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While it is true that the House of Family and Relatives is chaotic in general, what with the massive number of deities, good and bad, snuggled together, the constant schemes and abuses being plotted out by the likes of the Child Abuse Supporters, Ultraman Belial, Sofia Lamb and other evil guardians and only having one bathroom, no place can be as messy and disruptive as this particular Sub-House (well, emotionally and psychologically that is).


This Sub-House looks rather normal and spacious, but it still manages to stick out in the sense that this is the general spot for one to vent out their frustration and angst regarding familial issues. Expect a lot of screams, shouts, ranting, isolation, sobbing and wailing in the house. Oh, and there's the occasion of the environment going through some damage. Cleanup is almost immediate though.

There is a room stationed in the Sub-House, designed to be a therapy centre where therapists are welcome to sign up and provide morale and support for the deities who either reside here or come over from other places to talk about their issues. The therapy service has faced difficulty in dealing with residents, but are at least doing their best understand their clients and providing support, even if some of them are ridiculously notorious to get through. Because of this, Bojack Horseman attends this Sub-House as he feels that this place could give him some much-needed catharsis and acceptance about himself, especially given his own tribulations with his family issues. It also helps that his fellow mortal friend, Princess Carolyn is a resident in the House itself and is always there for support.


Darth Vader, Prince Zuko, Lotor and Sasuke Uchiha are also very frequent visitors to the Sub-House, for obvious reasons, though they don't partake too much time and effort in therapy. Though Vader and Zuko are open to sending in 501st Legion Troops and Fire Nation Guards to provide some sort oversight and to shut down any violent quarrels should they break out.

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Greater Gods

    Archaon the Everchosen 
Archaon, The Godly Product of Violation (Archaon the Everchosen, The Anointed One, Lord of the End Times, The Favorite Son of Chaos, The Scourge of the World, The Three-Eyed King, Diederick Kastner [his birth name] )
Archaon and his Steed, Dorghar
Archaon in Age of Sigmar 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity with the Six Treasures of Chaos
  • Symbol: The Eight Pointed Star of Chaos or the Eye of Sheerian
  • Theme: The Everchosen, The Dark Gods, The Three-Eyed King, The End Times
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: The Everchosen, Bastard Child of a Varg Champion, Former Hero turned Chaos's Chosen One, Former Paragon of the Order of the Twin-Tailed Orb, Hates being the Everchosen, Viking Motif, Magic Black Knight, Tin Tyrant, Combat Clairvoyance, The Dreaded, Wants to Destroy the World, Isn't Interested in Establishing a Kingdom of Chaos, Straw Nihilist, Fond of his Steed Dorghar, Became the Everchosen due to his former followers hunting him and later finding out about his Prophecy, Successfully Carried Out the End Times
  • Domains: Prophecy, Eschatology, Antichrist Analogy, Paragons, Bastards
  • Heralds: Dorghar, Chaos's Champions (Vardek Crom, Sigvald the Magnificent, Valkia the Bloody, Scyla Anfinngrim, Vilitch the Curseling, Festus the Leechlord, Valnir the Reaper and Kholek Suneater) and the Daemons of Chaos
  • Allies: Thanos, Saber Alter, Vanitas, Hunter Zolomon, King Allant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darkseid, Sauron, Khazrak and Gorthor, Arthas Menethil, Miraak, The Anti-Spiral, Wulfrik the Wanderer
  • Enemy Mine: The Anti-Monitor
  • Rivals: Nekron, Abbadon the Despoiler, Damien Thorn
  • Arch-Enemy: Sigmar Heldenhammer
  • Enemies: Nagash the Undying, Karl Franz, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Malekith, The Emperor of Mankind, The Killian Experience, Wonder Woman, Thor Odinson, Zeus, Melkor, Griffith, Medivh, Settra the Imperishable, Vlad von Carstein, Neo, Madoka Kaname, Clark Kent/Superman, Artix von Krieger, Mario, Raven, Revan, Gandalf, Aragorn, Talion, Guts, King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Mordred, Shulk, Sora, Kairi, Riku, Aqua, Terra, Roxas, Link, Princess Zelda, Lucina, Ike, Alm and Celica, Optimus Prime, Alexander the Great, Zamasu, Evolto
  • Opposes: THE FOUR CHAOS GODS, The Divine Powers, Cosmos, YHVH, Lucifer, Gaea
  • Opposed By: The House of Heroism and Justice
  • Pitied By: Colette Brunel, Goro Akechi, Ivy Valentine, Victims of Rape and those Conceived via Rape, The House of Opposing Fate
  • It has been established that there will come a time, when the world will become a battlefield that would result in its very destruction. The one who will destroy the world is a being chosen by the Chaos Gods to be their ultimate champion, The Everchosen. And ever since the first century, an Everchosen arises to carry out the duty of eradicating everything for Chaos to establish its own rule. The fifth Everchosen was a paragon who rebelled when he found about about his destiny. Journeying to collect the Six Treasures of Chaos and forsaking his original identity, the new Everchosen now terrorizes the world as Archaon.
    • Archaon was originally Diederick Kastner, a devout follower of the Order of the Twin-Tailed Orb, a ministry dedicated to Sigmar the God-Emperor. During his services, he came across the prophecy of Necrodomo the Insane that stated that a certain being would take up the helm of leading the Chaos Gods to their ultimate victory. The contents of the prophecy horrified Diederick as many of what was mentioned (born from a rape victim, had the ancestry of a Norscan, was a knight of The Empire) alluded to him. Terrified, he prayed and begged strenuously to Sigmar to aid him in his crisis of faith. Sadly, nothing seemed to come of it and soon, Diederick was hunted down by his fellow comrades. Having no choice, [[Diederick]] succumbed to the prophecy and began to scour around the world for the Six Treasures of Chaos, items empowered by the Chaos Gods and were said to be possessed by the Everchosen in the future during the End Times. He travelled and fought hard through inhumanly difficult to nigh-impossible acts and feats to claim the treasures. His quest complete, Diederick approached the Daemon prince Be'lakor who set up a coronation for the fifth Everchosen. Thus, Diederick Kastner threw away his original identity and embraced the name of Archaon, beginning his quest to bring about the End Times.
  • When the time finally came, Archaon led the Forces of Chaos in their final and most triumphant battle against whoever stood in their way, slaughtering their oppositions left and right. Despite achieving victory, he was stunned and surprised to see a peculiar figure stand opposite him; Sigmar Heldenhammer, reincarnated through Sigmar. Frustrated and bitter over not being saved and baffled that the God-Emperor that he worshipped so devoutly and unable to comprehend a living god in general, Archaon engaged a burtal battle against Sigmar as the world around them was getting eradicated, courtesy of the betrayal of Mannfred von Carstein. The two of them wrestled for control over the warhammer, Ghal Maraz before the two of them plunged into a Chaos Warp before the world was destroyed.
    • Archaon and Sigmar continued their battle for eons in the void, until by chance, they unknowingly found themselves in a whole new land, which did nothing to deter their fight. With each clash sending shockwaves and destruction throughout their field, a cosmic force soon intervened, separating and knocking the God-Emperor and the Everchosen out and a great distance from one another. Only when Archaon regained consciousness did he realize that he was in the Pantheon. There, he learned of the true circumstances of his birth, which was engineered by the Greater Daemon Prince, Be'lakor and this became his breaking point; Archaon decided to abandon any and all ties with the Chaos Gods and for extra spite, took along with him a sizable faction of Chaos Warriors and Daemons, deciding to indoctrinate and guide them in a new direction which the Everchosen would personally oversee.
    • Coming up with what he intends to do in the Pantheon, Archaon howled in vicious fury, accompanied by his steed Dorghar's demonic whinnying and the snarls and roars of numerous daemons and Chaos Warriors as the Everchosen marched his way into the Pantheon. Archaon raised his sword, proclaiming his presence and intent on destroying the Pantheon out of the belief that what he lives in is utterly meaningless.
  • Melkor decided to openly present himself the day Archaon came into the Pantheon. The God of Evil presented the promise of an alliance, stating that Archaon and his army will have more power and their goals of destruction sooner realized. To his shock, however, the Everchosen swiftly rejected the claim, declaring that when he means to end everything, he doesn't intend to spare any gods either. Melkor snickered, deciding to label Archaon an enemy instead as he left.
    • Surprisingly opposes Griffith of all villains. For all his reputation and threat, Archaon is rather fair as a leader and has a few hidden virtues. And he isn't going to associate himself with someone who committed rape for a petty reason. Griffith was disappointed, wanting Archaon and his legion of Daemons to be implemented into the GUAE. Despite this, Archaon is rather neutral towards Apostles.
    • Evolto strongly opposes Archaon in the sense that the Everchosen eerily reminds Evolto of his brother Killbus, whose goals clearly match those of Archaon. Additionally, Evolto sees Archaon as a being whose powers he would really want to further his scope of causing misery and is devising a scheme to take the Six Treasures of Chaos. Archaon however couldn't care less about Evolto, stating that his brother is just as much of a nutjob as he is. Evolto was quick to respond that Archaon is working for Darkseid, so he wasn't any better either.
  • The Pantheon were horrified when they realized the fact that Archaon did indeed destroy his world, although unfortunately, it worked in the favor of the Chaos Gods, which infuriated Archaon to no end. Despite being appointed by them, Archaon has nothing but utter contempt and disdain towards the Chaos Gods and instead deserted them during his time in the Pantheon, seeking for someone else to work with. He came into contact with Darkseid and Sauron who offered them an alliance to oppose Melkor and other forces. Archaon immediately didn't like the two, but decided to establish a relationship of sorts, giving Darkseid a portion of his army of Daemons to use. Much later on, The Anti-Monitor also arrived, amazed by Archaon's accomplishments and struck an uneasy alliance. Archaeon is now torn between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor in regards to allegiance, both of which he isn't fond of. While his actions will benefit both of them, Archaon would much rather just focus on destroying the Pantheon, himself included. And the only reason he allied himself with Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor is because they themselves oppose the Chaos Gods just as much as he does.
    • Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor have further intensified their enmity towards each other ever since their involvement with Archaon. Both of them desire him for his incredible power, with the Anti-Monitor stating he can be an effective tool of destruction. Darkseid needs him for a new Grand United Alliance, in addition to having a collection of Daemons on his disposal. So far, Archaon is excluding himself from their squabbles. He isn't afraid of betraying the two of them at any given moment, though he knows better than to charge against those with Godly power without a plan. So far, he's more comfortable with Darkseid, with the Lord of Tyranny treating him better than the Anti-Monitor does and far better than any of his own forces. Though this may be because Archaon himself is a Wild Card and Darkseid is making sure he doesn't slip off at any moment.
  • With his reputation, Archaon became one of the most terrifying and powerful figures in the Pantheon. He himself doesn't have much regarding thoughts, but his presence is enough to get nearly everyone quaking in fear. The worst part is his restlessness in his goals, prompting much of the House of Heroes and Justice to monitor and track him. Archaon isn't deterred and he is more than willing to display his ferocity.
  • As befitting for his position, Archaon bought all of the Six Treasures of Chaos alongside him the moment he entered the Pantheon. These items were collected to signal Archaon's position as the Everchosen and provide him with a massive set of powers and abilities a mortal wouldn't dare to comprehend.
    • Eternally Burning Mark of Chaos - A mark that contained the blessings of all four Chaos Gods. Archaon travelled to Naggaroth and entered a citadel to obtain it. He was successful, despite the sacrifice of his horse which Archaon had since his days as a squire and the mark was embedded onto his forehead. The Mark of Chaos is said to contain powers from all four Chaos Gods.
    • Armour of Morkar - An ancient armour that was once worn by Morkar, the first Everchosen and provides the wearer incredible defence against all but the strongest attacks. Travelling to Morkar's tomb, Archaon battled against the armour after Morkar's spirit animated it. Archaon defeated it by speaking the ancient Unberogen language to curse the armour into becoming immobile whilst Archaon struck to banish Morkar's spirit away. He soon took the armour for himself.
    • Eye of Sheerian - A talisman said to provide the wearer with visions of the future and allow them to predict and avoid attacks. Archaon acquired the Eye by fighting against the Chaos dragon Flamefang and killing it thanks to the defence provided by the Armour of Morkar. The Eye reaches it's full power once it is inserted into the Crown of Domination.
    • Dorghar, Steed of the Apocalyse - A giant Daemonic horse which Archaon managed to steal from the Daemon prince Agrammon in the Realm of Chaos. Archaon was able to tame Dorghar after which it became his primary mount for the remainder of his campaign.
    • Slayer of Kings - A legendary sword once used by Vangel, the second Everchosen. The sword is said to house an ancient Daemon known as U'zuhl, whose imprisonment in it has driven it to rage and fury. Archaon gained ownership of the blade when he travelled to the Chimera Plateau where he and his army fought against the Dragon Ogre, Krakanrok the Black and the Slayer of Kings was embedded on his chest. With the help of his army, Archaon was able to rip the blade out of Krakanrok's chest and slay the Dragon Ogre.
    • Crown of Domination - An item said to be older than the age of men and is said to empower the user's allies and strike immense fear into the enemy. Archaon gained instructions from Be'lakor to track the Crown in the First Shrine to Chaos in the Worlds Edge Mountain. There, Archaon resisted diseases, used his instincts blindfolded and brushed off temptations before battling against a Bloodthirster and managing to kill it single-handedly before retrieving the crown and setting the stage for the Everchosen's coronation. The Crown is also said to amplify the abilities of the Eye of Sheerian to it's fullest potential.
  • Formed a friendship with Thanos, seeing him as a formidable, yet kindred spirit. Thanos sees Archaeon as an excellent being of power and might, alongside citing the Treasures of Chaos to be incredible items of destruction, just like the Infinity Gauntlet. Archaon also found a good ally under Saber Alter and Vanitas, the latter often wanting to participate in Archaeon's warfare.
  • Archaon soon became one of the Pantheon's most opposed Gods, mainly because his presence terrifies most and his actions are directed to killing everybody. This is a trait he shares with the Anti-Monitor and Zamasu, but there is a noteworthy difference in that Archaon is doing this out of frustration, anger and the fact that no matter what he does, even good, he will be oppressed due to a prophecy, alluding to the events leading up to his christening as the Everchosen.
    • Zamasu surprisingly doesn't despise him, and even openly praises him for the fact that he opposes the Chaos Gods, whose existence infuriate Zamasu to no end. Archaon however has no care for the Kai and will go out of his way to kill him, given his level of threat and his alliance with Nagash (Regardless if its strained at best). Nagash sees Archaon as his greatest rival for obvious reasons, given how the two competed against one another during the End Times. This enmity grew further considering Archaon won, blowing away all of Nagash's efforts to enslave the world as his own.
  • Is the only being in his world whose fear and ferocity can match up against Nagash, which says a lot. The two of them are THE MOST FEARED figures in the Old World, but there are distinct differences; Nagash wants to rule the world whereas Archaon wants to destroy it. Nagash built up his reputation and history by his own accord while Archaon was chosen by a prophecy. Nagash was a monster since his birth and Archaon was once a hero before the Everchosen's prophecy caught up on him. Both are considered a Physical God in their own right, but Nagash relishes and indulges on it whereas Archaon hates his destiny.
  • Because his fate is tied to the Chaos Gods, Archaon is forced to sometimes work with the Beastmen who in contrast, are highly devoted to the very gods that Archaon despises. He can tolerate Khazrak as long as he allows him to enter a good fight, but gets easily annoyed by Gorthor and his approach towards battles. Not helping matters is the Beastmens's severe stimulation of raping others for reproduction, which Archaon despises. Given he himself was child of a rape victim, he is understandably uncomfortable about it.
    • He gets to sometimes align himself with Arthas Menethil, Miraak and the Anti-Spiral. While all of them are uneasy at best, they do like Archaon for having notable similarities. Miraak would be perfect allies for their oppression towards higher beings were it not for his (very uneasy) allegiance to Darkseid. He secretly wishes he could remedy that, though it'll be a long effort on his part. The Anti-Spiral sees his goal of total destruction as a necessary asset for subjugation and Arthas sees him as a worthy rival who would occasionally Archaon in conquering lands when possible.
  • While not hated and even sympathized by some, Archaon made himself a bucket full of enemies in the Pantheon. His extreme magical affinity threatened the likes of Gandalf, Madoka Kaname and Medivh who were able to drive him away. Others like Superman, Neo, Mario, Optimus Prime and Revan have fought him several times to prevent casualties and to maintain hope towards the Pantheon lest Archaon really brings about its very destruction. Not helping is the backup support presented by Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor.
    • Magic users express major concern whenever Archaon is around as the Chaos Gods have bestowed him a great deal of resistance from magical attacks. Gandalf and Medivh are one of the very few who are able to challenge Archaon thanks to their vast power. Madoka Kaname seeks to find a way to redeem him, but Archaon isn't willing to listen, only fighting Madoka because in his opinion, her position as a former god hasn't really changed much in her favor.
    • Unsurprisingly, he's fought against knightly beings in the likes of King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Link, Alm, Celica, Lucina, Ike and many more. His greatest challenge comes from Artix von Krieger whose chivalry and reputation reminds Archaon a lot about Sigmar. He reciprocates by calling Artix a Worthy Opponent above all else. While he is understandably opposed by most Keyblade Wielders, Archaon respects Sora, Aqua and Roxas, stating that they are able to give him a difficult time, yet also remind him of the good old days at the same time. And due to his ability to oversee prophecies and the future, he sees Shulk as a noteworthy foe. That said, he is more than ready to kill any of them if need be.
    • The House of Opposing Fate take pity out of Archaon in the sense that he could have easily went against his destiny and carve his own history. Oddly enough, Archaon makes himself out to be this; he wants to kill EVERYTHING so that the Chaos Gods have no one left to gain sustenance from. Raven and Revan are two notable beings who went against their prophecies and despite being enemies, really want to help Archaon out. Unfortunately, his warped mindset, alliance with Darkseid and uncontrollable rage makes him nigh-impossible to approach.
  • He shows a lot of care and affection for his steed, Dorghar. He once had a horse companion beforehand and when said horse was killed in battle, Archaon flew into uncontrollable rage, slaughtering any that got in his way. He respects horses and is the reason why he feels amicable towards the House of Beast feeling that horses are good assets and companions. He is also sensitive about his birth, expressing enormous hate on his father. Colette Brunel feels sorry for Archaon, even trying to reach out to him despite warnings from Pantheon residents. Archaon hasn't made a comment about this.
    • His position as a bastard attracted Mordred who while sympathetic, is willing to oppose Archaon as the destruction of the Pantheon is something she definitely wouldn't want.
    • He is further pitied by Lucifer who wants to assert that he should expand on his views on the world and to better himself as an individual. Archaon is having none of it though and chooses to rebel, stating that his leadership of the Grand United Alliance of Chaos isn't really so different from the Chaos Gods. Not helping matters is Vlad von Carsein, himself a member of the alliance, in addition to the two of them having fought beforehand.
    • While not exactly company, he is pitied highly by those who've had negative experiences of rape. Ivy Valentine and Goro Akechi understand how he feels towards his father and Archaon often takes his time to offer sympathy towards them. His feelings towards them is rather neutral given their mutual relation to rape. Rape victims are one of the few individuals that Archaon doesn't outright try to kill, stating that he doesn't feel right about killing those who've been through a similar experience like him.
  • He took notice of an alternate timeline where he died of constipation and the title of the Everchosen was presented to a generic soldier named Melvin, whose only victory was against a mosquito, bringing about the End Times in a rather odd fashion that took the Chaos Gods with it and that he himself would die of constipation as well. Archaon flew into uncontrollable rage upon hearing of such an occurrence, further intensifying his hatred towards the Chaos Gods, especially Khorne who was the one who picked Melvin as his successor. Even further, in another timeline Archaon can be succeeded by Throgg or Wulfrik should he be defeated, with the former two being nominated and winning the Chaos Gods's favour. Archaon, realizing he himself was fed lies by the very gods who forced him into becoming their chosen one, has become further broken, depressed, and even more voracious and embittered. He will not stop until he has the entire Pantheon killed, most of all, the Chaos Gods.
    • During his breakdown, the one who penned the idea of Archaon's death by constipation, The Killian Experience was having a trial via the Court of the Gods. Since his ascension, Archaon has made it clear that he won't stop until he finds Killian and has his head mounted onto a pike to pay for him badly humiliating him. The Killian Experience responded by... sending him garlic bread. Archaon is not pleased.
  • Archaon found out at one point that there's a Black Metal guitarist who shares his name who plays for a band called 1349. There's also rumors that Archaon spends time in the House of Music playing Black Metal songs and headlining some kind of your. He personally finds it rather amusing, though he makes it clear that he is a destroyer of worlds foremost. That said, he doesn't have much to add onto 1349 or the guitarist who happens to share his moniker, albeit as a stage name.
  • In an timeline set after the End Times, Archaon still remained with the Chaos Gods, becoming the Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse and continuing to spearhead the conflict between Sigmar, his alliances and the Forces of Chaos. Taking notice of this, Archaon expresses disappointment in how this iteration is still tethered to the Chaos Gods in allegiance, further enforcing his detechment to them and his desires in destroying them for their manipulations.
I am the Anointed, the favoured Son of Chaos, the Scourge of the World.

