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    The Beyonder 
The Beyonder, God of Disillusion Towards Reality Warping (Frank, Kurami)
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  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His face and Kirby Dots imposed on a brilliant white sphere
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: One of Marvel's most powerful Deities, Reality Warper Which he isn't Really Fond Of, Blessed with Suck, Time Abyss, Superpower Lottery, Functional Omnipotence, First Showed Up In Secret Wars
  • Domains: Reality Warping, Boredom, Understanding
  • Curious about: The Hadou Gods, the House of Gaming
  • Allies: Mr. Mxyzptlk, Loki, Discord, Present and Future Zen'o, SCP-239
  • On good terms with: Mercurius, The Alpha and Omega, Bruce Nolan
  • Odd Friendship with: Dr. Manhattan
  • Rivals: Lord Vortech, Lord Fuse
  • Enemies: Thanos, Victor Von Doom, Darkseid, Fused Zamasu, Hajun, the Anti-Monitor
  • Opposed by: The SCP Foundation, The Living Tribunal, The Protectors of The Plot Continuum
  • Feared by: the rest of the Marvel Universe, Beerus, Nobuyuki Sugou
  • The Beyonder is an enigmatic cosmic being behind the original Secret Wars. Coming from somewhere beyond the normal Marvel Multiverse, the Beyonder is almost omnipotent and created a Patchwork World to see whether the hero or villain faction was stronger. Dr Doom stole his power, and soon learned that Reality Warping Is Not a Toy when you still have a human mind. Honestly, even the Beyonder has problems with his power, though they are primarily related to the total boredom that comes with getting whatever you want.
  • A cosmic being with all the power in his own multiverse, the Beyonder's ascension has all alliances seek out his power. Given he can knock Galactus to the curb, wipe out Lady Death and immediately bring her back among other achievements, it's hard to say who in the pantheon might actually beat him without some master-level trickery. When he actually wants to help, it has mixed results.
  • The Beyonder's ascension set alarm bells ringing for the SCP Foundation, who fear the damage that the Beyonder might cause. The Beyonder is Above Good and Evil (and genuinely, not a "uses it as an excuse" like most villains) and isn't malicious, but still he has the kind of danger level as SCP-239. The Witch Child likes playing with him and reading comics, which puts them further on alert. It's theorized that he could once and for all eradicate SCP-682, but they sure as hell don't trust him enough to test that out.
  • The Protectors of the Plot Continuum are looking out for him to make sure that his power doesn't threaten the stability of the pantheon. Darkseid and Zamasu are in more severe opposition, but for malevolent reasons. The former hates the idea of the Beyonder getting in the way of his domination of all things, but he also wants to hijack his power. Perhaps he can achieve it through the Anti-Life Equation. Zamasu is livid that someone so irresponsible should hold such power. You know, like him.
  • Would kindly like to remind the Anti-Monitor he is the Original Generation of a comic book Crisis Crossover that came first. The Anti-Monitor considers the Beyonder as a threat to the omnicidal destruction of everything that is not his Antimatter Universe, and doesn't even want him as a rival because, in his own words, "he's childish and immature". The Beyonder thinks the Anti-Monitor lacks imagination. Both are of such overwhelming power not only does the latter consider talking with him(read: pissing contests) is something to do, but they can fight on an even field.
  • Wiz and Boomstick want to convince the Beyonder to organize a Death Battle royale, for the entire pantheon itself; battle simulations and their budget for when the characters are in-character willing to fight to the death aren't enough to fill their cravings. The Beyonder doesn't think he'll let them, given what happened last time.
  • The House of Gaming was intrigued by the idea of a new Battleworld. Lord Fuse did something similar, though he had a more nefarious gambit. He would love to wrestle the Beyonder for his power, and has teamed up with Lord Vortech. Given the Beyonder is almost omnipotent, they are willing to perform a Fusion Dance into Fuse-Vortech out of necessity. This intrigues the Beyonder. He is generally interested in the events of the House of Gaming as a respite from the doldrum of how powerful he is.
  • Intrigued by the two Zen'o due to their incredible power and their desire to be entertained, resulting in the Tournament of Power. The Beyonder would like to help them house a second tournament, this time with gods around the pantheon. Wiz and Boomstick complained about how he can trust the Zen'o, but not them with such an effort. Beerus is absolutely mortified by this, seeing such an uber-powerful being get along with the uber-powerful beings who he fears and is subordinate to.
  • Who holds the position of Hadou God is the most powerful being in their multiverse, and their Law is a matter of fact. It reminds the Beyonder of how he is both his own multiverse and has absolute dominion over it. So the idea of a Hadou God is intriguing to him. Well, except for Hajun, given his omnicidal desires. While the Beyonder is the only being in his reality, he is somewhat bored by the fact. Hajun not only wants to be the only being in his multiverse, but the only being in all existence period. The Beyonder asked him "wait, wouldn't that get really boring?" Hajun was too self-centered and egotistical to listen or imagine such viewpoint and regards the Beyonder as "in the way".
  • By contrast Mercurius is a lot more sympathetic to the Beyonder, even if the latter has zero interest in his goals or aiding him; his drive is wanting an end because of the boredom of his omniscience and overall divinity. The Alpha and Omega relates to his difficulty in contentment with power, though he is concerned with more responsible uses of power. The Beyonder was amused and a bit impressed by Bruce's time wielding God's power.
  • A mix of arrogance and sheer idiocy convinced Nobuyuki Sugou he could persuade the Beyonder to give him more power in exchange for some means of slaking his boredom. However the Beyonder merely scoffed at him for being an annoying. No Humiliation Conga; Sugou wasn't even worth his contempt and de-atomized him. Mr Mxyzptlk says this was a good call; nobody wants him to have an Emperor Joker moment. Instead Mxy and the Beyonder chose to hang out; the latter was thrilled to have someone of comparable power to bounce off of, the former wanted to teach the Beyonder how to have more fun and tact with his Reality Warper powers.
  • The Beyonder didn't seem like the personality who would be all that friendly with Dr Manhattan, however they soon bonded over their experience and apathy brought out by being so powerful. Together they are trying to better enjoy and experience life, along with understanding the greater omniverse. The Beyonder is the red oni to Manhattan's blue oni. The Beyonder finds it interesting how he used to be human, yet manages to be more stoic and in some ways apathetic to even him.
  • You think the Beyonder is powerful? That's after a retcon weakened him. Worse; he's a child of his race. The adult members of his race devastated the multiverse before a Cosmic Retcon revolved things. Oh, and the beings in charge of the multiverse. Dead in all realities until their resurrection after the seventh multiverse became the eighth. This includes the Living Tribunal, who had to be flat-out replaced. He has warned the Beyonder to never follow in their footsteps or all the gloves are off. It still took multiple adult Beyonders to take his predecessor down, and he isn't going to be holding anything back if he needs to get rid of the most well-known juvenile Beyonder.

Greater Gods

    Broly (DBZ
Broly, God of Enjoying Destructive Power (Brolly, Broli, Brolli, The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bio-Broly, Broccoli, Original Broly, Z Broly)
Base Broly
Super Saiyan Broly with his power limiter 
Super Saiyan C-type Broly without his power limiter 
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly 
Broly God 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as a Super Saiyan C-type, Overdeity as the Legendary Super Saiyan or Broly God)
  • Symbol: His Control Crown
  • Theme Song: Broly the Devil, Broly: Chronicles of the First Coming (Part One in the Cycle of Nothing), 10's, Overflowing Power, Instinctive Destruction, Second Coming DVD Menu #1, Second Coming DVD Menu #2, Second Coming DVD Menu #3
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Insanity On Par with Majin Buu, Barrier Warrior, Positively Delighted with Fighting Strong Opponents, The Dreaded, A Nigh-Unstoppable Mass of Pain and Destruction, Laughing Mad, Omnicidal Mania, Person of Mass Destruction, Painful Transformation
  • Domains: Rage, Destruction, Power, Fear, Strength, Legend
  • Alternate Self: Broly: BR
  • Allies: Majin Buu, The Dark Judges, Khorne, Omega, Nightmare and Soul Edge, The Kurgan, Cell, Dr. Weil, Vanitas, Cooler
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kefka Palazzo
  • Odd Friendship with: Mr. Satan, Terra Branford (one-sided), Kublai Kahn (best friend)
  • Rival: Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Enemies: KAKAROT!!!, Paragus (his father), Son Gohan, Vegeta (also his biggest fanboy), Piccolo, Princess Trunks, Bardock, Kenshiro, Frieza, Asura
  • Broly's legend first began in 1993, with biceps bigger then Goku's head, and a heart that longed to be free! This mutant Saiyan was heralded upon his arrival as the True Super Saiyan of Legend, being the powerful force that destroyed the entire Southern Galaxy of Kakarot's home universe. With his power, he has decided to live up to the legend by being a born paragon of everything the Saiyan race stands for; fighting, killing, and destruction. However, one not-uncommon target takes him beyond his usual enjoyment of wanton death and destruction: he is fixated on killing Kakarot, as he connects Kakarot's crying when they were both babies to his and his father's near death and escaping the destruction of their planet. Thus every time he even notices Kakarot or any of his family, he goes on a rampage, one of which nearly destroyed the House of Power. Now the Main House is attempting to put another controller crown on his head to try and calm him from spreading his destruction to other parts of the Pantheon.
  • He enjoys destroying everything in sight with Majin Buu. Though he knows that they will try and kill each other, he relishes the fight when it comes.
  • Rumors arose that he may be able to tap into a Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form, causing many in the Pantheon to fear the moment that may become a reality. It is a rea And even worse... Broly can not only become a Super Saiyan 3 but at some point afterwards, Broly gained the ability to become a Super Saiyan 4.
  • Does not like to be called a God and likes to prove that he is worse than a monster, he, in fact, wants to be called The Devil. This caused Dr. Weil to form a rivalry with him.
  • One should also note that this being the regular Broly, he cannot naturally become Bio-Broly in the Pantheon, hence its absence. A good way to anger him is to bring up said weak clone or call him Broccoli. It hasn't stopped efforts from being made to perfect Bio-Broly to use as a countermeasure against him.
  • The list of people who can help calm his rampages or even get him to be nice to them is very short, and even then, if Kakarot is around their efforts are a crapshoot at best. Two people with a pronounced place on that short list are Terra Branford and Mr. Satan. After an event where Broly fell on his head and lost his memories, Mr. Satan found him, saved him, and made him his disciple. Over time the two became friends, similar to the champ's relationship with Fat Buu. During this time, Broly encountered Terra and liked that her fashion sense was similar to his especially with the white, maroon, and gold color scheme. He learned more about her through occasional run-ins, relating to her experience of what it's like to be under control for most of one's life through the use of a mind-controlling crown. Though he's since regained his memories and returned to his normal destructive self, he now tries to make sure to not let his rampages harm Mr. Satan. He also wants Terra's respect, though he also takes an interest in fighting her at full strength to see how powerful she really is. She says no every time, not wanting to chance him going off the rails.
  • While he agrees with the idea that destruction is the fate of all things, he does not like Kefka's use of mind control. The fact that he's one of the people who controlled Terra's mind is more of a reason for Broly to dislike the clown. He also does not take well to abusive fathers, as it is what caused him to crush his father inside an escape pod with his bare hands.
  • Raises an eyebrow over the idea of someone claiming that he may have sounded like Edward Elric in his youth, and is starting to get upset that others claim that he could also sound like Luke Skywalker if he didn't have such a deep voice.
  • Has an odd fascination with power levels.
    "What's your power level? Mine's pretty big."
  • One day he built a spaceship, and flew off into space, searching for a man to fight so he could break his face. He landed on a planet, with his best friend Kublai Kahn. They punched each other in the nuts and fought from dusk till dawn.
  • Broly, being from Universe 7, has someone similar to him on Universe 6: a Saiyan girl named Kale. What exactly Broly thinks of her is unknown, but a few things are for certain. For one, the two fought at least once. Also, she doesn't particularly like him because unlike her, he never controlled his power and stopped being evil, though she acknowledges he probably never had someone he could count on to set him straight, like she has Caulifla. However, he seems to be oddly protective of her when they're not fighting each other. A similar fighter from the Marvel Universe comes in the form of Bruce Banner, AKA The Incredible Hulk. As Banner, he finds Broly to embody the worst of his fears when it comes to Hulk. As Hulk, 0though, he sees Broly as a good rival to smash up against, a sentiment the Saiyan fully reciprocates.
  • For some reason he had a drastic change in character.
    • A big one, is his Berserk Button, which has changed from just being Kakarot's presence to just hearing his name. A change where a large number of Gods are thankful for.
      • So far Kakarot has been trying to use this chance to try and have him as a sparring partner, while Vegeta is trying his best not to utter said Saiyan's name in his general vicinity.
    • When not busy running around as The Legendary Super Saiyan, he is a surprisingly meek & passive boy.
    • He also has a crush on Future Trunks but is pretty awkward in trying to show it.
      Broly: Your hair looks like lavender, but smells like strawberries...
      • But when he turns Legendary Super Saiyan, he's... far less subtle.
        Broly: Princess Trunks~!
        Trunks: Please, no...
  • Once had a chance encounter with Felix the Cat, and a long fight between the two began and eventually ended in a stalemate as a result of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object; while the Lesser God was unable to overpower the Legendary Super Saiyan, even with the limitless abilities of his Magic Bag of Tricks, he was still able to defend himself and match Broly's attacks blow for blow with it without any harm to himself or damage to the tool, since the Bag is not only borderline indestructible, but immune to the effects of Ki Energy. After a solid week of persistently trying to kill the cat, Broly realized that the fight was getting boring because it was going nowhere, and left.
  • It was discovered by Frieza that a version of Broly actually exists in the canonical timeline. The Emperor took him in with plans to fight Kakarot again. It turns out the canon timeline's Broly was born around the same time as Vegeta IV rather than the same day as Kakarot, also around the time King Cold gave the Cold Force empire to his son Frieza, and King Vegeta III decided to exile Broly rather than attempt to stab him to death when he came to fear and envy his power. This meant the trauma of endless noise from a crying pod followed by a brutal execution attempt would not be the first memories of that Broly's existence, resulting in a version of him who, while still prone to madness because of his mutant power and harsh circumstances, was NOT evil to the core.
    • Later on, said version of Broly ended up in the Pantheon, and the selves met. While they're not exactly enemies, and share at least a few opinions, they did not like each other. He's also not a fan of the fact that his other self is so much stronger than he is in his Full Power/"Legendary" state, though he's fully aware that power rankings can change, both through training and with extracurricular forms like Super Saiyan 4 and 4D Broly God, both of which can allow him to measure up.

    Fat Buu 
Fat Majin Buu, God of Assimilation Backfires (Fat Buu, Innocent Majin Buu, Good Majin Buu, Mr. Buu)
Click here to see Buu's Shape-Up form 

