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Intermediate Gods

    The Main Cast of Charlotte 
Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori, Joujirou Takajou, Yusa Kurobane, Misa Kurobane, Ayumi Otosaka, Divine Cast of Gaining Superpowers Through Puberty (Yuu: One-Eyed Grim Reaper | Yusa: Yusa Nishimori, Yusarin | Ayumi: Ayu, Ayucchi)
From left to right: Nao Tomori, Yusa Kurobane, Ayumi Otosaka, Joujirou Takajou, and Yuu Otosaka
Misa Kurobane possessing Yusa Kurobane
  • Intermediate Deities (Yuu and Ayumi); Lesser Deities (Takajou and Misa); Demideities (Nao and Yusa); Greater God or possible Overdeity (Yuu when he took all of the abilities worldwide); Quasideites (after they all lose their abilities)
  • Symbol: The comet Charlotte
  • Theme Song: Bravely You
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Yusa and Ayumi), Neutral Good (Takajo and Nao), True Neutral -> Neutral Good (Yuu), Chaotic Neutral (Misa)
  • Portfolio: Gain their powers through puberty but will lose them once they graduate in high school, Because their mission is to save other ability wielders so that they wouldn't be experimented by scientists the student council can do whatever they want and it wouldn't affect their records, Yuu absorbed all of the ability wielders' powers, but loses all of his memories in the process. Despite this, Nao decides to make new memories with Yuu and the rest of the student council and his sister; New Transfer Student (Yuu, Ayumi, and Yusa); Belligerent Sexual Tension until they become an Official Couple (Yuu and Nao); Sibling Yin-Yang (Yusa and Misa); Huge fans of Yusa Kurobane (Takajou and Ayumi)
  • Domains: Puberty, Superpowers; Power Stealing, Amnesia (Yuu); Invisibility, Loners (Nao); Super Speed, Injuries (Takajou), Spirit Channeling, Idols (Yusa); Fire, Spirits (Misa); Collapse, Deaths, Prevention (Ayumi)
  • Herald(s): Shunsuke Otosaka and the rest of his crew; Kazuki Tomori (Nao's older brother); Shou and Kouta (Misa's friends)
  • Allies: Charles Xavier, All Might
  • On good terms with: Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • On speaking terms with: Makoto Niijima (Nao)
  • Enemies: Supervillains in general, Max Eisenhartd/Magneto, William Stryker, Amon, The Corpus, The Sumeragi Swordsmen
  • Wary of: Misa Amane (Yusa), yanderes (Ayumi)
  • Respects: Superheroes in general, The Witches
  • Opposed by: Greg Heffley
  • Every 75 years, a comet called Charlotte will arrive on Earth. Those who are young to inhale it's dust, they will receive powers when they reached puberty but will eventually lose them once it stopped. Yuu Otosaka uses his ability on taking over other students' body to become an ace student. Once he was exposed by the student council of Hoshinoumi Academy, he and his sister were forced to transfer to an another dormitory and to their school, which is an institute that protects those that have abilities and/or have the potential to awaken it. The goal of the student council is to protect other ability users from getting caught by the scientists and convince them to never use their powers ever again. However. ..
    • Escaping from the dormitories just to go to school when Ayumi was recovering from her sickness, her traumatic awakening from her powers thanks to a jealous yandere causes her death. Suffering from guilt that he never repayed her kindness, Yuu eventually suffered from isolation, until Nao saved him by recreating the Otosaka omelette rice recipe that Ayumi kept remaking. Remembering his memories from a previous timeline thanks to a song from Zhiend, he then sought out his older brother and stole his time-leap ability to save Ayumi. After completely losing his sight of constant time-leaping, Shunsuke made Hoshinoumi Academy for other ability users. Yu then steal Shunsuke's time-leap ability to save Ayumi from her death. Realizing that other organizations will use the other ability wielders worldwide, Yuu decides to travel overseas to save all of them from their fate. He succeeds in doing so, but loses all of his memories because his brain couldn't handle all of that. After returning to Japan, Nao decides to make new memories with everyone else as they all try to life a normal life.
  • One day, the group inexplicably arrived in the Pantheon after they took a group picture together. The Court of Gods appointed them for the position because of how they got their powers and how they wanted to protect other users from the scientists, which they succeeded thanks to Yuu's ability. Although they don't want it as they want to be normal and how Yuu is the only one who still has his abilities, which may caused a lot of attention, they decided to accept it for the time being. The group also has reunited with Misa, who can appear in the Pantheon without the use of the channeling abilities. Yusa hugged Misa, stating that he regretted of how she never knew her powers, how she wished to talk to her while she still have her abilities, and how she's happy that they get an actual reunion and able to hang out in the Pantheon with the rest of their friends.
  • Hearing about the existence of superheroes and supervillains, they think they're just taking a huge risk because they could endanger themselves and other civillains, but otherwise admire the superheroes using their powers for wanting to protect everyone and abhorred the supervillains for using their powers for selfish reasons. Yusa and Ayumi have bigger admiration for the superheroes because of their bubbly personalities.
  • Befriended Professor X and All Might as they are both superheroes who teach their students on how to use their powers, mostly because they couldn't find adults that they could trust and it's unlikely for them to meet adults that still have their powers. They specifically love the former for being an advocate for his own species so that they could have unity with humans.
  • As a result of their friendship with Professor X, they became enemies with Magneto as they believed that his goal of making mutants superior is not a good solution. Also William Stryker as his racism towards mutants offended them since they used to be ability users themselves except for Yuu and thay hatred lead him to cause genocide.
  • They are retorted upon hearing that Steve Rogers gained his abilities through experimentation, thinking that he gaiend them without his permission. But after hearing that he does it to protect his country from the Nazis, they couldn't blame him for that, realizing that he is really determined to do anything to protect the world even if 70 years have passed since then and remain on good terms with him because of it.
  • They are interested in hearing about the Witches because they gained their abilities when they are young but eventually lose them through age. But they couldn't relate to them on using them for a battlefield and that some of them want to keep their powers even if they will lose them as the group want to hide their powers from the rest of the world and how terrorists that used similar weapons like the Witches wanted to exploit them. They can tell that they are using it to defend the world and think that their cause is noble, which they respected.
  • They hate Amon for being a terrostic bigot who wants to take away the powers of others. Amon retorted against them, stating that Yuu took away all of the abilities and that they are as much to be blamed since they are exactly like him. They argued back stating that the scientists and terrorists wanted to use the ability users for their own gain and if Yuu didn't do what he had to do, all of the ability users would suffer from mental trauma.
  • The members of The Corpus hold enormous interest on them after hearing that the scientists in their world captured similar users like them for technological purposes. While they are disappointed to see they lose their powers, they regained hope upon hearing that Yuu still has his powers before he will eventually lose them. Because of how dangerous his ability is, they want to know how his powers will benefit for their technology. As a result, their temple has been given higher security for their safety.
  • They hate the corporation the Sumeragi Swordsmen are working for because the latter performs illegal experiments on the adepts, who also have superpowers. They don't really get why they would work for a corporation that performs these kinds of experiments when they have powers themselves. The Swordsmen don't give a damn about what their opinions are anyway.
  • Grey Heffley is envious of them being able to gain superpowers through the process of puberty even if it will disappear when they graduated in high school, specifically Yuu Otosaka, as his ability to possess someone's body made the teenager to desire that power for his own personal gain. The response he got from them are Nao kicking him in the stomach and Misa suddenly wanting her fire powers back because he pisses her off.
  • Exclusive to Yuu:
    • Yuu can take over the abilities from other users, who at first thought that he could only take over someone's body for five seconds. Originally using it for selfish purposes, he became kinder after Nao recovered him from his insanity. He became insane again because of how he constantly steal other people's powers, but his promise to Nao because of a love confession kept him sane and eventually went back to Japan, but loses all of his memories. Despite this, he became Nao's boyfriend and began a new life with the rest of his friends.
    • Being told of his abilities because of his amnesia in the Pantheon, Yuu has a hard time grasping it and doesn't know if he could use them like in the past. Thanks to the function of his abilities, he befriended Anna Marie. The superhero praises him for using his abilities for selfless reasons instead for using them selfishly in the past back when he didn't know the true function of his power. Yuu doesn't know if he could handle the praise, but he nontheless appreciates it.
    • Gets compared with Lelouch vi Britannia because they are both aloof teenagers have eye powers that could manipulate others that only works once, overprotective towards their sisters, and are prone to evil laughs. Due to becoming a blank slate thanks to his amnesia, he befriended him very quickly and Lelouch feels bad for his current condition as he suffered from amnesia like him before and only able to see with one eye and bound to a wheelchair, reminds him of Nunally, which contributed more to their friendship. While he isn't sure about the plan he made making himself an evil dictator to erase the world's hatred, the two remain on speaking terms and he can tell that Lelouch is still a good person underneath.
  • Exclusive to Nao:
    • Nao has the ability to turn herself invisible, but only to one person at a time. Suffering from a dark childhood because her mother sold her and her brother out for experimentation, causing the latter to go insane. Vowing herself to never trust anyone again, resulting in her becoming a loner, she eventually met Shunsuke, the only person she could trust and became the Student Council President of Hoshinoumi Academy. She also loves Zhiend which was introduced from her by her brother and will trash anyone who hates it and doesn't identify it as a post-rock band.
    • Befriended Ai Haibara as they are both cold lone wolfs who hated the people they grew up with and grew to hate them even more after learning what they did to their older siblings and wanting to escape afterwards. They then shed their cold persona as they bond with others, and desire to live a normal life and leave their past behind. Nao feels bad that the scientist loses her sister, since unlike her, she still has her brother, and wanted to cheer her up, something that the scientist is grateful.
    • Due to being the student council president of Hoshinoumi Academy, she was approached by it's former holder, Makoto Niijima. Makoto doesn't like how her job mostly consists of her doing missions and not doing any student council work, but considering what the academy really is, she decides to let it slide. She considers teaching her what it means to be a student council president since the rest of the world loses their powers. Since she is still the student council president of the academy, Nao accepts the request.
  • Exclusive to Takajou:
    • Takajou has super speed, but because he can't control it, he always injures himself and thus, has to wear protective gear to lessen it. He is also a big fan of Yusa Nishimori, who tends to act like a creep when it comes to her.
    • Befriended both of the Flashes in the Pantheon as they are both speedsters like him. He's somewhat envious that they could control their power unlike him but other than that, he doesn't hold any grudges against them.
    • Befriended Dragon Shiryu on how they get to get a lot of bkood loss while still being able to survive. The warrior is glad that since Takajou loses his powers, he's not as much to blood loss as he used to be but informs him to be careful.
  • Exclusive to Yusa:
    • Yusa can let other spirits to take over her body. She is a popular Idol Singer from a band called How-Low-Hello, known as Yusa Nishimori as her stage name and affectionally called Yusarin by her fans. She is the only one in the student council who doesn't know that has powers until Misa said goodbye to her through a letter.
