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Greater Gods

Roxas, God of Extended Prologues (The Key of Destiny, Number XIII, Yoroxaz, Prince of Nobodies)
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. Alternatively, his X-shaped zipper pull.
  • Theme Songs: Roxas, The Other Promise (when battling), Another Side (vs. Riku), At Dusk, I Will Think of You (Shared with Xion and Lea), Hearts As One (when fighting alongside Xion)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly True Neutral)
  • Keyblade(s): Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Portfolio: Sora's Nobody, Initially Emotionless, but Develops his own Personality Overtime, Cosmic Plaything, Anti-Villain, Decoy Protagonist, Uses Light Magic, though initially for Organization XIII, Being one of the Only Genuinely Good Members of the Organization, Never getting any Respect from the Organization and Ultimately Leaving, Punch-Clock Villain, Served as the Organization's Moral Compass, Best Friends with Axel/Lea and Xion and simply wanting to spend time with them, Forced to kill Xion, doesn't remember her and Axel, and deciding to merge back with Sora, Eventually comes back and gets the life he always wanted
  • Domain: Introductions, Prologues, Exposition, Time, Beginnings, Friendship, Purpose, Trust
  • Heralds: Hayner, Pence and Olette (his friends)
  • Allies: Xion, Lea/Axel, Sora, Naminé, Kairi, Ventus, Team RWBY and JNPR, Link, Mario, Gentaro Kisaragi, Guts, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tinkerbell, The Genie, Phil, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Yuma, Tsukumo, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, Scorpion, Aldo
    • Partner: Gardevoirnote 
    • Former Ally: Larxene
  • Friendly Rival: Riku
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations (mainly Xemnas), Sora Shiun'in, Sauron, Napoleon, Darkseid, The Joker, The Batman Who Laughs, The Dawnbreaker, Barbatos, Griffith, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Emperor Palpatine, Miraak, Infinite, Lord Recluse
  • Opposes: Evil Overlords and Manipulative Beings
  • Respected By: House of Friendship and Camaraderie
  • The moment Sora sacrificed himself to awaken Kairi, a mysterious coincidence occurred at the same time, unbeknownst to Sora; the birth of a Nobody, as Sora's heart was strong and resilient enough to resist being fully passing away. The Nobody, originating from Twilight Town encountered an enigmatic figure, who bestowed the name Roxas and instilled him into Organization XIII, promising him and fellow Nobody recruits to recreate Kingdom Hearts in the hopes of them building a heart for themselves.
    • Roxas's days in the Organization were simply mission after mission assigned by Saïx to fulfill their end goals. However, Roxas found company under fellow member, Axel, the two of them hanging out on top of the Twilight Town Clock Tower, eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream after completing each task. They were soon joined along by a fourteenth member, Xion, and the three of them quickly became close companions, often meeting up, eating ice cream and going along with their tasks. Things however took a sharp decline when Xion was going through severe self-doubt issues and soon found out about her true nature; being a replica that was sapping away Sora's memories and thus, being a threat to both Sora and Roxas's existence. This was all a plot set up by Xemnas in an attempt to see who would prove more useful between Roxas and Xion for his grand ambition to claim Kingdom Hearts for himself. Eventually, Xion left Organization XIII after having frequent encounters with Riku and Naminé. After becoming frustrated with Xion's information and the Organization (Axel included) refusing to tell him the situation in any way, Roxas deserted the Organization as well, defeating Saïx and rebuking Axel who tried to stop him and later fighting against Xion who decided it would be best for Roxas to kill her so that Sora's existence can be preserved. She was successful, dying peacefully in Roxas's arms, after which he stormed towards his former base, deluding himself into thinking he could bring Xion back and reunite with Axel if he were to complete Kingdom Hearts. He dueled Riku, who told him about his existence as Sora's Nobody before knocking him out unconscious and had his memories wiped out but DiZ to ensure Sora would awake with his own memories restored. After 358 days as an Organization member, Roxas lived out his life in Twilight Town until he confronted DiZ and Axel who tried to convince him to rejoin the Organization. However, after realizing that he needs to merge back with Sora so that he could fully awaken, Roxas decided to go along with merging back to him.
      • Even after becoming assimilated, Roxas would still play a large role on Sora's journey, with the two of them clashing against one another in one way or another. However, Even, the restored iteration of Organization member Vexen decided to work out in bringing Roxas back to the physical world. He was able to succeed with Roxas dropping in to save Sora, Xion and Axel's restored form, Lea, from Saïx. After the battle, the Clock Tower Trio has a well-deserved reunion and later assisted Sora in his battle against Master Xehanort. After the Second Keyblade War concluded, Roxas was finally able to live out a normal life with the friends that he had previously made and forgotten.
  • Roxas's ascension into the Pantheon took place by a trail held by the Court of the Gods, who asked Sora why he wanted Roxas to be given a place in spite being an iteration of himself. Sora pointed out that if Xehanort was able to coexist with his Heartless and Nobody selves, he shouldn't have this issue either, plus with Roxas having found a way to have a normal life without the interference of either Sora or Xehanort, he deserves a place. The Court, with Phoenix Wright as a supporter went ahead with Sora's pleas and managed to invite Roxas into the Pantheon, alongside Xion and Lea, seeing as Roxas's main priority is to spend as much time as he could with friends. This all occurred sometime before Sora's sudden disappearance, which the trio were rather sullen about and would rather not speak of it.
  • Usually, Roxas spends most of his time in the friends hanging out and eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream. While the Clock Tower is nowhere, he is compensating by vising various locales in the Pantheon and is more than happy to pick one with a wonderful overview. For having one of the most painful and depressing experiences in his lifetime, Roxas oddly has one of the more peaceful and stress-free lifestyles.
    • His love and loyalty for his friends made Roxas a very quick friend under Gentaro Kisaragi, who has since tried to invite him on the Kamen Rider Club as an honorary member. Roxas declined, but accepted the gesture regardless.
    • Amusingly, Roxas is often mistaken for either Sora or Ventus by their respective Gardevoir partner. Pantheon law allows Roxas to be considered partners with the Friendship Gardevoir, though he wants to be his own person, with Sora fully backing him up.
    • But when he does engage in battle, Roxas is actually among the most brutal of the Pantheon's Keyblade wielders. While not exactly the strongest, he was able to build up enough strength to take on many of the powerful Heartless and even best Saïx whilst weakened, meaning that by the time he defected, he was the second-strongest member of Organization XIII behind Xemnas himself.
  • Outside of his friend group, Roxas is somewhat introverted, given that he barely had enough time to familiarize with social norms and took a while before he developed a personality of his own. With that in mind, he values friendship just as much as Sora does and deeply loves Xion and Lea. Due to forgetting about his experiences, reuniting with figures like Tinkerbell and Phil was awkward and hard on Roxas's part, though after some time, Roxas is happy to hang out with them, often flying around with the former and taking part in small-time gladiatorial duels set up by the latter. The Genie was also overjoyed in reuniting with Roxas, much to his chagrin. That said, they still remain on friendly terms.
  • As someone who wants to live out his life without much worry and free of deceit and manipulation, Roxas is not part of the Grand United Alliance of Good alongside Xion and Lea. Not that Roxas doesn't like them, if anything, he supports the GUAG, but because of what he has gone through, he doesn't want to get too reminded of his past times. The GUAG respected his decision, though Roxas is happy to help them out if they need his assistance.
  • Hates tyrants and diabolical rulers like Palpatine and Lord Recluse, given that they eerily remind him of Xemnas. Roxas, Xion and Lea have fought them at times, with Palpatine simply seeing them as pests whereas Lord Recluse sees them as worthy opponents under the virtue that their friendship reminds Lord Recluse of his former friendship towards Statesman. The tyrant he most dislikes however is Sauron, who himself is disgusted by Roxas's relationship with Xion and Lea and the two have engaged in a brutal clash on one occasion. Roxas was joined along by his friends, but had to surprise Sauron to ensure they escaped as soon as they realized they'd lose against the Dark Lord. Since then, Roxas is taking some training session to become strong enough to better defend himself and those he cares about, especially learning of Sauron's alliance with Darkseid, another tyrant with the capability to destroy multiverses.
  • Roxas takes one's personal identity very seriously. He is proud and happy to be the person that he is now and is fiercely protective about it. He has the same feeling about it towards Xion and Lea, especially considering how Saïx treated the former very poorly for being a replica. Several, including Riku and Kairi are happy with the thoughts that Roxas wants to pursue.
  • After all that they've been through, its safe to say that he and Riku now get along with each other. Still, they have a rivalry with Roxas stating that their battle still isn't over yet and that he's itching for a rematch. Riku has since happily obliged and challenged Roxas into the possibility of rewarding him a position of "Keyblade Master" if he bests Riku in battle. Roxas has since been making preparations about is upcoming duel.
  • Friends with Team RWBY and JNPR due to their close ties with Sora and Kairi. Roxas is especially genteel towards Ruby Rose, given her very tight friendship with Kairi and Xion and bearing a strong resemblance towards the latter. Similarly, Roxas is opposed to Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus for their disregard towards positive relationships and their intense antagonism towards Team RWBY and JNPR and is willing to take them on.
  • Despite his originally limited life, Roxas is doing the best possible to familiarize himself with social norms and general activities, many of which he missed out during his Organization days. Alongside Xion and Lea, he's beginning to think about getting into swimming, playing sports etc. That said, he's a pretty good skateboarder. Residents have often noted that seeing Roxas riding a skateboard isn't an unusual sight.
  • His isolated life and occasional difficulty to adjust into regular life caught the attention of Bruce Wayne. He sometimes visits Roxas and his friends to give them advice and to instruct them on what he should really pursue and be interested regarding his personal life. He respects Roxas's dedication towards Xion and Lea and has been doing his best to provide them therapy services to get them better adjusted.
    • As Batman, he's also helped Roxas in some of his battles, particularly against Lord Recluse due to his abnormal intelligence. Bruce is aware that Roxas and his friends are unaware of his identity as Batman, so he tries to divide his time in two personas as much as he could regarding them. As Bruce, he tries to help and provide support for Roxas's personal life, Xion and Axel included. As Batman, he's training the three of them to be much better fighters on the field and to sharpen their thoughts and skills in non-violent situations.
