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Whenever someone has difficulty trying to play through a game, they tend to visit this house for help.

Various guides, both in print and in digital, are in this house and people can ask genre experts for help on how to get better at a game. The guides have been written with help from the House of Knowledge. Worth noting that the guides also throw in a bit of wit so that people don't get bored reading them. Nevertheless, the guides, along with the members of this house, are very knowledgeable about the genres they specialize in.


There's also demo booths and gameplay videos present to help people get a good grasp as to how a particular genre works.

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Greater Gods

    The Dealer 
"Ah, one more for the game. Come, sit. You've passed the gates of the House of Gaming and the sub-house of Gaming Genres. And you come to my temple to play the Game of Life and Death. Well, not that death means much in the Trope Pantheons. Regardless, your stake is wagered. I refuse none who come here. Yet, I say, "Turn back"'."

The Dealer, God of Deckbuilding Games
  • Greater God (briefly demoted to Intermediate God levels after his first defeat)
  • Symbol: His deck, or a throng of cards floating around himself
  • Theme Song: Welcome To The Game, Hand of Fate, or Deal of the Millennia
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Big Bad In The First Game And Big Good In The Sequel, Game Master, Ambiguous Fourth Wall Breaking, Takes His Game of Life And Death Seriously, The Snark Knight, Time Abyss, Smug Snake, Nicer In The Sequel, Video Games and Fate, Graceful Loser, You Kill It, You Bought It (Maybe), Stealth Mentor, Sixth Ranger for the Second Player
  • Domains: Life and Death, Cards, Decks, Fate
  • Herald: The second Player (possible successor)
  • Followers: Dominion monarchs, the Reigns king, the realms of Vigil, Cerberus Engine Games
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew
  • Enemies: All purgers of magic, Amon
  • Respected by: Yahtzee
  • When it comes to deckbuilding games, there are certainly better examples than Hand of Fate. Alas, one of the other prerequisites to earn a spot in the Pantheon is distinct character, and the search for a deity to represent the genre led to the Court nominating the Dealer after the end of the second game whether he managed to reinstate himself, or if he allowed the second Player to take the mantle. Intrigued with what the Pantheon has to offer, the Dealer accepted the invitation.
  • The Dealer is a mysterious individual. He hosts the Game of Life and Death in his temple, where adventurers who face him must re-live encounters from their past, and fight the deadliest monsters in his service, though they're usually comprised of bandits, skeletons, giant rats, and lizard folk (though that's only in his first game). The deck-building part comes from the equipment and encounter cards (and in the sequel, a companion and starting supplies) one may put in their deck before each game, all earned after earning tokens from the Dealer for meeting certain conditions. It's a pretty long game to play, though the reward (since wagering his position is not advisable or even possible here, he's had to create one such system) can be worth it.
    • In account of how the Pantheon works, though, he had to revise his game (though not a complete overhaul, thankfully), balance the "mechanics", and has allowed for three variants.
      • First is the "vanilla" variant that his first Player Kallas played against him, complete with Wildcard "DLC" where one can choose different adventurers with varying pros and cons.
      • Second is the "vanilla" variant that his second Player played with different mechanics and rules. Several complaints on the "The Lovers" Escort Mission however forced him to "nerf" the difficulty, making it a little more manageable. He's also had to balance the game some more after complaints of most of the stages (especially the dice) being all but Luck Based Missions with skill being a non-factor, as well as a better "search system" for his encounter cards.
      • The third variant is based on the current player's own life and has appropriated encounter and equipment (and companion) cards, though the richness of their adventure/life story determines the difficulty, play length, and final reward (e.g. someone like Geralt or Shepard would have more to experience than someone like Red or Oboromaru), and it can mainly be a version of either of the first two variants. As his game has a lot of combat, he turns down pacifists from playing this variant, which he otherwise recommends the most to everybody who visits.
      • Additionally, he's been offered means to "save" whatever progress his (now many) players have made, so that there'll be little hassle for changing up between players' progress. Also, since there's only one of him and he's shown no ability to multiply himself, only one player can play at a time.
  • Given his world fell under a threat to outlaw all magic (though they turned a blind eye for one day of the year) and purge magical species by the first Player Kallas (except hired necromancers), the Dealer loathes those who go to such extents.
    • The purge Kallas mandated had also driven the ratmen to near-extinction, while the lizardmen were completely wiped out, though dwarves and gnomes were spared from persecution for some reason, mainly because the former were simply too boring and the reasons regarding the latter are unknown.
  • The dealer isn't a very social person, and prefers traveling alone, but he will go with others if he has to.
    • When he does travel long distances sometimes (if it's not within walking distance), it's usually in a caravan big enough for a player to play his game with him. It's also warded with spells that prevent it from drawing attention from raiders.
    • One of the few he has repsect for is Harth Stonebrew, who also hosts a deckbuilding game like him, but also has this weird charismatic charm (or perhaps threat of power) that allows a lot of really evil people to behave in his tavern. This includes the likes of Garrosh, Guldan, Jaraxxus, Ragnaros, and so on. On rare evenings, the Dealer even visits the inn for a drink and maybe even a game or two.
  • In regards to the Dealer's power outside the table, assuming what Kallas has performed as the holder of the Game of Life and Death can be done by him too, he can summon a squadron of Mooks from the Monster cards he's crafted thus far (Dust [bandits], Skulls [skeletons], Plague [ratmen], Scales [lizardmen], Steel [imperials], Frost [northern barbarians], another Plague [Corrupted], and Greed [thieves]), launch an orb of light for damage, conjure a barrier of magic, create searing lines on any surface, set off small magical explosions anywhere within his vision, and presumably equip himself or others with weapons from his cards. There can potentially be more.
  • Having experienced the Corrupted, and having been afflicted with it for a time, he has particular disdain for zombie plagues, especially if they're from the land rather than a mere virus with a Patient Zero.
  • For some reason, there are those who compare the Dealer to the Merchant in appearance and attitude. The Dealer for his part doesn't see how that is so.
  • Despite its many flaws, Yahtzee likes the Dealer's game, at least the second variant. The Dealer doesn't like being called an "ugly nun" though.
  • Has respect for few rules (aside from those that make his game), and among them is to treat with respect those who feed you.
  • Has contempt for nobles who expect heroes to rescue them when overwhelmed.
  • Has little love for assassins (and less for "criminal guilds"note ), even the Brotherhood led by Ezio Auditore. That said, he admits they're useful in what they do.
  • Has contempt for fortunetellers, especially after he's needed to pose as one before to earn some coin.
  • Has met spirits, gods, and even his world's death, and has no respect for any of them. He still doesn't now, and himself being a god now doesn't help either.
  • Has never set to sea, preferring the land.

    Steve (Minecraft
Steve, God of Sandbox Games (Mr. Minecraft)
  • Greater God (When on "Creative") or Demigod (When on "Survival").
  • Symbol: A Diamond Pickaxe
  • Alignment: Depends on player
  • Portfolio: The Aloner, Protagonist Without a Past, Hyperspace Arsenals
  • Domains: Mining, Blocks, Creation, Mechanics, Enchantment
  • Herald: Alex
  • Followers: The kid from Terraria
  • Allies: Sackboy, the King of Dotnia
  • Enemies: Herobrine, The Wither, The Godmodder
  • Pities: Lemongrab
  • He wanders around the Pantheon in search of new materials, often into the House of Commerce where most gems reside, which resulted in him being banned from there, mainly because he tried to turn some of them into armor.
  • He gets along well with Sackboy and the two are shown trying to out-do each other in creating new items and sharing them with everyone else. Formerly outmatched by Sackboy, Steve? quickly discovered the modding community. Since then, they've been about even again in terms of what they can make.
  • There are those who say that he built all of the houses in the Pantheon with his bare hands, but no one's been able to confirm this yet.
  • As part of his daily routine, every morning he punches down the nearest tree with his bare hands. When asked why, he always cryptically responds, "It gives me wood." People usually don't ask any further questions after that.
  • Steve actually has two modes, which greatly changes his ranking. The lesser form is "Survival" Steve, who is more adventurous of the two, being more prone on fighting monsters and constructing stuff on what he finds naturally, mainly stuff what helps him to survive. The stronger form is "Creative" Steve, which is more creative of the two, being nigh invincible and being able to generate almost anything from thin-air and destroy anything with one punch, allowing him to construct more impressive stuff.
    • He has a third mode known as [[Pantheon\Adaptations And Continuity "Glitchy"]], which is essentially "Creative Mode" but with Steve's IQ taking a massive hit.
  • Some say they've seen him slay a dragon. Steve? has neither confirmed nor denied this fact.
  • With the arrival of Alex, some gods questioned Steve on whether he knew of her. He simply stated that she was 'new', which confused everyone. It's been theorised that the two are in fact likely to actually be of equal power and share the same abilities. However, due to Alex being, as Steve so cryptically put it, 'new', she has been more than happy to simply serve as his herald.
    • It should be noted that many of the non-specific traits from above that apply to Steve, also apply to Alex.
    • Some curious gods among the Pantheon have talked among themselves as to what a battle between Steve and his herald would result in were Alex as experienced as Steve. Thus far, no-one has attempted to enact it due to Alex still being 'new', but bets are already being placed for what the result will be when they are true equals to each other.


Intermediate Gods

    Alexey Pajitnov 
Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov, God of Puzzle Games
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Several Tetriminoes
  • Theme Music: Tetris theme Type A (actually Korobeiniki, a Russian folk song)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: various Puzzle Games (including Falling Blocks, of which he popularized), Badass Beard
  • Domains: Puzzles, Gaming, Russians
  • Allies: Mario, Yoshi, Professor Layton, Papyrus
  • A Russian computer engineer and game designer, Pajitnov is one of the creators of Tetris, one of the most well-known puzzle games out there. Falling Blocks is not the only thing that he's known for, as he's also done, among other games, a puzzle-platformer, a collection of different puzzle games and even a fish tank simulator.
  • Despite being one of the creators of Tetris, he didn't receive any royalties from his creation until at least a decade after the original game's release, when he was able to secure the trademark and rights to the Tetris name.
  • With the popularity of Tetris, it came as no surprise that others would have their own spin on it (including a number of variations that are extremely difficult). Mickey Mouse was able to come up with one possible variation of such.
    • Pajitnov himself was able to come up with variants of his own game, including one with hats (the Headwear house is thinking about working on an improved version of said variant) and even a word puzzle.
  • He is aware of the fact that people have had dreams of falling blocks, but stated that he never had such a dream. Instead he has had dreams of himself believing to have finished playing a game of Tetris.
  • Out of all the available versions of Tetris available, he considers the one for the original Game Boy to be his favorite.
  • Occasionally designs some cookie-themed puzzles for Mario and Yoshi to handle whenever the latter two visit the House of Food.
  • Many often look forward to the various puzzles that he puts out. Papyrus is one of the most frequent visitors to Pajitnov and the skeleton is always looking for a new puzzle to handle. Papyrus even designs puzzles for Pajitnov.
  • Despite sharing similar titles, Professor Layton represents solving puzzles in general while Pajitnov is more of creating puzzles for others to solve. Layton enjoys solving the puzzles that Pajitnov puts out, all things considered.

