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Greater Gods

    Asa Martin/Samaritan 
Asa Martin, God of Guilt-Induced Non-Stop Heroism (Samaritan, Big Red)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The symbol on his chest
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Guilt-Induced Non-Stop Heroism, A Friend in Need, All-Loving Hero, The Cape, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Time Traveler from the Future (which has since been erased), Flying Brick, Heroic Self-Deprecation, Hope Bringer, Humble Hero, Married to the Job, Superman Substitute, Can manipulate an "Empyrean field" to repulse things away from himself, Can travel through different dimensions
  • Domain(s): Heroism, Energy, Time Travel
  • Allies: Superman, Batman, Captain America, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, All Might, Metro Man, Spider-Man, Saitama, Tatsumaki, Fubuki, Shirou Emiya, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Akira Kenjou/Cure Chocolat, The Doctor, The Pantheonic Time Police, Ace, Emmett L. Brown, Marty McFly, Rintarou Okabe, All heroes in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse, Regime Superman, The Plutonian, Black Noir, The Dahaka, Reverse-Flash, Darkseid, Fused Zamasu
  • Pities: Homelander
  • The man named Samaritan came from the 35th century in a world where the earth was dying and humanity faced extinction. To save the planet, that time's scientists came up with a plan: time travel, sending someone back in time to a specific event and change it to prevent the future. After getting chosen for the mission and saying goodbye to his family, he was put into a time machine that sent him into the time stream. However, he was caught up in empyrean fire, the strands of energy that make up time itself, which changed him forever. Crash-landing near Astro City in late 1985, he spent the remainder of the year learning to master the empyrean forces which had suffused his body, and to alter it to change back to a more normal appearance. Desperately working to control his powers, he barely succeeded in time to prevent the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, the event he has been sent to amend. Upon placing the Challenger on the ground and getting besieged by the media for details on himself, he merely said that he was "a good samaritan".
    • Eventually deciding that he could do a lot of good with his powers, he added a cape to his outfit and the name "Samaritan" ended up sticking. His heroic debut is regarded as the end of the "Dark Age" that had weighed down on America and its super-heroes for more than a decade. Using his Zyxometer, a living bio-computer shaped like a diamond with tentacles, Samaritan created a civilian identity for himself as "Asa Martin" (an anagram of "Samaritan"), a fact-checker for Current, a news magazine based in Astro City. With the quiet his job afforded, Martin programmed the Zyxometer to do his daily duties at Current, enabling Samaritan to simultaneously continue performing his heroics and protecting the people. However, this also caused Asa to appear to his colleagues as standoffish. He used to avoid making public appearances and accepting awards, because those were seconds that could have been used rescuing people. But he started getting a bad reputation for 'snubbing' people, so he started making the time. The plaques and trophies given to him at these events end up in an alternate dimension, nicknamed "the Closet", that he can access.
    • When he went on a time traveling mission back to his home future, he discovered that saving the Challenger changed the timeline (as planned), turning the barren wastelands he came from into a prosperous near-utopia. However, this also resulted in a paradoxical future in which he and his family never existed, thus leaving him with no home to ever conceivably return to.
  • Samaritan's ascension into the Pantheon actually went unnoticed for a while, as the chaotic nature of the place resulted in him immediately springing into action. He flew from crisis to crisis at super speed, saving numerous people in the nick of time, although many of them initially mistook him for Superman. When he finally slowed down enough to formally introduce himself, he was warmly received by the GUAG as a whole and Superman in particular, who was happy to have another kindred spirit within the Pantheon.
  • Due to being constantly active, Samaritan tends to be unavailable for large periods of time. In order to compensate for this, he frequently coordinates with Cosmos, Batman and Captain America in order to increase his effiency and be present for important battles.
  • He gets along very well with fellow heroes All Might and Metro Man. The latter in particular sympathises with his lack of free time due to his constant heroism. When questioned on why he doesn't just quit or at least take a break once in a while, Samaritan explained that he genuinely likes saving people and would constantly feel guilty if he ever tried to stop.
  • He quickly became friends with Spider-Man, who has gone through periods of time in which he similarly spent nearly all of his time fighting crime in New York. Samaritan strongly respects him for his sense of responsibility, especially given his comparatively more modest power set.
  • He's also on good terms with Saitama, Tatsumaki and Fubuki. He somewhat sympathises with Saitama's lack of satisfaction due to being too powerful, but thinks that he should focus more on trying to save people rather than on searching for strong opponents. Tatsumaki and Fubuki have favorably compared him to BLAST, their world's highest ranked S-Class Hero, who is similarly often absent due to being either too busy or shy.
  • The Sentry has a Samaritan Syndrome, but can't prioritize where his help is needed the most and thus often falls into despair. It's a struggle that the Samaritan can relate to, however he is more heroic than the Sentry and feels he needs some work with his attitude. The Sentry respects him for keeping it together better than himself. The two working together also helps them aid more people.
  • Samaritan relates a lot with Shirou Emiya, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO and Akira Kenjou/Cure Chocolat, each of whom spend a lot of time helping others either out of guilt (for the former two) or a sense of obligation (for the latter). The three can tell that even Samaritan is pushing himself too far so much so that even Akira is concerned, reminded of her own woes when she helped her loved ones and neighbours to the point of fatigue. Samaritan appreciates their concerns but feels that he doesn't deserve the break times that the three are determined to give him.