    • Because of Batman's presence, Roxas has befriended Dick Grayson, the latter of which often inspires the former due to his optimistic and upstanding nature and unlike Bruce, is often willing to allow Roxas to different hangouts on their spare times. Many have since noted that the two sound remarkably similar. Jason Todd is somewhat more difficult, due to his gruff and aloof nature, but after hearing of what Roxas and his friends went through, has grown to care for and fight alongside them. Todd has since grown to hate Xemnas for his abusive treatment towards his subordinates, especially Roxas, Xion and Lea and has asked for an alliance with them if they were to battle Xehanort's Nobody again.
    • Unfortunately, Roxas would learn that Batman and Bruce Wayne were really the same person. This information came from The Batman Who Laughs who suddenly attacked the Clock Tower Trio during a raid at the House of Friendship, though it was mainly The Dawnbreaker's idea as his insecurity regarding social relations reached a boiling point by then. Although Batman came in time to help Roxas and his friends, his identity was exposed when The Batman Who Laughs casually referred to him as Bruce. The battle was ultimately a stalemate, though while The Batman Who Laughs is largely apathetic about Roxas, Xion and Lea, the Dawnbreaker loathes them for having a "normal, healthy life" which he never had.
      • Initially, the Clock Tower Trio were not happy to learn that Bruce was keeping secrets regarding his identity, but soon opened up to him when he revealed that his life after the death of his parents onward was very difficult for him. He admitted that the reason he wanted to help Roxas, Xion and Lea was because he happened to better relate to children and teenagers more than adults and that they didn't have a parental figure in their lives, or at least in Roxas and Xion's case. They've still remained close allies ever since, though Lea isn't keen on the fact that Bruce put him on the "teen" demographic despite Lea being an adult. That said, the Clock Tower Trio have decided to keep Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman hidden out of respect.
  • The Clock Tower Trio earned the respect of Guts, especially seeing how dedicated and loving Roxas was towards Xion and Lea. Guts notes that his relationship with them is quite similar to his own band of companions, but he has assured them to be careful of numerous villains, especially Griffith, considering how he wouldn't waste a second in tossing away any subordinates or friends if it meant achieving his goals. Roxas has since taken Guts's advice after hearing just how callous Griffith really was.
Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.
  • Was curious to meet up with the "Cat Beyond Space and Time" Aldo, due to Aldo's personality and kindness similar to Sora's, but Roxas can't help but hear his own voice when Aldo speaks. Roxas has invited Aldo to share sea salt ice cream with him, Xion, and Axel while watching the sunset to which Aldo reciprocates.

Intermediate Gods

    Adam and Eve (Record of Ragnanok
Adam and Eve, Divine Representative Couple of Being The First Humans (Adam: The First Man, File No.00000000001, Humanity's Progenitor, Father of Humanity, Hope of Humanity, The Man Who Despises the Gods the Most, The Ultimate Survivalist | Eve: The First Woman)
Adam and Eve as seen in Record of Ragnarok
  • Adam's an Intermediate God while Eve's a Quasideity
  • Symbol: Half-Bitten Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam's Knuckleduster, Vines, and Fig Leafs
  • Theme Song: Ready To Duel, The First Man
  • Alignment: Neutral Good for Both
  • Portfolio: The Biblical First People, Happily Married, Tiny Guy, Huge Girl, Good Parents, Loves Animals, Goodness Upgrade, Same Biblical Characters, Different Backstory, Long Dead But Still Living In The Afterlife
  • Domains: Humanity, Beginnings, Parenthood, Faithfulness
  • Herald: Reginleif (Adam's Valkyrie Partner)
  • Followers: Other Incarnations of Adam and Eve, Other First People from Different Religions
  • Special Relationship with: Cain and Abel, and by extension SCP-073 and SCP-076-2 (their sons)
  • Alleged Creators: The Love That Moves The Stars, YHVH, The Presence, Chuck Shurley, God (God, Devil and Bob), God (Bruce Almighty)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Immortal Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Anyone Who Wishes To Destroy Humanity (like Dracula (Castlevania)), The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and every Omnicidal Maniac, Yuu and Anyone Who Attempt to Restart the World
  • On Good Terms With: The Beast Handlers, Basically Most Heroes who Fight for Humanity, Aslan
  • On Bad Terms With: Devils and Similar Deities: Dis, Satan (Paradise Lost), Lucifer (Supernatural), Lucemon
  • Guest of Honor In: Houses of Love and Affection & Family and Relatives
  • On Speaking Terms With: Zeus, Other Top Gods
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, Both Liliths
  • Under Watch By: SCP Foundation
  • Beloved By: All Human Deities
  • Many religions and mythologies have a tale of the first human beings, meant to be the progenitors of the human race. The most famous original people are Adam and Eve; molded by God from the ground and Eve from Adam's rib. The story goes that they were once innocent but were tempted to eat from the Tree of Knowledge by a crafty snake. They were told not to do so, and while how much of this can be considered an "original sin" varies on religious beliefs, the fact was God was angered and banished them from their idyllic Garden of Eden. They would know mortality and hardship, though despite everything managed to be the progenitors to all mankind and civilization.
    • The Adam and Eve of the Pantheon are not specifically the Biblical versions; unlike their sons Cain and Abel who are composite deities, their current avatar is of perhaps their strongest and most heroic forms; the ones from Record of Ragnarok. In a divine fighting tournament called Ragnarok, which would determine whether mankind should continue to exist, the valkyrie Brunhilde had chosen thirteen notable humans in history to represent and participate in matches against the Gods. One of them is Adam, the first man designed in the image of God, a very skilled brawler with godly amounts of strength, speed, and stamina, and the ability to copy the moves of others just by looking at them. He's specifically chosen by Brunhilde not only because he's "The Father of Humanity" but also thinks his hatred against the Gods would give him a reason to join this tournament. His wife Eve, the first woman, and his two sons spectate his match against this world's version of Zeus.
    • The two opponents fought valiantly in the arena. Adam dodged every lightning-fast attack Zeus throws at him while in turn delivering copies of the powerful attacks Zeus had thrown at him. But just as it looks like Zeus is down for the count, he manages to outlive Adam's counterattacks. Wanting to understand him better, Zeus asked him the real reason why he came to fight the Gods as he doesn't detect any hatred in his eyes. Adam states it's not because of any hatred or revenge; and that he doesn't need a reason to protect his children, Humanity. This response emotionally moved all humans who were spectating and all came together praying that their father wins. Continuing the fight, Zeus changes into a much more powerful form out of desperation. Adam continues to dodge and trade attacks until suddenly he starts to bleed; he's overheating and nearly reaching his physical limits. He was later blinded by Zeus' blood, allowing Zeus to deliver his first hit. Unable to see, he grabs onto Zeus' hair and the two fighters continue to exchange blows. Eventually, Adam was able to land the final blow on Zeus, but Adam's body gave up; he died standing up with a smile on his face. His body and soul crumble into dust, never to be saved, recovered, or reborn again. Humanity, while suffering a loss this round, saw hope in his death they realized they have a chance to fight against the Gods.
  • In General:
    • Although our Adam died in his realm, his soul never reached the Pantheon as it crumbled to dust and spread across the vastness of space. This was noticed by the human deities who were also spectating the match, as well as the first ascended Biblical Adam, the composite depictions of Adam from other worlds. Saddened by the loss of his fallen brethren, this Adam seeks aid from the powerful wish-granting deities in the Pantheon to somehow resurrect his soul again. These deities agreed to his request, with one added caveat that he would cease to exist for the fallen Adam to take his place and title of Being The First Human. He agreed to these conditions, split himself into his various depictions, and descended to become his followers instead. His wife Eve, who is also a composite deity, did the same in solidarity with her descended husband. The wish-granting deities used their powers to gather and put back the pieces of his soul and the fallen Adam ascended into the Pantheon.
      • Our Adam finds himself standing in a strange temple hall, with his sight restored and his body free of any injuries. He was happily greeted by his sons Cain and Abel (in the form their father recognizes), who told him of the circumstances that lead to his resurrection, and a briefing about deification (which our Adam seemingly took the information quite calmly). They later took him to the Court of Gods so that they were made aware of our Adam's presence and hopefully ascend his realm's Eve to share his title with her. The Court accepted his request and our Eve is magically summoned into the courtroom. Upon seeing our Adam, our Eve cried rivers of joyful tears and rushed to hug him; Adam only smiles after seeing his wife again. After the court meeting had ended, the couple returned to their temple, with normal farmland on one side and a beautiful garden on the other that resembles the Garden of Eden.
    • Adam, Eve, and their children have been spectating the remaining matches of Ragnarok from the Pantheon and still rooting for their remaining teammates to succeed. Seeing as some of them are made up of various historical figures, it was evitable they would meet other Champions and their respective main versions. The couple is mostly on good terms with infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper in his RoR!form, less because he's still a crazed murderer and more because Adam respects his skills and wit in the arena; Jack's giddy to see a similar glow of aura from Adam as he would with his opponent Hercules but is not stupid enough to piss off his teammate or target his wife as much as he wants to. As for Jack's other incarnations, they try not to be on bad terms with Adam or make Eve sad, for they too respect Adam and/or fear what Adam might do to them if they are not careful. Adam is also watching Nikola Tesla's match but has not met him at this point; the regular!Tesla, who is also watching his other incarnation's match, was a bit starstruck to meet the First Man and decided to befriend him for now.
    • Despite not being the exact Adam and Eve from the Bible, it's heavily implied that other Christian figures exist in our Adam and Eve's realm. As such, Adam's direct descendants Noah and Moses, the two Saints George and Saint Martha who admires them, and Archangel Michael, all have been very loyal allies of the couple. It gets a bit awkward when it comes to the Abrahamic Gods in the Pantheon; it's never stated which specific God is responsible for creating our Adam and it's implied that multiple Gods have made him. Regardless, those Abrahamic Gods felt a special connection with Adam and Eve as if they are seeing their own creation before them. Adam doesn't really care about any of them as he's no longer affiliated with the Top Gods. The only one who is antagonistic to Adam is YHVH, who views him as a disobedient, rebellious mortal being much worse and more dangerous that the Adam he created back in his world.