    The Classic Team 
The Classic Team, Patron Saints of Character FPS Games (Team Fortress Classic, Scout: Greg, Soldier: Ross, Pyro: Beatrice, Demoman: Greg, Heavy: Chevy, Engineer: Fred Conagher, Sniper: Virgil)
The Team in Classic (from left to right): the Spy, Scout, Pyro, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Heavy Weapons Guy, Engineer, and Demoman.
The Team under the Mann brothers' employ (from left to right, top to bottom): the Sniper, Spy, Medic, Heavy, Scout, Demoman, Soldier, Engineer, and Pyro. 
The Team 40 years after, sans Medic (from left to right): the Scout, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper, Pyro, Soldier, and Spy. 
The Heavy 40 years after 

    Cyrus (Wizorb) 
Cyrus, God of "Block Kuzushi" Games
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His wand
  • Theme Song: Cyrus's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but can fall to Neutral Evil in a different ending
  • Portfolio: Breaking Out, Becoming A Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball, Mana Pool For Casting Spells, Fireball Spell, Alter Spell, Control Spell, Can Speak to Dogs
  • Domains: Magic, Wands, Blocks
  • "High Priests": The Breakout paddle, the Vaus
  • Followers: the Shatter bat, the prince and princess in Bad Omen as well as their blue sphere, Mr. Chin and Marcus
  • Allies: Sackboy, all other benevolent wizards in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: All evil possessors, demons, skeletal beings, and other kinds of monsters
  • Avoided by: The Kid
  • Pities: Ice King
  • Finding a representative for Breaking Out was a hard task, given that there's barely a plot that can be feasibly made with such a game type. The Trope Maker and Trope Codifier were a simple paddle and an Escape Pod/scout ship respectively, so choosing them won't be feasible. Then came Cyrus, a wizard who has mastered a secret magic art called Wizorb. After demonstrating his abilities to the Court of the Gods after they called for him, they decided to ascend him.
    • His "temple" is a bit of a mishmash given his followers and the trope he represents. Paddles and balls unaffected by gravity are abundant, there're services that provide him with his power-ups and magic, and aside from himself, there are only four humans who "follow" him.
  • Cyrus is often traveling, looking for places that need aid, and going adventuring to earn cash to pay for repair jobs to get them back on their feet. For inexplicable reasons, due to his title, any area he goes to that has monsters or is otherwise a place for adventurers to go becomes a rectangular area with destructible square shapes (crates, hedges, stones), indestructible blocks, and a few treasure chests. These (save the indestructible blocks) all need to be cleared before he can proceed. Also, he turns (or encases?) himself into the titular Wizorb to break them (and beat up monsters), relying on his wand to bounce him back and forth.
    • While he certainly has the skills to handle these on his own, he's come to appreciate other adventurers he comes across in the Pantheon whenever they join him, who allow him to clear the "stages" faster by destroying blocks, conjuring barriers or using their shields/weapons for his Wizorb to bounce off of, or even manipulate the Wizorb itself (its properties don't allow for physical contact) directly or indirectly (like winds, water, the ground, etc.). There's also a certain charm in having an aged wizard like him in their party.
      • One exception is the Kid, who's had bad experiences in his kind of environment. Even if the fields Cyrus is involved in are of a different two dimensions, being a One-Hit-Point Wonder with a peashooter doesn't do him any favors.
    • As such, a lot of his earnings go to helping the House of Craft, since the House itself is constantly being rebuilt.
      • One such repair job he's accepted to pay for is for the Think Tank after recent experiments or after said facilities moved on their own. The first time they requested help which he provided funding for was in the aftermath of Null Sector's siege on the Big MT after Dr. 0 dismantled a couple of their members.
      • Among friends he's made in the House of Craft is Sackboy, who sometimes has levels that fit perfectly for Cyrus to practice his art.
  • His art of Wizorb is a point of interest for other spellcasters in the Pantheon, though only as a novelty since many find it somewhat impractical. That said, Cyrus does have other spells in his arsenal, so it's not like Wizorb is all he can do.
  • Having fought the skeletal Demon King in his adventure, Cyrus has a dim opinion on demons, skeletal beings, and those who practice possession magic. The fact that there're houses dedicated to the first two ticks him off quite a bit.
  • Is averse to crowns or any other kinds of treasure for sale ever since the House of Prophecy showed a path he could've taken had he bought it; he would've turned to the dark side out of greed. In fact, he may collect all the money he wants, but he'll never purchase any personal treasures; most of his money goes to building repairs (and maybe renovations, too).
    • Having befallen a crown-related problem, he pities the Ice King's own situation given what it's done to the identity known as Simon Petrikov.
  • Wants nothing to do with the other Cyrus in the Pantheon. His plot makes him far worse than the Demon King. Though Hareta redeeming him is starting to color his opinion of the Team Galactic leader a bit differently.
  • Has a soft spot for children, given he's had to rescue the Four Sacred Children of Tarot Village.

    General Fletcher 
General Fletcher, Celestial AI of Tower Defense
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Defense Grid icon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good, Brain Uploading, Cloudcuckoolander, Exposition Fairy, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Loves Raspberries, Nice, Optimistic and Lively Until Angered
  • Domains: Defense, Towers, Artificial Intelligence
  • Allies: The Machine, Dell Conagher, Good-aligned Defenders of the Ancients, XCOM, Gordon Freeman, Raiden, Captain Qwark, Agents K and J
  • Enemies: GLaDOS, SHODAN, Ex, The Dalek Emperor, the Combine, Headcrabs, Frieza, Boros, Dr. Wallace Breen
  • Opposes: Rotom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: GLaDOS
  • After a few too many incidents of alien invasions and space pirates, the Main House decided that enough was enough and looked for ways to at least make them less of an annoyance to deal with. They found their answer in the form of the Defense Grid, a planetary defense system meant to repel alien invasions with a variety of towers. Coming along with the Grid was General Fletcher, an AI with quite a cheerful personality.
    • A thousand years ago, General Fletcher beat back the attacking aliens using the Defense Grid. After the war, Fletcher's brain was uploaded into the planetary defense grid in case the aliens ever returned. Which they did. Now helping out the player character, they both fight to re-awaken the grid and save humanity from the aliens with the use of towers.
    • The Defense Grid has access to a variety of towers, such as Gun Towers, Inferno Towers, Laser Towers, Temporal Towers, Missile Towers, Tesla Towers, Command Towers and some more. If that isn't enough, it also has access to orbital bombardment satellites just to make sure that the invaders dies.
    • As the AI in charge of the grid, Fletcher also serves as a helper to deities who wants to try Tower Defense themselves. He will take care of the boring parts of the job (salvaging and gathering resources) while they place, upgrade and sell towers.
  • Shows up in the Field of the Ancients as an announcer, commentating on what happens in the battles. The heroes reportedly likes to hear him cheer them on.
  • Once he and his friend got tied up in GLaDOS' tests, with Fletcher unable to help the player out until he got out to save his friend from an unwinnable situation, to which GLaDOS retaliated by opening a portal to the aliens. With cunning and trickery however, General Fletcher tricked the hostile AI and managed to shut her down for good. GLaDOS is still unhappy about that.
    • When he learned that the headcrabs exists in the same universe as GLaDOS, he started to come up with ideas as to how to deal with them just in case she would attempt to get her revenge by using headcrabs. General Fletcher didn't hesitate to ask Gordon Freeman for guidance in this regard.
    • Through the Pantheon, Fletcher was horrified to learn about SHODAN and her actions. His thoughts on SHODAN? "She (GLaDOS) was frustrating enough to deal with, but she makes her look tolerable by comparison!"
  • Gets along with The Machine for being a fellow benevolent AI. General Fletcher himself laments that friendly AIs are a rarity these days.
  • Once upon a time Rotom got loose in the Defense Grid, causing a massive amount of havoc on Fletcher's end. Ever since that, General Fletcher has made sure to improve the security system so that Rotom will be less likely to create chaos.
  • With Dell Conagher able to build strong turrets and General Fletcher able to set up good defenses, it wasn't a surprise that they got reasonably well along. The AI has been warned by the engineer to not trust The Spy.
  • Because of his experience with defense, he has been assigned to take care of the Pantheon's Treasury alongside GLaDOS and The Machine. While he's happy to be working together with The Machine, he's not so pleased about the GLaDOS part.
  • Has developed a working partnership with XCOM over their shared interest in thwarting alien invasions.
  • He is in direct opposition against every alien deity who frequently invades Earth and other planets, such as the Dalek Emperor, Combine and Boros. He's not fond of headcrabs either, since they tend to be used for invasions as well. Note that he is fine with benevolent aliens.
    • He's also not fond of Dr. Breen for surrendering Earth to the Combine, even if Breen was well-intentioned about it.
  • Fletcher's voice reminds Raiden of Doktor. Along with Raiden being a cyborg (close enough to Brain Uploading), there's some good reasons why they like each other's company.

Opa-Opa, Avatar of the Cute 'em Up
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: The ship itself
  • Theme Music: Opa-Opa! (Round One)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sapient Ship, Cute 'em Up, Nintendo Hard, Widget Series
  • Domains: Ships, Cuteness, Weirdness
  • Herald: Upa-Upa
  • High Priests: Twinbee, Winbee, and Gwinbee
  • Followers: Pocky & Rocky, Ripple, Air Zonk, the cast of Parodius, Trouble Witches, and Otomedius, the unascended cast of Touhou
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Vic Viper, the ascended cast of Touhou (on a professional level)
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned members of the House of Hatred and Villains, Bernkastel, Vanitas, Dark Link
  • Odd Friendship: Luke Skywalker, anyone that has gone up against their inner darkness
  • When you think of Shoot 'em Ups, you normally think of a futuristic setting in space where things explode thanks to a spaceship out on a mission. If you think of a cutesy setting where things explode thanks to a spaceship out on a mission, you're thinking of the Cute 'em Up. Opa-Opa was one of the earliest entries to the genre and its adventures involved moving through some levels, destroying some targets, and the level's boss to proceed. It also has access to a shop to purchase upgrades using the coins earned from defeated enemies.
  • Even though Alex Kidd is usually seen as the first mascot of Sega before Sonic came along, Opa-Opa predates him by around eight monthsto be specific . Sonic was somewhat surprised to hear this. Nevertheless, he is more than happy to see another Sega deity in the Pantheon.
  • The ship can relate to Luke Skywalker rather well, as both had to fight against an evil group that their fathers were involved with.
  • Once participated in some races. This has lead some to ask how it is possible for a ship to travel on its own.
  • Went on a stint with a group of people and something known as the Zillion Gun.
  • It had to fight against a physical manifestation of its evil personality at one point. This has caused it to find some common ground with others who have fought against their inner darkness. It is also in opposition with deities like Bernkastel, Vanitas, and Dark Link because of this.
  • Many have wondered what its relationship with the House of Commerce is given that it has access to a shop of sorts to get upgrades.
  • Whenever someone passes by its game and looks at it, they tend to dismiss it as something that is easy. When they actually try the game though, it's not the case.
  • Is sometimes seen alongside the Vic Viper guarding the Treasures from any intruders. The Vic Viper considers the Opa-Opa to be welcome, if eccentric, company and was also reminded of a time when it went on some strange adventures.
  • In a way, gets along well with the ascended cast of Touhou. Speaking of which, it's temple also inhabits any unascended members from that series. Opa-Opa usually isn't in its temple anyways.
    • On a related note, Opa-Opa personally chose Twinbee, Winbee, and Gwinbee to be its High Priests, as they played a role in making the Cute 'em Up genre recognizable amongst gamers. Opa-Opa views the three to be its predecessorsnote .