    • Gets along with Maya Fey as they are both spirit channelers who lose their older sisters at a young age whom they still adored. Maya in her part is baffled that Yusa is not aware of her own powers but could understand why it happened because of how airheaded she is and the professional spirit medium is even fascinated at her "Spell Series" and wants to try them to see if they could work, much to Phoenix's chagrin.
    • At first, Yusa wants to befriend Misa Amane thanks to being an idol and the fact they are both bubbly, clueless teenagers who refer to themselves in third person and the other idol shares the same name as her older sister. She became wary of her after finding out she is the Second Kira and how mentally unstable she is. Yusa has stayed out of Misa Amane's sight ever since.
    • Became interested upon hearing that the Mermaid Princesses are mermaids who became Magical Girl idol singers and befriended them quickly. She thinks that their voices are beautiful and wants to know if they could appear in one of her concerts for a collab.
  • Exclusive to Misa:
    • Misa has pyrokinesis. She died through an accident and ever since then, stays in the living world while possessing her younger sister. After learning about Yuu's mission to took over the abilities from other users, she then says goodbye to her new friends as she accepts that she could never be with them again.
    • Gets along with Stella Vermillion as they are both Hot-Blooded teenage girls who use pyrokinesis if they are pissed off who really care about the people they love but show it off in a cold-hearted manner. She also gets along with Natsu Dragneel because they are both rebellious fire-wielders who love to cause trouble.
    • While not a vengeful spirit, she gets along with Hisako since she understood her revenge, since she did it once for Yusa's safety and if she was in her position, she would have done the same. Hisako doesn't mind her company and she at least has the decency to not disturb her, other than the fact she threatened to use some of her powers go innocents even if they deserved it.
  • Exclusive to Ayumi:
    • Ayumi can collapse buildings, which caused her death before Yuu created a new timeline. The only one who isn't a member of the student council and isn't involved in any of their missions. Despite her age, she acts like Yuu's guardian and constantly makes the Otosaka omelette recipe because it is her brother's favorite. Like Takajou, she loves Yusarin and when it comes to her, she gets a huge nosebleed.
    • Because her awakening of her powers is caused by a Ax-Crazy jealous Yandere which made her die before the time travel, she tried to stay away from other yanderes.
    • One of Ayumi's favorite pasttimes is stargazing using a telescope. As such, she befriended Rosalina for being an ambiguous cosmic being who dwells in space. She also loves the Lumas she lives with because they're living stars, plays with them often and listens to Rosalina's storybook with the other Lumas. Ayumi asked Rosalina if she could visit the Comet Observatory whatever she want because she wants to travel in space, who the latter gave the permission to.
  • Can also be found in Power Gains and Losses.

    Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill 
Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill, Dual Deities of the Coming Of Age Stories (Garrod: The Gundam Boy, The Mobile Suit Pilot Extraordinaire, The Pizza Delivery Boy, Judau/Duo Ver. 2)
Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill
  • Intermediate God and Demigoddess (Tiffa goes to Intermediate levels when she uses her Newtype powers)
  • Symbol: The Gundam Double X
  • Theme Songs: "Dreams", "Resolution", "Human Touch" (English version) during their romantic moments
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good and Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: All Loving Heroes, Character Development, Coming of Age Story, Lady and Knight, Official Couples
  • Domains: War, Mecha, Moon, Romance, Growth, Heroism
  • Heralds: The Crew of Frieden, as well as Rick Aller and Rosa II (their successors)
  • Signature Mechas: GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X (Garrod's main mecha) and GX-9900 Gundam Xnote  (shared with Jamil Neate)
  • Allies: All Heroic Gundam Deities, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip), Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Simon the Digger, Akane Tsunemori, Madoka Kaname, Makoto Naegi
  • Enemies: GUAE Mecha Cohort, Shocker, HYDRA, Gihren Zabi, Anavel Gato, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Ascended into the pantheon after the end of the 8th Space War, Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill are the two individuals who learns to become more mature during their adventures in the year After War 0015 due to their mutual connections with each other. Throughout their adventures, the two also learned to stick together as couples for better or for worse.
    • Garrod was initially an immature survivalist who has a shrewd, distrustful attitude which makes him a non-team player. Although he happens to be an idiot, he is also skilled in his job as a Mobile Suit pilot and espoinage. However, his encounter with Tiffa, whom he also develops alot of feelings for her, became the main driving force for him to pilot the Gundam X, and later, the Gundam Double X, in the first place as a means to protect her from anyone who tries to use her for their evil agendas, as well as he evolves into a more reliable team player after he spends time with the crew of Freeden while he also make a decision that he doesn't want to repeat his pasts mistakes again.
    • Tiffa was first introduced as a shy and reserved person due to the horrible things she experienced as a lab rat due to her Newtype powers. Her powers is the reason why she became a frequent target for kidnapping by various factions. However Garrod's feelings and support allows her to warm up and become more open to the crew of Freeden and their allies before she eventually falls in love with Garrod. She also possess a talent in art drawings and being able to communicate with animals.
  • After their ascension, Garrod was quickly enlisted among the ranks of the Gundam Corps after he managed to impressed his peers with his act of protecting Tiffa from any form of villains who tries to use her for their own gain. Because of this, the group also repaired his initially wrecked Gundam Double X, allowing Garrod to pilot his personal Mobile Suit in battle once again.
  • The two seems to have known Kouta Kazuraba all along after they heard of the pantheon in the first place. They also likes to hang out with Kouta's Love Interest Mai as the four of them seems to be proud of each other because they learned to become more responsible people throughout their respective stories.
  • Oher than Kouta, they also likes to hangout with some heroic Kamen Riders like Gentaro Kisaragi, Ryotaro Nogami, Shinji Kido, and Yusuke Godai, as well as Madoka Kaname, Akane Tsunemori, Makoto Naegi, Simon, and Haru Glory, because of their similar personalities. Garrod and Tiffa also start to help them in their battles against their respective enemies in the Pantheon.
  • They also like to hang out with the two-in-one Kamen Rider Shotaro Hidari and Philip as both were amused with each other after they found out that Garrod's Gundam Double X and Kamen Rider Double's CycloneJoker Xtreme bears some similarities in their respective designs.
  • Garrod also seems to have known Naruto all along as he also like to hangout with him due to the fact that they used to be an Idiot Hero before they became more mature over time.
  • Sei Iori once had an imaginary battle with Mao Yasaka, the latter cosplaying as Garrod Ran in that sequence. Unsurprisingly, Sei was quite thrilled to meet up with Garrod for real, as the Gunpla fighter takes an interest on the Gundam Double X's capabilities. Reiji became friends with Garrod as well, especially since they were able to save their respective love interests from their respective antagonistic factions.
  • It should noted that Garrod wanted to ascend as the "God of Wave Motion Guns" due to the Satellite Cannon's destructive power used by his two Mobile Suits, but he was beaten by Juzo Okita, who possess a more powerful Wave-Motion Gun in the form of the Space Battleship Yamato. Garrod doesn't mind, though, as both he and Okita respect each other since they use their respective weapons for good.
  • Tiffa likes to to hang out with Mai Misho since she is also good at drawing art like her. The two were often seen drawing pictures together since Tiffa started to attend in the House of Craft since then.
  • Tiffa also became sympathizes with Hotaru Tomoe as both of them has similar personalities while they went a lot of terrible things in their lifefime before they gotten better afterwards. She also became friends with the School Idol Hanayo as well since she was also happens to be shy until she grows into a more confident person like Tiffa.
  • Garrod is often seen being associates with the likes of Eikichi Onizuka, Eddy, and Daffy Duck since they sounded similar whenever they speak in Japanese. Tiffa also happens to be friends with Satoko Houjou, Histoire, Jigglypuff and Mio Sasuga due to the same reasons with Garrod.
  • Ryoma Sengoku has been studying their overall capabilities, particularly Garrod's piloting skills with his Gundam Double X and Tiffa's Newtype powers. However, like many deities before, they also gained their disgust towards the mad scientist, considering that Ryoma wanted to use it as a countermeasure towards them.
  • Due to his conviction of protecting Tiffa till the very end, Garrod has started to fight any villainous factions that tries to kidnap Tiffa for their own agendas. As such, he became enemies with Zeon's Gihren Zabi, Blue Cosmos/LOGOS's Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril, the rest of the Mecha Cohort, and evil organizations like HYDRA and SHOCKER, because these groups set their sights on Tiffa for their malicious schemes. It is a matter of time for Garrod to put a stop on their evil ways.
  • Garrod also became wary upon the presence of Anavel Gato since the Zeon pilot also set his sight on hijacking the Gundam Double X with his plan to use it for destructive means. Garrod has made a point put a stop on Gato from achieving his plans any further.

    The Luminary 
The Luminary, God of the Dangerous 16th Birthday (Eleven, Darkspawn, Partner, Yggdragonspawn, Erdrick: Mightiest of Heroes, Number 72)

Lesser Gods

    Group 1 
Group 1note , Divine Representatives of Destroyed Innocence
From Left-to-Right: Shun, Mamoru, Maria, Satori and Saki
  • Lesser Gods with the Potential to become Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Number 1 Emblem as Marked on their Uniforms
  • Theme Songs: Wareta Ringo and Yuki ni Saku Hana by Risa Taneda
  • Alignment: Neutral Good/Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Idealistic Teens who Become Embittered and Broken, Childhood Friends, Thinning Out Overtime, Possessing Telekinetic Powers, Cannot Use their powers to Kill Others of their own Kind without Killing Themselves, Possessing Great Destructive Potential, Badass Adorable, Everyone Is Bi (Except Mamoru), True Companions
  • Domains: Telekinesis, Society, Love, Friendship, Loss, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Reiko Amano, Tomiko Asahina, Mizuho Watanabe & Takashi Sugiura (Saki's parents), Inui, Kiroumaru
  • Allies: Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, Lucas, Matilda Wormwood, Winston, Julia, Mickey Mouse, Carrie White, Shigeo Kageyama, Matt Garetty, Steve Montgomery, Gaara, Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Ahsoka Tano, Steven Universe, Izuku Midoriya, Eleven, Gunvolt, Blade, Mrs. Brisby, Nicodemus, Basil and Dawson, Fujino Asagami, XCOM
  • Enemies: Big Brother, O'Brien, Khazrak, Gorthor, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Beatty, William Stryker, Ratigan, Zonda and the Seven, Psycho Mantis, Robert the Tire, ADVENT
  • Respected and Pitied By: Houses of Love and Affection, Friendship and Camaraderie and Childhood and Adolescence
  • Intrigues: Magneto
  • Pities: Andrew Detmer, Alma Wade
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Rat Clan (Armello)
  • Opposes: The GUAE Dystopia Harbingers
  • In a future, after Humanity began to decline due to the rise of a series of humans who possessed the power of psychokinesis, an order was established to overlook and monitor the well-being of those who possess such abilities. They were capable of manipulating matter and bending objects to their will near-effortlessly, but there was a catch; there came a modification in the human genome that prevented psychokinetic beings from killing one another, lest they were killed themselves by immediate retaliation. And even then to properly learn and control said powers was a difficult task as well due to its destructive capabilities. Despite this, humanity kept on persisting in its struggles, even after society had greatly regressed and after several horrific events, normal citizens and those with powers came to live in harmony, despite keeping away dark secrets.
