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Greater Gods

    Konrad Curze 
Konrad Curze, God Who Frightens People Into Obedience (Night Haunter, Primarch of The Night Lords, Evil Batman)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A vampire skull with red wings.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Chaotic Evil habits
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, Knight Templar, Lonesome Lunatics, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Going more insane with each passing night, Becomming the exact monster that he fought for millenia, Butchering killers, Using Batman's strategies but for malevolent purposes, Sharp and long teeth, Possessing vampiric themes, Torture Technician
  • Domains: Terror, Darkness, Chaos
  • Followers: The Night Lords
  • High Priest: Sevatar
  • Allies: Possibly Alpharius
  • Enemies: The entire House of Crime, Valvatorez, Batman and The Imperium of Man, but especially Vulkan, Night Raid
  • The day of Konrad's accension was not a pretty one. Prisons owned by The Pantheon saw most of their inmate population killed off in gruesome ways, leaving the survivors traumatized for life in order to spread the tales. The House of Crime saw itself under heavy attack from his army wile he himself tried to mess with their minds through terror tactics. He almost succeded in his mission to destroy the entire house unill many of the bravest gods managed to stop him in his tracks. Sadly, he managed to escape.
  • He had become a suicidal man in the mortal realms, allowing an assassin to kill him in an act of redemption. Though Ezio, God of Assassins, could confirm the kill, he had no idea about how it was done or what happene to Konrad's mortal remains. Not many knows the full story behind the dilemma.
  • The Emperor of Mankind has provided Bruce Wayne with a plethora of information regarding Konrad in order to keep him prepared, knowing fully well that he will come after the Dark Knight at any moment. The Primarch considers him just another target for allowing law-breakers to live instead of butchering them on the spot.
  • He stays clearly away from the House of Personal Appearance due to two of his loyalist brothers remaining there. He has still not forgotten the complete asskicking he received from Vulkan.
  • He approves of the existence of Night Raid, stating that they are fulfilling the very creed he believed in life: For the sake of good, what others refer to as "evil" must be done so as to teach people lessons.
    This Empire you speak of, I knew a place very much like it once. My homeworld Nostramo was no different; corrupt, lawless, where the rich trampled upon the poor and the criminal took satisfaction in the suffering of the innocent. And like you, I fought back. I rose up. I killed the guilty. I tortured the corrupt. I left their corpses for all to see and repent. I let the streets run red with their blood and their bodies pile up in the sewers. And I succeeded. Simply ask, and I will make sure your Empire will never become corrupt again.
  • One of the fastest ways to piss him off is to bring up how he never tried anything other than terror tactics in order to make his world a better place when compared to some of his Brothers who did so through scientific progress or military force. Even his high priest called him out on this once.
    Curze: It was the only way.
    Sevatar: No? What other ways did you try?
    Curze: Sevatar...
    Sevatar: Answer me, father. What politics of peace did you teach? What scientific and social illumination did you bring to this society? In your quest for a human utopia, what other ways did you try beyond eating the flesh of stray dogs and skinning people alive?
    Curze: It. Was. The. Only. Way.

    Raiden (Metal Gear
Raiden, The God Motivated by Justice (Jack, Jack the Ripper, White Devil, Mr. Lightning Bolt, Snake, The Ultimate Swordsman)

Intermediate Gods

    August Heart/Godspeed 
August Heart, God of Lethal Vigilantes (Godspeed, Detective Heart)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Golden Lightning Chest Insignia in a White Background
  • Theme Song: His Theme in The Flash (2014)
  • Alignment: Started off as Lawful Good, Became Chaotic Evil as Godspeed and then went Lawful Neutral to Atone Himself. Currently Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Vigilante who Believes Murder is the Top Example of Getting Things Done, Initially a Partner and Friend to Barry, Thinks He can Freely Commit Executions, Thinks He's doing Justice when that's Not the Case, Knight Templar, Is Motivated by the Death of his Brother, Keeps Barry's Identity as The Flash to Himself, An Absolute Jerk though he Does Gradually Improve Himself after Realizing the Error of his Ways and Seeks to Make Amends with Barry, Rather Similar to Hunter Zolomon
  • Domains: Speed, Judgement, Friendship, Vigilantes, Revenge
  • Allies: Dexter Morgan, Darth Vader, Sasuke Uchiha, Atrocitus, "Hero Killer" Stain, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Goro Akechi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Tohru Adachi
  • Rivals: Darth Maul, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Enemies: Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Cain, Brian Irons, Wild Hunt, The Dark Judges, Scott Shelby, A-Train, Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, Big Bird, The Black Organization
  • Complicated Relationships: Barry Allen/The Flash, Wally West
  • Respects: Judge Dredd, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, Night Raid, Akame, Yuri Lowell
  • Opposed By: Most of the House of Justice, Members of the Hero Association, The UA High School Staff Faculty and Students, The Investigation Team, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • August Heart was once a detective in the Central City Police Department and a good friend of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. His primary motive for being on the job was because his brother was murdered by a criminal who got off scot-free and he has desired justice since. Figuring out that the crime was committed by a criminal organization called Black Hole, August went to confront, only to be shot and then strict by a bolt of lightning generated by the Speed Force, granting August access to it. With his newfound powers, August decided to fight crime Barry, but unfortunate circumstances soon began to warp August into a darker path, preferring to kill criminals, disregard the Justice System and regard himself as Judge, Jury, and Executioner, christening himself as Godspeed. In time, Godspeed's actions began to result in the deaths of innocent speedsters, which he initially was horrified by. However, his vengeance consumed him so much, it was inevitable him and Barry would begin to battle against one another.
    • Over time, however, August began to realize the error of his ways regarding his actions and decided it would be best to try seeking forgiveness from Barry. Together, they enlisted the begrudging help of the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, into defeating Paradox to prevent him from erasing the Flash's history. Unfortunately, this heroic act of August would be last as Thawne murders him shortly after, while gleefully admitting that he was the one who killed August's brother.
