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Intermediate Gods

Roxas, God of Extended Prologues (The Key of Destiny, Number XIII, Yoroxaz, Prince of Nobodies)
Click here for his casual attire 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God when wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Symbol: The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades. Alternatively, his X-shaped zipper pull.
  • Theme Songs: Roxas, The Other Promise (when battling), Another Side (vs. Riku), At Dusk, I Will Think of You (Shared with Xion and Lea), Hearts As One (when fighting alongside Xion)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Formerly True Neutral)
  • Keyblade(s): Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Portfolio: Sora's Nobody, Initially Emotionless, but Develops his own Personality Overtime, Cosmic Plaything, Anti-Villain, Decoy Protagonist, Uses Light Magic, though initially for Organization XIII, Being one of the Only Genuinely Good Members of the Organization, Never getting any Respect from the Organization and Ultimately Leaving, Punch-Clock Villain, Served as the Organization's Moral Compass, Best Friends with Axel/Lea and Xion and simply wanting to spend time with them, Forced to kill Xion, doesn't remember her and Axel, and deciding to merge back with Sora, Eventually comes back and gets the life he always wanted
  • Domain: Introductions, Prologues, Exposition, Time, Beginnings, Friendship, Purpose, Trust
  • Heralds: Hayner, Pence and Olette
  • Allies: Xion, Lea/Axel, Sora, Naminé, Kairi, Ventus, Team RWBY and JNPR, Link, Mario, Gentaro Kisaragi, Guts, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tinkerbell, The Genie, Phil, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Yuma, Tsukumo, Kaito "Kite" Tenjo, Scorpion
    • Partner: Gardevoirnote 
    • Former Ally: Larxene
  • Friendly Rival: Riku
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations (mainly Xemnas), Sora Shiun'in, Sauron, Napoleon, Darkseid, The Joker, The Batman Who Laughs, The Dawnbreaker, Barbatos, Griffith, Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Emperor Palpatine, Miraak, Infinite, Lord Recluse
  • Opposes: Evil Overlords and Manipulative Beings
  • Respected By: House of Friendship
  • The moment Sora sacrificed himself to awaken Kairi, a mysterious coincidence occurred at the same time, unbeknownst to Sora; the birth of a Nobody, as Sora's heart was strong and resilient enough to resist being fully passing away. The Nobody, originating from Twilight Town encountered an enigmatic figure, who bestowed the name Roxas and instilled him into Organization XIII, promising him and fellow Nobody recruits to recreate Kingdom Hearts in the hopes of them building a heart for themselves.
    • Roxas's days in the Organization were simply mission after mission assigned by Saïx to fulfill their end goals. However, Roxas found company under fellow member, Axel, the two of them hanging out on top of the Twilight Town Clock Tower, eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream after completing each task. They were soon joined along by a fourteenth member, Xion, and the three of them quickly became close companions, often meeting up, eating ice cream and going along with their tasks. Things however took a sharp decline when Xion was going through severe self-doubt issues and soon found out about her true nature; being a replica that was sapping away Sora's memories and thus, being a threat to both Sora and Roxas's existence. This was all a plot set up by Xemnas in an attempt to see who would prove more useful between Roxas and Xion for his grand ambition to claim Kingdom Hearts for himself. Eventually, Xion left Organization XIII after having frequent encounters with Riku and Naminé. After becoming frustrated with Xion's information and the Organization (Axel included) refusing to tell him the situation in any way, Roxas deserted the Organization as well, defeating Saïx and rebuking Axel who tried to stop him and later fighting against Xion who decided it would be best for Roxas to kill her so that Sora's existence can be preserved. She was successful, dying peacefully in Roxas's arms, after which he stormed towards his former base, deluding himself into thinking he could bring Xion back and reunite with Axel if he were to complete Kingdom Hearts. He dueled Riku, who told him about his existence as Sora's Nobody before knocking him out unconscious and had his memories wiped out but DiZ to ensure Sora would awake with his own memories restored. After 358 days as an Organization member, Roxas lived out his life in Twilight Town until he confronted DiZ and Axel who tried to convince him to rejoin the Organization. However, after realizing that he needs to merge back with Sora so that he could fully awaken, Roxas decided to go along with merging back to him.
