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Greater Gods

    Konrad Curze 
Konrad Curze, God Who Frightens People Into Obedience (Night Haunter, Primarch of The Night Lords, Evil Batman)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A vampire skull with red wings.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Chaotic Evil habits
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded, Knight Templar, Lonesome Lunatics, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, Going more insane with each passing night, Becomming the exact monster that he fought for millenia, Butchering killers, Using Batman's strategies but for malevolent purposes, Sharp and long teeth, Possessing vampiric themes, Torture Technician
  • Domains: Terror, Darkness, Chaos
  • Followers: The Night Lords
  • High Priest: Sevatar
  • Allies: Possibly Alpharius
  • Enemies: The entire House of Crime, Valvatorez, Batman and The Imperium of Man, but especially Vulkan, Night Raid
  • The day of Konrad's accension was not a pretty one. Prisons owned by The Pantheon saw most of their inmate population killed off in gruesome ways, leaving the survivors traumatized for life in order to spread the tales. The House of Crime saw itself under heavy attack from his army wile he himself tried to mess with their minds through terror tactics. He almost succeded in his mission to destroy the entire house unill many of the bravest gods managed to stop him in his tracks. Sadly, he managed to escape.
  • He had become a suicidal man in the mortal realms, allowing an assassin to kill him in an act of redemption. Though Ezio, God of Assassins, could confirm the kill, he had no idea about how it was done or what happene to Konrad's mortal remains. Not many knows the full story behind the dilemma.
  • The Emperor of Mankind has provided Bruce Wayne with a plethora of information regarding Konrad in order to keep him prepared, knowing fully well that he will come after the Dark Knight at any moment. The Primarch considers him just another target for allowing law-breakers to live instead of butchering them on the spot.
  • He stays clearly away from the House of Personal Appearance due to two of his loyalist brothers remaining there. He has still not forgotten the complete asskicking he received from Vulkan.
  • He approves of the existence of Night Raid, stating that they are fulfilling the very creed he believed in life: For the sake of good, what others refer to as "evil" must be done so as to teach people lessons.
    This Empire you speak of, I knew a place very much like it once. My homeworld Nostramo was no different; corrupt, lawless, where the rich trampled upon the poor and the criminal took satisfaction in the suffering of the innocent. And like you, I fought back. I rose up. I killed the guilty. I tortured the corrupt. I left their corpses for all to see and repent. I let the streets run red with their blood and their bodies pile up in the sewers. And I succeeded. Simply ask, and I will make sure your Empire will never become corrupt again.
  • One of the fastest ways to piss him off is to bring up how he never tried anything other than terror tactics in order to make his world a better place when compared to some of his Brothers who did so through scientific progress or military force. Even his high priest called him out on this once.
    Curze: It was the only way.
    Sevatar: No? What other ways did you try?
    Curze: Sevatar...
    Sevatar: Answer me, father. What politics of peace did you teach? What scientific and social illumination did you bring to this society? In your quest for a human utopia, what other ways did you try beyond eating the flesh of stray dogs and skinning people alive?
    Curze: It. Was. The. Only. Way.

    Raiden (Metal Gear
Raiden, The God Motivated by Justice (Jack, Jack The Ripper, White Devil, Mr. Lightning Bolt, Snake, The Ultimate Swordsman)