  • Despite his death, August would eventually find himself be given a second chance. Waking up, the first thing he noticed was a very different realm from the one he was familiar with. Travelling around and gathering as much information as he could, August realized that he was in the Trope Pantheons. Interested in this new world, plus catching word that Barry is also an ascended being, August decided to resume his quest. He's got a new priority, namely to punish and kill Thawne and decided to mark his presence in the Pantheon, one way or another.
  • August is... controversial to say the least. He is nowhere near as bad as Eobard Thawne and seems to be more comparable towards Hunter Zolomon in the fact that they became villains due to tragic circumstances, and just so happened to be police officers who were friends to Barry and Wally respectively. However, while Zolomon suffered from insanity, August was rational enough to know what he was doing. Both do what they do because they believe they're doing a service, but August comes off worse, being willing to kill innocents if it meant gaining more speed and achieving his goals faster. As a result, he's not so sympathetically received in the Pantheon, though August predicted that to an extent and thus, doesn't come off as sociable.
  • As an atoner, August managed to develop some sort of kinship with Darth Vader, who was driven to rage and villainy due to the death of a loved one, namely his wife Padmé Amidala. More often than not, Vader is one of the few people that August would actually bother to open up towards. Vader basically tells August to man up and take responsibility, a sentiment which the speedster conceded upon. It helps in that their relatability has allowed them to be an effective tag-team duo when the situation dwells for it. That said, August does have a fixated goal in killing Thawne, a fact that Vader is not really keen on, even if he understands the reasoning behind it.
    • By extension, August also came to meet up with Nagato, a former leader of the ninja criminal organization Akatsuki. Upon ascension, Nagato decided to form another group that would bring in former villains who felt alienated under other heroes' presence and decided to help them out covertly. Realizing that he's not up for options at any time, Nagato decided to offer August a placement in his new group. Despite the presence of Captain Cold in their ranks, August decided to join in, feeling that he can use their help in better achieving atonement and making amends with Barry.
  • Given that he was an exaggerated jerk during his tenure as Godspeed, it didn't take long before he had a competition against Masato Kusaka. Both expressed some sort of surprise as they got to learn about one another; August and Masato were incredibly callous and condescending. However, there was a bit of a difference in that August committed bad actions because he felt he was doing a service to The Flash whereas Masato took his guise of Kamen Rider Kaixa as a means to eradicate the Orphnochs and win the affection of his crush, Mari Sonoda, as exaggerated vengeance and self-entitlement respectively. Ultimately, both began to see each other in mixed regards; Masato thought August was being an idiot in doing something that was the furthest thing to good whereas August himself thought Masato was an immature and petty brat who couldn't handle things not going his way. Still, they did respect each others' dedication, but that's about as much as they're going for positivity.
  • When it came to evil speedsters, one came in the form of A-Train, a celebrity superhero who was also one of the members of The Seven, marketed and distributed by Vought International. Catching news that Godspeed was a dangerous metahuman who needed to be stopped, A-Train confronted him into battle. August initially didn't care, but A-Train insisted that they do battle, after which August wasted no time in pounding him and dragging him around in a bloody victory lap. To rub salt, August called A-Train pathetic but held back from killing him, realizing that he was to gain nothing out from it, not to mention Barry would certainly call him out for it, so he decided to dart out. The fight did break A-Train's confidence for a while, but he's since motivated himself to train harder and become strong enough to match himself against the other speedsters, Godspeed included.
  • As a former police detective, he's not seen kindly by the House of Justice and this honestly doesn't surprise August. They do sympathize that his brother's death was what led him to a dark path, but given the number of innocent speedsters killed to satiate his own desires and his brand of "justice" just being used as an excuse to kill others and justify himself, they can't offer much when it comes to support. August will fight against them if they happen to stand against him, but makes a point in not trying to kill anyone, especially given that Barry must be a notable guest and renowned by the House. He does, however, get the feeling of how his detective life could have been like had his brother not been killed on that fateful day.
    • However, he actually does pay some degree of respect towards Judge Dredd, because as far as he knows, Dredd is the only law enforcement officer August knows that is brutal and uncompromising by nature and gets the job done with excellent results. That said, that mentality is more like because of the world Dredd lives in and Dredd himself finds August's brand of justice as childish and immature, much to his dismay. Despite butting heads, the two don't actually fight against another due to the Dark Judges, who declare life a punishment that should be punished. Even August thinks this is too extreme and in a rare moment, will ally with Dredd when it comes to taking on the Dark Judges. He doesn't expect any high praises for himself though.
  • Both the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are not on optimistic terms when it comes to August. To make matters worse, he actually came into an alliance with Tohru Adachi, though in the case of the latter, while not fully redeemed and sometimes helping his former enemies if need be, he can see why August is dissatisfied with how the Justice System works. The Phantom Thieves see August as someone who is very likely of developing a palace within him and thus, are keeping in tabs with him in case something goes wrong. Sure, August is thinking of redemption, but the two groups, particularly Naoto Shirogane and Makoto Niijima aren't optimistic about it, given the fact that August used to be a former cop.
  • Inevitably, he would come into contact with Hunter Zolomon. The two realized that they were very similar to one another and angsted over the fact that Thawne is the primary reason why their lives are miserable, to begin with. That said, while they can relate with one another, they found each other hard to work with, with Zolomon insisting that they should inflict tragedy towards others to make them better people whereas August is more caught up in wanting to earn Barry's forgiveness and wanting to kill Thawne, so their work ethic tends to clash every now and then.
  • Predictably, he was listed as a dangerous threat by heroes and staff members from both the Hero Association and the UA High School thanks to his connection to the Speed Force, his multiple ways of using his speed and for his vicious reputation as a villain and fighter. Godspeed himself that Zolomon may have had a point when it came down to many of the heroes in both facilities; both have a large number of heroes who are motivated by self-interest and fame, unlike Barry and the Justice League who were stalwart in doing their superheroics for the safety of their family, friends and their worlds. Godspeed does respect Izuku Midoriya, Saitama and their circle of friends due to the former's determined nature to one day, be as great of a hero as All Might was and the latter for being blunt and honest about lecturing other heroes, even if Saitama's tendency of being lazy and being a hero "for fun" is rather absurd in August's mind.