Thane, God of Power-Suppressing Garbs (Healer, Phoenix)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Terrigenesis Bomb
  • Theme Song: Infinite Madness
  • Alignment: Nominally True Neutral, though also blurs the line with that and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Son of Thanos and an Opposing Force to Him, Was a Healer when his Powers were more Specialized in Destruction, Person of Mass Destruction, Power Incontinence Wears a Suit to Contain his Powers to Direct Contact Use, The Ability to Cause "Living Death", Is Potentially Better than Thanos, "Rewriting the Economics of Existence", Is more Similar to his Father than he Expects, which he Doesn't like to Acknowledge
  • Domains: Power, Lineage, Potential, Offsprings, Harbingers
  • Allies: Maul, Count Dooku, Lotor, Goro Akechi, Daenerys Targaryen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Black Bolt
  • Rivals: Orion, Ultraman Zero, Frieza, Cooler, Zinyak
  • Enemies: Darkseid, Ultraman Belial, Emperor Palpatine, Vilgax, Megatron, Moro, General Zod, Zarkon
  • Opposed By: The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, Ganthet, The Space Sherriffs, Toppo, Jiren, Statesman
  • Conflicting Opinion: Most Marvel Heroes (particularly Jean Grey/Phoenix and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel), Clark Kent/Superman, J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter, Son Goku, Zuko, Shoto Todoroki
  • Special Relationship: Thanos (his father)
  • Few can claim and justify themselves as almighty and dreaded in the galaxy and back it up, as shown with the Mad Titan, Thanos. And like all intergalactic tyrants, Thanos himself is no stranger to having a few secrets and facts that not many would have known as reputation overshadows most of the little details. This brings into mind an Inhuman named Thane, who was raised to help and heal his people with adequate restoration powers, yet discovered, to his shock and dismay, that his primary power revolved in mass destruction and deconstruction, which Thane found out in the worst timing when this power ended up activating spontaneous and ended up destroying the town he was in and killing everyone in it. It would all lead Thane Ebony Maw to discover this Inhuman and recruit him as his apprentice whilst grafting him with a special suit of armor to contain his power. And then, a fateful confrontation occurred between Thanos and Thane. And it was here that a shocking revelation was made for the latter; Thane was the biological son of the Mad Titan.
  • Thanos had established his presence in the Pantheon the same way he did in his home universe, though there was a key notice that he had no intention of bringing in any of his relatives, being content that himself and Gamora are enough as it is. The discovery of Thane, however, was something the Mad Titan couldn't shake off. Both of them were two of the most powerful beings in the universe, but what Thanos feared was that Thane was on his way to prove himself better, an aspect which the Mad Titan was mixed on, with the feelings of fear and admiration mingled in together. And his suspicion was proven correct; Thane made his way into the Pantheon by his own, and without either Ebony Maw's or his father's help.
    • Thane's arrival in the Pantheon was mostly driven by one desire; to find Thanos and to prove that he will be a more capable warrior and ruler than his father ever was, in addition to realizing that the Inhumans have arrived there too and that he can make up for extra company. Still, he prioritizes his relationship with his father as his top priority. Upon noticing his entrance, many were not sure what to make of Thane; sure he is morally better than daddy, but Thane isn't exactly immune to having done some bad actions. Thanos is personally biding his time when he meets his son again in the Pantheon. Time will tell...
  • Thane is... polarizing to say the least. He started out as a good figure, just wanting to help others with his ability to heal them, and while he does retain this power, he's also starting to gain more skill in using the destructive aspect of his power as well, much to a lot of people's concern. Thanos, one of the most feared beings in the universe, is cautious of his son, given that Thane imprisoned him in a state of "living death" so he's preparing himself for another encounter if it does come to pass. The heroes of Thane's universe are conflicted in wanting to help him or not. Thane isn't actually evil, but his obsession with wanting to be better than his father isn't exactly a good goal either; it's sometimes translated to killing and/or being more powerful and influential than Thanos, so there is a thin line to be treaded.
  • Darkseid has expressed some interest in Thane, which amuses him as he is the son of his most well-known rival outside of his universe. The Inhuman's extreme potential in his inherent powers is something the Lord of Tyranny cannot ignore and comes to see him as a potential worthy warrior that he can recruit if he can manage it. As expected of him, Thane has no interest in Darkseid, but only rather expresses opposition and distrust as his tyrannical and feared reputation is too similar to Thanos. Not that Darkseid is fazed, if anything, he's more impressed. He's biding his time to strike and break Thane to submission, partly so Darkseid can receive an incredibly powerful asset to himself and partly so he can rub it to Thanos on how he's still his superior.
    • Thane and Darkseid's enmity (and the Lord of Tyranny's interest towards the son of Thanos) would, inevitably, catch the attention of Darkseid's middle son, Orion, who quickly caught attention for many reasons. Thane and Orion came to learn a lot of similarities and differences with one another, mainly that they have a vendetta against tyrant fathers who led an intergalactic empire, plus they had a high-privileged role in their home societies, with Thane being a Healer and Orion being a hero and a benevolent War God. Unfortunately, the stark differing priorities that both had as well as the different circumstances of their goals meant that they couldn't keep in contact for too long. Orion hopes to help Thane, despite his unfettered nature in defeating Thanos, and would even fight him if necessary, whereas Thane would rather avoid Orion, mainly because he doesn't want to be confrontational against someone whom he could relate with closely.
    • Of course, Thane has a big level of disdain for galactic tyrants, be it Megatron, Vilgax, Palpatine, Zarkon, or General Zod. It doesn't matter if they have different goals from Thanos or each other, the fact that they have a similar occupation as Thanos has doesn't make them any favorable for Thane. He's made no pretense that if any of them come in his way, he won't hesitate to kill them and, of course, the fact that he's able to challenge Thanos and even win at one point, makes the other tyrants rather wary of what he's capable of. If there's one consolation in this matter, it's that through his distaste towards Zarkon, Thane found a genuine ally in his son, Lotor, who did possess good intentions and rebelling against his father. Given his own lack of finding allies due to his conflicting alignment, Thane is welcome to work with Lotor and encourage him in his endeavors.
  • As someone with potentially more power than his predecessor, Thane caught some attraction from Ultraman Zero, son of Ultraseven who despite his initially dismissive and aloof nature, came to become a better and more inspirational heroic figure than his father did, with was a big feat in of itself. The fact that the two of them were aliens and with a high-privileged work background also allowed them to better relate to one another. That said, Zero recognized that Thane, unlike himself, had a villain for a father, but learning that he didn't want to be compared to Thanos, he decided to refrain from that mention. They remain rivals though, mainly because both of them have very different priorities and goals and Thane honestly believes in using his own powers to create a better world, though isn't adverse to using destructive and more unscrupulous methods, which Zero refrains from doing. Though they've fought on some occasions, they still maintain a sense of respect toward one another.
  • Not popular with heroes or villains alike, Thane's alliances were very unorthodox at best. He found a working relationship with Maul and Dooku, former Sith Lords to Emperor Palpatine who were cruelly discarded the moment their usefulness came to an end, a fact that left both of them bitter, and it didn't help that Dooku had well-intentioned goals, if quite extreme and twisted, and Maul only had Palpatine as a father-figure, which meant being physically, mentally, and emotionally abused as a means for him to become a living weapon and an engine of hatred against the Jedi. Thane was able to understand their motives fairly, mainly because they were similar to how he saw Thanos and what he decided to set for his goal and decided to support the two former Sith Lords in their endeavors. Though Thane does note that he is not interested in destroying the Jedi and only seeks to dismantle Palpatine's plans as he believes that he is a scourge upon the galaxy, which Maul decided to accept for now while respecting and even working on Dooku's cause, he's not interested in helping his new allies or even the Jedi, even if their partnership with Dooku is strenuous at best.
  • He's sometimes found himself running into figures like Superman and Martian Manhunter if mainly because of his repeated efforts to make himself a better figure than his father, and also because Thane's means to achieve his goals is to scour around the Pantheon and prove his worthiness as a potential savior of the cosmos. While Clark and J'onn recognize that Thane is a dangerous figure to approach and fight against, they also recognize that the best option is to reach out and communicate with him in an effort to make him reconsider his ways. J'onn's telepathic mind made him realize that while Thane wants to overthrow Thanos, he also (not admittedly) is like him in some ways, though in denial of it. Superman's words did ease up Thane, and while the son of Thanos was pleased by the hospitality shown by the other two aliens, he solemnly rejected their offer, claiming that Thanos is mainly his to deal with. This made Clark and J'onn worried about him, but at least Thane has a measure of respect for them. They want to help him and provide him a better opportunity than just one-upping his father, but Clark and J'onn have hesitantly agreed on fighting Thane if they have no choice in reining him in.
  • His potential caught the attraction of Frieza and Cooler, a pair of galactic tyrants and brothers who are leaders of the Planet Trade Organization, dedicated to selling planets to the highest bidder, that is after they or their troops kill off said planet's populace. The two of them found Thane to be a very interesting and useful asset to nab into their services, and they felt that having him under their command would give them an edge in dominating the Pantheonic cosmos, even if it means making enemies with Thanos. Thane personally doesn't care about the two and simply fights against them if need be. Though later on, he's found himself allying with Cooler, seeing as he's found himself butting heads against Thanos himself. The idea of Thane and Cooler working together did shock many, though the son of Thanos affirms that he doesn't have any loyalty to him, only seeing Cooler as a means to his end, not to mention his own alliance with Darkseid doesn't help matters. Cooler knows this, but plays along with Thane, feeling that he'll play "good friend" to Thane until they've accomplished their mutual goals. The question is when would Cooler and Thane turn against one another.
  • While Thane is best known for his relationship with Thanos, something that he's not really proud of, enmities between father and child were a lot more common than he realized, the Pantheon not being an exception. It didn't take long until he found some familiarity with Prince Zuko and Shoto Todoroki, who've had similar vendettas against their fathers. Thane thought about a potential alliance with the two, only to be shot back for various reasons; while Zuko hated his father with every fiber of his being, that doesn't mean he devotes his time in life and the Pantheon to proving his superior, instead prioritizing the Fire Nation and the safety of his family, friends, and home, whereas Shoto is trying to be the best hero he can be and, while not on the best terms, accepts that his father is trying to be a better person, difficult as it might be. Thane still pushed with his idea, but when told that at least Thanos didn't ruin his life entirely as Ozai and Endeavor did with their sons, he was forced to concede. At the very least, Thane does respect Zuko and Shoto for proving their worth, and while they don't approve of Thane's intentions to surpass Thanos, they do wish that he finds a way to make peace with himself at some point.
  • Due to his actions throughout his journey to one-up Thanos, Thane has found opposition in some intergalactic organizations, namely the Green Lantern Corps and the Pride Troopers, namely Toppo and Jiren, partly because of the mess Thane has made whilst fighting against his other enemies meant that he was a threat if left unchecked, and most Space Police groups weren't so eager to let that go on any longer. While the Green Lanterns and the Pride Troopers have found difficulty in fighting Thane due to his naturally great potential, he personally sees his opponents as being in his way and usually tries to brush them aside due to them not being his goal's focus. It doesn't help that Ganthet, one of the Green Lanterns' superiors, expresses much worry, though does aim for a positive outcome, unlike his fellow Guardians of the Universe, and Thane himself credits Jiren as among the toughest beings he's fought in the Pantheon. He mainly tries to avoid fighting them, if mainly because they weren't evil, antagonistic to him as they might be, and he doesn't want to make more enemies.
  • He has a measure of respect for Goro Akechi and Daenerys Targaryen, primarily because he can relate to their circumstances regarding their hereditary predecessors; Goro was disgruntled by his father, Shido, for abandoning and disregarding him and masking his intent to bring Japan to a brighter future, when he wants total leadership for himself and Daenerys wants to remedy the wrongs of his father and ancestors and vindicate the Targaryen family by being a better leader than who came before her. With those outlines, Thane supports their goals and, if possible, would be open to helping them out. Even when Daenerys fell to tyranny, Thane was still supportive of her, though he does try to make sure that she doesn't become too vindictive towards her enemies, fearing that becoming worse would not only make Daenerys more unpopular but also for Thane to lose another ally due to becoming too much like Thanos, n uncaring leader with delusions of good intentions. Goro can be impulsive and violent, but he genuinely reciprocates Thane's compliments towards him and has since been one of his closest confidants.
  • Also has a spot in the Hall of Combat Clothing.

Intermediate Gods

    Blaze the Cat 
Blaze the Cat, Goddess of Introverted Pyromancers (Cat Girl, Cat Woman, Princess Blaze, Your Highness, Burning Blaze)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess as Burning Blaze)
  • Symbol: The Sol Emeralds
  • Theme Song: Vela-Nova
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Fiery Stoic, Opposites With Sonic Help Their Friendship, Active Princesses, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Super Speed and Super Strength, Comes From The Sol Dimension, Purple Is Powerful, Broken Super Mode, Not Quite Flight, Loner-Turned-Friend
  • Domains: Fire, Royalty, Heroism, Introverted Personalities, Friendship
  • Herald: Marine the Raccoon.
  • Followers: Signum, Felix Ferne, Lupa
  • Interested in: Teostra and Lunastra
  • Allies: Sonic, Cream the Rabbit, Silver the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Tangle and Whisper, Prince Zuko, Shouto Todoroki, Daenerys Targaryennote , Flame Princess, Hestia, Finn the Human, Rachel Roth/Raven, Koriand'r/Starfire, Makoto Kenzaki, Steve Rogers, Karna
  • Odd Friendship with: Jake the Dog, Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Enemies: Dr Eggman, Solaris, omnicidal maniacs, Ozai, Garfield Lynns, Bowser, Sigma, Surtr, SCP-457, Aerys II Targaryen, Friede and Ariandel
  • Wary of: The Flying Dutchman, Ragnaros the Firelord, hydromancers
  • There is a world parallel to Sonic's, where there are Sol Emeralds instead of Chaos Emeralds and other powerful artifacts. The royal family guards the Jeweled Scepter. Blaze is the main hero of her world like Sonic is of his, a princess who has power of fire. Despite this she is cool and introverted, a loner until she spent time with Cream the Rabbit and ended up becoming friends with her. Her nemesis is a Palette Swap of Eggman known as Eggman Nega.
  • Officially part of the Sol Dimension, but in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) she was inexplicably part of the Bad Future and Silver's friend. While the game's events retconned themselves out of existence, they were referenced in Sonic Generations. Their friendship in the pantheon has led the House of Time and Temporality to try and figure things out. The house has been helpful in letting Blaze interact with Sonic's world more.
  • Blaze is a Fiery Stoic, but not the only one. Shouto and Hestia both have a cool and level-headed personality, though Shouto also has ice powers. She gets along with the two for being generally benevolent people. Interestingly despite having the opposite powers she is on good terms with Mitsuru Kirijo due to being defrosting ice queens.
  • Conversed with Raven about how they try to be introverted, though in Raven's case her emotion-tied powers mean she has a good reason for why she has to be stoic. Starfire liked how they were opening up to each other, and wanted to test her own powers with Blaze. The feline pyrokinetic can sort of fly with bursts of flame, but couldn't catch up with Starfire's flight.
  • Being an anthropomorphic cat, she sometimes appears in the House of Felines. Blaze was particularly interested in Teostra and Lunastra as they're fiery lions who are also dragons. They seem like the kind of beast who'd be worthy protectors of her kingdom, but for now they merely want her for the company.
  • She was not pleased to learn Mephiles tricked her and Silver into unwittingly targeting Sonic so that his death would be the Iblis Trigger, so he may re-merge with Iblis and destroy all of time as Solaris. Blaze takes particular offense to omnicidal maniacs as her Arch-Enemy Eggman Nega is one, at least whenever he's not trying to bring about tyranny.
  • Blaze wasn't happy to learn about how many crazies are associated with fire, essentially the polar opposite of her in personality and morality. Surtr and SCP-457 proved particularly troublesome, especially the latter since her pyrokinesis only makes it more powerful. She's less worried about Ragnaros the Firelord as he can't really be judged as evil and likes how Blaze's soul is lit with flame, but still Blaze doesn't want to be near her.
  • Would rather avoid working with hydromancers as they're antithetical to her powers. Also, she's a cat. Kind of unfortunate for her that her world has a lot of water. She would also rather avoid the Flying Dutchman due to her bad history with Captain Whisker, but finds the Ghost Pirate more of an annoyance than a threat.
  • Was interested to learn that she is not the only royal deity associated with fire. In her own house was Flame Princess, however she's a lot more passionate than Blaze is. Blaze was cautious around the fire elemental at first due to hearing some bad things about the Fire Kingdom, but soon found them to be an exaggeration at worst and FP a great ruler. She ended up being introduced to Finn and Jake, and appreciated their heroism. Blaze actually likes Jake despite being a comical dog, because his laid-back and carefree attitude is what she likes about Sonic.
  • Found Ozai and Aerys highly repellent monarchs, and their association with fire all the worse. She takes pride in the fact that Ozai's son Zuko is a noble soul that became a good Firelord, and that Aerys himself cannot control fire. Blaze still doesn't want to get close to wildfire as she feels it would out-compete her own flames (at least when not in Burning Blaze mode). She likes how Daenerys is trying to break the wheel and wants to support her. Well, her literature incarnation. She's broken ties with her TV incarnation due to her FaceĖHeel Turn.
  • Friede and Ariandel oppose Blaze the Cat because of her power over fire, since they hate fire and anyone associated with it as it posses a threat to the painted world by wiping away the current civilization in it, which includes them. It's more one-sided on their part since Blaze has no intention of threatening their world, but they're not listening and take a "better safe than sorry" approach to any pyromancer.
  • Finds herself getting along with Karna. Despite the fact he has genuine friends like Duryodhana and Ashwatthama, he has No Social Skills due to suffering from poverty and living in a low-caste position during his childhood and acts like a loner around others. Also the son of the Hindu sun god, Surya, and is thus blessed with his power. Sure, he can seem like a Jerkass but he's really an All-Loving Hero impossible to hate, and they ultimately get along. Blaze gets along with Captain America as well, since he's a hero dedicated to protecting her country, much like she feels she should do to her own nation as princess.
  • She can also be found in Fire and Heat.