      • Even after becoming assimilated, Roxas would still play a large role on Sora's journey, with the two of them clashing against one another in one way or another. However, Even, the restored iteration of Organization member Vexen decided to work out in bringing Roxas back to the physical world. He was able to succeed with Roxas dropping in to save Sora, Xion and Axel's restored form, Lea, from Saïx. After the battle, the Clock Tower Trio has a well-deserved reunion and later assisted Sora in his battle against Master Xehanort. After the Second Keyblade War concluded, Roxas was finally able to live out a normal life with the friends that he had previously made and forgotten.
  • Roxas's ascension into the Pantheon took place by a trail held by the Court of the Gods, who asked Sora why he wanted Roxas to be given a place in spite being an iteration of himself. Sora pointed out that if Xehanort was able to coexist with his Heartless and Nobody selves, he shouldn't have this issue either, plus with Roxas having found a way to have a normal life without the interference of either Sora or Xehanort, he deserves a place. The Court, with Phoenix Wright as a supporter went ahead with Sora's pleas and managed to invite Roxas into the Pantheon, alongside Xion and Lea, seeing as Roxas's main priority is to spend as much time as he could with friends. This all occurred sometime before Sora's sudden disappearance, which the trio were rather sullen about and would rather not speak of it.
  • Usually, Roxas spends most of his time in the friends hanging out and eating Sea-Salt Ice Cream. While the Clock Tower is nowhere, he is compensating by vising various locales in the Pantheon and is more than happy to pick one with a wonderful overview. For having one of the most painful and depressing experiences in his lifetime, Roxas oddly has one of the more peaceful and stress-free lifestyles.
    • His love and loyalty for his friends made Roxas a very quick friend under Gentaro Kisaragi, who has since tried to invite him on the Kamen Rider Club as an honorary member. Roxas declined, but accepted the gesture regardless.
    • Amusingly, Roxas is often mistaken for either Sora or Ventus by their respective Gardevoir partner. Pantheon law allows Roxas to be considered partners with the Friendship Gardevoir, though he wants to be his own person, with Sora fully backing him up.
    • But when he does engage in battle, Roxas is actually among the most brutal of the Pantheon's Keyblade wielders. While not exactly the strongest, he was able to build up enough strength to take on many of the powerful Heartless and even best Saïx whilst weakened, meaning that by the time he defected, he was the second-strongest member of Organization XIII behind Xemnas himself.
  • Outside of his friend group, Roxas is somewhat introverted, given that he barely had enough time to familiarize with social norms and took a while before he developed a personality of his own. With that in mind, he values friendship just as much as Sora does and deeply loves Xion and Lea. Due to forgetting about his experiences, reuniting with figures like Tinkerbell and Phil was awkward and hard on Roxas's part, though after some time, Roxas is happy to hang out with them, often flying around with the former and taking part in small-time gladiatorial duels set up by the latter. The Genie was also overjoyed in reuniting with Roxas, much to his chagrin. That said, they still remain on friendly terms.
  • As someone who wants to live out his life without much worry and free of deceit and manipulation, Roxas is not part of the Grand United Alliance of Good alongside Xion and Lea. Not that Roxas doesn't like them, if anything, he supports the GUAG, but because of what he has gone through, he doesn't want to get too reminded of his past times. The GUAG respected his decision, though Roxas is happy to help them out if they need his assistance.
  • Hates tyrants and diabolical rulers like Palpatine and Lord Recluse, given that they eerily remind him of Xemnas. Roxas, Xion and Lea have fought them at times, with Palpatine simply seeing them as pests whereas Lord Recluse sees them as worthy opponents under the virtue that their friendship reminds Lord Recluse of his former friendship towards Statesman. The tyrant he most dislikes however is Sauron, who himself is disgusted by Roxas's relationship with Xion and Lea and the two have engaged in a brutal clash on one occasion. Roxas was joined along by his friends, but had to surprise Sauron to ensure they escaped as soon as they realized they'd lose against the Dark Lord. Since then, Roxas is taking some training session to become strong enough to better defend himself and those he cares about, especially learning of Sauron's alliance with Darkseid, another tyrant with the capability to destroy multiverses.
  • Roxas takes one's personal identity very seriously. He is proud and happy to be the person that he is now and is fiercely protective about it. He has the same feeling about it towards Xion and Lea, especially considering how Saïx treated the former very poorly for being a replica. Several, including Riku and Kairi are happy with the thoughts that Roxas wants to pursue.