Grandfather, God of Evil Grandparents (Benedict Wigglestein Uno, Sr.)
His de-commissioned state 

Intermediate Gods

Cain, God of Fratricide (The First Murderer, "My Brother's Keeper", Qābīl, Master Mahan, Caine, Kane, Kapaneus, Father of Murder, First Son, Sire of All Vampires, Marcus Pierce, The Sinnerman)
Cain as portrayed in Supernatural.
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Mark of Cain
  • Alignment: Up for interpretation; usually seen as a Neutral Evil or True Neutral if remorseful
  • Portfolio: The Original Cain, Public Domain Character, Sibling Murder Out Of Jealousy, Planted Vegetables For Sacrifices, Rather Than Meat, Green-Eyed Monster, Red Right Hand, Biblical Villains, May Have Regretted His Murder, Walking the Earth
  • Domains: Murder, Anger, Jealousy, Family Betrayal, Vegetation, Curses
  • High Priest: Romulus
  • Special relationship with: SCP-073, Naoya, Kane(Command and Conquer) (alternate selves), Vandal Savage, Vampirella (his daughter)
  • Sought out by: Iroque, the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Evil, others who've committed fratricide like Scar
  • Interested in: Set
  • Complicated relationship with: Lucifer Morningstar
  • Allies: Lilith, Lucifer(SMT), The Cryptkeeper
  • On speaking terms with: Kyoichiro Kuroi
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Spectre, Sam and Dean Winchester (his descendants), Lucifer(Supernatural), Merged Zamasu, Switzerland, Lina and Rylai, Mufasa
  • Opposes: Versions of God (sometimes enemies, sometimes OK with), The Van Helsings
  • Opposed by: The Heroic Protectors of Family, victims of fratricide, the sub-house of Siblings
  • Under watch by: Deities who believe in the Abrahamic faith
  • Brothers are meant to love each other, but often can find themselves in a rivalry. And sometimes this can get deadly. Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve, and thus the first children according to The Bible. Abel's sacrifice of meat was preferred by God to Cain's sacrifice of vegetation. Filled with jealousy, Cain slew his brother Abel with a rock. Thus he was cursed, becoming the first murderer and first to commit fratricide.
  • It's a matter of theological debate on whether there were other motives for his murder, and why God rebuked his sacrifice in the first place. Some belief has envy over a woman they both love as a motive, and that he needed Satan to help him commit the first murder since it had never been done. Naoya states that it was because YHVH made him to create the first martyr. Supernatural states it was to prevent his brother from being corrupted by Lucifer. Perhaps it was over a piece of Eden, and he is the founder of the Templar Order.
  • As a consequence of being a Public Domain Character, there were already multiple versions of Cain in the pantheon. When asked who was the closest to the truth, Cain said that they are all incarnations of the original, representing the different sides of his personality. Vandal Savage represents his ferocious and murderous nature, SCP-073 his guilt and desire to be better, Kane his God-given cunning and Naoya his resentment and hatred towards God for his Mark and curse. Naoya seems to relate to him the most.
  • Upon further inspection(or more accurately, a retcon), Vandal Savage wasn't Cain, but someone who Cain transferred the Mark to. Sort of, it's complicated; he was reborn as/possessed by Cain after cultists of the Religion of Crime plunged the Spear of Destiny into him. He went on a path of revenge to the Spectre for punishing Cain in the past, but ended up getting it branded to him. Vandal's tried to pass it on to the Question.
  • As expected for the iconic fratricider, he's the member nobody likes in his own sub-house. Switzerland took the most offense to his entry. Lina and Rylai did as well, since despite their rivalry for one another they truly love each other and would never try to kill each other. Depending on his mood, Cain expects to be given shit from them and may feel he deserves it.
  • Victims of fratricide oppose Cain. Those who commit fratricide are intrigued by him, particularly Scar. Cain himself is interested in Set, having said to have murdered his brother in Egyptian mythology before The Bible was written. Most of the House of Religion and Faith doesn't care for him, either. Lucifer was intrigued by Cain, who the first murderer finds interesting enough to partner. Mainly because of Lilith's allegiance and his feelings of being an arch-sinner, not any real ideological views or anything.
  • Some extracanonical sources state that Cain is actually the son of a Fallen Angel, perhaps even the scion of Satan himself. More accepted(though not truly canonical) is the belief that The Descendants of Cain were cursed for their progenitor's sins in some way. He is known as the father of Vampirella, and it's said that Lilith, his father's first mate, is his lover. The identity of his wife and Enoch's mother is up for dispute, but generally believed to be his sister.
  • One of the classic Biblical villains, sources vary on whether Cain tried to make up for his actions, regretted things or kept on his evil ways. He did end up founding a city with his son Enoch. The GUAG wishes to bring out his desire for redemption, while the GUAE wants to make him a mascot for fratricide. As the Cain in the pantheon is a Composite Character of the Biblical original and many other versions, his views on this are skewed.
  • Sometimes found talking to Kyoichiro Kuroi on regret and shame for their actions, whenever he's feeling in a remorseful mood. Iroque wants to help Cain come to terms and fully atone for his behavior, knowing what it's like to murder and wanting the best to come from him. Cain likes that someone wants to help him, but wary due to how she has a habit of brainwashing people to good. The Indigo Tribe has tried to dissuade those fears by stating that they only do this to those naturally incapable of compassion, and Cain isn't such a figure.
  • Was cursed by God so he could never farm the land, and if someone harms him he will be avenged seven-fold. The Mark of Cain makes sure people know this. This is likely to avoid a Cycle of Revenge, and is often interpreted as immortality as a punishment. Cain has tried to do something in the House of Plants, but to no avail. The Darkness has it that he was either killed in a collapse he built with his sister-wife, or more likely went on to atone and opposed the Darkness, allying with The Angelus only for her to use her light powers to burn him to ashes. Jackie Estado has his ashes.
  • The House of Vengeance is warned of his curse, which they took as some sort of message against them. The Spectre is enraged that he cannot judge Cain because of his Mark. Cain usually doesn't care for any version of God, but on his better days he does at least appreciate the purpose of his punishment. Zamasu considers him yet another prime example on why Humans Are Bastards, and Cain doesn't think he has any room to talk as he has committed the grievous sins of genocide and deicide.
  • Perhaps his most powerful incarnation lays in the Dreaming, or more accurately he represents murder and Abel the murder victim(or they are the living embodiments of the old Cain and Abel story). He doesn't take kindly to others who would hurt his brother, and on some level truly loves him. He just can't deny his nature to kill his brother. In the 1970s, they were at least civil to serve as horror hosts. As such, Cain seems to behave himself in the presence of the Cryptkeeper.
  • Usually seen as the aggressor in his relationship with Abel. Despite(or maybe because) of this, in the SCP Foundation Abel (well, Able) is the mass-murderer, and in some universes he had a more understandable reason to kill Abel. With SCP-076-2/Able, it's believed he died because of the Attack Reflector power Cain had, or that being murdered filled him with the vengeance and hatred that drives him to be an Omnicidal Maniac. In Marvel, he lives with Abel in the Boarding House of Mystery in Cleveland that he owns. Abel's mentally disabled because of "an unfortunate accident in their adolescence". They let Howard the Duck and Beverly stay when they had no money, but the other Marvel deities would rather keep an eye on him.
  • Some incarnations have this making his the first vampire, such as Vampire: The Masquerade or the DC Universe. In the latter, he fed on Lilith and made her his first bride. Etrigan cursed him that if he fed on an truly innocent soul he'd be cursed to spend his days locked in a vacuum of nothingness, eternally. This happened by accident in the 16th century, which led him to be sealed away within the House of Mystery in the Dreaming in the first place. This was set up by the Order of the Van Helsings, so he doesn't care for Integra or her friends. Superman doesn't care for the fact that his Marcus Pierce incarnation bears a resemblance to him.
  • As Caine, the first vampire, his powers are practically limitless. Attempting to fight him means, quite simply, you lose. He also insists he didn't kill Abel but sacrificed him as Abel was "the first part of all my joy". If he's telling the truth, lying or has come to believe the lie is unknown. Also, despite the world of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines going through simultaneous apocalypses and somehow managing to limp on, this may or may not stop him from having driven a cab in Los Angeles.
  • Some sects of Mormonism believe that Cain became Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Yes, really. It comes from a claim of one of their first apostles, David W. Patten, who said he witnessed a shaggy, hair-covered Cain in 1835. Cain thinks he was drunk, or maybe he mistook him for one of his descendants. Along with vampires, he's also thought to be the ancestor of Grendel and his mother, alongside other monsters.
  • In one universe, Cain and Abel both tried to kill each other, Cain was just the better fighter. Abel wasn't that good anyway, a Casanova Wannabe who ended up in Hell. They did manage to reconcile and while a Death Seeker, he changed his mind after losing the Mark, ultimately being killed by Lucifer. While he's on bad terms with Lucifer Morningstar there, and it didn't help in the first place that he dated his mother Eve, his original incarnation doesn't have that antagonism.

    Goro Akechi 
Goro Akechi, God of Resentful Illegitimate Children (Crow, Second Advent of the Detective Prince, The Charismatic Detective, Pleasant Boy, Pancake-Loving Detective, Mysterious Man, Black Mask)
Black Mask 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His red bird mask in front of his black helmet; alternately, his suitcase
  • Theme Song: Awakening, Will Power No More What Ifs in downtime
  • Alignment: Pretended to be Lawful Good -> actually Chaotic Evil posing as Lawful Evil -> currently a violent brand of Chaotic Neutral
  • Persona: Robin Hood (pre-reveal), Loki (post-reveal), Hereward (Royal)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler That People Saw Coming, Foil, Hating His Illegitimate Birth, Dark and Troubled Past, Bishōnen
  • Domains: Detectives, Treachery, Madness, Hate, Popularity, Tragedy, Illegitimacy
  • Followers: Edmund, Sebastian, most bastards from Westeros
  • Allies: Loki, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Ren Hakuryuu, Scott Shelby, Isomer Black, Andrew Detmer, Mordred
  • Odd Friendship: Malus Darkblade
  • Sympathetic to: Anyone who has suffered for their illegitimacy, Parental Abandonment, or are in a "Well Done, Son!" Guy situation
  • On Speaking Terms with: Akechi Mitsuhide, Tyrion Lannister
  • Enemies: Yaldabaoth, Takuto Maruki (more or less), Iroque, Cersei Lannister, Hera, The Child Abuse Supporters, Tywin Lannister, Kinzo Ushiromiya, Ragyo Kiryuin, Gendo Ikari, Relius Clover, Envy the Jealous, Gerald Ford
  • Complicated Relationship With: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Ren Amamiya, for additional reasons), Sae Niijima
  • Opposes: Abusive Parents, Catelyn Stark, Death Gun, Shadow Moon
  • Opposed by: Naoto Shirogane, Tohru Adachi (bordering on Pitied by), Qrow Branwen, Cú Chulainn
  • Pitied by: Jin Kazama, Toxie, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Reiji Kido, Hunter Zolomon
  • Conflicting Opinion From: Sho Minazuki, Parker, Hikari
  • Goro Akechi is a high school student who works part-time as a private detective. Publicly he is wildly acclaimed and popular, but privately he's quite lonely and a sad child. He is a bastard orphan, Son of a Whore, who then quit and worked part-time before committing suicide out of shame after his father abandoned him. This led to him having a massive complex about his illegitimacy, as well as aCluster B Personality Disorder. Though a late ally to the Phantom Thieves, he was in truth a traitor seeking to kill those he saw as evil and helping his father Masayoshi Shido, only to then crush him in his moment of triumph.
  • Was the Ninth to join the Phantom Thieves, though he was also a traitor. Most saw this coming as he wasn't seen on much promotional material, and the game wasn't too subtle since there was larger twist; the Phantom Thieves knew he was an Obvious Judas and that was part of their gambit, and Igor was replaced by the Greater-Scope Villain. Still, he came to see them as friends of a sort and felt remorseful, seemingly dying for them. He would rather avoid meeting them again due to the complicated feeling he has towards the crew.
  • His supposed Persona was Robin Hood, but his actual Persona is none other than Loki. It's pretty fitting if anyone knows the Norse god himself: they share massive daddy issues (adopted in Loki's case) and are divided between wanting his affection and wanting revenge on them. They've also popular with the ladies in and out of universe, whitewashed by many fans, and manipulative tricksters. Unsurprisingly, they get along magnificently.
    • However, many people wonder how he got Robin Hood in the first place. Since he possesses the Wild Card just like Ren, some speculate that his bond with the Phantom Thief leader through the Justice Arcana meant that he was able to unlock a Persona through the only meaningful bond he had. Akechi was left quite shocked upon speculating this.
    • And with the other potential allies he can make, it's highly likely he can finally utilize the true potential of the Wild Card by forming Confidants out of these new potential connections. He was called over one day by Igor to make this clear to him; without Yaldabaoth screwing him over, Akechi can finally utilize his potential.
  • With his transfer to this sub-House (from Childhood and Adolescence and then Upbringing), he found it rather fitting for him and could strangely relate to most of the residents for their struggles with their parents (Both Mordred's have a difficult relationship in trying meet up with their father's reputation, Maisie is ignored by her parents for petty reasons, Todoroki was more-or-less a test object for his father Enji who wanted to see him surpass All Might if he couldn't, Rock Howard tends to blame much of his misfortunes on his father Geese, Archaon's conception came from the fact that a Daemon Prince possessed a Chaos Warrior and used his body to rape a woman, who died in childbirth and her husband wastes no time in abandoning him in the snow).
  • Looks startlingly like Light Yagami. He has a similar ruthless sense of justice and Black-and-White Insanity to Kira, hating the corruption in society at large. He is interested in the potential of the Death Note, though arguments over just what kind of justice should be enforced and daddy issues can be a hindrance (also that he thinks Light sounds a bit like Ryuji for some reason).
  • His feelings about his scumbag father are complicated. On one hand, he desires his approval and sympathy, the latter of which is completely foreign to men like Shido. On the other he wants to get revenge on him by helping him along only to ruin his career by revealing the truth. While a lot of gods are sympathetic towards this in itself and would like to see someone horrible like his father get his just desserts, most believe he went way too far in this endeavor, and they point out just how complicated his plan was when he could've easily assassinated Shido by mental shutdown or bullet to the head, or allow the Phantoms to change the politician's heart. Though some also suspect that Yaldabaoth may have already known what he would do instead, and set up the game so that at least the latter wouldn't be entirely possible, such as when it was too late.
  • Akechi has steered clear of the other ascended Persona-users, especially once he learned that all of them had theirs for years longer than even him and he'd likely be targeted for his crimes. Even if he's remembered the friendships he made during the adventure in the World of Movies, he knows full well that they know of his atrocities, too. In terms of how things might go…
    • The Investigation Team is highly contemptible of him, especially since his predecessor for the title of Detective Prince, Naoto Shirogane, is among them.
      • Before learning the truth about him, thanks to their adventures in the World of Movies, Naoto and Akechi actually got along pretty well, with her considering it a great honor and him respecting her greatly. Now, she's particularly disappointed in him, since along with his villainous nature, she genuinely wanted to help people with her detective skills while he just wanted to gain popularity. Almost as if Goro was a mix of her and Adachi. Though even she has trouble what to think about his apparent sacrifice for the Phantom Thieves to stop his father, and can't deny how horrible his upbringing ultimately was. And despite his manipulations, he's still legitimately capable as a detective, as he once stopped a money laundering scheme with Ren's assistance.
      • Speaking of Tohru Adachi, the ex-cop was the first Persona-user outside of Tokyo that the detective first ran into, and just like him, Tohru had used his powers for villainy and betrayed his comrades. Both are vastly uncomfortable with one another, because of said similarities, but also for being victims of society.
      • Akechi for his part doesn't know what to make of Adachi. He's pretty surprised at what Adachi did despite going through less tragedy than he did, yet he also notes how Adachi was one of the few people who "got it" in regards to societal problems. Hell, Tohru actually feels bad for what happened to Goro regarding "whatever the hell happened to him", as it sadly reminds Adachi of how he too was offered a second chance, only here, Akechi ended up being not so lucky. Akechi can neither confirm nor deny if he would have done the same as Adachi. Adachi required a bunch of circumstances to be offered an opportunity and he took it while Akechi was granted it by the people he once called (and deep down still thinks of despite his denials), his friends. Yet he refused to take it out of fear that it meant everything he has done was for nothing though he realized that he deserved his end regardless.
    • Among S.E.E.S., especially after their adventure in the World of Movies, the only ones among them willing to reach out to him are Koromaru and Shinjiro. The shiba inu had grown unusually close to him due to sensing his deep problems and is willing to reach out to him even now. Shinjiro had also noticed Akechi's problems, and is once again comforting him to look ahead and stop letting his past bind him. This time, the detective is a little more receptive to this.
      • For Ken, he is both frightened and hateful of Akechi as he found that he could've been a lot like him if he hadn't given up on his revenge against Shinjiro, not helped by the fact they both bear the Justice Arcana. He did once speak on amicable terms with Akechi during their adventure in the World of Movies, though that was before he learned of Akechi's crimes, and even then he does feel a newfound pity for him. Because of that, he's only tolerant of the detective whenever Shinjiro and/or Koromaru are around.
    • Sho Minazuki isn't sure what to think of Akechi. Like him, he's had a real bastard of a father. Unlike him, Akechi didn't have the privilege of having a lot of money left behind to his name like Sho did, and Shuji was long dead by the time Sho awoke from his coma while Akechi had the chance to take his vengeance on Shido. That said, the fact that the second coming of the Detective Prince worked with Shido with plans to pull the rug beneath him in the last moment reminds him too much of the fact that Adachi planned to do the same to him.
    • The Persona-users from Sumaru City don't have much to say about him apart from general dislike (besides pity from Maya, because she's just that caring).
    • The same goes for the students of St. Hermelin High, with the exception of one…
      • That "one" is Reiji Kido, who was also a bastard with hostile issues and a plan of vengeance against a legitimate relative (though in Reiji's case, it was with his brother Takahisa Kandori since their father was already dead). While the fellow bastard does disapprove of Akechi's opposition against the Phantoms despite both of them having the same enemy, Reiji does understand his circumstances that led to such a path; Kido at least still had his mother, and had no beef against his fellow alumni. As such, he's decided to reach out to Akechi and try to understand him more.

