather than them. The leading mistruster of these robots has been Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull, who knows about the Sentinel's once-happened future takeover and is therefore the most adept in knowledge of the Sentinels' capacity for ruining the Nazi's agenda.
  • With their successful takeover of Earth in some future timelines that was just barely undone by a fatal mistake, they got praise from Ares, as the murderous AI sought to destroy humanity to create a world fit to his visions. However, this only made the Sentinels view Ares as little more than an enemy as their purpose is to help humanity, however messed up their methods are. Ares has also grown interested in obtaining control of a stronger model like the Mark X Sentinels or Nimrod whose adaptive abilities he considers would be of great help to him.
    • One Sentinel that has stood out from the rest, Master Mold, a particularly advanced model that grew to rebel against its creator, Bolivar Trask, and has created legions of Sentinels under his leadership to cull mutant and mankind alike in the quest to ensure the extinction of his targets as well as being the mastermind behind the plan to keep humans under Sentinel rule to protect them, a such he became something of an ally to AUTO, as the Axiom's AI also took several extremist measures to protect the remains of humanity in its world and see not much wrong with Master Mold's methods.
  • Because of the Sentinels' bad future, they've been put under strict watch by Chronoa and Future Trunks who both fear what they could evolve into if they found ways to adapt and overcome the multiple powerful overdeities in the Pantheon if allowed to evolve. That said, their relatively lower threat level next to some of their other worrying targets have made them a less notable priority to take out.
  • The Sentinels' goal to exterminate a species that could displace mankind initially was of much approval from Colonel McCullough but once he heard of their bad future where they overthrew humanity, this opinion had a 180 degree turn as McCullough now considers them no better or even worse than the apes he and his men have fought throughout the years. Stryker has tried to convince McCullough to give the Sentinels a second chance, but so far he's seen no success against the ever-paranoid military colonel.

    Xehanort and his Incarnations 
Xehanort’s Incarnations Members , Dark Planners of Aiding Future Selves (Real Organization XIII, Five of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness, Xehanort Replicas, Nort Court | Master Xehanort: Dark Seeker, No. I, No Heart, Another, The Boy in Black, Trollanort, The Scapegoat | Terra-Xehanort: Xehanort, Ansem, No. IX, Terranort | “Ansem”: Seeker of Darkness, the fake Ansem, Xehanort's Heartless, Robed Figure, No. II | Xemnas: The Guide to the Interstice, Superior of the In-Between, Number I, Xehanort’s Nobody, Unknown, No. III, (Princess) Mansex, Sexman | Young Xehanort: the Unknown, No. XII, Mysterious Figure, Soranort, Clockanort)
Clockwise: Master Xehanort, Xemnas, Young Xehanort, Terra-Xehanort, “Ansem”
No Heart 
Armored Xehanort 