Intermediate Gods

    Dr. Hax 
Dr. Hax, God of Those Who Gets His Targets
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A CRT Monitor, his enlarged head or a Ban Hammer
  • Alignment: Mixes between Lawful Good at best and Lawful Neutral at worst.
  • Portfolio: Knight Templar, A Super Big Head of Dr. Breen, Wields the Banhammer, Meant to punish Cheaters and Hackers for good, HAAAAAX, Implacable Man, Can be kind to hackers if they help and recruits them for further aid
  • Domains: Admins, Security, Monitors
  • Allies: Aside from Dhuum and maybe Eliphas, none actually.
  • Commonality Connection: Harth Stonebrew
  • Enemies: Cheaters and hackers in general, especially Aiden Pierce, Lisbeth Salander, Frank Pritchard, Radical Edward, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Yuki Nagato, The Hacking Quintet (Bentley Turtle, the aforementioned Ed, Dr. Hal Otacon, Shiena Kenmochi and Estonia), Keith Howard, Aran Ryan, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Nobuyuki Sugou/The Fairy King, Flowey
  • Opposes: Pyramid Head, Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
  • Not to be confused with: Doctor Breen
  • It was said that amidst the rise of cheating tools, Doctor Breen created Dr. Hax, a manifested entity meant to halt the influence and power of hackers, with Breen's face as a sole reminder of who they are facing against. In reality, he just rose after he called quits on a match of Counter-Strike.
    • That didn't stop the entity from being who he is: A "thing" that tracks hackers down and tosses CRT Monitors on their faces, to end the hax for good.
  • As his title suggests, Dr. Hax appears to anyone who has attempted to cheat or hack their way to victory. Whether for good or bad intentions, he will strike you down with monitors to your face, and if that isn't enough, he will bring his personal Banhammer to end his problems.
    • It should be noted that his CRT Monitors are actually filled with "LUA" Codes, these codes are meant to revert the victim back to his original form, be it a normal person without his powers and the like. Because of this, his monitors are considered the Pantheon's greatest peacekeeping weapon if nothing else works.
    • If he however has the Banhammer, then its very personal, for the hammer is meant to ban or strip off a deity's godhood and his position. This is the worst punishment for everyone, so worse that the Court of the Gods decided to use this as an act of "exclusion" to the Pantheon grounds.
    • Despite his weaponry being feared, it should be noted that he himself is still vulnerable to strong attacks, and this is the reason why he doesn't bother trying to ban Kratos or Asura, as he knows that their attacks are enough to take him down, just like what a certain Metrocop did to him last time.
  • After hearing a House that holds the company of hackers everywhere, he became enraged and went on a CRT Monitor tossing spree with its inhabitants. His current target, Aiden Pierce was very terrified at his presence after remembering the very first (and last) encounter he had with the anti-hacker.
    • The Hacking Quintet considers Dr. Hax's existance as a heavy obstacle, seeing that he himself can sense their hacks. Radical Ed has since became one of Dr. Hax's constant targets, followed by Otacon (who by his definition made him piss a lot of times on his pants and smacked by monitors way too much) and the rest of the group.
    • Because of Dr. Hax's Unstoppable Rage towards the House, it became apparent that he was forced out. That made the situation worse, and instead, he's watching over the House.
  • Hearing the reports of a certain Irish Boxer cheating in his fights, he barged in and decided to smack him. Aran decided to make a Headbutt match and play "fair". Hax instead head smacked him with a Monitor on his head.
  • Dr. Manhattan had a rather uneventful meeting with him and has bolstered his senses into avoiding his sights, especially since his monitors were able to turn him back into his useless form once.
  • Due to acting like a moderator in his world, he often hangs out in the House of Gaming, acting like a watchguard around the premises. This made almost everyone nervous due to his enlarged head being a sign of terror amongst them.
    • Keith Bandit's day just got worse after having been evaluated by Hax himself, followed by instant tossing of 17 monitors to his face and a temporary restraining order to the entire House, needless to say many gods where displeased about his treatment to him.
    • However, after looking through the banlist of the House, he noticed a cheater by the name of Nobuyuki Sugou and his cheating actions. Disgusted, he brought his Banhammer and decided to ban him out of the place. He failed, but managed to steal his Fairy King avatar instead and is keeping it for safe reasons.
      • After the incident, he was greeted by Kirito about his attack to Sugou. As he was about to shake hands with him, Hax threw a Monitor instead, pointing out that he counter-hacked The Fairy King, something that irritates him to no end.
    • Another deity he doesn't like is Flowey, and for a good reason. His access and abusing of save files gives him a headache. Flowey on the other hand, is very interested with his LUA Monitors and is testing to "use" it for his ideal plans.
  • Dhuum was very glad after a meeting with Dr. Hax, as he can finally have a partner to take down cheaters around the Pantheon (though only those who cheat death are within Dr. Hax's criteria).
    • Eliphas on the other hand is quite amused at Hax's own agenda and his ways of implementing such idea of his. He's planning to recruit to his standards, though he fears what will happen if Dr. Hax turns on him.
  • Often admired by many Game Creators for his banning of cheaters worldwide, Hax has a good connection with Harth Stonebrew, due to the latter's hate towards cheaters. As such, he often plays a simple game of cards with the Inkeeper.


