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Significant Green-Eyed Redhead

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Wow, they make you completely forget about those giant hawk wings, don't they?

She's a revolution, she's a peace accord
She's a grain of sand, she's the Cliffs of Moher
She's Friday night, she's Sunday Morning
She's a fair wind, she's a sailor’s warning
Green eyes, red hair, long legs
She's got the Devil inside her
Gaelic Storm, "Green Eyes, Red Hair"

Green-eyed redheads are among the rarest color combinations found in humanity (with the exception of some abnormalities), if not the rarest, and thus is used to distinguish an important, notable character visually. It's more often applied to women than it is to men (especially since most people in real life with green eyes are women), and is almost always either found as a trait of The Hero (see Red Is Heroic) or The Hero's Love Interest (because Heroes Want Redheads). To qualify for this trope, it's important that:

  • The character is a major character.
  • The character is not in a work where You Gotta Have Blue Hair, unless they a part of a group of people with regular hair colors.
  • The character isn't from a live-action work, unless the actor was artificially given these colors for the purpose of the work, or were chosen directly for it.
  • The character specifically has red hair and green eyes — that is to say, they have to be actual variations of red and green (including actual blue-greens in the latter case). Important notes 

Likely to be a Fiery Redhead, as Green Eyes often connote a similar kind of personality. If Elemental Powers apply, they're probably Playing with Fire.

This image might have been influenced a lot by Maureen O'Hara and her various roles, which also influenced this to be the Phenotype Stereotype for an Irish person. It may also have something to do with the fact that red and green are complementary colors — which also may help to explain why so many red-headed characters are depicted wearing green, even if they aren't Irish.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Youko Nakajima from The Twelve Kingdoms is the main character, and her red hair†  marks her as different, so she is often harassed for it. It also marks her as a taika, someone who was meant to be in that world but was born on Earth by accident.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Yusaku Fujiki has pink bangs and green eyes. He also happens to be the protagonist of the series, one of six children who had been kidnapped for the Lost Incident/Hanoi Project ten years prior to the present day, and was the main opposition to The Knights of Hanoi.
  • Kurama of YuYu Hakusho, at least in his human form, but only in the anime. The crimson hair/leaf-green eyes combination in this case is a warning not to underestimate him, because, like his roses, he has thorns. It's also a hint at his nature as a Kitsune and a youkai, as there are folk stories of red-headed green-eyed people actually being foxes and in disguise and the shade of red being decidedly unnatural for a human.
  • Hellsing's Pip Bernadotte, Love Interest of Seras Victoria. While he's a mercenary and an Anti-Hero to be traditionally sweet, he is the nicest of the guys in these series along with Sir Shelby Penwood. With the other men being Dracula, a deadly butler, Nazis, and Fanatic Vatican Crusaders, Pip looks like a saint.
  • Brief in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, whose red hair emphasizes his geeky qualities, and then, with the reveal of his eyes emphasizes he is attractive.
  • Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon is one of the main characters and in the manga, and her hair is red in color pictures, (brown in the anime). Word of God says that her eyes turn green after transforming into Jupiter, and they look more hazel/brown in her untransformed state in some artwork.
  • Lydia from Earl and Fairy has this as a sign of her affinity with The Fair Folk. It's a source of great trouble for her due to the cultural discrimination people with red hair suffered in Victorian England, on top of the implications she might be a changeling.
  • Nakaba from Reimei no Arcana is the protagonist. Her bright red hair causes her to be discriminated against, and her green eyes turn red when she uses her powers. She's also in the middle of a love triangle between the romantic lead, and her Childhood Friend.
  • Lancerow Durell of After War Gundam X isn't The Hero or a Love Interest, but he was Jamil Neate's Rival during the last war, an ex-Newtype, and an Anti-Villain in the Space Revolutionary Army. He plays a very important part of the final arc and ultimately switches to the heroes' side.
  • The final major cyborg introduced in Gunslinger Girl, Petra, is one of these. Prior to being made a cyborg she looked very different though, far shorter and being a blue eyed blonde.
  • In The Ancient Magus' Bride, Chise Hatori is noted repeatedly for having this despite how implausible it is for someone of Japanese descent. This actually stands as a strong mark of her being a Sleigh Beggy, is the protagonist of the series, and easily makes her one of the most distinguishable characters amidst a cast of The Fair Folk and all sorts of individuals in the United Kingdom.
  • Misty from Pokémon was the leading female for the Kanto and Johto arcs. She was often portrayed with blue eyes but since the leap to digital has been almost always consistently depicted as having green eyes. In the manga adaptation The Electric Tale of Pikachu she was originally a brunette but was later redesigned more similarly to her anime design.
  • Misty in Pokémon Adventures is much less prominent but still counts. She is one of the major Kanto gym leaders and has unrequited feelings for Red.
  • The protagonist of Venus Versus Virus, Sumire, has dark red hair and green eyes. Her eyes turn red when she goes into Berserk mode.
  • In Panzer World Galient, Hilmuka has this combination of colour of hair and eyes. She's one of the main characters and an important ally of Jordy, teaching him to handle Galient and sharing intelligence about the enemy.
  • Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair
  • Gaara from Naruto. Although his eyes are officially blue, they look sort of green under certain light.