    • One of the settlements in this dystopian world was Kamisu 66 in Japan. There, a sextet of students in-training of their psychokinetic powers resided which formed into Group 1. At first, their lives happen to be idealistic... until one of them, Reiko Amano, dies and is never bought up again, followed by the remaining five teens deciding to explore beyond their village boundaries. There, they discover much about historical events that led to the engineering of psychokinetic beings and the old age, alongside stumbling across the humanoid "Monster Rats", particular the noble, commandeering Kiroumaru and the sly, ambitious Squealer. Alongside those, the five teens were horrified and perplexed to discover and realize what they had not known and began questioning the motives of their village. Though the five make it through to late teenhood, one of them, Shun Aonuma, mysteriously departs. Though Saki Watanabe managed to find where he was hiding, it turned out that Shun had been turning into a karma demon and that he had accidentally killed his parents and destroyed his home village during his transitioning. Due to his powers becoming too swollen to control, he fatally imploded, though not before telling Saki he always loved her. Following this, the remaining members forgot about Shun ever existing, as it turned out that Kamisu 66 played a role in removing the acknowledgement of someone upon death, especially if they happened to be weak. More tragedy struck when Mamoru Itō suddenly vanished. Upon finding him, it was revealed that Mamoru was afraid to return to his village, considering that his abilities being weaker compared to his peers meant that his village was to execute him and erase Mamoru from their records. Maria Akizuki volunteered to stay with Mamoru and be looked after by the Monster Rats while Saki and Satoru Asahina departed back to the village, both pairs never seeing each other again...
    • In the following years, Saki became a worker for the "Department of Mutant Management" and Satoru decided to enlist in genetics on the Lotus Farm, specialising in light-based psychokinesis. There, the two receive confirmation that Maria and Mamoru had died a decade ago and that the Monster Rat alliances of Squealer, who was now referred to as Yakomaru, and Kiroumaru were in warring conflict against one another. During the investigation, Saki and Satoru discovered that Yakomaru was secretly grooming an "Akki", a psychokinetic being who was apparently immune to being killed off by killing one's own kind and exhibiting psychotic and murderous tendencies. To their horror, Saki and Satoru discovered the Akki to be the child of Maria and Mamoru, who was immediately taken in by Yakomaru upon immediately killing the child's parents and raising it to be a weapon against humanity, in addition to seeking revenge against how the Monster Rats were poorly treated and disregarded. After seeing the Akki utterly demolish Kamisu 66, with Saki's parents being among the casualties, Saki and Satoru decided to work with Kiroumaru in combating Yakomaru and his Akki alongside fellow psychokinetic user Inui, to travel to the submerged ruins of Tokyo and find the "Psychobuster" a weapon of mass-destruction creates by Americans to kill psychokinetic beings. Though the weapon was found and Saki was able to remember her deceased friends, Inui was killed in the quest and the Psychobuster was destroyed by Satoru to protect Saki in a battle against the Akki, prompting Kiroumaru to sacrifice himself once confronted by Yakomaru's Akki. Upon killing him, the Akki shortly died later, having thought of itself as a Monster Rat and cornering Yakomaru. Though Yakomaro was to be subjected to a Fate Worse than Death due to his actions, Saki opted to kill him out of pity and mercy privately. Later on, Saki and Satoru discovered the true origins behind the existence of Monster Rats but eventually decided that it was best to focus on the future and to improve society from here on out. They got married and continue on with their professional work and dreams whilst expecting a child.
  • A letter was delivered to Saki and Satoru, which spoke of their story and how they would potentially get a chance to reunite with their friends. This immediately caught the two's attention and decided to respond back with reading the letter further, looking at instructions for what to do. Saki and Satoru wasted no time in attending a location called the Court of the Gods. There, they were personally introduced by a bald man in a wheelchair and a green-looking humanoid, who introduced themselves respectively as Charles Xavier and the Martian Manhunter. Both stated that they personally decided to ask the Court to allow Saki and Satoru to enter a realm known as the Pantheon, which surprised the two as they were more focused on wanting to see their friends again. The two older psychics then proceeded to tell them how their story was an interesting, yet heartbreaking take, yet they also said that they were fine examples of good-hearted beings with a responsibility to their powers, which made Saki and Satoru smile. Finally, as a gift, Saki and Satoru were led into the Pantheon proper, with Maria, Mamoru and Shun eagerly awaiting them. Obviously enough, a tearful and happy reunion ensued with the five of them promising to always look after each other, whilst Professor X and J'onn J'onzz mused how they will be taking it upon themselves to look after and train the five of them.
  • When the five reunited, Saki and Satoru took their time to explain what they had gone through and what had happened ever since. While all of them were happy to see each other again, it was bittersweet to an extent. Shun, Mamoru and Maria expressed some form of emotional shock, due to their deaths. The situation regarding the latter two's child was nauseating and tragic, given that Maria and Mamoru wept considerably when they were told about it. Saki reaffirmed that Maria and Mamoru would have made great parents, which made them a little comfortable. And of course, there's an obvious age difference; Saki and Satoru are adults whereas Maria, Mamoru and Shun are still in their late-teen years as that was their age when their mortal coils were shed. Regardless, that difference means nothing to Group 1, who instead want to make sure they're always there for one another.
  • The members of Group 1 possess formidable telekinetic powers that can become better over time in regards to usage, creativity and damage output. And of the members, it is Shun who is the most proficient and talented of the group. That said, due to the dangerous nature of their powers, the Ethics Committee back in their world had to tamper the usage of power to never attack one's kind as doing so will result in killing one's self. Being raised pacifists, Group 1 are okay with leading a simple idyllic life, only using their powers under training or to defend themselves and their loved ones.
  • They were awed to discover the Pantheon, in a sense because many of the settlements, landmarks and locations were just like before the Old World disaster ever occurred and that it was a totally unique feeling and a sight to experience for them. Some of them, Maria, in particular, took to try flying around buildings for fun and some decided to display their powers to the public, who were surprisingly amicable with the sight. While it's likely because the population is used to see superpowers, it still made Group 1 comfortable enough to be seen as being accepted.
  • Unusual for any community, Kamisu 66 was encouraging towards teens to express their sexual desires as a way to exert as much stress as they could and to express it towards anyone around their age, regardless of their gender, and to find a way to control said stress and sexual urges. It should be noted that while Maria had romantic feelings with Saki and the same for Satoru and Shun, circumstances are different in the Pantheon. For one, Saki has a stable marriage with Satoru, not to mention Maria conceived a child with Mamoru, even if the end results were catastrophic. Shun decided it was for the best that they remain with their beloved, acknowledging Saki and Satoru's marriage and seeking to be there for them, alongside Maria and Mamoru who are understandably shaken up by how their mortal coils were shed.
  • Given that their powers are very familiar with a lot of deities, Group 1 quickly became friends with other telekinetic users like Ness and Lucas, two boys who took it upon themselves to save the world from evil forces, albeit like Group 1 themselves, Lucas went through more dire and tragic situations. Lucas's story, in particular, did upset Group 1 and left Mamoru in tears, but it still allowed them to strengthen their friendship with one another.
    • A trio of teenage boys were also a manner of interest for Group 1. That said, their issues contrasted in the sense that they had to deal with increasing peer pressure and one of the boys, Andrew Detmer, to suddenly snap and become a psychotic madman. Matt Garrety and Steve Montgomery got along quickly with the group, Matt especially with Saki as she respected Matt's desire to help others and his caring nature while Steve would often try to engage in a few sporty activities with Satoru and Shun. That said, Group 1 holds no animosity towards Andrew, even if he's a dangerous threat. After all, the guy has been through a lot of mental and physical trauma and is someone who needs help.
    • Another pair of psychics with tragic pasts included Fujino Asagari and Alma Wade. The former was a victim of rape and the experience of the event was what awakened her psychic powers, which she uses to target and kill other rapists. The latter was a child that seen as nothing other than an experiment, which resulted in Alma not having any care, love or attention given to her, all while being subjected to terrible experimentations and being killed off via pulling her out of life-support. As a result, she returned as a vengeful spirit hellbent on destroying the world in return. Group 1 sympathized with both, with Fujino being accepting of their company and seeing that they are willing to try helping her out regarding her personal issues. As much as they would like to help Alma, they've kept a good distance away, given that Alma herself is too reminiscent of an Akki.
  • Due to their affiliation with Professor X, Magneto also found some kind of intrigue with Group 1. In a sense, they're technically mutants, according to Magento as all of them have powers, though he's taken aback by how the inability to kill one's own species would render them helpless if their attacker was human. Magneto seeks to absolve this problem at some point and treats the group with respect and dignity. Group 1 themselves can tolerate Magneto and can sympathize with his tragic background as there is some similarity towards Squealer in that regard, but given his villainous actions, they privately admit to treading a thin line, not sure if what Magneto desires is for the best or not.
    • On a darker note, there is the superpowers beast, Gorilla Grodd, who also possesses potent telekinetic powers. Unlike Magneto, Grodd is a sadistic, merciless beast who has a deep, irrational hate for humankind and seeks to destroy it so apes can take over. While he acknowledges the powers of Group 1, he also makes it clear that he has no respect for them and that their powers pale compared to theirs. Due to Grodd technically not being a human, the group are willing to lethally battle against him, especially after Grodd mused that he would like to take a bite out of their brains, thinking it would make him stronger. In a sense, Grodd is essentially Squealer without any tragic background or a sense of sympathy going for him, even if the latter himself was responsible for the deaths of Maria and Mamoru.
    • On the subject of mutants, Group 1 immediately earned the fear and hate of William Stryker. Regardless of them coming from a different setting and universe, Stryker remains glued to his perspective that Group 1 are mutants just for being engineered superhuman and they deserve punishment and death for those reasons. Obviously enough, they've come to despite Stryker due to his insane bigotry and willingness to kill child superbeings who mean no harm and even normal people who sympathize with those possessing superpowers.
  • Despite living in a seemingly peaceful setting, they were shocked to realize that upon learning and hearing from a Fallen Minoshiro, they were actually living in a wracked, depressing and dangerous setting years after the engineering of powered beings bought about the fall of civilization. Additionally, parts of information were to also be kept away in fear of them being discovered and used against them. This serves as a reason why the Pantheon, so far, has been seen as a far kinder world for them.
  • They immediately took to opposing against Big Brother and O'Brien. At least with Kamisu 66, while their methods were brutal and restrictive, they did much of their terrible actions because they genuinely believed that it was for the best. Meanwhile, Big Brother wants to preserve its own power for power's sake and sees severe human punishment and breaking their spirits as an example of keeping its goal preserved. Group 1 also took offence to O'Brien callously acknowledging that he tortures other solely to make a point and that a group of people who can "push and throw things with their minds" isn't going to be enough to stop either him or Big Brother.