    The Survivor Crew (Nazi Zombies
The Survivor Crew members , Guardians of Neverending Games (Dempsey: Corporal Tank Dempsey; Nikolai: Nikki, Nick, The Red Menace, Stalin's Son; Takeo: Tak; Richtofen: Eddie, The Butcher, The Doc, Assistant, The German)
In the alternate timeline 
  • Intermediate Gods as a group. Lesser Gods on their own (Richtofen is a Greater God as the Demonic Announcer)
  • Symbol: The number 115
  • Theme Song: Damned (All of them), Carrion (Richtofen)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Zombies, Weapons, Survival, Endless Games, Ironic Death
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Medic, Deadpool, Zhaitan (Richtofen)
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Samantha Maxis (Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai), Most russian women (Nikolai)
  • Commonality Connection: Ice King (Richtofen)
  • Pitied by: The House of Family and Love (Nikolai)
  • Odd Friendship: Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord (Richtofen)
  • There were stories of a fabled group of four soldiers who were involved in a series of events that caused a Zombie Apocalypse. Their adventures around the world while trying to fend off the endless horde of zombies that came after them managed to capture the attention of the pantheon. Eventually one day, a loud sound was heard, something akin to a teleporter, and then they arrived. Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Edward Richtofen had arrived in the pantheon.
    • For once, they were glad that they didn't have to turn the power on, and apparently they weren't the only Humans around this time. Eventually they settled to rest after a long day fighting undead.
  • Unfortunately, not long after their ascension, a horde of zombies appeared to attack them and everyone in the Pantheon. Instead of being worried about the sudden arrival of 115 infected, they just were annoyed that they had to fight off those same creatures again.
    • They later discovered that Samantha was indeed behind the attack, devastating a great part of the Pantheon. While they managed to stop her, Samantha being ascended as a result has not been good news for the Crew (Especially for Richtofen
  • At the begining, many people were perplexed that they seemed to have trouble doing a veriety of things that normal people can, like being unable to open doors or not being able to get out of their temple. The reason was that they still were "binded" by their world's rules, and they didn't have points to spend opening the doors. Thankfully the Court of Gods stepped in and fixed their situation so they are now free to roam free as they please.
  • They are known as one of the most Dysfuctional groups of the entire pantheon and nobody seems to know why. Dempsey and Richtofen hates each other and both Nikolai and Takeo don't get along rather well either. However, when it comes to teamwork, they are always working together to survive, even though they will be bickering all the way until they either die or go somewhere else.
    • Altough, there is one thing that Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai agree, is that they don't like being around Richtofen and usually try to not be associated with him. There is a far more complicated reason as why they still stick together and that's because they are all captured soldiers who Richtofen brainwashed and used to escape the initial outbreak back in Der Riese.
    • To complicate things further, there is actually an alternate timeline when a much younger versions of themeselves met during World War I in a secret camp located in France. This group is much more saner than their current selves and they have been travelling in time to stop the original plan of Richtofen. Of course, the current Richtofen does remember everything that happened but has been quiet for the moment.
  • The nature of the world they come from means that every time they "die" they have to start all over again or until they are teleported to another location. That's the reason they seem to get along with people like Kyon or Phil Connors.
    • Only Richtofen seems to remember all of the adventures they had together given his experience with the aether. There are a lot of things the German knows but refrains from telling anybody.
  • The crew seemingly gets along with fellow deities who also participated in WW2. Dempsey got himself friends like Rick Blaine and Charlotte A. Yeager while Takeo also allied himself with most of the Japanese shipgirls. Richtofen wasn't as lucky, as almost everyone remotely decent from Germany hates his guts for his horrible actions. Nikolai really doesn't care about anyone and most Russians, particularly women, don't like him either.
  • Ironically, the crew gets along rather well with the South Park kids, particularly because they also once run into Nazi Zombies. Hilariously enough, they also have a friend/teammate that they don't really like that much but they keep them around anyway. Cartman and Richtofen for their part get along swimmingly well and The Doctor is considering on making Cartman his Right hand.
  • Even though their relationship can get a little complicated at times, they did once got together to sing a couple very special christmas songs which take a lot of people by surprise
  • Exclusive to Dempsey:
    • Having fought in the pacific side of World War II, Dempsey knows how hellish war can be. He was captured for 2 weeks by the japanese and seemingly escaped by armed only with a Bobby pin and his Medal of Honor which he keepeed secreted in...various body cavities that he doesn't want to talk about. He later was sent to germany to rescue an spy that infiltrated Group 935 facilities, only to be set up and being swarmed by infected soldiers. He was the only survivor of his platoon of the incident known as "Verrückt". It's no surprise that he doesn't like Insane Asylums but he doesn't quite remember why
    • He has an immense respect for Steve Rogers thanks for being an important figure during WW2. Steve on his part is glad to finally find someone from his time and they both closer after learning that Dempsey is also a super soldier experiment just like him
    • Another soldier he managed to befriend was Captain Martin Walker, but at the beggining he had his doubts about him. Understandably, having heard of what Walker did back on Dubai didn't sit well on him; and the fact that he sounded just like Richtofen didn't help at all. However, he did warm up to Walker after a while.
    • He seems to get along with Wolverine for being a fellow WW2 veteran like him. He even is weirded out that he sometimes sounds so similar to him.
    • He is noted as being one of the soldiers with the most years in service for the U.S. military ever since WW1. He also gets along with fellow americans like Guile and Liberty Prime. Though he is wary of the latter since he hasn't had a pretty experience with Giant Robots.
  • Exclusive to Nikolai:
    • Nikolai was a distinguished soldier during WW2. He was feared among his peers for his ruthlessness and even Stalin himself was wary of him. He was eventually captured by group 935, where he became one of three secret test subjects for experimentation with element 115. This experience made him addicted to Vodka and he is always looking to satiate his thirst for alcohol.
    • He has an history of marrying many woman and eventually murdering them. This made him the entire houses of Family and Love to oppose him for such brutal treatment of his family. Nikolai himself doesn't care and keeps searching for a good place to drink a very good bottle of Vodka.
    • He befriended Soda Popinski for being comrade who enjoys drinking just like him. At first he didn't quite understand why he was drinking that stupid soda pop instead of some good vodka but he eventually tried it out and was as addicted as the boxer is.
    Nikolai: "Guh, I feel muscle-ly all over. Almost as good as vodka!"
    • Really hates monkeys and every time he spot one he open fires without hesitation. Granted, he hasn't had a good experience with Monkeys either and he keep complaining that those damn primates keep stealing his Vodka.
    • As revealed by Chromie, bringing up his first and only wife, even if it's to comfort him, will have him drop all pretense of being drunk, shoot that he turned to drinking especially to try to forget her, and try to kill you. As such, despite it's members pitying him and wanting to help him, he stays as far away from the House of Love as he can.
  • Exclusive to Takeo:
    • Takeo Masaki was born into wealth; his family dynasty dates back several centuries, and throughout that time they have been highly decorated Samurai and Bushido. He was an important captain during WW2 who was also a fierce fighter but honorable at the same time. Like other two before him, he was also captured by group 935 for testing element 115 but unlike the other two, he has fully recovered his brainwashment and is currently trying to get back at richtofen. For now, takeo decided to keep a straight face before striking his plan.
    • He came to respect master Yoda, as their Jedi culture and especially their honor, has caught his attention. He is particularly curious that Yoda also sounds suspiciously like him.
    • Takeo has always believed that honor is the most important aspect of life, that's why he despises Shiro Tagachi for murdering his version of the emperor. It doesn't help that Cantha, the region where Shiro hails from, greatly resembles japanese sociaety and the stunt that the assassin pulled is not that far of what Richtofen has done to him.
    • He can be often found visiting the sun goddess Ammaterasu and he greatly respects her given that he comes from a dynasty close to the imperial family. However, the sun goddess was extremely unnerved about Takeo's fanatism, particularly because he once off-handedly mention that he slaughtered his family for his insolence.
    • He had been extremly pensive as of late. Investigations made by Chromie revealed that in an alternate timeline, he had been betrayed by his Emperor and given to Division 9 to perform horrible experiments on. Needless to say, this has calmed his fanaticisim somewhat. He also willing commited sepuku, letting his alternate self claim his soul to purge the worlds from evil.
  • Exclusive to Richtofen:
    • Dr. Edward Richtofen was a nazi scientist that was heavily involved in the studies of element 115 and was a long time collaborator with fellow scientist and mentor Dr. Ludvig Maxis. While testing the capacities of the newly created teleporters, Richtofen decided to use himself as a test subject. What followed was the german doctor being transported to a secret facility in the moon where he made contact with a mysterius pyramid device, only to go insane after touching it. Safe to say, the doctor hasn't been himself after that wonderful experience.
      • That's why he has some Sympathy for the Ice King, since he also went insane after making contact with his Crown. This is one of the few times where Richtofen was merciful to someone. (And don't expect that kindness too often)
    • Every single survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse fiercely despises Richtofen for not only being one of the original causes of the outbreak in the first place, but because his general overview of life makes it really difficult for others to even have a simple talk. It doesn't help that Richtofen himself is a murderous Psychopath that enjoys mutilating his foes in a really sadistic way.
    • Meeting Albert Wesker was a really delightful experience for the doctor as he is one of the few people that shares similar views like him. Wesker is really interested on how to use the Element 115 to further his goals and also is a little jealous that Richtofen also managed to achieve control of the Zombies at one point. This didn't go unnoticed by anyone, and the GUAG has kept an eye on both Wesker and the Doctor in case they decide to work together on god knows what.
      • He also gets along with another well-known maniac, Flowey. The Flower was curious about how Richtofen was able to fool his comrades and succeed in becoming a god yet was defeated anyway. Many dread what would happen if the German decides to mess around with Flowey's power to further his agenda
    • Doctor Richtofen has a collection of stuffed animals with particular strange expressions. It was later revealed that these animals were alvie before Richtofen brutally murdered them and they remained with that pained expression ever since their death. This in turn made Richtofen enemies with the entire House of Beast
    • He mysteriously gets along with Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord, who is known to be one of the most unpleasant individuals in the entire pantheon. What makes this friendship so scarily worrying, is that they seem to sound really similar which hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone.
      • Deadpool has also occasionally mocked the Doctor by mimicking his voice. Richtofen really doesn't care and instead become very interested in Wilson's...Body.
    • There has been comparisons between The Medic and Richtofen, but the latter insist that he at least cares for his comrades unlike Richtofen. The Two have developed a fierce rivalry ever since.
    • After Samantha's ascension, Richtofen plans to take control of the Aether once more by usurping Samantha. However, he is under heavy watch by most gods, since he can trigger a disaster of giant proportions if he succeeds. This won't discourage the doctor for trying, but he is biding his time for now.
    • Was extremely pissed that his younger self killed him in another timeline and especially by the fact that he was genuinely heppy to be able to talk to himself. Also, he hates having died so suddenly.

Lesser Gods

    Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy 
Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Divine Triumvirate of Survival Horror (Chris: The B.S.A.A.'s Golden Boy - by Leon, Commander Redfield - by Captain America, Captain Redfield, Claire: The Goddess Of Destruction)
Top: Chris Redfield
Middle: Claire Redfield
Bottom: Leon S. Kennedy

    Hollow Knight 
Hollow Knight, God of Non-linear Action Adventure Platformers (The Knight)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: His Helmet. Alternatively, the Void Heart Charm.
  • Theme Song: Enter Hallownest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Silent Protagonists, Magic Knights, Adorable Badasses, Unknown Genders, Shadow Powers, Beings Made of Void, Empty Shells, Dream Walkers, Monsters Without Needs, Unchosen Ones, Vacant Stares
  • Allies: The Chosen Undead, The Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, Samus Aran, Zeratul
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Metroid Hatchling, The Hunter, Kyu Stardust
  • Enemies: The Radiance, The Great Ones, Ruvick, Nightmare (Kirby)
  • Worthy Opponent: Scyther
  • Deep underground lies Hallownest, an ancient kingdom that was thrown into disarray by an infection after its inhabitants had rejected its previous ruler, the Radiance. In order to protect his dominion from the infection, Hallownest's current ruler, the Pale King, sacrificed thousands of his spawn so that one of them would serve as a suitable vessel for containing the Radiance. The Knight this profile follows was one of those suitable vessels, and, with the deterioration of its predecessor, the titular bug carries on with its original mission: stop the Radiance, no matter the cost.
  • Nobody knows how exactly the Hollow Knight managed to get into the Pantheon. Some theorize that the Knight was brought along specifically to keep the Radiance in check. Others speculate that the Knight had climbed out of an abyss near the House of Darkness and Shadow. Some even believe that the Knight had initially emerged as a monstrous creature that had broken out of golden masked bug. Whatever the case may be, all that was known was that the Knight was going nowhere for the time being.
    • One of the very first actions that the Hollow Knight undertook upon ascending to the Pantheon was walk straight to the Radiance's temple with the sole purpose of ending her. However, due to the Pantheon's nature regarding life and death, whatever deaths that the Knight or the Radiance inflict upon each other are usually short-lived. In spite of this information, the Knight persists on marching toward the Radiance's temple each day in the vain hope that their next battle would be the last.
  • Having originated from a franchise that held numerous similarities with the Metroidvania genre, the Dark Souls protagonists took an immediate shine to the Knight, and gladly consider the little bug as one of their own. That said, their newfound kinship doesn't seem to hinder the Ashen One from taking cues from a certain bug in Hallownest and attempting to con the Knight out of some geo every now and then.
    • The Knight also gained an ally in fellow Metroidvania protagonist Samus Aran. Their alliance isn't as close-knit as is the Knight's alliance with the Dark Souls Trio since Samus happens to associate with the Metroid Hatchling, a creature that happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to another jellyfish-like enemy named Uumuu.
  • Having heard about the mantis lords in its game of origin, Scyther can sometimes be seen sparring with the Knight in the House of Combat, with the Knight usually beginning these sparring matches by pulling out his nail and urging the mantid to Bring It.
  • Being a creature made entirely out of void, the Knight quickly gained the interest of Zeratul. Said interest almost instantaneously developed into respect when Zeratul learned that the Knight's purpose was to destroy the Radiance, which had trapped all of bugkind in a Hive Mind before the Pale King came along. The respect was mutual on the Knight's end when it heard about the Dark Templar's efforts in resisting the Khala that most of the Protoss had already accepted.
    • This stands in stark contrast to the Hunter, who, having claimed to have witnessed the Knight as the aforementioned monster that consumed the golden masked bug, immediately tried to kill the Knight the moment he saw him set foot outside its temple. He would've succeeded in doing so if the Plain Doll hadn't stopped him and informed him of the Knight's true nature. While the Hunter is no longer hostile to the Knight and has even teamed up with the bug whenever the Hunter is being overwhelmed by the Great Ones, the Hunter continues to remain wary of the Knight judging by all the instances where the Hunter was caught pressing an Evelyn towards the Knight's helmet.
  • Somehow the Pantheon managed to obtain live footage of the Knight's dating attempts. The results were... less than stellar, to say the least.
    Hollow Knight: Now my mom always told me that I was a handsome young man and I always took that to heart, so I'm going to try and seduce god.
    • Having seen the footage, Kyu Stardust immediately took it upon herself to take the Knight under her wing so that she can transform the awkward mess that she had witnessed into a ladykiller like she does with most of her clients. So far, the process has proven to be slow and arduous, but Kyu remains hopeful that she can at least make sure that the Knight will at least end up with the sense to not ask every random person they encounter to quote unquote "check out [its] dick."
  • Being a Dream Walker, the Knight has started to unnerve the more sinister deities of the House of Dreams such as Ruvik and Nightmare, who now fear that their advantage within the Radiance has been nullified by the Knight's presence. They do, however, take comfort in knowing that deities such Haruto Tsukishiro and Ysera are currently having difficulties convincing the Knight that they don't have to Dream Nail every sleeping person they come across.