    Cal Kestis 
Cal Kestis, God of Losing Powers via Trauma and Panic
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A faded and shattered Jedi Order insignia
  • Theme Song: Never Give Up, Sugaan Essena
  • Alignment: Normally Neutral Good, but has been Chaotic Good since the days of the Galactic Empire
  • Portfolio: Losing his Connection to the Force due to Past Trauma and Lack of Confidence, A Survivor of Order 66, Feels Regretful over not saving his Master and Panics upon Remembering It, Possesses his Former Master's Lightsaber, On the Run from the Empire after using The Force, Similar to Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus, Learns Very Quickly, Able to see Visions upon Physical Contact, Is simply a Surviving Jedi with no Prophecy, Unskilled, but Strong, Becomes more Capable and Stronger Overtime
  • Domains: Apprentices, Survival, Rebel, Unity, Power, Development
  • Heralds: The Stinger Mantis Crew (BD-1, Cere Junda, Greez Dritus, Nightsister Merrin)
  • Allies: Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Rogue One, Yoda, Revan, Samus Aran, Hal Jordan, Saint Walker, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Eddie Brock/Venom, The Firefly Crew, The Bebop Crew, Madoka Kaname, Vegeta, Akame, Night Raid, Link, The Lumas, Team Star Fox, Issac Clarke
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Maul, Grand Moff Tarkin, Orson Krennic, Thanos, Arcturus Mengsk, Mongul, The Joker, Xenomorphs, The Tyranids, Ridley, Frieza, Cooler
  • Uneasy Relationship: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Count Dooku, General Grievous, The 501st Legion
  • Opposes: Evil Overlords and Galactic Conquerors, The Grineer
  • Respected By: The Plants Sub-House
  • On Good Terms With: The ascended members of the Jedi Order and the Rebel Alliance
  • A young scrapper working in Planet Bracca under the supervision of the Empire, Cal Kestis suddenly caught attention when he saved his father-figure, Prauff from falling to his death using the Force. After witnessing Prauff getting killed by the Second Sister for speaking out against the Empire and trying to protect Cal, the boy suddenly ran for his life, whilst also dealing with the Second Sister's pursuits. It turns out that Cal is a Jedi Padawan who is one of the few survivors of Order 66 5 years ago. Rescued by the Stinger Mantis Crew headed by former Jedi Master Cere Junda, Cal begun an adventure to find a way to bring the Jedi Order back to it's former glory in the hopes of rising up against the oppressive Empire.
  • Receiving a distress call from an unknown assailant, the Stinger Mantis Crew decided to take it's advice on taking a route to an unknown area after hearing rumors about Jedi having made their presence there. Determined to seek a grand alliance in order to combat the Empire, Cal and the crew activated hyperspace and made their way into the Pantheon.
    • To their surprise however, they encountered numerous Jedi, formerly deceased and alive alike, having united once more against an even greater battle than the crew ever expected. Among the first Jedi Cal approached was Luke Skywalker, who told them about what had happened that led to the Empire's downfall. Cal was surprised and relived to see that the Rebel Alliance did prevail after all, though Luke stated that many great sacrifices had to be made. That said, he was stunned to see that the Empire still marked its presence in the Pantheon alerting Cal. That said, he feels a lot more confident about dealing with them, thanks to the Jedi and Rebel Alliance's newfound place in the Pantheon.
  • Cal spends most of his time in the Pantheon exploring different locales and settings in an effort to familiarize himself and to further prepare himself for threats, old and new. That said, he was surprised to wander around without the fear of being identified as a Jedi. Considering the Order is still around, Cal is relieved by the fact that he has more allies than usual, in addition to the potential of receiving further training to become more capable of taking on the Sith and Palpatine.
    • Oddly enough, he has a knack of collecting rare botany and keeping them for a collection, though this is because the Stinger Mantis's pilot, Greez, has a fondness for flora. Because of Cal's benevolent nature and the fact that he does care about the plants that he harvests, he has earned an approval for the Plants Sub-House.
  • During a trip to various planets, Cal was forced to defend a colony who were being attacked by a pack of Xenomorphs. Not willing to let the invasive aliens harm anyone, Cal stood up and with some help from Issac Clarke, managed to drive them away. Since then, Cal and Issac have been keeping each other on good company.
    • The two of them received a distress signal to another planet to disable a cloning factory of Space Pirates. During the mission, they were attacked by Ridley, who, while defending the factory, also stated his intent to skewer Cal and Issac just because. Although they had a grueling battle, it was halted by the sudden destruction of the planet and factory, courtesy of Samus Aran, who later confronted the Space Dragon. Angry, Ridley flew off in a stalemate, but promised Samus that their feud is not done. Since the incident, Samus has been keeping track of Cal and Issac, often telling them to be careful when confronting threats like Ridley.
    • Like bost beings, Cal was intimidated by the reputation of the Tyranids and after looking into what they were capable of, decided to take arms alongside several space adventurers, protectors and defense forces to combat against the alien horde when the time comes. That said, Cal is going to have to train a lot, especially considering the Tyranid Hive Fleet may rival even the Empire in sheer strength and numbers.
  • Due to his determination to stop the Empire from further driving the galaxy to despotism and for wanting to restore hope to the oppressed, Cal has earned the respect of beings like Hal Jordan and Madoka Kaname. Even more impressive was the fact that Cal, unlike Luke, was not foretold in any prophecy nor was he a renowned Jedi in any way. He's simply a runaway rebel who was forced to fight the Empire and to rebuild his connection to the Force and develop his strength and reputation with sheer hard work with hardly any mentoring.
  • During a travel investigation sent by the Jedi, Cal encountered the Joker. While Cal was able to hold his ground, he was unnerved by how deranged and maniacal The Joker was, especially as he kept lunging in o Cal, hands unfurled for an electrical hug. Perhaps most disturbing was how the Joker noted how they look really similar, even joking to Cal that he (The Joker) is a future version of himself who snapped all of a sudden. Cal had none of it though and subdued the Joker with the Force long enough to make an escape.
  • Cal hates and openly opposes tyrants, given what Palpatine had established in the galaxy and feeling glad about it, regardless of the suffering and deaths of trillions. He's made an enemy out of Thanos and Frieza because of this, who only snickered as they considered Cal a pest to be dealt with. That said they did notice how him being a staunch ally of the Jedi Order is going to be a problem later on as Cal becomes stronger overtime.
    • On a similar note, Cal also sees the Grineer as a contaminating threat that must be dealt with as soon as possible, given that they experiment on children for cloning purposes plus their chaotic nature is far more of a than a threat than a usual Stormtrooper army. That said, Cal would want to focus more on his own personal training before he goes up against the Grineer.
  • While the Stinger Mantis is a resourceful ship for transport, it is not suited to space dogfights and is vulnerable if under attack. Hence, Cal took to approaching Team Star Fox if they could provide the Stinger Mantis with weaponry to help them fight mid-space. They've agreed and even Luke is willing to teach the crew on fighting back in space. After all, the Empire's hold on the galaxy was strong thanks to their military artillery.
  • Speaking of space, Cal made a surprise friend under the Lumas, who were all playful and supportive of what Cal was going through. A few Lumas have taken to helping Cal in guiding through different plants and launching him midair. They were sent by Rosalina after hearing about the adventures of Cal and the Lumas were eager to help out in Cal's investigations and training in the Pantheon. That, and the Lumas also get along greatly with BD-1 due to sharing similar personalities.
  • While he was initially terrified of Darth Vader, they were able to meet on more agreeable terms in the Pantheon, though Cal felt nervous upon meeting with him. After hearing from Luke about Vader being Anakin, his father, Cal initially felt somewhat angry at him for betraying the Jedi Order, but then began to feel some sympathy over the fact that Vader was manipulated to turn to the Dark Side due to unfortunate circumstances. They've since come to an uneasy truce, given that Vader himself also opposes Palpatine.
    • Count Dooku was more sour, mainly because he still maintains a villainous cred, hence Cal is a lot more distrustful of him more than he is towards Anakin. That said, Dooku has agreed to work with him in regards to opposing the Empire. He's even given a thought about training Cal, though he's being careful considering his fall from grace and his current reputation towards the Jedi. Similarly, Cal dislikes General Grievous due to his role in killing several Jedi members during the Clone Wars, but given how he would have eventually been disposed by Palpatine if he did survive long enough, they're in a tight Enemy Mine position, much to their discomfort.
  • As a renegade space traveler, Cal has received fellow respect from the likes of the Bebop and Firefly Crews, who've all praised Cal for standing up against Palpatine and the Empire despite the odds being stacked against him. The Guardians of the Galaxy have actually thought about recruiting him, given that Cal opposes Thanos as well. Cal politely declined, but has agreed that they'll take on the Mad Titan together when need be.
    • He's given a similar treatment by Night Raid and Akame, given that they themselves oppose an oppressive empire like Cal does. Akame has been thinking about getting to train Cal into becoming a better swordfighter, though her Murasame's poison might not be the best blade for the job, so she'll settle for a normal katana instead.
  • Unfortunately, Cal received unwanted attention from the former Sith Apprentice, Maul. Maul, still incredibly bitter about both the Jedi and the Sith approached Cal with the promise that he would be a better master than Jaro Tapal ever was and that they could stand a chance against Palpatine together. Cal not only rejected the offer, but expressed disgust in just how remorseless and ruthless Maul was. They would engage in tough scuffles, though Maul's interest in having Cal as an apprentice isn't going to go away anytime soon. Him being the same species as Nightsister Merrin isn't helping matters either.
    • Maul once stated that Cal is reminiscent of two individuals that he once fought before and that his aim of wanting to take Cal under as an apprentice is eerily similar to when Maul wanted to train the younger of the two, Ezra Bridger. This, in a way, made Cal feel somewhat relieved in that there was another rebel Jedi who was combating the Empire alongside fellow freedom fighters.
  • The Jedi Order have placed Cal, alongside a few other Jedi to find and recover as many Jedi Holocrons as possible so that they may not fall into the wrong hands. Cal has accepted, given that he chose to destroy one to ensure the Empire doesn't find any Force-sensitive children in the galaxy. Such a feat impressed a lot of pragmatists who saw Cal as a Jedi Knight who is willing to do anything to ensure protection and safety, even if it means destroying something valuable.
Trust Only in the Force.

Cioccolata, God of Evil People With Bad Powers

Eizen, God of Inconvenient Blessings (Ufemew Wexub, The Reaper/Shinigami, First Mate of the Aifread Pirates)

Maxwell "Max" Dillon, God of Psycho Electros (Electro, A God Named Sparkles?)
Electro's normal form
"Blue" Electro 
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as Blue Electro when supercharged or going all out).
  • Symbol: His Lightning Insignia
  • Theme Song: The Electro Suite, My Enemy and Still Crazy.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Initially True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Psycho Electro, Shock and Awe, Might Be a Dormant Mutant, Occasionally A Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Fashion-Victim Villain, Jerkass, Unskilled, but Strong.
  • Domains: Electricity, Villainy, Mayhem
  • High Priestess: Livewire
  • Herald: Francine Frye/Electro II
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Eneru, Static and Black Lightning, Gunvolt.
  • Enemies: The Marvel Comics Heroes (especially Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Thor Odinson), The Heroic DC Comics Deities, The Heroic My Hero Academia Deities, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, The Crystal Gems, Plusle and Minun, Red Gyarados.
  • Avoids: Kletus Casady/Carnage, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.
  • Max Dillon was once an ordinary guy, until a freak accident gave him (or awakened) vast electrical abilities, with his newfound powers Dillon renamed himself Electro and became one of Earth's most infamous villains who found himself opposed by the ever-present superhero, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He would eventually join a group known as the Sinister Six, led by Dr. Octopus/The Master Planner, along with fellow supervillains Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Vulture. However, no matter how powerful he became, to the point of even turning into a being of pure electricity, Spider-Man always managed to defeat the insane electrical being and put him in jail.
  • Electro's ascension was fully done after his recent defeat in a different world where he was overloaded with energy and destabilized to the point of losing his grip on the physical plane. Electro soon reappeared, with a golden bolt as the prelude, now fully reformed in the Pantheon and with memories from all other universes. Soon enough he began adjusting himself to his new existence and started meeting back up with his old allies of the Six such as Doctor Octopus and Mysterio, Electro has been planning to join his fellow villains in taking care of Spider-Man (who is also in the Pantheon) once and for all.
  • Electro has made enemies with more than just Spider-Man, over the years he's clashed with not only Spider-Man's contemporary and succeeding heroes within the latter's area but also many higher class heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man and even Thor, God of Thunder; this last one is a particular sour memory for him as he fought the Asgardian in his "Blue" form where he can become a being of pure lightning and though he initially believed this made him all-powerful against Thor it quickly went south when Thor simply used his powers to fling Electro around since the latter was the exact thing he could manipulate, thunder. Electro has sworn he'll get payback on Thor any way he can as a result.
  • Has formed a rivalry against fellow electric villain, Eneru, both of them bragging about how much better each thinks themselves of than the other at what they do best. Eneru himself is also made of electricity thanks to the powers of his Devil Fruit, not unlike various incarnations of Electro, which has furthered his rivalry with his fellow electric supervillain. Electro does find many of Eneru's actions quite reprehensible and abhorrent and considers them far worse than he could hope to do even on his worst days, as such this one rivalry is quite fierce and hate-fueled on both ends of it. Another thing that led to them clashing was their delusional behavior of godhood-seeking which has made the two seek to one up the other in destructive scope to prove their might.
  • Due to his vocation as a hitman, the Adept Gunvolt came to hear of Electro and his status a mutate with electric powers that might've been innate all along. Gunvolt approached Electro to get to know him better but was sorely furious to find out the kind of person Electro is, ever since Gunvolt's entered a bit of a rivalry with the electric supervillain and is bent on helping stop him for good eventually. A point that made them big rivals was Electro's great control of electricity and capacity to transform into the element itself.
  • With his psychotic streak and penchant for evildoing with electricity he got an enemy in Pikachu and his trainer, Ash Ketchum, as both are specialists in the electric type attack business and were quite unhappy to know of what Electro does with said power. This enmity only became clear after Ash and Pikachu ran into Electro and drove him off with a powerful 10,000 Volt Thunderbolt which overwhelmed even Electro's capacities and has made the supervillain see Ash as a legitimate threat to him.
  • He's not quite fond of fellow Marvel supervillain, Carnage, if only because Carnage is far too evil even for him. Electro has mostly tried to avoid associating with the psychotic symbiote. Another non-Sinister Six villain that he's not quite on good terms with is Flint Marko/Sandman, once a member of the Sinister Six whose recently been drifting more to the side of good. While at times Sandman goes back to villainy, he's become more and more of a neutral/good force leading to Electro's relationship with his fellow villain taking a sour turn.
  • Electro has always had one issue going on for him: self-loathing and an utter incapacity to ever creatively use his superpowers for either personal gain or in a fight. This means that his usual lethal abilities rarely if ever show their true power. As such some lightning deities have offered him mentorship on exploring and developing his powers, one of such deities was the more evil versions of Zeus, though mostly as an amusement exercise rather than legitimate mentorship.
  • A few of Batman's enemies have made allies with him, particularly thanks to his resemblance to another electric supervillain, Livewire. Among these allies are the Riddle, Bane and Two Face. Their enmities with Batman is something that Electro can understand given his own enmity against Spider-Man and the multiple humiliating defeats he's suffered at the hands of the arachnid.
  • At least in world he was once a shy and introverted nerd who worked at Oscorp as an electric engineer who was sadly screwed out of his rightful payment and fame for designing a hi-tech power grid for New York City with genetically modified electric eels, and turned evil once he was transformed by a freak accident and mistreated in his new form. As such he made a connection with Odio, who was once a champion of heroism but due to excessive prejudice and hardships put forth by mankind, wound up turning into a villain.
  • He's become something of an ally with M. Bison, who's teamed up with the Marvel villains from time to time. Bison views potential in Electro's capacities if he were to go all out and actually use his powers properly, especially given that most of Bison's main enemies would be straight-up defenseless against Electro if he were to truly remove his biggest combat flaws. For what its worth, Electro has no issue taking up jobs for the criminal mastermind and has been excited to meet stronger foes that he can use to become powerful enough to finally trounce Spider-Man.
  • Since they can be "poofed" by powerful enough electricity, the Crystal Gems (and any by extension) are extremely wary of Electro's abilities as even a slight fight might result in one getting poofed before they can stop the electrical supervillain. Steven tried to reason with Electro in one occasion owing to Electro's Dark and Troubled Past in many universes, but was unsuccessful in accomplishing anything because of Electro's stubborn dedication to his evil ways.
  • Though he initially fully treated Norman Osborn as an ally, several recent events involving Osborn screwing him over in more than one way have soured Electro's views on his fellow villain, instead preferring to keep far away from him. Osborn doesn't really cares for this, as he isn't too attached to any of their previous alliances and would rather seek out more and more allies to team up with.
  • Azula is a fellow lightning user who relates to Electro's anger and self-esteem issues given her own history of dealing with neglect from her parents and having had her life work ruined by the expectations from her father. Azula was interested in hearing of Electro's status as a lightning humanoid that might've been a mutant or more all along but finds herself somewhat disappointed with his lack of creativity in regards to his powers and using them in battle.