  • On the topic of disarrayed world's, there was one where powered being known as Adepts quickly took over the world and had to be fended off by human survivors. Among them was Gunvolt, a feared, but ultimately well-meaning hitman who clashed against both ill-intentioned humans and his fellow Adepts from time-to-time. Meanwhile, there was Zonda, an Adept who took to establishing the Seven as a means to retaliate back against mankind for using them as experimentation and for being disregarded at. Group 1 became friends with Gunvolt due to their similar premises of having to survive in an unforgiving world and while sorry for Zonda and the Seven, do feel the need to fend her off as they are in no mood for negotiations.
  • To their utter surprise, Group 1 caught the interest of numerous anthropomorphic rodents, though fortunately, most of them turned out to be benevolent and only wanted to either befriend or pay condolences with the group. They were surprised to see how one of them, Mickey Mouse, is seen as a global icon and has saved his world a few times and played a role in the Keyblade Wars. Mrs. Brisby simply appreciates the five for their friendship and loyalty to one another and is eager to attend their services. Basil and Dawson are willing to record their entire story and compile it into a collection of notes, though the numerous depressing and harrowing events collected is rather intimidating for the two. Still, Basil and Dawson are committed to their task and have gained Saki's permission in getting to work. All in all, Group 1 found it a little hard to believe that they became well-acquainted with some rodents in the Pantheon.
  • In a darkly odd situation, Group 1 were simply having an ordinary, yet fun day, when Mamoru suddenly spotted a lone tire drifting along the pavement. At first, they decided to ignore it... until the tire became closer and suddenly stopped. Before any of them could check on what was going on, the tire suddenly rushed in high-speed, attempting to attack the five. Group 1 quickly took to pushing the tire back, but it wouldn't stop and eventually, Satoru decided to use up a good deal of his strength to swing and fling the tire as far as he could. That was their first time encountering Robert the Tire... and to the latter, it's not going to be the last time they meet either.
  • Regarding their thoughts on the other Houses and Domains, they are generally respected by the Houses of Friendship and Camaraderie, Love and Affection and Power and Abilities, the latter in which the Martian Manhunter personally looks after and trains them to be more proficient in their powers. That said, Maria and Mamoru are rather hesitant to attend the House of Family. Not that they have anything against the place, but they feel uncomfortable about bringing up their child as a conversational topic, let alone bringing them along as their herald. Seeing how uneasy they feel about it, Saki, Satoru and Shun also prefer not to mention the child either, though the House of Family have congratulated Saki and Satoru for bringing in their child for the future.
  • While the Monster Rats were a controversial topic for the group to talk about, they do feel some ounce of pity for them, given that they were test subjects when humans were seeking to create telekinetic beings and thus, were ostracised and mocked for it. While the Monster Rats had a cynical and tragic reason for why it opposes Mankind, the Beastmen of Chaos are nowhere near sympathy, essentially just hating humans and civilizations as a whole due to their tainted hatred and influence by Chaos. The threat of the Beastmen was dire for they intended to spare no one in their attacks, so Group 1 feels rather justified whenever they express their right to oppose them, especially Gorthor, who wants to wipe out as many people as he could to please the Chaos Gods. Khazrak, on the other hand, sees Group 1 as Worthy Opponents to fight against, a feeling that they don't reciprocate.
    • The Rat clan are an aggressive, but well-meaning race of humanoid rodents that are not above using espionage, trading and infiltrating into politics if it means preserving their kind and one of their leaders, Mercutio is very ambitious in his goal of one day, surpassing the King of Armello. Group 1, not really having gotten over with their ordeal with Squealer and the Monster Rats tend to ignore the Rat Clan, while the latter usually decide not to bother with the former as they have their personal matters to settle. That said, they do have a few mutual enemies, namely the Beastmen, due to their desire to destroy anything resembling civilization, where Group 1 and the Rat Clan have little choice but to form a temporary alliance.
"We have to change our way of thinking if we really want to change the future."
Saki Watanabe
"We can't allow them to control our thoughts and memories forever."
Satoru Asahina
"I think there are many things in this world we are better off not knowing. Sometimes the truth is the cruelest thing of all. Not everyone can bear it."
Maria Akizuki
"We ultimately fear what spawns from within us."
Shun Aounuma

    Honoka Mitsui 
Honoka Mitsui, Patron Saint of Teenage Infatuation
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The First High School symbol
  • Theme Song: "Kirari ☆ One Way Love"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Smitten Teenage Girl, The Cutie, Not Much of a Fighter But Wants to Be, Undying Loyalty on a Genetic Level, Nice Girl, Light Manipulation, Hidden Buxom
  • Domains: Love, Submissiveness, Kindness, Self-esteem Issues
  • Herald: Shizuku Kitayama (her best friend)
  • High Priestess: Chiho Sasaki
  • Followers: Airi Sakura, Luluco, Susan and Mary Test, Meilin Lee
  • Allies: Akame, Miia, Mayuri, Princess Zelda, Tenri Ayukawa, Prism Cherry, Ordis
  • Enemies: Chernabog, Zed, Makuta Teridax, The House of Tainted Love (except Erina Joestar)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Monika
  • Honoka gained fame across the Pantheon for her love towards Tatsuya Shiba. To clarify, she fell in love with him even when she knew nothing about him other than he was handsome and competent. For the most part, her series treated her crush in a positive manner, but there were times where Honoka wondered if she even had a chance with Tatsuya. Acknowledging such character trait, the Court of the Gods allowed her ascension.
    • The reason for her crush on Tatsuya was later explained as part of her genetic makeup. Honoka is descended from the Elements, the first kind of magicians to exist in her native Japan. The Elements lived in a time where discrimination against magic was rampant; thus, to ensure they wouldn't be a threat to society, the Elements allowed the government to modify their genetic structure to ensure loyalty to their leaders. The Elements' descendants inherited such genetic loyalty, which was often greater when expressed towards someone of the opposite gender; in Honoka's case, Tatsuya.
  • Befriended Akame, Miia and Mayuri after discovering they had the same Japanese voice. To be more specific, she got along swimmingly with Mayuri, especially after hearing of her Heroic Sacrifice to protect Shido. She gets a bit creeped out by Akame's assassin skills and the extremes Miia often goes to in order to protect her "Darling", but at least she knows their hearts are in the right place.
  • Sees Princess Zelda as a mentor in the ways of magic. Her calm demeanor and lifelong wisdom reminds Honoka of her friend Miyuki. Zelda, in turn, sees much of herself in Honoka, particularly in how her feelings for Tatsuya are not too different from her own feelings towards Link.
  • Naturally opposed to the deities of Tainted Love, seeing them as what could happen to her if her love for Tatsuya made her lose her sense of perspective.
    • Still, Monika falls in something of a gray area for Honoka. While she doesn't approve of the lengths Monik is willing to go for (Insert Name Here)'s affections; she does admit the knowledge if being a fictional character in a fictional world where her life is taken to a backseat would drive her to the deep end too. Even so, Honoka keeps away from her as much as she can.
  • Prism Cherry became acquainted with Honoka after hearing of her light-based powers, especially when she used her magic as an improvised flashbang to win the Battle Board competition. Since then, Cherry trained Honoka in how to use her light magic in terms of defense. That, unfortunately, has earned Honoka the enmity of evil deities who use darkness magic such as Chernabog, Zed and Makuta Teridax.
  • After hearing of Honoka's Hidden Buxom, Katsuragi has made attempts to grope her. Having learned from experience, Honoka is quick to cast illusions and high-intensity flares to disorient Katsuragi and make a run for it. So far, it's proven effective.
  • Unexpectedly became friends with Ordis after he got wind of her genetic loyalty towards Tatsuya, seeing it as no different from his own loyalty towards his Operator. In his spare time, when not helping his Operator, Ordis helps Honoka further her illusions and light magic. There is a possibility that he might try to replicate Mirage's Prism ability.
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Romantic Interest.

    The Planeteers 
The Planeteersmembers: , Divine Team of Teens Chosen To Save The World
Left to right:Gi, Kwame, Wheeler, Ma-Ti, Linka
  • Lesser Deities with their rings, Demigods/Quasideities without them
  • Symbol: Their rings
  • Theme Song: Captain Planet
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Recruit Teenagers with Attitude, Multinational Team, Five-Man Band, Green Aesop, Jumped at the Call (though to a lesser extent for Wheeler), Belligerent Sexual Tension and Slap-Slap-Kiss (Wheeler and Linka), Tomboy and Girly Girl (Gi and Linka), Friend to All Living Things (Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti), Sensitive Guy and Manly Man (Ma-Ti and Wheeler)
  • Domain(s): Planet Preservation, Child Heroes
  • Herald: Suchi, Ma-Ti's pet monkey
  • High Priests: the Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
  • Followers: the 7 Seeds Project Subjects, Himeno, the Power Pack, Mao Onigawara, Misora Tsukishima, and Sylvia Maruyama, The Anti-Earth Union Group, the Zodiac Starforce, the TimeRiders, Dee Moreno, Susan and Nanase, the B.R.A.T.S. of the Lost Nebula
  • Allies: Captain Planet, Gaia (Planeteer or Roman Goddess form only), All non-evil aligned gods in the Nature Preservers sub-house, Avatar Aang, Zygarde, Kaio "K.O." Kincaid (especially for Kwame and Ma-Ti), Ash Ketchum, Xerneas, the Legendary Warriors, Swamp Thing, Valerie Frizzle
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Viridi, Battra, The Diamond Authority (especially Blue Diamond), Yveltal, Poison Ivy (on her better days, otherwise she gives Villain Respect)
  • Enemies: Looten Plunder, Hexxus, The Lich, The Grox, Montgomery Burns, Lysandre, Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J Cruella de Vil, all Nazis, the Gyaos, Yapool, Kefka Palazzo, YHVH, Lucifer, Zamasu, Buy n Large, Lucemon, anyone who desires to destroy/subjugate/torment humans, life, or Earth
  • Pities:
  • Oppose: Saxton Hale, Rusty, Ra's Al-Ghul, M. Bison
  • After the whole mess between Ma-Ti and the Nostalgia Critic, Planeteer!Gaia figured it was time to bring in the rest of the Planeteers to the Pantheon to help him out of this funk.
    • As for their chosen trope, they would ascend under Recruit Teenagers with Attitude, since she had specifically chosen them for her mission, as their generation will be inheriting the Earth, and so they needed to be taught to take care of it.
    • However, given certain events, the reunion was… not quite as happy as most thought it would be. Still, thanks to Gaia meeting them personally, as well as other environmentalists being present in the ascension ceremony, the Planeteers decided to give the Pantheon a chance. With more friends by their side, and powerful ones too, perhaps they can be successful this time. As for what exactly had happened, check Kwame's section for details.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • In regards to how their rings operate now that Captain Planet is a bonafide Pantheon God, their powers still work, and with other users of elemental powers in the Pantheon, they can learn to do more with it, even do finer control with them. They can still summon Captain Planet, though it comes with the unfortunate side effect of removing him from wherever he's currently at, so the kinks are still being worked out on that.
      • That said, they still have the other following conditions that can make them not work: the ring has come in contact with pollution, pollution level in the area is high, or if the user's mind is polluted.
      • Their rings have also been modified so that simply calling out one's element in passing won't trigger their powers, in order to avoid such cases like when Wheeler offhandedly said "fire" and a small fire broke out. Now, intent to use its power is also required.