  • After all that they've been through, its safe to say that he and Riku now get along with each other. Still, they have a rivalry with Roxas stating that their battle still isn't over yet and that he's itching for a rematch. Riku has since happily obliged and challenged Roxas into the possibility of rewarding him a position of "Keyblade Master" if he bests Riku in battle. Roxas has since been making preparations about is upcoming duel.
  • Friends with Team RWBY and JNPR due to their close ties with Sora and Kairi. Roxas is especially genteel towards Ruby Rose, given her very tight friendship with Kairi and Xion and bearing a strong resemblance towards the latter. Similarly, Roxas is opposed to Cinder Fall and Adam Taurus for their disregard towards positive relationships and their intense antagonism towards Team RWBY and JNPR and is willing to take them on.
  • Despite his originally limited life, Roxas is doing the best possible to familiarize himself with social norms and general activities, many of which he missed out during his Organization days. Alongside Xion and Lea, he's beginning to think about getting into swimming, playing sports etc. That said, he's a pretty good skateboarder. Residents have often noted that seeing Roxas riding a skateboard isn't an unusual sight.
  • His isolated life and occasional difficulty to adjust into regular life caught the attention of Bruce Wayne. He sometimes visits Roxas and his friends to give them advice and to instruct them on what he should really pursue and be interested regarding his personal life. He respects Roxas's dedication towards Xion and Lea and has been doing his best to provide them therapy services to get them better adjusted.
    • As Batman, he's also helped Roxas in some of his battles, particularly against Lord Recluse due to his abnormal intelligence. Bruce is aware that Roxas and his friends are unaware of his identity as Batman, so he tries to divide his time in two personas as much as he could regarding them. As Bruce, he tries to help and provide support for Roxas's personal life, Xion and Axel included. As Batman, he's training the three of them to be much better fighters on the field and to sharpen their thoughts and skills in non-violent situations.
    • Because of Batman's presence, Roxas has befriended Dick Grayson, the latter of which often inspires the former due to his optimistic and upstanding nature and unlike Bruce, is often willing to allow Roxas to different hangouts on their spare times. Many have since noted that the two sound remarkably similar. Jason Todd is somewhat more difficult, due to his gruff and aloof nature, but after hearing of what Roxas and his friends went through, has grown to care for and fight alongside them. Todd has since grown to hate Xemnas for his abusive treatment towards his subordinates, especially Roxas, Xion and Lea and has asked for an alliance with them if they were to battle Xehanort's Nobody again.
    • Unfortunately, Roxas would learn that Batman and Bruce Wayne were really the same person. This information came from The Batman Who Laughs who suddenly attacked the Clock Tower Trio during a raid at the House of Friendship, though it was mainly The Dawnbreaker's idea as his insecurity regarding social relations reached a boiling point by then. Although Batman came in time to help Roxas and his friends, his identity was exposed when The Batman Who Laughs casually referred to him as Bruce. The battle was ultimately a stalemate, though while The Batman Who Laughs is largely apathetic about Roxas, Xion and Lea, the Dawnbreaker loathes them for having a "normal, healthy life" which he never had.
      • Initially, the Clock Tower Trio were not happy to learn that Bruce was keeping secrets regarding his identity, but soon opened up to him when he revealed that his life after the death of his parents onward was very difficult for him. He admitted that the reason he wanted to help Roxas, Xion and Lea was because he happened to better relate to children and teenagers more than adults and that they didn't have a parental figure in their lives, or at least in Roxas and Xion's case. They've still remained close allies ever since, though Lea isn't keen on the fact that Bruce put him on the "teen" demographic despite Lea being an adult. That said, the Clock Tower Trio have decided to keep Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman hidden out of respect.
  • The Clock Tower Trio earned the respect of Guts, especially seeing how dedicated and loving Roxas was towards Xion and Lea. Guts notes that his relationship with them is quite similar to his own band of companions, but he has assured them to be careful of numerous villains, especially Griffith, considering how he wouldn't waste a second in tossing away any subordinates or friends if it meant achieving his goals. Roxas has since taken Guts's advice after hearing just how callous Griffith really was.
Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.