    John Carmack
John Carmack, Avatar of First Person Shooters and Online Multiplayer, Lord of the Third Dimension, Ruler of PC Games
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Jolly Roger-like symbol with a shotgun crossed with a keyboard taking place of the crossbones and a computer monitor replacing the skull. There is also a mouse (computer kind, not animal kind) underneath them.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though Moral Guardians call him Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Popularizing the First-Person Shooter genre, Developing a lot of the technologies, especially BSP trees, that are practically essential to modern video games, even on consoles, and still at it, being an aerospace engineer aside from video game developer, 4th-Gen videogames (his games debuted during the 4th Generation of Video Games), PC Videogames, First-Person Shooter, Online Multiplayer
  • Domains: The 3-D realm
  • Followers: Every video game character born in 3-D, every CG cartoon and Machinima character, every First-Person Shooter character.
  • High Priests: The Doom Marine, William "B.J." Blazkowicz
  • Allies: Mr. Game & Watch, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, the Team Fortress 2 characters.
  • Opposed by: The Moral Guardians who bash on Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, Mecha Hitler
  • Likes to show off his pan-dimensional Gun Collection, made up of every gun in all of time and space that has ever been made.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT mess with this guy. Besides owning every kind of weapon imaginable and having access to all items held in his ever-expanding Hyperspace Arsenal, he also has many, many, favors from Master Chief, Gordon Freeman, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, The Team Fortress characters, and various others who gained their greatness in 3-D.
  • Being the 3D counterpart to Mr. Game & Watch, both Carmack and Mr. Game & Watch share a mutual friendship with each other.
  • John Carmack is also an aeronautical engineer at the company he founded, Armadillo Aerospace. The company won the $350,000 Level One X-Prize Lunar Lander Challenge in October 2008.
  • Has won numerous awards and gained recognition.
  • Aside from developing technologies that are essential to modern video games, PCs and consoles, he is researching on "sparse voxel octrees" for the upcoming Id Tech 6 engine.
  • Recently is currently bidding to add Virtual Reality to his title after he transitioned from Id Software to Oculus to focus on a new development: the Oculus Rift. Only time will tell if it becomes a success and if it does, then he will also have a spot in the House of Technology.

    The Marked Ninja 
The Marked Ninja, God of Stealth-Based Games (Champion, The Severed, The Bearer of the Mark)
Go on, click on this to see his face. I hope you survive his attempts to kill you to make sure none will see his face 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: the Hisomu Clan motif, a raven
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: ninjutsu faithful to reality, mystical tattoos that eventually lead to insanity, bald head, has no name
  • Domains: Stealth, Darkness, Tattoos, Insanity
  • Allies: None so far.
  • Enemies: Anybody who ends up as his target.
  • Rivals: Ryu Hayabusa, every other Highly Visible Ninja. But he doesn't really care about this whole rivalry thing, he's got work to do.
  • What sets the Marked Ninja apart from other "ninja" is that stealth is paramount to him, he is not immediately recognizable, very little is revealed about him (we don't even know his real name), and bears nothing that is world-famous (like Ryu Hayabusa's True Dragon Sword). Just like ninjas in Real Life.
    • However, a later re-examination of his title and a re-reading of the rules of ascension means he couldn't stay as God of Realistic Ninjas for long, and so had to find another trope to hold. One message to the Court of the Gods later (and they never saw him come or go), and he was transferred to the House of Gaming to represent the Stealth-Based Game, as his story's game is all about hiding, and where exposing oneself will mean trouble for him.
    • Not to mention, the Marked Ninja fought mostly humans where stealth truly worked wonders. He wouldn't know if he ended up having to do stealth missions against fiends or demons with most likely superhuman senses.
  • The Marked Ninja has no temple, and so has barely any followers (aside from a few in Ryu Hayabusa's that worked on ascending him). What little information that had been gleaned out of him was thanks to those followers and a couple of other curious gods, but the Marked Ninja has since made extreme efforts to silence further inquirers and destroy all evidence of being witnessed. He'd prefer to destroy what information is now at the public, but it's been secured in a place he cannot ever reach. That and because nearly everybody who is anybody is a god and thus cannot be killed (for good).
    • Regardless, he does admit that there is a purpose of the other so-called ninjas in the Pantheon: If all ninjas were like him, then no-one would ever know the existence of the term 'ninja'. Even if they're supposedly invisible, they do exist, and he owes these 'ninja' for showing the world of their existence.
  • He's tried to take his portfolio away, but additional countermeasures have been put during his transfer from Hunters to Gaming Genres. That said, it is not an updated image of him: he's bald from when his final tattoos were applied.
  • Still, he wasn't satisfied and eventually argued for it to be hidden behind a warning, and the Court acquiesced.
  • Has no care for the Ninjas vs. Pirates war, but the Marked Ninja can afford to imagine what would happen if he cared… Ninjas win by default as the pirates would no-show the battle, because he'd have those pirates dead before they even enter the battle, without even being spotted. Don't worry, he'll make it look like they died of someone else attacking or maybe food poisoning rather than just slitting their throats (or maybe environmental hazards). He'll have to make sure no one knows that he did the job.
  • There are actually two Marked Ninjas depending on the path he took in the end. One where he kills his master and succumbs to insanity as he wipes out his clan for their 'dishonor', and one where he kills himself and his clan degrades as they go high-tech. The Marked Ninja that is here is the latter.
  • Solid Snake is impressed that the Marked Ninja can hide in a cardboard box just as well as he can. The Marked Ninja on the other hand is happy (not that he'd let others see it) to see Dosan in the Pantheon as Snake's follower.
  • Once every couple days or a week, he commits seppuku to prevent himself from going totally batshit insane, which could compromise his job as a ninja. Thankfully, as a god, he 'regenerates', and his sanity is also restored.
    • On occasion, the Marked Ninja sometimes 'regenerates' without his tattoos, and so has to (secretly) visit Dosan (a follower of Solid Snake) so he can re-apply the tattoos. It is unknown why this happens, but just in case, Dosan occasionally visits the Plants sub-house or the House of Nature to harvest certain flowers (extinct in his mortal realm but thankfully existent in the Pantheon) as ingredients for the Marked Ninja's tattoos.
  • Due to his old clan's traditions, he bears contempt for modern technology, though he does understand its necessity. Still, his techniques and tools, and the Mark of Serenity allow him to bypass most security systems.
  • Ezio Auditore is impressed with the Marked Ninja's stealth abilities, and has offered to let him in as an unofficial member and help him be a better combatant. With no real clan to follow or lead, and because he's not really for-hire, The Marked Ninja has been taking this offer into consideration.
  • He's heard that Suzune, the Goddess of Ninja Studies, has been looking for him in an attempt to learn from him. He decided he'd let her learn what he knows… if she could successfully track him down. And he certainly won't be taking it easy on her; she's gonna have to earn the right to learn what he knows.
  • Somehow, he had managed to sneak into the TV World while members of the Investigation Team were escorting one of their 'clients' in. After facing his Shadow and making a Persona out of it, he was just as easily able to sneak out as the Team left with no one the wiser. It helped that neither Teddie nor Rise were present that time.