    • To elaborate on Adam's abilities: Although his copy ability, Divine Reflection, is very powerful, it does have its limits; overuse of this ability may result in him overheating until he bleeding out of his nose, eyes, and ears, which runs the risk of becoming blind, rendering his Divine Reflection useless. Thankfully, he now lives in a world where blindness can be treated after a fight and Death Is Cheap but he still needs to be careful that he won't reach his limits early and cause him to lose his sight mid-battle. He also has a Knuckleduster, a Divine Weapon provided by the 7th Valkyrie Reginleif and it's designed to harm godly beings. As their souls were linked when she created the weapon (which resulted in her dying with Adam upon his death), Reginleif was also revived upon the resurrection of the first man; she now serves as Adam's Herald and is willing to transform into his Knuckleduster again in more dire situations. It's unknown if Eve also possesses the same abilities as her husband, and if she has, it's known that she's less likely to resort to fighting and would try to escape to safety when danger comes.
    • RoR!Zeus was ecstatic to see his former opponent again as the thought of fighting after many millennia excites him; his other incarnations' reaction to Adam range from respect to indifference to being offended at the idea that someone as powerful as him was nearly beaten by a mere human and that they wish to fight him too to prove their superiority. Disney!Zeus is more conflicted with regard to Adam as while he's more benevolent than his other incarnations and admires Adam's strength, he finds it a bit awkward befriending his other incarnation's former rival, who doesn't care for him. Other Greek Gods, whether from his realm or other realms, look down on Adam like every other mortal (except Aphrodite who fancies him) or are impressed by his abilities, while the rest of the Top Gods from other religions view him with indifference. As Adam is confirmed to have no hatred against the Gods, he would rather leave them alone and decline any potential matches for now for the sake of Eve and his children, who worry about his safety ever since the end of his match. One of the few divine beings the couple slightly respects is Aslan, as he is at least kind and selfless to his people unlike the jerkass gods they usually encounter. It helps that Aslan is technically their sibling since his father, The Emperor-beyond-the-Sea, also created Adam and Eve in the realm of Narnia.
    • Adam is respected by most heroes who fight for humanity's sake and the couple has expressed their support towards those heroes too. Seeing his potential, both Nick Furys have approached the First Man to discuss the possibility of him joining the Avengers. Adam declined to decline the offer for now since Eve worries that Adam going into such missions might put him in harm again; they remained on good terms though due to their mutual desire to protect humanity. They've also met other Marvel humans like Stephen Strange and Steve Rogers, and aliens like Silver Surfer and Uatu the Watcher, who are also avid defenders of humanity. Meeting Steve Rogers leads him to meet the other Paragons of Hope, heroes who are the beacons of hope for many people much like Adam was before and after his death.
      • Given that he and Eve are the progenitors of all humanity, he thought the Imperium of Man would be amicable with them. The Emperor of Mankind appreciates their support, however as a staunch atheist, he considers them mythological (which is a weird mindset to have in a realm where Gods are real). Some say the real reason he couldn't allow them to lead is that he feels threatened by the idea that the "Image of God" would be leading humanity and that their presence may have his authority ignored. The couple, meanwhile, disagreed with some of his more amoral actions. The two are much closer to X and the Winchester brothers. The latter is confirmed to be descended from them, and are always on Team Human. The former could be considered the Adam of Reploids and is trying to create a world where humans and Reploids can live in harmony. Due to their originator status, the Life Entity considers Adam and Eve to be rather valuable but the couple has declined the opportunity to use the White Lantern Rings as of this moment.
    • As Adam fought to protect humanity with Eve supporting him, any villains who wish to destroy humans for any reason can get on their bad side. By extension, the GUAD, who wishes to destroy everything along with humanity, is also at the top of their shit list. Any reasoning that paints humans in a bad light and therefore a valid reason for extermination wouldn't cut with them due to the unconditional love they have for their "children". They also really don't like Yuu for attempting to replicate their role at the cost of everyone else, or those who would Restart the World. Finally, don't use either Adam or Eve as an excuse for misandry or misogyny; it pisses them off.
    • Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight fought to restore the Human Order, which prevents humanity's extinction and preserves Proper Human History from being rewritten by the Lostbelts, the timelines where humanity does not progress as it should. The two wondered about the similarities and differences between Adam and Eve's timelines and theirs as both timelines involve notable people from history fighting against each other to save humanity (although the methods of summoning the fighters are different). Adam and Eve were wondering the same thing, especially after a brief meeting with Qin Shi Huang, who acted differently from The First Emperor of China they were spectating from their world. When the two parties met, they befriended each other due to their similar goals of protecting humanity and have remained on good terms with each other ever since.
    • Given that they are not only the Father and Mother of Humanity but also good parents for their own children, they made an honored guest in the House of Family and Relatives. They were loved by all human deities, who view them as if they were their own father/relative, especially after Adam declared that he was fighting for their own sake too. That said, as the first parents, they disapprove of the Child Abuse Supporters while approving of the Heroic Protectors of Family. They don't really hold deep hatred against The Child Abuse Supporters, they just think they could do better.
    • Adam once gave up living in paradise so that he can live with Eve after she was banished by the Gods. The House of Love and Affection was moved by the couple's story that they were also made a Guest of Honor in that house. In general, the couple seems to be in a happy loving relationship. EpicLloyd & NicePeter, who make rap battles between different deities, once considered asking the couple to play themselves for their upcoming Adam vs Eve battle but cannot cast them as later found that they were ill-fitted to play the part of a bickering couple convincingly. As a result, Lloyd played Adam's part and Jenna Marbles played Eve's part. Adam and Eve were able to grant the duo permission to use their likeness for this rap battle, and reports said they were good sports about the whole thing.
    • Eve was confused at first when she learned of the existence of Lilith, Adam's alleged first and former wife. She confronted Adam about this and confirmed that he hasn't met or seen Lilith at all. That doesn't stop the two versions of Liliths from stalking her husband near their temple and making Eve upset. The couple decided to file a restraining order against the two Liliths and Adam even threatens to fight them both should they make Eve upset again. Still, Eve took pity on the Liliths given that they too were once banished from paradise for petty reasons (Wanting to top Adam for Regular!Lilith, Her desire to have humans and demons co-exist for SMT!Lilith).
    • The two are on poor terms with a number of devil figures, given that in some religious circles, the serpent who tricked them into eating from the Tree of Knowledge is usually considered to be Satan. The Serpent they know framed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit because she refused to have sex with him which can be considered as a Satanic analog. The various Demons in the Pantheon don't really care about the two at the moment. Even if they have plans for them, the Demons still have to be content with their allies, and Adam's fighting skills might give them more trouble than it's worth. The only demon they have come to respect is Sparda, an ancient demon who fought against his kind, defeated them, and then sealed them away for humanity, who he had come to love. Sparda and his herald wife Eva are pretty much the only reason why they make trips to the Hall of Demons so that the two couples can have double dates.
    • The two prefer not to get into philosophical and theological arguments, and they don't like when their "children" squabble over religious arguments. They still love their actual children, Cain and Abel, who already ascended before them. However given his status as The Exile and having committed fratricide, his relationship with his parents has become rather rocky. However, Cain and Abel love their parents strongly enough that they are capable of being peaceful with one another in the presence of their parents. SCP-073, a version of Cain, was happy to finally meet up back with his parents (or at least a version of them), however, it has been done under strict monitoring by the SCP Foundation and what happened there has been [REDACTED]. SCP-076-2, a version of Abel, also reunited his parents, only for it to go poorly after he tried fighting his father; which was only stopped after the Foundation's intervention. 076-2 was for once excited to fight someone who can evenly match him but it was hard to tell if he recognized his own parents underneath the bloodlust; his parents can only pity the current state he is in.
    • Adam gets a headache near Dr. Clef as he claims to be significant to Adam in many ways. Dr. Clef is either another version of Adam, Satan, or the guardian angel who kicked biblical Adam out of the Garden of Eden. The SCP Foundation suspects he is one Reality Warper known as Adam El Ansem associated with SCP-2932. After verifying that this wasn't the Adam from their world, the Foundation continues to monitor him in case our Adam somehow manifests any extra abilities. Adam doesn't understand why Arael and Ramiel consider him their father as he's not an angel. And he's not attached to Gendo Ikari's hand. He and Eve discovered they are capable of using the Rock of the Ages, Sisyphus' boulder, but prefer not to question when they start acting like Pokemon whenever they are near that rock thing.
  • Exclusive to Eve:
    • Eve once lived a peaceful life in the Garden of Eden until she was accused of eating the Apples from the Tree of Knowledge, or so The Serpent claimed. In truth, the Serpent tried to take Eve for himself, but she remained faithful to Adam and escaped from his clutches. In revenge, The Serpent bit the forbidden fruit and framed Eve for the crime. She was taken to the court of the Gods and was judged unfairly since the court was made up of Gods that have a bias against humans. After they have given their verdict, they sentenced her to be banished from paradise, a sentence Adam didn't take well since he knew the truth. Adam showed his loyalty to his wife by forcing his way into the courtroom and consuming several apples from the Tree of Knowledge in front of the gods. Adam offered to join Eve and the two walked away to make a new paradise for themselves. Eve and her children would later cheer during Adam's match and cried for the safety of her husband as he was closer to his limits. After the death of her beloved husband, while still mourning, she remained prideful for the hope her husband gave to her and their children.
    • Her story has attracted a slew of defense attorneys, who pity her for being screwed over by her realm's divine justice system. Although the Pantheonic justice system is much fairer (plus she's not the type to ever need a lawyer due to her kindness), she was still advised to get a lawyer just in case she ever gets framed again. She had trouble choosing between Finch, Wright, and Mason, three of the most skilled defense attorneys who highly value justice, until deciding to choose all of them as her allies instead. On a related note, she was initially worried about Naofumi Iwatani and Tom Robinson after hearing their stories about their attempted rape cases, considering Eve's own experiences with The Serpent who almost took advantage of her. Turns out, they were also falsely accused of these crimes and were publicly shunned by the public for them. When she realized the truth, she tried to personally meet them to apologize for her misunderstanding; two don't mind that much as false rumors are hard to combat and they even voiced their own sympathies for what happened to her.