  • Being a time traveler, he gets along quite well with the Doctor and the Pantheonic Time Police as a whole. Due to his exposure to empyrean fire, he's immune to changes in the timeline. As a result, he's occasionally helped out Ace and the rest of Time Patrol to help correct distorted history.
  • Having originally arrived in the year 1985, Samaritan gets along with Emmett Brown and Marty McFly, both of whom have dealt with time travel and having to correct history. His ability to retain his memory regardless of any changes to the timeline also caught the interest Rintarou Okabe, who expressed a strong respect for Samaritan's continued willingness to help people after his timeline and everyone he ever knew were erased.
  • Unsurprisingly, he opposes Lex Luthor and Lord Recluse, both of whom were annoyed to learn that a superhero similar to their respective arch-enemies had ascended. Being on somewhat amicable terms with his own arch-enemy, Infidel, Samaritan has repeatedly tried to get both of them to stand down and settle things peacefully, although they've both continuously rebuffed his efforts.
  • Samaritan has frequently clashed with tyrannical superhumans such as Regime Superman, The Plutonian and Black Noir. While he sympathises with Regime Superman due to the trauma he's suffered and his ostensibly good intentions, whereas he considers to the Plutonian and Black Noir to be outright monsters, thus he tends prioritise fighting them whenever they start terrorizing people. Samaritan also pities Homelander due to how he was gaslighted into becoming evil and frequently encourages him to try and redeem himself.
  • His paradoxical nature and immunity to changes in the timeline resulted in him becoming enemies with the Dahaka and the Reverse-Flash. The Dahaka frequently pursues him in order to erase him from existence, but Samaritan is able to easily avoid him due to being much faster and stronger, having even managed to fight off the Dahaka on several occasions. Meanwhile, the Reverse-Flash outright hates him due to being unable to erase Samaritan and how he is able to easily stop Thawn whenever he tries to change the timeline.
  • He also frequently battles against Darkseid and Fused Zamasu. The former dislikes him for his resemblance to Superman and views as yet another nuisance he has to contend with. On the other hand, Fused Zamasu hates him for being a time traveler, which he considers to be a taboo that only gods should be allowed to do.
  • "I can't save everybody, people die even while I'm saving lives here, but I can still do what I can."

Intermediate Gods

    Sol Badguy 
Frederick Bulsara, God of Atonement (Sol Badguy, The Guilty Gear, The Flame of Corruption, Sol Goodman)

Lesser Gods

    Harry Mason 
Harrold "Harry" Mason, God of Determination To Find One's Loved Ones (Harold, the Hermit)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pipe and his brown jacket
  • Theme Song: Silent Hill
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Traversed Silent Hill to find his daughter, Action Survivor, Determinator, Badass Bookworm, Badass Normal, Badass Unintentional, Papa Wolf, Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome
  • Domain(s): Searches for Loved Ones, Determination
  • High Priest: Rose Da Silva
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, 456 Ambassador, The Gatherers
  • An ordinary non-fiction writer, Harry Mason lost his wife Jodie early in their marriage and devoted his life to raising his adopted daughter Cheryl. While driving to Silent Hill, Harry swerved to avoid a girl standing in the road and crashed his car. When he regained consciousness, Harry found that his short, black-haired recently turned seven years old daughter had gone missing. Making his way through Silent Hill, uncovering the town's secrets and fighting against various monsters and the Order, the town's cult, Harry eventually escaped Silent Hill with his life and with a baby created from Alessa and Cheryl's re-merged souls, whom he renamed Heather. However, 17 years after escaping from Silent Hill, Harry was killed in his home by a monster sent by the Order in revenge for having previously foiled their plans. Heather would later avenge his death and give him a proper burial.
  • Harry originally ascended into the pantheon as a follower of James Sunderland, which he did in order to have his back in case anything happened. When the gods learned of how Harry's courage and determination to find his daughter allowed him to triumph over the horrors of Silent Hill, they deemed him worthy of becoming a god within the pantheon.
  • The first thing Harry did after ascending was visit Heather, and the two embraced in a tearful reunion. Harry couldn't hold back how proud he was of Heather standing up against the Order
  • After spending some time thinking about it, Harry chose to appoint Rose Da Silva as his High Priestess. The fact that she was his Distaff Counterpart from an alternate reality convinced him that she was the ideal choice. After getting over her initial confusion caused by the fact that her husband, Christopher, had used the name "Harry Mason" as an alias, Rose gladly accepted the position.
  • Harry frequently hangs out with the Redfield siblings and Leon Kennedy, having bonded over their shared experiences of having survived horrific environments and monsters. They even offered to properly train Harry in how to use firearms in order to improve his poor aim.
  • He gets along well with Pegasus Seiya due to the latter's resolve to protect his friends and find his sister. However, Harry was quick to chastise him for losing track of his motivation and not finding his sister sooner.
  • Being a fan of detective/mystery novels, Harry enjoys spending time with Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, frequently asking to accompany them on their cases. He was glad to find an entire sub-house of detectives and has been eager to learn more about their adventures.