    • Furthermore, this also led him to the "Hero Killer", Stain. Initially not happy with what he used to do, Stain warmed up to August after realizing his villainous circumstances and attempt in atoning. He did freely admit that he preferred Zolomon, if mainly because their principles of how one should become a hero go along very neatly, but he does get August's motivation for revenge. Stain said that August should aim to become a better person, which August thought was rather rich, coming from someone who technically was a villain, according to the UA. Stain decided to take it as a compliment and, while they don't do fieldwork that much, would sometimes hang out with August in their spare times.
  • Given his experience, he is naturally enemies to those who have killed their siblings, particularly for petty reasons. It's why he doesn't like Cain all that much, and whenever they do meet up, All August thinks about is grabbing Cain and drag him across the floor while he speeds around the Pantheon. Heck, August doesn't even register the possible idea that Cain may feel remorseful about Abel. The First Murderer couldn't be bothered to listen to what August says, much to his dismay.
  • While he has figured out that Black Hole were not responsible for his brother's death, he still hates them as they are a criminal organization that have disrupted and threatened Central City numerous times. So it came as expected that he would oppose the Black Organization for being willing to kill thousands in order to get the job done and the organization has kept itself hidden from law enforcements' sights for a long time. August will be making sure that they'll learn that they can't hide forever, and not even the morally good ones like Kir and Bourbon are safe either.
  • He caught the interest of a trio of birds that decided to take matters into their own hands to protect the forest that they dwelled in after receiving a prophetic confirmation that the forest would fall victim to infighting and a terrifying beast. Instead, the bird trio became far too oppressive to their home, instilling a judging system that prevented the fauna from having any harmony or joy. At the end, when all seemed lost, they combined, turning into the very same monster that was foretold in the prophecy. August personally found the situation rather disappointing and has no interest in forming an alliance with the birds. That said, the trio, particularly Punishing Bird, has expressed some desire in wanting August for their own uses, given that they're lethal and warped upholders of delivering justice.
  • He wouldn't personally admit to it, but August does pay some sort of respect to vigilantes who take lethal action as the most preferred option, such as Jason Todd and Frank Castle. He would like to work with them, but given that Jason has ties to the Batfamily and Frank is normally a solitary worker, he's laying it off for now. He also expresses some admiration towards Rust Cohle and Marty Hart for being dedicated to a case that was being faded away and managing to solve it, even if it took them more than a decade.
    • Atrocitus has come to see August as a potential recruit for a Red Lantern due to the grief and rage he suffers over the loss of his brother. August admits that he does feel tempted to take the ring, but has refused, stating that he has his own stuff to do and that now might not be the right time. Atrocitus conceded but does affirm that a Red Lantern Ring may seek him out whether he likes it or not. But for the time being, they remain in good contact with one another.
  • Despite his death Barry managed to alter the timeline enough to the extent that August was able to play a significant role in Barry's life to the point where he has an exhibit dedicated to himself in the Flash Museum. Furthermore, a streak of yellow lightning blurred on his tombstone. Some are stating that Godspeed has been returned to life,though the speedster hasn't commented about it yet.
  • To the House of Justice's dismay and concern, August is also a part of the Criminal Actions Sub-House in the House of Crime.
Y'know...when I was trying to come up with a code name for myself, I thought of calling myself the new and improved Flash. Because you clearly weren't cutting it. But instead... I realized that with these powers...I am judge, jury and executioner. So I call myself... Godspeed.

    The Boys 
The Boysmembers , Gods and Goddess of Combating Superhumans (Billy Butcher: Butcher, The Butcher, Uncle Billy | Hughie Campbell: Wee Hughie, Petit Hughie, Bagpipe, Hamish | Mother's Milk: M.M., Marvin T. Milk | The Frenchman: Frenchie, Serge | The Female: Female of the Species, La Femme, Mon coeur, Petit Lazarus, Feral pixie dream girl, Kimiko Miyashiro)
From left to right:The Frenchman, Mother's Milk, The Female (of the Species), Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher
Their Live-Action incarnations
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate Gods when using Compound V) and Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: An upward group shot of them with a cloud covered red sun in the sky
  • Theme Songs: I'm Gonna Do My Thing, Solway Firth by Slipknot
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies (the group in general), Chaotic Evil (Billy Butcher)
  • Portfolio: Fights Against Superhumans, Anti-Hero Team, Badass Longcoats, Empowered Badass Normals, Through the Use of Compound V to Enhance Themselves for Physical Fights
  • Domain(s): Espionage, Vigilantism, Violence
  • Herald: Terror (Butcher's dog)
  • Allies: Nick Fury, Peggy Carter, Captain America, The Punisher, Red Hood, Night Raid, "Hero Killer" Stain, John Wick, B.J. Blazkowicz, The Basterds, Mark Grayson/Invincible
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: The Seven and Vought, all evil Superhumans and Nazis, Regime Superman, Plutonian, The Fraternity, Red Skull
    • Butcher only: All superheroes (regardless of morality)
    • Mother's Milk only: Sofia Lamb
    • The Frenchman only: The Child Abuse Supporters, Those who mock his French heritage or hurt children
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis:
    • The Frenchman only: Remy
  • Fascinates:
  • Pities:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Genuinely heroic superheroes (especially the Justice League), The Charlotte Cast
  • The Boys were originally led by Greg Mallory, a World War II veteran who had witnessed the first and last use of superheroes in the war, which cost him the lives of everyone in his own battalion through incompetence. The team consisted of Billy Butcher, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman and The Female. Backed by the CIA, the team is tasked with not only keeping tabs on the superhumans of the world, but also killing them if required. However, after they blackmailed the Seven by threatening to reveal their disastrous mishandling in trying to stop the 9/11 attacks, the Lamplighter, one of the members of the Seven, retaliated by killing Mallory's granddaughters. After Mallory killed Lamplighter, the Boys were disbanded. Years later, Butcher reassembled the team with himself as their leader and recruited Hughie Campbell as their fifth member, replacing Mallory.