    Comic Books 
  • DC Comics' Wally West, the third Flash
  • X-Men:
    • Jean Grey is one of the original members of the team, the love interest of Cyclops, and took center stage in what is arguably the franchise's best known story.
    • Also Jean's daughter from an alternate future, Rachel Summers, and her clone, Madelyne Pryor.
    • Also Hope Summers, a very important player in the X-Men franchise who obviously takes after Jean.
    • Fongji Wu, a mixed-race Tibetan girl and the previous bearer of both the Phoenix Force and the Iron Fist mantle.
    • Rogue was occasionally colored with just straight-up red hair with green eyes, especially during her most popular years in the '90s, but did eventually move to brown.
    • Banshee, as an Irish Captain Ethnic, pairs wild light orange hair with bright green eyes.
  • Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man is the love interest of Peter Parker, has been a supermodel, and is known for striking good looks, as opposed to Gwen Stacy's more traditional Girl Next Door appearance (despite MJ being the literal girl next door).
  • Batwoman / Kate Kane, the main character of her own series, whose coloration, especially her red hair, is starkly emphasized against dark and bleak Gotham.
  • Lyra, daughter of Thundra and the Incredible Hulk, combines this with green skin.
  • In Supergirl series Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Lena Thorul is the green-eyed, red-haired main character's best friend and mad scientist.. Also the "Lex's daughter" incarnation in The DCU ... although in this case her green eyes may have indicated that she was still connected to Brainiac.
  • Superman has two major characters who meet this description. One is Lana Lang, his childhood best friend, confidante, and first love (and who briefly acted as a surrogate mother to his cousin, Supergirl). The other is archenemy Lex Luthor, who has envious green eyes and flaming red eyebrows as an adult, and possessed a full head of red hair as a teenager.
  • Caitlin Fairchild from Genął is this physically as well as usually personality wise (though she can be a Fiery Redhead when it comes to protecting the others).
  • Poison Ivy, whose coloration not only emphasizes her seductive qualities, but also seems more dangerous and earthy.
  • Starfire, with golden skin. Note that while it's true that Starfire has green eyes, that doesn't mean she has normal eyes with green irises... it means her eyes are solid green.
  • Leetah and her daughter Ember, as well as Redlance and his daughter Tyleet, in ElfQuest. Notable because Leetah and Ember are both dark-skinned. Averted with Kaslen in Hidden Years, as she turned out to have no special significance to the plot.
  • Delirium from The Sandman is this on occasion. She can change her hair color/length at will (but mostly it happens by accident), though it usually has some red in it and is fully red at least once. Usually has one green and one blue eye, though when she composes herself and behaves seriously they are the same color.
  • Aphrodite in the "Adventures in Olympus" arc of Flare, notable in that the most beautiful person to exist has this combination of color, and is in fact often portrayed as a redhead in art, especially Pre-Raphaelite and Neoclassicism.
  • Rose in the Wolverine miniseries Origin, who is intended as a "proto-Jean Grey" in Wolverine's story, just as Dog is a "proto-Sabretooth".
  • Angel Love, the main character of the eponymous comic book series.
  • The titular heroine of Albedo: Erma Felna EDF is a non-human example of this, as she have red hair (technically reddish-brown, as the author is color-blind), green eyes and brown fur.