  • He generally avoids the House of Extraterrestrials due to having learned of an alternate universe in which he had been abducted by aliens. Although the existence of at least one timeline in which the aliens had helped him obliterate Silent Hill has made him somewhat more accepting of at least occassionally visiting it.
  • Glimpsed into a alternate realm where he went to go find Cheryl only to learn that in truth, he was dead and the entire exercise was Cheryl's imagination trying to make Harry seem like this knight who went off to find her. There, he saw that his past had four different variations — he was either a womanizer, an alcoholic, was abused by his wife or divorced her on equal terms. While Harry doesn't know what to think of this, he did confront Heather about it later and told her no matter what the past was like, he's here now and he always loves her.

    Leverage Consulting & Associates 
"Alright, let's go steal a profile."

Leverage Consulting & Associatesmembers , the Godly Crew of Feeling Good Doing the Right Thing and Justified Capers (Leverage International, Nathan: The Mastermind, The Brains, Nate, Sophie: The Grifter, Katherine, Alice, Karen, Michelle, Elizabeth, Lara Devereaux, Eliot: The Hitter, Alec: The Hacker, Hardison, Parker: The Thief, The Mastermind)

    Minsc and Boo 
Minsc and Boo, Gods of Evil-Butt-Kicking For Justice (The Stone Lord)


    Mike Powell 
"You have been assigned a mission few would qualify for. A mission few would survive."

Lt. Mike Powell, Patron Saint of Lone Rangers Tasked With Big Missions (Powell, Blue Fox)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The US Army Rangers patch, his Silenced HDM pistol, his Springfield Sniper Rifle, and his Thompson submachine gun
  • Themes: Allied Assault - Main Theme, Aircraft Facility, and Rangers Lead The Way
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A US Army Ranger who is tasked with seemingly impossible missions, Has wielded more than a few powerful automatic rifles, notably the BAR and STG44, Absolutely determined to finish his missions and get the hell out of dodge alive, Can dress and pose as a German officer seamlessly, Being from and serving elite Allied units like the Rangers and OSS, Can gun down hundreds of German soldiers and even take out a battalion of German tanks singlehandedly, Can carry enough firepower capable of taking on entire battalions of German troops
  • Domains: US Army, Soldiers, Rangers, OSS, Operatives
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • A US Army Ranger originally assigned to the 1st and later 2nd Ranger Battalions, Lt. Mike Powell was notable amongst his fellow Rangers for not only surviving seemingly impossible odds where his squadmates are killed in action, but also being determined to accomplish his current mission at any and all costs. This just so happened to be exactly what transpired during his first mission, in Operation Torch in November 1942, when his entire squad, including his commanding officer Lt. Richards, were killed by the German Afrika Korps just outside Arzew, Algeria.
    • Born in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, on May 5, 1916, Mike Powell prior to the start of World War II managed to finish a degree in military history and languages at West Point. Immediately, Powell was assigned to the 34th Infantry Division. Here, his exceptional marksmanship and leadership skills were noted, which eventually earned him a promotion to 1st Lieutenant. When the US officially joined the war following the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Powell volunteered to join the 1st Ranger Battalion, where he was accepted and assigned to upon the unit's activation in mid-1942.
    • Despite his first mission initially suffering from a number of setbacks, Powell was able to successfully rescue Major Jack Grillo, an SAS agent who had been captured by the Afrika Korps, and the VIP that the Rangers were after. With Grillo's help, Powell wreaked havoc on German tank and supply depots, a Luftwaffe airfield, a German radar station, and captured an important lighthouse that would be used to signal the Allied invasion fleet. It was because of Powell's lone accomplishments that Major Grillo recommended Lt. Mike Powell to undertake missions for the OSS, an organization whose members regularly operated while Trapped Behind Enemy Lines.
  • During his first mission as part of the OSS, in this case to a German U-boat pen near Trondheim, Norway, once again Powell's mission went horribly wrong, with his contact Major Grillo killed by a German sniper. Once again, however, despite this major loss, Powell continued on, stole several Kriegsmarine documents on the Naxos radar detector, successfully disguising himself as a German officer, and destroying both the first Naxos prototype and the U-529, a U-boat which housed a second test unit. And, once again, Powell manages to escape alive, with help from both the Norwegian Resistance and members of the 1st Ranger Battalion.
  • The Lieutenant's most famous mission, arguably, would be the Omaha Beach landings on D-Day, June 6th, 1944. Reassigned to the newly-formed 2nd Ranger Battalion, Powell and his unit would land at Charlie Sector of Omaha Beach, which was heavily defended, complete with several machine gun positions and heavy artillery present. With most of his unit either dead on the beach or severely wounded nearby, Powell was ordered by his immediate superior, a Ranger Captain, to finish their mission of clearing the German coastal defenses alone. Fortunately for Powell, he was able to accomplish this with little issue, catching the Germans by surprise, massacring them in turn, and taking out all machine gun positions. With the Rangers and 29th Infantry Division having suffered heavy casualties, Powell was ordered to help Capt. Ramsey of Able Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, take out German artillery positions south of Omaha Beach. With help from scattered units of the 101st Airborne and air support from a P-47 Thunderbolt, Powell was able to destroy two 88mm Flak guns, a 20mm Anti-Air gun, four Nebelwerfer rocket artillery launchers, a Tiger tank, a Half-Track, and a few hundred or so Waffen-SS soldiers.