Lesser Gods

Oh hi! Welcome to my profile!

Baldi, God of Corporal Punishment (Baldimore)
That's me!
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: 7 notebooks and a ruler.
  • Theme Song: Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Becomes Lawful Evil if you fail one of his questions.
  • Portfolio: Bald of Evil, Black Speech, Death Glare, Evil Teacher, Idiot Hair, Suddenly SHOUTING!, Surprise Creepy
  • Domains: School, Math, Punishment, Pursuing, Creepiness
  • Allies: Playtime (one of his school's students), Agatha Trunchbull, Denzel Crocker, The Slenderman
  • Rivals: Dr. Hax
  • Enemies: The Good Aligned deities from House of School, The Doki Doki Literature Club, The Mann Co. Mercenaries, Erma Williams, Glitchy’s Mario
  • Respects: Mario, Tails
  • Baldi is a teacher who initially would look like a Cool Teacher, teaching math to his students and watching over them to see if they behave. That is, until someone gets one of his answers wrong, which prompts him to chase after the one who made the mistake and "correct them". Baldi's a bit of an oddball among the pantheon but to some people, he is utterly terrifying.
  • He entered one day, nothing about him looked out of the ordinary other than his low polygon appearance. Then he started handing some notebooks to some kids and asking them question. Then one of them got to a question that was all gibberish but because they were still forced to answer, he wrote a random number in it. That didn't go well since then Baldi started going after the kid who got the question wrong and what happened to him wasn't pretty once Baldi caught up with him.
  • Baldi is considered borderline omniscient, he can hear every door in the pantheon and perfectly knows who opened it, so he has an easy time navigating around the pantheon. Unfortunately for his victims, that has proven to be a very scary ability, as he won't stop until you collect all his 7 notebooks and escape the House you are currently in. There were instances where if the victim didn't collect all 7 notebooks and exit the temple anyway, Baldi would still go after them until the deity either finishes collecting all notebooks or is caught by Baldi. And those who were caught by Baldi had stated that they had a horrible time with him.
  • One time he was in charge of giving a math class to the Mann Co. Mercs. It went smoothly until he asked the question that's impossible to answer, that's when the Soldier thought that answering it would be the correct choice but it only made Baldi angry at him and then proceed to smack the soldier with a ruler while everyone else fled. Baldi was later reported by Bowser Jr. (who had video proof) and sent to pantheon jail, last seen alongside Yoshi (who was serving time thanks to some mean tricksters accusing him of committing tax fraud).
    • After serving said sentence and trying to be a bit more patient, he was tasked with giving Mario some simple math lessons. However, due to Mario having a...weird day and actively trying to piss him off, things did not go as smoothly as they could have gone. At least the rampage stopped once Mario got 2 + 3 correctly.
      • It was later brought to his attention that the Mario he was in charge of tutoring was actually another version of the famous plumber, Glitchy’s Mario. As the original Mario was nicer than the other one, even if he didn’t get the messed up final problem right, Baldi decided to spare him, not feeling up for another chase.
    • After this dilemma with the two Marios, he was called in to try and tutor Erma and once again she failed the third unsolvable problem, leading him to try to hit her with his ruler...the key word being tried as Erma snatched the ruler and began smacking him. Deities who had suffered from his questions got a good laugh seeing the tables turned, and Baldi learned that some deities may be better off with other ways to improve their grade.
  • Some people had to call out Baldi for basically forcing his students into getting a question wrong, as if he deliberately vandalized the notebooks so he would be able to chase after the poor sod who decides to take his questions. Even the best of the best students can seem to decipher the third question of each notebook and other teachers are appalled at how he seemingly kills students for making a small mistake.
  • The Houses of Craft and Technology decided to fix the broken questions in the "You Can Think Pad" but the code for each is completely broken, not helped by Baldi freaking out that someone stole his pads and tried to fix it because to him they are already perfect.
  • While he is looked down by other deities in the House of School, he is on better terms with both Denzel Crocker and Agatha Trunchbull, notable for being quite the nasty teachers themselves. Then there is also the fact that Baldi seems to respect Seymour Skinner for reminding him of the Principal of the Thing, even if Seymour doesn't return the sentiment.
  • Deities have compared Baldi's source game to that of the Doki Doki Literature Club! being both school settings that pretend to be something else and turning out to be another thing entirely. The girls have heard of Baldi and decided to avoid him but unfortunately they ran into him in a chance meeting in the house of school and Baldi greeted them as usual like he does other students. Then he handed them over his notebooks and they couldn't leave until they answered all the questions. At that point, Monika, feeling guilty for what she did in the past, decided to answer the broken questions and enable the other three to escape as a way to earn their forgiveness. What happened between her and Baldi is unknown but some say she managed to escape him and after that incident Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri have been much more tolerant and kind to Monika.
  • The strangest thing about Baldi is that he is allies with the Slenderman, possible for being an entity that stalks people who decide to go looking for seven elements scattered in a place just like Baldi does with his notebooks. This would imply that Baldi isn't even human at all, but he remains a mystery to everyone about what he truly is. The two even engaged in a rap battle.
  • It is said that the one that can rival Baldi in persistence is Dr. Hax since they won't stop until punishing those who have angered them. Hax on his part doesn't like Baldi very much, while he is no cheater (Unless you are one of those who think he vandalized the notebooks on purpose) he isn't a saint either and the fact that he seemingly goes after anyone who makes a very simple mistake is something he doesn't tolerate.
  • As Bowser discovered, destroying a notebook will still set off Baldi.
  • Out of every deity in the Pantheon, Tails is the only one so far who's been able to answer the unanswerable third question correctly.