  • Upon their ascension into the Pantheon, the Boys had a bittersweet reunion. On one hand, Hughie was very happy to see Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female, as they had been killed by Butcher. On the other hand, they were all less than thrilled to see Butcher again, with Mother's Milk in particular punching him in the face due to Butcher having killed him. After the fight was broken up, the Boys were informed about the Pantheon and that their ascension was approved in order to ensure that any rogue superheroes and anti-heroes are kept in check. Although hesitant to resume being a team, they ultimately agreed that they could do a lot of good in the Pantheon and that leaving Butcher alone without a team to keep him in line would not be a good idea.
  • The team quickly drew the attention of Nick Fury, Peggy Carter and Captain America, who offered them S.H.I.E.L.D. resources in order to help them efficiently do their job. Although the Boys accepted the offer, they strongly suspect that the offer was at least partially made in order for S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep a close eye on them.
  • The Boys have also allied themselves with vigilante anti-heroes such as the Punisher and Red Hood. Butcher, in particular, likes the Punisher due to how much they're alike. They also occasionally team up with Night Raid, who've similarly performed morally dubious actions for the sake of the greater good.
  • Their most questionable ally is the "Hero Killer" Stain, whose philosophy aligns with their goals. However, most of the team is reluctant to work with him due to his fanatical extremism and even Butcher tends to butt heads with him whenever they meet. They also found an ally in former hitman John Wick, who managed to bond with Butcher due to their shared love of dogs.
  • Having fought against the Nazi "superhero" Stormfront, the Boys quickly became allies with Nazi Hunters such as B.J. Blazkowicz and the Basterds. They also became enemies with the Red Skull, whom they've frequently targeted as a result.
  • The Boys occasionally work together with Amanda Waller, who similarly believes that superheroes need to be kept in check. However, they don't particularly like her due to her ruthless methods, although Butcher tends to find common ground with her.
  • Unsurprisingly, the team spend most of their time surveilling particularly tyrannical superhumans, with High Councilor Kal-El and the Plutonian being at the top of their list. Their opinions on genuinely heroic superheroes are a bit more mixed, due to the nature of their world. They're especially conflicted about the Justice League, whom the Seven closely resembled. And don't get started on The Fraternity, a group of supervillains who took over their world (basically the Seven and Vought combined, only without any pretense of looking like good guys).
    • Were weary once they heard their network was adapting another superhero subversion, but relieved upon meeting Invincible and figuring out he's actually a good person, his world is what is twisted. Although Butcher is still not willing to open an exception among "Supes" for Mark Grayson, specially once he learned his father is a cruel maniac who might match Regime Superman in both questionable morality and sheer power. He is afraid Invincible's Viltrumite heritage might manifest, no matter how much Mark has disowned it.
  • The Boys sympathize with the Charlotte Cast, who gained powers upon reaching puberty and were pursued by scientists and terrorists because of it. The Boys appreciate their desire to keep the other ability users safe, but also decided to keep an eye on Yuu, as he still has the power to absorb other people's abilities.
  • Exclusive to Billy Butcher:
    • Butcher was born in London, in the East End. He, along with his younger brother Lenny and their mother Carol, was frequently abused by his father Sam, which, on one occasion in which his mother received a particularly harsh beating, resulted in Billy nearly killing him with a kitchen knife, although his brother managed to stop him. After joining the Royal Marines, Butcher participated in the Falklands War and made quite a name for himself as the toughest soldier in his platoon. After returning back home, Butcher became a violent alcoholic, and even got court-martialed for assaulting and disfiguring a fellow soldier for no reason. His self-destructive spiral ended when he met his wife, Becky Saunders, who saw in him a better man than he was, and inspired him to be that man for her. However, one night, Becky died when a fetus with super powers burst out of her belly, nearly killing Butcher as well with its heat vision. After killing the fetus with a lamp, Butcher returned to his violent ways to cope with his grief and loss. Ending up in prison, Butcher was found by Greg Mallory, who revealed that Becky had been raped during their honeymoon by the Homelander (or so they think). Seeking vengeance, Butcher accepted Mallory's to join his CIA team.
    • Surprisingly, Butcher managed to strike up something of an Odd Friendship with Rorschach, who approves of Butcher's determination and his willingness to go to any lengths to accomplish his goals. The fact that they both dislike costumed heroes also helped.
    • Butcher's willingness to work with/for pretty much anyone who can provide him with the resources, means and opportunity to make life miserable for superheroes has resulted in him occasionally working with the likes of Lex Luthor, much to his team's disapproval.
  • Exclusive to Hughie Campbell:
    • Hughie was born in Scotland and, for much of his life, has been rather unlucky. Abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, he was adopted by Eck and Daphne Campbell and raised in a rural town, Auchterladle. Although his parents were loving and kind, Hughie still suffered several weird traumas, such as when he had the unpleasant experience of a huge tapeworm, or when an airplane pilot had a nervous breakdown in midair right in front of him, raving about how it was unnatural that a steel box that huge was able to fly. In adulthood, Hughie moved to Glasgow and proceeded to live a normal life, having a job, a small apartment for himself, and a girlfriend he loved, Robin. However, while the two were spending the day at a fun fair, a supervillain tossed at super-speed by A-Train, a superhero member of The Seven, hit Robin and smashed her on a brick wall, leaving only a red stain in her place and her arms in Hughie's hands. Shortly afterwards, Hughie was approached by Billy Butcher, who offered him a chance for payback by having him join his team. Having nothing to lose, Hughie accepted the offer and followed Butcher to the United States.
    • Hughie has managed to befriend other heroic figures such as Nightwing, Jonathan Joestar and Genos. However, Hughie was initially reluctant to befriend Nightwing, as he had previously dealt with a similar superhero in his world called Swingwing, who turned out to be incredibly homophobic and had pushed a young gay man who had confessed his love to him off of a roof. Hughie was very much relieved to discover that Nightwing was a legitimately nice guy.