  • With Omaha Beach and the bocage surrounding it and Carentan secured, Powell was recalled back into OSS service to help the French Resistance sabotage the German defenses around Normandy, as well as to find out the details about the brand-new King Tiger Heavy Tank, the successor of the already formidable Tiger I. Compared to previous missions, Powell would be doing this alone from the start, save for being driven between and out of locations by the Resistance members. During the first half of this mission, which involved diverting German attention away from one of their field headquarters (a heavily defended mansion), Powell would blow up a platoon of parked Tiger tanks as well as a German-held train station along with a supply train. The second half of this mission would have Powell infiltrate the aforementioned German HQ, steal a number of vital German documents including a King Tiger Tank manual, send a false communication requesting for German weapons (that the Resistance would intercept and capture for themselves), and even destroy two parked King Tiger tanks with the Germans' own satchel charges.
  • Thanks to the captured King Tiger tank manual, the OSS was able to train a veteran American tank crew to man the tank, main gun, driver's seat and all. Powell would then be given a special mission by the OSS in support of the Allied advance to the French port of Brest, which would involve him and the Allied King Tiger Crew to move through the heavily defended French town of Landenau, steal a working King Tiger tank from a German tank crew, and drive it to an important bridge near Brest. Despite heavy resistance from German snipers and tanks, Powell was able to get Sergeant Hammond, Engineer Campbell, and Medic Glenn of the 6th Armored Division safely to the town hall, where the King Tiger was found. Together, they advanced from Landenau to Brest, encountering stiff German resistance in the form of Panzer IV tanks, Tiger I Heavy tanks, 88mm Flak guns, and dozens of German infantrymen. Near Brest, Powell had to accomplish the most difficult portion of the mission: to prevent the bridge from being destroyed by the Germans, then cover the commandeered King Tiger tank from a counterattack by a German heavy tank battalion and their mechanized infantry support. Fortunately for Powell and the tank crew, this time they had help from Allied air support and artillery, who promptly took care of the Tiger tanks (plus one King Tiger tank) that were obliterating their positions.
  • Powell's final mission in Europe would see him finally assigned back to the 2nd Ranger Battalion, with them operating alongside the OSS. Despite Lt. Jimmy Patterson's successful destruction of Fort Schmerzen in November 1944, Col. Muller, the fort's commander, was able to reconstruct and restore the fort to operational status. And additionally, alongside the reconstructed mustard gas production facility in the basement, the fort was now also being used to hold Allied prisoners-of-war, either as a stopping point for POW camps, or worse, as forced labor or test subjects for the gas. Much like his previous missions, Powell's contributions would be vital for the plan to succeed, as he would weaken the fort's defenses before the planned raid. These included: destroying Anti-Air defenses near the fort, stealing an STG44 Assault Rifle from an underground facility and destroying a shipment of these new rifles, killing off the fort's entire comms network, and securing a heavily guarded German train station and commandeering a German train as a Trojan Horse to get the Ranger task force into the fort. Once again, this mission was a resounding success, with the Rangers suffering minimal casualties (around 6 men), rescuing all Allied prisoners unharmed, and finally ending with Powell blowing Fort Schmerzen sky high and escaping its destruction. Lt. Mike Powell's tour in Europe would end here, in January 1945, with Powell himself surviving the war.
    • For his actions in the North African and European Theaters as part of the 1st Ranger Battalion, Office of Strategic Services, and 2nd Ranger Battalion, Powell would receive: (1) the Legion of Merit (for North Africa), (2) the Norwegian War Cross with Sword (for Norway), (3) the American Campaign Medal (for his actions at Omaha Beach and near Vierville), (4) the Good Conduct Medal (for destroying two parked King Tiger tanks while infiltrating a German field HQ in Normandy), (5) the Distinguished Service Medal (for safely escorting the full Allied King Tiger Crew at Landenau), (6) the Army Commendation Medal (for keeping Ranger casualties at a minimum during the raid on Fort Schmerzen), and (7), (8), and (9) the Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Distinguished Service Cross (for his entire tour of the European Theater of World War II).
  • With an impressive service record like this for one man, it was only a matter of time until Lt. Mike Powell attracted the attention of the deities of the Pantheon. Powell wouldn't have to wait long for his chance. Following Johann Schmidt's and HYDRA's overthrow of Downfall-verse Adolf Hitler from the Pantheon, Schmidt hijacked the entire Nazi German war effort currently residing there. He would then make tremendous efforts to ascend personnel who would be loyal or sympathetic to his cause, the cause in question being to take over the Pantheon and placing it under Axis control. Thus far, Schmidt's efforts have been successful, with German Army, Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine units fully ascended and ready for battle. Alongside these units, several related locations would also ascend into the Pantheon as Dominions, with notable examples including Omaha Beach, Fort Schmerzen, and even a few cities from the war such as London and even a war-torn version of Berlin. Thanks in part to the incessant German attacks on various locations throughout the Pantheon, as well as the fact that the Nazis have since sprung up a number of their own Temples as major headquarters and heavily-guarded bases, someone with expertise in both frontline combat and irregular warfare would be needed.