      • The rings aren't even "locked" to their chosen user, as Wheeler can attest to, so in case of an emergency, an ally can use the ring, though probably not to the same extent as the Planeteers.
    • As manipulators of the classical elements, Ma-Ti's friends have been approached by various element-users in the GUAG to help better defend themselves and learn to use their rings' powers in better ways, after seeing them barely tap into the full potential of their powers. On top of the list are the Avatars (Aang, Korra, and sometimes Wan), second are their friends (Katara, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, Mako, Bolin, Lin, and Tenzin), third are the elemental representatives (Recca Hanabishi, Percy Jackson, Fujin), fourth are the Toa, and further down are any other element-manipulators willing to give them a hand.
    • There are some concerns with the Planeteers out fighting evil with no comment on their parents' thoughts on the matter (though Ma-Ti's an orphan, Wheeler explicitly ran from his parents, and Kwame's father is implied to be dead). Of course, with the Pantheon having several kids as deities (one even representing the trope), this is not much of an issue here.
    • As protectors of Earth, they're naturally in opposition to not just those who pollute it with little thought to the consequences or just for the hell of it, but those who actively desire to destroy all humanity, all life, or even the planet. Subjugation is no better, and neither is making life a living hell for all.
      • That said, they've also heard of some truly despicable people who in spite of it hold sort-of environmentalist goals, such as M. Bison (at least in the animated series) and Ra's Al Ghul.
    • They were also automatically signed up in the Grand United Alliance of Nature, and have befriended most of those under Nature Preservers.
      • That said, there were a few the Planeteers weren't happy with and those not quite happy with them. For one, there's the hyper-violent Battra, the nature princess San (though she eventually warmed up to them thanks mostly to Ma-Ti), and the anti-arsonist Smokey Bear (though only against Wheeler; he admits this would've been less so if he was able to quench existing fires).
    • As a friend of nature, they've become fast friends with Ash, as well as the Life Pokémon Xerneas. They do have reservations in regards to Yveltal, but ultimately understand that the Destruction Pokémon's role is necessary for their world's continued survival.
    • They've also become allies with the Legendary Warriors, whose powers are similar to those of the Planeteers. Susanoomon, the Legendary Warriors' ultimate form, is created through the combination of their powers, much like Captain Planet. Of course, this also led to them becoming enemies with Lucemon, who destroyed his version of the Digital World in order to regain his full power.
    • Due to their actions against Earth and the hostile terraforming of several planets before it, the Planeteers have extreme difficultly in dealing with the Diamonds, and it's only through Steven that they know they're turning things around, even in their own Homeworld. Because of how aliens once abducted them in a zoo for their own preservation, they have it hardest against Blue, who has done the same thing.
    • While they've actually rarely met any pelt-wearers for the sake of the animals' suffering, they find Cruella's desire for fur coats (to the point of having a zoo captive hunted, and outright abducting pets) repulsive and needing to be stopped.
    • They oppose those who use technological advancement for evil despite potential to do good, just like how Gaia did while body-swapped with Dr. Blight. There are those who call them out for not sharing their environment-friendly tech to the world, but Gaia vouched for them, stating that the world would them become too reliant on Planeteer tech otherwise;
    • There was a moment of confusion when they encountered Duke Nukem, given one of the Eco-Villains shared the same name. Fortunately for them, this Duke is merely egotistic though is nominally still a hero.
    • Ms. Frizzle has noted that they bear strong resemblances to some of her students (Tim for Kwame, Arnold for Wheeler, Dorothy Ann for Linka, Wanda for Gi, and Carlos for Ma-Ti), and has occasionally requested for them on field trips covering environmental protection.
    • Although Orion largely stays out of conflict, he would probably like the Planeteers.
  • Exclusive to Kwame:
    • Besides manipulating the earth (up to creating small islands from the ocean), Kwame's Earth Ring can also generate plant life, reverse soil degradation and erosion done by others or its own power. However, it can't affect polluted soil or anything in the air.
    • There was that time when he took a trip to Lakewood Plaza Turbo in pursuit of Dr. Blight. He was on his own since the infighting and the near-hopelessness of their crusade caused the band to split "and get regular jobs". During his trip there, the substitute Planeteers were Kaio (Heart), Radicles (Fire), Enid (Water), and A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon (Wind). Ultimately, while her plan was foiled, Blight was able to escape, and her plot did manage to permanently affect the world.
      • Becuase of that alliance, Kaio reforged his friendship with Kwame and befriended the rest of the Planeteers.
    • Has a strong affinity for trees and is the most vocal in their preservation, earning the respect of fellow forest protectors, as well as the treants Treebeard and Rooftrellen.
  • Exclusive to Wheeler:
    • Besides creating fire (but never seen manipulating existing flames), Wheeler's Fire Ring can also heat, melt and/or weld targeted surfaces and objects. It can also shoot laser-like fire beams that usually incinerate anything they come into contact with, and can be used as a light in dark areas. Naturally, it's ineffective underwater.
    • Despite starting on the wrong end in regards to ecological issues, there are those even among environmentalists who do see his point, especially when it came to transplanting endangered animals, and the "air conditioner episode".
    • Coming from an abusive father and a mother passive to it, even ordered by the former to buy alcohol for him, he naturally loathes parents like (or worse than) that, and is also adverse to all forms of liquor (unless perhaps when used for medical purposes).
    • Is apparently a Catholic.
  • Exclusive to Linka:
    • Despite coming from the Soviet Union, given her name, a few people doubt she's actually Russian. On the other hand, the Soviet Union covered more than just Russia; it included a lot of Eastern Europe, too, which the opening retconned her continent of origin to (some believe she's actually Ukrainian, from the Donbass region, or from Kuzbass).
    • Linka's Wind Ring has the standard powers associated with the element, though never to tornado or hurricane levels, and it can be disrupted. While she can lift others with it no problem, it's very draining if she engulfs herself with wind to do that. Aang's contemplating on whether she can emulate an "air scooter", or otherwise help her use her powers in conjunction with a glider.
    • Having been subject to the vices of drugs once before, and losing a cousin to said drugs, she has it out against all drug dealers.
    • Linka enjoys bird-watching (a bird even brought her ring to her) and playing music on her electrical keyboard. She also admits to enjoying dancing.
    • Being technologically-minded and even known to be a hacker, she's one of the few members of the GUAN who correspond a lot with the GUAG White Hats and has made friends with some of the division to keep up to date with the current cyberspace.
  • Exclusive to Gi:
    • Besides manipulating water, Gi's Water Ring is also capable of soaking terrains without any prior water, though in all other cases, she can't create it. She also can't manipulate ice or polluted water.
      • By water, this also includes in the human body. Due to the one time she once attempted to drown a crook who almost killed a friend of hers, Katara isn't sure if she should let the Planeteer learn about Bloodbending, especially since she doesn't need a full moon to do it. True, the waterbender was slightly younger than the Planeteer at the time, but that's precisely why.
    • Holds a lot of love for aquatic life, and thus has made fast friends with the non-hostile residents there such as Ecco and the resident Pokémon (plus nearly every other Water-type, which got her favor from Misty). She also holds a lot of sympathy for the Orca even as she's unable to quell the rage in his heart and him being distrustful of humans still.
      • That said, he at least acknowledges her dedication to protecting his kind when she came to blows with Captain Ahab when he was trying to hunt the Orca. She doesn't like his single-minded obsession with hunting Moby Dick.
      • Of course, not every aquatic denizen has become friendly with her. Others were even hostile, such as Moby Dick himself, Monstro, and the Kraken (and Davy Jones by extension).
  • Exclusive to Ma-Ti:
    • Before joining the other Planeteers, he had inherited Aquaman's former portfolio. His initial reason for ascension was so that the others could summon Captain Planet.
    • Many of the other gods have done much more with much less. But just try telling him that…
    • Proved his worth when he defeated the seemingly invincible sorcerer Malachite. Ma-Ti won, at cost of being put in a deep sleep.
    • Being bitter over his treatment by others (Especially the Nostalgia Critic) and having merged with the cosmic anomaly known as the Plot Hole, Ma-Ti tried to use the Critic's heartlessness to bring about the destruction of the Pantheon. The Critic eventually proved he's no longer as heartless as he once was and convinced Ma-Ti to pass on.
      • During this time, the House of Technology was closed off to all but a select few as many of the computers began to act strangely. It was reported that some of the computers started displaying various messages and images. Other computers suffered malfunctions and there were even cases of explosions. Attempts to fix this by cutting the power proved futile.
    • Linkara has noted that Ma-Ti's powers are actually more powerful than it's seemed. The only reason he hasn't used them is because he's too nice. Thus the only reason he isn't a higher ranked deity prior to his team's rework is due to his own choice, not because his powers suck.
      • As a refresher, this is what Ma-Ti's Heart Ring is capable of: It can be used to communicate with Gaia and the holders of the other four Rings as long as they're all conscious. It can deliver mass warning messages to nearby citizens, be used to locate any magic ring separated from its owner, or any person that's close to a ring holder. It can sense the presence of any animal, summon them for help, and read their thoughts if they need help. It can influence the decisions of people and animals. Inside the human body, it can summon antibodies to heal and also recharge the other rings. The Heart Ring can illuminate dark areas, expose the true identity of disguised persons and makes the owner immune to mind control.
      • That said, it does have its weak points: he cannot use the ring's power to locate or gather information on someone doing evil all the time, as was the case on Hoggish Greedly. It cannot communicate with other ring holders if that holder is unconscious or if an extremely evil being is in the presence of that holder. It has no effect on inanimate objects, artificial animals (like genetic clones), organisms with no heart (this includes synthetic/artificial beings, and forces of pure evil), organisms not native to Earth, or extremely evil humans such as the Eco-Villains. It will also not tame extremely frightened or agitated animals.
      • Interestingly, on rare occasions, Ma-Ti has demonstrated telepathic abilities even without access to his ring power. Given that Ma-Ti's grandfather (a Kayapo shaman) was unambiguously shown to have telepathic abilities of his own, it's likely that Ma-Ti may have inherited this power from him.
    • Due to his aptitude for the Heart Ring, Kaio befriended Ma-Ti as well since he seems to appreciate the usefulness of this attribute and takes the environment's health very seriously.

    Yue Ayase 
Yue Ayase, Goddess of Teen Geniuses (Philosophastra Illustrans, Baka Black/Leader, Student #4, The Magical Detective, Yue The All-Knowing)
  • Lesser Goddess, possible Intermediate Goddess in the future
  • Symbol: The Orbis Sensualum Pictus or a Juice Box
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Great Big Book of Everything, Badass Bookworm, The Philosopher, Shorter Means Smarter
  • Domains: Libraries of any shape or size
  • Herald: Nodoka Miyazaki (her best friend)
  • High Priestess: Lute
  • Allies: Negi Springfield, Asuna Kagurazaka, Konoka Konoe and Setsuna Sakurazaki, Histoire, Daichi Muroto
  • Enemies: Tsukuyomi
  • Yue often spends time in the Library, it has plenty of books that interest her and aren't connected to her Orbis Sensualium Pictus.