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    Chris Hansen 
Christopher Edward Hansen, God of Pedophile Hunting (Chris "Handsome")

    Garrus Vakarian 
Garrus Vakarian, God Of Vigilantism (Archangel, Space Batman, GARrus, Scars)

    Kim Kaphwan 
Kim Kaphwan, God of Taekwondo and Detecting Bad Guys
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Phoenix rising behind a Taekwondo Gi.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Tae Kwon Do, Kicking With Minimum Punches, JUSTICE!, Detecting Bad Guys, High Pitched Bruce Lee-esque Yells, "Aku wa Yurusan!", Team Dad, Twinkle Smile, Sadistic Teacher (just for bad guys he's trying to reform, otherwise he's a Stern Teacher).
  • Domain: Good, Sports, Combat.
  • Students: Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan (his two sons), Chang Coehan, Choi Bounge, May Lee Jinju, Chae Lim
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Captain America, Kenshiro, Sanger Zonvolt, Flonne, Minsc & Boo, Galford D. Weiler.
  • Enemies: Anyone in the side of Evil, because they're unforgivable.
  • Current #1 Target for Reformation: Juri Han. He'd like to think that his rigorous training finally caused her to throw her lot into saving the merging of two worlds, but for Kim, she still has much to learn!
  • Was formerly a teacher in the Pantheon Academy, Kim's dedication for justice and the spirit of taekwondo cannot be sustained any longer and he rose as the God for the kicking martial arts Tae Kwon Do, and swore to uphold justice in the Pantheon. Reactions... remain mixed. Some are impressed... some... thinks that Kim could get a little wacko.
  • Despite rising as a God, Kim still visits the Academy, giving stern advices to future Tae Kwon Do disciples and having a good time with his old pal Baek Doo-San.
  • Has also the ability of knowing whether someone is evil or not with just a glare, even without magical aid. Minsc is impressed, because even Paladins in his world needed magical aid for that, Kim doesn't. When the word "Aku wa yurusan!" echoes through the Pantheon, evil is nearby, good guys beware!
    • Even so, sometimes the ability becomes a double-edged sword, because even the ambiguous ones or sympathetic Anti-Villain will be first designated as 'Evil'. There's one incident when Kim suddenly points at Litchi Faye-Ling and declares her evil, until Bang Shishigami interrupted and told him the situation behind it, causing Kim to hastily apologize to her (apology accepted), but STILL offers her a Taekwondo gi as an apology, saying that it would quicken her redemption (offer rejected). For that too, he backs down attempting to joining the evil-opposing duo of Kenshiro and Sanger Zonvolt, realizing the dangers of his passion (although he will STILL fight for it).
    • He has since become a regular patient of Litchi's clinic in order to tend to the wounds he received from fighting from a certain 'Freeman'.
  • Even if he's not in the Academy anymore, his 'rehabilitation center' is still open, and Kim is still open for 'applications' (read: bad guys he beat up and drafted here). There was some success, and there were some 'persistent' students. However, even Kim has his limits, and there are some bad guys that are thoroughly evil that he will refuse application.
  • As a God proud of his Korean lineage, Kim also expresses distaste towards Toyotomi Hideyoshi for his nefarious 'Korean Campaign' to his home country. To add up to this, he also easily detects that Hideyoshi is evil, thus he is unforgivable!
  • Is known to have a set of nice and shiny teeth. When asked how he attained that, he said that it was because he brushes his teeth with JUSTICE.
  • He considers it an extreme honor to meet a champion of justice in times past, Galford D. Weiler. Surprisingly, Galford has mentioned that Kim's ancestor Hye-Ryen has been doing this whole 'justice' thing alongside him.
  • Also present in the Martial Arts section of the House of Combat!.