    The Master of Chaldea 
The Master of Chaldea, Deity of Mobile Phone Games (Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru, Gudao, Gudako)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Their Command Seal. Alternatively, the logo of the Chaldea Security Organization.
  • Theme Song: Shikisai and later Gyakkou, both by Maaya Sakamoto.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though often Lawful Neutral in other circumstances.
  • Portfolio: Compassionate and Compelling Hero, Bringing out the best side of every Servant, Standing in for the players who they can name, Can command multiple Servants, but average in magecraft, Secretly Perverted, Winning the Servants' hearts regardless of gender, Tactical from afar due to being unable to fight normally, Generic backstory of finding a flyer that got their interest, The only Master available in Chaldea
  • Domains: Time, Gaming, Humanity, Magic
  • Herald: The rest of Chaldea.
  • High Priestesses: The Valkyries of Schicksal
  • Followers: Abe no Seimei, Professor Willow, Spark, Blanche, Candela, the cast of Mystic Messenger, Lucio and Ameli, Gran and Djeeta
  • Allies: All Servants of Chaldea but most importantly Leonardo da Vinci and Solomon, Philemon, Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Commander Shepard, Takeru Tenkuuji/Kamen Rider Ghost, Griffin, Optimus Prime and by extension the rest of the Autobots, Ryusei Date, Sei Iori and Reiji, Team TRY Fighters, Wander, Sylvia, Rushuna Tendou, Ash Ketchum, Red, Spike (Ape Escape), Nyarko, Mata Nui, The Toa, The GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, Sora, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Makoto Naegi, Dr. Frasier Crane, Amuro Ray
  • Enemies: Goetia, Both Nyarlathoteps, Tiamat (FGO), Shinji Matou, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Yuki Terumi, Merged Zamasu, Megatron and by extension the rest of the Decepticons/Predacons, Unicron, Lord Dominator, Makuta Teridax, Junko Enoshima, The Illusive Man
  • Respected by: The Dahaka
  • Opposes: Z-ONE
  • Pities: Homura Akemi
  • Back then, the mobile game industry is rather dormant. A lot of mobile gaming companies are struggling to make more than what they are currently making; some make actual story-driven games while others make simple games designed to pass the time. Later on, Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi (better known as the founders of Type-Moon) approached a little development team named DelightWorks Inc. to create a game made out of an unfinished MMORPG project (that forms the basis of Fate/Apocrypha); the latter party agrees and the world is finally introduced to Fate/Grand Order. Since then, Fate/GO has gained numerous amounts of popularity due to carrying on the already-popular Fate Series name, catapulting the mobage genre into the mainstream.
    • To represent the game and the rest of the mobile game industry as a whole, the Master of Chaldea is chosen for the position after Eiki Shiki and Captain America were impressed by his triumphant victory over the primal Beast I, Goetia. The Master then asks if this place is the Throne of Heroes, which the Captain responded, "Not really, you're in a place like the Throne." He and Eiki explains the Trope Pantheons further and soon afterwards the Master became enthusiastic to take their new position, hoping to save more worlds like theirs.
  • To make things easier for everyone, they would prefer to be called "Ritsuka Fujimaru" according to most of their depictions and they will almost always be in their male appearance and identify as such (though they can be a female at times too).
  • When word got around about Ritsuka's ascension, ALL Servants of Chaldea came over to his temple to see their master again with a party thrown by Pinkie Pie (of course). Ritsuka is glad to see them all again, even the villainous Heroic Spirits, who most refuses to admit to be glad to see him again while others are openly happy. Since then, Ritsuka has the final say on their actions once more, becoming their eternal Morality Pet.
    • Out of all of them, he's very glad to see Leonardo da Vinci again since sacrificing herself to save the Chaldean staff from the destruction of their headquarters, who is glad that her young duplicate is able to carry them in the fight against the Crypters; Ritsuka is also excited to see da Vinci in his proper gender for once, though as usual, he considers it nothing special. Solomon however keeps his distance from Ritsuka because he sacrificed himself to defeat Goetia once and for all and he died not as Solomon, but as their dear friend Dr. Romani Archaman and he wants Ritsuka to move on without him; that didn't stop Ritsuka from at least giving Solomon a hug before the latter leaves.
      Ritsuka: *crying* I miss you so much, doctor...
      Solomon: *teary-eyed* Yeah... me too...
    • Goetia is furious upon hearing that the Master of Chaldea has ascended, having failed to taking him down with him in a last-ditch effort to win. Ritsuka, despite losing Mash temporarily after she sacrificed herself to take Goetia's deadly hit still wants to reach out to Goetia and have him understand humanity for once but due to the sin he's embodying, Goetia assumes the Master is patronizing him and adamantly refused. Ritsuka is still determined to continue, but he knows that the next time they meet, it won't be civil.
    • As for Tiamat however, Ritsuka thinks this time she's reasonable enough to listen to him despite others' evidence to the contrary. Tiamat herself is kinda salty towards Ritsuka for beating her and sending her to the underworld so she's not gonna actually listen to him soon.
  • Philemon is glad that there's another champion of humanity, even better that they're correcting history to preserve what makes them both flawed AND special; he thanks Ritsuka for his efforts and in return, Ritsuka vows to Philemon to keep going on his mission. Meanwhile, the Nyarlathoteps are not happy to see Ritsuka in, since for the SMT one he finds the Master the complete opposite of what he stands for while the mythos one already faced him while possessing and partnering with BB in a disastrous summer event. Ritsuka recognizes their level of danger, but since he has beaten Goetia they might become even matches for him and his Servants.
    • He was surprised to find Nyarko, an incarnation of Nyarlathotep who happens to be good. Nyarko found out he liked a lot of mecha, and introduced him to the world of Tokusatsu. They have been friends since and now they discuss their new favourite shows.
  • Due to his job of correcting history to its absolute right path, the Master of Chaldea has made allies in the good-aligned deities of the sub-houses of Time Manipulation and Time Placement who congratulated him for his irreplaceable work. Noteworthy interactions include with Ryotaro Nogami who also corrects history and partnered with otherworldly beings like Ritsuka and Clockwork being happy that there are more people taking active roles in fixing time and Ritsuka is one of them. Mr. Peabody and Sherman got along with Ritsuka since all three jump through time and meet with historical figures and Ritsuka help them grasp the concepts of Heroic Spirits and the Grail System; Griffin is glad better timelines are happening thanks to Ritsuka's intervention, who is amazed at his sight that allows him to see other timelines. The Dahaka actually commends Ritsuka for his actions of fixing time, but then negates them by proclaiming he himself should be correcting time instead which rubs Ritsuka the wrong way.
    • This also made enemies with the evil-aligned deities of said sub-houses, with noteworthy interactions such as hating Randall Ross and Dark Danny for being evil future selves, Lord English, Eobard Thawne and Boris for messing up time for selfish reasons and Nerif, Lord Chaos and Garland for making paradoxes. Kessler is another threat who wants Cole McGrath to be worthy of fighting the Beast by beating some sense into him just by going back in time disastrously to do it. Ritsuka opposes Z-ONE, but he does understand why since he just wanted to save his future; Z-ONE himself said that he cannot take back his actions and he must carry them forever, saddening the Master of Chaldea. The arch-enemy of the Doctor is intrigued by Ritsuka and his capabilities but he declares that he himself should be the one to be called "the Master", which Ritsuka feels is a petty reason to be enemies with.
    • Ritsuka also became wary of the Vex and the Sleeper, with the former being all too willing to exploit time manipulation for their own ends of remaking everything to fit the Pattern and there have countless times where they wanted to manifest the future of them prevailing on reality. The latter meanwhile, has incredibly dire affects on space-time along with its infectious crystalline corruption and not helping that it is fated to break its comet prison one day.
    • He then heard about the tragedy of Homura Akemi from his Servants, which he feels bad for her since she started out very lonely and became attached to Madoka for being nice to her one time; she then goes to great lengths to save Madoka in countless time loops, becoming hardened in the process and eventually culminating in sealing Madoka's powers and giving her and her other allies a new life. Compassionate being he is regardless of what everybody else says about her and reminded of Meltlilith saving him via time loop, Ritsuka tries to reach out to Homura to help her move on from the guilt of her actions but Homura is too consumed by it, calling herself a monster after all she has done. Until now, Ritsuka still hasn't given up on her regardless of her being a Servant or not.
  • Since the Master of Chaldea can turn any Servant contracted to them into (mostly) good guys, he got in touch with Wander, his steed Sylvia and Rushuna Tendou who are amazed at his ability to bring out the best in them; Ritsuka's impressed that Rushuna squished her defeated enemies with her boobs just to cool them down. Lord Dominator meanwhile has found another optimistic headache to deal with, having tolerated Wander and his attempts to befriend her for so long.
    • It's also no surprise that he hates Junko Enoshima and Monokuma for trying to drag everyone into despair, because humanity can't move on without hope which makes him allies with Makoto Naegi. Naegi is amazed at Ritsuka's feats, even more so that he did them without much powers and he's what humanity needs to push through.
    • Another Magnetic Hero Ritsuka has befriended is Commander Shepard, who also befriended various adversaries and turned them into their side afterwards. Shepard warns the Master about the threats of the Illusive Man, who wants believes Humanity Is Superior and is taking extreme measures to ensure that and Harbinger who is the First Reaper and creator/leader of the Reapers, Shepard's primary enemies which the Master agrees to look out for. The Illusive Man respects Ritsuka for his work for humanity and wants him to join his side, but the latter is too disgusted by him creating Cerberus just to do that while Harbinger recognizes Ritsuka as a potential threat on par with Shepard and is taking precautionary steps to get around his tactics.
  • Since he also befriended Heroic Spirits and they too lent their powers to him, Takeru Tenkuuji has found so much common ground with Ritsuka. They ended up bonding over history and their respective trials, with Ritsuka and da Vinci noting that Takeru would make a great Master should he join Chaldea, though Takeru admitted he would love to but he wants to live normally instead, a decision which the two respected. This friendship also extends to his fellow Riders, Makoto and Alain.
    • Another Kamen Rider he befriended is Eiji Hino, who also wanted to help people while refusing to stand by. Eiji is proud of Ritsuka, who also encouraged Eiji that he's definitely not alone in this; Eiji also gave the Master his philosophy of "keep on going as long as you have spare change and tomorrow's underwear", which the latter finds weird and unnecessary considering Chaldea's resources but nonetheless still keeps to his heart.
  • Time and time again, Ritsuka actually liked mecha of every kind and he became enthusiastic when Optimus Prime approached him. Optimus commends the Master for his heroics as well as giving Servants the freedom they wanted note  and likewise, he admires Optimus and his desire to protect everyone regardless of species. Megatron however finds him a challenge for a mere smallfry human since he commands powerful phantasmal beings that can be on par with Cybertonians so for now, he's treading carefully.
  • Mata Nui and the Toa also saw Ritsuka's worth in saving humanity and the Great Spirit remarked that he would have been a great Toa. Likewise, Ritsuka is surprised that the Toa are really similar to Heroic Spirits but they do have some enough differences to set themselves apart. Teridax feels threatened by Ritsuka and his repertoire of defeating larger and more powerful beings than him and is currently re-organizing his plans to circumvent his capabilities.
    • On the subject of robots, Ryusei Date approached Ritsuka, asking him about his fascination with giant robots and his answer is yes, he does love mecha. They hanged out since, and later joined by Sei Iori, Reiji and Team TRY Fighters who then introduce him into the world of Gundam. Ritsuka has no regrets joining them.
    • Through them, he got acquainted with Amuro Ray who swore he once saved him that one time. Ritsuka barely remembers that moment, but nonetheless gets excited at the prospect of fighting alongside the one and only Gundam.
  • He seems to have a fascination with magical girls as well and was pleased when he heard about the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Sure enough, through Prisma Illya they actually find him pleasant to talk to and hang out with; although some members are skeptical that he can change Homura for the better yet they can't help but admire his tenacity to one day, achieve that.
    • He also now hates Kyubey and the Incubators for forcing little girls to be Magical Girls, citing that everybody has a choice to gain heroic powers or turn them down. Due to the number of Servants he's commanding, Kyubey treads carefully around the Master.
  • A lot of deities like to compare his home game to Pokémon due to the Gotta Catch 'Em All nature both games had. This actually landed him in a meeting with Pokemon Trainers Ash and Red; they bonded over sharing the same compassion for their respective beings they collect (Pokemon for the Trainers, Servants for the Master) and treating them like friends instead of weapons. Ritsuka doesn't consider gathering as many Servants as possible that much of a requirement, but Spike still gets along with him anyways.
  • Even a Nice Guy like the Master of Chaldea has limits. Shinji Matou and the things he have done are enough for Ritsuka to stay away from him while Shinji himself is irked that Ritsuka not only is average in magecraft but can win over way more Servants than he can, including Rider. He ended up grumbling from this revelation.
    • Yuki Terumi and Evolto are doing their damn hardest to make Ritsuka's job very hard by being even more monstrous than usual, causing Ritsuka to consider not holding back on them. Zamasu is enraged that a mere NINGEN is a champion of humanity and capable of saving his world and likewise, Ritsuka feels Zamasu is not worth talking out with. Same goes with Unicron, who will stop at nothing to devour Earth, though luckily Optimus and the Autobots are here to help the Master stop him.
  • Sora befriended the Master of Chaldea and was amazed at his feats, remarking that he might be worthy enough to wield a Keyblade. He also warns him of Xehanort's threat, who has messed with time enough to give him an edge in the present which Ritsuka accepts as nobody should ever used time to suit their own needs. Xehanort himself is factoring Ritsuka into his own plans, but mostly to get rid of him since he has done enough Evil Plan-ruining to call him a threat.
  • A lot of his allies are worried about his mental health after all he has gone through, especially since he has observed to disassociate himself during conflicts, berating himself for not being more combat capable and wanting to be forgotten by history in spite of his achievements. Despite insisting he's fine, Ritsuka got recommended to Dr. Frasier Crane anyway, who knows that saving the world can't be done if you don't save your mind first. It's either him or Dr. Bumby and NO ONE wants to go near that guy.
  • Arcueid Brunestud finds him very interesting to watch from afar; she finds it a shame that one time will never happen for real...
  • "I will not surrender to despair. I cannot just sit by and do nothing."