Intermediate Gods

The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squadmembers , Specialized Club of Investigating The Hidden Hour (S.E.E.S., The Shadow Operatives | Makoto: Minato Arisato, Sakuya Shiomi, Protagonist, MC, P3 Hero, ????, Hancho, The Great Seal, ToasterFricker249, S.E.E.S. Boy | Kotone: Runako Gekkou, FeMC, Female Protagonist, Minako Arisato, Hamuko Arisato, The Great Seal, Phem See | Yukari: Yuka-tan, Yukaricchi, Pink Argus, The Unsightly Pink Sniper | Junpei: Da Man, Stupei, The Mighty Strike-Out Slugger, Ace Defective/Disgraced Detective | Akihiko: The Two-Fisted Protein Junkie, Half-Naked Cape Guy | Mitsuru: Mitsuru-senpai, The Imperious Queen of Executions | Aigis: Aegis, The Heartless Armed Angel | Ken & Koromaru: The Pretentious Tenderfoot Duo | Shinjiro: Shinji, Gakky)
Top row: Junpei, Shinjiro, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Yukari
Second row: Ken, Kotone, Aigis, Fuuka, Makoto
Bottom: Koromaru
Click here to see Makoto's fate as the Great Seal 
The group in P4 Arena 
Fuuka in P4 Arena 
  • Lesser Gods (Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko, Mitsuru, Fuuka, Ken, Koromaru, Shinjiro), Intermediate Gods (Makoto, Kotone, Aigis) (Makoto and Kotone are Greater Gods when using Messiah, Overdeities as The Great Seal)
  • Symbol: An Evoker
  • Theme Song: Burn My Dread, Mass Destruction (in battle)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall, with Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Aigis leaning more towards Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Persona users, Enlightenment Super Powers, Fire-Forged Friends and True Companions, Badass Crew, Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World, Acquired Poison Immunity, The Anti-Nihilist
  • Domains: Persona users, Friendship, Heroes, Combat; Barriers (Makoto); Naginatas, Barriers, Alternate Selves (Kotone); Pink, Archery, Emotion (Yukari); Baseball (Junpei); Boxing, Electricity, Protein (Akihiko); Emotion, Fate, Ice (Mitsuru); Robots, Love, Firearms (Aigis); Trauma, Childhood (Ken); Dogs, Darkness, Fire, Loyalty (Koromaru); Guilt, Tragedy, (Shinjiro)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Shinji Ikari, Keiichi Maebara, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, The Scarred Man (Shinjiro)
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Dudley, Ippo Makunouchi, Little Mac, Bang Shishigami, TJ Combo (Akihiko)
  • Rivals: Hanzo Shimada (Yukari)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Zeus (Makoto and Kotone, only on Zeus' side), Jin Kisaragi (Shinjiro), Hera (Fuuka)
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, Yuuki Terumi, Johan Liebert
  • Opposes: Nox (Classical Mythology); the Medic (Mitsuru)
  • Conflicted with: The House of Vengeance, Jacket, Goro Akechi (Ken)
  • Pitied by:
  • S.E.E.S. (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad) is a extracurricular after school club for Persona users at Gekkoukan High School, formed for the secret purpose of eliminating Shadow threats and investigating Tartarus and the Dark Hour. Their advisor, Shuji Ikutsuki, instructed them to eliminate the Twelve Full Moon Shadows in order to get rid of the Dark Hour. The group was opposed by Strega, who wanted to maintain the Status Quo, and their leader even managed to kill Shinjiro (or possibly take him out of the action in Kotone's case). When SEES successfully destroyed all twelve, they learned too late it was a set-up. Ikutsuki lied to them that destroying the twelve Shadows would cause the Dark Hour to disappear. The Shadows were actually twelve fragments of the Harbinger of Death, destined to bring about the Fall and end Humanity, and destroying them actually allowed them to reunite into a single being.
    • After barely surviving Ikutsuki's attempt to sacrifice them, SEES would learn from their new classmate and friend Ryoji Mochizuki that he is the avatar of Nyx, having been sealed within Makoto/Kotone by Aigis after his power was divided into the Shadows and losing his memories. Ryoji warns them that the Fall cannot be stopped, but he does give them the choice to kill him so they can live their last remaining days in blissful ignorance. They refuse the offer, and SEES would continue to fight against the Fall. Using the accumulated power of their Social Links, Makoto/Kotone would use their remaining power to turn their soul into a barrier between Nyx and humanity, ensuring that humanity's wish for Nyx would not come true. This came at the cost of their life, and while SEES was broken up about this, they eventually learned the full truth and were able to move on, vowing to make sure their field leader's sacrifice isn't in vain. They would go their separate ways, with some of them forming a division under Mitsuru's Kirijo Group called the Shadow Operatives to deal with any Persona related activities.
  • Applies to the group:
    • After all the members (except Koromaru) manage to ascend, all of their cases were reevaluated, and it was decided they can all move together under a temple as Gods investigating The Hidden Hour. These even included Kotone (who like Makoto, is also a self-aware illusion with her powers), Shinjiro, and Koromaru (who only served as Ken's herald until then). All of the members gladly accepted the change.
    • SEES has so far worked alongside two other Persona using teams, the Investigation Team (a total 4 timesnote ) and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (during the movie labyrinth incident). All of them are just as happy as the other teams to see them again, with the Phantom Thieves considering them honorary members.
    • Some of their members have even formed bonds and Combination Attacks together with the members of the other teams.
      • Both Makoto and Kotone with Yu Narukami and Ren Amamiya due to all of them being the Wild Card of their respective teams.
      • Yukari with Rise, because the latter encouraged her to open up to her friends.
      • Junpei with Yosuke and Ryuji, all of whom served as the Butt-Monkey of their respective group.
      • Akihiko with Chie Satonaka and Makoto Niijima due to all being melee combatants, with Chie even seeing herself as Akihiko's disciple. He also gets along with Yusuke due to being Big Eaters.
      • Mitsuru with Nijima since they're both Student Council Presidents. Mitsuru also shows sympathy with Haru because they're both proper ladies and daughters of businessmen with expectations thrust upon them to marry rich executives for their companies' sakes, and ultimately rejecting the arrangements thanks in large part to their teams' leaders
      • Fuuka with both Rise and Futaba because they're both Support Party Members. She also gets along with Makoto Niijima, who is her team's support member and seen by many as the "best girl" for her team's leader.
      • Koromaru with Teddie and Morgana because they're the Team Pet to their respective teams (as much as Morgana denies it).
      • Aigis with Ann, Haru, and Teddie, all of whom are known for their beauty (or in Teddie's case, crossdressing beauty)
      • Ken with Kanji, since the latter is good with kids and encouraging towards him, as well as Morgana, Ryuji, and Ann because those three act as mentor figures towards him.
      • Shinjiro with Yusuke for the same reason as Akihiko, and Kanji because of the latter's admiration for him.
    • Speaking of teams, the members of SEES all have interesting relationships with one another after becoming true companions:
      • Kotone was quite thrilled to hear that she would finally get another chance in the spotlight, strumming her naginata like a guitar. Unfortunately, after joining forces with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and the Investigation Team, when she did find her team, they were strictly the versions from Makoto's timeline. While Kotone was disappointed they were not the teammates she knew, she still managed to become good friends with them and Makoto, with the two even coming to an understanding about their individuality once they realize they're the same person but with a few key differences. Finally ascended, she's extremely happy that her teammates do remember her and that she can co-exist with her counterpart. This also upended any potential of the two being targeted by Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, much to the disappointment of Funny Valentine.
      • Kotone may or may not be romantically attached to either Shinjiro, Akihiko, Ryoji, or even possibly Ken. But NOT Junpei (mainly because of his own romance arc with Chidori). Most who speculate on the matter believe it's either Shinji or Ryoji for a number of reasons. She had moments with each of them that were noticeably different from Makoto's friendship with either, Ryoji retained enough of his personality as the Nyx Avatar to refer to her by name, and a certain coin played a factor in Shinji's ascension. Neither Shinji, Ryoji, nor Kotone are saying anything.
      • Some are thinking that Yukari's relationship with Mitsuru is a little more than friendship, assuming neither of them became romantically involved with Makoto. They won't indulge rumors on the subject. What is clear is that the three are very close, with Makoto inspiring both Yukari and Mitsuru to open up more to those around them, and this bond being key to helping Mitsuru reject an arranged marriage, recover from her father's death, and direct the Kirijo Group along the right course of action as best she can see.
      • The primitive personality Aigis had prior to her Character Development was enough for her to develop a Bodyguard Crush on Makoto Yuki (or Kotone Shiomi depending on the timeline even if she first questioned it). She was the most upset about their deaths, but is able to find a new purpose beyond protecting them, something that made Makoto and Kotone proud of her.
      • Junpei was originally jealous of Makoto, but he grew to see him as his closest buddy. As for Kotone, he is Platonic Life-Partners with her, since he already fell in love with Chidori. Yukari is Vitriolic Best Buds with him.
      • Akihiko, Ken, and Koromaru were all more than thrilled to meet Shinjiro upon their reunion in the Pantheon. The feeling is mutual on Shinji's end (even if Aki and Shinji bust each other's chops more often than act like proper friends). Ken wanted to apologize for getting him killed, but Shinji stated that it isn't necessary, telling him that being a good teammate and taking care of Koromaru after his death is atonement enough. This was overheard by Labrys, who... well, see this exchange:
      Labrys: Says you when you still ain't ova' what happened to his mother? You gotta take your own advice there, Shinji.
      Shinji: Says the weapon with a heart who still thinks she's some type of monster. Come on, Labrys. The real monsters were in the lab.
    • For a while, Makoto was simply "Minato Arisato" based on a secondhand account, which caused many to refer to Kotone as "Minako Arisato". Junpei suggested they go with it as a rib on the Court of the Gods, and Mitsuru approved it in order to test the Pantheon's historians and detectives to see when and through what source they would uncover the truth. After some time of sorting through the information, with help from Shinnosuke Tomari and Lois Lane discovering a lead from "Minako's" timeline, it was decided that everyone (except for the Phantom Thieves, who also have someone named Makoto on their team) would call them Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi. The other members accepted this without protest.
    • After the events of the P-1 Climax, Mitsuru studied the records in the House of Knowledge for information on potential threats that may corrupt Aigis and Labrys' programming (aside from hackers, since Fuuka has that department covered). Out of all the possibilities she stumbled upon, one left her the most horrified: the Sigma Virus. Not only is Sigma capable of spreading his Maverick Virus to robots without the proper failsafe or vaccine applied, but it can also adapt itself to strains specifically tailored to certain robots' destructive tendencies, for example, the "Zero Virus" that threatens to claim the Crimson Hunter and "awaken" his "true self". If a strain of that Virus was ever adapted to Shadow Labrys...
      • Because of this, S.E.E.S. has vowed to keep an eye on Sigma if he ever tries to spread his virus to Aigis and Labrys. Mitsuru would go as far as to enlist the aid of the Investigation Team to help with this, and it's the main factor behind Aigis giving both Labrys and Lambda-11 the green light to join the Robot Republic group Liberion Arcadia.
    • Aside from being the team's organic Wild Card holders, Makoto and Kotone are known for being part of two seals against fate. The first one was Aigis having Death sealed inside them before he broke loose, during the incident involving the car accident which killed their parents. The second one is the Great Seal, which keeps Nyx and Erebus away from each other, preventing the destruction of the world. Both the Makoto and Kotone present aren't actually the originals, just illusions of the ones that are still part of the Great Seal. Currently, Igor's assistant Elizabeth is working on finding a way to free them from their duties by permanently destroying Erebus, a task that is easier said than done due to the latter existing so long as any human wishes for death even subconsciously. Despite this, the illusions are self-aware and possess the memories of their original selves, so everyone accepts that they are just as real as the original Makoto and Kotone, the only true difference being that they can't manifest a Persona.
      • Because of their ties to the Great Seal, Makoto and Kotone are HUGE thorns in the side of Nyarlathotep, considering he represents one of the reasons they're there. (Nyarlathotep represents humanity's bad side like Erebus represents their wish for self-destruction.)
    • Ryoji Mochizuki is on good terms with the rest of SEES despite being the Harbinger of Death, with the exceptions of Aigis, who still harbors a minor distrust of him, and Shinjiro Aragaki, whom he's never met. Regardless, he still kept himself up to date on the current events, so he isn't surprised. Out of all the members, he's the closest with Makoto and Kotone (the latter more so, since he possibly dated her for a short while).
    • The group all have a strong hatred of Yuuki Terumi. Akihiko and Shinjiro hate him for bearing similar colors to Shinjiro, and Mitsuru even executed Terumi several times, causing the latter to retaliate by using one of her techniques against her (enjoying it all the while even when frozen to near-death).
  • Exclusive to Makoto:
    • Immediately liked Marth and Aqua for having blue hair just like him. The three remain steadfast allies to this day, seeing the goodness in each other beyond the blue hair.
    • Oddly enough, he is probably the only person in the Pantheon who can, in sense, get Satan and Lucifer to work together, even if this is for one spell (the super-powerful Armageddon). He is less than pleased by this, though. Especially after hearing how big of a mess Yu Narukami got into with the Magical Girl Sisterhood over just Lucifer.
    • He has established a relationship with Zeus after beating him at one point. Much to the latter's annoyance, he could summon him anytime he wants now. However, with Makoto being the only thing keeping Nyx (a deity which Zeus fears) sealed away, Zeus sees Makoto as someone to keep around. Zeus has even made sure that Erebus and Airy will never get anywhere near Makoto. That said, Makoto is royally pissed at Kratos for killing Zeus anyway, regardless of the reason why.
    • Due to his final Arcana, the Universe, Makoto is able to make the miracles "to make the impossible possible". The exact abilities are left to be determined. It is this power that makes even the greatest of Overdeities wary of him.
  • Exclusive to Kotone:
    • As the alternate-universe female self of Makoto Yuki, she gets along well with Artoria, who's also a gender-flipped character reinterpretation of a male hero.
    • Many who met her after ascending, including the non-SEES Persona users in the Pantheon, were surprised at both her existence and how different her personality is from her male counterpart's. While Makoto can best be described as passive, concise, and generally reclusive unless it comes to protecting his friends, this heroine is quite the upbeat and cheerful social butterfly. She especially gets along well with the other Persona users because of this, though.
      • That said, she does have a very similar backstory to Makoto's and tends to hide her suffering and burdens. This tends to worry the other S.E.E.S. members, especially Akihiko and Junpei.
    • Occasionally shows up at the House of Food to bake. Several are surprised at her skill and her ability to rescue burnt creations. Her baking mixed with Ichiraku Ramen is often a favorite dish to both Akihiko and Naruto.
    • Hikari is thrilled to meet Kotone once again. Out of all the members of SEES, she was the closest to Hikari, having formed a bond with her through their shared loneliness. While Hikari is disappointed that the Kotone before her isn't quite the same one, the fact that this Kotone is self-aware and remembers everything the original does is enough to satisfy her. The two occasionally talk and hang out with each other in their spare time.
  • Exclusive to Yukari:
    • Normally, archers tend to be rather calm when it comes to their thing. However, Yukari is a bit more spirited than others in the archery field and is also able to use her Persona, Isis, for support.
    • Gained the attention of Toku Base following her work on Phoenix Featherman Ranger Victory and is being considered to be an honorary member of the group. She gets along with the Gorengers rather well, particularly towards Akira Shinmei and Peggy Matsuyama; the former for being skilled in archery, and the latter for wearing a pink ranger suit.
      • Unfortunately, this made her a target of the Psycho Rangers, especially Psycho Pink, as she played a pink ranger in a sentai work.
    • Incidentally, pink happens to be her favorite color. If one were to take a look at her wardrobe, they would find that her outfits all incorporate the color in some way. There's also the aforementioned pink ranger suit.
    • As the head of the archery club in the House of School, she has become a potential target for Monokuma's potential Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killing. She hates him and his mastermind for causing selfish despair-induced chaos back then and she, alongside the rest of SEES, is making sure his plan doesn't happen.
      • On the other hand, Yukari is happy to see Reika, a member of the archery club, present in the Pantheon.
      • Speaking of killing, Yukari was incensed to hear that the name of her evolved Persona is also being used as an acronym for a real-life terrorist organization. Bring this up to her face if you dare. Because even Yukari will be backed up with the likes of Anubis, Sobek, Osiris and Geb (to name a few) because Isis, the deity, was a relative of theirs as well.
    • She's not that good of a cook, though if anything, she's a bit competent in that regard compared to the creators of the Mystery Food recipies.
    • She is seen alongside Hawkeye & Green Arrow improving her archery skills. She gets along well with the two, alongside other good-aligned archers such as Ashe and Merida.
    • Gets along well with Tommy Oliver, mostly because of the fact that he dated Kimberly Hart, who was also a pink ranger that specialized in archery.
    • In case you are wondering, yes, that bow she uses in Phoenix Featherman Ranger Victory is actually a working weapon, not just a prop.
    • Had a bit of a strange encounter with Yoko Littner. On one hand, the two have something in common. On the other hand, something about Yoko brings to mind Makoto Yuki. The two get along rather well because of that.
    • There was a point in time where she was antagonistic towards the group. She regrets that and would prefer that you don't bring it up.
      • She has heard about the actions of Litchi Faye-Ling and was reminded of the aforementioned instance. Since Yukari realized that her own actions back then were wrong and that Mitsuru was there to comfort her, she hopes that there will be someone to comfort Litchi in regards to her situation.
      • Linking this with the above, on hearing this, Monokuma has declared that IF Yukari enters the High School of Mutual Killing, he'll drive her to be even more blatant in that instance similar to Litchi and more: not just being antagonistic, but being more 'open' in dooming the world just for a chance to bang her lover again. Yukari replied by trying to shoot him and rebuking him, "Nice try, stupid bear, but that doesn't work twice!"
  • Exclusive to Junpei:
    • Many of his followers usually uses this as a chant of praise for him: "Who's da man?? He(Junpei)'s da man!!". It is also necessary to point your finger upwards with your hands stretched up when doing so. Additional chanting of "Tadadada!" is optional.
    • Junpei also makes frequent passes to the Pantheon Academy to also coach the baseball team at times.
    • Once, he used to host a show named 'Junpei Believe It Or Don't', where he tells scary stories based on rumors. Sadly, he had to cease activities of that after hearing the tales of Nyarlathotep and how he can make rumors, especially bad ones, turn into reality. Even Junpei is appalled at him, citing, "Whoa... That Kagutsuchi dude would look like a saint compared to this bastard!"
      • On subject of Nyarlathotep, it seems that Junpei alone felt a rising tension from his Persona whenever Nyarly becomes the subject of talk. He finally recognized that his pre-evolution Persona (Hermes) also used to fight against Nyarlathotep, this information brought by Chronos.
    • Really doesn't like the prospect of a potential apocalypse, because in his words: "If the world ends there won't be any more hot chicks!"
    • Is trying to improve his nickname of 'Ace Defective/Disgraced Detective' by contacting Ryotaro Dojima (via Narukami) so one day, he will be one true AceDETECTIVE
    • With the ascension of his follower, The Scout, both of them often join in the House of Love for the ladies. However, they also accompanied by none other than Babe Ruth.
      • Dokuro was also invited for their nights out, but after a fight between the three broke out to the point the bar shut down the next day to clean the mess, they decided to leave her behind when they went out to hit on girls.
      • All said; they highly respect Dokuro's fighting abilities, even inviting her to spar with them when they want a challenge.
  • Exclusive to Akihiko:
    • Has a Friendly Rivalry with most of the fellow boxers in the Pantheon, with Balrog being the one he doesn't really like.
    • Aside from spending his time on House of Combat, he is known to visit House of Justice in his dream to become a police officer in the future. Whenever or not he became one is in question.
      • At the same time, Mitsuru has been trying to make Akihiko go to the Academy to catch up with his college lessons. So far, it hasn't been the most successful operation to do.
    • Ever since his ascension, he has gained some fangirls gushing about him like in back in his high school years, which he does find a bit irritating.
    • The House of Food has started giving out protein powders to less fit gods in the Pantheon out of Akihiko's request. According to him, protein is the secret to bodybuilding.
    • Has bonded with Naruto over their love of ramen and desire to get stronger. It also helps that his voice reminds Naruto of an old friend. Quite often they've shared a tab of dishes combining Ichiraku Ramen and something baked by Kotone, usually before or after sparring together.
    • After hearing that the Instant Ramen on Bulma's Earth is the most delicious meal in her entire multiverse, Aki sought her out to try some. She directed him to the store where she usually gets it, and he was able to buy a dish himself. He was utterly pleased and grateful to Bulma and her world for existing.
  • Exclusive to Mitsuru:
    • Mitsuru gets along rather well with Elsa. Both even opened up because of the people close to them.
    • Always one to put up a super cool and no-nonsense personality, but she's actually hiding a very warm heart. She usually shows this to her teammates and to people she trusts the most.
    • She is well-feared amongst the Pantheon as she is able to induce a really really horrible fate that would make other beings just want to forget that it ever happened… Thus she keeps in touch with the House of Justice, as she could really think of super-humiliating punishment for those who are Complete Monsters
    • Has a gigantic, indomitable will, she's able to stare and yell at the face of death without fear and is rumoredly able to get away yelling at one rumored to be Nyarlathotep for impersonating her.
    • Coinciding with the fall of Relius Clover, Mitsuru visited Litchi Faye-Ling's house, because she learned that one of the former's 'fashion' assistants based one of her outfit with the latter's. At first, she was cold and stern in reprimanding Litchi from giving in to her selfish desires, but it led to Litchi revealing her ailing status and how much she was in grief over losing her friend that she became desperate. Ignoring that she's actually younger, Mitsuru instead pulled off a Cooldown Hug and promises that she'd stay with her as a friend and it's okay for Litchi to not hide her troubles and say she's not okay, she'll listen. This was due to how much Litchi's grief reminded Mitsuru with a similar problem happening to her friend Yukari and declared that she needs help.
    • Kira Yamato actually stumbled upon her when she was bathing one day, since he got lost in this house while looking for Lacus Clyne. He ends up frozen inside his Gundam for his troubles, but she was kind enough to request Heero to escort him back to his realm. Were it not for her defrosting, she could have killed him with more ice.
    • Aside of strong combat skills, she is fairly good in support role. Just don't think she isn't afraid of using Marin Karin constantly.
    • Despite her Nerves of Steel, there is one thing that will break Mitsuru's composure with relative consistency: doctors, particularly the likes of the Medic, who show a disregard of the Hippocratic Oath. It's been hypothesized that she may have been a victim of her grandfather's experiments as a child, and this led to her phobia. No one dares to ask. Don't think for a second she'll stay frozen with fear when confronted with one, though. She's quick to gather herself, and quicker to Bufudyne the offender with extreme prejudice.
    • She was recently trained by Guile in the art of Charged Attacks and having two special moves. Her keep-calm approach reminds the soldier of his best friend Charlie Nash, who taught him his fighting style. This training came in handy when she and her friends pursued a lead only to walk right into the P-1 Grand Prix tournament.
    • Apparently during the whole fiasco with Hi-No-Kagutsuchi, several shady people has been questioning her badassery, what with spending the majority of time crucified to a cross, with these guys claiming that she's been chickified into a Damsel in Distress. Before she could straight it out, it was fellow 'housemate' Lamia Loveless that stood up for Mitsuru's defense, saying that what happened to her during the fiasco is no different than what happened to her in the ODE Incident, and once freed, Mitsuru resumed whipping Shadows' asses. Both of them has remained in touch ever since, moreso for Mitsuru out of gratitude of Lamia taking care of Aigis before the latter's ascension.
    • Sees much of herself in Parasoul. Though Mitsuru was somewhat embarrassed when she saw Parasoul wearing similar clothing to what Mitsuru wore in High School and that she sounds similar in Japanese.
    • When it comes to terrible food, after seeing Mystery Food X in action, she has combat applications for them in mind, much to the other girl's chagrin.
    • Offered advice on her attitude to another rapier-wielding Ice Queen Weiss Schnee. Mitsuru has been recently opening up to others outside her classmates, hoping to convince Weiss to do the same with her. Of course some of their followers see the two as rivals, demanding a match to decide who's the better duelist.
      • In fact, due to an upcoming battle, there may be a chance that these two can fight. Weiss has been invited, but Mitsuru has yet to receive an invitation. But due to the fights being tag matches, they need a partner. Orie Ballardiae offered her blade to either if she receives an invitation, as did, to the surprise of everybody, Jin Kisaragi, as he admits they do have a familiar fighting style and would work well together.
      • Now, they actually CAN do battle as Mitsuru has received an invitation via DLC.
      • It looks like they'll be doing battle yet again thanks to the interference of Wiz and Boomstick. After getting inspired by overhearing Ruby and Akihiko's tales of their involvement in a certain crossover adventure over milk and protein drinks, making bets on who would win between Weiss and Mitsuru, the orchestrators of DEATH BATTLE! invited the two ice queens to battle it out in their virtual world. The Persona-user proved victorious, earning the Kirijo Group additional research funding.
  • Exclusive to Fuuka:
    • Well known for spending ten hours in Tartarus without any combat abilities, and surviving without severe injury. For comparison, the other members of SEES before she joined can only last for an hour at most before tiring out and needing to retreat. Many were impressed with this.
      • Unlike Rise (and Futaba after her), Fuuka's Persona has exhibited defensive capabilties, and proved capable of protecting herself and anyone inside it from attacks, withstanding one such blow from a Tartarus Full Moon Shadow. It's also exhibited a far larger communications range (certainly greater than Rise's according to the idol) given that unlike the other two, Fuuka doesn't follow right behind her combatant teammates. It can also disrupt signals and hacks, as proven when she interfered with the Malevolent Entity's hacking of Labrys. That said, compared to Himiko (even before she gained a combat form)/Kanzeon/Kouzeon and Necronomicon/Prometheus, Juno is inferior in terms of healing, being more focused on communications.
      • And among other Persona-users in her universe (i.e. not counting the previous world with Tatsuya, Maya, and co.), only she can easily summon her Persona in the real world without an Evoker. Of course, this isn't impressive in the Pantheon as Philemon allowed every Persona-user the same privilege.
    • Apparently, the story of her bad school life prior to getting stuck in Tartarus managed to spread as a scary story, and Yosuke relayed that story to his friends during their skiing trip (with Naoto incidentally corroborating this story from a police report she read once).
    • Gets along well with Yuki Nagato and Ami Mizuno due to their similar personalities. She's interested in Nagato's usage of technology as magic.
    • After overhearing her, many of the Precures thought she sounded kind of familiar, but weren't exactly sure how they knew her. They're on good terms, and she occasionally works with them.
    • Used to be banned from cooking anything without supervision: the Pantheon did not want another Mystery Food X, especially after hearing of the Final Edition that she contributed in. That said, she's not that bad compared to the girls from the Investigation Team (sans Naoto), but getting her involved with them in that regard will spell trouble for the unfortunate schmucks who have to eat their food. But thanks to Shinjiro and Kotone, she's actually getting better.
    • Due to Mikan Tsumiki reminding her a bit of herself, Fuuka decided to visit her and help her. This led to her finding out about the Morality Civil War.
    • While her Persona is named after her Roman counterpart, Hera came to Fuuka regardless one day and felt obligated to promise to aid her should she ask for it. Neither were happy with this arrangement, but Fuuka's since saw the benefits when leery people have since acted cautious around her presence.
    • After one particular TV World trip (by the Investigation Team), ended with yet another new Persona-user, something of special note came to their attention. Unlike the usual, combat-oriented (be it physical, magical, healing, or status) Personas, their client, Tomoyo Daidouji, acquired a Persona that was more oriented for support (despite minoring in combat just like Rise's Himiko's combat form), just like Fuuka, Rise, and Futaba. Given that they're the only ones with such Personas (barring (Insert Name Here) on very rare occasions), they've had to become her tutors, leading to all of them becoming closer. As a side effect, having heard of Fuuka's hacking skills (down to repairing a video that was doctored by a third party), Futaba decided to also teach her a few more skills on the side.
  • Exclusive to Aigis:
    • A Robot Girl built to combat Shadows, Aigis has a personality, which at first was rather clumsy but she eventually grew to behave like a real human because of her bonds with her friends.
    • She quickly grew to be friends with KOS-MOS, feeling like they share similarities. She has even gone so far to even call her one of her "sisters". She also kept good contact with Lamia Loveless, whom she used to be a former high priestess for.
      • Aigis would also meet with "Q"Spoiler , and quickly grew a sibling bond with him as well, becoming a big sister figure to him. She is just as protective of Q as Yu is to Nanako, and she occasionally goes to Yu for advice.
    • She really needs some help with her armor. She has this in common with Zero, which X quickly noted when she met the two Maverick Hunters and helped them in a battle against Vile and a couple of berserk mechaniloids. That said, while Zero's defense is more vulnerable in general, hers is simply fairly weak to counterattacks.
    • Aigis actually possesses a huge array of different weapons than her position might suggest. She just prefers to keep things as they are now.
    • For some reason, the moment she scanned upon Nu-13, Aigis felt a strangely dark urge to declare the robot a threat to all beings. Her suspicion was confirmed when she discovered her backstabbing towards Ragna the Bloodedge, and at that point, Aigis has put herself in line to combat her.
      • Because of this, she does seem supportive towards Lambda-11. At the very least, Aigis feels pity towards her: though Aigis was built for combat, she was given some emotions (even if it was just so that she can summon a Persona), whereas Lambda has no such luxury. Where she cannot do much with her, she wishes that someday she will get something resembling emotions.
    • She was very happy to see her prototype sister Labrys ascended to the Pantheon. Her compassion for Labrys is similar to what it is with Lambda, except for a different reason: both were part of the Kirijo Group's Anti-Shadow android program, but Labrys was one of the less-refined prototypes and in fact was forced to kill all of her fellow sisters. Rather than not having any emotions, Labrys had been overwhelmed by them and manipulated because of them, only overcoming due to the intervention of SEES and the Investigation team. Aigis is making it one of her missions to look out for Labrys, as are both Yu and Mitsuru, much to her joy. She's also happy to see that Labrys is friends with Lambda and the Maverick Hunters too.
    • She, along with Labrys and Lambda, recently got invited to join a faction called Liberion Arcadia, which had been in the works for awhile as both an advocacy and research group as well as a resistance unit for freedom-loving robots to aid the Pantheon against an increasing row of mechanical threats. Realizing this could help them with gaining antibodies to the Sigma Virus, Aigis encouraged Labrys and Lambda to join this team and accompanied them in accepting the offer, though she herself couldn't be a member as her duties with the Shadow Operatives were too time-consuming.
      • Despite her declining, she has her share of friends in that organization. Sage Harpuia assured her that he's available if she ever needs help. Also, she was pleased to see 2B, who she and a few other female androids had befriended upon her ascension, had joined as well shortly after the group went public.
    • In regards to certain questions about Shadows, Nyx, etc, She and a simulacra of Shuji have answers for them, and she will direct you to them to the following links]].
  • Exclusive to Ken:
    • He is both frightened and hateful of Goro Akechi as he found that he would be a lot like him if he hadn't given up on his revenge against Shinjiro, not helpedd by the fact they both bear the Justice Arcana. He did once speak on amicable terms with Akechi during their adventure in the World of Movies, though that was before he learned of Akechi's crimes, and even then he does feel a newfound pity for him.
    • His initial Persona was Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance, which manifested when Ken was fueled to avenge his mother. However, he has since moved on and it transfigured to Kala-Nemi upon accepting his new determination to live for his mother's and Shinji's sacrifice. Though he is capable of summoning Nemesis to his will, he is very reluctant to use her power because of his foolish and self-destructive vengeance.
      • As a result, Ken usually does not want to meet anyone from the House of Vengeance as they often bring up his hatred in which he tries to outgrow. In fact, even he is even freaked out by some vengeful gods who motive and act of revenge is even crazier than his.
      • He was given a talk by David Xanatos on how he considers revenge a waste of time and to see a youth seeking such is a waste of life. Considering how revenge brought more heartache than it is worth, Ken agrees with him.
      • He encountered Scar (the man, not the lion), who was almost like him in his path of vengeance and later abandoning it. Scar became a bit of a mentor to him as he grew stronger and continued moving past his issues.
    • Some noted his dramatic growth spurt from a young boy to a teenager standing five feet tall. It is suggested that he has been drinking his milk, in spite of his lactose intolerance. Some also think he looks fairly similar to Yosuke now. No Investigation Team or Shadow Operative members have commented on this.
    • Ken likes animals, as he has several pets like a hamster, a goldfish, and even taking in Koromaru. He like many of the dogs and puppies in the Pantheon as they remind him of Koromaru, especially Hachiko due to their similarities.
    • Ken is a fan of Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, as much as he doesn't want to admit it because of his maturity. He befriended Deku Midoriya because of their love for superheroes, especially since the latter wanted to be a hero himself.
      • It also doesn't stop him from liking the Kamen Riders, the Super Sentai, and the Power Rangers in secret due to their similarity to Phoenix Ranger Featherman R.
    • There are a lot in the fanbase who hate him for various reasons, and so gets along with Ron Weasley.
    • Having been the youngest known Persona-user in his world (though not youngest to awaken; that honor goes to Mitsuru, and not counting non-biologicals like Aigis), Ken was surprised to hear of arguably younger Persona-users in the Pantheon like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Human Child, and fellow bearer of the Justice Arcana, Nanako Dojima.
      • It got to the point that he is now tutoring Nanako on how to use their Persona and be able to fight off any future threats. He had no idea what to think about how they managed to stay alive in the "Tarot Crusaders" incident.
      • Both of them also felt awkward when he discovered that Nanako's birthday and the day Ken's mother died are the same: October 4th.
  • Exclusive to Koromaru:
    • Initially, Koromaru was just the herald to Ken, having been adopted by him sometime between the events of the Dark Hour incident and the P-1 climax. However, once the members of SEES became the collective Gods of the Hidden Hour, he was finally allowed to ascend properly. His teammates all rejoiced.
    • Koromaru got along with several canine deities like himself. He gets along with Hachiko (who like him is a Loyal Animal Companion to their deceased master), Pongo & Peridita, Lady & the Tramp (he also supports their relationships), Clifford (Koromaru is not afraid of his size), and Courage (who is loyal to his still alive owner Muriel, but lost his parents). Koromaru would also become a Big Brother Mentor for Chibiterasu.
    • Koromaru outright loathes Cruella De Vil for how she tried to skin dalmatian puppies for the sake of a fur coat. If he ever sees her, he'll be sure to give her a piece of his mind.
    • Koromaru once met Goro Akechi in the World of Movies, and the two actually enjoyed each other's company. Koromaru does learn of Akechi's crimes, but rather than turn hostile, he is shown to be saddened by the path he took.
  • Exclusive to Shinjiro:
    • Woke up in a hospital bed one day in the Pantheon. This is because when he apparently died after taking two bullets for Ken, his soul was actually taken up into a room in the Ward half of the Health and Diseases house that was both magically sealed off with an Invisible Wall and covered up with your typical hospital curtains. There, he rested and was able to witness the ascensions of the rest of SEES, including Akihiko's, through an endless dream. One day Tony Tony Chopper was running around when he suddenly passed the boundary of the wall; once he realized it and figured the wall was gone, Chopper finally peeked inside the drapes and saw Shinjiro, then told Retsu Unohana, who proceeded to heal him. He woke up and was discharged from the Pantheon's hospital before joining his friends.
    • Like Kanji, he's considered a nicer counterpart of Jin Kisaragi. They don't get along very well. Shinji's previous history with someone named Jin doesn't exactly help matters.
    • Is aware that he shares his nickname with Shinji Ikari. Surprisingly, he's joined the group of people trying to improve Ikari's life. It helps that he sounds like Ken...
    • No one is quite sure how he's developed such an Odd Friendship with Keiichi Maebara, though more than one conversation between the two has made passersby turn their heads in confusion.
    • Shinjiro gained Spider-Man's sympathy and respect for a very odd reason: much like his Aunt May, Shinjiro peacefully accepted a mundane death that should've been preventable if only his friends hadn't forgotten their healing.
    • Once visited the House of Canines around the same time as Riza Hawkeye. Seeing her there, he was content to let her handle the interaction with the dogs, but Krypto noticed him and barked invitingly while Chibiterasu just straight up ran over to him, so he couldn't avoid joining in. Shortly after leaving, he found himself at an alleyway where he ran into a red-eyed Scarred Man who for some reason had a similar but less despondent look in his eyes. Annoyed, he picked a fight with the man and got his ass kicked…but the man smiled after the fight and told him to get stronger. A couple of days later, he was approached by Roy Mustang, who had done some research on him after hearing about his run-ins with both Hawkeye and Scar and discovered the reasons behind his jerkass façade, namely his inner guilt over accidentally killing Ken's mother. Mustang encouraged the young man, telling him he's too hard on himself and there are lots of others here who've done far worse than he did. He would challenge Akihiko every single day for the next three weeks.
    • Once took part in a group picture also including Kanji Tatsumi, Eikichi Mishina, and Reiji Kido. When asked how they know each other aside from the whole Persona team business, his reply was rough but vague.
    Shinji: Guys meet up in the streets sometimes. Now quit bugging me so much.