    • Eve finds herself befriending various wives of other powerful fighters; Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Hinata are three examples of such women. While they are not that worried when it comes to their husbands getting into trouble as they have faith they would come back, they understand Eve's worries about her husband considering Adam had already died once because he insist to continue the match and pushing himself. Talking to them helped Eve have more faith in her husband taking care of himself. On that note, they also have been teaching her some basic self-defense skills considering Chi-Chi and Hinata are skilled fighters in their own right.
    • No... You're wrong... I swear upon the gods, I didn't eat the Apple!
  • Exclusive to Adam:
    • In the distant past, Adam lived peacefully with the animals in the Garden of Eden. This all ended when his wife Eve was accused of eating the Apples from the Tree of Knowledge (as The Serpent claimed to see her taking the fruit from the tree) and was banished from paradise by the court of the Gods. In an act of defiance, he would later show up to the court at Eve's trial with baskets full of the forbidden fruits, biting and spitting them out as he finds them sour. He then approaches Eve and tells her that if she leaves paradise, then he will leave with her. Enraged, The Serpent tried to attack Adam, only for Adam to copy his attacks against him. He was told by two birds who saw what happened that The Serpent made Eve cry. After the Serpent was killed, the couple walked away to descend to the Earth and raise their two children. He would later participate in the battle against the Gods, where he would die a hero's death.
    • Dracula, the Lord of Castlevania, is an enemy of humanity due to having decided to kill them all for burning his wife under the false crime of witchcraft. Adam can only find pity and disappointment in Dracula's actions and motivations; both for forsaking his humanity and wanting to kill the entire human race despite formerly being one and knowing that it goes against his late wife’s dying wish. He thought about how their situations are similar like how the Gods wronged his wife due to false accusations and if he were to be in Dracula's position, he would probably rather join Eve in death than rampage against the Gods. Dracula doesn't return Adam's pity because at least he's still has his wife and argues that he wouldn't understand the pain of his loss; he also thinks Adam's a fool for trying to protect humanity because he agrees with his Gods in wanting to get rid of the humans for their evilness.
    • The closest deities with skills that resemble his copy abilities are Taskmaster and Batgirl/Cassandra Cain, who can read and copy the fighting style of their opponents by sight. Taskmaster already descended as of this writing and Adam is in no hurry to get to know him one day; Cassandra briefly meets the First Man in the hope of getting fighting tips from him. Other deities with copy abilities include: Rouge and Kirby can copy the powers of others by touching or inhaling their opponents respectively. Mega Man can also copy the abilities of Robot Masters after defeating them but cannot copy human opponents. They all met due to many deities pointing out their similarities and they've remained on good terms with each other. On a similar note, since Adam was given charge over the beasts of the Earth in the Bible (that RoR!Adam is friendly to all animals), he is often involved in the Beast Handlers sub-house. He's also on good terms with many animal and animal-loving deities too due to his ability to understand animal speech.
    • Although Eve asked for Adam to stop fighting for a while, that did not stop Adam from meeting and sparring with deities who participate in divine fighting tournaments or those who fought against gods. Among those deities is Goku who once fought the God of Destruction Beerus; as a guy who is always looking for a challenging fight Goku offers Adam to spar with him in his free time. The mortal Kombatants of the various Realms also have fought against Gods before; he's met and had become closer to the Kombatants from Earthrealm and even its former Protector, the God of Thunder Raiden. While the two fought and Raiden got a Fatality from Adam, Raiden hold no grudge against the First Man. They grew to respect each other after Adam believe Raiden's intentions to protect Earthrealm were genuine, which happened shortly after a god from Adam's world choose to protect humanity as well.
    • "Hatred?" "Revenge?" I don't need any of that. There is no reason why. Is there any man that needs a reason to protect his own children?

Lesser Gods

    Admiral Razorbeard 

Admiral Razorbeard, Unholy Herald of the Downer Beginning (The Pirate Leader, The Bad Guy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pirate symbol stylized after his face
  • Theme Music: his theme from Rayman M/Arena
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: A Robot Alien Pirate Conqueror Who's A Total Bastard, Named After His Sharp Beard, Knight of Cerebus, The Short Leader Of The Pirates, Has An Equally Short Temper, Orcus on His Throne, Ecocidal Antagonist, Bails At The End Of The Game And Is Never Seen Again
  • Domains: Pirates, Conquerors, Robots, Beginnings
  • Allies: Mr. Dark, Andre, The Magician, Rayvis, Felix, Ridley, Gigan, Hexxus, Freiza, Dr. Eggman (Depending On The Variant)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: The Eco-Villains
  • Enemies: RAYMAN, Globox, The Teensies, The Princesses Of The Glade Of Dreams, The Straw Hats, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Captain Planet, The Planeteers, Mogo, Battra, Kirby, Susie, Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Avoid: The House of Weather
  • Admiral Razorbeard is the short-tempered leader of the Robo-Pirates and one of many threats the Glade of Dreams had faced, while also being one of its most ruthless. Leading an army that specializes in plundering planets and enslaving its inhabitants, he launched a devastating invasion on the Glade, managing to severely weaken the world's magic before swiftly capture a massive chunk of the world's residents, filling the remaining landscape with mechanized building and Robo-Pirates in the process. It got so bad that Rayman, the world's happy-go-lucky hero, was also captured and put into a depression over how he failed. Things were going well for the Admiral... right up until Rayman got his powers back and escaped. Razorbeard tried his best to stop Rayman from reawakening the world's creator, Polokus, by sending most of his men after him, but not only did Rayman end up rescuing a majority of the people Razorbeard enslaved, he ultimately woke up Polokus, who swiftly destroyed every Robo-Pirate on the world's surface and left only his airborne units left. While Razorbeard put up a good fight with his mech, The Grolgoth, Rayman managed to best him and destroy his ship, leaving Razorbeard to flee in an escape pod and never be seen again.
  • At least, until some time after Rayman ended up in The Pantheon. After Razorbeard escaped, he had spent years literally rebuilding his army and resources, plotting to have revenge on Rayman and his friends for his embarrassing defeat. After regaining his army, he figured out that Rayman was now visiting a realm known as the Pantheon and thus gained an interest in capturing it for himself. Thus, he launched an invasion on The Pantheon so he can enslave the realm and spite Rayman. Fortunately, while Razorbeard's forces were nothing to laugh at, The Pantheon was much more prepared to deal with invasions like this, especially since Rayman had foresaw Razorbeard attempting revenge and told the realm to prepare for such an event. As such, the invasion was warded off and Razorbeard ended up fleeing to the Pantheon's atmosphere, though this time with his men intact. Razorbeard's whole stunt ended up impressing a number of evil deities and landed him a title for the realm, with Razorbeard still plotting to take over the Pantheon and finally get his revenge.
  • Naturally, pretty much every good Rayman deity hates his guts for what he did to The Glade, even those that weren't involved with it like Betilla and the Princesses. Rather wisely, Razorbeard realized that Rayman now had much, much more allies than he did before, and the first thing he did was locate if any of the Limbless Wonder's enemies made it up. Sure enough, he found quite a few, including Mr. Dark, a wizard that tried to throw the Glade into chaos, Andre, a Dark Lum and leader of the Hoodlums, and the Magician, former ally turned schemer out to take over the Glade. Razorbeard offered an alliance with them in exchange for both revenge on Rayman and being spared from slavery, and they all agreed to his terms. He generally helps them out in their schemes by lending them his Robo-Pirates as extra muscle, as while Razorbeard can hold himself in a scrap he prefers to stay in his ship and observe from a distance. He still has the Grolgoth just in case he needs to take care of things personally.
  • While Razorbeard and his men are themed after pirates, truth be told he acts more as a Galactic Conqueror than a Space Pirate, let alone a real one. While not above looting and plundering, its more "stealing a whole planet's resources" rather than "stealing gold and treasure". Still, more than a few proper Space Pirates have ended up associating with him, mostly for the pay as usual. The sociopathic Felix is one of his most employed mercs, simply for the fact that the man has nothing in the way of morals: if helping enslave a whole planet of people gets him money, than he's willing to lend a hand in exchange for a fat paycheck. That said, Razorbeard is aware of his backstabbing nature and is fully prepared to have him killed if he tries anything funny, and Felix is smart enough to know backstabbing him's an awful idea so he doesn't bother. Ridley, leader of his own band of space pirates, has been more than willing to help conquer planets in exchange for more bloodshed, which Razorbeard is more than happy to supply in the form of his enemies he really wants dead. He's also hired salvager Rayvis a few times for some extra heavy muscle, but he often has to butt heads with Rayvis's own philosophy of seeking an honorable fight, while Razorbeard would rather he just kill them already. Still, he gets results, so he isn't above calling him in to get a job done when his own men can't do it.
    • Meanwhile, pretty much every actual pirate in the Pantheon, good or bad, hates Razorbeard for the the damage he does to the environment, which needless to say would get in the way of any pirate activities. This especially goes for the benevolent Straw Hat Crew, who ended up running into a patrol of Robo-Pirates and ended up getting into a scuffle with them, proving to be much more of a hassle to deal with than they thought even when more Robo-Pirates were brought in. It all ended with Nami creating a storm cloud that rained on the pirates, who were incredibly prone to rusting and as such were wiped out quickly. Normally Razorbeard would just send his full legion to wipe them out and move on, but then he was visited by The Flying Spaghetti Monster, a eccentric but benevolent deity and self proclaimed god of pirates, who wasn't impressed by Razorbeard messing with his people and threatened to teach him a lesson the next time he messed with them, leaving afterwards. Razorbeard wasn't exactly intimidated by the flying noodle platter, but was wise enough to recognize his power and decided just to wait until he had enough resources to deal with him, then get his revenge on the Straw Hats atferwards.
  • As far as being a Galactic Conqueror goes, he's regarded by more than a few of them as a fairly good example of one, mostly regarding on how ruthless he was in taking over the Glade: he wasted no time in severely weakening their defenses before capturing a vast majority of its residents and setting up his base immediately. His rather swift and humiliating downfall is regarded as a mark against him, but he's still feared by most normal deities despite that and has earned some respect from his fellow villainous conquerors. Out of all of them, he seems to be closest to Freiza, a fellow planet-colonizing warlord who sells the planets he takes over after wiping out its inhabitants, for one simple reason: he absolutely despises anything he deems "cute" and finds Razorbeards conquest of an otherwise cheery and laid-back world hilariously cathartic. Razorbeard, figuring that having a being that can wipe out a planet on his side could be invaluable, has been seen talking with Freiza, either for business reasons or just to bond or brag about the many planets the two have conquered.
