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As a continuation of the Pantheon split project, two sub-houses were created to give room for the Romance. One is this sub-house, and the other is the Love Interests sub-house.

The Romantic Interest sub-house is a place where one can go and see the many ways individuals can pursue their interests in romance or learn how the dynamics of love operate.

Naturally, any insults to their object of their affections will not end well for the offender.

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Intermediate Gods

Diane, Goddess of Belated Love Epiphanies (Serpent's Sin of Envy, Matrona, Lady Diane, Diana, Giant Queen, Big Cutie)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Serpent's Sin Tattoo
  • Theme Song: The Giants
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Belated Love Epiphany, Action Girl, Amnesiac Lover, Childhood Friend Romance, Cute Bruiser, Can control earth and metal, Can turn into metal, Wields a massive hammer called Gideon, Eternal Love, Giant Woman, Gentle Giant, Girlish Pigtails, Height Angst, Interspecies Romance
  • Domain(s): Giants, Memory Loss, Love, Earth, Metal
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments
  • Complicated Relationship with: The Greek/Roman Gods in general (although Gaea and Vulcan get along with her for the most part)
  • Opposes: Kratos
  • Opposed by: Most pig/boar deities
  • A member of the Giant Clan, Diane ran away at a young age due to her hatred of fighting. One day, Diane found an injured fairy named King lying unconscious on a riverbank and nursed him back to health. Having lost all memories of his past, a grateful King chose to stay with Diane and the two spent 500 years playing together. However, King's memories eventually returned and he erased her memories of him in order to protect her. After returning to the Giant Clan, Diane was trained by Matrona to become the strongest Giant warrior. However, the two were later lured into a ruse by the Knights of Liones, who were looking to gain reputation and prestige for killing Matrona. After being hit by a poisonous arrow that was about to hit Diane, Matrona used the last of her strength to take down the 330 knights. Diane was later captured by the Knights of Liones and was sentenced to capital punishment under the pretense of killing Matrona out of envy, along with the deaths of the 330 other Holy Knights in an attempt to silence all witnesses. However, Diane was saved at the last moment by Meliodas, whom she had met earlier, who gained legal custody over her. Some time after this, Diane officially became a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Diane originally ascended into the pantheon as a follower of William Baker/Sandman. When the gods heard her story about how she regained her memories of King shortly after he left and had lost them again by the time he returned, they strongly sympathized with her ordeal and, with the strong encouragement of Meliodas, decided to ascend her as a goddess.
  • Diane was very happy to be reunited with Meliodas, but also quickly denounced any rumors that she was still in love with him, making it clear that the return of her memories made her realize that her feelings of love had been misdirected towards Meliodas and were actually directed towards King. However, people have noticed that she sometimes inexplicably becomes a lot more clingy and possessive.
  • Diane strongly encourages the Sandman to abandon crime altogether whenever they meet. While he appreciates her efforts to have him embrace his more sympathetic side, his attempts at reforming ultimately never stick.
  • Having faced discrimination for being a Giant in the past, Diane strongly empathizes with Hagrid, who had faced similar discrimination for being a Half-Giant. Having expressed a desire of having children of her own one day, Diane likes to talk to Hagrid about his experiences in order to acquire an understanding of what kind of upbringing he had.
  • Diane gets along well with Wonder Woman, despite the latter having a giant woman, Giganta, as one of her longtime foes. Diane frequently visits her for guidance and counsel, and has also expressed a wish to visit Themyscira.
  • She is quite impressed by Toph's earthbending and metalbending talent and the two share a mutual respect. Diane has occasionally visited Toph in order to take some lessons from her.
  • Diane often hangs out with the Iron Giant, relating to his desire to not be used as a weapon. She finds his peaceful nature and idealism to be very inspiring. She also likes to spend time with Steven Universe, much to his joy, since he's attracted to giant women. She quite enjoys his "Giant Woman" song.
  • Most of the Greek/Roman Gods are rather wary of her, as they had fought a war against giants in the past. The only exceptions are Gaea, who is the mother of her world's giants, and Vulcan, who had been aided by the cyclopes at his forge.
  • Diane opposes Kratos, as he has quite a bit of experience killing foes much larger than himself. Her being on good terms with Gaea doesn't help.
  • Due to her fear of insects, she avoids the House of Insects like the plague. She is also opposed by many of the Pantheon's pigs/boars as her favourite food is pork.
  • Diane has noticed that her voice sometimes sounds like those of Spider-Gwen, Futaba Sakura and Tsuyu Asui, and other times sounds like those of Aladdin, Atsuko "Akko" Kagari and Ryuko Matoi. After getting over the initial weirdness, she managed to successfully befriend all of them.

    Juvia Lockser 
Juvia Lockser, Goddess of Love at First Sight (Juvia of The Deep, Rain Woman, Juvia of the Great Sea)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess if significantly pissed off)
  • Theme Song: Juvia of the Great Sea (battle theme), Aria
  • Symbol: A Gray plushie surrounded by a myriad of Teru Teru Bozu.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Falling in love with Gray with a glance, Dogged Nice Girl, Unleashing hell on those who would harm Gray and subsequently envious of those who would even think of getting near him, Making a Splash, Being able to transform into water, the only one in her unit to turn good, Unconsciously shipping others via her own hallucinations
  • Domains: Love, Water, Anger
  • Allies: Gray Fullbuster, Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gajeel Redfox, Cana Alberona, Gildartz Clive, Wendy Marvell, Touka Kirishima, Nyarko, Mele, Hinata Hyuga
  • One-sided Rivalry With: Lucy Heartfilia (friendly), And Chelia (inverted)
  • Opposes: KISS
  • Enemies: Anyone who would harm Gray (with Esdeath on top of that list), Yuuki Terumi
  • Ascended after hearing about Gray's ascension. She immediately attempted to find her way in the pantheon, insisting that she get a house near Gray. However, the Main House said she was better for the House of Love and she immediately went with it.
    • Some of her first-time followers are a bit taken aback by the large amount of Gray memorabilia in a corner of her temple, but are quickly assured that it's fine. She also spends two or three days in a month cleaning up Gray's temple herself.
  • Is none too pleased at finding that Gray is popular with other women. Luckily she won't go into crazy extremes like Kotonoha. She'll prank them though.
  • She once almost immediately accused Lucy Heartfilia of being one of those people much to latter's dismay. She's gotten a bit better though. But pretty much anyone who tries to either flirt/harm Grey is going to unleash her wrath to the point that she can scare Erza Scarlet. Thus, this has been decreed the sixth dumbest thing to do as confirmed by the Main House.
  • With her ascension it's rumored that the GUAG will form a new unit in order to directly oppose the Yandere Quartet. Though it's mostly because Nyarko wants to form a Sentai unit of her own. Juvia will only be interested if it involves Gray somehow. It was eventually successful. It was sort of successful on opposing them, even if Yuno herself took her own team down.
  • After hearing that Terumi was responsible for Gray's brief stint as a stripper, she went quiet. Sometime later, Terumi's house was flooded.
  • It's noted that she sounds like Rena Ryuuguu on one hand and Yuno Gasai on the other hand.
  • Had a bit of a moment when she was in the House of Friendship, due to the fact that she never had lots of friends due to her powers (and subsequently making a myriad of Teru-Teru Bōzu). Her cries turned into a gentle rain though.
    • However be careful if she goes into Ocular Gushers mode: if she cries hard enough everyone within a five foot radius will be swept away.
  • She is wary of KISS, remembering the time she was brainwashed by a KISS look-a-like. They have made explicitly clear to her that they wouldn't harm her anyway.
  • She gets along rather well with Hinata. As they have a lot in common. They even inspired each other to make scarves for their beloved.
  • Breaking Speeches do not work on her for the last guy who tried, she ripped apart from the inside.
  • Since discovering the "thirst" meme on the Internet, she knows very well the irony of a water mage like her being very thirsty for someone (i.e. GRAY). She pays it forward by going to the temples of Ainz Ooal Gown (to talk to Albedo) and Anna Nishikinomiya to ensure they don't cross a line into Yandere-ness. (She does refuse the complimetary cookies at Anna's temple, though.)
  • After hearing of Gray's battle against Esdeath and his demise at her hands, the Imperial General has become a primary adversary, but has been told (by Gray himself) to not engage her alone since if Esdeath could defeat him, Juvia would be far less of a problem for her.

