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Herein is the vile House of Villainy, rebuilt after eons past. The goals of these deities are destruction and the domination of all existence, seeking to impose their own order upon the multiverse. Although, it should be noted that not all the occupants of this House are totally evil. This house was founded when several of the heroes such as Superman and Spider-Man decided they wanted to resplit the House of Heroism and Villainy after the endless war had worn them all down for too long. While many of the Elder Gods were uneasy at the thought of another Hero/Villain house split after the first experiment, the case eventually went all the way to the Court of The Gods, where a very tired and irritated Johnson ordered the house to split up because "All that noise makes sleeping very difficult for the rest of us! I tolerate the House of Beasts and Fauna out of necessity but split the others up for now. Let them scheme in their own houses." Jean-Luc Picard facepalmed at this utterly arbitrary decision, but as Jack McCoy was leading the case, tired of having the lawless look over his notes, the decision passed with surprisingly little argument. The only dissenter was Harvey Dent, but after flipping a coin, he ultimately decided for it too, though it does create the awkward situation of him needed to drag himself between houses depending on his coin flip on who he was going to visit on-off time.

Melkor often resides here to plan with his horde on how they might take down the other houses before long. His temple which is mostly empty instead holds the central portal to the headquarters of the Grand United Alliance of Evil, which many villains use. Most of the resident villains admit that though keeping each other's company is difficult, this is something they'll need to deal with if they're ever going to crush those pathetic heroes under their boots.

Ever since the ascension of Crow, there has been a new wing to the house called the "Villain's Museum" for the purpose of celebrating all the victories that fellow villains achieved.

The only thing they have in common with the House of Heroism is their shared opposition of The Anti-Monitor.

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The Ultimate Symbol of Malice

Melkor, God of Evil (Morgoth, Bauglir, Belegurth, Belegûr, Arun, Mbelekor, The First Dark Lord, The Great Enemy, The Black Foe of the World, The Corrupter, Dark Enemy of the World, Lord of Angband and Utumno, King of the World, Elder King, Master of the Fates of Arda, Black King, Master of Lies, Dark Hunter, Lord of All and Giver of Freedom, Lord of the Dark, Melko, Belcha, Ulban(d), Melegor, Meleko, Alkar, Mardello, Manfréa Bolgen)

The Four Horsemen

They serve as Melkor's inner circle, and the highest-ranking members of the Grand United Alliance of Evil unofficially.