Lesser Gods

    Ash Williams 
Ashley J. "Ash" Williams, God of Bringing Modern Weaponry to the Past (The Chosen One, Strange One, Good Ash, The Guy with the Gun, The King, Captain Supermarket, El Jefe, Bruce)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Boomstick and Chainsaw in a crossed manner.
  • Theme Music: Ash's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with strong leanings to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Byronic Anti Heroic Action Survivor, BOOMSTICKS!!! (in other words, shotguns), Chainsaws, Clever Quips, From A Coward to Committing Feats of Badassery And Being More Dickish, Grooviness, Losing His Right Hand But Later Gets Replacements, Jaded Heroes, Improvised Inventions
  • Domains: Courage, Mechanus, Wrath
  • Followers: Genya Shinazugawa
  • Heralds: Mia Allen, Pablo Bolivar, Kelly Maxwell and Brandy Barr-Williams
  • Allies: All good-aligned Mortal Kombat deities, Indiana Jones, Dr. Olivia Moore, Futaba Sakura, Pascal, Brock Samson, Guy Shishioh, Guts, Winry Rockbell, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Josuke Higashikata, Piglet, Horace Slughorn, Crono, Sabrina Spellman, Fin Shepard
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash the Undying and the rest of the GUAD, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Liu Kang, Kitana, Handsome Jack, Negan, The two Baals, the Baker family, Eveline, Albert & Alex Wesker, Alexia Ashford, Goro Akechi, Marcello, The Dahaka, Lavos, Lord Djibril, Muruta Azrael, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Evan McMillan
  • Commonality Connection with: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Respects: Sam
  • Pitied by: Rory Williams-Pond
  • Opposes: Claptrap, Xena
  • Friendly Rivalry: Recette Lemongrass, Apu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mordred
  • On Good Terms With: Most gods from Marvel Comics, Boomstick
  • Ashley J. Williams was just a guy who was hanging out with his friends and sister at a cabin in the woods playing a tape that recites the Necronomicon... okay, not the smartest move for them, which is why they all died from that, leaving Ash as the Sole Survivor. Since then, he dedicated the remainder of his life hunting down Deadites that now plague his hometown. Though his adventure to the medieval times is more infamous in everyone's eyes, earning Ash the trope of This Is My Boomstick because he shown his shotgun (which he calls his 'boomstick') to the villagers, winning them over and codifying it for future stories.
    • A Deadite invasion landed in the Trope Pantheons one day and there were too many to handle for the heroic defenders at the time. At the time, Ash was unascended but he nonetheless helped them fend the Deadites off until their numbers shrink. The Court of the Gods commend him for that and grant him the aforementioned title so that he can keep fighting off future Deadite invasions.
  • His boomstick... let him show you it. Just don't try to shake his hand.
  • Got pissed when he found out that Nekron and Nagash were leaders of the Pantheon's undead and their organization, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction which seeks to eradicate all of life. They laughed at his accusations of them being responsible behind Deadite attacks both pantheonic and mortal though they have no problem calling them over.
    • However, one undead actually befriended Ash and it's Dr. Olivia Moore who assures him that where she's from, her zombies are nothing like Deadites. Ash is very grateful for her help considering her ability to gain memories from eating brains (which Ash does find weird), though his reactions to said ability's side effects of adopting personalities depends on the brain's owner.
  • Is one of the few gods who has faced off against both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees at the same time. Now that the two found out Ash is here, they decided to put off their rivalry and find a way to get rid of him for eternity.
  • Because he has triumphed over Freddy and Jason, the good aligned deities from the Mortal Kombat series are grateful for his presence and Ash himself is amazed that they save their world a number of times. It won't be long before he decided to enter their universe in the mortal realm.
    • They also warned him of the threats posed by Shinnok and Quan Chi, who rule over the undead of their world. Ash obviously doesn't like them one bit and swears to put buckshots on their faces when the time comes.
    • He was also disappointed to hear that Liu Kang and Kitana have turned their back on Earthrealm and fully embraced their new evil side. Ash ended up recalling bad memories of Evil Ash and not wanting a repeat, readies himself for their advances.
  • Artix von Krieger is a big fan of his and the two are currently in a battle to see who can maul the most undead. The war is still ongoing. Indiana Jones also got along with Ash for sharing a knack for spontaneous plans, who tells Dr. Jones that the Necronomicon is not worth archiving; Jones actually agrees with him, considering that the Ark of the Covenant is just as dangerous.
  • Has respect for Sam and quickly defended him from Claptrap's insults during a game of poker in the Inventory. Despite having newfound sympathies for Claptrap who despite working for Handsome Jack gets treated badly regardless to the point of losing his fellow units, Ash still doesn't fully accept his behaviour. Speaking of Jack, Ash now hates him for the same reasons as everyone else after hearing from not just Claptrap but other deities expressing their displeasure towards the CEO of Hyperion.
    • Also learned that he is somehow a distant relative of one former bounty hunter that goes by the name of Brock Samson, who is a follower of Guy Shishioh, shares his name with his dad and sometimes plays poker with them as well. Ash is glad that Brock finally ascends and together they slay numerous undead mooks... whether anyone will like it or not. Guy Shishioh himself commends Ash for being brave against the odds of horrors trying to kill him and destroy his hometown.
  • Also has run amok against zombie versions of the Marvel gods, who actually hold no grudge on Ash given that zombie will be a hassle to deal with in the main universe.
    • On top of that and hunting Deadites, he got along with other zombie slayers like Tallahassee, Lee Everett, Clementine, Rick Grimes, the survivors of the Green Flu, Chris & Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. All Zombie Apocalypse survivors need to stick together after all. He even hunt zombies every once in a while in Raccoon City as a recreational activity.
    • Being an ally of said survivors also entitles him to the same enemies. Ash can't forgive Negan for what he did to Rick and his fellow survivors, he finds the Bakers to be absolutely twisted and avoids going into their house if necessary, Eveline herself is another story and the Weskers' respective plans of dominating the world and finding immortality are no different than the demons from Ash's universe. Alexia Ashford gets a special mention; the thought of using offspring as a weapon just disgust Ash greatly.
      Ash: Man... you are One Bad Mother.
    • He is alarmed that there are two other Baals in the Pantheons. They may not be the same Baal from his world, but Ash will be ready to stop them especially if one of them has unlimited power. And since he has experience in deafeating Kandar the Destroyer, Ash joins Crono and his gang to defeat Lavos and his attempts of destroying the Pantheons. It helps that both Crono and Ash are involved in Time Travel.
    • At first, he was wary of Sabrina Spellman and her mistake of starting a zombie apocalypse, despite knowing that she means well and didn't mean it. But then, he found out that she is legitimately remorseful for that action and is looking for atonement. Not wanting be as heartless as the next person, Ash lends her an ear even relating to his own mistakes of unleashing the Deadites throughout his life.
  • Despite being Madden Into Misanthropy, Ash would never want omnicide on humanity; he's just very jaded from his time killing Deadites. This leads him into hating Sensui and Lysandre for wanting to kill all humans, making them just as bad as the Evil Dead.
  • Boomstick visited him to check out Ash's... boomstick once when on the search for weapons. Ash doesn't mind Boomstick, hell he even requested to be on DEATH BATTLE! soon.
    • Speaking of boomsticks, there happens to be a goddess of Boomsticks; Pascal. They meet up and Ash is amazed that a staff that shoots magical blasts of energy can exist, cementing their alliance. Pascal is a bit irked that he still consider it a shotgun, though.
  • He has also crossed paths with Guts and has noted their similarities; they both lost their hands (though in Ash's case, he has a chainsaw replacing his hand while Guts has a cannon replacing his arm) and fight supernatural entities. He also wonders if his gigantic sword is Compensating for Something.
    • Speaking of his adventure in the Middle Ages, he reunited with Arthur Pendragon, who happened to have memories of said adventure and was previously called 'Lord Arthur'. Arthur can't help but feel delighted with Ash's ascension and likewise, Ash is surprised that Arthur now can hold on his own, arguably even more powerful than Ash. Artoria is also introduced to Ash; she does not approve of his current behaviour and previous mistakes but that has not stop her from being impressed at his feats of defeating threats stronger than him.
    • Ever since losing his hand which ended up getting an evil mind of its own, he has been using replacement hands over the years aside of his chainsaw; a medieval mechanical one, a wooden one, a robotic one built out of a Nintendo Power Glove and a natural-looking bionic hand. He does visit Winry Rockbell every once in a while for maintenance, who is more than happy to do so since she often maintain Ed's arm back then.
    • In one doomed timeline, Ash drank a potion that makes him use The Slow Path back to his present day... but he slept for too long, rendering his journey useless. Despite not experiencing it he still has nightmares over it, earning the sympathy of Rory Williams-Pond who feels bad about Ash since he himself also took the slow path but it ended on a good note for him. The Dahaka fully oppose Ash since he intervened in the past for too long, though in Ash's defense it wasn't his idea; he was just thrown into the past.
  • Has heard of a girl who has something to do with the Necronomicon, which leads him to said girl named Futaba Sakura who told him that no, the Necronomicon is not in her possession; just a Persona that shares its name. Ash still hangs out with her anyways since she reminds him of his little sister, Cheryl. Futaba's dad, Sojiro is a little weirded out by Ash's presence but nonetheless treats him like another regular customer.
  • Ash loves his job at S-Mart and has been working there as its most well-known employee before losing it and ended up getting a terrible job at a Value Stop. Nonetheless, he managed to get an S-Mart outlet for a non-slaying day job. From this he gained Friendly Rivals in Recette Lemongrass and Apu; the three maintain a competition to see who gets more profits than the others.
  • He once married and knocked up a woman named Candy Barr, who then sired Brandy. After their reunion, Ash tries to make up for her lost time by taking care of her while fighting the Evil Dead and still does so as she becomes one of his Heralds. To understand the plight of illegitimate children, Ash hangs out with Josuke Higashikata, who gave him the right perspective of a bastard growing up. Of course, this makes Ash opposes the evil illegimate children Goro Akechi and Marcello, who take their upbringings very badly. Artoria's kid, Mordred while usually pleasant, her twisted love for her 'father' is where Ash draws his line.
    Ash: At least Brandy's not like this...
  • Before he mans himself up, he was a coward back then and lapse back into one every time he gets discouraged. Because of this, he hates Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril for reminding him of what a pathetic man he used to be. He admired and later befriended Horace Slughorn and Piglet for being brave at least once despite their perpetual unconfidence.
  • Despite Xena meaning no harm to him nor anyone else, Ash can't help but be reminded of Ruby Knowby, who is the true author of the Necronomicon.
  • Recently, a Deadite sharknado has landed in the House of Weapons. Amidst the blades, bludgeons, bullets, blasters, and bombs, Ash came in chainsaw running, boomstick blazing and snarks aplenty. This incident led him to bump into Fin Shepard, who had experience in fighting sharknadoes. Seeing the two snark it up while blowing and hacking Deadite sharks is quite a sight and the two became good friends after that.
  • Has been seen with Spider-Man on a few occasions. Rumors abound as to why, but a few believe it's the machinations of a certain mortal...
    • He's also keeping an eye of a potential successor in the form of Mia Allen...
  • "Hail to the King, baby!"
  • Also found in Other Weapon Tropes.