  • Thanks to these circumstances, President Franklin D. Roosevelt would select Lt. Mike Powell for ascension into the Pantheon, specifically by sending the Lieutenant a letter notifying him of his new assignment, as well as the current strategic situation on hand in this new and unfamiliar place. Powell himself would end up accepting this new assignment of his, especially after hearing that Fort Schmerzen, which had to be taken down twice, was in the Pantheon and fully restored to operational status. His first combat deployment in the Pantheon, however, would be at Omaha Beach, whose beach defenses have since been restored and reinforced by newly-arrived German Heer Infanterie units. Not only that, but the inland defenses have also been reinforced as well, in this case by Waffen-SS units supported by German tanks and assault guns, as well as dug-in gun emplacements.
    • Supported by Charlie Company of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, as well as Pvt. Robert Zussman of the 1st Infantry Division, Powell and his new allies managed to successfully create an opening in the German coastal defenses. Charlie Company provided the Lieutenant with vital support, giving him a distraction needed to infiltrate a German bunker overlooking the beach. Whilst Charlie Company once again cleared the beach's trenches and outer networks while Zussman helped destroy German artillery guns near the beach, Powell once again cleared a German bunker and their entrenched defenders singlehandedly, even helping Charlie Company finish off a platoon of retreating German infantry.
    • Further inland, Powell and Charlie Company, now aided by Lt. Karl Fairburne and elements of the 101st Airborne Division, specifically Sgt. Jack Barnes, Staff Sergeant Matthew Baker, Staff Sergeant Joseph Hartsock, Pfc. Gary Jasper, and Pfc. Timothy Connor, and even a few men from Easy Company, manage to take out several 88mm Flak gun positions and German armored vehicles in the bocage, either by blowing them up with bazookas or Satchel Charges, or by calling in friendly air support in the form of the Battlehawks, whose P-38 Lightnings, P-51 Mustangs, and DeHavilland Mosquitos rain death and destruction on German-held towns and French roads. Ultimately, Powell's mission to help secure Omaha Beach, at least for the time being, is a resounding success, with the Germans forced into retreat and the beach itself once again being used to land in much-needed reinforcements and supplies. Easy Company's men, particularly Major Dick Winters and Capt. Ronald Speirs, thanked the Lieutenant for his help, even providing Powell with vital German intel in the form of maps showing important German artillery positions throughout Normandy.
  • Impressed by Powell's first combat assignment in the Pantheon, Fairburne offers the US Ranger to join him, Sgt. Barnes, and Captain William J. Blazkowicz in performing sabotage missions deep behind German lines, specifically the sabotage of Operation Kraken, a joint German-Japanese plan to attack Allied-occupied sections of the Pantheon with submarine-launched V2 rockets. Powell is specifically selected to act as Fairburne's Target Spotter slash backup sniper for this mission, due to his prior experience in operating stealthily behind German lines, infiltrating U-boat pens, and storming heavily guarded compounds. Much like his previous missions in Normandy back in his world, Powell, with help from his new allies, manage to sneak into German U-boat pen, destroy a Kraken-modified U-boat intended to transport advanced weapon components to Imperial Japanese Naval bases in other parts of the Pantheon, retrieve important German battle plans and intelligence, and even bomb a few parked Panzer IV, Sturmgeschutz III, and Tiger I Heavy tanks intended for a planned counterattack on Omaha Beach.
    • It was also during these missions in Normandy that Powell would meet The Basterds, who just so happen to be from the OSS like him. Unlike Powell, who is a Stealth Expert, the Basterds like to do their missions the loud way, massacring any Germans they come across and killing them in the most brutal ways. Despite their differences in approach, Powell comes to respect Lt. Aldo Raine and his men, especially after hearing that two of their number were actually able to kill Adolf Hitler and the Nazi high command, ending their World War II much earlier.
  • Some time following their latest mission in Nazi-occupied France, Powell is informed by Barnes regarding a newly-ascended deity by the name of Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, a name mentioned a few times in the documents they retrieved from one of the Kraken compounds. Berkman's ascension, according to the captured German intel, was arranged by Schmidt and Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, the two highest-ranking Nazi commanders in the Pantheon, and has been making rounds in various Temples, Halls, and Houses, specifically those relating to cloning and mages, with witches having the most focus. Of particular interest is Berkman's interactions with one Tanya von Degurechaff, who hails from a universe very similar to Berkman's, in this case involving both a Kaiserreich and the use of witches and magic.
    • In addition, documents intercepted by both Fairburne and Barnes from German officers they've both killed and looted from mention a recurring name: "Weisshexe". Assuming that this is yet another Nazi wonderweapons project being brought into the Pantheon, Fairburne, Barnes, and Powell decide to investigate this lead further, by infiltrating a mysterious underground facility, a former V2 rocket production facility, near War-Torn Berlin. For this mission, Powell would be tasked as an inside man due to his prior experience in similar deep-cover missions. In this case, Powell would be disguising himself as a Waffen Storm Leader, a high-ranking Waffen-SS officer often seen leading other Waffen-SS units, and also serve as Praetorian Guard units for high-ranking Nazis such as Rudolf von Sturmgeist.