    Galen Marek/Starkiller 
Galen Marek, God of Decent People With "Evil" Powers (The Apprentice, Starkiller)
  • Among other his other achievements, at least in the now non-canon Legends timeline, include helping the Wookiees hide from the Empire under Princess Leia's request by destroying an Imperial skyhook that was shipping the Wookiees off-planet to build the Death Star, rescued Leia's foster father Bail Organa in Felucia, and inadvertently formed the Rebel Alliance alongside the Rogue Shadow crew, which was supposed to be a ploy to gather all the Emperor's enemies and take them out in a single blow.
  • As a former Sith who turned to good, Galen immediately signed up for the GUAG, particularly the Ministry Of Atonement. He's not at all particularly happy with his former master Darth Vader being there though, and immediately made to attack him the moment they saw one another (well, the moment he saw him in the suit, that is. The rest of the Ministry (and a visiting Luke Skywalker) broke up the fight as quickly as it began, though, and explained what Vader has managed to do since then. It was also confusing given the non-canonicity of the Legends timeline, which manifests in the form of Ghost Memories. As such, his relations with his former master aren't as bad as before, but all the abuse he has suffered can't just go away, and so he avoids him whenever possible.
  • Princess Leia and Chewbacca were surprised and happy to see Galen (and then confused, since they canonically never met him), as he (explained that he) has helped them (well, the latter's race as a whole) in a past timeline. This got things complicated with Luke, as the Jedi saw in Galen what he could've been had Vader raised him from the start. But if Galen has been able to turn to the good side, he finds no reason to turn him down. This cautionary friendliness is also extended by Han Solo, being Leia's wife and Chewie's partner; if they can trust him, perhaps he can too.
    • That said, having been raised in the ways of the Sith, his relations with the rest of the ascended Jedi (like Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace, Qui-Gon, Ahsoka, etc.) is tenuous at best (especially for Cal, who had spent his early years hiding from the Empire), especially since he had been raised specifically to assassinate them, and even successfully did so on at least two. The same goes for Padme, having been at the receiving end of a Force Choke just before her own death. The same can't be said for Jar-Jar, though; being ever so friendly, he managed to gain Galen's trust, too, though the ex-Sith is a more than a bit mad that he was the one who brought Palpatine to power, who in turn was Galen's "true master", with Vader as nothing more than a proxy.
      • As a fellow "Jedi Hunter", Grievous sees himself as a rival to Starkiller, but given just how much he can do, and the fact that he's Sith-trained and very prone to aggression in combat, he knows not to clash against him. It's also why he never actually duelled against Anakin despite facing lots of other Jedi, including Obi-Wan.
      • One day, Ahsoka was curious about something and decided to ask Galen about it. Given that they were both apprentices to the same person (albeit under different times and identities, and not just the whole Legends timeline thing), she wanted to know what it was like to be under Darth Vader's tutelage, and Galen admitted to wondering what his old self Anakin was like as a Jedi.
    • Gets along with Kylo Ren a.k.a. Ben Solo, who was a also a Sith who eventually managed to redeem himself, though Galen was understandably perplexed by the fact that the "edgelord" had tried to emulate Darth Vader as best he can.
  • As an escapee from Retconnian after his ascension, Malal is infuriated with seeing another of his domain leaving.
  • When on missions from the GUAG, Galen always travels in his stealth starship the Rogue Shadow, piloted by his girlfriend Juno, though he wasn't able to admit his feelings to himself until his attack in the first Death Star. Now that they're reunited once more in the Pantheon, they can be often seen together, though Galen often acts awkwardly due to lack of social skills from his training.
  • Despite other training methods being available, he always picks PROXY and they practice either at his own temple or the House of Combat, although him using the techniques and appearance of Jedi (both ascended and not) can be disconcerting to their audience. To alleviate these concerns, and also because other non-Force users are present in the Pantheon, PROXY has been provided data on other enemies of the GUAG for better training, though he's better skilled at imitating sword-users. That said, PROXY is always going for the kill, even if he no longer needs to do so. While Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, many find this disturbing.
    • To further sharpen his senses, PROXY occasionally attacks Starkiller out of the blue, but only when he's absolutely alone to avoid anybody interfering in their battles for any reason. But in case it occurs anyway, PROXY responds in a few ways. If the interrupter supports Galen, he'll either let them fight with him or dispel the hologram. If the interrupter supports whoever PROXY is pretending to be, the android will either continue (only to turn on his ally if Galen's at great risk) or team up with his master. If the interrupter attacks both directly, he'll either make the spar a MÍlťe ŗ Trois or work with Galen depending on the opponent's threat level.
  • Boba Fett had the "privilege" of meeting Galen's clone Starkiller II once before and has decided to stay clear from the real Galen, reasoning that the original one can be just as dangerous.
  • Amongst the ascended Force-users in the Pantheon, Galen is seen as being the greatest threat out of all of them by the GUAG's enemies, seeing that he once managed to use the Force to alter the trajectory of a crashing Star Destroyer. The other ascended Jedi also find this frightening.
  • Unlike Grand Admiral Thrawn, Starkiller isn't that perturbed that his storyline is no longer canon, partly because the only way it would end would be in his death and Darth Vader escaping from him and his allies, apparently with the help of Boba Fett.
    • He's harbors a bit of jealousy as of late though, now that Thrawn has made an appearance in Star Wars Rebels.
  • As someone who else went from the Dark side to the Light side, and having been a former follower of his before the Paladin moved to a new House, Galen befriended Cecil Harvey, who has melded both principles together.
  • Back when he was under Vader's tutelage, he got involved in the quest to claim Soul Calibur/Soul Edge alongside Vader and Yoda. Along the way, he made rivals out of the "locals" there. "Thankfully" though, he did not deem either sword of value after defeating Algol, much to Soul Edge's fury.
    • Due to being a Sith, he was an automatic enemy of Soul Calibur, who detests any trace of darkness enough to strike at the incredibly honourable Artix von Krieger.

    Issei Hyodo 
Issei Hyodo, God of Power Perversion (Red Dragon Emperor, Breast Dragon Emperor, Grabbin' Dragon, Ise, Worshipper of Oppai) (aims to be the "Ultimate Pawn" and the "Harem King")
His dragon form 
  • Intermediate God (can ascend to higher ranks with sufficient use of his Boosted Gear, Greater God upon unleashing Cardinal Crimson Promotion)
  • Symbol: His Boosted Gear; alternatively, 8 crimson pawn chess pieces: 7 in a circle and one in the middle.note 
  • Theme Song: SWITCH, The Grabbin' Dragon Song (during his more perverted moments)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, verging towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Harem Seekers, Lovable Sex Maniacs With a Siding of Gallantry, Finds ways to use his Devil powers for sexual purposes, Nice Guys Who You Really Shouldn't Mess With, Powered Armor, Exponential Power Boost and Pawn Promotion, subject to heavy nosebleeds, Friend to All Children, Polyamory, Chick Magnet, Has deep romantic issues because of what happened with Raynare, empowered by his perversion, Weaponizing Clothing Damage, coming back from the dead with no problems, having more than twenty children, each from his haremettes, being able to transform between his human and dragon form at will.
  • Domains: Perversion, Harems, Heroes, Devils, Lust
  • Followers: The Engineer, Neil Clarke, Gannayev-of-Dreams
  • Heralds: Gorou and Miki Hyōdō (his parents)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gideon Gordon Gravesnote , anybody who harms his harem in any way, Raynare (his ex-girlfriend, and the one who caused his psychological issues), the Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi and Basco ta Jolokia), Ornstein and Smough (particularly Ornstein), Shinnok, Quan Chi, Acnologia, Loki Laufeyson, Gul'dan, Kronika, Geras, The Mage of the Beginning
  • Rivals: Vali Lucifer (they're more allies than rivals now but their Sacred Gears's opposition still makes them this), Gajeel Redfox
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Makoto Itou, Accelerator
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Filia (at least on her Parasite Samson's part)
  • Commonality Connection with: Cuuko, Murasame
  • Opposes: Bryan Fury, Akio Ohtori, Mard Geer Tartaros
  • Scares: Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu
  • Pitied by: Emilia Justine
  • Good Counterpart to: Embryo
  • Issei is a second-year student at the Kuoh Academy, and is known there as one of the most perverted and generally unpopular students. One day, he thought he scored gold by having a girl called Yuuma Amano ask him out on a date, but said girl turned out to be a fallen angel who killed him at the end of the date. Luckily for him Rias Gremory, the Academy's local sweetheart and Pure-Blooded Devil, reincarnated him as a devil himself. Despite being an unrepentant, crass pervert on the surface, his strong sense of gallantry has won him the affection of various girls, Rias herself included. Because of his adventures and his frequent use of his Devil powers for lecherous purposes, he was ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Originally, Issei was ascended on his lonesome, but after further inspection on his backstory and requests from the man himself, Rias received a place in the Pantheon not long after. As of late, Issei has been at work to find spots where to ascend each of his ladies. He's had a few issues here and there but so far he has managed to ascend a fair amount of his girls.
  • For whatever reason he's a prime target of Panty Anarchy's advances. He was a bit weirded out since Panty sounds just like Rias. Despite this, he's managed to find a friend in Brief, who he met when he sang a serenade towards Rias after mistaking her for Panty.
  • Sadly, his perversion has landed him in some troubles. Like Melona who played a rather nasty joke on Issei, proclaiming interest to join his harem and letting him grope her breasts. He immediately proceeded to do so, but Melona's acid badly scorched his palms. Rias and the rest of the harem still held a grudge against Melona because of it, and to quote Issei on the subject, in feigning affection for him before attacking him, the slime girl "reopened a mended stabwound." Eventually he was relieved to find out that Rias and Akeno had personally destroyed Melona's temple and taken her out of the Pantheon.
  • Due to his Boosted Gear's ability to amplify the abilities of his allies as well as his own, many of the gods are interested in having him around whenever they set off as a team, especially gods from the House of Friendship. He often teams up with Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki whom he consider as his friends due to sharing similar values in friendship, the desire to help their friends, and refusing to give up. Joseph Joestar and Josuke Higashikata have also become acquainted with him as he shares with them a habit of thinking things on the fly and a penchant for running into weird people (and also, according to Issei, the fact that Josuke reminds him of Asia for some reason).
  • Gods who use psychic powers are honestly baffled by his second ability, Booblingual, which allows him to hear whatever a woman thinks or feels through their breasts as a medium. As ordinary psychic defenses against mind-reading are supposedly useless against Booblingual, many Gods agreed that his new ability is not to be underestimated.
  • Despises bastard boyfriends/girlfriends and people who sexually exploit others which is justified given his first death due to Yuuma Amano/Raynare's cruel betrayal and his encounter with Diodora Astaroth - who was responsible for having Asia branded as a witch by the Catholic Church so he can have her in his harem of enslaved nuns. As such he is antagonistic towards people like Gideon Graves and Akio Ohtori.
    • He also has a special bone to pick with Embryo, to the point that he sees him as his evil spitting image. He might take every chance he gets to peep on voluptuous women, but refuses on principle to bend another girl to his will, something that Embryo is all too happy to do. Because of this he has forged kinships with Ange, Salamandinay, Tusk and Hilda, who all respect him in return. Quick sidenote, Embryo has once offered Issei peace and a place in the world he's trying to create were he to surrender his girls, else he would bring them despair; all he got in return was a draconic middle finger.
  • Much to his surprise, he has become a popular figure among the more lecherous deities and harem leads of the Pantheon. For example, he is sometimes seen with the pervy sage Jiraiya doing "research", or reading/sharing X-rated magazines with Kenny McCormick. He has become friends with many harem leads in the Pantheon, with which he usually shares drops of knowledge on how to handle their women; with three leads in particular - Negi Springfield, Hayate Ayasaki and Ichika Orimura - he has also formed a support branch for the Grand United Alliance of Good called the Chick Magnet Quartet. He has tried to expand the group by including more people like Kazuto Kirigaya or Shido Itsuka, but to no avail. However, he does wonder if he shares a certain similarity with leads like Ichika and Shido.
    • Sadly, when the Mage of the Beginning ascended to the Pantheon she forcefully took Negi out of the group and into the GUAE Re Education Facility. Ange has temporarily taken over his position in the Quartet in their effort to free the child mage from his possession.
  • Issei is supportive of Scott Pilgrim as his own efforts reminded him of how he fought against Riser Phenex to stop Rias's unhappy arranged marriage with him. Due to this, the two often hang out and talk about each other's girlfriends. He is similarly supportive of Luka in his quest to get his wife Alice ascended and was right alongside him when it finally happened. Ironically enough, even he felt sympathy for Luka though after learning that being attractive to Cute Monster Girls isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Bahamut has some mixed feelings for Issei as he knows that the current Red Dragon Emperor is a good person at heart but his perversion (to the point that he is presently called the Grabbin' Dragon) is mortifying. As for Bahamut's relationship with Ddraig, rumor has it that Bahamut is acting as his psychologist after Issei's ascension.
    • Alexstrasza, on her part, has voiced her support of Issei's desire of gaining a harem, saying that it reminds her of when she had multiple husbands at once.
  • His relationship with Asura started on very shaky grounds: he originally refused to trust Issei out of thought of him "corrupting" Mithra. Issei, in his part, was completely neutral to Asura, even in spite of the fact that his voice reminds him of the terrorist fallen angel Kokabiel. Asura, however, didn't easily change his opinion on Issei: he forced him to swear on his name to never, ever pursue Mithra. Following an unfortunate incident involving Hayate, Nagi, and Hinagiku however, Asura has begun treating Issei a bit more nicely. He's also given Issei his blessing, after witnessing his unbridled rage over protecting his loved ones.
  • He is great friends with Touma Kamijou; not only they're known for being tremendous chick magnets, but both are also Determinators, can take on foes way stronger than them and possibly even come out on top, but Issei also finds Touma as a Worthy Opponent to battle thanks to his inexplicable Imagine Breaker; as a matter of fact, all of their battles together end up in a draw.
  • An interesting note is that in one of his battles, he was fighting his own world's version of Loki Laufeyson; to deal with him, who was almost impossible to defeat for being a Physical God, he briefly wielded Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Thor initially thought Issei couldn't possibly use his hammer, but was left completely flabbergasted when he saw Issei using the Boosted Gear to greatly enlarge Mjolnir and subsequently squash Loki as flat as a pancake. Needless to say, this landed Issei on the actual Loki's shit list, but also earned him the support of the Avengers, especially Thor himself and Tony Stark. The latter has taken interest in studying his Scale Mail armor and reproducing the Boosted Gear's exponential power buffs that come with it.
    • This comes again when his future world version of Loki attempted to kill his present self and his children with an extraterrestrial army. The older Issei became really pissed off, and transformed himself into a 100-meter crimson dragon to kick the Norse God's ugly rear with the help of his children.]]
  • He was originally very wary of the Fairy Tail Guild, more specifically Team Natsu, due to their nature as dragonslayers. However, he has found a kindred spirit in Natsu Dragneel, as they both act as a leader amongst his equals, and get mighty mad if someone who they truly care of gets hurt. Natsu, in his behalf, says that Ddraig reminds him a lot of Igneel, something that actually delights the Welsh Dragon after all the time he's been called the Breast Dragon Emperor.
  • Some gods have noticed he sounds a lot like both Flynn and Eren Yeager. He isn't exactly sure what to make of it. To pile upon this, Sebastian Michaelis said that his voice reminds him of Finnian. He became friends with Shu Ouma for the very same reason, though.
  • Being a half-dragon, he is constantly hunted down by Dragonslayer Ornstein, who aspires to kill him. As a result, the entire Occult Research Club fiercely opposes him, with Issei managing to defeat him once. Despite this, Ornstein's not willing to give up his prey. All in all, it's best to not talk around Issei about a certain incident involving Koneko and a lightning-imbued spear.
  • While a perverted technique on its surface, some deities hold an amount of fear and respect for Dress Break. That includes Ryuko Matoi, who thinks that Dress Break can destroy Senketsu in one go because Life Fiber count as clothing. Ryuko went as far as threatening to castrate him were he to use that ability on her. Issei for his part is dumbfounded and disappointed that she would make an such an assumption. He's a pervert for sure, but he wouldn't use Dress Break one someone's friend. Aikuro Mikisugi on the other hand has tried to reverse engineer Dress Break, thinking of it as "the ultimate anti-Life Fiber weapon."
    • Guts also begrudgingly respects the ability, believing that it may be able to shatter his Berserker Armor, leaving him vulnerable but saving his life if it ever went out of control. While Issei did confirm this, he said he would have to tweak it to only destroy the armor. He would rather like to avoid seeing Guts's junk if he can help it.
  • Is a prime target, due to his dragon nature, of the Black Dragon Acnologia, who desires to see the full power of Issei's Sacred Gear and kill him when it's over. Issei, after hearing about him from Natsu and other Fairy Tail members, personally thinks he's basically worse than Crime Force Dragon Grendel and Crescent Circle Dragon Crom Cruach combined and that he's a monster. And while he sometimes wonders, given Acnologia's origins, if he'll someday end up no better than him, his friends have always told him (sometimes forcefully) that he's better than the Dragon King. It has gotten to the point that he's become willing to bury the hatchet with Ornstein to fight the Black Dragon.
  • He has once had a nasty feud with the Elder God Shinnok, who tried to steal his Boosted Gear to take over all the realms in his universe. To battle a clearly much more powerful being, Issei and the Occult Research Club had to forge an alliance with Rachel Alucard, who also had common interests in keeping the Fallen Elder God in check. Thankfully, Issei managed to defeat Shinnok, and as a bonus he even became acquainted with a newly re-ascended Raiden through Rachel herself. The God of Thunder and Earthrealm's Protector admitted that Issei is kind of lecherous for his tastes, but nonetheless he holds great respect for his willingness to put his friends's lives above his own. He also remarked that his boisterous personality reminds him of Johnny Cage.
    • Of course, beating Shinnok in kombat earned Issei a place in the shit list of the Elder God's mother and Keeper of Time, Kronika. Upon learning of her son's defeat in battle she immediately sent Geras, her number one henchman, to exact revenge by proxy. While he ended up beaten by Issei, Geras's resurrective abilities made him even stronger than the Occult Research Club thought he would be; he even managed to seriously injure a couple of their members. Needless to say, Issei has since then sworn to go after both Kronika and Geras for daring hurt his friends.
  • Also in Lustful Acts.

    Jonathan Samuel Kent/Superboy 
This is a job for Superboy!