  • While having pancakes at a café, he was a bit surprised to see Sae Niijima run into him despite having heard about her ascension. Despite things, Sae found she was unable to bring herself to chide or even arrest Akechi for his crimes, not knowing if she'd be overstepping whatever his fate was in their world. The two only glared at each other and shared a few words before leaving, the tension between them unresolved.
    Sae: You know, even if everyone there hates you, the offer is still up if you wish to join the Phantom Thieves and atone for what you've done.
    Akechi: I just want to finish these in peace, Sae-san. Leave me alone.
    Sae: These? Oh, you mean your pancakes.
    Akechi: Please, Sae-san. Just drop the subject already.
  • After learning of his crimes, Hikari has conflicting opinions. She is outright horrified by the mental shutdowns he's inflicted on other people and was severely disappointed in him when he tried to kill Ren. On the other hand, she does pity him for his backstory, noting the similarities to her own. All the same, even after his Heroic Sacrifice, she prefers to keep her distance, since she still can't bring herself to trust him.
  • While many believed he had perished in his encounter with Shido's cognitive version of him, to their surprise, in the Third Semester, he had returned no worse for wear and even turned himself in for his crimes so Ren could enjoy his remaining days with his friends. Some deities suspected that something was amiss, as many other seemingly impossible miracles were occurring as well, such as Kamoshida never breaking Ryuji's leg, leading to him becoming a star of the track team, Morgana suddenly becoming human, Ann's friend Shiho returning to Shujin Academy, Madarame never becoming corrupted and allowing Yusuke to take credit for his art, Makoto and Sae's father, Wakaba Isshiki, and Kunikazu Okumura being alive, with Wakaba married to Sojiro, and Kunikazu returning to his kind self, and everything being much brighter in general. The only ones in their world to notice, however, were Ren and Akechi, both realizing that everything had changed after the team confessed their regrets and worries to their school councilor, Takuto Maruki. Their suspicions proved correct when they discovered that Maruki, thanks to the Thieves accidentally making him the ruler of the Metaverse on a global scale as well as Yaldabaoth accidentally removing the wisdom from his Persona, had turned to madness and was attempting to overlay reality with a perfect dream world where everyone's regrets were undone and their wishes granted, with Akechi's supposed return being a result of it. After defeating Dr. Maruki and convincing him the world he was trying to create would only lead to stagnation, he disappeared. However, an individual bearing heavy similarities to Akechi was later seen when all was said and done, so whether he's truly alive is known only to himself.
    • Details that imply his actual survival can apparently be found here. Though the question is now of what possibly happened to him when Actualized Akechi came to be since Maruki believed he was dead when he actually wasn't.
    • Because of that, Akechi doesn't actually have Hereward as a Persona. Not yet, at least.
    • Also because of said events, the Phantom Thieves are actually open to working alongside him again if the situation ever calls for it, even with the fact that Akechi was personally responsible for the deaths of Futaba's mother and Haru's father. Not that they (those two in particular) forgive him for that, of course, and Futaba only tolerates him thanks to Ren (Haru still sympathizes with him despite what he's done).
  • Eventually, the fateful day where the Phantoms finally run into him again happened. It was while they were exploring Mementos to hunt down another illegal Meta-Nav owner (check the Phantom Thieves' profile for details). There were several minutes of awkward silence, and Joker keeping anyone else from speaking harshly. Of course, since idling brings the Reaper's attention, said Shadow bore down on them, forcing everyone to cooperate to bring it down. After defeating him, they had their talk, the specifics of which will remain private, but one change people have noticed is that Ren has started hanging out with him again (by himself or with Morgana), and that he calls the detective by his first name Goro.
  • Iroque opposes him both due to how he spreads madness with Loki as part of his plan against/towards Shido, and his distaste towards the idea of Heel–Face Brainwashing, instead using the Metaverse to kill people. Goro argues that her brainwashing of sociopaths is no different from killing them since it robs of them of their old identity and personality. She responded that she is giving reformation to those too lost to do so on their own, while for someone so concerned with "the greater good" he gleefully set up outbreaks of madness for "daddy issues".
  • Sometimes he feels more comfortable in the houses of Betrayal and Vengeance. With the former, he is somewhat amicable to Akechi Mitsuhide given everything. With the latter, he has come to hate Hera due to what she does to her husband's bastards, which has also led him to despise Cersei Lannister for similar reasons. Given their parental issues, he is on good terms with Ren Hakuryuu though. And as much as he hates Cersei, he hates Tywin even more due to being an abusive father and cruel politician of sorts like Shido. He can relate to Tyrion's position pretty well.
  • He works well with Marcello as they were both illegitimate children who hated their illegitimacy, playing a large part in becoming villainous. In fact, Marcello initially wanted the role of Bastard Angst, but ultimately decided to take Bastard Bastard instead. Being in the same sub-house, it worked out well for them. These parental issues led him to get along well with Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader given their similarities. This eventually applies to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren as well after both of them were willing to sacrifice themselves to save the rivals they shared a close bond with.
  • Has some complicated feelings for Jon Snow. The two have suffered for their illegitimacy, with Jon feeling like an outsider and joining the Night's Watch because of lack of better career options. While he's sympathetic to this, Goro feels envious towards Jon as well since his father (technically uncle) recognized and loved him, ad feels he got off soft. While Jon pities Goro's position, he thinks the crimes he's committed give a bad name to bastards and hurts his cause. Doesn't like Jon's step-mom Catelyn due to her prejudice towards bastards and Jon.
  • Though heroic, Jin Kazama sympathizes with his plight given his own daddy issues and his grandfather being the kind of corrupt scum like Masayoshi Shido. Toxie feels the same way, but neither will allow his evil to go unpunished. Though they do suspect from his remorse and apparent sacrifice that even he might not allow it either.
  • Seems to have taken up a fondness for pancakes upon his ascension, as Adachi has with cabbages. He blames this one on the many memes surrounding him, like being on a wild ride. Truth is, he already loved pancakes, but now he can't bring himself to even talk about them, considering part of why he was busted was his reaction to overhearing a cat from the Metaverse talk about pancakes…
  • Asides from above comparisons with Light Yagami, a number of gods note he shares their voice. Notable is Keiichi Maebara, who doesn't appreciate his use of the Hate Plague, though even Akechi agrees that is a strange coincidence.
  • Absolutely DESPISES Envy's powered-up true form after having seen a display of his father's Shadow's Beast of Human Sacrifices in the Thieves Den during the Third Semester.
    Akechi: Now that I'm seeing this for myself, I can honestly say I've seen nothing more repulsive than this.
  • Turns out having a "shaky" relationship with one's bastard of a father isn't unique to him, and found others with the same conditions.
    • As someone who's also had a rocky relationship with his father (not helping Akechi's status as an illegitimate child) and that ended up both shaping them in becoming killers, Akechi gets along well with the Origami Killer Scott Shelby. However, the fact that Shelby is also friends with Adachi has caused more than one awkward moment, given how the two Persona-users regard one another.
    • Lotor relates to him for the Daddy Issues they suffered. The detective has to admit that the alien general’s issues are a whole lot more problematic than his own. The Token Evil Teammate comparisons could not be more pronounced.
    • While it's a scientist-creation relationship, Isomer Black also has deep resentment towards her father while also trying to please him in spades, and thus she understands what Akechi's issues are like.
    • Hunter Zolomon sympathizes with him for also being someone who was Driven to Villainy because of events out of their control. That said, even the detective doesn't support his idea to "improve" heroes with suffering and tragedy, even if such things have also forged the Phantom Thieves of Hearts into who they are today.
    • He forged an Odd Friendship with Malus Darkblade. For the time being, both are alright with the notion that their own fathers aren't in the Pantheon, otherwise, Malus and Goro wouldn't waste any time trying to gun them down. That said, even Malus expressed disgust towards Masayoshi Shido. At least Malus gives a shit about his own troops and he thinks Shido may be worse than Malus's father.
    • And then he came into contact with Andrew Detmer, and the detective alongside Malus considered forming a quartet alongside Zolomon, though not much has come out of it. Still, Goro respects Andrew for standing up to his father (Andrew also admits that their fathers make his own look even more more pathetic than he already was).
  • For a while after Death Gun's ascension, Akechi had taken blame for their murders since their methods run similar to his mental shutdown spree. Were it not for the trio's offline coordination, as well as the 2nd Detective Prince's new friends, there would've been no way to clear his name. He eventually took the fight straight to them and showed them what a mistake it was to rope him into their actions.
    • One of their last battles ended in a curb-stomp after they had underestimated his capabilities and didn't take into account his extra Personas besides Robin Hood and Loki. And then they had the bad luck of Joker, Mona, Oracle, and Noir running into them at the time. All three were apprehended, and Kyouji willingly went with them.
  • A certain popularity poll was hosted which pitted both Naoto and Akechi against each other. To the delightment of some, The original Detective Prince ended up coming out on top over her "successor". While Naoto was flattered and somewhat embrassed about her victory, Goro could not be reached for a comment on the matter.
    • Akechi would later make a public statement regarding Naoto's victory and was pretty smug about the fact that Naoto beating him only secured him even more popularity then ever before.

    Malus Darkblade 
Malus Darkblade, God of Unfavored Offsprings (The Tyrant of Hag Graef)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God should Tz'arkan take Influence)
  • Symbol: The Warpsword of Khaine
  • Theme Song: The Shadow & The Blade
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Power of Hate, Disowned by his Family, Is the Vessel of the Daemon Tz'arkan, Villain Protagonist, Rides and Battles Alongside his Cold One, Spite, Master Swordsman, Can be Genuinely Nice or Put up a Convincing Act, Will often Flay his Opponents and Victims, Never Gives Up on his Goals, Can give into Tz'arkan's Temptations, Malekith's Top Champion, Came from Family that was Beyond Dysfunctional, Combat Pragmatist, Is Willing to Go Against his Destiny
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Bastards, Family, Hate, Champions
  • Herald: Spite (his Cold One companion)
  • Superior: Malekith
  • Allies: Riptor, Dio Brando, Kurei, Vlad von Carstein, Orochimaru, The Sound Five, Dr. Cortex, Nina Cortex, Maul, Gwangi, Bowser Jr., Diego Brando, Goro Akechi, Hansel and Gretel
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ramsay Bolton
  • Rival: Velvet Crowe
  • Complicated relationships: Elric of Melnibone
  • Enemies: Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Archaon, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Sakura Kinomoto, Rexie, The Gang of Seven, The Child Abuse Supporters, Raven, Mother Gothel, Sayaka Miki
  • Unsure Of: Oryx
  • Malus Darkblade is a man of many words; cruel, despotic, manipulative, vengeful and vicious, all traits possessed by the Dark Elves. However, the more you know about Malus reveals a man bought up by unbelievable strife, suffering, hate and loneliness. Above all, however, was an insurmountable degree of determination, for Malus's dark and depressing childhood fueled his desire to one day be among the greatest of his race and to free himself from the Daemon, Tz'arkan, who has since been sealed inside of Malus due to the Dark Elf's avarice in search of treasure. Together with a few Dark Elf compatriots and his Cold One steed, Spite, Malus proved himself to be among the best of his race, eventually surpassing his father's influence and legacy by becoming the Tyrant of Hag Graef.
    • Among Malus's greatest griefs was his childhood upbringing. He was the bastard son of Lurhan Fellblade, the Vaulkhar (military commander) of Hag Graef, a Dark Elf settlement in Naggaroth. From the very day he was born, Malus was shunned and hated by his father and siblings simply due to his illegitimate status. Despite being appreciated by his mother, Eldire, she was not above manipulating him for her own ends, and even the one sibling who tolerated him, Nagaira, was more out of sexual desire. Malus was also forced to kill off his own kin either due to their wrongdoings towards him and because he had no other way of defending himself. The only survive prize he received in his quest for power was the Warpsword of Khaine, which blessed Malus with the power of Khaine, the Elven God of War and one of the five key items needed to extract Tz'arkan from his body.
  • The first reported sightings of Malus in the Pantheon were in the furthest north from the House of Nature. He was stated to be travelling someplace with his steed, Spite, and accompanying these rumours was traces of snowy footprints and the mutilated corpses of several animals surrounding by disgusting stench. They were poisoned shortly before death. It didn't actually take very long before Malus finally revealed himself in the House of Royalty, demanding a sanctuary of a sort. Unsurprisingly, his words were rejected, prompting the Dark Elf to seek base elsewhere. Hence, he was found by his former superior, Malekith who offered him a place in the House of Family. With Malus easily being able to represent The Unfavorite given his experiences with his family, he quickly took hold of the position. This also led to a swift victory for Malekith, who sought to have a Dark Elf ascended for easy access in the House. The Heroic Protectors of Family were not amused by this news, but Malekith has stated that he has no reason to attack the House of Family. Whether he's being genuine or him being pragmatic is up for anyone's guess.
  • Was Malus happy being in the Pantheon? Nope. Why? Because Tz'arkan is still sealed inside of his body. So by a series of complicated technicalities, Tz'arkan is also ascended into the Pantheon. Because of this, Malus is even more determined to find a way to finally extract the Daemon out of his body and live out the rest of his life like how he sees fit. Unfortunately for him, there's little friends to find around the Pantheon. He still has Malekith for the time being.
  • More often than not, Malus would find himself talking to Tz'arkan a lot. The Daemon pulls no punches as he belittles and mocks the Dark Elf and trying to convince him into embracing his strength. Given how much he hates Tz'arkan for further troubling his life, Malus makes no pretence by how he really feels about him.
    Malus: "Shut up, Daemon!"
    • All this considered, both of them do share one thing, the belief of hate being the most empowering thing. As much as Malus tries to resist Tz'arkan's influence towards him, even carrying with him battles of a magical elixir to keep those away, there are times where Malus will give in. Tz'arkan possessing his body turns Malus's hair white, cracks appear around his skin and his voice becomes more demonic, alongside a tremendous rise in strength, speed, stamina and the ability to induce fear to his enemy, already an impressive feat, given how Malus is one of the most feared Dreadlords of the Dark Elf race. That said, there's the risk of Malus becoming more murderously insane and prolonged usage would ultimately kill Malus and release Tz'arkan.
  • Malus's mount and one of his longest, most trustworthy allies is his Cold One, Spite, a creature resembling a maniraptoran dinosaur and a very savage animal by nature. Cold Ones are dangerous creatures with a durable body and surprising agility. Despite their effective weaponry and strength, they're also not exactly intelligent. That said, Malus is surprisingly very caring of his mount, which comes off as a surprise, given how treacherous Dark Elves tend to be.
    • Malus can sometimes ben seen riding Spite into the Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House with Spite wandering around, looking for potential prey, especially the likes of hadrosaurs and other large herbivorous dinosaurs. This naturally got the two into enmity against the many dinosaur deities residing there. The Gang of Seven hate Malus for invading the Great Valley on a few occasions and Spite causing havoc among many dinosaur herds. Rexie and the Spinosaurus, on the other hand, see Malus and Spite are competition and Owen's Raptor Pack are usually rather cautious around them, given that while Spite is much dumber than them, Malus's commands and Spite being naturally larger means they can even the Raptor Pack out rather considerably.
  • Malus's main driving factor can be summed up in one word: Hate. It's not too surprising given the circumstances he was raised under. His father tried to kill him, his mother manipulated him, his siblings hate him for the most part, he's the vessel of a Daemon of Slannesh and his race is mainly driven by vengeance towards Ulthuan. He's honestly surprised he doesn't represent The Power of Hate, given his entire motto. Because of this, he has a rival against Velvet Crowe, with Malus wanting to prove to her that he's much better in being empowered by hate than she is. Velvet simply accepts the challenge, though she has warned Malus that Velvet will not hold back if he comes close to harming her loved ones.
  • Despite being evil, Malus is not without virtues. Yes, he can be callous, arrogant and even bloodthirsty, but he's fought hard to become one of the most inspiring members of his race. He's developed some sort of respect and care for his troops as the Tyrant of Hag Graef and has a sense of honour. Yes, the heroic deities are not going to stop from opposing him, but at least Malus isn't a Complete Monster. All things considered, he's taken up Malekith's approach in trying to make allies with non-Dark Elves, given the nature of the Pantheon.
  • On first note, Malus Darkblade might be the coolest name you'll ever hear. In Dark Elf tradition... not al all. If anything, Darkblade in the Druchii language is a derogatory term given to bastards. That said, Malus turned it around by creating a reputation of his own and turning his name into one of fear, awe and reverence for his race.
  • The Dark Elves are infamous for flaying their enemies and Malus is no exception. While the torturous methods employed by Ramsay Bolton did seem intriguing for Malus, the actual person still left a lot to be desired. Malus can work with Ramsay at times, but the latter seems to be more fixated on killing and torturing, alongside expressing revenge against the Starks. Malus has plans and goals beyond just torture and thus butts heads against Ramsay a lot. While Malus will never go down without a fight, Ramsay is quick to abandon a fight the moment he's at a disadvantage. Finally, despite belonging to a bloodthirsty and cruel race, Malus has enough standards for a bastard, which Ramsay doesn't.
  • While he doesn't have as many allies as he wish he does, Malus makes an effort to be as trustworthy and reliable as he possibly could. To that end, he's found himself in a tight partnership with Maul, who's taken to working with Malekith himself after the former Sith Apprentice found himself to be incapable of working with the GUAE, the GUAD or the Harbingers of Repression and that the Witch-King may well be the only evil leader he could seek solace for.
  • While the Heroic Protectors of Family are not fond of Malus in any way, the Dark Elf actually expresses more disgust towards the Child Abuse Supporters, due to his own upbringing and childhood experience. Malus is not sure whether he could enact on an Enemy Mine with the Heroic Protectors, but he's willing to team up with Kurei when it comes to Abusive Parents.
    • Similarly, he's formed an Odd Friendship of sorts with Goro Akechi. For the time being, both are alright with the notion that their own fathers aren't in the Pantheon, otherwise, Malus and Goro wouldn't waste any time trying to gun them down. That said, even Malus expressed disgust towards Goro's father, Masayoshi Shido. At least Malus gives a shit about his own troops and he thinks Shido may be worse than Malus's father.
  • As the Dark Elves are beginning to accept alliances with other races as a pragmatic measure, Malus has made partnerships like the Sound Five, Dr Cortex, Bowser Jr. and Riptor. He seems to be interested in the Sound Ninja's ability to work together and personally favours Sakon above the others. He also sees Dr Cortex as an adequate parental figure and thus has an easy time with Nina as well. The Cortexes and Bowser Jr. are willing to present Malus some tech if he feels like it, though Malus would rarely need them and prefers Spite as his means of travel. Riptor and Spite seem to get along fine, being fellow raptors and the two of them often going out on hunts.
  • Is pretty perplexed about Oryx. While he might feel more at home with the GUAD, Oryx himself is also amused by some of the similarities Malus has towards him. Mainly because Malus's surname reminded Oryx of his son, Alak-Hul the Darkblade and also because Oryx's race had a Might Makes Right mentality similar to the Dark Elves. That said, while Malus isn't okay with Oryx's abusive treatment towards his children, he still loved them enough and stated that everything he did was to toughen them up. Malus had no such luck with his own parents, despite being appreciated by his mother. Still, Oryx respects how Malus made a reputation for himself and the Dark Elf in turns reciprocates said respect. That and both of them had to kill their own loved ones at some point.
  • While he's okay being under Malekith's services, he's not so forgiving about Morathi, given how she cast a spell on him that caused Tz'arkan to suddenly rip out Malus from the inside and fully take over his body, outright killing his soul. Every now and then, Tz'arkan will make scathing remarks about how Malus died, alongside his mount when Spite was crushed by Tz'arkan's weight. As a result, Malus has gotten more vocal about voicing his disdain towards the Daemon.
  • Due to his troublesome relationship with his family, he also has a seat in the Unpopularity Sub-House.
Through hate all things are possible, and my hate is strong.

Medea, Goddess of Parents That Killed Their Own Children

Mordred, God of Inbred Villains (Merdaut, Merdrawt, Sir Mordred, Usurper High King of England)
Sir Mordred by H.J. Ford (1902)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword, Clarent (which he swiped from Arthur)
  • Theme Song: Mordred's Lullaby
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (originally Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Originally Not A Traitor, Tragic Fallen Hero, Cool Sword, Antagonistic Offspring And Evil Nephew to Arthur, Bastard Bastard Upon Learning How He Was Conceived (May Not Have Been Consensual), Heroic BSoD triggering a Face–Heel Turn, The Usurper, Mutual Kill
  • Domains: Betrayal, Incest, Knighthood, Legend, Royalty
  • Distaff Counterpart: The other Mordred
  • Allies: Goro Akechi, Marcello, Arthas Menethil, Akechi Mitsuhide, Ursula
  • Enemies: Arthur and Artoria Pendragon (uncle/father and uncle/father's Distaff Counterpart), Lancelot, Gawain, Merlin, Shirou, Luke Skywalker, The Emperor of Mankind, The Crimson King, Alistar Theirin, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Opposes: Ramsay Bolton, Joffrey Baratheon, Dante Aligheri
  • Opposed by: Much of the House of Royalty
  • Pities: Tommen Baratheon
  • Pitied by: Daenerys Targaryen, Oedipus Rex (in a Sympathy for the Devil sort)
  • Sir Mordred is one of Knights of the Round Table, and by far it's most infamous. Once a loyal follower of King Arthur, he would eventually turn on Arthur as a usurper, and bring about the downfall of Camelot. His and Arthur's fate ended in a Mutual Kill. He was also in some tales the one to expose Lancelot and Guinevere's adultery.
  • Already Arthur's nephew, his turn would later involve the Awful Truth that his conception was an incestuous union between Arthur and his half-sister(which varies depending on the texts). Originally he merely held the role of the prophesied killer of King Arthur, but has become a more sinister example with this relationship as motivation. Perhaps because of being a victim of Adaptational Villainy and his opposition to a king, he finds himself relating to Ursula quite a lot.
  • The female Mordred is his Alternate Self, from a world where his father was a woman instead. Of course, they have the same parental issues and Antagonistic Offspring position, but Fate Mordred is on better terms with her "father" and doesn't exactly approve of his actions. Artoria's master Shirou didn't take kindly to the fact he wants to take down any version of his father, including Artoria.
  • He was not happy to learn of Mordred Deschain, the bitter, would be Anti-Christ and half-son of the Crimson King. Sir Mordred is no Omnicidal Maniac, that's for sure. As the Crimson King is the progeny of the King Arthur of that world and an insectile Prim succubus, this makes the Crimson King his half-brother by proxy. He's not happy with the complete maniac that is the Crimson King having any relation to him either.
  • Relates to both Goro Akechi and Marcello, as they are villainous illegitimate children with a definite tragedy that made them the way they are. Goro in particular, Mordred sympathized with his ambition of Calling the Old Man Out. He much prefers hanging in their sub-house than his own, due to his shame at his incestuous conception.
  • An archetypal Bastard Bastard, but bastards have standards. Being Inbred and Evil royalty, Mordred believed he might find something in common with Joffrey, but found him very obnoxious. And since his own inbred status would mean he's completely unviable for the Iron Throne, Joffrey believes Mordred would bring unwanted rumours. As for Ramsay Bolton, he is too vile for Mordred and is nothing more than a glorified Serial Killer.
  • His pity goes out towards Tommen Baratheon. Unlike his cruel brother, Tommen has the right heart to be king and could be trained to have the right will as well, but his illegitimate, inbred conception denies him the throne. On the other side, while Daenerys doesn't condone his actions, she feels sad that he feels cursed by how he was born. Oedipus Rex also feels bad, having to deal with the horrible truth he bedded and procreated with his own mother.
  • Naturally Mordred is on bad terms with the House of Royalty. Interestingly in some versions, he is the legitimate heir to the throne, instead of Arthur who's more sketchy in illegitimacy. And in some versions, he's a popular king with the country seeing peace. Either way, he opposes Alistair Therein out of jealously that a fellow bastard actually got the chance to be a good king.
  • Because of his Daddy Issues, he has it out for those who remind him of his father, enough that they know Mordred is bad news. He ended up in blows with Sonic since in in Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic is highly implied to be that world's King Arthur. He also recognized the similarities in Arthur and Luke Skywalker, and it isn't hard to compare fellow Evil Nephew Kylo Ren to Mordred. How the Emperor's relationship with Horus Luprecal ended is most like the Mutual Kill of Arthur and Mordred.
  • Partly royal daddy issues, partly their shared status as a Fallen Hero, but he finds himself getting along with Arthas Menethil. He also can be seen working with Akechi Mitsuhide for bringing the downfall of a mighty leader, and varying interpretations given to them over the centuries.
  • According to Dante, his fate was to be put in the lowest circle of Hell for his betrayal. Mordred doesn't particularly like Dante for saying that's the case.
  • To get back at his father/uncle, Mordred has released a damning tale of one of the Arthurian legends: the Mayday Massacre, where Arthur literally drowned every baby who's one years old at most, in an attempt to avert Merlin's prophecy of his fall by killing Mordred (ironically making the fall of Camelot karmic). Perseus alone would sever all ties with Arthur thanks to that (his own grandfather trying to do the same to him and his mother), and that's not even counting how his knights would feel. Merlin would naturally be complicit if only in telling Arthur about the prophecy in the first place.