Lesser Gods

    Admiral Razorbeard 
Admiral Razorbeard, Unholy Herald of the Downer Beginning



    Paul and Peter 
Paul and Peter, Gods of Plot Points Commenced by the Borrowing of Food (Paul: Jerry, Butthead; Peter: Tom, Beavis, Tubby)
Paul and Peter

Snoopy, High Prophet of Cliched Opening Lines (Joe Cool, Flashbeagle, The World War I Flying Ace, The World-Famous Novelist, The World-Famous (insert occupation here))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His typewriter or his doghouse
  • Theme Music: Flashbeagle when he wants to dance; Joe Cool whenever he tries to enter the House of School
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mr. Imagination, Intellectual Animal, Deadpan and/or Silent Snarker, Cloudcuckoolander, Funny Animal, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Dogs, Imagination, Storytelling
  • Herald: Woodstock
  • Allies: Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, Hachiko, Krypto, Clifford, Jake the Dog, Pluto the Pup, Duck Hunt Dog, Milla Basset, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Darunia, Xion, Filia
  • Rival: Garfield
  • Opposes: cats
  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a shadow of a dog walking on two feet appeared within proximity of the Court of the Gods, looking for a place to stay. The maid had to be calmed down since the shot happened by accident and the Court gave the dog a place to stay due to the fact that said dog has had a history of coming up with extremely unimaginative ways to open up a story. The dog was annoyed that the court didn't recognize his true skills as a writer.
  • Prior to his ascension, Snoopy was a follower of Darunia. The two are occassionaly seen dancing whenever Darunia is in the mood.
  • Snoopy doesn't just imagine himself as a novelist. He has also imagined himself as a Big Man on Campus or even an Ace Pilot for World War I.
  • He is shown to get along well with many of the other dogs in the Pantheon. Snoopy has also found good company with dog lovers such as Xion and Filia.
  • The House of Food has been trying to tell him not to eat too much pizza otherwise he would experience nightmares. Snoopy seems to remember that, though he has been eating cookies whenever he makes a pass there.
  • Snoopy doesn't like cats at all, though Greebo and Garfield seem to be the two he has significant problems with. Greebo for being a mean cat and Garfield for being another iconic newspaper comic strip character like the dog.
    Snoopy: I have the world's largest collection of anti-cat jokes!
  • Snoopy had a hard time understanding why CatDog, a mix between his own species and the one he is very much against, is a real kind of creature. Snoopy decided to ignore the creature after giving it some thought.
  • Even if Snoopy isn't as good of a storyteller as he claims to be, at least he has standards when it comes to writing them. For one, he doesn't try to make his stories something that people will need Brain Bleach for while they're reading it or after they've finished reading the story.
  • Snoopy once visited the House of Sports to play tennis. This is how it turned out.
  • Has made some rounds to the House of Music and usually spends his time dancing on the pianos there. Occassionally, he takes up the identity of Flashbeagle and dances to his own tune.
  • Every now and then at the Pantheon Academy, Snoopy takes on the role of Joe Cool. His attempts at staying in the Academy haven't been successful, however.
  • Gets really frustrated whenever he sees a sign that says "No dogs allowed". His herald, Woodstock, gets annoyed when "or birds" is included on the sign. Luckily, there are no such signs in the Pantheon, though it hasn't stopped some tricksters such as the Itazura Griefers from coming up with ideas that involve them.
  • Snoopy's mailbox usually consists of letters he received from "the Editors" regarding his stories. They are usually rejection letters, much to his frustration. Thus far, no one knows who this "editor" is.
  • His doghouse happens to be his temple. It's because it's Bigger on the Inside than it is outside. A few deities that went inside were surprised with what they could find there.



    The Gamers! crew 
The Gamers! crewmembers , Divine Quintet of Non-Indicative First Episodes
Left to right: Aguri, Karen, Keita, Chiaki, Tasuku.
  • Quasideities
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: Their cellphones
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Sustained Misunderstanding, First Episodes that Subvert Audiences' Expectations, Interpreting Events the Wrong Way, Insecure Love Interests To Each Other, Lack of Communication that Leads to Hilarity, Unwittingly Causing Problems to Each Other
  • Domains:
  • Herald: Konoha Hoshinomori (Chiaki's little sister)
  • Allies: Good deities in the House of Gaming, Chiaki Nanami
  • Enemies: Gork and Mork, Trolls in general
  • Conflcting Opinion: Greg Heffley
  • When the first episode of Gamers! was broadcast, the Pantheon was introduced to the life of Keita Amano, who was invited by Karen Tendo to join her gaming club. Viewer expectations were subverted when he turned down the invitation and never joined the club at all and the gaming club itself rarely appeared and were largely irrelevant to the actual plot. Instead, the story of Gamers! focused on the romantic mishaps of Keita, Karen and their new friends Tasuku, Aguri and Chiaki; all of whom have varying degrees of interest in video games. Impressed their show threw such a curveball, the Pantheon's higher-ups allowed their ascension.