    Boris the Animal 
Boris, God of Loathing His Past Self (Boris the Animal)
Boris in 2012 (left) and 1969 (right)
Click here  for his true form (spoilers)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His symbiote Weasel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Monstrous Humanoid, Hates Being Called "Boris the Animal" And His Lost Arm, Large Ham, Evil Sounds Deep, Despising His Younger Self (the feeling's mutual), Psycho for Hire, For the Evulz, Last of an Incorrigible Kind, Obviously Evil, Goggles Do Nothing, Spike Shooter, Changing History For the Worse, Among the Worst the Men In Black Have Dealt With, Eyeless Face
  • Domains: Violence, Spikes, Alien Invasion, Slaughter, Time Travel
  • Banned from: The House of Love and Affection
  • Allies: Gauron, Fenrir Greyback, SCP-106, Eobard Thawne, Dark Danny
  • Psycho for Hire to: Black Doom, The Grox, The Harvesters, General Zod, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Agent K and Agent J, Griffin, The SCP Foundation, The Imperium of Man, Felonius Gru, Kal-El/Superman, Ragnaros the Firelord, Jack Horner, Polpo, John Connor, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, The T-800 (Uncle Bob), Danny Fenton, every deity related to the Moon, Future Trunks, the Doctor, Chronoa, James T Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Fox McCloud, the Doctor's TARDIS, Doc Brown, Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou, Barry Allen, Clockwork
  • Opposes: Everyone else in the House of Prophecy
  • Commonality Connection with: The Tyranids, Tamatoa
  • Boris the Animal is the last of the Boglodites, a parasitic alien race who ravage planet after planet. Brought down by the Arc Net Shield, once he escaped from the LunarMax Prison he stole a time travel device to go back to 1969 and ensure it's never deployed. And he would've succeeded had Agent J not followed him. Boris proves to be a violent maniac who'll kill for little (if any reason), and packed with spikes to shoot making him a fearsome opponent.
  • There are two Borises in the pantheon-his 1969 and 2012 self. The 2012 Boris takes charge, and despises his younger self as a failure waiting to happen. It's so bad self-preservation is the only reason he doesn't try and kill the other Boris. The 1969 Boris doesn't think highly of his future self either, since he lived through his failures. This and being completely off his rocker led him to become a good friend of Dark Danny, who also hates his young self and refrained from killing him solely to not die. The main difference being unlike Danny, the two Borises are basically the same person.
  • Given the younger and older Boris have barely changed in personality, most think he's either projecting his anger at his failures on another version of himself, or is simply so psychopathic and hate-filled he can't even stand another version of himself. Flash Thompson, Ichiru and Ryoku Satou look down on him for not being able to make peace with his past and grow as a result.
  • Both versions have some kinship towards Eobard Thawne as they make history go horribly wrong. More so the older Boris, as they're both thoroughly horrible people who're willing to cause catastrophic events just to satisfy themselves. His villainous meddling with the time machine caught the ire of the Reverse-Flash's arch-nemesis Barry Allen. It also got the attention of Clockwork, who Boris is planning to pillage his temple for more powerful time travel devices. That, and a way he could possibly murder his past self without it erasing him.
  • The older Boris lost an arm, and it's a very touchy subject. Staring at it will set off his Hair-Trigger Temper, and both of him are even more pissed off at those who call him "Boris the Animal" (IT'S JUST BORIS!). Pointing out that he doesn't do himself any favors gets him even more pissed off, yelling "I'm a violent psychopath, but I'm still intelligent!" Fenrir Greyback related to this, as while he represents the worst stereotypes about werewolves showing Fantastic Racism towards him sets him off. Also, they're violent lunatics, so they get along.
  • Doesn't like the House of Prophecy because of the role the visionary Griffin had in his defeat. That, and skilled prophets are a counter to malevolent time travellers. And he flat-out hates every single deity who is related to or in charge of the Moon in some way. He spent over 40 years in prison on the moon, and 2012 Boris died falling into the exhaust of a launching Apollo 11. He's interested in Felonius Gru because of his shrink ray shrinking the Moon, and he wants to use it.
  • Finds the SCP Foundation to be similar to the Men in Black, which combined with their skill at sealing monsters like him away pisses him off something fierce. He's tried to break out SCP-106 as they both have a love of violence and causing pain to others. He also hates Jack Horner and Polpo, for living it up in prison. As far as he's concerned, he was treated like an animal on the Moon.
  • Him and his race is near the top of the Imperium of Mankind's shit list, and it's very easy to see why; his violent nature epitomizes the negative view they have on aliens, tried to destroy his Earth's planetary defenses and his race loots planet after planet like the Tyranids. Boris notices the Tyranids as being similar to his own kind, even being able to weaponize their body, but far more physiologically adept at harvesting worlds. He isn't going to work with them because they're animalistic, but admires them somewhat.
  • Considers his race to be similar to the Harvesters, possible even inspired from. They found his talents rather useful and have hired Boris to take out planetary defenses and prepare them for their invasion. Black Doom hired Boris for the same reasons, as did the Grox-the Boglodites wouldn't want the inhospitable worlds they live anyway, so they're safe with him plundering habitable worlds that might pose a threat. As a Psycho for Hire, him and Gauron get along.
  • Proves the right kind of psychopath that Emperor Palpatine, General Zod and Sir Isaac Westcott can use to do dirty work with without him being Stupid Evil and going against them as well. Jean-Luc Picard and Fox McCloud recognize him as being similar to the Borg and Aparoids respectively, and they're not happy with that combined with how absolutely depraved he is. The House of Love and Affection hates him for callously disposing of his girlfriend once he no longer needed her.
  • John Connor and his friends find Boris to be similar to the first T-800, being a time-travelling monster trying to change history so humanity is destroyed. Naturally, he, Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and the heroic T-800 oppose him. He's also the enemy to anyone who protects the timestream and the Earth as a whole, such as the Doctor. He'd really like to steal his TARDIS and Doc Brown's time machine.
  • His main weapon is an insect-like symbiote called Weasel, who he can recall to his hollow right hand. It's his main source of spikes. He may have had another symbiote in his left arm, but doesn't want anyone to talk about it. He doesn't like Ragnaros the Firelord for derogatorily calling it, and by extension him "INSECTS!", as he finds it just as offensive as being called "The Animal". He also has a fondness for riding motorbikes.
  • Felt some sort of connection to Tamatoa, and while Boris was not amused at seeing a voice similar to his coming out of a jolly if giant crab, he now wonders if he can convince Tamatoa to help him in one of his evil missions.
  • The 1969 Boris got killed off early by Agent K, erasing 2012 Boris who now only exists in the Trope Pantheon. He hates his past self even more for getting himself killed early, instead of learning from the experience.