Jonathan Samuel Kent, God of Power Incontinence (Jon, Jon Smith, Jon White, Superboy, Superboy Black, Superman)
Young Adult Jon 
Future State (Superman) 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God once he becomes Superman in Future State
  • Symbol: House of El
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Brilliant, but Lazy, Cheerful Child, Emotional Bruiser, Kryptonian/Human Hybrid, Nice Guy, Proving Himself to His Father, Farm Boy, Inheriting His Father's Power, Hating to Keep Secrets and is Terrible at Lying, Archetypal American Child, Fighting Partners with Damian, Brainy Brunette, Breakout Character, Brought to You by the Letter "S", The Child of a Kryptonian and a Human, Good Feels Good, Adores Dogs, Is More Mature than His Age Makes it Out to Be, Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World, Struggles Emotionally with his Powers, Person of Mass Destruction, Can Sometimes be Silly and Rebellious, Magnetic Hero, Legacy Character
  • Domain: Heroes, Children, Family, Emotions, Potential, Precociousness
  • Herald: Kathy Branden/Beacon (his First Friend)
  • Family: Clark Kent/Superman (his father), Lois Lane (his mother), Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (his second cousin), Conner Kent/Superboy ("cousin"), Krypto, Jor-El (his paternal grandfather)
  • Allies:
  • Best Friend and Vitriolic Best Buds: Damien Wayne/Robin V
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Statesman, Jiren
  • Enemy Mine: General Zodnote 
  • Enemies: Brainiac, Darkseid, Lord Recluse, Homelander, The Batman Who Laughs, Ultraman Belial, Frieza, Sephiroth, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith
  • On Good Terms With: Toppo, John Wick
  • Respects: Dog Lovers and Owners (Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi, Xion, Elliot Alderson, Roy Mustang, Dorothy Gale, Chiyo Mihama, Mai Minakami), Sakaki, μ's (Muse), Houkago Tea Time
  • Admires: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Toshinori Yagi/All Might, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Commonality Connection: Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Opposes: Lex Luthor
  • Interests: Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha
  • Superboy is easily one's quickest guess to a younger counterpart or a successor to the Last Son of Krypton, Superman. Succeeding Connor Kent and Kon-El, arrives the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, born during a universal crisis that involved Brainiac during which Lois went into labour, delivering Jonathan Samuel Kent with the aid of Thomas Wayne from another point in time. To ensure anonymity and safety for him, Clark and Lois decided to relocate to a different universe and change their names to "White", giving Jon a normal childhood and life until the day he discovered his superpowers and that he was the son of Superman and a renowned journalist. Taking this into stride, Jon would choose to pursue the role of being a superhero, coming into contact with Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and the fifth to take up the mantle of Robin, whereupon the two would embark on several adventures and them learning to respect each other and become close friends, in addition to finding themselves in competition against one another. However, events relating to the enigmatic Mr. Oz, who turned out to be Jor-El caused Jon to venture out into space with him and be separated from his friends and family for a long time. By the time he returned, Jon had aged considerably, appearing to have looked like he was 17. In spite of it all, he was still as eager for adventures and being a hero, just like he was as a child.
  • Jon was initially a herald to his father, much of his family having already been ascended into the Pantheon quite some time ago and Superman himself being among the earliest and most celebrated deities there. That said, it took quite some time before Jon would gain enough recognition to prove his worth and be acknowledged as a deity in his own right. When news broke out that Jon managed to ascend, no words could describe how overjoyed he was when he was taking a long ride around the new domain in which he had become a part of. That said, he was childishly dismayed to see that Damian had already gotten there first. The fact that he co-represents Troubled Children alongside Cassandra Cain didn't help matters either as Jon wanted to be represented with his best friend above all. Still, he was happy with what was given and itches to discover a new experience in the Pantheon.
  • Jon is a mature and precocious individual and is generally well-mannered and polite to everyone he comes into contact with. Still, it doesn't take away the fact that he can be childish and naive at times, so it's not rare to see him be eloquent in a moment and then act immature and bratty in the next. That said, this applies to him as a child; he's considerably gotten wiser during his tenure in space, but he's still a child in some ways. Jon, as a result, frequents the House of Childhood and Adolescence to hang out with other kids and to give them someone they could look up to and see as a symbol of hope, just like his father. It helps that Damian is situated there as well, where Jon would often visit him and plan out a few adventures and fun activities to pass the time.
  • Jon's appearance and age was a rather odd topic in the Pantheon, to which even he joined along with how others thought of it. Despite his experiences in space and Jor-El and retaining his memories of it, he retains his appearance before he left, to everyone's confusion. However, it turned out that this only applied to any field or domains that resembled his Earth, which is to say most domains and Houses in the Pantheon. Whenever he is out of them and into unfamiliar lands, he suddenly ages to when he came back to Earth. A strange phenomenon indeed, Jon learned that there are other deities who undergo the same treatment, but unlike them, his circumstances seem to be sporadic and sudden. Some believe that this may have something to do with Jon's Power Incontinence, but only time will tell.
  • Like any typical kid, Jon is a big fan of superheroes and eagerly wants to hang out with them, even before he found out that his father was the Man of Steel. Izuku Midoriya, a budding hero himself who enrols in the UA High School for aspiring superheroes and taking the title of "Deku", was someone of interest and went off meeting with Jon. The two quickly caught on with the fact that they're pretty similar; they were incredibly polite and precocious and had a strong sense of justice and care that drove them into the paths that they chose, though Midoriya is someone who is diligent about his studies and aims to good in his academics whereas Jon hates school and would prefer to do other kiddish activities, despite his intelligence, which furthers Midoriya being the wiser and experienced the two. They quickly became great friends with both of them itching to go out wandering the Pantheon and having fun.
    • The legendary hero, All Might, who happened to be Midoriya's idol and mentor was someone who could be considered an analogy to Superman. Unsurprisingly, he and the Man of Tomorrow got along really well and Superman himself was praiseworthy and complimentary towards Midoriya for standing up for himself and his loved ones and carrying an indomitable heroic spirit, something, which the Man of Steel was renowned for. In return, Jon cane to see All Might with utmost admiration and respect. It helped that All Might himself was willing to take it upon himself to save others, even if it meant taking a grievous injury and sacrificing his powers to defeat All for One.
  • As mentioned above, Jon does not like school. When he was told that he would need to attend the House of School at some point to complete his necessary education, Jon's response was to declare "nope!" and simply continue on doing whatever he likes. That said, Jon isn't a student with bad grades, in fact, it's quite the opposite; he's a very intellectually gifted and well-versed child and his polite manners mean he will try to befriend others and stand up to them against bullies. In an odd surprise, he's a popular student because of this, but that doesn't exactly change Jon's attitude in attending school. He became friends with Timmy Turner, in part because of their shared apathy towards school, though Timmy himself isn't dumb, but ends up getting "F"'s in his schoolwork because his laziness is far more apparent than Jon's. Sometimes Jon would help Timmy with his homework and hang out with him though some think he should probably get Timmy to start taking his time in school more seriously.
    • That said, Jon has come to appreciate and admire several primary and high school students, primarily because they ended up doing something that looked adventurous or at least something that didn't involve sitting in a chair looking at a book and reading and writing notes. While not a big music enthusiast, he appreciates the stories of μ's and Houkago Tea Time because of how their goal of making music and friendship can be interpreted as an adventure of its own and finds a common camaraderie with other teen heroes like Kim Possible, Ben Tennyson, Danny Phantom and Jake Long who have to find a way to balance their time studying in school as well, something which Jon can relate with.
    • Gentaro Kisaragi was a peculiar figure. Despite his goofy and unassuming demeanour and attitude, it's undeniable that he's someone who values friendship and does whatever he can to meet the needs of those he cares about and stand up for them. These were all traits that Jon had, so it was easy to assume that they got along when they met up. Given how Gentaro's powers work as Kamen Rider Fourze, Jon was pretty impressed and thought if they could do some crimefighting or saving the Pantheon scenario sort of thing at some point. Gentaro appreciates the gesture, though the Kamen Rider Club is a bigger priority at the moment, which Jon understood. That and Gentaro sometimes needs help with his own schoolwork, where Jon is more than open to help out in.
  • One day, while adventuring around the Pantheon, Jon met Riku Asakura, followed by them doing a superhero job of stopping an invasion towards the House of Characterization where the latter resided. It turns out the two connected with one another in that both were hidden away from their actual parentage. While Jon's was mainly because Superman had a lot of enemies to worry about, Riku's case was a lot darker as he was a clone and son of a fallen Ultra known as Ultraman Belial. That Riku was forced to kill him did upset Jon, in spite of how monstrous Belial himself was. Riku appreciated Jon's concern and care for him, with the boy stating that he just wants to be friends and hang out, which endeared Riku.
    • Ultraman Zero also quickly became quick friends with Jon, albeit in more humorous circumstances. Like Jon, Zero wasn't exactly fond of school and decided to ditch his when he was resident in the Land of Light just so he could get straight to being a hero of the cosmos, which made Jon chuckle for quite some time. That said, Zero did work his way up to become among the best warriors of his race and Jon is well on his way to be as great of a hero as his father, whom both Zero and Riku have great respect for. And Zero may be right about Jon becoming a great hero if his iteration in Future State is of any indication.
  • Obviously enough, Jon has been seen with interest by a few figures who want to psychologically harm Superman by taking his son and moulding him to be subservient to him. The most notorious example came from one of the most unexpected figures one could think about (or what Jon could have imagined); an alternate version of his father who became a tyrant after The Joker killed Lois Lane and their unborn child and simultaneous nuked Metropolis. The existence of Jon was enough to render Regime Superman mad with grief and rage over not being able to have a child himself, but then the thought of him raising Jon by himself quickly came into mind. He's taking some notes from Madara Uchiha, his closest ally and an infamous corrupter who was responsible for much of the bad seeds and tragedies that plagued his world, on what he wants to do with his main counterpart's son, with Madara himself also seeing great potential in Jon. Jon's father is adamant about never letting this happen of course, but Regime Superman isn't going to be backing out any time soon. If he's to twist Jon into being like him, then so be it.
    • Beyond just his father's Regime counterpart, another malicious allegory to Superman himself was the Homelander, who is marketed by Vought International as the world's greatest hero and having an origin story similar to the Man of Tomorrow. Unlike Regime Superman, whose villainous actions were out of genuine grief, despair and a valid point in that superheroics are heavily flawed in some ways, Homelander is entirely out for himself and far more bloodthirsty than one would expect. Jon conversely pities his father's Regime counterpart but is more opposed and fearful towards Homelander due to his more blatantly psychopathic nature. That said, Homelander does express different personality quirks on different days. Sometimes, he's rather guilty and remorseful of his actions, even if he's self-centred. On another, he's far more brutal, narcissistic and sadistic, which only further adds to Jon doing his best to avoid Homelander, even if his more mellow side can crack some sympathy points.
  • To a lot of people's surprise, Jon found himself becoming quick friends with Melody. Beyond the fact that they were Half-Human Hybrids, both also had to deal with their true parentage being hidden away from them and having to deal with the troubles of trying to integrate within an environment that their parents were well known in. When Superman caught wind of this, he was reminded of a romantic relationship he once has with a mermaid named Lori Lemaris. Jon was surprised to learn about that ordeal but decided not to talk about this in front of Lois, knowing that bringing up Lori would be too embarrassing for his parents. Beyond that, Jon and Melody tend to go around the seas having fun and playing games alongside. Melody's mother, Ariel, has been approving of their friendship after seeing and learning of Jon's kind-hearted nature.
    • The ancient magician, Merlin was also a being with a parental line that stemmed from two different races. In his case, he was descended from a demon, but his bother baptized him, absolving any demonic influence he could have had, which was all the more poignant as he could have ended up becoming an Anti-Christ figure. Hearing his myths and stories propelled Jon to meet him up at some point, where Merlin determined that Jon, having been raised by Good Parents and instilled with fine wisdom, just like his father, would be destined for a great future for him. In spite of his personality faults and his upbringing, Merlin has strived to be a good man and be a guide to heroes, especially King Arthur Pendragon. He does have some awareness of his iteration from Jon 's universe where he was the son of Belial, but as stated, does not let this define his character, which Clark and Jon both appreciate.
  • Like Damian, Jon has a very strong fondness towards animals, especially cats and dogs. Part of why he's passionate about them is because he used to have a pet cat that he accidentally killed when his powers activated, something which he really doesn't like to talk about and is best not to mention it towards him, let alone mock him with it. He dearly loves Krypto and will make sure he's taken care of in case he not available to hang out with him.
    • Despite his gentle nature, he has his tendencies of playing pranks and messing around with others. He once tried to do this with Riko Sakurauchi upon learning she's afraid of dogs, though it turned out that she overcame that fear and even bought herself a dog later on. Even if the prank didn't come to pass, Jon and Riko still became well-acquainted with one another, with the latter introducing Chika Takami to him. Obviously enough, Jon took a fond liking to Chika's pet dog, Shiitake, just as much as she began to adore Krypto as well. Jon saw himself having similarities to Chika's cheeky and boisterous attitude and Riko's polite and eloquent demeanour, which made him endeared to the two girls as friends, in addition to their shared love for dogs. They'll often meet in the Hall of Canines to hang out and have fun, with Jon eagerly supporting their future endeavours in Aqours.
    • To everyone's surprise, Jon became friends with John Wick, of all people. The two just so happened to have met in the Hall of Canines when Wick showed up with his own dog. Having heard about his tales of being a legendary hitman, Jon gulped when Wick turned to face the boy... and then his dog ran up to him and stared at him playfully. Wick then told Jon that the dog wants to play, during which Jon then accepted and began to spend time with the pit bull. It turned out that Wick didn't even look or act malicious towards him, even with his feared reputation. It took a while before Jon realized that many of the common visitors here, including Dorothy Gale, Xion, Elliot Alderson, Roy Mustang, Chiyo Mihama, Mai Minakami, Chika, Riko and more didn't feel threatened by him. And like everyone else, Jon saw Wick in a more friendly light, with the legendary hitman being open to letting his pit bull hang out with the boy during his own endeavours. After all, John wants to make sure his dog is well treated after all...
    • He also bonded with Sakaki after Chiyo decided to introduce Jon to her after getting acquainted with their love for dogs. Chiyo and Sakaki themselves were surprised to learn that Jon also owned a pet cat and was saddened to hear that Jon accidentally killed the cat when his powers suddenly activated. In spite of it all, Chiyo and Sakaki have made it a point not to bring it up to him as Jon feels guilty and hurt about it. The two do, however, intend to cheer Jon up by inviting him to hangouts in the Hall of Felines and seeing how he would react to the several fantastical felines that reside there. Jon thinks about inviting Damian to the group, if mainly because the latter is known to love animals. And as much as he'd love to take an exotic cat or dog as a pet, he knows that his mother isn't going to allow it.
  • Obviously enough, he made a few new enemies in the Pantheon. He's sought out by Lord Recluse, the supervillain leader of Arachnos who sees potential in Jon, though his intense enmity against Superman himself has toughened the situation by a significant margin now that Lord Recluse wants Superman's son involved. Amusingly, Lord Recluse has no disdain for any of the two, but an incredibly twisted sense of respect and appreciation for them as they are strong warriors in their own right and a worthy challenge to his Darwinistic philosophy. Predictably, Jon and Clark are having none of it and vehemently oppose Lord Recluse, no matter how much he tends to respect them, not to mention his own blatant admission of being a villain himself.
  • Turns out, Jon is a fan of Anime and the fact that the Pantheon had all sorts of anime characters as residential deities only serve to make him more excited about the new world that he takes part in now. He has a deep admiration for Son Goku and his son, Gohan and aspires to meet with them, a dream that came true when the former personally went to greet him. Despite his Friendly Rivalry with Superman, Goku went on to see Jon as a good kid and someone who is sure to make his father proud as his successor, not to mention how Jon reminds him of Gohan. Despite the Fandom Rivalry between the two, it does nothing to change Jon's opinion on Goku. He's also a fan of Naruto and hearing him be the representative of Determinators was a welcoming call as Superman would never give up on ensuring his protection to Earth and Jon wants to live up to that.
  • His relationship with Lex Luthor is... at least less bad than Lex and Superman. Though they did start off on decent terms when he was trying to be a hero, Lex is now rather disapproving of Jon and Damian and mainly just spends more time fixated on the Man of Steel than anything else, with Jon himself being second-tier. To Jon, Lex is, in his eyes, "that famous rich scientist my dad hates". If anything, Jon has more enmity against Rex Luthor, an alien teen who happened to be a Lex Luthor fanboy and went on to form the Injustice Army with members inspired by famous Earth villains. Even then, Jon keeps awareness of how dangerous Lex can be.
  • Gets along pretty well with Miles Morales. Part of the reason behind it is because both are rookie superheroes who feel that they have to prove their worth, given that their predecessors are legendary heroes in their own right. That said, Jon really likes Peter Parker for his cheery demeanour not being too different from the young Superboy and being a generally friendly and supportive guy whereas Miles thinks Clark Kent is a "pretty swell" dude after they met on one occasion batting a bunch of criminals. The two make jokes and mess around, but above all, they'd like to train with one another and hone their skills, which led to them further respecting each other. Jon has also called in Damian to tag along and have a fun time with them. Damian accepts... under the rule that he gets to lead the trio, much to Jon and Miles' chagrin.
  • He may adore superheroes with all his heart, but Jon isn't a fan when he's being authorized and monitored too much. This seemed to be the case for Statesman, the most renowned hero of Paragon City, who, while genuinely heroic, was also unabashedly critical and harsh towards heroes who underperformed in their services and attempts at heroism. Hearing that he and Superman had a rivalry, except unlike with Goku, it's much tenser and vitriolic as Statesman's critical thoughts and perceptions clashed against Clark's approach of using words to comfort and inspire others. Jon doesn't hate Statesman but does feel that he can be a bit too cranky for his liking. He also had this feeling towards Jiren, who's normally cold and aloof about matters that don't concern him. Although Jiren has begun to mellow out, Jon thinks he's boring and dull, not to mention a bit too mean, though he does respect his strength. On the contrary, Toppo seems to take a genuine liking to Jon, in lieu of being a strong upholder of justice, like his dad and Toppo himself being fond of kids himself.
You do what every hero does... the best you can.