  • Exclusive to Mother's Milk:
    • Mother's Milk was born in Harlem, the second son of a poor couple. His mother worked in a factory that used to be a laboratory owned by Vought-American, the company that genetically engineered supes. Since the place hadn't been treated following its dismantling, many women working in the factory were contaminated with Compound V, the same substance that gave supes their powers, and most of them died of cancer. His mother, instead, passed the mutation to her sons: first Michael, who was born with severe mental deficiencies, and then M.M., who initially appeared to be a normal baby, but was discovered to be completely dependent on his mother's milk for sustenance, with regular food being poisonous to him. M.M. grew to develop a massive grudge against Vought-American, as he had witnessed his brother dying when his superpowers manifested, causing his growing head to be crushed inside his helmet, as well as his father's death after his lawsuit against Vought-American took a physical and mental toll on him. After getting married and having a daughter, M.M. joined the US Army to pay for his family’s growing expenses, where he distinguished himself as a terrific warrior after volunteering for the Rangers. M.M. also joined the Army's boxing team. However, he developed superpowers right in the middle of a fight, inadvertently punching his opponent's head off. In prison, M.M. was approached by Greg Mallory and Billy Butcher, who offered him a chance to join their team to keep an eye on Vought-American and its so-called "heroes", which he accepted.
    • Mother's Milk is on good terms with Luke Cage, a fellow superpowered African-American from Harlem. The two can occasionally be seen hanging out or fighting crime.
    • Due to his love of his mother as well as his ex-wife Monique putting their daughter Janine in a porn film, Mother's Milk quickly developed a strong dislike of Sofia Lamb after hearing about how she treated her daughter Eleanor as her property and nearly killed her.
    • Unsurprisingly, Sigmund Freud was fascinated by M.M.'s origin story and his reliance upon his mother's milk for sustenance. For the most part, M.M. didn't particularly mind to discuss the matter with Freud, but insisted that he's never had an actual Oedipus Complex.
  • Exclusive to The Frenchman:
    • According to himself, Frenchie was born in France, in a rural town named Franglais. He was a young man in love and devoted to his girlfriend, Marie. He later went to war and it changed his view on life, making him realize that life was precious and he swore never to use violence again. Upon returning to Franglais, he discovered that Marie left him for his childhood rival and bitter enemy, Black Pierre. The only way to solve things was a duel, but Frenchie, now a pacifist, simply gave up, falling into a deep depression and jeopardizing his family's honor in the process. His father, not wanting to see him like this, decided to reclaim his honor himself. At that time, the population was celebrating a local festival, that saw the inhabitants facing each other in a weird and unlikely joust, riding a bicycle and fencing with baguettes. Frenchie didn't participate, but his father did, and challenged the champion, Black Pierre. Fearing to lose to a former champion like Frenchie's father, Black Pierre sabotaged his adversary with a stale croissant, causing his bike to crash and killing him. Furious at his enemy, the Frenchman renounced to his newfound pacifism and challenged Pierre, who, acting as the coward he was, fled, robbing him of his vengeance. Afterwards, Frenchie's mother died of despair. Frenchie subsequently hunted down and killed Black Pierre and rejected Marie's pleas to take her back. He chose to leave Franglais forever, regarding himself as irredeemable.
    • Despite his claims about his nationality, Frenchie's frequent use of incorrect French phrases and occasional use of British idioms suggests that he might actually be British instead. Having formerly served in the French Foreign Legion, he was found by Billy Butcher in a bar in Paris. After having engaged in a bar brawl, Frenchie was recruited into the Boys, whom he came to regard as his family.
    • Frenchie was very pleased meet several fellow French people within the Pantheon. He felt honored to meet Jeanne d'Arc herself and appreciated her kindness. He also quickly bonded with Jean-Pierre Polnareff and Madeline, the former similarly being a silly yet dangerous fighter who's dedicated to doing good, while the latter being a Cheerful Child whom Frenchie is rather protective of. Another notable ally is Gambit, who is similarly an anti-hero, although Frenchie initially mistook him for a fellow Frenchman when they first met.
    • Frenchie is on reasonably amicable terms with the Spy, who approached him after sneaking into the Boys' temple unseen. Frenchie was impressed by the Spy's proficiency with knives and the ability to turn invisible. Frenchie has since received some espionage training from the Spy in order to improve his sneaking skills. Additionally, on the advice of his teammates, Frenchie has secured their temple in order to prevent the Spy from sneaking in again.
    • He absolutely despises the Child Abuse Supporters, as he hates child abuse of any kind. As such, he tends to keep a close eye on them.
    • Frenchie does not get along well with Remy, who tends to make fun of him and even accuses him of not being actually French, which on occasion tends to result in the two ending up in a brawl. Nonetheless, the two don't really regard each other as outright enemies and are even able to work together if necessary.
    • He pitied Mistral after hearing about her tragic backstory of how her parents were killed in the civil war in Algeria and she subsequently tracked down and killed her parents' murderers. However, he does not approve of the evil person that she has become and generally opposes her.
  • Exclusive to The Female:
    • Born in Tokyo, Japan, the Female suffered misfortune at an early age. Her mother was a secretary at a Tokyo Corporation and, unwilling to pay for daycare, would hide her daughter underneath her desk at work. One day, she crawled through the halls of the corporation into the laboratory of Dr. Uderzo, who was experimenting with Compound V. After crawling inside a bucket filled with Compound V, she brutally attacked the doctors there and was eventually captured. Growing up in captivity, she was treated like an experimental animal as the company tried to determine how she got her powers. She was only approached by people probing her, cutting her and injecting her with painful substances, traumatizing her to the point that she developed an intense aversion to physical contact and became mute. On occasion, she would escape from the facility, wandering the streets and trying to understand the outside world. However, she would always get tranquilized and brought back to her cage. During her final escape attempt, she was tracked down into the sewers by the company's security division, whom she successfully killed off. However, she was subsequently captured by the Boys when Butcher dropped in a concussion grenade to knock her out, with the intent of using her as a weapon. When she awakened, the Frenchman volunteered to instruct her on integrating her within the world, treating her with compassion and love and attempting to manage her recurring bouts of homicidal rage, which she constantly tried to control.