    Tsubaki Yayoi 
Tsubaki Yayoi, Goddess of One-Person Love (Izayoi)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess as Izayoi)
  • Theme Music: Condemnation Wings normally, becomes Justice Sword when she transforms into Izayoi.
  • Symbol: Her Sealed Weapon Izayoi on her emblem (Tsubaki Yayoi), Her sword on her emblem (Izayoi).
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral; As Izayoi, Lawful Revolving Door.
  • Portfolio: Hero-Worshipper, Pitiful People, Being used as a metaphorical punching bag, Fiery Redhead (Desirably So), Lady of War, Not-So-Good Light Strength, Temporal blindness, Clingy Jealous Girl, Dark expy of Ky Kiske, Being controlled by others (and breaking it), Swords That Can Kill Anything.
  • Domain: Love, War, Heroism
  • Allies: Jin Kisaragi (though she wants it to be more), Reika Aoki, Hakumen, Noel Vermillion (After a bit of persuading), Makoto Nanaya, Cecil Harvey, Ky Kiske, Kain Highwind, Yukiko Amagi, Robin, Aki Izayoi, Mashiro Moritaka, Cherry
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi (after being finally told of the truth), Handsome Jack.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Formerly a follower of Parsee Mizuhashi (she technically still kinda), she used to follow Terumi and the GUAE all because Noel took away things she desired. It took the efforts of Edward Elric (who pointed out her hypocrisy of calling him and Noel sinners she claims the latter took away the opportunity to be with Jin and accusing the former supporting the "couple," when she herself claimed to serve justice in the GUAE under the effects of the Mind Eater), to bring her back to the GUAG. When she was told of the evils of Terumi and GUAE and how it corrupted NOL, Tsubaki finally knew what she had to do and aligned to the position of her dreams: Heroes.
    • Still, like Litchi, she is to be put in the Token Evil Teammates quarters until there is a clear message about her Heel–Face Turn. Tsubaki didn't mind and considered it her atonement for being that much of a jealous girl. Noel, Makoto, Jin and Hakumen at least visit her a lot. Fortunately, she managed to graduate with flying colors and be accepted to the normal Pantheon in good graces again.
  • Good or evil, there'a one thing that's constant. Her red hair is still gorgeous.
    • That being said, her appearance reminds Naruto Uzumaki about his mother minus the graceful personality she has.
  • Occasionally Thinks Like a Romance Novel, something which many Gods would mock her over due to utter naiveness. Well they don't say it in front of Jin or Hakumen, though...
  • Is a member of the GUAG Five Sacred Knights.
  • Once seen pictures of Jin with another girl by the name of Aoki Reika. Needless to say, she was jealous until Aoki corrected her that she has the same powers as him, and the two became friends.
  • Has been able to unlock the full power of the Sealed Armagus: Izayoi.
  • One thing has been discovered about Tsubaki... She hates Ragna. Reasonings may look complicated, but she still blames him for the misfortunes happening to her circle of friends. Not even her redemption removes that aspect of hers. She eventually realized that Ragna is just as much of a victim as her friends are, though she still makes it clear that she doesn't like him.
  • Has reformed The 3 Stooges of Torifune, a comedy troupe Tsubaki, Noel and Makoto formed during their school days.
  • She has become enemies with Handsome Jack. He hates her because her voice sounds similar to one of his sworn enemies, and she hates him because he's as big of a jerk as Terumi.
  • Is rather close to Robin, due to the fact she reminds him/her greatly of one of the Shepherds, Cordelia. She's also rather grateful Robin has offered to help pair up her and Jin, though she sometimes gets a little uncomfortable when Robin starts to sound like Jin.

Lesser Gods

    Alibaba Saluja 
Alibaba Saluja, God of Love Revelation Epiphanies (Wonder Man Alibaba, Alibaba the Wonder)
  • Rank: Lesser God, Intermediate God with his vessel
  • Theme Song: One Step Further
  • Symbol: His Metal Vessel, which holds Amon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Having a fire based Djinn, Master Swordsman, Super-Reflexes, Warrior Prince, Heroic and Manipulative Bastard, Wields Amon, All-Loving Hero, Butt-Monkey, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Wise Beyond His Years
  • Domains: Fire, Royalty, Love, Chosen Ones
  • Allies: Aladdin (Magi), Morgiana (his wife), Ren Hakuryuu, Ugo, Scheherazade, Issei Hyodo, Natsu Dragneel, Senku Ishigami, Josuke Higashikata, Jon Snow, Alistar Theirin, Naruto Uzumaki, Jaune Arc, Lelouch vi Britannia, Zuko, Oliver, all benevolent Aladdin deities, Sonic the Hedgehog, Naofumi's Party, all benevolent Avatar deities
  • Enemies: Ren Gyokuen, Quan Chi, Eric Cartman, Jafar, Erazor Djinn
  • Alibaba is third prince of Balbadd and the king's illegitimate son, who fled the city after a major disaster at the castle that he was responsible for. Joining Aladdin during his journey in the hopes of becoming rich through Dungeon Crawling, Alibaba would also free his future love interest Morgiana from slavery and eventually free Balbadd from his tyrannical half-brother's rule, establishing a republic before joining his friends in the fight against Al-Thamen.
  • He finally made his ascension after searching for a trope, which turned out to be Love Revelation Epiphany because once he learned about Morgiana's feelings for him, he began to see her in a new light and the two slowly started to become a romantic couple. His friends were overjoyed after hearing of journey to the pantheon. He also decided to wait after he got a girlfriend before his ascension. He was overjoyed when Morgiana accepted his proposal, and after their journey was over, finally get married.
  • Many were surprised to see him still alive after hearing he was "killed" by Hakuryuu. They were more shocked to find out how he survived, by successfully reconstituting himself into a form composed only of his own consciousness. Many praised his determination and willpower, especially Senku Ishigami, who was petrified for many years and managed to keep himself conscious until he finally freed himself.
  • Jon Snow and Alibaba formed a kinship with one another after seeing how much they had in common, being Warrior Princes with impressive swordsmanship, illegitimate children of monarchs, and falling in love with redheads. Even though Alibaba is more idealistic than Snow currently is, Snow still respects him as a warrior, prince, and a friend, promising to have his back in their time of need.
  • Alistar and Alibaba despite having numerous differences, became quick friends not long after meeting each other. Alistar was rather surprised that Alibaba didn't take the throne of Balbadd, but he does support his decision to make it a republic. He also supports Alibaba's relationship with Morgiana after seeing how close they are and promising to help them whenever they need it. Alibaba in turn was rather that Alistar was aware of his heritage, unlike him, but he does support him after seeing just how good he is as a ruler.
  • Josuke was an illegitimate child who initially had a strained relationship with his father since the latter wasn't around for him and his mother. Josuke and Alibaba quickly became friends after hearing of each other's struggles, and tend to hold training sessions when they need to master their skills and power. Alibaba disapproves of Josuke's money-making sessions, considering how he put himself through severe debt after stealing the royal treasure, but otherwise trusts him as a comrade and a friend.
  • Despite being an illegitimate child like him, Alibaba is downright shocked to see how vile and crude Eric Cartman is, even more so after discovering how he grounded up a couple into chili and tricked their son into eating it. Alibaba is absolutely repulsed by Cartman's atrocities, coming to see him as an enemy he needs to fight and get rid of. Cartman in turn mocks Alibaba's actions from before meeting Aladdin and even laughs at his attempts to prove himself a real man.
  • Gets along very well with both Naruto and Jaune since they were both initially oblivious to love. In their case however, they learned about the girl's feelings for them through different means (Naruto when he sees Hinata's memories and feelings for him, Jaune when Pyrhha kisses him). While both Naurto and Alibaba congratulate each other for finding the girl of their dreams, they both expressed sympathy for Jaune for losing Pyrhha so after learning of her feelings. Naruto and Alibaba admit they would be heartbroken if something should happen to Hinata and Morgiana, with Naruto outright noting he almost lost hope when Hinata rejected him while Alibaba was blackmailed into an arranged marriage with Kougyoku.
  • Alibaba felt great sympathy for both Lelouch and Zuko, princes who had been exiled by their cruel fathers and eventually decided to rebel against their tyranny by helping their enemies. Though Alibaba congragulates Zuko for suceeding his father as Fire Lord and becoming a better ruler than him, he felt sad when he learned that Lelouch became a tyrant in order to unite the world and thus ensure peace through his death. Both of them actually admit that Alibaba's method of establishing a republic was probably the best idea possible between them, especially in Zuko's case since in his world, Prince Wu decided to change the monarchy of the Earth Kingdom with into a democratic nation instead.
  • Oliver had explored a world that had a kingdom that was similar to the world Alibiba came from. Alibaba got along quickly with Oliver after hearing of his adventures, showing sympathy for him after learning of what happened to his mother, and was quite interested in his magic. Alibaba was also quite surprised to see Oliver's genie, Al-Khemi, who basically uses alchemy to create food or items for Oliver.
  • Became quick friends with Aladdin and his friends from Agrabah, though he was also quite surprised to learn that Aladdin used a name that sounded similar to his while he impersonated a prince. He was impressed by Aladdin's feats despite being a normal human, found Genie's behavior a little bizarre after meeting him for the first time, and seemed a little amused by Iago's behavior. That said, Alibaba also sympathized with Aladdin after learning of his past as a Street Urchin, and how he was treated by snobbish people.
  • Alibaba had nothing but contempt for the likes of Jafar (a man obsessed with power to the point he was tricked into becoming a lamp-bound genie) and Erazor Djinn (a vile genie that sought to remake his world in his own image). He was also disgusted by the way they treated Jasmine and Shahra, since it reminds him of how Morgiana was enslaved back in their world. He usually teams up with Aladdin and Sonic the Hedgehog to fight them if they ever become a threat.
  • When he first heard about Naofumi having slaves for his party, Alibaba was initially shocked and thought Naofumi was another slave master in the Pantheon and confronted him about it. Morgiana and Raphtalia had to calmly explain the situation to him and when Alibaba heard about the full circumstances, why Raphtalia and Filo prefer to be his slaves, and that Naofumi treats them very kindly, Alibaba apologizes for jumping to conclusions and though he doesn't fully approve, he does acknowledge that Naofumi is a good guy and becomes a trustworthy ally to him.
  • Both Avatars Aang and Korra were impressed by Alibaba's accomplishments, especially when he founded a republic in place of a kingdom after deposing a tyrant. This reminded Korra of when Prince Wu decided to abolish the monarchy of the Earth Kingdom and turn it into a democratic nation where the people chose their own leaders. They were also chosen ones just like them, but the only difference is that fate itself chose Aang and Korra while Alibaba was chosen by Aladdin.
  • Alibaba is on good terms with Scheherazade, since he, like Aladdin, also admires her for inventing the Scheherezade Gambit and also respects her loyalty to her people. Not to mention she was also a good ally to him and his friends when they met. That said, he doesn't like how she ignores the plight if it means saving her own instead. The version of Scheherazade in the Pantheon was horrified by her Magi incarnation's actions, vowing with Aladdin to never become that kind of person, so Alibaba is willing to give her the chance to prove herself.