    Mordred/Saber of Red 
Mordred, Goddess of Antagonistic Offsprings (The Knight of Treachery, Saber of Red, Moedred, Londinium Knight, Rider, Surfer Knight of Treachery, Miss Surfer Mor, Modred, Medraut, Medrod)
Wearing her armor 
In a bikini 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, Clarent, behind her helm
  • Theme Song: The Knight of Rebellion
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with moments of Good. Full-fledged Chaotic Good as Miss Surfer Mordred.
  • Portfoilo: Opposes her "father", Hates being called a woman despite being one and no problems showing off, Blood Knight, Calling the Old Man Out, Cloning Blues, Gender Flip, Believes she was meant to have the throne, Still a somewhat decent person after all that, Actually succeeding despite dying also, Knight in Shining Armor before becoming rejected, The Power of Hate, Scary Impractical Armor yet wears rather revealing clothing outside of it, "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl, Clarent Blood Arthur, Still a child mentally, Becoming Nicer during the Grand Order conflicts
  • Domains: Betrayal, Clones, Family, Swords
  • Herald: Kairi Shishigou (her Master in the Great Holy Grail War)
  • Allies: Karna, Achilles, Prometheus and Pandora, Lucifer, Grey, Carl and Ada Clover, N, Stewie Griffin, Robin, surprisingly enough
  • Enemies: Lancelot, Archer, Yuuki Terumi, Dracula, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia and several of the more noble members of the House of Family, Gilgamesh, Astolfo, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Jack the Ripper
  • Annoyed with: Excalibur
  • Conflicting Relationships With: Artoria Pendragon, Shino Asada/Sinon, Jon Snow, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Commonality Connection: Ultron
  • Opposes: Sayaka Miki, Maes Hughes
  • Utterly Confused by: Shirou Emiya
  • The Knight who ended King Arthur's reign, Mordred rose one day and claimed this title for himself, stating that if he couldn't have the mortal throne of Camelot, he would settle for this. Challenging his father, Artoria, to battle, his helm was knocked off to reveal his greatest secret to all: Mordred is actually a girl.
  • Lucifer applauds her actions, calling it one of the most shining examples of how one should attempt to seize and make their own destiny, rather than allow others to decide for them. Mordred has no real opinion of him, though she has joined with the GUAC, as it fits her tastes more than the GUAG or GUAE could.
  • Calling her a 'girl' is the most surefire way to make her mad and ready to kill you. As such, only refer to her as 'he' in her presence, or else risk a Clarent Blood Arthur to the face. This has been voted the tenth dumbest thing to do in the Pantheon.
  • Was pleased to see that her former teammates Karna and Achilles had ascended before, though she doesn't spend much time with them. Karna is still willing to work with her as necessary, though Achilles doesn't really care either way, as she can't hurt him.
    • She was also surprised when she heard there's a certain Siegfried in the Pantheon, only to feel a bit disappointed that this one goes with the surname Schtauffen. However, after a bit of an initiated scuffle, Mordred could feel the same ferocity of his namesake, the Saber of Black, thus afterwards left him be. She's also excited that the actual Saber of Black came to the Pantheon and she hoped that she could fight him full time, rather than some homunculus taking form of his body for just a few minutes.
  • Heard about an 'Excalibur' that resides in the House of Emotions. She thought it would finally be her time to claim it and prove that she was superior to her father. She couldn't last five minutes before getting annoyed with it (ﺧ益ﺨ).
  • While her position obviously has some of the more noble members of the House of Family wary of 'him', she despises Relius Clover and Ghetsis Harmonia, and this hatred is what forms the basis of her alliance with Carl, Ada and N. Hatred for their fathers is what also motivates 'his' alliance with Prometheus and Pandora, as well as Grey. In the case of Relius, Mordred has been known to exclaim, "I'm going to beat you into submission so bad that you'll be whimpering 'Sumanai' all day long, and even that wouldn't be enough, you pathetic excuse of a FATHEEEERRR!!!"
    • Also hates Terumi for constantly making jabs about how she's really a girl. As such, she's perfectly willing to join with any effort meant to take him down, although she herself can't deliver the finishing blow, as Terumi feeds on the Power Of Hate and his greatest attack is practically an all-you-can-eat buffet of hate.
  • Lancelot has sworn to never let her get close to Artoria again. Mordred just scoffs at this, though she is wary of Lancelot's newfound Berserker state.
    • During one such battle, Mordred removed her helm to use Clarent Blood Arthur, causing Lancelot to stop in his tracks as he saw her face and finally realised exactly why Mordred rebelled. He promptly retreated without a word, and has neglected to fight Mordred since. Most of the Pantheon wonders to this day, how he didn't work Mordred's relationship to Artoria out, especially since it's the entire reason Mordred's in the Pantheon.
  • Her relationship with Artoria herself is complicated. While on one hand she publicly claims to despise Artoria and always has an insult on hand whenever they meet, Mordred also, in her calmer moments, often shows a hidden desire to just be respected by her again, and will harshly defend Artoria's actions from any critic, stating that is reserved for her. Artoria herself has also expressed interest in at least trying to patch their relationship, so who knows...
    • Was utterly confused when she met Sonic The Hedgehog and learned he was once King Arthur.
    • Hates Gilgamesh after finding out that he once tried to force Artoria to marry him. Might be one of the few people that she and Lancelot both equally hate.
    • Mordred, however, gets extremely jealous whenever someone gets too familiar with Artoria that may look like a parent and children relationship. This goes to both Astolfo, who keeps on hugging her, and Illyasviel, who is a homunculus like herself but is treated more kindly then she was in the past.
  • Opposes Sayaka, as she sees in her a reflection of the knight she once was and secretly jealous she managed to move past her own failings.
  • Despite her normal behavior, she refuses to sacrifice the uninvolved and innocent in any sort of plans, showing she hasn't quite lost all of her honour. This is why she doesn't like Archer, even if he doesn't do it willingly sometimes.
  • Is somewhat at odds with Shirou Emiya. He refuses to let her carry out any revenge against the King of Knights, yet is perfectly willing to invite her to dinner on peaceful terms with Artoria present. She can't quite figure him out, and that just leaves her utterly confused.
    • She has made it clear though that while she doesn't approve of the relationship he has with her "father", she accepts it…though she warned him that he would suffer if she ever caught him being unfaithful to Artoria…or even hurting her in some fashion. That's her job.
  • Has a surprisingly familial relationship with Robin, of all people. S/he's one of the few people who can stand to be around her, and s/he knows what it's like to have a father who you oppose (though s/he doesn't quite agree with Mordred's choice). Artoria, for her part, is thankful that Mordred has at least one good family figure in his life now.
  • Due to her name and gender, she was at one point asked if she used to go by the moniker Phantom Assassin. Mordred has denied connection, saying that there is a vital difference between them... their names, Mordred has 2 'd's while that one has only one.
  • Thought she had an ally with Simba after hearing Can't Wait to be King, thinking it was about killing your kingly father and claiming the throne for yourself. She was disappointed that wasn't the case.
  • Has a complex relationship with Shino Asada due to her sounding just like her in Japanese, but occasionally sounding like Artoria in English. That said, Mordred is impressed with her archery and rifle skills and would love to challenge her or her allies to battle.
  • Once went to the House of Friendship believing that her old Master Kairi Shishigou had ascended. Instead, she met The Princess of Heart Kairi. While at first Mordred was disappointed, thinking she was just another Distressed Damsel after hearing some rumors, she was surprised to see the young Keyblader in actual combat and decided there might be something more to her after all.
  • Rumors have been spreading around that Mordred sometimes goes to the House of Music and perform as an Idol. She denies those rumours despite their being photos of her performing. When presented with these, she just says those are fakes with very few believing her.
  • Has made a good ally in her former High Priest, Stewie. The two spend their time together trying to kill their parents, though Mordred is a bit more restrained about it.
  • Has no idea what to think about Jon Snow, on the one hand they have enough similarities to strike a friendship (both being bastards, both having a less than desirable relationship with one of their parents, both being originally idealistic knights before life jaded them, both having a parent that was an outright villain or seen as such by their kingdom and both becoming Kings despite the fact that they were bastards) there's also the fact that she does find him easy on the eyes but on the other hand she is annoyed by the fact that Jon still admires Ned, she is also envious of the fact that Jon was loved by his family, with the exception of Catelyn, and unlike her reign, he is clearly seen with admiration and respect by his kingdom, whereas her kingdom ended in war and they labelled her as a villain, in the end encounters with between the two will either end with them fighting or flirting, with very little room in between.
  • The best way to get her to chill out is to bring her into the tropics in the summer months. During that time, she can be summoned as a Rider, generally puts aside her acrimony with her 'father', and is more interested in surfing than in killing anyone (though she is VERY capable at using the waves to drown her enemies). She still tries way too hard to get Artoria's attention, though, and ends up being brushed off.
    • Has a tough relationship with Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi due to being gender counterparts much like Ritsuka Fujimaru and his female counterpart, the protagonist(s) who first summoned her as Rider. She likes them and wants to bond with them, especially after seeing their personalities and degrees of heroic determination reminiscent of both Ritsuka and her 'father', but their friends don't entirely trust her and even the two of them slip up on calling her 'he'.
  • Although she would never admit it to anyone, what Mordred truly desires out of drawing Caliburn from the stone is not to become king for her own sake, but to spare her 'father' from the loneliness of such a duty and let her live as a human.
  • If she didn't get what she asked (as long as it's not that severe), she could be seen rolling on the ground whining.
  • Reportedly she has a notoriously bad luck when it comes to a certain Gacha game that had her and Artoria in it. She just wished to pull Artoria to finally end the nightmares of Lancelot yapping at how he got tons of Artorias in the same game… and she pulled HERSELF after wasting all of her monthly allowance.
  • Once joined Medea in making figures of her Father. The result was a horrible reminder of that bootleg figure, earning Mordred a beatdown from her chichi-ue, but it only made her redouble her efforts in making a figure her Father would be proud of.
  • Some people joke that this is her theme song.

    Orm the Ocean Master 
Orm Marius, Atlantean God of Rival Princes (Orm the Ocean Master, Prince, King, The Highness, Your Majesty, Second-Born Son of Queen, Soft-Bellied Slug)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Trident
  • Theme Song: Atlantean Soldiers
  • Alignment: Fluctuates between Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral, depending on Circumstance
  • Portfolio: Has an Intense Rivalry Against Aquaman regarding Atlantis's Throne, Antagonistic Heirs, Is Rather Honorable and Fair, Is Well-Respected for his Leadership, Is Proficient in Aquakinetic Powers, Can Generate and Control Thunderstorms, Does Actually Care for his Brother and Mother, Is Genuinely Concerned About the Ocean, Authority Equals Asskicking, Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas, Possesses Determination, Care and Responsibility, Frontline General, Wielding a Trident
  • Domains: Royalty, Family, Rivalry, The Ocean, Brotherhood, Angst
  • Allies: Poseidon, Loki, Milas, Lagiacrus, Bruce the Shark, Liopleurodon
  • Working Relationship With: Gaea and the Grand United Alliance of Nature
  • Rivals: Namor, Kisame Hoshikagi, Rain
  • Enemy Mine: The Justice League and their Allies (provided they have a common enemy in multiversal threats)
  • Enemies: Black Manta, The Deep, Pokemon Hunter J, Mr Burns, Ursula, Malty S Melromarc, Sauron, Hela, Commander Rourke, The Kraeken, The Crime Syndicate, Bryce Wayne/The Drowned
  • Complicated Relationship: Aquaman (his half-brother), Thor
  • Unsure Of: Ariel, Melody, Princess Celestia and Luna, Surface-Dwellers in General.
  • On Speaking Terms With: Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Milo Thatch, The Meg, Archie (less so with Maxie)
  • Interested In: Kyogre
  • Underneath the sea, lies the ancient civilization of Atlantis, which has kept itself away from the affairs of terrestrial beings and events for so long, yet as their influence begins to grow and become more noticeable, it also threatens to endanger Atlantis. Among those who took issue was Orm Marius, the second-born son of Queen Atlanna, who felt that surface-dwellers were a scourge and needed to be punished for polluting the seas and ocean life, taking up the moniker of Ocean Master and becoming a warring zealot in protecting the oceans. Naturally, he came to blows with his half-brother, Arthur Curry, who would later be known as Aquaman. Feeling that his authority was being challenged and that he was defensive about surface dwellers given that he was raised in the surface world, Orm took to combating against his brother various times, firmly establishing himself as one of Aquaman's greatest foes as their battle for the throne of Atlantis became a significant aspect of their histories.
  • Orm was initially unaware that Aquaman had ascended into the Pantheon, given that he was too busy in his duties of trying to govern his followers to protect the oceans form potential threats. However, on one such occasion, he would be truly surprised when he stumbled across Poseidon, the Greek God of the Seas. This was where Orm realized something bizarre was going on and questioned Poseidon about it. The Greek God took to explaining that an alliance of nature was being formed by Gaea, revealing the existence and nature of the Pantheon to the Atlantean. Intrigued, Orm readied his troops and declared that it is time to venture into new territories, personally thanking Poseidon for telling him about the Pantheon.
  • While Orm is keen in learning more about the Pantheon, he asserts that his loyalties are to Atlantis first and foremost. While an understandable stance, he's also become a very stingy Wild Card among the many deities. He's still pessimistic about surface-dwellers, but the fact that Aquaman is not just friends with so many of them, but also well-acquaintanced with beings from space made him rather consider if alliances outside the water is the best solution he's got.
  • While patrolling the Aquatic Life Sub-House, Orm came across the titan Gaea. Learning about him via his earlier interaction with Poseidon, Gaea questioned what Orm's intentions and plans were, to which he stated that he was more concerned about the state of Atlantis and wishing to protect it. He also said that this extended to the ocean's life and domain as well, as he feels that the stronger the environment and it's inhabitants is, the more secure Atlantis will be. Gaea respected the gesture and even allowed him an entry to the Grand United Alliance of Nature. He gave it a hard thought but ultimately decided that he was too busy. He did, however, tell Gaea that he is willing to help her out in looking after the waters and dealing with any threatening forces, to which the Titaness decided that she is willing to take up the offer.
  • Him and Aquaman have a rather... complex relationship. Orm sincerely believes that he is fit to rule the kingdom of Atlantis and doesn't really believe that his brother is up to the task, despite Aquaman proving himself the superior brother more times than not. That's not to say Orm has defeated his older brother at times, but more often than not, Orm is humbled and forced to retreat. Times have changed, however, as Orm has decided to establish a new underwater domain, the City of Dagon, taking alongside him Atlantean mutants and outcasts with whom he would rule over.
    • Despite his constant battles for the throne, Orm actually does have some affection for his brother, although he doesn't express it all too often. Should a world-ending threat occur, Orm will consider the possibility of an alliance with Aquaman. Still, it's not without a degree of vitriol, given how Orm is determined to fight for Atlantis. Arthur, on the other hand, will fight with his brother but anticipates any moment where he would dare to strike him once the greater threat is over.
  • His perception towards the surface-dwellers have actually been softened over the years. During the invasion of the Crime Syndicate, Orm stumbled across a mother and son named Erin and Tommy Shaw and, after having a conflicting thought, decided to save the two from drowning while the Justice League fought against the Crime Syndicate. Orm and Erin developed feelings for one another and planned to marry, although Orm had to leave for Atlantis after Aquaman's presumed death and a duel against Mera regarding Atlantis. Despite leaving them, Orm does have a lot of affection for his fiance and stepson, musing if he'll ever reunite with them.
  • Obviously enough, the surface-dwellers that he hates the most are those who recklessly pollute and are not caring about the damage it causes. Chief among them is Mr Burns, who is outright dismissive about the fact that his businesses actually damage the ecosystem around his industrial workplaces. Orm has, more than once, threatened him that if any drop of his filth comes down to either Atlantis or the City of Dagon, then Orm will not hesitate to execute Mr Burns without consequence.
  • He appreciates what Archie has tried to do in an attempt to expand the waters of his world in order to create a more hospitable place hor humans and Pokemon alike. By extension, Orm was also intrigued by Kyogre due to it's mythical status as a guardian of the sea. He does seek to attain the Legendary Pokemon as a partner at some point, though he does feel some sort of contention over the fact that it's currently paired by Kira Daidouji, whom he feels is too irresponsible to be in control of such a majestic beast.
  • Orm and Aquaman's relationship is, in a sense, rather similar to Thor and Loki, especially given that there's a full-blooded and a half-blooded brother who feud with one other constantly, yet do share personal feelings with one another, even if it's rare. Because of this, Loki found Orm to be a rather fascinating figure to converse with and proposed the idea of an alliance to get what they desire so much. Orm accepted, from one brother to another (metaphorically) and the two have become a notable duo of troublemakers.
    • Despite this, even Orm is very aware of Loki's reputation as the Norse God of Mischief. Not that he is a Manipulative Bastard himself when he has to be, but one of the reasons he's allied himself with Loki is because both of them are pretty short on allies and are very aware that their actions will benefit anyone, hero or villain. Heck, both know each other well enough that they're thinking ahead of one another's betrayal should it ever happen. That said, Orm and Loki remain chummy as they can relate and can't waste an opportunity.
  • To Orm's amusement, there's more denizens to the underwater realm than just Atlanteans. Unfortunately for him, most of them are rather questionable of the man himself. The most obvious of them is the mermaid Ariel and her daughter Melody, who were not in approval for what Orm did during his fights for Atlantis, not to mention the two of them were friends of Aquaman. Ariel also criticized him for trying to attack the surface, which meant putting innocents in harm's way, to which Orm replied with how he's mellowing out and is more dedicated to managing the City of Dagon for the moment. He also compared Ariel to himself in the sense that both of them had a relationship with a human (in Ariel's case, Prince Eric) and that while yes, he left Erin and Tommy, he is genuinely fond of them regardless. While not in the best of terms, Ariel and Melody are currently under ceasefire as they don't pose any threat to Orm and he personally feels as if they could make for a potential ally someday.
  • Like his brother, Orm has utmost control of the ocean's fauna and will very often use them either as a defence for his domain and as an attacking raid against his opponents. Such a feat was an attraction to those who sought strong opponents, most notably Kisame Hoshikagi, who decided to demonstrate his prowess against the Ocean Master. A tough fight brewed in the waters, with Orm and Kisame evening their strengths out, much to Kisame's delight. Despite the unwelcomed reception, Kisame stated that he doesn't have any ill-will towards Orm and even told asked if they could hang out, should they fight again. Orm stated that he'll let Kisame pass, for now, that is if the swordsman doesn't spend too much time disrupting the ocean's natural balance by helping sharks kill their prey.
  • Utterly despises Lyle Tiberius Rourke, a sentiment that hardly anyone could challenge Orm for. It's not just that Rourke only cares about himself, but he's more than willing to destroy Atlantis if it means getting a set of treasures and fame. Additionally, Rourke is idiotic in a sense, wanting more when the fact that he discovered Atlantis would have earned him lots. Orm finds it amusing that his Greed killed him and he is not afraid of mocking Rourke about it whenever they meet.
    • By extension, he has a lot more respect for Milo Thatch. Oh sure, the guy wouldn't stand a chance against him and his Adorkable nature wouldn't exactly win Orm over, but at least Milo risked a lot to save Atlantis and was willing to negotiate with their people, eventually winning their trust. It also helps that Erin and Tommy have softened Orm's perception towards humankind, so he's actually pretty cordial towards Milo, even offering him a visit to the City of Dagon if he's ever interested.
  • As a royal figure, Orm's relationship with the House of Royalty is on incredibly awkward terms. His crimes are not forgotten, that's for sure, though he is a respectable leader and military commander according to his followers. The majority of the House find some of his "Atlanteans are superior" prospect to be nauseating, though his criticisms towards the fact that the ocean is being polluted and recklessly disregarded is something that he's correct about. They're under ceasefire, given that Orm has been less militant as of lately, though he will not hesitate to strike if his territories are suspected of being attacked.
    • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are two royal siblings that have confronted Orm about his issues, though the Atlantean was amused to see a sisterly pair who dearly loved one another, in spite of having some problems with one another. Orm himself can connect with Luna as the antagonistic sibling (a former one in Luna's case as Nightmare Moon) and the younger one, though the Alicorn tends to shy away from the Atlantean, mainly because of his own ruthless and templar-esque demeanour. That said, they aren't on bad terms as Orm does feel like Celestia and Luna's love for one another does remind him of being rather affectionate of Aquaman.
    • Another prince was the Edenian, Rain, who unlike the other monarchs was a villainous traitor who was determined to rule over Edenia and had little loyalty to anyone beyond himself. Orm initially considered an alliance until Rain suddenly demanded leadership, and this was where Orm realized that he's simply not worth allying with. They had a tough battle against one another, which concluded with Rain wanting to one day prove Orm who's the better wielder of water, which the Ocean Master scoffs and tells him to adjust his attitude.
  • Because he has such a vitriolic relationship with his brother, Orm sometimes has to deal with other heroes, most notably the Justice League, given that there are times where he slips into extremism and trying to destroy settlements that are housed by innocents. There was a time where Orm was an utterly depraved warmonger who wanted to kill Aquaman and his son simply because the former wouldn't kill surface-dwellers and the League had to step in to deal with his madness. Orm tends to not mention or even think about that occasion, given how he has changed over time.
    • That said, Orm was shocked and terrified about the existence of Earth -11 and a version of Bruce (or rather, Bryce) Wayne, who decided to become an aquatic metahuman known as The Drowned and proceeded to usurp and rule Atlantis, alongside killing Aquawoman out of revenge for the death of Sylvester Kyle and her total distrust against metahumans in general. That fact that she would likely target him made Orm consider working with Aquaman and the Justice League for once as The Drowned works with Barbatos and The Batman Who Laughs, both of whom crave universal destruction. As antagonistic as he can be, Orm doesn't want the world destroyed and cares enough about his subordinates and their needs.
  • Due to his ties to Altlantean Royalty, Orm is also a resident of the Heirs Sub-House.
My crown will flood this city! It will throw the oceans down upon it! And I will show your world that Atlantis is not afraid!