    The Basterds 
The Basterds, Gods of Paying Evil Unto Evil
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A bloody baseball bat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: World War II, Heroic Sociopaths, Alternate History, All Germans Are Nazis, Batter Up!, Black and Grey Morality, Cool Guns, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Sociopathic Soldiers, Anti Heroes, Vigilante Execution
  • Domains: War, Europe, Jews, Nazi Killing
  • Allies: The Punisher, Yuri Lowell, The Boys, Garrus Vakarian, Captain America, Lelouch vi Britannia, Hilda, Ange, The Comedian, Night Raid
  • Rivals: Zorro
  • Enemies: Nazis, and every Mook in existence, SCP-542
  • Opposed by: Ryuukishi 07, Red Skull
  • After ascending to the Pantheon from one final suicide mission, The Basterds have taken it upon themselves to bring war on the Mooks who work for the supervillains, regardless of whether they are Complete Monsters or Punch Clock Villains, by using the most brutal, violent, and horrible methods imaginable. While they perform the majority of their operations in the House of Heroes and Villains and House of Justice, they have been known to infiltrate other Houses and have even ventured outside the walls of the Pantheon.
  • They are universally despised by all villains, and are virtually on every "kill on sight" list. Most heroes consider them dangerous and fanatical vigilantes, but are often hesitant to act against them. The Punisher is one of their staunchest allies, while Captain America is torn between the fact they are fellow World War II veterans yet resort to such brutal means to fight evil (as well as the fact that one of them happens to be a particularly bloodthirsty former Nazi). Garrus Vakarian likes their style and is the only non-human to become an offical member of the group.
  • Hilda is another fan of the Basterds, especially Shoshana, for burning down the theatre the Nazis were all congregated inside at the end of the film, as she relates to being part of a hated minority and, albeit for different reasons, losing what family she had. Several of her Norma comrades were mass executed in a genocide attempt by the Mana soldiers that included many of them getting torched to death, and she wouldn't mind paying them back if given the chance. Ange, her best friend, did the deed instead, annihilating the entire fleet and nearly killing the one responsible for the massacre (not to mention outing her as a Norma and exiled to serve as Cannon Fodder, having their royal parents killed and seizing the throne), her emperor brother.
  • They are not related to those who killed Kenny. In their words, those who do are not 'Basterds' but 'Bastards'.
  • Decided to blow off some steam in the Pantheon Fight Club started by Tyler Durden. This made for a bizarre moment as Lt. Aldo Raine and Durden saw each other, got weirded out, and then Durden became a thinner guy with black hair who some deities in attendance mistook for Will Graham.


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