    Catelyn Stark 
Catelyn Stark nèe Tully, The Goddess Who'd Settle for a Sibling (Cat, Lady of Winterfell, Lady Stoneheart, The Silent Sister)
Click here  for Lady Stoneheart

    Honoka Mitsui 
Honoka Mitsui, Patron Saint of Teenage Infatuation
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The First High School symbol
  • Theme Song: "Kirari ☆ One Way Love"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Smitten Teenage Girl, The Cutie, Not Much of a Fighter But Wants to Be, Undying Loyalty on a Genetic Level, Nice Girl, Light Manipulation, Hidden Buxom
  • Domains: Love, Submissiveness, Kindness, Self-esteem Issues
  • Herald: Shizuku Kitayama (her best friend)
  • High Priestess: Chiho Sasaki
  • Followers: Airi Sakura, Luluco, Susan and Mary Test, Meilin Lee
  • Allies: Akame, Miia, Mayuri, Princess Zelda, Prism Cherry, Ordis
  • Enemies: Chernabog, Zed, Makuta Teridax, The House of Tainted Love (except Erina Joestar)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Monika
  • Honoka gained fame across the Pantheon for her love towards Tatsuya Shiba. To clarify, she fell in love with him even when she knew nothing about him other than he was handsome and competent. For the most part, her series treated her crush in a positive manner, but there were times where Honoka wondered if she even had a chance with Tatsuya. Acknowledging such character trait, the Court of the Gods allowed her ascension.
    • The reason for her crush on Tatsuya was later explained as part of her genetic makeup. Honoka is descended from the Elements, the first kind of magicians to exist in her native Japan. The Elements lived in a time where discrimination against magic was rampant; thus, to ensure they wouldn't be a threat to society, the Elements allowed the government to modify their genetic structure to ensure loyalty to their leaders. The Elements' descendants inherited such genetic loyalty, which was often greater when expressed towards someone of the opposite gender; in Honoka's case, Tatsuya.
  • Befriended Akame, Miia and Mayuri after discovering they had the same Japanese voice. To be more specific, she got along swimmingly with Mayuri, especially after hearing of her Heroic Sacrifice to protect Shido. She gets a bit creeped out by Akame's assassin skills and the extremes Miia often goes to in order to protect her "Darling", but at least she knows their hearts are in the right place.
  • Sees Princess Zelda as a mentor in the ways of magic. Her calm demeanor and lifelong wisdom reminds Honoka of her friend Miyuki. Zelda, in turn, sees much of herself in Honoka, particularly in how her feelings for Tatsuya are not too different from her own feelings towards Link.
  • Naturally opposed to the deities of Tainted Love, seeing them as what could happen to her if her love for Tatsuya made her lose her sense of perspective.
    • Still, Monika falls in something of a gray area for Honoka. While she doesn't approve of the lengths Monik is willing to go for (Insert Name Here)'s affections; she does admit the knowledge if being a fictional character in a fictional world where her life is taken to a backseat would drive her to the deep end too. Even so, Honoka keeps away from her as much as she can.
  • Prism Cherry became acquainted with Honoka after hearing of her light-based powers, especially when she used her magic as an improvised flashbang to win the Battle Board competition. Since then, Cherry trained Honoka in how to use her light magic in terms of defense. That, unfortunately, has earned Honoka the enmity of evil deities who use darkness magic such as Chernabog, Zed and Makuta Teridax.
  • After hearing of Honoka's Hidden Buxom, Katsuragi has made attempts to grope her. Having learned from experience, Honoka is quick to cast illusions and high-intensity flares to disorient Katsuragi and make a run for it. So far, it's proven effective.
  • Unexpectedly became friends with Ordis after he got wind of her genetic loyalty towards Tatsuya, seeing it as no different from his own loyalty towards his Operator. In his spare time, when not helping his Operator, Ordis helps Honoka further her illusions and light magic. There is a possibility that he might try to replicate Mirage's Prism ability.
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Pantheon/Teenagers.