    Kun Lan 
Kun Lan, God of Evil People With Good Powers (Director of The Heaven Smile, The Last Shot Heaven Smile, ANGEL, Mara Papimer, Vincel Dill Boris VII Iwazaruscof, Iwazaru)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Face of the Heaven Smile
  • Theme: Angel's Despair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Profolio: Power of Life, Laughing Hysterically, Playing with Humanity out of boredom, Long Time Manipulator, Complete Immortality, Terrorism for the sole purpose of causing terror, Turning People into Heaven Smile
  • Domains: Magic, Life, Villainy, Laughter, Manipulation, Body Horror, Happiness, Smiling
  • Followers: Lupusregina Beta, Winnowill, Alec McCullough
  • Allies: David Zappa, Angus Bumby, Mr. Scratch
  • Enemies: Mondo Zappa, Princess Luna, Travis Touchdown
  • He decided to appear in the house after his boredom with his various games against Harman and decided to see if he can find new people to play against.
  • He wields the power of his universe's God Hand, a hand that embodies the power of the gods as he puts it and it grants him the power of Life and Creative Force, but decided to use it to twist the lives of people around him to make Heaven Smile and can do so with the touch of his God Hand.
  • If he cannot find a person to interest him then he simply attempts to go after other good aligned members of the pantheon so that he can turn them into Heaven Smile to up the stakes in his and Harman's game
  • He is often seen as immune to trolling as any attempts to do so will be meet with uproarious laughter before trying to make the trolls laugh and smile for him whether they want to or not with a good shake of the hand. This has made the Trollkaiger furious as unlike most other gods who are too ditzy or capable of replying with insults, he'll go along with it and throw it back to their faces.
  • Often gets tired of hearing people drone on about changing the world for good or ill as he claims:
    "The world won't change, All it does is turn"
  • Giggles at the mention of The Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    "A new generation of children will bring order to this age"
    • Those giggles have turned into outright Laughter as he continuously mocks them for their recent defeats and failures.
  • Likes to mock any gods that try to tell him to get serious.
    "Hmm, there's always time for fun, it's Friday night!"
  • He from time to time likes to mess with people that enter his part of the house by creating an illusion of a four winged blonde angel that claims to want to wipe out humanity. He just wants to see who can see through the trick and what they will do so they can amuse him.
  • Likes to hijack the Puella Magi's televisions to show them the process of becoming Heaven Smile, he often shows this to give them the idea, when asked why he answers with a laugh and a showing of his sparkling God Hand.
    "These games are often fun when the opponent has proper motivation".
    • He has recently attempted to find ways to turn them into Heaven Smile just to see what would happen
  • Knows of Gene and his God Hand and though to Lan knows he's not interesting enough to play against, he does note that Gene's God Hand is like Harman's, a destructive force.
  • He laughs off gun wielding gods as he can easily catch bullets with no struggle no matter how fast they are shot, even capable of flying by grabbing the bullet in the air just to show off.
  • Is unconcerned with people trying to kill him as 1) he very hard to kill and 2) he has thousands of Heaven Smile. Even if they did successfully kill him, he would return a hundred years later to return where he left off.
  • There is a warning issued around the house that if you hear these noises and cannot find the source to back away immediately, then contact those that can fight the Heaven Smile in the area.
  • Looked at both Rey Mysterio and El Santo with disdain, as they reminded him of one of the members of the Smith Syndicate, MASK de Smith. Neither of them are capable of MASK's true potential, whether it be the ability to use grenade launchers against the Heavenly Smiles or the fact that MASK was able to both headbutt an incoming bullet and suplex rubble. Not to mention, it is said in a legendary tome known as hand in killer7, MASK would eventually become the main personality of the Smith Syndicate a hundred years later.
  • He is a terrible Chess Player as he always seems to lose, though that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to manipulate useful pawns.
  • He also appears as a being named Iwazaru, calling those that stumble on this form "Master" and giving advice and directions that are either unhelpful or flat out wrong. He finds this form to be the best way to have some fun.
  • Kun Lan decided that the best way to find someone worth playing his games due Harman not being in The Pantheon to play against. he decided to attempt to release Heaven Smile everywhere and against everyone and turn many enemies into Heaven Smile for his amusement.

    Ressha Sentai ToQger 
Ressha Sentai ToQgermembers , Battle Deities of Imagination Power (Right: Raito Suzuki, ToQ 1gou, Dark ToQ 1gou, Rainbow ToQ 1gou. Tokatti: Haru Tokashiki, ToQ 2gou. Mio: Mio Natsume, ToQ 3gou. Hikari: Hikari Nonomura, ToQ 4gou. Kagura: Kagura Izumi, ToQ 5gou. Akira: Zaram, ToQ 6gou)
The ToQgers in their civilian forms. L - R: Mio, Kagura, Tokatti, Akira Nijino, Hikari, and Right.
Clickhere  to see their transformed state.

    Shigeo Kageyama/Mob 
Shigeo Kageyama, God of Powers Tied to Emotions (Mob, White T Poison, Lord Psycho Helmet)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when in 100% mode, borderline Overdeity in ???% mode)
  • Symbol: The number 100%
  • Theme Song: 99, 99.9, 1, Explosion of Mob Feelings (when his emotions get out of hand)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A God I Am Not, Psychoactive Powers, Big Good, Cool Loser, Determinator, The Fettered, I Just Want to Be Normal and Have Friends, Kid Hero, Magnetic Hero, Martial Pacifist, Nice Guy, Power Incontinence, Psychic Powers, Socially Awkward Hero, The Stoic, Super Mode, ???% Mode
  • Domains: Psychics, Emotion, Lifestyle
  • Heralds: Reigen Arataka, Dimple, Ritsu Kageyama, Teruki Hanazawa, Katsuya Serizawa, Mr. and Mrs. Kageyama
  • Allies: Saitama, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, The Chosen Four, Lucas, Casper, Kusuo Saiki, Raven, Superman
  • Antagonized by: Tetsuo Shima, Sadako Yamamura, King Boo, Darryl Revok
  • Source of Interest for: The Arilou of The New Alliance of the Free Stars
  • With a caring family and falling in love with a girl at school, Shigeo Kageyama looks and acts like an ordinary boy. There is one thing that makes him unusual and that is having psychic powers that would be amplified depending on his emotional state. Mob has had these powers since he was young, but a terrible event involving his brother Ritsu getting injured resulted in Mob trying to hide these powers, suppress his own emotions, and live an ordinary life as much as possible. His life would take a turn after meeting eccentric businessman Reigen Arataka, helping him take on various spiritual entities. As Mobís partnership with Reigen grows, he forges new friendships, takes on dangerous enemies, and comes to terms with his power and how he wants to live his life.
  • Mob was able to live a more fulfilling life now that he was able to get his ???% side under control, but this was far from the end of his supernatural adventures. Following conversations with clients about places with high supernatural activity, Reigen was looking online for more unusual events when he managed to find a website for a place that could be described as a universal hub for strange events and Mob happened to be there when Reigen discovered a place known as the Pantheon on the internet. Seasoning City just so happened to be part of a list of places in the Pantheon where supernatural events were commonplace and when Mob looked at the website and how the Pantheon had a habit of treating its denizens as gods, he found such treatment to be overwhelming when those people simply want to live out their lives the way they want to, ordinary or otherwise. As strange as Seasoning City was, the Pantheon would present many more challenges for Mob and while he still had his regular friends and family to keep in touch with, he would find many more allies in the Pantheon to help him overcome the obstacles that this crazy world would throw at him.
  • As powerful as an esper Mob is, especially when his emotions get the better of him, the Pantheon greatly added to the number of psychics that he encountered for better and for worse. One notable esper that Mob got along swimmingly with was Kusuo Saiki, a powerful psychic who is more interested in living an ordinary life despite how crazy everything is around him. Mobís philosophy on how having great power doesnít make someone better than others was a fascinating perspective for Saiki to learn about and the two bonded over their shared willingness to live an unassuming life in spite of the weirdness around them that theyíve more or less come to terms with. Other espers that Mob learned about such as Lucas and The Chosen Four have embarked on life-changing adventures that had the potential to put their psychological well-being at risk. Maybe actively pursuing the life of adventure was normal for these particular espers and Mob had no problem befriending such psychics, with him willing to offer them support both in battle and when theyíre in emotional distress.
    • There were just as many malevolent psychics that Mob found himself in conflict against as there were espers that Mob befriended. Darryl Revok was one such psychic who plotted to take over the world by using a drug that will lead to the rise of similarly powerful psychics that Revok will take under his wing and instill a hatred towards inferior beings in them. While Claw, an evil organization Mob and his friends fought against, was dismantled and its members having at the very least stopped being antagonistic towards him, Mob has a feeling that Revok has no intention of giving up and strongly disagreed with Revokís goals and mentality that he is trying to force upon others. Revok was dismayed to learn that someone with immense psychic power is squandering it on living alongside people that should be conquered by psychics (no matter what term is used to describe them) and Revok has had difficulty in finding a way to either eliminate Mob or corrupt him since Mob will fight back if her or his friends are threatened. Even with the amount of antagonistic psychics such as Tetsuo Shima who suffered from physical and/or psychological torture not unlike what heroic psychics went through, the fact that theyíre already deep into villainy with little, if any, sign that theyíll change made Mobís battles against other evil psychics more difficult.
  • Mob has encountered many spirits while working with Reigen, with Dimple being one who would later work with Mob and his friends after his initial plan to gain a large amount of followers failed. Dimple would eventually understand Mobís personality to become a true friend of his and while some spirits in the Pantheon such as Casper the Friendly Ghost didnít take much effort for Mob to befriend them, others arenít as willing to listen unlike Dimple. While spirits such as Sadako Yamamura and Alma Wade have suffered horrific pasts before becoming the threats that they are, they are far too dangerous for Mob to try and reason with (even if there are entities that are trying to pacify Alma) and will have to fight back if he ends up being attacked by them. There were plenty of evil spirits such as King Boo who are far more malevolent than many spirits Mob has previously encountered and the fact that those kinds of spirits will come back at some point after being defeated in the Pantheon was another problem Mob had to contend with.
  • There were plenty of eccentrics within the extranormal world of Seasoning City who Mob has encountered and he would learn of another strange world known as Z-City where powerful monsters roam around and superheroes from the Hero Association fight back against these threats. Despite being incredibly powerful, Saitama had an unassuming appearance akin to Mob and became strong thanks to an intense training regimen. Mob has been working on increasing his physical strength and while being anywhere near the physical power that Saitama has is far too difficult for him to achieve, Mob and Saitama have remained good friends with each other. Saitama has taken Mobís mindset about powers not making someone better than others into consideration and the possibility that it could help with overcoming the boredom he suffered from as a result of being insanely strong.
    • Saitama knows of many strong heroes thanks to working with the Hero Association, with two of them being a pair of esper siblings named Tatsumaki and Fubuki who Mob took notice of. Tatsumaki and Fubuki had a contentious relationship with each other despite having the same motivation of saving the world, something that brought to mind the sibling troubles Mob and his brother Ritsu went through, especially when it came to psychic powers. While the issues between the Kageyama siblings have been resolved, thereís still some problems facing Tatsumaki and Fubuki as siblings, prompting Mob to try and reach out to them. Despite the difficulties Mob has faced in trying to get them to reconcile (especially with Tatsumaki being volatile at times), the two can see where heís coming from.
  • Reigen isnít what some people believe to be their ideal mentor thanks to his con-man characteristics, but he played a crucial role in helping build Mobís character and the latterís benevolence helped improve Reigenís character as well. Many in the Pantheon have taken to being a mentor figure towards someone, whether for good or for ill and Mob couldnít help but surmise how different things could have been if some of these corrupt mentor figures entered his life. As bad as it was having to deal with Kenji Mogami and having to endure a fake world of the latterís making designed to inflict psychological damage onto him, Mob having to confront manipulative mentors with devious motivations was something he wanted to avoid as much as possible. That it was unlikely that his words would change the minds of these mentors and that they would try and talk back with a negative view of the world to try and corrupt Mob gave him more of a reason not to get involved with them, regardless of whether said training involves physical strength or psychic powers.
  • Mob already made it a point that having powers doesnít make people better than others, something that would later lead to a confrontation against Lord Psycho Helmet, an entity that looked like a shriveled version of Mob born out of a cult that Dimple originally created who later took a life of its own. The fact that there were people, including his friends, worshiping Mob as Lord Psycho Helmet was disconcerting for him as it was, but he felt a sense of relief when he learned of people in the Pantheon who had a problem with being worshiped as a literal god or some higher power. While he had nothing in the way of powers, Brian Cohen was mistaken as a messiah by many people, so he could empathize with Mobís mentality even if the idea of having to fight a living manifestation of peopleís misinterpreted perception of someone was something he found unbelievably messed up. As far as super-powered entities are concerned, Superman was someone Mob found plenty in common with thanks to being powerful yet highly empathic individuals who were uncomfortable with being seen as a literal god and the Man of Steel was more than supportive of Mob and hoped that others, no matter how powerful they are, can understand his belief in a world filled with super-powered adversity.
  • ???% serves as a manifestation of all the emotions Mob bottled up throughout most of his life and is his biggest obstacle outside of the dangerous spirits and espers that Mob and his friends have fought against. Some in the Pantheon have dealt with a darker aspect of themselves (which sometimes comes in the form of a stronger, but more unstable alternate personality) that theyíve tried to repress with many differing outcomes. Some like Riku have accepted their flaws like Mob to the point that theyíre able to use stronger abilities without psychological drawbacks while others like Jin Kazama have resorted to extreme measures to try and purge the darkness from within themselves. Mob has shown support towards Riku and while he can see why Jin would want to purge the Devil Gene, Jinís actions have made Mob wary of him. There was another more terrifying possibility that the darkness inside someone can take on a physical form outside their host, something that happened when Ryu purged the violent Satsui no Hado energy from his body and became a bloodthirsty fighter known as Kage. Mob canít begin to imagine the destruction that would occur if ???% somehow gained a separate physical form as Mobís evil counterpart and itís the scenario of a physical manifestation of a psychological dark side, along with people embracing such regardless of whether or not there is a physical form to it, that he is worried about.
  • Whenever Mobís emotions become overwhelming, his psychic powers gain a boost and they all vary depending on what emotion heís feeling at the moment. As mentioned, the most dangerous of them is ???% which Mob has tried to keep a tight lid on as much as possible. He has found kinship with Raven, a heroine who deliberately hides her emotions to prevent her from being at risk of getting possessed by her father Trigon. While Ravenís ordeal isnít that different from Mob wanting to keep ???% in check, Trigon being a bigger monster than ???% in almost every way was enough to unnerve Mob even though Raven showed some admiration towards Mob accepting ???% as a part of himself and putting a stop to its destructive rampage in doing so.
  • One notable event that Mob went through that didnít involve an epic battle was helping his friends in the Telepathy Club meet some aliens. While some aliens in the Pantheon were nowhere near as friendly as the Shoujo-faced aliens Mob and his friends encountered, The Arilou of The Free Star Alliance was one group of benevolent aliens that took an interest in Mob for a variety of reasons. As intriguing as the aliens Mob had previously encountered were, there was something fascinating in learning how The Arilou were involved with humanityís development in their universe in addition to having some psychic abilities as well. It was a bit overwhelming for Mob to learn that The Arilou were part of a larger extraterrestrial political group consisting of various other aliens of varying personalities, but he didnít mind the company of The Arilou and theyíre looking further into his various powers and how his mindset despite his capabilities can help humanity develop further.