    Fan Works 
  • Mary Jane Watson, the protagonist of Ultimate Spider-Woman: Change With The Light, has long, fire-red hair and bright green eyes.
  • Captain Kanril Eleya, the protagonist of Bait and Switch (STO), is has red hair and dark green eyes.
  • Judicial-Cadet Jacqueline Quartermain from this series of Dredd fanfics is a gorgeous teenager with hair like "new copper wiring" and brilliant green eyes. She's from Boston and word of God is that she is ethnically Irish, perhaps justifying the choice.
  • In The Ultimate Evil, we're introduced Nataline Homato, a demon hunter who's described for a reason as Buffy The Vampire Slayer's long lost cousin.
  • In most Death Note fanworks where Matt is featured, he will have red hair and green eyes (and, of course, a much larger role than he ever had in either the anime or the manga.) This is because his hair color was undefined in the manga (until the 10th anniversary colorized publication, where he had the brown hair and blue eyes he was given in the anime). Fanon decided that his hair color was red, and his eyes were green.
  • Misty in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, is the first traveling companion who joins Ash in his journey, as well as the first of his eventual Love Interests. Like in the anime, she's portrayed with red-orange hair and green eyes, and she's been noted to be attractive by several characters in-story, including Ash himself.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • As played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Daphne Blake in the live-action Scooby-Doo movies, whose hair is dyed to give her this look.
  • Layla from Sky High is worth mentioning due her being an Expy (at least in powers; her personality is quite different) of Poison Ivy, another character with notable Red hair and green eyes that has power over plants.
  • Though in the Harry Potter books, Harry has green eyes and Ron blue, this is inverted in the film versions with Harry being played by Daniel Radcliffe (blue eyes) and Ron by Rupert Grint (red hair/green eyes).
  • When Natasha Romanov is introduced to Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, we get a lengthy close-up of her face showing just how devastatingly beautiful this combination is. Tony Stark is visibly Eating the Eye Candy.

  • Nightfall Series: Armida, the Big Bad's lover
  • In Dragon Blood, the magician "Jade Eyes", named for those green eyes, has red hair. It is mentioned that his beauty is not the reason why he's the highest mage in rank at the king's court—he's also a powerful mage who makes life difficult for the heroes. Actually, in terms of power, he's the main villain.
  • All of the Pennykettles from The Last Dragon Chronicles are this.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • Mara Jade may be the ultimate example: a badass and former Evil Redhead who was so enormously popular, she joined the good guys, became The Hero Luke's long-time partner, and was eventually happily married to him. Until Legacy of the Force, but no one likes what happened there.
    • Scout, the Jedi Padawan equivalent of Batman in Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, has these.
    • Jedi Apprentice's Clat'Ha is only in a few of the books, but she's significant in them.
  • Lily Evans Potter from Harry Potter series is a Posthumous Character example: a formidable witch of her own, she was the love interest to James, The Hero of the previous generation, and friends with Severus Snape, until they had a falling out, but whose death became Snape's primary motivation.
  • Gemma Doyle, the protagonist from the A Great and Terrible Beauty trilogy. Her mother too.
  • Maharet and Mekare from The Vampire Chronicles, as well as Jesse.
    • Partly justified with Jesse, as she is Maharet's distant descendant. All three women are capable of communicating with spirits.
  • Ellysetta Baristani, the main character of Tairen Soul.
  • Beatrice Bailey, the protagonist of The Witches of Bailiwick. Her specialty is controlling the weather, which goes with the nature aspect of this trope.
  • Christopher Hitchens mentioned this trope while criticizing a stereotypically Irish-American character in John Updike's last novel.
  • The title character of Fire is red-headed and green-eyed and beautiful beyond the lot of ordinary people; her hair and eye color both coming from her mother.
  • Felicity Merriman, a main character from the American Girls Collection, one of the few redheads who, by the nature of this trope, of course is paired with green eyes.
  • Vesper Holly, Mary Sue protagonist of a Narm Charm-tastic children's adventure series by Lloyd Alexander. Just look at that name!
  • Sennar, one of the main characters of the Chronicles of the Emerged World.
  • Finnick Odair of The Hunger Games, who is not only described as very attractive, but the only major redhead of the series, and one of the most important secondary characters.
  • The Girl from The Club Dumas; her very light green eyes are mentioned many times as being captivating, likely because she is in fact a fallen angel. In the film adaptation, The Ninth Gate, however, she has different coloring.
  • Mildmay, one of the viewpoint characters of Doctrine of Labyrinths. For most of the story, he's one of only two-redhaired people, the other being his brother, and the only redhead with green eyes. Felix often describes them as being like jade.
  • Elsabeth Soesten, the main protagonist of the eponymous Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten, has copper hair and green eyes as prominent character traits.
  • Ruby-haired, emerald-eyed Aristomache of The First Dwarf King is one of the most notable characters in the book who isn't Jani.
    • Iris would also count, save for the fact that she has blue eyes instead of green.
  • The protagonist of the first Warrior Cats books is a green-eyed, red furred cat named "Rusty" who runs off to live in a feral cat community. Rusty is given the Meaningful Rename of "Firepaw" (which ultimately becomes "Firestar") after joining Thunderclan due to his pelt colour.
  • Neogicia has a variation on this. The (naturally) Red-Headed Heroine lives in a world in which eight different eye colors are possible depending on the magic to which they are the most attuned to at birth. She undergoes a Bio-Augmentation that cuts people off from the magic system and makes their eyes silver. Before the procedure, she had a natural predisposition toward the kind of magic that makes people's eyes green.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Merlin in the 1998 miniseries, where it appears that both young and old Merlins's eyes were digitally enhanced to be green beyond reality.
  • Doctor Who features Donna Noble, "the most important woman in the whole wide universe," and Amy Pond, "the girl who waited."
  • Buffythe Vampire Slayer has Willow Rosenberg. In the first season, Willow's magical powers are not evident, and her hair is light brown (Hannigan's natural color). By the fourth season, she is a practicing witch with a hotter temper, and her hair is a bright, fiery red.