    Shoto Todoroki 
Shoto Todoroki, God of Unwanted Paternal Comparisons (Shouto Todoroki, Half-and-Half Bastard, FireIce, Icyhot, Candy Cane)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His left eye, surrounded by a burn scar
  • Theme Song: Kimi no Chikara
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance, Awesome by Analysis, Hates being compared to his father, Bishōnen, Broken Ace, Combo Platter Powers, The Comically Serious, Dark and Troubled Past, Defrosting Ice King, Duality Motif, Elemental Hair Colors, Fire/Water Juxtaposition, Hybrid Power, Multicolored Hair, Mismatched Eyes, Scars Are Forever, Socially Awkward Hero, The Stoic, Troubled, but Cute, Youngest Child Wins
  • Domains: Ice, Fire, Heroes, Family Issues
  • Allies: Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Ida, Prince Zuko, Luke Skywalker, N, Elsa, Sub-Zero, Jack Frost, Tomoya Okazaki
  • Enemies: "Hero Killer" Stain, Kurogiri, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ghetsis Harmonia, Azula, Kaldr, Ragnaros, Brand, Esdeath, Adam Taurus
  • Admires: All Might
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker
  • Odd Friendship: Jakiro
  • Shoto Todoroki is a rather troubled young man. From birth he has been blessed with having the quirks of both of his parents, the ability to control ice and fire. But his father's extreme approach to training him, coupled with the fact that he was completely neglectful of both his wife and older children, have transformed the young Shoto into a bitter person. All of this was amplified after his mother burned his face with boiling water, permanently scarring him. And for all that, he was made the deity of those who refuse to be compared with their father.
  • For context, Shoto's father happens to be Endeavor, ranked as the Number 2 Hero and who dedicated everything to becoming number 1. However, Endeavor's Hellfire Quirk, while powerful, was also limiting and Endeavor turned to his children to fulfill his wishes. While many assumed Shoto was the end product of his father's attempts of an heir, it turns out that his oldest brother, Toya, was the original choice, due to his stronger Fire Quirk.
  • Initially he refused to use the fire powers that he received from his father, saying he would surpass both Endeavor and All Might using just his ice powers. Thankfully, that resentment and self-loathing changed after his fight with Izuku Midoriya in the Sports Festival. Izuku pointed out that Todoroki's insistence on only using half his power was disrespectful not only to Todoroki's father, but also to everyone else in the Sports Festival who was giving it their all. Afterward, Shoto not only started using his fire powers, but also became friends with Deku and other students from his class, even gaining enough courage to visit his mother again. When he ascended, he was happy to learn Deku had also ascended, along with All Might.
  • Not many people know about this outside of a rare few, but Shoto was among one of the three students who defeated the Hero Killer Stain alonside his friends Deku and Tenya Ida. He was not happy to learn that Stain was among the ranks of the Pantheon's villains, but thankfully Stain doesn't intend to target him as Shoto earned his respect for acting like a true hero.
  • Many have noted that both Shoto and Zuko share a lot of important similarities, like the burn scar over the left eye, the Abusive Parents, and even how they both slowly joined the good guys. Zuko was surprised that Shoto's scar wasn't from his father but his mother, and hearing about Zuko's father Ozai makes Shoto thankful that at least Endeavor isn't outright evil (but he isn't that far from it).
    • On the other hand, Zuko's younger sister Azula being the talented one and both being the youngest child of their respective family showed Todoroki what could have happened to him if Deku hadn't changed him for good.
    • Then came the revelation that Todoroki was not meant to be Endeavor's successor, but his oldest brother was. Todoroki does not like to talk about what happened (and may not even know the details given he was 4 or 5.)
    • However, given Endeavor's attempts at reforming himself, Shoto does note the man is trying, unlike Ozai.
  • Understandably, Shoto despises the Child Abuse Supporters, given the fact that he is a victim of Domestic Abuse thanks to his father's harsh training methods. Another person that he hates is Ghetsis Harmonia, arguably someone who is both a villain and much worse that Endeavor ever was to him, considering how he manipulated and used N for his own gain, similar to what happened to Shoto. For that reason, Todoroki and N instantly became friends.
  • He still hasn't really gotten the hand of his fire powers, mostly because of the lack of training and the fact that he refused to use it in the past, but has been trying to find a balance between his ice and fire powers. He has received some training from the likes of Elsa, Sub-Zero and Jack Frost in new techniques with his ice control and with Natsu Dragneel and the aforementioned Zuko with his fire powers.
    • His dual powers didn't stop others from wanting to use for more nefarious purposes. Ragnaros, Brand and other pyromaniacs would like him to stop using his ice powers and go all out with only his fire side while others like Kaldr think his ice powers would make Shoto and excellent minion for them.
  • Oddly enough, Shoto wasn't the only one who had both fire and ice abilities, as the double-headed dragon Jakiro also had that in their form of their Breath Weapon. They seem to get along just fine and some people are wondering if Shoto would adopt Jakiro as a pet or become his Dragon Rider.
  • There is a rumor that anyone who gets close with Shoto will receive a hand injury that will last forever. In actuality it's just a silly joke Deku told a few people once after Todoroki said the same thing, but he instead was being serious.
  • Became good friends with Tomoya Okazaki, first because of their similar voices, then later Shoto learned that he had a very complicated relationship with his own father when the latter injured his arm, relating to Shoto's own tale.
  • Since Adam Taurus has aligned himself with Stain the Hero Killer, he must fight against him from time to time.
  • Yes, Shoto may not really like his dad or want much with him, but he is still family. Hence why Shoto went into utter stunned panic at seeing his dad nearly die at the hands of the Nomu High-End and nearly collasped in relief when Endeavor won. He also is happy that he is trying to improve himself and atone for what he's done but he still isn't ready to forgive him yet.
  • Despite Shoto not liking to be compared to his father, he is also fully willing to acknowledge the man's skill and he became Number 2 for a reason. Additionally, he is also willing to go to his father for extra training as is own powerful Quirk is not just enough anymore.
  • Shoto has been having to dodge more questions about his dad and his oldest brother, especially when it was pointed out that going by their ages, Endeavor would've likely been just out of adolescence when he started parenthood.

Lesser Gods

    Bayek and Aya 
Bayek of Siwa and Aya of Alexandria, God and Goddess of Parents Who Outlive Their Offspring (Bayek: The Medjay, The Deliverer, The Crazy Siwan, The Sword of Apollodorus, The Bandit Killer, Amun | Aya: Goddess of Siwa, Amunet)
Click here to see Bayek as a Hidden One
Click here to see Aya as Amunet 
  • Lesser God and Goddess
  • Symbol: The Hidden Ones' insignia
  • Theme Song: Assassin’s Creed Origins Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Outlived Their Son, and avenged his death, Battle Couple, Dual Wielding, Greater-Scope Paragons, Precursor Heroes, First Mentors of the Hidden Ones, Amicable Exes
  • Domain(s): Parenthood, Loss, Revenge, Foundation, Assassination, Combat
  • Herald: Senu (Bayek's Eagle partner)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid, Boudicca
  • Enemies: Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, The Templar Order, Shay Cormac, Ramses II, Imhotep, Caligula, Nero, YHVH, Nerose Satanael, Qin Shi Huang, anyone who opposes free will, Alexander the Great
  • Worship: The Egyptian Gods
  • Respect: Leonidas I (Aya's ancestor)
  • Pity: Killua Zoldyck
  • Avoids:
  • Bayek was the last Medjay of Egypt during the late period of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, his duties largely revolved around him acting as a sheriff of sorts for his community. His wife Aya was a half-Greek, half-Egyptian woman from a well-respected family from Alexandria and was trained by him with his father's approval. In 49 BCE, the Order of the Ancients, a proto-Templar organization, murdered their son, Khemu, because he and Bayek refused to cooperate in unlocking the Siwa Vault for them. The grief-stricken couple subsequently embarked on a quest to avenge their son, systematically assassinating every individual who had participated in the plot. During this time, Aya served as an agent of Cleopatra VII during Cleopatra's war for the throne of Egypt. Bayek followed Aya's lead and pledged his service to Cleopatra as her personal Medjay, in the process embroiling himself in the Alexandrine Civil War against Ptolemy XIII. However, following the conflict's conclusion, Cleopatra and her newfound Roman ally Julius Caesar openly aligned themselves with the Order. In response, Bayek gathered their main allies in Alexandria and established the Hidden Ones to counter the Order of the Ancients by fighting to protect innocent people and defend free will.
  • Bayek originally entered the Pantheon as one of Ezio Auditore's many followers. Out of respect, Ezio wished to find a title for Bayek in order to let him ascend into the pantheon. After learning of Bayek's backstory, Ezio offered him the title of God of Parents Who Outlive Their Offspring, which Bayek accepted on the condition that his ex-wife Aya be allowed to ascend alongside him, as she was also instrumental in the Brotherhood's foundation, which Ezio approved.
  • Bayek and Aya were pleasantly surprised to encounter Brutus within the pantheon, as he had been one of the earliest members of their Brotherhood. However, Aya was particularly annoyed to learn of how their assassination of Caesar received rather mixed receptions, although both her and Brutus have made it clear that they don't regret it.
  • The presence of Caesar and Cleopatra in the Pantheon unsurprisingly outraged both of them, given how those two had betrayed them. Both Caesar and Cleopatra were alarmed to learn of their ascension and increased security within their temples as a result.
  • They get along quite well with several fellow Egyptians in the Pantheon. Bayek and Aya were initially alarmed by Anakaris, as Bayek had previously fought against apparitions of deceased pharaohs conjured up by an Apple of Eden and believed that Anakaris was another such case. However, after realizing their mistake and getting used to him being an actual mummy, they quickly grew to like him. They're similarly on good terms with Overwatch operatives Ana and Fareema Ahari and have expressed a degree envy of their close bond, as it reminds them of their son Khemu. They also strongly respect Zia Rashid, an Egyptian magician who served as a host of Ra himself.
  • Due to their experiences with Cleopatra, they have a strong dislike of evil monarchs. Unsurprisingly, they don't like Ramses II, who nearly destroyed his own kingdom through his stubbornness and pride. They similarly dislike Imhotep, who was formerly the high priest of Seti I but ultimately murdered him due to having had an affair with Seti's mistress.
  • Both of them respect King Leonidas I, who fought against the invading Persians and opposed the Cult of Kosmos, a proto-Templar group. Leonidas himself has expressed a fondness of Aya after discovering that she's descended from him.
  • They sympathize with Killua Zoldyck, who received especially brutal training due to being the heir of a legendary family of assassins. They were happy to learn of how he's reformed and is consciously trying to be a good person.
  • As the founders of the Hidden Ones, they are opposed to YHVH, Nerose Satanael and Qin Shi Huang, who each desire to erase free will in order to achieve utopia.
  • Exclusive to Bayek:
    • Bayek is on friendly terms with Asterix, whom he helped out against a Roman soldier when they first met. Their shared dislike of Caesar further helped them get along, although Asterix is rather uncomfortable with Bayek's use of lethal force.
    • Bayek generally avoids Ardyn Izunia, whom he freed after the latter crashed into the Meidum Pyramid. Ardyn doesn't particularly care for Bayek, but has remarked that he appreciates Bayek having freed him.
  • Exclusive to Aya:
    • Being the founder of the Roman Brotherhood, Aya is dedicated towards combating tyrannical rulers such as the Roman Emperors Caligula and Nero. Caligula, in particular, hates her due to having been killed by a member of the Hidden Ones, while Nero tends to be more fearful of her, as he's uncertain whether or not the Brotherhood played a part in his death.
    • Due to being a bit of an extremist, Aya occasionally teams up with Boudicca, the queen of the Iceni tribe who is well-known for her rebellion against the Roman Empire. While the two managed to bond over how they both sought to avenge what happened to their respective offspring, even Aya disapproves of Boudicca's willingness to kill innocent Roman civilians as well.
  • The two have conflicting feelings on Alexander the Great. Aya respects him as a legendary conqueror of men while Bayek despises him for exactly the same reason: a mass-murderer who subjugated his people.