  • Knows where Obi-Wan's lost planet is. Unfortunately, she isn't aware that he's looking for it, so she'll probably never get around to telling him where it is.
  • Due to recent events, She was being considered for the position of Goddess of Taking a Level In Badass, although some other members are wary of giving her any more influence, as she's already in the Council of Shadows.
  • Reports of a connection to Patchouli Knowledge are currently unsubstantiated.
  • She is the only Goddess who is allowed access to Histoire's tome. This is, of course, in exchange for letting the latter access her pactio artifact whenever she needs it.
  • It is theorized that if she and Gordon Freeman teamed up, they would be able to figure out the weaknesses of every god in the Pantheon.
    • The only reason that they haven't yet done this is because Yue is too lazy to be bothered with it, preferring to hang out in the library and learn techniques from the Hosue of Magic.
  • After talking to his grandfather in the House of Love, Touta Konoe rushed to meet and congratulate her on winning the Ultimahora Tournament, which led to a lot of confusion in both parties. Touta wondered why Yue was so small and had longer hair, and Yue knew of no such thing (The Yue in the video Touta saw was from 12 years in the future of this one). After showing her the video and straightening everything out, Touta complimented her and mentioned that she looked really cool. Yue immediately turned red and ran away, confusing Touta even more.


    Carmen and Juni Cortez 
Carmen and Juni Cortez, Sibling Deities of Pre-Adult Superspies (Carmen: Carmen Elizabeth Juanita de Costa Echo Sky Brava Cortez | Juni: Juni Rocket Racer Rebel Cortez)
Left: Carmen, Right: Juni
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: The OSS logo
  • Theme Song: Oye Como Spy
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Part of a Badass Family, Teen Superspies, Brother–Sister Team, Deadpan Snarkers On Occasion, Operatives of a Government Agency of Fiction, Telepathy
  • Domain(s): Pre-Adult, Secret Agents, Gadgets
  • Heralds: Their family (Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, their parents, and Valentin and Helga Avellan, their maternal grandparents)
  • High Priest: Alex Fleming
  • Followers: Team White Pigeon (with the exception of Ange and Princess), Agent Cody Banks, Alex Rider, Nick Green, Princess Natasha
  • Allies: Isador "Machete" Cortez (their paternal uncle), Ange & Princess, Razputin Aquato, Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Sam, Clover, and Alex, Kids Next Door Sector V, Zorro, Puss in Boots, Frodo Baggins, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Jenny Wakeman, Harry Potter
  • Rivals: Rouge the Bat
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Machines (especially XANA), Khan Noonien Singh, Nobuyuki Sugou, Lord Voldemort and the rest of the Death Eaters, Kevin
  • Fears: Michael Myers (Juni)
  • Oppose: Akihiko Kayaba, Goro Akechi (especially for Juni)
  • When it comes to underage superspies, there are several examples, but out of them all, by way of picking names from a grab bag, the Court of the Gods decided on the OSS Agents Carmen and Juni Cortez. Before you ask, the OSS they come from is a fictional spy agency, since the real one is a defunct organization that existed in the early 1940s and was a precursor to the CIA.
  • The first to greet the two was their uncle Machete, who was kind of happy to see them here. On one hand, there's family. On the other, they're now exposed to the dangers of the Pantheon as a whole. As a result however, he's resumed business as a gadget inventor, but only for the two Cortez kids, and the first thing he gifted them (among several other things) were another set of Machete Elastic Wonders (read:sturdy multi-purpose rubber bands).
  • Due to the… quality of the fourth film, these two are from prior to that. No one is to bring those up, and neither Carmen nor Juni (especially the latter) are proud of what's happened there.
  • Applies to both:
    • Are a big hit among the children in the Pantheon.
      • They also have their eyes on Kevin McAllister, and plan on helping him become a Spy Kid just like them.
    • Thanks to their adventures in the Island of Lost Dreams, specifically a certain temple that removed all vocal audio, the two have gained telepathy powers, though it's only exclusive between the two, seems to have a very long range, and works even in a virtual world.
    • As secret agents, the Cortez siblings correspond with those of similar "careers" such as the WOOHP agents, KND Sector V, Raz, and Kim and Ron. In a similar vein, Team White Pidgeon can also be described as such, being spies in a Steampunk Victorian London. The siblings were glad to hear of the ascension of two of their most well-known members, Ange & Princess, and have teamed up with them to form their own intelligence-gathering network.
    • Plots that would negatively affect lots of children (be it robot replacements or mind control via video games) are a sore spot for them, given that they've had to stop such plot at least twice before.
      • Speaking of robots, because of the above, they naturally have particular reasons to oppose the Grand United Alliance of Machines, XANA most of all.
      • Of course, they know that not all robots are bad, which Jenny Wakeman quickly proved to them. And with her wide arsenal, she's proven to be a valuable ally.
    • They like Zorro not only for his sense of justice and how cool he is, but because he sometimes also looks like their father. And while it's only the voice that's familiar, the same sentiment also applies to Puss in Boots.
    • Don't like Khan due to not only his goals, but also because he looks like their Grandpa Valentin if he was younger.
    • Having been to an island full of genetically-modified animals (namely the mix-and-match kind), they've also checked out the sub-House of Genetic Engineering and have taken an interest in the world of Avatar (in addition to the bending arts).
    • They wondered why the Guy was much smaller than they remembered when they last met him. It turns out to just be Frodo, who's a more humble fellow, and is still grasping at the concept of advanced technology despite being in the Pantheon for far longer.
      • Less amusing was their run in with Kevin, especially after finding out just what he's done, and what he's continuing to do.
    • Having had to go through a video game to stop its creator from imposing his will on its players, it drew attention from the Sword Art Online deities, especially Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, who have been trapped inside a video game (and where death is just as real) by its creator Kayaba. Naturally, they oppose not only him, but Sugou as well since he's much worse. They also got acquainted with Neo and his Zion allies.
  • Exclusive to Carmen:
    • As newcomers to their current craft who quickly excelled at it, and are always taking care of the brother figures in their lives, Carmen gets along quite well with Hermione.
    • Found a kindred spirit in Helen Graham, who had similarly attempted to mend the ways of a man that she likes before eventually realizing it was pointless and ditching them. That said, Helen's husband Arthur Huntingdon died due to his alcoholism sometime after Helen left him, much to her relief, whereas Gary Giggles actually did change for the better after Carmen stopped chasing him.
  • Exclusive to Juni:
    • Has two "pets" in the form of a beetle-shaped Robot Buddy named Ralph and a little "spider-monkey" from one of his friends Dr. Romero.
    • Given the apparent corruption in the OSS's agents, some can see why Juni decided to leave at the end of the Ukata Assignment.
    • On occasion, Juni returns to his non-Agent career in being a private detective, and he's encountered other youths in the same line of work. As such, he's gotten to know others in this line of work such as Kirigiri, Detective Conan, the Milky Holmes group, etc. He also heard of the Detective Prince as well as her "Successor" and knows not to trust the latter given his deeds.
    • Given they're both insecure redheads who often don't have the best of luck, and must learn to outgrow their fears and feelings of worthlessness to become better, Juni hit it off really well with Ron, and sympathizes with how "disliked" he is.
    • For reasons he can't understand, he's frightened of Michael Myers, and not just because he's a nigh-unstoppable serial killer. Myers for his part sometimes takes the time to pursue the Spy Kid when the opportunity arises.
  • They can also be found in the Hall of Investigative Work.

    Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence 
Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, Co-Deities of High-School Sweethearts
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Two holding hands under a High School sign
  • Theme Songs: Every "Boy Meets World" Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Parental Substitute for Maya, Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, Determinators
  • Domains: Good, Knowledge, Luck, Family, Law (Topanga)
  • Heralds: Riley and Auggie (their children).
  • Allies: Eikichi Onizuka, Piccolo, Nico Robin (Cory), Phoenix Wright (Topanga)
  • Enemies: Nikita Dragovich
  • Opposes: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Uneasy Relationship: Zack Morris, Sabrina Spellman and Salem, Tashkent (Cory)
  • When the Pantheonic School needed new teachers to keep running, Feeny brought forth an unusual prospect: a mortal named Cory Matthews, how former student who has now become a history teacher. While he proved to be capable at his job, it was decided that he need to ascend himself in order to stay. Feeny had an idea; Cory would bring his wife Topanga into the Pantheon for their romance dating back to high school. Thus he got back to teaching the kids there while Topanga decided to delve into Pantheonic law.
  • Eikichi Onizuka took a liking to Cory during his time as a mortal and was glad to have more good-aligned teachers in the Pantheon. Cory tried to be a follower... but couldn't quite become the Cool Teacher he was hoping to be. It was never his strong suit in the first place.
  • The pairing was so popular, it created a spinoff that lasted three seasons. This time around, it centered on their daughter Riley. She and her brother Auggie reside alongside their parents in their temple. Maya tags along as well. While many question the decision, many in the House of Family figured that she may well be an honorary sister. Piccolo would be proud.
  • The two of them were wary of the appearance of Zack Morris and not just because of the rivalry between the two shows. It was revealed that Griff Hawkins was one of his followers. He wasn't a bully per say, but he did cause them a bit of misery. While they are in better terms with each other, he fears that Zack may have a corrupting influence on many of his students, especially Maya.
  • As parents themselves, Cory and Topanga stand opposed to Ghetsis Harmonia and his methods of raising children.
  • There was a time when they walked by a familiar duo. When Cory turned them around, he recognized them as Sabrina and Salem... which sent Cory running. When Topanga asked what got him spooked, Salem admitted that he accidentally sent the entire class into the past. They thought that they were able to wipe their memories of the incident, but it looked like their ascension jogged Cory's memory.
  • Gained the approval of Nico Robin, who temporarily took over the job after Cory's departure. While some more lustful students lamented her departure, the vast majority of them admit that Cory knows his stuff.
  • An all American boy, Cory doesn't take Communism too kindly. His daughter was almost consumed by the concept's philosophy before he managed to shake her out of it. When he found out that there was a deity for such people, Cory pinned an American flag upon Nikita Dragovich's temple. Needless to say, the Dirty Communist didn't take that insult well.
    • The first Soviet to visit him after that took him by surprise. He was visited by a ship girl calmly but firmly demanding an apology. Cory was taken aback by the kind approach but was suspicious it could be a trap. An interrogation from Topanga revealed she held no ill content. The lawyer got Cory to apologize for the rude gesture before seeing her off.
  • Cory avoids the subhouse of Water and Ice like the plague, mainly because he doesn't want to be put in a situation where he ever has to wear skis again. When one finds out why, you would understand why it's a touchy topic.
  • Topanga decided to wet her toes in the House of Justice to see just how good the lawyers in the Pantheon are. She felt most inspired by the actions of Phoenix Wright. At the least, she wished her cases were as exciting as his. At least now she gets a taste of what the Crusading Lawyer has to deal with.