    • Through encouragment from Frenchie, the Female went looking throughout the Pantheon for potential friends in order to improve her social skills. Eventually, she managed to befriend Gunvolt and Raiden, both of whom have similarly been experimented on in the past but nonetheless chose to fight for justice and the greater good.
    • In order to satiate her compulsion to kill people, she visited the House of Crime in order to see if she could hire her skills out to someone. Not wanting to hurt innocent people, she formed an amicable working relationship with some of the more moral gangsters there, such as the 3rd Street Saints and Passione.
    • Was drawn towards Katana as both look alike and have had their share of dealing with really bad people. The rest of The Boys tolerate Tatsu, specially as she's not really a superheroine, but just someone really good with a sword who had an unfair share of disgrace in her life.

    Dr. Hax 
Dr. Hax, God of Those Who Gets His Targets
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A CRT Monitor, his enlarged head or a Ban Hammer
  • Alignment: Mixes between Lawful Good at best and Lawful Neutral at worst.
  • Portfolio: Knight Templar, A Super Big Head of Dr. Breen, Wields the Banhammer, Meant to punish Cheaters and Hackers for good, HAAAAAX, Implacable Man, Can be kind to hackers if they help and recruits them for further aid
  • Domains: Admins, Security, Monitors
  • Herald: Chuckles the Cheater
  • Allies: Aside from Dhuum and maybe Eliphas, none actually.
  • Commonality Connection: Harth Stonebrew
  • Enemies: Cheaters and hackers in general, especially Aiden Pierce, Lisbeth Salander, Frank Pritchard, Radical Edward, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Yuki Nagato, The Hacking Quintet (Bentley Turtle, the aforementioned Ed, Dr. Hal Otacon, Shiena Kenmochi and Estonia), Keith Howard, Aran Ryan, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Nobuyuki Sugou/The Fairy King, Flowey
  • Opposes: Pyramid Head, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
  • Not to be confused with: Doctor Breen
  • It was said that amidst the rise of cheating tools, Doctor Breen created Dr. Hax, a manifested entity meant to halt the influence and power of hackers, with Breen's face as a sole reminder of who they are facing against. In reality, he just rose after he called quits on a match of Counter-Strike.
    • That didn't stop the entity from being who he is: A "thing" that tracks hackers down and tosses CRT Monitors on their faces, to end the hax for good.
  • As his title suggests, Dr. Hax appears to anyone who has attempted to cheat or hack their way to victory. Whether for good or bad intentions, he will strike you down with monitors to your face, and if that isn't enough, he will bring his personal Banhammer to end his problems.
    • It should be noted that his CRT Monitors are actually filled with "LUA" Codes, these codes are meant to revert the victim back to his original form, be it a normal person without his powers and the like. Because of this, his monitors are considered the Pantheon's greatest peacekeeping weapon if nothing else works.
    • If he however has the Banhammer, then its very personal, for the hammer is meant to ban or strip off a deity's godhood and his position. This is the worst punishment for everyone, so worse that the Court of the Gods decided to use this as an act of "exclusion" to the Pantheon grounds.
    • Despite his weaponry being feared, it should be noted that he himself is still vulnerable to strong attacks, and this is the reason why he doesn't bother trying to ban Kratos or Asura, as he knows that their attacks are enough to take him down, just like what a certain Metrocop did to him last time.
  • After hearing a House that holds the company of hackers everywhere, he became enraged and went on a CRT Monitor tossing spree with its inhabitants. Aiden Pierce was very terrified at his presence after remembering the very first (and last) encounter he had with the anti-hacker.
    • The Hacking Quintet considers Dr. Hax's existance as a heavy obstacle, seeing that he himself can sense their hacks. Radical Ed has since became one of Dr. Hax's constant targets, followed by Otacon (who by his definition made him piss a lot of times on his pants and smacked by monitors way too much) and the rest of the group.
    • Because of Dr. Hax's Unstoppable Rage towards the House, it became apparent that he was forced out. That made the situation worse, and instead, he's watching over the House.
  • Hearing the reports of a certain Irish Boxer cheating in his fights, he barged in and decided to smack him. Aran decided to make a Headbutt match and play "fair". Hax instead head smacked him with a Monitor on his head.
  • Dr. Manhattan had a rather uneventful meeting with him and has bolstered his senses into avoiding his sights, especially since his monitors were able to turn him back into his useless form once.
  • Due to acting like a moderator in his world, he often hangs out in the House of Gaming, acting like a watchguard around the premises. This made almost everyone nervous due to his enlarged head being a sign of terror amongst them.
    • Keith Bandit's day just got worse after having been evaluated by Hax himself, followed by instant tossing of 17 monitors to his face and a temporary restraining order to the entire House, needless to say many gods where displeased about his treatment to him.
    • However, after looking through the banlist of the House, he noticed a cheater by the name of Nobuyuki Sugou and his cheating actions. Disgusted, he brought his Banhammer and decided to ban him out of the place. He failed, but managed to steal his Fairy King avatar instead and is keeping it for safe reasons.
      • After the incident, he was greeted by Kirito about his attack to Sugou. As he was about to shake hands with him, Hax threw a Monitor instead, pointing out that he counter-hacked The Fairy King, something that irritates him to no end.
    • Another deity he doesn't like is Flowey, and for a good reason. His access and abusing of save files gives him a headache. Flowey on the other hand, is very interested with his LUA Monitors and is testing to "use" it for his ideal plans.
  • Dhuum was very glad after a meeting with Dr. Hax, as he can finally have a partner to take down cheaters around the Pantheon (though only those who cheat death are within Dr. Hax's criteria).
    • Eliphas on the other hand is quite amused at Hax's own agenda and his ways of implementing such idea of his. He's planning to recruit to his standards, though he fears what will happen if Dr. Hax turns on him.
  • Often admired by many Game Creators for his banning of cheaters worldwide, Hax has a good connection with Harth Stonebrew, due to the latter's hate towards cheaters. As such, he often plays a simple game of cards with the Inkeeper.