Bron, Saurian God of Justified Parental Abandonments
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The silhouette of a Longneck with an eclipse behind it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant Sauropod, Was Forced to Abandon his Original Family due to the Earthshake, Didn't Get to See Littlefoot Until much Later in the Latter's Story, Nice Guy, Lightning Bruiser, Genuinely Thought Littlefoot Died, Decided to Start a New Herd and Family, Good Parents, Like Father, Like Son
  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Fatherhood, Migration, Separation, Family
  • Heralds: His Longneck Herd, particularly Shorty (his adopted son)
  • High Priestess: Nana Shimura
  • Followers: Zor-El and Alura In-Ze
  • Allies: The Gang of Seven (Especially Littlefoot, his son), Speckles, The Ice Age Herd, Bix, Dino, Hoppy, Harry and his Dinosaurs, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Mufasa, Simba, Whitebeard, Toriel, Zilla Jr., Angurius, Sludge, Eliza Thornberry, The Monster Hunters
  • Enemies: The Sharptooth, One Eye, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Spinosaurusl, Riptor, Gwangi, Deviljho, Scar Dag, Hunter J, Fatalis, Nergigante, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • On Neutral Terms With: Loana, Godzilla, The Dinobots (Barring Sludge)
  • Opposes: Megatron (Beast Wars), Malekith
  • Wary Of: Rexie, The Raptor Pack, The Carnotaurs, Kroq-Gar and Grymloq, Monoblos, Diablos
  • The story of the Gang of Five is one of the most well known of any dinosaurs. However, their leader, Littlefoot, still had a few unresolved issues he had to deal with, namely the lack of any proper parental figures beyond his grandparents. Sometime later, Littlefoot had a terrible "sleep story", in which the Sun, or Bright Circle, fell from the sky. It was a dream shared by his grandparents as well. Driven by instinct, the three Brontosaurs left the Great Valley, joining other Longnecks of different species on a long migration, travelling to a vast crater to attend what they assumed would be a once-in-a-lifetime event. One of them, Bron, bore a strong resemblance to Littlefoot, which honestly made sense when the latter was told by his grandfather that the former was his son.
    • The revelation shocked Littlefoot and, for a brief moment, was very hesitant to face his father. Bron then revealed that while Littlefoot was still in his egg, he decided to venture off of his home whilst promising his mate that he would come back. He failed to find a new place to migrate to and, to make matters worse, by the time he returned to his home, it was already wracked by an "Earthshake". He came to the conclusion that his mate and son had died and was forced to venture off on his own, eventually deciding to create his own herd along the way. That way, father and son were able to bond and they worked together in stalling off a trio of Sharpteeth before a solar eclipse scared them off and all the other dinosaurs got to witness it. Afterwards, Littlefoot chose to remain by his friends and grandparents while Bron had to travel elsewhere with his herd, ensuring that the two were able to go their separate ways on good terms with one another.
  • Littlefoot managed to maintain contact with his father for quite some time and, at one point, set off to save him after Bron was trapped by a separated piece of land in a lava lake and was trapped and injured. As for the Pantheon, he was appointed as a Herald of his son, though it meant that he was almost exclusively native to The Great Valley. However, his story of being forced to abandon his home clicked with a lot of parents and deities who had a similar experience, in addition to thinking about losing a close associate, be it their child, a friend or a mentor. As a result, Bron became notable enough where he became appointed a proper position in the Pantheon. While Littlefoot was more than happy to see his father be a representative for the Pantheon, the father Apatosaurus himself was rather hesitant of the position. He did eventually accept it, if mainly because his son and his friends would now be needing him more than ever.
  • Bron is one of the few dinosaurs with a rather unorthodox position in the Pantheon. While the representation of justified parental abandonments makes sense, it makes the Apatosaurus stick out like a sore thumb in the House of Family. For starters, he's one of their largest and most distinctive-looking residents there, being a giant sauropod dinosaur there. That, and Bron's first time properly meeting with humans were awkward. He wondered why kids really liked to see him and how adults were musing the prospect of a dinosaur being a part of a group representing relatives and families. Fortunately, he's a compassionate and protective figure and parent, but Bron has admitted that getting to adjust himself would be a little cumbersome.
    • The closest friend Bron has in the HPF is Mufasa, who is ironically a predatory lion that preys on other animals. Regardless, both share a very good relationship with one another as well-meaning fathers who put up a lot to provide for their close ones. Mufasa has openly expressed his condolences for Bron's mate whereas the Apatosaurus encourages the lion to be warier about his close ones. They don't being up Scar all that much but seeing as he was a vile, treacherous excuse of a lion who was all too willing to kill his brother and nephew for leadership, Bron seeks to ensure Shorty doesn't turn out that way. And so far, he's succeeding, which Mufasa commends him for.
      • Through Mufasa, Bron also came into contact with Simba and managed to connect with him as they went through a similar situation of being left all alone to fend for themselves before finding a new company to keep them happy and satisfied for the time being before being reunited with their original family and group. Simba finds some kind of admiration for Bron in that he was willing to try to reconnect with his son and treats nearly everyone he meets with respect, whereas Bron praises Simba's journey of becoming a better individual over time before returning to the Pride Lands to take back the throne from Scar. They're both hoping to take a few notes from one another to be better individuals.
  • He quickly became well-adjusted and content with those who were willing to take under someone as one of their own and look after them, such as Toriel and Edward Newgate. Bron found admiration for Toriel's benevolent nature and only wanting what was best for Frisk, with the favour being returned when Toriel took sympathy for what Bron went through and stating that he's doing a good job in keeping Littlefoot in contact. As for the latter, also known famously as Whitebeard, the latter similarly respects Bron for being similar in how they treat their adopted families and how willing they are to protect them. Bron wishes Whitebeard well, though does stay wary of him, given that Whitebeard's primary powers are generating "Earthshakes" with the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. While the acknowledgement was awkward to say the least, Whitebeard tries to make sure he doesn't upset his friend too much due to his powers.
  • Bron personally never met the Sharptooth and vice-versa during their mortal lives. And even then, despite knowing that the murderer of his mate was an ascended deity, Bron chose to not confront Sharptooth and instead tend to his own matters, namely taking care of his herd, looking after Littlefoot and his friends and being a loyal supporter for the HPF. As for Sharptooth himself, nothing is more overwhelming than the thought of revenge and decided to attack Bron simply to spite Littlefoot. Like his mate before him, Bron fought back and, with the help of Littlefoot, managed to drive the vicious T. rex away, who has since made it an objective to hunt down and kill the father and the son at some point.
    • Some have claimed that Sharptooth becoming vindictive and violent may have something to do with his partnership with another evil Tyrannosaurus known as One Eye, who has made no secret on how merciless he was. In some aspects, Bron thinks One Eye is worse than Sharptooth; while Sharptooth may be a vicious beast, One Eye is more intelligent and cunning than one would expect and takes no chances in sparing his prey just because. Bron makes sure that he never comes across his loved ones.
  • To his surprise, Bron found himself meeting up with the Tarbosaurus known as Speckles. Like Simba, he was also forced to fend for himself after his family was killed by the aforementioned One Eye, though in Speckles' case, it was worse as he still had to live through another series of tragedies, much of which involved One Eye in some way. As Speckles was well-acquainted with the Gang of Seven, Bron was perplexed to see, in his words, an adult Sharptooth, get along with his son and his best friends. Speckles stated that he has no reason to oppose them and the two have a lot in common. The two have since developed an Odd Friendship due to some similarities, plus both trying to make a concentrates effort to be as much of an active father as possible while still grieving over the death of their mates.
  • Like his son, while Bron is very protective of the Great Valley, he is also heavily accustomed to travelling, given that he migrated a lot around different areas after the "Earthshake". He's often seen around the more hospitable areas of the House of Nature with his herd, and he sometimes bumps into the Gang of Seven as the younger dinosaurs are prone to exploring different places as well. Bron does worry about approaching the Hall of Earth & Rock, if mainly because the occasional rumbles of the land are quick to remind the Apatosaurus of the "Earthshake" and chooses to not remind himself of the event all too much.
  • Sauropods (or "Longnecks") are among the most popular dinosaurs to the public eye and given that Bron is one of them, he quickly became a celebrated figure for the House of Childhood and Adolescence. Of the many children there, it was obviously Harry who ended up being the most awestruck by Bron due to his huge passion for dinosaurs in general. Bron, in turn, was endeared by Harry's precocious nature and was interested to hear of his bucket list of dinosaurs, one of which was also an Apatosaurus named Patsy. In a sense, Harry is an adoptive father/brother-figure to his dinosaur friends, which Bron was able to take notice of fairly early on, which is one of the reasons why the two are good friends with one another.
  • Unlike Sharptooth and One Eye, Bron doesn't really have anything against carnivorous dinosaurs, even if he's fought against several of them alongside his son. As a result, some like Rexie and the Carnotaurus duo, despite being some of the deadliest dinosaurs in the Pantheon, are best left to their own devices as they're just animals who are living out a life that Mother Nature had intended them to live out like. The Raptor Pack and Kroq-Gar, however, are rather complicated; the former are trained dinosaurs, but without Owen's guidance, they are just as vicious and unruly as any other Velociraptor and the latter, while well-meaning in general is utterly ruthless in his goals and incredibly territorial about Lustria.
    • That's not to say that there are a few other dinosaurs who are persistent in wreaking havoc whenever possible. The most notorious example of the Indominus and Indoraptor, a pair of genetically engineered dinosaurs with the DNA of several theropods spliced with one another. Much like Sharptooth and One Eye, they're just as cruel and determined for their habit of taking out prey for amusement. In fact, Bron steers clear of the Indominus due to her penchant for killing anything in her path while the Indoraptor has attempted to stalk the Gang of Seven a few times. Regardless of the situation, Bron will come to his son's aid the moment Bron finds out Littlefoot is under threat and is even willing to offer a temporary alliance with Rexie and the Raptor Pack due to just how dangerous they are.
    • While not actively malicious in any way, the Deviljho is a brutal force of nature that threatens anything it crosses paths with due to its neverending hunger. So much so that the Brute Wyvern's presence in the Great Valley alone meant that the land was in grave danger and even a large group of dinosaurs would do nothing to stop Deviljho. Thankfully, a team of Monster Hunters were able to provide assistance and lure the Devourer of Worlds away, an act that earned the group Bron's respect. A similar situation regarding Nergigante had the Hunters promise that they would keep in check of the Great Valley and provide aid. Bron sees to aiding the Monster Hunters, though he does reprimand them that no hunting is allowed in his nor his son's domains, which they reciprocated out of trust.
  • As an animal who spends his time travelling with his herd, he once stumbled across a sandy terrain where they caught a glimpse of Monoblos and Diablos at separate points. However, despite their tendency of being viciously territorial and aggressive, the two Flying Wyverns don't really display any animosity towards the Longnecks, which was a relief. In fact they did witness Diablos fighting against One Eye at one point and realized just how formidable the beast was. Even then, Bron is wise enough to keep his distance; Monoblos and Diablos may not mind other creatures entering their fields, but it's recommended not to cross paths with them either. The fact that Littlefoot himself has had some experience with them also helped. That said, they do stick out towards the other hostile herbivores that Bron knew back then in the sense that they don't display any racial distrust or superiority.
  • While the House of Family and the Monster Hunters have provided Bron with developing his familiarity towards humans, he was also forced to accept the fact that the worst of them can be just as bad as the worst of Sharpteeth, if not, far worse. A certain Pokémon Hunter J happens to be a frequent intruder to the Great Valley and her deplorable actions for suddenly attacking and capturing creatures without remorse would obviously give Bron a reason to oppose her, as do most animals. Though Hunter J does upset Bron, as he's getting to see how much good humans can be when they get down to cooperating with other creatures, and then there's those who will gladly sell out, kill and traumatize animals without feeling a shred of remorse. Thankfully, his human friends have gotten Bron to firmly think more about the positive side of things.

    Cassandra Cain-Wayne/Batgirl III/Orphan II and Damian Wayne/Robin V 
Cassandra Cain-Wayne and Damian Wayne, Divine Protectors of Troubled Children (Cassandra: Cass, Batgirl, Black Bat, Orphan II | Damian: Ibn Al Xu'ffasch [birth name], Damian Wayne-al Ghul, Son of Batman, Redbird, Robin V, Regime Nightwing)
Cassandra Cain-Wayne
Damian Wayne
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols: The Batgirl and Robin insignias; alternatively, a photo of the Batfamily
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (most of the time)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes, Children of Bad Mothers, Gotham City
  • Additional Relationships:
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: on Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Worthy Opponents: Cassie Cage (not because her and Cassandra share the same first name and nickname, mind you), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke, Ryu Hayabusa, Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Enemies:
  • In General:
    • Talia al Ghul and Lady Shiva were not surprised to hear that their respective child's ascension had just been cleared. They had suspected that it had been Talia's 'Beloved' that was responsible for their ascension. Surprisingly, Bruce was innocent, as the news shocked even him. Not even Ra's himself knew of the pair's ascension until Talia had told him. The culprits behind Damian and Cassandra's ascension were the other deified members of the Batfamily, with both Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson leading the effort.
    • Ra's al Ghul was surprised to find out that his grandson has come to the Pantheon. He is also privy to David Cain's attempts to mold Cassandra into the perfect assassin/bodyguard. While Ra's knows that David did it for the League, even he found his methods to be extreme.
    • Both Liu Kang and Kitana have past dealings with Bruce Wayne and were not impressed with the Batfamily's newest additions to the Pantheon. Damian and Cassandra then challenged the older couple to kombat. In the ensuing two-on-two fight, the deified Emperor and Empress of the Netherrealm got their asses handed to them. Cassie Cage, her parents, Jacqui Briggs, her dad, and the rest of Team S-F watched the match in schadenfreud-tastic hilarity that Liu and Kitana lost to a pair of teenagers.
    • Aside from Liu and Kitana, Havik and Hotaru have both taken an interest in Damian and Cassandra, due to their dark pasts and their shared ties with the League of Assassins. Havik wants to bring the pair back into the ways of Chaos, while Hotaru believes that such talent is wasted under Bruce Wayne. The feuding representatives of Order and Chaos are actively trying to recruit both Damian and Cassandra to their ranks...and are still trying to kill each other.
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. has also shown interest in Cassandra and Damian. But seeing as how their loyalties are with Bruce Wayne, recruiting them to S.H.I.E.L.D. is considered to be a futile gesture.
    • When your dad/parental figure happens to be the goddamn Batman and your mothers are world-class assassins, you're earned those bragging rights...not counting the times Mommy has tried to kill you in the past. In Damian's case, Talia succeeded. Thankfully, he wasn't dead for very long.
    • They really, really hate those who use child soldiers, given their pasts. For Cassandra and Damian, the exception to the 'no kill' rule is any deity who profits from using child soldiers.
  • Exclusive to Cassandra:
    • You thought Lady Shiva being her mom is bad, her father was much, much worse. David Cain had groomed Cass from birth to become the ultimate assassin and bodyguard for Ra's al Ghul, which meant that Cass had underwent Training from Hell that would make even Leonidas ill. David Cain taught her to watch the other person's movements and body language in order to predict, with uncanny accuracy, their next move. If she disobeyed, then she would be shot in non-vital areas as punishment, with the threat of being shot again should she cry out from the pain.
    • The deified members of the Pantheon were horrified when Cass told her story about the training she had been forced to go under. A standing agreement was made by most of the deities, good and bad. Should David Cain ever ascend to the Pantheon, he's gonna pay.
    • Cassandra has made friends with Laura Kinney. Both girls connected over their shared pasts, learning how to become trained killers, but instead chose to use their skills for good.
    • The last time Cass had been in the same room with her mother, it had ended with Shiva KO'ed by her little girl. Barbara has told her that Sandra is in the Pantheon, but Cass is still apprehensive about having a meeting with her mother.
      • Fortunately for Cassandra, Sandra had sought her out, arriving at her and Damian's temple. It's unknown what was said between mother and daughter, but Sandra left the meeting with a (barely visible) smile on her face, while Cass herself had a grin on her face. Mother and daughter have a long way to go in regards to their reconciliation, but at least they're talking.
    • One past story arc had Cass finding religion after saving a priest. However, that angle did not stick, but Cass has shown an interest in religion, and was seen talking to Sophitia Alexandra. She does, however, keep her distance from the more religious nutbars in the Pantheon.
    • While Cassandra is often thought of as the second Batgirl, she’s actually the third. That’s because Barbara wasn’t the first Batgirl. In fact, Barbara is the second Batgirl. A very long time ago, there was a young woman who wore the cowl and fought crime before Barabara and Cass did. That woman’s name was Bette Kane and she was the Silver Age Batgirl. Bette isn’t in the pantheon but she and Cass met once as member of Young Justice, Bette is very proud of her cousin Cass. As the original Batgirl, Bette considers Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie to be worthy successors to the Batgirl mantle (although she's peeved about the loss of the hyphen)...and even better Batgirls than she ever was. Still, the three successive Batgirls do gather from time to time to pay their respects to Bette for what she had started all those years ago as Batwoman’s sidekick.
  • Exclusive to Damian:
    • Like Cassandra, Damian is not on very good terms with his mother. Being killed by your very own clone designed by Mommy can put a serious dent in that relationship. However, Damian has a good relationship with Grandpa Ra's, despite that Damian decided to stick with Papa Wayne instead of leading the League when the time came.
      • Bruce and Ra's are putting pressure on Talia to go and make amends for her past crimes against Damian. While Talia longs to have a relationship with her son once again, she also knows that Damian can hold a grudge, like her.
    • In another timeline, Damian had joined forces with High Councillor Kal-El after accidentally killing Dick Grayson. Suffice to say, Damian does not like this future version of himself. Talia, on the other hand, approves, as Regime Superman managed to get her son over Batman's 'no-kill' policy. "Why couldn't my son be more like that?" Talia had lamented.
    • In another universe, Damian's mother is not Talia al Ghul, but rather Selina Kyle. At first, Damian refuses to follow his parents into the crimefighting business, but he becomes Robin when Joker Jr. causes the building his parents were in to collapse, killing them both. Speaking of Selina, he does have some form of respect for her.
    • Damian has a thing for blondes. And The Pantheon has plenty of blond deities. If said blonde has the blue eyes to match, then you got his interest. "May the Gods help us all once Master Damian reaches puberty, Master Wayne," Alfred once said to Bruce, who agreed with his butler's words. As it turns out, Supergirl, Cassie Cage, Emma Frost, and Cammy White top the list of blondes Damian has his eyes on.
    • While Damian has been growing out of his mindset as an assassin thanks to the Batfamily's influence (as well as some others that Bruce has looking out for him and Cass, such as Blade and Power Girl), there are some buttons you should not press. Harm innocent children? Be somewhere else. Threaten his family, especially his dad and Dick? Start praying.

Jagi, God of Black Sheep (Twisted Butcher of Hokuto)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Brute, Ax-Crazy, Combat Pragmatist, Facial Horror, Out of Focus, Small Role, Big Impact
  • Domains: Revenge, Resentment
  • Allies: Immortan Joe, Tai Lung, J. Geil, Frost, John Kreese
  • Enemies: Kenshiro, Max Rockatansky, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, Johnny Lawrence
  • Commonality Connection with: Shego
  • Not So Different from: SCP-096
  • Hokuto Shinken is a powerful form of martial arts that has existed for many years and can only be learned by those worthy of its abilities. Those who have mastered it include Kenshiro (who has inherited its skills proper), the messainic-like Toki, and the highly determined and driven Raoh. There is another member of the Hokuto Shinken school, but that member is so unlike the others that it's a wonder that he even knows about Hokuto Shinken. That man is Jagi, who was so enraged with Kenshiro being the successor to Hokuto Shinken that he challenged him to a fight and ended up having to wear a mask to cover his hideous face as a result of losing to Kenshiro. Jagi has since sought to tarnish Kenshiro’s name by any means necessary and his sadistic, psychopathic behavior is a stark contrast to how the rest of Hokuto Shinken’s practitioners normally are.
  • In a ruined town somewhere in the Pantheon, a scarred masked thug riding a motorcycle showed up and began threatening the people there, demanding them to say his name. Many of the denizens present were terrified and didn’t know who this man was, but someone confusedly said “Kenshiro” given the scars on that man’s body. The people started muttering to themselves that the Kenshiro they know wasn’t anywhere near close to this masked goon. Jagi’s patience (or rather, what’s left of it) ran out and started attacking everyone. He then learned from a nervous patron that Jagi was in the Pantheon, something that left him intrigued, especially seeing that this was a perfect opportunity to finally get back at Kenshiro for everything he’s done to him. Jagi then drove off to continue his rampage, leaving behind several bodies and some traumatized survivors, all to spite Kenshiro.
  • Jagi is but one of a number of post-apocalyptic maniacs looking to impose their power and make innocents suffer. He learned about Immortan Joe, another ruthless individual that wanted to conquer a wasteland and approached him directly, hoping to gain something from that meeting. Joe and Jagi exchanged information about their respective enemies, with Joe already having a notable hatred of Kenshiro being a good thing for Jagi. Jagi learned about Joe’s own enemy, Max Rockatansky (the latter of whom saw Jagi as just another thug waiting to be torn down) and Jagi was willing to target him if Joe allows it. Joe has his own ambitions of taking over a wasteland with Joe promising that Jagi would be more of an independent force connected to him to instill terror on others, but they still remain good-enough friends for them to keep interacting with each other intermittently.
  • Tai Lung was someone who Jagi saw quite a bit of himself in given how they’re skilled at martial arts, but shunned by their masters and driven to a jealous rage. The main difference here is that Jagi was never a stable man to begin with and Tai Lung started off as someone with promise before turning evil. Jagi told Tai Lung that if he couldn’t get what he wanted initially, then there would be something much greater, with that something being Hokuto Shinken. Tai Lung was rather curious about this Hokuto Shinken style and it was clear that Tai Lung having access to that (and Nanto Seiken) was a highly troubling possibility. While Tai Lung hasn’t gotten close to knowing the true capabilities of Hokuto Shinken, he does see Jagi as a kindred spirit that can help him get closer to fulfilling his personal revenge over being denied martial arts greatness.
  • At Tai Lung’s recommendation, Jagi got to meet another martial artist who was scorned by their former master and grew jealous as a result of it. That entity was Frost, who was formerly trained under Sub-Zero and attempted to take over his position, but failed to do so. Frost was quickly able to understand why Tai Lung wanted her to meet another martial artist that sought revenge because their former masters believed they fell short of potential. Jagi was rather curious about those Mortal Kombat tournaments Frost participates in given their brutality, but Frost simply told him to be more focused on revenge than anything else. The three in general make for a deadly team, with Jagi providing some dirty tricks for an opponent of Tai Lung and Frost if the latter two are struggling.
  • Jagi’s love of fighting dirty, combined with being merciless overall, has earned him the approval of John Kreese. At one point, Kreese complimented Jagi on his fighting skills, but remarked that there could be some improvements there. Jagi was then told of Cobra Kai, a martial arts school headed by Kreese that would train its students into becoming ruthless fighting machines. Jagi responded by talking about Hokuto Shinken, a martial art that was much deadlier than anything that Kreese could come up with. While Kreese does understand what Jagi was talking about in terms of strength, he pointed out that it’ll take more than that to truly defeat opponents, no matter how powerful they are. Also, if you want to fight dirty, you still can't just use something so obvious like a shotgun in a karate tournament. Jagi ultimately decided to learn about some of Kreese’s tricks, much to the approval of the latter, having found a dangerous disciple willing to learn what’s in store for Cobra Kai.
    • The news of Kreese taking in another individual to learn about the techniques of Cobra Kai didn’t sit well with Johnny Lawrence. After learning just how deranged Jagi is and how far he’ll go in making others suffer, his concerns turned to outright hatred. Johnny has been trying to make amends for his past actions and to learn about someone going on a murderous rampage over not being accepted to learn a type of martial arts (and a dangerous one at that) on top of being an unfair fighter was something Johnny couldn’t forget. If anything, seeing Jagi and his actions made Johnny worried that he could have been far more destructive had he not changed for the better.
  • Even if he was in an adoptive family and not a traditional one, the fact remains that Jagi is very different from the rest of the Hokuto Shinken practitioners for the worse. Shego is another deity who was drastically different from her family in a negative way, being a villainess as opposed to her family being heroes. In addition to that and abandoning their families over not liking them, both Jagi and Shego have a strong connection with their respective arch-enemies and are willing to take them down no matter what. Jagi certainly found Shego to be attractive much to her irritation and tried to get her to work with him. She turned his offer down, finding him to be rather frustrating and even if she’s interested in fighting anyone that opposes her, she opted to keep working with Dr. Drakken in dealing with those personal matters instead even if the latter is a bit of a screw-up. That hasn’t stopped Jagi from trying to get her on his side, something that Drakken finds unsettling after Shego told him about it.
  • Jean-Pierre Polnareff has a pronounced hatred towards Jagi for not only bearing some resemblance to his Stand Shining Chariot, but for being a completely depraved individual that relishes in making others suffer much like J. Geil. Not helping matters is that Jagi had already met J. Geil and the latter agreed to join Jagi in terrorizing others for fun. Polnareff made it clear that he wasn’t going to let this stand and has vowed to take the both of them down. J. Geil told Jagi about how Polnareff fights and since he can’t take on a Stand user directly, Jagi has looked for other ways to defeat Polnareff with J. Geil’s help.
  • One thing that Jagi hates just as much as Kenshiro is someone seeing his face whenever he isn’t wearing his mask. He will kill anyone, even his own mooks, if they bear witness to him in such a state. The whole thing of killing someone because they saw a face came to mind SCP-096, an entity that doesn’t want anyone to see his face and will go on a murderous rampage if someone is unlucky enough to see his face. Given his tendency to use dirty tricks in combat, Jagi has seriously considered using SCP-096 as a tool to try and kill Kenshiro via tricking the latter into going in a room where that SCP is in, but given how ill-advised it is to even try and look at that SCP in general, the plan went nowhere fast. It hasn’t prevented Jagi from being amused that there’s someone else who will resort to murder over someone seeing an ugly face of theirs.
  • He was the one who was responsible for causing Shin to turn against Kenshiro, much to the latter’s fury. Shin hasn’t really interacted with Jagi since then, but Jagi has since turned to other unstable martial artists to corrupt, hoping to get a similar result that he did with Shin. Given that the Pantheon is nowhere near as devastated as the world Jagi had come from, combined with the fact that some of the martial artists he tried to corrupt such as Adon didn’t like his presence and preferred things be handled their own way, Jagi hasn’t been successful in trying to make the next Shin. Of course, Jagi does remain convinced that there will be someone he can easily corrupt into turning against those they cared about.