    Hayley Fischer 
Hayleen Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer, Goddess of Bratty Teenage Daughters (Hayley for short)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her headband
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Black Sheep and Bratty Teenage Daughter, Hypocritical Granola Girl, Lazy Straw Vegetarian, Desires To Be Noticed By Her Parents, Soapbox Sadie, Bourgeois Bohemian
  • Domains: Bohemian Lifestyles, Teen Rebels, Sloth, Hippies
  • Herald: Her husband Jeff Fischer
  • Interests: Sigmund Freud
  • Respects: Greg Universe
  • Complicated relationship with: Stan Smith (her father)
  • Allies: Francine and Steve Smith (her mother and brother), 90s Dude, Mina, Snoop Dogg, Reuben, Rotor Walrus, Popplio
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger Smith, Klaus Heisler
  • Enemies: Eric Cartman, Mandark
  • Opposes: The Mind Control sub-house
  • Opposed by: Ned Flanders, Vernon Dursley
  • Hayleen Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer is, if the middle name didn't make it clear, often the bugbear of her dad. While Stan is a strict, "good old boy"-minded dad, she's the Black Sheep of being a lazy bohemain, hippie and vegetarian. Once they were alike, but now she and her dad often butt heads. However they're still family and still share a number of personality traits, despite being the Bratty Teenage Daughter of the family.
  • Her feelings towards her dad are certainly complex, as half the time she's rebellious and the other half she wants his approval. The most noticeable comparison they make are their shared flaws of hypocrisy and selfishness. The fact that she dated a body double suggests an Electra complex, which confirmed many of Freud's suspicions towards her. He hopes to be a therapist for not just Hayley but the Smiths as a whole.
  • It's possible that Stan isn't her biological father, as Francine got cold feet and had an affair around the time of her conception. However Stan ultimately doesn't care, as she's still his daughter where it counts and decided not to check for the paternity. In private he talks about it with Daeron, who had to deal with the stigma of ambiguous paternity. However his and his own dad's dynamic is flipped with him being the serious one, and his dad being bourgeouis. Hayley would probably be offended by any comparison to Aegon the Unworthy.
  • Hayley was a proud vegetarian, and likes to show it off in the House of Food. However the actual vegetarians in the pantheon don't think highly of this as she's snuck a lot of meat into her diet, and given she skims ham off the sandwich at deliveries it seems she's abandoned this. As part of her job working at a deli, Hayley has been delivering meals to and from the Food sub-house. She's enjoyed the company of her new co-worker Reuben, given his mellow personality.
  • Hayley's sexual appetite can prove voracious. Besides the Electra complex, she's at least bicurious and even was willing to sleep with a CIA agent who was in the body of a koala. While she does tend to check out the lust sub-houses, Hayley is married to Jeff now and probably isn't going to go behind his back nowadays. Many in the House of Love and Affection are relieved she's taken because it might lead to her being dumped. And her reaction is terrifying, to the point where the uninformed would blame the damage on a more prolific yandere deity in the Pantheon.
  • Eric Cartman has a vitriolic hatred of Hayley because he hates all hippies and has personally killed many. While a flawed, selfish and bratty daughter, Hayley is a way better person than Cartman and is regularly disgusted by how low he can sink. Mandark is less evil than Cartman, but he shares much of Cartman's contempt for Hayley. Mainly because he is frustrated with his own hippie parents.
  • While they don't hate her persay, Ned Flanders and Vernon Dursley don't like Hayley. Vernon because he's an utter bore, and Ned because he's less of a bore, but doesn't care for hippie culture and teenage rebelliousness. Hayley suspects that he's rebelling against his beatnik parents, which are two of the only people he hates. They're different as night and day, but in this one instance regarding their parent-child dynamic perhaps not.
  • Contrasting her dynamic with the fathers mentioned above, Hayley is rather chill around Greg Universe due to his open-mindedness and generally mellow, chill personality. Greg is more ambivalent towards her, and wishes she would work on her personal flaws. He was pleasently surprised to learn she's a great singer, and has played a more "traditional" 1950s persona with making pies for contests.
  • A consummate stoner, she was overjoyed to meet and smoke weed with Snoop Dogg. Mina joined, not to smokenote  but to just chill, and given her mellow personality Hayley liked her. Sometimes she chills out with 90s Dude as well.
  • She Used to Be a Sweet Kid, however everything changed when she witnessed a seal being clubbed to death on news. Naturally, she is very protective of the seal deities in the pantheon. She seems to see some of her brother in Rotor Walrus. Her issues with the Mind Control sub-house are likely driven because of Stan using "Operation Daycare". That almost led to her committing Patricide as a flaw of the mind control, and probably fuels her issues.
  • Having been bratty in her younger years, Bulma has hopes that given enough time, she'll mature though hopes she still keeps a bit of her rebellious streak in the future. Interestingly, there is a future where thanks to time travel shenanigans she ended up living an unhappy life waiting for Jeff for 60 years. Fortunately that future was aborted, hopefully including apes eventually taking over.
    • The millionaire Hayley could've ended up got killed before she could choose him because of Roger being Roger. Hayley would be more pissed at him had Jeff not returned much sooner than 60 years.

    The School Life Club 
The School Life ClubMembers , Goddesses of Adult-less Settings (Yuri: Rii-chan, Miki: Mii-chan)
In clockwise order: Yuki, Yuri, Miki, Taroumaru, and Kurumi


    Kayla Day 
Kayla Day, Goddess of Phoneaholic Teenagers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Smartphone with a message saying "Gucci!"
  • Theme Song: Being Yourself, How to Be Confident
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Socially Awkward Teenager who primarily Communicates with Digital Devices, particularly phones, Socially Awkward Hero, Apologises a Lot, Is Undergoing the End of her Middle-School Years, Usually Seen Wearing Headphones, Burning her Shoebox and her Hopes and Dreams as a Sign of Moving On
  • Domains: Adolescence, Middle/High School, Social Interaction, Anxiety, Growth
  • Heralds: Mark Day (her father), Olivia, Gabe
  • Allies: The High School Girls of the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team (Notably Yuzuki Shiraishi), Daniel LaRusso, Sabrina Spellman, Steven Universe, Finn and Jake, Rick and Morty, Shouko Nishimiya, Yukiteru Amano, Touya Mochizuki, The Master of Chaldea, Kosmo Voba
  • Respects: Eikichi Onizuka, Shouya Ishida
  • Opposes: Libby Chessler, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, John Kreese
  • Mixed Opinion on: Johnny Lawrence
  • Wary Of: Yuno Gasai, Reisuke Houjou
  • Middle School is an awkward time for one's life. Mainly because this is the point where children are starting to grow into adults, which in itself, leads to them wanting to learn more about life and trying to make decisions without their parents. Many times, it's not exactly a wise choice. Kayla Day is no exception; a girl who was finishing up her eighth grade and her last year in Middle School, she decided to go out and make friends as much as she could. Problem is, she's too reclusive and shy to really see anyone eye-to-eye, finds difficulty in communicating with her father Mark and spends most of her time browsing through her phone and listening to music as a coping mechanism. She also makes self-helping videos on YouTube, despite knowing of the fact that she struggles with social communication in her own everyday life.
  • Her appearance in the Pantheon is rather standard; after her graduation, Kayla was to be sent to a high school. Little did she know that her placement was to be in the House of School, where she would be enrolled and taught in. While she's still shy and reclusive, she's currently trying to make an effort in being as extroverted as she could.
  • Kayla is noted to be shy and reclusive whenever she is seen in the House of School. She expresses that she talks a lot if she gets herself in a conversation. These moments though tend to be rare, but she tries to be extroverted nonetheless. This was something that Eikichi Onizuka noticed rather quickly upon meeting her and has tried to get Kayla to be open about herself. It's already tough, given that Kayla is usually with a phone in her hand, wearing headphones listening to music and looking down on the floor. She does however like Onizuka for trying to be there for her.
  • Among the more introverted residents in the Pantheon, Kayla came across a quartet of girls who travelled to Antarctica, which she thought was really cool. She took the time to browse through their experience on their Antarctica trip, which they recorded with images in a social media app and was touched by their dedication, especially that of Shirase Kobuchizawa who planned the trip to see if she could reunite with her mother. While she was saddened to realize that Shirase's mother was Dead All Along, she still congratulated their trip and respected what they went through. As a result, Kayla is thinking about planning a trip to Antarctica; the problem is she doesn't know who she can take along with in the trip.
    • Of the four girls, Kayla tends to associate herself most with Yuzuki Shiraishi. It's mainly to do with the fact that both are socially introverted and have difficulty in talking to people in general, though in Yuzuki's case, she had the extra burden of being a well-known actress and that people would want to only hang out with her for attention. Kayla did not like that notion and understood why Yuzuki would be socially distant.
  • She's a fan of Adventure Time and Rick and Morty and was excited when she finally got to meet Finn, Jake, Rick and Morty eye-to-eye. So excited to the extent that she wanted to go on an adventure with them. Finn and Jake respected her gesture but told her that it might not be safe for her, and Morty had a similar feeling that having Kayla join alongside their dimension-hopping shenanigans would highly endanger her, despite the fact that Rick is more than welcome to invite her. Although disappointed, Kayla saw what they meant and didn't ask further, though she did state that she would like to meet them often.
  • Being someone who saw herself as an outcast during middle school, Kayla got along pretty well with Daniel LaRusso, who could understand her plight on how difficult it must have been to hardly have any friends. That said, Daniel does feel annoyed about Kayla's dependency on her smartphone, given that his own son Anthony is also obsessed with digital devices and thinks about what he could do to maker her less dependant about it. He is, however, willing to give Kayla karate lessons whenever she feels like it.
    • She initially found approaching Johnny Lawrence hard, given that he was a bully in his high school years. That said, she was surprised to see that Johnny was trying to make amends with his actions and strive to make Cobra Kai better than what it was in the past. While Kayla is respectful of Johnny's actions and even thinks of his dojo as cool, the fact that Cobra Kai's teaching mentality turns students into bullies themselves hasn't changed the fact that she's hesitant to meet with Johnny.
      • Knowing about Daniel and Johnny, Kayla came to dislike John Kreese a lot due to him being an abrasive adult bully. This got even worse when she realized how mentally abusive he was and how he mentored bullied kids into becoming bullies themselves, and how this affected Johnny for years to come. She does everything she could to avoid Kreese's presence, likely knowing of how she couldn't handle herself against any of the Cobra Kai students.
  • Her obsession with technology, especially her phone, has been seen with concern by the benevolent members of the House of Machinery and Technology. Oh sure, much of what Kayla looks at on the internet is generally harmless (excluding puberty-based topics and even then, most teens are prone to doing that), but they want to make sure she gets to be more socially active and healthy. They did express some relief when she was beginning to show more signs of being an extrovert after a pep-talk with her dad.
  • Sometimes Kayla would be minding her own business like looking at clothes in a retail store in the House of Costumes or hanging out with friends in a restaurant in the House of Food, only to realize her father Mark is also there at a faraway distance. She finds this annoying and embarrassing and often has to reprimand her father about it. That said, Mark does deeply care about his daughter and wants the best out of her, regardless if their interactions are awkward.