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir 
Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, Patron Saints of Love Dynamics Between Civilian and Secret Identities (Marinette: Miraculous Ladybug, Ladybug, My lady, Little Lady, Mari, Bugaboo, Princess, Bridgette, Marino Lady Noir) (Adrien: Adrikins, Cat Noir, Chat Noir, Chat, Chaton, Tom Cat, Kitty, Kitten, Felix, Cat Walker, Mister Bug, Aspik, Cat Blanc, Ephemeral)
  • Some of the more impatient members of the House of Time and Temporality, tired of waiting for them to finally figure it out, decided to peer into their universe and see if there is any timeline where they get together. To their joy, they discovered there was one where Adrien pieced together Marinette's identity due to a slip-up and they reciprocated. Then their joy turned to horror at how terribly it turned out and everything that happened as a result, thanks to Hawk Moth attempting to ruin their relationship so he could akumatize Marinette, but was foiled by Cat Noir, in the process discovering that Cat Noir was his son, then changing his plan revealing himself as Gabriel and his true motivation of bringing back Adrien's mother from her coma, causing Adrien so much despair that he akumatized into Cat Blanc, and in his conflicted madness, accidentally killed both Ladybug and Hawk Moth in a Mega Cataclysm, destroying all of Paris and the moon, then later, when Ladybug attempted to fix it, nearly erased the entire universe. Thankfully, that timeline was erased by Ladybug, with the aid of a time travelling superhero, Bunnyx. It was then collectively decided to just wait for it to happen naturally, as nobody wants to risk repeating the events that transpired.
  • Exclusive to Marinette:
    • Tony Stark, after the Civil War incident, wanted to prevent collateral damage and was amazed at Ladybug's power to repair any damage in the environment after a battle with an enemy. He was saddened when Marinette told him that for now she can only fixes damage caused between her (and Cat Noir) and akumatized villains. Still, Tony has a spot open for her.
    • After a visit to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (which she and Cat Noir don't plan on joining; they plan on going to the Superhero Division instead), she got to know another designer by the name of Tomoyo Daidouji. Marinette expresses some concern for her, as Tomoyo's willingness to expose herself to danger just to catch Sakura in action (even though she now has less risky ways to do so) reminds her of the couple of times her own friend Alya did the same thing for the sake of her Ladyblog. And just like Alya, Tomoyo also has limited access to magical powers, though unlike the blogger (who's limited by Ladybug herself) she's limited by specific areas.
    • Ladybug turns out to be a Legacy Hero, as her Kawmi Tikki has served several other Ladybugs (including Joan of Arc and Hippolyta) for more than 5000 years before Marinette. It is generally assumed the same goes for Cat Noir.
    • Having been victims of bullying, Sabrina (who still sort of is with Libby around) and Max know what it's like. Marinette's bully Chloé Bourgeois (which Max is a bit miffed with since she shares the same name as her best friend/herald Chloe Price) reminds the time-travelling girl a bit about her own school's high-class bullies, Victoria Chase and Nathan Prescott. But her Character Development and eventually becoming a (temporary) Miraculous-user complicated Max's opinion.
      • Speaking of bullies, Marinette doesn't feel comfortable around the Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins; she knows he means well, but physically beating up bullies doesn't feel right and wouldn't wish it on hers. As for his former High Priestess, Matilda Wormwood, she admits to not having the same issues as telekinesis has a lot more uses.
    • Due to her uncle having been akumatized after his food was sabotaged in a cooking contest, Marinette loathes those who would do the same to anyone's. She would also intervene whenever Mystery Food X ends up being served, not wanting anybody to suffer the same fate of tasting something terrible, putting her at odds with the girls of the Investigation Team (except Naoto).
    • Marinette turns out to be really good at fighting games, to the surprise of those whom she challenges.
    • As of late, Marinette has recently divulged her identity of Ladybug as Alya which has made her much more relaxed about keeping her identity a secret.
    • In regards to familiar voices...
      • Marinette was intimidated and repulsed by Homura for two reasons. 1) Her time powers are a sore reminder of Timebreaker, and 2) she deems the measures Homura has pulled in order to protect Madoka from Kyubey rather... excessive. Though if nothing else, at least she did what she did out of love: that's more than she can say about the likes of Hawk Moth. Speaking of Kyubey, she would like to find out if he could be "de-evilized", but he's not small enough for her yo-yo.
      • Her meeting with Nanoha while visiting the Magical Girl Sisterhood was cordial enough, though the overwhelming power the Raising Heart's wielder possesses was intimidating. Rei Hino/Sailor Mars was also sort-of intimidating, but for different reasons, and it wasn't as bad either.
      • Despite her alarming amount of weaponry, Alisa Bosconovitch's charms had enough sway over Ladybug that they can be allies, though the Safe Mode is a little concerning.
      • Isn't sure what to say about Shantae's style choice, but the half-genie is happy to fight alongside her if need be.
  • Exclusive to Adrien:
    • Many eyes (and noses) are drawn to Adrien's tendency to order lots of cheese, particularly the smelly Camembert. That's because his Kwami Plagg scarfs them down a lot.
    • It doesn't matter if you're a bird, an alien, or a pegasus; Adrien always tries his best to stay away lest he get a sneezing fit. Unfortunately, this means he's less helpful when fighting any of the Pantheon's Feathered Fiends.
    • Despite being hair clips and a belt (the latter of which he's taken off at least twice for Ladybug's plans), they sometimes move just like a real cat's ears and tail.
    • Adrien is not happy with the notion that if you are dressed with a cat theme you are automatically a cat burglar or a villain. Which is why he holds Black Cat and Catwoman with much contempt and wants to put them away for good. As for Black Panther, while he's awed there's a male cat warrior in the Pantheon, he's kinda iffy on where Black Panther stands when it comes for morals.
      • Two other "cat burglars" he had the privilege of meeting were Mona and Panther, and while he did have his misgivings regarding their "thieving" (of distorted desires in people's hearts), he managed to befriend them over time regardless. And to Morgana's relief, Cat Noir only has eyes for Ladybug, and so wasn't allured to Ann for long. And after hearing about the Metaverse, he wonders what would an akumatized victim's Palace look like.
      • He also got more acquainted with the latter since they're both fashion models, and he also got acquainted with Miki Aono through Ann.
      • As a result, Adrien also encounters Marinette when models and designers come together, much to the latter's embarrassment. their co-workers—Rarity most of all—implicitly supporting their relationship didn't help matters. And after one particular sudden attack, the secret superheroes got to know about Pretty Cures and Personas. Both Cat Noir and Ladybug now wonder what would happen if a Persona-user was akumatized. Would it proceed as normal, or would the Persona expel the Akuma? If it's the former, is the Persona merely sealed, or would it be used against the heroes?
    • When Beerus heard of another cat deity with the power to destroy, he went to meet him and tutor him as a possible future God Of Destruction. Adrien accepted the offer at first until he heard all the terrible things Beerus had done. Then he spoke from his heart and gave Beerus a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Then Beerus explained by saying he needs to do these things or else the universe would go extinct from overpopulation. Adrien understands this but doesn't like it. He considering tutoring under Beerus to learn how to better hone his destruction powers.
    • In regards to familiar voices…
  • "Pound it!"

    The Trolls 
The Trolls, Gods and Goddesses of Multidimensionally Entangled Lovers (Collectively: Team Adorabloodthirsty; Individually: Aradia Megido, Tavros Nitram, Sollux Captor, Karkat Vantas, Nepeta Leijon, Kanaya Maryam, Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket, Equius Zahhak, Gamzee Makara, Eridan Ampora, and Feferi Peixes.)
  • Ten of the twelve are Lesser Gods and Goddesses; Aradia Megido and Vriska Serket are Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Any suit of standard playing cards, or an arrangement of twelve appropriately colored zodiac signs.
  • Alignment: Probably at least one of each (but most are Jerkasses)
  • Portfolio: Theme Naming around the Western Zodiac, Falling In Love With Aliens (Kanaya, Karkat, Terezi, and Vriska only), Being Reared By Wild Animals, Being Played By A Game Because It Can't Go Any Other Way
  • Domains: Dream and Love are shared by all twelve, but they each have at least one other domain as well.
  • Allies: Each troll has his/her own. note 
  • Enemies: Each troll has his/her own, but they all oppose Lord English, except for Gamzee and only Vriska doesn't oppose Terumi Yuuki, but they're not allies. Eridan, for example, used to oppose the entire House of Magic and Sorcery on the grounds that magic is fake.
  • The Romantic Comedy gone Serial Escalation: Troll society has four different types of relationships, all based on biological imperative, which must all be fulfilled for each individual to reach romantic fulfillment. Naturally, this leads to problems.
  • The four kinds of troll love are:
    • Matespritship ("Flushed Quadrant", ): Conventional romantic love.
    • Kismesis ("Caliginous Quadrant", ♠): Mutual hate that, somehow, leads to procreation in the same manner as matespritship.
    • Moirallegiance ("Pale Quadrant", ): Two trolls temper each others' attributes.
    • Auspistice ("Ashen Quadrant", ): This occurs when a third troll is introduced into a kismesis to stabilize the relationship so as to prevent kismeses from killing each other and destabilizing the social order.
  • Terumi considers some of them a "disgrace to the art of trolling" after having read some of their attempts. ("Some" meaning "everyone that isn't Vriska or Terezi".) And even those two clearly have emotional problems that Terumi just loves to mess with.
  • It's believed that if Vriska ever fought Bernkastel the universe would undergo a Reality-Breaking Paradox from all the luck and probability manipulation. Nobody tells either deity this, for fear they would take it as a dare.
  • Terezi can often be seen hanging around the House of Justice.
  • Karkat and Vriska have both penned novels in their time beyond the fourth wall. The first wrote an allegedly historical romance about a resistance leader and his beloved disciple; the second was a rather...trashy story about the life and loves of Spinneret Mindfang, as 'recorded' in diary format. Despite accusations of preachiness and self-insertion respectively, both tales were well-received among the Pantheon.
  • Gamzee was disappointed to find that the House lacked sopor, but managed to content himself with melange spice.
  • Do not leave pictures of buckets laying around in public. They will find you disgusting for leaving such lewd material for everyone to see. No one is sure how they would react if they saw pictures of Kisume (a girl in a bucket), but it probably wouldn't be a good idea.
  • Were a bit bewildered by Vol'jin in the House of Otherness; to quote Karkat, "THE FUCK? IS THAT WHAT TROLLS IN OTHER WORLDS AND TIMESTREAMS LOOK LIKE?" Likewise, Vol'jin was rather confused by the Alternian Trolls, and especially by their four romances. However, he agreed with the twelve alien trolls to call Matespritship, Moirallegiance, Auspistice, and Kismessisitude the Alternian-Beforan Romances.
  • Feferi is working with Madoka to redeem Eridan. Though slightly jealous that Madoka's knowledge of Hope so clearly exceeds her moirail's, she is glad that someone is there to protect it.
  • Karkat personally dislikes Princess Anna, but has taken it upon himself to convert her to the quadrant system- most commonly by arguing that her sisterhood with Elsa is a textbook moirallegiance. Anna is not convinced.


    Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner 
Anzu Mazaki, Goddess of Falling for Alter Egos (Téa Gardner)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Four hands held together in a circle, with a smiley face drawn over all of them.
  • Theme Music: Sm. Symbol of Friendship
  • Allignment: Neutral Good (with shades of Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Girl Next Door, the one girl in the main group, Yugi’s only friend from childhood and defender against his bullies, the Masculine Girl to Yugi’s Feminine Boy (also being much taller than him), being rescued by the Other Yugi and falling in love with him (not the regular Yugi, sadly, at least initially), feeling romantically conflicted about the two Yugis
  • Domains: Love Interests, Friendship, Identities, Dance
  • Allies: Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi, Katsuya Jonouchi, Aki Izayoi, Carly Nagisa, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, Usagi Tsukino, Ahiru, Katara, Kairi
  • Conflicting Opinions on: LittleKuriboh
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seto Kaiba
  • Opposes: Bandit Keith
  • Was very happy to meet Yugi in the Pantheon. Was even happier to see the Other Yugi/Yami Yugi (understandably so, as he had already passed on to the afterlife). Then it got awkward. The presence of both has made her interactions with them a bit strained, because she never really got to sort out her feelings for the two, or even tell the Other Yugi how she feels. Yugi really just wants her to be happy, though, and both Yugis are just as friendly to her and to each other as always, which helps a lot.
  • While Kaiba is an ally of Yugi and co. now (sort of), she still feels very uneasy around him. They'll cooperate if it's necessary, but don’t expect either of them to be happy about it.
  • Has opposed Bandit Keith from the second she found out he was in the Pantheon. She already knew he was nothing but trouble; his foiled plan to kidnap Yugi just proved her right.
  • She has made friends with other duelists around the Pantheon, but even though she's always spent time with male friends (or maybe because of it), she has particularly bonded with Aki and Carly. Especially the former, due to both being The Heart in their respective groups and having some issues regarding love (albeit of different kind); but most of all, Anzu sympathizes with how Aki got pretty much relegated to the sidelines in her world, since Anzu was already used to it in hers. She's not too fond of Anna Kozuki’s attitude, however, because, in Anzu's eyes, she seems to have invited herself into Yuma’s love life just like Rebecca did. note 
    • Was baffled upon seeing how similar Sho is to Yugi, though his actual personality is very different, despite both being (very short) shy guys with a love for card games.
  • Can occasionally be seen in the House of Gaming, playing DDR. Sometimes watches duels between her friends there, but is otherwise uninterested. Even though she got to duel a few times, it's not really her thing. Whenever Yugi appears with a new non-Duel-Monsters-related game (such as board games and the like), however, she's happy to join.
    • When not hanging out with Yugi and company, she's usually in the House of Theater, where she's still training hard to become a professional dancer. There, she met Ahiru. Anzu admires her effort to become a dancer, as well as how in-tune with other' feelings she is. They can often be seen practicing together. Then there was her "friendship" with Elena the Dance Battler Goddess who is helping Anzu to fight while dancing. Many gods joke that if Elena's "relationship" with Gentaro Kisaragi doesn't work out, she can always pair up with Anzu.
  • She has also made friends with Lois Lane, as both have strong personalities without quite being out-right Action Girls, and they’ve bonded over both having faced the alter-ego love dilemma. Unfortunately for Anzu, Clark and Superman actually ‘’were’’ the same person, while the issue with Yugi is still rather complicated and confusing for her. She tried seeking advice from other deities (including Mary Jane Watson and Usagi Tsukino), but alas, their cases were pretty much the same as Lois Lane's.
    • Something good came from it, however, as now Anzu talks often to both MJ and Usagi. Anzu was initially a bit put off by Usagi's somewhat childish attitude (as patience isn't exactly one of Anzu's strongest traits), but changed her mind when she realized Usagi wasn't unlike Yugi at all, as the blonde was actually a really sweet person. Ahiru had to convince her to give her a chance, though.
  • Her confusion over the issue was such that it once led to an incident in which she intentionally got herself in danger to lure out the Other Yugi. Don’t bring that up. She’d much rather forget it.
    • She also wishes she wasn’t as known as the “Friendship Speech” girl, especially as she didn’t do those nearly as much as most think. She wasn’t even the one who did it the most in her show!. However, some deities (albeit only non-Japanese deities) have pointed out that she did do those a lot. Either way, she has rejected all suggestions to enter a Rousing Speech competition with Kamina.
    • She has taken LittleKuriboh's take on her in stride, but she is not exactly okay with how it mocks her friends (Yugi in particular). She's not very happy with the way he makes her out to be a Yugi-obsessed sex maniac, either, and she'll punch anyone who suggests that portrayal is correct. Grumble, grumble.
    • Katara sympathizes with her in regards to the Friendship thing, as Katara herself has to repeatedly remind people that she doesn't make constant speeches about Hope. This, along with other commonalities, have led them to quickly become friends.
  • Found to her dismay that she is not exactly a popular deity in some places (Die for Our Ship being a big reason). She tries not to mind it that much, but she found another friend in Kairi, who suffers from the same problem. has returned...

    Brock (Pokémon
Brock, The God Who's Constantly Searching For His One True Love (Takeshi, Brock Harrison, Tall Twerp)

    Helga G. Pataki 
Helga Geraldine Pataki, Goddess of Loving Bullies (Madame Fortress Mommy, Cecile, Mighty Falcon, It Girl, Deep Voice, Baby Sister [called by her older sister Olga])
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her pink hair bow and her locket
  • Theme Song: Helga’s True Love; Helga on the Couch
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain, Big Ol' Unibrow, Breakout Character, Broken Bird, Clingy Jealous Girl, Deuteragonist, Dirty Kid, Raised in a Dysfunctional Family, Sister rivalry with Olga, Hidden Heart of Gold, In Love with Love, Little Miss Snarker, Loving Bully, Masculine Girl to Arnold's Feminine Boy, Perpetual Frowner, always wears her trademark pink bow, Sour Outside, Sad Inside, Stalker with a Crush on Arnold, Tomboy that wears pink dresses and is a hopeless romantic, Tsundere, Used to Be a Sweet Kid
  • Domains: Love, Bullies, Tomboys
  • Followers: Jo Keener, Yuki Katsura
  • Heralds: Phoebe Heyerdahl (her best friend), Robert "Big Bob" and Miriam Pataki (her parents), Olga Pataki (her older sister).
  • Allies: Jimmy Hopkins, Malcolm Wilkerson, Shouki Hinonono, Ooi, Syaoran Li, Dr. Frasier Crane
  • Enemies: Any of the villainous deities in the House of Family, Libby Chessler
  • Opposes: Yuno Gasai, Dokuro Mitsukai
  • Opposed by: Princess Cadence
  • Annoyed with: Ichika Orimura, Youko Inokuma, Natsuru Senou
  • Pitied by: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Commonality Connection with: Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Special Relations: Arnold Shortman (her boyfriend)
  • Helga Geraldine Pataki is a shy, insecure girl who serves as the resident bully of her class. She constantly bullies several kids, but the one that caught her attention the most is a certain “Football Head” named Arnold. In truth, however, she actually has a crush on him, but she only pretends to hate him just so she can keep her love for him a secret, often going to insane lengths to do so. Because of this, she was chosen to represent the trope of Loving Bully.
  • When she ascended, she was surprised to learn that Arnold is already a god in the Pantheon. She greatly prefers life in the Pantheon than her life in Hillwood (though she still misses her friends), especially since she got to escape from her Dysfunctional Family. But at least she can finally be with Arnold once again, especially since he ended up becoming her boyfriend. Arnold, for his part, is grateful to see her again in the Pantheon.
  • The reason behind her obsession with Arnold in the first place? Well, he was the first person she met to show any kindness to her. When she first met him, he complimented on how he likes her bow, which led her to have a crush on him. However, her classmates laughed at her for this, and as a result, she ended using violence against them.
  • She is a frequent visitor of Dr. Frasier Crane, whom she often consults for psychiatric help. For Helga, he reminds her of her psychologist Dr. Bliss.
  • Jimmy Hopkins was at first wary that another bully has entered the Pantheon. However, after meeting her, he decided that he has dealt with far worse girls than her and as such, has no problems with being friends with her. He just wishes that Helga can stop being a bitch to others.
  • Doesn’t have much respect for fellow female bully Libby Chessler. While Helga was at least able to soften up to Arnold, the same cannot be said regarding Libby’s relationship with Sabrina Spellman.
  • Helga can relate to others who are like her in regards to their love life. Among those people, they include Ooi (who has a Clingy Jealous Girl relationship towards Kitakami) and Syaoran Li (who similarly took a while to confess his feelings to his love interest). However, she gets very annoyed with those who are Oblivious to Love, including Ichika Orimura, Youko Inokuma, and Natsuru Senou (although in Natsuru’s case, it’s possibly an act).
  • Her tragic backstory has earned sympathy from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz of all people, given that like her, his family favored his older brother over him and treated him like crap. Malcolm Wilkerson is also on good terms with Helga given that they are both raised in dysfunctional families.
  • She is seen by several deities as a Western Tsundere and has been compared with other “Helga-types” (as Arnold would refer to such people) in the Pantheon, most notably with Asuka Langley. Helga’s behavior is rooted from family neglect and abuse similar to Asuka’s. They also like a boy, but they can't express it in a healthy way.
  • Princess Cadence considers Helga’s unique relationship with Arnold to be very unhealthy. But then again, she tends to see that in a lot of people. With that said, she acknowledges that Helga can be generous at times, as shown during one Christmas when she had to give up a pair of snow boots to help Arnold find his neighbor’s daughter.
  • She can be a bit of a stalker, as shown with her collection of videotapes of pretty much everything Arnold has ever done. However, she does not want to group herself with Yuno Gasai. Granted, the two do have a few things in common, but Helga wouldn’t go out to do the insane things that Yuno has done. Same goes for Dokuro Mitsukai, who herself was the original holder of Helga’s trope. Helga is especially creeped out with how Dokuro resorts to murder if she’s upset, which is a line that even she wouldn’t want to cross.