    Lars Alexandersson 
"There's nowhere to run. Give up!"

Lars Alexandersson, God of White Sheep (Traitorous Fist, Lars Tanahashi)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Tekken Force Emblem
  • Theme Songs: VREDE, Tunnel Disaster, Love & Energy in his Tanahashi attire
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Sheep, Rebel Leader, Action Hero, Wearing Red Most of the Time, Mishima Hair, Bishōnen, Swift Silence, Badass Cape, Being Heihachi's Illegitimate Son, Being a Half-Swedish, Half-Japanese, Averting Fate
  • Domains: Family, Combat, Rebellion, Leadership
  • Herald: Jinpachi Mishima (his grandfather)
  • Followers: Meloni Thawne, Barbara Gilione, Artemis Crock
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Sasuke Uchiha
  • Mixed Relationship: Nina Williams (sometimes friend, sometimes enemy)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima (his half-brother), Heihachi Mishima (his father), Bryan Fury, Charles zi Britannia, Relius Clover, Manfred von Karma, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Respected by: Jun Kazama
  • Opposed by: AJ Styles
  • Conflicted by: Asuka Kazama, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro
  • The leader of a rebellious Tekken Force unit, Lars's goal is to put an end to the war of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation. While finding Alisa in a lab, he was caught in an explosion that got him amnesia. Along the way, he met his old friend Tougou, and while recovering his memories, he remembered that he is Heihachi's illegitimate son. After Jin Kazama appeared and rebooted Alisa, causing her to attack Lars and force him to flee, Raven offered help in his quest to destroy Jin. It is through their journey that they found out about Jin's true intentions. After that, he and Raven took Alisa to Lee Chaolan to revive her. After forbidding his farewell to Raven, he eventually found Jin in the desert and brought him to the Violet Systems lab. It wasn't until they were attacked by the Tekken Force and Nina Williams that he and the others were forced to flee, which was Lee's plan to decrease the chances of his army of pursuing them and Jin. Upon seeing Kazuya killing Heihachi, he and the others realized that Jin is the only one that can kill Kazuya and end the war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation once and for all.
  • Ling Xiaoyu was initially conflicted about because she knew of Lars' intentions to put an end to the Mishima wars and Lars' opposition to Jin during the sixth King of Iron Fist tournament. Hearing that he's come to the resolution of wanting to help Jin caused her to reconsider her opinion about him. As Lars doesn't want to cause more problems between themselves, he decided that staying away from her is the best option.
  • Like with Alisa, while Jun doesn't plan on meeting Lars, she respects him for not only wanting to keep his half-nephew Jin safe, but for also being one of the only known Mishimas out there alive that truly isn't a screwed-up human being. It also helps that they are said to be similar in personality. She hopes that he will be safe in his joueney with his companions and if they ever met, she wanted to thank him for being a Mishima that actually gives Jin a chance.
  • At one point, he travelled to the Narutoverse with a costume designed by Naruto's superior, Masashi Kishimoto. He respects Naruto for being a determined, kindhearted hero for stopping countless wars from happening, because while he learned about Jin's true intentions and at least wanted to make up from them, Kazuya still hasn't stop his horrible actions from happening and at least caused world destruction. He congratulated him for marrying Hinata, becoming the Hokage, and having two children, although he thinks he needs better parenting skills, but he nontheless still gets along with him. He doesn't respect Sasuke from betraying Naruto and his friends and how he wanted to destroyed Konoha a long time ago, although he is happy to see he is now on the side of good and at least makes an effort of becoming a good father of Sarada after disappearing from her life all these years, unlike his biological father, Heihachi, who simply doesn't give a shit about him.
  • Traveled along with Alisa in the quest to retrieve Pandora's Box. During their journey, while Alisa was running out of batteries, they encountered Sakura Kasugano and Blanka, who was charged with electricty at that time, and Lars came to believe that he could repower Alisa, leading to a fight. When they encountered Pandora's Box, Alisa detached her head to explode it, which also successfully combusted the box.
  • He and James Raynor have respect for each other because they are both rebellious leaders who fought corrupted companies (two of them in the case of Lars). He empathizes with him losing loved ones as he technically losed Tougou in the war (even if Tougou actually got revived). Although he feels conflicted about Lars wanting to keep Jin out of harm's way, he is still friends with him because he is at least a good person who wanted to stop his half-brother from probably committing world destruction and gives him advice at the incoming 8th King of Iron Fist Tournament in case if it will ever happen.
    • While strolling around the Pantheon, he met Lelouch, leader of the Black Knights, a rebellious Japanese team who wanted to go against the Britannian Empire to take back their country. He thinks some of their situations are similar, such as the fact they are rebel leaders, both of them got amnesia, and they have horrible fathers (which also got Lars to become enemies with Charles zi Britannia), while Lars also sees some of Jin in Lelouch, as they became horrible people in the eyes of the public as well as got themselves killed, but in reality, they did it for the greater good. He also got Lelouch's support probably because of those same reasons.
  • Considering what kind of fathers Heihachi and Kazuya are, he hates those that are similar to them. This is the case with Ghetsis, who lied and manipulated his adoptive son into believing that human have no sympathy for Pokémon, all the while he himself wanted to have them all under his own captivity; Relius, who sees humans as nothing more than guinea pigs and experimented on his own daughter and wife; and Manfred, who falsely taught his daughter and adoptive son that perfection is everything and lied to the latter to conceal that he is the murderer of his biological father.
  • Knowing how it was like to have horrible parents, he shares a mutual sympathy with Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin. He was horrified to learn what happened to the latter and also to Ryuko later on when she was with her mother, and hated Satsuki's mother's plans for enslaving the human race. He understood Ryuko's thrist for vengeance for having her father killed. He is glad to see that they got along like true sisters. Ryuko and Satsuki are also impressed with him betraying the Mishima Zaibatsu and leading a rebel unit within the Tekken Force to stop a war. Even though he's started to get along with Jin, they understood Lars's decisions, knowing what it was like to become friends with an enemy who has hidden intentions and wanted to see that he and his companions will beat Kazuya.
  • Suprisingly, he is friends with Noctis. One time, he asked for Noctis for help as he couldn't find a way to defeat his enemies. Eventually after that, they started fishing at the Jungle Outpost. Seeing that Noctis has ascended, the two shared a hug and promised another fishing trip as the latter wanted to introduce him to his other friends from his world.
    • As of right now, the only friend of Noctis that got ascended is Ignis. He is impressed with his cooking skills, especially given he's able to do it while being blind. Ignis gained much more respect from Noctis when it is revealed that in an alternate timeline, he knew about Noctis's fate as a sacrifice to save from Eos and was able to avert his death by sacrificing everything just to save his friend. He wanted to eat more of his food considering he started getting hungry after a certain dream.
  • The seventh King of Iron Fist tournament was sponsored in part by New Japan Pro-Wrestling, with all contestants given choices of shirts to wear between Bullet Club, CHAOS, and the NJPW Lion Mark. Lars was a standout amongst the Lion Mark supporters as he came to learn moves from Hiroshi Tanahashi, and was even granted his own versions of Tanahashi's wrestling gear to represent The Ace in the Tekken universe. Naturally, AJ Styles and his friends in The Club are not big fans of Lars.
  • "We have an injured. Send a medic."

    Rock Howard 
Rock Howard, God of Heroes with Villainous Parents
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His jacket surrounded by two purple wings
  • Theme Song: Emergence
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Heartbroken Badass with an Oedipus Complex, The Hero of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Early-Bird Cameo in Fatal Fury 3, Fingerless Gloves, Disappeared Dad
  • Domains: Fire, Air, Destruction, Good, Strength
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan, Kim Kaphwan, Mai Shiranui, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, K', Bit Cloud, Miles Edgeworth, Lars Alexandersson, Jin Kazama, Rachel Roth/Raven, Lelouch vi Britannia (to an extent)
  • Enemies: Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Manfred von Karma, Kazuya Kazama
  • Annoyed by: Lydia Deetz
  • Special Relationship: Geese Howard
  • Rock Howard came into existence under interesting circumstances. He was born the son of one of the most ruthless criminals in the Pantheon. He he hasn't had any noteworthy appearance until after his father's death. That was when he first met Terry Bogard. Under his guidance, he became both a formidable combatant and an overall nice person. With his moveset and shady past came many fans, yet it had been years since he appeared in a fighting game. That changed when Rock Howard finally made his first appearance in a King of Fighters game. With that, he was promptly ascended. Unfortunately, he had to do so under the acknowledgement of his relationship with his evil father.
    • Speaking of which, Rock was attacked by a familiar foe. When the two met, Rock's blood boiled like never before. Rock asked him why his blood was reacting so violently. It turned out that his assailant was Geese, who merely told him to "Come on." The two battled, with Rock acting more primally. Of course, this was all part of Geese's plan to get Rock Howard back on his side. Luckily, Terry was informed of the attack and brought Rock away from his father. After explaining how he managed to survive the fall, Rock promised not to see him again.
  • Was disappointed to see that the only agemates that made it to the Pantheon was Kim's sons. Nevertheless, it was a welcome reunion for the boys, overprotective dad aside. He at least have plenty of others from the Fatal Fury series to befriend.
    • He is not that happy to see that Geese's bodyguard Billy Kane is also in the Pantheon. Billy thought that he could bring the brat over to his boss. That only earned him a drubbing not only from Rock, but from Geese himself. The Southtown boss did not want anyone else to interfere with his son's affairs.
  • He is at least thankful that there are plenty of characters who share his grief. One of the most famous examples is that of Luke and Anakin Skywalker. This particular dynamic has a bittersweet ending with the former Darth Vader turning against the sith lord Darth Sidious though at the cost of his life. Anakin insists that though the odds are bleak, there is always the chance that Geese has a change of heart.
    • Sherry and Jake revealed a similar story with a different ending. Jake never got to confront his father Wesker at his death, and while Sherry managed to do so with her father, he never sought redemption at his death. Both fathers are in the Pantheon and have gotten in touch with Geese to pitch in their own opinions, namely to insist on bringing Rock to them to "correct" his son's behavior.
    • Joining the party is Miles Edgeworth. What makes his case worse was that his adoptive father killed his biological one. He even became his herald for a time in the Pantheon before he broke away. Unklike Rock, he has no intention of following Manfred von Karma's legacy.
    • Has also been seen chatting with Raven of the Teen Titans. Most deities are well aware of her relationship with her father Trigon and how she fought years of subordination to ultimate reject Trigon's wishes.
    • There are few places with more screwed up families than the one found in Tekken, with many within the Kazama family trying to kill each other. It was there that Rock befriended both Jin and Lars. The former even mas evil blood on his veins like him. In Jin's case, he had a brief dalliance in The Dark Side, but is now determined to kill his father. Rock has expressed interest in helping him out. In Lars's case, he was a bastard son to Heihachi just to prove the later did not have the devil gene.
    • Lelouch hoped to recruit Rock to his cause in overthrowing his father. Upon taking a look on his methods, Rock declined to pledge his full support. He felt that Lelouch relied too much on his own father's methods to truly look past them.
  • With no mother and no obvious girlfriends around, Rock Howard hasn't had much experience with girls, especially those he finds attractive. With that said, he insists that does not make him a goth. Even when Deetz tried to tell her followers not to pursue time, many persist in bringing him to their flock. He shares that sentiment with K', a fellow competitor. K' may not have a lot of friends, but he can tell someone who could use some company.
  • Much to his surprise, he has a few fans even within the Pantheon. For example, Bit Cloud came by to demonstrate how much of his clothing style was modeled after Rock's. The big difference is that Bit is much more happy about his situation. He hopes to put a smile of Rock's face more often.


    Kogoro Mouri 
Kogoro Mouri, God of Alcoholic Parents (Mustache Old Man, Dad, Uncle Kogoro, Uncle, Uncle Mouri, Detective Mouri, That Detective, The Great Detective, Great Detective Mouri, Mouri-kun, Mouri-san, Mouri-han, Mouri-sensei, Poirot Mouri, Poiro-san, Kemuri no Kogorou, Middle-aged Man of the Detective Agency, Sleeping Kogoro, The Sleeping Sleuth, Detective Moron, Smoking Kogoro, Shinigami, Richard Moore)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Mouri Detective Agency or one of his gold business cards
  • Theme Song: "Kogoro Mouri's Theme"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Heralds: Eri Kisaki (his estranged wife), Yoko Okino (close friend and object of infatuation)
  • Followers: Since there are both dramatic and comedic sides to being an Alcoholic Parent, two different sects were formed. Kogoro much prefers the company of the second.
  • Portfolio: Drinks So Regularly That His Daughter Runs The House, Master of Judo, Badass Mustache, Brilliant, but Lazy, A Tunnel-Visioned Detective with Issues Everywhere Else, Conan Uses Him As A Front, Famed in Story, Fanboy of Yoko Okino, Addicted to Gambling on Horse-Racing, Lovable Sex Maniac, Indulges in Vices Like Drinking And Horse Racing, Very Protective of Ran and Conan, Private Detective, Skilled, but Naïve
  • Domains: Investigations, Alcoholism, Sleeping, False Heroism, Murder
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Hercule Poirot
  • Enemies: All criminals and evildoers in the Pantheon, including Benny, Mr. Negative and James Moriarty
  • Annoys: Any pretty female deity within sight. Those who Kogoro has lewded over include Bulma, Cana Alberona, Chifuyu Orimura, Edna Krabappel, Sanae Katagiri, Lacus Clyne
  • Annoyed by: Kaito Kid
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sherlock Holmes
  • Kogoro Mouri joined his daughter Ran as her herald when she ascended, thinking it was some special award for winning a karate tournament. He was understandably suspicious about the whole thing but one look at the House of Love and the pretty ladies there and he was sold. The duo moved into Conan's renovated temple in the House of Investigative Work, a building identical to the Mouri Detective Agency, Café Poirot and all. The Mouri Detective Agency was back in business!
    • He fought long and hard for a title, which eventually came down to a game of mahjong between him, Lucille Bluth and Teppei Hōjōnote . Kogoro narrowly beat Teppei (a bar fight ensued after he left) and celebrated all the way over to the Ascensions Office to claim his prize. However, he never got it until long after Chief Justice Johnson had been fired and the ensuing inquiry eventually cleared him for ascension. It was a costly victory since it meant having to fork over all his cash winnings from the game but still, he got a title and that's all that matters to him.
  • Kogoro was a homicide detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department but resigned after an incident where he gave his wife, Eri Kisaki, a bullet graze on the leg to save her from a hostage situation. He settled down as a private detective but his incompetence and a tendency to jump to conclusions based on insufficient evidence drove him to alcoholism and gambling. Many officers in his old team, including Inspector Juzo Megure looked down on him and tended to avoid him whenever possible. Eri eventually left the house (but didn't divorce him) in response to this downward spiral and left their daughter Ran in charge. It was only when Conan Edogawa (Ran's friend Shinichi Kudo in a child's body) started using him as a mouthpiece did Kogoro's career finally look up. As of today he is famous as the legendary Sleeping Kogoro, a persona that supposedly pops up whenever he passes out from stress and expertly solves the many crimes the Mouri Detective Agency investigates.
    • He and Eri are guaranteed to start yelling at each other when in the same room but it is pretty obvious they want to move back in with each other. It's telling that Kogoro's first act after becoming a god was not to splurge at the nearest izakaya but to immediately make Eri his herald. Eri has not even once stepped into the Pantheon since she as a respected attorney is very busy. Idol Singer Yoko Okino is a close friend of his and Kogoro even considers her a second herald, but so far Yoko is just as caught up with her acting and singing career as Eri is.
    • Doesn't think much of Conan other than being an annoying brat. Kogoro only keeps the kid because his 'mother' paid him an outrageous sum of cash and he never says no to good money. At best he's developed some fatherly care for Conan but that would go out the window if he ever discovered his true identity. Kogoro has always been jealous of Shinichi's superior detective skills and has advised Ran to stay away from him for fear of them becoming like him and Eri.
    • Ran is basically his de facto mother since his incessant drinking and gambling pretty much leave him no room to actually be a father, forcing Ran to take care of him and run the house in his stead. Before he became a god himself Ran was struggling to represent the three of them whenever something needed to be signed (the forms for ascending Haibara, for instance). Make no mistake though, Kogoro is fiercely protective of his daughter and will do anything to keep her from getting hurt, one of the few things he and Shinichi agree on.
    • Doesn't have much to say on Ai Haibara and just thinks of her as Conan's smart friendnote . However, they do bond over their love of idols, Yoko Okino for Kogoro and Ryusuke Higo for Ai. They were both up in arms over the two supposedly dating and have privately agreed to go to war so to speak, if anything of the sort happens again.
    • Was surprised to find Tooru Amuro in the Pantheon, clueless that he is actually PSB agent Rei Furuya moonlighting as Bourbon in the Black Organization. Regardless, Kogoro eagerly took up Amuro's offer of apprenticeship once again since as said before, he never says no to good money. He can get annoyed at Amuro's obvious sucking up at times but will inevitably 'tutor' him as promised. Amuro isn't too hot on Kogoro's incompetence either but plays dumb to stay close to Conan and company. The Black Organization has chosen to re-assign Bourbon from that particular mission so he's appearing less and less lately.
  • There are theories that Kogoro has figured out Conan is actually solving the crimes for him and that he's faking the sleeping (after developing a resistance to Conan's darts) and rolls with it since it gives him the fame. This is pretty unlikely since that would mean Kogoro knows Conan is smarter than he appears and with the number of times this has happened, he would definitely be suspicious of the boy's true identity regardless of efforts to head him off. Nevertheless, the mandate protecting Conan's identity from deities who don't know and shouldn't know still stands: officers must treat the Sleeping Kogoro act as real, deities who know the secret shouldn't tell Kogoro or Ran lest they get expelled from the Pantheon and all info on the Black Organization is barred to him. Some shifty deities have put the question to him indirectly, but Kogoro just shrugs off claims of Conan's supposed intelligence as nonsense.
    • If he did find out, it would be pure calamity. Kogoro with his ego wouldn't take kindly to being used as a front and if the truth were to get out it could destroy him career-wise. After all, statistics confirm that only 4 cases were solved by him without Conan's help in comparison to Sleeping Kogoro's 400+. He'd probably retire from detective work altogether out of shame and that would itself disintegrate the relationship between Ran and Shinichi. All the more reason the secret should remain a secret.
  • If there was one deity besides those in his world that Kogoro spends most of his time with, it's Mr. Satan. As a fellow Fake Ultimate Hero, Mr. Satan took to Kogoro immediately. Both are fawned over by the press and enjoy every minute of it despite the achievements being made by someone else. Both are capable and skilled at what they do (Satan at martial arts, Kogoro at investigation) but happen to be surrounded by people better than them. The only difference is that Mr. Satan knows Goku is behind all the times Earth was saved while Kogoro remains oblivious to Conan's true identity. Satan wisely dodges the subject whenever it comes up, and it often doesn't. They love sparring in Satan's dojo since Kogoro himself is a master of judo. While not a complete alcoholic like Kogoro, Mr. Satan seems to have a high tolerance and often samples dozens of beer brands with the great detective.
  • Kogoro encountered Batman in person as he was heading back from a nice dinner in one of Don Vito Corleone's famous Sicillian restaurants in the House of Crime and to be expected was terrified by the Dark Knight until he noticed the beat-up pile of Demons behind him. It turns out Batman had been following Kogoro for a while to size up his detective skills and noticed the Demons sent by Mr. Negative to kidnap him for an unknown reason. Kogoro really didn't want to know why because at that point he was tired, aching and more than a little tipsy from the Amaro Averna he just had and just gave Batman one of his gold business cards.
    • Said Demon attack was ordered by Benny, who was working with Mr. Negative to fake a Black Organization kidnapping to force Conan out of hiding. Kogoro now hates Benny for this, but otherwise the whole purpose of the kidnapping was blocked from his knowledge.
  • Has visited every on-the-street pub in the Pantheon at some pointnote . He started visiting VA-11 Hall-A in the sub-house of Game Mechanics after learning that bartender Jill Stingray was sexually frustrated and looking for love. Kogoro had no intention of doing anything of the sort and just felt sorry for the poor girl so he came by every now and again to have a fun conversation over drinks, a habit he abandoned after learning what was in the drinks (artificial chemicals). He's quite glad to hear that at some point she married her boss, something he wishes Takagi and Sato will do soon.
  • Has a very close kinship with Captain Archibald Haddock and loves to visit Marlinspike Hall (his temple) whenever he can because sitting in a humungous mansion is way more comfortable than lying in a heap in his run-down office. Kogoro is quite upset at Professor Calculus for forcing the Captain off the drink with his special pill. Sure, the Professor was just trying to help, but he ought to have considered the Captain's choice in the matter and on top of that, his deafness conveniently made him look like even more of a highly-strung genius blind to the troubles of his friend. Kogoro's time with Haddock mostly alternates between boisterous conversation of their adventures, finding non-alcoholic alternatives for Haddock's beloved Loch Lomond and long debates about the Sleeping Kogoro. Haddock of course knows perfectly why that's the case but enjoys talking conspiracy theories with Kogoro because he just likes talking to the man. While Kogoro is trying to make Professor Agasa (Haibara's herald) find an antidote for the Captain, he's equally torn over Haddock's poor liver condition and wonders if he is doing the right thing by making his friend a drunkard again.
    • Has some tinges of annoyance towards Tintin but knows this is just petty jealousy than anything concrete. If anything Kogoro wants in on the action that Tintin and the gang face against gangs, fascist governments and ancient civilizations all the time.
  • As a famous detective, Kogoro naturally has working relationships with many others. Nearly all of them know he's a complete idiot at actually investigating stuff but in nearly any other situation find him pleasing company.
    • Rust Cohle and Marty Hart are among the top of that list, especially the former. Kogoro was a tad disturbed at his severe depression and nihilism before Character Development as well as his chronic alcoholism. He is more than happy to help him and Marty with their somewhat tumultuous partnership and to keep Rust from slipping back down into alcoholism since unlike him, Rust's body can't handle the pressure.
    • Can't bring himself to like Sherlock Holmes despite his respect for the man, probably because all the infernal teen sleuths he comes across admires him in some way or another. Holmes makes no secret of his disdain for Kogoro's mediocrity but channels this into helpful advice and a good drink (coffee, since Holmes doesn't indulge). Holmes has always had a way with words and skirts dangerously close to name-dropping Conan when chastising Kogoro. On his end, Kogoro can't decide if the great detective of Baker Street actually likes him or not, misreading his passive-aggressive approach.
    • Doesn't have such problems with Hercule Poirot and it's easy to see why. Poirot addresses the 'emotional' side of crimes - looking into the psychology of the murderer and the nature of the victim in comparison to Conan and Sherlock who are more forensic and clue-based. For all his incompetence Kogoro is better than Conan at being empathetic towards the Well-Intentioned Extremist and Poirot knows it. Since Conan is basically a protege of his, he tries to get Kogoro off the drink whenever they're in the same room together because Kogoro's increased influence could push the Kid Detective in the right direction. Poirot seems to have laughed off Kogoro's little in-joke towards him.
  • Kogoro is a perverted man but thankfully not on the same level as Master Roshi or god forbid Nobuyuki Sugou. If someone trusted him to take their daughter home, he will definitely do it, no questions asked and without incident. On the other hand he is easily infatuated with pretty women and is more likely to take the case if the one hiring him happens to be one. It's rare but he's been convinced into taking cases when the payout is pictures of cute girls in swimwear (nothing more, nothing less). If anything, Kogoro is sometimes a bit too trustworthy and trusting with women and more than once has been seduced into thinking a female culprit is innocent. All the more reason for Conan to step in then...
  • If you want a succinct summary of what Kogoro thinks of the Pantheon, he thinks it's all one big, ridiculous dream. However, it's a dream full of famous people, pretty ladies and plenty of paying jobs. So long as this fantasy stays a lucrative venture and Ran and Conan are with him (oh, and if crime persists), he'll milk his position for all its worth.
  • Also has a spot in the Alcohol sub-house.
"Finding the truth is what detectives live for."