PaRappa, God of Rhythm Games (PaRappa the Rapper, Success When He Believes In Himself)

    Reimu Hakurei 
Reimu Hakurei, Patron Deity of Bullet Hells (Shrine Maiden of Paradise, "Armpit Miko", Carl from "Super Force Japan Squad 3: The Sequel")
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A red-and-white Yin Yang Orb
  • Theme Music: Maiden's Capriccio
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shrine Maidens, Barrier, Danmaku, Extreme Talent and Laziness, Hyperspace Arsenal, Inviting Those She Defeats Into Tea Parties, Doing Her Duty Out of Duty, Non-Discriminating Rudeness and Niceness
  • Domains: Barrier, Philosophy, 'Religion'
  • High Priest: The Pilot
  • Allies: Nanoha Takamachi, Marisa Kirisame, Yukari Yakumo, Rika Furude, Rinnosuke Morichika, Himeko and Chikane, Rei Hino, Nagisa Furukawa and the majority of other Touhou deities to various extents
  • The Shrine Maiden of the Paradise, she used to be the Goddess of Mikos until she stepped out of the position.
  • Reimu was once a follower of the Friendship side of Nanoha Takamachi, thus they often hang out together and drink tea together.
  • She keeps a donation box near her Shrine, but nobody from the House of Commerce ever wants to donate any money to her.
  • Posesses an impressive lists of feats, which include having beaten every other character from her series in the Pantheon besides ZUN note . Considering that this includes Eiki Shiki, an Overdeity, this says a lot.
    • Some argue that her feats are just thanks to the Spellcard Rules. However, Marisa is quick to point out that if there were no Spellcard Rules, Reimu would use her power of flight to make herself invincible as long as she wants and win that way. This usually shuts most people up.
  • Formerly located in the House of Philosophy until the House of Faith opened. Reimu moved and hoped that at least it'll get her donation box filled. There... was no success.
    • Her position in House of Faith gave her some unwanted attention. Where most gods complain for her being fine with demons and such visiting her temple, some critique her for not doing a good job as a miko and makings plans to get more donations. Reimu shrugs most of the complains.
    • One of few things where they gave some slack to Reimu concerning her role was with Akeno Himejima, as most gods in the House of Faith are baffled on how a fallen angel with sadomasochistic kinks can be even considered a miko. Reimu doesn't like that comparison. The only two goddesses that don't question Akeno's status as miko in that house are, unsurprisingly, Xenovia and Irina; Akeno would also like to point out that she inherited it from her dead mother... But that only confuses the gods even more.
  • Funnily enough, her shrine was probably the most welcoming of every one from the House of Faith, as she doesn't care who you are as long as you don't plan on destroying her shrine or mess with her purposefully. The only reason why demons aren't quite as welcome as some other people is that she is forced to drive evil spirits away as a miko. Sure, this doesn't mean she cannot be a jerk to everybody, but at least she is fairly neutral around most people.
  • After some time, Reimu got sick of being constantly lectured by the behalf of House of Faith, she decided that she had enough of her position, and moved out, becoming the Patron Deity of Bullet Hells instead. To her surprise, she finally managed to gain donations… out of the wasted arcade tokens and coins which mortals use to continue playing bullet hell games. She does find the occasional yen coin among them, though.
  • Recently, she have allowed Gilgamesh to join in her party with barrels of wine to drink. She wish for him to stop courting any of her female guest and herself though, there're only so much Fantasy Seal you could use at self-defense before it being an assault.
  • For a while, Reimu had an influx of prayers of success for the sake of a certain three individuals coming her way. The next day, 2B ascended to the Pantheon. She's sure that's just a coincidence.

    The Robed Figure 
The Robed Figure, Deity of Art Games (The Traveler, The Journeyer)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Its scarf
  • Theme Song: "I Was Born for This"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Player character with few characteristics, and it doesn't talk either, mysterious humanoid being, totally covered by a robe, powerful scarfs, supernatural jump ability resembling flight, warnings about resource abuse
  • Domains: Art, Video Games, Allegories, Nature, Adventure
  • Heralds: Several cloth creatures
  • Allies: The Colossi, Ico and Yorda, Amaterasu, Kino, Madeline, Diogenes, Nature Preservers
  • Opposes: House of War, Wander, The Narrator (Stanley's Parable)
  • Opposed by: Yahtzee
  • Annoyed by: Captain Planet
  • The robed figure is a strange being called a Rythulian that set out on a journey to reach the top of a mountain from where a bright light shines. The Rythulians were desert-dwelling humanoids who discovered that certain creatures made out of cloth could be used as a resource and used them to build a technologically advanced society. However the cloth creatures eventually started to run out, leading to a resource war, which itself destroyed the Rythulians and reduced their cities to ruins. In its journey through the desert, a ruined city and the mountain, the robed figure learned of its species' tragic history and went through many trials before reaching the light at the top of the mountain.
    • When the robed figure came out on the other side of the light it'd been seeking for so long, it saw many intact structures of all kinds and people wandering around, a stark contrast to its world of origin. The white-robed guide then appeared and explained to the robed figure that the reward for completing the journey was deification, and that it was now in the so-called Tropes Pantheon as the God of Art Games, as many witnesses to its journey claimed that it was an emotional and cathartic experience for them.
  • The robed figure's abilities consist of flying for as long as the light on the scarf is shining, and flute-like singing, known as chirping, that can attract certain creatures or activate technology. With this set of skills it's fairly obvious that the robed figure is not a fighter. But it probably doesn't wish to be, considering what fighting has done to its world. It is not happy with the multitude of factions in the Pantheon all vying for supremacy, causing a lot of destruction that seems to have no end in sight. It stays away from the House of War for similar reasons.
  • Its temple is dedicated to showing a series of glyphs like those found in its world, detailing the history of how the Rythulians overused their primary resource until it escalated into war, the fall of their civilization, and the near-extinction of the Rythulians. The robed figure hopes it'll serve as a warning to other deities to avoid the same fate for their worlds. It has led to some pollution-advocating deities attempting to vandalize the temple, but these attempts are promptly met with retaliations from the environmentalist deities. The temple is mostly a replica of the location from the robed figure's world known as The Temple and is filled with cloth creatures of all kinds.
    • The robed figure itself is basically never at its temple, preferring to roam the whole Pantheon, presumably in some kind of spiritual journey. Sometimes it accompanies other traveling deities, who it tries to aid to the best of its ability. One such deity it tends to run into is Kino, who travels all around the Pantheon with no particular goal in mind.
  • It is rather vulnerable to ice; continuous exposure to cold temperatures causes its scarf, and therefore flying ability, to degenerate to nothing. Its chirping also becomes weaker. These effects can be quickly reversed if it enters a warm area, though. For this reason it avoids very cold areas like the House of Water and Ice, and tries to avoid antagonizing ice-wielders. Luckily, so far no ice-wielder has anything against the robed figure specifically.
  • Technically, the robed figure's cloth should be white as reward for completing the journey. However, the robed figure in the Pantheon remains red since that color is more iconic to it. Plus it avoids confusion with its white-robed guide. On the other hand, the robed figure did get the perks of the white robe, like its scarf now being able to regenerate by itself, without the help of cloth creatures.
  • Finds the colossi to be world-class marvels and disapproves of Wander wanting to destroy them, though it was also scared of them at first since their looks reminded it of the Guardians a bit. One time it was wandering around the ruins where Cenobia makes its home when it was attacked by the lion-like colossus. Due to panic, the robed figure ended up chirping without thinking, which caused Cenobia to freeze up and calm down, and then it walked up to the robed figure to allow it to pet it. The robed figure tried chirping at the other colossi and got similar results; now it sees them as friends similar to the cloth creatures. Its personal favorite seems to be Phalanx, possibly because of its peaceful nature and dwelling in desert areas that the robed figure favors.
  • Yorda, who's also friends with the colossi, happened to meet the robed figure one day as it was playing around with Phalanx making drawings on the sand. She was happy to see someone else treating the colossi with kindness and became fast friends with the robed figure, also introducing it to Ico. Occasionally they all play together, with the robed figure taking Ico and Yorda "flying".
  • Given reaching the top of a mountain was its goal (although It's the Journey That Counts), the robed figure made friends with Madeline, who climbed Celeste Mountain to rid herself of her depression, and Diogenes, who struggled with climbing using some unusual means.
  • With all the praise that the robed figure has gotten for its adventure, there have in turn been some people who find it underwhelming. One such deity is Yahtzee, who did not feel gripped by the robed figure's tale. The robed figure doesn't mind his opinion, even if Yahtzee feels it shouldn't be in the Pantheon.
  • Is annoyed at Stanley's narrator for constantly trying to show it games he created that he claims are artistic. The robed figure thinks the narrator doesn't understand there's more to art than forcing someone to do the same monotonous task for four hours. On the other hand, it's very likely the narrator is mocking it and art games in general.
  • As already alluded to, it gets along with many nature-related deities who think the lesson its tale imparts is a good one. But one it seems to be especially good friends with is Amaterasu (in wolf form), who admires the robed figure for going out of its way to free the trapped cloth creatures during its journey. The robed figure in turn enjoys the warmth that Ammy provides through the rising sun, which it thinks is similar to the light that enveloped it at the end of its journey. Sometimes the robed figure wants to ask Ammy to restore its broken world like she did hers, but maybe that's asking for too much.
    • It gets along less well with Captain Planet, since while the hero is one of the biggest admirers of the robed figure's message, it feels the need to spell it out for everyone else to the point where it feels off-putting and irritates the robed figure.


    Anataeus Vaya 
Anataeus Vaya, Al. D., Patron Saint of Programming Games
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A hex grid with elemental/metal Reagents, manipulators, and glyphs.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Insufferable Genius, From A Steampunk World, Alchemy as Mundane Utility, Alchemy Not Being Magic
  • Domains: Alchemy, Genius, Programming
  • Precursor: The Incredible Machine
  • Herald: Concordia Lem
  • High Priests: the SpaceChem reaction enigneer, the Infinifactory engineer
  • Followers: Opus Magnum players, Master Factory Computers
  • Finding a representative for Programming Game was a hard task, given that either only the "programming" and machine where the work is done matters, or the player character is lacking in details. And then came Anataeus, protagonist of Opus Magnum, and who has actual characteristics. Anataeus is rather miffed that that was why he was invited to the Pantheon, but he's certainly not complaining.
    • Nobody knows for sure what had happened to him and Concordia after fleeing once the latter's vengeance on House Colvan was fulfilled, but it's known that the offer for ascension was given after that, which is why Anataeus accepted the position. His companion Concordia was then chosen as his herald and to sort of serve as his moral compass and pull him away from his work if need be.
  • Brought with him upon his ascension are his transmutation engine (and all its parts and how to make them), special dispensaries for all the basic alchemical atoms (fire, water, air, earth, lead, quicksilver), and all the glyphs and tools he needs for making the various devices he's created over the course of his story, which in turn are all brought as well.
  • Among those machines are those that create simple things like refined/purified gold (though he finds it trivial), face powder, waterproof sealants (for seafaring ship hulls), hangover cures (potable water), fuel (for airships), (precision) machine oil, hair gel (at a noble's insistence; fragrances can be added by someone else), rocket propellants, explosive phials, armor filaments, courage potions (actually, alcohol), cloth stain removers, sword alloys, invisible ink, (alchemical) jewels, voltaic coils, unstable compounds (for explosives), poison lipstick, etc. And then there are other wonders such as…
    • A health tonic for regulating irregular heartbeats.
    • A "stamina potion" for "a little boost at the necessary time". Apparently, it has something to do with reproduction and is for men's consumption.
    • Mist of incapacitation (a.k.a. knockout gas).
    • A water purifier, though the result is slightly sour and somewhat bitter.
    • A solvent for removing (document) seals, though it potentially has more uses than just that.
    • Climbing rope fibers that are strong and resilient, yet light and easy to carry.
    • A warming tonic for keeping the body warm.
    • A "life-sensing potion", which can be used by stealthy folks for sensing heartbeats of patrollers in the form of pulses. It's advised to stay away from crowded areas while using it, though, but rest assured the drinker won't collapse into a quivering heap of nerves when that happens.
    • Very dark thread for easier shadow-sneaking. The House of Costumes (and some sectors in the House of Crime) make several orders for this product.
    • Golden thread. The House of Costumes make several orders for this, too.
    • Mist of hallucination, which probably works as advertised. It seems best appropriated for small spaces.
    • A "timing crystal". Only Anataeus knows how this should operate.
    • The "universal solvent", which he wistfully bemoaned would never be known in his world due to survival and their revenge against House Colvan hinging on no evidence of his work remaining taking precedence over his desire for recognition. Given what the Pantheon is, now it is known.
      • However, because of its potential to change the course of the war, and it's implied that Anataeus dissolved his original transmutation engine with that solvent, Anataeus knows he has to eventually pick a side lest he be kidnapped by one of the Grand United Alliances and be forced to make the solvent for them, or be otherwise removed for a long time (while death is not an issue, there are fates far worse). As such, he's decided that joining the GUAG is his best choice, and Concordia concurs.
  • Due to his alchemy being a delicate process, he's not willing to let just anybody use his transmutation engine without his supervision. That said, there is a simulation program—which Anataeus is still grasping at the subject of—available for "public" use and for his followers (which he's still getting used to having), which emulates all the features in Anataeus' transmutation engine. One just has to make sure that their device (with its parts and the instructions they input) can perform at least six cycles without screwing up before submitting their "blueprint" to Anataeus. After that, he may decide to have the device replicated for use, but without being customizable like his engine.
    • To his surprise, he ends up getting several thousands of submissions, and—barring inefficient models that just focus on getting the job done—he deduced that they're all classified into at least three different types; those that focus on production speed, those that are concerned with minimizing space, and those that are very economical with machine parts. Thankfully, his followers volunteered to filter through them, and even improve on them.
    • Given that he didn't think one alchemist could change the world alone, and that he doubts one could get more than one alchemist to even agree on anything, Concordia had to convince Anataeus to teach them how to use the engine for real for purposes other than constructing devices after several replicas have been commissioned. Even though they don't actually understand the fundamentals of alchemy the way he does, they do know how to operate it. Besides, if things should go wrong, the Pantheon has the means to get him spares.
  • Aside from turning lead into gold, no work on any product is beneath him. Of course, gold isn't the only precious resource in the Pantheon, though he risks messing up the economy if he overdoes it.
  • Anataeus' interests lie solely on practicing his brand of alchemy, though Concordia's been getting him to go out more and learn all the other parts of life. And among the things he's learned doing so are the other forms of alchemy, namely that in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. Right now, he's reserved his opinion of them to himself.
  • Can't really stand overly formal dinners given the stuffiness he had to endure in his time as Head Alchemist of House Van Tassen. Nor does he tolerate those who don't take warfare seriously or value property more than victory.
  • In his downtime, Anataeus sometimes plays a solitaire game called Sigmar's Garden for unwinding purposes. And to get around the issue of using alchemical proxies, Concordia commissioned actual marbles for the game. So as not to end up getting bored with that game, Anataeus sometimes takes a gander at the House of Gaming for other (non-fast-paced) time-consumers. He's stayed away from the digital consoles though after finding himself having wasted so much time in one of them.
  • Doesn't converse with his "colleagues" in the GUAG Engineering Division unless absolutely necessary. That said, he sometimes gets visitors, some who are genuinely fascinated with his transmutation engine and all the products he's able to produce with them.