    • With Fairburne providing sniper support from outside and Barnes diverting the attention of German forces away from the facility, Powell successfully infiltrates the Elaborate Underground Base, stealing a Waffen Storm Leader's uniform and identification papers in the process. Quietly making his way through and presenting his papers to any German sentry who asks for them, Powell makes his way deeper into the facility, quietly killing any German officers who become suspicious of him and stealing their higher level identification papers in turn. As he heads into the deepest section, he notices several vaults containing human bodies suspended in a yellowish green liquid. This immediately arouses the Lieutenant's suspicions, as none of the German wonderweapons he's dealt with prior had anything to do with human experimentation.
    • As he makes it into the laboratory on the lowest level, the Lieutenant could not have been more shocked. "Weisshexe" was never about creating a conventional wonderweapon like a missile or fighter aircraft. but was instead the Nazis artificially ascending a new deity into the Pantheon via cloning experiments, in this a literal white witch from an alternate world. One who was rather sympathetic to the Nazis' views and desires to conquer or destroy those that opposed them. And her name...was Sophie. Managing to witness her revival and ascension from within the lab, Powell notices Berkman giving the young woman two vials, a red one containing blood of some sort which causes her to awaken and ask the Lt. Colonel where she is, and a blue one, which is instead injected into her right arm, which causes her some minor discomfort, before she easily breaks free from her steel restraints as if they were made of paper.
    • Realizing the threat that this new potential Super-Soldier could pose, Powell decides to act quickly, stealing any vital documents he can find, secretly taking photos of the witch's revival using a spy camera, planting remote-detonated explosives near one of the lab's large glass vats so as to provide a distraction, and finally, stealing an STG44 assault rifle from the lab's armories. Making his move, Powell detonates the explosive charges, opens fire on the nearest German sentries and scientists near him, and begins running like hell out of the facility. Unsure if he's actually managed to destroy the lab and steal all of their research notes, Powell nonetheless manages to escape back to the surface unscathed and link up with Fairburne, the latter managing to take out the sentries on the outside as well as any German reinforcments attempting to block off their escape.
    • Whilst this mission ends on a mixed note, with Sophie surviving the attempt on her life, wreaking havoc on the Allies on the rest of the Pantheon, bombing London with Hexenium-powered V1 Flying Bombs, and even leading an invasion of the Dominion of the Principality of Eylstadt, Powell's actions would not be unnoticed by other deities. Seeing his one-man Assassination Attempt that could very well have killed several HYDRA officers including Schmidt himself, Captain Steve Rogers takes an interest in the Lieutenant, asking him to help stop the threat that Sophie and her new handlers pose. Thanks to the documents that Powell had stolen, which covered Sophie's history in her world, as well as the wonderweapons that were derived from Hexenium, the magical energy a witch like her could crystallize, the Allies at the very least knew what they were dealing with. This would eventually lead to Rogers to arrange for Izetta, Sophie's Arch-Enemy, to be ascended in the Pantheon to stop or at least neutralize the threat that she posed. Powell himself would play a big part in this, assisting Rogers in rescuing the newly ascended witch from Nazi captivity. Specifically, this involved assisting both Rogers and Sgt. James Buchanan Barnes in raiding Schmidt's Schnellzug EB 912, where Rudolf von Sturmgeist was guarding an unconscious Izetta for transport to Berlin. Powell would end up killing several Waffen Storm Leaders and Waffen Officers that were backing up the Hauptsturmfuhrer.
  • With Powell's reputation as a skilled soldier and OSS agent now established in the Pantheon, he would once again be tasked with taking several more missions by other deities, most notably from Nicholas J. Fury. Fury, one of the biggest thorns on HYDRA's side, has been keeping tabs on several of the latter's allies, with Dr. Rene Belloq, a French archaeologist and Nazi collaborator, being a priority target due to his research and retrieval of ancient artifacts with the potential to win the war in the Axis Powers' favor. With help from the aforementioned Lt. Karl Fairburne as well as other deities like Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., Powell is once again deployed to the North African Theater of war, where he ends up clashing against Belloq, now aided by the likes of General Franz Vahlen, the Schutzvollstrecker unit, and the Italian Army's Paracadutisti soldiers.
  • When not in combat, Powell can often be seen supervising and practicing an advanced field training course, involving learning how to move in combat, use a Satchel Charge against German tanks, and fire various weapons ranging from handguns and submachine guns to a Springfield Sniper Rifle, and even grenade practice. During these non-combat missions, he often assists Captain Herbert Sobel, an officer who specializes in drilling recruits, with Powell serving as field instructor during the firing range component of the course.
    • Thanks to his experience in destroying German tanks on a semi-regular basis, Powell has been making friends with quite a few deities associated with WWII-era tanks, both on the Allied side and non-aligned. This was how Powell got to become close friends with the crew of Fury, whom the Lieutenant had met prior near Omaha Beach when they and the rest of their Sherman tank platoon linked up with Powell and Charlie and Dog Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. "Wardaddy" Collier in particular was happy to hear that Powell had taken out several Tiger I tanks already, both in his home universe and in the Pantheon, as the American tank commander admitted that the German heavy tank was a pain to deal with, no thanks to his own personal experiences in Germany in 1945.