Richter Berg, God of Obscuring Criminal Activity From One's Family (The Rat)
Richter unmasked 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Richter mask alongside a silenced Uzi.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Hitman with a Heart, Anti-Villain, Forced into Evil, The Caretaker with an absent father, Nothing Personal, Spared by Jacket, Escaping a Prison Riot, Fleeing to Hawaii with his mother, Perishing from nuclear holocaust, Choosing not to fight it
  • Domains: Killing, Caretaking, Loners
  • Visited by: Richard
  • On Good Terms with: Gunvolt, The Matrons of Mercy and many of the House of Health and Diseases' Healers and Physicians, James Earl Cash, Jimmy (borders on Odd Friendship with the two)
  • Enemies: 50 Blessings, The Son and other Russian Mobsters such as Dimitri Rascalov, Lionel Starkweather, Nicky Cavella
  • Respected by: The House of Mothers
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The House of Justice
  • Avoids: Cioccolata, Amanda Waller, The Warden
  • Herald: Rosa Berg, his mother
  • Among the masked assassins that went after the Russian Mafia, Richter is certainly one of the more stranger ones compared to the rest. Initially presented as an unpleasant asshole that filled in the role for Beard in Jacket's coma-induced dream, the reality couldn't be anymore different. While responsible for the murder of Jacket's girlfriend and putting him in a coma in the first place Richter only did so through being threatened after dismissing them as a prank. His car being torched and the not-so-subtle implications his sickly ill mother would be next said otherwise. He doesn't take pleasure in what he does, unlike his fellow assailants who either had a grudge against the Russians and/or some degree of a thrill for violence.
    • Following his arrest, Jacket would later come back for revenge though opted to just shake him down for information on what was going on. He'd later survive a massive Prison Riot and escape to Hawaii and once again trade information, this time in exchange for a plane ticket to have his mother join him. All seemed well... until news of assassination done on both the presidents of United States and Russia hit the scene. Another war would begin and Richter would meet his demise by nuclear blast. Despite the unfortunate circumstances he took the end quite well and was even comforted by Richard.
  • Formerly a follower of Gunvolt, he managed to get a title of his own through the kid assassins help and is genuinely thankful for being able to once again live out his days with his mother. Richter would be genuinely surprised that Jacket had also made his stay in the Pantheon though the latter doesn't see any use in going after him after sparing his life back at the precinct. Of course, being the Pantheon, he's note completely out of the woodwork yet. While it isn't as strong as the one he holds against rooster mask-wearing killer, The Son still holds a grudge against him for being one of the operators that hit the Mob hard and the news quickly spread among other such mobsters such as Dimitri Rascalov. Luckily for him, this only applies to those of The Mafiya — other gangsters and criminals have no reason to go after him and even so there are bigger threats to worry about.
    • As far as his Houses go, he's not too fond of having a place in the House of Other Criminals and has done everything in his power to disassociate with such a place. That being said, he finds the House of Family Dysfunctions to quite terrible too. Things there are far too rowdy he's always worried such frequent quarrels might disturb him and his mother.
  • Described as a jobless loner by Rosa Berg, presumably throughout his life, and is genuinely worried that she is holding him back. The fact that Richter is described as being like his father plus the only person around to take care of her is a quite telling his situation. Per her request he started to pick up a more honest life to support the both of them in the Pantheon though he still takes time to look after her, and can often be found picking up medicine within the Health and Diseases. As you can imagine he has a good relationship with the nicer doctors there who also take time to look after his mother's well-being. Because of this, he is both pitied and also respected by those throughout the House of Family with special mention going to those in the House of Mothers.
    • If there's one doctor he does not wish to even have the pleasure of meeting it would be the man known only as Cioccolata. His depravity is seemingly without bounds as he dabbled in malpractice as commonly as he breathed. Before "working" in the medical field he also abused the elderly under the thin veil of looking after them either through drugs or gaslighting them into killing themselves. And that's just setting aside his life as a gangster with his attempted mass murder when tasked with dealing with a select group of traitors in the city of Rome. Richter avoids him whenever possible knowing that'd he most certainly die and on the chance he was around it would probably be no use in facing him considering how Green Day works. That's fine, however. A certain someone told Richter leaving the world isn't as scary as it sounds just before being atomized by nuclear fire, and the Pantheon says Death Is Cheap, anyways.
  • Despite holding little, if at all, similarities besides having an occupation that involved killing on top of being a bit of a loner Richter managed to be antiquated with the likes of James Earl Cash and Jimmy. For Cash perhaps its the fact that, despite being far from being a saint, he did genuinely care about his family and worked toward ensuring their safety even if it ended up being all for naught thanks to Lionel Starkweather going back on the deal made. Richter admits if anything happened to his mother even as did what the calls asked for anyways he probably wouldn't of reacted well either.
    • As for Jimmy it may be because they were both quite deep in facing down criminals, even if their reasons for doing so were quite different. Jimmy even offered to help Richter out with his problems regarding the Russian Mob considering his issues regarding all sorts of criminals to which Richter appreciates. Unbeknownst to both men they also share being betrayed by their employers as remaining loose ends as the people behind the phone line tried to have Richter killed through causing some chaos though the Rat ended up scurrying off with his life despite their efforts.
  • To this day he genuinely regrets killing Jacket's girlfriend, even figuring that he would of done him in for it during his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. He once attempted to apologize for it but he ended up doing do in front of Richard, who quickly clarified the mistake. It is for that reason he has a place in the Hall of Regret & Shame although you wouldn't often find him here.
  • Having not learned anything from an incident involving the Fans, Nicky Cavella got a bunch of his men to go take out his mother and film him desecrating his corpse to deal with Richter and to make a name for himself. Unfortunately for no-so-saintly Nick he and his goons ended up being jumped by Richter when he came out of hiding with his suppressed Uzi. While the rest of his men died, Nicholas managed to crawl out of the ambush alive. A shame, then, that he was found by Jimmy who proceeded to give the guy his just desserts.
  • Being complicit in 50 Blessings' killings hasn't really endeared him to the House of Justice. Given the circumstances, however, its not nearly to the same extent as with Jacket or other Hotline Miami protagonists for that matter. Few, if any, are also willing to hold his escape from prison against him considering he was nearly disposed of by Richter's former employers through not only a prison boss but also an entire Prison Riot through the guards mowing down everyone in their way and his fellow inmates after he disguises himself as a guard to ensure his escape. On his end he's generally neutral towards them though he does hold a bit of distaste towards Amanda Waller as she is known to recruit known criminals to do some dangerous missions. The same goes for an eccentric man known only as the Warden as whose prison is notorious for the amount of controlled chaos throughout.
  • "Good times never last."

    Summer Smith 
Summer Smith, Goddess of Unplanned Children (Sum-Sum)


    Maisie Farange 
Maisie Farange, Goddess of Parental Neglect
Maisie's Modern/2012 Iteration
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her personal bag or her red coat
  • Theme Song: Feeling of Being by Lucy Schwartz
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Central Focus of the Book/Film, Has to Put Up with Being Neglected Which Doesn't do her Favors, Brown Hair and Eyes (Film Iteration), The Cutie Who Undergoes a Lot of Psychological and Emotional Trouble, Children Are Innocent, Appears to be rather Despondent but She can be very Playful, Often the Moral Center of her Guardians, Nice Girl, Adorably Precocious Child (Novel Iteration), Usually very Reserved and Quiet and Occasionally feeling Despondent, Having an Adorable Smile, Gets Emotionally Better Overtime, Is Adopted by a Caring Guardian/Couple and Gets her Happy Ending
  • Domains: Family, Neglect, Love, Sadness, Loneliness, Adoption, Precociousness
  • Heralds: Mrs Wix (her adult guardian in the original adaptation), Margo and Lincoln (her adopted parents in the retold adaptation), Susanna (her modern version mother)
  • Allies: Matilda Wormwood, Hallie Parker, Annie James, Harry Potter, Lucas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gamera, Shoto Todoroki, Tomoya Ozaki, The Gang of Seven, Jotaro Kujo, Punky Brewster
  • On Good Terms With: Charlie and Nicole Birdman, House of Music
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Dursleys, Father (KND), Agatha Trunchbull, Granny Goodness
  • It is necessary for parents to be around their child's presence and provide them with attention, care and comfort as much as they could. Unfortunately, a little girl named Maisie Farange is instead thrown in a very different situation. Instead of being given love, she has to witness her parents fighting and arguing against each other nearly every time, and her parents end up using her as leverage against one another. It's on these occasions that Maisie eventually finds a new adult that not only pays attention but gives the girl the parental love that she needs, but even then, Maisie still has to contend with her parents' feud. Eventually, when the time finally came to decide on who she would prefer as her guardian, Maisie inevitably chooses someone else over her parents, her guardians eager to take her along.
  • Maisie's presence in the Pantheon was an interesting topic for some, considering that two different iterations existed; one from the 19th Century and the other from the 21st Century. What was proving a difficult case was that each version of Maisie had differing versions of events; the most glaring being that one of them was adopted by a legal guardian named Mrs Wix and the other was taken under by her nanny Margo and her Mother's former boyfriend Lincoln. An evaluation was done by the House of Family whereupon it was concluded that the Maisie in the Pantheon is a composite of her two different selves; she retained her modern-day appearance and age, yet had fragments of her historical version's personality, namely her memories of Mrs Wix and her unusually wise judgement.
  • Despite her representing trope, Maisie is actually pretty cheerful and outgoing, though she does undergo some stress and despondency at times, mainly due to the effect her biological parents had on neglecting her. Whenever she active around, Margo, Lincoln and/or Mrs Wix aren't far behind her either and do the best they could to remain attentive to her. Still, while she's completely disconnected from Beale and Ida (her mother in the novel adaptation), she had enough of a maternal bond with Susanna to consider having her as a herald as well. Either way, they're happy to see that Maisie will try to adjust herself in the Pantheon as much as they could as well.
  • One of the first deities to notice Maisie were Hallie Parker and Annie James. Seeing that Maisie's parents were divorced, they tried to see if they could strike a friendship with her and were delighted to see that her guardians were willing to allow it. It's common to see the three of them playing around their domains and in city streets (with a close observation from guardians of course). Still, Hallie and Annie were saddened to learn of Maisie's situation regarding her parents and the fact that it was much worse than what Nick and Elizabeth were going through; they at least were cordial with one another and were attentive to each daughter, whereas Beale and Ida/Susanna were too entrenched on their hate towards one another they barely focused on their daughter. Because of this, Hallie and Annie have made an effort to be as active as possible in Maisie's time.
  • Naturally as a child, Maisie would have some sort of fondness towards the fantastical and strange and unique animals, particularly turtles. Initially, she was freaked out by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which led to the turtles immediately trying to warm up to and hang out with her. It succeeded mostly due to Michaelangelo's laid-back nature, who was able to take Maisie out for pizza and have some fun. Maisie seems to like the turtles for how they make an effort to entertain and bond with her to the extent where they treat her as a little sister of sorts.
    • Additionally, there was also the Pokemon, Blastoise, who served as the Ninja Turtles' partner. Seeing as Maisie liked turtles, they were open to allowing Blastoise to meet up, with Maisie immediately having a joyful time with the Pokemon. As for Blastoise himself, he treats the little girl rather tenderly and is not above defending her if a threat approaches. Still, the Ninja Turtles did warn Maisie about Blastoise's dual cannons, though usually, Blastoise only uses them to create torrents of rain for Maisie to play around with.
    • And speaking of turtles, there was also Gamera. Despite his large and rather scary looks, Maisie immediately became friends with him, with Gamera being eager to invite Maisie and other kids to play with each other and if very fiercely defensive of them. It's little wonder why he represents Friend to All Children as Gamera was also met with approval by Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix and they trust the Kaiju in looking after Maisie, given that he's one of the most determined beasts in the Pantheon and has a heart of gold.
  • She has a small association with music, given that her modern mother, Susanna, is a touring rock frontwoman, and thus does make an attempt to reach the House of Music to see her mother play live. For a moment, this did catch the attention of Jotaro Kujo, who recalled that he had a father who was also a touring musician, though they don't really interact at all as he's on tour almost all the time, leaving Jotaro to be tended solely by his mother, Holly. Jotaro once asked Margo and Lincoln to take Maisie over to her mother's stage and promised that he'd look after her there. What resulted is Maisie and Jotaro having a rather unusual partnership with the latter taking the former around on the House of Music and checking out different sorts of music. It reminded Jotaro of his grandfather Joseph, who usually is a sucker for contemporary music of his time and would spend a lot of time going around listening to them. He continues to meet up with Maisie should she feel like having a babysitter, with Jotaro promising to take her to Joseph one day.
    • Despite her mother being a musician, the House of Music themselves don't have too much to say about Maisie. They did, however, criticize Susanna for her lack of proper care towards her daughter and she was forced to accept that Maisie was better off with either Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix. The House themselves are generous of Maisie's situations and are willing to present donations and gifts in times of need and as a sign of goodwill. Maisie respects their decision, though she has politely declined the gifts many times.
  • She normally stays away from terrible parents and guardians and she's clever and resourceful enough to figure out bad apples when need be. Very clearly, she heavily dislikes the Child Abuse Supporters, Ozai most of all, given that his mistreatment towards Zuko was not just neglectful, but so terribly abusive that even Beale and Susanna would cry afoul of. Thankfully, there's more good parents and guardians than bad ones and hence, Maisie feels safe and secure, knowing she knows who her company and friends are.
    • Shoto Todoroki quickly befriended her and to pass time, he would use his ice powers to create slides and decorations for Maisie to play with. The primary reason for Shoto's friendly attitude towards the little girl was because she shared Shoto's siblings' turmoil of being ignored by his father Enji, but while the neglect regarding Enji and Shoto's siblings' worked in the latter's favour, Maisie's neglect rendered her emotionally fragile and depressed, and Shoto felt very sympathetic about this, knowing how it feels to not be given proper parental love. He is glad to see that Maisie and Susanna departed on good terms, in a similar vein to how Shoto was able to forgive his mother Rei for throwing boiling water on him and scarring the left side of his face.
  • Given her turmoil of family difficulties, Maisie would encounter Charlie and Nicole Birdman one day. While they did face severe difficulty tolerating one another due to a steady divorce, Charlie and Nicole admitted that at the very least, they did try to be as attentive as they towards their son, Henry. The fact that Maisie was hit even harder due to being neglected by Ida/Susanna and Beale really had the couple despondent for a moment, though we're happy to see that Maisie would recover and still be on good terms with his mother. As a result, she is more than welcome to attend their household and play with Henry, a moment that Hallie and Annie themselves wondered with great delight.
  • Maisie is scared of Father. Sure, he's a Child Hater, but the fact that he goes out of his way to antagonize children and be proud about it is really taking things far. He does share Maisie's pain of being neglected, but Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Mix promptly chewed on him by stating it doesn't justify Father being vengeful towards children and flauting about it. Father is instead rather ambivalent towards Maisie, only considering her to be "less annoying" than those "meddling little kids".
  • Like most kids her age, Maisie attends the House of School to be taught and educated outside of her guardians. There, she met Matilda Wormwood, another girl roughly around the same age as Maisie's and realizing that both of them were neglected, the two of them bonded quickly and became friends. Matilda will often get Maisie to tag along with reading books together and learning new things along the way. Plus Matilda's psychic powers are really entertaining and funny for Maisie to watch, especially if used towards a bully.
    • From what she's learned about Matilda, Maisie keeps a safe distance from any sort of malicious teachers, especially Agatha Trunchbull, whom she get shivers from due to Agatha's infamous reputation. Thankfully, Matilda and Maisie's guardians are always making sure of Maisie's well being and would promptly come to her aid if she gets disproportionately mistreated.
  • As a neglected child, Tomoya Ozaki saw a lot about herself that could relate to him. For Tomoya, it's especially bittersweet, seeing as he was on the giving and receiving end of neglect; he was barely noticed by his father Naoyuki and Tomoya himself would not pay attention towards his own daughter, Ushio, for five years. The catalyst for both of these occasions was to do with the deaths of Naoyuki and Tomoya's wives, which emotionally broke them and shattered their motivation. Knowing that Maisie would retain feeling rattled without company, Tomoya is willing to look after and play with her like he would have liked to with Ushio. With permission from Margo, Lincoln and Mrs Wix of course.
  • Given that she (obviously) never experienced it firsthand, Maisie was immediately fascinated by the presence and practice of Magic around the Pantheon and wants to visit the House of Magic one day. Harry Potter was the representing member she was closest to, as he could relate to the neglect Maisie endured throughout her childhood. Additionally, Harry was eager to showcase his magical spells towards Maisie and play around with her. She wonders what it would be like being a wizard.
    • Said association with Harry also made Maisie familiar with the Dursley's. She came to not like them all that much, especially Vernon as they took to not understanding nor caring about Harry's well-being while completely spoiling the son, Dudley, which was really jarring as in spite of the neglect she had, Beale and Susanna at least did try to provide and pay her attention at times despite their own flaws and insecurities. Though Maisie has begun to at least mellow out towards Dudley, who, in the end, managed to give some respect to Harry and even maintain contact years after the latter had graduated from Hogwarts. Also a little on Petunia, considering she does at least feel about the loss of her sister and assured to Harry that she really did care about Lily, despite her jealousy towards her.

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