Lucina, Goddess of Future Children ("Marth", Foreseer, Warrior from a Doomed Future, Defiant of Destiny, Future Witness, Emblem of Awakening)
As "Masked Marth" 
  • Lesser Goddess, Intermediate Goddess as an Emblem
  • Symbol: The brand of the Exalt, or her Parallel Falchion
  • Theme Songs: You May Call Me "Marth", Rival when fighting
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Evil as a Dark Emblem
  • Portfolio: Samus Is a Girl, Adorkable, The Comically Serious, When She Smiles, being a Bifauxnen, Dead Person Impersonation, Time Travel, Set Right What Once Went Wrong, Broken Bird, Breakout Character, Daddy's Girl
  • Domains: Disguise, Renown, Identity
  • Heralds: The other Future Children (Inigo, Brady, Kjelle, Cynthia, Severa, Gerome, Morgan, Yarne, Laurent, Noire)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Grima, Galeem and Dharkon, Eobard Thwane/Reverse Flash, Randall Ross, The Dahaka, Acnologia, The Fatalis Line, Smaug, Sindragosa, Deathwing, King Ghidorah, Nightmare, Dark Danny, Porky Minch, SHOCKER, Malekith, Xehanort, Skynet, The Gyaos, Ridley, Ganondorf, Aku, Dr. Zomboss, Biff Tannen
  • Opposes: Homura Akemi
  • Pities: Nox, Old Joseph Simmons
  • Friendly Rivalry: Captain Falcon
  • Baffled by: Crazy Dave
  • Lucina was the daughter of Chrom, born in to King Chrom of Ylisse and his wife in a world that was soon ravaged by the self-proclaimed Fell Dragon Grima. Chrom was killed by a close comrade and soon his wife followed suit dying in the war. Her parents' deaths prompted Lucina to eventually travel back in time to kill Grima before the Fell Dragon could rise to power, saving both her family and the world. Followed by Grima from the future, Lucina nearly fell along with her friends and father, but eventually the heroes of Ylisse won and Grima was vanquished forever.
  • When Lucina's entire identity was proven to be a massive change and a big twist in her father's and Robin's adventure it gave the Court of Gods the idea to eventually ascend her under Kid from the Future. Once done, she had a heartwarming reunion with him, the two glad to see each other again after so long.
  • Upon learning of Lucina's presence in the Pantheon, Robin reunited with Lucina, much to both of their joy. No one is completely sure which gender Robin is nor what the relationship between Robin and Lucina is. Friends? Lovers? Parent and time-displaced child? Different gods have asked Lucina, but there have been differing reports of her answers, some even rumor that there are multiple Lucinas each accounting for a different relationship to Robin but having the same personality.
  • Still remains in a small rivalry with Captain Falcon. He's apologized for attacking them and her father that time, so their rivalry is now more lighthearted, as he was impressed when they showed their "moves" in battle and she and Robin managed to give him a really hard time. Falcon himself was also as happy as she was to see Chrom entering the Smash Bros competition, with father and daughter as well as Robin ready to have a rematch with the Captain with a little more formality this time around.
  • She was very excited to learn that Hero King Marth himself is in the Pantheon. Since everything was cleared up, Marth's has not been quite sure how to take this given her impersonation of him, regardless, he is glad that his descendant ended up as good a person as she is, though. From time to time they'll spar to test how good each other is at fighting and for Marth to stealthily teach her any techniques he thinks she might lack.
  • Her belief that hope will never die has made her a friend of Madoka Kaname, as the Magical Girl is representative of Hope and is a strong fighter for her own dreams of a world filled with hope and stopping all suffering forever. Due to her alliance with Madoka, she's come to pity and oppose Homura Akemi, as the latter's goals of overriding Madoka's own wish for an admittedly selfish love did not sit well with Lucina.
  • Learned that she's not so different from Link, who also wore masks to impersonate people in one timeline. Outside of it, the two became close friends after learning of each other's adventures in time travel and their status as swordfighters who fought against evil entities who spread misery and chaos. Likewise, their encounters in the Smash Bros tournament also contributed to them becoming friends. Due to her similar experiences to Link, including disguising herself as Sheik to protect herself from Ganondorf, Zelda became allies with Lucina.
  • Was unbelievably horrified to learn that Grima is alive in the Pantheon, but is aware that he is thankfully not as capable as he once was. She knows that she, Chrom, Robin, and their allies can stop him again. Moreso thanks to having allied with the likes of Kirby, Bayonetta, Sonic and others who've fought deities as powerful or more than Grima and defeated them which has made her more confident to take a more direct approach against Grima.
  • Hates evil dragons of all kinds, especially those who desire to destroy it all or destroy nations to plunder them. Among these stood out Fatalis, as the misanthropic dragon wants all other lifeforms exterminated and as such has an evil will to match Grima's. As Smaug and Deathwing have devastated entire Kingdoms and enjoy every second of their work, they also became enemies with Lucina. Finally there's King Ghidorah as the sadistic space dragon has destroyed countless planets for the sake of entertaining himself. This last enmity also gained her an ally in Mothra Leo, who also time-travelled to ensure that the King Ghidorah of his time didn't come into existence, though Leo faile in this regard, he still got to incapacitate Ghidorah and eventually gain strength by staying in the past until he could match Ghidorah's own and destroy him for good.
  • For her actions in changing the Bad Future of her world through time travel, she has earned the ire of the The Dahaka, which has taken upon itself to hunt her down. In spite of its power, Lucina refuses to lose against it, and her allies will help out whenever it tries to single her out, with Lucina at the front standing her ground and fighting back with no fear of the time entity. Clockwork, who manages time, saw no problem in her actions and has let her be, with a simple warning not to go overboard with it for the sake of preventing fractures in time.
  • Due to her past, she's not one to understand levity, and Cannot Tell a Joke. Ocasionally she finds herself frustrated over others not taking her seriously or making fun of her tendencies to unintentionally be silly, an ally of hers, Meta Knight ended bonding with her over this as he also struggled with being taken seriously at times due to his cute appearance (much to his own chagrin). Meta Knight has also related to her experiences with being the only survivor of her group of friends/family in a war waged against a malevolent deity as he himself was one of the few surviving Star Warriors who fought against the tyrannical Nightmare in another universe, and for years spent thinking he was the only one left, with only until recently having found out that others survived as well. They had a lot to talk about regarding being alone after losing everyone they cared for and feeling on the brink of despair yet soldiering on to protect peace.
  • Has befriended Artoria Pendragon over how they both pretended to be men at one point in their lives, watched their respective kingdoms fall into destruction and despair (albeit for different reasons), and how they traveled through time to prevent those futures from happening (though Lucina is glad that Arturia didn't follow through with her plan). They often spend time either sparring together or talking about their worlds or their respective friends (who may be more) Robin and Shirou.
    • Another ally made over the issue of disguising as a woman was Mulan as the warrior woman took the place of her father when war broke out in China to protect him from dying in the battlefield due to his old age making him unfit for battle. Lucina was glad to hear that Mulan successfully saved her father and became a hero to all of China as a whole after defeating Shan Yu, even saving the Emperor from death.
  • She befriended Barry/The Flash over both travelling through time to save their parents. Though in Barry's case he ultimately had to let fate run its course, he was moved to hear that Lucina succeeded in saving her father in a way. For this alliance she became enemies with Reverse Flash who is a deprived speedster also capable of changing time and that has haunted Barry for a long time.
    • Just like with Barry, she befriended Silver the Hedgehog and Future Trunks over their similar circumstances in regards to traveling through time to save their loved ones. She felt bad for Trunks once she knew that thanks to Zamasu he lost everything he had worked for and had to move to a different timeline to live in after Zamasu forced Zeno to destroy the entirety of his original timeline.
    • Since he had been unintentionally removed from his time period and had to fight a great evil like her, Lucina befriended Samurai Jack, with an added bonus being her swordfighting skill. Just like Lucina and her allies did with Grima, Jack was eventually able to vanquish his enemy, Aku. Lucina was glad to hear about it. Initially she felt bad hearing that Jack lost Ashi, but recently it seems she managed to persist and eventually married Jack with nothing separating them again.
    • Given that both Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to the past and future to make things that went wrong right, they befriended Lucina, with Brown curious about how her actions changed the future for the better. For being allies with them, she became enemies with Biff Tannen, as the cruel bully hijacked their time machine for the purpose of creating a future where he rules with an iron fist, ruining Marty's life in the process and trying to kill both him and Brown when they tried to reverse his changes.
    • As he and the Taros take care of fixing time anomalies, Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O initially had an odd approach to Lucina given her time-travel shenanigans, however given that she intended to do good with them, he forgave her for it and befriended her, even congratulating her for trying to fix a Bad Future and eventually succeeding at it.
    • For kickstarting a Bad Future and trying to preserve it, Dark Danny earned Lucina's ire, especially with his sadism and his cruelty towards all other living beings. Dark Danny was cruel enough to mock her inability to ultimately protect her parents in her own timeline and how she nearly screwed up her own attempts to fix things. Danny Phantom himself has allied with Lucina over this shared enemy.
    • Originally she was curious to hear of Crazy Dave's time travel adventure when she believed that he had gone back in time to stop the zombie invasion of various timelines by Dr. Zomboss alongside the Player and the Bloom and Doom Plants, however she was caught off-guard by the revelation that Dave's encounters with Zomboss were purely a coincidence and that he had originally gone back in time to eat a taco again. Needless to say, her view of him went from 100 to 0 really quickly, and was pretty baffled as to why anyone would use time travel and potentially endanger the space-time continuum for the sake of a taco.
  • Recently, Lucina has been spotted in the world of Elyos as an Emblem, a spirit housed within a ring that grants great power to the wielder. It remains to be seen if this power can be awakened in the Pantheon.
  • Also one of the Heroic Protectors of Family

     Mitsuha Yamano 
Mitsuha Yamano, Goddess Of Providing Modern Conveniences To A Less Civilized World (Messenger of Lightning, Mitsuha Von Yamano, Viscountess Mitsuha)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Gold Coin with a dragon engraved in it
  • Theme Songs: Hikatta Coin ga Shimesu Kata, Yappari Economy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: blessed by an other-dimensional being with the power to travel between worlds, recover from injuries quickly, and understand any language, uses this ability to sell modern goods to the fantasy world, mistaken for a child but really 18 years old, The Unfettered, I Gave My Word, wields a Beretta 93R with burst fire, Beware the Nice Ones, Becomes a viscountess after saving her kingdom of residence
  • Domains: Dimensions, Wealth, Guns, Merchants, Royalty
  • Allies: Anna, The Kecleon Brothers, Tressa Colzione, The Shopkeeper, Naofumi's Party, Tom Nook, Recette Lemongrass, Chimata Tennkyuu
  • Eyed Carefully By: Max Walker
  • Opposes: Wario, All Corrupt Nobles
  • Opposed By: Batman
  • At age 18, Mitsuha Yamano was in a bad spot in life. She lost both her parents and older brother, failed to get admitted into college, and was about to fall to her death. But then, she suddenly found herself in another, unfamiliar fantasy world. Not only that, after a few days in this world, she discovered she has the ability to return home at any time and was blessed with the ability to understand any languages, even ones from this new world. Upon discovering this world uses precious metals for its currency, she gains a new goal. She plans on bringing goods from her world to this one, selling them for a profit, hoping to reach a sum total of 80,000 gold to retire on!
  • One day, while trying to transfer a box of shampoo to the other world (it's a best-selling item at her place of business, General Store Mitsuha), Mitsuha found herself in yet another unfamiliar world. It was filled to the brim with tons of fictional characters, acting as some sort of land of gods. She vaguely recalled this area as that "Trope Pantheon" she read about in her spare time. One to jump on opportunities, she decided it would be a good idea to spend some time here, making some new connections with fellow merchants/tradesmen. Perhaps she could even make some of that coveted gold while here?
  • When it came time to receive a title, Giving Radio to the Romans was selected for her. At first, Mitsuha was confused as her antics didn't involve time travel, as the trope suggests. Or Romans, for that matter. That being said, while her actions don't match up to the very letter of what's described, selling modern amenities to a medieval fantasy world more than fits the spirit. Mitsuha agreed, and gladly set up a pop-up store in the Pantheon.
    • No sooner did General Store Mitsuha - Pantheon Branch get established when several individuals swarmed her with concern. Max Walker led this group, ready to apprehend Mitsuha for interfering with the space-time continuum, namely, by providing technology and goods to a society that shouldn't know about them yet. She had to explain that she merely traveled along the space axis, not time. She got off with a warning, but Walker still keeps an eye on her, in case she introduces something that would surely cause a distortion.
  • General Store Mitsuha, and by extent the new Pantheon Branch, were built to sell goods mundane to our world, but wonderous for the less advanced. Its goods are pricey enough to make a profit, but not expensive enough to detract the common buyer. As stated earlier, shampoo and other body soaps are among the best-selling items, popular amongst the women who wish to stand out with cleanliness. Tools for adventurers and travelers can also be found here: lighters, lighter fluid, and pop-up tents are but some of the goods offered for such purposes. For this reason, even the occasional adventurer of the Pantheon walks in to get something for their next excursion.
  • One of the first stops Mitsuha made was to the Shopkeeper's Guild. There, she quickly became friends with the redheaded merchant Anna. To her surprise, she is a merchant with ties to parallel worlds, albeit it's her sisters that conduct their own business. She offered to provide some of her stocks to sell in the various secret shops, but Anna declined, stating that she's not interested in the sorts of ramifications such goods could have in her own world(s), innocuous as they may seem. Still, the two kindred spirits enjoy sharing tales of monetary gain.
    • When it came to the more conventional dungeon/adventuring groups, they were more than happy to do business. Recette Lemongrass was more than happy to form a joint venture, including some of General Store Mitsuha's practical goods along with her usual array of weapons and armor, for a reasonable split of profits, of course. She tried reaching a similar agreement with Eden's Shopkeeper and The Kecleon Brothers, but their wares and usual customers sadly didn't match up. Still, one new connection is better than none. She also can't help but admire how effectively the Kecleon Brothers deal with shoplifters, claiming she wishes she had their level of effectiveness when dealing with her own situations thereof.
  • Mitsuha's also tried reaching the support of more established individuals to sponsor and fund her operations. She already established a good relationship with local realtor Tom Nook. He helped her establish her new store in the Pantheon with one of his famous zero-interest loans. Chimata Tenkyuu quickly took an interest to this new world-hopping merchant. While somewhat conflicted about her end goal of earning a lot of money, she sees how much her store and actions have improved the other world's quality of life. Therefore, Mitsuha has earned her blessing.
    • On the flipside, there are individuals that Mitsuha would rather not associate with. Unlike in the other world, a good chunk of nobility in the Pantheon is some amount of overtly corrupt, and she chooses to steer clear as a result. She is also bothered by Wario, a fat man who constantly hoards money and sometimes exploits others to do so. She is careful not to get too caught up in the grind and end up like him.
  • After a successful consultation job for a noble's Debutante Ball, a new culinary phenomenon swept the other world: "Yamano Cuisine". In short, she imported foodstuff from our world and taught the noble family’s chefs how to cook it. As a result, Yamano Cuisine is coveted and ever in demand, especially fish, a good otherwise impossible to preserve in the trek to the capital city. Mitsuha's considered recruiting Remy, hearing about his legendary cooking skills, to provide some new variety for the engine. Though, if this were the case, she’d have to take extra care to hide her. Rats and kitchens are not a savory combination for most individuals, regardless of time period.
  • While walking about, Mitsuha bumped into some fellow dimension travelers, a certain Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. When inquiring why they didn't try selling their dimension's tech to another, Rick recalled a time when his grandson accidentally left some tech in another, medieval dimension, and the havoc that ensued thereafter. Though, in his own words, so long as something like that doesn't happen to her, she can probably keep on with her goals. She also developed a kinship with Morty as a fellow novice dimension hopper, and also out of pity for the stuff he's gone through with his grandfather.
  • Mitsuha also looked for a potential mercenary group to connect with. She had previous experience working with Private Military Contractor Wolf's Fang and wished to find a similarly capable ally here. This eventually led to her finding an unusual connection with Big Boss and, in turn, Outer Heaven. While the two have their disagreements when it comes to ideologies of war, Big Boss had dealt with his fair share of zany experiences and contracts before. This would be no different for him. Mitsuha doesn't ask too many questions about what's going on with Big Boss, and he doesn't too many questions about her. Such an arrangement is good news for Mitsuha; she'd rather her world-jumping abilities not become common knowledge.
  • Early in the planning stages of the gold-saving scheme, Mitsuha realized she needed to defend herself from potentially dangerous foes. Her solution: gun training. She currently owns a Walther handgun for self-defense, a Beretta 93R as a primary weapon, and a Smith and Wesson Revolver in case the former two guns are jammed. The likes of Batman frown upon this practice, lecturing her on the slippery slope killing someone can entail. Mitsuha chooses to brush these criticisms aside, claiming it's like something her older brother would tell her, and she is fully willing to take someone's life if the situation calls for it. In unrelated news, Bruce Wayne has declined any offers to join a joint venture with General Store Mitsuha.
    • Conversely, she gets along well with some of the other gun-toting deities, especially with how well she averts the usual lack of proper gun safety. As of now, she's looking through Dreben 893's wares to see if she can upgrade her arsenal. She doesn't ask him where the firearms came from, he doesn't ask her what she plans on doing with them. Like with Big Boss, it's a mutually beneficial business venture.
  • Above all else, Mitsuha is someone who doesn't give up and holds true to her promises. When her kingdom was attacked by a neighboring empire, she convinced Wolf's Fang to join the fight for a handsome compensation and brought them all to fend off the advancing hordes, and even a dragon. Her end of the bargain was upheld and she, for her troubles, was made Viscountess of her own land. Either way, Mitsuha's journey to save up 80,000 gold is far from over. Though, with a new store in yet another new land, the process will (hopefully) go a bit faster than before.