    Horseman of Conquest: Damien Thorn 
Damien Thorn, The Antichrist
Click here to see Damien as an adult 
  • Demigod (Overdeity by Authority)
  • Symbol: The Mark of the Beast
  • Theme: Ave Satani
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Lawful Evil Traits
  • Portfolio: The Antichrist, Pure Unrestrained Evil, Killing both of his Parents, Enfante Terrible, Raping A Journalist, Ordering Infanticide, Villain Protagonist, His Tattoo Bearing the 666 Marking, Son of Satan and a Jackal, Guarded by Hellhounds, Associated with the 666 Number, His name translates to "The Subduer", U.S Diplomat and Ambassador to the UK, CEO of Thorn Industries, Leader of the Disciples of the Watch, Wants to prevent the Second Coming, Has anyone killed should they get close to revealing his Identity, Gets away with everything until The Final Conflict
  • Domains: Antichrist, Discord, Evil, Eschatology, Satanism
  • Herald: His Hellhounds, Delia and Alexander York (His Children and Successors)
  • Allies: Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Satan (Paradise Lost), The Beast, Dis, The Four Chaos Gods, The Godhand, Diablo, Mephisto, The Beastmen, The Joker, Azmodan, Kiara Sessyoin, Rhoda Penmark, Junko Enoshima, Yuuki Terumi
  • Enemies: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, YHVH, Lucifer, Archangel Michael, The Love that Moves the Stars, Clark Kent/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, The Magical Girl Sisterhood, Homura Akemi, Neo, Colette Brunel, Rosemary Woodhouse, Pit, Palutena, Ahura Mazda, The Angels Sub-House (At least Most of Them)
  • Opposes: Anyone Good (Especially Demons), Every Anti Anti-Christs, Grand United Alliance of Law, Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposed by: The House of Family and Relatives and Law and Justice, The Nippon Ichi Demons, Houses of Siblings, Childhood and Adolescence, Offsprings, Twins and Upbringing, Rape Victims
  • Disregards: Angra Mainyu, Archaon, Mandy
  • The Antichrist; the very being who would herald the Day of Judgement, the Second Coming of Jesus and the eventual end of the world. To everyone's surprise, the exact, perfect antithesis of Jesus Christ... happens to be an ordinary little boy... at first. He would soon accept his role in heralding Satan's rule over the world and orchestrate the deaths of anybody who got close to revealing his identity, even his own parents. His destiny being his greatest priority above all else, the child would grow up to become a strong influence, becoming the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom and fronting an Industry... all whilst creating a secret Satanic cult in his future creation of his worldly vision. Damien Thorn is the bringer of the Eschatology, and he will stop at nothing to prevent the written victory of Jesus and God.
  • Damien met Melkor, who was impressed by his foul deeds and his destiny as The Antichrist. Damien felt confused at first, trying to imagine if Melkor was Satan, before realizing there were different incarnations of the latter in this new world. Melkor already had figures that were similar, but knew there was something unique in Damien, hence he quelled him into his alliance. Damien accepted, sharing Melkor's vision of sowing the world in discord, misery and destruction. He also found himself a great acquaintance in Griffith, who also saw Damien's leadership and charismatic persona as an excellent tool of manipulation and depravity.
  • While most people are familiar with Damien as a child, its not exactly the case for him as an adult. Then again, Damien ascended in his child-like state, which Melkor finds rather amusing in that one of the ultimate evils in the Pantheon is (currently) a little boy. Despite this, the God of Evil has actually met Damien as an adult at some points. Whether Damien has shapeshifting powers that he learned in the Pantheon is a mystery for now, but the Anti-Christ appears either in child or adult forms depending on certain situations (Wanting to traverse publicly, scaring off people or running his business and Satanic organization).
    • His adult form also brings up some controversy given some can mistake Damien for Alan Grant, which is certainly the kind of deceit the Anti-Christ would want to pull. In any case, he prefers not to change his form when dinosaurs might be involved.
  • Surprisingly gets along with Johan Liebert as both of them are cold, calculating and sociopathic in nature. Both of them express some kind of curiosity and interest in the sense that both of them are considered Antichrists, though Johan is metaphorical (or a true one) whereas Damien is literally that. Despite this, Johan has no qualms of backstabbing and eliminating Damien once he runs out of any aid or support, though Damien can only be harmed by holy weapons, which is something most evil-aligned deities, Johan included, couldn't possess.
  • While its little surprise he is the son of Satan what is rather irking is that Damien was conceived from a jackal. Damien has been seen under good company with the Beasts of Chaos, especially Gorthor who would do anything to please and spread Damien's influence. It also helps that Damien is favored by the Chaos Gods, Tzeentch in particular.
  • Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance as a child; the moment anyone gets close to revealing his true nature, its only a matter of time before they are brutally killed off, either by some kind of supernatural force, his followers or by his pack of dogs. These traits made Damien incredibly feared throughout the Pantheon, which to everyone's horror, immediately was warmly received by Melkor, whom the Anti-Christ had now decided to become his personal prophet for.
    • As the offspring of Satan (At least in his world), Damien is in good graces with the several incarnations of Satan residing in the Pantheon. One of his main goals is to free the imprisonment Dis is encapsulated in, which he will stop nothing at to achieve. The Beast and a Satan favoring Hell over Heaven have immediately given their support of Damien and his position to tear the world asunder for their own gains. Its only a matter of time before Damien would face extreme opposition due to his allegiance and actions.
  • Damien is aware of his divinity ranking as a Demigod, but the Pantheon are so fearful of him they treat him like an Overdeity (Normally, he would be a Greater God level threat, but being the Anti-Christ is a different story). Furthering his reputation is Damien's leadership and charisma which manages to win over all but the biggest of pure good hearted. Damien's political and industrial knowledge has also granted him a degree of influence in many fields and the Disciples of the Watch has benefited in spreading further discord.