    Harth Stonebrew 
Harth Stonebrew, God of Card-Based Combat Games (The Inkeeper)
  • Demigod (But rumors say he has the power of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Hearthstone Symbol
  • Theme Song: The Hearthstone theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Fun, Known as "The Inkeeper", Large Ham, The one in charge of explaining things, Nice Guy, Dwarf, Technical Pacifist
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: No one. He is really that nice to everyone....except cheaters
  • Unknown Connection: The RNG
  • More commonly known as The Inkeeper, Harth runs a Tavern where there is only a single rule that you must follow, to have fun!. This place became the meeting point of various important figures of the world of Azeroth to relax and play a really nice and friendly card game. Of course, managing this place is no easy task, but he manages to pull through every day.
    • The day he ascended was a weird one for the pantheon, as nobody know where this mysteryous Inn came from. Then he came out of his temple (Said Inn) and he shouted to anyone who could hear him: EVERYONE, GET IN HERE! Minutes later a horde of visitors came running down to his Tavern, which made him happy that people really seem to enjoy his work.
  • Anyone is welcomed to come and play Heartstone in his temple, which became a popular activity shortly after his ascension. This makes Harth really happy that people really enjoy his place.
  • He has been notable for being the mediator that finally calmed down the feud between the Horde and Alliance. Instead of fighting, they just participate in friendly matches between them. Obviously with the objective of having fun. Most of the Gods were most pleased, and have asked Harth to do the same to other constantly-bickering realms. Unfortunately, such a process takes such an extremely long time and so much effort that it greatly exhausts Harth to do, so the Pantheon decided that it was not worth it and settles with his accomplishment to the realm of Azeroth.
  • In the rare times he is off-duty, he likes to hang around with fellow dwarf Gillius Thunderhead. He is also surprised that one of his clients, Magni, serves as Gillius' High priest.
    • He also is the Unnofficial "Leader" of The Fortress Dwarves. How he managed to control these little buggers is known, but he said that he had to deal with another bunch of dwarves that were more chaotic that these ones could even hope to be. Their Catchphrase is even stuck with him to this day:
      "Everyone! Get in here and say hello!"
  • Often likes to chat with other bartenders like Moe, Decim or King about how they manage their respective bars. Although the other three really wonder how Harth even allows things like Deathwing or the Old Gods to enter his tavern, even managing to make them behave.
  • His Tavern is known as one of the most random places in the entire pantheon, where everything that can happen in a Hearthstone match can happen. Some say that Harth is even a direct descendant of the RNG itself, given the amount of crazy things that can happen in his temple.
  • His temple has been home to numerous special events that saw the introduction of numerous characters, ranging from the chaotics conflicts between Gnomes and Goblins to an official tournament, to even the invasion of The old Gods. Yet people are really surprised that the dwarf has gleafully allowed all of this events to happen.
    • He also organizes sppecial matches starting on Wednesdays, which he calls "Tavern Brawls". These is the place where he basically allows anyone to do anything, so long as they follow the special rules.
  • The one thing he hates is cheaters. If he happens to catch any of these fellows cheating in his tavern, he will curse you with bad luck for eternity. There is a reason nobody has ever tried this out.
    • This is the reason he gained the alliance of an unlikely fellow in the form of Dhuum, who also despises cheaters. Many don't understand why he became friends with him but he says that the whole Grim Reaper thing doesn't bother him that much.
  • There was a time where he had to do some reconstruction of his Tavern after complaints about certain aspects of his game, which he decided to split it in two. "Wild" .for everyone who wants to play with every single card released. and "Standard", which only allows the latest two expansion packs to be played. This of course left quite of few of his visitors relegated to a place (Most notably Dr. Boom, infamous for being a powerful Game-Breaker). Each year is themed after an animal and it was home to some notable events.
    • The Year of the Kraken was the one that kickstarted the Standard and Wild rotation. In the first quarter, the Old Gods invasion took place where notable figures were corrupted into mindless minions that followed the Ancient Ones bidding. In the middle of the year, the Magus Medivh organized a huge party where he invited everyone on Azeroth (Except prince Malcheezar, something he felt a little bummed about) and the closing event of the year was a three way conflict in the port city of Gadgetzan, where the Grimy Goons, the Jade Lotus and the Kabal dispusted control over the city using shady methods.
    • Then came the Year of the Mammoth, kickstarted by an open exploration of the Un'goro Crater, a land filled with ancient creatures and wild elementals. Later the story took a dark turn when the Lich King finally arrived to the Tavern and in doing so, many of the heroes where reborn as Death Knights. Fortunately it all ended up on a brighter note when the Kobolds came around, offering daring adventurers to venture into the depths of their catacombs in the hopes of finding rich treasures. (One thing for sure: YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!)
  • "Welcome to my inn!"

Oolong, Patron Saint of Fighting Games (Lee Young)

    Taizo Hori 
Taizo Hori, God of Digging Games (Dig Dug)
In his own universe
In a cross-dimensional universe
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His drill/harpoon/air pump… thing
  • Theme Song: Dig Dug Theme, Dig Dug II
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tunnel King, Fast Tunnelling, Use pressure pump to pump enemies with air until they burst, Use jackhammer for breaking islands and ground, Name meaning "I want to dig
  • Domains: Tunnel, Digging
  • Herald: His son, Susumu/Mr. Driller
  • Followers: Rockford, the Motherload miner, Mr. Do!, Repton, Rusty, Dorothy
  • Allies: Simon the Digger, Reiju Arisu & Xiaomu, Fortress Dwarves, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Baragon
  • Rivals: Bomberman
  • Enemies: Anub'arak, Smaug
  • Taizo Hori makes his living by digging underground, hunting Skylar (dragons that breathes fire) and Pookas (living tomatoes with goggles). He killed these beasts by pumping them until they explode or digging under a debris and let it fall on them.
  • He is happily allied with several diggers in the Pantheon, in which they could help him with digging the earth and hunt monsters.
    • He was in awe when he saw Gentaro Kisaragi in action, with his Rocket Drill Kick and his white uniform, in which he believed that he trying to be like him.
  • Bomberman once tried to demolish the underground, but Taizo Hori stopped him as he wanted to do it himself. In the battle, he would have had an advantage with his Super Bombs, until Taizo stunned him with his air pump long enough for him to escape and let the bomb explode on him. Bomberman since promised not to demolish the Underground again.
  • He is unsure about Leto, as he became a hybrid with a sandworm, which is known to devour everything when it surfaces, which makes him feel uneasy with him when he could summon a sandworm.
  • He is one of many heroes to join Reiju Arisu & Xiaomu in saving the multiverse. He looks alot different in appearance and more badass compared to his digging days.
  • His digging tend to lead to the dangerous Underground, filled with monsters and baddies. One of them is Anub'arak, who doesn't appreciate intruders entering his subterranean kingdom. It is said that Taizo Hori needs to upgrade his gear if he actually plans on hunting for these dangerous deities as his carapace was too hard to penetrate.
  • The only god, who due to his quick ability of mobility through digging, that has a good view of the Sarlaac. He got a shot of what it looks like, and it wasn't pretty.
  • When he was digging, he ran into Abathur who was digging through his own tunnel. During this, he bumped into the Zerg, in which he retaliated by slapping him, which cause Taizo Hori to be killed and respawned.
  • He found Baragon to be a frightening beast, it doesn't help that he end up entering his tunnels. Though they eventually got into good terms, but Taizo Hori will have the fight it should it enter a bad mood.
  • Once, Sonic found him to be disgusting about him killing the enemies by crushing them with rocks or pumping them with air and how Taizo want to eradicate them. Taizo criticized for the crap in his career, in which they fought and Sonic killed him. Taizo was right, as the monsters went on a carnage with him dead.

V.S.S.E.known operatives , Heralds of the Light Gun Game (Vital Situation, Swift Execution)

    Wii Fit Trainer 
Wii Fit Trainer, Deity of Exergaming (Yoga Warrior, The BMI Bandit)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: The Wii Fit Board
  • Theme Music: Wii Fit Plus Medley
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Exergaming, Adaptational Badass, Practicing Their Yoga Skills Without Foot Protection, Everyone Calls Them "Wii Fit Trainer", Purely Aesthetic Gender
  • Domains: Fitness, Gaming
  • Allies: Little Mac, Nekomaru Nidai, Samus Aran
  • Enemies: Balrog, Aran Ryan, The Monstars
  • Odd Friendship: Morgl the Oracle
  • Feared by: Patrick Star
  • Video games and exercise are two decidedly different things, though it's possible to combine the two for an effective experience as these fitness instructors have proved. A lot of fitness-related information such as Body Mass Index is covered by them and there are plenty of activities to perform with them, including but not limited to: yoga poses, balancing tests, and running excercises.
  • In what was a bit of a surprise for most initially, they are also involved with the Smash tournament since the fourth iteration, with them bringing their lessons from the exercises and using it as combat abilities. Weirdly enough, they haven't tried a more traditional form of martial arts for combat such as kung-fu yet.
  • They have made a number of visits to the School, with them in charge of that place's physical education program and teaching that subject to students there.
    • Another frequent spot for them to go to is the House of Sports, with them helping visitors with exercise and training to ensure a better performance in the various sports that they specialize in.
  • They have a bit of an unusual friendship with Nekomaru Nidai, particularly in regards to how they work together to get others physically active to do sports or other exercises. While WFT is calmer than the lively Nekomaru, both won't hesitate to get serious in order to get others in good physical condition.
  • Some of the various people they had to deal with in providing exercises have been a bit weird, to put it lightly. During a yoga exercise with Samus, the latter rolled herself up in a ball. That didn't stop them from being good friends following that.
    • Mario himself ended up being involved with their exercise programs. The plumber ended up doing a little too well with one of the challenges that was provided to him. Then again, he (alongside Link and Kirby) apparently didn't do as well with a yoga pose that they were supposed to perform.
  • Acrofatic deities are considered to be a bit of a weird case for the Trainers since these kinds of people are very fit despite appearing overweight. Regardless, the Trainers are positive that these types of people will take part in the exercise programs.
    • Even weirder than the acrofatics are those that are capable of stretching their bodies to extreme degrees. While there aren't as many of them as there are acrofatics (Elastigirl and Mr. Fantastic are some of the only few capable of elasticity), the Trainers have noted that the extreme stretches could lead to certain stretching exercises becoming easier and then some for those with that ability.
  • There have been a few problems in getting certain people to visit their exercise programs frequently or at all whether it's for personal reasons on someone's end or someone is just not that interested in joining their program. They have tried to get certain unfit deities such as Patrick Star to be part of their exercise program but not much, if any, progress has been made in such.
  • Despite the Trainers being proponents in engaging in sports and physical activities, they don't tolerate those who are willing to resort to cheating during such, simply because their actions defeat the purpose of exercising for better performance in sports.
  • About the only thing that the Trainers and Morgl have in common is that they served as unexpected participants in competitions outside of their normal occupations (the Trainers being fitness instructors in the midst of a fighting competition and Morgl being a shaman who got involved with a card game). Despite (or maybe even becacuse of) that, they get along well with each other.