    The SHIFTers 
Junpei Tenmyouji, Akane Kurashiki, Carlos, Sigma Klim, Diana, Phi, and Sean, Divine Group of Multiple-Choice Future (Junpei: Jumpy, Tenmyoldie, Participant 5 || Akane: June, Zero, Kanny, 6, Old Woman, K, Participant 6 || Carlos: "The Hero of Justice", Participant 1 || Sigma: Siggy, Zero Sr., Doctor, Participant 9 || Phi: Phido, Participant 3 || Diana: Participant 7 || Sean: Qnote , Participant 4)
From left to right: Junpei, Carlos, and Akane
From left to right: Sigma, Diana, and Phi
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective bracelets in the Deadly Games they participated in. Alternatively, the dolls used to represent them in the Decision Gamenote 
  • Theme Music: Morphogenetic Sorrow, Recollection (Junepi and Akane), Blue Bird Lamentation (Sigma, Phi, and Diana), Nostalgic Scenery, Reminiscence, Quantum Computer Dome (Sean), Ustulate Pathos (Carlos)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: Possess the power to SHIFT, the ability to switch bodies with a version of themselves in another time during moments of extreme danger, usually life threatening, and use it to explore multiple futures and use the information they learned to reach the ideal timeline.
  • Domains: Espers, Mental Time Travel, Puzzles, Numbers, Probability, Alternative Outcomes, Science, Technology, Knowledge
  • Heralds:
    • Junpei: Quark (his adopted child in the VLR timeline)
    • Akane: Aoi Kurashiki/Santa (her brother) and the Crash Keys (her organization)
    • Sigma: Luna, Kyle a.k.a. K, and Lagomorph a.k.a. Zero Jr. (his creations in the VLR timeline)
    • Carlos: Maria (his sister)
    • Sean: Eric and Mira (his non-SHIFTer teammates in the Decision Game)
  • Allies: Snake, Shinji Ikari, Sora, Beat, every good guy in the Mentalism House, Ever good Blazblue deity, Professor Layton, Frisk, Rintaro Okabe, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu
  • Enemies: Monokuma and his mastermind, every evil god in the House of Mentalism, Every evil Blazblue deity, Mephiles the Dark, Yoshikage Kira, Shou Tucker, Albert Wesker
  • Complicated Relationships: Flowey, all Law Enforcement deities in the Pantheon, (Insert Name Here).
  • Fears: The Dahaka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Rick Sanchez
  • Exclusive to the group:
    • Originally, Junpei Tenmyouji was part of the Pantheon as the God of the Morphogenetic Field, but eventually 6 more from his universe were offered a place in the Pantheon to join him as Gods of Multiple-Choice Future for their ability to experience multiple futures and SHIFT to other timelines to make use of the information they learned. Junpei is all too happy to accept the change, especially since his fiance, Akane, gets to join.
    • Some of the SHIFTers have good relationship with the heroic Danganronpa entities, though Sigma and Akane's relationship with them is a complicated matter. While the latter did start their own Nonary Game, they did it out of good intentions or understandable motives. Of course, the one thing they can agree on is that none of them can stand Junko Enoshima, who started the Killing Game and brought about an apocalypse all to satisfy her lust for despair. Even Delta had good intentions in the end, tainted as they were by his atrocities and pointless acts of cruelty.
    • The SHIFTers are also enemies with Yoshikage Kira, whose Stand, Bites the Dust, essentially kills whoever finds out his real identity while rewinding the clock. And whatever happened in that loop will repeat in every future loop, including the deaths of the people who dug too deep into finding out who he really was. This makes him a threat since if they get caught by his Stand, they won't be able to SHIFT to an ideal history to avert it.
    • The SHIFTers would cross paths with other gods with similar powers over time and space. These include all the good deities from the Blazblue universenote , Frisk, Floweynote , and Sansnote , and Rintaro Okabenote .
      • The group's opinion on Flowey is complicated. On one hand, he did abuse his power to satisfy his boredom, but on the other hand, his lack of a SOUL keeps him from feeling any empathy at all. The SHIFTers do feel pity for him, and wonder if they can create create a timeline where Flowey can finally be restored as Asriel, or at least create a timeline where he never died in the first place.
      • Some of the good Blazblue deities are accepting of the SHIFTers, since they can experience multiple timelines as well. However, there are some who are not as accepting, including Jin Kisaragi, Hakumen, Carl Clover, Azrael, and Arakune. Either because they don't approve of their actions in some of the timelines, or because they are villains.
      • Out of the Blazblue deities, the SHIFTers all dislike Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover. The former due to how he uses his experience with multiple timelines to ruin other people's lives, the latter for his immoral experiments reminding Junpei and Akane of Gentaro Hongou, who had 18 children kidnapped and forced to participate in a Deadly Game as part of an experiment. They all agree with the good Blazblue deities that these two need to be stopped the most.
      • Speaking of immoral experiments, the SHIFTers are downright revolted with Shou Tucker after hearing what he did to his wife, daughter, and dog. The don't accept Tucker's excuse at all for this, claiming that he's hardly any better than Hongou.
      • Sans does get along well with them, though he still doesn't approve of some of the ways they use their powers, since it reminds him of how the power to SAVE can be misused.
      • Frisk, being an All-Loving Hero, befriends the SHIFTers quite easily. He especially gets along well with Carlos, Diana, and Sean, all of whom are the most kind of the SHIFTers.
      • Rinataro Okabe notes the differences between their methods of time travel, since SHIFTing mostly allows the user travel to alternate timelines, while he can affect his timeline. While he doesn't approve of Sigma and Akane's plans nor does he like how SHIFTing worksnote , he does agree to help them if they need it, especially when it comes to finding the religious fanatic.
    • The SHIFTers fear one being above all else, the Dahaka. The Dahaka works to end anyone who tries to change their fate, regardless of their methods or reasons. It will be a Fate Worse than Death for the SHIFTers if they're caught, since they can't SHIFT to get out. Akane and Sigma are the biggest targets of the Dahaka, since they were the masterminds behind their Nonary Games.
    • Some of the SHIFTers relationship with the law-enforcing deities are complicated, especially in Akane and Sigma's case. While they do have the best of intentions and their plans do eventually lead to a successful outcome, some law-abiding deities note their Deadly Games still could have potentially endangered and traumatized the participants. Akane even kidnapped the participants of the Second Nonary Game and indirectly, but intentionally killed 3 of them. While those particular three were far from sympatheticSpoiler , the majority of law enforcement would still see Akane as a murderer. They are some who are even willing to arrest Junpei for covering up her crimes. Phoenix Wright acknowledges these crimes, yet he isn't sure what to say. That said, there are some detectives who are willing to help Junpei, Akane, and Carlos with tracking down the religious fanatic Zero II told them about, even if they don't approve of some of their methods.
    • Rick Sanchez is probably the deity they dislike working with the most, due to how obnoxious he is and how he tends to commit crimes throughout his travels. They may not be perfect, but they at least don't intentionally cause trouble and view their actions as a Necessarily Evil.
    • The most complicated relationship the SHIFTers all have with is (Insert Name Here). It's heavily implied that the latter has indirectly helped some of them during the Deadly Games they participated in. It's also heavily implied that in one timeline, they possessed Kyle's body to talk with the older Akane. Whether or not they had any influence over them is unknown, but they don't seem to want cause any trouble.

  • Exclusive to Junpei:
    • Ascended after surviving not only one, but three Nonary Games with only two casualties that weren't even his fault, and surviving dozens of nuclear blasts and a nuclear winter down on Earth, even adopting a son and surviving until becoming old. An extremely impressive feat for a mere mortal that the Trope Gods recognized.
    • Tries his best to talk to all the Heroes, but often finds himself talking to Makoto Naegi, as the two of them can relate on many things (getting trapped in a life or death scenario, being tricked into thinking someone (Snake, Enoshima) who was alive but hidden to be dead...).
    • Once found himself in the middle of a small battle between the GUAE and GUAG, but somehow made it out unscathed. Some say there may have been a morphogenetic field user within the battle besides him, but he refuses to comment.
      • Said morphogentic field user may or may not have been Snake, who recently ascended into the Pantheon. Junpei is glad to see him again.
    • Since the events of the Decision Game, Junpei finally manages to propose to Akane. Some are happy for him now that he finally did get the girl, some are opposed to this because of Akane's actions. Nevertheless, the ones that support this relationship also found it goofy when he placed the ring on the wrong hand.
    • Junpei seems to form a kinship with Ragna, who just like him is caught up in the multiple timelines of his universe. Junpei also became a cynic, albeit for to different reasons. Junpei is saddened by Ragna's plight, even to the point when he erased himself from everyone's memories, but still hopes maybe one day, he may finally have the life he always wanted.
    • Junpei gets along well with fellow detectives Kyoko Kirigiri and Batman, both of whom aren't known for being optimistic. While they don't completely support his methods, they are willing to help in the search for the unknown religious fanatic.

  • Exclusive to Akane:
    • For a while, deities were not sure of what to make Akane and her motives. It turns out she is the first to bear the name of Zero, having kidnapped 9 people (including her Childhood Friend, Junpei) and forcing them to participate in a Deadly Game so Junpei can tap into the morphogentic field and save Akane's younger self from burning to death, as well as get to revenge on 4 of the participants she kidnapped, who happened to be those who masterminded the previous Nonary Game 9 years prior and forced 18 children to participate. Akane did exploit the multiple timelines to help her younger self (who was watching the Nonary Game through Junpei's eyes) learn the means to contact Junpei fully and set a Stable Time Loop, but she also made sure that innocent people were not harmed needlessly and those she did kill indirectly would be those not missed. She gives Junpei and everyone else some transport back to civilization once the purpose of the Nonary Game has been fulfilled. Regardless of her actions, Junpei still continued to search for her, though it seems to be all for naught when he encounters her in their old age in the distant future, where she had become The Unfettered in her pursuit to stop Free the Soul.
      • But the during the Decision Game, we finally see Akane's true nature in full circle. Akane, despite her methods, showed that her personality was not entirely faked. She still loved Junpei, and her optimism is real, even if she believed in using some pragmatic means to save everyone. She wasn't even the mastermind of the Decision Game, and was in fact trying to stop Zero II from unleashing Radical-6. Junpei's faith is rewarded when he finally proposes to her and they get engaged in the Omega Ending, though they agreed to put their wedding on hold until they can find and stop the religious fanatic from triggering a nuclear war.
    • Akane gets along with Rika, someone who had gone through countless timeloops to put a stop to the crisis threatening her town. Akane admires Rika's determination and promises to help her put a stop to her Evil Counterpart, Berkanstel. Rika in turn admires Akane's intelligence and determination, though she does disapprove of some of the methods she used in her plans, necessary or not.
    • Akane can experience multiple timelines, Igor is capable of giving his clients another chance if they screw up. The two are on amicable terms, since they both want to help their allies reach the best possible outcome.
    • Akane tends to visit Rachel Alucard from time to time, even after she lost her position as a Bystander. The two talk over tea about their struggles throughout their respective world's timelines, as well as how the idea of an Observer is based on Quantum Physics such as the Schrödinger’s cat experiment and Many-worlds interpretation.

  • Exclusive to Carlos:
    • Carlos was a firefighter who saved his younger sister in a fire and originally volunteered at the Dcom to earn money for her operation. Unfortunately, he didn't realize until it was too late that he just became a participant of the Decision Game, and he's even forced make most of the decisions for the team consisting of himself, Akane, and Junpei. He still manages to pull through and help everyone reach the ideal timelinenote , and his sister manages to pull through and become a SHIFTer as well. Currently, he has agreed to help Junpei and Akane find the religious fanatic.
    • It's shown that Carlos gets along with Optimus Prime very well, since they are both seen as heroes of justice, not to mention how some incarnations of Optimus have a firetruck as an alternate mode. Optimus praises Carlos' leadership skills in the Decision Game.
    • Carlos and Yu Narukami bond over being the big brother to their little sisters (little sister figure in Yu's case, but the meaning is the same). Both have also promised to help the other if their siblings are targeted in any way.
    • Carlos forms a kinship with both Superman and Luke Skywalker, both of whom are seen as heroes. Carlos was called a "Hero of Justice" and the doll representing him is an action figure. Both heroes praise his leadership skills and desire to help out the group. Carlos has always enjoyed trips to the House of Heroes so he can learn to put his powers to good use.

  • Exclusive to Sigma:
    • Sigma was originally a college student before he got kidnapped and forced to participate in the AB Project. However, it turns out he was actually the younger self of Zero Sr., the game's mastermind, and his 22 year old mind was inhabiting his elderly self. The project was to train him and Phi to master their SHIFTing abilities so they can go back in time to prevent the Radical-6 outbreak that ruined the world. Upon being send to the point where Radical-6 was unleashed, Sigma would spend the next few years becoming Zero Sr., learning genetic engineering and AI programming, creating Kyle, Lagomorph, and Luna, before SHIFTing to the point where he and Phi would investigate the site where Radical-6 was unleashed. There, Sigma would fall in love with a woman named Diana, and in one timeline, would conceive with her the twin children who would grow up to become Phi (the very same girl who would help him in both the AB Project and the Decision Game) and Delta (the Decision Game's mastermind), using the transporter to send perfect copies of them back in time so at least some versions of them would survive.
    • Out of all the Danganronpa deities, Sigma finds Hajime Hinata to be the most similar to him. They both participated in Deadly Games, which unbeknownst to them, they mastermindednote . They both also lost someone very dear to them, and that provided them the motivation for their goals (Sigma lost Diana and became motivated to stop the Radical-6 outbreak in another time for her sake. Izuru saw Chiaki die in front of him, and it awoke some of Hajime's feelings, causing him to seek revenge on Enoshima). Both would meet another who is based on their special someone (Luna for Sigma, AI Chiaki for Hajime). The biggest difference is that while Sigma would finally reunite with Diana in one timeline, Hajime only has Chiaki's spirit supporting him. Sigma genuinely sympatheizes with Hajime, and admits that he would have wanted to make Hajime a SHIFTer so he can finally find a timeline where he could prevent his mistakes and save Chiaki.
    • Sigma also sees alot of himself in Tomoya, who also lost the love of his life and daughter in one timeline, but got a another chance just like himself. Sigma even notes how they even received help from their daughters without knowing it.
    • Keiichi and Sigma form a kinship with one another, having become one of the biggest supporters for their time-travelling allies once they become aware of the alternate timelines. Both of them understand the other's pain of having made horrific mistakes in some of the timelines they experienced.

  • Exclusive to Phi:
    • A young woman who would help Sigma throughout the AB Project, which was meant to train her and Sigma to master their SHIFTing powers. Once they make it back to the site of the Radical-6 outbreak, Phi and Sigma would work alongside a woman named Diana to survive the Decision Game. When Phi dies in one timeline, her infant self would be born as Sigma and Diana's daughter, and the infant would be copied and send to the past alongside her twin brother Delta. There through a series of events, the older Phi would use the transporter to send her copy to the future, setting the stage for the events of both the Decision Game and the AB Project.
    • Phi gets along especially well with other deities who suffer from A-Cup Angst, such as Noel, Koneko, Mikoto, and Aika. Phi finds herself amongst the League of Flat Chests, even if she denies having this.
    • Phi is shown to get along with Chie, Touka, and Rosette, all of whom are Action Girls with or had a vitriolic relationship with someone they're close to (Chie and Yosuke, Touka and Kaneki, Rosette and Chrono). She and Rosette have the most in common though, being foul-mouthed ladies with a love for alcohol (well, implied in Phi's case).
    • Phi is shown to get along well with the Sonozaki twins. In Shion's case, she also had experience with timelines when she was infected with a virus and was made responsible for several deaths, something that Phi can sympathize with all too well.

  • Exclusive to Diana:
    • Diana was a young nurse who was kind to a fault, unable to resist her abusive husband whenever he begs, causing her to take part in Dcom to try and get away from him for good. When she is forced to take part in the Decision Game as leader D-Team (consisting of herself, Sigma, and Phi), Diana would fall in love with Sigma, and in one timeline, give birth to the twins who would grow up to become Phi and Delta. In another time though, she ended up causing Radical-6 because of her refusal to Mercy Kill Phi when she is infected by the virus and burn her remains. Diana would end up being the basis for Sigma's creation, Luna, a similarly kind-hearted GAULEM.
    • Diana would meet with the human Chiaki Nanami, finding her very similar to her. They both served as the Lost Lenore to their special someone, and their attempts to do the right thing ending up causing an apocaylpse. They also ended up as the basis for an artificially-made copy of them (Diana for Luna, Chiaki for her AI copy). Diana and Chiaki get along splendidly and hope they can help the other.
    • Diana gets along well with Mikan, since they both suffered from mistreatment, though whereas Diana had tried to get away from her abusive husband, Mikan deliberlately lets herself be mistreated since negative attention is better than no attention at all. Diana hopes Mikan's friends can help her overcome this flaw just like how she managed to find other people to help her.
    • Diana, James Trotter, and Cinderella all admire each other for managing to find a family and loved ones after having to escape an abusive life (Diana with her former husband, James with his aunts, Cinderella with her stepmother and stepsisters).
    • Diana sees alot of herself in Asia, a kind-hearted girl who wants to help other people and also found someone to love (Diana with Sigma, Asia with Issei). The two get along extremely well, with Asia hoping to help Diana with becoming more bold.
    • Marv heard about Diana's conundrum with her ex-husband and promised to help her if said man ever tries to emotionally manipulate her to coming back. Diana is grateful for this, even if she would rather avoid violence if possible.