    Mahiro Yasaka 
Mahiro Yasaka, God of Love from Cosmic Beings and Forks ("Boy", Hiro-kun, A Normal High Schooler)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A three-pronged fork
  • Theme Music: Gimme a fork × ooo Yameta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction from Cosmic Beings, Using Forks to Defend Himself, Nice Guy With Surprising Skills, Only Sane Man, Unfazed Everyman, Brutal Honesty, Tsundere, Inability to Confess His Love Due of Nyarko's Behaviour
  • Domains: Love, Weapons, Niceness, Tsundere
  • Allies: Nyarko, Hasta, Cuuko, Yoriko Yasaka (his mother), Shantak-kun, Ato-ko Shirogane, Keima Katsuragi (?), Tenchi Masaki, Almaz, Issei Hyodo (so and so), Gray Fullbuster
  • Enemies: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, any one who malign Cthulhu Mythos, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima (for bringing out Nyarko's dark side)
  • Admires: H.P. Lovecraft
  • Ascended with Nyarko, who practically dragged him in. There was no way she would ascend without her sweetheart. She even endured his forks for it, though Mahiro might have not minded it ultimately.
  • Aside of Nyarko (a.k.a. Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos), he also has Hasta (a.k.a. Hastur, The Unspeakable One) and eventually Cuuko (a.k.a. Cthugha, The Burning One) after his love in different ways. Oh, and there are other aliens who want him. They find him attractive for whatever reason.
  • Do not underestimate his fork. The fork is the strongest weapon in the universe (or so he claims). After all, he can keep three Lovecraftian deities in check with one.
    • Aside of stabbing people with it, he also has a good aim with them. He was once able to a triple 300 on a dartboard using forks, which even made Bullseye slightly impressed.
  • He has gotten some help from people from House of Love, mainly Keima Katsuragi, to help him overcome his inability to confess his feelings. He really doesn't like the help, especially if it involves Dating Sims. He had enough of them after being stuck in one.
  • Malign Cthulhu Mythos around him at your own risk. He is a huge fan of those works and will stab the person who malign them with a fork. However, he hasn't gathered enough courage to talk to the man behind the writings himself, even though he has the chance to do so.
  • He might seem normal, but he actually has one supernatural ability on him: the ability to not be affected by shifts on time-space continuum. GUAG wishes to have him use this ability to assist them, due of him being rather low profile, but Mahiro himself doesn't like to be dragged into things like this. He can also resist the effects of seeing creature's true form more easily, though whenever or not this is an actual ability or he has simply gotten used to it is in question.
  • Really only friends with Issei due the fact that he needed to be the voice of reason for Cuuko regarding the accident between the two of them. He doesn't hate him, but he doesn't talk to him that much.
  • Sort of the de facto leader for Special Lovers Squad's "Love Interest" portion, but due the fact that its not even a proper group, it is just a silly title. Though it did make him befriend Almaz due of feeling like they aren't that different regarding their adventures and Gray due the fact that Nyarko and Juvia are rather similar.
  • He is sort of confused on how many goddesses sound like her mother, Yoriko, like Belldandy.
  • Officially dropped the "Unwanted Love" part of his title after he himself kissed Nyarko in the lips after she said she loves him. And then he did it again. And then was sort of fine Nyarko kissing him the next day. The House of Love went "FINALLY!" in unison. Their only concern now is the fact that this development was due of Ato-ko so that she can break their relationship one day...
    • As it turns out, Mahiro did end up marrying Nyarko... and more or less lost his SAN Points right after the wedding. Fortunately for Mahiro, the two of them aren't married in the Pantheon due of some adaption problems and only he remembers it, though he is considering that if he did decide on that, maybe he should make it official... while making sure he doesn't regret his decision this time.
  • Also present in House of Weapons.

    Muriel Bagge 
Muriel Bagge, Goddess of Questionable Love Appeals (Mama Mashedpotatoes)