Lesser Gods

Oh hi! Welcome to my profile!

Baldi, God of Corporal Punishment (Baldimore)
That's me!
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: 7 notebooks and a ruler.
  • Theme Song: Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Becomes Lawful Evil if you fail one of his questions.
  • Portfolio: Bald of Evil, Black Speech, Death Glare, Evil Teacher, Idiot Hair, Suddenly Shouting, Surprise Creepy
  • Domains: School, Math, Punishment, Pursuing, Creepiness
  • Allies: Playtime (one of his school's students), Agatha Trunchbull, Denzel Crocker, The Slenderman
  • Rivals: Dr. Hax
  • Enemies: The Good-Aligned deities from House of School, The Literature Club, The Mann Co. Mercenaries, Erma Williams, Glitchy’s Mario
  • Respects: Mario, Tails
  • Baldi is a teacher who initially would look like a Cool Teacher, teaching math to his students and watching over them to see if they behave. That is, until someone gets one of his answers wrong, which prompts him to chase after the one who made the mistake and "correct them". Baldi's a bit of an oddball among the pantheon but to some people, he is utterly terrifying.
  • He entered one day, nothing about him looked out of the ordinary other than his low polygon appearance. Then he started handing some notebooks to some kids and asking them questions. Then one of them got to a question that was all gibberish but because they were still forced to answer, he wrote a random number in it. That didn't go well since then Baldi started going after the kid who got the question wrong and what happened to him wasn't pretty once Baldi caught up with him.
  • Baldi is considered borderline omniscient, he can hear every door in the pantheon and perfectly knows who opened it, so he has an easy time navigating around the pantheon. Unfortunately for his victims, that has proven to be a very scary ability, as he won't stop until you collect all his 7 notebooks and escape the House you are in. There were instances where if the victim didn't collect all 7 notebooks and exit the temple anyway, Baldi would still go after them until the deity either finishes collecting all notebooks or is caught by Baldi. And those who were caught by Baldi had stated that they had a horrible time with him.
  • One time he was in charge of giving a math class to the Mann Co. Mercs. It went smoothly until he asked the question that's impossible to answer, that's when the Soldier thought that answering it would be the correct choice but it only made Baldi angry at him and then proceed to smack the soldier with a ruler while everyone else fled. Baldi was later reported by Bowser Jr. (who had video proof) and sent to pantheon jail, last seen alongside Yoshi (who was serving time thanks to some mean tricksters accusing him of committing tax fraud).
    • After serving said sentence and trying to be a bit more patient, he was tasked with giving Mario some simple math lessons. However, due to Mario having a...weird day and actively trying to piss him off, things did not go as smoothly as they could have gone. At least the rampage stopped once Mario got 2 + 3 correctly.
      • It was later brought to his attention that the Mario he was in charge of tutoring was actually another version of the famous plumber, Glitchy’s Mario. As the original Mario was nicer than the other one, even if he didn’t get the messed up final problem right, Baldi decided to spare him, not feeling up for another chase.
    • After this dilemma with the two Marios, he was called in to try and tutor Erma and once again she failed the third unsolvable problem, leading him to try to hit her with his ruler...the key word being tried as Erma snatched the ruler and began smacking him. Deities who had suffered from his questions got a good laugh seeing the tables turned, and Baldi learned that some deities may be better off with other ways to improve their grade.
  • Some people had to call out Baldi for basically forcing his students into getting a question wrong, as if he deliberately vandalized the notebooks so he would be able to chase after the poor sod who decides to take his questions. Even the best of the best students can seem to decipher the third question of each notebook and other teachers are appalled at how he seemingly kills students for making a small mistake.
  • The Houses of Craft and Technology decided to fix the broken questions in the "You Can Think Pad" but the code for each is completely broken, not helped by Baldi freaking out that someone stole his pads and tried to fix it because to him they are already perfect.
  • While he is looked down by other deities in the House of School, he is on better terms with both Denzel Crocker and Agatha Trunchbull, notable for being quite the nasty teachers themselves. Then there is also the fact that Baldi seems to respect Seymour Skinner for reminding him of the Principal of the Thing, even if Seymour doesn't return the sentiment.
  • Deities have compared Baldi's source game to that of the Doki Doki Literature Club! being both school settings that pretend to be something else and turning out to be another thing entirely. The girls have heard of Baldi and decided to avoid him but unfortunately they ran into him in a chance meeting in the house of school and Baldi greeted them as usual like he does other students. Then he handed them over his notebooks and they couldn't leave until they answered all the questions. At that point, Monika, feeling guilty for what she did in the past, decided to answer the broken questions and enable the other three to escape as a way to earn their forgiveness. What happened between her and Baldi is unknown but some say she managed to escape him and after that incident Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri have been much more tolerant and kind to Monika.
  • The strangest thing about Baldi is that he is allies with the Slenderman, possible for being an entity that stalks people who decide to go looking for seven elements scattered in a place just like Baldi does with his notebooks. This would imply that Baldi isn't even human at all, but he remains a mystery to everyone about what he truly is. The two even engaged in a rap battle.
  • It is said that the one that can rival Baldi in persistence is Dr. Hax since they won't stop until punishing those who have angered them. Hax on his part doesn't like Baldi very much, while he is no cheater (Unless you are one of those who think he vandalized the notebooks on purpose) he isn't a saint either and the fact that he seemingly goes after anyone who makes a very simple mistake is something he doesn't tolerate.
  • As Bowser discovered, destroying a notebook will still set off Baldi.
  • Out of every deity in the Pantheon, Tails is the only one so far who's been able to answer the unanswerable third question correctly.

Congratulations, you managed to read all flavour texts! Now all you need to do is GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!!! Heh-heh hehhh!