  • His method of taking over planets takes the form of terraforming it into a more mechanical dystopia where his men drain it of its resources, again taking its inhabitants prisoner while he reduces it to "space dust". He's not the only one who terraforms planets with machines, as pretty much every version of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik has used machines to harm the environment in some way, with each varying in how extreme they are about it. They have a varying relationship with the guy, with the more evil variations happily welcoming an alliance if they get some of the planet to rule, which Razorbeard is willing to arrange, while other versions think he's far too evil and refuse to associate with him. One time, Razorbeard found out about Haltmann Enterprises, which originally was a company that invaded planets and harvested its resources, and how its former secretary turned CEO, Susie, was currently in The Pantheon, which highly intrigued him and prompted a personal visit where he asked for an alliance. Fortunately, Susie declined the offer, saying that they've stepped out of that business and weren't terraforming planets anymore. Razorbeard's response was to launch an invasion on her temple out of anger, though thankfully she was prepared and managed to fight off the invasion using her own company's resources. In either case, both Sonic and Kirby have heard of these incidents and have scuffled with Razorbeard and his army as a result, wanting to prevent the same potential fate from falling on the Pantheon.
  • Of course, considering the insane amount of damage his operations do to the environment, he's completely opposed by anyone even slightly respectful of nature. Aside from Rayman, the biggest thorn in his operations so far proved to be the Planeteers, a group of teens dedicated to protecting the environment, and Captain Planet, a guardian of nature summoned by them in times of great danger. Time and time again has an invasion been ruined by the two fighting them off, and while the Planeteers are already a hassle Captain Planet has been shown to destroy whole droves of Robo-Pirates with nary a scratch, leading to Razorbeard having to pack more garbage just to even the playing field a bit. Then there was the embarrassing incident where he and his crew seemingly found a planet ripe for a takeover, only for his fleet to be systematically taken out by the planet's own ecosystem until it was just him left, which afterwards he decided just to book it. He later found out that said planet was a sentient one named Mogo, who was part of the Green Lantern Corps, much to his fury. And then there was the time where he thought he had Rayman ambushed and on the ropes... only for his forces to be thrashed by the sudden appearance of Battra, another guardian of nature that wasn't happy about Razorbeard's shenanigans. Razorbeard still holds a grudge for his attempt at revenge being thwarted and promised to bring his Grolgoth next time for him.
    • Later, in order to combat Captain Planet and his Planeteers, Razorbeard sought out their rouges gallery, a group of environment-damaging Eco-Villains who take joy in their evil. Razorbeard approached most of them with the promise of sparing them of enslavement if they helped him in his schemes, and they ended up agreeing to his terms. That said, the group is notorious for being very hard to work with, and for the most part they keep butting heads with Razorbeard over their different goals and ideas. He's slightly more respectful of Zarm and Captain Pollution, but mostly just because they're much more powerful than the others and even Razorbeard knows pissing them off is a bad idea. Still, Razorbeard later found a much more stable alliance in the form of Hexxus, a spirit of destruction that thrives off of pollution and its destructive effects, and one good look at Razorbeard's takeover of the Glade was all Hexxus needed to be convinced to help him.
  • Despite how destructive his attack on the Glade of Dreams was and his subsequent gettaway when it fell apart, he wasn't seen much afterwards, not even getting a mention in recent years. Razorbeard has gone on record saying that he was rebuilding his army while he was away, but there are other sources giving out different information: one account says that Razorbeard and his men attempted revenge by challenging Rayman and friends to a series of footraces and minigames, complete with bringing his allegedly even eviler wife with him to even the playing field, though Razorbeard claims that no such thing happened and he doesn't remember even being married. Another was an alternate telling of another Rayman adventure, where he and his remaining crew tried to extract the Dark Lum that Globox swallowed to once again take over the Glade, and while this somewhat sounded familiar to Razorbeard, Andre doesn't seem to recall it at all. He does, however, inexplicably own statues of Razorbeard and some of his crew hidden in his lair, recreating "The Last Supper" of all paintings. Razorbeard does in fact remember stumbling upon that while visiting Andre for an alliance and still isn't sure whether to be flattered or weirded out by it.
  • If there's one consistent weakness of the Robo-Pirates, its that they can't handle water to save their life. It turns out that they very easily rust to even the tiniest bit of water and as such avoid it like the plague, something that Globox exploited when he gathered up the courage to fight them. It pretty much means that, on a rainy day, you're guaranteed to be safe from an invasion from them. Of course, in The Pantheon even this it tentative: another attempted ambush on Rayman ended with the crafty hero luring the fleet to a nearby house that was, unbeknownst to the fleet, was the house of Weather where it was constantly raining. Cue the entire fleet getting rusted over and destroyed. Naturally, the Pirates avoid the house and anything related to it like the plague. Some deities joke about how a bunch of pirates avoid water, but those usually end with Razorbeard sending a Robo-Pirate or twelve after them out of annoyance.

Aldo, God of Waking Up Beginnings (Kyros Chronos, Sorik, [back when he was a cat] Aldie, Adders, Aldwin, Al, Al-pal, Al-palpops [all three are from Ilulu], Al-Al, The Cat Beyond Time and Space, Master/Sir Aldo, Time-Travelling Garbage Man, Another Eden, Mr. Traveler, Mr. Swordie Two-Shoes, Driftwood, Lech, The Hero, Alzie, Aldo the bleeding heart, Nyaldo, Time-Traveling Knight, My younger self [by the Shopkeeper], Brother Aldo, Allee)
  • Lesser God, Intermediate when utilizing the full power of Ogre Rancorem
  • Symbol: His sword, Ogre Rancorem (the one in the sheath)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil when he was brainwashed by Ogre Rancorem)
  • Portfolio: Hero willing to help those in need, Oblivious to Love despite having multiple women hitting on him human or otherwise, wields swords, gathers a party from multiple races and throughout space and time, protective of his little sister, Kindhearted Cat Lover (who was also a cat given human form), Champion of the Dragon God, Happily Adopted by the Chronos family in the future before being Raised by Grandparents in 300 AD, has two different versions of himself in the Gallery Master and Time's Forgotten Shop Master, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Heroism, Beginnings, Time, Space, Cats, Swordsmanship, Brotherhood, Fire
  • Heralds: Feinne/Cecile Chrones (his little sister), Mayor of Baruoki/Gileas (adoptive grandfather), Varuo (pet cat)note , and every ally he has ever met.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lavos, Katz, Eobard Thawne, Dio Brando, Odio, SKYNET, Those who would distort/destroy time for nefarious deeds.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Ogre deities, Simon Laurent, Matt Hardy, Tanukis
  • Pities: Nox, Homura Akemi
  • Other relationships: Anri Sonohara, Mai Takatsukasa
  • Fears: Koh
  • Most games start off with the main character waking up to start the day, the name of the trope coming from when Crono was awoken by his own mother on the day of the Millennium Fair. However, since this was already a common trope, and the Trope Namer himself already shared a seat with his friends, the Main House had trouble finding a candidate. Thankfully, Serge came to the rescue as he recalled someone who would be perfect for the role. Said someone was a swordsman named Aldo, who hailed from the small village of Baruoki where he lived with his little sister, adoptive grandfather, and their pet cat as a knight who protected their sleepy village from monsters. In 300 AD in the continent of Miglance, Aldo was thrown into a strange adventure involving time and space in an attempt to save his sister and the future from the menace of the Phantoms, learning some very shocking truths about the two. Namely that he was actually a cat that stepped into a tear in space-time, was adopted by Feinne (real name Cecile Chronos) in the future before their father sent them back to the past. And then it turns out his human form actually came from Feinne's older brother, Eden, and he gained his human form thanks to the Geo Prisma inside Feinne. At the end of each adventure, Aldo wakes up to someone opening the windows who he assumes is his little sister... and it's always someone else mimicking her voice, much to his annoyance.
  • It was another beautiful morning when Aldo woke up to the sound of his sister's voice. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Aldo woke up to find a white haired girl opening the windows... and she had dark skin and wore colorful bracelets around her wrists, ankles and neck. The girl introduced herself as Elena, who wished to give Aldo a welcome to his new role as a god. In a panic, Aldo was about to bring out his sword for self-defense, before he was blasted with confetti by Pinkie Pie's party cannon and given a handshake by a person named Gentaro Kisaragi, who welcomed Aldo into the Pantheon because of his habit of constantly waking up at the end of his adventures. Aldo was a bit confused but eventually settled in once he saw Serge was responsible for his ascension. Given all of the stuff that Aldo has seen across his journeys, becoming a god seemed like another Tuesday for him.
  • The first thing Serge did after Aldo had enough time to settle in was to have Aldo reunite with numerous warriors who he had met across his travels since many of them forgot about their adventures with Aldo when they returned to their home worlds.
    • First off were the Phantom Thieves of Heart, as Aldo recalled how they helped change the heart of a Control Freak mayor and later a bride who had forgotten her memory. While Aldo is unable to obtain a Persona, he's willing to lend a hand during their heists. Along with catching up to them, he was surprised to find that there were two new members in Sophia and Zenkichi, especially since he had no idea that AI and adults could obtain Personas. He's also confused at seeing Mona's cat form, seeing as Mona was in his Metaverse form when they met.
    • The second group were from the Tales Series: Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Yuri Lowell, and Velvet Crowe. The conversations the group has had around a campfire had been quite intriguing, and Aldo is grateful for whatever recipes they taught him, although he requests that they don't make the foods too hot (both in temperature and spiciness). His (cat) tongue can't handle it.
    • He was glad to reunite with the Octopath gods, particularly Cyrus, Oleric, and H'aanit. He likes to accompany them on their travels and discussing the journeys they've had along the way. He also has met up with the other five of the Octopath deities and decided to help them on their endless journey across the Pantheon.