  • Exclusive to Sean:
    • Sean was a young boy who participated in the Decision Game, placed on Q-Team alongside Mira and Eric. Sean had no memories of his past and why he was wearing a helmet. (Insert Name Here) was led to believe their name was Q, unaware that the real Q was actually Delta (aka Zero II) while he was pretending to be a disabled and wheelchair-bound old man. Sean would learn he is actually a robot based on an ill boy he was named after, and he was created and given a personality apparently so Delta can at least fulfill the deceased boy's wish to have a happy life. The "helmet" is actually Sean's head that he can detach with the right passcode, the Quantum Computer Zero II used for the Decision Game also serves as Sean's "brain" in a sense, and it is even programmed with information of the other histories Delta learned of through his Mind Hacking, in a way making Sean a SHIFTer.
    • As a fellow robot, Sean quickly befriends the other good robot deities in the Pantheon, such as Aigis, Labrys, and ICEY, all three of whom act as Cool Big Sisters to him. Sean would also become best friends with Astro Boy, who was build as a replacement for Dr. Temna's lost son, and Gamma, who like him also opposed his creator.
    • Surrogate parents like Toriel as well as Kirito and Asuna are worried about Sean living with Mira and Eric due to how volatile they were (with the former even being a Serial Killer). Sean is grateful for their concern, but tells them it will be okay, though many deities are not convinced. Even Satoko seems concerned with his situation, since it reminds her of her abusive uncle.
      • Speaking of Kirito and Asuna, Sean is shown to be good friends with their daughter Yui. Both of them are intelligent due to being A.I.s, yet also kind to their peers at the same time.


    Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee 
Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee, Co-Gods of Schizo Tech
Left: Hannah. Right: Jack.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A vault of 20th Century weaponry
  • Theme Song: Overture ~ Cadillacs -The 4 Heroes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Father Nature, Mother Science, Using Technology in an Unconventional Age and Setting, Dreaming of Things to Come, Having Good Arguments about Nature and Science Respectively, Using Lost Tech, Cool Guns, Rule of Cool, Attracted to One Another though are Prone to Arguing about It,
  • Domains: Nature, Science, History, Prehistory, Technology
  • Heralds: Hermes (Jack's Allosaurus companion), Mustapha Cairo, Mess O'Bradovich
  • Allies: Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Rubeus Hagrid, Iwashiro Tesshou, The Gang of Seven, Dino, Hoppy, Owen's Raptor Pack, Rexie, Speckles, Alan Grant, Regina, Senku Ishigami, Captain Planet, The Ascended Autonomous Dolls note , Dino Thunder Power Rangers
  • Enemies: Mesogog, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Pokemon Hunter J, Spinosaurus, Riptor, Gwangi, The Sharptooth, Professor Hojo, Mr Burns
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Joel and Ellie, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, The Monster Hunters, The Carnotaurs, House of Science (regarding Jack), Isomer Black
  • On Good Terms With: Gaea and the Terra Restoration Squad
  • Pities: Big Al
  • Opposes: The Think Tank note 
  • In 2020, Planet Earth was hit by one devastating disaster after another, culminating in Mankind trying to take shelter underground in order to survive, relying on whatever machines and mechanics they had for survival. They kept up with it for 450 years, finally opening the doors to the surface, only to see that Earth had now changed radically; cities were either sunken into the underwater seas and oceans, covered in dense forests and the sudden reemergence of prehistoric life from all ages. This was the Xenozoic Age, where a new ecosystem and landscapes were established for humanity and nature to coexist in
    • Among the residential humans living in what was once North America is Jack Tenrec, a mechanic from the Old Blood community in the City in the Sea (New York City) who had learned of the disaster centuries ago and thinks that the misuse in technology had something to do with it. As a result, he seeks to another incident like that from ever happening again, in addition to providing for his own people, uncovering classical cars from the old times and looking after dinosaurs.
    • In Wassoon (Washington D.C.) resides Hannah Dundee, a scientist who seeks to explore the world uncover the mysteries around the disaster centuries ago and what can be done to bring science to a more advanced, yet acceptable position. Eventually, she and Jack meet up with one another, suddenly being caught up in many situations relating to poaching political corruption, environmental endangerment and more. As a result, the duo are forced to align with one another to ensure their survival and the protection of their interests, in addition to further uncovering the secrets of the previous age.
  • The last that was heard of Jack and Hannah was when the former was forced to take refuge in Wassoon as the Old Bloods planning an oppressive front against violating environmental policies courtesy of Wilhelmina Scharnhorst. What happens next has never been revealed, but what was noted was that Jack and Hannah were one day seen in the Pantheon, trekking across the House of Beast.
    • Their expedition led them to need Alan Grant in the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House where the palaeontologist questioned them about what they were doing here. Jack spoke to Grant about how he had a duty to look over dinosaurs and ensure their safety whereas Hannah simply stated she tags along with Jack. Interested, Grant was then told of the world Jack and Hannah lived in, which baffled him as dinosaurs suddenly existed in their world after some kind of catastrophe. Their conversation led to the three of them becoming friends and Jack and Hannah finding a proper place in the Pantheon shortly after.
  • The two of them are best known for being argumentive towards each other about Science and Nature, with Hannah favouring the former and Jack siding with the latter. Jack and Hannah do make good points and arguments about the benefits and problems regarding Science and Nature. Still, doing the good thing comes first and the two of them are very quick to prioritizing that over continuing their argument.
    • While Jack can come across as being opposing towards the concept of Science, the truth is that he's actually not, given that he does have a love for classical cars and technology of the 20th century. Really, it's less he hates science and more he's worried about the destructive potential of it, fearing that falling into the wrong hands can bring about a second worldwide catastrophe.
    • Beyond that, they'll attend the House of Love and Affection where they have sex. Immediately after that, they get back to more arguing. But then again, they will have sex once more, rinse and repeat. Some of the residents actually find Jack and Hannah's bickering rather amusing. It's pretty clear there's some tinge of romantic feelings for one another, but Jack and Hannah act rather vitriolic whenever it's bought up.
  • Don't tell Hannah that she's not a scientist just because she's never actually seen doing anything scientific. She'll affirm her detractors that she does do some research and scientific practices... when she's not on fieldwork with Jack. Jack personally finds this amusing.
  • When it comes to dinosaurs, the closest companion regarding them is a juvenile Allosaurus (or "Cutter" as they are called in the Xenozoic World) named Hermes that he saved from poachers after his mother was killed by them. Wherever Jack and Hannah are, Hermes isn't too far behind either, always making sure that they're protected. That said, he's still a feral beast and will tear apart anyone that threatens the two, especially Jack.
    • Some people think Hermes is a Deinonychus. Jack, however, has to step and clear out this conception, stating that people only state this because of other supplementary material about his and Hannah's adventures, asserting that Hermes is, indeed, an Allosaurus.
    • While Hermes is their most recurring Herald, there is also Mustapha Cairo and Mess O'Bradovich. The former is Jack's best friend and the other an accomplice. Sometimes when Jack and Hannah's adventures become more action-packed and tense, Mustapha and Mess waste no time in joining in. There was one instance where the four of them banded together to stop a black market trade hosted by Dr Simon Fessenden.
  • They became friends with Regina pretty quickly, considering both spend a lot of time looking after the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House in addition to also meeting up on occasion in the House of Time and Temporality. Regina once hypothesized that the catastrophe in Jack and Hannah's world years ago may have been the result of Third Energy tampering, which could explain why dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures exist, though Jack and Hannah digress. Still, Regina is cordial enough to allow Jack and Hannah in some of her working shifts, thanks to the two of them having an experience in handling dinosaurs.
    • That said, Jack has butted heads against Regina on a few occasions. He isn't particularly happy at her for killing dinosaurs when avoiding or tranquillizing them would have been more preferable. Regina argued back that she really didn't have a choice and that she was trusted into a "Killed or be Killed" situation without her control. Hannah takes Regina's side in the debate after which Jack simply gave up. Still doesn't stop them from working together though.
  • The Gang of Seven met Jack and Hannah when they were having another adventure beyond their usual boundaries outside the Great Valley. While they got along, the gang, except Chomper and Ruby, were rather intimidated by Hermes's presence, given the amount of Sharptooth's the Gang of Seven had faced prior. An encounter with Riptor was what changed the gang's perspective when Hermes took to defending Chomper and Ruby, though under Jack's consent. Riptor was eventually overwhelmed by Hermes with Jack's assistance, but she isn't done with them yet...
    • They also became quick friends with Speckles, who bore no ill will to the humans and even allowed Hermes to join along in a hunting expedition. That and Speckles came to appreciate Jack and Hannah for looking after him and his family, especially after a scuffle between Speckles and Sharptooth broke out.
  • While they're not usually friendly, Jack and Hannah can be cordial with Owen Grady's Raptor Pack. Despite a rocky first impression with Hermes, they eventually began to get along, especially given that both Owen and Jack want what's best for their dinosaur companions and seek to have them behave towards others' company. Rexie is a more troublesome topic. The Tyrannosaurus rex's initially didn't care much for Hermes, but given that he's pals with Blue and the raptors, she will be willing to tolerate him. Furthermore, Jack and Hannah seek to look after Rexie for the time being.
  • They've dealt with Pokemon Hunter J on quite a few occasions. It's no surprise that Jack and Hannah have dealt with poachers, though Hunter J may be one of the worst they've fought. Jack especially hates her, especially after seeing how Hunter J uses advanced technology to directly harm nature, which also disgusts Hannah.
    • They also dislike Mr Burns for his overall callousness and unconcern for nature in general. Like Hunter J and poachers, Jack and Hannah have run into corrupt higher-ups and Burns is no different. Burns himself doesn't really recognize Jack and Hannah beyond just seeing them as "overbearing pests who yap about nature 24/7", though the two of them have proven that they could take on a group of criminals.
  • Hannah is obviously a fan of the House of Science and is intrigued to learn a lot about how it can be applied to do a lot of good. She sometimes wonders if she could take learning classes from the Philanthropists of Benevolent Science and Senku Ishigami. Jack is surprised to see how there's a lot of dedicated scientists who work for the greater good, but given his hesitance for advanced technology, he feels that he fits best under the House of Nature.
    • Of course, they faced enmity under Mesogog, whom Hannah especially saw as an abomination towards the field of Science. Mesogog himself just laughed off Hannah's comment, though he himself was surprised to learn about the Xenozoic world, given that dinosaurs once again thrived in that world. Similarly, Professor Hojo's cruel treatment towards specimens and wanting to use his scientific mind for self-interest and homicidal mania pissed Jack off a lot, the latter vowing to put him down at some point.
    • They came to quickly despise the Indominus and the Indoraptor, especially Jack who doesn't even consider it worthy of coexisting with other animals. Even some who are pro-technology, Hannah included, can't argue with Jack in his thoughts, especially considering how deranged and sociopathic the genetic dinosaurs were. They've dealt with the two of them individually, with Jack and Hannah being almost killed by the Indoraptor when they were exploring ancient ruins. That experience caused them to begin preparing themselves even further when it comes to dealing with them.
  • Jack and Hannah would find themselves interested in the Think Tank computers who tried to preserve the United States's dismay. To Hannah's dismay, they came off as maniacal and egotistical with their goals and interests mainly being just For Science!, which didn't sit well, given that while Hannah does sincerely believe that technology deserves to be advanced, it should also be used to benefit and provide for others. The one positive exception in the Think Tank is Mobius who's keen in Hannah's interest in Science and would like to interact with her more often.

Tutankhamun, God of Dated History (Tutankhamen, Living Image of of Amun, born Tutankhaten ("Living Image of Aten"), King Tut)
Virtual rendering of Tutankhamun based off 3D scans of his mummy
Click here  for his death mask
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His cartouche
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Historical Domain Character made into a Mummy, Pharaoh Of Egypt, A Child Shall Lead Them, Married To His Sister, result of Royal Inbreeding, Used To Be Thought To Be Killed By His Evil Chancellor, Warrior Prince Despite His Handicaps
  • Domains: Egypt, Dynasties, Incest, Divinity, Royalty, Disability
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: Pharaoh Ramses II
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The House of Thieves
  • Pities: Oedipus
  • Respects: Wally (Pokemon), Okita Souji, young handicapped badasses
  • Avoids: Capital-G Gods
  • Tutankhamun was a young pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty, ruling from about 1334-1325 BC over Ancient Egypt. Believed to be the son of Heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, he became pharaoh young and lost his life at just 18. He would've remained an obscurity had his tomb not had the fortune of avoiding graverobbing for over 3200 years. Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1922, proving one of few intact mummies and becoming an iconic figure of the times.
  • It was initially believed that "King Tut" was killed by his vizier and eventual successor Ay, however evidence shows it was probably a broken leg that got infected and malaria. The archeologists are thought to have damaged his skull. Of course, this doesn't mean he likes the evil chancellors in the pantheon. By contrast, he appreciate honest advisors like Tyrion Lannnister.
  • He also wasn't a mere inconsequential Puppet King, at least not as much as you'd expect the young pharaoh. His leather armor has marks of cuts and rust, along with various injuries suggest he was a Warrior Prince. He is quite capable of taking care of himself, though he has ailments like scoliosis. Still, he has sympathy for those like Tommen who are made puppets of those around them, and wishes he lived to become a strong king in his own right.
  • Tutankhamun respects those who are determined and tough even if they're disabled, much like himself. His disabilities are down to being the product of incest-his parents are thought to be siblings, and he married his sister. He doesn't get why those in the pantheon were grossed out by this, since Ancient Egypt haven't got much of a taboo over it, particularly among royalty. That's not to say he's insensitive to those disgusted at realizing they're related to their significant other; he finds Oedipus tragic because of how this and fate screwed him over.
  • Tutankhamun finds King Aerys II Targaryen to be a disturbed individual, and the fact like him the Mad King is the result of Brother–Sister Incest is something that worries him. King Tut's tried to console himself by pointing out that Aerys's madness was more the result of increasing paranoia and envy than genetics, and only a handful of Targaryens were truly mad. The young pharaoh doesn't care for Mordred either, being an incestuous rebel and traitor to the king/his father and uncle.
  • Much of his reign was reversing the religious upheaval caused by the Heretic Pharaoh, who he's reluctant to refer to as his father, and will get angry if people refer to him by his birth name of Tutankhaten. Ironically the monotheism that Akhenaten pursued would become a whole lot more mainstream thanks to the Abraham faiths he predates. Still, while he only truly opposes YHVH because of His inherent pushiness and desire to supplant other faiths, Tutankhamun would prefer the monotheistic gods in the pantheon to leave him be.
  • Tutankhamun understands where Ramses II is coming from and his frustration with the God of Abraham, and has respect for a fellow pharaoh not all too removed from him. However he feels his pursuit of the Hebrews goes a bit too far. He is on better terms with the more reasonable pharaohs in the pantheon, particularly Yami Yugi. And Tutankhamun was disturbed by Apocalypse(who he regards as a usurper and threat to Egypt) and Nyarlathotep.
  • Tutankhamun was welcomed to the House of Royalty. Though turned off by some madmen like King Aerys, there were good princes and royalty to meet him. As a charming and honorable prince, Tutankhamun has some fondness for Prince Eric. Due to his handicaps, King Tut is empathetic to Nunnally's wheelchair status and was impressed to see she became the empress of Britannia.
  • Was overjoyed to see that many Egyptian deities had entered the pantheon and he could talk to them in person. And he was even more overjoyed to learn they were proud of him for playing an important part in removing heretic Akehnaten's monotheism and restoring their roles in Egyptian life. Unfortunately both Apophis and Set had ascended as well, the former particularly horrifying the boy king.
  • Tutankhamun believes that Sutekh the Destroyer is some alternate form of Apophis, given they're complete omnicidal maniacs. His pharaoh association is rather sinister. Others he was quick to put on his enemy include the Spirit of the Millennium Ring and Zorc, for being Ancient Egyptian-based villains seeking to bring an end to the world. Plus the former is a graverobber, and really that gets under King Tut's nerves. Tutankhamun's there to help Ryou fight him/them off.
  • Holds contempt for the House of Thieves, and above them graverobbers like Seth Briars. Given his belief that the body needs to be preserved to have a proper afterlife, and how most pharaohs ended up being robbed, it's completely justified. The monstrous Ah Puch's treatment of the dead is absolutely horrific for Tutankhamun. The House of Vengeance believes he may have cursed those who found him given the mysterious deaths of some involved with his uncovering. However King Tut has explained that most of these are coincidences, and his mummy is being treated with dignity.
  • Tutankhamun and his father have learned of The Tomb Kings and know that they took a lot of inspiration from their own domain of Ancient Egypt. They're impressed by how they are a lot more active in death than the pharaohs. On the ascended Tomb Lords, father and son had an immediate feeling and disgust for Nagash the Undying due to how cruel, omnicidal and utterly devoid of redeeming qualities he was. Settra, however, they remain neutral on so long as he doesn't interfere with them.