    Vanya Hargreeves 
Vanya Hargreeves, Goddess of Unstable Powered Women (Number Seven, White Violin, Vanny)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess at full potential)
  • Symbol: Her violin, the number seven
  • Alignment: True Neutral turned Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as the White Violin)
  • Portfolio: Apocalypse Maiden, Broken Bird, Character Development, Elegant Classical Musician, Emotional Powers, From Nobody to Nightmare, I Just Want to Be Special, Musical Assassin, Shrinking Violet, The Unfavorite, Unstable Powered Woman, Womanchild, You Are Number 7
  • Domains: Instability, Power, Music, Sound
  • High Priestess: Nancy Downs
  • Allies: Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff, Carrie White, Rachel Roth, Alison Blaire, Lea, Charles Xavier, Kaori Miyazono, Violette, Willow Rosenberg, Miranda Lawson, Brook
  • Enemies: Incubators, En Sabah Nur, I-No, M. Bison, John Doe, Father, Ragyo Kiryuin, Cersei Lannister, Kefka Palazzo, Victor von Doom
  • Vanya Hargreeves is the seventh member of the Umbrella Academy. Vanya, unlike her siblings, does not have any powers despite being one of the 43 children born spontaneously on the same day, leading her to be mistreated during childhood. A violinist, she wrote a tell-all autobiography on the Umbrella Academy that her family resented her for, causing their estrangement. However, Vanya reunites with her estranged siblings upon her adoptive father's death, with her long-lost brother Number Five returning and the dysfunctional ex-superhero family working together to stop the apocalypse in the future. It's later revealed that Vanya has sound-based powers that were too strong and uncontrollable, which led to Vanya's memories and powers to be forcibly repressed as a child. Finding out the truth and her mental state falling apart causes Vanya to become the White Violin, who causes the apocalypse unless her siblings stop her.
  • After being stopped from destroying the world as the White Violin following a severe mental breakdown, Vanya was brought to the Pantheon. For her repression of her personality and powers by her father in fear of her powers, leading her to be a depressed woman over her inferiority as the only powerless one amongst her siblings, and subsequently causing the apocalypse in the unchanged future after finding out the truth and descending to madness, she was bestowed the title of Goddess of Unstable Powered Women. Now ascended in the Pantheon, Vanya has found a new clean state. Here, she has devoted herself to mastering her newly rediscovered powers and improving her mental state.
  • Vanya has formed a strong friendship with Jean Grey based on their similarities, with both being powerful telekinetics who have been brainwashed to have their powers suppressed and inadvertedly endangering the world as the White Violin and Dark Phoenix respectively, which they have overcome by confronting their trauma and learning to control their powers. Many in the Pantheon see them as an Odd Friendship, with Jean's spiritedness contrasting with Vanya's more introverted personality. The bright, sunny redhead contrasts with the melancholic, introverted violinist. The two are thinking of forming a support group for fellow women who struggle with their powers, inviting goddesses such as Wanda Maximoff, Carrie White, and Rachel Roth.
  • Vanya has a strong hatred for the Incubators, who make contracts with emotionally vulnerable teenage girls, turning them into witchhunting Magical Girls knowing that they will eventually descend into despair and become witches themselves. Not wanting other young girls to fall into the similar fate she undergoes as the White Violin, Vanya has been trying to stop them. Unable to comprehend human emotion, the Incubators cannot understand Vanya's empathy but at the same time are logical enough to be wary of Vanya's emotional state, well-aware that her power's strength is proportional to the intensity of her own emotions. Out of pragmatism and as much fear as such emotionless beings can feel, the Incubators have been trying to avoid incurring her wrath.
  • She has expressed some jealousy of the Parr Family for their loving relationships with one another even despite the stresses of heroics. Looking at the Incredibles, Vanya could only feel envy when thinking about her strained relationship with her abusive adoptive father and the rest of her adopted siblings, feeling some guilt in causing it through writing a tell-tale autobiography. However, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl admitted that even they have had familial dysfunction as a result of being a superhero family, citing the strains on their family when they returned to their superheroics, and imparted on Anya some advice. She kept this advice in mind for her to eventually improve her relationship with the Umbrella Academy.
  • Meeting Lea, she was able to relate to her psychological break from finding out that she wasn't a comatose player stuck in an MMO, but actually an advanced, flawed AI with emotions who doesn't have any any connection to the human world. As someone with powers who had them repressed and her memories erased to make herself think that she was normal, and mistreated for it as a result, Vanya could sympathize to an extent. Finding someone who could empathize with her situation gave Vanya some much needed comfort. The two made meaningful conversation, even with Lea's vocabulary limited to a few words like "Hi", "Lea", and "Why". For this bond, Lea was grateful for the life she has been given, even if it is artificial.
  • Due to the similarities in the nature of their powers, Vanya has been getting lessons from Alison Blaire on how to better control her acoustikinesis. The vibrant, energetic disco singer has encouraged the asocial, reserved Anya to be more open to better control her powers. Thus far, Vanya has made some strides in her training, better able to control her sound conversion to fine tune her energy release. However, she has yet to reach Dazzler's mastery, who has great variety in the sounds that she can produce and even create a null space of sound. She still refuses to do any disco though, and would much rather stick to classical music on the violin.
  • Now no longer taking her medications and without her emotions dampened, Vanya has begun to fully reach her potential as a violinist. In her free time, she can usually be found in the House of Musicality, often seen under the tutelage of famous violinists such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Even the famed musicians are impressed by Vanya, but have taken caution in her presence. They are well-aware that her powers are tied to her violin playing, and don't want the House of Musicality to get inadvertently destroyed. Vanya, although glad to know who she is, has some inner sadness knowing that some will see her as a ticking bomb, at the same time motivating her further to fully control her powers.
  • Vanya's enmity against Father stems from his abuse of his children, using them to carry out his evil schemes and treating them with anger whenever they fail. This abuse reminds her all too much of her adopted father Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who neglected Vanya and her siblings and treated them like tools. She finds it especially despicable how Father uses and abuses them to enslave all children whereas Hargreeves at least adopted the Umbrella Academy to save the world, wondering how such Child Haters could ever be fathers. As a result, she has become an advocate for super-powered children against those who would take advantage of them in the Pantheon such as Father.
  • In an effort to improve her mental state, Vanya has been playing the violin, what she enjoys most, alongside the other deified violinists. Such violinists include the spirited, young Kaori Miyazono and eccentric Skeletal Musician Brook. At first, the withdrawn Vanya felt uncomfortable with such colorful personalities. However, their friendliness has slowly but surely helped her come out of her shell and be in a happier state of mind. Such so that she's now even considering joining an orchestra in the Pantheon. She has been avidly practicing for her audition, this time determined to play Phantom of the Opera without causing the end of the world.
  • Vanya still holds much shame over her time as the White Violin, causing the apocalypse in a future timeline had her siblings not stopped her as she descended into madness. For this reason, she feels both disgust and a bit of sympathy towards Kefka Palazzo, whose Magitek Knight experimentation bestowed on him great power at the cost of his sanity. However, his insane depravity as he destroys the world for his own amusement leads Vanya to see him as completely irredeemable and vow to never go down that path herself. The psychotic jester, on the other hand, has taken an interest in Vanya and considers toying with her mental state to satisfy his own sadistic whim. Seeing her as a potential tool of destruction for him to use, Kefka desires to perform the same experiments on her that he underwent himself to become a Magitek Knight.
  • She can also be found in Male and Female Traits.

Lesser Gods

    Chronicle Trio 
Andrew Detmer, Matt Garetty and Steve Montgomery, Gods of Powers for Personal Convenience
L - R: Andrew, Steve and Matt.
  • Lesser Gods with the Potential to become Intermediate
  • Symbol: The Washington Space Needle
  • Theme Song: The Chronicle by Cuzzy Capone, This Bright Light by M83
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Neutral Evil tendencies (Andrew), Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies (Matt and Steve), All of them were True Neutral pre-Character Development
  • Portfolio: Gaining their Powers from a Magic Meteor, Possessing Telekinesis and Superhuman Strength, Speed and Fight Using their Powers for Fun and Self-Fulfilment
  • Domains: Superpowers, Irresponsibility, Growth, Unrest, Tragedy, Angst
  • Herald: Casey Letter (Matt)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Gorilla Grodd, Vandal Savage, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, Hal Stewart
  • Interests: Darkseid, Regime Superman, Madara Uchiha, Lord Recluse, Apocalypse (regarding Andrew)
  • On Good Terms With: The Charlotte Cast, Sissel, Missle, Yomiel, Carrie White (regarding Matt and Steve)
  • Opposes: The Sleepers, The Color out of Space
  • Pitied By: Mark Grayson/Invincible, The Heroic Protectors of Family (again, regarding Andrew)
  • You've got three teenage boys; one who has to deal with a deathly sick mother and an abusive father whilst also using his birthday gift, a camera to record his daily life, said boy's cousin and a friend who also happens to be their high school's residential top jock. Together, they head out on a trip, only to come across a meteor that suddenly gives them powers. They have fun and master their powers along the way... until one of the boys, Andrew Detmer, starts to become increasingly rattled by his abusive household and the daily treatment he gets from everyone else. The jock, Steve Montgomery, dies from a sudden lighting strike whilst trying to convince Andrew to calm down and from there, everything starts to get worse, with Matt Garetty becoming desperate to look after his cousin while Andrew begins to become more violent, ruthless and deranged, soon proclaiming himself an "Apex Predator". Soon enough, Andrew is unable to save his mother, lands in a hospital and fights against Matt in a mad craze, forcing Matt to kill his cousin to prevent casualties...
  • Matt was forced to escape Washington and make his way towards Tibet as Andrew wished that he would like to visit it one day. Matt made a vow that he would, from now on, try to use his powers for good and find out about the meteor that gave them their powers. He then flew off to places unknown...
    • His first appearance in the Pantheon was when he was flying across urban settlements, looking for criminals to stop. Reports stated that he would usually leave immediately after taking down thugs, though Matt has been shot on camera. Some questioned whether what Matt was doing was either superheroics or vigilantism, though he hasn't said anything on the matter.
  • Alongside Matt, Steve and Andrew also found themselves in different places. Steve took to exploring the Pantheon and trying to fit in with a crowd. That is until he was reunited with Matt, with Steve being very saddened upon hearing about what had happened to Andrew after Steve's death. Nonetheless, the two of them saw that it would be for the best if they could work together and provide for the greater good.
  • Was given Mark Grayson's blessing upon their ascension. While only Matt was granted the position of High Priest, he was happy that all three boys managed to ascend. He help bad for how their powers broke up their friendship. With any luck, he hopes that their permanent stay in the Pantheon will help them become better people.
  • Contrastly, Andrew's first experience in the Pantheon were anything but humble. He let out an anguished, raging howl after everything that he had been through and began to destroy everything in his path. Thankfully, he was in an uncharted location, so there wasn't anyone badly hurt. But it did leave a warning sign; Andrew is back and he is not giving up anytime soon.
  • While they're not in the same allegiance, Matt and Steve can detect Andrew's presence if he exerts too much of his powers and vice-versa, causing them to have a Psychic Nosebleed. To Andrew, he wouldn't bear any ill will towards them, even if Matt killed him (albeit as a last resort) and personally feels regretful about playing a hand in Steve's death. To Matt and Steve, they would immediately be alarmed and would consider approaching Andrew if things are being taken too far, though Andrew's increasingly hostile nature may make things too difficult.
  • It didn't take long before Matt and Steve would properly be met and greeted by other heroes. Superman, in particular, saw interest in mentoring and providing the two with training and welfare, given that they were inexperienced in their use of powers. Matt and Steve were really surprised to see a figure as prestigious as Superman offer guidance and decided to enlist themselves into his services. If the Man of Steel has proven himself to be capable of inspiring hope to others, maybe he can be just as good in looking after and improving rookie heroes too.
    • Spider-Man is the hero that Matt and Steve clearly have fun with the most. It helps that the web-slinger knows how it feels like to be a teenager with superpowers and the responsibilities that come with it. Like Superman, Spider-Man would fight crime alongside Matt and Steve if given the time plus he wishes to pass on the ethics of responsibility to the two. To Andrew, he feels very bad about him as he realizes that he really had no parental figure to guide and nurture him (granted he had a loving mother, but she was deathly ill by the time Andrew was reaching his tipping point) and seeks to one day get him back to his senses. It reminds him of his friend Harry Osborn, maybe even more than he thinks. Harry has also noticed this, and ended up forming an Odd Friendship with Andrew after approaching him over what they have in common. Andrew couldn't help but see him as a rich version of himself whose life wasn't entirely that much better.
    • Conversely, Regime Superman sees Andrew as a superhuman whom he could take under his wing, as does Madara, who understands how it feels like to live a troubled and unhappy life. Evidently, this has caused concern for some heroes who feel that Regime Superman and Madara's influence would not bode well for someone like Andrew. Additionally, Darkseid and Apocalypse also saw potential in wanting to groom and raise Andrew into a minion of their own, provided that his angst and grief has a lot of destructive potential, with the Lord of Tyranny wanting a loyal henchman and enforcer and Apocalypse outright praising his Social Darwinistic mindset. Whichever way it is, no one likes the idea of a mentally disturbed and emotionally damaged youth being manipulated and serving for a greater evil.
  • Andrew initially had no idea whom he could associate himself with. This was solved when e was approached by Hunter Zolomon, who took notice of Andrew's psychological issues and grief and acknowledged that they were pretty alike. As a result, he proposed Andrew with a partnership where Zolomon will try to work and look after him, to which Andrew agreed, seeing that Zolomon looked to be accepting of what Andrew had become. The fact that both of them had mothers who died due to unfortunate circumstances had something to do with it. Zolomon himself is interested in mentoring and training Andrew to master and improve his mental prowess, though he would also like to see Andrew use them to potentially create better heroes.
    • Soon enough, Andrew came into contact with other villains who've had parental figures like Malus Darkblade and Goro Akechi, both of whom had to deal with abusive fathers. The three of them have considered forming a quartet alongside Zolomon, though not much has come out of it. Still, Malus and Goro have respected Andrew for standing up to his father (who he admits was a chump compared to theirs), with the former also encouraging Andrew to keep up to his beliefs of being an "apex predator" as the Dark Elves are proponents of social Darwinism. Tetsuo Shima was surprised to see Andrew as being a fellow destructive psychic like he is and asked if they can work together. Andrew himself stated that he'll be fine with it as long as he doesn't see himself restrained, to which Tetsuo started liking him further. Andrew had a lot of guts.
  • Naturally and even if they can't seem to find a way to reconcile, all three of the boys share an intense dislike towards Abusive Parents, so it's pretty obvious they absolutely despise the Child Abuse Supporters. They're not without reason either, given that part of Andrew's deranged and temperamental behaviour comes from being abused by his father Richard and Matt and Steve have considered that more abuse would mean more villains and people who would recklessly use their powers. While the Child Abuse Supporters are rather indifferent towards Matt and Steve, they take up a lot of caution towards Andrew, given that if they were to remind of Richard, then a bloodbath in the House of Family would be imminent, primarily towards them and other abusive parents.
    • Such a comparison was made towards Carrie White, who was belittled and bullied for looking weird and introverted while at home, she was abused by her mother for apparently being "cursed". Matt and Steve quickly became friends with Carrie as she reminded them of Andrew. Carrie was surprised (one reason being that Matt kind of looked like one of her bullies, Billy Nolan) but got along with her new friends quickly and it helps that Matt and Steve are helping to try getting Carrie to use her powers non-violently and for fun to give Carrie some much-needed enrichment that she never got in her mortal life. Carrie does, however, feel sorry for Andrew for being in the same predicament as she was and wishes if she can approach and talk some sense into him.
  • They also dislike bullies, provided that Andrew was a frequent victim of bullying, Matt would sometimes step in to defend his cousin and Steve would take no involvement and association with them. Matt and Steve have no good words to express towards Biff Tannen, and in a few occasions have pranked on him without Biff knowing. Gary Smith is worse, given that he was actively trying to endanger a couple of students for the hell of it and wanted to usurp his high school. If Andrew was around, he'd have tortured and killed Biff and Gary right then and there.
    • Hal Stewart is another point of contention, being someone who became a villain because he was romantically rejected. He seems to act as an antithesis to Matt and Steve, who think that he uses his powers for his own self-benefit and out of pointless rage. Andrew, on the other hand, sees him as a bully and would like to prove it to him that he's the "apex predator" around.
  • They all received powers from a meteorite that they happened to stumble upon. Matt gets along pretty well with a group of high school kids who happened to possess powers granted to them by a meteor named Charlotte. He was surprised to see how one of them, Yuu Otosaka, took to deciding to absorb all of the kids' powers into himself so that neither of them would have to suffer from being hunted down by terrorist groups who wanted to harvest those abilities, knowing that these powers would be lost once the kids go past puberty. Steve seems to enjoy practising sports-based activities with the group and provide some sort of moral support for them. There is also Sissel, Missle and Yomiel, who received their powers from a meteorite. While they have their own approach at handling things, Sissel and Missle are willing to allow Matt and Steve some time to hang out, whereas Yomiel will try to see if he can help them out, though Matt and Steve are wary of him, given Yomiel's past villainous actions. Regarding Andrew, all of them pity him, especially Yuu as he can relate to the loss of a loved one as he had to deal with the death of his sister, Ayumi, but feel they can't really do anything about him as Andrew seems to be more aligned to other, more morally questionable figures.
    • Also among those who received powers from a meteorite was Gorilla Grodd and Vandal Savage who used their bestowed powers for evil and discord; Grodd's enhanced physique and strength would develop into fanatical hatred towards humans while Savage used his immortality to accumulate a millennia worth of wars, slaughters, manipulation and takeovers in an attempt to take over the world himself. Obviously enough Matt and Steve don't like them. Andrew himself would have considered being an ally to the two of them, but quickly caught on with Grodd's hatred towards humankind and guessed that Savage would want to use him as a pawn, which to Andrew, hampers his attempt at being an apex predator. It also doesn't help that Zolomon, Andrew's closest ally has a personal enmity against Grodd himself.
    • All three of them keep their distance from the Sleeper and the Color Out of Space. The former is a sentient meteor that houses a monster and transforms those who come into contact into crystals. The latter is an undescribable organism that has a toxic aura surrounding it. Matt and Steve would like to know of what they're supposed to be, but that's not their first concern regarding them as they've become pretty aware of the threat that they possess. Andrew seeks to one day become strong enough to overpower the two, though there's not much he could do about them for the time being.
"It's called the apex predator, right? And basically what this is, is the strongest animal in the ecosystem, right? And as human beings, we're considered the apex predator but only because smaller animals can't feed on us because of weapons and stuff, right? A lion does not feel guilty when it kills a gazelle, right? You do not feel guilty when you squash a fly... and I think that means something. I just think that really means something."
Andrew Detmer