    • Finally, Serge introduced Aldo to the Chrono Trigger gods. Aldo was quite amused to find that there was another female purple-haired scientist and frog-man who wielded a sword in the group, along with how they also traveled through time and space to stop a giant monster from destroying all of human life as they knew it. Serge then went on to explain why Kid was freaking about one of Aldo's friends, Ashtear (who has many similarities with Luccam Kid's adoptive big sister), and the tragedy that befell on the Chrono Trigger gods that would allow Serge's world to emerge. Naturally, this makes him pissed off at Lavos since it reminds him too much of Chronos Menas in his world. It also helps that Aldo's tale has many elements of the adventures both Crono and Serge have experienced.
  • Aldo's "main" party consists of himself, a Synth Human hunter from the future, a frog-man wielding a katana, his sister, two beastmen, and two female androids. If we're talking about who else he's met up with, then we can include more cyborgs, a grim reaper, samurais, mermaids, ninjas, a princess who takes up the guise of a traveling swordsman, a vampire, dark elves, reapers, a genie, and everything in between. He and Serge love sharing stories about the allies they've met in their adventures.
  • Since there was terrible war between humans and ogres where he came from, Aldo is quite hesitant about most ogre deities. Shrek and Fiona are two of the more "friendlier" ogres (even if Shrek can be a bit of a grump) he's had conversations with. He's also found it quite amusing that Puss is a talking swashbuckling cat who ironically is the god of Puppy-Dog Eyes. The more complicated reason why Aldo has complications with ogres is due to his sword, Ogre Rancorem, was actually born from the hatred of the ogres when they became massacred three thousand years in the past inhabiting a sword. Ogre Rancorem only takes commands from Aldo, and even then the sword has a mind of its own and wants nothing but to enact vengeance on humanity, sometimes possessing Aldo when he finds an opportunity. That said, Ogre Rancorem draws the line on total oblivion, so the sword is willing to join the GUAG since they at least want to preserve all life.
  • Given his affection for cats, and the fact that he, technically is one, Aldo is usually seen in the House of Felines. He's relieved that none of these cats have the abilities of the cats from his world (namely that they're somehow able to pass through rips in time and space.) One deity who he's become close friends with is Sakaki, who is known to adore cats. He was happy to learn that Sakaki was eventually able to adopt a cat as her very own. He was interested in hearing the story of Coraline Jones and how she was aided by a black cat in her travels. Coraline's head did spin a little when she learned about how Aldo himself gained his form. He has a dislike for Simon Laurent due to how he has a hatred for everything non-human, although he feels somewhat sympathetic since this was caused by Simon's denizen partner, The Cat, abandoning him as a child to save her own skin and leaving him to fend for himself, making him fall for Grace Monroe's lies of "I know how the Infinity Train works" that would lead him to leading a cult, Sanity Slippage, and eventually his death. Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat is a unique cat whom Aldo has met, given his wide grin and the fact that he's capable of vanishing on a whim. Conversations with said cat have done nothing but made Aldo's head spin over the Cat's riddles. He sometimes fishes alongside Big the Cat because it helps that Big has a froggy friend just like Aldo has Cyrus. Although Aldo has questioned how Big has been able to appear in different parts of the Pantheon. When asked, Big went something on the lines, "I just wanted to go fishing, so here I am."
    • Given that Aldo was once a black cat, he was glad to find two other black cats in Salem Saberhagen and Sissel. For the former, Salem was actually a warlock who was cursed into a cat form, who ends up doing nothing but snark at just about anything and everything. Meanwhile Sissel is a cat who has the ability to rewind time up to four minutes of a person's death who also didn't know he was a cat and assumed that he was actually his owner, Yomiel. Aldo was amazed that Sissel was able to bring about a happy ending for everyone in his world, especially when he learned that in the original timeline, Sissel's refusal to play along to Ray's requests ended up with everyone dead.
  • Aldo wasn't that shocked to find cat-people in the Pantheon, seeing that a few of his allies are beast-folk. One goddess he was interested in was Mae Boroski, who he's been doing his best to comfort over how she hates growing up. Mae has had a few talks about wondering if it was possible for Aldo to go back in time to help prevent Casey's murder or to stop those cultists from summoning their god or whatever. Aldo could only answer that his time travel didn't work that way, and that if he could do all of that, then there wouldn't be any valuable lessons for Mae to learn. Mae agreed, stating that no matter how much it hurt, she wanted it to, because it meant she struggled for her life and that it would make me her feel awesome. After the talk was over, Mae mumbled a "Thank you" and headed off. Then there was the time Aldo met The Cat in the Hat whom, while he doesn't have time powers, seems to be able to have Reality Warper ones instead, acting as a Karmic Trickster and getting people into loads of trouble, like that one time The Cat asked Aldo to find his "moss-colored, three-handled family gredenza". Aldo was sent on a goose chase throughout the Pantheon asking anyone if they've found it, before The Cat revealed the truth... it was his umbrella. Aldo then asked why The Cat didn't reveal that he was searching for his umbrella. The Cat replied, "Why didn't you ask me what it looked like?"
  • Is a frequent guest in the House of Time and Space, and is surprised to find that there are people who can manipulate times to a certain degree or how they can travel through time in cars, trains, or phone booths. He's had adventures with the deities of these strange time-traveling machines from The Doctor, Dr. Emmet Brown, and even Bill & Ted, each of them having their own flavor of "Excellent adventures" that were all about protecting the timeline. Amongst some of the weirder deities he met who can travel through space and time it would be Matt Hardy... or rather, BROKEN Matt Hardy. From what Aldo was able to understand, seven deities made Matt their avatar to fight off the "Darkness of Deletion" and imbued his drone, Vanguard-1 with the power to teleport him throughout space and time and to converse with animals who had the souls of sacred beings. Aldo blankly stood there before walking off, muttering that he never wanted to see the wrestler in his world.
    • He's also curious to find that there are many gods who have been struck with the "Groundhog Day" Loop like Phil Connors, Sunset Shimmer, and Subaru Natsuki. He's understood that pain of waking up to a previous time while everyone else doesn't; at least none of them lost their memories like Nona did nor had an Awful Truth about why they were sent in the "Groundhog Day" Loop in the first place. He was also curious to learn that Sunset Shimmer used to be a pony who decided to become a human, and that horses can talk in her world. Sunset also explained that time magic is actually a difficult branch of magic and only one pony has ever accomplished a feat — Starlight Glimmer. Starlight didn't seem too annoyed when she brought up how she wanted to time travel to make sure that Twilight Sparkle and her friends never obtained their Cutie Marks, only to wind up making the future worse than they were before. While Aldo had concerns over how far Starlight was willing to go to spite Twilight, he can see that she's willing to make amends.
    • Homura Akemi was another goddess Aldo was curious to meet, because of how she would rewind back in time to prepare a large amount of weaponry to fight off Walpurgisnacht and how she would do everything to protect the ones she loved. While many gods still hate her for her decision to steal Madoka Kaname's powers for her own, Aldo is one of the few who shows pity for her and hopes she and Madoka can be friends again. He also couldn't help but be amused that her friend had the same name as his adoptive mother Madoka Chronos, who also became a goddess (albeit while Madoka Kaname was the Law of Cycles, Madoka Chronos is the Goddess of Time) . He thought that the connection was enough to have Homura open up, but Homura refused to budge, stating that Madoka Chronos also took his brother, Eden, away to be raised in a separate plane away from Aldo and Feinne. Aldo can't disagree on that, but he knows that Eden will return to them when he has grown up, and he and Feinne will be ready until then. Homura decided to give up, and has warned Aldo that if he even tries to take her Madoka's powers from her, she'll end him with a bullet to the brain. Aldo has stood firm on his decision to somehow bring the two back together no matter what. Homura shrugged her shoulders and walked off.
    Homura: You're welcome to try, boy. But we both know you have no power to stop me.
    • Speaking of Madoka Kaname, he finds it quite interesting that Madoka became a Magical Girl because she wished to revive a black cat that was heartlessly ran over, just like the events that shaped his world all started when a black cat (aka him) entered a rip in space-time and was adopted by the Chronos family. He's reassured Madoka that she's not useless, and to keep hope alive for the day that she can ascend as a goddess once more.
  • Aldo is quite amazed with how there are many gods who are somehow able to travel in time, some of them being kids. Jack and Annie's method of time travel was the most unusual — it was based on an enchanted treehouse that would take them to any place in time and it was used to help them learn valuable life lessons. He was also interested in how they were tasked to help save the kingdom of Camelot and its ruler, King Arthur, much like he also had to save the King of Miglance on multiple occasions. The treehouse does have one weakness to its time travel — whatever has happened in the past cannot be changed. While Aldo is concerned that there these kids can be thrust into danger, like that time they got stuck in Nazi Germany, he was reassured by their teacher, Merlin, that they are in capable hands.
  • One of Aldo's wishes is to be able to reunite with Eden, but that wish is just unable to be fulfilled. Even the most sympathetic of genies who want to fulfill his wish just aren't able to, as it's something that is beyond their capabilities. That said, Aldo is not willing to sign a Deal with the Devil in order to get his family back so easily and refuses to fall for their tricks. Still, numerous wish-granters feel nothing but sympathy as Aldo continues to search for a way for him, Feinne, and Eden to be together once more.
  • That welcome party from the Avatars of Friendship aside, Aldo gained a friendship with Gentaro Kisaragi because both were raised by their grandfather and have deceased parents (kinda, Aldo's father/Professor Chronos is dead whereas his mom is worshipped as the Goddess of Time thanks to going back to the past and she fused with another queen in the distant past). Aldo was happily welcomed by the Kamen Rider Club where he was given a chance to walk on the moon's surface (after getting a lecture in that space has no oxygen compared to the time he traveled onto the moon in his world and the magic particles allowed him to breathe). Other gods raised by grandfathers were Arnold Shortman and Yugi Muto, and Aldo was amazed to see that both were kind-hearted boys who wanted to help others, with Yugi also having traveled into the past to help Atem uncover his past as Pharaoh and destroy Zorc Necrophades. The three have reassured Aldo that he'll find a way to reunite with his family and that he always has a family in the Pantheon.