    Orange Cast 
Naho Takamiya, Kakeru Nanase, Hiroto Suwa, Azusa "Azu" Murasaka, Takako "Taka" Chino, and Saku Hagita, Divine Sextet of Forboding Future Messages
Left-to-Right: Takako Chino, Hiroto Suwa, Naho Takomiya, Kakeru Naruse, Azusa Murasaka, and Saku Hagita.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: The Future Messages of Naho, Suwa, Azusa, Takako, and Hagita. Alternatively, Naho's Hairpin, Gifted to her by Kakeru.
  • Theme Song: Hikari no Hahen by Yu Takahashi, Mirai'' by Kobukuro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Time, Destiny, Messages, Friendship, Affection, Sadness, Prevention
  • Allies: Max Caulfield, Rintarou Okabe, Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Hitomi Tsukishiro, Tomoya Ozaki, Project Splinter, Jill Stingray
  • On Good Terms With: The Pantheonic Time Police, Barry Allen
  • Respected by: STARSET
  • Opposes: Biff Tannen, The Reverse-Flash, The Army of the 12 Monkeys
  • Pities: Nox
  • Commonality Connection: Sayori (DDLC) (Kakeru)
  • Naho Takamiya is a high school student in Masumoto, Japan, where she is part of a quintet friend group, consisting of herself Hiroto Suwa, Azusa "Azu" Murasaka, Takako "Taka" Chino, and Saku Hagita. Things seem normal until prior to starting her second year, Naho supposedly receives a letter from her future self detail of events that are yet to occur and instructing Naho to alter and take part in the mentioned events in a significantly different tone to save the life of Kakeru Naruse, a transfer student from Tokyo who suddenly died and left his friends with an empty feeling for over 10 years. Surely enough, Kakeru arrives, befriends, and joins Naho's friend group and they hang out, which confirms the contents of the letter as true. This spurs Naho into reading and figuring out events from her future self's letter in an effort to get closer to Kakeru and find a way to help him when she finds out that he was to commit suicide on 15th, February after having to struggle with the loss of his mother, also due to suicide and having to deal with anxiety and depression that he tends to hide from his peers. Naho is joined by Suwa, who seeks to atone for his future self's passiveness and inability to save Kakeru in trying to reach out to Kakeru, later being joined along by Azu, Taka, and Hagita, who like Naho and Suwa, also received letters with instructions in saving Kakeru. Despite the hurdles and challenges they faced, they eventually succeeded with Kakeru valuing the time he had with his friends enough to not go ahead with taking his own life. This resulted in a second timeline where the sextet led happier lives with Naho and Kakeru getting married and having a son together, named Haru.
  • It is noted that two iterations of the sextet exist, one of which Kakeru is dead and another in which he survives thanks to letters written by the surviving members in the original timeline, which was 10 years in the future. One constant is that Naho is married and has a son, although in the original timeline, it was Suwa who became her partner, after he had confessed his feelings to Naho when she had an altercation against Kakeru that permanently damaged their relationship and, this, both partly blamed themselves for Kakeru's death. The Pantheon, being no strangers to complicated matters regarding timelines, kept records of the two versions in the House of Knowledge via archiving. When it came down to which version of the sextet was to be represented, it was the altered timeline who found themselves ascended after they were given a second letter by a mysterious letter telling them of their ascension and how their experience in trying to save Kakeru led to an inspiring story about trying to be a friend in need and how one should take whatever chances possible to make good moments and be happy with your company, something which Kakeru was struggling to grasp on due to his depression. Even so, Naho, Suwa, and their friends have asserted that even in the Pantheon, they and Kakeru will do whatever it takes to lead good lives.
  • Despite the emotional tragedy revolving around Kakeru, the Masumoto Sextet are noted to have one of the more successful routes regarding time travel and without serious consequences to tail them. The group, Hagita in particular, did hypothesize the idea of their future selves' efforts altering the lives of others with their past selves' actions in changing Kakeru's fate. Many in the House of Time and Temporality were impressed to see the results of their actions and see Kakeru's more positive disposition and his and Naho's son, Haru, as definitive results for this. The sextet were pleased with the praise given to them but asserted that they're better off leading a simple life, even in a place as wondrous as the Pantheon. The House has respected their decision, thinking that it is best that the Masumoto group be open to explore their own decisions in their new domain.
  • On the subject of some of the more well-known time travelers in the Pantheon, the sextet easily managed to get along with the Pantheonic Time Police, who commended their efforts in trying to save Kakeru and finding a lost sense of happiness for themselves and congratulating them for finding a place in the Pantheon. Naho does express that it was a risky decision to deliver those letters in what can be described by most as a rather inconceivable way of sending something back in time, via a hypothesis centering on the Bermuda Triangle. The sextet themselves expressed that they themselves don't really know much about the sciences behind it and think they're better off not having to think about it. In another note, the fact that some members of the Time Police, particularly Future Trunks, have had their experiences of having to deal with a horrible future, played a large role in them being endeared to the Masumoto cast quickly.
    • In a dramatic parallel, Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, was driven by a desire to save his mother, Nora, from her sudden death that left Barry devastated via going back in time using his powers of Super-Speed. However, doing so created an alternate reality that was dystopic in nature and Barry learned the hard truth that his mother had to die so that he could be the hero Central City needs and to keep the multiverse stable. Learning about the Masumoto sextet did remind Barry about his experiences revolving Flashpoint and likens Kakeru to his mother, at least for the group as, to him, they did feel like a family to one another and that one death led to a catalyst for a tragic background that never really went away, something which Barry knew all too well about. They are one of the few to know about Barry's identity as The Flash and have kept it confidential out of Barry's respect. Barry, much like most, admires the group for their dedication and effort in saving Kakeru and succeeding where he himself failed in regarding his mother, though he's since taken her death as a necessity to be the hero he needs to be. The Masumoto Students don't tend to think about Barry's past trauma and experience in Flashpoint all that much, knowing how upset it is.
    • Of course, they would soon learn about beings who used time travel for their own malicious and self-serving intent. They greatly pity Nox as, much like they with Kakeru, he wanted to save his family from an event that killed them, and was hence driven to villainy, rationalizing that everyone and everything he kills and destroys will return once he accomplishes his goals. Tragically, that never came to pass, as Nox realized he could only travel back for 20 minutes, which drove him to despair, and eventually suicide. While the sextet understandably stays away from Nox given how dangerous he is, he has a different perspective in that he respects them for what they went through and wishes them well. While he will exempt the group from his contempt, this doesn't change his destructive actions and his unfettered goal to reunite with his family, however. And with the Reverse-Flash, they would rather put as much distance as possible, especially considering he travels through time for the worst intentions - to make someone, in his case, The Flash, as miserable as possible, given that the Reverse-Flash was the one who killed Barry's mother, and being a psychotic savage who revels in the destruction and pain he causes. The fact that he killed his younger brother and parents for slighting him via erasing them from time hasn't helped matters either, which furthers the Masumoto Sextet to justify themselves in disliking the Reverse-Flash.
  • Naho's experience regarding her relationship with Kakeru naturally led her to the House of Love and Affection, where she feels rather flustered by everyone's reactions to her own story of meeting and establishing a relationship with Kakeru. This is, on top of many also noticing how she and Suwa once had similar feelings as well, although Suwa, in the new timeline, consciously chose not to go ahead, via instructions from his future self's letter, with confessing his feelings towards Naho and instead allow her to further open up and solidify her own affection towards Kakeru instead. By extension, Suwa also sometimes attends the Hall of Romantic Loss, being one of the more optimistic visitors there and always being open to help out others there in case they're feeling emotionally down.
  • One friend that the sextet made in the Pantheon was Marty McFly, whose time travel exploits were mainly due to the actions of his friend, Doc Brown, who happened to have invented a time machine and that Marty's goal was to find a way to get back to his own timeline after being sent to the past on three different occasions due to uncontrollable circumstances. That said, Marty's exploits in his journeys did help mend the relationship between him and his family, alongside living a healthier, happier lifestyle. On an extended note, the sextet, particularly Naho and Kakeru are not fond of Biff Tannen; it's one thing to be a bully, but to be obsessive over a girl and even make an attempt to assault her after being rejected one too many times and, years later, never really got over his mindset as a bully. Biff himself would try to prove himself a capable man towards the Masumoto group, but they, especially Kakeru and Suwa, are quite open in telling him to buzz off.
  • The group, in general, has a strong association with the House of Despondency, though, for obvious reasons, it's Kakeru who wound up having the most visitations there. That said, the group visits the House as most of its residents tend to be hospitable and aim to create an accessible and open environment where anyone with deep emotional and psychological troubles and pain can attend and find some sort of help and support. Kakeru's story did upset many in the House of Family and Relatives as well, though Kakeru himself feels quite hesitant to visit there compared to Despondency. That said, the support he has been getting, particularly from his close friends and family, has mellowed Kakeru enough to pay a few visits to Family and Relatives.
    • One day in the House of Despondency, the sextet came across a girl named Saori, who also tended to frequent there in an effort to deal with her own personal troubles of having depression. Like Kakeru, she committed suicide mainly because she felt that she was worthless and that her self-esteem ended up getting worse over time prior to taking her own life. The fact that Saori had issues similar to Kakeru's did upset the sextet for a while, though Kakeru did end up conversing and bonding with Saori over time, followed by Naho and the others making a concentrated effort to try supporting Saori in their own way. She's been endeared by the group's dedication in wanting to have their new friend to be happy and optimistic about herself and towards others and it's helped in Saori becoming a close acquaintance towards them. That said, the sextet's relationship towards the Literature Club remains rather neutral, though they so at least remain cautious when it comes to Monika.
    • The group also got to learn about the life and experience of Tomoya Okazaki, who like Kakeru, also held up a lot of burden regarding his personal life. However, where Kakeru's mother was strict and domineering, which weighed heavily on both her and her son, Tomoya's father was abusive until one day, he hit Tomoya so hard, he was unable to pursue his childhood passion of becoming a basketball player, and though his father tried to be nicer to him afterward, Tomoya never forgave him for it. And then there are the many times where he had to involve himself with his peers and friends, most notably his future wife, Nagisa, and their daughter, Ushio. The fact that Tomoya had to witness the death of his wife and daughter on separate points, leading to his own death by despair was not something the Masumoto group wanted to think about and instead tried to approach and befriend him. Luckily, Tomoya's time in the Pantheon has been welcoming with his own family and friends being happy and comfortable either in his presence or in the Pantheon, and Tomoya was more than open to welcome the sextet into his presence. They quickly became friends thanks to all of them having to face a series of tragic circumstances that shaped their perspectives in life. Tomoya and the Masumoto Group sometimes muse on how they've grown to become introspective of their circumstances and hope that they can make something better off of it.
  • Max Caulfield was another high school student who possessed the powers of rewinding time, which she used in an attempt to save those who were close to her, namely Chloe Price, alongside solving a murder case that involved the kidnapping of girls from a supposedly renowned photography teacher named Jefferson Pierce. Her ability to manipulate and alter time to save others was noticed by the Masumoto group who quickly ended up befriending her after Max learned about Kakeru's predicament, given how Max herself has had to deal and approach those who were subjected to depression and anxiety. That said, Max's consequences were direr and more disastrous than the sextet's; while the latter had to deal with two timelines where Kakeru was either alive or dead, Max had to either save Chloe from her death and risk the destruction of her hometown of Arcadia Bay or have the inverse happen with Arcadia Bay being saved at the cost of Chloe being permanently dead. Neither is willing to discuss these events further, given that they don't want to dwell into further tragedies after what they went through.
  • On the topic of saving others, the sextet also learned about Project Splinter, a time machine created by Dr. Katarina Jones in a dystopian future. While the idea was with Dr. Jones since the 2010s, she was really motivated to work on it after a virus known as the Kalavirus was spread by the 12 Monkeys, killing 7 billion people and rendering the rest of humanity to primal anarchy and civilization being mostly dismantled. The Masumoto Group cringed at the prospect of such a world, though Dr. Jones, as pragmatic and cold as she was during her endeavors in combating the 12 Monkeys and trying to save the past, was welcoming to them. It helped that Jones decided to spend her time relaxing in the Pantheon with her daughter, Hannah, as although the 12 Monkeys were also in the Pantheon, they were now largely dealing with the Pantheonic Time Police instead. By extension, the sextet also got around to meeting and befriending the other members of Project Splinter, especially James Cole and Cassie Railly, given that Cole did try to save Cassie from becoming a victim to the virus and the two ended up becoming a couple, much like Naho and Kakeru. On another note, both groups had to deal with the possibilities of timelines, though Project Splinter had it far worse due to how the 12 Monkeys were prone to traveling in time as well, which is one of the reasons why their fight went on for such a long time.
  • Jill Stingray, oddly enough, found herself being well-acquainted with the group as she herself had a relationship with a woman named Lenore. Much like Kakeru and Naho, one of the last conversations Jill and Lenore had was an argument that resulted in them breaking off their friendship. Unfortunately, any sort of reconciliation was dashed when Jill, from Lenore's younger sister, Gabriella, learned that Lenore died three years later from an illness. This hit quite at home towards Naho and Kakeru as they had an argument regarding the latter's feelings towards his mother, which Naho accidentally invited. Additionally, much like Naho being too held back and nervous about taking action, Jill was also afraid of taking initiative and this resulted in her falling into depression, though she would later gain confidence and learn to move on and accept Lenore's death as well as looking after Gabriella as a way to make up for the past. The similarities allowed Jill to empathize and accommodate herself with the Masumoto Students, particularly enjoying Azu's enthusiasm and Suwa's supporting nature as well. Of course, learning their story made Jill wonder about what she could have done to tell her past self about what to do about Lenore.
  • The group's depression in having to come to terms with Kakeru's death caught the notice of Hitomi Tsukishiro, whose own depression came in the form of Achromatopsia, which depleted her ability to see colors and appreciating several aspects in life. Though, unlike the sextet, Hitomi herself went back in time to confront her uneasiness towards Magic as well as finding a way to regain her happiness and drive for life, which she succeeded when she made new friends, learned to appreciate Magic again, and regained her ability to see colors. While she didn't deal with the concept of death personally, Hitomi did feel uneasy and upset to learn about what the Masumoto group went through, but they insisted that it was okay for her to worry for them, despite her insistence to apologize. They saw Hitomi's use of magic as something they took an immediate interest in and are open to seeing her perform, with Suwa being encouraging towards Hitomi on being more expressive about it, as well as respecting her reserved nature and doing his best not to push her into doing what he and his friends want to see. The fact that the sextet reminds Hitomi of her grandmother, Kohaku's friend group, whom she established a close bond with, further helped her in seeing them as good friends, in addition to them being dedicated to finding a way to reach out to others' emotional issues and help them out.