    • Of particular note is his Intergenerational Friendship with the Oarai Girls' Academy Anglerfish Team and one of their rivals, Maho Nishizumi. Whilst they, Yukari Akiyama in particular, were able to impress Powell by knowing the ins and outs of the very German tanks that he's fought against in both his world and the Pantheon, Powell narrated to them his personal accounts of when he clashed with German tanks in both North Africa and France. Of all these stories, they especially loved it when Powell told them about his missions relating to the King Tiger tank, due to the fact that the Lieutenant not only got to capture and read an actual King Tiger tank training manual, but even got to actually get inside and actually crew a working example, which he drove across the French countryside and took out several other German tanks with.
  • Much like Charlie Company, Easy Company, Indiana Jones, and, by extension, his fellow Allied deities from the Medal Of Honor universe, Lt. Mike Powell is another creation of famed American director Steven Spielberg. Powell's ascension was, in fact, partly arranged by Spielberg (who personally recommended Powell to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in fact) to help combat the threat that Schmidt and his fellow Nazis posed to the Pantheon. In fact, several of Spielberg's indirect creations from the aforementioned universe, in the form of the Waffen Infantry, Waffen Officers, Waffen Storm Leaders, and Nazi Storm Elites, were ascended via Schmidt's and Deathshead's machinations, and were being used by them and other high-ranking Nazis as footsoldiers in their attempts to conquer other Houses. In a sense, Spielberg's ascension of Powell, alongside his fellow Allied soldiers, is Spielberg's way of preventing further damage.

"At the turning point of World War II, across a 50-mile stretch of France's Normandy coast, the Allies staged a massive assault against Hitler's vaunted Atlantic Wall. Valor, Duty, Leadership, Sacrifice. Can one man truly make a difference?"


    The Blues Brothers 
The Blues Brothers, Members  Gods of Missions from Higher Powers
From left to right: Elwood and Jake
  • Quasideities (Demigods when the Lord is on their side)
  • Symbol: A silhouetted drawing of themselves
  • Themes: "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love", "Sweet Home Chicago"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good leanings where their orphanage is concerned)
  • Portfolio: Went on a mission from God to save their orphanage, Bash Brothers, Always in their distinct black suits, Impervious to bullets, explosives and car crashes, The Comically Serious, Always wearing their glasses, Bonded in the orphanage and adopted each other, caused a million dollars worth of damages in their quest, Big eaters, Drives Like Crazy, Crazy-Prepared, drives the Bluesmobile
  • Domains: Music, Criminals, Divine, Heroics, Orphans
  • Heralds: Curtis (their mentor) and The Band (Steve "the Colonel" Cropper – lead guitar, Donald "Duck" Dunn – bass guitar, Murphy Dunne ("Murph") - keyboards, Willie "Too Big" Hall – drums, Tom "Bones" Malone – trombone, "Blue Lou" Marini – saxophone, Matt "Guitar" Murphy – lead guitar, "Mr. Fabulous" Alan Rubin – trumpet)
  • Allies: Kermit the Frog, The Three Stooges, Brook, Sergey Stepanov/Epic Sax Guy, Amigo, Elite Beat Agents, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish, Erica Fontaine, The Nostalgia Critic, Raphael/Phantom R
  • Enemies: I-No, Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, Wilhelm Strasse, Millennium & Adenoid Hynkel, Eric Cartman
  • Wary Around: Leia Skywalker
  • Opposed By: House of Law and Justice
  • The Blues Brothers are a Blues and Soul revivalist band that debuted in 1978 as guests on Saturday Night Live. Consisting of veteran R&B musicians, the band was fronted by the titular brothers themselves; Jake and Elwood Blues. Jake performed as lead vocalist while Elwood provided backup as either vocalist or playing the harmonica. Not long after debuting though, Jake ended up in prison and the band disbanded but when he was released, having served three years in a five year sentence, he and Elwood returned to the orphanage they grew up in to learn it would be closed down if they didn't pay their $5000 property tax at the end of the month. The brothers then went to a church to figure out how to get the money needed, where a divine light shined down upon Jake, giving him the answer they needed. They needed to get the band back together and perform a concert to get the money for the orphanage. And so the journey began, with Jake and Elwood travelling about to get their band members back together for the show... all the while avoiding Neo-Nazis, an angry country band, a mysterious homicidal woman - who turned out to be Jake's ex-fiancee - and the entire Illinois Police Department. But they weren't alone. All along the way, several miraculous events happened in the boys favour, including surviving explosions, point-blank gunfire, rocket launchers fired at them, and even having their car perform some incredible feats. But all that dissipated when the two finally completed their quest and received the receipt for the tax payment.
  • While in prison, the brothers received an invitation from one Kermit the Frog, who asked them to perform as guest stars for the Pantheon's Muppet Show, to which they accepted. Unfortunately, Elwood's drivers licence was still suspended and soon a massive manhunt was underway. Every member of the House of Justice were in hot pursuit of the duo, trying to be the first to apprehend them considering their notorious reputation. They managed to evade capture and perform several songs for the expecting audience... only to be arrested shortly after. Turned out the officers were all in attendance, and came prepared. Before they could send them away though, Kermit revealed he had spoken to the Court of the Gods prior to the concert, granting them a temple and position in the Pantheon. The Blues Brothers were now gods... and the police were not the least bit happy about it. In addition, they were also joined by their old mentor Curtis, who actually served as pre-show entertainment with his rendition of Cab Calloway's Minnie The Moocher.