  • Aldo has helped a struggling theater in his world gain an audience by having himself and his friends perform multiple shows. Thus he can be seen acting out in some plays written by William Shakespeare from time to time, sometimes even bringing his friends along as extras, getting rave reviews from the audience for how authentic his acting is. Unfortunately, just like in his world, he's always billed as "Aldwin" instead of "Aldo". He's also willing to help act for commercials, but don't remind him of that time he had to bring about his inner woman. Just don't.
  • It's a Running Gag in the Pantheon to have either a female with white hair or someone good at mimicking voices to pretend to be Feinne and to wake Aldo up in the morning. And he falls for it every time.
    • Aldo got really annoyed at this gag and decided that the next person who did this was going to get a taste of Ogre Rancorem. So the next time this happened, he was awoken... by someone with a voice similar to his. Aldo snapped and was about to strike the god down with his sword... who happened to be Roxas, since Roxas had his own temple in the House of Beginnings, who asked if he wanted to have sea salt ice cream with him, Axel, and Xion. Feeling slightly embarrassed for jumping the gun, Aldo agreed. He felt nothing but pity for what the Twilight Trio went through, given how Xion was erased from everyone's memories and Roxas had only been alive for a little over a year, and the last seven days of his birth was nothing but a simulation so Sora could be brought back, each of them punctuated by him waking up each time. Aldo also has nothing but outrage over Master Xehanhort's abuse of time for his own uses. And he's not a big fan of Organization XIII wearing black hoods as it reminds him of that one time he got brainwashed by a cloak into joining a hood-obsessed cult.
  • While traveling through the House of Death and Postmortem, he happened upon a white haired girl whose voice was similar to his sister's. Turns out this was Meiko "Menma" Honma of the Super Peace Busters, who was quite shocked to see Aldo. Aldo couldn't help but feel sorry for how she died in a drowning accident but was happy that her friends were able to reunite. He also invited Menma to have sandwiches with his little sister Feinne, and the two had a talk about how the work they worked through in order to have their happy endings.
  • Is wary of any tanukis in the Pantheon, because one of them imitated his appearance in order to attract the ladies and got him into plenty of trouble like pushing people into the water, beating up kids, and ditching on paying a drinking tab. He once found himself awoken by someone who looked just like him and it turned out to be Yasaburou Shimogamo playing a prank. And although Tom Nook isn't planning on stealing his face any time soon, Aldo has run a few chores for his temple. He gets along with Michiru Kagemori, who was a regular girl who suddenly was given Tanuki traits and learned to accept her new Beastman form.
    • Speaking of which, he's terrified of learning there's a Face Stealer in the Pantheon, as a youkai once stole his face while he was asleep and it took Riica making a "digitized reconstruction" of his face until he defeated the youkai. He makes sure to stay clear of Koh, or at least show a neutral face whenever they cross paths.
  • He isn't the only swordsman who could travel through time. Link is another swordsman who used his ocarina and the Song of Time to either travel back and forth in a span of seven years or repeat a loop of three days to stop the moon from landing, and also has used the Harp of Ages and Time Stones as well. Aldo sees Link's protectiveness of Zelda like how Aldo is protective of his little sister. Aldo was shocked to learn that Link is part of a prophecy that he and Zelda would reincarnate in order to fight off Ganondorf in a never-ending battle against light and darkness. Link, for his part, is proud of how Aldo has continued to fight for the sake of his home and to avoid the fates that have hurt thousands of people. Aldo also was amused to learn of how Zelda sometimes disguises herself as different people, since it reminds him of a princess in his world, Miyu, who would rather travel the world and fight with a sword than sit on a throne. Zelda laughed a little when she heard what Miyu looked like — a princess in a pink dress and blond hair — because it reminded her of her friend, Princess Peach. Aldo was then invited to have cake and tea with Princess Peach and was quite amazed that even though Peach doesn't wield a sword, she's still capable of kicking ass with a parasol or frying pan. Speaking of which, Aldo was happy to learn that one version of Link has a little sister, Aryll, and his first step into his world-saving adventure was to save her after she was mistaken for Zelda.
    • Another sword wielder who uses time is Shulk, whose sword allowed him to see visions of the future and then can change them accordingly. Aldo was amazed to see how the Monado was capable of using different types of arts to enhance his powers, and can even warn him of critical events or potential deaths to those around him. The two swapped stories as to how they have become the chosen ones for their respective swords with Shulk hoping to analyze the structure of Ogre Rancorem in the future.
  • Heard of the tragic tale of Nox and how he wanted to go back in time to save his family but all his work only ended with him going back a mere twenty minutes. It reminded him of King Palsifal from Antiquity, who went mad with power after his wife and son were killed and how he was willing to ruin the timestream through the use of the Visus Embyo program and even killed Aldo's father, Professor Chronos, who was masquerading as the mysterious Oracle in order to stop the Phantoms from destroying the timeline just for kicks. While he can't justify Nox's actions, he can't help but pity the robot a little.
  • Naturally, as someone who has had to stop evil forces from destroying time and space, Aldo has major beef with a few gods who would use their time powers to destroy the timeline just for the hell of it. Eobard Thawne and Dio Brando are two of the top gods on his list, but then you add Lord English who can warp time like it was child's play and is too powerful for even Aldo to fight on his own, and Porky Minch who is a childish brat who wanted to destroy what was left of humanity and ended up as immortal.
  • Is absolutely relieved to find that there are various Gods whose job is to protect the time stream. There's Future Trunks and Silver the Hedgehog, who come from bad futures and went back to the past to eradicate the threats. Then there's Max Walker, who represents the Time Police trope. When Max (Walker) learned Aldo's story, he was quite amused to learn that Aldo is yet another cat god who could travel through time and introduced Aldo to a friend of his, Blinx. Aldo was quite amazed that Blinx had a device called the Time Sweeper that allowed him to manipulate time at his whim after sucking up enough Quantum Crystals. Blinx wanted to test Aldo's fighting skills and made the swordsman go through a series of trials to prove himself. After Aldo passed, Blinx announced that he was now part of the Pantheonic Time Police. Also, Max Walker gave a reminder to Aldo to use his full name when he comes visit the House of Time and Temporality, else he might get the attention of Maxine "Max" Caulfield, goddess of the Butterfly Effect. Aldo was amazed at how Max was a photographer, as he himself used a Polaroid for a side-quest to give a kid a photo of the sea. While he was downfallen over how Max had to choose between sacrificing her home or her girlfriend, he did smile when he learned that she eventually found a way to reunite with her Chloe for good.
  • Aside from making sure the timeline isn't damaged beyond repair, Aldo has used his ability to leap through time to gather artifacts from the past in order to sell them off at auctions to make money on the side, deliver medicine, or even use technology to fulfill other quests like using a script for a sitcom to perform a theater show. Many gods have shown a bit of concern that taking stuff from their time periods might accidentally caused unwanted side-effects in the future. That said, Aldo is not one for destroying environments just to make a quick buck so greedy gods who don't care at the collateral damage they cause gets under his skin. He does find some amusement when he learned Bill and Ted used their time travel device in order to gather historical figures for a school presentation.
  • Aldo thought he was the only god who had to worry about a sword trying to possess him as Ogre Rancorem has done that to him on a few occasions. Then he met Anri Sonohara, whose sword was even worse than Ogre Rancorem. Said sword, Saika, is a sentient sword who slashes others in order to "love" them and anyone who is given even the tiniest of slices from her or her children are filled with her "loving whispers". Oh and the blades wielded by her children are also capable of making someone become possessed by Saika. Anri is able to control Saika because she herself is incapable of feeling love, and tried to use Saika as a force for good, taking control of Saika's children as a means of reconnaissance or protection. Aldo feels pity for her due to how that happened, but reassured her that she has nothing to fear when it comes to getting close to him should Saika ever return. Given that he has the soul of a cat, Saika's loving whispers won't affect him.
  • Aldo has been compared to Ash Ketchum for many reasons: black haired boys who have grandiose adventures and are Oblivious to Love due to having many girls crushing on him, human or otherwise. Aldo is confused when people ask him who he "loves" out of the many females he's become allies to and asks why it's that important for him to be asked who he has a crush on, if any. He's slightly annoyed that there's a betting pool over who he'd finally pair up with. His Oblivious to Love factor is so high that he sometimes cannot understand familial love, like when Feinne tried to hint that she wanted to make sandwiches for her special someone... himself. Speaking of Ash, Aldo was amazed to learn that there were numerous Pokémon who had dominion over time and space. The top two time manipulators were Dialga and Celebi, but then Ash brought up the time he and Serena went back in time through a Rotom possessing an elevator, and May said she traveled in time thanks to a locket left behind in an empty town.
  • Aldo has come to hate the villain known as Odio, for he is a manifestation of hatred of one's heart who came about from a noble knight known as Oersted, whose life was an utter tragedy created by his "friend" Streibough that lead him to lose everyone he has ever loved, and Odio created avatars throughout space and time to test the depravities of humankind, only to be thwarted each and every time. Due to Status Quo Is God, Oersted is forever tied to Odio and trying to undo the tragedies that caused Oersted to fall would simply cause Odio to possess Streibough. Still, Aldo is determined to find a timeline where neither knight nor sorcerer became a Demon Lord and has some relief in learning how one timeline had Oersted remember how he was a hero and laid the killing blow on Odio. He was also happy to find that one of the heroes, Oboromaru, made it into the Pantheon, and how the ninja saved Ryoma Sengoku so he could bring about a new dawn to his time period. He's made sure to call Oboromaru by his full name, as to not confuse him with another ninja (Albeit from the future) who goes by "Oboro".
  • He is glad to find a group of allies who would do anything to protect their siblings, although he is worried at how some might cross the line in doing so. One such got is Kaito Tenjo since they both would do anything they could to help their little siblings although Kaito was more of an Anti-Hero than Aldo was the "golden boy" of Baruoki. Their meeting played out similarly to how Aldo met Roxas. Namely that he was awoken by another person with his voice and opening the curtains to his window.
  • Aldo has a unique stance when it comes to robotic deities, seeing as 1100 AD of his world is stuck in a Forever War between humans and robots. Many of these robots, Synth Humans, are rogues who would do anything to kill humans whereas he has at least two or three allies who are androids who wish to co-exist with humanity. It turns out in his homeworld that the Forever War between humans and Synth Humans was manufactured by a strange coalition called the Cardinal Vestige in order to help humanity evolve, and said Vestige didn't care if a few humans were killed off for the sake of movement. Aldo can see the good robots from the bad, though, so he detests SKYNET for creating genocidal robots and how they send their "Terminators" back in time to prevent John Connor to become the savior of humanity.