Worms, Heralds of Artillery Games
Scientist, Soldier, Scout, and Heavy Worms
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Worm with a bazooka
  • Theme Music: Wormsong (First; Armageddon; 3D; Reloaded)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Stupid tendencies
  • Portfolio: War Has Never Been So Much Fun and Glorious, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, This Banana is Armed (And so are some Other Unlikely Items)
  • Domains: Worms, War, Wackiness
  • Allies: Andy
  • Enemies: Ampharos, Killer Rabbit
  • Opposed by: Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Athrun Zala, Bomberman
  • Source of Interest for: Most Mad Bombers, Sundowner
  • Wars are known to be violent thanks to a variety of deadly weapons. Whenever these warmongering worms are around, cartoony and insane can be added to that description of war. A team of worms, armed with plenty of unusual weapons (and are able to get more of them via crates or money found during conflict), are in a battlefield, take turns for whatever reason, and try eliminate the opposition. Whoever is the last team standing wins the battle.
  • Various betting stations regarding colored teams for the Worms have been set up near their temple for others looking to do something for fun. The Worms have various battle arenas, including some in outer space to take their fights. That said, they can't use certain parts of the Pantheon due to risk of collateral damage or causing general annoyance towards others.
  • In addition to the standard Soldier-type Worms, there are three other types that can join the battle if need be. Scouts are slightly faster, but slightly weaker compared to Soldiers while Scientists have a better chance of getting better weapons and when it's their turn to attack, are able to restore a little bit of health to their teammates. As for the Heavy-type Worms, they're exactly what one would think they are: slower, but stronger in terms of offense and defense.
  • Andy caught wind of their various battles and decided to meet up with them after witnessing one firsthand. He does find their antics to be entertaining, but is aware that they are more unhinged than him in a number of ways. Andy hangs out with the Worms, partially to talk about their exploits and partially to make sure the Worms don't get too out of hand with their violence.
  • Of all the deities who can't stand the Worms, the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog is one of them and it's simply because they have access to the one weapon that killed him: the Holy Hand Grenade. What the Worms lack in long-winded dialogue before throwing it, they make up for the fact that their aim isn't quite accurate. That and the Worms prefer to after each other instead of other things such as the Killer Rabbit.
    • Ampharos, coming from a line of Pokemon based on sheep, is also highly offended at how the Worms use exploding sheep just for fun in their fights. The fact that flying sheep with capes are also usuable, as well as the fact that electric sheep can be designed by the Worms, simply didn't change Ampharos opinion of them and likely made it hate the Worms even more.
  • Concrete Donkeys, Banana Bombs, and exploding grannies are among the more unorthodox weapons that the Worms have used in their fights. Upon finding out that there was an entire house in the Pantheon dedicated to storing many weird weapons, the Worms have taken a great interest in them, especially if something strange can be done out of them. Only a small number of deities agreed to let the Worms use things from the House of Weapons as part of their fights. There's also the fact that the Worms are capable of making stronger versions of their existing weapons whenever possible.
    • The Worms also found out that there's a completely separate part of the Pantheon that houses some very unique and powerful weapons. Unsurprisingly, they don't have as much luck getting into the Treasures compared to getting stuff from the House of Weapons. Then again, considering that the Treasures house some really dangerous weapons that carry the risk of corrupting someone, the increased security there is understandable.
  • Given that explosions are practically guaranteed to happen whenever they fight, plenty of deities who have an affinity for blowing things up have followed their battles on a frequent basis and have even tried to follow them around afterwards. Bomberman, on the other hand, isn't really fond of the Worms' antics and often has to stop the Worms from doing something stupid outside of battle, either by themselves or with other explosive maniacs.
  • Many deities who hate war are disgusted at these Worms not only because of their attitude, but because of how they manage to glorify war on top of making it look like a lighthearted matter. Those deities are also highly skeptical of Andy keeping them in check, as those Worms are very unpredictable and there's no telling that something bad will happen.
  • One deity who enjoys their skirmishes is Sundowner, of all people. Whenever the Worms aren't fighting, Sundowner has approached them numerous times with the intent of promoting his ideas of warfare to them. The Worms don't have any real interest in his products (and a few were actually disturbed with that he was talking about), but Sundowner is convinced that eventually they'll give in and buy something from him. Of course, he could just be taking advantage of the fact that the Worms are prone to buying weapons using money they find during battle.
  • Some of their fights add vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, or even mecha to the mix. The variety of vehicles present in the Pantheon has made the Worms very interested in them, but since they're very likely not going to be able to have permission to use them due to how much chaos could occur if the real things fell into their hands, a number of generic look-alike models were made by scientists for the Worms to use instead.
  • With the right materials, they are able to come up with strongholds that are able to house buildings such as science labs, hospitals, buildings that can create weapons, and buildings that have firearms built onto them. Unsurprisingly this is mainly used in their battles, but a number of other deities are interested in seeing if the Worms can use their building skills for others.
  • If they aren't blowing each other up in battle, then they might be playing trying out some sort of colored puzzle or going out golfing. Even if those activities are supposed to be more peaceful than what they're known for, things are still going to blow-up regardless (especially if their idea of golf involves tying up someone to a golf pole and hitting a grenade with a golf club to the hole). It's possible they may have attempted kart-racing, but their take on the idea never fully materialized as far as anyone knows.

ZUN, God of Doujin Games (Hakurei Jinja no Kannushi, Oota Jun'ya)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A blank Circle Cut
  • Theme Music: "Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Game Design, Moe, Bullet Hell, That One Boss, Alcohol, Questionable Artistic Skills (sacrificed for awesome music composition), Completely Non-Ironic Creative Encouragement
  • Domains: Craft, Creativity, Celerity, Celebration
  • Allies: Every Touhou character in the Pantheon treats him with respect, if not in outright deference. Himeko and Chikane are also cordial to him, since he had helped the two of them spread the teachings of yuri by inadvertently providing tons of female characters to make enormous numbers of yuri pairings within the Touhou fandom.
  • Followers: Those making Touhou Project doujin works, be it comics, music remixes, games, or anything else.
  • Although presently only a Demigod, he is a veritable powerhouse due to his extensive relations (no less than twenty) within the pantheon. Already the Pantheon is guessing where he'd take side in the conflict between the GUAG and GUAE. Of course, there's also that distinct possibility that he may leapfrog a step or two on the divinity scale...
  • Can be seen almost nightly in pubs in and around the realm, guzzling on beer and drafting concepts for the next Touhou game in his drunkenness.
  • For a while there were rumors that he had been seduced by either Aya Shameimaru or Sanae Kochiya, given their rising status in several previous Touhou installments. These rumors have died down now that ZUN is married and has a child.
  • Right now he has two beings related to him rebelling and hating him for constant humiliation: Sakuya Izayoi and Mima. However, after Sakuya was featured in two games in a row (one as a playable character and one as a boss), she has stopped her rebellion against him.
  • ZUN's standing amongst the gods of Music are also pretty good. He was once offered a place in that pantheon as God of Indie Crowning Music of Awesome for almost single-handedly powering the Comiket music scene both by creating fine music and fostering a great climate for people creating awesome remixes, but chose his place in this pantheon instead. To date, the gods of Life/Death pantheon dread the day Yoko Kanno, ZUN, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yuuki Kajiura and Daisuke Ishiwatari would meet and create a music so awesome to instantly make all heads and brains in reality explode.
    • And explode even further if JAM Project is about to give a vocal version of it.


    Flo (Diner Dash
Flo, Goddess of Time Management Games
  • Potential House: Gaming Genres
  • Rank: Quasideity (Probably Lesser Goddess when transformed into a Goddess)
  • Symbol: A jar full of coins and bills
  • Theme Song: The first level theme from the first game
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, All-Loving Hero, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Deadpan Snarker, Dude Magnet, Feminine Women Can Cook, Perpetual Smiler, Tomboyish Ponytail, Ascend To A Higher Place Of Existence, Good And White Are Divine, Mythical White Hair
  • Domains: Waitresses, Diners, Hard Work
  • Herald: Cookie, Grandma Florence
  • High Priest: Papa Louie
  • Followers: The rest of Papa Louie's employers, Emily, Denise, Carrie
  • Allies: SpongeBob Squarepants, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Tiana
  • Additional Relationships: Eros
  • Opposes: Morris
  • Opposed by: Plankton
  • Additional Relationships: The Pantheonic Time Police, Sakura Matou
  • A young businesswoman named Flo became stressed and unsastified with her job as a businesswoman, due to how much paperwork she was forced to handle by her other co-workers and that it's a job that she found out is not something that she wantsd. This eventually led her to quit and escape her own job, wanting to find a job that at least sastifies her dreams. She eventually found an abandoned diner, realizing she could open her own restaurant, proceeding to purchase it, and named it Flo's Diner. It eventually became the most popular restaurant in her hometown, and giving Flo a life that she is happy to have.
  • How did she managed to ascend to the Pantheon? The Chum Bucket managed to outrank the Krusty Krab by having more customers and the latter was about to be brankrupt.....until Flo came in and led them a helping hand. Thanks to Flo's hardwork as a waitress, she managed to save the Krusty Krab to its former glory and saved it from bankrupty, which infuriated Plankton. The Court of Gods saw her good deeds and thought that she should be ascended as a reward for her actions. And that's the story of how she ascended.
    • Thanks to her actions, she became fast friends with SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs and was directly opposed by Plankton, although she doesn't habor the same sentinent as him as it's hard for her to hate people even if a certain someone took out all of her friends' restaurant without any sympathy.
  • After her ascencion, she opened her restaurant, Flo's Diner, along with her newly positioned heralds, Cookie and Grandma Florence. It became quickly populated thanks to Flo's hard work and dedication as a waitress. This caused a lot of boys, ascended or not, to admire her because of her skill and sheer determination alone.
    • Despite the competition, the other neighbouring restaurants seem to get along with her. It also helps that Flo will occassionally help them if their business is struggling. This results a lot of restaurant owners to ask her for help in case their establishments will be in debt. Although Flo would love to help them in their business, she stated she never thought that it would be this much.
  • Other than being a waitress, her other full-time jobs is being a caterer in weddings and suprisingly, as a hotel manager. Her two other full-time jobs caused her to get too many clients after hearing how hard-working it is, although Flo asked them to calm down and stated that she will take their offer one by one.
    • While working as a caterer back in her hometown, Cupid unexpectedly developed a major crush on her and tries to make her fall in love with him by shooting his love arrows to her....which never works. Hearing about this, Eros is embarassed to hear that a different version of him could fall in love with someone like her. Of course like last time, she's not aware of it and also his existence.
  • Flo gets along with Tiana the most as they are both dedicated to their jobs in their restaurants and managing to earn it by themselves. She congratulated her and Naveen for their marriage as she was a caterer in marriages and isn't weirded out by them turning into frogs considering how she suprisingly encountered into so much weird stuff nowadays.
  • While she doesn't hate Mr. Big and they became more and more like Friendly Enemies later on, she couldn't stand Morris's greedy attitude and wanting to take over the competition. Although she truly doesn't hate him, she couldn't bear the thought of him taking voer businesses just like her old "enemy" and even holds back of working alongside him. Morris thinks that it's a waste that he couldn't work with a diligent woman like him as he wants to hire her in his corporation to expand his territory, but of course, she will never let that happen.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police (except for Trunks because he did the exact same thing) are not exactly proud to see her going back in time to fix her grandmother's younger days as an owner of a disco bar. But they will admit that at least nothing bad came out of it.
  • A lot of people in the Pantheon are shocked to learn that Flo became a Goddess herself. She explained her story that after she opened four restaurants, her worth as a waitress was tested by a an actual Goddess by turning her into one to see if she can live up to the expectations. As this is technically the Pantheon, she can switch into her human form and Goddess form, although she prefers to stay in the former.
    • Sakura (as Parvati) was intrigued to know that the goddess is actually Indian and wanted to know who it is. As Flo could say is that she never asked what is her name exactly.

Tamagotchi, Patron Saints of Raising Sims and Virtual Pets

    Tomoya Okazaki 
Tomoya Okazaki, God of Tear-Jerking Games (Kid)

    Wil Wheaton 
Wil Wheaton, God of Tabletop Gaming


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