  • Their temple leads to two locations; the first is Elwood's flophouse apartment in Chicago. A rundown, dilapidated place located right beside the transit system. They don't visit it much anymore, considering it was blown up by Jake's fiancee. The other place they can travel to is St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage, the place the brothers grew up in and risked their lives to save. There is one catch to going there. They have to endure the wrath of Sister Mary Stigmata, also known as The Penguin. While she was thankful for the boys saving the orphanage, Sister Mary will still scold them for their foul language and the collateral damage they caused.
  • Jake and Elwood didn't ascend alone. Not only did they get Curtis, they also brought the whole band with them, the very same band they worked so hard to bring back together and wound up in prison with. The guys do a double shift; they work like they had back on Earth during the day, but come night, they're partying up a storm with the brothers. Together, the band keep busy in the Houses of Music and Theatre, performing sold out shows every night to wondrous applause. There is one thing the band all agrees upon though. They are not pretending to be "The Good Ol' Boys" anytime soon.
  • The Blues Brothers have garnered a lot of attention from the Pantheon's resident musicians. They've made friends, or at the very least acquaintances, with Brook, Epic Sax Guy, Amigo, and even music legends Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. All of them have partaken in duelling bands in the House of Music, much to the amazement and joy of anyone watching. Sometimes too, they team up to put on shows together. These productions are often even more exciting than the duelling bands scenarios. It has put them at odd with I-No, who tried to sabotage one of their shows on orders from Trollkaiger. They haven't forgotten and they haven't forgiven.
  • Jake and Elwood also attracted the attention of deities who also shared their stylish fashion sense too. In particular, The Elite Beat Agents have shown up to perform some sick beats to the band's music. As does the art thief Phantom R, who sometimes just goes to their concerts in his civilian disguise of Raphael. The brothers don't recognize him out of costume, but still welcome him all the same.
  • Their tendency for destruction and illegal actions led to the Blues Brothers developing a peculiar friendship with the Three Stooges, who sometimes join them at concerts and whenever they're on the run from the House of Justice. The Stooges often consider themselves Blood Brothers, and seeing as Jake and Elwood forged their longtime friendship in the orphanage, they decided to come along for the ride. As such, the boys have been teaching the three all about blues and soul music.
  • Turns out the Brothers had an adorning fan in the form of the Nostalgia Critic, who not only enjoyed and praised their quest, but also looked into two other timelines involving the duo. For their part, Jake and Elwood were pleased to have someone enjoy their music and comedic antics. Still, they haven't excepted his resume into joining up with the band. They're looking for real musical talent after all.
  • Despite their rough interactions with The Penguin, the boys were hesitant to meet the Pantheon's resident nuns. Luckily for them, the few they managed to bump into were actually more courteous. The nuns and sisters of St. Katherine's Parish appreciated their musical talent and they, along with Erica Fontaine, were happy to hear the boys journey to save the orphanage, even more-so after learning the Lord was on their side. That said however, they don't support the Blues Brothers growing up and becoming common thieves, with filthy mouths and bad attitudes.
  • If there is one thing the Blues Brothers cannot stand, it would probably be Nazis. In their home world, they had to contend with a band of Illinois Nazis, note  and throughly humiliated them at every step, even when those same buffoons tried to kill them. As a result, the brothers have a very low opinion on the Pantheon's resident Nazis and their associates, including Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, Wilhelm Strasse, Millennium & Adenoid Hynkel). The feeling is mutual, as all the aforementioned deities desire to put down the pair and make them suffer.
    • This animosity towards the Nazis has also lead to the Blue Brothers opposing Eric Cartman, who is sympathetic to their cause and has tried on a few occasions to burn down their orphanage. They were not letting that happen, and quickly sent him jumping into a river by driving the Bluesmobile right at him.
  • The boys are hesitant to interact with or even be around Leia Skywalker, not because she's a well respected official in both the Pantheon and her home galaxy, but because she physically resembles Jake's murderous ex-fiancee. Even when they were on their mission, Jake and Elwood had several close encounters with the mystery woman and with Leia's potential Force powers, they don't want to tick her off. For her part, Leia doesn't hate the Blues Brothers, more like doesn't tolerate their reckless behaviour, seeing them as almost like Han Solo back in his smuggling days.
  • Rumour has it, in Ness' home universe, there is a musical group called the Runaway Five, who were, in many ways, similar to the Blues Brothers, even bearing the Japanese name Tonzura or Runaway Brothers. Jake and Elwood took this similarity as mere coincidence, but they were somewhat amused that there were other people emulating their style.
  • Rumours have run rampant through the Pantheon that Jake apparently died while in prison, the orphanage was sold off and Elwood had to track down Curtis' illegitimate son. The boy don't buy into that story, and would rather continue their own shenanigans in the Pantheon instead of try their luck in other timeline.
  • The gods were quick to make an assessment of how much damage the boys and other parties involved cause in their home world. Suffice to say, they were flabbergasted.
  • "They'll never catch us. We're on a mission from God."
  • Also in the Sub-House of Religious Practice.