  • As his sister is also a MacGuffin Super-Person for being the vessel of Geo Prisma, Aldo has become a good ally to Mai Takatsukasa, who also serves as this to her world, trying to go back in time to warn everyone of the events that would befall them, only to fail at getting the message across. He was downright horrified to learn that Ryoma Sengoku dissected her to obtain her powers, to the point that he was ready to skewer the depraved scientist with Ogre Rancorem. Thankfully, Mai was revived as a goddess and is grateful that Aldo has continued to move forward to save his loved ones. He also finds it amusing how Mai Takatsukasa had many similarities with Homura Akemi (the biggest one being that they have the same creator).
  • Aldo is not fond of hoverboards, as he's seen dangling on the edge whenever he uses them. Thankfully he's been getting some lessons through the Babylon Rogues. While he's still getting the hang of it, he's less likely to grab onto the edge of his board in a panic.
  • He's become a bit of a big brother to Lewis Anthonio, a blond haired boy who eventually finds himself in quite the eccentric family, because of one of his allies Ciel (the main difference is that Lewis was adopted, Ciel isn't). He's relieved that Lewis's family didn't have the problems of Ciel's own (namely that Ciel's family escaped their own world because individuality and creativity is heavily frowned upon) and that Lewis would eventually become a well-renowned scientist who would create time traveling cars. He also couldn't help but pity Bowler Hat Guy, since he is a future version of Lewis's friend Goober, who grew bitter after he failed to catch a baseball on an important day (due to being sleep deprived from Lewis's all night inventing). Lewis also admits that he messed up on that and was able to rewind time to ensure these events didn't happen in his homeworld.
  • "Here me now. I am Aldo, a traveling swordsman and the cat beyond space and time!"


    Paul and Peter 
Paul and Peter, Gods of Plot Points Commenced by the Borrowing of Food (Paul: Jerry, Butthead; Peter: Tom, Beavis, Tubby)
Paul and Peter

Snoopy, High Prophet of Cliched Opening Lines (Joe Cool, Flashbeagle, The World War I Flying Ace, The World-Famous Novelist, The World-Famous (insert occupation here))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His typewriter or his doghouse
  • Theme Music: Flashbeagle when he wants to dance; Joe Cool whenever he tries to enter the House of School
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mr. Imagination, Intellectual Animal, Deadpan and/or Silent Snarker, Cloudcuckoolander, Funny Animal, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Dogs, Imagination, Storytelling
  • Herald: Woodstock
  • Allies: Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, Hachiko, Krypto, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Duck Hunt Dog, Milla Basset, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Darunia, Xion, Filia
  • Rival: Garfield
  • Opposes: cats
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a shadow of a dog walking on two feet appeared within proximity of the Court of the Gods, looking for a place to stay. The maid had to be calmed down since the shot happened by accident and the Court gave the dog a place to stay due to the fact that said dog has had a history of coming up with extremely unimaginative ways to open up a story. The dog was annoyed that the court didn't recognize his true skills as a writer.
  • Prior to his ascension, Snoopy was a follower of Darunia. The two are occassionaly seen dancing whenever Darunia is in the mood.
  • Snoopy doesn't just imagine himself as a novelist. He has also imagined himself as a Big Man on Campus or even an Ace Pilot for World War I.
  • He is shown to get along well with many of the other dogs in the Pantheon. Snoopy has also found good company with dog lovers such as Xion and Filia.
  • The House of Food has been trying to tell him not to eat too much pizza otherwise he would experience nightmares. Snoopy seems to remember that, though he has been eating cookies whenever he makes a pass there.
  • Snoopy doesn't like cats at all, though Greebo and Garfield seem to be the two he has significant problems with. Greebo for being a mean cat and Garfield for being another iconic newspaper comic strip character like the dog.
    Snoopy: I have the world's largest collection of anti-cat jokes!
  • Snoopy had a hard time understanding why CatDog, a mix between his own species and the one he is very much against, is a real kind of creature. Snoopy decided to ignore the creature after giving it some thought.
  • Even if Snoopy isn't as good of a storyteller as he claims to be, at least he has standards when it comes to writing them. For one, he doesn't try to make his stories something that people will need Brain Bleach for while they're reading it or after they've finished reading the story.
  • Snoopy once visited the House of Sports to play tennis. This is how it turned out.
  • Has made some rounds to the House of Musicality and usually spends his time dancing on the pianos there. Occassionally, he takes up the identity of Flashbeagle and dances to his own tune.
  • Every now and then at the Pantheon Academy, Snoopy takes on the role of Joe Cool. His attempts at staying in the Academy haven't been successful, however.
  • Gets really frustrated whenever he sees a sign that says "No dogs allowed". His herald, Woodstock, gets annoyed when "or birds" is included on the sign. Luckily, there are no such signs in the Pantheon, though it hasn't stopped some tricksters such as the Itazura Griefers from coming up with ideas that involve them.
  • Snoopy's mailbox usually consists of letters he received from "the Editors" regarding his stories. They are usually rejection letters, much to his frustration. Thus far, no one knows who this "editor" is.
  • His doghouse happens to be his temple. It's because it's Bigger on the Inside than it is outside. A few deities that went inside were surprised with what they could find there.


    The Gamers! crew 
The Gamers! crewmembers, Divine Quintet of Non-Indicative First Episodes
Left to right: Aguri, Karen, Keita, Chiaki, Tasuku.
  • Quasideities
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Their cellphones
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Sustained Misunderstanding, First Episodes that Subvert Audiences' Expectations, Interpreting Events the Wrong Way, Insecure Love Interests To Each Other, Lack of Communication that Leads to Hilarity, Unwittingly Causing Problems to Each Other
  • Domains:
  • Herald: Konoha Hoshinomori (Chiaki's little sister)
  • Allies: Good deities in the House of Gaming, Chiaki Nanami
  • Enemies: Trolls in general
  • Conflcting Opinion: Greg Heffley
  • When the first episode of Gamers! was broadcast, the Pantheon was introduced to the life of Keita Amano, who was invited by Karen Tendo to join her gaming club. Viewer expectations were subverted when he turned down the invitation and never joined the club at all and the gaming club itself rarely appeared and were largely irrelevant to the actual plot. Instead, the story of Gamers! focused on the romantic mishaps of Keita, Karen and their new friends Tasuku, Aguri and Chiaki; all of whom have varying degrees of interest in video games. Impressed their show threw such a curveball, the Pantheon's higher-ups allowed their ascension.
  • Upon arrival, Keita, Karen and Chiaki made a beeline to the House of Gaming, much to Tasuku and Aguri's consternation. There, they were surprised to learn their favorite video game characters were real people. Keita and Karen spend a lot of time in the arcade section and Karen does some research to continue her work on freeware games. All five have received the most modern and advanced gaming consoles as acknowledgment for their love of the gaming experience.
  • The House of Mentalism is utterly baffled by them due to their remarkable ability to misinterpret and/or overreact to any event and scenario and any reasonable explanation will only get them to draw even more negative conclusions.
    • Just to make sure there are no confusions, let's be clear about this: Keita and Karen have feelings for each other, as do Tasuku and Aguri. Chiaki has feelings for Keita, who only thinks of her as a friend, while Keita and Aguri are Just Friends. At some point, their relationships have been misunderstood, with some people thinking they are cheating on each other with each other.
  • Chiaki Nanami is someone who the group talks to quite a bit. The group (Hoshinomori and Keita in particular) was pretty surprised to hear that there was another gamer named Chiaki (two of them, even), especially since even if she's a bit out there, she's really friendly, not very judgmental in the long run, and most of all, a positive influence towards her friends. Hoshinomori believed that Nanami had someone she really loved, to which the latter acknowledged. The group was shocked after learning about how Nanami's fate (particularly her human one) was brutal, especially given that the world she's from is nowhere near as relaxed as that of Gamers!. Nevertheless, Nanami keeps in touch with the group (with Keita and Hoshinomori being frequent conversation buddies) whenever she can and whenever they visit.
  • Keita befriended Peter Parker, Shido Itsuka and Yuu Haruna for having a lot in common with each other. The four young men normally gather to play and discuss video games and talk about their love problems. Keita is actually surprised to learn Peter, Shido and Yuu have actual experience in things Keita has only seen in video games.
  • Karen is friends with Ami Mizuno, Ika Musume, Mikoto Misaka and Cecilia Alcott thanks to their similar voices. She likes talking with Mikoto and Cecilia about their relationships, Ami helps her with schoolwork and Ika is one of the very few humans that she considers a friend, thanks in no small part because Karen once took part in this.
  • At first, Chiaki was hostile to Keita due to some differences in their gaming preferences. Over time, however, they worked out their differences and became friends. Well, Keita considers her friend; Chiaki actually fell in love with him, partially because they were actually friends in online gaming under aliases. Chiaki put 2 and 2 together but Keita didn't. Afraid a romance would ruin things between them (by that point, Keita and Karen had started dating), Chiaki asked her sister Konoha to pretend she was the person behind Chiaki's online accounts. To make things even more complicated than they already were, Konoha fell in love with Keita as well.
    • To fix this, she consulted Anzu Mazaki and Honoka Mitsui, who found themselves in similar situations regarding their respective love interests. They advised her to at least keep things friendly with Keita for now, and their love problems would solve themselves eventually.
  • Tasuku was formerly a gaming nerd until he worked hard to become popular. While he is reluctant to be open about his nerdy past, he still enjoys playing games, which led him to become friends with Keita. He was concerned when he heard about Greg Heffley, who constantly uses underhanded means in attempts to become popular. He, Keita and Karen tried to talk that Greg that popularity is not everything and that he should try to improve himself as a person, but Greg walked out on them. The Gamers have tried to contact him but he continues to ignore them.
  • Unlike her friends, Aguri is not a gaming fan and it took some time for her to take up gaming for entertainment. Even so, the story of her romance with Tasuku earned her a few supporters in the House of Romance. She actually fell in love with him before he became popular.