    Chris Hansen 
Christopher Edward Hansen, God of Pedophile Hunting (Chris "Handsome")

    Garrus Vakarian 
Garrus Vakarian, God Of Vigilantism (Archangel, Space Batman, GARrus, Scars)

    Kim Kaphwan 
Kim Kaphwan, God of Taekwondo and Detecting Bad Guys (The Crown Jewel of Taekwondo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Phoenix rising behind a Dobok
  • Theme Song: Let's Go to Seoul!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Tae Kwon Do, Kicking With Minimum Punches, JUSTICE!, Detecting Bad Guys, High Pitched Bruce Lee-esque Yells, "Aku wa Yurusan!", Team Dad, Twinkle Smile, Sadistic Teacher (just for bad guys he's trying to reform, otherwise he's a Stern Teacher)
  • Domain: Good, Sports, Combat
  • Heralds: Myeng Swuk (his wife), Gang-il (his master), Jhun Hoon (his rival).
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Captain America, Kenshiro, Sanger Zonvolt, Galford D. Weiler, Flonne, Minsc & Boo
  • Enemies: Anyone in the side of Evil, because they're unforgivable
  • #1 Target for Reformation: Juri Han. He'd like to think that his rigorous training finally caused her to throw her lot into saving the merging of two worlds, but for Kim, she still has much to learn!
  • Was formerly a teacher in the Pantheon Academy, Kim's dedication for justice and the spirit of taekwondo cannot be sustained any longer and he rose as the God for the kicking martial arts Tae Kwon Do, and swore to uphold justice in the Pantheon. Reactions... remain mixed. Some are impressed... some... thinks that Kim could get a little wacko.
  • Despite rising as a God, Kim still visits the Academy, giving stern advices to future Tae Kwon Do disciples and having a good time with his old pal Baek Doo-San.
  • Has also the ability of knowing whether someone is evil or not with just a glare, even without magical aid. Minsc is impressed, because even Paladins in his world needed magical aid for that, Kim doesn't. When the word "Aku wa yurusan!" echoes through the Pantheon, evil is nearby, good guys beware!
    • Even so, sometimes the ability becomes a double-edged sword, because even the ambiguous ones or sympathetic Anti-Villain will be first designated as 'Evil'. There's one incident when Kim suddenly points at Litchi Faye-Ling and declares her evil, until Bang Shishigami interrupted and told him the situation behind it, causing Kim to hastily apologize to her (apology accepted), but STILL offers her a Taekwondo gi as an apology, saying that it would quicken her redemption (offer rejected). For that too, he backs down attempting to joining the evil-opposing duo of Kenshiro and Sanger Zonvolt, realizing the dangers of his passion (although he will STILL fight for it).
    • He has since become a regular patient of Litchi's clinic in order to tend to the wounds he received from fighting from a certain 'Freeman'.
  • Even if he's not in the Academy anymore, his 'rehabilitation center' is still open, and Kim is still open for 'applications' (read: bad guys he beat up and drafted here). There was some success, and there were some 'persistent' students. However, even Kim has his limits, and there are some bad guys that are thoroughly evil that he will refuse application.
  • As a God proud of his Korean lineage, Kim also expresses distaste towards Toyotomi Hideyoshi for his nefarious 'Korean Campaign' to his home country. To add up to this, he also easily detects that Hideyoshi is evil, thus he is unforgivable!
  • Is known to have a set of nice and shiny teeth. When asked how he attained that, he said that it was because he brushes his teeth with JUSTICE.
  • He considers it an extreme honor to meet a champion of justice in times past, Galford D. Weiler. Surprisingly, Galford has mentioned that Kim's ancestor Hye-Ryen has been doing this whole 'justice' thing alongside him.
  • Also present in the Martial Arts section of the House of Combat.


    The Basterds 
The Basterds, Gods of Paying Evil Unto Evil
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A bloody baseball bat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: World War II, Heroic Sociopaths, Alternate History, All Germans Are Nazis, Batter Up!, Black-and-Gray Morality, Cool Guns, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Sociopathic Soldiers, Anti Heroes, Vigilante Execution
  • Domains: War, Europe, Jews, Nazi Killing
  • Allies: The Punisher, Yuri Lowell, The Boys, Garrus Vakarian, Captain America, Lelouch vi Britannia, Hilda, Ange, The Comedian, Night Raid
  • Rivals: Zorro
  • Enemies: Nazis, and every Mook in existence, SCP-542
  • Opposed by: Red Skull
  • After ascending to the Pantheon from one final suicide mission, The Basterds have taken it upon themselves to bring war on the Mooks who work for the supervillains, regardless of whether they are Complete Monsters or Punch Clock Villains, by using the most brutal, violent, and horrible methods imaginable. While they perform the majority of their operations in the House of Heroes and Villains and House of Justice, they have been known to infiltrate other Houses and have even ventured outside the walls of the Pantheon.
  • They are universally despised by all villains, and are virtually on every "kill on sight" list. Most heroes consider them dangerous and fanatical vigilantes, but are often hesitant to act against them. The Punisher is one of their staunchest allies, while Captain America is torn between the fact they are fellow World War II veterans yet resort to such brutal means to fight evil (as well as the fact that one of them happens to be a particularly bloodthirsty former Nazi). Garrus Vakarian likes their style and is the only non-human to become an official member of the group.
  • Hilda is another fan of the Basterds, especially Shoshana, for burning down the theatre the Nazis were all congregated inside at the end of the film, as she relates to being part of a hated minority and, albeit for different reasons, losing what family she had. Several of her Norma comrades were mass executed in a genocide attempt by the Mana soldiers that included many of them getting torched to death, and she wouldn't mind paying them back if given the chance. Ange, her best friend, did the deed instead, annihilating the entire fleet and nearly killing the one responsible for the massacre (not to mention outing her as a Norma and exiled to serve as Cannon Fodder, having their royal parents killed and seizing the throne), her emperor brother.
  • They are not related to those who killed Kenny. In their words, those who do are not 'Basterds' but 'Bastards'.
  • Decided to blow off some steam in the Pantheon Fight Club started by Tyler Durden. This made for a bizarre moment as Lt. Aldo Raine and Durden saw each other, got weirded out, and then Durden became a thinner guy with black hair who some deities in attendance mistook for Will Graham.