"I want you to know... that I'm gonna be better from now on. I'm gonna help people. I'm gonna find out what happened to us down there. I don't care how long it takes. I'm gonna get answers. I'm gonna do it for you, and I'm gonna do it for Steve."
Matt Garrety

"I hang out with you and Matt, like, every day! We're supposed to fly around the world together."
Steve Montgomery

    Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe 
Cole Sear and Malcolm Crowe, Divine Duo of Mediums and Psychiatrists
L - R: Cole and Malcolm
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Cole's father's glasses and Malcolm's jacket with a bullet in it
  • Theme: Malcolm's Story / Cole's Secret
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A medium and his psychiatrist, Twist Ending that's common knowledge, Unfinished Business (Cole helps with it, Malcolm had it)
  • Domains: Ghosts, Twists, Therapy
  • Superior: M. Night Shyamalan
  • Allies: Norman Babcock and Agatha Prenderghast, House of Ghosts, Frasier Crane, Zen and Rei, Marion Crane, Misao, Haruka Kotoura
  • Enemies: Nurse Ratched, Angus Bumby, Scarecrow, Kayako Saeki, Sadako Yamamura
  • Complicated Relations: Ghostbusters, Jack and Maddie Fenton
  • Uneasy with: Hannibal Lecter
  • Malcolm Crowe was a celebrated child psychiatrist who one day discovered he had made a grave mistake with one of his patients, who shot him before killing himself. A year later, a weary Malcolm came across the case of Cole Sear, a young boy thought to be suffering from some sort of disorder. The truth is Cole can see ghosts. Malcolm was initially doubtful, but after realizing the patient he had failed likely had the same problem, he advised Cole to embrace his "condition" by talking to the ghosts and helping them with their Unfinished Business. This helped Cole come to terms with his power. What Malcolm did not realize is that he was dead himself this whole time, and successfully helping Cole was what he needed to move on.
  • Malcolm simply ascended as a consequence of moving on from his past life, feeling content that his last actions resulted in something positive. Eventually the idea of ascending Cole as well was discussed in the Main house, and when Malcolm was asked about it, he suggested in his capacity as his psychiatrist that Cole could stay with him so he could have an easier time adjusting to the place, and to that end he suggested Medicate the Medium, a domain he had had his eye on for a while as it described his relationship with Cole exactly. So in the end, Cole did get to see Malcolm again. They hadn't been all that sad about saying goodbye, but it was a nice reunion anyway.
  • Cole found that a certain trope was named after him (or rather, something he said) and that there were already representatives for it in the Pantheon. Cole didn't mind, other than being curious as to what kind of people they were. He was happy to discover that they were kids just like him. Norman and Agatha, as they are called, have the same ability ability to see ghosts as Cole, as befits the holders of I See Dead People. And much like Cole, they also suffered from being ostracized by those around them because nobody believed their power was real and thought they were just crazy, or a dangerous witch in Agatha's case. Malcolm laments that Norman and Agatha had no psychological support throughout their lives, though he's at least glad they found happiness in the end. Either way, the children's commonalities resulted in them becoming fast friends, often spending time at each other's temples and teaming up to solve some ghostly problem.
  • Much like Norman and Agatha, Cole cultivates a good relationship with the House of Ghosts on account of his power. Malcolm is also welcome by most folks in that House, given he used to be one of them (in the Pantheon he's functionally a normal human, though he has also gained supernatural perception as a result of his dead status). While Cole is mostly liked by that House, he has also run into some difficult members: the ghost girls Kayako and Sadako. With these two, what Cole learned in his world about communicating with ghosts seems not to apply, as they show no willingness to sit down and talk and are always out for blood. This is frightening to Cole; while the ghosts in his world could certainly be scary, he never met any that were truly murderous. Malcolm unfortunately has no better advice for him other to stay away from them, since they're obviously not open to reason. Still, Cole wishes to find a way to make them find peace.
  • Not everybody got the memo that Malcolm is no longer a ghost, causing a few ghost hunters to target him. It happened with Jack and Maddie Fenton, as well as the Ghostbusters, and much embarrassment for them ensued when their equipment didn't work. They apologized for the incidents, which was all well and good. However Cole couldn't help but be angry at them for not even attempting to talk to Malcolm and going straight for extermination. Later Jack and Maddie's son Danny came to him and explained that some ghosts were impossible to reason with and could cause serious damage to their surroundings, hence the ghost hunters' jumpiness. Cole understood, though he still thinks it's better to try to talk things out first.
  • Once upon a time, Cole's ability and Malcolm being Dead All Along were supposed to be big reveals. Now, even those who've never seen their movie are probably aware of all the important points (in part thanks to certain mainstream works blithely giving it away). Given that some consider that this diminishes the value of their story, they have become guardians to the Book of Plot Twists to prevent any more damage. Through that, they have befriended fellow guardian Marion Crane, who likewise has to deal with the fact that everybody knows she dies halfway through what should have been her story. Malcolm finds it kind of ironic, considering he died right at the start of his and still remained the protagonist.
  • Malcolm keeps working as a child psychiatrist in the Pantheon. Since he's here, he might as well make sure all the children in the Pantheon are staying mentally healthy in a place where a lot of... crazy stuff happens. As such, he's had the opportunity to meet and befriend colleagues in the field like Frasier Crane. Despite Frasier's snotty attitude and outdated reverence for Freud, Malcolm can respect him for the sound advice he gives and relate to the trouble he has getting his life together, while Frasier finds his accomplishments impressive and appreciates that there's another well-meaning shrink in the Pantheon for a change.
  • Indeed, from Malcolm's point of view there is a depressing amount of Psycho Psychologists around. Scarecrow is one thing, with him manipulating people's fears being a mockery of a psychiatrist's duty, but the one that most personally offends Malcolm, and also Cole, would be Angus Bumby, due to using his expertise to manipulate children and have them sold into prostitution. Bumby once made an attempt to get his hands on Cole, only to be brutally stopped by Hannibal Lecter. To many deities's surprise, it turns out that the viciously cannibalistic Serial Killer has some measure of sympathy for Cole and Malcolm, and Bumby's connections to child prostitution disgusted him to begin with. Hannibal also finds the potential applications of Cole's power interesting. While it's good that Hannibal doesn't wish to harm them, Cole and Malcolm still tread carefully around Hannibal, not wanting to do anything to set him off.
  • If there's someone in the psychological health field who still doesn't really buy that Cole isn't insane, that would be Nurse Ratched. The cruel nurse has suggested that if only Cole was handed over to her for a week or so, then people would see that the so-called "ghosts" truly are nothing more than things Cole dreamed up. Of course, Malcolm will have none of that, insisting that Cole is his charge and nobody else's, and that he will vouch for the boy's sanity any day. Learning of Ratched's unique methods of dealing with her patients has only steeled Malcolm's resolve not to let Cole fall into her hands. Cole remains blissfully oblivious to said methods, but is aware that Ratched is one of the people who refuses to believe him, and that's enough for him to avoid her.
  • At school, Cole has managed to meet a few people whose stories somehow mirror his own. Misao, a former ghost, became interested in him after learning about how he tried to help ghosts move on to the best of his ability, which reminded her of Aki's own efforts to do the same for her. Misao has the tendency to treat Cole like a little brother because of this. Cole has also befriended Haruka Kotoura; although her power consists of mind-reading instead of a sixth sense, she relates to Cole in how their strange powers led both of them to be isolated from their peers for much of their childhood (incidentally, Haruka was also taken to see a psychiatrist, but it didn't work out so well for her, which Malcolm feels sorry about). Fortunately things became much better for them after meeting people who understood them. Also, sometimes during festivals, Cole meets Zen and Rei, who have a fondness for the boy for reasons similar to Misao; it helps that their story is very similar to Cole and Malcolm's.

Naminé, Goddess of Prioritizing Morality over Using Mind Powers (The Witch Who Meddled with Memory)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Drawings
  • Theme: Naminé's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kairi's Nobody, Cute Witch, Morally Hesitant to Use her Powers, Backstory Invader, A shy girl kept Imprisoned in Castle Oblivion and is Forced to Obey Orders, but later Grows Out of it And becomes more Independent, Creating and others's Memories, Blonde and Sweet, Nice Girl, Metally Linked to the Protagonists, Forgotten by Sora, Donald and Goofy after their Adventure in Castle Oblivion, Her name translates to ''wave'', Forced to Merge back into Kairi, Plays a bigger role in the franchise than Expected, Contributed Heavily to the Heroes's Victory in the Second Keyblade War, Eventually Restored to a Physical Body and Lives her life as a normal girl
  • Domains: Memories, Promises, Trust, Manipulation, Mentalism, Drawings
  • Allies: Sora, Roxas, Riku, Kairi, Xion, Axel/Lea, Aqua, Ventus, Terra, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, Pluto, Rapunzel, Revan, Raven, Raiden, Elliot Alderson, Hackerman, House of Friendship and Camaraderie (Especially Nia Teppelin)]], Neku Sakuraba, Beat, Shiki Misaki, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long), The Princesses of Heart, Pearl, Connie Maheswaran
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations, Larxene, Vanitas, Maleficent, Pete, Mother Gothel, Lady Tremaine, Penelope Mouse, The Anti-Spiral
  • Conflicted Opinion: Rohan Kishibe, Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Respects: Monty Oum
  • Opposes: Rolo Lamperouge
  • Naminé is a mysterious girl with a strong resemblance to Kairi, whom Sora and his company met during their venture of Castle Oblivion. It didn't take before finding out that Naminé had the powers of erasing memories and molding false ones to others, a power that she didn't like using, as she was forced by a faction of Organization XIII to inflict her magic onto Sora, Donald and Goofy. Fortunately, Sora prevailed and freed Naminé from the Organization's clutches. However, because Sora's memories of his past were near-completely deprived, Naminé had to place him, Donald and Goofy into a year-long sleep to ensure their memories were restored, but with a price; the three of them would entirely forget about Naminé. They would try to remedy this by a note written in Jiminy Cricket's journal, simply stating "Thank Naminé". Unfortunately, that (may) never came to pass...
    • During Sora's year-long slumber, Naminé had to work with Riku and Ansem the Wise in monitoring Sora's Nobody, Roxas. This objective also began to include Xion, who was a replica of Sora and to make matters worse, her presence worsened Sora's situation in that as long as she lived, Sora's memories and powers would be sapped away from him. Roxas and Xion's best friend, Axel tried his best to protect his friends, but his attempts only added to an endless spiral of tragedy. It all concluded when Xion died in Roxas's hands and the latter was later subdued and had his memories of his Organization days extracted, all to ensure Sora woke up with his memories restored. She would soon meet with Kairi during his aid of Roxas and Sora, whereupon in the end, it was revealed she was Kairi's Nobody and was forced to merge back to her.
    • Despite her merge, she wouldn't give up helping the heroes during their time of need in the Second Keyblade War. Her heart allowed Sora to save his friends, which in turn lead to the eventual return of many heroes whom had fallen in the past, Roxas and Xion included. She was given a restored physical body, courtesy of Ienzo, Ansem the Wise and Even/Vexen. Naminé was finally able to live a normal life free from the Organization or Xehanort's machinations.
  • Naminé's already been in the Pantheon for a while. To be exact, she's been in its TV World officially as Kairi's Shadow, since she did call herself as such. That said, her nature as a Nobody meant she couldn't leave. But with the ascensions of Roxas and Xion as entities separate from Sora's, that gave Naminé a chance to ascend, too. It was just a matter of finding a trope for her to represent.
  • Naminé first came to the Pantheon proper with Riku and company eagerly waiting for her. It was a happy reunion... initially, until they realized that Sora was not around after the events of the Second Keyblade War after sacrificing himself to bring back Kairi. Naminé sobbed, feeling that she may never be able to fulfill The Promise she made with Sora. Riku has since done his best to comfort her, and the fact that Donald, Goofy and Jiminy have given their thanks and gratitude has helped with Naminé's well-being for now. She is currently waiting for the day she can meet Sora again.
    • She gets along really well with Xion, often hanging about in beaches and collecting seashells as a hobby. Considering both went through a spiraling state of suffering and melancholy, its easy for them to relate with one another. She is also currently trying to bring company towards Kairi, who is also left broken by Sora's disappearance.
    • Due to her time as a "Shadow", she, along with Kairi and Riku visit the TV World on occasion.
    • As Kairi's Nobody, Naminé was able to establish a bond with several of the former's allies. She has received the respect of the Princesses of Heart for her aid towards Sora and Riku. She also gets along rather well with Team RWBY, especially Ruby Rose. And should Kairi be unavailable, Naminé will often try to contact her friends whenever possible.
  • Castle Oblivion is a difficult topic for Naminé to think about, and considering the fact she was imprisoned and forced against her will to threaten and hurt Sora and his friends, it's not hard to see why. Not helping matters is Larxene and her actions that really hurt Naminé, making her too meek to properly ascend until now. However, she is cordial towards Aqua after finding out the existence of Castle Oblivion was so that Ventus could be protected from further harm.
  • Takes therapy and mentoring treatment from Raven and Raiden time and again. Raven is impressed with Naminé's cool mind and politeness while Raiden understands her guilt in manipulating Sora and his friends, though she didn't mean to. Raiden is happy to learn that Naminé has become a better person overtime after her experiences, but still monitors her in case something slips.
  • Naminé was made good acquaintances with the GUAG White Hats despite not being a member, a digital entity, or even that highly proficient with tech. She did play a hand in recreating Roxas's memories and she would often help out regarding memory usage and data, with experience she has had with Ansem the Wise. She quickly became friends with Elliot Alderson as both of them were emotionally abused and manipulated for others's gains. Hackerman has showed enthusiasm in Naminé's skills regarding memories, but also feels a need to monitor and protect her from any sort of threat.
  • She was able to provide aid and assistance long after she had merged with Kairi. As a result, Naminé became friends with Nia Teppelin, who's belief in trust allowed her friends to save their world from The Anti-Spiral. This also made Naminé a special guest in the House of Friendship in a similar vein to Sora. A similar respect came from Hal Jordan, citing Naminé's heart still aiding the heroes in the Second Keyblade War.
    • She was socially inept, which makes sense given she was held imprisoned in Castle Oblivion. She is, however taking strides in becoming more independent and headstrong. Spending time in the House of Friendship has helped, in addition to taking her time conversing with others now that she is free from any sort of machinations. That said, the Pantheon does face threats time and again. Naminé is aware she may become a part of a conflict, the question is when?
  • Is curious about Rohan Kishibe in the sense that he too draws as a hobby. Rohan seems to like Naminé's company, though the latter isn't exactly fond of him being able to manipulate others's memories with his stand "Heaven's Door". Rohan does however find Naminé's story interesting, though with his most recent experience with new friends, he's unlikely to go ahead with it without consent.
  • Given how she was treated, Naminé has a strong dislike for those who threaten those into submission. The Anti-Spiral has earned her ire after learning what he did to Nia and keeping humanity subjugated under the guise of good intentions. Same goes for Mother Gothel, which after learning about, went ahead to befriend Rapunzel as Naminé was able to relate to her regarding being kept sheltered against her will. She also dislikes those who disregard friendship and trust, with Penelope Mouse being a sour example. Not forgetting Lady Tremaine either for her treatment towards Cinderella, whom Naminé also keeps contact with.
    • Also opposes Shukuro Tsukishima for using memories against others, the opposite of what Naminé would do, and Rolo Lamperouge for benefiting from such a plot and being generally insane. Though, a later incident where Shukuro saved Naminé from an attack by Larxene even after she told him to go away now has her thinking he might be on his way to changing for the better. While Shukuro striking up a friendship with Rolo seems encouraging for both of their growths, she's not quite as optimistic about the Britannian.
  • Naminé is the only one regarding her allies in the Keyblade War (barring Donald and Goofy) to not be a Keyblade wielder. Then again, she was never able to find time after being imprisoned in Castle Oblivion and working with Ansem the Wise and Riku throughout the entirety of her life. Although, rumor has it in an alternate universe that she manifests as Kairi's transformed state and wielding Roxas's Keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Naminé was surprised to hear of such a thought, though she is unsure whether such a state would be something she could achieve. She is however, respectful of Monty Oum for coming up with an idea like this.
    • Speaking of, Kairi is thinking about enlisting Naminé to practice swordplay, also hearing about the rumor of the former transforming into the latter, which Kairi felt was kind of odd. Thanks to having established connections with her, Pearl has taken up arms to train and mentor Naminé in weapon usage, hoping she would be able able to defend herself when need be. The two are currently in a good relationship, with Naminé citing Pearl as nice and encouraging. As such, she's also gotten acquainted with Pearl's own first student Connie, who had recommended Kairi to the Crystal Gem in the first place.
  • See? We met again, like we promised.


Elpizo, God of Power-Induced Corruption (TK-31, Elpis)