  • Upon arrival, Keita, Karen and Chiaki made a beeline to the House of Gaming, much to Tasuku and Aguri's consternation. There, they were surprised to learn their favorite video game characters were real people. Keita and Karen spend a lot of time in the arcade section and Karen does some research to continue her work on freeware games. All five have received the most modern and advanced gaming consoles as acknowledgment for their love of the gaming experience.
  • The House of Mentalism is utterly baffled by them due to their remarkable ability to misinterpret and/or overreact to any event and scenario and any reasonable explanation will only get them to draw even more negative conclusions. Needless to say, with all these misunderstandings, they're pretty much Gork and Mork's bitches.
    • Just to make sure there are no confusions, let's be clear about this: Keita and Karen have feelings for each other, as do Tasuku and Aguri. Chiaki has feelings for Keita, who only thinks of her as a friend, while Keita and Aguri are Just Friends. At some point, their relationships have been misunderstood, with some people thinking they are cheating on each other with each other.
  • Chiaki Nanami is someone who the group talks to quite a bit. The group (Hoshinomori and Keita in particular) was pretty surprised to hear that there was another gamer named Chiaki (two of them, even), especially since even if she's a bit out there, she's really friendly, not very judgmental in the long run, and most of all, a positive influence towards her friends. Hoshinomori believed that Nanami had someone she really loved, to which the latter acknowledged. The group was shocked after learning about how Nanami's fate (particularly her human one) was brutal, especially given that the world she's from is nowhere near as relaxed as that of Gamers!. Nevertheless, Nanami keeps in touch with the group (with Keita and Hoshinomori being frequent conversation buddies) whenever she can and whenever they visit.
  • Keita befriended Peter Parker, Shido Itsuka and Yuu Haruna for having a lot in common with each other. The four young men normally gather to play and discuss video games and talk about their love problems. Keita is actually surprised to learn Peter, Shido and Yuu have actual experience in things Keita has only seen in video games.
  • Karen is friends with Ami Mizuno, Ika Musume, Mikoto Misaka and Cecilia Alcott thanks to their similar voices. She likes talking with Mikoto and Cecilia about their relationships, Ami helps her with schoolwork and Ika is one of the very few humans that she considers a friend, thanks in no small part because Karen once took part in this.
  • At first, Chiaki was hostile to Keita due to some differences in their gaming preferences. Over time, however, they worked out their differences and became friends. Well, Keita considers her friend; Chiaki actually fell in love with him, partially because they were actually friends in online gaming under aliases. Chiaki put 2 and 2 together but Keita didn't. Afraid a romance would ruin things between them (by that point, Keita and Karen had started dating), Chiaki asked her sister Konoha to pretend she was the person behind Chiaki's online accounts. To make things even more complicated than they already were, Konoha fell in love with Keita as well.
    • To fix this, she consulted Anzu Mazaki and Honoka Mitsui, who found themselves in similar situations regarding their respective love interests, and Tenri Ayukawa, who valiantly sacrificed her affection for Keima Katsuragi. They advised her to at least keep things friendly with Keita for now, and their love problems would solve themselves eventually.
  • Tasuku was formerly a gaming nerd until he worked hard to become popular. While he is reluctant to be open about his nerdy past, he still enjoys playing games, which led him to become friends with Keita. He was concerned when he heard about Greg Heffley, who constantly uses underhanded means in attempts to become popular. He, Keita and Karen tried to talk that Greg that popularity is not everything and that he should try to improve himself as a person, but Greg walked out on them. The Gamers have tried to contact him but he continues to ignore them.
  • Unlike her friends, Aguri is not a gaming fan and it took some time for her to take up gaming for entertainment. Even so, the story of her romance with Tasuku earned her a few supporters in the House of Romance. She actually fell in love with him before he became popular.