  • She learned about an instance where a special mobile phone was made to predict the future. Initially, Kayla was excited... until she realized that said phones were used to initiate a supernatural Battle Royale where 11 individuals must fight and kill one another to become a God. Not the kind of person who would want to participate in such a folly, Kayla quickly lost interest.
    • She did, however, become quick friends with Yukiteru Amano, the winner of the competition. Mainly because he doesn't have any hard feelings against those he won against and partly because he was like Kayla in the sense that he was socially awkward and shy, so he could relate to her in a sense alongside the fact that both got to stand up for themselves later on in their lives. Kayla is, however, nervous to approach Yuno Gasai due to her violent and feared reputation. Not helping matters is the fact that Yuno is one of the leading representatives of the House of Madness and Insanity.
    • On the topic of special phones, there's also Touya Mochizuki, whom she easily got along with as his phone was instead something that housed his magical power. She wonders if one day, she would be able to receive a similar phone and start downloading magical skills for herself. Or at the very least, it's a good amount of imagination. Kayla is allowed to hang out with Touya's harem, though she finds it weird that he's married to all of them.
    • Kayla also finds herself in good company with those who were mobile game characters like the Master of Chaldea, Kosmo and Nova. She appreciates the Master's dedication in maintaining Chaldea and it's members though she understood it would be best if she stayed away from all the ruckus the Servants could cause. She personally finds Kosmo and Nova's relationship with one another cute and tries to see if she can join along with them in basic interaction.
  • Kayla takes active distancing towards most bullies such as Biff Tannen and Gary Smith, both of whom never learn their lessons from antagonizing someone and would gladly do it again for their own benefit. The aforementioned Kreese is another one of those bullies, though he's a lot more psychological in Kayla's case. The only bully that Kayla can properly confront is Shouya Ishida, and that's mainly because he seemed forgiveness for what he did to Shouko Nishimiya, who's arguably even more socially awkward and introverted than Kayla is. Kayla actually instantly forgave Shouya for what he did and made fast accomplices with Shouko. She tries to compensate for interacting with her by using text messages from her phone, though she doesn't mind learning sign language if Shouko prefers that.

    Ranko Kanzaki 
Ranko Kanzaki, Goddess of Chuunibyou (Rosenburg Engel, Ran Ran, Brynhildr, Demon Queen Bruunhilde, Crimson Night Princess)
Her "mortal" form
As Brynhildr 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate as Brynhildr in the virtual/dream world)
  • Symbol: Either her black umbrella or her note book
  • Theme Songs: Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~, -ENGEL- Adanasu Tsurugi Hikari no Shirabe, and Yume no Kyrie ~Ochiru Hoshi no Shirabe~
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chuunibyou, Adorkable, Embracing the Dark While Being Innocent and Pure, Perky Goth, Her Mystic Grimoire, Shrinking Violet, The Sacred Darkness, Large Ham
  • Domains: Music, Entertainment, Costumes, Darkness, Chuunibyou
  • High Priest: Shun Kaido
  • Followers: Rikka Takanashi, Gundham Tanaka, Omoharu Nakanaka, Fischl
  • Allies: Koume Shirasaka, 765 Pro, Jurai Andou, Megumin, Yoshiko Tsushima, Rintaro Okabe, Phonon, Hamelin, Celestia Ludenberg, Stocking Anarchy, Riku, Remilia Scarlet, Dracula (Hotel Transylvania), Mavis, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Margaret Moonlight, Valkenheyn R. Hellsing, Rias Gremory, Murakumo
  • Admires: The Phantom of the Opera, Bayonetta, Ragna the Bloodedge, Nero, Dante Sparda
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Greg Heffley
  • Afraid of: Scary or horror stuff, Count Dracula, Dracula (Castlevania), Carmilla
  • During ones adolescent years, there's a chance someone can enter a peculiar phase known as "chuunibyou". Symptoms of this quirky malady include delusions of being a powerful being, an obsession with dark and epic topics, and a great flair for the dramatics. Idol Ranko Kanzaki is but one of the many examples of this phenomenon. Dressed in gothic lolita fashions, she speaks in an obtuse, flowery way, talks much about the darkness and fallen angels, and acts as if she's a demonic overlord with immense powers to match. Of course, she's just a regular teen girl, but her quirks help her stand out in the sea of idols.
  • In the Hall of Vampires, there are many Victorian-style castles in the realm. Bathed in perpetual moonlight, the eye of the night sky pierces through the stained glass windows, illuminating the elegant yet empty halls. Ballrooms and foyers are decorated with antique furniture, yet almost no one with a pulse has ever touched them. That is, except for one human girl dressed in a fine gothic lotita dress. Walking down the hallways, marveling in the atmosphere, she couldn't help but act as if she was the vampiric owner of the place, unaware of the dangers living in and around the realm she stumbled into. After being rescued from the place before her blood could be sucked dry, she was made into a goddess. As amazing as that sounded, Ranko was quite disappointed at how apotheosis worked in this realm; anything would've been better and more exciting than a short courtroom meeting.
  • With there being many idols around in her world, it's inevitable that she'd become friends with them, and one of her closest confidants is fellow lover of the grim darkness, Koume Shirasaka. Even if Ranko favors the elegant, gothic side and Koume prefers the gory and macabre, there's no doubt that they stick together thick and thin, even to the point of collaborating with certain songs. Even so, Ranko always scream in total fright whenever she watches a horror flick with Koume... blood and guts aren't her style. Also, she looks up to the idols of 765 pro for being traiblazers in their area, complete with extravagant nicknames like "Exalted Progenitors of the Night Sky" and many more.
  • There's not many idol around Ranko who share her peculiar daydreams. They don't get engrossed in her extravagant showboating, struggle to decipher her speech, and usually don't even try to humor her and join in her roleplaying. Existing all alone in a crowd is a tragic fate... but wait, what's this? Here, in this realm, there are others who want to be in her world? Yes, indeed! She has met her fellow lovers of the dark; master of the dark flame Jurai Andou, mad scientist extraordinaire Rintaro Okabe, explosive mage Megumin, fallen angel Yoshiko-er, Yohane, wanderer of the night Phonon, and bloody fighter Hameln! Together, they have banded under the cover of night, dramatically daydreaming about being fearsome angels and demons and whatnot. Even if some others get annoyed by their delusions and hammy showboating, they don't care; especially not Ranko, who's happy that there are so many others just like her now.
  • Ah, the gothic aesthetic. A surprisingly wide and varied style, it is most defined by a sort of darkness. Dark colors like black, red and purple dominate the frilly, elegant outfits that Ranko loves to wear, and the makeup she wears makes her look just like a vampire. Since it's quite a common subcultural fashion scene, Ranko had no difficulty in finding other goths. She and Celestia Ludenberg got off to a great start with their shared pretensions of looking far more interesting with the gothic lolita dresses on to mask their rather uninteresting and mundane true selves. They dare not say that out loud, but the connection is still felt. Margaret Moonlight is also someone Ranko gets along with, as she finds the assassins stylish moves and weapon to be the epitome of umbran grace. She also got along with Stocking Anarchy through her fashion choices and sometimes eats sweets with her, though she is trying to get used to her shockingly foul mouth and perversions. However, one goth Ranko cannot get along with is the notorious Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, who is not only too edgy for her taste but decries her as "not a real goff", which inspires heated shouting matches between them over what counts as "dark" and "gothic" enough. They never get anywhere with those petty arguments.
  • Not everyone who has gothic aesthetics are actually in the subculture. Some are just dressed or act that way, and much to Ranko's delight there happens to be many people in the Pantheon who fit the bill. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark immediately caught her interest and she eventually got a spot on her show. Elvira finds her attitude to be enjoyable, though she finds it amusing to see her squirm when she talks about horror films. She has also gained some friendly relations with Riku, Remilia Scarlet, Rias Gremory, Count Dracula and his daughter Mavis, who she sees as very interesting. A boy struggling and eventually mastering the dark, vampires who live in dark mansions, a powerful demon with strong authority... what's not to love? Said individual like her too and are have accepted her eccentric ramblings and gestures. And there so happens to be many Deities out there that she admires; Demon hunters with demonic heritage and sides Dante and Nero, elegant Umbran Witch Bayonetta, the mysterious and alluring Phantom of the Opera, and troubled outlaw with a strange hand Ragna the Bloodedge... oh how she fantasizes about them in her delusions. However, her fear of the gory makes her afraid of the other two Draculas and Carmilla. for their scary, bloodsucking ways make her want to faint instead of fangirl. There's only so much blood and violence she can handle before she passes out.
  • Being a chuunibyou, Ranko does not speak like a regular person, no. Instead, she speaks in a bizarre, obtuse coded way that's nicknamed "Ranko-go" by her friends. Said "language" is made up of fanciful metaphors, mythological references and words from different languages. For example, did you know that "savor the darkness" means "good work"? Or that "cursing the tyranny of the sun" is how she says "good morning"? Yes, it is confusing. Ranko can make even a simple compliment sound ominous and dark, if not confusing and incomprehensible. Thankfully, "Ranko-go scholars" like Koume are around to serve as translators to the hapless laymen who happen to fall victim to her strange tongue. Maybe someone needs to make a glossary that deciphers all of her sayings... that would make talking to her much easier.
  • Ranko owns a magical grimoire that contains instructions to cast dark spells and eldritch texts... Actually, it's just a sketchbook where she draws her chuuni ideas such as Brunhilde as well as her inner thoughts. Like all diary holders, she refuses to let anyone see the inner contents of the book unless she deeply trusts them, finding that sort of peeking to be incredibly embarrassing. One day, she accidentally left her grimoire unattended, letting one Greg Heffley to discover and peek inside the tome. He did as any other snooping teen would do; look at the contents and snark about it in his own diary. When Ranko caught him in the act, she was mortified beyond belief and tried to snatch it from his grubby hands, leading to a scuffle. Since that day, the two cannot see eye to eye without glaring daggers for his blatant violation of her privacy.
  • Ranko may be boisterous and grandiose on the outside, but on the inside it's a different story. In reality, she's very shy and introverted, having low self-esteem and social skills. Without her front as a "dark angel", she finds it very difficult to hold conversations with others. She dares not to drop the mask around others; she has an image to maintain! However, she did slip up in the presence of the shinobi Murakumo, who realized that she has something in common with the idol; both wear masks, literally in Murakumo's case, to appear confident and strong in public and to hide their true shy selves away from the light. Because of this connection, Ranko made an unlikely friend. In a way, it's nice for her to have another person she can reveal her true self with and not feel too embarrassed about.
  • Alas, the tragic thing about reality is that Ranko isn't a fallen angel with dark powers, but a boring, powerless human... But in the Pantheon, such dreams can become a reality. Whether it's in a fully immersive digital world or in the realm of dreams, anyone can become anything they wish. In those places, she has dubbed herself Brynhildr, the great demon lord of the void. With powerful magic of darkness and void at her disposal and great wings to soar into the night, she can live out her chuuni daydreams with impunity! Of course, not many people take her declarations of world domination and other edgy ramblings seriously, but she's clearly having a good time, and that's what matters.