  • Will often try to amuse himself by causing brutal acts via his followers and using his childlike appearance to lead a lot of residents astray and off-guard. The Joker has taken a liking to this, as does Yuuki Terumi and Junko Enoshima, who think Damien is among the best individuals to lead others into unsuspecting misery and pain. Damien does get along with them, but would rather spend his time with Melkor and the other leading GUAE members, thinking his position is too important to spend too much time with the three. Joker, Terumi and Junko are currently thinking of a way to spend more time with Damien.
  • Damien is HATED by numerous deities, and its a benchmark in its own right. With the exception of those who are evil, every child stays their distance from him, given the fact that he tried to kill any newborn boys when he approached the Day of Judgement, in addition to anyone basically dying if they got too close to him. The Nippon Ichi demons are disgusted by the fact that Damien would rape his victims solely for sadistic pleasure. The House of Family have banned him from even appearing a mile away from the entrance considering he had his adopted parents and siblings killed just to ensure he would carry out his destiny. Damien however takes this in stride, stating that he doesn't really care about his reputation so as long as the Pantheon is bought down to ruin and agony.
    • He does however find company under Rhoda Penmark as she too, is a sociopathic child hellbent on killing and spreading misery. Damien has since made her an honorary member of the Disciples of the Watch, thinking that Rhoda would be an effective example of subverting expectations of children being pure and innocent.
  • Melkor decided to simply send Damien to several houses in an attempt to amuse himself. The amount of people who got close to being killed was staggering, and per usual, Damien was able to get away with it. Melkor laughed so hard at the prospect of Damien causing such a havoc that he immediately named him one of his closest companions. Although he was unable to fill out a position of the Four Horsemen, Melkor settled for making Damien his personal messenger, the Prophet of the Grand United Alliance of Evil.
    • With his newfound position in the GUAE Mastermind, Damien is able to assert control over most of the GUAE, albeit with a lesser extent than Melkor could. Beastmen, Orcs, Apostles, most evil races would pay their respects to Damien given his unholy destiny. The Godhand are pleased of what Damien is capable of, and have even offered him a chance to become an Apostle. Damien declined, though he did respect their gesture.
  • Learning about numerous variations of Satan, Damien has made an effort to try uniting them against the Grand United Alliance of Good. He was able to make contact and become confidants with two versions of Satan. However, he was annoyed with the current situation Dis was in. Damien is since trying to formulate a plan with Melkor and the other two Satans to try freeing Dis from his eternal imprisonment. Problem is, they'd have to be going up against The Love that Moves the Stars for that matter. This isn't going to stop the four of them anytime soon though...
    • Regarding analogies to Satan, Diablo has been a big fan of what Damien is capable of, citing his spread of panic and chaos as incredible, even by other villain standards. A similar sentiment came from Molag Bal who feels that Damien is a prime example of ultimate evil and Mephisto who sees him as a worthy ally for his own uses.
  • Surprisingly, Damien has nothing but utter contempt for Angra Mainyu, thinking he is too frail and pathetic to consider himself a Satanic Archetype and really doesn't sit well with the idea that Angra Mainyu is destined to fail at every opportunity he rebels against Ahura Mazda, whom Damien also hates. He also dislikes Archaon the Everchosen for being a whiny brat regarding the Chaos Gods and finds it hilarious that all his efforts to destroy his world were all for naught as the Chaos Gods still benefited anyway. Archaon simply sees Damien as another enemy, given he is allies with the Chaos Gods at this point, with Archaon now allied to Darkseid out of spite and a chance of rebellion. However, a lot of deities have pointed out that Damien is trying to free someone who has already lost and and is working with someone who is destined to lose. These comments infuriate Damien to no end, given how he actually wants to defy this and ensure Melkor wins. He'll be making sure his hellhounds find and maul whatever idiot has tried to question his motives and logic.
  • He has two children, Delia and Alexander, the former a vessel for the Anti-Christ and the latter being Damien's true successor. Damien felt amused that despite his death, his legacy would carry on, although what happened to Delia and Alexander was never shown further. Now with his children as his heralds, Damien is doing his best to instill as much depravity and lack of morality as possible.
  • Was initially interested in Mandy for managing to get her version of the Grim Reaper under her heel, but found her to be nothing more but an insignifcant imitator of her. Mandy herself, felt Terror greater then anything else in her life when near him, proving his point.
"My followers have been slaughtering your children around the world, and you have not lifted a finger to save them"

    Horseman of Death: Ganondorf 
Ganondorf Dragmire, God of Villainous Scheme Hijacking (Ganon, The King of Darkness/Evil/Thieves/Disrespect, Demon King, Mandrag Ganon, Agahnim, Calamity Ganon, Hatred and Malice Incarnate, Dark Beast Ganon, Harbinger Ganon, Catalyst of the Calamity, the Magnificent One, Scourge of Hyrule, The Menace Unleashed, Master of the Secret Stone, the Demon Dragon, Draconified Demon King, Crenando, G-Cash, Doriyah)
Ganon, The Demon King 
Calamity Ganon 

    Horseman of War: Griffith 
Griffith, God of Irredeemable Sins (Femto, Wings of Darkness, White Hawk, Hawk of Light/Hawk of Darkness, The Fifth, Blessed King of Longing, The Absolute, Goofy-Ass Rape Raven, Putrid Poser)
As Femto 

    Horseman of Famine: Johan Liebert 
Johan Liebert, God of Sociopathy and Mind Control Without Superpowers (Erich Springer, Michael Reichmann, Franz Heinau, The Antichrist, The Monster, The Next Hitler)