  • In Dolly Parton's song "Jolene", the titular character (and the narrator's romantic rival) has "flaming locks of auburn hair" and "eyes of emerald green".
  • William Sheller's song "Les miroirs dans la boue" (The Mirrors in the Mud) is all about a young girl with "green eyes bathed in red hair" ("les yeux verts noyés de cheveux roux").
  • Gaelic Storm's Green Eyes, Red Hair is all about this. The woman in question overlaps with Fiery Redhead too.
  • The title character of Erutan's "The Willow Maid", who is described as having "hair like fire, her eyes an emerald sheen", a tree fairy that a young man becomes infatuated with and tries repeatedly to get her to go with him.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Thor in Norse Mythology is a rough tough badass god, who happens to be redheaded and green-eyed. Yet when he had to cross-dress as a woman in Thrymskvida, all the giants were so smitten by "her" dazzling looks that they failed to notice many, many less-than-subtle hints of a trap. Also thanks to Loki pretending to be his handmaiden and running interference for that kind of thing.

    Puppet Shows 

    Tabletop Games 
  • Of the pantheon worshiped by humans in the Forgotten Realms, the green-eyed redhead, Sune, is the Love Goddess.
  • Natasha Kerensky from BattleTech. enough that fans suggested a then-70-year-old Maureen O'Hara as a perfect match for Natasha in the 3050s

    Video Games 
  • Mass Effect:
    • The Bridge Bunny Kelly Chambers is probably the most trouble-free and relaxing romantic interest (for both genders), and the only redhead.
    • Default female Commander Shepard is another example, whose first face model was given this coloration. Emphasizing the pervasiveness of this trope is that when a fan poll was created to choose the new look of Commander Shepard for Mass Effect 3, so many people indicated that their vote depended on getting a red-haired, green-eyed Shepard with their favorite face model (which was originally blonde) that the developers posted a second poll allowing people to pick the coloration, and the green-eyed redhead won by a large margin.
  • Aveline Vallen in Dragon Age II, is the first companion you pick up and is a green-eyed redhead. Unusually she's also one of the two companions (besides Hawke's siblings) who cannot be Hawke's Love Interest. Much of her character plot in the game focuses on her surprising subversion of gender roles, so it's possible this coloration was picked for that reason.
  • If you squint hard enough, you'll notice that pre-zergification Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft series had grayish-green eyes (especially on that photo Raynor has of her in SC2), and she was a redhead.
  • Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss. This is actually a plot point, as a noble with red hair and green eyes has a great role in a prophesy that will lead to world prosperity. Asch the Bloody is also a green-eyed red head, which is significant because in truth, he's the redhead from the prophesy, and Luke is only his clone.
    • It later becomes a plot point that Natalia is not one of these, as every blood member of the Kimlascan royal family is a green-eyed redhead.
  • Tales of Berseria gives us Eleanor, who ironically shares the same best Mystic Arte with Luke: Lost Fon Drive. The fact she becomes the unofficial first (good) Shepherd of the distant past helps things.
  • Princess Carranya in part II of Love and War, who is the heroine and only playable female character in the episode. Whether she ends up as Ryan's love interest is strongly hinted at, but not confirmed.
  • In the remake of The Secret of Monkey Island, Elaine Marley, love interest of the hero, is given red hair and green eyes.
  • Saya Kho in the X-Universe series. Red hair, green eyes, spectacular body, and she started a war that eventually resulted in the entire jumpgate network shutting down.
  • Crash Bandicoot:
    • The titular characters has green eyes and red fur. His hair was red until Crash Twinsanity made it brown.
    • His little sister Coco usually has the same fur and eye colors but is downplayed by her blonde hair.
  • Triss Merigold, the main love interest in The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Interestingly, in Sapkowski's novels (on which the games are based) she has blue eyes.
  • Misty from Pokémon is one of these. She's one of the most iconic gym leaders, partially because she's the second in the series but mostly because of the anime.
  • Michael, the main character from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  • Elora from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! is a faun with red hair and green eyes. She's the main female character but disappears aside from a cameo at the end of the third game.
  • Gaige is your mad scientist cyborg teen Pre-order/DLC from Borderlands 2, surprisingly capable in taking out just as many bandits as a seasoned veteran who recently got kicked out of the military. Oh, and she sawed her own arm off out of doing a science fair project.
  • The main character of Star Fox is a green-eyed red fox named Fox McCloud.
  • Averted by Hong Meiling in Touhou Project, who has this look despite being Chinese: she's the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but nobody respects her (that she's an excellent martial artist but not that good at danmaku might have something to do with it). Fanworks take it Up to Eleven, often turning her into some variation of Woobie.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Urbosa and Riju of the Gerudo have this look. While the Gerudo in general have a Dark-Skinned Redhead look, they typically have yellow eyes instead. Urbosa was the Gerudo Champion, while her descendant Riju is the current chief of the tribe.
  • Axel in Kingdom Hearts is a rare male example. He also gets Teardrop Tattoos. For significance, he has the most influence on the plot in his debut game outside of the actual villain and resisted every attempt by the development team to kill him off. He is now a major character with a keyblade and his importance is near MICKEY MOUSE's level
  • Ashelin Praxis from the Jak and Daxter games is probably the second-most important female character in the entire series despite not debuting until the second installment, sometimes even outshining the OG female support character, Keira. She has hair the colour of fresh blood and vibrant green eyes that are only accentuated by her extensive blue facial tattoos, although you still might not notice at first glance...