    Archie Andrews 
Archibald "Archie" Andrews, God of Two Timer Dates (Archiekins, Arch, Carrot Top, The Red Paladin, Hipster Prince Harry, Teen Outlander, Ginger Judas, Red-headed Ansel Elgort, Daddy-O, Loverboy, Justin Gingerlake, Rocky, Casanova, Hoss, Red, FP, Mad Dog, Penny, Cassidy, Josie, Elio, Andrews, Wonder Bread, Pureheart the Powerful, Wilbur Wilkins, Big Red, Bert/Ernie, The Riverdale Reaper, Reaper)
  • Theme Song: "Sugar, Sugar", with the rest of his fellow band members and "Archie's Weird Mysteries" when he's off investigating the paranormal.
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His face with red hair sharing a smoothie with Betty and Veronica
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Hero, famously can't decide between Betty and Veronica (leading to many a Two-Timer Date), driving his "Ol'Betsy", Intrepid Reporter (Archie's Weird Mysteries incarnation).
  • Domains: Appearance, Love, Travel, Curse, Good.
  • Herald: Jughead Jones (His best friend)
  • Allies: Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Superman, Peter Parker, Doctor Tenma, Aigis, Brief, Frank Castle, Sam Malone and Diane Chambers, Ross and Rachel, Ladybug and Cat Noir, Kushina Uzumaki,
  • Opposes: Makoto Itou, the House of Firearms.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sabrina Spellman, Richie Rich, Casper, Goofy
  • Commonality Connection: Noah Kaiba (They have similar voices)
  • He was excited to learn that three of his friends Betty, Veronica and Cheryl were ascended and decided to celebrate with a smoothie from the House of Food.
  • Ascended due to the discovery of a certain timeline(s) in which he performed a Heroic Sacrifice by taking a bullet fired by Wendell meant for his friend Kevin Keller. The action stunned everyone into silence for how much of a major Tear Jerker it was, causing them to resurrect and ascend him. It turned out to be an alternate timeline.
    • Consequently, he has a distaste for guns, causing him to be wary of the House of Ranged and Explosive Weapons and deities in the Pantheon that hold them, especially in unjustifiable cases.
  • With Hinata finally hooking up with Naruto and Ichigo tying the knot with Orihime, the largest betting pool in the Pantheon shifts to who Archie will end up with. This is the largest one yet, pulling in deities that normally don't involve themselves in betting, especially now that all members of the famous love triangle (square?) have all made their way into the pantheon, and the situation doesn't look to resolve itself anytime soon. It doesn't help matters that his ascension is caused by a series that has him marry both Betty and Veronica, although in different timelines.
    • It got so intense that the aforementioned smoothie celebration was heavily watched by everyone to see if Veronica finally found a way to get rid of her rivals. She didn't, as Archie specifically states it is a "friendly" celebration.
    • Rumor has it that the betting involved got so big that someone tried to to bribe the Status Quo into resolving the love situation to their favor. But they obviously didn't succeed.
  • As of late, it seems that Archie has understood that his shtick has gotten rather stale and has decided to change things up. First, he parted ways with his original design and gained a new look for the first time in decades. The trend continued with the discovery of a live action version of themselves. Both have proven to be well received remakes of themselves.
  • Became wary of Sabrina Spellman's ascension after learning that in an alternate timeline, her reckless use of magic caused a Zombie Apocalypse in Riverdale, forcing him to do things like kill his own friends and family to protect himself, flee Riverdale to survive and say a swear word.
    • Is also wary of dealing with the supernatural in general and thus avoids the House of Others. Not even Casper, fellow resident of his own world, was enough to convince Archie to change his opinion.
  • Gains respect of many deities in the Pantheon when they found out that he faced down The Predator once… and survived. At least for a while...
  • Was once the God of Heroic Redheads until people agreed the term was too broad. That and Archie wasn't exactly the most energetic redhead. Nevertheless, he maintains good relations with most redheads. The sole exception is Hiltz who has long been a rival and continues to be one even when Archie left the House of Personal Appearance.
  • Dislikes Makoto Itou as he is disgusted by the way he treats Sekai and Kotonoha. While Archie pities Makoto because of his background, he still thinks that doesn't excuse the latter's behavior.
  • While he is far from the best person to get advice when it comes to relationships, he does offer friendship to those who have had turbulent ventures with love. Some of the most infamous love duos such as Ross/Rachel and Sam/Diane are at least thankful that their plight has not lasted as long as Archie.
  • Marinette paid a visit with him one day to discuss her relationship woes. She had wondered what to do to get the attention of the handsome Adrien. While Archie didn't think that was special, Marinette decided to share her secret, her life as Ladybug. At that... Archie shaked that off in disbelief that she was a superhero. Disappointed, Marinette walked away.
  • Even in the olden days, he can be as klutzy as the worst of them. When it comes to ideas, the rest of the Archies used to get him do the easiest jobs and even then it isn't guaranteed he would be successful. In one of his comics it got to the point that he accidentally set ice cream on fire. There were serious thoughts about giving him the title The Clumsy God from Goofy. Thankfully, his live action counterpart counterbalances his terrible luck.
  • When they are not arguing over their love lives, the three can be seen in the House of Music playing their instruments. They may not be the best or most popular group, but they do have a consistent following. They hope to at least bring over Jughead to the Pantheon. Archie wouldn't mind that Reggie didn't make it in either... but with his luck it would only mean his ascension would be likely.
  • On occasion, Archie writes newspaper articles known as "Archie's Weird Mysteries" which details some of the stranger things in the Pantheon, along with them detailing the lessons he's learned along the way.. On one occasion, he was freaked out to hear that there was someone with his voice going around causing trouble. Turned out that was Noah Kaiba and Archie has learned to sympathize with the kid after learning the type of shit he's gone through.
    • It turns out that his paper is quite popular with government figures who deal with the supernatural on the daily basis. He also ended up becoming friends with The Pine Twins as they also went around recording the paranormal activities that they encountered during the summer at Gravity Falls.

    Chihiro Kosaka 
Chihiro Kosaka, The Single Goddess Seeking the Most Popular Guy (She who represents "The Girl among Many Others", Lead Vocalist of the 2B Pencils)
  • Theme Song: "The Memory of My First Love" by the 2B Pencils
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her pink Fender Mustang guitar, adorned by a Flower Hair Clip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Typical 3D Real Girl Often denies her true feelings, Deadpan Snarker, Short Hair Length, Desire to stand out as her own person, Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy, Umbrella of Togetherness (during her Conquest Arc)
  • Domains: Love, Friendship, Music
  • In a Relationship with: Keima Katsuragi
  • Allies: 765 Pro, Houkago Tea Time, Sei Iori & Reiji, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Ku Fei, Nyarko, The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments
  • Odd Friendship with Chihiro Ogino, Katsuragi
  • Chihiro previously had tenure at the House of Personal Appearance until a Pantheon-wide policy revamp relegated her out of the Pantheon Proper. Further information gathering into her charachter history, as conducted by some of the deities from the House of Love (spearheaded in secret by Keima himself), revealed the history between her and Keima, which gave way to her new title:
    • When the God of Dating Sims first properly encountered Chihiro as a "conquest target", she was making a confession towards a random popular guy at school. Seeing as she was supposed to be a "background character" who should not be acting as a main character, and since she had a runaway spirit at that time, Keima reluctantly agreed to help her out in winning her target's affection. It did not turn out the way Keima hoped when she slowly lost interest in her target, after a few days of being with him. Realizing how much of a pushover she can be under the circumstances, and after praising her headstrong personality, Keima assured her that she can shine on her own (after snapping her out of her tantrum with a kiss, of course.)
    • Her affections for Keima, surprisingly, grew more as time passed (despite being subected to Laser-Guided Amnesia as consequence for having the runaway spirit in her removed) since it was later revealed that she was pining for him long before her Conquest Arc. This did force Keima to take drastic measures at that time due to a looming threat: by dumping her. Such action of his would greatly affect him throughout his Mental Time Travel, up to the point where the first thing he did after that was to immediately confess to her. This presented a somewhat "tolerable loophole", as while she ceased to seek popular guys after Keima "conquered" her, she still sought who is undoubtedly a very popular guy (among Dating Sim gamers, at least); thus, allowing her readmission.
  • Chihiro quickly became friends with 765 pro and Houkago Tea Time, after her "conquest" inspired her to shine just as much as an Idol. Yui, the latter's lead vocalist, apparently taught her how to sing and play the guitar, which resulted in her creating her own theme song, though she was rather curious as to why Chihiro went for a Pink Fender Mustang instead of a Gibson Les Paul which the former was known for.
  • Her relationship with the (former) Patron Saint of Meatbuns stemmed from the fact that a part of her initial Conquest Arc has her sharing a meatbun with Keima on the rooftop of their school. Her food preference also garnered her another friend in Ku Fei, who offered her a taste of Chao Bao Zi's special meatbuns. This kind of caused confusion to Aila and other deities since hearing the two talk to each other sounded very confusing; turns out they shared a similar voice at one point.
  • Speaking of similar voices, she was also seen hanging around Nyarko's place, usually getting tips on how to attract Keima's attention more. Chihiro has been having trouble with that on two counts: Keima is rather aware of a lot of Dating Sim clichès and sees a Girl coming after him as a proverbial "death flag"; and most of Nyarko's tips tend to border on downright ridiculous, being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and all.
  • She also ended up in a bit of a pickle when the grope-happy kunoichi at the House of Lust suddenly grabbed her from behind. Having the same name (of sorts) as Keima was bad enough, but somehow hearing the same voice as hers really creeped her out.
  • Her namesake at the House of Travel was rather confused when she found out about the circumstances surrounding her Conquest Arc, as Sen spent most of her story in the Spirit World mingling with its inhabitants, not having one occupying her own.
  • And since we're on the topic of same names, she is not in any way related to the swordswoman at the House of Weapons.