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • Penny, though she is not a Fiery Redhead.
    • Pyrrha Nikos has very long, very red hair and the greenest eyes of any character. She is one of Beacon's star pupils, being Mistral's four-times champion, and has a reputation for being untouchable, partly due to her extremely powerful Semblance, which controls magnetism. She's also Too Cool to Live and Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
    • Nora somehow also becomes this after having had blue eyes in Volume 1, perhaps to better resemble her inspiration (Thor).
    • Incidentally, Neon Katt also qualifies for this trope.
  • Red vs. Blue has Agent Carolina, the main character of the flashback parts of the Project Freelancer arc.

    Web Comics 
  • Mistress Sixx from Collar 6 is another lesbian love interest to the protagonist.
  • The Title Character of Cucumber Quest, destined to save the world and thus rather significant for its continuous survival.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Kim Possible, the main character, is both an Action Girl and Action Girlfriend example.
  • Examples from the DC Animated Universe:
    • Hawkgirl/Shayera, in Justice League Unlimited, as shown in the trope image, notable in that she was traditionally portrayed with blue eyes in the comics.
    • Lana Lang, in Superman: The Animated Series, who, similar to Hawkgirl above, often didn't have green eyes.
    • Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy, in the Batman episode "Pretty Poison", when she uses her stunning looks to get close to the men who wronged her (one of them even proposes to her) and attempts to assassinate them.
    • Gotham City socialite Veronica Vreeland, one of Batman's love interests (and the only redhead amongst them).
    • Extraverted Nerd Howard's Robot Girlfriend Cynthia in the Batman Beyond episode "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot". She's scarily possessive and has superhuman strength. She nearly kills a couple of people who bully/flirt with Howard and Batman has to step in.
  • In the episode of Family Guy in which Brian and Stewie explore alternate universes, a trip to a Disney styled universe reveals that Lois has green eyes.
  • Gargoyles has multiple examples.
    • Demona, one of the main antagonists, though ordinarily black-eyed like most gargoyles, qualifies when in human form.
    • Fox, recurring villain employee of and married to the other main antagonist David Xanatos.
  • Starfire from Teen Titans. When she's actively using her powers, she has solid green eyes like her comic book counterpart. When she's not, her eyes have are more like normal human "green eyes", but the sclera (the "white" of the eye) is also green (a paler shade than the iris).
  • Kiva from Megas XLR, the only major female character, the only redhead, one of the best looking characters from the show, and in an alternate reality/bad future timeline, an eventual love interest of Jamie.
  • Sam from Totally Spies!, the only redhead of the group (and the rest of the group follows typical cartoon colorations with black hair and brown eyes and blonde hair and blue eyes). She even wears green as her color!
  • Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10. The main female character, cousin to the main character, and a part of the most prominent love story in the series with eventual group member Kevin.
  • The title character in Atomic Betty.
  • Pickles the drummer in Metalocalypse has this sort of coloring, and in his case it's probably due to being "very Irish-American."

    Real Life 

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