    Corky & Violet 
Corky & Violet, Goddesses of Romances with Gangster Molls
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A briefcase with 2 million dollars inside
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Masculine-Feminine Gay Outlaw Couple, An Adventure Mostly Set in an Apartment where they’re Separated by the Wall, Queer Romance, Seek to Steal a Briefcase Full of Money, Preserve Your Gays
  • Domains: Lesbians, Crime, Money
  • Allies: Louise Leroi & Maria Sarrazin, Marianne & Heloise, Jill Stingray, Thelma & Louise
  • Enemies: DiMeo Crime Family, Akio Ohtori
  • On Good Terms with: V, Dorothy Haze, Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Having just completed her prison sentence, lesbian convict Corky is hired to renovate an apartment and she becomes attracted to Violet, who is living in the next room over. As it turns out, Violet is a closeted lesbian prostitute who is with Caesar, a money-laundering mobster who is abusive towards Violet and very violent towards anyone that poses a threat to him. As Corky and Violet’s romance grows, they plan to steal 2 million dollars worth of mafia money from Caesar, a plan that hits more than a few snags thanks to Caesar’s behavior that results in him killing rival mobster Johnnie and putting both Corky and Violet in great danger. When Caesar becomes desperate to cover his bloody tracks in order to escape with Violet, she is able to outwit Caesar and eventually kill him, allowing her to start a new life with Corky.
  • Corky and Violet were able to find a place to settle down at: an apartment that was a bit nicer than the one they previously stayed at, but still rather small in size. As they prepared to move in, they were told about the connection the apartment had to a larger world that was closer to the building than one would assume given how out of the way the apartment was and that said world is very knowledgeable about the histories of several people, themselves included. While the new life that Violet wanted ended up having the potential to have some traces of her previous one thanks to this larger world, Corky’s experience with getting involved with crime (including helping her and Violet escape Caesar) has helped with the two in getting by whenever danger comes knocking. The two have opted to lay low in living their new lives together, especially since not only would that danger be something that would be similar to what they previously faced, but there are threats headed their way that they would not expect.
  • Corky having a criminal record and being sent to prison in the past meant that even if she hasn’t been as active in crime as she was back then, there’s still going to be people that want her arrested or dead for being involved with crooks even if those criminals are worse than her and Violet. There were some ex-convicts who were more interested in living a life independent of crime after finishing their prison sentence that Corky became aware of and Reggie Hammond was one of those ex-convicts she learned about. Being someone who was interested in sex, Reggie was a little surprised to learn that Corky was only interested in other women and already had one as her girlfriend while Corky found it odd that someone with a criminal record was willing to work with an officer in stopping dangerous crooks. As Reggie pointed out, not all cops are as lenient as Jack Cates (even if the latter is rough around the edges) and even if an ex-con wants to live normally, trouble will still follow them even if they don’t want it. When it came to street-smart criminals with a record such as Reggie, Corky surmised that there were a few things she could learn from them if it meant helping herself and Violet outwit anyone that wants them dead or imprisoned.
  • While Violet has largely moved on from prostitution in order to live a good life with Corky, there were a few prostitutes in the Pantheon that she was able to talk to given the line of work she previously engaged in. While some of these prostitutes had it easier than Violet when it came to their job, they also had some weird quirks that Violet and Corky didn’t expect to see. Dorothy Haze was one of the more unorthodox prostitutes in the Pantheon with Violet thinking that the former looked too young to be part of that line of work and Dorothy’s explanation of who she was didn’t make things less bizarre. When Violet mentioned that she has moved on from sex work and the problems that came with it to live with Corky, Dorothy mentioned that she was looking to retire from prostitution at some point to work with children, but wasn’t sure when that time would come. While Dorothy has taken her future into consideration, she’s content with remaining a sex worker for the time being, with Violet telling her to be careful of any obstacles that could threaten her and that potential goal.
  • It’s not clear how bad some of Violet’s clients were prior to meeting Caesar, but he is one of the worst in terms of how she was treated due to his profession. Being part of an abusive relationship with someone that unstable was a reason why Violet set out for a new life with Corky, but there were plenty of men in the Pantheon who abused their female partners that disgusted the two. While the circumstances regarding Akio Ohtori can be confusing, it didn’t change the fact that he regularly abused his sister Anthy Himemiya and served as a major obstacle in the relationship between Anthy and Utena Tenjou, a lesbian romance that Corky and Violet are supportive of. What added to Corky and Violet’s hatred of Akio is that he used his charms to seduce others for the sake of manipulating them, often putting his subjects in a worse position than before and having been a prostitute, Violet saw his actions as an abuse of seduction in general.
    • On the subject of saving someone from an abusive relationship, Corky and Violet figured that there would be a fair amount of such entities in the Pantheon who went through such an event, but they didn’t expect a dog to be involved in such a story. More specifically, Courage the Cowardly Dog met a cat named Kitty who hated dogs because her close friend Bunny was taken by Mad Dog, an abusive gangster similar to Caesar. Courage was able to defeat Mad Dog and reunite Kitty and Bunny, with Corky and Violet noting the similarities in the story despite the numerous differences in them. Given Corky’s criminal history, Courage had a feeling she would be as violent as Kitty was, but Corky assured him that she and Violet have no intentions of harming him and Courage later saw the similarities between Kitty and Bunny in the two, albeit more proactive in taking down the abuser. Regardless of said proactivity back then, if Courage’s story was any indication for Corky and Violet, it’s that there is a possibility that outside help will be needed if the two are in deeper trouble than they anticipated.
  • Not only were various Mafia figures present in the Pantheon, but so were a bunch of other crime syndicates with their own motivations and set of skills. It was a lot for Corky and Violet to worry about, especially since Caesar was an unstable man who was willing to get rid of anyone he sees as a threat to himself and some of these Mafia figures had the potential to be just as dangerous as he is. There were some gangsters who were genuinely affable even in their line of work or were at least as cool-headed as Mickey Malnato, but it didn’t change the fact that there was potential for the past life that Violet wanted to leave behind to return in a deadly way. Given the expansive dealings that Mafia figures such as the DiMeo crime family have with others, Corky and Violet believe that undermining them will be much more difficult than it was with Caesar if the duo end up involved with them or other similarly ruthless syndicates.
  • When it comes to a pair of women finding themselves in trouble, what happened to Thelma and Louise felt like a mirror of what Corky and Violet went through. Corky and Violet already found themselves in criminal trouble as they were looking for a way for Violet to get out of such while Thelma and Louise’s initially ordinary lives spiraled out of control after Louise shot a rapist that would lead to Thelma and Louise driving off a cliff to try and escape the FBI, a rather dark fate for them in contrast to Corky and Violet being able to successfully have a new life after foiling the plans of a violet money-launderer for the Mafia. While Thelma and Louise aren’t a couple compared to Corky and Violet, the former duo have a very close connection with each other that Corky mistook Thelma and Louise to be lesbians in love with each other. Regardless, Corky and Violet got along well with Thelma and Louise with both duos being sympathetic towards what the other went through.
  • Thelma and her friend Louise may have been forced to become outlaws due to dark circumstances, but Louise Leroi had always embraced such a role and her rival-turned-friend Maria Sarrazin soon followed in being an outlaw. It wasn’t hard for Corky to imagine herself in Leroi’s footsteps in regards to the possibility of continuing being a criminal and finding another woman to be close with, if not outright fall in love with, regardless of the separate setting Leroi was from. In turn, since Corky is willing to live a new life with Violet even with the awareness that there’s more adventure waiting for them, Leroi sees the couple as what she and Sarrazin could have been if they really wanted to be more than friends. For the time being, both pairs of women are fine with what they currently have and are friendly with each other, with Leroi giving Corky additional motivation when it comes to living the outlaw life with a woman they’re very close to.
  • In addition to the female duos who have a very close relationship yet not in love with each other, there were some lesbian pairings that Corky and Violet got to know about. One lesbian couple that intrigued the duo were Marianne and Heloise, who were originally from the late 18th century and weren’t able to stay together for a number of reasons despite their growing attraction towards each other. From what Corky and Violet told them, there’s still going to be some resistance against lesbian couples (or homosexuals in general), but ultimately those kinds of couples will be more accepted overtime and the two duos have remained good friends with each other since their initial meeting. On the subject of lesbians, Corky and Violet decided to visit the bar run by Jill Stingray following some difficulty in finding a lesbian bar to frequent in the Pantheon. Jill was told about Corky and Violet by Dorothy Haze beforehand and given the personal troubles Jill had to contend with before moving on from them, Violet was understanding of Jill’s ordeal and attraction to women given the troubles Violent went through to have a better life with Corky. It’s not exactly a lesbian bar, but Jill Stingray’s place is still good enough for Corky and Violet to visit especially when they’re confronted with personal troubles that won’t require violence to resolve.
  • One individual that was supportive of the couple that Corky and Violet didn’t expect to act that way given the character in question was the enigmatic V, who was reminded of a similar lesbian couple consisting of Valerie and Ruth. The tragedy of what Valerie and Ruth went through and Valerie’s defiance in the face of all the hardships she endured was what inspired V to take action and while things ended better for Corky and Violet (partially since they didn’t live in a highly dystopian setting), they still had to confront some obstacles to get to their goal. Corky and Violet was more than understanding of the troubles that Valerie and Ruth suffered and V mentioned that much like how Valerie and Ruth played a role in him fighting against corruption, someone will be similarly inspired by Corky and Violet and set out to change things for the better. Even if they’re not actively engaged in making V’s dreams a reality, Corky and Violet can see where he’s coming from.